View Full Version : Cybertron Overhaul repaint proto surfaced

2005-07-03, 08:32 AM
Taken from an eBay auction again.

Vehicle mode (http://tfarchive.com/hosted/files/overhaul_repaint_1.jpg)
Robot mode (http://tfarchive.com/hosted/files/overhaul_repaint_2.jpg)

People are currently debating whether the head is remolded or not.

This will most probably NOT be an upgrade of Overhaul, because Leobreaker is the Overhaul upgrade.

2005-07-03, 09:41 AM
he looks rather nice in those colors

at first sight, the head doesnt look remolded, just a different distribution of colors (as seen on the Energon Combiners Limbs)

2005-07-03, 12:52 PM
The "mountain" symbol is the same as on Energon landquake, oddly enough.

Darth Zax
2005-07-03, 05:32 PM
so they take one of the ugliest molds and repaint that?
the head looks remolded to me.