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2005-09-12, 06:04 PM
Mayhem opens with a moment of silence to those who lost their lives due to Hurricane Katrina. The AWF wishes all those affected a speedy return to happier times.

The opening theme plays as the pyro ignites the Fleet Center in Boston, MA bringing Mayhem to the air.

Joey Styles: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us…this is Mayhem. As we here in the United States move away from the events of the past week, the AWF hopes that it can provide a brief moment of entertainment. We have a special show tonight…Mr. Riley has announced that at Autumn Annihilation in just a few weeks, there will be a very special Iron Gauntlet match. This match will determine who the number one contender for the AWF World Title will be. Tonight…we have the qualifying matches to determine who gets into that match…and it doesn’t start any bigger than this one…an early main event match as Y3B Blaster takes on Erik Summers!

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Match:
Erik Summers v. “Y3B” Blaster

Joey: Well its time for our next qualifying match.
Flec: Yeah and this should be a good one. One half of “Better Than You”, Erik Summers is in the match.
Joey: And he’s taking on the man that he knocked out back stage last week with the sledge hammer.
Flec: What are you talking about? You have no proof that Summers did that, in fact we have two men that said it was Sixswitch that did it.
Joey: Yeah both members of “Better Than You.” You can’t seriously think they are telling the truth.
Flec: And why not. What have they ever done to make us not trust them?
Joey: ……..I can’t believe what I am hearing. You would believe anything they said without question. Well its time for the match so let’s send it down to Cliffjumper to get things underway.

Cliffjumper: Ladies and everyone else. The next match is for a spot in the Iron Gauntlet match at the next PPV. Introducing first, from Canada……BLASTER!






A sudden explosion sets off the familiar sounds of “Personal Jesus” by Marilyn Manson fills the air as Y3B bursts out from the back and poses on the stage for the crowd prompting a sizable burst of cheers from the crowd. After a few moments Blaster nods approval then continues down to the ring. He climbs in and poses some more as Cliffjumper takes up the mic again.

CJ: And his opponent. From St. Paul…..ERIK SUMMERS!

Dead Celeb’s “We Fall” takes over the air waves as Erik Summers walks out from the back followed closely by Atticus. He pauses at the top of the ramp as the crowds reaction changes to a hail of boos and jeers that would cause most men to cringe but Summers just stands there with a sly grin on his face as he soaks it all in. He saunters down to the ring and climbs in as Blaster fixes him with a hate filled stare. Referee Mike McClintock signals for the bell as the two men go face to face in the center of the ring. Neither man says a word but finally they step back and begin to circle the ring.

Joey: It looks like Y3B is in a very fowl mood here tonight.
Flec: Well he shouldn’t be. He should be thanking Summers for taking care of the man that knocked him out last week.
Joey: Are you really serious? You do realize that Summers was the one that knocked him out don’t you?
Flec: Prove it.
Joey: I can’t deal with you tonight. Anyways both men tie up in the center of the ring and Summers forcing Y3B back into the corner. McClintock moving in to break them up.

Summers slowly releases Y3B but quickly slams a fist into the side of Y3B’s head to gain the advantage. Summers follows it up with a series of chops then whips Y3B across the ring and charges in to connect with a running clothesline.

Joey: Summers with the early advantage here and he’s already gloating about it.
Flec: And he should be. We all know that he’s going to win this and then win the Iron Gauntlet match at the PPV.
Joey: Do we? That’s interesting. Summers moving in again and slamming Y3B into the mat with a suplex.
Flec: That’s right. A very effective suplex.
Joey: Don’t you get tired of sucking up to these two egomaniacs, never mind, don’t answer that. Summers dragging Blaster up again and quickly tossing him over the top ropes.
Flec: Hey watch this. This is great.

Referee McClintock corners Summers yelling admonitions at the three time champ as Atticus quickly moves in and drives a few kicks into Y3B’s ribs before moving back as McClintock turns back around. Atticus just smiles innocently as Summers exits the ring. He drags Blaster back up and bounces his head off the apron before whipping him into the steel ring steps. McClintock yells at Summers from in the ring but Summers ignores him and tosses Y3B back into the ring.

Joey: Summers bringing the action back into the ring and quickly locking in a boston crab.
Flec: And now the strategy begins. He’s going to take out Blaster’s legs and ground the punk.
Joey: A very sound strategy.
Flec: And listen to that little punk scream. It’s great.
Joey: He isn’t screaming.
Flec: Sure he is…..Oh shut up.
Joey: Summers pulling back on the hold here and Blaster is scrambling to get to the ropes. McClintock moving in quickly to check on him but Blaster refusing to quit.
Flec: He will.
Joey: I wouldn’t bet on it. Summers’ applying more pressure now and Blaster is stuck. He’s got to find some way out of this hold.

Blaster presses himself off the mat to try to get to the ropes. He gets within a few inches of the ropes but before he can grab hold, Summers drags him back into the center of the ring and sits down on the hold. Finally Y3B lets out a yell showing the pain.

Flec: Looks like Blaster is feeling it now.
Joey: I would have to say you are right and I hate saying that.

After a few more moments of fighting Blaster finally begins to waver then his head falls to the mat. McClintock moves in immediately.

Joey: Blaster looks like he’s passed out and referee McClintock hurrying in to check on him.
Flec: I told you this one was over.
Joey: McClintock lifting the arm…..It falls, that’s one.
Flec: Oh this is great.
Joey: Lifting it again……That’s two.
Flec: Oh yeah, Blaster is out.
Joey: Lifting it again. If it falls this time it’s all over…..NO! Blaster stopped it.
Flec: Damn it. Oh well I guess it will just take a few more moments.
Joey: Blaster fighting. Pushing himself up. He’s trying for the ropes.
Flec: Summers pulling him back to the middle. HAHAHA! He can’t do it.
Joey: Don’t be so sure.

Blaster, realizing that summers won’t let him get to the ropes, summons as much strength as he can and kicks out his legs. Summers is sent flying through the ropes and slams to the floor on the outside of the ring then crashes back first into the guard rail as he comes to a stop. With the hold broken and Summers on the outside of the ring Blaster collapses back to the mat as he struggles to catch his breath. McClintock begins the standing ten count on Summers as Atticus rushes over to him to help him up.

Joey: What a display of willpower and strength Blaster just showed us to get out of that hold.
Flec: Yeah but look at him now. He’s spent. How can eh win a match if he can’t catch his breath.
Joey: Summers getting to his feet on the outside. He doesn’t look hurt, he actually looks happy.
Flec: He’s a complex individual.
Joey: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Summers climbs back into the ring and then lifts Blaster back to his feet. As soon as Blaster is on his feet he flings Erik’s hands away from him and connects with a stiff punch that sends Summers reeling. Seizing the moment, Blaster continues the assault as he drive a series of punches home forcing Summers back into one of the corners then changes the assault to chops driving each one home with a thunderous slap.

Joey: Blaster on the full out attack here and he is not showing any signs of letting up.
Flec: Summer will stop it. He has too.
Joey: We’ll see. Y3B whipping Summers into the ropes and catches him with a jumping spin kick.

Blaster wastes little time as he lifts his opponent from the mat and raises him into the air. He slams Summers into the mat with a vertical suplex then quickly gets back to his feet full of energy as he calls out to the crowd. They respond vigorously for the man as he turns back to his opponent. Summers begins to pull himself to his feet as Y3B stalks him. As soon as Summers is up Blaster bounces off the ropes and connects with a bulldog, slamming Summers head first into the mat.

Joey: Blaster to his feet again and he looks like he’s ready for something big here. Calling to the crowd. He’s going for the Soundsault.

Blaster jumps over his opponent and jumps up onto the middle ropes using them as a springboard as he flips backwards and lands squarely on the exposed ribs of Erik Summers. He hesitates only a moment before falling on Summers for the cover.

Joey: Referee McClintock quickly moving in for the count. 1….2….
Flec: This can’t be.
Joey: 3!
Flec: NO! He kicked out. Summers kicked out. Thank God!
Joey: Yes he did. Blaster looks shocked. I don’t think he can believe Summers kicked out from that.
Flec: But he did and it was glorious.
Joey: Yeah, whatever you say. Blaster wasting little time yet again as he climbs the turnbuckle here and I think he’s going to go for a missile drop kick…..Wait what’s this. Atticus is up on the apron. She’s trying to pull Blaster off the top.
Flec: That a girl. See she knows how to do her job.

With a hold on Blasters leg, Atticus tries to pull him off the top but before too long Blaster kicks her off the apron forcing her to release his leg. Quickly he turns his attention back to the ring where Summers has managed to get back to his feet. Waiting just long enough for Summers to turn around, Blaster leaps off the top and extends his feet. Out of pure instinct, at the last second Summers manages to side step the drop kick and counters it by kicking his leg out and hitting Blaster in the face.

Joey: OH MY GOD! Blaster went for the missile drop kick and Summers managed to avoid it and counter with the sweet chin music.
Flec: That was incredible. Just out of nowhere like that.
Joey: Yes it was but I don’t think Summers got all of it there. I think it was just a glancing blow.
Flec: Yeah right. Summers doesn’t miss the mark like that.
Joey: We’ll see. Summers going for the pin. One…Two…THR…No! Blaster kicked out.
Flec: Damn it.

Summers slams his hand into the mat showing his frustration now then gets to his feet he signals to the crowd that he’s going for the Game Over and begins to stalk Blaster. Suddenly the sounds of “Like This Like That” by Mauro Picotto fill the air as Sixswitch walks out from the back. He stops at the top of the ramp and watches as Summers begins to laugh at him. Sixswitch doesn’t move as he stares as Summers in the ring.

Flec: What the hell is he doing out here?
Joey: My guess would be mind games. But Summers is in the ring and he isn’t paying attention to Blaster.

Blaster gets to his feet and walks up behind Summers. Sixswitch, still standing at the top of the ramp points toward Blaster causing Summers to turn around just in time to be met by a kick to the gut.

Joey: Blaster with a boot to the mid section and…..Stiff Beat! Blaster with the Stiff Beat and know running at the ropes…..Soundsault! Blaster with the Soundsault right after the Stiff Beat. Going for the cover. 1…2….3! He’s done it.
Flec: Oh damn it. Why did he have to do that.
Joey: Sixswitch with a momentary distraction and Blaster steals the win. And Sixswitch is standing at the top of the ramp laughing.
Flec: Oh I can’t wait for him to get put in his place.
Joey: We’ll just have to wait as the mind games continue.
*Commercial Break*
As the cameras return from break, Erik Summers is shown back stage seething.
Summers: How dare he? HOW DARE THAT WELSH WHELP INTERFERE IN MY MATCH? I want his spleen torn from his body and placed on a pike in the middle of the ring!
HBK: Fancy being able to get a pike in Boston at this time of the evening?
Summers smashes a TV set with a sledge, before battering the remains.
HBK: Good to see that tele won’t interfere in our business again.
Summers: How can you be so calm after I’ve just been violated?
HBK: Because mate, it is quite simple…the little git has to come out again tonight, doesn’t he? Besides that…there’s other fun to be had.
Suddenly a smile goes across Summers’ face as Atticus slinks up beside him.
HBK: I think you get my point then…
Joey: This doesn’t bode well for Sixswitch.
Flec: Wow…what a tragedy that is.

Hardcore Title Match: Wolfang © vs. Baxter

JS: Ah… hardcore wrestling. Gets my heart pumping for the good ole’ E-C-Dubya days.
F: You and all the stupid sheep.
JS: ECW was a movement, man!
F: Baaaa!

The rustling of wind fills the noisy arena, not even noticeable to its more inebriated inhabitants. Baxter shows up on the ramp a moment later, stopping only to snack on some nachos a fan held out for him.

JS: Ah… did he just eat the container too?
F: Let me just get on record saying how much I hate this guy right now.

Baxter reaches the ring and tries to enter under the bottom rope. Sadly, however, he gets stuck until the referee pulls him through.

JS: Saying he’s a big fellow would be an understatement.
F: He’s fat! Blubbertastic! Lugubrious!
JS: You don’t even know what Lugubrious means, do you?
F: Neither do you!
JS: ….shut up. I know you used it wrong!

Judas Priest’s “Touch of Evil” blasts onto the speakers and offers up a stark contrast to Baxter’s peaceful entrance. The fans pop like corn in a microwave for the double champ, and he goes through his entire entrance spectacle.

F: No wonder AWF is bankrupt with entrances like that!
JS: AWF is bankrupt?
F: …That’s what G91 said when he didn’t pay me…
JS: Hunh… that’s strange, ‘cause I just got a bonus.

Wolfang climbs a turnbuckle, and proudly displays the TV and Hardcore titles before tossing them to an intern on the outside.

JS: Looks like the match is ready to get underway! I can’t wait!
F: The only good thing about this starting is that it’s the first step to it ending.

At the sound of the bell, Wolfang charges Baxter with a clothesline but Baxter just throws his weight forward and knocks Wolfie off his feet. The fans laugh, and a few guys in the front row start to chant “Fear… The… Fa-at”

JS: Wolfang is the man that beat his old partner, Zarak, at Archivemania to claim both the Hardcore and TV titles, ‘Flec, that takes some doing! But I think if anyone could stop him, it’ll be Baxter!
F: Figures you’d like a poetry nut, you freakazoid.

Baxter wastes no time pulling Wolfang up vertically, head down, then falling down onto him, face first.

JS: That was almost a Styles Clash! Except less set up and precision… and more… um….
F: Fat? Blubber? Flub?
JS: I was gonna say force.

Staying on top of him, Baxter starts the pin.



JS: How he managed to get a shoulder up with all that on top of him I’ll never know.
F: I’m sure he’s used to having hot, sweaty men on top of him while he’s on his back.
JS: Inappropriate!

The ref forces Baxter to roll off, and Wolfang struggles up for fresh air.

JS: The hardcore champ is facing a type of competitor really unique in the AWF… I don’t think he’s fought someone like Baxter before.
F: Yes… what a genius approach. Get really out of shape and hope that it makes you a good athlete. I have NO idea why no one else ever thought of it.

Baxter struggles to get his massive girth up to his feet, which gives Wolfie a chance to recover. He charges the challenger, hitting him with a big boot.

JS: That kick stunned Baxter, but it didn’t knock him down.

Indeed, Baxter pulls himself up onto one knee. Wolfang, distraught, charages him with a second big boot, but again fails to knock him down.

F: Ha! What a sissy! And this guy’s supposed to be the hardcore champ?
JS: Just wait… just wait.

Wolfang, visibly frustrated now, charges a third time, this time opening up with a clothesline. Baxter manages to get to his feet with surprising dexterity, however, and launches Wolfang up, over his head, and onto the outside.

JS: Ha! Wow! What speed! Who’d a thunk a man that large could move so quickly!
F: Speaking of fast… how’s your mom doing, Styles?

Baxter pivots, and looks over the top ropes, hunting for Wolfang; but he is nowhere to be found.

JS: I suspect the hardcore champ might have something up his sleeve!
F: Wow! You’re SO observant! I’m so glad you get paid and I don’t, apparently.
JS: I can’t help it if G91 likes me better, that’s just the way it goes.

Fulfilling Joey’s prophecy, Wolfang rolls out from under the ring on the opposite side, chair in hand. He rushes into the ring, and, although Baxter turns, gets leveled out by a chair shot.

JS: Well, looks like he found a way to knock Baxter down.
F: Sweet! It’s finished!

Wolfang throws himself over the large poet for a pin.



JS: Kickout by Baxter! He isn’t done yet!
F: Dammit… I have to be home in half an hour! Can we hurry this up!
JS: Why’s that?
F: I ordered a pizza to be delivered there.
JS: No way we’ll be done by half an hour.
F: We will be, ‘cause I say so!
JS: Hubris!

The hardcore champ looks a bit shocked, retrieves the chair, and bashes Baxter’s head again as he lays on the ground; then he hooks a leg for a second pin.



JS: Another kick out by Baxter! You know, for awhile there, Baxter and Judge Death were my favorites for the next tag team champions! But word is Judge Death left to fulfill a movie career.
F: He ain’t no Silly Cow. I wouldn’t pay to see him.
JS: Are you kidding? He’s gonna be in the next summer blockbuster action movie… When Zombies Kill!
F: Original.

Obviously frustrated by now, Wolfang rolls out of the ring and starts rummaging underneath.

JS: I think Wolfang wasn’t expecting very much out of Baxter.
F: Nobody does, and for good reason! He’s gonna die of massive heart failure… IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES!

At this point, Wolfie tosses a trash can into the ring. As he climbs in, however, Baxter springs to life and suplexes him off the apron and over the ropes into the ring. Pushing the assault, he lifts the champ effortlessly and powerslams him down.

JS: Things might be going sour for the hardcore champion…
F: Booooring. No one cares about this stuff.
JS: How can you not care about two men going all out in a ring, for the fans, when there are absolutely no rules?
F: Easy! Watch.
JS: Ass.

It appears as if Baxter gets an idea, as he snatches the trash can Wolfang tossed into the ring, and props it up behind the hardcore champ’s back.

JS: Oh oh for Wolfang!
F: He should be humiliated… getting manhandled by a pig. He’s getting pighandled!

With Wolfang sprawled across the trash can, Baxter leans back across the ropes, charges, and splashes Wolfang into the trash can. The metal crunches loudly as it folds around the champ.

JS: Bug’s Eye Drop! Baxter hit the Bug’s Eye Drop onto Wolfang… onto a trash can! We could have a new champ right here!

Baxter tosses away the can, and makes a pin.



JS: Wow! Close kickout by Wolfang! I thought it was over! The fans are loving this! Wow!
F: Holy hell, stop talking so fast. You’re giving me a migraine.

Both men start to stumble up, but Baxter moving faster. Wolfang slows his progression, however, with a closed fist punch, and another, and a third.

JS: Wolfang has no problem using any weapon he wants in this setting, he’s certainly more adapted to this hardcore style than Baxter…
F: The funny thing is you can talk and talk and talk and I still don’t listen. I don’t know what you just said, and I don’t care.

The volley gives Wolfang enough time to get to his feet. He grabs Baxter’s arms, and twists him around.

JS: It’s the set up for Midnight’s Fire! That’s Wolfang’s own Unprettier.
F: You say that like you expect me to give a damn.

Wolfang pauses for a second, then connects with the Midnight’s Fire. He wastes no time, and runs against the back ropes, charges back, and hits a leg drop to the back of Baxter’s head.

JS: Wowee! That could end the match right there.

Wolfang seems to agree, flips Baxter, and hooks a pin.



JS: Another kick out! These men just won’t go down for each other!

Both men start to stumble up, and Baxter grabs Wolfang’s arm. The challenger tries to Irish Whip him against the opposite turnbuckle, but Wolfang throws all his weight back, counters, and tosses Baxter into the turnbuckle. The big man hits it, and bounces back onto his back.

JS: Amazing save by Wolfang! Trying to stop Baxter’s momentum really is impressive in my books.
F: You’re impressed by any shiny objects, so that doesn’t mean much.

With Baxter laid out, Wolfie spryly heads onto the turnbuckle, then connects off the top with his Whisper in the Wind, the Echo in the Dark.

JS: Wow! That’s some great speed work out of the hardcore champ! You don’t often see that in this division, ‘Flec!
F: And you know why? Because every single hardcore worker is a hack that needs weapons to get people’s attentions.
JS: That’s BS, and you know it.

Instead of going for the pin though, Wolfang steps out of the ring and onto the steel steps.

JS: What’s he up to?

Wolfang reaches through the ropes, grabs Baxter’s ankles, and runs backwards. Baxter’s crotch impacts the steel with a dull thud.

JS: Ouch! Where Wolfang’s finding the strength to pull Baxter, much less move him, is beyond me.
F: Simple! He’s probably on the juice.
JS: How dare you insinuate that! All AWF workers are clean, and you know it!

As Baxter remains pinned against the steel post, Wolf puts his hands on the second step and locks in a figure four leg lock around the steel post.

JS: Figure Four! One of Wolfang’s finishers! And against the steel pipe no less… this rocks!
F: Yuck, I’m bored.
JS: No, you’re just spiteful.

Wolfang starts to crank up the pressure, and after a minute Baxter taps out.

JS: A noble effort by Baxter there! I have a good feeling about him, I think he’s got potential!
F: Potential to be boring, maybe.

We cut to commercial as we see Wolfang holding up both titles again, then throwing them over his shoulder and holding up Baxter’s hand as well.
Sixshot: I am standing back here with three time AWF Champion TC. TC last week on mayhem you said that you had a surprise for the AWF. So the big question is what is it?

TC: Well Sixy, ever since Archivemania I have been out of action a bit. I have gone back to training more and getting back to the roots of what made me so successful in the AWF. So part of the surprise is my announcement that I am returning to active AWF participation.

Sixshot: That awesome TC, will you be going after your World Title immediately again?

TC: Sixy, Sixy, Sixy, regaining my championship is always a high priority on my list. But you see my return to action is signifying a restart to my career, so therefore you are all going to see the TC that you saw when I first got here.

Sixshot: So what does that mean?

Ravage: It means the return of the one and only Mav’ricks

Ravage walks in behind Sixshot into camera view and he and TC high five.

Sixshot: Oh my god, you mean you two are reuniting for tag team action?

Ravage: Exactly Sixy, TC and BDR are back in action and going to tear up the tag team division and once again regain our tag team straps.

TC: This is what I was talking about Sixy when I said before that I was going back to the roots of my career. That there was going to be a big surprise
???: The only surprise is that your old ass has yet to retire from this business

StarStorm suddenly walks into the frame and steps up the BDR and TC.

Vanth: I mean look at the two of you, you are both a couple of has beens that have no business still wrestling here in the AWF.

Raven: Yeah we are the future of the tag team division, we are the best tag team out there at the moment. We are StarStorm and there is no other team that can take us on.

TC: Are you guys serious? What have either of you two jackasses done so far in the AWF?

Ravage: Don’t even bother answering that though, cause we both know that you two jabronis haven’t done a god damned thing yet. And now you want to act like you are big dogs and real tough, well the only way to show that is to prove it.

TC: You know what Rav, I’m thinking that we just found our frist team to dominate in the ring. So what do you two assclowns have to say? Starstorm vs The Mav’ricks at the next PPV?

Vanth: You two are on, we are going to show you why we are the new blood of the AWF and why you two have no business being here anymore

Sixy: Well there you have it, the return of the Mav’ricks and their first match has been set
Joey: WOW! The Mav’ricks are back!
Flec: And Starstorm is about to become a horrible memory!

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier: Redstreak v Xille

Cliffjumper : The following match is scheduled for one pin fall, hailing from Lancaster, OH - XILLE!

Bleed out all empathy...

Xille bursts through the curtain and runs down the entrance ramp, hopping onto the ring apron and sliding over the second rope. He climbs a turnbuckle and points to a female 'hotty' in the crowd holding an "X 'marks' the spot" banner.

Cliffjumper : And his opponent, who we all hope gets what's coming to him. SHI .... REDSTREAK!

Joey : Cold reception here for the man from Detroit, MI.
Flec : About as frigid as that hooker you paid for last night?
Joey : Getting there.

Redstreak rolls under the bottom rope and immediately sets his eyes on Xille.

Joey : Redstreak the more technical wrestler of the two here Flec.
Flec : Yeah Joey, doesn't mean that Xille won't kick his ass though

Redstreak removes his attire and drops it to the outside of the ring as the referee signals for the bell to get the match underway. Xille darts around the ring and tries to catch one of Redstreak's knees, but Redstreak side-steps and uses Xille's momentum to throw him shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Joey : Dear god, he may have just dislocated Xille shoulder.
Flec : I think I've dislocated my keys
Joey : What? What are you doing?!

Redstreak wraps his arms around Xille's waist and German Suplexes him back to the middle of the ring.

Joey : Red bringing out the power moves, trying to take the wind out of Xille, slowing him down. Redstreak here picking Xille up by the hair and whips him towards the ropes, clothesline attempt dodged by Xille who comes back off the opposite ropes and cross body splashes Redstreak!

Xille springs up and climbs a turnbuckle and launches himself through the air, looking for an elbow drop but Redstreak has it scouted and rolls out of the way leaving Xille to hit the mat hard.

Joey : Red playing it smart here, Flec? Flec what are you doing?!
Flec : My keys, lost ... them

Redstreak drags Xille outside the ring and whips him hard to the barrier then picks him up and walks him round to the corner turnbuckle and whips his shoulder into the post, Xille crumples in a heap as the crowd pops.

Joey : Oh hell, what are those guys doing here?
Flec : *bangs head on table* What?
Joey : I don't think Red's seen them yet, he's just rolled Xille back into the ring and ... THERE WE GO! Redstreak over to the ropes yelling at the two men at the top of the ramp.
Flec : I don't think that's overly wise.

Erik Summers and Shawn O'Con appear at the top of the ramp both standing chatting, watching Redstreak being restrained by the referee. Summers points with a look of shock on his face.

Joey : Xille up here, groggy, light on his feet.
Flec : Trying to shake off that shoulder injury.

Xille looks out to the crowd, runs up behind Redstreak, rolls them both backwards and pins with a bridge.

Joey : 1....2....KICK OUT!
Flec : Summers and O'Con almost cost Streak the match there.

Redstreak gets up and levels Xille with a stiff right-hander then turns back to the ramp as O'Con starts to walk down. Redstreak sits on the middle rope and lifts the top rope, inviting O'Con into the ring. Summers grabs O'Con's arm, telling him that Summers should go first, the two begin to argue as Xille comes around.

Joey : Xille up again here, climbing the top rope, slowly.
Flec : He's insane, he's battered and he's still going. He's a firecracker!

Xille reaches the top rope and Redstreak backs away from the ropes as both O'Con and Summers charge towards the ring. Redstreak turns in time for Xille to connect with The Last Mile.

Joey : Pin attempt here, 3 Count by the referee! Xille's snatched the win!
Flec : And the cowboys are high-tailing it outta here.

O'Con and Summers are seen vanishing behind the curtain as Xille plays to the crowd, celebrating his victory.

[Fade to StoneCold Skywarp advert F**K FEAR : DRINK BEER t-shirt]
*Commercial Break*
Iron Guantlet Qualifying Match: King versus Christopher Back

Styles: Here we go! Iron Guantlet Qualifier!
Flec: You know, C-Back is in this match. There’s no need to be so excited.
Styles: You shouldn’t underestimate Christopher Back. He did have an impressive
showing last week in that Hardcore Title qualifying match.

Yeah I am the astro-
Creep a demolition
Style hell american
Freak yeah - I am the
Crawling dead

The sounds of Rob Zombie’s “More Human than Human” fill the arena. King appears
under the Archivetron to a mixed reaction.

Cliffjumper: Don’t I get a day off? Why not just a match? Guh… fine. From Las Angeles, blah blah blah…. The King!

Styles: And here’s King, the man who had one hell of a fight against Vin Ghostal
last week.
Flec: The only thing impressive about that match was V3’s amazing win.

If you mess with me you got no chance
No chance in hell
You got no chance

This is my world
This is my world

Cliffjumper: No, no. This guy isn’t worth it. Well, yes, I’m being paid, but it’s certainly not enough. I’m going to make this quick, then. It’schristopherback!

A four-part chorus of boos guides C-Back to the ring. He taunts the crowd, which only causes the minor melody to continue. King goes to the middle of the ring and the two lock up soon after the bell rings.

Styles: A lock-up starts off our match-
Flec: A lock up that King quickly wins! Cyberstrike is quickly on his ass!
Styles: And King picks him right back up! What a show of strength!
Flec: A military press starts this match off right!
Styles: Christopher Back is already down, and this thing has just started! C-Back rolls out of the ring, trying to escape further damage.
Flec: Doesn’t work, as King is right back after him.

Cyberstrike runs around the ring, followed closely by King. C-Back stops just in time to hit a drop-toe-hold on his opponent. King, caught unawares, slams headfirst into the ring steps.

Flec: Ouchies…
Syles: And suddenly Back is… back in charge.

Cyberstrike jumps back into the ring and tells the ref to start counting.





The King finally beings to pull himself up on the railing.




King gets ready to pull himself back into the ring, but Cs kicks him back out of the way.


King gets back to the edge of the ring, and Back attempts to kick him away again. King grabs Chris’s foot and pulls him completely out of the ring and onto the floor, not only canceling the ref’s count, but dropping his opponent onto his head. King picks up Cyberstrike and throws him back into the ring.

Styles: C-Back in trouble again… King throws his opponent against the ropes…
Flec: Headstrong!
Styles: Spinebuster from King onto Christopher Back! The cover! Oh, two and a shoulder up. Nice resilience from C-Back, who might not even know where he is right now.
Flec: The usual, then?

King stoops down to pick Cyberstrike up yet again, but Cs quickly retaliates with shot after shot to his opponent’s head. He connects with a quick DDT, putting King’s already injured head onto the mat.

Styles: A cover by Back nets two.
Flec: A rather quick count, if you ask me. Should be like one and a half.
Styles: Don’t you normally cheer for the bad guy?
Flec: Read their bios on awf-dot-com. They’re both bad guys. Now I’m just cheering for the one I don’t hate.
Styles: Fair enough.

Cyberstrike sets the boots to King as he tries to get up. He slips on a side head lock and chains into a sleeper hold. King grabs Cs and stands up, much to the shock of his opponent.

Flec: Aaaaaand… Tantrum!
Styles: Powerbomb from King onto Back! The former AWF Champion shows his muscle again!
Flec: Quick! Cover! There you go… One… Two… Three!
Styles: Foot on the rope!

King stands up and picks up his opponent, who quickly rolls through into a small package.

Flec: Feet on the ropes! Cyberstrike has his feet on the ropes!
Styles: One! Two! He’s stolen this one!
Flec: No! The ref sees it! Oh, thank goodness for his keen eyes! … Wait, what?
Styles: You didn’t say it. Don’t worry.
Flec: Thank God.
Styles: King and Cyberstrike both up now… King, showing a bit of blood from the damage his head has taken over the course of this match, and Cyberstrike slouching slightly, his upper back probably not in the best of shape right now.

King shows that he wants to go for a lock up again, but Cyberstrike has other ideas. He bounces off of the ropes behind him and charges at King, hitting him with a quick running neckbreaker. Another cover gets him yet another two count. Back shows a bit of frustration as he gets up.

Styles: King shaking it out as he gets up… Christopher picking him up… and he sling shots him right into the referee! The ref is down; King is stumbling back toward Cyberstrike… low blow! C-Back nails the low blow!
Flec: He covers, but no one there to count! Ha-ha! Way to think ahead, C-Back!

Back gets up and revives the referee, but his opponent, King, has time to get up as well.

Styles: C-Back is trying to hit a chokeslam on King, his Ironclaw…
Styles: King counters with a chokehold of his own! Both men are squeezing… who has the iron neck?
Styles: King nailing his patented Ironclaw, which sends Christopher Back all the way down to the mat. He makes the cover…
Flec: Three! Thank goodness.
Styles: This match is over. King has moved on to the Iron Gauntlet!

*Commercial break*

Iron Gauntlet Qualification Match: The Lock Vs. Tempest

Cliffjumper: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an Iron Gauntlet qualification match. Introducing first…”

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Murder Incorporated’ heralds the arrival of the faction’s leader. The Lock smiles as he makes his way down the aisle, taking in the boos and hisses from the crowd. He merely walks to the ring, arms raised and open, to compete.

Cliffjumper: “From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia… the leader of Murder Incorporated… THE LOCK!”

As Lock takes his place, Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Pistol Grip Pump’ interrupts ‘Murder Incorporated’. Tempest walks to the ring, looking a little more focused than usual.

Cliffjumper: “And his opponent… from Mandurah, Australia… ‘The Human Bulldozer’…”

Cliffjumper doesn’t have time to finish the introduction before Tempest pounces on Lock. Cliffjumper quickly rolls out of the ring, swearing as he goes, and the bell chimes to signal the beginning of the match. Tempest already has Lock in a corner, smashing the Melbourne maniac with lefts and rights. Referee Greg Garrett is quick to attempt to break up the beating. As Tempest returns to the Lock, however, Lock rams him face-first into the turnbuckle and Irish whips the big man across the ring to the opposite pads.

As Lock runs in to capitalise, Tempest brings his boot up right into Lock’s face, sending the leader of Murder Inc. down to the mat and apparently out of it.

Joey: “This one may be over already…”

The Lock brings up his shoulder at the count of two. Tempest peppers him with a few more rights and lefts, before hauling him up in a suplex. Tempest floats over for another cover, and gets another two-count.

Joey: “This is the most focused I’ve seen Tempest in a while… no wasted motion… just constantly wearing down Lock now…”
Flec: “But Lock’s in terrific shape. There’s no way tempest can actually outlast the leader of Murder Inc. That’s why he wants it over quickly.”

Tempest drags Lock up again, and scoops him up for a body slam. Lock jumps out over Tempest’s head, dragging the Human Bulldozer down with a reverse DDT as he goes. The move garners a two-count for the Lock.

Joey: “We may experience a change of pace now that Lock’s in control…”
Flec: “And there’s no telling what speed he’s going to be going at…”

Lock quickly wraps Tempest’s left arm between his legs, as if preparing for a cross arm-breaker. Instead, the Lock pulls off a marvellous Magistral cradle for another two-count. Getting up from the pin, Lock seems to be a step behind and is greeted with a shoulder block from Tempest. With Lock down, Tempest takes a run at the ropes. Lock comes to meet him with a doormat, which Tempest leaps over. As Tempest returns, Lock goes for a leapfrog and ends up the recipient of a sit down powerbomb from Tempest!

Joey: “This might be it… 1… 2… and Lock just millimeters away from going out there!”
Flec: “Whew… that was a close call for Murder Inc…”

Tempest can’t believe that Lock managed to escape on that occasion. He merely sighs and pulls himself, along with his opponent, up to their feet. He grapples with Lock in preparation for another suplex, and gets caught up in a small package for another two-count by the Lock. Seeming slightly annoyed, Tempest levels Lock with a clothesline and drops an elbow to the ribs of the fallen leader of Murder Inc.

Tempest then looks out to the crowd, as if trying to rally support, and signals for a chokeslam. He picks Lock up with one hand, and throws him crashing down the canvas. The resultant cover nets another two for Tempest’s tally of near-falls.

Joey: “Tempest looking more stumped than angry that time…”
Flec: “So what else is new?”

Tempest half-throws, half-pushes Lock into the nearest batch of turnbuckles. Lock doesn’t seem to have enough energy to offer any resistance in the face of this onslaught. Tempest elbows him in the face, and then delivers a couple of thunderous open hand chops- to the usual ‘woooo!’ response from the crowd- before deciding to send Lock up top. He deposits the Melbourne maniac atop the turnbuckles facing the crowd, before climbing outside the ring and scaling the turnbuckles himself.

Joey: “What is he…”
Flec: “Ssh. Watch and see…”

Tempest hits a couple of forearm shots into Lock’s face. He is now stood on the middle rope, with Lock’s head precariously positioned near his groin. He grabs Lock around the lower abdomen and dives forward in a sunset flip- driving Lock down to the canvas with an impromptu powerbomb.

Joey: “Ouch! That may be all for the Lock… 1… 2… thr… HE KICKED OUT!”
Flec: “Go Lock! Woohoo!”
Joey: “I don’t believe it…”
Flec: “You ain’t the only one, Styles… take a look…”

Tempest is staring in disbelief first at the referee then at his opponent. He seems to reach a decision, and signals for the Thunder Press.

Joey: “The end is only moments away… after the beating Lock has taken from Tempest, the Thunder Press is going to bring home a victory for the Human Bulldozer… you know, I’m almost sad about that…”
Flec: “As well you should be. Why should Lock lose to this moron?”

Tempest hauls Lock up to his shoulders, only to have Lock grab hold of his neck and try to grind him down with a front facelock. Tempest charges towards a set of turnbuckles, but Lock shifts his weight and slides off to the side as Tempest slams into the pads. Before Tempest can get any breath back, Lock spins and drops him with the Big Payback.

Joey: “The Lock emerges victorious from our ‘Australian Assault’… Lock qualifies for the Iron Gauntlet… we’ll be back after these messages, folks…”

The start is slow…

* A slow heart rhythm accompanies images of Amarant Odinson and Wolfang grappling, Tempest walking to the ring and Cloud Strifer sitting in the dark * …

The speed increases…

* The heart rhythm gains a small amount of speed to accompany the images of Sean O’Con ducking a clothesline from The Ghost, G91 performing a kip-up and Sixswitch hitting a spinning heel kick on Viewfind * …

The power erupts…

* The rhythm becomes faster still as we see Bombshell powerbomb Y3Blaster, King chokeslam the Lock and Redstreak lashing out with a chair shot to Prowl? * …

And then… there is only one further step…

* A collage of finishing moves, daredevil diving attacks and vicious hardcore action culminates with Wolfang being slammed through the War Games cell *

And the logo for AWF: Autumn Annihilation live on pay-per-view appears

*Returning from commercial*

Joey: Just weeks from Autumn Annihilation…the anticipation is building as the AWF returns to ppv!

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier: HBK Sean O'Con vs Cloudstrifer

When they come I'll be ready
I hear their voices inside
The stars in the heavens are moving
Soon they will align

Cliffjumper: The following contest blah blah blah... Cloudstrifer!

Thor, god of thunder
Let me die with a sword in my hand

Strifer appears under the Archivetron to his normal mixed reaction.

Styles: Cloudstrifer still looks slightly banged up, a definite result of his match last Mayhem with Wolfang.
Flec: I know it doesn’t happen often, Styles, but let me tell you, through experience, he’s going to need to -

Bend me shape me misdirect me
It's all the same to me

Flec: (Shouting) Damn it!

Look at all this useless talk
You look at me but you don't see
Understand I'm a sinner
Don't corner me
Don't lecture me
Raise your hands, you're a sinner

Cliffjumper: And his opponent, apparently he's...

O'Con grabs the mic from Cliffjumper, who merely shrugs it off and leaves the ring.

O’Con: His opponent, the Living Legend, the Walking Wonder, the Human Highlight Reel… He’s the Record Breaker and History Maker… the Highlight of Your Life… well, hell, I’ll just go and say it: he’s better than you, HBK, Sean O’Con!

A resounding chorus of boos responds to O’Con’s claim, but he merely laughs as he throws the mic out of the ring. Cloud charges as HBK turns around.

Styles: The bell rings and Cloud is quickly on the offensive! A few chops to the back of O’Con sends him into the ropes.
Flec: You don’t call him “O’Con”, Styles! You call him “the Living Legend”, or one of the other million names he has.
Styles: I’ll stick with his actual name, thanks.
Flec: Just trying to make you a bit cooler, that’s all. I know it’s a lost cause, but it’s not like I don’t have a heart.

Cloud quickly capitalizes and nails a back body drop onto his opponent, who quickly rolls to avoid further damage. Cloud closes in quickly, but a jab from HBK keeps him from doing any damage.

Styles: HBK –
Flec: - the Walking Wonder –
Styles: - with a closed fist to the head of Strifer, who reels. Sean O’Con quickly locks in a wristlock… pushes Cloud into the ropes… and a schoolboy! But no, his surprised opponent kicks out at 2.

Cloud tries to get away, but HBK quickly runs around him, hits the ropes, and nails a diving forearm. He covers again and merely gets 2.

Styles: O’Con is really looking to end this early.
Flec: Of course he is! Who wants to be in the ring for that long with Cloudstrifer? I know I wouldn’t! The smell alone, I can’t imagine!

Cloudstrifer manages to get in some offense with a succession of quick jabs, followed by a clothesline. He picks O’Con up and hits a spinning sidewalk slam, but a cover only gets two.

Styles: Cloud finally getting in more offense.
Flec: Obviously.
Styles: Anyway, O’Con reverses a single leg boston crab into one of his own.
Flec: It looks more like a grapevined ankle-lock, actuall.

Cloud struggles to the ropes, but O’Con holds until the count of four.

Styles: O’Con is looking a little frustrated…
Flec: Probably because of how long this has lasted.
Styles: You might be right… O’Con seems to be lining Cloud up… and… HeartBrend Ki –
Flec: Dropkick?
Styles: O’Con has dropkicked Cloud… into the referee! The ref is down! And Sean O’Con is… leaving?
Flec: Not leaving! Scheming!

HBK quickly rolls out of the ring and dives underneath it, retrieving a sledgehammer.

Styles: No!
Flec: Yes! Sledgehammer to the gut of Cloud! Those injuries come back to haunt him!
Styles: Injuries? Why in the world would it matter if he were injured or not? He was just hit with a damn sledgehammer!
Flec: Well… he wouldn’t be down… as long… if he weren’t injured.

HBK quickly ditches the hammer and revives the referee. He climbs to the top rope and laughs at the crowd, who respond with another chorus of boos.

Styles: Flying elbow drop! How sick! Right onto Cloud’s injured ribs goes the elbow of HBK, the bastard O’Con!
Flec: And three puts him away!
Styles: Not like this!
Flec: What’re you gonna do, Styles? He’s better than you. He’s better than Cloud, too, and he proved it here tonight.
Styles: All he proved to me was that he’s a cheater, and that he might not be able to beat Cloud any other way.
Flec: Are you crazy? He should’ve just been inserted into the Iron Gauntlet! This match was a waste of time, so he tried to save as much of it as he could.
Styles: I don’t agree with that. Not for a damn second.
Flec: I don’t think anyone cares.

HBK smiles as he rolls out of the ring and goes to the back, Cloud glaring at him and the crowd escorting him out to their hit song “Boo”.

*Commercial Break*

Iron Gauntlet Qualifier: Sixswitch v Amarant Odinson

Like This Like That again plays through the arena.
Cliffjumper: This is the main event…for some reason. Coming down the aisle, from that place where they grow Welsh and such, Sixswitch.
Joey: Sixswitch looking confident as always…but I can’t help but wonder if Summers and O’Con have something in store for him!
Flec: ZZZZZ…oh, what? I’m sorry…Captain Charisma just put me to sleep!
Joey: Stop it…
Flec: And think…the match hasn’t even started yet! I’m screwed!
Cliffjumper: And his opponent…from someplace where they like hockey and beer, eh…some mother canucker named Amarant Odinson.
Joey: Quite the response for Amarant here, hard to tell who the fan favorite is in this match.
Flec: Wait for the fans to start dozing off if Sixswitch starts to win…that will be in indicator.
Joey: Would you stop already?
Flec: No…
Joey: *Sighs* these two about to lock up here…and wait a minute. We haven’t even gotten under way and those scoundrels are on their way out here? What is the matter with them?
Flec: It is THEIR show…
The camera cuts over to show Better Than You on their way to the ring. Atticus quickly jumps up on the apron to distract the referee in her own special way. Meanwhile HBK and Summers spring into the ring, armed with chairs. HBK flattens Amarant as he turns to face his assailant, then pulls him up to plant an HDD onto that chair. Summers meanwhile comes at a much faster pace, drilling Sixswitch, who had turned to counter the attack.
Joey: Somebody get out here…NOW!
Joey’s call goes unanswered as Summers proceeds to hoist the now bloodied Sixswitch up and send him crashing down hard into the chair, courtesy of the Game Over. HBK then pulls Amarant over and places him on top of Sixswitch, just in time for Atticus to send the official’s attention back to the match.
Joey: NO! This isn’t right! How can this…
Flec: 1, 2, 3…Amarant dominates this match up! HA HA!
Joey Those two sadists! Damn it! This isn’t right…THIS ISN’T RIGHT!
Flec: Oh, get over it Styles…we’re outta time folks! See you next time! WHAT A GREAT MATCH!

2005-09-12, 10:50 PM
Well well well. What you look at the the Mav'ricks are back in town.

And who are we up against? Two jobbers that ran their mouths to the wrong dogs.

Varth, Raven, when you get into the ring with us you better have your dental records handy as when TC and I are done with you thats whats your next of kin are going to need to figure out who is who.

Now the only question for you jobbers becomes just how many injuries will you suffer in one match? My guess 27.

2005-09-12, 11:35 PM
OOC: Awesome show. Props to the writers (particularly the guy who wrote the Hardcore match- that was funny).

IC: Is Reilly still underestimating me? Why the hell is it that after a five-star match with Amarant Odinson for the TV Title, I'm still not getting any decent challenge for the belt. Hell... he even scrimped out of me defending it this week!

Just what in the name of Dave Allen is going on?

2005-09-12, 11:41 PM
We see Ignavus and D-Extreme asleep in the back of a bus. It's looks like sunrise or sunset, we can't be sure, and they're both in their wrestling gear. The tag titles are visible in the back. Actually, D-Ex might be more passed out that asleep.

Ignavus starts to drool.

We hear a voice that says "Hey - what're you still doin in there? I picked you up last night!"

Neither responds.

The man walks into the camera shot - it's obvious he's the bus driver now - with a broom. He starts poking at D-Ex, who just mutters something about how all airplanes look alike, then Ignavus, who snaps awake, wiping his mouth.

"Uh... whaanow?" he asks, showing off his verbal skills.

"You fell asleep on my bus! You two bums were supposed to get off at the arena!" the bus driver shouts.

"We were? Um... snap. That can't be good. Hey D-Ex... we missed Mayhem... AGAIN."

D-Ex just mutters something about the Miller man coming to get him.

The bus driver continues, "How did you even hide? I checked the bus when I locked up for the night!"

Igz scratches at his goatee, "Well... I remember falling under the seat for awhile... and I think D-Ex climbed up into one of the roof racks..."

The mans getting annoyed.

"Do you know what happened at Mayhem?" Igz persists.

"Yeah, the Mav'ricks reunited. They're gonna wallop some jobbers, then your bum ass's are next!"

Igz leans over to scratch his butt, "you... don't... say, hunh? That's... interessstiiiinnnnggg... I'mmmm ssshooore... weee cannnn wiiiinnnnuhhhh........"

Igz collapses into the seat in front of him again, falling back asleep.

The bus driver does not look pleased.

2005-09-13, 01:25 AM
Lock! You made it to the next round, baby! You have a chance to be the number one contender!

Well, you did, if it weren't for the X.

No, you see, Lock, the X is the new main event. They called him the red hot rookie in his debut. They cheered his name when he defeated the NWA. They screamed when he defeated Vin Ghostal. Now they're going to get high when the X earns his first ever number one contendership.

And he's going to go through you to get it.

You see, the Sweet Machine is on a roll, and he's going to do what it takes to keep on rolling.

So, Lock, live your life. But, remember, baby... Fear the X.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-13, 03:13 AM
"Well it looks like I made it into the the Iron Gauntlet match. I have a chance to become the number one contender for the AWF World Heavyweight Title once again. But I didn't want it like this.

I wanted to beat Sixswitch one on one in that ring. I wanted to earn my spot in that match. I didn't need any help from the Game or HBK. You two say that you're better than everyone else. You both go on and on at nausium about all of your accomplishments. But none of that matters to me. All you two are to me are just another pair of victims. Two "entertainers" that will tap out to my House of Pain.

And at Autumn Annihilation, that exactly what I will do. I will make those other 5 wannabes tap out one by one. I won't fear the X, I won't be intimidated the King, The Lock won't be able to stop me, The Pissant Among the Peons: Tapedeck doesn't have a chance against me and HBK? HBK will find out what happens when you cross The Rabid Wolverine. HBK, if you were expecting a thank you from me, then I'm sorry to diappoint you but all you'll recieve from me is the biggest ass kicking of your career.

I will win that Iron Gauntlet match, I will become the number one contender and I will become the next AWF World Heavyweight Champion. And there is nothing that any of you can do to PROVE ME WRONG! At the end of the day, no one will break my will and no one will prevent me from realizing my dream.

Autumn Annihilation, 5 men will try to beat me and they will fail. I am The Best Damn Techincal Wrestler in this business. I am Perfection compared to the other 5 men in that match. You will never beat me and do you know why? Because Blaster, King, Lock, Xille and even the so called Living Legend: HBK.... YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!

2005-09-13, 03:40 AM
Blah, blah, fricking blah...

Amarant, what are you pissing on about? You get to go into the Gauntlet. Not our fault that your head got in the way...means to an ends though, you must understand. It wasn't even about you...it was about teaching that little Welsh mook a lesson. You? You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time...but hey, we even helped you get a win, just to show there were no hard feelings. After all, even as charasmatically challenged as you are, you still have a couple up on old Siznitch...

Which brings me to the Welsh...Six, you've never been able to run with me and you damn well know it. You're so far out of your league here kid, yet...like some damn little ankle biter, you just don't even realize it. Well boy, you're about to realize just how much better than you I am...I'm thinking that you and I should have ourselves a little fun at AA...but let's do this the way we both want, no rules, no dq's, no countouts or any of that pussy crap like that...you and me, Falls Count Anywhere match. How bout it?

2005-09-13, 11:22 AM
As Ignavus falls asleep yet again, we see D-Ex roll to the other side and he mumbles a few words.

D-Ex: "*mumbling* .....but.....Mavricks? BAh.....me and Cyberstrike can beat em again......were the nTo dammit......tag team champs of the AWF.................we gonna beat D-NExt in the first Warzone........*mumbling*"

As D-Ex finally rolls over to the other side, his head gets hit by the side of the bus. He slowly gets up and shakes his head. He looks around him and notices Ignavus sleeping, and the bus driver looking a bit pissed off.

D-Ex: "So, where am I?"

The bus driver just shakes his head in disapproval and leaves the bus. D-Extreme, still not sure what to do, scratches his bum for a while. He looks at his tag partner who is still asleep and sighs. D-Ex starts to look at the window to check the outside of the bus. The time is about the morning after the show so he picks up both AWF tag team title belts. He puts the one with his name onto his waist. While he has the other belt hanging on his shoulder. He picks up Ignavus and carries him onto his other shoulder.

D-Ex: "Well, its morning, better get back to the apartment. I surely cant miss opera now can I?"

With that, D-Ex leaves the bus, with a sleeping Ignavus in tow.

2005-09-13, 09:52 PM
Well well i see some mark ass busters trying to get in the ring with blingzilla but did they ever stop to think they still gotta rap battle the best in the biz?

Hellz naw.

I got an xbox 360 yo straight of duh shelf
I'll knock back your nigga pimp ride, my s***'s hi def
I gots wireless, hd, don't got no chinky ipod
But I'll kick your ass, videotape it, and send it to amad rashad!

Raven Darkstorm
2005-09-18, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by Ravage
Well well well. What you look at the the Mav'ricks are back in town.

And who are we up against? Two jobbers that ran their mouths to the wrong dogs.

Varth, Raven, when you get into the ring with us you better have your dental records handy as when TC and I are done with you thats whats your next of kin are going to need to figure out who is who.

Now the only question for you jobbers becomes just how many injuries will you suffer in one match? My guess 27.

IC: "You know it's sad that we won't be able to beat the $hit out
of you two losers. Because our contract with the AWF is up and we have chosen not to renew and since we're not on the payroll
we will not be at any AWF shows. If the Mav'dicks want to fight us
we have just sign an exculsive deal with the X-WCW and if you two jackasses want to fight then fight us there otherwise piss off."

OOC: Both me and Vanth Dreadstar have decided to leave the AWF due to time restraints and personal issues we do ask the
I feel it's a waste of time to have an active team put an inactive
team we just want to disapper. Sorry for the inconvince that will
clause but Ravage and TC's time would be better used feuding
with The Serial Slackerz, Baxter and JD or HBK and Erik.

2005-09-18, 04:34 PM
I'm out of my league? The Welsh Wonder out of his league? You're out of your smeggin' tree. Fact is Game, that you're jealous. Jealous of my guts, talent and charisma. You keep running out with your two dollar trashbag ho O'Con, and your bitch daddy Atticus... Or should that be the other way around? Anyway, doesn't matter. You see, hitting me with chairs proves nothing. Nothing at all. It says nothing for your talent, or your prowess in the ring. And as for your oversized hammer... What are you compensating for, Game? I think we all know the answer.

So you keep hitting me with chairs, and brandishing your penis extension at me all you like if it makes you feel better. The Double S is just gonna keep bouncing back.

Fact is, you can drill me with chairs, hit me with your fancy finishing moves, and leave me in a bloody pulp. But the Double S doesn't even have to lay a finger on you to cost you matches. Why? Because I'm Better Than You.

And that's all I've got to say about that.

2005-09-18, 04:47 PM
Originally posted by Amarant Odinson
HBK will find out what happens when you cross The Rabid Wolverine. HBK, if you were expecting a thank you from me, then I'm sorry to diappoint you but all you'll recieve from me is the biggest ass kicking of your career.

I will win that Iron Gauntlet match, I will become the number one contender and I will become the next AWF World Heavyweight Champion. And there is nothing that any of you can do to PROVE ME WRONG! At the end of the day, no one will break my will and no one will prevent me from realizing my dream.

Autumn Annihilation, 5 men will try to beat me and they will fail. I am The Best Damn Techincal Wrestler in this business. I am Perfection compared to the other 5 men in that match. You will never beat me and do you know why? Because Blaster, King, Lock, Xille and even the so called Living Legend: HBK.... YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!

A thank you?

Expecting a whatnow?

Who the hell do you think you're talking to that you can say things like "I hope you weren't expecting a thank you" to?

I'm not some gratitude-seeking goon who does things to make people like him, or to grease the wheels for future glory... I'm the HeartBrend Kid! I do what I want, when I want, and to who I want. And I don't even do it because it's fun. Well, okay, half the time I do it because it's fun. I do it, quite simply, because I can.

If there's something I can do, I do it. That's the rules of my game. I can win an Iron Gauntlet match, because I've done it before - hell, I'm the only one in there that has done. I can be the number one contender to the AWF Championship, because I've been there before.

You see where I'm going with this, you jumped up little Canadian wanabe? I want. I see. I take. I want the AWF title back. I can start that at the pay per view. So I will. It's really as simple as that.

You go on about people having to prove you wrong? Every time I turn around, that's what you're asking somebody to do. You're always laying down the challenge, letting people step up to you. Newsflash, punk - doesn't work that way with me. My days of proving things are behind me - and my history is all the proof you need of that.

You want to win the Gauntlet? Throwing down challenges doesn't do it - getting the **** kicked out of you by five guys, getting back up again and laying those ****ers out is what wins the Gauntlet. Talk is no substitute for balls. And yeah, maybe I talk too much, but I've earnt the right to do that - by having the biggest ****ing pair of marbles you'll ever step in a cage with.

I'm the most decorated man in AWF history.

I'm the only former Gauntlet winner in that match.

I'm the next AWF champion.

And, most importantly of all, I'm better than you.

If you can win the Iron Gauntlet, you will. If I can win it, I will. It's not about who's right or wrong - it's about what you can and can't do.

Now you prove that wrong. Bitch.

2005-09-19, 02:21 AM
What's this Ravenpussywhip and Starstorm Jobber are cutting tail and running.

Boys, boys, boys. You see what we have here is a contract stating your sorry asses, that ring. So don't worry boys we might hurt ya but we will try not to kill you.

Oh hell TC who I am I kidding? We will try to kill you, besides it's our duty as being higher on the food chain that we bust you guys up.

If you don't like that you can run, wait you already tried that.

Well at this point maybe prayer would be the better answer, course God doesn't like you guys either.

Oh face it you boys are screwed!

2005-09-19, 05:10 AM
Originally posted by Raven Darkstorm

OOC: Both me and Vanth Dreadstar have decided to leave the AWF due to time restraints and personal issues we do ask the
I feel it's a waste of time to have an active team put an inactive
team we just want to disapper. Sorry for the inconvince that will
clause but Ravage and TC's time would be better used feuding
with The Serial Slackerz, Baxter and JD or HBK and Erik.

OOC: Oh for ****s sake....you claim that due to time restraints you have left the AWF but you still continue to read it and follow up on it to the point where you know you had a match lined up? If you got the time to read it you got the time to participate. And if you guys are leaving the AWF and such why should you care how the staff uses your characters since you wont have the time to be around and have it cause an impact to you?

2005-09-19, 03:00 PM
*The darkened room, the slience is defining. Out of the darkness a blue glowing light starts to flicker and fade. A Hand comes out and touches the light, looking at the light reflected on his hands.*

This light.....this light was the reason I am here. This light shows the being that I am, the Norse Wonder, the Norse Power, one to be feared.

Yet this result has shown that I am still green and that cheating is the only way to fight. I have been noble for damn to long, quiet for so long, aware yet not taking any revenge on those that cheat. Yet they suceed and I fail. How quaint of a theory is this?

Odin and Thor are right. You must fight and you must win at any cost no matter how many you have to kill, no matter how many careers you end, your goal must be the same. Take no allies leave no one alive.

Hear me now AWF, with this event, you will no longer go unpunished, no matter how big of a hero or villian you are. No matter if you have kids, a wife or even a dog at home. No matter what. The cost has to be paid and it shall be paid heavily. Pay heed AWF, for you have gained a foe far beyon dyour worst nightmare. The Norse Beserker has awoken and your fate hangs by a thread.

The Beserker has awoke, Believe the Hype, Fear the Pain and pray that I overlook you

2005-09-19, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by Thundercracker
OOC: Oh for ****s sake....you claim that due to time restraints you have left the AWF but you still continue to read it and follow up on it to the point where you know you had a match lined up? If you got the time to read it you got the time to participate. And if you guys are leaving the AWF and such why should you care how the staff uses your characters since you wont have the time to be around and have it cause an impact to you?

OOC: Dude, save your breath. Uhm, fingers. Bandwidth. Whatever.

I mean, it's not like anybody believes for a moment that they were ever real people, so it doesn't matter what "they" think. The whole thing's been about as transparant as clingfilm from the start.

2005-09-19, 11:52 PM
Originally posted by The HeartBrend Kid
OOC: Dude, save your breath. Uhm, fingers. Bandwidth. Whatever.

I mean, it's not like anybody believes for a moment that they were ever real people, so it doesn't matter what "they" think. The whole thing's been about as transparant as clingfilm from the start.

OOC: I know that Brend, I was more talking to the "real" person that types for that name....and you and I both, and most of the AWF for that fact, I'm sure knows exactly who I was talking to.

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-20, 03:00 AM
History? History? You talk to me of history? You think I care about your history? NO! You think that your history is going to protect you from me in that steel cage? NO! You think that your history frightens me? HELL NO!!

Your history won't make a lick of differncein that Iron Ganutlet match. No matter what you've done. No matter how good you think you are. None of that matters when you step into the ring with me. I don't care because you're all the same. You're not the Show Stopper to me. You're not the Living Legend to me. All you are is another man that has yet to tap out to me. You're just another victim. An "entertainer" in the way of my dream.

I'll be the first to admit that what you've done impressive. You've done it all and you have every right to be proud of that. But for you to think that your past accomplishments mean a damn thing when you step into that ring with me is joke.

You say that your history proves that you're "better than me". But your history won't help you win that match at Autumn Annihilation. Your history won't prevent me from realizing my destiny of becoming the AWF World Heavyweight Champion. Your history won't stop me from beating you all over that steel cage. And your history will never.... PROVE ME WRONG.

2005-09-20, 03:55 AM
IC- *OOC Sorry as retarded as Raven or whatever is being I would rather try to keep in IC :) *

Now back In IC-TC, TC, don't blow a gasket man, have some JD.

It's all good, I am sure the guys in the board know what going to happen at the PPV. Again we have this little paper that says their asses that ring over there. Well ok they might like it too much if it was their asses and that ring.

So how about I correct it to their lives that ring. Yeah that sounds better. We shall go for a spin in my new GT-40 and life shall be good.

2005-09-20, 04:16 AM
Backstage: Addressing Wolfgang
I am humbled by
The show of respect after
Our hard fought battle.

If ever you need
A hand, a partner, or a
Buffet, let me know

2005-09-20, 11:36 PM
I thank you for the offer, Baxter.

Tonight, you have shown yourself to be a force in your own right rather than just as part of a team. I foresee a few more Hardcore Championship matches in your future.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-09-25, 07:00 PM
Originally posted by Wolfang
I thank you for the offer, Baxter.

Tonight, you have shown yourself to be a force in your own right rather than just as part of a team. I foresee a few more Hardcore Championship matches in your future.

IC: "Too bad we'll never know because I forsee at Overdrive that I'm going to be the AWF Hardcore Champion and you will be is a distant memory Fang."

2005-09-26, 02:54 AM
OOC: I fully intend on editing this into something sweet. Maybe tomorrow. Consider this filler/intent to trash.

In the meantime...


Amarant, HBK... your mommas.

2005-09-28, 03:54 PM
You just don't get it, do you, Amarant?

You really, really don't.

It's not for me to prove you wrong. It's for you to back up the stream of crap you're spouting.

You're all sizzle, no sausage. And I've got it on good authority that it's not just a metaphor in your case.

But, as you seem insistant. You say you're walking out of that cage the number one contender? You want me to prove you wrong? I'll be happy to.

Because I'm the show stopper around here. And your show? The ratings are in trouble, Mr "Can't Back It Up".

Like I said before, it's about what you can do. Those who can... do. I can. I will. I'll be AWF Champion again before you ever get near that gold. And I'll do prove myself right on that score.

Because I can.

And because I'm better than you.

Amarant Odinson
2005-10-01, 06:14 AM
There you go again The same old song and dance that we've come to expect from an old has been. You're the Show Stopper. I get it. You're better than me. If that helps you sleep at night, then fine by me. You go ahead and keep on deluding youself to the fact that you no longer have what it takes to be here.

Let's face it. You and your little runnign buddy, G91 can't win a match without help from one another or a damn sludgehammer. You've never faced anything like me before in your career. You've never faced someone that has nothing to lose. And I'll be honest here, a few years ago I'm sure that you could've kicked my ass..but now? Your time has come and gone. You've grown too soft and too complacent in your position. You talk about being the show stopper? But that's part of the problem, you're all show and no substance. I may not have any sizzle but that not why I'm here. I'm not an entertainer like you or so many of the others here in the AWF. I'm a wrestler, I'm a fighter and I'm unstoppable.

At Autumn Annihilation, just like the seasons themselves, the old will be cast aside for the new, the leaves will change and I will prove that I'm the new dominate force in the AWF when I win the Iron Gauntlet. And there's nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. No one will stop me from realising my dream. No one will stand in the way of my destiny and no one will ever tell me that they're better than me. Not you, Xille, Tapedeck, Lock or King will be able stop the inevitable when I am the last one standing in the ring. No matter what you say or do, you will never be "better than me", you will never stop me and most importanly.. YOU WILL NEVER BREAK ME!!!