View Full Version : Well, where's the show?

2005-09-11, 11:22 PM
Come on!

Even when I was in charge, we were never this late!

Well, maybe a few times.

Okay, frequently. What do you want? Blood?

Hop to it! Dance, performing monkeys! Dance!

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-11, 11:45 PM
Velcome to Sprockets, I am your host Dieter. I like ze monkeys. They make me as happy as a little GIIIIIRL. Vould you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Love him! Liebe meine abst-monkey!

Now is the time on Sprockets vhen ve dance!!!

2005-09-12, 03:04 AM
Ignavus feels Ignavus' avatar lets Ignavus have a corner on the market for dirty monkey jokes.

Ignavus is suing you all.

You all must be in court by October 23.

Ignavus wants your money.

2005-09-12, 09:31 AM
BAH! YOU SHALL NEVER TAKE MY MONKEYS AWAY........even though I only have one...........:glance: ............

2006-01-21, 07:03 PM
No offense but, What the Hell are you guys talkin' about?