View Full Version : The CloudStrifer is Back with a Vengence!

2005-08-22, 12:15 PM
*A lodge is seen, with men, women and alot of shouts and people getting drunk*

CS: Welcome to Cloudstrifers domain! I am here in Norway, home of the True vikings!

* A Shout of "Yeah" Is heard throughout the lodge*

CS: Unlike the Swedes and the evil danish!

* A Shout of "Boo!" and "Death to the Fake Vikings!" are heard *

CS: Calm down, Clam Down! Odin, blessed be his glory, has chosen to show me the future and the future is CloudStrifer!

*A large banging of shields and tables commence. *

CS: I have been away for far to long from my rightful items. Yes I tried to get my belt back, but it failed. No problem! I will now go after everyone and get my IC Belt that is rightfully mine! So listen up you want-to-be's and has-beens and never-beens and you listen good. CloudStrifer is the Chosen on, the Norse Legend, The True Norse Power! And like the English and Danish you will fall to the might of the Vikings! So gather what little manhood you retain and await the comming horde of CloudStrifer! Once it hits you will never ever be safe!

*A Large roar is heard filled with women squealing and men laughing*

CS: I will retain my belt, get the rest of the belts from you and end this once and for all. Like OP, Like Odinson and like the rest of the losers who fell to me, you will be worthless and remain worthless! For I am The Chosen of the Norse Gods, The Norse Legend! Pray for Mercy to you God, For I have none!

*The Screen blacks with CloudStrifer laughing has he grabs a barmaid and sets her on his lap.*

2005-08-22, 12:24 PM
Is a "vengence" anything like a "vengeance"?

Because even if it is, I think being back with some talent would serve you better in the long run. The long run, I say. THE. LONG. RUN!

Lord Zarak
2005-08-22, 12:32 PM
I don't think either of you numpty's understant that, now I am back, I am the rightful heir of respect around here.

So, if you respect me, I'll respect you and I wont make an appointment for you with the eminent plastic surgeon Dr. Steelchair. He just loves un-announced and suprise appointments, and I'd be happy to oblige if anyone gets in my way.

Random Sweep
2005-08-22, 09:38 PM
Does anyone actually care that 'Strifer is back.... umm no.


Amarant Odinson
2005-08-23, 03:29 AM
Like Odinson?? Boy, which one of the voices in your head lied to you and told you that you beat me? If I recall correctly. it was I who beat the ever living hell out of you and that Pope of the Peons known as Tapedeck. It was I who beat both of you within an inch of your pathetic lives.

I showed you why I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in this business and why neither one of you could never Prove Me Wrong. Cloudy The Viking is back? Is that supposed to be a threat? Are we supposed to be scared because Reilly decided to let the AWF's favourite nutjob back in the ring?

Well, I'll let you in on high secret. You don't frighten me. No one here is scared of a mental paitent who couldn't beat any of the voices in his head let alone anybody else in the AWF. When you finally figure out which one of you is actually "running the show" then let us know. Until then, go back to whatever frost giant's ass you crawled out of.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-08-25, 07:14 PM
IC: yawn

2005-09-21, 03:39 AM
I believe I fought you once back in the day

Auntie Slag
2005-09-21, 09:15 PM
Originally posted by Starscreamer
I believe I fought you once back in the day

In lame spandex if I remember correctly. You were a flowing beast of disco magic, what a match.

"Memmmmmories of 2002,
misty water coloured meeemmmmoriesss,
of the way we werrrre..."

Hey Cloud, what happened to all your tatoos?

2006-01-21, 07:06 PM
Cloud man, Kick some of there asses right where it winks, not right where it stinks!