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2005-05-02, 03:31 AM
The Story So Far:

Leozak, commander of Breastforce and the battle fortress known as Trypticon, having split off from the main Decepticon army to form the Destrons(as a way to gain energy for the Decepticons, prestige for himself, and furthering his own agenda), and having liberated the military dictatorship that was Carbombiya(and giving the EDC a public relations black eye in the process), sets his sights on the next fuel-rich country to liberate from a cruel and oppressive dictatorship while also entering into into a treaty with the newly formed nation of Quebec.

On the other side of the globe, Tracks, Sky Lynx, and Scoop have been dispatched to stop the (possibly unintentional) rampage of Weirdwolf and Carnivac through downtown L.A. and Hollywood.

While in Denver, Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, and Getaway(with Rev) investigate the sudden millitant anti-robot(or at least anti-Autobot) movement.

(OOC: Please put all away from base missions in here, and remember to bold the character locations. Thank you and happy RPGing.)

2005-05-02, 04:03 AM
Approaching L.A.:

Tracks: -the Eagles' Journey of the Sorcerer reverberating through his sound system, starts to make a slight descent-

Main Briefing Room, Trypticon:

Leozak: -optics revealing nothing as, out of sight of the viewscreen camera feed, Drillhorn mouths the word Hydro-electricity, nods- "I will make a speech within the hour, Commandant."

Bad Part of Town, Denver:

Muzzle: -looking out of Nightbeat's windows, chuckles- "Warren Zevon was right........."

2005-05-02, 04:52 AM

Getaway opened a comlink to Nightbeat.

"Do those two always act like this?"

Main Briefing Room, Carbombya

LePorte nodded.

"Thank you, Commander Leozak. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance."

The screen flashed, then went blank.

Earth Defence Command Annex, The Pentagon

"...and you would have total discretion on any deployment that involves Transformer interaction, even if the commanding officers involved were of higher rank than you."

Marissa frowned. "You say that, but this Samson person doesn't seem to have had much discretion at all. He made one bad decision and got forced into early retirement."

"Samson was an idiot," General Brathwaite told her. "This wasn't the first debacle he caused. This was a long time coming. You're much more competant than he ever was. You'll have a free hand."

Marissa sighed. "OK. I'm willing to give it a shot, anyway. I probably don't have the slightest clue what it's going to entail, but I'll do my best."

Brathwaite nodded, then pulled a thick envelope out of his desk and tossed it to her.

"What's this?"

"Your new Command branch uniform, Colonel Fairborne. I took the liberty of having it tailored while you were enroute."

Marissa shook her head in disgust.

"You can change in the bathroom," the general told her. "I have to present you to High Command in the Hague personally before they can make the appointment official, and I'd like to get it done before we have another disaster on our hands."

2005-05-02, 09:51 AM
Weirdwolf padded quietly after Carnivac.

"they sort of contort it to me looks painful yes but Monzo has never complained, well never on that particular subject . The Squishie seemed nice much nicer than certain Squishies."

Weirdwolf turned realising he had left Monzo behind hobbling after them on crutches.

"Lift the lil knock off into his hatch again please."

_ _ _

A news studio mid broadcast.

More on our breaking news story transformers have invaded LA although it is unclear whether they are Autobot or Decepticon Channel 17 brings you this exclusive interview with Crystal De' Canterre spokesperson fot Mother Earth first.

Crystal: call me Renard , Bob how you say Fox or I am thinking in my case the propre translation would be Vixen . We at MEF like to remind ourselves of our connection with our animal friends.

Bob : You have some interesting theories on recent events ?

Crystal : We at MEF have analysed the 2 sides and have noticed that the Decepticon forces have more animal type individuals as purely mechanical beings this shows an impressive effort to be at one with the natural world. We should support them.

Bob : What about the Autobots?

Crystal: They have pas de animals or very few , I understand they have some members patterned after les dinosaurs. Which shows they gave up trying to be one with Mother Earth millions of years ago

Bob : What about the attack on the studio and the release of all the zoo animals currently roaming our streets ?

Crystal : I have see the footage and one of the robots has some kind of damage to his head I think the destruction was inadvertent . As for the death of the zebra , they are paterned after animals , they are doing what is natural . We tend to forget that the natural world it is Red in Tooth and claw. As for the releasing of animals we salute these robots for freeing there comrades . There is too much i say too much destruction of the habitats just so people can eat the Mcdonalds , we must give up all these things that destroy the wildlife no more cars , no more polluuting factories, back to nature I say.

Bob : Time i think for a few words from our sponsors , after the break Channel 17 brings you Lady Tara LA's leading psychic .

Crystal : the Decepticons are our friends they obviously want to be closer to the animals . We must help them in their aims.

Bob : cut cut cut , somebody call security.

__ __

Scoop disembarked and looked around.

" where should we start looking Sky Lynx do we have a fix on there location."

2005-05-02, 07:18 PM

Carnivac grinned evilly, turned, walked back, and picked Monzo up with his mouth. Carnivac returned the Nebulon to Weirdwolf's hatch, made sure the hatch was closed. Then Carnivac continued to go his alternate path back to the shuttle.

" She didn't scream and run like squishies usually do, " Carnivac said, almost agreeing with Weirdwolf.

2005-05-02, 07:26 PM
Weirdwolf growled in agreement.

Monzo : oi Wolfy tell Toto to be carefull , he dropped me in here i'm bruised all over.

Weirdwolf grinned wolfishly at Carnivac He damped the audio from his passenger compartment and all that could be heard were muffled thumps.

"remind me talk to medic when we return on how Scorponok survived the death of Zarak think i , is a subjec that needs studying yes."

2005-05-02, 07:57 PM
Airspace over L.A./Hollywood:

Tracks: -wondering why he just saw a rhino going through a car wash, and an elephant standing in line at Mann's Chinese Theater- "Now there's a sight you don't see every day...." -spots a bright yellow metallic flash that is obviously not a car, activates commlink- "Sky Lynx, Scoop, I've spotted them. Home in on my signal." -looks at the traffic- "Drat..... now where will I land........."


Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Sadly, yes. But they do make good backup. Usually."

2005-05-02, 10:02 PM
" I will, but it seems we're about to get some party crashers" Carnivac said over a commlink to Weirdwolf, after he noticed something that looked like a flying car in the sky " Remember when it all comes down to it, we've all ready got what we came here for."

2005-05-02, 11:10 PM
LA / Hollywood

Weirdwolf looked up.

" you are right i dont think thats a Squishie doing there traffic pattern analysis up there, agree do I have achieved our objective, new objective is to leave safetly , not to fight Autoscum, shall we find cover before it directs its comrades to our location."

2005-05-03, 01:58 AM
" The glitch probably already gave them a rough estement of where we are" Carnivac said over the commlink to Weirdwolf " We do kind of stand out here."

Random Sweep
2005-05-03, 03:47 AM

" Send us the location and we will get there ASAP Tracks " Sky Lynx replied

2005-05-03, 04:10 AM

Getaway groaned.

"You should have brought Joyride and Slapdash along instead," he told Nightbeat. "They're not quite as annoying."

He turned onto a run-down-looking street, warily studying the various shady-looking figures that cast suspicious glances at him as he drove by.

"Maybe not. Slapdash would probably forget to stop these guys from stealing him. And wouldn't that be fun..."

2005-05-03, 06:36 AM

Weirdwolf speaks:

"still we should think I move to more advantageous terrain , instead of waiting to be hunted down like turbofoxes lets make it difficult for them. look there is the entrance to the squishie underground transportation network over there."

He looks up.

"threat analysis , scanning database target identified Tracks , armament twin missile launchers in vehicle and robot mode, carries a black beam gun normally, weaknesses extreme vanity. main threat missile launchers , gun only works on optics."

2005-05-03, 07:15 AM
Above L.A./Hollywood:

Tracks: -sends coordiantes, diving down towards Weirdwolf and Carnivac, laser cannons charged- "Don't you two know that this is a 'No Ugliness' zone?" -buzzes the two Decepticons, pulling up into a tight loop-

Random Sweep
2005-05-03, 03:49 PM
" Right, lets go mash these deceptigoons Scoop " Sky lynx said " They are due west, we cannot mis them "

2005-05-03, 04:02 PM
Weirdwolf dodged into the relative safety of the subway entrance humans scattering at his approach . He hoped Carnivac had followed his example.

He looked round at the humans gawping at him in wonder and awe , some of them in fear and an idea formed in his head this was Hollywood, it might buy them some time."

Padding over to a raised part of the floor he addressed the squishies , speaking quickly before Tracks could land and chase them.

"greetings humans all the events of the past few hours are a movie part of by a Mr um Bruckner, a stunt for the publicity for the film yes. Me and my colleague here are scouting locations for the movie to see if transformers will fit in tunnels here.

One of us a blue robot will star be . He is also in charge of extras casting and will let you into a secret just between us this robot Tracks vain is , if you rush over shout his name and compliment him and ask for autograph might help get you all part in the movie , is a big movie and needs lots of extras , Mr Bruckner believes in realism and wishes genuine squ.. human underground transportation system users for extras .

My colleague Tracks will be arriving shortly blue robot is or maybe blue car of sports variety. We need to go now Mr Bruckner is very strict on schedules is , but if all talk to Tracks he will help you yes."

Weirdwolf grinned wolfishly not often in this war did one get to use psychological warfare."

2005-05-03, 07:50 PM
" Then why are you here!?" Carnivac yelled at Tracks, then shrugged and followed Weirdwolf into the subway.

As weirdwolf began to speak to the squishies, Carnivac shrunk a bit so that he could fit better.

2005-05-03, 10:22 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled as the Squishies crowded the entrances .

"so Carnivac which is route best for to shuttle get ?"

_ _ _

Scoop replied

"yes sah after you sah "

2005-05-03, 11:04 PM
Carnivac said over the commlink to Weirdwolf " At best, I can only guess. After all, these tunnels are like a slagging maze with speeding trains running through it. The trains will hurt if they hit us and there are places we won't have enough room to dodge them. Then we have to factor in the fact that the tunnels are always in different states of repair or just don't exist any more. The only thing that is certain, is that the maps do show that we can't use the tunnels to get all the way to the shuttle."

Carnivac let that sink in before adding " My best guess is that we go that away."

Carnivac used his head to point towards the left tunnel.

Random Sweep
2005-05-04, 03:15 AM

Sky lynx took off west, taking care not to out-distance Scoop too much

2005-05-04, 04:58 AM
Subway entrance, L.A.:

Tracks: -finishing his loop and diving back down towards the subway entrance, sees the crowd surging out-

Crowd: -through the yelling- "Tracks!..... Beautiful!..... Autograph?...... Movie role?......"

Tracks: "Thank you for your adoration! I knew I liked your species for a reason! You all have taste! But right now, I'm pursuing a couple of Decepticons, and that takes priority!" -retracts his black beam gun back into his undercarriage and skims in over the crowd, clearing the tallest by a few feet, wingtip stabilizers striking sparks from the walls and ceiling, soaring out over the now empty platform, smoke trailing from his ruined wingtips and vertical stabilizer tips, switching back to vehicle mode, all four tires thudding simultaneously onto the platform and skidding to a stop- "All right, you two! Hold it right there! I've got a bone to pick with you!"

2005-05-04, 06:33 AM
Weirdwolf turns moving behind a pillar. He announces in a loud voice as the crowd surge in after him.

" Many thanks Tracks a spectacular piece of flying , you can see more stunts very similar in our amazing movie , now the first 50 of you to form a queue between us and him will get a minor speaking role yes , Tracks has all the paperwork , mind the subterranean transportation device conveyor , we wish not you to injure yourself."

The crowd start applauding a coupe of japanese tourists get out there cameras, many people with camera phones start snapping away.

He says this quickly before bounding into the left tunnel .

_ _ _

April pull up in front of the hospital . She springs out of her van followed by her crew runnng into the Hospital lobby she shouts out.

"did anyone see 2 transforming wolf types."

2005-05-04, 08:03 AM
Quickly following Weirdwolf, Carnivac shouted back at Tracks "We would love to stay and chat, but we really must be going!"
Savannah descided to ignore April and continued to fill out 'Malcolm's' paper work.

2005-05-04, 06:23 PM
Weirdwolf spoke

"must quickly move , fortunately on this track trains will from behind us come but if the Autobot has brought friend he can order them to next station to seal us off , need to find a maintenance tunnel or something that wont be so easiy blocked ."

_ _

April turned as an orderly spoke up

Orderly : one of them went into the Doctors lounge , didn't see what happened next i had to go take Mrs Stelling to the morgue."

- -

Lieutenant Falke's police radio crackled into life ,

"theres been reports of a couple more robots and your the nearest unit check it out be careful , ones some kind of bird and no confirmation on the other yet."

LIutenant Falke responded.

"roger that i'm on my way "

- -

Scoop rolled after Sky Lynx as fast as the LA traffic would allow

2005-05-04, 07:24 PM
Subway tunnels

" It will might be a tight fit ffor you, but according to the map there's a maintence tunnel coming up on the right " Carnivac said over the commlink to Weirdwolf.

2005-05-04, 08:32 PM
In the underground

Weirdwolf spoke

" will have to take chance yes , otherwise will trap us like turbofox in its den ."

Weirdwolf turned right as an opening appeared , he squeezed down it the occasional low pipe scraping against his paintwork.

2005-05-05, 02:48 AM
Subway Platform, L.A.:

Tracks: -ringed in by tourists and would-be actors- "Think...... think...... GOT IT!" -checks distance to roof, transforms in a crouch, dives over the crowd, transforming back to vehicle mode as he lands on the subway rails, engine roaring as he takes off after Weirdwolf and Carnivac, calling back to his adoring crowd- "I've got pictures of the first fifty people in the line! You'll be getting something in the mail!" -headlights popping up and highbeams flaring to life, roaring down the tunnel, activates commlink- "Sky Lynx, Scoop, this is Tracks! I'm in the city's subway system now! Track my location and come in at the next platform in the line! I think we've got them pinned between us if you do!" -deactivates commlink-

Random Sweep
2005-05-05, 03:21 AM
L.A. streets

" Will do Tracks " Sky Lynx replied.

" Scoop , the Subway is right infront of us.

Splitting into his two halved, Lynx heads down into the subway while Sky ( who was too big to fit ) Stands guard incase the decepticons escape.

2005-05-05, 09:11 AM
" There's a turn coming up" Carnivac said over the commlink.

2005-05-05, 06:00 PM
Weirdwolf growled in acknowledgement taking hte turn

"any sign of pursuit he asked."

_ _ _

Scoop followed [b]Lynx[b/] down the stairs

_ _ _

Miss De' Canterre having been asked to leave Channel 17's office was on her way home via the subway.

A much more eco friendly alternative to the car of course there was the bicycle but not in LA with the traffic it was tantamount to commiting suicide.. she thought .

She stoppedi n her tracks a large animal form autobot in front of her

" hello Monsieur Oiseau , yes you the robotic bird , you are an autobot non and i see you have an almost animal form , making you closer to nature but still you cling on to your mechanical trappings , in your design i can see some kind of hints of a navette how you say a Space shuttle.

You must embrace Mother Earth , like your Decepticon brethren you must be at one with her become more like a bird , give up your mechancal side and grasp the organic becom a hawk an eagle an owl soaring through the skies ."

2005-05-05, 08:10 PM
" There is a chance that Tracks has left the squishies by now" Carnivac said over the commlink " but if the glitch had entered the side tunnel, I would have caused a cave in by now."

2005-05-05, 08:39 PM
Weirdwolf replied

" excellent the vain mis clock has probably found a mirror somewhere."

2005-05-07, 04:35 AM
" One does wonder what the Autobots were thinking when they sent him to stop us" Carnivac said.

2005-05-07, 08:07 AM
A Maintenance Shaft under LA

Weirdwolf replied :

"mayhap it was a suicide mission , just wanted to get rid of him so sent him up against us yes ."

Weirdwolf chuckles

"wonder who else Autobots sent , which way next ."

2005-05-07, 07:40 PM
" Wouldn't surprise me" Carnivac said " as for directions, we continue on this tunnel until we reach the second side tunnel."

2005-05-07, 07:49 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled.

" I hope autobot Narcisus , isn't driving down the tunnel. All that electricity would spoil his paintwork and looking forward was to ruining it myself yes. Paws beat wheels when avoiding third rail are .
What is plan for after exit tunnels? Must bear in in if the autobots have half a central processor between them they could question human and track down our shuttle yes and wait for us yes. Must plan contingencies , if we could steal large enough human vehicle could have Monzo drive yes. Take us there undetected, would need to be automatic with his leg though."

2005-05-09, 02:13 AM
Subways, LA:

Tracks: -seeing Scoop and Lynx, skids to a stop- "Blast! It's like a rabbit warren down here! -floors it again, heading towards the other two- "Time to get topside again, guys! Those lowbrow goons didn't just walk here. We need to find their shuttle."

2005-05-09, 03:55 AM
" The Autobots will only look for our shuttle if they mean to capture, get revenge, or kill us" Carnivac said " or if they are total miss-clocks. If they are just trying to case us off, then getting into a fight at the shuttle would be idiotic. It is a bad place for a ambush, we would be able to see them from a distance away and that is one of the reasons your plan wouldn't work. In case you haven't notice, the fence around the place is there to keep other squishies out and that includes their vehicles."

2005-05-09, 06:09 AM
Weirdwolf nodded

" aaa good point yes , in any case you have the remote and can move the shuttle from a distance. I suspect the autobots may choose that option though its like a turbofox den down here and autobots not the best trackers are. They may take the easy option yes , they dont have the patience for a long hunt."

_ _ _

Lieutenant Falk pulled up near the subway station. Some flake seemed to be talking to a large white transforming bird.

2005-05-09, 07:27 PM
" Unfortunately for them, I do" Carnivac said while chuckling darkly.

2005-05-09, 07:37 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled too.

" know you this is most fun have had for long time . A hunt some chaos. Monzo spent most of it unconscious and a chance to pit self mentally against Autobots instead of rushing at them across a battlefield. Think I should we do this more often yes. Maybe when we get back can get permission to form our own small unit yes . Then we get more fun yes ."

2005-05-10, 08:34 PM
" Actually I call this 'annoying the Autobots while getting minimal damage, so I can give a highly edited version of the truth to the Decepticon command' " Carnivac said. " As for the group idea, I don't know. I'm mostly a loner and we may not want to mention it right when we get back. My plan was to try and avoid the command until some thing else came along to distract them."

2005-05-10, 09:35 PM
Weirdwolf nodded

"planning was I to give edited highlights yes. We have just achieved a hit and run operation designed to test autobot reaction times and divert resources from post battle repairs yes, or thats what report will say. As for loner thing can understand that too. Sometimes is good to have someone watch your back yes. If you ever need any backup has been pleasure working with you and will help you out anytime yes .

2005-05-11, 05:16 AM
Subway platform, L.A.:

Tracks: -transforms to robot mode, climbs up onto platform, transforms back to vehicle mode, drinking in the adulation of the commuters on the platform, and floors his accelerator, rolling up the stairs to street level as the crowds part, finally rolling out onto the sidewalk, sees Sky- "Come on, Sky Lynx. Our only hope of finding out what they were up to is to find their shuttle!" -roars into a nearby parking garage, zooming up the ramps to the open air top level, deploying wings and taking off, somewhat unsteadly, into the air, the stabilizer tips on his wings and vertical stabilizers damaged from his flight into the underground-

Random Sweep
2005-05-11, 03:57 PM
Racing back to the surface Lynx transformed and re-attatches to Sky and boosts off after Tracks

2005-05-12, 08:03 PM
" I wasn't even planning on giving the highlights, but your story might just work" Carnivac said " and if you ever need someone to watch your back, you know more or less where to find me... Theres a turn coming up."

2005-05-12, 08:12 PM
Weirdwolf pads round turn

"might avoid explaining to commanders but always good to have backup plan yes . look after each other will one for all and all for one."

2005-05-14, 01:19 AM
" Is that a Nebulon saying?" Carnivac said as he checked the map " There should be a crossroad coming up. Make sure you look both ways before going across, we have to go across an active track."

2005-05-14, 05:02 AM
Skies over L.A/Hollywood:

Tracks: -wobbling through the air, looking for the Decepticon shuttle, notices something odd about the HOLLYWOOD sign, angles towards it to check it out-

2005-05-14, 07:06 AM
Weirdwolf replied

"Monzo used it once think it must be or at least Squishie in origin "

He pauses. A train thunders past commuters highlighted by the yellow light. Seeing it was all clear he padded across.

He started humming to himself

The bots of Sector 452 G
Are the best at Security
We hunt our prey
all night and day
and on their trail do stay
over hill and dale
we track them without fail.

Our section security
is the best in the galaxy
in pursuit we're hot
we always catch our bot
we always win
we bring them in
we put them in the cells with glee
and lock them up and throw away the key

Through Swamp and mud over mountain high and ocean deep
We always find them . they can run and hide and leap
Hide in a cranny or crevice or nook
We always know where to look
Change their paint, their design add a tail
We will always be hot on there trail
The Hunters very rarely fail.

Our section security
is the best in the galaxy
in pursuit we're hot
we always catch our bot
we always win
we bring them in
we put them in the cells with glee
and lock them up and throw away the key.

Random Sweep
2005-05-14, 07:07 AM

Seeing Tracks veer off, Sky Lynx altered his own course to follow.

" What have you spotted Tracks?"


Approaching the USA

As they neared the coastline of the USA, Cyclonus dropped to 100 feet urging the rest of his team to do likewise.

Triggerhappy following closely did so.

2005-05-14, 07:39 AM
Razorclaw and his Predacons followed Cyclonus and Triggerhappy as they decended.

2005-05-14, 08:16 AM
Approaching the USA

Ramjet fell into formation behind and to the left of Cyclonus, descending to 100 feet as the mission commander had indicated.

2005-05-14, 07:42 PM
In the Subway Tunnels

" This is the last tunnel we're walking through. When it ends, we're going to have to cut our way out and then go the reat of the way to the shuttle" Carnivac said as he followed after Weirdwolf.

2005-05-14, 10:20 PM
Weirdwolf reached the end of the tunnel a shaft of light bathing him.

"appears to be a ventilation shaft yes."

He transformed and cautiously climbed the ladder feeling his way

At the top was a small room and he transformed back and waited for Carnivac before venturing outside.


Scoop trundled through the LA traffic following Sky Lynx 's trail

2005-05-14, 11:35 PM
Cryotek swooped down to within 100 feet with the rest of the flyers. He carefully eyed the ground to see if anything interesting was happening.

2005-05-15, 02:48 AM
Heading towards Mount Lee, Airspace over L.A.:

Tracks: "Unless something's changed here, it looks like the Hollywood sign's gotten shorter again. I'm willing to bet the Decepticon's shuttle did this."

Conference Room, Trypticon:

Hans: -looking over at his cameraman- "Well?"

Cameraman: -sighs in exasperation- "Yes, Hans, I've got that monitor wall off to his side in shot as well."

Leozak: -watching the interplay between cameraman and field reporter, wondering how this species had gotten as far as it did-

ZNN studio anchor: -over speakers- "And the celebrations continue in Carbombiya with the naming of the new Prime Minister of Carbombiya and his cabinet. But even in the midst of the celebrations, dangerous work is at hand. Over to Hans Romulous in Carbombiya."

Hans: -moves in front of the camera- "Thanks, George. Even as the celebrations continue, and the people come out en masse to thank Breastforce for their efforts, team leader Leozak is still on the job." -looks over at Leozak- "Take it away."

Cameraman: -pivots up slightly, locking back into his initial shot-

Leozak: -slightly puzzled look on his face- "Take what away?"

Hans: -making a "go ahead" motion with his hands-

Leozak: -nods, standing to the side and slightly in front of a wall of monitor screens(ala Dick Jones from Robocop) showing images of the celebrations going on in Carbombiya- "People of Earth, I come before you today to say that the job here in Carbombiya is done. They have been freed from their oppression, freed from their brutal tyranny at the hands of a madman. And so the time has come for us to move on." -images on the monitor wall change, showing different views(pulled from the gun cameras of Leozak, Hellbat, Gaihawk, Drillhorn, Killbison, and Jalgar, as well as exterior cameras mounted on Trypticon) of the EDC attack on Carbombiya- "And we have found another group of people who have been oppressed, and now that they are striving for freedom, the EDC again moves to come in and slap them down. Are they so afraid that their tenuous grasp on your people will be gone that they must strike down any bid for independance by an oppressed government, or an oppressed people? The people of Quebec simply wish to be free, and the jackbooted heel of the EDC is coming down on them." -scowls- "We will not stand for this. In less than ten of your minutes, we will be launching to go to Quebec, to help them gain their freedom from their oppressors. We will not kill anyone, but we do mean to push the strangling tendrils of the EDC off their soil!"

Random Sweep
2005-05-15, 03:23 AM

" Well " Sky Lynx said " You cannot expect them to have MY fantastic flying skills. "

2005-05-15, 04:45 AM
Command Bunker, Quebec

The television flicked off. LePorte leaned back in his chair, a tight grin on his face.

Everything was falling into place.

He waved one of his lackies over. "Trypticon arrive en dix minutes. Alertez les troupes; il est un allié."

The lackey saluted. "Oui, commandant. Je le ferai immédiatement."

(OOC: Cripes, my French has deteriorated over the years...)

2005-05-15, 06:47 AM
Less then pleased, Carnivac grumbled as his pretender shell openned and he transformed. The shell glared at Carnivac, then shrunk and let Carnivac pick it up. After placing his shell somewhere were it wouldn't fall off, Carnivac headed up the ladder.

When he got to the top, Carnivac said " Since there is a chance that the lump and slabs have found the shuttle already, lets not get careless..."

2005-05-15, 08:57 AM
April her lead at the hospital having panned out and the wolves having vanished was tracking the second set of transformers to appear. She had come full circle and was back at the gate house of Mount Lee talking to Glenn

April: "I'm telling you there autobots , you dont need your harpoon for them.

Glenn " I thought when I took this job I was set for the quiet life . Wolves , flying cars , dinosaur space shuttle things. It was less dangerous back in the Gulf , I tell ya .

Bob : sorry to interupt but the station wants you to do a live broadcast. Since most of the animals were rounded up the ratings are going down again.

April : ok lets start with a VO and shots of the autobots circling and then pan back to me.

Bob and April walked outside finding a suitable spot. Bob
shot footage of Tracks and Sky Lynx

April spoke live to Camera.

"It has been an exciting time here in LA . The past few hours have seen the destruction of a studio, the release of zoo animals to roam the streets and the desecration of one of our landmarks
(camera pans to HOLLYWOOD sign then back to April).

All has fallen quiet now, the Robot Wolves now clearly identified as Decepticons have vanished. The only visible sign of recent events is the Autobots (camera pans back to Tracks and Sky Lynx ) circling in the air like vultures or harbingers of doom. They are obviously waiting for what we do not know.

There continued prescence is ominous. If they are waiting for the Decepticons it can ony mean trouble for the citizens of LA . In the close confines of our city streets the collateral damage will be high.

Now back to our studio for details of todays other top news stories . Rumours abound of a new miracle drug discovered at Community General and relating to our earlier story, are Filmakers planning to use Autobots in there latest epics a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the Love Bug may be on the cards. Back to you Luke for more details on these breaking stories


Weirdwolf nodded

"intelligence we need , know we that Tracks is here but not who else. Information we need."

Weirdwolf moved out of the space brushing the metal ventilation grill aside as if it was made of paper. Jumping down he found himself in another room, a door to the outside opposite. It was a break room for subway workers containing tables and chairs , a fridge , news papers , magzines , fixings for coffee and a television set.

Padding across the deserted room he paused and turned switching on the TV with his nose . He manipulated the controls till he found a picture of the HOLLYWOOD sign followed by a shot of Tracks and Sky Lynx.

" aghh you are correct friend , the misclocks shuttle have found. Tracks & Sky Lynx I'm suprised there egos can co exist in the same airspace yes."

2005-05-15, 07:23 PM
" If Unicron wasn't dead, I'd say it was a sign of his return" Carnivac said as he transformed and returned to his pretender shell and looked at the tv " guess the Autobot's mandatory team work classes are paying off."

2005-05-15, 07:57 PM
Weirdwolf chuckles

" a miracle indeed , maybe it is something we can exploit if needs be. Seems to me they are near to the shuttle. We need a plan. Any ideas comrade."

2005-05-16, 04:29 AM
Skies Over America

Ramjet let out a sigh, bored with the long-distance flight that the team was forced to take to the target site. He alieviated that bordom by dropping to only a few feet off the ground and plowing through a series of barns.

Chuckling to himself, he moved back up to 100 feet and rejoined the flight group.

Bad Part of Town, Denver

Getaway pulled to a stop outside a particularly run-down old warehouse building.

"This is the place, Nightbeat. Want to bust in?"

2005-05-16, 08:09 PM
" I have a few ideas, but there not as flawless as I'd like them to be" Carnivac said " We could wait them out, but they might descide to destroy the shuttle before they leave. I could use my shell to distract them, but they might not fall for it and I run the risk of losing another shell. Anyway, who knows if I could get it remade on the Nemesis at this time. We could fight them or draw them away from the shuttle by attacking the city, but that would prove that we were here to the Decepticon command...if they don't already know. Last but not least, we could try talking to them. Which we probably can agree, will most likely be a waste of time."

Carnivac paused before adding " So do you have any better ideas?"

2005-05-16, 11:55 PM
Scoop pulled up at the Fort Lee gatehouse and wondered what Tracks &Sky Lynx were doing . They appeared to be grandstanding for the cameras.


Weirdwolf thought for a bit

" Difficult situation yes. We can not sacrifice your shell again is valuable resource plus like I the way it handles Monzo ."

Chuckles quietly

"Autobots don't know why we here yes. Could be because shuttle is broken. So no guarantee we coming back yes. So either we left some other way or if not found shuttle under cloak yet they think they were mistaken especially if they see us leave in it. Smoke and mirrors is the key in Hollywood are we.

Think I we need to visit the movie studio. firstly it get us close to shuttle. Secondly its under cover. Third autobots will not expect us to return there. Fourth need we special fx. Time think I for Monzo to earn his keep yes. Find us a vehicle and drive us to studio. everybody knows Decepticons dont ride in Squishy vehicles so wont be looking for us to do that yes.

Random Sweep
2005-05-17, 01:32 AM
Skies over Vermont

Approaching the target area, Clclonus decided it was time to split the team.

" Ramjet , Triggerhappy " Cyclonus ordered " Alter course and destroy the airfield "

" Yessir " Triggerhappy answered as he veered off to the right.

Transfroming and dropping to the ground Cyclonus addressed the outher members of the team.

" Cryotek, Atlas and Predacons, we shall cover the remaining didstance on foot. " he said

as he started walking he looked back and said " Lets get this done as quickly and painlessly as possible "

2005-05-17, 04:24 AM
Cryotek got low to the ground and transformed landing running in a full sprint.

"Ok so you guys keep the locals busy and I will extract the plutonium." Cyrotek said getting ready to do his part of the mission.

2005-05-17, 04:57 AM
Bad Part of Town, Denver:

Muzzle: -slipping his Headmaster helmet back on, the HUD on the helmet flickering on, hits button on Nightbeat's dash, causing the hood mounted laser pistols to deploy and the plasma blaser to rezz into it's roof mount from subspace-

Nightbeat: "Let's do." skids to a halt in front of the warehouse doors, nose on-

Muzzle: -opens driver's door, gets out holding something heavier than the P99, says, quietly- "Stun rounds."

Gun: -whirrs, the half moon shaped status lights on the sde, flickering through a couple of positions before stopping, circular piece on the back rotating- "Stun rounds."

2005-05-17, 06:12 AM
Skies over Vermont

"You got it, Cyc."

Ramjet vectored starboard, charging his lasers as he headed towards the fleshling airfield.

"One strafed-to-slag human air force base comin' right up!"


Getaway chuckled as he saw Nightbeat roll right up to the warehouse door.

And here I thought I was supposed to be the unsubtle one...

"Stay right there, then, and don't let anyone get past you." With a whirr, the Powermaster's double-barrelled plasma-shell shotgun deployed from his trunk and locked into position on his roof. "I'm going to give these guys a little surprise."

And hopefully end things without any more human deaths...

The Powermaster gunned his engine, pulling away from the south entrance (and Nightbeat) and looping around so that his nose was facing towards the west wall of the building.


2005-05-17, 10:15 AM
Atlas transformed out of tank mode as his large feet crashed onto the ground.

His left arm carried a large case filled with extra missiles, just incase he ran out. Catching up to the others had no been the more pleasurable experience of his life, however this mission would most likely become less frustrating from here on.

Besides, now he could probably scare the fragile organic life on this rotten blue ball of water.

He followed Cyclonus. "Should you require anything shelled before we arrive, I am capable," He pointed out.

Of course, that was just his own personal bias. He was known for overkill back on Cybertron. Artillery shelling happened to be his favorite way to soften the enemy before moving in. Bah. Who needed air power?

2005-05-17, 02:58 PM

Nightbeat: "I was built ready." -activates commlink- "Siren, Hosehead, head around the back. Wouldn't want these guys to try to flank us."

Siren and Hosehead: -pull around to the back of the warehouse-

Siren: -deploys the sonic scream pistols from his hood, CO2 shotgun rezzing into place on it's roof mount-

Lug: -tapping a couple of keys on Hosehead's dash-

Muzzle: -looking at the front of the building, not seeing any snipers, yellsout at the building- "ALL RIGHT! WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!"

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -seated in command chair-

Gaihawk and Hellbat: -seated at the nav/helm console-

Killbison: seated at ops/tactical, checking weapons status and power levels-

Jalgar: -seated at communications, leaning back in chair, feet propped up on the console, reading something on a datapadd-

Drillhorn: -walks onto the bridge, stands at the engineering substation, punches in a few commands- "We are secured for launch, Captain."

Leozak: -nods- "Excellent. Gaihawk, set course for Quebec."

Gaihawk: "Course already laid in, sir."

Leozak: "Hellbat, LAUNCH!"

Hellbat: -tapping controls on the helm console- "Anti-grav systems online, gyroscope level....... We are at flight altitude, bringing main engines online..... ETA Quebec, 5 minutes."

Airspace over Mount Lee, L.A.:

Tracks: -wobbling getting worse, doing a systems check- "Getting harder to stay level.... Stabilizers completely gone..... This isn't going to be any fun at all....."

2005-05-17, 03:25 PM
Cryotek overheard Atlas's comments to Cyclonus.

"That would not be the wisest course of action. I mean given we are next to a nuclear power plant." He said laughing slightly.

"I would recommend closing into where you can see where you are aiming. Shell their local police and military reserve houses." He said scanning the area to see if anyone was trying to alert the local police of their presence.

2005-05-17, 03:53 PM
Razorclaw caught up to Atlas after he landed on the air.

"Preferrably, Predaking could just walk straight through them all, squashing anything that got in his way."

2005-05-17, 07:37 PM
" Smoke and mirrors" Carnivac said, not quite sure if he liked Weirdwolf's plan.

After the pretender reminded himself that his ideas weren't that much better, Carnivac said " As long as the squishies don't get to close to notice the difference, I can play ...pet if I need to, but will you be able to fit into a squishy's vehicle."

2005-05-17, 07:38 PM

Getaway sighed.

So much for the element of surprise...

Getaway revved his engine, streaking straight towards the wall he was facing. A resonant BOOMBOOM sounded as his shotgun fired at the wall with both barrels. Brick and mortar melted away as a result of the plasma blast, letting Getaway zip through the hole his blast created. Pieces of brick clanged off his armoured body and windows, scratching him but not managing to seriously damage his highly reinforced structure.

As soon as he was through the hole, the Powermaster transformed. Still moving forward with the momentum he'd built up in vehicle mode, he shoulder-rolled, working the pump action on his shotgun to chamber two more shells. Coming up in a crouch, he scanned the room for targets. It was, he noted, filled with humans. Most of them had been approaching the entrance that Nightbeat had announced his presence at, but now they were turning to gape at the damage Getaway had caused.

Seeing that one corner of the room was filled with crudely armoured vehicles with weapons stacked inside them, Getaway trained his weapon on the nearest vehicle. Satisfied that it was unoccupied, he squeezed the trigger. As the truck exploded in a fiery mess, he turned to the humans.

"It would be a really good idea," he said, "if you did what my partner suggested."

About half of the humans immediately dropped their weapons and raised their hands. The rest of them, however, started scrambling towards the exits, spraying weaponsfire around the room at random.

2005-05-17, 10:12 PM
Weirdwolf replied

"good point would need to be a vehicle of fair size yes if plan doesn't work 100 percent least will be nearer the shuttle yes. Main objective is to return to base not fight Autobots yes. Only if cannot be avoided elseways. "


Scoop watched his colleague concerned. He opened a com link.

"you ok up there Tracks ? your wobbling a bit ."

2005-05-18, 04:15 AM

Warehouse, Front -

Muzzle: -sees the door open, aims and fires a stun round at the first human who opened the door, then the second and the third, knocking all three back into the building's interior- "I said with your hands up, you idiots!"

Nightbeat: "You just can't talk to some people....."

Warehouse, Rear -

Siren: -growling- "Open fire, you idiot!"

Quig: -shaking slightly, not actually wanting to kill anybody, winces as the five armed men in and around the doorway blaze away, bullets spinging and spanging off of Siren's body-

Siren: -snarls- "Fine. If you won't, I will!" -locks his CO2 shotgun on the fanatics-

-a stream of fire retardant foam SPLORTS! onto the five men, knocking them over and sending foam streaming into the warehouse-

Quig: -looks over his shoulder-

Lug: -flashes him a thumbs up-

Airspace over Mount Lee:

Tracks: "I appear to have damaged my stabilizers more than I thought, Scoop. My flight computers are going haywire, and my flight control is getting worse. Remind me to write to the L.A. county subway department and ask them to enlarge their subway entrances!"

2005-05-18, 04:19 AM
"I know that" Carnivac said " my logic circuits are not damaged, but it's always good to plan for the worst... when you can. As for Monzo, can he walk well enough to get a vehicle with those...things the doctor gave him?"

While waiting for Weirdwolf's answer, Carnivac entertained the thought of sending his pretender shell along with the Nebulon...if only to see Monzo's reaction to the suggestion.

2005-05-18, 05:57 AM
Weirdwolf replied

"true v true yes. I do not know . He will have to try yes. Maybe you should send your shell with him yes. If he can't we will have to reconsider our options and think of another plan."

He popped his hatch

"Monzo its show time we need you to steal a vehicle big enough for both of us to fit in."

Monzo clambered out

"you want me to help you and Rover here, whats in it for me? heh"

Weirdwolf thought

" Well if you don't want to , I'll let you walk back to the Nemesis if thats the case.

Monzo replied :

"The Nemesis is underwater though ain't it ."

Weirdwolf grinned

"exactly, or maybe we'll organise a little race you against Carnivac's shell. Did I say Race I meant Hunt."

Monzo pailed:

"ahhh, umm well ok , point me in the right direction. Should still be able to hot wire something."

_ __________________________________________________

Scoop replied:

"maybe you should come down here and leave Sky Lynx to watch the skies. i don't think an extra alt mode as smoking hole in the ground would suit you."

2005-05-18, 08:22 PM
While Weirdwolf talked to Monzo, Carnivac exited his shell and let it shrink down to normal wolf size. The shell walked over to Monzo and gave the Nebulon a look that could be translated as 'hello Prey'.

" Between the two of you, you should be able to find vehicle" Carnivac said.

2005-05-18, 11:41 PM
Monzo hobbled to the door on crutches all the while staying as far away from the Shell as possible. He struggled through the door and exited onto a street. He looked left and right and spotting a warehouse complex to his left he turned that way.

Random Sweep
2005-05-19, 05:13 AM
Yankee Neuclear power plant, Vermont.

Cyclonus strode though the forrested area surrounding the plant without hesitation or fear and went straight up to the plants loading doors which he ripped off its hinges.

" Decepticons attack! " he growled.


Vermont Airforce Base.

In the command center of the base a radar station starts emitting a high pitched bleeping noise as Ramjet and Triggerhappy come into range.

" Colonel, we have incomming bogey's Sir " the Radar officer yelled.

as he walked over and looked at the screen, the Colonel let out a very human curse and hit the com-button.

" Scramble all Raptors, we have Two incomming Decepticons. Consider them hostile and attack at once "

As one the five fighter pilots raced out and climbed into their fighters which had been readied after reports of escalating Transformer hostilities in the country.

One by one the F/A 22 Raptors took to the air and formed up in a V formation.

" Listen up, the tagets are to be considered hostile attack on sight " Captain Marshall told his pilots as they streaked away towards the incomming Decepticons
Ramjet and Triggerhappy

2005-05-19, 05:42 AM
Vermont Airspace

Ramjet scoffed as he saw the incoming human fighters.

Oh, this is rich...the fleshbags actually think they can chase us off.

"Hey, Triggerhappy! You wanna just knock these slagheaps outta the sky, or should we have some fun with them?"

Sensing that his lasers were fully charged, he fired off a few blasts in the general direction of the oncoming fighter flight.

"'Cause I'm all for battin' em around for a while..."

Random Sweep
2005-05-19, 05:58 AM
Triggerhappy laughed as one of Ramjets blasts caught the cockpit of one of the Raptors, vaporizing its pilot.

" Lets have some fun " Tiggerhappy agreed holding his fire and veering left to try and come in behind the fighters.


" Dammit we lost Hightower " came the call from one of the pilots as they spead out and opened hire with their machine guns on the two decepticons

Captain marshall knew thet they could not withstand this for long and lossed two of his missiles at Ramjet

2005-05-19, 10:03 AM
Inside the Plant

The Predacons smiled as Cyclonus launched into battle. Brave. The Predacons all transformed. Razorclaw and Headstrong went inside of the plant ahead of Cyclonus. Razorclaw give a last little smirk to Cyclonus before the mass of orange and yellow went throught the base.


Above the Plant

Divebomb transformed and flew into the air, he flew around the Plant taking out the secruity warning system.


Outside the Plant

Rampage and Trantrum went around the Plants main building. When they got the reactor towers they split up. Rampage saw various soldiers jumping into jeeps, he ran straight for them. Tantrum ran around the towers to find another building he ran straight through the walls.

2005-05-19, 06:49 PM
Atlas stepped on an incoming military Jeep and turned his head to other humans in the area as he walked through the outside of the plant. Pointing his blaster out, it began firing bolt after bolt at the retreating humans.

He slowly walked through the opening Cyclonus had made and then transformed into tank mode. Changing his cannons over to energy mode, he locked them forward as he hovered forward, fully intent on obliterating the first thing that moved.

2005-05-19, 07:42 PM
Vermont Airspace

Ramjet chuckled as he saw two missiles incoming.

Silly fleshlings...

The conehead didn't even bother to avoid the projectiles, allowing them to crash into his fuselage and explode. He shot through the explosion cloud, untouched save for a few charred streaks along his wings.

"Human germs!"

Kicking his thrusters up to full power, he streaked towards the human fighter jets. He didn't waste energy opening fire on them, though. Instead he steered himself towards the lead jet, intent on physically knocking it out of the sky.

2005-05-19, 08:10 PM

The shell followed after Monzo. Even while it looked for a vehicle te right size, it couldn't help being amused by the Nebulon's discomfort.

2005-05-19, 08:13 PM

Monzo stumbled as his crutch caught in a drain cover he had not seen, being too busy keeping an eye on the Shell.

" so rover what are you thinking , is it just about eating me or do you understand the bigger picture heh."

Random Sweep
2005-05-20, 01:32 AM
Triggerhappy came in behind one of the Earthen fighters just as Ramjet smashed through one of the Raptors and opened fire on the one in his sights, ripping it apart before the pilot got a chance to eject.

" Three down, Two to go " Triggerhappy laughed to Ramjet " Hopefully these fleshlings send more of them after us. "


Having all but one of his wingmen destroyed and seeing his missiles impact almost harmlessly on the white and brown jet, Captain marshall knew that there was no hope.

However this would not stop him from doing his duty.

pulling a high G turn, Marshall brought his fighter around behind Ramjet and locked his missiles onto Ramjets engines and fires his two remaining missiles.


Cyclonus turned when he saw Atlas enter the building behind him.

" If you fire that thing in here, don't fire towards the reactor. I don't want to be melted into slag today.



Landing down next to the shuttle Sky lynx waited for Tracks
" What do we do now? "

2005-05-20, 02:15 AM
"Obviously, despite the fact that the reactor core itself is so heavily guarded in regards as to objects in my path, that a comercial airliner crashing into a Nuclear Power Plant, has next to no ability to set off a nuclear reaction," Atlas pointed out (true fact :P)

2005-05-20, 03:40 AM
Vermont Airspace

Ramjet's missile lock warning software alerted him to the two incoming projectiles. He killed the thrust from his starboard engine, then threw himself into a sharp right turn. With the thrust from his port engine already pushing him to the right, he managed to turn and hit the missiles nose-on. The impact shook him, but little else.

"You fleshies just don't learn, do ya?"

Bringing his starboard engine back up to full power, the Conehead fired a blast of laser bolts at the human fighter that had attacked him.

"I dunno, Triggerhappy. I almost wish some 'Bots would show up. They we'd have some real fun, eh?"

2005-05-20, 05:26 AM
Vermont Yankee

Cryotek overheard Atlas's attempt on logic.

"Remember your not a 757 you are firing high explosive shells. Those can and would devastate the concert shell of the reactor. Everyone continue to cause the humans issues I will get to the reactors and begin to extract the uranium." He said walking towards the plant.

He then smiled as the Decepticon task force began to strike.

"I am going in." He transformed into his Dragon mode to frighten the humans as he lumbered towards the plant kicking cars and freezing and smashing buildings and anything else unlucky enough to get his in his way.

"Oh my god it's, it's Godzi..." some worker screamed as Cryotek's foot came down on him.

"Eww, fleshing." Cryotek grumbled and continued toward the reactors.

Brave Maximus
2005-05-20, 06:11 AM
"Tracks, this is Dai Atlas:
You are needed on an important mission to Nebulous - what is your current situation and can you return to base imideatly?"

Random Sweep
2005-05-20, 07:22 AM
As Triggerhappy took out one of the two remaining Raptors, Ramjets laser fire ripped through the fuselage of the remaining fighter, its pilot just managing to eject in time.

Triggerhappy swung around to Ramjet " Now onto the base haha "

2005-05-20, 08:00 AM
Vermont Airspace

"Yeah, let's do that, Triggers."

Ramjet altered his course, pointing himself towards the airbase. His lasers fizzled into subspace and his cluster bomb launchers appeared in their place.

2005-05-20, 08:47 AM

Who says I can't do both...I'm not on a time limit, the shell thought as it shifted it's optics to look at the squishy. To answer the Nebulon's question, the shell cocked it's head to the side and started wagging it's tail. While Carnivac kept the link open between the shell and him, the pretender shell wouldn't kill the annoyance...yet.

2005-05-20, 02:50 PM
Monzo decided against annoying the shell anymore and shut up . Instead spotting an ajar gateway he limped through into some kind of Haulage / Building contractors yard.

"So Fido what shall it be any ideas, so many choices , what do you thinks gonna work best sneaking past the Autobots into a movie studio?"

2005-05-20, 09:49 PM
Atlas turned towards a group of people and transformed again. He pulled up his blaster and opened fire on them as he started to walk through the building.

2005-05-21, 02:55 AM
Wishing that it could chew off Monzo's arm for that fido comment, the shell silently started planing revenge as it looked for a vehicle that could hold Weirdwolf. When it found a few possiblities, the shell walked back to the Nebulon and used it's head to point them out.

2005-05-21, 06:21 AM
Monzo smiled

"good choices Rover . Maybe you are some use after all. Lets take this one."

Monzo moved slowly across the yard. Crutch squelching a little in the mud. He clambered awkwardly into the cab of a big battered blue removal lorry. He shut the door behind him and pushed open the opposite door with his crutch. He turned on the engine.

"its even an automatic , makes my life easier with my bad leg."


Scoop moved up next to Sky Lynx

" so what are these Cons strengths and weaknesses. Any one met them before ?

He asked

_ _ _

Tracer had moved across to where the film crew stood and decided to try striking up a conversation with the pretty red head in the yellow jump suit, who was there reporter.

"so any ideas what these Cons are up to?"

Random Sweep
2005-05-21, 07:59 AM
Vermont Air base

Triggerhappy streaked past Ramjet and offloaded a few plasma bombs from his bomb rack, vaporizing the runway of the airbase.


Cyclonus watched Cryotek go to work as Atlas and the Predacons destroy the woeful human resistance.

This almost seems too easy.....

2005-05-21, 02:53 PM
Airspace over L.A.:

Tracks: -activates commlink- "I read you, Dai Atlas. I'm currently in pursuit of Wierdwolf and Carnivac with SkyLynx and Scoop. We have their shuttle, we just need them. My flight mode stabilizers have been damaged in the pursuit. I'll probably have to drive back to base, but I'll be there as soon as I can." -deactives commlink- "Sorry, Sky Lynx, it looks like I've been recalled. If you and Scoop can find a way to hide yourselves, they'll probably come back to the shuttle, and maybe you can find out what they're doing here." -wings unsteadily over, thinking- "Okay, straight line, just have to worry about up and down......" -starts flying at top speed back towards Autobase-

2005-05-21, 08:08 PM
The shell silently growled, then jumped through the open door and up into the car seat. Landing a bit on the squishy, the shell quickly moved off of Monzo and back into a seat. Turning the pretender shell used it's mouth to slam the door shut.

2005-05-21, 09:14 PM
Monzo reared back startled.

"watch where you.."

He started. then remembered the look on the Shell's muzzle.
He adjusted his crutch to form a barrier between them. He then stopped and started over."

"good boy , lets get out of here."

He did a 3 point turn clumsily and drove the van along the road back to the subway maintenance building. Stalling the van as he stopped outside.

He pressed down on the horn

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp Beeeeeeeepppppppppp


Weirdwolf was flicking through the channels on the TV.

"I nebulan see. Recognise him do you?" he queried

He looked back as the camera panned over Sky Lynx next to the shuttle.

He growled softly.

"revenge may come sooner than thought we yes."

2005-05-22, 04:18 AM
The shell would have rolled his optics if he could at the Nebulon's antics, but discided to try to act dog like instead.

" If we get into a fight with the trinket, I'm not planning on counting it as revenge" Carnivac said " As for the Nebulon, you have had more to do with them then I have."

2005-05-22, 04:21 AM
Cryotek arrived at the reactor and transformed back into his robot mode.

"OK keep them busy I am going to extract the uranium now." He said walking over the core freezing the general area in order to slow down the fuels chain reaction.

2005-05-22, 04:46 AM
Outside the Plant

Divebomb kept firing at all human resistance that stood in the way of the mission. He saw Rampage run around the base taking out all of the human resistance on the ground. He landed on the ground and transformed into robot mode. As he did Rampage transformed as well and caught up to him.

Divebomb: "Where the hell is Tantrum?"

As Rampage shrugged his shoulders Tantrum ran out of building wall and it colaspes.

Tantrum: "It was the human living quaters. Sigh"


Inside the Plant

Razorclaw and Headstrong ran through the base taking out nearly everything they saw until they saw Cryotek extracting the uranium. The Predacon's transformed and faced him.

"Anything we can do?"

Random Sweep
2005-05-22, 06:25 AM

Cyclonus cringed as he heard Razorclaw speak.

" What he needs is to be able to concentrate without you fools interupting him. "



" Fear not Tracks , Scoop and I shall defeat these two Deceptiocons " Sky Lynx said

2005-05-22, 08:31 AM

Ramjet fired a pair of cluster missiles off. They detonated, shredding through several vehicle storage hangars.

"Hardly worth the ammo...I could just crash into these slagpiles and be done with it..."


Getaway was still half-running, half-skidding across the room when his foot landed on a puddle of fire-retardant foam.

"Oh, bloody-!"

Losing his balance, the Powermaster pitched forwards. His momentum still carrying him, he slammed head-first into the far wall of the warehouse.


"Graceful as a swan, you are," came Rev's voice from inside his chest.

"Quiet, you," Getaway groaned. "Don't make me replace you with a Micromaster."

Looking around, he didn't see any more armed terrorists...though his vision was still somewhat obscured by stars. As he pushed himself to his feet, the Powermaster flipped on his comlink.

"Muzzle, please tell me you and your buddies have captured a few of those escapees."

Random Sweep
2005-05-22, 08:38 AM
Vermont Airbase

" No kidding Ramjet" Triggerhappy laughed "Lets just finish up here, Maybe there will be an Autofool or two at the plant ".

Cutting to the right, Triggerhappy opened fire with Blowpipe, ripping the Control tower to shreds.

2005-05-22, 05:20 PM
Weirdwolf replied

"revenge wait can yes but the arrogant flying fool did shell destroy yes. Never autobot nebulans much attention payed. tinned food me indigestion gives. Plus enough trouble with one nebulan have yes.

2005-05-22, 07:25 PM
" While I've never met a Nebulon allied with the Autobots" Carnivac said " I have a feeling my shell wouldn't agree with you...At least, not until it's eatten one of them."

2005-05-22, 08:25 PM
"Monzo think I is very close to being wolf chow. Weirdwolf .

He perked up his audio sensors

" think I hear them returning now, and Monzo survived must unless Your shell knows how to drive."

2005-05-23, 04:40 AM

Ramjet dropped down to less than a hand-span above ground level, then crashed through a line of storage sheds.

"That's about the end'a that, I'd say."

The conehead climbed, shaking his wings from side to side to shake off building debris.

"Now, let's see how the others are doin'..."

2005-05-23, 05:31 AM
" As if I would send my shell on a mission with the squishy without leaving the link open" Carnivac said " it would make our doctor hunt a waste of time."

2005-05-23, 06:17 AM
Weirdwolf nodded and headed for the door and the waiting truck

"one can only hope"

2005-05-23, 01:19 PM
Cryotek chuckled a bit during his allies banter.

"Thank you Razorclaw but until I get the fuel extracted I should be fine on my own. Just make sure no surprises show up." He said pulling out the first batch of fuel rods freezing them quickly to limit the amount of radation around him. He then set them in a large make shift lead roller he made himself he opened the top of it place the fuel in then shut it then moved to the next reactor.

"Time to make the doughnuts." He starting to open up the reactor.

2005-05-23, 07:01 PM
Carnivac descided to say nothing as he followed Weirdwolf.

2005-05-23, 07:10 PM
Monzo saw the door open. He checked the crutch was still firmly wedged between them

"Here comes Wolfy and your purple rustbucket , fleabag."


Weirdwolf padded out of the door and up to the truck

"Stop horn blowing Monzo here we are yes."

2005-05-24, 07:47 PM
The shell turned and used it's claws to slice through the crutch.

" So was that filthy suicidal rethro rat created without a brain or does he just not use it?" Carnivac asked Weirdwolf, calmly.

2005-05-24, 08:07 PM
Weirdwolf growled at Monzo

"if behave you do not , will lend You to Scalpel as a guinea pig."

Weirdwolf replied

"brain use does not . Used to being wrestling champion, top dog. Has given immortality complex think I. Thinks can do what wants without consequence."

Weirdwolf jumped into rear of the truck and glared through the front wall at the cab .

2005-05-25, 09:12 AM
That is... if there is anything left of the prey when I get done with him, the shell thought.

Carnivac followed Weirdwolf, shrinking so he would fit better in the back of the vehicle.

" That attitude will get him eatten one day" Carnivac said.

2005-05-25, 03:07 PM
"eaten or shot think I just hope isnt's acting as my head unit at the time." replied Weirdwolf


Monzo pulled into the road heading for the studio

2005-05-25, 08:20 PM

Carnivac discided not to comment on that and instead tried to wonder what was the point of creating the headmasters. From what Carnivac saw so far of the headmaster project, it had to many bad side effects for him to even consider it being worth something.

2005-05-25, 10:55 PM
Weirdwolf sighed.

"Learn to behave will eventually just while does take to realise , is seconds from becoming dinner. Partner could have been a cartographer or the science minister. Suppose worse could be could have got Krunk. Count lucky Carnivac not with Snapdragon stuck are."

Is not easy having squishy in head. A squishie always thinking of intoxicating chemical compounds , short term non committed squishy pair bonding and amassing credits. Instead of tactics , poetry , justice or the hunt.

Wish Scorponok had someone else volunteered yes.
Quality of candidate to be bonded to an alien robot in order to take over there home planet was high never going to be. Does not attract high quality candidates."


Monzo looks at the crutch and then at the shell and back again. Seeing a butchers shop he pulls over and very quickly runs in and reappears with prime quality meat . He climbs back in.

"good Wolf would you like a treat or maybe in back prefer to sit. Aren't you a good boy. Monzo was only joking before. We will fight autobots together ok. Monzo and wolf crushing Autoscum doesn't that sound good."

2005-05-26, 08:29 PM
" I suppose so" Carnivac said while briefly wondering if the other Nebulons got along better with their partners or if all them were like Monzo and Weirdwolf.

Looks like the prey got my point...more or less, the pretender shell thought as it accepted the meat. After all, the shell didn't have a reason to decline this 'peace offering'. A bomb would most likely kill Monzo too when it exploded and it wasn't like Monzo could poison it, even if he had the time to slip some chemicals into the meat.

This 'offering' wouldn't save the Nebulon from getting killed by the shell, but it might grant the squishy a quicker death then the one it had planned.

2005-05-26, 08:46 PM
Weirdwolf asked

"do you with shell ever problems have? You mentioned something earlier yes."


Monzo looked relieved as the shell grinned at him. He hoped it wasn't because it wasn't imagining crunching on his bones or something.

He weaved through the traffic and pulled on to the approach road to the movie Studio."

2005-05-27, 02:06 AM

Muzzle: -looking at the pile o stunned humans quietly smouldering after Nightbeat's stun-mode plasma blaster has knocked them out- "Depends on what you mean by a few..... I think I've got about 10 out here."


Lug: -activates his commlink, trying not to laugh at the escapees who are trying to keep their balance on the foam he'd just blasted them with- "I've got 5 back here. They're having a hard time standing up, though."


Hellbat: -finishes locking down the engines- "We're here."

Gaihawk: -looking out the main port- "And I thought Carbombiya looked desolate......."

Jalgar: -points at Leozak- "You're on the air, Captain."

Leozak: -taps commlink- "Command LaPorte, we have arrived."

2005-05-27, 06:03 AM

"That's more than enough, Muzzle." Getaway said with a groan as he returned to a standing position. "What say we call in the local EDC detachment and turn them over for a good interrogation session?"


Commandante LePorte waited for a few seconds before he replied to Leozak's communication, a show of absolute pettyness.

"I see that," he said at last. "Your mere presence is sure to frighten off the weak EDC tyrants. Merci beaucoup." He whispered instructions to a nearby aide, then turned back to the comm feed. "My soldiers will arrange for a steady supply of energy to power your forces during your stay."

Random Sweep
2005-05-27, 12:48 PM
Vermont Air force base

Triggerhappy transformed in mid air above the smoking ruin of the airbase and faced Ramjet

" Looks like we are all done here, wadda you say we head over to the power plant? "


Seeing that Cryotek had everything under control, Cyclonus left the plant in time to see the approach of US military tanks.

Mmmmm this is unexpected

" Predacons, Omega Atlas , Get you worthless selves out here, we have company " Cyclonus yelled

2005-05-27, 02:49 PM
Divebomb Tantrum and Rampage run over to Cyclonus and looked at the sky. Razorclaw and Headstrong run out of the plant in animal mode and looked at the commander.

Razorclaw: "What is it Cyclonus?"

OOC: hahahahahahahahaha. It was late at night, saw your avatar ....

Random Sweep
2005-05-27, 02:56 PM
ooc: Tempest, Scourge was the blue sweep commander, not Cyclonus, who is purple

Cyclonus continued to watch the incomming defenders.

" It seems that some resistance has been mustered" He said " Destroy them "

2005-05-27, 06:12 PM
Atlas Omega walked past Cyclonus. "Resistance? Hardly. This is a feeble attempt at survival," Atlas said chuckling walking forward before his shoulder hatches snapped open, and the 10 high powered deadly missiles launched out at incredible speeds, spiraling through the air at the incoming defenders.

A moment later, his cannons, switched from booster mode and flipped over his shoulders, still changing into energy cannon mode. A targetting device moved over his eyepeace as the missiles barraged their targets.

2005-05-27, 07:47 PM

Carnivac looked over at Weirdwolf and said " You mean you haven't figured it out yet?"

2005-05-27, 08:11 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled

"think I that the shell connects you to your primal self and inside it you lose some control yes. Am I correct ?"


Monzo pulled the truck round the studio and backed it into the loading bay

2005-05-28, 03:40 AM
" Close, but not quite correct" Carnivac said as he looked around, then stepped out of the vehicle and into the studio's loading bay " it doesn't tap into my primal self...I tap into it's."

2005-05-28, 03:57 AM

"Yeah, why not?"

Ramjet twisted in the air, bits and pieces of building debris shaking loose with the maneuver.

"Doesn't look like there are any 'Bots on the way to play with. Too bad, eh Triggers?"

Random Sweep
2005-05-28, 04:35 AM
V ernomt Airbase

" You're right 'bout that Ramjet " Triggerhappy laughed " We must have kicked 'em pretty hard "


Power Plant

Omega Atlas's missiles arced in and vaporised three of the incomming tanks.

The remaining tanks opened fire with their armour peircing rounds.

( ooc: please note that these rounds are strong enough to damage TF's )

2005-05-28, 05:48 AM
Cryotek finished his work on the second reactor and placed the fuel rods into the container with the rods from the first reactor. He looked over to see the tanks rolling in.

"Wow this state has tanks!?" He said outloud trying not to laugh as he moved on to the third reactor.

2005-05-28, 07:14 AM
Razorclaw looked ath the tanks. Humans now have weaponary that can match most.. Razorclaw looked at his fellow Predacon's and smiled.

"Form Predaking!!"

The five predacons jumped into the air and begin to merge. With-in seconds they become the mighty Predaking! He arms his X-Ray gun and fires at the tanks. He gets his sword and and tries to bash some of the rounds, he gets most of them but is hit in the right shoulder.

2005-05-28, 07:58 AM
Weirdwolf padded out of the truck.

"interesting but dangerous if you lose control. Close to shuttle are we need to draw away the bots now somehow yes."

2005-05-28, 07:32 PM
One of the rounds hit Atlas in the chest and he fell over with a singe mark and a slight dent in his armor.

"That actually hurt!" He shouted in outrage and proceeded to stand back up. His cannons over his shoulders locked on in laser mode and drew in energy as he locked on two targets, before firing.

The two massive purple beams shot out, making Atlas's feet slide back along the ground until he hit a wall, the beams stopped as soon as the barrels turned white hot and steam came out of the cannons.

He then looked up to see what damage he did.

2005-05-28, 08:07 PM
Having already told Weirdwolf a half truth, Carnivac discided not to tell the Headmaster the full truth. Namely what circuits the shell did tap into when Carnivac tapped into the shell's primal self.

"Nobody is perfect. Besides considering some of the personalities found in the Decepticon army, I could pass as normal" Carnivac said " and unless we can use some of the movie equipment, I believe I already told you the ideas I came up with and the down side to them."

2005-05-28, 10:50 PM
Weirdwolf replied:

"sorry I was speaking thoughts out loud . Problem is have I. At least nearer shuttle are we and under cover. True lots of mixed up Cons about yes."

2005-05-29, 03:49 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "Anything to help a fellow freedom fighter fight for freedom. Leozak out." -nods to Jalgar-

Jalgar: -deactivates comm to LaPorte-

Leozak: -looking at his crew- "Opinions?"

Drillhorn: "I don't trust him."

Jalgar: -shrugs- "People don't trust us, either. But I'm with Drillhorn on this one."

Gaihawk: "But what can he do to us?"

Hellbat: "Try to tap our comms systems when his supplies get here, especially if they run power lines. If he's got the capability to make energon cubes, plant microcharges on the casings to blow them all up and try to take us with them."

Killbison: -growls- "I say we smash him."

Leozak: "Nnn. Our opinions seem to match on this one." -stands- "Trypticon, what's your opinion of Commandante LaPorte? Should we trust him, or hypnotize him and his cabinet, bring them over to our side?"


Nightbeat: "I've already called them. The EDC paddywagon should be here soon."

2005-05-29, 05:08 AM

"I guess we did, yeah." Ramjet would have frowned if he had been in robot mode. "Seems kinda a shame, come to think of it. If we kill 'em, who's gonna be around for us to beat up every week?"

As he neared the powerplant, he noted the sounds of battle in the distance.

"Hmmm...sounds like our groundpoundin' buddies have gotten themselves into a fight. Wanna bail them out," he asked Triggerhappy, "or let 'em stew for a bit?"


"That settles that, then," Getaway said with a note of satisfaction. "Hopefully they'll be able to get something useful out of these amateurs."

Command Deck, Trypticon

A low, baritone growl of a laugh filled the room.

At his console at the central-rear bridge, Wipe-out matched his master's chuckle with one of his own.

"He's powering up his hypno-beam," the Minibot said, "so I'd guess he's voting to brainwash them."

Trypticon's laugh trailed off, and the Citicon spoke. "It would be...fun."

Random Sweep
2005-05-29, 06:37 AM
Vermont airbase

" What and miss all the fun? " Triggerhappy replied as he transformed and took off towards the powerplant



As armoured as the tanks were, they could not withstand the damage delt out by Predakings cannon which reduced several tanks and their occupants on slag.

2005-05-29, 08:14 PM
"As I said, nobody is perfect" Carnivac said.

Finishing off the meat, the pretender shell linked the blood off it's muzzle. Looking over at the vehicle's door, wondering it if should open ithe door or keep pretending to be a ...pet and have the prey open it.

2005-05-29, 10:15 PM
Monzo hopped down from the cab and grudgingly opened the door on the other side for the shell.


Weirdwolf replied

"lets go some movie equipment find and hopefully some squishies to use it , don't like a suicidal dash feel across open ground towards Autobots in prepared positions , if avoided can be."

He padded deeper into the movie studio.

2005-05-30, 11:48 AM
Predaking looked at his shoulder again. Divebomb would need some repairs when he un-forms.

"System's Restabilizing. Armour repair work in progress. Imitating destruction mode"

The Predaking charged his sword and his weaponry. He started at a run, he slowed down and fired from his left foot with Motor Rounds, he kept running, with shells going by, slowed down and fired from the right foot. He sped up again and began stamping on the tanks.

2005-05-30, 08:06 PM
The shell jumped out of the vehicle and onto the ground. The shell looked around, before walking over to a door to the loading bay.

Carnivac followed after Weirdwolf, wondering just how usefull the squishies would be.

2005-05-30, 10:07 PM
Weirdwolf padded through the main doors. He looked back and saw Carnivac's expression.

"I know might not work yes but options slim are yes."


Monzo hobbled after them wishing his crutch hadn't been bitten in half. Looking around for a replacement."

2005-05-30, 11:37 PM
Cryotek finished grabbing the fuel out of the third reactor and started moving towards the forth.

"Hey Cyclonus, how many of this things do we need?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-05-31, 02:47 AM
Cyclonus heard Cryotek call out and turned from the carnage.

" According to the information I was given, we require four tonnes of the feul " he said

2005-05-31, 04:29 AM

"Yeah, I guess..."

Ramjet sighed, then swooped down low over Predaking and the human vehicles assaulting him. His lasers cycled, spitting red beams of light down at the tanks.

"Like shootin' cyberducks in a barrel..."

I hope...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-05-31, 05:49 AM
Moscow Industrial District

Moscow was the largest Russian city, and even during Russia's economic troubles it was one of the busiest in the world. It was also partially run by the Russian mob allowing shady dealings by anyone with enough money to occur as often as needed.

Fedor Yefremov, a former Soviet General was one of those people. He had strong connections to the mob through his son who was a 'member' of one of the more powerful groups. Yefremov needed a large factory and his son had it arranged. A former car assembly line, it would be perfect for what Yefremov had planned, and now after waiting for so long he was finally able to use the factory as he always planned. Not for building and selling arms on the black market. He had different plans.

"General Yefremov?" a female voice asked over an intercom

"Yes, Comrade?" The gruff old general replied.

"Mr.Lazarus is here to see you."

"Ah! Excellent! Send him in, quickly! And fetch the best vodka we have from the cellar!"

"Yes sir!"

There was a buzz followed by a click and the door to Yefremov's office opened, allowing Lazarus to walk in.

"Did you bring it!?" Yefremov asked like an excited child before Lazarus could even close the door again.

"Ofcourse I did! Remember I have been dealing with Transformers ALOT longer than you, General. However the trouble I had to go through TOO get it will mean this costs you more money." Lazarus replied smugly.

Yefremov didn't trust him, but in this situation he had no choice. No one else had the same type of access as he did and no one in the shady underworld knew transformers like him. Except maybe that fellow formerly of Cobra, but he had not been seen in years. "Money is no object, comrade!"

There was a pause while Yefremov stared at Lazarus' case. "Well will you let me see it!?" Yefremov asked getting impatient.

"Might aswell let you see what you are buying." Lazarus walked slowly to the desk and put the case down, turned it so the handle faced Yefremov and popped it open. Inside were blue-prints, schematics and several disks that had all the information needed. "It was called the Binal Technology. It was referring to the joining of both transformer and human technology."

Lazarus removed one of the more in-depth blue prints showing it to Yefremov. The Russian general quickly snatched it out of his hand and gazed at it adoringly. "Amazing.." he muttered in the thick Russian accent.

"It would allow a transformer to retain almost all of it's previous abilities while at the same time upgrading it's fuel-efficiency, durability, power, and also updating technology to human standards." Lazarus spoke of it with much glee. "The only problem was lack of test subects. We will be the first to even attempt this procedure, and hopefully the first to succeed. If we can succeed with this one you have recovered we might be able too actually clone it and make dozens, if not hundreds!" Lazarus spoke quickly as he got excited.

"We would be unstoppable. Not even the transformers are that many in number..." Yefremov was surprised by this. "Are you sure it is possible?"

"It is very possible General. We would rule this world and any other we wanted with an army like that at our disposal. Not just Russia!" Lazarus spoke, the lust for power getting to him.

"Let us not get ahead of ourselves, comrade. We must make sure we get the first one right, and then we can work on the rest of this world." Yefremov replied a down to earth tone.

"Ofcourse General... Russia first," Lazarus conceded.

2005-05-31, 10:46 AM
*OOC Hmm how many tons of fuel rods are in a reactor?"

"Alright guess I keep making doughnuts then." Cryotek replied continuing to take apart the reactor.

2005-05-31, 07:47 PM
" I know, but that doesn't mean I have to like it" Carnivac said.

2005-05-31, 11:23 PM
Weirdwolf growled agreement

"would rather have you with me back covering with doubts thans some yes Con . Differences of opinion help keep flexible us yes. "

He moved into the main studio area and looked around."


Scoop signalled Sky Lynx

" im going to blend in with human vehicles repairing the letters ok ."

Random Sweep
2005-06-01, 03:02 AM

" Good Idea Scoop " Sky Lynx replied " While someone of my fame must stand out, someone of your standing will fit in and be invisible "


Vermont power plant

Triggerhappy came in low and transfromed comming to a stop just outside the plant as Ramjet, Atlas and Predaking finished off the last of the tanks.

" One Airstrip gone Cyclonus " he said

" Good, now circle the plant and keep the airspace free." Cyclonus replied

" Yessir " Triggerhappy said as he transformed again and took up a circling course around the plant.

ooc: I am not sure Rav. I assume we will be just about emptying the plant.

2005-06-01, 05:13 AM

Ramjet pulled up beside Triggerhappy.

"I dunno," he said. "That didn't seem like too much fun ta me..."

2005-06-01, 05:47 AM
Carnivac joined Weirdwolf in looking around the studio. It wouldn't hurt to look for something usefull.

Looking back at the Nebulon, the shell silently sighed and then went to find a replacement crutch. A few minutes later, it returned with another crutch. If Monzo complained that the crutch was the wrong size, the pretender shell discided that he would have to steal another one from that building that had a fake hospital in it.

2005-06-01, 06:40 AM
Weirdwolf padded round exploring. the place seemed fairly empty.


Monzo looked startled when the shell appeared with a crutch.

"Thanks Champion , that was just what I needed. Shall we see if this place has a canteen . I'm hungry and maybe we could find some more meat for you. Plus there might be some people there who could help us."

Random Sweep
2005-06-01, 04:53 PM
" Gotta agree with you there Ramjet " Triggerhappy repied " Wish we could get some real resistance "

2005-06-01, 06:56 PM
Atlas Omega stepped on some human remains before turning to Predaking. "I wish these were autobots,"

2005-06-01, 07:49 PM
" I'm beginning to think we would find more usefull stuff if we looked through the loot we stoled from the Combaticon's rooms" Carnivac said as he continued looking around.

Since it usually wasn't one to turn down an easy meal, the pretender shell wagged it's tail.

2005-06-01, 11:04 PM
Weirdwolf growled in affirmative

"an option had overlooked it is a good idea it well could be yes."

He subspaced some of the items from the studio he'd been examining , for larer examination , it included some gadgets and a handful of films that had taken his interest and a few other items.


Monzo clomped his way down a corridor . Hoping that a full shell would at least reduce his chances of becoming dinner.

2005-06-01, 11:15 PM
Cryotek could hear the complaints about real resistance from the other Decepticons. He moved to another reactor and began to dismantle it to get the fuel rods.

"We really do not need the Autobots here. I don't need their firepower hitting one of these reactors thank you very much." He sneered.

2005-06-02, 12:17 AM
Predaking looked at Atlas.

"Victory is a victory, against friend or foe, human or Autobot, energy should be conserved, not wasted on wishful thinking."

Predaking surveyed the area around the plant he rose up and watched the entire plant and all in-coming objects.

2005-06-02, 06:03 AM
Carnivac started to go over the list of things he had in subspace.
The pretender shell followed after the Nebulon.

2005-06-02, 06:29 AM
Weirdwolf started his own inventory


Monzo seeing a sign with Canteen and an arrow on it turned left and up some stairs.

2005-06-02, 06:34 PM

EDC "Paddywagon": -pulls up and takes the would be terrorists away-

Muzzle: -inside the building, looking through whatever papers he could find, looking for clues-


Leozak: -nods at Jalgar-

Jalgar: -activates comm-

Leozak: "Commandante LaPorte, I was wondering if you'd like to take a tour of our base. We have much to offer your country's struggle for freedom."

2005-06-02, 08:45 PM

Getaway watched as the EDC troopers hauled off the terror suspects, then glanced back at Muzzle.

"Find anything?"


"I would be honoured to tour your facility, mon ami," Leporte's voice sounded from Trypticon's speakers. "When should I schedule my arrival?"


Ramjet continued to circle the plant.

"Well," he told Triggerhappy, "we could go strafe a nearby town or somethin'. That might kill the bordom."

2005-06-03, 06:00 AM
Anti-thermal cannon...chess board and pieces... As the list went on and on, Carnivac wondered what the chances were of the Autobots dieing of boredom while waiting for Weirdwolf and him to show up. While Carnivac didn't expect it to happen, it was an amusing thought.

2005-06-03, 12:41 PM
Cryotek finished another reactor and moved onto the last one.

"OK guys keep the fleshies busy and we can leave this place!" He yelled out working to get the remaining uranium.

2005-06-03, 01:01 PM
Weirdwolf continued his inventory:

strategy books, chess set weapons, square machine with lots of buttons .

He thought he had picked it up from Swindle's room. He showed it to Carnivac

"know you what this is ?"

2005-06-03, 07:36 PM
" It's either an old illusion maker or a bomb" Carnivac said, then explained just in case Weirdwolf had no idea what he was talking about " for one reason or another, some of the older illusion makers blew up."

2005-06-04, 12:53 AM
"useful it does sound as long as it doesn't explode"Weirdwolf replied.

2005-06-04, 04:32 AM
" Actually, it's only useless if it doesn't explode near the Autobots" Carnivac said.

2005-06-04, 06:37 AM
Weirdwolf nodded

"yess exploding would have its benefits yes. How shall we use it what kind of illusion."


Monzo hobbled through dome doors into the studio canteen

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-04, 07:22 AM
Moscow Industrial District

Lazarus moved through the freezing Moscow morning air. He flashed an identification card to the guard at the gate. The armed guard just nodded and looked back to his partner in the booth behind him and waved his hand. The man in the booth nodded and pressed a button and the chainlink fence gate slid open.

Lazarus marched through and pushed the door open stepping into the factory immediately letting his discomfort be known.

"I now used to being awoken at five in the morning, especially in below zero temperatures. So this better be good Yefremov." His voice carried through the nearly empty factory like a crashing wave.

"Shut up and get over here, comrade!" Was Yefremov's stern reply.

As Lazarus turned the corner he was greeted by a pile of awaiting parts, most singed or damaged.

"Is it...."

"It is, comrade. This is the first scavanging team's drop-off. Two more are on their way. We will see them within days!" The old Russian spoke with excitement.

Lazarus pushed past Yefremov towards the organized pile and went directly for the head components.

"The head is almost intact." He spoke, not really seeking a response.

"Ja. We were not expected such luck, but that will save time."

"I believe this one was named... Sun... Sunstreaker. Yes, that was his name." Lazarus was speaking more to himself.

"And that means?"

Lazarus smiled as he knelt down lifting up a piece of one of Sunstreaker's optics. "That name... Sunstreaker. It won't do. I shall rename him... Grimreaper."

"Rather over dramatic, don't you think, comrade?" Yefremov asked.

"It's more menacing than Sunstreaker, isn't it? Besides, if we call it operation 'Binaltech' that information gets around. A name change is in order no matter what we do. Sunstreaker would attract transformer attention, Binaltech would attract world governments. We need to play this like it is some sort of normal black market weapon. That won't work, we need to avoid as much attention as possible." Lazarus said as he stood up and turned around walking back towards the door of the factory. "I am going back to the office. I have planning to do. We need the internal core, after we get that I can begin reconstruction and then upgrading." Lazarus exited into the cold air, although he was much less bitter about being up so early.

2005-06-04, 06:45 PM
" You, me, my shell or someother Decepticon. Anyone would probably work" Carnivac said.

The shell followed after Monzo, more then ready to eat something.

2005-06-04, 06:58 PM
Weirdwolf growled in agreement.

"an excellent plan pack mate, let us put it into action expediently yess.


Monzo looked through the freezers

"tofu , soya ,vegetable protein, nut cutlets doesn't anyone in this town eat red meat anymore."

He threw each item on the floor as he examined it .

2005-06-05, 06:54 AM
" Might as well" Carnivac said " but keep an optic on it."
The shell sneered at the junk ( it refuse to call that food).

2005-06-05, 07:59 AM
Weirdwolf grinned

"let us find our companions and get out of here yes."


Monzo looked at the shell, seeing its expression

" I know what ya mean fang , a load of rubbish , let me keep looking."

He delved deep into the bottom .

"aha theree still a few unreconstructed meat eaters around then ."

He pulled out a big steak and offered it to the shell. He then placed 2 more on the floor before starting to cook one for himself.

Random Sweep
2005-06-05, 08:19 AM
" I think it would be a decent time killer Ramjet, But I think Cyclonus would have our chassis if we went off in the middle of a mission. " Triggerhappy replied

2005-06-05, 10:47 AM
Predaking surveyed the area around the plant. He then seperated into his individual components. Headstrong, Rampage and Tantrum headed straight for the ground. Razorclaw and Divebomb remained in the air.

Razorclaw: "This isn't good if you ask me. Something is going to happen. An Autobot attack, or a warry shot to the reactor. Something is going to happen."

Divebomb: "What? If the Autobots come then Predaking will trash 'em! Your just being paranoid Claw, thats all. This mission is dead easy, and look Rampage, Tantrum and Headstrong have found a herd of cows. I'm off to kick them into the reactor. Stay here if you want ..."

2005-06-05, 02:58 PM
Atlas OMega continued to scan the area for incoming threats, his barrels finally cooling. He was wondering what was taking so long. And hoping his former kind, the Autobots, arrived. If they didn't show up, he'd be very disappointed in them.

2005-06-05, 09:05 PM
Carnivac went over the data he was was receiving from his shell and grinned. " They discided to pick up a meal in the studio's canteen" Carnivac said " apparently your squishy hasn't manage to kill all his survival instincts."
The shell happily started to eat the meat, ignoring the junk and Monzo's cooking.

2005-06-05, 10:59 PM
Weirdwolf swung his sword decapitating Monzo with one blow

"Sorry was daydreaming , find them we must . Let us go to the canteen. He has his moments , especially when it comes to looking out for himself. He planning probably is that if your shell is full of food won't eat him it will yes ."


Monzo put the finishing touch to his Chilli. He tasted a spoonfull

"mmm just right , hot as hades . "

looks over at the shell

"fancy some fang?"

2005-06-06, 07:55 PM
" I suspected that was his plan" Carnivac said, still grinning " to bad that the Nebulon doesn't know that my shell often does eat the hand that feeds it."

The shell looked up from the remains of it's meal and looked over at the prey's cooking. After a moment, the shell shoke it's head 'no'.

2005-06-06, 10:57 PM
Cryotek finished removing the Uranium from the last reactor and placed in the lead box.

"Ok folks, this place has been sucked dry I say it's time to go home!" He said and awaited Cyclonus to fly over so he could place the uranium in his storage bays.

Random Sweep
2005-06-07, 05:30 AM
Cyclonus walked over to where Cryotek stood and transformed so that Cryotek could load the feul

2005-06-07, 06:23 AM
Weirdwolf chuckled

"let us go fetch them before they kill each other yes or Monzo gives your shell a nasty case of indigestion."


Monzo replied

"no , no problem all the more for me he replied."

2005-06-07, 08:32 AM
"Finally," Atlas Omega said walking over to Cyclonus and Cryotek.

"The Exit Strategy is a direct return to base?" He inquired to the commanding officer, jsut to double check.

2005-06-07, 07:05 PM
Briefly nodding in agreement, Carnivac started heading towards the canteen while trying not to laugh.

2005-06-07, 07:33 PM
Weirdwolf padded after Carnivac grinning


Monzo pulled up a chair his foot stuck out in front of him in its cast and tucked into his chilli , stopping occasionally to smack his lips and sip from a can of beer he had found in the freezer.

2005-06-08, 04:11 AM
Cryotek quickly loaded the uranium into Cyclonus's storage bays.

"Yes that would be the best plan." Cryotek waited for Cyclonus to take off before leaving himself.

2005-06-08, 06:42 AM
Scoop was parked next to some human construction vehicles. He commed Skylynx .

"I've always wondered is it two bodies one central processing unit or is it more a deluxe duobot kind of deal with you."

Random Sweep
2005-06-08, 08:31 AM

Sky Lynx sighed as Scoop asked the question.

" Well, as I have said to many mechs before, I have enough personality and skill for both of my componants, and I am not some lowely duocon "



" Excellent work Cryotek " Cyclonus said as he took a few moments to adjust to the added weight.

2005-06-08, 08:39 AM
Scoop listened

"I did say deluxe model you know".

2005-06-08, 09:04 AM
Atlas Omega transformed and blasted off at his best speed, which didn't really match the aircraft, but at this time, it was the best he could do.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-08, 10:42 AM
The Omega shuttle came in from the sun, just over head of the gathered Decepticons. Skyfall spotted Atlas Omega attempting to take off and opened the forward missile ports. On the bridge, Nemesis smiled with his inhuman face as the lock-on tone sounded. He fired 2 cluster missiles at the large Decepticon The left the tubs and split into four almost instantly (total of 8 mini missiles) that raced down at the Decepticon.

Skyfall opened the troop compartment doors and his voice called out over the comm:

"Targets aquired! Everyone out! Pick your targets and help your friends!"

Leaving the piloting and control of the Omega to the minicons - Skyfall lept out of the command chair and jumped off the command deck. He was transformed before he exited the shuttle - pulled strait up, allowing his sensors to adjust. He then began to look for Cyclonus

Dead Man Wade
2005-06-08, 07:01 PM
Greatshot ran to the compartment doors and lept out. As he plummeted toward the earth, he transformed to jet mode. Kicking on his afterburners, he lit out toward Atlas Omega, coming in low for a strafing run.

2005-06-08, 07:37 PM

After a while, Carnivac entered the studio's canteen and quickly spotted his shell. Calculating how much meat his shell had eatten today, Carnivac discided that it's next meal was going to be metal.

2005-06-08, 07:45 PM
"Yes! This is what I wanted," Atlas Omega said as he spiralled down, bareling managing to avoid the missiles.

*This is going to be like crushing a mound of tin* He thought to himself as he spun out of control. "Atlas Omega, transform!" In mid-air, he transformed and landed on the ground just in time to see Skyfall coming in.

Optics widening in shock, his two massive cannons flipped over his shoulders, locked on, and fired two massive energy beams, as usual, the beams caused the barrels to become white hot, making them unable to fire another energy round, or artillery round for that matter until they cooled down again.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-08, 08:07 PM
Skyfall, continuing his loop around, deftly flew between the energy blasts, streaking towards Cyclonus.

One of the reasons it's great to be a Micro Master.....

Nemesis fired another volley of cluster missiles (2 that split into 8) at Atlas Omega from the Omega shuttle as Starlight moved it lower to the ground, to allow the other three Autobots out.

(OOC: Drathal - you missed Fort_Max's attack with Greatshot)

Random Sweep
2005-06-08, 09:39 PM

Cyclonus saw the incomming Autobots and quickly took to the air.

" Foolish Autobots, you are too late as always. " Cyclonus boasted " If the radioactive feul I have does not explode and destroy us all if you attack me, then it would surely kill all organic life in the area if dropped "

2005-06-08, 10:39 PM
Weirdwolf padded in to the canteen on Carnivac's heels

He growled when he spied Monzo 6 empty beer cans scattered on the floor around him."

2005-06-08, 11:19 PM
Originally posted by Brave Maximus
Skyfall, continuing his loop around, deftly flew between the energy blasts, streaking towards Cyclonus.

One of the reasons it's great to be a Micro Master.....

Nemesis fired another volley of cluster missiles (2 that split into 8) at Atlas Omega from the Omega shuttle as Starlight moved it lower to the ground, to allow the other three Autobots out.

(OOC: Drathal - you missed Fort_Max's attack with Greatshot)

(Sorry about that, I actually put Skyfall INSTEAD of Greatshot, sorry)

Atlas Omega's arms moved up, shielding his head and chest as he was showered by the explosives.

Standing their, his armor now dirty and scratch, as well as singed. the large Ex-Autobot quickly turned towards the incoming greatshot, raised his blaster and fired, not having enough time to laugh missiles, and his cannons too hot to fire again.

2005-06-09, 01:05 AM
Razorclaw looks towards the sun when the autobots arrive. He pauses for a second and then falls to the ground. He lands on his feet, transforms into lion mode and runs towards his team mates.

"Autobots are on the attack, we must defend Cyclownus and the fuel reserves. Headstrong, Tantrum will help out Atlas and take care of the shuttle and the mini-cons. Divebomb and Rampage, protect Cyclonus and Cryotek out of here. I ..."

He looked up and saw Skyfall streaking towards Cyclonus.

"That one is mine."

The Predacons flew in different directions, but Razorclaw transformed and flew straight up. He kept flying, he raised his right hand and was going to upper-cut the incoming Skyfall on the nose.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 02:32 AM
Well, that's not good, but how am I sure he's not bluffing?

The Neo commander thought to himself as he opened fire on Cyclonus' back end. He was quickly interupted by Razorclaw though. Skyfall quickly transformed and threw his legs infront of himself, thrusters on max to keep him from running into the Predicon.

"Hello Ugly!" quipped Skyfall, firing his wrist blasters at the face of the Decepticon.

2005-06-09, 02:39 AM
The Predacon commander expected to land a succesful blow but the Autobot was too quick for him this time. He saw the shot coming, he had enough time to re-act, but instead of blocking the shot or avoiding it he lent closer and fired a shot at Skyfall's mid-section, the blaster fire caught him in the shoulder however, but it was only a minior injury.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 02:49 AM
Skyfall deftly engaged his foot thrusters and dodged back, the little Micro Master twisting away from the much larger Predicons blasts, continuing to pepper his face with blaster bolts.

"Hey Nemesis, feel like shooting this guy?"

This was responded to by 2 cluster missiles firing from the Omega Shuttle and heading towards the Predicon:

"See ya!" Skyfall transformed into jet mode, pointing strait up and hit his afterburners, just behind him the two cluster missiles split and locked onto Razorclaw - 8 mini missiles screaming at the Predacon.

2005-06-09, 02:56 AM
Razorclaw saw as his fire missed Skyfall and how he dodged out of the way and went after Cyclonus. He brang his sword out of hyperspace and was about to give pursit when he saw the missles. He fired at barrage at them then began to use his sword to cut them down to size before they impacted on him.


Rampage and Divebomb were on Cyclonus' tail making sure that no autobot got a clear shot. They saw Skyfall moving and began to fire on him.


Tamtrum and Headstrong fired on the Omega shuttle. They lept into the air and headed for the compartment door, they wanted thost little mini-cons as trophies.

2005-06-09, 03:33 AM
Cryotek snarled in rage as the Autobots attacked.

"Just how foolish is your kind!?" He screamed transforming into his dragon mode.

"If you attack Cyclonus the possible chain raction could wipe out this entire area you fools!" Cryotek's venom for the stupidity of the Autobots ran hard. He then barked out orders.

"Cyclonus, kick in your afterburners and leave the area. Triggerhappy and Ramjet escort Cyclonus." Then a sick smile formed on his face.

"Predaking, Atlas and myself will destroy these fools." Cryotek then got a lock on to Skyfall and fired his liquid nitrogen filled torpedos at the ship.

2005-06-09, 04:30 AM

Ramjet scoffed.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen...

"Pretty sure you're not the one givin' orders 'round here, ice boy! I go when Cyc says I go!" He would have tossed a wink at Cryotek had he been in robot mode; he wasn't smart enough to understand what the stolen plutonium could do. "'Sides, I've got a score ta settle with these slagheaps. They burned me last time I saw 'em."

The white seeker twisted in the air, pointing his nose straight at the Omega Shuttle and opening fire with his laser cannons.

"This time, I'm gonna finish knockin' you ta peices, scrapheap!"

2005-06-09, 05:07 AM

Carnivac turned and looked over at the Nebulon, growling when he saw the cans of beer. Without talking, Carnivac transformed and walked over to where Monzo was sitting.

" I take back what I said about his survival instinct" Carnivac said to Weirdwolf as he reached down to grab Monzo.

Dead Man Wade
2005-06-09, 05:27 AM

Greatshot attempted to bank away from Atlas Omega's blast, but he quickly felt the heat as it ripped through his left wing. The large Autobot did his best to compensate, but it was too late. Fire licked at the shredded wing as Greatshot shrieked toward the earth.

Greatshot angled upward slightly, then transformed to car mode. The landing, though bumpy, was much better than it could have been.

Greatshot whipped around quickly, adjusting his targeting computer until Atlas Omega was firmly in his sights.

"Things are gonna go differently this time, pal."

With that, the Autobot let loose with both cannons.

2005-06-09, 06:35 AM
Weirdwolf looked embarassed.

"let us go have spent enough time helping the ungrateful little oil spot."

He popped open his hatch and waited for Carnivac to drop Monzo in there.


Monzo looked up

"great to see you guys , just been relaxing here with fang he's my new buddy hic "

He pats the shell

"we been chowing down together and hes stopped trying to kill me
. Hayy what ya doing put me downnn . Fang tell your buddy we're cool now , with that nifty mental link thing. wooo shouldnt have had that last beer , its been a while since i drunk alcohol but i needed them to cool down after the chilli . Wolfy whats going onn get him to put me down ya know gently."

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 07:02 AM
Skyfall kept his afterburners on max, spinning and dancing through the laser blasts coming out the other side only mildly singed - but a hint of liquid nitrogen had cooled it off - though any more and he'd be doing what his name implied....

He spotted Ramjet heading for the Omega Shuttle:

Oh no, not again....

"Nemesis! Target each of the jokers behind me birrage of 4 each!"

As Skyfall headed for Ramjet his blasters firing at his jet intakes.....

The Omega Shuttle's other two missile ports opened up and Nemesis locked onto Cryotek, Razorclaw, Rampage and Divebomb - then released 16 cluster missiles, each homing in on their target. Once they were close enough - they split into four, so each target had 16 Mini missiles coming at them!

Inside the Omega Shuttle, Artfire and Stepper stood at the door, giving cover for Aero Blade as he hopped out. They spotted Tantrum and Headstrong as they headed for the door, apparently trying to barge in:

"Well, that's a pretty dumb idea....." Smiled Stepper

"Shall we?" responded Artfire with a cocky grin.

Steppers answer was to pull his two fireball pistols from his hips and fire with all three weapons (His Target Master also fires superheated Napalm) at Tantrum and Headstrong. Artfire aimed his sniper rifle (railgun) through the blaze and fired at shot at the Rhino Decepticon as they headed out of the shuttle.

2005-06-09, 07:31 AM
Razorclaw saw the battle continue through the air as Cyclonus tried to make his escape, but Skyfall wouldn't give up. He saw as Tantrum and Headstrong went after the shuttle but got shot and gave up their chase. Divebomb and Rampage had fired volleys at missiles and had dealt with them and Razorclaw used his blaster to pick them off long range. Tantrum wasn't as lucky.

"Enough of this Predacon's merge to Predaking!!"

Divebomb and Rampage flew away from the battle to were Razorclaw was, Headstrong was helping Tantrum move but with the constant damage he'd be more of a hindrance. The five brightly coloured Predacons merged to Predaking at once. When the transformation was complete most of Predaking’s leg had gone into repair mode and seized up meaning that gesault couldn't land on it, or use the mortar rounds. He did however summon his sword and blaster and began firing at the shuttle.

2005-06-09, 07:35 AM

Ramjet drove right into Skyfall's blaster fire, the hail of red darts singing and pitting the cowling around his air intakes.

"Didn'tcha learn your lesson the last time, short stuff?"

The seeker's lasers fizzled into subspace, his cluster bomb launchers appearing in their place. The launchers fired, and the bombs streaked away towards Skyfall with tongues of flame trailing behind them. The projectiles starbursted into a cloud of smaller explosives as they neared the target, filling the sky with a rain of death.

For his part, Ramjet throttled up and aimed his nosecone straight at the oncoming Micromaster.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 07:56 AM
Everyone out of the shuttle!

Skyfalls message boomed inside the Omega Shuttle and the three Minicons knew what was going on. They quickly vacated the shuttle, transforming into vehicle mode and flying through the air. Nemesis came up behind Ramjet and fired a plasma blast at Ramjets engines.

At the same time, Skyfall was trying very hard not to die. He transformed into Robot mode and threw his thrusters forward to stop himself and buy a few more seconds from the clusterbombs. He fired off a few blaster rounds at them, causing a very impressive rippling effect. Unfortunatly, there was no way he could avoid Ramjet. While it didn't hit his main body, Ramjet's nosecone hits the back wing section, peeling it back with a massive wrenching sound, Skyfall winced in pain.....

Artfire and Stepper hit the ground and looked around the battlefield:

"Combiner?" Asked Stepper

"Combiner." nodded Artfire and the two Target masters were off, running across the field. Artfire dropped to his knee and brought up his Target Master sniper rifle, aiming for Predakings head. He fired a rail gun slug, aimed right between teh optics of the orange brute.

Stepper had all three weapons out and aimed them the connection point between Razorclaw and Tantrum - firing 2 fire balls of 5000 degree flame and a stream of 10,000 degree napalm at the combiner point. He kept an eye out for Cryotek as he did this though....

2005-06-09, 08:15 AM

Nemesis' shot tore a chunk out of Ramjet's port-rear thruster assembly. A gout of flame belched from the engine, flooding the airspace behind him for a second before he managed to secure the damage.

As his nosecone tore into Skyfall, the seeker vectored upwards, hoping to pull a complete loop and strafe the Micromaster with his lasers on the return pass.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 08:31 AM
Nemesis saw the flame gout coming at him, but there wasn't anything to do - he couldn't turn in time, nor could he stop - he was designed for space combat, and his thrusters just weren't fast enough for this in an atmosphere. He prepaired for the pain and closed his sensors off for a second.... but the pain didn't come! When his sensors came online again, Ark was floating below him, extending his Energon shield around his brother - in the back ground, Starlight was smiling in the back of their heads...

Skyfall knew second chances like the one he was given don't happen too often. Ramjet was pulling away from him and had given him a moment to react - and Skyfall had only one thing to say:


The Omega Shuttle shifted form, from shuttle to Robot mode. While Skyfall flew around and changed into a head. Just before he connected, the fear of connection surged through his brain, but with a combiner on the field and Ramjet doing as much damage as he did, there was no other choice.

All the doubt left when he connected with the Omega though - that surge of confidnece that came with the presence inside changed him, and all he saw was the enemy....

2005-06-09, 12:48 PM
Cryotek quickly brought up a wall of ice between him and the cluster missiles.

"Bloody slag, stupid, stupid Autobots." He growled and fired on the two targetmasters firing at Predaking.

"You idoits should realise if you bring down Cyclonus the released radioactivity that kill the local humans you care so much about will be on your heads." He growled wondering if the Autobots really cared about the humans as much as the claimed too.

"Besides, even your idoitic leader Optimus Prime would be smart enough to let us go rather than risk a massive loss of life." He snarled.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-09, 07:29 PM
Skyfall Omega hit the ground with a sneer on his face - even his face plate did nothing to hide the utter contempt he had for these Decepticons. The one side of his head was distorted - it had been his wing in Robot mode - the one that Ramjet had hit, and he was in a bad mood. He looked up at Cryotek:

"Let you GO!?!" Skyfall Omega spat. "You have endangered human lives, risked the very land to steal that material. I will not fire on Cyclonus, I will rip the nuclear material from his very frame!

"But first, Decepticon, your fate is sealed.... PLANET CRUSH!"

The giant battle Axe formed in the massive Autobot warriors hands. He charged at the hovering dragon-transformer, his foot and back thrusters igniting and providing massive thrust. The axe skidded across the ground, static electricity cracking around it's double blades - when he reached Cryotek, he launched up, swinging the axe in a massive arc, attempting to cleave the Decepticon from stem to sternum....

Stepper didn't even notice right off the bat when his foot froze into place with Cryotek's blast, He continued to unlease fire and pain on Predaking. Artfire on the other hand, dodged and rolled, coming up with his weapon drawn. He would have taken aim at the Blue Decepticon, if Skyfall Omega wasn't charging in to take care of the Problem.

2005-06-09, 08:16 PM

Knowing exactly what his shell thought of the Nebulon through the 'nifty mental link thing', Carnivac chuckled as he dropped Monzo into the hatch.

2005-06-09, 08:19 PM
Weirdwolf growled and slammed the hatch shut .

"apologies comrade for my companion , let us proceed to the shuttle at all speed . Need I to get away from all these Squishy fripperies."

2005-06-09, 08:39 PM
"Don't we all" Carnivac said as he started heading towards the canteen's exit " Next time we're saying that squishy's injures were caused by his own stupidity."

2005-06-09, 08:45 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled

"a sound plan i like it yes."

He followed Carnivac out of the Canteen door and into the corridor leading to one of the exits.

2005-06-09, 08:54 PM
" It would only be the truth...more or less" Carnivac said as he walked down the corridor and exited the studio.

2005-06-09, 09:02 PM
Weirdwolf followed him into the exterior and paused in the cover of an outbuilding.

"how shall we use the holo projector , maybe show some squishies in danger autoscum are suckers for rescues and maybe a fake seeker attack to distract Autoego. What think you."

Random Sweep
2005-06-09, 09:37 PM

Cyclonus would have frowned had he been in robot mode.

" If you think I will endanger my mission by letting you near me then you are mistaken Autobot " Cyclonus snarled

" Triggerhappy, with me " he ordered " The rest of you are occupy these fools for a short while only "

With that Cyclonus hit the boosters and streaked away followed by Triggerhappy.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-09, 09:46 PM
Moscow Industrial District

The machines were hard at work fabricating the human/cybertronian alloy curving it, tempering it. The design was going to be sleeker. Also standing against the furthest wall was a team of about one hundred workers. Welders, architects, electricians, engineers, labourerers. All were following the new blue-print for the Grimreaper frame.

Lazarus looked onward from an operations office above the factory. He watched intently as the skilled workers from all over the world did what they did best. Behind him was a table with the require blue prints. One was the original schematics for Sunstreaker that he managed to aquire during his original movement with Transformers. The new ones were different. They could not aquire the parts for the Lambourghini so they were forced to settle for a Dodge Viper. This meant the reconstruction would probably take longer, since they had to come up with a new blue print to accomodate transformation changes.

"Does it go well?" Yefremov asked as he pushed the door open, the noise of the machinery getting into the normally sound-proof room. Lazarus turned around slightly surprised but he quickly settled and nodded.

"You assembled a quick learning team. They are using tools and devices that most of them have never seen and working at an amazing pace." Lazarus said softly as he turned around to watch them work again.

"They were the best money could buy from all over the world. Two crews, this will be worked on night and day until it is done!" Yefremov spoke excitedly as he walked up beside Lazarus and put his hands behind his back standing at attention. "When this 'Grimreaper' is done," Yefremove still spoke the name Lazarus had given with a slight bit of sarcasm, "I shall be the most powerful man in Russia."

"Only Russia?" Lazarus asked with a small half-smile as he watched four of the labourers help install one of the new joints inside the ankle.

Yefremov grinned sheepishly, by now he had accepted with the power he was being given, Russia was far too modest. "Only Russia to start. The world won't fall totally under the Iron Curtain right away."

Lazarus nodded as he eyed the work on the upper body. It was being enforced with the first peices of the human-cybertronian compound. "These workers are moving amazingly fast. They have already begun to re-assemble his internal circuitry, and the skeletal frame is almost complete. They will begin fabricating the new parts for the transformation within days. We are amazingly ahead of schedual." Lazarus spoke quickly finally turning away from the window and walking to the table and looking down at the blue prints. "We could be ready a lot sooner than planned."

"Don't get to hasty. It will still be atleast a month, besides something could go wrong."

"No Fedor, nothing will go wrong. We will control this world very soon!" Lazarus was getting excited with this prospect.

"Whatever you say, comrade. I must go to my office in town. There is urgent business awaiting me there. I will be back later." Yefremov pushed off back to the door pushing it open again. The room filled with the sound of machinery again, Lazarus ignored it this time focusing on the blue-prints muttering to himself.

2005-06-10, 12:45 AM
Cryotek smiled evilily and brought his spark extractor online. He quickly dodged to the side and drove his tail into Skyfalls frame *Given his massive size I would figure this would work.*

"No fool, you will let us go or I will tear your spark from this very reality and send you to the Inferno for your useless spark to burn for all time." He growled coldly.

2005-06-10, 05:07 AM

" Maybe, I think we should try illusions of us first" Carnivac said as he made sure he was hidden behind a building "They expect us to be here, besides we don't want our egobots to call in more of their playmates...Even if they are vanity's creations, they might call for back up if they think their out numbered."

2005-06-10, 05:09 AM
Predaking saw the massive autobot form. He looked at the autobots and felt the various blasts and started to fell his armor weaken. He glanced towards Artfire and Stepper and let off a volley of mortor missles at the small autobots. He then flew towards Skyfall Omega and got his sword out and tried to defend the blue Cryotek

2005-06-10, 06:23 AM
Weirdwolf nodded

" a good point about the seekers don't want even more autoscum to fight , but the fake squishies in peril should still work if device can generate two illusions. As familiar you are with it will let you operate it friend."

2005-06-10, 06:42 AM

Ramjet completed his loop and came in for a strafing run on Skyfall...only to see the Micromaster transform into a head and connect with that shuttle of his.

"That's a new move. Preds'll still shred him, though."

With a mental shrug, he adjusted his angle of descent to point his nosecone towards Artfire. Falling into a random zigzag pattern to avoid return fire, he cut loose on the Autobot warrior with his laser cannons. Crimson bolts of energy rained down all around the red-and-white fire engine.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-10, 06:52 AM
OOC: Right, So Predaking has taken a constant barrage of Heavy flames to the body, as well as a SNIPER ROUND TO THE HEAD and is walking away from his attackers?

2nd: Rav. That was a deffinate hit to Skyfall Omega - Be more careful with that in the future ;)


Skyfall Omega felt the tail enter his chest through a weak part in his armour. He looked at Cryotek with optics of pure anger. At the same time, blue energy crackled to the intruder massive surges from an strange source:

"Grave Mistake: I am a Headmaster. Your tail is in my Transector - no Spark there, you missed that by a good twelve feet!"

With Cryotek so close Skyfall Omega reached out with his left hand to grab the Decepticon by his throat, while the Planet Crush axe decended on the Decepticon's tail.

Artfire and Stepper looked at each other as the moarters exploded around them. Artfire dodged out of the way, while Stepper tried, but only fell sideways, his leg frozen. Stepper reached down, adjusted his pistol and fired a small fireball at his leg, trying to unfreeze it. With in a second his leg was thawed and the next second it was starting to heat up....

"OOOWWW!" Cried Stepper, accompanied by him jumping back.

Artfire came up and started to spray his leg with a jet of CO2, cooling the leg.

"Well, that wasn't bright." Commented the Sniper

"Got the job done, didn't it?" retorted Stepper "Now, I'm going back to roast the Orange Meanace some more."

"I'll see if I can find Ramjet and help the Mini's - Scream if you get into trouble....." The two nodded at each other and split.

Stepper ran up behind Predaking and continued his birrage of Flame and pain against the behemoth.

Artfire looped back and stared into the sky, trying to pinpoint where Ramjet had gone. It didn't take him long though, as the conehead seeker came down upon him with a vengence.

Artfire dodged the strafing run, just barely and came up on one knee - he aimed as best he could, swearing under his about the zig-zagging of the jet, and fired off a round at the jet.

2005-06-10, 07:33 AM

Ramjet banked to port quickly, putting himself out of line with Artfire's rail gun. He muttered a Cybertronian curse under his breath, then replaced his lasers with his cluster bomb launchers and fired two rounds off at the Autobot sniper. They starbursted about halfway to the target, raining explosive charges down around the Autobot.

Dodge that, ya slagheap!

2005-06-10, 12:44 PM
OOC- Actually Brave, I knew it was *I know big risk* but it did do what I wanted it too :) Plus you were cool about so I will RP accordingly :) Oh and check you PM.

Cryotek's tail crackled with blue energy flowing into it. Though his attack failed it did by time, the importpart part of Cryotek's gambit. But the wait the energy he was absorbing made Cryotek feel different, better, stronger....

Hmm, I think I will need to find more headmasters to try this on. he thought to himself but then saw the tail coming down at him.

Cryotek jumped back but not quite fast enough as the axe cut into his tail. Thankfully missing his major super structure but having a limp lobbed off still well hurt, lots.

Cryotek would have screamed in pain but instead he laughed and grabbed the cleaved portion of his tail. Cryo flew overhead making sure his master was ok. Cryotek transformed into his jet mode but held his tail with on hand.

"Predacons, Atlas and remain Decepticons. Cyclonus, is away. We should make our leave now as well!" With that Cryotek kicked in his afterburners laughing all the way.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-10, 01:27 PM
OOC: No worries Rav. Just, If I get in trouble for it, I spread the love.... ;) Oh, and well, the blue energy wasn't ment to be a good thing - and Skyfall's transector is... different.

Skyfall watched the Decepticon limp away, and reached up to his chest, pulling out the claw. He was about to cast it away, when he noticed that something was odd about it and decided to subspace it instead.

He fired 2 cluster missiles at Cryotek, and turned to find a Cyclonus before the missiles had a chance to split into 8.

Artfire watched as the cluster missiles flew at him. His mind worked, looking for a way to survive. He retracted his left hand and a missile took it's place. He fired it into the group of cluster bombs and it exloded just before reaching them, expanding into fire retardant foam. While it wouldn't stop the bombs, it did slow their speed and alter their tragetory a bit.

What it did was buy the target master a few moments to get away from the core of the explosion. While the bombs didn't drop directly on him, he was engulfed in the flames from the explosion....

In the air, Nemesis' cannon had fully charged again, and with Ark flying beside him, he fired a shot at Ramjet, as he pulled up from releasing the cluster bombs at Artfire. At the same time, Starlight was circling around, trying to position herself to catch Ramjet....

2005-06-10, 05:03 PM
Predaking's body was a complete mess. The Targetmasters had taken the punishment of his body to a new level. He could survive another round if ...

Systems Warning: Superstructure collapsing. Entry unit = Divebomb, Entry Unit = Tantrum, connection lost. Backup systems Initialling.

Predaking hoped that his systems would be able to hold himself together during this process as he began to fly away as Cyrotek gave the order.

System's Report: Stabilization port C -38 critical pressure. Advised caution to unit structure. Entry Unit = Razorclaw, membrane causing destabilizing. System failure inevitable.

With that Predaking broke into his 5 components. It wasn't a pretty sight. Headstrong landed on his knee and drew out his blaster to give some cover fire to his comrades. Rampage picked up Tantrum and Razorclaw picked up Divebomb. Tantrum needed serious repairs and Divebomb has been badly damaged. But what Razorclaw feared most was what he remembers last as Predaking.

System Failure inevitable.

Predaking Module Disabled.

Predaking Module Destroyed

2005-06-10, 07:22 PM

Taking the illusion maker from Weirdwolf, Carnivac started to press the buttons that covered the device in a random order. A short time later, Carivac let the device scan both Weirdwolf and the pretender shell, then went back to programing it.

When he was done, Carnivac said " All we have to do now is turn it on and hope it doesn't explode on us."

2005-06-10, 07:33 PM
Weirdwolf chuckled

"i'd volunteer Monzo for the switching on but he's so much touble best he stay in his little box ."