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2006-01-28, 06:20 AM
Traitorous communications officer Soundwave has been freed from imprisonment and is about to rejoin the main Decepticon force. However, the defector Dirge has been captured, and has taken his place in the brig. As some Decepticons plot to take advantage of this intrigue, others train for battles yet to come. However, the dilligent technical staff is hard at work upgrading the sunken warship's armour and defences.

The command staff are growing in arrogance, though, as construction of Gigatron's masterful superweapon nears completion in deep space.

2006-01-28, 06:56 AM

Octopunch took a moment to consult with his shell's sensors before he answered Hammer. Although he already knew the answer, he felt like making the Micromaster squirm for a few seconds. After all, he was as competant a technician as any of them, and he didn't like the contemptuous tone in the smaller Decepticon's voice.

Just because I'd rather be smashing stuff doesn't mean I'm not any good at this.

"It goes well," he said. "The drones have completed the armour refits, and have moved on to the weapons systems."

With a groan, he keyed in a series of commands to a wall-mounted comm panel.

"I'm sending you their efficiency numbers right now."

2006-01-28, 11:32 AM
Wingspan leaned heavily against a crate labelled "Chic Chips."

"Oh s-slag , not quite what i expected."

He pried open a crate and picked out a box peering at the back
He read out

"Domination , an exciting thrilling game. Take command of the Polycons and pilot them to World domination. "

He let out a strangled sound

"A veritable thrill ride I couldn't put it down, Iaacon Examiner **"

He looked over at the Micromaster

"w-why would he go to so m-much trouble to conceal t-this junk."

2006-01-28, 03:09 PM
"Oh Snap!"

-Ragnorok trys swirving to the right but the blast hits him and flips him over-

*Ragnorok Transforms*

-He gets up, pride slightly brused-

"Alright Flywheels, do you think you can stop fighting yourself and focus on Skull boy over here! Fly and bank to the right, fire uppon his back side, I'll attack from the front."

2006-01-28, 04:21 PM

Flywheels pulled himself to a prone position and slowly pulled his heat seeking laser rifle from subspace, the Duocon crouched down on the deck and placed an optic in the rifle's sight.

Data streamed through the rifle's scope, detailing distance, trajectory and elevation. Flickering in the centre of the crosshairs danced the swordsmaster Bludgeon.

We're way ahead of you Ragnarok...

Flywheels gently squeezed the trigger, sending a stream of precision laser fire aimed at Bludgeon's sword arm.

2006-01-28, 09:08 PM

Ragnorok saw what flywheels was trying to do. He draws his sword and Runs for Bludgeon, attempting to strike after the blast hit him.

2006-01-29, 12:44 AM

Bludgeon: -steps to the side, blast burning across his right arm pauldron, turning slightly to face Ragnarok, bringing katana up to block his swing, snapping his right foot up at Ragnarok's face, left arm coming up, electropulse cannon roaring at Flywheels-

2006-01-29, 04:03 AM
Constructors' Lab

Hammer folded his arms and, with his free fingers, drummed impatiently on his armor plating while waiting for the figures to come in. In spite of Octopunch's respectable diction, Hammer chose to interpret his delay as a buffoon's sloth rather than deliberate toying. In any case, he was soon busied with crunching numbers as they sped through his processor.

"Good, good," he commented. "Inform me when the weapon installations are 25% complete so we can begin software integration."


Secret Room

Stonecruncher continued to chortle and guffaw as he strolled up next to Wingspan with another datapad in hand, many others strewn carelessly about the floor.

"Haw haw! Check this out, I found his diary: 'Ultimately, the big question is, who am I? Sometimes I don't even know...' Haw! What a sap! Waittill the mechs get wind a' this!"

The Micromaster's laughter continued for some time, and eventually he leaned against a crate with a satisfied sigh.

"So what should we do with all this junk? Jettison it into the sea? We got a whole room here that's goin' to waste."

Random Sweep
2006-01-29, 07:35 AM
Cyclonus turned and looked at Scorpinok

"It would seem that my previous alliegence to Lord Galvatron has become a sticking point with our current leadership "

2006-01-29, 07:43 AM

Octopunch double-clicked his comlink in response to Hammer's instructions, then closed the channel.

Note to self: eat the dwarf as soon as he falls out of favour.


"So it would seem, Cyclonus," Scorponok said with a grunt. "But our leader can be...capricious at times. Within a week, you'll probably be back in favour."

The city commander let out a low growl at that thought, although whether it was in reference to Gigatron's mercurial nature, the chance that Cyclonus would regain his prestige, or something else totally unrelated was impossible to tell.

Random Sweep
2006-01-29, 07:48 AM

"mmm yes well, Untill such time it would seem that I am so stay on this bridge watching this infernal monitor, while my skills as the decepticons most superior aerial warrior are wasted. "

in frustration Cyclonus hunched over the console. starting at the screen, but really looking at his own thoughs instead

2006-01-29, 12:23 PM
Wingspan looked thoughtful.

"maybe we could use the junk , these old pads have multi levels of programming maybe we could encrypt a few and let the Bots capture them, make therm waste some time and energon on them."

2006-01-29, 03:21 PM
Hatemonger overheard Cyclonus and Scorponok while watching the monitors in front of his optics when he rose his voice.

"Then why don't you go assist our warriors in battle than sitting in front of that monitor? You are perfectly capable of making your own decsions about when and where to fight." Hatemonger said a bit of respect in his voice for a warrior complaining of being bored rather than the usual whining.



Cryotek saw the Constructors were in the med-bay.

"If you want to assist by watching his systems and administering fuel and fluids that would be fine by me." He said working on Soundwave's CPU programming.

Aero Blade
2006-01-29, 05:04 PM
Dirge sat in the back of his cell, considering the predicament he was now in. Yes, it'd been an interesting trip indeed - one moment he's on the battle field as normal, next he's an Autobot Prisoner, then somehow he winds up helping them infultrate one of his old bases, and finally he's captured by his once comrads. How quickly things happened nearly left his head spinning..

The Autobots had left him, that much was obvious to him. With the calmed activity levels they must have escaped, but it didn't seem like they were going to come back for him. And really, why should they? But still yet his thoughts were on them, on Hound, Aero Blade, those younglings, the medics and mechanics even though they annerved him with the attention he was given... So many had looked at him like a possible menace, but so many had also given such kindness to him, despite what he'd done to them..

Some time ago Dirge had decided that he would never again be a good soldier for the Decepticons. Now, after having been among them, any thoughts of attacking one of the Autobots made his spark convulse illy. Even if they were to reprogram him, if he had no memories being anywhere near the Autobots, that feeling would remain to haunt him...

So what now... Dirge considered, giving a slight sigh as he continued to stare at the floor of his cell.

2006-01-29, 09:53 PM
Constructors' Lab

Hammer continued to drum on his arm at the response.

Note to self: dismantle that lug when he stops being useful.

Eternally the workaholic, Hammer returned to his bench and uploaded the information to his desk computer, preparing more thorough analysis and comparison of the figures for his project report.



Knockout seemed a bit jittered from his thoughts by being abruptly addressed, but he answered Cryotek with a pleased nod.

"We'd be delighted," he chirped as he jumped from his seat and across the floor.

"Yea', thrilled," Sledge added sardonically.

Knockout paid his cynical partner no mind as he climbed Soundwave's table and shuffled over to the statarray. Sledge followed in his good time and began prep procedures on the energon dispenser.


Needlenose's Storeroom

Stonecruncher grinned at Wingspan beneath his faceplate and delivered a friendly shove to the Clone's side.

"That's our Spanner, always thinkin'! Heck, maybe even stuff some explosives in there, give some poor 'Bot techhead a headache. Ah? Am I right?"

2006-01-29, 09:59 PM
"i l-like how you think , if we do it right w-wont realise its a trap even if find explosives , will think its there to protect data, cant wait, seeing some Bot lughead trying to work out how we encrypted info into pic of Arcee."


"c-could even field t-test idea on P-pounce."

2006-01-29, 10:55 PM
Ragnarok took the blow to the chin harder then he thought

"Aw man, you're better then I thought."

Ragnarok withdrew his shoulder cannon, and in turn moved it to his arm.

"Flywheels disengage overtop of him, have Wheels land on him"

Ragnarok raised his arm and fires a blast at Bludgeon, and then ran after Him, hoping he can only guard one of them.

(occ: We cant rely hurt one another in the holodeck can we? I don't wanna put someone out of commission ^^.)

2006-01-30, 01:22 AM

Flywheels buried himself into the bot made groove in the deck, Bludgeon's cannon fire scorching his back as it singed past the prone Duocon.

"Well that didn't work you idiot!"

"What do you suggest Shockwave, nuke him?

"Hit him with the rifle!!"


Flywheels jumped up from the trench and quite simply ran at Bludgeon, his rifle raised over his head like a Cybertronian gladiator of old in the futile hope of hitting the swordsmaster with his rifle butt.



Ruckus idled past the holding cells to see if he was scheduled on the duty roster any time soon.

I hate guard duty

To his delight in one of the holding cells sat the traitor Dirge, the former Decepticon seemed deep in thought, probably contemplating his possible fate at the hands of his former comrades.

"Well look at what we have here, if isn't the sixth Aerialbot?"

Ruckus spat a glob of lubricant at the force field seperating the two warriors, the resulting crackle of electricity illuminating the leering Triggercon's face.

I think I'm going to enjoy guard duty

Aero Blade
2006-01-30, 04:48 AM
Dirge looked up quickly when he heard the crackle of electricity, noting Ruckus's presence, but otherwise didn't react much - worry and depression had dulled him to a mostly emotionless state quite a while ago. After a moment he returned to staring at the floor of his cell, as though it was of actual interest, or just merely his automatic spot to look at for the time being.

2006-01-30, 05:28 AM

Scorponok's glare shifted over to the newly-arrived Hatemonger.

"If he had left," the city commander said, "there would have been no one left to monitor the bridge."


With Cryotek and the Constructors around to monitor Soundwave, Bugly quietly slipped out the door and headed back towards the brig.

2006-01-30, 05:34 AM
Scropnok failed to realise Hatemonger was sitting in the command chair for some time now just he was busy watching monitors with information from around the world.

"And given the Nemesis's radar, early warning and automated systems I certainly doubt we would had anything to worry about." He said looking down at the group.

"But then again at least we didn't have another giant squid try to attack the ship."

2006-01-30, 06:59 AM
(OOC: That's something I never thought about. I guess we can't kill each other on the holodeck. It'd be a waste of resources, having to get patched up afterwards. Let's hear it for VR.........)


Bludgeon: -thinking to self- 'Perhaps there is hope for them, after all..... they are learning to coordinate' -sidesteps Ragnarok's blast, waits until Ragnarok and Flywheels are in position, jumps, feet snapping out, left foot at Ragnarock's cannon, right foot at Flywheel's rifle-

2006-01-30, 11:22 AM

Flywheels's rifle flew out of his hands as Bludgeon's right foot smashed out of his grasp.

"Now groundhog now!!!"

In nano second Flywheels seperated, the Duocon's bickering component parts had finally heeded Ragnarok's advice and agreed on a course of action.

Wheels charged right at Bludgeon at point blank range the tank hoped he could at least knock him off balance. Fly flew low and fast and begun to bank at speed in the hope of quickly getting Bludgeon in his crosshairs.



Ruckus pulled over a nearby supply crate and sat down in front of the holding cell's silent resident. The Triggercon's optics hid no malaevolence as he eyed Dirge up and down.


"Why'd you do it slagger? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just deactivate this holding cell and take you apart piece by traitorous piece?"

Ruckus locked in his now functional missile launchers as an act of intimidation towards the larger Decepticon, knowing full well that to fire them in the enclosed space of the Brig would probably kill them both.


Aero Blade
2006-01-30, 02:10 PM
Dirge considered the question for a long time, though from outward apperances he still looked dazed out. Why did he do it? Did he even have to say why to this guy?

In the end he decided the worst he could do was kill him (which would happen sooner or later he imagined..) , at best (though impossible from his expirience) let him go...

With him in his emotionless, cold state that currently had overtaken him, he finally rose from the corner, walking to the front of the cell and looking down at where Ruckus was sitting and observing him, Dirge's voice taking on a tone that was both calm and almost defiant.

"I like them. What do you care."

2006-01-30, 11:31 PM

Ruckus didn't get up, but raised his optics to meet the former Seeker's.

"You like them? That's deep Dirge, no really, my optics have condensation. In fact let's be Autobots together!!"

The Triggercon laughed hard in Dirge's face.

"The reason I care, is that you can betray your comrades, your brothers in arms on a whim! There must be more to it than simple 'like'. Scrap I like Rumble, but I wouldn't curl up in Soundwave's chest with him! C'mon what did they do to you? What did they say that moved you so much?"

Ruckus's optics narrowed.

"You didn't buy that 'peace and unity' slag did you?"

Aero Blade
2006-01-31, 12:27 AM
"It was nothing they said that moved me," Dirge answered in his same tone. "My 'brothers in arms' are nothing such, as I can see now."

"During the cybertron evacuation they could have left me locked up in the Autobot brig to fend for myself, but they let me out, let me come with them. I was able to see what they were really like, able to be among them and see from their point of view, not just the proproganda that our superiors fed to us about them. They actually cared about me," He hissed. Or at least a few of them... "No Decepticon ever came to my aid, came to rescue me from the enemy. And now I'm all the more glad for it. I can see both sides alot better now than I ever could before..."

2006-01-31, 05:43 AM

Bugly quietly walked into the room, watching wordlessly as Ruckus harrassed the prisoner.

2006-02-01, 12:15 AM

Ruckus registered Bugly's presence, but didn't divert his attention away from Dirge. He was having too much fun.

"Did you ever stop to think that it's the Autobots who are the propaganda machines? They're so high and mighty with their 'morals' and 'ethics', but they're just like you and me. They kill, they murder, they just do it from the illusion of the high ground and that is weakness......."

The Triggercon leant forward his vocals a barely audible sneer

".......and you reek of it."

Aero Blade
2006-02-01, 01:33 AM
Dirge still remained in his emotionless state, unphased by Ruckus's taunts. A few days ago he might have still believed that, perhaps some of it was even true for some Autobots, but not the ones that he'd gotten to know, and nothing his former associates could come up with would shake him from that resolve. It was probably the only thing he had left now...

"Believe whatever nonsense you want," Dirge responded, turning away from the front of the cell, heading back towards the corner. "I'll remember what I know..." He settled back down into his original spot, sitting leaned in the corner and closing his optics, seeming to shrug off the presence of the Decepticons outside of the force field.

2006-02-01, 02:17 AM
Hatemonger watched on one monitor the occurance with Dirge and Ruckus and was getting considerably more annoyed. With that he place his monitors on alert in case anything important happened and started to walk to the Brig.



"Can someone give me Soundwave's vitals?" The scientist asked carefully fixing the communcations officers CPU.

They are right, Gigatron wanted him to register this as a possible explosive in his head, too bad it really screwed him up more than explosive in his head could have. Well I can remedy it so he stays loyal and doesn't have to worry about his head exploding as well. The scientist thought to himself.

2006-02-01, 05:26 AM

Bugly had been content to wait until Ruckus grew bored with his little game, but when he sensed Hatemonger's approaching presence, he knew his time was limited. If he wanted to accomplish what he came to do, he had to do it quickly.

Without stepping forward, he addressed the Triggercon with the most commanding voice his dark powers could manufacture.

"If you are quite done," he said, "leave us for a moment. It's time for this traitor's...interrogation to begin, and I don't like audiences."

The Circuit-Su master curled his right hand into a fist, then opened it. Small arcs of dark lightning crackled from his fingertips. The energy suddenly crackled outwards, tearing into the brig's hidden holocameras and blowing out their internal circuit breakers.

Now that he had no worry of being recorded, the Decepticon mystic stepped forward from the doorway.

"I really don't like them."


Still listening to the stream of data coming in from his shell, Octopunch noted when the upgrades hit the 25% mark. Activating his comlink, he sent a brief message to Hammer.

"You may begin software integration," he said coldly.

Aero Blade
2006-02-01, 05:44 AM
Though Dirge remained silent for the moment, his optics did open again with the sound of the new commotion in the brig. He watched Bugly from the distance perform his little energy trick, destroying the brig's survelance equipment. No more cameras...

For the first time in awhile now since he'd been in his cell, nervousness began to crack through his previous emotionless state as he considered Bugly's presence with apprehension.

2006-02-01, 11:14 AM

The grin left the tormentative Triggercon's face, the heirachy had spoken and Ruckus always obeyed orders, always. He stood up to leave the brig and kicked the crate away, nonchalantly flashing a subtle optic wink at Dirge as he did.

He nodded to the larger Decepticon as he made his way to the exit, the mystical powers of warriors such as the Circuit Su master always made Ruckus a little uneasy. After all he was a soldier who employed far more rudimentaray 'skills' in his duty.

As he left the Triggecon noticed the faintly smoldering security cameras at various vantage pionts in the brig.

No witnesses......?

Ruckus made his way along the corridor but stopped a short distance from the brig, his curiosity getting the better of him.

2006-02-02, 05:17 AM

As soon as the door had slid shut behind Ruckus, Bugly waved his hand towards Dirge's cell. A slight popping sound emerged from the cell's control panel, followed shortly by a thin wisp of smoke. The cell's forcefield faded out of existance, and the physical bars that blocked the door retracted into the ceiling.

The Pretender stared down at the conehead for a moment, fairly sure that the traitor was even now remembering their recent fight in engineering. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, allowing the prisoner to get a clear view of the photon cannons mounted there. However, he made no attempt to attack Dirge; nor did he ask him any questions. Instead, he just let a small smile tug at the corners of his mouth for a moment, idly wondering how the flier would interpret it.

"Get up," he said after a few seconds. He would have liked to have given the conehead more time to stew, but with Hatemonger approaching he had no time to waste.

"It's time to go," he added, his tone of voice slightly less menacing than usual.

Aero Blade
2006-02-02, 05:27 AM
Dirge nervously rose to comply with the orders Bugly had given. It wasn't as if he had a choice, his weapons beind disabled he scarcely stood a chance if it game to a fight. He wasn't quite sure how to interpret the other signals he was getting from the Pretender about his mood, which did nothing to aid in improving Dirge's state either.

2006-02-02, 06:18 AM

"Good. You can overcome your fear. Maybe there is some hope for you, after all."

Bugly uncrossed his arms and took a stride closer to Dirge, his optics narrowing seriously.

"Now listen very carefully to me, conehead, and you might survive the next five minutes. I'm sure you realize that your antics have made you unpopular with our leaders. If you're still on this ship when Gigatron or Astrotrain get back, your life will be forfiet."

The mystic's face took on an intense expression that his comrades and enemies both found highly disturbing.

"That, however, would be a waste of potential."

The Pretender paused for a moment, giving the conehead a moment to think.

Aero Blade
2006-02-02, 06:28 AM
The information Dirge was receiving confused him greatly, and took him a moment to process. Did Bugly mean what it sounded like he was saying? Was he...?

"Are you..letting me go..?"

Dirge spoke quietly and slowly, trying to process the notion that awhile ago he'd considered impossible. If it were the case, he wasn't complaining, but it seemed too good to be true...

2006-02-02, 08:59 PM

Bludgeon: -stumbles backwards, dodging Fly but tripping from Wheels' charge- "Good. You are learning...."

2006-02-03, 01:23 AM
Ragnarok attempted to take Bludgeon off guard, He acted like he was going to swing his sword, but he threw it at him, If he failed he prepared his icon cannon.

2006-02-03, 06:27 AM

"After a fashion."

Bugly motioned towards the door, smiling slyly towards Dirge.

"You are free to go. How far you get, though, is entirely up to you. I'm sure our friend Ruckus hasn't gone far, and I know for a fact that Hatemonger is coming. You have a very narrow window of opportunity."

The Pretender calmly sat on one of the brig's visitor benches.

"If you can escape the Triggercon, you should be able to make it to the airlock before anyone else can catch you. If you can't..."

Bugly's voice trailed off, but he was sure the conehead harboured no doubts about his fate if he was re-captured. He gestured expansively with his hands.

"The choice is yours...you can stay here and leave your fate in the hands of others, or head out the door and take control of your own destiny. What's it going to be?"

Aero Blade
2006-02-03, 07:04 AM
Drige stared at Bugly for a moment, still as confused as ever, but given the info he'd just recieved, he'd be better to just save it and try to sort it out later. As impossible as it had seemed, this was quite possibly the only chance he was going to get to escape. He remembered the layout of the base, but he was going to need every second he could to try to slip out without meeting opposition.

"Do not take this wrong," Dirge started. "But I hope I never have to see you again..." Far too confusing to deal with... That last bit said, and hoping he wasn't walking into some kind of trap, Dirge bolted, seeking to make his escape as fast as he possibly could.

2006-02-03, 07:24 AM

Bugly just laughed softly.

"You hope in vain," he whispered softly...but just loudly enough that the conehead might have heard.

Nonetheless, the Pretender smiled to himself; Dirge had passed the test.

If he survives this, he will become a major player in the war, willingly or not. Gigatron won't be able to let him be, not after he escaped from our headquarters. The mystic's smile grew colder. Yet another lever that can be used to guide events in the proper direction...one way or another.

2006-02-03, 11:28 AM
Corridors adjacent to the Brig

Ruckus grew more suspicious as the breems passed.

What is he doing in there? I want a piece of Dirge as well, if thinks for one...

The Triggercon's right knee locked.

"Slag! The drones said they fixed that! Stupid glitching apendage..."

Ruckus bent down and began unscrewing armoured plates from around his right knee joint, desperate to find the source of this continued malfunction.

I'm gonna scrap those tech drones into sheet foil!

Aero Blade
2006-02-03, 01:37 PM
Manuvering through the corridors, Dirge slowed down as he heard a sound near one of the junctions up ahead. Sneaking up to the edge, he was able to spot the one that had been harrasing him earlier, apparently involved in some kind of self-repair or adjustment process. Excellent! He wasn't paying attention.

During a moment that Ruckus looked to be particularly involved with his task, Dirge quietly and quickly slipped through the corridor junction, then once again resumed his faster-pace once he was safe enough away from the open intersection.

2006-02-04, 06:16 AM
OOC- War tell me if I went too far.

Hatemonger arrived in the brig to see Bugly, that the prison bars shut down and most importantly he saw the prisoner was gone.

He got onto his com-link.

"Scorponok, get the Nemesis on high alert, Dirge is somewhere on this ship." He barked.

But rather than chasing down Dirge himself which he viewed as a waste of time. Well that and in his mind tearing the seeker apart on the battlefield would be far more entertaining combined with the simple fact the Nemesis was full of more than enough Decepticons and if Cyclonus was really paying attention to the monitors he could make himself most useful now.

Instead he simply grabbed Bugly by the neck and hoisted him off the ground. Ready to snap the con's neck and he brought his other arm up as the hum of his fusion cannon and the light of of the energy inside began to illminate the mystic's face. If the mystic struggled he had no qualms with sending him for the abyss right here.

"As I am sure you realise, with what you did just I am more than within my rights as a commander to slag you right here." He said a look of anger and shock on his face.

"On the other hand, I won't destroy you if you give me a very very good reason as to why you just released that traitor." He didn't ask he commanded that and he knew he was probably one of the few Decepticons that could speak to Gigatron about this and not worry about being torn limb from limb.

2006-02-04, 06:46 AM

Normally, Scorponok would have snarled a furious reply at Hatemonger after the way the general had addressed him...but the city commander knew that this was neither the time nor the place to settle hierarchical issues.

Instead, he slapped his claw against the intruder panel. As klaxons begain to wail throughout the ship, he shouted into the intercom.

"All hands, apprehend Dirge immediately!"


Bugly let a raw laugh escape from his throat, then used an epihimeral push to free his neck from Hatemonger's strong grasp. The Circuit-Su master landed on the ground a few feet away from where the much-larger Decepticon stood.

"Oh, please, general. Your threats are empty, and you know it. If you slay me, you will make yourself an enemy of the entire Mayhem Attack Squad. And that is a fight you cannot win."

The mystic simply shrugged.

"I freed Dirge because it was necessary to free him. It serves my ends to let him live for now. At the very least, his return will preoccupy the Autobot security forces at a time when they need every last soldier focussed on foiling us. At best...at best, he will become a significant asset to us. Willingly or not."


Ramjet nearly walked into a wall, he was so shocked to hear the intercom announcement.

Dirge? Here? How?

2006-02-04, 07:00 AM
Hatemonger nodded his optics in some agreement over what Bugly has to say over Dirge's departure on the other hand.

"While I agree that your logic does make sense." He said grabbing with on arm and slamming the Pretender into a wall almost putting the Pretender clean through it. He held the Pretender his optics burning he looked at the mystic and spoke.

"Do not think for one second that I fear your Mayhem squad or anyone else for that matter. I have faced more foes and survived more battles that you could fathom. That and if you ever address me like that again" He pushed the Pretender more into the wall "I will tear every circuit from your body for my own personal entertainment and then send the bits to your Mayhem squad. " He said letting Bugly go he got onto his com-link.

"All Decepticons, give chase to Dirge but do not, repeat do not capture him. Bugly has given infected Dirge with a virus that we hope will spread to the Autobots." He said but being a general he certainly learned to lie a few times in his career as a soilder.

OOC sorry left out a sentence that would have been helpful :)

He then looked down at Bugly.

"That and you should realise I just saved your life."

2006-02-04, 10:25 AM

Ruckus finally unlocked his knee and screwed back on the armoured plates, the Triggercon thought he had seen something out of the corner of his optics, a shadow passing him by, but he'd put it down to bad energon and paid it no mind.

Then Ruckus heard the general alarm.

Bugly you treacherous son of a glitch....

The Triggercon locked in his missile launchers, pulled his standard issue laser pistol from subspace and opened a communications channel.

"This is Ruckus reporting from intersection 1:19, fugitive may be heading to the armoury, I'm in pursuit."

The assault trooper ran somewhat awkwardly in the direction of the armoury.

That's where I'd go.....



Wheels continued to grapple with Bludgeon when Fly hailed his fellow training Decepticons in the Holodeck.

"Bludgeon. Ragnarok we have a fugitive on the loose, Dirge has escaped the brig, we are now on high alert!"

Fly dived into Wheels and the Duocon merged once more into robot mode and locked and loaded his rifle, before addressing Bludgeon.

"You lead, we'll follow!"

2006-02-04, 03:17 PM
-watches the holodeck deactivate, and the room returns to normal-

"Dirge? First Soundwave now Dirge, what’s happened to everyone?"

Walks over to grab his sword by Bludgeon, seethes it, and gives him a solemn bow

"lets rock."

Aero Blade
2006-02-04, 08:28 PM
Dirge was making his way through the base as quickly as he could, making sure to avoid areas such as the Armory for fear that the Decepticons might gather there. He just wanted to escape, not fight, especially since that was how he got caught in the first place...

After what seemed like an eternity to Dirge, he finally reached his chosen escape point, working quickly on the access to the airlock to get it open. If he could get out of the base, he had every confidence he might be able to outrun them...

2006-02-04, 08:53 PM

Bludgeon: -sheathes his katana, turns, heads out the door, hears Hatemonger`s announcement, scowl deepening as he breaks into a run, calling back over his shoulder- "You three, with me" -heading with unerring accuracy towards Dirge`s location-

2006-02-05, 04:52 AM

"It isn't your life to save...or to take, General. It never was."

Bugly simply smirked as Hatemonger glared down at him.

"And it never will be. I have forseen many possible futures. In none of them do you kill me."

The mystic grew serious. "Now, I suggest you ask Hammer to get his new aquatic repair drones ready to repair internal flood damage. If Dirge actually manages to get to an airlock and get out, I doubt he'll have the courtesy to shut the door behind him. And I, for one, don't look forward to swimming down the halls any time soon."

The arrogant Decepticon's face creased slightly as he felt Bludgeon's focus settle onto Dirge. Reaching out towards his fellow Pretender's mind, he thought, Let him be. When the time comes, I will deal with him.

2006-02-05, 08:39 AM

Flywheels followed Bludgeon out of the holodeck, keeping pace with the Pretender,the Duocon aimed his rifle down empty corridors and intersections as they went.

2006-02-05, 10:29 AM
Needlenose's secret Stash

"lets g-get t-these over to e-engineering s-see what we c-can concoct s-suprise wise for the A-autobots."

2006-02-05, 12:54 PM
Hatemonger considered just turning the pretender to slag there for treason but decided that letting him continue to exist could be useful.

"Octopunch and Hammer, if Dirge goes out of an airlock we will need to seal it quickly to keep us from going under get ready to reclose whereever he leaves from." Hatemonger said into his com-link.

2006-02-05, 03:00 PM
-Stands behind Bludgeon staring at Dirge-

Aero Blade
2006-02-05, 05:01 PM
((ooc: Rollerdash, don't think Bludgeon's gotten to where Dirge is yet, still en route))

In his panic to escape the base, Dirge probably took a bit longer than it normally would have to opperate the controls as he fussed with them, but finally he'd get his desired results as the airlock openned for him.

He didn't think anything of the water that started flowing in, he was just too overjoyed at the thoughts that it seemed he'd suceeded for the time being. While he still had a bit of airspace to give him enough lift, he transformed into his jetmode, gunning his engines so that he'd get enough momentum to pierce through the water and make it out into open sky, retreating from the Decepticon base.

2006-02-05, 08:48 PM

Knockout nodded to Hatemonger before reading from the display.

"Strange... There's a peculiar oscillation in the output. I can't track his brainwaves. Bodily readings are nominal, though."

With the klaxon's ring, Knockout jumped and looked up instinctively. Sledge grinned widely, itching for a fight, but his charge from the biobed was cut short when the emergency blast doors slammed shut to seal the medbay.

"Slaggit!" Sledge cried, slamming a fist against the barricade.


Constructors' Lab

Hammer had only just begun integrating the new systems into the ship's mainframe when the string of bad news came down on him. He tapped his holoframe quickly and expertly to bring up a floorplan of the ship and he growled quietly before rushing to the door.

"Grit, take over. I'm going to the bridge."

Grit moved lugubriously to the holoframe; by the time he looked it over, an orange circle was pulsing at an airlock in the hull.

"We have a breach," he hissed.

"Fix it!" Hammer shouted over his shoulder as he dashed out.

Grit cursed Hammer silently as he began procedures to manually override the repair drones and direct them toward the open airlock. Excavator, nearby, got on his radio to update Octopunch of the situation.


Needlenose's Stash

"Yeah, I bet the boys can help out. Hey, X, you gotta--"

Stonecruncher stopped himself as a thundering rapidly approached in the halls behind him. The acoustics of the metal corridors garbled the noise, and Stonecruncher turned to look perplexedly.

"Flyin'--!" was all he could spit out before a wave of water blasted around the corner and down the hall, instantly flushing the lightweight Micromaster under it pressurized force.

2006-02-05, 09:13 PM
"W-what did y-you s-sa."

Wingspan's sentence was cut short as the micromaster cannoned into him and past him washed by the wave. Wingspan was knocked through the hole created by the Micromaster and into a pile of crates.

picking himself up he transformed and manoeuvring to find enough room he flapped into the air.

"F-fancy a ride." he said swooping down on the micromaster
and surveying the scene.

" s-slag all the equipment will b r-ruined maye the top tiers will be ok."

2006-02-06, 06:03 AM

While Hatemonger was busy shouting orders to the tech teams, Bugly took the opportunity to slip (hopefully) unnoticed out into the corridor. Whilst the Pretender was confident in his ability to destroy the general utterly, he knew that such an action would attract unwanted attention from other top-level commanders.

For the moment, anonymity is more important than reputation.


Octopunch scowled as Excavator's update came over the airwaves.

As if the slamming emergency bulkheads didn't tell me what was going on already...

The Pretender instructed his shell to lead the repair drones towards the problem airlock, then stepped into the airlock he was standing beside. After it had cycled properly, the small robot swam out into the water and followed his shell towards the breach.

2006-02-06, 09:50 AM

Ruckus was half way to the armoury when the news of the hull breach came through. A rage came over the Triggercon and he threw down his laser pistol smashing it on the deck.


Screaming aloud, with his voice module amplified to maximum decibels made him feel alot better, bu there was still the matter to settle with Bugly.

Ruckus wasn't stupid enough to challenge the mystic over Dirge's escape, the smaller Decepticon had the firepower and the will to take on most in the Decepticon army, but 'cons such as Bugly harnessed unseen power and wielded it wth lethal effect.

I'll need to be careful, gather some support, but the traitor will pay...

A rivulet of water trickled along a groove in the deck swirling around the Triggercon's feet much to his chagrin.


2006-02-06, 03:42 PM
Hatemonger was upset that things were going a bit crazy but then again. He pulled out a small chip.

"It's funny the things you can see when you are watching the monitors." The general laughed as the chip contained the last film in the brig: Bugly using his power to shut off the camaras.
His little exchange with Bugly was not on the camara so he didn't sweat that. Well that and he did nothing the change of command would have looked down upon.

Always remember, the mystics are the first to be killed off. he thought to himself remembering quite a bit of human and Cybertronian history as he walked back to the bridge ready to see Gigatron when he returned.

"Scorponok, our engineers seem to have a handle with the repairs. I have some footage you might find most amusing." He said to the city-commander.


"Slag!" Cryotek yelled. The klaxons broke his concentration.

"Well given Soundwave is stable for the moment." He raised his visor and walked to a terminal in his lab.

"Good thing I had my machines make quite a few more undersea drones." He smiled slyly activating them and sending them to Octopunch.

"Got more drones on your way, I already started them with emergancy repair orders." He explained.

2006-02-06, 10:48 PM

Bludgeon: -hears the dull thump of the explosion as Dirge leaves, actives commlink- "Your infected prisoner has escaped. And I would think twice were I you about threats that you cannot fullfill." -deactivates commlink-

2006-02-07, 04:45 AM

"Indeed," Scorponok growled. The large Decepticon glanced down at the com panel, then back at the bulkheads that sealed off the bridge access ports.

Who's brilliant idea was it to use a sunken ship as a base, anyway?

"Well, it seems like I'm not going anywhere for the moment," he told Hatemonger. "Send it up to my screen."

Flooded Corridor, Deck Three

Octopunch swam down the hallway, glaring dourly at the repair drones as they worked to seal off the flooded area. Seeing his shell at the epicentre of the action, the Pretender called it to himself and allowed it to seal around him.

Now with a bit more weight to his credit, the salvage expert felt his feet settle reasuringly to the ground. Twirling his trident through the water, he delivered a jab into the guts of a nearby drone that didn't seem to be working hard enough.

If it had to happen, it's a good thing it happened here, he decided. Any farther up the command tower and he would have flooded vital systems. And if he'd opened up an airlock in the primary hull it would have taken months to dry everything out.

2006-02-07, 05:40 AM
Hatemonger continued back to the bridge and send the remaining video from the secrity cameras in the brig. The video played showing Ruckus talking to Dirge, then Ruckus leaving. Then Bugly talking to Dirge. The mystic walking in front of Dirge's cell and then arcs from the mystic's hand then the video screens going blank.

"I think we have one too many rats on this ship." He growled. "Where I do see a logic to letting our turncoat join the Autobots, I think we need to find some suitable traitors of our own. Anyway I will speak to you more in a moment." He said continuing to the bridge.


The undersea drone buzzed at Octopunch slammed it with his trident and rushed to work faster.

2006-02-07, 05:52 AM

Scorponok watched the video feed in silence, then slammed his fist into the video console. The display shattered in a spray of glass and sparks.

"It would be nice," he muttered, "if we could go just one week without someone betraying us."

Especially when the traitor is one of my old crew, he added mentally. Next time I decide to dole out Pretender shells, I'll make sure that none of them go to religious fanatics...

2006-02-07, 02:07 PM
Hatemonger heard Scorponok's reaction and frowned. Not since the Aerialcon's betrayal had Hatemonger felt so wronged as well.

"When Gigatron returns, I would like to have an meeting with you and him about these matters." Hatemonger said almost soberly.

2006-02-07, 03:02 PM

Ruckus made his way to the bridge, sticking to the top levels the furious Triggercon punched massive dents in the infastructure as he laboured on his journey.

We'll see how Bugly fares when I inform the command of his betrayal, your breems are numbered mystic..

Ruckus longed to be the Decepticon to bring the mystic to justice and crush his scheming neural core under his battle scarred foot.

Replaying this image in his imagination was the only thing that kept the Triggercon from tearing apart the random tech drones he was passing going about their watery business.

2006-02-07, 03:06 PM

Bludgeon: -turns, heads towards the bridge, activates commlink- "Bugly, I know what you did. What I do not understand are Hatemonger`s statements and actions. I am going to have a conversation with him."

2006-02-07, 04:17 PM
Hatemonger could tell he was being followed by Bludgeon, consider it an old soilders ESP.

"Come on out Bludgeon you wish to speak to me then let's do so." He said.

2006-02-07, 11:27 PM

Flywheels continued to follow Bludgeon, his rifle at the ready, covering his comrade's back. The Duocon wasn't sure what was going on, but he wanted to find out.

2006-02-08, 12:52 AM
"This'll take forever"

Ragnorok Transforms

"You two get on, we'll get there faster if i drive."

2006-02-08, 05:02 AM

Scorponok turned to glare out the main viewport as he replied to Hatemonger.

"Indeed. Something has to be done about this. Not since the days of Starscream have we seen so much betrayal."


Bugly smiled slightly as he heard Bludgeon's comm call.

"Yes, please do. The dear general fashions himself our better. He could use a bit of...education in that regard." He paused momentarily. "But don't make the lesson too hard. He might complain."

The idea of his fellow mystical Pretender ascending to Hatemonger's post over the general's dead body certainly held some appeal to Bugly, but he knew that such an action could negatively effect his long-term goals...no matter how good it would feel.

2006-02-08, 06:26 AM
Hatemonger then replied to Scorponok agian.

"That and considering Bugly's actions, perhaps we should find the rest of the Mayhem Squad and hold them in the brig." He said.

Fools, I tried to help them and they stab me and the rest of us in the back. No matter traitors are traitors. He thought to himself. He really didn't care about whatever thoughts anyone had of trying to kill him. Bring it, he fought Prime and Grimlock to a standstill other than Galvatron, Gigatron or Megatron himself there was nobody in the Decepticon army capable of that level.

2006-02-08, 11:59 PM

Bludgeon: "No need, Ragnarok. He`s coming to see us" -strides toward Hatemonger- "Do not be so impressed with your abilities, General. I do not approve of your threatening one of my men. Nor do I approve of your excuse for allowing Dirge`s escape. We will deal with his treachery in due time. Or do you think so little of those under your command?"

2006-02-09, 04:12 AM
Hatemonger considered simply blowing off the Pretender, but he was not like that. That and despite the current situation Bludegon was a fine soilder so he did deserve this must from a general. So he spoke looking his optics into the hollow eye sockets of the samurai pretender.

"First of all what your comrade did was flat out treason. I could have terminated him there as if I had wished. Second, if I felt Dirge was a threat I would have more than allowed all of us to tear him apart circuit by circuit. But he is weak and he will do far more harm to the Autobots than he thinks. To have our security protocols updated to keep Dirge out at our bases will be no problem and give our engineers a bit of work to keep them from rusting." He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts.

"Your men?" He asked "Your men, need I remind you of my rank as General? I command our infantry and ground units in which your men are a part of. Hence, if I need to or am commanded by Gigatron, Scorponok or our other commanders I will terminate anyone who seeks cause against the Decepticons. Your men or not." He paused for another moment.

"As for do I think lowly of you? No you are a fine warrior and we have fought many battles together. However, I do know of your link to Bugly and I question if you knew his plans to release Dirge to begin with. With Squeezeplay, Dirge, Blitzwing and now Bugly all defecting this is quite an issue we are having with troops jumping sides" He said locking eyes with the pretender. "So given your link I would have to question why men in your direct command would allow a traitor to leave and you not alerting command of his action or stopped it yourself?" He asked.

2006-02-09, 05:49 AM

Scorponok snorted.

"I doubt we could hold them," he told Hatemonger over their comm line. "Not unless they wanted to be held. No, if you wanted to move against the Mayhems, you'd have to kill them. And unlike Galvatron, we're not going to waste a perfectly good unit because they annoy us. Not while we still have enemies to kill, anyway."

The large Headmaster wasn't particularly happy about that, but he was rarely happy about anything.

2006-02-09, 12:34 PM

Bludgeon: "I did not know what Bugly was planning until it had already occured. In that respect, you were in a much better position to stop it. Yet you do not answer my question. Dirge was not infected with any virus. He will not spread disease, only distrust and dissent."

2006-02-09, 01:41 PM
"When I arrived at the brig Dirge was gone, Bugly was the only one there with Ruckus in one of the corridors. Hence my reaction to Bugly since upon playback of the Nemesis's secrity records I saw Bugly fire electric bolts from his hands then the camaras went dark. I was not sure if Dirge had already left the Nemesis." Even though Bludgedon didn't really need to know everything that happened, Hatemonger figured why not.

"Ahh but I did answer your question Bludgeon." Hatemonger answered back. "Dirge was weak, he was a weakness amoung us. Soundwave at least was willing to come to the fold after his folly, Dirge himself admitted his weakness his becoming Autobot. I do not feel as upset about someone like Dirge or Blitzwing leaving us as traitors as I am with Squeezeplay or when the Combaticons left." Hatemonger replied.

"That and do you think that fool was smart enough to turn off his Decepticon com-frequiencies? Even Squeezeplay was smart enough to do that." He retorted.

"We will soon have more information from the precious Autobots than that idoit understands. Besides, all we need is for Dirge to get in on one Autobot mission then strike. Then that dissent and distrust for the Autobots will be held by Dirge. Sure the Autobots may allow for one mission to go awry but many? Once Dirge has outlived his usefulness then we can terminate him."

2006-02-09, 08:40 PM

Stonecruncher was lucky to be rather buoyant, and so it was easy for his flailings to find him purchase on one of Wingspan's legs. The other hand swung over to grasp it as well, and he used his strong arms to hoist him from the now-settling water.

"--bblfrAGGER!" he spat. "What in the Pit was that? I swear, I'm gonna knock Grit halfway to Alpha Centauri next time I see that lazy punk!"



Hammer jogged through the main doors busily, looking up to Scorponok with business in his optics, his antipathy for the behemoth commander put aside in the urgency of the moment.

"What happened down there?" He quickly jumped to the engineering station and began working before the answer came. "Do we have a traitor?"


Ocean Airspace

The sleek black jet form of the Decepticon commander blasted over the heavy Pacific waves, his nosecone cutting the cold rain easily under menacing dark clouds. Once in range, Gigatron sent his remote command to the ship, which automatically responded by raising the docking tower. Gigatron transformed to robot mode on approach, fanning his wings to slow him to a smooth landing on the tower's mouth, and he walked in to ride the elevator down to the bridge.

2006-02-09, 09:51 PM

Bludgeon: "And is this the disease, the virus with which Dirge is infected?" -nods slightly- "Gigatron has returned."

2006-02-10, 12:33 AM

Ruckus stomped around the corner his missile launchers locked in position, still brandishing his laser pistol. The Triggercon was still furious over Bugly's betrayal and was eager for some vengance.

As he rounded a corner he came across a congregation of his fellow Decepticons among them Hatemonger, Bludgeon and Flywheels.

Ruckus composed himself and addressed Hatmonger directly.

"Commander we have a traitor in our midst, request permission to rip Bugly limb from slagging limb!"

The Triggercon eyed Bludgeon with thinly veiled contempt as he spoke.

These Pretenders have gone too far.....

Ruckus spat a glob of oil on the deck as if to show his disgust.

2006-02-10, 05:27 AM

Scorponok's scowl deepened ever further as he stared down at Hammer.

"Traitors," he growled, "are the only commodity we have in unlimited supply."

Flooded Corridor, Deck Three

Octopunch stood around glaring at the underwater tech drones as they fired up a large pump. With any luck, the deck would be drained in a few minutes.

2006-02-10, 05:41 AM
"Yes." Hatemonger nodded back on the to Bludgeon. "If possible, I would like it to be you who has claims his head should we encounter him again or I don't get my hands on the traitor myself." He said a grin almost crossing his face.

2006-02-10, 03:48 PM
-Revs engine and Drives off to the Command deck-

"I'm going to speak with Gigatron."

2006-02-12, 03:20 AM

Flywheels watched absent mindedly as Ragnarok sped off towards the command deck.

Like a Minibot to the pit.

The Duocon turned his attention back to the congregation in front of him, he nodded a greeting to the clearly furious Ruckus whose anger seemed to be exacerbated by the seeming lack of action against the 'traitor' Bugly. The Triggercon, however, did not return the greeting.

We keep our exhaust clean that's all that matters, who cares what happens to the others...

Flywheels looked at the apparent stand of between Bludgeon and Hatemonger, the threat of violence giving the meeting a palpable tension.

"Bludgeon are we to stand down?"

Ruckus spurred on by the Duocon's inquiry also spoke up, hoping to prompt the Decepticon he viewed as being in charge, into an answer.

"Hatemonger what of the traitor Bugly? Shall I organise a search and destroy unit?"

2006-02-12, 03:58 AM

Hammer paid little note to Scorponok's murky reply, his attention busy on homing in the ship's internal scanners to the flooded corridor. The main monitor portrayed regularly rotating images from the hall cameras, some of which showed Decepticons wading through the knee-deep water while trying to rectify the situation.

"It seems the problem spot is patched up," Hammer noted, mostly to himself. "I'll have to see about failsafing the airlocks..."

As Hammer trailed off, the main doors opened, and Gigatron strode through with his characteristic grimace donned. His optics took quickly to Scorponok, the highest ranking and most imposing of those present.

"Report," he growled.

Hammer, for his part, turned in his chair to salute the leader briefly before returning to his work.

2006-02-12, 04:02 AM
Hatemonger looked over to Ruckus.

"We wait for Gigatron's command, that and I think Bludgeon would be the best suited to bring Bugly in if that is what needs to be done." Hatemonger said waiting to see what Scorponok's report would be.

2006-02-12, 04:43 AM
Ruckus retracted his missile launchers as the surge in his adrenogon levels began to slowly subside, the reckless but fearless Triggercon submitted to Hatemonger's orders, albeit under silent protest.

"As you wish, we await Gigatron's orders."

One pretender to hunt another? They plot against you Hatemonger, if you are too blind to see it then you deserve whatever end they plan for you! But I'll be keeping my optics open from now on.

Ruckus made a move away from the crowd, but not before hissing a barely audible sneer at Bludgeon

"I'm watching you.."

The Triggercon made his way along the damp corridors to ponder recent events, Ruckus's list of allies seemed to be shortening by the breem and it troubled the career soldier.

Is there no one loyal to Gigatron? Do they all have their own agendas?

2006-02-12, 05:54 AM

Ignoring the Micromaster's technobabble, Scorponok turned towards the opening lift doors. A deep growl escaped from the back of his throat as he considered Gigatron's request.

"Astrotrain took a squad out to aid the recovery team," he said. "We have no word yet from either group. And if human network news can be believed, Leozak has invaded Cuba."

He won't like this part, the city commander thought to himself. Almost inperceptably, one corner of his mouth curled upwards.

"Oh, and Dirge paid us a visit while you were gone. I've been reviewing security footage, and it appears he and Bugly and something of a duel in engineering. The Pretender got the better of him and dragged him off to the brig."

The massive Headmaster's optics narrowed.

"Unfortunately, our friend Bugly decided to release the prisoner before he could be properly...questioned. During his escape, Dirge left an airlock open flooded all of deck three. The mystic is still here and doesn't seem to be trying to escape, so it looks like he just betrayed us for the fun of it."

2006-02-12, 10:37 AM
Needlenoses Stash

"F-first of all w-what just h-appened, s-second of all are any of these s-salvageable and t-t-third who do i n-need to kill for doing this."

Wingspan looked round the room hopefully, most of the crates were sealed so hopefully they wouldn't be too badly damaged

"I w-wonder if the Autobots h-have used a-any of m-my s-spares yet."

2006-02-12, 09:33 PM
Needlenose's Stash

As the water subsided, Stonecruncher released Wingspan's leg to drop into the water, still waist-deep on the Micromaster. He treaded slowly but regularly back toward the impromptu doorway in the side of the hall.

"Slagged if I know. Thought I heard somethin' about catching a rebel right before the flood came through."

Stonecruncher grabbed the lip of the open crate and pulled himself up, examining its contents and looking around the rest of the room.

"Anyway, looks like these couple are waterlogged, but the rest are probably still good. There must be hundreds here. X," he commed, "need a hand, buddy."



Gigatron's optics narrowed at the report. His scowl did not betray his inner sigh as he thought of how he wished he could be rid of traitors; still, his face was hard and mean.

"The mission's cover is compromised with our return. Get me a status report from Astrotrain," he order the comm officer on duty. He turned coldly to Scorponok, and his tone dropped. "Fetch me Bugly."

(OOC: Whoever's about the bridge and bored can feel free to be playing comm officer.)

2006-02-13, 05:40 AM

Scorponok locked optics with Gigatron for a few seconds, meeting the leader's icy cold with his own roiling internal flame.

I am not your errand boy, sixchanger. If this is the way you manage your army, I'm not surprised half your troops have deserted.

The titanic warrior broke off the staring match with a low, throaty growl. Pushing himself out of the command chair (which he had deliberately failed to yield to Gigatron when the commander arrived), he stalked through the turbolift doors at the rear of the bridge.

2006-02-13, 05:53 AM

Bludgeon: -quietly- "Beware whom you vex, Ruckus, lest you find your still beating fuel pump in your hands. My loyalty is to Gigatron, and Gigatron alone." -looks over at Flywheels- "One should never stand down. For the moment, though, there is no immediate threat."

2006-02-13, 06:10 AM

Once the doors had safely closed behind him, Scorponok activated his comlink.

"Ruckus and Fangry, meet me at the main turbolift cluster on deck fifteen in ten minutes. Terrorcons, secure decks fourteen and sixteen. We're going traitor hunting."

Mess Hall

At the call of his unit's name, Hun-Grrr let a few droplets of energon drip from the cube he was devouring. The drops ran down his face to pool at his chin, before he wiped them off.

"Nnnn...acknowledged, Scorponok." Pushing himself up from the table he had been slouched at, the Terrorcon leader switched his comlink frequency.

"Grrr...Sinnertwin, take Blot and Rippersnapper down to sixteen. Cutthroat, with me. We have fourteen."

The team leader charged his way out of the room, leaving several lesser Decepticons sprawled on the ground in his wake.

2006-02-13, 11:49 AM

A smile crept across Ruckus's face as Scorponok's transmission came through.


"I read you sir, I'm heading to the turbo lift cluster now!"

Ruckus pulled his side arm from subspace and slammed a fresh power cell into the laser pistol. The Triggercon quickly checked the corridors were clear and began jogging in the direction of the turbo lift.

At least Scorponok still has the bolts for this kind of work...

2006-02-14, 12:53 PM
-Ragnorok revs in to the command room, makeing his tires squeel when he stoped, He transformed and waited for Gigatron to adress him.-

2006-02-14, 08:42 PM
Mayhem Shuttle:

Fangry: -dozing in creature mode, sprawled across a couple of seats, snorts as his commlink goes off- "Hu.. wha...." -hits button- "I read you, Scorponok. I'll take your suggestion under advisement. Out." -transforms to robot mode, walks to the shuttle hatch, looks out- "Gee, when'd we get back?"

2006-02-15, 06:04 AM
Deck Sixteen

An agile yellow-and-green figure darted down the hall, its twin heads bobbing up and down almost comically. The creature's optics tracked forward and back, its ears pricked up at the slightest sound, and its nostrils flared in search of the scent of its prey.

Sinnertwin's efforts at professional hunting weren't paying off, though. He suspected that that was because the target was still unaware of the hunt.

But if he is, he can probably detect my partners from a hundred yards away.

The Terrorcon sentry had quickly realized that Blot and Rippersnapper wouldn't be much help if it came to tracking Bugly down. Terrorists and foot soldiers, after all, were not known for their subtlety.

Doesn't mean they can't be useful, though...

One of the Terrorcon's faces twisted into a smile. Yes, they could be useful indeed. While he was quietly and stealthily stalking through one side of the deck, his partners were clanking and banging around in the other. With any luck, they would drive the prey right to him.

And the sooner, the better...

Deck Fourteen

Cutthroat was a bit less sanguine than his teammate at the moment. He knew there was a fight in the offing, and to be made to stand around and wait until an enemy walked right up to him almost made the Terrorcon's frame jump out of his hide.

This is pointless...and Hun-grrr is worse than useless! He just stands there, staring off into space. As if the traitor is just going to walk right out in front of him and wait to be beaten!

For his part, the shock trooper was pacing down the deck's main corridor, glowering balefully at any drone or lesser Decepticon foolish enough to cross his path. Occasionally he cast his glare back at Hun-grrr, but the larger Decepticon seemed to be oblivious.


2006-02-15, 05:45 PM
Corridors, Deck Fifteen.

Ruckus arrived at the turbo life cluster and briefy scanned the corridors for any signs of the traitor, before opening a comm channel.

"Commander Scorponok, this is Ruckus, I am in position and awaiting your arrival."

The Triggercon ran some routine internal diagnostics on his weapon systems as he waited for the others to arrive.

2006-02-16, 01:26 PM
Cindersaur's quarters, Deck four

The Firecon dragon lay asleep on his bed snoring, with each gasp of air he let out a small lisp of flame, suddenly a droplet of water dripped into his mouth instantly waking him up and sending him sprawling onto the floor.

Cindersaur began coughing and choking sending out puffs of smoke until he had cleared his throat and let out a stream of fire, burning a hole in the wall in the process.

After the Decepticon looked up and saw the leaking sealing he let out a tremendous roar - "I HATE WATER!".

Cindersaur then opened the door leading out into the adjoining corridor, he waited for a minute until a tech drone trundled past,
he grabbed the startled drone and frew it into the room.

"FIX THAT!" he ordered before locking the tech in the room.

The fire con then wandered off to look for something to do.

2006-02-18, 06:49 PM
Needlenose's Stash

Excavator waded efficiently through the bit of remaining water floating in the corridor, his optics watching his steps with caution and wonder that the ship was so insecure. He narily realized when he came upon Stonecruncher and Wingspan except when his partner shouted at him. Excavator smiled to Wingspan mutedly.

"Yo, X!" Stonecruncher cried from his seat atop a crate. "Got some parts we need to get to the shop and look over. Gimme a hand, will ya?"

Stonecruncher dove from his perch to splash into the bit of remaining water, and the two Micromasters transformed into their crane-truck mode. Both maneuvered their crane arms around toward the closest crates as near as they could manage.

"Could you hook me up?" Excavator asked Wingspan softly.



Gigatron turned to look over his feeble bridge crew with contempt, but it was only a moment before the screeching of Ragnarok's wheels interrupted him. He turned to face the unfamiliar Decepticon coldly, though he was in fact satisfied that new troops were always available to offset the traitors. Gigatron said nothing, only staring at Ragnarok and awaiting his words.

2006-02-19, 12:46 AM
-Ragnorok transforms and draws his sword-

"Lord Gigatron I presume?"

-gets on one knee and holds sword out in front him him-

"I am at your service."

2006-02-19, 01:03 AM

Fangry: -wanders over to Ruckus- "Oh, great. You." -transforms back to wolf creature mode, snorts- "So what's going on?"


Bludgeon: -strides in, bows to Gigatron-

2006-02-19, 03:19 AM
Hatemonger returned to the command deck.

"Well this has been an amusing few days." He grunted.


Cryotek returned to work on Soundwave.

2006-02-19, 05:38 AM
Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Scorponok stalked out of the turbolift and nodded slightly towards Ruckus before he fixed Fangry with a glare. He let the chronically disobeident soldier stew for a few astroseconds before he spoke.

"We're hunting the traitor Bugly. You will find him, and then we will capture him alive." The massive Decepticon straightened to his full height, allowing the tip of his tail to brush against the corridor's ceiling. He continued to glare down at the much-smaller Headmaster. "If you have a problem with your orders, you will keep it to yourself. Understood?"

The titanic city commander's tone of voice left no doubt as to what the price of defiance would be. This entire prison-breaking incident had worn out what little patience he had to begin with.

2006-02-19, 08:58 AM
Wingspan flapped down

"c-certainly , j-just one m-moment."

Wingspan hooked the crate up to Excavators hook.

2006-02-19, 10:49 AM
Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Ruckus glanced over at Fangry and was about to answer his notoriously disobedient comrade when Scorponok entered the corridor, his massive frame dwarfing the Triggercon.

Scorponok issued his orders and Ruckus pndered for a moment before replying.

"Fine we won't kill him, but if we rip him out of his shell and tear off a few of his limbs would that suit your needs?"

Ruckus had no love for pretenders, they made gim feel uneasy, the assault trooper always preferred to look an enemy in the optics when trying to destroy them.

2006-02-19, 09:08 PM
Needlenose's Stash

Stonecruncher was capable of making the hook connection himself, and the two cranes hoisted their cargo as high as they could to keep it safe from the remaining water on the deck. Stonecruncher revved their engine, and the truck chugged off slowly toward their laboratory.



When the klaxons shut off, Knockout looked up cautiously, awaiting the announcement of status. None came, so he carefully returned to his place at the fluid dispenser station and resumed administering Soundwave's necessities.

Sledge sighed mournfully when it became apparent he'd missed the action. He gave Cryotek a somewhat embarrassed look before shuffling back to the biobed and climbing back up to read Soundwave's measurements.



Hammer continued to tap away proficiently and rather noisily at the engineering station, sending messages to the ship's mainframe and assimilating data from the sensors.

In the center of the room, Gigatron watched Ragnarok's display with muted interest. His optics were on the sword; he appreciated a Decepticon who knew the value of close combat.

"A warrior, I take it. Well enough. How is it you come to serve Gigatron?"

Before the answer came, Gigatron was disturbed by the arrival of his officers. He looked to them impassively.

"Bludgeon, Hatemonger, report."

2006-02-19, 09:31 PM
Wingspan flapped down and perched gently on the micromasters roof

2006-02-20, 12:56 AM
Fangry's Fighting Compartment:

Brisko: "You're going to get us killed, you zarking idiot!"

Fangry: -over internal speakers- "Look, squishy, if it hasn't occoured to you yet, I know exactly how to get along without you. I simply stay in this mode."

Brisko: -pales noticably- "Say again?"

Fangry: "I can eat you any time the urge strikes me, meat boy. The only reason I haven't yet is that you do actually provide some small benefit. But you don't provide that much of a benefit. Imagine what you'd taste like wrapped in bacon......."

Brisko: -swallows nervously-


Fangry: -upper lip curled up, showing his canines, tones overly sarcastic- "Now why would I have any problems with your constantly overbearing presence? I do so love being bossed around by somebody I respect......" -pauses for a second- "Oh, wait. Bludgeon isn't here." -face changes to a look of sadness- "Guess I'll just have to be bossed around by somebody I don't respect." -shrugs, looks over at Ruckus- "You keep the inner robot occupied, I'll eat his shell. That should cause enough pain to knock him out."


Bludgeon: "Dirge has escaped, Gigatron. And it would appear that Bugly is responsible. If you wish, I will hunt him down personally and eviscerate him."

2006-02-20, 01:56 AM
-Ragnorok stood next to Gigatron-

"If it is ok with you Sir, I would like to speak with Soundwave as soon as posibible."

(occ: how big is Gigatron any hoo? Ragnorok is the size of Soundwave and most Deciptcon's.)

2006-02-20, 02:13 AM
Hatemonger looked at Gigatron.

"Quite abit has happened while you were gone. Cryotek, the Constructors and Octopunch have all began rearming the Nemesis, they rebuilt the armour and are now getting the weapons systems back online thanks to the group and undersea work drones Cryotek has built." He explained.

"Next up Cryotek is investigating Soundwave's CPU, it seems he has seen the error his his ways and wishes to return to active duty, needless to say having him back in our fold would be quite good. On the other hand, Cyrotek is not sure what is causing the fualt in his mind, more over if he should leave something too keep our commucation officer in check." He paused.

"Plus Bugly freed Dirge. My only reason for not slagging Bugly myself is that he is a useful warrior when not commiting such a stupid crime and Dirge is useless plus with Dirge probably running to the Autobots we could use him to our advantage." He said waiting for Gigatron's response.

2006-02-20, 06:10 AM
Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Scorponok's face twisted to a mask of contempt.

"I have no interest in your respect," he told Fangry, a dangerous and (for once) entirely genuine edge in his voice. "Only your obedience. Fail to give me that and you will spend the rest of your days trapped inside the brain of your little fleshling partner."

Without waiting for a reply from the tracker (since, after all, he couldn't care less what the creature had to say), he turned to Ruckus.

"You two will do precisely enough damage to him to make him cooperate, and not one punch more. Gigatron wants to deal with him personally, and far be it from us to spoil His Excellency's fun." The contempt in his voice, although less obvious, was just as thick as it had been when he had addressed Fangry. "Of course, if he doesn't cooperate you're free to do tear, blast or melt whatever parts you feel like."

Turning back to the smallish Headmaster, he said, "The traitor is on this deck. Find him."

2006-02-20, 09:55 AM
Corridors, Deck 15

"All friendlies should have relocated off this deck bar the other search teams, so if it moves, frag it!"

A barely audible whine eminated from Ruckus's missile launchers as the warrior armed his weapons. The Triggercon was aware the damage his powerful munitions would cause to the hull of the Nemesis if fired in an enclosed space near a fragle bulk head, but a kill was a kill.

Ruckus turned to the anatgonistic Fangry

"We should search by quadrants, the laboratories and the Micromaster barracks are first, stay tight on my six, standard sweep and clear formation."

The Triggercon hunkered to a crouch and raised his laser pistol in readiness before moving off down the corridor and halting at an intersection before silently waving Fangry to his position as he covered the Headmaster.

2006-02-21, 04:58 AM
Constructors' Lab

The yellow crane truck cruised through the smallish door to interrupt Grit's important work of slacking off. He'd been left alone, after all. Why even pretend to be busy? The architect gave the truck a cold look as they set down their load and transformed. Excavator stood quietly near the door while Stonecruncher cracked open the crates.

"What's this?" Grit spat, nodding toward the crates contemptuously.

"Loads a' old storage devices," Stonecruncher replied, having forgotten his misplaced anger at his comrade. "We're thinkin' about puttin' 'em to use in a sabotage kinda job. Get them into 'Bot hands and make a mess without ever firing a shot."

Grit's optics lit up some. He enjoyed such filthy work. "So what do you want from me? This isn't my sort of work." He paused, then added, "Knockout's busy at repair."

"Well, maybe we can do it without him." Stonecruncher glanced at Wingspan. "What's the plan?"



Gigatron's respect quickly faded to bemusement at the mention of one of his league of traitors.

"Soundwave?" he hissed at Ragnarok. "Tell me why."

The reports of his officers preceded the answer, and he held a halting finger to Ragnarok while he approached Hatemonger and Bludgeon.

"Reassuring that some of my soldiers are fulfilling their worth," he muttered to Hatemonger. "See that Cryotek reports to me once Soundwave is online and his loyalty is assured. Allow him to be... creative, to this end. Dirge is of little immediate concern. We shall destroy him later."

Gigatron turned to Bludgeon coldly. "No need," he growled. "Scorponok has been dispatched to bring him to me. But I would wonder, Bludgeon, if you would even be up to the task. That one of your elite troopers could be allowed to assist a known traitor's escape is a pathetic offense. Such poor performance demands my doubt of your leadership capacities. I am appalled, disgusted, and in no way amused."

Gigatron's optics narrowed at the Pretender. "I expect more of you, Bludgeon. Keep your troops on a tighter leash or you may find them in short supply. I would sincerely abhor putting you on energon duty."

2006-02-21, 05:25 AM
Hatemonger nodded then spoke once more.

"Also, the oil from our last raid has been processed and is being turned or has been turned into energon and the Nemesis's weapons grid is at about 25%." He explained getting ready to com Cryotek to give him the news.

2006-02-21, 05:51 AM
-Ragnarok looks at Gigatron, his image not faltering-

"Soundwave and I go back since the time of Pax-Cybertronia. I have recently learned of his act of treason, and have the urge to knock one of his cypergenitic teeth out sir."

2006-02-21, 07:26 AM
Wingspan flapped down and transformed

"w-well we thought , we could put a few levels of encryption on them make the A-autobots waste resources trying to get access, maybe s-stick some explosives in o-one or t-two."

2006-02-22, 05:59 AM

Bludgeon: -bows, straightens, looks over at Hatemonger- "I do have a couple of questions for our esteemed General. One, as you were with Bugly immediately after his freeing Dirge, and you were in the cells.... why did you not detain him there? And two, I still do not understand why you did not wish us to prevent Dirge's escape. I could detect no presence of any virus on him, nor was there any evidence of his having been.... tampered with."


Fangry: -sighs- "Ruckus, he's a psychic. Think about that for a moment." -starts walking down the hall, sniffing the air- "What he can't cover is his scent." -stops by a door, transforms, wings forming a shield on his left arm, stands next to the doorway, points- "He's in here. Since he's apparently caused you all this grief, Ruckus, I'll let you hit him first."

2006-02-22, 06:07 AM
Hatemonger nodded as he looked to the assembled group.

"It would have been a waste of energon, Bugly would not leave the ship regaurdless of if I held him there or not. Plus without the cells being online and his mystical skills next to slagging him I would not have held him there. Besides, who am I go disallow our men some on the job training?" He explained.

"As for Dirge, to be frank he is useless to us, he has no idea of the capablities of the Decepticons or our plans, he was weak and would have been a burden to us. Not to mention I think we can use his defection to our advanage and in the end we will extract our revenge on the battlefield. Not to mention I think we need to do some "recuriting" of some Autobots that are unhappy with their situation."

2006-02-22, 06:13 AM
Cargo Bay Six, Deck Fifteen

Bugly hid in the deepest shadows of the room, with several large stacks of crates between himself and the massive cargo chamber's only exit.

Well, perhaps hid wasn't exactly the right word.

The mystic simply sat in the shadows, legs crossed, an expression of amused concentration on his face. He hadn't bothered using his powers to surpress his scent, even though he had clearly detected Fangry's repulsive presence not far away. He could easily have evaded the searchers, using air ducts and service tunnels to stay perpetually one step ahead of them.

But he didn't want to hide.

No, he didn't want to hide. He knew Gigatron might take exception to his actions, but he didn't particularly care about that, either. His premonitory skills weren't as well-developed as those of a more advanced Circuit-Su master, but he knew nothing the leader or his minions could do would kill him. Not today.

What has happened is what needed to happen. No more, no less.

Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Scorponok regarded Fangry's cowardice with derision, but said nothing. Instead, he merely scowled down at the tracker for a moment, before turning to Ruckus.

"Do it."

2006-02-22, 08:20 AM
Cargo Bay Six, Deck Fifteen.

Slaggin cowards everywhere...

"Ok Fangry there's only one way in or out of this cargo bay, watch the door and I'll flush him out, simple."

Ruckus turned to Scorponok and gave him an affirmative hand signal, the Triggercon eased open the door the cowardly Fangry had indicated, stealth was never Ruckus's speciality, but never the less he tentatively stepped inside the darkened room.

The assault trooper's optics filtered varying light gradients as he scanned for his target in the mirk, he made out several cargo crates that were obscuring a corner section of the bay.

Ok mystic, you want to read my thoughts? You've probably got the drop on me, but I'm packing enough firepower to send us both back to the golden age, pretender or no pretender, you're coming with me...


Command Deck

Flywheels waited outside the command deck for further orders as Bludgeon was debriefed by Gigatron.

2006-02-23, 01:44 AM
Power Displays, Bridge:

-reading green on the power feeds coming in from Carbombiya and Quebec, energon storage levels rising rapidly-

2006-02-23, 04:25 AM
Cargo Bay Six, Deck Fifteen

If Bugly heard Ruckus's thoughts, he made no attempt to reply. Or rather, he made no attempt to reply with words.

However, only moments after the Triggercon entered, a large crate mysteriously tipped forward and fell from one of the many stacks of boxes filling the room. Of course, it fell directly towards the assault trooper's head.

Telekinesis was a wonderful thing.

Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Scorponok stood at the door, towering over Fangry.

"Assist him," he told the Headmaster.

Summarily ignoring the creature after the order was given, the massive city commander activated his comlink.

"Hun-grrr, our quarry is flushed. Deploy your troops above and below cargo bay six, in case he manages to blow a hole through the deck plating."

"Nnnn," the Terrorcon leader's gutteral voice came over the comm, "yes, sir."

2006-02-23, 08:31 AM
Cargo Bay, Deck Fifteen.

Ruckus didn't hear a reply from his quarry, in fact he didn't hear anything at all as a large crate cracked off his armoured head sending the Triggercon to the floor in a heap.

Slagging crates!!!!

Enraged, Ruckus staggered to his feet, a thick rivulet of energon splashed down the sizeable gash and dent in his head. In his fury he amplified his voice module and just let go....

"This is how you want to play it Bugly? You want to drop tech supplies on me? Well I've got a new game for you!"

The impetuous Triggercon launched two missiles in the enclosed space of the cargo bay towards the darkened corner he presumed Bugly was lurking. There could be munitions or flammable supplies stored in the bay, but at the moment Ruckus couldn't care a less, he just wanted the pretender's head on a stick.

2006-02-23, 10:19 PM

Fangry: -laughing hysterically as Ruckus picks himself up following the crate bouncing off his head- "That.... was..... beautiful!" -walks into cargo bay, transforms back to creature mode, flys up, lands atop a stack of crates near the door, blaster appearing in the hardpoint on his wolf creature mode's left hip- "C'mon out, Bugly, and take a bow. Maybe you finally knocked some sense into Ruckus!"

2006-02-24, 02:07 AM
Constructors' Lab

"Encryption," Grit repeated, sensing every letter from the word like brail. "Hmm. I have some experience with such work, but it will be rough."

Stonecruncher shrugged at Wingspan. "Knockout's a wiz with this kinda stuff, but he'll be busy at medbay for about a millenia. Think we should give it a go?"

If Grit approved or disdained, it was impossible to tell by the look on his face. Excavator, for his part, just stayed near the corner, his hand caressing the wall.


(OOC: Oh, I never answered. I like to think of Gigatron as roughly Megatron's size, perhaps a bit smaller. So he's not terribly much bigger than most 'Cons, but he is imposing.)


Hammer felt a rush as the monitors surprised him with good news, and he turned in his chair to deliver the message to his leader.

"Lord Gigatron, I have positive readings from our energon pipelines. Receiving is at optimum rate. The oil being refined on-site is being routed to reserves."

Gigatron paid no heed to the Micromaster's report; he held little respect for Hammer, having witnessed few of his accomplishments. He spared Flywheels a passing glance (wasn't that the one who got captured? He needed to find a way to keep his troops out of Autobot hands) on his optics' way between Bludgeon and Hatemonger.

"Dirge was a known traitor," he spat, remembering just a hint of his old distaste for the general. He buried it quickly. "That he dared infiltrate our fortress, was caught, and escaped given that knowledge is the worst of failures in spite of his lack of worth. Dirge must become an example to future would-be defectors. I will mount his head atop the Commons monitor, that all Decepticons may see the only resolution of betrayal to the Empire!"

Gigatron sighed and lowered his voice.

"But that must wait. He must be within Autobot City's confines by now. The Autobots will set an ambush for an assassination attempt. Hatemonger, prepare a plan for dealing with the traitor; we will launch it when the Autobots' defense is down. I will discuss counter-intelligence measures with Reflector upon his return. Inform Cryotek he is to report to me of Soundwave's status upon completion of his work."

Gigatron turned back to Ragnarok, his contempt having faded.

"Soundwave is currently under investigation and tight supervision. None may see him until his loyalty is assured."



Spyglass glared at the floor.

Easy for you to say. You'll live to see it!

2006-02-24, 03:46 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"I will get to work as soon as Astrotrain and the other return." He said sitting at one of the terminals in the command center and viewing data and skimatics.


Cryotek got onto his com-link.

"Things here are going as well as to be expected, Gigatron." he said switching his com to his leader as well.

"I've seen some scrapes on the CPU memory code, I am guessing you put in something that makes him think he had a bomb in his head. Great idea except for some chump put in the code as a result rather than telling him not to defect his systems viewed it as a major error of unknown cause. So shall I leave it be and just fix up the error or remove the fault from his memory completely?" He asked.

2006-02-24, 05:37 AM
Cargo Bay, Deck Fifteen

Once again, Bugly made no attempt to reply to Ruckus' or Fangry's taunts. He did, however, mentally redirect the Triggercon's missiles in a safer direction.

Safer for him, anyway. It was doubtful Fangry shared the sentiment, what with the explosives slamming into the base of the stack of crates that he was perched upon. Thankfully, the content of the boxes weren't particularly volitile.

The stack, of course, tumbled over to the side...luckily, blocking the only entry or exit to the room.

Quite a coincidence, that.

Corridors, Deck Fifteen

Scorponok was less than happy to see the wall of crates tumble down, blockading the door into the cargo bay. That in and of itself wasn't much of a surprise...after all, Scorponok was almost never happy.

His face a mask of barely-controlled fury, the massive Decepticon stalked several metres down the corridor and set to work smashing his claws into the bulkhead. With any luck, it would take less time to break down the wall than it would to dig through the huge boxes blocking the doorway.

2006-02-24, 12:33 PM
"Yes Lord Gigatron, I awate your orders."

Lord Zarak
2006-02-24, 10:50 PM
Shockwave made his way to the bridge. He arrived, and waited a short while before he said:

"What is there that needs to be done?"

2006-02-25, 03:04 AM

Gigatron hummed with bemusement at the transmission. He took some time to deliberate before responding.

"Soundwave is devious, Cryotek, and he is defiant. Eliminate the error. We will find more subtle methods of assuring his cooperation once he has returned from his stasis."

Gigatron allowed a frown as he clicked off. He didn't like it, but with the epidemic of soft hearts going around the ranks lately, he could use a talented subordinate like Soundwave back in the fold. Putting the thought behind him, he looked down to Ragnarok again. The frown didn't leave him, but he was indeed pleased that at least some Decepticons still obeyed orders to the letter. He eyed the wheels on Ragnarok's form with interest.

"Grounded? Very well. Hatemonger will be your commanding officer. For the moment, you are off-duty. Be prepared to report to the docking tower should our returning parties require assisted mobility after their mission."

He nodded dismissively to Ragnarok, then turned to Shockwave.

"Ah, Shockwave. I'd worried you'd gone into stasis. I require your expertise on a worrisome issue..."

Gigatron clasped his hands behind his back and began walking slowly toward the door of the bridge. He wished for a bit of privacy in such a sensitive topic.

2006-02-25, 09:25 AM
Wingspan nodded

"it w-will be f-fun to t-think of s-some b-bot s-struggling to decipher N-needlenose's Junk, and a-after h-he's wasted t-time and r-resources Kaboom." In F-fact if we have an obsolete s-shuttle w-we could p-pull thing hhuman's call T-trojan horse. R-rig it to look as if it came from o-outer s-space crash it somewhere in the USA , rig logs and surveillance tapes to make it s-seem as if unknown Decepticon had piloted it , fake a few t-tracks to make it s-seem like h-he'd s-stumbled off, m-maybe s-shoot up a f-few s-squishies to p-point t-the Autobots in the r-right d-direction.

2006-02-25, 06:51 PM
-Ragnorok looks at Hatemonger-

"Lokks like I'm under your command for now."

2006-02-26, 08:08 PM
Cargo Room:

Fangry: -lifts into the air as the stack topples, wings flapping frantically, hovers up near ceiling, transforms, grabs ceiling brace before he falls- "Cute. Real cute." -lets go, transforms again, flaps to a gentle landing, sniffing the air- "Come out, come out, wherever you are....."

Lord Zarak
2006-02-26, 08:24 PM
"As you wish." replied Shockwave as he stepped into the Bridge, wondering what it was"

2006-02-26, 09:20 PM
Constructors' Lab

It was a rare sight indeed to see Grit's optics light up so. They narrowed as well in sinister satisfaction, a testament to the devious grin hidden beneath his faceplate.

"And set an ambush," he mused. "I rarely have the chance to partake in such mind games. But a shuttle won't be easy to appropriate..."

Stonecruncher swaggered over to the supply console and quickly perused the ship's inventory.

"Huh. Looks like just about everything that can fly is under top security access. Even Hammer couldn't get us a shuttle... Ooh, but we got an old cruiser escape pod that we can check out. Doesn't fit in new ships, and it's obsolete in the Nemesis with the redesigned emergency systems. That might work perfect."

Grit's enthusiasm faded. "An escape pod won't be able to fit a large cargo. It's probably for the best - the encryption will take time, and one can pack all the explosives we'll need. I'll get started on the datapads."

Stonecruncher nodded and turned to Wingspan. "A'right, an' I'll get to work on the forged logs. We got a clean blackbox around here some place. Why don't you an' X go down to the shuttle bay an' have a look at that pod?"

Excavator didn't complain. He was glad to have some time away from Stonecruncher... Instead he nodded to Wingspan and started for the door quietly.



Gigatron particularly appreciated Shockwave's simple and humble reply, given his mixed history as a rebel. Gigatron recognized that having Shockwave's loyalty was a step in the right direction especially after his own attempt at wresting power recently.

"We have a dior problem," Gigatron began as he stepped into the corridor and started down the hall. "Many of our numbers have decided that they would choose to work for themselves or the Autobots. Soundwave is still resisting resuscitation; Squeezeplay betrayed us during battle; Blitzwing is still at large, presumably in Autobot care; Dirge returned on an Autobot mission, and Bugly helped him escape."

Gigatron turned the corner leading into the command wing of the deck, his slow pace and the quietness of the hallways giving his words particular relevance.

"We will demolish our wayward comrades, to be certain, and a flow of new faces help offset the outward flux. But I demand permanent solutions. I value your logical insight, Shockwave. How do we keep future defectors in line, and how do we properly rehabilitate those who have turned and are too valuable to terminate?"

2006-02-26, 09:45 PM
Soundwave had shut everything down to accomodate the delicate repairs that were being done to his cranial circuits. This sort of surgery was dangerous for Transformers as errors could cause irrepairable damage to brain, thought and motor functions. He sensed that Cryotek was nearing the source of the problem - his reactivation would not be far away...

2006-02-26, 10:18 PM
Wingspan smiled

"t-that s-should work perfectly, g-get t-them looking for non-existent cruisers , m-maybe w-we should put on a b-bit of a show, put on the ambush but let them getaway make it more convincing a-a-a-and we could make explosives look more like security device than a trap, keep them trying to unravel data even after the explosion."

Wingspan followed Excavator towards the door

"w-who do you think we should p-pick for our crew, someone believable, if we do it right we can ambush t-them, blow them up and still send them on a wild turbofox chase, slip something under Needlenose's stuff , s-send t-them off hunting the Underbase or something, wonder if they know Screamer is missing....so m-many possibilities..."

2006-02-26, 10:28 PM
"Tech Deck" Corridors

Excavator walked along quietly, even his feet making terribly little noise as they touched the floor, his audials busily listening to Wingspan's open brainstorming. When he spoke, it was a little more natural than usual - he felt comfortable around Wingspan, another dreamer full of ideas like himself.

"It will depend on who's available. Hammer," he commed, "I need an off-duty roster."

Again falling quiet while entering the lift that would take them to the cargo deck, Excavator waited for Hammer's reply.

"It seems most of our colleagues are occupied or away on missions," he reported. "Cindersaur and a warrior named Ragnarok are among the few without detail at the present. I wonder if either of them is an actor..."

Excavator put out a call to the two prospectives, asking them politely to meet them at the shuttle bay.

2006-02-26, 10:40 PM
"i'll have to call up there personnel files , needs to be someone they haven't seen on Earth before, and we have a locker full of those decoys , i think we should be able to put on a quite convincing show. Maybe have them think one of our cruisers was attacked by Screamer after the Underbase again, not too many clues make them work for it."

2006-02-27, 05:35 AM
Cargo Bay

"As you wish."

Bugly really didn't have any desire to waste fuel pummelling his fellow Decepticons, but he knew he had to keep up appearences. He didn't care overmuch whether this paltry hunting party managed to capture him, but he didn't want them to question his behaviour any more than they already were. An excess of scrutiny would only serve to make his ultimate agenda more difficult to achieve.

The Pretender stood and stepped out of the shadows, a smug look on his face.

"Oh. You've caught me. Bother." The expression grew to a full-blown smirk. "A pity the two of you won't be able to hold onto me, though."

Footsteps sounded from the farthest corner of the room, and the mystic's shell strode out of the shadows to flank the hunters.

"Well? Do your worst." He feigned an expression of concern. "Try not to blow a hole in the hull with your stray weaponsfire, though. I promise it will hurt you far more than it hurts me."

2006-02-27, 08:23 AM
Cargo Bay

Ruckus kricked his neck to one side, eliminating a minor glitch in his servos as he did so, never taking his optics off the hideous shell of Bugly as it emerged from the shadows. A look of disgust saturated the Triggercons's face, Ruckus despised Pretenders and made no secret of it.

"You are truly foul, how a Decepticon could coat himself in such filth is beyond me. If you're lucky maybe Gigatron will only dissect your shell, tell me mystic do your pain receptors run throughout that abomination?"

Ruckus raised his laser pistol and fired a blast at Bugly's shell, aiming for his shoulder.



Flywheels paced up and down the corridor outside the command deck as the Decepticon heirachy discussed matters within, the Duocon muttered to himself as he awaited his next orders.

"We'd never be in this position if it wasn't for you, you're always holding us back........"

2006-02-27, 08:25 AM

Bludgeon: -resisting the urge to sigh- "Scorponok picked the wrong retrieval team. Flywheels, with me." -turns, strides off the bridge-

Cargo Bay:

Fangry: -snarls- "We'll see about that." spins, tail aiming at Bugly, compressed air cannon blasting away at the rogue Decepticon-

2006-02-27, 09:30 AM

Cindersaur received Excavator's message.

"I'm on my way."

The Firecon started jogging down towards the shuttle bay excited by the possibility of action.


Submarauder returned from Tokyo emerging from one of the ships many airlocks.

The pretender walked strait to his quarters, he still had damage from the battle and needed to recover.

Once inside he hid himself away in his shell, sat down and started running tactical simulations through his mind.

2006-02-27, 09:58 AM

Flywheels double timed it after the deceptively quick
Bludgeon, the Duocon caught up with his surrogate commander, taking quiet note of the impassive look on the Pretender's shell as he did so.

"We're right with you!"

2006-02-27, 02:43 PM
Cryotek almost slapped himself as the correction to the error was most obvious. Why not just delete the error then recode it as it should have been?

He quickly removed the bad piece of code and replaced it with the orginal code that should have been in the module. With that he let Soundwave's system register the code and waited to see what happened.


Hatemonger looked at Ragnarok.

"Right now we are on stand by when Astrotrain and his men return we shall develop a new plan to strike at the Autobots." He explained looking at the Decepticons battle roster.

2006-02-27, 04:27 PM
"Alright, do you mind telling me who all is on this batalion, so I might better prepare myself for more tactical strikes?"

Lord Zarak
2006-02-27, 06:59 PM
"Firstly, we must produce a list of who has betrayed the Decepticons. Second, we must assertain their importance to the Decepticons. If they are important, we must return them to us and then rehabilitate them If they are not important, they then must be deemed expendable. Thirdly, we will have to compile their location and movements.

As for setting an example to those of us who may be wavering, then perhaps...we bring back the Gladiator Ring. After the Gladiator Ring, we then smelt down the losers to be used as we see fit."

Shockwave stopped talking there to listen to Gigatron's feedback.

2006-02-27, 10:58 PM

Excavator nodded to Wingspan's brainstorming as he walked.

"Yes, I think we can make a convincing tale of it. I'm not familiar with this Ragnarok mech; it looks like he's a fairly new arrival. The Autobots may not have heard of him either."

Excavator's soft pondering trailed off as he passed through the large gate leading into the cavernous shuttle bay. His optics stopped on each of the aircraft as he passed them, his interest as much on the other ships' designs as on finding his destination.


Command Deck Corridors

Gigatron listened with sincere interest as Shockwave delivered his expertise. His head nodded slowly along with each point while he walked equally slowly. It was wise and calculated.

"Trial by combat..." he mused. "Indeed. And it will be good for the morale of our loyal to see some oilshed. A list of traitors should require little more than a cursory perusal of the roster logs, but locating the rebels will be troublesome. Blitzwing was last seen at Autobot City, and I suspect Dirge will do the same. We shall need to dispatch a spy."

Gigatron paused.

"But my interest veers toward more sustainable solutions. We must develop a regime for banishing the thought of defection from ever occurring in our underlings' feeble minds. Psychological tactics. Mortal terror no longer seems to have the same impact it once did, I fear. With what do we replace it?"

2006-02-27, 11:09 PM
"w-we should be able to f-fool them good, k-key is n-not to supply t-too much info, m-make them make the c-connections, then they think theyre clever but really they are falling deeper into our trap.
Once t-this m-mission has suceeded, I t-think it is time to corrupt an Autobot, turn his own strengths against him and exploit his weaknesses. It will mean cooperating with P-Pounce but it w-will be worth it, yes one day H-hubcap will be my p-puppet.. but first things first."

2006-02-28, 04:52 AM
Cargo Bay

Bugly's shell staggered backwards, a blackened score burned into it's right shoulder. If the insectoid avatar felt any pain, it didn't show on it's incrutable face...although to be honest, the insect's unreadability was one of the reasons Bugly had chosen that form in the first place.

With a slight flap of it's wings, the shell fluttered up into the air. The movement was deceptively graceful...an appearance which would be shattered only moments later, when it dove down at Ruckus, it's tightly-clenched left fist swinging for the Triggercon's jawline.

Meanwhile, the Pretender's inner robot stood firm against Fangry's compressed air attack. Although the air pressure would have been enough to knock over a normal mach (and the small particles of dust that were being blown into him had totally ruined his paint job), the dimunitive mystic was actually advancing against the tide of air.

His arms hung at his sides; the Circuit-Su master was making no attempt to open up on the Headmaster with his photon cannons, and nor was he flinging sheets of dark lightning from his hands towards his foe. Instead, he merely walked towards his attacker with a look of quiet resolution on his face.

The confusion alone should be enough to kill him, Bugly thought with an internal smirk. And besides...there's no need to use lethal force. Not on these two.

2006-02-28, 08:08 PM
Slicer mumbeled a question to his commander.
"How much longer till we dock, Sir?"

Lord Zarak
2006-02-28, 08:38 PM
"Indeed. The spill of oil on the floor of the Arena would only serve as a short term solution. Incarceration would only fuel their disruptive thoughts. A permanent solution must be found, and it must be psychological. The threat of punishment would serve as a useful tool- fear can twist the mind of any being to be subservient to his masters will. But the question is, what form would this threat manifest itself?

"All we need say is it needs to be most horrifying, so horrifying it would even keep you on your toes. If the leader fears the threat, then the underlings would have an even greater fear. Again, the manifestation is key."

Shockwave again stopped, waiting for Gigatron's response.

2006-03-01, 04:43 AM
Aprroaching the Nemesis

"Right now, in fact," Astrotrain told Slicer. His voice betrayed more strain than he would have liked.

The city commander transmitted his command codes to the ship's computer, which took a moment to authenticate them before it rose the docking tower. Allowing a few seconds for the lift's hatch to open, Astrotrain thrusted forward, entered the tower, and lowered himself to a precise, smooth landing.

As his boarding ramp lowered, he allowed an agonized groan to escape from his cockpit speakers. The damage that Jetwave had done to him had been severely painful, and that had only been made worse by the battle in the Area 51 bunker. None of his primary functions had been impaired...but he looked forward to having his wounds tended to, all the same.

Deck Sixteen

Sinnertwin tapped his paw against the hull, suitably bored with his assignment.

A hunt is one thing, he thought, as he lowered himself to the floor and made himself comfortable. A hunt is fun. But when the hunt is over and you're not allowed to have a part in the final battle...not so much.

One of the Terrorcon's heads idly sniffed the air, hoping to catch a whiff of spilled fuel from above. The other one was seemingly engrossed in watching his forepaws as he slowly slid his claws in and out of their sheaths.

Rippersnapper stood not far away, somewhat disconcerted by the wild swing in his teammate's demenor.

Enthusiastic one breem, bored stiff the next. The terrorist shook his head. He might think he's the better fighter, but he's got a lot to learn about patience.

He turned his head in the other direction, where Blot was standing by himself quietly oozing lubricants and doing his best not to humiliate the team any more than usual.

I'm surrounded by inferiors, Rippersnapper lamented to himself.

2006-03-01, 05:03 AM
Razorclaw got onto his com-link to anyone in the Med-bay.

"We have one injured Predacon in need of assistance. We will bring him in as soon as we have fully landed." He said hoping to get help for Headstrong.


Cryotek finished fixing the code and looked over to his micromaster assistant.

"Well lets see what happens." He said as he loaded the code back into Soundwave's CPU and waited to see what the communcations officers reaction would be.


Hatemonger looked at Ragnarok.

"There is no battlion yet, if we need to luanch a major offensive I would like to get as many troops as possible and given our men have just returned from a major offensive they will need some time for repairs and recovery." He explained.

2006-03-01, 05:44 AM
Fangry's Fighting Compartment:

Brisko: -hitting buttons- "Do something else!"

Fangry: "What I'm doing right now is good!"

Brisko: "It's not WORKING!!!!!!"

Cargo Hold:

Fangry: -still blasting away at Bugly with his tail-


Bludgeon: -striding purposefully towards the cargo decks-

2006-03-01, 08:15 PM
Slicer stumbled out of Astrotrain, flicced on his own comlink and called the medbay;
"Make room for two. Assault does have it's drawbacks."
He then stumbled to a sidewall and waited for the Predacons to make the way. If he needed to pass out for a few minutes, then he could hang back for a fake reason and find a quiet hole to hide in: Landfill had really done a number on him!

2006-03-01, 09:32 PM
Shuttle Bay

Excavator gave Wingspan a curious glance at that last suggestion, but he didn't reply to it. He was partially abstinent due to his own inexperience with manipulation and and partially interested with having found their escape pod.

"This would be it," he noted quietly.

Excavator approached the pod and at once put his hands on the hull, feeling out every divet and getting an idea of its physical properties. It was an old alloy, but it already looked like it had entered enough atmospheres to be believable. His thoughts of the fabricated tale and the goal of the mission faded instead to the pod's story and what physical alterations it would need.


Command Corridors

Gigatron cocked his head at Shockwave's statement. Was it an implicit threat? No, probably just tactless. Shockwave wasn't much for fettering his statements.

"There exists nothing I fear," Gigatron boasted. "But your point is well-made. Yet it seems some are so foolish as to brush off the notion of their own demise. How can we terrify them beyond that? What fate does the common grunt fear worse than an agonizing death?"

Gigatron paused at the bridge report that the mission crew had returned, and he opened his commlink before any others could request repairs.

"Astrotrain, Reflector, report to me in my chamber immediately."

Gigatron strolled on, turning down the command office wing and listening for Shockwave's input.


Docking Tower

Spyglass and Viewfinder staggered out of Astrotrain's hold quietly. Spyglass grumbled at the incoming order.

"You go," Viewfinder started. There was a long and inexplicable pause, and he realized their mental capacities were fading in Spectro's absence. "To medbay. Get reappears. I'll soon there. Be."

Spyglass stared at Viewfinder woozily before starting for the elevator and comming to medbay as well. "Make that more of. Damage-uh!"



Sledge grumbled at the slew of incoming requests. Knockout, on the contrast, grinned and jubilantly sent his reply to the docking tower.

"Yes, yes, bring them all down here. We'll take care of you."

Sledge decided he'd do his best to ignore the impending flood of patients and kept his focus on Soundwave's readings.

"I'm not seeing a response yet," he told Cryotek. "Compiling and decompression is complete. He should be back online any moment..."

2006-03-01, 11:27 PM
Wingspan looked the pod over.

"it s-should fit the b-bill perfectly with a little s-set dressing

Lord Zarak
2006-03-02, 02:26 AM
"The 'common grunt', as you so eloquently put them, fear the loss of direction that your leadership instills in them. You, I, and they know that their lives would be worthless without you. They fear the loneliness and emptiness they would have to endure. Centre to this they want your respect, and fear humiliation inflicted upon them by their idol- you."

Shockwave looked at Gigatron as they made their way to his office.

2006-03-02, 02:54 AM
The Predacons exited Astrotrain as a few med drones came over and they placed Headstrong on one.

Razorclaw looked at the rest of the Predacons.

"Goto the CR chambers for repair and reload I shall go with Headstrong and explain his damage." He said as the other Predacons nodded and rushed to the CR chambers.


Cryotek nodded.

"It's up to him now." He said.

2006-03-02, 05:19 AM
Nightracer quickly exited Astrotrain, knowing that her damage was mostly her armour and that Astrotrain sounded like he needed to go to the medbay more then her.
CR Chambers Room

Having not felt like having their injuries seen by other Decepticons ( they also didn't feel like talking or being laughed at), the Stunticons had entered through an airlock and went straight to the CR chamber room.

Motormaster and Deadend were released first. The Stunticon leader glared over at Deadend, before saying " You've ten seconds to give me your report."

In the middle of Deadend's recount of what happened in Tokyo, Breakdown and Wildrider were released form the CR chambers they were in.

2006-03-02, 05:41 AM
Docking Tower

With the crew disembarked, Astrotrain transformed back to robot mode. It wasn't an easy transformation, as so many of his parts were worn, dented, cracked and pitted. However, the Triplechanger simply grimaced to himself as he headed off towards the throne room.

Cargo Bay

Bugly's resolved expression turned to a slightly mocking grin as he closed to striking distance of Fangry. Balling his right hand up into a fist, he swung a precise uppercut at the Headmaster's jaw.

Scorponok slammed his heavy claw into the wall once more, and was satisfied to see that he had suceeded in smashing a claw-sized hole in the bulkhead. With a look of pure rage on his face, he drew his arm back and struck again.

2006-03-02, 07:24 AM
Pounce limped out of the dockling bay and headed for Medbay
He moved through the doorway and looked arounded.

"where do you want me Doc ."

2006-03-02, 10:19 AM

Cindersaur, now in robot mode, ran into the large chamber stopping just behind Wingspan and Excavator.

"You got something for me to do?" he asked excitedly.

2006-03-02, 08:21 PM
Slicer stumbled behind the Predacons. Hoping to draw attention away from his own lack lustre condition, and to satisfy his curiosoty as to what thir problem was, he asked Spectro in a mocking tone:
"whats your problem boys? you both seem fine. Or are you missing your little buddy?"

2006-03-02, 10:49 PM
Corridor outside Cargo Bay:

Bludgeon: -grey, thick smoke forming around his feet, rising slowly to his waist- "Wait out here, Flywheels. This should not take long." -smoke completely enveloping him as he finishes speaking, then disapating, Bludgeon gone from sight-

Cargo Bay:

Fangry: -rolls with the punch- "Grimlock hits harder than you do." -leaps at Bugly , trying to grab onto the Pretender, biting and snarling-

Inside Bugly Fighting Compartment:

Brisko: -sighs- "Martial arts master..... Fold us up like a cheap suit..... Why'd I get partnered with this moron....."

Fangry: "I ask myself the same thing all the time."

Brisko: -rubbing temples- "I know, I know....."

2006-03-03, 05:10 AM
Docking Tower

Viewfinder tromped off toward the command deck dutifully, ignoring Slicer's taunts. Spyglass, however, was in no mind to look past petty insults given his violent predisposition and his current mental state. His mouth peeled back into a snarl, his hand curled into a fist, and his body whirled around to give the Reflectorcon the opportunity to launch his good arm to sock Slicer in the gut.

"Shuddap!" was all he could slur in his blustering rage.



Knockout's common grin returned as his first patient came along, but the expression faded quickly when he realized it was Pounce. He eyed the Clone as much of suspicion as of medical interest, and he nodded conclusively to Sledge.

"Take care of him, won't you?"

Sledge said nothing. (The absence of muffled obscenities showed his appreciation that he would be better suited than Knockout to set Pounce back in line if he misbehaved.) After quickly logging off his station - his work administering fuel was done anyway - he jumped to the floor and sauntered over to Pounce.

"Get up there," he demanded curtly with a nod to the nearest biobed. "Where'd they get you?"

Knockout, still at Soundwave's side, frowned at the readings and looked up to Cryotek.

"One of us will need to stay with him in case he awakens. We'll have more patients incoming shortly - if you'd like to handle them, Sledge and I can take turns watching Soundwave."


Shuttle Bay

Excavator turned instinctively at Cindersaur's intrusion, a bit jittery for not having expected the arrival. The Firecon's enthusiasm was apparent. Excavator hoped it wouldn't fade when he found out the action would be some time coming yet. He cleared his vocoder and looked up at Cindersaur.

"Yes, a project," he began mercurially. "How long have you been on Earth?"


Command Corridors

Gigatron would have disputed Shockwave's conclusion if it did not so succinctly satisfy his ego. As the hall came to its end at the enormous Decepticon insignia-shaped doors, Gigatron pushed them open with a slight creek, and the lights dimmed up to illuminate his abode. He strode up the short staircase and into the throne while Shockwave spoke, his fingers intertwining before his face while he listened.

"A cult of personality, I believe the fleshlings call it," he noted. "Yes... Then what we require is a campaign to remind those with wandering thoughts of how worthless their existences would be without my direction. You will be in charge of the effort, Shockwave. Consider 'Minister of Propoganda' among your numerous titles. I trust you will perform admirably."

Gigatron paused, rotating the heavy chair to face the wall behind, which drew back to reveal an array of internal security monitors. Gigatron watched his returning lieutenants approach, as well as the cargo bay scuffle.

"The project is nearly complete," he told Shockwave over his shoulder idly. "Soon we will be ready to strike back at Cybertron. But patience is required."

Gigatron left it with that cryptic remark to gauge Shockwave's creativity in reasoning.

2006-03-03, 06:03 AM
Cargo Bay

"Oh, does he?"

Bugly ducked casually under Fangry's feral assault, then rolled a few arms-lengths away. He held up his right hand, and a bolt of lightning arced off...directly into the security camera that Gigatron had been monitoring.

"I so hate having an audience," the mystic quipped offhandedly.

Taking a step closer to his foe, the Pretender swung his fist up at the Headmaster's gut. This time he allowed a small amount of dark energy to flow into his servos, increasing the force of his blow significantly.

Throne Room

Astrotrain pushed the impressive doors aside and entered his master's lair without knocking, a presumptious action he would never have taken had he been in full health. However, he truly wished to end this meeting as quickly as he could so he could have his wounds mended.

Bowing respectfully to his liege, the triplechanger spoke. "Lord Gigatron." With a flick of his optics, he took in the room's other occupant. "Shockwave."

The city commander straightened, and his fellow officers would have heard a not-insignificant number of creaks as he did so.

"You want a mission report, I suppose."

2006-03-03, 03:07 PM
Cargo Bay:

Fangry: -doubles over, goes flying backwards, crashes to the floor, skids to a halt a short distance away, coughing- "Almost..... felt that......"


Smoke starts to form atop a stack of crates overlooking the battle, becoming a pillar of smoke, then dispersing, revealing Bludgeon.

Bludgeon: -watching the battle below, skull-like countenance like that of Death looking over the battlefield, deciding which good soldiers should meet their fate.........-

2006-03-03, 03:45 PM
Slicer hopped / stumbled back, Spyglasses blow getting him a glancing one on the side. He raised up his hands in mock surrender, glee in his eyes:
"Don't get tetchy kiddies, you'll only tire yourself out."

2006-03-03, 06:44 PM

Cindersaur looked down at Excavator and answer the micromasters question - "Since the retreat from Cybertron, why, Don't you want my help now?."

A more solemn look appeared on the firecons face, "You've got to give me something to do, since i got here i haven't been called up for a single mission and have been stuck with guard duty all this time."

2006-03-04, 05:09 AM
Cargo Bay

(OOC: Well, since Wildrider is gone for a while...)

Bugly's shell felt it's fist connect solidly with Ruckus' jaw. The Triggercon, already dazed from the falling crate incident, crumpled to the ground, furious but too woozy to do anything about it.

The shell strode calmly towards Fangry, while the Pretender's inner robot likewise closed the distance between himself and his foe.

"Listen carefully, furbag."

The Pretender stopped just outside of kicking range and stared down at the tracker.

"The only reason you're still alive is that I don't feel like killing you today. Now get up, scurry back to whoever sent you, and tell them to come get me themselves."

2006-03-04, 04:52 PM
Sixshot's Quarters

Having landed a moment after Astrotrain, Sixshot transformed and left the docking area, wanting to see how his new hobby and its reluctant carer was doing.

Arriving at his room, he entered the code and slipped in, going over to the desk and calling into the drawer the human was imprisoned in "Are you hungry, flesh-creature?"

While waiting for a reply, he glanced around the room for the cat.

2006-03-04, 05:49 PM
Cargo Bay:

Fangry: -lurches to feet, snarling- "He's out in the hall, Garbage Eater. Funny how you managed it so that the clanking disaster and I are the only ones who can fight you. Scorpy can't get past your little blockage." -ears swiveling- "So you can either come with me, or wait until Scorpy gets in here and clips your wings."

Bludgeon: -voice echoing through the bay- "Or, you can come with me. Unlike Scorponok, I would not be so eager to remove portions of your anatomy. Either way, you will have to face Gigatron."

Fangry: -manages not to yelp in surprise, growls-

Inside Fangry's Fighting Compartment:

Brisko: -looking at readouts- "I don't get it. He's not showing up on any of your scanable wavelengths."

Fangry: "That's because it's BLUDGEON, you idiot. For some reason, I can't detect him. Why do you think he's the only one around here that worries me?"

Lord Zarak
2006-03-04, 06:00 PM
Shockwave nodded back at Astrotrain as he departed Gigatron's Throne Room.

As he made his way back to his own office, he began to wonder about Gigatron's last words to him

"The project is nearly complete. Soon we will be ready to strike back at Cybertron. But patience is required."

What project? Why patience? How does this fit in with my new role?

All these were questions Shockwave had to figure out the answers for. Whether he could or not, is another matter.

2006-03-04, 09:05 PM
-Ragnorok's optics turned yellow for a second, then back again-

"I'll be back"

-Ragnorok transforms and speeds off to the cargo bay-

(ooc: Ragnorok's profile has been uptaded)

2006-03-04, 11:04 PM
the human looked up at his captor

"food would be nice."

Marmalade meowed plaintively.

2006-03-05, 04:44 AM
Docking Tower

Spyglass wound back for another punch, heaving and snarling, but his foggy consciousness finally processed that Slicer was simply bigger than he. With an icy glare at the Action Master, Spyglass concluded with an obscene hand gesture and turned to stomp off toward medbay.


Shuttle Bay

Excavator grinned softly at Cindersaur's apparent desperation to be given any assignment. He glanced to Wingspan before continuing to divulge more of the mission details.

"We're going to use this escape pod," he began, patting the vehicle affectionately, "to lure the Autobots into a wild turbo-fox chase. We're going to rig its records with details of a Decepticon who escaped a cruiser in orbit and wandered off, leaving a trail for them to follow. We need someone to play the part of the unknown... and to help us greet the Autobots who come looking for him."

He grinned, glancing over Cindersaur's shoulder to see Stonecruncher approaching. His pleased visage faded slightly, and his large boxy optics turned again to the Firecon.

"Of course, it won't be quite as convincing if you've been spotted on Earth before..."

Stonecruncher nodded up at Cindersaur, then to Excavator and Wingspan.

"Hey, how's it goin' here? Grit's still plowin' through those datapads. I got a black box," (he held it up to show), "that just needs some names and times and footage."


Throne Room

Viewfinder shuffled through the large doors not far behind Astrotrain, keeping quiet as it appeared the aerial commander had already offered to tell of their exploits.

Gigatron watched Shockwave leave quietly on the monitor showing the command corridors. That certainly was not the response he'd expected. Perhaps Shockwave's logic had more tricks than he'd thought... With Astrotrain's flanged voice echoing behind him, Gigatron spun his chair to face the lieutenants, his fingers still steepled before his face.

"Indeed," he responded deeply. "Where is the reactor?"

Viewfinder seemed startled, having completely forgotten the whole reason they'd gone! (He prayed he wouldn't need to speak much, for he could tell he would not do so effectively.) Silently, Viewfinder held out his hands, using some effort to produce into them the fairly large object of the mission's purpose. Gigatron nodded and grinned approvingly, but he waited to hear Astrotrain's report before issuing orders for it.

2006-03-05, 05:44 AM
Cargo Bay

(OOC @ Rollerdash: Ragnarok can't possibly be inside the cargo bay. The only way in or out of the room is blocked, and if Scorponok can't get past it, your guy certainly can't. We'll just chalk this one up to inexperience, but please read other players' posts more carefully next time.)

"Oh, so now it's Bludgeon, loyal servant of the crown, is it?"

Bugly scoffed at his fellow Pretender's suggestion.

"Don't tell me you lost your nerve when the sixchanging hand took away your last shell's head, my old friend. I don't buy it."

The Circuit-Su master spared a glance over his shoulder, his optics zeroing in on his fellow supernatural Decepticon's location with apparent ease.

"If Gigatron wants to see me, he can come get me himself. And as for Claw Boy...together, you and I could destroy him. You know it as well as I. The old Bludgeon, the Bludgeon I used to know, would have jumped at the chance."

Throne Room

Astrotrain bowed towards his lord, then began his report

"As you can see, the mission was successful. It wasn't without cost, though. The recovery team and my backup unit both were seriously injured to the last mech, some of them so badly that they couldn't go on fighting."

He paused for a moment, clearing his vodorder in an obvious attempt to delay the inevitable. When he spoke, again, it was softly (well, as softly as his voice could go, anyway). However, he made sure to meet Gigatron's optics.

"The Reflectorcon Spectro was captured by the Autobots in the withdrawl...more or less intact, I think, although it is certainly possible that they finished him off as soon as we left. There was at least one Dinobot there, after all.

"The Insecticons...by the time my unit arrived, they were nowhere to be found. I can only guess they were killed in the fighting."

The wounded Triplechanger's face recovered a slight bit of cheer, but still showed great fatigue.

"The Autobots and their human allies suffered great casualties, though. Several of our enemies were seriously wounded, including two of their rare spaceworthy soldiers. The human base called 'Area 51' is in bad shape, too, which should keep the fleshlings from reverse-engineering our technology any time soon."

The mission commander stopped talking abruptly, assuming Gigatron would want to rake him over the coals for what was, at best, a very costly success.

2006-03-05, 07:10 AM
Inside Fangry's Fighting Compartment:

Fangry: -chuckling- "So much for the Garbage Eater......"

Brisko: -starting at the inward bulge of the dent in the main hatch- "I hope so......"

Cargo Bay:

Bludgeon: -leaps down from atop the stack of crates, strides calmly towards Bugly- "Perhaps that is the difference, then. I serve Gigatron out of respect for his abilities. Something I did not have in the 'old days'. Scorponok is simply doing his job, and in that there is honor." -smoke starting to swirl around him, obscuring him- "I have matured with time....." -smoke disapates, Bludgeon nowhere in sight, nowhere to be detected, nowhere to be felt or sensed, only the lingering echo of his voice remaining- "And it would appear, old friend, that you.... have not."

2006-03-05, 07:25 AM
Cargo Bay

Bugly scoffed, although the noise was mere reflex; Bludgeon's statement had cut him deeper than he would like to admit. The fact that his fellow Pretender had managed to so totally evade his not-inconsiderable detection powers only underscored what had been said. He stretched out with his dark senses, trying (and failing) to relocate his disappearing comrade-in-arms.

"Believe what you like," he said with a layer of reflexive contempt in his voice. "But I'm not the one who's hiding behind smoke and mirrors, am I?"

It was a hollow attempt at goading, though, and Bugly knew it.

2006-03-05, 07:59 AM
Cargo Bay:

Bludgeon: -voice echoing from everywhere and nowhere- "Is that how you react? By saying that I am 'hiding'? Or is it your own skills that are lacking?" -whispering sound of a sword being drawn from a sheath is heard- "I am quite visible, to those who know how to look."

Fangry: -whimpering slightly- "This is creeping me out........"

Brisko: "You're creeped out? I'M creeped out! What the flark is he, anyway?"

Fangry: "M-m-master of Metallikato....."

2006-03-05, 02:05 PM
(ooc: ok, I removed the post. so I'm still with Hatemonger in the command deck)

-Looks around the Command deck-

"Well now what?"

2006-03-05, 03:02 PM

Cindersaur looked around at the new arrival and then back at Excavator.

"I can do that, probably only one or two Autobots have seen me since i got here, and i'm not the most memorable 'con around."

"Besides if there's anyone here whose likely to go AWOL out of boredom it's me."

2006-03-06, 02:24 AM
Razorclaw arrived at the med-bay with Headstrong.

"He's wounded, took Snarl's blade right through the upper back. Luckly we were able to fix his circuits enough to get him out of Rhino mode otherwise he's pretty well wounded." He explained to whoever was listening.

"Myself I could use some new armour in my torso, bloody Autobots firing missiles at pointblank range." He growled.

"Put home heavy armour on this time too." He grunted.


Hatemonger began to wonder what he could do for Gigatron and to get revenge on Dirge. He began looking over the Decepticon bios wondering if Gigatron would let him have full permission of a large combat squad.

2006-03-06, 04:23 AM
Shuttle Bay

Excavator nodded to Cindersaur approvingly, turning the gesture to Wingspan for a second opinion.



Sledge looked over to the wounded Predacons mournfully. He knew he was going to be stuck here for a week... Knockout caught sight of his teammate's woe and spoke up for the Predacons to hear.

"We're a bit short-staffed right now," he explained. "I'll send for Hammer to come down and look you over. Just find yourselves a place to rest and you'll be seen to in no time."

Sledge paid Knockout few thanks and turned again to eye up the mess that was Pounce.

Spyglass entered not long after the Predacons, flopping despondently onto an empty biobed and waiting for Viewfinder to return. He curled up a bit. It was cold...


Throne Room

Gigatron nodded subtlely along with Astrotrain's report until he explained of Spectro's fate. The leader's optics burned red, a menacing frown blasting through the dim room and cutting into Viewfinder like a blade. At the end of the report, Gigatron sprang from the throne and landed at the base of the staircase with thunder. The good news hadn't done anything to better his mood. Viewfinder preemptively raised his hands defensively before himself, but he could not stop Gigatron from hoisting him in the air by his throat.

"How could you let this happen?!" Gigatron shouted at the quivering spy. "My intelligence magnate! Think of the secrets they'll get from him!"

"Not fault!" Viewfinder squeaked pleadingly while Gigatron snatched the reactor from his hand. "Autobots! Many! Cou--"

Viewfinder's stunted mental state won none of Gigatron's sympathy, and the leader hurled him to clang against the wall next to the door. Viewfinder bounced off and clattered face-down on the floor, dazed. Gigatron continued to glare at him contemptuously while he struggled to get up.

"I should kill you now to be certain your weakling clone is silenced." Gigatron paused as he thought of Soundwave. "But I am so short on spies... Leave me at once!"

Viewfinder was only halfway to his feet when the command came, and he scrambled up and out as quickly as he could. Gigatron turned to Astrotrain, his frown remaining but his tone much more calm. It seemed a bit forced, probably because he didn't want to be shouting directly in the Triple Changer's face.

"Take this to medbay," he growled, extending the reactor in one hand. "Have a skilled technician assure its functionality, and see to your wounds. Then assemble a suitable force to accompany you in delivering it to its destination, a powerful weapon being constructed beyond Earth's orbit. It is the final piece in our key to Cybertron - it is worth more than your life. Protect it accordingly."

Gigatron did not even nod to dismiss Astrotrain, only staring down his most loyal officer gravely.

2006-03-06, 04:57 AM
Cargo Bay

Bugly stared down at Fangry in abject contempt.

"Metallikato? Pah! Before you cower in terror at the mention of it, maybe you should look into its history a bit..."

The Pretender called his shell to him, and it split to accomodate him. He raised his voice, now obviously addressing Bludgeon rather than the whimpering Headmaster.

"If you're so certain of your superiority, old friend, feel free to test your skills against mine. But be warned...the Circuit-Su can access powers that your rigid, moralistic philosophy would consider anathema."

The insectoid shell clicked shut, and Bugly felt the shell's sensory information flood into his processors.

"Of course, we don't need arcane magic for everything." The shell's hideous visage turned to stare directly at his fellow Pretender. "Sometimes, enhanced vision works fine."

Suddenly, as if the mystic had reached an epiphany, he seemed to fall into an amused stance.

"Ah. I see. You seek to disrupt my control, weaken me with my own rage. A valiant attempt, old friend, but doomed to fail."

He flicked two fingers towards the heap of crates that blocked the door, and the obstruction cleared away as if of it's own accord.

"Now, you say Gigatron wants to see me? Lead on..."

Throne Room

Astrotrain took a step back, shocked by Gigatron's assault on the helpless Reflectorcon. Certainly he had seen such behaviour before, and certainly he had learned to deal with such outbursts...but they were more suited to the likes of Galvatron or Megatron than to his current lord. He had expected a fair outburst of anger, to be sure, but this was a bit beyond what he had come to expect from the more cultured leader.

He's slipping into the same trap they did, the Triplechanger thought to himself. The pressure, the power...it's getting to him. If he starts appointing mechs like Starscream to positions of power, it's time to worry.

None of this thought process showed on the city commander's face. Instead, he simply met his liege's command with a professional nod, as if nothing untoward had just happened. Taking the reactor in hand, he spoke.

"I'm familiar with the project, my lord. I'll see to it that nothing happens to jeopardize our success."

Saluting crisply, the Triplechanger headed out the ornate double doors. Once they had shut behind him, though, he allowed his shoulders to sag.

2006-03-06, 04:58 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Gigatron.

"So it sounds like Astrotrain completed his mission and found the reactor you needed. Now I have an idea for how to keep the Autobots busy and possibly reclaim our captured allies and the traitors that have left." He explained.

"Permission to come to your throne room and discuss this?" He asked figuring if the supreme commander was that upset he could discuss his plan at a later time.



"Well we aren't exactly going anywhere." Razorclaw almost laughed sitting and waiting while Headstrong just laid on his stretcher.

2006-03-06, 05:26 AM
Cargo Bay:

Bludgeon: -winks into existance in another part of the bay, the image Bugly's enhanced sensors picked up fading away like a bad dream, walks up to his fellow Pretender, smoke from the nether realms leaking from the empty orbits of his eye sockets and nasal cavity- "Some doors are always ajar, Bugly. Never forget that." -scowl resuming it's normal place on his face- "All of you. With me." -strides out of the bay-

Fangry: -looks over at Bugly- "For once, he's got a faint smell. Brimstone....." -follows Bludgeon out-

2006-03-06, 05:36 AM
Cargo Bay

"Oh, well played..." Bugly's shell seemed to grimace slightly (as much as an insect could, anyway), as if conceding this round to Bludgeon.

The Pretender watched as his fellow Mayhem showed himself, then headed out the door. With a shrug, he followed. As he entered the hall, he saw Scorponok doing his damnedest to pound a hole through the bulkhead. Feigning surprise, he nodded to the massive Decepticon.

"Ah, commander. I hope this day finds you well."

Scorponok, for his part, practically shook with fury. The waves of rage pouring off him into the ether were so strong that it was all Bugly could do not to recoil as if he had been physically struck. The mystic wisely decided to pick up the pace.

2006-03-06, 07:42 AM
Pounce transformed and indicated the place where his animal mode leg should be


Wingspan looked the Firecon up and down

"L-looks like we've got ourselves a s-star, welcome ab-board."

Lord Zarak
2006-03-06, 04:05 PM
Shockwave had been sitting in his office for some time, pondering the beginning of his task. Creating a 'cult of personality' should not be that hard; yet, there were subtleties that even logic could not fathom.

Realising his emotional limitations, he opened up a comm channel to Astrotrain:

"When you are ready, can you please make your way to my office. I require certain insights that you possess. Shockwave out"

Soundwave would be able to assist me thought the new Minister for Propaganda. Fear is an emotion; fear is not logical; therefore fear has no place in the Decepticon ranks. However, to keep his rule, Gigatron must create an atmosphere of fear. I must be careful, I cannot risk a logic feedback loop

2006-03-06, 04:24 PM

"Great!" Cindersaur shouted with a happy look on his face, a look which then turned blanc.

"Now what?" he asked Excavator, Wingspan and Stonecruncher.

2006-03-06, 08:06 PM
Slicer stumbled along, desperately maintianing a veneer of cool as he followed the predacons (Long gone) foot steps to the medbay. As he approached the doors, he tried to stand taller and prouder than he could actually manage, and stumbled in rather pathetically.

2006-03-07, 05:25 AM

Astrotrain fought the urge to heave a dramatic sigh, and instead just keyed his comlink to reply.

"I'll be there in one minute, Shockwave."

This had better be good...

Cargo Bay

Scorponok glared after the departing Bugly for a moment longer, but forced himself to stop indulging his base instincts for a moment. Activating his comlink, he contacted Hun-grrr.

"Have your men stand down." Casting a glance into the bay, he caught sight of Ruckus still struggling to get to his feet. "But have one of them pick up a casualty from the cargo bay first."

"Gnnn. Yes, sir."

2006-03-07, 05:50 AM

Bludgeon: -motions for Flywheels to follow as he heads back towards the bridge-

2006-03-07, 07:05 AM
CR chamber room and Corridors

After the CR chamber released Dragstrip and he told Motormaster his side of the Tokyo battle, the Stunticons left the room. Motormaster started heading to his room ( not really caring if his Gestalt mates followed him or not) while thinking about all the Stunticon's reports.

2006-03-07, 12:36 PM
*Revs off to the shuttle bay* (ooc: a map of the nemisis would even come in handy :/)

-Ragnorok transforms and looks at Wingspan-

"Sorry i'm late"

2006-03-07, 12:49 PM
-Gnaw skutters into the throne room, and gives a small grown to notify their leader that he is there. He knows hes takeing a risk. but anything is better then where he was.-

2006-03-07, 08:04 PM
Slicer finished stumbling in, and sat as cooly as he could on a spare operating table, trying to look as inconspicous as possible.

2006-03-07, 08:54 PM
Shuttle Bay

Excavator wondered as well as Cindersaur did. Now what indeed? He turned to Wingspan with lost optics.

"I guess we'll get workin' on the pod here," Stonecruncher answered for him while handing off the black box to Wingspan. "Why don't you fellas start recording some audio tracks while we work, Mr. Director Sir?"

Excavator acknowledged Ragnarok's presence with a timid glance before climbing into the escape pod and getting to work.



Sledge looked over the wound with a furrowed optic-ridge. It was more serious than he'd hoped... With a sigh, he went to the console at the head of Pounce's bed and began ordering the parts he'd need to effect the repairs.

At the end of the room, the doors whooshed open, and Hammer strode in hurriedly. He checked his chronometer as he crossed the gap between himself and the Predacons, and he hopped up to Headstrong's stretcher with officious enthusiasm.

"Just lie still," he said while he began scanning the damage.


Throne Room

Gigatron sighed as Astrotrain left, the silence of the chamber thick enough to cut with a laser. He turned and ascended again to his throne, quickly and absently tapping in a command to end the feed of his lair's camera and declassify the video to all public consoles. He made sure it would be at the top of the list for the bridge console...

"Indeed," Gigatron answered Hatemonger emptily, a bit astonished that the general knew so precisely what he was about to ask of him. "See me at once."

Gigatron rotated the throne again to face the door at the sound of its opening, and he nearly started at the sight of a Sharkticon. But he settled quickly, as it appeared to be alone and not especially aggressive. His optics met Gnaw's with interest.

"What is this?" he mused. "A stowaway?"

2006-03-07, 10:08 PM

Bludgeon: -strides onto bridge, leading Bugly, bows to Gigatron- "I believe you wanted a word with him, my lord?"

2006-03-07, 10:30 PM
Wingspan looked at his 'Cast'

"w-well the pair of you need to pretend to be escaping a cruiser, so i'll need an a-appropriate s-soundtrack, imagine the sort of thing you'd s-say."

2006-03-08, 02:45 AM
(ooc: I've always immagined Sharkticons "skuttering" when in alt mode.)

-Gnaw skuttered closer to Gigatron-

"My leige, I am Gnaw. I was given a mind by the Quentessicons. In attempt for me to command the sharkticons, In doing so I saw the light in the Deciptcon way and fled Cybertron in hopes of serving you. If there is anything i need to proove my self, please ask."

-Gnaw did what appeared to be bowing-

2006-03-08, 04:41 AM
Throne Room

(OOC: Gigs ain't on the bridge anymore, Hein...)

Bugly bowed to Gigatron as well, a military precise maneuver that was, for him, obviously an exercise in extreme sarcasm.

"Ah, the fearless leader. What can I do for you today?"

The Pretender spared a glance at Gnaw, but decided that if the creature was hostile, Gigatron wouldn't have been foolish enough to allow it to continue living.


Blot stormed into the room, a dazed-but-outraged Ruckus tossed over one of his shoulders. He uncerimoniously dumped the Triggercon on a medical table, then gestured to the nearest of the Constructors.

"You fix him. Scorponok say so."

A tech drone rolled into the room behind him, mopping up the trail of oil and grease that the Terrorcon had left in his wake. The foot soldier pretended not to notice.

Why I get sent on body-carrying job, anyway? Hun-grrr mad at me?

Shockwave's Office

Astrotrain knocked on the frame of the cyclopean Decepticon's door, then entered the office without waiting for permission. After all, the miliary operations commander was still his subordinate, and he wanted to get to the medbay some time this week.

"What do you need?" he asked with as much professional detachment as he could muster.

Lord Zarak
2006-03-08, 12:00 PM
Shockwave looked at Astrotrain as he walked in without being admitted. An emotional response, not waiting for permission. I was indeed correct to summon him here he thought.

"I need you, Astrotrain. Gigatron has made me Minister for Propaganda. As my first task, our leader has bade me to create a 'cult of personality' around him. He wishes to scare our troops into obedience, to prevent any further defections and/or rogue troops leaving our ranks.

"However, in order to create this 'cult', I need someone who has emotions, and in turn, someone who understands fear. I also need someone with a keen intelligence to go with his emotions.

"These criteria led me to one conclusion: that you, Astrotrain, are the one most qualified to assist me."

Shockwave ended there. He could have carried on, but he saw the way Astrotrain was holding himself.

"However, if you are at less than 100% condition, then I cannot use you at all. May I suggest that you go to the medical facilities, before you assist me?"

Others would see that comment as sarcasm, but Shockwave has no use for such things.

2006-03-08, 01:47 PM

Cindersaur rubbed his chin and looked thoughtful....or as thoughtful as he could, "Errm......a......no.....wait.....i got it! i got it!"

The Firecon cleared his throat and then began "I, Cindersaur, am tired of this vital top-secret Decepticon mission and so i'm outta here, oh and if i bump into any Autobots along the way i may just have to join them and tell them all they want to know about this vital top-secret Decepticon mission."

Cindersaur looked at Wingspan "If that doesn't entice them then nothing will."

2006-03-08, 03:09 PM
Hatemonger nodded clicked off his com-link and shut down the computer images he was viewing and moved towards the throne room.


Med Bay

Razorclaw nodded to Hammer.

"If he tries to move cuz it hurts feel free to tap on some circuits with a screwdriver that should keep him still he grunted and teach him not to go toe to toe with a Dinobot alone." He growled.

Heck he knew he or Tantrum could probably go one on one with any Dinobot and come out alive. But Headstrong, well he was on the bottom of his Predacon list for such actions, so in some way he was rather impressed of how the rhino handled Snarl.

2006-03-08, 06:43 PM
-Ragnorok looks slightly annoied that he is playing an actor-

"I don't know about you Cindersaur, but i dont want to die so soon, we have to add desparation to this, make it seem we are running from the Deciptcons. I've never met Optimus Prime, but he is far to smart to fall for something as simple as you put it."

2006-03-08, 07:05 PM
"y-you dont need to be on t-the r-run the cruiser could have been damaged or attacked by b-bandits."

2006-03-08, 08:15 PM
Slicer Coughed out a comment to Sledge:
"In your own time boss: aint in a rush here..."

2006-03-08, 10:10 PM
Shuttle Bay

While Stonecruncher's legs dangled from the escape pod's hatch, Excavator got to work with his blowtorch applying aesthetic scorch marks to the hull. He was oblivious to the chatter of the others, completely absorbed in his work.



Sledge gave Slicer a glance and a sarcastic grin. "As you wish." With a quiet scoff, he turned to Pounce with his laser scalpel and began cutting away the remains of armor around his leg socket while the requested parts collected in the bin at the side of the bed.

Across the way, Hammer nodded to Razorclaw's comments while he finished his diagnosis of Headstrong.

"Never a wise tactical maneuver, that."

With no hesitation in his movements, Hammer's left hand worked the bed console to call for parts and energon rations while the other unsheathed a laser scalpel and started cutting out split circuitboards and frayed servos.

A loud cough from Hammer indicated that Knockout needed to help out or risk getting chewed out, and he looked up to Cryotek helplessly.

"I'm afraid the boss wants me to help with the injured. Unless you'd like to cover it for me; I can watch Soundwave... He'll need to wait his turn," he added with raised voice to Blot. "There are others ahead of him on the waiting list."

Viewfinder shuffled in through the door at the end of the room and took a seat beside Spyglass, who continued to lie and stare at the ceiling emptily.


Throne Room

Gigatron's optics narrowed at Gnaw's tale. He wondered a moment if this was a Quintesson spy, but he decided that Sharkticons were not clever enough to feign loyalty to someone else, never mind maintain a coherent cover story. Before he could answer, the others had entered, and his optics passed over them before he rose and descended the staircase to the floor.

"You can start," he told Gnaw, "by keeping an optic on the door and our insectoid friend here."

Gigatron nodded to Bludgeon as he neared, making sure to show just the right level of approval. His optics promptly turned to Bugly, and he began pacing the floor before the Pretenders contemplatively.

"I'm told that you allowed Dirge to escape," he commented. "I think you'll agree that I should wonder why."

2006-03-08, 10:27 PM

"well.....there where still some Decepticons on Cybertron when we left, me and Ragnarok here could pretend to be trying to escape from the planet and end up getting shot down by the Quintessons."

2006-03-09, 04:36 AM
Shockwave's Office

"Of course," Astrotrain said with a level tone, glad that Shockwave was perceptive enough to notice his injuries. "As it happens, I have a few ideas about that. While I'm having my repairs seen to, I suggest you spend some time researching the human known as Joseph Stalin. If I remember the fleshlings' history correctly, he had a cult of personality crafted around him, much like Gigatron wants you to do. The techniques he used might be useful to you."

The triplechanger turned and headed out the door.

Throne Room

Bugly merely shrugged, his insectoid shell turning the gesture into something slightly unnerving.

"It is only natural," the Pretender conceded with a tone that could either have been respectful or mocking...although given the source, the latter was more likely.

"I released Dirge because he has great potential. One day, he will return and serve us again. I have forseen it."

In point of fact, he had forseen no such thing...but it never hurt to play up the mysticism of Curcuit-Su when dealing with outsiders.

The strategist shrugged.

"At any rate, he was mine to do with as I saw fit. If I hadn't captured him in the first place, he would have continued running amok aboard ship and the Nemesis would be no more than a blasted-out heap of scrap metal by now."

He shrugged.

"If you want him back that badly, I suppose I could always capture him for you again..."


Blot shrugged as he looked down at the much-smaller Knockout, an action that caused little bits of crud to flake off from his crusted joints.

"Scorponok say fix. He not say when."

2006-03-09, 07:13 AM
"s-something like that might w-work , l-lets try it s-see how it goes, t-then w-we'll have E-excavator tell us what h-he thinks."

2006-03-09, 12:43 PM
-Gnaw let out a growl of satasfaction-

"Yes my lord."

-Gnaw proceded to face Bugly all the while makeing sure noone entered the room-

2006-03-09, 07:41 PM

Cindersaur pondered for a few seconds more, "Right.....i got it!."

"Quintesson ship incoming......They've opened fire we've lost engines and weapons.....Sharkticon assault teams have boarded us........there's too many of them.........quick Ragnarok into the escape pod it's are only chance.......the pod's gonna crash....we should run for it incase the quints found the pod."

"How's that Wingspan."

Lord Zarak
2006-03-09, 08:16 PM
Shockwave watched Astrotrain leave his office.

A being such as I wont forget such disrespect.

"Compter, search and catalogue through relevance, Stalin, Joseph. Flag all results regarding the 'cult of '"

As the computer searched, Shockewave decided to recharge.

2006-03-09, 08:26 PM
-Ragnorok grinned-

"Sounds good to me. When we land in Autobot territory, try not to act hostile, inface act panniced like we thing they are going to shoot us."

2006-03-09, 11:18 PM
Sixshot's Quarters

Sixshot mused silently for a moment before he nodded, closing the drawer slightly, then got up and left, only one place he could find out what humans needed - the Nebulons' Quarters.

2006-03-10, 04:13 AM
Shuttle Bay

Excavator spun nervously at the sounding of his name, putting an extra little scorch mork he hadn't intended near the pod's left-top afterburner. He muttered to himself and got back to work applying touches to cover the foul.



With the excess removed, Sledge plucked the new leg from the parts bin and held his rivet-rotor to begin installation on Pounce's open socket.

Hammer continued his work speedily, having removed the broken items from Headstrong's back and in the process of installing new circuitry.

Knockout shielded himself from Blot's errant filth while awaiting Cryotek's opinion.


Throne Room

Gigatron's optics flared at Bugly's presumption of Dirge's ownership. The rest of the words came fuzzed in a ringing haze of rage, and he spun to throw a vicious backhand at the Pretender's face. (He knew it wouldn't hurt much to one hidden in a shell, but there was enough force to knock him off-balance; the cameras were rolling and the audience was attentive, in any case.)

"Fool! It is your place to follow orders, not make them! Do you think you are special, you hideous insecure paeon? You are nothing! At best you would be expendable, but your behavior places the rust under my feet higher in my favor than your pathetic substandard existence! You are an insect in more than one way, and you are an imbecile to expect treatment otherwise!"

Gigatron spat at Bugly's suggestion, giving Gnaw a passing glance. He really was a bit interested that the Sharkticon actually wasn't there to sabotage them... His attention turned again to Bugly with renewed venom.

"You clearly need a protositter, so you shall have one. You are not to leave Bludgeon's sight for an astrosecond until you prove you're worth wearing that symbol, or I shall see to it that you are melted down and used for compost in flowering some more important Decepticon's grave! Pray that Bludgeon does not resent the burden to his abilities you clearly represent, maggot."

Gigatron glanced to Bludgeon sideways before pointing to his door with the force of an uppercut.

"Now get out of my sight! The next time you enter it, you will be reformed or you will be vaporized!"

2006-03-10, 05:02 AM
Throne Room

Bugly was not caught off-guard by Gigatron's attack. In fact, the Pretender had forseen such a possibility with near-certainty. As such, it was a simple matter to minimize the impact of the leader's strike by snapping his head around in time with the blow. He slowly turned his gaze back onto the leader, his insectoid eyes burning with cold contempt.

This is the glorious leader who has so earned your respect, old friend? he thought towards Bludgeon. Although he doubted his cohort would be able to hear the thoughts directly, the sentiment behind them would be blazingly obvious to even the lowliest initiate. Methinks you need a new set of criteria for that sort of decision...

The Pretender spoke slowly, his words betraying not even the slightest hint of fear.

"Your threats," he said with cool deliberation, "mean nothing to me."

As if to underscore his already-treasonous statement, the Pretender turned his back on the leader of his faction and headed out the door. It could be seen as (and in point of fact, was) a demonstration of consumate disrespect for the sixchanger. Bugly was fairly certain that Gigatron wouldn't do anything about it, though; after all, he had ordered the master of Circuit-Su to get out of his sight.


Astrotrain managed to stoicly make his way to the medical ward without collapsing on the deck, but it was a near thing. The city commander settled heavily down on a surgical bed, allowing a ragged, pained sigh to escape his vocorder as he did so.

The tech drone brought a broomlike attachment out and set to work sweeping Blot's offal into one corner of the room. Obviously, it didn't think much of letting such a vile creature stand around in what was supposed to be a sterile environment.

2006-03-10, 05:28 AM
Throne Room:

Bludgeon: -bows to Gigatron, turns- "He bested me in battle, Bugly. Honor demands that I follow him, as alien as that concept may be to you."

2006-03-10, 01:51 PM
-Gnaw turned to face Gigatron-

"My lord, would you like me to continue watch over Bugly also sir?"

2006-03-10, 09:35 PM

Sledge stepped back from his work and looked over Pounce's new leg with some muted measure of satisfaction. He enjoyed installing things; as long as there was a blueprint to follow, he couldn't screw it up.

"See how that feels."

With Headstrong's broken internals replaced, Hammer set to work peeling away the broken armor while he waited for the other parts to come in. He was very much absorbed in the work now - he so rarely got to see such a comprehensive case.

Knockout sighed as the injured continued to pour in, and he turned to Cryotek with a shrug while collecting his toolkit.

"Just give a holler if you'd like to tag in."

Knockout jumped from Soundwave's station and quickly made his way to Slicer's table, deliberately circumnavigating Blot and his eternal mess. Once aside the patient, Knockout began unloading his tools efficiently.

"Now what do you need?"


Throne Room

Gigatron continued to glare at Bugly as he left, betraying no sign of anything but contempt at the Pretender's retort. He had expected little else, of course; Bludgeon would do much of the work in reforming that one.

"No," he told Gnaw with his optics on the closing door. "Bludgeon's vision extends beyond his optics. He will make certain Bugly behaves."

Gigatron turned and slowly mounted the steps leading up to his throne again, where he sat and looked down at the Sharkticon with renewed interest. His thoughts wandered to the future, and with no one to pester him for the moment, he allowed himself to brainstorm.

"Tell me more of your tale," he commanded. "A reasoning Sharkticon must be an anomoly indeed. Were there others like you? Are the Quintessons aware of your betrayal?"

2006-03-10, 10:27 PM
"s-sounds g-good maybe c-cut the last l-line is a bit contrived, we d-dont want y-you to s-surrender , just t-to attract attention to the pod and t-then w-we will pull you out at the last minute regretablly having to abandon it to the Autobots.

Wingspan looked over

"Excavator can we fake a f-failed s-scuttling charge as if t-they t-tried to destroy the c-cargo.


Pounce stretched and flexed his claws.

"not bad , better than Constructicons could manage."

2006-03-11, 03:53 AM
-Gnaw looked up at Gigatron and began his tale-

"The Quintessa created me giveing me a spark they had some how gotten from Vector Sigma or such. I was made to command a large Sharkiticon force to sapatosh the Autobot bace some time ago. the mission was succesfull, we sent back what we needed. But being around my mindless brothers began to bore me. So i secretly began studying the ways of the old Deciptcons, eventualy I borded a neo ship and now I'm here."

"As for your other questions, I'm not sure. I am guessing that the quints would know of my dissaperance, but they don't know where I am. But as for others like me, it is safe to asume not.

2006-03-11, 08:37 PM
Nebulon Quarters

Sixshot looked around, making sure no-one saw him before entering the area.

Once inside, he began searching for food and something else he figured humans needed, clean garments.

Lord Zarak
2006-03-11, 09:19 PM
After undergoing routine repairs in the Med Bay, Overlord had taken the decision to recharge in his combined state, thereby allowing his Powermaster partners to recharge fully, and not age a day.

He woke from his recharge, as ever, in a foul mood. He made his way to Gigatron's throne room, not wanting to speak to anyone he could rip apart on a bad day.

He rang and waited to enter.

2006-03-12, 06:19 PM

Sledge nodded to Pounce and gathered his tools, assuming the Clone's absence of continued whining meant he needed no further work. He hopped off the bed and made his way to Astrotrain's table, which he quickly climbed and quietly got to work. He figured Hammer would want this one to have special treatment, which included not being bothered with questions...

Across the chamber, Hammer closed the hatch on Headstrong's back and brushed his hands together satisfactorily.

"There you are. All set."

With his first patient finished, Hammer set to work installing the fresh armor Razorclaw had requested.

Knockout, for his part, was the most skilled medic of the Constructors, and so he had finished work on Slicer rather quickly. He stepped back from the patient, shaking his head slightly to wake himself from his work grogginess.

"There now. How does that suit you?"


Throne Room

Gigatron nodded slowly as Gnaw ended his tale. He tapped the controls on the armrest of his throne, causing a holomonitor to project a detail roster before him.

"Your position may be useful to me in the future," Gigatron noted. "But for now, I've no work for you. Octopunch may still be working on the ship's external upgrades, and he may require assistance. Submarauder would be a relevant recruit as well..."

Gigatron's optics turned at Overlord's sounding of the chamber door, and he used his armrest controls to open the broad portal, both to allow the Powermaster to enter and to allow the Sharkticon to leave.

2006-03-13, 04:48 AM

As soon as the doors had shut behind him, Bugly replied to his fellow Pretender.

"Honour demands that you follow him? Just like that? He beat you up, so you have to obey him?"

He scoffed at Bludgeon's justification.

"Might does not make right, old friend. Megatron's foolish belief that he could pummel an entire species into obeying him was what started this pointless eternal war in the first place. Beings like you and I...mechanisms of vision and intelligence...we are the ones who can end it. Gigatron...he is just more of the same. His leadership will only lead to more defeat. He may be from the future, but we would be better off if his kind were consigned to the depths of history."


Astrotrain lay still as Sledge quietly set to work on him.

No silly questions or idle chitchat. These Constructors are definately an improvement over the Constructicons.

2006-03-13, 03:33 PM
-Gnaw exited the throne room and proceeds down the corridors, ancient to see some of his future team mates-


-Ragnorok leaned to one side getting impatient-

"So when are we going?"

2006-03-13, 08:14 PM
(OOC Cheers Ref: Awful considerate of ya to fix up the idiot:) )

Slicer stood unsteadily, flexed his arms and checked his weaponry. All was in order, though he would need to get some more ammunition.
"You're damn good Knockout, damn good."
Slicer then turned to Astrotrain, carful to let the constructor working on the commander have his necessary space.
"was Gigatron pleased with our mission Boss?"

2006-03-14, 12:22 AM
Throne Room:

Bludgeon: -thinking to himself, knowing full well that Bugly can hear what he's thinking- "It is you who do not understand. The fact that he defeated me, yet trusts me enough to do this job, is why he is deserving of the respect. The very history of the Decepticons indicate that he will not be in charge forever. Perhaps at the right time, I shall take command of things. For the two of us who remain that follow the true path, the true Way of the Warrior..... soon we will be down to one, and that one will need to seek new challenges."

2006-03-14, 04:39 AM

Only two of you? So sure about that, are we?

Bugly harumphed, but replied to Bludgeon mentally (as seemed to be his fellow Pretender's preferance at the moment).

The time-orphan lets you live because he is too arrogant to think anyone could be a threat to him. Any other motives you ascribe to him are no more than the product of your fevered imagination. His attitude does not entitle him to respect. In fact, it merits nothing but a quick, ignominious death.

The Circuit-Su master allowed a note of amusement to trickle into his thoughts.

Best be careful, old friend. If you wait too long, you might find that your 'new challenges' have already been hurdled by someone else...someone who might prove to be a bit more of an obsticle to you than our dear hexchanger.


Astrotrain stopped to think for a moment, unsure whether to tell Slicer the truth or a comforting lie. After a moment, he decided to split the difference and go for a sugar-coated version of the truth.

"He wasn't ecstatic with the losses we took," the Triplechanger said judiciously. "He was pleased that we accomplished our objectives, though. Once I've gotten repaired and seen to some other duties, I'll be transporting the reactor out to the w-"

The city commander cleared his throat, hoping to cover his little near-slip.

"I'll be taking it out the the project site," he said instead. "If you're interested in taking a little trip, I can assign you to the escourt team."

2006-03-14, 03:07 PM
Headstrong nodded his approval to the work as he slid off the table.

"Thanks. I am heading to the CR-Chambers." He said walking off towards the CR-Units to rest with his Predacon comrades.


Razorclaw nodded as the Constructor began work.

"Try some heavier armour if we have any, it seems to be one of the few soft spots in our new forms." He said really it wasn't a weakness considering it took two pointblank HV artillary rounds, a cyclone cannon, many other forms of lasers and ordance and several heavy missiles to cause the damage that occured. But he knew him and his men took pride in their new forms so he wanted to make sure Predaking remained the best.


Cryotek nodded.

"Yes, not it's just a matter of Soundwave waking up." He said hitting a few buttons as some electrical restraints appeared around the communications officer's: neck, wrists, waist and legs and feet.

"Only because I don't want him trying to leave again" He said nodding to the Knockout as he worked on Slicer.

"So how was the new body?" He asked Slicer as he set to find anyone that could use some help.


The other Predacons relaxed in the CR-Chambers and Headstrong found an empty one and entered.

Each Predacon was dreaming their own little happy thoughts:
Tantrum was dreaming of ripping Snarl and any other Dinobot limb from limb. Divebomb was happly reliving the headshot on Snarl and building a nest with the Dinobot's body and Rampage was at a heavy metal concert.


Hatemonger arrived at Gigatron's throne room and pressed a few buttons and entered. Seeing Overlord he nodded to the powermaster who gave him his rather handy Violator cannon and waited to be addressed before speaking.

2006-03-14, 03:38 PM
Nebulon Quarters

Having got some food and stuffed every clean garment in the place that he had found in sub-space, the ninja slipped back out of the area, making sure that he hadn't been spotted before heading back to his quarters.

2006-03-14, 08:09 PM
Slicer Shrugged his shoulders and splayed his arms jovially.
"I'm always willing for the next mission boss, you know that: Let me get some ammunition and I'll be more than ready."
Slicer didn't want to tell Astrotrain that the last two battles had left him more than a little strained. His eagerness for combat, battle and war overrode his sense of self preservation and survival. He turned to the door, to make his way to the Armoury.

2006-03-15, 06:55 AM
Throne Room:

Bludgeon: -mentally- "The true path is the way of Metallikato. The way that teaches control." -bows to Gigatron, pillar of smoke forming around him, dispersing again, revealing nothing-


Bludgeon: -appearing out of a cloud of smoke before Bugly- "And that powers should not be relied upon specifically. Only the blade."

Lord Zarak
2006-03-15, 01:41 PM
Overlord nodded to Hatemonger as he walked in.

"Slaggin' mystics" he growlled to Hatemonger under his breath. He too turned to Gigatron and waited to be spoken too.

2006-03-15, 02:25 PM
Hatemonger stifled a chuckle concuring with the Powermaster's view with the current situation.

2006-03-16, 04:41 AM

"True strength comes from within, old friend. A blade, like any other exterior weapon, is nothing but a crutch."

Bugly chuckled softly as Bludgeon appeared in front of him.

"It's not about 'powers'," he said calmly, like a teacher addressing an inattentive student. "It's about knowledge and control. It's about reshaping the world to suit your vision, using nothing but sheer strength of will."

Dark lightning crackled in the Circuit-Su master's palm as he spoke, but he seemed to take no note of it.

"My powers come from within, not without. By relying on them, I rely only on myself. Not on mystic charms, not on the goodwill of departed spirits...and not on a thin piece of sharpened metal."

His insectoid face turned towards his comrade.

"You talk about control, but by placing your faith in Metallikato you give that very thing away. The rigid code of honour that you hold true to is a yoke that your enemies can use to drag you this way and that."


Astrotrain watched Slicer walk away, and nodded to himself as he remembered the lesser Decepticon's words.

It's rare to find one so eager, he thought.

2006-03-16, 08:04 PM
Slicer sagged badly once he was out of sight of his comrades. He made his way to the turbo lift slowly, and against his own wishes, prayed the next battle would just be a little while longer.

2006-03-17, 01:18 AM

Bludgeon: -voice taking on the tone of someone who has come to the conclusion that there is no other way to get the point across- "It is you who do not understand, Bugly. And there is no other option than to show you." -moves to stand in front of Bugly, facing him, hollow orbits of his skull face starting to glow with etherial fire, reflecting all that the Fallen showed him so long ago, and more besides, power beyond imagining, all the power of chaos, all the arcane, eldritch energies seething just below the surface, hands wreathed in octarine fire, then fighting it back down, closing off the access as easily as he'd opened it- "Metallikato allows me to control this. The blade gave me focus at first. Over time, my abilities grew so the blade was no longer neccessary for control of what the Fallen showed me. My honor may be my weakness, but it gives me my strength, as well." -scowl drops back into place- "For by now I surely would have killed everything around me if I did not have it."

2006-03-17, 03:35 AM

As Motormaster went to his room, the other Stunticons split up to head towards their destinations. Breakdown_watched as his gestalt mates walked away (planning on picking up some more amo at the armoury before going to the mess hall), then openned a comm link to Wingspan.

" How's the 'parts' plan doing?" Breakdown asked the clone.

2006-03-17, 06:07 AM

Bugly wasn't particularly phased by the ethereal hellfire that Bludgeon had let loose. After all, it was merely a different manifestation of the same primal energy that the Circuit-Su master tapped into through his own spark when he called dark lightning down upon his enemies.

"You could have learned to control it on your own," the Pretender told his comrade, "as I have. If you had, you would be able to achieve heights of power that even I can only imagine."

The mystic's mandibles hung open, a noise emerging from his insectoid face that vaguely resembled laughter.

"And you would not have killed everyone around you, I'm afraid. I've seen several adepts fall into that trap. None of them survived for long. They burned brightly, but no flame can last when it uses it's fuel so quickly. Your spark would have simply...sublimated away, destroyed in the crucible of your own fury."

He shrugged, and a change seemed to come over his aura.

"It's all a moot point, anyway. What we have learned cannot be unlearned, old friend."

2006-03-17, 07:17 AM
Wingspan replied to the Com message from his friend

"I l-left O-octane and Breast-force in c-charge, I haven't h-heard anything b-back. I'm w-worried t-they will mess it up, m-make it obvious w-what w-we're up to."