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2005-09-27, 04:05 AM
As the former Neo commander Skyfall returned to Autobot duties elsewhere, the Neo second-in-command Dropshot, stepped up to fill the open position and continue the group's structure. Allying themselves with Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots, Dropshot began restructuring the Neo group with supplies gathered by Artfire and Stepper. After a briefing meeting, the group has reestablished its goals and committment to fighting the Decepticons. They will continue to be independently based out of the Ark, but function as a cohesive fighting unit and special team within the larger Autobot army.

Currently at the Ark: Astra, Jazz, Dropshot, Artfire, Stepper, Aero Blade, and Stratus
They have just finished their meeting.

Fuel Reserve:

After fighting off a strong Decepticon force that was trying to raid a fuel reserve, the Autobots are beginning to recover and regroup to repair their injured. They are finishing the securing measures to the reserve and preparing to return to the citybots.

Currently at the Reserve: Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Slingshot, Sideswipe, Prowl, Computron.

-Optimus Prime - has asked his troops to regroup and has been getting briefed on battle happenings and the status of his troops.
-Aboard Omega Supreme, the Aerialbots have Chainclaw tending to the two critically wounded individuals on their team - Air Raid and Fireflight.

Decepticon Shuttle "Despiration":
The Decepticons retreated, having done substantial damage to several of the foiling autobots. Aboard their shuttle, the sharp wits of Predeking detected four missiles that had been placed by Computron. Notifying Hatemonger and Ratbat, the Decepticons were able to land the shuttle in time to disengage and deactivate the attempted blast.

Currently with Despiration:
Sunstorm, Hatemonger, Ratbat, Slicer, Cryotek, Cyclonus, Triggerhappy, Predaking, Constructicons

Blaster and Devcon have been pursuing Sunstreaker. The fiesty yellow Autobot had a processor malfunction and turned rogue. The resulting action was that Sunstreaker fled to Russia.

Earth's Atmosphere
Astrotrain has reentered the atmosphere and is heading for the Nemesis - unaware that Cosmos and Backstreet are tracking his progress.

Jalgar, the cat sniper, is on scouting duty. The Breastforce leader Leozak is within the conference room, speaking with Trypticon about humans.

Aboard a shuttle in South Yorkshire, Wingspan is monitoring the ongoings in the area and has sent a load of faulty autobot parts back to Leozak. The intention is to sell them to the Autobots to run out their human currency, and cause breakdowns and malfunctions in the repaired Autobots.

Army Base outside Denver:
Hosehead is calling for pickup / backup for the fuel reserves._ Hubcap (located at Metroplex) has answered.

2005-09-27, 02:25 PM
Cryotek carefully used his ice cannons to freeze the firing mechanisms in the missiles. He almost said something about not being a bomb squad expert.

2005-09-27, 04:33 PM
Afterburner just stepped back from his conversation with Prime as he was struck heavily from behind and thrown to the ground before Autobot leader.

"Coward! Traitor! How dare you... you..." - the voice circuits failed Scattershot again and he tried grabbing his fellow's throat.

"Get off me, you crazy berserker!" - Afterburner easily deflected the hands which threatened to hurt him; after all, Scattershot was really weak now and presented more of a threat to himself than to somebody else.

Lightspeed and Strafe appeared and tried to restrict the Technobots leader, who struggled to break free.

"That's exactly what I feared" - Afterburner said as if to himself but loud enough to be heard by Prime. He put his head up and addressed the leader directly:

"I'm sorry to trouble you with our inter-team issues... but you've seen it yourself. So, I ask you to be appointed as a temporary leader of Technobots, as Scattershot is obviously not in a position to perform his duties."

2005-09-27, 06:59 PM
Cosmos commed metroplex and fort m as he tracked Astrotrain "Keeping an eye on the rogue city commander guys: he's enroute to the home base. Myself and Groundshaker are awaiting orders."

2005-09-28, 09:35 PM

Camshaft replied Hound's question.

Camshaft: " My scanners had detected a Decepticon energon signature very near too, and I think that exists the possibility that he'll detect us too. I detect another signatures, but what we do about the nearer one?", asked the Omnibot.

2005-09-29, 03:18 AM
Quebec, Canada
"We sit tight Camshaft. Jalgar is sharp..."

Hound's voice trailed off for a moment as he remembered the feline sniffing for his trail inside Metrotitan.

"He's bound to pick us up eventually, but hopefully later rather than sooner. I don't think Breastforce is up here to cause trouble, or Trypticon would have ripped Canada apart by now. Keep a trace on those signatures, but stay still. Movement of any sort will only alert them to us faster.

I'll try to hone in auditory signals, but while I do, I need for you two to study the hologram as it fixes and help observe it for weaponry and defenses. We also don't want to be boxed in - stay alert and I'll try to place the second signal."

2005-09-29, 04:01 AM
Jazz was glad to hear Dropshot's decision. He'd decided during his long tenue in the CR chamber that he would talk to Skyfall about reconciling with Prime. They certainly couldn't afford to be isolated again like they were last time...

"So let's get to it," he suggested with a gentle shrug.

2005-09-29, 04:17 AM

Jalgar: -stops panning the scope, snorts- "I keep forgetting the Autobots like anachronisim........" -locks onto his targets, fires the paintball rifle three times, each glow in the dark hot pink round flying with unerring accuracy at the windshields of Hound, Wheeljack, and Camshaft-

Conference Room, Trypticon, Quebec:

Trypticon: -pops up a vidwindow in the display that Leozak is looking at- "Autobots, located here." -chuckles quietly- "Jalgar is engaging them with a paintball gun."

Leozak: -sighs-

Drillhorn: "We could use them, you know."

Leozak: -looking up- "Hmm?"

Drillhorn: "We could give them all this junk that Wingspan unloaded on us."

Hellbat: -working at another terminal- "I'd hang onto the 959 parts.... what few he could get, anyway. We can flog them on eBay, and use the massive amounts of money from them to...." -shrugs- "Publiclly donate it to the victims on Earth of the Autobot/Decepticon war? That sounds good."

Drillhorn: "How can they be worth so much?"

Hellbat: "Porsche only built 300 of them, and if my research is correct, 40 of them were immediately turned into race cars. Wingspan managed to dig up one mostly intact."

Leozak: "I'm a captain, not an economics major......"

Amarant Odinson
2005-09-29, 04:35 AM
Ark: Conference Room

Dropshot just nodded his head and replied "Indeed. Here's what I want done. Astra, you and Stepper head back to the Med Bay and start going through all of the medical supplies that he brought back with him. Give me a detailed list of what we have, what we still need and where we can get anything that we're missing.

Artfire, take Aero Blade with you the Armory and go through what we have. I want guns, amounts of ammo including whatever you brought back with you from Fort Max. and how we can last here on our own if it comes down to it.

Jazz, I want you to come with me back to the Command Center and go over the Ark blue prints with me. You know this place better than any of us and I could really use your help with planning the next round of defence instillations.

Stratus I want you with me as well. I'll need you to help monitor everything that's going on and receive any incoming transmissions from any Autobots. If any Decepticons decide to show up and pay us another visit, we're going to be ready for them. You all have your orders. Dismissed."

Dropshot then sat up and headed for the door. That went better than expected. He thought.

Aero Blade
2005-09-29, 06:42 PM
Aero could've groaned when his assigment was given, but he stopped himself from doing so. Collecting weapons frm an armory was not high on his favorite places to visit, but then there was always worse places he could wind up, such as the medbay, a thought which caused him to glance breifly at Astra, then quickly look away towards Artfire. Getting up from the table, Aero took a moment to be su re he was steady before heading over to Artfire.

"You know where that armory is, right?" Aero asked.

Stratus meanwhile took his asignment much better than Aero did. He would've liked to stay with his partner, but he didn't mind the chance to explore either. He could always contact Aero via the com to chat if he got bored.

"I just hope the equipment you got has some consols that are my size," the minicon said, following after Dropshot.

2005-09-30, 06:29 AM
Chainclaw looked up

"I've stabilised them the best I could."

2005-09-30, 05:03 PM

"I will, don't worry, and same here" the blue space-craft called down to Blaster, continuing to circle the area and watching the approaching soldiers warily,

* * * * * *

Ark Conference Room

"No question here, boss" Astra muttered, glancing at Dropshot before moving to pick her chair back up and sit back down, her expression neutral, then nodded, getting to her feet as she got her order and jerked her head at Stepper "Let's go"

* * * * * *


"Good idea there, Camshaft. And thanks, buddy" Wheeljack replied over the comm-links on receiving the information from his old friend before falling silent on hearing about the Decepticon in the area and started evaluating the weaponry and defenses Hound sent him, completely lost in doing that until paint splattered against his windshield.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-09-30, 05:42 PM
Autobots were here, but were they here to find and rescue or seek and destroy? Sunstreaker was cautious and he knew Blaster wasn't the type to hunt down and kill somebody but the other bot, Sunstreaker didn't know him. The humans were a bad sign, how could they track him? The Autobots he could understand, the Skyspy would have found him eventually, but the humans? It was almost embarassing... unless they were here with the Autobots which almost guarenteed this was seek and destroy.

Blaster watched the human's carefully as they approached. They stopped in a line infront of Blaster and one slowly moved forward.

"Transformer! You are on Russian soil and must leave immediately or we will be forced to destroy you in defence of our country!" The young Russian commander yelled through a mega phone from the top of his tank.

"Listen man, we ain't here to attack. We're just here to bring our friend back." Blaster replied moving toward the tank.

"What does your friend look like, robot?"

"Big n' yellow. He's got two things on the side of his head that look like horns, you seen him? Name's Sunstreaker." Blaster asked, acting as if he was lost and not blown apart two months ago.

"Do you know this transformer?" The Russian commander asked pulling out a picture and waiting for the transformer to take it.

Blaster moved forward and around the cannon of the tank and extended his hand and then index finger. The tip split open and a small pair of grips slipped out picking the photo up. Blaster looked at Devcon and then at the photo. It was Sunstreaker alright. Blaster shook his head and offered the photo back.

"Must be a Decepticon. Well I guess we're on different missions so we won't get in your way anymore." Blaster replied and turned away looking back to where Sunstreaker was apparently hiding.

"Nyet, robot. You must leave or we will be forced to remove you by any means necessary." The Russian commander replied.

Blaster groaned and looked up to Devcon "Devcon, we need to find a way to get Sunstreaker out of here. Any ideas?"

2005-10-01, 04:34 AM
Jazz delivered a casual and loose salute as he turned to stroll off after Dropshot. He glanced down to Stratus with a chuckle as they walked.

"We sure didn't build this place for guys like you!" Jazz noted. "Smallest we had back then was Bumblebee..."

2005-10-01, 04:51 AM
Omega Supreme

"That's more than I could ask for," Skydive said to Chainclaw appreciatively, "Thank you. How long do you think they can hold out like this?"

-Not that I'm sure I want to hear the answer, but if we are running out of time we need to be going now-

Fuel Reserve

Slingshot continued his patrol of the skies, making sure no decepticons doubled back to catch them off guard. Not that he would be able to do much. He was out of artillery and his power levels were getting pretty low. Still, being one of the only Autobots to get out of the battle unscathed, he knew that there wasn't much choice in the matter.

-It may not be the best job in the world, but it's better than sitting around doing nothing- he thought as he circled again.

2005-10-01, 01:46 PM
Cryotek looked at the explosives as he lifted them out of the area they were hidden in.

"Hmm, stupid Autobots." He growled tossing them out into a field.

He then hopped down and looked at the Constructicons.

"So what can I help with?" He asked looking to assist with repairs.

2005-10-01, 02:30 PM

Camshaft was looking with Wheeljack the hologram created by Hound when a paintball shot hit his windshield.

Camshaft:" Eh, what the slag...",and aimed his sensors onto the direction of the shot, -" Guys, we have been discovered...That Jalgar has attacked us with... paint? What are we going to do now?", asked the Omnibot.

2005-10-03, 12:10 PM

"I think I can carry his vehicle mode with mine in an improvised sling, but we may need to sedate him first and we need to get rid of the humans first, can't you fake a transmission of another attack somewhere?" Devcon commed privately to Blaster.

Aero Blade
2005-10-04, 01:25 AM
"Problem in my demention wasn't the fact that we wer so small, but the fact that too much attention was paid to us. The more of us the Cons snatched, the stronger they got, and then the Autobots needed our help to fend of the Cons that already captured some of us. There was no way to be left alone no-matter what side we were on," Stratus said to Jazz.

"But this place is much better, comparable to what I've had to deal with. I preffer getting ignored and overlooked, even if it means having to take extra effort to work giant computer consols."

2005-10-05, 02:24 AM
Hatemonger stepped outside of the shuttle.

"Report on situation." He asked the Constructicons.

2005-10-05, 03:45 AM

Scrapper pointed to a large chunk of cement lying off to one side.

"Mixmaster is sealing up the bombs in there one at a time, General. He's almost done. We should be ready to fly again in less than a minute."

2005-10-05, 11:02 PM
Jazz grinned to Stratus comfortingly. It was a sad story indeed, but it was in the past now. He tilted his head as he strolled into the command center at Dropshot's side.

"Well, maybe we can see 'bout riggin' up a Stratus-sized terminal when we got some extra parts. Or at least a phone book..." he mused, not expecting his compatriots to quite follow.

2005-10-05, 11:59 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Good, reboard the shuttle when finished and we will take off." Hatemonger said heading back onboard and finding a seat at the control systems.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-06, 01:52 AM
Blaster thought about the idea for a moment and the shook his head.

"It ain't that easy. I'd need access to all'a their command codes. I got old ones but knowing human's those 'f been changed." Blaster stopped and thought for a second. "If you can buy me some time, I can get something."

Sunstreaker watched idly keeping a close eye on the air-born Autobot.

2005-10-06, 05:00 AM

Done with their work, the Constructicons re-boarded the shuttle.

2005-10-06, 01:01 PM

"We could pull a Tracks and kick up a stink about our ruined vehicle modes' paintjobs" Wheeljack replied, then his tone grew deadly serious "But we can't fight in here, we're too enclosed if any human civilians show up"

* * * * * *


"Understood" Devcon commed back, then came into for a landing and transforming, then approaching the soldiers with a friendly interest act, smiling as he leant over to address them, trying to buy Blaster the time he needed "Greetings, I'm new to this planet, what are those vehicles called?"

2005-10-06, 01:39 PM
Cryotek quickly hopped onboard the shuttle.

"So anyone I can do some patch ups on until we get back to base?" He asked.


Hatemonger sat down pressed some buttons and the Desperation began to lift off again. He activated the rear engines and the shuttle tore back for the Nemesis.


Predaking took off behind the Desperation.

2005-10-06, 07:16 PM
Slicer had finished his sealing protocols, so remained silent. He sat back and idly dreamed of the new body he'd be formatted when he got back...

2005-10-06, 10:16 PM

Camshaft:" You're right Wheeljack. Maybe Hound can project a hologram to hide us from Jalgar and get off from here before the humans arrive!"

2005-10-07, 09:33 PM
Afterburner followed Optimus Prime for some time, waiting for an answer and ignoring the loud protests of Scattershot from behind. The latter was struggling in the hands of the other team members - Strafe, Lightspeed and Noseone - and doing it rather well for a Transformer who almost fell in stasis not hours ago.

When Afterburner finally tired to wait he turned to the team.

"Shut that maniac up" - he ordered. "We've got to talk."

"Shut yourself!!!" - Scattershot screamed back. "No time to talk while the enemy..."

"The enemy" - the poison in Afterburner's words was delibarate - "had retreated. And anybody who can't analyse the situation he is in is to be considered a maniac... Certainly unfit to lead a team."

"Take it easy, pal" - Nosecone intruded. "Scatter's not well but that doesn't made you a leader!"

"But it does indeed!" - Afterburner, it seemed, was pleased by the situation. "No one else is capable enough to be the leader of the Technobots. Moreso, Optimus himself didn't objected to my nomination! What can you say against this?" - he looked at the others. "What, guys?"

"I don't know..." - answered Strafe uncertainly. He saw Scattershot transformation from calm and thoughtful leader into a raging maniac clearly - perhps clearer than anybody else - and he wasn't trusting that new Scattershot. The problem was, he didn't trusted new Afterburner too...

"No way. We'd have to check Scatter's logical circuits and find a fault, that's all. And everything will be all right." - Nosecone was firm.

"But it won't, how can't ou understand?" - now Afterburner fas furious. "What if damage's permanent? What if..."

"We'd better see it, not discuss it" - Lightspeed commented, looking Scatershot into th face. From the strain the Technobot endured struggling to break free his damaged circuits got some residual current again and now were sizzling and sparking. "Let's find somebody who can patch him a bit... I mean patch us all" - he added, looking at the sorry condition his fellows were in.

"Second that" - Nosecone replied with ease. He'd not gre in normal condiion - after all, his internal repair circuits were far superior to the others' - but making a choice between Afterburner's pretenses for leadership and some patchwork... Well, sometimes being wounded wasn't so bad. "Let's go".

OK... You've get the best of me now - but that's not the end! I promised to myself to beome a leader - and I'll do it... no matter the cost! - Afterburner thinked to himself following the others to the Omega.

2005-10-07, 09:36 PM
Chainclaw replied

"I'm a warrior not a Doctor but I'd say they've got half an earth day at the most without medical , but they could have as little as a quarter of that its hard to tell with these type of wounds. They've lost a lot of fluid."

2005-10-08, 02:57 AM

Trypticon: -rumbling low- "The battle is joined."

Leozak: -sighs- "How bad?"

Trypticon: "He is firing paint. The Autobots have yet to respond."

Killbison: -snorts- "Figures."

Leozak: "At least he's not using live ammo. That could cause problems."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-08, 04:47 PM
Devcon moved forward and was met with immediate hostilites by the Russian soldiers.

"Step back Transformer!" one of the tank crew yelled in a shakey voice. "We will be forced to destroy you if you do not step back!"

Blaster cringed at this sight and looked away. "Shoulda warned you their a bit edgy." He said over the closed channel the two had opened going back to work on getting something through. Devcon's distraction was less than effective so it would appear so he was working under the impression he had less time than planned.

Sunstreaker stayed hidden, waiting and watching. The Autobots and humans appeared to be arguing, the Autobots buying time for something. To rescue him? To get the humans out of here before a fight? Sunstreaker had to know soon, he couldn't stay hidden here forever.

2005-10-09, 07:37 AM
Fuel Reserve

-Half a day. that's not much time.- Skydive thought as he listened to Chainclaw's reply. -I wonder if I should suggest landing outside of Autobase so that we don't crash when we get there-

Skydive stood up and began to pace back and forth while he waited for everyone else to finish boarding Omega Supreme.

2005-10-09, 02:07 PM
Cosmos continued his survelance of the Nemesis's air space: he couldn't approach too close as the detection sensors were excellent on the decepticons home base he supposed, so kept himself and Groundshaker at a safe distance.

Astrotrain hadn't left the base since he enetered a while ago: chances were, this stake out was a bust. He sent a short video burst and summary to the Autobases, bouncing it off a couple of earth sattelites to avoid detection.

Random Sweep
2005-10-10, 06:19 AM
Seeing the shuttle launch again, Cyclonus and Triggerhappy took off after the desperation

2005-10-10, 06:49 PM
While approaching Omega's ramp Afterburner watched his fellows carrying the limp form of Scattershot inside. The former Technobots leader (Afterburner preferred to think of him this way) had come into a shutdown again not long ago, exhausting himself with maniacal frenzy.

As I said, this isn't over. They'll come back to me pleading for help... for I'm the only one who can help anyway. Even if I'm wrong and they'll sort it out... somehow... Scattershot's reputation will be stained and mine spotlessly clean.

He entered last and looked around at other Autobots inside.

"Well, that was a nasty battle, wasn't it?" - he commented to no one in particular.

Better be social... They'll hear my version of events first and believe it... I hope.

2005-10-10, 07:25 PM
Cosmos recieved Fizzles comm: he radioed Groundshaker over the silence:
"I'm moving to monitor the incoming craft over the Autocitys air space: you coming?"

2005-10-10, 07:42 PM
"On your tail," Groundshaker answered.

2005-10-11, 02:56 AM
Fuel Reserve:

Omega Supreme: -bringing his engines online- "Last: Call."

Abandoned Army Base:

Hosehead: -over commlink- "I'm at the Army Base in near Denver, Landfill."

2005-10-11, 01:04 PM

Hatemonger was manning the main controls with Ratbat at the copilot section as the shuttle streaked over the ocean towards the Nemesis. Hatemonger pressed some buttons to send out a signal for the Nemesis to open it's landing hatch.

"Home sweet home."

2005-10-11, 01:19 PM

"Alright, alright, calm down" Devcon replied quietly as he took a couple of steps back, his hands held up in front of him, keeping up the overfriendly newcomer act "I come in peace"

* * * * * *


"Good idea there, kid" Wheeljack radioed back to Camshaft, then the engineer opened a private comm-link to Hound, adding "You up for that, buddy, or should that be Mission Commander?"

2005-10-11, 07:06 PM
Cosmos & co. arrived at Auto city airspace to see a lot of air traffic: Skyfire leaving, his brother arriving. The citys appeared to be standing down from full alert.

OOC: Despiration should be docking at the Nemesis thread then yeah?

2005-10-12, 10:53 PM
Jazz grooved into the ancient and prolific chamber that had once been the flagship's bridge. There were always memories for him here, some good... some not. (The latest particularly was a bit ugly.) He strode over to the recently reconstructed Teletran I and began tapping at the large keyboard to call up the ship's blueprints.

"Jus' holler if you need anything, buddy," he called over his shoulder to Stratus.



The flight had been peaceful so far. Skyfire's mind had been not on the job at hand, but on its purpose: discovering the state of the Decepticon cities was a very important task, and he was only too glad to be needed to help. He was also appreciative of the opportunity to fly over South America. He truly did find it a beautiful and fascinating land mass with interesting culture and so many secrets to explore. Nevertheless, as Argentina faded into blue ocean, his mission came back to him, and the fear began to set in early when he scanned up to find some thick gray clouds ahead.

It wouldn't be long before the snow began falling and the winds picked up, and when the great white continent emerged from the sea beneath him, Skyfire truly began to panic. It was bad enough that he might crash, but this time, he had passengers! He didn't dare! No, he'd rather be shamed than allow himself to hurt his fellow Autobots.

"Overdrive, conditions have become severe," he said rapidly and with a crack. "I need to land."

Overdrive, in Skyfire's cockpit, nodded to his host and clicked on Skyfire's radio.

"Okay, flyers, find a good spot to set down. We'll be hotfooting it at least until the storm lets up."

Skyfire sighed with relief, putting a significant amount of focus on finding a long enough clearing (noting the ice's low friction) and executing a proper landing. In his hurry, he found one that was not quite stellar, and a heavy gust on his final approach caused him to graze a wing on the ice and jostle his passengers. It certainly didn't help his emotional state either. Still, he felt much better on the ground, and quickly taxied away to allow the others to land and dropped his ramp. Overdrive was the first to disembark.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-13, 03:41 AM
Sunstreaker looked behind him, he had no where he could run but atleast with the airborne Autobot grounded they started out on the same level.

The Russian tanks began to turn their cannons towards Devcon. "We don't want your kind of peace, robot!" A young Russian cried.

Blaster finally cracked the codes and quickly began to send the transmission out. Moscow under attack... Return at once in Russian code. He also began jamming their radios so they couldn't confirm anything.

"Hope this works." Blaster muttered.


Sideswipe shook his head at the Technobot. "The only nasty thing about that fight is how quickly it ended." Sideswipe replied, he still wanted to fight even though he had taken such a hard fall.

2005-10-13, 12:41 PM
"If the battle would continue we'd be beaten even more, that's all." - Afterburner replied to Sideswipe glad that somebody had volunteered to hear his version of the event. "This upgraded Predaking is pretty tough... and the fact some of us got severely damaged before him arriving surely didn't helped."

He made a pause to see if somebody would protest to this statement. Nobody did.

"I mean Scattershot in particular. Sure thing, he's a leader of our Technobots team, but that puts him into a responsible position! He have to direct our actions - not to plunge headlong into the heat of battle! And of course he mustn't get damaged before we even met our main enemy, which Prime himself ordered us to guard against!

Why are you looking at me this way, Strafe?" - Afterburner added, seeing that at least one of the Technobots diverted his attention to him (the others were still tending to stasis-locked Scattershot).

"Well... He tried to save me... and one of Aerialbots, too..." - Strafe replied meekly. The terrible pictures of Scattershot's berserk-like behavior were still at his optics:

Scattershot punching the Decepticon squarely at the face.

"This is not ONE SHALL STAND, ONE SHALL FALL battle!"


Scattershot's hands gripping the enemy's faceplate.

"I will crush you with my bare hands!.. Die!!!..."

"What's wrong with you? Razorclaw got your speaker?" - joked Afterburner looking at Strafe. To Sideswipe he continued:

"That's why, when the bogeys came, we were weakened already and couldn't stand a chance against them. Had you seen that Predaking? It's something, I tell you! He made a swift work with us and pretty much disabled Omega himself - and that's all without a scratch!"

He was exaggerating but slightly; in fact, Predaking got some damage too - but it really wasn't serious compared to the condition in which he left the Autobots who fought him.

"That's bad - don't you agree, Sideswipe? We can't rely on a team leader who gets berserk and throws everything to the wind, can't we?"

The reply came from the unexpected side.

"Berserk... Yes, that's right - berserk! He was acting as if something got into him and made him do all those terrible things!" - Strafe exclained, standing up.

Darn... That idea is what I need less of all... - Afterburner thought to himself and tried to correct the situation:

"But wasn't he acting this way even before? Hedlong into battle, oblivious to everithing and everyone? I tell you he was! That's why I say he can't lead us Technobots anymore! Do you object, Strafe?" - he pushed, feeling the weakness in Strafe's position.

"I..." - Strafe started to reply only to be visited by the same haunting image:

"I will crush you with my bare hands!.. Die!!!..."

"... don't know", - he finished unexpectedly even for himself. "Perhaps you're right..."

And Afterburner, astonished, was unable to find the answer...

OOC: isn't it time to blast off to Autobase?

2005-10-13, 07:03 PM
Sizzle and Guzzle disembarked, armed and ready.

Communications from Fizzle to Overdrive "Cosmos available for sattelite support: do you need it?"

2005-10-13, 10:46 PM

Dogfight established a perimeter at the space above Skyfire's landing zone and patrolled the area, meanwhile the other bots were exiting the big Autobot jet mode.

Dogfight was thinking about the scene he had just witnessed amongst the snow and the aerial turbulences.

" Strange. I thought this big bot was a better flyer. May be our fearless leader thinks that the so called death wishers are a problem or trouble for his mission, but a doubtful bot it's a bad thing.", he thought.

Dogfight:" Dogfight to Overdrive. Sir, I just finished patrolling the area. Bad weather, but still no hostil contact. I'm going to land."

And the Triggerbot, despite all of his natural electro-impulses, landed in a very soft maneuver near the others.

2005-10-14, 03:32 AM
(OOC: Just waiting to make sure all were aboard Time to go.)

Fuel Reserve:

Omega Supreme: -ramp retracts, lifts off, engines roaring as he blasts off, nav computers setting course for Autobase-


Hardhead: -debarks Skyfire-

2005-10-14, 03:22 PM
With his crew disembarked, Skyfire transformed to robot mode, pulled his rifle, and did his very best not to look terrified. He was very relieved not to have crashed in the landing, and at this point there wasn't much more damage he could do to the others... but with the danger and need not to fail past, Skyfire was free to be one with himself and soak up all the painful and horrible memories the frigid environment brought back. Still, he stood in the midst of the group unmoving and waiting so dreadfully for the chance to leave.

Overdrive looked up to take an analysis of the weather conditions and clicked on his comm link.

"Roger that, Fizzle. I don't know how much he'll be able to see through this cloud cover, but we can use all the help we can get."

Overdrive watched Dogfight execute a smooth landing and raised his voice to address the group over the howling wind and blustering snow squalls.

"All right, 'Bots! Satellite information is scant from here, so we're on our own! Fan out and start looking for clues! Anything purple, metal, or mean would be a good start!"

2005-10-14, 09:03 PM

Dogfight transformed into robot mode and stepped slowly towards Skyfire.

Dogfight:" Hey" said in a kindly and, despite the savage wind, low tone of voice, " bad weather, huh?"

The small Triggerbot, despite his nice manners, was looking at the largest Autobot flyer with a serious glance in his optics.

Dogfight: " Skyfire, are you ok? You seems worried, buddy", added, still in a lowly voice.

2005-10-15, 02:55 AM

Swoop did not bother spreading out, instead he just started stomping through the snow ahead of him. The chill of the wind was beginning to make his movements stiff. Still the Dinobot was finally starting to feel excitement at the prospect of confrontation with the enemy. Granted he had only been out of the CR Chamber for less than a day, but there were worse things to be doing.

-Maybe me should talk to autobots. Work on conver....con... talking skills.-

"Me Swoop no see nothing," he said loudly enough to be easily over the howling wind, "All is white. Autobots see something yet?"

2005-10-15, 07:25 AM
Overdrive looked over at Swoop

"nothing here Swoop but keep up the good work."

He scanned his sector

"watch out for perimeter drones."


Landfill cruised down the highway heading for Hoseheads position.

2005-10-17, 06:06 AM

Hardhead: -transforms to vehicle mode, head disconnecting and transforming to robot mode, landing neatly in the cockpit of his transector- "All right, let's go see what we can find." -shifts into gear, quad treads digging into the snow, rumbles forward-

2005-10-17, 11:50 AM
Warpath debarked Skyfire and followed Hardhead.

2005-10-17, 02:12 PM

"Alright, alright" Devcon replied, still keeping his hands where the Russians could see them, ensuring that he was, for the moment, unarmed while backing up some more and silently praying to Primus that the ploy worked.

* * * * * *


Sandstorm hovered a couple of feet from the ground before he transformed to his robot mode and dropped into the snow, then waded through it towards Overdrive while watching Hardhead and Warpath starting to move off.

Drawing alongside the mission leader, he hissed "You want me to scout ahead as well, as it's my function?"

Aero Blade
2005-10-17, 03:09 PM
While Jazz was working with Teletran, Stratus flew up onto one of the other large consols, examining some of the controls and buttons and testing out a few of the unimportant ones to see how easily they were worked for someone of his size. Most of them gave way to him simply standing on them, and the other more stubborn ones were moved after a good jump or kick.

"Nah, I think I'm good for the moment," Stratus called to Jazz. "Just too bad my friend Nitro isn't here. He could work computers without having to use the consol; certainly would make things easier if I could do that."

2005-10-17, 06:16 PM
"sure thing Sanstorm bit of recon's just the ticket , just watch out for icing on your rotorblades. I understand it can be a problem."

Overdrive moved off leading his team as they scoured the terrain his sensors on maximum sensitivity.

2005-10-17, 07:36 PM

Guzzle disembarked and followed Hardhead.
Sizzle, still grinning like an idiot over his gun, moved to the group surronding Overdriveand stated: "Point me where you want me boss."

(OOC incase anyone wonders, Sizzle does have snowchains on his wheels. Impetous yes, stupid no.)

Cosmos changed course and made his way to Antartic airspace.

2005-10-18, 11:13 AM

"Yes, sir" Sandstorm replied, transforming to his chopper mode and taking off, passing Overdrive and the others as he moved ahead of them on the assigned recon, scanning for any signs of enemy activity.

2005-10-18, 10:36 PM
Skyfire looked down at Dogfight abruptly, nearly allowing his horror to erupt onto his face. He simply stared for a moment, but it was difficult to see through the blowing snow.

"I'm... I'm fine," he mumbled, then added more loudly upon realizing the wind had drowned his words, "I'm fine."

He certainly wasn't very convincing about it, but he knew he needed to get his mind off it. Skyfire adjusted his sensors to the blistering conditions and raised his optics to the horizon. He took a few long and slow steps across the great ice plate, utilizing his height and panning his view back and forth on the distance.

2005-10-19, 03:23 AM
Command Deck, Trypticon, Quebec:

Leozak, Hellbat, Gaihawk, and Drillhorn: -looking at the tactical display-

Drillhorn: -holding laser pointer- "Okay. There's Jalgar," -points- "And there are the three Autobots." -points-

Gaihawk: -smiling- "I say we go out there and crush them."

Hellbat: -sighs- "There are Dinobots that are more subtle than you are, Gaihawk." -snorts- "Probably smarter, too."

Gaihawk: -snarls-

Leozak: "Quiet, you two."

Drillhorn: -ignoring the altercation- "The odd thing is, nobody's moved since Jalgar fired. They haven't reacted, and Jalgar hasn't fired again."

Leozak: -sighs- "All right. My first instinct is to open up with the missile batteries and cear out the Autobots and everything near them."

Gaihawk: -starts to turn, heading for the weapons console-

Leozak: "Hold it, Gaihawk."

Gaihawk: -sighs, turns back to the meeting-

Leozak: "Unfortunately, it would ruin the image we're building. So, we warn them off."

Gaihawk: "Where's the fun in that?"

Hellbat: "The fun is in making their cerebral circuits twitch."

Leozak: -moves over to the comm console, taps into Autobot frequencies, hits send- "Attention Autobots. We see you. What is your business here?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-19, 03:56 AM
The Russian commander listened to the message and furrowed his brow, looking down into the tank at the young soldier who had relayed him the message. The commander was a young man, probably two young to be leading this type of mission. He was just out of Officer acadamy. The only reason he was even given this command is they couldn't risk anymore high-ranking officers who knew Moscow and they knew it could turn into a suicide mission, so they could blame the young Commander's ineptitude for the failure.

The young man knew this. He was smart enough to understand how this type of thing worked, but he also knew that if he succeeded in this he would become a hero. He would never have to even lift his fingers and he knew he had to have the transformer in his grasp.

"Don't run. How do we know it isn't a Transformer attack?! This could be reinforcements on some sort of recovery mission before joining the battle!"

Blaster groaned and looked to Devcon. "No dice, they think we're the ones attacking Moscow."


Sideswipe sneered at the Technobot.

"Hey I had my guy just fine! HAd we all got together we probably could have destroyed the new Predaking and never had to see 'im again! I still say we ran to quick."

2005-10-19, 04:53 AM

Swoop continued stomping through the snow. The snow blurring his vision somewhat. He frowned at the prospect of walking around this continent of ice for cycles on end.

"Why Decepticons not hide city in nicer place?" he asked nobody in particular, just to get some more conversation, "They should put in Southern California next time."

2005-10-19, 07:09 PM
Cosmos arrived and began his scans of the area: as predicted, the weather was harsh: standards obs were out, nightvision was useless, and kinetic sightings were made redundant from the winds. Cosmos switched from Thermagraphics to EMF visions alternately, and watched the area around the tank trio for disturbances.

2005-10-19, 08:45 PM
Overdrive chuckled sardonically

"yes Swoop would have blended in with all the other loonies down there."

2005-10-19, 11:35 PM

Dogfight followed Skyfire's footprints amongst the wild wind and the snow. For the small triggerbot was dificult to move graciously on the snow, and he tried his best to close Skifire.

Dogfight:" Hey Skifire!", he shouted, " if you have any problem, you can count on me, ok?"

And with a true smile he departed towards Overdrive's position.

Dogfight:" Hey boss! Can I join Sandstorm? On foot, in some places the snow nearly cover me!"



Camshaft engaged his engine and started to get off the parking when received Leozak transmission. Instantly he over powered his frequency jammer and modulated his internal radio transmitter into a random encrypted frequency.

Camshaft: " Guys...what gonna we do?", asked at Wheeljack and Hound, using his internal and newly encripted frequency.

2005-10-20, 06:20 AM
Landfill was speeding along.

He commed Hosehead

"I am aproaching your position."



"ok Dogfight just watch out for there AA defences. Don't want the first sign we've found them to be your twisted form creating a large crater in the snow."

2005-10-20, 04:56 PM

Dogfight:" Thanks Overdrive, sir!"

The triggerbot transformed into his (actually) white jet mode and compensating the strong winds with his inertial navigational system, Dogfight started to patrol the surrounding area. Althought his swept-back wing design allowed him superior maneuverability in jet mode, with the awful climatic conditions on play, he was forced to perform a more conventional flight that he was used to do.

When he stabilized his wings, he commed to Sandstorm.

Dogfight:" Hey buddy, if we scan diferent areas to cover more land?"

2005-10-21, 05:03 PM

"Alright, your move then" Devcon radioed Blaster, optics narrowing as he backed away faster than before and watched the soldiers warily, he may be an Autobot, but he would defend himself if they tried anything.

* * * * * *


Slightly concerned about the fact that his blades seemed to be getting stiffer, while feeling bored by the quiet atmosphere and longing for something reckless to do, Sandstorm glanced over at Dogfight, then he radioed back to Dogfight "Sure thing, buddy, I'll go right if you go left. First one to spot a 'Con wins"

2005-10-22, 04:28 AM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Hosehead: -over commlink- "I'll be here, Landfill."

Near Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:


The camoflagued man lowered his binoculars. "Nothing, Sarge. Just that fire truck."

At the base of the hill, the sarge looked over his squad. They were good men. Although, he had to admit, working for an underground terrorist organization meant the higher pay attracted the more qualified mercs. Pity the people they worked for had all the tactical prowess of a bag full of wet mice. With a weary sigh, he activated his radio. "Major, are you certain?"

He winced as the harsh sounding yell came out over the earbud. "YES! I AM CERTAIN! CAN'T YOU SEE THE DESTROYED TANKS?!?!?!?!"

"Yes, sir, I saw them. We all saw them. But now, we only see one Autobot down there. We can take the fuel depot back!"

"You have your orders. CARRY THEM OUT!!!!!!" With that, the major shut his comm off.

"Same orders, Sarge?"

He looked at the corpral who'd asked. "Yep. We wait until they all show themselves and fire into the fuel canister they'll have. We blow it up and that should kill all of them that are there."

Command Deck, Trypticon, Quebec:

Leozak: -still broadcasting on the Autobot general frequency- "All right. I know why you're here, as do you. You have been sent to spy on us and the New Government of Quebec. Can't you see that the UN is using you as pawn in a larger game?" -sighs theatrically- "By the request of the rightful government of Free Quebec, we ask that you leave. Now." -hits cutoff switch-

Hellbat: -golf clapping- "Nice, Leozak. The sigh was a bit much, but still, that was very well done. So what do we do if they don't leave?"

Gaihawk: "Gut them."

Killbison: "Grind them into shavings."

Leozak: -smiles- "No, no.... at least, not without provocation."

2005-10-22, 09:41 PM

Dogfight smiled happily at Sandstorm's reply.

Dogfight: " Ok then, consider yourself the loser of this little distraction!", joked the triggerbot.

And Dogfight started to scout the left direction.

2005-10-22, 10:38 PM
Overdrive: "I am detecting some kind of readings to our west."

2005-10-23, 01:24 AM
Jazz grinned over his shoulder to Stratus while Teletran finished loading the requested files.

"Heck, we do ev'rything the old-fashioned way in this place! Pushin' buttons and playin' with levers..." (The words came out in a groove, but he stopped himself at the realization Stratus probably wouldn't catch his hip-hop reference.) "And punchin' Decepticans! Next time, maybe they won't punch back so much..."

Jazz glanced at the blueprints on the monitor, then nodded toward Dropshot.

"So whatcha wanna see, chief?"



Skyfire turned his gaze quickly toward the west at Overdrive's appraisal. He was only too happy to have some purpose behind his motions, that he may be able to keep his mind off the horror he was still struggling to avoid.

"Visual scanning proves insufficient," he reported with his first long and cautious step to the west.

Amarant Odinson
2005-10-23, 03:23 AM
Ark: Command Centre

Dropshot studied the blueprints that Jazz had brought up and answered back.

"All of it. I want to go over every inch of this place to see where our weak spots are and how we can counter that. Give me everything on past attacks on the Ark, where the Decepticons made their way inside and what options we have to beef up security in those trouble spots."

Ark: Armory

Artfire was looking over the some weapons that he brought back with him and set them up on the rack. He turned to Aero Blade and asked. "How are you making out back there? Come up with anything we might still need yet?"

Ark: Med Bay

Stepper walked into the Med Bay, following Astra to one of the tables and started emptying his pockets of all of the medical supplies that he was able to get from Fort Max. As he laid them all out, he just looked up and smiled.

"Sorry but I'm not exactly sure about what I grabbed. I'm not exactly sure what I brought back but I hope it helps."

Aero Blade
2005-10-23, 04:10 AM
Aero looked back over his shoulder towards Artfire, giving the distinct impression of a deep frown. "I'm really not sure, this isn't my sort of thing," he said, referring to the weapons. "I really do try to avoid combat whenever possible. I can tell you if it's well constructed, or if it's potentially defective or easily broken and I could fix it for you, but not much I can say about what of them we need..."


Stratus glanced over at Jazz once he was done examing the consol. "Well it may be easy for you to push the buttons and levers, but let's see you do it when you're my size!"

2005-10-23, 01:19 PM

Dogfihgt: " Aye sir, I'm changing my course!", said to Overdrive while performing a wild turn towards the west, his sensors at maximum power.

2005-10-24, 12:05 AM
OOC: tags for anyone who wants to hop into my lil City of Angels plot

Los Angeles

Sixshot landed on the outskirts of L.A, then began stalking the streets, holding the cat in one hand and his gun in the other, idly firing at buildings to disguise why he was really there as he moved towards the center of the city.

* * * * * *


"Sandstorm to Overdrive, I read ya" the triplechanger replied over his comm-link, transforming to robot mode to save his rotor blades and wading through the snow "You want me to give Dogfight some back-up?"

* * * * * *

Ark Med-bay

"Let's see what you got" Astra muttered, starting to go over the medical supplies "Cybertronian sedatives, containers for energon drips, emergency repair kits" she went on through the list, then grinned up at Stepper "Not a bad haul"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-24, 12:45 AM
The tanks began to advance forward on Devcon and Blaster.
"You have been given long enough. There is an attack on Moscow and I believe it is you orchestrating this attack. We will destroy you if you do not leave!"

Blaster looked to Devcon and shook his head "I'm outta ideas!"

The tanks turrets all began to turn and focus on the two transformers, Sunstreaker watched this carefully. The Autobots were here for him, and not with the humans. The humans were now attacking his friends, or his former friends. He still felt a sort of loyalty too them despite his transgressions. Sunstreaker stood up, revealing himself from the cover.

This force was crewed by mainly cadets fresh from military school, totally unqualified for this job. They were short troops after the initial slaughter, the only veterans they had were the ones that could pass the quick psyche exam before being sent out. The young ones panicked, they had never been in this situation. But the veterans knew what to do. Before the young commander could bark out the orders the cannon on one of the tanks manned by a veteran crew swiveled around and fired off a shell towards Sunstreaker. Another tank followed suit, and another. After the young ones got their wits about them all the tanks were firing. The Russian commander yelling to stop, but he had lost command. The veterans were seeking revenge for friends they watched die, while the young ones were panicked and just wanted to survive.

"No!" Blaster cried as he turned and watched as the shells began to impact on or around the black transformer causing him to stumble back into the debris and dirt shooting up, becoming hard to see even for a transformer.

2005-10-24, 05:26 AM

Hardhead: -heads west, treads grinding through the snow-

2005-10-24, 06:17 AM
Landfill: "I'll be with you in ten good buddy."

2005-10-24, 07:08 PM
Guzzle followed hardhead west.


Cosmos commed the ground team leaders Hardhead, Sandstorm and Overdrive :
"Heavy Electrical Magnetic Field and thermal activity to West of positions; approach with caution, site is definitly an active site, repeat its a live site."

2005-10-25, 11:02 AM
Warpath transfromed and followed Hardhead.After he heard Cosmosthen he open his comlink."How much distance between the Magnet field and us?"Warpath asked Cosmos.

2005-10-25, 06:55 PM
Cosmos returned comms to warpath: "About an hours drive from yourself, 90 minutes from the original landing zone. The outputs indicate a large installation red, approach with caution if you can."

2005-10-25, 07:22 PM
"copy that Cosmos we're going to investigate, watch out for anti space defences. Let us know if anything changes over there."

Overdrive turned to his troops

"lets roll soldiers."



April sighed

she was starting to think she was jinxed as she looked out of her window,to find the source of the explosion another damn transformer.

She got her cell

"Bob get me a crew over on 57th and emmery we've got a code orange."

_ _

Mrs Swanski was out walking her darling pekinese Fifi
when a huge robot appeared before her.
She screamed and let go of the lead.

Fifi however spotted the cat and snarling tried to get at it.

2005-10-25, 08:07 PM

Devcon was already moving, transforming as he took to the skies, locating Sunstreaker through all the debris and dirt and calling to Blaster "Aim for the area underneath me, get him out of the way"

* * * * * *

Los Angeles

Grabbing the dog by the lead, Sixshot yanked it up in the air, then put it on the nearest shop roof before he lunged quickly and gently grabbed Mrs Swanski, bringing her to see in the palm Marmalade was in before gruffly demanding "I need supplies for this beast, a lot of supplies"

* * * * * *


Sandstorm had started heading west himself, spotting Hardhead Guzzle and Warpath in the distance, and started to wade his way through the snow after the other Autobots, sending a transmission to Overdrive "I'm following Hardhead, meet you there there, commander"

2005-10-25, 08:11 PM
Mrs Swanski looked faint

"dont you hurt my precious Fifi you big beast. Mummy will save you my ickle lil precious wecious snookins. umm you could try the Petmart at the strip mall."

2005-10-25, 08:17 PM
Los Angeles

"Alright" Sixshot nodded, roughly dumping the woman on the shop roof next to her dog before stalking off, sending a car flying with one foot as he did so.

2005-10-25, 08:20 PM
Mrs Swanksi shook her fist at the big robot

"The police will get you and your lil cat too."

2005-10-25, 08:49 PM
Los Angeles

Arriving at the mall, Sixshot strode across the car-park, crushing parked cars under his feet as he went, then stopped in front of the main entrance, and glanced inside, it seemed big enough for him to walk into.

Cupping Marmalade in both hands for better protection, he then smashed his way through the entire glass front of the shopping mall and strode along the inside.

2005-10-25, 08:55 PM
Jaques Fleche strode out of the Mall towards his brand new Corvette he looked up just as a giant foot crushed it .

"mon dieu my brand new voiture."

2005-10-25, 09:02 PM
Los Angeles

Ignoring the panicking shoppers, Sixshot strode along the inside of the mall looking for this 'Petmart'.

2005-10-25, 09:06 PM
LA Sunnydale Mall

"Hey tiffani do you think i should get the strappy sandals in blue or yellow."

Tiffani : ahhhhh forget the shoes run its a monster."

2005-10-25, 09:29 PM
Sunnydale Mall, L.A

Grabbing Tiffani between two fingers, Sixshot brought her up to his eye-level, then glared at her, rumbling "Where is the Petmart?"

2005-10-25, 09:42 PM
Sunnydale Mall LA

Tiffani quailed but tried to be brave

"like totally chill dude, don't spaz on me , that would be totally uncool. Its like over by the food court but it like totally full of pet stuff its soooo boring not a pair of shoes to be seen and like your colour scheme is totally last century its sooo 80's."

2005-10-25, 09:46 PM
Sunnydale Mall, L.A

Sixshot snorted, then dropped Tiffani in the mall fountain with a splash as he walked past it and headed for the food-court.

2005-10-25, 09:50 PM
LA Sunnydale Mall

"that was totally un-cooool , when the Autobots catch you your like toast."

2005-10-25, 10:11 PM
Sunnydale Mall, L.A

Sixshot kept moving, spotting a sign saying Petmart was outside, and smashed through the wall, heading for the large store.

Putting Marmalade on a bin on arriving outside, he changed into his gun mode and blasted a hole in the wall before transforming back to robot mode, scooping the cat back up and crawled inside on his knees and his free hand.

Placing Marmalade on the floor, he frowned, not sure what to
get and transformed back to gun mode, slowly flying about the place, blasting the walls above all the exits and entrances, blocking the doorways with rubble and stopping all the humans getting out.

Pausing, he transformed back to robot mode, grabbing a teenage couple looking at some puppies and sat down with one human in each hand, using his comm-link to tap into the store's speaker system "Get me all the supplies needed for a feline....now"

2005-10-25, 10:16 PM
LA Sunnydale Mall

a startled store clerk looked up at the large mech and reached for a wall mike.

the Petmart tannoy echoed.

"Manager to aisle 5 we have a ummm problem."

2005-10-25, 10:18 PM
Sunnydale Mall, L.A

Sixshot frowned to himself, glancing around the store, and waited for the fleshling in charge.

2005-10-25, 10:23 PM
Sunnydale Mall LA

a harrased balding man with a name badge rounded the corner.

Clerk: "Mr Boone i'm glad you came. This umm gentle..umm..man wants the full works for his umm feline.

Mr Boone: " i'm afraid I 'll have to ask you to remove the cat this mall has a no animal policy except for guide dogs."

Clerk:"do you think thats wise Sir."

Mr Boone :"hush Hopkins or else I'll have to busta ya back to level 4."

2005-10-25, 10:27 PM

"No" Sixshot snapped, slightly squeezing the young couple to get his point across as he glared at Boone "The cat stays with me"

2005-10-25, 10:31 PM

Mr Boone: "rules are rules its in the handboo...

Hopkins slugged Boone with a bi of loose shelving. He crumpled to the floor

Hopkins:" I'll get you whatever you want just don't harm anyone and if he wakes up tell him you did it."

2005-10-25, 10:34 PM

"Good" Sixshot rumbled, shifting position "Get me every bit of equipment needed for feline maintainance you fleshlings have, human"

2005-10-25, 10:37 PM
Hopkins moved to the tannoy

"Petmart staff please bring a scratching post ,litter tray, food , flea collar, collar, wormingb tablets, anything a cat might need to Ailse 5. If you comply the robot has said it will let us free unharmed."

_ _

Outside Sunnydale Mall

outside the police cordon a camera was rolling

"the robot believed to be a Decepticon has holed up in the local Petmart with hostages. There are unconfirmed eye witness reports that it has a cat with them. This is April O'Neill for Channel 17 new at the Sunnydale Mall bringing you more news as it breaks."

2005-10-25, 10:40 PM

Seeing his demands being met, Sixshot dumped the youth on the floor, keeping the teenage girl in his hand and waited, looking smug.

2005-10-25, 10:46 PM
Outside Petmart

a cop in a flak jacket was conversing with his superior . The letters L.A.P.D S.W.A.T was written on the back.

"The special weapons unit has arrived Sir . The Mall has been evacuated and the wall has been wired."

"ok Kowalski, right on my count blow the charges we're going in.



Petmart Aisle 5

6 Trolleys full of cat supplies were linedup near Sixshot. Petmart employees were bringing more.

2005-10-25, 10:51 PM

As the workers brought his supplies, Sixshot looked around the store, trying to locate something to use for carrying this lot back to the Nemesis.

2005-10-25, 10:55 PM


the front wall blew out and a Squad of LAPD SWAT officers burst through.

In the front was an officer seconded from the EDC

Kowalski:" thermal imaging shows the target to be in the west portion of the store. Connors you take point with the Electro-Magnetic wave generator. We need to take this Con out with minimal collateral damage."

2005-10-25, 11:00 PM

Hearing the explosion, Sixshot turned and headed towards the soldiers using the one-handed crawling method he had used before.

Dropping onto his chest and yanking his gun from sub-space, he fired a full-power blast at the generator one of them was carrying.

2005-10-25, 11:04 PM

the officers retreated in confusion as a faster than sound burst of fire from the mech blew there only effective weapon to bits in a shower of fragments.

A smoke grenade popped and filled the aisle

"retreat and regroup outside we'll reinsert soon as we can get another weapon or once the Autobots arrive."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-26, 01:36 AM
Blaster shook his head and spun around to the tanks pulling his electro-scrambler out and firing along the line of tanks on a large arc.

"Man! What were you guys thinking! He didn't do nothing yet!" The large Autobot yelled at the humans after disabling their tanks. Blaster shook his head and looked to the debris cloud and then to the humans. "Devcon. Can you see any sign of 'im up there?"

2005-10-26, 06:57 PM
Cosmos continued tracking the approaching aerial and tank teams. He continued to send video streams to Override.

2005-10-26, 08:44 PM

Marmalade looked up at the strange servant miauing hungrily.


2005-10-26, 08:48 PM

"Yes" Devcon radioed back to Blaster, circling above Sunstreaker's exact location "Home in on my position"

* * * * * *


Returning to Aisle 5 with his hostage, Sixshot used his gun to point at a couple of store-workers "You, get me something large enough to carry the supplies back to my base with" then he glanced at Marmalade before glaring at Hopkins "What does the beast want?"

2005-10-26, 08:56 PM

Hopkins looked over at the cat.

"looks like its hungry. All we have is a small delivery truck."

2005-10-26, 09:00 PM

"Is this truck Prime's size?" Sixshot replied, glancing at Hopkins, then he reached out to drag a store-worker over to Marmalade "Feed the animal, I'll watch so I know what to do"

2005-10-26, 09:06 PM

" a Prime what its about 7 and a half tons."

The Storeworker looked at the supplies

"umm you'll need a tin opener and you'll need milk we've got dry stuff here but a cat needs milk.

He poured some Cat-snacks(TM) into a bowl for Marmalade.

2005-10-26, 09:12 PM

"Is it the same size as Optimus Prime's vehicle mode?" Sixshot replied, fixing his gaze on the store-worker feeding Marmalade.

2005-10-26, 09:13 PM

"a semi rig you mean , no no where near."

2005-10-26, 09:26 PM

"How big is it then?" the Decepticon replied.

2005-10-26, 09:30 PM

"about third the size of 18 wheeler" said the clerk

2005-10-26, 09:32 PM

"Will it carry all the supplies you're bringing" Sixshot nodded.

2005-10-26, 09:34 PM

Hopkins looked at the trollies

"with ease."

2005-10-26, 09:45 PM

"Good. Bring it and the cat supplies out the front....now" Sixshot ordered.

2005-10-26, 09:54 PM

"you blocked the doors and the police are out there, what about the loading bay out back we can load it much quicker that way." said Hopkins.

_ _

Marmalade gobbled his cat chow purring

2005-10-26, 10:09 PM
Petma...Ehm, I mean Antartica

Aproaching Red Zone

Dogfight was ready for anything. He was arriving at the contact site Cosmos' spotted from above, and was willing to meet with the enemy.

Full speed...

Flares ready...

Special bomb cargo ready...

Bad weather perfect cover...

Sensors ready and at full range, scanning to detect any incoming aat fire...

" Be ready 'cons, old Dogfight is coming for you! "

2005-10-26, 10:15 PM

Overdrive commed Dogfight

"don't forget there's 2 cities and remember that the holo images come first. Otherwise lock and load and rock and roll."

Overdrive commed Sandstorm

"roger that Sandstorm watch Dogfight's back."

2005-10-26, 10:19 PM

"Good" Sixshot replied, glaring at the shop-workers "Load the stuff up and take it to the loading bay"

2005-10-26, 10:20 PM

Hopkins : " you heard the robot get going."

2005-10-26, 10:31 PM

"Yes" Sixshot nodded, his expression grimly neutral and his attention half-focused on the feeding cat.

* * * * * *


"Gotcha" Sandstorm replied, transforming to his chopper mode and taking off, scanning the skies for Dogfight, sending the jet a radio-message "Looks like I'm your back-up, buddy"

2005-10-26, 10:54 PM
Petmart Loading bay

a chain of store workers were frantically loading a truck with cat stuff.

2005-10-27, 04:37 AM
Skyfire focused his optics upward, struggling through the snow to see Dogfight and Sandstorm pushing on above. He was rather embarrassed - he'd been charged with being the Autobots' aerial guardian, and here he stood while others patrolled the skies for him! Still, he knew that even if he could stay in the air, he'd surely be too conspicuous for the Decepticons not to notice, and stealth was difficult to achieve for so big an Autobot. He trudged on, his cannon in hand and his optics on the path ahead, still scanning fervently.

In the distance and partially buried in the unrelenting snow and ice, where the encroaching Autobots were still beyond the reaches of the longest-range sensors, the daunting dark form of Metrotitan loomed as a black mountain before the setting sun. Scorponok City lay not far to the west.


Ark: Command and Control

Jazz nodded, folded his arms, and eyed the floorplans. He ejected a forearm to point casually at the pertinent spots every now and again while he spoke.

"Well, we got the front door taken care of pretty quick after Soundwave and that nin-ja busted in a couple times... We patched up the volcano too, and the underground caves all got filled up. 'Course, once we got the place tight like a sardine can, the 'Cons quit tryin' to get in and sent Trypticon to splatter the place."

Jazz chuckled, though it was a heart-breaking memory. He shrugged.

"Since 'Bots started movin' back in a couple years back, it's just been ragtag patch work here 'n' there. The whole place could use a security overhaul, but the best bet would be to keep our locale a secret - Galvatron showed that, 'f he wants this place gone, it'll be gone, deadbolts or not!"

2005-10-27, 06:55 PM
Antartica- Red Zone

Dogfight's long range sensors detected an enourmous heavy mass of metal, as some energon readings, some miles in front of his position.
He powered up the holo-camera to take long range holo-images for Ironhide.
Despite the bad weather conditions, the long range and the fact that the metal mass was semi-covered by ice and snow, when Dogfight take the first images and saw it he inmediatly recognised that thing.

" Metrotitan".

Dogfight:" Overdrive, I made long range contact with Metrotitan!"

2005-10-27, 06:56 PM
Guzzle kept in line with the tank team, trying not to think about what felt like a seriously underpowered team trying to take two almost certainly hostile city bots.

Sizzle abandoned his futile efforts to light a cigarette and focused on his commander, awaiting orders.

2005-10-27, 09:23 PM

"roger that Dogfight keep a low profile till the rest of us get there.

Sandstorm keep an optic on him and see if you can spot any automated defences outside the main base.

Hardhead try and locate Scorponok.

Cosmos get ready to initiate Coms jamming if they spot us we dont want a 'Con task force on our tail.

Warpath and Guzzle you follow Hardhead cover each others back. remember to get holo-footage.

Skyfire will be in charge of collating the holo-imaging, so relay all the info to him.

Skyfire your in charge of all the holo-feeds plus be ready to back up any of the others.

Swoop & Sizzle circle round the cities perimeter and scout out Metrotitan far perimeter, see if theres and openings.

2005-10-27, 09:36 PM

As the store-workers packed his 'purchases' up into the truck, Sixshot glanced at Marmalade, then tilted his head to one side, studying the creature.

* * * * * *


Sandstorm arrived a moment later and began widely circling Dogfight to keep himself aloft, picking up the same thing the Autobot jet did and he found himself fighting back an urge to yell "Banzaiiiii" and charge in, guns blazing, then he recieved Overdrive's orders and replied over the comm-radio "Yessir, as you wish"

2005-10-27, 09:39 PM

Marmalade lapped up all the food purring before rolling on his back and stretching.

2005-10-28, 05:08 AM
Command Deck, Scorponok, Antarctica

Alarms blared. Red lights flashed. Drones ran about at random, trying to man the citycon's control consoles. In the centre of the flurry of activity, Fasttrack stood, calm as the eye of a hurricane.

"Quiet!" he commanded firmly. As the panic died down, he turned to one of the least-frenzied drones and commanded, "Report."

"Proximity alert," the drone replied flatly; the lack of emotion in it's voice told it's master that it was a new construct, with none of the personality that older units developed. "Targets entered range of the new sensor grids approximately six seconds ago."

Fasttrack felt his fuel pump drop, but didn't allow it to show in his expression. The scorpion drones, he had learned, were little more than animals; one controlled them through sheer force of will, but if you panicked and lost control, they would fall back on a simple herd mentality.

"Quintessons again?" he demanded.

"Negative. Approaching signals are Autobot in nature."

Fasttrack nodded, happy to hear that it was only the Autobots.

"Activate the weapons grids," he said, settling back down into his captain's chair. "Power up the graviton emitters."

"Use of graviton drives not reccommended," the drone said in it's monotone voice. "Spaceframe upgrades not complete. Chance of successful flight: 63%."

"I don't plan on flying," Fasttrack said bluntly. "Carry out my orders. And put in a message to Metrotitan while you're at it; their sensors aren't good enough to have detected the enemy yet."

Moments later, the city filled with the sound of countless weapons emplacements powering up.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-28, 02:27 PM
Blaster looked back to the humans and shook his head and then looked up at Devcon. "I got ya, I'm on my way." Blaster started to walk towards the debris.

Sunstreaker sat up in the large cloud and groaned. He was barely hurt again and he still couldn't figure out why. His body was different, but was it really that much so? He slowly got to his and looked around. "You, are really going to regret doing that." Sunstreaker scowled looking at the humans.

Blaster just stared blankly at the now vertical Sunstreaker. "They just hit him with enough firepower to take out an army and he jus' got right back up!"

2005-10-28, 02:39 PM
Cosmos commed the teams: "Increased activity to far end of the installations: they know you're coming guys, watch it."

Antartica ground
Sizzle transformed, revved his engines and began his race : "C'mon Swoop kick it in gear!"

2005-10-28, 03:05 PM
Overdrive responded.

"roger that Cosmos ."

He commed the rest of his unit

"ok guys no need to pussyfoot around now , they know we're here , lets get those holo images , drop the special bomb loads and do as much damage as we can before all the defenses get on line. Air forces you know your job drop those bugs . Ground forces take out as many of the defences as possible concentrate if you can on there Anti - Air stuff. Our new camo and thermal image dampeners should give us some advantage. Cosmos if you can take out there radar , sonar and coms.maximum jamming on everything you can think of."

2005-10-28, 08:44 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan Perimeter

Dogfight aproached the vast and dark figure of the enemy citybot.

" Whoa, is much dreadful than Metroplex..."

He arrived at what he thought was the base outer perimeter and started to perform evasive manouvers, flying low, flares ready, at full speed- well, at full speed in such weather conditions and altitude-.
Then he begun to shot the holo-camera, careful installed in his nosecone, taking all the images until the camera memory was full.

Dogfight:" Skyfire, I'm sending to you my images!"

And then Dogfight powered up his weapons systems.

2005-10-28, 08:48 PM

"Understood" Devcon replied, continuing to hover over Sunstreaker's location, glancing down at the other Autobot with an impressed air, then his attention turned to the soldiers Sunstreaker was watching with concern.

* * * * * *


"Gotcha, chief" Sandstorm replied, throwing caution to the wind and jetting forward as fast as a chopper could go, preparing his load of bombs as he drew closer to the cities.

"Now this is more like it" the triplechanger hollered over the comm-links, he actually felt alive, his fuel-pump stirring with excitement now he was off the proverbial leash and he closed in fast.

2005-10-28, 08:55 PM
Overdrive commed his troops.

"Dogfight watch out for your muzzle flare it'll attract heat seekers despite the thermal dampening. Sandstorm keep up the good work remember apart from one or two city-bot auxilaries it will be mostly drones and computers running the defenses the more unpredictable you are the less likely they are to hit you."

2005-10-28, 09:29 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan Perimeter

Dogfight: " Roger, Overdrive! "

And he disconnected his flares.

2005-10-28, 10:56 PM
Skyfire was glad to receive the holo-images and went quickly to work processing the data while he continued to lumber across the landscape. He would have liked to have had some true escape from the blistering cold and endless fields of white, but if it was between collecting images and facing the cities, he'd take the former...

In the distance, Metrotitan unleashed a bellowing groan at the news: Autobots inbound! His sensors still could not detect them, but he knew much better than to take the risk after what happened last time, and klaxons in the city alerted the scant crew of the impending threat. While the powered-down transformation complex regained its energy, the city's defensive weapons creaked around to pan the landscape, and armed Metrodrones buzzed from the city's orifices to man the upper levels until the transformation to battle station mode could commence. All watched keenly, waiting for the first Autobot to come into range.

2005-10-29, 04:12 AM

A chill wind cut though the air as the Autobots moved towards their target. It whistled loudly, but couldn't disguise the low-pitched rumble emerging from the lower levels of Scorponok.

Without warning, the rumble began to increase in volume. The snowbanks piled alongside the city began to fly away from it, as if struck by a giant, invisible hand. More snow flew away, until a perfect, miles-wide circle of bare ice surrounded the city. Above the circle, odd optical disturbances could be seen, arcing far overhead to form a dome.

Scorponok had activated it's new defences.

Command Deck, Scorponok

"Graviton generators functioning at 97%," the drone reported. "Gravitational shield at full effiency. Chance of Autobot incusion: 1.3%."

Fasttrack nodded.

"Good, good. And the weapons?"

The drone shook it's head. "Targetting sensors unable to scan through the graviton shell. Gravitational disruption causing severe visual distortion. Chances of sucessful attack on enemy forces: 12.5%."

"Hmph," Fasttrack said noncomittally.

Ah, well. We knew there'd be some drawbacks to the things when we installed them. The main thing is, the gravity distortions should repulse anything short of Metroplex. That thought reminded him of something else. And Metrotitan is on his own.

"Tell the work crews to step up the refits," he said. "I want this city in shape for fighting, not just hiding!"

The drone nodded and scurried away.

2005-10-29, 11:02 AM

Overdrive rallyed his forces as a strange phenomena sprang to life. He opened a secured scrambled com channel.

Cosmos record as much information as you can about that dome. Skyfire ditto. Hardhead I want you to discetly scan the perimeter of the dome for any caves or tunnels. I want you to see how far down that dome goes , discreetly mind , dont get detected. If its a dome and not a sphere that information will be essential in future assaults but only if they dont know we have it. Everyone else concentrate on Metrotitan.

Skyfire make sure you get seen to probe that dome if they don't see us doing so they'll they're more likely to look harder for what a less obvious move and spot Hardhead.

Also keep your eyes open for working or supply parties of drones who were outside when we attacked. Above all hit them hard we need to make this look like retalation for all their attacks on us, so as to disguise the true nature of our attack , the bugging exercise."

2005-10-29, 11:21 AM
Cosmos attempted to lock on to the communication frequncies of metrotitan, but found serious resisitance and subterfuge: Metrotitan must have additional upgrades in its communication network as well as that Graviton defence system. Cosmos continued his efforts, as well as recording his observations on the citadel.

2005-10-29, 06:20 PM
Landfill beeped his horn as Hosehead came into view


Overdrive transformed and circled into position for a strafing run.

2005-10-29, 10:56 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan

Dogfight pointed his nosecone towards the transforming bulk of Metrotitan. He fastly aproached the gargantuan decepticon and fired two of his air-ground heavy missiles at him. Then he started to fire with his machine gun at the swarms of metrodrones that surrounded the citybot, ready to launch his special bomb load.

2005-10-30, 05:25 AM
Hosehead: -sees Landfill- "I was beginning to think everybody'd forgotten about us."


Hardhead: -rolling towards Scorponok, starts scanning for weak points-

2005-10-30, 08:57 AM
Guzzle came alongside Hardhead, giving covering fire -

2005-10-30, 10:42 AM

"Guzzle see if you can take out that tower that just popped out of the snow . It looks like a control and command centre for Metrotitans outer defenses." said Overdrive

2005-10-30, 12:14 PM
Guzzle slowed, aligned his cannon to the Tower, began shelling -

2005-10-30, 06:51 PM
Skyfire gulped nearly audibly. Be visible! There was only one way he could manage that, with this camoflauge and in the blinding snow... His knees locked, and he stood staring dumbfounded for a bit at the giant city, not a rational thought in his head. Finally, as the other Autobots' fire was matched by a torrent of small laser fire from the drones covering Metrotitan's surface, it became apparent.

They need me... I can't let them down! Get a hold of yourself!

With a moment of suicidal abandon, Skyfire leapt into the air and transformed, fighting through the fiendish wind to take a heading around the perimeter of Scorponok and begin scanning.

Though the counter-assault was on, slews of Metrodrones were obliterated by Guzzle's shells and Dogfight's missiles. They absorbed much of the impact of the weaponry against the city, and those that survived returned fire without hesitation while the city continued the slow beginnings of its transformation...



A clear spring sky welcomed the Decepticon crew as they cruised over the densely forested mountains. Spectro checked his digital atlas frequently as they came upon the spot; when near, he sent a comm to the rest of the crew, and Reflector landed at the base of a mountain.

"This is it," Viewfinder decreed with a finger pointing at the unnatural hillside. "The ship is buried in this geological formation. Insecticons, we need a way in. Pounce, spot them for booby traps."

2005-10-30, 07:09 PM

Overdrive strafed a defensive position with his nose mounted cannon.

"Skyfire if you need any back up I'm here for you, just give me a shout ok."

He commed the rest of his aerial forces.

"looks like he's transforming get ready to release the special bomb load. As soon as he's half transformed it will maximise damage and minimise the risk and the bugs will be harder to remove."


Pounce grumbled

"I still think its suspicious a way to eliminate us all"

He settled on the ground and surveyed the hillside.

2005-10-30, 08:37 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan

Dogfight quickly begun to perfom rapid, wild and impredecible turns to avoid Metrotitan's minions laser fire. With his supreme manouver capabilities, upgraded with the new arctic camouflage pattern and thermal image dampeners, was able to avoid most of the Metrodrones blasts. He survived his first antiaerial barrage with some minor burns on his paintjob, but one lucky shot disabled his newly incorporated holo-camera.

" Blast it, I liked being a war photographer!"

He circled the mistransforming titan and initiated a bomb-run, preparing to drop the bombs.

" Overdrive, I'm going in! Needing some cover!"

2005-10-30, 08:50 PM
Overdrive replied

"roger that Dogfight , I'm on your six and ready to put down supressing fire."

2005-10-30, 09:36 PM

"You, tell me" Sixshot demanded of a random worker, pointing at Marmalade "Why is it doing that?"

* * * * * *


Sandstorm had taken Overdrive's advice on board, circling and zipping to and fro across the skies and doing a wild dance while opening fire on the Metrodrones, whooping loudly in glee every time he destroyed one.

2005-10-30, 09:39 PM

"Its happy , Im guessing."


"keep up the good work Sandstorm ." said Overdrive

2005-10-30, 10:03 PM

"I see" Sixshot nodded, then glared "Have you finished loading up those supplies yet?"

* * * * * *


"Will do, sir" Sandstorm called, dodging an enemy attack with a practiced ease going back to his days as a Wrecker and opening fire with a constant barrage of lasers.

2005-10-30, 10:07 PM

Marmalade rubbed himself against Sixshots legs.

Hopkins looked up from a clipboard.

"last crate being loaded now."

2005-10-30, 10:17 PM

"Good" Sixshot replied, glancing down at the cat and its show of affection, then scooping it up in one hand and staring at it with a neutrally curious expression.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-31, 02:54 AM
Sunstreaker grinned at the now panicking humans who had no means to fight back thanks to Blaster's electro-scrambler.

"Just because I don't like the paint-job doesn't mean you get to scratch it." He lifted his arm up and his hand retracted and a missile launched towards the tank that had opened fire on him first. It exploded at the base of the Russian tank, flipping the large vehicle onto it's roof trapping it's occupants.

Blaster shook his head.

"What are you doin'! You're an Autobot! We don't attack humans!"

Sunstreaker looked to Blaster and shrugged. "They shot first, why shouldn't I show them who is really incharge on this planet. You'd think that they would be atleast slightly greatful for all the times we've saved their species from the Decepticons, but no." Sunstreaker shook his head with a non-chalant look. "They just lump us in with them. I am sick of protecting people that want us dead just as bad as the Decepticons, while our planet is over-run with the scum of the universe."

2005-10-31, 06:23 AM

Fasttrack watched in amusement as the Autobots flitted around outside his city's virtually inpenetrable gravity shield.

I can only imagine, he thought, what it must feel like to get too close to that thing...

2005-10-31, 11:37 AM
"Got it Overdrive."Warpath replied Overdrive's call.Warpath
saw Hardhead's optic scanning for something he pick up a binoculas that he took from tech bay and give it to Hardhead."Might this help?"He asked.

2005-10-31, 07:10 PM
Skyfire continued his slow bank around Scorponok, making sure to keep plenty far away from anything solid in case he lost his balance. His mind was focused so strictly on the task before him, it was almost enough to numb his fear of failure - or worse, another imprisonment. It also kept him distracted enough to miss the comm from Overdrive.

The Metrodrones were incapable (and not particularly inclined) of dodging the incoming barrages, and their volleys were answered with explosions pocking Metrotitan's thick hull and flying drone parts. Suddenly, at a lull in the fire, the entire crew stopped, and those near the ports rushed back into the city. Those near the end were not so lucky and toppled off into the snow, some doomed to be crushed, while Metrotitan finally initiated its transformation proper. It was a slow process, but in only a few moments the giant would be bristling with massive weapons to strike back against its assailants...

2005-10-31, 07:26 PM
Overdrive commed his troops

"ok troops hes transforming Dogfight and some of you others were testing Metroplexes defences you know where theres likely to be weak spots , as a general rule of thumb his defenses are weakest on his rear side so everyone switch to that sector now and keep manouvring , target the few gun emplacements that cover that sector.

Everyone switch and open fire now. Dont forget the camo and heat dampners make us hard to spot lets keep the casualties to a minimum ok at least on our side "

2005-10-31, 08:13 PM
Sizzle began racing to the rear of the behemoth, his M-16 rip off chattering away on his chassis against the numerous drones. The Grav shield was messing with his already compromised navigation: the snow tires were making little difference against the snow with the shields strange affects on his tires.

Guzzle continued his laboured firing at the giant as Warpath and Hardhead scanned the beast.

Antartica Atmosphere

Cosmos quietly began to panic: the troops below were up against something that if ired was gonna kill them with ease. And there was a second one waiting for them. Jamming signals from the enemy base still, recording all that he saw, he began pulsing video feeds to the home bases, unaware that they had crises of their own to handle...

2005-10-31, 11:01 PM

"ok Sandstorm looks like a good time for plan omega yellow,keep the enemy guessing what we're up to , let me know if you need backup."

Overdrive said as he lined up and strafed Metrotitan dropping his load of special bombs as he did so.

2005-10-31, 11:13 PM

"Understood" Sandstorm sent a private transmission to Overdrive, then he targeted the location of a defense tower and fired, activating it and danced out of one round of fire into another, carelessly letting it hit him

"I'm hit" the former Wrecker hollered, swerving away, a trail of smoke emitting from his rear end and transforming to his robot mode as he hit the ground hard, disappearing in an upwards spray of white.

Now concealed from the enemy, the triplechanger began secretly tunneling towards Metrotitan.

2005-10-31, 11:15 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan

Dogfight dropped his bombs across Metrotitanís main body, then he accelerated while gaining altitude. Suddenly he turned back, avoiding easily the irregular droneís fire and pointing his nosecone towards the citybotís rear side. He approached at full speed firing his machine gun and fusion blasters at the rear gun emplacements.

Dogfight received Sandstorm's distress signal.

" Buddy, are you ok?!"

2005-10-31, 11:22 PM

Hopkins looked up

"all loaded , um can we go free now."

2005-10-31, 11:36 PM

"Show me where the truck is first" Sixshot snarled, putting Marmalade on the floor and moving to crawl over to Hopkins.

* * * * * *


Underneath the snow, Sandstorm frowned at Dogfight's hails, then scrambled his comm-link's signals so nothing but static came over it so no-one, friend or foe, could trace him for a few moments then continued tunneling.

2005-10-31, 11:42 PM

Hopkins obeyed

"follow me then ."



Overdrive commed Dogfight over an ultra secure link

"dont worry about Sandstorm , he's just clouding the waters a bit to conceal the nature of the mission."

2005-11-01, 10:25 PM
The first bomb load took Metrotitan by surprise, but the city was unerred in its epic transformation. It whirred and moaned through the final stages to lock together in its battlestation mode, and the arsenal rapidly pivoted to glare at the Autobots, opening fire where it could reach as the approached the rear.

The call ripped Skyfire from his peaceful empirical oblivion, and he forced himself to bank around toward the other city. He rocketed forward, convinced that if he simply got it over quickly, he'd have less chance to mess up. Just after his bombs dropped however, he was jolted by a missile from the city tearing into his fuselage, and all his terrors were realized.

"Mayday!" he cried in genuine panic. "Nooo!"

Skyfire cranked back on his control stick, mostly an instinctual reaction to the fright instilled by the rapidly approaching plane of snow. And in spite of the battered wind resistance due to the hole in his underside, his flight mechanisms were intact. While Skyfire shut off his sensors - he couldn't watch, not again! - the giant jet slowly pulled up, and the screaming of his descent ended with a brush against a loose snow bank.

The whole world paused.

Something feels different.

And indeed it should, for he was still pulling up. Skyfire flicked on one sensor cautiously to see the sky before him, and he whooped with joy as he leveled out and pulled away to bank around for another pass. He'd done it! And he'd do it again, if he had his way.

2005-11-01, 10:39 PM
Overdrive commed his troops

"ok mission accomplished , the city is bugged, now its all up to Sandstorm. He's going to blow a hole in the of side of the city as if this was a proper raid.

All the rest of you need to pretend to rush it and be "beaten" back. A bit of smoke and mirrors

Then we evac as long as Skyfire and Hardhead have all their readings."

His tone changed as he saw Skyfire get hit

"Skyfire damage report , do you require assistance?."

2005-11-01, 11:00 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan.

Dogfight reveiced Overdrive's transmission and continued to fire at Metrotitan's rear gun emplacements, waiting for a chance to simulate taking a hit, so he can flee without suspicion.

2005-11-02, 07:18 AM
Landfill transformed

"who are you again?" he joked

"so where's all these supplies that need shifting."

2005-11-02, 01:58 PM
"This is it! Get ready to work, Insecticons!!!" - Kickback exclaimed, hovering above the (presumed) dig place.

"And what about you? Won't you join uzzz???" - Shrapnel replied, exhausted. He dropped the clone down on the ground and the creature limped avay immediately.

"What??? I am a command element, I don't have to do dirty work!" - Kickback answered proudly.

"Sure thing, Kickback. I'll just make sure our mighty Lord Gigatron will know it, that's all" - Bombshell interfered, smirking.

That cut Kickback in mid-sentence.

"Oh... Maybe you're right, then, Three pairs of legs are better than two anyway - I was going to wait until you really stert in, and I'm going in now!.." - Kickback answered hastily, then transformed and joined the others digging.

The hole, more than thirty feet in diameter, was growing in depth very fast now. Streams of earth were flying out, making small eartworks around.

"The zzzoil izz zzoft here, izzzzn't it?" - Shrapnel exclaimed, going in faster than his comrades.

2005-11-02, 05:59 PM

Sixshot glanced back at Marmalade and crawled after the human, hoping the cat would follow them.

* * * * * *


The snow exploded upwards as Sandstorm burst out of hiding on Metrotitan's right side, having resorted to finding the Decepticon on his sensors before yanking a missile launcher from sub-space and firing at the battlestation, hoping to make what looked like an entry hole for the Autobots.

2005-11-02, 08:08 PM
Guzzle continued covering fire for Hardhead, staying between the headmaster and the behemoth.

Sizzle, now behind Metrtitan, Transformed and rolled, firing his grenadelancher wildly at the metal Giant.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-03, 01:22 AM
Sunstreaker was picking the humans apart. He ripped the cannon off the tank he flipped over and proceeded to bash the one closest to it down to scrap.

Blaster quickly moved between Sunstreaker and the next tank. "You know I can't let you do that."

Sunstreaker shrugged "You gonna wag your finger at me and call me bad?" He asked.

"I don't know what your problem is, but settle down and just get ready to go back to Autobase, you got a whole lot of people worried about you." Blaster said calmly.

"Like the ones who blew me up?" Sunstreaker snidely replied. "Now move, I don't think my superiority has been clearly demonstrated." Sunstreaker attempted to move past Blaster but the taller Autobot wrapped his arms around Sunstreaker and pushed him back away from the humans.

"No. You either come back nicely or I'm gonna send you back, and I really don't want to do that to a another Autobot. I like to save my ammunition for the decept-creeps."

Sunstreaker shook his head. "See an autobrand?" He asked before raising his rifle and firing a blast of compressed air at Blaster, knocking the tapedeck back into a tank behind him, toppeling it over. "I have no interest in going back. Tell that to who ever is incharge."

2005-11-03, 06:20 AM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Hosehead: -confused- "Uh...."

Lug: "I think he's kidding." -opens Hosehead's driver's door, climbs down, heads over to a gas pump, raps it with his knuckles- "There's hi-test under the ground, and alot of it. If you have the storage capacity, we can take all of it."

2005-11-03, 07:22 AM
Abandoned Army Base

Landfill looked puzzled.

"I'm a dump truck not a tanker , you've probably got more tank storage capacity than I do Hosehead . I could pull a tank tailer or if it was in Jerry cans you could load it in my load bay."


Overdrive commed his troops

"ok its retreat time make it look good as if they're beating us back. "

He strafed Metrotitan with his bonnet guns .


Pounce spotted something in the ever increasing hole.

"I'd stop guys there appears to be some kind of sensor , maybe a trap down there."

2005-11-03, 10:20 AM
"It's finally time to blow something WAM!BAM!"
Warpath covering fire for Hardhead with Guzzle.

2005-11-03, 08:05 PM
Sizzle backed away slowly, still firing grenades -

Guzzle continues the shelling, prepares for the fake retreat -

2005-11-03, 09:15 PM
Antartica, Metrotitan

Dogfight fired his last missiles at Metrotitan's primary 'head' antennae, still visible in his base mode, and using all his maneuver habilities simulated a loss control caused by bad weather and AA fire. Then he retreated from battle heading to the Antartica original landing zone.

" Fleeing from combat, boss!", said to Overdrive using a ultra secure code too.

2005-11-03, 11:37 PM

Hardhead: -firing as he rolls backwards, looking at the sensor data on a secondary monitor in his cockpit-

Abandoned Army Base:

Lug: "There's some jerry cans over there..... that should be enough, with Hosehead's carrying capcity thrown in."

2005-11-03, 11:54 PM
Abandoned Army base

Landfill replied

"Sure thing good buddy, so you drove out those terrorists good and proper heh!!. Just remember not to try and put out any fires with your tanks full of fuel or kaboom."

2005-11-04, 01:21 AM
Lug: -starts filling the cans- "I know that. You know that. Hosehead usually knows that......."

2005-11-04, 01:34 PM
Antarctic Airspace

Flying up beside Cosmos, Groundshaker said, "We gotta do something."

2005-11-04, 07:22 PM
Viewfinder stepped up next to Pounce and eyed the sensor, zooming in carefully with his keen optics to analyze it at a nearly microscopic level.

"It's human..."

He turned his head to look at the sensor quizzically from the corner of his optic-band, but his curiosity could wait. There was a mission to complete.

"Disable it. That shouldn't be much of a task." He turned to the Insecticons and added, "Keep digging. Fleshling traps are a joke."



Metrotitan bellowed, not so much of the pain of the attack (which truly hadn't caused much damage) but to hopefully frighten the Autobots enough to cause them to slip up. He was pleased to see that it had worked better than expected, as they were cutting out.

Skyfire needed not to pretend his injuries were false. More confident but wounded, he wobbily set down on a patch of clear ice with a large boulder blockading the view from the cities' line of fire. He dropped his hatch quickly.

"All aboard!" he called while the blasts rained down nearby.

2005-11-04, 07:29 PM
Overdrive shot up a gaggle of fatally slow Metrodrones, who were now late in more ways than one and banked towards Skyfires position.

2005-11-04, 08:42 PM

Hearing the order to retreat, Sandstorm leapt out of the snowbank he was half-standing, transforming to his chopper mode and took off, keeping low to the ground, the air-currents from his rotors disturbing the snow as he sped towards Skyfire.

* * * * * *


"No, I don't see an faction insignia" Devcon replied, landing behind the rogue Autobot and transformed, his old calm bounty-hunting attitude resurfacing as he pointed his arm-mounted electro-disruptor at Sunstreaker "And that, along with your actions, makes you a target"

OOC: I'm just distracting Sunny, not actually going to attack, ok

2005-11-05, 03:13 AM

Hardhead: -moving as fast as he can, transforms to robot mode, sprints to Skyfire-

2005-11-05, 06:11 AM
Warpath covering fire for Hardhead and aboard Skyfire.

2005-11-05, 08:53 AM
Guzzle joins the tank trio in boarding Skyfire -

Sizzle Transforms and pegs it back to the autobot transport

Cosmos replied to groundshaker: "the plan seems to be going like clockwork down there. When they're done, do you want to come and check out Peru? I recieved a worrying communication from Fizzle at metroplex, somethings going down."

2005-11-05, 07:18 PM

"If it's that bad, maybe one of us should head over there now," Groundshaker responded to Cosmos.

2005-11-05, 11:31 PM

Dogfight flyed over Skyfire, ready for departure at Overdrive's command.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-06, 06:14 AM
Originally posted by MirageHoundFan
OOC: I'm just distracting Sunny, not actually going to attack, ok

OOC- This should be over pretty quick then.

IC- Sunstreaker groaned. "Pick a target you can keep up with." He calmly replied spinning on one heel falling backwards to avoid any counter-attack and opened fire with a stream of electron-particles at Devcon. As he fell back, he used the momentum to roll over so he would not be laying on his back. He landed in a crouched position and lunged forward, transforming in the process and driving at full speed away from the human tanks and the two Autobots.

Blaster struggled up to his feet and watched Sunstreaker speed off. "Wasn't expecting that."

2005-11-06, 12:16 PM
Cosmos considered, and replied "You're right: I've got to stay here and keep jamming Metrotitans comms: also, should something hit the fan, then someone should be here: You go to Perus Aerospace, and report to Hometeam. Above all though, don't be seen: We're surveilance, not assault."

2005-11-06, 05:18 PM
Reflector were growing a bit impatient. They had a feeling the Autobots had detected them, and they certainly didn't want to be caught out here. Killed? Worse, captured? It was too harrowing to even imagine.

"Come on, faster!" Spyglass shouted at the Insecticons, although they were indeed close to the ship's hull. "We don't have much time!"



(OOC: That's been long enough...)

With his passengers loaded, Skyfire pulled up his ramp and caught his respirations. It would be tricky, taking off injured as he was and with a full load. Still, he'd apparently learned in the last few minutes to act beyond his thoughts, and he was airborne before he realized. Metrotitan's laser blasts continued to chase the transport as he ascended and banked toward the Americas.

"How did we do, Overdrive?"

2005-11-06, 05:44 PM

Dogfight closed Skyfire and his Autobot load and escorted them.

2005-11-06, 06:48 PM
Overdrive replied to Skyfire

"it was disappointing we couldn't take on Scorpy too but depending on what information you and Hardhead got I'd say good to excellent, with only minimal injuries."

2005-11-07, 07:21 AM
Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Lug: -finishes filling last available jerry can- "There. I'd guess we got about half of what's down there. Ready to head back, Landfill?"


Hardhead: "I got a partial schematic. Looks like they were overhauling him."

2005-11-07, 07:55 AM

Overdrive replied

"did that shield go all the way underneath him?"


Abandoned army base

"I'm ready just as soon as you load me up."

Landfill transformed into truck mode.

2005-11-08, 05:08 AM
Abandoned Army Base:

Lug: -starts loading Landfill's truck bed-


"Well, Sarge?"

"Not yet. Still only two robots and that guy in armor. Gotta follow orders, after all."


Hardhead: "No. It was a dome. Although the ground might have been interfering with it."

2005-11-08, 07:22 AM
Overdrive replied

"good to know , the 'Cons may rule the skies but underground we have an advantage."



Marmalade followed Sixshot and the human to the loading bay.

2005-11-09, 11:46 AM

Sandstorm gained altitude, soon catching up with Skyfire and pulling up on Dogfight's right side, calling over to the the other flyer "Nice shooting there"

* * * * * *


"Was giving him a chance to offer to come with us" Devcon replied with a shrug, getting up from where he had dropped and rolled out of the way of the attack, then transformed to space-craft mode "I am a bounty-hunter, I know how to track a mech" with that, he jetted off after Sunstreaker at top speed.

* * * * * *


Sixshot looked around, then gripped the cab and ripped it away from the trailer before picking the trailer full of cat-care goods up and sticking it in sub-space.

Sticking the girl on the roof of the truck cab, the Decepticon transformed to gun mode, then blasted a hole in the roof before changing to jet mode and barking an order at Hopkins "You, put the cat in my cockpit"

2005-11-09, 07:27 PM
Skyfire continued his slow ascent, relieved some when Dogfight and Sandstorm caught up to him. The distance as well helped assuage his waning concerns of being shot down over the ocean... With Metrotitan's distance increasing, Skyfire sighed as the contingent cruised mostly unscathed back to the Americas.

Still on the landmass, Metrotitan's fire slowed and eventually quit as the scanners went blank. The city grumbled in irritation, sitting pensively in battlestation mode while the drones began a thorough search of the city...

(OOC: Skyfire will be hopping back to the Autobase thread then.)



(OOC: Elcor's been out a week, and we need to keep this moving...)

With a fairly small hole gouged in the side of the buried ship at the end of the Insecticons' tunnel, Reflector nodded approvingly and slipped down into the ancient cruiser. Spyglass was the first to dive in; Spectro's optics gazed about at the cold and silent innards of the steel beast.

"It's been a while," he whispered.

Spyglass raised his flash and activated it, creating a broad spotlight for the others with less acute vision. Viewfinder turned to the crew and spoke, his words echoing heavily throughout the abandoned warship.

"Main engineering is that way," he echoed with a directing finger. "Pounce, Spyglass, take point. Keep a look out for fleshling traps or structural weaknesses."

2005-11-09, 08:04 PM
Cosmos tracked Skyfire out of range and released his jamming broadcast: he radioed Groundshaker: "Come on then: Snow assault team is finished, we can get on over to Peru..."
With this, the green minbot jetted off to the next port of call.

2005-11-09, 08:05 PM

Pounce peered into the dark gloomy cavity. He moved off disappearing into the shadows.

2005-11-10, 04:37 PM
The Insecticons were exhausted, but they managed to creep out of the hole they've dug and perch on the mound of excavated ground.

"What do you think of that sensor, Kickback?" - Bombshell started casual talk with innocent question.

"We can't do anything about it now anyway. If we'd been discovered that's all the better for you" - Kickback replied.

"Why is that?"

"Had you forgot you've got to control an Autobot before this assignment's over?"

"Come on! There's no Autobots here!"

"That doesn't concern me, he-he-he!!!" - Kicback laughed aloud. Getting serious again, he continued:
"I'm interested what can be found inside that ship. Perhaps a mighty weapon from times long past, or something even more powerful..."

"But... Aren't we to recover..."

"I mean besides what we're to recover" - Kickback interrupted. "I'd rather like to check that ship out... Of course, after Pounce will check it out first!"

They went silent again and looked down, to the dark cavity. Inside, some form was moving, then disappeared completely.

"Had you seen that? It's Shrapnel!!!" - Bombshell exclaimed.

"How dare he go before me? We're in it together or no one at all!" - Kickback exclaimed, angry.

"Hey - what's the buzz?" - Shrapnel's head emerged fron beside the mound of earth.

"You... you've just went down there!"

"What are you talking about? I'm here and I wazzz here!!!"

"Uh-oh..." - the other two Insecticons looked at each other.

"It's that pesky clone! Let's get him before he wreaks havoc here too! Gigatron won't forgive us!" - and Kickback divebombed into the hole.

"Hey, wait! He'zzz harmlezzz, he just wanna get zzzome metal!" -and Shrapnel followed.

Bombshell pondered for a while staying here, but then decided against it and joined his fellows, entering the insides of the derelict ship...

2005-11-11, 05:32 PM
Spyglass panned his flashcube over the path as they went, the usually inconsequential footsteps clanking crisply in the cold craft. He tried to pay little attention to the whispering wind blowing past them, now that the innards had exposure to the outside world, though it was a bit creepy...

"Left here," he told Pounce while rounding the corner. "See anything suspicious?"

Viewfinder glanced back at hearing the ruckus the Insecticons were making but continued following the others at a safe distance.

2005-11-11, 06:33 PM
Just as Pounce and Reflectorcons were advancing the ship's corridors, some squat multilegged metal insect ran on them from behind. It was a missing clone, who suddenly decided to explore the ship on his own. He stopped, startled, then tried to advance further, circling around the Decepticon group.

Meanwhile, Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell were eyeing the insides of the ship pondering where the clone could wander to.

"Call him back, Shrapnel!" - Kickback ordered, cursing himself for not thinking of it before.

"I can't..." - Shrapnel answered miserably. "Ship's hull blocks my wavezzz! I can't reaccch him!!!"

2005-11-11, 06:57 PM
Arriving high over Peru airspace, Groundshaker waited a few moments, making sure that he was correct about what his sensors were seeing, then sent a tight beam coded signal to Cosmos.

"Cosmos, I think we got a problem."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-12, 09:34 PM

Sunstreaker knew he had a distinct advantage, The shots he fired at Devcon would distracted him more than enough for the Sunstreaker to get away and find a way to mask any sort of transformer signature he gave off, he settle'd for just masking the Autobot signal for now.

Once he reached Moscow again he would have no choice but to stay in vehicle mode, he didn't know why he could take the human tank shells like nothing, but he also wasn't eagre to find out just how much it could take, atleast not yet.

Blaster's head rang from the blast from the Air-Compressor. He would have replied if Devcon hadn't jetted off so quickly. "Man, this is just so much more difficult then it should be." Blaster ejected two of the tapes, Cubby and Stripes, and pointed after Sunstreaker. "Find 'im. We atleast need to get back to Autobase." The cat's growled their approval and both took off after the wayward Autobot.

2005-11-12, 11:23 PM

"the internal monitoring system sensor is has a 75% less accumulation of dust than similar examples we have encountered. I conclude it may have been altered or repaired relatively recently."

2005-11-13, 02:06 PM
Cosmos replied to groundshaker. "No kidding. I've been monitoring the communications back at the base, and a team is on the way: though in the time it takes to get organised and get here, the decep's will be almost done, no doubt. If we go down there, it'll be 4 to 1 odds. or really, 8 to 1 as we barely comprise an individual autobot.
They're inside the thing; if we go down, we go down subtley, orright?"

2005-11-14, 04:32 AM
Spyglass watched the trail with some interest. Pounce was right - the accumulations were pretty thin for something this age, and the dust seemed to move a bit freely for how long it had been there. Then he spotted the clincher with a perplexed look.

"Footprints!" The other Reflectorcons drew their guns and looked over his shoulder. "Human footprints. They're recent too, newer than the Decepticon footprints from last time we were here..."

Spyglass kept his optics on the trail as the footprints became more and more voluminous and interspersed with heavy tire marks, and it was only when they ran into the wall that he realized they'd reached their destination. Spyglass panned up the flashcube to reveal the prize to the others... A gaping hole in the wall!

"What?!" Viewfinder echoed. "The reactor's gone!"

"The fleshlings!" Spectro hissed. "They must have looted it after the last battle!"

Spyglass waved the spotlight around the walls of the engineering room - indeed, the entire chamber had been ransacked of the precious parts they'd come for! The spies looked at each other in panicked consideration.

"We can't return without it," Viewfinder concluded. "We'll follow the trail to wherever the humans took it."

The three nodded and turned to begin back the way they'd come, but they froze when a bellowing moan greeted their audials. Reflector stared in terror, bewildered and horrified at the mysterious wail.

2005-11-14, 10:44 AM
The Insecticon clone, who circled behind the Reflectorcons and Pounce and went deeper into the ship, led by some unerring sense of purpose, finally reached his goal. It stood before him - large, Gestalt-sized vertical tube of gleaming metal with some lights still glowing at its base. It was last of the CR chambers that was functioning on long-liost and long-forgotten ship, but clone didn't knew that; he just felt that he was to get inside.

And he tried to do just that, scraping the metal with his right fore claw (left he lost in a battle before, though he couldn't really remember that now). After a few ineffectual srapes his claw finally touched the right button - and a loud moan came from the tube as a hole begin to open in it. The clone attempted to get inside the tube, but stepped back discovering it was already occupied... and very much occupied, in fact.

A titanic figure (at least, by clone standards) stepped out of the tube. Large, tubular legs, equally massive arms, thick armoured chestplate and a little dome-shaped head with a single red eye... A Centurion guard drone spotted the intruder and initiated its battle sequence!

The clone was afraid of the Centurion; that's why, when a laser beam was aimed at him first, he was ready and ducked back the way he came, escaping from flaming death. Centurion pondered for a while between pursue and returning back to the CR chamber... and, unfortunately, choose the first choice. He lumbered through the corridors slowly but surely, pursuing the fleeing clone.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Insecticon trio finally managed to agree among themselves and wandered inside the ship... almost colliding with Reflectorcons and Pounce who decided to go out at the same time.

"Err... haven't you seen my clone?" - Shrapnel asked, not able to think of anything else.

"Does anybody know what was that noise?" - Bombshell enquired at the same time.

Only Kickback hadn't lost the sence of purpose; he remembered why they were sent here in the first time, so he asked the thing which was really important:
"Had you retrieved our... objective?"

2005-11-15, 09:54 PM
Viewfinder turned his head slowly to Kicback, his optics still on the dark hall and his animosity for the Insecticon forgotten in the urgency of the moment.

"No," he whispered. "The Autobots took it." His confidence returned a bit, and he raised his voice to the others. "Let's move. We can't risk being here if they've detec--"


Spectro panicked at the feel of an icy hand on his shoulder, dashing forward. Already on edge, Spyglass instantly spun and fired, blasting the head and shoulders off his brother's assailant and knocking the rusted figure back into the wall. All three stared in silence as the echo of the shot trailed off through the ship, and they began to realize that the ghastly wailing had ceased. Spectro's jaw dropped at the realization of the face while the red optics flickered out.


Indeed, the ancient pilot left on the ship during that fateful battle, who had survived after reactivation from stasis following the interception of Decepticon radio signals thirty years earlier, was beaten and weak from ages of malnutrition and the unexpected crash, and had lost his vocal capacities to the abyss of insanity.

"Slaggit!" Viewfinder pleaded with an accusatory hand at Spyglass. "He could have told us where the fleshlings went!"

Spyglass snorted. "Never liked that 'Con anyway..."

Viewfinder shook his head. "Well, let's move. We don't have all vorn--"

He was cut off again by the sound of laser fire, this time distant. Viewfinder glanced about quickly, noting that all on the mission were accounted for. Was this a real ghost? With guns, no less? His gaze turned to Shrapnel pensively.

"You didn't bring any clones, did you?"

2005-11-15, 11:16 PM
Pounce looked all round

"I 'm not liking this , I'm getting bad vibes from this place."



Hopkins obeyed the decepticon loading the cat aboard.

2005-11-16, 07:15 AM
Abandoned Army base, Outskirts of Denver:

-coming over commlinks- "Landfill, Hosehead. Status report."

2005-11-16, 07:17 AM
Landfill replied

"just about ready to roll good buddy."

2005-11-16, 11:59 AM
"Err... I did... one..." - Shrapnel admitted, scowling. "And he got away so I can't find him and ship's hull blocks our communication..."

"Let him be, Viewfinder" - Kickback intoned. "What harm could a clone do on an abandoned ship? After all, if Autobots will come it could cause them some problems and let us escape unnoticed".

Meanwhile, Bombshell examined the blasted remnants of the pilot.

"We could bring him back to Nemesis with us" - he commented.

"A big lot of good that would do! Gigatron expects us to get a reactor, not some junked ancient Con!"

"LORD Gigatron!" - Bombshell intoned.

"Sure, LORD Gigatron" - Kickback corrected himself.

A new burst of laser fire sounded from inside the ship.

2005-11-16, 04:40 PM
"Being subtle was never my best quality," Groundshaker responded to Cosmos' signal. "But I don't think we got any choice."

2005-11-16, 04:49 PM
Pounce muttered

"slaggin' creepy crawlies , are gonna get us into trouble. Am still sure this is some kind of trap, we're not exactly the most popular mechs in the ship. All sent off together on a mission.

2005-11-16, 08:05 PM
Cosmos lead Groundshaker down to the site, following a steep curve to try and avoid detection. "Theres a team enroute little guy: lets scope the place out and find out what we can before the decepticons notice us."

2005-11-16, 08:23 PM
Groundshaker followed Cosmos down, hoping that they wouldn't be spotted.

2005-11-17, 04:56 AM
Reflector nodded in sync, keeping their optics on the corridor toward the noise just to be sure. Even their keen vision couldn't deal with the long twists and bends of the cavernous starcruiser.

"Right, let's go," Viewfinder finally concluded to Kickback's decision.

The three warily made their way back to the hole in the side of the ship and quickly climbed out into the evening air. It was warm, damp, and noisy with life; the contrast quickly return the spies to their work, and Spectro kneeled to examine the ground.

"The tracks head north," he noted.

In a moment, the three transformed to their camera mode, landing on a boulder on the mountainside.

"We'll point out the path," they instructed in stereo. "Grab us and let's go."

2005-11-17, 07:32 AM

Nightbeat: -over commlink, looking at a map display- "All right. Landfill, can you and Hosehead meet us at grid reference 37845 in 10 minutes?"

Abandoned Army Base, Outside of Denver:

Lug: -finishes loading and securing the fuel canisters, climbs into Hosehead-s cab- "We're ready to roll."

2005-11-17, 09:11 AM
Landfill revved his engine

"ok good buddy lets put the pedal to the metal and hit the road , 10-4."



Pounce transformed

"together we should be able to track those slagging humans, with my nose and your visual abilities they won't stand a chance ."

He reached down and picked up Reflector carefully in his jaws.

2005-11-17, 12:57 PM
"Hey, won't you wait for us?" - Kickback screamed, following the Reflectorcons and Pounce up through the hole.

"What will you do with the clone?" - Bombshell asked Shrapnel while following Kickback.

"What can I do? I'll let him do whatever he wants. Perhaps he'll spawn, so when he'll be out next time I'll have a true army! Or if he'll perish there, he'll do it on his own, free."

That's madness - Bombshell commented inwardly.

Exiting the hole they've dug, Insecticons followed their teammates.


Inside the ship, the Insecticon clone was still busy evading Centurion's attacks. His superior speed had helped him to run from the pursuer easily. But now he's found himself in a dead end and was furiously eating his way out, while Centurion's lumbering steps sounded closer with each nanobreem...

2005-11-18, 03:42 AM
Abandoned Army Base:

Hosehead: -rolls out, heading for the rendesvous coordinates-


Nightbeat: -lands at the coordinates, starts scanning the horizon- "The beverage dispensers should be filled shortly, Wreck-Gar."

Chromedome: -having caught the shuttle at literally the last minute, finds an empty seat and sits down-

2005-11-18, 05:22 AM
Autobot Shuttle

Snarl sat in the back of the shuttle, brooding while he sharpened the edges on his energo-sword.

Why bother with all these Autobots? Just gimme the rest of the Dinos, and we'd take out any 'Con we find.

2005-11-18, 09:44 PM
Autobot Shuttle

Skids smiled at Chromedome and looked at Snarl.

" It's strange to look a lonely dino. But I suppose is better to have only one of them in a shuttle full ob Autobots..."

Then he turned at Nightbeat.

" So, what's the plan, Sherlock?, joked Skids.

2005-11-19, 01:14 AM
Exterior, Shuttle:

Hosehead: -rolls to a stop, transforms-

Interior, Shuttle:

Nightbeat: "We go to Peru to find out what this little band of maniacs is up to."

Command Deck, Trypticon:

Leozak: "No response?"

Drillhorn: -shakes head-

Leozak: -patience finally at an end- "Gaihawk, Hellbat, with me. I think this little charade is at an end. Drillhorn, get Jalgar back here." -starts towards the turbolift- Trypticon, energon reserve status?"

Trypticon: "At current usage, estimates indicate that the universe will eventually die a painful heat death before we run out of energon."

Leozak: "Time, I think, to make those estimates change....."

Gaihawk and Jalgar: -follow him out-

Main Boarding Hatch, Trypticon:

Leozak, Gaihawk, and Hellbat: -take to the air, transforming to fighter modes and screaming towards Wheeljack, Hound, and Camshaft-

2005-11-19, 06:10 PM
Reflector weren't sure about travelling in Pounce's mouth, but it was better than allowing one of the Insecticons to carry them. The extra sensory information would be useful, anyhow.

"To the north," they echoed. "The trail is faint but consistent. It looks like they may have traveled quite a distance."

For good measure, Reflector rotated his flashcube skyward away from his companions and fired a blinding flash, just in case the Autobots had sent satellites. They didn't like being tracked.

2005-11-19, 06:17 PM
Pounce nodded inadvertently forgeting he had Reflector in his Jaws.

He opened a com link to Reflector

"The scent trail indicates the passage of 15 individuals, I also scent gunpowder, lots of gunpowder."

2005-11-19, 11:52 PM
Insecticons were busy following Pounce and Reflectorcons. All three were feeling forgotten, but for now everybody decided unanimously against speaking about it.

Meanwhile, inside the ship situation was - in first time - in clone's favour. He found himself a narrow chute which led him, curving, somewhere to the rear of the ship. The chute was small enough so Centuion was unable to enter it, and the curve prevented his laser fire from reaching its target. So, Centurion's fury was exhausting itself on the walls of the ship. Clone sat and waited, as his keen survival instinct instructed...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-20, 12:56 AM
Blaster was trying to find a way to radio Autobase. He was having to luck on Autobot satellites at this point and was now trying human ones.

"Come in Fortress Maximus. This is Blaster out on the Russian Tundra. I repeat! Fortress Maximus respond. We're havin' problems up here. Anybody respond!" Blaster was slightly annoyed, he would have caught this minutes ago. He didn't know where Devcon was at this point he just knew he had lost sight of Sunstreaker and his tapes weren't having much luck tracking the rogue Autobot down.


Sunstreaker had escaped into the city where, without the transformer signal he would be next to impossible to trace. He had found a new sub-system in the body that allowed him to go stealth under the radar, rather nifty thing to have. Right now he needed two things, a body shop and a transformer shuttle, preferably with weapons. And since the Autobots had been less than accomodating he knew he only had one other option. His next move would be south into Afghanistan, then to Egypt and finally into it's lovely neighbour Carbombia.

2005-11-20, 07:28 AM
Hubcap's voice crackled over the airwaves, shot through with static.

"Blaster...s is Hubcap on Metrople...ansmission is breaking u...d one momen...etasking a...tellite to your locat..."

After a several second-long break, the Minibot's voice returned more clearly.

"There. That should be better, Blaster. Please advise as to your situation."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-20, 08:20 AM
"I hope everything on your end is still smooth cause this mission is rockier than those mountains. I don't know where Devcon went, but I've lost all signs of our ol' buddy Sunstreaker. I got all three cats prowlin' around and all their turning up is exhaust. Someone should tell Prime that I don't think he's coming back, atleast functioning."

Blaster looked back at the humans, still trying to recover their wounded from the destroyed tanks. Blaster himself was still feeling the affects of being blown into the tank.

"I ain't got no ideas. It doesn't feel right to me to go after Sunstreaker like an enemy, but he won't give us much of a choice."

2005-11-20, 07:00 PM

Devcon circled the skies above the city in shuttle mode, visually scanning for a car that matched Sunstreaker's new vehicle mode when the fleeing transformer dropped over his radar.

2005-11-20, 08:02 PM

Skids sub-spaced his liquid nitrogen rifle on to his left wrist, and with a moment of hesitation, he sub-spaced the electron blaster on the other wrist.

" I don't want missiles for this mission", he thought.

He checked his weapons and looked throw the windshield, admiring the view.

2005-11-21, 05:42 AM
Hubcap replied, "Prime's gone off the grid, Blaster. I can't get a comm channel through to him."

A sigh filled the comm channel with static for a moment.

"Look, Blaster, we're spread pretty thin right now. There's pretty much zero chance of getting backup out there for a while, so this is gonna have to be your call. Red's the one who sent you out there, so I can call him up and ask for orders...but we both know that he'll tell you to hunt Sunstreaker down and kill him."

There was a pause, and then he continued.

"Like I said Blaster, it's your call. I can patch Red in, or you can find Devcon and head for home. What's it gonna be?"