View Full Version : [Original RPG] Titan: Power flows to those who know HOW

God Jinrai
2005-11-03, 04:19 AM
Months had passed since Starscream had left Earth... and despite his initial intent to make a suicide run for cybertron, he had begun to wonder..

"Had astrotrain truly siphoned all of the energy crystals of the moon of jupiter known as Titan?"

Screamer would find that his answer would be a resounding NO.

Setting down on the moon, those months ago, the followers of the "sky god" flocked thinking their lord and master had returned. and when they found it was not he, they struck. Starscream showed no mercy... severing the humanoids' bodies with mere flicks of his forearms... a vortex of blades as it were.

those who were not of the cult cowered before him..begging for their lives.

"Who among you knows if this place still retains the vaunted energy crystals the sky god sought?"

One young man stepped forward and raised his hand. "I do. There are still plenty of crystals...We... we couldn't just give up our lives for some false god..." he spoke, eyes locked with starscream's optics.

"Brave, young fleshling... Perhaps I might work out an agreement then with you and the remains of titan's inhabitants... For I too have need of those crystals. "

An elder came forth at that point, standing by the youngster's side, and spoke up.

" We...we would grant you 1/3 of the remaining crystals.. as well as a potential means to sew them elsewhere...under one condition."

"Name it." Screamer responded flatly.

" The sky god... must never return to titan."

Starscream's optics glowed brightly at that statement. The thought of taking astrotrain's head gave him a sudden rush of energy...


From that day forth, The remainders of the inhabitants of titan gathered the crystals.. while starscream began work on a new weapon... one that would interface with the mechanisms in his wings that extended the blades he used in close combat.

Only the boy ever approached him... and despite his irritability, Starscream showed him leinancy. The boy was curious of the worlds beyond his... of the true nature of the fallen sky god... and those who had accompanied him... and most of all.. he wanted to know what starscream would do when he left titan.

" All your questions will be answered in time, my small friend..." Screamer stopped himself as he uttered that last word. A flesh creature... his friend? The idea passed through his thought processors.. and he hmhd audibly, and mentally replied to himself...
"Yes... I suppose he is."