View Full Version : [Original RPG] Behind Enemy Lines: What lies ahead...

2005-08-16, 05:31 AM
Graxus had never known fear. As a Quinteson magistrate he had never had a cause to know fear. Now, surrounded by his elite Alligatorcon guards, in his homebase, deep in the most heavily secured outpost on Cybertron, he knew for the first time in his long existence what fear was. To make matters worse, he knew full well that his stalkers could sense that fear...and that fear only made their chase more focused.

His energy beam could not transport him with the needed speed, so his two most trusted guards had taken to carrying him. He watched in terror as sniper fire downed guard after guard. This group that stalked him had grown more and more deadly with each raid. Once, they were just a mosquito...nipping away at the empire. Now...they were much more. They had raided the scrap heaps, the personality detention centers, the armories, the energon storage facilities...almost at will. Now, they attacked this magistrate...a Quint who had controlled this city since Cybertron fell.

Graxus: Who would dare to attack me in my home.

"I would..."

Graxus: No...it can't be you...

In an instant, the fire intensified and the Alligatorcon guards dropped one by one. A blast decapitated one of the guards holding Graxus, sending him crashing to the ground. Two guards remained, standing before their master...the fear was evident in all parties involved as ten figures remained in the shadows.


With that one command, five of them became one...

Graxus: "No...you were destroyed...HOW?!?"

A nanosecond later, a fist completely obliterated the chest of one of the guards, leaving nothing left.

Bruticus: "Bruticus is not so easily defeated..."

The second guard moved into attack position, only to have a single shot, right between his optics drop him to the ground. From the shadows emerged the gunbot...

"Excellent shot Pointblank!"

Pointblank: "Thanks..."

From the shadows then emerged Highbrow and Sandstorm, both heavily armed, weapons still smoking. The Combaticons broke back down into their five parts, taking up their arms. Suddenly, an order was given.

"Stand down..."

Graxus: "At last...reason takes over"

Graxus flipped to his "death face"

Graxus: "It would be most unwise to harm someone of my power..."

With that Jhiaxus revealed himself.

Jhiaxus: "Oh...there's harm to come...it's simply that someone else wishes to inflict this harm."

Graxus: "Wha..."

The words could not even be finished as a blast was heard...the Quint body sparked for a few seconds and crumbled to ash. The resistance warriors all stepped aside, to allow the assassin to examine his work.

Jhiaxus: "An excellent shot, Lord Galvatron!"

From the shadows, the cannon transformed back into robot mode and the one time Decepticon leader took hold of the smoldering face of death.

Galvatron: "Unwise indeed...the Quint reign of Cybertron ends...SO SWEARS GALVATRON!"

With those words, Galvatron hoisted the faceplate of the fallen quint to the wall and drove a spike through the forehead, planting it to the wall as a message to all other Quint forces...the battle for Cybertron had begun.