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2005-10-28, 11:19 PM
In the most populous of the world's cities, the streets are continuously abuzz for thousands of square miles. A nonstop stream of humanity surges from place to place, particles of consciousness barely aware of their own individual insignficance in the formation of compressions and rarefactions in the wave of life with the frequency of a heartbeat. Their massive towers rise in defiance of the myriad threats that have failed ever so narrowly again and again to wipe them out of existence, and the people continue to live, breathe, laugh, and procreate by remaining oblivious to the subtle but intrinsic (and, they have learned in recent years, humblingly primitive) defense systems that military men watch over around the clock at the city's edges... This is Tokyo, Japan.

2005-10-30, 10:45 PM
Hiroyoshi Tenzan was bored. He stood, as he always did on the late evening shift, by a door, in the shadow of the grand Imperial Palace. It was a great honour, his father told him, to guard this place, and he had always nodded and agreed dutifully.

He was still bored. His friends had all gone off and joined the army, something he'd always wanted to do. But tradition, tradition had him here, watching the shadows grow longer, watching his life slip away.

There was a crack from the distance, a sudden thunderclap. Hiroyoshi Tenzan scanned the skies. A storm hadn't been forcast, and the skies were almost completely clear.

Something caught Hiroyoshi Tenzan's eye, light from the nearby bustling streets glinting off metal. A plane, the homour guard thought... until it got closer. It was a tapered dart, he realised, unlike any plane he'd ever seen. As Hiroyoshi Tenzan watched, four wings unfolded from the craft, like a butterfly. As the ship approached, Hiroyoshi Tenzan thought it looked quite beautiful.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan was the first to die.


"Hit the ground running, boys," Blackjack yelled as he slammed a fist against the assault craft's door release. He lept out, drawing his rifle from subspace, firing wildly at a nearby group of men. The panicked Japanese fell, screaming.

Road Hugger followed, landing on the walls of the Imperial Palace. He swung a fist into the building, gouging out huge chunks of masonry from the ancient pagoda.

Hyperdrive transformed in midair, hitting the ground with wheels spinning, charging straight for the main gates. He barely registered the humans diving for cover as he slammed into the oak reinforced doors, splintering them.

A squad of troops sprinted out of a nearby building, rifles trained on the micromasters. Blackjack's face twisted into a sneer, and he marched straight toward them, their bullets richocheting harmlessly from his armour. With one sweep of his hand, he crushed all five men. "Road Hugger," he commed, simultaneously monitoring local radio frequencies, "plant the first explosives. Detour, take off. Go straff somewhere populated."

His patrol moved off to comply. "Lord Gigatron, landing site secured. Estimated time for local military response, 18.3 Earth minutes."

He continued firing.

2005-10-31, 10:42 PM
The traffic was packed tight, hemmed in on all sides by towering, neon-lit skyscrapers. Pedestrians, both native and visiting, took their chances, darting through the slow moving flow of metal. A brilliant blue laser bolt drew their attention, as it slammed into a building, sending debris down onto the streets. A second volley ignited a parked row of vehicles, their burning chassis smashing through the glass fronts of shops and restaurants. The people screamed and ran, the drivers abandoned their cars, as Detour maneuvered the attack craft around for another pass.


Imperial Palace

Blackjack watched as Road Hugger finished planting his explosive charge, and as Hyperdrive had his fun, playing a deadly game of 'chicken' with some humans. He flicked open his wrist communicator, ordering a report from Detour.

"You should see them run, boss! Hold on... I've got human aircraft approaching... two fighter jets and some unarmed helicopters..."

"Excellent," Blackjack grinned. "Right on schedule. Take out the jets, but leave the 'copters - I believe them to be documenting our attack. Let them."

He ended the transmission.

"Road Hugger, Hyperdrive... let's go."

The three micros walked out of the Imperial Palace complex, onto the streets, with only Road Hugger looking back - to set off his charge.

The bomb exploded, caving away half of the ancient stone Palace, coating the rest in an incendriary chemical that soon caught light.

Within moments, the structure was ablaze...

2005-11-01, 10:39 PM
The authorities were well aware, and (perhaps a good thing, perhaps one ugly) they were far from surprised by the event.

"General!" a radio operator cried. "They've demolished the Imperial Palace, and several more are on course! Bigger ones this time, sir!"

General Saisho was an aging man, but he looked young for late fifties. The lines in his face were tight and experienced, and his thinning, slicked black hair and mustache presented the look of a man worn but determined. He squinted at the monitors with a stoney frown that rarely left him.

"Evacuate the entire metropolis," he commanded gruffly. "Continue standard response procedures. Prepare the new weapons."

The radio man nodded and quickly tapped out a message. Every second counted...


Downtown Tokyo

The rumors flew, and each had a different twist, but they all knew better than to ignore the underlying theme: the Transformers were attacking again. Those in the streets rushed for any sort of cover they could find, while those working in the great steel and glass towers hurried to the evacuation subways that lined the entire city. The government had grown wise in cutting unnecessary losses in these situations, and they knew filling the streets of downtown Tokyo with millions would only be filling the barrel with fish.

It was with little satisfaction, then, that Gigatron crashed through the top fifteen stories of the Hybrid Technologies tower in hand mode, causing the windows to shatter and the beams to crumble on their supports. The jet fighters were already beginning to approach as the emergency sirens wailed, but he cared little. He needed to make a good show for the Autobots, after all.

2005-11-02, 06:13 AM
(OOC: Oh, giant hand mode! *squeals with glee*)

Dockyards, Tokyo

"Remain calm! There is space enough on the evacuation boats for all of you!"

If the police officer's shouted instructions had little effect on the gathered dockworkers and frieghter crews, Masao Tanaka couldn't tell.

A cargo-handler on a short-haul freighter, Masao rarely visited Tokyo. He certainly never expected to be caught up in one of the city's all-too-frequent monster attacks during one of his brief visits. However, he did his best to keep a level head. Panicking in a crowd this size, he knew, was every bit as dangerous as whatever monster, demon, giant robot, or mutant irradiated lab rat happened to be running amok.

The authorities should have whatever it is under control in a few minutes. They certainly have enough practice at it...

A growing murmur in the crowd attracted Masao's attention. Turning, he saw a...disturbance of some sort in the water nearby. Ripples, signifying something moving beneath the surface.

Something large.

Before he could say anything, Masao felt the dock jerk beneath his feet. Seconds later, it happened again. Only a few feet away, the dock was splintering.

Something beneath us, he realized.

A third strike, and a huge hole opened up in the dock. A massive, pink-and-blue figure shot up, landing in the midst of the crowd. Dozens of nearby people fell into the water, swimming for their lives. Masao was one of them.

Almost as if it didn't see the crowd of humans, the monster headed away from the dockside. Miraculously, no one was crushed as the snarling, crablike monster stalked off towards the city centre.

Buildings and vehicles, however, were not so lucky. From the dockside, down the streets of Tokyo, Squeezeplay left a trail of destruction that could have been spotted from orbit.

2005-11-02, 07:11 AM
Detour finished strafing the streets again, and pulled up, angling his attack craft towards the approaching fighters. He flicked the ship's sensors on, registering that the human aircraft were state-of-the-art, yet still no match for a Decepticon war machine.

The jets raced over the horizon, locking on heat seekers. The projectiles crossed the distance between the combatants in mere seconds - only to impact on the assault craft's energy shields.

Detour felt the vibrations from the explosions, but other than that, ignored them. He activated the plasma cannons, sending the jets scattering, one diving downwards towards the streets.


Road Hugger rolled his neck round, pointing his laser rifle up at the fast approaching jet, taking a careful aim. The purple mech ignored the humans running around his feet and pulled the trigger once.

The brilliant beam of red light impacted the side of the jet, hitting a fuel tank, causing the machine to explode spectaculary, raining fire and debris onto the square.

Road Hugger grinned behind his faceplate and commed Detour.

"One for me."

Detour sneered, yanking hard on the assault craft's controls, giving pursuit to the remaining jet. The Japanese pilot tried his hardest, dodging between the skyscrapers of downtown Tokyo, but the Decepticon effortlessly kept up with him.

The assault craft quickly juked right, rounding a building, coming at the fighter jet from the side. Detour waited until the last possible moment, his targetting HUD screaming status green, and fired. The jet melted as the plasma cannons cut into it, a charred husk impacting into the streets.

"One for me. Extra points for style, too."

Blackjack listened to his men's banter, even as he continued to blast at the retreating humans. Hyperdrive was doing a more enthusiastic job, he noted, laughing maniacally as he killed the insignificant beings.

Where are... ah, right on cue...

Blackjack strode towards the van that had just pulled up, a TV crew trying to get themselves set for broadcast. The female reporter screamed as he came near. The micro swatted her away and grabbed the now-running camera.

"People of Tokyo, your suffering is over. You are all going to die, and there is nothing anyone - especially the Autobots can do about it..."

The micromaster crushed the camera between his fingers, and went back to the mission.

If that doesn't bait the Autobots out, nothing will...

2005-11-06, 05:33 PM
With the second squadron of jets incoming on the horizon, Gigatron knew they had come for a show - and he'd give them one! He transformed to his jet mode, quickly picking up speed and rocketing directly toward the interceptors. One reacted quickly enough to get off a missile before breaking formation to avoid the fast-moving Decepticon, but Gigatron barrel-rolled like a lightning flash, and the confused missile sped on to impact a skyscraper, raining glass on the streets below.

"Ahaha! Your efforts at defense are only an affront to your dear civilians, pathetic fleshlings!"

Gigatron swooped back around in an instant, and before the pilots' neck-craning could bring him into view, he had locked on and fired a pair of missiles to summarily vaporize two jets. The remaining warriors attempted to retaliate, but it was only a matter of moments before the entire brigade was spinning aflame to the streets below.

Satisfied, Gigatron swooped down on the gates of the Imperial Palace and transformed to dragon mode. With his wings fanned ominously, one head spit a cone of flame indiscriminately across the streets while the other looked about for journalists.

"The Autobots are helpless against us!" he cried. "Humans, banish them from your world - or this city shall not be the last to suffer such a fate!"

2005-11-06, 06:09 PM
Blackjack watched as Gigatron took out a wing of fighter jets. The streets were nearly deserted now, the surviving humans having escaped into the subways where the micromasters couldn't follow. Hyperdrive had taken to kicking in shop windows, clearly enjoying himself.

He commed Detour: "Bring the assault craft down, Detour. My sensors are picking up human tanks approaching from the north. Let's give them a surprise."

Moments later, the metal craft swooped down between the neon skyscrapers and landed, just as the first rank of armoured tanks rumbled into view.

In his command station, Detour initiated the assault craft's transformation process, turning it into a bunker-style staging post, plasma cannons aiming towards the human military.

"Soften them up, Detour," Blackjack cried. "Road Hugger, with me!"

He transformed, speeding towards the tanks, Road Hugger pulling up alongside him. They both deployed weapons, even as Detour opened fire.

The tanks returned fire, but the micromasters easily juked out of the way. The plasma blasts impacted the tank's armour, weakening it. Blackjack and Road Hugger opened up with laser fire, buckling the armour further.

The lead vehicle could only take so much, exploding in an incandescent fireball.

Road Hugger swerved off, setting up another attack run.

"When are we gonna get a real fight, ha ha hah!"

2005-11-07, 05:00 AM
A line of police officers formed at the dockside, trying to contain the menace that had damaged several of their escape barges and placed the lives of countless citizens at risk. They took cover behind their cars, firing at the metal monster with sidearms, shotguns, and assorted other weapons. They even had a portable water cannon, hooked up to a nearby fire hydrant.

Squeezeplay simply laughed at their feeble attacks, then sunk his claws into the nearest police car. He hefted the vehicle over his head, then sheared it in half like a piece of stale bread. The remains of the vehicle, he tossed into the ocean.

Striding over the line of officers, the Headmaster continued past them, into the city. The cops tried to follow him, but a single smack of his heavy tail on the dockside sent them all falling backwards. The section of dock between him and the humans collapsed, effectively marooning the humans on an artificial island.

Squeezeplay took no more notice of them, simply continuing his wandering path into the city.

No mass murdering? Lokos asked, somewhat confused.

They aren't worth the time it would take to kill them, Squeezeplay explained. Few of your kind are.

2005-11-07, 10:10 PM
This wasn't going precisely to plan...

The Japanese tank division had regrouped and was, right now, bombarding the Sports Car Patrol's position, which was shored up only by the firepower of the transformed assault craft. And that wouldn't last long, as Detour was reporting that the ship's plasma cannons were beginning to overheat.

"Gonna need a plan, boss," Road Hugger growled as another volley exploded behind their makeshift barricade.

Blackjack ducked back down, debris raining down on him. "Our best current course of action would be to..."

Road Hugger vaulted the barricade, transforming to Sports Car mode, and headed, full throttle at the human battle line. "Aww, to heck with it - Hyperdrive, follow me!"

Blackjack watched his two troops charge out and shrugged, giving them covering fire as best he could.

The pair of micromasters avoided most of the human's panicked return fire until they were within close range. Then, Road Hugger transformed, his momentum taking him up and onto the tank's hull. The tank's cannon was halfway through it's firing procedure when 'Hugger yanked it sideways, sending the shell straight through the side of the next vehicle in rank.

Hyperdrive deployed his laser cutter and ripped up another tank's tracks before transforming and leaping on top of the vehicle. A number of swift punches buckled the top hatch, and the micro reached in, grabbing the human turret operator and tossing him to one side. He pulled one of the explosive charges from subspace and armed it, dropping it into the tank before transforming and heading on to his next target.

The tank exploded spectaculary, showering its colleagues with white hot metal shards. Damaged and decimated, the tank unit began a slow withdrawal...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-08, 05:15 AM
OOC: Thanks for telling me about Windcharger being added to the Autobot roll call.

IC: Windcharger made it onboard Skylynx at the last second before take-off, having to pretty much pull a 180 to get to to the Autobot transport.

"Almost missed my bus." He joked as he transformed back to robot mode.

2005-11-09, 04:26 AM
Over the Pacific Ocean:

Sky Lynx: "ETA Tokyo: 5 minutes."

Ironhide: -nods- "Big Daddy, you an' yer Micros tackle their micros. Catilla, you, Override an' Windcharger take on Squeezeplay. Quickmix, you an' yer Nebulan partners get th' humans outta th' area." -pulls energo-axe, activates it- "Me, Ah'm goin' Gigatron huntin'. Sky Lynx, after ya drop ever'body else off, come back me up. Mahght not need it, but jus' cause Ah'm brave don't mean Ah'm stupid."

2005-11-09, 11:33 AM
Over the Pacific Ocean

"Gotcha, 'hide" Catilla nodded, pleased his gun was in good working order and putting it in sub-space, then he patted his shell on the side.

It opened a second later and he got back in as it closed around him before he grinned while flexing his claws and his tail waved in the air "As the humans say, let's get ready to rumble"

2005-11-09, 05:27 PM
Over the Pacific Ocean

Override smiled to Windcharger and Catilla.

" Ha! Three of us versus one of them, I hope that's fair!", brawled the triggerbot.

" Or fair for us!", thought Override for himslef.

2005-11-09, 07:54 PM
Aware more immediately of the approaching tanks than the approaching Autobot shuttle, Gigatron transformed to bat mode (his dragon flames were mostly useless in the near-empty streets) and fluttered directly above the first line of sophisticated tanks. The drivers' shouts over the speakers and the aligning cannons were ignored, as Gigatron used his powers of suggestion to take control of a gunner's will.

The turret stopped and changed course, lining up on the tank next to it. Terror and an unpleasant judgement call caused the possessed turret to explode as the gunner in the tank behind assumed he was a traitor; panic and confused misinformation bloomed like wildfire, and in moments the entire brigade was opening fire on itself while Gigatron cackled from above.

2005-11-10, 02:09 AM
Sky Lynx

Big Daddy looked out the window to find out which Micros they would be facing.

"Oh, great," he muttered. "It's those guys again."

The others turned to look.

Greaser grinned. "I've been waiting to get another crack at them."

2005-11-10, 04:41 AM
Sky Lynx:

Sky Lynx: -thinking- "What do you mean, come back?"

Ironhide: -tabs door control, opening the main hatch- "Ain't it obvious?" -tabs control again, leaps out as hatch closes-

Sky Lynx: -dropping towards a nearby park and landing, opening the main hatch- " Is it me, or is he insane?"

Dropping towards Gigatron:

Ironhide: -panels on his back whir open, booster assembly hums out and flares, the jets slowing his descent, panel in right forearm popping open, drill assembly whining up and locking, drillbit extending and locking, right hand retracting, spray nozzle whirring into position, energo-axe in his left hand igniting, glowing electric blue, lands in front of(but a slight distance away from) Gigatron, knees bending slightly to absorb the rest of the impact, booster pack retracting into his back, drill spooling up to speed as he straightens- "Ah got a feelin' th' Imperial gardeners ain't gonna lahke either one'a us too much b'fore today's out."

2005-11-10, 07:07 AM
Dockyards, Tokyo

Squeezeplay looked skyward as he noticed the incoming shuttle. He glared at the familiar-looking figure of the approaching craft, a anticipatory fuel-lust in his optics.

At last, he thought, some competition!

The Headmaster hoisted a small car over his head, then tossed it into a nearby abandoned building. The vehicle crashed through the multi-story structure, which then began to collapse on himself.

That should draw some attention, the Decepticon thought grimly.

Here we go again... Lokos' voice said from the back of his mind. Squeezeplay, as per usual, ignored it.

2005-11-10, 08:55 PM
Blackjack paused for a second from firing at the rapidly retreating Japanese tank division as his sensors pinged internally.

Ah, right on shcedule...

He looked upwards as Sky Lynx made a pass, vanishing around the towering buildings.

"Sports Car Patrol, form up. It's time we gave ourselves an actual test."

He didn't bother comming Gigatron. Indeed, from the few encounters he'd had with the Decepticon commander, Blackjack expected he'd already sensed the Autobot's incoming presence.

"All here, boss," Detour pointed out. The yellow mech had left the assault craft on autopilot, chasing the humans.

Blackjack smiled cruelly. "All right, patrol, transform. Let's shake some dust..."

2005-11-10, 09:40 PM
Tokyo, landing Park

Override transformed into his bike mode, charged his twin particle beams and rolled towards the dockyards, where Squeezeplay drawed his attention.

" He's brave,Sky Lynx!", said refering at Ironhide's impressive landing, "Catilla, Windcharger, with me!"

2005-11-10, 11:38 PM
Quickmix rolled down the ramp looking for humans to save.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-11, 06:46 AM
"Brave is debateable." Windcharger replied too Override. He transformed into his vehicle mode and easily kept up with the Triggerbot.

2005-11-11, 05:09 PM
Gigatron turned his head at the sight of Ironhide's descent, grinning that the ploy had finally worked. He hated the thought of wasting time... He continued to flap his wings, maintaining his haughty elevation to look down at the Autobot.

"A lackey?" he sneered through his fangs. "Prime hasn't the courage to face me himself? Perhaps he is more wise than I had thought. Your demise shall be painful!"

Unperturbed by the respectable arsenal in his foe's possession, Gigatron transformed to hand mode and dove at Ironhide with extended fingers and malicious intent.

2005-11-11, 06:52 PM
The Hot Rod patrol followed Ironhide and the others out of Sky Lynx, heading straight for Blackjack and the other Sports Car patrol members.

"TIME TO DIE!" Big Daddy yelled.

2005-11-11, 09:31 PM
"Windcharger", asked Override, " this Decepticon is thought. Any suggestion about how to deal with him?"

2005-11-11, 09:40 PM

"How about taking him down hard and fast before he gets his claws on us" Catilla growled, appearing out of the shadows near Override and Windcharger.

2005-11-11, 09:55 PM

" Ok, here I go!", roared Override, who arrived at range to fire his weapons at Squeezeplay.

" Thanks Primus there aren't humans arround here.", he thought.

Override aimed his weapons and send a barrage of his twin armor-piercing, particle beam cannons, while he was rolling directly towards his enemy.

" Time to die, scum!", he brawled.

2005-11-11, 10:23 PM

Squeezeplay growled as Override's fire carved pockmarks into the ground around him. The Headmaster responded with a snarling lunge to his right, landing in a lot filled with parked cars.

Grabbing one of the cars with his powerful claws, the Decepticon hefted it up onto his shoulders and tossed it towards the oncoming Autobots.

2005-11-11, 11:47 PM
Ironhide: "Ah ain't no lackey. " -scowls- "An' whut're you supposed ta be, anyway? Awl thumbs?" -deactivates and subspaces energo-axe, pulling phaser rifle from subspace, aiming and firing at Gigatron, bringing right arm up, aiming and spraying a self-igniting napalm mixture at the giant hand-

2005-11-12, 12:32 AM
Blackjack hit the brakes, performing a quick 180-degree turn as the Hot Rod Patrol bore down on his team.

"Nice to see that Autobot wit is still as refined as ever!"

With that, he commed his patrol and the four micros headed away from the Autobots, back down the street.

"Let's see if the vaunted Hot Rod Patrol are as fast as their reputation!"

2005-11-12, 11:25 PM

Quickmix was wading through the press of humanity as it fled in terror trying to redirect it to safe zones.

"slag it I'm a Chemist not international rescue."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-12, 11:53 PM
"You try not to get squashed!" Windcharger replied to Override as he quickly transformed and snagged the car out of the air magnetically and flung it back at Squeezeplay, waving his hands in the direction he wanted the metal object to go.

2005-11-13, 07:09 AM
Squeezeplay watched dumbly as the car he threw at the Autobots changed direction in mid-air and headed towards him.

Move! Lokos mentally prodded his partner.

Spurred on by the Nebulan's instruction, Squeezeplay shoulder-rolled forwards. Transforming in mid-roll, he drew his freeze-beam rifle and fired a blast at the falling car. The metal quickly started to compress from the cold, and cracks began to form all along the vehicle's body. When it hit the pavement (only bare millimetres behind the Headmaster), it shattered into a million pieces.

Jumping up from his crouch, Squeezeplay ran towards his foes. His overrider rifle appeared in his left hand, and he fired a burst at Windcharger. Meanwhile, he fired with the freeze-beam rifle at the ground in front of Override, trying to send the Autobot into a skid.

That's better! Lokos' voice echoed inside his head.

2005-11-13, 03:07 PM
Dockyards, Tokyo

With a loud roar, a smilodon burst from the darker areas as Catilla charged Squeezeplay from the shadows on his right side, teeth and fangs flashing.

OOC: Has an idea on what she's doing, but your move, Warcry, ;)

2005-11-13, 07:26 PM
Override transformed into robot mode and, using the bike's momentum jumped over the freezed ground infront of him, landing near a pair of stationed cars. Then he saw Catilla charging Squezzeplay, and fired aiming the Headmaster's legs, trying to help the fellow pretender.

2005-11-13, 11:59 PM
Tokyo, Landing Park

Having chosen their target while still in the air, the Stunticons already had their guns out of subspace when they landed.

Motormaster grinned as he fired his atom smasher cannon at SkyLynx.

2005-11-14, 04:04 AM
Gigatron was able to juke away from the phaser blast, but his limited mobility in hand mode put him directly before the spray of the liquid blaster. He roared in frustration as he soared aflame over Ironhide's head, splashing down in a reflecting pool near the gate of the Imperial Palace. The water sizzled quietly for a moment before Gigatron erupted in dragon mode, both heads blasting flame plumes toward the Autobot.

2005-11-14, 05:11 AM

Squeezeplay spun sideways to meet Catilla's charge, shifting to crab mode as he moved. Overdrive's shots gouged at the Headmaster's thickly-armoured legs, but the Decepticon paid no heed to it.

Even prepared as he was, the charging smilodon still bowled him over. Knowing it would be only a matter of seconds before the big cat started in on him with it's claws and fangs, Squeezeplay tried to wrap Catilla up in a deadly bear-hug. Meanwhile, the Headmaster tried to bite down on his foe's neck.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-14, 05:48 AM
Windcharger had dropped to the left to dodge Squeezeplay's shot. He looked up and watched Catilla pounce on the decepticon. He needed to wait for a clear shot.

"Come on Catilla! Give him a good ol' thumping!" he called out.

2005-11-14, 07:43 AM
Imperial Gardens:

Ironhide: -dives to the side, feeling the flame wash over his legs as he rolls, nozzle on right arm retracting, different nozzle whirring out and locking into place as he comes up on one knee- "Look a lil' hot under th' collar. Lemme help ya with that." -sprays liquid nitrogen at Gigatron and the fountain-

2005-11-14, 08:43 AM
Quickmix spots the incoming Stunticons and charges towards them both Targetmasters in position and blazing.

2005-11-14, 09:03 AM
Quickmix's shots hit Breakdown, leaving holes in his armor and alerting the other Stunticons to the Autobot's fire.

Wildrider and Deadend turn in the direction the shots came from, then start shooting at Quickmix

2005-11-14, 09:10 AM
Ricochet grumbled over the com link

"mon dieu what were you thinking taking on a whole special team."

Quickmix swerved as chunks were blown out of his cab.

"Let's try to lure some of them after us at least if they are chasing us they can't hurt any humans.

Ricochet sighed "ma foi I wouldnt bet on it."

Quickmix swerved in a semi circle as he accelerated away from the 'Con's

"Don't worry so much I'm a chemist I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

The 2 Targetmasters whirred as they pivoted in their mountings to point backwards and fire at the hopefully pursuing Stunticons.

2005-11-14, 10:02 AM
Dockyards, Tokyo

The cat just stopped resisting as a yellow and grey mech stepped out of the shadows, his entire body tense as in slight pain, then whipped his gun out of sub-space and fired at Squeezeplay "Fell for it, didn't you?"

2005-11-14, 10:57 PM
Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -transforms and leaps, dodging Motormaster's shot, opening mouth and firing laser cannon back at the Stunticon leader-

2005-11-15, 01:41 AM
" Oh look, the knock-off is leaving" Wildrider said as he moved to follow after Quickmix, only to be stopped by Breakdown and Deadend.

" H-he w-w-wants us t-t-to go a-after him" Breakdown said, looking around very nervously and a bit in pain from the holes " L-l-let's m-make h-h-him c-c-come to u-us ins-stead."

" How..." Wildrider started to say, then when the answer to his own question crossed his circuits, he smiled.

Deadend watched as Wildrider aimed his gun at a more... human target.

Motormaster had expected SkyLynx to return fire, so he was able to partly move out of the way. The blast still caught the Stunticon leader on the side, leaving burnt marks and damaged armour.

" Waiting for a clue?" Motormaster asked Dragstrip, before firing his gun at SkyLynx again.

" Waiting for you to get recycled" Dragstrip said as he started heading towards the docks.

2005-11-15, 04:59 AM
Big Daddy and the others hit the ground, transformed, and sped off after Blackjack and the others.

2005-11-15, 07:17 AM

Squeezeplay felt his fangs bite into Catilla's shell unopposed as the enemy stopped struggling. The Headmaster turned around to see who was taunting him from behind (in the process, ripping a fair-sized patch of fur off of the non-resisting cat shell), just in time to be hit by the blast from the Autobot's air compression cannon.

Bowled over by the blast, Squeezeplay rolled away from Catilla's shell. None too happy (but so far only suffering from a few dents in his new, enhanced armour), the Decepticon saboteur rose in a crouch and glared at Catilla.

"Like my sometimes-partner Fangry would say...for that, you will die a thousand terrible deaths!"

With that, the Decepticon crab leapt towards the Autobot in the hope that his powerful legs would give him enough distance to let him land on top of his foe's robot form.

2005-11-15, 08:26 AM
Tokyo Dockyards

Not a surveillance unit for nothing, Catilla's optics narrowed as he observed the incoming mecha-crab and leapt out of the way as his shell collapsed onto the ground.

"A Decepticon with a partner?" the Pretender muttered, his mind flashing back to his own partner when they been law enforcement units, then on the Mayhems as he rolled along the ground, a result of his jumping clear before leaping to his feet and transforming to his tiger mode as the gun on his back hummed, powering up for another shot....

2005-11-15, 05:23 PM
Tokyo, Dockyards

Override run towards Squezeeplay to back up Catilla and his shell. When he arrived at range, he aimed carefully and fired a burst of armor piercing particle beams at the headmaster, adding his firepower to Catilla's and Windcharger's ones.

2005-11-15, 09:12 PM
Blackjack led his patrol east, away from the middle of Tokyo and onto the raised roads of Highway 9. The squad leader trasnformed, pointing towards the few abandoned cars that still remained.

"Quick, we have a slight headstart. Construct a barricade before those Autobot micros get here."

The patrol moved to comply, while Blackjack headed to the edge of the motorway, pulling an explosive charge out of subspace as he did. Crouching, he placed the charge and primed it.

Big Daddy and his boys will never know what hit them...

2005-11-15, 09:24 PM
Gigatron was not quite quick enough to get out of the water in time in his dragon mode, and the blast of liquid nitrogen quickly froze the pool around his feet. He snarled, one head bending down to spray flames on the ice while the other worked to distract the Autobot. Once melted enough to free himself, Gigatron transformed to robot mode, handspringing from the ice. He drew a sword from his back instantly upon landing and lunged forward to slash at Ironhide's midsection with a vicious sneer.

"Entertaining, Autobot, but futile!"

2005-11-15, 11:19 PM
Quickmix wheeled round

"slag who'd believe it a 'Con with some intelligence."

He extruded a nozzle on his cab roof and started spraying oil at the Stunticons. Boomer and Ricochet firing away at them too.

2005-11-16, 05:19 AM

Squeezeplay snarled as he landed outside of grabbing distance from Catilla.

"So I have a partner sometimes. What's it to you?"

You have a partner all the time, Lokos reminded him.

Quiet, you, Squeezeplay told his Nebulan.

The Headmaster jumped forward to avoid Override's particle beams (a task at which he only partially suceeded), then growled over his shoulder at the Triggerbot. "Stay out of this."

2005-11-16, 05:49 AM
Deadend, Breakdown, and Wildrider were expecting Quickmix to fire on them, so they mostly were able to dodged the shots. Breakdown got hit on the right arm by Ricochet's fire, causeing the Stunticon to lose most movement in that arm ( due to Ricochet's firing armour piercing exploding rounds.)

" Autobots are the ones with no intelligence" Deadend said as he fired on Quickmix, glad that he wasn't hit by the oil like Wildrider was.

Wildrider had turned from his human target, only to be hit in the side by the oil.

Dragstrip made it to the dockyards and seeing that the Autobot's attention was mostly focused on Squeezeplay, fired his gravity gun at Override.

2005-11-16, 07:07 AM
Imperial Gardens:

Ironhide: -backpedals, managing to avoid the slash, subspaces rifle, pulls out and ignites energo-axe with left hand, nozzle at end of right arm retracts only to be replaced by another, drill mounted on right forearm spinning up to full speed- "Weren't meant ta hold ya. Ain't never fought ya b'fore, is all." -waves axe- "Ah heard ya lahked melee weapons, so Ah grabbed one." -sprays molten lead at Gigatron, following up with a swing from the axe-

Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -dodges Motormaster's return fire gracefully, fires back-

2005-11-16, 12:23 PM

"Everything and nothing. Steadfast partnerships among Decepticons don't happen often" Catilla replied quietly, dropping into a battle-ready crouch with an odd expression on his face like he was remembering something, his gun powered up and ready, but some 'gut feeling' prevented him from opening fire, then he added loud enough for only Squeezeplay to hear "And believe me, I should know"

2005-11-16, 04:22 PM
Quickmix charged on guns firing , cab windows shattered, bits of his cab dented and blown away head lights shot out bumper crumpled . Fortunately a head on charge kept his vulnerable drum out of the way.

He changed the oil for a super glue which he fired at the 'Cons as he charged.

"eat glue Decepticons ." he yelled caught up with the moment.

2005-11-16, 04:38 PM
Big Daddy checked the road ahead, and saw that the Sports Car patrol had come to a dead stop.

"They're up to something," he said to the others.

"When aren't they?" Trip-Up responded.

"Yeah," Big Daddy agreed. "But this doesn't wash. Keep your scanners up. And be ready for anything."

The four Micromasters approached the Sports Car patrol's position, unaware of the danger that awaited them there.

2005-11-16, 05:56 PM
Tokyo, Dockyards

Override lowered his guns, confused with Squezeeplay's last words.

" Out of this? Or he wants to fight one-to-one with Catilla, like a warrior with honor, or he's trying to gain time and defeat us one-by-one. I bet for the last!"

But when he raised his guns aiming the Headmaster's legs again, he discovered a group of humans nearby, terrified and trying to hide themselves inside a small fish restaurant.

Override quickly aproached the humans when suddenly a shockwave pulled him violently to the ground. The wave was from Dragstrip shot, wich missed Override who in the last moment run towards the humans. But the tremendous gravitational waves affected the triggerbot, crushing one of his legs.

" Uh....nnh...doon't woor..ry, h-humans, I'll p-pro..tect yow..", was trying to say the damaged and stunned triggerbot, crawling towards the humans, unable to walk. The surprise attack by the Stunticon, despite scoring a direct hit, damaged baldly Override.

2005-11-16, 06:48 PM
Blackjack moved behind the two-high car barricade that Road Hugger, Detour and Hyperdrive had just finished constructing, giving a near-imperceptible nod to his patrol. Their position set, they all drew laser rifles from subspace and waited for the Hot Rod Patrol.

Eventually, the four Autobot micromasters came into view - quite cautiously, which threw Blackjack slightly.

Those mechs are normally more headstrong than Hyperdrive...

He shrugged, taking aim at Big Daddy.

"Sports Car Patrol, open fire!"

2005-11-17, 02:29 AM
This time the Stunticon Leader was expecting SkyLynx's shot, so Motormaster was able to dodge out of the way. Motormaster shot his gun at SkyLynx again.
Having been alerted (and in Wildrider's case, hit) by the oil, the Two Stunticons (Wildrider and Deadend) were expecting another chemical attack and had dodged the glue. Breakdown used his injured arm to block the glue. Deadend and Wildrider shot their guns at Quickmix.

Seeing his target was down, Dragstrip moved closer to Override and looked over at the less then inferiors the Autobot was trying to protect.

" Don't make promises you can't keep, lump and slab" Dragstrip said as he aimed and shot his gun at Override again, not caring if his gun's gravity powers pulled the humens apart as well.

2005-11-17, 04:51 AM
Gigatron smirked at Ironhide's words, as well as the thoughts lingering in his own mind. It was indeed enjoyable to engage in a fight that was not rushed - he relished a good dance, and a good dance takes time. At the sight of the slightest motion, he dove to his right in a one-handed cartwheel, his sword arm scrunching up to keep from scraping the ground while inverted.

"How thoughtful!" he sneered as he landed and threw an upward slash at Ironhide's left wrist. "Let's see if I can't remove it for you!"

2005-11-17, 06:35 AM

Squeezeplay closed to within a few paces of Catilla, but held back from attacking. The Headmaster held his claws up in a guarded stance as he gave the Autobot Pretender a speculative look. After a few moments, something clicked in the back of his mind.

"I remember you. You were with Carnivac, one of his Mayhems."

The saboteur seemed thoughtful for a moment, but it passed and his optics narrowed.

"You left. You betrayed your Decepticon brothers. Even if you weren't an enemy now, I should kill you for that."

However, the Headmaster made no move to carry out his threat.

2005-11-17, 07:24 AM
Ironhide: -swings energo-axe around, blocking Gigatron's sword- "Kahnda attached ta my hand." -sensors pinging, right arm nozzle retracts, only to have another whir out and lock in, right shoulder panel popping open, nozzle whirring out- "An' disarmin' conversation ain't mah strong suit." -shoulder nozzle and right arm nozzle spray contact-ignition napalm at Gigatron-

Landing park:

Sky Lynx: -dodging the incoming fire, fires back at Motormaster-

2005-11-17, 10:46 AM

"Best decision I ever made too, I was sick of all the death and suffering that we were causing" Catilla replied, remaining in a battle-ready position as he watched Squeezeplay warily, wondering why he wasn't attacking "I was originally programmed to be a law enforcement unit, not a mass-murderer. I joined the Decepticons because of Carnivac, he was my closest friend back then"

2005-11-17, 09:09 PM
(OOC Sorry for my absence i had no access to the internet for the past 3 weeks)


By the dockyard a small ship begins to wobble and sway before sinking below the surface, the one next to it does the same and then the one next to that and so on and so on. As the last ship submerges a large blue sea creature emerges from the water and clambers onto the land.

Submarauder may be late but he's still ready to fight, scanning the docks he sees a group of Bots and Cons fighting and noticing Windcharger is unoccupied he makes him his first target.

He charges forward with his sword in one hand and shield in the other.

2005-11-17, 10:51 PM
Tokyo, Dockyards

Override re-established his vocal functions and focused in his situation. He was injured by Dragstrip sneak attack, but he hadn't lost too many energon. Meanwhile the Stunticon was aproaching to the fallen triggerbot, some of the humans exited the restaurant and pointed towards the decepticon. Override remainded quiet on the ground, watching the advance of his foe using the blur reflection on the Restaurant's remaining shop windows.

" Get off here, friends", said in a mechanical japanese." Things are going to get worse 'round here."

When Dragstrip closed, raised his gun and pulled the trigger, Override ignited his " Override Gear ", a rocket-pack (normally in his bike form back, but in robot mode it was attached behind his helmet). This sudden burst allowed the triggerbot to evade the area affected by the graviton beam, like a jump pack, picked up the nearby humans and landed several meters from the Stunticon, behind the Restaurant.

" Take cover, hurry!", said Override droping the humans, the pain crossing his face 'cause his wounded leg. He was leaning on the Restaurant's rear wall, with only one of his guns still attached on his arm. Despite he used his rocket-pack less than 10 seconds, combined with the wound of his leg the energon reserves of the Autobot were depleting fastly.

" Well, it's seems you're the one who cannot acomplish his promises, uh?" said Override, cheking his internal systems for if he was still able to transform.

2005-11-17, 10:58 PM
In the split-second after the ooze began to blast from Ironhide's nozzle, Gigatron squatted low, narrowly dodging the bulk of the spray (some dripped onto his shoulder and wings; he squelched the irritation as the dots puttered quickly) that proceeded to combust on the concrete behind him. He laughed wholly and responded with a roundhouse sweep.

"Have you one at all? You seem skilled enough at destroying fleshling architecture!"

2005-11-18, 12:47 AM
Having not expected Override's rocket pack, Dragstrip could only watch as his shot missed and the Autobot's exit.

" I don't make promises to inferiors" Dragstrip said as he moved to get a better shot at the Autobot.
Landing Park

Motormaster dogded SkyLynx's shot as well, but the Stunticon leader wasn't fast enough to fully escape getting hit on the arm. His right arm's armour melted and cracked were the shot hit.

Motormaster shot his atom smasher cannon (his gun) at SkyLynx.

2005-11-18, 03:29 AM
Ironhide: -legs knocked out from beneath him, breaks his fall with his left arm, now down on one knee, right arm nozzle retracting, hand whirring back out- "If ya'll stand still long enough, Ah'll let ya get a real close look at th' axe." -fingers snap out straight, fingertips retracting, glue spraying out at Gigatron-

Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -barely dodges Motormaster's return fire, the beam scorching across one of his wings as he loops, returns fire-

2005-11-18, 05:02 AM

Although he couldn't tell why, Squeezeplay felt like he should spit out a firm declaration that he'd joined the Decepticons for the right reasons. He didn't, though. If he were being honest with himself, the Headmaster would have to admit that he didn't know why he'd signed up in the first place. His days in the gladiatorial arenas were long behind him, and he couldn't remember why the Decepticon banner had held such alure...but when Megatron had recruited so many of his fellow fighters, he'd jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else.

To cover his discomfort, the Decepticon growled, "Your taste in friends has gone downhill since then..." The remark was purely reflexive, though, and there was no venom to be heard in it.

The Decepticon couldn't control himself, then. Taking his optics off of Catilla, he glanced across the battlefield. He looked at the dead or dying humans scattered about, slain by his comrades-in-arms.

Whatever I signed on for, he decided, it wasn't for this. I was built to fight equals, not murder fleshbags.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-18, 05:44 AM
Windcharger swung around to spot Submarauder and shook his head.

"Not today." He put up his hand and magnetically grabbed a car behind the Decepticon and quickly pulled it towards the decepticon's rear hoping to catch him by surprise.

2005-11-18, 07:03 AM
Quickmix skidded to a halt as a stray shot from one of the Stunticon's punctured his front offside tyre.

He transformed and dove for cover behind a water tanker. Peering under the vehicle he continued to fire at the Stunticon's

2005-11-18, 02:54 PM

Submarauder was caught off guard as the human vehicle slammed into the back of his legs causing him to fall to his knees, he supported himself with his sword and used it to push himself back upright.

This magnetic freak may be able to control metal but he can't control fire

The pretender withdrew his shell and its weapons revealing his purple and blue robot mode, he then took out his torpedo rifle and with the other hand tore out the fuel tank from the car and threw it at Windcharger shooting it mid-air creating a spectacular fireball.

2005-11-18, 10:05 PM
Docyards, Tokyo

Override, still leaning on the wall, radioed Ironhide while walking, trying to interpose the Restaurant between Dragstrip and himself.

" Sir, the Stunticons are present! We're outnumbered!"

The remaining humans inside the Restaurant moved away from the fight, but a human teenager with a curious blue hair stopped near Override, picked a rock and throwed it towards Dragstrip.

" Oh no!", said Override. He added the humans improvised weapon with his remaining gun, firing two shots at Dragstrip, using the Restaurant as cover.

" Come here, punk!", said to the teenager.

2005-11-18, 10:14 PM

Catilla rose from his battle-crouch on hearing the tone of Squeezeplay's voice, then transforming back to robot mode and lowering his gun.

The Pretender glanced at the Headmaster for a moment before lowering his gaze, it was looking at himself before his own decision to defect and he added quietly "If you don't want to attack me, what do you want?"

2005-11-18, 11:17 PM
Landing Park

Motormaster dodged SkyLynx fire, then shot his gun at SkyLynx.

Some of Quickmix's shots hit Deadend on the front, making the Stunticon move back and causing his chest armour to crack.

Wildrider and Breakdown shot their guns at Quickmix, while Deadend looked around for some cover.

Override's two shots both hit the Stunticon, both caused holes, but in two different places (one in the left leg and the other was in the side).

" You really should train your...pets...better" Dragstrip said as he fired his gun at Override.

2005-11-19, 06:45 AM

"Who said I don't want to attack you, Autobot?" Squeezeplay's fanged visage curled into a smile (but not a friendly one) as he looked to Catilla. "Another time or place, it could have been an interesting contest."

The Headmaster's smile collapsed, and was replaced by a look of intensity...as if the saboteur had just made a very difficult decision. "But I'm done fighting without a reason. And this..." he swept one clawed hand towards the demolished human buildings, and the (mercifully few) human bodies scattered around the area, "this is no reason to fight. Not anymore."

2005-11-19, 06:05 PM
Gigatron sprang up quickly, only narrowly avoiding the glue as it spattered about where his feet had been. But he grew a bit weary of these parlor games and, spanning his wings to glide away from the glue spot below, He threw a fierce kick at Ironhide's head as he rose.

"I'll have plenty of time to admire it when it hangs on my wall!"

2005-11-19, 06:18 PM
As the Sports Car patrol began to fire, Big Daddy and the others began to dodge their fire.

"You're gonna have to do better than that!" Big Daddy shouted.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-20, 12:45 AM
"I said not today," Windcharger calmly said again to Submarauder. The small explosion caused by the fuel pump was easily avoided. The decepticon would have been wise to look for a car that wasn't on empty.

Windcharger quickly grabbed a near-by flag pole and broke it off javelining it at the Decepticon pretender hoping to skewer him from the side.

2005-11-20, 05:12 AM
Ironhide: -head snaps to the right, taking the full force of Gigatron's kick, rolling with it, sensors tracking, swinging energo-axe up and around, attempting to bury it in the back of Gigatron's leg with all of his strength-

Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -dodging Motormaster's return fire gracefully- "Isn't this exhillarating?" -fires back-

2005-11-20, 09:13 AM
Quickmix flinched as the tanker he'd been using for cover exploded above him showering him with liquid. He reached down and wetting his finger with it. He carried out a quick analysis.

"only water thank Primus but maybe hmmm I have an idea..."

He explained it to his 2 companions.

"so basically we charge them with the leaking tanker and hopefully they'll think its full of dangerous chemicals, theres nothing to indicate otherwise."

Boomer jumped in the cab and started the engine. The tanker started slowly but soon gathered momentum as soon as it was aimed at the Stunticons. Boomer wedged the accelerator with a bit of wreckage and then dived for safety. Quickmix caught him and retreated into cover.

He moved quickly into cover , this time crouching behind a one storey pavement cafe. He peered over the top firing at the Stunticons.

2005-11-20, 09:38 AM
Blackjack saw, out of the corner of his optics, Road Hugger put an instinctive hand on Hyperdrive's shoulder, forcing the blue micro to stay in place and not respond to the Hot Rod Patrol's taunt.

He took a brief moment to instruct his squad over their personal commlink, then all four micros opened fire again, trying to corral the Autobots towards the left side of the highway.

2005-11-20, 11:06 AM
Tokyo, Dockyards

Override hid behind the Restaurant when Drag Strip fired at him. But the Stunticon weapon was a powerful one, and the gravity-enanching gun smashed three quarters of the Fish Restaurant, erasing the cover for the damaged triggerbot.

" Uhm, time to stop hidin', scum!", Override said while engaging transformation. Despite one of his legs crushed, the still operative servos could withstand the stress of a forced transformation. Override changed to his bike mode, but his windshield appeared battered and mistransformed.

And, of course, the pain he suffered during transformation impeded any shot at Drag Strip. With a tremendous effort of willpower Override rolled again, surrounding the remaining ruins of the Restaurant and trying to attack the Stunticon for his right flank.

Meanwhile the japanese teenager hid behind a car, looking for new projectiles to throw at Drag Strip.

2005-11-20, 05:57 PM

Submarauder tried to dodge Windcharger's Improvised javelin but it hit him in his upper right leg, the javelin was lodged in the armour and had damaged some wiring in side his leg.

He let out a grunt of both pain and annoyance as he pulled it out and threw it away.

"I can do this all day, but can you?" he taunted the minibot.

The pretender used his impressive strength to lift up the car behind him and throw it strait at Windgharger.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-20, 06:51 PM
"We'll play a game, Decepticon. We'll see who can throw more things at the other guy. I see you started with a car." Windcharger reached up and stopped the car yet again in mid-air.

"I see your car and raise you another car and that phone-booth." Both the car and the phonebooth lifted off the ground and flew at Submarauder from different directions. He knew he couldn't keep this up forever, so just crush him now and be done with it.

2005-11-20, 07:11 PM

Taking a calculated risk and turning his back on Squeezeplay, his arms folded behind his back, Catilla was silent for a few moments, thinking of his own defection, then he glanced over his shoulder, replying quietly "Then leave the Decepticons...."

2005-11-21, 05:19 AM

Catilla had no idea how close to death he came in that moment. Squeezeplay was almost overwhelmed by an instinctive urge to rend the Autobot with his claws for daring to turn his back on him. Only with a serious mental effort was the Decepticon Headmaster able to ignore the impulse and fire back a verbal reply.

"And what?" he snorted derisively. "Run off and join the Autobots like you did, instead?"

Don't be so quick to dismiss it, Lokos warned him.

Quiet, you, the Decepticon snapped mentally.

It can't be any worse than rushing off to die so that Gigs can stoke his ego, the Nebulan thought tartly, can it?

2005-11-21, 08:33 AM
Landing Park

" I've had better" Motormaster said as he moved and fired at SkyLynx again.
Quickmix's plan might have worked if the three Stunticons didn't move when the Autobot targetmaster sent the tanker rolling at them. Wildrider, Deadend, and Breakdown transformed ( very slow in Breakdown's case, luckily the glue on his arm had dried), then headed into a more populated part of Tokyo. All going their seperate ways.

" Let's see if we can get that slagger to come after us again" Wildrider said over the commlink to his gestaltmates, then bursted out laughing.

" Not only are you a terran taint, but your an idiot as well" Dragstrip said as stood his ground and fired at Override again.

2005-11-21, 11:09 AM

Submarauder reacted quickly drawing his shield using it to block the phonebooth witch smashed into it harmlessly, the car was another matter though.

The car smashed strait into his back sending him crashing to the ground, the armour on his back was smashed in and the canopy for his submarine mode's cockpit was shattered though the car was in even worse shape.

The pretender weakly got back up and reengaged his shell hoping it would help repair the damage.

"Is that.... all you've got"

The decepticon spunaround, sprinted a short distance and dived into the water, a few seconds later he re-emerged holding one of the boats he had sunk earlier over his head the strain it put on him clearly showing.

Using all his strength he threw it at Windcharger.

2005-11-21, 11:20 AM

Catilla glanced back at the Headmaster and turned back around, the test, despite its danger, had worked.

"Didn't say you had to join the Autobots, what you do is your choice" he replied calmly "But if you're no longer happy as a Decepticon...."

2005-11-21, 11:07 PM

Override, now mobile, dodged easily Drag Strip's shot.

" I'm tired of your limited vocabulary, scraplet. Prepare to die!"

The triggerbot fired a volley against the Stunticon.

" I must end this quickly, or soon I'll we an empty wreck! "

2005-11-22, 04:10 AM
Not expecting Override's volley of fire, Dragstrip was hit by more te n one bullet, leaving more holes, cracks, and dents in the Stunticon's armour.

" You'll see the pit before I do, dabbler" Dragstrip said as he shot as Override.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-22, 04:47 AM
Windcharger groaned as he watched the Decepticon take all his effort to move the giant ship out and out of the water.

"I feel really bad for you, but." Windcharger simply stopped the large metal object right as it left Submarauder's hands and then let it fall only a half a dozen feet or so from where he threw it. "I gotta find me a smarter dance partner."

2005-11-22, 06:04 AM

"Happy?" Squeezeplay almost laughed. "Happy? What does happiness have to do with anything?"

The Headmaster knew that Catilla had hit the nail on the head, though...he wasn't happy being a Decepticon anymore. If he had stopped to think about it, he would have wondered how much of that feeling could be attributed to his Nebulan partner's influence...but, as per usual, he just barrelled ahead.

"And if not the Autobots, what? It's not like there are many jobs for our kind on this mudball..."

2005-11-22, 06:57 AM
Quickmix transformed and chased after Dead end guns blazing.

2005-11-22, 09:53 AM

Quickmix's shots hit Deadend's back window, trunk and bumper, leaveing the Stunticon's alternate mode with a damaged back end.

Without slowing down, Deadend spun around and started heading back towards Quickmix.

2005-11-22, 12:14 PM
Quickmix accelerated wind whistling through his shattered cab windows. His left wing vibrating where some of the supporting brackets had come loose. He aimed straight at the Stunticon weapons firing.

2005-11-22, 05:54 PM

Override only was able to dodge Drag Strip's fire engaging again his ' Override gear ', this time for the last time.

" If I use it again, I'll be out of juice. "

Override rorared, using the sudden acceleration to surround the position of his enemy and fired, this time against the base of a big cargo crane behind the Stunticon, hoping to bury the Decepticon under a pile of steel.

2005-11-22, 06:45 PM

Submarauder's plan to ware down Windcharger had back fired as he was now the one with low power and the damage.

"Fine, we'll do this the old fashion way"

The pretender charged at the autobot firing his torpedo rifle as he went.

2005-11-22, 11:05 PM
Gigatron was surprised by Ironhide's agility persevering through force, and so he was unable to reorient his legs in time to avoid the axe digging into the back of his leg. He shouted in pain, transforming to dragon mode as he fell through the remainder of his flight. He landed stiffly on his new legs, and one head snapped out to clamp down on the Autobot's arm, with intent of dragging him to the ground, while the other howled and reached with its teeth for the handle of the axe in its neck.

2005-11-22, 11:43 PM
To avoid the fire from the Sports Car patrol, the Hot Rod dove out of the way. Unfortunately, Trip-Up and Hubs dove towards the planted explosives, and were sent in the opposite direction.

2005-11-23, 02:28 AM
Ironhide: -still relying on his sensors(optics realigining themselves after the kick), grunts as Gigatron's dragon-mode teeth clamp down on his left arm, slammed to the ground, right hand clenching into a fist, drill on right arm spinning up to full, swings it at the dragon head biting down on his arm-

Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -dodges the shot, feints as if he's going to swing around, swoops down towards Motormaster, blasting away-

2005-11-23, 06:50 AM

Quickmix's fire went through Deadend's windshield, shattering it. When Wildrider appeared behind Quickmix, both Stunticons transformed and took their guns out of subspace. From two directions, they fired at Quickmix.
Landing Park

Motormaster didn't buy SkyLynx's feint, so he took a risk and moved. Thus SkyLynx's blast only glazed the Stunticon leader. Motormaster fired at SkyLynx.

Since Dragstrip's attention was mostly focused on his opponent, he wasn't expecting the pile of scrap to fall behind him. While it didn't bury the Stunticon, the noise it made caused Dragstrip jump in surprize and look behind him.

2005-11-23, 06:55 AM
Quickmix shuddered as the shots hit home . He acellerated aiming at Dead End aiming to ram him. Boomer rotated and fired at Wildrider. He also shot out a pool of oil from his rear nozzle.

2005-11-23, 09:50 PM

Override used the distraction provided by the falling crane to shot again at Drag Strip, this time aiming carefully at the Decepticon's head.

2005-11-24, 10:41 AM

"Everything" Catilla stated flatly "Unhappy troops could destroy or disrupt an army"

Looking Squeezeplay up and down, the Pretender added "You could come back with us, I'm not asking you to join the Autobots, but we can offer you shelter, it's your choice where you go though"

2005-11-24, 11:29 AM

Boomer's shots hit Wildrider on the torso, cracking his armour. Since Wildrider didn't move forward, the Stunticon missed the oil. Wildrider looked at the pool of oil and seemed to be considering something.

Deadend managed to dogde out into a side street before he got ran over by Quickmix.

Remembering were his opponent was, Dragstrip ducked almost to late. The bullet glazed the top of the Stunticon's helmet, even as the older holes in Dragstrip's leg and side protested the move.

Dragstrip turned sideways to look back at Override and said with a sneer " So you're not completely pathetic after all."

After saiding that, Dragstrip finished turning around as he stood up and pointed his gun over to the car where the squishy had ducked behind.

" But I'm still clearly better then you" Dragstrip said to the Autobot as he fired.

2005-11-24, 06:19 PM
The Sports Car Patrol continued their suppressing fire, as Blackjack waited for the correct moment.

As soon as Trip-Up and Hubs moved towards the hidden explosive charge, he pulled out the detonator. It was a shame Big Daddy wasn't in the direct blast radius, he noted with a shrug, but there'd be time to deal with him later.

Beside him, Hyperdrive was cackling, an always diconcerting experience. Blackjack pressed the detonator...

Unfortunately for both teams of micros, Blackjack had planted the charge right above one of the raised Highway's support beams. The sound of the concussive blast was overpowered by the protesting creaks of the concete roadway, as it slowly listed to one side...

2005-11-24, 07:06 PM
Quickmix dived into the cover of a multi storey car park. Screeching into its concrete interior , taking the height restriction sign with it.

2005-11-24, 10:48 PM

" You really believe you're better than me 'cause you kill humans? " Override said with desperation, looking helpless the destruction of the car and the death of the human with blue hair. " I'm going to stop you, maniac!"

The stress of the fight, the continued lose of energon ( now being stopped by his internals mechanisms ) and the structural damage were a pain for the brave triggerbot, but Override was determined to stop the Stunticon, even if it was his last action in live. He rolled at maximum speed in a straight direction towards Drag Strip, firing wildly the particle beam at his hated foe.

2005-11-25, 05:11 AM

Squeezeplay frowned awkwardly (his crab face not having been built to display any emotion other than rage) at Catilla.

I can't just go with him and get 'shelter', he told himself. I'm not just gonna sit around all day. He talks about happiness, but I won't be happy unless I'm busting heads.

Then were does that leave us? Lokos asked him.

Squeezeplay responded with a noncommittal grunt, then swept his glance across the nearby battlefield. His optics fixed on Drag Strip, and on the obviously-fearless Autobot who was trying to stop him from slaying weak, defenseless humans.

The Headmaster sighed with resignation.

"Does the Autobot gig pay well?" he asked in a weak attempt at humour. From the tone of his voice, his choice would be made obvious to the Pretender.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-25, 05:38 AM
"The old way appears to be just as bad." Windcharger gave a small grin and the torpedos quickly pulled a one-eighty loop and flew right back at Submarauder.

"Why don't you just be like Megatron and retreat."

2005-11-25, 06:51 AM

Deadend and Wildrider didn't follow after Quickmix, instead the two Stunticons ducked behind some tall buildings.

While Dragstrip had expected some kind of reaction from the Autobot for putting the squishy inferior out of it's missery, he didn't expect how many bullets ended up hitting him (leaving leaking holes behind). Even as the Stunticon fired back at Override and looked around for something he could use as cover, Dragstrip couldn't shake the feeling that there was a...possibility...that he was going to... lose... this fight (and he completly hated the idea of losing to anyone).

2005-11-25, 10:00 AM

Submarauder wasn't too surprised by Windchargers action nor too concerned, with the push of a mental button the three torpedoes exploded some distance from him.

Failsafes, never leave home without them

Having reached his target the pretender swapped his rifle for his sword and took a slash at Windchargers right arm trying to shear it right off.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-25, 06:52 PM
Windcharger had simply jumped back in between the time Submarauder detonated the torpedos (assuming he was behind them when they detonated, unless he was in the blast radius when he self-destructed them) and when he was supposed to arrive at the mini-bot, using his small size the created smoke as cover. He transformed into vehicle mode and quickly sped off towards the water line looking for something to use to his advantage once more.

2005-11-25, 08:41 PM
Quickmix emerged on to the roof of the car park and transformed. He limped over to the edge and spotting the 2 Stunticons below he knelt and aimed Boomer at them . Firing off a volley.

2005-11-25, 11:12 PM

Override dodged again Drag Strip's shot, but not as well as he would. The shockwave caused by the graviton blast damaged his left side, slashing the paintjob and ripping some of the metal components. Disadvantages of an high speed direct straight course!

" Argh... I don't want to think about my look, at least not now! ", thought the battered triggerbot.

With a roar of rage and pain, and still rolling at high velocity, Override surpassed the Stunticon. Then he turned back, firing again towards his enemy.

2005-11-26, 02:17 AM
Ironhide's drill bit into the densely armored fanning on the side of the dragon's head, generating sparks and a yelp as the teeth let go and the neck snapped away. The other head, suppressing the pain, succeeded in removing the axe from its neck and tossed the weapon aside into a building. Unattached to his foe, Gigatron transformed to robot mode with a sword drawn and slashed down at Ironhide's neck with a falling knee toward his midsection. The malice in his optics was sincere, but not as strong as the enjoyment of the dance.

2005-11-26, 02:44 AM
Ironhide: -rolls to the side, lurches up to one knee, chemical sprayer deploying from right hand, spraying liquid nitrogen as he pulls his blaster from subspace, aims and fires at Gigatron-

Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -swoops past Motormaster at top speed, flicking his tail, trying to strike the Stunticon in the back of the head-

2005-11-26, 08:57 AM

When Override past him, Dragstrip found that his past injures slowed his ability to turn around down, causing him to take the Autobot's shots in the side and part of his back. Dragstrip fired at Override once more, this time the pain from his wounds effected his aim.
Landing Park

Motormaster had been watching SkyLynx, so when the Autobot moved passed him, he turned and caught the tail in the face and part of the torso. In the end, Motormaster glared up at SkyLynx from where he landed with a tail imprint (and cracked) in where the tail hit.

As Motormaster fired at SkyLynx's back, the Stunticon leader was glad certain Decepticons under his command hadn't witnessed this part of the fight.

After getting hit by Boomer and having their shoulder armour and helmet start cracking, the two Stunticons (Deadend and Wildrider) transformed and drove far away from the car park.

On the top of the car parking lot; Breakdown transformed into his robot form, brought his concussion cannon out of subspace and fired at Quickmix.

2005-11-26, 09:15 AM
Breakdown's shot caught Quickmix in the chest blowing over the side of the car park. He tumbled and fell. He impacted in a park below , causing a large crater in the grass. He lay there unmoving.

2005-11-26, 06:13 PM

Submarauder emerged from the smoke to find Windcharger gone, he could hear the autobot speeding off towards the dockyard.

The decepticon pretender began to stork through the nearby buildings hoping to catch his opponent unawares.

2005-11-26, 10:37 PM

Override was surprised by Drag Strip failing shoot.

" What happens loser, you don't have more nasty words to say?", said the triggerbot with hate.

The truth was that Override wasn't in better shape than his enemy. Now he was rolling slower, he was in pain and even started to worry about his look.

"Blast it! I must stop this, right now! I'll try to force him to disengage combat..."

With all his courage, willpower and remaining skill he aimed and fired a concentrated volley on one of Drag Strip's arms, the one with the hand handling the powerful graviton-gun.

2005-11-27, 04:14 AM
Car Park

Breakdown looked down at the unmoving Autobot, then put his cannon back in subspace and tranformed. The Stunticon started heading down from the roaf.

Seeing the incoming shot, Dragstrip did the only thing he could think of and put his gun into subspace. Shortly afterwards, Override's shot hit the Stunticon's hand, turning it into something that looked like scarp metal, liquid, and energon.

Dragstrip looked at his now unuseable hand, then hatefully glared at Override. After a few moments of mental and emotional fighting, Dragstrip managed to say " We'll call it a draw...for now."

Without waiting for Override's reply, Dragstrip slowly transformed and left the dockyards.

2005-11-27, 05:48 AM
Landing Park:

Sky Lynx: -barrel rolling around Motormaster's return fire, feeling the paint on his back blister as he does so, catches sight of Quickmix in the distance- "There in a jiffy!" -loops up, lynx section boosting free, transforming to full lynx mode as the dino-bird's legs extend and talons flex-

Lynx: -lands lightly on a building roof, starts leaping towards the parking garage Quickmix fell off of-

Sky: -swoops down towards Motormaster, blasting at the ground at Motormaster's feet-

2005-11-27, 03:33 PM

"Well enough if getting paid with a nice feeling one gets from doin' the right thing" Catilla replied, a weak smirk crossing his as he slowly turned his head and watched the Stunticon leave suddenly before taking a couple of steps in Override's direction "I have one of my comrades to assist, unless you want to help us out too"

2005-11-27, 05:24 PM
The stress caused by the listing highway was too much for the damaged support beam and it crumbled, the entire road pitching suddenly and violently to its side, spilling cars down to the pavement below.

Completely forgetting about the Hot Rod Patrol for a moment, the four Decepticon micros panicked, turning as one and attempting to get away. One of the human vehices comprising their barricade swung out, catching Road Hugger square in the chest, and the purple mech fell, sliding towards the edge.

The highway jerked to a halt, knocking Blackjack to his feet. Detour paused, reaching back for the boss as the support broke a little more. Hyperdrive slipped, rolling back towards the others, barrelling all three micromasters towards the edge and over...

2005-11-27, 10:20 PM
Landing Park

Getting knocked off his feet again (this time with boiling paint on his feet and scorch plants where he had been struggling to stand) was not Motormaster's idea of fun. The Stunticon leader fired his gun at Sky.
Car Park

Breakdown reached the level where Quickmix had fallen, transformed and started moving towards his down foe. Waiting for a while to see if the Autobot or his Nebulon partners move, Breakdown took out the laser scalpel he had " borrowed" from Wildrider and knelt down besides Quickmix.

Grinning, the Stunticon began to cut one of the Autobot's optics out. It took a while for Breakdown to cut the wires and metal that connected the optic to the Autobot, but at last it came free. Breakdown put the optic in his subspace compartment, before getting ready to cut out the other one.

OOC: Before any one asks, yes I did ask for permission for the optic event. However whether Breakdown gets both optics remains to be seen.

2005-11-27, 10:58 PM
Landing Park:

Sky: -zooms past Motormaster again, slashing at the Stunticon leader with his talons-


Lynx: -lands on top of the parking garage, looks down over the edge with a look of confusion at Breakdown hunched over(and partially concealing) Quickmix- "I say, what are you doing? It's not like we carry wallets, so there's no profit in mugging one of us....." -raises voice- "Quickmix, old chap. Having a spot of trouble?"

2005-11-27, 11:12 PM

Override looked as Drag Strip abandoned the combat.

" Flee, you maniac! When we meet again, you'll be molten slag!", yelled de triggerbot.

" Just in time though, I'm feeling very bad..."

Override stopped near Catilla, and transformed back into robot form, very slowly, very painfully. He couldn't stand on his feet, so he sat on the pavement near a fallen street lamp. He picked it to use as a crutch, and began to check his crushed leg.

"Oh Primus, I'm in a horrible condition...look the paintjob, the scratches...no...", thought Override.

2005-11-27, 11:13 PM
Quickmix moans softly. He reaches up with one hand and sprays a fine mist of glue in the direction of Breakdown's face.

Ricochet brushed a piece of rubble to one side.

"mon dieu , what are you doing to my partner."

He jumped on Breakdown's back and started pummeling
him with his fists.

"Regardez everyone's looking at you even the traffic lights and the post box and that chien."

Quickmix groaned.

"I think some assistance would be a good idea at this time."

2005-11-28, 12:04 AM
Lynx: -scowls, linguistibanks translating- "I am not a dog. I am a lynx." -leaps down, lands next to Quickmix, sees the damage- "Great Cybertron......"

2005-11-28, 06:06 AM

Not exactly going to rake in the shanix on this gig, I guess...

Squeezeplay shook his head in answer to Catilla.

"Help you? No, not really."

The Headmaster transformed to robot mode (mace in hand) and jogged off towards the area where he saw the largest amount of damage had been done in the city.

"Smash Stunticons? That, I can do. Later."

Glancing from side to side, he tried to catch a glimpse of his former comrades.

(OOC: Now, where have Wildrider and Dead End gotten off to? ;) )

2005-11-28, 07:22 AM
Ricochet continued to thump Breakdown's back with his fists.

"I meant no offense , I was talking about that chien."

Indicates with his head a St Bernard that was sniffing round Breakdown's left leg.

2005-11-28, 07:38 AM
Car Park

Breakdown used his free hand to wipe the glue mostly off his face and tried to use the laser scalpel to flick the squishy off him ( the Nebulon hitting him didn't rate more then an annoyance, Breakdown had had worse beatings from his fellow Stunticons). When Lynx brought the Stunticon's attention to him by talking, Breakdown looked over at the cat transformer before turning back to his former victim. There was no way the slaggers were going to let him take the other optic...unless... Breakdown didn't know if that plan would work (it wasn't much of a plan, more like two sketchy ideas), but he might as well try it.

" P-p-p...perhaps now you'll keep your optical sensors to yourself" Breakdown said as he transformed, not caring if the Nebulon was still on him (or the dog was around him) and drove away from the Autobots.
Landing Park

Even Sky's claws cut through some of his torso armour, Motormaster used the Autobot's nearness to fire a few shots at Sky.

2005-11-29, 02:00 AM
In his crouch, Gigatron quickly rolled to the side to dodge the spray of nitrogen, but his disorientation brought him directly into the blaster's path, and the shot tore a precise hole in his right wing. After landing on a knee again, he growled at Ironhide, having had nearly his fill of fun with the games, and tucked into a forward roll. As his curled legs came up just past vertical, he extended them powerfully as a dual-legged uppercut toward the Autobot's chin.

2005-11-29, 03:25 AM
Ironhide: "Uh-OUFF!!!" -takes kick full in the chin, launched backwards, crashes to the ground a short distance away from Gigatron, sits up, fires at Gigatron again-

Landing Park:

Sky: -yelps as Motormaster's shots slam into his right wing, jets away, arcing up and over gracefully, opening fire again-


Lynx: "How badly damaged are you, Quickmix?"

2005-11-29, 07:19 AM
Quickmix runs a self diagnostic.

"mostly battered and dented some chunks missing from my armour, cab will need rebuilding, and that optic the scragging 'Con took."

2005-11-29, 02:17 PM

Catilla watched Squeezeplay head off to fight the Stunticons, then shook his head with a slight smirk, muttering to himself "Who'd have thought I could turn diplomat like that"

Glancing at Override, the pretender added "Need anything fixin'. I'm no Ratchet, but I do know basic repairs, something the law enforcement units had to learn"

2005-11-29, 11:02 PM

A battered and tired Override looked at Catilla starting the repairs on him.

" Thanks buddie, but I'm in a very bad shape. And my look is awfull, the worse of all my existence... "

He looked towards a distant Squeezeplay.

" You convinced him to join us? I can't belive it. I was going to blast him when that damned and coward Stunticon fired me from behind ", Override said while looking again at the pretender. " They're murderers, all those innocents humans death, that boy with blue hair, I couldn't save him..."

Some energon in fluid state fell from Override's optics.

2005-11-30, 05:06 AM

Not catching sight of any Stunticons or other miscellanious Decepticons, Squeezeplay started moving in a wide arc around the dockyards.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-11-30, 06:46 AM
Windcharger was taking a brief moment to catch some energy. He was keeping an eye on the Decepticon though. He peered around the corner at Submarauder and then quickly peeled away from the corner as quietly as he could. This one was as tough as he was stupid. Must be the pretender shell. Windcharger thought.

2005-11-30, 05:39 PM

Submarauder was casually walking down a street when he caught a glimpse of Windcharger in the corner of his eye, he continued walking as if hadn't seen anything but then stopped and faced the opposite side of the building the Autobot was hiding behind.

The pretender ran forward smashing through the side of the building, several walls later he burst through the other side and lunged at his opponent.

2005-11-30, 10:15 PM
Landing Park

Sky's return fire hit Motormaster on his upper back as the Stunticon leader stood up once again. Since he had been expecting some kind of attack, the shot didn't make Motormaster lose his footing, but it did crack. Motormaster shot his gun at Sky.

Wildrider raced through Tokyo's streets alone ( since Deadend is the closest thing to a medic the Stunticons have, he got to go help Dragstrip), laughing.

The insane Stunticon left quite a trail of destruction behind him, from crushed cars and dead bodies, to buildings with holes in them.

2005-11-30, 10:23 PM

2005-12-01, 09:40 PM
Aproaching Tokyo

Dogfight was arriving at Tokyo. He checked his weapons for the tenth time and guessed, for the tenth time too, if he was arriving too late to aid his comrades, especially Override.

2005-12-01, 09:48 PM
Gigatron hadn't quite regained his bearings by the time Ironhide fired, and so the shot connected firmly with his shoulder armor, juking him back abruptly. He sneered at the Autobot, his irritation fully formulating, and he dove through a sideways falling spin-kick, his leg coming across the enemy's torso to crush his chest cavity.

2005-12-01, 11:20 PM
Ironhide: -takes the kick in the chest, sent flying backwards, smashes through the fountain, skids several feet, tearing up the manicured lawn, sits up, lurches to feet, shaking head, sod falling from his back and shoulders- "Hyper-dense armor. 'S a wonderful thing....." -ignoring the warning indicators flickering in his HUD, starts forward, brings blaster pistol up, firing at Gigatron-

Landing Park:

Sky: -wincing as Motormaster's return fire cuts a furrow across his side, diving towards Motormaster, firing away-

2005-12-02, 07:05 AM
OOC: Optimuskids, err...the optic is in Breakdown's subspace compartment, not dashboard.

Breakdown sighed as he felt the pulses surged across his link to subspace, while it wasn't shocking him (yet), it was giving him a headache. The Stunticon wasn't looking forward to having to take his gun out of subspace until the electrical impulses calmed down...and hoped that his gun's amo (or power source) didn't explode.
Landing Park

Motormaster dodged Sky's shot and then, fired his gun at Sky.

2005-12-02, 07:22 AM
(ooc shame wanted to freak him out with a disembodied optic.)

Quickmix staggered a little . His hand going up to cover his face.

2005-12-02, 06:38 PM
The piles of rubble that were once Highway 9 started to shift, eventually becoming a minor landslide, as a single, battered purple arm punched its way out. Pushing the concrete slabs away, Road Hugger climbed out and brushed himself down, although, because of the fall and the burial, it was a token gesture at best.

He reached back, grabbing Blackjack, and hauled the leader out of the wreckage as well. The micromaster patrol leader was immediately on his feet, laser blaster in hand, scanning the debris for any sign of the Hot Rod Patrol, while Road Hugger searched for Detour and Hyperdrive.

Blackjack paused in his sweep, his radar picking up an incoming signal. Looking up, he spotted a speck in the sky which rapidly showed itself to be an incoming Dogfight. He gave a single shout to the rest of his patrol, then opened fire at the Autobot.

2005-12-02, 10:22 PM
Tokyo, above

Dogfight arrived at Tokyo obviously at high speed, scanning for Override. He found him near the Dockyards, and turned towards that direction. He detected several Decepticon energon signatures too, at time to dodge easily some AA fire from a ruined highway.

" Ah, blasted Micros, fight with one of your league! I haven't time for you! ", said Dogfight leaving the highway and arriving quicly at the Dockyards, transforming into robot mode while he was landing, infront of a stunned Override and Catilla.

" Hello buddie, you looked better in Metroplex' junk pile! "

Override looked at his friend, with shame in his face.

" Dogfight, I'm slag scrap metal. Look at me...", said with a pitiful tone of voice. " Look at my leg..."

" Aw, don't be like that again! You survived a Stunticon ambush, and when we'll arrive at base, you'll be fully repaired!", then Dogfight looked at Catilla.

" What's the situation of the battle? And, how is his status?", said sowftly pointing at Override.

2005-12-03, 04:59 AM
Big Daddy had managed to avoid getting pinned under the rubble, but the other members of the Hot Rod patrol had gotten caught under.

Moving to a spot where he could avoid getting seen by the Sports Car patrol, he started to dig his friends out.

2005-12-03, 05:39 AM

Still on the prowl for Stunticons, Squeezeplay caught sight of a human pinned under a pile of rubble nearby. His first reaction, honed by years as a Decepticon soldier, was to smash the puny creature to a fine paste with his mace. However, he quickly silenced the urge.

Pointless, he thought to himself. The creature will die soon enough as it is.

Not if you save him, Lokos' disembodied voice said.

Why would I want to do that? Squeezeplay's confusion was genuine.

If nothing else, Lokos told him, it would give you credability with the Autobots.


Bending over, Squeezeplay easily hoisted the chunk of debris off of the fleshling. It tried to crawl away, but the Headmaster scooped it up as gently as his massive hands would allow.

"Don't worry," he told it. "I...won't hurt you."

But then another thought entered his mind.

What will I do with it?

When no answer presented itself, the saboteur headed back towards Catilla and the other Autobots, the wounded human cradled in one of his hands.

2005-12-03, 03:13 PM

"I noticed, these will see ya back to base where you can get some real medical attention. Oh, and don't develop a Tracks syndrome on me" Catilla replied, suddenly pausing in repairs, stung slightly by Override's words as he had been thinking of his own past as a Decepticon, adding gruffly "Nice to see those willing to quit the 'Cons and join the Autobots in search of some sort of redemption actually make such an impression"

Then the pretender addressed Dogfight as the flyer transformed and landed, nodding before replying, glancing over at the approaching Squeezeplay "Overide here will live, and not sure how the others are faring, but we got a new recuit"

2005-12-03, 11:32 PM

Dogfight looked at the direction Catilla was pointing, and he saw Squeezeplay.

" A Decepticon! ", yelled Dogfight, not listening at Catilla's comment about " a new recruit ".

He transformed into jet mode and flyed towards the incoming (ex-)Decepticon at full speed, arming his missiles and ready to fire when he dicovered a wounded human in one of Squeezeplay's hands.

" You scrapface, don't hurt him! Drop ( with care) this human at once! "

Meanwhile Override glanced Catilla, unsure about exactly what thing to say. For him was hard to belive that a Decepticon could really turn sides, but in fact he was more concerned about his wounds and bad appearence.

" Eh, thanks for the field repairs...", muttered Override in a low and silly voice.

2005-12-04, 06:24 AM

Squeezeplay favoured Dogfight with a withering glare, certain that the Autobot would never attack him while he carried an innocent human in his grasp.

"I intend to."

Taking several more paces, he called out to Catilla, "Ask your flying associate to stop threatening me and conduct this," he gestured to the wounded human he was transporting, "to the nearest repair facility." Then, almost as an afterthought, he added, "Please."

2005-12-04, 08:59 AM
There was little Blackjack could do as Dogfight passed overhead and jetted towards the city outskirts.

Never mind, he thought. The others will take care of him soon enough.

The patrol leader turned back to Road Hugger, who had located the other two members of the Sports Car Patrol, and was in the process of digging them out of the rubble.

"Y'know, boss," Road Hugger growled as he pulled a heavily damaged Detour to freedom, "next time you want to blow something up, leave it to the experts."

"Agreed," Blackjack conceeded with a nod. "Now hurry up and find Hyperdrive, then we can go looking for the corpses of Big Daddy and his mob."

2005-12-04, 11:46 AM

Dogfight circled Squeezeplay and transformed back to robot mode near him, pointing his fusion blasters at him, but with not intention to shot.

" I think I'm missing something...", said to Catilla.

2005-12-04, 03:49 PM

"Welcome. Now Wait right here" Catilla replied gruffly, then he moved towards the other two transformers.

From bitter experience, he knew someone had to try and be friendly towards the now former Decepticon to make his defection easier.

"Stand down, Dogfight" the pretender called, slowly coming behind the flyer "Squeezeplay defected, and getting the human some medical attention should be our main concern"

2005-12-04, 04:21 PM

Dogfight watched Squeezeplay while Catilla explained him the defection of the headmaster.

" Defection?", repeated incredously the flyer. " Well, I trust Catilla, but I think I wont show you my back. " He turned then at Override.

" Pal, I'm going to find the other Stunticons." He looked Catilla again. " I believe the only chance to avoid them to merge into Menasor is to destroy some of the limbs separately."

He transformed into jet mode but, before leaving, he looked at the former Decepticon.

" Sure my buddie Override and Catilla can stay here with the human. Do you want a good opportunity to become an Autobot? Come with me and hunt down some Stunticon's."

" Specially Drag Strip, who killed the young human...", Override added.

" Let's move!", yelled Dogfight taking off. " We're running out of time!"

2005-12-04, 05:22 PM
While his foe slid across the park, Gigatron took to a charge to keep him disoriented. At the sight of Ironhide's blaster raising again, Gigatron dove through a spin in the air, the bolt just scorching a line across the small of his back. As his forward momentum brought him into range, he extended his leg again to launch the Autobot forcefully toward the remains of the Imperial Palace.

"Decepticons," he radioed as the skirmish raged, unaware of the happenings across the city. "Status report."

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-12-04, 05:50 PM
Windcharger reacted quickly to the sound of the crashing walls and backed away from the wall he was standing infront of. He looked around quickly and didn't see anything to really use. He had a metal fire-escape and a garbage can. If he can get him under the fire-escape.

As the Submarauder lunged at Windcharger he was ready he jumped out of the way so that Windcharger was under the fire escape. He fired a couple shots from his small weapon, but that was just to get the pretender to chase.

2005-12-04, 07:25 PM
Road Hugger and Detour were busy digging out Hyperdrive (the blue mech complaining loudly, when Blackjack's comm went off.

"Lord Gigatron," he began, "Sports Car Patrol reporting in. Have engaged an Autobot Micromaster patrol. We also spotted a new arrival, Autobot designation Dogfight. He may be the first wave of approaching reinforcements."

Hyperdrive was eventually freed, the blue mech clambering to his feet, pushing his comrades aside in irritation. The patrol weren't at 100%, but they were near enough, considering.

"Awaiting further orders, over."

2005-12-05, 01:38 AM
Ironhide: -sent flying backwards again, crashing through the outer wall of the palace, smashes through the main building of the palace, building collapsing in on him, feet only part of him sticking out of rubble, groans, voice muffled by debris- "Shoulda jus' sent Godzilla in. Be less damage. Big ol' lizard never come ta this part'a town......." -checking his damage readout, sits up wearily, noting that his transform circuits are offline and his chemical mixers are flickering between online and offline, glares over at Gigatron- "Ya realize Ah'm makin' sure yer gettin' th' bill fer awl'a this damage." -lurches to feet, subspaces blaster pistol, pulls phaser rifle, looks through sights, activates commlink as he fires- "Yo, Autobots. Gimme a sit-rep."

Landing Park:

Sky: -dodges Motormaster's return shot, blowing by the Stunticon at full speed, once again trying to slap him in the back of the head with his tail, activates commlink- "Singed but undamaged, Ironhide. Which is not surprising, concidering my superior abilities."


Lynx: -activates commlink- "I, too, am undamaged. Which is not surprising, concidering my superior abilities as well."

2005-12-05, 04:56 AM
Big Daddy, overhearing Hyperdrive, leaned against the debris, hoping to remain unnoticed.

2005-12-05, 05:16 AM

Squeezeplay laid the human down at Catilla's feet, still unsure why he'd gone to the trouble of rescuing it in the first place. The Headmaster's voice dropped to a whisper.

"Could you see to him? Your friend seems to want to test me..."

He glanced after Dogfight, and spoke more loudly.

"I like the sound of that. I'll be there in a minute."

2005-12-05, 05:44 PM
Submarauder moved slightly to one side to ovoid Windcharger's shots, he then glared at the autobot with his angry red eyes.

The anger then began to drain away as his eyes returned to there normal purple-colour, the pretender then began to slowly back away before turning around and jogging to the edge of the dockyard and diving into the water.

2005-12-05, 08:59 PM
Tokyo, above

Dogfight was flying over Tokyo's streets when he discovered Wildrider, ravaging the city. He discovered too the Stunticon leader, Motormaster on a nearby park. He radioed Squeezeplay.

" Squezzeplay, you can find some of your old friends near the dockyards. Motormaster is near, on a park in this coordinates."

He send the exact coordinates to the headmaster but then he received Ironhide's transmission.

" Uh-oh, first boss meeting..."

He replied Ironhide's message.

" Here Dogfight. My status is ok, I've already arrived to support you. But Override is badly damaged after figting a Stunticon. I've detected another, so I'm initiating combat. Dogfight out."

And the flyer triggerbot changed course and pointed his nosecone towards Wildrider, passed him, transformed into robot mode just infront of the incoming decepticon and fired his fusion blowtorch blasters at the Stunticon.

" Surprise! "

2005-12-05, 09:17 PM

"Of course" Catilla replied, bending to gently scoop the human up in one hand, then he glanced over at Override, adding "You think you'll be ok while I go find a medical team?"

2005-12-05, 09:28 PM

Override looked at Catilla and the wounded human.

" Yeah...I'll be fine. Take care of him. "

2005-12-05, 10:58 PM
"Continue maneuvers," Gigatron radioed back to Blackjack as he transformed to racer mode. "Keep the Autobots occupied as long as possible."

With his concentration split, the distance long, and his vantage low, Gigatron only realized Ironhide had fired when the shot pierced his front right tire, causing an instant blowout and making him swerve violently across the torn grass. It was no concern, as he'd closed much of the distance with his strong acceleration, and he transformed again to robot mode to dive at his single-serving counterpart with an extended fist and a snarl on his face.

2005-12-06, 03:37 AM
Ironhide: -moves slightly to the side, Gigatron's fist scraping across the side of his head, brings his left hand up to brace Gigatron's shoulder, brings right fist up, drill on right forearm spinning, trying to drill into the Decepticon leader's abdomen and throw him in a modified judo throw-

2005-12-06, 07:14 AM

Squeezeplay nodded his thanks to Catilla, then replied to Dogfight.

"I'm on my way." He grinned, although he doubted the Triggerbot would know that. "Try not to kill 'em all before I get there, though. I can't run as fast as you fly."

However, he did his level best to try as he took off towards the coordinates that Dogfight had sent.

2005-12-06, 07:06 PM
"Affirmative, my Lord." Blackjack clicked off his radio link and ordered his patrol to fall in. None of the mechs looked very happy at the moment.

"Alright team, by the numbers. Road Hugger, Detour, flank left. Hyperdrive, with me on the right. We'll find those slagging Autobot micros."

The Sports Car Patrol moved off in two groups, sweeping the rubble for any sign of the Hot Rod Patrol.

2005-12-06, 10:00 PM
As the Sports Car patrol began to dig through the rubble, Big Daddy leapt from his hiding space, tackling Road Hugger to the ground.

2005-12-06, 10:18 PM
Road Hugger was knocked back by Big Daddy's tackle, his back impacting hard on a wall of rubble, his gun scattering away. He made a grab towards the Autobot's wrists, hoping to get control of him that way.

Detour spun, hearing the commotion behind him, bringing his weapon to bear - but he couldn't fire yet, not when there was a good chance he'd hit his own teammate instead.

2005-12-07, 06:21 AM
Landing Park

Motormaster ducked as quickly as he could with his ingures, but Sky's tail still managed to bump his head. From his crutched, Motormaster shot atSky again.

Dogfight's shots scorched the Stunticon's hood ( it also caused some cracks to form on it) and broke his wind shield. Wildrider laughed as he increased his speed, clearly planning on ramming into (or maybe even running over) Dogfight.

2005-12-07, 08:01 PM
Gigatron surveyed the threat quickly, realizing he could only move one way or the other to avoid one attack, and decided he would have better luck with the martial arts than the drill. As Ironhide threw him to the ground, he quickly collapsed into a backroll. As one foot touched the ground, he sprang up rapidly, his other leg extending skyward to uppercut Ironhide's jaw while his arms fanned out for balance and, though he wouldn't say so, dramatic effect.

2005-12-07, 09:12 PM

"Keep your comm-link open though" Catilla replied with a nod at Override, quickly adding "And give me a holler if trouble comes your way"

Then he was gone, striding off to find a hospital....

2005-12-07, 11:01 PM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight was ready for Wildrider's move and engaged his jet thrusters, flying over the Stunticon and landing behind him.
At the same time Dogfihht lowered his two arms, trying to use his serrated wingtips to cut through an over-accelerated Wildrider's roof armor.



Override looked Catilla's departure, and activated his com-link. When he was alone, he picked the street lamp and, using it as a crutch, he got up from the ground. With a considerable effort, he walked towards the ruins of the Fish Restaurant, trying to recover his lost gun.

2005-12-08, 12:18 AM
Ironhide: -takes the kick to the chin, knocked backwards, shakes head, reaches out to grab Gigatron's extended leg-

Landing Park:

Sky: -dodges the blast, looping up, arcing around to fire back at Motormaster-

2005-12-08, 05:23 AM

Dogfight's wing tips cut through Wildrider's roof armour. With out really slowing down, Wildrider turned, then transformed and brought out his gun out of subspace.The Stunticon shot his scattershot gun atDogfight.
Landing Park

Motormaster dodged Sky's shot at fired his gun at Sky.

2005-12-08, 05:24 AM
Though Gigatron saw he certainly could have outmatched Ironhide's agility, he allowed his foe to make purchase on his ankle. Using the connection as a fulcrum, he rapidly followed up by leaping into a sidekick with his free leg, aiming to knock the Autobot's head square off his shoulders.

2005-12-08, 06:50 AM
Streets, Tokyo

Squeezeplay could see Dogfight and Wildrider fighting as he moved deeper into town, and the battle between Motormaster and Sky was so obvious that a blind man would have seen it. However, the other Stunticons were nowhere to be seen.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, the Headmaster thought to himself. After all, they don't know that I've stabbed 'em in the back yet.

With a 'what could it hurt?' shrug, the ex-Decepticon called out, "Hey Dead End! Drag Strip! You guys around?"

2005-12-08, 08:14 AM
Ironhide: -does a half spin(to gain a little momentum) to fling Gigatron, lets go og Gigatron's foot, winds up taking Gigs' foot across the face, spun around the other way, falls over, shaking his head-

Landing Park:

Sky: -dodging and blasting at Motormaster-

2005-12-08, 10:28 AM
Quickmix if he had been human would have blanched. He staggered and collapsed.

2005-12-08, 11:30 AM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight rolled, trying to evade as many laser shots as possible. Despite all his agility, armor and skill, one of the shots destroyed his right blowtorch fusion blaster, and several more scratched his body.

" Blast it! Can't this Stunticons have normal weapons? "

With a sudden move, he fired one of his right shoulder- mounted missiles, and also send a volley from his left shoulder-mounted gatling machine-gun towards Wildrider.

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-12-08, 03:29 PM
Windcharger let out a large sigh of relief. "That was close." He said to himself before turning around and transforming into vehicle mood and driving back to the main part of the dockyards where he had started with Catilla.

"Windcharger to any Autobot. What is happening around here?"

2005-12-09, 04:37 AM
Tokyo, Streets

Wildrider dogded the missiles, but moved right into the volley of machine gun bullets. They left leaking holes in the Stunticon's torso. WIldrider shot his gun at Dogfight.
Landing Park

Not dodging fast enough, Sky's fire nicked Motormaster on the upper arm and shoulder, melting the paintand scorching the armour. Motormaster fired back at Sky.
Having heard Squeezeplay's call for Dragstrip and Deadend from where Breakdown was ...waiting... for the electrical pulses ( from the optic) to stop. If what the Headmaster wanted wasn't worth doing, then Breakdown would not risk getting shocked to do it. Still, it never hurt to ask...

" T-they're a bit too busy to answer you right now" Breakdown said over his commlink to Squeezeplay " b-but if you w-would like to leave a-a message, I'm s-sure they'll get back to you as soon as they can...i-if they feel like it."

2005-12-09, 05:07 AM
Lynx: -activates commlink- "I read you, Windcharger. Quickmix is injured and down. Ironhide is still fighting Gigatron. My aerial component is engaging Motormaster. I do not know how our comrades are faring."

Sky: -gracefully dodging Motormaster's return shot, dives down again, blasting away at the Stunticon's feet-

2005-12-09, 11:16 PM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight transformed into jet mode as soon as he delivered his last salvo towards Wildrider, so when the Stunticon fired the second time, Dogfight was engaging his thrusters taking off to the air. This sudden manouever allowed him to evade almost all the incoming fire, but one shot damaged his nosecone landing gear ( OCC: I mean one of the wheels ).

" We'll see how this Stunticon fights a flyer'bot! ", thought Dogfight while accelerating and pointing his guns towards Wildrider.

2005-12-10, 12:43 AM
Gigatron accepted the throw less gracefully than he had hoped, and he found himself scattering across the charred and torn grass on his back. When he came to a stop, he wasted no time in rolling back into a double-back-handspring, which he capped with a double-footed kick toward where he hoped (for, travelling backward and somersaulting so, it was difficult to tell) Ironhide's chest would be.

2005-12-10, 01:51 AM
Ironhide: -lurches to feet, only to be knocked forwards as Gigatron's feet slam into his back, uses the momentum to fall into a forward roll, comes back up on one knee facing Gigatron, pushes off the ground, leaping at the Decepticon leader-

2005-12-10, 06:32 AM
Streets, Tokyo

"Too busy?" Squeezeplay huffed like he often had seen Ratbat do when the vermin had been insulted by one of his underlings. "We're in the middle of a battlezone, Autobots swarming everywhere. What could they possibly be busy at, Breakdown?"

I really have to work on my acting, the Headmaster thought to himself.

2005-12-10, 07:19 AM
Landing Park

Sky's shot scorched the ground and Motormaster's feet (as well as cracking the Stunticon's foot armour). Motormaster fired his gun at Sky.
Tokyo, Streets

Noticing where he was standing, Wildrider descide it would be a good idea to move away from where Dogfight's guns were pointing. As he moved, Wildrider kept firing his gun at Dogfight.

"Really, I hadn't notice" Breakdown replied sarcastically over his commlink to Squeezeplay " I-if you most know, Deadend is h-helping Dragstrip patch up a few... leaks."

Or trying to descide weither to kill Dragstrip himself and then blame an Autobot for doing it, Breakdown thought.

2005-12-10, 11:15 PM
Tokyo, Streets

This time Dogfight dodged all of Wildrider incoming shots, thanks to his superior speed and the excelent manouver of his jet mode. The triggerbot reached easily the Stunticon new position and fired a air-to-ground missile, locking on the decepticon's energon signature.

" Dodge this, you blasted and slagged 'con! "



Override finded his gun and reatached it to the trigger system on his arm. Then he limped back to the street where Catilla repaired him.

2005-12-11, 02:50 AM
Wildrider just laughted, then aimed his gun and shot at the incoming missile, causing it to explode before it hit him. The explosion still scorched and drove small fragments of metal through the Stunticon's armour. Without looking around to see what other damage the explosion caused, Wildrider reaimed and shot his gun at Dogfight.

2005-12-11, 05:35 AM
Streets, Tokyo

"I see..." Squeezeplay let his voice drop down an octave, to what he hoped would be percieved as a dangerous growl. "And what about you, Breakdown? Why don't I see you out here smashing Autobots?"

2005-12-11, 10:26 PM
" W-why do I get the f-feeling I could ask you the same q-question?" Breakdown said to Squeezeplay over the commlink, mostly guessing. After all, it wasn't as if Squeezeplay had called out for Deadend and Dragstrip over the commlink (and when he added in the fact he heard the Headmaster clearly, as in without the amo firing or explosions one expects to hear while smashing Autobots...)

2005-12-11, 11:42 PM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight began a pack of evasive maneuvers at high speed to dodge the shots from Wildrider's gun, but a pair of them scorched his fuselage underside, melting part of the affected metal.

" Time to change tactics! ", thought grimly the triggerbot.

Using the momentum of his acceleration, he transfomed into robot mode landing just in front (and in close range) of the Stunticon, pointing his left arm at Wildrider chest and engaging his remaining blowtorch blaster, while at the same time opened fire with his shoulder-mounted gatling gun.

2005-12-12, 04:50 AM
Streets, Tokyo

Squeezeplay made a derisive snort, but it sounded forced even to his own audio sensors.

"What do you think I'm doing, Breakdown? Gigatron is busy, so someone has to rally the troops for a charge at the Autobot lines."

Well, that's probably the worst cover story I've ever heard, the Headmaster thought to himself.

Lokos replied, Don't worry. I've heard much worse.

2005-12-13, 02:11 AM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight's shots made more scorch marks and holes in Wildrider's torso, this time it melted some of the circuitry underneath the Stunticon's armour.

" So that's how he wanna play this" Wildrider mumbled mostly to himself as he ignored the damaged Dogfight's shots were causing and stepped closer to the Autobot. Then Wildrider repeatedly fired his gun at Dogfight.
" ......Might as well save your v-vocalizer, 'cause that's not g-going to happen" Breakdown said truthfully over the commlink to Squeezeplay.

Breakdown may be a Stunticon, he may be a few cards short of a full deck, but neither of those two facts equaled stupidity. Last time he had looked, the Autobots had been as scattered as the Decepticons were and Breakdown didn't think they had regrouped already. Squeezeplay had admit that Gigatron was busy, Motormaster was taking on Sky, and then there was Quickmix. While Breakdown didn't know where the Decepticon micro team or Submarauder was, Dragstrip's tale had been...lacking certain details, but Breakdown got the impression that the Autobot hadn't left the fight in any better shape (Dragstrip wouldn't come out and admit he lost).

In short, Breakdown found that Squeezeplay's "idea" had more then one hole in it.

2005-12-13, 12:43 PM
Toyko Streets

Having found a hospital six blocks away, Catilla had given the human over to the ambulance drivers and headed back to the dockyards, keeping a listen out for any transmissions in case Override needed any help.

2005-12-13, 09:17 PM
Gigatron had landed on hands and knees after the kick and was quick to push himself up, but his orientation was opposite his hopes. He only had time to glance over his shoulder before Ironhide's tackle struck square with his back, knocking the larger Decepticon to the ground. With bared teeth, he threw a forceful elbow back at what he presumed to be Ironhide's chest, adding to it a thrust to roll himself over and the Autobot off him.

2005-12-14, 04:27 AM
Ironhide: -knocked backwards by the elbow shot, then thrown off by the roll, rolls to the side and lurches to his feet- "Jus' gotta wonder.... you th' one that come up with this plan?"


Sky: -flying, dodging Motormaster's shots-

Lynx: -comes prowling back-

2005-12-14, 05:04 AM
Streets, Tokyo

Squeezeplay groaned.

They're sure making this 'treason' thing hard, aren't they?

"Oh, you think so, Breakdown?" Squeezeplay tried to adopt a commanding tone of voice, but doubted that he was suceeding. "Either you and your Stunticon buddies get back into the fight, or I go there and rip you up with my claws!"

Yeah, they're going to find the hole in that threat real easily...

2005-12-14, 06:23 PM
Tokyo, streets

In a wild combat with a wild opponent as a crazy stunicon terrorist as Wildrider is, Dogfight was prepared for anything right now. But the sudden attack by Wildrider's gun taked Dogfight in a bad position to dodge. So, despite the efforts of the triggerbot to desperately avoid the incoming shots, he was hit in the chest, torso and right shoulder. Some of the shots melted the armor on Dogfgiht's fuselage, others penetrated his metal skin, damaging the Autobot.

Despite the pain of the wounds, he used the closing of his enemy as a new advantage, and attacked Wildrider with his two arms-serrated wing tips simultaneously: one blow aimed to cut one of the arms ( the one with the hand holding the gun ) , the other one trying to stab into the stunticon's already damaged torso.

Dogfight also engaged his thrusters to gain more momentum to made his attack more effective.

2005-12-15, 08:54 AM
Tokyo Street

Wildrider moved his gun hand back as he used his other hand (and the arm connected to it) as a shield. While the arm didn't fully block the torso piercing, it did save Wildrider's other arm. As part of his hand fell to the street, Wildrider fired of more shots atDogfight.

The only answer Squeezeplay got from Breakdown over the commlink was something that sounded like an amused snort or someone trying not to chuckle.

2005-12-15, 11:27 PM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight received the full volley of Wildrider shots, and despite his fuselage armor blocked some of them again, one shot damaged his right elbow, another one pierced through his torso and a third made another ugly and smoking hole on his chest. Of all that shots, the worst damage was caused in the torso.

Dogfight tried again to take advantage of being so close with his foe. He violently retired his wing tip still semi stabbed on Wildrider's torso, trying to do the most damage possible in the process. Then he grabbed the Stunticon and fired his remaining blowtorch blaster aiming inside the holes on Wildrider's torso, while firing his machine gun at ultra-close range.

2005-12-16, 07:01 AM
Streets, Tokyo

They're on to me, Squeezeplay thought to himself.

However, aloud, he played the last real card that he had.

"Fine," he told Breakdown. "If that's how you want to play it. Gigatron will hear of this! He'll have you locked in a cramped cell with twenty-four-hour-a-day monitoring!"

And if that doesn't work?

Lokos chimed in. Well, you could try actually looking for them...

Quiet, you.

2005-12-16, 10:48 AM
Tokyo, Street

Even as more damage ( scorched armor, melted circuitry, and liquid leaking) and raging inside for being touched, Wildrider calmly aimed his gun at Dogfight's torso and repeatedly fired. It was time to show the Autobot that by grapping him, Wildrider could use it against him too.

If that didn't make the Autobto let go, Wildrider was prepared to aim for something a bit more higher.

OOC: BlueSkids, you don't have permission to kill him...and as for grapping Wildrider in the first place...don't you need permission for that too?
" You do realize that both Megatron and Vector sigma did that when they sparked me with the other Stunticons and turned us into a gestalt team" Breakdown said to Squeezeplay over the commlink " Sure, Deadend always looks some where else when he speaks to me, Wildrider only remembers if Deadend reminds him...but every other Decepticon, Autobot, squishy, and all their mechines ...not to mention Motormaster telling me about some fleshling named Santa Claws...they're always w-w-watching...How in the slagging inferno could any one make it worse!?"

2005-12-16, 11:49 PM
Tokyo, Streets

Dogfight fell backwards after Wildrider's volley impacted him again.

" How it can be possible...all that damage and he stills stands on his feet? "

A nearly endless list of circuits damaged appeared on his optics, his self-diagnostic sensors working hard. With smoke, energon and ego escaping from his numerous holes and wounds, Dogfight did the only thing he was able to think. Engaged again his back thrusters and hover from Wildrider, trying to gain some distance. To help his strategy, he fired one missile from his shoulder mounted missile pack towards the Stunticon, more as a distraction than an attack.

2005-12-17, 06:43 AM
Streets, Tokyo

"You want worse?" Squeezeplay had to wrack his brain for a moment before he could continue with his threat, but eventually found something. "Worse would be having pictures of your cell sent out over the human 'internet' for anyone and everyone to watch, twenty-four hours a day. Millions of fleshlings would ridicule you constantly for every move you made!"

The Headmaster ran out of steam quickly on that line of thought, though. Harassing the mentally-ill Stunticon just wasn't as much fun as it used to be.

But as long as I keep him talking, he's not shooting at anyone...

Sociopathic Autobot
2005-12-17, 07:09 PM
Windcharger was moving cautiously. He didn't know where Submaruader was and he wasn't going to let the Decepticon sneak up on him.

"This really sucks." The mini-bot muttered as he scrambled through an alley and out into the open, peering around.

2005-12-18, 12:39 AM
(OOC: Per 'Flec's request, keeping things going....)

Gigatron rose smoothly, glaring down at the old Autobot. "Yes. Not that it should matter to your soon to be terminated carcass."

Ironhide: -lurches to feet, damage reports scrolling across his HUD, smirking- "It'll take a lot more'n you c'n do ta take me out." -scanning Gigatron- "You ain't in such hot shape yerself."

Gigatron snarled, charging forward, slamming into the old Autobot, pummelling his head and upper body with powerful, savage, brutal strokes, slamming him to the ground.

Ironhide: -groans, gets to feet- "Nope. Nuthin'." -steps forward, drill on right arm spinning up to full, swinging a right cross at Gigatron's face-

Gigatron caught Ironhide's fist in his right hand, feeling the drill bit scraping across the tops of his knuckles as he leans back out of the swing, left hand gripping the housing of the drill mechanism, squeezing, crushing the housing in on the motor systems.

Ironhide: -winces, sparks and smoke spraying from the damaged drill housing as the drill screeches to a halt, ripping his hand loose from Gigatron's grip, swinging a devastating uppercut at Gigatron's jaw-

The blow lifted Gigatron off his feet, knocking him back a few yards, sending him crashing to the ground. Sitting up, the Decepticon leader growled. "Lot of fight for an old relic."

Ironhide: -wincing as the drill bit grinds as it retracts back into the crumpled housing, the whole assembly lowering back into his forearm, panel sliding shut- "Yeah."

Gigatron got to his feet. "But you know what they say about relics." He transformed to dragon mode. "They should remain buried deep in the ground!" The damaged neck and head hung back, the undamaged head blazing fire at Ironhide.

2005-12-18, 07:10 AM
Tokyo, Street

Wildrider fired at the missile as he moved out of it's way. The Stunticon did his best to keep an optic on Dogfight, even as the missile exploded and sent scarps of metal flying into buildings.

Breakdown was glad that the Headmaster couldn't see his flinch over the commlink at that threat. He really didn't like how where this conversation was going, so Breakdown went through his data banks to find a way to change subjects. In his search, Breakdown came across something Deadend had reported during his brief transmission (were Breakdown had learned what Dragstrip and Deadend was doing). It was a long shot, but it might work.

" By the way, how did your fight with Catilla go?" Breakdown said over the commlink to Squeezeplay " Dragstrip said it sounded more like a conversation then a battle..."

Hoping that_would change the subject, Breakdown was fully expecting Squeezeplay to say that Dragstrip needed to get his head repaired or how he shouldn't listen to rumors or something like that.

2005-12-18, 08:09 AM
Streets, Tokyo

"Nnnn." Squeezeplay wasn't pleased to hear that question from Breakdown, but did his best to dodge the issue.

"How did it go? How do you think it went? I'm alive and looking for a fight, which is more than you guys can say." His tone darkened slightly. "And if Dragstrip calls that a conversation, he should see about getting his head fixed...before someone does it for him."

2005-12-18, 10:18 PM
Toyko Streets > Dockyards

Finding Override in the same spot he had left him in, Catilla glanced around, checking out the area, then folded his arms behind his back as his shell moved to join him under remote control and inquired in a gruffly kind tone of voice "Need any help gettin' anywhere?"

Tiki Torch
2005-12-18, 10:25 PM
Through the Tokyo streets zipped two cars. Their names, Runabout and Runamuck.

"Hey, Runamuck, call in the boss, let him know we're here." Runabout said.

"Hopefully he isn't busy." Runamuck said. "Gigatron, sir, this is Runamuck. Just checking in, anyone need asistance?" he said into his comlink.

2005-12-19, 12:15 AM
Central Mall, outside car parking zone

Dogfight switched off his thrusters when he arrived into a open zone full of parked human vehicles. He hid for a moment behind a truck, and checked his status, while his enemy was surrounded by the debris and smoke of the last explosion.

" Mmm...it looks bad. "

Dogfight was low on ammo and missiles, and suffered a lot of injuries fighting Wildrider. The worst of all that wounds was the hole on his torso. Dogfight was sure that anyone could saw trhough the hole!
Suddenly the smoke dissipated and he discovered again Wildrider. Trying to surprise his enemy, Dogfight engaged his trhusters, gaining some alttitude and firing another volley from his machine gun towards the Stunticon.

2005-12-19, 01:19 AM
Near Great Mall/Tokyo Street

Wildrider dodged Dogfight's incoming shots, but they still managed to scratch what was left of his arm. Grinning at the now exposed Autobot, Wildrider shot his gun atDogfight.

" I wouldn't say that" Breakdown said to Squeezeplay " and I really don't think Dragstrip's stupidity can be fixed... Many have tried, so far all have failed"

From past experiences Breakdown knew that killing Dragstrip was easier said then done...in that Dragstrip was a bit like the Decepticon/Autobot war, he was as annoying as the Autobots and always came back.

2005-12-19, 06:51 AM
Streets, Tokyo

"I don't know, Breakdown," Squeezeplay said in the same low tone of voice as he had used a moment before. "A claw through the face would do wonders for him. Then you guys could get a proper brain put in his body, and there'd be one Stunticon who was worth the trouble of talking to!"

With that last taunt, the treacherous Headmaster cut the comm link. Ostensibly, he was upset with the Stunticon's stubborn refusal to fight...but in reality, his attention had been attracted by the arrival of easier marks (Runamuck and Runabout). He scanned the airwaves, waiting for Gigatron to reply to the newly-arrived Battlechargers.

2005-12-19, 11:16 PM
Central Mall

Dogfight tried to dodge the incoming salvo of laser blasts from Wildrider, but despite all his efforts one of the shots hit his left back thruster, destroing it.
The explosion was spectacular, but only scorched the triggerbot's back. The real trouble with that hit was the consequent Dogfight's loss of flight control, and the fall towards the Mall's roof.
He crashed into the Mall, piercing the cristal roof and crashing again into the Mall's upper floor. Luckily for Dogfight, he "landed" into a furniture store, and the stock of occidental beds and matresses prevented him from suffer extra damage.
But the collision with the mall ( even softened by the beds ) stunned him and made worse his torso wound.

" Ahh... where I am? "

Afterall, Dogfight gained some time. With luck he'll recover from his stunning status before Wildrider arrived to finish the job!



Override smiled at Catilla.

" I'm fine, thanks. It's just I want to help, but I'm scrapped. I have recovered my other gun, but I'm not sure about my actual capabilities to be useful to anyone."

2005-12-20, 03:07 AM
Ironhide: -awash in flame, striding forward, slams a brutal uppercut into Gigatron's dragon-mode jaw-

The head snapped back as Gigatron leaped into the air, transforming to robot mode and dropping on Ironhide like a ton of bricks.

Ironhide: -grunts as Gigatron lands on him, driving him to the ground-

Gigatron kneeled on the old Autobot's chest, massive fists clenched. "When finesse fails, the old ways are the best." Cranking his right arm back, he delivered a devastating right cross to Ironhide's jaw, followed by a left hook, fists battering themselves off of Ironhide's trithyllium/steel alloy skull, pausing only to answer his commlink. "I read you, Runabout and Runamuck. Co-ordinate with the Stunticons, back them up as needed."

Ironhide: -optics flickering slightly, dazed, shakes head, clearing out the cobwebs- "If that's yer best..... you got a problem." -slams his fist into Gigatron's face, knocking the Decepticon leader off of him, gets to his feet-

Gigatron lept to his feet, charging forwards, slamming into Ironhide's chest shoulder-first.

Ironhide: -sets himself, feet digging into the ground as the force of the impact pushes him backwards, wincing as he feels Gigatron's fists slamming into his back panels, clasps his hands together, smashes them down onto Gigatron's back-


Sky: -starts diving towards Motormaster again, talons flexing in anticipation-

Lynx: -behind Motormaster, leaps at the Stunticon leader-

2005-12-20, 05:07 AM
Landing Park

Motormaster ignored Sky and turned, firing his gun at the leaping Lynx. Sky's claws tore into part of Motormaster's back.
Tokyo Street

Breakdown chuckled after Squeezeplay shut the commlink. It had been a while since Breakdown had been the one to annoy some one else and not the one to get annoyed.

After a few minutes, the Stunticon pulled out of his hiding spot and started looking around for an Autobot. Just in case, Breakdown made sure to stay out of Squeezeplay's way. He may not be crazy enough to go along with Squezeplay's plan (or get in his way after annoying him), but Breakdown was not out of the fight yet.

After watching the Autobot crash and laughing, Wildrider tore his way into the mall.

Tiki Torch
2005-12-20, 05:27 AM
Runabout and Runamuck sped through the streets. "Alright, we'll find the Stunticons, then." He said to his partner.

After a tiny drive, they saw someone up in the distance. It was Motormaster.

Speeding up, they focused on the autobots near him, "Hey, Motormaster, what can I do for ye today?" He yelled , peering at the Autobots as he came closer and closer. If he were in robot mode, he'd love to let them see the grin on his face.

2005-12-20, 06:32 PM
(OOC: If Bombshell's dropping out...)

Detour tried to get a bead on Big Daddy while the Autobot micro grappled with Road Hugger. Finally getting his shot (as 'Hugger landed a roundhouse that sent the Autobot sprawling), the yellow Decepticon fired.

The brilliant blue stun bolt hit Big Daddy in the back, overloading his systems, causing him to fall forward, temporarily immobilised.

Detour blinked, looking at Road Hugger. Road Hugger blinked back. The purple micro frowned. "If anyone asks, we beat him to within an inch of his life. Come on, let's get back to the boss."


Blackjack and Hyperdrive's brief patrol had turned up no signs of the rest of the Autobot micros. Blackjack flipped his comms on. "Road Hugger, Detour, rendevous with us at the assault craft in five Earth minutes."

He transformed, Hyperdrive following suit, the two micros picking their way through the rubble.

2005-12-20, 07:23 PM
Central Mall, upper level, Sakura Furniture store

Dogfight sat on the floor of the recently ruined shop, surrounded by the scraps of the destroyed beds and matresses. His head was hurting him, and his torso too. He put one of his hands on his open torso and raised to his feet. He slowly walked to the store's exit and looked outside. He was on the fourth floor of a human Mall, a very spacious one. Each floor was open, so if he would he could jump from the fourth level to any other one. Of course, with his current status he would think twice before jumping between floors!
When his mind hurted less, he thought about his options. Dogfight was sure Wildrider was coming; he couldn't see the outside of the building or the decepticon, so he started to search for a window facing the car parking ( from he and probably the Stunticon came ).
When he found one, Wildrider tore into the mall and Dogfight heard the Stunticon violently entrance. He hurried towards the open space on his floor and watched quietly the 0 floor ( ooc: I'm not sure about the real name for the floor under the first floor...), ready to shot a missile if Wildrider entered his visual camp...

2005-12-21, 05:03 AM
Landing Park

It was questions like the one the Battlechargers just asked that reminded Motormaster why he never tried to become the Decepticon leader. Having to deal with the other Stunticon's stupidity was more then enough for him.

" Take your pick" Motormaster said to Runamuck/ Runabout while useing his free hand to point out Sky and Lynx.

Wildrider took his time while looking around the squishies' mall for Dogfight.

2005-12-21, 05:15 AM
Patience had reached its limit.

Blitzwing had had enough of Blades' obnoxious huffs and pacing. The triple changer opened his doors and rolled sideways in irritation.

Obligingly, the Protectobot happily jumped out, transforming to his helicopter mode in mid-fall.

Inside however, Groove and First Aid grabbed desperately for something to cling to. Groove's nimble fingers clamped down quickly on the back of Blitzwing's cabin seat, while First Aid clung to an emergency extinguisher that threatened to pull loose.

"We can't fly!" Groove yelled at the triple changer above the rush of wind in the cargo bay.

There was a long, drawn out pause as the Decepticon thought over the predicament. Finally he closed the door and rolled back with a grumble.

"What a surprise... it'd be interesting to see you try, autobot."

"I'll put it on my to-do list." First Aid mumbled quietly in relief as he let go of the extinguisher warily.

Groove caught the comment and waved it off. "It'll have to wait First Aid, Tokyo is right below us."

Blitzwing's voice suddenly took on a stronger and more concerned growling tone. "Hold tight for the landing. There's a lot of activity below."

And that doesn't look good.
Blitzwing had spotted a massive, familiar-looking Decepticon form off in the distance, and the mech fluid running through his systems ran cold.


Free of the confines of the triple changer, Blades wasted no time in zipping down toward the city, whizzing in and out between buildings.
"The rescue crew's here! Hey Dogfight, Windcharger, need help?"

Tiki Torch
2005-12-21, 05:58 AM
Runabout transformed and ran towards Sky. Then, he turned to Runamuck, who was about to transform. "Go and back up another stunticon, we've got this." he said, taking a quick glance at Motormaster.

2005-12-21, 12:53 PM

"Glad to hear it. Considerin' the damage hereabouts, I doubt looking for more trouble like another fight would be useful" Catilla replied gruffly before smiling back slightly, then adding "We can start digging for human survivors, that would help"

2005-12-22, 06:42 AM
Returning Runabout's glance and briefly nodding his agreement, Motormaster then turned his attention back to Lynx ( and see if his shot had done any damage to the leaping Autobot).

2005-12-22, 11:37 PM

Override smiled at Catilla.

" Good idea ", the triggerbot said. He looked around and found a ruined building. He aproached and checked it for human survivors.

" We could start here."


Central Mall

Dogfight, laying down on the floor, was watching the 0 floor when received Blades' transmission.

" Here Dogfight ", he replied with his internals comunicators. " I'm inside a human Mall, the one with the big hole on the roof. Wildrider is here, with me. We are wounded and still fighting. Maybe a little help could be great..."

2005-12-23, 09:29 AM
"Say no more! I see it."

The mall wasn't hard to miss from the air. The humans always seemed to mark them with wide open parking lots and lots of very bright lighting.

Blades lost no time in dropping down to the roof and transforming to robot mode. He pulled his rifle and after a quick check of the hole in the roof, dropped through to the upper level's ramp, spinning quickly in a circle to see where any Decepticons might be.


"Your stop, autobots." Blitzwing said quickly as he flew towards a long building and landed.

Groove hopped out quickly, glad to finally be back on the ground. First Aid followed him, but not without a brief pause.
"Thank you Blitzwing. We won't be long."

"Don't mention it."
The Decepticon grumbled the reply, but the autobots had already headed away.

Once they got to the street, First Aid motioned to Groove while he began a watch.
"Groove - try to get a position reading on the others."

With a quick nod, Groove locked in on the Autobot radio frequencies and began a transmission.

"Need assistance- call out. Backup on Central Ave."
He sent two bursts of the message and waited for a reply.

2005-12-23, 03:43 PM
Landing Park:

Lynx: -furrow dug across his back from Motormaster's shot, now in a crouch, leaps at Runabout-

Sky: -swooping down towards Motormaster, firing away, activates commlink- "First Aid, this is Sky Lynx. Quickmix is seriously injured and at these coordinates!" -sends Quickmix's location-


Gigatron had had enough. Grunting slightly, he lifted, raising Ironhide into the air, then fell backwards.

Ironhide: -slams into the ground head first, topples over, his fall ripping his head from the rich, torn up soil-

Gigatron lurches to his feet, his rage building as his damage indicators showed him how much of a beating the old Autobot had inflicted on his back, strides towards Ironhide.

Ironhide: -manages to roll to his hands and knees, dirt still falling from his face-

Gigatron swung his leg back, then aimed a powerful kick to Ironhide's midsection, feeling his damaged supporting leg buckle,

Ironhide: -sent arcing through the air, crashing into a parking garage, which collapses on him-

Gigatron smiled. At this point, he hoped the Autobot wasn't dead. Just in a lot of pain. Activating his commlink, he said, "All Decepticons, give me a status report."

2005-12-24, 12:00 AM
"Got it First Aid!"
Groove called back to the medic as he transformed to motorcycle mode.

First Aid nodded and followed in transforming, calling back, "Let's go."

The two protectobots sped through the strangely empty streets, closing in on the demolished car park. Without hesitation, Groove circled to the rear and transformed, arming his photon pistol as he did to cover his teammate.

First Aid drove straight toward where Quickmix was lying.
He reverted to his robot mode and pulled his repair kit and monitors as he did.

Hurrying in a calm fashion, he began setting scanning equipment for Quickmix and taking note of all involved as well.
He spoke quietly as he worked.
"Ricochet, Boomer, are you two injured?"

2005-12-24, 12:06 AM

"Alright" Catilla nodded, transforming to tiger mode and moving to follow Override, glancing up at the other Autobot and adding gruffly "You readin' any human survivors?"

2005-12-24, 09:08 AM
Blackjack's comm bleeped as he and Hyperdrive picked their way through the rubble of the Highway. Gigatron.

"Sports Car Patrol reporting, my Lord. We have... seen off the Autobot micro team. Returning to landing site to continue original plan of operation, over."

The report was a bit of an exaggeration, the micro squad leader knew, but it was likely that by the time Big Daddy and his team dug themselves out, the Decepticons would be long gone.


Road Hugger and Detour continued towards the reundevous point.

2005-12-24, 09:21 AM
Landing Park

Mostly ignoring Sky's attempt to get his attention (and the damge it did to his back, luckly his armor held even thought it was melting in places) Motormaster fired his gun at Lynx as he openned up a commlink to the other Stunticons to. .

Catching sight of the new arrival, Wildrider made a note to tell Deadend that he was wrong about certain Autobots and fired his gun at Blades. Even as he waited to see if he hit the Autobot, Wildrider made sure to mention the Protectobot's survival in his report to Motormaster.
While looking for an Autobot to fight, Breakdown came across the rubble of Wildrider's mall enterance. After giving Motormaster his report, Breakdown transformed, took his gun out of subspace (getting a bit of a shock on his hand as he did) and entered the mall.

2005-12-24, 09:44 AM
Ricochet looked across

"I am d'accord it was only Quickmix , he has much damage including his optic , the espece de Con' took it."

2005-12-24, 06:39 PM
Blades heard the fired shot before he spotted Wildrider. With only bits of a second to react, he leaned sideways, just enough to avoid a direct hit. Instead, the shot grazed his shoulder and deflected into a nearby book shop.

His optics narrowed angrily and flared.
"C'mmon over and get me, coward!"
I'll take you apart piece by sodden piece.

Intent on closing the distance rather than shoot from above, Blades grabbed the metal rail of the walking ramp and swung over, dropping to the ground floor.

Hitting the floor running, he lowered his shoulders, yanking his rotor blades out as he did so and charged past the decorative fountains, straight for the decepticon.


First Aid nodded slightly, relieved that one of Quickmix's partners was okay. One absence hadn't missed him.
"Where's Boomer?"

While asking the questions, First Aid's fingers moved rapidly, gently probing, cauderizing and reattaching leaking and severed lines.
Radiator's shot through, stabilizer too, serpentine belt, shocks, starter... and the optic too.
Gently, the medic sunk a probe into a damaged segment of Quickmix's Cybertronian computer relays and frowned slightly.
Peppered. I can't fix all of this here.
He reached for his lazer welder, a reprogramming unit and an external battery pack.

2005-12-24, 10:02 PM
Lynx: -twisting out of the way, hoping to have Motormaster shoot Runaout-

Sky: -swoops down, talons extended, trying to dig into Motormaster's shoulders-


Ironhide: -groans- "Parkin' garage's a whole lot more painful'n th' royal palace....... Ain't no way they'll ever let us back inta this country anytahme soon......" -shifts slightly, only to have a Honda from a few levels up falls and crashes onto his head, gasoline spilling all over him-

Gigatron stood in front of the collapsed parking garage, feeling the wing on the right side of his head. The Autobot had managed to crumple it slightly. "Hmmf." Transforming to dragon mode, both dragon heads spewed flame at the collapsed building, Gigatron's laughter as the leaking gasoline in the building caught fire, explosions starting as cars whose gas tanks hadn't ruptured went up.

2005-12-25, 12:05 AM
Ricochet looked round

"I have not seen him for a while, where can he be, I thought he was in the vicinite. I have not seen him since we fell from the car parking."

2005-12-25, 06:35 PM

Dogfight covered Blades from the fourth plant while the Protectobot was closing to Wildrider. He aimed carefully and fired a missile, again locked at the decepticon energon signature.



" Negative, I'm not redaing nothing. My sensors are still off-line, but while fighting with Drag Strip I saw a human emergency team operating near ", replied Override to Catilla.

The triggerbot aproached and discovered some human bodies under a ruined wall, all of them death.

" Ah...that's pointless, maybe we're too late..."

But then he suddenly heard some voices, crying in japanese. In one of the open floors of the buiolding, a human family was trapped, and Override quickly pick up softly all of them. He looked at Catilla with a broad smile in his tired face.

" Is far the human hospital, pal? "

2005-12-25, 08:44 PM
Gigatron transformed back to robot mode, just in time or a burning Daihatsu to catch him full in the face, falls over backwards more from surprise than injury.

Ironhide: -rises from the burning rubble, growling-

Gigatron got to his feet. "Why don't you have toe good sense to lay down and DIE!!!!"

Ironhide: "Done that once. Trust me. Th' hereafter's purty dull."

Gigatron scowled. "Too bad. I'm going to send you back there." With that, he charged forward, intending to rip the old Autobot apart with his bare hands.

Ironhide: -steps out of the rubble, holding the main supporting girder from the building, brings it back in a classic batter's pose, and swings it forward with all of his conciderable strength, swinging for Gigatron's midsection-

Gigatron grunted, feeling himself fold around the improvised bat, then found himself flying through the air like a well hit fastball.

Ironhide: -tosses the bent and twisted girder aside- "Now that..... that felt lahke a home run....." -watching Gigatron's flight, thinks for a moment- "Awlrahght. Mebbe'a infield double."


With a crash, Gigatron hit the ground, missing Motormaster by inches, skidding to a halt. Shaking his head, he got to his feet and leapt into the air, transforming to fighter mode, ignoring the pain of his battered body as he did so, kicking his engines to full, flying back towards Ironhide.