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2005-08-03, 05:00 AM
Decepticon forces are on the move, gathering resources for a final thrust against their Autobot enemies. The Autobots, meanwhile, try to pull their scattered forces back into a unified front. While the Mayhem Attack Squad fights the Dinobots for control of a diamond mine in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, Wingspan leads two Stunticons out on a mission to deny vital supplies to the Autobots. In the American city of Denver, a detachment of Autobots is dealing with the aftershocks of an anti-Autobot terrorist attack. And in the Russian capital of Moscow, the rogue Autobot Sunstreaker is still at large.

Anything that doesn't occur in or around Autobase, the Nemesis, or San Francisco goes here.

2005-08-03, 05:33 AM
Sierra Leone

Snarl tried to charge at the now-wounded Banzai-Tron, but found that his damaged knee wasn't cooperating; the best he could manage was a slow, stalking gait. When he had closed the gap between them enough that he could attack, he swung a powerful but inelegant sword slash at the Actionmaster's torso.

Warehouse, Denver

With his back turned to Sizzle, Crosshairs didn't see the Sparkabot's ire. He did see Cliffjumper gazing lustily at a rocket launcher, though.

The Targetmaster smiled.

I'll be kept busy for a week just cataloguing all this stuff when we get back to base!

He turned to Bumper, having heard what the young team leader had said.

"I think I saw a few empty rigs parked a klick or so out from the Maximus, actually. If we could get Pipes or someone to haul one of them out here, we should be able to get all of this stuff inside it."

2005-08-03, 05:40 AM
Warehouse in Denver

Bumper nodded thoughtfully. "That makes sense. I'll send a message to autobase." Bumper turned and headed outside, taking a medium range communicator from subspace and dialing up Fort Max.

Random Sweep
2005-08-03, 08:45 AM
Banzai-Tron ducked under Snarls strike and followed through into a forward roll to come up beside the Dinobot, aiming a backhanded slash at snarls waistline.

the slight loss of mobility from the damaged plating on his mid-section hindered the effectiveness of the strike, but the actionmaster hoped it would still prove sufficient.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-03, 08:10 PM
Siberian Tundra

Sunstreaker still didn't know what was going on, or what had happened to him. The last thing he remembered was his shuttle exploding and then the Matrix, but it was brief. When he came too he was standing in a city, surrounded by destruction.

And who ever rebuilt him did it wrong, this wasn't his body. The paint scheme was terrible too. What type of name is Sunstreaker when you're painted black? Perhaps it was the Decepticon's Sunstreaker thought idly. Who ever it was he hadn't been active long, it seemed, he was still running at almost full energy even after driving as far as he did.

No transponder, he couldn't radio anyone. Not that he had anyone to radio. He wasn't really an Autobot anymore. Instead he drove through the snow-paved roads hoping to find some sort of structure to hide in.

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-03, 10:13 PM
Ark: Command Centre

Sixwing has just walked in, when Dropshot turned to him. "Good to see you funtional again. The reason why I called you in here is because I'm planning to beef up the defences here in the Ark and I could use your help."

Dropshot then pulled up a map of the Ark on the big screen. "While Sentinal is a big help in keeping us shielded, we still need something in the off chance that someone is lucky enough to get in here. Those Ion cannons we have just won't cut it. I was thinking if we put up some other traps and other secruity measures, we'd be better off. And while I don't have a problem with just you and I "minding the store" A iltte extra help couldn't hurt. So what do you think?"

2005-08-04, 01:59 AM
Inferno laughed as the others climbed aboard. "Maybe 'Buster, but I'd like to see a Decepticon's expression when he saw the piece of junk that was flying, or the way we'd disassemble him afterwards."

In a flash, Inferno swung back into the control seat. "Now... let's see if we can make it back in one piece."

2005-08-04, 02:39 AM
Warehouse in Denver

Bumper activated the communicator and dialed in Pipes' frequency. "Pipes! Do you read me? This is Bumper in Denver. We need a little assistance if you have the time."

Pipes came through in a crackley voice. "Bumper? Yeah I hear you. You have some trouble you want me to get into? Heh heh."

"Not exactly. We need you to hitch up to one of the tractor trailers parked near Autobase and come to the coordinates I'm about to send. We've got a whole mess of weaponry here to transport back to base. See if you can't find a few others to pull trailers as well, I don't think we'll be able to get it all in one."

Pipes came back. "Weapons, huh? That sounds like fun. Soon as I get done putting this fire out, I'll head out your way. Try not to blow yourself up in the meantime."

Bumper clicked off the communicator and walked back inside. Then he said to his allies, "Well, now all we have to do is wait."

2005-08-04, 06:38 AM
Sierra Leone


The guns thudded again sending there shells arcing through the air.

1 landed near the shuttle leaving a huge crater in the sand.

a second landed near the shuttle entranceway but failed to go off it just quivered half buried in the sand.

2005-08-04, 06:51 AM
Sierra Leone

Knowing that he couldn't avoid Banzai-Tron's blade any other way with a damaged knee, Snarl allowed himself to fall backwards. Unbalanced by his bad leg, the desert warrior fell awkwardly to the ground; however, the blade cut through empty air above him. Transforming to Stegosaur mode, he scrambled to his feet and waited for Banzai-Tron to make the next move.

Aided by the large amounts of sunlight that his solar panels were absorbing, Snarl's autorepair systems set to work healing his damage.

Deep inside the mine, Scavenger dumped another load of diamonds into Long Haul's load bay. The Constructicon mining expert transformed back to robot mode, then nodded to Octopunch.

"We're done here."

"Good," the Pretender replied. "Then let's get moving."

Quebec/New York Border

Whirl would have frowned, if he had had a proper face.

"Maybe I'd be safer flying home on my own power..."

Nevertheless, the jocular Wrecker strapped himself into the seat directly behind Inferno's pilot's chair.

2005-08-04, 04:45 PM
Inside the shuttle, New York/Quebec border:

Roadbuster: -obviously in a bad mood, remains standing, grabbing a couple of overhead supports, looks down, seeing the micromasters- "Hey, Inferno, there's hardly enough room in here as it is. Did you have to bring your halfling collection along?"

Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Siren: -helps to load Nightbeat into Landfill-

Muzzle: -climbs up, gets into Landfill's truck bed, starts tying Nightbeat down-

Sierra Leone:

Grimlock: -gets to feet- "Think you good, know funny fighting style." -picks up energo sword- "Me know one, too. SPLAT-FU!!!" -charges, slashing at Bludgeon:

Bludgeon: -rolls under the swing, moving smoothly to his feet, snaps a kick at Grimlock's head-

Grimlock: -off balance from the swing, manages to block awkwardly, falls, slashing at Bludgeon's knees-

Bludgeon: -leaps, avoiding the swing, flipping and spinning in the air, legs scissoring open, the spin slicing both feet at Grimlock's head-

Grimlock: -first foot smacks him in the side of the head, grabs second foot as it comes towards him, swings Bludgeon and throws him-

Bludgeon: -arcing gracefull through the air, flings a fireball at Grimlock, landing smoothly-

Grimlock: "Oh, s-" ZOT!!!!!


Fangry: -shaking head, lurches to feet, seeing the shells arcing overhead, lurches towards the coast-

Random Sweep
2005-08-04, 11:00 PM
Noting the glow of Snarl's "Fins" as they collected the solar energy, Banzai-tron darted to the side of the Dinobot and slashed at the right hand side collectors

Brave Maximus
2005-08-05, 02:51 AM
This might hurt........

While Swoop was nimble in the air, he was also a Dinobot - and sometimes the direct approach was the best.

He tucked his wings in a bit, and headed directly for Bugly. He aimed his missile launchers, not at the Decepticon himself, but at his photon blasts. Shrapnel from the explosions rained everywhere. Swoop felt some pieces dig in, just below his eye, and along the leading edges of his wings. Only his dinobot hide managed to keep him in the air. But there was a benifit, the air was full of debris, smoke, and fire. Swoop became deathly quiet and saved his surprise.

Sludge (believe it or not) didn't even see the tank coming, until it was too late. The tank hit him full in the face, and the Dinobot dropped with it. He lay on the ground for a few seconds before rising to his feet. He spat out a few broken circuts with a wad of mech fluid that was dripping from his damaged face. He staired up with optics of pure hatred.

He set his energon blade down for a second and pulled out the ruined Bayonet that was still in his fist, not even wincing at the great pain. Dripping with his Mech fluid, he tossed the bayonet at Pounce with all the fury and anger he could manage.

Ark - C&C

Sixwing looked at Dropshot, a slightly ammused look on his face:

"It has been tried before, in this very ship in fact. While it did not stop those who wanted to get it, if it were done right, it could slow them down. Are you talking non-lethal measures or....." an evil glint came to the Micro Master Combiners eye "Something more fun?"

2005-08-05, 04:39 AM
Sierra Leone

Banzai-Tron's blade clanked into the solar collector plates on Snarl's right flank. The plates bent inward at an awkward angle from the force of the blow, but their heavy design prevented them from breaking.


The Dinobot lashed out at the Actionmaster's sword arm with his spiked tail in an attempt to disarm his foe (perhaps literally).

As Bugly flew through the cloud of fire and shrapnel, he began to suspect that Swoop was planning to ram him.

He knew that he could probably maneuver out of Dinobot's way with ease -- his aerial maneuverability was second-to-none, after all, and he could figure out the Autobot's distance by feeling for his spark -- but that wouldn't gain him anything.

Instead, he transformed to robot mode and summoned his Pretender shell around him. His clawsword slid out from it's sheath in his right forearm, and he spread his arms so that he could grab the Dino as he approached.

Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver

Once Nightbeat had been placed securely inside Landfill's load bay, Getaway transformed to vehicle mode and waited for Muzzle to finish tying his partner down.

Random Sweep
2005-08-05, 04:51 AM
Banzai-Tron jumped backwards as Snarls tail swept is, still striking a glancing blow to Banzai-Trons left shoulder with enough force to spin the actionmaster three complete rotations mid air and then crashed down front first onto the ground.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-05, 04:58 AM
(OOC: With permission from WC)

Swoop caught a glimse of the Pretender, and that's all he needed, he hit his thrusters for a brief second, using that burst of speed to ram his opponent.

The direct approach worked! Swoop's beak pierced the Pretender shell, in a place Bugly hadn't expected - right through the shoulder. But the Pretender resisted, sneering at the Dinobot.

Swoop hit his thrusters and shoved against the pretender, throwing them into a tailspin, headed for the earth - and, a very unsuspecting grey and purple Decepticon.

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-05, 05:14 AM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot saw Sixwing's grin of evil glee and simply said. "Well dead or alive, as long as it keep the unwanted guests out, makes no difference to me. And you know me, I'm always up for a little target practice."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-05, 05:27 AM
"Hummmm, we could allow them to live, in a crippled state, for us to..... finish up afterwards......"

Sixwing grumbled to himself.....

2005-08-05, 06:44 AM
Pounce dodged the flying fragment of bayonet and pivoting mid air skilfully caught it . He jammed it into the end of his pole .

"I wondered where I left that , ready to surrender dino breath."

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-05, 06:53 AM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot just chuckled slightly. " Well, I'll leave that to your descretion then. But what sort of traps and whatnot were you thinking of. What sort of stuff were you talking about when you said that they've used some traps before?"

2005-08-05, 09:45 PM
At Sea

The rating leaned on the rails of the RSLS Lion and watched the Aegis cruiser RSLS Mongoose plowing through the water on the Lion's port side .

What a day , who would hae thought that this old iron lady would see proper action. Instead of just swinging round its hook in harbour


Landfill called

"all aboard for the cannonball express all the way to autobase."

2005-08-05, 09:59 PM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Muzzle: - finishes tying Nightbeat down, climbs back into Nightbeat's passenger compartment through the window, activates commlink- "All right, everybody, we're secure." -straps in-

Siren: -transforms-

Quig: -looking at the holes in Siren's windows, and the fact that the driver's side headrest had been blown into small pieces of foam and metal, shudders- "Hey, Muzzle, can we not do this again anytime soon?"

Muzzle: "What? Oh, come on, Quig, you had the time of your life. More fun than being in a library staff meeting."

Quig: "More frightening, maybe......."

Sierra Leone:

Bludgeon: -slashes at the still crackling Grimlock-

Grimlock: -manages to block, off balance, spinning around, left fist snapping out, slamming into the side of Bludgeon's helmet-

Bludgeon: -head snaps around, the left side piece of his helmet denting, leaps, snapping a kick at Grimlock's head, blade extending from the tip of his right boot-

Grimlock: -manages to dodge the strike enough to keep the damage from being crippling, the blade cutting a deep furrow along the side of his head, energon and lubricant spraying, then dribbling down the side of his head, shakes head- "That best you can do?"

Bludgeon: -sheathing katana as he lands, moves in, hands moving rapidly, slamming Grimlock's torso with several open palm 1 foot strikes-

Grimlock: -grunts, optic band narrowing in pain, his internals taking a battering, feeling like Bludgeon is trying to reform his torso plating around them-

Bludgeon: -hands move forward rapidly in unison, slamming into Grimlock's torso-

Grimlock: -knocked backwards, stumbling, falls over- "Me think.... contents have shifted....." -shakes head weakly, trying to get his feet under him-

Bludgeon: -draws katana, starts towards Grimlock-

Grimlock: -roars, leaps forward, tackling Bludgeon-

Bludgeon: -falls backwards-

Grimlock: -on top of Bludgeon, keeping his right arm pinned- "Got you now, Skull-Face!"

Bludgeon: -swings left hand up, open palm Crystalocution striking Grimlock in the head-

Grimlock: -optics dim somewhat, dazed-

Bludgeon: -get feet between himself and Grimlock, kicks him off-

Grimlock: -lands on his back, still dazed, trying to clear his head-

Bludgeon: -leaps to his feet-

Grimlock: -finally managing to clear the cobwebs out, gets to his feet- "Me been taking it easy on you." -transforms to dino mode, roars, charges at Bludgeon-

Bludgeon: -leaps, snapping a kick at the back of Grimlock's head-

Grimlock: -head snaps down, stumbling and falling-

Bludgeon: -lands on his hand, somersaulting to his feet, turning to face Grimlock, drawing katana-

Grimlock: -lurches to feet, transforming back to robot mode, pulling energo sword-


Fangry: -leaps, wings flapping as he makes his way towards the RSLS Lion and RSLS Mongoose-

2005-08-06, 06:02 AM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver

Getaway just barely managed to hold back a groan as Muzzle and Quig bantered.

"Let's get this show on the road. I don't think I need to remind you that we're sitting ducks for another terrorist strike right now."

The Powermaster shifted into gear and started rolling forward.

Seirra Leone

Snarl stalked slowly (but as quickly as his hated Stegosaur mode would allow) towards the downed Banzai-Tron. He held his spiked tail aloft, ready to smash the Actionmaster as soon as he got within range.

Bugly muttered a curse as Fangry started to flap away.

The beast was supposed to break my fall!

Not bothering to struggle against Swoop for the moment (the Dinobot couldn't do any serious damage at such close range with his beak jammed into the Pretender's shoulder, anyway), Bugly focussed on the quickly-oncoming ground beneath him. At precisely the right moment, he reached out and pushed at it telekinetically.

He couldn't move the ground, of course; instead, the push slowed his own downward movement. He still hit the ground heavily, but not enough so to damage his inner robot.

As soon as his back touched dirt, he stabbed his clawsword at Swoop's guts.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-06, 10:30 AM
Swoop spotted the blades coming up in the corner of his eye and reacted on instinct. But it was a primal, Dinobot instinct: He aimed his missile launchers in and fired at Bugly!

The Explosive force threw Swoop backwards, Bugly's clawblade scraping against his thick Dinobot armour, taking a small chunk out of it. It wasn't without it's drawbacks though. The explosions and force had broken the tip of Swoops beak off in Bugly's shoulder. Swoop quickly transformed to robot mode, armed with a missile launcher and sword. His chest was leaking mech fluid. While not fatal or even all that sever (in the grand scheme of things) it hurt like hell, and making the Dinobot that much angrier.

Sludge drew his sword again and lept into the air, his Optics finally clearing:

"Sludge make you surr.... surr... give up. You Give up or die. Me rather you die though....."

Ark C&C

Sixwing had never been given free reign before. His twisted mind whirrled at the possibilties. But, this was another time - and another part of his mind, one that had been submirged, brutalized and shattered - then finally mixed with the good in this body, told him there were things that Autobots just didn't do.

And he wanted to be a good little Autobot. For now..........

"We can start by adding a coating to the floor. Use a binary polyimer that changes form with a current. That should create a frictionless surface where we want. Should slow down or speed up anyone who can't fly......"

2005-08-06, 07:45 PM
Pounce smirked

"Sure I'll dye for you what colour would you prefer yellow, orange blue, green."

Pounce jabbed at Sludge with his newly formed pike.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-06, 08:26 PM
Sludge parried the attack with his blade, but it stopped his forward attack, he flew to the side and up. He then put some forward thrust on, then shut off his flight system, letting his weight drop and used it behind his blade as he brought it down on Pounce.

2005-08-06, 08:39 PM
Pounce grasped his pike in both hands and lifted it over his head and in front of him to parry the blade. The sword sliced through the pole like a machete through birthday cake. The weight also caused Pounce to pivot forward. He turned this momentum into a somersault and flew through the air and came to a rest behind Sludge. He jabbed each half of the pole hard towards one of Sludges wings hoping to pierce them .

(ooc the machete thing comes from a profile and i couldnt resist using it.)


At Sea

Radar office of the Republic of Sierra Leone Ship Lion

Radar operator " Sir We've got a blip approching from the mining camp its closing fast ."

Officer of the Watch: "So I see rating I'll alert the captain.

He goes to a voice tube and talks into it .

Bridge of RSLS Lion

Captain : "alert the Mongoose and get the Hinds in the air ."

Lion's Helipad

Pilot officer Quarrel waited for the engine to warm up before lifting Mil 24 Hind Eagle from the stern of the ship.

He looked out the window and saw the flight crew preparing
Falcon for take off

2005-08-06, 09:21 PM
Sierra Leone:

Fangry: -rapidly approaching the ships-


Bludgeon: -slashes with the katana-

Grimlock: -blocks, countering with his energo sword-

Bludgeon: -blocks with his left arm shield, the energo sword strike slicing into it, the force of the blow driving him to one knee-

2005-08-06, 09:35 PM
Pilot Officer Quarrel checked the 30mm Cannon the 4 anti tank missiles and the 4 rocket packs. He flew the Hind into a position between the coast and the Mongoose.

The Falcon lifted off from the Lion's stern and took up a position about 1/4 mile to starboard of the Eagle.


Aboard RSLS Mongoose

Bridge :

Captain : "start powering up the radar array , missile crews to red alert , ship to action stations."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-06, 10:20 PM
The half of the Pike with the bayonet plunged into Sludges wing, sticking in the thick metal, the other just impacted, lacking the strength and sharpness to go through Dinobot hide.

Sludge looked at the position of his opponent, and at his own for a second:

"Dumb move" was all he said,

Then threw his head forward, attempting to head butt Pounce.

2005-08-06, 10:31 PM
Pounce held his remaining half pole in both hands in front of him and jabbed it up in order to intercept the head butt

2005-08-07, 12:13 AM
Sierra Leone:

Fangry: -sees one of the Hinds, aims and fires his ion pulse gun at the helicopter, sending several ion bursts towards the helicopter-


Grimlock: -keeps bearing down, using his greater weight to try to pin the smaller Decepticon down-

Bludgeon: -drops katana, fireball forming in his right hand, flings it into Grimlock's supporting knee, levering, twisting-

Grimlock: -suddenly flying through the air, landing headfirst in the sand, then falling on his back-

Bludgeon: -rolls to his feet, looking at the damage to his left arm shield, scowl deepening as he takes in the deep cut in the tank turret/shield-

Grimlock: -gets to feet, optic band narrowing at Bludgeon- "Aw, Me hurt big bad....."

Bludgeon: -holds hand out, concentrating, katana flying up off the ground, landing hilt first in his open palm-

Grimlock: -snorts- "Cute trick. Me not impressed."

Bludgeon: -lowers right hand and katana, raises left arm, palm facing Grimlock, concentrating-

Grimlock: "What, you think you Jedi or something?"

Bludgeon: -crackling fireball forming in palm, flings fireball at Grimlock-

Grimlock: -brings energo sword up, braced, preparing to send fireball back at Bludgeon, catches it in center of sword, electricity rushing down the blade, up his arm, through his body, and out through his feet, shuddering-

Bludgeon: "No."

Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Siren: -shifts into gear, rolls out behind Getaway-

2005-08-07, 04:42 AM
Sierra Leone

Bugly groaned as Swoop's missiles detonated at point-blank range, melting flesh from the front of his shell. With a disgusted noise, the Pretender pushed himself to his feet. The melted, cracked and broken organic shell split along the midline and fell towards the ground, but it disappeared into subspace before it could even raise any dust. The broken fragments of beak that Swoop had left in the shell's shoulder clinked softly as they hit the dirt.

"I see that the Dinobot reputation for stupidity is well-earned," the now-unshelled Pretender said with a shrug. "Well, far be it from me to ask you to play against type..."

The Circuit-Su adept held his hand out, and an arc of lightning shot out towards Swoop's midsection.

Abandoned Army Base, Outside Denver

Getaway accelerated, making sure that he wasn't going too fast for Landfill to keep up.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-07, 08:33 AM
Sludge kept his head coming, if anything, adding more force to it. It slammed against the piece of metal, shattering it with his head. bits of his armour peeled, bits of pike pushing in. Thankfully a thick skull casing prevented any serious damage.

His head continued forward, locked onto Pounces.....

Swoop brought his blade up, the energy crackling around it. The Dinobot's grounded framework sent the energy surging into the ground - you could almost hear it melting into glass.

"You mean, like dumb enough to stand in once place while a missile launcher is aimed at you?"

Swoop fired his missile at the body of Bugly......

2005-08-07, 09:51 AM
Pounce watched as the pike locked into place he must act quick to put his opponent off balance and find a new weapon

Pounce grasped hold of the pike and used full thrusters to pull downwards and underneath the dinobot , using the Dinos momentumn against him and the embedded pike as a handle. Having set him somersaulting he let go of the pike and searched round for further weapons


Landfill put the pedal to the metal engine throbbing as he picked up speed.


The Falcon lost height as an Ion burst melted its left wing stub , it strugled to regain altitude and triggered its 2 remaining operational Anti Tank missiles.

2005-08-07, 07:42 PM
Sierra Leone

Octopunch led Scavenger and Long Haul out of the mine and headed towards the Blade.

"Mission accomplished," he commed to Bludgeon.

Bugly made no attempt to avoid the missile that Swoop had fired at him. Instead, he gestured vaguely towards the missile with his right hand. Hit by a telekinetic push, the missile spiralled off into a nearby sand dune.

"No. Dumb enough to use projectile weapons against someone with my powers...that would qualify, though."

He gestured with his hand again, and countless particles of dust and sand began to rise from the ground and fly towards Swoop.

"I hope you enjoy being scoured..."

(OOC: Sorry, Brave. Couldn't resist...)

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-08, 02:40 AM
The Ark: Command Centre

"A frictionless floor? That could work. Then we could set something up to blast them while trying to regain their footing. Something like...."

Dropshot pondered for a moment and then radioed the Med Bay.

"Astra if you're not busy, could you join Sixwing and I in the Command Centre? There are some things that I could use your help with."

2005-08-08, 07:27 PM
Sizzle had been checking and rechecking the charge on His standard side arm for about 10 minutes. listening to his companions mill around the warehouse sampling goodies. He began daydreaming, and aiming at random birds in the sky.
"Idle Hands..." he muttered.

2005-08-09, 02:53 AM
Sierra Leone:

Bludgeon: -over commlink- "Acknowledged, Octopunch." -switches frequencies- "All Mayhems, our mission is complete. Deal with your targets as best you need to, then fall back to the shuttle. Bludgeon out."

Grimlock: "What? You run away now?"

Bludgeon: -moves in, slashes-

Grimlock: -blocks-

Bludgeon: -leaps, using Grimlock's sword as a pivot, both heels smashing into the side of Grimlock's head-

Grimlock: -dazed, drops to knees-

Bludgeon: -snaps three rapid kicks to Grimlock's head-

Grimlock: -topples over backwards- "Oooogggghhhhhh....."


Fangry: -dodges the anti-tank missiles, keeps firing at the Hind-

2005-08-09, 06:30 AM
A shot hit the Hind on the nose cooking off the 30mm magazine it disappeared in a ball of flame .

The 2nd Hind darts in 30 mm chattering


Aboard RSLS Mongoose

Weapons command centre

Lieutenant Mandula

"get the radar to full power we nee to paint the target for our missile crews."

the advanced, automatic detect and track, multi-function three dimensional phased array radar powered up to full power and started scanning the sky.

Rating : "Sir, Sir we have a lock on , we're locked on the target."

2005-08-09, 12:36 PM
Warehouse, Denver

Cliffjumper looked up from examining different weapons as Bumper walked back in, nodding at the others before commenting "So I still get first pick of these babies, right?"

* * * * * *

Abandoned Army Base

Having sat down, his tail curling around his feet as the others loaded Nightbeat on board Landfill, Catilla frowned, then got to his feet and bounded after them when the convoy moved out, it seemed he would have to get back under his own steam.

* * * * * *

Ark: Command Centre

Looking up from checking just what medical supplies she had on hand and listing them as well as any she needed on a datapad, Astra looked up as her comm went off.

"Be right with you" she replied, transforming and revving her engine, quickly leaving the med-bay at a good speed.

A moment later, the femme arrived at the command center in vehicle mode and transformed back before entering the room.

2005-08-09, 01:04 PM
Landfill commed Catilla

"you ok up there good buddy not too bumpy for you ."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-09, 03:05 PM
Sludge was flipped around and sent careening into the Earth. Sand billowed up from his impact and partially covered the Dinobot. He lay there for a second, waiting for the next attack

Swoop raised his hand up to protect his optics from the sand, but kept his sword at the ready. His paint was being seered off by the sand particles - but worse, it was getting in his joints and cracking his wing control surfaces.

Still he continued to move forward until he was within range of Bugly and stabbed forward with the sword, aiming for the Decepticon's mid-section:

"Stupid like thinking sand stop me!"

Ark - C&C

With the arrival of Astra, Sixwing took a step back into the shadow. He was still a little touchy about Femmes - and "I" bars.....

2005-08-09, 03:19 PM
Pounce swooped down on the airfield control tower and grabbed a 3 pronged aerial snapping it off.

He ripped a length of chain linked fence off the tower grabbing the post and ripping it out of its socket. He was left with a makeshift trident and two 3ft fence posts joined by a metal chain.

He looked round and spotted Sludge he was zooming in for another attack when he heard the recall

He contented himself with throwing the makeshift trident hard at the grounded dinobot before flying off towards the shuttle .

Brave Maximus
2005-08-09, 03:33 PM
The trident hit the ground, and pinned Sludge's leg down. From under the sand, the Dinobot's hand came up, gesturing with a very human expression then lay back down for a second, collecting himself.

2005-08-09, 08:06 PM
Sierra Leone

Octopunch and the Constructicons entered the shuttle. Long Haul rolled towards the ship's aft section, his vehicle mode load bay full of diamonds. Octo and Scavenger headed forwards and began powering up the Blade's engines.

"Stop? No."

Bugly side-stepped, letting Swoop's blade stabbed through empty air a few centimetres to his left.

"Slow down? Yes. Now if you'll excuse me..."

The Pretender raised his left arm and fired a photon blast at the Dinobot's knee joint.

"...I really must be going."

Transforming to vehicle mode, Bugly shot away from the Dinobot and headed for the shuttle. The sandstorm collapsed as he flew away.

Snarl tromped up beside the downed Banzai-Tron, then kicked at the Decepticon with one of his beast mode feet.

"Get up and fight, damn you!"

Warehouse, Denver

"Sure thing," Crosshairs told Cliffjumper. "Just meet me in the armoury after we get back to base."

The Targetmaster walked over to a nearby shelf, hefted a large piece of mobile artillery, and appreciated the device's compact design.

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-09, 09:13 PM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot saw Astra walk and motioned her to come forward towards the big screen.

"Good, now that the gang's all here we can get started."

He turned to the big screen which showed various blueprints and schmatics to the Ark.

"Astra, what I need you to do is to get any supplies that you may have that stun, paralyze or drain energon from a bot." The sniper then turned his attention to the micro master combiner.

"Sixwing, you come with me to the armory to see what other weapons we may have that could useful in defending this place. I'm thinking something that could burn, flame or acid or whatever. We'll come back here with that and start some more brainstorming once we get that."

2005-08-09, 09:23 PM
Road to Denver

Pipes and Huffer started up an entrance ramp to the highway. An old Volvo was going slow in the right lane, and rather than slow down, Pipes sped up and honked his horn repeatedly. "Hey! Get out of my lane!"

Huffer, behind him, said "What did she do to you?"

"Oh, nothing. Just playing the part."

Huffer turned on his communicator and sent to Bumper at the warehouse. "Hey Bumper, we're on our way."


Warehouse in Denver

Bumper cocked his head to one side as he got the message. "Well, guys. They're on their way."

Random Sweep
2005-08-09, 11:47 PM
Rolling to the side, Banzai-Tron kipped up and slashed backhandedly at Snarl's left flank

2005-08-10, 03:52 AM
Shuttle nearing a coast

Some time after becoming the shuttle's pilot (switching seats with Wingspan), Deadend said "As soon as I find a place to land, we can start the mission."

Without saying anything, Breakdown looked up from the radar.

2005-08-10, 04:38 AM
Sierra Leone:

Fangry: -starts to twitch, feeling like millions of scraplets are trying to eat him from the inside out-

Brisko: -starts getting dizzy- "Whu.... uhn......." -dazedly stares at the displays in Fangry's fighting compartment- "Micro...... waved?"

Fangry: -plummets like a rock, thudding into the sandy shoreline-

Warehouse, Denver:

Hosehead: -activates commlink- "Nightbeat? How's it going?"


Hosehead: -slightly more concerned- "Siren? You there?"

Siren: -over commlink- "Yeah. I'm here. We got to the fuel dump and secured it." -sighs- "We're all pretty much okay, but Nightbeat got really beat up. They threw tanks at us., and they blew up a building Nightbeat was in."

Hosehead: "WHAT?!?!?"

Siren: "As I said, he's okay. Just beat up pretty bad. We're towing him back to base." -pauses for a moment- "You've got the fuel depot coordinates, right?"

Hosehead: "Yeah."

Siren: "Could you go out there and guard it? We're all leaving here, most of us need some repairs of some kind."

Hosehead: -transforms, burning rubber as he rolls out, sirens blaring- "I'm on my way."

2005-08-10, 05:13 AM
Sierra Leone

Snarl, not expecting such a vicious attack from a downed enemy, took the blade strike full-on. It didn't pierce his thick Dinobot hide too deeply, but the force of the attack flipped him onto his back. Most of his yet-undamaged solar collectors bent and twisted as he landed.

Knowing he could never hope to right himself while in stegosaur mode, Snarl transformed, drew his sword, and awkwardly pushed himself to his feet. All the while, he was glaring at Banzai-Tron.

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs nodded in acknowledgement as he heard Bumper speak.

Highway, leaving Denver

Getaway carefully scrutinized every passing vehicle, prepared to destroy anyone who looked vaguely terroristic.

2005-08-10, 06:13 AM
Landfill hummed as he cruised along the highway.

"any particular tunes you'd like to hear Nightbeat ?"

Random Sweep
2005-08-10, 08:05 AM
Knowing that he had hurt the Dinobot, Banzai-Tron grinned wickedly at Snarl

" And I had heard sooo much about the famed Dinobots " he taunted

2005-08-10, 05:04 PM
South Yorkshire

Wingspan moves over and points to the shallow lake he had selected as a landing site.

"Here's where I thought very shallow and should serve to minimise detection and very close to our objective, just next to the tall tower in that park."



A third truck rolled up and joined the other two in the deserted picnic spot

"Thought we'd lost you Jean." said Sean

"Just a little delay at customs." replied Jean

"Have you activated the beacon yet Louis?"

Louis spoke in to the device he had been provided with
and commed Breastforce

"This is Wagontrain One to Redcoat , the delivery is ready for collection ."

Louis : "who writes this stuff ?"

Sean : "beats me boyo"

2005-08-10, 10:35 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon, located somewhere in Quebec:

Leozak: -drumming fingers on arm of command chair-

Gaihawk: -fighting the urge to allieviate his boredom by carving up the arms on the nav station chair with his shurikens-

Drillhorn: -staring at the engineering display, blankly-

Killbison: -lost in the screen saver display showing on the tactical station display-

Hellbat: -plotting and planning-

Jalgar: -dozing-

Leozak: -shakes head wearily- "I don't get it. I just don't get it. The humans fought so hard to keep us from liberating Carbombiya. Aside from the EDC firing a token shot at us....."

Drillhorn: -shrugs- "Maybe we walked into something far deeper in cultural terms in this country."

Leozak: "Best laid plans of turbo-rats and thinkers, Drillhorn...."

-comm panel chimes-

Jalgar: -snorts, optic band flickers, tilt in his chair getting steeper as he wakes up- "HunhhaaaAAAAHHHH!!!" -THUD!- "Owwwwwwwwwww........."

Leozak: -sighs, taps a couple of keys on the command chair- "This is Breastforce. Go ahead."

2005-08-10, 10:51 PM
Louis responded

"Greetings Beastforce ummm we've got 3 semis full of car parts , we're supposed to drop off here, one of your companions told us to bring them up from Rochester NY and hand them over to you."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-11, 12:45 AM
The blast had fused the sand in his leg joint to glass, that cracked and scraped as he moved. The now steel grey Swoop made his way back to where Grimlock was.

Sludge on the other hand, was quite content to stare up at the clouds for the time being.

Ark - C&C

"I'll find a sprayer for the floors" with that Sixwing headed for the storage area.

2005-08-11, 01:10 AM
"Eh- don't give them a hard time. This piece-a-junk probably wouldn' of held together without an extra set or two of hands. I like takin' things apart better'n fixing them, but we need some heavy fixin' back at the cities, least - for a bit." Inferno glanced over to Roadbuster as they shifted into a somewhat-bumpy cruise mode.

"How're the crew doin' on supplies? Got lotsa them comin' in now."

2005-08-11, 01:39 AM

"Not much," Big Daddy shouted back to Inferno. "Two dozen shuttles back at the base, and we had to pick the one with the biggest rickets."

"At least we're still flying," Trip-Up said, trying to look on the positive side of things.

"For now," Greaser muttered.

2005-08-11, 02:18 AM

Roadbuster: -optic band narrows, blazing emerald, giving Inferno an idea of just how ticked off he is, overhead supports that his hands are holding creaking slightly as he tries to close his fists reflexively- "Whirl and I are it. Got it? Until we mobilize and organize the reserves, we're....... it."

2005-08-11, 04:09 AM

Whirl clamped a claw on Roadbuster's shoulder.

"Cool it," he said. There was no trace of his usual mirth in his voice.

"There's no point in fighting amongst ourselves."

Seirra Leone

Bugly transformed and headed up the Blade's ramp.

Snarl waved Banzai-Tron forward.

"Let your buddies fly off without you," he suggested. "We'll give you a first-hand show."


Trypticon's voice rumbled inside the bridge.

"Should I step on them?" he asked with an air of bordom. Harrassing and tricking humans had quickly lost it's entertainment value.

2005-08-11, 04:20 AM

"Yeah," Hubs spoke up. "Like getting back in one piece."

"In case you guzzlers haven't noticed," Trip-Up continued. "This ship isn't built like a brickhouse, here. And all your screwin' around ain't likely gonna make it any better."

"Look," Greaser finished. "We don't rightly care if you guys wanna duke it out. In fact, we'd probably end up taking bets. But can you two hold off until we get someplace where the greatest danger isn't a five hundred foot drop over open air?"

2005-08-11, 06:01 AM
Pounce flew over to the shuttle and settled on the ramp.

Random Sweep
2005-08-11, 06:41 AM
Noticing the withdrawal for the first time, banzai-Tron frowned.

" Another time perhaps Dinofool " he said as he lept over towards the shuttle.

2005-08-11, 09:34 AM
South Yorkshire

After briefly looking over the place Wingspan had selected, Deadend pilotted the shuttle down and landed in the lake. For a brief time the shuttle's landing caused waves to form, but they calmed down as soon as the shuttle was parked.

2005-08-11, 07:22 PM
Sizzle admired Hoseheads acceleration, considering racing him to where ever he was going.
He lit a cigarette instead, using the spark distirbutors on his feet, and leaned non chalantly against the door way.
"Bumper , Hose head just split."

2005-08-11, 08:01 PM
Sheffield , South Yorkshire.

Wingspan stood and moved to the hatch . Checking to see if the coast was clear before opening it.

2005-08-11, 09:44 PM
Deadend left the shuttle's controls as Breakdown looked at the radar one last time.

2005-08-11, 10:25 PM
Wingspan prowled down the ramp paddling across ther shallow lake before clambering on to the bank.

2005-08-11, 11:09 PM

Roadbuster: -makes a low, primal growling noise, one that basically says 'Leave me alone'-

Sierra Leone:

Grimlock: -shaking head, thinking- "This Bludgeon different. Not as easy to bait." -winces- "Hit harder, too." -lurches to feet, wobbling slightly, fuel and lubricants still running down the side of his face-


Fangry: -dragging himself away from the shoreline, systems malfunctioning, stops when his muzzle hits a pair of gold/orange greaves and boots- "B....blu...g'n?"

Bludgeon: -reaches down, picks Fangry up, throws him over one shoulder, heads back towards the shuttle- "Leaving you behind might eventually give the humans an advantage, especially if they study your body. That would be truly...... inefficient."


Stranglehold and Slag: -pounding away on each other-

Stranglehold: -grunts, lifts, piledrives Slag into the sand-

Slag: -roars, gets to feet, slams fists into Stranglehold-

Stranglehold: -lurches, slams fists into Slag-

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: -thinks for a moment- "No. Let them come ahead."

Drillhorn: "What'll we do with the parts?"

Leozak: -shrugs- "Sell them on eBay. Sell them to auto parts stores. Sell them to scrap merchants. Whatever."

2005-08-12, 05:11 AM

Trypticon made a disgusted noise.

"Oh, very well..."

Sierra Leone

Bugly made his way forward, into the Blade's cockpit. He glanced contemptuously down at Octopunch, Scavenger and Long Haul, who were sitting in the chairs.


Octopunch growled and made a rude gesture.

Bugly clamped his hand down on the aquatic Decepticon's shoulder and bodily hauled him out of the pilot's seat. Spinning him, he slammed Octo's back against the cockpit's rear bulkhead.

"You will learn respect," he said coldly.

Octopunch started to raise his trident, but saw the murderous look in Bugly's optics and thought better of it. With another growl, he headed for the passenger area and found himself a seat. The two Constructicons took one look at the furious mystic, then followed suit.

Snarl shook his fist at the retreating Banzai-Tron, but, seeing his wounded comrades, wisely decided not to follow.

Wrecker Shuttle

Whirl made a sound that resembled a sigh (since his lack of a mouth prevented him from producing the noise naturally), then headed for his own seat.

"Suit yourself," he told Roadbuster. "Just don't act up, or I'll have to Null Ray you."

2005-08-12, 05:47 AM
Warehouse in Denver

"What???" Bumper said as he rushed outside. "Where'd he go?" he asked Sizzle. "He could have at least said something."


Road to Denver

Pipes was relentlessly sounding his air-horn as he drove down the highway. "Give it a rest, already." Huffer said from behind him.

Pipes took on a sulky tone. "Awww, just having fun."

2005-08-12, 05:55 AM

Greaser turned to Hubs.

"Ten cubes says these guys go at it again before we get back."

Hubs grinned. "You're on."

2005-08-12, 06:29 AM
Sierra Leone

the battered Pounce walked in and took a seat in the shuttle.



Louis flicked through the inventory

He commed the Breastforce again.

"A Mr Adler set it all up, we never actually met him but he told us to bring these trucks up to you and when you heard the manifest you'd understand.

Theres nothing but Lambourghini Countach , Datsun Fairlady and Porsche parts in here most of it difficult to get hold of stuff."

2005-08-12, 01:44 PM
Hatemongers Shuttle

The Desperation streaked across the sky on it's way to it's intended target, the American Strategic Oil Reserve in West Hackberry Louisiana.

Hatemonger gave a quick update.

"As far as human resistance is concerned. The only true threat will be if they activate massive numbers of there military force. Even then we still have a major advantage. The reserve it's self only has a small gaurd force and at most a few tanks. Everyone lock and load as we will be at the target soon."

2005-08-12, 05:35 PM
Warehouse, Denver

"Thanks" Cliffjumper replied, trying out the weight and balance of a missile launcher by perching it on his shoulder.

* * * * * *

Abandoned Army Base

"I'm good, thanks for asking" Catilla replied, running alongside the highway, just beyond the safety barrier "Only I got out of you at the base, so no, it's not bumpy at all"

* * * * * *

The Ark

"Don't know about paralyzing or draining energon" Astra replied, frowning, there weren't many supplies left in the med-bay "But we got some Cybertronian sedatives in what medical supplies we do have"

2005-08-12, 06:33 PM
En route

Flintlock "you dozy lug you left him behind."

Landfill sounded embarrased

He commed Catilla

"Do you want me to stop at the next petrol station and pick you up or do you prefer to stretch your legs."

2005-08-12, 09:38 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon, Quebec:

Leozak: -looks over at Drillhorn-

Drillhorn: -shrugs-

Leozak: "Uh... Yes. We know what it means. Come on in and drop them off."


Roadbuster: -looks down at the micromasters, then looks over at Whirl- "Ten tri-liters of energon resin says that these four wind up glued to the outer hull before we get home."

Sierra Leone:

Slag: -slams fists down on Stranglehold's shoulders-

Stranglehold: -crashes to the ground-

Slag: -pulls his gun, aims it down at Stranglehold-

Bludgeon: -back of his boot fills Slag's vision in an instant, followed by the loud, crunching THWACK!!!! of contact-

Slag: -flips backwards, landing on the sand face first-

Bludgeon: -grabs Stranglehold by the scruff of his neck, drags him back towards the shuttle-

Stranglehold: "Let me go! I can-"

Bludgeon: -still carrying Fangry- "The objective has been achieved. We are going back to the ship."

2005-08-12, 09:58 PM
All at Sea

Aboard RSLS Mongoose

Rating : " the contacts gone dropped off our screen as soon as we lit up the radar."

Officer : "maybe the waves scrambled its electronics , we've had problems with jets before. Let me call the flagship."


Bridge RSLS Lion

Intelligence Officer : "maybe we should relay the information to the Yankees. The Decepticons are attacking San Franscisco."

Admiral : "a helluva good intelligence network you have there Lieutenant."

Intelligence Officer : " umm well its all over CNN."

Admiral : " ohh ok make it so."

Radio Office

The airwaves started chattering.



Louis : "they say its ok lets roll ."

The drivers clambered back into their cabs started their engines and pulled away

2005-08-13, 12:42 AM

Big Dadddy heard Roadbuster's comment, and whirled on his feet to face the much larger mech.

"Whoa there, buddy," he said. "Don't make a foolish bet unless you got the cash to back it up."

Hubs shook his head. "Oh, boy."

2005-08-13, 05:34 AM
Road to Denver

Pipes and Huffer pulled off the highway, heading into Denver.

2005-08-13, 05:49 AM
Wrecker Shuttle

Whirl didn't reply to any of the angry words that were being bandied about the passenger compartment. He did, however, make a big show out of drawing his null ray module from subspace and powering it up.

Sierra Leone

Bugly sat in the copilot's seat, quickly running through the shuttle's preflight checklists.

Seeing that the last of the Decepticons were retreating, Snarl made his way towards Grimlock. "You alright, boss?"

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs nodded in approval as Cliffjumper hefted the missile launcher.

Highway, Enroute to Autobase

Getaway noted two semi rigs coming towards him, one with an orange cab and the other with a dark blue cab. Only after they passed did he realize they were Huffer and Pipes, respectively.

Random Sweep
2005-08-13, 07:01 AM
Seeing Snarl turn his attention to Grimlock, Banzai-Tron entered the shuttle and took a seat.

2005-08-13, 04:35 PM

Roadbuster: -looking down at the micromasters- "I'm not betting with you. I'm betting with him." -points at Whirl- "And you only have to worry if he accepts."

Sierra Leone:

Bludgeon: -lets go of Stranglehold-

Stranglehold: -rejoins his shell, boards the shuttle-

Bludgeon: -boards the shuttle, drops Fangry into one of the seats, moves up to the cockpit, takes pilot's seat, looks over at Bugly- "Is the gang all here?"


Grimlock: -nods, winces- "How rest of you?"

Slag: -swearing face first into the sand-

2005-08-13, 10:45 PM
South Yorkshire

Breakdown and Deadend followed after Wingspan. When the two Stunticons reached the lake's shore, Breakdown turned to look back at the shuttle to make sure it was as Wingspan said it would be...Namely hard to see. Deadend didn't care one way or the other.

2005-08-14, 01:38 AM

Big Daddy watched as Whirl withdrew his weapon.

"Looks like he already did," he said with a smirk.

The others weren't exactly too keen on the situation, glancing at each other nervously.

2005-08-14, 04:24 AM
Warehouse in Denver

Huffer and Pipes, hauling their trailers, pulled into the small warehouse parking lot and disengaged from their trailers, the "open end" facing the large garage-door like opening. They transformed and walked in. Pipes burst in with "Okay, slackers. Time to get to work."

2005-08-14, 05:04 AM
Wrecker Shuttle

"Stow it, pintsize," Whirl told Big Daddy. "I can zap you as easily as I can anyone else."

Sierra Leone

Snarl shrugged.

"I'm fine," he said curtly. And while he had taken significant cosmetic damage, he could tell just by looking that he was in better shape than any of his Dinobot comrades.

"Sludge, Swoop, you guys still with us?"


"If not," Bugly replied to Bludgeon with a shrug, "they don't deserve the badge they wear."

His board beeped.

"Ready for takeoff," he said.

Warehouse, Denver

"Slacker?" Crosshairs said with mock-annoyance. "What kind of way is that to address the chief weapons officer?"

He smiled slightly, then grabbed a munitions crate and toted it towards the nearer of the two trailers.

2005-08-14, 07:07 AM
Sierra Leone:

Bludgeon: -brings the shuttle's engines up to full power, lifts off, keeping the cloak up, heading back to the Nemesis-


Grimlock: -auto-repair systems finally stopping the flow of lubricants and fuel from the gash on his head, makes his way over to Slag- "You okay?"

Slag: -voice muffled by sand- "I'm fine. Go away."

Grimlock: -narrows optics, winces- "Then why you not get up?"

Slag: -muffled- "I like looking at sand. Got a problem?"

Grimlock: -reaches down, grabs one of the horns on Slag's dino-mode head- "Yes." -picks Slag up, turns him around, realizes why Slag liked it where he was- "Oh."

Slag: -visor covering his optics shattered, impact point from Bludgeon's heel(between his eyes) slightly dented- "Yeah. 'Oh.' Now let go of me."

Grimlock: -sets Slag down, looks over at Swoop- "Swoop. You okay?"

Brave Maximus
2005-08-14, 09:49 AM
Swoop walked out of the desert, a lovely shade of unpainted armour grey, with a flew splotches of colour here and there, where the sand hadn't gotten in. His joints were crackling with glass and sand at every movement:

"Next time, we have deep fried bug......"

Sludge just started to sit up from under the sand. His body was caked with sand and mech fluid.......

"Sludge been better - not happy."

2005-08-14, 04:03 PM
"Oh, yeah?" Big Daddy chuckled, taking great delightin egging the much larger Transfomer on. "I can be across the room before you even got your weapon up."

"But how about we don't?" Trip-Up asked rather weakly.

2005-08-14, 07:50 PM
Pounce settled in on his seat

"how did it go Fangboy . Was a good work out , enjoyed the challenge . Sludge knows his stuff but out of his environment piece of cake. Will need to pop to the armoury thoug and maybe some paintwork from Hook when we get back."


B]Sheffield[/B] South Yorkshire

Wingspan addressed his companions

"ok our target is a warehouse. It is half a mile down that road past the big tower then across the roundabout and turn right at the church. The warehouse is unmarked but is just behind a Squishy factory Andersons.. Hendersons they make some Squishy food product, you can tell by the smell its some kind of strong sauce. We will be expected. There is an entranceway into a covered courtyard. We will be safe to transform back to robot mode once we reach here."

2005-08-14, 08:11 PM
If I don't put a stop to this, 'Buster'll have my head.

Inferno reached over and intentionally rocked the shuttle sideways. He couldn't help but laugh in between the reprimands.

"Knock it off or you'll be walkin' the rest of the way home.

I mean it - we're entering the mountain range with bumpy air- turbulent stuff, and Whirl's the only one who can fly, 'less Roadbuster throws you three out. If this rattletrap sticks together, we'll be landing in 15."

2005-08-14, 08:20 PM

The 3 rigs rolled up the Approach road to Trypticon

Louis peeped his horn to announce his presence

2005-08-14, 08:22 PM

Big Daddy groaned. "Typical. The Guzzlers never let us have any fun."

"Oh, SHUT UP!" came the response from the other team members.

2005-08-15, 07:03 AM
Wrecker Shuttle

Whirl shook his head at Big Daddy's attitude.

"You know what? Once we land, I think I'll let Roadbuster do whatever he wants with you..."

Sierra Leone

Snarl punched a nearby rocky outcropping.

Another fragging loss! he thought. When're we gonna start crushing 'Cons again?

Outwardly, he only said, "Let's get back to base. Swoop needs to pull an Sunstreaker and get his paint touched up."


Bugly worked the copilot's console as the shuttle blasted off.


Trypticon transformed to base mode, being very careful not to crush the rigs with any of his moving parts. Once his componants were done shifting, he lowered a cargo ramp for the trucks.

Full-tilt waited inside the bay, a squad of technical drones flanking him.

2005-08-15, 08:54 AM

The 3 drivers manouevred there rigs and hopped out of the cabs . Sliding the tail gates up

Sean looked in his truck

"Sweet never seen so many Lambos in the same place before."

Jean " getting to be a vintage model , didn't make that many in the first place . "

Sean " the Autobots have got like 3 of them."

Jean :" Some desguise huhh. Ma foi must have stuck out like a sore thumb."

Sean : "They got a lot of hi end models Porsches and such."

Jean "pftt must have scanne da country club car park or something when they first got here."

2005-08-15, 09:17 AM
Making sure they were on dry land and that no squishy's vehicle was coming down the road, the two Stunticons transformed. As Deadend drove on ahead, Breakdown asked Wingspan what was probably a stupid question.

"Will ya be flying or riding today?" Breakdown asked.

2005-08-15, 12:39 PM
Hatemonger's Shuttle
*PS guys I am working a lot so just post and I will post when I get here :) Hopefully someone can come up with some human resistance or something....*

It seemed to be just another work day at the West Hackberry Strategic Oil Reserve. This is until the workers heard the sonic booms nearing their work area.

"Wow, those military jets are flying really close to the base?" A worker asked wiping some sweat off his brow from the hot sun.

The worker looked to see a large shuttle setting down near the base. Then the ramp on the side with the Decepticon symbol.

"**** boy, those ain't military fighters, run!" Another workered yelled running in terror.

Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Everyone you know your missions here. Decepticons Attack!." Hatemonger screamed and roared off the ramp fire his weapons carefully only at office building and running down any unlucky humans in his way.


Cryotek looked over at Ratbat and the Constructicons as he locked a tube into the tanker for the oil.

"Time to work he said not wasting any time."

2005-08-15, 05:14 PM
Sierra Leone:

Grimlock: -after seeing Snarl smash the rocks, starts thinking about it, starts chuckling- "Me have feeling we not have won anyway, Snarl. Them have different objective, keep us from getting to mine. Even if we stomp them flat here, they still delay us enough to do whatever they here for."

Slag: -transforms to dino mode-

Grimlock: "Rest of you go back to shuttle. Me go see what them keep us occu...occa.... busy for." -starts out for the mine-

2005-08-15, 06:06 PM
American air-space

The blue space-craft tore towards the Atlantic ocean, noticing the passenger planes sometimes roaring past him with a calm silence.

* * * * * *


"A lift sounds good, see you at the nearest gas station" Catilla laughed as he bounded along "And imagine the humans' faces at seeing that"

* * * * * *

Warehouse, Denver

Cliffjumper turned around to watch Huffer and Pipes as the other two minibots arrived, then he reluctantly put the missile launcher back in the crate he had got it from and wrapped both hands around the wooden box before lugging it over to Pipes.

2005-08-16, 12:20 AM
The Predacons transformed into their beast modes and leaped from the shuttle, Divebomb took to the air and extended his wings. They'd become razorc sharp and he was smiling at some of the buildings as start to fly low.

Razorclaw and Tantrum followed Hatemonger in an attempts to find the humans and deal with them. Rampage and Headstrong went around the base setting up locations for offensive attacks if military were to come.

Random Sweep
2005-08-16, 06:33 AM
Cyclonus dropped to a fifty foot altitude above street level and started strafing the human vehicles as Triggerhappy offloaded a plasma bomb onto an office building...

2005-08-16, 07:08 AM
Sierra Leone

Snarl punched the rocks again.

"Who cares? If we killed 'em, they'd never get their job done!"

He turned and stalked off back towards the shuttle.


Fult-tilt's drones went to work, helping the humans unload the cargo.

US Fuel Reserve

Roadgrabber ran off of the tanker, then summoned his Pretender shell from subspace and allowed the heavily-armoured vehicle to swallow him up.

He started to scan for enemy targets that he could obliterate in the most sadistic manner possible.

Ratbat hissed at Cryotek, then transformed to bat-jet mode and thrusted towards the nearest of the fuel storage caverns.

Scrapper shrugged, then lead his troops out of the ship (albeit in a somewhat more dignified manner).

Slicer recklessly charged down the ramp, looking for an enemy to shred.

(OOC: I'm babysitting this guy until verytired returns in a week or so.)

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs carried another load into the truck.

Enroute to Autobase

The Rocky Mountains grew closer, but Getaway's vigilance didn't flag.

2005-08-16, 07:35 AM
No fun? I'm sure they'd gladly play with ya.

Inferno couldn't help laughing quietly to himself as he turned back to the controls. A hissing noise caught his attention, followed by a sudden pop- sending a rivet cascading off of the windscreen and leaving a crack running up it.

"Converter's going. We're in range of the cities now, but to keep this thing from crashing and to save parts, we're going to have to land and drive the last 5 miles."

2005-08-16, 11:03 AM
Sunstorm transformed into his robot mode and smiled.

"Party time!"

The golden Decepticon swooped downwards firing a missile at a building on his way down to the street where he fired his laser cannons and at the humans and anything that moved.

2005-08-16, 11:09 AM
Hatemonger looked around.

Hmm maybe our blitzkreig tactics worked a bit too well. he thought to himself as he crushed some automobiles.


Communication Station, West Hackberry Strat Oil Reserve

The area was in flames but the plant manager quickly got a radio.

"This is the West Hackberry Oil Reserve, we are under attack. Repeat we are under attack. Any form of assistance needed! Repear this is the West Hackberry Oil Reserve, we are under attack. Repeat we are under attack. Any form of assistance needed!Reap..." Those were his last words as one of Hatemonger's blast tore into the building, finishing it off and vaporizing the plant manager.


Cryotek was looking for an apporate area to lock to pipe.

"Ok Ratbat, where is a good area to set this up?" He asked the fuel commander.

2005-08-17, 04:48 AM
US Fuel Reserve

The plasma jets propelling Ratbat faded out, and his claws swung downwards. He glided softly to the ground outside one of the storage caverns.

"Right here," he told Cryotek.

The fuel auditor's wings suddenly became pliable, folding in on themselves and allowing him to walk into the cavern in his alternate mode. He strode out onto a large metallic surface which, he knew, was the top of a massive underground fuel tank. He drove his mecha-fangs deep into the metal, drawing out a sample of the fuel to study.

Several guards approached him warily, M-16s at the ready. They held their fire, though, not exactly sure what to do about the odd-looking robot.

2005-08-17, 06:05 AM

Big Daddy glared at Roadbuster, then turned to Inferno.

"As long as I don't gotta lag these two lugs, you won't hear any complaints from me."

2005-08-17, 11:36 AM
Cryotek walked over behind Ratbat and saw the gaurds.

"Most creatures would be smart enough to run at this point." He growled and fired one of his ice blasts at the group of soilders.

After that he placed the pipe where Ratbat had instructed.

2005-08-18, 04:36 AM
US Fuel Reserve

Ratbat hissed with amusement as Cryotek's ice blast turned all but one of the human soldiers into frozen corpses. The lone surviving fleshling dropped his weapon and ran out the door.

Pulling his fangs out of the tank, the fuel auditor made a satisfied noise.

"The vintage is...uninspiring," he said as he transformed to robot mode, "but passable. It will make satisfactory energon."

Scrapper, Mixmaster and Bonecrusher followed the ice dragon inside. The latter two stood guard at the door, while their team leader moved inside and started to work with the panel of dials and switches that covered one wall of the cavern.

"We'll have the fuel flowing in a few seconds," he said.

2005-08-19, 03:52 AM
Warehouse in Denver

Huffer and Pipes carried huge boxes of weapons over their heads to the trailers while Bumper carried a smaller box.

2005-08-19, 03:56 AM
Cryotek nodded his approval to the group.

"Excellent work." He waited to see the fuel flow then would probably so smash something.


Hatemonger looked around as he fired at some trucks with armed guards sending them to the afterlife.

He then got onto his com-link.

"Cyclonus have you seen anything in the sky?" Hatemonger asked wondering if anything interesting was going to happen on this mission.

Random Sweep
2005-08-19, 07:14 AM
Cyclonus pulled a tight turn bringing himself back over the city and transformed so that he could remain stationary.

" Negative Hatemonger " Cyclonus replied " These pathetic fleshlings won't even show token resistance "

2005-08-19, 11:48 AM
Hatemonger listened to Cyclonus then got back onto his com-link.

"Everyone stay on the alert. The humans or Autobots may launch a counter strike at any time." He said taking apart some more structures.

2005-08-19, 04:49 PM
America's Highways:

Nightbeat: -sighs- "It's her ex."

Muzzle: -watching an episode of Detective Conan on the screen set into Nightbeat's dash, hits pause- "What? I say it's her daughter."

Nightbeat: "Trust me. It's her ex."

Muzzle: "You watched the end of the episode, didn't you."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "No. It's obvious. The daughter panicked and put the beauty mask on her mother's face after she died, thinking that if people saw her afterwards, they'd think she was the murderer. If she'd planned it out, she'd have removed her makeup before impersonaiting her mother."

Muzzle: -grumbles- "I still say you watched the end of the episode........" -streatches, reclines Nightbeat's river's seat a little more- "I hate road trips."

Nightbeat: "Road trips are more fun if you can actually drive...... And Landfill's truck bed isn't the most comfortable place to ride in."

Muzzle: -looking out the windows at the walls of the dump truck bed and nodding- "The view leaves something to be desired......"

Seiber-Trahn, Denver:

Brainstorm: -lands in the parking lot, leaves cockpit of his transector, walks towards the main entrance-

2005-08-19, 04:51 PM
Sunstorm began stamping on the ground trying to destroy or at least knock any humans away from him. He used his comlink.

"Well I sure do hope some Autobots at least show up. We can't have a party without some 'bots to fry can we?"

After toying with the humans he began to fly upwards so that he could get a better view of the situation yet still firing the odd laser into a building, laughing and loving every minute.

2005-08-19, 07:53 PM
click click click

Landfill's indicator went

He commed Nightbeat

"You ok back there ? I'm just going to pick up a passenger. I was going to ask if you wanted me to play some Country and Western, but our new passenger has some irrational dislike of it."

Landfill turned into the Petrol Station and pulled up by the side of the main building .

Flintlock hopped out and checked his tyrel pressure while he waited


Wingspan replied

"I'll ride better to keep a low profile."

He shrunk down and moved towards Breakdown's door

2005-08-20, 02:12 AM
Truck Bed of Landfill:

Nightbeat: "We're fine, Landfill. Just kind of bored."

Muzzle: -loading the second Detective Conan movie disc into the CD slot on Nightbeat's dash- "Down time is movie time, after all..... wish we had some popcorn....."

Nightbeat: "We've stopped, you know."

Muzzle: "I thought I smelled a gas station." -climbs out of the window, jumps down from Landfill's bed, walks in to the store section, comes out a minute later with a couple of bottles of soda, two large bags of popcorn, and some jerkey, climbs back up into the bed and into Nightbeat's window, settles back into the seat, hits play-

2005-08-20, 07:36 AM
Landfill replied

" I can download you some movies Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy , Cannonball run , Colombo including the Samuel L Jackson remake from last year although i'm thinking of deleting that one from my hardrive they ruined a classic.|"

2005-08-20, 01:51 PM
OOC: Made a weekend trip to the library just to post

Warehouse, Denver

Cliffjumper slowly placed the crate he was carrying into the provided transports, then went back for another one, gently moving a box of flash grenades out to the trailers.

* * * * * *

America's Highways

Catilla padded into the gas station, then chuckled as the people froze. just staring at his shell "You lot actually going to move before your tanks overfill" then he glanced back while making his way to Landfill as the humans shook their heads and quickly got back to refueling their cars.

2005-08-20, 10:58 PM
Landfill watched Catilla approach

He commed Nightbeat

"passengers here , I think we just created an urban legend though ."



Overdrive strode out of the building . He'd collected the chip as ordered. Whether it would work or not was another matter, but it wasn't his problem he was just the courier. Prowl would be waiting for it.

He transformed to Ferrari mode and peeled out of the office buildings car park .

He cursed as he hit traffic on the expressway. But then thats why being an omnibot had its advantages.

He extended his wings wheels rotating down and took off vertically.

Leaving a hole in the traffic jam and some very startled drivers behind him.


Ford Explorer Seattle Expressway

John Strangeways : that there car just took like something out of back to the Future

Ella Broadmoor looked up from where she was peering into the glove box

"what was that dear , have you seen my Barry Manilow Cd anywhere , I'm sure its in here somewhere."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-20, 11:42 PM
Blaster sat comfortably within the cock-pit of Devcon awaiting for the set down.


Sunstreaker had no reason to move. He was still extremely high on energy and was sheltered from the fierce cold that was outside. Chances are if anyone had seen him, they would come too him, not vice verca.

2005-08-21, 06:13 AM
Landfill's truckbed:

Muzzle: "They got him to play Columbo?" -shudders-

Nightbeat: -nonpulssed at the thought- "We're..... uh..... we're good, Landfill. We've got a whole case of CDs and DVDs back here."

Sierra Leone:

Grimlock: -storming back towards the shuttle, scowling, gets into shuttle, starts powering it up- "We leaving. NOW!"

2005-08-21, 08:07 AM
Landfill acknowledged

"Hollywood greed is an awful thing."

Flintlock chimed in

"hello there and welcome to Landfill airways, we're about 3/4 of our way on our journey and should be picking up our last passenger any moment.....

Landfill : "enough witht he fake flight asttendant do I look like a Jumbo jet."

2005-08-21, 05:15 PM
Inferno glanced out the window as he saw a few flying objects heading in the shuttle's general direction.

He mumbled a quiet "Ooops," and then grinned in embarassment.

"Hey - uh... Whirl - call the Aerialbots and tell them we're landing. I sorta - didn't check with security before I left. Might wanna hurry too."

A whining cable at his feet received a sharp kick and the shuttle began to sink into a landing.

Let's move the shuttle back to Autobot thread,

2005-08-21, 05:25 PM
Warehouse in Denver

Huffer, Pipes, and Bumper continued loading the trailers. Pipes couldn't resist the opportunity to give someone grief, however. "Fuzzle!" he said, referring to Sizzle. "Bizzle, Trizzle, Whizzle, whatever your name is...you gonna help, or what?"

Bumper covered his face and shook his head slowly.

2005-08-21, 05:48 PM
Sheffield South Yorkshire

Wingspan slid inside Breakdown and pulled the door too

"ready to sstart."

he replied

2005-08-22, 06:09 AM
Sierra Leone

Snarl followed Grimlock up the ramp.

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs lugged another crate of munitions into the truck.


Getaway idled his engine, waiting for Landfill to start moving again.

2005-08-22, 07:15 PM
"Fuzzle?!" Sizzle muttered, making his way into the warehouse. "getting so as a guy can't enjoy his cigarette in peace."
He eyed the crates, and started assisting the others in loading, leaving the door unguarded.

2005-08-22, 07:20 PM
Slicer hate destroyed most of the property around him, and had corraled the surviving humans in to a small courtyard. He sat down and began idly pulling the arms and legs off them, lamenting that the attack had been so short.

(OOC Cheers Warcry :) )

2005-08-22, 07:31 PM
South Yorkshire

" Welcome aboard" Breakdown said as he drove down to the road and got on it. The Stunticon then started to follow the directions Wingspan gave him.

While it was annoying to do it folllowing the human's speed limit, the half a mile was nothing, the big tower looked interesting, and Breakdown could list funner roundabouts. Breakdown and Wingspan found that Deadend was waiting for them in the church's parking lot. Not long after that, the two Stunticons (and Breakdown's passenger) pulled under the covered courtyard of the warehouse.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-22, 07:37 PM
Swoop and Sludge, looking very unhappy and grumpy, walked into the shuttle and sat down......

2005-08-22, 09:14 PM
South Yorkshire Sheffield

A shadow broke away from the building and moved into the dim light given by a wall mounted light .

"are ya here for the merchandise lads. I've never seen a transforming robot up close , ya look very realistic cars , which wun of ya's Mr Adler. "

2005-08-22, 09:47 PM
Sierra Leone:

Slag: -stomps aboard shuttle- "What about humans?"

Grimlock: -scowl deepens, quietly- "They not tell anybody anything. Ever." -brings engines online, lifts off, shuttle rattling and wheezing unsteadily, heads it back towards base-

Cargo Hold, Trypticon:

Leozak, Hellbat, and Drillhorn: -staring at the piles and piles of auto parts-

Leozak: "Well? Any ideas?"

Hellbat: -shrugs- "We could weld them all into a gigantic bowl, fill it with guacamole dip..... get some really, REALLY big corn chips...."

Leozak and Drillhorn: -unison- "Shut up, Hellbat."

Hellbat: -shrugs- "Well, you never said you wanted a good idea....."

2005-08-22, 10:03 PM
Warehouse in Denver

Pipes chuckled to himself as he carried boxes.

Huffer, on the other hand, was cooly rearranging boxes in one of the trailers for maximum storage efficiency. Both trailers were more than halfway full now.

2005-08-23, 03:13 AM
Strat Fuel Reserve

Hatemonger growled into his com-link.

Decepticons "The Autobots are proving their cowardance or simply lack of troops. Either way, slaughter the fleshlings. Let their deaths be proof of the Autobots weakness." He growled coldly and began to attack anything human and unlucky enough to be near him.

2005-08-23, 07:12 AM
Sierra Leone

Snarl shrugged off Grimlock's statement about the humans. He couldn't have cared less if he'd heard that a colony of ants had been wiped out in the attack. The Decepticons got away; to him, that was all that mattered.

The Dinobot found a seat in the back of the shuttle and strapped in.

US Fuel Reserve

Scrapper finished fiddling, and a gushing noise filled the room.

"The fuel is pumping," he said. "It'll take about an hour to suck this tank dry, though."

2005-08-23, 11:41 AM
Warehouse, Denver

Cliffjumper carefully carried another box of weaponry out, then noticed Huffer rearranging the boxes and approached him, calling "Where do you want me to put this one, Huffs?"

* * * * * *

America's Highways

"Thanks, guys" Catilla called, climbing into Landfill, then the smilodon dropped into a crouch over Nightbeat, making sure he didn't fall out while not treating the detective like a mattress "Ready when you are"

* * * * * *

Leaving American Air-space

Devcon frowned inwardly as the coastline that led out to the Atlantic Ocean came into view and he felt a slight sense of awe that was gone as quickly as it come when he looked over the blue stretch of water before jetting out over it.

"So, Blaster, is it" the bounty hunter piped up eventually "What kind of alternate mode is that?"

2005-08-23, 12:40 PM
Landfill pulled out of the carpark and shot out on to the road, well shot as fast as a dump truck heavily laden with a Porsche and a Smilodon could hope to

I hope they pulled the tarp over them back there otherwise someones going to get a shock." thought Landfill.

2005-08-23, 05:42 PM
Warehouse in Denver

Actually, Huffer's mind had strayed back to Metroplex. The rearranging boxes just occupied the very upper regions of his mind, so he barely heard Cliffjumper. After a few seconds he seemed to realize the red minibot was standing there. "Oh..." Huffer pointed to a spot. "Right there should be fine."

2005-08-23, 06:53 PM
Overdrive wondered why there had been no reply to his call.

must be busy he thought

must get this chip back to Prowl . I can always catch them later

He banked and set course for Fort Max

Maybe he'd land just short of it and drive the last half mile or so . Didn't want to risk it water always played havoc with his electrics. He reckoned they ought to drain the lake and see what was at the bottom or make it a no fly zone

He pushed the spped up and there was a crack as he broke the sound barrier.

2005-08-23, 08:17 PM
Warehouse, Denver

As he passed Pipes, Sizzle let a spark of flame escape from his foot to catch the other mimbots heel. He giggled, malisciously.

Strat Fuel Reserve

Slicer began trowing his remaining humans to see how far they bounced, giggling in a little high pitched voice.

(Edit: Those little truck guys...)

Random Sweep
2005-08-23, 11:45 PM
Feul Reserve

Cyclonus landed and stood, leaing on an office building with his arms crossed as Triggerhappy kept circling the area, watching for Autobots

2005-08-24, 05:27 AM

Getaway pulled out behind Landfill and continued towards Autobase.

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs continued to carefully move crates into the trucks.

US Fuel Reserve

Roadgrabber careened wildly around the facility, crushing humans, vehicles and administrative buildings with equal malevolent glee.

2005-08-24, 07:45 AM
South Yorkshire

When the squishy came out of the shadows, Breakdown almost flinched. It maybe one squishy, but who know how long that...human had watched them before coming out of the shadows?

Trying to calm his nerves (and imagination), Breakdown openned his car door to let Wingspan out. The Stunticon hoped that the clone would take the squishy's eyes off of him.

2005-08-24, 10:11 PM
(ooc: lets get this show on the road. There's only so long loading boxes onto a truck can hold my attention. ;)

Warehouse in Denver

Pipes felt a warmth in his heal as he carried a box to the truck, which quickly grew into a painful amount of heat. "OW!" He deposited the box in the truck and hopped up and down several times, holding his foot.

Huffer finished organizing the first trailer and closed it up, then moved to the second one.

Bumper stood in the warehouse taking stock of the shrinking pile of munitions. "Hmmm," he mused, "almost done. Quick work with all of us here working."

Outside, having surmised who the prankster was, Pipes played it cool. As he passed Sizzle, he released a small cloud of difuse, invisible gas from his wrists. It wasn't the type of gas that would corrode metal, just cause a short coughing fit. He chuckled to himself as he went back into the warehouse.

2005-08-24, 11:24 PM
Wingspan got out .

"It was I that contacted you , are the supplies ready."

Man :"Aye lad plus I got the transport ready for you as you requested. Let me get one of me lads to show ya it ."

He whistled and 4 more men emerged from the shadows 2 with shotguns and 1 with an alsatian on a leash.

Man: "I wasn't sure if your comrades would have the necessary equipment so I made provision to have it fitted.

He turned

"Derek get the fittings and the toolbox for these 2 ."

He pointed at the 2 cars .

He opened a wooden door and showed Wingspan something

Wingspan "They should be perfect I'll just need to ask my comrades if they'll need any alterations or if they already have the equipment."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-25, 04:29 AM

"Mr.President! We need to find this monster now! If we don't prove we can fight off a single transformer our people will lose faith in our ability!"

"But is it wise tactically? The casualties could be huge, that would be worse than not fighting it, dear General."

"We will hit it with EVERYTHING at once. It will not have a chance to retaliate. We have intelligence that it is three hundred kilometers north in an old village. We need to do it now, it may have moved already!"

"Very well, just don't take any risks. If the fight starts to turn, retreat. No needless casualties."

"You have my word Mr.President!" The general turned to his aid and whispered something in his ear. The aid nodded and turned, leaving the room.


"It's a boombox, the most kickinest transformation this side of Cybertron! And not to be confused with that blue fool Soundwave who's a tape deck."

Blaster replied to Devcon

"We gotta hurry. Russian Military is getting ready to go huntin' for the same thing we are, and if what he did to Moscow is any indication, we don't want 'em to get there first!"

2005-08-25, 04:32 AM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Hosehead: -vehicle mode, looking at the vast open spaces-

Lug: -sitting in driver's seat, feet up on dash, reading Sports Illustrated-

2005-08-25, 04:53 AM
Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs put one more crate into the truck, then turned to Bumper.

"Looks like that's the end of it."

2005-08-25, 02:58 PM
America's Highways

As Landfill took off, Catilla lowered his head to avoid the wind blowing into his shell's face and smirked down at the other Autobot lying slightly beneath him "Enjoyin' the ride, gumshoe?"

* * * * * *

Warehouse, Denver

"Alright" Cliffjumper shrugged, moving to put the crate in the second trailer, then wandered back in for another one, whistling idly, then looking at Crosshairs on hearing they had finished.

The sooner they got these crates back to base, the sooner he got his hands on some new toys.

* * * * * *


"A Boombox" Devcon replied, deciding on finding out about that device when they got back to the Autobot base "And understood, Blaster" then he picked up some speed and tore across the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Spain coming into view within the next few moments as he started jetting across the different countries towards Russia.

2005-08-25, 07:07 PM
Sizzle coughed a proper fleghmy smokers cough, and hawked something into the corner of the warehouse. with Pipes 's back toward him, Sizzle transformed and revved loudly, before inching forward to the other minibots sore heel.

2005-08-25, 07:18 PM
Landfill cruised the highway Shania Twain echoing from his cab

2005-08-26, 05:15 AM

Getaway put on his turn signal, pulling off the main highway and onto the Autobase access road.

2005-08-26, 05:50 AM
South Yorkshire

" We would not be here if there was something wrong with our systems" Deadend said in his usual ('life is pointless') tone.

" H...he means...we're fine" Breakdown said before Deadend could say anything else. After a few moments and not wanting to seem rude to the squishies (at least not yet), Breakdown added " T...thanks for a...asking."

If Deadend could raise an eyebrow, he would have.

2005-08-26, 06:30 AM
Wingspan pulled the wooden door open

"he means do you have towing facilties."

Man : "I reckon the caravan and the horsebox should fit all the parts we've got it's just a question of hitching them up and off you go."

The Alsatian off its lead was staring at Breakdown and growling

2005-08-26, 09:58 AM
Warehouse in Denver

Huffer closed up the second trailer and brushed off his hands. "Well, that's that. I guess we can head back now."

Bumper walked out of the warehouse at that moment. "Time to hit the road, I guess. We should probably have a few of us to the front of Pipes and Huffer, and a few to the back, just to keep an eye out for trouble. Crosshairs and I will take the front. Cliffjumper and Sizzle can take the back.

Pipes and Huffer moved towards the front of the trailers to hook themselves up.

2005-08-26, 06:15 PM
Hatemonger transformed and looked around.

"It appears the humans and the Autobots are both cowards. Cyclonus, Triggerhappy and Sunstorm continue air watch for any resistance. Ground attack forces be aware of any possible resistance and fueling group continue the good work." Hatemonger smiled seeing the fuel traveling to the Desperation.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-26, 06:43 PM
Blaster waited comfortably within the cock-pit not really aware of how fast they were moving.

"How much longer? Russian military is makin it's way for out pal."

2005-08-26, 10:30 PM
"Scorponok, Hatemonger, report," Gigatron growled via commlink.

2005-08-26, 10:35 PM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Gigatron.

"Lord Gigatron, things are going well. The oil is being pumped into the Desperation as we speak. However, there has been no restitance whatsoever. We are staying on alert but there has been no attempts to save this area. I will keep you up to date on the situation." Hatemonger waited to see if Gigatron would reply.

2005-08-26, 11:56 PM
South Yorkshire

If he was in his robot form, Breakdown would have glared right back at the dog.

Even thought Deadend could point out that having a porsche or lambhergini towing anything usaully wasn't done, Motormaster did at times refused to haul everything the Stunticons had been ordered to steal (past missions). Meaning Deadend was able to answer " Yes, both of us do."

2005-08-27, 12:43 AM
The dog trotted over and put his paws on Breakdowns wing growling.

Man : "ok lads get the 2 trailers out and get them hitched to these 2 . We need to get it done before it gets light. Not many people have seen a Porsche towing a horsebox."

2005-08-27, 06:12 AM
(OOC: Getaway, Landfill et al. should move back to the Autobase thread now.)

Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs nodded to Bumper.

"Got it, boss."

Transforming to car mode, the Targetmaster idled his engine. Pinpointer sat in his driver's seat; although the Nebulan would rather have attached himself to his partner in weapon mode, it would have been rather conspicuous.

2005-08-27, 08:00 PM
Warehouse in Denver

Bumper transformed and started down the road. Behind him, Huffer and Pipes were ready to go. They pulled out some distance behind him.

2005-08-28, 06:13 AM
South Yorkshire

" C...can someone get this dog off me?" Breakdown said with a sigh, hating to have to ask the squishies that. The Stunticon knew he could deal with the dog himself, but he had a feeling the squishies wouldn't like his way of dealing with their pet. At times squishies could be very attacted to their pets. At least the only other Stunticon who is witness to this was Deadend, Breakdown thought. If it was anyone else, Breakdown would never hear the end of it.

Even thought he didn't say it, Deadend agreed with the squishie.

2005-08-28, 08:55 AM
Man : "someone get Crusher off that mech before they squash him"

Crusher : "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr arfffffarffffff Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr arf arffffffffff"

someone appeared with a lead and dragged Crusher away.

The crew hurried round and attached the horsebox to Dead end and the Caravan to Breakdown

Man : "just need to add in a few last items that came in after we packed the main assignment and we're away"

2005-08-28, 10:35 AM
After toying with the humans, Sunstorm stopped and kept his weapons in check, waiting for Autobots.

"This is getting... tiresome. No fun at all"

2005-08-29, 07:32 PM
warehouse, denver
Sizzle revved his way out of the warehouse, hoping that there would be legions of decepticons from no where... of course, he was dissapointed.

Fuel reserve
Slicer, covered in human gore, began deliberating the idea of a softball game using the remaing workers as balls to the rest of his team.

2005-08-30, 05:54 AM
Hatemonger had just about had it. Had the Autobots became this cowardly or had the Decepticon army grown that powerful?

"Ratbat, how long until the ship is fueled? I would feel worse about wasting our time but at least we will have a great supply of energon from this fuel." He asked.


Cryotek started humming some Earth song. Godzilla or something like that as he crushed some humans under his clawed feet.

"History shows again and again how nature brings out the folly of man! Godzilla!" He laughed.

2005-08-30, 08:31 AM
Warehouse, Denver

Crosshairs pulled out of the parking lot behind Bumper and ahead of the semi rigs.

US Fuel Reserve

Ratbat checked the fuel tank's gauge.

"At least fifteen or twenty minutes," he replied to Hatemonger. "Time enough for the Autobots to arrive and waste their energy trying to foil us."

Earth Orbit

A sattelite with Autobot markings exploded in a shower of sparks, cut apart by a particle beam blast. A grey and purple space shuttle flew past the debris, light gleaming off of it's Decepticon insignia.

Adjusting it's course, the shuttle began approaching the next-closest Autobot device.

2005-08-30, 10:30 AM

"We're entering Russian air-space at the moment" Devcon replied, gaining altitude to scan for other transformers as far as his alternate mode's scanners could reach, then the space-craft headed for Sunstreaker's location "And we're going in now"

* * * * *

Warehouse in Denver

"Alright, Bumper" Cliffjumper replied as he watched the trailers being closed, then the red minibot transformed, moving to bring up the rear as Pipes and Huffer hooked themselves up the trailers.

Then the red porsche moved to follow Huffer and Pipes, switching on his radio to catch the start of a song called Kilburn High Road by a band known as Flogging Molly, commenting "Now this is real travelling music"

2005-08-30, 02:15 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Ratbat's reply.

"Can we speed up the process at all? If the Autobots are not going to arrive we may as well not waste our energy as well." He asked.

2005-08-30, 09:23 PM
On the Road

Bumper drove down the road, being followed by Pipes and Huffer towing their trailers.

2005-08-31, 06:12 AM
US Fuel Reserve

Ratbat hissed.

"If I could have, Hatemonger, I wouldn't have waited until you made the suggestion."

On the Road

Crosshairs watched the oncoming vehicles, aware that any one of them could be under the control of the terrorists whom Getaway's team had relieved the weapons from in the first place.

Earth Orbit

The shuttle's particle beams fired again, obliterating another Autobot sattelite. It's thrusters fired, steering it towards yet another one of the devices in the Autobot communications network.

2005-08-31, 07:27 AM
South Yorkshire

" Fine" Deadend said while adding a silent 'but hurry up' in his mind. The squishy was... right about transporting the parts at night.

If he had been in his robot mode, Breakdown would have smirked as the pet was taken away.

2005-08-31, 05:54 PM
Sitting inside the cabin Technobots were waiting for arrival and killing the time with small talk. Around them some Autobots were brooding dark thoughts, some calculating detailed battleplans...

"We don't have to bug our circuits with such trivialties. Shoot every enemy in sight - that's what it takes and that's what we'll do" - Strafe boasted to his teammates.

"And what if some problem arises?" - asked Nosecone, the most sceptical of the five.

"Relax, pal! We'll just merge and the Big Compy will sort it out! Nothing's too complicated for the combined super-brain, isn't it?" -Scattershot relied deeply on Computron's battle provess and believed him to be able to find a way to victory from the most difficult situation. Indeed, he often did so...

"We'll level 'em!!!" - Afterburner carefully nurtured the fury he was intended to unleash on the Decepticons. "Nothing's gonna stand in our way!"

"Nothing's gonna stand in our way!" - refrained the other Technobots.

"Not tonight!" - Scattershot took the notion and continued with the song:

"The fortunate ones
To be fast and free and young..."

All Technobots added their voices to the song which was filling the cabin. The battle was near, the enemy known... Life was good!

2005-08-31, 06:06 PM
Chainclaw looked at Strafe covered his eyes with his
paws .

"oh Primus, oh Primus, oh Primus , i'm too young to die"

2005-08-31, 07:06 PM
On the road from the ware house

Sizzle kept his rear guard position, the lack of activity pushing his patience past its limit.

Fuel reserve

Slicer finished the modifications to the stanchion/Bat he'd made, and hauled his bag of humans to the rest of the group.
"Any one for Baseball?" he grinned

2005-08-31, 07:16 PM
Sunstorm picked up a human from the ground and put it towards his optics. He studied it closely.

"Unholy monsters. Thats what you and your whole race are. And we... why we are your exterminators sitting, waiting, for that slice of opposition that could possibly save you. Ha. But like all good things, it never happens"

Sunstorm dropped the human onto the ground below. It would have been a miracle if it survived but Sunstorm didn't care. He simply turned and grinned at Slicer.

"I don't think so. Why? Who would really wish to catch a human germ anyways? The only fun in it, is throwing them so far that I get at least some enjoyment out of it! And that my dear Slice and Dice, is not likely to be enjoyable for me"

2005-08-31, 07:20 PM
Slicer grimaced.
"Poor ickle Sunstorm . If your worried about germys, why don't you nit yourself a pair of gloves? Bwah-ha-hah!"

2005-08-31, 07:26 PM
Sunstorm's face turned to one of anger. His optics glowed brightly and he strode somewhat forward to Slicer and positioned his own face in front of Slicer's, just as he had done with the human before.

"You dare mock purity, inferior!"

2005-08-31, 07:33 PM
"I mock you: you find me something pure round here and I'll mock that too!" Slicer gave sunstorm a poke with the bat/stanchion.

2005-08-31, 07:43 PM
"If you wanted purity I would carve you it from my spark but you, no you are inferior. You are not deserving to have such purity coursing through your systems"

Sunstorm's optics fizzled their orange glow at Slicer but then they lowered to meet the bat. He smiled somewhat staring back up at Slicer.

"Try using that against some Autobots. I would be glad to witness the results..."

2005-08-31, 09:09 PM
“Hah! Yes, the game would be a lot sweeter with an auto-scums head as the ball!” shouted Slicer. He had begun to like Sunstorm, despite the obvious superiority complex.

2005-08-31, 11:04 PM
The Road to Autobase

On the highway now, Bumper drove on, not speeding, trying to stay under the radar. From the cops, from the terrorists, from decepticons, from anyone who might jeapordise their mission. Unfortunately, with the company he usually kept, staying under the radar was darn near impossible.

Pipes, driving behind Bumper some distance, got bored and started blowing his air-horn repeatedly.

2005-08-31, 11:35 PM
Hatemonger started to wonder about the situation. So he got onto his com-link.

"Decepticons, I've said it before but stay on alert." Hatemonger growled watching some of his troops playing baseball.

"Predacons, report." He said wondering where the Predacons were.

"Cyrotek, leave Ratbat and the Constructicons and join the air forces." Hatemonger said and checked his fusion cannons and armed his other weapons. Something just didn't seem right this mission was going too smoothly and knowing the Autobots they would arrive just in time to mess things up.


Cryotek laughed as he heard Hatemonger.

"To the skies I go then. Besides watching this oil was starting to get boring anyway." He glided into the air and transformed into his jet mode and took to the ski.

"So Cyclonus, anything showing up on your long range radar?" He asked.

Random Sweep
2005-09-01, 04:18 AM
" Nothing yet " Answered Cyclonus " I thought that the Autobots would at least Try and stop us "

2005-09-01, 05:32 AM
Omega Supreme
Air Raid listened as the Technobots broke into song. Turning to Sideswipe he cocked an optic and said, "I take back everything I said. You were right. Lightening up is definitely the wrong way to go." Cringing at a sour note he added, "Criminey, I hope we land soon."

Slingshot looked up at the impromptu karoake going on.
-Oh Primus, what did I do to deserve this. Now they're singing. Next thing you know they'll be dancing too.-

Fireflight smiled at the strange creature lying at his feet, known as Chainclaw. He wanted to talk to him or touch him or something, but was feeling hesitant. Unsure how the pretender would react. What he was sure of, was this odd feeling he had that when the mission was over he wanted to keep him.

Silverbolt leaned against the wall and allowed himself a slight grin as he watched the various interactions of the strike team. The Technobots in particular caught his attention.

-They seem to get along so well with each other. I'm almost jealous. When was the last time we, Aerialbots, had a good time together? Then again, for as dysfunctional as our little family is, it's a wonder we get along as well as we do. Skydive would rather be reading books, Fireflight exploring, Slingshot sharing war stories, Air Raid... being Air Raid, and me? What would I rather be doing? hmmpf, It's been so long I don't even know anymore. But at least we're always there for each other when it counts. I guess that's what's important. That's what families do. Work through their differences to be there for one another, no matter what.-

He crossed his arms and continued taking in the atmosphere, knowing that times like these are few and far between. And that this one was going to be over soon.

2005-09-01, 06:23 AM
South Yorkshire

Man "ok thats everything your good to go"

Wingspan handed over a bulging envelope

"ok off we go "

2005-09-01, 07:45 AM
On the Road

Crosshairs noted that they were getting very close to the Autobase turnoff, and let himself relax slightly.

Nevertheless, Pipes' bout of horn-honking caused his fuel pump to skip a beat.


Omega Supreme

Prime wanted to let his men banter a little while longer, but a quick look out the window told him that the Gulf Coast wasn't far away.

"Listen up," he said. "We're almost at the target. If any of you have questions, now's the time to ask."

Fuel Reserve

Roadgrabber tore up the ground with his heavy tires, and fired freeze beams at any humans foolish enough to get in his way.

Frozen humans shatter very nicely when I run them over. I'll have to remember that.

Earth Orbit

The grey-and-purple shuttle fired at yet another Autobot sattelite, obliterating it.

If nothing else, this is a lot more satisfying than doing paperwork.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-01, 08:11 AM
Ark: Just outside the door of the Command Centre

After heading to the armory and finding the weapons he needed, Dropshot headed to work on some of the new defences that he had planned. Some had already gone up while others still needed some minor tinkering. Dropshot was in the middle of putting the finishing touches on the Command Centre defences when he decided to check up on how the others were doing.

"Astra? Have you been able to come up with anything from the med bay that we could spare for these defences?"

As he was waiting for a response, he went inside the Command Centre and found a note from Skyfall it read like this.

Taking Sixwing on a field trip. Not sure when I'll be back. Until then, the keys to the Ark and the Neos are yours. Have fin and don't get to carried away.

Skyfall Omega

And with that Dropshot just sat down in the chair, stared at the gaint screen and muttered to himself. "Great... that's the last thing I need."

2005-09-01, 02:49 PM
The Ark

"Yeah, our supplies are limited, but I got every Cybertronian sedative we do have ready if that helps" the female medic's voice buzzed over Dropshot's comm-radio.

* * * * *

Road to Autobase

Cliffjumper had been following the convoy quietly, recognising they were approaching the home-stretch, then he jumped as Pipes started blowing his air-horn constantly.

The porsche growled at being taken off-guard, then started singing "Kilburn High Road" loudly, switching to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when he had finished the first song.

2005-09-01, 03:23 PM
Sunstorm growled somesort of laughter towards Slicer.

"Indeed. Metal would work better for your little game. If only an Autobot would show up I could tear its head from its servos and we would have ourselves a ball!"

His head turned as he looked up at the sky.

"The chances of that happening are however slim. Pity we didn't have a head of a Decepticon traitor to play with. Gets out the agression in my joints"

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-01, 05:14 PM

Dropshot heard Astra over the com and repsonded. " Ok, Don't worry about it then. We'll probably need those supplies in case anyone is injured. If we're that limited in medical stuff then maybe I'll get the others to do some shopping at Fortress Maximus before they make thier way back."

Speaking of which.... where is everyone else anyway? Screw this, I'm recalling them. They should be finished with whatever they're doing by now if Skyfall was able to take off like that.

Dropshot got on a secure comm channel and started contacting Fort Max and any other Neo's in the area. It's time for you boys to come home.

2005-09-01, 07:28 PM
As Prime stand to speak up Scattershot stopped the song and motioned for his teammates to do likewise. He was, if all, a bit disappointed that Prime only asked if anybody got questions. Technobots cetainly hadn't! His team was ready and able to stop (or stomp, if that matters) any Decepticon foolish enough to mess with the Technobots!..

Afterburner was trembling all over with anticipation. Oh, how terribly the Decepticons will pay! Just let him out and what a mess he'll wreck of them! Oh, what a mess!

Strafe reminded himself over and over about the need to check the target first and shoot later. He'd heard Chainclaw's complains and promised himself not to prove them to be true.

Lightspeed wasn't entirely sure he was up to it. But he knew his friends were around and certainly they wouldn't let him down; so he had to do no less.

And Nosecone was in his usual mood before a battle: he tried to hold from grumbling aloud and ruining the other's readiness. He was disapponted with lack of enthusiasm in other Autobots, with Omega's speed, with the fact that Decepticons attacked the humans yet again and with their very existence... Both humans and Decepticons. But he knew that always preceded the battle; the only cure was wait for the moment it will actually begin.

2005-09-01, 07:37 PM
the road to autobase

Sizzle let out bursts of flame with eack of Pipes konks. His transformed head gently cried wih the boredom.

US Fuel reserve

Slicer smirked. He whispered to Sunstorm :
"No autobots to crush, no resistance whatsoever. I think Hatemonger could have done without us, let us do a real mission, hmm?"
Slicer then turned, laughing as some crazies do at their own non-jokes, and strolled off, occasionally batting humans over the horizon with glee.

2005-09-01, 07:47 PM
Sunstorm laughed to himself somewhat and whispered back to Slicer while following him and stamping on the occasional human.

"Oh quite true. But to them this is a real mission: We're just the backup, the toughness for when things go wrong. But... thats life... or so people say..."

Sunstorm continued to squish humans with his robotic feet but he wouldn't waste any more power on them. He felt it unneccessary. He did however continually watch the sky somewhat before flying up for closer inspection.

2005-09-01, 08:14 PM
Rapidly approaching Fuel Reserve:

Omega Supreme: -engines blazing, ECM systems online, angling down towards the fuel reserves- "Target: Approaching. Gear: Up."


Leozak and Drillhorn: -looking at the computer screen in the briefing room-

Leozak: "What's a credit card?"

Drillhorn: "I believe the humans use it as a way to make payment."

Leozak: -scowls- "So why do they want one to set up an account?"

Drillhorn: "I don't know. Jalgar understands the human mindset better than the rest of us."

Leozak: "Where is Jalgar, anyway?"

Drillhorn: "Said something about a side project. Something to keep from being too bored."

Leozak: "Now I'm worried........"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-02, 12:59 AM
Sideswipe laid back against the wall and looked at Prime.

"Just point me towards the enemy and let wittle baby Chainclaw sit here and cry about not wanting to get his shell dirty."


Blaster just waited for the landing.


The Russian military was moving in on the location. From all accounts they had gotten the Transformer was still in the same position.


Sunstreaker sat, motionless. He had no where to go and nothing to do. He could rust here for all he knew, but that would be a waste of a beautiful thing, but he couldn't go back to that city he was in. He would need to find a map and figure out where he was, but not quite yet. It had just started raining and he had no intentions of going out in that.

2005-09-02, 01:02 AM
The road to Autobase

Just as Huffer was about to scold Pipes for being an idiot, Pipes miraculously stopped making noise. He could almost see the decepticons falling out of the sky to bomb them. Now I'll never get back and be able to finish rebuilding Metroplex.

Bumper piped up over the team comm just then. "This is our exit, almost there. Cross your fingers." Bumper pulled off the highway onto the road that led to Autobase.

(OOC: I guess we can jump to the Autobase thread now)

2005-09-02, 02:01 AM
Omega Supreme
Silverbolt turned his head toward Optimus Prime and asked, "I'm not sure how much air resistance there will be, but if you would like I can send some of my team into the refinery to stop any Decepticons inside from taking anymore fuel than they already have?"

He wasn't crazy about splitting up the team. They fought much better when they were together. Not to mention splitting them up made forming Superion that much more difficult, but he had enough confidence in his Aerial brothers in arms to know that they can handle whatever comes their way.

2005-09-02, 04:32 AM
Hatemongers long range radar suddenly beeped as he looked to the sky and adjusted his optics to see what was incoming.

Good, I was starting to think this battle was going to be boring. Hatemonger thought to himself with a smile.

"Decepticons, we have incoming Autobots in a shuttle or Omega Supreme. Be ready. All Decepticons prepare for battle and destroy our enemies. Predacons, be ready to merge into Predaking." Hatemonger alerted his troops over his comlink and drew his Violator cannon and had his fusion cannons online.

He then thought for a moment about high powered energy blasts and a cannon that can tear apart the Earth in a fuel reserve and placed the Violator cannon on his back and shut down his fusion cannons. Instead he brought his forearm cannon online and the hilt of his energon saber bringing it online the saber glowed and crackled and he smiled.

"Come now Autobots, some of you must be ready to die." He laughed and waited.


Cryotek looked at Cyclonus and Triggerhappy.

"Time for some hunting! Whats the plan Cyclonus?" he asked the lead flyer on this mission.

Random Sweep
2005-09-02, 04:43 AM
Cyclonus smiled at the news of the incomming Autobots.

" Do as much damage to their transport as possible " he answered Cryotek

" Triggerhappy, Sunstorm, Also attack the transport, as soon as their air support launches, engage them "

Taking to the air, Cyclonus transformed and hit the boosters to engage the Autobots at a distance from the refinery.

" About slaggin' time " Triggerhappy laughed as he swung around and followed Cyclonus.

2005-09-02, 05:18 AM
Omega Supreme

Prime glanced out of the window, and saw the fuel reserve only a mile or so away.

"Silverbolt, your team's first responsability is to take care of the Decepticon air troops. If you can spare anyone, then you can send them against the ground troops. But the air battle is your number one priority."

He gave Sideswipe a slightly disapproving look, then raised his voice.

"Aerialbots, launch! Sideswipe, Scattershot and Strafe, you too. Prowl, Chainclaw, Lightspeed, Nosecone and Afterburner, we'll wait until Omega lands."

Fuel Reserve

Roadgrabber revved his vehicle shell's engine and snapped it's forward pincer, eager to get the chance to dissect an Autobot or twelve.

Ratbat heard the commands, but didn't do anything about them. After all, he was needed to tend to the fuel. If the battle got too hot for the rest of the Decepticons to handle, Hatemonger could call him.

Earth Orbit

The shuttle approached a fourth Autobot satellite, charged it's weapons, and fired.

2005-09-02, 05:49 AM
Omega Supreme
Silverbolt opened the outer hatch, wind filling the cabin, "Alright Aerialbots, time to go." Silverbolt leapt out of Omega Supreme falling a few meters and then transformed into his alt mode.

"About time," Slingshot said as he approached the hatch, jumped out and transformed. The other Aerialbots soon following suit.

"I'm picking up four bogeys, twelve o'clock, coming in fast," Skydive quickly stated.

"Alright then, attack pattern gamma epsilon zeta," Silverbolt commanded, "Fireflight you're in the lead."

On that command, the five jets formed a single line one behind the other with Fireflight in the lead. Once in position, they powered up their weapons and hit their afterburners to get a ahead on Omega Supreme and prepare to engage the enemy.

"Here's where the fun starts," Air Raid remarked giddily.

2005-09-02, 05:50 AM
Chainclaw glared at Sideswipe and snicked his claws in and out a few times

"You may scoff but Friendly fire or Blue on Blue as they've renamed it is a big problem . Dont come crying to me when Strafe has fillled you with more holes than a swiss cheese."

2005-09-02, 06:04 AM
South Yorkshire

Breakdown openned his door, waiting for Wingspan to climb inside. Deadend started heading back to the shuttle.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-02, 06:13 AM
Sideswipe stood up and scoffed at Chainclaw.

"See you on the ground baby-bot." Sideswipe grinned and moved to the hatchway, hopping out.

He quickly began a free-fall towards the ground spying for Decepticons to attack. He fired off a blast from his Flaregun at a group of Decepticons attacking a transport

2005-09-02, 06:35 AM
Sheffield , South Yorkshire

Wingspan slid back in and pulledthe door shut

"ok good job the pair of you , when we get back you'll get first pick of any applicable spares we have here. The plan is when we reach the park , I'll hop out and move the cargo shuttle to the shore. Lower the back ramp and then you just back the goods in uncouple and we're away."


Chainclaw watched Sideswipe go and wondered idly given their height and his weight how big the crater would be , if his flight capacity failed.

Random Sweep
2005-09-02, 07:08 AM
Seeing the incomming flare, Cyclonus rotated slightly to let the meager attack pass.

"You will have to try harder than that autofool!" he growled as he Fired a missile at Sideswipe.

Following closely Triggerhappy fired his plasma cannons at Omega Supreme while blowpipe let loose a burst at Slingshot

2005-09-02, 11:08 AM
"OK let's do it!" - Scattershot comanded and left Omega Supreme transforming quickly; Strafe followed his leader.

They dived for a short time - to get from the altitude the Aerialbots were - then pulled their noses up and simultaneously fired two wolleys at the group of Cyclonus, Triggerhappy, Blowpipe and Sunstorm. It was done more to disrupt the formation then to cause real damage for they was still far enough... Though Strafe tried as best as he could to aim carefully where the enemy was expected to be.

"Technobots if anybody spot some Predacon signal immediately! They're our main responsibility!" - Scattershot reminded.

Three other Technobots were idling at the cabin longing for the moment when Omega Supreme touched the ground.

2005-09-02, 12:25 PM
Hatemonger steadied his energon saber and waited for the Aubobots to attack.


Cryotek watched as the Autobots striked at the flyers but seemed to be ignoring him. He quickly dove and flew low to the ground to avoid their sight and radar and quickly came up behind them.

"They always say to have eyes in the back of your head." He snarled and fired his ice beam at the Autobots and hoped the incoming Decepicon flyers could pincer the Aerialbots in the middle.

2005-09-02, 12:49 PM
"Scatter, behind you!!!" - screamed Strafe furiously as the ice beam hit the Technobots leader from behind and below.

"Crap..." - Scattershot squeesed out of himself as he was stunned by the beam. He strained all his servos but was unable to break the lethal descent. Trajectory fixed, he could only watch helplessly as the ground got nearer with each nanobreem.

"Damn you thieving Decepticon bastard! I'll get ya!" - Strafe yelled and took a sharp turn towards Cryotek. He opened fire not counting ammunition but spraying the enemy with endless hail of fire, all thoughts forgotten.

2005-09-02, 02:11 PM
The Skies Above the Fuel Reserve
"Fox one!" shouted Fireflight as he launched a pair of "Fire Fog" missiles at the the group of Cyclonus, Sunstorm, Blowpipe, and Triggerhappy. The other Aerialbots broke their current formation and formed a second one with the jets at four points of a diamond look, surrounding Fireflight.

Slingshot felt a burst of plasma scrape along his underside ripping away his paint as he broke one formation for another, "Why you little...."

"Slingshot now!" Silverbolt interrupted.

Slingshot took two shots and detonated the Fire fog Missiles just ahead of the Decepticon flyers. The nearly transparant mist inside expanding rapidly.

-Now we'll see if the Decepticons will fly through the mist or if they will turn and expose their underbellies to us- Skydive thought.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-02, 03:34 PM
Sideswipe barrel-rolled out of the way of the missile and engaged his rocket-pack propelling him downwards towards Cyclonus

"Beat it Cyc! This here's Autobot country!" Sideswipe fired more shots at Cyclonus, flying straight at him.

2005-09-02, 04:17 PM

The fluid flushed out around him quickly, a bit more so than was comfortable, and he was sucked to the floor abruptly with shaky legs. A hand balanced him against the wall of his constricting chamber. Just as his bearings were regained, the door rushed open, pouring a stream of bright light in his optics. He staggered through the opening blind and shaken by the sonic shower that evaporated the residue on his frame, but he was finally out.

"Heck... where is everybody?" Jazz mumbled, groggily stumbling toward the door.

2005-09-02, 04:32 PM
Sunstorm transformed into his jet mode and engaged the enemy.

Finally. Party time!

As the "Fire fog" missile detonated Sunstorm flew through the mist somewhat but stopped and transformed inside it.

I can't stay here. To the enemy!

He began his quick descent downwards, clearing some of the mist from his optics before launching two burst missiles at the group of Aerialbots.

"Prepare yourselves, for purification!"

He followed his first attack with burts of laser fire at the Aerialbots.

2005-09-02, 05:23 PM
Road to Autobase

Cliffjumper heard the transmission that they had reached the correct exit, then started to turn off after the convoy, "I believe in a thing called love" now blaring over his radio.

* * * * *


Devcon landed a few feet from Sunstreaker's position, deciding to remain in his alternate mode as surprise back-up if it was needed and opened his cockpit so Blaster could get out "Go get him, you know this guy better than me, should make talking to him easier"

* * * * *

Ark Medbay

"Alright" Astra replied over the comm-link "And yeah, there's not much here, I'm guessing the bulk of the med-supplies were transported over to the main Autobot bases when everyone moved over there so more equipment would be much appreciated"

Suddenly the opening C.R chamber caught her attention as Jazz emerged and she quickly moved to block the exit "You need to sit down, medic's orders. I think the others have been recalled back to base"

2005-09-02, 07:12 PM
Slicer began throwing humans at the autobots flying above him as his Kart/Suit revved its way to his side.

2005-09-02, 10:10 PM
Jazz spun abruptly at hearing the voice. It was painfully loud, and his vision was still fading back in. He wobbled to see Astra in his way and cracked a loose grin.

"Heh, you got me. You're the doc."

Jazz shuffled slowly to a nearby chair and plopped into it. Ah, that felt good. His optics meandered up to Astra's disjointedly.

"Where's everybody at? I didn't miss a job, did I?"

2005-09-03, 01:45 AM
Fuel Reserve:

Omega Supreme: -shrugging off the plasma bursts, tips up, lands on a fountain of fire, engines roaring, tracks and tank deploying as his loading ramp descends- "Enemy: Here! Offload: NOW!"

Aero Blade
2005-09-03, 03:56 AM
As Aero Blade arrived back at their base, he proceeded inside, heading towards where they were summoned to gather, still confused abut what as going on.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-03, 04:21 AM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot saw Aero Blade at the entrance and ordered Sentinel to stand down. he then said over the intercom.

"Come on in Aero Blade, just head to the confernce room and I'll meet you there when the others show up."

Aero Blade
2005-09-03, 05:14 AM
Aero entered the Ark, pausing as Dropshot adressed him. "Right...which way was the conference room again?" He asked, still seeming a tad dizzy, not nearly as much as he had been after the crash much earlier, but it was still slightly noticable, but he didn't make any mention of the matter.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-03, 05:35 AM
"It's near the Med Bay, you should remember where that is, right?" Dropshot replied. He raised the shields again as Aero Blade made his way inside.

"Stop by there and say hi to Astra on your way. And drop off any supplies that you brought with you. Get checked out of you need it. And if you do need it, I don't want any problems like last time, understood?"

And with that Dropshot went back to monitoring the surrounding area, running test on the new defences he had just installed and waiting..... always waiting.

2005-09-03, 06:06 AM
Skies Above the Fuel Reserve
"Light 'em up!" Silverbolt commanded as he saw Sunstorm enter the mist.

Air Raid let loose a salvo of laser fire, but it was too late. Sunstorm had already dropped out of the cloud. Still, he was able to ignite the mist into a spectacular fireball hoping it might still catch Cyclonus or Triggerhappy.

Seeing that Sunstorm had already retaliated with his own counter attack, Skydive called out to his comrades, "We've got incoming! Break formation! Choose your targets!" Having said that he quickly accelerated pulling into a steep climb.

Fireflight accelerated dropping his altitude to fly under the blazing fireball.

Silverbolt broke left feeling the electrons build up as he angled toward a distracted Cyclonus. With the gap closing he let loose a blast of lightning from his nosecone.

Slingshot broke right rolling onto his back and hit his vertical thrusters to drive himself straight down toward the ground. Once he had dropped far enough, he hit one thruster to roll him back right side up and hit his afterburners firing a barrage from his twin mortar cannons at Triggerhappy

Upon hearing the orders, Air Raid dove and rolled toward Sunstorm flying between the missiles and lasers taking a few glancing hits to his wings, opening up his own salvo of lasers. "Is that the best you can do?" he screamed when suddenly the burst missiles exploded behind him with enough force to knock him into a spin. "Guess not," he replied to himself intensely.

2005-09-03, 06:34 AM
(Prior to landing)
Prowl flashed a glimmer of a smile. "Well done Overdrive. The chip will be excellent, just have the medics authenticate it for safety and have them install them."

He looked back to Skydive.
"Cyclonus, Sunstorm, Triggerhappy, Cryotek and Ratbat, possibly Roadgrabber. Those were the ones that appeared to have been identifiable by broadcast."

Prowl paused and then ran through the known skills and strengths of each individual as they approached.
ooc: sorry, very late. I'll fill that in later


When the group landed and split up, the strategist took a solid look around, gauging the opponents.
He focused on a quick flash and screaming humans.
He pulled out his rifle and prepared to fire.

2005-09-03, 06:46 AM
Fuel Reserve

Prime charged out of Omega Supreme as soon as the gigantic transport set down. Drawing and activating the energo-sword that hung at his hip, he strode purposefully towards Hatemonger.

"You," he said with stony calm, "are going to pay for every single human that your men murdered today."

Roadgrabber felt a trickle of fear enter his combustion chamber as Prime stalked onto the field, but forced it down when the Autobot leader moved to engage Hatemonger.

It doesn't matter if he beats the general, the Pretender mused, as long as we dissect the rest of his men in the meantime.

The Pretender scanned for a target of his own, but shied away when he saw that almost all the Autobots who had taken to the field were aerial units.

Wait for the ground troops, he decided. No point in exposing myself if I don't have to.

Ratbat's optics narrowed as the sounds of the battle began to roar outside.

If you want something done right...

"Watch the equipment," he told Scrapper. "And prepare your attack wing for combat. It may be required."

That said, the fuel auditor charged out of the cave, transformed to bat-jet mode, and took to the skies.

Earth Orbit

The Decepticon shuttle sat, unmoving, directly in between the four sattellites that it had destroyed.

Now we play the waiting game...

Luckily, Astrotrain was a patient mech.

2005-09-03, 07:30 AM
Chainclaw could sense the noise and smell of a battle.
As he padded down the ramp he took a deep breath . He felt a lot better ready to do battle.

He surveyed the scene

He slipped into a straggly belt of trees, obviously what was considered landscaping round here and moved towards the tanker.

2005-09-03, 08:43 AM
Air Raid's laser blasts clipped Sunstorm's wings and one of them took a bit of his face off. Then another hit the right side of his chest which he instantly held, roaring in pain.

Reactor Status : Within Normal Parameters

Good!, Sunstorm thought. It didn't connect with my reactor

The orange jet moved closer to Air Raid in an attempt to grab him

Random Sweep
2005-09-03, 10:30 AM
Pushing though the firecloud moments before ignition Cyclonus was so intent on closing ground the distance with Sideswipe that he was caught by suprise by Silverbolt's blast which, while only a glancing shot forced the wing commander into a triple barrel roll, taking him well out of position to intercept Sideswipe .

Triggerhappy however was not as lucky, being caught on the edge of the cloud, the resulting fireball slagged several pannels on his left side and rended his left side cannons useless.

Sheilded by Triggerhappy's bulk, Blowpipe was no more than alittle scorched but maintained focus, firing a burst at Fireflight

2005-09-03, 12:50 PM
Hatemonger smiled then snarled.

"A boastful claim considering the amount of collateral damage your Autobots have cuased on this planet." Hatemonger balanced his energon saber ready for the Autobot leader to strike.

"But we are not here to discuss the morals of war are we Prime. We both have a job so lets do it." He goaded the Autobot commander wanting to make him strike first.

2005-09-03, 02:10 PM
"Why... don't... you... DIE!!!" - Strafe was screaming as he laid a hail of blasts on Cryotek. The thieving Decepticon who damaged his leader would pay for his treachery!!!

* * *

Meantime the forementioned leader of Technobots stood slowly from the burrow his impact left in the ground. He managed two unsteady steps and straightened himself:

Hold on, Scattershot! They won't get you so easy!!!

His vigour regained, he transformed into his cannon mode and deployed the sensor array. Soon, a target was locked and confirmed.

A multitude of shells - explosive, sonic and electrically-charged - flew towars the target, augmented by 700 Volt charge. All this firepower was directed towards a single figure flying aside from the main battlefield:

* * *

As Omega Supreme landed, both Lightspeed and Afterburner hadn't waited for the ramp to open completely. Engines roaring, they jumped through the narow opening and with two graceful curves landed in clouds of dust. Then both streaked forward, towards the enemy, from time to time sending stray volleys of blasts to the targets which presented themselves.

"We've got to find the Predacons!" - Lightspeed transmitted to Afterburner.

"Gotta kill'em all!" - the response came, snarling with rage.

* * *

The last Technobot to deploy, Nosecone exited Omega Supreme in his tank/drill mode. Stopping for a nanobreem, he launched one of his guided missiles to scan the battlefield for enemies. As no Predacons were spotted, he moved towards the only Decepticon unengaged at he moment and visibly scanning the area for damage to inflict: Roadgrabber. His drill came in motion slowly screwing...

Let's ram him and see what stuff he's made of!

Aero Blade
2005-09-03, 02:41 PM
As Dropshot made mention of the medbay, Aero Blade failed to respond, as though he hadn't heard of word of it, simply heading off into the Ark to find the meeting place.

Just as the shield was being put up, Stratus had arrived, forcing the minicon to come to an abrupt stop before he hit it. "Hey!! What's the big idea!" Stratus snapped at Dropshot, irritated at the inconvenient stop.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-03, 07:31 PM
Sideswipe took the opportunity while it was open he changed his trajectory and then cut his rockets at the last possible second, while was above Cyclonus. He aimed his flare gun down and fired of five or six quick shots at the openly exposed Cyclonus.

He was hoping this would ground Cyclonus at the very least and put him on solid ground.

2005-09-03, 08:32 PM
Fuel Reserve

Prime's optics narrowed as Hatemonger spoke. He took a two-handed grip on his energo-sword and raised it high above his head.

"As you wish, Decepticon."

The Autobot leader took one long stride forward, closing the gap between himself and his foe. He slashed his sword downward with all of his considerable strength, a blow meant to split the Decepticon general in half from right shoulder to left hip.

Ratbat let out an enraged hiss as shells began to fly though the air around him. He managed to maneuver around most of the incoming projectiles and avoid a direct hit, but the fuel auditor was jarred by several near-misses. Debris and shrapnel cut scars across his armour.

"Trying to harm me, is he? How...inefficient."

The airborne Decepticon dove towards his assailant. His plasma jets began to burn more brightly, increasing his speed at a high rate. Sunlight reflected off the razor-sharp leading edges of Ratbat's wings as he flew directly towards Scattershot.

A predator by nature, Roadgrabber knew instinctively that someone was hunting him even before he was consciously aware of Nosecone's attentions. He steered his vehicular shell towards the approaching Autobot. The Pretender fired freeze beams at the ground in front of the Technobot's treads, hoping that the now ice-slicked ground would be slippery enough that the Autobot wouldn't be able to move forward on it.

However, he made sure that his shell's deadly forward crusher claw was lined up perfectly with Nosecone's drill. Just in case.

2005-09-03, 08:50 PM
Chainclaw undetected reached the tanker, and no Decepticons being immediately apparent approached the side and claws glowing began to slice a hole in the ships plating

2005-09-03, 10:28 PM
Hatemonger smiled as he quickly brought his blade up to parry the mighty blow from Optimus. His blade met Prime's but the force of Prime's slash made Hatemonger's blade swing downward.

Ahh the Autobot leader is as strong as I thought. Grimlock is perphaps more powerful though. This makes me glad I took the time to duel with that primative example of a Transformer Hatemonger thought to himself as he quickly counterattacked.

Hatemonger quickly used the extra momentum from the deflection and swung himself around with the direction his blade was going. He made a fast slash not wanting to tear of Primes head but ripping open a chunk of his amour to expose an area of weakness.


Cryotek snarled as Strafe's barrage went at him, he tried to avoid the barrage but the overall mass of firepower was too much, some of the arounds removed some of his armour scales.

The dragon let out a shriek as he reigned control and his claws went directly for Strafes body.

"No you die first!" He screamed his claws aimed to rend the Autobot.

2005-09-03, 10:31 PM
Skies above the Fuel Reserve

Air Raid transformed into his robot mode and igniting the thrusters in his feet pulled himself out of his spin and into a freefall. Now that his bearings were straight, he looked to see Sunstorm closing the gap between them quickly. He raised his Torque rifle and tried to take a shot before it was too late.

Fireflight was too distracted from dodging his own fireball and the retaliation attack from Sunstorm to notice the attack from Blowpipe. The shot hit his rear fuselage just before the rear wings. Smoke billowed as a bit of fuel caught fire. - Ouch! Fireflight indeed- he thought as he pitched and descended faster and faster toward the ground in an attempt to put out the fire. -Primus, I hope I don't crash-

Slingshot took the opportunity that the fireball gave him to fly up underneath Triggerhappy and unload a barrage from his Twin Mortar Cannons at the unsuspecting Decepticon.

Silverbolt banked and began another run at Cyclonus, He fired another lightning bolt from his nosecone at the futuristic fighter.

Skydive pulled himself out of his climb and turned it into a loop as he checked the targets below him.

-With the sun to my back. I should have the advantage of them not even seeing me coming. Visually at least.-

"There," he said to himself as he found his target. Locking on a pair of laser guided missiles he launched them toward the unsuspecting and distracted Decepticon flyer known as Cryotek. "How did we miss him before, I wonder," he asked himself, then followed his initial attack with a series of laser blasts all the time closing the distance between himself and his prey, while hoping to avoid hitting Strafe.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-03, 10:38 PM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot heard Stratus over the comm and turned off the shield to let him in. "Sorry about that, Stratus. Just come inside, drop off whatever supplies you have to the Armory or the Med Bay and then head over to the Conference room with the others. I'll be there shortly"

2005-09-03, 10:38 PM
Sunstorm seen the rifle.


He tried to turn but it was too late. Luckily he was able to turn slightly so that the blast avoided his chest but it connected with his shoulder and also his wing causing him to fall sharply towards the ground.

No! Sunstorm's optics fizzled as he slowly descended in the air towards the ground. He was able to raise his left arm just enough to aim a shot of a missle at Air Raid. He fired.

2005-09-03, 11:38 PM
Cryotek's rader beeped in warning as the missiles trailed his back.

"Idoit." he growled and quickly tried to dig his claws into Strafe to swing the Autobot infront of the incoming missiles.

2005-09-04, 02:23 AM
"How can you?!" Strafe hadn't realized how Cryotek managed to grab him but the grip of the enemy claws on him was firm.

"No you don't!" - and he transformed, his feet still caught but his hands free. The heat-ray rifle materialised in his hands and fired pointblank at Cryotek's belly.

"Avoid THIS!"

* * *

Scattershot saw that Ratbat wasn't sufficiently harmed with his attack and changed the tactics. Now bolts of electricity flew towards the enemy one after another, augmented by shells with powdered grafite inside. Exploding, they created an electrified field along Ratbat's path, both reducing visibility and delivering powerful jolts to the enemy. The grafite fibers got inside the exposed areas of enemy's circuitry shortcuting them.

"That's for messing with Technobots, you flying rodent! Get out of here! Fing yourself a hole to cram in!"

* * *

"We're with you, Nosecone! Let's get him!" - Lightspeed and Afterburner saw that their friend engaged Roadgrabber. They made a swift turn and stormed towards the Pretender, their sideguns blasing. The enemy's shell was directed towards Nosecone, so he wasn't able to fight back with full efficiency!

* * *

"Leave him, he's mine!.." - Nosecone saw as his friends engaged Roadgrabber too. He intended to make short work of a Pretender himself - and then those two hotrods came and spoiled the fun!..

Just then his threads got to iced area and he stalled, unable to move forward and seeing the Pretender shell closing in.

"Uh-oh... That's not good!"

He summoned his guided missile that was idling in the air scanning the battlefield for the Predacons to appear. That'd have to wait; now it had more important tasks. The missile sped towards the Pretender shell's flank; with luck, it'll hit it and set it off-course, exposing a soft side for his drill.

2005-09-04, 03:59 AM
Cryotek winced as the heat beam hit him point black in the stomach but grabbed and held the Autobot moving his arms to his side so he couldnt shot him anymore.

"And you avoid those." He growled as the missiles neared the wrong target Strafe rather than Cryotek.

Aero Blade
2005-09-04, 04:05 AM
"The only thing I could find that need to be in the medbay that we don't already have there is Aero, and he's too big for me to haul in there," Stratus responded to Dropshot, jetting off into the Ark to the meeting place.

Random Sweep
2005-09-04, 05:05 AM
" Where are those slagging Predacons!" Cyclonus growled as he used every ounce of skill he possessed to avoid both Sideswipe's and Silverbolt's fire.

Pulling up vertically, Cyclonus loosed a volley of missiles at Silverbolt while attempting to close in on Sideswipe once more.


Triggerhappy however didn't possess the kind of skill of his commander and was caught rather badly by slingshot's mortar fire, forcing him into a downward spiral.

" Hold on Blowpipe " he screamed " this is gonna get rough "

2005-09-04, 05:36 AM
South Yorkshire

With out saying a word, Breakdown pulled out of the cover and started heading back to the shuttle. The Stunticons travelled past the church, across the roundabout, and past the tower until they returned to the park.

Breakdown openned his door when he got to the lake where they left the shuttle.