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2005-09-03, 08:50 PM
Unknown to the Transformers continuing their war on Earth and across the galaxy, ragtag groups of heroic rebel Transformers have dared to stay and oppose the Quintesson occupation of their home planet, Cybertron. The Quintesson tyrants, though still firmly in control of the planet, have grown tired of the Transformers' insurgency and have put bounties on the rebels' heads. Their military branch also churns, preparing to stomp out the resistance. From strategic locations around the planet, the Transformers continue their desperate struggle...


Emirate Xaaron commands the resistance from a secret location in Cybertron's capital city, surrounded by a cell of his most loyal and skilled soldiers. However, Azure Diadem's intelligence network has caught wind of his headquarters' location, and General Ghyrik's forces are martialling for an all-out attack. The Autobots hope to hold out, but are prepared to fall back into the city's sewer system if all else fails.

Iacon Cell: Xaaron, Topspin, Twin Twist, Roadburner, Wheelblaze, Power Run, Strikedown

Quints: Ghyrik, Azure Diadem and her Sentries, Death's Head, Overcharge, Warcry


The Quintesson governor who has siezed this once-proud Decepticon city has begun executing unwanted Transformers in the Smelting Pools. The Imperial Magestrate is coming all the way from Iacon to witness this new form of execution first-hand, so the city's security staff (commanded by Lockdown) has brought in several mercenaries to help them hunt down the Rebels who would try to disrupt the show. The Rebels, meanwhile, are planning to rescue the prisoners who are being held by the Quints, to embarrass the governor and strengthen themselves.

Polyhex Cell: Roadblock, Bomb-Burst, Breaker, Misfire, Needlenose, Squawkbox

Quints: Lockdown, Apeface, Detritus, Doubledealer, Snapdragon, Tunnel Rat


In a city that once served as a stronghold for the Autobot resistance, the Transformer resistance is in danger of being snuffed out once and for all. Black Battle Convoy and the Combiner Elimination Squad tear through the city following a Galvatron sighting, stomping on the local Rebels as they search for clues to Galvatron's whereabouts.

Kalis Cell: Moonracer, Bumblebee, Cobalt, Kick Off, Thunderclash, Gunrunner, Windbreaker

Quints: Black Battle Convoy, Combiner Elimination Squad, Eiramnna, Haras

Vector Sigma

In one of the holiest places on Cybertron, Autobot and Decepticon alike fight to keep the enemy at bay. Rebel raiding parties ambush Quintesson patrols and burglarize their supply storage facilities, doing whatever they can to delay the enemy's advance into Cybertron's lower levels.

Vector Sigma Cell: God Jinrai, Axer, Blackstar, Decibel, Derby, Doublecross, Krok, Oiler and Slide

Quints: None...yet.

If you have a character who isn't listed on one of the above city rosters, please check back soon while the staff sorts through our long list of applications. If you'd like to sign up a character for the adventure, please click here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31778) and here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31811).

2005-09-03, 09:00 PM
Seated along the wall, Derby whistled softly as he shuffled through his toolbox, withdrawing his best scalpel to clean it. It had been quiet lately - the Quintessons hadn't bothered trying to come too deep for nearly an orn, and the rebels had largely kept to themselves. "Quiet", of course, means something much different in such a situation as theirs, and rarely is it a good thing, but Derby knew that he needed to keep up the others' morale. He continued whistling just loud enough that the others milling about could hear without being bothered as he went about his menial maintenance...

2005-09-04, 05:58 AM
Kalis was, at one time, considered to be the second-glorious city-state on Cybertron. Those days, however, were long-past. After falling victim to the depreditions of Flame and his zombie army, the city lay in ruins. Her remaining citizens toiled long and hard to restore some of the area's lost glory, but despite their best efforts Kalis had never become much more than a ghost town.

The Quintesson invasion changed that, although not in a way that the Transformer population would have appreciated. Since there was so little fighting in the city during the original takeover, Kalis was conquered virtually intact. It became a bustling metropolis once again, abeit with Quintessons and their minions in the place of the original Cybertronian citizens.

This had, of course, served to attract a great deal of disaffected Autobots and Decepticons, survivors of the initial onslaught who wanted to strike back at the invaders. For a while, it looked like they were doing some serious damage to the enemy, but then...then, the tide turned. Countless Sharkticons and Allicons poured into the city, produced in foundries across the planet. The rebels had fought well, but dozens of them fell in combat.

The Dark Guardians had been the last straw. With their arrival, only the bravest and most foolish rebels dared to show their faces above-ground. Most who went up never came back down.

Streets, Kalis

Cobalt clutched the Sharkticon's head firmly with one hand, ignoring the creature's grunt of surprise. He raised his energo-cutlass with his free arm, driving it into the Quint machine's neck. Dropping his foe, the Autobot covert ops specialist turned his attention to the door that it had been guarding.

Now we see if these codes are worth the price we paid...

Cobalt tapped a seven-digit number into the door's keypad, and it slid open noiselessly. Inside, he found exactly what he had been hoping.

Energon. And lots of it. Enough to keep the others going for a few weeks, at least.

Watching out of the corner of his optic for patrols, he dragged the deceased Sharkticon into the storage shed. Once that was done, he quickly started loading the stacks of energon cubes into his subspace pocket.

The Dead End, Polyhex

Allicon #236591-V never enjoyed these back-alley patrol routes. Too many of his comrades had disappeared here for him to be entirely comfortable, although he would never think to question his orders. Besides, those that had disappeared were sloppy. 91-V knew that he was far more vigilant than his peers.

"I'd like to see some that silly winged beast pick a fight with me," he said haughtily to himself.

"As you wish."

The voice from behind him had startled 91-V, and he tried to spin around. Before he could, though, he felt a leathery arm wrap around his neck.

"Too slow."

The Allicon tried to struggle, but the beast was simply too strong for him. He felt a set of fangs bite into his neck, and could no longer fight the rising tide of fear.

His own screams were the last sounds 91-V heard before he died.

Bomb-Burst stepped over the drained carcass of the Allicon, energon and oil dripping from his still-wet fangs. The Pretender instructed his shell to split, then sent the two halves of it into subspace to preserve the fuel he had just stolen.

With a look of sadistic satisfaction in his optics, the Decepticon turned and headed towards the nearest sewer grate.

Hopefully I can make it back to base without running into any more of those walking trash cans...

2005-09-04, 06:30 AM
Squawktalk's Quarters somewhere under Polyhex

Squawktalk flapped round his quarters finishing the last connection setting up the room.

On one side balanced on a table was a cobbled together device consisting of 2 yellow cylinders a power source and a recording matrix. The 2 cylinders looked a bit the worse for wear and were battered.

Now then what to call ourselves, freedom fighters , las guerrillas, partisans, patriots, la Resistance , that last one has a certain ring to it.”

Squawktalk flew across to a makeshift podium on the other side of the room perching on the top he jabbed a control and looked into his scrounged camera.

“ welcome gentlemechs if you are watching this it means one of two things total victory or total defeat. If the former, students of history look me up I’ll probably be teaching at one of the universities , unless changes in tech have rendered my position redundant . Most current models have the storage capacity to handle a few basic languages. Look how my comrades have picked up Nebulan and the dialects of earth. Still it takes a special mech to grasp the nuances of useage and slang but I digress. The most likely outcome will be defeat and hopefully any who come after can use this record to learn from our mistakes.

This is war the like we have never seen before , la guerre total , blitzkrieg. There forces outnumber us and not only do they employ basic Sharkticon drones which rely on numbers to overwhelm us but also renegades of our own species. Before we knew civil war and there were a few defections but things quickly settled into clear cut factions. Never before have we had to fight our own on such a scale . Mechs that we once called comrade with whom we shared a unit or 2 of energon , with whom we fought side by side now oppose us .

Our newest comrades do not face the problem on the same scale . But then they have always had codes , ethics, morals. Never has it been brought home so , that the Decepticons are and always have been a loose collection of individuals with their eye on the main chance loyal to whichever leader is most powerful or generous . Not that there is not honour and loyalty amongst our forces but it is a rare beast indeed. Compassion is seen as a weakness to be ruthlessly exploited or eliminated but I digress.
We are fighting side by side with the Autobots , in fact gentlemech you may be an Autobot yourself. The ones I have met so far , seem ok , they seem to have accepted me not that I was ever one of the extreme ‘Cons . In fact some of them have a nickname for me . They call me Turk , when I first heard this I was intrigued . Perusal of my databanks showed a language Turkish and a country on earth. I was still puzzled then I diccovered a earth bird called a Turkey , fat slow and kept in captivity and slain for human festivals. I was horrified , Altism in the extreme I thought I am a parrot slaggit but I confronted one of the Bots concerned and it proved to be a coincidence . Its actually a contraction of Turquoise Streak . I am still puzzled and will investigate further. The’Bot just laughed and refused to say anything more but I digress.

La Resiatance movement is a diverse bunch consisting of the old , the slow, the unlucky and the driven. Those who were too slow or in the wrong place at the wrong time . Ranging from the skilled to the crazy to the downright scary and a few that are more of a mystery.
Not that I mind too much being left behind , well I’d prefer not to be facing almost certain death at the hands of overwhelming enemy forces but on the bright side I’ve met some Autobots , which I get on ok with . Not many though security is fairly tight but cassettes make ideal liasions for those rare occasions.

Actually I could have been an Autobot you know . All I really want in life is to learn fascinating new languages and cultures.

The Problem with being a cassette is you lack choice . You are summoned and put back in subspace at someone else’s whim. So one day I was a neutral and the next Soundwave summoned me out of subspace and said you’re a Decepticon now.
One of the reasons I signed up for this combiner gig. A bit more freedom of movement .

Currently I would be quite happy if I never saw the inside of a communications mech again. Anyway duty calls till the next thrilling instalment gentlemechs.”

Squawktalk subspaced the camera. First having armed a security device.

If anyone ever managed to retrieve the unit from his own personal subspace pocket they were in for a nasty surprise. Now what was the code for the day. A good idea all in all once we discovered the Quints had there own cassettes. Without a code a cassette with a new paint job and some acting talent could do untold damage.”

2005-09-04, 10:25 AM
Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner, inside his vehicle shell, stopped and hid himself behind a ruined wall.

Mph, this sharkticon patrol is too close.

Near, a pair of bored Sharkticons were patrolling the area.

And I must return to base.

The two Sharks were talking about some rumours about Kalis, and aproached Gunrunner's hideout.

It's time to be proactive.

Gunrunner opened his shell, transfomred into robot form, picked a nearby rock and throwed it over the wall. The two Sharks listened the rock's landing and headed towards the direction of the noise. Opposite direction respect Gunrunner's provisional hideout.

Good. This gives me a nice chance.

And Gunrunner transformed back into his outer shell and stealthy headed towards the resistance base.

2005-09-04, 12:13 PM
Somewhere in Polyhex

Raodblock looked at the rest of the group assembled. He was currently in his humanoid pretender shell as his vechicle assualt shell followed his every command.

"So, I say we just in their, resuce our friends and send every Quint to the abyss and send a few of them to their newfound excaution method." The pretender roared ready to get some oil on his hands.

2005-09-04, 02:09 PM
A small transformer thumped the ground with his fore paw

"Beastbox say we need prisoner, prisoner to interrogate slowlyyyyyyyyyyyy, very slowlyyyyyy. Beastbox can make interrogation lastt daysssss. Or Beastbox can do it quick dip in Smelting pool while get answers . Beastbox can bring the "saw" or "pliers" or even the "black box" Beastbox is very reso.. resour umm versat umm versato.. no. Beastbox is good at many things."

2005-09-04, 07:42 PM
Streets, Kalis
Bumblebee stared up into the clear Cybertron skies at the myriad of stars beyond.

-I wonder which one is earth?- he thought, finding it strange to be thinking of his adopted homeworld as more of a home than where he was. Had he not missed the Exodus he could be there now, going to drive in movies with Spike, driving the open roads under the warm earthen sun, hanging out with his friends over a little energon.

Instead he was stuck here. On his real homeworld, facing a seemingly limitless number of beings out to destroy his very existance, and that of his entire race. Yeah he missed Earth alright, but someone had to continue the good fight here. Someone had to stand up to the monsters that had so ruthlessly murdered so many innocents. Someone had to make them regret ever thinking they could come here and unleash the horrors they had.

Taking a last look up at the stars, he felt a feeling of hope that there was something more out there for him. Something better.

Checking his chronometer, he realized that he had been above ground long enough. It wasn't safe to stay here any longer. Transforming into a small earth inspired volkswagon bug he headed back to the entrance to the resistance base.

Yeah, he missed Earth, alright.

2005-09-04, 07:55 PM
Quint Field HQ, Kalis:

He stood in the shadows, thinking, optics closed. He had to admit, he liked the dark. He enjoyed it.

He opened his optics, staring at the map of the city.

Black Battle Convoy: "Galvatron is the Decepticon leader. He has under his command a gestalt team believed to have been neutralized." -narrows optics, then draws a circle around a small section of the city- "We shall start here."

Alligatorcon #356487954-M: "Searching?"

Black Battle Convoy: "Leveling. As much as I might enjoy the better way to draw him out, sacrificing out masters is not a viable option."

2005-09-04, 10:41 PM
Near Vector Sigma

2 voices echoed along the corridor to the Buffer Chamber.

Double : I suggest we take back up for the supply raid its logical

Cross: No the precious supplies , they will all be ours . We will take them away from the nasty Quints oh yes we will.

Double : I agree on that point , but I still think we need some help.

Cross : "Who you going to asssk one of those nassty Decpticonss. Oh no you can't trust them. We knows that. Nasty little evil creatures slithering around scheming ."

They turn the corner into the buffer chamber

Double: " What about him ."

pointing at Derby

Cross licked his lips a tongue of flame caressing his fangs.

"yesss that one might be acceptable , he has load carrying capabilities yesss. Though it is making a strange noise is it in pain."

Double : " I think He's just whistling"

Cross glares at Derby

"What a strange thing to do shall we ask it then see if it wants to join usss

Double : " We were wondering

Cross: "if the washed up coms mech would

Double ; "if you would

Cross" help us with the grunt work carrying all our preciious partsss back from our next raid."

Double: "mind assisting us with our next excursion into Quintesson territory to gather supplies."

Double glared at Cross

"you'll scare him off."

Cross : " if we scare him then the little morsel will be Sharkticon bait before we have gone a hundred yards."

Double : "Behave for a change."

2005-09-04, 11:57 PM
Vector Sigma

"Looks like their is the target." Shatterstar quickly yelled to Blackstar as the Decepticon starfighter flew over head.

"Yes thats the target. Target sighted and will be destroyed." He said as the Quint supply convoy looked up to see the black starfighter coming down from the heavens.

"Let's slag them before they can try to fire back." He growled as his radar quickly beeped as this targeting recticle filled with targets. He opened fire using Shatterstar to slag several Quints then fired a group of two homing missiles into the convoy. The explosions ripped the convoy to pieces as he quickly pulled up to get a visual on the target.

"Target destroyed Blackstar. Good work." Scattersaid said to his companion robot.

"Excellent. God Jinrai Quint supply convoy in block 8I of Vector Sigma has been eliminated. Returning to allied base." He said in a coded frequency to the former Autobot commander as he quickly pulled up and punched his afterburners to return to base to avoid a Quint counterattack.

2005-09-05, 12:14 AM
Polyhex Smelting Pools

Apeface and Snapdragon strode into the execution area, Apeface arrogantly knocking down a nameless Quintesson guard who was in his way. Snapdragon strode behind him, pulling an average sized transformer by a energo-chain connected to the poor bot's neck. Snapdragon grinned maliciously at what was to come.

Apeface walked up to the Executioner and gestured abruptly at their prisoner. "Here is the test subject the five-faces wanted. They want the smelting pools working flawlessy when the Imperial Magistrate gets here."

The frightened transformer whimpered in fear when he saw the vat of molten metal, and tried to break free. Snapdragon nonchalantly jerked on the cord, sending the transformer sprawling at his feet. He kicked the transformer in the ribs, crushing the prisoner's side. Snapdragon leaned down and said "Quiet. Or I'll bite your hands and feet off." The transformer whimpered again but remained docile.

Apeface continued talking to the Executioner. "Its a waste of our talents sending us after mindless errands like this. If we don't get a real commission soon, we may just seek work elsewhere."

(OOC: I'm not sure if a mod wants to npc the Executioner or what.)

2005-09-05, 01:39 AM


Strikedown threw the tool down in disgust and turned to look at Powerrun.

"That's it," he growled. "I've had enough of this slag! Get someone else to do this."

Power Run sighed. "You know that none of the other Guzzlers can do this. They're too big. That's why Xaaron told us to do it."

"And we can't let Wheelblaze get his paws on this," Strikedown groaned, moving to grab the tool once again. "Fine. I'll try again. But I can't get this working, I'm going to go to Xaaron and tell him to take this tool and shove it straight up his...

Doubledealer, in his Decepticon falcon form, walked through Polyhex, not particularly caring what crossed his path. There was only two kinds of people who would do that, at any rate. Those who were his allies...

Or those who had a death wish.

God Jinrai
2005-09-05, 02:20 AM
"Understood, Shatterstar... return to base as soon as you've lost any potential pursuer. For the time being, we can survive with what we have..."

Ginrai clicked off his headset comm. he'd been in the chamber Vector Sigma inhabited for nearly a day now.. trying to open his mind and tap the super-computer's vast stores of knowledge... or even to simply awaken it... but it would do no good.

Rising to his feet, he let out a sigh of frustration, and started out of the chamber. In his mind, he could hear what he thought was a faint, yet familiar voice calling to him... Primus. but that was not possible... Primus had been sealed away in the chaos war... The twin blast doors slid shut behind him, and God Ginrai slowly stalked down the main corridor of Vector Sigma's labrynthe-like facility. He still was unsure of where several tunnels lead.. but that was immaterial.. for now. When the quints would strike... and they WOULD strike... he would need to know where those corridors lead... for the sake of Vector Sigma... and Cybertron itself...

2005-09-05, 02:51 AM
Derby was slow to look up at the sound of similar but distinct voices speaking over him. His nerves had calmed lately, and he welcomed it compared to his usually latent jittery nature. After listening to the request, he chuckled, glanced to Double, and nodded toward the other head.

"Hey, at least he's honest..."

Derby quickly filed away the scalpel, closed the toolbox, and pushed himself to his feet.

"Sounds like an adventure," he decided with faux machismo. "What's the target? When do we head out? Have you cleared it with the boss?"

Derby smirked confidently, performing an excellent job pretending he wasn't scared to death by the prospect. But he didn't want to let Doublecross or the others down, and as long as he didn't have to shoot anybody...

2005-09-05, 03:11 AM
Kalis, Resistance Headquarters
Windbreaker closed the book as he had done so many times before. Subspacing it he stood up and began pacing about the room.

-Why didn't I leave Earth with more books? I don't know how many more times I can read The Three Musketeers. Especially, since I had it memorized by the hundredth time I went through it. Note to self. When travelling to far away planets with no real literature of their own, always bring more than one book.-

He took a sigh of boredom, now beginning to pace even more rapidly.

-I am soooo bored. There's just nothing to do around here. Well that's not entirely true. There's supplies to secure. Sharkticons, Allicons, and Bounty Hunters, among others, to avoid. And Quintessons to boot off this rock. Then again it really isn't a rock, is it? More like a gigantic city floating through space.-

Windbreaker looked around for anyone else, and sighed again when he saw that he was alone.

-Where is everybody? Out on missions, I suppose. That's what I get for being so fast and finishing early. A whole lot of hurry up and wait.-

He stopped his pacing and stood still for half an astrosecond before his foot began tapping.

-I can't take much more of this. I've got to do something. Anything!-

Walking over to a table, he began staring at maps with recent enemy troop deployments marked out.

- Now if the Quiintessons are gathering forces here, then that must mean that they plan to.... -

Losing his focus and interest on the maps that he had seen a thousand times, he began pacing again, a single notion entering his mind.

-This Sucks!-

Aero Blade
2005-09-05, 05:29 AM
A stealthly form maneuvered its way through the maze-like tunnels of subterranean Cybertron. These catacombs had been its home for countless cycles, and it knew its way about despite the pitch darkness, moving slowly, patiently...

The form stopped for a moment, scanning the area to check its bearings. It chose a branching tunnel, one as twisting and numerously branched as the last, but moving at a more upward angle. At one point it had to climb up a steep incline, but this was a trip it had made many times before, and it didn't hesitate in the slightest to have to find footholds for the exercise. When the tunnel finally leveled out, the figure continued on as it had before, stalking towards its ultimate destination.

Soon, the tunnels became less expansive, shrinking and becoming part of a pipe system. Abandoned and decrepit, age and rust was beginning to eat small holes into the surface, allowing in light, sound, and heat. The figure continued on until it reached a large hole in the pipe, giving plenty of room for the figure to exit.

A battle-worn but still sleek and intimidating black transformer, a Decepticon jet, emerged from the pipe, eying his surroundings before rising completely from the hole. No Sharkticons or Alligatorcons dared come to this area, but he stayed alert all the more, in the event that there was someone confident or foolish enough to come to this area as well. Breaker began his travels again, now walking along the tops of the pipes, some cold with age, others hot with molten metal and energy. Beneath him, sitting on the floor many stories below were massive smelters, filled to the brim with their liquid metal cocktails of old junk and parts. He wasn't interested in these units, though, but the one on the far end of this room, where the performance was scheduled to take place...

Breaker proceeded slowly, despite having been here many times before. This area was dangerous, even for him - to step on the wrong pipe could give him a hotfoot that would send him tumbling into one of the smelters below, or worse yet fusing him to the pipe, pinning him there until he was either found, overcome by the heat, or succumbed to the drawn out death of a lack of energon - he had not survived as long as he had by making a fool's rushed mistakes. When he finally reached the spot he was transversing towards, he made sure to stay hidden among the giant pipes of the rafters, watching the activity below unfold.

There were several Quintessons directing the activities of their poor excuses for workers, some becoming severely frustrated with the inabilities of the Sharkticons to be able to position the necessary equipment for the arrival of the Imperial Magistrate. He watched at first with curiosity, and then with anticipation as one of the larger pieces of equipment began to slowly but surely topple sideways... As the piece of equipment began it's decent, Breaker quickly activated a small, magnetic mine, tossing it towards the large smelter that was the be used for the performance. Distracted by the noise and chaos caused by the crashing equipment, the small clattering of the mine sticking to the side of the smelter went unnoticed. From Breaker's rafter-top view he was able to see where it had finally attached, but from down below it would be obscured by pipes protruding out of the side of the smelter.

The small bomb wouldn't be enough to do serious damage to the smelter, but it should be sufficient to blow open a small hole or crack, enough to allow the molten contents to spill out onto the floor and anything else unlucky enough to be in the way. The explosive now set, Breaker had no reason to hang around, beginning to make his way back towards the open abandoned pipe. Along the way, he tossed out a few other mines onto active pipes, aiming to spread the heat-related damage that he may cause later, or simply to use them to cover his retreat much later on. When the Magistrate arrived, Breaker intended to be their as well, crouched over a pipe with his riffle aimed at one of the Magistrate's faces...

Before Breaker reached his exit, he paused a moment, glancing at something he hadn't noticed before. He could feel energy coming from a previously offline power relay, only having been recently activated. Given the influx of prisoners being brought in to use for entertaining the Magistrate, this power relay likely lead to a section of the brig, or someplace nearby. Having an extra bomb left, Breaker proceeded to the power relay, pulling back the protective metal covering to examine it. The casing covering the relay was a lot bigger than the actual wiring itself that ran through it, more than enough room for the small bomb he now carried. Turning off the magnets so that it wouldn't get stuck partway down, Breaker dropped the final bomb down the relay shaft, then bent the metal casing back over the opening.

His tasks done for the moment, Breaker returned to the original pipeline, dropping inside the opening and proceeding back the way he came. He would be back later, but for now he had other things to attend to. It was time to hunt...

2005-09-05, 06:02 AM
Streets, Iacon

"Can you spare a litre of energon for a veteran of the Unicron War, friend?"

Warcry glanced down at the source of the pathetic plea, a small Cybertronian with a missing right arm.

"Do you accept the Quintessons as your true gods and masters?" he asked the pitiful mech.

"What?" The beggar's voice crackled with static.

"Do you accept the Quintessons as your true gods and masters?" he repeated again.

"That---no, of course not. What does that have to do with anything?" The beggar's one functional optic widened. "You're one of their stooges, ain'tcha?"


Relief showed on the beggar's face. "You're not?"

"No," Warcry repeated. "No, I am not a stooge. I am a paladin."

The beggar's face fell. "A what?"

"A paladin. A holy warrior, rooting out the infidels who dare to stand against Cybertron's true lords." Fanaticsm gleamed in the Decepticon's red optics. "Rooting out beings like you."

"I...me...I don't..."

"Do not dishonour yourself further by lying!" The warrior shouted, drawing his sword. "You are no beggar. You are an observer for the resistance, paid to report on the comings and goings of our True Lords' servants."

"I..." The beggar's optic grew large. "They paid well! What was I supposed to do?"

"Say no," Warcry intoned.

"But I needed the energon! I was starv--" the beggar's words were cut off along with his head, as Warcry's blade stroked through his neck.

"You are a mere construct," he said to the corpse. "Your life is worthless, unless it is spent in service to our Quintesson masters." He glanced up towards the various other beggars, empties and general miscreants that filled the street.

"Let that be a lesson to all of you."

2005-09-05, 06:36 AM
Double nodded

"I suppose he is most of the time. We bribed a Sharkticon who told us.

Cross: We gave him a choice between a long painful death or a quick one so it wasnt exactly bribery.

Double : that his patrol route took him through an abandoned warehouse and he told us

Cross: we ripped out his central processor and scanned his image storage

Double: " anyway this warehouse its full of parts for various models .

Cross: " probably none of them stationed here."

Double:"hush you. The main thing is the Sharkticon told us there was a packing crate."

Cross: "when we tapped his central processor we saw the serial numbers."

Double: "these serial numbers correspond to a universal fabricator."

Cross : " probably some obsolete model."

Double:" but useful nonetheless. It would solve our supply problem ."

Cross "we'd still need the raw materials."

Double: "We thought maybe you could come with us."

Cross: "you were the first one we stumbled across with adequate load space."

(OOC what colour is Derby)

2005-09-05, 12:35 PM
Blackstar nodded to Jinrai's reply.

"Understood, I will be back to give a full report as soon as I make sure there are no lurking Quints." He said as Shatterstar was checking his radar for him.

"I don't see anything." He said to Blackstar still connected on top of him.

"Good, let's go home. I am worried about the number of weapon systems in that convoy somebody needs to know about that." He said as he punched his engines and streaked towards back.

Lord Zarak
2005-09-05, 01:22 PM
Stocks had been running low to clean weapons with, and that had been worrying Axer for some time. He took his bounty hunting seriously and if his gun failed...well, it would be the first, and last time, it would happen.

He got up, inspected his cannon, and shunted it into subspace. He wandered over to the entrance to the chamber of Vector Sigma and called out to God Jinrai

"Hey Jinrai, made any progress? As much as I find killing Quints enjoyable, I still find hunting Autobots much more challenging."

You could here the sneer in his voice. He knew, like everyone else, this was a collaboration of convenience. Once -if- they defeated the quints, it would go back to what Axer called "the good old days"

God Jinrai
2005-09-05, 03:06 PM
the reply would come from behind axer, however... Having departed vector sigma's main chamber some time ago, Ginrai had taken the time to poke around several of the extended tunnels... and what he'd found would be of great use in the future.

" I'm afraid not, Axer... I may have been the leader of the Autobots in my own reality, but...without the Key to Vector Sigma... or the Matrix... I'm afraid I'll never be able to activate Vector Sigma, or even tap the wells of knowledge the super-computer has..."

The base robot mode of Ginrai came into clear view behind Axer. Those who didn't know would mistake him for the legendary Optimus Prime... and down here, in the tunnels, combining with his trailer and Godbomber were a risky thing... not only because there was a great lack of manuverability, but the sheer power he posessed in that form was great enough to destroy most of these tunnels without too much effort.

"Though I DID find something ELSE of interest. Follow me."

The godmaster started down a nearby tunnel, one that they had never bothered to check out, simply because there wasn't time between raids, planning and resupplying.

2005-09-05, 04:29 PM
Map Grid Co-ordinates A-25678978, Kalis:

Kick-Off: -watching the massive buildup of units in the next sector with a pair of Macrobinoculars, scowls- "I wonder what they're up...... to......." -jaw drops- "That kind of looks like.... Prime?" -sees an upside down egg-shaped, multiple-tentacled thing harranguing the Prime-ish looking figure- "That looks like a Magistrate......"


Black Battle Convoy: -watching as the hordes of Sharkticons swarm into the area, starting to attack the buildings-

"Magistrate": -tenticles flailing in a menacing way, faces rotating and looking like they're yelling commands- "Sir, I don't think this is going to work."

BBC: "It depends on how confident they are. You're standing out in the open, after all."

"Magistrate": "Is it too late to put in for a transfer?"

BBC: "Yes."

"Magistrate": "I was afraid of that......"

2005-09-05, 04:55 PM
Kalis, Resistance headquarters

Gunrunner, after passing all the security measures at the entrance of Kalis rebel's base, deployed his vehicular outer shell in one of the storage decks and his weapons in the armory.

Walking quietly for the damaged corridors he entered one of the battered rooms, and accidentaly he meet with a bored Windbreaker.

Gunrunner:" Hello there", he said to Windbreaker with a little shy in his voice. " Any news about the others missions?"

Lord Zarak
2005-09-05, 05:13 PM
The sound of the voice coming behind Axer startled him, but he masked it well, to him, as he had leant to show no emotion towards his prey.

He cocked his head to one side, nodded, and stepped in line behind Jinrai.

"This another one of our vaunted resistance's big 'thing' that will win us this war?"


Vector Sigma Cell- Perimeter

Krok hated patrol duty. It was so...inactive to him. He liked playing football with Autobot heads, stomping, making noise.

But no.

He couldnt make a sound nowadays, so he was content with living past glories, the sound of the crowd loving his latest goal. If he was honest, he was grateful that Gatoraider was with him. He would make his focus with a well timed hiss if he thought that Krok was wandering too far back into the past.

He had just about finished his penultimate sweep when something caught his eye.

"Gatoraider, transform" He did so, and now Krok was fully armed.
" Doublecross, Derby, anyone! I think we have a quint near the entrance to the chamber. Could use a little hand here"

2005-09-05, 06:08 PM

Detritus watched Doubledealer from cover his phase disrupter trained on the falcon's back.

He muttered to himself

"your starter for 10 , why would a mercenary have targeted one of his colleagues. We have 3 options phone a friend ask the audience and 50/ 50 . Can't decide.

The Answer is because I'm smarter than the average bear. Learn more about bait on the Bass fishing channels friday night special.

So cherished audience you must ask yourself why this mech thinks he can pick off any attackers . Tonights top answer Bob for the Blankety Blank Cheque book and pen is I'm quick on the trigger with targets not much bigger Than a pen point, I'm number one. I'm sexy, I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!I'm bitchin', great hair! The boys all love to stare!I'm wanted, I'm hot! I'm everything your not!I'm pretty, I'm cool! I dominate this school!"

2005-09-05, 06:55 PM
Kalis, Resistance Headquarters
"Hey!" Windbreaker greeted Gunnrunner, his voice perking up, "No you're the first one to return."

-Thank the maker. Someone to at least talk to.- he thought as his optics widened and grew brighter with excitement.

"But it is still early. Anything unusual to report?" he asked excitedly, "Please tell me you found something unusual. That way we can figure out what it means, come up with a plan, and kick the Quints to the other end of the galaxy, or somewhere else equally convenient. Huh? Whaddya think? Sounds like a plan to me. So what's up?"

It was all Windbreaker could do to keep from bouncing up and down while waiting for a reply.

2005-09-05, 07:08 PM
Kalis, resistance HQ

Gunrunner always was unnprepared to face Windbreaker's effusive, hiperactive and fast manners.

Gunrunner:" Well, I was on a patrol mission, and I surveyed the Quint's processing facilities, the old Baird Beaming transmitter and identificated the location of the Sharks' outer patrols. Sorry pal, only routine missions", but noticing Windbreaker's dissapointed expression quicly added," But I observed much troops activity than usual. Maybe the Quints are preparing something..."

2005-09-05, 07:11 PM
(OOC: Derby is orange. I have some pictures I hope to post when I get home internet figure out.)

Derby nodded agreeably to Doublecross' briefing. The supply run to end all supply runs! And with a machine to fabricate any part, given the raw materials (which certainly weren't difficult to come by with so many Sharkticon shells to be had), he could really save some lives. Somehow, the prospect relieved him despite being utterly terrifying.

"Sounds great. When do we lea--"

Derby was cut off at hearing his name echoing from the outer chamber. He looked that way with nervousness now a bit more visible, then back to Doublecross.

"Sounds like trouble," he noted while shakily pulling his laser pistol and taking a few first tentative jogging steps toward Krok's voice.

The three of us can handle one Quint. No problem. Don't panic, buddy...


Iacon: Proving Grounds

On this cratered plane, countless battles have been fought for eons nearly beyond time. At the furthest point of the perimeter of Iacon's old security net, this was where the city's defenders met the Decepticon aggressors to make their stands time and again. Though it had once been a metropolis itself as one of Iacon's suburbs, it was left to be the designated battlefield after too many times of being leveled and rebuilt. Few walls of those ancient structures remained after so many wars here, though some makeshift bunkers and even fallen Transformers could still be found. Indeed, this was a place of honor, sacrifice, duty, and death.

Today, different wars are fought here: the kind that is not real. Quintesson science has taken over, projecting hard-light holograms of fictitious enemies for the troops to combat. What was once an authentic warground has been paved over and adorned with false turrets and battlements to serve as a training ground for Quintesson warriors. Though those warriors may be oblivious, an Autobot could cut the irony in the air with an energo-sword.

"General Ghyrik," the Overcharge Lieutenant commed monotonously from the field as the last of his jets set down on the runway nearby. "Units OC-240 through 248 have completed their training protocols and will be fully prepared for combat following refueling and routine maintenance. Your orders?"

2005-09-05, 07:39 PM
Vector Sigma Cell

Double looked towards the chambers entrance

Cross hissed

"the little Decepticon needssss ussss yesss. Should we help it save its worthlesssss skinnnnn.

Double turned to Derby

"still got any of your equipment if the Quint reports our attack we will be neck deep in Sharkticons.

Cross : " what he's saying iss we need jammin'. Jammin till the quint is sssstew.

Double : " yes exactly we require all frequency jammin'

Cross: and there you was thinking jammin' was a thing from your past.

Double " thats what I said we need Jamming , we need you to jam it fast."

Cross : " we're going to get the Quint , Its weapons can't stop us now."

Double :If it does all our work will be useless anyhow."

With that they turned and charged off in the Direction of
Kroks voice

Double : " time to fight dirty ."

Cross: " Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow. Even If they get you. I will see it through.

Double: "Don't worry I'm not planning on becoming a Quint sacrifice."

2005-09-05, 07:45 PM
Kalis, Resistance Headquarters

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go," Windbreaker said enthusiastically as grabbed Gunrunner's arm and pulled him toward the door, "If the Quints are preparing something we need to know what it is so we don't get caught unaware because if we get caught unaware then it could all be over and that would not be good. Not good at all."

Stopping and looking at Gunrunner, he added, "Besides I really need to get out for a while. I'm going crazy in here. Ohh! We better leave a note telling the others where we've gone... They worry."

Windbreaker quickly walked back to the table and grabbed a stylus that had been used to mark troop movements on their maps. Then proceeded to look for something to write on, "Paper..paper...plastic... Anything?!" he exclaimed frustrated as he threw the maps about, "Ah slaggit! Kick-off is going to be ticked, but...whatever."

He flipped one of the maps over and wrote

went to check out something unusual with GR
be back soon

He stared at the message, making sure he didn't forget anything important, then pinned it up on the wall behind him over another map.

"There. That should do it. If they don't see this, they should get their optics checked. Ready? Okay, let's go," he said not even waiting for Gunrunner to give him an answer. He walked past his comrade and headed for the exit to the surface.

2005-09-05, 08:39 PM
Energon Storehouse, Kalis

Cobalt phased one last energon cube into subspace, then felt the warning tingle that told him that his pocket was full. He glanced at the small shed, which was still half-full of energon, and shrugged.

Seems a shame to let this go to waste...but I'm hardly going to leave it in Quintesson hands.

The Autobot drew a small device out of subspace and stared at it for a moment. It was small and non-descript, featuring only a small red button on one side. After pressing the button, the covert ops specialist set the device down on a stack of energon cubes and quickly rushed out the door. Transforming to his vehicle mode, an Earth-based sports car, he accellerated away from the storage unit.

Ten seconds later, the device he had left behind detonated. While the explosion it created was relatively minor, it was more than enough to ignite the nearby energon. The storehouse and it's neighboring units disappeared in a ball of fire.

Mission accomplished, the Autobot thought with grim satisfaction.

The Dead End, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst peered out into an adjoining street, and caught sight of a familiar-looking falcon.

Doubledealer, he thought angrily. Working for the Quintessons. He really is an honourless slagheap.

Hoping that the mercenary hadn't seen him, the Pretender quickly backed off. Ambushing Allicons was one thing, but the last thing the predator wanted was to get into a streetfight with a Quintesson minion in open view of the public.

Quintesson Imperial Palace, Iacon

"Directive 413.6: Locate and destroy the rebel known as Xaaron.

"Directive 413.7: Locate and destroy all known associates of the rebel Xaaron.

"Directive 413.8: Locate and detain anyone with knowledge of the criminal organization run by the rebel Xaaron.

"Directive 413.9: Loc--"

"That's enough, 43-E."

Allicon #443943-E looked up towards his master in surprise. "But general...there are at least fifty more new directives from the Imperial Magestrate for us to cover!"

General Ghyrik shook his head. "I can look over them myself later, 43-E." The Executioner's yellow optics narrowed. "You and I both know that his Majesty's directives are practically worthless."

43-E tried to look scandalized, but his face couldn't quite pull it off. "Aye, sir."

"Is there anything else?" the general asked impatiently. 43-E had noticed his master taking that tone more and more, recently...ever since he had been promoted to the role of Chief of Defence Staff, if the Allicon was being honest with himself.

"Nothing urgent, master. Preparations for the Imperial Magistrate's trip to Polyhex are proceeding ahead of schedule. Major-General Ghael has sent in an update about the situation in Protihex, and Colonel Shvath has done the same for Optihex. Our forces are overrunning the enemy in both theatres, it would seem." The Allicon paused, then started speaking again. "Oh, and Warcry reports that he has eliminated the last of the defective units' spies near the Palace."

"Good, good." Ghyrik smiled blandly. "What's first up on my agenda today?"

43-E checked his pad. "Your meeting with Colonels Freekth and Mrleeya is scheduled for 09:00, sir."

"What do they..." The general trailled off, remembering. "Planning for the offensive."

"Correct, sir."

"Very well. If there's nothing else, send them in."

As 43-E left the office, Ghyrik heard the Overcharge Lieutenant's transmission.

Life was much easier when I was commanding ground assaults, he thought whistfully. So much less paperwork...

"Assign them to your primary assault unit, Lieutenant. Then assemble the entire unit in staging area 47. You will get further orders shortly."

Good, good. More troops. With the rebels' last spy expunged, we are free to move against their headquarters without tipping them to our plans.

Underlevels, Iacon

Xaaron was afraid.

Not for himself, mind you. Fear for his own wellbeing had always been a rather low priority for the Emirate, even as far back as his days on the Autobot Council. But fear for his race, for his cause, for those under his command...that emotion was constantly with him these days.

The Resistance, at least in Iacon, was on it's last legs. He never would have admitted it in public, but he knew it to be true. Too many of his men were disappearing; too many soldiers, too many spies, too many sympathizers. His cell was already down to a skeleton crew, and it was becoming more and more difficult for him to pass orders out to the leaders of the other major cells. He'd only managed to keep in sporadic communication with groups in Kalis, Polyhex and near Vector Sigma, but he'd lost contact with the cells based in Optihex, Protihex, Kaon and Tarn nearly a month ago. Whether the lines of communication had failed or the cells themselves had been wiped out, Xaaron had no idea. Even with two former members of the vaunted Wreckers at his side, there was nothing he could do to help those other besieged cells. It was all he could do to keep his own group intact.

2005-09-05, 09:09 PM

Doubledealer thought he saw something, and turned his head to look. He didn't see anything, but he figured it would be a good idea to send someone to investigate.

Skar detached from his form, transforming back to his vehicle mode.

"Follow," he said. With that command, Skar moved off to follow the figure.

Meanwhile, he revved his engine and headed back the way he had come. Knok's services were needed.

2005-09-05, 09:20 PM
Streets of Polyhex

Detritus leapt from roof to roof silently following Doubledealer as he moved along the street.

"Just your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman " he muttered

2005-09-05, 09:27 PM
Kalis, Rebel's HQ

Gunrunner followed Windbreaker outside the maps room. Before exiting the base, he picked back his weapons and send a signal to his outer vehicular shell to meet with him outside the base.

Gunrunner:" Hey, wait Windbreaker!"

God Jinrai
2005-09-05, 09:57 PM
"Not quite, Axer.... but it just might have the potential to turn the tides.. IF we can get this fella going."

Ginrai entered the chamber... a very LARGE chamber at that.

Lying in pieces were the remains of a Guardian.

some knew them as Omega Sentinels. Others as Guardian robots... regardless, the chamber was big enough to hold it, and the tunnels were large enough to accomodate the tank form of the now gone Omega Supreme...

"You thinking what I'm thinking, Axer?"

2005-09-06, 02:11 AM
Streets, Kalis
Bumblebee saw a plume of smoke off in the distance. -Now what?- he thought disdainfully -Better check it out. If the Quintessons are making a move the others are going to need to know.-

Bumblebee transformed into robot mode and looked up the side of a tall building. "Times like this, I wish I could fly," he said holding his arm pointing up toward the top of the building. In an instant, his hand slid back into into his arm and was replaced by a launcher loaded with a grappling hook attached to a line, "Guess I'll just have to use the next best thing. Upsy Daisy."

He launched the hook up the side of the building, the sound of air pressure being released as it shot from where his hand was. Catching on a ledge at the top of the building, the line was now secure and Bumblebee began his ascent reeling the line in, slowly scaling up the side of the building. Keeping an optic in the direction of the plume of smoke.

2005-09-06, 02:45 AM
"Staging area 47," OCL confirmed to Ghyrik's transmission. "Yes, General."

OCL turned to his brigade, making some notes in his boring, boxy handwriting on his datapad, and pointed them toward the hangar at the end of the runway. They saluted, turned mechanically, and marched off in unison.


Vector Sigma: Buffer Chamber

Derby nodded as Doublecross charged off, and he raised his pistol to cheer on the Monsterbot.

"Sock him one for me!"

In truth, he was glad to have a reason not to come along to do the fighting, but he was figured he may shortly have some wounds to tend. He stored his toolbox in his leg and transformed to truck mode, honing his radio on what he estimated the Quintesson frequency might be. He suspected a jamming tactic would fail, and Krok's sighting was still unconfirmed, but he was willing to give it a try...

2005-09-06, 03:32 AM
Polyhex Smelting Pools

The frightened transformer whimpered in fear when he saw the vat of molten metal, and tried to break free. Snapdragon nonchalantly jerked on the cord, sending the transformer sprawling at his feet. He kicked the transformer in the ribs, crushing the prisoner's side. Snapdragon leaned down and said "Quiet. Or I'll bite your hands and feet off." The transformer whimpered again but remained docile.

Apeface continued talking to the Executioner. "Its a waste of our talents sending us after mindless errands like this. If we don't get a real commission soon, we may just seek work elsewhere."

The Quintesson Executioner looked at Apeface with a blank look on his face. "That really has nothing to do with me. If you want something more exiting to chase, talk to a Quintesson General. I just do the killing." The Executioner pulled some levers on a panel set into the wall. "All right. Put the test subject on the platform."

Snapdragon grinned wickedly at the transformer cowering on the floor. Apeface strode aggressively over and grabbed the bot by the foot and began dragging him to the platform. The prisoner struggled feebly, his fingers scraping on the ground, trying to find purchase. "Help me! Somebody! Help! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

Apeface placed him on the platform, which magnetically sealed him in place, preventing him from fleeing. The platform extended outward until it was directly over the smelting pools.

"Any last requests?" asked the Executioner.

The prisoner sputtered, unable to form coherent words in his terror. Snapdragon spoke up, "I have a last request."

"What is it?" asked the Executioner.

Snapdragon transformed to his tyrannosaurus mode, rushed forward onto the platform, and bit off half of one of the prisoner's legs. The prisoner shrieked in pain as Snapdragon stalked off to a corner, munching on his snack.

"Are you finished? Shall the test proceed?" the Executioner asked. He pulled a lever, and the platform collapsed, simultaneously releasing the magnetic bonds. The transformer, still clutching his severed leg and screaming in pain, fell into the molten lava, whereupon his screaming began in earnest.

Apeface strode out of the chamber, gesturing abruptly to Snapdragon. "Lets go. Time to find a real commission."

(OOC: if there is anybody controlling a TF in Polyhex for the resistance that would like to be hunted by Apeface and Snapdragon, PM me.)

2005-09-06, 04:30 AM
Blackstar arrived at the base. He quickly transformed with Shatterstar beside him.

He walked up to a rather large door and placed his hand on a sensor it beeped and scanned and opened up letting him back into the base.

"Home sweet home." Shatterstar said looked up to Blackstar.

"Yup, sooner than later this whole planet will be ours again. Just in time." He got onto his com-link.

"Jinrai, I am back at base. I would like to take a word with you about the recent supplies I've seen the Quints moving in these parts." He said and got off of his com-link.

2005-09-06, 04:52 AM
Vantage point, Kalis:

Kick-Off: -grabs fiber optic comm cable, plugs it into his comm unit(thereby eliminating potential for radio intercepts from his position), activates it- "Moonracer, I think the Quints are making their big push. It looks like they're starting to demolish the city." -sending the coordinates where the Quints are, then deactivating and unplugging the comm unit, jumping down onto his waiting Turbo-Cycle, keying the starter switch........and getting a dry rattle in response- "Oh, don't do this now..... C'mon, start......" -hits starter toggle again, and after getting no reponse, thumps engine cowling with fist, then smiling as the engine hums to life- "I'm going to figure out what's causing that one of these days." -guns engine, heads back towards base-

2005-09-06, 06:31 AM
Vector Sigma Cell Sector Perimeter

Doublecross rapidly approached Krok's position

Cross: "So our sssscheming sssoccer ssage where is the Quint?"

Double "Swift decisive action is essential, base security must be maintained at all times."

2005-09-06, 07:52 AM
The Dead End, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst moved quickly back the way he came, unaware that Doubledealer's suspicions had been roused.

Streets, Kalis

Cobalt noticed the hordes of Sharkticons immedately, despite the high speed at which he was travelling. It was, in fact, impossible to miss them...something that his dented and dinged bumper could attest to.

They can't be after me, he reasoned. No Sharkticon regiment could mobilize so quickly after the bombing. They're after something else. But the others need to know about this anyway.

The Autobot covert ops specialist steered himself towards the base, albeit by a circuitous route. It wouldn't do to lead the Dark Guardians to his door, after all.

Lord Zarak
2005-09-06, 11:47 AM
"If you mean 'get this guardian robot up and working, keep him secret, and then surprise the slag out of the Quints and banish them from Cybertron forever'...then yes. We'd have to keep him secret, not only from the Quints, but the other clells too. Jealousy is a bad thing, if you know what I mean."


If he had eyebrows, Krok would've raised one at Doublecross. He sill hadnt got used to him/them/it yet, and it was slighlty disconcerting to hear him speak.

He shook his head quickly, as if clearing cobwebs.

"If you look just beyond where the hyperway crosses above the old amphitheatre, you'll see a shadow just creeping around the corner. He's doing a very bad job of keeping himself hidden. I think you should go round the back and force him out. I'll stay hidden here and jump him and kick him to the ground. You on for this?"

2005-09-06, 12:15 PM
Double; "sounds like a plan to me."

Cross:" the Decepticon just wants all the glory for itssself hisss."

Double :"We might get a chance , flame grilled Quint just how you like them ."

The 2 disappeared still arguing into the shadows.

A little while later a small dot appeared flapping silently down and landed in concealment on the hyperway.

It waved to Krok indicating its readiness.

God Jinrai
2005-09-06, 02:31 PM
"I suppose so, Axer. However, we'll need to check it for a transformation cog... some of the earlier models such as Omega were outfitted with cogs to allow for a greater degree of versatility and movement... that was scrapped by the council, or so I have heard, due to the higher cost of maintenance and the resources that were pulled in order to create a full sized transformer of that scale... unlike what it would take to create a gestalt...."

Ginrai at that point started over to the behemoth, beginning a cursory inspection

2005-09-06, 06:13 PM
Topspin and Twintwist were on partrol of the underground levels. Making sure that the quints and there aligned mechs didn't get down here, alive anyway. Patrol really wasn't there style but even Wreckers, or former ones anyway, didn't run into an occupied city without some back up.

"How did this happen 'twist? It used to be that any 'con or Quint running around Iacon would get taken out. Now we're afraid to be seen on the streets." Topspin said.

"Take it east 'spin, the Quints pulled a fast one on us but we'll get it back. Besides we are, or at least were, Wreckers fear doesn't enter into the equation. We just are waiting till Xaaron gives the word to attack then the Quints are going to have a nasty suprise." Twintwist said grinning wickedly "After all the two of us have routed enough fights are on own, with a few more folks we should be able to liberate this place inside a vorn."

Topsin smiled at that and headed back down towards the next coridor. "True, in fact once this partrol duty is over want to go see if we can't find a Quint or two up stairs?"

2005-09-06, 06:24 PM
Somewhere inPolyhex

Squawktalk flapped in the briefing room

He recited the current codeword

"Pieces of Eight"

I think theres a pattern here , I wonder which jokers dreaming up these damn things.

He fluttered over to a roof beam .

He'd managed to work out how to slling his camera system on his back next to his weapons systems.

He peered down

"As you can see there is our gallant commander Roadblock leader of our little cell. I wonder what he has in store for us today . Maybe some sabotage or it could be this rescue mission thats been brewing. The Quints have revived the Smelting pits a frankly vile practice. Actualy i found these cameras not far from it . This was before the Quints reoccupied the area."

Aero Blade
2005-09-06, 06:34 PM
Breaker had emerged from the depths of cybertron, coming once again to explore street-level Polyhex. This area was somewhat new to him, having only explored the top levels of the city in depth most reciently, his usual areas being below ground or in other cities. With the eminent arrival of the Imperial Magestrate, though, Breaker had shifted territories, not one to miss such an oppertunity as this.

As he scanned the nearby areas of the city, listening to the sounds around him, be began to become aware of other signs of conflicts already occuring. Those blasted resistance soldiers were out again tonight... Truely, he did not mind their presence, as they were another distraction for the Quintesson forces and bounty hunters to be occupied with instead of himself, but to Breaker they amounted to little more than overzealous, inexperienced children, though the fact that they had survived so long, if not barely, still spoke for something of their skills...

Breaker began to move about the city, staying among the shadows while he started to look for tagets. With the resistance out and about, it'd make things hard to find Quints, who retreated at the first sign of danger. He'd have to either go into guarded facilities or simply search the streets and hope to get lucky. Perhaps he could turn over a few rocks and rubble and flush out a few of the cowards that took to hiding before making it to a safety zone...

2005-09-06, 08:15 PM
Haras and Eiramnna exited the bike bay and made their way to the command deck. Haras kicked the door of the turbo lift as they raised to the higher levels. Eiramnna put his hand on his bigger brothers shoulder: "I'll radio them, ok big man? You and I will get back into action soon."

Eiramnna flicked on his comm system "Black Battle Convoy , what can we humble servants do for you, esteemed leader?" with the comm off, Haras growled approvingly.

2005-09-06, 10:19 PM
Derby chugged out shortly after Doublecross and turned to get behind cover, shutting off his headlights temporarily. He certainly didn't need to be spotted yet...

"I'm working on locating his frequency," Derby whispered over to Krok. "Call me if somebody gets hurt, okay?"

2005-09-06, 10:44 PM
DoubleCross swooped both heads spewing fire

Double : there is no escape, resistance is futile.

Cross: come to me Quinty , I'm going to roast your little hide , and feast on your burnt diodes oh yes I am mwahhaaaaaa hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss."

Double : " My turn to have the weapon."

Cross:"hissssss you had it lasssst time. Its my turn "

Double :I'm the better shot."

Cross: No your not you couldn't hit a Guardian at point blank range."

Double : "ok you have it, see if you could do any better. Im going to sleep."

Crosss : " sssssleeeeep nowwwww , in the middle of ambussssshh."

Double:" apologise then."

Cross: "ok I'm ssssorrry happy."

2005-09-06, 11:39 PM

Skar continued to follow Bomb-Burst, not giving a hint that the traitorous mech was being followed.
Polyhex Outskirts Near Iacon Border

Doubledealker rumbled up to an abandoned factory that was the home of Knok. The powermaster stepped out as he approached.

"About time," he said. "Where have you been?"

"Securing some resources from within Polyhex," Doubledealer rumbled in reply. "Some good ones, too."

"All right, then," Skar nodded. "Let's get them to the Autobots."

Skar transformed and attached himself to the mech. Once the joining was complete, Doubledealer, now in his Autobot form, walked across the border line, knowing that he would not be watched.

2005-09-07, 02:12 AM
Vantage point, Kalis:

Moonracer received the message from Kick-Off .

"Got it...I'll met up with you...."

2005-09-07, 03:40 AM
Quint demolition zone, Kalis:

Black Battle Convoy: -looking down at the "Magistrate", adapting his plan, activates his commlink- "Yes, Eiramnna, please bring Haras and join us in the field. The magistrate wishes a bodyguard more....... befitting his station. Black Battle Convoy out." -deactivates commlink-

"Magistrate": "Sir, really......"

Black Battle Convoy: -optics narrow, looming over the "Magistrate", voice barely a growl- "Do not question my orders. Otherwise, I shall be seeking a new assistant. And once your new guards arrive, let the shell speak for itself."

"Magistrate": -not cowed in the slightest, continues mock harranguing, tentacles waving angrily-

Gatorcon: -crunched up as tight as he can, Magistrate body shell linked into his motor arrays, wondering if becoming yet another in the long line of BBC's short-lived assistants was worth it.......- "Yes, sir."

2005-09-07, 04:49 AM
Dead End, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst continued to head deeper into the low-rent district of the city, not consciously aware that he was being followed. His hunter's instincts, however, told him that something was amiss. He cast a glance over his shoulder, but didn't see anything suspicious. However, he hadn't become the most skilled predator in the Decepticon army by ignoring his instincts.

Something is wrong, he thought. I'd better find out what.

The Pretender casually turned off down a side-street, away from the resistance base.

Quintesson Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik sighed with relief as his two tactical advisors left the room.

For beings that are supposed to be our greatest tactical minds, he thought, they are extremely stupid.

The colonels had came to him with a plan to attack Xaaron's resistance in the underlevels, but it was so plainly flawed that he hadn't even bothered to debate it with them. Instead, he had sent them on their way and set out to craft his own plan.

At the very least, he told himself, nothing I come up with could possibly be worse than that...

Streets, Kalis

Cobalt transformed, having arrived at one of the Resistance's secret entryways. He stood before what appeared to be a plain, unbroken concrete wall...but which was, in fact, a very well-designed holoshroud.

The covert ops specialist leaned against the holo-wall, feigning an air of nonchalance as he waited to see if anyone was pursuing him.

2005-09-07, 05:06 AM
Roadblock looked at Squaktalk.

"Right now we wait until Bombburst returns." The pretender boomed.

"As much as I would not mind slagging every Quint in this city even I know I can't do it alone." He growled but knew he was right. Even with his assualt shell, pretender shell and himself the situation in this area was dire and that he couldn't use his typical sink or swim attitude with his fellow resistance fighters.

2005-09-07, 10:21 AM
Just Outside Of The Resistance Base, Kalis

"Let's go, Gunrunner. There's no time to lose. The game's afoot," Windbreaker said to the pretender as he transformed into an orange and blue camaro. Revving his engine he peeled off down the street and around the corner before Gunrunner could even have a chance to reply.

Realizing a mistake he made, he turned around and headed back to Gunrunner and asked, "Uhhh, which way?"

Side Of Building, Kalis

Bumblebee was about half way up the building when he stopped, his optics focusing in on the destruction of entire blocks of the city when he saw a darkened silhouette in the distance that sent a shiver right down to his spark.

"Optimus.....?" he said softly to himself in disbelief.

-It can't be. Optimus left with the others back to earth. But then who...?-

He let the thought process for a moment and focused his optics even tighter on the figure, thankful that he had been blessed with such good vision. Taking a better look at the dark figure he reaffimed his disbelief. Anger swelling up inside him at the audacity of the Quintesson's arrogance.

-That's no Optimus. I'm sure of it. Just some kind of sick joke being played by the Quintessons. Still, if this doppleganger is leveling city blocks, it's only going to be a matter of time before he finds us. This isn't good. I better get back to HQ and inform the others.-

Taking one last look at the scene before him, Bumblebee began rappelling back down the side of the building, ever vigilant for any stray sharkticon patrols that might be near him.

2005-09-07, 05:00 PM
Just outside the Resistance Base, Kalis

Gunrunner looked to the car mode of Windbreaker with a frowned expression. Then transformed into his vehicle mode and entered inside his vehicle shell. Inmediatly his mood changed.

Gunrunner:" Ok boy", said with an incredible brave an heroic tone," I think that we can start observing, very quietly, the old Baird Beaming Transmitter. When I patrolled these station before, I noticed more activity than usual. Come on, this way!"

An Gunrunner rolled towards the Baird Beaming Transmitter.

Gunrunner:" And remember Windbreaker, be quiet. The last thing we need is an unnfortunate and high sound. There are Sharks everywhere!"

2005-09-07, 07:21 PM
Eiramnna and Haras bolted out of the turbo lift and raced to their cycles, both of them wearing identical masks of glee. Bodyguard duty was from far glamarous, but with high profile targets came the prospect of attack.
And then they would be able to do what they had been born to do: destroy the defective scum products that macked the Quintessons with their existence. The attack bikes roared to life and the Brothers screeched into the Star lit streets.
"Enroute to Magistrate Convoy." Eiramnna muttered into the bike comm, remembering to sound respectful. Haras gave his signature throatless squeal.

Lord Zarak
2005-09-07, 07:51 PM
Krok waved his acknowledgment to Doublecross and clicked his acknowledgment to Derby.

Now he waited for the action to begin. He could hear the crowd settling into their seats, the vendors selling energon goodies, the swell of the atmosphere rising with anticipation.....his thoughts carried on.

"Great", said Axer as he too moved to inspect the remains, "instead of hunting a living being, I'm reduced to searching through a corpse." He stopped, stood up straight and asked in a low voice

"Hey, what's in this for me if I find what we are looking for?"

2005-09-07, 07:55 PM
Doublecross watched the Quint break cover
and run straight towards Krok.

Double : "maybe we should scavenge a second weapon, the rust rifle works on the Sharks but its not so good on Quints."

Cross :"yessssssssss soundssssss suppebb sugessstion to mee."

Lord Zarak
2005-09-07, 08:14 PM
....as he kicked the dead Autobots' head into the empty net. Krok turned to face his crowd, arms in a crucifix, and saw....a Quintesson running right at him.

He looked.

He blinked.

He opened his eyes, and the Quint was getting closer.

"Disturb my day-dream will you" he screamed at the advancing Quint who, between the confused- and confusing Doublecross- and the now quite psychotic Krok, must have been wondering how....

He couldnt finish his train of thought as a rather powerful blast from Krok's gun found its' mark in the centre of his chest. Black smoke arose from it as the Quint fell to the ground, quite dead.

Krok moved to where the body now lay, and waited for Doublecross

2005-09-07, 08:19 PM
Doublecross swooped down

Double : "An excellent piece of work"

Cross :" mphh mmmm yumm yummm mmmmmm."

Double : "must you make so much noise when your feasting on the still warm corpse of our enemy. Apollogies for my other half , no manners at all. Be careful which bits you eat he may have vital information about his person."

Cross: "mmmspoimmlyumsporttt."

Double : "and dont speak with your mouth full."

Lord Zarak
2005-09-07, 08:56 PM
Krok yanked the head off uncerimoniously. He wanted to show Jinrai what he had killed, and then add it to his collection.

He turned to Doublecross and said

"Come on, I'll help you carry it in. No point in making us sitting targets for anyone else who is lying around here."

2005-09-07, 09:15 PM
Doublecross picked up one end of the Quint

Cross hissed bits of Quint caught in his teeth

Double: certainly , security is paramount.

God Jinrai
2005-09-08, 04:28 AM
" How about you get to live another day, Axer?"

Ginrai was not amused by Axer's selfish comment, despite the possible humor intended.

" Right now, we can't afford an "I" attitude... Maybe when this is all over, you can try taking your built up frustrations out on ME, if you like. Until then, we've got work to do."

Ginrai made his way over onto the central torso of the guardian, poping a locking mechanism...

"Blast it!"

Inside the large compartment was a large transformation cog... rusted and nearly ready to shatter.

" We're going to have to do what I wanted to avoid, I suppose..."

Ginrai's optics narrowed, the blue hues darkening...

"Into the belly of the beast itself."

2005-09-08, 05:14 AM
Streets, Kalis

"Aw you're no fun," Windbreaker replied, as he cruised just to the side and behind Gunrunner toward the Baird Beaming Transmitter.

"Can't we go any faster? This is taking forever," he said impatiently. revving his engine a few times to get the pretender's attention.

Bumblebee reached the street below the tall building and cut the line he had used to scale it. Sliding the the reel back into his arm and replacing it with his hand, he heard the sounds of another block going down and shook his head.

-This is a bold move, even for the Quintesons. They must be desparate to find whatever they are after. If only we knew what it ws they were searching for, maybe.... maybe we could turn the tide of this war. Maybe we could bring a little hope back. Hope. It's been in such short supply lately. And now that the Dark Guardians are here it's running out even faster. We don't have the firepower to take them on directly. Not with the entire Quintesson army at their beck and call. But we must go on. We have to show them that we will not lie down willingly. We have to show them that this is our world and we will not give it up so easily. Not to them. Not to anyone.

Whoooaa. Easy there Bumblebee. You'll blow a fuse. Save the speeches for the others. Anyway, I better get back and compare notes with the others. It's too bad we can't trust the comms. Sure would make things a lot easier. Alright, enough thinking. Time to go.-

Stepping into the street a few more steps, Bumblebee transformed and headed back to base.

2005-09-08, 06:01 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

After making his way through the booby-trapped, twisting corridor that lead from the street into the disguised building that served as Kalis's rebel HQ, Cobalt was surprised to see that he was essentially alone in the facility.

Good, he thought. I can offload the energon without anyone harrassing me.

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-09-08, 07:13 PM
The shuttle touched down not long after the signal was received.

Bounty hunters required, great rates paid, visit Iacon City, Cybertron for more information

As much as he hated the term 'bounty hunter' that's what he was, he may prefer intergalactic peace-keeping agent, but what most saw him as was an emotionless psychopath, a blatent disregard for any living being in his way of his bounty, his payment.

Death's Head's shuttle land with no fan-fare, no accord, nothing.

Awfully quiet around here, yes?

Death's Head exited his shuttle and began attaching his array of weaponry to his custom holsters, he turned heel sharp and made his way to find out what exactly would be required of him.

(ooc = I'm not gonna be around much, what with moving house, so if someone with a little time and patience wouldn't mind interacting with DH I'd appreciate it)

2005-09-08, 07:32 PM
Haras arrived seconds before hisbrother Eiramnna at BBC's and the magistrates location. Both dismounted and saluted the seniors. Eiramnna piped up "My Lords, we are at your disposal. Where can we escort the most high Magistrate to?"
He didn't see it as fawning, more as the correct level of respect. Haras, on the other hand, was disgusted.

2005-09-08, 10:02 PM
Kalis, streets around rebel's HQ

Gunrunner replied to Windbreaker with his 'last action hero' voice tone.

Gun:" Take it easy, young'bot. These streets are full of enemies, and if you rev your engine again, we'll walk the rest of the way to the Transmitter."

The two cars arrived on a ruined street, full of ruins and debris caused by the Quints' attempts to eliminate the Transfomers Resistance.

Gun:" Besides, we must be ready if the Commander requires our presence on the base, maybe for an official mission. You known, actually, we're acting only by self initiative."

(ooc: who is the Kalis commander? Moonracer? :confused: )

2005-09-08, 10:44 PM
With what sounded like a climax and decline in the action, Derby sighed fully. He flicked on his headlights and rolled around from his safety to examine the situation. It appeared no one was hurt.

"I didn't detect any outgoing signals," he concluded as he pulled upon the grisly transit task. "We should be safe... Uh, need a hand with that, fellas?"

2005-09-09, 05:39 AM
Streets Around Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

"Official mission? Wouldn't want one of those now would we? I mean that might distract us from our jobs of trying to stay alive," Windbreaker replied sarcastically to Gunrunner revving his engine one more time just for the reaction, "Besides, there's nothing wrong with taking a little initiative, as you put it, once in a while. How else are we going to get to the top? I mean, think about it. If we, a ragtag bunch of nobodies, kick the Quints from Cybertron, succeeding where the Autobot and Decepticon army failed. We'll be heroes. Not just heroes.. legends. Like in the storybooks back on earth. Yeah, legends. I like the sound of that. Windbreaker... the legend. How about you? Don'tcha wanna be a legend?"

2005-09-09, 06:18 AM
Double: "your help would be most appreciated , this Quint is rather unwieldly."

Cross:" before we do anything we should take the time to say a few wordsssss to Primusss. Thanking him for our continuing sssssafety and our good fortune in eliminating thisss threat without any major problemssssss."

2005-09-09, 01:51 PM

Roadblock got onto his com-link using a coded band.

"All resistance forces return to base for future operations." He ordered ready to for a new plan to mess up the Quint occupation of Cybertron.


Vector Sigma base

"Well looks like everyone must be off doing something might as well get some R and R." Shatterstar said to Blackstar taking a seat.

"Your probably right we have been at this nearly every day and every night since the Quints took over." Blackstar leaned up again the wall and waited.

2005-09-09, 03:46 PM
Derby turned to pull in front of Doublecross and Krok, and he dropped his gate to allow them to load the gruesome kill.

"We can thank Primus after a successful raid... You two can probably squeeze in there with it if you want a ride back."

Derby never did fully trust Krok, but there was no hesitation in his offer to both.

2005-09-09, 08:52 PM
Kalis, Streets

Gunrunner smiled by the young reckleness of his fellow Autobot, Windbreaker.

Gun:" Hahaha! Good one, Wind. Yeah, of course I'll want to be a legend, and I acted like one during the Asphalt Wars, long time ago..."

And Gunrunner made a pair of side turns to express his happiness about the possibilities to win fame and glory if their acted wildly, daring and unnexpected.

Gun:" One the other hand, If we actually aren't in any current mission, I don't see any problem if we patrol suspicious areas. You are with me, right pal?"

2005-09-09, 09:40 PM
Polyhex, General's Chamber

Apeface slammed open the large iron door, striding arrogantly into the chamber, knocking over a guard who got in his way (one of his favorite pastimes.) Snapdragon slunk along behind him in dinosaur form. Leering evilly at the other guard like he was a juicy meal.

A five face quint General sat upon a raised dais, floating on a stem of electricity. The faces spun- "Back again?"

Apeface walked up and on the dais, where he wasn't supposed to be, and leaned in until he was face to faces with the grotesque machine. "We need to be paid. And we need a new commission. And not another nobody waste of our time. We want a challenge."

The faces spun and stopped- "First, get back where you belong, mercenary. You will" -the faces rotated- "be paid as usual. As for your" -the faces rotated- "next target, you will hunt him down whether you deem him to be a "challenge" or not." The general's tentacle flicked a switch, and a slowly rotating hologram appeared, depicting a purple pretender and a large vehicle shell. "He has been quite a thorn in our side. We want him dead."

Snapdragon focused on the hologram from where he stood. He transformed and moved to Apeface's side, looking at the hologram. "Roadblock, eh? This should prove interesting."

Apeface suddenly started laughing. "You ugly misbegotten cretins may have some sense after all." Apeface and Snapdragon strode out of the chamber.

The general muttered to himself, "An asset they may be, but" -the faces rotated- "if they get out of control, they will" -rotating faces- "have to be" -rotating faces- "dealt with."

2005-09-10, 03:09 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -unsure if they're being sarcastic or if they really are that new, narrows optics- "The Magistrate wishes to observe our procedure for finding the Decepticons Galvatron and Bruticus."

"Magistrate": -tentacles waving in disgust- "Observe? What's to observe? A failed prototype leading a bunch of mindless drone in an overzealous attempt to find a couple of overpowered buffoons! I'm in charge here, Convoy-" -face switching to that of Death- "And you would do well to remember it!"


Gatorcon: -stuck inside Magistrate bodyshell, hoping that BBC didn't forget that this was his plan in the first place and cut the "Quint" in half-

2005-09-10, 04:02 AM

Roadblock decided to wait a few more minutes before going off to find something to break. Hopefully of the Quint variety.

2005-09-10, 06:51 AM
Dead End, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst ducked into a dark alley and activated his comlink.

"I'm on my way, Roadblock. I may have unpleasant company tagging along. Please arrange a proper welcoming."

The Decepticon doubled back on his trail yet again, this time headed towards one of the Resistance's many auxiliary entryways.

2005-09-10, 10:34 AM
Streets, Kalis

"You were in the Asphalt Wars?" Windbreaker asked Gunrunner, his voice denoting a sense of awe, "I had no idea you were so..... so.... old?!"

He probably shouldn't have said that last part, but Windbreaker was never really good at hiding his thoughts until it was too late. So in an attempt to change the subject he said the first thing that popped in his head, "Are we there yet?"

Resistance Heaquarters, Kalis

Bumblebee had just finished getting past the final security system on his way into HQ. As was generally the case, things were quiet here. Of course, things always seemed quiet here. Not like the hustle and bustle of Autobase on Earth. Then again, as he had reminded himself so many times before, this wasn't Earth.

Working his way into what constituted a lobby in the base he decided to see if anyone else was around. He had information. Information that he needed to discuss with the others. Information that reminded him just how much he was needed here, on Cybertron.

"Honey! I'm Home," he announced hoping for some kind of response.

2005-09-10, 11:18 AM
Eiramnaa bowed low to The Magistrate, and said with a snakes grin “My lord, let us prove to you that finding the faulty products will not just be cost effective, but extremely profitable: we would not like to imply that we know better than your august self, but please let indulge us in this endeavour.”
Haras reciprocated the bow and grin. A thick oily regular rasping noise emitted from his throat.

2005-09-10, 02:38 PM
Resistance Heaquarters, Kalis

Moonracer walked in right behind Bumblebee treading lightly so the smaller bot couldn't hear her....

Just as Bumblebee announced his presence, she tapped him lightly on one shoulder...

"Yes, I'm here." She said with a small grin.

2005-09-10, 03:12 PM
Roadblock read where Bombburst was heading and hopped into his Assualt vechicle with his humanoid shell following in tow he set up a posititon to cause unpleasentness to whatever was tagging Bombburst.

2005-09-10, 03:17 PM

Unaware of Roadblock's incoming presence, Skar continued to follow Bomb-Burst down the dead end.

Once he was safely inside Iacon, Doubledealer sent out a broadcast message on the coded frequency that he had been provided when his...other half had arrived in the service of Xaaron.
Iacon Resistance Base

Slide and Oiler, manning the communications console, recieved that message a few minutes later.

"Xaaron, we got a message incoming."

Aero Blade
2005-09-10, 03:33 PM
Breaker's prowling tonight had given him no results, there simply not being any Quints out and about in Polyhex that he'd been able to find. He had begun to settle into a spot to simply wait for awhile when he detected a coded transmission being sent out. It took him a moment or two to decode it before getting the message, but he was pleased with the contence. If the resistance soldiers skulked back to their hiding places, that meant perhaps the night wouldn't be as fruitless as had been so far.

It would still be awhile though before any Quints dared come out, so Breaker decided to use the free time for a bit of practice. He used his sensors to track the source of the transmittion, but it was already on the move. Breaker began to patiently follow after this rebell, following him to his destination. He eventually spotted Roadblock from a distance, then slipped a bit closer in the cover of shadows before Breaker finally came to a stop, settling in. It looked like the rebell was waiting for someone or something, and Breaker wanted to see just what that was.

2005-09-10, 07:56 PM
Double : I think your supposed to say that before you eat stupid."

Cross :" don't call me sssstupidd. hissss"

They stopped as Derby spoke both head turning as one.

Double : "An excellent idea."

Cross : Soundsssss good to mee."

They spoke at once . They swung their end of the Quint into Derbys load space."

2005-09-10, 08:50 PM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt had just finished stacking his hard-earned energon cubes in one of the base's tiny storage areas when Bumblebee anounced his presence.

"It looks like we're the only ones here," he told the diminutive espionage expert. "What have you been up to?"


Assured that Roadblock would be in position should someone try to follow, Bomb-Burst lifted up a sewer grate, dropped into the tunnel below, and headed towards one of the resistance base's secret doors.

Resistance Base, Iacon

Xaaron's reverie was broken as his communications officers' message came through.

"Pipe it though, Oiler."

2005-09-10, 10:01 PM
Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

"Yeeoow!" Bumblebee yelped as he jumped from the tap on his shoulder. Even though he knew that it had to be one of his allies he was still startled nonetheless. He turned and stared at Moonracer long enough to recognize her, then smiled and shook his head.

"Jeez Moonracer, you scared me half to death," he exaggerated, "Sheesh, and I thought I was stealthy. I didn't even hear you coming. Which means either I'm losing it, or you're just that good. For my sake, I hope it's the later."

Hearing Cobalt's voice, he replied, "I just got back and saw something we need to discuss. Moonracer's here and hopefully everyone else will be here soon enough. When you get the opportunity, come on out and join us."

Turning his attention back to Moonracer, he warned with a devilish grin, "By the way, you realize I'm going to get you back."

2005-09-10, 11:03 PM
Iacon Resistance Base

Oiler flipped a couple of switches.

"...is is Doubledealer...got the goods. Coordinates for pickup follow."
Deeper In The Base

Power Run threw the tool down.

"That's it. I'm done."

Strikedown moved closer. "Yeah. This thing will never get up and running."

"Yeah," Power Run sighed. "I guess we better hope that Xaaron gives us a much easier assignment."

Skar paused, having lost Bomb-Burst's scent.

But he soon picked up another one. He couldn't recognize it, but, falling back on instinct, he figured that it might have been trouble.

He started to head back the way he had come, hoping that he could avoid the trouble that was to come.

2005-09-11, 01:38 AM
Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

Moonracer grinned at Bumblebee..

"Well, you're going to try anyway...."

Then she sobered.

"I hope you got some good info..."

2005-09-11, 03:49 AM
Roadblock saw his target in the alley as Bombburst snuck away.

That's not a con is it? If it is I should send him to the abyss now for helping those Quints Roadblock thought to himself but then saw the target was wisely choosing to leave.

"Yeah keep walking you coward." He growled his cannons locking on. "Gotta conserve some ammo though." He said almost sadly as he let the target leave. His humaniod shell hid itself in the shadows waiting for any other target.

2005-09-11, 06:26 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt walked out of the storage area and gave Moonracer a polite nod.

"We have a fresh energon supply if you need to recharge," he told her.

The covert ops operative slid into a semi-comfortable chair, then waited for Bumblebee to deliver his intelligence.


Bomb-Burst pulled himself out of the sewer at the next grate, then nodded to Roadblock.

"Thank you," he said.

Resistance Base, Iacon

"Excellent," Xaaron said, a bit too dryly. He'd never really liked Doubledealer; any mech that would use such a name was obviously not to be trusted. But times were hard, and compromises had to be made...

"Someone will be along to pick up the package soon, Doubledealer."

2005-09-11, 06:57 AM

Apeface stalked, and Snapdragon slunk out of the Quint's fortified base, and into Polyhex proper.

Snapdragon- "Do we have an energy signature for Roadblock?"

Apeface- "No. We'll need to "aquire" one before we can properly track him."

Snapdragon chuckled to himself as the two disappeared down a dark alley.

2005-09-11, 07:53 AM
Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

Bumblebee was a little too worked up to sit, so he began taking a few steps here and there as spoke to Moonracer and Cobalt.

"We have a problem," he said stating the obvious, "I don't know if you noticed when you were out, but the Quintessons are making a big move. From what I could tell they have begun leveling entire city blocks. A move like this can only mean one thing. They are in a hurry. And, they are desperate. I believe that they are searching for something or someone. And it isn't us. The reason I say this is because as far as the Quintessons are concerned we're nothing more than annoying bugs. Pun on my name not intentional by the way."

"This move is different. They seem to have withdrawn a number of their troops from their regular patrols to help with the demolition. If they were after us, they would have doubled the patrols that have worked so well for them in the past. I don't know about you guys, but I personally didn't have to go out of my way to avoid sharkticons on my way back here. Regardless, it's only a matter of time until they make their way here to destroy this block, and we don't have the firepower necessary to face them head on."

"So, how do we stop them? Well, it's my opinion that the key to defeating them lies in figuring out just what it is that they are searching for and finding it before they do. How do we do that? I have no idea."

"One last thing. The new forces seem to be under the command of someone that looks an awful lot like Optimus Prime painted black. Make no mistake, I don't for one second believe that it is Optimus. It just can't be.... Anyway, we have to assume that whoever it is could be just as capable a leader and warrior as Optimus. Which means things have just become a lot more difficult."

"So... like I said before.... we have a problem."

Bumblebee finished and looked to his comrades for their thoughts on the situation.

2005-09-11, 04:47 PM
Kalis, Streets

Gunrunner laughed at Windbreaker's reaction.

Gun:" Yes, my friend, it seems I'm older than you...And we're getting closer to...

Suddenly a explosion pulled down the nearest building and the two cars were covered of debris, smoke and dust.

2005-09-11, 05:03 PM

Doubledealer nodded as Xaaron responded.

"I'll be waiting."

2005-09-11, 05:40 PM
Resistance HQ, Kalis:

Kick-Off: -strides in, muttering dark things about Decepticon mechanical ability- "I think I know what this is in relation to. Galvatron and his group killed a high-ranking Quint, and now they're really looking for him. We just happen to be caught in the middle."

2005-09-11, 05:50 PM
Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

"No thank you, Cobalt. Save it for those who really need it."

Moonracer looked over her shoulder as Kick-Off wandered in.

"Kinda makes you wonder what side you're rooting for..."

2005-09-11, 07:35 PM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

"I noticed they were on the move," Cobalt said, "but I didn't see them dusting any buildings. Must have started after I got back."

The Autobot scowled at the wall for a minute, then stood and started pacing around the room.

"That is a problem," he said. "But there's not much we can do about it right now."

He turned to Moonracer.

"Not unless our fearless leader knows where we can find Galvatron, anyway."

Find him for what, I don't know. If nothing else, we could tip the Quints to his whereabouts and let the bastards kill eachother...

Resistance Base, Iacon

Xaaron walked up behind Oiler as Doubledealer's transmission ended.

"See if you can contact Topspin and Twin Twist," he said. "Just in case our friend Doubledealer tries to doubledeal us."

2005-09-12, 02:06 AM
Oiler nodded in confirmation, and had started to do so, when suddenly the monitor and controls erupted in a shower of sparks.

"What the slag?" Slide shouted.

Oiler moved to grab his personal comlink. "Strikedown, I told you and Power Run to fix the damned communications grid."

"We tried," came the reply. "We just...kinda...gave up."

Oiler groaned. "The people you work with..."

2005-09-12, 02:25 AM
Roadblock nodded in his vechicle.

"No problem." He said turning around and returning to base.

Aero Blade
2005-09-12, 03:33 AM
Breaker watched Roadblock and Bomburst for a short while, then as Roadblock began to leave, he decided to follow after him, still keeping hidden.

If the had been Autobots he would have shot them on sight, but being Decepticons caused him to hesitate, instead settling to try to figure out what they were up to. For now he chose to follow not out of curiosity, but for lack of anything else to do. Until he spotted a Quint, he had nothing to stimulate him, so the these two would have to do...

2005-09-12, 05:16 AM
Streets, Kalis

"Holy.....!" Winbreaker exclaimed as he locked up his brakes and went into a sideways slide. Dust and rubble covering him as the building next to him fell.

"What in the name of..." he was cut short as he noticed the silhouettes coming out of the smoke.

"Gunrunner, I think we're in trouble." he sedately stated.

Resistance Headquarters, Kalis

"Galvatron," Bumblebee muttered quietly to himself.

-As if we didn't have enough problems of our own without that psycho showing up.-

"It's your call, of course, Moonracer. However, there might be a way to use Galvatron's presence to our advantage," he explained thoughtfully.

2005-09-12, 06:51 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -hears the sound of squealing tires, looks in their direction- "As I am the only one here with tires........." -panels in the box-like structures on his shoulders pop open, targeting computer switching from standard lock on to area effect, sends a salvo of minimissiles towards Windbreaker and Gunrunner's position-

Resistance HQ, Kalis:

Kick-Off: "I'm rooting for our side, Moonracer."

2005-09-12, 11:23 AM
Polyhex, Grungy Bot Bar

Apeface slammed open the door to he hole in the wall establishment, walking in and punching the first bot he saw in the mouth. The bot fell over and cradled his broken face, whimpering. Snapdragon came in behind him and casually shot the cowering form in the chest.

"Now!" Apeface began, "We're here for information, and we're going to get it!"

They had the full attention of the bartender and the half-dozen patrons. Apeface continued- "We know certain members of the resistance frequent this bar from time to time. You're going to tell us about them."

The bartender tried to play it cool. "I've got no idea what you're talking about. Unless you think these sorry sods are resistance guerillas" he said, gesturing to his patrons.

Snapdragon transformed to a tyrannosaurus and rushed forward, ripping off the bartender's arm at the shoulder. He flipped the limb into the air and caught it in his mouth, swallowing it in one gulp.

Apeface- "If you want to keep your other limbs, we'll need an energy signature from Roadblock."

The bartender clutched his empty socket and sank against the wall. He pointed into a small back room. "In there. I-i-in there."

Snapdragon transformed to robot form and walked into the room. "Where?"

The bartender pointed to a mug yet to be washed. "Th-that one."

Snapdragon brought a chemical-energo sniffer from subspace and sampled the mug. After a few seconds the machine beeped. "Got it." He subspaced the machine.

"Lets go." Apeface waved Snapdragon towards the door. As they were walking out, Apeface looked over his shoulder and said to the bartender, "nice bar."

2005-09-12, 07:07 PM
Haras and Eiramnna drew their weapons at the intrusion and BBConvoys missile fire. Haras roared hir raspy charge cry, and leapt back to his bike, revved the engine. Eiramnna steped between the Magistrate and the explosions: "Sire! we must get you to safety now!"

2005-09-12, 09:05 PM
Ruined Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner opened his shell, transformed into robot mode and hardly get out the debris pile.

Gunrunner:"Hey buddy, Windbreaker are you ok?", asked with a worried voice, but the young and intrepid autobot was at his side, covered in dust but on-line.

Then the pretender noticed all the chaos, the destruction and the dust clouds surrounding both of them. But he noticed more; he noticed a whistling noise, an aproaching noise.

Gunrunner:"For the Matrix! Windbreaker, hurry take cover!", shouted the pretender while jumping towards his vehicle shell, still partially covered in debris.

Then the incoming missile salvo impacted the area and the chaos surrounded the two Autobots.

2005-09-12, 10:46 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

"Magistrate: "PROTECT ME!!!!" -goes scurrying for cover-

BBC: -sends another salvo of minimissiles towards Gunrunner and Windbreaker, drawing his energo sword and gun, straining his senses to the utmost, believing this to be a feint by Galvatron's forces-

2005-09-12, 10:59 PM
Derby closed the hatch to keep the catch from bouncing out and chugged off, back into the deeper chamber. He considered calling Ginrai to inform him of the catch, but he decided radio silence was safer. Satisfied with the conclusion, Derby rolled on into the buffer chamber to drop off the Quintesson wherever the others wanted it...

2005-09-12, 11:25 PM
Haras gunned the engine of his assault bike and charged into the smoke of BBConvoys missile attack, his chainsword drawn and ready.

Eiramnna has his Thermal pistols drawn and is ushering the Magistrate to the nearest abandoned building, keeping his eyes on the street ahead. "You'll be safe my lord!"

2005-09-13, 12:08 AM
Demoltion Zone, Kalis

"I'm fine, Gun. A little dirty, but fine.... at least so far," Windbreaker replied reluctantly to Gunrunner. Suddenly, he heard a familiar whistling noise that he hadn't heard in some time.


"Windbreaker, hurry take cover!" he heard Gunrunner yell as he transformed into robot mode and backed away from the incoming sound until he found a small piece of wall still standing. He dove behind the wall as a barrage of micromissiles impacted all around the two autobots.

This was not what he was expecting when they left the base.... it was better! Turning to check on Gunrunner and seeing him alright, he shouted, "I get the feeling we're not welcome here. But then again, you have to admit, this is a lot more fun than sitting around the base doing nothing." Another barrage of micromissiles exploding around them, one of which destroys the wall he is hiding behind knocking him face first into the ground ahead of him.

"Okay, that's enough fun for me," he said lifting his face out of some debris and looking at Gunrunner, "Let's get the hell out of dodge."

Pushing himself to his feet he transformed back into his car mode only hear the sound of an engine coming toward him. He flipped on his headlights and saw the shape of a figure in the smoke on what looked to be a motorcycle coming right at him. Shifting into reverse he floored his accelerator to try to keep some distance between him and the oncoming threat.

2005-09-13, 06:05 AM
Quintesson Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik turned his head casually as the sound of 43-E dithering his way into the room. As the doors parted, he noticed the taller blue mech beside him.

"Ah," he said. "Warcry. Good to have you back."

"Thank you, my lord." The Decepticon bowed from the waist. "You called for me?"

"I did," Ghyrik said. "Walk with me."

As the general and his minion left the office, Ghyrik smiled.

"The time has come for us to strike at the rebels," he said. "The Overcharge units are assembling, and now that you have eliminated the rebels' last spy, we can move on them."

The general's troupe of Gatekeeper bodyguards moved to flank him as he strode into the elevator.

"Speaking of which..."

As Ghyrik punched in the elevator code for staging area 47, he commed the Overcharge Lieutenant.

"Lieutenant," he said. "Prepare your men for battle. I will arrive shortly."

Landing Pad, Iacon

Allicon #549821-R, duty officer in charge of landing pad #54, took note of a strange, skull-faced figure standing on the tarmac.

He approached.

"Welcome to Iacon," 21-R said to Death's Head. "What brings you to the capital of the Quintesson Empire?"


Bomb-Burst transformed to his hoverjet mode and moved alongside Roadblock.

"So," he said, "what's so important that you called everyone in?"

Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt nodded as Bumblebee spoke.

"The kid has a point," he said. "If we could get rid of Galvatron and the Quints in one stroke, it could save a lot of lives."

2005-09-13, 06:37 AM
Polyhex Quint HQ

Maintenance bay

Electronics whirred and the hydraulic platform moved down. A mech scrambled out of the inspection bay and move dover to a stores cupboard.

He selected a tin of paint and a brush and scrambled up onto the side of the tank that was resting on the platform.

very carefully he started to paint the name Sawtooth on the side of the turret.

2005-09-13, 10:42 AM
Roadblock's assualt vechicle opened up and he walked out. Look at Bombburst and shut the assualt vechicle back together as he rolled behind them his shell somewhere nearby as well.

"Simple, all this sitting is making me rust. More important than that we could really use some new supplies and with the increased convoy activity we are seeing it's obvious the Quints are planning something big and not very good." He said to the other Pretender.

Aero Blade
2005-09-13, 12:33 PM
Breaker followed the two resistance soldiers from a distance hidden away in the shadows, keeping only close enough so that he could detect their conversation with his sensors just barely. So, the didn't know after all! Perhaps then that meant they'd stay out of the way when it came time for him to make use of his own preparations. Then again...maybe it'd be best if there were two less resistance soldiers to potentially inadvertantly intefear later...

Breaker ressisted the urge to aim and fire at the two bots he was following. It wasn't good logic - that was his old nature speaking - and it would only serve to help the Quints if the resistance population went down. If they really were that much of a bother, he could do other things to insure they'd stay away, but killing them wasn't an option. Not until the Quints were gone, anyways...

2005-09-13, 12:35 PM
Polyhex Alleys

Apeface and Snapdragon walked slowly down a dark alley, trolling for chemical signatures with the electrochemical sniffers held in their hands. This was easily their least favorite part of the hunt. They had been looking for a lead all night, and so far, nothing.

Apeface's sniffer perked up. "Hey. Think we got something."

2005-09-13, 06:58 PM

Tunnel Rat saw that the paint had dried. He transformed his shell and slipped inside .

Another 10 of them to go before the next name

With that thought he turned on his heel and headed out to prowl the mean streets of Polyhex.


Doublecross perched in Derby's loadbay

Double : "so what of that mission to raid the Quint warehouse."

Cross : " yup we need a sucker to volunteer to do the lifting and shifting.

Double : "your expertise in logistics and transportation would be ideally suited to this situation."

Cross: "hisssss I said that already."

Double : "but I said it better than you."

Cross: " Anything you can do I can do better
I can do anything better than you."

Double: " No, you can't"

Cross " Yesssss, I can"

Double: "No, you can't"

Cross: " Yesss, I can! Yessss, I can!"

Double : " Anything you can be I can be greater"
Sooner or later I'm greater than you

Cross: " No, you're not."

Double : "Yes, I am."

Cross:" I can shoot a Quint without a single squint

Double: "I can get a Con with a burst of ions."."

2005-09-13, 07:18 PM
Haras accelerated, his eyes narrowing as he closed the gap between himself and Windbreaker reversing away. He passed Gunrunner , casting a low charge concussion grenade in his wake.

(OOC In case anyones wondering, Haras doesn't know their names. :) )

2005-09-13, 08:06 PM

Bomb-Burst circled once around Roadblock and his shells, then replied.

"Well, I've been keeping busy," he said with a touch of faux-pique. "But I can see why you non-vampires might be getting a bit bored. A city under Quint rule might be easy prey for me, but there's not much for you guys to do."

StoneCold Skywarp
2005-09-13, 08:22 PM
"Welcome to Iacon," 21-R said to Death's Head. "What brings you to the capital of the Quintesson Empire?"

Death's Head pondered the question for a moment, it wasn't like he trusted anyone, let alone a grunt who dared question him, but never-the-less, he answered.

"Money, what else?" Death's Head's permanent grin seemed to widen "And the thrill of the hunt, yes?"

Death's Head didn't wait for a reply, he boldly moved on, turning the questions to the guard.

"Now then, where would I find Quintessons to pay me?"

2005-09-13, 08:53 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis

Gunrunner looked at the elusive bike and the incoming grenade.

Gun:" Windbreaker, fall back! Fall back!", said the pretender while transforming into his hipersonic jet mode and avoiding the grenade's explosion.- " Buddy, get out of here! I'm ordering my vehicle shell to go close behind you, so you can use it as cover!"

And Gunrunner jumped into the air, armed his two armor-piercing, energy-plasma missiles and accelerated towards the sky. Then he turned straight forward the incoming target, the strange bike, aimed and fired one of his missiles, just to buy some time for Windbreaker.

Then Gunrunner spinned and began to follow Windbreaker, accelerating at full speed.

2005-09-13, 10:15 PM
The OCL watched with nearly empty optics as his identical brethren one-by-one marched out of the recharge center and took their places in their rows, standing at attention and facing the OCL. The leader's radio buzzed, and he answered with pleasure.

"Prepare for battle," OCL confirmed. "Yes, General."

OCL raised his right elbow then flipped up his fist to signal his troops. The Overcharges stomped their right feet once in reply and drew their weapons obediently in unison.


Vector Sigma: Storage Chamber

Derby cruised into the long, sealed corridor that had come to be used for a dumping ground for spare parts, supplies, and anything the Resistance didn't want the Quintessons to find. A dead Quintesson would qualify... At a stop, Derby dropped his hatch to allow Doublecross out and waited to be rid of the Quint's remains.

"You know I'm in, guys." (Derby cringed as he said it; he was always unsure how to address Doublecross.) "I'm ready to roll out the second you get this hideous thing out of my bed."

2005-09-13, 10:43 PM
Cross: "do you think he was talking about the sneaky Conn hissss"

Double : "no I think he was talking about the decomposing organic you feasted on with so much relish."

Cross: "you sssureee. It would be a pleasure to remove the Con tooo."

Double : "Hush fool he can hear every wordnow lets just shift the Quint."

With that they tipped the Quint over the tailboard to land on the ground below.

2005-09-14, 02:57 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Moonracer took in this info, and paced the room, from one side to the other, deep in thought...

Stopping, she looked over at Bumblebee..

"The last I heard, he was somewhere in the Polyhex sector. I'm sure he has the Sweeps there to protect him, however..."

She strode over to a console, sat down and pulled up a new file...

"You're right, if we could somehow 'leak' intel that the Quints are in the area..and looking for him, or give information to the Quints that Galvatron is in Polyhex, perhaps we could arrainge a meeting. Let them blow each other to bits for all I care, but..."

She held up the file. "We still have operatives in that area, and I don't want them caught in the crossfire. And I'm not about to send someone in there with a message. If we could just..."

She paused in thought....

"Sharkitons have a fairly basic intelligence, and a pretty strong homing instinct. If we could capture one...and re-program it to think it found this new information...it should carry it straight home. Now the fun part is...."

She gazed across the room..

"Who's up for a Sharkiton hunt?"

2005-09-14, 03:55 AM
Roadblock cracked a smile at Bombburst's remark.

"Well, I could try to take this city on my own. But even a badbot like myself knows that could end badly for me and our cause. On the other hand I would have fun finding out." the gruff warrior laughed.


Vector Sigma

Blackstar and Shatterstar both waited at the resistance base in Vector Sigma for anyone to return from what they were doing.

2005-09-14, 04:22 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis

"What do you think I'm doing?!" Windbreaker screamed back at Gunrunner with a hint of panic in his voice, as he kept backing away from the oncoming mech on the motorcycle.

-I can't keep this up much longer. My engine's beginning to redline. Next time I go into the shop I need to get a higher reverse gear installed. Who is this guy? Forget it. Whoever he is, it's obvious he wants to hand me my tailpipe... in pieces by the look of that chainsword. Okay, think. What would Moonracer do? She wouldn't get herself in this situation in the first place that's what she'd do. Great. Come on, don't get distracted. Gotta get turned around or I'm scrap.-

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he took in his surroundings. That was the problem with a high speed processor like his. A micron seemed to last forever at times. It was his curse. It was also blessing that saved his life more times than he could count. Hopefully, this would be one of them. Taking in the sight before him, he saw Gunrunner's missile closing in on his pursuer.

-Now's my chance!-

At the moment of explosion, Windbreaker transformed leaping into the air and twisting around to face the opposite direction. Transforming again before he hit the ground, he landed in camaro mode on his wheels and turned on the speed.

"Hah! Eat exhaust fumes, ya spare parts bin," he yelled at Haras, before shifting to a higher gear and accelerating away.

Resistance Base, Kalis

"Count me in," Bumblebee replied to Moonracer with a smile, "Nothing says 'Look at me, I'm bait' quite like a bright yellow Autobot."

2005-09-14, 04:28 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt drew his energo-cutlass and started to scrape a piece of flint down the edges, honing the already-lethal blade further. He nodded as Moonracer spoke, then smiled a tight, uncomfortable smile.

"If you have to ask, I haven't been doing my job."


Bomb-Burst listened gravely to Roadblock.

"I suppose," he said, "we could steal a nuclear weapon and wipe the city off the map." He waggled his wings a bit, an aerial equivilent of a shrug. "But then where would we lurk?"

Landing Pad, Iacon

21-R struggled to keep up with Death's Head's much longer strides.

"You can sign in at the cashier's office," he said. "They'll give you benefit, tax, salary and," this next word was spoken with near-religious loathing, "union application forms to fill out. Or if you want, you can work freelance. Most of our employees do that. You can find out about new bounty calls on comm frequency 64.3."

Staging Area 47, Iacon

Ghyrik, Warcry, 43-E and the general's bodyguards emerged from the turbolift. The general motioned for his retenue to stay at the edges of the large square while he inspected the unit of Overcharges.

Magnificent, he thought at length. A huge improvement over the old single-mold designs. His thoughts turned sour. If only the accursed Imperial Magestrate and his minions would approve more new units!

2005-09-14, 05:50 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -still looking for Galvatron, sensors at maximum, moving forward, standing at the breach now, sees the fleeing Autobots, sighs- "If you two were the decoy, Galvatron must be pretty hard up....." -switches from area attack to target lock, left shoulder battery locking onto Windbreaker, right shoulder battery locking onto Gunrunner's shell, ripple-fires his shoulder mounted micromissile batteries at his targets-

Resistance HQ, Kalis:

Kick-Off: "As much as I hate to say it, to be honest, I never thought I would....... I'd suggest sending the Quints somewhere else entirely. Iacon, maybe. The Sonic canyons. And for no other reason than the crazed maniac is doing more good for us, in that hunting for him ties up so much of their resources."

2005-09-14, 04:12 PM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Moonracer considered thier offers...

She was hesitant to send them that deep into both Qunt and Decepticon territory...but she knew it was necessary.

She remembered when she was sent on missions and she had thought unkind thoughts about Elita-1 being "safe back at HQ" while she was out with Chromia doing the dangerous work, and she felt a wave of regret.

Sending her fellow Autobots out while she stayed behind was one of the hardest things she had ever done...

"Well, I really didn't want you to stand out too much, Bee...I want one of them to 'find' you, but I don't want it to look too easy. And Cobalt, you're doing a great job, I just wanted to make sure everyone understood this is totally voluntary."

2005-09-14, 07:10 PM
Eiramnna looked in terror at BBConvoy as the missiles cascaded to their targets: "SIRE! My brother, please, is in pursuit!"

Further up, Haras was re evaluating the situation. Gunrunners and BBConvoys missiles were exploding around him and the target, who was rapidly accelerating away at a speed he couldn't match.
The second ones Shell though was operating decoy maneuvers for the target. apprehension of this second target should prove easier. Haras shifted gear and threw Hi-ex frag grenades in the path of the vehicle to slow it down.

Aero Blade
2005-09-14, 07:46 PM
"The breadth of your naivety is intollerable..."

Breaker stalked out of the shadows and into full view of Bomb-burst and Roadblock with his riffle trained on both of them, unable to keep quiet any longer. The dimly lit streets was the perfect setting for his menacing design that much had been invested into when he was first made, but Breaker was not focusing on trying to intemidate at the moment - he was simply too disgusted to keep quiet.

"You would go to the effort to steal a bomb such as that and drop it on this place? That which the Quintessons give no more consideration than to use as recycling bin? The fact that you rebels have survived so long on that grade of processing power is simply astounding..."

A clicking sound was heard as Breaker cocked his riffle, preparing to but not having fired. Not yet...

"If you two represent the whole of your cell of rebels and their intellegence, then perhaps it will be far better off if there are less of you to disrupt the activities of those smart to know what they're doing.."

2005-09-14, 09:18 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis

Gunrunner, in a higher position, analyzed the current situatiuon.

It's my fault. I've been infected with Windbreaker's enthusiasm, and now we're in trouble. But it's supossed that I'm older, and wiser! Is for this that It's my fault, and I must save the young one!

Suddenly, the pretender noticed the two new incoming missile salvos, one for Windbreaker and another for his own shell. And he noticed too the grenades launched by Haras.

In Gunrunner's mind, the former hero and squadron leader he had benn in the Asphalt Wars, returned and take command.

Gunrunner:" Windbreaker, take evasive maneuvers! Missiles incoming!"- shouted the pretender, " and use your power boost as soon as you can!"

Then he evaluate the situation of his shell. He ordered to dodge the incoming missiles, but he could'nt do anything for the grenades.

My outer shell is well armored though, I think it can sustain the damage caused by that bombs. But perhaps this will make it to go slower...

And Gunrunner changed course, pointed his nosecone towardsHaras and fired his twin electro-static cannons and his remaining missile to the biked Quint.

2005-09-14, 09:50 PM
Haras’s grenades had successfully slowed the shell, but the amazing barrage from Gunrunner had knocked him around and off his bike, as well as damaging his knees. He rolled into the path of gunrunners shell and swung his Chainsword at its wheels, hoping to immobilise it.

2005-09-14, 09:57 PM
Polyhex Alleys

Apeface and Snapdragon followed the Roadblock's energy signature down an alley using their electro-chemical sniffers. They came to an intersection.

"Left here," Apeface said. The two stalked down another dingy alley. "Right....no, wait, he doubled back here, the signature ends." After casting about for a few minutes, they found where trail led next. "Ah, the signal is getting stronger."

2005-09-14, 10:10 PM
Polyhex alleys

a human soldier slipped out of the shadows as he stalked Apeface and Snapdragon

it would be so easy to eliminate them but he must remember to save his wrath for the genuine article not mercenaries

2005-09-14, 10:31 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis

Gunrunner watched the desperate attack of Harastowards his shell's wheels.

It seems that this Quint thinks he can cut my armored wheels with a simple chainsword, and he is on the ground now. Perhaps this is my chance to disengage!.

Gunrunner ordered his shell to accelerate towards the Quint, ignoring his attempt to damage the wheels. The multiple blades of Hara's chainswords scratchted painfully the frontal wheels, but didn't penetrate the outter armored layer. The shell passed the Quint, but the melee atack slowed the shell's getaway.

Then Gunrunner aimed at the inmobile Quint's bike and fired a burst from his twin cannons, then accelerated and followed Windbreaker and his own shell, hoping to disengage.

2005-09-14, 11:09 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -looking up, chime ringing as his missile launchers lock onto Gunrunner's inner robot, aiming his double barreled laser rifle at Gunrunner's inner robot, voice more of a growl than usual- "Sire? SIRE?!?!? You DARE group me with them? As our masters so often feel they must remind me, I am simply a tool." -opens fire with rifle and micromissile launchers-

2005-09-14, 11:38 PM
Demolition Zone, Kalis
Windbreaker didn't need to be told twice. Accessing his engine mod, he initiated a power burst, and took off like a shot, micromissiles exploding behind him in a flash of light.

-If we get out of this alive, I'll have to remember to thank Gunrunner for the good time.-

2005-09-15, 06:00 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt grunted inexpressively, neither denying nor accepting Moonracer's words.


Bomb-Burst betrayed no surprise at Breaker's appearance, although in actual fact he was disgusted that he'd allowed someone to stalk him without taking notice.

He merely glared at the newcomer, saying nothing. His optics seemed to dim momentarily, then regain their usual brightness.

Milliseconds later, his shell emerged from subspace behind Breaker, vibro-scythe in hand. The still-fresh energon and other fluids it had drained from it's master's previous victim still dripped from it's fangs.

"You were saying?"

Aero Blade
2005-09-15, 12:41 PM
Breaker merely chuckled at Bomb-burst's comment. Yes, that was a unique twist on an old situation, sub-spacing the shell and then having it appear. If it had simply tried to sneak up on it, he'd had been aware of it long before it reached him. Perhaps this group of rebels was more intellegent than he gave them credit for. Sometimes...

"Well, isn't this an interesting little senario, if not for the fact I've already been through it a half dozen million times..." Breaker started, his tone now of amusement instead of irritation. "Always ends the same way - I fire and blow of an importan limb of my opponent who drains to death while their partner jumps me - at best I escape without a scratch, at worst and yet to happen I'm mauled and die the same painful death as the one I shot, though more often than not I evade the second partner with nothing more to show for it than a few gashes to be repaired and stalk him down at a later date. The whole repetative run of events has grown to be a bore for me..."

"You two on the other hand have far more to loose from this situation than I do," Breaker started again. "Even if things don't go for me in any way at all, I truely doubt you want the extra attention of currently increased Quint patrols that will arrive rather quickly once my riffle goes off. That kind of loud noise is hard for them to ignore, given the number of Quint locals I've been taking out whenever the lot of you aren't frieghtening them into hiding with the ruckus you call 'raids'..."

Lord Zarak
2005-09-15, 01:28 PM
Axer groaned as he too went scanvaging inside the corpse of the guardian robot.

After a couple of minutes of friutless searching, he asked Ginrai somthing.

"Seeing as the cog was rusted, what exactly are we looking for? I mean, it seems pretty pointless looking for something we've already found, even if it is useless"

2005-09-15, 05:32 PM
With the stinking Quint out of his bed, Derby closed the gate behind Doublecross and accelerated back toward the exit of the makeshift base.

"So where to?" Derby's radio emenated. "You've got the plan, I'm just the cab."


Iacon: Staging Area 47

The OCL turned and saluted General Ghyrik rigidly. The rest of the brigade, seven perfectly square rows of seven, clicked their heels in chorus and raised their rifles to their right shoulders, at attention as statues.

"General Ghyrik," OCL droned. "Units OC-200 through 248 are fueled and prepared for combat at your order."

God Jinrai
2005-09-15, 05:32 PM
Ginrai sighed audibly.

" Since we know that the cog is scrap, that also means that this model was capable of splitting apart to form individual vehicles... NOW, what we need, Axer, is to go into the heart of the quintesson occupation, itself... and TAKE what we need."

Ginrai went silent for a moment.

" It means tearing our way into the Dark Guardian construction facility, and ripping our way to the core of that plant... where the new CDS command prototype is being constructed. The quintessons seem to have decided it would be wise to have at least ONE of their vaunted Combiner Demoliton Squad to posess transformation capabilities. We have to relieve that thing of its cog... before it's operational."

Ginrai started out of the chamber, mentally going over those who were under his command

"Hnnn.... this isn't going to work... not without some serious help."

2005-09-15, 07:03 PM
Haras stared glumly at the escaping products, and at the rather pathetic wreckage of his bike. Lacking the ability to make any quips, he made a hand gesture at the escaping robots, vowing inwardly that he would not forget this. He began to run back to the original meeting place.

Eiramnna couldn't believe that his toadying had gone so badly. Not only had BBConvoy gone into a rage at the comment, but he may have condemed his brother to a rather explosive end. He looked at the Magistrate and wondered whether this would all be worth it in the end.

2005-09-15, 09:37 PM
Leaving Demolition Zone, Kalis

Gunrunner was glad to see that finally Windbreaker had engaged his turbo and escaped from the ambush zone.

Then he accelerated at his maximum speed, reaching mach 5 in a few seconds and leaving behind the new salvo of missiles and laser bursts fired from the strange Prime-like black oponent.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the lack of attention towards it, the vehicle shell used his unique armor platting equipped with thermal generators and used it to "burn" through the solid walls of a near building and abandoned the combat zone.

2005-09-15, 10:19 PM
Double : you need to turn left at the next junction

Cross : "No itssss right I sswearr.

Double:" left"

Cross: right

Double :"I will check the map."

Cross ; "its still right."

Double :"umm Derby go straight on at the next junction , the warehouse is in Theta Quadrant sub level 3."

Cross:"You were wrong hissss."

Double :"so were you."

2005-09-16, 04:02 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

"Of course we know it's voluntary, don't sweat it," Bumblebee replied to Moonracer, "So. Anyone know of any good fishing spots near here?"

Leaving Demolition Zone, Kalis

Windbreaker was revved up. And it wasn't just because he used his turbo boost. It was the narrow escape that had his fluids pumping. It was the thrill of the moment.

"Did you see that Gun?" he asked Gunrunner enthusiastically, "We left those guys so far behind they're going to need a time machine to catch up to us. I mean, who were they kidding? Thinking they could catch us with a motorcycle. Sheesh, if that's the best the quints have got, we're going to be living up to that legend status in no time."

Noticing for the first time that Gun had lost his shell he added reluctantly, "Ummm, you're shell is going to be alright isn't it?"

2005-09-16, 03:38 PM

Apeface and Snapdragon followed Roadblock's trail. The signal had grown strong- they were very close. They were maintaining absolute silence now, slinking through the alleys, only communicating through tightbeam when neccessary. Wait, Apeface tightbeamed, and subspaced the electro-chemical sniffer. There he is. They summoned their weapons, Apeface his Leviathan Rifle and Snapdragon his twin Gyro-Rifles.

2005-09-16, 05:49 PM
Topspin stopped mid step as he began recieving a transmition that disolved into static. "What the slag?" he exclaimed.

"Sounds like communications trouble." he told his partner as he punched up the Base on his own comn. "This is Twin Twist calling Iacon Base, are you recieving?" he waited a few seconds and when nothing was recieved transformed. "Looks like we better head back to base." he said.

Topsin nodded his agreement and the pair headed towards the base.

Upon arrival they transformed back and headed inside, seeing Xaaron, Oiler, and the others.

"What seems to be the problem? We recieved a transmition then it suddenly died on us." Topspin said.

2005-09-16, 11:01 PM
Roadblock laughed.

"Well would you look at that someone found my shell." He laughed as his radar in his assualt vechicle beeped.

"Might as well pay them a visit!" He laughed.

"Bombburst, seems I have company in our wonderful turncoats, Apeface and Snapdragon. I will engage them for the moment I am giving you my location if anyone wishes to have fun as well!" Roadblock laughed as his vechicle turned and roared back down the alleyway.

Roadblock's shell turned and jumped behind cover as Roadblocks assualt vechicle rolled at the Decepticon's gone Quints as he brought down his vechicle's serated armour plow.

"I am going to make you two wish you had stayed Decepticon!" He growled racing at the former Decepticons.

2005-09-16, 11:25 PM
Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner, still in his jet mode was flying in circles above Windbreaker's position.

Gunrunner:" Well pal, we did it. We were catched in that ambush, but thanks Primus we escaped. And don't worry about my shell, she is a thought one and I ordered her to flee towards a safer place.We'll meet with her in a nearby old square, if you want to come with me, of course."


The dusty and battered shell was aproaching the rendezvous point that Gunrunner marked on her. She was advancing with caution and slowness, trying to take advantage of the prominent shadows and the cover provided by the abundant ruins and debris that filled the streets.

Aero Blade
2005-09-17, 01:34 PM
As Roadblock and his shell took off, Breaker chuckled a bit, as that now left him alone with his riffle aimed at Bomb-Burst.

"Well, this is an even more interesting situation. Looks like I wasn't overestimating the gap in rebell intellegence," Breaker mused. "However, you did entertain me for a bit, when all I was really doing was following the lot of you out of boredom. I may let you go, at least until which you kind proves to be more annoying than they're worth..."

2005-09-17, 03:05 PM

Apeface grunted in surprise as the assault vehicle bore down on them, tearing through the debris left in the alley. Apeface subspaced his rifle and transformed to ape mode as he leapt upwards, doing several flips in the air and summoning his cudgel and shield.

Snapdragon dove to the side out of the way, firing off several blasts of his rifle.

(OOC: I'm not exactly sure if all of Roadblock is in the assault shell or if the rest of him is somewhere else....so I guess Snapdragon is shooting at whatever's available.)

2005-09-17, 05:03 PM
Streets, Kalis

"Are you kidding?" Windbreaker replied to Gunrunner, "I wouldn't miss another trip with you for anything. Well, almost anything. I guess when you think about it there are all kinds of things that could come up and cause me to miss out on something, but I still really do want to go."

Windbreaker began to slow down to an easy cruising speed now that they had lost the Quint forces.

"So who do you think those guys were back there, Gun? I mean one looked like a Quint Magistrate, another looked kinda like Optimus Prime, and the guy on the motorcycle looked like...... well I don't know who he looked like. I guess he kinda looked like that other guy, the one near the Quintesson. Not that that helps any," He stated as he began recalling the details of the encounter, "And what do you think they were doing?"

2005-09-17, 05:31 PM
Streets Kalis

Gunrunner and Windbreaker headed towards the shell's position. The shell-less pretender was flying slowly and swiftly, at the same speed than Windbreaker.

Gunrunner:" I don't know what a Quintesson Magistrate, a dark Prime and a pair of Quint's shock troopers were doing destroing buildings, but one thing is sure, it isn't any good for the resistance movement. We must return to base and inform Moonracer as soon as we find my shell."

Gunrunner knew that his last comment surely bothered the quick-thinking and temperamental young-bot, ( the prespective of returning to base and waiting bored for a new assigment), so he quickly added:

Gunrunner:" When we inform Moonracer about all this things we witnessed, I'm sure she will assign to us new and risky missions. You still wants to be a legend, do you?"

2005-09-17, 05:47 PM
Streets, Kalis

"You're fraggin' right I do," Windbreaker replied to Gunrunner, "Let's go."

Windbreaker quickly accelerated to much hastier speed, then slowed back down and stated, "Ummm, I don't know where we are going, maybe you should lead the way."

2005-09-17, 06:13 PM
Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner moved in front of Windbreaker flying low, so he can follow easily the pretender.

They arrived soon to a ruined and dirty square, surrounded by debris. In the middle of the square was laying and old statue featuring an ancient Cyberton's hero, but the head of the statue had been severed from the body, his limbs mutilated and someone had written " Quint's Rules" on his groin.

" Ah...It's a shame. Those multi-faced scrap aliens are barabrians", said sadly Gunrunner looking to the old statue.

Suddenly the shell appeared turning one street and rolled towards Gunrunner. When he noticed his shell, the pretender transformed back into his robot mode, his twin cannon backpack combined with the shell's roof and he entered the cabin of the vehicle, like a human driver in his car.

Gunrunner:" Well Wind, do you want a race towards HQ? No turbo boost allowed...", said with a new and more happily mood.

2005-09-17, 10:22 PM

Bomb-Burst raised an optic ridge as Roadblock dashed off. He kept his optics on Breaker, though.

"You have three choices," he told the unfamiliar Decepticon. "Leave. Or help us defeat the Quintesson hirelings. Or die."

The Pretender's posture remained casual, but intent...the look of a cat that was toying with it's prey.

"Choose quickly or the first two will be moot."

Rebel Base, Iacon

Xaaron nodded to the newly-returned Topspin and Twin Twist.

"You're needed for an assignment," he said. "Oiler will fill you in."

Staging Area 47,Iacon

Ghyrik glanced across the unit of Overcharges, then nodded to their Lieutenant.

"Excellent," he said. "My aide is sending you the location of your target, and your mission orders."

He glanced over his shoulder to make sure that 43-E was doing so, then continued.

"Warcry here will join you on your assignment," he said with a gesture to the Decepticon at his right shoulder. "If you encounter any of our hirelings on your way to the target location, conscript them into service."

The general's face grew grave.

"The primary objective is to capture or destroy the rebel Xaaron. All other targets are secondary."

Resistance HQ, Kalis

"There is a lake forming in the radioactive hole that used to be the Autobot governor's palace," Cobalt replied to Bumblebee.

2005-09-17, 11:15 PM
OOC- Roadblock's humaniod shell has been following around him in his assualt vechicle.

Roadblocks humanoid shell quickly snapped up his Plasma blasters and opened fire on the two traitors.

Roadblock quickly spun his vechicle around and opened fire with his proton cannons.

"I will give you two morons one chance at continued existance you and rejoin us or I can run you into the ground. Either way I have fun!"

2005-09-18, 12:59 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Moonracer listened to Bumblebee and Cobalt.

She noded to both of them, and stodd up.

"Alright, you two. I want you to somehow capture a Sharkiton, and reformat it's memory. Let it think that is found where Galvatron is, and let it go.."

She hated sending her fellow mechs out on what could be thier last missions, but she knew that Cobalt was more than a match for any of them...and he would keep watch over Bee...

"And be carefull."

2005-09-18, 01:20 AM
Derby continued on through the dark corridors, illuminated only by his headlights, navigating as proficiently as he could over the obstacles and debris left behind by previous battles and ancient attempts to break into the coveted Vector Sigma. The frames of mangled, rusted Transformers became more frequent as he travelled farther out; few potential thieves had made it this far.

"Gotcha, I know where that is. We'll be there in a jiff... So what's the plan?"


Iacon: Staging Area 47

The OCL retained his nearly blank, empty grin at hearing Ghyrik's orders. Though he did not share some hunters' lust for Xaaron's destruction, he was glad to have some destruction at all...

"Capture or destroy Xaaron," OCL confirmed. "Yes, General."

OCL radio relayed the information to his brigade, whose collective processing emanated a faint hum as they took in the information. OCL gave Warcry a nearly suspicous glance. He was programmed not to trust Decepticons, but it was not his place to question the General's orders. OCL turned to his troops and waved his right arm in precise, mechanical motions. The Overcharges replied with a stomp and transformed uniformly to tank mode.

2005-09-18, 05:13 AM
Streets, Kalis

"You're on," Windbreaker replied to Gunrunner with enthusiasm, "Just don't go crying to Moonracer when I leave you in the dust."

Windbreaker lined up on a crack in the road and waited for Gunrunner to give the signal to go.

Resistance Base, Kalis

Bumblebee nodded to Moonracer saying, "We will."

Turning his attention to Kick-Off, he asked, "Do we happen to have any weapons around here to take out a sharkticon without damaging it's outer body too much? Something like an ion cannon or an EMP rifle?"

2005-09-18, 05:43 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt subspaced the chunk of flint that he had been sharpening his blade with, then ran his index finger down the edge of the blade. Nodding in satisfaction, he subspaced it as well.

Finally, he glanced up at Moonracer.

"Consider it done."

Drawing his rifle from subspace, he started to subject it to the same scrutiny his blade had gotten, while he waited for Bumblebee to be ready.

Staging Area 47, Iacon

Warcry converted to his jet mode and blasted off, making sure to travel slowly enough for the Overcharges to keep up. He took no notice of the lieutenant's distaste for him; after all, they were all in service to the same Creators, weren't they?

Ghyrik watched the squadron of troops move out, nodding in satisfaction at their orderly departure.

2005-09-18, 10:59 AM
Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner:" Ok pal, at the count of three. Ready? Well, of course you are ready...THREE...TWO...ONE...ENGAGE!"

And Winbreker and Gunrunner engaged in a race towards HQ.

" I just frogot the feelings of the leadership," was thinking Gunrunner meanwhile was following Windbreaker's cloud of dust,
" today, and by my fault, almost we get killed into that demolition zone. In the Asphalt Wars all was easier than now. The good guys, the bad guys...on these days I always knew what to do. I was a good leader..but now..I'm not sure what I became. Only a warrior, maybe."

Gunrunner hadn't the intention to win the race, only to put it hard for his fellow. He knew that in car mode, he wasn't as fast as Windbreaker, but he remembered one thing about his former leadership days: the mood of the troops, their moral was crucial for win any war, battle or mission. And Windbreaker was one of the best soldiers of Kalis, but a hothead, hyperactive and a reckless one.

"Blessed young bots!", smiled Gunrunner for himslef.

2005-09-18, 03:28 PM

Apeface ducked behind his shield to block the blasts from the vehicle shell. He rolled sideways and brought hils Leviathan Rifle from subspace, firing it at the vehicle. It was so slow to reload, it was the only ranged shot he'd likely get in this fight.

Snapdragon continued firing his rifles at the human shell as he ran sideways, evading most of the shots from the plasma blasters. Two shots scored minor damage on his leg and torso.

Aero Blade
2005-09-18, 07:59 PM
"Apparently you are hard of hearing. I've already told you I would be doing before you spoke what you can reasonably say is your first choice, if it makes you feel better and more confident about your precarious situation," Breaker commented with a chuckle towards Bomb-Burst. "As far as the latter two, you would never accomplish the third, kid, and for what reason would I need bother with the second? Why should I bother aiding pests?"

2005-09-18, 08:21 PM
Tunnel Rat slinked out of the shadows and aimed his shotgun at the shell

He fired ....

2005-09-19, 01:53 AM
The rifle hit Roadblock's vechicle on the side. The vechicle shook violently and nearly tipped over Roadblock did some quick manuveuring to keep the vechicle from tipping over.

"The slag was that?" He growled wipping the vechicle around as smoke poured out of the side. The systems reading damage to some of the weapon systems but nothing that would keep Roadblock from trying to shread the two Decepticons again.

As he turned around his humaniod shell had a chance to return fire with it's plasma cannons at the two Headmasters.

2005-09-19, 06:26 AM
Streets, Kalis

"Haha! Is that the best you can do old timer?" Windbreaker asked Gunrunner playfully.

He knew the Pretender couldn't keep up with him, but that didn't mean he couldn't rub it in a little. He also knew that the Gun wasn't really that old, but it was more fun to tease him about the age difference. Truthfully, he really liked Gunrunner. Unlike some of the other Autobots, Gunrunner always seemed to treat him as an equal. Which as far as he was concerned earned the Asphalt War vet the highest respect Windbreaker could give.

2005-09-19, 07:19 PM
Haras arrived back at the zone ashamed, head low and his weapons sheathed. with the danger passed, Eiramnna left the Magistrate and came to his brothers side, holding his shoulder and whispering to him: "We have greater problems than products escaping you my brother. There is tension here, and maybe even politics." Haras spat, and his brother continued. "Yes, the politics we hate: the bombardment against the products and yourself was doubled in ferocity when I addressed the large companion as Sire. Be warned and tread carefully brother."

God Jinrai
2005-09-19, 09:46 PM
Ginrai sighed internally as he pondered his options. Running head-long into the CES Production facility was suicide, plain and simple... even for him... at least without proper assistance, it was.

He'd recalled hearing about a "Dark Prime" under the quintessons' command... one who seemed to hate his masters as much as his enemies.

"Maybe it's time to find this Black Convoy..." He muttered, starting out from the main complex within vector sigma. summoning his trailer, and godbomber, he shifted into vehicle mode, starting down the tunnle to the transport shaft that would take him to the surface... en-route, he radioed Doublecross, Derby and the others....

" All of you... return to base as quickly as possible... I'm going out on a personal matter, and the quints CAN'T be allowed to locate vector sigma... And by the way... I need the last known location of that dark prime doppelganger..."

2005-09-19, 09:58 PM
Streets, Kalis

Gunrunner was enjoying the race against Windbreaker.

"I think that Wind deserves some hard effort from myself..."

Gunrunner:" Ok then, you hothead! This old timer has and old and big bag of triks!", replied happily the pretender. He charged the thermal frontal panels of his shell and turned towards the street's buildings, leaving the road. With his thermal plates ready, he 'burned' through the ruined walls, cutting down the distance towards one of the secret areas of Resistance HQ.

2005-09-20, 01:05 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -optics narrow, panels in his shoulders whirr shut, extinguishes and stores his energosword, strides over the the "Magistrate" and Erimana, growling- "Either Galvatron fears a challenge, or he's seen through this."

Voice from inside the Magistrate, muffled: "Does that mean I can come out now?"

BBC: "No. Now get out there and look bossy."

"Magistrate" -sighs, heads outside, yelling at the Sharkticons-

Resistance Base, Kalis:

Kick-Off: "There should be an EMP cannon in the armory."

2005-09-20, 04:20 AM
Blackstar got onto his com-link to Ginrai.

"I am transmitting you the last few radar scans I got before returning to base. They are a bit old, but they might have the energy signature you are seeking on their." He said hoping to be of some help.

2005-09-20, 04:46 AM

"And yet you're still here. Strange."

Bomb-Burst glanced at Breaker, but seemed to almost be talking to himself.

"Could it be that you think that you have to prove yourself?" Without giving the stranger a chance to answer, he said," "Yes. Yes. It could."

He cast an arch look at Breaker.

"Couldn't it?"

Aero Blade
2005-09-20, 05:12 AM
Breaker simply burst out laughing as Bomb-burst seemed to prattle on. "You have an interesting way of avoiding questions, esspecially with making up erronious questions and assumptions to lead away from the subject," Breaker answered. "Quite frankly, the only reason I'm here is I simply have nothing better to do until the Magistrate arrives. The longer you want to go on about this, the longer you friend deals with those bounty hunters without any aid. If he survives, I'll be amazed."

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone, Jr., the fact that I've survived so many ages speaks for itself. You rebells, however, have much to prove of yourselves, considering how little you seem to know of the currently building situation. One would think you'd already be making preparations, but I suppose that's a bit out of your scope to plan any kind of raid that would actually damage the Quintesson Empire...."

Breaker at this point shifted his tones, seeming to be growing bored. "Well then, what shall it be, rebell? Continue to amuse me with your childish, poorly misguided notions, or will you go aid your friend against the bounty hunters?"

2005-09-20, 05:35 AM

Bomb-Burst looked at Breaker as if the other had suddenly sprouted a second head.

"Friend?" He repeated the word curiously, as if he had never heard it uttered before. "Friend? Not really. No. A vampire has no friends. A useful ally. Perhaps. But 'friend'? No."

Behind Breaker, the Pretender's shell was using it's impressive ears to listen intently to the battle between Roadblock and his foes.

"He seems to be doing rather well at any rate. Now. Since you are still here and aren't attacking the hirelings..."

Bomb-Burst powered up his forearm-mounted lasers. His shell, meanwhile, lowered itself to a stooped position...the better to leap at Breaker, or fire it's corrosive slime at the odd Decepticon.

"...you must also be a Quintesson minion. Unless you care to prove otherwise by fighting the traitors."

2005-09-20, 05:43 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

"Thanks Kick-off," Bumblebee replied to the security officer, "I'll be right back Cobalt."

Bumblebee left the room and headed down a hallway until he reached a small room that was used for an armory. Flipping on some overhead lights, he began searching for the EMP rifle. To his surprise he found it almost immediately. Checking the weapon to make certain that it had power, he leaned it against his shoulder and headed back to where the others were.

Upon entering the room he took the rifle that was nearly as big as he was, cocked it dramatically, and put on his best tough guy face, "Let's go to work."

Streets, Kalis

Windbreaker was enjoying the race, that is until Gunrunner decided to use a little special ability of his to burn through walls.

"Hey! that's cheating," he cried out to the Pretender.

-I can't use my turbo, but he can take shortcuts through walls. That's real fair.. Alright then, if that's the way he wants it, I can play-

Windbreaker would have been grinning had he been in robot mode. He turned a corner and floored it. Heading straight for a long abandoned construction site. Turning on the speed he drove up a ramp that had been placed at the base of a partially constructed building for easy access to the upper levels, and launched himself into the air, hoping to land right in front of Gunrunner when he gets through his next set of walls.

Aero Blade
2005-09-20, 05:51 AM
Breaker was well aware of the activities going on behind him with the pretender shell, and he'd been waiting for this moment, simply chuckling as he listened to Bomb-burst. "Like I said before, kid, not worth my time. The bounty hunters will only hunt for the Quints so long as the Quints exist. The only way to cause any real damage is to attack the source of the problem."

"And though I'm not on their side, I'm certainly not on yours. Be glad you're not an Autobot, or I'd have shot you earlier isntead of deciding to show myself. If you rebells ruin my attack plans and continue to annoy me, you'll earn yourself an enemy worse than any number of the Quints' pet bounty hunters. Continue to impress me, though, and you might just earn yourself a temporary ally..."

Without giving Bomb-burst a chance to say anything in return, the sudden bright light of a flash-bomb going off would obscure their sensors momentarily. When the flash-bomb faded, Breaker was no-where to be seen. It was possible he was still in the area, but if he was, he wouldn't be easily found again...

2005-09-20, 03:41 PM

Apeface leapt at Roadblock's vehicle shell, subspacing his rifle and summoning his shield and cudgel as he flipped through the air, attempting to land on top of the vehicle.

Snapdragon took a shot to the shoulder as he hid behind the edge of a building, leaning out quickly to shoot at the humanoid shell with his equilibrium impairing Gyro-Rifles.

2005-09-20, 09:22 PM
Streets kalis, near HQ

Windbreaker landed just infront of Gunrunner, accelerated even more and finally reached the goal.

Gunrunner:" Well played Wind! You win!", admited a smiling pretender.

The two Autobots stopped infront of a very damaged building, which in fact was one of the secret entrances of the Resistance HQ.

Gunrunner opened the shell's cockpit, jumped outside and walked towards one of the building's doors, his shell following him. He stopped, looked around them watching if any hostil presence was near, while his shell was scanning the surrounding area with his sensors.

"All clear", he thought. But now that he was outside his shell, he realized the recent imprudence he had done with the race.

Gunrunner:" It's time to return to base, and report to our commander, pal", he said worried. "Maybe we have been too unwise racing in a occupied city towards our secret base."

God Jinrai
2005-09-20, 09:36 PM
as the entrance ramp from the elevator opened, Ginrai recieved Blackstar's scans...

" I think I've got a lock, Blackstar... Thanks."

Revving his supercharged engine, the Godmaster commander of the Vector Sigma facility started out for his destination, doing his best to keep his own energy signature masked. that was one small trick that, as a godmaster, he had learned to make use of.

Opening his comm, he radioed the Kalis branch of the resistance on a scrambled frequency..." Kalis HQ, this is commander Ginrai of the Vector Sigma branch. I've located something of interest to me that may be in your neck of the woods... some assistance would be apprecieated in locating it."

2005-09-21, 02:00 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis:

Kick Off: -scowls, moves over to comm panel, switches it to the Quint transmitter array in Polyhex, glad that there are service tunnels honeycombed throughout the underground of Cybertron- "This is Kick Off. Who are you looking for?"

2005-09-21, 02:12 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

Moonracer noded to both of them..

"Alright. Go on, and stay in contact. And be carefull..."

God Jinrai
2005-09-21, 02:49 AM
"Black Battle Convoy."

Ginrai's reply was short, and without emotion.

if his gambit was to work, he'd need to keep cool, no matter what

2005-09-21, 04:28 AM
*OOC edited as I had everyones modes effed up, Roadblock is a land cruiser, his humaniod shell is a subsonic air cruiser and of course his assualt vechicle.*

Roadblock had enough.

"Fine you boys want to play rough. I will show you I am the roughest here!" Roadblock himself transformed into his landcruiser mode and fired rust bombs his humaniod form continued to fire the plasma cannons and his tank opened fire with it's shattercannons.

"I don't know what the quints are paying you two to fight us. But I am sure I will make not worth your while! Or you two could smarten up and realise if they finish us off your dead as well." Roadblock was not exactly sure why he was trying to reason with two traitors but then again getting them back into the resistance would be a good thing, not to mention having more cons for when they finally fight off the Quints would be even better to slag Autobots with.

2005-09-21, 04:24 PM

Apeface landed on top of the assault vehicle in ape form, his energy shield and cudgel in hand. He listened to Roadblock's little speech and replied only with a harsh barking laugh. He reared back to begin pounding on the shell with his cudgel.

Snapdragon was more or less pinned down behind his cover as the vehicles bombarded him. The rust bomb explosion splashed onto him, not doing any actual damage, but eating away him protective coating of oil in places, making him vulnerable to future damage. That made him angry. Subspacing his rifles, he transformed to tyrannosaurus mode and rushed towards the subsonic air cruiser, his jaws snapping.

2005-09-21, 07:21 PM
Eiramnna and Haras flanked the "Magistrate" as he approached his sharkticon congregation, scanning the distance for attacks. Eiramnna was keeping an eye on BBConvoy : he didn't look the type to forgive and forget, and didn't look above executing those no longer useful to him.
Haras meanwhile was sending a text to the Kalis HQ to have a new bike ready for him on return.

2005-09-21, 11:30 PM
Roadblock smiled as Apeface was on his vechicle with a thought it activated it thermal shielding with Apeface being right inside of it.

Given that moment of extra time he fired a few more rust bombs at Snapdragon as his shell quickly flew up then strafed down at the t-rex.

2005-09-22, 04:55 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt had to force himself to keep a straight face as Bumblebee strutted out into the common room. The little guy really tried too hard some times...

Clearing away the thought with a shake of his head, the covert ops officer strode off towards the base's main exit corridor.

"Let's go," he said in a detatched voice.


Bomb-Burst's shell recoiled from the flash of Breaker's departure, it's sensitive optics hurt by the bright light. His audio and olfactory sensors still detected traces of the departing figure, but the Pretender made absolutely no attempt to track him.

He can be dealt with later. After the traitors. But he will be dealt with. I know his scent. His thermal signature. The sounds of his body. He cannot hide.

Allowing his shell to split, then close around him, he crept off silently to Roadblock's aid.

2005-09-22, 03:53 PM

(OOC:thermal shielding do anything besides keep Apeface in?)

Apeface chuckled as he was sealed inside the forcefield. Suits me he though, as he pounded on the roof of the vehicle with all his strength.

Snapdragon's protective coating of oil was worn off in several more places from the rust bombs. He was beginning to take minor damage from the exposed areas. He saw the shell strafe down at him and met it in full charge, his jaws snapping.

2005-09-22, 05:42 PM
With the Overcharges well on their way rolling to the specified locale in formation, OCL transformed to jet mode and took off after Warcry.


Vector Sigma: Tunnels

As Derby rounded what he expected to be the last corner, he cruised slowly down yet another tunnel, scanning back and forth in confusion at the emptiness of the corridor.

"This is supposed to be the place," his radio declared. "But I don't see anything. Are we under it?"

2005-09-22, 06:20 PM
Doublecross hopped down and after some initial searching he looked up

Double:"trapdoor is down here ."

Cross:"doesn't look like anyone has been down here for ages,"

He pulled the trap open to reveal some damp and dank looking steps.

2005-09-23, 12:52 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis:

Kick Off: "Look for the guy leading the Sharkticon demolition squad. They're starting to raze the city."

God Jinrai
2005-09-23, 02:28 AM
"WHAT?!" Ginrai replied to Kick-off's comment, pushing his engine into overdrive. As he came into view of Kalis, he spotted a very familiar form... very prime-like appearance. and it was unmistakeable.

"Black Convoy..." he growled. "Though I'll need you alive for this to work, that doesn't mean I'm going to hold back either!"

as the super-rig closed distance, the cannons mounted on the front trailer began to collect energy... locking onto a nearby swarm of sharkticons, they roared to life... outright demolishing them.

"Well... if that didn't get his attention... I don't know what will!"

2005-09-23, 03:38 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

Bumblebee nodded to Cobalt and headed awkwardly with the huge rifle for the exit, all the while trying to keep his tough guy face on for Moonracer and Kick off's benefit. Once he was out of the room he grinned a little. He always found that having a sense of humor in these dire times was healthy, not only for him, but for the rest of the team as well. Filling his subspace pocket with the huge rifle, he waited for Cobalt at the exit.

Streets just outside the Resistance Base, Kalis

"You worry too much Gun" Windbeaker said to Gunrunner, "There's no way those quint lackeys would have been able to follow us at the speed we were going."

"Besides," he said looking around, "we would have spotted them a mile away if they were anywhere near. They aren't exactly stealthy. What with all the knocking over buildings and all."

He walked over to the secret base entrance and turned back to the older autobot, "So... ummm..... what are we going to tell Moonracer when she asks where we went?"

2005-09-23, 08:45 PM
Resistance base, Kalis

Gunrunner looked calmly to Windbreaker. The two Autobots after evading all the bobby traps of the entrance, entered the Kalis Rebel HQ.

Gunrunner: " The truth, my friend. We'll speak to our commander about our patrol, and our excess of self-initiative. We'll explain the encounter, and give to her all the data you collected about the ambush and the strange Black Prime and these pair of Quints weirdos."

The pretender suddenly looked serious.

Gunrunner:" And if Moonracer belives that we acted improply, don't worry Win. I'll by myself will carry with the consecuences."

(OOC:Stark, I'll be out 4 days aprox. Feel free to move Gunrunner if you need it)

Igos Du Inka
2005-09-23, 11:21 PM
(Flec's Edit: Sorry, but you'll need to wait until your character is approved before you start posting IC. We'll let you know when that happens.)

2005-09-23, 11:23 PM
With Doublecross out of his bed, Derby transformed cautiously to robot mode, trying not to let the sound echo too loudly through the dripping old tunnels. With a quick glance to each side, he pulled his pistol and moved to follow Doublecross into the stairs.

"All right, let's go," he said softly with a glance through the doorway.

2005-09-24, 02:02 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -turns at the sound of the explosions, optics narrowing- "And they thought Prime wasn't here...... Erimanna! Harras! Protect the Magistrate." -voice drops to a growl, covers whirring open on his shoulder launchers- "Prime is MINE!!!" -micromissiles lock on to Ginrai, roaring as they launch from his launchers, breaking up and attacking from all sides, brings double barrel laser rifle up, aims it at Ginrai's engine, fires-

God Jinrai
2005-09-24, 02:10 AM
as the onslaught of firepower rushed at him, ginrai's vehicle mode became engulfed in flame... the missiles struck the barrier, exploding... doing minimal damage.

" Indeed, Black Convoy? TRANSFORM! GOD ON!"

The extended semi-rig shifted form... shifting into the giant form of Super Ginrai... until the Godbomber armor integrated, forming God Ginrai.

" You my friend have never faced anything like ME... I have a proposition for you... but something tells me that you'll only listen after I've beaten these lackies of yours into quintesson stew first..."

Ginrai's shoulder mounted rocket launcher fired, the warhead spiraling toward the sharkticons surrounding the magistrate. drawing up his twin rifles, ginrai returned fire on black convoy, letting his leg lasers target the two black convoy had designated to protect the magistrate

2005-09-24, 03:40 AM
(OOC: Sorry for not posting. Been busy.)

Rebel Base, Iacon

Oiler looked at the Jumpstarters as the other members of the Metro Squad entered the room.

"We got somebody at the outer fringe of the Iacon borders looking to offer us supplies. You can only imagine why Xaaron called you here. It's Doubledealer, a mech we all know couldn't be trusted with two cred chips and a paper bag. But he's offering us something that we can't refuse, even though we know there's a hook on the end of that fish."

He took the time to look at the others, Roadburner giving him an encouraging look.

"I'm gonna send you two out there to pick them up. And I'm gonna send the other Metro Squad members along with you."

2005-09-24, 06:20 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt walked through the base's exit with businesslike calm, making no attempt to banter with Bumblebee. Once he had made his way out onto the streets, he transformed to vehicle mode and rolled out in search of Sharkticons.

Airspace, Iacon

Warcry started to dive towards the ground as the unit approached the designated ingress point for their target location.

He sureptitiously throttled back, allowing the Overcharge units to move ahead of him. Whilst he was no coward, he wasn't a fool, either. With the drones going first he would be spared from any booby-traps that the infidels may have set.

After all, the Creators could always make more Overcharges. A unit with his experience and skills, however, couldn't be produced off an assembly line.

Or so he told himself, anyway.

2005-09-25, 02:26 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -narrows optics, dodging out of the way of the incoming fire, missile launchers roaring in response to Ginrai's fire, arcing out and angling into hit Ginrai from several directions at once, laser rifle blasting away at Ginrai's head- "Think you can take all of us, Prime?"

God Jinrai
2005-09-25, 02:57 AM
Ginrai expanded the flame field, and shifting his head to one side, he stared Black Convoy down.

"Actually... Yes."

snapping his twin rigles up, he opened up quickly on Ermanna and Harras, as his jets ignited, rocketing him skyward...

"These rockets aren't going to do you any good, friend.."

Intensifiying the ball of flame around him, ginrai prepared to dive at black convoy with his final attack... or a dulled down version of it.

2005-09-25, 03:04 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

BBC: -charges forward, subspacing his rifle and drawing and igniting his energosword, dropping into a skid, slashing to gut Ginrai as he passes overhead- "Galvatron would be a challenge. You...... you're nothing."

2005-09-25, 04:04 PM
Resistance Base, Kalis

Bumblebee transformed and followed Cobalt out into the empty streets of Kalis in search of a sharkticon.

God Jinrai
2005-09-25, 05:17 PM
As black convoy passed beneath him, Ginrai rolled left, pulling up, comming into a hover.

" That's rather ironic... You see... Galvatron himself once spoke quite highly of me. But that matters little right now. "

Ginrai landed himself on the ground, extending his right arm, palm flat and facing forward... and manifested a mass of pure energy... a mass that was shaped into a massive blade.

"Looks like the odds are even now... care to try again?"

Ginrai held the blade to one side of him, tip pointing skyward. those who had seen Grand Maximus in action would recognize the blade as what appeared to the Master Sword... albeit smaller.

2005-09-26, 05:42 AM
Demolition Zone, Kalis:

"Magistrate": -under cover, sighs, figuring that he might as well stck to the plan, activates commlink- "CES, you have a go. Your target is big, with Autobot emblems. And..... wings?"


BBC: "My. How showy of you. Going to invoke the 'Power Of' anything?" -narrows optics, droping into a ready stance, wielding the energo-sword one handed- "Bring it."

2005-09-26, 06:25 AM
Doublecross sneaked down the staircase tensed ready for trouble gun at the ready.

2005-09-26, 06:50 PM

The skin (armor, metal, whatever) on Apeface's back began to blister and heat up from the thermal shielding. Apeface roared in anger, and began to beat on the assault shell with both hands.

Snapdragon ignored the damage he was sustaining from the blasts for the moment, and lunged at the humanoid shell, attempting to lock on with his jaws.

2005-09-26, 07:09 PM
Haras and Eiramnna not being stupid, are protecting the magistrate and staying out of BBConvoys way.
"Is it just the flying freak attacking?" Eiramnna worried outloud. the products seemed tougher here: Haras had already underestimated 2 two of them: were BBConvoy to get distracted, or fall to the overlarge autobot, then he and Haras were gonna have to hightail it out of the zone with a magistrate and one bike, for fear of further attacks.
Not good odds at all, Eiramnna thought to himself.

2005-09-26, 07:47 PM
Roadblocks humanoid shell shuttered as Snapdragon bit into his arm he then quickly placed opened fire at Snapdragon.

"Don't damage the paint!" Roadblock growled and opened fire as Apeface tried to smash is assualt tank.

God Jinrai
2005-09-27, 12:34 AM
"I'm afraid you've got me mistaken for someone else, friend... I'm not Prime. Prime's power PALES in comparison to mine..."

Ginrai's master sword suddenly errupted into flame as he charged toward Black Convoy.

"The name is Ginrai..."

2005-09-27, 02:07 AM
BBC: "At least your remains will be labeled correctly." -micromissiles howl from his shoulder batteries, targeting Ginrai's head and knees-

God Jinrai
2005-09-27, 03:25 AM
the leg cannons came online, blowing away the missiles aimed for his legs.. with his blade, he weaved a swath of flame to detonate the ones comming for his head.

"If this is all you're capable of, friend... without calling on your weapons platform... I'm afraid you've already lost this fight."

opening up with a lunging diagonal slash from top left to lower right, Ginrai was going to force the issue at this point...

"I have a proposition for you."

2005-09-27, 04:39 AM
Streets, Kalis

Cobalt steered towards the edge of the destruction.

"Keep your optics open, kid," he said to Bumblebee. "This is the best place to find what we're looking for, but it won't be safe."


Moving through the shadows, Bomb-Burst stalked towards the two Headmasters attacking Roadblock.


Transforming to robot mode, Warcry landed and started to move towards the nondescript hatch that was supposed to lead him and the Overcharges to their target.

2005-09-27, 05:20 AM
BBC: -blocks the slash easily with his energo-sword(one handed), pulling his laser rifle from subspace, aiming it at Ginrai's head- "Unless the proposition involves your surrender, I'm not interested." -fires-

2005-09-27, 05:57 AM
Streets, Kalis

"Now there's an understatement, if I've ever heard one," Bumblebee replied to Cobalt as he drove along side the blue autobot.

The devastation here was worse than he had expected. A saddness washed over him as he thought about the pointless destruction to one of the few cities that had remained intact during the invasion.

In the distance he could see flashes of light where the Quintesson forces must have been continuing their demolition. Had he been a larger bot like Optimus Prime he would have went straight to the source and confronted the problem head on. But he wasn't Optimus, and the team had come up with a plan. A good plan by all accounts. Now all they had to do was find their prey. Usually that was a simple task, but with the new offensive, Sharkticons didn't roam the streets aimlessly quite as often as they used to.

"Hey Cobalt," he said, "How come you didn't go to Earth during the Exodus?"

Resistance Base, Kalis

Windbreaker and Gunrunner made their way through the various traps and passages of the base until they came upon Moonracer and Kick off.

"You can all relax, I'm here," Windbreaker announced confidently as he entered the room.

God Jinrai
2005-09-27, 02:33 PM
with a simple shift in his weight, the blast seared past ginrai's head...

" Pity... I thought you might jump at the chance to see your creators destroyed once and for all... as they certainly have no right to stake claim to a being with the sheer force of will that you posess, friend."

having the advantage in strength with a two handed grip, ginrai batted BBC's energo sword away, only to quickly bring his own blade back up to the equivalent of BBC's throat.

"Though I'd prefer to continue this discussion without your lackies around... it makes it a bit easier to speak my thoughts when one doesn't need to worry about sharkticons and other quintesson scrapheaps trying to turn me into a pile of scrap..."

2005-09-28, 04:35 AM
BBC: -steps back, optics still narrowed- "Your proposal is that I betray my creators, then." -optics start blazing- "You do not understand at all what I am, do you? I have no love for my creators. I know exactly what I am, what I was created to be." -starts moving to Ginrai's left, anger visibly growing, fueling his strength, but controlled with an iron grip- "I am the Omega."

2005-09-28, 05:09 AM
Streets, Kalis

As he turned down a side-street, Cobalt let out a sigh.

"That's one hell of a question," he said. The operative was silent for a long while before he spoke again.

"This is home," he said at last. "Cybertron, I mean. People come and go. Governments come and go. But Cybertron...there's only one Cybertron. I couldn't just let the Quintessons run around unchecked. Not after-"

He made a grating sound. "Not after all that we lost to save it from everyone else who's tried to destroy it," he finished flatly.

And that's as close to the truth as anyone's ever going to get, he thought coldly.

More to deflect the course of the conversation than anything else, he asked, "What about you? Why did you stay?"

2005-09-28, 07:38 AM
Streets, Kalis

"Actually," Bumblbee replied to Cobalt solemnly, "I didn't choose to stay behind. I was caught in the middle of a bad situation and ended up missing the my chance to go back to Earth. Never thought I would have been left behind, but...."

"To tell you the truth," he reflected, "I'd prefer to be on Earth right now. For some reason it has always felt more like home to me than Cybertron has. I don't know, I guess I just have so many ties to it that I find myself missing everything that we don't have here. But.. I suppose what's done is done, and no matter how much I may want to change the past, I can't live there. I have to live here. In the present. I can see now that my being left behind was necessary. I mean someone has to fight the good fight up here, huh?"

2005-09-28, 11:26 AM
Tunnel Rat transformed into tank mode and charged full speed from the shadows at the side of Roadblocks tank shell.

"die evil murderer, you and your kind deserve no mercy for your heinious crimes against the innocent ."

God Jinrai
2005-09-28, 02:08 PM
"The end, eh? So once you've wiped out your "masters" opposition... what then, hm? I'm aware of the fact that they even now discuss having you melted down for scrap. What then? Simple self preservation dictates that you'd end up turning on them at SOME point. Why not sooner, when you still have a chance to get away and stay ALIVE, than later when they have that prototype Commander for the CES up and running? You'd be saving yourself a LOT of trouble... and simply because I ask you to aid me doesn't mean I want you to "join me". Again, your very nature dictates that you'd just as soon see me dead once what was needed to be done was done.

Ginrai spun the master sword once, then brought it into a defensive position in front of him.

"Consider it."

2005-09-28, 08:40 PM
Kalis HQ

(OOC: I'm back!)

Gunrunner followed Windbreaker into one of the main rooms of the Rebel base. Then the two Autobots encountered Kick-Off.

Gunrunner: " Ehm, hello!", said with a shy voice," do you know where we can find Moonracer?"

2005-09-28, 09:12 PM

Snapdragon shook his head back and forth violently and released the humanoid shell as he took a shot to the torso.

Apeface ducked the shot as best he could, taking it on the shoulder and back. "Its not the paint I want to damage," Apeface growled, "it's the innards." He tore at the gun on the roof of the assault shell.

2005-09-29, 03:54 AM
OCL circled while waiting for his troops to catch up, and finally glided down to land when they came within range. He transformed to robot mode and waved to them in cryptic silent signals. Four pairs split up to patrol the surrounding streets, while another two transformed to robot mode and methodically cut out the grating of a large tunnel entrance. They proceeded with oblivious valiance to descend into it, the OCL watching patiently and with little regard to Warcry. He had his orders; the Decepticon's presence was inconsequential.


Theta Quadrant

Derby followed Doublecross down the stairs on tiptoe, glancing back every now and again to make sure they weren't being followed. He was glad for the stairway's darkness, lest Doublecross may see the terror on his face. He decided to take his mind off the worst-case possibilities by figuring out how to avoid them.

"So," he whispered as quietly as he could manage. "You know the layout?"

2005-09-29, 04:00 AM
BBC: "I also know that they discuss scrapping me. But the likelyhood is that they will not. I represent too great an investment of time and material. As long as Optimus Prime lives, I live." -scowls- "After all, we are one in the same."

2005-09-29, 05:47 AM

Cobalt made an noncomittal noise as Bumblebee spoke.

"Like I said, people come and go. It's what we stand for while we're here that counts."

The Autobot was relieved of the need to expand on that when his sensors detected a trio of Sharkticons moving down the street up ahead.

"The hunt is on," he said as he transformed.


As Tunnel Rat charged at Roadblock, Bomb-Burst leapt towards the unfamiliar tank-like attacker, using his small wings to control his flight. The Pretender let loose a fuel-curdling shreak, like a malicious bird-of-prey swooping down at a terrified rodent.

If I can deflect his charge. I will have time enough to shred him to scrap.


Warcry drew his sword from it's sheath as the Overcharges set to work openning the grate. Once they had begun proceeding inside, he followed warily.

2005-09-29, 06:35 AM

Tunnel Rat sprang out of the shadows from where he had been controlling his shell and jumped onto the top of the turret he greeted the oncoming Con with his buzzsaw rotating and held up high in his direction.

"come to me my pretty one Tunnel Rat will chop you up and spit you out yes he will mwahaahahhahah."

Aero Blade
2005-09-29, 06:29 PM
Breaker had hung around after the minor altercation with Bomb-burst, circling around to a different area to keep tabs on him and the other decepticon. Now, with the battle going on, Breaker had left street level, now taking to a perch up high on one of the buildings, watching the action down below. He wasn't attempting to hide at all, but likely with their focus on their opponents, none would bother to look up and notice him, not for awhile yet anyways. Watching them all from up this high, they all looked like little moving targets...

While Breaker studied their movements and strategies, his mind wandered slight back to the altercation. He almost couldn't believe that Bomb-burst had actually given the offer of aiding them - either he hadn't recognized Breaker, or he simply hadn't been around long enough or explored widely enough to have heard rumors of Breaker's reputation of attacking both autobots and decepticons - or perhaps he simply didn't care at all; very few things mattered anymore now that once did, now that the Quintessons were back. They would be very hard to remove from the planet, especially alone...

Perhaps the offer wasn't so outrageous after all. Certainly it wasn't an arragement that Breaker would want to stick with all the time, but it might be nice on occassion to have the extra hands to help with jobs too big for Breaker to handle on his own. That however would require inviting them into his territory and giving up some of the precious information of certain secret passages benieth Cybertron, which Breaker was not so easily willing to part with... No, it would take quite a bit of consideration before deciding upon this, and out in the open was not the best place for such heavy, distracting thoughts. He put them aside for the moment, continuing to spy on the battle below...

2005-09-29, 07:06 PM
Haras and Eiramnna had become confused. Only one product attacking, and he seemed interested in little more than keeping BBConvoy busy: obviously something else was happening, but the brothers could not desert their post of guarding the Magistrate.

(OOC yeah, just a post so noone forgets theyre there)

God Jinrai
2005-09-29, 07:58 PM
"...Hardly. Prime has none of the ego nor the arrogance you have... Though he probably has you matched, if not beaten in the departments of compassion as well as command. After all... command through respect and the bond he shares with his troops is, in the end, far more effective than rule by terror... regardless of how many people have argued that over the centuries. I suppose that it's a futile effort at this point to continue this... so I'll leave you with this then... Don't say I didn't give you the chance when your masters decide you're no longer of use... or you become a liability."

The matrix blade disappeared, and ginrai's jets ignited again.

"Let's see if you really ARE one and the same with Optimus Prime..."

Ginrai spun in mid-air, his back to Black Battle Convoy... and started to rocket off from the battle.

2005-09-29, 09:31 PM
Roadblock's humaniod shell moved away from Snapdragon and continued to fire it's plasma cannons at him.

Roadblock himself strafed Apeface knowing the thermal shield would protect it from the rust bombs and in time the Headmaster would need to get off the shell anyway. He nodded a quick thanks to Bomb-Burst for jumping at Tunnel Rat.

"I go for a drive and all the scum comes out at the same time." He huffed.

2005-09-30, 12:22 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

Moonracer looked over at the two newcomers and nodded.

"Very well, You have anything to report?"

2005-09-30, 03:50 AM
BBC: -watching Ginrai fly away, going over the scans he'd made- "And what you don't understand is why I was created. I am Prime's dark side. His mirror image, as it were. I don't care about my troops, I have no compassion...... But I won't shoot you in the back." -activates commlink- "Orbital tracking, lock onto this metallaurgical signature, see where it goes."

2005-09-30, 06:34 AM
On a rooftop Detritus lay watching the situation unfolding

"breaking news rebel dies in tragic shooting incident , more after these words from our sponsors."

God Jinrai
2005-09-30, 02:32 PM
" If you think for a moment that I'm going to just lead you back to my base... you're sorely mistaken."

Ginrai reached down within himself, tapping the masterforce energy that he wielded, engulfing himself in flame once more... and tore off toward the Barrens.

2005-10-01, 01:10 AM
BBC: "So that's......" -activates commlink- "Did you read that?"

Orbital Tracking: "Yes.

BBC: -nods- "Stay with it."

Orbital Tracking: "But, sir-"

BBC: "I do not care how difficult it is. Track him or I will execute you."

2005-10-01, 05:37 AM
Resistance Base, Kalis

"Anything to report?" Windbreaker replied to Moonracer with feined innocence, optics widening, and a slight grimace on his face, "umm... well, we uhhh..... do we have anything to report Gun?"

He hoped the shift of focus to the vet would save him from being disciplined for going out and looking for trouble.

Streets, Kalis

Following Cobalt's lead, Bumblebee transformed and pulled the EMP rifle from subspace. The weight of the oversized weapon in the undersized Autobot's arms throwing off his balance and nearly making him fall over.

Quickly recovering he stood up straight and asked in a low voice, "So what's the plan? Do we sneak up on them or should we lead them to us?"

2005-10-01, 05:57 AM

Bomb-Burst dropped to the ground only a few feet away from Tunnel Rat's spinning buzzsaw. He brought his vibroscythe up, placing it between himself and his foe's weapon. The buzz of the saw and the hmmmm of the scythe formed a chilling harmony as the Pretender sized up his enemy.

Perhaps we should call for backup. Beastbox and Squawktalk might be useful.

"You will die," he pronounced, his shell's vocal processors transmogrophying the simple threat into something akin to a whisper from beyond the grave.


Cobalt glanced back up at the group of Sharkticons, then sidelong towards Bumblebee.

"You sneak," he said. "I'll provide a distraction."

As his optics shifted back to the enemies, he began programming one of his hologram flares with the appropriate images. With that done, he fired the flare in the Sharkticons' direction. It landed about half-way towards them, and immediately projected an image of a Quintesson judge into the air.

The creatures immediately saluted the hologram and began staring dumbly at it.

2005-10-01, 08:16 AM
Tunnel Rat grinned

"I know but I don't care as long as I take someone wth me, I died a long time ago back at Yuss . Primus gave a chance to live this half life a little longer so I could get revenge."

He retracted his wrist and fired his grapnel harpoon style at Bomb-burst

2005-10-01, 02:51 PM
Kalis HQ

Gunrunner feeled worried at the prespective of answer the commander question, but Windbreaker was here and the pretender strenghtened his resolution.

"I'm his example. I must be brave and affront the consequences of the truth."

Gunrunner:" Affirmative Moonracer, we've something to report. When I finished my previous scout mission, I discovered unusual Sharks concentration near the old Transmitter, but when I arrived to HQ, I only meet Wind. Then both of us go to scout again the zone, for if the base was in trouble, but we get ambushed by a pair of Quint's srtormtroopers and a powerful dark version of Optimus Prime. We falled back and headed towards HQ."

The pretender paused, looking kindly to Windbreaker.

Gunrunner: " Windbreaker acted like an Autobot Warrior, but not myself. I voluntary was contagied with the imprudence and recklness of the youth, forgetting my duties as a veteran. For my fault we were attacked, and we're lucky to retreat with only minor scratchs. Althought we raced towars HQ, we're sure that any Quint could track our run. If you consider necessary to discipline anybody, that's me. It's not Windbreaker's fault."

And Gunrunner remained silent.

2005-10-01, 11:15 PM

Apeface leapt off the assault shell, flipping several times in the air and rolling behind the edge of a building. "Snapdragon! Cover!" he yelled as he brought his Leviathan Rifle from subspace and began reloading it.

Snapdragon transformed to robot mode, summoning his rifles from subspace as he rolled through the debris in the street from their battle, firing his rifles back at Roadblock as he covered his partner.

God Jinrai
2005-10-02, 03:06 AM
Ginrai streaked across the skyline, engulfed in flame... drawing a rather large amount of attention... until he hit the barrens. at that point, the flames ceased, and he seemed to drop from the sky like a rock, crashing, seemingly to the ground.

internally, he was routing his powerto cover only the necessary systems.. granted, more than likely, it wouldn't work, but he couldn't just lead these bozos back to Vector Sigma either.

2005-10-02, 05:08 AM

Bomb-Burst growled as Tunnel Rat's grapnel slammed into left arm just below the shoulder. A viscous liquid oozed out of the wound, a mixture of fuel, lubricants, and other things too vile to ponder. A low sizzling sound could be heard as the shell's corrosive secretions started to dissolve the weapon.

"That. Was foolish."

The clawed fingers of his left hand wrapped (somewhat unsteadily) around the cable connecting the grapnel to it's master. With all the strength that his wounded arm could muster, Bomb-Burst yanked on the cable. He hoped to pull the traitorous Quint minion close enough that he could set to work on him with his vibro-scythe.