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2005-06-13, 09:31 PM

2005-06-13, 11:05 PM
Collectors complained that they were not being taken care of in the past so here you go, something that is beyond anything that has been conceived before. The previous BotCon material was far from great, but this year's appears to be a paragraph in a PDF. All I'm seeing is toy hawking in bulk packs, a good door price ($9), then a big hike for few extras ($120).

Not being in the US and not giving much of a toss about (exclusive) toys, I'm not following things closely—am I missing anything?We offer a $265 entry (Primus) that includes everything. (BTW this is $30 cheaper than last year's set if you purchased one of everything)Did they look at how many people did?

Right now there are other TF-centred conventions that seem attractive; partly because they've had more time to prepare, I suppose.

RID Scourge
2005-06-14, 01:01 AM
Kinda glad I'm not thinking of going. The only word I can use to describe this situation is "milk," especially with the all or nothing treatment of exclusives.

His justification of membership prices doesn't exactly make me rush to become a member. Yes, members save $50 on the convention, but I'd just as soon take the $10 hit if I were going, as I don't really care about a toy that I can get in the store for cheap enough and a magazine I probably won't read.

Anyone else wondering at the size of these figures that he's implying are a value at $33 each?

Brave Maximus
2005-06-15, 03:04 AM
Why is it, every time I read about the TFCC and this years botcon, I don't get warm fuzzies. I mean, for all the problems of the previous botcons (which seemed to get worse once they got the offical licence) - I at least want to go. This year, it would be a thousand dollar trip, easy - perhaps more. Not to mention the $85CDN for the collectors club. I hate to say it, but RID Scourge is right, and it seems like their milking the fandom. At this price point.... cripes - how long is it going to take to burn out the fandom?

I mean, with conventions like CyberCon - that are doing very well - why would I spend so much money to get this. I understand that for the $300+USD I'll be getting 8 exclusive pieces - but of the 7 figures, only 3 of them are going to see any remolding AND none of them have been announced. For $33 a piece - they should all bloody well be Mega - Ultra sized. But I'm willing to bet the breakdown is something like this:

3 Basic, 3 Deluxe and 1 Mega. Or 3, 2, 1 and MAYBE a remold\repaint of RID Prime.... but I doubt that. And I don't think a basic, no matter how limited, is worth $33USD. I think if there's a single minicon included in that set of 7 people are going to revolt. Plus, the email said that, on top of the 7 set, there will be others availible to buy while your there. I mean, why would you do... 7 + (I bet there's a total of 10 - 12 exclusives this year) exclusives? And is there going to be a comic and story line exclusive, or is it going to be an add on to an existing magazine (most of which I couldn't give a rats ass over)? This years botcon feels rushed and more like a cash grab by the moment. While some people seem placiated by his email, I don't. I guess it's because I'm in the performance industry. You can bitch and moan about how much things cost all you want. I, as the consumer, don't care. It all depends on the bottom line for me, and that's $300+USD (plus any extra exclusives) not on top of hotel and flight, that I can't see a reason to spend.

RID Scourge
2005-06-15, 03:37 AM
Originally posted by Brave Maximus
I hate to say it,

I know what you mean. I think a tf collectors' club, where collectors got some cool stuff (or at least had access to purchasing stuff I couldn't get, or even a simple discount) would have been awesome, and I would've eventually signed up when I saw all the cool stuff they were offering.

If they offered something more than a magazine, a repaint of a mold I can get easily enough in a store and normal figures at retail price, then I probably would have joined next year, but seeing year one's questionable "benefits" really makes me wonder how many fans are going to renew their membership.

Brave Maximus
2005-06-15, 04:32 AM
Again, that's just it:

If the prices were valad (and as of right now, they're not), at a point I could swallow (The TFCC store's "Memeber Price" is retail - so anyone else is paying a seriously inflated price, somewhere around an additional 1\3 on retail) - I would be interested. Just as well, I'd get the exclusives if they were reasonable but $65 for non members is just a way to get you into the club. I would pay between $12 and $20 for the exclusives - but well, they just don't seem worth it for the price of the club.