View Full Version : First *official* robot mode pic of blue BT Prowl

2005-07-22, 12:41 PM

Thanks to Autobase Aichi (http://www.ipc-tokai.or.jp/~snakas/) for the link. :)

2005-07-22, 01:50 PM
Prowl does not look right not in black and white and as a police car. I just do not like it one bit. Also I did not think they could make that model uglier well, I was wrong...

2005-07-24, 04:14 AM
Agreed, he looks awful as Prowl.

I'd like to see some of the 'differently'-colored Binaltechs come to the US yellow Tracks, red Meister, blue Prowl, but as different characters, preferably with needed adjustments to the robot mode paint schemes and to the heads.
For example, color those arms blue and the head black (preferably remold the head too), blue Prowl would make for a decent Alternators Freeway.

2005-07-25, 04:05 PM
it is still very ugly

2005-07-25, 04:14 PM
I had honestly hoped for more than this, but it looks weak. The white and blue, oddly enough, don't look right together, and that's a color combination that's really hard to mess up. The figure just doesn't look BALANCED somehow.

(And I like the regular police markings version)

On the other hand, replace the white with yellow, and add some needed black trim, and you could get a passable Nightbeat out of this one.

RID Scourge
2005-07-25, 04:18 PM
Yeah, the problem is definitely the hood. The flatness is bad enough, but the shape of the hood, which makes him wide makes it look even flatter. they really need to put more on the hood, like a decal or an engine, or something. It just looks like they ran him over with a steamroller. Would have rather seen them do something similar to windcharger with him. It sorely lacks detail. The blue is only a slight improvement.

2005-07-26, 03:16 AM
I still like the Datsun Z mode of Prowl. One of the recent comic book covers of Prowl was him as a 04-05 Nissan Z, which really looked pretty spiffy on him. I think, however, this toy could have looked better if they had done the hood to chest like G1 prowl a bit, but of course there is so much one can do with Honda/Acura Integra for an alternate mode anyway... :wall: Maybe he would have even looked better as a Cheverlet Tahoe police vehicle or something:laugh: ...