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2005-04-27, 03:44 PM
Summary: While the Autobots at the remains of their city continue to pick up the pieces and regroup after the Decepticons' latest assault, Optimus Prime leads a squad to rescue Mirage from the clutches of the enemy.


Outside Fort Max

Having finished loading his tanks and hold, Skyfire pushed himself to his feet and sighed. He looked around the air above and listened for a long moment, making sure none were passing overhead. When he was satisfied, he broke into a jog, transformed, and lifted slowly to arc toward his destination.


Outside Metroplex

Ultra Magnus nodded to the transmission, responding to Prime's and clicking off when he was finished.

"Roger that. Tracks, Sky Lynx, I need you two to head south to Los Angeles and scope out a Decepticon problem. Urban tactics: minimum force, as always."

Magnus raised a hand to his mouth and called across the field.

"Scoop! Go with them as backup. It may be a trap."

Magnus looked down to Tracks with seriousness and nodded once with a prayer he wouldn't be sending three fine soldiers to their maker.

"Be careful."

2005-04-28, 02:00 AM
Outside Fort Max

"Sounds like he'd get on perfectly with Wheeljack" Cliffjumper replied as he started heading up the ramp leading inside Fort Max "Don't need gadgets to fight Decepticons personally, my own two fists and my gas gun suit me just fine"

2005-04-28, 04:14 AM
Outside Fort Max

Prime switched his comlink over to Hoist's frequency.

"I don't think there's much to be done right now," he said. "Grapple or Ratchet might have something they need done, though."

He heard Magnus's acknowledgement come through on the other channel, and felt a bit of wieght lift off his shoulders (proverbially, of course, since he was parked in truck mode waiting for Prowl) as responsablity for dealing with the latest Decepticon attrocity shifted to his trusted second-in-command.

Corridors, Fort Max

Red Alert paced in the corridor outside Wheels' cell. He'd left the room in disgust and was now trying to work past the urge to beat some sense into the prisoner.

2005-04-28, 05:35 AM
Tracks: "Of course I'll be careful. I just got my body fixed, after all." -shifts into reverse, revving engine- "Scoop, hook up with Sky Lynx. He can get you there faster than I could..... And I must say, that shade of orange really isn't your color, old boy." -activates commlink as he releases the clutch, rear tires digging into the ground as he backs up, slamming on brakes to slew his nose around 180 degrees, then shifting into first, rear tires kicking up more dirt as he roars away- "Sky Lynx, this is Tracks. Pick Scoop up and follow me. If I get there before you do, I'll give the area a fly-by, and see what those uncouth dogs are up to." -deactivates commlink, shifting from third into fourth, activating flight mode and lifting into the air, jet turbines in his nacelles keening with power as he flies towards Los Angeles-


Ironhide: -motions Chromia over, whispers- "C'n you understand anything that Wreck-Gar guy is sayin'?"


Muzzle: "You say bad part of town like it's a bad thing, bubba. Keep thinking thoughts like that, you'll talk yourself out of going." -heads out the door towards Nightbeat-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -running systems checks and overseeing the instillation of the new main viewing port-

2005-04-28, 06:25 AM
Scoop trundled over to the rigs.

"sorry Recoil but i need my men back , got ourselves a decepticreep problem we need to look at ."


"come on Trace,r Holepunch we got to roll."
_ _

he commed "SkyLynx

"SkyLynx I'm ready when you are. Over"

2005-04-28, 07:27 AM

Rev frowned.

"I don't want to go now! I'm only here because I let HiQ weld me into the Autobots' resident lunatic Houdini for some reason!"

Despite his griping, the Nebulan walked over to Getaway, transformed, and slid into his partner's engine compartment. Getaway immediately turned over his ignition.

"Lets roll."

Outside Fort Max

Recoil waved Tracer and Holepunch away, a disgusted look on his face.

Leaving the old man to do all the heavy lifting, are they?

"Get going. And try not to get yourselves shot to pieces!"

2005-04-28, 01:46 PM
Chromia leans in closer to Ironhide

"Sorta. Sometimes. But don't you think we should be getting out of here before he drops that last explosive. I know your armor can handle it. But mine can't!"

She finished with a wink. Then in a louder voice she addressed Wreck-Gar..

"C'mon my young Padawan. Lets get out of here.

Igos Du Inka
2005-04-28, 02:24 PM
(Message appears on tvs,radieos,com links)
Browning: This is Browning former general adviser to the first circle, as most of you have hered Starscream went on a suside mission to cybertron in order to save the planet. Now I don't know about you but after all these years Starscream made sence. If the Quentessa forces completly take over Cybertron where do you think their next target will be? Junk,Charr,Io,..Earth. So I ask you today not as a Deciptcon but as a Cybertronion let us but our past differences in the past and join together to take back our homeplanet.

Does it take Starscream the former leader of the seekers to talk sence into all of us?! So Autobots,Deciptcons,Destrons,and all those who might be caught in the middle, let us join together as Cybertronions one last time *Transmission ends*

Random Sweep
2005-04-28, 04:15 PM
" Understood loud and clear Ultramagnus " Sky lynx said as he swooped down and landed next to Scoop .

" Climb aboad but mind my interior " he told the target master.

" I will see you there Tracks " He said while waiting for scoop to board

2005-04-28, 05:56 PM
Scoop scrambled up as he did so he sent one last com message to get a pair of drones to help Recoil .

They responded trundling along

2005-04-28, 09:39 PM
Flying towards LA:

Tracks: -flipping hrough stations, trying to find appropriate flying music, stops when he finds one playing Savatage's rendition of Hall of the Mountain King- "Classical heavy metal. It's strange, yet addictive....."


Ironhide: -nods- "Better ta be outsahde, anyway. Mahght get kahnda warm in here, even fer me."

Random Sweep
2005-04-29, 01:52 AM
" Hold on tight " Sky Lynx shouted ans he fired up his thrusters and lifted into the sky.

" Lets how long it takes me to overtake Tracks "

ooc: Next post with Sky Lynx will be in con thread.

2005-04-29, 02:05 AM
Wreck-Gar nodded at Chromia, then tossed the final explosive down the hole.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."


Groundshaker and the Hot Rod patrol had searched for Countdown, but were as yet unsuccessful.

Getting more fed up by the second, Big Daddy contacted Magnus.

"Hey, Magnus. Got any idea where Countdown is?"

OOC: And anyone mind telling me where Hyper Prime is while they're at it?

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-04-29, 03:25 AM
Sunstreaker couldn't make it to the first shuttle, the laser fire from behind and above cut him off.

"You just... don't LEARN!" Sunstreaker growled "I said leave me alone!" His body flipped to two wheels and trans formed to robot mode pulling his electron pulse gun from subspace. He slid along his back looking upwards as sparks began to shoot out from under him. He quickly locked onto Powerglide calculating his flying patter Sunstreaker opened fire just ahead of the agile red plane.

Sunstreaker dropped his non-trigger hand to his side and pushed hard on the ground flipping him around he was ready for it and caught himself on one knee and the ball of one foot. He used the foot to shove off and dove behind a shuttle. He had to find a way out of there and he had to do it soon.

Sideswipe could careless about the state of the human shuttles at this point, quickly opening fire at the shuttle Sunstreaker hid behind.

2005-04-29, 05:27 PM
Ultra Magnus saw the team off with a sigh. He prayed he wouldn't hear about some terrible urban catastrophe on the evening news tonight... He clicked on his commlink to respond to the incoming message.

"Countdown? Negative, Big Daddy. He hasn't reported to me."

2005-04-30, 07:37 AM
The feeling was odd and uncomfortable. He was being watched, and he knew it.
But for all he could actually do about it at the moment, Hound was defenseless. This close to the shuttle's fields, his scanners were playing battleship with guesses as to whether his tracking readings were anywhere near the location of the actual enemy.

Not enough energy left to sustain a long-term cover... but I don't think we'll be targets until they get what they want. They're not fools. *pause* Well... some of them aren't.

He paused again and fidgeted with a slight wary glance toward the distant readings of Decepticons, then picked up his radio as he deliberately backed up into a clear area.

"Alright Groove--- Bluestreak. Come on down. Keep your arms up to protect your head on the way."

"Yes Sir." Prowl replied quickly and headed out. As he got to the door, he was interrupted by Spike.

"Hey Prowl- take me with you - and don't tell me it's too dangerous."

The strategist opened his mouth briefly to give the million and one reasons why Spike shouldn't go, but relented a moment late. He just didn't have time to argue.
With a careful scoop, he picked Spike up and transformed, driving at the safest speed possible to meet Optimus.

2005-05-01, 06:31 PM
(OOC: I'm working on the basis that everybody's outside of where they had to punch the hole to access the shaft now.)

As soon as Wreck-Gar dropped the last explosive, Ironhide moved over to a bulkhead section. "Chromia, Wreck-Gar, get outta here!" Sensors tracking the explosive as it fell, he deployed his glue sprayer and sprayed the area around the hole, redeploying his hand, then grabbing a large piece of wreckage, lifted it into the air, and slammed it down onto the hole. Deploying his lead sprayer, he sprayed molten lead around the seam, turned on his heel, and ran for it.

With a rumbling that probably hadn't been heard since the Rocky Mountains had been formed, the explosives detonated, forcing molten rock through the crack to the surface.


Siren and Hosehead: -fall into line behind Nightbeat and Getaway-

Siren: "So where are we going?"

Nightbeat: "The bad side of town."

Hosehead: "My tires aren't going to get boosted again, are they?"

Siren: "I hope not. Carrying you out of the bad end of town wasn't any fun the last time we had to."

Hosehead: "Depends on whether or not they weld my panels this time."

2005-05-02, 12:01 AM
Chromia made a move to grab Wreck-Gar as she ran past him out of the room.

"Cmon! lets go."

2005-05-02, 02:54 AM
I'm guessing everyone else is in the middle of finals too... but we need to poke this along a bit.

Inferno was primed and ready. He aimed his coolant with all the open force he was able toward where the explosion was about to occur.

He yelled in excitement with a grin and a whoop that echoed off of Fort Max's distant walls, as well as the far valley.
"Bring it on!"


Alone in the dark and quiet of the shuttle, Mirage's systems were starting to recover. Jarred into shock by the damage to his head, he remained in a semi-conscious state, but yet completely unaware of his surroundings. Latent memories of Cybertron flickered randomly through his mind. The esteem of his line, the fun and pride -his time before the Autobots. Glorious races... intense hunts... turning to terrible battles... and then his memory skipped to the capitol- Iacon. The words he had heard so often during the faction split rang in his audio receptors and turned into mocking laughter. It became directed toward him and took on a new form Traitor. Traaaitttorr. Mindwipe's voice played like a scratched record until it faded into a haze of red.


Having had a short, but much-needed beneficial rest alone, Blitzwing roused himself from under the debris. He still felt uncomfortable, but was in a much better mood. He pushed his way out and stretched his joints a bit before looking around.

Prowl spotted Optimus as he drove up and transformed, leaving Spike belted in inside his chest.

"I'm here Sir." He glanced towards Wheels who remained in capture and then armed his rifle. A long time veteran, Prowl knew what Optimus was planning to do, and there would be no swaying his decision. Secretly, the strategist frowned on the prospect of freeing a prisoner for a questionable autobot. Mirage had been in service to the group for a great many years, but the contstant prodding he required from Optimus and his uncertain attitude left an unsettling feeling that was as distasteful to Prowl as bad petrol. Subordinates were to follow orders without question... there was no room in a military for unreliability. The distrust the other Autobots felt for the espionage member was especially troubling. The autobots relied on cooperation and trust- something that Prowl recognized as essential to their function and wellfare, even if he wasn't particularly good at showing his own emotions.

He recognized that the trust in the ranks was at its lowest point since the Great War had broken out, and it needed to be rebuilt. And it was on this one point that he had brought himself to reason and justify the exchange. The scouting party had been successful in tracking the Decepticons. That in itself was an essential piece for the crew. Prowl still harbored quiet doubts about the integrity of Hound's processor, but all seemed well. Together with the recovery of more energon supplies, all was not lost. Gaining Blitzwing as an ally and capturing a prisoner were both a plus, and with luck, they might just be able to bait and bring in the other rogue Decepticons.

But..... the main conclusion and single most important point that the security advisor had come to, was that if Optimus and the party that he had sent out were successful in bringing back Mirage - cooperative or not - the trust in the ranks toward their leader would again be reinforced. This was key to the faction's survival. If the trust was rebuilt, morale would be as well, and the advisor understood from long past experience that their desperate struggle to survive would return to a more thriving and positive atmosphere.

"I'm ready Optimus."
John pulled the second semi trailer up to the base and parked it. He climbed down after pocketing a map and then looked around before rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hmmm. Any sign of my partner Hot Rod?"

2005-05-02, 04:50 AM
Outside Fort Max

Red Alert drove up behind Prowl and transformed, keeping his sensors focussed warily on the prisoner.

Prime heard Prowl's assurance that he was ready.


His trailer disappeared into subspace with a bright, crackling flash. As pleased as he was with it, it would only get in the way right now.

"You can secure the prisoner behind my cab. I'll transport him to the exchange."

Recoil worked with the drones, filling up Wideload's load bay.

Hot Rod transformed, then shrugged in response to John's query.

"Haven't caught sight of him since he ran off into the bush. We could send out a search team, but I'm pretty sure..." he broke off, chuckling. "Well, he doesn't seem to like us very much. He'll probably just run off again, won't he?"

Command Deck, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded in satisfaction as he finished the weapons tests. He stood and walked towards Fortress.

"Your new weapons are fully functional."

2005-05-02, 09:39 AM
Groove reached the bottom of the slope without mishap, despite not being as experienced as Hound. He'd simply followed the other scout's tracks. He then turned to watch Bluestreak make the descent, but cast wary glances at the shuttle nonetheless.

"What now?" he muttered to Hound.


Streetwise fired off another blast from his pistol, but kept a low profile, letting the more skilled Sideswipe battle Sunstreaker. He started in alarm as Sunstreaker shot at Powerglide.

"Streetwise to Powerglide, pull up. We can not risk Sunstreaker hitting any civilian aircraft. Dai Atlas, hold position now."

He then switched to a private frequency with Sideswipe.
"Sideswipe. There are too many civilians around here. We have to get clear of them before engaging. You have to allow Sunstreaker to get to a shuttle. Dai Atlas can bring him down if needs be.

2005-05-02, 05:33 PM
Clicking onto his CB, Hound called back onto the Decepticon frequency. "The exchange has been authorized. You will get your Decepticon shortly, Windrazor. Where is Mirage?"

Putting the CB on reception and waiting for an answer, Hound turned his back diagonally toward the Decepticon position and his head away so there would be no visual confirmation of what he was about to say.

"Now... we have three choices Groove.

We can either stand here and continue to provide a tin can fence for the Decepticons... or we work on that shuttle - quietly.... or we can set up a front to divert their imminent attack.

When Optimus arrives with the Decepticon, things are going to break loose. I know they have 4 right now outside the shuttle. I don't know if there are more inside. There's a field around it preventing my scanners from working. That's the only means of their escape that I'm aware of... and unless they've tainted it with something or there's a nasty surprise in there of more crew- they're likely going to try to fight their way back through us to get to it.

Taking it out means one less resource for the Decepticons and means extra parts for us if we don't blow it up entirely- and we're going to try not to. The onboard monitors should be able to tell us what they've done with Mirage.

I'm in favor of the last two options, but there is the unknown element of what's in the shuttle. Our situation could change any moment. I think shutting down that external field is the best move right now, and for that - Bluestreak and Sureshot - you would need to go around to the other side - out of view of the Decepticons... and then dismantle it by overload. Groove, you and I would need to stay in sight here on this side of the shuttle- but that also means we're going to continue to be in sight and range of sniper fire."

Hound looked carefully at the others. He wasn't going to order the others to follow. The moves were dangerous no matter what they chose. The scout left it to each individual to choose.

Silently, he held hope they would follow the suggestion. With his energy closing in on vitally low levels, he wouldn't be able to sustain a protective hologram for very long if they needed it. Operations like trades had never before gone off without the Decepticons trying something- and he had little trust that this one would.

John whipped out a smoke and lit up, looking again toward the woods. He turned his attention back to Hot Rod.

Interesting. This one seems younger... less bitter than Blitzwing. Do these age?

He took a draw and let the puff out sideways with a semi-grin. "Probably. Can't say I wasn't half-tempted myself. Acid is a painful way to go.

How long you been fighting- Hot Rod?"

Taking over the character until player returns to get him out of the way.

Prowl nodded to Red Alert and produced some energon chains to help the other security advisor secure the prisoner.

"What - wait! Where are you taking me?" Flywheels' optics widened with fear.

2005-05-02, 08:11 PM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -optics seem to defocus for a moment, feeling the ship's new armaments being patched into his fire control systems, one part of his mind revelling in the new sense of power, while another holds up the stark figures of exactly how much this will not only stress his airframe but drain his fuel as well, optics refocus, nods- "Thank you, Crosshairs."


Ironhide: -looks back in to where the hole was once the ground stops shaking, nods in satisfaction as he sees the patch is holding, retracts both hands as he runs back out to stand next to Inferno, liquid nitrogen sprayers whirring out and locking into position, starts spraying the magma with liquid nitrogen-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -checking the status of Hardhead in the CR chamber, nods, looks over at Brainstorm- "You ready?"

Brainstorm: -nods weakly, climbs onto a medtable-

Minerva: -walks over, starts working on him- "Wow. What did you get hit with, anyway?"

Brainstorm: "A fusion cannon, I think."

2005-05-02, 08:18 PM
Firestar moved to Inferno's other side, summoning her own coolant sprayer, then patted her partner's arm with her other hand, grinning as she too got to
work "You haven't changed a bit, have you, big guy"

* * * * * *

Mountain Valley

Climbing down carefully, Bluestreak arrived at the bottom of the cliff and stood
to attention as Hound suggested plans of attack, piping up as he glanced at the scouts "I think I stick with you guys, in case of that sniper"

2005-05-03, 04:43 AM
Outside Fort Max

Red Alert grabbed one set of chains and began binding the captive half-Duocon to Prime.

"Oh, we're talkative now, are we?" He made sure to bind the chain tightly around the Decepticon's damaged arm, hoping to scare a little sense into the prisoner. "Too late for that. We're taking you back to your Decepticon buddies, and your other half. Play nice or I'll tell your rescuers that you gave me Metrotitan's security protocols." He narrowed his optics slightly. "And they will believe me."

Prime restrained a sigh, disgusted to hear one of his own men threatening a prisoner. He didn't speak up, though; if he objected, the security officers would disagree, and the last thing he wanted was for the prisoner to detail that to the Decepticons who had arranged for his release.

Hot Rod shook his head.

Again with the acid. Maybe I need to have a word with Recoil when I'm done here.

"Not that long," he said in response to John's question. "I'm young, and I've been fighting for less than half a vorn." He chuckled a moment later. "Uh...sorry. A vorn is a Cybertronian year. In your terms...I've been fighting for about fourty years."

Command Deck, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded, but he noticed the distant look in the Fortress's optics.

"Is there a problem, sir?"

2005-05-03, 05:14 AM
Wreck-Gar struggled against Chromia's grip as they exited the cavern.

"Unhand me, woman!"

2005-05-03, 03:21 PM
Ultra Magnus sighed long and deep. The work had finally just about come to a close; Metroplex was on his way to Ratchet; and the nearly constant storm of questions for orders finally halted. Indeed, all was calm, as it is during the eye of the storm...


Magnus nearly fell to his knees at the city's - and all of its surroundings' - sudden torrential quaking. He threw one hand back to get a hold on the edge of the city and clicked on his commlink almost instinctually.

"Autobots, move! Out of the area! What's going on in there, Inferno?"


Above Fort Max

Skyfire lined up his bombing line with the expertise of the aerial warrior he had learned to be. He was never much attuned to the combat sense of his guardian role, but he found the work much easier and more pleasant when he didn't need to worry about Decepticons blasting at him... He fanned his wings forward and dropped speed, opening his bomb bay leisurely but precisely to spread his load of napalm over just the line that needed it. He readjusted the valve nozzle and swooped around for a different pass.

2005-05-03, 05:32 PM
Completly engrossed in his work, Inferno grinned broadly as an incredibly satisfying and audio-shattering hiss erupted from the rapidly cooling magma top. Steam that rolled and flared upward and outward seared any plant life it touched, and wafted upward, billowing into a massive cloud. Spewing molten gold and bubbling super-heated ooze, the mine shaft seemed to burp the medium-sized, slow-moving flows at fair intervals. As liquid rock eased out into slow-flowing streams, tawny-colored spots from the coolant turned black and continued to harden, forming shining black trails.

Inferno was so entirely involved, that he had completely shut out everything else around him temporarily.

When he felt a touch on his arm, it startled him. He looked briefly at Firestar and frowned, barely able to make out what she had said over the din. He thought for a second before replying. "I've changed. We've all - changed." And he turned his attention back to the job at hand... for all of half a minute. A demanding and very concerned voice came through all-too-clear over his radio.

"Hot stuff Magnus. Double, double, toil and trouble, and we're keeping it cool."

Helping Red Alert secure Wheels, Prowl glanced across at the security director with an evaluating expression. The demeanor from Red Alert was unexected, but reasonable to some extent. As Prowl finished securing the last of the chains on his side, he made a quick evaluation of the prisoner's condition. No visible damage. Hmmm.

He remained silent and transformed into vehicle mode. Inside his cabin and now able to see, Spike stared at Wheels - chained to the back of Optimus.

Wow - that was some threat. Bet they take him apart anyway for getting caught.

Wheels choked and nearly leaked oil as the threat sank in. He squirmed slightly and then resigned himself. Slowly a malicious smirk spread across his facial features as he realized he was going to be rescued. He stared at Red Alert, thinking of a million and one ways in which to cause the autobot pain and suffering as soon as he was given the opportunity. He set his optics firmly on the autobot, and locked them there, watching every move that was made.

Blitzwing felt the ground shake and tremble under his feet and then he heard a .... whoop? Suddenly a blast of steamy haze and lava rolled out into the triple-changer's view of the distant base.

Idiots. What are those autobots doing now?

With an easy pace and deliberately non-hurried, he meandered toward the mine shaft.

John blinked in surprise.

Forty years! And I thought my haul was a long one... oh wait - half a year. Still, one day can seem as long as forty years. That probably means- this one's just a pup.

He took another draw on his smoke and then extinguished it with a foot.
"Don't let your war ruin ya kid. Life's short and bein' away from home sucks, but enjoy it when ya can. Look, I gotta get goin', but here-
*He yanked a wallet and produced four laminated cards.*

These are two-year passes for the concert pavillion grounds. They'll get you and three buds in anytime a show runs through. Standing room only there, but somethin' tells me ya won't mind. Keep 'em or Ebay 'em for a small fortune."

2005-05-03, 06:08 PM
Groove nodded, with a frown on his face.
"Taking out the shuttle makes sense, but if they detect our attack, what would that mean for Mirage's safety?" he asked Hound. "I would feel a lot happier if we knew where he was."

2005-05-03, 07:58 PM
Hound shook his head in silent frustration. He was used to gathering information and closing down problem situations without having other autobots cling relentlessly to him or question every move.

He studied the protectobot and then dropped to one knee to draw a picture in the sand with a finger. Groove was better in city situations and back alley situations than he was, but from the open view, Hound needed to show him visually what was occurring.

"That's the key Groove. Bluestreak and Sureshot would have been taking out the external defences only and it would have been from behind the shuttle- out of view, while we remained on this side- in view of the Decepticons so that nothing was suspected. That would have allowed us one advantage when the situation changes. And - it will. We are being watched, I can sense it. The whole situation feels wrong. If we shut down the external shuttle field and defenses, there'd have been a chance we could tap into the shuttle register log to find out where Mirage is. An electrical short from the outside would have done the job without setting off the alarms. It's not until a shuttle of this age is actually penetrated that the alarms would sound. But, there are movement cannons and other weaponry that can be remotely activated if the field is left up.
If the Decepticons do attack, we'd have had one less side that we'd be attacked from."

Hound stood up with a frown and turned back to scan the area where the Decepticons were.

That's moot now. Bluestreak is too afraid to complete the job, and we're sitting geese for the snipers down here in a group. I'm going to have to get them to move them up and out of range if they don't follow.

Quiet and calm, Hound pointed toward the other side of the valley where the road exited.
"Since we're not in agreement, I suggest leaving the shuttle and withdrawing. Either fall back and meet Optimus halfway or follow the suggestions. We can't continue to stand here. Groove, you make the call. I'm going around back to provide a distraction if one is needed."

2005-05-03, 09:16 PM
Chromia chuckled softly at Wreck-gar.

Just as she was letting go of him, the ground beneath her trembled and began to shake violentlyand she heard Magnus's order to vacate the area.

"Belay that, lets get out of here!"

As she turned to run, she remembered something....


She gave Wreck-Gar a light shove.

"Go! Now!"

She turned to go back to make sure Ironhide was okay.......

2005-05-03, 09:48 PM
Groove shook his head.
"No, no, you're right Hound. We've not followed you this far only to balk now. Your plan makes sense. If Bluestreak is not up to the task, then I volunteer."

He checked his pistol idly. The statement was unusually agressive for the pacifist scout, but it was calculated to goad Bluestreak into action. And if it didn't work, he would do the job himself.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-03, 10:07 PM
Dai Atlas pulled back out of commercial and civilian traffic. He checked his weapon power supply and kept his sensors tracked on Sunstreaker.

"Ok, keep ready - we don't know what this guy is going to do, and we may need to bring him down hard." His voice boomed over the internal speakers.

Fortress Maximus - Holodeck

Sludge hit the ground hard, one of his "Wings" was damaged baddly. After a few moments, his optics cleared and he stood up slowly, gripping his energon sword and looked for a new target.

Swoop on the other hand, continued to attack Jhiaxus despite the heavy damage he was taking.

Outside Fortress Maximus

Speeder continued to wander around, with very little to do, until Dai Atlas returned.

2005-05-03, 10:46 PM
Hound nodded and transformed, calling up his basic training drills.
"Stay clear of the shuttle base to 250 feet. Aim an electrical discharge for the engine exhaust ports - that's where the field will be thinnest because of the exchange of atmosphere. No missiles, no rifles- only electrical flaws register as non-threats. If there's any sign of trouble from the inside, retreat immediately to the outbound road - the rock walls there will provide cover and you'll have an angle advantage for firing."

Time was running out and the scout felt that the prisoner exchange could simply be a lure. Though he had no choice, by calling in for reinforcements, Hound knew he might have opened the possibility for a Decepticon sharpshooter have a clean shot at his leader. He'd make sure it didn't happen if he could help it, but neither could he leave his group in danger. If they followed the directives, they'd be as safe as possible... at least until Optimus arrived with the Decepticon.

He stepped on the gas and headed toward the outbound road, appearing as if he would be heading back toward base. From there, he planned to skirt the valley and come up around and to the lee of the Decepticon signals, to wait and observe.

2005-05-04, 01:09 AM

Powerglide banked sharply to avoid Sunstreaker's blasts. "Ha! Are you nuts?! You should have shot me while I was in robot mode." Powerglide pulled out of range to allow Sunstreaker time to reach a shuttle.


Fort Max

Huffer walked with Cliffjumper into the Medbay to talk to Ratchet.

2005-05-04, 03:59 AM
Outside Fort Max

Red Alert finished securing Wheels, returned his glare, then jumped off of Prime's vehicle mode.

"The prisoner is secure, Prime."

The leader revved his engine in response.

"Good. Prowl, Red Alert, transform and roll out!"

Hot Rod frowned at the pieces of paper that John handed him, his optical enhancements activating to read the incredibly fine (to a giant robot, anyway) print on the tickets.

Daniel would kill to get his hands on these, I bet.

"Thanks. I know someone who'll love these."

Holodeck, Fort Max

Flame's main cannon spun around and a wave of fire belched out towards Sludge.

Snarl raised his sword above his head and charged headlong towards Macabre.

2005-05-04, 04:04 AM
Wreck-Gar was about to protest once again when he was thrown into the air by the force of the explosion.

"DAMN YOU, FRY AND LEELA!" he shouted as he sailed through the air and landed several feet away.

2005-05-04, 05:17 AM
Ironhide: -spraying the magma with twin streams of super-cooled liquid nitrogen- "Ah hope this ahdear'a yers works, Inferno!"

Holodeck, Fort Max:

Jhiaxus: -shoulder-mounted micromissile battery opens fire, ripple firing wave after wave of missiles at Swoop-

Macbare: -aims at Snarl's knees, opens fire with his fusion cannon-

Grimlock: -slashes at Flame's cannon-

2005-05-04, 06:43 AM
Wideload full to capacity popped open his cab door

" lets roll " he said

2005-05-04, 10:16 AM
Groove nodded.

"Stay right here," he hissed at Bluestreak and Sureshot.

He ducked out of the Decepticons' line of sight, if they were watching. He moved around to the side of the shuttle, keeping himself well clear. He knew the area was likely to be defended somehow, and he didn't want to register as a threat. That would be a disaster in more ways than one. He worked his way around to where the engines were, and studied them. He spotted the exhaust port Hound had mentioned, and stopped for a moment to adjust his pistol's settings. He was grateful then that Hot Spot had made all his team listen to First Aid's technical instructions in the past. The pistol gave a low hum as it switched output.

Taking aim at the exhaust port, he fired, a lightning-blue spark arcing between his gun and the port. The flash flickered around the engines, and for a moment, he was afraid it would pass to other parts of the ship, and the Decepticons would see. But no such thing happened. He couldn't be sure whether his efforts had any effect, but he rejoined the other two anyway.

"Groove to Hound. Mission successful. I don't know if it's worked though, but no Decepticons are sweeping over the hill, so it looks like it wasn't detected."

2005-05-04, 10:31 AM
"Me too Ironhide." Inferno smirked at the bubbing lava flow and hissing noises. The steam felt like a sauna to the autobot. He was enjoying the challenge to its fullest. It had been ages since he had been able to make any real use of the cumbersome form that his body had taken, and this was a pleasure he rarely got to indulge in.


Blitzwing ambled toward the mine shaft. He was curious about the noise and activity, but also somewht bored. A few glances later he decided that these autobots were indeed crazy. Three autobots that could squirt coolant couldn't possibly close down a flow... but the triple changer thought back to his past experiences. He remembered how much water the mountains collected. A couple blasts in the right spot could bring water down if there was any. He transformed into his tank mode and swung the barrel upwards - momentarily tempted to aim instead for the group at the mine.

He aimed to penetrate deeply and prepared to shoot a volley of shells across the mountainside above.

Prowl pulled alongside Optimus to flank him so he could keep a watch on the prisoner.

Spike shook his head. "Boy Prowl, if looks could kill, Red Alert would be toast and then some."

The comment completely baffled the strategist.
"Hm?? That doesn't make sense Spike. Looks can't..."

Spike laughed and cut Prowl off. "What I meant is - sure looks like that Decepticon would like to take Red apart."

"Indeed. His target is clear. We will ensure that his destructive intentions do not come to fruition, but this exchange will be very dangerous Spike. I will have to leave you out of range when we near the meeting place."

Spike nodded. "No problem Prowl. I can take care of myself. Just give me your remote CB and I'll keep an extra watch for you."

Prowl considered for a moment as they drove. He was reluctant to put the human in danger, but an extra pair of eyes would be an advantage. It would also allow Spike to call if he did find himself in danger.
"That would be helpful."

2005-05-04, 04:52 PM
Fort Max
Cliffjumper entered the med-bay, then moved to put the laser-core on an empty med-table

* * * * * *


Firestar glanced sideways at Inferno, noticing the frown, then silently turned her attention back to spraying the lava with a sigh. Had she said something wrong?

* * * * * *

Mountain Valley

Bluestreak barely noticed Hound leaving as he sat down on a rock and looked down at his feet, feeling useless when he only wanted to protect his friends from this sniper. It seemed like his effects weren't accepted.

Random Sweep
2005-05-04, 05:01 PM
Sureshot grinned as he say the shield go down.

" Nice work Groove " He said quietly

" Hound, if you and Groove want to check it out, I am sure Bluestreak and I can handle things out here. "

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-04, 05:52 PM
"This is what seperates me from the Autobots Powerglide. You guys care about what happens to our treacherous human allies. I don't." Sunstreaker immediately took into account he was outgunned in the air and knew how to remedy that.

"Something I always hated, fighting a Decepticon, a human stupidy jumps in the way and I have to fall back, well boys. Fall back."

Sunstreaker turned to two of the escaping shuttles and leveled his weapon firing off four or five shots. Two glance one shuttle piercing it's wing and causing a chain of explosions, the shuttle quickly losing altitude. Another shot hits the rear thruster of a second shuttle, it begins to coast quickly down wards.

"There you go Streetwise be a good Protectobot." Sunstreaker muttered to himself as he ran up the ramp into a nearby shuttle. HE quickly hi-jacked the computer via a rear console and began to turn all the systems online.

2005-05-04, 09:37 PM
Cromia stopped in midstride. Or rather she was knocked off of her feet by the blast.

Scrambling to her feet, she chuckled softly to herself.

"What am I doing? He's probably enjoying himself in there..."

Looking around she saw that Wreck-Gar was also down.

She went over to him and looked down at the Junkion. Extending her hand she asked,

"So, need a hand?"

2005-05-04, 11:03 PM
Quickmix stumbled on a protruding rock and almost fell

2005-05-05, 12:20 AM
Kansas Spaceport

Powerglide watched Sunstreaker shoot the shuttles and immediately wanted to deploy his entire supply of bombs at the renegade, but he didn't. The first shuttle was in bad shape, and there was no time to spare. "Catch you later, Renegade!" He accelerated towards the more damaged shuttle to try to reinforce the damaged wing.


Fort Max, Medbay

Huffer addressed Ratchet, "Magnus sent us with these. Is there somewhere to store Metroplex's laser-core? I'd like to study if for a bit first, though. Magnus asked me to design Metroplex's new body." Huffer showed the medbot the disc he was carrying containing the city-bot's schematics. "Do you have any thoughts? I've no idea where we'll find the materials."

2005-05-05, 02:58 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -still working on Brainstorm-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -step out of the CR chambers-

Random Sweep
2005-05-05, 03:26 AM
Fort Max Medbay

Ratchet put down the Datapad and Sighed.

" Well Huffer , we have plenty of raw materials, however without Metroplex's foundry we have no way of turning those rescources into the parts that we need."

2005-05-05, 04:59 AM
Fort Max Medbay

Huffer brightened. "Oh. Well, thats not so bad then. At least I can start designing, anyway. I'll be in the Manufacturing and Design Lab if you need me." Huffer turned to leave, the schematics disc held protectively in both hands.

2005-05-05, 05:17 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl leapted into the air, Macabre's fire impacting the ground beneath his feet. He landed to the right of the hologram's line of fire, then brought his sword slashing down towards his head.

Flame transformed to robot mode, drawing a thermal sword from subspace and bringing it up to block Grimlock's attack.


Prime steered his party towards the designated location.

"Prowl," he said, "you heard Hound's reports as well as I did. What are our options, tactically?"

The leader had thought along those lines himself, but he hoped that his chief strategist could give him a better choice than any of the ones he had come up with himself.

2005-05-05, 05:26 AM
StarBlade rested on top of the cave, watching for any Autobot activity approaching her sight. She wasn't about to do anything stupid, yet. If a 'Bot approached, but didn't have Wheels, she'd contact Windrazor for orders, unless she saw a threat. Upon that, she'd fire once, a warning. If the 'Bot continued, she'd aim for an arm or leg. If that still didn't stop them, she'd aim for the chest. She was taking no chances.

2005-05-05, 05:34 AM
Tempest re-aligned his sniper rifle, he had detected movement outside the cave and prepared his weapons for combat.

2005-05-05, 07:24 AM
----------Fort Max Medbay----------
Hoist heard what Ratchet said and ask Ratchet."Can we borrow foundry from human?Or maybe some spared part around here or we get some part from the Ark."Then he turned to Huffer "Where's your shuttle?There maybe some part we could use."
----------Between the Ark and Fortmax----------
Rosdos still drag his shuttle.

2005-05-05, 10:17 AM
Streetwise knew what needed to be done immediately.
"Streetwise to Dai Atlas. Sunstreaker has attacked two civilian shuttles. Save them if you can. You too Powerglide."

Meanwhile, he transformed back into police car mode, and his air compressor once again slid out of the hood. Raising it quickly into position, he peppered the shuttle Sunstreaker was on with shots, hoping to do some sort of damage to it.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-05, 10:48 AM
Dai Atlas reached out with his sensors: One shuttle was in no danger, as it was just an engine that was hit, and it was already costing down to the ground. The other one, though - the one Powerglide was trying to help, didn't seem so lucky.

The giant Autobot then reached out and plotted a pattern through the air traffic and his voice boomed inside his troop area:

"This is not going to be gentle or pretty. When we're near the hard deck - if any of you get a clear shot: I repeat a clear shot, no danger to Autobots or Humans - then take it. We need to end this now."

The frustrated Cybertronian commander then hit his main engines at full burn, rose slightly and dove down through the traffic - he forced more than one vehicle to swerve and move out of the way and probably caused a few "fender benders" as he dove for the falling shuttle. He began to pull up once he was out of traffic, though his own momentum and the Earths gravity were fighting him tooth and nail. With his under-carrage scraping the ground he pulled up and flew forward, stopping (in no gentle way) under the nose cone of the falling shuttle by firing his front thrusters. He was 90 degrees to the shuttle and using his anti-grav thrusters at Max - the shuttle touched the back of Dai Atlas, causing his rear tail to crumple and pierce the civilian transport. With Powerglide's help, they were able to ease the landing of the shuttle.

2005-05-05, 03:52 PM
Wreck-Gar took Chromia's hand, using his free hand to tap his head. "Guess that was too big of a boat," he admitted.

2005-05-05, 05:24 PM
Streetwise would have applauded, had he been in robot mode.
"Excellent work, Powerglide and Dai Atlas. Are you both still able to fly? I plan to let Sunstreaker take his shuttle, then pursue him."

Rocky Mountains

Groove stood in the valley near the shuttle, not attempting to hide at all. Occasionally, he'd turn off to look into the trees, hoping that any Decepticons watching would be fooled into thinking that he was talking to Hound. Meanwhile, he accessed his internal radio to Sureshot and Bluestreak.

"We are waiting for Optimus Prime. Exterior defences of the shuttle have been neutralised. Once he arrives, we will see some action, I think."

Random Sweep
2005-05-05, 06:35 PM
Sureshot didn't disagree with Groove's assessment.

" Gotcha " He replied " Time to look sharp. "

2005-05-05, 06:40 PM
Noticing Tempest shifting the grip on his weapon, Echoshift
took a moment to readjust the aim of his own guns. The Eurofighter
remained veiled from the sight of the bare optic: faded out of the
visible light spectrum, and all but invisible unless you were close
enough to look very carefully. He shifted his weight from one foot to
the other and resettled himself to lean against the wall of the cave,
near the cave's mouth, and returned his attention to scanning the
scenery outside for any sign of approaching Autobots.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-05, 07:38 PM
Internal systems check: Systems at optimal, External armour 98%, Flight capability 85%, Combat effectivness 98%

"Roger that Streetwise, I'm not 100%, but the tail shouldn't affect flying that much - and I'm still more than a match for a 100 year old civilian shuttle."

He dug in his tires and pulled himself out from under the shuttle, his damaged tail ripping a gash in the fusilage under the cockpit - The tail was warped and mashed down, but the thrusters could compensate.

2005-05-05, 07:49 PM
Powerglide transformed to robot mode. He looked over his shoulders at his damaged back and wings. Dazed and stunned people began coming out of the shuttle, none of them looked hurt, other than random bruising.

Powerglide opened his comm, "I can fly, Streetwise, but my flaps, ailerons, and elevator are all damaged. I'll be about as nimble as Dai Atlas is, with none of the protection." Powerglide grumbled under his breath about stupid yellow sports cars.

2005-05-05, 09:06 PM
aboard Dai Atlas

Pipes, Outback, and Bumper lay on the ground in a jumbled pile.

Pipes- "Woah. Headache."

Outback picked himself up and went to look at a monitor. "Hm. Seems the big guy and 'Glide did it."

Bumper- "Yay for us. Could you get off me now, Pipes?"

Pipes shifted and rolled over, grunting. He stood up and held out his hand to Bumper to help him up. He helped the younger minibot to his feet and dusted him off. "Heh, you're sturdier than you look." Pipes directed his voice to Dai Atlas. "Hey, when do we get something to do? Shoot him down, then let us out. He's really starting to annoy me."

Outback- "I second that."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-06, 07:59 AM
Sideswipe was shocked at what his brother had done. He had done something Sideswipe said he'd never do.

"If he gets grounded he's mine!" Sideswipe yelled as he opened fire on the shuttle which by now was taking off.

Sunstreaker set the coordinates of Cybertron into the shuttle bank and helped pulled the ship off the ground. He would have to hope Dai-Atlas could stay pre-occupied. He made sure to go through some civilian traffic, that would slow them down, hopefully long enough for him to break orbit.

OOC- Mr.Maxx drop me a line on AIM, we need to talk a little bit since there is a certain way I need this to go.

2005-05-06, 03:22 PM
Hound moved carefully around the ridge of the valley. He was out of view of the cave, but the cave was also out of his view. He trekked back- a fair distance behind where the signals were coming from. One in particular had his attention. He knew the energy signature belonged to a very dangerous Decepticon, and she had most of his attention. He made his way back toward the signal from a half-mile behind it. Hound slunk to a rocky outcropping and peered cautiously out and down. Though he would make no aggressive move straight off, he would watch for any signs of Decepticon movement - Starblade in particular. As it was, he couldn't see the front of the cave, but that didn't matter for the moment. He was getting stronger readings and would have a better idea of where the troublesome sniper was in moments.

[i]If they are planning an attack, they'll have to come out or face being trapped in there. Tactically, this just makes no sense. Maybe... just maybe they are going to cooperate.
Prowl remained quiet for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts.
"The signs aren't good Sir. I don't like the possibility Optimus, but there are only four options that are likely for Mirage.

It is possible that Hound is still not fully repaired and his sensors are reading incorrectly. Otherwise, Mirage could be hidden, offline, or even possibly - working with the Decepticons.
Mirage could have been damaged somehow, but what is known is that he wandered off or left on his own. I cannot come up with any probable satisfactory explaination for his actions. We may find we will have to fight not only this group, but also Mirage -"

Prowl thought about adding in Hound as well, but decided to keep the comment to himself before he continued.

"Aside from those aspects, we have one shuttle and one Decepticon group of roughly four that are currently separated from the shuttle. They can't get very far without their transportation, and that's to our advantage. If this is a lure, and they attack, we should stay near to their shuttle. We would need to be concerned more about sniper fire from there, but not from range power arms. They wouldn't shoot missiles or lasers that would damage their escape mode.

Our working group is Red Alert, yourself, Groove, Hound, Sureshot, Bluestreak and myself. I have heard of the Decepticon subcommander Windrazor, but I do not know much about him. He has a reputation for being straightforward, but also cunning. It is probable that he will return Mirage to us as he has put forward, but Mirage's condition has been seen or specified. Once he has the prisoner, I cannot predict how they will respond - but I do not think they will simply remain peaceful.

I expect you will be their main target at that point Optimus. I suggest you should wait with either Red Alert or myself while the other takes Wheels to make the exchange. That would allow for your safety, as well as powerful backup -should it be necessary."


Wheels continued to glare at Red Alert. He stared at the autobot with a maniacal smirk, fingers twitching as thoughts raced through his head.

2005-05-06, 03:54 PM
Chromia hauled Wreck-Gar to his feet. "A boat? Why do we need a boat?" She asked.

"Anyway, that seems to be working. Lets go see what Magnus is doing."

2005-05-06, 09:15 PM
Kansas Spaceport

Powerglide saw the shuttle take off that Sunstreaker had hijacked. He wanted to scream in annoyance. He crouched on the ground, his injured body creaking, and threw himself into the air. His body reluctantly transformed, and he shot out after the fleeing renegade. He just hoped his body held up long enough to bomb the jerk.

2005-05-06, 10:39 PM
Wreck-Gar looked at Chromia. "We needed a boat in order to get that damned, dirty fish. Apparently we overstocked on aisle three."

2005-05-07, 12:37 AM
StarBlade remained motionless on the cliff-top that roofed the cave her comrades were waiting in. Her grey and black coloring made it slightly easier for her to remain hidden in the shadows covering her, so she wasn't too worried about being spotted. She kept her gaze on the valley leading up to the cave, watching for any signs of movement or hostility, while she wondered at the location of the scout, Hound, who had to be lurking about somewhere.

If he's nearby, I'll have to watch for holograms. He'll use those to his advantage, so long as he has the energy to fuel them. If not, he'll be in trouble, because I don't think he'd survive a firefight between us, unless he has help...

2005-05-07, 03:42 AM

If Prime had had a face in vehicle mode, he would have been scowling. From all accounts, it didn't seem to be good.

We can't go into this assuming that Mirage has turned, no matter how well-based Prowl's logic may be. I have to have more faith in my troops...especially in Mirage. He's a friend, a good being. He wouldn't betray us.

Prime forceably cut off the thought before the inevitable I hope could be given voice.

"What about the shuttle itself? It probably has defences, and it might be equipped with sensor countermeasures."

The leader saw a small flash of silver and red in the distance.

Bluestreak, maybe?

"If it does, then I would guess that's where they are holding him."

Prime started to break, decelerating as they came into the region of the standoff.

Red Alert felt the prisoner's gaze on him, but didn't dignify the half-Duocon with an acknowledgement.

2005-05-07, 04:58 AM
Fort Max, MDL

Huffer walked into the Manufacturing and Design Lab. Most of the lights were off as we walks past several tables and banks of machinery. Back in the corner he found two tables that no one was using, and set down Metroplex' schematics disc in a recepticle. He moved the tables until they formed an "L", facing towards the rest of the lab.

After he had set them up, he went to the lockers, and moved down the rows of storage units, until he came to the one he was looking for. He punched in a code in a large unit, and the door hissed open. He smiled slightly as his old equipment saw the light of day for the first time in years. He pulled out monitors, computers, and diagnostic machinery and set them up on his tables.

After plugging them all in, banks of monitors lit up, and the machinery hummed to life. He took the schematics disc and inserted it into a computer. Blueprints, schematics, and formulae popped onto the screens. A distant look came into his eyes as he poured himself into his work. It would take a cataclysmic event to disturb him now...

Brave Maximus
2005-05-07, 06:05 AM
Dai Atlas tracked Sunstreaker in the shuttle his sensors locking onto the rebel and his main engines rumbled. His voice boomed over the comm to Sideswipe and Streetwise:

"I'm persuing him - You two bots have 60 seconds to get in if you want to be witness to this!"

His voice brooked no-nonsense and his tone was back to his Supreme Commander mode - A reflex reaction.

2005-05-07, 06:09 AM
The strategist remained silent, listening carefully and processing the questions before replying.

"The shuttle model is the determining factor for its defenses and weaponry, but that would be the likely place where they would be holding Mirage, Sir. Nearly all Decepticon shuttles have been retrofitted with both exterior and interior protective shielding."

Prowl caught a glimpse of the outline of the upper deck of the shuttle in the distance. Immediately it registered.

"I see it now. This model will have double fields, which can account for Hound's inability to scan. It will have heavy interior lazers and an automatic defensive system. They may have modified the interior to have a containment cell or unit, in which case we could expect energon bars, chains or other techniques used to confine prisoners. They may also have primed it with explosives, but that would be unlikely on the interior because they will likely need it as transportation. If we find it necessary to break into the shuttle, a direct hit to the aft cargo bay door should provide us with a minimal amount of resistance. Additionally, that area is the only place within that model of shuttle that would be suitable for safely holding a prisoner."

2005-05-07, 07:12 AM
Kansas Spaceport

Powerglide accelerated towards Sunstreaker's shutte. Almost there, almost there...

2005-05-07, 08:11 AM
Wideload moved swiftly transporting Energon back and forth.

He paused and looked at Recoil

"is that it Recoil , all this transporting stuff has made my bodywork dirty i need someone to help polish it up again."


Ricochet having finished surveying the phantom airfield site had moved away to leave the site clear for Skyfire.

He walked up behind Blitzwing

"hello Monsieur Decepticon, you are how do you say the patriot non. You think should put aside differences of opinion to fight for common good.
When transformers , they arrived chez Nebulos alot of people put aside there differences to oppose you , many age old enemies fought side by side. A shame that we cannot achieve the same here .
Someone needs to see the logic oui. all the autobots would fight to regain there home but first need to secure home from decepticon threat. You i think need allies on your side someone who can see the logic of your argument.

The transformers i think are gone from Nebulos yes. I too sometimes wish i could return , instead I am caught in this war , I achieved what I signed up for. Now I am doomed to a short life a casualty of an alien conflict , or a long life kept alive by alien technology , where all my friends and relatives they are dead long ago."

He sighs

2005-05-07, 09:47 AM
Streetwise knew that sixty seconds could make all the difference in the upcoming fight, so he gave the next order with no hesitation.
"Don't wait for us. Go," he told Dai Atlas.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-07, 10:15 AM
"Roger that" was all Dai Atlas said.

His massive engines roared to full life, melting the pavement behind him and scorching the air. With his auxillary sensors he searched the space centre and spotted what he needed: A commercial passenger liner on a decent course - it provided a break in Civilian traffic and would allow him to get out, with his manuverability cut as it is.

The giant Autobot shuttle roared through the opening and then pulled around in a wide arc, locking onto the renegade Autobot's stolen shuttle. He climbed higher into the atmosphere, hell bent on not allowing Sunstreaker to leave the Earth.

His voice boomed over the internal comm:

"Safeties are off - the second you get a shot, take it. He is to be brought down, extreme predjudice." Dai Atlas barked at the mini-bots inside of him.

At the same time, his BR Rifle slid up form it's housing (and sub-space pocket) and locked into place at the top of the shuttle. Black and Orange energies began to gather and swirl at the barrel, while the Cybertronian Supreme Commander tried to get a clean lock-on.

2005-05-07, 01:18 PM
Streetwise nodded as the huge form of Dai Atlas took off. Then he turned to Sideswipe.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this. I know you two share a bond."


Rocky Mountains

Groove stood up straight as his audio sensors picked up Optimus Prime's approach. He gave a grin. Finally, reinforcements had arrived. He walked out to the front of the shuttle and waiting for Prime's team to descend the slope.


Rocky Mountains - Mountain Cave

Windrazor turned his head cautiously from side to side. If he were anything else, he'd probably be bored. But he was a soldier, and waiting was part of being a soldier, so he merely got on with it, his senses alert, but his mind whirring.

He had hoped that by moving off to the north of the shuttle, he would fool the Autobots into leaving it alone and, assuming that there was nothing of value there. Now, he was wondering if the plan was as sound as he'd thought.

Nevertheless, if the Autobots made a move into the shuttle, he'd know about it, and they would be able to launch a counterattack. That might lessen the odds of getting Wheels back in one piece, but truth be told, that was not of prime concern.

He'd said to Gigatron that a soldier as unique as a Duocon was not to be squandered, but in his mind, the main concern lay with not allowing the Autobots to get their hands on the technology. Eliminating Flywheels to achieve that end was acceptable collateral, to his point of view.

2005-05-07, 03:38 PM
Hound's scanners fixed on the signals and a small hologram of the Decepticons appeared. He didn't recognize them, and only had a few seconds to examine the image before he was distracted by new signature readings.

He picked up the arriving autobots, but also something more. The exterior shuttle field had gone down, and as a result, the lingering energy signature left from Mirage registered to the scout, latent and strong. And then a thought shot through his head. It was a strange thought not quite like his own, which led to a sinking realization.

Shoot at them now. Take the sniper out before she takes you and your group out. Look at them- they are biding their time. They have no fear, and are not watching a prisoner.

Hound's optics widened briefly and then narrowed as he clentched his teeth. The Decepticons in the tiny hologram were calm, not showing any concern whatsoever. They were waiting, and ready to strike.

They left him - Mirage is inside that shuttle.

Prowl drew to a quick stop and Spike hopped out with his CB.
"Be careful Spike- stay up here and out of range attacks."

Spike closed the door and waved as Prowl sped up to catch up to the others. "Don't worry about me Prowl."

Wheels grinned as he realized they were nearing his freedom. He turned every bit of fear and venom that he had on Red Alert.
"My friends are going to put enough holes in you to make a mesh screen, and then I'm going to feed your remains one by one to Trypticon."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-07, 04:59 PM
Sunstreaker knocked the back hatch open with his foot, snapping one of the hinges. He scowled at his poor choice but didn't hesitate once again leveling his gun he locked onto Powerglide first and let out four or five shots at the incoming red plane, then turned his attentions to Dai-Atlas and began laying down as much fire as he could on the incoming large Autobot.

Sideswipe looked at Streetwise and shook his head. "Ahhhh Slag it!" he yelled and lept into the air kicking his rocket back into gear and flying straight for the shuttle.

2005-05-07, 09:00 PM
Prisoner Exchange

Prime came to a full stop.

"Very well. Red, Prowl, unbind the prisoner. You two will escourt him into the cave while I remain behind."

The leader expected Prowl to be very happy with that, but far less so with what would come next.

"While you are holding the Decepticons' attention, I'm going to steal their shuttle...and hopefully free Mirage in the process."

Red Alert transformed and set to work unhooking Wheels from Prime. A dozen objections ran through his mind, but he didn't give voice to any of them. Instead, he said, "We'll have to knock this one unconscious, then. Otherwise he'll spill the beans as soon as he sees his buddies."

He glared at the Decepticon prisoner. "And I'll be more than happy to volunteer to be the one that does the beating."

Outside Fort Max

Recoil jumped out of the now-empty tractor trailer.

"It looks like we're done, Wideload. Thanks for the help."

2005-05-07, 09:12 PM
Kansas Spaceport

Powerglide accelerated towards the shuttle. Another few seconds and he'd be above it, able to release his payload of explosives. Then he heard a sound, and saw a hatch pop off the shuttle. Powerglide saw Sunstreaker lean out and knew what was coming. The renegade would shoot, Powerglide would execute a simple barrel roll, and end up above the shuttle just as he wanted. Piece of cake.

Powerglide manipulated his ailerons and elevator, and accelerated as the yellow autobot shot at him. Simple...except his elevator refused to move, bent all out of shape from his previous crash. Great, here comes another one. The shots hit him full force and tore into his body. He lost all air integrity and plummeted towards the earth, where he crashed and lay motionless, sparks shooting from holes in his frame.

2005-05-07, 10:03 PM
Kansas Spaceport

The minibots aboard Dai Atlas saw their comrade go down in fire, and they went balistic. Pipes, Outback, and Bumper opened up with the side guns as Dai Atlas closed on the fleeing shuttle.

Pipes-"Hit him hard, big guy! But leave enough for me to pound into dust after we land!"

2005-05-08, 02:10 AM
Chromia wondered if perhaps Wreck-Gar had damaged his logic circuts in the blast, but then realized that he was like that before.

"Okay.... Whatever. Lets go find Magnus. And....uh wait. where is he now anyway?" She asked him.

As soon as she spoke, she realized that she probably wouldn't understand his answer anyway. She laughed and cut him off.

"Never mind. I'm going to see if Ironhide needs any help in there. Can't let him have all the fun, now can we?"

Brave Maximus
2005-05-08, 05:27 AM
The two shuttles continued upward into the Earth's upper Atmosphere. The large white Autobot trying to get a lock on Sunstreaker's shuttle. Unfortunatly, his efforts were being twarted by the rouges electro pulses.....

As they aproached the bounderies of Space, Dai Atlas heard the little tone that he had been waiting for. With out pause or a quick remark, he fired the fully charged BF Rifle at the left side engines of the renegade shuttle.

As the black and orange energy streaked towards it's target, Dai Atlas shook with the force of the energy release. His inertial dampeners screaming under the strain.....

2005-05-08, 05:41 AM
Wreck-Gar nodded in agreement with Chromia. "Not to mention that old Grandpa Simpson couldn't tell a doctor from a bricklayer, making a ten percent shift in overall sales important for the overall success of Operation Bomb The Crap Out Of The House."

He then paused. "Hmm. You think that the President can give an assignment to the A-Team? They looked to me like they needed an opportunity to pass the Jedi Trials."

2005-05-08, 04:38 PM
Prowl began a protest to Optimus, but stopped before he could put it into words. The strategist knew they needed whatever they could get from the shuttle. It was a dangerous idea though, and Prowl didn't like the idea of having his leader enter first.

He frowned and turned his attention momentarily to Red Alert.
"That won't be necessary. A single fractional detatchment of a vital synapse relay should disrupt his system long enough for us to accomplish our work - once we've gotten him to the exchange point."

"But if we are going to take the shuttle, then we will certainly need to be prepared for a fight. The Decepticons will not just allow us to take it. We must warn the others of an imminent attack. Our best chance for success is to have Sureshot, Red and Bluestreak take them head on, while Groove and Hound close in from the sides. I'll front at the shuttle for a last hold between the Decepticons and the shuttle."


Not one- two sniper guns. Optimus, Prowl and Red are here... it's time to move.

Hound eased backwards, transformed and drove halfway down the back of the ridge before heading to the top - in full and very deliberate view of the Decepticons.
He radioed back to the other autobots as he began driving downwards.
"Optimus --- Mirage is definitely inside the shuttle."

From his vantage point, Spike moved farther back along the valley top. Crouching in a dense grass thicket, he kept a careful watch on the shuttle and the scene below, trying to look for the location of the Decepticons.

"Wherever they are, they're well-hidden." He spoke quietly to himself as he looked around. There are the others. Hmmm."


Bltizwing watched his shots sink into the side of the mountain with a fair bit of satisfaction. A small outward explosion resulted, sending rocks tumbling outward and down, and a small, steady gush of water as well toward the cave. The Decepticon had been fairly lucky with his shot.

Suddenly, there was a voice behind him. He transformed with a "huh?" expression as he listened to Ricochet. He frowned as he pushed away a sinking homesick feeling and tempered his response into a badly hidden "I don't care" tone.

"No, I'm not a patriot. I don't fight for my beliefs, I fought for someone else's... and when you signed up for this war - you signed away your life. Deal with it."


Inferno heard an explosion behind him and turned his head in surprise to see a tank-form Blitzwing with a turret barrel pointed upwards. A moment later there was an answering explosion from above, and the startled firefighter began to make a quick choice.
He's shooting at...
Inferno paused. They'd both be in pieces if he was.

...not at us. Why?

Water answered the question. Steam erupted from the back of the cave and the ice-cold mountain water streamed down and around the flow, effectively slowing and stopping it in place.


Smokescreen wandered out onto Fort Max's deck area and sat down to relax. There was a nervous excitement in the base that Smokescreen was picking up on. The last month had been a trying one for the Autobots, but the faction had held together. He saw the autobots starting to work willingly as team members again, and the atmosphere was reserved, but turning more positive. He closed his optics and began enjoying the sun and the working hum of the base opertions.

2005-05-08, 06:50 PM
Ricochet nodded

"yes I am a Stranger in a strange land , I try to deal with life one day at a time but still I hope one day to return to environmental sculpting. MonsieurBlitzwing you act like you do not care, oui. But you did not have to help those Autobots , you may tell yourself it was more efficent or good target practice, or was the logical course of action to make Autobots trust you but I think you do care, not about Autobots non but about your planet .

I imagine you are very lonely now , Moi I have no opinion of you one way or another you were never on Nebulos you never harmed me or mine. You are a Decepticon but our history has shown there is always beaucoup of good soldiers fighting for bad causes who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It takes honour and courage to go out on a limb for an ideal knowing you may not be able to go back.

At the end of the day , you will probably dismiss me as how do you decepticons say a Squishie oui, who talks too much an inferior being who you would snap like a twig if so much was not at stake. I do not know , just remember not everyone has a closed mind."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-08, 07:53 PM
Sunstreaker calmly banked to the side but it wasn't fast enough and the range of the beam was too much. The entire right side of the ship was shaved off. Sunstreaker turned his head looking outward at the depths of space that were now open to him. The ship had just hit the atmosphere and now the heat was getting at him. Sunstreaker grimaced and knew there was no chance he was getting out of this. He quickly banked the ship downwards to get out of the atmosphere and to hope for a crash landing.

As he turned it downards it began to pull apart, the shuttle wasn't armored for any kind of combat, and with a gaping hole aready in it, the ship could no longer hold it together. Sunstreaker was hit by a moment of serenity, he wasn't going home but he was through with the Earth and that was his goal in the end. The ship detonated over the frigid north of Siberia scattering debris of the ship and what was once Sunstreaker all over the north.


Sideswipe hovered above the space port looking on in shock. It was over the shuttle was gone. He slowly started to decend back down looking around for where Powerglide had landed.



The door opened with a soft click and a man walked in slowly.

"What is it?" A man sitting behind the desk asked in a thick Russian accent, talking in English for the benefit of the other man. He was one of the old Oligarchs and a former Soviet General. An older man now, over-weight, a thick white beard and an old Soviet military hat on his head. He wasn't wearing the rest of the military uniform since if he were to get caught with that there was a chance he could get imprisoned. How he longed for the old-days. He had money and power, now he just had money and a failing Russian economy.

"I found something you might be interested in hearing about," the man tossed a dossier on the table a photograph of the exploding shuttle sliding out. "Just now, we got this from our sattellites. Apparently this is from a dog fight that ended up above us. "

"So?" The older man asked.

"They were transformers. And the debris ended up in Siberia."

"Ahhh. The shuttle was carrying what we needed then?" the thick russian accent wreaking havoc on the language, quite obvious it wasn't his first.


"Very good Comrade!" He said excitedly. "Get our forces mobile and collect EVERYTHING! I do not want a single resistor missed? Do you understand me!?"

"Right away Mr.Yefremov!" The young american started backing out of the room but Yefremov stopped him.

"Not mister! That is for civilians comrade! From now on... call me general!" The man smiled as the thoughts of power danced through his head.

"Yes, general!" He fully backed out out of the room and closed the door. Muffled yelling came from the otherside as Yefremov drummed his fingers on his desk still smiling.

2005-05-08, 08:17 PM
Rocky Mountains

Bluestreak nodded at Groove's message and yanked his rifle out of sub-space, then got to work polishing it while awaiting orders, his back to Sureshot.

2005-05-08, 10:19 PM
Fort Max, MDL

Huffer sat at his newly compiled workstation and gazed at the glowing banks of monitors, analyzing. His head tilted to one side. "Hm. Thats strange. How inefficient." He tapped at a keyboard and began making small notations and modifications.

2005-05-08, 10:22 PM
StarBlade, still focused on any movement, spotted Hound as he trekked towards where the shuttle was. Not even thinking, she aimed right in front of his tires, and fired once. With the shot away, she opened her comm to Windrazor.

"Sir! I just spotted Hound, out in the open, headed back towards the shuttle! I think we have a problem!"

Brave Maximus
2005-05-08, 10:30 PM
Return to the creator Was the only though Dai Atlas spared for the shuttle as it exploded and fell back to Earth. He powered down his weapon systems, his BF Rifle decending back into the Shuttle (and subspace). He banked, rather slowly, around and headed back towards the Kansas spaceport, at a somber speed.

He opened his comm channels:

"Streetwise, This is Dai Atlas:
Mission accomplished - The rouge has been neutrilized, though not in the mannor in which I had hoped. Debris is falling near Northern Europe\Asia, though the dispersal pattern will be several hundred kilometers. I am not detecting any strong Autobot signatures - but the decision to search for Sunstreaker is yours. But, the Decepticons had to have seen that - and may also be in the area. We have wounded who need medical attention - and I am coming in to the space port - I'll meet you on the ground."

The giant Autobot slowly drifted down to the Earth, his thoughts flicking through his mind. Hunting a renegade was never pleasent. Most of the time, they were not evil, nor Decepticon supporters. Most just grew weary of the war. Unfortunaly - the violent ones were always a problem. There was no delight in the destruction of an Autobot - infact, it caused the Cybertronian Supreme Commander great saddness - but he had learned long ago that those were personal feelings and not one to allow the troops to see. When he landed at the Kansas space port and opened his doors to Streetwise, Sideswipe and Powerglide - he was his usual steely self.

"Your orders?"

Fortress Maximus

Speeder was rather bored. He wandered around the halls of the great Autobot city, looking and getting familiar. He still had not been formally introduced to the commanders of this time, prefering to wait for Dai Atlas to return. The young Autobot needed guidence from time to time, and he just liked hanging around the big guy - so for now, he just stayed out of the Autobots way.

It was in his wandering that he arrived on one of the Outside decks of the city. He spotted the red and blue transformer sitting and looking out over the landscape.

Speeder walked up, and looked out over the mountains beside the Autobot. Somewhere in the back of the old Micro Masters' mind, he knew he should remember his name.... Smoke....something.... but it eluded him. Instead of trying to remember more, he just took in the view:

"It's nice here. Not alot will change in a 150 years. I prefer it to Zone or Micro........"

The Micro Master then chuckled to himself, some habbits were hard to break. A second after he apreciated the scenery, his mind went to the perfect sniper positions and counter positions and how the enemy would try and take them and how to keep them from doing that......... Once all this wandered through is mind, he was laughing out loud to the internal joke.

2005-05-08, 11:23 PM
Kansas Spaceport

The minibots aboard Dai Atlas were in a subdued mood. Even the normally ebullient Pipes had nothing to say. Just a great deal of sadness. Although- there was something more important to them than a rogue autobot's death.

Pipes-"Lets go find 'Glide." He walked out of Dai Atlas to look for his friend.

Outback transformed and rolled out of the shuttle. "I'll find him." Searching through rough terrain was his specialty.

Bumper stood by the exit, his hand on the hull, his head down. "What a terrible day."

2005-05-08, 11:25 PM
Streetwise sighed.
"You're right Dai Atlas. We need to return to Fortress Maximus. Mission accomplished, although not in the way any of us would have liked. You did well."

He swiftly shook himself.
"Sideswipe, help me get Powerglide into Dat Atlas. We need to get him to medbay at Fort Max ASAP."

He grabbed Powerglide's wings and tried to drag him towards the shuttle.

2005-05-08, 11:43 PM
Pipes saw that Streetwise and Sideswipe had already located Powerglide, and had him right there. Pipes shouldered his way past Streetwise and picked up Powerglide. "I've got him." He walked back into the shuttle without another word.

Outback came back to the shuttle and transformed to robot mode again.

2005-05-09, 03:46 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Optimus clicked his comlink in acknowledgement of Hound's call.

"Acknowledged, Hound. I'll extract him personally."

Red Alert mock-scowled at Prowl.

"Killjoy," he grumbled.

The security officer lowered his optics to check the charge on his rifle, but his head snapped back up abruptly as his highly-tuned audio sensors detected a laser blast fired not too far off. He quickly fell to a crouch, sweeping his rifle across the nearby field.

"Weapons-fire, sir."

Prime frowned, drawing his laser rifle from subspace into his left hand. His right hand balled into a fist, then retracted into his forearm so that his energo-axe could emerge.

"They don't seem to be interested in negotiating. Prowl, deploy the troops how you feel best." The Autobot leader felt a slight pang of guilt at ordering someone else to do what was by all rights his job, but he knew that the task would be in good hands. "I'm going for Mirage. Be careful."

Prime took off at a dead run towards the Decepticon shuttle, moving in a zig-zag pattern to avoid sniper fire.

2005-05-09, 03:03 PM
----------Fort Max med bay-----------

Hoist walked out from med bay and came back with a box that full with computer parts then he walked to the compartment on the
wall he open a compartment that full with computer parts.
Then he turn to Ratchet "This is all I can found.Can we use these parts for Metroplex?"He asked.

-----------Not far from Fort Max-----------
Rosdos still draging his shuttle.

2005-05-09, 03:24 PM
Windrazor uttered a Cybertronian curse. Why did that damn triggerhappy idiot have to shoot? He conducted a wide spectrum scan of the area. After all, they'd already been spotted. StarBlade had seen to that.

"Decepticons," he spoke over the radio. "Prepare to engage on my signal. Not before," he added with emphasis.

Shuttle, commence powerup sequence.

He decided that powering up the shuttle might provide momentary confusion for the Autobots. They knew Mirage was in there, it was the only reason Hound would return to the shuttle.

He switched his weapon to rocket launcher mode, and stood ready to attack as soon as he decided the time was right.

2005-05-09, 03:57 PM
As expected- a warning shot. They must want that other Decepticon back in a really bad way. Hound skidded sideways as he was showered with pea-gravel.

I startled them - got their attention. Now to keep it...

He radioed on an open frequency of his cb as he drove back and forth across the valley.

"Windrazor, another shot at any of us and I will make sure you don't get your friend back in one piece.

*continuing on the same CB frequency so the Decepticons can hear and heading back towards the shuttle*

The ground's not trapped out here Prowl, but it's clearly easy sniper range with no cover."


Prowl forced a smirk at Red Alert. It was short-lived though as he heard a distant shot of some variety.
He nodded to Optimus and poked Wheels in the back with his rifle.

"You're going to move first."

Internally, he opened a communications line to the other Autobots.

"Groove, take firing cover by the road - quickly. Things are going to get hot. You and Hound will provide raised cover fire if it's needed."

"Bluestreak, Red - take flank positions up in front of the shuttle. Aim for any oncoming Decepticons.

Sureshot - if Wheels so much as turns an iota, nail him in the head."

2005-05-09, 04:02 PM
"The rumors in regard to the Quints are no such thing. Though I trust the situation will be dealt with" Talon replied to Devcon "If both sides ever stop wasting time and resources slagging each other" he muttered.

"Since I don't have anything to do right now, want me to help look for that friend of yours you mentioned earlier? Or we could see if we can help with anything around the base" the Minicon asked the blue bot.

Random Sweep
2005-05-09, 05:19 PM
Sureshot gave Prowl a quizzical look " Umm Prowl, he doesnt have a head " he aid " I know I know, cut the chatter "

Sureshot aimed Spoilsport at Wheels " I won't miss from here Decepticon "


Fort Max Medbay

" Hoist , We can use all the part we can get " Ratchet replied as he worked on stabalizing Metroplex's lasercore.

2005-05-09, 07:47 PM
Echoshift sent an acknowledgement back to Windrazor's message, before moving to duck just behind the opening of the cave mouth with one arm-mounted laser rifle raised in readiness for a fight. The usually grey Eurofighter jet was currently faded out of the visible light spectrum; an ability which effectively rendered him invisible unless one looked closely enough and spotted how part of what they saw curved and shaped itself in a way that didn't seem natural-- almost as though they were looking through a Seeker-shaped piece of ultra-clear crystal or glass.

Echoshift remained in hiding just inside the cave mouth, and awaited Windrazor's signal...

Brave Maximus
2005-05-09, 08:53 PM

With the persuit team in his hold, Dai Atlas plotted a return course through the civilian traffic and ignited his engines. It was a little more difficult getting through the air traffic, as nothing was taking off or landing, and the giant Autobot wasn't flying as well as he would normally.

Though a jerky take off and a few lurches and sudden drops and raises, Dai Atlas managed to get out of the civilian traffic and into the open air, headed towards Autobase.

It wasn't long when he arrived at Autobase and landed on a clear strip of grass, as close to Fort Max's medbay. He opened his bay doors:

"Streetwise, don't worry about the wounded - I'll take them to medbay, I'm sure Optimus Prime wants to hear about this..... incident."

(OOC:Socio - if you want Sideswipe to be with this crew, just roll with it - or just have it that we left and you're still there - which ever is easier for you. I just wanted to get some other things rolling).

2005-05-09, 09:30 PM
(OOC: Doesn't bother me at all, Brave)

Streetwise nodded.
"Thank you, Dai Atlas. Your assistance in this mission has been most appreciated."

He transformed into police car mode, and drove down the boarding ramp of the shuttle, accelerating towards Fortress Maximus's main gate as he hit the bottom.

2005-05-09, 09:38 PM
StarBlade made a face. Yikes... Windrazor sounded ticked. Guess that warning shot was a bad idea.... Oh well. The past is the past. Can't change that. Still with the open comm to him, she responded to Windrazor.

"Sorry, sir.... previous assignment I had was to take out Hound... Sometimes those orders overrule better judgement, and cause me to fire out of instinct." With that said, she closes the comm, and waits further orders, watching.

2005-05-09, 10:06 PM
Fort Max. Entrance Ramp

Pipes walked out of Dai Atlas carrying Powerglide. He said abruptly, "I'll take him to the med bay," and walked up the ramp and into Fort Max without another word.

Bumper meandered about aimlessly around the entrance to Fort Max, not really knowing what to do.

Outback, on the other hand, had firm ideas about what to do. "Finally. The outdoors." He tranformed and rumbled off into the wilderness in a random direction.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-09, 10:12 PM
With the Autobots out of his hold, Dai Atlas transformed into robot mode and walked into Fortress Maximus' Medbay. His voice echoed through the room as Pipes and Powerglide came in:

"Is there a Medic on duty? There's an Autobot in need of medical attention - quickly!"

2005-05-09, 11:27 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -finishing up working on Brainstorm, looks up at Dai Atlas- "Is there ever a time when we're not on duty?"


Ironhide: -steps back as the wave of water cascades down over the magma, starts scanning it to make sure that everything's cooling off as it should-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Chromedome and Hardhead: -walk in-

Chromedome: -salutes- "Need any assistance, Captain?"

Fortress: -monitoring news reports, and what dribs and drabs of information are coming out of L.A., looks over at Chromedome and Hardhead- "Huh?"

Chromedome: "This is a battle crusier, after all. Not even our Fortress could man the bridge by himself all the time."

Fortress: "But....." -shrugs- "Fine. Chromedome, man the sensor station. Keep an eye on things. Hardhead, take the weapons console. Start running diagnostics on everything."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -unison- "Sir!" -saluting, moving to their respective stations-

Fortress: "A bridge crew..... I could get used to this......"

Brave Maximus
2005-05-09, 11:42 PM
"The downside of a War. If I could find away to prevent soldiers from getting hurt, I think it would make most of us happy." Dai Atlas said solomnly to Minerva.

"Powerglide is pretty banged up - he's the priority of the two of us".

2005-05-10, 12:01 AM
Chromia blinked at Wreck-Gar .

"Um, yes?"

She was begining to understand him, but didn't want to ask him to repeat himself.

"Alright," She looked back to where steam was rolling out of the cave. "It looks like they have everything under control."

She started walking back to where Ultra-Magnus and the others were.

"Lets go see if he needs us."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-10, 01:11 AM
Sideswipe sat aboard Dai-Atlas rubbing the only lasting mark that Sunstreaker had on the world. A scorch mark on his chest.

OOC- Alright guys, I am putting Sideswipe in the same category as my other characters now. I'll be back and posting regularily on the 17th.

2005-05-10, 04:09 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Red Alert nodded back at Prowl, though he knew his comrade was forcing his smirk.

"You're the boss."

He started to move towards the shuttle, using trees and rocky outcroppings for cover as much as possible but keeping his weapons aimed towards the Decepticons' cave at all times.

Prime's optics widened slightly as he saw the shuttle's exterior lights start to blink on.

Someone's powering it up, he realized.

Pressing his laser rifle solidly against his hip for extra stability, he fired a blast towards the shuttle's rear cargo hatch. Smoke and sparks flew out from the impact point, but he wasn't sure if he'd damaged it seriously or just blown up a junction box.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Crosshairs watched as Hardhead took the weapons station.

Looks like I'm superflous, then... He shrugged, then headed off towards the turbolift. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother having a weapons officer at all...

Main Entry, Fort Max

Hot Rod walked into the city, looking around for familiar faces.

2005-05-10, 04:55 AM
Blitzwing transformed and stared at the noisy little chatterbox. As irritating as the little creature was, he also fascinated the triple-changer. It had guts.

Even so, it's annoying. I can't make out half of what he's saying. Blitzwing scowled.

Ricochet almost seemed to be in his head. He understood Blitzwing - almost too well, and it bothered him.
He leaned down with a serious expression to speak to Ricochet.

"I don't waste my energy snapping small noiseboxes. If I did, I'd not be looking to return to Cybertron. But - once that is taken care of, perhaps you will be able to return to Nebulon."


Prowl poked Wheels into walking forward. He followed the Decepticon closely as they headed out towards the direction of the cave. Ahead of them, Hound continued his return to the shuttle. The scout called to the strategist as he neared.

"Careful Prowl - they're serious about the exchange, but I don't think they'll..."

Hound was cut short on his approach as Wheels suddenly threw an elbow backward. Prowl tried to deflect it, but the force and twist cracked him in the neck and sent the strategist backward to the ground.

Wheels fell to the ground and scrambled forward, beginning a mad dash away from the captors and away from the shuttle.

Hound transformed and rushed to intercept Wheels, but he was too far to the side to reach him in time, and Prowl stopped him short with a yell.

"No Hound! Back to the shuttle- get out of range."
Red or Sureshot will take him out- we need to get out of their range, and away from the snipers.

Obediently, the scout put on the brakes and turned in mid-stride, running past Wheels toward the strategist.


Smokescreen looked down and smiled at the micromaster with a friendly smile. "It is a nice view, isn't it? It won't change if we can protect it."

He glanced up and then back again as he tried to place the small figure. "You're Speeder, aren't you?"

2005-05-10, 05:09 AM
Fort Max, Medbay

Pipes put Powerglide down on an empty gurney near Minerva. "Crimson Dynamo here doesn't know when to wait for backup." Pipes tilted his head. "Well, I guess I don't either, so that's okay."

Brave Maximus
2005-05-10, 05:48 AM
Speeder looked up at the larger Autobot:

"Well, the Autobots had done a pretty good job of it - and it looks like they're trying their hardest now."

A smile came across the old Micro Master's face:

"Yeah, that's what they call me. You'll have to forgive me though, I know you're name's Smoke... but that's as far as I get. One of the down sides of getting old...."

2005-05-10, 06:04 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Red Alert's optics narrowed as the sound of metal meeting metal reached his audio sensors. Seeing Prowl falling to the ground and Wheels fleeing, Red dropped into a crouch. He flipped his rocket launcher down into position, then fired it at the fleeing prisoner.

2005-05-10, 06:09 AM
Richochet responded

"maybe one day Monsieur I do hope so. Now unless you wish me to stay, which I doubt I will be on my way. Aurevoir

Random Sweep
2005-05-10, 04:06 PM
" Damn stupid Com " Sureshot growled as he fired a blast at Wheels's spine.

2005-05-10, 04:51 PM
Wreack-Gar followed Chromia, keying a text message to Groundshaker and the Hot Rod patrol to meet up with them at Magnus' position.

2005-05-10, 05:05 PM
"Hold position," Windrazor warned as shots rang out. He knew that he couldn't wait for ever, but he simply had to wait until Prime had entered the shuttle before launching an attack.

The shuttle's hatch fizzled and sparked at Prime's shot, before a small box above it blew in a shower of sparks, and the hatch slid smoothly open.

He would have been willing to go through a peaceful exchange, but that idea seemed to have been blown to Cybertron by now. Wheels's fate didn't particularly bother him, but he still hoped to be able to take Prime out.


Groove nodded, gripping his pistol ever more firmly, and rushing forwards in a crouch to take up the position indicated by Prowl.

2005-05-10, 05:41 PM
Topspin's searching was getting him nowhere. He'd been sat at the terminal for some time now but all queries on the wreckers had been fruitless. Having had enough he stood and turned off the workstation before going back outside Fort Max and stadning in it's main courtyard.

From what he could see there was little to do and not many people around. He stood aimlessly in the courtyard looking this way and that

2005-05-10, 07:50 PM
Giddy with the realization he had been successful at freeing himself, Wheels charged forward, laughing insanely. "Hee- eh - he-he-hee - eh - hee... OW!"

He grabbed for his back and arched in pain as a shot hit him in the back - lodging next to his spinal support. He stumbled and rolled, with a second explosion occurring just where he had been standing a moment before. He was blown forward several yards from the blast.

Slightly dazed with numerous rips and tears in his metal hide, the duocon righted himself and sat on the ground - looking around with a bewildered expression.


Prowl and Hound scrambled backward to get out of the range of fire. The blast from the rocket washed up behind them, pushing both autobots sideways to cover from the concussive force.

Hound edged up - avoiding the burning scrub. "You okay?"

Prowl glanced over his shoulder back toward the smoking area where the rocket had landed and nodded. "Yes - I expected that. What's your status?"

"Intact, but at 12% energy reserves. The others are uninjured and at 3/4 reserves."

Prowl listened carefully and shoved a couple energon rations at Hound. "Use those, and get to the shuttle. Find and dismantle any other weaponry - and hurry."

With a quick nod, Hound continued toward the shuttle and Prowl headed for Red Alert's direction. He could no longer see Groove - which was a good sign. Having the scout on a standby from a hidden side vantage point would give them an advantage if the Decepticons brought a frontal attack to them.
From his view, Spike could see beyond the smoke puff from the rocket. He could see the Decepticon was simply sitting off to the side, but he didn't see any other Decepticon movement. He watched the distant hills carefully for any signs of movement.

2005-05-10, 09:40 PM
Richochet was walking back to Fort Max when he encountered Topspin

" hello Monsieur , I have not seen you around here before . My name it is Ricochet. You look lost maybe I can help you."

2005-05-10, 11:37 PM
StarBlade, from her vantage, saw more than Windrazor could. Granted, the shuttle was out of view, but the blasts weren't. Frowning, she shifted from laying on the rocks to a kneeling position, then raised the sniper rifle up to get a better view. Opening her comm to Windrazor, she spoke.

"Sir, those shots weren't too close to the shuttle. I think they were targeting the Duocon we're trying to get back..."

2005-05-11, 03:55 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Prime ran through the now-open shuttle hatch, hacking his energo-axe into what looked like a defensive array while he looked around for Mirage.

Red Alert hissed in disgust as Wheels righted himself, but didn't immediately do anything about it. Rather, he crept farther towards the shuttle, moving behind cover to avoid sniper fire as much as he could. Seeing Prowl oncoming, he signalled with his hand towards a nearby jag of rock that could protect both of them from incoming fire for the moment.

2005-05-11, 04:59 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -starts working on Powerglide-

Brainstorm: -gets into a CR chamber to finish his repairs-

2005-05-11, 05:07 AM
Fort Max, Medbay

Pipes looked up at Minerva. "So, whats the verdict? Is the Red Baron gonna be all right?" As soon as he knew Powerglide's condition was stable, he could leave without worry. Until then, he took Powerglide's condition as his responsibility.

Wilderness surrounding Fort Max

Outback rumbled along a barely defined path in the woods. He came upon a fallen tree blocking his way, and paused, stopping dead in his tracks. Then he revved his engines and turned to go uphill through solid wilderness at a 90 degree angle to the path. "Yeeee haw!" he shouted. Shrubbery and small trees bent and broke under his tires and before his reinforced grill.

2005-05-11, 05:28 AM
Still in his semi-conscious state, Mirage lay on the floor of the shuttle with the equivalent of a splitting headache. He watched the flickering lights above and heard noise, but the image that registered wasn't one he had really wanted to acknowledge.

What he saw was the leader and the friend that he had left, that he had deserted. Mirage groaned and covered his head, passing it off as a latent image brought on by the damage.


Prowl jogged to the cover near his ally and sunk down next to Red Alert.

"As expected Red. A damaged escapee will slow them down some. They aren't responding yet, which is not usual behavior."

Could be they were serious about the exchange - which would be a partial tactical error on my part.

Prowl glanced out- Wheels had begun hobbling toward the direction of the Decepticons. "What do you make of it?"
Smokescreen nodded.
"My name's Smokescreen, Speeder.

We've been trying, but we've had a rough time of it. Losing Cybertron and then Metroplex devestated the morale in the ranks. It's going to be a tough ride ahead, but we can use all the help we can get."

2005-05-11, 05:45 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Red Alert frowned.

"Something isn't right, Prowl. They should be attacking, especially after we shot at the prisoner."

The security officer unclipped his rocket launcher from its shoulder mountings, drew a fresh rocket from subspace, and slid it into place. After checking that it had been loaded properly, he reattached it to it's shoulder mounts.

"They're stalling," he said at last. "They must have reenforcements nearby, waiting to spring on us when we're vulnerable."

Prime caught sight of Mirage, on the floor of the shuttle in what appeared to be a daze.

What have they done to him?

He retracted his energo-axe back into his arm, then dropped to one knee beside the spy and tried to determine the extent of his injuries.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-11, 06:01 AM
Waiting for the medics to finish on Powerglide, and knowing that he was a low priority on the wounded list, Dai Atlas pulled out a data viewer and called up list of current personnel. Prime had mentioned something of a mission before he left - and Dai was thinking of soldiers he would take. It was going to be a small force - the Autobots didn't have many soldiers to spare - but it also needed to be well rounded, incase of serious trouble.

He skimmed through the list, making mental notes.......

On Top of the Maximus

"That's what it was." Speeder said cheerfully to Smokescreen, and then added:

"The Earth is still here, so are the mountians, seas, fish and Humans. I think you've done a good job. And for you guys, Cybertron's still in one piece, which means we can get it back. As long as you're alive and willing to do what it takes to stay that way - there's always a chance. You just need a little faith."

The Micro Master's head cocked up to the side and a wry grin came across his face: " A large, powerful weapon helps - but it's mostly faith."

Speeder then sat down near the edge of the balcony: "A Storms comming - gonna shake a lot of things up. Might as well rest while I got the chance......"

2005-05-11, 06:07 AM
Quickmix walked back towards Fort Max at a loose end he decided to head up to the med bay to lend a hand.

_ _ _

Landfill put the finishing touches to the 12th fake AA position , some of them actually moved and he'd actually found 7 real guns from stores . They were an obsolete design but would still fire ammunition . It should be enough to fool the Decepticreeps . As soon Skyfire was finished he'd help Trailbreaker grade and finish the "runway ".

2005-05-11, 09:04 AM
Topspin looked up as Richochet approached him. Giving him a salute he intoduced himself

"Hey there, I'm Topspin. Have we met before?"

The autobot stood before him had a rather strange accent. One which Topspin had never encountered before. Maybe his audio processing unit needed fixing

2005-05-11, 09:27 AM
Richochet replied

"I do not think so Topspin . You have never been to Nebulos , Non? I am the Targetmaster partner of Quickmix . Pleased to meet you.

2005-05-11, 10:17 AM
"Acknowledge StarBlade. If he's dead, there's nothing we can do about it, but the Duocon technology is safe. If he's not, then it changes nothing, we..."

Windrazor broke off as the monitoring systems showed that another 'bot had entered the shuttle. Whether it was Prime or not, Windrazor couldn't tell, but he likely wouldn't get another chance. He activated the self destruct systems.


Inside the shuttlecraft, Prime's powerful auditory sensors picked up a small explosion going off, somewhere in the rear of the shuttle. Shortly afterwards, a conduit above his head blew out, showering the area with a flammable liquid.


"As soon as the shuttle blows, we go in, take Wheels, and get out of here," Windrazor told his team. "I need you all to lay down covering fire for Tempest who shall be the one to pick up our target.

2005-05-11, 10:35 AM
Still invisible, Echoshift acknowledged Windrazor's latest order from his hiding place at the mouth of the cave.

"You got it."

The Eurofighter brought both arm-mounted laser rifles up and charged them, aiming towards the Autobots.

2005-05-11, 03:48 PM
"No..." The response came out in a hissing whisper as Prowl glanced from the field back toward the shuttle. The strategist narrowed his optics as he realized the attack was the shuttle.
That's why they aren't attacking - that's why they don't care about the prisoner being shot - they aren't going to get near to a blast field!
He lurched forward, but the effect was like slow motion with the trigger already having been set.
"Red - it's gonna blow!"
Hound had slowed to a jog as he neared the entranceway of the shuttle. A glimpse of a raised bit of dirt to one side took his attention momentarily, and he reached for a stone and nailed the top of it, resulting in an explosion and an unpleasant shower of dirt and rock, as well as a grumble.

He spotted a couple more near the other exits, but didn't have time to deal with them. Sensitive to energy shifts, his scanners picked up a power change as he took a step up onto the shuttle ramp. The engines raised their pitch, and he felt the vessel vibrate. Don't like that... With a frown, he started up the ramp in a hurry to help Optimus retrieve Mirage.
From his view, Spike saw Hound detonate the mine, and then saw Prowl standing in a rush. He clicked his CB, not understanding everything but still trying to help.

"Hound set off a mine on purpose Prowl."
Trailbreaker returned in vehicle mode with his plow attached and began working. He pushed piles of debrisin various directions, and left a few of the larger boulders that were stuck in the ground, in place. "Sure feels good to be doing something active." He laughed to himself as he worked on the strip.

Blitzwing watched Ricochet walk off with a bit of confusion. Of Where?

He looked around with a puzzled look before grumbling and finally folding his arms. It then dawned on him that though many of these Autobots were working and cleaning up, it appeared that not one of them was standing guard or patrolling... at least as far as he could tell.

"Do they know nothing of military protocol? No wonder they wind up with such damages." A baffled dismay turned to disgust. "Where are the drills? Where are the unit patrols? Where are the aircover?"
The triple changer spotted a security camera and sighed. If he had been able to roll his eyes, he would have.

They waste their time playing with rocks, and they are still wide open to attack.

With a scowl, Blitzwing turned and headed for a higher ground point where he would be able to watch the greatest amount of field and airspace and stand guard.


Wheels made his way closer to the Decepticons as quickly as the pain in his back and skin would allow. They were well-hidden from the duocon's view, so he didn't know where he was going, and it worried him. Even so, he kept going. The farther away those Autobots were, the better - but someday he would make that security autobot eat his words, and suffer every threat he had thrown at Wheels. He'd wipe that smug, sadistic look right off of him and mount the Autobot's face on a wall plaque for everyone to laugh at.

Smokescreen laughed. "Large weapons do help, but you're right Speeder - faith can do a lot." It's all in the attitude.

"And there is a storm coming." Smokescreen looked up at the sky. The wind was picking up and the clouds were just starting to build and darken. He flashed a smile. "Better enjoy what's left - we'll all be avoiding lightning inside in a couple hours."

Mirage began to realize that the figure next to him was no illusion and he clentched his teeth. It was painful to think, painful to open his optics, and now he heard a sizzling that he didn't recognize. They must be coming back.

He forced a mumble and clutched the hand that covered his face into a fist.
"Go --- Optimus. Leave. Like I did."

Random Sweep
2005-05-11, 07:04 PM
Fort Max medbay

Ratchet put down Metroplex's lasercore and walked over to Dai-Atlas

" You look like you have seen better days " the surgeon said " lay on the bench and we will see what we can do. "

2005-05-11, 07:54 PM
Prisoner Exchange

Red Alert's optics widened as Prowl spoke...not because of anything his comrade said, but because of the noises that he heard coming from the shuttle itself.

"You're right," he said, fury boiling just under the surface. Reaching out, he clamped his hand around Prowl's upper arm and tried to hold him back. "And it's too late for us to do anything about it. Take cover!"

Another explosion, sounding like an antipersonnel mine going off, rang out, and the security officer tightened his grip.

Prime held back a horrified noise as fluid began raining down on him from the ceiling. He looked down at Mirage, sadness showing in his optics as his friend spoke.

"Don't be ridiculous," he told him.

He wrapped his right arm around the spy's midsection and hefted him off the deck. Seeing Hound coming up the ramp, he held up a hand.

"Stay outside. I must have tripped a securty program. The shuttle is spraying a petrochemical of some sort from its ventilation systems." He started towards the hatch. "I'll give Mirage to you, then go back and try to shut this down."

2005-05-11, 08:32 PM
Hound nodded. Staying at the entry, he reached out and took Mirage from Optimus. Although they were about the same size and build, Mirage was not too heavy for him to carry.
The scout made a brief insecure head flip toward the shuttle rear before turning to go back down the ramp.
"Be careful Optimus- and hurry. Those engines are really heating up fast. There should be an emergency shut down switch somewhere near the cabin."

I'll set him down and come back to help.
"Let go!" Prowl tried to free his arm from the security officer's grasp with a strong yank as he reached for his communicator with the other. Demanding tones bordered on frantic for the strategist.
"Optimus! Get out- it's going to explode!"

2005-05-11, 08:42 PM
The engines of the shuttle spluttered and fumed. If they had been working properly, they would have been venting plasma back over the shuttle to add more fury to the explosion. A huge roar eminated from the interior of the craft, just as Prime turned to go back in.

The sleek silver plating on the exterior bubbled and twisted as conduits ruptured underneath. The reinforced glass of the cockpit shattered, and with a final roar, the upper plates were blown clean off as the shuttle fireballed, casting mangled bits of metal all around, some of which landed on the mines scattered about the craft, and detonated those too in an explosive chain reaction.

2005-05-11, 09:17 PM
Everything went silent for a split second and then searing heat and flames erupted around the entry to the shuttle. The scout turned his head slightly to glance back as the air seemed to heave around him, and then Mirage and Hound were thrown forward by the force of the blast. Not being able to process the reason for the blast or the resulting impact as it occurred, instinctively, Hound threw out a redundant hologram of the shuttle exploding - but with pieces of Optimus, himself and Mirage scattered around the field and a gigantic black ball of flame and smoke in rolling billows up in the air.

Mirage writhed as the exposed metallic skin on his legs on one shoulder blistered, cracked and resulted in small streams of a silvery coolant from his body's automatic repair systems draining out- leaving momentary painful areas. He covered his head again as melted and flaming debris rained down.


In horror, Spike saw the explosion and began running down the side of the valley towards Groove.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-11, 09:41 PM
Dai Atlas stood up and walked over to the largest table they had there - he wasn't sure if it'd hold his weight - and knew that his 85' frame wouldn't intirely fit on it. But knowing that it was better not to argue with the medics, he lay down (facing down) on the table.

It creaked and groaned, but to his surprise, it held. His back was exposed, showing the damage done to him by having a shuttle land on you.

Speeder smiled at Smokescreen's comments - still looking out over the landscape.

"Having to dodge stuff keeps you young - and alive. You sound like Dai though......"

2005-05-11, 10:39 PM
Groove struggled to his feet, after the explosion had knocked him flat. Luckily, he had been clear of the explosion when it went off. He spun around and took stock of the situation.

The first thing he saw was Spike running towards him. Instantly, he transformed into motorbike mode and roared towards the human, skidding to a stop in a cloud of dust.

"It was a trap, Spike. The Decepticons blew up the shuttle, and they'll be crawling all over us any second. We have to get you into cover. Now."

2005-05-12, 12:22 AM
Tempest looked at Windrazor as he gave the order then thought to himself. He looked back at Windrazor and smiled.

"Sir, yes sir."

Tempest saw the explosion and smile. "Perfect cover" He leaped out of the cave and transformed. He speed towards Wheel's like a speeding bullet and released his deploy rope hoping the Duocon would catch it in the first fly by.

2005-05-12, 12:34 AM
Windrazor started as Tempest left the cave, but then smiled. He was impressed with the initiative shown. The explosion should provide ample cover for the retrieval.

"StarBlade, Echoshift, cover him if necessary. Fly be ready to take off, and follow me."

He crouched, then leapt, launching himself into the air, some 500 metres, then hovered, surveying the scene below.

As he cast his eye over the carnage, his keen optics picked out parts that were undoubtedly those of the Autobot leader. He threw back his head and laughed with glee. In only his second mission, he had succeeded in destroying the Autobot leader.

Swiftly, he brought himself under control, gripping his weapon tightly and keeping an eye out for Wheels and Tempest.

2005-05-12, 12:52 AM
Fort Max. Medbay

Pipes saw the work on Powerglide was going smoothly. That burden off his shoulders, he walked off to see what kind of trouble he could get into.

2005-05-12, 01:29 AM
Outside Fort Max

"I guess I should report to the commanding officer before trying to find Smokescreen he's the only one I actually ever sat down and chatted with" Devcon replied, glancing at Talon as he moved to head into the Autobot city.

* * * * * *

Rocky Mountains

Bluestreak had complied with the orders he had been given and was lying chest-down in front of the shuttle, watching for the 'Cons when the shuttle exploded.

Dropping his rifle and covering his head with his arms to shield himself from the falling chunks of metal for a moment, he looked up, then got to his feet and ran towards the wreckage, intent on seeing if the others have survived.

2005-05-12, 02:27 AM
StarBlade nodded to herself at the orders, watching. Her keen eyesight caught the momentary flicker of something in the explosion. That flicker had to be a hologram. Opening her comm to Windrazor and Tempest, she called a warning.

"Be careful! I caught a momentary flicker just as the explosion happened! I think Hound's playing tricks with us! Don't jump to any conclusions!" Leaving the comm open, the assassin sighted towards where she had seen the scout go, and fired one shot off at Hound, not trying to hit him, but trying to distract him, and make him lose the hologram.

2005-05-12, 03:28 AM
ooc-I'm lost....where the heck is Magnus anyway???

2005-05-12, 03:55 AM
Tempest soared through the air, the Duocon was insight now, all Wheel's have to do is grab hold if it and he'd get both of them out of there, then re-connect with Fly. He saw Windrazor leap to the air from behind and heard Starblade's message.

"Hound was a tricky one, but not tricky enough for me."

Tempest speed towards the Duocon hoping he'd be able to get the rope ...

2005-05-12, 04:14 AM
Prisoner Exchange

Red Alert heard the explosion blossoming in the distance, and tried to pull Prowl down with him behind the cover of the large rock. He wasn't sure if he had been successful or not, because the light and heat from the explosion, along with the loud noises made by pieces of debris flying by, totally overloaded his senses. He emitted an involuntary, high-pitched shreak and clamped his hands to the sides of his head.

Prime had turned back, heading into the shuttle to reach the switch that Hound had mentioned, when Prowl's comm call caught his attention. He was reaching for his own comlink when the engines blew.

Heat assailed him from all sides, eating into his armour and overloading his systems. Liquified paint and metal began dripping to the ground within milliseconds. Prime tried to run for the hatch, but a chunk of debris caught him in the midsection before he had taken two steps. Falling to the ground, he tried to get his arms under him so that he could push himself to his feet; however, the limbs weren't co-operating.

The heat...fusing my linkages...

A thunderous creak sounded from above him. A second later chunks of the shuttle's superstructure began to rain down on him, pinning him to the ground. Unable to move, Prime could only sit there while the heat disabled his systems one by one. He felt himself teetering on the edge of emergency shutdown, unable to stave it off. His last thought before unconsciousness claimed him was not for his own safety.

The Matrix...I'm face-down. It should be...protected from the de...bris...even if I...die...

Debris and ash continued to rain down on him, and the flames continued to hungrily eat away at his body.

2005-05-12, 05:13 AM
Hound regained his feet slowly. His body felt strangely hot, but the scout was not in any pain. In truth, it was the result of a survival reaction from his systems. The first half-second of the blast had fried every nerve in his back, and that had resulted in a complete overload of his pain receptors. His interior upholstery had been incinerated instantaneously and steam poured from the remains.

A shot hit nearby where his holographic remains were, but he had little interest other than turning a badly melted quarter of his back and face to look at it. The autobot's metallic skin had been melted in patches from the supporting frame. The hologram he had created flickered and faded - revealing an almost exact replica of the scene he had created, but this time in reality. Flames and molten metal continued to erupt on the shuttle base.

My scanners... they're overheated. Too much -- thermal energy - got to find Optimus without them.

Using an arm to shield his optics from the intense heat, Hound forced his way back up into the burning debris and blackening smoke.

He felt his way blindly, using a guess as to where his leader might have been thrown by the blast.
"Optimus! Optimus?"

Prowl fell backwards, pulled back by Red Alert just tenths of a second ahead of the concussive explosion and fireball. He fell across his companion and looked up in a state of shock as the explosion erupted above and behind them.
His shock was short-lived however. He forced himself to begin checking the other angles and aspects of the battle, even though his body hadn't yet become responsive.
Groove - Optimus! Optimus was in the shuttle, and Mirage and Hound were right next to it!" Spike called as the Protectobot approached. All the color had drained from the human's face as he climbed on. Sweat from the radiating heat and stress poured down his face and neck and he wiped it away with a worried expression before tightening his grip.

Wheels started laughing insanely again with relief as he saw Tempest coming to retrieve him. He reached out quickly and snagged the rope. It was a painful move and he yelped loudly, but hung on.

2005-05-12, 06:13 AM
Landfill started moving the gun positions into place.
Placing them round the fake airstrip. On his final run he passed Trailbreaker .

"doing a good job there Trailbreaker , keep up the good work. I bet this is the biggest "trail" you've broken good buddy. Its looking good should fool any eye in the sky the Decepticreeps have."

_ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ _ __ _ __

Quickmix walked into sickbay almost bumping into Pipes

"Aggh young Pipes I found something in the back of my lab that might interest you an electric rotating weapons storage rack it stores and recharges weapons. It also plays a tune but you can disable that function."

2005-05-12, 06:22 AM
Tempest felt the tug of weight from Wheels grabbing the security rope. He quickly flipped up around so he flew on his back. Wheels was flung up and landed on Tempest's underside. Tempest transformed grabbing the Duocon with one arm and withdrawing one of his pistols with the other. He began firing on the remaining Autobots on the ground while flying away from the scene. once he fired off twelve shots he transformed again wit the Duocon securely in his small cargo bay and Hyper-Thrusted away from the valley leaving Windrazor and the other Decepticons to catch up.

The mission was a success.

2005-05-12, 06:51 AM
Fort Max

Pipes looked up at Quickmix, and brightened up. "Great! I've been meaning to start my collection again. Where is it? I'll put it in my quarters."


Fort Max. MDL

Huffer was deep in his work, and loving every moment of it. He jotted down some notes, and continued working. "This should be much more efficient now. But still, what a clumsy big bot. Hmmm," all the schematics materialized into his head, and he saw the obvious answer. "Thats it!" He typed furiously at the console, imputing changes and continued working.


Outside Fort Max. Wilderness

Outback surged up a steep gradient, rolling over shrubs and small trees. Suddenly the hill disappeared, and he realized he had just shot up a hill at the edge of a ravine. As he soared through the air, his momentum still strong, he saw the ground recede below him. "Uh oh." Then he started to laugh. This was living. No more shuttles, no more indoors, no more cramped spaces. Just the outdoors and wherever it took him. Right now it was taking him through the air to an increasingly trecherous drop. He laughed harder.

2005-05-12, 07:57 AM
Echoshift continued to lay down cover fire until Tempest whizzed straight past him-- with Wheels successfully retrieved. Echoshift grinned, exchanging a look with StarBlade. It'd worked, and the mission was a success. The still-invisible Eurofighter opened a comm-channel to Windrazor, whilst still taking pot-shots at the Autobots.

"Tempest's gotten hold of Wheels. Awaiting your signal to leave and return to base..."

2005-05-12, 09:33 AM
Topspin studied Richochet for a moment before replying

"Ah yes, I must say I've never been to your planet but I've heard about the targetmasters and the headmasters"

Looking around the courtyard of Fort Max. Topspin surveyed the other autobots

"..and where is your counterpart now, Richochet?"

2005-05-12, 10:57 AM
"Decepticons, withdraw," Windrazor ordered, spinning around in the air, transforming to jet mode, and rocketting after Tempest.


Groove nodded sombrely.
"I know, Spike. I'll have to go back and help them, but I need to get you to safety first."

As soon as Spike climbed on, he gunned his engine, shooting up and out of the valley. He skidded to a stop behind a large rock outcropping.

"This is your stop," he told Spike, his light hearted tone considerably more happy than he felt.


Several miles away from the shuttle, Windrazor had caught up with Tempest.
"Well done," he told him, a clear smile in his voice. "I'm impressed."

Then he turned his attention to Wheels.
"How damaged are you? Can you link with Fly?" he demanded.

2005-05-12, 11:12 AM
Quickmix replied.

"Its in my lab , follow me . So you lost your collection . Not much space on a shuttle I guess. Have you ever considered some kind of multifunctional mobile storage vessel. I could adapt one of those trailers the energon came in maybe give it some kind of limited transformation capability. Couldn't do anything on the weapon front not my speciality. Could build in some mountings and you could talk to Crosshairs or just leave it as storage."

Quickmix trailed off as he realised he'd started babbling.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Richochet checked the wrist of his armour .

"He's moving down the corridor from the medbay looks like he might be heading for his lab."

2005-05-12, 03:07 PM
(OOC: Scout and I have agreed that she'll control Wheels, I'll control Fly)

In the clearing near the cave, Fly was waiting on the ground, ready to take off. As soon as Tempest, and then Windrazor blasted overhead, he shot forwards and lifted up into the sky.

Despite his dislike of Wheels, he felt trapped in his jet form, and longed to merge into robot mode once more. He caught up with Windrazor and Tempest just in time to hear Windrazor ask Wheels whether he was OK to merge.

"You better be," he told his other half. "If I've got to be stuck in jet mode because your useless self went and got shot, I won't be best pleased."

2005-05-12, 03:18 PM
Tempest nodded at the Air Commander Windrazor when he caught up to him, and he even tipped his head when the commander congratulated him. However something was in the back of Tempest's head.

"How far is the nearest base, and how much energy will it take us to get there?"

2005-05-12, 03:44 PM
Fort max courtyard

Topspin nodded at the Targetmaster.

"I see, well as I'm not doing anything. Shall we go and say hello?"

Random Sweep
2005-05-12, 03:46 PM
ooc: didn't realise hound was in the shuttle

Sureshot climbed out of the bushes he was thrown into by the explosion and ran straight towards Prowl

" Prowl, Can you get a fix on Prime and Mirages exact position? "

2005-05-12, 03:46 PM
Sorry about the jumps guys- it takes forever to type for everybody, and posts happen in between!
Prowl stood up slowly to watch the Decepticons begin retreating. With cold calculation, he aimed both of his incindiary missiles at the group - one to hit just behind, one to hit just in front. If they hit well -the resulting explosion would envelope most of the group in a burning cloud similar to the current shuttle blast- but it would also set the whole entirety of the rest of the valley on fire.

They would be out of range in just moments...
Arms fire... an invisibility cloak.
he checked the missiles and whipped out his rifle, took aim and shot three times - once at Windrazor and twice at the invisible Echoshift.

Sureshot's voice caught his attention and he turned to look at the shuttle.
"I don't have scanners with those capabilities Sureshot, but Hound does."

The strategist picked up his radio. "Hound- locate Optimus and Mirage. What's their status?"


Mirage's auto-repair systems had kicked in and he slowly got himself into a wobbly - but kneeling position. The spy had to shield his face from the heat of the burning shuttle. Blinding heat, smoke and flames poured out from the craft. He looked around for Hound and Optimus, but didn't see them or any of the others. Confused, he crawled away from the heat. As he hit the cooler air, steam wafted from his body.


Hound stumbled and against a pile of debris and collapsed metal. The heat and smoke were choking. His headlights were no use, for the earthen bulbs and plastic covers had melted, but his fingers told him he had found what he was looking for.
The flammable accelerant had reached its burn point, and the disaster was cooling down. The scout felt the floor creak and buckle, and his own joints were starting to become unresponsive. Little did he understand or know at the time, but it was only because the constructicons had reinforced his sub-frame that he was able to continue moving as long as he had.

He yanked at the charred arm and hand that he had felt, and then fell backwards again. With horror, he realized that it wasn't attached to a body.

No, I know he's here - he's got to be!
Desperate, he felt through the smoke for the pile again. He felt more pieces, but didn't know if they were connected - a support beam was in the way.
Bracing both feet against the wall base and grabbing the beam, he pulled.

Spike jumped off and nodded with a concerned expression. "Thanks Groove. Let me know when I can help."
Wheels' laughs turned into a grin. "I'm okay Fly- I'm okay." He transformed into his lower half with a bit of pain, but successfully.

2005-05-12, 04:06 PM
Windrazor was struck firmly in the tail by Prowl's parting shot. His stabilizer fin was shorn completely through, and he immediately spiralled into a spin. Instantly, he transformed into robot mode and used his thrusters to right himself.

"More than we anticipated. I am unable to fly in jet mode," he informed Tempest. He said it matter of factly, but he was in a reasonable amount of pain.

"We need to get clear and regroup."

He continued his flight away from the shuttle, trusting that the Autobots would not follow them.


Groove accelerated back down the slope, before transforming to robot mode in front of the shuttle.

"Prowl! What can I do to help?" he asked as he arrived on the scene.

2005-05-12, 04:33 PM
ooc- see previous posts for additions.

A radio silence was the only answer Prowl got from Hound. He quickly realized the implications.

We need Inferno and Firestar, and there's no way they'd arrive in time to be of help. No foam- no water- next is deny a fuel source. But the thing is too hot to handle.

He looked at the shuttle and caught a glimpse of movement behind it.
Groove, get Mirage- see what his status is. We need to take this shuttle ap---"

A tremendous shrieking and crack drowned out the rest of Prowl's words as the bottom and sides of the shuttle fell down and outwards.


Inside, Hound's added weight was too much for the super-heated and molten bolts that held the floor and sides of the shuttle together. Age, extreme heat and metal fatigue had caused them to shift, shear and break away. The beam had lodged itself in the side of the shuttle, and the pull was the only added leverage required to completely sever the base, walls, and about a 60 ' chunk of the flooring.

The entire portion of the front of the cargo hold spewed out onto the ground in a cloud of black smoke and tremendous noise.

2005-05-12, 05:07 PM
Groove nodded at Prowl's order, but started as the sides and bottom of the shuttle fell away. He caught a glimpse of a white arm, and immediately moved towards it, evaporators sliding out of his leg mounts.

He began spraying a cooling agent all around, trying to cool the floor so that he could walk on it.

This being accomplished, he ran forwards, grabbed hold of the arm, and heaved.

2005-05-12, 05:21 PM
Mirage had been confused before, but he was entirely confounded when a good portion of the shuttle collapsed on him, sending pain signals racing through his body again. The burning rubble didn't last long though. He felt coolant, then a grip and a strong pull. The spy pushed himself up and felt a wave of relief as he recognized Groove.


Finished with his job wth Blitzwing, John detatched the trailer, hopped back up into the semi cab and began driving away from the Autobot's base with country music playing in the background. He pulled out a brown planner and scribbled a few notes on it while driving. Halfway down a logging road, he turned and pulled into a lumber yard and hitched the cab to a flatbed trailer loaded with giant tree trunks.

He tested the chains and then pulled out with a pleased expression. "Little extra sawdust in there oughtta bring in a whopper of a bounty on the exchange when I take out Martin."

He lit a smoke and hopped back up in the cab, drove out and continued down the road.


2005-05-12, 08:07 PM
Groove smiled down at Mirage.
"You're going to be OK now. Come on, let's get you out of here."

He fired some more cooling fluid from his cannons in a spray all around them, causing a cloud of steam to hiss and rise all around. But it cooled down the surrounding debris enough for him to pull Mirage clear, and half-carry, half-drag him out to safety.

He set him down gently.
"How do you feel?"


Meanwhile, fifty miles north of the shuttle, Windrazor landed with a light thump. They were still in the mountains, but he had chosen a wooded valley, which hopefully would provide cover from any aerial surveillance, not that he expected there to be any.

Fly came in to land alongside him, and pulled up in jet mode, waiting for Wheels to arrive.

"All Decepticons, regroup at my position," Windrazor ordered over the comm.

2005-05-12, 08:13 PM
Destroyed Shuttle Site

Red Alert winced at the noise as the shuttle began to fall apart, but nonetheless forced himself to his feet. Striding towards the wreckage, his keen optics detected someone moving around in what had once been the shuttle's cargo hold. He moved closer to the ship, ignoring the horrible agony that the still-incredable heat caused in his tactile sensors.

"Someone's active in there, Prowl. I think it's Hound."

He frowned, his sensors searching the area for anything that might be of use. He could detect nothing.

2005-05-12, 08:26 PM
Richochet thought for a moment

"pourquoi pas monsieur , let us find what mad cap scheme the big red scientist fou is up to. Suivez moi , I mean how do you say follow me.

Richochet set off towards Quickmix's lab

Brave Maximus
2005-05-12, 08:38 PM
Dai Atlas finalized the mission members in his head and worked out, through the central computer, who was currently at Autobase and who was away on a mission. He winced occasionally, as Ratchet tried to pull out his tail out of his back, where the Civilian shuttle had landed.

2005-05-12, 08:48 PM
"Like I crashed in the stretch doing 320." Mirage answered quietly. He was still in shock and stared at Groove with a half-seeing expression.

"I... I..... I need to talk to Optimus. I have to apologize."
Buried under the sizzling rubble, Hound tried to determine which way was up. His left arm was pinned behind his back and left leg was hopelessly stuck at the ankle, but the other two limbs were free. He used his free hand to dislodge a small piece of metal and he dropped it. It fell back toward his face.

I'm- on my back. Straight up is out.
He delivered a sound kick upwards- trying to either clear a path out or make enough noise to get help.


Prowl frowned - he couldn't make out anything in the commotion, but Red Alert's detection was some good news.

"Everyone - spread out around that collapse and search- let's find them - both."

John motored down the old trail, thoughts entirely on his lure that would catch a drug runner and net him half a million. His thoughts were entirely on money when his attention diverted toward a huge black cloud just around the bend.

"Hmmph. Another valley fire... probably some idiot that can't put a smoke out the right way."

2005-05-12, 08:56 PM
"Optimus is somewhere under the wreckage. We'll get him out though," Groove told Mirage.

Then he turned and walked over to the wreckage, spraying cooling liquid all around, and grabbing pieces of metal and flinging them aside once the fluid had made them safe to touch. He was completely focused on the job. All other thoughts were secondary.

2005-05-12, 08:58 PM
Streetwise pulled up to Fort Max's command centre, and transformed. Striding through the doors, he spied Fortress, and walked straight up to him.

"Fortress, our mission was a success... Of sorts. Sunstreaker wouldn't come peacefully, and tried to escape in a shuttle. We had no choice but to shoot him down. We believe he landed somewhere over Russia, but we did not dare to investigate further in case of Decepticon interference."

2005-05-12, 09:34 PM
Striding behind the Richochet Topspin followed on

2005-05-12, 09:52 PM
Prowl was good, the Eurofighter would give him that. He'd aimed so that the missiles approached directly from behind, making them rather difficult to spot and even harder to get on visual. Echoshift's ability to "fade out" of the visible light spectrum had lulled him into a false sense of security; he started, instinctively throwing himself into a barrel-roll at the last minute and just about managing to dodge the first missile-- it skimmed past his rear stabilizer with inches to spare.

He wasn't so lucky with the second, though. In barrel-rolling, Echoshift had unintentionally gotten the timing wrong and exposed his right wing to the second missile at exactly the wrong moment. There was the tell-tale shriek of an incoming projectile, a bright flash of light and pain, and the sounds of a localized explosion. Still invisible but leaving a give-away trail of smoke, the Eurofighter spiralled out of control and plummeted decidedly earthwards. Echoshift followed an almost instinctive reflex and tranformed to robot mode-- better to land on his feet than to dig a groove in the landscape in jet mode. He landed heavily in a crouch, wincing with the impact, before gingerly standing up straight. Fading back into full view (no point in being see-through when the scorch marks were a dead giveaway, after all), the Eurofighter took a moment to inspect the damage done to his wing.


The ailerons at the back of the wing had been completely torn off. What was left of the back edge of that wing was a mass of shredded metal. If anyone else had been able to see him at this point it would probably have looked as though something had come along and ripped the back part of his wing off, in as messily a way as possible. Which, admittedly, wasn't all that far from the truth.

"All Decepticons, regroup at my position."

Echoshift blinked at his com-link, then took a good look at his surroundings for the the first time. He then opened the comm channel and sent a message back to Windrazor.

"Erm, co-ordinates please sir? I... had to make an emergency landing."

2005-05-12, 10:05 PM
Windrazor nodded, and checked his internal locator system. Thankfully it was still functional.

"Coordinates 111, by 342. We shall wait here for your arrival, Echoshift."

2005-05-12, 11:55 PM
Tempest heard Windrazor's orders and went to his location. He touched down, opened his cargo bay for Wheels and then transformed.

2005-05-12, 11:56 PM
StarBlade, spotting Tempest grab Wheels, took off. She wasn't taking any time to take apart the rifle, or transform. Once in the air, the assassin moved as fast as she could in robot form, aiming to get far enough away so that she could get her rifle apart and away. Spotting a clearing maybe twenty miles from the cave, StarBlade landed, took care of her rifle, then got Windrazor's orders.

"All Decepticons, regroup at my position." Opening her comm, she responded.

"On my way, boss." Checking the co-ordinants of the signal, she transformed to jet mode, took off and made her way to Windrazor's location.

2005-05-13, 12:23 AM
Fort Max

Pipes followed Quickmix, a little overwhelmed by the loquacious scientist. "Er, maybe just the gadget for now. I like to stick to the basics where weapons are concerned."

Random Sweep
2005-05-13, 01:23 AM
Sureshot dropped Spoilsport to the ground, who then transformed.

" Hey what gives?! " Spoilsport complained.

" Sorry buddy, but I don't want you frying in there " Sureshot explained ads he moved forward and started to rip off loose parts of the shuttle .

2005-05-13, 04:32 AM
Shuttle Site

Red Alert picked his way carefully through the rubble, trying to find the figure that he'd seen moving. A loud clang nearby caught his attention, and he saw a piece of debris go flying upwards. Where it had been, there was a flash of green metal.


He dropped to his knees, ignoring the agony that blossomed in his legs as they hit the red-hot decking. He started flinging chunks of metal away, trying to dig out the scout.

2005-05-13, 05:47 AM
Quickmix nodded.

"stick with what you know if it aint broke don't fix it. I can see that . What about just a trailer doesn't need any weapons just for storage?. Talking about weapons , you must let me study a sample of your corrosive gas , its not a chemical compound I've encountered before. I'll keep an eye open for any gadgetry. I think Boomer had a catologue somewhere. He said you could send off for all kinds of weird stuff on Earth musical bird scarers , juke boxes , flashlights. He might have left a copy in my lab."

Quickmix slowed down as he noticed the beginings of a glazed look on Pipes face.

2005-05-13, 06:15 AM
Rocky Mountains

Bluestreak paused, then stared at the wreckage, fighting the urge to bolt, he plunged into the wreckage, digging frantically, not caring who he found first, babbling loudly "Not again, not again, must get them out, must get them out"

2005-05-13, 06:19 AM
"Red- down here!" Hound gasped as cooler air rushed down through the opening gap. His thermostat was fused and radiator antifreeze had leaked down from his engine- effectively cooling the scout temporarily. He reached up with his free arm and struggled to free his other arm and leg.

Prowl looked up from where he had been searching. He had come up with a smokestack from the leader and the dismembered arm, but had heard Red's call. He pointed at Bluestreak before returning to look for the rest of the leader. Bluestreak! Help Red Alert.

2005-05-13, 06:25 AM
Rocky Mountains

"Right, right" the nervous-looking gunner replied, moving to the red and white Autobot's side and continued digging, babbling about volcanoes to himself, a haunted look in his optics.

2005-05-13, 08:18 AM
Pipes continued walking with Quickmix as they walked into his lab. "Um, sure. If you've got a reinforced recepticle, you can take a sample. Just be careful who you give it too, I'd hate for the decepticons to ever develop a defense against it."


Bumper saw the rising cloud of fire and smoke. "Oh, oh my. That can't be good." he said to himself. He transformed and drove towards the rising smoke. He didn't think he'd be much help with whatever was going on, but he'd try.

2005-05-13, 08:49 AM
"Coordinates 111, by 342. We shall wait here for your arrival, Echoshift."


Echoshift launched himself into the air, still in robot mode-- there was no way he'd be able to fly very well in jet mode. The Eurofighter's design already made his jet mode body unstable in the air; it allowed for greater maneouvrability and agility. But currently, that instability would have been working against him had he transformed and tried to fly with the damaged wing.

Wincing as the resulting wind-flow tugged at his shredded wing, Echoshift made his way over to the co-ordinates Windrazor had given him and touched down near Tempest.

2005-05-13, 09:13 AM
Windrazor smiled as Echoshift landed.
"Well, that's everybody."

He glanced around the group.
"It seems that our mission was a success - with interest. Wheels is recovered, and Optimus Prime is dead."

He paced back and forth along the valley floor.
"And for the loss of just one shuttle. Now, to business. I am too damaged to fly in jet mode, and -" he glanced at Echoshift, "So are you. This would be a problem if we needed to return to Carbombya, but fortunately, the Decepticons have recently relocated to a new site - the Nemesis."

He glanced around at the group.

"Before we leave though, I need someone with any medical experience to take a look at Wheels and check his damage. I want Flywheels to be able to fly alongside myself and Echoshift. Also, once we're airborne, I need someone to guide us to the location of the Nemesis. I have never been privvy to its location."

2005-05-13, 03:28 PM
Outside Metroplex

Ultra Magnus began to calm as the quake subsided. The ground had thankfully not collapsed, and had seemed to hardly even buckle. He began to click on his commlink for a status report, but he stopped himself at the sight of the approaching crew. He glanced down to the Micromasters and pondered what assignment he could give them while he spoke.

"What happened in there?" he asked Chromia and Wreck-Gar.


Outside Fort Max

His speed was slow enough; he could make it. Skyfire dipped down and pulled up his nose, then transformed to fall the short distance to the ground.His feet dug some unsightly troughs, but nothing that would affect the quality of the job. He examined his work up close with approval and clicked on the radio.

"Skyfire to Landfill, preliminary grading is complete. I am going to begin installation of the holo-projectors."

Skyfire knew that the secondary crew would be coming through soon, so he began professionally toward the edge of the runway. He pulled his cargo of projectors from the hatch on his chest, and at the first location he'd chosen, he kneeled to stake and program it...

2005-05-13, 04:00 PM
"Some breaking occured," Wreck-Gar began. "The dolly was involved. That's about all we know."

"And now that we've done that," Big Daddy interrupted. "Maybe you can give out some new assignments. Some of us haven't done a whole lot lately, and are getting pretty bored."

2005-05-13, 04:52 PM
Prisoner Exchange

Bumper pulled to a stop as he saw the burning wreckage. He transformed and stared. "Oh my." He started towards the shuttle and the autobots he saw there.

2005-05-13, 08:26 PM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert cast a sidelong glance at Bluestreak.

This one's even crazier than they say I am...maybe we should have let Sunstreaker shoot him a few more times.

The security officer cleared enough of a hole to reach down and grasp Hound's free hand. He used his other arm to heave debris away from the scout's head.

"You're going to be OK," he said in what was as close to a reassuring voice as he could manage. What he didn't say, but couldn't help thinking, was, I won't let anyone else die on my watch. Not today.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-13, 08:40 PM
Fortress Maximus - Medbay

With the minor (well, technically minor, there was a lot of pulling out and reshaping bent metal) repairs finished to his body, Dai Atlas stood up from the medical table and thanksed Ratchet. He strode over to where Minerva was working on Powerglide. He loomed in the background until he was satisfied that she was doing her best to make sure the Minibot survived.

It's not that he didn't have faith in the Medics ability - he just needed to see for himself, before he could move on to another mission.

Satisfied with things in Medbay, Dai Atlas strode out the doors and into the Maximus' hallways and his voice boomed:

"Computer, what is the current location of unit Optimus Prime?"

After a few moments, the computer reported intermitint contact with unit Optimus Prime, several Kilometers away from the base.

Knowing that he was probably on a mission, the Cybertronian Supreme commander went through the personnel list for a second in command:

"Computer, Location of unit Ultra Magnus?"

"Ultra Magnus is near the Metroplex site."

Dai Atlas controled his pace as he walked through the Maximus' hallways - until he reached the outside and then he let his pace fall to a full, fast stride. Eating ground, the giant Autobot spotted the blue, red and white Autobot in the distance and made his way over there.

2005-05-14, 12:31 AM
Seeing Windrazor, and the group, StarBlade transformed to robot mode and landed. She listened quietly to Windrazor, and where they would be heading. The Nemesis? The ship we originally came in? I thought it was destroyed... Then the question of medical experience came up, and she shook her head.

"I've got no experience in that category. I mostly do the damage, never fix it." Then she brought the thought that was bugging her about the Nemesis. "Sir, I thought the Nemesis was destroyed when we crashed on Earth all those years ago."

2005-05-14, 02:07 AM
"I'm not sure, Magnus," Chromia answered. "I'm guessing the ground was a bit more unstable than we anticipated."

She thumbed back to the cave where Ironhide and the others were finishing up. She also noticed Dai-Atlas walking towards them.

"But, they seem to have it under control, anyway."

2005-05-14, 03:33 AM
Shuttle Wreckage

Bumper hurried up to Red Alert, the closest bot that he recognized. "Oh my...can I help?"



Outback sailed through the air. Too bad he didn't have wings or any sort of flight capability. His graceful soaring arc turned more and more into a plummeting fall as he dropped towards the bottom of the ravine far, far below.

2005-05-14, 04:11 AM
Blitzwing stood alone on the edge of a rocky slope overlooking a dropoff and the autobot bases. He could see the vast mountain range tops. Faint booming noises roused his interest, but he did not leave his lookout spot.

Not thunder, but no base alarms, no calls. Must be those hu-mans.

"I'll... be fine- nee...need to help Optimus."
Caught in the super-heated rubble, Hound gasped desperately for air. His engine was flatlining- his metal body had reached a point where it was not only overheated, but literally starting to bake in the debris. His struggles to free himself had started to weaken, however the rush of air from some of the opened debris brought immediate and much-needed relief. With a renewed effort and less weight holding him, he loosened the other arm and reached up for the security officer's arm, gripping with his other hand around Red Alert's wrist. He pulled, and with the added support and leverage, he felt the debris trapping his leg give way.


Prowl ignored the pain in his hands. He had tried to calculate the location of the pices he had found, the location of where his comrade had found the scout, against the blast direction of the shuttle. Using his logic and skill based program timing velocity, direction of flow, power, and the probablility of the location, he had narrowed Prime's location to the pile which he was now sorting, but there was seemingly no recgnizable Cybertronian form in the mess.

And then - the strategist removed a piece of sheet metal. He momentarily had to catch and stifle his immediate reaction of horror. Even his many years of battle horrors didn't take away the effects of seeing what was left of the Autobot leader in front of him. Charred, blackened, cybertronian flesh melted away- the form was barely recognizable, and Prowl knew that there was no hope. In partial shock, he moved a few more panels of debris while trying to consider best how to tell the others.


Spike heard a truck coming. He couldn't see what was happening below, but he has a sudden inspiration. In a flash, he ran out onto the road and began waving his arms.

"What the..." John's cigarette dropped onto the floor as he saw a flurry of movement. He slammed on the brakes as a man in a yellow shirt and blue jeans ran out onto the road waving frantically at him. The rig skidded sideways and jackknifed, splitting the ties and sending loaded tree trunks spilling down the hill.

Puzzlement turned to irritation and then anger as Spike ran up to the cab.

"Hey mister- I need to borrow your truck."

2005-05-14, 04:59 AM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert jumped at the voice that addressed him, but recognised it as belonging to one of his allies before he started shooting at anyone.

"You can help Bluestreak get Hound out of here, Bumper." He gestured towards the scout, who was more or less unencumbered by debris now. "He needs to get away from the heat and recuperate some."

A touch.

Whose or what's, he didn't know. He could barely feel at all, his sensory circuits melted to slag.

Air moving, touching parts of his body that should never have been exposed.

He should be dead...but he wasn't. He would be soon, though. Unless...no, that wouldn't happen. Not in time.


A hand shot out upwards out of the debris, though it was barely recognisable as a hand. Two fingers had been burned off and the other three were a skeletal mess. They were, however, still capable of grabbing.

And grab they did.

The hand wrapped around the nearest point of leverage it could find (as it happened, Prowl's wrist) and pulled the rest of it's body forward.

The head, blackened and disfigured but still vaguely recognisable, tilted backwards. One of the optics, flickering on and off sporadically, tried to focus on the figure before it.

"P..." A horrid shreak of static emitted from the vocorder. "P-prrrlllll..."

Red Alert turned at the sounds coming from nearby...and gaped in absolute horror at what he saw.

By the Matrix...how...

2005-05-14, 05:15 AM

Bumper followed Red Alert's gaze. The image of what he saw would stay with him for the rest of his days. He gaped in astonishment and horror.

Then he noticed the heat, which brought him back to himself. He rushed over to Bluestreak to help him get Hound out of there.

2005-05-14, 06:44 AM
It was horror, shock, fear and relief all at once, rolled up into a ball of emotion that Prowl couldn't hide.

Prowl's optics widened and the strategist recoiled for just the slightest moment, letting out a barely audible squeak. He attempted to cover the emotional reaction with a rapid reach for the leader, but his facial features showed every bit of fear, dismay and concern that raced through his head. He braced himself against the scorching pile and heaved the remains of the leader free. In his nervousness, Prowl spoke quickly, repeating himself.

"Optimus! I'm here Optimus. We'll get you repaired Sir. We'll get you repaired."


Exhausted and cooling down rapidly as he was extracted, Hound found his body was almost entirely numb. It was a strange sensation, and combined with his fading energy, it made the scout feel like bordering on shutting down. His joints were starting to cool and lock in place.


Looking over the wreckage, Mirage began to tremble. He brought his knees up and leaned forward to hide his face. Grief and guilt tore through his head.
"Nooo..... why didn't they leave me- why didn't he?"

John swung down out of the semi cab with a look that could kill, and Spike took a few steps back from him.
"Do you know how much you just cost me?"

"No- look, I'm sorry guy- I'll pay, but I really need your truck."

"Oh, you'll pay all right. This had better be of Earth-shattering importance."

Spike nodded and cast a glance backwards. "It is. Look, I have to hurry..."

John got a skeptical look and frowned. He looked at the giant trunks scattered everywhere and then sighed. "Guess those aren't going anywhere. Okay, get in - but I'm driving. This had better be important."

Spike nodded and then hopped up in the cab as John got in the driver's seat with a still-angry look.

Spike pointed out the window. "Head for the smoke."

2005-05-14, 07:16 AM
Quickmix nodded

I'll put it in my lab it will be safe. The last time a decepticon invaded one of my labs there were shall we say explosive consequences and about 14 dead decepticons. I was never too sure how many they just counted the wreckage afterwards . What they could find. So Pipes can you produce smoke from your weapon system. Just the other day I was mixing some Ditrilyium bichromide and some tantric porous carbonate crystals and It gave out this lovely thick red smoke.

Random Sweep
2005-05-14, 07:17 AM
Wrecked Decepticon shuttle

Seeing what was left of Prime comming out of the wreckage, Sureshot ran over to see what assistance he could offer.


2005-05-14, 07:29 AM
Tempest looked at the damaged Wheels then the air Commander Windrazor then Echoshift. He heard Strablades comments then paused.

Tempest: "I know of the Nemesis, but it was fairly damaged last time I remember. As for Wheels, I have a small knowledge of decepticon mechanics. However I will need to inspect both parts of the this Duocon to see if i cna do something. I might have to fuse them together until we get back to base ..."

2005-05-14, 08:02 AM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert started to walk towards Prowl, his jaw gaping open in absolute shock.

There's no way...he just couldn't, after so much damage...how?

The skeletal thing that was all that remained of Prime made a few more incomprehensable noises. His head lolled backwards and his remaining limbs fell limp. Mercifully, Prime had fallen off-line...whether stasis-locked or dead, Red couldn't tell.

The security officer's attention was caught by Sureshot's comm call.

At least one of us is keeping a level head here...

2005-05-14, 12:11 PM
Windrazor nodded to Tempest.
"Do it," he ordered.

He then glanced at StarBlade.
"I don't know about that. I was not a part of the Decepticon army at that time. All I know is what I was told prior to coming on this mission - that the Decepticons would be transferring to the Nemesis."

He gave a wry smile then.

"Which is fortunate for us, considering that we'd have to call out a shuttle from Metrotitan if we had to make it all the way back to Carbombya."


Groove stared at the ruined form of Prime for a moment, then shook himself vigourously out of his reverie as his advanced audio sensors picked up a heavy vehicle approaching.

He turned and climbed out of the valley, and up onto the winding road above, just in time to see John's truck with Spike in the passenger seat come around the corner.

Random Sweep
2005-05-14, 12:38 PM
Edited out.

2005-05-14, 01:54 PM
(OOC:Is there a garbage in Fortmax?)
----------Fort Max med bay----------
"I leave these parts here and I will get it back later."
He told Ratchet before Ratchet ran out from med bay then he walked out from med bay.
----------Not far from Fort Max----------
Rosdos still draging his shuttle.

2005-05-14, 04:04 PM
Streetwise, having made his report to Fortress, turned and left the command centre.

Transforming into car mode, he headed down the corridor towards medbay.

As he drove, he reflected on the mission. Overall, it had been a success. Powerglide had been injured, but hopefully he'd be OK. A pity they had to destroy Sunstreaker's shuttle, but there was no other option. He was pleased at how his team had worked together on the mission, and was glad that Dai Atlas had been there to bring the encounter to a very rapid close.

As he reached the door to medbay, he transformed and entered. The first person he saw was his fellow Protectobot, First Aid, who came over to him.

"Where's Powerglide?" Streetwise asked.
"With Minerva," First Aid pointed to the rear of the room. "Listen, don't blame yourself."
"I'm not," Streetwise replied, "but thanks for caring buddy."

He clapped First Aid on the shoulder, then headed to the rear of the room where Minerva was with Powerglide.

"How is he?" he asked the medic.

2005-05-14, 09:18 PM
Pipes placed his hand into the receptacle that Quickmix had provided. A small panel in his wrist popped open, and he released a small amount of his thick, corrosive, greenish acidic gas into the container, then snatched his hand out and screwed the lid on securely. He handed the container to Quickmix. "Here you go. That stuff will burn you just as easily as any decepticon, so be careful."

2005-05-14, 10:13 PM
Fort Max

Having handed his cargo over, Cliffjumper wandered out of the med-bay and stalked the corridors, bored.

Grapple stepped back, having finished putting up the new weapons, then remembered someone wanted his help with a tunnel and opened his comm-link.
"Hello" he called "I've finished with the weaponry"

* * * * * *

Shuttle Wreckage

"Hello" Bluestreak piped up, greeting the minibot and nodding at Bumper weakly and reached for Hound, his hands shaking as he fought off the panic attack, the memories re-surfacing.

The screams of panic as transformers fell, shot down in the streets as he froze, horrified at the massacre, watching as a building exploded in a fireball similar to the shuttle before the tower behind him crumbled, burying him alive.

2005-05-14, 10:28 PM
" recieving you signal strength ten good buddy.Our very own Smoky wants us to construct a tunnel between the 2 city sites. And your the man with the plan. We're well into our airfield deception plan but we could still use the spoil from the tunnel hide away from any decepticon Bears in the air."

Landfill ended the com link to Grapple and waited for a reply

2005-05-15, 01:48 AM
Tempest looked at the Damaged Duocon Wheels then looked at Fly.

Tempest: "Hmmm I'll need an energon blade, two sticks of raw cybertron solder and a pit of metal for a quick patch job. I'll need you two to transform at the exact moment I tell you to ok?"

2005-05-15, 02:18 AM
(OOC: This is Scout's post)

Spike leaned out of the window and waved as he saw Groove. "Hey Groove- I brought some horsepower that won't mind heat!"
"Huh? Awe not again..." John stared at the transformer walking toward them. He shook his head and then blinked in confusion as the second part of Spike's sentence clicked.
"What do you mean 'heat'?"
"Optimus." Prowl eased the leader back gently, checking for vital signs. "He's alive- but not for long if we don't get him back for repairs."
He quickly surveyed the working group. Another shortfall on his planning. Prowl hadn't anticipated the need for a carrier. He pulled up his radio and called to the Protectobot. "Groove, get Spike - get into the nearby town and hustle up some transport from the humans. If you have to steal it, do it. We'll patch relations later. You have... 8.3 Earth minutes."
A distant rumble caught his attention. Opening a small compartment in his forearm, Prowl produced a weather tarp. It was shaped for his style of vehicle, but would serve as a protective cover for the sensitive, exposed internal workings.
"He waved towards the security officer. Red Alert - your cover." A quick few touches of the heated metal around them would fuse the plastic tarps together - making an area large enough to cover their leader - should it rain.
Hound wheezed as his air intake cleared. He felt the lift by Bumper and Bluestreak out into the cooler air and then collapsed- steam and smoke still pouring off of his frame. A loud buzzing rang in his audio receptors, but the new sounds of thunder were identifiable to the scout.
Rain - good.

2005-05-15, 03:05 AM
Ironhide: -finishes scanning- "'S as good as we c'n get it. Gonna leave y'awl to it. We had a brainwashed Throttlebot try ta plant some explosives. Ah was scannin' fer 'em when ya drug me out here. Ah got a feelin' it was him tryin' ta throw us off, but Ah ain't takin' no chances." -transforms, heads back to Fort Max-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -working on Powerglide- "He'll be fine, Streetwise. Just a little dinged up. And his gyros are out of whack. I'm realigning them now."

2005-05-15, 03:10 AM
Streetwise nodded.
"Excellent. Thank you," he said, and meant it. He then turned around and left, leaving the doctors to get on with their work. Once out the door, he transformed and headed off down the corridor once more.


The Shuttle - Rocky Mountains

"Already taken care of, Prowl," Groove replied as he smiled at Spike.

"Come on Spike, this way," he told him, before heading off the road, and picking a route that the flatbed would be able to follow. He headed down the valley, towards the ruined shuttle's location."

2005-05-15, 03:43 AM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert sniffed at the air for a moment, frowning. Then he nodded, pulling his tarp from subspace and tossing it over to Prowl.

"Be quick about it. We don't have much time before the rain comes."

2005-05-15, 04:50 AM
The news from Groove was reassuringly helpful and positive.

Prowl turned his attention to the security officer, nodded and took the other weather tarp from Red Alert. His fingers and hands were burned already, so when he yanked a hot piece of metal from the wreckage and fused the tarp line together, the autobot didn't even notice.

He pulled up the two fused tarps and threw it over Optimus' remains- carefully securing it for maximum coverage, and then looked toward the scout. "Good work Bumper, Bluestreak.

Sureshot- do you have another tarp?"


John scowled, but drove the rig after Groove. He looked at the disaster in front of them and shook his head. "Blitzwing is gonna owe me huge for this."

Spike glanced over at the dark-haired man and was about to enlighten him- but then decided the better of it. "You'll be reimbursed. Wait- how do you know Blitzwing?"

"Long story. In short, he needed a guard job done."

Random Sweep
2005-05-15, 05:04 AM
Sureshot nodded at Prowl and brought a Tarp out of subspace and handed it to him

2005-05-15, 05:12 AM

Bumper stood around the other autobots, a bit overwhelmed. Now that the immediate crisis was over, he remembered just how small and inexperienced he was. Strange. I didn't think of that at all in the heat of the moment.



Outback fell. And laughed. He transformed, still chuckling to himself, and righted himself in the air. His feet hit the edge of the ravine, and he skated down it on his heels, digging twin furrows leading straight down-hill, a hill so steep it was almost a cliff. He sat back on his but and elbows to bleed off more speed, and came to a halt near the bottom, near a stream that ran through the canyon.

He looked up and just then noticed how far he had fallen. Wow.

He picked himself off and trotted off downstream, scratched up and dented, but having a blast.

2005-05-15, 08:56 AM
StarBlade simply nodded to both Tempest and Windrazor's responses to her comment.

"I'll have to ask someone, should I get the chance..." With that said, she turned to watch the work Tempest was doing.

2005-05-15, 09:05 AM
Quickmix thanked Pipes

"fascinating this will merit a full scan and analysis , the weapons rack is at the back of the lab along with some other random stuff you can look through if you like. I think Boomer left the gadget catologue on the desk over there by the cyclotron.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-15, 09:05 AM
Dai Atlas walked up to Ultra Magnus, nodding to Chromia as he approached. He raised his voicorder a bit, to gain the red and blue Autobot's attention:

"Ultra Magnus - a moment of your time, if I may."

Dai then handed Magnus a data pad, with a list of names on it:

"Before I assisted with the mission to bring in Sunstreaker. Optimus Prime asked me to lead a mission to a planet called Nebulon. The more I look at this planets history, I feel that this is important. As Prime is not here - I ask that you look over the crew list, so that I may depart as soon as possible."

Random Sweep
2005-05-15, 10:26 AM
Sureshot took a step back after giving Prowl the tarp and took up Spoilsport again

2005-05-15, 10:44 AM
Pipes went to the back of Quickmix's lab and found the swiveling gun rack. He put it under one arm and grabbed the catalogue in his other hand. As he walked out, he said "thanks big guy. Catch you later. Don't burn yourself with that gas, by the way."

2005-05-15, 02:22 PM
Fort Max

"Understood, Landfill" Grapple replied and left the roof, using the comm-frequency to find the other Autobot "I'm on my to discuss building plans for this tunnel"

* * * * * *

Shuttle Wreckage

"Thank you, Prowl" Bluestreak replied quietly, his hands still shaking as he helped Bumper get Hound out of the area of wreckage, looking almost ready to bolt, self-doubt in his optics while the gunner found himself questioning his usefulness.

2005-05-15, 02:46 PM
Prowl shook his head at Red Alert.

"The Decepticons know Prime's status and for the morale of the ranks, we must keep this quiet. No lies, but no given information either unless asked.

Sureshot - get back to base and take a quick diagnostics report to Ratchet- he should be on his way. Red - help me lift Optimus on that flatbed. Groove, Bluestreak, once we have Optimus up there, get Hound up diagonally across the back double axel - the tarp that's covering him will cover the lower part of Prime's legs too. Bumper, hop on up there and make sure that they stay secure.

Groove- you'll take point, Red behind for a wide load position. Bluestreak, Mirage and I will be in the back.

2005-05-15, 04:46 PM
Chromia noded back to Dai Atlas .

"Nebulon? That's fairly far away. Why do you think it's important? If you don't mind my asking."

2005-05-15, 05:07 PM
Groove nodded, before moving forwards resolutely, and taking a look at Hound. Looked like they'd be able to get him up there with no problem. He subspaced his pistol, and took a grip around the scout's shoulders. With a grunt, he began to heave him into position.


Fly was fidgetting, his wings vibrating slightly as Tempest worked on him. He was about to shout out a complaint, but a glare from Windrazor silenced him.

Meanwhile, the Air Commander was pacing back and forth. The elation of his success was still coursing through him, although he was doing his best to hide it.

"Tell me more about the Nemesis," he asked the group, more to pass the time, than anything else.

2005-05-15, 07:13 PM
Echoshift gave a chuckle. "This is where I hafta admit I've never actually been there before," he replied to Windrazor. "Though I've heard plenty about it." The Eurofighter turned to exchange a glance with StarBlade, then winced as his injured wing protested at the movement.

2005-05-15, 08:33 PM
"Doesn't matter," Big Daddy said to Chromia. He looked at Dai Atlas. "Whatever it is, count me in."

"And us, too," Groundshaker added.

"I can make that Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs," Wreck-Gar stated.

2005-05-15, 10:55 PM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert held up a hand.

"Wait a second, Prowl. One of us should be in the lead." He walked over and got a grip on one side of Optimus, ready to lift. "We can use our sirens to warn off human traffic and get to base more quickly."

2005-05-15, 11:05 PM
"Perhaps. I will go as well, if you need me, Dai."

She looked at the assembled group and then back to Dai Atlas.

"Definatly. You can count me in as well."

Whatever was in the report that was bad enough to worry the Autobot commander, was enough for her.

2005-05-16, 12:11 AM
Prowl glanced at Mirage and then looked back at Red Alert. "No Red, I will clarify. Groove will lead a mile ahead of the rest of us, checking for interception.

You will lead behind him, but directly in front of the semi, as you specified - with your lights flashing. Sureshot can leave now to return to base and take a rough diagnostic report to Ratchet. That will give the medics more of a warning before we arrive."

The strategist made a mental note to refit and upgrade the medical facilities as soon as the opportunity arose.

He felt a raindrop hit his arm, and then a second. Quickly, he bent down and braced the other side of the leader. "Okay - lift!"

Reluctantly, Hound allowed Groove to boost him towards the flatbed and he gave a weak push up with his failing energy to prop himself up against the trailer.
He murmurred an objection to the other scout.
"Job's ---done. Just want... to rest."
Wheels grumbled as he let Tempest work on the linkage connections between himself and Fly. Can't you hurry this up?

Random Sweep
2005-05-16, 12:49 AM
"Sure thing Prowl " Sureshot replied as he transformed and tore off in the Direction of Fortress Maximus.

2005-05-16, 12:53 AM
"Sure you do," Groove replied to Hound. "You're gonna rest alright. Back at Fort Max, where it's safe. Now shut up and get on the truck," he finished with a wry smile.

He was feeling surprisingly at ease about the situation. He knew that he and Hound had done all they could, and had done a good job. Sure, it was distressing to see both Prime and Hound badly injured, but he had faith in First Aid's skill, and knew that they'd both be alright.

2005-05-16, 02:20 AM
StarBlade bilnked at the question about the Nemesis.

"Well, when the Autobots left home, Megatron ordered us to follow them. We boarded the Nemesis, and persued them. During the flight, we managed to get on board the Ark. Before it crashed, I was blown out by a blast, and ended up under it when it crashed... That was the last I remembered, before I was reactivated. Spent my time till finding everyone wandering this planet, hiding from 'Bots." She tilted her head some. "I don't know much, other than the Nemesis was about the same size as the Ark."

2005-05-16, 03:26 AM
Shuttle Site

Red Alert stared blankly at Prowl for a moment, then shook his head as if to clear it.

"Ah. Yes, of course."

He heaved upwards, lifting his side of Prime and carrying him towards the truck.

"It would be better," he said at last, "if we simply told the troops that Prime is undergoing upgrades. It isn't technically a lie, and it would keep them from believing any rumours about his condition."

And it will keep mechs like Grimlock from trying to finish what these Decepticons started, he added silently. The security officer shuddered at the thought.

2005-05-16, 03:55 AM
Tempest looked at the two parts of the Duocon and smiled. He made a quick solder job and looked at Fly and Wheels.

"When you feel the jolt from the electric shot, transform."

Tempest grabbed his tool and jabbed at the seven connections he had made hoping that it would work.

2005-05-16, 04:56 AM
"You have the final word on it Red." Prowl grunted as they lifted the heavy remains of their leader onto the flatbed. "The others and I will do as you instruct in this regard." He passed his own doubts off to the confidence he had in the security officer. Rain drops began coming down more freely as they secured the tarp over Prime.

He looked up and stared momentarily at the internal workings exposed by the scout's damage. He knew little about medical injuries, but from the melted mess now on the truck, he wondered how the two autobots had survived.

"Okay, let's get Hound secured and get Bumper up here."
With the word, Hound let out a barely audible sigh and leaned over on his side. He put his head down and almost immediately lost consciousness.

Wheels felt the sudden and sharp jolt. He refrained from yelling as it stung quite a bit, but he transformed.

2005-05-16, 05:06 AM

Bumper scrambled up on the flatbed, and braced himself to steady the comatose autobots. He felt entirely out of place.


Form Max

Pipes arrived in his quarters and set the rotating gun rack down. He flipped on the light and realized he hadn't actually been in here since crash-landing in the shuttle. Although there was no dust (dust is made of organic skin cells), everything looked like it hadn't been touched in years, and indeed it hadn't. He shrugged his shoulders, plopped down in his favorite chair, and began thumbing through the catalogue that Quickmix had given him.

2005-05-16, 06:12 AM
----------Outside Fortmax----------
Rosdos finally arrived at Fortmax with his shuttle.
"Finally! arr....arrive!"He said to himself.

Hoist walked out from Fortmax and saw Rosdos's shuttle.
He walked toward the shuttle.
"Hello I'm Hoist.Care to donate some shuttle part?"Hoist ask.
"What!? there's no more funcntionals parts I gave some parts to
the Ark I don't want to give anymore part."Rosdos said.
"Oh come on for Autobots."Hoist replied.
Rosdos stand still for a minute.
"Think again you get the parts but you must tell me where the recharge center and take it easy on the shuttle."

2005-05-16, 06:57 AM
Shuttle Wreckage

Red Alert frowned. He moved to securing Hound to the flatbed, weighing the possibilities in his mind. After the scout was covered, Red looked back to Prowl.

There's a good chance we'll lose the trust of the troops if they find out we lied to them about Prime. But if we don't, if the troops find out that their leader was melted to scrap...the loss of morale would be catastrophic. It's worth the risk. But...

"For now, we say absolutely nothing to anyone other than Ratchet." The security officer sighed. "If...when he has Prime stabilized, we can talk to him about possibly upgrading his exostructure. Prime's switched bodies often enough that he probably wouldn't notice until someone pointed it out to him anyway..."

Realizing that his attempt at humour had probably fallen flat on it's face, Red added, "As useful as the upgrade story could be as a cover-up, having a more powerful Prime at the end of this would be even better."

2005-05-16, 01:28 PM
Fly also transformed, as he and Wheels came together with a loud crack.

"Ah, good," Windrazor commented. "Now we can get out of here."

He turned towards the east.

"Decepticons, we return to the Nemesis. StarBlade, take the lead. You shall guide us there."

With that, he leapt into the air and began flying, trusting that StarBlade would indeed take the lead.

2005-05-16, 01:47 PM
Prowl looked at Red Alert with a puzzled expression. "Prime having a new body go unnoticed would be highly improbable."

He checked the tarps and then nodded as he thought over the rest of Red's decision. He looked at the remainder of the group and spoke loudly so everyone could hear him over the rain that was starting to drizzle continuously.
"All right - we did what we had to do and we successfully retrieved Mirage. Optimus is alive, and Hound is too. You all heard Red Alert. Prime's exact status is to remain confidential from all but the medics. If anyone asks, he is undergoing upgrades.

Autobots - transform and roll out for Fort Max."

John groaned as he felt the back end's weight load heave and shift. Looking in his side mirror, he saw blackened odds and ends being loaded and then covered. A strange odor came off of the charred Autobots and he grimaced.

"This smell- ugh. You owe me big."

Spike wasn't paying any attention to John. He had been watching the loading as well, and was listening to the talk going on outside.
Retrieved, not rescued. The officer's choice of words had not been lost on Spike.
He thinks Mirage is responsible for this. What's he going to do to him?

"Hey- what is it? Is that mess back there going to explode or something?" John scowled. Spike was disturbingly distracted by whatever they had put on the back of the truck.

"Hm? Oh- no- just hoping they're okay."

John stared at Spike for a moment. "Hey- you're that guy that works with the EDC, aren't you?"

Spike mumbled- still distracted. "Yeah- I used to."

Good. Then he does have enough connections to pay for this. John leaned back in the driver's seat, trying to temper his patience and then he waited to leave.

2005-05-16, 01:56 PM
Groove nodded, and quickly ran up the bank to the road. Knowing what he had to do, he transformed into cycle mode, and tore off down the valley road, siren wailing and lights flashing. A minute later, he had put nearly a mile between him and the truck. He pulled over to the side of the road.

"Groove to Prowl," he spoke over the radio. "I'm in position. No sign of any traffic at all as yet."

2005-05-16, 05:05 PM
Ultra Magnus took the datapad from Dai Atlas and read it with concerned deliberation. This was a lot to swallow. Nebulos? To send off able soldiers (led by one of his mightiest lieutenants) into deep space while they were still weak? What if the Decepticons attacked again... and what if, this time, they didn't back off? What if the team had nothing to return to? Still, there may be hope on another world; he knew Earth held nothing but attrition for the Autobots. In any case, if both Optimus Prime and Dai Atlas thought it was worth the sacrifice, how could Ultra Magnus question?

"Very well," he replied as he handed back the datapad. "But you're a little short, and the Decepticons will surely send an interceptor squad after you. Take Chromia with you. Wreck-Gar, Groundshaker, Big Daddy, we simply can't afford to have that many bodies away from base. You'll have to stay."

Magnus sighed. He never liked these risk decisions. Straight and narrow was much easier. But the choice was made, and there was little he could do now but hope. He looked back up to Dai Atlas with a firm nod.

"You'd better get moving. Good luck."

2005-05-16, 11:06 PM
Chromia listen to Ultra Magnus as he whittled down the list.

Just me, huh? Ah well, I've been in worse situations. At least Dai-Atlas knows what he's doing. A Decepticon squad shouldn't be too much trouble for us.

She turned and looked up at the larger Autobot.

"Well, I guess it's just the two of us then. Let's get going."