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2005-09-28, 05:37 AM
*It's very late, I'll add the summary tomorrow evening* :)

2005-09-28, 06:32 AM
The drone trundled across the land betwen the two cities

Overderive replied

"they're on their way commander."

John Denvers Annie's song crackled across the com link

"not before time by the sounds of things."

Igos Du Inka
2005-09-28, 11:40 AM
(OCC:been a while get a lil action here lol)

Nick: So Silencer who exactly we looken for?

*mean while*'

*Browning waits for the memory scan hopeing the massicar at Omnicron wont be an issue*

2005-09-28, 01:56 PM
(OOC:Must Warpath Hardhead and Guzzle move to other thread?)

----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
Hoist finished repairing Seaspray's head."Come on it may be just a tiny hole only a seaweed can pass through it.Alright then...please transform."Hoist replied.

----------Somewhere distance from Fort Max----------
Rosdos seeing a canyon and around him turn into a wrecked of Cybertronian city again and again.Using his radar to guide him back to Fort Max.

2005-09-28, 09:03 PM
Central Core, Metroplex:

Huffer stared at Minerva for a few seconds, his jaw agape. "Want to help? Want to help? I've only completely redesigned him and been rebuilding him for months. Of course I want to help wake him up."


Cave in the Wilderness

Pipes wrestled with the dark figure for several seconds. The figure seemed to know what it was doing, but Pipes was just too strong, and soon pinned its arms to its side in a bear hug from behind. "Hah! Gotcha!" he said, and then to Bumper, "Shine the light on our friend."

"Please. I was only trying to help your friend over there." the dark figure said. When Bumper shone the light full on the figure, he could see the shiny blue metallic exterior, as well as something else.

"Uh, Pipes?" Bumper said.


"He's got an autobot symbol."


2005-09-28, 09:19 PM
Fort Max Tech Bay

Dogfight had followed Swoop inside the tech bay. He firtsly headed towards the bombs racks and started to arm himself to the teeth wit the special bombs.

Then he loocked towards a busy Overdrive.

Dogfight:" Hey boss, I need to cover myself with this paint? I'm not so sure if I must.", asked an overexcited Triggerbot.


Metroplex, enroute to outer junkyards

Overdive looked sceptical at Wreck-Gar's orders. He didn't understand anything about the babble of the junkion.

"Oh great. Backstreet is in Metro's bridge, doing importants things, Dogfight is gettin fun and me? What am I doing here, with this T.V speaking pal? Surrounded with trash!? And I never watched human T.V! How I'll be able to understand him?!" , wondered an unhappy Triggerbot.

Override: " So Wreck-Gar...What's exactly your command?"


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet listened Cosmos comm and continued to focus some of Metroplex sensor grids connected to the remainig comm satellites, being able to track Astrotrain' descent towards decepticon's HQ, while the rest of the citybot's sensors where scanning Autobase perimeter, using standar scanning patterns.

Backstreet: " Sir, what orders we'll be give to Cosmos? Astrotrain is still aproaching Nemesis, but right now I barely had detected another mark, possibly a shuttle from San Francisco. No hostil moves for now.", asked to Hubcap a happy Triggerbot.

2005-09-29, 04:05 AM
Skyfire bumbled through the great doorway into the tech bay, taking some solace to be under the familiar hum of complex machinery going about some various tasks. He followed Swoop and Dogfight and began to load up on the special mission weapons, listening quietly to Dogfight's dissent.

2005-09-29, 04:32 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -drumming fingers on console-

Fortress: "What?"

Ironhide: "'S too.... quahet."

Fortress: "You'd rather we were under Decepticon attack?"

Ironhide: "'Course not. Just kahnda bored."

2005-09-29, 04:42 AM
Armory, Metroplex

Crosshairs frowned at the disheveled weapon that Nightbeat brought out.

"That doesn't sound good," he said somewhat unnecessarily.

"If you don't mind leaving it here, I'll have a look at it. I can't promise anything, though. It's pretty banged-up, and I still haven't gotten a handle on what spare parts I've got floating around here."

Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert scowled as the sound of Inferno scolding the Micromasters filtered in through the open door.

Maybe I should have all those dwarves rounded up for the sake of morale...

"They'd better be," he told Overdrive curtly before cutting the comm line.

That said, he looked back towards the door.

"Inferno, come in. But leave the fan club outside. It's getting crowded in here."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap glanced over to Backstreet.

"Bring 'em home, I guess. There's not much more Cosmos or Groundshaker can do for us up there, right now."

2005-09-29, 08:16 AM
Tech Bay

Overdrive looked at Dogfight

"its either the paint or you go back to testing Metroplex no one with a death wish is going to endanger troops under my command.


Security Office Metroplex

the drone carrying the chips trundled throught the door, a muzak version of Kylie Minogues "Locomotion " piping from its speakers.

2005-09-29, 07:00 PM
Sizzle started arming himself, looking for some weaponry that could be used in either form.

(OOC where are the Tank guys going? thought everyone was still in Fort max?)

Metroplex Command deck

Fizzle interjected: "We could keep Cosmos up there: we are missing several sattelites now, and we could use an extra eye in the sky now we have our forces spread so thinly."

2005-09-30, 03:29 AM
(OOC: Hardhead's heading for the tech bay.)

Armory, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -shrugs- "I've still got my plasma blaster."

2005-09-30, 05:05 PM
Tech Bay

Sandstorm continued moving down the corridor, then he entered the room, missing Overdrive's warning about "those with death-wishes", grinning happily and whistling "Another One Bites the Dust" as he looked around to see where to go and get the preparations needed for this mission.

* * * * * *

Security Office, Metroplex

Having followed Getaway down from the command center, Catilla padded into the room the second Red Alert gestured at the seats, then he glanced at the chairs clearly meant for a robot like, say, Getaway and moved to sit down next to one, preferring to stay in his shell, glancing at Inferno and the Micromasters for a moment and giving them a silent nod in way of a greeting.

Then the drone entered the office and the large cat twitched on hearing the the music, muttering "Oh no"

2005-09-30, 10:16 PM
Fort Max Tech Bay

Dogfight didn't reply at Overdrive's rude answer, and started with the paint.

2005-10-01, 04:37 AM
Skyfire allowed the paint mist to wash over him, coating his entire frame with a thin layer of the compound. When he was satisfied, he stepped through the sonic shower, which instantly calibrated its jets to his design and blasted the drying liquid from his joints and sensors. Skyfire looked down at himself with approval. It wasn't much of a change anyhow... With his preparations done, Skyfire lumbered along to the side near the door and waited for the others to finish up.

2005-10-01, 05:10 AM
Med Bay, Fort Max

Not wanting to argue, Seaspray did as Hoist asked and transformed into his hovercraft mode. It had been quite some time since he had been out of robot mode. The lack of wide open expanses of water found in Colorado were more than likely to blame. At least that's what he kept telling himself.

"So.. uhhh..... you're not going to tell anyone about the holes in my head are you?" he pleaded, "I mean, I already have enough problems around here as it is."

Wilderness outside of Autobase

Beachcomber had still not found what he believed to be the perfect spot for his mice to relocate to. Driving on through the hills and forests, he continued his sensor scans in search of the right geological location.

Tech Bay

Swoop finished being loaded up with the new artillery and made his way over to the paint area. He had planned on coming here after he had been sandblasted gray back in Sierra Leone, but the call of a mission detoured his plans. Now here he was and they weren't even going to paint him his correct colors.

As Skyfire moved into the sonic shower, Swoop begrudgingly stepped up for his turn to be painted. A visible scowl on his face the entire time.

2005-10-01, 06:11 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert collected the chips, then drew his rifle from subspace and shot the drone in the chest. It pitched backwards, sparking and smoking. It's speakers crackled and popped, then fell silent.


Several other, quieter drones immedaitely entered the room and dragged their comrade off for repairs.

As if nothing had happened, he turned to Getaway and Catilla.

"Report, gentlemen."

Getaway cleared his throat, then spoke.

"There's not much to say. I was looking into a human terrorist group. I called in Nightbeat's band for backup. We dismantled one of their arms dumps, so they blew him up." The Powermaster shrugged. "Just a regular day at the office."

Red frowned, then looked at Catilla.

"Do you have anything to add?"

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap shrugged.

"We could do that, too," he told Fizzle. "Find out what status he's in; if he can stay in orbit for a while, then he can fill the hole in our comms network until the new satellites come on-line."

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs nodded. "Hand it over, then," he told Nightbeat. "I'll get to work on it right away."

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl was slicing his way through legions of holographic Decepticons, a ferocious smile on his face.

2005-10-01, 09:20 AM
----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
Hoist look around Seaspray alt. mode carefully."There's no hole on your head I see the hole it's on your vehicle mode and It's really small.Even my finger can't pass through it."he replied.
Then Hoist put an optic cable pass through that hole."Wow...I must say your parts are sealed from water very good."Then Hoist use his tools closed that hole."Finished!"

----------Fort Max Tech Bay----------
Warpath followed Hardhead and Guzzle."What are we doing here?"He asked Hardhead and Guzzle.

Edit:I'm Corrected some word and that is all.

2005-10-01, 05:23 PM
(OOC can see it now E-Hobby recolour Autobot Artic Attack set.)

Quickmix monitored the controls of the paint booth

"I'll mix you up a batch of your traditional colours Swoop and try and make it a bit more sand resistant for when you get back."


Overdrive slipped under the paint nozzles and let the whit camouflage obliterate his classic Ferrari red.


Landfill against a wall as he watched Red Alert

2005-10-01, 08:11 PM
Fort Max Tech bay

Dogfight waited until Overdive had finished with the paint, and entered the chamber. A few moments later he had changed his color from dark blue to a welldone Arctic Attack pattern.

2005-10-01, 10:51 PM
Cave in the Wilderness

The three autobots stood looking at each other hesitantly. Pipes seemed a bit sullen at his fun being ruined by the sudden revelation that their foe was an ally. Bumper flashlight was the only light in the cave.

The dark blue figure tried to explain. "I have this...passive ability to recover energy from nearby sources. It's helped me get by a lot of times when I'm far away from Cybertron or any traditional Cybertronian energy source. Unfortunately, I seem to have sucked all the energy out of your friend."

Pipes pounced at this chance for further conflict, grabbing the strange minibot by the collar. "He's dead!? You killed him!?!?!"

"No, no, he'll be fine, he just needs some energon."

Pipes reluctantly released him. "Oh. Well...hmm. Who are you then?"

"My name is Glyph."

"Do you normally lie dormant in caves, or was this a one-time thing?" Pipes asked.

"Er...I'm not sure what you mean." Glyph said.

"Fine, great, whatever, lets just get out of here. At least you're a minibot." The three minibots moved over to Outback, picked him up, and began the long trek out of the cave.

(Profiles updated.:D )

2005-10-01, 11:47 PM
Armory, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -hands cyclone cannon toCrosshairs- "There you go."

Tech Bay:

Hardhead: -looking somewhat uncertain- "I'm rather attached to my colorscheme....."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -looking at the sensor console- "Gonna have ta get replacements up fer th' sats that Astrotrain hit. Those Skyspahes ain't gonna cut it fer too long."

Fortress: "We should be able to make replacements fast enough. The problem is delivery. We've got one working shuttle, and Omega's on assignment. There's always Skyfire."

Ironhide: "Overdrahve's tapped him as a transport fer his 'Con hunt."

Fortress: "Brainstorm, maybe?"

Ironhide: "Think he's got th' cargo capacity?"

Fortress: "Perhaps."

2005-10-02, 04:58 AM
Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs took the weapon from Nightbeat and looked it over.

"Good craftsmanship," he said with an appreciative nod. Laying the cyclone cannon on the workbench, he set to work disassembling the outer shell.

"Whoever built this thing deserves a pat on the back," he said. "A lesser weapon would have been damaged quite a bit worse than this."

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl started perusing personel files using the computer system that Tracer and Holepunch had brought him.

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl's blade hewed through a generic conehead, and he stepped over the holographic corpse. He focussed on the next-nearest holographic foe, and his optics narrowed.


The hologram looked up from the Autobot that it had just finished slaughtering. Stepping towards the Dinobot, it raised it's energo-axe.

"Autobot," the holo-Governor's deep, booming voice answered.

Snarl raised his blade and stalked closer to his foe before replying.


The battle was joined.

2005-10-02, 10:58 AM
Overdrive grimaced

"If you can explain to me how it works as camouflage in a snow and Ice environment by all means keep it , the camouflage plus the heat dampers will help disguise our presence. I've also asked for you all to have chaff and flare packages fitted for this mission so if you do get discovered you will be more likely to survive.


Scoop leaned against the wall in the conference room.

"Anything else we can rustle up for you guys."

2005-10-02, 04:37 PM
Metroplex, Command Deck

Backstreet watched the conversation between Hubcap and Fizzle. Mentally, he agreed with Hubcap. Cosmos could remain in orbit and temporaly replace the missing sats.

As Fizzle received the order to comm Cosmos, Backstreet focused to track Astrotrain until the triple-changer entered the Nemesis and dissapeared of his screens.

Backstreet:" Contact lost. All cleared", informed to Cosmos and Hubcap.

"Eh?, and now?", thought the triggerbot as a new contact appeared on his screens.

Backstreet:" Hubcap sir, I think I am reading the signals of Powerglide aproaching Autobase. Maybe is better to be ready if the San Fran mission team is comming. May be they will need help."

2005-10-03, 04:58 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap nodded as Backstreet replied, although a part of him was disappointed that Magnus's people were on the way back.

I'd only just gotten used to this whole 'boss' thing...

"Put the medics on alert, I guess," he said aloud. "And keep an eye on the sensors."

He frowned.

"Better alert the Maximus too," he said grudgingly. "Just in case our guys have enemies coming in on their tail."

2005-10-03, 12:26 PM
Fort Max Tech Bay

"It isn't going to hurt ya" Sandstorm called, glancing at Hardhead, then he stepped into the chamber, emerging from the other end sporting a temporary new paintjob "I always did look good in white"

* * * * * *

Security Office, Metroplex

"Nothing really" Catilla replied, glancing at the drones with a sigh of relief that the music had stopped, then he turned his full attention to Red Alert "Apart from leaving me behind for a moment and giving the humans at a gas station something to remember when Landfill stopped to give me a lift, the trip to bring Nightbeat to med-bay was pretty uneventful"

2005-10-03, 07:16 PM
Fortmax techbay

Guzzle was secretly looking forward to a new paint job, even allwhite would be better than the old stuff he had been sporting. Sizzle was still sifting through the weaponry, not having found any weaponry to his precise likeing. He settled on an M-16 with grenade launcer copy, easily moved from hand to chassis in transformation.

2005-10-03, 08:14 PM

Pipes, Bumper, and Glyph emerged from the cave into the sunlight with Outback slung over Pipes' shoulder.

"Well," Glyph said while looking around, "this is an interesting looking planet. What are the local intelligent species like?"

Pipes eyed Glyph suspiciously. "Uh...haven't you been here before? I mean you were here before you went to sleep or whatever."

Glyph paused, as if considering this. "...Yes. Yes I was here. Very interesting planet."

Pipes rolled his eyes and said to Bumper, "Lets get out of here." Pipes started down the ravine towards the plain below, where they would turn southeast towards Autobase.

"So...there are others of us here? On this planet?" Glyph asked.

"Oh...there's a few of us here." Pipes replied coyly.

2005-10-03, 09:00 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet nooded at Hubcap commands.

Backstreet:" Metroplex bridge informing all medical teams and medbays; the San Francisco mission team will arrive soon. Please, get ready to attend the casualties."

Then Backstreet loocked at Fizzle.

Backstreet:" Fizzle please, can you inform Maximus?I think I'm a little busy with the sensors grid", smiled the triggerbot.

2005-10-04, 01:59 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -blinks, looks over at the sensor console- "Shuttle incomin'. An' Powerglahde, too."

Fortress: "Is that the only reason you inked yourself into my sensors?"

Ironhide: -shrugs- "Ah jus' wanna have a warnin' if th' 'Cons come ta visit, is awl. We get too many flahghts comin' in, though, Ah ain't playin' air traffic controler."

2005-10-04, 06:16 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

"Don't terrorize the humans," Red Alert said. "Enough of them are against us as it is, without you scaring more of them away."

The security officer frowned for a moment, then continued.

"Very well, then. That's everything. Catilla, take these comm chips up to Hubcap on the bridge. Landfill, head over to the Maximus and see if Fortress can spare a shuttle and a few troops to pick up the fuel that Hosehead is guarding. Getaway..."

Red trailed off for a moment, his optics narrowing. "Getaway, you go do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. And please try not to kill any humans this time."

Getaway immediately stood and marched out of the room.

I'm taking orders from a lunatic, the Powermaster realized. Brilliant.

2005-10-04, 06:30 AM
Landfill nodded

"big 10 4 good buddy . I'll put the pedal to the metal and scoot right over. He turned and walked through the door."

2005-10-04, 11:48 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Catilla emerged from his shell and transformed to his robot mode before moving over to Red Alert's desk, meeting his gaze while reaching out to collect the comm-chips "The incident was not done on purpose, they stopped at the gas station to pick me up and how many of them have seen a talking sabre-toothed cat getting into a truck before. And none of them died"

2005-10-04, 07:04 PM
Fizzle commed Fort Maximus: "You're aware of the incoming casualties, I expect: how many can you take? I think we're low on medics here, but will assist as best we can."

2005-10-05, 04:55 AM
Fort Max, Med Bay

Seaspray transformed back into robot mode and looked to Hoist with the closest thing he had to a smile behind his faceplate.

"Thanks Hoist," he said, "I had no idea I needed a check-up so badly. Maybe now I won't feel like I'm losing my mind."

Widerness Outside of Autobase

Beachcomber continued his journey finding himself enjoying the time alone, well mostly alone. The mice he had with him were not much for conversation. Still it was nice to get out and clear the head once in a while.

Tech Bay, Fort Max

Swoop looked at his new paint job and frowned. These were not the colors he was used to. And change was a concept that he was not particularly comfortable with.

-Still, could be worse- he thought -me could be polka dotted-

He walked toward the doorway and stopped to turn around and announce to everyone, "Swoop ready."

2005-10-05, 10:01 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet loocked at Hubcap.

Backstreet: " Done it, sir", informed the triggerbot, " but I'm worried about something. What if the decepticons decide to attack while we are waiting for the two mission teams? I mean, althought I'm putting the sensors to the max and there is not any hostile contact, what do you think about changing Metroplex current status to combat alert?", asked to Hubcap.


Fort Max tech bay

Dogfight stepped towards Swoop's right side and waited Overdrive's orders near the dinobot.

" I'm ready too", said the triggerbot. " Sir", added a pair of nanoseconds later.


Override arrived at the pile of junk outside Metroplex.

" And now?", he thought.

2005-10-05, 10:56 PM
Skyfire watched quietly as his comrades began filing up near him and Overdrive, having each gone through the process of arctic camoflauge. It was interesting to see them in a new light... Skyfire took every drop of enjoyment he could from the thought, determined not to think about the mission ahead. He didn't dare give himself a reason to drop out while he still had the chance.

2005-10-06, 03:00 AM
Pipes, Bumper, and Glyph trudged down a road that led in the general direction of autobase. Pipes was getting bored now that he had nothing to hit. He shrugged Outback from his left shoulder to his right to give him a better view of the road as cars drove by.

"These...vehicles. Are they cybertronians or local wildlife?" Glyph asked.

Before Pipes could deceive their disoriented new comrade, Bumper went ahead and gave him a straight answer. "Neither. The local intelligent species uses them to travel."

"Ah...so life on this planet is biologically driven. And these locals...have learned to create machinery to aid them?"

"Yeah. To aid them and to hurt them." Pipes said, being serious for once.

"Ah. I have studied species of this template before. The civilization I came here to study was quite similar. I have come to find that the geography of a planet drives such things."

Bumper did a double take. "Wait...the civilization you came here to study? It wasn't human?"

"If human is the term for the current dominant species, then no, it was not. I take it they had not evolved by that time. The civilization I came to study was in decline when I came to study it, which is really the best time to study such things: before evidence is lost to time, but after the pinnacle of a species so a certain sense of perspective is possible. I arrived here some two million years after the ark containing Optimus Prime and his core group of soldiers left Cybertron. I have not had a chance to study star charts for stellar drift...tell me...how long was I dormant?"

"Only about two million years." Pipes said in an offhand way.

"Well. That is a significant period of time. Speaking of which, was the remains of Optimus Prime and his crew ever recovered? Do we know what became of them?"

Bumper was about to say something when he was cut off by Pipes. "Hush, Jumper. Let him discover it for himself." Then Pipes started to laugh.

2005-10-06, 05:04 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

"That hardly makes it acceptable," Red Alert told Catilla. "The humans are unpredictable and dangerous creatures. You should limit your exposure to them whenever possible...especially after this recent string of terrorist attacks."

The security officer shrugged dismissively.

"Now, unless there's anything else..."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap sighed.

"I'd love to, Backstreet."

The Minibot gestured towards the nearby engineering station.

"Until the medics tell us that they've got the city's laser core back online, though, there's not much we can do."

He grinned.

"Unless you're volunteering to manually activate every transformation switch in the city, of couse. It'd only take you two, maybe three weeks to find 'em all..."

2005-10-06, 06:25 AM
Overdrive looked around

"if everybody is ready we'll get moving?"

2005-10-06, 01:05 PM
Tech Bay, Fort Max

"Ready when you are, sir" Sandstorm nodded, moving to stand next to Skyfire, shifting as he fought to control his craving for reckless self-endangerment.

* * * * * *

Security Office, Metroplex

"Yeah, there's something else, a request for you to lighten up as the humans say" Catilla thought to himself, gathering up the chips and leaving the office without glancing at Red Alert, his shell getting to its feet and padding out of the room after him.

2005-10-06, 07:14 PM
Guzzle and Sizzle both stood to attention, sizzle gleefully holding his new rifle. "Ready and willing sir!" he commented to Overdrive.

2005-10-06, 09:43 PM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Backstreet frowned at Hubcap's suggestion.

Backstreet:" Eeee....understood, sir."

Luckily for the triggerbot, Metroplex's sensors detected Powerglide, who was aproaching Autobase.

Backstreet:" Greetings Powerglide", welcomed with a relief tone in his voice, " do you need assistance? And, can you tell us the aprox status of your team?", then he loocked back at Hubcap.

" Powerglide is arriving", added.

2005-10-07, 02:15 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -over commlink- "We're as ready as we'll ever be....."

Ironhide: -activates commlink- "Powerglahde, how'd th' mission go?"

Central Core, Fort Max:

Minerva: -activates commlink- "We're ready to bring Metroplex back online." -looks over at Huffer, then points at the console- "Want to do the honors?"

2005-10-07, 03:54 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap tabbed a nearby com panel.

"Go ahead, Minerva. The sooner the better. The crew's getting a bit stir-crazy."

Looking back to Backstreet, he nodded.

"Keep scanning for pursuers until Powerglide responds, I guess."

2005-10-08, 08:27 AM
"ok Autobots lets move."

Overdrive headed out of the tech bay and onto the ramp to the exterior.

2005-10-08, 08:48 AM
----------Fort Max Tech Bay----------
Warpath pick up one of a binoculas in Tech Bay."This might be fit for a scout mission."Then he followed Guzzle to the ramp.

----------Fort Max----------
Rosdos arrived at Fort Max seeing no more illusion from his memory then walk toward to med bay.

2005-10-08, 06:51 PM
With Overdrive's order, Skyfire followed the Omnibot out of the city and transformed on the lawn, gearing up for takeoff.

2005-10-08, 08:11 PM
OOC: Whoa *blinks* my computer's behaving itself, :wtf:

Tech Bay, Fort Max > City Exterior

Sandstorm followed Skyfire and Overdrive outside when the mission leader gave the order and transformed to chopper mode, his blades idly starting to spin around as he waited for the others to join them.

* * * * * *

Command Deck, Metroplex

Catilla strode into the room a few moments later, followed by his shell, but it remained by the door.

Glancing at Backstreet with a nod as way of greeting, the pretender headed over to Hubcap and held out the chips "Special delivery from Red"

2005-10-08, 10:42 PM
Dogfight followed Overdrive and the others, and transformed into his jet mode when he arrived at the top of the ramp.

Dogfight:" I can't wait. I'm really enjoing all of this", and pointing his jet optics at Overdrive, seriously added: " I m just showing my enthusiasm at my companions for the incoming mission, sir. No death wishers. Only moral. "

2005-10-09, 01:30 AM
Hardhead: -feeling a bit odd in his new colorscheme, follows Overdrive out-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -scowling- "Ah don't lahke this. He ain't respondin'."

Fortress: -bringing the city to yellow alert-

Ironhide: -switching frequencies- "Fortress, call Metroplex an' have 'em go ta battle stations. They're bein' way too quahet. Last tahme Ah was on a quahet shuttle, Ah woke up in that vault we got insahde the city after spendin' quality tahme in th' hereafter."

Fortress: -activates commlink- "Fortress to Red Alert. Ironhide requests that you bring Metroplex to full alert status. The incoming shuttle isn't responding to our hails."

Ironhide: -having switched frequencies, into commlink- "Ultra Magnus, this' Ironhide. Gimme landin' codes an' a status report."

Fortress: -bringing ship's sensors to bear on the incoming shuttle, starting to charge ship's guns-

2005-10-09, 07:05 AM
Tech Bay, Fort Max

Swoop stomped outside behind Overdrive and the others. He watched with his arms crossed as a number of them transformed into their jet modes.

Knowing that he would never be able to keep up with the jets over a long distance he decided to ask Overdrive, "How want Swoop get there with others?"

Med Bay, Fort Max

"See you later, Hoist," Seaspray said with a wave.

Seaspray stepped out of the med bay feeling better than he had in some time. The songs were gone.... mostly. He wasn't feeling as depressed as he had lately. And he had a little bounce in his step. Now all he had to do was go get a little fresh air and maybe go for a swim in the lake.

-Yeah, a swim would be good-

2005-10-09, 08:04 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert tabbed the comm controls on his desk.

"Ironhide requests, does he?" The security officer's optics narrowed. "Very well, Fortress. We'll do what we can."

Switching channels, he said, "Hubcap, sound general quarters. We have a non-responsive shuttle coming in, and no systems to defend us if it turns out to be a hostile."

A heavy sigh crackled over the comlink, followed by the Minibot's voice. "Aye, sir. Sounding general quarters."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap cut the comm line, then shrugged theatrically.

"General quarters, he says..." With a shake of his head, he added quietly, "Lunatic..."

He keyed in a sequence on the command board, and an alarm started to ring thoughout the city. Red emergency lights flashed.

Opening a new comm line, the Minibot adopted his best 'calm communications officer' tone and spoke. "General Quarters. All hands to battlestations. This is not a drill."

2005-10-09, 08:41 AM
"all non flyers on Skyfire.. quick lets not let whatever that is catch us on the ground."

Overdrive said as he heard the sirens going off.


Landfill commed Hosehead

"what's your location good buddy 10-4?"

2005-10-09, 10:47 AM

Override received Hubcap's transmission and quickly leaved the junk yards and headed towards the nearest manual cannon turret.

Override:" Sorry Wreck-Gar, the trash must wait. We're on battle alert!"

He transformed into his bike mode and fastly rolled into Metro's main ramp, arrived soon at one of the artillery emplacements and transformed back into robot mode. He activated the manual controls and begun to watch the skies.

Override:" Override to bridge. Hubcap, sir, I'm on cannon turret T-16. Manual systems activated. I'm on position."


Backstreet was worried. Althought Fortress informed about an unidentified shuttle aproaching, he didn't detected such ship. He feeled bad, as if he failed in his new job. A job that he really liked to do, instead of battling anywhere. I Metro's main bridge, he can be useful to the Autobots. And now, without detecting a possible threat to all of them, he feeled responsible.

Backstreet:" Hubcap, sir. Sorry, but I still didn't detect that shuttle. I can detect Powerglide signature, and Cosmos too, and even Magnus's team, but nothing about that shuttle."

2005-10-09, 02:03 PM
Fizzle began setting the automatic weapons systems to his specifications earlier. He turned over his shoulder to Hubcap and asked "Has anyone checked in on Cosmos and groundshaker recently?"

Aboard sky fire

The two sparkabots set themselves down for the long flight, Sizzle still examining his new weapon like a new toy.

2005-10-09, 05:54 PM

Wreck-Gar ignored both Override and Hubcap's signal, engrossed in sorting through the trash as he was. He figured that the others would handle the tough stuff. This was his domain.
Command Center: Fort Max

The Hot Rod patrol rushed onto the bridge.

"What's going on?"

2005-10-09, 10:23 PM
Fortress Maximus

Skids had been daydreaming for a while in his quarters, lost deeply in his thoughts, when the Yellow Alert summoned by the bridge returned him to the real world.

" What's going on?", he thought. " Better to check out, I'll go to the bridge."

Skids exited his quarters and headed towards the nearest elevator, but in his way he passed just front Fort Max Medbay, and meet with Seaspray, who already crossed the door.

Skids:" Oh, hello Seaspray. Do you know what's going on?"

2005-10-10, 02:05 AM
Powerglide replied to Ironhide over the comm. "I read you, but there is a lot of static. Out mission was a partial success- casualties were minimal, but all depecticons escaped." Powerglide shut off the comm as he shot downwards into Autobot city, transforming at the ramp.


Metroplex Central Core

Huffer looked up at Minerva. "Why, I'd be honored." Huffer turned and manipulated the console to bring Metroplex back online.


Approaching Autobase

Bumper, Pipes, and Glyph (and the comatose Outback) were approaching Autobase now.

Glyph looked at the twin cities with something bordering on awe. "Are these structures your habitation centers? They are most impressive."

The three walked along for a little bit when Glyph chimed in again. "How many Autobots reside here that you have two complete Cybertronian-esque cities? It must be quite a few. Corollary- what has happened to Cybertron?"

Pipes slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Buddy, you got a lot to catch up on."

2005-10-10, 02:14 AM
Warpath aboard Skyfire.

----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
"See you then."Hoist said Seaspray.Then he saw Rosdos walk toward to the med bay."So you again I'm sorry for er.... tearing of your shuttle.Why are you here?"Hoist asked.
"I saw some illusion."Then Hoist walk deep into the med bay and come back with Stun Stick."What's that for?"Rosdos asked."To make sure you can't kill me."Hoist replied.Few seconds later Rosdos saw Hoist become a Sharkticon."Why your face is changing?"Rosdos looked carefully at Hoist's face."That's it!"Hoist yelled while stroke the stun stick on Rosdos and turned him off then Hoist open Rosdos's head picked up the memmory core and walked straight to the computer room.

2005-10-10, 04:59 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap turned to Catilla, smiling an ingratiating smile. He took the chips from the Pretender and looked at them with something approaching professional skill.

"Comm chips," he said. "And fairly high-tech ones, too, by the looks of things."

The Minibot looked back up, still smiling warmly (and falsely). "Thank you. Pass along my compliments to whoever got their hands on these. They'll be a big help."

Turning to Backstreet, he frowned.

"That's wierd. Some kind of false alarm, maybe? Or maybe a cloaked ship?"

Tabbing open a comm channel, he replied to Override.

"Good man. Keep your optics open, and take out anything that makes hostile moves."

Looking back to Fizzle, he shook his head.

"I doubt it. Maybe you should recall them. Cosmos' sensors might be able to tell us more about our mystery shuttle..."

Assuming Red didn't just dream the whole thing up...

Ion Pulse Cannon #2, Metroplex

After hearing the call to general quarters, Getaway had torn off towards the nearest weapons-control room he could find. After arriving, he immedately strapped himself into the control seat and started powering up the turret.

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl turned to Scoop.

"Yeah, there's something you could do. Find out what that bloody alarm's about! The red flashy lights make it hard to read."

2005-10-10, 06:53 AM
Scoop looked at the nearest console.

"Looks like we've got a UFO incoming , probably one of the strike parties. Their IFF probably got damaged Red's just being extra careful."


"if thats everyone let's rock and roll."

said Overdrive

(OOC I am going to be away till Friday so If Flec could move everyone to the Artic II'll catch up for Touch down.)

2005-10-10, 06:36 PM
Approaching the Autobot base, Jetwave scanned the two cities and found them in a state of emergency. Weapon systems were activated and a multitude of muzzles were aiming on...


What's wrong with those guys?..

Uh-oh... I forgot to identify myself.... My, are they taking it seriously!

"Fortress Maximus, this is Jetwave from San Francisco mission. Repeat, this is Jetwave. Requesting landing permission."

Better late than never, anyway... if they decide I'm the enemy I'll be shot from the sky in a nanobreem...

"I am transporting Ultra Magnus and Protectobots team!" - Jetwave transmitted as an afterthought.

Let's just hope they won't be firing being afraid to hurt their precious commander. I sure hope I'm not wrong... Or something strange hadn't happened, for example Decepticon intervention and base takeover...

Well, anyway. Just let me down and we'll see what comes next.

He made a swift turn, going in the direction of landing strip.

2005-10-10, 07:22 PM
Fizzle began the comms to Cosmos, and sent the a copy of Cosmos's video burst to Hubcaps desk for approval:
"Cosmos this is Fizzle: can you move to Autbot city airspace and monitor the incoming craft, over"

2005-10-10, 08:44 PM
Twin disrupter rays battery, Metroplex

Override received Hubcap's transmission, and replied.

Override: " Hey sir, do you know something? I owe one to this incoming shuttle. That bandit save me from trashing trash!", laughed the Triggerbot, while he was scanning the air for any hostil craft sightings.


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet listened Jetwave's transmission, and looked at Fizzle.

Backstreet:" Hey Fizzle, do you think that incoming shuttle may be Jetwave?"

Backstreet listened Override's rude transmission to Hubcap too, and frowned at his friend's lack of protocol.


Fort Max

Dogfight engaged his afterburners and was the first to follow Overdrive towards the Artic.

2005-10-10, 11:28 PM
Ultra Magnus was a bit puzzled at Ironhide's transmission. Was something wrong? His fuel pump dropped thinking of the terrible possibilities that could have transpired while he'd been gone.

"This is Ultra Magnus aboard Jetwave," he replied to Ironhide. "We are en route from San Francisco and will be landing shortly. The mission objective was completed. Transmitting authentication now."


Fort Max: Lawn

With his passengers loaded, Skyfire pulled up his front hatch and warmed his afterburners. He decided against his usual "next stop" line, as he was just a bit too nervous to be his usual forced jovial self. Rather, he silently began taxiing forward and quickly rocketed off into the Colorado sky after Dogfight.

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2005-10-11, 02:39 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -nods- "Ah read ya, Powerglide."

Fortress: -scowls-

Ironhide: -checking the codes, sighs in relief, switches frequencies- "Had me worried there, Magnus. We weren't gettin' no codes'r nuthin'. Weren't gettin' no response, neither."

Fortress: -breaks in- "I think I know why, Magnus. It would appear that the sabotage that happened earlier went deeper than we thought. Our sensors are working fine, but.... Ironhide, were you tapped into the sensors directly, or the sensor console?"

Ironhide: "Th' console. Sensors ain't in here, they're a couple's a decks down."

Fortress: "There's a bug in the interpretation programs. You might want to get your sensor control programs checked out."

Ironhide: "Awlrahght, Ah'll call an' have Metroplex stand down. You get that bug cleared out of th' sensor programs."

Fortress: -nods, starts working on the computers-

Ironhide: -over commlink- "C'mon in, Magnus. You an' Jetwave're cleared fer landin'." -switches frequencies- "Red, this' Ironhide. Stand down. It's Magnus an' his group."

2005-10-11, 06:25 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert frowned slightly.

"I see. You're getting paranoid in your old age, Ironhide." The security officer's face split into a tight grin, although of course his counterpart wouldn't have been able to see it. "Keep it up."

Cutting the channel, he put in a call to the bridge. "Hubcap, we've IDed the bogey. You can stand down from alert. But keep an optic on the incoming ship, just in case."

Command Deck, Metroplex

"Roger that, Red."

Hubcap flipped several switches, and the sirens died. Activating the comm, he once again spoke in his clear public announcer's voice.

"All hands, stand down from alert status. The situation is resolved."

Then, after closing the city-wide comm and opening a closed channel, he spoke up again. "Override, sit tight for a minute. Keep an optic on that approaching ship. If it does anything suspicious, blow it out of the sky. Just in case."

One side of the Minibot's face quirked up into a grin.

"If nothing else, it'll keep you out of the garbage pile for a few more minutes."

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl shook his head.

"So one of our own ships comes in, and it's 'all hands on deck'? Brilliant. Just brilliant."

Ion Pulse Cannon #2, Metroplex

Getaway powered down the cannon and slipped off the turret harnesses.

I wonder what that was about. Red falling off his rocker, maybe?

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl's blade clanged against the holographic Straxus' axe. With his foe's weapon out of play for a few seconds, Snarl dropped his head and butted into the Decepticon's chest. The hologram flew backwards, but it managed to swing it's axe back at the Dinobot as it moved.

The head of the axe passed through one of Snarl's 'wings'. Although it didn't do any actual damage, the holoprogram simulated the pain and loss of function that would have come with having the end of the wing sheared off.

Snarl let a low, furious growl escape his throat as he charged at his downed foe.

2005-10-11, 10:54 AM
Jetwave was completing his cirle over the Autobase when he received the clearance to land. Simultaneously, the jet which was almost his identical twin (albeit in different colors) shot up from the airstrip and disappeared in the clouds overhead.

"Arrrgh!!!" - Jetwave couldn't hold the feelings which suddenly were overwhelming him.

Jetfire... He calls himself Skyfire now but that's him, my old rival, the Decepticon who was to be my eternal foe - and who came to be an Autobot and my ally... What a disappointment!

Perhaps sometime we'll meet at battle and my purpose will be fulfilled... But that cannot happen while we're both at the same side...

Well, I should forget about him. I've got bigger purpose now; I must exist in a name of Primus, the Creator, and not let the occasional details of my creation bother me. I had a revelation, and it was said that my road is not finished yet... But why, why I still get those feelings as I see that image? Image I was so accustomed seeing at my target grid?

With troubled mind, Jetwave finished the circle and came to the landing course. Chassis extended, he touched the concrete and activated the reverse trusters to stop.

"ALL PASSENGERS ABOARD: WE HAVE LANDED AT AUTOBASE" - the internal speakers came to life with sensor-splitting loudness.

I should do something about these - thought Jetwave to himself - before somebody get deaf of that roar.

The exit ramp went down, opening the way for Ultra Magnus and others to get out.

2005-10-11, 01:29 PM
OOC: Sure thing, Reflector

Fort Max Exterior

Sandstorm let his rotor blades pick up speed before he lifted off the ground, heading after Skyfire and Dogfight, then tuning his radio idly to pick up any air traffic warnings, pausing as he caught the tail-end of "Children of the Revolution" and making a mental note to find out about that song at a later date.

* * * * * *

Command Deck, Metroplex > Metroplex Exterior

Relieved of the comm-chips, Catilla nodded at the minibot with a quiet grunt signalling "You're welcome" before moving to get inside his shell while listening to what Hubcap was saying and left, heading outside.

Watching Jetwave landing, he moved to follow the shuttle and observed the entry hatch opening, tensing up in case anyone needed help.

2005-10-11, 05:41 PM
Ultra Magnus was a bit startled by Jetwave's cry of frustration, but before he could ask about it, he found that they had landed and the hatch was open. Magnus coasted down to the runway and opened his rear ramp to allow his passengers to exit, angling his cab to slightly face Jetwave's cockpit.

"I need to check in at Metroplex before speaking with Prime," he said, having noticed a substantial upgrade in appearance of his home city. "You can accompany me if you'd like, or I'll call you when I'll be meeting with Optimus."

2005-10-11, 07:03 PM
"Thanks, Magnus" - Jetwave replied, transforming.

"I'll follow you. Perhaps we'll meet with Prowl... I've got to discuss with him the details about the recovery of shells for my primary guns."

He looked at Protectobots unloading fron Ultra Magnus's trailer.

"I'm not trying to impose my opinion on somebody, you know..." - he started uncertainly. "I sure hope Prime will listen to me and understand what I mean. He always do that, doesn't he?"

2005-10-11, 07:04 PM
Fizzle powered down the scale ten defence systems to normal operations: nearly blowing a comrade carrying comrades out of the sky gave him shudders of anticipatory guilt, event though their wasn't a chance it could happen.
"Hubcap we should ask Overdrive if he needs Sattelite surveilance support for his mission: if not, we can keep Cosmos above the citys."

2005-10-11, 11:21 PM
Twin disrupter rays battery, Metroplex

Override grined at Hubcap's message.

Override:" Agh...well, don't worry boss. Jetwave already landed on Fort Max", he replied, " all clear. Returning to my former duty."

Override powered down the cannon, exited the battery, transformed again back into his bike mode and rolled, more slower than he did towards the battery, to meet with Wreck-Gar again.

2005-10-12, 01:09 PM
Fort Max

Powerglide limped down the hallway, and watched bots running about with a raised eyebrow. Having landed just after the alarm was canceled but before the commotion had died down, he was completely in the dark as to the situation. He shrugged as he walked into Medbay and inserted himself into a CR Unit to heal his wounds.


Outside Fort Max

Pipes (with Outback slung over one shoulder), Bumper, and Glyph walked up the entrance ramp and into Fortress Maximus. Pipes was playing the tour-guide with gusto, making large sweeping gestures as he introduced things to the newly awakened minibot Glyph.

"This...is a little place we like to call Fortress Maximus, of Fort Max if you're being hip, or just Autobase if you're even hipper."

"What is 'being hip'?" Glyph asked.

"Local colloquiollism. Nevermind. That other city is Metroplex. A slag heap until a few months ago when the reconstruction project began."

Glyph looked around him with rapant curiosity. "Where are we headed now?"

"Well..." Pipes began.

"We'd better take him to command and introduce him." Bumper interjected. "That would be the proper protocol."

Pipes deflated. "You're no fun at all some times, you know that?"

"But...all new arrivals are supposed to be meet with command in some fashion so we have them on our rosters. It only makes sense."

"Yeah yeah. Enough with your making sense. I was going to take some place much more fun. Oh well." Pipes waved an arm down a hallway theatrically. "Command is this way! Follow me. Er...us."

2005-10-12, 10:37 PM
With his cargo unloaded, Ultra Magnus rose into his robot mode and began walking alongside Jetwave toward the looming form of Metroplex' city mode. He was stunned to look at it - so much had been done! When he left, there was still much to be done, but now he noted the subtle signs of life only a city commander could love: sensor arrays rotating, defensive weapons slowly panning back and forth, lights dotting the city's towers, and a semi-regular flow of Autobots in and out of the main portals. It was a stunning sight.

"Optimus is very wise," Magnus began, returning to his senses. "And he cares what his troops think. He'll hear your argument and decide what the appropriate course of action is, and I'll abide his decision."

2005-10-13, 02:32 AM
Engineering sub-bay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -looking with satisfaction at the forcefield generator sitting on the counter, then with less satisfaction at the powerplant prototype, goes back to making adjustments to it- "You'd think it'd be easier to get Master Star technology to talk to Cybertronian technology. Or even Earth technology......"

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -sits down in the command chair, shakes head wearily- "On th' up sahde, my sensor control programs're fahne."

Fortress: -working on clearing the bugs out of the sensor programs- "Then what's the down side?"

Grimlock: -sans shell, completely repaired, strides onto bridge, datapadd in hand-

Ironhide: -shrugs, spins chair to face Fortress- "Ah nearly ordered us ta shoot down a shuttle full'a Autobots."

Fortress: "We had no way of knowing for sure it was them. Given what happened to you in the past, it's admirable that you didn't give the fire order."

Grimlock: -drops datapadd into Ironhide's lap- "Why not fire warning shot?"

Ironhide: -scowls- "You ain't helpin'." -looks at report- "Mayhems, huh."

Grimlock: -nods-

Ironhide: "Ya came out'a th' fahght pretty intact."

Grimlock: "Me have thick skin. Maybe Bludgeon not as good as rep says him is."

Ironhide: "Given whut ya found after th' fahght, Ah got a feelin' he was prob'ly playin' with ya, keepin' ya from stoppin' his real objective."

Grimlock: "Me figure same thing." -sighs- "Me hate smart Decepticons."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-13, 03:46 AM
Brawn stood in the landing bay looking around as all the Autobots dispersed. Brawn shrugged and made his way towards Metroplex, he wanted to see how things had gone when he was gone.


Windcharger stood up from the table, where he had sat down to watch the human news and made his way into a corridor.

"Wonder if anyone needs anything done in a quick and timely manner, cause this place is getting pretty boring."

2005-10-13, 05:51 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

"Do that," Hubcap told Fizzle.

Then, he cast a glance down to the comm chips that Catilla had brought. He glanced at the assembled bridge crew, then shrugged.

"Looks like I'm the closest thing we have to an engineer," he muttered. Popping the cover off of the main communications console, he started wiring the chips into the system.

"Backstreet, keep one optic on the turbolift sensors. When Magnus starts to head up here, let me know."

It wouldn't do for him to surprise me with my head inside a console, after all...

"The rest of you, keep monitoring your stations and let me know if anything comes up."

He frowned for a moment, unsure if there was a 'rest of you' to speak of...but he was already arm-deep in the communications system, and he was hardly going to get up and look around to check if he'd just embarassed himself.

Armoury, Metroplex

Getaway strode in. The Powermaster nodded vaguely to Crosshairs, then started to browse through the rows upon rows of newly-gotten weapons that filled the room.

For his part, the weapons supervisor barely spared his associate a glance before turning back to the half-disassembled cyclone cannon on his workbench.

2005-10-13, 11:49 AM
Jetwave followed Ultra Magnus, engaged in conversation.

"I trust Optimus Prime completely. Isn't he the legend who turned the tide of war on Cybertron a long time ago? But now I've had my battle experience under another leader, and we were ranking him Prime too... and there's much difference I see between their positions.

I'm not the one to lead... though somebody I saw here - let's not call names but you know which Micromaster I mean - is even less suited for leadership than me, obviously. But I do want you all to understand the path to victory that I've been taught. If Optimus will follow it, we'll get the Decepticons from this planet in no time!

...But if he won't, I won't stand against his decision. I'll accept it and be doing my duty."

They walked silently for a while then Jetwave noticed the direction in which they were heading.

"Excuse me, Magnus - aren't we going to Fortress Maximus? Somehow I thought that's the center of Autobase, not Metroplex... And all the command staff was there, too..."

2005-10-13, 07:14 PM
Fizzle commed Overdrive "Cosmos available for sattelite support: do you request it?"

2005-10-13, 10:24 PM
Ultra Magnus grinned softly to Jetwave as they began up the broad ramp leading into the great city's walls. He certainly was ambitious, to be sure. He clearly didn't want to waste a minute. Magnus was an old hand at this though, and it was refreshing now and again to see such spirits.

"Metroplex is my city, Jetwave. I've been charged with defending him. He was recently badly damaged by the Decepticons, but it appears repairs have moved quickly in my absence. I need to check in with the crew to find out what they've accomplished so that I can report on it to Prime."

Magnus came to the end of the giant but short tunnel at the top of the ramp and quickly found moved across the busy lobby checkpoint to the main turbolift complex. He summoned one, stepped in, and held the door for Jetwave to board.

2005-10-13, 10:49 PM
Fort Max Command Deck

Backstreet watched as Ultra Magnus entered the main turbolift.

Backstreet: HUBCAP! Sir, magnus is coming! And Jetwave is with him!"


Override arrived at Wreck-Gar position.

Override:" So, what I do now?", asked at the Junkion.

2005-10-14, 05:05 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap jumped up as Backstreet spoke, and slammed his head into the top of the communications console (which, by now, he was burried waist-deep in.


Gingerly sliding out from inside the console, he propped the loose side panel up against a narby stancheon.

"Ugh...thanks, Backstreet. But next time, could you let me know a bit quieter? I think I cracked my cranial armour." With a wink, he added, "If there was anything inside for it to protect, I'd be really worried right now."

The minibot forced himself to grow serious for a moment. Grabbing datapad from an unoccupied station, he quickly downloaded a repair summary from the engineering system. The communications officer considered waiting for Magnus at the turbolift door, but quickly thought better of it and moved towards the command console.

Don't want to look too eager, after all. He'd figure something was up.

2005-10-14, 10:14 AM
Jetwave entered the turbolift following Ultra Magnus.

"Oh, is it so? When I came here I hadn't noticed any damage on Metroplex... On the other hand, I've landed at Fort Max and haven't seen much except its insides..."

The sudden thought illuminated his faceplate slit with a green flash.

"Say, Magnus! Is there an armory in Metroplex too? Perhaps I could have a look there - I still miss the ammo for my primary guns... These are a rare variety, to be sure - but Metroplex surely got lotta guns... Perhaps there are some 18-inchers among them which use conventional shells and which I could borrow? I mean, shells? What do you say?"

Jetwave turned his head aside staring inquisitively into Ultra Magnus' eyes.

2005-10-14, 03:39 PM
Ultra Magnus listened to Jetwave intently as the turbolift whisked them away into the heights of Metroplex, but his optics were fixed with amazement on the sights that whizzed past. So much had been done! It was astonishing and very satisfying to know that something had for once gone right, and that Magnus' city was again operational.

"Yes, Metroplex is equipped with an armory second only to Fortress Maximus'. If it's operational, you can take whatever weapons you need."

The turbolift slid to a gentle stop, and the door opened to reveal his battered frame to the spartan and busy command deck that had been, last he'd seen, a shattered husk. His optics gazed about in wonderment, like a boy on Christmas morning.

"Is Metroplex online?"

Magnus glanced to Hubcap, figuring by his location that he was in charge, but a deep groan and soft tremble filled the command deck (and indeed, the entire city!) before he could get an answer. For at least a moment, every mechanism and system in the city seemed to move much faster and more efficiently than it had the moment before. The rumble settled, and the console that served as Metroplex' interface with his crew in the command deck flashed to life. Ultra Magnus couldn't stifle a broad smile.

"Huffer's done good work," he noted to himself.

2005-10-14, 04:07 PM
Before Jetwave could properly thank Ultra Magnus for his permission to search Metroplex armory, the entire room in which he was suddenly trembled and a deep noise came as if from all sides at once.

"Yes... He's online indeed..." - he spoke softly to himself, looking in amusement at the rows of panels, consoles and flashing lights.

Fortress Maximus doesn't seem alive in that manner. Perhaps it's because his detachable part moves around that it seem to be an average 'bot inside a big sity complex...

But with this titan, it's all different. I've never had a chance to get used to citybots - at Aqua, Tidal Wave was the largest Transformer I've met... And I've never seen him anyway, just lobbed my shells over the horison at him...

When I'm inside this citybot it feels like he's a small-scale representation of Primus - the being from whom we all emerged to life. And... it's wonderful!

"Greetings, Metroplex" - he spoke carefully, afraid to disturb the giant. "How are you?"

2005-10-15, 12:10 AM
Central Core, Metroplex:

Minerva: -dusting hands off- "Well, our work here is done."

Fixit: -looking around, looking way, way, WAY up at Chromedome- "Are you sure I can't look at the specs for your transector?"

Chromedome: "No. Look, talk to Brainstorm. He can help you understand the technical details more than I can." -shakes head- "And before you ask, don't bother asking Minerva. Her transector is different than mine. It's designed to interface with a human."

2005-10-15, 03:33 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Seaspray walked down the corridors relieved that the alarm klaxons had finally stopped. Whatever the threat was it was over now and he could go back to.....

-Now what was it I was going to do again? Aww slag Hoist! Did you leave a part out when you were messing around in my head?-

He stopped in his tracks at the thought and stood there contemplating whether or not he should go back to med bay.

Wilderness Outside of Autobase

Beachcomber had finally found the perfect place to leave his new little friends. A small rock outcropping with shallow holes and soft soil beneath it was his X that marked the spot. Carefully taking his box of precious cargo he bent down and opened the top of the box releasing the small family of mice contained within.

"There you go little fellas," he said with an encouraging voice, "Your new home. There's plenty of grass for you to gather seeds from to eat. The rocks will give you protection from predators and the soil will provide you with good place to build a new home. Much better than under the thrusters of Max at least. Take care of yourselves now and good luck."

He smiled happily as he stood up and walked away. This was what he should be doing. Working with the enviornment, not fighting an endless war. This was one of the few things left that gave him happiness in these days of turmoil. Transforming back into his dunebuggy mode, he headed back toward Autobase.

2005-10-15, 03:47 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap opened his mouth to reply to Magnus, then shut it again as the systems blinked off. After they powered up again, he closed the gap between himself and the city commander and held out the repair summary datapad to him.

"Essentially, sir. Weapons and sensors are online, and the hull armour is almost entirely repaired. The engineers seem to have finished reinstalling Metro's laser core, and the computers are mostly back online. We've been having a bit of trouble with the power grid, but that should be taken care of momentarily. A load of weapons and ammo arrived not too long ago, and Crosshairs is down in the armoury rooting through it. Communications," he nodded towards the half-disassembled console at the aft of the bridge, "should be back at full capability in about ten minutes."

The minibot grinned a bit. "Oh, and I've got Wreck-Gar working to clear out all of the debris the drones crammed into the cargo bays. Either he'll make us a tidy profit or build himself a fort to play in. Never quite sure with him, you know?"

His grin grew more wide at that last comment, but he forced himself to stay serious for a few more seconds.

"We haven't tried transforming him yet, but it looks like the cog is in good shape, so it shouldn't be a problem."

2005-10-15, 07:22 AM
Scoop paced restlessly

"things haven't been right for a while now."

Igos Du Inka
2005-10-15, 03:27 PM
*sigh* I wonder where Magnus is, maybe I should try finding him.


*Browning leans back waiting for the Scan*

2005-10-15, 03:54 PM
"Armoury? Did you say armoury?" - Jetwave intruded into Hubcap's reply to Ultra Magnus.

"Excuse me, Magnus - can I go there and take a look for ammo? I'll get there and back again in an astrosecond, really!" - he looked at Ultra Magnus and Hubcap expectantly (or so it seemed, for his faceplate wasn't really meant to show emotions).

"Will you send a message to Crosshairs that I'm authorized?.. I know the due procedures, to be shot if attempted penetration without authorisation" - he obviously was quoting somebody else's words (though none of the Autobots at the command deck never heard them before).

2005-10-15, 10:09 PM
Fort Max

Skids was a little embarrased as Seaspray ignored him while moving away.

" Umf... Well, maybe he is worried about his check with Hoist."

He moved towards the main turbolift, noticing that the yellow alert had ended, and reached Fort Max' bridge. As the elevator doors opened, he saw Ironhide and Fortress Maximus busy with the different monitors of the bridge. Skids entered the room and looked at both of them.

Skids:" Ehem, hello. I'm reporting for duty, so, is there anything I can do?"

2005-10-16, 02:21 AM
Command Deck: Fort Max

Big Daddy was sick and tired of being ignored by the other Autobots, so he took it into his own power to get some attention.

Jumping onto one of the many consoles, he slammed his fist dead center into it, causing a shower of spark to erupt over the area.


Wreck-Gar glared at Override, then got back to work sorting through the junk. He sent a signal to Hubcap.

"Yo, Cappie. Gotta send some more boys down to the West Side to help with this here relocation project. Can't do all this work by myself, y'know."

2005-10-16, 02:29 AM
Autobase Airspace:

Omega Supreme: -roaring in-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide, Grimlock, and Fortress: -all look over at Skids-

Fortress: "You could man the communications station, if you'd like."

Ironhide: -going back to being lost in thought, seated in command chair, perks up slightly-

Grimlock: "What?"

Ironhide: -stands, moves over to sensor console, taps a few keys- "Skids, hail Omega Supreme. They're incomin'."

Grimlock: -shrugs, looks over as the shower of sparks erupts from the console Big Daddy has landed on, stalks over to the Hot Rod patrol, looming over them like Godzilla looming over Tokyo(but not nearly as cuddly), glares at Big Daddy- "Me give you full attention. What loudmouth runt want?"

Tiki Torch
2005-10-16, 03:12 AM

Cliffjumper walks through the halls aimlessly when he sees a bot round the corner. He runs up and finds out it's Rachet.

"Hey," Cliffjumper said, "where are you headed?"

"Med-Bay," Rachet replied.

"Oh, ok. I'll tag along and see if I can find something on the way." Cliffjumper said.

2005-10-16, 06:57 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap nodded to Jetwave.

"I did say armoury. I don't think Crosshairs would shoot you, though."

Activating his comm gear, he replied to Wreck-Gar.

"Give me a minute. I'll see who's available."

That is, assuming you just asked for extra help. One day, someone will have to make a Junkion-to-English translation program...

Switching channels, he put in a call to Windcharger.

"Windy, this is Hubcap. I've got a job for you. You free?"

Wrecker Meeting

Scoop's words, and the manner in which he said them, piqued Whirl's interest. The Wrecker's single optic narrowed, and his manner grew serious.

"How so?" He asked.

2005-10-16, 01:25 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet, who was actually looking the towering figure of Ultra Magnus, noticed in Metroplex sensor grid the aproaching of Omega Supreme.

Backstreet: " Excuse me Hubcap," said to the minibot when he finished comming at Windcharger," but Metroplex forward sensors are detecting Omega Supreme. Prime's team will be back soon. I suggest to be ready to attend the casualties or even assist a possible emergency landing."

Fort Max main bridge

Skids: " Sure, Maximus."

Skids aproached the comm station of the big citybot and studied it. He wasn't a comms officer, but in his career as an Autobot soldier he learned how to handle an average comm station. He seated on the chair and commed at Omega Supreme.

Skids:" Omega Supreme, this is Skids from Fortess Maximus. Do you copy? Omega, what's your status?"


Override looked at Wreck-Gar with a disgusting glance. Then he sighed and picked up a big an old processor and carried it at the new pile of junk the Junkion was creating near.

" Oh man, I'll need another general pulish job after finishing here..."

2005-10-16, 03:13 PM
Jetwave nodded to Hubcap, his faceplate shifted indicating a smile.

"Well, on Aqua we had very strict regulations about weapons and ammo. I keep forgetting it's done the other way here.

By the way - how will I find the armoury? Will you get me any kind of map or scheme?"

He turned to Ultra Magnus:

"I'll be off then. But I'll be back here to talk with you and Prime, as you promised!"

2005-10-16, 04:43 PM
Scoop turned to Whirl

"Back in the ole days I used to be out there getting stories. You needed to be out there getting the low down, getting the information first. Even when I swapped my data processor for a laser rifle before we came to earth, we used to be more pro-active. We always now seem to be rushing to put out fires instead of preventing 'Cons from starting them. I mean do we even know why there were 'Cons in Hollywood, why they just raided San Francisco. What they're doing in Canada. We know where the Nemesis is, do we have spies in there , listening devices. Even when we have allies in there camp we abandon them . What ever happened to Dirge. Where's Starscream ? he's fallen off the radar recently. Prime seems to spend most of his time moping around and a paranoid lunatic seems to be in charge. Hopefully with Ultra Magnus and Prowl back we should have a better chain of command but......"

2005-10-16, 07:24 PM
Command Center: Fort Max

Big Daddy was used to being intimidated by Guzzlers like Grimlock, so if the Dinobot thought he was doing that now, he was in for a surprise.

"For starters, how about letting us in on what the slag's going on in this place. The entire reason we came here with that Junkion slagpile was because we thought the Autobots needed our help. But so far, all we've done is sit around this place in between brief periods of battling the Decepticons whenever they thought it was a good idea to stick their noses where it didn't belong."

He glared at Grimlock directly in the eye. "So how about giving us an assignment that doesn't involve playing nursemaid for some stranded comrades or sitting around playing target practice?"

Wreck-Gar smiled briefly, glad that his little tirade towards Override had gotten him to work, then picked up a piece of trash, one of many strewned around the area.

"My, oh, my," he said. "That is one mighty fine sack of crap."

2005-10-16, 08:22 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

Powerglide stepped out of the CR unit, crimson paint job shiny and gleaming. He stretched and jumped up and down experimentally. "Oh yeah! Back in action!" Powerglide walked out of Medbay.


Fort Max, Command Center

Pipes walked confidently into the command center with the comatose Outback draped over his shoulder. "Hey command bots, got a new recruit for ya."

"This way." Bumper said, showing Glyph the way. Glyph was a blend of uninhibited curiosity, and inhibited shyness. It had been ages for him since he had been around other transformers.

Nevertheless, he walked into the command center and introduced himself. "Hello. My name is Glyph."


Metroplex, Central Core

Huffer took his hands off the controls. Metroplex's personality had been brought back online. If transformers had been breathing creatures, Huffer would be holding his breath right now. He looked expectantly and hopefully at the monitors and computer banks. "Uh....hello? Metroplex?"

2005-10-16, 08:35 PM

Override dropped the old processor on top of a new big pile of junk. Then he stepped back to the main junkpiles and took up something like and old sensor antennae. He stopped for a moment and watched Wreck-Gar picking up trash.

" Strange bot, this Junkion. But jovial. Sometimes I don't understand him but I wonder if he always understand us. He is the only of his people here, but he doesn't seems to be alone."

Override, still thinking about Wreck-Gar, returned at work.

2005-10-17, 06:00 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -looks over at new arrivals-

Fortress: -looks up from the main console- "Hello, Glyph I'm Fortress, commander of this-" -looks down at the red indicator lights suddenly flickering across his board, then looks over at Big Daddy- "You couldn't just stamp your feet, could you......."

-nozzles lower from ceiling, spewing fire-retardant foam-

Ironhide: -having an awful feeling of deja vu- "Ah been through this once......"

Fortress: -hitting cutoffs and manual overrides- "Don't worry. This stuff won't damage our circuits or the ship's systems. And, it's confined to the bridge...... for whatever that's worth."

Ironhide: "Ah hope yer rahght."

Fortress: -slaps final switch, nozzles stop spewing foam, retract into the ceiling, fuming quietly-

Ironhide: -brushing foam from the sensor console, looks over at Glyph- "Nice ta meet'cha. Ah'm Ironhide."

Grimlock: "Me, Grimlock." -looks down at the Hot Rod Patrol- "As for you, Me say-"

Fortress: -quietly- "Get them off my bridge. I've had enough things go haywire after Ramjet came crashing in through the main viewport. I don't need a four 'bot demolition team in here, too."

Grimlock: -stops from giving his initial order(which was to clean up the mess), points to Glyph- "You four his escorts. Find him quarters, get him settled in. After that, report to me. Me find something else 'interesting' for you to do."

Autobase Airspace:

Omega Supreme: -over commlink- "Transmission from Skids: Acknowledged. Wounded: Aboard. Transmitting: Codes." -transmits codes-

2005-10-17, 12:15 PM
----------Fort Max Computer-----------
Hoist installed Rosdos's memory core to one of a computer and played Rosdos memeories."Once a rebel fought with some Cons.....ran from a horde Shrkticons a few times.....has been betrayed.Pretty bad may be I need to delete these memories."Then Hoist opened
his comlink."Magnus there're one of us name Rosdos he saw an illusions.I'm sure that it from his memory.Can I delete his memory?"

Hoist still had no idea that Seaspray come back to med bay.

----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
Rosdos lying souless on the med bay bed.

2005-10-17, 02:08 PM
OOC: Tags for the Protectobots' player

Fort Max Runway

Catilla watched leave Magnus and Jetwave leave, then got to his feet and moved over to the others who had unloaded from Ultra Magnus' trailer, growling in a friendly manner "Need any help, guys?"

2005-10-17, 06:15 PM
(ooc: no one in command noticed Pipes is just carrying Outback over his shoulder, and he's deactivated? Seems like command would inquire about that sort of thing.)

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Glyph stood speechless, staring at Ironhide. He jerked a glance at Pipes and Bumper, then continued staring at Ironhide. "....Ironhide? But...but...you're..you've been missing for two million years. Or you were, anyway." Glyph put his hand to his head and almost fainted, if that was even possible for a transformer. "What is going on?"

Pipes didn't faint, but he did almost fall over laughing.

2005-10-17, 07:43 PM
Fizzle relayed Overrides reply to Cosmos and tracked the green minibots departure. Whilst the senior Autobots continued their discussions, he had the Metroplex defence line run diagnostics on the incoming Omega shuttle, planning for support in event of attack and retaliation in case of ambush.

Let them talk, he thought. I'll get this place working like an oiled machine... like a better oiled machine.

2005-10-17, 08:20 PM
(OOC: Welcome to my world, Zisteau. You're preaching to the friggin choir on that.)

Greaser, Hubs and Trip-Up weren't exactly happy about having to play escort once again. But the fact that it was an opportunity to make a new friend softened the blow somewhat.

Not to mention the glare shot by their leader, which was more than enough to shut anyone up.

"Great, then," he was saying to Glyph. "Let's get going."

2005-10-17, 08:50 PM
Fort Max Command Deck

Skids:" Roger, Omega."

Then he looked at Fortress and Ironhide, with a worried face.

Skids:" Fortress, Ironhide; Omega Supreme carries woundeds. Do you want I'll send a general call to all medical staff to be ready and in his posts when he'll land?"

Then he quickly looked at Glyph and smiled.

Skids:" Welcome aboard", said at the astonished re-awakened minibot.

2005-10-18, 03:44 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -puzzled expression on his face- "Two million..... uh..... Glyph, where ya been, exactly?"

Fortress: -glaring at Big Daddy- "What's the matter? Too busy complaining about your mission assignments and causing random havoc and destruction on my bridge to notice Outback over there? From my readings, he's not damaged." -looks over at Pipes- "What happened to him?"

Grimlock: -looks over at Skids- "Me say call Metroplex, send out general call." -touches a control, zooms in on the approaching image of Omega Supreme- "Me think we need a lot of medics. Him look like him nearly scrapped."

2005-10-18, 04:57 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap nodded to Backstreet.

"Alert the medics," he said. "I don't know what shape our repair bays are in, but they'll have to make do if we get wounded coming in."

The Minibot turned back to Magnus, adding smoothly, "If that's OK with you, sir."

He turned to Jetwave. "I'm...not sure, actually. We're in city mode, and the armoury is in section 47...I guess that would put it somewhere near the centre of the city, in one of the lower levels. But don't quote me on that...you can call up a map on one of the auxiliary consoles."

Wrecker Meeting

Whirl nodded sagely as Scoop spoke.

"Never been one for chains of command, myself. They get in the way of doing what's gotta be done. Magnus is a good mech, though, as far as leaders go. The Wreckers trained with him for a while, before Operation: Volcano."

The Wrecker shrugged.

"Never cared too much for Prime and his ilk, though. That's why we Wreckers always kept to the shadows...even before he blew Springer all to hell for no reason." He gave a derisive snort. "'Friendly fire', they call it. Bad luck, more likely...and we Wreckers have had more than our fair share of that when we hang around with the big bosses."

Realizing that he was on the verge of launching into a rant, Whirl looked over at Roadbuster.

"So how's the search going?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-18, 05:27 AM
"Free as a bird in a cage, Hubcap. What'cha need?" Windcharger asked as he kept walking down the corridor of Fort Max.

2005-10-18, 09:58 PM
"In a citybot this big it's easy to get lost" - Jetwave commented Hubcap's words. "I'll search for this section 47... and be sure I won't forget the info consoles."

He took two steps to the turbolift doors then turned back for a moment:

"But I bet Metroplex himself knows where everything inside him is. You could just ask him, isn't it right?"

And, having the last word for himself, Jetwave stepped inside the turbolift and went down.

2005-10-18, 10:04 PM
Fort Max Command Deck

Skids nodded at Grimlock and commed to Metroplex.

Skids: " This is Skids from Fortress Maximus. Please, be ready for Omega Supreme inminent landing. He carries woundeds, and he is badly damaged too."


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet: " Roger, Skids. We've already detected Omega's signal, and I'm going to send a call at Metroplex medical personal to aid Omega", replied Backstreet.


Fort Max Command Deck

Skids:" (switching to general Fort Max frequency) Attention to all medical staff, this is an emergency call. Go to Omega Supreme's landing zone and be ready to assist Prime team wounded members and Omega itself. I repeat, attention to all medical staff. Go to Omega's landing zone. Emergency teams, be ready for a possible emergency landing".

Then he looked at Grimlock.

Skids: " Eh...do we actually have emergency teams?"


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet:" (Using internal Metroplex frequency) Attention all medical personel. Omega Supreme' incoming. Be ready to assist woundeds."

2005-10-18, 10:54 PM
Magnus watched Jetwave disappear into the turbolift, then nodded to Hubcap in approval. It was unnecessary, of course; Backstreet was already sending out the calls. Magnus leaned over his station and watched the proceedings with scientific concentration, paying only enough attention to his comm link to get a response out.

"Do what you need to, Hoist. And do it quickly if possible - you may have a lot of work on your shoulders in a moment."


Metroplex: Central Core

The LEDs on the consoles around Huffer blinked apparently sporadically; they were matched by beeping and blipping of various frequencies. Metroplex focused his vocals into the core's PA.

"I am here," he boomed, doing a fine job of hiding his elation.

2005-10-19, 02:55 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -shrugs- "Not know. Do have medics and CR chambers."

Exterior, Between the Bases:

Omega Supreme: -lands on a pillar of fire, tanks tracks deploying from his gantry assembly, tank(with main gun still crushed, tank itself battered and dented) starts it's patrol along the track, hatch opens in side of rocket, ramp descends- "Landing: Successful. Offload: Wounded."

Central Core, Metroplex:

Minerva and Fixit: -sigh as they hear Backstreet's message-

Minerva: "C'mon. No rest for the weary medical staff....." -runs out of the room, headed for the main hatch-

Fixit: "Wait! I can't run that fasAAAAHHHH!!!!" -scooped up by Chromedome-

Chromedome: "Later, Huffer!" -carrying a startled Fixit, charges out after Minerva-

2005-10-19, 10:07 AM
----------Fort Max Computer Room----------
"OK!As soon as I can."Hoist replied Magnus comlink.Then Hoist deleted every Rosdos's memory before he came to earth left some of them to make sure he know who he is.Then Hoist take Rosdos's memory core back to med bay.

2005-10-19, 11:49 PM
Fort Max Command deck

With his job done at the moment, Skids begun to daydream again. He was watching Omega's landing and started to think about the meaning of life and war.

" Oh good Primus."

He looked at Omega multiple wounds and wondered what kind of foe had been powerful enough to slash the armored hull of the former Crystal City Guardian robot.

" Crystal City. One of the most splendid beauties of Cybertron, now destroyed by this cruel civil war. And now our world ruled by the despicable Quintessons. Are we, the transformers, a damned race?"

2005-10-20, 05:38 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap replied to Windcharger, his voice jovial.

"Wreck-Gar needs some help moving and sorting all the debris left over from the repairs here. I figured that sounded like a job for our walking electro-magnet. How about you head down to Metro's main cargo bay and give him a hand?"

2005-10-20, 06:46 PM
Command Deck, Fort Max

"Where have I been? Where have I been?" Glyph repeatedly, stunned. Too stunned to say anything else, he turned and followed Big Daddy.

Pipes looked at Fortress innocently. "What? Him?" he said, pointing at Outback over his shoulder. "He's just slacking off. I'm going to beat some sense into him in a bit."

Bumper, as usual, was actually inclined to be helpful. "Glyph apparently has a passive energy absorpion field for surviving in harsh conditions. Outback's endless wandering put him in range of it, evidently. He just needs charged up."


Metroplex, Central Core

"Oh...good." Huffer said to the city bot. "Um...what now?" he asked as much to himself as to Metroplex. This had been by far the largest and most ambitious engineering project of his entire life. He was a bit unsure where to go from here...

Tiki Torch
2005-10-21, 01:18 AM
Ratchet and Cliffjumper began to walk towards Med-bay, but Cliffjumper led them away and to the command deck.

"Got any thing you can have us do?" Cliffjumper said, upon arriving.

Ratchet nudged him. "Not now, just wait."

2005-10-21, 03:19 AM
Omega's Landing Site:

Minerva and Chromedome: -skid to a halt-

Fixit: -clinging to the top of Chromedome's head- "Too.... high...... Much.... too...... high........ Too fast....... good thing... don't eat......"

Chromedome: -starts gently trying to remove his "hat"- "Fixit? Are you okay?"

Fixit: -clinging like a barnacle to a ship's hull- "Not.... movin'. Gonna fall....."

Chromedome: -starts trying to tug Fixit free-

Minerva: -looking at the damage to Omega- "Sum of a Quadratic Equasion...... What happened?"

Omega Supreme: "Predaking."

Minerva: -starts up the ramp- "Hello? How many are wounded?"

2005-10-21, 06:26 AM
Chainclaw looked over

"The Aerialbots got hit bad"

2005-10-21, 11:37 AM
Inside Omega Supreme:

"Scattershot here needs help too!" - Afterburner intruded, motioning at the immobile body of former Technobot leader around whom other three Technobots had gathered. "All of us will be more than happy with some surgery and CR chambers. It was... It was carnage."

"I think I can manage it myself" - Nosecone grumbled, raising from the floor. "Just give me a CR and five or ten breems' time..."

"Are you kidding? You went into shutdown, you should be examined..." - Lightspeed objected, caring for his fellow.

"Bah! It's nothing really. Besides, you were in shutdown too, weren't you? O-ooh!" - Nosecone took a step ahead and fell, his left leg refusing to support him. "This Decepti-fella was pretty strong! What he said he was possessed by?"

"Possessed? What are you talking about? - Lightspeed was clearly puzzled.

"Doesn't matter. Let's just get out..." - ignoring the pain, Nosecone lumbered forward.

Afterburner decided to take the control and started to order others around:

"Lightspeed, help Nosecone to get into Med bay. Strafe, you and me will carry Scattershot there. He need help and we'll make sure he will get it."

Amazing thing - the Technobots obeyed. (In fact, they saw Afterburner's words as suggestions, not orders - and those suggestions were sencible enough to follow.)

* * *
Corridors inside Metroplex:

The voice of a citybot boomed echoing in the corridor, "I am here".
Jetwave was shaken by the tembre and intencity.

He ignored me - or just hadn't realised I addressed him... But I'm not offended. Why? Because he's so big, a being animating this immense mass of metal, a super-spark watching and feeling everything inside him! A wondrous thing indeed!

With Maximus it's the oter way entirely. He has a normal-sized body, so the fortress seemed to be his extention, detachable module rather then him itself. Interesting - am I perceiving it right or wrong? I should talk to Maximus himself about it, if he will allow me.

He rounded the corner and followed towards the (supposed)location of Metroplex armoury.

2005-10-21, 05:05 PM
OOC: Can't post again until Monday, >.<

Omega's Landing Site

Getting no reply from the Protectobots, Catilla got up and padded over to the huge rocket.

Glancing at Chromedome and Fixit with a chuckle, he rested his front paws on the ramp, looking like he was about to head up it himself, then called up to Minerva "You need any help unloadin' anyone?"

2005-10-22, 04:59 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -looks over at Cliffjumper and Ratchet- "Omega Supreme jus' came in full'a wounded. Get down there an' help!"

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -scans Scattershot and Nosecone, calls out the hatch- "Fixit! Go with the Technobots! They need help!"

Fixit: -finally letting go of Chromedome's head, is set on the ground, following the Technobots-

Minerva: -starts scanning the Aerialbots-

Tiki Torch
2005-10-22, 05:23 AM
Fort-Max Command Deck

Ratchet nodded to Ironhide and proceeded. "Be back soon."

2005-10-23, 01:35 AM
The city pondered for a moment, still dealing with hundreds of new stimuli. It felt good to have his old body back, anyway.

"I detect new systems," the PA answered in his usually gruff (but uncharacteristically appreciative) tone. "They'll need to be calibrated extensively and have protocols uploaded to me if I can't field test them."


Metroplex: Command Deck

Ultra Magnus watched Omega Supreme land over Backstreet's shoulder with something of a cringe as the wounded began disembarking. He turned his head to Hubcap and pushed himself off the back of the lookout's chair.

"I need to get down there, to speak with Prime and help them unload. Make sure Metroplex' repair bay has whatever it needs for them - supplies, power, personnel, anything."

There was a moment of hesitation while Magnus pondered how he needed to leave Metroplex once again. He promptly convinced himself he'd be back soon and jogged over to board the turbolift.

2005-10-23, 05:17 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -looking out the main viewport at Omega Supreme- "Ah hope Prahme's okay....."

Grimlock: -shrugs- "Me hope they stopped Decepticons."

Fortress: -repairing the console that Big Daddy wrecked- "I hope he recycles those micromasters....."

Ironhide: -looks over at Fortress- "They ain't that bad. Fer a bunch'a mouthy li'l troublemakers, anyway. Ah'm gonna go report in, bring Prahme up ta speed." -heads off of the command deck, towards the main hatch-

2005-10-23, 05:54 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap nodded. "Aye, sir."

The Minibot picked up on Magnus's hesitation as he strode off the bridge, and a part of him thought that the city commander was reluctant to leave his command in the hands of someone with such a...checkered reputation. But he quickly forced that thought away.

Whatever Magnus thought, what he did was leave me in charge. That's what counts. He chuckled. Not too long ago, I would have been happy to find that the big bosses thought I was disreputable. How things change...

Striding over to the (still half-disassembled) comm station, he took one look at it, then sighed.

"Fizzle, call up the repair records for Medbay. I need to know if it's been cleaned up and resupplied yet."

While he waited, he dropped to his knees and went back to reinstalling the new comm chips.

Armoury, Metroplex

After Getaway had spent the better part of ten minutes pawing through the new weapons supplies, Crosshairs finally decided that he had to indulge his curiousity. Rising from his desk, he walked over towards the Powermaster.

"Looking for anything in particular?"

The field officer shrugged. "Not really." He stood silent for a few seconds before adding, "I was thinking of grabbing some sort of melee weapon. A short sword or small axe."

Noting the Powermaster's slight frown, Crosshairs asked, "Nothing here catches your fancy?"

"Uhhm." Getaway seemed to mull that over for a second or two, then shook his head. "There's nothing wrong with any of it. Just not my style, I guess."

The Targetmaster nodded; he couldn't see Getaway wielding any of the weapons on the wrack he was eyeing.

All of a sudden, a slow grin started to spread on the armoury officer's face.

"Come with me," he told Getaway. "I think I've got just the thing for you."

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl drove his elbow into the holographic Straxus' neck, and the large Decepticon fell to it's knees. With a swift backhanded strike, the dinobot drove his sword through his foe's torso. Gutteral gurgling noises came from the hologram as it fell to the ground.

Snarl withdrew his blade, then swung it around in a tight arc. The hologram's severed head rolled away from it's body.

As the holographic scene faded from existance, the dinobot stalked off of the holodeck.

2005-10-23, 02:02 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet finished watching Omega's landing. Then he started to check again the sensor grid.

" Mmmm...If Cosmos is over the Antartica, there is a hole on the satellites web. I need to cover that zone."

And Backstreet begun to send new orbit protocols to a pair of near sats to slighty cover the positions of the four sats destroyed by Astrotrain last attack.

Then he focused two other sats over Nemesis' location.

" Better cover that damned site."

Then he looked at Hubcap.

Backstreet:" Hubcap, I'm trying to rebuild our satellite's web, and I changed courses on two of them to cover better the Nemesis".


Fort Max, Command Deck

Skids returned to the real world by the sudden activity on the bridge, Ironhide's departure and Grimlock comment .

Skids:" Yes Grimlock, I'hope they stopped the Decepticons, but for the look of things, I would be pesimistic."


Outside Metroplex, junk- land

Override watched Omega Supreme landing, like all the other Autobots on the Autobase. Then, with catching still the old antenae sensor, he watched Wreck-Gar.

Override:" Hey Wreck-Gar, what do you think? Prime's team stopped the Decepticon's raid on that fuel depot?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-24, 12:47 AM
Windcharger transformed "I'm on my way!" he replied as he quickly drove through the wide corridors of Fort Max, exiting down the front ramp.


Sideswipe debarked from the large Omega Supreme and looked at the Technobots and shrugged. "Guess I need to pay ol' Doc' Ratchet a visit too, don't I?"

Tiki Torch
2005-10-24, 01:24 AM
Ratchet headed over to Omega Supreme. "Alright," he said "I'm here."

2005-10-24, 04:40 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap slid another of the new chips into place. Soldering wires onto the device's leads, he replied to Backstreet.

"Sounds like a plan," he said. "Better let Fortress know, though. Don't want him moving them back to where they were."

We've got to get those holes in the network patched properly, his inner communications officer said. We can't just keep moving them from place to place and hope we don't miss anything. That's just asking to get shot in the back.

He chuckled softly.

Besides, it'll be hard to get any racketeering done if I'm stuck working the comms board, nursing a damaged satellite grid.

"While you're at it," he said, "give Huffer a call and see if he's free. We need someone to throw together a couple new satellites as soon as possible."

2005-10-24, 05:32 AM
Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -still scanning Aerialbots, calls back to Catilla- "I'm not moving these guys until I'm certain of their condition. You know how to work a dynoscanner?"

Armory, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -cleaning his plasma blaster, waiting for Crosshairs to finish repairing his cyclone cannon

"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: "I think I've got a preliminary list." -tosses datapadd to Whirl- "What do you think?"

2005-10-24, 05:42 AM
Omega Supreme

Catilla got out of his shell and making it wait outside, before padding up the ramp in mecha-tiger mode as he replied "I think so, I did learn basic field repairs back from my law enforcement days"

2005-10-24, 07:04 PM
Fizzle clear copied the findings to the medicteam as well as Hubcaps desk: Medical bays all up and operational, nurse drones working at average 82% efficiency, supplies numerous but low in rare cases. Fzzle also began training the long range cameras on the horizon, keeping an eye for attack.

2005-10-24, 08:01 PM
Fort Max Med Bay:

Five Technobots, two of them very badly damaged, and Fixit following them finally managed to arrive in the Med Bay.

"I believe it will be enough for me, Strafe and Lightspeed to spend some time in the CR chambers." - Afterburner took the leader position again.

"No!" - Lightspeed's objection was sure and definite. "I'll stay here with Scattershot until he's examined and brought back online!"

"No, After's right - you should get some rest indeed" - Nosecone interfered unexpectedly. "I'll check how's ol' Scatter's doing."

"How? You're damaged yourself!"

"Ahh, rust it! It's only a leg, after all - I'll watch it fixed and have an eye on Scatter', that's all. Fixit, buddy - won't you have a look at Scatershot here?"

"OK if you say so..." - Lightspeed wasn't convinced but he hadn't wanted to confront Nosecone. "And what about you, Strafe?"

"Me?.. I... I think it's better if we get some healing in CR chambers. Go, I'll join you in a nanobreem."

Lightspeed couldn't believe his audio sensors. Enraged by how easily his fellows deserted their team leader (or at least by what he saw this way) he left the room, took the nearest CR chamber available and activated it.

Meanwhile, Strafe approached Afterburner and asked him quietly:

"Can we have a private talk?"

"Sure thing! Let's go out and do it", - Afterburner answered assuming that Scattershot would be the subject and glad that he could talk this over one-on-one, imposing his view on Strafe.

Oh, how easy it would be if I could do it with others separately too!!!

2005-10-24, 09:02 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet commed at Fortress Maximus.

Backstreet:" Fortress Maximus, this is Backstreet from Metroplex. I'm actually working in a change of course of spy satellites Cam-32 and Cam-76, to cover better the holes on the web caused by last decepticon attack. I also changed the orbital positions of Cam-13 and Cam-89 to cover better the Nemesis. So, if you note the moving changes, thats me!"

Then the triggerbot commed at Huffer.

Backstreet:" Hey, Huffer; Hubcap here asks if you are free. We need someone to send more sats out there to patch the network!"


Fort Max Command Deck

Skids:" Ok Backstreet. Thanks for the info", replyed at Backstreet's message.

Then he looked at Fortress.

Skids:" Well, it seems that in Metroplex are trying to rebuild the spy satellites grid."

2005-10-25, 05:53 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap soldered the last connection into place, then levered himself up out of the console.

"Put together a list of the medical supplies we're low on," he said to Fizzle. "And while you're at it, pull up the supply charts for all of the other departments. I have a feeling we'll have to make a shopping trip some time soon if we want to keep Metro in top form."

And if some of the cash finds it's way into my hands in the process, so much the better...

Armoury, Metroplex

Getaway stared at the object that Crosshairs had handed him, turning it over and over in his hands.

"And this would be...?"

"A weapon," Crosshairs answered.

An annoyed expression seemed to cross the Powermaster's face for a microsecond, but it quickly faded.

"Obviously," he said. Casting another glance down at the short blade and attached, spring-loaded mechanisms, he asked, "What does it do?"

"Let me show you." Crosshairs gently took a hold of the weapon, then triggered a small switch. The blade shot forward with lightning speed.

"It's a retractable fighting blade," the Targetmaster explained. "Deploys in sixty milliseconds from a forearm mount. You like?"

Getaway nodded appreciatively. "I like. You can install it?"

"Sure." Crosshairs crossed over to one of the small industrial fabricators that lined one side of the armoury. "I'll need to do some work on your forearm, but it shouldn't take too long. Now that the computers are up, the fabricators can automatically machine up the parts we'll need."

He punched in a few commands, then stood back as the machines began to whirr.

"It'll take a few minutes." Moving back towards his workbench, the Targetmaster frowned. "Just long enough for me to finish up with Nightbeat's cyclone cannon."

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl caught the flying datapad with one claw. Glancing over the list, and found that he recognised all of the names.

"I don't know..." he said with a tone of wariness in his voice. "You've got that 'Whirl' guy on the list. Never thought much of him, myself."

To emphasize his punchline, he tossed the padd back to his teammate.

"They look good to me, Roadbuster. They're not the Operation: Volcano team, but they'll do."

2005-10-25, 06:24 AM
Wreckers Meeting

Tracer and Holepunch were playing cards in the corner

Tracer: "what was operation Volcano?"

2005-10-25, 01:16 PM
At last! - Jetwave thought, coming finally to a wall with large inscription "Section 47" on it. I was getting lost in this mase! Despite all my reverence to Metroplex, this is a bit too many corridors for my like! Somebody who haven't wheels or treads could wander them for astro-years!

He approached the door marked "Armoury" and touched the sensor plate.

"I sure hope this armoury won't be as deserted as the one in Fort Max... Anybody here?" - he asked loudly.

Then his sensors focused at Crosshairs and Getaway, engaged in some process which involved Getaway's arm.

"Well, that's better. Hello, guys! I'm Jetwave", - he introduced himself and moved closer to inspect the operation being performed. "What's this supposed to do?"

2005-10-25, 07:02 PM
Fizzle quietly baulked at his commanding officer. compiling a shopping list for the Medics was hardly a good use of a strategist, he thought.
Nevertheless... Fizzle set the extensive list of supplys to hand and prepared to field reports from the Teams as to what was needed the most: he wouldn't want to presume, not being a trained physician. He called to Hubcap : "Whatever else we need, we certainly need the spare parts to finish the nurse drones: they were mostly up and running for short term usage, and a further 15 of the 40 drones aren't even on line yet."

2005-10-25, 10:50 PM
Metroplex Central Core

Huffer replied via comm to Backstreet, "Actually I am available. I'll head over to the launch bay and see what I can cobble together."

He started down the hall, an outward exterior of self-doubt as schematics and formulae flashed spontaneously across his mind's eye.

2005-10-26, 10:29 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet looked at Hubcap.

Backstreet:" Sir, Huffer is onhis way."

And he turned his attention to the consoles of his station, trying to do his best with the temporal recolocation of the remaining sats, despite he wasn't any expert in the field of aerospacial surveillance. Then he selected one of the sats overwatching Nemesis location and zoomed, trying to get a good visual of the decepticon's base.

2005-10-27, 04:40 AM
The thundering in the entrance hall was tough to hear from outside, but in a moment, a large car carrier erupted from the city and tore down the front ramp. Thankfully, traffic was still much lighter than usual, so Ultra Magnus didn't need to worry about anyone being in his way. He cruised to the valley below and turned toward Omega Supreme, quickly closing the gap.

"Omega, do you need a transport?" he asked mildly, glad to see a full complement of help but still fearing the worst.

2005-10-27, 04:45 AM
Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -nods to Skids- "Ironhide sent some replacements up, so we should be able to keep the sensor grid intact even with retasking."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Fixit: -working on Scattershot-

Omega Supreme:

Omega Supreme: "Transport: Not Neccessary. Repairs, refit, and refueling: Required.

"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -looking at the list again- "I'd have left that Whirl guy off, but we need some kind of aerial support."

2005-10-27, 06:10 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap nodded to Fizzle.

"I'll make a note of that," he said as he snapped the outer cowling of the communications station into place. "Anything else?"

Without waiting for a reply, he turned to Backstreet.

"Good, good. The sooner we get the network fully functional again, the safer we'll be. And if we can get a few extras up there, that'd be even better."

And the sooner we get it done, the sooner I'll be able to leave my post and have some real fun...

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs met Jetwave with a professionally friendly smile.

"I'm installing a fighting blade on Getaway here," he said. "Nothing too major."

He strode away from his workbench, and glanced towards the fourth Autobot in the room.

"Nightbeat, your cyclone cannon should be working perfectly again. Please try to take better care of it this time around; I don't think I'll be able to put it back together like that again."

Looking back at Jetwave, he asked,

"What brings you here? Are you looking for something in particular, or just browsing?"

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl shrugged. "I guess that's a good enough excuse," he told Roadbuster. "But I'd keep an optic on him, if I were you."

Turning to Tracer, he replied, "Operation: Volcano was supposed to be one of the turning points of the war on Cybertron. It didn't exactly pan out, though..."

2005-10-27, 06:30 AM
Armory, Metroplex:

Nightbeat: -storing the cannon- "As long as Banzai-Tron doesn't do his tapdancing thing on the barrel again, I should be fine." -finishes reassembling his plasma blaster, slaps new clip in, stores weapon- "Later, gentlemen." -walks out-

2005-10-27, 06:37 AM
Wreckers meeting

Tracer listened intently

2005-10-27, 12:14 PM
Junk Land

"Are you kiddin'?" Wreck-Gar asked in response to Override's query. "Captain America wouldn't let down the United States."

2005-10-27, 06:23 PM
Junk Land

Override looked puzzled at Wreck-Gar.

Override: " Of course, of course he wouldn't...", and returned at his duty. " Is just that level of damage on a bot like Omega Supreme what worries me."

" And who the slag is Captain America?"

2005-10-27, 07:07 PM
Fizzle sighed at Hubcaps eagerness. He personally couldn't wait for someone else to take command, some one not obsessed with his own delusions of grandeur.
"I'm waiting for the Med teams to update me on specific needs and shortages. Is there a Holodeck of some sort in Metroplex? I might be able to use its AI to assist in the defence systems, if I get time to look at it."

2005-10-27, 09:12 PM
Chainclaw padded into Metroplex's command Deck muttering to himself.

"think i've got claw rot , probably something terminal , Chainclaw reporting for duty ."

He added

"Con's are getting sloppy no guard on their shuttle at all. Maybe they were distracted by something like Scraplets.. or worse."

2005-10-28, 05:50 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap was about to deny the Sparkler's request when he heard Chainclaw make his entrance. With a new face on the bridge to replace Fizzle, he shrugged and waved his hand dismissively.

"Do it," he told the strategist. "Chainclaw can take over your station. But brief him on what you've been doing before you go."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-10-28, 02:29 PM
Windcharger drove along the rocky terrain towards the now rebuilt Metroplex.

2005-10-28, 09:21 PM
Metroplex, Command Deck

Backstreet looked at Chainclaw.

Backstreet:" Hello!", said with a smile.

Then the triggerbot, still smiling, continued watching his sensors monitors, especially that ones that covered the spy sats surveillance.

2005-10-28, 11:10 PM
Ultra Magnus transformed to robot mode, somewhat relieved to hear things were being taken care of.

"Metroplex' medical crews are on hold for your injured, Omega. We'll get them out here as soon as they have a proper assessment of the damage."

Magnus glanced to the inside of the shuttle, not wanting to approach for fear of being in the way, but curious nonetheless.

"Optimus!" he shouted toward the ship. "It's Magnus! I need to talk to you!"

2005-10-29, 12:55 AM
Target Range, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -walks out onto the range, takes his place on the firing line-

Siren: -peers into the room- "I wondered where you were."

Nightbeat: -sees Siren, pulls cyclone cannon out of subspace, smiles-

Siren: "Oh, no. Not that thing again."

Nightbeat: "What? It's just a cyclone cannon."

Siren: "Designed for a Pretender! A Thunderwing-sized Pretender!"

Nightbeat: -checking the settings, braces it against his shoulder- "So?"

Siren: "He massed more than both of us put together!"

Nightbeat: -bracing his stance- "I've got the recoil problem sorted out, the cannon's just been fixed. So why the panic?" -looking through the sights, aiming at the target- "I admit, Thunderwing could fire this thing one handed, but..... I know what I'm doing." -pulls trigger-


Nightbeat: -catapaulted backwards, has a brief glimpse of the target in his line, and the targets on either side of the cannon blown apart, sees the reinforced wall behind them ripple like a sheet in the wind, sees chunks of the ducting over the line of fire.... flaming chunks of the ducting.... slamming into the reinforced wall before he slams into the back wall of the range, crashes to the floor-

Siren: -pulls himself back into the room, stunned look on his optics- "By the Sacred Spires........"

Nightbeat: -shaking his head, looking woozily at the cannon, at the destruction, and back at the cannon- "Ow..........." -looks at the power setting on the cannon, turns the knob halfway- "Okay..... no full power shots unless I really need to clear out a room......"

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -sees a structural damage alert indicator flicker briefly then go out, sighs- "Maybe I should shut down the target range........."

Grimlock: "Why do that? Got to work off stress somehow."

Fortress: "Somebody almost blew the target range up."

Grimlock: -shrugs- "Lot of stress lately."

2005-10-29, 04:57 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Snarl was bored.

While it had only been a few minutes since he'd defeated the Straxus hologram, he was already descending back into the pit of self-loathing that filled every waking moment that he didn't spend fighting.

The old days were better, he decided. The Decepticons were attacking all the time. Always had enemies to pound. Now...

He shook his head.

Always waiting! Nothing ever happens!

Less than a second later, the wall beside him rippled as if it had been hit by a blast from Galvatron's cannon.

OK...maybe not nothing...

Wrecker Meeting, Metroplex

Whirl glanced down at Tracer, realizing that the Nebulan was expecting more of a story.

"It was no big deal," he said. "Mission was a total failure, our team leader died for no reason, and the 'Cons were still in total control of the planet. About usual, in other words."

2005-10-29, 10:51 AM
Fizzle waved to Chainclaw : "Hey there. Hubcap had me monitoring the Medical supplies for the teams sorting out Omegas team. I've already sorted what we have with what what we should have. just keep an eye on the teams and document what they do and need."

Fizzle then hooked up his workdesk to the remote holodeck service, and began quizzing the AI: Metroplexes non conscious defence systems would be seriously augmented by the time he was done.

2005-10-29, 12:50 PM
Metroplex Armoury:

Jetwave watched as Nightbeat left with the repaired cannon.

It looks I'm not the only one who prefer oversized weapons!

He turned back to Crosshairs:

"Well, I've no ammo left for my primary guns and I thought perhaps you could help me find some. The problem is - they're old-fashioned 18-inchers which shoot real shells, not laser beams or energy blasts! See?"

The servos activated inside two long rectangular containers on his back (which served as wings in his jet/shuttle mode). Top parts of each slided backwards and two huge barrels emerged, slided up then rotated forward, finishing inshes from Crosshair's face.

"That's my guns. Of course, they're a real disaster to shoot - in this mode anyway - but they were helping a lot on Aqua. And when I ran out of ammo, I was glad to hear that I could scrounge some here on Earth! I came here - and discovered that there aren't any in Fort Max armoury! Here's my last hope!"

Well, not the last, technically - he thought to himself - there's those sunken ships that Lightspeed found - but it sure would be better to find the ammo here and not have to organise a salvage operation.

He shrugged his shoulders and the barrels moved up and down again, still in dangerous closeness to Crosshair's face.

"So, what do you say?"

* * *
Fort Max Medbay:

While Fixit was repairing Scattershot (and Nosecone supervised his work, worrying for the safety of both of them - Scatteshot proved to be in unstable condition and Fixit hadn't known that), Strafe and Afterburner were talking quietly in the next room.

"Afterburner, listen to me! I see you're beginning to take responsibility on yourself that Scattershot hold before... That's good, because he's not the 'Bot I knew - believe me! I saw he did terrible things there at the battlefield...

You'll say he always was a battle-driven 'Bot, but it's different now! It's like some frenzy came on him, as if he was possessed by some malicious spirit! He did things which I can't imagine!"

"What... things?" - Afterburner asked quietly, not wanting to break Strafe's confessions.

"You wouldn't understand! If I'll explain it to you it would seem normal - he attacked the Decepticon, tried to strangle him in close combat... But it was how he did it, what he was saying... It's like he wasn't talking - like he was quoting somebody or something!!!"

YES!!!!! A success!!! - Afterburner thought to himself, carefully hiding the excitement he felt from Strafe. The plan he implemented worked perfectly, driving Scattershot mad with thirst for battle! Perfect!!!

"I've told you - he broke up. Believe me, a responsibility for all our team is a hard burden to bear! I think it was too much for Scattershot and he gived it up, finding himself an outlet in that battle frenzy.

Anyway, we cannot allow such 'Bot to lead our team - do you agree with me on that?"

"Of course! That's why I came to you - help me find a cure for Scattershot! Of course, all of us will be doing that - I only ask you that you help as much as you can! Perhaps you'll see what we can't!!!"

No, no, no!!! - Afterburner wanted to scream. That's not what he planned at all!!! He had to take the leader's position - and only then, not before, he would search for a cure to madness he instilled in Scattershot.

But, of course, he couldn't say that aloud.

"Sure I'll help you! But while we'll be looking for it - isn't it wise to appoint me as temporary team leader? I mean, Scattershot can't do it and nobody else just don't want to... It would be sencible for me to take that position, wouldn't it?"

"Why do you keep asking that?" - Strafe replied bitterly, and Aftrerburner suspected he was pulling his leg a bit too hard. "You know there's no team without Scattershot. We can't merge into Computron without him - have you forgot that?"

"Of course I haven't!"

"So what are you talking about? We can't go into battle - Scatter' will shot himself to pieces once again and when we'll be needed we'll fail miserably, as we've done the last time! Can't you understand that?"

Aftershot was shocked. His plan only extended up to the moment when Scattershot would be unstable enough so he could wrestle the leader's post from him - he hadn't planned anything ahead of that!

"But... What if he'll be back to norm when I take the lead? The stress on him will be less and he will come back to who he was!.."
Slim chance of that...

"And we'll be all worrying if similar thing happen to him again? No! Until he's healed and we have the proof he won't go mad on us again - he's not going into battle! Over my dead body!"

Darn... - Afterburner thought to himself bitterly. It's not what I imagined... Perhaps I was wrong?

No!!! As Nemesis Prime said on Aqua - "be insistent and ruthless in reaching your aim, and you'll triumph!" I will do just that! If Strafe won't support me as a leader - fine, I'll influence the others! Now I must be content with how he renounced Scattershot from leader's position. Yes, that's right.

"Don't push me, Strafe" - he said aloud. "Perhaps you're right. We'll look for what caused Scattershot's madness and heal him, believe me!"

Oh yeah we'll look for it! But I know we won't find anything! For it was me who drove him mad, with selected tracks from old battle chronicles transmitted to him low-band every time we merged into Computron! He was watching and hearing them subconsciously - and they're imprinted into him, making him a new personality, a real Berserk Bot! I'll see how they're intend to find it and what they can do with it!

I know they won't. And it will be me who will lead the Technobots next time we'll be in action! So I said - and so it will be!!!

2005-10-29, 04:33 PM
Big Daddy glared at Glyph.

"No need to get snippy," he said.

2005-10-29, 06:13 PM
Ricochet walked in on Glyph and the others .

"Ahh a nouveau arrival , where have you been 'iding Monsieur. Don't tell me another shuttle crashed outside encore.""

2005-10-29, 11:18 PM
Metroplex, Command Deck

Backstreet was watching the surveillance monitors when something strange happened.
One of the two spy sats that were watching the location of the Decepticon's base, detected the activation of the main tower and some shadows emerging from it.

" For the Sacred Matrix of Leadership, what's that!?"

The triggerbot quickly ordered the Sat to follow the new contact and send all the availible data to Metroplex main computer, for if it was any change to calculate the possible destinations.

Then, a little nervous, informed at Hubcap.

Backstreet:" Hey sir, I think I've something! The sats detected some activity on the Nemesis: it seems to me like some Decepticons are leaving the base! What do you think? Maybe is another strike force? We call Magnus or Fortress or someone?"

2005-10-30, 04:18 AM
Omega Supreme:

Minerva: "Start checking over the Aerialbots, Catilla. Their unresponsiveness is starting to worry me." -running a scanner over Silverbolt-

2005-10-30, 06:08 AM
Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs smiled as Jetwave made his requiest, too used to working around weapons to be surprised when the larger Autobot deployed his massive cannons.

"This," he said, "is your lucky day. If you'd have come in a few hours ago, I wouldn't have been able to help you. We just took a massive shipment of munitions away from human terrorists, though, and I think I saw a case of 18-inch shells in the truck somewhere."

The Targetmaster frowned for a second, then shouted, "Pinpointer! You know where we put those 18-inch shells?"

In response, the Nebulan dug himself out of a pile of boxes. "They should be in the heavy artillery section," he said. "It wasn't too big of a box, though...probably no more than ten or twelve rounds in there."

"Some is better than none," the Autobot replied. "Besides, if we get a scan of one of them, we might be able to fabricate more." Turning back to Jetwave, he said, "Take a look. It should be the second shelf on your right."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap mulled over Backstreet's report for a second. A part of him thought it best to hand the matter over to a real officer right away, so that it could be dealt with properly. However, the part of him that was a communications officer knew that it was a bad idea to disturb the CO until you knew exactly what the problem was (the part of him that was a con man was trying valiantly to find a way to profit from the situation, but was mostly ignored for the moment).

"We need some more information before we tell the higher-ups," he said grudgingly. "What else can you tell me about the ship? Can we figure out the number of passengers, or guess at a destination?"

2005-10-30, 02:33 PM
Fizzle ruminated on the news from backstreet, pausing from his work. "where ever they are going, and however many there are, it's all bad news: we're stretched way too thin at the moment guys. One teams recovering from a skirmish. We got troops in russia and antartica. We send anyone else out, and the bases will be relying on automated defences"
And no matter how brilliant I make them, they won't last long against a rteal attack, he added in his head.

2005-10-30, 05:37 PM
Jetwave wasn't really believing that his request would be successful. So, when Crosshairs answered that there WERE some shells available, he hadn't believed his audio sensors. Then he was stunned for a while... then the news registered themselves in his circuits and he let out a mighty cry of joy.

"PRIMUS!!!! It's happened!!!!"

Jetwave ran to the shelves where Pinpointer was, forgetting to retract his guns. Only when he stumbled and tried to topple a barricade of crates with the left barrel, he came to his senses a bit and hoisted tem back into their normal positions.

"Where is it? Where?"

His eye slit was blasing with ferocious green light - he was excited beyond the measure.
Finally he uncovered the crate - fairly heavy, but he grabbed it up and put to his chest as if it was a dearest thing to him in all the universe!

Which - partly, at least - it was indeed.

Carefully removing the lid, he looked inside. Eight stainless steel bodies, with pointed caps, looked back at him.

"I... I can't believe it! Looks like they're what I need! Can I give one a try? Please!"

And, not waiting for an answer, he took a shell from the box and inserted it into a slot that opened in his backpack container. The feeders clicked and whirred inside.

"It looks like it fits..." - he whispered finally in awe. His faceplate shifted - a broad smile formed on it (though only a 'Bot accustomed with Jetwave's looks would recognise it for what it was).

"Guys!!!" - he shouted on top of his speakers. "You wouldn't believe it!!!!"

As if charged with new energy, he take three large steps back to where Crosshairs stood and hugged him with all his might.

"Buddy - am I happy! I don't know how to thank you! I..."

He frose in this awkward position. While his riht arm promptly went down, releasing Crosshairs, the left one refused to move.

"O-ops... Sorry. It's the damage from battle at an Francisco. I'ce been patched but forgot to do maitenance."

He hammered o his left arm with his right, and finaly it gave up.

"Forget it. Let's tlk about the ammo - how much can I take and how much will you be able to fabricate in sensible time? By the way..."

He removed the shell back and inspected it more closely.

"Ah-ha. It's an explosive one. Nice, but against armoured targets I'd prefer something more penetrating... And if I'd use it in a human-populated city Magnus would probably have a fit.

Say - can you fabricate a solid replicas of this shell too? Solid stainless steel, with hardened titanium caps - this would be the "low-yield" ammo that was required back then. Can you do it?"

He looked at Crosshairs, pocketing (feeding into he slot) the remaining shells. When only two of eight was left in the box he sighed and stopped, deciding that it's better to be safe than sorry and leave two samples instead of one.

Tiki Torch
2005-10-30, 07:14 PM
Omega Supreme:

Ratchet walks up to Minerva and Catilla.

"Alright," he said, "Who needs some help?"

2005-10-30, 08:21 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet watched again the monitors, the spy sat still watching the Decepticons, then with an uncertain tone of voice, replied at Hubcap's comment.

" Well, I'm not sure if they're using a ship. I don't know how, but it seems that they're jamming or making some kind of visual interferences."

Backstreet looked at Fizzle, too.

" But I can detect for sure three energon signatures, and for the look of things, I belive that the total number of them hardly could be higher than six, so there's no ship, and..."

Suddenly Metroplex's Main Computer interrupted the triggerbot.

" Tactical data analyzed. Target destination resolved. Target actual location Perú, South America. Tactical data being processed."

Backstreet looked worried at Hubcap and Fizzle.

" It seems we've more info..."

2005-10-30, 09:28 PM
Omega Supreme

"Gotcha, missy" Catilla replied, padding over to the nearest Aerialbot and looking them up and down carefully before transforming to robot mode and gently running the tips of his fingers along the wounds, then glancing up at Ratchet and nodding Hello at the senior medic.

2005-10-30, 11:08 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Beep, beep.

Backstreet attention was attracted again at the sats monitors. The another spy sats watching the Decepticon's base spotted somekind of gunship exiting it and going towards the east.

" For Primus sake..."

" Hubcap!", shouted the triggerbot, " I'm reading another contact! This time is a ship, and he is going fast! Really fast!"

The enemy vessel aproached Japan and stopped at his capital, Tokyo.

" Oh no! The sat reads 3, no wait, 4 energon signatures. Small. Maybe micros...Slag it! I'm detecting energy shots signatures...They're shooting at the humans!"

2005-10-31, 06:40 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap slammed his fist down against the command console.


Forcing an air of calm, he started giving out orders. He almost managed to sound like he knew what he was doing.

"Backstreet, put in a call to Magnus and update him on the situation. Fizzle, forget your side-project. I need you to monitor the situation and have a tactical advisory ready for the commander when he steps in."

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs nodded, trying for all the world not to show how unnerved he had been by Jetwave's inpromptu hug.

"Just leave one of them," he said. "That'll be enough. I'll see what the fabricators can produce."

The Targetmaster had to smile. The larger Autobot's enthusiasm was so...refreshing.

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to make those titanium-and-steel shells, though. We're running a bit low on both of those metals, and they're being reserved for armour repairs." He tapped a few buttons on his desk console, then looked back to his customer. "I'll have to see if I can get some resources transferred in from the Maximus."

2005-10-31, 11:51 AM
----------Fort Max Med Bay----------
Hoist put Rosdos's memory core in Rosdos head and activate him.
"Where am I?"Rosdos asked.Then Hoist slapped Rosdos's head.
"Ok!Ok I remember anything just don't hit me with the stun stick."
Then Rosdos walked out of the med bay and go on a patrol.hoist seeing Fixit working on Scattershot."Do you need any help?"Hoist asked.

2005-10-31, 08:04 PM
Fizzle shut down all links and began intercepting news footage and earth sattelite feeds to the main screen. The carnage inflicted was horrendous, and the information was sketchy.
"Seems Gigatrons in the mood for random carnage these days. Thats the Sports car patrol: suggest we get whatever Micros of ours suitable for urban rescue and combat dutie their asap: May want to send a couple of Bigyins as well, Ultra magnus types. compiling the list of likely suspects now... We'll need to send a message to Tokyo, alongside a big picture of our insignia, remind who not to shhot at."

(OOC all I've read is Fixit around here that fits that description: what other Micros we got kicking around here?)

2005-10-31, 10:03 PM
Fort Max Hallways

Glyph put a hand to his head and replied toBig Daddy, "I do not mean to be snippy. I just feel very out of sync with the universe at the moment."


Metroplex, SparepartswhatevernotsurewhereI'msupposedtobeplace

Huffer arrived and began taking inventory from the many spare parts and partially built satellites.


Fort Max Hallways

Pipes walked down the hallway, carrying Outback to the Medbay, with Bumper in tow. They passed Powerglide on the way.

Powerglide: "What happened to him?"

Pipes, not even slowing: "Hes a slacker! That's what happened."

Bumper: "We found a minibot deep in a cave, and well, its a long story."

Powerglide: "Another minibot? You couldn't have found some massive hulking engine of destruction autobot to take on the decepticon's single handedly?"

Bumper: "No, just a minibot."

Pipes: "Don't count out us ankle biters."

2005-10-31, 10:52 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet send a message to Ultra Magnus.

" Commander Magnus, we've detected two new decepticon strike forces; one located in Tokyo, Japan, and the other located in Perú. It seems like small teams, though. Actually Fizzle, our tactical ops, are preparing a detailed inform for you."

2005-11-01, 01:02 AM
Fort Max Hallways

"Great," Greaser groaned. "A psycho nut. Just what this outfit needed."

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Wreck-Gar replied to Override, tossing aside a rather large piece of twisted metal.

2005-11-01, 08:11 PM
Fizzle opened up communications with Ultra Magnus:
"The Tokyo situation seems the most volatile: in light of troop availability I suggest you lead the Protectobots and the Hotrod patrol into the city: the micro's can take care of the micros, whilst the protectobots can see to the wounded humans: there are already a lot.
Peru seems easier: the decepticons are in a large unpopulated area, so I'd send the wreckers plus who ever they feel like bolstering their ranks. I understand they may want to test out some of us before deciding who becomes a new wrecker or not: this may be an ideal moment."
Fizzle then began paying attention to Cosmos's video feed: antartica seemed to be hotting up.

2005-11-01, 10:00 PM
Ultra Magnus released an audible, desperate groan. They simply never stopped!

I can't deal with that now! I'm hurt, and so is Prime. Someone else has to spearhead the counter-offensive... oh, but we're spread too thin to handle both! Mrngh... The humans come first.

Resolved but dissatisfied, Magnus clicked on his comm link and forwarded Fizzle's message.

"Ironhide, the Decepticons are destroying Tokyo! I need you to assemble a team and respond at once. I'm forwarding Fizzle's opinions - take whoever you need, just stop them! Over."

(OOC: Sorry, I had to...)

2005-11-01, 11:30 PM
Fort Max Command Deck

Skids was dreaming about his former days as an anthroplogist, and about Charlene...


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet was worried, really worried, and twisted thoughts formed in his mind.

" Oh no. They're on the move again. I just was feeling happy monitoring Metroplex' sensors, I was helping the Autobot cause, doing my job as loockout in a full and global scale, but now...two new raids. I don't want to go and fight them. I just want to stay here and help."

Backstreet focused and watched Override in the Junkpile, using a surveillance security camera. Then he send a message to his old buddy.

" Hey Override, how're you?", said Backstreet. " Things are gettin' hot. Do you want to participate?"



Override received Backstreet's transmission and replied.

" Hey Backstreet, some free time to spend with the grunts?"

" Oh, don't be like that", said offended Backstreet." We've been busy. The Decepticons have been busy. There had been new attacks, and I thought that you would try to participate in our response."

Override remained silent for a moment. Then looked at Wreck-Gar and the differents junkpiles with a serious glance.

" Sure boy", said Override." Count on me."

" Good", replied Backstreet, " but I only can recommend you to the chiefs. The decision to include you in any of the teams dispatched to confront the 'cons are in their hands, ok?"

"Ok...", grunted Override.


Backstreet looked at Fizzle.

" Hey Fizzle, my mate Override is a good fighter, and as a triggerbot is small enough for combat and rescue operations in human urban scenarios. And is a thought bot, too. Can you include him in your tactical advices for the bosses?"

2005-11-02, 06:40 AM
Entering Armory, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -having diverted already from what he was going to do, activates commlink- "Ah'm on it, Magnus." -switches frequencies- "Override, Windcharger, Pipes, Quickmix, Seaspray, Catilla...." -casts brief glance skyward, hoping this isn't a mistake- ".. an' th' Hot Rod Patrol, meet me at Sky Lynx. We're gonna beat those 'Cons inta th' ground!" -switches frequencies again- "Sky Lynx, you readin' me?"

Sky Lynx: -over commlink- "Yes, I read you. I suppose there is something that only my superior abilities can accomplish?"

Ironhide: -stops in front of Crosshairs, still talking into commlink- "Yeah. Haulin' us inta a battlezone."

Sky Lynx: -sighs- "It's better than gathering dust. Sky Lynx out."

Ironhide: -switches frequencies yet again- "Nightbeat! Looks lahke we got 'Cons headin' fer Peru. Get a team together an' stop 'em from doin' any more damage!"

Nightbeat: -over commlink- "I'm on it."

Ironhide: -deactivates commlink, looks at Crosshairs- "Ah need a energo-axe."

2005-11-02, 06:51 AM
Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs glanced at Ironhide, then took a couple of steps towards the security officer.

"I take it from the frantic comm traffic that you don't have time for me to custom-build one for you..."

Trailing off, he brought up his datapad and tapped in a command.

"The energo-weapons are in aisle six. There should be a few axes there. Can't promise you'll find one that you'll like, though."

For his part, Getaway continued to stand calmly by the fabricators, waiting for the interruptions to end so that he could go about getting his new toy installed.

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap stood by the comm station, notably silent. He was glad that Magnus had taken charge of the situation, even if it was only from a distance.

2005-11-02, 07:16 AM
Quickmix looked up from his work.

"looks like , this will have to go on the backburner. "

He secured his experiment and walked out into the corridor.

2005-11-02, 02:06 PM
Armory, Metroplex:

Ironhide: -nods- "Thanks." -heads over to the energo weapons, musing quietly as he looks over what's available, picks one up, activates it, smiling as the haft is covered by the same field, glowing a bright, crackling blue, noting the grip is surrounded by a basket-like shield(protecting his hand as well), looking at the humming half-moon shapes of the blades, gives it a couple of experimental swings, deactivates it and subspaces it- "This one oughta work just fahne." -strides out-

Landing Strip:

Sky Lynx: -making sure he's fueled, fully armed, and ready to go-

Fring Range, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -thinking-

Siren: "What?"

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Hubcap, this is Nighgtbeat. Do we have any idea on opforce composition?"

2005-11-02, 02:11 PM
Jetwave eyed the last two shells remaining in the box, then pocketed one of them too, as Crosshairs recommended.

"Seven is better than naught, indeed. Thank you again, buddy! I..."

Suddenly, Ironhide bursted inside, demanding an electro-axe.. and talking about some new Decepticon activity!

Immediately forgetting about the prospects of having more shells fabricated, Jetwave turned to the newcomer.

"Ironhide! Are you assembling a battlegroup? Can I..." - he stopped abruptly, realizing he hadn't had a time to repair promptly the damages he sustained at San Fran. "Darn! Sorry I interrupted you. It's nothing, really."

And, leaving puzzled Crosshairs and Ironhide, Jetwave left the armoury heading for Metroplex medbay.

"Slag it!!!" - he exclaimed just as the door slided shut behind him. "Why hadn't I had a rest before? Ahhh, damn it all to Smelting Pit!"

He hit the wall with his left fist. The elbow joint locked again, and he continued on his way grimly pounding on it with his right, trying to get it back in some semblance of working condition.

2005-11-02, 05:37 PM

Override received Ironhide's transmission.

" Roger, sir!", replied enthusiastically the triggerbot.

He looked then at Wreck-Gar, and smiled to him.

" Well buddy, I can't say I enjoyed the junk duty, but if I come back from mission I promise you that I'll be back and finish it. Good bye!"

And he transformed into bike mode and rolled at full speed towards Sky Lynx landing strip.

2005-11-02, 05:52 PM
Omega Supreme

Catilla looked up from the Aerialbots as he recieved Ironhide's transmission, frowning, giving Minerva an apologetic nod "Sorry, duty calls"

Turning, he stalked back down the ramp, getting into his shell at the bottom and padding over towards the landing strip and Sky Lynx.

2005-11-02, 08:04 PM
Fizzle quickly commed The officers at fort max: "Footage of Tokyo shows a Giant hand. Gigatrons there and apparently he's brought his sense of humour as well as more troops. suggest you get heavy with the team, gigatrons way too tough for my liking.
Also, we shouldn't overlook Peru: request that we send some kind of team, even a weak one: we can't afford to let the decepticons distract us from their real objective."
Off comms he addressed the room: "We're operating on the defensive far too much: if we don't get more pro-active, then the decepticons are gonna slowly grind us down."

(OOC where are the protectobots?)

2005-11-02, 08:26 PM
A monitor on Fizzle's station flickered into life. The feed was grainy, slightly broken up by static, but one thing was clear - the cruel face of a Decepticon micromaster.

Blackjack sneered as he made his proclaimation: "People of Tokyo, your suffering is over. You are all going to die, and there is nothing anyone - especially the Autobots can do about it..."

The feed was suddenly cut off, the monitor going dead...

2005-11-02, 08:30 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet looked incredously at Fizzle.

" What's going on?", he said, referring at Blackjack's message." The Decepticons are provoquing us to go to Tokyo? Fizzle, maybe Perú is the real objective..."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-03, 01:24 AM
Windcharger transformed and stepped towards Wreck-Gar.
"I heard you guys needed some metal moved."


Sideswipe watched idly as everyone moved to help the Aerialbots awaiting his own repairs.

"Looks like the fly boys really over-exherted themselves, dunnit?"

2005-11-03, 05:16 AM
Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -nods to Catilla, moves over to Sideswipe, starts scanning him- "Yeah, they did. So did you, by the look of it. Can you walk?"


Ironhide: -heading towards Sky Lynx-

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-03, 05:33 AM
Sideswipe looked at Minerva and shook his head.

"Hey, unlike those fly-boys I didn't get beat up that bad. I can hold my own in a fight." Sideswipe grinned. "Just a bit of super-ficial damage from a fall. My vocodor also took a hit."

2005-11-03, 05:34 AM
(OOC: The Protectobots are played by Scout, and she's MIA right now)

Command Deck, Metroplex

"Opforce?" Hubcap frowned, trying (and failing) to decypher the human phrase. "Uh...I don't think so."

The Minibot cleared his throat, then continued in a more confident tone. "I can forward you the sensor logs, though, if you'd like to look for yourself."

Yes, that should cover me...

Turning to Fizzle, he said, "If you've got a fleet of submarines hidden in your quarters, now's the time to tell us. Unless you want to swim to the Nemesis, of course...."

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs waved casually at Jetwave and Ironhide as they departed, then placed the shell that the larger Autobot had given him into a scanner bay.

Turning back to Getaway, he shrugged. "Sorry about that."

The Powermaster shook his head. "No problem."

Striding over to the fabricators, he retrieved the parts for Getaway's arm. "Everything looks in order," he said as he inspected the equipment. "OK. Have a seat and we'll get this installed."

2005-11-03, 06:27 AM
Firing Range, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -pops the comm panel on his left forearm open, taps a coule of keys, looking at the images on the small screen built into the comm unit- "Hmm.... small group." -strides out, heading for the security office-

Siren: -following- "What's the plan?"

Nightbeat: "I want you to keep an eye on things here. Something is up. Just wish I knew what it was. Why go after Peru?"

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: -nods- "I can see that. Want to give us a hand carrying the Aerialbots in?"

2005-11-03, 07:18 AM
Quickmix pulled up next to Sky Lynx

Ricochet hopped out of the cab

"alors more excitment for us oui."

2005-11-03, 08:01 PM
Fizzle grinned at Hubcaps sarky comment. It was a fair one to make, their wasn't really much they could do.
He turned to Backstreet: "yeah, subtlety isn't a strong point of theirs is it?"
He opened a communication to the Wreckers "You three feel up for a field trip? we need some bodies in peru, decepticon activity we feel is pretty important."

2005-11-03, 09:26 PM
Fort Max. Command Deck

Skids received the Tokyo footage message from Fizzle. He listened with a grim face and looked at Fortress.

" Well, is Gigatron himself. Do you want I comm to Ironhide and alert them about the Decepticon's leader presence?"


Landing Strip

Override arrived where Sky Lynx was waiting. He transformed back into his robot mode and looked at the big Autobot.

" Uh, hello sir. I'm Override, memeber of Ironhide's team."


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet was monitoring the sats, watching the decepticon activity on Perú as a raptor would, with a determined look on his eyes.

2005-11-03, 11:31 PM
Landing Field:

Sky Lynx: -nods- "Greetings, Overdrive. And be assured that, with my presence, our success is assured." -looks over- "Greetings to you as well, Catilla."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: "Yes, Skids, send Ironhide the information at once."

"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -over commlink- "We'd love to, really.... but since we've been told we have to stay here until we talk to Prime, and we were attacked by Red Alert when we came here in the first place..... we'd better stay here."

Security Office, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -sits at the deck in the office, calls up a list of available Autobots, scowls, activates commlink- "Fortress, how many shuttles do we have operational?"

Fortress: -over commlink- "One."

Nightbeat: "I'll try to bring it back in working condition. Any idea why the force going to Peru is so small? Looks more like a retrieval team."

Fortress: "None."

Nightbeat: "Nnn. This is screaming 'diversionary action'. Thanks, Fortress." -switches frequencies- "Hubcap, this is Nightbeat. I'm taking a group to Peru. Has anybody joined up with who's there already?"

2005-11-04, 05:44 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap keyed in a few commands, trying to find the information that Nightbeat requested. When he failed to bring up anything, he shrugged and said, "I'm not seeing any reports of new arrivals," he said. "Just a single shuttle. Computer estimates say that the maximum crew on a ship that size is six or seven."

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs tightened the final screws on Getaway's new weapon, then stepped back and said, "Try it out."

The Powermaster stared at the blade for a moment, then frowned. "How do I deploy the thing?"

"Assuming I got all the connections correct? Roll your wrist like so." Crosshairs demonstrated, and Getaway did as he was shown. The newly-attached blade snapped forward almost faster than the optic could see, it's handle coming to rest precisely in it's owner's open palm.

Getaway stared at the weapon again, this time with an impressed look on his face. "I'd say you got the connections right."

He took a few practice swipes, then released his grip on the weapon and folded in back into place.

"I like it," he said appreciatively. "Of course, I'll have to run through a few simulations to get the hang of fighting with a..." the frown returned, "what did you say this was called?"

Crosshairs smiled, glad that this particular happy customer didn't seem intent on hugging him. "The humans would call it a katar. Of course, their katars usually didn't come spring-loaded like this."

Getaway seemed to consider that, then muttered, "Katar. Heh." A look of determination coming to his face, he stood a bit straighter. "Well, thanks for your help, Crosshairs. I'll get out of your way."

The Targetmaster gave his departing client a friendly nod. "No problem. Have fun trying out your new toy."

2005-11-04, 01:32 PM

Shortly after Override and the others had left, Wreck-Gar tossed the last piece of trash into one of three rather large piles and sent a message to Hubcap.

"Packages have been sorted. Ready to deliver."

Igos Du Inka
2005-11-04, 08:10 PM
(occ: sorry if this may be out of sunc, but ppl have seem to forgotten me for 2 months lol)

*Nick walks into the medi-bay*


2005-11-04, 08:49 PM
Landing Strip

"Likewise, Sky Lynx" Catilla replied, arriving and sitting down by the larger Autobot like an earth-cat, then turning his gaze towards Override, who he had never seen before, with a curious expression.

2005-11-04, 10:47 PM
Fort Max Command Deck

Skids sends a message to Ironhide.

" Ironhide, Metroplex had send us new info about Decepticon raid in Tokyo. Gigatron is commanding the strike force. I repeat, Gigatron is commanding the strike force. "

Tiki Torch
2005-11-05, 02:39 AM
Frot-Max: Med-Bay

Ratchet arrivies in Med-bay and sets up.

"If anyone needs some work, I'm open!" He yelled.

2005-11-05, 03:09 AM
Landing Strip:

Ironhide: -striding towards Sky Lynx, nods to Catilla and Overdrive, activates commlink- "Ah hear ya, Skids. Jus' gotta remember: Bigger they are, harder they fall." -deactivates commlink- "No sahgn'a anybody else yet?"

Security Office, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -nods, calling up available troops and scowling- "Thanks, Hubcap." -deactivates commlink-

Siren: "So what's the plan?"

Nightbeat: "I take a team to Peru and try to stop them, or at least figure out what the heck they're up to." -looks up at Siren- "You, meanwhile, stay here, keep an eye on things."

Siren: "What? Why can't I go?"

Nightbeat: "Simple. Somebody has to keep an eye on Minerva."

2005-11-05, 06:04 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap signed off with Nightbeat, then replied to Wreck-Gar.

"Good man," he said into the comm. "I'll start looking for human businesses to work out a sale with. Why don't you head in and take a recharge? It looks like we're going to need every experienced fighter we can get in a few minutes."

2005-11-05, 06:52 AM
(OOC: Sorry, OpSkids, completely missed the fact that Quickmix was there.......
Landing Strip:

Sky Lynx: -transforms, opens boarding hatch- "Now boarding, next destination is....... uh....."

Ironhide: "Tokyo."

Sky Lynx: -barely missing a beat- "Tokyo, where we will be welcomed with open arms. For after all, I am with you."

Ironhide: -beginning to wonder if he'd have been better off commandeering the shuttle, activates commlink again- "Windcharger, Pipes, Seaspray, an' th' Hot Rod Patrol, this' yer last call. Th' people'a Tokyo need our help, an' Ah ain't waitin' around fer ya."

Sky Lynx: "Quickmix, Catilla, and Override, if you would like to board?"

"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "Hey, Red, isn't Prime back yet?"

2005-11-05, 07:04 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert tabbed the com-panel on his desk with an irritated expression on his face.

"He is, Roadbuster. But as amazing as it must be to you, your band of ruffians isn't his top priority. He will see you when he has time to see you...unless, of course, you would prefer to make your official report to me?"

2005-11-05, 07:06 AM
"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: "Report to a thug like you? Why, so you can beat somebody else up?"

2005-11-05, 07:24 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert huffed irritably; he really didn't have time for this.

"Either you speak to me, Roadbuster, or you wait around that meeting room until Prime has time to see you. At this rate, though, you'll be there for several Terran months. But if you'd rather wait, then do so quietly and stop wasting my valuable time!"

2005-11-05, 07:54 AM
Quickmix strode up the ramp followed by his 2 Targetmasters

Ricochet:"so we are going to see belle Tokyo, who are we going to fight peutetre Godzilla."

2005-11-05, 07:20 PM

"Roger, roger ten four, Kimo Sabe," Wreck-Gar signaled back to Hubcap, heading off to the rec area.
Big Daddy looked up at Glyph.

"I don't suppose you wanna tell me why?"

2005-11-05, 11:21 PM
Landing Strip

Override enters Sky Lynx, sits in one of the seats and starts to check his weapons.

" I'm ready!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-06, 06:18 AM
Windcharger arrived, but ofcourse he was late. "Aw shucks, and I thought I was gonna get to move some metal." He said with a slightly sarcastic tone, obviously not exactly thrilled with what he was going to do.


Sideswipe gave an emphatic nod, slowly getting back to his feet and moving over to the damaged Aerialbots.

2005-11-06, 12:10 PM
Fizzle grimaced, trying to think of something to help... as a strategist, he was proving fairly poor here: "I need to prove myself useful." he muttered, as he fielded further reports of tokyo to Fort Max and to Sky Lynx .

2005-11-06, 05:42 PM
Landing Field:

Ironhide: -chuckles- "Ain't gonna say ya won't be movin' some metal, Windcharger. Tho' ya will get ta beat th' slag outta it first."

"Wrecker's Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -cleaning his assualt rifle as he makes his report, sending a copy to Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus as well- "You want my report, Red? Fine. Here it is. I hooked up with Whirl, Springer and Sixswitch at the Neo's base after the Mayhems were recalled by Gigatron. We went to New Jersey. Whirl and I came back, where Whirl was attacked by you, Red Alert, for simply saying hello. If I'd have known this was the kind of reception we were going to get, we wouldn't have come back at all. Any questions?"

Omega Supreme:

Minerva: "Thanks, Sideswipe." -looks out of the hatch- "Chromedome! Give us a hand?"

Chromedome: -nods, walks in, picks up Air Raid and Slingshot, slings them over his shoulders, starts down the ramp-

Minerva: -starts checking over Optimus Prime-

2005-11-06, 07:58 PM
Landing Strip

Catilla nodded back at Ironhide, then got to his feet and boarded Sky Lynx as the flyer asked him to board, nodding when he heard they were heading to, then chuckled drily "Great, and I don't speak Japanese"

Emerging from his shell once inside Sky Lynx, he sat down cross-legged next to it as it sat down in a cat-like style and started checking his gun, making sure it worked.

2005-11-06, 08:18 PM
Landing Strip

Quickmix settled himself down aboard Sky Lynx

"any idea what Cons are waiting for us out there?"

2005-11-06, 08:24 PM
Landing Strip

Override looked at Quickmix.

" My buddy Backstreet is on Metroplex monitoring the sensors, and he told me about the decepticon forces on the mission. It seems that the cons had send some micros and..." added with a low tone of voice, " and Gigatron is with them too."


Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet was watching the visuals the spy sat set over Tokyo was sending to him.

" This is so terrible...Human ground and air forces are trying to battle the decepticons, but they're being slaughtered!"

He looked at Hubcap and Fizzle.

" When, in the name of Primus, are we going to response?"

2005-11-06, 10:21 PM
Landing Field:

Ironhide: -scowling- "Fahre up yer engines, Sky Lynx. Ah'll give 'em one last call, an' if they don't show, we're goin', no matter what." -activates commlink- "Pipes, Seaspray, Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, an' Trip-Up, get out here, NOW! Shuttle's leavin' with'r without ya!" -deactivates commlink, climbs aboard-

Security Office, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -compiling his list, looking at the sat feed of Peru-

2005-11-07, 05:16 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert's optics narrowed, his suspicions peaked by Roadbuster's evasiveness.

"That isn't what I meant, and you know it. If you want to be given your parole, you will give a full account of your time with the renegade Springer."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap glanced over to Backstreet.

"They're working as fast as they can," he said vaguely. "It's not as if they want the humans to die."

Of course, on the inside, the communications officer's emotions were mixed. A part of him hated the thought of all this unnecessary death...but another part of him was already figuring out how to make the most profit off of the attacks. Only half paying attention to his duties, he was serruptitiously arranging for investments in American technology companies whose Asian competitors were currently being wiped out.

2005-11-07, 07:05 AM
"Wreckers' Bay", Metroplex:

Roadbuster: -into commlink- "We went to New Jersey. The swamps of New Jersey, to be exact. Took over an abandoned 'Con base. Then.... Whirl and I decided that we'd be of more use here. So sorry if that offends your sense of decorum."

Security Office, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -finishes making list, scowls at one name- "Times like this I wish Hosehead was a tanker truck........ Pick him up en route, maybe?" -activates commlink- "Would Snarl, Skids, Beachcomber, Wreck-Gar and Bumper meet me at Fort Max's main hangar bay please?" -deactivates commlink, looks at Siren- "All right, bubba, keep an eye on things while I'm gone." -stands, strides out of room, heading for the hangar bay-

Siren: -sits behind security desk, looking a little nervous-

2005-11-07, 08:26 PM

The Micromasters were startled by Ironhide's call. Their mood, however, soon turned to one of annoyance.

"Jeez," Trip-Up groaned. "Go do this, go do that."

"I know," Big Daddy replied. "When I asked for something for us to do, I kinda thought that we'd get a chance to do it before doing anything else."

He looked up at Glyph.

"See ya around."

The four Micromasters raced down the hallway and made their way onboard Sky Lynx.
By happy coincidence, Wreck-Gar was passing the hanger bay just as Nightbeat's message went out, so all he did was make a quick turn and stepped inside.

2005-11-07, 09:48 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet looked coldly at Hubcap.

" 'Course they want to let the humans die", said a little upset, " is just we could response faster. Always we arrive when the human casualties accumulate. Look at the monitors!"

Then he turned back and watched again the visuals sended by the sats.

" Hey Fizzle", said Backstreet in a seriously low tone of voice some minutes later, avoiding Hubcap's glance, " can we talk privatly? I need your help."


Fort Max Command Deck

Nightbeat call returned Skids from his visions of Charlene, and with some hesitation abandoned his com station at Fort Max bridge.

" Bye, Fortress!"

Skids walked towards the bridge main turbolift, arrived at Main Hangar Bay deck and stepped inside.

2005-11-08, 05:00 AM
(OOC: Time to go, and going with the theory that Windcharger boarded Sky Lynx.....)

Landing Field:

Ironhide: -checking charge in his gun, sees the Hot Rod Patrol scramble aboard- "Cain't wait no longer. Go, Sky Lynx!"

Sky Lynx: -closes hatch, engines roaring to life as he launches- "Destination, Tokyo!"

Ironhide: -groans- "Ah've seen that one......."

Sky Lynx: "What?"

Ironhide: "It's a..... aw, ferget it. Take too long ta explain."

(And we're off to the Tokyo thread....)

Hangar Bay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -strides in, checking the charge on his cyclone cannon, slings it, looks at Wreck-Gar and Skids- "Welcome, gentlemen. Ever been to Preu?"

2005-11-08, 06:32 AM
Security Office, Metroplex

Red Alert glared at the comm speaker.

"Next time," he said pointedly, "call ahead. AWOL troops tend not to get the best treatment when they wander back unannounced."

Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap returned Backstreet's glare for a moment, then returned his gaze to his console and continued with his 'work'.

Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Snarl stalked in, a typically furious expression on his face.

"I'm here. What do you want?" he demanded of Nightbeat.

2005-11-08, 05:48 PM
Wreck-Gar nodded a negative to Nightbeat's query.

2005-11-08, 09:37 PM
Main Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Skids, like Wreck-Gar, nodded negative to Nightbeat's question.

" Nope. This means we're going to discover this human country, are we?", Skids acceded his vast memory data banks." Perú, with an area of 1,285,215 square km, Peru is the third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina, ranking it amongst the world's 20 largest nations. Population, 25.662.000 inhabitants.
- Urban: 72,3 %
- Rural: 27,7 %
Peru is a nation of mixed ethnic origins. Throughout its history, Peru has been the meeting ground for different nations and cultures. The indigenous population was joined 500 years ago by the Spaniards. As a result of this encounter, and later enriched by the migration of African blacks, Asians and Europeans, Peruvian man emerged as the representative of a nation whose rich ethnic mix is one of its leading characteristics..."

2005-11-09, 04:11 AM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -holds up hand to cut Skids off- "Thank you, Mr. Data. But we're not going there to study the local culture. This whole attack on Tokyo is a ruse. The Decepticons have sent a small force to Peru, probably to retrieve something from their ship, which I gather is stuck in a mountain there. We are going to find out why, once the rest of the team gets here."

2005-11-09, 08:00 PM
Fizzle set up a permamnent link to Sky Lynx from the more permanent media establishments and sattelites on tokyo, then walked over to Backstreets desk: in a simialr toned voice, he asked seriously "Whats up man?"

2005-11-09, 08:47 PM
Metroplex Command Deck

Backstreet smiled to Fizzle, but he was still showing a worried look.

" It's just I feel we, the Autobots, are doing things bad", said with his low tone of voice," and I've an idea that can, maybe, light things up a little. But I don't trust him", said Backstreet pointing Hubcap.

He looked directly to Fizzle's optics.

" Everytime Decepticons attacked a human settlement, we had delayed our response because the troops send to deal with the menace had to arrive first to the landing strip or hangar bay.
But if we had always a combat team and a shuttle ready for launch? Not always the same bots, you know, but a reaction force always ready?"

Backstreet watched quickly if Hubcap was hearing. Then he turned again to Fizzle.

" Look, you're a brilliant strategist, with a gift for logisticals. I'm only a lookout who don't like to fight, but I'm not going to stay without doing nothing watching how the humans are being slaughtered. You could develop my idea, look if it's possible to perform, and then we could present it to Magnus or Prime himself!"

Backstreet smiled again.

" What do you think? It's possible or I'm playing out of my league?"

2005-11-10, 03:59 PM
Metroplex Med Bay:

Jetwave took his time in the CR chamber until all his battle wounds, including that recurring lock in the left elbow joint, were gone. Now he was primed, up and ready to go!

By the way... It was promised by Magnus I'd speak with him and Prime about the concept we've implemented on Aqua. Now nothing would stop me from doing just that! Well, nothing short of Primus's intervence at least...

Self-assured, he left the medbay and walked through endless corridors and lifts of Metroplex towards the command bridge.

* * *
Fort Max Med Bay:

Scattershot activated his optics.

First thing he saw was ceiling, high and shiny, illuminated by multitude of panels. Then an object intruded, covering part of that panoram. The object was probably recognisable. Scattershot tried to associate it with what he remembered...

"Hello there" - Nosecone grinned glad to see that his teammate was online again. "It was a tough job, but Fixit made it. We were worrying we've lost you, you know" - he added a bit glumly.

"W-What... Where..." - Scattershot hadn't fully recovered yet. Jumbled mess of strange images was still invading his circuits, sending false signals and generating imaginary responces from his sensors. But that wasn't what counted. He was active and he had to be up and fighting.

"Where's the others?" - he asked finally.

"What'cha think? CR chambers, of course!" - Nosecone chuckled grimly. "We've got some fragile 'Bots in our team, that's true!.." - suddenly he realised something and began to explain: "I don't mean you, of course - you were up and fighting with damage that would ground me down for sure!.."

"That's... not what counts. We've been defeated, weren't we?" - Scattershot asked, firmness returning to his voice with each nanobreem.

"Well, those pesky 'Cons got away, and After' managed to drop some missiles down their exhaust tubes, so..."

"I've got it. Now..." Scattershot attempted to stand up from the bed and failed, falling to the floor instead.

"Careful, mate!" - Nosecone grabbed their team leader and held him up. "I'd say you need some CR yourself. I'll call up my mates..."

"Nonsence. They..."

A flash of light exploded inside Scattershot's head, and once again he saw a scene totally unfamiliar to him - Metroplex (or was it some other Autobot city?) battle-scarred, smoking, and a bunch of Decepticons besieging its walls. His voice changed its tembre, became poweful and authoritative:

"They must be stopped... No matter the cost!"

"What are you talking about?" - Nosecone enquired, but Scattershot was unable to answer.

"You... you're right, I need sime rest" - he squeesed out of himself finally.

"Now that's better!"

And Nosecone led his fellow to the nearest CR chamber - and only then he entered the one beside it himself. His leg was hurting like Pit but he couldn't leave Scattershot alone. Not when the others were counting on it.

Now all Technobots were suspended in CR chambers, recovering from their battle wounds.

2005-11-10, 08:08 PM
Fizzle considered.
"You're not thinking out of your league at all Backstreet: Rota-ing a quickstrike force to expidiate response time sounds like a good idea: like all good ideas around here though, it's impeded by resources and manpower. Metroplex and Fort Max are both up to spec, but the resources are low and the troops seem in a perpetual state of reationary assault or recuperation.
Ideally, this is what the wreckers were designed for: however, there are only three of them now."
Ideas were pinging arounf Fizzle red cranium: Fast assault shuttles, Guardian units, Wrecker sub teams to rotate around the three man core team at present...
"Lets get some idea whether some of this is possible. I'll contact the wreckers and ask them about their ranks: you call up the armoury chiefs and Head Machanics in both citys: I want to know whether constructing some Guardian drones for this is feasible."

Tiki Torch
2005-11-10, 08:27 PM
Fort-Max Med-bay

Ratchet watched the autobot's enter. "Alright, now maybe I can do what I'm best at" he said, quietly.

2005-11-10, 10:13 PM
Metroplex, Command Deck

Backstreet smiled happily at Fizzle's reaction.

" All right buddy!", said eagerly the triggerbot.

He checked the sensors monitors ( things were still bad, but at least the Tokyo response team arrived ), and send a message to
Crosshairs and Huffer.

" Hey guys, I'm Backstreet from Metro's command. Fizzle, our strategist, needs some information. If it's possible, with our current supplies and reasonably fast, the construction of some Guardian drones to aid us into prevent the decepticon's raids on human targets? Please, respond as fast as you can."

Then, trying to avoid Hubcap's hypersensitive audio-receptors, send another message, this time to Fort Max.

" Greeting, Fortess. I'm Backstreet, and I would to talk with Fortress Maximus' armoury chiefs and Head Machanics. We are developing a response plan and need some vital information."

Then he turned to the monitors, waiting for the different replies.

2005-11-11, 04:17 AM
Off Main Engineering, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -plugging in a final component to a device about the size of his head, sits back, nods- "I think that's got it......." -flips a panel open on his arm, taps key, smiles as the device powers up, looking at the readout on the screen in his arm panel- "Finally. Deflection barrier system for this ship......." -looks over at the power generation unit- "... and a power source to run the ship, power the weapons, and provide us with fuel." -shrugs- "Sadly, not in large amounts, but one takes what one can get."

Hangar Bay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -scowling- "No sign of Beachcomber or Bumper yet. And the longer we wait, the harder it might be to find out what the Decepticons are up to." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, you doing anything?"

Chromedome: -over commlink- "I'm lugging Aerialbots to the med bay. Why?"

Nightbeat: "Get down to the shuttle bay ASAP. We need to investigate somehting in Peru, and time is of the essence."

Chromedome: "I'll be there soon."

Nightbeat: -deactivates commlink, looks at Snarl, Skids, and Wreck-Gar- "Let's board the shuttle and start preflight checks." -boards shuttle-

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Fortress: -into commlink- "What vital information do you require, Backstreet?"

2005-11-11, 05:53 AM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap, of course, heard all of what went on between Fizzle and Backstreet. Even if he wasn't actively trying to eavesdrop (and he was) it would be hard for them to hide their conversation from him. Even more difficult to hide was their comm traffic, since he was manning the communications console.

The unscrupulous Minibot filed the information away for later use.

Main Hangar, Fort Max

Snarl stalked up the shuttle ramp without saying a word. He found a seat in the back and glared at the rest of the crew, practically daring them to sit within punching distance of him.

Of course, on the inside, he was a bit apprehensive. Not about the battle, per se, but more about their vehicle.

This tub better fly better this time...

Armoury, Metroplex

Crosshairs tabbed the comm panel on his desk when Backstreet's message came in.

"Crosshairs here," he said. "We're running a bit short on ammo for the big guns, I'm afraid. "Unless you can find another weapons cache to raid, I won't be able to give you much."

2005-11-11, 05:34 PM
With a renewed confidence, Skyfire guided his large but beleaguered frame through a quick though somewhat gruff landing on the city's new airstrip. He quickly taxied aside to give Dogfight and Sandstorm room to land, and he rolled down his hatch at the gate.

"Autobot City," he declared to his passengers with a triumphant tone. "Welcome home."

2005-11-11, 06:41 PM
Jetwave entered the command deck, expecting to see Ultra Magnus on his command post, perhaps talking with Prime. Instead, he saw Hubcap at the comm console and Backstreet and Fizzle discussing something obviously exciting.

"Excuse me, guys - does anybody know where Ultra Magnus went?" - he asked loudly, drawing everybody's attention to himself.

2005-11-11, 06:55 PM
Wreck-Gar looked at Nightbeat.

"Tell me, good sir," he said. "Does this flight come with a movie?"

2005-11-11, 09:23 PM
Metroplex, Command Deck

Backstreet replied to Fortress, a little bit worried about the chance that Hubcap could hear everything.

" Eh, we're developing a new strategy and require some data about your weapons supplies and technical advise about the possibility of creating Guardian drones, to provide us with a permanent response team to deal with Decepticon's raiding parties."

Then he looked at Fizzle an, using the bridge computers inner mail, the ingenuous triggerbot sended him a message.

" Fizzle, the standard weapons in Metroplex Armory are insufficient. Can we try with another offensive weapons, such as missiles or something?"

Then, the busy Backstreet watched the sensors monitors for anything new, and suddenly Jetwave with his grave voice entered the bridge, startling the triggerbot.


Dogfight, without the danger of risk the mission with his "personal" point of view about the flight procedures, made a series of wild turns descending at high velocity towards the landing strip, and transformed back into robot mode just a moment before taking land.

" Aw, after playing the good 'bot, that felt good!", he said to Sandstorm.


Skids occupied the comm seat on the shuttle bridge and oppened a channel for Metro's and Fort Max bridge.

" Peru response team ready for departure. Please, don't shoot us!", he joked.

2005-11-11, 09:43 PM
Fort Max Airstrip

"I know, ''fight" Sandstorm replied as he landed and transformed to robot mode, a teasing grin appearing on his face which also sported an oddly happy expression "How about we do it again next week, same time, same place?"

2005-11-11, 10:22 PM
Command Deck, Metroplex

Hubcap cast a glance towards the looming presence of Jetwave, and gave the large Autobot a friendly smile (entirely false, of course).

"Magnus went down to help deal with the casualties from the fuel reserve mission," he said. "If he's still there, you should be able to find him near Omega Supreme." The Minibot contrived a slight frown, then added, "I think he said he was going to try and confir with Prime while he was there."

The Minibot's attention, for the moment anyway, was off of the Triggerbot and Sparkler who were trying so hard to work behind his back.

2005-11-12, 12:50 AM
"Well, I'd try to find him!" - Jetwave replied to Hubcap then turned his head viewing the images on info screens. One screen in particular caught his attention - the one which was showing a landing strip with recenly-landed Starfire on it. Jetwave stared at that scren, oblivious to the others (one of which was showing Ultra Magnus, by the way).

Time will come for us to decide it.
Once and for all.
Who's better.
But not now...
I have business to attend.

Jetwave turned and paced to the lift, hands fisted as tight as they could, facial slit glowing with angry yellow light.