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2005-10-23, 08:58 PM
Alright I know its a little late but it will be up soon. So for all those interested heres the preview.

Warzone is going to feature a few #1 contenders matches when Tempest squares off with Brave Max for a shot at the IC title and Ravenous Justice squares off against Murder Inc's Morpheus and Wild One for the spot in the Tag Title match at Autumn Annihilation.

Theres also going to be two title defenses as Divebomb defends his Intercontinential title against the returning Zarak while Bombshell will try to snatch the AWF World title for Viewfind.

And Reilly has decided that Better Than You will compete in a tag match against Sixswitch and Amarant Odinson and with AA just around the corner this could spell disaster for everyone involved.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-10-26, 04:30 PM
OOC: I got 1 question:

1) How many more shows until we get to the PPV?

2005-10-29, 05:39 PM
Just Warzone and then the PPV.

Commander Shockwav
2005-12-05, 05:36 PM

2005-12-05, 06:38 PM
That avatar just made me weep with nostalgia.

I miss JD.

2005-12-06, 01:47 AM
Originally posted by Divebomb
Alright I know its a little late

*checks date of post*

*checks current date*

Yeah, I'd say so.

2005-12-07, 12:14 AM
Um... am I on the show still?

2005-12-07, 12:41 AM
Heh, I rarely checked this section anymore. Man this should be retired! Or maybe the Admins would allow me to run this since I shall be free from the 13th. Hmm, any idea on who I should talk to?

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-12-07, 02:28 PM
You could run it Cloud and so could I very easily, wheather you or I could save it from rotting to death is the real challenge.

2005-12-08, 10:59 AM
i thinks you should PM either Ghostal or G91 about it. Something has to be done with the AWF.

I mean, its been a long while since we seen a show.

Cyberstrike nTo
2005-12-09, 03:15 PM
Originally posted by Extreme_Kup
i thinks you should PM either Ghostal or G91 about it. Something has to be done with the AWF.

OOC: I've just sent G91 a PM about that.
Lets hope for the best.
And BTW Cloud if you really serious about running the AWF send a PM to G91 about running the AWF please do so.
Let him know that there people who do care about it.
Also if you get the job no hard feelings.

2006-01-21, 03:00 AM
Are there any hardcore matches in Warzone? If there are any and if there are still some empty match slots, then count me in!