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2005-08-03, 06:10 AM
For the Autobots on Earth, it has been a time of many changes. Since their return to the organic planet, the Autobots have been struggling desperately against the attempts of the Decepticons to conquer them and take the Earth’s energy resources for their own. The casualties mounted. Losses not only of soldiers, but of friends – mounted. Suffering escalated with personnel losses, the deprivation of energy resources, and took a toll on their morale. Two heavy battles at the Autobot cities left them with severe damages to repair and several defectors.

Finally, a chase and an excursion led to the opportunity to rescue an autobot who was being held hostage and to raid a Decepticon shuttle. With his Autobots at the very brink of falling apart, Optimus Prime steeled himself and grasped for the important advantage the shuttle would provide. But, it had been a trap set and sprung by an efficient and calculating Decepticon subcommander. The leader, Optimus Prime, was caught in the resulting devastation and badly damaged.

With every piece of solder, every stroke of a welding gun, the leader reflected on the status of the Autobots as a whole and also of each Autobot as individuals. His determination is set, his body strengthened, he is resolved.

The Autobots will come together again, to work side by side with each other. Wrongs will be put to rights. They will secure the stability of the faction, they will secure the safety of the Earth, and then – they will make the effort to free their homeworld of Cybertron from the Quintessons who had invaded it.

2005-08-03, 06:35 AM
Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max

(OOC: No inconvenience...I'm always up for an oportunity to let Red Alert act crazy :) )

Red Alert met Ratchet's gaze, a somewhat shaken look in his optics.

I need a vacation, the security officer thought to himself, if I'm getting surprised by my own comrades...

"We were trying for a stealthy sort of secrecy," he told Scattershot with a bit of chagrin, "but we obviously didn't do a very good job of it. You and your men aren't the only ones who managed to find us."

He shrugged.

"It doesn't matter now, anyway. Since Prime's secret upgrades are finished..."

He trailed off as the Technobots combined and left the area.

Be patient with them, he told himself. After all, they're still young. And besides...Computron can always be relied on, even if the seperate Technobots can't.

Outside Fort Max

Prime tore down the ramp, enjoying the odd feeling as the air moved against his new, more modern vehicular mode.

Even if he couldn't have seen the Omega Shuttle from his position, the plume of smoke rising from the crash site would have made the ship's location obvious. The leader shifted into second gear, then rolled out towards the Neo transport.

2005-08-03, 06:39 AM
Quickmix doused the last pocket of flame in his sector

"all clear my side " he yelled

2005-08-03, 07:50 PM
Fort Max medbay (the proper one) :)

Computron finally put down the heavy body of Sky Lynx and signalled to Superion to do likewise. Then he turned to Ratchet who was following them.

"Datum: Sky Lynx delivered. Transfer to next task is possible.
Conclusion: Moving to shuttle crash site."

Without extra words the gestalt turned around and moved towards the exit ramp.

* * *

Fort Max munitions room:

Jetwave had finally lost his temper. First he scanned the ammo directory on the comm panel, then tried to find his objectives in the giant pile of crates, boxes and tins lying on the floor. Both of the methods revealed similar result: there were NO 18-inch shells.

Well, that's just great! Not that I believed there will be – anyway, I hadn't heard about guns of such size being active on Earth... But Brainstorm was so sure, so confident! And what now? I'm still where I'd started, only tired and angry.

He gripped the box he was holding in his hands absent-mindedly. A stream of shining machine gun ammo spilled to the floor... He hadn't noticed that.

Now all I need is the last straw. Anything. A Decepticon attack, some diversion... And then... Then there will be carnage, chaos and mayhem.

He turned his faceplate up, towards the ceiling. But his optics were focused on something far beyond.

"Primus, why? What am I doing wrong?"

2005-08-03, 11:32 PM
Fort Max: Med Bay
Following Computron's lead, Superion set Sky Lynx down. He immediately turned and headed out past Ratchet to the exit ramp where he took to the air in order to get to the crash site quickly.

Fort Max: Corridors
Seaspray and Beachcomber were heading down the corridor carrying the geological test equipment when Beachcomber suddenly stopped.

"Oh man!" exclaimed Beachcomber.

"What is it?" asked Seaspray not sure if he really wanted to know the answer.

"It's nothing," replied Beachcomber, " I just forgot something back at the lab. Here take these, I'll be right back." Beachcomber handed his armful of equipment to Seaspray who already had his hands full and headed back to the science lab.

The load was a little more than Seaspray could control as he fought to keep from dropping the equipment. -Oh no, not again- he thought as he finally managed to get the pile under control. He let out a sigh of relief and then backed over to a wall where he slumped down to the floor.

Realizing that he had just put himself in a difficult position to move from he said shaking his head, "Well this is just great! Now how am I supposed to get up?"

Random Sweep
2005-08-04, 12:49 AM
Ratchet watched as both Computron and Superion left the medbay.

" I need to upload personalities into those two one day " he quiped.

Walking over to Sky Lynx ratchet extened his laser Sscalpel and started removing irrepairable plates.

" Lets get you up and about again big guy "

2005-08-04, 01:43 AM
Fortress Maximus: cells

Prowl frowned briefly. The human Nick was not handing the Decepticon Browning over, and he did not have time to stand and continue waiting upon them. Although precise with his form and size, he did not want to use any force against the organic.

"You sit and consider that for a while Nick."
"Maximus, monitors and heavy security on this cell. Alert me when the human is ready to cooperate."

With a easy glide, Prowl stepped back from the cell door as it closed within a field and the security command of Maximus took over. A check of his registry caught the strategist's immediate attention.

Metalhawk has returned to us... interesting. His curiousity piqued at the possible addition of another Autobot, Prowl took up his radio.

"Metalhawk, this is Prowl. It is good to see you have returned. I have many questions for you, friend. Meet with me on the security bridge. I have urgent matters that need attention while we talk."
Outside the Neo shuttle near Metroplex
"Blades, we need your water lift now!"
"Groove, Streetwise, how's that fire break going?"
Hot Spot spoke clearly over his communicator to his teammates from his vehicle mode as he plugged into Metroplex's water reserve and began dousing unburnt trees.
Blades shot past overhead, hauling a water scoop designed for his size of chopper. "I see it Hot Spot- I'm on it!" He manouvered into position above a small clearing with a few trees and dropped the small water load across it.

"We're making headway down here." Groove called back as he and Streetwise pulled down and stacked trees. "It's getting hot though. We'll need backup or a good wind here might cause it to jump the treetops and across the break."

Hot Spot thought for a moment and then replied. "Keep at it, just do your best. We'll nail it."

"Powerglide's up!" Streetwise called back in a relieved voice. "Should be done in short order now!"
Outside Maximus
"Any ideas on how to patch all this up Silencer?" Smokescreen frowned as he watched the burning mountainside.
"The humans aren't going to appreciate this."

On the Mountainside

"Yeah, sounds good Windcharger! You can lead them down, I'll tail."

Trailbreaker scooted up towards the first vehicle. "Follow Windcharger down, we'll make sure everyone is safe."

"Sir, it's a talking 4X4."

"I heard it too corporal."

The commander looked back at the flames and mess around the autobot cities and nodded. "Follow it."

No wonder our planet's got global warming going on with the scope of these things.
Mountain forest- several miles away from the Autobot cities.
"HUMANS. what are you doing here?" Blitzwing glowered at the human unit that he was approaching rapidly.

Outside the Neo shuttle
Mirage had left Maximus and had gone outside. He began clearing debris pushed up by the impact of the shuttle.
Outside the Neo shuttle
Hound had waited while the Neos began to emerge and then slowly walked over with a welcoming smile.

"Skyfall! You sure lived up to your name this time! It's good to see you back pal. Is everyone okay?"

From the intercom message he had received earlier, First Aid came jogging out just in time to hear the last bit of Hound's greeting and to see Greatshot's injuries.

He walked over beside Hoist to check Greatshot's injuries and then gave a reassuring smile. "Not too bad. We'll get you fixed up inside."

God Jinrai
2005-08-04, 01:53 AM
"Prowl? Heh... It's good to know that at least someone on the command staff deems me worthy of their time... I'll meet you on the bridge."

Hawk clicked off his comm, checking the layout, and headed to the turbolift down the hall... stepping inside, he keyed the sequence to the bridge... and moments later, he stood outside the bridge's main doors. Approaching them, he keyed his security code... and was granted access. entering the large chamber, he started over to the massive window overlooking the area... he stopped, gazing out at the landscape.... and waited

2005-08-04, 02:05 AM
Prowl walked quickly through the halls of the Maximus security center, carefully stopping to key in high security codes and check locked doors. In rapid order, he approached the heart of the security command and entered after keying his access code.

He breezed in, aware of Metalhawk's presence, but needed to check a pair of monitors prior to the discussion. A brief scan later, he finished crossing the room and offered a hand to the skilled Autobot with a welcoming business-type smile. "Metalhawk, it is good that you've returned. We've been unsure of your status. Do you require any immediate service needs?"

God Jinrai
2005-08-04, 02:11 AM
"No, Prowl... I'm fine thanks... it's you folks that I believe need help... Despite Prime issuing that "no contact" order, I couldn't stand sitting there doing nothing.. after hearing of the most recent battle... I had to do SOMETHING... and for the records... Mission Accomplished. I've got an entire corporation PLUS at our disposal, ready and waiting to divert material and facilities to repair and re-armament of the Autobot forces."

2005-08-04, 02:43 AM
"Metal Hawk, those instructions were valid, and I will explain. Your arrival could not have been better timed, but you deserve an explaination."
Prowl's face darkened and he glanced out the windows to the wreckage strewn below and the damage from the battles. The strain of keeping the Autobots protected had left deep furrows in his facial features. He drummed one hand lightly on the frame as he pondered the orders and the reasons that they had been given. Straightening back up, he motioned to the outer reaches of the citybot's perimeter.

"You left for Earth, and a darkness fell upon the Autobots remaining on Cybertron. An evil object rose in the Decepticon ranks called a Chaos Matrix. The struggle with the object took lives and trust from our faction. You were the safeguard here on Earth. Prime suspected the Decepticons would betray the agreement he had made with them prior to the Unicron War, and the Chaos Matrix caused the Autobot faction to split in two - it made us weak.

What happened after the split was a terrible tragedy that none of us could have fathomed. The Quintessons had been spying... they must have been. With the Autobot faction weakened in two, and the Decepticon leadership in an upheaval from the Chaos Matrix, they struck. They released a version of hate plague upon our Homeworld. We all had to retreat or be exterminated, autobot and decepticon alike.

When we arrived back here on Earth, the Decepticons attacked immediately. With our supplies and reserves at their lowest since our revival here many years ago, I believe it likely that Optimus could not risk contacting you and revealing your presence to the Decepticons.

We are in dire need of not only energy supplies, but also of loyal and true compatriots. I understand why you are angry. I do expect that you will understand why it was that we have not contacted you, and it is my hope that you will stay and work with us. You are to be commended at the highest level for your devoted service Hawk. The fulfillment of the assignment may save many of our lives, and also the humans as well. If the supplies are of significant amount, it may allow us the possibility to endevour to retake our homeworld from the Quintessons now ruling it as well."

Prowl glanced over and watched Metalhawk with an assessing expression, unsure of how the autobot would react.

2005-08-04, 02:45 AM
Neo Crash Site

Pipes was vigorously spraying down the remaining bits of fire when a communication came in over a crackling frequency.

"Pipes! Do you read me? This is Bumper in Denver. We need a little assistance if you have the time."

Pipes replied back while still spraying. "Bumper? Yeah I hear you. You have some trouble you want me to get into? Heh heh."

"Not exactly. We need you to hitch up to one of the tractor trailers parked near Autobase and come to the coordinates I'm about to send. We've got a whole mess of weaponry here to transport back to base. See if you can't find a few others to pull trailers as well, I don't think we'll be able to get it all in one."

"Weapons, huh? That sounds like fun. Soon as I get done putting this fire out, I'll head out your way. Try not to blow yourself up in the meantime."

Pipes glanced over to Huffer standing next to him. "Hey, want to pull some trailers out to Denver after this to pick up a bunch of weapons?"

Huffer said, "Sure. I'll have to stop by Metroplex before we leave to make sure the reconstruction is proceeding on schedule, but I can go."

Pipes said, "Good. Maybe we should get Outback to pull a trailer too, although he'll hate the restriction to his freedom. Heh heh. We can get Powerglide to ride along as guard duty too. It'll be just like old times. The old crew back together."

God Jinrai
2005-08-04, 02:55 AM
Metalhawk bowed his head, his optics narrowing.

"Damn it!" hawk cursed. "Prowl... if I had known... I'd have scrambled everything I had at my disposal and brought all I had to cybertron to try and rebuild before the quints could have struck... but...if what you say is true, you're right... it's not my place to be angry."

Hawk's head rose, his face like stone. " I'll need access to a communications array to inform the seattle and denver sites to shift into overdrive... the mag-lev systems I have in place will be able to get the supplies from seattle and denver out to a rendevous point as early as three days from now... "

Hawk's anger flared and cooled suddenly, and to many, one would think the autobot were posessed... And in a manner of speaking, he was... posessed of a desire to set things right.

"One more thing, Prowl... I'd like permission to resume my original role."

Metalhawk drew his titanium saber from subspace, holding the blade out, horizontally to the floor.

"My sword once more desires to dispense justice to our enemies, Prowl... It's time I make things right."

2005-08-04, 06:16 AM
Silencer looked at the devastation

"not really my thing I'm just a simple farmer , you need someone who can work on a grand scale, Ricochet would be perfect , just need to reign in his artistic tendenceis."

2005-08-04, 07:18 AM
Near the crashed shuttle

Prime roared up, coming to a stop a fair distance away from the wrecked ship, then transformed. He watched the work that the Protectobots and others were doing to put out the fire and tend to the crash survivors. He nodded to himself, more than satisfied with how his troops were handling the crisis.

Optimus caught sight of Skyfall quickly enough, but didn't move to intercept the young Neo leader. He knew that the Micromaster wouldn't leave his troops until the fires were under control and the wounded were enroute to Medbay...and he also knew that what he had to say to Skyfall was for his audio sensors alone.

2005-08-04, 09:27 AM
----------Neo shuttle crash site----------
"Hello Hound let's take him to the med bay."Then he takes
Greatshot to the med bay.

----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos get back to his crash shuttle near Fort Max.

2005-08-04, 04:12 PM
Neo Shuttle Crash Site:

Ironhide: -finishes with his section of the fire, nozzles retracting into his shoulders and sliding back into his forearms, hands sliding back into place, sees Prime, walks over to him- "Uh..... Prahme? You okay? Ya look..... differ'nt."

Peremeter, Autobase:

Omega Supreme: -transforms, starts to walk towards the crash site-

2005-08-04, 07:16 PM
Cosmos drifted away from the sparkabots and thought about his negligence. He had wanted to get more involved in the war, and had diverted Omega S.s key component away from the Sharkticon attack. Had the attack been of a greater strength or better co-ordinated, he might have cost some Autobots there lives this day. He glumly transformed and sloped off into Fort Max, aimlessly.
Guzzle watched him leave, muttered obscenities under his breath.
Fizzle approached the convoy lead vehicle again, hoping for a more civil reaction.

2005-08-04, 07:44 PM
Near the shuttle crash site

Computron walked around the Fortress Maximus corner and stopped abruptly, seeing the scene of carnage. For a while the gestalt was just standing there, measuring the size of a disaster.

"Datum: Massive fire had been located. Must be stopped from escalating in size. Human and Transformer lives must be saved..."
Gestalt's mind started to work over all the available fire extinguishing methods.

Applying the water... Checked.
Blocking the oxygen supply... Checked.
Smiting the fire with controlled explosion... Checked.

The endless list of possible solutions was far from ending...

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

Anger flashing with green fire in his faceplate slit, Jetwave walked down the corridor towards the exit ramp. He didn't looked where he was stepping; perhaps that's why he had stumbled, tangling himself in Seaspray's legs which the latter stretched sitting at the wall.

The outcome was nothing short of catastrophic.

Tall black and green Autobot fell down on the blue and gold one like a guillotine blade on the neck of a hapless victim. Jetwave's reflexes were good enough to start responding on this sudden attack; alas, his mind was occupied elsewhere and didn't realised there were no attack at all. He started to draw his pair of swords but was down before he pulled them out of his back-folded wings. His hands were busy with this automatic motion and he wasn't able to prevent the fateful collision.

Just what in Pri... was all he was able to think before his head hit the floor.

2005-08-04, 10:14 PM
Near The Crash Site
Superion landed near the where the victims of the crash were being helped. As he scanned the area he began to hear voices of his component pieces telling him what to do. He took a moment to supress the voices and rid himself of any confusion, then he looked down at the Neo commander Skyfall and said, "Superion is here to assist."
Fort Max: Corridors
Seaspray should have seen it coming, but by the time he decided to react it was too late. Jetwave had already hit the floor. Hard. All he could was watch. -This has definitely not been my day. What is it the humans say? When it rains it pours.Oh well, might as well do what I can.-

"Are you alright?" he asked in his warbled voice while not moving from his spot on the floor.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-04, 11:20 PM
Brawn was slightly surprised Grapple wasn't around. He always figured the flower-bot would be with one of his 'precious' holes in the ground.

"Ah well, back down I go!" Brawn said to himself and dropped back into the tunnel he had dug, continuing to move towards his intended target.


Windcharger acknowledged Trailbreaker by speeding ahead of the caravan and moving infont of the first truck.

"Come on down! Refreshments will be served back at base!"


Blaster transformed and flipped into Devcon

"Let's hit the road!"

Brave Maximus
2005-08-05, 04:22 AM
The CO2 bomb hit the fire and cracked open, spraying massive ammounts of the powdered chemical all over the area. The canister spun around under the pressure, the powder flying through the air and the fire subsided.

Skyfall nodded to the two Combiners as they showed up but raised his hand to tell them to wait as the fire seemed to sputter out. He opened his Comms:

"Aero, that seemed to do it! Looks pretty clear from down here, but there's a lot of gas and steam - could you direct Artfire to any remaining fires?"

The Micro Master then turned to the two Combiners:

"When Omega Supreme arrives, can you guys (Superion and Computron) get the Omega out of the ground and over to Fortress Maximus for repairs? Normally, I wouldn't ask, but I'm stuck in the dirt and can't transform."

He looked down a little to talk to the three Minicons around him:

"Starlight, you and the boys follow the shuttle back and start repairs - I want to be out of here as soon as Greatshot is repaired."

Skyfall looked up to spot a familiar green Autobot, the first Legend he had met actually:

"Hey Hound. Yeah, looks like Greatshot got the worst of it. Everyone's pretty shaken up, but doing ok. Looks like some humans found the chink in my armour. Ah, things you learn from Dragon-slaying. You guys need to do something about outer security. Someone needs to talk to....... PRIME!"

The Neo commander spotted the legendary hero, or at least, he spotted a familiar head design and turned away from his friend, rounding on the (percived) source of his frustrations since he arrived on Earth.

He lifted off the ground, and headed over to the Autobot Supreme Commander, and floated up to Eye level, past Ironhide:

"Yeah, great new form Prime. All shiney and new. Might as well paint your name across your chest and do something creative like a mural of you blasting 'Cons on the side of your trailer! Just so everyone knows the great Optimus Prime is here!"

Skyfall calmed down a little bit after his inital explosion, but the fury of his attack was re-doubled:

"You have a problem, and we need to talk. Alone, right now, no debate."

Skyfall may have been pissed off at Prime - but he respected the chain of command. No matter what he had to say, or how much he disliked the Autobot commander - Prime was the Bot who would lead the Autobots against the Decepticons time and time again. The troops needed Prime - and Skyfall wouldn't do anything to lower their ideal of him. But, there were things that Prime needed to hear - and Skyfall was pissed off enough to say them - the consiquences be damned.

2005-08-05, 04:54 AM
Near The Crash Site
Superion didn't move. He had heard what Skyfall had said, but didn't know how to respond. There were so many things left to do while he waited. It was times like this that he wished life was simpler. All of the choices began to confuse him so he diverted his attention to watching the other Autobots finish putting out the fire while he stood above them like a statue and waited with Computron for Omega Supreme to arrive. Then he decided, he would take some action.
Fort Max: Science Lab
Beachcomber strolled leisurely into the science lab to pick up some soil charts that he had forgotten.
-I hope nothing happens to Seaspray while I'm gone. I wonder what made me think that. Hmmm, must be that old fuel I put in my system the other day.-

2005-08-05, 04:58 AM
Neo Shuttle Crash Site

Prime nodded to Ironhide.

"I'm fine."

Seeing Skyfall storming in his direction, he shook his head.

"We'll have to catch up later, old friend. Duty calls."

After the young Micromaster had finished raving, Prime calmly raised an optic ridge at him. If the youth's jibes had any effect on him at all, it didn't show in his face.

"If you're quite done..." He pointedly turned his back on Skyfall, then transformed and began to move off towards the lake.

"Follow me. We have much to discuss."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-05, 05:05 AM
Skyfall fumed over the percived insult from Prime, but there's was little he could do - with out making himself look like a fool and raging at Prime's back.

Dai Atlas always advocated calmness when dealing with other leaders. Perhaps this was the time to see how well he learned those lessons.

Skyfall transformed into fighter mode, hit his afterburners and created a small sonic boom over Prime's head and headed for the lake, making sure he arrived first.

Or not..... was his final answer as he thought about those lessons.....

He transformed, and hovered, waiting for Prime to roll up.....

2005-08-05, 06:00 AM
The Lake

Arriving at the more private locale that was Autobase's secluded lake, Prime transformed back into robot mode. The leader towered over the hovering Skyfall.

"I understand that you have some grievances to air with me, but going AWOL and taking a squad of the Autobots' best troops with you isn't the way to deal with your problems. Taking soldiers away from Autobase doesn't just hurt me. It hurts each and every Transformer who wears our badge, and it hurts the humans that we have vowed to protect."

The leader's optics narrowed slightly.

"If you have a problem with me, then speak up. But I can't allow you to continue your rogue operations. Too many lives are at stake for either of us to allow ego to get in the way of the work we have to do."

While the leader's words could be percieved as angry, his tone of voice carried a note of sadness with it.

2005-08-05, 06:31 AM
Outside the Neo ship
After a friendly wave to Hoist, Hound looked back to Skyfall.

"Humans?" Hound tilted his head at an angle, trying to puzzle out the entire meaning of the message. He glanced to the forest, then to the disappearing Hoist, and quickly back to the Neo commander as a sudden movement caught his attention. The irritation in Skyfall's voice was clearly evident to the veteran.

Uh oh. Hmm.

A sharp and brief look made him blink. He took a slightly longer second look at Optimus, this time taking in the details of the new design before transforming.

He swung past Spike and opened a door without saying anything, and the human climbed in as the others departed.

Fort Max : Security bridge
Prowl put his right hand above Metal Hawk's sword and fixed his optics on the former air defense officer. As best as he could, the strategist tried to put emotion into his voice, but much of it came out sounding simply as fact.

"You've made no wrongs, Hawk. Your position here at the base is yours to reclaim - if you still desire to continue your service to the goals and oath that you had sworn so many years ago."

Finally after a fraction of a pause he managed a smile and a faint hint of his own feelings. "It would be a highly acceptable responsibility to actively serve with you once again."

Mountain Trail
Inside the military caravan, several of the soldiers grinned expectantly at the mention of food. The commanding officer noted the change in mood, but said nothing to them.

The corporal who was driving the lead truck swung into line behind Windcharger and followed him carefully down the winding trail, unaware of the protective abilities that the two autobots were using.

His eyes were locked on the empty car driving in front of him. That's so cool... say- I wonder if the autopilot in the airforce jets works the same way?

Smokescreen mused over the suggestion of Ricochet as he turned on his radio and flipped through the stations. "Good idea Silencer. Do you suppose Landfill would mind helping clear the burned stuff? There sure is a lot of it... I bet we could sell some of this as novelties to some of the other races."


First Aid followed Hoist and Greatshot back to medbay, and then pulled out his scanners. "Okay Greatshot, we'll check everything, but where does it hurt?"

2005-08-05, 06:37 AM
Neo Crash Site

Pipes and Huffer finished with their section of the fire. "Well," the specialists (referring to bots like Artfire) will finish up from here." Pipes said.

Huffer dropped his hose. "Yes, it seems to be under control."

Pipes- "I'm going to go ask Autobase where Outback is. I'll meet you at those trailers."

Huffer-"All right. I'll just check up on Metroplex."

The two small but strong bots started off in opposite directions.

2005-08-05, 06:50 AM
Silencer replied

"sounds like a plan mate though , the big yellow lunk , seems to have gone off somewhere without me. "



Chainclaw pads in and looks around

"does anyone know if scraplets could jump the species barrier, I was reading this human magazine called the Lancet , fascinating stuff. I saw how these things mutate and i've got an itch in my shell and I was wondering....."

God Jinrai
2005-08-05, 03:25 PM
Hawk's face turned into a slight grin.

"Prowl, you really do need to loosen up... sometimes I have to wonder if I'm talking to you, or an autobot version of shockwave."

Gazing out toward the lake, he spotted prime... but soon enough looked off toward the dying blaze.

" You've got yourself an Air Commander, Prowl. At least temporarily... I'll have to periodically return to L.A. to keep up appearance and keep my company from getting run into the ground by bueraucrats that think they can run free when I'm away. Get me the specifics on what we're going to need here, and I'll put in the orders to the seattle and denver facilities immedieately."

2005-08-05, 07:18 PM
Near the shuttle crash site

Computron heard the orders Neo Commander gave him but was in fact focused mainly on finding the best fire-fighting solution.

Finally he achieved the optimal answer:
"Conclusion: By means of a simple chemical reaction the acid in gun's ammo could be transformed to water and used to quell the fire."

Getting the answer he gladly summoned his gun from the subspace pocket and prepared to initiate the reaction. Then he looked around again...

The fire was almost completely out already thanks to the CO bomb; last areas of it were dying, sputtering unevenly in several places.

The collective mind cursed himself again for taking so much time to solve the task at hand... and yet again promised himself to act differently next time.

"Datum: Fire had been defeated.
Conclusion: Ready to proceed to next task"

He activated the comm link and tried to reach Omega Supreme:
"Computron to Omega Supreme: presence at crash site required."

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"Where.. the enemies... are..." - Jetwave was slowly coming back online. His optics focused on the object mere inches ahead of his faceplate. It was big, metal... and flat.

The floor.

"By the holy Plasma Chamber! What happened?" - he recalled stumbling on some object... Just as he got up, he saw Seaspray sitting at the wall.

"Did I hurt you?" - Jetwave asked a bit angrily, mainly on himself (for being so stupid).

2005-08-05, 07:32 PM
Fort Max:Corridors
"No, just surprised me is all," Seaspray answered Jetwave, "I don't remember seeing you around here before. My name's Seaspray, and I am.... well I really don't know what I am. I guess I'm just waiting for a chance to go back to the sea. But enough about me, you seem to have something on your mind. Care to share?"

On that note Seaspray stood up and offered his hand to the fallen autobot.

2005-08-05, 09:03 PM
Crash site:

Omega Supreme: -stops behind Superion- "Omega: Ready."

Ironhide: -thinking, activates commlink- "Fortress, you got a location on where those humans are?"

Fortress: "Yes..... Transmitting coordinates now."

Ironhide: -recieves coordinates, nods- "Anybody out here Ah could bring along fer backup?"

Fortress: "Chromedome and Hardhead should be out there somewhere."

Ironhide: "Any ahdea...." sees Chromedome and Hardhead looking at the remains of the Sharkticons- "Never mahnd. Ah see 'em." -deactivates commlink, starts towards them-

Chromedome: -, down on one knee, poking through the Sharkticon remains-

Hardhead: "What are you doing?"

Chromedome: "Trying to learn more about these Quintessions."

Hardhead: "Have you learned anything?"

Chromedome: -shrugs- "Aside from shoddy construction, not really."

Ironhide: -stops next to them- "C'mon, you two. We're gonna go check somethin' out."

Chromedome: -stands- "What's that?"

Ironhide: "Got some humans out there with a rocket launcher. Let's go see if we c'n fahnd 'em." -moves out, Chromedome and Hardhead following-

Igos Du Inka
2005-08-05, 10:48 PM
(sorry i havent posted my computer hasd been a peace of crap for 2 weeks but its fixed now so Scout can u send me a PM about whats been goinn on with my charas)

Nick: *looks around* uuum Maximus tell Prowl I'm ready to talk

2005-08-06, 03:31 AM

Huffer drove into the Metroplex Foundry and transformed. He walked over to the status monitors and started checking up on the progress.

Fort Max

Pipes drove into Fort Max and transformed. He spoke to the ceiling- "Hey computer. Where is Outback at?"

"Unknown. The autobot known as Outback is not within my monitoring range."

Pipes- "Er....He's not? All right. Probably joy riding. Uh, computer! Which way did he go and when?"

"Outback left two Earth weeks ago, heading gererally northeast into the mountains.

Pipes- "Huh. Slacker. Joyrider." Pipes wandered out of Autobase mumbling under his breath.

2005-08-06, 03:42 AM
Near The Crash Site
Once Omega Supreme arrived Superion moved over to the the downed shuttle and bent down to pick it up.

"We must take the Omega shuttle to the med bay," he instructed.

With that said, he waited for Computron and Omega Supreme to get into position. Once they were ready, he would leave with them to take the damaged bulk to the med bay.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-06, 10:09 AM
Skyfall took to the air and moved right in front of Prime’s face. He tried to keep his features smooth and calm, but he was seething underneath it all. First the shuttle and then this series of insults. There was no more the Micro Master could bare, and Optimus was going to recive the brunt of it:

“You’re damn right I have some grievances to ‘air out’ with you Prime. We’re still not settled on things before, and now you insult me like this? You may hate me, and Primus knows I’ve tried to hate you for a long time now, but don’t you ever - EVER - call my Neo’s rogues or renegades! We’ve been doing what you seem incapable of - or have you forgotten our last conversation?”

The young Micro Master’s optics flashed a bright golden. Two years of anger and hatred were going to being unleashed here today and this was just the beginning. The young Autobot was fury given form, and it was to be unleashed upon Optimus Prime:

“You failed Prime, and failed miserably. You stay here, in your castle, your Ivory Tower, safe from the world and it’s evils. You walked away from this war and have never gotten back into it. You look down at us, the Neo’s, like we’re something that you scrapped off your foot assembly - but we’ve been doing what you’re afraid of - we’ve been taking the war to the Decepticon’s door and had them come knocking on ours. And my men have paid the price.

“You say we’ve been endangering the humans? We’re the only one’s protecting them! Where were your valiant Autobot troops when the Decepticons attacked Vermont? When they stole the reactor material and threatened to destroy the nearby towns and cities? Where were your technicians when the humans tried to restart their reactor, so their families wouldn’t shiver alone in the dark, waiting for the Decepticons to return?

“It fell on the Neo’s shoulders AGAIN to stop the Decepticons, send them flying home with their tail between their legs. Fresh out of the CR chambers, their wounds freshly healed from a Decepticon attack, my Neo’s jumped into the fray, with no care or concern for their own safety, only that of the Humans. If it wasn’t for Aero Blade and the Minicons hard work, Vermont would be a wasteland right now! And you have the gall to call my soldiers Renegades.

“Where was your vaulted Autobot ideals when the Mayhem Attack Squad attacked the Ark? Did you send even one soldier to help us? Did you even call to see if we were still alive? No! The Neo’s fought like Warriors and threw the scum from our home! We prevented the greatest Decepticon assault team from striking at Autobase. How many Autobot lives were saved because of the sacrifices the Neo’s made? Jazz is still in the CR chamber because of the attack and I don’t know if Sixwing is alive or dead - after he finally managed to return to the Ark, a molten pile of slag! And you call use Rogues!

“Did you offer help? No, instead you sent your Wreckers to attack us after we dealt with the Mayhems! We were on the brink of fighting our own kind. Think of that Prime, think long and hard about it. You sent your team to fight us. Autobot fighting Autobot - the thought makes me sick. Where were your high moral ideals then? And you talk about lives at stake....”

Skyfall was shaking with rage. Memories flooded, along with the pain. Jazz in the CR chamber, Sixwing collapsing at the entrance to the Ark, Bludgeons energy balls impacting on his body. All the sacrifices and hardships they had endured, reduced to nothing by this.... he didn’t even have the words. But Prime needed to know everything - and nothing could stop the Neo Commander now.....

“You worry about us endangering Autobot lives, when you so carelessly throw them away. Who was it that returned Hounds memories to him? Who was it that offered aid and medical attention to the Dai Atlas’ rescued prisoners? Who takes the fight to the Decepticons every day, while you sit safe inside your City-bot? You dare think we don’t care about Autobot lives? We fight for them, with every ounce of strength we possess. We fight when you are unwilling to. Your concern for Autobot safety is slightly tarnished by the fact that it only applies to those you deem worthy. I wonder how Jazz, Sixwing and Greatshot feel about your compassion. I’m sure it brings them comfort as they sit in the CR chamber, struggling to hold onto life.....”

Skyfall turned and started to move away from Prime, but something twisted inside of him. Primes words wrenched in his mind and turned his fuel processor. When Skyfall turned back to Optimus Prime, his face was twisted by hatred, disgust and sadness - the kind that pulls at the very spark:

“How touching that you now think of human life. You’re so concerned about it. ‘Freedom is the Right of all Sentient beings’ - that’s what you say, isn’t it Prime? That freedom from tyranny and oppression is something worth fighting for, worth dying for. Such a noble concept - the history books will remember you for it. Too bad it’s all a lie.....

“Where were those high ideals when you abandoned the humans to the Decepticons to save another planet? You left them to rot. To struggle and die under the oppressive heel of the Decepticon Army. You know the Decepticons - you fought them for millions of years. You, and your elite crew brought the War to this planet. It was your responsibility to keep the humans safe, to keep the Decepticons from running rampent. The Autobots were supposed to be the Light that kept the monsters of the night at bay.

“But you walked away, as soon as it was inconvenient to you. Your pledge to the humans of this world was as worthless as that of any Decepticons. Your ‘Light’ nothing but a beacon of slag. Look! Look out at the remains of the fire Prime! That was caused when humans attacked my shuttle. The humans hate us Prime! And the deserve to. Their mistrust, anger and hatred are deserved! You abandoned them - and you act with shock and disbelief when they rile against their saviours returned.

“And yet, you dare berate me and my Neos. We, who have been fighting when you deemed that it was not worth it. I didn’t steal the Neo’s away, they came willingly. Knowing that out there, outside of your ever watchful eye and patronizing voice of protection, they could fight the good fight and perhaps, just perhaps - do what the Autobots are supposed to do.

“You call us Renegades and Rogues. I call them Heros and Legends who walk in an era of tarnished shadows, clinging to their former glory. I pray to Primus that I am half of the Bot that each and everyone of them are. You hate the Neo’s because we are a reminder of what you should be.......”

Skyfall hovered there, his shoulders were heaving with the force of his convictions. There they stood, young and old. While the physicality of their faces were the same (having the same “father”), they were opposite sides of the same coin. Skyfall’s face was anger, rage and hatred to Prime’s calm and composed face. The only thing that linked them was sadness. For, under all the words of anger and disgust, Skyfall was sad. Sad that he was staring into the legend he had hoped to be, and that it had come to this.

Skyfall was poised on the edge of a knife. He waited, his fury barely contained. He waited for one word from Prime - just one excuse to level the Autobot Supreme Commander.......

(OOC: Yes, I know some things are an exaggeration of events (Specifically the Mayham\Wrecker situation) but that is how it is from Skyfall’s point of view, and he’s not 100% rational right now ;) )

2005-08-06, 12:29 PM
Near the shuttle crash site

So, the three mighty titans – Superion, Computron and Omega Supreme – gathered around the fallen Omega Shuttle, using their combined strength to pick the crash victim up. At first, to no avail; then slowly they dispersed around the Omega S' hull, choosing optimal position to apply their forces. Finally the giant bulk shifted and was levelled, then was raised at waist level.

"Datum: Omega shuttle had been excavated. Initiating evacuation procedure. Objective: Fortress Maximus med bay."

The group moved towards the entrance ramp, slowly and erringly at first, then with more orderliness as each adjusted his walk to others'.

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"Glad to hear that" – tall black and green Autobot replied to Seaspray, taking his hand and getting up. "You're damn right I've got something on my mind! I'm out of ammo for my prime guns, then I'm told I could find some here; so I've crossed half the galaxy to get here just to find I was fooled!..
Sorry, just got carried away a bit. My name's Jetwave and we've never met each other... Strange indeed – after all, we both have naval modes and that's a rarity. Aren't you a sea-hover?.."

This is the first Autobot I meet who don't try to get rid of me and really cares what I think... - thought Jetwave explaining himself to Seaspray. After all, even Technobots had run away mere seconds after our landing – and, Primus sees, their help I needed the most! Or... Perhaps not?..

Jetwave bent down to pick one of his swords that has detached itself from his wing when he fell.

2005-08-06, 03:15 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"Jetwave, huh? Nice to meet you. And yes, I am a hovercraft," Seaspray answered the newcomer, "Not that it does me a whole lot of good being trapped in Colorado like this. I guess the lake is there, but it is just so small. Not like the vast open expanses of this world's oceans. But I digress.... Have you talked to Fortress about your ammo problem? He might be able to help. After all, no one knows more about this place than he does."

Outside Fort Max
Superion helped Computron and Omega Supreme carry the the Omega Shuttle to the med bay.

2005-08-06, 03:53 PM
Fort Max entrance ramp

The task of transporting the Omega shuttle had become more difficult as the gestalt trio and their bulky cargo approached the ramp. They had to switch their places so they could fit into the entrance gate together.

Computron, whose mind was the best suited to solve the task of weight allocation, commanded the others.
"Superion, take two steps back. Now hold on... Omega Supreme, shift left a bit... OK.
Conclusion: the ideal entrance configuration achieved. We can enter."

The group moved again in the entrance gate, part of Computron's mind busy with silent prayers that nobody choose to exit the ramp in this precise moment...

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

Jetwave twirled the sword in his hand and put in back in his wing where the black blade merged swiftly with the wing's surface.

"Fortress? Huh! He was the first one I asked!" - he snapped back to Seaspray.

In fact, first I tried to find them myself... And failed. But Fortress was indeed the first who I asked, so it's not a lie.. technically...

"His sidekick just told me to get lost... Addressed me to the munitions room... There's a mile-high pile of stuff there – and I had to sort it through just to ensure what I knew already: no luck, no shells.

Why in Primus' name I've got here at all? Ah yes! Lightspeed told me he had some old data considering this planet that I could be interested in... Some Yakumo or Mushimo or such nonsense... Never heard of it anyway. And when I get him here and ask him nicely to help and get me those data what do I get? Those Techno-creeps just ran away saying they have more urgent issues! I gave them the free ride here – and what in return???"

Jetwave almost shouted the last words, his faceplate slits glowing not green but gold and even red in some places.

2005-08-06, 04:27 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"Okay. Settle down," Seaspray calmly reassured Jetwave, "We're working on bringing in more munitions every day. If you just wait a little while, maybe what you are looking for will turn up. Besides with all of the chaos around here today, I don't think anyone really has had the time to do much more than react."

"I tell you what, why don't we see if we can find Prowl. If anybody can help you solve your problem, he can."

-I really shouldn't leave this equipment lying around here, but this guy needs some serious help or he's going to explode. Besides I was getting bored waiting for Beachcomber. I'm sure he'll understand.-

"So how about it?" Seaspray asked the frustrated autobot.

2005-08-06, 06:09 PM
Fort Max corridors:

Seaspray's reassuring tone calmed Jetwave a bit, though not much.

What's wrong with me? Why am I getting so upset over the simple matter? I can always wait or, maybe, Lighspeed would finish his tasks and come to share that precious info with me... - he thought.

"Yea, you're probably right. I worry myself too much and..."


"...and the time is near..." Jetwave stopped abruptly. What am I saying?
"...Err, I mean, it's a really good idea to find Prowl and ask him..."


"...to get rid of... I mean, to help me with the ammo..."


"...that plague... No, I don't mean it! Sorry! I'd better shut up!!!"

The tall Autobot's movements became unsteady and shaky; he turned his head left and right as if trying to see invisible somebody who stalked up to him and was whispering in his audio sensors.

2005-08-06, 09:03 PM
Heading for the terrorists' location:

Ironhide, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -stop, hearing loud echoes from the direction of the lake, the words garbled-

Chromedome: "What's going on?"

Ironhide: -shrugs- "Ah dunno, Chromedome. Ah really don't know......"

Makeshift Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -finishes cleaning up after working on Hound, heads out of the bay-

2005-08-06, 09:06 PM
The Lake

Prime watched Skyfall impassively as the youth ranted, his expression inflappable. An observer would have thought that the Neo leader's words had no effect on him at all. They would have been wrong, however. At that moment, Prime wanted nothing more than to pluck the Micromaster out of the sky and thrash him.

He restrained himself by forcing himself to remember his recent fight with Grimlock. He had allowed these evil, unworthy impluses to control him for long enough, he knew. The time had come for him to control them.

"Demeaning the sacrifices of my troops only shows that you haven't paid attention to anything but the plight of your own troops, Skyfall."

His left hand rolled up into a fist, the only outward sign of the fury that was boiling inside of him.

"Where were they, you ask? They were in Carbombya, first rescuing prisoners from Metrotitan and later rescuing humans that the Decepticons and their allies had been torturing for information in a prison camp. They were in Los Angeles, stopping a group of Decepticons that were causing havoc throughout the city. They were on the Nemesis, fighting for their lives in an attempt to sabotage the Decepticons' underwater headquarters. They were in Chicago, fighting off a group of Decepticons who had decided to murder the city's civilians for no reason.

"Even now, a group of my best soldiers are in Denver, rooting out a terrorist group that was putting the lives of countless humans at risk. Even now, the Dinobots are chasing off a Decepticon attack in Sierra Leone...led by the very same Mayhem Attack Squad that ravaged your men, if the sattelite scans I downloaded on my way here are accurate."

Prime forced his fist to loosen, then continued.

"You're mistaken when you say that the Wreckers attacked you, though. There are no Wreckers. I gave that name to you and your men, but you spurned it when you deserted. But if what you say is true, then Springer and his band of followers will be made to answer for it. That I swear, by the light of the Matrix itself."

The leader's massive shoulders slumped, just a little.

"You are right in the end, though. I have failed, and so have you. The sacrifices that our men have made have been for naught. The lives they have saved are in more danger now than they have ever been. The Decepticons are stronger than ever, and they are poised to destroy every Autobot and human on this planet. So now, you have a choice. You can continue to act on your own, until the Decepticons destroy you and every one of the troops who follow you. Or you can put aside your personal feelings, do what's right and rejoin the Autobots. And then maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to stop them."

Prime shrugged slightly.

"The choice is yours."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-06, 10:15 PM
"So, you seemed to have grown a set since the last time we talked Prime. There's finally some anger in your voice and I hope to Primus that you can't sleep at night over what you've done."

Skyfall saw Optimus' reactions and he was ready for a fight. This was not an Autobot fighting and Autobot, this was two generations fighting. The younger rallying against the older's percived inadiquicies as had happened since the universe began.

"You ask where the Neo's where? We were in the CR chambers. We were on the medical tables struggling for our lives. You have a hundred troops, that can go out around the clock. We are 10 soldiers fighting hard with what we have.

"You accuse us of not helping. But did you ever ask for help? Did you ever offer the olive branch? No. Not once."

Skyfall was softening. Despite his anger, Skyfall was not an angry Bot.

"You had to wait until we literally dropped in here to seek me out. And now you try and lay the guilt on me to get me to rejoin the Autobots.

"You have a choice too. The Mighty Optimus Prime can put aside Millions of years of Ego and admit that he was wrong. You want the Neo's back with the Autobot forces? Then ask me. Right here, right now. None of this 'do the right thing and rejoin'. Say it flat out, with no double talk."

Skyfall hovered there and waited. What came next depended entirely on Optimus Prime.

2005-08-06, 11:00 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
Seaspray looked around trying to find whatever it was was that Jetwave kept looking for, but saw nothing. The strange jibberish Jetwave interjected into his sentences began to worry him. -Maybe this guy is more srewed up than I thought.-

"Jetwave!" he he said raising his voice a little and waving an arm to get the autobot's attention, "Talk to me! What plague? You said the time is near. What's coming?"

Seaspray wasn't exactly looking forward to the answer. He wasn't even sure if he would get an answer. This new autobot seemed confused and maybe even a little frightened. Either that or he is completely insane. Neither option offered him much comfort.

-Getting the answer before he takes off or, Primus help me, attacks me, could be difficult, but if it's important somebody needs to know about it. And unfortunately, I'm the only somebody here.-

"It'll be alright," reassured Seaspray, "Just talk to me."

Fort Max: Science Lab
Beachcomer stood in the middle of the room surveying the scene. -I wonder if there is anything else I forgot-

On that note he began looking around the room searching for anything he may have left behind the first time.

2005-08-06, 11:22 PM
Near Fort Max medbay:

Computron was more than a bit tired of hauling the large bulk of Omega Shuttle around the Fort Max's corridors together with Superion and Omega Supreme. Twice already they had to turn back because the passageways were too narrow for the group to pass.

But now when they were almost at their final destination he understood something else.
"Datum: The size of Omega Shuttle prevents it from getting inside the med bay doors.
Conclusion: Partial disassembling of the door and wall panels is required".

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"What? You've heard that too, hadn't you?" - Jetwave turned to Seaspray and gripped his right arm with both hands, staring intently right in his optics. For a second he stood poised, then turned aside and released friend's hand.

"No... You've heard me saying that, of course... But..."

Something is happening right now. – Jetwave thought intently. I was right from the very beginning, I was destined to get here. Perhaps that's why I've met him... And maybe he's carrying the message for me not realizing it himself! That's why I heard that voice when we've got together!

And he turned to Seaspray yet again.

"Tell me... Do you believe in Creator?"

(OOC: It's not as mad as it sounds. Everything is under control. Trust me :) )

2005-08-06, 11:49 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -walks into medbay, sees the pizza, transforms, gets out of her transector, grabs a piece, starts eating-


Omega Supreme: "Wall disassembly: Unneccessary." -signals the medbay computer, the doors allowing them to haul things larger than he is in whining open-

Minerva: -stops mid chew, eyes wide behind the light blue tint of her helmet's visor, seeing the damaged shuttle being carried by one Guardian robot and two gestalts- "Holy......... Buckets." -swallows, stands, rejoins her transector, moves over to a console, hits a button, activating a gantry mechanism, waves towards it- "Just put it in there, guys. And if you could have the driver produce proof of insurance, we can call the claims adjusters and get things underway."

2005-08-07, 12:09 AM
Fort Max: Med bay
Superion assists Computron and Omega Supreme in putting the damaged shuttle over to where Minerva suggests. Once the shuttle is in place, he stares blankly at Minerva trying to process the meaning behind the her last sentence.

(OOC: I trust you)

Fort Max: Corridors
"Are you talking about Primus?" Seaspray asked, a bit of hesitation and confusion in his voice. -Oh please don't tell me I've fallen in with a religious nut, then again that would be just my luck today-

"Yeah, sure, I believe in him," he answered not entirely sure where this was going.

2005-08-07, 12:16 AM
Fort Max medbay:

What's wrong? The large gestalt's mind was processing the thought as they together were finally putting the bulk of Omega Shuttle down. Incorrect conclusion had been achieved. What could possibly be the source of error?

Computron ran in-system check yet again, but now with more precision.

Technical condition:
Scattershot 93%
Afterburner 72%
Lightspeed 69%
Nosecone 98%
Strafe 86%

Data processing ability:
Scattershot 98%
Afterburner 12%
Lightspeed 78%
Nosecone 90%
Strafe 80%

That's what it was! The enemies' fire had damaged Afterburner's data link! This required immediate attention!

"Conclusion: Technobots, split" – the gestalt commanded himself and separated onto five parts. Four of them landed gracefully while Afterburner simply fell down with a loud THUMP and was laying on the floor unmoving...

"Holy crap, guys! What can we do about this?" - asked Scattershot feeling responsible for his comrade.

"Dunno. I'm not a medic – ask HER" – answered Nosecone pointing at Minerva.

"Don't you see she's busy? Just get him to the scanner so I could search for damage" – Strafe intervened. "I'm not a medic too but perhaps it's just a minor glitch? So we'll fix 'im..." [and perchance make him more friendly to others... – he thought hopefully.

Scattershot and Nosecone lifted Afterburner's body and placed it at one of the beds while Lightspeed and Strafe adjusted the cables.

2005-08-07, 12:27 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -moves over to check Afterburner, starts running a medscanner over him-

2005-08-07, 01:13 AM
Fort Max medbay:

"What's wrong with him?" - Scattershot said looking as Minerva was scanning Afterburner. "Will he recover?"

"Or perhaps we're lucky so the li'l bastard will trouble us no more?" - Nosecone added in fake seriousness. "Then we could find a replacement that would be much more pleasant company... Such as you?" - he made a face at Minerva.

"Don't trust him, lady" – Strafe commented. "This boyo you're over is like a baby for our friend and he will never agree to lose him. It would be like losing his own vital part... A VERY vital part..." - he grinned evilly.

Lightspeed wasn't paying attention to his fellows' blabber. He stood at the console at the side of the room and was quickly searching through some kind of information.

"And what you're up to?" - asked Scattershot who came from behind unexpectedly.

"Huh? Nothing, really... Just that research I've promised to Jetwave... You remember, back then..."

"The one he put as a price of our so-called free ride here?"


"And you tell me you're really working on it?"

"Well, I do..." - Lightspeed was a bit puzzled at what his commander suggested.

"So it's not a bunch of loose bytes you've imagined just to get us a ride?"

"Of course not!" - now Lightspeed was angry. "How could you think such thoughts? I would never deceive a fellow Autobot!"

"OK, calm down" – Scattershot walked back to Afterburner's table.

Perhaps that's the problem – he thought. Would it be wise to give this maniac a weapon he's so intent on getting? But what choice do we have? After all, we're not Decepticons...

Meanwhile Lightspeed forgot the strange talk already and concentrated on absorbing the most input from the screen. He will process this later and get the answers he promised. After all, the humans' global database system – yes, the Internet; what a strange name, almost suited to a Transformer – was containing all the information he needed on this particular subject..

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"Yes..." - Jetwave answered Seaspray, both hesitantly and assuredly in the same time. "Primus, the Creator Below... Or so I've been taught to call him – though here this doesn't make any sense, isn't it? It's a Cybertronian name which means we inhabit the shell which housed his spirit once and we are all just parts of that spirit. And the day will come when we'll come back to join together and there will be The One..."

He spoke this reverently and calmly – unlike the seconds-before almost crazy chatter.

"I came to this planet to seek the ammo for my guns but now I understand this was only a side objective. I was brought here by a fate, and the fate spoke to me when I've met you. I've asked for guidance and I've received you. All will be well from now on."

He was calm, peaceful and contented – not at all like the raving maniac standing before Seaspray mere minutes ago.

2005-08-07, 05:17 AM
The Lake

He would risk the entire Autobot cause just to salve his wounded pride? The folly of youth...

"If that's what you need to hear..."

Prime shook his head sadly.

"I want you to rejoin the fold, Skyfall. You and your troops have your Sparks in the right place. We all want the same thing, and I truly hope that we can work with each other from now on."

He extended his right hand to the much smaller 'Bot.

"Please come back."

2005-08-07, 09:46 AM
ooc (am working premise that he spends a lot of time perusing medical texts trying to find something new to worry about so has a fairly good medical knowledge)

Chainclaw watched the new arrivals enter then padded over to watch

"I'd say one of his 3rd level quantum processing circuit boards needs replacing in the lower quadrant."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-07, 10:10 AM
Skyfall floated over to Prime and resisted the thoughts running through his head:

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Instead he balled his fist and tapped it against Optimus' fist - something a few of the younger human technicians had taught him in his Ark.

"We're still working out of the Ark though. I'll give Blaster the Comm channels and security Proticols. I'd suggest calling ahead of time before you drop in, Sentinel is still a little touchy as to who he lets into the base. And I have a feeling it might have been a bad idea to leave Dropshot and Sixwing to their own devices....."

Skyfall hovered for a second, poised to transform:

"Now that we've had our little tete-a-tete, how about we head back to Autobase and work with your team to see what kind of problems we can solve?"

Fortress Maximus - Medbay

While Minerva worked on Afterburner, Starlight and the Minicons floated into Medbay and transformed. She looked up at the towering Omega Supreme and Superion, quickly saying "Thank you" before the three of them started to crawl all over the Omega, assessing systems damage.

2005-08-07, 07:39 PM
The Lake

Prime resisted the urge to comment on Skyfall's Jazz-like handshaking protocol. Instead, he just nodded.

"Agreed. I need to get status reports from my command staff, anyway."

The Autobot leader transformed and headed towards Fortress Maximus.

2005-08-07, 10:35 PM
Fort Max: Med Bay
Superion had spent enough time watching the activity in the Medbay. There was nothing more he could do here. Taking one last look at the devastation that had been caused to his comrades he turned and made his way back outside to see what he could do.

Fort Max: Corridors
"Received? Me?!" Seaspray said taken aback a little. The hyperactivity was one thing, but this new calm that Jetwave was suddenly exuding worried him. Something about the sudden change frightened him. -What have I gotten my self into now?-

"Oh no, no, no, no, I'm afraid you've got the wrong 'bot," he tried to explain, "You want someone like Magnus or Prowl or .......or..... or Lightspeed. Didn't you say something about Lightspeed?"

Seapray softened his voice a little, "Look, I can't be the one you need. I'm not important enough. I mean, we met by coincidence. I don't belong here. Hell, I don't even like it here." Seaspray's posture began to slump as he thought about those last words.

2005-08-08, 01:14 AM
An Autobot version of Shockwave?[i] Prowl settled the thought in his mind for a moment and then managed a light laugh.

"Being loose is not a good thing Hawk- neither for mechanical beings nor for organics."

He smirked birefly, indicating the humor intent. It was a flash and then he slid back into an entirely serious mode as he turned back to a console, entering Metal Hawk into listed and active duty. "Very well then. Here - is a list of supplies we are still in need of. Most prominently, simple energy to be converted into energon, and weaponry supplies for ammunition production.
I have a delivery arriving now that will stock our medical staff, human and nebulon partners, and provide approximately 42% of the ammunition requirements I expect that we will require for the next ten Earth months."

He turned around and handed a disk to the air defense commander. "Here you go Hawk. This also includes a list of our active Autobots with flight capabilities. You're free to come and go as needed. Look over them, if you find you have suggestions for making our airspace tighter, bring them forward. Welcome back Hawk."

Turning his head to an alert, Prowl raised his voice slightly. "Maximus, inform Nick that I am on my way."

"I need to attend to a Decepticon and human in our cells immediately. Your assistance would be most useful outside. I am receiving a report from Hound that our [i]ally Blitzwing is engaging some humans north east of Maximus, approximately 12 miles out. Help see to it that all involved come out without damage."


"Where are we going Hound?"
Spike hurridly belted himself in as the jeep picked up speed.

"Skyfall said 'humans', Spike. I'm getting readings of the Decepticon Blitzwing in close proximity to a group of human energies. If he's attacking them, or working with them, we have a very large problem. I just sent an alert back to security about it, but I need to go check it out."

"He wouldn't be attacking them Hound- Blitzwing's working with you guys now. I saw him on the way back."

"Really Spike?" The scout was highly puzzled as they cleared the trees and saw the Triple changer with his foot having smashed a jeep's hood and engine flat.

Aero Blade
2005-08-08, 01:37 AM
((OOC: Sorry for any lags. Comp problems and work))

From his vantage point in the air, Aero was able to see alot of the situations happening, maybe more than he even wanted to, such as the battle of words and wills between Optimus and Skyfall. Once the fight was done, though, he turned his attention back to the progress on the fire. Deciding it probably wasn't best to disturb Skyfall at the time, he contacted one of the other autobots.

"Artfire, quadrents 7 and 12 still have fires going. They should be easily put out, though, they're not very big," Aero relayed via the com, then decided to come in for a landing. The fire was all but under control, so he wasn't needed in the air anymore.

Setting down nearby to where Skyfall and Optimus were having their 'discussion', Aero half approached, but then stopped a short distance away, unsure of getting near them with the current situation.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-08, 01:57 AM
Skyfall transformed into jet mode, and was taking a slower pace to get back to Autobase when he spotted Aero Blade, waiting a respectful distance back:

"Hey Aero, we're all done here, and looks like the fire's almost out. We're heading back to Autobase. I'd like for you to keep an eye on the Omega Shuttle and it's repairs, if you don't mind. As soon as it's fixed, we're heading back to the Ark......"

Amarant Odinson
2005-08-08, 02:02 AM
"Copy that Aero Blade. I'm on it." Artfire replied as he headed over in the direction of quadrant 7. He just wanted to get this over with and head back to The Ark as soon as possible. Besides, the present that they had for Dropshot was well worth the trip.

Aero Blade
2005-08-08, 02:51 AM
As Skyfall spoke to him, Aero simply nodded then watched the Neo leader as he headed off. He then looked back towards Optimus again, still remaining silent. He'd heard the whole arguement between them, and he really wasn't sure of what side he was on of it.

All of the talk of Autobot and Decepticon activities had made him uncomfortable, given that asside from Optimus and Smokescreen, they were the only ones who knew he'd been a Decepticon as well at one point. Aero in the end just sighed, wanting to say something but not sure of what to say, or if he even should...

Hyper Prime
2005-08-08, 03:31 AM
Suddenly, coming in on Skyfall's comm-link, a familar voice beamed in.

<<"Skyfall, can you hear me? Skyfall, come in. It's Countdown, requesting permission to land. I am so sorry I didn't get here in time. I'm heading towards Fort Max. I'll meet you there.">>

Coming from out of the sky, a familar rocket shuttle was making its way down with a familar Autobot logo on it, piloted by the micromaster, aerospace commander and Neo-wrecker member, Countdown.

God Jinrai
2005-08-08, 03:36 AM
Hawk took a moment to process what prowl was asking... munitions wasn't something that his facilities were normally capable of producing... but...

"Understood, Prowl. I'll do what I can."

Hawk started across the chamber to the set of doors on the far side, and upon exiting, opened comms to his denver facility.

" Yes, I need to speak to Operations Chief Kyra Night."

"I'm sorry sir, Ms. Knight is currently... Oh, forgive me, sir! I had no idea it was you, Mr. Hawkin! I'll put you right through."

Hawk chuckled to himself.. it was true that most of the time, he didn't make phone calls like this personally.. but desparate times...

"Yes, Mr. Hawkin, what can I do for you?"

"Kyra, I need you to do all you can to push forward project Nova. I have some friends who badly need the raw energy that micro-reactor could produce."

"I'll do what I can, sir... R&D are nearly through with the preliminary testing, but we'll still need more time... a month at least... we just don't have the personel with the know-how to apply theoretical quantum physics in a practical way..."

Hawk was silent for a moment, then spoke up.

"Kyra, I'm going to send out a group of my associates who need access to the Nova reactor... just maybe they can supply the know-how to get it in safe, working condition."

Kyra simply acknowledged his words, and Hawk ended the call... only to dial up the Seattle office of Seiber-trahn corp.

" Virgil, It's Matt. Listen, I need you to get in touch with our military contractors, it's time to call in one of those favors they owe us... I'm going to need them to divert two of their munitions production facilities closest to Denver to producing the loadouts I'm sending you now. If they ask any questions, tell them that it's for a mutual ally. If they want more than that, have them call me."

Virgil had no time to respond as he recieved the loadouts... 18-24 mm autocannon shells, sidewinder missiles equipped with computer systems allowing for manual guidance, this sort of order was more than unusual for run of the mill military use...but Virgil knew better than to question Matt's judgement. The favors were called in, and two facilities, one in utah, the other in nevada, began to fill the loadouts Hawk required.

Having finished his calls, Hawk headed for the elevator which opened vertically to the roof of the central tower of the battle-fortress. Hawk spotted Hound and a human heading off toward the location of the reported disturbance with the humans... Transforming into jet mode, Metalhawk took off, sweeping down low, landing and quickly transforming... and again donning his pretender shell... reverting to the size of human Mathew Hawkin. Approaching on foot, Hawk shot Spike a smile, and internally radioed hound

" I think I might be more useful hidden in my pretender shell, Hound... Prowl sent me to look into this along with you and spike... Two humans are better off than just one... and besides.. surprise has never hurt our situation before"

Hawk closed the distance to blitzwing and the humans, all but ignoring the purple and tan decepticon.

"Gentlemen.... would you MIND telling me just WHAT you thought you were doing trespassing on government property?"

2005-08-08, 03:45 AM
Fort Max: Science Lab
Finally convinced that he hadn't left anything behind this time, Beachcomber left the lab to reunite with Seaspray so they could begin taking soil samples at the crash sites.

Outside Fort Max
Superion walked down the ramp and visually searched the area to see where he would be needed most. Quadrants 7 and 12 were still on fire, but seemed to be under control. Considering that decision making was not one of his strong points, he decided to separate into his component pieces. The five Aerialbots flipped through the air and landed in a group on the ground.

"So what now, fearless leader?" asked Air Raid a bit of excitement in his voice.

"I think it best if we take to the air and secure the area around Autobase," replied Silverbolt.

"You think?" remarked Slingshot sarcastically.

"It WOULD be best if we took to the air and secured the area around Autobase," Silverbolt said with a bit of frustration in his voice over the wisecrack.

"It's a sound plan," Skydive added, "The last thing we need around here right now is another unwanted surprise."

"Aerialbots...." Silverbolt began, then noticed Fireflight staring off into the distance, "Fireflight!"

"Huh? Yeah I'm with you," a startled Fireflight responded.

"Alright then, Aerialbots," he commanded, "Transform."

With a short run the five Aerialbots jumped up and transformed into their various jet alt modes and took to the air to begin a patrol of the area.

2005-08-08, 06:05 AM
Outside Fort Max

Pipes drove up to where the trailers were parked a few miles outside Fort Max. He transformed and started looking over them.



Seeing that everything was going smoothly, Huffer drove out of Metroplex towards where the trailers were.

2005-08-08, 06:23 AM
Scoop sat up

"where am I what happened?"

2005-08-08, 09:42 AM
----------Med Bay-----------
Hoist just arrive medbay with Greatshot then he scanned Greatshot."You're right First Aid I see nothing wrong with him."

----------Outside Fort Max----------
Rosdos look at his energy meter."Aww...Again!?
Then he walked to recharge center .

Warpath went back to his quarter in Fort Max.

2005-08-08, 09:50 AM
Fort Max medbay:

Three of the Technobots – Scattershot, Strafe and Nosecone – had gathered around the Minerva who was scanning the Afterburner's body, watching the progress.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed stepped aside from the wall data panel and activated his commlink.

"Jetwave, this is Lightspeed. I've acquired the information I've promised you."

"What information?"

"I'm sending you the data. There are 2 objects, both at the Pacific Ocean – at Surigao Strait and near the Okinawa island"

"Those names mean nothing to me..."

"But I'm sending you the exact coordinates as well as the depth chart. But be warned, they're lying at the sea bottom for 70 earth years and probably could be in worse condition than you can imagine"

"With a bit of energon and some polish they'll be as good as new. Besides, I can't be picky... Here I wouldn't get what I need, that I'm sure."

"OK. And one more thing: the Decepticons are operating from the underwater base somewhere at Pacific too. I can't give you the exact location so be careful."

"I assume that means your group wouldn't accompany me?"

"Unfortunately so. Afterburner's been damaged and now he's in medbay. Besides, we've got no experience of underwater work. You need someone else."

"That I know and that I've been provided" – Jetwave replied a bit incomprehensibly and cut the connection.

"Well guys, how's our badboy?" - Lightspeed asked coming towards the other Technobots, glad he's got rid of the problen which was bothering him.

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

Jetwave looked at Seaspray. He was looking... sad (if a face that consists of a T-shaped slit, like in ancien knigt's helmet, could show such emotion).

"Lightspeed? He can get me some info, but help... probably not. He's strongly tied to his friends and they... well, they'll surely be busy here.

I think you underestimate yourself, Seaspray. You..." - he paused.
"WHAT INFORMATION???" - he asked intently, turning his head aside. Then he caught Seaspray's worried look and explained: "Don't worry, I'm not hearing voices again. That's just Lightspeed contacted me."

After a brief pause Jetwave turned to Seaspray again.

"Miraculous! You've just mentioned Lightspeed and now he contacts me and gives me the complete data! And, as I expected, he cannot accompany me on my quest. Besides, as he said, they're not skilled in underwater operations." - he added a bit sarcastically.

He looked smartly at Seaspray.

"And this is where I'll need your help. Indeed you are a Primus-send for me. You don't belong here and so do I. The oceans call us."

He paused.

"Of course, you can refuse. But I believe you're as eager to get to the sea as I am. So what do you say? Will you accompany me?"

2005-08-08, 01:56 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
-I don't believe it. How can this be?- Seaspray thought to himself. -What are the chances of something like this happening? A hundred to one? A thousand to one? A million to one? Whatever they are there seems to be an opportunity here and I'd be a fool not to take it-

"Alright, count me in," he said to Jetwave confidently, "Where do we start?"

2005-08-08, 05:16 PM
Fort Max corridors:

"Great question indeed" – Jetwave replied looking to Seaspray.

"Well, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean – whatever it is – there are 2 sunken ships. We'll have to find them, though the coordinates are far from exact. Then we'll extract the shells I need from its ammo compartments and load into my cabin... a simple task, in fact".

And that's Seaspray who would be doing the loading work... I'll certainly help him to get the shells, but then I'll transform to submarine mode and he'll be hauling the crates... That cannot be helped but I won't tell him so... He could refuse while there's nobody better than him for this mission.

"Ah, and don't forget that a Decepticon activity is reported in the area" – he added lightly. "Without them the life would be so less fun, wouldn't it?"

Then he looked at Seaspray seriously again.

"What do you think, do we need anybody else to come with us? And is there anybody here who will?"

2005-08-08, 05:50 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"I don't think we need anyone else for a simple salvage mission," Seapray answered Jetwave, then began pacing, "Although the Pacific is a pretty large area. Just so you know, it is the large body of water west of this continent and it takes up close to one-third of the area of this planet. That could make for an awful lot of searching if your coordinates are not a little more exact."

Seaspray's optics began to glow a little brighter as the prospect of getting back to the ocean excited him and his voice began to pick up in speed saying, "Anyway, we will need some transport to get to the sites within a reasonable amount of time. I may be fast on the open water, but not that fast. And as far as Decepticons go.... they'll be on our turf, so they won't stand a chance."

He straightened up and looked at Jetwave, "So what are we waiting for? Let's hit it!"

2005-08-08, 07:19 PM
Comsos wandered the wrecked halls, seeking somewhere to collect his thoughts. He was very confused.
Guzzle and Fizzle Transformed, and began to pester the humans they had been escorting, asking them what they were doing here. When they continued to recieve no reply, they commed the humans lack of co-operation to Prowl .

2005-08-08, 10:14 PM
"Well, that is good news Hoist. We can't be too careful." First Aid smiled as his scanners revealed no significant damage to Greatshot. "Greatshot, Hoist and I will do some regular routine maintainance on your systems. I think with just a little rest and a good recharge, you'll feel as good as new.

Hoist - why don't you start with a lube and filters, I'll get his computer mainframe cleaned and set."

Trailbreaker was confused as he pulled around to the end of the caravan. He called Windcharger as the group began to pull out. "I only counted half of what should be here."

The half-caravan of military vehicles began to follow Windcharger, and on arrival, teams of two and three drivers from each of the trucks climbed out and began unloading their cargo. Flatbeds with missiles were unhitched, large cargo crates were handed down and stacked. Hundreds of tarped crates were revealed by the pealing back of protective covers. The commanding officer turned on his radio.

"Unit 2, it is safe to proceed."

Having received the message, the second half of the military caravan started their engines, and the lead driver leaned out- finally acknowledging Fizzle and Guzzle. "We just got the go-ahead. Where do we go?"


Prowl hit a security lock button as he whisked out of the control room, alerting Maximus to his movement away from the monitors and controls. In a fluid walking pace, he made his way quickly back toward the cells.

He paused briefly to answer an alert from Fizzle in text. "I will send a notification to General Thary. Should be cleared."

He approached the cells without any hesitation, leaving only the field up between himself and the human Nick, who was still in possession of Browning.

"Are you ready to hand over the Decepticon now, Nick?"

"Hey, watch the humans!" Hound called with a slightly irritated tone.

Spike unbuckled his seat belt and climbed out as Hound opened his door. The scout transformed quickly, hauling out his machine gun in the process.

Blitzwing tried to grab the other jeep as the humans scrambled into it, but to no avail. In the process, he crushed the remainder of the first jeep under his foot.

The reply from the Decepticon was just as annoyed and several times as irritated. "I am watchin'!- They're going everywhere."

The scout was about to snap back with a retort and possibly interfering as well, but was stopped short by the arrival of Hawk. He was happy to see his friend, but his concern turned immediately to safety. "Carefull Matt- I don't know what's up here."

Spike shot him a wave from a safe distance- he had learned long ago to stay out of the way.

Igos Du Inka
2005-08-08, 11:16 PM
Nick: What will become of Browning if I give him to you?

2005-08-09, 01:07 AM
Outside Fort Max

Pipes and Huffer met up where the trailers were parked. They hitched themselves up and started down the road for Denver.

Huffer- "Where's Outback?"

Pipes- "Dunno. Fort Max says he hasn't been within scanning range for two weeks now."

Huffer- "Two weeks?"

Pipes- "Probably joyriding."

Huffer- "For two weeks? Hmm. We should probably look into that when we get back."

2005-08-09, 02:14 AM
Autobase Perimeter:

The head of the squad looked at the assembled Autobots and humans, then he turned his gaze on Hawkin. "We were up here and experienced an equipment malfunction. As for the trespassing on government property......." He pulled out a slim wallet and flipped it open, revealing a badge. "Bob Walker, DXS. Department of External Security. I've got more right to be here than you do, Hawkin. We've had word that a bunch of extremeists from some small country in the Middle East has decided that these guys are as big a threat as that group in Quebec, and we're here to keep an eye on things in case they show up." Narrowing his eyes at Hawkin, he continued, "The Witwickeys have long had government clearance to interact with the Autobots. But unless something changed, owners of megacorps don't. Explain yourself, NOW!" Then he got a thoughtful look on his face. "Unless, of course, this is something the SEC should look into........."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -finishes scanning Afterburner- "The damage isn't too bad. He's mainly been stunned." -starts repairing the burned out connectors-

Corridors, Fort Max:

Fortress: -voice coming out of a comm panel near Jetwave and Seaspray- "Gentlemen, I advise against this course of action. We need you here, at the base, not out looking for wrecks in the Pacific Ocean."

God Jinrai
2005-08-09, 02:39 AM
Hawk's eyes narrowed somewhat, a grim frown appearing.

"Perhaps you'd care to discuss this in private, or would you prefer to hear it from Optimus Prime himself, Mr. Walker? Just as the Witwickies have connections to the Autobots, so to do I. I'll leave it at that, pending your response."

Metalhawk's processors were going into overdrive... the last thing he needed was a human exposing him, and risking his place as president of Seiber-Trahn... and the shipments he'd promised prime as well.

2005-08-09, 12:33 PM
OOC: Ack, I fell behind again or missed posts, so sorry, guys, >.<

Outside Fort Max

"Understood" Devcon replied quietly as soon as the comm officer was safe and secure in his cockpit, then the bounty hunter took off, heading towards Europe.

* * * * * *

Fort Max med-bay

Lost in his work, Wheeljack finally looked up from changing the list of parts needed for the power generators and transferring it to a datapad to notice the full med-bay "Oh?"

Nodding at Ratchet, who could be called his best friend, the engineer piped up "Anywhere I can help?"

* * * * * *

OOC: SA, I rewrote the Grapple post


Grapple looked up from noisely unloading the tunnel supports as the minibot came back over and got back into the hole, putting his hands on his hips with a hmph and calling after Brawn "Where were you?"

Brave Maximus
2005-08-09, 02:58 PM
Skyfall pulled in low, watching as the fires were finally put out then came in for a landing on one of Maximus' runways. He transformed and waited for Optimus to catch up, watching as Aero Blade slowly made his way to the city:

There's a lot more to him that it would seem. Just hope one day he trusts us enough to talk to us. He's proven himself to me more than enough to earn my trust and respect

Skyfall slightly opened up the shunt in his cerebro Circuts to see where the Omega was. Sitting in medbay, starting to get repaired. He opened his Comm:

"Greatshot. How's that arm of yours doing?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-09, 08:25 PM
OOC- I missed the re-written post I think.

Brawn flung a small rock up at Grapple from within the hole. "To play with Sharkticons. Don't worry Grapple, I'll finish your precious hole!"


"We're heading for Siberia, frozen tundra doesn't seem like Sunstreaker's kinda home, but that's what the beacon's showin'" Blaster said too Devcon


Windcharger transformed and looked back at Trailbreaker and then opened his radio. "Do we help 'em unload, or do I sit back and watch them?"

2005-08-09, 08:54 PM
Chainclaw saw the medical staff were tied up.

Chainclaw commed Prowl

"anything for me to ..

His shell sneezed

... that cant be right i'm leaking something and it ain't oil. Where was Chainclaw reporting in ready for assignment if I survive that long who knows."

Hyper Prime
2005-08-09, 10:28 PM
Fort Max

Following after Skyfall, a rocket made its way down towards Fort Max. Appearing from a pocket in sub-space, a launch platform appeared and connected to the rest of the base as the ship landedonto the pad. A shute opened up and Countdown stepped out, surveying his surroundings. He was a little surprised by some of the fires, but that subsided as he saw a familar face. "Hey Skyfall, is that you? It's me, Countdown!" he hollered over to his fellow micromaster as he approached him.

2005-08-09, 10:52 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"I should have known it wasn't going to be this easy," Seaspray muttered to himself. Fortress' voice made that clear. He had been longing to get away from Autobase since the moment he arrived here. All he needed was an excuse.

As luck would have it a strange new ally named Jetwave had provided that excuse, but it obviously wasn't meant to be. For some reason, unknown as yet to him, he was needed here.

He looked at Jetwave and said, "I'm sorry friend, but I'm afraid we are going to have to wait on that treasure hunt. How about a rain check?"

Beachcomber was nearly to where he left Seaspray when he heard Seaspray's voice.

-I wonder who he's talking to.- The thought lingered as he made his way around the corner.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-10, 01:01 AM
"Countdown! We were wondering what happened to you." Skyfall commented in a jovial tone. "What, did you get lost or something?"

The Neo commander continued up the ramp and paused at the top, waiting for Optimus Prime. He made it look like he was casually waiting to be polite to the Autobot commander. But in reality, he'd never spent alot of time in a Maximus, and had no idea where the 'War Room' was in this thing......

"Do me a favour Countdown. Head to Medbay, see how Greatshot is getting treated - and then see how the repairs on the Omega are coming." He held up his hand, at the expected questions "I'll fill you in later. But we can't go anywhere till the Omega's fixed up. Greatshot's 1st priority for us, then the Omega. While you're there, get caught up with Greatshot - I haven't had a chance to......"

(OOC: Sorry Hyperprime - I knew there was one response I was missing this morning....)

Hyper Prime
2005-08-10, 02:04 AM
"Sorry, I was doing a little more space exploring, and you wouldn't believe what I found!" Countdown replied, but then nodded, "Right, I'll take a look and see how he's doing." The micromaster then started down the ramp and inside to the medbay.

2005-08-10, 04:37 AM
The Skies Above Fort Max
Slingshot took up position along side his fellow Aerialbots as they began their patrol. -This is no job for us- he thought, - We're better than this. Guard duty is a job for drones. We're Aerialbots for cryin' out loud. If it wasn't for us the Decepticons would have won this war a long time ago.-

"What exactly are we looking for?" Slingshot finally asked.

"Anything out of the ordinary," replied Siverbolt.

"You mean like a rocket coming out of nowhere and landing next Fort Max before we even react or a jet we've never seen before leaving Fort Max and heading out to the perimeter?" remarked Slingshot sarcastically.

"That jet was Metalhawk, and that rocket appears to have another one of those Neos in it," an agitated Silverbolt said, "Just keep an eye out for any Decepticons."

"Or worse yet," added Air Raid, "Another shuttle."

The five Aerial bots continued heading west out towards the perimeter to make a sweep around Autobase.

2005-08-10, 04:42 AM
Main Entry, Fort Max

Prime rolled up the ramp, transforming back to robot mode as he reached the apex. He nodded to Skyfall, then raised his comlink to his faceplate.

"Senior staff," he said, "report to the main conference room immediately."

That said, he stepped into the nearest turbolift and waited for the Neo leader to join him.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Red Alert sat down at one of the bridge's communications consoles and began to monitor human news broadcasts. While that seemed, on the surface, to be a poor use of his time, the security officer knew differently. News services caught wind of Decepticon attacks before the EDC at a suspicious rate.

So when he saw that CNN was broadcasting footage of exploding naval warships in San Francisco, he took note.

Prime's summons to senior staff caught his attention, but he stayed put. The main conference room adjoined the bridge, after all, so he would have plenty of time to find his way there.

For the next few minutes, he would monitor the situation.

2005-08-10, 04:47 AM
Autobase Perimeter:

Walker, curiousity piqued, nodded to Hawkin as he moved off to the side. "I hope your reason is a good one."


Ironhide, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -slogging through the forest, heading for the location the missiles were fired from-

Ironhide: -scowls-

Chromedome: -notices- "What?"

Ironhide: "Ah'm pickin' somethin' funny up on one'a mah sensors."

Chromedome: "Any idea what it is?"

Ironhide: "Ain't sure. It's barely registerin', but Ah'm pickin' something strange up." -activates commlink- "Ah read ya, Prahme. Be there quick as Ah can."

2005-08-10, 06:08 AM
OOC: Please to be forgiving my unexplained absence. Well...it's not really "unexplained". I just upped and left without letting anyone know. But school does that to you, you know? Anyways, this is me shoehorning myself into the current wheelings and dealings, with the real great hope that nobody's gonna get pissy about it.

Exiting the med bay after who knows how long a repair job after the mishap with his ATV, Groundshaker was poised and ready for anything. That is, until he saw one particular mech approaching. One he knew he had to face sometime, but wished could have happened under circumstances other than the ones presented.

"He, Countdown. Nice to see you."
Wreck-Gar had remained unaware of the recent commotion, despite the obvious commotion that it caused. But something inside of him clicked, and he knew he had, as the Simpsons costumed hero Radiocative Man so eloquently put it, to get "up and atom!"

Getting to his feet, and grabbing his laser and axe, he made his way to Fort Max's bridge, arriving to find Red Alert.

"Hey, Red!" he shouted. "Whazzup?!"

Random Sweep
2005-08-10, 08:01 AM
Med Bay

Ratchet was just about to answer Wheeljack when Prime's message came over the comm.

" Well, I have Sky Lynx here patched up and on recharge, so If you could check over anyone who comes in here untill I get back it would be appreciated. " Ratchet said to Wheeljack

2005-08-10, 10:59 AM
Fort Max medbay:
Four Technobots watched solemnly how the work over their damaged comrade progressed.

At last the light in Afterburner's eyes restored. He shakily moved his head...

"W-what's-s-s hap-p-ppened-d-d?"

"You fell down and hit your head hard" – replied Scattershot with hidden smirk.

"C-c-cant be. It w-w-wouldn't h-h-hurt m-me so... I know! You've set me up! It's all your fault!" - he screamed suddenly, pointing at Scattershot and the other Technobots. They stepped back, fazed by this sudden outburst of anger.

"Ha-ha! Gotcha, hadn't I?" - Aftrbuner smiled.

"Welcome back, you rustbucket! And don't scare us again this way!" - Strafe and Nosecone helped Afterburner to stand up.

Strange... thought Scattershot watching as laughing trio of his fellows. Could it be his personality matrix changed for good? Or perhaps he's just maturing?..

"Thank you, Minerva" – he said and followed the others out of the med bay.

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"And I require ammo!" - Jetwave snapped back to Fortress's comment angrily. "You cannot provide me with what I need and I'm gonna take it myself where I see fit!" - his facial slit was glowing yellow again.

"I came and asked you for how I can be of service and you said nothing! Now you try to stop me from getting what's needed for me to achieve some effectiveness? You won't! Come on, Seaspray, follow me!"

With this words tall black and green Autobot turned around and began to walk to the exit.

"There's a fast express we'll take! Half a local hour and we'll be at Surigao Strait!"

2005-08-10, 11:49 AM
Scoop swung himself off the medi bed and slipped

Just a bit of concussion Hoist had patched him up he should be fine.

He wandered into the corridor nebulans hurrying to catch up with him .

He saw a gaggle of strange Bots in front of him, accidentally bumping into a straggler as he hurried out of the medbay

"Hello where did you come from , dont think I've met you lot before? "

Brave Maximus
2005-08-10, 11:55 AM
Skyfall headed for the lift near Fortress Maximus' entrance, as Prime held the door for him. Just as he approached the doors, he heard a commotion coming from down the hall. Unfamiliar voices were shouting and it seemed to be shouting at Fortress.

"Prime, I'm going to check this out - something feels a little weird...."

Skyfall hit his thrusters and lifted into the air, then positioned himself forward and flew down the hall a short ways, still in view of Optimus. He raised his voicorder to Jetwave:

"Hey, what's all the yelling around here?"

The Micro Master Commander seemed rather perplexed by the larger Autobots demeanor.....

Fortress Maximus Medbay

Ark had dissappeared inside of the Omega, checking systems and seeing what damage was done. It seemed that it was minor damage really. Just one really good shot through the armour. Starlight knew this instantly and was repairing the circuts as Ark thought of them. Nemesis, on the other hand, was trying to bend (rather unsuccessfully) the thruster housing back into shape.

2005-08-10, 01:01 PM
Quickmix had finished with the fire and was heading back to Fort Max. His paint was a little scorched

maybe some kind of paste , something fire proof , that might do the job , he must get back to his lab and see what he could knock up. Wasn't that Skyfall in the distance and he guessed that must be Prime although he sure had changed..again .

He strode after them hoping to thank Skyfall for the lift.

He heard voices and saw Skyfall vanish out of sight.

He strode up behind Prime

"New body again Prime I see , do you know what kind of alloy they used ? "

He took out his datapad and made some notations then sucked thoughtfully on the edge of the digital stylus.

2005-08-10, 02:07 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
Seaspray watched Jetwave turn to leave, not sure if he should follow or not. "Jetwave, wait," was all he could get out before Skyfall approached.

Beachcomber came around the corner and walked up to Seaspray. "What's going on?" he asked the minibot.

2005-08-10, 02:34 PM
Corridors near Fort Max medbay:

"Oh well, what do you meed you hadn't met us? We've saved your butt!" - Nosecone, who was pushed, replied angrily to Scoop.

"He hadn't, in fact" – Scattershot commented. "He saw a big Compy and that's all."

"And he was shocked by impact" – Lightspeed added. "Don't you think he could forget?"

"We came here from planet Aqua where we gave those obnoxious Decepticons a lesson they'll never forget! And we'll do likewise here!" - Afterburner answered in his usual manner.

"Though all we do here is powerlifting" – added Nosecone pessimistically.

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"I'm currently having a little argument with the big boss here" – Jetwave answered to Skyfall. "Wanna join or what?"

Then he turned to Seaspray.

"You shouldn't listen to those denials. After all, they can't stop us; we're not doing anything that may endanger the others, so it's our choice and nobody else's. Come on!" - he urged.

2005-08-10, 02:53 PM
Scoop extended his hand to Nosecone

"pleased to meet you all and thanks for the rescue. I was pretty much out of it back there. My names Scoop and this heres Tracer and Holepunch they're my nebulan targetmasters."

He gestured with one hand

Tracer: " alright."

Holepunch : "Happy to meet you all lads."

Scoop : "They make a pretty good scrounging team. We watch each others backs . What are you all called? , I take it you are a special team then? I remember Aqua not a pleasant place to be on for too long . I passed through there but this was 50 years ago maybe its changed."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-10, 02:58 PM
"Whao. I think someone needs a time out there." Skyfall said - a little taken aback by the new guy's hostility.

I wonder if this is what Prime felt like when I went off on him. At least I was justified.......

"Fortress isn't the 'big boss' - he's a city commander, and you happen to be walking inside of him. He's also doing the best he can, so a little respect for the guy.

"But as for big bosses - Optimus Prime is just over there, and if you've got a problem - bring it up with him. I can tell you right now though, 2 Autobots, wandering outside of Autobase with all this Decepticon Activity is just asking for trouble. If you're not going out there with a full strike force, I give you 10 minutes before someone like me and my Neo's are going to have to come save your butts. And if that happens - I'm feeding you to Sixwing."

The Neo Commander was quite pleased with himself, he was acutally starting to sound like a commander should.

"You want to go on some sort of mission - get approval from Prowl or Ultra Magnus and for Primus' sake, get some back up. You don't want to be caught in the open when someone like Scorponok decides he wants some target practice."

2005-08-10, 07:38 PM
Cosmos happened across the arguement with Skyfall and Jetwave.
"Did you mention a strike force? If you need aerial support, I'm up for it."
Cosmos added to himself, hopefully it'll be a suicide mission. I need to take my mind off things.

Outside Fortmax

Guzzle and Fizzle wandered off, looking for trouble. Guzzle suggested that they go to Denver and rub Sizzle s nose in the fact they got some action whilst he was going insane outside a warehouse.

2005-08-10, 08:48 PM
Skids stood staring at Fortress Maximus.

"Magnificent. How such a Transformer exists."

For a few moments he stood simply looking at the base before deciding to go in.

Fortress Maximus : Corridors

Punch walked through the corridors of Fortress Maximus slowly. He got a glimpse of his reflection on a piece of metal and he stopped staring at it.

I see the face of an Autobot named Punch...

He then kept walking and on the metallic floor he also seen his face but it was distorted as he walked, an imperfection in the cleaning of the metals.

But I can also see his face... the other

Still Punch walked. He at least had to keep up his appearance that everything was allright with him.

Does he control me, or do I control him

2005-08-10, 11:22 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"Don't encourage him," Seaspray said to Cosmos solemnly.

Things were beginning to get out of control. -Fortress must have really hit a nerve- thought Seaspray. And it didn't help that Skyfall had to give his two cents on the deal. Not that he thought a strike team was necessary for a little salvage operation, it seemed like overkill really, but there was a chain of command to consider and as much as Seaspray liked the ocean, he didn't exactly like making waves.

Jetwave had already shown his volitile side once and it worried him then. Now with Skyfall, Beachcomer, and Cosmos all here, we were beginning to attract a crowd and who knows how Jetwave will react.

-This does not bode well. I've got to try to calm Jetwave down.-

"Jetwave," he said calmly as he moved between the tall black and green autobot and the much smaller Skyfall, "Hold on a breem. The last thing we need around here is to start fighting with each other. That goes for you too, Skyfall. Try to keep that ego in check. You're not impressing anyone."

Turning back to Jetwave, "But Skyfall does have a point. Maybe we were rushing into trouble. I'll admit, I was excited to get out of here for a while. I still am, but if we are going to do this perhaps it would be best if we erred on the side of caution. If anything it would give everbody a little piece of mind. Besides, it's not like we are up against the clock."

Seaspray stepped back to gauge the two autobots' reactions when Beachcomber crept up behind and and quietly asked, "Where did that come from?"

"I have no idea," replied Seaspray.

2005-08-10, 11:36 PM
Spike was confused, but he spoke up quickly to mediate. "This isn't government property - this area of mountain range belongs to the state and is controlled solely by local authority."

Having stayed back to gauge the situation, the readings and voices told the scout more than he had expected.
In a rare moment of irritation, Hound's head snapped up and his optics narrowed. He took a second scan to make certain he was understanding the readings correctly.

There was no mistake.

He had to judge his next reaction exactly. Tensing, Hound stepped sideways to put himself directly between Spike and the humans, with Blitzwing opposite and Hawk to his right. Grim and focused on the human speaking, he interrupted in a calm and serious tone.

"You are lying, Bob Walker. I am detecting the presence of an armed missile launch, and your group of humans is solely responsible for the damage sustained by an Autobot shuttle. You will give yourselves up now."

Smokescreen watched the Autobots douse the remainder of the fire and was pleased with the cooperation and teamwork that he was seeing. But a message on the radio killed his good mood.

"... continue with breaking news of large robots after these messages."

"Looks like someone was in town again or we have Decepticon trouble Silencer. We may see some action yet. We'd best find Landfill- if it's the latter security may need you two."


First Aid was pleased with Greatshot's maintainance. The autobot was looking comfortable and Hoist was finishing up when the medic heard a sneeze. With a puzzled and concerned scan, he focused on Chainclaw.

"Chainclaw, was that you?"

Prowl's answer to Nick was nearly emotionless save for a cold and well-rehearsed phrase.

"Browning is a Decepticon and most likely our enemy. He will be given a trial. If he is convicted of crimes against the citizens of Cybertron and crimes against the inhabitants of other planets by his own will, he will have his memory unit removed and imprisoned permanently. His body will be melted down and recycled."

To the strategist, existance was cut and dry. Wrongs had to be punished. Those who chose by their own will to harm and subjugate others, and who carried out those means, had to be removed from the possibility of doing further harm. But he held the belief that each prisoner also deserved a trial. No punishment would be dealt unless there was a conviction.
Metroplex, it won't be long now my friend. Ultra Magnus hoisted a control console into its new location and fused it into place. The outter commotion was seemingly under control, and the citybot was nearly ready to be reactivated. The city commander was determined to complete the repairs on his charge and friend.


"Let's take this stuff inside Windcharger. We'll take it straight to the armoury and get it checked in." Trailbreaker motioned to the human caravan that was unloading supplies.


Brave Maximus
2005-08-11, 12:33 AM
Skyfall raised an eyebrow and clenched his fist a little.

Ego. If this guy only knew half of what is going on.

"Look, it's really simple. You leave without getting permission and after a direct order - that's your choice. There'd be consiquences when you return though. I know what I'd do if you were one of my Neos. But, you're not under my chain of command. So, go do what you want - just don't expect an enthusiastic rescue party."

The Neo leader turned his back and flew away. He had bigger problems to deal with.

He landed in the lift, near Quickmix:

"Lets go Prime......."

Edit - wrong name.

Hyper Prime
2005-08-11, 12:45 AM
Fort Max: Outside

"Hey Groundbreaker!" Countdown hollered to him as he entered the base.

Fort Max: Medbay

Casually entering the medical bay, Countdown had no trouble in locating the six changer. He jumped up onto his table and stood next to him. "Hey there Greatshot, how are you feeling?" he asked.

2005-08-11, 01:27 AM
Fort Max: Corridors
-Well, I wasn't expecting that.- Seaspray thought as he watched Skyfall angrily depart. -I guess I should be grateful he walked away before Jetwave could provoke him any further. Jetwave.- he sighed. -What am I going to do about him? First the anger, then the strange comments, then the calm, and now the anger again. Really, I suppose the only thing I can do is try to keep him here until we can organize and do this right.-

-Ughhh, what I wouldn't do for a shuttle crash or something right now.-

2005-08-11, 03:52 AM
Turbolift, Fort Max

Prime frowned a bit behind his faceplate.

"I'm afraid I was unconscious at the time, Quickmix. You'd have to check in with Ratchet if you want to know exactly what he did to patch me up."

The leader watched as Skyfall dressed down an unfamiliar Autobot, but didn't step in. As the Micromaster returned to the lift, he nodded slightly, a sign that he approved of the youth's handling of the situation.

The turbolift door slid shut, and the car began climbing upwards.

Command Deck, Fort Max

Red Alert glanced archly at Wreck-Gar, but refrained from looking up at the ceiling; at the last moment, he remembered the arbitrary meaning that Earthlings had assigned to that phrase. For a moment, he considered that the Junkion might have been trying to make him look foolish, but dismissed the thought out of hand.

Wreck-Gar is hardly the type of mech who would do that...

"What's 'up', as you put it, is trouble." He gestured towards the viewscreen he was monitoring, and the human news feed that it showed. "The Decepticons are up to their usual tricks."

2005-08-11, 04:16 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Wreck-Gar looked at the same viewscreen that Red Alert was looking at. "Holy crap, boss! Guess we'd better call the Avengers together and do the whole 'all for one and one for all' act, shouldn't we?"

Groundshaker looked at Countdown.

"What's the matter? Thinking about your next 'Captain Kirk' adventure?"

2005-08-11, 05:31 AM
The Skies Above Fort Max
Fireflight loved this. Flying free. From up here he could see so much more than he could were he on the ground. He often thought about how unfortunate the ground based autobots were. Not being able to see what he sees. The wonder, the beauty of this small planet. Unlike on the ground, there was always something new to see up here. A glint of light glistened off a snow capped mountain catching his attention.


"Alright the western sector is clear," reported Silverbolt, "Moving to the Northern sector. On my mark. Mark."

Following Silverbolt's lead the other four jets veered right in unison with him and headed north.

2005-08-11, 05:58 AM
Chainclaw nodded

"hi there First Aid , that was me, I meant to ask you a question. Sometimes I don't really like Sky Lynx . I find him a bit snooty on occasion. I was thinking maybe it was the early stages of Hate Plague. Does my fur look red to you?."


Quickmix made a note

"I'll talk to him Prime old boy."

said distractedly

He noted Skyfall's return

"thanks for the lift Skyfall much appreciated.

He then watched as the lift disappeared off with the 2 of them in it.

Turning he spotted Skids and drifted over towards him

"Hi Skids "

Brave Maximus
2005-08-11, 08:16 AM
Skyfall shook his head.

"Now I can see why you want us back in the fold. That guy makes Sixwing look stable...... Ok, well no, not really - but they're on the same level I think."

Fortress Maximus - Medbay

The minicons continue to repair the Omega's systems. Nemesis has given up using his hands, and found a surgical hammer lying around. Normally a small and delicate insturment in Ratchet or Minerva's (transector) hands - the Minicon is weilding it like an 80 lbs Sledge hammer.

2005-08-11, 09:52 AM
Skids stopped, looked in front of him and seen Quickmix.

Skids pointed around him to Fort Max.

"Hi Quick. Gee its good to be back here."

2005-08-11, 10:00 AM
"Theres no place like home " replied Quickmix

"and this is the nearest we've got to one at the moment."

2005-08-11, 10:02 AM
Corridors near Fort Max medbay:

"Why, of course! We're Technobots!" - Strafe answered proudly.

"I remember you, nebulan ones" – Scattershot commented to Tracer and Holepunch. "Being small doesn't mean being insignificant, isn't it? I've always wondered about the concept of such partnership. It's definitely not the same as being a Gestalt, you know.."

Meanwhile, Afterburner was chatting with Scoop in his usual manner.

"Aqua? A godforsaken place and that's by Primus an understatement! Water, water and, to top this off, even more water! I just don't get what both we and Decepticons could need in that bucket! Anyway, when we came there almost everything was over and a little cleanup work was needed, and so we've finished what the others started. The Decepticons were much more sensible than our fellows, for they left and we've stayed! A pair of weeks more and I'd rust solid from my head to my tracks! So what a relief it was that Jetwave was coming here and took us aboard!"

"If not for me and my promise he wouldn't" – Lightspeed quietly commented.

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"Well, I certainly wouldn't call for your help.." – Jetwave said looking at Skyfall's back. "And thank you for yours" – he shaked Cosmos's hand. "I'd be glad to have you in the team".

Then he turned to Seaspray and Beachcomber.

"He's both right and wrong at the same time, I suppose. If we'll amass a strike force the Decepticons would surely react, while a small team could act unnoticed. We've had a saying on Aqua – strike swiftly and suddenly. That's what I intend to do."

He paused.

"But some preparations should be done indeed. You've mentioned Prowl, didn't you, Seaspray? I believe he's a security chief. So, he could advise us on which areas should better be avoided when we'll be on our way."

2005-08-11, 10:11 AM
Skids smiled. Quickmix was right.

"It sure is. So where are you off to now?"

2005-08-11, 11:26 AM
Holepunch nodded

"Aye lad , the melding of minds is probably similar for Headmasters but us target masters we act as the weapon , increasing the accuracy. I did hear that the Decepticons had adapted the process for one of their Gesalts the seagoing one , what are they called."


Scoop nodded

"only good thing about the place was there was no danger of catching scraplets." He laughed.



"Just got back from rescuing some humans , the decepticons wrecked their nuc... um power station.

best not mention nuclear reactors round the lad , not after what had happened to him and what he'd nearly done . A nasty experience all round thought Quickmix

"I was thinking of trotting down to my lab but apart from that nothing ahum concrete planned, any ideas ? "

Igos Du Inka
2005-08-11, 02:04 PM
Nick: BROWNING NEVER KILLED ANYONE! *runs into the energised bars and is flung to the wall* ARGH!

2005-08-11, 07:00 PM
Corridors near Fort Max medbay:

Scattershot walked step in step with Holepunch which wasn't easy due to the much smaller step of a Nebulan targetmaster.

"Ah yes! The Piranacons team, I believe. By the way, Decepticons do particularly prefer Gestalt teams of six members – Piranacons, Constructicons, Leokaizer team... I've never met an Autobot gestalt of six – and if I would have one more person in my team I'd definitely go crazy. It's more than enough for me now as it is..."

Meanwhile, the other four Technobots gathered around Scoop and were walking ahead a bit faster.

"How come you and your team was inside Sky Lynx when he'd crashed?" - Strafe asked. "Where were you coming from?"

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

Jetwave diverted his attention to Beachcomber who didn't know what this was all about and stood in the corridor dazedly.

"You know, I've got a very special mission to do, and this here guys" – he motioned to Seaspray and Cosmos – "agreed to help me."

2005-08-11, 07:16 PM
Cosmos tried to stand as tall and look as sure of himself as he can. Talking to people and maintaning conversation was really hard after being stuck in space alone for so long. Still, maybe acting out of character and kicking @$$ might help.

2005-08-11, 08:11 PM
Holepunch nodded.

"It must be funny sharing your mind with 4 others , whats your team like?"

Scoop answered

" We were on the way back from Hollywood , we were sent to track down a couple of 'cons who were causing trouble. Lynx caught a few missiles and went down hard."

2005-08-11, 10:08 PM
Autobase Perimeter:

Walker looked up at Hound. "And as I said, we had an equipment malfunction. The government tends to go with the lowest bidder on equipment contracts."


Ironhide: -shrugs- "Awlrahght. You two go one ahead, see whut's goin' on. Ah'll go back ta base, see whut Prahme's got on his mahnd." -heads back to Autobase-

Chromedome and hardhead: -heading towards the launch location-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: "Get back down to the medbay, Brainstorm. Minerva might need a hand."

Brainstorm: -nods, heads for the medbay, waving to Wreck-Gar and Red Alert as he passes them-

2005-08-11, 11:44 PM
Strange. These humans are not reading like they should be. My thermal registers are reading them as one temperature... but the deceit is clear. There is not much we can do about it from our position however. Any further aggressive defense would be brought back on us by the human allies.

Hound leaned forward and bent down to allow the human to be at near eye-level with him - close enough to see his own reflection in the scout's optics. His metallic skin furrowed into a displeasured and very serious expression expression.

"An accident then.

For safety, you will leave this territory immediately, Bob Walker, and neither you nor your men will return within 65 miles of our cities without prior clearance permission from our security members.

If you do, I will know, and a second mistake will not be overlooked."

Spike held back the low whistle in his throat that seemed to want to pop up. He edged closer to Metal Hawk and waited, glancing back and forth to the Autobots and to the other humans. Looking around, he saw Blitzwing standing with an unhappy expression and his arms folded.

Wonder what he's thinking...?


First Aid waved to Brainstorm as he passed and then turned his attention back to his patient with a few chuckles.

"Slow down there Chainclaw. Your fur does have a reddish tinge, but the readings are fine. It's not hate plague, just something that happens to the organic molecular structure of the hair fibers this time of year on Earth. What your Pretender bear shell is having trouble with would be a condition commonly experienced by organics. It's called acute sinusitis - an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the sinus cavities- the nose. You might have an allergy, but I think it's more likely caused by so much dust being thrown into our environment by all of the crashes and explosions that've happened recently."

First aid took a light sprayer and squirted a fluid into the bear shell's nose, quickly damping it off with a sterile cloth.

"That should take care of the trouble over the next day.

Now, as for Sky Lynx, he's just gotten himself a bit of an airy personality. He doesn't mean to come across that way. Just be patient. Let it roll... *he wiped the nose again and smiled* off your back Chainclaw."

2005-08-12, 12:19 AM
Fort Max: Corridors
Beachcomber took Jetwave's invitation in stride like he always did when unexpected surprises popped up. Calmly and self-assuredly.

"Unless your special mission is at the two crash sites outside, I'm afraid that I can't be a part of it," he told the tall autobot, "I've got my own work to finish."

"Speaking of which," he turned his attention to Seaspray, "I thought you were going to help me."

"Well I...," said Seapray.

"Well I, nothing," interrupted Beachcomber, "if your going to leave me here all alone and go on some mission, the least you could do is help me carry my equipment out to Sky Lynx's crash site so I don't have to make two trips."

"But I..." Seaspray tried to explain.

"But I, what?" Beachcomber interrupted again, "It'll only take a few breems. And besides, you said you'd help me first. Now grab that stuff you left on the floor over there and follow me."

"Oh, and if you're not too busy preparing for your mission you could help as well," Beachcomber said referring to Cosmos and Jetwave as he grabbed a pile of datapads off the floor and began humming to himself.

2005-08-12, 05:47 AM
Autobase Perimeter:

Walker nodded to his men. "If that's the way you want it." The humans set out, heading away from Autobase and back towards civilization.

Walker smiled to himself slightly. "The Commander was right. They are very gullible........"


Chromedome and Hardhead: -come through the undergrowth, stumble to where Hound, Spike, Metalhawk, and Blitzwing are-

Chromedome: -sees the wrecked jeep, looks around- "Any sign of whoever did this?"

2005-08-12, 05:49 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Optimus pointedly didn't say anything to Skyfall; while the Autobot he had dressed down had been out of line, he didn't approve of a commander derriding the troops, even in private.

The turbolift doors slid open, and Prime emerged onto the Maximus bridge. He waved at Fortress and Red Alert.

"Join us," he said as he headed towards the adjoining conference room.

Red Alert nodded to Wreck-Gar, just as an aircraft carrier exploded and started to sink on-screen.

"Damn straight we will." The security officer stood and followed after Optimus.

"Could you stay here and monitor the broadcast?" he asked the Junkion.

2005-08-12, 05:58 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

"Good evening," Wreck-Gar said to Brainstorm, giving the Headmaster a casual bow as he left the room. Turning his attention back to Red Alert, he smiled.

"Sure, buddy," he said with a grin. "Let's just hope we don't get any tests of the emergency broadcast system. We don't wanna get cancelled, do we?"

2005-08-12, 06:19 AM
Chainclaw sniffed

"that feels better doc . I was really worried there for a moment . So your saying Sky Lynx just rubs people up the wrong way Your right there has been a lot of crashes recently .

How can I repay you, maybe I can help you here , I try and keep up with medical advances, you know. Did you here the humans cloned a dog . Pretty amazing yes. "

2005-08-12, 09:54 AM
Fort Max exit ramp:

The Technobots team and Scoop with his Nebulan targetmasters came close to the exit ramp then stopped engaged in conversation.

Scattershot was still talking with Holepunch.

"I'd say it's... strange. We're kinda melting in each other so one can't feel himself. When we're not merged everyone behave as he see fit, but combined we add our strong sides to each other's. Computron isn't like any of us at all; he's much smarter, for once." He smiled.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed interfered in Afterburner's talk with Scoop.

"Oh, what would I give to be like Sky Lynx, to fly freely in space! I would never allow myself to be hit with some stupid missiles!"

"As if he had a choice..." - added Nosecone. "Don't criticize the others – help them!"

* * *
Fort Max corridors:

"It seems everybody here like to boss each others..." - Jetwave commented sarcastically at Beachcomber's intrusion. "Try to measure your needs with others', and everything would be right. Or you can get yourself in trouble, you know..."

He took a pad from the floor.

"What do you want to analyse the ground for?"

2005-08-12, 10:42 AM
Holepunch nodded

"It must be a strange experience. Were you always a Special team or were you reformated to become one Scattershot ?"

Scoop replied

"We were fighting Weirdwolf and Carnivac they're cunning , canny fighters. They went underground initially and had the advantage in the confined space. They damaged Tracks quite badly too. We lost them , but we knew where they left there shuttle, so we laid in wait but they anticipated us. Weirdwolf leapt out of nowhere with Carnivac perched on his back . Took us all by suprise. Unorthodox tactics but they worked."

2005-08-12, 05:30 PM
Fort Max med-bay

"Gotcha, Ratchet, consider it done" Wheeljack nodded, before moving to get a med-kit ready, in case of incoming patients.

* * * * * *


"Glad to hear it" Grapple replied, batting the rock to one side, then moving to fit two supports at the beginning of the tunnel.

* * * * * *

Outside Fort Max

"I see" Devcon replied, taking Blaster's word for it as the bounty hunter didn't really know this Sunstreaker and continued flying towards the Atlantic ocean, soon leaving the Autobot bases behind.

2005-08-12, 06:19 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"Well you see, anytime there is a major enviornmantal change in an area, it is our responsibility to study these changes for the protection and security of all living beings in the vicinity....... Do I really come off as bossy?," Beachcomber asked Jetwave, "Anyway, the damage done by the shuttles may have caused more damage than we are immediately aware of. Now granted there were the fires, and the holes in the ground where they landed. But I am talking about subtle changes, such as the effect of chemicals, such as our mech fluid, seeping into the ground only to eventually get into this planet's fresh water supply, or the thousands of dust particles that have now been scattered for miles around the area. Who knows what harmful, if any, effects that may have on the surrounding area...... I really don't mean to be bossy, man...."

Beachcomber walked to the exit and looked at the landscape.

"Really, when it comes down to it, we need to be able to combat any side effects our presence here may cause to the inhabitants of this planet. If we don't understand what we are dealing with, then how do we combat it? How do we prevent it from becoming an even larger problem? That is why I do this. Not just for our sake, but for this planet. It is our duty to know what we are up against," Beachcomber grinned as he felt his compassion for the planet in his voice, "because when it comes down to it, knowing is half the battle."

"So... you want this stuff over by where Sky Lynx crashed?" Seaspray asked.

"Yes," Beachcomber replied, "Oh and by the way, I might have a few topographical maps that you guys can use when you head out for where ever you are going, just let me get my equipment where I need it and I will be more than happy to get them for you. I don't know if they will be of any help, but you never can tell."

God Jinrai
2005-08-12, 06:57 PM
"That would be the group of liars your sensors should be picking up heading for the nearest city..."

hawk went silent, then remembered his conversation with his tech at the denver plant

Opening his personal internal comm, he radioed brainstorm...

"Brainstorm, this is Metalhawk... I've a job for you... at the Denver branch of Seiber-Trahn, my scientists are working on a reactor that would be capable of powering not only the maximus, but putting out enough surplus to provide for all those aboard with little need for additional energy sources... but they require someone with your knowledge of the more...theoretical sciences to complete it... I told them someone would be comming... I'd prefer to leave it in your hands."

2005-08-12, 09:04 PM
Autobase Perimeter:

Chromedome: "Oh."

Hardhead: "Wonder why they let them go."

Chromedome: -shrugs- "Might as well get back to the ship."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -head back to the Maximus-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -nods, heads towards the conference room-

Ironhide: -walks onto the bridge, sees where the others are going, follows-

Corridors, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -over commlink- "Sure. Seiber-Trahn in Denver. Got it." -heads out of the ship, transforms, takes off towards Denver-

2005-08-13, 04:49 AM
The Skies Over Autobase
Skydive zoomed throught the air with the other Aerialbots searching for any new threats. Not that they needed any new ones, but this just seemed like one of those days. -So much for reading that new book on WWI flying aces. I guess there's always tomorrow-

"Everything looks clear here," Silverbolt reported, "Heading to the eastern sector."

Silverbolt banked right with the other Aerialbots staying in formation and banking with him as they continued their patrol of the area.

2005-08-13, 06:01 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded to Wreck-Gar, fairly sure what the Junkion was referring to.

"No," he said, "that's the last thing we want."

Random Sweep
2005-08-13, 07:02 AM
" Appreciated Wheeljack " Ratchet said as he left the Medbay

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-13, 07:16 AM
Blaster sat back and enjoyed the ride in Devcon

"How fast can you get us there? He's finally stopped movin' and we need to get there before I lose this signal"

2005-08-13, 12:50 PM
Skids looked at Quickmix.

"To be honest I'm not sure. I just came in to see if I could be any help to anyone right now. Apart from that I might just look around for a while"

2005-08-13, 01:07 PM
Quickmix replied

"I'm just off to my lab , I could show you round a bit on the way what do you want to see?"

2005-08-13, 01:14 PM
Skids shook his head.

"No no its quite allright Quickmix but thankyou nonetheless. You'll have work to do and there's so much to see. I'll just take a path here and there and see where I end up"

2005-08-13, 01:24 PM
Quickmix turned to leave when the door of his cab in his leg opened and Ricochet jumps out

"I am going to have a look at the crash site it was badly damaged we will need to restore it non. The vegetation is brulee and the trees knocked down."

He turns

"Ahhh whhoo is this , hello monsieur bleu Autobot, my name is Ricochet and yours."

2005-08-13, 05:20 PM
Fort max exit ramp

Scattershot answered a question Holepunch asked with a dreamlike expression in his eyes.

"No, we weren't always parts of the whole though we were close enough friends. And we wouldn't become a Gestalt if not for Grimlock."

He paused and, seeing that Holepunch is interested in the story, continued on.

"Hadn't you heard about a strange accident when Grimlock achieved a superior, nigh-ultimate intellectual abilities? I know, it's hard to believe but he became the best logical thinker, planner, strategist and so on and so forth amongst all Autobots! Of course, that made him unstable and he needed a way to return everything to normal while not forsaking that intellectual abilities. So, he reformatted us into a Gestalt team and then transmitted his intellect to Computron... and became good old Dino he was. That's how we started the war..."

Meanwhile, when Scoop told the other Technobots about the attack, the trio almost doubled over to the floor from the laughter and even an impassive Nosecone let out a few smirks.

"That strategy they use from time to time. Long ago, when Computron was first presented with the problem, he came out with an answer. Though, it was too late for we were transferred... well I don't even recall where. The fact is we've got that answer."

"Yes we do!.." - and Lightspeed doubled again.

"Oh yeah!!!" - followed Afterburner.

Finally Strafe overcame the outburst of hysterics and explained:

"Fusion bullets."

"Yea!" - Afterburner added. - "It's simple - they just WELD them together so they can't separate or transform!!!"

"Next time you'll meet them you have to try this option!!! What fun it would be!!!"

* * *

Fort max corridors

"I'm not sure if you were bossing or not" - Jetwave told Beachcomber while getting the other datapads from the floor. "It's just that I've got scolded by somebody I hadn't even met before who thinks he's a Prime or Primus himself and expects me to come running to him when I'll get in trouble... Then you appeared and started to give Seaspray the orders. Well I saw it as just one more 'bot trying to impress us with his rank. Good that I was wrong."

He turned to Cosmos who was standing aside unsure what to do.

"You see, buddy? Pay no attention to that loudmouth minibot! We'll help each other and everybody will get what he needs!"

He handed Cosmos a big stack of notepads and picked up some more.

"Seaspray, buddy -" he addressed the autobot who was standing at the wall with the last few remaining datapads in his hands - "have no worry! We'll help Beachcomber - it won't take much time - and then we'll get maps of the area! Then talk with Prowl and - off we go!"

Jetwave was a bit light-headed that almost everybody he met now were agreeing to help - so he supposed it was his time to offer some help back. He put the thought about angry Micromaster aside.
I'm not sure if this environmental protection thing is so important... But, after all, I musn't forget lhe living beins here are infinitely inferior to us children of the Primus. Perhaps, their habitation must be guarded against the dangers more subtle than ours... Then he realised something he'd heard some while ago.

"You've said that there were SEVERAL shuttle crashes?" - he asked turning to Beachcomber again and staring at him intently.

2005-08-13, 06:02 PM
Fort Max: Corridors
"Not too many," Beachcomber replied nonchalantly to Jetwave, "Only about ten or so objects have fallen out of the sky and crashed in this vicinity. There's nothing to worry about, man. Air travel is still a relatively safe mode of transportation around here... if you have no other choice."

Beachcomber smiled and grabbed his surveying tools and a microscope. He then looked to see if anything was left on the floor.

2005-08-13, 06:05 PM
Scoop chuckled

"now that would be something i'd pay energon to see. It was a cunning plan I had forgotten Weirdwolf could jump that far . You should talk to Rewin... ahh I forgot , he was one of the ones that didnt make it so many good comrades lost in this war."


Holepunch nodded

" Maybe he's still got some of those talents , I think he's more intelligent than he lets on. Alot of 'Cons have underestimated him for sure. "

Holepunch looked at Strafe .

"I recognise you Scoop said he covered a shooting match between you and Misfire before the war . The pair of you levelled 6 blocks and a recycling plant.

2005-08-13, 07:56 PM
Fort Max exit ramp:

"That's realy sad - so many friends lost because of the war. But still... We've no other choice" - Scattershot answered Holepunch.

He paused in deep thought.

"I just wonder... Everybody agree Computron is so smart he could solve just about any problem... But no one had asked him yet for means to end this war once and for good...

From the other side, it seems big Compy would spend so much time to get to the answer that the war will finish by itself then... So, he will be the One Jetwave likes to brag about..."

Meanwhile, Strafe was embarassed when Scoop reminded him about his weakness.

"Well I... trained since then and progressed, so I'm a real marksman now!.."

"At least when nobody jumps him over suddenly screaming Decepticons attack!!!" - Afterburner added.

"Decepticons? Where?" - Strafe acted as if he believed in the ruse, summoning his blasters out of subspace and trying to cover with them every possible direction the enemy could appear from. Then he hid them back and the three Technobots joined Scoop in a gale of mighty laughter, while Nosecone quietly chuckled to himself.

* * *

"Well that explains... partially... the meeting they gave me and Technobots here" - Jetwave answered Beachcomber as the group of Autobots was carrying the equipment out of Fortress Maximus. "I've pulled a little aerial stunt and they came down on us like we were some arch-villains!.. It seems they were just worrying that we could became the victims of the FSS".

Seeing that nobody really got the pun he explained:

"Falling Shuttles Syndrome"

Just as he said that a roar of laughter came from behind the corner of the corridor. Turning, Jetwave saw Technobots engaged in some funny conversation with an Autobot he'd never met before and two small figures resembling both human and Transformer.

What... or who are they? Minicons? Humans equipped in exo-suits? Then he recognised and remembered what he was told some time ago about Nebulan technology.

Binary partners... Yes, that's how they're called... I believe one Transformer can only get one, so...

He addressed the Technobots, trying to attract their attention:

"Hey Techno-fellas! It looks you've got an extra team member?"

Turning back to his new friends he explained:

"That's Technobots, we've came together from Aqua. Left to right - Scattershot, Afterburmer, Nosecone, Strafe, Lightspeed and that funny guy I don't know. Seems they've got themselves some Nebulans too..."

2005-08-13, 10:33 PM
Entrance ramp

Holepunch nodded

"aye lad and how long before another innocent planet gets pulled into a war which isnt theres like Nebulos was.

Tracer nodded in sympathy .

Scoop laughed as Strafe hammed it up

"want to show them how its done lads ."

Scoop picked up a piece of twisted metal wreckage and threw it into the air . there was a whirring sound and a yellow and blue blurr.
Two holes appeared in the metal , a pair of tracers flashing through them 3 seconds later.

Scoop placed his 2 guns on the ground and they transformed back to Tracer and Holepunch .

Scoop turned as a 'Bot that looked vaguely like Jetfire shouted across to his new friends.

"Another new arrival , is he with you lot ?" he asked the Technobots.

2005-08-14, 12:13 AM
Fort Max: Exit Ramp
"The Technobots, huh?" Seaspray said to Jetwave and Cosmos taking as good of a look as he could with his arms full, "I've heard a little about them. Don't they combine to form, I think the name is Computron, isn't it? Wonder what they're doing with Scoop?"

Satisfied that he had everything he needed Beachcomber set everything he had down by Seaspray and transformed into his dune buggy alt mode, "Load me up, pal."

"You realize you don't have much space for carrying things," Seaspray acknowledged.

"That's why I have you to carry the rest," said Beachcomber with a light tone of voice.

"What was I thinking?" Seaspray mumbled to himself sarcastically as he started loading equipment onto the seats of Beachcomber's vehicle mode, "I should have known you'd just cruise out there with a few things, while I have walk out there with my arms full."

"Perks of being a car, buddy, perks of being a car," Beachcomber said.

2005-08-14, 01:35 AM
Skids was suddenly surprised.

An Autobot that seems to have an Earthen dialect... how peculiar

Skids lowered himself and spoke to Ricochet

"I go by the name of Skids. Nice to meet you Ricochet"

God Jinrai
2005-08-14, 02:31 AM
Hawk smirked to himself. With Brainstorm on the job, chances were good that the Nova Reactor would be online sooner than later... and that meant the Maximus battle fortress would soon be self-sufficient in regard to energy production....and a GREAT DEAL more deadly in combat.

audibly sighing, he spoke to no one in particular...

" I'll wager those guys are going to start poking around a lot more now that they've seen ME here... maybe it would have been better if I'd just come out here without my shell..."

2005-08-14, 08:49 AM
Ricochet stuck out a hand

"Pleased to meet you Monsieur Skids , I 'm Quickmix's targetmaster partner, one of them at least and also the best environmental sculptor on Nebulos and what is votre speciality Monsieur?"

2005-08-14, 09:12 AM
Fort Max exit ramp:
All Technobots was amazed by speed and precision of Scoop's fire.

"Whoa, that makes Strafe seem slow!" - commented Afterburner. "We've got to get ourselves such partners!"

"Hold it, Afterburner! No more partners in the team - we're full as we already are" - Scattershot intervened. "More minds in the union - or more members in our group - and I'll definitely get mad!"

"So we'll kick you off and find ourself a decent leader at last!" - Afterburner went to his favorite theme again.

"Stop your bickering, After, and don't you tease us! Or we can decide to kick you out of the team and that'd hurt!" - Nosecone growled angrily.

Afterburner changed the subject and tried to explain to Scoop about Jetwave:

"We came here together but he's definitely not with us. He gave us a lift, that's all; and I'd better be travelling inside Sky Lynx next time. His sense of humor is really weird; more, sometimes he's just uncomprehensible at all. Really, Red Alert or Minerva should look at his logic circuits!.."

Lightspeed tried to correct the impression:

"That's not so bad as it seems. He's trusty and reliable - unlike some other, you know who I mean, Afterburmer, don't you? - but a bit unstable. He was acting alone for so long that he sometimes finds it difficult to communicate with others. So, he tries to intimidate or humour them just because he don't know what to do else"

* * *

"Let him go" - Jetwave said to Seaspray loading some of his equipment into Beachcomber. -"We'll follow him on foot and discuss some questions of our transportation to where we'll be heading."

He looked at Scoop showing his prowess with two Nebulan targetmasters to the astonished Technobots.

Seems I was wrong... Both of them are Scoop's partners... Well, you learn new things every day...

"Yea, they form a gestalt named Computron. Slow but brilliant thinker, they say. Well, I hadn't had a choice to communicate with him personally... My crew compartment is too small for them to combine.
It seems that 'bot Scoop is giving some lessons on target practice. Glad to see it... While I was carriyng them my cabin was punctured about fifty times when Strafe reacted in his manner on some innocent words. Someone should teach him to keep his guns where they belong and use them only when they're needed."

He turned to Cosmos who followed them with several datapads in hands but wasn't speaking a word:

"I'm sorry, bul we'll have to finish this job before we'll be off to the Pacific Ocean. While we'll be going - why don't you tell me about your own experience in the air around here? Is there really some danger or that shuttle crashes are just a chain of unfortunate events?"

He paused, giving the question time to settle, then continued:

"I'll be carrying you anyway - after all, what's my shuttle mode for if not for that? But it must be chosen whether we use a suborbital jump... a trick I had to learn from my counterpart... or more conventional flight. Jump's faster but I'll have less control over the traectory... Flight's dangerous too because of those wretched Decepticons. If there's some force that treatens the shuttles in the area, though, we'll be forced to leave the area before blasting off. What do you say?"

2005-08-14, 09:57 AM
Skids smiled to himself. He then shook Ricochet's smaller hand stared directly at Ricochet thinking for a moment.

Maybe this is something that tops the creation of Fort Max. The little life forms inside these robotic bodies...

"Me, well I'm just theoretician studying the life forms of where I am. Humans on Earth, Transformers on Cybertron and If I were able to do so Nebulons on Nebulos."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-14, 09:58 AM
Skyfall followed Optimus Prime deeper into the Maximus. Skyfall tried to avoid looking like a tourist, despite trying to see as much of the city as he could while they were walking. The great Maximus Cities had been long gone from Earth before he was greated and this was deffinatly interesting.....

Fort Max - Medbay

The three Minicons continued to make as many repairs to the Omega as they could. The ringing of Nemesis' hammer on the Omega's rear thruster had to be filling the Medbay with an awful ringing. Starlight continued her repairs, while she waited for help.

2005-08-14, 10:10 AM
Scoop mused

"there must be something about being a long range transport, Sky Lynx has his share of eccentricities. These two are fairly well behaved but Ricochet one of Quickmix's partners can be mecurial. So what are your plans I can point you in the direction of the Recreation rooms if you want ?"


Ricochet shook Skids hand firmly

"A xenosociobioligist , moi I think that deep down we are more alike than you think the same emotions, passions , drives oui."

2005-08-14, 10:43 AM
Skids gave Ricochet's hand one more shake before detatching his own and then smiled at the Nebulon.

"I believe we areindeed."

2005-08-14, 10:55 AM
Ricochet looked over at the devastated area

" I think I will need to pop into the nearest town and get some supplies, I will need seeds and saplings, fancy coming avec moi."

2005-08-14, 12:16 PM
Skids stood up.

"Of course. I can always look around here another time"


Fort Max: Outside Medbay

Punch passed by the medbay and paused looking inside at all the equipment.

Should I go in, get a checkup. Make sure everythings allright

Punch put one of his large metallic legs forward as if to go in but then he turned and walked off.

No, I can't. There is nothing wrong with me. Nothing at all

Punch continued on.

2005-08-14, 01:21 PM
Fort Max exit ramp:

"The fun I wanna have is blasting some Decepticreeps!.." Arterburner exclaimed answering to Scoop's invitation. "All we had to do since getting here was annihilating some mindless Quinto-drones and heaving the bulks of two crashed shuttles to the medbay. Darn, I want some action!"

"Yea, me too!" "And me!" - Strafe and Lighspeed joined.

"Just this once I happen to agree with you, After" - even Nosecone agreed. "So, commander, find us a real work to do!"

"Okay" - Scattershot replied as all Technobots were looking at him clearly expecting some responce. He tried to remember the communication frequency of Fortress Maximus:

"Fortress, this is Scattershot speaking. Is there any work for Technobots or big Computron? My boys here want action!..."

He turned to Scoop.

"If there's nothing else to do at the moment we'd gladly join you in the Recreation room. I believe there must be some simulators so we could at least improve our skills. Well, now we'll just wait for answer and see what happens next."

That was probably okay for other Technobots but still Afterburner was angry.

What does he think of himself? Why do we have to wait for order while we can choose what to do and where to strike ourselves!

Even the Aerialbots - and that's a stupid team at the most - can decide what to do by themselves not asking permission or suggestion on what to do! But this fool Scattershot just can't decide anything himself! "Please boss us around, Fortress Maximus, for we're lost and don't know whrer to go!" No, he should be put on his place! When I shall be the team leader, I will decide everything myself!

The other Technobots just stood around Scoop not knowing of these dark currents in Afterburner's logic.

2005-08-14, 02:14 PM
Ricochet nodded

"en y va then , lets roll out."


-Scoop nodded

" There are many excellent holographic suites you could use to sharpen your skills. Theres even a new programme that allows a simulated holographic targetmaster, which my colleagues have informed me , is very useful in improving your aim and afterwards we can always have a few energons top unwind."

Scoop looked grim

"You'll learn to make the most of the quiet times , we're like firemen on call going from one emergency to another . I remember when I used to help put out a paper everyday no time for that at the moment . Of course the undercover reporting was just as stressful there was the time I infilitrated Ratbats new refinery to uncover shoddy buildinc practices...

Now we're too busy fighting 'Cons , rogue 'Cons , Quintessons , Humans of every stripe colour and persuasion and worst of all human bureaucracy."

2005-08-14, 05:44 PM
Autobase Perimeter
Straightening up, Hound watched the humans leave. He had heard Chromedome and Hardhead come up and heard Hawk respond to them, but the scout kept his full attention on the humans until they were out of sight.

Wheeling about, he glanced at the crushed remains of the jeep on the ground and then to the disappearing figure of Blitzwing.
His optics narrowed and the autobot tensed and closed his free hand into a fist as he caught the traces of the Decepticon's voice.

Blitzwing had heard Hardhead's question. He had watched as the exchange between the humans and the Autobots happened, and he had taken particular note of the human Witwicky and the pretender that looked like a human. He didn't know why the commando unit was doing recon, and like the autobot, didn't believe the humans' story. Not only had he been stopped from capturing the pests, but the scout had let them leave - knowing that they were lying. It was a foolish error in the Decepticon's view, and he was leaving in disgust.

The innocent question from Hardhead left a bad taste in the warrior's mouth, and it came out in a grumbled bit of venom.
"That's all Autobots know how to do."

The answer hadn't been meant to be loud enough to be heard, but it was audible, and Hound hadn't missed it.
Ultra Magnus laid a hand across the now-repaired Metroplex'sconsoles and turned to the radio as he heard the call for a meeting. Quickly, he started for the meeting room. It didn't take the city commander long to arrive at Maximus. He left Metroplex and jogged through the newly-built tunnel corridor to the other city, and then hastened toward the meeting room.

Prowl frowned. If the human was indeed an Autobot ally as he claimed, then he would know that the Decepticon would get a fair trial. If Nick continued to behave like it was, the strategist would have no choice but to remove the Decepticon with or without the human's consent. The safety of the Autobots in his charge was Prowl's priority. He looked upwards to a monitor.

"Register highest securty closings again Maximus.

I must go to a meeting Nick. Think about your loyalties and notify Maximus when you reach a conclusion. I will return when the meeting is finished and you have come to a decision."

Without waiting for an answer, Prowl left the security wing, with Maximus closing doors and activating the security measures and protocols behind.


2005-08-14, 07:43 PM
Quickmix watched Ricochet go off

Minivan would be more subtle than a cement mixer and he had things to do back to the lab for him

He turned and walked up the ramp andalong the corridor towards his lab

2005-08-14, 08:37 PM
Skids transformed into the Minivan and then set off with Ricochet

"Just tell me where it is and before you know it we'll be back in no time at all."

2005-08-14, 08:52 PM
Ricochet replied

"It is just outside town . It is I think called Rainbow Garden Centres, it is well know for its qualite merchandise."

2005-08-14, 11:26 PM
Fort Max: Exit Ramp
Beachcomber began to drive between the Technobots and other autobots to get down the ramp.

As he passed Scoop he said, "You said it buddy, nothing like a little peace and quiet to put things in perspective."
Seaspray walked along with Jetwave and Cosmos toward the crash site. "So you're a shuttle and a naval vessel?" he asked Jetwave, "bet that can be pretty convenient, and helpful."
The Skies Above Autobase
The Aerialbots continued heading east on their patrol, ever vigilant for any threats.

Igos Du Inka
2005-08-15, 03:31 AM
Browning: well kid this could be it

Nick: no they will skann you memory banks and find nothing im sure of it, I'm not 100% sure what you did before we met but it cant be anything immportant.....can it?

Browning:......no, Ill go

2005-08-15, 07:17 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Prime led the way into the room and sat at the head of the table.

Red Alert followed him in and took a seat at the far end of the table.

2005-08-15, 06:04 PM
Fort Max med-bay

"Welcome" Wheeljack nodded, then tucked the med-kit under one arm, his optics scanning the med-bay for the next patient.

Attracted by the ringing noise, the engineer wandered over to the trio of Minicons and what they were repairing with a "Need any assistance?"

* * * * * *

Skies Over Autobase

"It shouldn't take that long if I change speeds, if that's what you want" Devcon replied, moving to his top speed and jetting out over the United States.

OOC: I'm moving to the End of the Line: Battlegrounds thread, SA. And I posted as Grapple

2005-08-15, 09:42 PM
Fort Max corridors:

Scattershot waited for an answer from Fortress Maximus, but there were none.

"Perhaps you're right, Scoop, there's no real Decepticons for us to kill right now. Well, let's toast some simulated ones!"

And he led the Technobots, after Scoop and his partners, to the Recreations room.

Everyone was thinking their separate thoughts while following the leader.

I'll show them just how good I am, simulators or not! - Afterburner thought.

It's not so peaceful as I wanted but it's as close to peace as we'll get - Lightspeed was thinking. Perhaps the time has come for me to fulfill my dream?

I must NOT fail! I will shoot only when I see the enemy and not a nano-breem before! - Strafe sworn to himself.

An energon recharge could be nice. They're all so energetic it makes my head spin! - Nosecone grumbled inaudibly.

* * *
Near the Sky Lynx crash site:

Cosmos, Seaspray and Jetwave followed on foot the trail left by Beachcomber.

"Well, thanks for the sympathy" - Jetwave answered Seaspray - "but it's not THAT useful or especially helpful. Being a warship means long solitary missions either over or under the sea. It really helped on Aqua but amongst everything else it meant that I was on mission longer and more often than everybody else. I wouldn't say that I singlehandedly defeated the Decepticons there but I surely would appreciate a friend who would accompany me on such missions. Alas, there were none."

He sighed, stooping his shoulders, then straightened again.

"And about the shuttle again I've got some disadvantages. I've said it already that my crew capacity is very limited and that's why I was considered as just about useless as a transport.

My primary role was fire support. It's great indeed - move silently underwater to the designated point, surface, deploy the prime guns and give the enemy base or installation a pounding they'll remember as they live! IF they live, I'd say. Once I've managed to cripple Tidal Wave himself - he had to retreat to their orbital base and abandon the attack. But they've struck me a blow that finally got me..."

The green light in his optics narrowed to a point then restored back into a line.

"They've destroyed my ammo supply. We had an automated factory that produced shells I needed - and some filthy Decepticon spy had sabotaged it! I had a number of shells on me which was enough to finish the war, especially when we've got some reinforcements and Decepticons were forced to divert a part of their forces elsewhere - but then I found myself empty with not a chance to correct the situation! Imagine how glad I was when Lightspeed informed me he's got a solution to my problem!.."

He paused, obviously reliving the moment.

"Well, the else you know. I'm here and I can't wait to get my hands on those shells. And you promised to help me with it" - his faceplate distorted slightly, indicating a vink.

2005-08-15, 10:20 PM
Skids moved slightly thinking of going then he noticed Ricochet and stopped and popped his door open.

"Sorry about that. Hop in and we'll get going"

This should be fun. I've never truly been to a garden centre. It should deem interesting as to how the humans interact with these plants...

2005-08-15, 11:20 PM

Two vehicles were aproaching at mid-speed towards the Autobot perimeter.

Backstreet- "What do you think, Camshaft?What can we do?"
Camshaft- "Easy, 'street. First of all we'll report to an Autobot Security officer and..."

One of the cars stopped. Then transforms into an Autobot warrior.
Backstreet-"And then what? We'll be forced to fight again. We'll see friends being destroyed and.."
Camshaft- "Well, I think we don't have any other option, do you?

Camshaft transformed and put his right hand on Backstreet shoulder.
Camshaft-"Don't worry my friend, all gonna be all right. Optimus Prime is wise". Saying that Camshaft connected his transmissor and send a message to the Autobots.
Camshaft:-" Here are Camshaft and Backstreet reporting for duty. Anyone copy?"

Brave Maximus
2005-08-15, 11:25 PM
Skyfall walked into the room and looked at the table. He activated his thrusters and floated up onto the table, at the opposite end from Prime and then looked down at the chair. If he sat in it, even standing, he wouldn't be able to see anything that was going on:

"Don't get a lot of Micro Masters at these meetings, do you? And the first 'Bot who suggests a Phone Book is going to come outside so I can 'talk' to him......" the Neo Commander said with a wink to show that he was joking around.

Fortress Maximus - Medbay

Starlight dropped down from the hole in the Omega's hull and looked at Wheeljack:

"Fixing shuttle - could you see if front thrusters are ok?" the Minicon said - obviously not that comfortable talking to someone new.

Ark smiled to himself as most of the systems were checking out all good.

Nemesis, on the other hand, was lost in euphoria - his hammer swinging back and forth, striking against the Omega's thruster assembly - He didn't even care that he was straitening out the dent, he was just enjoying making the noise - which ment every strike made it louder through out Medbay......

2005-08-16, 02:43 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -sits next to Prime, on his right, smirks back at Skyfall- "We been lookin' inta gettin' booster seats made."

Fortress: -sits next to Red Alert, talking into his commlink- "Scattershot, we could use preimeter patrols set up. Could you coordinate with the Aerialbots and start patrols?"

Exterior, Fort Max:

Chromedome and Hardhead: -walking towards the ship, see Backstreet and Camshaft-

Chromedome: "Hey, guys. Glad you could make it."

2005-08-16, 03:45 AM
Sky Lynx Crash Site
Beachcomber arrived at the site and paused to take in the devastation caused by the landing.

-So much destruction. Is this war really worth it? Well I better get to work. Oh man, if I transform now I might end up damaging the equipment I brought with me. Well I guess I can take some sensor readings while I'm waiting for the others.-

Near the Sky Lynx Crash Site
"Don't worry Jetwave," Seaspray replied, "We'll get you back to your old self in no time. Won't we Cosmos?"

He looked ahead and saw that Beachcomber was stuck in his alt mode because of his cargo. The sight of Beachcomber having to wait for him would have brought a smile to his face had he a mouth. -Let's slow down the pace a little bit. We'll see how he likes having to wait.-

2005-08-16, 06:01 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded to Fortress, but didn't say anything to the City Commander. Truth be told, he was still a bit wary of the Headmaster...anyone who went from being a pacifist with a fleshling partner to being a charismatic Micromaster with a transector would raise his suspicion.

Memo to self, he mentally added to his personal log, investigate Fortress. Just in case.

Prime shrugged.

"We don't have many Micromasters in our command staff meetings, Skyfall. Hopefully that will change, though."

2005-08-16, 07:27 AM
Prowl glanced down to an alert. He was pleased to learn from Maximus that the decepticon Browning was planning to cooperate. The strategist couldn't dwell on it though. The meeting wouldn't last long and then he would be able to attend to Nick. First priority was the meeting.

He walked into the meeting room and took a seat, followed directly by Ultra Magnus, who sat opposite him at the table. Ultra Magnus was a little surprised to see Skyfall at the table, but didn't comment on it. Likewise, Prowl registered the micromaster's presence, but waited to find out more about the content of the meeting.

"It's not worth it." Spike interjected quickly to break the tension.

Hound looked back with the irritated expression vanishing. His human friend was right, he had more urgent things to take care of than setting Blitzwing straight. He transformed and opened his doors.

"Hawk, Spike, I need to return to base. There's a meeting going on which I should try to be present for. I can take you to the lounge on the way if you'd like?"

Mirage began helping with the cleanup of the debris and clearing of the burnt areas.

First Aid smiled.
"That's right Chainclaw. Sky Lynx believes he's superior, but he doesn't mean for it to come across as abrasively as it does. We all just put up with it, kind of like with Tracks and Sunstreaker. And I did hear about the humans cloning a dog."

First Aid set his tools down in a cleaning unit and frowned slightly.

"The humans are progressing a lot with their technology, but cloning one animal successfully is a small consolation for the hundreds of thousands that did not survive their experiments."

2005-08-16, 10:06 AM
(OOC:Must appologize you all for being inactive for couple of week)

----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
Hoist turned to Skyfall."Do you me to repair the shuttle?"
He asked.

----------Recharge Center----------
Rosdos is recharging.

----------Warpath's Quarter----------
Warpath is resting.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-16, 01:00 PM
Starlight looked out and spotted Hoist:

"I\We could use some help on the rear thruster assembly, please."

Again, the minicon was rather shy and unsure of social interaction. After that, she ducked back up into the Omega's hull, repairing circutry.

Fort Max - Conference Room

Skyfall spotted a squarish device, he had no idea what it was for, but no one seemed to be using it, and it was the right side. He strode over to it on the table, grabbed it with both hands and pulled it over to the far end of the table (opposite Optimus Prime) with some considerable scraping noise. Once it was in place, the Neo Commander sat down on it, and looked back at the Autobots gathered with an innoncent look:

"So, who else are we waiting for?"

2005-08-16, 01:20 PM
Fort Max - Medbay

"Sure thing, little lady" Wheeljack replied, before wandering over to the area where the front thrusters were located and pausing to get a tool-kit out in case it was needed, then the engineer moved to examine the front thrusters.

OOC BM, will there be any damage up there?

2005-08-16, 02:18 PM
The Skies Over Autobase
Air Raid was beginning to get a little impatient. He understood the necessity of patroling the area, but to him it could get a little boring at times. Unlike the some of the other Aerialbots, he didn't enjoy flying just for the sake of it. He enjoyed it because of the rush he would get when he could let loose and fly at his own speed, in his own style.

"Does anyone else see what I see?" Fireflight asked as the eastward bound team of fliers continued on their way.

"What is it this time? A funny shaped cloud?" Slingshot commented.

"No... it's.." Fireflight attempted to reply.

"My scanners are picking something up just on the edge of Autobot space," Skydive interrupted, "and it's big."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Air Raid asked as he broke formation and headed for whatever it was approaching.

"Air Raid, Wait!" Silverbolt tried to command, but it was too late. The impatient Aerialbot had already taken off, "Come on then, He might need some back up."

The four remaining Aerialbots changed course and followed Air Raid's flight path, hoping that the renegade Aerialbot stays out of trouble..

Aero Blade
2005-08-16, 07:53 PM
The form of a red and white minicon idly flew past the doorway, then after a moment or two circled back, coming over to Starlight.

"Here you are! No wonder Aero couldn't find you," Stratus commented humorously. "Big guy's working on fixing the Omega Shuttle, but he wants to know if there's anything specific he should work on first," He started. "Oh yeah, he's also still alittle dizzy from that crash, though he won't admit it. And if anyone decided to try to check him out, you didn't hear it from me..."

2005-08-16, 08:36 PM
Fort Max exit ramp:

Scattershot stopped abruptly as he received an order from Fortress Maximus.

"Hey guys, no rest for us yet! A ring of patrol must be established around the Autobase - looks like something big is coming" - he added, trying to invest a meaning into what was, by his opinion, a meaningless order. After all, what danger could possibly befall the Autobot cities while they already were guarded by Aerialbots? Still, an order was an order and his mission as a leader was to carry it to his troops.

"Scoop, we'll meet in the Recreation room later.
Afterburner, Strafe, you cover the western wing or the patrol area - both on wheels and in the air. Me and Lightspeed would take the eastern wing. Nosecone, you stay here and work as a relay point. Try to contact Aerialbots and if they see something special inform us at once. Ready?"

All Technobots showed no signs of complain and even Afterburner, excited by a perspective of action, agreed eagerly.

"Well then... Technobots transform... and blast off!"

Two jets, a car and a warbike sped into opposite directions. Nosecone sighed and activated his comm link.

"Aerialbots, this is Nosecone. How's your patrol doing?"

Scattershot was flying low following the trail of dust left by Lightspeed.
"Fortress, this is Scattershot. Patrols set, coordination with Aerialbots in progress. Over."

He passed over the group of several Autobots gathered on the place where Sky Lynx has landed.

* * *
Sky Lynx crash site:

Jetwave got to the place where Beachcomber stood waiting to be unloaded and, oblivious to the thoughts that Seapray had, started to get the equipment out of his cabin.

"Well, the damage to ecology is clearly visible here" - he joked, looking around. Some acid-eaten chunks of metal were lying left and right, foliage was cut down by intense blaster fire (from the battle with Sharkticons). "Still, it's not as severe as I feared. The radiation levels at least are nominal".

As he was looked at with no understanding, he explained:

"Once I had to use a shell with nuclear warhead in it. It happened when we were getting rid of the pesky orbital battlestation Decepticons put above our heads on Aqua. All of us worked hard to extract the plutonium from the ore, shape it in two half-spheres and install into the shell... We suffered from rad exposure for months after, having a jam in some systems in most inappropriate times... But it was all worth it, as the station was destroyed almost completely and what's left burned in atmosphere.
It was in space. I'm not sure if it's wise to use nuclear charges on the planet itself... I heard from Lightspeed humans did that, though."

Lord Zarak
2005-08-16, 09:08 PM
For the past few years he had almost forgotten who he was. The pain, the battles, the fatigue...gone, but nearly unremembered.

Then, he caught the news reports. CNN, the BBC, Sky. Reporting the near death of "the great Autobot leader, Optimus Prime..." and the crash of Sky Lynx. He breathed in deeply, the pain of old war-wounds flaring up as they sometimes did.

He paced around his apartment in Manchester, England, wrestling with his emotions. Deciding whether he should go back.

Would they accept him? Would they want his help?

He moved to his bedroom and looked at his reflection. The humans had no idea who he was. To his neighbours he was just plain old 'Steve Hook' who worked at the bank. He gave no cause for concern, always paid his rent, his taxes, even his TV license.

When people asked where he came from, he always used the line from Star Wars, A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away and smile. He always got a laugh, then he bought the next round of drink, his answer soon forgotten.

He averted his gaze from himself to his hands, squeezed them both into fists. He had made up his mind.

He opened up a little known channel that one or two, he thought, knew about. In that channel he placed a message intended for the person who would recieve it. What that person did with it, was up to him.

" Red Alert, Red Alert, this is Skyhammer requesting extraction from exile. Co-ordinates are as follows "

He kept the message repeating.

2005-08-16, 10:06 PM

Backstreet was deep inside his thoughts. "Here we are again" - he thought-, "preparing ourselves to confront the Decepticons. Once again, I must act as a warrior, and this isn't a happy feeling".

Camshaft look at the grim face of his friend. "Maybe Backstreet isn't the better battle'bot" he thought," but is my friend and we are together in this scrapwar."

Suddenly Backstreet jump on to the air exalted. Hardhead and Chromedome appear and welcomed them.

-"Easy, 'Street"- said Camshaft to his nervous friend- "Hello there, boys"- smiled to the two headmasters .-" I'm very glad to see you. It has been a long way to get back."

Harhead and Chromedome aproached the two newcomers and shock their hands.

-" I'm forced to ask you what's going on," -said Camshaft to Chromedome-" I think I'm a little bit out of my element. I need some fresh data"- smiled the Omnibot.

Backstreet was looking the develop of current events with a expresion of mixed fear and aprehension. "Oh, Primus, here we go again..." he thought.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-17, 04:02 AM
Brawn punched through the earth at the other end of the tunnel and started pushing the dirt upwards. "There you go Grapple a hole to climb in."


Windcharger sat back idly watching the human soldiers unload all the cargo still not getting any word from Trailbreaker on what to do next.

2005-08-17, 05:53 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Auxiliary Communications Officer Hubcap sat idly in the chair that Blaster had vacated, trying hard to ignore the communications console. Despite his attempts at laziness, though, he noticed an incoming distress signal. He listened to it with half an audio sensor, then shrugged and pressed the button that opened an intercom link to the main conference room.

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert heard Skyhammer's incoming call and frowned to himself.

A communication from a known deserter, coming right before a staff meeting. How...suspicious.

Aloud, he replied, "Someone will be there to collect you shortly. If we can spare the resources to spare to pick up a suspect individual like you, that is. Red Alert out."

Prime saw Prowl and Magnus walk in and favoured both of them with a nod.

"We can start now," he said to the room in general. "If any others show up, we can bring them up to speed."

He swept his glance across the room, making sure to make optical contact with each and every one of his Autobots. He noticed that Skyfall was sitting on some sort of paperwieght, but didn't comment on it.

"As you might have noticed, Skyfall has joined us. He and his troops will be working in concert with us again, and I'm sure he has a few subjects that he'd like to discuss with us--"

The leader was cut off by a very concerned-sounding Red Alert.

"That'll have to wait," he said curtly. "I learned a few minutes ago that the Decepticons are attacking San Francisco for some reason. I have Wreck-Gar monitoring the situation as we speak. And," he sighed, "I just got a message from Skyhammer, of all mechs. He claims to want to be extracted and brought to Autobase, but I don't trust--"

Red was himself cut off as Hubcap's voice issued from the speaker.

"Sorry to disturb a command meeting, folks, but we have a situation. I just picked up a distress call from a place called the 'West Hackberry Oil Reserve', claiming they were under attack. Sounds like the Decepticons might be involved."

Prime listened to both officers, then replied to Hubcap first. "Keep monitoring," he said. "We'll need all the data you can gather on this."

"Aye, sir."

Optimus continued.

"Apart from that, we need to put together a response to the attack on San Francisco...and decide what to do about Skyhammer. Thoughts?"

2005-08-17, 05:59 AM
The Skies Over Autobase
-I wonder if Hot Spot and Scattershot have problems with their teams or am I the only one cursed with a group of disobedient, cocky, selfish rogues?- Silverbolt thought as he and the other Aerialbots raced to catch up with Air Raid.

-Then again even with all their faults there's no one I'd rather have watching my back. Now that I think about it, when it comes down to it they are all good soldiers and we do work well together. The good with the bad, I suppose, the good with the bad.- Had he been able at the time, Silverbolt would have smiled, but the thought was cut short by a message from Nosecone.

"This is Silverbolt," the Aerialbot commander replied to the Technobot, "We are currently investigating a bogey in the northeast sector. It appears to be a....... shuttle?"
Sky Lynx Crash Site
"The damage looks a lot worse close up, doesn't it?" remarked Seaspray as he set his armful of equipment on the ground.

"Yes," was all an uncharacteristically somber Beachcomber responded as he waited for Jetwave to finish unloading him. -Jetwave is right, my sensors haven't picked up any major radiation problems either. However, it looks like I'm going to have to survey the area again.-

Jetwave had just finished taking out the last objects when Beachcomber transformed and turned to him and said, "When the humans on this planet were harnassing the power of the atom they detonated a number of nuclear weapons on the planet surface. They didn't know at the time what the side effects of such an action would be. Like so many others before them, they were forced to learn the hard way. These days the testing of such weapons is practically non-existant due to the seriousness of the side effects of such actions to their race and planet. It's sad really. Sometimes I think the humans are more like us than most of our race would like to admit.... and we like them."

2005-08-17, 06:04 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Wreck-Gar turned to glare at Hubcap.

"What is your major malfunction, Sideshow Bob?!"

2005-08-17, 06:20 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Hubcap shrugged at Wreck-Gar.

"What?" he said smoothly. "And anyway, weren't you watching some San Francisco thing for Red Alert?"

The Minibot almost laughed out load at the thought that he was reprimanding someone for not doing their job, but managed to surpress it.

2005-08-17, 07:16 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Wreck-Gar frowned. He was indeed doing that, but he had noticed that the Minibot had failed to respond to the distress signal quickly enough.

"Don't contradict your elders, Lisa," he replied. "And I don't pee in your pool, so don't sweat in my gym."

He pointed at the control panel. "And keep your eyes on the prize. Remember. You gotta stay on the ball to stay on the wall."

He then turned back to watch the situation in San Francisco on the monitor.

Lord Zarak
2005-08-17, 12:41 PM
Originally posted by Warcry
"Someone will be there to collect you shortly. If we can spare the resources to spare to pick up a suspect individual like you, that is. Red Alert out."

They still don't understand thought Skyhammer. Even after all this time, they still don't understand.

"Acknowledged" he said in reply, beginning to dread his return to the Autobots.

He started writing his letter of resignation to the bank. After that was completed, he would phone his landlord and explain he was going away on short notice. He wouldnt be happy about it, but then, who was around Skyhammer these days?

2005-08-17, 07:41 PM
Over and around Autobase:

Nosecone acknowleged the message from Silverbolt and forwarded it to Scattershot.

"Scattershot to Fortress" - Technobot leader tried to keep up the information chain - "cooperation with Aerialbots established. Investigating an unidentified shuttle report. Scattershot over"

He corrected his flight path as Lightspeed below him turned, beginning to circle the great ring around two Autobot cities.

Meanwhile, Strafe was racing with Afterburner. The warbike was not as fast as jet but twice as maneuvrable and Strafe had a hard time following all curves of Afterburner's path. It was a game they invented for themselves having nothing to do on a patrols such as that.

They passed by a group of Autobots - Camshaft, Backstreet, Hardhead and Chromedome - in less than a second of local time, hardly noticing them.

* * *
Sky Lynx crash site:

Jetwave watched as Beachcomber started to operate a pile of equipment they've brought together.

"Well... Those humans act foolishly and don't understand their own fragility. Don't compare them to us - they're not the children of Primus the Eternal as we are and they don't have the vital mission in existence like we do. They should be protected but I don't think they could be respected" - he grinned to his own joke.

He turned to Cosmos and Seaspray.

"What about you, guys? What do you think of the humans?"

2005-08-17, 10:08 PM

(Breathing tailpipe from two technobots...)

Backstreet was following his friend Camshaft. The Omnibot was talking to Chromedome andHarhead, but the subject of the conversation between them wasn't important for the triggerbot.

" I miss Override and Dogfight, my two old buddies",- thought sadly Backstreet. " Camshaft saved me from the Mechannibals, and he is a good friend, but sometimes I think he is a little bit warrior-like for me."

Backstreet stopped and looked to the far cloud of dust caused by Strafe and Afterburner.

2005-08-18, 05:04 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

Hubcap gave Wreck-Gar a cockeyed glance, before tossing off a casual "Whatever...", turning back to his console and pretending to work.

2005-08-18, 05:55 AM
Sky Lynx Crash Site
"What do I think about humans?" Jetwave's question puzzled Seaspray, "I guess I've never really thought about it. My experience with them is very limited. Spike and his family are about the only ones I've really ever had any interaction with. And even that has been sporadic at best. Like your time on Aqua, I've spent a lot of my time here on solitary missions due to my unique alt mode. Hound, Jazz or Bumblebee are the ones to talk to. They've spent more time with the humans than just about anyone else here."

Seaspray felt a little disappointed that he couldn't give Jetwave a better answer, but the truth of it was, he really didn't know how to answer. He never really had any interest in getting to know the humans when there was so much more for him to explore on this planet. Just then he noticed a large cloud of dust off in the distance.

The Skies Over Autobase
The Aerialbots continued on their intercept course with the unidentified shuttle.

2005-08-18, 10:47 AM
"See, Beachcomber?" - Jetwave asked taking Seaspray's reply as confirmation of his own opinion. "Not everybody sees humans as our equals; anyway, they're unlike us at the extreme. I'd like to investigate more about the partnership between humans and us - headmasters, powermasters, targetmasters... For I can't figure it for myself yet."

He paused.

"Perhaps I'm being unfair to them but... well, only time could say."

He looked around and saw Beachcomber was busy with his analysis and the others just plainly bored.

"Well guys" - he said encouraging - "let's find Prowl and get the info about that Decepticon base! We'll avoid it, of course... At lest on the way THERE... " - he smiled. "And on return we can pay them a little visit, if we choose so..."

Jetwave was obviously in a good mood.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-18, 03:06 PM
Skyfall waited for others to make a suggestion, but as the room was quite - the young Micro Master spoke up:

"There's also the situation in Quebec. You honnestly cannot allow a Decepticon City and troops to run rampant and interfere with Human Internal Politics?

"You want a suggestion Optimus? I would have thought the answer was fairly simple....." The Neo Commander stated - there was no heat or anger in his voice - just a simple statement of facts:

"You have how many troops at this base at the moment? You have three active Combiners, Omega Supreme and a host of 'Legendary' soldiers. Send Superion and Computron along with a few other troops and a commander to deal with San Fransico - shouldn't be much of a problem.

"Send a squad of troops to Quebec to deal with Trypticon and who ever else is there. Once the Omega is repaired, the Neo's can back them up and provide Sniper Fire. We just need to make sure the Humans know that we are there to prevent Transformers from interfering in Human affairs. That would be where a public statement from a familiar, Prime-like face would come in."

The last part of that Skyfall made with a wink - a small inside joke with himself....

Fort Max - Medbay

Starlight nodded at Stratus from inside the hole in Omega's hull:

"Ship almost fixed, though I\Ark needs some help in the command deck, running systems checks....."

(OOC: MFG - yeah, manouvering thrusters at the front of the ship are all burned out.)

2005-08-19, 02:53 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Fortress: -over commlink- "Good. Let me know what they find, Scattershot." -deactivates commlink- "We have an unknown shuttle inbound, Prime. The Aerialbots are investigating."

Exterior, Fort Max:

Chromedome: "What's wrong with violence, Backstreet?"

Hardhead: "How else will we stop the Decepticons?"

2005-08-19, 05:29 AM
Sky Lynx Crash Site
Beachcomber stepped into the crater caused by Sky Lynx's emergency landing and began to gather samles of soil placing each one in individual containers. For a moment he looked up at Jetwave.

-He just doesn't get it. All life is created equal. We all have a purpose in this universe and we are all entitled to pursue that purpose to fullfll our destinies. Perhaps I'm being too judgemental, after all he has been on Aqua all this time. Hopefully he follows up on his curiosity and sees just how amazing the human race can be.-
"As confident as I am about taking out Decepticons," Seaspray remarked not getting Jetwave's joke, "Walking into a base full of Decepticons doesn't exactly sound like my idea of fun. More like suicide."

Seaspray took one last look at Beachcomber, "Ummm about those maps you promised....."

"Yeah," Beachcomber replied, " just meet me in the science lab in three breems. I should have them ready for you by then."

"Sounds good. Ready to go find Prowl?" Seaspray asked Jetwave.

2005-08-19, 05:34 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

The leader shook his head as Skyfall spoke.

"We can't just send troops out to pound our enemies flat," he said. "Not in heavily-populated human cities. If we did, we'd be taking more lives than we saved. We need a plan."

He adressed the latter comment to Prowl before turning back to the Micromasters.

"As for Quebec...as much as I hate to admit it, there is nothing we can do about it. The humans invited Trypticon there. If we stepped in, we would be guilty of interfering in human affairs. Unless the Decepticons start terrorizing the country's innocents or using it as a base for further attacks, there is nothing we can do. And, as hard as it might be to believe, since moving to Quebec those Decepticons have caused absolutely no harm to anyone."

His expression made it clear that Prime wasn't even vaguely happy with the situation, but equally clear that he had made his decision.

Prime acknowledged Fortress with a nod.

"Monitor the situation. If the shuttle shows hostile intent, the Aerialbots are free to shoot it down. Otherwise, they should try to establish contact."

2005-08-19, 03:24 PM
Fort Max: Meeting room

Ultra Magnus nodded in greeting to Skyfall as the meeting began and the micromaster was introduced. He was pleased to see a micromaster representative, even though he had had few dealings with the young autobot. Being a well-worn veteran, he had long ago learned not to underestimate others, no matter what their appearance looked like.

Prowl studied the young autobot for only a moment as he listened to Optimus speak. For the strategist, the presence was only tolerated, as the Neo group's willingness to serve the faction was still in doubt.

Ultra Magnus was alarmed by listening to the whereabouts of Trypticon. The city commander also received the alert regarding San Francisco, and heard the others, then listened to Skyfall's suggestions carefully.

He's right that we can't just leave Trypticon where he's at in Canada. That puts too many humans in danger, but extracting him would put even more in danger. Eager, but he is correct - we must do something for the humans.

Prowl sat quietly for a few minutes, carefully taking into account the suggestions, all of the reports and the current active roster before replying.

"The Decepticons located in Quebec have not made any hostile moves. I concurr with the decision to leave them be for now. Going after them would drain resources, as well as damage relations with the Canadian government. It might also damage our relations with our US government allies by putting them in a perceived bad position for allowing us supplies and residency.

The Decepticon activity in San Francisco would best be addressed by a small force. I advise dispatching the protectobots to remove Pirannahcon and to keep damage to humans, the environment and the city at a minimum. There is an oil slick that is now threatening human food supplies there, large earth mammals called seals and the bird population. Seaspray and Beachcomber would also provide a useful hand for helping the humans to contain the oil slick and seeing to the start of the cleanup immediately.

I suggest the following individuals to help assist in the removal of the Decepticons:

Windcharger and Brawn should be an efficient team to take on the reports of the female Decepticon. Windcharger can give Brawn support and cover while Brawn has the strength to forcibly remove the femme if necessary.

Powerglide and Metal Hawk should be sent as well. They should be able to subdue and extract the two flyers - I suspect Echoshift by the descriptions of the reports and one other which I am unfamiliar with, but seems to have the same power levels.

Magnus is best suited to deal with Scorponok. Power and experience would minimalize the amount of time needed in engagement there.

Addressing the fuel depot, from the reports Optimus, we have Hatemonger there. You, yourself would provide power and enough experience to take him out of action.

*Prowl couldnt help but pause for a brief moment as he glanced a second time at the leader's new exterior features and tried to calculate power levels.*

Skyfire and Landfill should be adequate to subdue Ratbat and Cryotek.

Predaking is more of an issue. I calculate we should send Superion to deal with him. He's close enough to the Decepticon that he should provide a fair equal.

Computron and his separate components can take out the remaining reported Decepticons.

I'd also advise sending Hound to do further reconnaisance on the Quebec Decepticons. Although they are not active currently, it would be wise to find out their exact status.

I expect from our supply reports, active duty and efficiency reports that we have an active enough roster and our remaining forces are sufficient enough to ensure that if there would be an attack here, we could repel attackers with mid-level expenditures of energy and minimal damage. Red, do you agree?

2005-08-19, 05:09 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Hate ta break it to ya, Prowl, but Landfill ain't here. He went with th' pickup group ta secure th' weapons they found in Denver. Prob'ly on his way back, though."

Lord Zarak
2005-08-19, 05:13 PM
As Steve Hook, he was walking to his branch of the bank he worked at. After meeting with the branch manager, who wished him well with whatver it was he was doing- wouldnt he like to know he thought at the time- he left with a handshake and a quick goodbye to the people he worked with, the people he would begin protecting again- if all went well.

He walked back to his appartment, traipsed up his stairs for what could be the last time. Maybe not ever, maybe just for a long time. He looked in the mirror, smiled wanly to himself, and sent a third, and hopefully final signal to Red Alert, signalling he was ready.

There was only one thing that wa almost as bad as waiting to explain himself, and that was waiting to be picked up.

Lets get this over and done then he said to himself.

2005-08-19, 05:21 PM
"Sure Hound." Spike hopped in and closed the door quickly. The autobot scout was on edge and he didn't want to make Hound wait any longer.

Spike waited a couple minutes in silence as they drove back toward base and then asked the question that was sitting in the back of his head.
"Do you think they'll come back?"

There was a long pause before the reply.
"I think so Spike. They fired at the shuttle, and it was no mistake."

Spike knew why the autobot hadn't taken the humans prisoner, he didn't need to ask.

"I think you're right. But it'd be dumb to attack any transformers this close to base. Why'd they do that?

Hound slowed to a stop and opened his doors at the lounge. "I believe they were gauging our reaction time. Maybe our abilities to find and locate human attackers too. Whatever their reasons, they brought down a larger autobot shuttle successfully, and that's not really an easy thing to do. I need to go talk to the security officers, but I'll be back soon Spike."

Spike got out and closed the door. "Okay Hound. See ya."

Smokescreen listened to the briefing reports and fed them back into the security systems through his clearance router.

"Decepticons in San Francisco Silencer- not good. Wonder if this is a diversion?"


Mirage cleared away the last of the debris that had been pushed into the airfield and remembered something he had... lost. He wandered off into the trees and began looking for a familiar trail.

ooc- Trailbreaker replied a while ago ;)

Trailbreaker finished moving the boxes inside the storage area and shot a wave at Windcharger.

"I need a drink, wanna come?"

Prowl paused for a moment as he considered the roster error. The answer was a logically clear snap for the strategist.
"If he returns in time, then he should be dispatched. If not, I will take his place."

2005-08-19, 05:59 PM
Sky Lynx crash site:

"You're right, Seaspray, let's go talk to Prowl now. Come with us, Cosmos; you saw the planet from orbit and will give me an answer whether a suborbital ballistic jump or conventional flight is better" - Jetwave answered, looking away from the crater Beachcomber worked in.

I detect something strange about him. He's not friendly, like Cosmos and Seaspray, but either not hostile, like that micromaster. He's... reserved. Yea, that's right, reserved. Strange indeed... Perhaps it would be useful to talk with him more later...

Later, not now. Now I must act... Something's building within me, pushing me again... As if I could be late for something. Something I hadn't had a glimpse yet but which is here nevertheless...

A strange feeling.

"Come on, guys!" - he waved his hand trying to sound energetical.

The group of three Autobots left Beachcomber with his analysis and headed again towards Fortress Maximus.

In the air over them the exhaust trails of Scattershot and Strafe crossed...

God Jinrai
2005-08-19, 06:03 PM
Hawk stood there in the clearing, alone now... Hound had taken spike and departed for the maximus once more.. taking a deep breath, crossed his arms in front of himself, and spoke the command word to summon his armor and weapons...


The titanium saber shifted out of subspace, but Hawk opted to keep the Jet Rifle where it was... drawing the blade back, he started into a sequence of attacks and movements against an invisible opponent... one that only existed in his mind... but a moment later, stopped... bowing his head, closing his eyes, he sighed, and spoke the word to separate the shell and return to his full sized robot mode...


The robotic form of MetalHawk now stood tall, ready to depart... but instead he chose another course of action.

Starting off in the direction Blitzwing had departed in, he pondered to himself...

"I wonder if I'm that rusty in my swordplay... the LAST thing I need would be for Bludgeon or worse to show up, and me be unprepared for it..."

2005-08-19, 06:25 PM
Blitzwing was still somewhat annoyed by the human encounter, but moreso because of the gullibility of the autobot scout that had interfered. Even so, he couldn't help smirking slightly as he remembered the crunch of the human jeep under his foot and the gaze of the autobot as he spotted the remnants on the ground. Blitzwing knew Hound's memory was sharper than a lazer beam, and he couldn't have hoped for a more lasting thought to stick in the scout's mind than the crushed vehicle.

His attention was short lived though. It quickly turned to boredom as he walked to a clearing over an outcropping of stone. All the triple changer could see was forest. Forest - and a couple autobot fliers. His thoughts drifted back to Cybertron, and the Quintessons that he knew were rampaging the towns and defiling the cities. Without exactly thinking about it, his hand reached out and crushed a tree trunk into a gooey oozing pulp. In disgust, he dropped the broken tree and tried wiping the sticky mess on his hand onto an adjacent tree.

God Jinrai
2005-08-19, 06:32 PM
" You may want to be more careful with trees from now on, Blitzwing..."
an unfamiliar voice spoke.

" Some of these trees have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years... Organic or not, I think they deserve the respect to be left standing."

Hawk came out from the forest, his optics glaring up at the decepticon traitor.

" Perhaps I can relieve you of some of your...boredom."

It was then Hawk brought the Titanium Saber up into blitzwing's line of sight. with his left hand, he beckoned the decepticon come at him.

2005-08-19, 07:12 PM
I could take him apart... piece by piece. No- could this be a trick? A trap? More waiting to come out and say I'm attacking him? He is making a mistake, I hope I do not do the same.

Blitzwing scanned the Autobot with distrust.

If I take him, he'll run whining to the others that I attacked him. If I stand here and refuse, I'll look like a coward.

The triple changer's facial features darkened and his eyes began to glow in a menacing manner.

"If standing earns respect, then they will have earned more respect than you - if you insist, Autobot." He added a really hearty and sinister laugh for effect.

Though he didn't show it, the decepticon felt unusually unwilling to fight. A nervous reaction was signaling that it might just be an error, but to abstain would be a sign of weakness.

He pulled out his electron scimitar and edged forward, bringing it up into an arc out to his right from his shoulder, leaving his left arm outwards.

Brave Maximus
2005-08-19, 07:22 PM
Skyfall listened to Prime's repsonse and nodded a little. It was the Autobot Leaders decission, but he didn't understand it. But San Fran was a little easier:

"Depending where the Decepticons have come ashore in San Fran - danger to the population should be kept to a minimum. With a few well timed tactical strikes, we can push the Cons into the ocean. The water is relativly shallow there, well for you big guys, and at most, you'd have to worry about a few pleasure craft in the area.

"Prowl's assesment of troops is a good one though. Should be able to beat back the Cons easily enough."

He sighed a bit, then continued:

"Trypticon though. I can't see how you can just leave them there. They're Decepticons - weither it's obvious or not - they are intending evil. And that's our job - to stop them, any way we can........."

Then slowly Skyfall nodded - it was not the nodd of someone who understood, but the nodd of someone who accepted anyway:

"If you're going to send Hound in to scout - at least let me send Artfire and Stepper in as back-up. They can hang back and provide sniper cover or support if Hound gets into trouble. Jazz should be fully opperational when I get back to the Ark, and who knows about Sixwing - so we'll be at full strength."

2005-08-19, 07:42 PM
Chainclaw nodded

" i Understand the humans keep bears such as my shell in apalling conditions and make them perform tricks."

He looked grim.


Ricochet snapped his seatbelt home and leant forward to look at the radio

"Whenever you are ready Monsieur Skids."

2005-08-19, 09:10 PM

Backstreet looked to Chromedome and Harhead with a strange glance in his optics. He had been outside the conversation between Camshaft and the two Headmasters and needed a pair of microseconds to react.

Backstreet: " Of course someone must stop the Decepticons. And I don't like violence, but when is time to fight, I can do as well as any Autobot, including Headmasters. Perhaps do you suggest that I'm some kind of coward?" snapped the Triggerbot angrily.

Camshaft: " Hey Backstreet, don't jump to another wrong conclusion again, ok? Our two friends are only worried about you. You looks disgusted."

Backstreet looked to Chromedome as the Headmaster was in fact some kind of inquisitor.

Backstreet (angrily): " I disgusts war. Thats all."

Camshaft put his right hand onto 'street shoulder.

Backstreet: " Look, I don't like to fight. Sometimes I think that I'm not going to see the end of this war, but I made my part. My function is lookout, and I'm good at this. Everyone does what he cans, as myself."



Override, in his cycle mode, was loudly aproaching the Autobot base. Above him, in the blue skie was Dogfight in his swept- back jet mode flying anxious.

Dogfight: " Hey Override, I detect our base, and I'm glad to inform you that it seems full of activity, and you know what it means..."

Override: " Yeah budie. The action is near!"- laughed loudly-, "I'm going to comunicate directly to the warrom, to inform that we have arrive and see what we can do."

Dogfight: "Sure pal. And maybe we can find Backstreet at last. I'm missing our old lookout."

Override: " Yep"- Override activated his comm link and send a message to Fort Max.

God Jinrai
2005-08-19, 10:48 PM
"My name is Metalhawk, Blitzwing. Air Defense Commander of the Autobot forces here on Earth. Would you do me the honor of sparring with me? It's been some time since I was able to wield my Titanium Saber, and I fear I may be getting rusty..."

Hawk could tell the hesitancy in blitzwing's movements. he was afraid Hawk might call foul on him for answering a challenge... or worse. But at this point, Hawk merely wanted nothing more than a chance to test his sword skills once more

2005-08-20, 04:37 AM
Long experienced in distrust, the triple changer was not certain whether or not to believe the Autobot. Nor was he about to let on the entirety of his concerns, but the words did alleviate them to some extent.

Instead, he gave a brutish laugh and swung his scimitar easily in a sweeping curve, as if imagining the dissection of his smaller opponent. In truth however, he was gauging his size so as not to accidentally injure him. He smirked broadly.

"Come on then. I'll take the rust off of you - and your sword... if I don't flay you first."


"Some bears do have a hard life Chainclaw, but then too, they can learn new tricks from time to time." First Aid clapped a hand on the pretender's shoulder and motioned at the medical lab. "I'd be happy to have you help out. Let's run through the common repair tools and see if we both can't learn a few new tricks."

Prowl considered Skyfall's suggestion carefully. He was pleased that the micromaster was accepting some decisions and suggestions while still questioning others. The skills of discussion were of the utmost importance in the officer meetings.

Magnus leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table as he also thought about the suggestions being made.

"I will go. I too feel the other suggestions for the missions are good ones. We should leave as soon as possible.
Metroplex is nearly repaired now, and ready to be brought back online. He will add a lot to our defenses while we are away.

Prowl nodded to Magnus and then looked to Skyfall. "Your suggestion of sending Stepper and Artfire is a good one Skyfall. However, backup isn't always the best thing for information gathering and recon missions. Most of our scouts work best alone, and prefer those working conditions. The more individuals that are involved, the greater the risk of being discovered.

Hound is a capable and experienced veteran though, and content working both by himself and with others. I have complete confidence in his abilities, but given that there are so many Decepticons in that vicinity, it may indeed prove beneficial to all involved to have Artfire and Stepper accompany him - at least to the outer limits of the reception range."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-20, 05:24 AM
Skyfall mused for a second, and wished he was back in the Ark War Room - using the Omega's holographic equipment......

"The area around Montreal's pretty flat, and densely populated. Trypticon picked the worst place for us......

"Artfire and Stepper are professionals. They'll hang back and moniter Hound. They'd only act to provide him a way out. It's not that I doubt Hound's abilities in any way. More worried about the sheer number of Decepticons in the area.

"We helped save him once. I...... We don't want to see an Autobot at risk with out back up again."

2005-08-20, 05:30 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded, agreeing with Prowl's suggestions.

Prime took in Prowl's suggestions, then mulled them over and made a few mental adjustments.

Scorponok's been retrofitted with another downsized body, if these images are accurate... he noted.

"Magnus," he said, "assemble your team. Keep to Prowl's suggestions if possible, and avoid civilian casualties at all costs. Above all, try to find out what Scorponok is up to. He isn't the type to attack a population zone for no reason."

He called up the files that Hubcap had haphazardly prepared on the fuel depot raid, mulling over the data.

"I'll lead the team to West Hackberry myself, but I'll need Skyfire elsewhere. Prowl, Chainclaw and Sideswipe can deal with ground forces while Computron handles Predaking. The Aerialbots will tackle the Decepticons' air support and harass their technical staff. I will deal with Hatemonger personally.

"For his part, Skyfire will head to England and pick up Skyhammer. If our wayward Pretender wants to end his exile, we are in no position to turn him down."

He mused over the Quebec issue for a moment, then nodded.

"Send Hound. Artfire and Stepper can accompany him, but they must stay at least twenty miles away from the city unless Hound calls for them. Under no circumstances should they open fire, unless the enemy is attacking them."

2005-08-20, 06:37 AM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -nods- "Ah'll make sure th' sensor net we set up 'round th' base's still workin'. Anybody decahdes ta come back, Ah want as much warnin' as we c'n get. Ain't gonna do us no good if we put Metroplex back together only ta have him get ripped up again b'fore we get his brain put back in."

2005-08-20, 07:13 AM
Chainclaw grinned.

"let me slip into something more comfortable , i dont think even you have instruments that can be claw operated."

He looked around for possilble dangers and having seen that the medbay was pretty quiet hesitantly slipped out of his shell.

"better make it quick the longer i'm out of it the more likely i am to catch something nasty."

He transformed to robot mode.

2005-08-20, 07:39 AM
Sky Lynx Crash Site
Beachcomber took his soil samples and began labeling them. He looked up to see the others leaving.

-I suppose I should get them their maps before that Jetwave guy starts freaking out- sigh-All work and no work....-

Above him he noticed a pair of exhaust trails.

-Man, I hope whoever that is doesn't crash

Outside Fort Max
Seaspray walked with Jetwave and Cosmos to meet with Prowl.

"I sure hope he isn't busy," Seaspray said to break the silence, "I'd hate to make him angry. Then again he's always busy. And it's nearly impossible to tell when he's angry. Have you ever met Prowl, Jetwave?"

The Skies Above Autobase
The Aerialbots closed in on the shuttle which was now near enough for them to somewhat identify.

"Is that..." Fireflight began to ask.

"An Autobot shuttle," Slingshot interrupted, "yes, it is."

"Any idea whose?" asked Skydive.

"Let's find out," Siverbolt affirmed, "Alright then, Air Raid fall back and prepare to form up on that shuttle."

"Whatever you say, boss," Air Raid conceded, obviously disappointed as he slowed down for his brethren to catch up.

The five sky warriors then began manuevers to take up position around the shuttle.

2005-08-20, 11:45 AM
The door slammed shut.

"Buckle U... Oh. I see you've done that already. Lets go then"

Skids started off slowly but with every few seconds passing his speed increased. Skids sensors locked in the coordinates of the Rainbow Garden Centre and they set off

"Soon we'll be back at Fort Max with your supplies Ricochet. "

2005-08-20, 11:48 AM
Ricochet replied

"This is all for the good oui , the sooner we start work on the pauvre plants the better the area it is a ruined now. I can not seem to get your radio to work?"

2005-08-20, 01:05 PM
Jetwave walked together with Seaspray and Cosmos towards Fortress Maximus where - he believed - they would have a meeting with Prowl. He was overcame with a sence of urgency which sometimes happened to him... In such times he knew somehow what to do and where to be to fulfill the purpose. That purpose - he believed - was not his personal but coming from a greater source.

"Prowl?" - he answered. "Not in my memory. But I heard about him and I believe he will help us. I can't explain why - I just feel that talk to him would be the right thing to do. I felt it when you mentioned him first, but then we've had to help Beachcomber."

He paused.

"Or, perhaps, I've met him in the old days on Cybertron and now just can't remember. It's possible, after all - back then I was very young and my data banks weren't too stable."

The green glow in his faceplate slit collapsed again in two pinpoints of light: he was looking inside, reliving the past.

"It's funny and sad at the same time..." - he slowly began. - "When I was created I was just a tool to even the stakes at the war of Autobots and Decepticons... I was constructed to serve as a counterpart of Jetfire. Well, he calls himself Skyfire now and he's an Autobot... But then he was a Decepticon seeker - a new, improved model. And I was built based on his blueprints - don't ask me how my creator has obtained them, I've got no idea. I've been training long to be equal to him, to learn everything he could... So when he'll attack us I could step in and take him on.

And just when I've finished my training... Jetfire disappeared. Entirely. Later we've got the information he was lost on some recon mission... And in a nano-breem I became a being with no purpose, with no objective... My creator wasn't interested in me anymore. He kept me in big secret, away from other Autobots - so when he told me to get lost I've known nobody and had nowhere to go. And he's eraced my memory circuits so I don't even remember his name... That's when my databanks became glitchy.

Only when I've found my faith for myself I've got back some of the things I forgot. And the main thing I've got vas a purpose. I learned that we're all are parts of Creator's self serving Him with our existences, to be gathered again in His spirit after we finish our way. That's how I've become content with who and what I am. That's how I live..."

He shrugged.

"I'm starting to sound phylosofical. Well, I'm not; it just happens sometime that I come back in my memory to times long past..."

The glow returned to his eyes and he strolled forward more energeticaly.

2005-08-20, 01:48 PM

"Very good, thank you" the bulky orange architect nodded, following the minibot slowly and adding support beams, so the tunnel wouldn't collapse if used.

* * * * * *

OOC: Thanks, BM

Fort Max - Medbay

"All burned out, eh" Wheeljack muttered as he finished checking the thrusters out, then laid the tools he needed out and started the necessary repairs, finding himself starting to hum Flashdance to himself, his 'ears' glowing as he worked.

2005-08-20, 02:18 PM
----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
"Got it!"Hoist replied Starlight.Then he turned to Greatshot "If there some thing call me." He said.And he took some metal plate then walked to the Omega Shuttle.

----------Omega Shuttle----------
He look at the rear thruster"Every time the shuttle clash the thruster look like been bashed."Then he replacing the new thruster.

2005-08-20, 08:02 PM
Scoop having watched the Technobots go on there way wandered over to the Com bay to say hello to Blaster

He was suprised to see Hubcap there .

"Any Idea where Blasters got to Hubcap ?" he queried

2005-08-20, 08:10 PM
Skids laughed.

"I don't think you would be able to get that radio system to work. It's only a sticker!"

Skids made a hard turn to the right but his breaks accomodated. He then continued the journey.

"Sorry about that." A panel lowered and inside it was an Earth radio. "That one should work Ricochet, although I wouldn't exactly call what the humans listen to music."

2005-08-20, 09:51 PM

Override and Dogfight encountered Jetwave, Cosmos and Seaspray heading to Fortress Maximus.

" Hello guys", welcomed Override and changed to robot form.

Near him Dogfight make a wicked, wild an espectacular landing and changed to robot form too.

" Hello there", he smiled.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-08-20, 11:33 PM
OOC- And I missed it, I seem to be missing a lot of my characters names as of late.

IC- Windcharger shrugged his shoulders following behind the larger black autobot.

"Beats watching humans make box pyramids with missiles." he said to Trailbreaker. "Besides I can use a bit of an energy boost."

2005-08-21, 05:56 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

"Blaster got sent on some sort of mission," he told the Targetmaster. "Not clear on the details, but I can look it up if you want."

Hubcap tapped a few controls on his console in an attempt to look busy, then spun and faced Scoop.

"Anything I can help you with?"

Conference Room, Fort Max

Prime nodded to Ironhide.

"Get on that. The last thing we need is another defeat at Autobase."

2005-08-21, 08:03 AM
Scoop looked puzzled

"you were going to find out where Blaster had got to surely."

2005-08-21, 03:54 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -nods- "Ah'd also suggest that we get some guys over ta Metroplex an' bring him onlahne. It'll take a whahle ta get his brain put back in prop'rly, more'n lahkely, but we c'n prob'ly run his base mode's weapons systems on manual."

Fortress: -activates commlink- Silverbolt , this is Fortress. Status report."

2005-08-21, 04:02 PM
Outside Fort Max
-Show off- Seaspray thought as he watched Dogfight's landing. -Why do flyers always have to try to impress everyone else all of the time?-

"Hi guys," Seaspray said addressing Override and Dogfight, "haven't seen you in while. What's new?"

Immediately realizing that he made a mistake and was now delaying Jetwave's mission even more, Seaspray suddenly wished he could take back that last question, for fear that the tall autobot's impatience may become a problem.

-Why can't I be more like Cosmos and just stay quiet?-

Sky Lynx Crash Site
Beachcomber continued to analyze the soil samples he had collected.

The Skies Over Autobase
Silverbolt heard Fortress' request for an update and opened his comm, "The shuttle appears to be one of ours. We are taking up position around it now. I will be attempting to make contact momentarily. Once we have an ID, I will let you know. Silverbolt out."

"Alright Aerialbots, let's see who's in there," Silverbolt said leading his team to into wingman formations around the shuttle. Silverbolt then opened his comm to hail the shuttle, "Autobot shuttle this is Silverbolt, please Identify yourselves."

Now all he could do was wait for a response. And hope it wasn't a shuttle full of Decepticons.

2005-08-21, 04:27 PM
Fort Max: Security Conference Room
Prowl gave an assenting nod to Optimus. The revisions were acceptable to the strategist, and the talents and skills of the individuals would be acceptable matches for what was expected in their opposition. There was an objection that raised itself in his mind as Optimus spoke. He had to think about it for a moment, so he addressed something else while he did. He needed to add emphasis to the faction situation - the Autobots were not currently in a position to start troubles with the Decepticons..

Turning his attention toward the others and more directly to Ultra Magnus, he added a measure of briefing on the arms supply.

"The humans have completed Smokescreen's order of the delivery of ammunition Crosshairs requested, and we now have a fair supply of standard range and a small supply of extended range missiles and projectiles, as well as enough core material to replace 65% of our lazer weaponry. Additionally, Metal Hawk is looking into gathering more supplies to give us a leeway of a 34.97% loss of incorrect discharge.

At the current time, we have enough rounds and classes of supplies to keep us defensible by all on active roster for the next 123 Earth days, allowing for practice and the standard 31.421% of incorrect discharges. We must take care to conserve as much as possible without risking safety at hand. Another assault on our bases along the lines of the last would take out half to two-thirds of those supplies."

Fort Max: Security Conference Room
Reaching the discussion room, Hound caught the last of what Prowl was saying as he slipped in quietly and took a seat next to Red Alert without interrupting.
Halls of Fort Max
Trailbreaker grinned at Windcharger as they walked to get drinks. "I dunno Windy. They're fun to watch, but they sure do leak a lot when they're moving stuff. Too bad they don't have wipers over their eyes huh?"

Reaching the energy supply cabinets, Trailbreaker yanked a couple drinks and tossed one to the minibot before popping the top from his and chugging it.


Fort Max: Medbay

First Aid began to show Chainclaw various instruments and techniques for basic repairs, and to assess his knowledge of them. Many basic repair functions could be directed using the medbay computers, and so he also introduced Chainclaw to the program operations which could advise him in emergencies.

"I wish more Autobots would take an interest in medical repairs. In an emergency, you can never have too many hands."

Forest 14 miles outside Fort Max

Having sized his opponent and locked in his dimensions, Blitzwing stepped forward and took a fluid swing at Metal Hawk which would bring the sword down from the left shoulder to the right hip.

2005-08-21, 04:32 PM
Override shocked hands with Seaspray.

" Well, Dogfight and I were on mission in planet Cheyne, and had some trouble to return when finished there."

" But now we're here, and ready for action!" added Dogfight widly moving his arms and with a smile on his red face.

Overrdide laughed at his friend's bravado.

" Hey Seaspray, do you know to whom we must to report? Before we tried to comm with this base, but we haven't had any response yet",- asked Override.

Dogfight looked to Jetwave.

" Maybe, by any chance, you've seen a triggerbot called Backstreet? We lost him on Cheyne and we think that he may be on Earth."

2005-08-21, 04:39 PM
Fort Max Medbay

Chainclaw watched eyes burning bright , taking in all the information .

He pointed to a diagram

"This fractured chassis member , wouldnt it be more efficent to do it like this ."

He scribbled on a data pad and showed it to First Aid .

" fascinating stuff medicine , what about Pretender shells , they must have opened up a whole range of new problems."


In transit over the Ark

Overdrive flew through the skies . His route took him over the Ark

He made sure to keep clear of the weapons fire zone

He commed the base

"This is Overdrive flying over on the courier run , hows things down there guys , everything ok. Am flying over on the way to Autobase. Any messages you need passing on over."

2005-08-21, 06:24 PM
Ultra Magnus nodded slowly to Prowl's analysis and recommendations. As always, he trusted the strategist fully to have pored thoroughly over the numbers and figures. He looked around the table slowly and considered before speaking.

"Agreed, Ironhide. Dispatch a small technical crew to fetch Metroplex' laser core from Ratchet's lab, then reintegrate it with his frame."

Magnus turned his head to Prime slowly with a respectful nod.

"If there's nothing else pressing, sir, I'll assemble my team. Scorponok must be stopped immediately."

(OOC: I'm back! Kinda! Er, yeah. Hi.)

2005-08-21, 06:30 PM
Ricochet nodded

"we too have different tastes on Nebulos."

2005-08-21, 06:54 PM
Exterior Fort Max:

Jetwave eyed Dogfight and Override with mixed feelings. He saw immediately that hey were new here and as lost as he was just a short time ago. A lack of responce or, even worse, cold responce from him would offend the newcomers just as he was offended by the reaction on his own arrival...

So, he stopped and turned to the pair.

"Greetings, guys, I'm Jetwave. You say Fortress don't answer you? that's ridiculous. Well, I reported to Blaster by the Fortress comm frequency; try it" - and he transfered a sample signal.

"If they still wouldn't respond why don't you enter the Fortress Maximus and look for yourself? I'm sure on or other commander would certainly apear... Worked for me, at last" - he added quietly.

"About your friend - I'm new here, just came from Aqua a while ago. So I couldn't possibly met everybody. Besides, I hadn't heard his name before anyway so I wouldn't know him even if we met"

His faceplate shifted indicating a smile.

* * *
Over and around Autobase:
The Technobots were still patrolling the area.

Nosecone got the Fortress's message and translated it to the others. While nobody answered except Scattershot with "roger" he shrugged his shoulders.

That's ridiculous. Standing here pretending of doing serious work... No, something's not right with what we're doing now. I remember the times when we were so busy with battles that had no time for the repairs! And what now? No, this is wrong!..

2005-08-21, 07:56 PM
Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -calls up a list of who's available, ponders for a moment, activates commlink- "Minerva, get Metroplex's laser core outta Ratchet's lab, 'n take whoever ya think ya'd need ta get it installed an' functionin' again."

Store Room off of Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -about to have a bite of pizza, sighs, puts it back in the box- "Becoming a Headmaster must be the world's greatest diet plan...... Hate to have to take the armor in, though......" activates commlink- "I read you, Ironhide. I'll get right on it."

Conference Room, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -deactivates commlink, looks over at Red Alert- "Red, pick yer crew, get over there an' keep a eye on things. If th' Con's show up again b'fore Metroplex gets back onlahne, he's a sittin' duck." -optics lose focus for a moment as he links back into the Skyspy and sentry nets around the base perimeter, shakes head as optics refocus- "Gonna have ta fix some a them sentry units. Some of 'em are outta whack." -stands, starts out of the conference room- "Hey, Hound."

2005-08-22, 12:21 AM
Dogfight and Override smiled to Jetwave.

" Thanks pal, you're so kind"- said Dogfight-," and if it you boys haven't any objection, Override and me will be happy to come with you inside Fortress Maximus."

" Yeah, sure"- added Override-, " and perhaps we'll find any commander or even any information about Backstreet."

" Mmmph, and I'll visit the medbay. I've found a scratch on my groin paintjob .I need repairs ", thought sadly Override.

God Jinrai
2005-08-22, 12:23 AM
Hawk brought the Titaium saber up in a lightning quick block, holding the sword in reverse grip. He quickly stepped to his left, letting the blade free to swing on its course, spinning his own back into standard grip, and depending on whether blitzwing had truly comitted to that attack or not.. would have a clean swipe at blitzwing's right flank

2005-08-22, 06:03 PM
"Why not?" Jetfire replied when Dogfight and Override asked to accompany them to Fortress Maximus.

It coudn't be so bad anyway... I don't nesessarily have to discuss my plan with them; we'll just find whoever we're looking for and split our ways

He waved his big arm in the air.

"Come on, Cosmos, Seaspray! Let's get those bosses!"

In truth he didn't felt any of the excitement he tried to show. But there was nothing he could do; as it happened sometimes, his actions were completely defined by the situation in which he was... Or so he honestly believed.

2005-08-22, 07:13 PM
Cosmos transformed into his vehicle form and dreamed of the mission ahead.

(OOC thanks for moving the green fatty Elcor :) )

Brave Maximus
2005-08-22, 07:31 PM
Starlight dropped out of the hole in the Omega's hull. She closed her optics for a second.

Ark looked at the systems diagnostics - 98% opperational. All that was missing were the front thrusters and the current repairs to the main engines.

Starlight smiled with her minicon face - that just left the hole in the armour.

Ark went to the hold and pulled some armour plating out of the sub-space pocket as Starlight began to remove the damaged sections.

Skyfall watched the meeting go by. There were things he really didn't understand. Prime had all these troops - yet most of them would be sitting at Autobase. While it needed to be defended, with Scorponok in San Fran and Trypticon in Quebec - Fort Max would be more than a match for Metrotitan. If things got bad, they still had Omega Supreme as well, not to mention the engineers at the base. There were ways to strike at the Decepticons - and the Autobots needed to go on the offensive.

He spotted Hound walk in and sit down. The Neo Commander raised his arm to wave and smile, while attempting to look professional - the attempted didn't work too well.....

2005-08-22, 10:10 PM
Outside Autobase

Powerglide, finished with the cleanup operation, leapt into the air and transformed, blasting up into the sky. We should be done with shuttles crashing for at least a week now. Finally! The free air! He did an intricate series of barrel rolls, split-S's, and loops, then accelerated to partrol the air above Autobase.


Deep in a Cave

The forgotten form of Outback lay motionless in the dark cave, deactivated, drained of all energy, comatose. Like the boy who cries wolf, the loner who is always off by himself is not soon missed when something happens that threatens his very existence.

Beneath him, beneath the gravel and sand, on the shore of the underground river, a blue light began to pulse faintly.

2005-08-23, 02:34 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -enters from the conference room, heads for a small storage locker at the back of the bridge, removes some sentry discs, stores them in subspace, heads off the bridge-

Ratchet's Lab:

Minerva: -staring at Metroplex's laser core, jaw dropped- "How..... How in...... That's thing's almost as big as I am!"

Chromedome and Hardhead: -walking by-

Minerva: "Good! You two aren't doing anything, right?"

Chromedome: "Not that we know of. Why?"

Minerva: -points at Metroplex's laser core- "I need that carried over to Metroplex."

Chromedome: -staring at the laser core- "Holy....... Buckets......"

2005-08-23, 04:56 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max

"He's been sent on a mission. If no one's told me where, it probably means they don't want word of it to get out." Hubcap cast a conspiratorial glance around the room, checking to see if anyone else was in earshot. Seeing that he and Scoop were alone in the comm alcove, he grinned. "Of course, that doesn't mean I can't find out if I set my mind to it. Want me to look it up?"

Wrecker Shuttle

Whirl activated the ship's comm unit.

"This is Autobot Whirl to Aerialbots. Sorry 'bout not calling ahead, but our ship's having a few problems. Looks like she won't make it to base. We'll try and steer her towards the lake," he added with a joking tone.

Conference Room, Fort Max

Red Alert nodded to Hound, although the recently-treasonous scout's appearance in the middle of a command meeting roused his suspicion.

Instead, he called up the current duty roster and looked for possible Metroplex crew members.

Prime nodded, but held up a hand to call for silence.

"As interesting as this is, those of us who are leaving have to do so right away if we want to be able to stop the Decepticons."

He glanced at Magnus. "Assemble your team, then rendezvous at Omega Supreme. His rocket mode can carry both of our teams to our target areas faster than driving, and he can stand by as backup in case the 'Cons spring a trap."

The leader rose from the table and headed for the door.

"The rest of you, feel free to continue discussion in our absence."

Brave Maximus
2005-08-23, 05:27 AM
Skyfall nodded to Prime and activated his comm:

"Artfire, Stepper Report to the conference room in Fort Max - I've got a mission for you."

2005-08-23, 06:24 AM
Scoop looked at Hubcap

"operational security is there for a reason Solidier. !

2005-08-23, 06:44 AM
The Skies Over Autobse
"Acknowledged," Silverbolt replied to Whirl, "We'll stay on your wing and escort you in. Let me know if you end up needing any assistance......oh, and have a nice swim guys."

Silverbolt was relieved to hear the that even though the situation on the shuttle wasn't ideal, the crew at least still had a sense of humor. Of course, another shuttle going down early wasn't exactly the best scenario. At least this time he and the other Aerialbots were there to help minimize any damage if things were to go poorly.

"Skydive start working out possible response tactics if this shuttle starts to get out of control," he commanded.

"Well, the obvious response would be to form Superion," Skydive responded, "but give me an astrosecond or two to figure out some other options."

Silverbolt opened his comm to Fortress, "Fortress, this is Silverbolt. Contact with unidentified shuttle has been established. It's Whirl and the others. Sounds like they may be having some mechanical issues and may not make it to base, we'll escort them in, to help minimize the damage should an emergency occur. Silverbolt out."

The Aerialbots remained in formation around the descending shuttle matching it's course and speed so that they were close enough to each other and the shuttle to merge into Superion quickly should the situation arise.

"Hey guys," Fireflight said, "You don't think that they were serious about the lake..... do you?" The uncertainty and reluctantness in his voice unmistakeable, he was not comfortable with this choice.

"What did you expect, Fireflight?" Slingshot asked, "Shuttles don't land in the hangers around here. They just crash close to them."

"Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle... stateside," Air Raid muttered to no one in particular.

Outside Fort Max
Seaspray watched as Cosmos transformed and floated above himself, Jetwave, Override, and Dogfight. -Must be nice to just hover about- he thought, his faceplate shifting into the closest thing he had to a smile. For some reason he was feeling a lot better than he had earlier in the day. The interaction with other Autobots had caused him to forget about his own deficiencies and concentrate on making himself useful.

"You guys know the way to the command deck, don't you?" he asked the other Autobots.

Sky Lynx Crash Site
Beachcomber placed a tall range pole in the ground at the far side of the furrow caused from the landing. He then transformed into his dune buggy mode and headed back to other end where he had set up a level. Transforming back to robot mode, he looked through the lense of the level to gauge the amount of earth that had been moved and what it would take to get the area back somewhat to where it was before the crash.

-Amazing. The amount of damage we can cause in an instant. It'll take years for the planet to recover from what took astroseconds for an accident to destroy.- Beachcomber placed his arm on top of the level and just stared at the crash site for a while.

2005-08-23, 11:37 AM
Fort Max - Medbay

After a few moments of fixing the front thrusters, Wheeljack stepped back, then looked for the smaller femme who had requested what repair job he should do, wanting her opinion on his handiwork.

"Hey" he called in a friendly manner, waving to get Starlight's attention "Whatcha think of the thrusters so far?"

* * * * * *

OOC: I'm dropping Grapple having lost interest in playing him so am tucking him away

Air-field to Fort Max

"Thank you, Brawn" Grapple nodded as he emerged from the completed tunnel, having finished placing the support beams "That will be all"

At the back of his mind, he had wondered why Landfill had asked him to do this, but it was done, and he hoped the other Autobot would be pleased.

With a grateful nod at the minibot, the architect checked his systems, he needed some time to rest and recharge.
Transforming to his alternate mode, he sped off to the base, entering the moment he arrived and going straight to his quarters.