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2005-04-22, 03:49 PM
Once again, Fan to Fan and yours sincerly offer the translations for the latest BT release. Here we go:

Bio/tech spec (http://www.fantofan.jp/photo%20gallery/binartech/bt-13/bt-13a.jpg)
System description (http://www.fantofan.jp/photo%20gallery/binartech/bt-13/bt-13b.jpg)
Binaltech story chapter 10 (http://www.fantofan.jp/photo%20gallery/binartech/bt-13/bt-13c.jpg)


- Little error: According to Raijin Optimus, the Japanese text erroneously described the Turbo Gun in the text box with an arrow pointing to the car and vice versa. This error was fixed for the translation.

- Two possible origins for the term "Transmuter": a) A "matter transmuter" was introduced in the G.I. Joe season 1 episode "Worlds Without End, Part 1". b) A "Transmuter" was also used to turn Rhinox into a Predacon in "Dark Designs". While this is a more TF-related use of the term, the function of it rather matches the G.I. Joe version. Either way, the process described seems to reflect the method Starscream used to (re)create the Combaticons in "Starscream's Brigade".

- Likewise, the "personality component" is also taken from "Starscream's Brigade", and was also featured in "B.O.T."

- "Guinea bot" - SCNR. ;)

- I picked "ray-gun" as the name of Shockwave's original alt mode since that term was used in Marvel's TFU profile.

- Shockwave's Chronosphere was a key element to the plot for "War Dawn". :)

RID Scourge
2005-04-22, 04:30 PM
Could this "Great Darkness" be Unicron?

2005-04-22, 04:34 PM
Woah ... that was heavy. Sounds kick ass so far. And Laserwave looks bad ass in that paint ...

2005-04-22, 04:55 PM
Originally posted by RID Scourge
Could this "Great Darkness" be Unicron?

Noooo... what makes you think of this? :rolleyes:

Considering Ichikawa's previous comments on the timeline the BT story is set in, this chapter is supposedly set a few months before TF:TM.

2005-04-22, 04:56 PM
"Darkness" almost certainly means Unicron.

"Might as well" would probably read slightly better as "We may as well".

This transmutation lark is getting ever closer to morphing.

2005-04-22, 07:06 PM
Plot twist galore. I wonder how the storyline will play out with the other unreleased Binaltech figures.

I just hope there won't be a Unicron in this line :rolleyes:

2005-04-22, 07:09 PM
Unicron as a Morris Minor!

2005-04-22, 07:11 PM

Or an Izetta bubble car :D

2005-04-22, 09:09 PM
Outtsyder from the 2005 Boards just found the following, from the original G1 cartoon's show bible (http://transformers.winterchill.com/bible/biblepage44.html):

Ability to project up to five holographic self-duplicates to any Cybertron location simultaneously.

Holy cow.

2005-04-22, 09:50 PM
Well, it stands to reason that Ichikawa-san has a copy, doesn't it?

2005-04-22, 11:07 PM
*heh heh*
That Japanese dude's been reading the Bible...

Ultimate Weapon
2005-04-22, 11:36 PM
Originally posted by Nevermore
*heh heh*
That Japanese dude's been reading the Bible...

Holy crap! I forgot that it was translated into Nihongo.

2005-04-23, 12:42 AM
First off...Laserwave is a definate purchase.

Second...wow...what a story, funny what one car (Ravage) can do. This approaching darkness sounds ominous but if its not Unicron who else? The Dark God angle is tried and tested but what else can they drag up from the past...or future maybe? Im thinking the Leige Maximo would be great...a huge petrol tanker kinda like Dark Convoy/RID Scourge?

Any thoughts?

Eyes forward people!

2005-04-24, 12:08 AM
Now I only wish they'd given Meister the Mazdaspeed bodykit too...
Would be fitting IMO.

2005-04-24, 01:22 PM
This sounds really cool. An alt Unicron? Eh, I don't think so.