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2005-06-21, 06:34 PM
Summary in very brief :

As the Autobots continue to recover from the last Decepticon attack on their two main Earth citybots, several areas of activity are occuring. Metroplex was felled entirely in the battle, and repairs are in progress for him. In Fortress Maximus, the beginning of gathering the troops together, fortifying defenses, repairs, and the gathering of energon is in progress. A lingering Decepticon group was tracked down after they used a captive autobot as an exchange for a Decepticon prisoner after the battle. In an attempt to capture their shuttle, the Autobot's main leader Optimus Prime was severely damaged. Now his security crew must try to boost troop morale while attempting to keep the exact situation somewhat vague.


Prowl glanced to Grimlock with a brief, slightly displeased expression and then nodded upon the evaluating look. It was clear to him in an instant that the Dinobot commander was in immediate need of repairs. His calm, business manner took over and he motioned toward the door. The strategist knew that every Autobot needed to be at their peak performance in case another attack might occur.

"It was good of you to come quickly Grimlock. Your support and strength are vital to our success, and your repairs must take precedence."
He flipped to an internal secured channel and continued as he turned away and back to the computer.
"We must work together - closely for an indefinite amount of time. Optimus Prime has suffered extreme damage and is in critical condition. Many of our supplies are also at critically low levels, and there is the very urgent and pressing matter of potential and likely defectors. Each and every Autobot's support and cooperation is needed if we are to survive."

Prowl paused briefly. The next phrase was somewhat distasteful to him. Past events had long shown the dinobots to be reliable only in being unreliable. But there could be no room for error now, nor pride. As much as it hurt his processesor, he had to base trust on the few times the Dinos had cooperated.

"Grimlock, the assistance and support of yourself and your dinobot troops are a necessity. The dinobots are strong and skilled warriors, and you are a strong commander. There are few in our ranks that can match the dinobots' power. Above all, we cannot endanger the native life on this planet, but until Optimus returns, we must have additional protective forces that are reliable in our troops. After you are all repaired, will the dinobots be staunch supporters under your command for the Autobot goals while Optimus is recovering?"

2005-06-22, 09:07 PM
Silencer worked hard on the list with Smokescreen .

"Finished my bit what now Smokescreen?"

2005-06-22, 10:08 PM
Smokescreen grinned. He was pleased that they had finished so quickly. "Now- we take a break while we wait for those supply requisitions to be approved. Once they are, we can go get your partner and pick up the supplies. Feel like a pizza Silencer?"


Inferno stalked into Metroplex's labs and began cleaning and starting repairs.

In the delivery bay,
Spike was watching Minerva and Ratchet work quietly when a movement caught his attention. Mirage stood up and slowly hobbled toward the hall.

2005-06-22, 10:35 PM
Silencer grinned

"pizza sounds like an ace idea mate."

2005-06-22, 11:41 PM
"Fantastic." Smokescreen chuckled and transformed, opening his door in the process. "I ordered a stock of the pies a week ago and they're in now. We can cook a couple up and take them around to the other Nebulons too... maybe see if Minerva or Brainstorm have time to come - heh- make security more efficient."

2005-06-23, 04:15 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -looks over at Wheeljack- "Good grief. What happened to you?"

Security Center, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -nods- "We stay and help." -shrugs- "Not like we got anywhere to go. Me lost speaking tour gig to 'Vocab Builder for Fun and Profit', and firefighter association not letting Slag near barbeque pit anytime soon. Something about not wanting char-broiled hot dog this year, heavy on char." -straightens- "Me go to repair by now." -walks out of room-

2005-06-23, 06:25 AM
Silencer replied

" lead me to them mate , might even raid Landfill's supply of fortified energon for ya , he's got some North Sea Special from 1996 you could try a few jars of ."

Brave Maximus
2005-06-23, 06:45 AM
"........ that Ironhide,........ go sightseeing............."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-23, 09:24 PM
Brawn didn't need to be told twice. He wanted to get this hole dug. The drill turned fourty degrees downward and began to spin. It punched through the Earth and began to create a hole in the Earth.

2005-06-24, 12:18 AM
"Here Prowl." Ultra Magnus said quietly as he walked into the security quarters and took a chair. He knew the strategist could see and hear him, and the seasoned commander would wait patiently until Prowl could talk with him.

He didn't have to wait long.

With the push of a button series, Prowl audibly and visually secured the room. "In brief Magnus, Optimus Prime suffered extreme damage. I am awaiting the medical reports from Ratchet. From an unfielded opinion, it is unlikely that he will be fit for more than partial duty for an indefinite time if he survives. Our supplies are dangerously low. Morale is weak, and many...... *Prowl caught the edge of his rising temper* deserters... need to be either restrained or regained. We need to strengthen our resolve and the force if we are to survive."

The veteran soldiers watched each other intently for a moment and then Ultra Magnus held up a hand. "I understand. Strategically we are weak in all areas and Optimus is a great loss. I hope that will be temporary. We must rebuild the trust within the ranks and continue to effect repairs. I will assist in whatever role is needed."

In agreement, Prowl motioned at a screen that showed the field commanders. "The need comes in strengthening our combined leadership. The security director has instructed us to keep Optimus' condition unavailable to the troops. I have yet to notify Ironhide of the situation. He was dispatched to assist the Neo group, and is expected to return with them after he assists in preventing a nuclear plant failure."

Magnus nodded. "I agree with Red Alert's choice. Ironhide should be informed as soon as possible." After a brief pause in considering the nuclear plant, he followed up with a pressing question. The strategist was cut and dry when it came to loyalty, and had little tolerance for individuals that did not follow orders. The rare bit of irritation feeding through his word choice at the start of the conversation concerned Ultra Magnus.
"What is your assessment of the Neo group, Prowl?"

"They've been a functional unit, and have constructed a degree of trust amongst each other. If upon evaluation, they prove themselves to be able to follow orders, as well as both be loyal to our cause and to excel as a team, we will register them as such in our rankings, and institute a specialized training program for them. A centralized set of temporary quarters are open and available for them on upper floor deck 4 in Max's left arm hall, and it will be outfitted with equipment and supplies for them. If they will not be subordinate and cannot be trusted, they will be disbanded and the uncooperative individuals removed by Skyfire to join the refugee colony."

Ultra Magnus considered the information carefully. "You said 'temporary' Prowl."

"I did. I think it likely they will prove themselves capable, but I cannot figure a probablility for being trustable. When Metroplex's repairs are completed, I believe it would be a good decision to give them permanent quarters in Metroplex in the lower left leg on wing 2."

"And you're expecting me to keep a watch on them?" Magnus hid a growing smirk.

"I think they'd be more effective and efficient at being based at Metroplex under your command and training. They will provide added protection, function as a strike unit, and they'd have a top ranking officer for a direct commander. But we must await the evaluation."

"Agreed. It is a good plan, but now I must return to assist Big Daddy. Repairs are going well, and he was seeing to the foundry. I'll need his assistance for preparing the training room."

Prowl nodded and then frowned slightly as the reminder brought the recent events to the front of his attention. "Call up any individuals you require. I had to shut down Max's training room from a glitch. It trapped the dinobots in a session and they were unable to communicate. See if any of the technicians are available and have them check on it."

Ultra Magnus rose and gave an agreeable nod as he left the secured room. When he was gone, Prowl looked down at his hands and let a frustrated shake of the head slip.
"Time for repairs. More critical time lost."

Igos Du Inka
2005-06-24, 12:33 AM
*Sends Ultra Magnus a transmission*

Nick: Hey *static* Magnus how are ya*static* hope you still *static* remember me. *static* I'm at Autobace *static* been looken for *static* you and Arcee *static* Hot Ro *static* I'm looseing connection got to*static* go.

2005-06-24, 06:46 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

"They taught me a great many things. Advanced medicine wasn't one of them."

Red Alert glared down at Minerva, but his attention was drawn before he could utter a vieled threat that was on the tip of his vocal unit. His optics tracked over to Mirage, who seemed to be trying to steal away from the group when no one was looking.

"Sit," he instructed the spy, his voice as cold as the vacuum of space.

Medbay, Fort Max

Snarl stormed in, glared maliciously at anyone who paid attention to him, then secured himself inside a CR chamber.

Armoury, Fort Max

Crosshairs continued to work with the base's limited ammo supplies. Currently, he was busy recharging a stack of standard power cells for use in energy weapons.

2005-06-24, 06:07 PM
Flintlock stepped back Landfill was shining and gleaming, very unlike his normal self


Landfill stretched as he transformed into his robot mode

He took the hose from Flintlock and was about to stow it when he saw Trailbreaker trundling past. Quick as a flash he aimed it and squirted the black autobot.

"hey Trail good buddy you been doing a good job but you got a little muddy let me help clean you off."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-24, 09:21 PM
Blaster had no problem making sure Nick's little transmission never made it too Ultra Magnus. Old frequency, and it was best to not let intruders do what they want.


"Prowl, this is Windcharger. I have the human, but I am not sure what to do with it. He claims to know Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod and Arcee. I've never seen him before, or even heard of him. Any ideas?" Windcharger asked, still carrying the way-ward human. "He's also trying to use an old radio to get a hold of him."

2005-06-25, 06:17 AM
Ultra Magnus headed back towards the refinery, unaware that Nick's incoming message had been blocked. A glimmer of a small smile flickered on his face as he noted the amount of repairs that had been completed, the new runways, the new tunnel. "They've been working hard. The Decepticons haven't broken our spirt - yet."


"Well done Blaster. Give me the status of our communications equipment and any requests for additional supplies as soon as possible. I also want you to begin working on a frequency to do a little listening in on the Wreckers if we should find we require the use of such a thing in the future. Take your time- it needs to be a one-way listening channel."

Prowl stood and began walking toward the medical center, but had only gotten a few steps when he heard from Windcharger.

"Interesting Windcharger. I suppose it is reasonably possible. The Earth Defense Command did work with them and involved many humans. Bring him to me in medbay. I will find out more from him there. I also have a project for you if you are unoccupied."

Trailbreaker laughed and transformed, promptly spinning his wheels and splattering mud into the air. "One good turn deserves another Landfill! The humans keep saying mud's good for the skin."

Mirage stopped in his tracks and got a tired expression. Obediently, he slowly sat down and leaned against a wall before closing his optics.

2005-06-25, 07:49 AM
Landfill was covered in mud

Flintlock shook his head in dismay

Landfill sprayed Trailbreaker with the hose some more

"so they do say good buddy , they also reccomend regular cleansing"

2005-06-25, 09:58 AM
Makeshift Medbay. Fort Max.

Bumper nodded afirmative to Red Alert. "Sure, I can keep this quiet if that's what you need me to do."


Fort Max. Entrance Ramp.

Powerglide heard the transmission and scowled. Flying had to be put off once again. "Sorry Pipes, looks like I've got other orders." Powerglide turned and headed inside to find Windcharger and see about Nick.

Pipes shrugged and continued out. "You going to keep me company, Arcee?

(OOC: Arcee is still with him AFAIK, right?)


Outside Fort Max.

Huffer watched as Quickmix was picked up and flown off. He shrugged and transformed, driving towards Metroplex.

2005-06-25, 10:20 AM
Fort Max Perimeter

Cliffjumper glanced back, wondering where Warpath and Rosdos were, then opened a comm-link to his patrol buddies

"Where are you two"

* * * * * *

Med-bay, Fort Max

"Same old, same old" Wheeljack glanced at Brainstorm and replied sheepishly, then winced as something rattled in his chest and he got reminded some part in that area was loose before adding "Anything going on around here I can help with?"

* * * * * *

Makeshift med-bay

Still leaning against the door leading to the corridors to prevent anyone else entering, Devcon had been glancing at Spike, wondering what he was, when Mirage trying to leave caught his attention and he watched, frowning at the ice in the security director's voice as he addressed the spy, weren't the Earth Autobots meant to be a team?

* * * * * *


Watching Brawn get to work, Grapple transformed to clear the earth from the tunnel's construction by using his alt mode's claw to compress it and transport over to the air-field for the other team to use.

Catila had been idly watching the others when a patch of mud from Trailbreaker's playful attack on Landfill whammed into his face.
In a flash, the large sabre-toothed cat was in his feet, growling, his tail twitching wildly, mud dripping down his face.

2005-06-25, 04:15 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -runs a scanner over Wheeljack- "Well, you could check one of our CR chambers for light leaks. What did you do, blow yourself up?"

Grimlock: -strides in, walks over to a CR chamber, gets in, lets it get to work after telling it not to bring his shell online to assist in the repairs, then spending a few minutes having to override the automatics in the Pretender shell programming, sighs, thinks to self- "Me really hate stupid shell......."

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -keeps working on Hound-

Shuttle bay, Fort Max:

Fortress: -over commlink- "Hoist, could you join me down here in the shuttle bay? Repairs are proceeding, but a more practiced optic than mine should give the systems a going over."

2005-06-25, 06:30 PM
Inferno righted some shelving and fused it into place, then looked around at the finished repairs in the engineering lab. His growing boredom finally flared. The search and rescue autobot hissed in irritation and then frowned deeply.

"I oughtta be crackin' some Decepticon heads - not doing stuff the techies should be doin'. Day after day we either get bombarded, or play tuck and cover. Then I'm left pickin' up the pieces and the medics are wiped because of so many injuries. Maybe Springer's got it right. I bet the Wreckers are out there bashing the Decepticons from here to kingdom come. Takin' care of the Cons first is the way to go."

He paused and glanced toward a small window overlooking the outer perimeter. Slowly, a smirk grew on his face. Inferno turned and jogged out of the room.


Trailbreaker couldn't help but laugh at the ever-growing muck puddle around the group, but caught Catilla's quick movement. He stopped spinning his wheels when he noticed the angry Autobot, but the expression on the feline-bodied figure was too much to keep from laughing about. He burst into a series of sniggers and laughs, trying to eek out an apology. It took quite some doing because of the extreme laughing fits he was having.
"S...orry... Catilla!"

2005-06-25, 06:36 PM
Landfill looked round as he heard growling. He spotted Catilla and tried not to chortle at the mud spattered pretender.

"Sorry there good buddy ."

2005-06-26, 04:19 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert took two steps towards Mirage, glancing down towards the spy.

"Stay there," he said, his voice a bit warmer. "If you wander off before getting repaired and debriefed, Prowl will probably have you arrested as a traitor."

The security officer glanced back over his shoulder, looking meaningfully at Devcon. Then, he turned to Bumper.

"That's what I wanted to hear." He nodded approvingly. "Head up to the communications hub and have Blaster patch you through to Getaway. I send him into Denver just after the attack, and he hasn't checked in. If he's in trouble, find a couple unoccupied warriors and go bail him out. If he doesn't reply..."

He sighed.

"If he doesn't reply, find Prowl and fill him in on the situation. He'll know what to do."

Red didn't like handing off responsability to anyone, but he'd like it even less if he was called away from Prime to deal with this situation.

2005-06-26, 06:35 PM
Makeshift Medbay.

"I'll get right on it." Bumper said, heading off for the comm hub. Logistics was one area where he had no shortage of confidence.


Powerglide walked up to Windcharger, who was carrying Nick. "Hey 'Charger, what's the status?" Powerglide looked down at the human. "Doesn't seem like much of a threat."



Huffer drove into Metroplex and headed for the Foundry.

Igos Du Inka
2005-06-26, 07:43 PM
*looks at Powerglide and "flutteres eyes"

Nick: yea I can't hurt a fly

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-26, 07:59 PM
"No, he probably can't. But it's better to be safe than sorry, right?" Windcharger replied to Powerglide. "He claims to know some Autobots, but I've never seen him, or even heard of him before. Prowl said to take him there so that is where I am going. Speaking of which." Windcharge remembered to reply to Prowl.

"Prowl, I'm on my way and I'm not busy. That's why I'm playing human taxi." The mini-bot began moving towards the command center.


"Well, we talking Neo Wreckers or the good ol' fasioned kind?" Blaster asked Prowl. "The former ain't no thang, they ain't exactly seasoned. But the old Wreckers, that might take some work. We even know where they are?"

2005-06-26, 11:33 PM
Powerglide walked alongside Windcharger, escorting Nick to Prowl in the Medbay.

2005-06-27, 10:47 AM
The radio waves crackled

"Scoop to Fort Max the Cons got away is ."crackle down he took 4 of Weirdwolf's missiles and I've only got one working "crackle over

2005-06-27, 11:12 AM
----------Fortmax Perimeter----------
"We're still around Fortmax look like we're on a tunnel digging side.Where are you?"Rosdos replied Cliffjumper's comlink.

----------Fortmax shuttle bay-----------
Hoist arrived at shuttle bay."Ahhh.Yes these shuttle that take us here time to make them fly again."Hoist started to repair shuttles.

Igos Du Inka
2005-06-27, 03:48 PM
*riding on Windchangers shoulder*

Nick: to the Medbay eh? by the way how’s Prime rumor has it he got scraped?

Browning: GAWD! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! TRANSFORM! Dam Nick do you know how much you sweat *Browning notices Windchangers* oh smeg.

2005-06-28, 04:51 AM
Fort Max, Comm Hub.

Bumper wandered into the Comm Hub and waved amiably at Blaster. "Hi Blaster, Red Alert sent me up here to get in touch with Getaway in Denver and determine his status."


Outside Fort Max.

(OC:As far as I know Arcee was going to patrol with Pipes, but Arcee hasn't posted in a while so...I'll just assume shes there and edit it later if something needs to be revised.)

Pipes strolled along with Arcee around the perimeter of the massive citybot. As usual when given busywork, Pipes was bored. And, as usual when he was bored, he was becoming increasingly rambunctious and impulsive. He began by snapping his fingers and slapping his palms rhythmically. Eventually he started bobbing on his feet, nearly jumping as they walked along. "Boooooring." What he wouldn't give for a sudden decepticon assault right now.


Metroplex. Foundry.

Huffer drove into the foundry and transformed. There was quite a bit of noise from more and more of the fabrication plants coming online, but he eventually managed to find Big Daddy. Huffer leaned down and raised his voice to be heard. "Hows it going? Is Magnus here? I've brought the redesigned Metroplex specs."

2005-06-28, 12:01 PM
Fort Max Perimeter

"I'm out on the Fort Max perimeter, waiting for you two to join me" the scarlet minibot replied, the lack of tact he was so famous for flaring up as he added "Are we patrolling together or not?"

* * * * * *

Makeshift med-bay

Devcon caught Red Alert's glance in his direction and turned his attention to the security director, staring calmly at his back, an unreadable expression on the bounty hunter's face as he watched Red Alert talking to Bumper.

* * * * * *

Med-bay, Fort Max

"Alright, I'll check them out after getting repaired" Wheeljack replied, nodding at Brainstorm, then he got an innocent, yet sheepish look in his optics "Blow myself up? What makes you think that?"

The engineer suddenly looked up and over at Grimlock as the Dinobot entered and got into a CR chamber.

* * * * * *


Having dumped the first load of soil, Grapple came back to get some more, glancing at the tunnel and smiling inside, feeling happier now he was overseeing a construction project.

The face of his Pretender shell now muddy, Catilla just snarled at them, an expression he kept up, the hum of his cannon growing as he powered it up, then stalked towards Trailbreaker and Landfill.

2005-06-28, 12:29 PM
Landfill dropped to the ground pressing himself into a hollow. Flintlock suddenly in one hand.

Silencer was up to something else but long range wasn't going to be a problem here.

" Catilla think about it , it was just mud don't do somerthing you'll regret."

2005-06-29, 11:27 PM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Fortress: -comm panel on his arm flips open, Scoop's transmission crackling andhissing over the commset, brings up a secondary frequency- "Blaster, this is Fortress. I think we're getting a transmission from Scoop, but it's faint. Could you enhance it so we can understand what he's saying?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -points at an empty CR chamber- "I mean check one of them from the inside. Most of your damage is cosmetic, the rest is minor stuff your auto-repair systems can handle."

Chromedome: -walks in, datapadd in hand, thinking, sees Wheeljack and Brainstorm- "Ah, good. Just the two I wanted to see."

Brainstorm: "Huh?"

Chromedome: "Remember back home, Brainstorm? The power systems aboard the ship?"

Brainstorm: -nods- "Yes."

Chromedome: "Well, it would help the logisitcs problem here if we built a power generating system for this ship."

Brainstorm: "'We'? Didn't Fortress lock you out of the technical bay aboard the ship because of your last foray into the realm of building things?"

Chromedome: -looks kind of sheepish, scratches back of head- "Er........."

2005-06-29, 11:39 PM
Outside Fort Max.

(ooc-did someone say he was bored? :p)

Blurr was headed back to Ft Max, when he spied Arcee and Pipes headed in his direction.

As Chromia had left Earth without giving him any instruction, he had simple spent the last day or so wandering about the huge complex.

"Arcee!Pipes! Whereareyougoing?DoyoumindifItagalong?"

He stood there with an expression on his very like an Earth puppy....

2005-06-30, 05:18 AM
Outside Fort Max.

Pipes looked up at the light blue autobot. He glanced over to Arcee, and then back to Blurr. He shrugged. "Suits me. Tag along if you wish. Can't see why you'd want to, though."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-06-30, 09:46 PM
"Alright Bumper! I got your channel open, you should get Getaway on the first try if he's up and kickin'" Blaster said with a grin turning away from Bumper to deal with Fort Max's request.

Blaster transformed and quickly worked on amplifying the signal. "Should be coming in clearer any moment, Max!"


"How deep is this thing going, Grapple?" Brawn asked. He had a hole drilled out wide enough for him and other Mini-bots to fit. "I need to know when to stop drilling out and making this wider."


Windcharger pushed Nick off his shoulder back into his hand and then looked at Browning.

"A Decepticon? How'd he get past our sensors?" Windcharger asked Powerglide. "Looks to be about the size of a casettacon. Prowl, This is Windcharger, the human was carrying a Decepticon on him!"

2005-07-01, 03:33 AM
Fort Max. Comms Hub.

Bumper sat down at a console and connected to the communications web. "Getaway, do you read me? Getaway, what is your status. This is Bumper at Autobase. Reply."



Powerglide scratched his head for a moment. "It doesn't make any sense, he shouldn't have been able to." Powerglide drew his laser rifle and trained it on the Browning. "Don't try anything stupid."

Powerglide looked and Windcharger. "We'd better get to Medbay on the double."

2005-07-01, 04:08 AM
Getaway's calm voice replied to Bumper.

"I hear you, Bumper. I've...well, I've actually stumbled onto a human terrorist cell, oddly enough. Nightbeat and his cheerleaders are helping me dismantle it, but it's slow going. What do you need?"

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert looked back to see how much progress Ratchet had made on Prime, then looked over at Devcon.

"When did you arrive?" he asked with an almost casual tone. "I don't remember seeing you since the evacuation."

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-01, 04:23 PM
Browning: ya know you could have told me we were rideing on an autobot

Nick: I'd figured you'd have found that out

Borwning: well.. . . smegg

Nick: oh by the way it was Browning that tripped the sencors, and he has got past your sencors with , well i gues the help of Unicron.... guess liveing in his leg back on IO had it's perks

Browning: speak for your self

2005-07-01, 08:54 PM
Comms Hub.

Bumper replied to Getaway. "Just looking for a status report. If you're in trouble, I'm authorized to come with backup to assist you. Over."

2005-07-02, 03:16 AM
Outside Fort Max.


Blurr looked around and then back to the two bots in front of him...


Random Sweep
2005-07-02, 04:06 AM
Ratchet fitted the final piece to Prime then connected the power cables to energize the form.

" Its all up to you now Optimus "

2005-07-02, 07:21 AM
Getaway replied.

"Actually, Bumper, we could use a bit of help. We've secured a terrorist ammo dump, but we need someone to come pick up the loot. If you could grab Crosshairs and a few people who are willing to do a little heavy lifting and bring them out here, you'd save us a lot of time."

He paused.

"I'm transmitting the co-ordinates to you now."

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert glanced back at Ratchet, who had finished repairing Prime's exostructure and running a power infusion.

"What's your prognosis, doctor?"

2005-07-02, 08:50 AM
----------Fortmax Perimeter----------
"Sorry we're coming.Warpath just pick some transmission."
Rosdos answer Cliffjumper's call and join a patrol with Cliffjumper.

Random Sweep
2005-07-02, 01:44 PM
Ratchet glanced at Red Alert as he spoke.

" I've done all that I can. all that remains is for Optimus's spark to accept the repairs "

2005-07-03, 12:01 AM
"Sure, come along!" Arcee said to Blurr. The more the merrier. "And you calm down a bit," she said to Pipes, referring to his "bored" behaviour from a moment ago. "You remind me of Daniel when he's eaten too much sugar."

2005-07-03, 03:30 AM
Outside Fort Max.

Pipes looked sullenly up at Arcee. "Awww, I wasn't hurtin' anybody, just workin off some tension is all. I've been cooped up in a shuttle for years, just to get out and be sent on partrol."


Fort Max. Comms Hub.

Bumper replied to Getaway, "Copy that. I'll round up a few volunteers and head your way."

Bumper switched channels and patched through to Crosshairs. "Crosshairs, this is Bumper in Comms. If you're up for it, I'd like your assistance in joining my team to reinforce Getaway's efforts in Denver. If you'd like to go, meet me at the entrance ramp in fifteen minutes."

Bumper then sent a general transmission over the Autobase PA system. Checking one of the monitors, he excluded the hallway where Windcharger and Powerglide were escorting Nick and Browning from the broadcast. Never hurt to be too careful. His transmission went: "Any autobot with above average strength who'd like to join a mission to Denver, please meet at the entrance ramp in fifteen minutes."

Bumper got up and headed out of Comms, waving to Blaster as he went. Then it hit him: I'm leading a mission? How did that happen. All of a sudden he felt entirely overwhelmed.

2005-07-03, 05:45 AM
Metroplex. Foundry.

Big Daddy absently nodded. "He's somewhere around here. I don't exactly know where, though. Me and my guys have been too busy doing this."

(OOC: And if someone can remind me just what exactly it is I'm supposed to be doing, I'd appreciate it muchly.)
Command Center, Fort Max

Groundshaker and Wreck-Gar, figured that enough time had passed, activated the communications system.

"Pipes, Arcee, wanna give me a status report?"

2005-07-03, 05:22 PM
Fizzle, Guzzle and Sizzle recieved the transmission from Cosmos:
F: "Oh my God"
S: "I know, we'd better tell the boss-bots!"
G: "What you reckon they want to go for drinks on saturday?"
Silence fell as the two race car bots stared at their partner.
Sizzle broke the silence, saying "I think we'd better tell the them about the massive warcruiser with the decepticon sigil in sierra leone."

Guzzle shook his head sadly. He'd really been looking forward for a night out.

2005-07-04, 12:21 AM
Outside Fort Max

Pipes flashed Arcee a mischevious smile (faceplate blocking his mouth notwithstanding) before responding to Groundshaker. "Yeah! All quiet on the autobot front, I'm bored as all getup, and Blurr is talking my ear off!" He winked at Blurr and jabbed him conspiratorily in the shoulder. (Okay, the thigh.)


Corridor in Fort Max

Powerglide walked with Windcharger towards the Medbay, escorting the prisoners. "Hey look," he said to Windcharger. "there's the medbay. I have a feeling these two are going to cause more trouble than their size warrants."


Metroplex Foundry

(OOC: you're bringing the foundry back online so we can begin rebuilding Metroplex with it.)

Huffer responded to Big Daddy. "All right. I'll wait here for him. I'm sure Magnus will turn up soon." Having said that, Huffer began studying some of the monitor readouts, familiarizing himself with the progress Big Daddy and his team had made.

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-04, 01:30 AM
Nick: heeeeey! I just wanna catch up with Magnus and Prime before Gigatron relies I committed treason

Browning: way to go numb nuts!

Nick: damn it

Browning: this'll be the day that I die, this'll be the day that I die, oh bye bye Mrs. American pie

Nick: shut up will ya geese Magnus will know who I am

2005-07-04, 03:51 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded.

"Thank you, doctor."

The security officer tried to think of something else to say, but his mind came up blank. Instead, he just looked at Prime.

Get well soon.

Armoury, Fort Max

Crosshairs activated his wrist comlink as he scooped up Pinpointer and headed for the door.

"I'm up for it, Bumper. What's going on?"

He assumed it was weapons-related; otherwise, the Minibot wouldn't have asked for him by name.

I just hope they don't need me to defuse a nuclear bomb or something...

2005-07-04, 12:16 PM
[size=1] ooc: sorry for the absence friends. I may not get to post again between now and the time I get home from the UK on the 14th, but if any of my characters need urgent moving, please ask staff to move them for me.[/b]

Trailbreaker's laugh faded away into a collected firm expression as he watched Catilla stalk towards himself and Landfill.

"You aiming to join us in the mud bath Catilla?"


Mirage listened carefully to Red Alert and then sank down to a sitting position where he was. I never meant for any of this to happen. If I move again, it may cause more problems.

With a tired-sounding voice he replied, "I'll stay here Red Alert."


Magnus looked around Metroplex's refinery. "Excellent."
The machines were cleaned, and everything seemed to be in working order. Turning a corner, he spotted Big Daddy. "Good work Big Daddy. If everything's been completed, we can go to the airfield to check the shuttles."


Inferno crouched as best he could at a side doorway opening to
the airfield. He watched intently with a mischievious and calculating expression as a small patrol headed away.

2005-07-04, 12:20 PM
(ooc hope your breaks going ok Scout)

Landfill took up the hose again ready to squirt Catilla if needs be to make him come to his senses."


Silencer munched a slice of pizza contentedly

"excellent choice Smokescreen

2005-07-04, 02:21 PM
Makeshift med-bay

"I was found on that asteroid that crashed nearby" Devcon replied, glancing at Red Alert after a moment's pause, his head lowered "And I, we, were out chasing Decepticons, it's what I'm used to doing" then the bounty hunter tensed, clenching one fist like he didn't want to say anymore.

* * * * * *

Fort Max Perimeter

"Ok" Cliffjumper replied, revving his engine, then he perked up on hearing Bumper's transmission and transformed, glancing at Rosdos "Change of plans, looks like we get to take you on your first mission"

With that, the red minibot transformed back to his vehicle, and with his usual gung-ho attitude, tore back to Fort Max at top speed, stopping by the entrance ramp with a whoop of excitement.

* * * * * *

Med-bay, Fort Max

"Normally I would" Wheeljack replied, glancing at the CR chamber, but not moving "But it sounds like part of my internals has come loose, and that it needs looking at and repairing manually"

The engineer looked up as Chromedome walked in, then his 'ears' flashed as he listened to the conversation going on in front of him, chuckling almost sympathically as he turned his attention to Chromedome with a quiet "You too, eh?"

* * * * * *


"Deep enough for someone of mine or Inferno's size to get inside comfortably" Grapple replied politely, his tone friendlier before he compacted and carried more soil away.

In his pretender shell, Catilla dropped onto his stomach, crawling fast over the ground on his belly like a hunting cat.

As he got closer, a mischivious glint could be seen in his optics as the large cat roared, then charged at Landfill, slamming his front paws on the other Autobot's shoulders like a dog greets its owner and the rough tongue all cats have rasped against the cleanest part of the mech.

The licking was accompanied by a low chuckling as he stopped and backed off, grinning like a Cheshire cat "Primus above, I got you good that time, did you actually think I was going to...."

OOC: I never intended to maul your guys, Cat was just getting his own back, :p

2005-07-04, 03:40 PM
(liking the characterisation MHF :) )

Landfill tensed his finger on Flintlocks trigger but relaxed as he spotted the gleam in the big cats eye. He braced himself as the paws thudded onto his shoulders and blinked his optics as he felt a rough tongue licking him.

Landfill laughed his optics flaring yellow.

"Bad Cat, you got us good Catilla , turnabout is fair play I guess, I bet that attacks works great on Cons .

What are you up to ? I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment till the tunnels finished need some excitement. I was thinking of leaving Trailbreaker in charge as he's doing such a good job.

Did you catch Bumpers com ? How do you fancy coming to Denver ?"

2005-07-04, 07:22 PM
Metroplex's airfield:
Sizzle and Fizzle Arrived at top speed, leagues ahead of their partner Guzzle. They spotted Landfill, Cattilla, and Grapple at the other end, discussing their next actions. They transformed halfway, and ran to them, shouting incoherently about Cosmos's message.

Guzzle meanwhile, attempted radion contact with cosmos to findout where his unplanned planetfall would land him. Cosmos was taking a long while in replying though, which made Guzzle worried.

2005-07-04, 07:28 PM
Landfill stops in his tracks and turns to the Sparkbots.

" Catilla next time i wish for some excitement stop me ok."

He looked at the 2 new arrivals

"slow down whats going on ?"

2005-07-04, 07:57 PM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert watched Mirage fall into a sitting position, then glanced over at Ratchet.

"If you're done with Prime, can you see to him?" He indicated the sitting spy with a thrust of the chin.

Finally, he turned to Devcon. Not sure exactly how to reply, he simply said, "You do good work."

2005-07-04, 08:04 PM
Fizzle clamps his hand over Sizzles mouth and briefs Landfill: “Cosmos was doing his routine surveillance gig when he spotted some serious stuff in Sierra Leone: Large amount of Decepticon activity in the area. He’s sent surveillance pictures, but they aren’t too clear: I think in his haste to inform us, there was a problem sending the info. Guzzles been trying to contact him – “
Fizzle looked at his tank companion, wheezing his way up to them and shaking his head
“- But no luck obviously.”

(OOC I couldn’t tell whether the flamberge was cloaked or not, so I scrambled cosmos’s pictures. Aren’t I nice?)

Random Sweep
2005-07-04, 09:35 PM
Ratchet was starteled when he looked at Mirage, normally he would have seen to the wounded bot ASAP.

I guess the damage to Optimus shook me up a bit

" Of course " Ratchet said " Mirage , follow me "

2005-07-04, 09:36 PM
Landfill nodded

"looks like something we should investigate , first let me kick it upstairs and see what the big wheels have to say."

He opened a com link

" Red Alert , Prowl any command officers got your ears on , I just got a smokey report . Theres a whole passle of cons up to something in Sierra Leone . Cosmos downloaded some pictures to the Sparkbots but theyre pretty blurred over ."

He turned to the 3 Sparkbots

" lets see what they have to say about that you say you lost contact with Cosmos is he ok did he cut off mid report or just not got back to you for a while."

2005-07-04, 10:07 PM
Guzzle: "Cosmos hasn't been responding. His first communication was clear, but he said he was returning to the nearest autobase asap."

2005-07-04, 10:47 PM
Landfill nodded

"lets hope his coms just down we're a bit short of aerial troops to check it out , and unless he keys his emergency transponder it would be like finding a needle in a haystack .

2005-07-04, 11:40 PM
Fort Max Corridor

Bumper replied to Crosshairs as he strode through the corridor. "I'll fill everyone in at the ramp. See you there."


Metroplex Foundry

Huffer tapped Ultra Magnus on the shin as the commander turned to head for the airfield. "Um, Magnus? You still need to look over the redesigned specs for Metroplex. I need your approval before I start inputting the changes to the foundry computers."

2005-07-05, 04:10 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert scowled as Landfill's comm came through. Actvating his comlink, he said, "Acknowledged, Landfill. We'll take care of it."

Switching channels, he said, "Grimlock, we have a situation. Decepticons are buzzing around western Africa for some reason. Can your Dinobots handle things?"

He hoped the answer was 'yes'; with Dai Atlas gone and Sky Lynx in Los Angeles, the Autobots' only transport was Omega Supreme. He'd rather Omega stayed at base, and the Dinobots' robot mode flight abilities would let them cross the ocean unassisted.

(OOC @ verytired: The Flamberge is the ship going to Nebulos; the one in Sierra Leone is the Blade :) )

Corridors, Fort Max

Crosshairs shrugged, then transformed to vehicle mode and zoomed down the hall towards the main ramp.

2005-07-05, 05:37 AM
Fort Max Command Center

Groundshaker sighed. "All right," he said to Arcee and Pipes. "You guys have done enough. Bring it in."
Metroplex Foundry

Big Daddy absently nodded in response to Magnus and followed without question.

2005-07-05, 06:27 AM
Landfill acknowledged Red Alert

"thats a big 10-4 buddy"

He turned to the gathered autobots around him .

" Red's got a handle on it , I'm off to see ifBumper could use me , any one want to tag along."

2005-07-05, 11:57 AM
OOC: Nice trip, incredible wedding so far (not mine!) and beautiful country. War of the Worlds was gory - but a great influence for some Quint writing coming up. ;) Definitely last post now before home.

Smokescreen chuckled and guzzled the drink in front of him. "Smooth - verrrry smooth Silencer! Glad you like the 'za."

He paused with a grin and flicked on a television. "Sport game?"

Trailbreaker had ended up sitting on his rear in the puddle after Catilla's pounce. He laughed heartily and regained his feet.
"You guys go on ahead. I'll stay here and compliment Grapple's masterpiece."


Mirage nodded meekly to Ratchet and followed him for repairs.

Prowl heard the incoming call and called up the status reports on Cosmos.
He clicked over to Red Alert's frequency, certain that the security director had also received the message.
"The Dinobots would be a wise choice if they are in operable condition Red."

Inferno darted towards a shuttle and swung up into the cockpit easily.

However, the movement had not escaped Magnus' attention. It surprised the commander and gave him little time to react. He knew he couldn't afford to leave the base. He pointed instantly. "Big Daddy, get onto that shuttle with Inferno- hurry."

ooc: Bombshell, ask Heinrad to help guide Inferno and Big Daddy to the Wreckers while I'm away for a little action and an escape.

2005-07-05, 11:57 AM
OOC: Thanks, optimusskids, can't post until Thursday after this though


"I'm doing nothing, so a trip elsewhere sounds good" the smilodon replied, sitting down a moment before the Sparkabots turned up, yelling something about Cosmos and a Decepticon ship being sighted, then he glanced at Landfill and smirked "I would stop you, but the fun never stops with the Decepticons still around"

The large cat stood up, then opened as the Autobot inside got out, nodding at Trailbreaker with a grin and adding "Bumper, eh? What does he want? And I'm in, it beats sitting around here, twiddling my thumbs"

* * * * * *

Makeshift med-bay

"It wasn't good enough though" Devcon muttered, glancing at Red Alert, then lowering his head, one fist clenched as the memory of before he had landed here flooded back.

"Get down" the Autobot yelled at his partner, then tensed as the lizard-man leapt sideways in time for the hand of the Decepticon crime-lord they were after to pluck the smaller alien out of mid-leap.

"Take care of the Autobot" the crime-lord ordered his henchmen as he disappeared into a back-room "I'll handle the midget....permanently"

"Sleez" Devcon called, starting to go after him, only to be halted by a trio of Decepticons who dog-piled the bounty hunter, intent on pummelling him into stasis lock.

A few moments later....

"Having fun, boys" the leader re-emerged, idly flicking a tiny piece of black material, an eyepatch, on the floor.

"He shouldn't be a bother now, boss"

"There's an asteroid passing by" was the reply "Take him up there and dump him, serves as a warning to anyone else coming after me"

"Sleez" the blue Autobot muttered, grabbing at the bit of black material and glancing back at the room as he was escorted out, whispering "You'll pay"

2005-07-05, 12:08 PM
(ooc no probs MHF )( Scout knew that space ship that suddenly appeared was up to no good.)

"ok good buddy lets rock and roll over to the ramp , if its a long way on the mission your shell can ride up back save the wear and tear on his paws , its all squeaky clean now and you can hop in my cab with my partners should be enough room."

Landfill transformed popped a door open for Flintlock and took off spinning his back wheels and showering .Trailbreaker
with mud as he did so.

Silencer smiled

"any rugby on the box mate "

2005-07-05, 07:21 PM
Fizzle, Guzzle and Sizzle were relieved to hear that Redalert had relayed the message to the dinobots: now the three could get back to something serious. Well, start something serious anyway. Trying not to sound like a new school child asking to play, Guzzle asked Landfill where his team could be of the best assistance. Fizzle and Sizzle both blanched at the use of "his" team.

(OOC@Warcry: too many ships for a dunce like me: and to cap it off they're both named after swords! meh.:)

2005-07-05, 07:37 PM
Landfill thought about it

then commed a reply to the 3 Sparkbots

"we can probably squeeze one of you on to this mission if Bumpers ok with it . The other 2 could probably give Magnus a hand with the repairs or if you know anything about shuttles go over to the shuttle bay and see if anythings salvageable.

The bay took some heavy hits during the last attack and until we've got those shuttles up and running we're kind of limited in our responses to Con threats what with all our air transport being busy."

2005-07-05, 08:28 PM
Guzzle : “Me or Sizzle can assist in Bumpers mission if theres room: it depends on what he feels he might need in the team.Fizzle is a military strategist, and as such is tant amount useless in either respect. He can assist which ever one of us is left to salvage the shuttle bay.” Guzzle opened a communication to Bumpers, asking whether he needed any assistance. Sizzle continued to worry over Guzzle apparent leadership. Fizzle choked back some tears, before noticing Cosmos’s emergency transponder signal flashing on his com link.

2005-07-05, 10:11 PM
Landfill replied to Guzzle's com

" roger that good buddies glad to have you aboard , maybe we can fit more of you on the mission its Bumper 's call he's king of the road on this one."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-05, 11:18 PM
Brawn back off into the hole and then turned around driving back up. He pointed the drill upwards allowing him to make the hole wider.


Windcharger nodded to Powerglide and entered the Medbay looking for Prowl

"Magnus might know who you are, but that doesn't mean he is who you are going to see," Windcharger said to Nick

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-06, 01:35 AM
Nick: bah so where are we goin?

2005-07-06, 04:45 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert activated his comlink. "I was thinking the same thing, Prowl. I'm trying to get into contact with Grimlock as we speak."

He looked over at Devcon, not sure how to reply to the bounty hunter's words. He was relieved of the need to reply, however, when a minor change in the lighting behind him caught his attention. He spun and tracked the slight bluish glow towards its source...then felt his Spark sour when he saw that Prime's optics had lit up. The glow was very weak, barely intense enough for Red's highly-advanced systems to detect it. But it was there, and that was a good sign. Prime's systems were starting to reactivate.

Main Entryway, Fort Max

Crosshairs arrived at the ramp, transforming to robot mode and looking around for Bumper.

2005-07-06, 07:17 PM
The ether crackled as Scoops message came through at Autobase.

" I'm ok apart from my arm , Sky Lynx has regained consciousness. He's going to try and make it back , its going to be on a wing and a prayer though he can just about take my weight , I'll up date you when I have more info."


Landfill pulled up at the ramp behind Crosshairs He tooted his horn playing "the first 12 notes of "dixie" and then transformed.

Random Sweep
2005-07-06, 10:44 PM
Ratchet walked towards a spare bench and indicated for Mirage to lay down

2005-07-07, 03:50 AM
Metroplex Foundry

Huffer tried yet again to get Magnus' attention. "Um, Magnus?" He tapped on Magnus' shin again.


Fort Max Entrance Ramp

Bumper responded to the Sparkabot's comm message. "Come to the ramp if you're interested. I'll decide what I need when I get an idea of the volunteers I have." Bumper strode up to the entrance ramp, waving to Crosshairs and Landfill. "Hello. Thank you for coming." I can't believe Red Alert wants me to lead a mission. Please don't mess this up. Please don't mess this up.


Outside Fort Max

Pipes rolled his eyes at Groundshaker's message. "Oooookay. Guess we'll go back in now. Hey Blurr, want to race?" Pipes transformed and tore off for Fort Max.

2005-07-07, 06:37 AM
Landfill waved back

"so whats the story good buddy , whats going down , Catilla & the Sparkbots should be here any minute."

2005-07-07, 01:30 PM

"Good job, Brawn, thank you" Grapple called, continuing with the transport of soil from the tunnel to the air-field.

Catilla just silently got to his feet and bounded after Landfill.

* * * * * *

Fort Max Entrance Ramp

As Bumper arrived, Cliffjumper transformed, waving back and hollering at the other Autobot exitedly "You called?"

A moment later, a large smilodon bounded up to the ramp, skidding to a stop behind Landfill, then sat down, eying the others.

2005-07-07, 06:58 PM
Landfill moved to one side so as not to block Catilla's view

2005-07-08, 04:12 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -steps out of CR chamber, repaired and ready, activates commlink- "Me read you, Red Alert." -switches frequencies- "Dinobots, report to shuttle bay. Have Decepticons to stomp. Grimlock out." -heads out of the medbay, towards the shuttlebay-

2005-07-08, 04:12 AM
The Hot Rod patrol rushed to board the shuttle, leaping onboard at the last minute, though Greaser did have some trouble, almost falling overboard.

"That was close," he muttered.

Big Daddy, meanwhile, looked up at Inferno.

"So what now?"

2005-07-08, 05:47 PM
Outside Fort Max

Blurr looked at Pipes as he challenged him to a race...

Laughing to himself, he waited till Pipes got almost all the way to Ft Max before he transforemed, and tore after him.

He won with room to spare. He transformed back into his bot mode, and leaned against the wall when Pipes rolled up.

"Suresuresure. Aracesoundsgoodtome!"

2005-07-08, 07:29 PM
In space, somewhere above Earth, a black-green spaceship have just warped into existence...

Inside ship:
- Scattershot, report to base! They need us, I just can feel it in my thrusters!
- Patience, Lighspeed. I'm on it...

* * *

- Fortress Maximus, do you read me? Repeat, do you read me? Technobots reporting for duty!

- No luck, it seems. - Nosecone growled. We're still too far...

-SILENCE! HAVE FAITH AND THOU SHALT BE ANSWERED! - thundered from inside dinamics.

Afterburner shrugged. Any more of this and his microphones will be good for nothing...

- Do you read me, Fortress Maximus? Do you read me, Autobots?...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-09, 05:13 AM
"We read you Techno-buddies! This is Blaster inside Fortress Maximus. If you're lookin' for clearance to land I'll have to give the shuttle bay team a shout and see if it's back in working order." Blaster replied to the Technobots message.

2005-07-09, 05:23 AM
Main Entryway, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded to Bumper, waiting for the minibot to start the ad-hoc briefing.

Medbay, Fort Max

Snarl's CR chamber slid open, and the fully-repaired Dinobot followed his leader out of the room.

Finally, he thought, real Decepticons to smash!

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert grunted vaguely as Grimlock acknowledged his request, but didn't take his attention from the prone figure of Optimus. He watched for more signs of recovery in his commander.

2005-07-09, 03:16 PM
(OOC: Per Rana's request, the Inferno move....)

Shuttle Bay:

Inferno: -looks down at Big Daddy- "Got something I need ta do. You comin' along?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -goes a little blank at Wheeljack's sympathetic look-

Brainstorm: -chuckles, working on Wheeljack- "Chromedome's not the most mechanically minded out there."

Chromedome: "I keep telling you, that wasn't my fault."

Brainstorm: "A likely story."

Chromedome: "All I did was turn on the lights."

Brainstorm: "You put a new window in the room. Using the workbench."

Chromedome: "How was I supposed to know the welding rig in there had a leak?"

2005-07-09, 05:50 PM
The Sparkabots arrived at the ramp, and saluted Bumper rather sloppily, unsure as to whether this 'Bot was really the one in charge, as he looked rather unsure of himself. Fizzle continued to try contacting Cosmos, but almost as soon as his emergency transponder had started sending a signal, he'd cut out. "I'd better send this as a report to Ultra Magnus: although, the last thing he needs to hear is of another possible Autobot casualty" He mentioned to his team mates.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-09, 06:19 PM
Blaster was finally busy and he had a lot coming in all at once. "Oooh boy. Red Alert This is Blaster." He spun around to another console to receive Cosmos' distress beacon. "Who was in charge of that mission to take Sunstreaker, the final report was gonzo right? And I am getting an SOS pick-me-up call from Cosmos."

2005-07-09, 06:41 PM
Earth orbit

- Yes! I told ya, they'll hear us soon!
- OK Lightspeed, so you did. - Scattershot replied. - And soon we'll give those blasted Decepti-scum a lesson!

Nosecone turned to Lightspeed:
- Thought you prefer deep space to deep mud. Why so hurry to get down to Earth?
- Just because we haven't been here so long when they need us, that's why! And don't you mock me! You know perfectly well I'd better trade places with Strafe...
- Get down!..

Both Autobots hit the floor just in time to let a barrage of laser impulses whistle over thier heads and hit the wall of a cabin. Strafe, gun in hand, turned to them.

- Enemies? Here?..
- You shouldn't have called his name, Lighspeed. Just when you'll learn...
- I'm... I'm sorry, guys!.. Are you OK?
- Safe and sound, as always. But the wall have seen better days...
- Oops... I didn't mean it, honest!
- ...and you intend to damage my phones with your speeches! Just turn it a bit more loud and we'll all be deaf soon! - Afterburner exploded.
- Q-U-I-E-T, guys! I said quiet! - ordered Scattershot. - I see we're all tense, but in a sec we'll get there and find us some enemies to destroy! And sooner you calm, sooner I'll answer the call!

He turned to the comm panel again.

- Blaster old buddy! Glad to hear you! We'd like permission to land in 2 hours from this time!..

2005-07-09, 09:27 PM
Fort Max Entrance Ramp

Bumper addressed the group that had assembled on the ramp:

"Well, it looks like anybody who is going to come is already here, so I guess we can...get started. I've been tasked with assembling a small team to go to Denver and assist Getaway in his efforts there. Apparently, they've uncovered a terrorist ammo dump, and it needs to be removed from the area. It is likely this will be just a 'go and fetch' mission with some heavy lifting involved, if fact I hope that's what it is. But it is possible we'll run into trouble, so I'd like to take as well-rounded a team as I can.

"So, the team will consist of myself, Crosshairs, Landfill, and Cliffjumper. I would like Catilla to come as well if we can figure a way for him get there. We have quite a drive ahead of us. I'll also take one of the Sparkabots, either Guzzle or Sizzle. Its up to you two to decide.


Pipes transformed and pointed an accusing finger at Blurr. "You cheated! All right then. New competition." Pipes began walking pseudo-menacingly towards Blurr. "Cybertronian Wrestling." It was obvious he was only fooling around and not really angry at all.

2005-07-09, 09:33 PM
Landfill piped up

" I dont mind if Catilla rides up back there should be plenty of room."

2005-07-10, 01:17 AM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Fortress: -taps key- "Almost done, Blaster. The door controls are giving me problems. OW!" -pulls hand out of panel in wall, shaking hand, smoke rising from his fingers- "What's going on?"

Grimlock: -strides into bay, heading towards a shuttle- "Fortress, me come to help."

Fortress: -looks over in curiousity- "How?"

Grimlock: -gets into a shuttle, gets into pilot's chair- "Me have delicate lock picking method." -powers up the shuttle, bringing the shuttle's impact cannons online- "Better move."

Fortress: "But the door's not-"

Grimlock: -locks the cannons on the bay doors- "Me said MOVE!"

Fortress: -moves out of the way, making sure that Hoist stays out of the way-

Grimlock: -opens fire, the impact cannons blasting the doors off-

Fortress: -coughing, dusting himself off, sighs when he sees the warped, twisted, and mangled doors lying on the ground-

Grimlock: -looks out of open hatch- "What problem? Last time Me do this, Me in space."

Slag: -stomps into the shuttlebay- "This better be important."

Grimlock: "Stomping Decepticons always important."

Slag: -growls, stomps into the shuttle-

2005-07-10, 02:16 AM
Fort Max Entrance Ramp

"Ohnonono. Nowrestlingforme. I'mbuildforspeed. Notstrength,soyouwin!"

He looked over at Pipes and grinned.

2005-07-10, 04:46 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert tabbed his comlink.

"I read you, Blaster. Streetwise and Dai Atlas headed up the Sunstreaker retrival. As far as I know, his shuttle broke apart in flight, and he's presumed dead."

He mulled over the other bit of data the communications officer sent.

"See if anyone on base has a working shuttle to take after Cosmos," he said. "If you can't find anyone, send Omega."

Shuttlebay, Fort Max

Snarl followed Grimlock into the room, then shook his head.

"Uh, boss...we sure this tub's going to get off the ground?"

Main Ramp, Fort Max

Crosshairs nodded, a slight smile on his face.

Someone's finally gotten around to finding us new ammo supplies. Great.

2005-07-10, 04:45 PM
Guzzle : Bumper, you'd best take Sizzle . You seem to be kitted out mostly for speed, and he's the fastest of us three. Me and Fizzle will try and make ourselves useful here.

2005-07-11, 06:00 AM
Shuttlebay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -shrugs- "It faster than if we fly without." -tabs a few more keys- "Unless you not want fight 'Cons. Not use shuttle, not get there fast enough, maybe."

Fortress: -standing in front of the shuttle- "You can't take that!"

Grimlock: -sighs- "What, you stop me?"

Fortress: "No, the shuttle will. It can't take too much stress!"

Grimlock: "You got some kind of insta-transporter you not tell us about?"

Fortress: "No...."

Grimlock: "Shuttle that in better shape?"

Fortress: "That's the only one that works right now."

Grimlock: "Then unless you want to be hood ornament, me suggest you move!"

2005-07-11, 06:26 AM
Shuttle Bay: Fort Max

"Miught as well," Big Daddy said. "Not like there's anything else going on that we need to do."

They suddenly noticed the Dinobots.

"Oh, great," Greaser muttered. "Dinobots coming, too? Guess the chances of the mission succeeding just got torpedoed."

2005-07-11, 06:48 AM
Fort Max Entrance Ramp

Bumper nodded to Landfill. "That should work. Thanks for letting him ride with you. If any of you have any quick preparations to make, please make them now and don't take too long. We'll leave as soon as you're all ready.


Fort Max Medbay

Powerglide walked into Medbay with Windcharger, escorting Nick and Browning. "Well, Prowl, here we are with the interlopers. What you think we should do with them?"


Metroplex Foundry

Ultra Magnus seemed preoccupied, so Huffer went about seeing that the Foundry started synthesizing a series of core vital parts that hadn't had major redesigns. He punched some codes into the computer bank and fed in some data for the new parts, then moved from screen to screen, from machine to machine, making sure things were going smoothly.

2005-07-11, 07:10 AM
Entry Ramp, Fort Max

Crosshairs transformed to vehicle mode, Pinpointer locking into place on his roof as he did so.

"Consider the two of us ready, Bumper."

Shuttlebay, Fort Max

Snarl did as his namesake suggested, then clanked unhappily aboard the shuttle. He glared at the vessel's ramshackle insides, but managed to find a seat that was still bolted to the floor.

2005-07-11, 07:55 AM
----------Entrance ramp-----------
Rosdos and Warpath followedCliffjumper to the Entrance Ramp "Sorry for interrupt but where are we going?Are we still in the patrol route?"Rosdos asked.

----------Shuttle bay----------
Hoist looked at the door that lying on the floor."Again...?"He muttered."But it still keeping me busy."Then he turn on his weilding gun and start repairing the door.

2005-07-11, 08:47 AM
Landfill transformed

"ready to rock and roll here"

He activated his hydraulics turning his loadbed into a ramp to make things easier for Catilla

2005-07-11, 11:55 AM
In the air over Fortress Maximus

A shuttle-sized black and green jet with long rectangular wings had entered the area.
- I saw that! Someone had just blasted out the shuttlebay doors!
- To give us a chance of safe landing, I suppose, Lightspeed?
- Or maybe there are some enemies inside Fortress Maximus?
- Nah. Don't give Strafe any wrong ideas. Besides, they'll certainly inform us if something was wrong. - Nosecone replied calmly.
- Suppose they don't know it yet? They could be in great danger and we're just sitting here doing nothing to help!..
- Suppose you quit it already, Lightspeed. - Scattershot grumbled. - I see Hoist down there. He wouldn't be repairing the doors if there were enemies around.
- Oh, wouldn't he? I think just otherwise. That's perfectly like him to make repairs in the heat of battle. Anyway, are we coming in?
- The problem is we still hadn't got clearance to land. Blaster didn't replied, so...
- So I suppose we can just fly in!
- No, Lightspeed, wait!..
- Ready or not, guys, here we come!

The jet's nose was pointing just at the recently blasted doorway.

2005-07-11, 01:11 PM
At the ramp...
Sizzle transformed and joined Bumpers convoy: "Action at last!"

Guzzle and Fizzle moved to help with the repairs alongside the others staying behind. Both looked up, noticing a glint in the sky as something descending...

2005-07-11, 04:16 PM
Fort Max med-bay

"That may be" Wheeljack replied with another chuckle, watching Brainstorm repair him before glancing at Chromedome "He still sounds like me during one of my weapon tests"

* * * * * *

Fort Max Entrance Ramp

"Gotcha, Bumper" Cliffjumper nodded excitedly, transforming back to vehicle mode, ready for the command to leave, then glanced at Rosdos and Warpath "No, a weapon dump has been found, I signed up for clean-up duty"

Catilla threw Landfill a silent but grateful look, then the smilodon moved behind the other Autobot after he had transformed, climbing up the ramp and into the back of Landfill's vehicle mode, then sitting down.

2005-07-11, 04:35 PM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Inferno: -looks out of the cockpit window of the shuttle he's in(salvaged from Metroplex) at the shuttle the Dinos are taking- "Not ta worry, Big Daddy. They ain't with our group..... I hope." -smirks- "'Least they opened the doors fer us." -brings the engines on line, flies out of the bay before anyone can stop him, boosting away, nearly losing control in a desperate attempt to avoid the incoming ship-

Fortress: -getting sensor telemetry from the Maximus' sensor array, dives to the side, dragging Hoist with him- "INCOMING!!!!!!"

Grimlock: -looks out of the main cockpit window, sees Inferno's shuttle boosting away, sees the shuttle bearing down on the bay entrance, sighs- "Me get feeling this going to be long day....."

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-11, 04:56 PM
(occ retireing Nick&Browning for awhile to make room for another chara)

How about sending us back to IO for a while I'm tired of this war call me back when its over eh

2005-07-11, 05:50 PM
Landfill reversed the hydraulics and returned his loadbed to level.

" you ok up there Catilla good buddy "

2005-07-11, 06:03 PM
In the air over Fort Max / Fort Max Shuttlebay

- Darn, who's driving that thing? He'd nearly clipped us! - Lightspeed sweared.
- Shut up and watch your flight, Lightspeed! Or we'll never get in... in one piece, I mean.
- Nothing to worry, commander! Will put it in like a shot in a bull's eye!
- That's what I'm afraid of... - Scattershot replied tiredly.

The black jet glided down, getting lower and lower with each second.

- Pull up! Pull up, Lightspeed, or we won't make it!
- Don't you yell at me, Strafe! I'm doing it OK!
Why worry so much? Soon it'll be over – one way or other... thought Nosecone watching the ship's nose going up and down and up again...

- I think we've got a slight problem here, commander! The wings are too wide! We won't get in!
- Pull up and make a second pass, Ligtspeed!
- That's the second problem... I can't.
- What???
- The controls have just stopped responding, that's all.
- Oh, not now!!! Prepare for impact, guys! - Scattershot commanded.
- This time he'll certainly kill us. And for good measure. And he'll be starting from you, Lightspeed! - Afterburner grimly predicted.
- Why me?
- Because you're at the controls...

Suddenly the wings of the jet began to fold – from facing sideways to back. Unfortunately, with this maneuver the jet had just lost some more altitude, almost brushing the heads of Autobots on the ramp...

- Cripes! There's yet another shuttle in there!
- Let me out and I'll move it aside!
- Strafe, it's not a good time for jokes! We'll hit it!!!
- I AM CERTAIN WE WON'T – sounded from cabin speakers.
- That's why... - Lightspeed started. - Jetwave, you're just the worst...

The jet pulled up a little to pass over the Dinobots' shuttle, then slided gown again and stopped in a shower of sparks.

- We have arrived!
- Sure thing, pal! But why did you overrode the controls from me? I was doing just fine!
- Fine, my afterburners! Next time you'll get us all killed, Lightspeed – and that's if you'll be careful not to hurt anyone around! - Scattershot turned back in the doorway.
- So why does it happen that it's always ME at the controls, hey?
- You're all teamed up against me, that's what it is! I'm being set up!.. - And Lightspeed shoved Scattershot aside and hurried out of the cabin.
- Why you... - and Scattershot followed.

--- Sound of transformation ---
- You don't seriously mean it, don't you, Lightspeed? - asked a tall black and green Autobot standing on the place where just a second before was the jet.
- He's just kidding, Jetwave. It's all right, really!
- Glad to hear it, Scattershot. - Jetwave replied. - Now, let's get to business! I need those shells and I intend to get it here!
- Can't we report our arrival first? Maybe there are more important matters than that, eh?
- Indeed we can. But it would be wise to send Lightspeed to gather information and Strafe to cover him now and then we'll report to whoever is in charge here.
- No good, Jetwave. Report first, search for your ammunition later.
- That wasn't in our agreement. You promised me help and that's why I picked your team on my way here!
- But it'll do, Jetwave. Maybe there are friends in dire need of our help just now. We must know the situation first.
- OK, I agree, Scattershot. For now...

And five Technobots and unfamiliar black and green Autobot moved in to other Autobots.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-11, 06:08 PM
Blaster shook his head as he watched the Technobots tried and Divebomb in.

"Whoa, Technobots This is Blaster. Do NOT land yet, we got a comotion down in the shuttle bay and we'll need you land else where." Blaster watched the screen as the shuttle tried to land and just shook his head. "Or try and slag the others in there, that's good too."

Blaster turned back to the screen where he was getting a feed from Russia. "I'm sendin' you a picture Redalert. This look like Sunstreaker too you?"

"Omega Supreme, where you at. We need pick-up for Cosmos, you up for it?"


Windcharger shrugged to Nick and looked to Powerglide, "Throw 'im in the brig?"


Brawn transformed into robot mode and slammed into the earth with his fist causing a large amount of soil to drop down widening the hole even more. A large boulder fell out aswell. "Gotcha!" Brawn said to himself and lifted the large rock up and flung it out of the hole at Grapple. "FORE!"


Sideswipe meandered around Fort Max awaiting orders. He had just recharged and was looking around, hoping something would pop up to occupy his mind.

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-11, 07:01 PM
Nick: you know IO one of Jupiters moons just drop me near the big thing that looks like a Leg

2005-07-11, 07:34 PM
Outer Edge, Autobase:

Omega Supreme: -sitting quietly, tank still patrolling, activates commlink to Blaster- "Omega: Ready. Co-ordinates: Required."


Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -somewhat surprised to not be pulling himself out of the twisted wreckage of the shuttle, stands, walks out of hatch, walks over to the newcomers- "Me have one question. Which of you was pilot?"

2005-07-12, 04:46 AM
Fort Max Medbay

Powerglide ignored Nick, and grinned at Windcharger. "Sounds good to me."


Fort Max Entrance Ramp

Bumper addressed Crosshairs, Landfill, Catilla, Cliffjumper, and Sizzle. "Well, lets get going, then, I guess." Without another word, he transformed and started down the ramp, heading down the road towards the highway.

(EDIT OOC: Meant to add that. Thanks Warcry. All yous guys (New Jersey represent) jump to the Everywhere Else thread now.)


Metroplex Foundry

Huffer wandered through massive machines building new parts, humming to himself. The new alloy that Quickmix had supplied was quite impressive. He was looking forward to when he could start making the newer, more advanced elements. But for now: the neccessary basics to get Metroplex back online again.

2005-07-12, 05:16 AM
Main Ramp, Fort Max

Crosshairs followed Bumper down the ramp.

(OOC: Off to the 'Everywhere Else' thread, we go...)

2005-07-12, 07:46 AM
----------Shuttle bay----------
Hoist repairing shuttle bay's door then he heard Fortress Maximus voice."Incom...what?"He replied.
Then he heard a hum of Technobot's shuttle and turn back.
"What the .....Suicide Shuttle!Run!"Luckily that Fortress dragged him out of the way.

----------Entrance Ramp----------
Rosdos and Warpath get back to the patrol.

2005-07-12, 03:34 PM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

All Technobots had shrugged involuntarily at Grimlock's approach.
- Well..
- You know...
- How to put it...
- OK, OK, don't look at me that way you all! I was... I think... - Lightspeed eventually stepped forward from the little crowd. - Nice vertical manoeuvre, wasn't it?
- Any problems with my mate, Grimlock? - Scattershot intervened. - We saw it was close but we've made it and that's what counts, that's all, yeah?

2005-07-12, 05:25 PM
Shuttle bay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -tensor relay below his left optic twitches slightly-

Fortress: -gets to his feet, stoms over to the Technobots- "What did you think you were DOING?!?!?!?"

Grimlock: -thinking- "Wow. Me think him madder than Me am. And him not wanting to play hood ornament anymore. If Sludge and Swoop hurry up, we get going." -gets back to the shuttle, gets in, activates commlink- "Sludge, Swoop, we go NOW! Get move on!"

Hardhead: -comes running in, guns drawn- "What happened?"

2005-07-12, 05:50 PM
Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

- Your door had just been blasted out, that's what! And we thought you were in danger so we came to rescue and now you treat us like blasted Decepticons!!! - Lightspeed answered angrily to Fortress and Hardhead .
- Decepticons?! Where?! Are we under attack??? - both Strafe's guns were already scanning the area seeking targets.
- No attack, no enemies. Just calm down. You're hearing things... – Nosecone carefully pulled Strafe's guns down.
- Listen up, everybody! - Scattershot put up his hands. - Let's forget this little incident and start over! So... What's new up here, guys?.. Err... Why are you looking at me this way?..
- I can't stand it anymore! If we're not wanted here then we'll go kick some Decepti-butt somewhere else! - Afterburner finally exploded. - You look at us just as we're some criminals or what??? I'm out!
- Wait, Afterburner! We mustn't separate now! What if... - Scattershot hadn't had a chance to finish.
- Up your tailpipe!..
And enraged Afterburner, quickly transforming into his warbike mode, whizzed out of the dockbay.
- Should I get him back, commander? - Lightspeed suggested.

2005-07-12, 07:33 PM
The two sparkabots watched the massive crash and ensuing chaos with just a little schardefreud.
Fizzle : "Redalert, where would us two be at the most use here?"

2005-07-12, 08:04 PM
Just Outside of Autobase

Pipes paused for a moment and rummaged through his subspace pocket before pulling out a dented letter. "Aha! I can go mail this now that I don't have tiny little airplanes sending me to and fro." Pipes transformed and drove down the road, heading for the nearest small town.


Metroplex Foundry

Huffer walked with a massive bit of machinery balanced on his shoulder like an ant making off with a cookie. He walked through several corridors and large doorways that slid open before him. "Hey! The doors are working." He reached the area where he had already removed the old part and fed it into the foundry to reuse the materials. He carefully placed the new machinery in the cradle that held it, connected some large circuitry hoses, and activated it. Lights activated and the machinery automatically welded itself to Metroplex' frame as it became one with his giant body.

Huffer dusted off his hands and turned to head back for another...

2005-07-13, 05:07 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert answered Fizzle's comm call.

"Unfortunately, there's little that needs doing right now. I will contact you when something comes up that needs your talents, though."

He switched channels, looked over Blaster's image, then frowned.

"It does, a little. The head design is certainly spot-on. Whe..."

He stopped dead as he noticed the small, reddish spots on the ground near the questionable figure.

Dead humans, he realized.

"Where are you getting this image, and what's going on?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-13, 08:22 AM
"Pretty close by Omega. He's in the appalachian mountain range. You got the co-ordinates in your system now," Blaster said as he pressed a few keys forwarding the exact location of Cosmos. Blaster quickly switched back over to Red Alert.

"Their comin' in from every major news program. It's in the Russian Capital of Moscow. Who ever that Transformer was they are estimating five-hundred dead and that it was part of a military coup. No real mention of a 'transformer' attack though. I don't think news cameras caught that, just satellites. I am trying to find out everything I can. Should I use human military lines, see if they know more then they are telling?"

Brave Maximus
2005-07-13, 11:58 AM
Sludge and Swoop, fresh out of the CR chambers, walk into the shuttle:

"Ready now boss......" said Sludge, appologetically.

2005-07-13, 08:02 PM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert spat out a curse that would've made an Empty blush, then forced himself to calm down.

"Tap into the military lines, Blaster," he said. "Listen, but don't send any queries to the Russian government. If they haven't tried to contact us yet, them must be trying to cover this up. If they find out that we're on to them, they'll clamp down on any information they might have, and we'll lose our best chance at tracking this wayward Transformer down."

Random Sweep
2005-07-13, 10:45 PM
Sky Lynx powered down to little more than a glide, comming in low towards Autobase.

" Sky Lynx to Autobase. " he radioed " I am comming in. Will have to make an emergency landing close to Fortress Maximus "

The words had barely been spoken when Sky Lynx's engines stalled completely.

" Hold on Scoop , this will get bumpy "

2005-07-13, 10:54 PM
Scoop hung on tight.

Tracer : "crashing over autobase thats such a cliche, they sa any landing you can walk from is a good one so fingers crossed."

2005-07-13, 11:31 PM
Just Outside of Autobase

Blurr watched in amusement as Pipes went to mail his letter. Just as he was about to go back inside, a noise overhead caught his attention...

He could see off in the distance...a ship coming down without any power it seemed....


2005-07-14, 05:21 AM
Pipes drove into a small nearby town. It took him all of three minutes to find a blue post-office mail box and drop his letter in.

"Well. That was kind of boring. Maybe I can get into some trouble before going back to Autobase."

Pipes began looking around for opportunities.

2005-07-14, 09:18 AM
Outside Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:
Afterburner transformed back and looked up into the sky. What the... Then he understood.
- Guys, quickly here! Sky Lynx's in trouble! He'll fall down on us!

Inside Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:
Scattershot received the Afterburner's transmission.
- Damn! Seems it is a day of hard landings for all Autobots! Sorry, Fortress , we'll apologize and maybe have a little chat later – now it's time for Computron!
- Technobots, get out and prepare to form Computron! Operation Rescue!

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-14, 05:58 PM
Blaster had tapped into the Russian military lines and was just sitting back and absorbing all the information he could. He would get little bits at a time, he was now certain it was a coup. A former Soviet leader named Fedor Yefremov had staged it, they found him dead in the Kremlin. His body was crushed. He get the actual military Death toll, it sat around three-hundred and fifty soldiers dead and another one-hundred wounded. Civilian casualties might be worse, they didn't know. There didn't appear to be much damage to the city, so that wasn't the intent. But the gun used by the transformer didn't stop when it hit a target, it tended to vaporize the target and keep going a little further. They had placed it at about one-hundred and fifty civilians dead, with a possibility of up to five-hundred.

Blaster watched the news screens intently when he got a small beeping.

"Red, this is Blaster. Russian government on line one. They wanna know if we know anything about rogue transformers helping humans."


Windcharger nodded and turned around and marched towards the brig. "Well, if it's any consolation, we'll name the cell you're in Io." Windcharger said to Nick

2005-07-15, 12:57 AM
Edge of Base:

Omega Supreme: "Co-ordinates: Recieved." -engines roaring to life, lifts into the air, setting course for Cosmos' location-

Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Fortress: -sighs- "It's getting crazier around here....."

Grimlock: -in shuttle, glad Swoop and Sludge have finally arrived- "Now we all here, time to kick butt!" -flys the shuddering shuttle out of the shuttle bay-

2005-07-15, 06:01 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert scowled deeply, then replied to Blaster.

"Tell them this is the first we've heard of it. If they ask us to identify the Transformer, don't say anything about Sunstreaker. Then, once you've plactated them, start trying to piece together anything you can find about his current location."

Dinobot Shuttle

Snarl held tight to his armrests as the shuttle blasted away from Autobase.

Random Sweep
2005-07-15, 12:30 PM
Pulling his nose up at the last moment, Sky Lynx slammed into the ground and slid to a halt a hundred feet from Fortress Maximus.

" Remeind me not to do that again anytime soon " Sky Lynx moaned

2005-07-15, 02:49 PM
Outskirts of Fort Max

As the autobots leave the shuttle a low groaning noise is heard in the background. A young autobot- Downshift is lying against a rock severaly injured and barely functioning.

"hell..p me ..please.."

The dinobots look on in confusion as to why an injured autobot is lying here this close to the makeshift medbay.


Downshift cried,

"He was too str..strong.. arrgh..he left me..he left me here....could'nt contact Red Alert..."

He was talking in a very jumbled up way, and what quite had happened to the young autobot was unclear, but what was clear was that he needed to be taken to the medbay- and quick.

Mod Note: Energon characters are not allowed. If you want to play Downshift, you'll have to play the G1 version instead of the Energon version (who you posted the profile for).


2005-07-15, 04:45 PM
Outside Fort Max:
Computron watched and developed his course of actions as Sky Lynx was descending...
"Input: Autobot shuttle, identified as Sky Lynx, going down. Possible crash. Could probably lead to injuring himself and/or passengers, if any present.
Recommended course of actions: Intercept falling with greater force, but be careful not to damage object in process.
Initiating recovery actions...
Objection: Autobot shuttle had landed already.
Conclusion: Should ask if help needed."
Finishing his analysis, Computron headed towards fallenSky Lynx .
- Was anybody hurt? Need help?

2005-07-15, 07:35 PM
The two remaining Sparkabot lay on the ground shy of the ramp, looking in to the sky and listening to the chaos behind them:
Guzzle : “Is there anything fluffier than a cloud?”
Fizzle : “If there is, I don’t want to know about it.”

2005-07-15, 07:58 PM
Nearby Town

As Pipes was looking around, he saw several local kids riding in shopping carts and pushing each other around, alternating between racing each other and randomly running into things. Sometimes the shopping cart would fall over and the kid would spill out, and everyone would laugh. Pipes was amazed. He drove over to them and said "Hey, can I try that?" The kids were kind of freaked out. Here was a disembodied voice floating out of a blue truck.

Pipes transformed and asked again. "That looks fun. Can I try it?" The kids went from mystified to triumphant all at once as they crowded around him.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-15, 08:07 PM
Originally posted by downsh1ft
The dinobots look on in confusion as to why an injured autobot is lying here this close to the makeshift medbay.

Energon characters are not allowed. If you want to play Downshift, you'll have to play the G1 version instead of the Energon version that you posted the profile for. --Warcry

OOC- Ontop of that, the Dinobots just blasted off in a shuttle and you aren't allowed to control others characters like that.

IC- Blaster quickly went to work on locating the transformer. It wouldn't be easy. The transformer was only partially made of cybertronium.

"Red Alert, this is Blaster. I think this Transformer may be human made. It isn't constructed entirely of Cybertronium. If it isn't human made it was atleast made on Earth."

Brawn peeked his head out of the hole looking at Grapple. "What next?" The mini-bot asked with a bored tone.

2005-07-16, 01:07 AM
Scoop lost his grip with his functioning arm and tumbled the length of the passenger compartment before impacting a bulkhead and sliding down it unconscious

2005-07-16, 02:48 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -finishes the repairs to Wheeljack- "Now, the CR chamber can handle the rest of it. Mostly bodywork......" -smiles- "Then we can get to work on making a power generation system for this ship."

Chromedome: "What will you use?"

Brainstorm: "Well, I designed the power generators aboard our Maximus, but we also had years of research and development from our transector technology to go from." -shrugs- "Here, they just ripped their heads off and let some aliens make exo-suits that transform into replicas of their heads."

Chromedome: "That's similiar to what Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead did, isn't it?"

Brainstorm: "Not really. From what I've been able to ascertain, the level of connectivity that 'ours' have..... 'theirs' don't. Times like this I wish Highbrow had come with us. He had a better understanding of how the melding process worked. Lug's calming presence makes Hosehead much more effective, while Siren's much quieter than he was. Nightbeat's visual and auditory acuity increased by at least 75%, and his ability for deductive thinking increased at least a thousandfold." -moves over to one of the computer consoles, plugs a data transfer cable from his transector into the console, downloads the schematics for the power generators, calls up the parts needed, checks them against the parts database, does a little more checking- "I was afraid of that. Part of what we need for this doesn't even exist."

Chromedome: -looking at the schematic- "Can we build what we need?"

Brainstorm: "We could. We'd have to gut our transectors in the process, though. And even then, we wouldn't be guaranteed of success."

2005-07-16, 06:29 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert listened to Blaster's report, curious.

"That's interesting," he said. "And troublesome, too. It'll make tracking him more difficult. Unless..."

Red almost smiled.

"You don't happen to have any idea what his alternate mode is, do you? If you can find that out, you may be able to track him through Moscow's traffic cameras."

2005-07-17, 04:29 AM
Outside Ft Max

Blurr watched as Skylynx crashed a short distance away.

Before the dust even settled, he sped over to see what he could do to help.....

2005-07-17, 07:57 PM
Fort Max med-bay

"Gotcha, and thanks" Wheeljack replied, sliding off the med-table, then headed over to the nearest C.R chamber and got inside with a "Be back out to help you boys in a bit"

* * * * * *


Grapple transformed, then peered around Brawn to examine the tunnel, muttering "Supports, we need to prevent cave-ins. Just carry on drilling, then come out a couple of feet by Metroplex, then you can go and do whatever you do to amuse yourself, in the meantime, I'll be right back" with that, the architect went back to vehicle mode and headed off to get roofing supports.

* * * * * *

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Devcon had been half-listening to Red Alert, his expression cool as he eventually piped up with a shrug "If the rogue is land-based, you want me to head over to this Russia place, just to keep an optic on this guy?"

2005-07-18, 06:32 AM
Nearby Town

Pipes stood perched precariously, one foot each in a shopping cart. "I-I'm not so sure about this anymore." He seemed about to fall over at any moment.

One of the kids encouraged him by saying jubilantly, "Hey, it's no problem. It's just like rollerskates."

Another kid added, "turn one foot sideways to push off."

Pipes tried this, but just ended up frantically running in place and nearly wiping out before he halted, halfway crouched over.

The first kid said, "Nevermind. We'll just push you." The children surrounded him and got behind his feet. Digging in, they began to push.

All Pipes said was "oh boy."


Fort Max Corridor

Powerglide walked with Windcharger escorting Nick and Browning to the brig. "We can call the cell anything they want, as long as I can get outside and start flying as soon as possible."

2005-07-18, 09:03 AM
Outside Fort Max:

Computron looked down to the fallen Sky Lynx.
- Sky Lynx, are you functioning? Can you transform?

Then he noticed Blurr, who approached Sky Lynx too.
- Blurr, I suggest you look inside and see if there are any passengers. They may inhibit Sky Lynx's transformation ability. If that is the cause, I advise they should be removed.

2005-07-18, 08:23 PM
ooc: Back now! Thanks for being patient! :)

Prowl had been sitting quietly in medbay, letting the repair droids work on his hands. From the exterior, it looked as if he was just sitting calmly, but inside the complex workings of his mind, his processors were calculating, tabulating, formatting and processing every detail and feature of the personnel, the citybot, the extent of Metroplex's repairs, the extent of Optimus' repairs and the likelihood of various Decepticon attacks.

The result: Prowl had the equivalent of a splitting headache.

So much so that he sat completely still, processing and defragging his mind, reorganizing it to be more efficient and productive, while having all external sensors offline. He hadn't even noticed the human that Windcharger and Powerglide had brought to him. But as the repair droid completed its work, his systems also finished. He stood up, flexed his fingers and then straightened.

Internal alerts were going off and messages were waiting.
On an internal radio, he sent a pair of calls as he began jogging toward the exterior of Fortress Maximus, where he was being told crashes were occuring. "Windcharger, Powerglide- Prowl here. Apologies that I was unable to respond. What is the status of the human?"


Mirage stayed silent as his repairs were completed, then spoke quietly. "Thanks Ratchet."

"Now- we contact the Wreckers!" Inferno leaned over the controls and yanked the radio up as he brought the remnants of a barely airworthy shuttle into a low cruise.
"Hey hey Wrecking crew!!! Inferno here- where are you?"

Smokescreen polished off the last of his drink with a broad grin. He felt like his engine had been shot up with a clean fuel injection. Transforming, he opened his door. "There's some excitement going on outside. We can drop Minerva some of that pie on the way out if you're up for a little excursion Silencer."


Magnus stared at the field momentarily and then looked back to Huffer. "I'm sorry Huffer. The commotion out there distracted me, and I got a report that Cosmos is missing, so I'll need to look to that right away, but you have my attention now. What's on your mind?"


Hound quivered as his systems came back online. The repaired and replaced nerve endings relayed a brief momentary pain, much like stubbing a toe. He winced briefly and then started to sit up with Minerva coming into focus.

2005-07-18, 08:50 PM
Silencer stretched out .

"sounds good to me mate, lead on. "

2005-07-19, 06:06 AM
With a low hum, a small landing pod landed not far away from Fort Max, 10 Sharkticons tumbling out of the pod and taking off in a ragtag beeline for Autobase.

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -smiles- "There. How do you feel, Hound?"


Roadbuster: -over commlink- "I read you, Inferno. We're near the Canadian border in New York. If you've got something faster than driving, come get us."

2005-07-19, 06:28 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert shook his head.

"Russia is on the other side of the planet, Devcon, and we don't have any shuttles that are safe to use. That aside, I'm fairly certain that if I sent someone he doesn't know, Sunstreaker won't return willingly. I'd rather he came back in one piece."

Assuming it actually is him, anyway...

He glanced down at Mirage.

"If you're repaired, you should go see Prowl post-haste."

Having turned towards the spy, Red didn't notice that Prime's optics had begun to grow brighter.

Initiate system startup.

System in status lock --> scanning for damage.

Producing status report.

Structural integrity: 100%
Long-term memory: 97%
Short-term memory: 57%
Main processors: 100%
Internal power supply: 63%...64%...65%...
Fuel line integrity: 100%
Mobility: 54%
Optical sensor arrays: 96%
Auditory sensor arrays: 97%
Olfactory sensor arrays: 99%
Tactile sensor arrays: 82%

Systems funtioning at acceptable level --> stasis lock not needed.

Reactivation commencing.

2005-07-19, 07:16 AM
Metroplex Foundry

Huffer looked up distractedly from the monitors he was observing. "Oh, Magnus, hi. Um, that's all right. I need you to look over the designs for Metroplex."

Huffer pulled a small metal cube from subspace and flicked a button. A transparent hologram of Metroplex popped up above it, several feet tall. "This is the old Metroplex." Huffer flicked another button and a new hologram of Metroplex overlayed the other one, highlighting differences. "There is a new fourth flying transformation, more localized and efficient power generators, new regional force fields powered by the new generators. Improved efficiency in almost all of his systems. What an old design. Oh, and Quickmix chipped in and dramatically improved the quality of the alloys used in his body. He should be both more mobile and more defensible now."

Huffer handed Magnus a datapad. "Here are more specific details. Take a look. I'd like to input the changes to the foundry and start fabricating new parts if...that is...if this meets with your approval. I know it's not much. I tried."


Nearby Town

The kids pushed and pushed, and slowly Pipes started to move. And then move more. Soon he was careening across the (thankfully) empty parking lot, with absolutely no control over his speed or direction.



Poweglide shrugged before replying to Prowl. "This kid somehow got into Autobase claiming to know all kinds of bots, and he's got this tiny Decepticon with him. I have absolutely no clue what is going on, so maybe you better just ask them."

2005-07-19, 10:47 AM
----------Shuttle Bay----------
Hoist ran to Sky Lynx and asked."Can we move you?Because we're going to take you to the med bay."

----------Fort Max Perimeter----------
Rosdos and Warpath are patrolling.
"Say something! Someone melt your speaker?"W
"Something like what?"R
"Your past."W
"I don't want to talk about it."R
"You don't trust me?"W
"Might be."R

2005-07-19, 12:00 PM
Outside Fort Max:

Computron turned towards Hoist:

- I would strongly advise against moving Sky Lynx right now. First it should be better to check for passengers inside the cabin and then, perhaps, he will be able to transform and move independently. Else, if transformation ability will not be restored, I will assist you in transporting Sky Lynx to medbay.

2005-07-19, 02:26 PM
Prowl surveyed the activity at the entrance of Max.
Over his radio he replied to Powerglide.

"A tiny Decepticon can only indicate four thousand, six hundred and ninety-two probabilities for trouble, and only fifteen probabilities for peaceful intentions, Powerglide. I will be there momentarily. Put them both into separate and secured holding cells and remain to guard the Decepticon until I arrive."

An assassination attempt, most likely. Set reminder to speak with Blaster later.
*Beep-Delivery alert* Excellent. Smokescreen's armoury supplies are on their way, and human food?

Turning his thoughts back to assessing the damage of the arrivals, Prowl quickly determined that there were no attackers and shut off the alerts. He called onto the medical bay speakers.

"Medical staff, Sky Lynx is down and being prepared for transport for repairs. We have other new arrivals outside as well. Prepare for possible injuries and maintainance checks."

Hound returned the warm smile to Minerva and eased himself off the table. His systems scanned and he laughed softly. "I'm in one piece again Minerva, thanks to you. I'd say I'm ready to go to Disneyland, but I want to find out how Optimus and Mirage are. And - I think I've got some small glitches to work out again." He chuckled and tapped his scanner with a half-amused and half-bewildered exression. My sensors are reading lots of cybertronian non-autobot readings, and a couple of Decepicons too."

Mirage nodded once without saying a word to Red Alert, then began to turn. He stopped after a moment and looked back. "How's Optimus?"


Smokescreen took Silencer and the pizzas towards the medbay at full speed, drawing up smoothly at the doors.
He pulled in and opened his door for the Nebulon with a laugh. "They might not tip you. I've been working for aeons and
I have yet to get paid."

The City Commander examined the specifications laid out in detail in front of him with a growing feeling of enthusiasm. Concern faded into a smile as he absorbed the proposals.

"Huffer, these plans are excellent. Go ahead with these modifications as soon as you are able, and if you need more resources, just enter it to inventory. Looks like some of it may take a little while, but they are exactly what Metroplex needs. Well done!"


Inferno laughed. "Faster than driving 'Buster? - maybe by a few fractions. We borrowed the fallout. If duct tape and fusion welds can hold it together, we'll see you in a couple hours pal!"

Inferno tugged at some loose wires and stuffed them back into a half-charred control panel and chuckled. "It's amazing what the engineers can tinker back together sometimes Big Daddy. Just hope they weren't using it for parts."


Blitzwing had been standing guard for hours when the rain started to clear. He spotted lights approaching and watched carefully as a small shuttle pod landed. Silvery beings flashed in the underbrush as they seemed to head toward the bases.

The triple changer frowned and then clicked onto a general autobot security frequency. "Autobots, you have a small craft that has landed 3.5 Earthen miles Northwest of your cities. More than 5, but less than 20 beings of unknown origin are approaching."

2005-07-19, 03:48 PM
Silencer hopped out.

"What do you guys do for money anyway?"

He rapped on the side of the medbay doors as it irised open

"Pizza delivery for the pretty Sheila."

He said

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-19, 05:35 PM
"Might not be a bad idea Red. I got a lock on his transformation, if it is Sunstreaker he got a make over. He's a 2006 Dodge Viper. Older car, black paint. It won't be too hard to track that. If Devcon can get Airborn it might not be a bad idea to send him and someone else.". Blaster spun around in his chair activating the Skyspy focusing in on Russia.

"If I can get a mark on this rogue-robot, I say we get over there. If it is Sunstreaker, how do we handle him? He is responsible for five-hundred deaths, but it doesn't sound like him to accept a refit and kill people for anyone. He did kill two humans for touching him."

2005-07-19, 07:16 PM
Just next to the Fort Max Ramp
Guzzle has pulled his drum set from subspace, and jams with Fizzle (on Rhythm Guitar) whilst they await developments.

Random Sweep
2005-07-19, 11:35 PM
Makeshift Medbay

Ratchet, taking a moment, waited for signs of movement from Prime.


Outside Fort Max

" Best that you get Scoop first : Sky Lynx said to the assembled Autobots as he opened his transport doors

2005-07-20, 05:31 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

"Sounds like a plan," Red Alert said to Blaster. "If it is Sunstreaker, I want him taken alive. You and your tapes will accompany whatever flier I choose to send. If you can, take Sunstreaker down with your electro-scrambler. If it isn't Sunstreaker or any other recognisable Autobot, do whatever you have to to stop him."

The security officer then looked to Devcon.

"Scratch that last order, Devcon. Can you fly?" He glanced at the bounty hunter's design, but couldn't figure out what he turned into.

He glanced back at Mirage. "Prime is...stable," he said with little conviction. "Though the docs could tell you more than I can."

Next, he answered Blitzwing's communication.

"Acknowledged. I'm sending backup. Keep observing until they arrive..." Grudgingly, he added, "Please."

Red switched frequencies.

"Guzzle, Fizzle, we have several bogeys approaching from the northwest. ID them for me, then report back." He cleared his throat. "Blitzwing is in the area, but don't count on backup from him."

As far as Red was concerned, the Decepticon defector's true loyalties were still in question.

Primary systems powering up

Long-term memory circuits: Activated
Short-term memory circuits: Activated
Main processors: Activated
Fuel combustion chamber: Activation failed


Fuel combustion chamber: Activated
Power supply regulator: Activated
Movement servomotors: Activated
Optical sensor arrays: Activated
Auditory sensor arrays: Activated
Olfactory sensor arrays: Activated
Tactile sensor arrays: Activated

Primary systems online

The fingers on Prime's right hand slowly started to move, curling into a fist.

Random Sweep
2005-07-20, 07:44 AM
Seeing Prime's hand move, Ratchet rushed to his leaders side.

" Optimus , Can you hear me? " he asked.

2005-07-20, 10:00 AM
Outside Fort Max:

"Hoist, Blurr! I recommend you to extract Scoop out of Sky Lynx's passenger compartment and, if need arise, transport him to medbay." - Computron said.

"I will check Sky Lynx's ability to move and, if required, assist him in order to transport him to medbay". Then he paused. "I am receiving an interesting data considering a landing of unknown objects in the vicinity".

He checked his transmitter then contacted the Autobot base:

"Blaster, this is Computron. I am receiving the report about a number of unidentified creatures approaching. I can postulate that we shall make contact in short time. Our group consists of me, Hoist and Blurr, who had volunteered to participate in the recovery operation, incapacitated Sky Lynx, incapacitated and probably damaged Scoop. Requesting suggestions. Over."

2005-07-20, 10:41 AM
Hoist looked Scoop.
"Pretty bad.We have to take it easy on him.Pull him slowly."
he said.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-20, 06:19 PM
"Hold on!" Blaster turned to activate the radar and satellite imaging. "We see 'im Computron. There are... ten.... and.... Uh-Oh. Computron, we need you to hammer those, and we need them hammered hard. That is the last thing we needed to see."

Blaster shook his head activating the automated defences around the crow's nest.1

"Red Alert, we got a problem and it isn't of the rogue-robot variety. I just got a picture of the incoming do-badders. And it's one that is bringing back two years of bad memories. I've also got a direction lock on the rogue robot. So if you got a ship, we need to zip."


Brawn had no problems with Grapple's request. He dropped back into the hole and opted to stay in robot mode, using his fists to dig by punching and grabbing the dirt. It was quicker and he could make the hole wider.


"Uh-huh, Sharkticon's eh? Well isn't that special." Windcharger said condescendingly, looking at Powerglide and circling his finger around the side of his own head. He took a few steps to catch up with Nick and Browning and used his magnetic ability to grab Browning back and threw him in the bring hoping Powerglide would do the same with the human.


Sideswipe had no problem seeing the pod land and in the incoming attackers. He was standing on an upper ridge looking to space, contemplating his 'brother's' location. But moping was for sissy-bots when you might be able to hammer Decepticons. Sideswipe wasted not time, transforming and rolling towards the opponents

2005-07-20, 07:26 PM
The Sparkabots, annoyed that their impromptu jam session had meant the Stuffy logic obsessed Computron had beat them to IDing the incoming Bogeys, drew theirStandard Side Arms and got ready for a good ruck. Moving Closer to Computron, they set up position and waited.

2005-07-20, 07:33 PM
Da Brig

Powerglide led Nick into his cell and closed the doors. He brushed his hands off and said, "well, that's done. Maybe I'll actually get to fly a little now."


Nearby Town

Pipes skated precariously across the parking lot, until he ran into a parking curb and crashed to the ground. A few moments later, he shakily got to his feet. "Hey...that was fun!"

All the kids cheered.


Metroplex Foundry

Huffer smiled, rubbing his head ruefully at Magnus' unexpected praise. "Oh...well thanks. I'll get right to it."

He took his datacube back and went back into the Foundry, where he inserted the cube into the databanks, and began to input the changes.

2005-07-20, 10:24 PM
Scoop moaned a vision swimming before his optics.

Kup old friend what are you doing here . I thought we'd lost you .

Kup: You did I'm with Prinus now telling my stories to a constant willing audience , never having to fight another battle . Its not your time yet , you have many many Breems before you we will meet again one day but not yet

Scoops optics flickered open

"where am I what happened?, where's my men are they ok?"

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-20, 11:45 PM
Powerglide, Windbag, If there are sharkticons bring one back alive, I can reprogram it

Browning: eza bang WEEE!!!

Nick: ... hm dosent like magnets, any way, Sharkticons are mindless drones. they dont have a personality of their own its programed into them. I tried doing it once before but he more or less blew up


Nick: With this stuff i might be able to get into it withought it blowing

Browning: *runs into electric bars and passes out*

Nick: thanks god for that.

EDIT: ~Scout

2005-07-21, 02:40 AM
Blurr helped pull Swoop from the wreckage.

Moving slowly wasn't something he normally did well.

He turned to theother Autobot...

"Ishegoingtobealtight?" "Hewill,right?"

2005-07-21, 05:19 AM
Mirage nodded once with a grim and sullen expression and then looked past Red Alert in surprise. Ratchet's voice had caught his attention and he saw a slight movement from the Autobot leader. He took a slight step forward, and then hesitated. Thinking the better of it, Mirage stopped and turned back toward the door, his hopeful expression fading into guilt.

Blitzwing grumbled as he worked his way through the trees and down toward the pod where the creatures had emerged. He approached slowly, curiosity overtaking his disdain for the earth foliage that was getting tangled around his limbs.

It's a Quintesson shuttle. If they came here to check on me, they're going to pay.

His head snapped back and forth as he quickly scanned and surveyed the area. In irritation, he transformed to his tank mode and swiveled his turret gun around to bear on the pod.

2005-07-21, 07:28 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Red Alert mused carefully about how to respond to Blaster, but those thoughts dissolved when he saw the look in Mirage's optics. The security officer spun and stared at his now-moving leader.

"The..." He struggled to remember what he was talking about. "The intruders will be taken care of, Blaster. Head for the main entry. I'll have Devcon meet you there shortly." He shot the bounty hunter a sidelong glance. "Call up Powerglide, too. If he's done with the prisoner, take him with you as well."

Prime was...confused.

He had just destroyed that...thing, the reborn Megatron. He'd asked Ratchet to replace his trailer, and had given the medic the schematics for the body upgrade that went with it. But then...what?

Mirage, he realized.

The spy had been captured. Prowl and Red Alert had doubtlessly thought that he had cooperated with the Decepticons of his own accord, but Prime knew that his friend would never do that. The three of them had set out to rescue him with a Decepticon prisoner in tow. They'd met up with Hound, Streetwise and Bluestreak. And then...

Fire. Pain.

He shook his head, then focussed on the voice that he heard calling his name.


The Autobot leader tried to push himself to a sitting position, but only made it half-way up before collapsing back to the diagnostic bed. He noticed that his body felt...different. His shoulders felt much heavier, for one, and his diagnostic systems reported new bits of techology and weaponry that he hadn't been installed before. He pushed that realization aside, though; there were more important things to deal with right now.

"Ratchet," he said with a firmer voice. "Mirage...did he survive?"

Random Sweep
2005-07-21, 07:41 AM
Ratchet placed a hand on Prime's shoulder.

" Easy up Optimus, you still need to rest. " Ratchet said softly " Mirage is in good working order, I just finished up on him "

2005-07-21, 08:40 AM
Outside Fort Max (and at the path of incoming Sharcticons):

Computron motioned to the group of Autobots around him.

"I believe we have a combat situation, friends. Considering our position, I have formulated a solution that will eliminate the risk, but it will require a co-ordinated work of all our forces.

First, Hoist should transport Scoop to Fortress Maximus's medbay, out of danger.

Second, for the Sparkabots the vital part of the mission is not to let the enemies to Sky Lynx.

Third, if enemies will attempt to retreat, Blurr and fast-moving Technobots will intercept and destroy them.

If everything is clear... commence the attack!"

With this words Computron began to spray the line of incoming Sharcticons with acid pellets from his rapid-fire gun...

2005-07-21, 12:15 PM
----------Shuttle Bay----------
Hoist finally pulled Scoop from Sky Lynx's passenger
compartment."Several injured but we can still make him alright."
He answered Blurr.Then he take Scoop to med-bay.

----------Fort Max Perimeter----------
Rosdos still patrolling with Warpath.
"So you don't trust me?"Warpath asked.
"Maybe but I don't want to tell you why."Rosdos replied.
"Okay."Warpath muttered.
Then Rosdos heard something.And then he ran to where did the voice came from."Oh...no."He whispered to himself while he saw

2005-07-21, 04:00 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting for a bit

Fort Max

Grapple rolled into the base, then transformed, heading to the supply room and entering where he began to gather as many support beams as one could get onto a hover-transport.

Humming to himself, the architect shoved the cargo out back of the room, getting back to the air-field was going to take slightly longer than getting here had because he was walking instead of driving.

* * * * * *

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

Devcon gave the security director a measured look as Red Alert advised him against going one minute, then seemed to change his mind the next.

"Can I fly?" the bounty hunter echoed, stepping away from the door and into an empty area of the room, where he transformed.

A few seconds later, an one-man space-craft sat where he had been.

2005-07-21, 05:22 PM
Prowl heard Blitzwing's communication and the responses that followed. He frowned. Could this month get any worse?

"Blitzwing, Fizzle, Guzzle,, there is a human military caravan approaching - numbering 36 vehicles that are carrying ammunition supplies. Their arrival is imminent. Procure the safety and integrity of the delivery."

Without further hesitation, the strategist entered security, leaving the channel open, and headed for the cells where Powerglide and Windcharger had Nick and Browning.

Blitzwing held his fire when he heard Prowl come on over the radio. His reply was brief.

"Fine. I'll... see to the humans, but don't you ever talk normal?"

A lone Sharkticon appeared in the pod doorway and the triple changer powered up and let loose a tremendous blast.

The sharkticon opened it's mouth and then disappeared with the pod in an obliterating explosion.

Smirking, Blitzwing transformed and turned his attention to the road leading to the cities.


He's alive. Mirage stopped in his tracks and turned slightly, hovering between the need to follow the security chief's orders and the need to see that his friend was alive.

But one clear look at the great leader was enough to set Mirage reeling emotionally. The damage that had been done was clear from the repairs, and it was clearly done because of his own actions. His facial features furrowed with anguish as he heard Optimus' voice. Slowly, he took a few steps forward, and forcing a call barely more than a whisper to the leader.


2005-07-21, 07:32 PM
Guzzle begin rapid fire at the oncoming sharkticons, his tank shells sending chunks of the drones flying as Fizzle began creating a fire cordon between the human convoy and the oncoming Horde.
Guzzle was keeping an eye on theDecepticon Triple changer: veterans don't learn to trust th enemy too quickly.
Fizzle was giggling. Sizzle was gonna kick himself stupid when he found the action was back here!

Brave Maximus
2005-07-21, 08:12 PM
The Omega Shuttle cruised over the US Country side, Finding it's way though the least populated areas and rocketing along, just under the speed of sound. It only took the minicons about half an hour to repair Skyfall's wing assembly (though the paint was ruined.... again) and had moved on to repair Greatshots leg. As they were just about finished, the shuttle was beeped by Autobase's IFF system and the Neo Leader opened the Comm:

"Autobase, This is Skyfall, requesting permission to drop off a few tro..... WHAT THE IN THE PIT!!!!!?"

The Omega Shuttle lurched with an explosion. With in a few seconds they were dropping out of the sky. Skyfall was at the controls, using his link with the Shuttle to keep them in the air:

"Autobase, this is the Omega Shuttle. We are under attack from an unknown source. Sensors DO NOT detect Decepticon forces. Anti-grav thrusters are failing, I'm going to try and bring us in between Fort Max and Metroplex. ETA is 5 minutes!"

Skyfall shouted over his shoulder to the troop compartment as the shuttle's doors opened:

"Anyone who can fly, see if you can give us some cover and find out who the hell is shooting at me!"

Starlight, Ark and Nemesis lept out the door, leaving Great Shot's leg 98% complete. They transformed and flew under the shuttle. Starlight spotted the damage - a strike to the hole created by Cryotek - transformed and attempted to start repairs. Ark flew underneather her, his shield at the ready, while Nemesis flew point, seeking a target.

2005-07-22, 04:44 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm and Chromedome: -look up from the monitor, look down at Silencer-

Brainstorm: "Uh...... what's a shelia?"

Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Fortress: -heads for the inercomm panel- "hardhead, get out there!"

Hardhead: -transforms, rolls out of the bay, heading towards the Sharkticons-

Fortress: -hits the red alert button, klaxons start blaring, light takes on a reddish tinge-

Omega Shuttle:

Ironhide: -grabs onto his chair arms- "Ah knew we should'a taken th' bus........"

Ground beneath the Omega Shuttle:

The commander of the small unit had fought battles like this before. He knew that had been a lucky shot. And he knew where to target next.

With a hissing noise, the ground to air missiles hissed towards the engines of the Omega Shuttle.


The Sharkticons broke formation, one slipping away from the rest and finding a good vantage point to scan the Autobot ship.

2005-07-22, 08:13 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max


Prime weakly shrugged Ratchet's hand away, then managed to push himself up onto his elbows. He shot his medic and close friend a meaningful look; he knew Ratchet meant well, but he also knew that the spy's deepest wounds were ones that couldn't be fixed by a surgeon's hand.

I'll have to ask Smokescreen to keep an optic on him, but I hope...no, I know that I can start him on the road to healing.

"Mirage," he said more firmly. "Come here, my friend."

Red Alert looked at the transformed Devcon.

"Good," he said, nodding with approval. "Get to the main entry and meet Blaster. The two of you are taking a little trip."

After hearing Skyfall's SOS, he send a text-only message to Prowl.

Please see to Neos. I'm occupied.

Almost as an afterthought, he added three more words.

Prime is awake.

2005-07-22, 01:26 PM
----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos saw a Sharkticons's broken formation.
And he saw one of them slipped away from the formation.
Then he open his comlink."Warpath a Sharkticon might heading to your way watch out."He followed that Sharkticon."I want their tail for a long time."He muttered.
"Sharkticon?! I don't see anything."Warpath replied Rosdos 's comlink.

----------Fort Max Med-Bay----------
Hoist start reparing Scoop.

2005-07-22, 01:46 PM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort max:

Minerva: -looks over at the blinking red alert indicator- "I don't think you're glitched, Hound."

2005-07-22, 03:49 PM
Fort Max: small bay
The leader's voice was like a clear beacon in the spy's spinning mind of failure and doubt. It was both commanding and requesting, and Mirage was drawn to it.

With his head lowered, he walked over slowly to stand next to Optimus. After a few moments, he brought his optics to meet Prime's.

The damage and repairs were clearly a product of his mistakes, but it was the leader's gaze that drove in to the very core of Mirage's mind and emotions. To the spy, it felt like a weight of indescribable proportions had just settled on his shoulders, and his knees responded in kind. Unable to stop himself, he sank down into a kneeling position next to the Autobot leader's repair table.

"I...... I.. Optimus.... I'm sorry.

Fort Max: Small bay
Hound looked at Minerva and then to his scanners again. More and more registers were occuring on his sensative equipment. Decepticons, Autobots, and something that didn't match either, as well as ships and ammunition explosions.

The scout puzzled through it for a moment, trying to use his experience to figure out what was happening. "If that's right, there's some sort of attack going on outside Minerva. I've gotta go help." As a quick afterthought, Hound smiled and added, "Thanks for the repairs," and he headed for the door at a jog.

Fort Max: Security Cells
Prowl had just reached the cells when he heard the Neo call come through and received Red Alert's messages. He answered both with one word.

"Powerglide, Blitzwing, disengage assigned duties immediately and fly out to meet the Neos. They're under fire from unknown source. Give cover for landing. Windcharger, Trailbreaker, drive out now to meet the human military caravan. Inferno, get the emergency equipment ready for... "

Prowl frowned as a note came up that said Inferno had left with a shuttle.

Hoist, Ratchet - we have a damaged shuttle coming in- we need emergency equipment out and medical staff on standby.
Mountain forest : outside Sharkticon burning pod
Blitzwing grumbled as he began to transform to his jet mode. Halfway through, a joining stopped and resulted in a string of unpleasantries and reverse transforming until it finally gave way.
Fort Max: perimeter
"I hear ya Prowl, good buddy. I'm on my way." Trailbreaker heard a distant explosion and transformed to vehicle mode, stepping on the gas in the process to zip up the winding trails with ease.

Fort Max: Medbay

Smokescreen chuckled from outside the door, transformed and replied to the medics. "It's a female."
Quickly bending over, he motioned to the Nebulon and transformed again.
"Silencer, Minerva's not here, but we can leave those for them. I just caught a comm - there's trouble outside of some sort. Come on!
"We're on approach now Roadbuster pal! Where abouts should we plop on down?" Inferno felt the shuttle engines whine in objection to the shift.

Might be a rocky ride going back.

2005-07-22, 06:23 PM
Outside Fort Max – battle with Sharkticons:

Drops of acid were sizzling on Sharkticons' armor and on the earth around them. Powerful acid from Computron's pellets was making its grim work on the enemies, as were all the other Autobots' attacks.
"The enemies must not be allowed to retreat! A bit more effort and they will all be destroyed." - Computron stated not stopping his fire.

Fort Max Armoury:

The door of the compartment slided open and tall black-green Autobot entered in.
"Greetings, I'm Jetwave, I'm new here..." - he stopped abruptly and looked around. "Is anybody home?"

2005-07-22, 06:54 PM
Silencer nodded and opening a door hopped in.


Scoop moaned

"my men where are they did they make it ."


Quickmix paced like a caged animal

"i'm a chemist not a target drone." He growled

he checked Boomer and Ricochet

"ready for a fight lads."

Brave Maximus
2005-07-22, 07:18 PM
The human strike on the engines didn't do any real damage, but it dented the cone of the thrusters in, channeling the exaust up. This had the effect of starting to push the rear end down.... of the already crashing shuttle.

"Well, that didn't help...." the Micro Master muttered to himself, then shouted over the comm and over his shoulder to the crew compartments. "Ark, Nemesis, Starlight, Get out from underneath - we're hitting the ground and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Everyone hold on back there, and pray that we don't hit Maximus....."

Ark and Starlight pulled out from underneath the shuttle, flying beside it as a sort of escort. Nemesis on the other hand, peeled off and aimed his plasma cannon at the human jeep. He fired off a partial charge, aiming for the ground infront of one of the jeeps.

2005-07-22, 08:41 PM
Fort max, Shuttle Bay:

Fortress: -seeing what the ship's sensors are seeing, shoulders sag in defeat- "This isn't happening......" -reaches out again, hitting the shipwide intercom button- "All hands, brace for impact!" -hits the collision alarm button, then charging out of the bay and heading for the bridge-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Chromedome: -looking at the alert status indicators- "Brainstorm, get up to the bridge, help the captain. I'm going outside!" -charges out of the medbay, heading outside-

Brainstorm: -stands, starts towards the bridge- "I still don't get it. We don't have anybody in our ranks named Shelia....."

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -sighing as the collision alarm klaxon starts fighting with the red alert klaxon for superiority, looks over at Prime and Mirage- "Air out your differences later. There's bigger things than whatever's hapened between you two going on outside."

Omega Shuttle:

Ironhide: "Lemme guess, this's th' part where Ah start sayin' that if we get outta this alahve, Ah ain't never gonna swear again, rahght?"

Skyfire: "Do you think it'd help?"

Ironhide: -feeling the shuttle's tail drop- "Prob'ly couldn't hurt......."

Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: -all power diverted to engines- "Cosmos: Prepare. ETA: 2 minutes."


The Sharkticons were dying spectacularly. But, they had done their job. One of them had gotten a look at the wreckage of Metroplex and the still grounded(and somewhat refortified) Fortress Maximus. The information had been sent.
The fired back as best they could, mainly at the massive combined form of Computron.


The ground in front of the leading jeep exploded in a fountain of dirt and debris, the driver slamming on the brakes, the jeep skidding to a halt, it's front wheels in the blast crater.

The commander smiled. "Last salvo, boys!" More missiles howled away, streaking towards the Omega Shuttle's engines again. "Now, let's get-" The humans went tumbling from their jeeps as Omega Supreme thundered overhead, the missles they fired smashing against his nosecone.


Roadbuster: -over commlink- "This is going to get us back to the base faster, right? We're all the way out here by the Canadian border in New York state, after all."

2005-07-23, 03:29 AM
Prowl deliberated momentarily, calculating information that was pouring in and formulating possibilities. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion could force enough power to divert the incoming shuttle entirely, but there was something that could lessen the impact and buffer the damage to the two citybots. Calmly, he picked up his radio. "Fortress Maximus... extend shield projectors to 800 feet and reverse polarity."

He then turned to the cell and looked at Nick and Browning. "Why are you both here?"


Smokescreen whistled over his internal radio as he reached the exit to Maximus and saw distant flames and an incoming shuttle. "Hang on Silencer, this is going to be close!"

Smokescreen peeled a long squeal of rubber as he stepped on the gas to get out of the way of the imminant crash.

Hound didn't head for the entrance. Seeing the incoming signals, he headed for the side exit.

Spike waved him down before he reached the exit, and the scout drew to a temporary stop.

"Take me with you Hound, and don't tell me it's too dangerous!"

With no time left to deliberate, the green autobot gently lifted his human friend and went outside.

2005-07-23, 07:23 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

"Don't appologise."

Prime stared straight into Mirage's optics.

"You're not responsable for what happened to me, Mirage. The Decepticons carry the blame for that, and they will pay in full for what they did...not just to me, but to you, and to everyone else they've hurt."

The Autobot leader somehow managed to force his uncooperative body into a sitting position, then gave Minerva a glance that said he didn't appreciate her meddling.

I would have expected a medic to have a greater understanding of the importance of psychological health.

"Get up," he told Mirage, his voice soft. "If we're going to beat the Decepticons, I can't have my best officers kneeling at my bedside."

He held out his hand to the spy.

Red Alert gripped a doorframe in response to Fortress's call to brace for impact.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-23, 08:26 AM
"Another day, another explosion. Never get any peace and loud music anymore." Blaster muttered to himself, as he slide down the ladder leading up to the crow's nest.

"I'm on my way to the front now RedAlert. Do we know what the alert is being sounded for?"


By the time Sideswipe arrived at the Sharkticons [b]Computron had mowed through most of them.

"Thanks for leaving me some scraps," He yelled up to the gestalt with a sarcastic tone.

2005-07-23, 08:43 AM
Silencer hung on

"don't you think this place is cursed or something . Thats the 3rd craft to fall out of the sky round here today.

2005-07-23, 02:47 PM
Reassuring, confident, forgiving. Optimus' voice and expression steadied Mirage. He reached for the leader's hand, clasped it and rose. Lingering self doubt still hovered in the autobot's mind, but Mirage resolved to himself that he would never again put his friends at risk by his own failings.

"I will try not to bring down or cause any more trouble Optimus. I only thought everyone would be better off without me."

"I'm begining to wonder!" Smokescreen replied to Silencer as he sped up to cover the ground. "Hope you know how to fix all these trees and plants out here Silencer. We're gonna have to repair it before the humans get angry."

Hound was shocked at what his scanners were telling him.
"Spike, I think one of our shuttles was just attacked by humans!"

"No way Hound. Even the whole US Gov. wouldn't be able to take out a Cybertronian craft without massive scale power."

"I'm getting human readings though, and they're in danger then. There are several autobots and one Decepticon all heading for them."

"Step on it then- and notify the others so they don't walk on anyone."

2005-07-23, 03:41 PM
Guzzle : "Come on! Come on you drones, FIGHT ME!" he screamed pound shells into the few remaining Sharkticons. Fizlle worried quietly, whilst making sure the fire cordon was maintained and that none got through

(OOC Brief post here sorry, got swamped with external issues!)

Brave Maximus
2005-07-23, 04:31 PM
The shuttle was losing altitude fast. At this point, there was no way to avoid a crash with the Maximus. Skyfall was reaching out with everything he could through the Omega's Transector connection and was using every trick he knew to keep them alive.

Main Thrusters - 98% opperational
Directional Thrusters - 4% opperational
Breaking Thrusters - Connection Severed
Anti-Grav lifters - 15% Opperational
Landing Pads - Off line

Lovely.......... Which Directional thrusters are still opperational?

Bottom Nose Thrusters only. All 5 remain opperational through secondary connection

"Oh this is going to hurt..... EVERYONE BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Skyfall shouted out, to no one in particular......

Skyfall triggered the nose thrusters and stopped compensating for the tail dropping due to the dented thruster. The nose of the Omega Shuttle rose in the air as they aproached the front section of Fortress Maximus. Skyfall prepaired himself for the metal-on-metal scrape that..... never came!

Instead, the Omega Shuttle hit the forcefield put out by the city and skimmed across it....

Well, I'll be damned, it work..... what now......

Port side Nose thrusters have shut down, Mid-line Thuster operating at 50% Capacity, mid-starboard side thruster operating at 75% capacity.
Thruster connection tedious at best, impact with anything was not recomended. This has resulted in a roll to the Port side.....

"Oh sure, now you tell me. Drop main engine output to 25%, lets land this thing at least. Starlight Ark: Give the shuttle a nudge and make sure we do a 360. But clear out before we hit the ground. Everyone back there," Skyfall shouted to the troop compartment, "I'm shutting the doors....."

The Omega Shuttle, much to the bane of it's passengers, was seriously starting to roll to the right as it bounced off the Maximus' shields. It had cleared one section of the city and was already more than 90 degrees into it's roll. The doors on the shuttle had snapped shut to protect the troops. Ark and Starlight were pushing on the starboard side of the shuttle, helping it around through it's rotation.

"See, told you it would be more exciting coming on this mission than sticking around with Dropshot at the Ark!" Stepper joked to Artfire, clearly enjoying the ride, his Target Master partner clinging to the arm of the chair as the shuttle rolled.

"Oh yes, much more exciting...... Now lets see if we survive...." Artfire fired back in a level tone, trying to hold onto his Target Master and his seat at the same time.

"You always look on the bright side, don't you?"

(OOC: It's been a while since I've seen that much Italics in a post. So here's a refresher, just in case: Anything in Italics text is internal thought of the Transformer, and cannot be heard by other characters (well, except Soundwave perhaps.... but he's not here....). The Sky Blue Italics Text is the communications from the Omega shuttle - and can only be heard by Skyfall. Just to make sure :D)

2005-07-23, 05:19 PM
Quickmix clung to a stanchion absent mindedly , thoughts temporarily straying from the battle,

if i increase the yield i can increase effectiveness by 5% and if I do that it should suck out more oxygen and the firefighting foam will work much better hmm maybe i could adapt it for our present situation we could air drop it and if i thicken it up by adding a touch of....hmmm , well it would form a sort of spongy foam

" Skyfall does this thing have nozzles or hatches on its underside i think i might be able to ensure a sof landing."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-23, 05:26 PM
Windcharger ran out the main entrance of Fort Max and transformed speeding towards what ever it was he needed to find.


Brawn poked his head out of the hole once more spotting the crashing shuttle, and scrambling Autobots.

"Ahhh dig yourself, Grapple!" Brawn jumped from the hole and transformed driving towards the crashing shuttle.

2005-07-23, 07:32 PM
Fort Max Entrance Ramp

Powerglide had been nearing the entrance ramp when he heard his orders transmitted. "No time for joyriding now," he said. Sprinting to the door, he leapt, transformed and shot into the sky.


Nearby Town

Pipes extricated himself from the crumpled shopping carts on his feet and stood up. "Its been fun, but I should probably get back."

The kids complained that he should stay, but he promised to come back and visit as he transformed and drove towards Autobase. Don't know why I'm in such a rush to get back. I can't have missed anything....


Metroplex Foundry

Huffer finished downloading the new schematics into the foundry databanks. The foundry would now take care of restoring and updating the most basic systems so Metroplex himself could be brought back online. Once that happened, the real reconstruction would begin.

2005-07-24, 12:18 AM
Blitzwing circled, watching the descending shuttle. From his vantagepoint, he couldn't see any attackers. There was nothing on his radar either, and the big Decepticon had no clue what he was supposed to be watching for - until Hound's voice cleared the radio.

"Hound reporting to security... there's a group of humans 12 miles from base, directly in the lee of the incoming shuttle."

Hound switched to his cabin radio as the incoming shuttle's flight gear whined and the ground began to vibrate severely from the shield buffers.
"Cover your ears and head, Spike."
Prowl picked up and responded immediately. The strategist had had quite enough of humans being too close to the citybots, and unknown attacks meant clear danger for the humans, the troops or both.
"Attention all Autobots on patrol... tactfully and safely apprehend and secure the humans for questioning."

Ultra Magnus turned his attention from the foundry and ongoing repairs to the urgent communications. He called back in a hurry.

"Huffer! Shuttle coming down hard outside- they may need our help. Let's go."

Trailbreaker caught up with Windcharger and called to him.
"Smokey ordered a bunch of ammo and stuff. The human military is delivering it, and they're comin' round the mountain right now. We gotta see 'em onto base safe Windy!"


Note: Big Daddy and Inferno have been moved over to 'Everywhere Else'.

2005-07-25, 01:06 AM

Huffer looked up distractedly at Magnus. "What? You mean again?" Huffer grabbed a highly complex welding gun off the wall, subspaced it, transformed and drove towards the commotion.


Outside Fort Max

Powerglide reviewed his options. The shuttle was barely stable as it coasted limply past Autobase. On the other hand there were the attackers...but his scanners weren't picking up anything. He took the choice that seemed the most dire, and shot after the Omega Shuttle.

Then he remembered what had happened the last time he had tried to help a shuttle land. Oh no, not again...

Brave Maximus
2005-07-25, 02:21 AM
With the help of the two minicons, and the remaining thrusters, the Omega righted itself, just barely. It scraped against the hull of the city, as it skimmed by - Skyfall wincing at the sound it made.

"Shutting off thrusters.... NOW! Starlight, Ark, get clear......."

The Shuttle made one last attempt to stay airbourn, then gave up the ghost, heading down into the embrace of the Earth. But it was not a gentle embrace. The Omega plowed into the ground, great gouts of earth, sod, trees, small furry animals - anything that was in it's way was sent flying through the air. The Omega Shuttle continued on, plowing a wide furrow in the Earth, deeper than the shuttle was high, for nearly two hundred metres before coming to rest, almost fully burried under the ground - only the engines stick out, in a homage to the Neo's current base.....

It was proving to be a particularly dry summer near Autobase, and this provided a problem. As the Omega had come down, the exaust of the engines had ignited the grass and brush around it. The still hot engines were causing the area around the shuttle to burst into flames. Within minutes the whole area around the Shuttle's crash site was engulfed in flames.

Inside the shuttle, Skyfall slowly eased out of the command chair. He was wincing in pain, not for what his body had suffered, but from what he was feeling through the Transector link....

He stumbled back to the ledge that looked over the Troop compartment:

"All those still active, let me know!"

Dead Man Wade
2005-07-25, 03:36 AM
Greatshot's optics glowed to life as he realized he was still functioning. The large Autobot rolled onto his back, mumbling several curses as he realized his left arm was completely useless.

"Still active here."

Grunting, Greatshot used his good arm to heft himself up to a sitting position.

"Are we there yet?"

2005-07-25, 03:45 AM
Troop Compartment, Omega Shuttle:

Ironhide: -disentangling himself from the wreckage of his seat- "Yeah. Ah'm good......." -stands, tosses his armrest aside- Skahfahre, Quickmix, you two all rahght?"

Skyfire: -pulls himself to his feet- "I'm okay...... Not sure I'll be playing the piano again anytime soon, though......"


The Sharkticons died spectacularly, pummelled from all sides by Autobot fire. But they died with the satisfaction of knowing that their mission was fulfilled.

2005-07-25, 06:22 AM
Quickmix replied

"I'm a little battered but otherwise A ok"

2005-07-25, 10:30 AM
----------Fort Max Med-Bay----------
Hoist heard Prowl's comlink.
"What! Another shuttle?"He said.
He turned to Medics in the med-bay and said.
"Hey!Scoop need help!"Then he ran to outside Fort Max.

-----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos still following that Sharkticon and keep the distance between him and Sharkticon.

2005-07-25, 11:18 AM
OOC: Post reworked and moved

2005-07-25, 12:44 PM
Valley Entrance:

Omega Supreme: -lands, gantry assembly appearing around himself from subspace, tracks and tank deploying from gantry, tank again taking up it's patrol, opens hatch in side of rocket, deploys ramp- "Arrived: Now. Watch: Step."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress and Brainstorm: -going over the damage control schematic of the ship-

Fortress: -sighs- "Not as bad as I feared....."

Brainstorm: -nods, thinking- "Commander....."

Fortress: "Hmm?"

Brainstorm: "How strong are our shields?"

Fortress: "As long as we can power them fuly, they should prove adequate."

Brainstorm: -nods- "Good. I'll check the emitter arrays after I'm done with the project I'm working on now."

2005-07-25, 07:28 PM
Cosmos flew out of Omega in Ufo form, and surveyed the carnage of the crash and the Chaos of the conflict: would anything hace been better hed omega been here?
Guilty conscience in control, he raced to the battle zone, prparing to strafe the sharkticons...

2005-07-26, 02:57 AM
Fort Max Exterior

Huffer saw the shuttle go down and veered towards where it had come to rest. He was no medic, but he would be able to fix anything requiring immediate attention, anyway.


Powerglide hadn't been able to get to the shuttle in time to help, but it looked like they had landed without too much damage. He landed just outside of the shuttle, transforming as he touched down. He banged on the hull. "Hey! Everybody all right in there?"


Pipes drove back to Autobase just in time to see the last of the sharkticons destroyed and the Omega Shuttle land. What in the world? He drove towards the shuttle to see what was going on.

Aero Blade
2005-07-26, 03:15 AM
As Skyfall came to check in on them, it took Aero a moment to shake off the shock from the crash before he was able to respond.

"We're fine, I think.." He said, checking on Stratus who he'd held in his arms durring the whole incident. Aside from being a bit shaken up, the minicon seemed to be alright.

Igos Du Inka
2005-07-26, 03:30 AM
(ooc: sorry havent posted for awhile my ISP has been well... you know :))

Nick: I was send here by Gigatron as kind of an inside info to get them inside the bace, but one Autobot, always Autobot. Or sometin to that effect. I want to re-join, If you check the history I worked with Spike and several Neo's to Build, and Rebuild baces. but around 2005 there was an attack, and a shuttle crashed near where I was at the time, i was nearly killed

So i blame the Autobots it, So i go to a moon called Io near Jupiter where i found Unicron's leg and used it as a bace. as for Browning, he's genericly created, don't ask.

Browning: I hate Magnets... AH! Autobot

Nick: so if i may be of help to you guys you wouldn't regret it I've been through alot crash landing, Leozak and the destrons wanting to squish me, then Gigatron and the Deciptcons wanting to squish me, then you guys heh.
hey if one is still online i can reprogram a Sharkticon to be a kamikasie agenst the Quints

2005-07-26, 10:57 AM
----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos saw the Sharkticon he following stand still for a minute near Fort Max."Alright time to show myself."He said to himself."You there!Get over here!"He shouted to the Sharkticon.
And clenched his fists.

In the other side of Fort Max the Omega Shuttle just crashed and and the shuttle is on fire then he open his comlink immediately."Prowl Call any fire fighter the shuttle is on fire! Inferno's signal is not around here."

2005-07-26, 11:18 AM
Quickmix looks out of the window

"Ironhide it looks like we're on fire ."

2005-07-26, 07:16 PM
Cosmos landed next to Guzzle .
C: "My god, where did those things come from?"
G; "Who cares, they're dead now. Hey, how come you flew out of Omega? You said you'd crashed?!"

As the argument between them escalated, Fizzle Transformed and approached the Convoy he'd been protecting. His strategy had been sound, he was sure of that, he just hoped the humans saw it all in the same way.

2005-07-27, 02:06 AM
"Inferno is not available. Ironhide, Artfire respond if you are in the area of Fort Max's perimeter and can assist in dousing that fire!"

Waiting for a response, Prowl listened to Nick carefully; and then without further hesitation, bent down and reached forward, opening his hand with a firm expression.

"You may have worked under Spike, but the Neo group is not from this time period. Therefore, I find fault, mingled with either confusion or deception in your tale.

Furthermore, you will hand over the Decepticon known as Browning to me directly, for your own safety and for ours. If you use his power to fire, he will slowly take your life energy from you, depleting your organic form to a withered husk of dust within a few uses.

Once you have surrendered your Decepticon acquaintance for removal, crimes trial and further investigation proceedures, you will be allowed to prove yourself over time. You will begin by undergoing a medical examination by our staff - at their leisure. Then you will be allowed into minimum security clearance areas to perform maintainance work. If you prove you are trustworthy in that capability and if you can work well with others, you will be assigned a partner and a station."


"Whew.... look at that Silencer!" Smokescreen stared at the damage burning in front of them and around the citybot.
"That's... How can we stop it?"


ooc: Keeping Optimus going for Warcry.

Concern flickered over Optimus Prime's face as he began to understand the underlying causes for the spy's thoughts and behaviors. He softened his smile and lowered his voice to a kind and firm tone. "We are a team Mirage, but we are also friends. Each one of us counts, and every one of us matters in many ways. Remember that."

The corners of Mirage's mouth lifted into a slight smile and he nodded his head responsively.
"I will Optimus."
He glanced at the door briefly and turned to it with a slightly more positive expression and a faint smile before disappearing.
"I'm... going to go help - my friends."

2005-07-27, 03:40 AM
The Skies Above Fort Max

Skydive wondered what could have been so important that his daily aerial training with the team had to be disrupted. Silverbolt didn’t really give them a good reason why they needed to return to autobase so abruptly, then again, Silverbolt never really spoke much when he was flying. As he and the other Aerialbots came over the last rise, the answer presented itself. The place looked like a warzone. Again. Things just seemed to be going from bad to worse in recent weeks and it didn’t look like that was going to change.

“Oh… no… Look at all the…,” Fireflight understated as he started veering off course a little too close to Air Raid.

“Fireflight!”, screamed Air Raid, “ Pay attention to where you are going!”

“What in Prime’s name happened here?” asked Slingshot.

Silverbolt pulled out ahead of the other Aerialbots. “Aerialbots. Delta formation. Form up on me,” he commanded. With that Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, and Slingshot took up position on either side of Silverbolt giving them a triangular appearance in the air similar to that of a flock of geese. “We’ll make a pass to get a better idea of the what we’re getting into,” he said. Granted the situation was pretty clear. Two shuttles down, two more piles of wreckage in a pair of craters nearby, Autobots running all over the place, and the remains of what looked to be… Sharkticons?

“Hey Silverbolt,” Skydive said, “ I know it’s not my place, but tactically speaking, do you mind if we avoid the lake on this flyby?”

“With all of the crashes that have happened recently, Skydive, I don’t plan on flying near that lake ever again,” replied Silverbolt as he lead his team above the battlefield.

2005-07-27, 03:54 AM
Outside Ft Max

Blurr watched as yet another ship crashed....


He wondered out loud...

"I'llnevergetonashiphere! Never!Never!Never!"

He ran over to the nearest Autobot to offer his help....

2005-07-27, 01:23 PM
Tracer & Holepunch staggered out of Sky Lynxs cargo carrying Section.

Tracer "looks like the medics missed us "

2005-07-27, 04:38 PM
Outside Fort Max – near the grounded Sky Lynx (and remains of Sharkticons):

"Thanks everybody! We've done a great job! Overall efficiency 68 per cent!" - Computron exclaimed to all Autobots who participated in the Sharkticons' destruction. "And who might you be, guys?" - he asked Tracer & Holepunch. "I certainly don't remember you..."

Then he saw fast-moving form of Blurr.
"Great! Blurr, would you take care of these two? I need some help to carry Sky Lynx inside Fort Max... And that must be a really sizeable help!"

He switched to Fort Max's comm channel.

"Fort Max, this is Computron. Treat of Sharkticons is eliminated, but we've still got damaged Sky Lynx here. I require another gestalt or big enough Autobot, for I will never be able to carry him alone. Over."

As an afterthought, Computron scanned his internal parts for damage.
Integrity status:
Scattershot 93%
Afterburner 72%
Lightspeed 69%
Nosecone 98%
Strafe 86%

Just as he turned to other Autobots, another thought come into his collective mind:
What could be the purpose of the Sharkticons' attack?
* * *

Fort Max Armoury:

Jetwave waited for answer that never came. Realising he is alone in the room, Jetwave moved to the comm panel at the wall.

"Well... Let's see what they've got here..." - he mumbled, looking through the directories.

Supplies... No. That's not what he needs.
Search "Ammunition"
<No directories found>
Where could they be?
Search "Ammo"
<No directories found>

"Damn!" - T-shaped slit in his faceplate flashed with green fire. "I need some help with this database! I told them so, but those stubborn Technobots..."

Well... The only answer is to find somebody who can locate this information... Or, perhaps, ANOTHER someone who knows it already...

Jetwave switched the comm panel off and exited the room.

2005-07-27, 06:31 PM
outside Sky Lynx

The two target masters looked up at the gesalt towering over them.

Holepunch spoke

"reet lad we're Nebulans , targetmasters to be exact and we're partnered with Scoop . Where is he lad ? Is he ok ? We were shook up by the landing and must have passed out. Did hemake it."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-07-27, 08:06 PM
Sideswipe kneeled down and picked up peices of a destroy sharkticon and flung it at a larger pile of them.

"Y'know, I just wanted one or two to tide me over." The red autobot muttered, standing tall again. By the time Brawn arrived he was also heavily disappointed.

"Speak for yourself Sideswipe. I wanted all of 'em!"


Windcharger was confused "I thought we were trying to track down who shot the Shuttle down, Trailbreaker.

2005-07-27, 08:26 PM
Blur have the other bot a salute.

"Surething. Noproblem,noproblematall."

He turned to the Nebulans...Tracer & Holepunch

"So,justfollowmeMyname'sBlurr. Andyouare?"

2005-07-27, 09:15 PM
Holepunch stepped forward

"I'm Holepunch and the lad goes by the name of Tracer."

Tracer "I'm not moving till someone tells me what happened to Scoop, where is he the big lug did make it didn't he."

Brave Maximus
2005-07-27, 10:08 PM
Artfire and Stepper looked up and checked their Target Masters:

"We're all alive back here." The black and white Autobot said

Before Artfire could respond, Prowl's message came over his comm:

"Ummm, we'd love to Prowl, but we're stuck in the shuttle at the moment - give use a second...... Ummm, how are we getting out of here?" He said to no one in particular....

Skyfall sat down, and reached out with some of the Omega's sensors:

"We're trapped under a bunch of dirt. I can open the doors, but it's pretty loose, and will probably cave back in on us. I can't transform with you guys in here, so I'm open to suggestions."

2005-07-27, 10:20 PM
Blurr looked down at the Nebulans.

"Scoop?IthinkIheardthathewasintheMedbay. C'mon,I'lltakeyouthere. Just followBlurr!"

He turned back to the main doors and started to lead themin.

2005-07-27, 10:35 PM
The 2 targetmasters followed Blurr.


Quickmix responded

" I can knock up something similar to dry ice , we can freeze it and dig it out , there are more elegant solutions but if its an inferno out there we dont have the time. Artfire , Ironhide I 'll start working on a extra powerful fir retardant you can deploy once the earth's clear

2005-07-27, 11:54 PM
The Skies Above Fort Max
The skies were surprisingly clear thought Fireflight. This small world never ceased to amaze him with its wonder and beauty. Unfortunately, one only had to look below to see that this was nothing but a facade. The real truth was that Earth was just another battlefield doomed to suffer the realities of a war it never asked for. This thought lingered a moment until he caught sight of a small flock of birds leaving the sanctity of the forest. Ahh, to be free.

“Looks like we missed the party,” said Air Raid, “Too bad, I could have used some real action.”

“It would have been nice to try out some of the new combat maneuvers we’ve been working on,” replied Skydive.

Slingshot grunted, “Humpf, if these loserbots were able to handle it, obviously it wasn’t much of a challenge.”

“These loserbots, as you put it are our allies, Slingshot,” scolded Silverbolt.

“I know that,” replied Slingshot, “I’m just saying that when it comes to being the best, there isn’t a ‘bot in this universe that can hold sparkler to us.”

Silverbolt sighed, “Let’s just get down to ground level and see what we can do to help.”

“Great, my favorite part of the job,” Air Raid sarcastically sneered, “clean up duty.”

With that the five Aerialbots lowered altitude and headed to where they were needed most.

Brave Maximus
2005-07-28, 12:07 AM
"We're Neos" Skyfall said to the Autobot Chemist, "Elegant usually doesn't factor in - as long as it works."

Skyfall gave a wry smile behind his faceplate then turned to the whole group:

"Quickmix will freeze the Earth so it doesn't cave in on us. Greatshot, Stepper and myself will blast our way clear. Artfire, Ironhide and Quickmix will head up first and start putting out the fires. Sorry guys, your armour can take the heat. Once an area is clear, I need Aero Blade to take to the air and let us know how bad the fire is. Aero, your helicopter mode is best suited for this.

"Quickmix, you tell me when to open the doors."

Dead Man Wade
2005-07-28, 12:48 AM
Greatshot got to his feet, cradling his arm. Reaching back, he grabbed one of his rifles and checked the charge.

Greatshot looked up and said, "Ready whenever you are."

2005-07-28, 02:53 AM
Omega Shuttle Crash Site

Pipes and Huffer drove up and transformed at the same time. They looked at each other and then to Powerglide for an explanation. Powerglide just shrugged his shoulders. Huffer called out through the dirt and debris around the shuttle, "Hey! Do you guys want us to dig you out or what?" He then repeated the message on an open comm channel in the case that they couldn't hear his physical voice.

Aero Blade
2005-07-28, 03:11 AM
Aero Blade gave a compliant nod to Skyfall. "I should be able to, once my gyroscopes and cervos reset," he said, standing up once he'd gotten out of his seat restraints and bracing a hand against the wall as though dazed.

2005-07-28, 06:40 AM
Quickmix retracted his left hand and replaced it with a nozzle his mixing drum picking up speed.

"open sesameas the humans say ready when you are Skyfall"

2005-07-28, 12:51 PM
Outside Fort Max – near the grounded Sky Lynx:

"Good luck to you, guys" – Computron said to Nebulans Holepunch & Tracer. - "I'm sure your partner will be OK".

Meanwhile, the processing capacities of his collective mind were busy solving the problem of Sharkticons' attack.

They certainly weren't trying to score any serious results with such a limited forces. They didn't tried to set an ambush – their actions were too direct. The only other options could be reconnaissance... or diversion.
And the second assumption is more likely the truth... because of the attack on Omega Shuttle.
So, we need to check on any possible data about this attack and its connection with the Sharkticons...

He looked up.
Well, they sure could offer some help to move Sky Lynx, couldn't they?

* * *

Fort Max Corridors:

Jetwave looked left, then right.

Well, where should I go? With all the commotion, I'm sure that there will be somebody in the medbay. But the question is – will I find there somebody who's in charge? Maybe not... And certainly that _someone_ have no time to solve my problems...

He noticed some movement in the far end of the corridor.
"Hey! Who's there?"

2005-07-28, 02:21 PM
Omega Shuttle:

Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Ah'm out here in th' crashed shuttle, Prowl." -looks over- "Artfahre's out here with me. Soon's we c'n get th' door open, we'll start workin' on that fahre out there." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Skyfall- "Only question Ah got is when're we gonna do this." -hands retract, panels on his shoulders open, liquid nitrogen nozzles deploy- "An' whut sprayin' this stuff on fahre'll do......"

Brave Maximus
2005-07-28, 04:52 PM
"Doors opening NOW!"

With a mental command, one side of the shuttle opened up to a wall of black earth and rock. There was a slight rumble, then the dirt started to slide inwards.....

Skyfall opened his comm:

"Pipes, Huffer, Powerglide,
Stay back, we're going to try and blast through this dirt. But be ready to give Ironhide, Artfire and Quickmix a hand."

2005-07-28, 05:01 PM
Quickmix distributed some extra containers of the chemical to his comrades and started spraying.

"Its Co2 based it works by displacing the less dense oxygen. It should help put out the flames."

2005-07-28, 06:21 PM
Outside Fort Max- Near The Grounded Sky Lynx
Silverbolt lead the Aerialbots to the downed Sky Lynx, transforming to his robot mode just before getting to the ground, the other Aerialbots following suit. It was good to be on the ground again, to have something solid underneath your feet. If he had the lack of self control some of his fellow Aerialbots had, he might even bend down and kiss it everytime he landed. Silverbolt was never very comfortable in the air anyway. He was even less comfortable when near autobase. Fortunately, the others didn’t know of his acrophobia. Imagine… a jet that is afraid of heights, the irony was not lost on him.
“We’re here to help," he said to Computron.

“Sheesh, Sky Lynx!” exclaimed Slingshot, “Who taught you how to land? An albatross?”

“Any landing you can walk away from…, “ added Air Raid, “Oh…. Ummm…” -ooo, I just said the quiet thing out loud,- he thought lowering his head.

Fireflight noticed Blurr leading a pair of Nebulons toward Fort Max.- I wonder if he ever suffers burnout. I mean how could anyone stay that hyperactive all the time?-

“Hey, Computron, how ya doing?” asked Skydive, “ Think too much lately?”

“Okay, settle down guys,” Silverbolt said with a lingering of frustration in his voice, “We’re here to help, not stroke your egos.”

“Can’t we do both?” asked Air Raid.

“Yeah, alright,” replied Slingshot backing down, “Besides, it’s no fun harassing them when they can’t fight back. Isn't that right Sky?”

Silverbolt just shook his head. -One of these days… one of these days…- “Looks like Sky Lynx needs some medical attention. Let’s get him to it. Aerialbots transform and combine to form…,” with that the five robots transformed and merged together to form one giant robot.

“Superion,” the giant robot spoke and began to help Computron in whatever way he needed.

2005-07-28, 07:13 PM
Outside Fort Max, near the grounded Sky Lynx:

"Thanks, guys" – Computron said to Aerialbots, who merged and formed the massive bulk of Superion."I really appreciate your help, because alone I had no chance of moving Sky Lynx to base".

The combined strength of two gestalts was more than enough to carry the damaged Autobot. Together they took still unconscious Sky Lynx and carried him toward Fort Max.

"Fortress Maximus, this is Computron. We are bringing in Sky Lynx. Open the med bay doors so we could proceed".

Brave Maximus
2005-07-28, 07:40 PM
With the dirt frozen (and no longer a danger of filling up the shuttle) Skyfall activated his wrist blasters, and nodded to Stepper Greatshot and Skyfire

Stepper stood up, his Target Master partner transforming and landing in his shoulder holster, he drew both of his rifles and aimed at the dirt, slightly upwards. Skyfall aimed on the other side, with enough room for the two other Autobots to get in and fire.

"On three: 1, 2, 3!" The Neo commander and the Target Master began firing into the dirt, watching it vapourize under the blast, creating a tunnel.....

2005-07-28, 08:48 PM
Outside Fort Max
Superion didn't respond to Computron. It was all he could do to focus on carrying the battered Sky Lynx. He found that even a menial task like this was difficult to process. After all, he's a warrior, not not a paramedic. His only purpose is to destroy his enemies. Not think outside the box.

He looked over at the other Gestalt and wondered why one would assimilate so much of the personalties of his component pieces. It seemed inefficient. All of those conflicting personalities slowing down one's natural instincts. Better to just act. For a moment he wondered why this strange thought entered his mind. Whatever the reason, the thought quickly left his mind as he waited for the med bay doors to open.

2005-07-29, 10:50 AM
----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos run charged to Sharkticon.(The one that scanned Fort Max.)

2005-07-29, 06:46 PM
Fort Max: Hallway Near Science Lab
Seaspray hoped his time spent refueling didn’t cause him to miss out on any of the action. The comms had had been going crazy lately. There were reports of shuttles crashing and a hostile enemy just outside of Fort Max. This was just what he needed, a little action to get his mind off of being recalled to Autobase. Not that he didn’t like it here, it’s just that compared to the vast openness of this world’s oceans, he felt so confined, so...trapped. It didn’t help matters that he was a sea vessel and was now literally landlocked.
-I wish they would just send me back to the coast already. Or an island or anywhere that I can be useful- he thought. But those thoughts would have to wait. Right now there were more important things to worry about than his own inadequacies. Help was needed and he wasn’t about to sit around and do nothing when he could be of some use.

As he rounded a corner in the corridor he saw Beachcomber approaching the Science Lab.

“Seaspray,” Beachcomber said, “You’re just in time.”

“In Time?” Seaspray’s warbled voice replied, “In time for what?”

“I need some help carrying some equipment out to where the shuttles crashed,” Beachcomber said in that laid back voice he always seemed to have, “I need to get some samples from the crash sites to determine if there are going to be any ecological repercussions from the events of today.”

-Well it's not exactly what I had in mind, but why not. Might as well make myself useful- thought Seaspray as he followed Beachcomber into the science lab.

God Jinrai
2005-07-30, 02:32 AM
State line: Nevada/Colorado

as MetalHawk crossed the state line into Colorado, he opened his comm system to all standard autobot frequences...

"Maximus, this is Aerospace Defense Commander Metalhawk... I require an audience with Optimus Prime... Transmitting confirmation codes..."

As Hawk transmitted the codes he began to wonder if he'd even recieve a response... or worse, if he'd be shot from the sky....

2005-07-30, 05:31 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -looks over at Fortress- "Who's Metalhawk?"

Fortress: -sighs- "Long story." -activates commlink- "I read you, Metalhawk. You are cleared for landing..... just look for the gaping hole where the shuttle bay doors used to be." -switches frequencies- "Prime, Metalhawk's coming, and he'd like to see you."

2005-07-30, 12:30 PM
Fort Max corridors:

Jetwave was wandering the vast corridors and hallways of Fortress Maximus. The shadow he saw some time ago could be anything – a flicker of light, some Autobot busy with his duties and not in the mood for idle chitchat... or Decepticon spy. But no matter how hard Jetwave looked around, he saw no confirmation to his last thoughts.

Am I getting paranoid? Or just being lost and having nothing to do plays tricks with my sensors? Either way, I've got to get out and find somebody. I just hate being alone. Well, not always. There are time and place for solitary meditation, but now everything I feel tells me that there's life around me, just behind those walls... And I am not participating in it.

That already happened before. Maybe I need stronger ties with those who surround me? Could it be they don't like being treated as parts of the Great Whole, anyone not better than any other? But aren't we all just that? It's simple, why can't they realise the truth?

And why I am torturing myself again with those thoughts? Am I afraid to go out and find some job to do, to be fully involved in it and forget those incessant ramblings of unused brain circuits? Well, I'll do just that!

He turned abruptly to the big twin doors he was just passing. Touching the wall panel, he keyed the opening sequence.

* * *

Outside Fort Max:

Superion and Computron waited at the big doors in Fort Max's side for some time, carrying prone form of Sky Lynx. At last the doors began to slide open. But before they moved wide enough to let them in, tall black and green Autobot strolled out purposefully.

"Datum: Jetwave located" – Computron commented.

"Oh, there you are!" - replied Jetwave, startled a bit by sudden appearance of two Gestalts, not to mention the weight in their arms... "Wait! Is this Sky Lynx? What happened to him?"

"Datum: emergency landing procedure, medium scale damage, loss of processing capabilities. Conclusion: requires medical attention."

"In other words, he's hurt and unconscious..." - Jetwave thought aloud.

"Additional datum: Omega Shuttle been grounded nearby. Conclusion: Autobots have severe loss of transportation units."
"You mean I could be useful as a shuttle? Indeed! Thanks a lot, really! But... Once this commotion's over, I'll find you and get Ligtspeed to help me with those data! I just got to get some shells for my cannons, you know!" - with these words Jetwave quickly turned around and walked inside Fortress Maximus, apparently with new purpose in mind.

Two gestalts carrying Sky Lynx followed in, then turned left towards medbay.

2005-07-30, 03:03 PM
Outside Fort Max:
"Nope- Prowl said that's our job over there Windy." Trailbreaker replied back as the first of an army caravan came winding down the mountain. A look in his rear-view mirror showed a very hot problem.

"We need to make sure this ammunition gets delivered without anything crashing on it, and now we've got a fire and a really big mess to deal with. Any ideas Windcharger?"
In the first semi truck of the caravan...
"Sir, do you see what I see?"
"Yes corporal. Stop the trucks."

Outside Fort Max:
Hound had skidded sideways on the surf of the rubble being thrown up as the shuttle plowed through the ground. As it came to a stop, he drove around it and let Spike out.

"They're all moving inside, but the doors look like they're blocked. We need something to clear the doorway..."

An energy burst reading got Hound's attention and he chuckled, moving out of the way.
"Never mind, they'll be out in a jiffy."


Fort Max's holding cels:
Prowl nodded silently, listening to Ironhide and Artfire. He was prepared to take Browning, but he expected the human to hand over the Decepticon. Over his internal communicator he calculated the possible energy expenditure and then replied to them, uncertain as to how large the fire burning outside was.

"Ironhide, Artfire, if you need larger assistance, you may call Omega. Computron and Superion are also on active roster and in the vicinity. Fire damage must be contained and eliminated with the least possible natural loss."


Outside Fort Max in the mountains:
Blitzwing had been circling, ignoring the shuttle, when he had spotted the humans. The equipment around them told the triple changer that they were most likely responsible for the shuttle damage. He closed in, transforming to his robot mode and landing on his feet, hard. The big Decepticon drew his gun and approached.

Inside Fort Max:
Mirage left Optimus and headed down the corridors, deep in thoughts that kept revolving around in his head. As he reached the exit, he turned his invisibility on and went to go see what he could help with.



Ultra Magnus hurried outside of Metroplex after Huffer and began clearing debris away from the shuttle.

2005-07-30, 04:24 PM
Fort Max medbay:

The medbay doors slided open and a shuttle nose pushed into the opening.

"Datum: size limitations do not allow gestalts to operate in this area. Conclusion: separation process recommended." - Computron stated, seeins that he or Superion had no chance to get in the medbay through these doors. "Technobots, split!"

Five parts of the gestalt flipped in the air and landed separately on the floor around Sky Lynx.

"Well, this just can't get any better! Now we'll have to push this deadweight cosmo-cat inside like some coolies! " - Afterburner exclaimed sarcastically.

"And, by Primus, we will – or Sky Lynx will get no help!" - Scattershot replied firmly.

"What? Has you converted to this fancy "belief" that Jetwave washed our brains about?" - Afterburner happily changed the subject. But Scattershot – and all the other Technobots – just ignored him, staring inside the bay.

"Optimus? Is that you?" - Lightspeed was the first to ask.

* * *

Command deck, Fort Max:

The doors opened with a swift hiss and tall black and green Autobot entered the room.

"Greetings, Fortress, Brainstorm. Sorry again for the little incident in the shuttle bay... In fact, it was me who took control and landed so unsafely back then. On the other hand, my landing was the luckiest today, it seems." - Jetwave addressed the Autobots in the room.

"So, it seems you lack shuttles now, and this is where I can be of use. Of course, my crew compartment cannot be compared to Sky Lynx's, but I can take five passengers. Feel free to address me if need arise.

And, by the way... I wasn't able to get any data about shells you have in store here. I know, that's a silly thing to ask... But could it be – by chance – that I can acquire some 18-inchers? Or, perhaps, it's not you I should address with this problem?"

Jetwave finished and stared expectantly at Fortress, T-shaped slit in his faceplate glowing with green light.

Brave Maximus
2005-07-30, 05:42 PM
(OOC: Back to that whole patience thing..... yeah I know:angel: )

With the combined fire power of the Autobots in the shuttle, the dirt vapourized around the door and provided a low sloping exit out of the mound of dirt.

"Alright, Artfire, Quickmix and Ironhide you guys are out first, lets see if we can quell this fire. Aero once they're clear, you take to the sky and let us know what we're dealing with. The rest of you: Thank you for flying Neo airlines, hope you enjoyed the trip. Greatshot you need to get to medbay, Skyfire would you be able to show him the way?" Skyfall said.

Artfire slowly headed up the embankment, and poked his head out. He saw the three minibots standing near the hole, and a clear spot in the fire. He climbed all the way out and set the canister down.

"You three." The sniper said to Pipes, Huffer and Powerglide "We need some help fighting this fire. I have some extra hoses - so can you give us a hand? Powerglide, if you can transform - we can strap this container of CO2 stuff that Quickmix made. Follow Aero Blades direction, and if you drop it in the heart of the beast, it'll make out life a whole lot easier."

2005-07-30, 07:09 PM
Fort Max: Medbay
On Computron’s advice Superion separated into his five component pieces and scattered around Sky Lynx.

The Technobots immediately started rambling between themselves. –These guys are almost as bad as my team. Almost- thought Silverbolt. Suddenly it struck him, -Why aren’t the other Aerialbots jabbering away?- Silverbolt’s answer came when he looked into the bay to see a dark silhouette standing.

“Optimus? Is that you?” he heard one of the Technobots say.


Fort Max: Science Lab
Seaspray stood near the door awkwardly holding a pile of camera’s, test tubes, sensor arrays, and surveying rods. Beachcomber was leisurely collecting more items off of a shelf, picking one up, looking at it, setting it down, picking up another, looking at it, setting it down, and finally picking up the original.

“Can’t you hurry up a little?” asked Seaspray, “My servos feel like they are going to freeze if I don’t start moving around a little.”

“Have a little patience Autodude,” replied Beachcomber, “We’ll be done in here soon enough. I just need a few more items. Besides you don’t have anything better to do today, right? I mean this way you can at least be outside later enjoying the blue sky and sunshine and don’t tell me that’s not a lot better than being cooped up in here.”

“I guess not,” replied Seaspray, -although times like this make me wish I would have been on one of the shuttles when it crashed, or under one.- Beachcomber sets a datapad on the pile of equipment Seaspray is holding and the delicate balance of items begins to shift. Seaspray does his best to get it under control, but it is to no avail. The equipment begins crashing down all around him. For a moment he takes in the scene and then mutters to himself, “Blast! I hate my existence sometimes.”