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2006-01-28, 06:24 AM
At Area 51, Autobots and Decepticons continue to bash eachother to scrap on the surface. As they fall one by one, a smaller group inside the base struggle for control of a secret technical componant that could spell doom for the universe. In Cuba, Breastforce have begun to sieze control of the country.

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2006-01-28, 07:08 AM
Outside Area 51

Snarl could tell that another Predacon had come to Headstrong's aid, but his vision was too blurred to make out which was which. He swung ineffectually at the passing Decepticon (Tantrum), but he could tell that he'd missed by a mile.

Unbalanced by the effort, the Dinobot fell face-forward into the sand.

Bunker, Area 51

Astrotrain replied to Razorclaw, but made sure to keep his attention focussed on the Autobots facing off against him.

"Proceed," he told the Predacon leader. "Let me know when you've recovered the Reflectorcons. And don't stay to fight," he added. "We need to get back to the Nemesis as soon as possible."

2006-01-28, 11:22 AM
Pounce slinked up to the Technobot leader missile both weapons aimed at him.

"Let go of him or I fire, I know what your thinking did he fire 2032 rounds or 2033 , well do you feel lucky punk. do you. "

2006-01-28, 01:27 PM
Outside Area 51

"I don't do the play dead thing" Sixshot retorted, staggering back under the first few shots, then he jumped out of the weaponsfire before lunging at Chromedome again.

2006-01-28, 08:19 PM
Outside area 51

from behind a large boulder

''dontworrychrome-domeoldboyherecomesblurrtosavetheday!" with a quick jump blurr emerged from behind his boulder firing his powerful electro-lasercannon at sixshot to seemingly little effect...

2006-01-29, 12:02 AM
Area 51

" Cosmos?", Skids repeated Astrotrain's words, then he leaved the two decepticons.

He redoubled his efforts and continued to push Landfill towards the exit. When the two Autobots arrived at the next corner, Skids received Nightbeat's call.

" Nightbeat, I've Landfill. He is still on-line but in very bad shape, andit seems Cosmos is in danger too. I'm going as fast as I can; when I arrive to the surfice I'll tow Landfill towards the shuttle, then I'll search for Cosmos. Skids out."

Skids transformed into van mode infront of Landfill.

" Please Silencer, I need to tow Landfill towards the exit. Can you tie him with a cable in my rear bumper? I think I've some cable inside", said Skids while opening his rear door.


Enroute Autobase

Camshaft grinned to Jazz, and watched curiosly the Neo's work.

2006-01-29, 12:41 AM
Silencer hopped down and obeyed tieng the tow cable to Landfill.

Flintlock enraged by the wounds inflicted on his partner. He hopped out of the cab and assumed his position on Landfills side he fired back down the corridor at Slicer. letting off a volley of shots.

2006-01-29, 12:48 AM
Area 51

Skids was going to thanks Silencer's job when Flintlock fired at Slicer.

" No!", he cried while accelerating at his ( miserable ) maximum speed, turning the corner and rolling towards the main ramp.

" Flintlock, I understand your rage," said Skids while maneuvering between the human base corridors, " but it's more important to take Landfill out of here! And Cosmos is probably dying out there; only we can help him!"

2006-01-29, 03:10 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat and Hosehead: -duck as the Predacon's return fire blows chunks out of the edges of their positions at the ravine, then pop up to return fire, only to watch them retreat with the damaged Headstrong-

Nightbeat: "Well.... so much for that...." -sees Snarl collapse- "Lovely. That's just...... lovely." -looks over at Hosehead- "Come on, let's go check him out." -climbs up and over the lip of the ravine-

Hosehead: -climbs up and over the edge of the ravine, tripping but managing to catch himself as he does-


Chromedome: -flips his guns, holding them like tonfa sticks, sidesteps Sixshot's lunge, swinging one of them downward, trying to striek the six changer in the back of the head as he goes by-

2006-01-29, 07:20 AM
Bunker, Area 51

Astrotrain fired a volley of ion blasts down the hall after the retreating Autobots, hoping to put an end to Flintlock's attack.

"If I kill you," he shouted, "your friend Cosmos will be doomed, too!"

Furtively, he glanced down at Slicer to make sure his soldier hadn't been killed by the latest attack.

2006-01-29, 12:27 PM
Flintlock fired multiple blasts into the ceiling behind them hoping to bring the roof down.

2006-01-29, 04:54 PM
Area 51, corridors

" That's a good idea, Flintlock; but I think Astrotrain don't have the intention to attack us", said Skids to the nebulon.

Skids was rolling towards the exit, but Landfill's wheight was too much for the theoretician, even with his cargo delivered over Slicer.

" Umf... that's too heavy", muttered Skids while moving slowly, " and I'm worried for Cosmos", he added to himself.

2006-01-29, 10:25 PM
-OOC: Yea, Technobots vs Reflectorcons line is back! Sort of...

As Pounce and Spyglass left the scene of carnage, Nosecone approached the fallen and battered forms of Lightspeed and Afterburner.

"Any of you still functioning?" - he said with sad humor in his voice, looking at the damage his comrades sustained. "Here, Afterburner - let me give you a hand!"

"To blasted Pit with your help - I'll manage... Ugh!!!" - and Afterburner collapsed again to his knees, weak from the injuries he received while battling Pounce and Spyglass.

"I'll help too..." - Lightspeed added weakly, standing up.

"Mind your own business, lad - you've been in a tough fight too" - Nosecone cast a glance at Lightspeed's holed and dented armor.

"As if you've been enjoying the pleasure trip!" - Afterburner remarked sarcastically. He finally manadged to stand up - now all he was concentrated at was not to fall down again.

"Oh, I've had my share of adventures with old Astro back there..." - Nosecone started, but was interrupted by comm's signal:

"All Technobots, this is Scattershot! Join me at the hall at once!"


Meanwhile, at the room where Scattershot held Spectro prisonner, Viewfinder was attempting to deceive Strafe and Pounce came to the rescue, the situation had unfolded rapidly:

Scattershot saw Pounce emerging, but barely registered Decepticon's threat - he was calculating the probability of Viewfinder's offer being a ruse. When Pounce started to threaten him rather than blasted both him and Spectro to smithereens, he finally got it.

They're all trying to get me back from that Reflectorcon! Meaning that little bastard really stole something valuable!

Well, in that case - they won't get it, that's for sure!

"So, why don't you fire?"- he replied to Pounce. And, seeing that Strafe didn't understand the signal, he screamed:
"I said FIRE - FIRE, STRAFE!!!"

Strafe, his gun still aimed at Viewfinder, complied and let out another stream of heat rays. While not hurting the Decepticon, it smashed the unfortunate piece of machinery which was presented as the great prize.

"And now" - Scattershot continued, standing up - "we can play on MY terms!!!" He hadn't changed his grip on Spectro, nor the position of his gun - he just heaved the Reflectorcon after himself.

"Strafe, deal with those bastards and follow me!" - he ordered, his voice deep and full of contempt. He activated the comm link and gave the other Technobots an order to gather at the hall, then moved out, holding Spectro as hostage and shield between him and Pounce.

Strafe blasted yet another volley at Reflectorcon's direction, then joined his leader in retreat, his heat rifle swinging from Viewfinder to Pounce and back.

2006-01-29, 10:40 PM
Pounce shrugged.

"good point , don't mind if i do ."

He triggered his left missile launcher at Strafe and his right at Scattershot.

2006-01-30, 04:20 AM
Area 51: Bunker

Viewfinder watched with dismay as Strafe deliberately (at least, as far as he could guess) destroyed his decoy. The Technobot's aim was bad, but he didn't want to chance it, so he dove for cover to avoid the heat fire.

Spyglass emerged through the doorway shortly after Pounce, intuitively following Strafe out with a blast from his laser rifle.

Spectro was only able to dangle and yelp at the pain in his leg as Scattershot hefted him off. From his vantage on the floor, Viewfinder watched in disgust.

Let him go, he commanded Spyglass telepathically. We can get the reactor out of our subspace when they're gone.

Are you outta your mind?! Spyglass responded with a silent glare from the door. He could kill us all if Spectro gets captured!

If he stays long enough to realize he hasn't secured the reactor, we'll never live to get it back to the Nemesis. If we don't return with it, Gigatron will make us wish--

Yeah, yeah, Spyglass sighed, lowering his gun. All right. I get it.

Don't I get a say in this?! Spectro chimed in.

Ask the gun between your legs, Viewfinder answered. I don't like it either, but we have no choice.

Guys, come on! You can't AGH!" At the sight of Pounce firing indiscriminately on him and his captor, Spectro reached up to cover his optics and prayed.

2006-01-30, 05:15 AM
Bunker, Area 51

Astrotrain glowered at the retreating Autobots as Flintlock's fire brought the tunnel cieling down between them. He held his shield up above his head, to protect himself and Slicer from the small chunks of debris coming loose above them.

"I'm getting real tired of that trick..."

Looking down at Slicer, the triplechanger's frown deepened.

"Are you mobile, soldier?"

2006-01-30, 07:39 AM
Pounce turned casually to the Reflectorcon as the missile flew through the air .

"not everyone could do this and miss Spectro but with 99.4% accuracy its as easy as shootong cyber ducks in a barrel."

2006-01-30, 03:31 PM
Razorclaw got onto his comlink.

"Nightracer, are you in position?" The Predacon leader asked. He couldn't really hold Rampage back much more from charging the Autobots.

"Viewfinder get your men ready for extraction, is the target safe?" Razorclaw asked ready to go.


"I... I.... I can't feel my body!" Headstrong screamed trying to thrash around.

"Oh stop you baby. You just had some major circuits get totaled you will be back online in no time." Tantrum snapped back waiting for the others to exit Area 51.

"Yeah you bonehead, next time let Tantrum do the swordplay he's quite a bit better at it than you are. Plus you are lucky your transformation cog didn't get harmed." Divebomb said aiming his weapons in the event some Autobots tried to persue them.

"Yeah I know." Headstrong sighed and relaxed somewhat at least he didn't seem weak which was all he cared about.

2006-01-30, 08:11 PM
Slicer grimaced.
"Eyesight is back to workable levels sir, and I am still able to move: apart from all the junk the autobot dumped on me." with that, slicer began clearing the junk away.
"Where else are we needed?" he asked optimistically of Astrotrain.

2006-01-30, 08:43 PM
"Not good enough" - Scattershot commented, changing the position of Spectro he was holding hostage so that the missile Pounce intended for him impacted the Reflectorcon instead.

"Strafe, disable him and follow me!" - he shouted, exiting through the doorway into the corridor which led to the large hall.

"Easier said than done..." - Strafe muttered wondering yet another time - what in Pit's name wrong with Scattershot???

He aimed at Pounce, targeted Decepticon's head and fired twice, then retreated hastily.

In the corridor, Nosecone and Lightspeed were helping Afterburner, and Scattershot directed them all toward the main hall.

"There's enough space for us to merge there!!!" - Technobots' leader transmitted.

"And the other Decepticons are surely waiting for us there..." - Nosecone concluded, remembering his scramble with Astrotrain.

"Doesn't matter! Technobots, move on!!!" - Scattershot commanded holding his somewhat charred prize.

2006-01-30, 10:10 PM
Area 51

Skids arrived at the start of the main ramp to the bunker's exit, a straight and steep way towards the open space. He started to ascend, but Landfill's weight was considerable.

" Hmpf... Landfill, can you hear me? Do you have traction? ", Skid's engine groaned, but he tryed to force a little more. His tailpipe expulsed a black, dense and ugly smoke.

To distract his mind from the slowiest ( and painfull ) way of his life, he tried to contact Cosmos.

" Cosmos, do you copy? "

2006-01-30, 11:11 PM
" Ready and waiting" Nightracer said over commlink to Razorclaw " thought it sounds like some one went ahead without us."

2006-01-30, 11:27 PM
Outside Area 51:

Hosehead: -checking Snarl over-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Skids, give me a status report! How's it going?"

2006-01-30, 11:29 PM
Landfill runs engine weakly before it shudders to a halt.

2006-01-31, 12:32 AM
Cosmoss distress beacon pinged back to Skids about fifty metres to his right...

2006-01-31, 03:56 AM
Razorclaw nodded.

"Thats fine Nightracer as long as we all run at once, I have the feeling the Autofools are going to try to merge, how given the height of these halls I will never know but their lack of speed will be to our advantage. That and Computron's head being stuck in the ceiling." He said waiting for the Reflectorcons to reply.

2006-01-31, 05:28 AM
Bunker, Area 51

Astrotrain nodded, glad to hear that Slicer was still in something resembling fighting shape.

"We're needed topside," the triplechanging city commander said. "And don't have time to look for a way around this ceiling cave-in."

With a gesture towards the pile of debris that blocked the corridor in front of them, Astrotrain let out a low growl. Transforming to train mode (an uncomfortable proposition in the tight corridor), he lowered his aft ramp.

"Get in," he told the other Decepticon. "It's about to get messy in here."

Outside Area 51

Snarl tried to shove Hosehead away, but it was an ineffectual gesture; even if he'd had enough of his strength to do so, he couldn't quite tell where his fellow Autobot was.

"G'way. 'm fine."

2006-01-31, 08:09 PM
Slicer staggered into Astrotrain: he wasn't in as good a shape as he'd liked to admit. He had subspaced his parts torn off by Flintlocks beam, and settled down, secretly grateful to start his healing protocols.

2006-01-31, 09:07 PM
Area 51, exit ramp

Skids smiled to himself.

" Is good to see you can hear me, Landfill ", said Skids with joy. " Don't worry, we're going to make it. "

Skids, Landfill and Flintlock and Silencer arrived finally at the surface. Skids slowly rolled towards a nearby rocks, his engine still groaning for the effort of take out Landfill. When he arrived behind the rocks ( big enough to cover the two Autobots ) he transformed to robot mode, and while he was untieing the tow cable from Landfill he received Nightbeat's call and Cosmos position.

" Nightbeat, this is Skids. I'm outside the bunker, with Landfill and his partners with me, safe at the moment behind cover. My intention is to take them to the shuttle, but I've received Cosmos distress signal, and he's very near of my actual position. I think I can find Cosmos and take Landfill and the minibot together to the shuttle. Skids out. "

2006-01-31, 10:03 PM
Area 51: Bunker

Spectro's shriek for help was interrupted by a cry of pain, initiated by Scattershot's insensitivity with handling his hurt leg and amplified exponentially by the missile's impact. The projectile exploded square against his chest, the force of the blast digging a jagged cavity into the left side of his torso. The pressure knocked his hands away from his face, and shrapnel dug into his optics, face, and mouth. A large chunk of his own chest armor flew off tangentially straight up with the speed of a bullet, and the small shockwaves of the explosion curved its path to slice into his already damaged knee. The armor creaked and split, causing Spectro to bob as a spring by the exposed wires and servos connecting his upper leg to his foot in Scattershot's hand. Instantly, he was unconscious, his pain sensors inert.

After the jolt of the momentary telekinetic pain, Viewfinder clicked on his commlink to answer.

"Affirmative, Razorclaw."

"They've got Spectro!" Spyglass butted in.

"--but the deal is on, so to say. Will be providing minimal pursuit of Technobots before extracting. Standing by."

Spyglass glared at Viewfinder while the latter pushed himself up. Spyglass delivered a passionate and uncouth hand gesture, then charged out into the corridor, firing haphazardly at the retreating Strafe. Viewfinder took his time retrieving his gun before jogging after.

2006-01-31, 10:56 PM
The group of Technobots gathered together in the corridor. Scattershot motioned to the hall with his prisonner - then found in disgust that the Reflectorcon prize had gone offline.

"I sure believe he'll be in beter form when time for interrogation comes" - he muttered savagely.

"What interrogation? Had you blown your logical circuits, Scatter'?" - Lightspeed interfered, vorrying more about their leader's mental abilities than Decepticons waiting for them.

"Silence! You amaze me with your incompetence!" - and Scattershot proudly advanced to the hall.

"Something is really amiss with him! We've got to bring him back to his own self - right, guys?" - Scattershot addressed the others. Afterburner manadged to answer him first:

"Right now we've got the blasted 'Cons to worry about, not ole Scatter!.. Arrgh!!!" - he stumbled and almost fell down.

"True" - Nosecone supported him grimly.

The group advanced to the large hall, its ceiling partly destroyed and one of the corridors blocked by cave-in which Nosecone made.

"Re-group and check for enemy presence!" - Scattershot commanded. Only Strafe and Nosecone - the less damadged Technobots - obliged, watching the darkness around with their sights.

2006-02-01, 12:06 AM
Pounce growled

"damn statistical anomalies."

Pounce transformed and disappeared after the Bot's vanishing into the shadows stalking them.

2006-02-01, 02:21 AM
Razorclaw and Rampage remained hidden getting ready to strike.

"What deal?" The predacon leaders asked Viewfind his answer would change Razorclaws plan of action.

2006-02-01, 06:09 AM
Bunker, Area 51

Astrotrain let his aft hatch slide closed as soon as Slicer was inside him, then started to roll forward. As his engine chugged, the locomotive's flanks struck sparks from the corridor walls on either side. His front end slammed into the pile of debris that Flintlock had knocked from the cieling...then tore right through it like it was made of tissue paper.

Astrotrain continued to chug down the hall towards the exit, hoping none of his troops were stupid enough to jump in front of a moving train.

Thankfully, Fangry isn't here...

2006-02-01, 09:36 PM
Outside Area 51

Sixshot went spawling as the blows hit home, then he leapt to his feet, transforming to robot mode, then spinning around and watching Chromedome carefully, waiting for him to make the next move.

2006-02-02, 09:06 PM
Outside Area 51:

Chromedome: -moves forward, striking at Sixshot's head-

2006-02-02, 09:50 PM
Area 51, Outside

Skids, instead of waiting for Nightbeat's reply transformed again into van mode.

" Flintlock, Silencer, I'll try to tow Landfill again, this time to the shuttle. Inside our friend will be safe, then I'll go for Cosmos. Please, can any of you tie again the tow cable to Landfill?" asked the theoretician.

2006-02-03, 07:33 AM
Silencer jumped down and reattached the cable

"we're good to go."

2006-02-03, 09:21 PM
Area 51, Outside

Skids engaged and waited for Silencer to board Landfill again.
" Let's go, then! "

2006-02-03, 11:00 PM
"No enemy here, it seems" - Strafe finaly replied to Scattershot. Nosecone was still looking around.

"Good. Now hold this piece of Decepticon junk for a while", - Scattershot almost threw Spectro's body toward Lightspeed, who grabbed it with difficulties; after all, he was damaged himself and supporting Afterburner, who was in even worse state.

"Let's make us a way out of here" - Scattershot continued, transforming into his cannon mode and sending a barrage of shells toward the ceiling in place where cave-in occured.

When the dust settled, a sky above was visible through the large holes in the ceiling.

"Now drill us a way up, Nosecone!" - he ordered, transforming back and pointing at the slope formed by fallen debris, which led upward to the hole.

"If you say so..." - Nosecone grumbled, transforming.

"Not "if you say so" - you must answer "as you command!"!!! Is that clear?" - Scattershot snapped back suddenly.

The worried look in Lightspeed's and Strafe's optics changed to pure panic...

2006-02-04, 12:40 AM
Outside Area 51

Nightaeat: ''I read you, Skids. Let me know if you need backup. Out.'' -deactives commlink-

Hosehead: -scowling- "You're not fine, Snarl. You`ve been shot in the head."

2006-02-04, 06:53 AM
Outside Area 51

Snarl tried to shove Hosehead away.

"I w's," he slurred thickly, his vocal processor obviously damaged from the fight. "Yu wun' no wha' it flls lke?"

Getting his knees together underneath him, the Dinobot managed to shakily rise to his feet. He leaned from side to side as he stood, but miraculously managed not to fall to the ground.

Astrotrain drove out of the bunker's sloped hatch, heading towards an unoccupied patch of desert far from the fighting. He lowered his aft ramp, allowing Slicer to get out if he so chose.

"All Decepticons, report status."

2006-02-04, 05:25 PM
Slicer leaped from astrotrain energetically, hoping people would see his wounds as a sign of his endurance as opposed to an easy target.

2006-02-04, 08:15 PM
Nosecone finally managed to drill the way upward the slope made by collapsed ceiling debris. Emerging through the hole in sand, he transformed back to robot mode and looked around, accessing the situation.

Down there in the bunker, Scattershot commanded Lightspeed and Afterburner:

"Now, you two - get through that hole! And take that Decepticon crap with you! Move!"

Lightspeed moved first, carrying the limp Reflectorcon in his hands; Afterburner followed, hiding a smirk and cursing occasionally when his damaged servos refused to work properly.

"Strafe! When those two get up, I'll transform and follow them; then you'll join us. Is that clear?" - Scattershot continued to issue orders.

"Yes", - Strafe replied quickly. He forbade himself to think about strangeness in commander's behaviour... at least until they'll be safely out of this battle.

2006-02-05, 08:30 PM
Area 51: Bunker

Spyglass pressed himself against a wall around the corner of the main hall, his blaster raised in front of him, his head turned to listen to the Technobots' activity down the hall. He saw Pounce bound past and disappear into the shadows, and he thought of how he wished his hearing were better now while he tracked the infiltrator with his keen optics. When it sounded as though the activity down the hall had died down, Spyglass swiveled around the corner and fired a volley down the hall at Strafe, hoping Pounce would be out of his line of fire.

"Give 'im back, Autoblotch!"

Viewfinder jogged up to Spyglass' abandoned position on the wall rather nonchalantly. He liked the situation as little as his brother, but he was much easier to accept it. While listening to the firefight in the adjacent hall, he clicked on his commlink.

"Viewfinder reporting. The Autobots have Spectro," he replied to Astrotrain. "Spyglass and I are operational. Objective secured. Providing pursuit, but probability of retrieval is low. Orders?"

2006-02-05, 09:18 PM
Pounce slinked along behind the Autobots listening to their discussion.

His sharp reflexes saving hjim from a burst of fire aimed in the Autobots direction.

2006-02-06, 05:46 AM
Outside Area 51

Astrotrain groaned before replying to Viewfinder.

"Let them go," he said with as much calm as he could muster. "We'll have a better chance recovering him later than we would in a firefight now."

And we can't risk losing the reactor device to the Autobots, either.

"Meet me outside the main entry."

Switching his comlink to a wide-band transmission, he said, "All Decepticons, our objectives have been completed. Meet me at the main exfiltration point. If you can't make it in five minutes, you'll have to walk home."

Brave Maximus
2006-02-06, 11:10 AM
A bright yellow Baja Bug drove through the dunes of Nevada. Even at the high speeds and with all the dirt it was kicking up, the stereo was easily heard at a distance. It had been a long week so far, and it wasn't close to being done yet. Some of the actors he had been working with were more than a little nuts and the director tried to make everyone pull 12 hour days while they were on location.

The producer managed to talk a little sense into him and everyone had the day off. Most of them had headed to Vegas to spend a per diem that had been burning a hole in their pockets while they were out in the desert. Daniel had, on the other hand, headed out to clear his head. Mostly, he was looking for the peace that driving had always given him. Well, it was peaceful out here.

Or it was, until he passed by one of the fences to "Area 51". Loud explosions rocked the landscape. Always being a big too curious for his own good, Daniel turned and headed towards them at top speed (Baja bugs are great dune runners).

2006-02-06, 03:33 PM
Razorclaw snarled to Astrotrain.

"What!? Let the Autobots take one of our own!?" He growled as he ran to the other Reflectorcon positions.

"You guys need a ride?" He said getting ready to run to Astrotrain as Rampage followed.


Divebomb picked up Headstrong and placed him on top of Tantrum.

"Slag your heavy, have too much high grade oil again?" He asked the rhino.

"Well yeah Hatemonger did raid a fuel reserve after all." The rhino laughed slightly.

"Well lets get a move on Trantrum grunted starting for Astrotrain.

2006-02-06, 08:02 PM
Outside Area 51

Somewhat distracted at Astrotrain's comm-message, Sixshot took the blow as his head jerked backwards slightly, then he used one foot to try to shove Chromedome away from him before transforming to jet mode.

"I'd love to continue this, but I don't want to miss the transport back to base. Maybe next time, Autobot" and with that, he flew off, heading towards Astrotrain's location.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-07, 01:56 AM
Daniel continued to drive along the fence line until he spotted 40' robots beating the snot out of each other. It looked like one side was winning.

Once he was close enough, Daniel was able to walk along the fence, watching the Autobots and Decepticons. He looked left, then right - there were no guards around (being smart enough to flee when Transformers started to fight) and he made his way over the fence. He looked around while trying to get as close as he could.

OOC: I was purposfully vague in some areas of this post.

2006-02-07, 11:33 PM
Area 51, Outside

Skids rolled towards the shuttle, towing Landfill and hoping not to arrive too late to help Cosmos.

He arrived soon at the nearby ship and opened the main ramp with a remote signal, towed the wounded targetmaster inside and closed the ramp.

2006-02-08, 05:53 AM
When she heard Astrotrain's order, Nightracer sighed in annoyance. The Decepticon sniper took looked over at the two Predacons, before turning and heading back to the main entry. It hadn't taken Nightracer long to descided that they could handle getting the uncaptured Reflectorcons back to Astrotrain without her help.

2006-02-08, 06:34 AM
Razorclaw shook his head.

"Come on guys, hop on." He said to the other two Reflectorcons.

"Our ride is about to be leaving." He said as he waited to run with them on his and Rampage's back.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-08, 03:00 PM
Daniel spotted Astrotrain loading up Decepticons, and the young man started to run for it, trying to be as unobtrusive as a human in a red shirt and blue jeans can be.....

2006-02-08, 09:49 PM
Afterburner, Lightspeed and their unconscious prisoner Spetro had just left through the hole made by Nosecone, when the Decepticons attacked.

The burst Spyglass fired took Strafe completely by surprise as the Technobot was looking at the opposite direction. So, Strafe was thrown forward on his face, his back holed in several places. Scattershot manadged to turn just in time to see Pounce advancing on him, Spyglass aiming again and Strafe down, probably disabled.

"How dare you?" - Scattershot screamed and transformed quickly, once again into his cannon mode. He fired, not bothering to aim, a volley of smoke shells which reduced visibility in the hall down to zero.

"Strafe, status report!!!" - he ordered through the comm link.

2006-02-08, 10:08 PM
Pounce leapt into the air at Scattershot , twin missile launchers spewing a volley as he flew through the air."

2006-02-08, 11:05 PM
Area 51, inside Autobot shuttle

" How do you feel Landfill?", said Skids while waiting for Flintlock or Silencer to untie him, " your auto-repair systems are on-line? You must hold on, buddy. When we arrive at Autobase you will be fixed and totally repaired, you will make it, I'm sure. "

2006-02-08, 11:14 PM
Landfill sat silent and unmoving. Silencer jumped down and slipped the tow line

2006-02-08, 11:20 PM
Area 51, inside Autobot shuttle

" Thanks Silencer ", said Skids. He was really worried for Landfill, but he must go for Cosmos.

" I'm going to find Cosmos " he said to the Nebulons, " you can use the defensive systems of the shuttle if the Decepticons attack, but it seems they're leaving the area. "

He lowered the ramp, transformed into his dented van mode and rolled towards Cosmos position.

2006-02-09, 05:08 AM
Outside Area 51

Astrotrain's sensors caught sight of the human (Daniel) charging around nearby, and sent a comm to Slicer.

"Watch the fleshling. If he decides to come in this direction, melt him, but leave him alone otherwise. We don't need to waste any more time terrorizing humans right now."

Brave Maximus
2006-02-09, 04:39 PM
Daniel continued to run across the field, making his way towards Astrotrain. His right hand kept flexing, as if expecting something to be there. In his left, how ever, he kept something small.

I don't know why I'm doing this. It's not my fight.......

2006-02-09, 08:00 PM
Slicer nodded at the communication, and full of contempt, stepped into the fleshlings view with his good arm raised, laser cannon at the ready. He may have been chewed up like gum by Landfill, but he could still take out a human.

Cosmos continued to ping away his distress beacon: Slicers torture and threats replaying in his standby CPU.

2006-02-09, 08:17 PM
Area 51: Main Hall

Spyglass sneered with satisfaction as he saw Strafe fall under his retribution, but his face quickly fell to horror at the sight of Scattershot's cannon form peering in at him. He intuitively retreated behind the cover of his corner, unaware that the smoke shells weren't meant to hurt him. As his back slammed the wall, Viewfinder grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him against it again.

"I said let them go!" Viewfinder snarled.

"Whose side are you on?!" Spyglass protested emotionally, flailing against his brother's stiff arm.

"Astrotrain's," Viewfinder replied coldly, calming at the sight of the smoke that would quell Spyglass' complaints. "We're ordering a retreat. We need to get out of here, now."

Spyglass glared at Viewfinder, who quickly turned toward the Predacons.

"Right," he decided, climbing on Rampage's back, one hand grasping his ride while the other kept his gun ready for Autobot ambushes. "Let's go."

Spyglass reluctantly boarded Razorclaw and waited to be whisked off to their escort.

2006-02-09, 11:50 PM
Area 51

Skids rolled as fast as he can ( in fact, not much ) but luckily Cosmos position was very near. When he arrived he transformed into robot mode, looking around for if any Decepticon could appear to finish the job.

All was quiet.

He aproached Cosmos and his various parts scattered around the area.

" Oh, for Primus sake... what they did to you... ", Said Skids sadly.
Then he radioed Nightbeat.

" Nightbeat, I've found Cosmos. He's...", he couldn't finish the sentence. " I'm going to take Cosmos to the shuttle. "

OOC: Verytired, I hope you didn't mind if I pick up Cosmos and take him to the shuttle...

2006-02-10, 03:08 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -looks over as Chromedome jogs up, speaks into commlink- "I read you, Skids. Do you need assistance? How badly is he hurt?"

Hosehead: "If you`re sure, Snarl........"

Chromedome: -activates commlink- Scattershot, what`s your status?"

Brave Maximus
2006-02-10, 03:22 AM
Daniel continued to run, looking up as Slicer stepped into his view:

"A high powered rifle against a human. It doesn't seem very fair."

He dodged to the side, moving around to what he figured was the Decepticon's bad side - perhaps moving a little faster than a human should.....

2006-02-10, 06:38 AM
Outside Area 51

"G'd." Snarl slurred heavily, then started to move unsteadily towards the Autobots' shuttle. He may have been stubborn, but not even a Dinobot was stupid enough to fight with a gaping hole in his head.

2006-02-10, 09:03 AM
Scattershot was blasted by one missile after another, his cannon form thrown backwards and aside. He was starting to transform, but haven't finished when he hit the wall. Stunned, he was lying there in the clouds of thick smoke which covered the entire hall.

The smoke covered Strafe too, while he reached for his gun blindly, then found it and got on his feet.

Meanwhile, on the ground above the bunker Lightspeed, Nosecone and Afterburner were scanning the surroundings, checking the disabled form of Spectro and waiting for other Technobots to join them. As explosions sounded inside, all of them reached for comm links at once... but no one answered. A wisp of smoke rose from the hole instead.

2006-02-10, 09:01 PM
(OOCBlue skids, go for it: the green guys ko'd not much for me to post for anyway!)

Slicer grunted, and started adjusting his aim: this mission had started well, but now a human was giving him the run around!? He began firing indiscriminately, hoping to slow the fleshling down before trying to step on him.

2006-02-10, 09:06 PM
Pounce transformed mid -air . He came to rest by Scattershot.

the tip of one of his bayonets inches from the Autobots neck.
with the other weapon he covered the approximate area where he thought Strafe might be.

2006-02-10, 10:46 PM
Area 51

Skids picked up Cosmos and walked towards the shuttle.

" Nightbeat", he said via- commlink, " I'm going with Cosmos to the shuttle. He seems off-line, with multiple wounds and traumas. If we've a doctor with us, send him to the shuttle. Landfill's there and his status is critical too. Skids out. "

He looked at the minibot's optics.

" Don't worry, small friend. You'll be ok... ", said Skids with little convicition.

2006-02-10, 11:26 PM
"Knock it off, Decepti-scum" - Strafe said from point completely different from which Pounce was aiming his weapon at.

"I got you covered - so you better stay back from Scattershot."

"What's wrong with you guys?" - commlink signals were still coming from the trio of Technobots above.

"It seems the fight is far from over yet; one more 'Con to smash left", - Strafe replied, then quickly sidestepped so enemy wouldn't get a bearing on his voice.

Meanwhile, Scattershot's optics flashed to life as the Autobot regained consciousness, if not logic...

2006-02-11, 04:48 AM
Razorclaw and Rampage dashed off with their respective Reflectorcons on their backs.

"Well back to Astrotrain then." Razorclaw said following the large hole the Technobots left.

2006-02-11, 09:26 PM
"ahhh Strafe ,I am trembling at the threat of being targeted by you, directly in your sights is probably the safest place for me to be you should meet Misfire one day , it would make an amusing duel. As you can probably see i have the edge of my blade in close proximity to your leader's neck , now your probably thinking that you can take me out before i can do anything with this, however don't forget it is a bayonet and as such is attached to my rocket launcher which is also in close proximity to you leaders neck. Now I did miss before however I am 99.4 % accurate , I am very good at what i do , and having missed once, I also have the law of statistics on my side. Also should you fire there is a good chance that your leader here will get hit, so just return my comrade and I will release your leader.

Pounce glanced briefly downwards.

"as for you Scattershot , I would keep that temper of yours under control, my weapon here has a fascinating feature that the fleshlings amusingly call a dead mans handle, which means should i release my pressure on the firing mechanism , due to perhaps a desperate Autobot trying to wrestle it from me it , it will fire and I have found that dead hostages make very poor bargaining tools."

2006-02-12, 04:17 AM
Area 51: Main Hall

Spyglass and Viewfinder held on to their Predacon hosts the best they could while being bounced away to their transport. Their aim was severely hampered by the bumpy ride, but thankfully Autobot resistance was minimal within due to the prevailing smoke. Spyglass caught a glimpse of Pounce and Scattershot as they whisked by; Viewfinder intercepted the image from his brother and turned his head to shout back.

"Get a move on, Pounce! We're pulling out with or without you!"

As the Predacons bounded through the hole onto the desert floor, Spyglass spun to take a few potshots at Lightspeed and Afterburner as they cruised past. Viewfinder lagged to aim poorly and fire once at Nosecone as well on his way past toward Astrotrain.

2006-02-12, 06:03 AM
Outside Area 51

Detecting the approach of the first of his troops, Astrotrain started to warm up his engines. The triplechanger, however, paid little attention to the human charging in his direction. While he wasn't foolish enough to think the fleshling could pose no threat, the commander fully expected Slicer to deal with the tiny being.

2006-02-12, 04:04 PM
Area 51, Autobot shuttle

Skids arrived at the shuttle, and send a signal to open down the ramp. He entered the ship and gently put the highly damaged body of Cosmos on the ground, near Landfill.

" Hello guys " he said to Flintlock and Silencer. " Is Landfill on-line? " he asked.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-12, 06:02 PM
"Well, I see the Decepticons can boast the best sharpshooters in the Galaxy....."

Daniel continued to move just ahead of Slicers random weapons fire. He dodged to the opposite side of the Decepticon, actually heading for the Con's feet!

2006-02-12, 06:06 PM
Flintlock shook his head dejectedly.

"no sign of life since we got here."

2006-02-12, 07:55 PM
In the bunker, stand-off continued: Pounce was aiming his weapon directly at Scattershot's weak spot while Strafe lurked in the shadows not sure if he can save his commander or not.

Scattershot himself, however, was free of doubts. His state left him only one way - fight! And this he did in his best possible way, attempting a smiting kick from his laying position at Pounce's feet, oblivious of danger of being fired at point blank.

* * *

Three Technobots on the ground were more then starled when a group of mounted Decepticons emerged from the hole they came out only minutes before.

Then they were caught by Reflectorcons' fire, Nosecone taking a direct hit into his midsection and Lightspeed thrown on his back by two more hits into his shoulder and knee. Afterburner escaped the shots luckily but was in no condition to fire back.

* * *

OOC: does anybody still remember about Insecticons and Jetwave? :)

Out to the side of the main battle, in the crater made by Jetwave's shot, three Insecticons were lying buried in the sand. Their systems are just started to come back online, but damage was too big to be repaired fast.

Their slayer, Jetwave, was lying battered and broken too, victim of Predaking's mighty onslaught. His system was completely offline, his armor gone completely or rendered useless, his primary guns - once his pride - broken off his body and smashed.

2006-02-12, 10:16 PM
Pounce on his guard for some kind of move was wary.
However he hadn't anticipated Scattershot being suicidal. His legs went out from under him. As Pounce fell he fired and a missile shot straight for Scattershot.

Pounce transformed mid fall into Puma mode. He looked around re assesing the new sitation

2006-02-13, 06:27 AM
(OOC @ Elcor: I remember the Insecticons. Astrotrain, however, probably doesn't. If they can get his attention before takeoff, he'll swing by and pick them up. If not...well, if not, they're on their own.

Outside Area 51

Astrotrain finally deigned to notice the trouble Slicer was having with the human.

"Deal with the creature promptly, please."

2006-02-13, 08:16 AM
Outside Area 51

Nightracer exited the bunker and then went to stand off to the side. The Decepticon sniper watched as the situation unfolded in front of her with a sigh. Personally, she didn't care about the foolish human's fate. In a way, she considered it a waste of time and a few good bullets ( if it had to be done, it only should have taken one)...His kind was marked for extiction anyway. Time if nothing else, would see to that.

2006-02-13, 09:53 AM
Outside Area 51

Arriving at the meeting point, Sixshot hovered a couple of feet from Astrotrain, waiting for the take-off.
He wanted to fly under his own steam and would accompany the triplechanger back in his jet mode.

2006-02-13, 04:17 PM
Pounce's missiles exploded right in Scattershot's face, blowing bits of optics and sensor banels aside. Thet left the Technobot berserk blind, deaf and mute - but not stopped him from continuing the fight!

Thrown back from Pounce, he transformed too - into his cannon mode, which was equipped by additional sensor arrays. So, the target was locked again - and he blasted it with 700 kilovolt-charge!

Strafe added to the confusion too, spraying the last Decepticon warrior in the area with spray of heat rays from his rifle.

2006-02-14, 07:42 AM
The electric shock threw Pounce clear across the room .

He groaned as he slumped against the wall convulsing uncontrollably . He started running a systems check as his sytems rebooted back to normal

Systems at 78% and rising

Auto repair system working at 84% ,

Secondary circuit runs at 92%,

Primary circuit runs at 44%,

Weapons systems at 99%

His Rocket launchers spat out chaf and flares automatically while he recovered decoying any o fStrafes wild fire, that came near him.

Pounce got back up and transformed into puma mode

"Strafe I think your commander has a death wish ,so I 'm going to give him a hand in fufilling it."

Pounce fired at the ceiling above Scattershot a volley of 6 rockets then bounded and leapt through the hole in the ceiling. He disappeared out into the exterior.

It was only then that he noticed his tail was wagging uncontrolably.

"Slaggin' autobot must have fritzed the motor controls."

2006-02-14, 08:09 PM
Slice grunted with frustration: he would have transformed and flattened the little creep, had his armour not been seriously compromised by Flintlock.
Slicer settled for jumping back, continuing to fire at Daniel with his working cannon.

2006-02-14, 08:49 PM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -looks over at Hosehead- "Looks like your cue. Better go help them."

Hosehead: -uncertainly- "But all I know is first aid."

Nightbeat: "Minerva's worked with you enough. I'm not asking you to do major surgery, just patch them up as best you can....." -sees Jetwave's shattered hulk in the distance- "Chromdome, go with him, make sure he gets to the shuttle intact. I'm going to go check Jetwave over." -heads towards Jetwave- "And check the shuttle's fuel status and grappling system. I don't think that boat's going to fit....."

CHromedome and Hosehead: -head towards the shuttle-

2006-02-14, 09:35 PM
Strafe shouted with rage as a shover of sand, concrete and dirt rained down on Scattershot, followed by several large pillars. Scattershot vanished under that avalanche without a word.

Strafe followed the fleeing form of Pounce with his fire, then shrugged and started to dig the mound to uncover his commander...

* * *

Meanwhile, at the ground remaining Technobots had recovered from initial shock and greeted the emerging puma with combined fire from two pistols. Lightspeed was at last glad that he was at the ground, where he could use his magnetic lock-on mechanism; Nosecone added to the firepower with his X-ray laser.

Afterburner was too damaged to fight or react in any hostile way... Still, he kept an eye on disabled Reflectorcon.

2006-02-14, 11:25 PM
Pounce lurched as a shot blew off the rear left leg of his puma mode, leaving a shattered stump.

He transformed and rolled into cover behind a rock wincing with pain.

"Ahh Lightspeed have a drink on me, "

Pounce threw a vial of energon in the direction of the Technobot.

2006-02-14, 11:48 PM
Area 51, Autobot shuttle

Skids was looking for the shuttle's emergency first aid medic kit.

" Ah, here it is... " he said while picking up the kit and aproaching Landfill and Cosmos.

" I don't have any idea of how to begin..." he thought. " Better I wait for back up".

He looked through the shuttle windshield, still with the first aid kit in his hands, and saw Hosehead and Chromedome aproaching fastly. He lowered the shuttle main ramp and with his electron blaster and nitrogen liquid gun ready, stayed vigilant for if any decepticon decided to make a sneak attack on the autobots only way to return Autobase or; most important to him, if any decepticon tried to kill his injured friends.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-15, 02:20 PM
Taking the opportunity, Daniel bolted for Astrotrain, dodging Slicer's fire - keeping just a step ahead of it. Hoping the Decepticon would keep firing and following him, Daniel slapped his left hand on the underside of the Decepticon Transport by the piston and wheel mechanizim (good thing for human size).

Using the momentum, he flipped up and over, onto Astrotrains running bar, ducking down to avoid the incoming fire he hoped would follow.

(OOC: Edited for Astrotrain's mode)

2006-02-15, 08:13 PM
Slicer ceased fire as the human approached his commander: his wounds had slowed him down and stopped him from attacking Astrotrain. he retracted his cannon and popped his blade: and took a ready stance, hoping to compliment whatever astrtrains next move would be with close combat.

2006-02-15, 10:18 PM
Lightspeed mistook the energon vial which Pounce hurled at him for a grenade (in fact, he wasn't far from the truth) and tried to bat the thing away with his left arm.

Nosecone followed the puma's trail with his sight, then lost interest as the enemy disappeared and started to look around, accessing the overall situation.

"Hey, any Autobots still functioning here?" - he sent a wide-frequency signal, hoping somebody would answer.

Afterburner was still keeping an eye on their prisonner (suspecting that the latter regained his functions, Afterburner was ready to strike in the moment when the Reflectorcon attempts to move).

* * *

Inside the bunker, soldiers were reluctantly emerging from their hiding places, while in the main hall Strafe was digging restlessly to uncover his commander.

2006-02-16, 05:52 AM
Outside Area 51

(OOC @ Brave: A-Train is in train mode, not shuttle mode. No wings to jump on, per se. Lots of other bits and pieces to grab a hold of, though. :) )

Astrotrain felt the human land near him, slap at him, and then move off. However, the city commander couldn't tell exactly where the flesh creature was located. Hoping to crush the insolent lower lifeform into the ground, the Decepticon commander started his left wheels turning forward while his right wheels turned backwards. The locomotive started to spin clockwise, a move that would either grind the human into the dust or force him to flee.

2006-02-16, 06:31 AM
After looking to see if there was any other 'annoyances' around, Nightracer simply stood back and watched the show.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-16, 07:24 AM
As the locomotive began to spin, Daniel tried to grab hold of the running bar (that thing you see every hero hold onto in a western). His fingers slipped though and he was thrown off. Not sure of where he would land, he tucked in and rolled away from the Decepticon, the wheels narrowly missing his head.

He stood up on the opposite side of Astrotrain from Slicer, counting his blessings to still be alive. Looking at the angry Transformers, he figured that it was best to run, and took off towards the Autobots.

2006-02-16, 08:16 AM
"Human! Take cover!!!" - Nosecone shouted, focusing his optics at last on the running figure of Daniel.

2006-02-16, 09:54 AM
Pounce smirked

at last a hostage who couldn't fight back.

Pounce sprinted from his position in cover and headed for the human hoping to hold him hostage.

2006-02-16, 12:53 PM
Outside Area 51

Sensing Astrotrain start to spin, Sixshot lifted up and out of his way, watching things unfold on the ground.

"Such courage for a fleshling" the sixchanger muttered to himself, reluctantly impressed by Daniel's temporary show of bravery.

2006-02-16, 08:06 PM
Slicer groaned at the humans agility and speed: as he transformed to his battered F1 car mode he froze: He had seen Nosecone in the distance.
His engines roared into life, and he drove around Astrotrain -

Brave Maximus
2006-02-16, 08:14 PM
Oh for the love of..........

Daniel hit the ground hard, and rolled to the right, narrowly missing Pounce's attempt at capture. He rolled up and pulled out a large black rifle (something he deffinatly needed two hands for) from somewhere.

He leveled it and fired at the ground under Pounces feet. A massive sonic wave lashed out from the rifle, as Daniel continued to move back.

2006-02-16, 09:30 PM
Nosecone grumbled watching as yet another round of the combat was about to begin, courtesy of the human.

Slicer's challenge captured his attention, and he aimed his pistol at the enemy - then realized the distance was too big and he hadn't a chance to hit the fast-moving F1.

"Perhaps a little close combat would be nesessary" - he grumbled. Then he transformed into drilltank mode and treaded towards Slicer and Astrotrain as fast as he could (though not fast enough, compared to Slicer, for example).

Lightspeed was busy firing blast after blast at Pounce in attempt to distract the Decepticon from the human. The magnetic targetter on his weapon helped a lot in directing the fire.

Even Afterburner realised the seriousness of the situation and drawn his own weapon from the subspace... only to find it wrecked beyond repair and throw it aside angrily. Then he reached for the comm link.

"Strafe, Scattershot, we need you up here! What takes you so long?"

Strafe, busy with digging, hadn't replied...

2006-02-17, 04:13 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -looks over, seeing Daniel being harrassed by Slicer, Pounce, and Sixshot, sighs- "This is getting to be..... annoying." -transforms to vehicle mode, lasers deploying from his hood, plasma blaster appearing on his roof hardpoint-

Muzzle: -grabs commlink handset- "Chromedome, they're going after a human. I think it's...... yeah, it's Daniel."

Chromedome: -halfway to shuttle, stops, spins- "I'll meet you there!" -transforms to vehicle mode, roars towards Daniel's location- "Figures Sixshot would do something cowardly like this....."

Muzzle: -deactivates commlink, floors accellerator, driving towards the little knot of trouble, aiming at Slicer- "I have to wonder what he's doing out here...... You'd think most people would have that whole 'Giant robots fighting, stay away reaction'......" -fires plasma blaster at Slicer-

2006-02-17, 05:30 AM
Outside Area 51

Astrotrain stopped his spin as soon as he felt the fleshling fly away. He stopped with such a jolt that he nearly pitched over onto one side. As his wheels slammed back down to the ground, he fired a fusilade of particle beams towards Nosecone.

"Decepticons, you're supposed to be withdrawing! Get over here now!"

2006-02-17, 08:15 PM
Most of Astrotrain's fire hadn't penetrated the hardened surface of Nosecone's drill, but one shot went wide and hit Technobot's left tread. That was surprisingly enough to split the tread in two and stop Nosecone's advance. Being under the fire, Nosecone hadn't dared to transform back and waited for the situation to unfold.

Lightspeed continued to fire at Pounce...

Afterburner remembered he still had some weapons left and started to transform into his warbike mode. The transformation circuits were working slowly and erratically, but after some time he finished the transformation and aimed his own missile battery at the enemy.

* * *

Down at the bunker, Strafe managed finally to get Scattershot free, at least partially...
Then he heard approaching footsteps and turned to see a group of reluctant soldiers accompanied with very unsure-looking officer.

"Err... what is the meaning of all this?" - the officer asked.

"Can't you see? Your base have been attacked by Decepticons and we came to save the day!" - Strafe answered plainly.

"You call that saving the day???" - officer pointed at ruined surroundings. - "I'd say you've wrecked the entire base and should take responsibility for it!!!"

"Sssss... sss..." - some sound came from under the pile of rubble, and both Strafe and officer looked at it. Suddenly, it moved and scattered aside, revealing the horribly mauled face of Scattershot.

"Shhhut uup, fffleshhhling", - the abomination croaked.

Officer took two steps back, startled.

"No time for idle talk" - Scattershot transmitted to Strafe with internal communicator. "Tell the human we're leaving!" - and he turned and started climbing to the hole in the ceiling.

"I'm sorry, sir, but the battle is not over! I must return to it!" - and Strafe, glad that he got rid of the troublesome officer, followed Scattershot.

2006-02-17, 08:23 PM
Daniels blast knocked Pounce off his feet. Lightspeed's shots pitted his armour one of them slagging his left rocket launcher, he transformed and crawled into cover of a large boulder, limping.

where had that weapon come from it hadn't been visible before it was just like a mech , pulling it from Subspace.

In Puma mode he lifted his nose and sniffed.

ok it smelled human but there was something lurking there something deep down, something , what was it.

2006-02-17, 09:04 PM
Slicer screeched grudgingly to a halt: astrtrain wasn't just the commander, he was the transport, and annoying him wasn't smart. he began reversing, firing wildly at Nosecone and Daniel with his remaining cannon.
"On my way, boss."

2006-02-18, 12:11 AM
Tantrum and Divebomb arrived at Astrotrain and got on board. Tantrum set Headstrong down.

"Well that was fun." Tantrum said waiting.

"Speak for youself!" Headstrong groaned stuck in rhino form and unmoving.

"Hey you took on the Dinobot." Divebomb laughed.

"Eh well I am still here." Headstrong grunted waiting for everyone to arrive.


Razorclaw, Rampage and the other Reflectorcons arrived at Astrotrain as the cons dashed on board.

Razorclaw saw Headstrong and asked.

"What happened to him?"

2006-02-18, 10:45 AM
"Nosecone!!! I'm coming for the human, you cover me!!!" - Lightspeed transmitted as he transformed to car mode and moved towards Daniel.

"Got that..." - Nosecone replied and transformed reluctantly, falling flat to avoid incoming fire from Slicer. He had his X-ray pistol in hand but hadn't fired; instead, he waited if Pounce would decide to interfere - then he was ready to spoil Decepticon's fun.

Meanwhile, Afterburner realized that his ruined front tire still wasn't repaired. So, he was unable to move - but not to fire!!! And he launched one of his incendiary missiles at Astrotrain, hoping to get not only him but every Decepticon aboard.

Then Scattershot (with his ruin of a faceplate) and Strafe emerged from the hole down into the bunker...

"All Technobots!!! Gather to me!!!" Scattershot commanded through the intercomm.

Unfortunately, only Strafe and Afterburner weren't too busy to respond. Lightspeed sped towards Daniel and Nosecone was covering him.

"THAT'S AN ORDER!!!" - came an outburst of Scattershot's fury.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-18, 02:08 PM
Daniel stood up and headed for some cover, not knowing when Pounce would strike again. He put his rifle back though, still not liking the feeling of it in his hands. Crouching down, he spotted the two Technobots speeding towards him.

He waved to Lightspeed that he was ok for the time being.

2006-02-18, 05:18 PM
Pounce slinked through the shadows towards Astrotrain limping as he went.

2006-02-18, 06:13 PM
Area 51: Desert

Inside Astrotrain, Viewfinder and Spyglass hopped off their hosts' backs. With the fight largely behind them and the notion of abandoning Spectro finally sinking in, Spyglass recalled his injuries and sulked to a seat along the starboard bench.

Viewfinder, for his part, vigilantly took position along the wall near the rear hatch, laying covering fire for their wayward compatriots to make way into the shuttle. A lucky shot struck Afterburner's incendiary missile, exploding it and showering the desert landscape between the Technobot and the train in flames.

Spectro, on the ground beyond the ship, remained unconscious, his extremities flicking reflexively on occasion and fluid leaking from his wounds into the sand.

2006-02-19, 12:22 AM
Seing that Pounce had left Daniel alone, Nosecone thought it best to join Scattershot who was obviously raving from fury. So, he stood up and limped back to other Technobots.

Lightspeed, on the other hand, hadn't returned despite all Scattershot's ravings.
There's something terribly wrong with Scattershot! When we get back to base we'll discuss it together, but now I've got to save the human! - he thought to himself as he skidded to a skreeching halt aside Daniel.

"You better get in", - he recommended, opening the door.

Afterburner, seeing that his attempt of attack went poorly, decided to save the remaining missile for another occasion.

Strafe decided that some kind of action is nesessary, so he pulled out his heat ray rifle, aimed inside Astrotrain's open hatch and fired, hoping to get some of Decepticon's passengers.

2006-02-19, 12:39 AM
Razorclaw saw Spectro on the ground.

"Nevermind that story tell me when I save his tail!" The Predacon commander reacted firing his Plasma cannon at anyone stupid enough to try to attack him.

"Best give him some cover fire!" Divebomb said as Rampage took up a shooting position beside him.

"You not going to fall here." He said as he neared the Reflectorcon.

Razorclaw dashed to the fallen Reflector con and dug him out of the sand with his claws he then grabbed the con by the scruff of his neck almost like a real lion and dashed back towards Astrotrain.

2006-02-19, 01:57 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -skids to a stop, tracking Astrotrain with his roof mounted plasma blaster, firing away at the Decepticon triple changer-

Chromedome: -comes charging in, firing at Sixshot-


Drillhorn: -standing on Trypticon's command deck, at the engineering substation, tapping commands into the console,looking at the plans for the ethonol/energon processing plant- "Do we have the materials we'll need?"

Trypticon: "We do have most of the materials onboard. Those that we don't have, we can procure from the area." -pauses- "We should have destroyed those Autobots in Quebec."

Drillhorn: "It would have made the most sense, but it would show our hand too soon. What brought this on?"

Trypticon: "One of them accessed my low security message buffer somehow. Given the state of the information in the buffer at the moment, I believe their scan was interrupted, but I don't know how much they could have gotten out of it, if anything."

Drillhorn: -scowls- "Well, we can't keep this charade up for much longer. The Autobots are bound to move against us sooner or later. They'll see us as interfering with the humans affairs." -taps a couple of other keys- "Fortunately, the alternate pumping array is still online beneath Carbombiya."

2006-02-19, 02:08 AM
Area 51: Desert

Viewfinder's attention was too thinly spread for him to notice Strafe's counterattack, and he winced and yelped when a heat blast scored a hole in his right arm. He withdrew abruptly to the cover provided by Astrotrain's hull, but his frustration with the Autobots as well as the stragglers convinced him to hand off his blaster to his better hand. Still hidden behind the wall adjacent to the hatch, Viewfinder reached his gun out and fired again repeatedly, his blind shots unfortunately tracking Razorclaw better than any of his targets.

(OOC: Guess I never made it clear, but I'd like Spectro to get captured. Please'n'thanks. :) )


Trypticon: Command Deck

Octane sat at a lonesome gunnery seat, facing away from the console that one in such position should be operating. His legs were folded, the elevated foot tapping air impatiently; one hand rested on the console drumming the metal; the other suspended his head dejectedly by his elbow on the armrest.

Holy Hetrodyne, am I bored! I thought this assignment might see some action. At least better than playing messenger for that Clone twerp...

Finally having had enough, Octane looked over at Drillhorn and raised his head enough to be audible.

"So where's the party at? We gotta be good for doing more than this humdrum gig."

2006-02-19, 03:17 AM
Razorclaw tried to avoid the crossfire he was in, he snarled but at this point it was between him or Spectro.

He drobbed the Reflectorcon and dashed back to Astrotrain.

2006-02-19, 06:44 AM
Outside Area 51

Astrotrain was less than pleased with how things were turning out. His hull had taken a not-insignificant amount of damage from the Autobot fire, and his troops were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

When we get back to the Nemesis, I'll have Bludgeon work up a nasty training regimen for them...

The transport's sensors detected Pounce and Razorclaw dashing towards him. Throwing himself into reverse, he started to roll backwards towards the two wayward Decepticon cats.

As he moved, a thought crossed his mind.

Weren't the Insecticons supposed to be here, too?

He quickly dismissed the worry, though; his only concern was getting the recovered technology back to base. If they were still alive, the bugs would simply have to find their own way home. The same held true for Nightracer and anyone else, if they couldn't manage to board the him in time for launch.

2006-02-19, 08:24 AM
After watching the 'shot out' with the Autobots and feeling a little embaressed by it, Nightracer entered Astrotrain.

2006-02-19, 08:54 AM
As Pounce made his way towards Astrotrain he noticed the tracks of a small human car by the roadside, they disappeared , he sniffed again that underlying smell was on the vehicle Autobot definitely Autobot mixed with the human. He made a note of them 2.4 m between axles something was going on here.

2006-02-19, 03:21 PM
Outside Area 51

Having not moved to attack the human or the Autobots, just circling the area, Sixshot nodded at Astrotrain's orders and turned away, ready to leave when the others did.

Suddenly Chromedome came in on the attack again and the sixchanger gained altitude, getting out of the Headmaster's firing range and sending a general-frequency transmission down to him "I said we'll continue this later, Autobot. I have my orders from this mission's commanding officer, and fighting you is not one of them"

2006-02-20, 02:04 PM
Afterburner saw Razorclaw too late, and was startled as he saw their hostage taken away. Furious, he aimed and fired his last incendiary missile at Razorclaw.

Strafe, too, switched his target from Astrotrain to Razorclaw in attempt to make the Decepticon drop Spectro... And succeeded, obviously, as Predacon dropped the Reflectorcon and dashed back to the shuttle.

"Technobots, get together!!! We must form Computron!!! This is our chance to destroy them all!!!" - Scattershot raved on the intercomm channel, his vocal chords still disabled.
Nosecone, Afterburner and Strafe were around him, but that blasted fool Lightspeed got too far away seeking to help the human!!!
"Lightspeed, return!!! Forget the fleshling!!!" - he commanded.

"Go to blasted Pit!!! - Lightspeed answered over the intercomm while trying to cover the human from the fire from Decepticons. Several hits scorched his side, bus still he was keeping at place with door opened, waiting for Daniel to get in.

to Brave Maximus: I understand about Daniel, but Lightspeed doesn't :)
to optimusskids: there is no yellow VW in the area. Trust me :)

Brave Maximus
2006-02-20, 02:41 PM
Daniel spotted Lightspeed sitting there, still trying to protect him. He also seemed to overhear the conversations the Technobots were having. He shouted at the top of his lungs over the dinn:

"I'm ok here - I'm not their target at the moment! Who's in command here? From the looks of things, the Con's are trying to retreat and from the looks of you guys - that might be best."

OOC: No worries Elcor - that's what makes for goor RPing ;)
Skids - Elcor's right, the Baja Bug's gone at the moment. Tried to PM you, but yoru box is full. But there would be tracks that mysteriously dissappeared with the smells you pointed out.

2006-02-20, 03:16 PM
Razorclaw dashed back onto Astrotrain.

"Slag!" He growled punching on of his claws into a cargo hold.

He then transformed and joined Divebomb and Rampage. Tantrum came over as well and the four Predacons opened up suppose fire.

"Somehow you being the one knocked out of combat doesn't suprise me." He grunted to Headstrong as the rhino laid on the cargo hold.

"Hey you didn't fight the dinobot." Headstrong groaned back.

"Yeah but if I did I would have won." Razorclaw growled and returned fire at any Autobots stupid enough to try to attack.

2006-02-20, 08:07 PM
Slicer continued firing at the crowd of autobots, focusing on Daniel and Lightspeed, as he backed up transformed, and entered Astrotrain.

2006-02-20, 08:11 PM
What's that human thinking??? He'll be molten slag the second I leave him to fight those Decepticons! - Lightspeed thought to himself.

Near the hole, Scattershot was furious at his team:
"Is Lightspeed back yet???" - he intercommed, his optics not working very well obviously.

"No... he's still down there protecting the human..." - Strafe answered reluctantly, then repeated his answer via intercomm as Scattershot hadn't heard him.

"Shoot him, Strafe!!! Let him know my wrath!!!" - Scattershot commanded.

"What? Had you blown your logic circuits?" - Strafe was unable to believe he'd heard (in fact, received) the command to shoot one of his own kind.

"What Decepticon pest slagged your brain, Scatter'?" - Nosecone interjected too. Only Afterburner sat silently, hiding a smirk (easy enough as he was in his warbike form).

"OK, I'm coming already!!!" - Lightspeed decided and sped at full speed back to other Technobots.

"At last!!! I'll get you melted for that insubordination!!!" - Scattershot was still raving. - "But that later, and now -

2006-02-20, 08:22 PM
(OOC thanks Brave, have emptied my inbox a little)

Pounce abandoned his investigations of the mysterious tracks as his audio sensors brought to him Scattershot's words.
He transformed and used his flight ability to make a quick weaving dash to Astrotrain.

2006-02-20, 09:02 PM
Wooded valley, somewhere around New Jersey

"Ouch!" the muted cry rang across the valley, scattering a nesting flock of birds. A lone fighter craft lay half buried in the loamy soil of the hillside.

As his sensory systems came back online, and he gained awareness of his surroundings, Sixswitch transformed into robot mode, a puzzled expression on his face.

Last thing he remembered was being in Debris II, as the other three Wreckers left to fight the Decepticons, and then... This.p

Even more mysterious, was that he appeared to be completely undamaged. Fuel reserves were high, and weapons charge and loadout were well within operating parameters.

He frowned again. His sensor systems revealed his location relative to Autobase. He'd check into medbay when he got back.

He transformed into fighter craft mode, and rocketted into the sky, heading for Fortress Maximus.

(OOC: Sixswitch is going to be in the Autobase thread from now on, but since he revived away from there, I thought I'd put his first post in here.)

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-02-21, 02:07 AM
Carbombia City, Carbombia

Sunstreaker was well aware of all the Decepticon's dealings with this Sand-Box of a Country and he was keen to interrogate their leader, one Abdul Fakkadi, on where the nearest Decepticon's were. He was getting a lot of weird looks from the people on the dusty streets. They weren't used to expensive cars that his Alt-mode was in their city streets. Let alone expensive cars without drivers.

He had been tailing the Presidential Motorcade for a while now, they hadn't caught wise to what was going on yet, he would have to wait until the got back to... wherever they were going before he made it clear what he was doing there.

2006-02-21, 02:30 AM
Capital City, Carbombiya:

The Presidential motorcade wound through the streets, President Kameh Ukbar looking out of the windows. Things were much more prosperous since the Destrons had removed Fakkadi..... Although he did occasionally wonder what had happened to his predacessor.


Ukbar looked at the security guard sitting across the back of the limo from him. "Yes?"

"We are being followed."

"Fakkadi's supporters? His few remaining soldiers have been acting up lately...."

"The car has no driver."

Ukbar paled slightly. "Lovely. I'd hoped never to use this." With that, he hit a button on the side of his watch.


Drillhorn: -looks over at the comm panel as a tone starts to pulse from it- "Looks like the Autobots are putting an appearance in at Carbombiya. Want to handle it, Octane? We're going to send Leozak anyway, but it'll give you something to do while we get the plant set up."

2006-02-21, 04:25 AM
Razorclaw saw the Technobots getting together.

"I know what this means." He grunted as Tantrum already reacted and transformed into his bull mode one of Predakings mortar cannons on his back.

With that he aimed his Plasma cannon, Divebomb got his laser ready and Rampage got his lighting rifle ready as Tantrum aimed carefully.

"Now while they merge! Fire!" The Predacon leader yelled as the four Predacons let loose a firestorm to prevent the Autobot combiner from merging and to give Astrotrain time to take off.

2006-02-21, 04:27 AM
Area 51: Desert

Viewfinder withdrew again to his cover as the stragglers charged aboard, leaving them room to get past him. When they had passed, he popped out to survey the field and provide covering fire for the takeoff. There was Spectro, face down in the sand and unguarded, but the risk to save him was too great for now.

"Go, Astrotrain! Go!"

Viewfinder recognized that Kickback and his cronies were not aboard. He didn't much care. Rather, he continued to offer fire across the hot desert sand, hoping to keep the Autobots on their toes while the shuttle prepared to take off.


Trypticon: Command Deck

Octane raised his head at the notion.

"Carbombiya," he wondered with some interest as he pushed himself from the seat and glanced over Drillhorn's shoulder. "You bet your thrusters I'll take care of it. I can score some political points with the locals while I'm there."

Octane, having been so freshly revived, was oblivious to the transformed political situation in his former African host. He jogged from the command deck with vigor and made his way to the launch bay.

Smashing Autobots! Finally, a job worthy of my talents!

2006-02-21, 05:33 AM
Outside Area 51

(OOC: If you're not aboard A-Train...good luck!)

Astrotrain's wheels started to dig into the dirt as he felt Nightracer, Slicer, Pounce and Razorclaw climb aboard. He quickly reversed direction, heading away from the amassed Autobots at a respectable clip. His rear hatch folded up, and the entire vehicle seemed to rotate around itself as he converted to shuttle mode (thankfully for his occupants, his inertial compensators reduced the movements to almost nothing).

The shuttle's main boosters lit up, propelling him forward faster than any of the present Autobots could possibly persue. Lifting off, he moved into a flight path that arced lazily Westward.

2006-02-21, 09:42 AM
The incoming fire from Decepticons was too much for Technobots to finish their gathering. Instead, they fell apart as separated mass of metal...

"I'll have you disembowelled for that, Lightspeed!!! It's because of your insubordination!!!" - Scattershot screamed, his vocal chords back in order; sadly, his visual sensors weren't. So, when the Technobot commander punched towards who he thought to be Lightspeed, he hit Afterburner instead.

Afterburner registered the incoming punch, but his wounds made him too slow to block or avoid it, so he was struck and fell on his face.
That's how perfect plans have nasty side effects, - he thought to himself, lying in the sand.

"Calm down, Scatter'! They've gone and we can't do nothing about it!" - Nosecone commented.

"And you better stop hurting the ones who's on your side!" - Strafe added, offended.

"Oh?.. It is lost. And with it, all hope is lost." - and, coming misteriously from berserker rage to deepest sorrow, Scattershot sat and buried his ruined faceplate into his hands.

Three Technobots looked at each other.

"He's not well".


"He needs repairs".

"He's just lost his logic circuits - that's all", - Afterburner commented, still lying face down... but was ignored by others.

"We need to transport him back to Autobase" - Lightspeed decided.

"And we must do it quickly... Before those humans come and start talking about the responsibility..." - Strafe commented, remembering his little talk with the officer in the bunker.

"So, we need to contact other Autobots" - Nosecone decided and took out his comm:

"Hey, everybody! It's over - and we've got a few casualties!!! Is there a shuttle or something coming to Autobase?"

2006-02-22, 03:46 AM

At the sight of the closing hatch, Viewfinder let loose one last spray of laser fire before withdrawing back into the shuttle and taking a seat along the bench opposite Spyglass. The latter was hunched over silently, his head down and his shoulders forward. Finally, he let loose with a vicious punch into the floor.

"SLAGGIT!" he cried. "You had to let them, didn't you? We could've saved him!"

Viewfinder glanced at the other Decepticons before turning back to Spyglass and lowering his voice. "Not with the reactor. That big psychopath would've captured or killed us all if he didn't think he had a trump."

Spyglass glared at Viewfinder a moment before turning his head away in disgust. There was also fear beneath it, mostly driven by uncertainty - he didn't even know if they'd live through being so far from Spectro. Viewfinder didn't either.


Area 51: Desert

Spectro laid motionless in the sand, oblivious to the action surrounding him. The twitching had ceased, probably due to fuel depletion as evidenced by the large pool of liquid slowly forming around him.


Trypticon: Launch Bay

Octane wasted little time before transforming to his jumbo jet mode and taking off into the Caribbean sky.

2006-02-22, 04:32 AM
"I am sorry." Was all Razorclaw grunted, there was nothing more he could do for the Reflectorcon and he certainly did try, but given his damage from Jetwave the other Autobots while merged into Predaking he couldn't take the firepower being brought down on him alone.

But at least he knew he tried which was all he would do for his own men as well and he hoped others would do the same for him. Well even if it was a waste of energy.

"So anyone here good with a laser scalpel? If we can atleast get the circuit in Headstrong working again we can at least get him to transform out of Rhino mode." He asked.

2006-02-22, 05:37 AM
Nightracer had always believed that her other "hobbies" ( besides being a sniper) was no one's buisness, but when Razorclaw asked for a laser scaplel to work on Headstrong's circuitry, she found it hard not to take an interest. Still Nightracer had to reminded herself that transform circuitry was a bit different then data storage as she took out a laser scaplel out of subspace.

Without saying a word and not expecting to be allowed to work on another Decepticon, she held the scalpel out for the Predacon to take.

2006-02-22, 06:12 AM
Divebomb walked over, nodded to Razorclaw and nodded to Nightracer taking the scalpel.

"I am no medic, but I think I can see the damaged circuit." He said taking the scalpel.

"I should warn you though bonehead. When I reconnect the circuit it't going to hurt... alot." He explained.

"Just do it my joints are starting to lock up." Headstrong grunted.

"Ok." Divebomb said looking carefully into the wound he saw the damaged board and saw a connection that had been damaged, he carefully set up the scalpel and fired an arc reconnection the transformation circuit along with Headstrong's pain receptors.

"AWWWWRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG" The Predacon rhino let out a massive scream as he transformed back into robot mode and laid there his systems toning down the pain.

"Told ya it would hurt." Divebomb chuckled.

2006-02-22, 06:18 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -driving towards Jetwave's shattered hulk-

Muzzle: -grabs commlink handset, hit transmit key- "We do have a shuttle, Nosecone. Follow Chromedome, he'll lead you to it. I'm going to check out Jetwave. Out." -deactivates commlink-


Chromedome: -picks up Spectro, slings him over his shoulder, turns, looking at the wreckage of the hangars, sees something- "Hmm?" -moves closer, recognized what he's seeing, chuckles- "We can take the Insecticons back for interrogation, as well....."

Autobot Shuttle:

Hosehead: -treating the wounded as best he can-

2006-02-22, 01:19 PM
Nosecone received the information from Muzzle, but that didn't made him happy.

"What do they think? How are we to move Scattershot to the shuttle if he's so damaged?"

No one answered him but Scattershot himself:

"I'm OK. We'll just have to overcome this... and wait till the Matrix will light our darkest hour!" - he said, standing up.

"What's he babbling about?" - Strafe asked quietly, puzzled.

"That's an old story... I'll tell you later", - Lightspeed answered quietly, not wanting to upset Scattershot.

"I don't need immediate medical attention", - the Technobot leader stated. "I shall travel to Autobase myself; you, Strafe, may accompany me. Lightspeed, you take the hostage I captured and deliver him to Autobase! Do it, or you'll be punished!"

"Well, it's already being done" - Lightspeed answered, unsure of how should he act with mentally-damaged Scattershot. "But I suggest..."

"Spare me your suggestions! When I'll need them, I'll ask you! Strafe, transform! We're going to Autobase!"

"Wait, Scattershot! You can't... I mean, we can't..." - Strafe was frantically searching for words.

"What??? Inobedience? Again???... Arrrgh!" - Scattershot turned toward Strafe angrily, then staggered and fell flat as Nosecone knocked him on the head from behind...

"He'll never do it himself", - he grumbled, slugging the body over his shoulder. "Let's go to the shuttle before he comes back online!"

The other Technobots followed, more concerned with the fate of their commander than with anything else (including Insecticons or Jetwave, for that matter)...

* * *

In the sand crater (made by Jetwave's shot) some of the antennae sticking out of the sand started to twitch slightly...

2006-02-22, 08:12 PM
Slicer sat back, and watched the other 'cons fret and fuss. He had left the little green autobot behind, and a chance at vengence had been denied against the Technobot. By Slicers personal scorecard, it was a draw. Landfills and Cosmos's damage made up for the losses.

2006-02-22, 10:10 PM
Autobot shuttle

Skids nodded to Hosehead when the headmaster arrived and entered the shuttle.

" I'll stay here, watching the entrance! ", said Skids. Suddenly he discovered a little lizard hiding behind a rock.

" Must stay on your duty, don't be distracted by this liveform... you must protect your fallen comrades. Now it's not the time to investigate this criature, even if it is an interesting one..." said Skids to himself.

The lizard looked at Skids.

" Don't look at it! ", cried Skids mentally.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-22, 11:35 PM
Daniel immerged from cover and looked at the Technobots as they walked away and shook his head a little. He seemed a little sad at it actually.

He quietly ducked around the cover and started heading to the Autobot shuttle. Hopefully there was someone there with a little more..... stability.

2006-02-22, 11:37 PM
Landfill's outer rear left wheel detached itself and rolled slowly down the ramp.

2006-02-23, 01:57 AM
Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop, transforms next to Jetwave's shattered hulk- "Sweet Primus........ He looks like a cheese grater....." -pacing off the distance from bow to stern- "And there's no way he'll fit in the shuttle." -does some quick mental calculations- "Heck, I'm not even sure the shuttle can lift him....." -transforms back to vehicle mode, roars away back towards the shuttle-

Autobot Shuttle:

Chromedome: "Hey, Skids." -boards, tosses the unconscious Spectro at Wreck-Gar- "Hang on to him." -starts checking the control panel and system controls of the shuttle-

Hosehead: -working on Landfill, blinks as his tire rolls down the ramp- "Oh, that's not good at all......"

Skies over the Ocean:

Leozak: -cuts back his afterburners, wings sweeping forward as he pulls up along side Octane- "Any idea how many they sent?"

2006-02-23, 04:48 AM
Enroute to the Nemesis

Astrotrain listened to the conversations going on between the Decepticons inside him, and he could tell that his troops were disheartened. And even though didn't think he was particularly good at it, he decided he needed to do something to perk them up.

"I know it doesn't feel like it," he told his fellow Decepticons, "but this was a great victory for the Decepticon cause. It may seem like a disaster now, but in six months' time we'll look back on this day and see it as an accomplishment to be celebrated, not a failure to be rued. Even though we took great losses, we did what we set out to do. Spectro and the Insecticons will be recovered if possible, and avenged if not. But if the latter, then they gave their lives to propel the Decepticon cause to our ultimate victory."

If the transport had been in robot mode, he would have smiled slyly.

"Because of what we did today, the Autobots and Quintessons both will be obliterated by years' end. That is my promise to you, both as your commander and as a fellow Decepticon."

(OOC: Any further actions aboard Astrotrain should move over to the Nemesis thread.)

2006-02-23, 04:11 PM
Nosecone, still carrying Scattershot over his shoulder, entered the Autobot shuttle. Lightspeed and Strafe followed him, carrying Afterburner between them.

"Hosehead, can you patch him up, please?" - Lightspeed asked putting Afterburner down carefully. "I'd like to help, if I can..."

"It'd be better if we gather the others to the shuttle quickly", - Strafe said, remembering the angry officer. "Come on, Lightspeed, help me bring Cosmos here!"

"Yes, you're right", - and Lightspeed followed Strafe out of the shuttle again.

"It was tough enough without ole Scatter' going haywire", - Nosecone grumbled to himself, looking around the shuttle and counting the wounded. "Now it's really marvelous... How long we should stay here, Chromedome? I worry that our berserk commander will come online and I'll have to con his head again..."

* * *

In the crater, some of the Insecticons recovered back from being blasted...

"There's so many Autobots around here!!!" - Shrapnel sent a panicked signal on Insecticon security frequency.

"Be quiet and don't move", - Kichback replied (he'd come back online a while ago, but decided against joining such a massed battle). "Maybe they won't see us..."

2006-02-23, 07:37 PM
En-route to the Nemesis

Having moved to follow Astrotrain as soon as he took off, Sixshot kept up speed enough to keep alongside the mission's commander, smiling inwardly, feeling proud on hearing the triplechanger's speech, replying "Of course it was, commander"

2006-02-23, 09:28 PM
Autobot Shuttle

( occ: Elcor, Cosmos is actually inside the shuttle :) )

Skids watched Astrotrain's departure.

" If the decepticons have abandoned the battlefield, the danger is over...", he thought with a smile in his face.

He quickly aproached the little lizard, kneeled at it's side and the theoretician focused all of his attention on the little criature. He didn't noticed the Technobot's and Chromedome arrival.

2006-02-23, 10:30 PM
Autobot Shuttle:

Chromedome: "Not too much longer, Nosecone. We're going to have to tow Jetwave back to base, though." -looks around- "Is anybody going to retrieve the Insecticons?"

Nightbeat: -rolls to a stop outside, boards shuttle- "Well?"

Chromedome: "The grappling cable launchers are aboard, and we have enough fuel to tow him back to base. Is he conscious?"

Nightbeat: -shakes head- "Out cold."

Hosehead: -looks over at Lightspeed- "I'll do what I can. I'm having enough trouble getting Landfill into stasis lock." -looks over at Nightbeat- "If we're gonna go, we have to go now. The damage to these guys is way beyond my skills."

Nightbeat: -sits in pilot's chair, starts bringing the engines online-

(OOC: S0, if anybody wants to bring the Insecticons with us.....)

2006-02-24, 12:34 AM
(OOC actually, there are bits of him everywhere aren't there!)

2006-02-24, 02:30 AM
Ocean airspace

Octane scanned over at Leozak when the fighter came up on his sensors, but he was just about on Octane's wing by the time he could look for him. Octane kept on his heading in his straight-and-narrow flying style. He resented it for not being fun, but it was more efficient for a design like his, and that meant he'd get to trash Autobots sooner.

"The 'Bots?" he shouted over his dual engines. "Nah. All I heard is there's trouble in Carbombiya. I'm sure his Excellency will be happy to see me again..." he chuckled with some none-too-subtle sarcasm.

2006-02-24, 10:16 AM
"There's a hand, see?" - and Strafe picked up a part of Cosmos that wasn't brought to the shuttle before.

"I believe that's all of him, at least all we can find", - Lightspeed answered. "What about Jetwave?"

"What about him? Nightbeat's right, we won't fit him inside the shuttle; it'd be cramped enough with us anyway!"

"You have a point... But think about letting him go to waste here, all alone..."

"We'll return from Autobase and bring him in another shuttle, that's all!"

"But somebody would have to guard him?"

"And I've got an excellent idea of whom that would be..." - Strafe replied, smirking. He turned to Daniel who was near the shuttle:

"Hey, partner! Would you mind guarding Jetwave untill we return? You should be more at ease with human relations than us big 'bots..."

"What do you mean - human relations???" - Lightspeed hadn't got what Strafe meant. "He's human..."

"Oh yeah???" - and Strafe motioned to Daniel again. "Come on, buddy, show us!"

* * *

Inside the shuttle Nosecone was still checking Scattershot out.

"If we're to leave Jetwave here we can leave the Insecticons too", - he replied to Chromedome. "We're about to come back for them anyway in less loaded shuttle.

That Reflectorcon, though, is another matter. We must bring him to Autobase and got what he stole as soon as we can!"

* * *

The Insecticons, not risking to move, were still having a conversation on their security channel:

"Is Bombshell online yet?"

"I hear him ticking but that'zzz all..."

"Crap! If Autobots decide to have a go for us we'd be forced to leave him here..."

"Oh, that'd be a terrible lozzzz indeed!.." - Shrapnell answered cinically.

Brave Maximus
2006-02-24, 05:40 PM
Daniel looked at the Autobot with a strange look in his eye.

The Technobots have lost it......

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

He took a few steps into the shuttle and sat down on the lip of a seat that was about human height:

"I just came by to see who was in charge here. Otherwise, I'm out of here - I have a date tonight and work tomorrow. Besides, the soldiers around here should be more than capable to guarding that guy until you get back. As for that 'show us' thing - I think you've got a few circuts crossed in there."

He looked around and then raised his voice a little:

"If you tell me who's in charge here, I can be on my way."

2006-02-25, 09:34 AM
Silencer wandered down the ramp intent on retrieving Landfill's tyre trailed by Flintlock

Flintlock looked around the scene of the battle as he came down the ramp and then turned to Daniel

"you gonna be ok out her in the middle of nowhere, I can't see any hoverca.. I mean wheels and it's along way to the next town and I doubt whether you'd want to get involved with the bunch of military types that hang round here, they're probably in kneejerk , scapegoat mode looking for someone to blame."

Brave Maximus
2006-02-25, 07:05 PM
Daniel smiled at Flintlock:

"Yeah, I think everyone on the planet has heard of the..... fanatisism of the guards in this place. So I have no intention of sticking around long enough for them to know my face." He looked around, just to make sure none of the military personnel were around.

"I left my car just outside of the battle area. It's a bit..... sentimental to me, reminds me of old times, so I didn't want to see it damaged. Once I talk to the guy in charge for thirty seconds, I can be on my way. Most guys don't live long after making Miss Rai wait."

2006-02-26, 12:12 AM
Autobot Shuttle:

Nightbeat: -finishes checking things over, stands moves to entry hatch- "Go fetch the Insecticons, guys. We've got enough power to carry Jetwave back to base. And enough tow ropes." -looks down at Daniel- "I'm in charge here, Daniel. What's up?"

Brave Maximus
2006-02-26, 01:42 AM
Daniel stood up and looked at Nightbeat. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small data chip and held it up:

"When you get back to Autobase, plug this in. It'll set your comm frequency to a frequecey as well as give it the scrambler codes and provide anti-tracking support."

He offered the chip to the blue and yellow Autobot.

"It's connected to a spy chip on the underside of Astrotrain. Most CR chambers can't even pick it up - so unless they've got a good doctor their, a very lucky system, or a good jamming field - it should help."

He handed it to Nightbeat then turned and walked out of the shuttle:

"That's my good deed for the year."

He waved to the Autobots behind him as he walked off towards the fence line.

2006-02-26, 08:14 PM
Autobot Shuttle:

Nightbeat: -takes chip, subspaces it, walks back inside, sits down in pilot's chair- "Any sign of the other Technobots yet?"

Over the Ocean:

Leozak: "Fakkadi is no longer in power in Carbombiya. We dropped him off at the Hague. Mainly because we were running out of generic rations for him. We have set up a free, completely answerable to us government under the guide of liberating it from a tyrranical dictatorship. The price? 10% of their daily oil production, which will be elevated to all of it if our plan has been discovered."

2006-02-26, 08:52 PM
Ocean Airspace

If one could tell from his jet mode's minimalistic expressions, Octane seemed a bit disappointed by the revelation. He had hoped to spend some time after the mission peeling Fakkadi's hat from the bottom of his foot. Octane didn't know what the Hague was, but he suspected it was a tall cliff. Still, the shrewd plan earned his respect.

"Sounds like you guys've been busy," he commented as the coastal sands came into view on the horizon. "King Ego was a loose blaster anyway. So have you got some fancy plan, or do we just strafe anything red as usual?"

2006-02-27, 08:31 AM
Ocean airspace:

Leozak: "If the Autobots are inspecting the oil refineries, we go in, guns blazing, calling them lackeys of the EDC. If they're being subtle, which they probably are, we go in tactfully, make them make the first move."

2006-02-27, 10:05 AM
Afterburner scanned the surroundings wearily.

"Lightspeed and Strafe could try to bring Jetwave here. But I suggest someone help them... he's damned heavy 'Bot and I'm in no shape to carry weights..."

"I'll do it", - Nosecone stood up and exited the shuttle. "Watch Scattershot till I come back".

"Oh, I'll do just that", - Afterburner smirked.

* * *

"So, what was Daniel to show us?" - Lightspeed asked.

"Well, if he wants to play stealthy - so be it!" - Strafe answered a bit angrily. "Let's bring Jetwave, they say we can tow him under the shuttle!"

"I'll help", - Nosecone said, emerging from the hatch.

"OK. Nightbeat, we'll be here in a minute with Jetwave; will someone bring the Insecticons too?"

And trio of least-damaged Technobots followed towards the fallen 'Bot...

* * *

"They're coming!!! We're..."

"Silence!!! They could go elsewhere; and if not, we'll beat a retreat and let Bombshell sort this out for himself!!!"

"W-W-what ab-b-bout m-m-me?" - an incongruous signal came.

"Bombshell!!! Am I glad to hear you!!!" - Kickback signalled sarcastically. "Now, get ready to move at my command!!!"


"NOW!!!" - Kickback screamed as the Technobots trio approached too close to the crater.

The Insecticons arose from the sand - damaged, of course, but still functioning. Technobots stared at them in silent wonder for several nanobreems... Lightspeed had recovered his senses first.

"Autobots!!! Insecticons are online!!!"

2006-02-27, 10:25 PM
Autobot Shuttle

Skids finished his study of the earthen lizard when Lightspeed's warn reached his audio receptors.

" What? More decepticons? " he said while charging his weapons and runing towards the technobots position.


U.S.A Airspace

Five jets were flying in a perfect diamond formation, direct course to Cuba and Trypticon.

2006-02-28, 01:45 AM
Autobot Shuttle:

Nightbeat: -sighs- "Chromedome, go give them a hand...."

CHromedome: -leaps from hatch, pulling his blasters and charging towards the Insecticons-

Hosehead: "We don't have time for this....."

Nightbeat: -scowling, bringing engines up to power- "We go pick the others up, lock tow cables onto Jetwave, and get the hell back to base." -hatch hisses shut, shuttle lifts into the air-

2006-02-28, 08:51 PM
Nosecone, Lightspeed and Strafe weren't ready to sudden re-appearance of Insecticons; but they recovered quickly. Lightspeed and Nosecone got their pistols while Strafe brought his heat rifle and aimed it on the enemy.

The reinforcements were nearby - Skids and Chromedome came to Technobots' aid.

Seeing themselves outnumbered (not to mention they hadn't recovered fully), Insecticons chose the only course of action open to them.

"Insecticons RETREAT!!!" - Kickback screamed.

2006-03-01, 09:01 PM
Carbombiya airspace

Octane's silence indicated his affirmation of Leozak's directive. He cut his thrusters as the ocean surf gave way to the coastal sands below them, and he cruised on toward the capital city with his ventral and frontal scanners taking in as much of the passing landscape as they could.

"Got nothing so far..."

2006-03-02, 09:47 PM
Enroute to Cuba

The Aerialbots were aproaching Cuba, Trypticon and the Breastforce.

" Skydive " asked Silverbolt ", E.T.A ? "

" About two human hours ", replied the Aerialbot.

" Good. When we'll be one hour from the objective gain altitude. I don't want being detected by his long range perimetral scanners. "

" Copy that , Commander ", replied Skydive.

" Acknowledged ", said Fireflight.

" Roger ", said Air Raid.

" OK ", replied Slingshot.

"Good", thought Silverbolt, " now I'll focus on the mission, the risks and tactics. Don't think on anything more. Don't think, don't think..."


Area 51

Skids reached the technobots and pointed his electron gun towards the Instecticons.

" Freeze! " he said.

2006-03-03, 03:15 PM
As Skids ordered Insecticons to stop, they tried to decide if they shoold obey... Kickback decided to give it a try and froze in mid-air.

"And what now?" - he asked, waiting for the others Insecticons to gather their wits.

Shrapnel got his intentions first and hovered in the air beside him, aiming the grenade launcher toward Technobots. Bombshell was more slow to get it, but finally he too understood and aimed his weapon's muzzle at the enemy.

Who am I to take? - he transmitted to Kickback.

The one with the bigger gun, of course! - Kickback replied.

Bombshell pondered the answer, then aimed his muzzle on Strafe (after all, he was the one equipped with a rifle - other Autobots had pistols...).

Nobody was shooting yet...

2006-03-04, 03:33 AM
Outside Area 51:

Chromedome: -charging torward, aims a blaster at Kickback and the other at Bombshell- "Don't you understand freeze?"

Autobot Shuttle:

Nightbeat: -brings the shuttle around, slowly moving towards Jetwave-

2006-03-07, 06:46 PM
Aproaching Cuba

The five Aerialbots were overflying the Mexican Gulf.

" Silverbolt, we're arriving! "

" Copy that, Skydive. Aerialbots " said Silverbolt while changing to an upward new course, " follow me and prepare to gain altitide. "

When the five Aerialbots were in a higer position, they adopted a linear formation, with Skydive in front of him.

" OK team, we'll start an aproaching standard pattern. Sensors and audio receptors ready. Skydive, our best flyer will lead us. I want maximum speed and when we have an idea of what's going on, we gain altitude again, understood? "

Air Raid, Slingshot, Skydive and Fireflight sent their ' ok ' to Silverbolt.

" Good. Skydive, lead us towards the principal energon signature, that must be Trypticon. And remember, don't shoot first! "

With that said, Skydive pointed his nosecone towards the bigger energon signature and descended, with his fellow teammates just behind him performing a perfect linear formation.

Well, except Fireflight. He was doing his best to follow the other Aerialbots, but his performance was only an average one.

2006-03-07, 10:26 PM
Command Deck, Trypticon:

Hellbat: -looks up as the Aerialbots appear on the tactical display- "Lovely. First we have a hard time picking a new leader for this sun drenched hunk of rock, then the Autobots put in an appearance........"

Trypticon: "I could swat them from the air...."

Hellbat: "And blow our cover? No, no." -activates commlink- "Gaihawk, we have visitors."

Gaihawk: -over commlink- "So? Kill them."

Hellbat: -sighs- "As much fun as that would be, it'll blow our cover. They're here to spook us."

2006-03-07, 11:46 PM

The first Aerialbot overflew Trypticon and inmediatly began to gain altitude, while his nosecone sensors were scanning wildly the surrounding area.

Skydive was quickly followed by his teammates.

" So, what do you read? ", asked Silverbolt while flying upwards.

" Trypticon hasn't still armed his guns... " reported Slingshot.

" Yeah, and there are a lot of human military vehicles destroyed around him " said Air Raid.

" And the local radio frequencies are acting like if this country has a new goverment ", Skydive informed.

" Ok. Regroup and repeat the maneuver. We're going down again."

The five Aerialbots descended in the same linear formation, while Silverbolt sent a encrypted top security transmission to Autobase.

" Grimlock, we've made contact with Trypticon. It seems he engaged the local military forces and forced a change in the goverment. We're going to overfly him again. Silverbolt out."

2006-03-09, 11:43 PM
"Silverbolt, this Grimlock. Cuba not have actual government at moment. They there under gu..g...pretending to help. Think they there to get energon. Not sure how. Want them think we know more than we do."

Autobot Shuttle:

Nightbeat: -hovers shuttle into position over Jetwave, drops mooring cables, locks controls, jumps down, attaches cables to Jetwave's shattered hulk, pulls himself back up into the shuttle, lifts it higher into the air, swinging Jetwave towards the Insecticons, hoping to knock them out- "We don't have time for this, you bug-brained idiots."

2006-03-10, 09:03 AM
"This is our chance! NOW!" - Kickback signalled, hoping the other Insecticons would get the message. He leapt at Jetwave's body, trying to hide behind its bulk; Shrapnel followed him, but Bombshell hadn't. Instead, he launched his cerebro-control shell at Strafe then fell flat into the sand and started to transmit commands.

Strafe, hit with the control shell, staggered back - Lightspeed and Nosecone rushed to him, but hadn't had the chance to reach him in time. Then the controlled Technobot swinged his weapon up and with sniper precision fired at the mooring cables which secured Jetwave under the shuttle...

Nanobreems later, Strafe was lying flat against the sand as Nosecone and Lightspeed overcame him and tried to pry the cerebro-shell off. But the harm was already done.

A cable snapped, then another, and large bulk of Jetwave's body fell down between Autobots and Insecticons, the dust cloud obscuring the view momentally...

2006-03-10, 10:49 PM

" Roger, Grimlock ", replyed Silverbolt.

" Aerialbots, scatter and search for unusual energy readings, scanners at maximum range and power! Slingshot, fly up! "

And four Aerialbots dispersed, flying low and scanning Trypticon's surroundings, while Slingshot flew upwards to scan the whole island.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-11, 09:06 PM
Carbombia City

Sunstreaker had camped himself out around the Carbombian palace. He was actually surprised at the lack of protection a ruler with affiliations to any faction of Transformers had such little security in place. Sunstreaker sat in vehicle mode in a dirt parking-lot only a few meters away from the outer palace wall. He had driven around the outer wall and down some inspection. It would be pretty easy to get in the front door or back with him and his new body, not that he couldn't do it with the old on.

Sunstreaker slowly rolled from the parking lot making his way around the rear. It was almost time to make his move.

2006-03-13, 03:27 AM
Carbombiya Presidential Palace:

Leozak: -transforms to robot mode, lands in the central courtyard-

Outside Area 51:

Nightbeat: -manages to keep the shuttle under control, lowers it again, locks hovering controls, leans out the hatch- "Chromedome! Skids! Lightspeed, Afterburner, and Nosecone! Forget them for now and get Jetwave reattached to the mooring lines! We need to get back to base NOW!!"


Trypticon: -tracking the Aerialbots-

2006-03-16, 11:35 AM
"This is our chance! Retreat as fast as we can!!!" - Kickback signalled and scuttered away from the fallen Jetwave, managing to hide himself in the dust cloud. Shrapnel followed him.

Bombshell sent the final command that caused his cerebro-control shell to explode, stinging Lightspeed's hands (the Technobot had managed to pry the shell off)... Then Bombshell transformed to his bug mode and followed his comrades.

The dust settled.

"I'm all right now, guys!" - Strafe stood up.

"Sure, without that blasted control chip you are..." - Nosecone answered grimly.

Hearing Nightbeat's shout and checking that Insecticons had fled the battle, Technobots began to reattach the cables to Jetwave's hulk again...

2006-03-16, 07:08 PM

The Aerialbots regrouped after scanning the area surrounding Trypticon.

" Team, report "; said Silverbolt while overflying the Citycon.

" Silverbolt, I've picked some strange readings from Trypticon " said Fireflight.

" From Trypticon? "

" Well, I mean beneath him. There are some unusual energon readings, but I'm not able to decipher the data properly. "

" Yeah, I scanned the same readings too ", Slingshot added. " And I can presume they are coming from a considerable deep under that 'Con."

Silverbolt's hiding face frowned when he listened his teammate's different reports.

" So the Decepticons are doing something beneath Trypticon, presumably deep into the ground," he summed up. " If this problem is into Cuba's subsoil, it exceed our area of expertice."

Silverbolt led the Aerialbots into another pass over Trypticon.

" Air Raid, Slingshot and Skydive; scan again the surroundings, but focus only into the surface under Trypticon. Skydive; send a message to Autobase explaining the situation and, if it is posible, require some geological readings of the area. Maybe we can use the humans Geological Institutes. They have instruments to mesure earth tremors. "

" And you? " asked Slingshot.

" Me? I'm going to act as if we know their plans", replyed Silverbolt.

The Aerialbots obeyed Silverbolt's command, and the following was the message from Fireflight to Fortress Maximus.

" This is Fireflight, the Decepticons are doing something into Cuba's subsoil. Silverbolt requires some geological current data about the aera and he is going to make contact with the natives. "

Meanwhile, the Aerialbot leader overflow the nearest city and send a message using the local police radio frequencies.

" People of Cuba, we're the Autobots and we're here to warn you! The Decepticons are working under your Country surface. If you are allowing these dangerous activities you are helping the Decepticon's conquest of your own world; if not, allow us to interfere and aid you! "

" The bluff is ready... " muttered Silverbolt when he finished the message.

2006-03-18, 02:26 AM
Carbombiya Palace

At Leozak's example, Octane dove and transformed to robot mode. He landed next to Leozak with a fearsome smirk, his thoughts already busy with the hope of finding trouble. He simply looked down on the surprised guards with contempt, allowing Leozak to begin the negotiations (or, he hoped, for the fleshlings to open fire and invite their doom).

2006-03-18, 03:00 AM

Hellbat: -lounging in command chair, hears the Aerailbot announcement, sighs, hits commlink- "Drillhorn?"

Drillhorn: -over commlink- "I heard. There are some interesting things down here, though. I think I found Jimmy Hoffa....."

Hellbat: "Who?" -shakes head- "Never mind. You'd better get up here. You know Gaihawk's going to want to get up there and start killing those relics."

Trypticon: "Correction. He is about to exit the primary hatch."

Hellbat: -slaps the override control on one of the consoles, chuckling as a faint KLONNNGGG!!!! echoes up-

Trypticon: "Gaihawk is dazed." -sound of disgust in his voice- "You could have simply asked."

Hellbat: -shrugs- "I'm a hands-on kind of guy." -switches frequencies- "Attention People of Cuba! As you know, we are here to help! We have distributed food and medical supplies to your people, and now the Autobots seek to turn you against us! Do not listen, for they decieve you!" -deactivates commlink- "What did they pick up, anyway?"

Trypticon: "Excess energon. Do not think about sneezing on decks C through M. You might set it off."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-20, 07:06 PM
Carbombia City, Presidential Palace

Decepticons! Sunstreaker thought to himself as he wheeled around the corner spotting the two robots.

Octane and an unknown. It's a shame Sunstreaker wouldn't need to destroy this palace to find them though. He moved to the front gate and revved his engines, garnering the attention of the guard.

2006-03-21, 10:18 PM
Carbombiya Presidential Palace:

Leozak: -hears the engine revving, looks over towards the main gates- "The snipe has shown itself." -raising his voice to Sunstreaker- "What is it you want here, Autobot? Why do you bother these peaceful people? Did your friends at the EDC send you?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-22, 12:39 AM
Carbombian Presidential Palace

Sunstreaker guffawed audibly still in vehicle mode before he transformed into robot mode and looked at Leozak suspiciously. He didn't even recognize himself at first but this Decepticon did. What made this that much more of an oddity is that Leozak knew him, and he didn't know Leozak even before his body was changed.

"I represent neither the Autobots or the EDC and you and your kind are probably the only things that care less about these interfereing bags of flesh than me." He stepped forward intentionally stomping down right infront of the guard to knock him back.

"I want a shuttle. The Autobots don't want to give me one and they won't let me take one. I want off this mud-ball and back on my homeplanet, where we should all be fighting to take it back. Give me one, or name your price to get one." he was cold and calculating in his demand, what he would do to get the shuttle knew no bounds.

2006-03-22, 02:28 AM
Carbombiya: Presidential Palace

Octane unsheathed his flamethrower from subspace at Leozak's revelation of the Autobot's presence, but his comrade's mention of "peaceful people", while earning a bad taste in his mouth, updated him to the political situation, and he lowered his gun. He knew he couldn't be precise with it... His optics locked coldly on Sunstreaker, and he realized that that was the source of those nauseatingly pure fumes. He snickered at Sunstreaker's demand.

"Pushy little punk, aren'tcha?" Octane snorted with extra machismo. "Like you'll get anything from us. Why not run home to Poppa Prime and tell him he can find his own shuttles." After a pause, he peered down at a guard and added, "And let these folks live in peace." He didn't enjoy saying it.

2006-03-22, 06:08 PM
Area 51

Skids helped the Technobots with Jetwave's cables.



" Any response from Fort Max? ", asked Silverbolt.

" Not yet, boss " replyed Fireflight.

The Aerialbots joined again in diamond formation ( with Fireflight in the middle ), and overflew Trypticon again.

" Ok boys, make another pass to read more about this strange signatures. Air Raid, I need you to pass as close as you can over Trypticon and record his anti-aerial defenses locations; if we engage with this brute, I want to know what are his blind spots. But be careful; don't provoque him, understood? "

" Copy that! " replyed a happy Air Raid.

" If he actually has blind spots... ", thought grimly Silverbolt while watching Air Raid broken the Aerialbot formation and flying at top speed towards Trypticon, scanning the citybot's AA gun locations.

2006-03-23, 02:05 AM

Hellbat: "Looks like they want to see if we blink."

Drillhorn: -over commlink- "I'm coming up."

Hellbat: "I can handle this."

Drillhorn: "I'm the tactical expert. They might be trying something."

Hellbat: "That much is obvious." -switches off comm-

Trypticon: "What do you want to do?"

Hellbat: -moves over to the tactical station, starts chuckling- "Let it snow......" -brings the electronic countermeasures on line, sending jamming waves across the communication and sensor frequencies- "Trypticon, bring your passive sensors online, tell me what you can about them."

Trypticon: "Aside from the fact that they're coming towards me, nothing's changed about them. It appears to be an attack run, but their weapons aren't hot."

Hellbat: -nods- "Bring the forcefield online, but keep the power at the lowest possible setting. And just to confuse them a little more..... ramp the mains up to full power. Make them think that it's taking all that power output to maintain that level of shielding."

Trypticon: -brings minimal forcefields online, the mains in engineering humming at full output-

Autobot Shuttle, Area 51:

Chromedome: -helps to finish attaching the shuttle to Jetwave, climbs up one of the cables, clambers into the shuttle-


Fortress: -over commlink- "There's nothing geologically odd about Cuba's subsoil, Fireflight. But they're obviously up to something. How far down have they drilled?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-24, 08:49 PM
Carbombian Presidential Palace

Sunstreaker scoffed at Octane.

"I could have taken you before, Triple-Changer, but in this new body? I'd make you look like you're still a proto-form on the assembly line."

"Just don't be dumb and give me the shuttle."

2006-03-24, 09:43 PM
Carbombiya: Presidential Palace

Octane's smirk turned to a bitter frown, and his vision went red with flustered fury for a moment. He began to point his blaster at Sunstreaker, but reason reminded him that bathing the guards in flames would not bode well for Leozak's political ploy. He pointed a mean finger at the Autobot, his voice dropping to a more sincere growl.

"Death can't hold me, Autopuke! What makes you think your fancy paint job can? Maybe we should step outside and find out what that pretty face looks like on the inside!"

Octane glanced at Leozak partially for approval, but he really didn't think he could take much more of the playbot's talk.

2006-03-24, 10:08 PM
Area 51

Skids entered the Autobot Shuttle.



Air Raid aproached Silverbolt.

" Boss, I've marked Trypticon's AA gun emplacements, but he activated a energy force-field. "

" My scanners shows it is consuming a high amounts of energon... " added Skydive.

Silverbolt remianed silent for a moment.

" Skydive, you and Slingshot head towards the sea. Scan the coast and see if you read the same energon readyings that we discovered underneath Trypticon. May be we can discover the heading of they drill work."

The two Aerialbots nodded and started to overflew Cuba's coast.

" Fireflight, any idea about the drilling perforation depth? "

" Nope Silverbolt, but for the readings I have I would say they're under sea level. But I can be wrong. "

" Good. Transmit this to Autobase. Air Raid, we'll flying along Fireflight."

Silverbolt and Air Raid flew at each of Fireflight's sides, escorting his fellow Aerialbot.

" Uh oh... " said Fireflight, " It seems they're jamming our transmissions... "

" Gain altitude, you'll be able to communicate throug Typticons jammers. "

" Gotcha! ", said Fireflight flying upwards.

" I hope you can trasnmit the message boy... ", thought Silverbolt.

2006-03-25, 02:40 PM
Carbombiya, Presidential Palace:

Leozak: -signaling Octane to wait a second- "My, my. So the Autobots are revealed for what they truly are. Willing to slaughter innocents to get what you want." -pulls bo staff from subspace- "Step outside, away from the humans, and we will talk. That is your only hope of getting a shuttle."

Bridge, Trypticon, Cuba:

Trypticon: "It's working."

Drillhorn: -walks onto the bridge- "Talk about sub-basements....."

Hellbat: -looks over- "Huh?"

Drillhorn: "I don't think I'm going to have to start drilling for another hundred feet or so. There's a partially completed submarine pen down there."

2006-03-25, 05:35 PM
Carbombiya: Presidential Palace

Octane gawked at Leozak, incredulous that the Breastforce commander would even feign seriousness about acceding to the Autobot's fancy. Still, he remembered his contempt quickly, and he returned his mean glare to Sunstreaker while the negotiations proceeded.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-25, 08:34 PM
"Autobots won't slaughter innocents. That is the only reason this war is still going on. If we got passed that, there would be no more Decepticons." Sunstreaker replied to Leozak, more or less ignoring Octane since he realized who wore the leadership-protocol in this relationship. "What are a few humans in the sake of our race? We are the superiors, so why should we be grovelling to them for energy? Take what we need, and then take back Cybertron."

Sunstreaker arrogantly turned his back and walked from the compound.

"Name your price, I'll pay it. Just get me a shuttle off this mudball... and stop calling me Autobot... it insults me."

2006-03-25, 08:51 PM

Leozak: -cocks an eyebrow- "So you are no longer an Autobot, then? Just a wastrel, wandering the planet's surface, looking for a way off? Very well. Meet us at these coordinates, and you will get what you so richly deserve." -rattles off a set of map coordinates out in the desert-

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-25, 08:57 PM
Sunstreaker grinned. "Just make sure I get the shuttle or I will be back here and your triple-changer as my shuttle. He's the one who turns into the shuttle right? " Sunstreaker intentionally mocked Octane as he kept walking away from Leozak

2006-03-26, 06:16 PM
Inside Skyfire

Backstreet turned to Fizzle.

" Hey, I was thinking... do you remember when, back on Cybertron, you, Sizzle and me were released from a decepticon jail by a pair of firecons and throwed away to Earth?

2006-03-26, 06:47 PM
Carbombiya: Presidential Palace

Octane delivered a sneer and an unfriendly hand gesture to Sunstreaker's turned back before jumping into the air and transforming to jet mode.


Aera 51: Autobot Shuttle

The world spun as it returned from darkness. The desert heat felt much hotter than it really was, and everything he heard was amplified but muffled and not quite sensical. His heads-up display gave him a readout of the damage and his energy levels, but as much as he stared, he couldn't make sense of it. He glanced around hazily, having entirely forgotten where he was until he spotted Skids entering the shuttle.

"Botto-auts!" Spectro shrieked, crawling backward from his spot on the floor into the corner. "Fromawaybetter! Dooon't! Aaaaah...!"


Outer Space

Skyfire cruised along silently, not wanting his passengers to think anything of their host overhearing their conversations. He was busy enough himself observing the stars, remembering which ones he'd visited and noting how they'd moved since he'd been there. The moon approached quickly anyhow, and he hoped that Crosshairs would have a better estimation of where he should search by the time they got within orbital range.

2006-03-27, 06:13 AM
Inside Skyfire

Crosshairs stared at the moon as they drew closer, a frown evident on his face.

"We left the ship in geosynch orbit," he said almost to himself. "Locked it down about...there." The Targetmaster nodded more confidently.

"Look for her just on the other side of the terminator line," he said. "About half-way between the equator and the south pole, at a standard orbital altitude." The frown returned. "I think."

Autobot Shuttle, Area 51

Snarl was barely conscious, but Spectro's ravings managed to attract his attention. His optics couldn't quite focus on the Decepticon, but the image that swam in and out of focus before him was clear enough that he could make out the Reflectorcon's Decepticon sigil.

"Die, 'Con!"

The Dinobot jumped up from his seat and tried to charge at the captured enemy...and promptly fell on his face before he made it two steps.


The desert warrior tried to get back up, but the damage caused by his head wound had messed up his motor skills too much for him to be a danger to anyone other than himself.

2006-03-27, 07:12 PM
Fizzle put his hand to his chin in thought.
"Yes, that was a weird one: those bikers nulled our main cpu's and the decepticon headmasters Fangry, Horribull and Squeezeplay. I wondered what became of those humans?"

2006-03-27, 11:29 PM
Inside Skyfire

Backstreet scratched his head.

" Well, they were somesort of bounty hunters, right? We, the Autobots hadn't heard anything about these bikers again, so I suppose they tried to hunt a Decepticon... and failed. But I can't consider this a great loss, anyway. "

Backstreet smiled.

" He... this time we fought alongside the decpeticons, against Scorponock. You're right pal, that was a weird one. "

2006-03-28, 01:41 AM
Area 51: Autobot Shuttle

Spectro covered his face with his arms at Snarl's lunged ineffectually at him, and the scream he'd tried to release somehow got lost in his throat. A good long while after the Dinobot's crash on the shuttle floor, Spectro lowered his arms and glanced between Snarl and the hatch, but his faulted dive for freedom was pre-emptively struck down by his nearly severed leg, and he wound up fidgeting in the corner, unsure if he prefered to soothe the pain by lying down or to stay as far from the Autobots as possible.


Outer Space

Skyfire's terminal flashed and whirred affirmatively to Crosshairs' analysis, and he banked and retrothrusted slightly to align himself to enter the moon's orbit on the specified trajectory. The planetoid came more rapidly into view, and it was barely moments before he was cruising orbitally. The sun disappeared from view as he passed around to the dark side, and his cabin lights came up to illuminate his passengers. In his roving, he was momentarily distracted by the interesting features on the surface below, but he quickly returned to the mission when his radar picked up a blip at a thousand miles ahead.

"I have something, Crosshairs. I think it's metallic. It may be a space station. Can you get a fix on it?"

2006-03-28, 03:49 AM

Leozak: -lifts into the air, transforms to fighter mode, over internal commlink to Octane- "Poor, foolish Autobot. Even if we had a shuttle to spare, I wouldn't give it to him. However, we can gladly blow him back to whatever forsaken pit he was spawned from."

Area 51:

Nightbeat: -lifting the shuttle higher, engines straining slightly as Jetwave is lifted off the ground, leans out of the hatch- "Board the shuttle now, people! I can't wait any longer!"

2006-03-28, 05:29 AM
Inside Skyfire

Crosshairs frowned.

How am I suppose to... He cut the thought up short. Ah. The terminal. Right.

Tapping a few instructions into Skyfire's interface panel, he brought up a visual image of the object that the flier had pinged with radar.

The silver, cylindrical object was barely visable, lit only by Skyfire's still-distant running lights. It was, however, recognisable.

Home, sweet home, the Targetmaster thought with a trace of bitterness. After all, the peaceful dream that this ship had represented, the dream that Fortress Maximus and his followers had sold him on, had turned out to be a nightmare. Sometimes I think I would have been better off staying on Cybertron and taking my chances with the resistance...

The Autobot shook his head, forcing the thoughts to disappear before they could coallesce into a full-blown case of self-pity.

"That's her, alright."

2006-03-28, 07:07 PM
Fizzle furrowed his brow.
"I can't see that: they were well prepared, well armed, and despite their glaring personality differences they worked well as a team. They either went back to purely human bounty work, or they got real good at getting decepticons. As you say, there are no reports of any of us getting nulled again, so any Transformer skirmishes can only have been with the 'Cons."
Fizzle looked around, suddenly stunned by the overhead lights in the darkness.
"There already, huh?" he muttered darkly. "Skyfire should start leaking the atmosphere out of his hull shortly, reduce the chances of explosive decompression in the event of rupture."
He began fidgeting with his pistols.

2006-03-28, 10:45 PM
Inside Skyfire

" If you say so... " replyed Backstreet to Fizzle, disconcerted about his friend's support for a gang of bounty-hunter bikers.

" But If they're alive, they will be in their fifties or... " but Backstreet stopped, when he realized that Fizzle was looking at the Steelhaven.

" Always so optimistic... " muttered Backstreet, replying at his friends comments about, in opinion of the triggerbot, ugly words such rupture and explosive decompression.

" So... can be scann for if the Decepticons are near? ", suggested to Crosshairs and Skyfire.

2006-03-29, 12:59 AM
Inside Skyfire

Outback was sitting as close to the exit as he could. He wasn't exactly a claustraphobe, but being in confined spaces certainly had a profound affect on his personality. He had been drumming his fingers for most of the trip, and had recently started tapping his foot repetitively. "Are we there yet, Jetfire?" he asked somewhat loudly.

Huffer leaned over Crosshairs' shoulder and observed the navigational display. "Nearly."

2006-03-29, 03:52 AM

Octane chuckled over his engines. He liked the way this Leozak guy worked.

"He's got quite a mouth too, don't he? We'll fix that..."

Octane's thoughts were filled with the ways he hoped to mangle Sunstreaker, keeping him uncharacteristically quiet as he descended and transformed to robot mode at the designated spot.


Moon Orbit

Skyfire was glad to have so many helpful words from his passengers, though it did make him a bit self-conscious that they'd all know if he screwed something up. But he put the thought aside to occupy himself with his work.

"Good thinking, Fizzle," Skyfire replied while taking the suggestion and allowing his vents to carefully pump out his air. "My scanners detect no Decepticons yet, Backstreet. It is difficult to be conclusive at this range."

As the massive ship came closer into range, Skyfire performed hundreds of minute trajectory adjustments along with more obtuse retrothrusts.

"Defense crew, prepare to disembark. How many able spacewalkers do we have?" he added with a less officious tone.

2006-03-29, 05:38 AM
Inside Skyfire

Crosshairs unstrapped and moved towards the rear of Skyfire's passenger bay. As the Targetmaster grabbed hold of a metal bar to steady himself, his Nebulan partner arrived at his side. The fleshling converted to weapon mode and landed in the Autobot's free hand.

"I'm good to go," the weapons officer said with a great deal more confidence than he actually felt. With Pinpointer, he gestured towards the box of emergency beacons he had brought with him. "But before anyone goes for a walk, make sure you grab one of those. If you get lost, it might just save your life."

2006-03-29, 07:28 PM
Fizzle looked out a window at the Steelhaven.

Man, what an ugly ship.

He began logging what he could of the ships exterior hull, weak points and so forth...

2006-03-29, 09:00 PM
Inside Skyfire

Backstreet nervously jumped from his seat and aproached Crosshairs. He picked one of the beacons and take a better look of the Steelhaven.

2006-03-29, 10:03 PM
California Airspace

As the continent emerged below the flying Constructors, Sledge looked back over his shoulder at the cadre of Decepticons flying with them.

"Where do you guys think we should plant this thing?" he called back.



Skyfire's self-consciousness had faded in the shadow of his duty to properly dock. He was unfamiliar with the ship's topography, but his explorer roots came back to help him feel it out as he passed over, and it wasn't long until he spotted a docking airlock. His retrothrusters pulled him to a near-stop, and he made many careful adjustments to line himself up as accurately as he could with the airlock. It was made difficult by the ship's unresponsiveness; the lack of a magnetic lock forced him to continually reevaluate his position. Regardless, he maintained proximity as well as he could and opened his hatch to a subtle sucking noise as the last bit of air was lost.

"Good luck, gentlemechs," he radioed to his passengers.

2006-03-29, 10:16 PM
Wingspan looked thoughtful

"s-some where less obvious. W-what about W-wisconsin, that m-might work, w-what do y-you t-think."

2006-03-30, 05:07 PM
"Phew.....finally landed.I hate space travel."Hoist looked up at the old spaceship."I wondered how many years this ship lied here."Then he walked a bit far from the ship entrance placed several motion detector around the area and walked back to the ship and placed a couple of auto turret near the entrance annd walked into the ship.

2006-03-30, 07:09 PM
Fizzle entered the ship from Skyfire whilst subspacing his beacon. He looked at Hoists work and nodded to himself in approval: distributed in good strategic locations plenty of scope and minimal overlay.

Area 51
Communication from Fort Max to NightBeat
"Nightbeat, this is Guzzle at FortMax, what is your mission and personel status, over".

2006-03-31, 01:22 AM
-Ragnorok sat in a corner of the escape pod-

"Unobvious? Try South Dakota, no military activity, lost of human farm land, perfect place for an unexpected visit"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-31, 03:08 AM
[b]Carbombian Presidential Palace[/i]
Sunstreaker watched as the two Decepticons ill-advisedly took off before Sunstreaker had even cleared the parking area of the compound. He just watched them exit the city limits and smirked. "Dumb as they looked."

It was a trap, why else would they take him out to the desert when they came from the ocean? If they had a shuttle it was out there, not inland. Sunstreaker just turned back and looked at the compound and then nodded. Instead of following the Decepticons out to their, what Sunstreaker thought they believed to be a, cunning ambush. He simply walked back towards the compound. He melted the first human guard down with his electron rifle. He grabbed the second one, despite the guards meagre resistance. He then laid a missile into the front door of the Carbombian Presidential palace. He wasn't sure he killed much, if anything at all, but it was the thought that counted. He then turned and went to meet his would-be attackers to teach them the same lesson he just taught Carbombian powers-that-be.

2006-03-31, 07:32 AM

Leozak: -sensors pinging as he detects Sunstreaker's weapons fire- "Guess what, Octane? That idiot just made his demise a public spectacle." -activates commlink- "Attention people of Carbombiya! There is a hostile intruder among you! Please stay off the streets! We shall deal with this murdering scum!" -deactivates commlink, looping up and over, crosshairs dropping onto Sunstreaker- "To think, you will die without ever seeing your pathetic Cybertron again......" -twin vulcan cannons open up, spewing 500 rounds per minute as the Imrec Sidewinder missiles on his wing hardpoints scream at Sunstreaker-

2006-03-31, 04:37 PM

Backstreet subspaced his new rifle, grabing it firmly. He aproached the nearest auto-turret Hoist had placed on the hangar, with a curious glance in his optics.

" It's that thing powerful? ", he asked to Hoist.

( OoC: Verytired, my boy is all yours; thanks pal! :) )



" Well, I believe I'm gained enough altittude to be out of the range of Trypticon's jammers ", thought Fireflight, while flying through the clouds.

" Fort Max, this is Fireflight. The Breastforce are effectively drilling on Cuba surface, but a second lecture of our readings indicate that they still hadn't drill under the sea. But the energon lectures are impressive. I'm sending to you our data. Starting transmission."

Beneath him, his fellow Aerialbots regrouped again.

" Nothing on the coast, Silverbolt " reported Slingshot.

(OOC: Heinrad, the Aerialbots are ready for you!Thanks :))

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-03-31, 07:38 PM
"Ooooh shooting at a hostage, great allies." Sunstreaker grinned and just ran forward in the opposite direction of the strafing to get out of the way.

He raised up his gun and used the air-compression function to destroy the two missiles by just stopping them cold with a wide shot of extremley compressed air.

"You don't seem to understand how being good guy works, Decepticon." Sunstreaker held up the struggling, petrified human. "You don't kill the squishy things you're protecting. Nor do you attack when one is surrounded by." Sunstreaker smiled.

"Luckily, I have no such restraints." He then let fly with a missile of his own, this one was of the heat-seeking variety. "You can't beat me Decepticon. You and your pet triple-changer combined can't."

2006-03-31, 09:48 PM
Carbombiya: Desert

Octane grinned wildly at Leozak's transmission. He didn't much care whether he got to shoot the Autobot here or in the city, as long as he got to shoot him. But since there was gunfire involved, he decided to keep his underside protected, and he transformed to truck mode to tread as quickly as he could back to the palace.


American Airspace

"What a Winsocksin?" Stonecruncher pondered.

The promise of impending combat had sparked Sledge's creativity, and his optics lit up after processing Ragnarok's suggestion with a glance at Cindersaur.

"Farmland... yeah!"

Sledge looked down to see between the intermittent clouds a grid of brown and green fields surrounding a reservoir and a small human settlement. He glanced back at the others and waved them to follow, and he and his partners dropped to land shortly on Big Foot Trail. Sledge eyed a green sign as he set Stonecruncher and Excavator down on the road.

Welcome to Kyle, South Dakota
A Bicycle-Friendly Community
Population: 970

"Not for long," Sledge mused at the last line.

"We'd best get away from the town," Grit noted. "We don't want to attract the humans' attention. Do your best to be covert until we find an appropriate spot to set up."

Excavator's tailpipe spewed black smoke as Stonecruncher's engine roared and brought the truck to begin chugging down the desolate highway in search of a dirt road. Sledge and Grit transformed to their unsightly hybrid truck mode and followed.

2006-03-31, 10:05 PM
"s-some h-human s-state f-famous f-for it's processed bovine e-e-extract."

Wingspan flew overhead sensors sweeping the terrain.

"w-what about that f-field on t-t-the edge of the w-wood near the o-old f-farmhouse."

2006-04-01, 03:33 AM

Leozak: -engaging chaff, decoying Sunstreaker's missiles- "And what you don't understand, you pathetic Autobot, is that I have very little qualms about gunning murderous dogs like you down." -transforms to robot mode, lands, LioBreast detatching and transforming to gun mode, landing in his outstretched hand, aims at Sunstreaker, opens fire-

Autobot Shuttle, Area 51:
(OOC: I'm guessing all of the Autobots are aboard, and Jetwave has been secured for travel.)

Nightbeat: "Back to base, everybody." -brings the shuttle around, gently so as not to badly jostle the damaged triple changer slung below it, heading back to Autobase-

2006-04-01, 06:13 AM

Crosshairs took a firm grip on Skyfire's outer hatch, then pushed off. The force of the push sent him straight through Steelhaven's open airlock; as he moved through it, he made sure to allow his arms to rub against the sides of the hatchway, ablating some of his speed.

With Pinpointer held in one hand, the Targetmaster swept his gaze across the docking bay.

"No Decepticons here," he said after a moment.

2006-04-01, 03:11 PM
-Ragnorok scanes tha area Wingspans's location-

"Sounds good to me, a family of humans, a mut, and other animals I'm not 100% familier with. Oh Remember guys this is a refugee mission, try not to act TOO hostile."

2006-04-01, 05:03 PM
Kyle, South Dakota

Cindersaur floated in the air with Wingspan and Ragnarok looking at the farmland below, "Hey Wingspan!, this pods supposed to have crashed right, so there should be lots of little fires everywhere caused by the reentry heat, should i take care of that".

2006-04-01, 07:42 PM

With his passengers disembarked and the hangar deemed safe, Skyfire transformed to robot mode, being sure to grab the edge of the airlock to quell the momentum of his transformation. He pulled himself in slowly and floated down to the floor. With his retrothrusters navigating him slowly through the zero-G environment, he drew his rifle and glanced about cautiously.

"As our guide, Crosshairs, I believe you will need to lead the way."



Octane's jubilance mounted more and more quickly by the moment as he came closer to the fight, and by the time he entered the parking lot he was crazed with anticipation. Unconcerned that his screaming engine may tip off the enemy to his approach, Octane barrelled toward the back of Sunstreaker's legs.


Kyle, South Dakota

Sledge led Grit to turn onto the dirt road that their partners had taken minutes earlier, leading the way to the field Wingspan had spotted.

"Soon, Cindersaur," Sledge called up with an audible smirk at the Firecon's aspiration. "We've gotta set up the scene first."

Ahead at the edge of the field, Stonecruncher and Excavator slowed and maneuvered their cranes to set down the cargo.


Across the field, Russel Brown emerged from the front door to his old farm house with a cigarette in his mouth, a John Deere hat dropped crookedly on his head, and a puzzled look on his face. A hand rubbed his stubbly chin while his squinted gray eyes tried to make out what the ruckus was.

"Jeff!" he called out into the field toward the sound of the commotion. "What're ya doin' plowin' this tahme a' naght? Dinner's gon' be ready soon! C'mon in get washed up!"

The farmhand emerged from the barn nearby with a frown and a pitchfork.

"Ain't me plowin', Rusty! Ah'm jus' feedin' th' pigs!"

Russel raised an eyebrow at his helper. He looked back out into the field, took one last drag of his cigarette, and tossed it into the mud at the base of the porch.

"Mabel," he shouted over his shoulder while fixing his hat. "Keep the taters warm. Ah gotta check on somethin' real quick."

Russel made his way toward the barn, fumbling with his tractor keys as he walked. He'd fix those kids and their ATVs...

2006-04-01, 07:58 PM
Kyle , South Dakota

Wingspan alighted on the roof of the barn shrouded by the darkness.

He opened a com link.

"g-g-guys l-looks like you got c-company c-coming your w-w-w-w-way."

2006-04-02, 08:09 PM
Kyle, South Dakota

Russel climbed wearily into the seat of his old trusty tractor, and Jeff hopped onto the right running board with a hand on the rear grip. The machine started with a loud growl and chugged off slowly into the field...


With the escape pod carefully set, Excavator and Stonecruncher transformed to robot mode, followed shortly by Grit and Sledge when they arrived.

"What, humans?" Stonecruncher scoffed. "Ain't worried. C'mon, let's get ta work."

Stonecruncher pulled a pair of laser tillers from subspace, handed one to Sledge, and got to work tearing up the soil to simulate the crash. Grit and Excavator hoisted the escape pod while their partners worked.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-04-03, 12:08 AM
Sunstreaker was lucky, well very good and kind of luck. No, it was all skill. Octane's Obvious approach and Leozak's frontal blast were greatly timed for the black rogue. He dove and rolled to the left making sure the blast was heading towards Octane who was coming at his rear.

"Somehow, I don't think you thought your cunning plan all the way through." He shot at Leozak and Octane as he made his way towards the Carbombian palace again. He was going to test how strong the Decepticon's self-control was for killing 'allies'. Their blatant dis-regard for his 'hostage' sort of hinted at what it was though.

2006-04-03, 12:52 AM

Leozak: -tossing LioBreast into the air, nodding as his gun transforms and locks back into place on his torso- "Hmf." -pulls bo staff, starts charging after Sunstreaker-

Antarctica, aboard Omega Supreme:

Roadbuster: -looking at the TFS display on one of Omega's bulkheads- "Alright, guys. We're almost there. Everybody check your weapons again. Brawn, you ready to drill us a nice, straight tunnel to Metrotitan?"

Hardhead: -checking his weapons-

2006-04-03, 04:13 AM
(OOC: Just a note...as of last night we've got a seperate Outer Space thread (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34705), and the Steelhaven stuff will be continuing in there. Zisteau, I bumped your last post over to the new thread. :))

Antarctica, aboard Omega Supreme

Getaway quietly checked the mechanisms on his shotgun, making sure the action was well-oiled and none of the moving parts were in danger of jamming on him at an inopportune moment.

Whirl watched Aero Blade from the corner of his optic, but made no move to approach the smaller helicopter. Instead, he dropped into a seat beside Jazz.

"Keep an optic on the little guy when we're in the field," he whispered without preamble. "I don't think he's quite right."

2006-04-03, 09:40 PM

Octane shouted when his line of attack took his cab straight into an errant shot from Leozak's blaster, and he transformed to robot mode with a snarl on his face, a hand on his chest, and the other gripping his flamethrower.

"I s'pose you don't want me to melt him down near the squishies, huh?" he bit while jogging after the others.


Antarctica: Omega Supreme

Jazz glanced up from checking over his blaster with a peculiar look at Whirl.

"He knows what he's doin'," he muttered. "I don't blame 'im for bein' suspicious. I know teamin' up with you guys wasn't the most popular thing I coulda done. But don't worry 'bout my troops - they ain't marauders like you an' Arby, but they got their heads on straight."

Snapping his energy cartridge back into place, Jazz stood and shimmied down the cabin to Aero Blade's side, and he sat with a friendly grin.

"Haya doin'?"


Countdown followed not far behind Omega. A ping appeared on his scanners when a waypoing was passed, and he clicked on the cabin PA.

"ETA: three breems. Passengers get ready to disembark."

Aero Blade
2006-04-04, 01:47 AM
Aero Blade seemed to be out of things as Jazz came to sit down beside him, almost staring out into space. It was so much so, it was a minute or two before Aero realized Jazz's presence, and was a bit startled and what seemed to have been his sudden appearance.

"I'm fine," Aero said, his tone sounding almost like an automatic answer. "You?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-04-04, 06:34 AM
"The tunnel punch us right into the guy of that demented excuse for a former Autobot." Brawn replied with envigorating zeal.



"I would hate to be protected by you, you guys suck at it," Sunstreaker arrogantly shot. These two didn't have a shuttle but they knew people who did. He needed to get to those people. Gigatron, that was who he needed to talk to.

He pulled his energon-sword from sub-space, keeping the human gently in hand. "Alright then, beat you with one arm tied behind my back." He said to Leozak

2006-04-04, 02:28 PM

Leozak: "Big talk for a relic." -twirling bo staff, twirling it faster, snaps it around, striking with lightning speed at Sunstreaker's head and legs-


Omega Supreme: -lands- "Destination: Achieved." -opens hatch-

Roadbuster: "All right, Wreckers. Le's go show thest guys what urban renewal means." -climbs out of hatch-

2006-04-04, 07:29 PM

Astra had stuck her medical supplies in sub-space and been looking around Countdown before opening a general frequency on her comm-link, inquiring "This place got a temporary med-bay so I can get set up in case any of you guys actually need patchin' up?"

2006-04-04, 09:34 PM

Octane grimaced when Leozak decided to engage Sunstreaker up close. He had a passing thought about just covering them both in flame, but he surpressed it quickly. His arms folded over his chest, his rifle stuicking up from his elbow, and he watched the duel impatiently.


American Interstate

Camshaft and Crosscut cruised along the highway quietly. It was a bit of a hike from Colorado to Quebec, but it went quickly. Speed limits were a burden, though...



Countdown slowed and landed not long after Omega Supreme fairly close to the other shuttle, transformed to its stationary mode, and lowered its main ramp to the ground. After flipping a few switches to begin the cool-down process, Countdown climbed the ladder down into the cabin.

"The platform has a repair bay," he told Astra. "It will take some time for me to get it here... Otherwise, you could set up shop in one of the holds."

In Omega, Jazz' smile at Aero Blade turned to a more conciliatory permutation.

"Listen, I'm sorry I didn't fill ya in earlier. I had a lotta things on my mind, y'know? But me 'n' Getaway're s'poseta reprogram Metrotitan's version a' Six-Gun, an' we'd really appreciate if you could help out. Neither'f us is a brain like you, y'know?"

Jazz' visible friendliness did not waver while he locked his blaster, and he waited to be sure the technician was all right with the mission before proceeding after the others.

Aero Blade
2006-04-05, 01:22 AM
It seemed to take a couple of moments for the details to sink in, but Aero finally nodded to Jazz. "I'm not sure how well I'm with the reprograming angle of things, but I can help out with some of the technical aspects where needed," Aero answered, but he still seemed to be a bit out of it. Normally the tech was more energetic and alert than this. Ever since their crash on the way back to Autobot base, though, Aero had been on and off with a weary, distracted mood, as though his mind was occupied with other things in phases.

2006-04-05, 04:32 AM

Getaway walked out of Omega Supreme, his optics calmly scanning the area for anything that could concevably become a threat to them. He waited not far from the ramp, not wanting to wander off and get seperated from his mission partner.

Whirl was a bit more exuberant in his departure, transforming to helicopter mode and flying tight circles around the parked shuttles, all the while keeping his rotor blades oriented 90 degrees to the ground. Were they not trying to sneak into the city, he would have been ululating like a fanatical suicide bomber.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-04-05, 06:54 PM
Brawn jumped out of Omega Supreme and immediately transformed intohis 4x4. His drill moved out from the front of his grill and angled downwards as he began to drill.

"Next stop: Decepticon HQ! Everyone behind the tough-bot!"



Sunstreaker parried the first blow to his head and hopped up bending his knees in to avoid the shot to his legs. While he was up he kicked one of his legs out at Leozak's chest.

2006-04-05, 07:10 PM
Sizzle followed the convoy leader at a close distance, and began flicking through local Radio stations to liven his mood...

2006-04-07, 01:16 AM

Stepper: -climbs out of Countdown's shuttle, Nebulon perched on his shoulder-

Roadbuster: -nods- "Hardhead, second in line. Getaway, third. Then me, Stepper, Aero Blade, [b]Scoop, Jazz, and Whirl. Omega, Countdown, wait for my signal, then start distracting Metrotitan and Scorponok."

Hardhead: -transforms, moves up behind Brawn-

Roadbuster: -transforms-

Stepper: -transforms, Nebulon transforming to cannon mode and locking into his pindle mount in front of Stepper's rear spoiler-

American Interstate:

Siren: -rolling along at the rear of the group-

Brainstorm: -flying overwatch-

Quig: -sound asleep in Siren's driver's seat-


Leozak: -steps to the side, bo staff spinning, snapping it at Sunstreaker's face, torso, and legs-

2006-04-07, 03:21 AM

Getaway nodded as Roadbuster gave out the marching orders. Pumping the action of his shotgun to chamber a pair of shells, the Powermaster calmly strode up and stood behind Hardhead. Transforming to vehicle mode (with his shotgun sliding smoothly into its roof mount), his started his engine and let it humm quietly.

Whirl, still flying insanely though the air, made a gruntlike noise.

"Rearguard duty? Pffft!"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-04-07, 06:27 PM

Brawn's drill punched through the ground and the mini-bot began to move forward causing a large gaping hole to appear before him.

"Hope someone has their depth-guage active, I'm gonna need to know when to level off."

2006-04-07, 10:08 PM
American Interstate

The cool trees of upstate New York reminded Camshaft that the journey had nearly ended, and he clicked on his comm to his posse.

"We're nearing the border. Be wary of customs agents."

Crosscut double-clicked an affirmative reply.



Jazz' apparent sincerity in his smile didn't relax a bit as he gave Aero Blade a firm pat on the back.

"Heck, compared to me, you'll be an Einstein at it!"

With the call given, he stood, made his way to the hatch, slid down the rail, and transformed in line with the others.

"No worries, Whirl! You got me hangin' back to keep ya company - I forgot my snow tires!"

Countdown moved over to the cabin viewport and gave a thumbs-up out to the assembled Wreckers.

"Roger that, Roadbuster."

With stormclouds rolling in from the horizon, Jazz revved his cold engine and peered at the giant distant formations of the Decepticon cities' highest peaks.


Kyle, South Dakota

The work had gone quickly - dirt was much easier to dig than the alloys the Constructors were built to work with on Cybertron. With the artificial crash site dug, the pod was set carefully to look as though it had just fallen, and Stonecruncher used an electromagnetic pump to fire a stream of dust high into the air to simulate the crash effects. The noise of the machine had shielded their audials from the approach of the tractor.

"What in tarnation?" Jeff gasped. Russel stopped the tractor and looked down on the seven-foot robots with fury.

"Look what you done ta mah field!" Russel raged, pulling his revolver and pointing over the tractor's bonnet at the Constructors. "You think Ah can afford vandals? You gonna pay fer those crops, son!"

Sledge looked up at the tractor with a smirk, then glanced over his shoulder at the Firecon.

"Okay, Cindersaur. I think that's your cue."

2006-04-08, 12:53 PM
Kyle, South Dekota

"Yeaaaaaarrrrr, buuuurrrrrrnnnn"

Cindersaur screamed as he transformed into his dragon mode midair and let loose a stream of fire that hit the ground just behind the tractor melting the vehicles rear wheels.

The Firecon then dived at the tractor, pierced the fueltank with his nose and sucked it dry, he then lifted his head skywards and spat the fuel out igniting it and creating a shower of flame over the area.

Aero Blade
2006-04-08, 03:11 PM
Aero managed to give Jazz the impression of a smile, but the rest of him still seemed to be unsure about something, and he still had that weariness about him. Tech stuff usually caused him to perk up though, so maybe he'd be back to normal once the mission started...

Their placement orders having been sent, Aero followed Jazz out and to the ground, then he transformed to his helioptor mode, taking to the air. At least he wouldn't have to worry about his dissorientation, it was much easier too manage this form than his other, all he had to do was monitor his altitude and propellor and rotor orientation.

2006-04-08, 08:16 PM
-Ragnarok looked over the pod-

"How bout this, I'm going into the pod, and blasting it enough so debris falls, crushing my legs, That will make it more believable that we had crashed. Plus might get me a free trip into the bace?"