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2005-08-03, 05:15 AM
The Decepticons are on the move.

After being driven off of Cybertron by honourless Quintesson hordes, they managed to gain the upper hand over their enemies, the Autobots. After the devistation of Metroplex and the supposed death of Optimus Prime, they found themselves securely in control of the war on Earth.

Gigatron has devised a plan that will give his faction final victory over all their enemies, and his underlings quickly move to carry out his designs. Scorponok has already departed for San Francisco, while Hatemonger's strike team is poised to depart for America's Strategic Petrolium Reserve at any moment. Meanwhile, the remaining Decepticons must be vigilant against further Autobot or Quintesson attacks on their base.

2005-08-03, 06:23 AM
Mission Room B

Ratbat continued to glare at Hatemonger.

Roadgrabber fidgited slightly, eager to get the show on the road, as it were.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-03, 07:08 AM
The Predacon's entered the briefing room and looked around and smilied.

"What can we blow up?"

2005-08-03, 03:52 PM
Hatemonger looked at the Predacons.

"This mission is both of diversionary and tactical importance. We will draw the Autobots attention. Plus gather fuel at the stratigic fuel reserve. Your mission will be to crush any human or Autobot resistance we encounter." He looked at the Predacons and Cryotek.

"Cryotek you will help Ratbat with fuel extraction. Predacons you will help Roadgrabber and the other warriors with fighting the Humans and Autobots. Any more questions?" He asked.

2005-08-03, 07:05 PM
"Whats the principal point of assault?" asked Slicer , impatiently.

2005-08-04, 03:55 AM
"We have no particular goal other than to draw the Autobots from Scorpnok in San Francisco." He explained to Slicer.

"On the other hand while we are there we can gather more fuel for the Nemesis along with being a thorn in the Autobots side."

Random Sweep
2005-08-04, 04:41 AM
Tired of waiting around, Cyclonus stoof and spoke directly to Hatemonger.

" We waste time and energy as we sit here repeating the mission for every stragler. " Cyclonus growled sending a sidelong glance at Cryotek and the Predacons " We should begin now, or we shall fall behind the group that we are supposed to be diverting attention from "

2005-08-04, 07:05 AM
Mission Room B

Ratbat glanced sidelong at Cyclonus, then gave the aerial warrior an approving nod.

"Cyclonus is right," the fuel auditor said. "It would be highly inefficient to linger any further."

Salnak Devious
2005-08-04, 08:03 AM
The Predacons transformed into their robot modes showing the gorup of Decepticons their new forms, all of them had become taller because of their new bodies. Razorclaw looked at Cyclonus and nodded as well.

"Time is wasting, we have been amped up, and re-done." --- He stopped to look at Cyrotek and smilied --- "We've gone through some changes, but for the better. Now is the time to make sure that the Decepticon Empire is once again one to be fear above all others, and that lesser beings know their place. The Decepticon's will experience a rebirth, like ourselves, and it will be welcomed by few, but more importanatly, feared by all."

2005-08-04, 08:33 PM
Sunstorm entered the breifing room.

"Any small part I can play in the renewal of the Decepticon Empire"

Sunstorm put his hand over his chest and appeared to wipe a fake tear from his optics.

"Would make Sunstorm a happy little Decepticon."

He smiled at the others in the room, sparks filling around his mouth.

2005-08-05, 12:25 AM
"Ok, everyone is right lets go. Everyone board the tanker thats not flying. Sunstorm you will join Cyclonus and Triggerhappy. We leave in 10 minutes." Hatemonger said walking from the podium and leaving grabbing his Violator cannon from a wall he headed to the "Desperation" he boarded the shuttle and waited.


Cryotek looked at the flyers.

"Well I can fly." He smiled and transformed into dragon mode and headed to the shuttle bay.

Random Sweep
2005-08-05, 05:07 AM
After Hatemonger and Cryotek left the room Cyclonus stood and looked to Sunstorm.

" Keep your mouth shut and follow me " he ordered and left the room, headed towards the shuttle bay with Triggerhappy in tow.

2005-08-05, 05:13 AM
Mission Room B

Scrapper, Bonecrusher and Mixmaster filed professionally out of the room.

Ratbat followed, hissing quietly to himself.

Roadgrabber lingered a moment longer, then headed for the door.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-05, 12:04 PM
The Predacons just looked as at the Decepticons as they left the room. Razorclaw spoke once they all left.

"The first one of you that brings me that generic colored seekers wing gets a round of energon on me."

They all transformed into beast modes and headed off to the docking bay.

2005-08-05, 01:36 PM
Sunstorm smiled as he went out and followed Cyclonus.

Keep your mouth shut and follow me! Bah, he will pay for that comment one day

2005-08-06, 04:41 AM
Hangar Bay

Roadgrabber entered the Nemesis' vast main hangar bay, just in time to see Ratbat and the three present Constructicons walk up the Despiration's ramp. The Pretender did likewise, eager to drive his shell over as many unsuspecting Autobots as he could.

Salnak Devious
2005-08-06, 04:44 AM
The Predacons boarded the shuttle, transformed and sat in their seats waiting for take off.

2005-08-07, 06:39 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron glanced casually towards the large double doors as they slid open to reveal a purple, one-opticed figure. The leader beckoned him forward.

"Ah, Shockwave. Do come in. You have something you want to discuss?"

"Indeed," Shockwave replied flatly. "I have decided that it would be illogical for us to allow the Soundwave matter to remain unresolved."

"I see," Gigatron replied, his face darkening. "And how would you like me to 'resolve' it?"

"That is irrelivant," Shockwave replied. "However, it is illogical to allow him to languish in the Nemesis brig. If he is to be rehabilitated and brought back under the Decepticon banner, then we should do so while his talents may still prove useful. Alternately, if he is condemned to die his continued existance could be percieved as a sign of weakness on your part."

Gigatron nodded slowly.

"Yes. Yes, that it could."

The leader stroked his chin ominously as he considered the situation.

2005-08-08, 07:29 PM
Slicer boarded the desperations ramp, his cart following at a remote 10 metres. He clenched his fingers, and releashed the thought of crushing someones life so soon... to kill again, a sweet gift...

2005-08-08, 09:25 PM
Hatemonger looked around.

"Everyone on board. Last call for all those boarding flight 343 to the Gulf Coast." Hatemonger waited to see if there were any more Decepticons coming on board and began the ships powerup procedures.

Random Sweep
2005-08-08, 10:05 PM
Cyclonus and Triggerhappy entered the Shuttle bay and awaited the shuttles departure

2005-08-09, 11:24 AM
Sunstorm followed Cyclonus into the shuttle bay and then stood beside him grinning just to merely annoy him.

2005-08-10, 03:30 AM
Hatemonger looked at the cargo hold.

"Fliers remember you will be our escort on the way back to the Nemesis." Hatemonger said then the roar of the shuttles engines filled the room as the Desperation lifted off and headed towards it's target.


Cryotek sat down and looked at the Predacons admiring his work.

2005-08-10, 05:43 AM
Throne Room

If Shockwave had not been so eminently logical, he would have grown worried for his own safety as Gigatron's silence grew. As it was, he was simply curious to know what the leader had in mind.

"What will you do with him?" he asked bluntly.

"That is the question, isn't it?" Gigatron said. "Tell me...what would you do, in my place?"

Shockwave considered for a moment.

"It would be illogical to grant freedom to a known traitor," he said, "as he has proven himself untrustworthy. However, it would be equally illogical to dispose of an officer with such a varied skill set as Soundwave possesses. Futhermore, if you were to execute him you would have to do the same to all those Cassetticons who remain loyal to him.

"The only logical course of action would be to ensure his loyalty before releasing him. Soundwave is controlled primarily by self-interest. Therefore, I calculate a 96% chance that he would serve us loyally if we were to convince him that it served his best interests to do so."

Gigatron nodded again.

"You and I are in agreement, then."

Shockwave's optic glowed slightly brighter with curiousity.

"Indeed? Then it is logical to assume that you have considered the matter of how we would convince him that serving us was in his best interest."

"I have," Gigatron said. "If our wayward communications officer was to learn that I have had a remote explosive installed in his head, he would probably become far more complaint."

Not for the first time, Shockwave appreciated that his face wasn't designed to show emotion; if it had been, he might not have been able to conseal his surprise. As it was, he managed to surpress the emotion and say, "You have done so?" calmly.

"No," Gigatron said with a patronising smile. "If I had, he would have detected it and removed it within an hour of being released. But if he can't find one in there, he'll never be sure whether it was a lie, or whether I had something undetectable put inside."

"That is...logical," Shockwave said. "Shall I fabricate files to suggest that the surgury was carried out?"

"Please do," Gigatron said. "Then, go pay a visit to the prisoner. As someone who's been on the other side of the bars recently, you may be able to convince him that it's logical to cooperate without these...theatrics."

Shockwave nodded, then headed for his office.

Random Sweep
2005-08-10, 08:09 AM
Cyclonus frowned at Hatemongers comments,

" Why do groundpounders always have to repeat everything? " he asked no one in particular.

" Sunstorm , Triggerhappy, Transform and follow me " he ordered as he transformed and took flight

2005-08-10, 11:41 AM
"The reason, my dear Cyclonus, is that these groundpounders never trust the hired help to do the job they would never do themselves"

With that, Sunstorm transformed into a jet and began following Cyclonus yet again.

2005-08-12, 03:54 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"We will be arriving at the target area in about 10 breems. Get ready." He smiled and checked the radar to make sure the ship was on track.

2005-08-12, 06:55 AM

Ratbat stepped up beside Hatemonger and silently observed the tanker's progress.

(OOC: Let's move Hatemonger's team over to the "Other" thread. :))

2005-08-13, 01:08 AM
Nemesis: Medical Bay
Ramjet emerged from the CR chamber and stretched.

"It's about time. Feel like I've been in there forever. Humpf! Stupid CR chamber. Stupid internal damage. Stupid autobots. Stupid squishy aircraft. Stupid Vermont Barn! Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want, but know that I'll smash in anybody's face that says I........" finally noticing that he was alone in the room, "Hey! Where is everybody?!"

2005-08-13, 06:38 AM
Medical Bay

Hook stepped out from his office to see what the commotion was about, and glared at Ramjet.

"You're here again?" he asked irritably. "You know, if you stopped flying into buildings you wouldn't have to get repaired every time you step outside the base..."

The self-important Constructicon shook his head in disgust.

2005-08-13, 05:37 PM
Medical Bay
"Oh yeah?! Well if you weren't so... so... so... ummm..... ahhh....ummm...," a frustrated Ramjet tried to counter Hook, "...ahhh... Forget It! You're not worth the... umm.... effort. Yeah, you're not worth the effort!"

The scowling Decepticon's face changed to smug as he straightened up and tried to make himself appear larger than he was, feeling proud that he put Hook in his place, or so he thought.

2005-08-13, 05:48 PM
Corridors before throne room

A curious trio entered the corridor which led to the throne room. The three Insecticons - Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback - were arguing about who will speak with the leader.

"I still don't see why you think Shrapnel's the best" - Kickback said again to Bombshell. "After all, he's not the smartest among us..."

"Hey!" - interrupted Shrapnel, ofended.

"... and he could make some mistake that angers our leader so he'll suffer the consequences..."

"Exactly" - Bombshell answered plainly, hiding a smirk.

"Exactly what?"

"Exactly that it would be him who will get the brunt of our leader's anger. Don't you ever learn, Kickback?"

"Don't you dare insulting me, Bombshell! But... I see why you could be right... OK, Shrapnel will be our herald."

"Hey, do I have a saying in that?" - Shrapnel asked pathetically.

"No!" - both Insecticons replied together then Bombshell added "and shut up!"

Seeing Shockwave that exited the throne room they stepped aside making way for him. After all, none of them was so stupid to cross ways with that efficiency-obsessed maniac...

2005-08-14, 05:35 AM
Medical Bay

"Whatever you say, Ramjet"

Hook shrugged, exhasperated by the conehead but trying not to show it.

"Just try to get yourself melted, shredded or shot to pieces for the next couple of weeks, OK?"


Shockwave made no attempt to acknowledge the Insecticons as he strode down the hall to his office.

Throne Room

Gigatron's console beeped, telling him that someone was in the hall outside his door. He glanced down at his monitor.

The Insecticons, is it?

"Do come in," he said over the intercom.

2005-08-14, 10:06 AM
The Insecticons trio made their way hesitantly in the throne room. After a little commotion when two of them were pushing Shrapnel forward while he tried to get back they lined up before the throne. Shrapnel stepped aside and began to speak.

"We, the Insecticons, greet the supreme leader of all Decepticons, mighty Mega..."

Before he finished the word he was caught and gagged by his fellows who saw that an error of such size could be final for both of them. They put Shrapnel in the back rank and Kickback stepped forward.

"I humbly apologize, mighty Gigatron, for our friend's terrible mistake. We came here to pledge our unswerving loyalty to You personally and to the whole Decepticon Empire! We humbly ask for Your permission that we could get some precious energon and use it on whatever service we might provide to the glorious Decepticon cause!"

Standing at the back rank, Shrapnel didn't emitted a sound. Insead he got a big plastic card out of subspace and put it before his chest. On the card some words were crudely scribbled:


Bombshell hid the smirk again.

2005-08-14, 04:02 PM
Med Bay
Ramjet wasn't paying close enough attention to Hook to be able to understand if he was just insulted or not. Either way, he was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"Uhh... yeah... sure thing, Hook," he said, "Look I'm gonna take a walk, maybe get something to eat, and most importantly, get away from you before I have to put you into one of your own chambers."

Ramjet turned to leave taking a few steps before turning back to ask, "Ummm.... you don't happen to have a spare energon cube on you, do you?"

2005-08-15, 06:24 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron regarded the Insecticons with more than a small amount of scepticism. After all, it had only been a few years ago that the creatures had gone rogue and sold their services to the worthless fleshling Abdul Fakaddi.

On the other hand, they do make wonderful cannon fodder...

Gigatron waved his hand dismissively at the Insecticons.

"Yes, yes, of course. Head to the mess hall; once I've added you to the troop roster, the systems there will dispense energon to you. When your services are needed for a mission, one of my underlings will summon you."

He tapped at his console, changing the Insecticons' status from 'AWOL' to 'active duty'.

"Welcome back to the Decepticon Army."

Medical Bay

Hook shook his head.

"Unless you want to lie down on one of the surgical tables and have me set up an intravenous energon drip, you'll have to head to the mess hall, Ramjet."

2005-08-15, 08:33 PM
Kickback bowed down, exasperated:

"We thank You, oh allmigty Gigatron, for your benvolence, and promice to serve the glorious Decepticon Empire in any and every matter You choose, no matter grand or small!.."

All Insecticons bowed again and, not risking to turn their backs toward the leader, backed out of the throne room.

"How could you make such a mistake, you fool? Had you fried all your brains out?.." - Kisckback assaulted Shrapnel the moment they were at the hall, out of Gigatron's sight.

"I don't know!.." - Shrapnel was bending and twisting in his hands last remains of the plastic card. "I was somehow compelled to call him Megatron!.."

"You are a complete, brainless, short-circuited moronic imbecile! I'll never trust you to speak for us all again!"

"But you don't trust me anyway!.."

All the time while the two Insecticons argued Bombshell was following them in silence, deeply engrossed in his thoughts.

Was I wrong? Did he felt somehow the false bottom in our insubordination and grasping its meaning decided not to punish us? Just to think, it was a foolproof plan - he was all by himself, he had to get angry for our pranks and beat the living crap out of that idiot Shrapnel... And it would give me an ideal chance!.. Now, I'll have to start all preparations again...

Or it's all for the best and I'll be able to have a more promising target soon? Well, all I can do is wait!..

The Insecticons had entered the mess hall.

2005-08-15, 11:24 PM
Medical Bay
"Ha,ha,ha," Ramjet laughed, "intraveneuous drip, good one Hook. Well, I suppose I better go find out what's going on around here. I'm sure everyone must be missing me by now. In fact, they're probably so lost without me around, that they're beatin' their heads against the walls trying to figure out what to do. Well don't worry boys, Ramjet is on his way. See ya later, Doc, and thanks for the laugh."

With a grand wave of one arm Ramjet turned and left the Medical Bay. Once in the corridor he stopped for a moment and looked at the empty halls.

-Ooo. I sure could use a little energon right about now, but then again I should find out what's been happening whle I was recovering. Ahh, what the hell. I can find out later. Right now it's time for a little snack.-

With an air of confidence, Ramjet turned and headed to the mess hall.

2005-08-16, 05:29 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron watched the Insecticons leave, then sealed the door behind them.

Medical Bay

As Ramjet left, Hook ducked back into his office and put the finishing touches on Squeezeplay's new body.

Now, if that peon Bludgeon could only come back with the supplies I asked for...

2005-08-16, 06:36 AM
Treadshot strolled into the mess hall like he owned the place. Holding a bottle of high grade in his hand and with his companion Catgut at his side. Although susually he reserved his special stash of energon for special ocassions he was so bored right now that he knew he could definitly use some. Even with the high salary he was paid to work for the Decepticons he hated not having anything to do. He poured himself a glass of the energon and set a saucer on the floor for Catgut and began trying to think of ways to have some fun around this dump of a base.

2005-08-16, 10:52 AM
Skullgrin entered the mess hall and saw Treadshot sitting there.

"I join you"

He grabbed some energon and sat down across from Treadshot. He shuffled the energon into his Pretender body's mouth leaving traces of it around his lips which he then decided to "wash away" with his hands.

"Energon... good!"

Skullgrin had been spending too much time in his Pretender Body

2005-08-16, 07:53 PM
"He-he-he... the Insecticons are here! Cover in fear, all enemies of the Decepticon Empire!" - a screeching, whiny voice preceded Shrapnel's arrival into the mess hall.

"Shut him, Bombshell - or, by Unicron's horns, I will!" - exploded Kickback entering the mess hall too.

Bombshell, following the two Insecticons, was clearly trying not to giggle... and failing in it, as his shoulders were already spasming uncontrollably. He decided to mask his condition by going to the stand and taking some energon from the dispencer... but was stopped solid by Kickback's hand on his shoulder.

"What's so funny, Bombshell? Care to share?"

Bombshell was trapped but tried to avoid giving answers.

"I... well... It's just funny that mighty Gigatron hadn't punished that idiot Kickback for such obvious mistake... Our leader must be getting soft bit by bit..."

Too late he understood that trying to hid his intentions he let slip the words that weren't supposed to be heard. Immediately he attempted to cover the situation:

"Hey, Kickback! Look what Shrapnel's doing!"

Shrapnel was holding the saucer with energon up so Catgut had to stood up to take a lick.

"Here kitty kitty..."

"Fool, what's he doing?" - Kickback whispered not believing his optics.

2005-08-16, 10:21 PM
Treadshot nodded as Skullgrin sat down and began feasting on the enrgon. He watched amused at the Pretender's wolfish eating habits "Don't eat to quick there Skullgrin, you'll end up with a spark in your systems."

Treadshot turned as the insecticons rather loudly announced their entry and watched as two of them seemed to bicker about something. He turned just in time to notice Shrapnel's little game. Treadshot hoped for his sake that the insecticon didn't mind some pain.

Catgut stood and began to calmly drink out of the saucer. After a few sips he lashed out at Shrapnel's legs with his front paws.

Treadshot growned seeing his companion about to attack the insecticon, that saucer was still half full and it was a shame to waste the energon, but still someone needed to be taught a lesson about their superiors.

2005-08-16, 10:45 PM
After seeing what was happening Skullgrin let out a belly laugh and began devouring more Energon. His laughs made some of the Energon spurt all over the place similar to before.

"Insecticons... nothing but pests ruining good meal for little guy. Need hand here Tread?"

2005-08-16, 11:16 PM
"Hey, what was that for?!." - exclaimed Shrapnel more offended than hurt by Catgut's attack.

"You wanna have a little zap?" - electric charges leapt between his antennae, - "Well I can give you some!.."

Kickback decided it was time to act.
Shrapnel never was on a bright side but neither he was acting so stupid before. Something is terribly wrong... and I have to correct it before he'll be sent to CR chamber!

He took two steps forward, coming from behind to Shrapnel who was going to unleash his electric charge on Catgut. Then his fist struck Shrapnel's head.


Two things happened at once: Shrapnel fell, stunned by the blow, losing the grip on the saucer and spilling the energon to the floor; Kickback, engulfed by blue electric flame, was hurled to the back wall, hit it and fell down too.

Bombshell was on the verge of silent hysterics. He was holding his gut and shaking noiselessly as he watched the scene progress. But when Shrapnel fell, his expresson of purest glee disappeared and came back as deep worry. He concentrated on some internal task and, obviously, wasn't able to perform it.

Meanwhile, Shrapnel lifted his head slowly.

"Wha... Where'm I? Wha'ss happn'd t'me?.." - he stared directly into the eyes of Catgut. "Who'r'you?"

2005-08-16, 11:47 PM
"Thanks for the offer Grin but it seems they took care of it. Looks like one of the Insecticons have a brain after all." Tread said watching as the mayhem unfolded.

Catgut growled slightly at Shrapnel, then went and sat down near Skullgrin, carefully eating Treadshot's energon while he's up.

Hearing Shrapnel's question Treadshot decided to answer the insecticon. "That's my partner, I'm sure you've heard of us, the great gunslingers Treadshot and Catgut. Now then why don't you get up off the floor and replace my partner's energon since you spilled it so rudely."

2005-08-17, 02:41 AM
Ramjet walked toward the mess hall with slight grin on his face. For some reason he felt better today than he has felt in a long time.

-That Doc Hook really knows his stuff. What the..?-

Ramjet paused in the hallway and looked around.

-That's weird. Something around here is giving me the creeps. Ahh, it's probably just hunger.-

He shook off the feeling, took one last look around and then continued on toward the mess hall.

Deep within the bowels of the Nemisis a soft glow of two red lights slowly come to life.

Lord Zarak
2005-08-17, 02:30 PM
Shockwave entered his office on the Nemesis. He sat down and began the falsification of the records, showing that Soundwave did have an explosive device in his head.

2005-08-17, 07:20 PM
"Nev'r heard' em... Where's Fakkadi?" - stuttered Shrapnel.

- Who??? - blinked in Kickback's mind. He forcefully pulled himself up and staggered forward towards Shrapnel, Treadshot and Catgut.

"Excuse him, he's hurt and doesn't remember himself" - he said pulling Shrapnel back to the stand. "When he'll get well he would certainly apologise to you and your partner, but now he's got to have some rest!.." - and he pulled Shrapnel again.

"I'm jus' fine" - Shrapnel weakly protested, but Kickback pushed and pulled and get him to the safe distance from the Decepticons he insulted.

Seeing that soon he would be answering the questions he didn't wanted to Bombshell quickly relocated himself to the offended Decepticons using them as a cover.

"Let me help you!" - he insisted, taking another saucer and filling it with energon for Catgut. "That moron doesn't know his rear end from his nose and surely can't recognise such glorious warriors as you are!.." - he flattered. "Well I can tell a hero I see one - and when I saw you I had no doubt! But we've never met before, why is that?" - he moved as close to Treadshot as he could possibly get.

2005-08-18, 05:17 AM
Outside The Door Of The Mess Hall
-What is this sudden uneasiness I feel?-

Ramjet tried to shake off the strange feeling, to no avail, before passing through the door.

-Why can't I shake this? Easy Ramjet. Get a hold of yourself. It's just hunger, that's all. A few cubes and you'll be fine.-

"Yeah, right. Something's not right here and you know it," he said to himself, "Great! Now I'm talking to myself."

-Alright then, time to get some energon. That should at least take my mind off of whatever is creeping me out so badly.-

Ramjet composed himself and walked through the door surprised to see so many decepticons in the room, but not just decepticons....

"Insecticons," he said in disgust.

Deep within the Nemisis the sound of scraping metal could be heard as something shifted slowly, followed by a faint voice, "What?..... where....where am I?"

2005-08-18, 10:32 AM
Getting Shrapnel back to the wall Kickback fixed him in standing position fith a firm grip and started to interrogate his fellow Insecticons trying to be quiet as possible to attract minimal attention.

"What do you rememer? Tell me!"

"C'bombya... fight..." - Shrapnel's voice was uneven but steadying with each second.

"And then?"

"Dunno... Where am I?"

"It's Nemesis, the underwater Decepticon base. We came here to pledge allegiance to Gigatron."


"Our leader, you brainless beetle! You almost called him Megatron!"

"Did I?"

"Yes you did! And then you were standing with some stupid card in your hands like a moron! Remember?"

"...No" - the answer was hesitant but firm. "But... there was something like a dream, a show I was watching..."

"As I expected" - summed up Kickback, his worst fears proved. "You was under brain control."

"What? Impossible! My electroshock system would scramble any such signal!!!"

"Well, keep your defence up then" - replied Kickback wearily. "And if you see I'm acting weird don't hesitate to give me a shock. I don't wanna to become a puppet to that bastard Bombshell!" - he glared hatefully at the third member of their team who was talking to Treadshot.

2005-08-18, 04:25 PM
"Why my dear Bombshell, I'm actually quite shocked you've never heard of me. Perhaps your time on Earth scrambled your circuits. At the time I had stayed on Cybertron hunting down rogue Autobots who presented threats for Shockwave." Treadshot said. "Even on those missions however I tended to work alone. I can tell you about them if you like."

Catgut drank some of the energon from the bowl and watched Bombshell looking for any sign of a trick. He might not know of Treadshot but Catgut knew of one of his tricks at least and he had no intention of allowing his partner or himself to come under that things control. Catgut looked at Skullgrin trying to get his attention then looked meaningfully at the insecticon invading their space. It was time to take out the garbage, he thought.

Lord Zarak
2005-08-18, 04:30 PM
ooc- I hope no-one has any problem with assuming that when the Deceps ended up at the nemesis that Overlord was with them.


Overlord was bored.

No action, either through a lack of Autobots to crush or any insignificant Decepticon who happened to be in his way.

Storming around the Nemesis was the only thing that was keeping him out of trouble- almost. Aimlessly walking around with a frightful scowl that even Gigatron wouldve been wise not to meet, kicking and banging walls, he resigned himself to a few more hours of boredom combined with anger. Not a very good mix.


Shockwave's office.

In piecing together the falsified reports regarding Soundwave's head, it occured to Shockwave that reports alone would not be enough to convince the now ex-communications officer. A web of deceit was needed, a web that Soundwave himself would be proud of. With the plans needing Gigatron's approval he rose, left, and headed towards his leaders office.

On his way there he felt, and heard, the reverberations of Overlords almighty roar.

Illogical, and unnecessary.

He arrived a few minutes later, and rang the bell.

2005-08-18, 06:15 PM
Skullgrin looked at Catguy and smiled while stroking his fur. He then bent closer to the catlike Decepticon and whispered to him:

"No use fighting with own. Insecticons, pests they are but enemies not. Save strength for Autobots."

Skullgrin turned his head at the entrace of Ramjet but decided not to get up, he just shouted towards him.

"Ramjet! Get Energon! Pull up chair!"

Skullgrin turned his attention back to Catgut and kept stroking his fur.


2005-08-19, 05:59 AM
Throne Room

Hearing the door chime, Gigatron glanced to a nearby monitor. Seeing Shockwave's one-eyed visage there, he nodded.

"Do please come in," he said.

2005-08-19, 06:11 AM
Mess Hall
-Is this what I've been reduced to? Wasting time in the mess hall with the dregs of the once mighty Decepticon army?

He heard Skullgrin invite him to join he and Treadshot for a bite to eat. He stared at the pretender as he walked over to the energon dispenser all the time thinking about how far he had fallen.

-I used to be a city commander's personal bodyguard. Now look at me. Stuck in a room of second stringers.- sigh- What is it the squishies always say? Where in Rome? No that's not it.... ugghh....when? Yeah that's it. When in Rome..... something, something.

Upon rediscovering that gem of wisdom, Ramjet took his cube of energon and sat down near Skullgrin and Treadshot..

In the depths of the Nemisis a shadow begins to shift as the screech of metal scraping metal sounded throughout a room illuminated only by two dimly lit optics.

What happened to me? How long have I been out?

Lord Zarak
2005-08-19, 02:06 PM
Shockwave entered the throne room and began:

"I have completed the...records that were incomplete, Lord Gigatron. However, if the ruse is to be successful, then we must include our cheif surgeon in our plan. I have calculated that there is a probablility of 90.785% that Soundwave will indeed seek to discover whether what you say is true. His plan of action would be to seek out whomever would have carried out the operation to place the explosive device in his head: Hook. I suggest that Hook must be...persuaded to toe the party line, as it were. The probability of the plan succeeding rests upon having a record of the operation taking place, and the eye-witness accounts of those who participated in such an operation."

The great yellow eye flashed as he finished his monologue.

2005-08-19, 06:22 PM
Kickback continued to instruct Shrapnel about what he should be doing:

"Don't come near the others for now. You've made yourself a fool and they'll try to get you down for that"

I'd do the same on their places... he thought but didn't said that aloud. After all he's my only ally now - I mustn't give him a cause to have the grudge against me

"Let's get some energon!"

Shrapnel eagerly took a cube and emptied it in a nano-breem. The second and the third followed.

"Hey, maybe that's enough for you?" - Kickback asked a bit worried.

"No... I want more... And some metal alloys" - Shrapnel answered a bit drunkenly.

"Have you got mad???" - Kickback raised his voice terrified - "Don't you dare to reproduce right now! Gigatron won't allow an army of drones rampaging his base!!! He'll destroy us!!!"

"But..." - Shrapnel started to protest weakly.

"No buts!!! Get out of here! We'll find you a safe place and tomorrow you'll be as good as new. Then we'll talk..."

And I'll put some sence into your stupid head...

The pair of Incecticons quickly exited the mess hall.

Bombshell was watching the pair all the time overhearing parts of their talk and imgining the other. At the same time he couldn't resist being happy as Catgut definitely was cautious and - maybe! - even a bit scared of him!!!

They fear me so they respect me - was his favorite motto.

He gave little attention to Treadshot who was telling the tall tales of his heroical exploits.

Seeing that the other Insecticons are leaving he excused himself:

"Pardon me, honored hero, but I must follow my fellows. I've got to watch over them least they get into trouble"

- and quickly folowed them grabbing a half-emptied energon cube Kickback had left on the stand.

2005-08-19, 06:32 PM
Skullgrin sat back in his chair. The Pretender grinned at the leaving of the Insecticons.

"Those Decepticons no good. Like humans I want to squish!"

Skullgrin slammed his hard fist down on the table, rustling some energon.

"The leader. He sly. He no good either"

He slammed his fist down again knocking some energon which fell onto his lap later to be devoured like the rest he had lifted.

2005-08-19, 07:06 PM
"I have to agree Grin," Treadshot said as his audience left him, "Those insecticons are more trouble than they're worth." Tread then turned towards Ramjet, "How are you doing there Ramjet? You should feel lucky, having just missed those fools."

Treadshot absent mindedly rubbed Catgut's back calming his friend and partner down somewhat and whispered, "We'll watch them but it's pointless to engage someone for nothing."

2005-08-19, 10:41 PM
Thrust entered the Mess Hall just as the Insecticons were leaving. The red Conehead made a face that said, 'Ick, bugs!' He went and got himself a cube of energon, then sat down near Ramjet - the most familiar person among those assembled. The old instinct of seeking strength in numbers.

"Hey, up and about again?" he said to Ramjet by way of friendly greeting.

((OOC: Please don't ask Thrust too many questions about "what happened in the last few days", as I'm kinda sorta still in the process of catching up. ))

2005-08-20, 03:53 AM
Mess Hall
Ramjet watched as Thrust sat down near him and was relieved that the conehead was here. He had only been in the room for a short time and was already annoyed. Having another conehead in the room at least would give him someone he could relate to. It's not that he didn't like Skullgrin and Treadshot. It's just that they weren't Seekers. And Seekers were the best the Decepticon army had to offer, at least as far as he was concerned. On the plus side, at least the Insecticons were gone. - but why isn't this creepy feeling I have?-

"Is it just me or do those Insecticons bug you guys too? Yeah ol' Doc Hook fixed me up real good," he replied to Thrust, "although.... I get the feeling he didn't like my company very much. Don't know why. So how've you been, Thrust? Stayin' out of trouble?"
Deep within the Nemesis a figure moves slowly in the dark attempting to process the final events before he went offline.

-Why can't I remember what happened to me? Wait. I was here with ..... with some Autobots. But why?-

2005-08-20, 04:07 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron nodded after Shockwave had finished his speech.

"Yes, of course. You should see to it personally."

The ruler frowned slightly, knowing that Hook probably wouldn't enter into the conspiracy willingly.

He's too haughty to lower himself to that level willingly, Gigatron thought with some amusement.

"Say whatever you have to to convince him, Shockwave, but don't hurt him. We can't afford to have our only medic seriously injured, after all."

Lord Zarak
2005-08-20, 02:58 PM
"As you wish, Lord Gigagtron." With that he left the throne room and proceeded to the medical bay. On his way there, he sent a comm to Hook:

"This is Shockwave. I am in need of a medical examination. Are you free to perform such a task immediately?"

2005-08-20, 08:11 PM
The Insecticons found themselves a hiding place deep within the bowels of Nemesis. Once this was a cargo hold or something like that; now broken crates and other useless junk was littering the floor. Kickback and Shrapnel made it into some kind of nest and perched inside in their insect forms.

"We need some rest. At least you do" - Kickback suggested firmly to Shrapnel. "Ill guard you and then you'll guard me"

"How convenient!" - Bombshell appeared, adding his irony to the talk. "And who are you guarding against?"

"You" - replied Kickback assuming a battle stance. "You were controlling Shrapnel all this time!.."

"Oh, it was just a slight mistake! A joke I prolonged because I didn't knew how to end it! If the time was convenient I'd surely release him..."

"I don't believe you anymore. Get lost!"

"But I can't! After all, we are unlike the other Decepticons and we've got to stick together!.." - Bombshell attempted to persuade his fellows.

"We do. You don't. Get out." - Kickback answered laconicaly.

"Can't I at least stay here for a while?" - Bombshell whined trying to sound pitiful.

"You may try. One wrong move and we're enemies. Remember that well, Bombshell!"

"I swear, I'd never..."

"Don't. Just don't come closer, that's all." Kickback sat perched on a broken crate and stared at Bombshell.

Bombshell found himself a place near the far wall, transformed and layed there munching on some piece of metal. His "crrunch!" sounds were echoed by Shrapnel who got himself a broken crate lid and was eating it half-sleepily.

I should thank my luck they're not trying to devour the base itself - thought Kickback standing guard against his fellow. Let them feed... I'd certainly like it myself but I can't - that sneaky bastard Bombshel will surely attack me!

That's no good. Perhaps it would be best for us to find him somebody he could toy with... At least we'd be safe then.

Right. Tomorrow I'll talk to him and tell him I'll participate in his game. We'll see what he'll answer...

Insecticon shut down a part of his mind while the reflexive part was still watching the most unreliable member of their group...

2005-08-21, 05:39 AM
Medical Bay

Hook heaved an overly-dramatic sigh, then replied to Shockwave.

"I suppose I could find the time," he said. "Come down to Medbay."

2005-08-21, 06:59 AM

Bludgeon: -guiding the cloaked shuttle over the surface of the ocean, deactivates cloaking screen, drops the shuttle beneath the surface of the ocean, switching to the underwater drive systems, heading for one of the Nemesis' air locks, sending a recognition signal- "Almost home."

Fangry: -itching feeling having passed, still feels awful-

2005-08-22, 05:26 AM

Bugly noted a reading on his console.

"Airlock opening," he reported.

Scavenger stood in the back of the shuttle with Long Haul, wondering if he could snag one of the stolen diamonds for himself.

2005-08-22, 06:26 PM
When powerful servos engaged somewhere up to open the airlock doors for the incoming shuttle, Kickback came back from his slumber-like state and addressed Bombshell:

"Listen up, mate. We've got to make it clear."

"Yesss?.." - inquisitively asked the latter from his nest in a broken crates at the far wall.

"We don't trust you and that cannot last for long."

"So trusst me! Oh, do trussst me!" - Bombshell was clearly delighted.

"I'd like to. And I will" - Kickback was so sure in his words that Bombshell started to feel himself uneasy.

Did he find some way to control me? To prevent my intrusion in his brain? Unlikely but how else can he trust me??? I don't get him... that can be dangerous...

"So, what do you offer, friend Kickback?" - Bombsell tried not to show his uneasiness.

"We'll help you to find an Autobot. And to control him."

"Why, that's a delight! But... what else? How does it help you?"

"You'll take him with you. Wherever you go. And... If you let him go, we'll know you've become dangerous again."


"And if you do not inform us BEFORE you free your puppet, we'll destroy you. That's simple. Oh, and one more thing: if you won't find yourself a pet soon, we'll do that too."

"But that's ridiculous!!!" - Bombshell exclaimed, truly terrified. "You cannot make me find a good target so easily! It's long and cautious work...."

"Oh yes we will." - answered Shrapnel geeting from his pile of junk. "Or else we kill, he-he-he!!!"

"I for myself wouldn't fancy awaking as a puppet of yours. So, you have no choice but to agree" - Kickback held his line firmly.

"OK, OK, I agree! But... We don't even know when we'll see an Autobot!!!"

"So we'll go and find out. Come on, Insecticons!" - Kickback ordered and his fellows followed, each in his own mood.

The trio left and silence once again filled the hold.

Then, a small purple and silvery creature raised his head in a mess of junk that served as Shrapnel's nest and let out a long screeching sound. Satisfied with its performance it came back to devouring delicious meals - metals and alloys - that were in such abundance scattered around it...

2005-08-23, 07:01 AM
Deep within the Nemisis a robotic figure stood in a darkened room scanning for any sign of his compatriots.

-Now I remember. I was... I was here with Red Alert and the others. This must be the Nemesis. We.... we came here to sabotage it so the Decepticons wouldn't be unable to use it as a base of operations. But... but where is everyone? Why can't I remember what happened?-

Opening up his comm the figure stepped over toward a door, "Red Alert. Come in. Can you hear me?....."

2005-08-24, 04:46 PM

Bludgeon: -pilots the shuttle through the airlock, landing it in the shuttle bay, shutting down the engines-

2005-08-25, 05:38 AM
Down in the depths of the Nemesis, a robotic figure stood as a shadow near a door in the darkened room.

"Red Alert can you hear me? This is..."

-Hmm. It's no use, he can't hear me. Something must have happened to him. That would explain why I was left here alone.- Collecting himself the figure prepared himself for what was yet to come. -The Decepticons will be here anytime now. Looks like it's up to me to finish the mission.-

With a slight hesitation the figure steeled himself, opened the door, and crept slowly into a dim hallway.

2005-08-25, 05:56 AM

Bugly keyed in the ramp-lowering sequence as soon as the shuttle touched down, then locked down his console. Rising, he headed towards the exit.

Octopunch rose slowly, glowering at everyone and everything.

Scavenger and Long Haul were down the ramp as soon as it lowered, heading towards the medical bay.

2005-08-25, 06:26 AM
Pounce followed closely behind the 2 Constructicons.

2005-08-26, 03:38 AM

Treadshot listend as the two seekers, Ramjet and Thrust exchanged pleasentries. Deciding that he and Catgut had been energized enough he exscused himself and exited the Messhall to see if there was anything else to keep him occupied.

2005-08-26, 05:36 AM
Deep within the Nemesis, he walked down the dimly lit hallway as carefully and silently as he could considering all of the scrap littering the path ahead of him.

-Who would have thought that this part of the ship would be so forgotten? I need to find a computer terminal and figure out where I am. And maybe find out what happened to Red Alert.-

Suddenly, a loud clang echoed through the hall causing him to stop quickly and put up his guard. Upon further investigation, he found that the noise was only a can he had accidentally kicked. He watched it roll until it came to a stop along the wall.

Easy. Stay in control. There is nothing to fear here. Nothing to fear at all. Except me.-

With a new air of confidence and a little more cautiousness, he continued down the hall searching for a working computer terminal to access.

2005-08-26, 06:38 AM
Pounce slipped into medbay

"Medic anywhere I need a Medic ."

2005-08-26, 07:58 AM

Hook stepped out of his office and glanced at Pounce.

"What seems to be the problem?"

He asked the question despite the various obviously visable injuries that the Clone had sustained.

Long Haul and Scavenger entered not too long afterwards and carried their cargo into the Special Projects lab.

2005-08-26, 08:16 AM
Pounce replied

"I thought it would be obvious , scorched paint, shrapnel damage and general knocks and dents from fighting a Dinobot single handedly, plus both my weapons are toast I need to see about replacing them."

Lord Zarak
2005-08-26, 03:14 PM
Shockwave arrived at the Medbay, surprised to see Pounce there.

"Can this wait?" he asked, wanting to get Hook to himself.

2005-08-26, 10:28 PM
It was one of the simple pleasures he so relished, not even of the high culture kind. The chamber was nearly silent, the lights low that only the array of monitors and those blood red optics played against each other to keep the darkness from taking total control. Though it was difficult to tell beyond vague silhouetted reflections, the clawed fingertips lay crossed casually in the midst of the battle. They slowly untwined and one gracefully set on a button on the desk.

"Scorponok, Hatemonger, report," Gigatron growled.


Command Center

With all the other top level commanders away on missions, the command center had grown quiet. Reflector milled about casually, planning and watching and working to keep in the leaders' favor. Spectro, assigned to the middle of those tasks, noted something peculiar on one of his monitors.

"Hello..." he mused.

He focused the array's attention on a shadowy figure with peculiar behavior. He didn't bother filing an activity alert yet; after all, if this one had as much to hide as his demeanour suggested, Spectro wouldn't want to be sharing potential secrets and profits. And if that was who he suspected...



Stonecruncher grumbled quietly. He certainly didn't mind helping out, but all this waiting was killing him! Why, he could be getting floored at the bar if he didn't have to stand around holding a toolbox.

"Knockout! You ready for that oscilloscope yet?"

No answer came. In the ventilation shaft above, below an open panel and a mess of wires hanging from the ceiling, Knockout's head lay on the metal peacefully...

2005-08-27, 12:46 AM
Pounce spoke

"alright Shockers, shouldnt take too long just some minor repairs . Getting all this shrapnel out would be ideal I look like a porcupine with a buzz cut."

2005-08-27, 06:57 AM

Hook shrugged expansively. "As you wish, Shockwave."

He glanced at Pounce. "Your damage is mostly superficial," he declared haughtily. "Scavenger can take care of that. Any serious wounds can be mended by a short stay in a CR chamber. Go to Exam II and you'll be looked after."

He gestured to Scavenger, who ducked into said exam room.

"Now, then..." he turned back to Shockwave. "You wanted a checkup, you said? Is anything amiss?"

2005-08-27, 08:48 AM
Pounce padded into exam 2

"ok doc do your stuff.

2005-08-27, 04:21 PM
Deep within the Nemesis, a shadowy figure continued his lone journey through a dimly lit corridor.

-This place has seen better days. Not even sure why the Decepticons would want to come back here. Regardless, I need to make certain that they can't come back. Hello...-

He stopped near a partially open door to a long lost storage compartment. A little extra effort was all it took to force the door open far enough for him to enter the room. Once inside he began searching, until he found a damaged computer console with a cracked screen.

-It still appears to have some power. Considering there were a few lights in the hallway I have to suspect that most of the ship has power of some source. If I can....-

"Oh Slag!" The screen fizzled and then turned completely blue. Without thinking he took the time to vent his frustration with a solid slap to the console that completely blacked out the screen. Shaking his head at his stupidity, he started removing the outer casing of the computer.

-grrrrr. Looks like I'm going to have to hotwire this thing.-

Lord Zarak
2005-08-27, 05:25 PM
"Nothing is amiss, that I can detect. It has been sometime since my last check-up. I wish to ensure that I can serve Lord Gigatron efficiently. It is onlt logical, and practical, to maintain a condition that allows one to do so.

I also wish that we are not to be disturbed during the examination. Please close off the medbay untill we are done."

Phase one is complete, thought Shockwave. Once the examination is complete, phase two can proceed.

2005-08-28, 04:43 AM

"Oh, I'm not a doctor..."

Scavenger grabbed a set of pliers out of a tray and started pulling the shrapnel from Pounce's hide.

"...but I think I can handle this. It might hurt, though."

Hook shrugged. If he were a more reasonable 'Con, that request would have made him suspicious. But as it was, he was too absorbed in his work to worry about anything else.

"If that's what you want, Shockwave," he said. "Have a seat on a diagnostic bed and I'll run a set of scans."

As he spoke, the surgeon pressed the 'Lock' button on the medbay doors.

2005-08-28, 11:00 AM
Skullgrin stood and patted his chest.

"Good Energon!"

He left Thrust and Ramjet without a word and exited the mess hall.

"Maybe too much Energon!"

He focussed himself and then continued looking for anything of interest or perhaps anything that needed doing.

2005-08-28, 10:08 PM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure sat before a computer console that had recently had it's casing tore off. He thought it would be easy to get the power going again, at least until he saw the inside tangle of circuits and wires.

-Okay, the cover came off easy enough, but now what? I'm no a technical wizard. Hmmm, I thought this would be simpler. Maybe just connect a couple wires together. Ugghh... I don't even know where to start! Calm down. This is just a minor set back. You can do this. Just look closely. Concentrate.... There! Those two loose wires.

He took the two wires and placed them together when sparks started flying all over himself and the inside of the console. He quickly pulled the wires apart, a small haze of smoke unfolding toward him.

-Well, that's not it.- sigh -Alright, come on now, you can do this.-

He searched and scanned through the mess again trying as he might to just let the solution come to him naturally.

"Slag!" he cursed kicking the corner of the console, "Give me a break you useless piece of....." Suddenly the screen blinked to life. Standing up in disbelief he stared at the now functioning monitor, "That'll do." His next move would be to access the main computer. He could only hope fate would give him another break.

2005-08-29, 03:53 PM
Four figures crested the horizon, coming to a stop over an unremarkable stretch of sea. The lead 'bot checked his team's co-ordinates, satisfied that they were in the right place, and sent out a message. The frequency was old, but it was still Decepticon.

"Nemesis command, this is Blackjack and the Sports Car patrol. Request you send up the docking tower so we may board."

The four Decepticons waited for a response. They'd been AWOL for a while, and Detour had been quick to vocalise the very real possibility that they wouldn't be welcome. But, he'd had to concede that the patrol had no choice. Damage and lack of energy had bought them back to the fold.

"They're not going for it," Road Hugger sighed. His optics were dimming, the most depleted of the quartet.

"Patience," Blackjack responded, but inwardly knew that if 'Hugger was right, they would all shortly become the submarine patrol...

2005-08-30, 03:28 AM
Thrust chats with Ramjet, not yet aware of the creepy things that are going on elsewhere. "Ah, yeah, the usual..."

Lord Zarak
2005-08-30, 11:43 AM
Excellent thought Shockwave as he saw Hook lock the doors.

He sat himself down and prepared for the examination, which was in fact, a waste of time. Shockwave wanted Hook alone and undisturbed to press home the importance of Hook participating in the web of deciet that Gigatron had begun to spin.

There was a process however, that had to be followed, and the examination was part of that process.

"You may begin" commanded Shockwave, safe in the knowledge that a being in his position could safely order those below him.

2005-08-30, 05:42 PM
The Insecticons trio was walking the corridors of Decepticon underwater fortress and, as usual, arguing between themselves.

"So, whom are we to ask to take us for a mission? Have any bright ideas?" - Bombshell was sarcastic and angry. He managed to get a promise from Kickback he won't be killed anytime soon... at least before he'd had a chance to get an Autobot under his control... but the situation fos far from stable in his opinion.

"Why, we're getting to it!" - Kickback answered uncharacteristically full of joy. "We are going to the shutle bay where you will ask whoever was commanding the mission to take us to his next assignment."

"Had rust eaten your brain circuits?" - cried Bombshell. - "Why me?"

"Don't worry, we'll support you. Won't we, Shrapnel?"

"Oh, sure thing!" - the third Insecticon replied with a broad smile. "And we'll get some motivation into ya, that we will, he-he-heeee!"

A jolt of electricity sparkled between his antennae.

"So, here we are" - Kickback stated looking at the doors of the shuttle bay. "Now we wait and see who'll be going out..."

2005-08-31, 05:53 AM

Hook started running all the standard scans on Shockwave, carefully and meticulously carrying out the menial task.

"Weapons system functioning optimally," he reported. "Servos all actuated properly. No misfires in your cerebral circuits."

He made a thoughtful noise.

"Your fusion reactor is only operating at 98% efficiency. Looks like some of your internal power lines are getting a bit corroded. That'll have to be adjusted some time in the next few months."

The surgeon continued to tick off items on the standard maintenance list.


Bugly stormed out, pointedly ignoring the Insecticons who were infesting the corridor outside.

2005-08-31, 06:13 AM
Pounce replied

"Do your worst Scavenger just pick these bits of Shrapnel out of me."

2005-08-31, 04:29 PM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure continued to try to get some information out of the damaged computer console.

-This is odd. It seems the entire network is up and running again. Red and his team must have activated it before..... well before whatever happened to them. Slag, I hope I'm not sitting in a gigantic time bomb. Hold on, what's this? It seems main power has been restored to most of the ship. Why would Red do that? Unless.... unless.....-

He opened up an old decepticon comm frequency only to discover what he had already feared.

-Oh no... the Decepticons... they must have shown up early....-

He tried to supress the fear growing inside him due to this turn of events, but he knew for a fact things just became a lot more dangerous for him. And chances were likely that he would not survive the next few hours.

2005-08-31, 06:01 PM
Bombshell did a hesitant move forward then stepped back as he saw Bugly exiting the shuttle bay.

"What's wrong? Come on, ask him!" - Kickback urged.

"But... He's already gone... And I don't really think he's the one who commanded the operation... They'll come later..." - Bombshell replied unsure with himself.

"Let's just hope you're right..." - Kickback answered meaningly.

"Yea, let's hope! He-he-heee!!!" - laughed Shrapnel shrilly.

2005-09-01, 07:05 AM

Scavenger started pulling the shrapnel out of Pounce's side.

"You're the boss."

After removing a fairly sizable chunk, he shrugged.

"Well, actually, you're not. But you know what I mean."

Crew Quarters

Bugly sealed himself into his chamber and immediately sat cross-legged on the floor. The Pretender began to quietly repeat a meditative chant as he focussed on healing his wounds from the recent battle.

2005-09-01, 11:21 PM
Shuttle Bay, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -checking over the shuttle-

Stranglehold: -still rubbing his head-

2005-09-02, 02:10 AM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure poked his head out a doorway. Seeing no one else in either direction he entered the corridor slowly and cautiously.

-What I wouldn't give for invisibility or a holoprojector right about now.-

Taking another look around him he turned and began heading toward his destination. His optics scanning every inch, every doorway, every shadow for signs of movement or worse security devices.

Random Sweep
2005-09-02, 02:11 AM
Comming out of his deep thought, Banzai-tron noticed that he was the last mech on the shuttle.

Standing up, Banzai-tron took his sword and left the shuttle at a brisk pace.

2005-09-02, 11:59 AM
Corridors near the shuttle bay:

Seeing that Kickback won't let him slack this time Bombshell approached Bansai-Tron cautiously.

"Can we have a little talk, o mighty warrior?" - he asked cringing internally.

Don't like waiting to be hit from behind or from forward... Don't like at all... Those fools must be diverted somehow or I won't be having normal time at all... No, that's wrong.

"I'd like to ask your permission to accompany you at the next assignment agains Autobots, whatewer it be..." - he squeesed out of himself.

What I'd really like to ask is to rid me of these incessant bastards poking me from behind!

* * *
Unused cargo bay

A chirruping sound was filling the bay.

Two purple and silvery, multilegged creatures were hauling the debris from the floor, parts of broken crates and other junk towards the far, dark end of the bay. There, inside a high pile, more of them were busy devouring the materials brought to them by their brothers.

Sparks and arks of electricity were filling the air. The bugs had penetrated steel wall panels at several places and gained access to some power circuits of Nemesis from which they were absorbing energy to procreate.

2005-09-02, 08:42 PM
Detour managed to do a very good impression of a sigh (for a mech). "I told you they wouldn't go for it, boss" the yellow 'con pointed out.

Blackjack cursed internally. Maybe Decepticon command had ostracised them after all. He checked on Hyperdrive and Road Hugger. Hyperdrive's optics were fading, power nearly drained. 'Hugger simply looked disappointed in his leader.

That would never do. Bkackjack opened the frequency on his transmitter and repeated his earlier message.

Nemesis Command, this is the Sports Car Patrol. We are in urgent need of repairs and refuelling. Request permission to board."

2005-09-02, 10:07 PM
Spyglass grumbled low at hearing the comm alert station buzz again. He tossed his spanner down and stomped over to the nexus.

Yeah yeah, I'm comin'...

Spyglass glanced at the request, the codes, and the frequency. They were old, but they checked out. And if they did happen to be boarders... Well, he could use an excuse to shoot somebody today...

"Sports Car Patrol, this is Nemesis Command. You are clear to land on the main docking tower."

Spyglass activated the necessary devices to force the giant tower outside the ship to erupt through the surface and open its broad runway door.

Across the room, Spectro flipped through camera after camera to try to track the mysterious figure. He proved somewhat elusive - Spectro made a mental note to install more cameras...

2005-09-02, 10:36 PM
Blackjack couldn't help but feel the wave of relief wash over him as the docking tower rose to meet the four micromasters.

"See, I told you the Decepticons would have us back."

Road Hugger sneered, the purple mech entering the tower and slumping against a wall. Hyperdrive followed, just making the interior before collapsing into stasis lock. Detour dragged his companion fully in the tower as Blackjack moved to inspect the controls - simple enough really. He hit the button marked 'down'.

The tower door closed and machinery clanked into action, plunging the micromasters into the ocean. Blackjack continued running contingencies:

Probability of Decepticon welcome in docking bay: 15.6%

The tower shuddered to a halt and the airlock opened...

2005-09-03, 05:33 AM
Crew Quarters

Bugly spread out with his senses, allowing information to flow from the outside universe into his spark. He tracked the movements of all the other sparks that inhabited the underwater base, taking in the emotions and thoughts that those minds let slip.

Something about one of the sparks he touched surprised him so much that he nearly allowed his medatative state to collapse. It was...fear. Not a particularly uncommon commodity in any Decepticon base, certainly. But there was something about the particular depth and bredth of his spark's fear that struck him as out of the ordinary. The confusion that tinted it only made it seem more odd.

This, he decided, warrants investigation.

The Circuit-Su master stood and strode out his door, heading towards the part of the ship from where the fear was coming.

Random Sweep
2005-09-03, 10:07 AM
Still deep in thought, Banzai-tron barely registered Bombshells question.

The Actionmaster glared at the insectecon for a moment before merely pointing a finger at Bludgeon then pushed past and continued on.

2005-09-03, 12:56 PM
Shuttle bay:

"Oh... I'm sorry... what do you mean?" - Bombshell tried to pretend he didn't understand the meaning of Banzai-Tron's pantomime.

They'd better think I'm stupid that I'm dangerous... least they know the real situation... I, Bombshell, master of the mind games, am being bossed aroud by this overgrown cicada and lightning bug!.. Oh, that's disgusting.

"He gave you a finger, he-he-heee!!!" - Shrapnel was cackling with amusement. "You deserve it for what you've done!"

"I strongly believe, friend Bombshell, that you was directed to some other member of the shuttle crew... Particularily, Bludgeon. So why don't you approach him before you let him get away and thus prove to us all your unvillingnes to cooperate?" - Kickback's long and sarcastic responce didn't hide the fact he was owerstrung with tension.

One more false move and he'll go at me... Think, friend Bombshell, think fast!..

"OK. Perhaps you're right, then." - And Bombshell strolled towards the shuttle and Bludgeon.

"I'm terribly sorry to interrupt you, sir, but could I ask a question?" - Bombshell tried to appear as little and insignificant as he could... a difficult task for most of the time he struggled to act just counterwise - to be seen as a real treat, to influence fear... and, usually, he mistook the disgust the others felt with what he wanted.

"Sorry again... I'd like a permission to acompany you, sir, on the next assignment against Autobots whichever and wherever it would be..."

2005-09-04, 08:12 AM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure creeped cautiously, doing his best to avoid any security cameras he happened to notice, when he heard strange muffled chirping noise. It also seemed strange to him that the lighting in this part of the ship seemed to be flickering on and off as if something or someone was messing with the power.

-What now?- he thought pausing to take in the enviornment. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have even bothered to let his curiosity be piqued by this strange turn of events, but these weren't normal circumstances. And if there was even a chance that it could be Red Alert behind that door, he couldn't pass up the opportunity for a break.

Slowly he approached a door and opened it a crack to to peak inside. To his dismay... and disgust, he found what looked like an old unused cargo bay infested with Insecticon clones.

-Well isn't this is interesting? hehe... Gives me an idea....-

2005-09-04, 05:53 PM
"What a slagging dump!" Road Hugger growled.

The airlock bay was empty, save for a few discarded and empty crates dumped in one corner. The light strips overhead flickered, barely illuminating the four micromasters.

"That's the problem with legends, 'Hugger," Detour pointed out, "they rarely live up to the hype."

The yellow mech moved over to a dimly lit panel and brought up a schematic of the ship.

"But at least they've got a repair bay. It might not be staffed or equipped, but they've got one."

Blackjack steeped forward, a feeling of unease growing in his spark. "Hugger, take Hyperdrive and Detour to the repair bay. I'll check back with you shortly after I check in with the commander-in-chief."

It wasn't a task he was particulary looking forward to, but had to be done, if just to show command that the patrol was committed to the cause.

Without another word, the micromasters headed for their destinations.

2005-09-04, 07:40 PM
Sledge shuffled through the broad doors with a toolbox on his back and a grimace on his face. He hated playing nurse, especially when Knockout wasn't around (though he hated it more when he was...); he didn't know how to fix mechs! Still, Hammer wanted a presence in the medbay to keep up the team's reputation, and Knockout was busy elsewhere. Sledge gave Pounce and Scavenger an apathetic glance as he rode the mini-lift up to the bench along the wall and dropped his toolbox loudly.


Gigatron's Lair


"Lord Gigatron, a team of Micromasters has landed on the docking tower. The codes and frequency were outdated but legitimate. Should I--"

"I'm aware," Gigatron growled into his desk comm.

A moment's silence as Reflector gulped off-comm in the bridge.

"Yes, sir."

Gigatron steepled his fingers and watched the monitors coldly. He had larger concerns...

2005-09-04, 08:07 PM
Blackjack seperated himself from his companions once they reached the requisite junction, and headed deeper into the ship, towards the throneroom.

He transformed and sped off - he was a part of the Sports Car patrol after all, and the sooner he got this over and done with, the better.

Red warning lights flashed on his windshield HUD:

Power Levels: 19.52%

Definitley needed to get this done quickly.

Blackjack breaked for a corner and stopped as a set of double doors loomed over him, the Decepticon symbol emblazoned on them proudly. All the while, the mech's contingency program worked overtime, trying to figure out the best way of handling the situation.

He transformed back and walked to the doors, tapping the comm panel once to request entry for an audience with Gigatron

2005-09-04, 09:52 PM
Though he had many greater thoughts on his mind, Gigatron did keep an optic on his small array of internal monitors as Blackjack closed the distance to his chamber. He waited nonetheless for the Micromaster to arrive, and he gave a long moment before answering the request: partially to finish his thought, and partially to give time for the intimidation to set in. He did like the newcomers to know what to expect... The tap of a button allowed the great doors to slide open silently as well as turning up the dimmed lights.

"A new arrival?" Gigatron rumbled matter-of-factly and with some hidden satisfaction across the expanse between himself and Blackjack.

2005-09-04, 11:52 PM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure opened a door to an unused cargo bay. Holding his machine gun out, he entered the room.

"I don't know if you can understand me, but don't be alarmed," he comforted, "I'm not here to hurt you. In fact I'm here to help you."

He slowly raised an energon chip, keeping an optic on every movement in the room ready to fire at anything that gets too close to him.

"You see this? That's right. It's energon," he said calmly, "And I know where you can get more.... All you have to do is listen. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Confident that he had the situation under control, he waited for some kind of response from the Insecticon Clones.

2005-09-05, 05:21 AM
Blackjack walked into the throne room, optics pointed firmly at the ground. He halted, a short way away from the hulking form of Gigatron and knelt. The Decepticon leader's words sent a shiver straight to the micromaster's spark.

"Yes, my lord. With permission, my patrol and I wish to return to the service of the noble Decepticon army. I realise we may have... burnt some bridges when we left, but that was only due to previous regimes inability to deliver on their promises. We believe,"

and here the micromaster met Gigatron's gaze - and wished he hadn't,

"this regime to be different... effective."

Blackjack paused, trying to gauge Gigatron's reaction.


Road Hugger and Detour, carrying the offline Hyperdrive between them, continued towards the repair bay.

2005-09-05, 06:14 AM
Scorponok to Nemesis Control. Dispatch reinforcements to the San Francisco theatre immediately.

Abandoned Storage Bay

Bugly observed the room through an old, rusted air duct, using a Circuit-Su technique to mask his presence as best he could. He knew that the gratework over the duct would help in that regard, too...but it would make things difficult if he had to move quickly.

He kept one optic fixed on the horde of Insecticon clones, but he was more interested in the Decepticon who was trying to talk to them.

That is once face that I haven't seen in a very long time, he thought. Or at least, not with those colours attached to it. Oh, whatever could he be up to, I wonder...

Lord Zarak
2005-09-05, 01:03 PM
Shockwave looked at Hook:

"Are there any more findings to report?"

2005-09-05, 02:02 PM
As an unknown person entered the bay, Insect clones (all of them copies of Shrapnel, by the way) scuttered back to their nest in a dark corner. Then, hesitanly, one of electro-bugs approached the newcomer sniffing the Energon token in his hand.


"Chirr, chirr, chirrup!.." - his siblings encouraged him excitedly from their hiding place.

"Skrreech!!!" - the first clone took two steps closer and stood on his hind legs, avaiting for the offering.

"Skrreeech!!! Skree, skree!" - more clones, over a dozen, emerged from the nest and massed behind the first one then mirrored his movement.

A mass of reflective bug-eye sensors stared at the newcomer, a small forest of antennae was swinging back and forth, sending around small sparks...But, obviously, they held no malicious intent... At least for now.

2005-09-05, 07:15 PM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure stood in an unused storage bay before a multitude of Insecticon Clones. He lowered his gun a little and handed the first and bravest of the clones an energon chip that he had been holding.

"There you go little fella," he comforted, his voice about to turn menacing, "Now then, if you and your brethren are ready, follow me. Come on. Come on. That's it. Nice and easy. We wouldn't want to be late for dinner."

He pulled out another energon chip and waved it as he backed out of the room hoping the creatures would follow him out to the corridors and into hell itself. Because that's where he was headed.

2005-09-05, 07:36 PM
The call was heard clearly. Viewfinder, content to assert some control now that most of the other command staff were away on missions and ready to take some good credit, called up the off-duty roster list and pored through it quickly. He made some quick decisions and activated the ship's PA.

"Skullgrin, Treadshot, Thrust, depart immediately for combat operations in San Francisco. Contact Scorponok once in-theater for specific orders."


Gigatron's Lair

Gigatron listened silently and with usual contempt to Blackjack's offer of servitude. His optics flared in appreciation that, at the least, he could feign the terror Gigatron hoped to instill. However, he was not always quick to trust newcomers, especially those who had served the hated former Decepticon Emperor...

"And whose reign was that during which you left? Megatron's?"

2005-09-05, 08:33 PM

Hook shook his head.

"It looks like you're good to go, Shockwave. Your reactor doesn't need immediate attention, but I'll make a note to have it serviced next time you come in to have your plutonium fuel replenished."

The surgeon started making notes on his datapad.

"Is there anything else you needed?"

2005-09-05, 09:07 PM
After Skullgrin received his orders, his pretender shell disembarked from his body to reveal the true Skullgrin behind the moster of a shell.

"It feels good to be back again"

He walked towards the airlock. He tapped in a few numbers to the console and it opened.

San Francisco, eh. Oh well

Skullgrin flew off for San Francisco

(OOC: I'll move him over the the SF thread now)

2005-09-05, 09:18 PM
"Unfortunately, yes," Blackjack confirmed. "However, Megatron's glorious plans always involved running away when things got a touch leery, something we always found... distasteful."

Blackjack has always felt that he was a good judge of a being's mood... and all he was getting from Gigatron was contempt...

2005-09-05, 09:40 PM
Corridors near shuttle bay:

"Oh, no!.." - Bombshell exclaimed as Reflector's orders vere voiced from the ship's PA.

"Oh yes," - intoned Kickback. "I assume we should accompany those trio and try to find... a suitable target for your... activities. Do you agree, friend Bombshell?"

He took two steps to the wall console, activated it and contacted Reflector.

"Pardon our intrusion, sir, this is Insecticons speaking. We'd like a permission to be assigned on active duty, preferably immediately. Our gratitude would have no boundaries."

He stepped back from a console and looked at Bombshell (who was clearly disappointed but afraid to protest) and Shrapnel, who was acting strangely. His head was turning from side to side as if he tried to adjust his sensors to some almost imperceptible signals.

"Is there any problem, Shrapnel?" - Kickback asked both politely and menacingly at the same time... Lately he developed such manner of speach which intimidated his fellow Insecticons.

"I... I hear them... almost..."

"You WHAT???" - Kickback was furious. He turned to Bombshell who cringed in the corner.

"HOW. DARE. YOU?" - each word fell as a guillotine blade.

"But I didn'd do nothing! I swear! Shrapnel, get out of it! Please!" - Bombshell, suspectig a foul play from Shrapnel's side - that he would imitate mind control just to make Kickbak make his promises true - lunged to his felow and began to shake him.

"Wake up, Shrapnel! Tell him I didn't do nothing with you!"

Slowly, Shrapnel's eyes regained their normal expression.
"What's a matter, Bombshell? Have you lost your circuits?"

"What was that with you?" - Kickback asked intently taking the control of the talk.

"Seemed that somebody called me... From a far, far away... Now it's gone." - Shrapnel answered, himself amazed... but vaguely remembering such sensation from before.

"OK, fine then. Let's wait for the order here so we could join the departing group immediately" - Kickback regained the control.

* * *

Unused storage bay:

The bravest (or the luckiest, for that matter) Insecticon clone took the offering and devoured it instantly. His antennae swinged back and forth, then he made some kind of a decision and followed the person who was feeding him.

"Screee! Screee!" - he encouraged the following mass.



The herd of electro-bugs were following their herder into the corridor.

2005-09-06, 02:37 AM
Thankfully, Gigatron had grown expert over the ages at masking his true emotions, particularly those such as approval. He nodded once slowly with a long, contemplative hum.

"You and I share something then," he decreed to Blackjack. "Today, Megatron is but an ugly memory in the codeces of Decepticon history, the enemy of our ideal. Galvatron was a hero of the cause, but his demise has set us back little. The Autobots tremble before our name as never before."

Gigatron took the moment to let the thought sink in. Only the keenest eye would note that he also took it to glance at his agenda displayed on a monitor at the far wall. He had time. This one interested him...

"A Micromaster, and a Patrol leader at that," he observed. "Rarely valiant warriors... Tell me of your skills then."


Command Center

Spyglass looked down from his work replacing the panel above the main computer and looked to the other Reflectorbots with a grin.

"Sir! You hear that? Ha! Oh, that's sweet..."

Viewfinder smiled equally behind his faceplate but retained his professionalism as he clicked on his comm and patched to Kickback's local node.

"Active duty? There are always leaks to be patched up in the energon refinery..."

Viewfinder enjoyed toying with Kickback. He was aware of the Insecticon's personality, and he liked to see how he could push a fellow con artist's buttons. Besides, he knew he'd have to fix it himself if no one else did...

2005-09-06, 05:20 AM
"My team and I specialise in long-range, first assault. It was often our honour at being the first line of attack against any Autobot battle line, hitting them and retreating before they could react, and before the rest of the Decepticon army finished the job. Hit-and-run, terror tactics, that is our forte. We also have some experience as advance scouts."

Blackjack decided to ignore the taunt about his kind's courage. After all, all micromasters had been hearing them for decades from their larger cousins, and this sort of jibe was commonplace in the Decepticon army anyway.

"It is these skills that I offer to your service, Lord Gigatron."


Nemesis Corridors

Road Hugger and Detour, with the offline Hyperdrive, continued on their way towards the repair bay.

2005-09-06, 05:29 AM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure continued waving an energon chip as he led his band of Insecticon Clones down the corridor. "Come along. That's it," he said calmly, "Soon you will be able to have all the energon you can eat."

-That is, if you survive.- a wicked grin appeared on his face.

It wasn't that he intended to lead the creatures to their doom. In reality, they were just tools to him. A means to an end. With their assistance he might just be able to survive the next few hours. All he needed to do was keep their focus on him.

He lead them to a turbolift and waited for the doors to open. Once the lift arrived he stepped inside and beckoned the creatures to do the same.

"Don't worry little ones, we're almost there," he said setting the energon chip on the floor of the lift.

Lord Zarak
2005-09-06, 12:02 PM
"Indeed there is, Hook. Gigatron and I wish you to participate in a web of deceit, with regards to the former communications officer Soundwave. As you should be aware Soundwave has been charged with treason, yet has been allowed to live by Gigatron, as he feels that Soundwave is not yet...expendable.

You are to ammend your records to show that Soundwave has had an explosive device placed in his head, and that you were the surgeon that performed the operation. You are also to ammend your personal records.

The success of this ruse depends upon your actions, Hook. Non-compliance, or failure is not to be condoned. As you have just told me, my fuel reacot is at 98% operating capacity. I'm sure I wont deplete it further if you comply with Gigatron's wishes."

The yellow optic of Shockwave flashed menacingly.

"Or perhaps I could get Scrapper to upgrade you?"

2005-09-06, 02:49 PM
Corridor near shuttle bay:

Kickback hadn't really had a time to wait as the responce from one of Reflectorcons came. His faceplate expression remained the same but inwardly he grinned, seing a fellow artistic spark at work.

Well, let's play...

"Unfortunately, sir, me and my comrades are rather poorly skilled for this particular job and could bring more harm then benefit. Instead, I'd suggest you designate our team to San Francisco where we could be of real use."

He paused, thinking fast.

"Unless, of course, you intend to let our warriors there fight their battle valiantly with just a handful of reinforcements... So they would have no chance but to admit defeat from Autobots... sir"

Now whoever was on the other end (Kickback never managed to tell one Reflectorcon from another, much less on comm link) had to think if he wants to be accused of treason against his fellow Decepticons... Or whether he wants to permit Insecticons to accompany the already designated reinforcements into battle.

* * *

"Scree! Scree!! Scrrrreeee!!!"
Three clones of Shrapnel were fighting for the next energon chip, taking it one from another in rapid succession. The others gathered behind their backs and just waited for a moment to engage... or, perhaps, for their benefactor to present them with yet another.

Suddenly one of the bugs turned from the mass and pointed his antennae to the far upper end of the lift.

"Chirrup?" - he asked tentatively.

"Scree, scree!" - the others answered still trying to get to energon.

"Chirp! Chirp-chirrrrrrr!" - and curious bug leaped at the wall and sped up to the corner where an eye of internal camera blinked at him!

"Chirrup!" - he said firmly and touched the device with his antennae. A loud ZZAP accompanied the spark which flew between them and the camera. All the other clones turned to him astonished.

"Chirp? Chirrup?"

"Scrreeccch!" - the response was sure and proud, as the bug leaped from his perch down and walked towards the Transformer who lured them in the turbolift. He approached and stood on his hind legs, his jaws opened expectedly.


2005-09-06, 06:24 PM
Treadshot smiled as he got orders. It appeared his talents wouldn't have to go to waste after all. He headed towards the nearest hanger and took off seeing Skullgrin a little ways a head of him.

[Moving to San Fransisco]

2005-09-06, 10:29 PM
"Terror..." Gigatron agreed slow and deep, his optics still on Blackjack. He had seen enough sycophants in his time willing to feign fealty in order to climb the ladder. This one, however, seemed sincere. Anyhow, if his beef with Megatron was to be believed, they were at least in part on the same page.

"Very well," Gigatron concluded. "You are welcomed into the ranks of the Decepticons. But be warned - I expect great achievements from every one of my soldiers, and unlike my predecessors, I have a short tolerance of failure. The rewards will be great, but so must be the sacrifices."

Gigatron nodded once and dropped a hand to the terminal aside his throne to type in some roster commands.

"Do find your men a place in the barracks, and help yourselves to your rations of energon and supplies. Hatemonger will be your division commander when he returns from some current business. Orders shall be pending."


Command Center

Viewfinder clicked off the comm and chuckled. He wasn't a military commander; like he would get blamed for the mission's failure. If Scorponok did come back in a rage over reinforcements, Reflector could certainly pin it on someone else anyhow. Ratbat maybe? Viewfinder clicked on the comm again and replied to Kickback.

"Unfortunately, the San Francisco mission is at a maximum of engaged units per its design. We are under orders to conserve all resources, including troop deployments. I'll log the request should the mission commander call for further reinforcements."

2005-09-07, 04:27 AM

Hook sighed heavily, as if Shockwave had asked him to roll around in a particularly fetid pile of human excriment. But although he firmly believed that such cloak-and-dagger antics were beneath him, he really wasn't in a position to say no to the Military Operations Commander's request.

"As you wish," he said. "I can only assume you'll want me to lie to Soundwave if he ever asks?"

The surgeon was already tapping away at his personal datapad, fabricating the requested records.

Air Ducts

Bugly crawled through the ductwork as quickly as he could. He expended a great deal of concentration nullifying the noises that he made as he moved, but conserved just enough to mentally track the turbolift car full of Insecticon clones...and the shadowy figure who accompanied them.

I don't like this, he thought. Not one bit.

Nonetheless, the concept of calling for backup never entered his mind.

2005-09-07, 05:20 AM
Blackjack suddenly felt a huge burden lift as Gigatron accepted the Sports Car Patrol's return to the Decepticon army.

"Thank you, my Lord."

The micromaster then began backing out of the room, knowing that Gigatron's last words had been a dismissal, and that it wouldn't be wise to make the Decepticon commander repeat himself.

Once out of the throne room, Blackjack waited a short while before clicking on his squad-only radio-link.

"We're back on duty, boys."

2005-09-07, 06:27 AM
Pounce had his audio tweaked to its maximum sensitivity

something was going on next door and he wanted to know why Shockwave had wanted all that privacy .

He only had managed to hear bits and pieces something to do about Soundwave and explosives.

He would have to investigate further once he had some time.

He turned to Scavenger

"That looks like all of it ."

Lord Zarak
2005-09-07, 07:44 PM
"That is indeed what we are asking of you, Hook. You may let me out now, and you can continue with your regular duties"

Shockwave moved towards the door, waiting for it to open.

2005-09-07, 08:40 PM
Kickback was amused before by their little game with one of Reflectorcons; now he was beginning to get angry.

"So, sir, you want me to report your disobedience of Lord Gigatron's direct orders to Gigatron himself? Rest assured, I intend to do just that. The punishment will be severe."

If that won't persuade that voyeuristic bastard, I'm out of ideas for the time being

He turned to his fellows arguing about some matters.

"Come on, fellow Insecticons, follow me. We should report to Lord Gigatron!"

I hope the bastard heard that...

"Come on! What are you waiting for?!"

They followed, Bombshell both disappointed and encouraged - because they weren't going anywhere, at least for now, but Kickback still hadn't let that syupid idea. Shrapnel, meanwhile, just wanted to get rid of murmur of voices in his head... the voices that none of his sensors registered.

2005-09-08, 04:25 AM
Inside a turbolift within the Nemesis, a shadowy figure pulled out another energon chip and handed it to the Insecticon clone that had taken out the lift's camera.

"Good work little one," he said with a cocked smile.

Taking an inventory of his remaining energon chips he realized, time was short.

-I better get these creatures to where I need them before I run out of snacks for them, lest they turn on me.-

He hit the emergency stop on the lift and opened an escape hatch in the roof of the lift. Flying up through the hatch, he set down on the roof of the lift and looked back inside.

"Time to go little ones. Come on," he invited his new allies, waving another chip of energon.

2005-09-08, 06:17 AM

"As you wish."

Hook deactivated the Medbay's lock, eager to get the meddlesome Shockwave off of his turf as quickly as reasonably possible.

Scavenger started putting away his tools.

"Yep, it looks like all the shrapnel's gone."

He gestured towards a basin beside the surgical table, which held enough scraps of metal to build a Micromaster from.

"The armour should heal on it's own in a day or so, Pounce. Until then, try not to get shot."

2005-09-08, 02:17 PM
"Screech? Scree, scree???" - the bugs were puzzled by disappearance of the one who fed them and smelled like energon and, overall, was such a nice guy (of course, that's just a translation of primitive emotions which ruled their existence).

The smart Insecticon - the one who burned the camera - got the situation first and leaped up, catching the rim of the opening. After some struggle, he got up and his fellows followed him.

Soon all the bugs gathered on the roof around the shadow figure. All but one. That inquisitive clone was attracted by "smell" of electricity circling inside the walls of the shaft, so he wandered aside and tried to chew on some cables. As his attempt was successful, he got stinged by a powerful electrical jolt.

"Chirruuuup!!!" - he screamed, hurled back from the cable. He fell on his back and, after a few discoordinated motions, lay still.

The smart Insecticon approached the fallen one and touched him with one of his paws. As the victim didn't move, he turned his head to the group and made a sound he or his fellows never made before:


2005-09-08, 08:40 PM
Road Hugger and Detour turned the corner approaching medbay's main entrance just as the doors slid open, revealing the sillouette of Shockwave. They stood to one side, giving the senior officer more than enough room to pass unheeded.

Beyond Shockwave, one of the Constructicons was visable.

"Just the 'Con we need," announced 'Hugger. "Got some battle damage for you to fix here."

Detour looked between himself and the deactivated form of Hyperdrive cradled in his arms and marvelled at Road Hugger's gift for understatement.


Blackjack, relieved that his meeting with Gigatron hadn't ended in his permanent deactivation, headed off towards medbay, and the rest of his patrol.

2005-09-08, 11:12 PM
Viewfinder couldn't help but snicker at Kickback's attempts. Maybe it was because he himself was a master of blackmail and so was immune to so many of the trade tricks, but Viewfinder did find the barbs amusing in any case...

"No such orders logged," Viewfinder intoned over the comm. "However, there is an order logged to maintain troop levels at headquarters."

Viewfinder left it at that, pondering for a moment whether he should truly turn the tables on the shady Insecticon. It probably wasn't wise with this one...



Hammer paid little attention as he power-walked through the door at a surprising pace for one with such short legs. It may appear he was lost, but in fact he was multi-tasking, keeping one optic on his path while the other read his datapad. So amny things to do... As he came upon Sledge's medtable, he glanced around and noticed Micromasters going to Hook for repairs!

"Hey!" Hammer whispered up from the floor.

After a moment, Sledge peeked over with a displeased face. "What?"

Hammer gesticulated fervently toward the other Micromasters with his head. Sledge followed the arrow and sighed, then looked back to Hammer exasperatedly.

"Where's Knockout?"

Hammer grumbled. He had no time for insubordination! "I'll fill in till he gets here," he whispered up as he boarded the platform.

Sledge muttered and raised a multimeter to wave the Sports Car Patrol over. "Hey, I can take you guys over here!" he shouted with a hint of resentment.

2005-09-09, 05:13 AM
Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure stood atop a turbolift surrounded by a small swarm of Insecticon Clones. A look of sorrow filled his face as gazed at the brave little fallen warrior. He had only been around the creatures a short time, but he had found himself somehow feeling attached to them. As if he could almost feel their pain and confusion.

Steeling himself for what would come next he straightened up and addressed his brave little warriors, "He's gone. Nothing you can do will bring him back now. That is part of the reality of the world we live in. But you can honor him. Do not forget the sacrifice he made. Do not let it be for nothing. I hope you can understand what I'm saying."

-Strange- he thought. -To be worrying about creatures as insignificant as these. And yet, they have proven that they are willing to give their lives for a cause they do not fully understand. Is this then, what it is like to be a leader? If so, I am not so sure that I am cut out for it.-

He then pulled a grate off of an air duct, climbed in, and signalled the Insecticon clones to follow, "Come on. We still have a long way to go."

2005-09-09, 05:24 AM
"Thanks Sledge," Detour acknowledged his fellow Micromaster and walked into the medbay, dropping the inert Hyperdrive on the table.

"Best check him over first, the rest of us can wait."

Road Hugger followed his teammate, having to support himself against the wall as his energy reserves continued to dip.

"Just don't take too long about it," he growled.

Detour would have rolled his optics then, if at all possible. Quickly, he decided to make up for his partner's misplaced hostility.

"So, how's life in the Decpeticon army for you two?" he asked, noticing Hammer as well.

2005-09-09, 02:18 PM
Rippersnapper and Cutthroat were recharging themselves. They were powered down, unaware of what was happening in the room. Blot was next to them, in a corner while Sinnertwin was sitting in the middle of the room thinking, allbeit destruction, for a change.

Hun-Grr stood at the door, leading outside his quarters. He snarled.

Sinnertwin looked up at him "What is it Hun. What is troubling?", he growled.

"These quarters... they are small enough for one, let alone five of us. Something bigger is required, something... useable"

Blot stood but he saw his fluid leaking and sat down again. "I cannot even move without dripping around this place. I am used to it but it isn't good for you"

"No it isn't Blot. But it matters not. I focus not on your weaknesses but on your abilities"

"I know that, however it still must be an annoyance, I must be an annoyance" spurted Blot.

"Blot! Never speak of that again, you are a Terrorcon. We are the most cruelest Decepticons in the ranks, even more so when we are Abominum. All of us!", Hun snapped, tossing a metallic table to the side.

Inside Blot cowered but he didn't show it. He always felt himself to be the weakest Terrorcon, he would never outright admit it to the team or the rest of the Decepticons but he did feel it. Hun-Grr sticking up for him didn't help either but it was in their own quarters. It didn't matter because none of the other Terrorcons would care. They were a team yet at the same time like brothers.

Sinnertwin cut into the argument, directly facing Hun-Grr. "Shouldn't we be looking for something to do except waiting to bicker among ourselves for pointlessnesses."

Hun-Grrr nodded. "Agreed. Soon we will be either called upon, or I shall find out what we can do. But for now, we wait on our other two to finish"

Sinnertwin and Hun-Grrr sat down once again. Blot joined them with only a little mech fluid leaking behind him.

2005-09-09, 03:43 PM
Hammer beamed as the Sports Car Patrol took up Sledge's offer. He always could count on his fellow Micros... Sledge looked down at the unconscious Hyperdrive with latent panic. He kneeled to pop open the chest compartment, giving Hammer a frustrated and pleading look as he replied.

"Uh, sure thing. You guys should rest while I'm working..."

Hammer glanced into Hyperdrive's innards to see if he could guide Sledge in his work, but he felt it was far more important to keep the team's reputation and public relations.

"Knockout, medbay," Hammer muttered into his radio before giving Detour his full amiable attention. "Hard work pays off, like I always say. I was recently promoted to head of the technical division. A Micromaster, would you believe! It's about time the brass start recognizing my talents..."

Hammer nearly trailed off, realizing that he was gloating. That was always a turn-off for potential customers, he recalled from his training at the Academy. He put a bit more courtesy into his tone this time around.

"Where have you fellas been? I heard some ugly rumors."

2005-09-09, 10:04 PM
Corridors near the shuttle bay:

Kickback almost screamed with frustration as the sneaky Reflectorcon answered him with nary a bit of doubt.

You've won this round, that's granted - he thought leaving the corridor and turning round the corner, the other Insecticons following. But the war is far from being over... and now you've got yourself a personal enemy.


He tried to vent his anger on his mates and turned to them with sarcastic remark already formed in his speach circuit... But was cut short by sight of Shrapnel who was holding his head in his hands and swaying violently. Bombshell wathed Shrapnel with puzzlement, which made Kickback believe he wasn't the one guilty.

Nevertheless, he asked - better safe than sorry:

"And you expect me to believe this isn't your work too?"

"But it isn't! I swear! There's something wrong with him indeed!"

"N-no... It's all right... I've just got those signals again..." - Shrapnel weakly protested.

"And you still don't know what it is?"

"But I will... I'm almost there..."

"Leave him be, Kickback" - Bombshell intruded. "Perhaps he will remember better if left alone."

"Perhaps..." - Kickback was still unconvinced.

* * *
Vent shafts
A small herd of Insecticon clones - now only twelve in number - was following the figure who led them. Now they weren't too motivated but they liked the interior here - so, if there was a leader to lead them, all the better.

2005-09-09, 10:25 PM
Road Hugger watched as Sledge got to work on Hyperdrive - although it didn't look as if the micromaster was entirely sure what he was doing.

Detour took a seat, glad to be off his feet for a moment and listened as Hammer provided an update.

"A promotion, eh? Now that is a change since we were last here."

The micromaster paused as the question of the patrol's previous desertion came up.

"Blackjack'll be able to tell it better, but we weren't happy with the treatment old Megatron's regime was giving us micros'. That was a few years ago, an' since then we've been wandering around, causing trouble.

Detour grinned at the memory, saw Road Hugger was smiling too.

"And we ended up in a high-powered racing league in Japan. Cleared up too, until they kicked us out."

"Found out we were fixing the races," Road Hugger growled as an explanation.

2005-09-10, 06:25 AM

Hook took one look at Road Hugger and his group, then shrugged dismissively and returned to his work.

Thankfully, the Micromasters are here to deal with their own. Otherwise I would have had to waste my talents repairing those useless dwarves.

Air Ducts

Even without his supernaturally-enhanced abilities, Bugly could easily hear the Insecticon clones and their mysterious leader moving through the air shaft one level directly under his. The Pretender followed their path as closely as he dared, hoping that the minimal noise he was making wouldn't be enough to attract their attention.

2005-09-10, 11:02 AM
The Nemesis' airlock opened, and the decepticon marine warrior Submarauder emerged in his sea
monster pretender shell. He was dripping wet from coming in from the ocean depths.
He walk under the fan in the celing and pressed a button on the wall causing the fan to speed up,
after a minute he was dry and he disengaged his pretender shell.

"Computer display power levels"

His internel computer complyed.

"12%, i need energon now!"

Submarauder started walking down the corridor to the mess hall, he then opened a comlink to the
command centre.

"This is Submarauder returning from oceanic patrol, i found nothing of Decepticon intrest"

Just like every other time i go on one of these mind nummingly Boring patrols he thought to

"I'll be in the mess hall if i'm needed".

2005-09-11, 12:22 AM
Laserbeak squawked loudly angrily. Since they had left Metrotitan and been repaired by the Decepticons, he had longed to return to the safety of his master. The cassettes were in disarray without Soundwave. They were currently held in medbay.

Laserbeak had become the unofficial leader of the group. He was by far the cleverest of the cassettes. Rumble was good at bashing holes in things, as was Frenzy. Overkill and Slugfest were dunderheads most of the time. Ravage was stealthy and crafty, but lacked direction from the master. Buzzsaw was still MIA after he had flown on a mission to Autobot camp and, last he had heard, was held captive by the Autobots.

Laserbeak had decided that something must be done and, sensing that Shockwave was nearby, flew at rumble and frenzy.

"Fetch Shockwave! Tell him that I seek an audience with him. Tell him that I can assist in reactivating Soundwave."

"Where is he?!" Rumble complained.

"In the corridors arround Medbay. Go now and find him!"

Rumble and Frenzy ran from the room.

"How'd the bird get in charge?! Who does he think he is?" Rumble moaned to Frenzy.

"I want Soundwave back." Frenzy mumbled.

"Me too" Rumble agreed. "I think Laserbeak loves pushing us around and he wants to...Hey! There's Shockwave!"

Up ahead was Shockwave and several other characters, including a constructicon.

"Shockwave!" Rumble shouted. "We want to talk to you."

Soundwave was lost somewhere within the recesses of his dark mind. Since his deactivation, time became something unregisterable. He could have sat for a million years and no trealised it was so long. He had been deactivated as such before. He would return, he always did.

2005-09-12, 04:02 AM

Hook glanced over his shoulder towards Rumble and Frenzy, sniffed arrogantly, then glanced to Shockwave.

"You seem to have visitors," he said, as if the logical Military Operations Commander could somehow have missed them.

The Constructicon surgeon then turned on his heel and headed towards one of the Medbay's semi-seperate labs.

2005-09-12, 10:56 PM
Hammer laughed heartily to Road Hugger's comments.

"Some things never change, do they?"

Despite his show of affability, Hammer kept one optic on Sledge's sloppy pre-surgery analytical work. He could tell from where he stood that Sledge was being a bit clumsy in the way he was looking around, deliberately wasting time for Knockout to arrive.

Luckily, his prayer would shortly be answered. The near doors opened, and a purple and yellow amalgam crane truck rolled up to the table. The lift brought it up to the other Micromasters, and the front half transformed into Stonecruncher while the back sat inert.

"Howdy, boys," Stonecruncher waved to the Sports Car Patrol, then turned to Hammer. "Heard yer call on his radio when I was tryin' to get him up. Guess he had too much fun calibratin' the new security sensors."

Hammer's face dropped behind his mouthplate. This was embarrassing.

"Well, will you wake him?" he asked softly and politely but impatiently.

"C'mon, boss," Stonecruncher replied with continued bluster. "You know I'm no good at this neuro work."

Hammer sighed, took a function generator from Sledge's toolbox, and nodded to Detour.

"Like I said, some things never change..."

Hammer kneeled to get to work on the unconscious Knockout while Stonecruncher turned to Road Hugger and folded his arms. "Still livin' the wild life, buddy?"


Command Center

Viewfinder clicked off with a grin and steepled his fingers. From their stations Spectro and Spyglass turned to look at him, and the three engaged in a brief telepathic debate. Whatever the result, they knew that this turn of events would be interesting.

2005-09-13, 04:21 AM
Within an air duct of the Nemesis a shadowy figure leads his Insecticon Clone allies to an intersection. Stopping he turned around to check on his small force.

"My friends, I'm afraid this is where we must part ways. My path lies in a different direction from yours," he said with a hint of saddness in his voice, "Above us is the Energon Distribution Chamber that supplies the Mess Hall below us with energon. All you need to do is chew your way up through the floor and you will be able to feed until your content. You should be safe for a while. If you run into any danger I want you to hurry back into these air ducts as fast as you can. Do you understand? It will be difficult for any Decepticons to follow you in here. From here you will be able to escape to just about any area of the ship."

He took one last look at the Insecticons and smiled.

"You're in charge now," he said to the brave little creature that first approached him way back in the storage bay, "Take care of them."

Taking out the remainder of his energon chips he spread them on the floor of the duct, "A little something for all of you to remember me by. I'm very proud of everyone of you. Be careful. Be safe.....my friends."

Now that his goodbyes were said, he turned right and followed the air duct to his next destination, hoping the Insecticon Clones will end up alright in the end.

2005-09-13, 09:47 AM
Mess Hall

Submarauder reaches the doorway of the mess hall but then stops as he hears a clanging noise from above, although he ponders it for a second he dismisses it as faulty piping or a tech at work.

He walks over to the energon dispenser and grabs a cube, then looks at the available seats in the mess hall. He sees the two coneheads Trust and Ramjet sitting at one table, Submarauder being the solitary type chooses a emtie table at the far end of the room and begins to drink his energon.

2005-09-13, 08:05 PM
Air Ducts

One level above where the clones and their shadowy master parted ways, Bugly carefully listened as the suspicious Transformer started moving. After a moment's consideration, the Pretender decided to follow the sounds of the now-solitary figure's travel.

The bugs can be dealt with later by the cleaning staff.


Hook strode into the lab, where Long Haul was working (a little too excitedly, perhaps) at the device that filled the room. Nearby, a Nebulan with pink and blue armour watched the progress.

"Well?" Hook asked. "Is it working?"

"Looks like it," Long Haul replied eagerly. "I managed to plane the diamonds down into the shapes we needed, and in the test-firings everything checked out."

"Good," the surgeon said. He glanced down his nose at the Nebulan. "If you could please get into the machine, Lokos..."

"Whatever," the Nebulan said. "Just make sure you get this brute outta my skull, OK?"

"Oh, there was never any doubt of that," Hook replied as he wheeled the freshly-constructed Squezeplay body into it's place in the contraption. "Whether or not you survive...well, that's still up in the air."

"I don't like the sound of that," the Nebulan said with a note of worry in his voice.

"Oh, nonsense!" Hook ushered him onto the humanoid-sized table that made up the central feature of the strange device. As the Nebulan sat, automatic restraints shot out and secured him to the table.

"Then what're these for?"

"Security," Hook said offhandedly. "We can't have you running away and ruining a perfectly good chance to revive a Decepticon, can we?"

Before the fleshling could reply, the surgeon pressed a series of buttons. The machine began to whir, and the cluster of diamonds at it's heart began to glow.

2005-09-13, 08:49 PM
Road Hugger sat as the Constructor's got to work on Hyperdrive.

"Wild life?" he snorted at Stonecruncher's question. "I wish. Goin' rogue is all well an' good, but when you've got no energon and are being chased around the world by stinkin' Autobots, it's not much fun at all."

Detour stood and watched Hammer work, still not convinced of the micromaster squad's competance in this matter.

The medbay doors slid open again, as Blackjack finally arrived. "Well I'll be damned," he said with a smile, offering a hand to Hammer. "Two questions, buddy. How are you, and what does a mech have to do to get an energon top-up around here!"

2005-09-13, 09:19 PM
Air Ducts:

Most of the shadow figure's speech was lost on the Insecticon clones, but their keen senses compensated for that. As the bugs' sensors registered the presence of energon nearby, the group immediately started to chew their way up towards the source.

Soon, the bugs emerged through the hole in the floor of a circular chamber with several pipes leading from the central one and down. The jaws penetrated the pipes easily, and streams of precious substance were devoured greedily by happy bugs. Unending "Screech" signalled their collective happiness.

One of the bugs, however, didn't participated in the celebration. Taking a few sips of energon, he turned and scuttered down to where the misterious stranger left them. Picking his trail, the smart bug followed...

* * *
Mess hall:

Several energon dispencers suddenly started to blink with angry orange and red lights signalling that the energon supply was cut short. An alarm signalled, then another one joined.

2005-09-13, 09:56 PM
As Reflector collectively contemplated their next move in the game of subterfuge chess they had just entered, a red light and a siren on the main array pointed to a ship floorplan that zoomed on the mess hall.

"A breach in the energon line," Spectro noted.

"Foul play seems probable," Viewfinder concluded.

"I'll check it out," Spyglass offered. He took his gun with a bit of glee from the rack near the door and headed out to investigate the problem.



"Wha... How did I get here? Ohhh, did I pass out?"

Hammer stood and pulled Knockout to his feet while the latter rubbed his head.

"Why don't you help Sledge take care of Hyperdrive?" Hammer suggested with a nod to the work going on behind him.

Knockout gladly took the opportunity and shuffled off to kneel next to Hyperdrive and Sledge. Sledge was visibly only too glad to hand over the reins of the operation, and Knockout dilligently got to work.

"Ha! Well, now 'at you're back, we can make some real trouble round this place," Stonecruncher guffawed and delivered a heavy but friendly slap on Road Hugger's back.

Hammer turned from watching the others work at hearing a familiar voice coming upon them. He smiled genuinely under his faceplate and took Blackjack's hand in salutation. "I knew you had to be creeping around here someplace. I'm excellent, and you can get some of the pink stuff in a recharge chamber right around the corner."

Hammer pointed through an open door, leading to a hall full of recharge chambers. "You mechs have been running pretty short on energon recently, huh?"


Medbay: Lab

A silent whisper. A chill in the air. A faint shadow in the corner. An intangible brush against the back. Any rational being would just shrug off the sudden eerie aura in the laboratory as an invention of his imagination, a minor hallucination.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Now what are they up to...

A pair of unseen eyes watched the process over Long Haul's shoulder, impossible to detect in any physical sense, impossible to define, but unmistakably present.

Revive a Decepticon?

The eyes watched the operation with a wild curiosity that so often is the prelude to greed.

2005-09-14, 05:23 AM
Road Hugger grinned at Stonecruncher's suggestion.

"Trouble sounds... fun. But only when all of us are up and runnin' at full speed again!"

Blackjack shook Hammer's hand.

"Yeah. As I'm sure these micros have told you, we've been having a bit of difficulty keeping ourselves supplied lately."

His optics followed Hammer's pointing finger to the recharge chambers.

"Road Hugger, you and Detour go get filled up. You've deserved it."

And it means I can stay and watch over Hyperdrive's repairs, he thought. The Constructors are good mechs, but can be a little... sloppy...

Road Hugger and Detour didn't need telling twice, and shuffled off towards the recharge chambers.

Lord Zarak
2005-09-14, 12:29 PM
Shockwave exited the medbay without so much a word of thanks to Hook. He tried not to step on Rumble

"What is it you wish to discuss Rumble?" he asked, looking at each of the casseticons in turn, that were present.

"I have pressing business with Gigatron that cannot wait."

2005-09-14, 02:08 PM
Exterior, Ratbat's Office:

Bludgeon: -sits, down, cross-legged, drawing his katana as he drops into a meditative state, letting go of the katana, the sword hovering in mid-air, waiting......-

2005-09-15, 04:56 AM
Medbay Lab

Long Haul felt a shiver run through his circuits for some reason. He shook his head, then turned back to the machine that he and Hook were operating.

"Here we go," the Constructicon transport said. "Fully charged."

"Good, good." Hook pressed a few buttons, then glanced down at Lokos. "This will hurt a lot."

Moments later, an energy beam shot through the fleshling's body. It rippled through him, then collected in the array of diamonds at the other end of the device. Hook was surprised to note that the Nebulan had managed not to scream...although the thin trail of dark green blood running down his lip spoke to the effort it had taken.

The surgeon glanced down at the readout, then nodded.

"Spark extraction successful," he said. "Excellent."

A few more keystrokes, and the etherial energy stored in the diamond cluster pulsed through several peripheral devices before being pumped into an open panel on the Squeezeplay body. From there, it was shunted into the form's newly-built laser core.

"Readings nominal," Hook said. "Activating systems."

Two more keystrokes freed the form from the frame that held it, and a third forcibly activated Lokos' transformation circuits.

The headless body took several uneasy steps forward, then reached forward and picked up it's head. The links meshed, and Squeezeplay turned his gaze to Hook.

"If you ever treat my fleshling like that again," he said, "you will be in the market for a replacement head. Do I make myself clear?"

Without waiting for a reply, the Headmaster turned on his heel and stormed out.

Hook shook his head. "Some mechs don't know the meaning of gratitude..."

2005-09-15, 05:56 PM
Stonecruncher cupped his hands over his faceplate as Road Hugger started off toward the recharge chambers.

"See ya round, pal! I'll let ya know when my next party is!"

Hammer shrugged to Blackjack.

"You chose a good time to return, then. The energon reservoir has never been so full. The bigwigs must be planning something massive, but right now, it's a good time to be a Decepticon."

Knockout withdrew to take a final glance over his work, then closed Hyperdrive's chest panel.

"He's all set," Knockout called to Blackjack. "Somebody did quite a number on him too, didn't they?"


Medbay Lab

The unseen eyes went wide as the impossible itself happened - the dead had returned to life! The thought and its prospects overjoyed him, and in his excitement he flailed and popped one of the main LEDs lighting the room. No matter to him - he needed this machine, and he needed it now!

"Long Haul!" he shouted with intended jubilence, but his lack of concentration allowed it to slur out as a deathly cold moan from his still intagible mouth.


Mess Hall

If he could have kicked the door open, he would have. As it was, the barrier simply slid out of his way at his presence, and Spyglass stomped into the room with one heavy foot. He leveled his rifle and panned around for danger; the room proved just about empty.

I was hopin' for some action...

Disappointed, Spyglass shouldered his gun and began toward the bar. As he closed the distance, he spotted the alarms blinking on the taps. Spyglass stopped at a database terminal along the wall and typed in a code to shut off the irritating sirens, then approached the bar with suspicious looks to Submarauder, Ramjet and Thrust.

"What the frag's goin' on in here?"

2005-09-15, 06:51 PM
Mess hall

Submarauder had just taken another sip of energon when he noticed Spyglass burst into the room brandishing a weapon, not one to be caught off guard he reached behind his back with one arm, prepared
to pull his rifle out of subspace if needed.

After Spyglass asked his question Submarauder relaxed and answered.

"I thought it would be quite obvious, comrade, this base has more bugs in it then an insecticon nest".

2005-09-15, 07:39 PM
Blackjack watched as Hammer and Knockout finished work on Hyperdrive. It'd be good to have the full patrol functional again.

"Ah, it's mostly just a culmination of a lot of little encounters," he told Knockout. "Hyperdrive's quick to get himself in trouble, and won't quit when he's in over his head."

The patrol leader suppressed a grimace at the thought of the situations the blue micromaster had gotten his men in. He changed subject.

"You mention command's plans... any idea on what they are yet, or are us micros the last to know, as usual?


The lights automatically illuminated as Road Hugger and Detour entered the recharge chamber bay, lighting row upon row of upright cryo tubes.

"I take back what I said about this place bein' a dump," Road Hugger stated. "At least somethings are state of the art."

"Well, most Decepticon soldiers seemed to spend most of their time here anyway," Detour pointed out with a grin, moving over to the controls to prep four chambers. "So, you still worried about this return to the fold?"

"Seeing the Constructors helped," Road Hugger conceeded as he climbed into one of the recharge bays, "and as long as the boss 'bots give us a little respect, stuff'll be fine."

Road Hugger initiated the recharge cycle, putting the rest of his systems on standby. Detour did the same moments later.

2005-09-16, 04:10 AM
Within the Nemesis a shadowy figure worked his way through the labrinth of air ducts than throughout the ship.

-I don't have long now. The Decepticons should have detected the Insecticon clones by now. I'm going to need to make this quick, my diversion won't keep them busy for long.-

Checking to see if the coast was clear he kicked open a grate and exited into the detention center.

"Red are you here?"

2005-09-17, 09:48 PM

Long Haul jumped, then spun around towards the source of the voice.

"Wha..." He glanced around towards where he had heard the cold, dead speech coming from, but saw nothing save for a damaged LED. He drew his laser, but Hook's hand restrained him before he could do anything.

"Calm down!" the surgeon ordered harshly.

"B...but..." the Constructicon transport glanced back at his teammate, terrified. "G...ghost!"

"Think!" Hook commanded. "We have created a device that will let us raise the dead. It is little surprise that the dead might seek it out."

"I...I guess so..."

"Nnnn." Hook pushed his dimwitted underling out of the way, then glanced casually towards the source of the voice.

"You want to use the device," he said to the ghost. "Correct?"

Air Ducts

Bugly watched the shadowed figure through a vent as he emerged into the detention centre.

Red? That would be the Autobot cur Red Alert, I imagine...

He nodded gravely to himself.

So, this one still numbers among our enemies after all.


Squeezeplay stalked into the Nemesis' weapons storage area, slowly forcing himself to be calm. However, as he perused the aisles for weapons to replace what he had lost when Roadbuster had destroyed his previous body, his mind kept drifting back to the Constructicons.

How can they treat their allies like that?

Simple, Lokos' thoughts answered him. They don't care about fleshlings. We're just obsticles, or tools. He scoffed. You thought the same, once.

I know, the Decepticon admitted. And I can understand the attitude, when the fleshlings are enemies. But you aren't an enemy. You're an ally. It's...

He trailed off, examining an overrider rifle that he had taken from a shelf. He nodded approval, then subspaced the weapon.

It's typical, is what it is, Lokos answered. You and I both know that the Decepticon Army doesn't treat it's weaker members well.

Squeezeplay's only answer was a noncommittal grunt.

2005-09-18, 01:31 AM
Hammer shrugged a bit more sincerely and relaxed. It was visible he felt a bit less compelled to be a professional now that he was in the company of a friend, and in absence of potential clients.

"They don't tell me much," Hammer admitted to Blackjack. "I've got my guys working on getting this ship up to snuff in case the 'Bots come knocking. Beyond that, I know there's some big plans lately, but the brass don't tell me much. Figures, huh?"

Knockout peeked over toward the conversation, still at the head of the medtable.

"Do you need any work done, Blackjack?"


Medbay: Lab

The specter realized his folly: they couldn't see him! Unfortunately, he was too excited to properly control the powers he was still only learning to use, and so his attempts to show a more material form resulted only in a vague but ecstatic twinkling apparition.

"Yes! C'mon, Hook, we're buddies!" came through the astral wall only as a garbled wail.


Mess Hall

Spyglass gave Submarauder an unpleasant glare. He knew the Pretender could take him apart if he cared enough to, but Spyglass was itching for some mayhem, and he felt justified in waving around his rank. He walked over to Submarauder and put his foot up on the stool next to him, his weapon still before him in both hands but lowered.

"You sound like you know somethin', big shot."

2005-09-18, 05:07 AM
Medbay Lab

Long Haul retreated into a corner, away from the unnaturally-twinkling air.

Hook, on the other hand, stared at the aparition with a look of professional curiousity on his face.

Starscream hasn't died recently, so it can't be him. The voice is too low for Sparkstalker. No accent, so it's not Mindwipe. Scourge wouldn't be wheedling so much. Thunderwing would be snapping orders.

"Octane, I presume." He frowned slightly. "I'm afraid it's no mean task to revive someone in your state. First off all, we would need somewhere to put you. And while I wouldn't mind having a more competant mind inside Long Haul, I don't think that's what you had in mind..."

He glanced over to the corner where Long Haul was cowering. "You! Get an unused laser core from storage."

He glanced over at the ghost.

"You, float over towards the slab."

Raising his voice, he called out into the main room.

"Hammer, come here! I have a challange for you."


Squeezeplay slid another weapon off the wrack, admiring it.

It wasn't always like this, he said. Scorponok was different. So were others. They had honour.

And? Lokos' mental voice betrayed his frustration. How much good did they do? None. Not when they're surrounded by thugs, criminals and psychos.

Squeezeplay hefted the freeze-ray experimentally, then subspaced it as well. If that's what you think, then why did you join us in the first place?

It was a job, the Nebulan said. It paid well. But now...fighting for the sake of fighting, never accomplishing anything. That's not how I planned on spending my life. Is it what you wanted to do with yours?


I'll take that as a no, Lokos continued. So the question is, what are you going to do about it?

Nothing, the Decepticon replied. What do you want me to do? Go work for a crime syndicate? Go solo? He scoffed. Hardly. I'm a soldier. It's my job to fight.

But who for? Lokos countered.

Squeezeplay grunted. You expect me to defect? Do the Autobots pay that much better?

It's not always about money. Not even for me. The Nebulan chuckled. The fact is, I'm tired of living like this. And so are you, my thick-skulled friend. You just don't know it yet.


2005-09-18, 09:19 AM
Pounce strolled out of the medbay and spotted the micromasters in an adjoining room.

"mmm bite sized snacks , who wants to play with Pounce come here little bitty robot."


Wingspan lined up the shuttle with the docking bay

"good job well done , highly efficent , just have to worry those KO's over in Quebec don't mess up my plan maybe I should send Pounce to keep an eye on them . any way once we land , lets let the cargo drones do all the work and its ove rto the mess hall and Ill stand you both an energonn each."

2005-09-18, 09:45 AM
Mess hall

"Now, now theres no need for conflict comrade" Submarauder said pointing at spyglass's gun "What i meant to say was that this place is hardly in tiptop shape, if your looking for the source of the problem i would suggest going one level up, i heard some strange noises up there just a minute before the alarms went off.

2005-09-18, 09:57 AM
Shuttle Bay

" We will have to take you up on that drink later" Deadend asked Wingspan " Breakdown and I should rejoin the other Stunticons."

" W-who are probably either in their rooms or where we left them...in the mess hall" Breakdown interupted.

2005-09-18, 10:00 AM
Blackjack nodded, with a hint of regret, at Hammer.

"Figures. We're the first they ask if they need something menial done, but the last to know why."

Blackjack stopped himself. Careful, idiot, he thought. That kind of talk got us kicked out last time.

He was happy that Knockout interrupted his line of thinking.

"Couple of new armour panels on my back wouldn't go amiss. And my transformation cog's been playing up a bit."


System... rebooting...
System integrity... 100%
Power Levels... 100%
Unit... Online...

Hyperdrive's optics slowly came to life, and the blue micromaster slowly sat up. He blinked, trying to work out where exactly he was.

"Oww, what hit me?"

2005-09-18, 10:34 PM
Spyglass glared at Submarauder intently. Man, was this fun. He never would have thought thirty years ago that today he'd be bossing around this big bruiser! However, he also noted his luck in that Submarauder didn't care to call his bluff and break him in two...

"All right," Spyglass conceded, taking his foot off the stool. "I'm going up to check it out. You let me know if you see anything else, got it?"

Spyglass glanced at the other individuals sitting about and walked over to the nearest wall. He scanned near the ceiling until he saw what he was searching for, then hopped onto a table. Spyglass magnetized his rifle to his hip, reached up, and pulled the grate off the air duct. The thing clattered to the floor, and Spyglass climbed into the vent with a grunt...



Knockout's glee was certainly more muted than it had been while working on Hyperdrive, but he was pleased nonetheless. He pulled a scanner from his toolbox and used it to read Blackjack's dimensions. Once the device had done its work, Blackjack shuffled to the terminal at the head of the table and went about ordering the proper parts.

Sledge, nearby, looked down at the awakening Hyperdrive.

"How ya feelin'?"

Hammer grumbled at hearing Hook's bellow.

"Thinks he runs the place," Hammer muttered with a nod toward the voice. "Grit," he commed. "Come down to medbay and talk to Hook for me."

A few moments later, the main doors whisked open, and Grit stalked across the room with a glare up to Hammer.


Medbay: Lab

Octane could barely retain his ecstacy. He wasn't sure if Hook was being on the level with him, but any risk was worth the chance of getting out of this hellacious state! Octane promptly did as ordered, his spectral twinkle floating obediently into place.

A moment later, Grit passed through the opening and scowled up at Hook.

"Hammer appears to be busy," he hissed. "What is it?"

2005-09-18, 11:20 PM
Pounce padded purposively prowling panther-like praying the prey would not percieve his purpose.

He crept up behind a micromaster and growled loudly just behind them.

2005-09-19, 05:18 AM
Hyperdrive blinked, barely processing Sledge's question.

"Like I was run over by a citybot..."

His recovery was interrupted by a low, menacing growl - and Hyperdrive reacted, leaping shakily to his feet, pulling his laser rifle out of subspace and pointing it directly at Pounce.

"What's the big idea, kitty?"

Blackjack paused in his task at the terminal, and moved in between his teammate and the clone.

"Knock it off, Hyperdrive," he ordered, putting a hand on the barrel of the weapon and pushing it towards the floor. He then fixed Pounce with a glare.

"Besides, we're all friends here, right?"

2005-09-19, 05:58 AM
Within the Nemeis a shadowy figure walked cautiously through the Detention Center, peering into each of the cells as he passed them.

-There's nobody here. Red must have been destroyed. Wait. That cell is still active-

He walked a little further down the corridor and slowly looked through the forcefield to see a slumped figure lying on the floor.

"Soundwave," he muttered quietly to himself, "Looks like you got on the wrong side of somebody. Poor fool."

Moving on he searched to see if anyone else was locked up, but found nothing except more empty cells. He stopped as he approached Soundwave's cell once more.

"I'd like to help you, but I can't trust that you won't read my mind and betray me for your own benefit," he remarked to the motionless Con on the floor. In an uncharacteristic show of sympathy, he reached up and deactivated the force field on Soundwave's cell, "There. If you ever reactivate you'll at least have a fighting chance. Although if you're going to wake up, I'd suggest you do it before there's no where to escape to."

Turning away from the cell he headed back to the air duct that he used to enter the detention center in the first place. His face turned grim as he made his way toward what he believed would surely be his final destination.

2005-09-19, 01:31 PM
Mess hall

Submarauder nodded an affirmative to the Reflectorcon and watched him climb into the air duct.

That guy should be more careful, next time he threatens a stronger Decepticon he might not come out of it in one peice he thought to himself.

2005-09-19, 07:15 PM
The chamber was a mess. The energon had gathered in pools on the floor and Insecticon clones, encouraged by sudden abundance of the precious substance, were getting their fill. Other clones, not hungry anymore, were busy with the machinery, walls and everything that suited their taste for materials.

The number of the creatures at the chamber hadn't increased, though. They choose dark and safe places to procreate - and this place, with all the food, was far from both conditions. If all, it dwindled - not more than ten mecha-bugs at all were crawling the floor now.

What they had in excess was energy. Their antennae were consantly active, sending sparks here and there and making an ideal electrostatic field which would hamper all the communication from inside the chamber. But there were nobody to communicate yet, for the bugs were self-sufficient and needed nobody to join their harmony.

2005-09-20, 03:47 AM
Knockout turned slowly from his bench at hearing the low growl. His face opened in horror as he saw Pounce apparently getting ready to eat him and the others; he was too much in shock to even scream, only to stare locked in place.

Sledge grimaced at the Clone, pulled a laser scalpel from his toolbox, and rushed to the edge of the medtable.

"You lookin' for a fight? Huh? Come get some!"

Hammer grabbed Sledge's cab and firmly yanked him back from the edge. Sledge replied with an indignant and proud glare. Hammer turned his attention to Pounce, loosening his grip on Sledge in case he had misjudged...

"Indeed, Blackjack. And I think you'll have a hard time getting fixed if you do something nasty to Gigatron's technical chief," Hammer gloated.

At the other end of the table, Stonecruncher cracked his knuckles with a malicious grin. He'd been sporting for a good brawl...


Mess Hall

Spyglass maneuvered his way through the vents quickly. He had figured Submarauder's report was erroneous, that the noises he heard were more likely from within the vents. However, once there, Spyglass did note that he could hear something above... He slithered up a vertical shaft and kicked out the grate to find nearly a dozen Insecticon clones.

"What the frag..." he marvelled. "Viewfinder, we got a problem... Hey. Hey! Viewfinder?"

His radio seemed to be dead. Spyglass eyed the Insecticons suspicously, one hand on his gun and the other on his escape route. The first move would be theirs to make, and Spyglass certainly hoped the true Kickback wasn't among them...

2005-09-20, 03:50 AM
Medbay Lab

Hook sneered down his nose at Grit.

"Let your boss know that we've got a ghost aboard-ship again. If he doesn't pull up the schematics for Octane's body and build a reproduction, he'll probably end up being haunted for the rest of his life."

Turning his back on the Micromaster, he nodded appreciatively as Long Haul inserted the empty laser core in place.

"OK, Octane...this might hurt a lot."

The Constructicon started working the control console.

Air Ducts

Bugly continued to follow the shadowed figure from afar, moving as quietly as he could.

2005-09-20, 06:40 AM
Pounce grinned bearing his fangs

"not really I'm looking for a snack .... .......and I just heard the energon disensers are down in the Mess Hall

2005-09-20, 09:24 AM
Detention Center:

An Insecticon clone crawled through the air duct which the unknown intruder used just a while ago. Sniffing his way, he hopped to the floor then scuttered to see what his benefactor was interested in.

The trail led the curious bug to the cell where slumped figure of Soundwave was resting. The bug looked at the Decepticon, then touched him carefully with his front paw.

"K-chak?" - he asked hesitantly and quietly. Receiving no answer he stood on his hind legs trying to see Soundwave's optics.

"K-chak bzzzzt!" - and his antennae gave Soundwave a powerful jolt of electricity. "Bzzzt, bzzzt!" - the shock treatment was repeated again and again.

* * *
Energon distribution chamber

The bugs noticed the intruder and scuttered to the far end of the chamber, talking there to themselves with their shrilly noises:

"Chirrp scree chirrrp! Chirr, chirr!!"

One of the bugs who was exploring the ducts underneath (and whom Spyglass passed by without noticing due to the lack of illumination at the ducts) emerged behind the Reflectorcon from the hole in the shaft wall. Finding his path blocked, he chirped angrily and delivered an electrical jolt to the rear part of Spyglass. He had no evil intent - this creature was just blocking his path to the food...

But it was the first hostility and it was initiated by the clones...

* * *
Med bay:

Kickback and Bombshell walked in, carrying Shrapnel in their hands. Shrapnel was moaning loudly and holding his head with his hands. From time to time he attempted transformation, then suddenly changed back to robot form, apparently not controlling himself.

"Shapnel, in the Pit's name - what's wrong with you?" - asked Bombshell third time already.

"I... I don't know - ow, ow!!!" - Shrapnel cringed and moaned again.

"Cut that out!" - Kickback ordered to Bombshell then raised his voice:

"Can anybody help our friend here?"

2005-09-21, 07:51 PM
Blackjack tried to ignore Hyperdrive's grumblings, and adressed Pounce.

"Well, how about you go get some energon, on me, and we'll join you when we're fixed."

He knew of the clone's reputation of course; and it was better not to come across too hostile and make him an enemy.

"That offer applies to you too, Constructors; consider it payment for a job well done."


Road Hugger and Detour laid in their respective recharge chambers, their cycles nearly complete.

2005-09-21, 08:18 PM
Pounce stretched languidly claws skittering on the deck plate.

"an excellent suggestion which would prevent me from having to seek nourishment....elsewhere."

2005-09-21, 08:34 PM
A micromaster would stick in your craw, I guarantee it, Blackjack thought, ignoring his processing unit that told him that actually, Pounce would be more than able to comfortably devour him, or any of his patrol.

"You know, if you wait a while, the rest of my patrol, Road Hugger and Detour, will be out of the recharge chambers, and they'll go with you to the mess hall if you like."

2005-09-22, 06:05 PM
Spyglass jumped as the clone zapped him, and he found himself falling out of his hiding spot and into the chamber. He scrambled to his feet and pulled his gun from his side, but he quickly fell motionless: this was certainly not the place for a misfire, and they'd take him apart if he played it wrong. Spyglass kept his gun up and turned his head every so slowly toward the vent behind him.

"Hey!" he shouted, hoping it would echo into the mess hall. "Need a hand up here!"


Medbay: Lab

The twinkling that was Octane's best manifestation of a physical form warped and stretched, and in a flash it was gone. The chill in the air vanished, and the shadows in the corner illuminated. There was silence.

Aw, you gotta be kiddin' me! I gotta wait for a body? Sonofa...

Grit glared harder at Hook and stormed out silently. He pondered what his ashes would look like...


Medbay: Main Room

Stonecruncher rushed forward at hearing Blackjack's offer and threw an arm around the other Micromaster's shoulders.

"This guy, huh? Never forgets his roots!" Stonecruncher nodded toward Pounce. "The dispensers are busted? I just serviced 'em."

Hammer simply grinned, but he didn't answer as Grit made his way up to the table and relayed Hook's message.

Knockout returned to functionality slowly as he realized Pounce's intentions had waned. He returned to his console to find that his order had been filled. He picked up the armor carefully, trying not to smudge the damp paint, and handed the pieces to Sledge.

"Install these." Knockout ordered hurriedly. Sledge was happy to oblige; mechanical work was something he could do. He took the armor over to Blackjack with a nod.

"Ready?" Sledge asked impartially.

Knockout continued toward the edge of the table and rode the lift down to the floor.

"What's wrong with him?" he asked the Insecticons.

2005-09-22, 07:52 PM
Energon distribution chamber:

The insolent clone followed Spyglass into the chamber then ran around to the nearest pool of energon and started feeding. Seeing that, the other clones emrged from the far corner and approached the Reflectorcon.

"Scree, scree!" - they talked to themselves.

One of the clones came closer and tried to touch Spyglass with his fore paw.


* * *
Medbay: Main room

"His circuits are scrambled, I fear" - Kickback answered to Knockout pointing at Shrapnel. "Keep talking about some strange signals which nobody accepts except him."

He glanced severely at Bombshell.

"I swear, it's your fault!"

"No, no, he was all right! It happened to him later, believe me!" - the mind master was getting accusomed to pleading innocence.

This wasn't the first time... But the funny thing was that now he was innocent indeed...

2005-09-22, 08:34 PM
Blackjack was glad for the back-up - even if it was the slightly overbearing Stonecruncher. The Decepticon army he remembered would have left him to settle the misunderstanding with Pounce a more traditional way.

Probability of success through suggested course of action: 0.12%

The patrol leader grimaced, and tactfully removed himself from Stonecruncher's embrace.

"Ready when you are, Sledge," he said, eyeing the new armour panels longingly.

Hyperdrive was more concerned with the new arrivals, modulating his voice to a low mutter:

"Damn, I hate bugs."

2005-09-22, 09:25 PM
Pounce growled and transformed into robot form

"all i know is they're not working now ."

He spun on his heel and stalked out .


Wingspan docked the shuttle and swung out of his seat

"gonna catch up with the constructors and get them on board for the project . I'll see you in the mess hall ok."

Wingspan walked into the medbay , an identical robot to the one which had just left

"hi guys want a couple of you to come down to the docking bay. I have something to show you. Do you mind if we make it quick I'm dying for something to eat."

2005-09-22, 09:26 PM
Mess Hall

Submarauder finished the last of his energon and began walking over to the bar to dispose of the emptie cube, he stoped when he heard a voice from the open panel in the ceiling.

Since no one else in the room Seemed to have noticed he opened a comm link to Spyglass.

"Is there a problem?, comrade."

2005-09-23, 03:47 AM
Within the Nemesis a shadowy figure continued his journey through the labyrinth of air ducts.

-It won't be long now. The final gambit approaches. I can only hope that I will continue to encounter as little resistance as I have up to this point.-

He took a deep intake of air and proceeded on, his mind racing with the memories of his life.

2005-09-23, 03:54 AM

Scorponok guided his shuttle towards the Decepticon base.

"Nemesis control," he growled into the comm, "clear me for landing in bay six."

Medbay Lab

Hook shrugged as the dwarfish Grit stormed off, then continued to work with the controls of his machine.

2005-09-23, 11:49 PM
Spectro was quick going about the regular security protocols to check out the legitimacy of the codes being transmitted. It was nearly automatic after so many practices of such a menial task.

"You are clear to land, Scorponok," he replied monotonously after confirming authenticity.

Across the room, Viewfinder sat and pondered. Like most games, chess was one he preferred to play prepared for all options.


Mess Hall

Spyglass grunted in some minor pain as his radio buzzed loudly in his head, subsiding to a garbled honking. The clones' field still made his radio impossible to utilize.

"I need some heavy hands and a bad attitude," he called back into the vent, still keeping an optic and his muzzle trained on the clones. "No guns though!"



Knockout finished the gap to the adjacent medtable and rode the lift up to it, eyeing Shrapnel for physical signs of his ailment. He hummed and muttered to himself, making little mental notes. He maneuvered to the top of the bed and typed some commands into the terminal at the head.

"All right, lay him down and I'll have a look," Knockout decided. "Neurocircuitry is my specialty."

On the other table, Sledge pulled a laser scalpel from his toolbox and began cutting away the old armor from Blackjack's back, working silently but proficiently.

Hammer glowered at Grit's report. He could hardly believe what he was hearing; did Hook think he was a joke? He clicked on his commlink with impatience in his voice.

"Excavator, medbay," he commanded and clicked off. A finger addressed Grit. "Inform Sledge, Excavator, and Stonecruncher. The four of you get started when Sledge is done. I'll deal with Hook." He turned to Blackjack with a bit of projected frustration. "I have to go talk to Hook. Guzzlers, y'know? No respect."

Grit watched apathetically as Hammer descended the table side. Meanwhile, Sledge delivered Wingspan a cold, repressed, and misappropriated glare.

"You're a real joker, aren'tcha?" he challenged coolly. "You're lucky I'm working here, or you'd be spare parts by now, entropy-sack."

Stonecruncher mosied across the table and ran one hand up his opposite arm, as though to roll up his proverbial sleeves.

"No sweat, Sledge. I got a minute and some free hands..."

Across the room, the main doors opened, and Excavator strolled in. He glanced between the table full of his teammates and the clone nearby.

"Hey, Wingspan," he called gently as he approached the table.

Stonecruncher stood motionless with his hand up near his shoulder. His optics danced between Excavator and Wingspan, unsure if they should believe his little buddy or his gut.


Medbay: Lab

Hammer power-walked into the semi-secluded lab and glared up at Hook with visible outrage.

"What in the pit is that supposed to mean?" he demanded. "And why should I be building a body for a deactivated Decepticon? Do you enjoy wasting valuable resources, doctor?"

2005-09-24, 05:48 AM

Scorponok didn't bother to respond to the Reflectorbot who had answered his hail; that particular sub-group had never been worthy of the city commander's attention, in his own mind.

Instead, he guided his shuttle into the appointed shuttlebay silently.

Medbay Lab

Hook looked down his nose at Hammer.

"I would think it was fairly obvious. Octane's ghost is floating around scaring my men. I have the means to place his spark inside a new laser core. I want you to fabricate a body for him so that we can reactivate a useful Decepticon."

His optics narrowed.

"Now, imagine how unhappy the ghost would be if you refused."

2005-09-24, 07:09 AM
Wingspan replied backing away slightly

"good to ssee you Excavator , I'm glad someones happy to see me . I 've just got back from a mission and I need your help . I've a l-lload of parts I want one of you to cast an optic over when you have a moment . Um who rained on you friend's parade or hhave I done something I don't know about , that mysterious store room wasn'tt dangerous was it. "

He counts visible micromasters

"I d-d-didn't get on of you killed did I."

2005-09-24, 11:07 AM
Mess Hall

Submarauder was surprised to hear the reply coming from the vent, he left the empty cube on the bar and climbed into the vent.

He made his way trough the air duct and into the energon distribution room.

"A pair of heavy hands and a bad attitude at your service, comrade"
He announced to Spyglass.

2005-09-24, 12:41 PM
Blackjack suppressed a wince as the laser scalpel of Sledge started cutting into his buckled back, but otherwise didn't say anything. Best to let the Constructor concentrate on what he's doing.


Hyperdrive watched silently as Wingspan talked to the newly-arrived Excavator.

Interesting, the micromaster thought, how this clone is completely different from his 'brother'.

Hyperdrive decided that maybe that wasn't a bad thing.


The two recharge chambers active in the bay adjoining medbay finished their cycles, opening to let Road Hugger and Detour out, now at 100% power levels. Detour caught sight of himself in the polished steel of a nearby wall and smiled.

Looking good, feeling great...

"Come on," Road Hugger growled to his patrol-mate, "lets get back to the boss, and see if the Constructors have fixed old Hyperdrive."

"Hopefully, they'll have made him more... personable too."

Road Hugger chuckled, leading the way into the now heavily-crowded medbay.

"That'll be unlikely, Detour. Slag it, this place is packed!" Road Hugger remarked, looking between the Constructors, Wingspan and the Insecticons.

2005-09-27, 05:01 AM

Squeezeplay stalked down the corridor.

What's so wrong with this sort of life?

Where do I begin? Lokos answered wryly. You don't like your comrades, you don't respect your leaders, and you don't care about the cause. Why risk your life?

Because there's nothing else I can do, Squeezeplay retorted. And besides, I don't hate all of my comrades.

Name one that you like, Lokos challenged.

Sparkstalker, Squeezeplay thought quickly.

Lokos sighed. Name one that's still alive.

That brought the Headmaster up short. Sparkstalker's dead? How?

I don't know, the Nebulan said. I didn't know until I tried to look him up one day. He'd been listed as dead, and his last known action was being arrested by Ratbat.

Ratbat! Squeezeplay would have spat the name, had he been talking.

Yes, Ratbat. For once, Lokos shared his partner's anger. The same mech who gives the Constructicons their orders.

He does, doesn't he? Squeezeplay balled his right hand into a fist. Then I think it's time we had a nice 'talk' with our friend Ratbat...

Lokos groaned. Not again...

2005-09-27, 06:10 AM
Within the Nemesis a shadowy figure came to the end of his journey through the maze of air ducts. Looking through the grating that seperated him from the room that was his final destination.

-There it is. The Main Power Generator. Now is the time. There is no need to be afraid any longer. Soon, very soon, the fear will over. I will be one with those that came before me. And the Decepticon threat on this world will be ended. Who would have thought? Me, a lowly soldier ending a war that has lasted millions of years. Who would have thought, indeed. Humpf... I can't believe the Decepticons would be so arrogant to leave such a critical area unguarded. Can't complain though...... Well here goes-

Taking a deep intake of air, the mech kicked the grating and it crashed to the floor below, while he jumped out and headed for the main controls of the Power Generator.

2005-09-27, 04:03 PM
The bugs eyed arriving Submarauder with suspicion. They've already accepted Spyglass who apparently wasn't hostile, but the larger newcomer was bigger and scarier. They backed again into a corner and chirrped - a sound they emitted in fright.

The bug who was near the Reflectorcon grabbed his arm with the front paw and tried to usher him to his comrades. Apparently Spyglass was considered being part of the pack.

2005-09-27, 04:06 PM
The smart Insecticon clone was trying to do something with Soundwave who was lying prone in the cell. The bug sensed the spark still living inside the body and attempted to activate him with electric shocks.

"Bzzt!!! Bzzt!!!" - he exclaimed as his electric charges were stinging Soundwave here and there.

2005-09-27, 04:13 PM
Kickback tried to explain to Knockout what happened with his fellow - about the unknown signals which Shrapnel heared. Meanwhile, Bombshell was idly eyeing a strange mechanism standing at the wall.

"And he's not making any sence about this signals" - Kickback finished. "I don't know what to do."

While Knockout was examining Shrapnel, Bombshell approached Kickback and quietly whipered to him:

"It seems I know just the answer".

Kickback looked at his untrustworthy comrade. Bombshell was obviously hiding a smirk.


2005-09-28, 12:31 AM
Frenzy spoke up first. "Laserbeak wants you!" he cried.

Rumble glanced sideways at him. "Laserbeak wants to reactivate Soundwave. We need him back. The cassettes can assist in this reactivation, but we need the assistance and authority from you and Gigatron."

Frenzy chipped in again: "But you gotta promise that you're not going waste him. We need him back."

Rumble continued. "Assign a medical drone to reactivate him. We shall ensure that he cooperates."

The 2 cassetticons fell silent, waiting for a response from the towering form of Shockwave.

2005-09-28, 12:40 AM
(OOC: Er, to those pestering Soundwave, his cell is guarded at Security Level 8, which entails: 14 high-density electron bars, multiple layers of energon shielding on the walls, a giant solenoid in the ceiling to paralyze escape attempts, and four automated chain guns outside his cell. I think you'd have a hard time getting at him. I hate to ruin the fun, but it just doesn't make sense that he wouldn't be left guarded after what he did... Again, these are things that have been declared long ago anyhow. In any case, Soundwave may be waking rather soon...

I suppose I'll also use this post to note that I'm on a short absence while I race the clock with schoolwork for the next day or two.)

2005-09-28, 05:06 AM

After watching Wingspan leave the shuttle bay, Deadend and Breakdown started heading towards their rooms.

2005-09-29, 04:31 AM
Spyglass glanced over his shoulder, but his fuel pump dropped before he had even seen the face. He knew that voice, and he had certainly hoped someone else would answer after the way he'd treated Submarauder downstairs... Nevertheless, the distraction was enough for one of the clones to grab his arm, and he yelped in confusion while he tried firmly but not aggressively to tug it away.

"So listen," he said over his shoulder, keeping his optics on the clone. "We've gotta get these things outta here to fix the energon flow for the mess hall. I dunno how they got in here... You got some energon treats for 'em-- comrade?"


Medbay: Lab

Hammer's glare turned to stupefication. He couldn't believe this - Hook, the most frequently name-dropped surgeon in Decepticon history, telling him about phantoms haunting in his medbay! And apparently expecting Hammer to believe it!

"Ghost," he repeated in disbelief. "Octane's... ghost."

It was quite a chore to suppress his rage. He really could get away with chewing out his subordinate, but he suspected Scrapper wouldn't have too difficult a time maneuvering himself to pull rank if so inclined. In any case, Hammer decided he could turn this for himself; tooth-and-nail Decepticons would be much more impressed to see Hammer deliver Octane running around in his body... if Hook was being straight, of course. Hammer sighed.

"Look, I don't have time for this just now. I'll get around to it when I can. You have the core?"


Medbay: Main Room

Stonecruncher's face would have turned red if it weren't already. He withdrew his pumped arm to the safety of the back of his head as he tried to redress his identity error with Wingspan.

"Aw, uh, hey buddy. Didn't realize it was you. That other guy who looks like ya was just in here... So what sorta parts're you talkin' about? I can run down and look 'em through if ya need."

Excavator listened to the exchange quietly, giving a glance to Detour and Road Hugger as they approached. He did appreciate Wingspan's company, and he might know a bit more about the parts than Stonecruncher, but he wasn't the sort to say anything about it... Sledge patted Blackjack's back as he sealed the last of the plates in position and tossed the old ones into the clean vaporizer.

"All set," Sledge reported confidently, having lost his misplaced animosity toward Wingspan.

Noting that the operation was finished, Grit unfolded his arms and came to Sledge's side, telling him of Hammer's orders in low tones.

On the adjacent table, Knockout perused Shrapnel's brain casing with visible vexation. He wore his emotions readily when he was working on a project, and he didn't mind if the others could tell what he was thinking. He gave the other Insecticons a glance to assure them things were coming along.

"I haven't pinpointed it yet, but I will soon," he declared innocently.

2005-09-29, 05:12 AM
Ratbat's Office

Squeezeplay slammed a fist into the control panel, and the door slid open to reveal the fuel auditor's waiting room. He stalked in, put came up short when he saw that a figure already occupied the room.

His optics narrowed as he glanced at Bludgeon.


Medbay Lab

"Of course I have the core," Hook said impatiently. He gestured towards one end of his odd machine.

Main Engineering

Well...this is just unacceptable.

From a high vent, Bugly watched as the shadowed figure moved towards the main power core.

Obviously, something will have to be done.

With significantly more stealth than his prey had used, Bugly removed the grate that stood before him. Laying it flat inside the air ducts, he dropped down towards the ground. His Circuit-Su training allowed him to land with no more than a soft clink.

Straightening to his full height, the unshelled Pretender crossed his arms and focussed on the shadowed one.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he said calmly.

Landing Bay

Scorponok landed his craft expertly on it's set-aside pad, then locked down the controls and stalked out of the ship. He stormed through the bay's doors and into a turbolift.

"Command offices," he snarled. The lift started moving.

2005-09-29, 06:41 AM
Main Medbay

"has my B-b-brother been causing t-t-trouble again . I have an i-idea that might get him out of the way. WOnder h-h-how he'd like m-m-maple syrup as lubricant. If one of you would f-f-follow me I'll show you the parts they're all from Human cars so whichever of you is m-m-ost familar."

2005-09-29, 10:52 AM
Energon Distribution Chamber

"No, not that i think it would do any good if i did" Submarauder said to Spyglass as he stepped in a puddle of energon.

"There's more energon on the floor then we could ever offer them, besides i thought you asked for a pair of heavy hands" he said bringing his pretender shell out of subspace.

2005-09-29, 07:13 PM
Road Hugger's aural units were pricked by Wingspan's reports.

"Hey, Stonecruncher, how 'bout you and Excavator go take a look, and me and the boys'll come help you with any heavy lifting you need. Of course, that's if you don't mind, Wingspan."


"Fantastic job, Sledge," Blackjack commented as his internal diagnostic checks completed integrity tests on the new armour plates.

The patrol leader listened as his men offered their services to the other Decepticons, happy that they were trying to fit in. Blackjack moved over to Detour, to give the Constructors room to deal with the Insecticons.

2005-09-29, 07:58 PM
As the Insecticon clone gave up his attempts of awaking the sleeping form of Soundwave, he turned to the vent shaft he came from... only to find it blocked by shining barrier of energo-field; the defence systems came back to life automatically. Puzzled by its shining surface he came closer and was stung by the barrier.

Feeling that he was assaulted the clone jumped back with angry "Chirrrp!!!". His antennae came to life and sent a scramble of signals and a few sparks at the barrier.

That was received as an ambush signal. An alarm sounded. The automated defence systems came to life and high-power machine guns were aiming at the intruder. But the condensed overpour of signals scrambled their circuits somewhat so instead of nailing the enemy right where he was standing they were shooting here and there. Using the time advantage the bug ran back and hid behind Soundwave's body.

2005-09-29, 08:02 PM
The clones were obviously frightened of Submarauder's new appearance and they scattered back to the corner. With angry "Chirrp, chirrrp!!" they started to chew a way through the wall - to safety.

The bug who catched Spyglass's hand finally gave up and tried to make the exit to the hole he came from. Unfortunately, in dashing for it he came too close to Submarauder...

2005-09-29, 09:48 PM
Having made a quick trip to the armoury to replace his weapons
Pounce lurked in a corridor ouside medbay.

Slagging' micros always in there teams even if he got one alone the others would come after him, maybe a cassette would be better but then he had Soundwave to worry about

Life was not easy for an ammoral viscious killing machine.



Wingspan answered

"sure t-thing the more the merrier."

2005-09-29, 11:08 PM
Energon Distribution Chamber

Submarauder took some pleasure in seeing the Insecticon Clones fear him, but he then noticed one of the clones running in a different direction towards a hole in the wall.

He drew his sword from subspace and brought it down trying to impale the insect to the floor.

I don't know if Spyglass wants these creatures alive or not, but i dought he wants them escaping into other areas of the ship.

2005-09-30, 01:09 AM
Deactivation was indefinable. Soundwave existed, but was not alive in any sense of the word. His offline mode "existed" only as a kind of subconcious thought. At the very edge of his perception, he detected the presence of another transformer in the vicinity. He required something...something in order to come back online...something...

2005-09-30, 01:44 AM
Spyglass was ambivalent now that the course of conflict had been chosen - he was glad to finally get to flex his servos as well as some authority, but he was a bit nervous about the outcome. Nevertheless, he reached toward the mass of clones with both hands to grasp one's hind quarters and toss the bug over to Submarauder.

"Yer not goin' anywhere!"

That slaggin' Kickback. If he thinks this is funny, wait till I'm through with him...


Medbay: Lab

Hammer stalked over to the machine, snatched the core impatiently, and began back for the door. He stopped and turned in his frustration, and he raised a finger to point at Hook. A dozen nasty things to say flew through his mind in an instant, but he decided not to compromise his professionalism, and instead continued back into the main room with a brief but forceful sigh.

I can't believe this.

The laser core under his arm couldn't either.


Medbay: Main Room

Stonecruncher laughed heartily as he jumped from the edge of the table to the floor.

"Can always count on this mech," he noted with a thumb toward Road Hugger. "You comin', X?"

Excavator nodded silently and transformed with Stonecruncher to their crane mode. Stonecruncher reved his engine and backed up away from Wingspan's feet.

"Lead the way, boss!"

On the table, Sledge gave Grit an incredulous look. Grit simply stared back, and Sledge groaned as he closed up his toolbox.

"Anything else your guys need, Blackjack? We have a project we need to start on."


Gigatron's Lair

He had watched most thoroughly. His thoughts were huge - the future was nigh, and it would be necessary to take it quickly. There was no time to waste. He needed to know how the mission proceeded so that the next step could begin. He leaned forward to activate his desk comm.

"Scorponok," he growled. "Report to my chamber."

2005-09-30, 04:29 AM
Gigatron's Lair

Only mere moments after the leader gave out his summons, Scorponok bulled his way through the throne room's large double doors. Even though he didn't strictly need to make so dramatic an entrance (the throne room was the only place on the ship with doors large enough to accomodate his bulky frame without ducking), it was something the city commander was used to.

"Gigatron," he nodded in greeting. "The mission was a sucess."


Astrotrain dropped down low to the ocean and approached the Nemesis. The leading edges of his grey-and-purple hull were singed black by the heat of his recent reentry.

"Nemesis Control, this is Astrotrain. Send up the lift tower."

2005-09-30, 05:18 AM
Blackjack thought on Sledge's question for a moment, and looked back at his bantering teammates.

"No, we seem fine for the moment, Sledge. We'll get out of your way. Tell Hammer to contact me if he needs anything. I'm happy to help."

He headed over to his patrol.

"Alright, Road Hugger, you and Hyperdrive go with Excavator and Wingspan. And stay out of trouble."

Road Hugger gave a sly, sideways glance at Stonecruncher.

"Trouble, boss? Us?"

And the two micromasters transformed, pulling up on either side of the combiner, waiting for the order to move.

Blackjack looked at Detour.

"Let's see if we can find some quarters."

2005-09-30, 06:25 AM
Wingspan strode out of Medbay leading the way to the docking bay.

"follow me fellows."


In the shadows Pounce watched

ahh my brother is is consorting with the prey , maybe this has possibilities

2005-09-30, 05:06 PM
Energon Distribution Chamber

In the darkest shadows at the back of the chamber, a figure watched the events unfolding between Spyglass, Submarauder and the clones, flipping a throwing star over the back of his fingers, first one way along his hand, then back the other, his optics glowing white in the darkness.

2005-10-01, 04:35 AM
Main Engineering, Nemesis

Deep within the Nemesis a shadowy figure stood before the main power generator pondering his next move. The voice behind him had caught him unawares and now he had a choice to make. His first instinct was to turn and shoot his enemy, but a sudden move now could prove fatal. And he could not afford to die now. Not when his goal was within reach.

"I thought this seemd a little too easy," he said calmly and cooly to his enemy while not moving a single servo, "So the endgame has come. Now what? Do we face each other in mortal combat ultimately destroying each other and perhaps the ship in the process? Or do I surrender, only to be deactivated and left to rot like Soundwave? Maybe we work out a deal and go our seperate ways."

"Or maybe I destroy you before you get a chance to make a choice," he said quickly turning around in one smooth motion to reveal himself to his enemy, a look of determination sneered across his face, his right arm outstretched so that the long machine gun attached to it could take aim.

Dirge then fired at the bug-like pretender, Bugly.

2005-10-01, 04:52 AM
He knew, of course. It was preordained, in a way - the plan was so simple, and the Autobots too blind to see it until they could do nothing against it. Still, his optics flared with agreement at Scorponok's affirmative report.

"Indeed," he delivered cryptically. "What did they learn of the objective?"



Sledge nodded to Blackjack, and he and Grit turned to head to the IRL (Intensive Reconstructive Laboratory). Hammer's path crossed theirs, and the three grumbling Micromasters walked on muttering about project details.

Nearby, Knockout pulled a laser scalpel from his toolbox and began snipping circuitboard brackets, oblivious to the Insecticons' devious chatter...

Stonecruncher's engine roared, and the long crane truck chugged off after Wingspan.

"So what're you doin' with car parts anyway, pal?"



Spectro didn't bother to reply to Astrotrain's request as he went about the procedures; he thought the once-commander would get the idea at the sight of the docking tower's eruption from the waters. Besides, he had what appeared to be a fight on his monitor! He watched quietly for a moment, debating whether reinforcements would arrive in time...



With the last of the water drained, the inner hatch opened, and Snaptrap tromped into the airlock chamber with his heavy tortoise feet. He transformed to robot mode and turned back to glare at the others while they came in. After transforming to their robot modes, Overbite and Skalor hoisted their whining lobster companion from the floor. Tentakil eyed him with ghoulish glee.

"Get him to medbay," Snaptrap snapped. He leaned in toward Nautilator and added with a snarl, "Next time, we leave you there."

Nautilator simply whimpered as the others carried him off. "It wasn't my fault..." he pleaded feebly.

2005-10-01, 05:22 AM
Main Engineering

With only a slight strain creeping through his outward air of calm, Bugly waved one hand towards the oncoming shots from Dirge's machine gun. The bullets seemed to change course of their own volition, arcing around the Circuit-Su master and impacting on the doorframe behind him.

In actual fact, though, that little trick had cost Bugly no small amount of effort; the concentration required to pull such a stunt was phenominal, to say the least.

A pity, he thought, that my shell is still healing from the wounds it took in Sierra Leone.

However, the Pretender strode towards his attacker with an air of arrogance that belied his fatigue.

"You," he said contemptuously, "are out of your league."

To punctuate his statement, Bugly snap-kicked at the conehead's chest.

Gigatron's Lair

Scorponok's face twisted into a sneer, directed not towards Gigatron but towards the Autobots his team had fought.

"They know nothing. They were too preoccupied with the humans to threaten our plans. Until the drone ship blasted off, they had no idea that we were up to anything other than random murder."

Lift Tower

A large, silver tower shot upwards out of the sea. Water cascaded down it's sides as it rose into the sky. On one side, an airlock started to yawn open.

Astrotrain flew into the gaping maw. Transforming to robot mode, he punched the button that would take him to the command offices.

2005-10-01, 08:41 AM
Road Hugger gunned his engine and followed Wingspan and Stonecruncher out of medbay. He so wanted to cut loose, to be on the open road again, but the corridors of the Nemesis wouldn't give him the maneuvering room. Hyperdrive pulled out after him, slightly more carefully.

"So what're you doin' with car parts anyway, pal?", Stonecruncher had asked.

"And more importantly," Road Hugger added, "is there anything that can be retrofitted on a micromaster? Perhaps something snazzy in purple?"

Hyperdrive groaned to himself.


Seeing the Constructors move on in their busy schedule, Blackjack and Detour left the bustling medbay, and started walking the deserted corridors of the Decepticon base. They reached a nearby turbolift, Detour pressing the button that called the car to their location, and both stepped in.


2005-10-01, 08:11 PM
Stunticon's rooms

After Deadend and Breakdown reached the hallway were the Stunticon's rooms were located, they briefly argued over who was going to give Motormaster the mission report.

" You think we're doomed anyway" Breakdown said as he motioned at Motormaster's door " Well, this is your chance to prove it."

" And I am sure this has nothing to do with the fact that Motormaster always glares at you when you give reports" Deadend said with his arms crossed.

" How 'bout you two quit yappin' at each other outside my door and give me that report" Motormaster said from his now openned door.

Knowing better then to annoy Motormaster, the two Stunticons started giving their report.

2005-10-01, 10:27 PM
Wingspan considered

"as you have the ability to shift your size in alt mode so as to mimic squishie vehicles , there should be some c-c-correlation. I've only got Porsche, Datsun and Lamborghini parts though . I've been buying up stock so as to deny the autobots and push up prices."

2005-10-02, 04:46 AM
Main Engineering

Dirge was shocked by the display of mind over metal Bugly had used on the bullets from his machine gun. So shocked that he didn't even see Bugly's kick coming until it was too late. All he could do was brace himself as the kick caught him square in the chest. He doubled over and reached a hand down to the floor to keep him on his feet as he slid across it. Sparks flew out from under his feet and under his fingertips until finally he came to a stop.

"What league is that? The little league?" Dirge said in a show of false bravado as he stood up to face his opponent smiling.

-That's right show no fear. Fear is your ally. Use it against him.-

Dirge took off into a run at his enemy attempting to close the gap.

"You cannot defeat me!" he shouted, cocking his right fist. When he was within a few steps of Bugly, he ignited the foot thrusters for an extra boost of speed to throw off any timing the pretender may have had. Once he was within range, he threw a right hook with all of his built up momentum behind it.

2005-10-02, 05:36 AM
Main Engineering

Moving with an unexpected burst of speed, Dirge's fist made contact with Bugly's jaw. The Pretender's head snapped to the side, and he reeled backwards from the blow. Panic clawed at his spark, but only for a moment.

Don't forget who he is, the mystic reminded himself, or who you are. He can control fear, perhaps. But a true master of Circuit-Su can be controlled by no one but himself.

Dropping to a crouch, Bugly glared up at his foe.

"You're only making it harder on yourself," he said with somewhat forced-sounding mockery.

As he spoke, the Pretender threw himself forward, trying to drive his head into the Seeker's cockpit canopy of a chest.

2005-10-02, 06:41 PM
Road Hugger and Hyperdrive continued following Wingspan, listening to his plan.

"Hey," 'Hugger announced, "I like it. It's indirect and cunning. Not exactly my style, but sounds effective."

2005-10-02, 10:11 PM
Energon Distribution Chamber:

The clones sensed the death which came to one of their kind. Turning back from the fully-developed hole in the wall, the writhing mass of antennae, legs and claws menacingly moved towards Submarauder and Spyglass.

"Chirrrp, chirrrp!!!!" - they screamed their war cry, accompanied with mind-rending scramble of signals. The alarm sounded in the mess hall below, then stopped again; wide doors at the far wall started to open and close repeatedly, turning the doorway into a giant half-slicing machine.

* * *
Med Bay (main hall):

Bombshell tried to explain his idea to Kickback:

"If I'd install my mind control chip into this device we'd be able to monitor the signals which come into Shrapnel's system. We'd know what it is and decide what to do.

"I'm not sure" - Kickback answered, - 'if I can believe you."

"But you have no choice!"

"No. You have no choice. If something happens to him again.."

"By deadly hand of Megatron - it happened already! Let me help while I can!"

"I don't trust you..." - Kickback began...

"So you can do what you..." - Bombshell interrupted him, but was in turn interrupted himself:

"But I gave my permission. You can try."

"Thank you, mighty Kickback!" - Bombshell made a horrible face indicating his resentment - for his position was strengthening with each moment while Kickback was losing thhis mantle of leadership in their trio. "I will do as you commanded!"

And as I planned - he added to himself, changing into his bug mode and propelling a cerebroshell inside the circuit link probe.

* * *
Soundwave's cell:

The bug - the smart clone of Shrapnel - was frightened. He approached the wall again and was stung by the force barrier. Recoiling from shock, he walked into the field of fire of one of the machine guns - and deadly bolts flew into him, ripping his armoured carapace and rendering two of his left legs into a mess of tangled and twisted metal.

In panic he leaped back to the only place of safety he found - to the big immobile bulk of Soundwave sitting in the centre of the cell. He tried to scale the body and perch on its top, his remaining legs scraping on Soundwave's torso and pushing each and every button as he proceeded up. From the wounds the bright flow of energon seeped, raining drop by drop on Soundwave's chest.

2005-10-03, 01:47 AM
Stonecruncher and Excavator cruised along the path with their cadre, and the former released a hefty laugh to Wingspan's revelation.

"I never knew you to be a sheister, 'Spanner! Keepin' the 'Bots on their toes, I like that."



Knockout jumped back as the relatively huge cerebro-shell rocketed toward him, in spite of its true trajectory toward Shrapnel's face. He gave Bombshell a disapproving look as he returned to implant the circuitboard he had just finished repairing.

"This is an infirmary, n-not a shooting range! Anyway, I've done all I can for him without completely reconstructing his neural circuits. If he still has a problem, it's a psychological issue. You may have to take him to one of the mystics in that case," he chortled.

The main door opened, and Overbite and Skalor proceeded in with their cargo. They hauled the whimpering Nautilator to an empty table and dropped him with some downward force, eliciting a yelp from the lobster.

"You," Overbite called across the room to Knockout. "Fix him."

Knockout paid the Seacons no attention, waiting to see what the Insecticons had in mind.


Energon Chamber

Spyglass backed up slowly with a grimace as the clones began to approach him. Their collective signals were really giving him a headache, and worse, he wasn't very good at this sort of combat. He glanced over his shoulder to see if his escape route was still there and caught sight of Sixshot.

"Hey, you look like you wanna crack some heads! Wanna give us a hand? Just no guns!"

Spyglass grumbled inwardly. He didn't like taking in so many foreign parties. Too much liability for the future.


Gigatron's Lair

The commander nodded approvingly. Of course, they couldn't have known. The fools were always easily distracted by any threat to the humans; they couldn't have had time to investigate the intent. It was all so predictable.

"Excellent. But we haven't time to dawdle - despite their incompetence, the Autobots have proven too many times wilier enemies than we may allow. When Hatemonger and Ratbat return from their mission, we embark on the next phase. You may tend to any outstanding duties until such time."

Gigatron nodded down at Scorponok dismissively from the majesty of his throne.

2005-10-03, 04:25 AM
Main Engineering

Dirge felt his cockpit canopy crack as Bugly lunged into him. Letting the momentum of the attack carry him, he fell backward attempting to grab a hold of the pretender and throw him over himself and to the ground behind him by bringing his legs up to help push his enemy along the way.

2005-10-03, 04:52 AM
Gigatron's Lair

Scorponok nodded.

"As you wish."

Without further word, he spun on his heel and stalked out of the room. Despite the major success that his team had achieved, he seemed to have taken no pleasure from the event. If anything, the proverbial stormclouds above his head seemed to have grown even darker than usual.

Main Engineering

Bugly only put up a token struggle as Dirge grabbed him and tossed him into the air. As he arced through the room, he used a small tendril of dark power to right his movement and land gracefully on both feet, about ten paces away from his foe. To the untrained optic sensor, it would have seemed like a masterful display of gymnastics.

"You know, I can do this all day. When you exhaust yourself and lose consciousness, I'll drag you to the brig."

2005-10-03, 05:13 AM
The turbolift pulled to a creaking halt and the doors slid open with a barely audible 'ping'. Blackjack and Detour stepped out into the barracks area, a long hallway with corridors leading to the individual rooms.

"Looks quiet, boss," Detour remarked after several seconds.

"Let's see if we can find something suitable," the black micromaster responded.

Hopefully something that hasn't already been claimed. The last thing we need is trouble, after that business with the clone.

2005-10-03, 06:38 AM
Nemesis Barracks

A cat like shape slinked through the shadows following the 2 micromasters.


Enroute for Docking bay

"thanks I t-try my best the Autobots are heavily reliant on their earth forms ,whereas w-w-we have more variety."

2005-10-03, 11:56 AM
Energon Distribution Chamber

After impaling one clone to the floor Submarauder saw another one flying through the air towards him, he swatted it away with his hand and it crashed into a nearby wall.

Seeing the clones where now going on the offensive he drew his sword from the corpse of the insecticon clone and awaited his next victim.

2005-10-03, 12:33 PM
Energon Chamber

There was a whirring from the shadows as the figure changed shape to a lupine form and a large mecha-wolf strode out of the darkness, then paused as if weighing up the options of fighting inferior foes.

Looking unimpressed with Spyglass' request, Sixshot moved forward, then leant to try and grab a mouthful of Insecticlones, intending to tear them to pieces.

2005-10-03, 06:33 PM
Blackjack turned left, off of the main corridor and into a smaller, dimly lit passage.

"This is more like it, Detour. None of these rooms have any current occupants."

The patrol leader pointed out the now-deactivated lights by the room's entrance panels. He turned to look at his partner - who had stopped cold.


The yellow micromaster cocked his head to one side.

"Do you hear something, boss? Sounds like footsteps..."

Blackjack paused for a second and strained his aural sensors, then shook his head.

"We're a couple of fathoms beneath the sea. This old place creaks like crazy. Come on."

Blackjack continued walking, hoping that Detour's paranoia wasn't based in any reality.

Problem is, it often is.

2005-10-03, 07:09 PM
Pounce smirked he had clambered into a ventilation duct and was now stalking the Micromasters.

He peered down at the two unsuspecting victimns who were now moving into a relatively unoccupied part of the base.

its almost as if they're asking to be eaten , next they'll split up to investigate I swear.

2005-10-03, 07:22 PM
A light trickle of rust patted down, onto Detour's head, making the yellow micromaster jump slightly. He cursed to himself, only glad that Blackjack hadn't seen him.

"Come on, boss. This place is a dump, and I'm more interested in what Road Hugger and Detour are getting up to."

Detour hoped he'd modulated enough fear out of his voice. Blackjack stopped - again - and looked at his teammate, eyeing him up for a moment.

"Switch your sensors on, Detour. There's nobody besides us down here. And it's been a while since you jumped at shadows."

The micromasters continued on.

"That was one time only boss..."

2005-10-03, 07:26 PM
Pounce padded silently down the ventilation duct eyes glowing red in the darkness.

maybe he'd toy with the yellow jumpy one spin out , torment him a little. If they continued in this direction they'd reach the dead end soon.

2005-10-03, 07:36 PM
Detour was getting more jittery by the second. Something about these corridors just didn't feel right. Too dark, too clustrophobic.

"Are we gonna pick one of these rooms or not?"

Blackjack was beginning to get impatient with his teammate.

"I need to see the entire floor first, so I can have a full picture of its layout and the relative merits and flaws of each particular room. We don't have the luxuary of waltzing into a micromaster penthouse, you know."

Detour actually raised a smile at that.

"Lousy guzzlers would only put one of them next to the waste disposal."

The micromasters turned the corner - which was blocked by what appeared to be a large fuel pipe.

"Layout says we go back, boss."


2005-10-03, 07:40 PM
Still too early to reveal myself but maybe time for a game of cat and micromouse

Pounce loosened a section of ceiling panels and then slipped out of the ducting into one of the rooms adjacent to the corridor.

Slipping into robot mode he threw a piece of debris up into the ducting making the ceiling vibrate and hopefully collapse in front of the micromasters.

2005-10-03, 08:04 PM
The micromasters started back towards the main barracks area, quickening their step without any conscious acknowledgement.

They were halted, moments later, by the sound of steel hitting steel, and a gradual, increasing groaning noise.

Blackjack and Detour's optics met, then simultaneously headed towards the ceiling.

"Oh, this is not good..."

With a crash, the large ceiling panel tore off of it's supports and plummeted towards the micros. Blackjack shoved Detour out of the way, diving backwards at the same time. Debris pattered down on the two mechs.

A minute passed as the dust settled. Detour picked himself up.

"These aren't living quarters, this is a freakin' death trap."

Blackjack peered up at the gap in the ceiling, brushing the dust from his just-applied paintwork.

"There is little chance that this ship is so badly constructed," he proclaimed, drawing his laser pistol from subspace.

"Somebody is trying to make fools of us. Give me a boost up."

2005-10-03, 08:09 PM
Pounce disappeared into a floor grating and slinked to a new position.

2005-10-03, 08:19 PM
Detour managed to lift Blackjack, and with a little bit of micromaster acrobatics, the patrol leader squeezed in the vent ducts. He switched his optic mode to night vision, and looked around, weapon at the ready.

"Nothing up here, Detour, except for some ripped out panelling. Looks like recent damage, too. Goes to the room on your left. Check it out."

Detour stared up at the darkness in despair for a second. Was he kidding? The yellow micromaster pulled his laser blaster from subspace and move over to the doorway, waving his palm in front of the scanner. The door juddered and slid open.

"Nothing here either, boss."

Blackjack jumped back down from the ceiling.

"Except our mystery stalker's getaway route," he said, pointing at the open grate.

Detour stood to one side. "Be my guest, boss..."

2005-10-03, 08:26 PM
Pounce slipped out of the floor duct and into a room opening a panel he pulled himself up into the ceiling vent carefuly replacing the panel behind him.

He padded silently through the ceiling duct.

He positioned himself so he could look down on the Micromasters.

2005-10-03, 08:34 PM
Blackjack would have cocked an eyebrow at his teammate - had he owned any.

"If you think I'm sticking my head down there... come on, Detour. We're leaving."

Blackjack turned and marched out of the room. Detour stood for a second, curiosity just nibbling at his spark.

Who - or what - was down there?

Then his survival instincts kicked in, when he realised he was in the room on his own...

2005-10-03, 08:38 PM
Pounce dropped down silently into the room in robo mode grinning .

He peered over Detour's shoulder

"they say theirs some k-k-kind of mutant robo vermin lives in the v-v-vents."