View Full Version : Transformers Cybertron arrives in UK at Argos

2006-01-23, 06:16 PM
New Argos catologue came out this saturday and it has Cybertron toys in it.

Cybertron Deluxe figures at 9.99 pictured Hot Shot
Cybertron Ultra at 24.99 pictured Jetfire
Cybertron Voyager 19.99 pictured Vector Prime

plus they have Prime at 39.99

Something called a micromaster bundle at 9.99 which appears to be members of Sixtrain although as they're sold as 4 packs i 'm not sure what the idea is behind this one.

They also have the Alternators we've seen before


and the Star Wars transformers

2006-01-23, 06:22 PM
Someone at Argos ordered an absolute ton of Silverstreaks a couple of years back, didn't they? Unless they've actually been able to shift them, and are sticking with something that sells. Doubt it, though.

2006-01-23, 06:40 PM
Dammit Opskids it's payday Wednesday why did you have to tell me............there goes the phone bill.

Thanks for the heads up!


inflatable dalek
2006-01-23, 08:04 PM
I have a strange urge for a Vector Prime...

ravimus prime
2006-01-24, 12:53 PM
As did I, so I bought him a week ago at a local toystore.

2006-01-25, 07:59 PM
Cybertron Snarl and Sideways was on sale at Tescos at 9.97

2006-01-25, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by optimusskids
Cybertron Snarl and Sideways was on sale at Tescos at 9.97

You can stop it now, I've already bought Jetfire today what more do you want?

Thunderbirds are go!!!

2006-01-25, 08:48 PM
the winning numbers for the euro millions roll over lottery

inflatable dalek
2006-01-26, 03:18 PM
Snarl and Sideways seem to be the favoured sons at Tesco... I now own one of each, and impressively all the rest had sold out between my work shifts so someone's watching Cartoon Network anyway. In order to fill the empty gap whilst we wait for more stock they shoved some Hulk Hogan figures in there.

And acording to the Argos cataloug there are 12 Micromasters to collect, which presumiably means two teams. Can anyone confirm what the other one is? The Arielbots or one of the two allready released over here?

2006-01-26, 08:36 PM
My two nearest Tesco's have the constructicons in abundance (both micromaster and energon versions) nothing else and havent had anything else for a while.

As for Argos, I work for the company and as far as i'm aware there are 4 deluxe, 3 voyager, 2 ultra and of course Prime and I'm not sure which other micromasters team is available- think it is the protectobots, which i'm happy about. As for the cybertron range, unfortunately not sure which ones available yet- will find out tommorow.

Oh i'm gonna hate tommorow! Pay day and i only get a 10% discount!!!:D

inflatable dalek
2006-01-27, 12:16 PM
Originally posted by BigG26
My two nearest Tesco's have the constructicons in abundance (both micromaster and energon versions) nothing else and havent had anything else for a while.

Same at mine before the new Cybertron toys came in. The Micro's sold well initialy but they don't seem to have sifted many for a while (unless they've beem refilling the shelf rapidly, which is unusual for my place of work...). So I can't se them geting the new Microboys in stock. Which is a shame as a Micro bundle from Argos seems likely to include some I already have (unless you can pick and choose from the avaliable stock?)

2006-01-27, 08:07 PM
You can go into your nearest shop and request to view the items that they have in stock. Just do it either early in the morning or late in the day because I know that the stores arent keen on product views in the busiest part of the day.

Alternatively you can check the internet site to see if your nearest store has the stock in, reserve it and then go to the store, give the reservation number and request to view the items again before you pay for them.

Thats what I've done for tomorrow


inflatable dalek
2006-01-27, 08:46 PM
Originally posted by BigG26
You can go into your nearest shop and request to view the items that they have in stock.

I wish I'd done that today- I'd have saved myself 95% of the self induced embaresment I suffered when I went in Argos. I won't relate the whole painful story here, but in involves a Power Rangers blaster...

Still, I got Crumplezone, who's almost exactly the right sort of three wheeler design needed for when you just have to play Tron so it's all good.

mbbff prime
2006-02-03, 10:28 PM
Well ive just purchased two "four-packs" of the micromasters from argos hoping that i would get 8 different transformers only to find one pack containing:

Rapid Run, Midnight Express, Overload and Tankor

and the other pack containing:

Rapid Run, Midnight Express, Overload and.....Railspike!

hmn..methinks argos dont actually check what they group together before selling it unless anyone else has had better luck?

2006-02-10, 03:47 PM
Is it known if and when Hot Shot is gonna be released in the UK by Argos or Tesco? Read smtng that said he's wave 1 of cybertron and Sideways and Snarl are wave 3, so what's happening with him? Also are TRU gonna carry Cybertron at any point?

inflatable dalek
2006-02-11, 01:22 PM
Anyone near Brum- The Entertainer in the the Bull Ring aparently has several Cybertron Toys (including a insanely overpriced Starscrem, I know he's gigger than the GF version but 60?!) and at least one Star Wars TF out. And when I was last in there a few weeks ago they had lots of Energon and Micromaster stuff in clearence. There's no point going to look in Toys R US though as it's closed...

ravimus prime
2006-02-11, 06:38 PM
We have supreme starscream here in most toystores for 70 euro, that's 47 pounds.

inflatable dalek
2006-02-20, 10:13 AM
And Tresco now has the Cybertron Micromasters. Though sadly a display case doesn't seem to have one of each in. But if you're a fan of the little green fellah (who's name I forget, but I shall christen him Grotbags) you're in for a treat as there were four of him in a box of 12...

2006-02-21, 12:16 PM
I picked up sideways from my local tescos! I thought he was a later release?

2006-02-21, 01:09 PM
i picked up Sideways, Snarl, Scattorshot, Overhaul, and all but one trainbot Micromaster last week :D (the bot i'm missing is MidnightExppress)