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2005-08-03, 05:08 AM
In an attempt to gain control over a major shipyard, a Decepticon team lead by Scorponok heads out to conquer and terrorize the human city of San Francisco. With the shipyard's industrial capabilities in their hands, Gigatron's master plan will come one step closer to completion. Autobot intervention is a certainty...meaning that this peaceful human city is about to become a battleground!

2005-08-03, 06:17 AM
It was a beautiful day. Fog hung in the air, so thick that it seemed like the clouds had reached down to touch the ground. The San Francisco skyline was shrouded by the mists, the buildings looking more like a jagged row of teeth than man-made structures.

Ryan gazed at the sight for a few seconds, then turned to the tour group he was escourting.

"Welcome to Alcatraz Island, folks. As you can see, we have a wonderful view of the city here. But none of you are here to see the skyline, are you?"

After the small crowd murmured agreement, he continued,

"Of course, of course. You're here to see the prison, and I don't mean to disappoint. If you'll follow this-"

He stopped talking as he heard a loud droning noise coming form underwater. As he glanced towards the source, he saw a streamlined, copper-coloured vessel shoot out into the air. The craft circled the island, then came down for a landing on a flat stretch of land. As Ryan watched in horror, a landing ramp decended. A Decepticon symbol was emblazoned on it.

Scorponok stalked out of the cockpit and glared at Nightracer, Tempest and Echoshift.

"Leave no structure standing on the island. Kill any humans that resist, but leave some alive for hostage purposes. When their fleet arrives, give the Seacons whatever help they'll need to sink it."

Without giving any chance for questions, Scorponok stalked down the ramp.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-03, 07:05 AM
Tempest smiled as he heard his orders, he ran through the shuttle and leaped out of the doorway, transformed and flew straight over he island preparig his weapons systems for human terminations.

2005-08-03, 03:55 PM
The Seacons were traveling undersea at over 200 knots. Moving as fast as possible to slaughter the human resistance.

"Come on boys we got a party to crash!" Snaptrap gurgled as the other Seacons cheered traveling underwater.

2005-08-04, 02:31 AM
Without speaking, Nightacer followed after Scorponok and Tempest. The Decepticon sniper wasn't going to disobey orders even if it was something she considered to be pest control.

2005-08-04, 06:24 AM
Several human guards rushed out towards the landed shuttle and opened fire on Scorponok and Nightracer with their sidearms.

Scorponok ignored the bullets pinging off his armour, secure in the knowledge that the fire from human pistols wouldn't harm even the weakest Cybertronian.

Transforming to his scorpion mode, the commander fired a blast from his electric tail cannon into one of the old prison's guard towers. The structure crumbled at the point of impact, then collapsed to the ground.

One of the guards didn't rush to attack the Decepticons. Instead, he picked up a phone and dialed the number for the local military command post.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-04, 07:55 AM
Tempest saw the humans run towards his comrades and would have had a glint in his eye if he was in robot form. He lifted his nose cone then shoved it back down, twirled in the air and fired off rounds from his energon weaponry at the humans, he levelled out and aimed for a guard tower towards the centre of the island.

2005-08-05, 05:09 AM
Several humans were struck dead-on by Tempest's energy fire. Their deaths were...less than pretty.

Scorponok fired a blast at the main prison building, blowing a sizable hole in it's southern wall.

At the nearby naval base, faxes and phone calls were shooting from one high-ranking officer to the next as they tried to figure out how to respond to the Decepticon threat.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-05, 12:08 PM
Tempest transformed as some of his missles hit the tower and watched it crumble and the west side. He ran towards one of the last guard towers and withdrew his sword, he drove the blade down into the top of tower and moved it away from him.

While he did this he made sure to know which directions the humans were running.

2005-08-05, 12:15 PM

Echoshift looked up as Tempest went past overhead, the other Decepticon having just finished splattering several of the humans against a nearby wall-- a wall that Echoshift happened to have been standing a bit too close to.

"Try not to make too much of a mess, wouldja?"

With that, the Eurofighter went back to concentrating on levelling the buildings again.

2005-08-05, 07:53 PM
Taking her gun from subspace, Nightracer ignored the humens and joined her fellow Decepticons in firing at the buildings.

2005-08-06, 05:44 AM
Scorponok continued to blast nearby buildings. While he didn't enjoy the demolition in the slightest, he made sure to roar furiously and cackle to create the impression that he was revelling in it.

A group of naval warships started to move towards Alcatraz. F-18 fighters launched from the deck of an aircraft carrier that formed the core of the group, heading towards the Decepticons.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-06, 06:33 AM
Tempest saw the tower crumble to the ground in front of him, he saw which way the humans went but his attention was now turned onto the navy that approached the island.

"Seacon's, time do your thing, the navy is here to try and give us a fight. Good Hunting."

Tempest jumped into the air and transformed, he sped straight towards the F-18 fighters, he fired off a volley of energon rounds, activated his Hyper Thrust, flew past his own energon rounds and past the jets. He transformed. drew his sword and cut one of the jets in half then went after some of the ships.

2005-08-06, 09:21 PM
Echoshift narrowed his optics on spotting the F-18s, allowing a pleased grin to spread across his face.

"Alright, time for some real fun and games..."

The gray Eurofighter leapt up and transformed in mid-air, making a beeline for the nearest group of human-piloted jets. Approaching them head on, he pulled up at the last minute to pass straight over them and twisted to make a turn before doubling back again. He opened fire on them from behind.

2005-08-07, 05:35 AM
Several of the F-18s were destroyed by Tempest and Echoshift's attacks, but more rose from the carrier deck to take their place.

The aircraft carrier slowed, the two cruisers that were escourting it to move forward alongside one of the destroyers. Missiles began to launch from the three ships, targetting the four Decepticons.

A pair of submarines dove, searching for enemy targets.

Meanwhile, another destroyer and a frigate began to circle the aircraft carrier, dropping depth charges to defend against underwater attack.

Scorponok batted a cruise missile out of the air, sending the projectile spiralling off into a nearby human building. Transforming, the commander started to stalk off into the water that surrounded the island. His line of travel pointed directly towards one of the approaching cruisers.

2005-08-07, 10:08 PM
Snaptrap smiled as the closed in on the coastline.

"Ok boys time to earn those pay stubs." With that the six Seacons merged into Piranacon. The massive undersea giant said nothing opened fire with Nautliator and readied his Cold Fusion sword.

2005-08-08, 06:30 AM
The two subamarines fired missiles towards Piranacon.

Scorponok stalked up to the cruiser he was targeting, the water lapping up over his optics. He jammed a claw into the side of the ship, then started to climb it's hull.

The cruiser started to list to the port as water seeped into the holes that Scorponok's claws had torn into the hull.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-08, 11:08 AM
Tempest flew twoards and saw the missles come, he dodged some of them, destroyed a few more, but two hit his chest. It knocked Tempest backwards in the air, put a dent in his armor, but he flew towards the aircraft carrier still. He landed on the deck, ran forwards, cut the control deck and kicked it violently.

2005-08-08, 11:15 AM
The undersea giant quickly slashed at the missles that came at him. The massive explosions at ensued would have deafening for human ears.

The giant strode through the remaining missiles and attacked the subs.

2005-08-08, 03:06 PM
Echoshift saw the next wave of F-18s approaching from the carrier, and ducked momentarily out of the way. Landing and transforming to robot mode, the Eurofighter took the opportunity to pepper another building with gunfire before looking back up and targeting the incoming jets.

2005-08-08, 09:31 PM
The undersea combiner team continued his walk towards his intended targets. Readying his weapons to wipe out the navel vessals that were in front of him.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-09, 11:26 AM
Tempest saw the F - 18's fly out of the ship while his back was turned. He however was also caught off guard by one of the battleships that fired at his right side and knocked him off the deck. Tempest assessed the situation at once, he got his sword and charged for the bottom of the hull trying to piece it, and sink the ship.

2005-08-09, 08:07 PM
One of the submarines exploded, shredded by Piranacon's fire.

The aircraft carrier's machine gun batteries turned downwards and began firing at Tempest as the Decepticon neared the ship's hull.

Several more jets fell from the sky, victims of Echoshift's fire.

Scorponok managed to reach the top of the cruiser. Security officers charged towards him, firing their sidearms. He converted to beast mode and began to crush the fleshlings into the deck with his claws.

2005-08-10, 03:36 AM
Piranacon decided the most lethal threat at the moment was the Aircraft carrier and decided to set about wiping it from it's plain of existance. He drew Nautilator and fired several torpedos at the ship.

2005-08-10, 03:59 AM
Seeing that Echoshift and Tempest were taking on the human jets, Nightracer kept firing at the buildings.

2005-08-10, 04:57 AM
The aircraft carrier started to lean to the starboard as Piranacon's missiles breached the hull. The ship responded by firing it's missile batteries down at the water.

Scorponok, for his part, had succeed in slaying the humans that were harrying him and had started systematically targetting the cruiser's exposed weapons and equipment with electric blasts.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-10, 11:15 AM
Tempest saw the attack coming this time, he began spinning in the water and it deflected most of the shots but one or two clipped his elbows and knees. He thrusted his sword straight into the hull, activated his leg thrusters and drove himself and the sword directly up through the ship attempting to break it in half to send it to the oceans depths.

2005-08-11, 03:13 AM
The undersea giant reeled backwards as the ships missiles struck the ocean floor. The explosions knocked Piranacon backwards as he fired his thrusters to reagain himself and checked for any major damage.

With that he decided to no longer play with the annoying fleshing ship reached for the ship trying to grab it at its bow and stern and tear it in half.

*See also Asuka in End of Eva.*

2005-08-11, 05:30 AM
(OOC: Be careful what you wish for... ;) )

The aircraft carrier, battered by Tempest's blade and Piranacon's merciless assault, splintered along the keel. Fuel and oil began to leak out of the ship, forming a slick atop the water. Radiation leaked from the ship's nuclear power plants, making the immediate area around the sinking ship hazardous to both organic and mechanical life.

Closer to shore, Scorponok continued to savage the human cruiser.

The other vessels in the fleet floundered around, unsure of how to fight the robotic monsters.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-11, 09:25 AM
Tempest rose up through the broken ship and hovered in the air. She looked at the mix of water and oil on his body and scanned from other residues. He summoned his sword from the ship and threw it straight at one of the other ships while empting rounds of energon bullets into the lift rafts of the boats that survived.

2005-08-12, 03:46 AM
The radiation was certainly not a good mix as the massive Gestalt tossed the fragments of the ship aside then fired into the slick.

The slick ignited and Piranacon let out a might roar figuring out something was not quite right the gestalt dove again and exited the battleground to let his sensors clear out the radiation.

2005-08-12, 06:06 AM
The broken chunks of the carrier began to sink rapidly towards the bottom of the bay. A destroyer caught Tempest's sword amidships, and began to list to port.

Scorponok smashed his claws down against the hull of the cruiser he was attacking, and was rewarded with a loud crack. Fuel spilled out of rends in the deck. He fired his pulse cannons into it, setting the ship ablaze. Then he transformed to robot mode, sprinted towards the bow of the ship, and vaulted onto the deck of a nearby destroyer.

2005-08-12, 10:04 PM
"This is flagship Sierra Leonan Navy to CINC San Fran , we have currently repulsed a Decepticon attack. Our Aegis radar system seemed to have scrambled his flight systems and he fell out of the sky . We do not know if this was a weakness of the particular model or a general theme. Although it was but one attacker your systems are more powerful and up to date . Hope its some help god bless and good luck. give 'em hell Lion out over ."

2005-08-15, 07:30 AM
On the bridge of one of the American warships, an officer recieved the call from the Sierra Leonan ship. He didn't reply, though; his ship's transmitters had been reduced to ash by the Decepticon assault, and the bridge was in flames.

2005-08-19, 04:00 PM
Tempest looked at the raging Gesault as the radiation started to affect its circuitry.


Tempest just sighed and went to summon his sword but to his utter surprise, when he activated the program, the sword did not move, at all. Tempest saw the fleet crumbling under the rest of the Decepticons force and might. Tempest flew down, dodged some fire, collected his sword, transformed and headed to the shuttle to get a full diagnostics test on his body.

2005-08-19, 11:43 PM
Piranacon walked around abit more as his sensors and systems equallized and returned to normal. Apperently the high radiation from the ships nuclear engine caused his systems to go haywire for a few minutes anyway.

The gaint shook then stormed back into battle. Trying to find a new target.

2005-08-20, 06:13 AM
Scorponok slammed into the deck of the destroyer, only to find that it was already ablaze. Thanks to the radiation and the oil slick, none of the still-afloat ships were showing much in the way of movement. The big ships' guns were silent.

"Piranacon," he said, "dispose of these wrecks, then join the rest of us on shore."

Scorponok jumped back into the water and started to trudge back towards Alcatraz.

2005-08-20, 01:22 PM
The gaint growled in acknowledgement to Scorpnok then fired torpedos at the remaining ships walking trough the slick towards the shore.

2005-08-21, 05:22 AM
Scorponok reached shore, and tried to spot Nightracer as he waited for Piranacon to come ashore.

2005-08-21, 02:34 PM
Piranacon clawed onto the shortline and brought hisself up onto the bay.

2005-08-22, 06:02 AM
Scorponok pulled himself ashore and scanned the horizon for any more human threats. Seeing none, he called out to Nightracer.

"Board the shuttle. We leave for the target at once!"

He glanced towards Piranacon, who was approaching.

"Excellent work. Now, head across the bay."

He gestured towards San Francisco's downtown.

"Cause as much commotion as you can."

That said, he headed for the shuttle himself.

2005-08-22, 03:35 PM
Piranacon would have smiled if he didn't have the face plate.

He let out a growl and stomped towards San Francisco.

2005-08-22, 08:02 PM
Taking a brief look around, Nightracer descide that there wasn't any remaining building and that the sea battle was nearly over ( if not finished already). When the sniper heard Scorponok's order, Nightracer walked over to the shuttle and boarded it when she got there.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-22, 08:06 PM
He was working as an assistant director for this production. This ment, once filming was in full swing, that he was an over-glorified Secretary and Go-For. It was much like his first job with the studio, but at least he was one step closer to his dream of directing. Something he never would have expected to have accomplished in three years. He even had a date with one of the stars, a recently single british actress. Things were looking up for him. His nightmares of the war had even gone away......

Looking through the camera play back though, his nightmares returned in a blaze of yellow, orange, red, Green and Purple......

They were up the coast, using Alcatraz as a back drop for this scene, and had planned on filming there tomorrow. Until a large, scorpion like thing landed on the island and started to blow up ships.

"CUT!!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, and the director looked at him with eyes of pure hatred. They apparently had missed the far away explosions, being so engrossed in the scene.

"What is the meaning of this! You're just an Assistant, what give you the right......" The director would have had his head - but he was on a roll, and no time to give the director any lea-way:

"Mr. Stone! There's a battle going on just across the bay! It looks like Decepticons are attacking and we can't risk filming here any longer."

Mr. Stone, the director, looked at him for a moment then another explosion, the size of a large ship, rocked the filming crew.

"I think you're right!" then he turned to the crew and cast: "Secure the location, lock up - we're getting out of here!"

The director looked around to thank his AD, but the young man was already running down the hill to his car, with his Star following him! At least she would be safe - it would be a dissaster if she were injured......

He hopped into his car (A 1969 Yellow and Chrome VW with a licence plate that said "BB"..... it made him laugh) and started the engine when a voice broke in:

"Daniel! Wait up!!!!"

She slide into the seat beside him and threw on her seatbelt:

"Kira, what the heck are you thinking?!?"

"I figured you were heading away from the expolsions - figured I could catch a ride. Looks like our date in San Fran is off for tonight hun?"

He smiled at her, and wished he could say more:

"I have to head into San Fran Kira. I..... can do something about this - and I don't want anyone to get hurt - you most of all....."

She smiled at him, and he almost lost his nerve:

"The army and Autobots can take care of the Decepticons. You can give me a lift back to my place, and cook me dinner."

"Kira I'll...... Take you as far as I can - but I have to try and save the people down there....."

With out another word, Daniel put the VW in drive and floored it, heading for the be-seiged City.

2005-08-23, 05:53 AM
Scorponok boarded the shuttle after Nightracer and headed for the cockpit.

"After we've secured the facility and dropped off the tech drones, we'll head into the city and cause as much trouble as we can," he called over his shoulder. "With any luck, the Autobots won't even know we visited the shipyard until it's too late."

Sitting in the pilot's chair, the city commander started the shuttle's engines and thrusted off for the shipyard.

2005-08-24, 08:00 AM
" Understood" Nightracer said from where she sat. Even thought she preferred sniping, Nightracer was ready to follow orders as soon as the shuttle landed.

2005-08-25, 05:25 AM
Scorponok piloted the shuttle over top of the shipyard facility. Four ground-based laser emplacements started to fire at him as he brought the small craft down to the ground.

He pressed a button, and the shuttle's hatch slid open.

"Take out those guns," he told Nightracer.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-26, 04:53 AM
The yellow beetle skidded to a halt a few hundred metres outside of the shipyard and Daniel put it in park. They could already see the cannons firing at the Decepticon shuttle. Daniel turned to Kira and smiled:

"I need you to get out of here now. Trust me, I'll be ok. Just turn this around and leave the city. Head to a country hotel or LA or something. Just get as far away as you can until they leave...."

Kira looked at him, and he almost followed his own advice. This wasn't his war anymore. He walked away from it all. Yet, he could see people's faces, from all the battles, and he knew that he couldn't let them die without helping in some small way. He wasn't a warrior, but sometimes a helping hand in the right place was all the world needed.

Kira saw this look on his face, and kissed him softly. Without another word, Daniel left the car and started to run down to the shipyards. He knew that if he looked back, he would leave with her - and that was something his concionce couldn't take......

2005-08-26, 05:17 AM
Smiling beneath her face mask, Nightracer quickly got out of her seat and got into position. After a brief look at the laser emplacements, Nightracer aimed her sniper rifle at the first one and fired.

2005-08-26, 07:08 AM
As Nightracer fired on the emplacements, Scorponok powered up the shuttle's belly laser cannon and opened fire on a nearby group of humans. The blasts slammed into the pavement less than a metre away from them, and the humans wisely fled the area. One of them thought to pull an evacuation alarm, and a much larger crowd of humans started to stream out of the shipyard's buildings.

2005-08-26, 06:12 PM
Piranacon started to smash whatever got into his way: cars, buildings or people. As he awaited orders.

2005-08-26, 10:30 PM
"Scorponok, Hatemonger, report," Gigatron growled via commlink.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-26, 11:47 PM
Daniel ran down to the peers, shouting at the top of his lungs:

"Everyone, get out of here. Drop everything and RUN!!!!"

One of the dock workers had fallen while trying to run, and Daniel bent down to help him up when a dark shadow came over them:

"Oh for the love of..... Sir, RUN!!!!"

Forgetting his own safety, Daniel blocked the way, as best he could, from Pirranahcon to allow the man the chance to run....

2005-08-27, 12:06 AM
One by one, Nightracer aimed and fired at all the laser emplacements. As they were hit, the emplacements exploded, causing some damaged to whatever was around them. After watching the last emplacement explode, Nightracer started to looked around for another target.

2005-08-27, 01:21 AM
Piranacon saw the people fleeing. Not caring in this world he was the king of predators. These things below him not worth his time as he continued to smash and stomp along.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-27, 02:36 AM
Daniel dodged out of the way of the Decepticon combiners foot. He looked around trying to spot something to attack the Decepticons with. Then he spotted a few drums of high grade diesel fuel. He quickly knocked them over and sent them rolling down towards Pirranacon.

On the last one he set a detionation device he pulled out. He knocked the barrel over and sent it rolling with the others. When it hit, all of them exploded in or around the Decepticons feet.

2005-08-27, 06:22 AM
As the last emplacement exploded, Scorponok pressed a button that activated the tech drones' programming. The robots trooped off of the shuttle, heading into one of the now'abandoned shipyard facilities.

The city commander activated the ship's comm, scrambling the channel so no one could listen in.

"The target is secured," he growled in reply to Gigatron. "All that remains is to distract the Autobots while the drones do their work."

He turned in his seat.

"Head into the city," he told Nightracer. "Find a good vantage point and take potshots at whatever interests you."

2005-08-27, 02:26 PM
Piranacon growled as the fuel exploded under his feet. Then he got angry.

He quickly stamped the ground to put the fire out and then drew his sword and opened fire with Nautlitor at various buildings, targets and smashed even more objects. He thought to himself that it seemed the mission is now wanton destruction he might as well make the best of it.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-27, 07:48 PM
Hummm, seems I'm being ignored. I guess being a 'puny fleshing' as the Decepticons say, has it's advantages.

Most of the Dock Yard's been cleared. But we need to keep them here. The Autobots will come. They wouldn't abandon the city......

Daniel pulled out another explosive charge and ran at the combiner (who had nicely put the flames out for him.....) and, since he was being ignored, slapped the charge in the foot joint of Pirranacon, right were the plate and the Seacon joined. The timer had 30 seconds left, and Daniel turned to make his escape. But the oil underfoot had other thoughts. As he turned, he slipped and skidded down towards the bay, somewhere he did not want to be.......

2005-08-27, 07:58 PM
April stood by the waters edge looking into the camera

Take a break they said something , nice and easy after all the commotion, heres a posting to our San Fran office hmmphhhh

"The Decepticons seem to be here in force , what they want is as yet unclear , the Navy valiantly did there best but the evil Decepticons were too powerful. What next we ask ourselves. Fighting in a built up area limits the role of the Air Force but what of Army Special Forces, or the EDC where are they. The question that must be in everyones minds though is where are the Autobots , our valiant champions.

Are they broken and demoralised?

This reporter herself saw one of there igniminous defeats in Hollywood, where Decepticons went on a rampage of terror, massacring the citys zoo animals and causing millions of dollars of damage.

Also in a network exclusive we must ask where is Prime ? He has been out of the public eye for a while. Is he alive or maybe the strain of millions of year sof warfare have proved too much for him . Our experts are still puzzled about his mass broadcast of a few months ago . over to one of our roving reporters who is interviewing the driver of a truck that may be able to cast some light on the exact situation.

Over to you Rory ..

2005-08-27, 11:28 PM
The charge exploded and the combiner growled and looked down award. Tentakil was charred but relatively unharmed by the annoying pest trying to harm him. He grunted and suddenly stood still for a moment as Natuilator transformed into the leg.

Tentakil looked around checked himself out the damage was not too bad all things considered Fleshling weapons were so pathatic. In his weapon mode he could heal without have to worry about being the focal point of a gestalts weight. Suddenly he saw a human stumbling around. He quickly transformed into his Lighting gun form. Piranacon fired a few blasts and continued to walk to Scorpnok.

2005-08-28, 05:31 AM
After hearing Scorponok's order, Nightracer looked around. When she found more then one sniper spot, Nightracer headed for the first one in her Dodge Viper mode.

2005-08-28, 07:12 AM
As Nightracer departed to tend to her sniping duties, Scorponok raised the shuttle's ramp. Since the tech drones had managed to take over the facility without being noticed, it wouldn't do for him to leave his ship parked there.

The small copper-coloured shuttle lifted off. Scorponok fired it's laser in the general direction of the fleeing crowd in what appeared to be a capricious attempt at murder but was actually carefully aimed to avoid harming any civilians.

Bringing up a map of the city, the commander scanned for prominant landmarks.

A bridge? He shrugged. The humans are impressed by the strangest things...

Brave Maximus
2005-08-31, 06:33 AM
Dainel was thrown back by the explosion of the lightning gun on the oil that was all over the place. He dropped his jacket, which was on fire - but otherwise he was surprisingly unscated.

He looked around, not being able to see well because of the smoke and debris - and he spotted some news reporter broadcasting near the battle zone. He took off running, his shoes slipping on the oil residue:

"What the hell are you doing?!? Can't you see there's an attack going on?"

2005-08-31, 06:38 AM
April turned as a figure loomed through the smoke

"looks like we may have a chance to interview an eye witness here."

She brushed off some debris from her jump suit.

She replied

"yes exciting isnt it I think we might have an exclusive on this one . THe other crews are all stuck in the fleeing traffic ."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-31, 06:44 AM
Daniel skidded to a stop next to the reporter and blinked at her:

"Do you think there might be a good reason everyone's fleeing? These are Decepticons - and they don't exactly hold human life in high regard. It'd be best if you guys ran - you know, for your lives?!?"

2005-08-31, 06:53 AM
April turned to one of her crew

"Clive break out the Flak jackets and the helmets."

She turned back to the strange young man

"I was in Sarajevo ,Afghanistan . I've covered wars. I've met Decepticons before plus..."

pointing to her van. Where a piece of Shrapnel had totalled the radiator

"We're not getting very far in that"

Brave Maximus
2005-08-31, 07:10 AM
"Lovely, just slagging lovely......." Daniel swore as he looked to where she was pointing. She was right - there was no way for them to get away when their truck was scrapped. Well, no way they were willing to agree to.....

He needed to keep them safe until the Autobots showed up - and he knew they were going to show up....... he hoped.......

"Get the flack jackets on, keep your heads down, and keep an eye on the battle - when the Autobots arrive - keep out of their way - they don't need to be worrying about stepping on you while in battle. And if I find any more survivors who can't get out - I'm sending them this way."

2005-08-31, 07:12 AM
April shrugged into her Flak jacket and cinched it tight

"we're planning on holing up in that building from the top floor we should get good pics of the battle if and whan the Autobots show up. plus we'll be under cover "

She looked hard at Daniel

"Who are you ? You sound like a soldier but you dont look like one and an interesting turn in profanities you have there . Where on Earth would you pick up that particular turn of phrase."

She cocked an eyebrow in his direction.

2005-08-31, 07:13 AM
Finally getting to her first sniping spot, Nightracer shot at random things in the city. While she tried to chose things that would cause the most damage to it by causing some kind of explosion, Nightracer's amo also hit things that didn't explode and she did her best to not hit things that would explode around her teammates.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-31, 08:25 AM
Daniel nodded, there was one last person he needed to save. He walked back up, where the yellow and chrome 69 VW beetle was still waiting for him. He got in the passengers side and nodded to Kira - she stepped on the gas and took them home.

God Jinrai
2005-08-31, 11:35 PM
San-Francisco came into view on Metalhawk's radar sooner than he got a visual... and things were bleak. VERY bleak.

" Time for payback, scum. This is MY HOME... and I'm NOT gonna take this from ANYONE!"

Hawk cut his engines, rolling hard as he dropped altitude like a rock... at about fifty feet, his boosters kicked in, and he blew down the main-street, rocketing out over the road as it descended down toward the shoreline.

It was about this point that he spotted Scorpinok tromping back toward Alcatraz... and Piranahcon on the rampage.

" Metalhawk to Magnus.. we've got one hell of a bad situation on our hands... Piranahcon's on the rampage, and it looks like scorpinok's setting up shop in Alcatraz... we need to get the lead out, and repel this slime before they can sink their fangs deeper into MY CITY."

2005-09-01, 06:42 AM
Having arrived at his target, Scorponok switched his shuttle over to autopilot. The craft decended, and he leapt out of the open hatch. He flew downwards for fifty metres, until he landed...squarely in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cars swerved around the giant robot, crashing into eachother and scraping against the guardrails. Scorponok laughed (a wholly false evil cackle), then swiped his claw at one of the nearby vehicles. The vehicle tore through several of the suspension cables before tumbling into the bay.

The rest of the humans wisely decided to flee.

Meanwhile, Scorponok's shuttle dove into the water and moved out towards the ocean.

2005-09-01, 05:21 PM
Ultra Magnus focused his scanners on the bit of window he could see from his low vantage point in truck mode. As the cloud cover broke, the city skyline burst into view below visibly in chaos. Magnus struggled to restrain his frustration and clicked on a channel to his team.

"Autobots, listen up. We have visual confirmation on Scorponok, Piranacon, and several other Decepticon units. Their directive is unclear, and it's possible we may be walking into a trap, but we must protect the humans at all costs. Preserve ammunition, focus efforts on moving the Decepticons away from population zones, and secure the city immediately.

"Powerglide, sweep the perimeter and take stock of enemy units before engaging. Protectobots, form up and neutralize Piranacon as soon as we're out. Brawn... try not to destroy any landmarks. Jetwave, open the hatch. We're going in."

God Jinrai
2005-09-01, 06:52 PM
Hawk took notice of Scorpinok's change of course, and his anger rose as he saw the abomination beginning to wreak havoc on the Golden Gate bridge.

Opening his comm to magnus, he spoke again.

"Ultra Magnus, this is Metalhawk... Scorpinok's on a rampage on the golden gate bridge... I'm set to intercept, and take him down... but his shuttle just took off out to sea... something's not right here. Hawk out."

Peeling left, hawk corkscrewed hard, then pulled upward, into a loop, lining himself up with the bridge.

"SCORPINOK! No one... NO ONE attacks my city and gets away with it!"

Hawk let out that roar of anger, and the twin cannons on his wing undersides came to life, lancing out at scorpinok... Hawk knew what was comming, but he had to try and buy the humans time... and moreso, distract Scorpinok enough to keep him from actually bringing the bridge down himself... if need be, Hawk would engage him up close... but he knew very well the sort of strength the abomination wielded...

2005-09-01, 07:02 PM
Jetwave was surprised by Ultra Magnus's request.

Open the hatch while we're still airborne? What's he thinking of? Well, just don't blame me afterwards...

"Ultra Magnus, Hot Spot, are you ready?"

The hatch began to open slowly.

Meanwhile Jetwave's visual scanners fixed a moving form of familiar outlines... a Deceptcon shuttle!!! Unfortunately, the shuttle got away and dived in the water before Jetwave could prime his weapons system but a new target had presented itself: Scorponok who had landed at the bridge.

What the... Is my optics fooling me or is he... shrinked somehow? The blueprints of Scorponok I saw back on Aqua were of citybot and now... he's much smaller. Perhaps that's some other Decepticon? Doesn't matter. He's a Decepticon anyway!

"Firing one!" - he warned his passengers and opened the launch tube under his right wing. Long, slick, elongated projectile slided out balanced on a pillar of flame: a Granite cruise missile. At supersonic speed it flew straight towards the Decepticon at the bridge... whoever it may be.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-02, 01:09 AM
Brawn stood up looking at the opening hatch.

"Just keep the Decepticons away from the landmarks and there is a small possibility of me destroying one!" Brawn eagerly awaited an opportunity to jump at the first Decepticon he saw.

2005-09-02, 01:10 AM
Above the Golden Gate

"Copy that, Blue Leader," Powerglide said in response to Magnus' orders. He peeled off from his position on Jetwave's left flank and acclerated into a steep bank around the perimeter of the bridge.

God Jinrai
2005-09-02, 01:36 AM
" YOU IDIOT!" Hawk screamed as he broke off his run... pulling into a straight vertical climb, he nailed his afterburners... the cruise missile about to collide with scorpinok and the bridge would leave a very large mess.

"HAVE YOU GONE OUT OF YOUR MIND?!? THERE ARE HUMANS DOWN THERE!" The air defense commander's comments were aimed directly at Jetwave... no autobot in his right mind would have fired a cruise missile at a decepticon at this range... much less at a decepticon on a bridge filled with humans! Hawk was lucky to be able to get out of the missile's blast radius... but many of the humans below wouldn't be. This would be a public relations nightmare... and there wasn't a thing he could do about it....

2005-09-02, 01:58 AM
Magnus gasped at the sight of the soaring missile. A wave of contempt for himself washed throughout: he instantly blamed his own faulty leadership for not clarifying protocol thoroughly, especially with troops he didn't know.

"Powerglide, intercept that missile! Autobots, small weapons fire, precision shots, hand-to-hand whenever possible. I won't have human casualties on our hands! Engage the smaller units... I'll handle Scorponok."

Magnus tracked the missile again for a moment, but he knew there was nothing he could do except keep Scorponok from turning a soon-to-be ugly situation more quickly to his devious advantage. Magnus' engine roared and he soared out into the sky. His ramp flopped open quickly, dropping his passengers into freefall as he rotated to vertical through the long fall. With his cargo forced out, Magnus eyed an open spot at the end of the bridge, transformed to robot mode, and hit the pavement with crushing force.

"Scorponok," he called gravely as he rose from one knee among the dust cloud. "You've done enough today."

Keeping an optic on the street below so as not to crush any humans or cars in which they may be trapped, Magnus took into a heavy jog at the behemoth Decepticon. He knew he needed to close the gap while he had the chance...

God Jinrai
2005-09-02, 03:07 AM
" No, Magnus. This one's MINE." Hawk transformed at the peak of his climb, and drew the titanium saber.

"This is MY city. MY home. MY responsibility. "

Hawk dove at scorpinok, blade to one side, set to bring it in a tight arc in front of him. He didn't expect to be able to cleave the decepticon in two... such would be a foolhardy attempt.

And with the missile still to strike, he realized something. Drawing his Jet Rifle, hawk quickly made calculations... he prayed, however that powerglide could make the save in time.

2005-09-02, 03:24 AM
Above Golden Gate

"Holy crap!" Powerglide belted out when he saw the missile launched. Where did I pick up all these Earth euphemisms and film references? he thought as he accelerated towards the cruise missile. Oh yeah, that bloody shuttle... Am I saying "bloody" now? Powerglide opened up with his machine guns, trying to shoot the missile out of the air.

(OOC: I guess it's up to Elcor what happens to the missile.)

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-02, 03:51 AM
Brawn dropped out of the shuttle, unlike the others he wasn't to focused on the missiles. Any humans still in the area were brave little things, so they had to expect some sort of casualties.

Brawn used his aerial vantage point to spot Nightracer and intended to drop down right ontop of her.

"Look up, She-Con!"

2005-09-02, 05:38 AM
Scorponok ignored the incoming missile, concentrating on Metalhawk. After all, the weapon couldn't do much more than collapse the bridge underneath him and drop him into the water. The Autobot, on the other hand...he could be quite a bit more dangerous. Especially with Magnus also close at hand and drawing closer.

Hawk's blade carved a shallow furrow into the City Commander's purple torso armour.

Scorponok glanced down at the wound, taking a step backwards. The tip of his tail cannon began to glow in it's position above the Decepticon's head, signifying an impending strike. The large Decepticon let loose a roar at his smaller foe, and this time he didn't have to simulate the hatred and rage that boiled in his voice.


The tail cannon fired, sending 100,000 volts of electricity arcing towards Metalhawk's chest.

2005-09-02, 06:18 AM
Without looking up, Nightracer moved away form her sniping place as quickly as she could.

2005-09-02, 10:22 AM
The second launch tube was ready and the missile primed when Jetwave realised that the first launch had been... well... a mistake. As Ultra Magnus ordered Powerglide to intercept and destroy the missile he swore silently and cancelled the second launch.

If all that Autobots here do is wasting each other's chances then it's clear why they hadn't won already!.. The war cannot be won without civilian casualties; we must teach Decepticons not to take cover behind them - we must attack ruthlessly! That's how it was done on Aqua and that's how the victory was gained!..

He initiated missile control protocol and disabled the engines. Powerless, the heavy projectile slowly arced down and disappeared in the waters under the bridge with a splash.

I'll have to find it after the battle... It's not good to let such poweful weapon go to waste... Besides, it can explode later, which can be even worse...

He activated the commlink to Ultra Magnus:
"What do you intend me to attack the Decepticons with? My swords, perhaps?"

Thus giving way to some emotions that overflowed him, Jetwave pulled up and began to circle the area looking for more targets and awaiting the leader's responce. He saw a large gestalt, presumably enemy, but wasn't sure if he can be fired at.

If only I had ammo for my prime guns! A solid shell would be super!

2005-09-02, 04:08 PM
Ultra Magnus grumbled to himself as Metalhawk intervened. He did appreciate the distraction - Magnus was too lumbering to avoid such a blast directed at himself, and he needed to time to get close - but he did wish he could get troops to follow orders now and again... He continued his strides toward the center of the bridge (more slowly than he'd like, for the panicking humans made footwork an art) and activated the team frequency.

"Affirmative, Jetwave. Conservation of ranged ammunition is critical; fire only low-yield rounds only when collateral threat is minimal. Hawk, disengage. He'll take you apart!"

Magnus kept an optic on Scorponok while watching his path, building momentum as he closed range with the giant Decepticon...

2005-09-02, 04:27 PM
Oh well... - was all Jetwave was able to think getting Ultra Magnus's responce. What low-yield rounds indeed? I've got missiles and torpedoes and that's all!.. Should I've taken a plasma pistol from the Fort Max armory, perhaps?.. But what for, I'm not skilled with small arms anyway...

"Got it, Magnus. Seeing an enemy gestalt now; am engaging!"

With this responce Jetwave put his nose down towards the large figure which he identified as Piranacon. He intended to attract the enemy attention by the maneuvre he employed successfully once when first landed inside Fort Max shuttle bay - flying at the collision course then banking up at the last moment. So, he set his course towards the lumbering gestalt and counted the nanobreems to sverve at the last possible moment.

I just can't hold it! Getting to close combat while I should be attacking the enemy from behind the horison! No, this entire system is wrong. I've got to change it somehow...

God Jinrai
2005-09-02, 09:18 PM
The arc lightning lashed out at Hawk, but he was ready... dropping into a baseball slide, he went beneathe the behemoth, quickly transforming into his jet mode as he exited the slide.

"All yours, Magnus! I got what I came for!"

The blue and gold jet tore skyward, asessing the situation.

" Magnus, I'm heading for Alcatraz... that's where the struck first... and it's also what seems to be their base of operations here... If I can find out WHY, at least... "

2005-09-02, 10:14 PM
Ultra Magnus felt some measure of relief at seeing Metalhawk escape Scorponok's fury intact, in spite of the consequent dire implications for himself. Nonetheless, selfless and resolved, Magnus decided that the time for surprise was then. He threw his entire weight, already angled just right from the bridge's edge and moving at good speed, into a long dive straight at Scorponok. He needed to get the Decepticon away from the humans, and plunging them both into the water below seemed the most practical way to do it...

2005-09-03, 02:29 AM
Above Golden Gate

The missile disabled, Powerglide accelerated in a banking run around the perimeter of the bridge, looking for reinforcements or surprises.

2005-09-03, 03:31 AM
Piranacon growled at Jetware and opened fire with Tentakil and began to fire lighting at the Autobot.

2005-09-03, 06:17 AM
Scorponok didn't bother trying to attack the retreating Metalhawk, knowing that Ultra Magnus was still barrelling down on him. He wasn't prepared for the Autobot to strike him quite so soon, though. The Decepticon City Commander was knocked off his feet and skidded towards the edge of the bridge.

Well played, he thought with grudging respect. If I hadn't known you were coming, it might have worked.

Scorponok tore through the guardrail like a splitting maul through a log, but managed to grab hold of one of the bridge's suspension cables with a claw. His momentum slingshotted him around, sending him flying back onto the bridge with a fair bit of speed. The massive Decepticon stumbled forward for several hundred metres before transforming to scorpion mode and scuttling back the way he came to see what had become of Magnus.

Beneath him, the bridge groaned from the damage it had sustained so far.

2005-09-03, 06:32 AM
(Prior to landing)
Blades replied to Chainclaw with a half-hearted laugh. "Might need an overhaul again after this."

"So populated with humans down there. This can't be good."

His responses were short lived however, as the Protectobots unloaded and combined on Hot Spot's command to form Defensor. The mighty combiner bellowed and moved forward to engage as he saw the devestation.


2005-09-03, 12:45 PM
Piranacon growled as he saw Defensor and thought of his one mission to destroy.

He quickly rushed the Autobot gestalt hoping to knock the giant robot down then smash them into bits.

2005-09-03, 01:28 PM
As they say, I've got his attention - what to do now??? - Jetwave thought as the Decepticon gestalt began to lay a barrage of lightning at him. Two blasts missed, then next got him in his wing and Jetwave was sent spinning to the earth...

Luckily, that took him from the line of fire and saved from more severe damages. He transformed in mid-fall knowing that the landing will be forceful.

His tall robot form collided with the side of a building which, quite expectedly, gave in. The concussion wasn't so severe as he expected; perhaps the falling bricks took the energy of impact.

He stuggled to get out of the building wich front wall was half-broken by him. People rushed out, some of them leaking their mech fluid from the damage they sustained.

That's a war... - he thought with understanding as he felt the damage to his wing. It's tip was charred and bent. Luckily, the sword which rested inside wasn't rendered useless.

Dislodging more bricks from the wall Jetwave stood up, oblivious to the cries of the frightened humans.

Quite unexpectedly, he saw not one but two gestalts! Were they similar he'd think that the impact had damaged his sensors; as of now he recognised Defensor from Piranacon immediately.

Now that's better... Alone I hadn't had a chance against that monster... But now the odds are in our favor! With concentrated attack we'll destroy him!

An unperceptible flicker of metal - and he had two straight, double-edged longswords in his hands. A green flash shimmered on their edges and died, leaving the surfaces pitch-black. Now the blades were honed to monomolecular sharpness and would easily cut through any substance known to men and Transformers... short of the force field, perhaps.

No need to warn the enemy of my approach... He would be warned enough when I strike!

First two steps Jetwave walked, then ran towards the large bulk of Piranacon from behind, holding his swords trained at the back of lumbering giant.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-03, 07:34 PM
Brawn landed with a thud and watched the Decepticon sniper scamper away.

"Hey! Where you going!? It's rude to leave company alone!" Brawn quickly put up chase after Nightracer

2005-09-03, 07:48 PM
If one were paying close enough attention, perhaps through a slow-motion replay, one could see a faint expression of surprise on Ultra Magnus' face as he actually managed to take Scorponok down. He quickly decided that he'd rather not slide off with the Decepticon and so attempted to roll away. Momentum took him and he ended up sliding face-first through the gap in the guard rail Scorponok had torn. One hand grabbed the edge of the sidewalk as he slid over it, the other a pillar nearby, and Magnus flipped to hang tenuously as a giant pendulum.

A sigh escaped him; he'd take the moment to think, regroup, and jump upon Scorponok when he didn't expect. A terrible crash along the city skyline caught his optic, and he cringed at the dust blooming from the building where Jetwave fell. It was also unsettling when the bridge itself unleashed a wailing moan and dipped some.

Change of plans...

After a few quick swings to get his momentum, Magnus threw his weight back and to the side, swinging himself around onto the bridge. Despite landing on his back, he was quick to roll to one knee and found himself staring down:

"Scorponok," he snarled. "I'd say you're outnumbered. Retreat seems reasonable, doesn't it?"

Rarely one to bank on negotiations alone, Magnus followed up by plowing forward into an abrupt shoulder charge, his hands extended to grab the scorpion's sides and - Primus willing - upend him to deter that menacing tail.

2005-09-03, 08:46 PM
"I doubt it, Magnus."

Rather than flee from the charging Autobot, Scorponok surged forward as fast as his multiple spindly legs would carry him. He made no attempt to keep Magnus from grabbing his sides; instead, he willingly allowed the Autobot to grab hold of him.

As the large Decepticon pitched over, his claws struck out at the Autobot's upper arms and snapped shut. With any luck, Magnus would end up being flipped over alongside him. With even more luck, his arms would suffer significant damage.

2005-09-03, 10:33 PM
Piranacon snarled as Jetwaves blades cut into his back. A cowardly strike from an Autobot who was about to be terminated.

The giant roared in anger and fired Lighting blasts at the smaller Autobot while readying his sword to fight Defensor.

2005-09-03, 11:38 PM
Golden Gate Bridge

Powerglide swerved smoothly through the steel supports hanging vertically to support the bridge, and darted down the length of the bridge. He took aim on the first target he saw, the fleeing form of Nightracer, and laid down a strafing run of machine gun fire. "Go get 'im, Brawn!" Powerglide yelled out as he shot past, looking for a new target.

2005-09-04, 01:34 AM
"Ha-ha-ha!!! I've got him!" - Jetwave screamed exhilarated as his swords cut two ragged lines in Piranacon's back. "I... Arrgh!.." - his scream was cut short by another lightning blast that took him squarely at the chest.

The force of blast threw Jetwave back again, swords falling from his hands. His breastplate was a charred mess of metal from which sparks flew here and there. All that stood before his failing optics was the lumbering bulk of a Decepticon gestalt and two uneven, ragged lines on his back lighted with sparks of internal discharges.

I've damaged him... My attack was not in vain...

Then the overloaded circuits finally blew out. The light in Jetwave's faceplate slit flickered and died down to almost unperceptible glow, his figure stiffened and ceased to move.

2005-09-04, 01:46 AM
Again, Ultra Magnus was a bit unprepared for how easily Scorponok allowed his attack to take effect; after his last duel with Gigatron, he'd been honing his techniques toward more agile foes. Nonetheless, he threw the brunt of his weight into the shove, but his latent skepticism had him somewhat ready for the counter.

With the side of his face pressed against the scorpion's underbelly as he came upright in the mighty heave, he caught sight of the incoming claw and withdrew his right arm in time. Insistent to subdue the enemy, his torso and left arm pressed on oblivious, and the latter was caught in the powerful claw.


A deliberately muffled grunt accompanied him down on top of the fallen Decepticon. Still, Magnus set aside the pain and pulled back his free arm to deliver a heavy punch to Scorponok's exposed underside.

"What are you after?"

2005-09-04, 05:41 AM
Still without answering the Autobot's taunt, Nightracer stopped, turned, and fired her rifle at Brawn.

2005-09-04, 06:15 AM
Scorponok yet again allowed Magnus to land his blow unopposed...although to tell the truth, there was little he could do while pinned underneath the Autobot. The blow dented his belly armour somewhat, but did no serious damage.

"Your head as a paperwieght would be nice..."

The claw that held the Autobot's left arm in it's grip swung sideways. The Decepticon fully expected to either throw the Autobot off of him, or tear large chunks of his foe's arm off.

Although he has a point...our position here is precarious. I should call in reinforcements as soon as I can.

(OOC: Since Tempest and his multiple alt-IDs have been banned forevermore, I'll auto his character for the rest of the battle.)

Tempest dove down towards Powerglide, his laser cannons spitting beams of coherent light at the Autobot flier.

2005-09-04, 07:49 PM
Ultra Magnus gritted his teeth as he felt the pressure pulling tremendously at his upper arm. He really did like the appendage, and so decided to toss his weight to roll with the pull. Magnus landed heavily with his back on the street, crushing an abandoned car and delivering the cement a solid web of cracks.

"Try it, Scorponok!" he grunted.

Magnus was quick to level his trapped arm's missile launcher at the massive claw only feet away. He understood the damage it would cause him and was prepared if it would stop his enemy... but a terrified screaming some meters down the bridge reminded him that his projectiles were too high-yield for the humans who hadn't escaped yet.

"You're lucky I'm such a nice 'bot..." Magnus muttered.

Now beginning to remember fully how to fight like a juggernaut, Magnus drew up his free hand and gripped the trapping claw, applying a heavy force to pry free. Still, he suspected Scorponok's claws possessed more pure strength than his fingers, and he added to the distraction by throttling a slow but powerful headbutt at the scorpion's head.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-04, 11:31 PM
Brawn held up while Powerglide strafed Nightracer taking cover for a moment and letting the sniper shot hit what he was cowering behind. Once Powerglide had passed Brawn lifted up what he was hiding behind, a large square of bricks stuck together and flung it at Nightracer.

2005-09-04, 11:56 PM
Golden Gate Bridge

Tempest's first laser beam took Powerglide by surprise, burning a furrow in the aft portion of his body. The next bolts didn't, as Powerglide went into evasive action, swerving and rolling like a hummingbird.

(OOC: Since Tempest is gone, do I get to kill the character Tempest?;) :D )

2005-09-05, 02:53 AM
Ignoring the back pains caused earlier by some of Powerglide's bullets, Nightracer managed to (barely) avoid the large square bundle of bricks. The Decepticon sniper shot at Brawn again.

2005-09-05, 06:37 AM
Tempest continued to fire on the now-evasive Powerglide.

"Oh, come on! Fight back!"

(OOC @ Zisteau: Well, someone might... ;) )

As soon as Magnus's weight was off of him, Scorponok triggered his transformation circuits and shifted to robot mode. He released the Autobot's arm, more out of transformation necessity than anything else, and blocked the headbutt with the back of his right claw.

He activated his comm system, and made a silent transmission.

Scorponok to Nemesis Control. Dispatch reinforcements to the San Francisco theatre immediately.

"I plan to," he told the Autobot, aloud.

The twin pulse cannon mounts on his shoulder fired in the Magnuss general direction.

2005-09-05, 12:58 PM
Golden Gate Bridge

Powerglide performed a rising split s, coming back at Tempest from a higher altitude, and dropped a cluster of bombs. "Hows that?" he shouted.

2005-09-05, 06:58 PM
Ultra Magnus could hardly contain an expression of horror as Scorponok's guns trained on him: he knew he could conscionably do no less than get in their way, lest he may threaten the humans or the bridge's strength. One pair of shots made contact with the side of his helmet and the nearby shoulder, while the other impacted his waist and thigh. He only emitted a muffled grunt, belying the pain the shots truly transferred.

"Come off it, Scorponok! You know you can't win!"

The projection dropped his gut; given the circumstances, Magnus in fact knew that he could not win without sacrificing some human lives. He recalled his objective of driving the Decepticon commander off the bridge. He hoped the surprise would work better this time. While winding back to throw a haymaker, Ultra Magnus transformed abruptly and charged forward through the short distance between himself and Scorponok in the hope he could get the enemy off the bridge this time.


(OOC: As Ravage will be trading in Piranacon for Predaking, I'll be autoing the Seacons for the rest of this fight. They are open for claims, however.)

Piranacon watched with glee as Jetwave sank under his mighty, and he looked to the sky to unleash a throaty roar. Satisfied in his power, he trained his menacing focus on Defensor. He stomped with surprising speed and agility through the water toward his enemy, drawing back his free hand to throw a great blow at the Autobot's shoulder.

2005-09-05, 08:46 PM
Scorponok wasn't caught by surprise this time; Magnus had made it clear that he wanted to move the fight elsewhere, and truth be told the Decepticon city commander was glad to oblige. While he would follow his orders and do anything necessary to keep the Autobots distracted, he had no more desire to wantonly slaughter humans than his opposite number did.

However, that didn't mean that he would simply let Magnus run over him. Instead, he met the Autobot's charge, flipping forwards as they hit. The massive Decepticon came down atop Magnus's trailer, grabbing hold of the upper deck. He made no attempt to attack; even if he could have, he was content to let the Autobot move their battle to a less-human infested area first.

One of Powerglide's bombs slammed into the root of Tempest's wing, putting the Decepticon into an involuntary corkscrew. Trying to regain control of his flight, he fired another volley of lasers at where he thought the Autobot was.

2005-09-06, 02:23 AM
Ultra Magnus was clearly chuffed by Scorponok's gesture to come right along, as those who know him could tell by the snorts of black smoke his stacks produced. Magnus revved his engine to keep momentum under the substantial extra weight, but he wouldn't need it for long. In fact, in just a moment, the giant load disappeared from his trailer as the truck soared out over the bay with a roaring engine. Though the moment of flight seemed to last a life, there was little time to do anything but plunge into the depths of the water under the bridge with a gargantuan, blinding splash.

2005-09-06, 03:16 AM
Golden Gate Bridge

Powerglide spun through the laser fire avoiding most of it, taking minor damage to his wings, and looped around for a pass with his machine guns opening fire on Tempest.

2005-09-06, 05:57 AM
Undaunted, Scorponok flew into the water. A massive, cannonading spash came up from where he hit, and the Decepticon rolled several times before coming to rest. Fortunately, the water had absorbed most of his kinetic energy before he hit bottom and spared him any damage more serious than scratched paint...unfortunately, it had probably done the same for Magnus as well.

The Decepticon pushed himself up to a standing position and waded through the chest-deep water with surprising ease (surprising if you didn't remember that his alternate mode was a crustacean, anyway...).

"Well, Magnus?" He glared at the site where the ripples of the Autobot's splashdown were still fading. "Will you stand and fight, or hide now that your precious humans are safe?"

The city commander put enough artificial venom into his voice that it almost sounded sincere in his contempt for the humans.


Tempest was raked by Powerglide's fire, and began to spiral out of control. The Decepticon steered himself towards shore, hoping to land and take cover before the Autobot shredded him for flak.

2005-09-06, 12:15 PM
Powerglide pressed his advantage, pursuing Tempest with his machine guns blazing.

2005-09-06, 06:32 PM
Treadshot was coming closer and closer to the battlefield, and he could in fact make out two titans duking it. He stopped and had Catgut transform into his blaster mode. It was time to take a little pot shot. He took sight of Defensor and started aiming, adjusting for distance and movement and let loose with a blast towards the gesalt's head.

He then continued on his way towards the battle proper so he could get close enough to shoot some of the other transformers.

2005-09-06, 09:06 PM
The light was dazzling, blinding, omnipresent. Jetwave floated in it, was drowning in a vast ocean of light. He felt no sensory input, no directions - just this peaceful, overwhelming sensation.

Where am I?

No answer. He floated more and felt that he was drawn somewhere - towards some core, something that held more light than light itself.

Am I...

Has the Day come?

Am I drawn to Vector Sigma, to unite with the sparks existing before me? Will I be a part of The One?

Hope soared high in his chest... tough he had no chest, no body at all - just this sensation everywhere, in him and around him.

Then the Voice came.


From the highest orbit of hope his spark plunged into the deepest abyss of despair.

Why had you forsaken me?

No answer again. Even the light dimmed as if rejecting him from itself.

Am I unworthy?


Jetwave's astonishment and disbelief were larger than anything he'd ever experienced.

What do you mean? Why can't I become the One?..
Who are you?


But I'm dead!!!

And the answer came third time, with a force enough to shake the universe:


The light dimmed, escaped him, leaving him in total darkness. Then a new pinpoint of light came, slowly revealing itsef in what it was: a view at the sky - high, cloudless - from under the water.

* * *

Jetwave's facial slit blinked once, twice, then glowed steadily.
The light was blue.

A tall figure raised from the water, then bent and picked up two thin, straight metal objects.

Then a figure changed itself and plunged in the water again in a new shape - long, deadly, whale-like. The upper half of the body and the fin were still on the surface, for it was too shallow to submerge fully.

2005-09-06, 09:41 PM
Skullgrin looked at the mess San Francisco was.

"Definitely not a place I would leave my spark in"

He caught sight of Treadshot firing at Defensor

Stupidity. Nothing will serve of a small shot like that

While in the air he removed his two "Slagmakers" from their holsters and continued through the air, searching for an Autobot to "slag".

2005-09-06, 10:17 PM
There was silence for some time. Silence, of course, save for the jet engines roaring above, the spits of laser fire from so many directions, the the panicked screams of the terrified civilians, the voracious battle taunts, and the repeating cracks and rumbles of buildings and bridges taking attrition under fire. Those who listened closely could also make out car horns, sirens, blazing infernos, and spewing water mains not far into the city.

But along the water, it was silent.

The foam and waves from the great impact obscured the view into the deep. Suddenly, a set of loud but muffled creaks came up from the abyss with a few large air bubbles. They were followed quickly by a quickly ascending Ultra Magnus, led into the open air by one fist pointed up in a prospective uppercut to wherever he could land on Scorponok. (Indeed, from below he could nary place his aim...)

2005-09-07, 04:15 AM
Scorponok was taken a bit by surprise as Magnus shot out of the water right in front of him. The Autobot's fist caught him in the right shoulder, and he was forced to take a half-step backwards to maintain his balance. A quick glance down towards the shoulder revealed a significant dent in the armour...but thankfully, Magnus had missed smashing a shoulder-mounted pulse cannon by a few centimetres.

The Decepticon city commander scowled, cocking his left claw backwards in preparation for a blow. He stood as still as a statue for a few milliseconds, just long enough for fear to blossom in the Autobot's spark (or so he hoped, anyway...).

Then the massive claw swung forwards and down in an attack that Scorponok fully expected to cave in his Autobot foe's chest compartment.

Shipyard Facility

Within the construction yard, Decepticon technical drones had set up the facility to their specifications. The assembly line was activated, with drones standing in to assist when needed. An array of parts moved down the conveyor belt, robotic arms welding, rivetting and socketting them into their appropriate places. The parts were assembled into a completed product, which rolled off the line.

The drone at the end of the line activated the product, another technical drone. The new drone followed the increasing stream of new drones towards another, far more complex assembly project.

2005-09-07, 08:27 PM
Jetwave's sensors were scanning the battlefield with presizion he'd never experienced before; his computations were processed in ordered, efficient manner, which was new to him too. But rather than gape in wonder on this unknown before abilities, his mind was analysing the threats and calculating the plans of counter-actions.

His forward tubes, four in number, opened, and for projectiles exited. They were similar, but not exactly.

The two slim black fishes fired from lower tubes were Long Lance torpedoes able to travel ten Earth kilometres at 50 knots. Upper tubes launched two Granite cruise missiles, their "water launch" system letting them to propel itsef a short path to the surface and then soar to the sky.

All four projectiles were guided by Jetwave himself (he hadn't believed before he'd be able to track more than one control channel at a time; he attempted to invite Cosmos and Seaspray back then with him as weapon control operators just for that purpose). But now he managed to adjust all four channels, while part of him still was busy analysing his sensory input.

The torpedoes were aimed at Piranacon and followed him close to the surface, from time to time showing themselves in sprouts of white froth.

The missiles approached airborne Decepticon reinforcements at supersonic speed and then separated; one flew towards Skullgin, the other targeted Treadshot.

2005-09-07, 09:40 PM
Skullgrin made a sharp tun to his side, just narrowly avoiding the projectile. He seen it quite quickly, his pretender body probably wouldn't have.

He aimed his "Slagmakers" at Jetwave and fired, all the while flying closer to him.

God Jinrai
2005-09-08, 04:20 AM
"Well... let's see what's going on here..." hawk muttered as he touched down on Alcatraz Island. As he did so, he reverted to his human size, but kept the pretender armor active... he couldn't afford to be caught by surprise here.

Slowly he started into the massive complex, hoping to find some inkling as to why the 'cons had chosen it as their jumping off point

2005-09-08, 05:24 AM
Tempest's tailfins were chewed away by Powerglide's fire. The Decepticon, having lost all pretence of flight control, slammed belly-first into a highway and skidded down the street, into the city.

2005-09-08, 06:23 AM
Powerglide yelped in joy as he saw the decepticon Tempest go crashing into the ground. He peeled off, wincing at the damage to his aft section, and looked for a new target.

2005-09-08, 09:21 AM
Jetwave saw that Skullgrin maneuvered, avoiding collision with his missile... and was firing at him now! Blasts scorched his conning tower and his tail fin; though, due to having more armor in this mode than in robot one, he avoided any more serious damage.

His first idea was to transform anyway; here, on shallow bottom, he was unable to move and presented a "sitting target". Unfortunately, if he did so, he'd lost control of his projectiles probably - and that was what he didn't wanted. So, he initiated a minor transformation.

The extension of his conning tower separated itself in two parts, slided aside and forward, then merged again around his conning tower, forming a battleship turret! Two cannons of terrible poportions sprouted out of it, completing the transformation.

In this mode most of my vulnerable spots are covered with turret's armor... And I still can control my missiles and torpedoes!

With the last thought he adjusted the course of Granite that missed Skullgrin; the missile made an awkward turn in the air (after all, it wasn't perfectly suited for such abrupt maneuvers) and followed its target again.

You won't shake it down while I'm on it, Decepticon. Either blast it or get it, there's no alternative. - Jetwave thought with satsfaction.

2005-09-08, 10:12 AM
Smart move

Skullgrin quickly replaced one of his Slagmaker's as the missile approached once again. With the other he shot at it twice and it exploded. The bursts of flames that sprouted from it seemed to get closer to him but they never made much impact. They merely singed his shoulders and sides. He replaced the other Slagmaker.

This mode is useless for fighting him in the air

With that Skullgrin's Pretender shell came back to him and it made him into the monster that he was a short while ago. The shell program uploaded, Skullgrin removed his vibro sword. He adjusted the frequency slightly, adjusting for the amour of Jetwave before the shell program fully uploaded. He took his sword in both hands and made a swinging strike down onto Jetwave.

2005-09-08, 01:35 PM
Darn. That's what you get for being smart. Either I will lose control over my other projectiles or I will be cut like a can. Nice choice indeed...

Jetwave acknowleged the behaviour of his other missile and two torpedoes again. Torpedoes hadn't approached the position where their explosion would cause damage to Predaking, and the missile was still following Treadshot.

I need to win just a litle time... But I cannot fight that obnoxious Decepticon while in ship mode! My guns have no ammo and I can't even fire at him!..

Wait a bit... Perhaps I can!!!

His turret swinged to the direction from which Skullgrin attacked with the sword. Enemy's blade cut deep into his armor, but never reached any vital zones. Two bores of 18-inch guns pointed at the enemy...

I'll fire with no shells! That will make just a flame burst but all's better than nothing!

...and energon, stored in their ignition chambers, exploded, blasting two hundred-feet flame tongues at Skullgrin.

That'll teach him to be more careful... Darn, but I need those other projectiles to hit their targets! And I need it fast, for this little trick won't work second time...

2005-09-08, 01:49 PM
Skullgrin took his sword out and tried to cover himself up with it. The flames seemed to ignore the shell and be split by the sword but they soon caught up with him. The fire spurted at the Pretender shell and began to burn into him.
The flames began to keep Skullgrin off balance and he staggered before eventually falling off of Jetwave. However, one white monsterious hand grasped the side of Jetwave and held on.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-08, 02:44 PM
Brawn was left without cover and took the brunt of the sniper blast on his chest. He took a few steps back from the force of the blow, but quickly recovered with only slight dis-orientation.

"That the best you got!?" Brawn asked as he transformed and drove at Nightracer

2005-09-08, 06:30 PM
Treadshot decided it was time to get rid of the missile as he moved to the side and let it past him before following it up with a quick shot causing the missile to explode, slightly singing his armor but causing no real outward damage.

From where he was now he saw that Tempest was down and that Powerglide was closing in so he fired at Powerglide with his particle blaster.

2005-09-08, 09:41 PM
At last! - Jetwave was almost glad that Treadshot get rid of the missile which was following him.

I'd better not use those missiles against small aerial targets next time. Heavy payload but bad maneuvrability. Heck, I've just forgot this - on Aqua I relied on my guns, not missiles or torpedoes...

Well, reminiscences time is over, I should act!

Jetwave adjusted the course of his torpedoes last time (they should be hitting Piranacon in about two nanobreems). The payload of Long Lances was even bigger then Nautilators, so when the enemy will receive them the damage would be serious indeed.

Shuddering as another Skullgrin's blow penetrated deep in his turret's armor, Jetwave initiated the transformation to robot mode. Skullgrin, who was holding on him, was thrown aside as Jetwave stood poised for battle, his swords appearing again in his hands.

Left blade was aimed forward to deflect the enemy's attack while the right was poised aside and slightly back for swift retaliating strike.

Heh... You thought you're the only swordmaster here! - and Jetwave's faceplate shifted as he smiled to himself.

2005-09-08, 10:59 PM
Though he could see the blow coming for long before it fell, Ultra Magnus was too slow in the water to avoid the punch fully. He began to turn away, but the claw still partially caught him in the right side of his chest, shattering the window and spinning him to splash into the water. After quickly rolling to keep atop the situation, Magnus noticed that he finally had a clear shot; he withdrew his rifle from subspace, aimed cursorily at Scorponok's helmet, and fired.

What am I accomplishing? This slugfest is just buying him time... But it is keeping him away from the humans. Keep them safe, Magnus. That's the mission.


Piranacon rumbled curiously at feeling water turbulence with his acute underwater sensors in his legs. He turned to spot two projectiles peek through the surface and growled. He was quick and astute in aiming and firing his rifle to destroy one torpedo, but the second was too close for him to dodge fully. He lifted his leg, allowing the torpedo to plow into the side of his foot. Piranacon roared and fell to a knee, but as his attacker was not to be seen, he lashed out again at Defensor, this time with a sword slash toward the chest.

2005-09-09, 04:11 AM
Piranacon's first hit had struck the newly-combined Defensor in a direct and violent impact, knocking the giant autobot backwards into the water. As the gestalt recovered, he stood up just in time to dodge a fist to his shoulder and regain his balance. He drew back his right fist and prepared to punch at the Decepticon opponent, but unexpectedly, Piranacon dropped to one knee and drove a sword at Defensor's chest.

Hot Spot took the brunt of the blow, and Defensor yelled in rage and pain as he sank forward - gripping at the blade with his left hand. Instantaneously, he kicked out with his right leg at the Decepticon combiner, attempting to smash enough force into Piranacon to disrupt the combiners and separate them.

2005-09-09, 04:34 AM
Scorponok let out a small, not-entirely-fabricated chuckle as his claw impacted with Magnus's chest, but his mirth died when he saw the Autobot draw his rifle. Diving to one side, Scorponok managed to avoid most of the blast. However, the blackened, crumpled wreckage of his right antenna and the cracked glass of his right optic paid testiment to how close a call it had been.

As it was, Scorponok was more than happy to have the Autobot move away from him. Once he was in a stable firing position (accomplished by arresting his fall by slamming his left claw down into the bottom of the Bay), he fired a blast from his tail cannon.

The image of a toaster in a bathtub came to his mind fleetingly, but the former Headmaster wasn't quite sure why...for that matter, he didn't understand why he knew what a toaster was.

2005-09-09, 04:47 AM
Getting ready to dodge out of the way, Nightracer aimed for one of Brawn's tires and shot.

2005-09-09, 06:30 AM
"Woah!" Powerglide shouted as he narrowly dodged Treadshot's blast. "They're coming out of the woodwork today!"

2005-09-09, 08:04 AM
While in midair, Skullgrin's sword vanished into subspace and his pretender shell also. He stood, in the air, in his robot form before transforming into an assault tank.

"I have many talents. Ones that you're only about to discover"

Skullgrin dropped downwards through the air, aiming at Jetwave all the while. As he began his descent, he fired two shells directly towards Jetwave.

2005-09-09, 03:57 PM
Ultra Magnus' fuel pump dropped in the instant he saw the tail charging up with menacing energy. He knew there would be no easy way out of this, and there would need to be a sacrifice even if he was to survive. Moreover, it would take a miracle to do it, but he had to try...

With some reluctance, Magnus threw his rifle directly at Scorponok, intercepting the electrical blast as it flew. The rifle rent and melted, and the radiated heat from the energy transfer boiled the water below and singed Magnus' armor. However, the blast did no mechanical force on the flying gun, and it continued on its unaimed path in Scorponok's direction, now supercharged. Magnus was glad to at least use the distraction to regroup.

"Find anything yet, Metalhawk?" Magnus commed.


The kick came as a surprise to Piranacon, but it was not enough to disengage his combination. However, he did lose his gun and sword as he splashed sideways into the water. With a low growl that quickly progressed into a furious roar, Piranacon emerged from the water violently, throwing his hands and weight to launch a small tidal wave toward Defensor.

2005-09-09, 09:31 PM
No, not again - was Jetwave's somewhat panicked thought as he saw two barrels of Skllgrin's turret aimed at him. His chest armor was gone almost completely due to his recent reckless attempt to fight Piranacon one-to-one, and another blast in that rarea would endanger his survival again.

By instinct rather than by thought his arms crossed over his head and chest, taking the shells. This served two purposes in fact: while the explosions were taken by his less-damaged armor plates, it also brought him into position to deliver his deadly "scissors" attack on the enemy with his two swords.

Skullgrin was falling straight into the line of strike where he would be instantly cut in two pieces... Or so Jetwave thought as he initiated the attack. Unfortunately, the previous shell hit had damaged his left arm actuator and the arm moved too slowly, disrupting the strike. Even so, his right-hand sword slashed against descending enemy.

2005-09-10, 06:08 AM
Scorponok scowled as he saw Magnus's now-electrified weapon flying towards him. However, with one claw burried in the Bay's muddy bottom, there was little he could do to avoid it. The projectile arced over his head and slammed into the midpoint of his tail, discharging it's electrical charge into the nearby servomotors that allowed the tail to move and aim. The charge didn't penetrate any deeper into his body, however, because the tail section was by necessity heavily insulated against electric current.

Without even looking, the Decepticon city commander knew that his tail would be frozen in place for quite a while. Thankfully, the firing mechanisms hadn't taken any damage...although that wouldn't do much good unless Magnus was stupid enough to walk straight up to him and stand around waiting to be melted.

Not even an Autobot would be that stupid. The Decepticon considered for a moment while he levered himself back into a proper standing position. Well, maybe Grimlock...

Stalking forward, Scorponok glared towards his foe.

"For that," he said, "you die!"

With a single pump of his massive legs, he launched himself though the air towards Magnus, arms spread wide to encompass the Autobot in a deadly bear hug.

Shipyard Facility

The newly-produced drones, joined by yet more reinforcements, began assembling what appeared to be an extremely large vehicle of some sort.

2005-09-10, 08:22 AM

Skullgrin transformed into his robot mode and tried to fly upwards but it was too late. He had already slipped through most of the attack on his descent then something happened. Somehow the winds had moved him onto his back, and then the swords connected with his chest. One of them stuck into the metal while the other barely reached him at all. Skullgrin groaned in pain. He could do nothing to Jetwave at this point. He was a sitting mech.

2005-09-10, 09:43 AM
"Now I've got you" - Jetwave watched with amusement and obvious satisfaction as Skullgrin was pinned by his sword.

He returned the left-hand sword back to his wing which was folded behind him, not trusting his damaged arm to wield it anyway. The second sword he pulled from the enemy's chest.

I must kill him but I can't. It's wrong... I can feel it somehow. That's strange - I fought the enemies before and the final blow was never a hard thing to accomplish... Perhaps it was impersonal then, a shell or missile to launch at the enemy far away - and now the foe is before me and my sword must end his existence...

Or perhaps it's because of the understanding I've received a while ago... Anyway, I've got to find another choice.

"I won't kill you... But you'll hate me for that anyway" - and the sword was brought down in a calculated strike, not to disrupt the main system support but do render the actuators useless. If accomplished correctly, this strike could leave its victim an unmoving shell for a long while... Until, of course, the repair curcuits would finish the patching job, which took from five to ten breems - a long time indeed.

The blade fell swiftly...

2005-09-10, 10:56 AM
Skullgrin could sense the conflicting confusion in Jetwave. He giggled somewhat out of glee but also out of pain.
As the sword released from him he let out a roar of pain, but it stopped as did the pain.

"No, I don't hate you, I thank you."

The thrusters within Skullgrin's goot, those that could let Decepticons fly, propelled him backwards just as the sword fell. He just missed it by an nanoinch, if not less.

This is the time. The perfect moment. When the enemy has entered a state of shock, confusion. Time to strike

He removed one Slagmaker and fired one consistent bolt straight at Jetwave, all the while propelling backwards.

2005-09-10, 06:47 PM
Treadshot grinned as his intended target dodged. Apparently he had chosen a quck flyer. Good, he loved a challenge.

"See if you can dodge this Autobot!" he said as he started moving closer and fired another precise shot towards Powerglide's wing.

2005-09-10, 07:30 PM
The blade fell... but Skullgrin wasn't in its course.

Jetwave paused in amusement - for a nanobreem, not more - and then he fell himself, caught by the powerful blast from the enemy Slagmaker.

The pain was enormous... but, somehow, he managed to process his thoughts despite of it, like two independent processes. He felt that several circuits in his chest were shortcutting again, but that didn't inhbited his decision making.


The command was responded to with excruciating slowness... or so it seemed in this state, where all movements seemingly took astroseconds to be executed. The wings shifted from his back on his sides, his arms and legs merged with the torso... and a great cloud of superheated steam was blown back towards Skullgrin as the jet engines started.

The jet - large, black and green, somewhat rectangular and with unusual (for the eyes of Earth creatures anyway) proportions raised vertically from the water, stood for some time on twin columns of its exhausts then accelerared upward.

Either close combat or long-range battle. Medium ranges are not for me... not in this state, anyway.

Considering the Decepticon - he's either damaged enough so he'll be out of battle, at least for some while, or he will folow me... and will be out of battle anyway.

By the way, I can lure him deeper to the sea, where his weapons won't hurt me - in the water - and mine will...

With all this thoughts Jetwave adjusted the trajectory so he now moved not up but from the shallows to the deper parts of the sea... accidentally towards the place where Ultra Magnus and Scorponok were still locked in furious fight.

God Jinrai
2005-09-11, 03:28 AM
"Afraid so, Magnus... Humans. a LOT of them. Looks like a tour group was comming through from before the cons struck... I'll do what I can, but they're down below the surface... "

Hawk's armor began to illuminate the chamber... dozens of humans... from children to borderline elderly stood and sat in the chamber... some trapped under debris... others too terrified to move.

"Take it easy folks... help's at hand."

Hawk started over to a woman who's child had his leg trapped under a cross section of piping... and with little effort bent the pipe away to free the lad.

"You're... you're not one of us, are you?" the young boy asked

"If by that you mean I'm not part of the tour group... then you're right, kiddo." hawk shot back... as much as he wanted to calm those present, he had to get everyone free first... and check for injuries as well.

2005-09-11, 06:41 AM
Powerglide spun through the air, narrowly dodging the second blast by Treadshot. It took all of his concentration and agility to keep avoiding these blasts, he had no time to fire back.

2005-09-11, 10:16 AM
Skullgrin was thrown backwards by the gust of air and steam even more so that he was before. He later transformed into his tank mode and hit the ground.

If I go to him, he will have the advantage. No. I cannot do that

He fired another round of shells towards Jetwave. He knew a long range battle could me more difficult, but Skullgrin thought that it was what had to be done.

2005-09-11, 08:38 PM
Ha! He can't even fly to follow me! - Jetwave exclaimed to himself as he rose into the air and Skullgrin hadn't followed him.

But, unfortunately, he can fire - Jetwave's sensors detected two blasts from within the steam cloud and automatically adjusted his course so the shots whistled overhead.

He scanned the waves under him.

If the sea is deep enough I should submerge and attack from under the surface. That's my primary advantage, after all!

He turned the engines off, folded his wings and continued his flight, losing speed and altitude with each nanobreem. At last, he dropped into the sea, raising a curtain of water around the place of his impact.

After a short while the surface was clear again. Not a mark betrayed the submarine that lurked underneath preparing its deadly weapons to strike...

2005-09-11, 11:26 PM
Treadshot grinned as his opponent dodged a second blast and let loose firing three shots in diffirent areas trying to box Powerglide in. The little mini-bot was well worth Treadshot's effort.

2005-09-12, 10:12 AM
Hmm. It would seem brute force is now required once again

The Pretender shell covered Skullgrin in an instant, revealing the white monster. Quickly its hands moved and it took out the Slagmakers again but then he combined them, making a double barrelled cannon.

He aimed it at Jetwave and began running towards him at the fastest speed he could. He then fired but continued running.

2005-09-12, 11:13 AM
Treadshot's blasts did indeed box Powerglide in. If he wanted to ever return fire, he was going to have to take one of these blasts full on. He spun between the three blasts, preparing himself for what was to come.

2005-09-12, 07:27 PM
Skullgrin's laser blasts aimed at Jetwave succeeded only in making two more pillars of steam to rose from the water as their energy was absorbed and dissipated.

"You can't get me while I'm down here" - a taunting signal from Jetwave came to him - "but I can get you!"

Two more black slick deadly projectiles emerged from the water ans split: one Granite missile aimed itself directly at Skullgrin while the other one rose high to the sky and then started to descend.

2005-09-12, 11:02 PM
Though he'd had a moment to get back to his feet and recalibrate his gyroscope, Ultra Magnus had no time to prepare for Scorponok's surprisingly agile pounce. He could only throw his arms in front of him, in the hope of putting an obstacle in the way of Scorponok's hold, before the enemy's great weight fell on him and crashed him back into the water again.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-13, 12:37 AM
Brawn's tire burst but that didn't stop the jeep from barreling forward.

"Gonna have to do better than that!" He yelled a moment before impact.

2005-09-13, 05:11 AM
"The water! The humans!" First Aid and Streetwise's minds were running along the same thought line as they registered Piranacon's attack.
Defensor's facial features turned from pain to a look of horror as the combiner realized the wave force traveling toward him. Quickly, he grabbed two sizeable pieces of demolished bridge and braced himself to break up the flow of the wave to prevent it from hitting the opposite shore.

As the spray surged up and broke, Hot Spot forced a line of thought to the others. "Take offensive position and force him away!"

With quickening speed, Defensor moved in to close on Piranacon.

2005-09-13, 11:51 AM
Skullgrin stopped. He seen the missiles come at him and waited. A devilish grin smirked across his face.

The missiles came directly at him but he jumped at the last nanosecond. The descending missile could not change its course and it collided with the other. Skullgrin's jump didn't work too well though.

The blast through him into the air. His systems were going crazy, his shell program adding more violent thoughts to his head to keep him going. The blast propelled him just enough so that he was able to land on Jetwave.

The pain was in his legs. They were slow to response while he was in the shell but he decided to bear with it.

"And now Autobot, I can get you!", he screamed , firing the cannon.

2005-09-13, 06:31 PM
Not again!!!

Jetwave was irritated beyond measure as Skullgrin landed on his deck, half-washed by the water, and fired right under his feet. This time the twin laser shot penetrated the armor and a stream of water began to flow Jetwave's inner cabin.

I'm just about to be out of tricks - he thought gloomily. Left arm's damaged, armor's holed, no conventional weapons to shoot him back... Just great!

In desperate attempt to damage the enemy he surfaced (wincing inwardly as two more holes in his armor were inflicted by Skullgrin's fire) and initiated his Monitor mode transformation. Two sides of a turret which hoisted his prime guns shifted from back to forward, closing around the conning tower... and pinning Skullgrin between them in process.

That was what Jetwave wanted to achieve. The servos whined inside him, trying to finish the transformation... and to squeese the obstruction that prevented it.

That's what it means being innovative, isn't it? - he asked himself, unsure of the enemy's next move.

2005-09-13, 08:10 PM
Shipyard Facility

The drones' work was complete. Hundreds, if not thousands, of them stood in a line, slowly entering the large object that they had built. The object, a transport ship, was likewise complete; it's engines were idling, and it would be ready for takeoff as soon as the drones were done filing aboard.

One of them, the chief drone, send a short burst transmission to their master.

Seconds later, the transport lifted off the ground and blasted off towards space.

Below the Golden Gate

Magnus's arms only deflected Scorponok's leap a little, but it was enough. Instead of slamming head-on into the large Autobot and wrapping him in a death grip, he felt his legs slam into his foe's chest. He flew over-top of the Autobot before splashing down into the water.

As he came down, the chief drone's signal reached him. He nodded gravely, then glanced up at Magnus.

"Another time, Autobot."

Activating his comlink, he sent a message to his troops.

"Decepticons, defeat your foes if you can, then disengage and return to the Nemesis! We have what we came for!"

2005-09-13, 09:37 PM
What the...

Jetwave's sensors brought him the picture of the Decepticon ship rising up to the air.

It's enormous!

He was accustomed to seeing big targets but that ship was huge even for his standards!

It's now or never!

He cancelled the transformation to Monitor (Skullgrin fell free from the unclenched parts of the turret but that didn't stopped Jetwave) and transformed into his jet mode! Blasting off, he launched four more Granite missiles - all of them at the bulk of Decepticon ship.

"To all Autobots: this is emergency. A large Decepticon ship being detected! Am engaging!"

And with that signal Jetwave activated his secondary thrusters to catch the fleeing enemy.

There's not many Autobots able to go orbital so easily - he reflected to himself as overdrive was laying additional strain on his systems. Jetfire, Cosmos and me... Feels it's up to me now, isn't it?

"I would appreciate some backup! With real firepower!" - he transmitted to Ultra Magnus as he ascended further.

Oh, what would I give now for just one special shell... The nuclear one... No luck, I' lacking even the conventional ones anyway. Let's fight with what I have!

And four more Granite missiles were launched as the missiles of the first wave closed on target.

2005-09-13, 10:27 PM
Piranacon growled as Defensor managed to stop his assault. He was becoming quite perturbed with his foe, but the order had come in to retreat. With frustrated fury, Piranacon spiked the water and transformed into the Seacons' creature modes.

"Next time you die, Autobot!" Snaptrap cried back as he led the others in swimming off.


Ultra Magnus pushed himself up from the bay once more, the water and plankton dripping off his battered form as he came upright. His optics stayed on Scorponok coldly even as he peripherally watched the emerging ship in the distance. Now he saw, and now he realized that he had failed. His failure, however, betrayed Scorponok's sincerity in the gesture.

"Autobots," Magnus commed to his team. "Allow the Decepticons to retreat, but keep them busy until they're away from the city. I don't want them leaving us any going away presents. Powerglide, Metalhawk, Jetwave, take down that ship!"

Magnus raised his arm and fired off a missile at the transport's disappearing form, but he wagered even the entire team's firepower would not bring it down. Nevertheless, he needed to try.

2005-09-14, 12:47 AM
Powerglide grunted in annoyance. His duel with Treadshot would have to wait. At least he didn't have to take a direct shot to make any headway in the fight. He peeled off and accelerated towards the shuttle.

God Jinrai
2005-09-14, 02:43 AM
Hawk grunted at magnus' order.. he'd managed by this point to get everyone to the surface of the prison... but he wasn't keen on just leaving them behind either...

"Folks... I need you to trust me... close your eyes... and count backward from ten to one... "

Most did as they were asked... save for a young boy. He looked up at hawk, inquisitively, and asked what the others were either afraid to ask or knew better than to ask..

"Are...are you gonna kill us?"

Hawk's face showed shock. Plain and blatant shock.

"No,... I'm not one of those guys that's about to get away... but I have to go after them. And I can't take off with you and everyone here looking... the light from my jets would burn your eyes, kid."

Content with his anwer, the child closed his eyes...most of the way.

"TRANFORM!" Hawk shouted, leaping skyward, and shunting the shell... Converting into the super-fighter jet that was his alternate mode.

The young boy was the first to open his eyes.. "It wasn't THAT bright! GO GET EM!"

Hawk chuckled to himself as he pushed his afterburners to maximum... " Magnus, we have one shot.. And those missiles that Jetwave just fired aren't likely gonna reach that thing in time. I can make orbit before that THING breaks the atmosphere... but if anyone comes after me, there's no way I can stop it. It'll take an attack I haven't used in a LONG TIME to stop it, and I have to have complete focus to use it... It's up to you to keep everyone clear... and company from getting to me."

Hawk pulled into a 45 Degree climb... and could feel the wind and heat rushing over his metallic skin.

"Ten seconds till sub orbital... Nine.... Eight.....Seven.."

2005-09-14, 04:03 AM
"Hot Spot, they're leaving- you need to disengage." First Aid's mindset brought his concern for the damaged Protectobot leader forward in Defensor's mind.

"We have to go after them now!"
Blades' input was instantaneous and demanding, but Streetwise cut him off.
"No, our speed is too slow. We can't catch them! It's the Escape from Alcatraz all over again."

Groove remained in a listening and accepting mode. He didn't need to wait long however.

Hot Spot broke the connection with the group, letting the non-flying members of the team fall into the ocean. Only Blades remained airborne.
"Blades, fire now! Give them something to speed up their exit!"

Streetwise yelled after the rapidly moving chopper. "Shoot left! There's a current that'll drag your shot otherwise!"

Without hesitation, Blades tried to hone in on the Decepticons, scowling at the distance he had to keep to fire at them. He fired off two 'smart missiles' at the disappearing Seacons.

2005-09-14, 08:50 AM
Not staying to see if her bullet hit (and knowing that in hand to hand combat Brawn probably would win), Nightracer followed Scorponok's order and retreated.

2005-09-14, 10:32 AM
"Autobot. Soon we will meet again and I, Skullgrin, will destroy you!"

With that, Skullgrin holstered his Slagmakers and nodded at the order to retreat. He swept himself up into the air and began his trip back to base.

2005-09-14, 09:49 PM
Powerglide was probably one of the most agile transformers in existance. He was also probably one of the most over-confident in his abilities, but as he shot through the air past the gestalts and the large (compared to him) warrior bots, past huge Scorponok and mighty Ultra Magnus, he couldn't help feel like a flea biting at a dog. But he did what he could, and opened up against the large transport with his machine guns.

God Jinrai
2005-09-15, 02:10 AM
"Three.. Two... One.... Sub orbital flight achieved. TRANSFORM!"

Hawk shifted into his robot mode once more, drawing his titanium saber.

" Well... let's hope I still can do this..." he muttered

"Powerglide, Break off your attack, and clear all airspace along the following vector!"

Hawk made the calculations, and transmitted the vector to Powerglide

"Primus... Give me strength!" he bit out to a god who could no longer hear him.

energy began to gather within his body... the blade of the titanium saber grew bright white...

" Prepare yourselves, SCUM!" Hawk shouted

The titanium saber disappered, replaced by a white light...


Hawk lobbed the seemingly small object of light at the incomming vessel... and as it closed the distance... the arrow grew in size... growing into a blade of light about hawk's own size.

" I hope powerglide got that escape vector cleared... or we're going to have some SERIOUS trouble if this misses."

2005-09-15, 05:45 AM
The departing transport made no attempt to avoid the incoming attacks. Nor did it make any attempt to return fire on those who were attacking it. Unfortunately (for the Autobots, at any rate), it didn't do either of those things because it simply didn't need to. The vast majority of the incoming attacks were effortlessly absorbed by the ship's shields.

Only Metalhawk's attack carried any real weight. The blazing sword of energy slammed into the shields and knocked the ship significantly off-course. However, the vessel's drone pilots managed to keep it on-course as it rose into the upper atmosphere.

Were one lucky (or unlucky, depending on your persepective) enough to be aboard, they would have heard the telltale whine that heralded the hyperdrive engines' startup sequence.

Scorponok fired several shots into the ground at Magnus's feet, not even trying to hit the Autobot anymore.

Bidden by it's master, the Decepticon city commander's shuttle rose out of the water. Skimming the waves, it headed towards Scorponok.

2005-09-15, 12:13 PM
Powerglide veered off along the vector he had been transmitted.

God Jinrai
2005-09-15, 03:05 PM
"N...NO! It wasn't enough! BLAST IT!"

Hawk abruptly drew his Jet Rifle, and opened up on the incomming shuttle... but at this point, desparation wasn't going to stop that thing from escaping...

"Magnus, it looks like I won't be able to stop this thing... orders?"

2005-09-15, 05:42 PM
Though the Seacons were fast in the water, they had difficulty outmaneuvering Blades' missiles. The first exploded harmlessly on Snaptrap's massive shell, leaving only scorchmarks as souvenirs. The second hit the already injured Nautilator in the side, blasting off two of his legs and drawing a pained cry from the lobster. Overbite grumbled and doubled back to assist his flailing comrade.

"Idiot," Overbite muttered as he grabbed Nautilator's claw with a talon and swam off after the others.

Tentakil hissed back at the Protectobots and fired a pocket of ink into the water, obscuring the pursuers' view of their escape.


Ultra Magnus barely bothered to lift his feet to dodge Scorponok's blasts. He knew the round had ended, and any ill will at this point was simply a formality. Magnus backpedaled through the water, glancing between the bay and his opposite number as he scoured for the remains of his weapon.

"Autobots, break off attack on the ship. Focus on getting the rest of the Decepticons out of the population zone. Hot Spot, when Piranacon is clear, I need you to spearhead the human rescue efforts."

2005-09-15, 06:43 PM
Jetwave watched in awe as his missiles evporated as they touched the Deceticon ship's field. He was so awed that didn't noticed as MetalHawk ascended behind him.

So, when the ship and Jetwave in close pursuit reached the orbit, MetalHawk was there already and initiated his superpower attack... which failed.

Wow... this new generation can get to orbit faster than I do... A strange feeling of being outclassed came to him... Then, with some deep satisfaction, he watched the spectacular fireworks as the energy saber collided with the shields - to no awail.

"Nice powermove" - he transmitted to MetalHawk. "Too bad about the result, though..."

As he watched the ship and pondered launching more missiles - just for the good measure - Jetwave received Ultra Magnus's orders about the evacuation.

The battle's over, and we're hardly victorious... - he told himself gloomily, made a roll and let the gravity carry him down to now-deserted battlefield...

God Jinrai
2005-09-15, 08:59 PM
Hawk scowled inwardly

" I've not had to use that attack since the early days of the cybertronian wars... thus, I lost something in it. I wasn't able to gather the energy that it normally would consume..." he replied to Jetwave

He then recieved Ultra Magnus' orders

"Understood, Magnus... I'm comming down."

Hawk shifted into his jet-mode and seemed to drop like a rock... nose perpendicular with the earth below... but pulled out at about 8000 feet, quickly bleeding off speed in a series of turns and corkscrews.

"Blast it, that should have done it! Maybe I really AM too far out of sync with the energies that Ginrai and the other "masters" can harness..."

2005-09-16, 05:13 AM
"We will see to that Magnus." Hot Spot responded quickly over his radio. He frowned as Streetwise and First Aid swam up next to him. An oil slick was spreading around him rapidly on the surface of the water.

Taking note of the situation, Groove called over his radio, "Blades - come back, they're gone."

The idea was not well received. Blades swung back and forth over the blackened water. "I got one! I can still nail the rest of them!"

Groove was patiently insistent. "We need your help here Blades. Hot Spot's injured and the humans need our help."

Reluctantly, Blades turned and flew back towards the rest of the Protectobots who were already making their way towards land.

Streetwise glanced to First Aid. "How bad is the damage?"

First Aid shook his head as they began to climb out. "Not too bad, but problematic. I think I can patch it within a few minutes once we're out of the water.

Hot Spot nodded as they climbed out. "Then do what's needed. The rest of you, Blades, Streetwise, start with the bridge. Groove, tend to the shoreline and the humans there."

2005-09-16, 03:20 PM
Powerglide swerved back towards the battle...

2005-09-16, 05:38 PM
Treadshot headed out back towards the Nemesis, before leaving however he sent a short transmition to Powerglide, "That was some good flying, next time though I won't miss.[/b]

With that he began withdrawing.

2005-09-16, 09:02 PM
Jetwave descended, decreasing his speed so he won't be burned by air drag. At last he identified the familiar outline of a bridge, now damaged, under him.

Nearing the bridge, he transformed in mid-air, entering the water in his robot form.

It's here somewhere and I'll find it. Can't let a good missile go to waste - he thought as he scanned the bottom for the Granite missile he disabled by Ultra Magnus's orders.

I'll find it and I'm gonna have a little talk to Magnus. It seems the Autobots on this planet definitely lack in organisation... Perhaps an advice or two from my experience on Aqua would be helpful.

His sensor registered a metal object not far ahead.

"A-ha, here you are!" - he said to himself then stopped suddenly. "What???"

A bus filled with dead humans was lying on his side on the bottom. Jetwave shrugged his shoulders at the sight.

"Just some more casualties. Nothing special, after all." - he spoke to himself aloud again.

"But where's that Unicron damned missile?"

2005-09-17, 09:49 PM

The Decepticon transport's hyperdrive engines engaged, and it disappeared.

Golden Gate

Scorponok boarded the ramp of his oncoming shuttle, then nodded once to Magnus, an almost...respectful gesture. Then the ramp slid up, and Scorponok took the ship's controls.

The shuttle curved away from the edge of the city, diving underwater and heading back towards the Nemesis. His troops, being Decepticons, were all more than capable of flying or swimming the short distance to the base on their own power.

2005-09-17, 11:02 PM
Powerglide swooped down, transformed, and landed next to where Magnus stood. "Well, that went swimmingly." Powerglide paused a second and then sank to his knees, clutching his shins. "OWWWWW!!!" he yelled, a bit more theatrically than was necessary, for the first time noticing the damage to his lower body.

2005-09-18, 01:05 AM
Ultra Magnus' optics followed Scorponok's shuttle antipathetically until the remnants of the splash it created had passed. Never could be too sure with Decepticons... Magnus grunted with some sort of audible finality, giving Powerglide a slightly concerned glance.

"We accomplished our objective," Magnus declared to the flyer as he pulled from the water the charred and bent hunk of metal that had been his rifle. "The question is whether Scorponok accomplished his... See First Aid if your wounds are serious, Powerglide. If not, see where Hot Spot needs you. I'm afraid we have a lot of people to rescue."

Magnus turned to briefly survey the damage, giving Jetwave a crooked and disapproving glance at his display, and raised his wrist-comm to his mouth.

"Ultra Magnus calling Autobase. The Decepticons have left San Francisco, but they were succesful in launching a ship into orbit. Classification and purpose unknown. We are now undertaking preliminary rescue efforts. Over."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-18, 03:22 AM
"Hey, get back here!" Brawn transformed back to robot mode and gave up chase too the escaping Nightracer.

2005-09-18, 09:32 AM
Does that dim-spark really think I would follow his order, Nightracer thought as she put her rifle into subspace and took to the air. Flying like this had never been her favorite thing to do, but she liked swimming less.

Nightracer started to head back tot he Nemesis.

2005-09-18, 02:06 PM
At last, Jetwave has located his lost missile among the underwater debris, sunken cars and parts of the broken bridge. Taking it in his hands, he activated the subspace pocket circuit and put the missile back in storage with the others.

Surfacing back, he approached Ultra Magnus.

"I'd like to talk with you, Ultra Magnus" - he addressed the leader. "About this battle... and about our strategy, if you're interested."

2005-09-18, 03:16 PM
Powerglide got up and limped off towards Hot Spot, grumbling about his shiny new paint job being wrecked again.

God Jinrai
2005-09-18, 09:56 PM
Hawk came down on his foot boosters, hovering over the water next to magnus.

"With all due respect, We've got better things to do than talk about strategy right now. There's a seaboard and bridge that are on the verge of ruin, and it's up to US to make sure those people can get out of this damned warzone we've just made in one piece!"

Hawk was visibly angry with Jetwave at this point... the missile stunt before was one thing... the comment about the shining arrow attack was the nail in this one's coffin so far as hawk was concerned

2005-09-18, 10:20 PM
Ultra Magnus watched Powerglide hobble off relieved. Theatrical, but a trooper nonetheless. Magnus glanced to Metalhawk and Jetwave and shook his head.

"Hawk's right. I'm open to criticism, but now is not the time. There are lives in the balance. If you can fly, get airborne and take a quick aerial surveillance of the city, transmit the data to Hot Spot, and do whatever he needs of you. I take it neither of you have any pressing injuries."

Magnus subspaced the remains of his gun as he spoke and began wading through the water toward the Protectobots. He had no time for conversations, people needed him...

2005-09-18, 11:01 PM
"I do have damages and they can wait indeed." - Jetfire answered to Ultra Magnus, thinking about commander's words.

He's right and wrong at the same time. Now is the time we leave the local population to their businesses, for they surely have their own means to cope with natural disasters. If we'd waste our time on Aqua with helping the locals we'd never won!

But it seems here the Autobots do it in this unefficient way. So I should act likewise too; besides, I have the orders. But I definitely should advise Magnus later on. He'd surely understand... or, if he won't, I'll talk to Prime himself!

"Orders accepted; I'll gather the data for Hot Spot and see how I can help." - he nodded, indicating obedience, changed back to his jet mode and soared up to the skies. At 1000 feet he turned the ascent into horisontal flight and commed Hot Spot:

"Hot Spot, this is Jetwave on city surveillance mission. Am sending you a viual data stream now. Do you copy?"

The panoramic view was great - a large city, several fires where the blasts of the battle ignited some flammable stuff made by humans, damaged and demolished buildings, one of which Jetwave accounted proudly for himself, a bridge hanging askew...

"Any special objective for me?" - he asked Hot Spot as the circle was completed and a full panorama of the city was acquired.

God Jinrai
2005-09-18, 11:18 PM
"Negative, Magnus... I'll go attend to those fires that are out in the open..."

Metalhawk transformed into jet mode, rocketing skyward... there was a strip about five blocks long... building stability was moderate at worst... strong enough to handle what he was planning. The windows of those buildings were all cleared out...

"Hotspot, I'm making a pass over the Sunset strip... a few fires up here, but if you can get the area cleared of humans, I think a sonic boom might be enough to just blow them clean out."

2005-09-19, 07:49 AM
Powerglide walked (limped) up to Hot Spot. "Well? What now?"

2005-09-20, 03:36 AM
Magnus nodded approvingly as the others got to their duties. He was glad to see some measure of efficiency among his troops, even if the task that spurred them to it was so grisly as rescuing humans, or worse, taking body counts...

"All right, Hot Spot," Magnus called as he closed the gap through the knee-deep bay. "What do you need me to lift?"

2005-09-20, 05:27 AM
Hot Spot stood up with a quick glance to the damaged side that First Aid had been patching, then turned to Powerglide and motioning for the medic to tend to the jet.

"First Aid will see to your injuries first. Once he's given his okay Powerglide, you can assist Groove with the shoreline damage repairs. Use the crumbled concrete in the water to stabilize the shoreline at the places where the heaviest damage happened."

First Aid knelt down and ran a diagnostic scanner near Powerglide's knees. "Medical readings are damaged joinings, some bearings and pivot damage, scored hydraulic lines and damaged epidermal tissues as well. But, you'll be good to go once I patch up the tissue holes. Once we get back, I can finish the repairs.


Hot Spot clicked over to his radio. "Ultra Magnus... Streetwise and Blades are working on the bridge supports. If you can lift and hold the understructure beams, the others can weld the risers and cement the road back into place. Jetwave, you can help Powerglide secure the shoreline to prevent road washout, and help Groove with any humans that need assistance."

2005-09-20, 03:27 PM
Powerglide nodded and sat down on a rock to await the attention of First Aid.

2005-09-20, 07:58 PM
Am I to help Powerglide or Groove? Or both of them? - Jetwave thought, irritated. I'm not a gestalt to split apart and go to several places at once!

Looking underneath he identified Powerglide and First Aid and made a decision.

If Powerglide's busy I'll get to Groove - simply enough!

Jetwave's scanners located the Protectobot below and he descended, transforming in his usual manner and impacting the ground in robot form already. But now this trick was painful to him - the damaged servos whined protestingly in his chest and joints, and the light in he facial slit disappeared for a nanobreem... but came back soon, amber-yellow.

Whoops... I'd better be careful next time - he reminded to himself and addresed the Protectobot:

"Hello Groove! I was sent here by Hot Spot to help you in securing the shoreline... Whatever it means! It's not like anybody is attacking it now, anyway" - it was a sorry joke indeed but better then nothing.

The tall figure of Jetwave - black and green, battle-scarred - towered impressively over the slender Protectobot.

"So, what's to do?"

2005-09-22, 02:55 AM
Groove had been pushing a cement mixer backwards towards a washed-out area of road when Jetwave approached.

"Heh - noone's attacking it 'cept the water. Glad to have a hand though Jetwave!" Groove replied quickly and amiably as he motioned toward the eroding banks that were closing in on the road - threatening to wash away the foundation.

"That's the worst of it - I think if we get that there done up, the humans can look after the rest of the damage themselves."

The smaller Protectobot knew that Jetwave's size and strength could easily stabilize the ground long enough to repair it.


First Aid checked Powerglide's gauges and readings carefully and then smiled as he took out a magnetic tool. A small adjustment and a slight click later he stood up and clapped the jet on the shoulder.

"You'll be fine now until we get back to base, Powerglide. When we get back, I'll finish the rest of the repairs."


"Hold that riser steady Blades!" Streetwise called as he shoved at the leaning metal beams, trying to push them back into place under the damaged bridge.

Blades' foul mood turned even darker as his feet slid and grated across the submerged concrete. "Trying! There's nothing to brace against!"

"Hey, hey! Easy Blades. We'll get it done." Streetwise clipped his own impatience and then added quietly to himself, 'Somehow'.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-22, 02:57 AM
"Magnus, are the Decepticon's running like scolded dogs or what?! I didn't get to bash any heads!" Brawn said somewhat angerily.

2005-09-22, 03:46 AM
Powerglide flexed his leg experimentally, a pained look on his face. His face relaxed and he said "oh...that's much better." He hopped up and down a couple of times, and then ambled off to assist Groove with the shoreline damage repairs.

2005-09-22, 03:58 AM
Groove saw Powerglide coming and flashed a grin.

Oh yeah - extra help!

"Powerglide- can you help me pour the cement to hold the ground in place while Jetwave keeps it from moving?"

2005-09-22, 01:39 PM
"Like that?" - Jetwave asked Groove, jumping in the water and pushing a mass of mud and stones back to the shore. "It's easy enough! Am I doing it right?"

Strange indeed. Looks like that Autobot actually enjoys working for the humans' sake! By the name of Primus - he's not a Constructicon, what's in it for him?

All Autobots on this planet are so caring about humans, so protectful of them... Perhaps... perhaps they're right and I'm wrong? But they're still here, on this planet, and the Decepticons are giving them one beating after another, while on Aqua we implemented another tactics and won with it?

I must talk to somebody about it. To Ultra Magnus or Prime himself. Else I won't be able to understand anybody here at all.

And he pushed the earth and stones even further.

2005-09-22, 03:46 PM
Powerglide helped Groove pour the cement.

2005-09-22, 05:39 PM
Ultra Magnus began the long wade deeper into the bay, giving no attention to the fairly significant wounds he had received battling Scorponok or the continual stinging the intruding salt water gave him...

"Sorry, Brawn," he called back over his shoulder. "Maybe next time. For now, there's a bridge that could use some hands to fix."

As Magnus made his way into the waist-deep water below the bridge, he dug his feet into the floor for traction, lifted his hands above his head, and forced the heavy bridge back up approximately into place. He didn't betray any signs of how much physical stress the operation was, but he certainly hoped Streetwise and Blades worked fast...

2005-09-26, 06:34 PM
(ooc: 4 days without a post in this thread! What's going on? Get a move on, people!:D )

Powerglide moved down the shoreline, pouring cement, and trying hard not to get any on his (scratched, dinged, banged up) nice paint job.

2005-09-27, 04:29 AM
Ooc - Sorry Zisteau! There's a bunch that happened for me this weekend (injured critters, funeral, all sorts of stuff) and the whole staff has also been making preparations for midterms. A little haphazard posting now will mean a smoother flow later (I hope) ;) We'll work on wrapping this section up now.

"Got it Magnus!" Streetwise called loudly as he welded and fused the beams in place. Blades did likewise on the other side and waved back with a bored look to show he was finished as well.

"That about patches everything up here." Groove looked up at Powerglide and Jetwave as he commed Hot Spot. "The humans ought to be able to take care of the rest themselves now Hot Spot - we're done."

"Way to go." The response came quickly as Hot Spot finished pushing a barge back into position and surveyed the work. "Great job everyone. Ultra Magnus, we're done."

"I'm not." First Aid motioned quickly at the field commander out in the water. The medic's sharp optics hadn't missed the pained expression on the damaged autobot.

"We've got to get him where I can repair those injuries before the salt starts to compromise his inner functions."

Hot Spot nodded. "On board, on the way back First Aid. Let's get a move on then."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-27, 05:33 AM
Brawn dropped under the bridge with Magnus.

"Let me give you a hand with this one Magnus!"

2005-09-27, 04:20 PM
"E-eh... wait, guys! Will somebody care to patch this before I'll be carrying you all back to base?" - Jetwave exclaimed angrily pointing at his ruined chest armor plate.

As all work here's done - it should be time for a quick repair, at last! Or do they expect me to do it in my condition?

"The holes can wait but do something with the circuitry inside, please" - he continued looking directly at First Aid. "It's shorting all over and I have a difficulty with left arm actuator."

And while they'll be patching up Magnus I'll try to talk to him.

God Jinrai
2005-09-27, 10:46 PM
having dealt with the fires via his sonic boom, Metalhawk, floated down to magnus and the others...

" Well... the certainly did a number this time, didn't they..." hsi face was grim, and there were visible signs of anger... anger at himself for not being here to do something about it sooner.

2005-09-28, 03:36 AM
Having been a distance off from the big jet, First Aid hadn't seen the damage he had sustained.

"Oh gosh! That is severe!"
First Aid motioned Jetwave over to a parking lot as he pulled out his tool kit. "Over there. I can take care of that now, Jetwave. Afterwards, I'll take care of Ultra Magnus."

2005-09-28, 09:44 AM
"Thanks" - Jetwave replied to First Aid in more calm mood.
"On Aqua, we used to contend with the battle damage until base repair... We hadn't field medics among us and that cost a number of good 'Bots, too."

He layed down and allowed the medic to lift his chest plate (or what remained of it) and get to the core circuits.

"But here it seems unreasonable to rely on damaged systems while it can endanger the others."

Jetwave tried to get a look inside his opened chest but was unable to bent his neck that way. Instead, he continued with his talk:

"I just don't recommend you, guys, trying to stay inside me in my submarine mode. The hull's breached in several places and internal chamber is filled with water almost momentarily.

Or some of us are 'Bots who like to be drowned, eh?" - he chuckled to himself.

2005-09-29, 03:58 AM
Magnus lowered his hands slowly and with a soft groan. He was pleased to see that the damage done had been repaired easily enough; the Protectobots were good for that. He gave Brawn a thankful but commanding nod.

"I think we've done as much as we can here. Let's get back to Autobase."

He began wading through the water once more, this time toward the end of the bridge and the parking lot where First Aid was repairing Jetwave.

2005-10-01, 09:52 PM
Powerglide leapt into the air, transforming somewhat stiffly, and flew off for Autobase.

God Jinrai
2005-10-02, 03:39 PM
frustration had been building up in Metalhawk since he arrived in san-fran... flying over the water toward the shoreline, he made his way toward the main office of Seiber-Trahn inc... where he would likely find his second in command sitting smugly in HIS office... in HIS chair... abusing HIS PEOPLE.

Hawk shifted back to his human form several blocks from the office, and continued to walk the rest of the way. arriving at the building, he entered, and was shocked to see that the secretary he'd personally selected for duty in the main lobby was not there... she'd been replaced... and apparently not even hawk's direct orders could be considered viable right now.. heading for the elevator, hawk began to fume. it was then the new secretary, a red-headed woman who may as well have been out of some adult movie, stopped him, asking, "Excuse me, sir, but do you have an appointment?"

Hawk turned his head to her, his face calm, but his eyes cold as ice.

" As a matter of fact I do. I've got an appointment, alright. An appointment to FIRE my CEO. and while I'm at it, call ms. bristow, and inform her she can have the rest of the day off paid, but I'll need her back in tomorrow. and by the way... YOU're fired as well."

The red-head's eyes widened, realizing just who hawk was.

"Y...yes sir, Mr. Hawkwing, sir..."

Hawk had never really liked the full last name his earth form had taken, but all the same, it worked. The elevator arrived on the top floor, and hawk emerged, power-walking down to his office's main doors, only to find two seemingly armed guards.

" Great. How much is he paying you bozos to keep me out?"

The two were silent, arms crossed.

"Alright, tough guys. Let me do you a favor. I'll cut you some slack this time. I'll double your pay for the day, and consider bringing you on as security detail, but I'm not going to be stopped from firing my CEO."

The man on the right stepped away, realzing what was being offered, and the potential consequences of denying Michael Hawkwing something that he asked them to do. The second however, still stood adamant, not budging.

"Hey, you there. what's your name?"

" Luke. "

"Think you could convince your friend here to let me into my office?"

"I'm afraid not, sir... at this point, the only way we can get you in there...is this way."

Luke lurched at the second guard, spearing him in the side.

"Thanks. I'll see to it you get your spot on the security team, luke. and a nice pay rate to boot." Hawk smiled at him as he opened the door.

His office... was more or less devoid of his personal effects. years of work, and then some, were gone. likely thrown out by his second.

" You really think you can just barge in here and fire me, Michael?"

the man in the chair turned to face him. a middle aged man, blonde hair, blue eyes... and a slight german accent.

" I knew it was a mistake to bring you on from the beginning, Schroder... And yes. I CAN just fire you. "

" I think not, Michael. I've more or less replaced your entire staff here, there's no one here that's loyal to you anymore. So you see, I hold all the cards in this game."

"Funny... In Uno, holding no cards means I WIN, Schroder. "
With a simple shout, Luke came into the office, grabbing up Schroder, and tossing him out. On the way to the door, Michael made one final comment.

" Try to destroy what I've built again, Schroder, and you'll be in for an even rougher time next I see you."

Hawk sat down at his desk... the only thing in the office of his personal effects that remained. picking up his phone, he began the long task of getting ahold of his personell again... looking up at luke, he spoke while the phone was ringing.

"Luke, would you be so kind as to get on the intercom and inform the personell in this building that are not currently under direct employment from Michael Hawkwing that they are fired, and as such, need to leave?"

"Done sir." Luke spoke with a slight smile. "I think this is the beginning of a fantastic work relationship, Mr. Hawkwing. I look forward to workin' for you."

The large black man headed out the door, and no sooner did he do so than the phone picked up.


"Pepper, how are you?"

"M...Michael? Boss? I thought you..."

"No... Schroder lied. I need you back here as soon as you can... and I'll gladly give you triple pay for the rest of the day, but we need to get ahold of the rest of the old staff and get them back here as soon as possible. San Francisco's gonna need some serious disaster relief, and I want to be first in line."

"You got it, boss."

Pepper hung up, and michael sighed to himself.

opening his internal comm, he radioed magnus.

"Ultra Magnus, This is Metalhawk. I'm going to stay behind here in San Francisco... I just had to deal with an attempt at a take-over, and I think my company could provide a great deal of funding for disaster relief.... "

2005-10-02, 06:43 PM
Jetwave stood up admiring the completed repair job by First Aid.

"Excellent!!! Unbelievable!!! I just hadn't realised..." - his joints creaked - "how many holes were in me!!! Thanks, friend, and... anytime... well.. you know what I mean..."

Without having finished he transformed abruptly into his Shuttle mode and lovered the exit ramp.

I don't know what to say to them. They're unefficient, they lack ruthlessness and purpose... but they do care for each other the way we never did on Aqua...

I don't believe it. Was I brought here for this? To understand that there can be something more than victory?

I don't understand. But I will.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-03, 04:12 AM
Brawn jumped into the water and followed up behind the large Magnus.

"When are we going to get to go on the offensive? They keep attacking and we're just waiting. It's time for us to go out and bash heads." Brawn said, hoping for Magnus to atleast partially agree.

2005-10-04, 09:27 PM
Magnus continued on, the water splashing and dripping from his frame as he emerged more fully from the water with every step taken. He contemplated Brawn's words silently for a moment - he was one Magnus could always trust to speak frankly, even when it may border on dissent. Magnus glanced down at the Minibot with a sigh as he came to the shore.

"You may be right, Brawn. I'll discuss the matter with Prime when we're back."

He cut himself short at Metalhawk's transmission and clicked on his comm to respond.

"Copy that, Metalhawk. Just call if you ever need anything. All right, Autobots, let's get a move on."

Magnus transformed at rolled up Jetwave's ramp, glad that in his truck form he couldn't show his weariness...

2005-10-05, 08:58 AM
Jetwave wasn't sure if it was time to speak to Ultra Magnus now, when all Autobots frim the mission will gather to be transported back. But when Magnus transformed and tried to get inside his crew compartment he avoke from the thoughts and commed him immediately:

"Ultra Magnus, this is me, Jetwave. I've asked you to have a discussion... but this can wait.
All I want to ask you now is to open your trailer and take somebody inside. Else I'll never get you all from here, you know..."

He paused.

"And... perhaps we could have our discussion while in flight? What do you think?"

2005-10-05, 10:59 PM
Magnus stopped halfway up the ramp. Of course! In all he'd been thinking about with Brawn's suggestions, the damage done, and the Decepticons' motives, he'd forgotten that the crew certainly wouldn't fit in Jetwave as they were. He dropped his trailer ramp a bit creakily to the ground and pulled his hand brake.

"That's fine, Jetwave. All right, let's load up, Autobots."

2005-10-06, 03:04 AM
Powerglide shot towards Autobase, not waiting for the other autobots. He wanted to get repaired and get back in action as soon as possible.

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2005-10-07, 09:09 PM
Waiting for Protectobots to load into Ultra Magnus's spacious trailer, Jetwave selected the protected frequency and adressed the commander through the comm link again.

"Ultra Magnus, it's me again. It's about the battle... I understand that I've made several mistakes but so we all.

About me - I'm not fully functional, I lack ammo for my primary guns... and even if I had had it there's nothing I can really do in close combat without some accidental damage to surroundings. I prefer to act as long-range fire support or individual combat unit, after all... And I'm not accustomed to guarding the civilians.

It's the most important part of what I've got to told you. We were doing the same in the beginnig of our wars at Aqua... That cost us dearly and we were nearly losing.

It was then that Nemesis Prime, our commander, decided to change the overall strategy. He ruled that we should care for defeating the Decepticons once and for all, not for protecting the population.. First there was some dissent and some Autobots even left the planet... But in the end it proved worthy. We've won.

And, believe me or not, Magnus - the locals started to respect us better when we did so! There was a part of fear in that respect, that's granted... but they respected the power and we became that power. And they respected the winners - and us, when we became the winners.

Magnus, I'm trying to say that our team was insufficient to deal with the Decepticon forces anyway... But, by trying to think about the locals, we reduced our battle value to zero. No wonder that Decepticons got what they wanted and escaped unharmed! If we'd be killing them and not protecting the humans... Perhaps we'd won. What do you think of it?"

Exhausted by long speech, he waited for the answer.

2005-10-08, 06:50 PM
With his team loaded, Ultra Magnus pulled up his gate and chugged up Jetwave's ramp, squeezing into the jet with some effort. The voices were resounding, and they demanded the same thing - action, aggression, offense. And yet, how could he advocate such a plan? In a place such as this, that sort of tactic would have killed thousands of humans, many more than the Decepticons had. But the war could not be won this way...

"We did win, Jetwave," he replied at last. "We protected the humans. I'm a soldier; I do what Prime commands. I'll bring up the matter with him when we get back to Autobot City."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-08, 07:16 PM
Brawn was happy that Magnus had partially agreed. "Finally, we can do a little dance on their door step."

2005-10-09, 08:24 PM
"OK, I'm lifting off" - Jetwave replied to Ultra Magnus as he closed the ramp. "But I'd say this talk is not over... and I believe there's more Autobots who don't see this outcome as our victory, that's all.

I'd like to talK to Prime too, if you don't mind. Could we do it together? Or, perhaps, it would be better if each of us speak for himself?"

And, having the last word for himself, he activated the vertical trusters and lifted off, heading for the Autobase.

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2005-10-10, 11:24 PM
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