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2002-02-24, 10:09 PM
I'm kinda hoping to develop my character some here, but I don't know how long I can stay on. Damn parents won't let me on during the freakin week, so I can only play for the rest of today. After that, I gotta either sneak on or wait 'till next weekened. I'll start it now so I can at least get it set up. Sound ok? Cool.
(note: I'm very new at forum RPing, so plz be as patient with me as you can!)


Banzai-Tron is sitting at the healm of his ship, Star's End, as it drifts through space at a leasurly pace . He had no where to go since his explulsion from Decepticon space. He was alone in the universe with only his skills and his ship. 'But', he remarked to himself, 'isn't that everything I need?'

The ship is a large vessel. A converted cargo ship with extra hull plating and engines. Banzai-Tron had kept the weaponry to a minimun to avoid the attention that the weapon's high energy output would bring. He preferes stealth and fortitude to firepower and swiftness. The brightest flame burns twice as fast, while the smallest flame can burn for eternity.

OOC- I have little enough idea what happens in a character development RP. If someone wants to enter in, it may be a good idea to read my profile in the Decepticon Role Call thread. I'm willing to explore any possiblilites from Unicron's head to Autobots and Quintisons.

2002-02-25, 01:39 AM
(OOC: Welcome aboard! If you don't mind, I'm going to utilize this opportunity and run an Action Master or two as NPCs to keep your story going. Remember that I don't control any of these guys officially, so feel free to use them if necessary.)

Calm. How very much space could be. Not far away, the Flame of Darkness floated silently. Its pilot reclined in the bridge. His feet were up; his hands loosely supported his laxed head. Humans would call it sleep. Transformers call it TRESD - Temporary Re-energization Shutdown. Calm.

Vroop! Vroop!

Axer suddenly awoke, "instinctively" scrambling to right the problem.

"Ah! Huh! Whassat!"

His fingers shot expertly around the control panel in front of him, punching up the craft's current priority one monitor. It presented him another transport. It seemed a bit outdated by its hull conditions (though Axer tried not to judge on appearances), but something struck him more sharply: the Decepticon sigil quietly brandished on the hull's side. Again he touched those buttons, granting himself a better view of the vessel. It seemed familiar... Yes, he knew this ship. It belonged to an old friend.


Axer unconciously called up his radio transceiver. He always felt a bit stupid talking into the loneliness of his own ship, but the urge to communicate with his long removed ally overshadowed his embarrassment.

"Star's End, come in! This is Decepticon ship Flame of Darkness. Request permission to dock and come aboard. Repeat..."

2002-02-25, 01:48 AM
(ooc- argh! Sorry, lost track of time! And I also probably won't be back on for a little while, so there is no rush)

"Flame of Darkness, this is Star's End. Permission to come aboard."

It had been years since the two bounty hunters had crossed paths. Where had it been? Ah yes, the time they had both been hired by different employers to track down an Autobot spy that had escaped with one of Galvatron's oh-so important battle plans. Now there was a Decepticon with security problems. He still remembered when Axer drove his cycle off the cliff wall to land right on the startled Autobot, moments after blowing out Banzai-Tron's servos with an EMP mine.

Ahhhh, good times.

2002-02-25, 02:06 AM
Axer smiled behind his faceplate. The voice was so familiar, almost nostalgic. Old friends, old colleagues, old rivals. Banzai-Tron was one of the few Decepticons Axer respected, even trusted. One so well versed in the arts of the mercenary demanded his honor.

Axer pulled his vessel flush to one of the side hatches of the Star's End, then released the boarding chute. Moments later, the doors opened, and Axer crossed the threshold of interim space to reach his associate's "home". Ah, the memories. It had been an eternity since Axer had seen this place. Things hadn't changed much. (The captain never really struck him as the type to redecorate.) Axer's eyes absorbed every inch of the cabin as he wandered about. Then, he spotted him. Axer stopped and stared.

"Banzai-Tron! Where in Cybertron's name have you been?"

2002-03-02, 06:58 AM
Banzai-Tron rose from his chair to greet his old aquantance at the door of the command cabin.

"Where have I been?!? Haven't you heard? Mr. "I've got an energon cube shoved so far up my exhaust pipe it outta deactivate me" Galvatron banished me for blowing up that Quintison death weapon he wanted.
"But enough about old history, how have you been? I haven't been getting much news of the war out this way, fill me in will ya. Here, I have a nice pot of energon tea ready in the other room. Care to join me?"

2002-03-02, 02:29 PM
Axer grinned quietly behind his faceplate.

"Sure thing."

Axer spoke (both formally and friendly) to his colleague as Banzai-Tron led him from the command cabin to the next room. His hands waved freely before him, better expressing thoughts than his words could.

"I've got something of a job right now. I'll tell you about it over breakfast, eh?"

2002-03-03, 01:55 AM
"Sounds good to me" Banzai-Tron said as he cleared the table of spare parts, datapads, and weapon components.

"Do you take lithium hydroxide with your tea or do you prefer more nitrogen-based crystals?"

Banzai-Tron set up two chairs around the table while his servitor-bots prepared the tea and energon biscuits. It would be a few moments before the servitors dug through the piles of empty shell casings and energy cells around the cabinets before they found all the ingrediants, so Banzai-Tron invited Axer to have a seat.

"So, tell me about this job of yours..."

2002-03-03, 04:04 AM
"Lithium is just fine," Axer informed one of the droids as it scuttled past. The droid spun its head frantically toward him and then away, acknowledging.

Axer, taking advantage of the interim time, pulled a heavy metallic chair (which hovered gently, thanks to motion sensor anti-gravity generators built into the floor) away from the table, and sat himself down across from Banzai-Tron. He placed his elbows on the slab before him, supporting his head on intertwined fingers.

"Well, it's like this," Axer began. "I've been doing a lot of work lately for Gutcruncher. You remember the guy - greedy son of a scow, selling off Autobot junks for... well, junk. Doesn't feel like bagging the brats himself, so he pays me to do it for him. I'm not complaining though; the jerk's paying through the exhaust pipe for my services."

Axer paused while one of the servants hastily set before him a plate layered in sheets of energon, and an empty metal cup, which was quickly filled with glowing pink fluid. Axer nodded the droid away, then lifted the energon tea to his face and took a sip. (Though fully aware that direct injection was more efficient and practical, Axer couldn't help feeling like a sophisticate when actually drinking.) Mmm, not bad.

"Well, he told me a few weeks ago that he's got a lead about some Autobot scientific committee working nearby. Trying to harvest materials from the nearby systems, I s'pose. This quadrant has some super schnazzy materials, ya know? Anyway, I've run across a little problem. I followed them here, and managed to keep outta sight, but my recon says that they've got guards with 'em. Musta caught onto my game. Buncha stiffs; no sense of humor."

Axer paused. He stared at the ceiling thoughtfully, munching away on an energon wafer.

"Ya know, I just got an idea. Why don'tcha help me out? I mean, by myself my only chance would be to kill the guards. But the two of us together, we could capture 'em along with the scientists. All those muscleheads would pay off more than double what Gutcruncher was planning anyway. 'Sides, that junk with you and Galvatron's really got me ticked. I gotta see you reconciled. So whaddaya say? Up to it?"

2002-03-03, 10:40 PM
Banzai-Tron accepted his cup of steaming hot tea and drank it across from Axer. He pondered the offer for some time. It would be good to get back in the saddle and once again fight the good fight, and get buckets of creds for it as well!

But on the other hand, what's to say Galvatron didn't hire Axer to take him out of the picture once and for all? Banzai-Tron discarded that thought. Axer knew he wasn't a match for him and also rarely hired out his services as a political assasin.

After a miliscond or so of microproccessed diliberation, Banzai-Tron accepted the deal.

2002-03-10, 04:17 AM

Axer hurried to gulp down the rest of his tea and biscuits, and began to lay his battle plan on Banzai-Tron. He leaned onto the table some, like an excited young director pitching movie ideas.

"Okay, it's like this. Those scientists I told ya about - there's three of 'em. Rad, Skyfall, and Mainframe. They've got their own private little scientific shuttle going on there... whatever. Then they got those guards: Rollout and Kick-Off. They've got a couple more set up at a base at one of the target planets. Two or three more guys there, I think. The two guards each pilot their own decently-armed escort ships, but the science shuttle is totally bare. So, you got any suggestions?"

2002-03-16, 03:57 AM
Banzai-Tron considered the situation carefuly before proposing his plan.

"Well, here's how it works. They outnumber us maybe as much as four to one so we gott either be stealthy or hit them fast and hard. Since it is a science outpost, they probably have state of the art detection systems, right? So sneaking up will be almost useless sicne they'll see us coming a ways off. And since the facility is likewise armed to the teeth, we probably should attack the scientists when they're onboard the shuttle. So I say we go for a good ol' fasioned smash-and-grab! We roar in, guns a blazing blow a hole in the side of the shuttle. We hijack the ship and it's scientists, take them all hostage, and fly off before the escort can respond. We'll need one guy on the attack ship and one to board the scientists' shuttle and take it over. Your ship is faster, so you'll pilot. Leave the scientists to me.
"Now, when is the next time they're due to leave the facility?"

2002-03-16, 06:29 PM
Axer checked his internal chronometer.

"Looks like they should be heading out in a few more cycles. But I've been observing their patterns for a while now - they always let the guards leave first. That way they can look around, check for bad guys like us that might be out to do something bad to their boys. The guard ships leave about a hundred cycles before the scientists do, so they should be getting into space... just about now."

2002-07-20, 06:02 PM
( Hey guys you didn't think you write this all alone did you. But I'll probly only be albe to write everyother day most of the time. Mabey more mabey less)

"Yo Nightbomb remind me why we're checking out a place full of dorks," Starlancer was just finshing packing for the trip.

" I see you pack all you things already. That's a change," Nightbomb sat down on Starlancers' bed. " They want us to make sure that nothing is going wrong down there. It's nothing realy. Just a check up. Now get your thing were going," Nightbomb got up and left Starlancers' room.

"This is not going to be fun" Starlancer grabed his stuff and went to meet Nightbomb at the dock.

2002-07-22, 04:29 PM
(OOC: *spits out his fizzy soda*

Blimey! I didn't even know this thread still existed! Um... Okay, things have changed a lot since this started. For one, my main NPC (Axer) has now been claimed and played elsewhere. More importantly, Banzai-Tron seems to have quite simply disappeared. Come to think of it, I rather miss the guy. Uh... Let me try to contact him first, then I'll PM you with the results. I'm going to temporarily close this thread, because I'm so darn confused that it's still here...)

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