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2006-01-25, 08:33 PM
*CloudStrifer is seen back in Norway, outside his hall. While sounds of feasting and fun is heard, he is outside in a snowstorm*

CS: Well, Well the AWF has been brought back. What a suprise. I thought I would never play there agian. Now listen here and listen good AWF. I CloudStrifer have no other business to attend to here in Norway, the Land of the Vikings. I rejected the X-WCW's deal because it wasn't worth my time. But this, *looks up and sniffs the air* this, rumble is more than inviting. After all who could forget I was the TV champion and defeated all those people? Who could have forgotten that I destroyed OP? Who would have forgotten that I will be the next World Champion! NO ONE!

I have made many promises before, many unforfilled promises waiting to be forfilled. But be warned AWF, when I step into the ring all win NOT BE FORGOTTEN, those who betrayed me, who mocked me, who tried to destory me will be punished. CloudStrifer has returned to the AWF and he will regin!

And besides, I hearn DinoKnight will be there to as well....

*Cloud goes back into the Hall where a big cheer is heard and the screen blacks out.*

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-01-25, 11:10 PM
IC: "You know, it takes alot to piss me off now of days. But hearing Paint Snifer talk about how your going to enter the rumble and win has pissed me

Since you all you do is whine, bitch, and moan to anyone pay to have you suck thier dick for a rematch ever since I let you retain the AWF TV title, you ungrateful peice of sh!t
How me and you at EoS for a spot in the rumble?
While I'm still the number 1 contender to AWF TV and Hardcore titles I can and have beaten Wolfang senceless numerous times.

Both you and the AWF Royal Rumble are beneath me and the rumble is not worth my wasting my valuable time to even enter.

But shutting you up so I can get some peace might actually be worth it.

Since it was a DQ that started this mess I say we make this match
A NON-SANCTINED 2 OUT 3 FALLS MATCH! This means no rules no dq and no rematch.

Then I win and shatter your sad little dreams, I don't want to hear a single word out of your big mouth directed towards me and my company EVER again anywhere!

You called down the thunder now lets see if you heed the call.

2006-01-25, 11:35 PM
*Cloud is shown in an airport, with his band of Huskarls sitting down. The mood is joyful with lots of talk going on between each other. Cloud Gets regularly patted by his companions while signing autographs for children who wear his T-Shirts. A air hostess comes and smiles and he gives her a sign picture. She smiles and leaves, while the men laugh.*

CS: You know, no place in the world is as calming as Norway. The women, the Snow the air, its much better here than in anywhere else in the world. However every once in a while someone opens his mouth and corpse gas erupts into the clean air.

You see CyberStrike, I feel no need for your hell in a cell, devil worshiping, fire eating, man loving matches that you always shout about. How many times have they been booked here anyway? Sure they may work in you piddly little fed that I like to call X-Knockoff with your one dimentional characters and your patheic excuses for belts, but this is the big leagues.

You know, come to think of it, I see why DinoKnight formed a group from you and your love child D-Ex. All three of you are like the same. Big whine Danish idiots who shout alot but don't produce results. Do you see DinoKnight anywhere here? No because like you he is scared of confrentation. Sure, he may mouth off that he wants to have a triple cage with deamons inside match but when it comes to blows, he is the first one out.

I see alot of him in you. A washed out, no talent, ignorant fool who is always mouthing off on how he is so good. The only difference I see in you is that you drag you piddly fed around like its something big.

Boo hoo. You won a belt there. I don't doubt it since your runing the damn thing anyway, it would be easy to fight newcommers to retain your championship. How about here? Have you won any belts since I got here? No. You just run your mouth on how you want these extreme matches which no one books for you because you'd lose in your own match.

In short if I lost you since your appear to have a brain the size of a pea, no I don't want to contest in your patheic excuse for a match. Lets see what Reily thinks up a match. If you want you and go ahead and try to book it, but don't be suprises if I come and lay 1,2,3 down on your patheic ass and win. You know you couldn't match the Norse Wonder, The Chosen One, The Right Hand of Odin, The Smiter of Foes, The One who makes rivers of blood flow.

So you know what? Come and get me. Oh and....

Believe the Hype, Fear the Pain!

*The Huskarls cheer as Cloud sits back and signs more autographs.*

2006-01-26, 10:05 AM
D-Ex: "Whoa whoa whoa! Let me get this straight Dinobots..er...Cloudy....me and Cyberstrike are OFF since 2003! I mean, I got Ignavus now and the AWF tag team titles. Speaking of titles cloudy...when was the last time you did win a world title or a tag title? I cant seem to recall since either I'm too lazy right now or still inebrated cause I might have puked my guts out if I was sober and listening to your berzerker impersonation. So just leave me out of your Love Quarrells between you and Mr. Back. I got no heat with both of you. Heck, I MIGHT if you guys are willing to challenge me AND Igz for our titles right? But if your not that interested, meh, who cares right?"

*D-ex drunkenly stumbles out of the scene