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2006-01-28, 06:28 AM
Judge Deliberata is leading a team into Cybertron's depths to search for the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Meanwhile, Galvatron and Ginrai have joined forces to strike against the Quintessons' Combiner Elimination Squad.

In Polyhex, a small group of Decepticons pursued by Quint bounty hunters are about to take a shot at the most important Quintesson on the planet...the Imperial Magistrate.

In Kalis, a small group of Autobots discuss their next move.

2006-01-28, 07:20 AM
Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst smiled coldly.

"Quintesson guards are armed," he said. "We will be killing them. They will not need the weapons after that. Any prisoners who wish to join us. Will have their choice of weapons."

Imperial Palace, Iacon

Deliberata floated into the hangar, his Gatekeeper bodyguards trailing behind. With a wave of a tenticle, he instructed one of them to collect the team of Sharkticons that would be accompanying them. The other one, he sent towards Haras and Eiramnna with a datacard.

The Gatekeeper nodded stiffly to the two soldiers, then extended the datacard towards them.

"Route information," it said.

2006-01-28, 11:20 AM
Detritus paused

"They are close. Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble What I want out of everyone of you is a hard-target search, of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area! ."

Tunnel Rat sighed

"Junkions never a straight answer, which way did they go."

Detritus reved his engine

"this way."

he shot down a tunnel

2006-01-29, 03:29 AM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ:

Kick Off: "It's working as well as it's ever worked." -hands Cobalt the datapadd- "Quints have a weapons R&D lab outside of the city. It's a little odd, though. They've kept it off of the grid as best they can. They only started reinforcing it after that purple loon and his thugs started stirring things up, and even that is minimal. We hit it hard, we hit if fast.... we can take it."

2006-01-29, 07:34 AM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

Cobalt frowned. "So that's a no, then?"

Taking the proffered datapad from the Actionmaster, he studied the data on the enemy facility. After a few minutes, he nodded.

"I can get us inside," he said at last. "From there, we should be able to dismantle it."

Handing the datapadd back to Kick-Off, he turned to Gunrunner. "Are you in?"

2006-01-29, 04:46 PM
Kalis HQ

Gunrunner nodded.

" Yes, I'm in. I feel too much useless prowling around here, so if the last three memebers of the Kalis resistance cell can take that Quint's facility and help the cause; let's do it. But, what about the base? If we are out there, no one will guard the HQ."

2006-01-30, 05:20 AM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

Cobalt frowned; he hadn't thought of what Gunrunner was asking. After a moment, though, he just shrugged.

"We set the self-destruct charges, I suppose. If anyone tries to get in without sending the disarm codes, they'll blow themselves sky high."

2006-01-30, 08:14 PM
Eiramnna took the data card graciously, and shared the information with his brother. They approached judge Deliberata with a suitably servile stance.
"Interesting," he commented. "Are we ready to go Your Honur?"

2006-01-30, 09:56 PM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

" And if this will happen, we can move out to another place. Start the Kalis Cell again..., if we survive the raid, 'course" said Gunrunner to Cobalt and Kick-off, a sad note in his voice modulation.

2006-01-31, 03:51 AM
Roadblock had waited long enough.

"Ok enough talk, when do we strike?" He growled ready to tear some quints.

God Jinrai
2006-02-01, 03:01 AM
"Very well then. We strike immedieately then."

Ginrai shifted into his vehicle mode, throttling up.

"Form up, and be ready for the worst. I've got a feeling that they may be waiting for us."

starting off for the CES research facility, ginrai began to wonder... for all his regained power... would it be enough?

2006-02-01, 05:57 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Deliberata took a moment to inspect the gathered Sharkticons before turning to Eiramnna and Haras and bobbing forward in an impression of a nod.

"We are," he said simply. "You two will board your cycles and flank the transport as we travel. Once we reach the site where we must head underground, the Sharkticons will travel on foot. You can bring your cycles underground if you want, but it might prove difficult to navigate the labrynth with them. Understood?"

The judge started to float up the small troop transport's ramp as he waited for an answer. His death face remained focussed on the troopers, while his rear faces watched his path so he didn't fall off the edge of the ramp inadvertantly as he glared at his underlings.

Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

Cobalt nodded.

"Assuming the Quints don't decide to finish razing the city," the veteran soldier said. There was a note of anger in his voice, but it quickly disappeared.

"At any rate, we should be going, I think."

Tunnels, Polyhex

"Soon. I believe." Bomb-Burst glanced from Roadblock to Breaker.

"Am I right?"

2006-02-01, 07:34 AM
Detritus killed his engine.

"we are close but no cigar."

Tunnnel Rat hopped down and moved forward silently

some more names for his turret he hoped

Aero Blade
2006-02-01, 01:19 PM
"Indeed," Breaker anwered back to Bomb-Burst. "But we must wait for the right moment. It should be when the Quintessons are settled in, when they're about ready to enjoy their entertainment, when their guard will be dropped. Your most opportune moment will likely be after I've initiated my own attack on the Magistrate, which will hopefully be the only attack I need to kill him..."

Breaker had trailed off again as though having slipped into his own thoughts, but presently he came back to speaking again. "The few bombs I've meantioned to you before will be set off within this time, which should be the signal you need to begin your own opporations. The detonations will draw most of the guards to my attention, and away from yours..."

2006-02-01, 06:29 PM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

" Ok then, better let's move", said Gunrunner to Cobalt and Kick-Off. " I'm ready: refuelled and rearmed since my last skirmish and my shell repaired. "

2006-02-01, 08:13 PM
Eiramnna and Haras saluted. Eiramnna shouted over the transporters engines firing up "We hear and obey, My Lord!"
The Brothers then boarded their storm cycles and took their positions: Eiramnna on the forward left flank, Haras on the central right flank. They started the engines and waited for the off.

2006-02-02, 01:55 AM
Roadblocks humanoid shell nodded.

"Good enough, we attack when you strike." He said and waited running weapons checks.

2006-02-02, 05:35 AM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

Cobalt started towards the exit.

"Good. We'd better be off, then." He glanced archly at Kick-Off. "Assuming, of course, that your cycle decides to start today..."

Imperial Palace, Iacon

The judge's transport lifted from the ground and headed towards the exit.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst allowed his shell to grin.

"We will." He glanced at Breaker. "And you. Make sure that you destroy the Imperial Magistrate." The grin turned feral. "We will make sure. That you get a glorious grave marker."

Aero Blade
2006-02-02, 05:41 AM
Breaker just chuckled in response to Bomb-Burst.

"Child, if it were that easy to destroy me, the Quintessons, Autobots, and Decepticons would not have allowed me to lurk in the shadows and pick of their numbers throughout the countless ages. If I do not get the Magistrate in this attack, he will know that he is still marked for my riffle, and will meet it soon enough..."

2006-02-02, 09:04 PM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ:

Kick Off: -climbs onto bike, thmbs starter, nodding in satisfaction as the engine starts- "Of course it'll start." -drops it into gear, manages to keep it from stalling, and rolls out-

2006-02-02, 09:37 PM
Motro Pool, Kalis HQ

Gunrunner called his shell and followed Kick-Off and Cobalt.

2006-02-03, 03:05 AM
Pointblank looked uneasy about this mission. Since his reanimation, he had only fought under Galvatron's directions. Fighting under someone else, even an old ally was a strange sensation.

Galvatron for his part could not possibly show less concern. His troops were elite, feared by the Quints and for just cause. They had assassinated several top magistrates, something the Quintessons felt impossible only a few short months ago.

Galvatron: "Tell me Ginrai, when we take out this place...then what? Then will you assist me in my ultimate goal to rid our home of these filthy, five faced parasites?"

God Jinrai
2006-02-03, 03:46 AM
" Only once I'm certain that my ace in the hole is ready, Galvatron"

Ginrai wasn't surprised by galvatron's request... but all the same, he knew well that the emperor of destruction had a tendency to go back on his word every now and again.

"Comming into visual range..."

Ginrai's cannons whirred to life, prepping to independently target multiple opponents

2006-02-03, 04:41 AM
Ces Research Building

Blackstar streaked through the sky and opened fire on the batteries and outside defensive weapons.

"Save your ammo." He said to Jinrai and Galvatron "I figure I am better suited for this wiping out of their defenses." He said quickly climbing and then streaking down firing with Shatterstar and firing a few missiles on the way he then streaked up and did a loop and fired to missiles at the door.

"Tell me where you need me but I can keep them busy out here!" He said as a few defense batteries tried to target the fast moving targetmaster flyer as he did another fly-by on the outer defenses.

2006-02-03, 06:45 AM
Motor Pool, Kalis HQ

Transforming to vehicle mode, Cobalt accelerated out in front of Gunrunner and Kick-Off. Hopefully that meant he'd be the first one into the action.

And then maybe, just maybe, I won't have to add any more names to that list of dead teammates.

Tunnels, Polyhex

"Then go," Bomb-Burst said. "It wouldn't do. For you to miss your moment. Would it?"

Turning away from Breaker, the Pretender settled down onto his haunches and began to sharpen the blades of his vibro-scythe.

2006-02-05, 09:00 PM
CES Research Facility

Derby was glad that his momentum had brought him up to speed, because he was barely able to move in his terror as the menacing structure came into view on the horizon. The sight of gunfire from his comrades forced him to react even if he wasn't ready, and he swerved to the side, skidding behind cover and slightly denting his fender.

"I hope you can work quick!" he called to Ginrai as he began homing in on the appropriate jamming frequency. "I don't know how much time I can buy you!"

2006-02-07, 12:33 AM
CES Research Facility:

Black Battle Convoy: -watches the incoming would-be thieves- "About time they showed up."


Combiner Elimination Squad: -rise in unison from consealment-

Maelstrom: "Oh, look. The bozo brigade is here. If you all wish to die, you`ve come to the right place" -looks at his team- "Kill them." -aims at Blackstar, fires-

Cenotaph: -charges at Derby-

BBC: -steps out into the open combat training area, sees Ginrai- "Took you long enough."

2006-02-07, 04:21 AM
Blackstar screamed by the blast from Maelstorm.

"Gee now that is no way to greet someone." He said punching his afterburners and twisting around.

"This is how you greet someone!" He yelled opening fire with Shatterstar at the attacking Quint.

2006-02-07, 05:33 AM
CES Facility:

Maelstrom: -built, like the rest of his team, to make Omega Supreme look small, chuckles as he dodges Blackstar`s shot- "Maybe if your friends provide more of a challenge, I`ll be more friendly." -aims and fires at Blackstar-

Pyrus: -targets Pointblank, fires his plasma/flame cannon at him-

2006-02-07, 05:43 AM
The Decepticon fighter quickly twisted to avoid the loudmouthed Quints attack.

"Maybe if you were not such a big target you wouldn't talk as much." He cracked back getting a missile lock and firing a few missiles at the large Quint.

2006-02-07, 07:33 AM
Doublecross swoops down aiming at Centopath both heads breathing a stream of fire.

Aero Blade
2006-02-08, 05:19 AM
Breaker took a moment to glance back at Bomb-burst, who seemed to be taking a moment to rest, then over to Roadblock. He could feel the heat wafting down the part of the tunnel they were currently in, which would soon turn into a pipe once they went a bit further. They were already nearly to the smelting facility again.

"I trust you two remember your way around?" Breaker said inquisitively, mostly to Bomb-Burst for his decision to stop. "If that is the case, I will leave you two to your task, and I shall get in possition for mine. Remember the timings for the magma in the pipelines, and use good sense incase changes for any reason. Neither of you are any good to me as molten metal..."

2006-02-08, 05:22 AM
Streets, Iacon

Deliberata's transport floated down the street. The horde of Sharkticons, Allicons, slaves, and other lower life-forms that filled the city dove out of the way as soon as they saw the Judge, many of them prostrating themselves on the ground. For his part, Deliberata was blind to their actions; such lesser beings were useful only as grist for the Quintesson war machine.

He hardly even noticed the bump when the transport ran over a civilian who had been too slow to get out of the way.

2006-02-08, 06:31 AM
Road Block looked over to Bomb-Burst.

"Ready?" He asked.

2006-02-09, 12:43 AM
[CES Facility:[/b]

Cenotaph: -right arm snaps up, aims at Doublecross, blades sliding out along his lower arm- "My, but you`re ugly." -lower arm launches, wire guided and gyro stabilized, flying at Doublecross-

Terminus: -stalks towards Onslaught, energo-scythes slashing at the Combaticon leader-

Maelstrom: -misslies exploding across his upper works- "Bugs are heavy this year...." -aims and fires at Blackstar-

2006-02-09, 05:27 AM
Tunnels, Polyhex

"Of course," Bomb-Burst hissed to Roadblock. "We will not fail."

Turning to Breaker, the bat-headed Pretender inclined his head slightly, an almost respectful gesture. "Go. Now. Your target awaits."

Aero Blade
2006-02-09, 06:57 AM
"Indeed it does..." Breaker answered simply, then slipped into the darkness of the tunnels leading up into the smelting facility, dissapearing rom their sensors. "...And good luck with yours..."

2006-02-09, 07:33 AM
Doublecross snarls. Cross goes to chomp down on the flying arm, aiming at the base where the wire is attached and avoiding the blades.

2006-02-09, 08:10 PM
Eiramnna and Haras kept pace with the judges transport, stopping momentarily to mug the civilian the judge had run over...

2006-02-09, 08:27 PM
CES Research Facility

Derby muffled a shriek into a stoic grunt as his rear scanners reported Cenotaph coming upon him. His tires spewed smoke before traction took hold and the truck zoomed away from his pursuer. Doublecross' rescue relieved him, but he worried about how the Monsterbot could fare against a Guardian.

"Cover me!" he shouted as he skidded around the battlezone, searching for better cover. "I've got it - I've got the frequency! Just keep 'em off me or we're gonna have an army on our back!"

If we survive long enough for them to get here, that is!


Iacon: Airspace

OCL was not pleased. Not that satisfaction was part of his programming; indeed, he'd never truly felt a full emotion. But he had been given orders to track down the insurgents, and though he could be sure after a rigorous to-the-inch search of Iacon's underground that they were not in the city, he still felt he had failed. He cruised slowly across the darkened sky, his squadron in tow.

"OCL to General Ghyrik," he commed. "Rebels have escaped pursuit. Thorough sweep confirms they have fled Iacon territory. Returning to refuel. Awaiting orders."

2006-02-09, 11:25 PM
CES Facility

Cenotaph: -retracts lower arm, narrowly avoiding Cross` teeth, swings cannon arm up, fires at the Monsterbot-

Mercykiller: -looks down at Derby- "Don`t worry, little guy. We don`t need backup." -aims at Derby, fires megaparticle cannon at the Autobot-

2006-02-09, 11:30 PM
The shot missed Doublecross ricocheted off a support beam and nailed the Monsterbot square in the back sending him spiraling out of control.

2006-02-10, 02:20 AM
CES Facility:

Cenotaph: -tracks the falling Monsterbot, fires again-


Kick Off: -brings the cycle`s battle systems online, guns engine, heads towards weapons lab-

2006-02-10, 03:04 AM
CES Research Facility

Derby skidded around a corner to find the merciful cover of a comm tower, but Mercykiller's blast struck the ground near him mid-slide, exploding the surface and sending the truck rolling. His engine whined each time his wheels were spinning against bare air, but his sturdy rollbar kept his momentum going until he finally teetered on two wheels before landing back in traction and taking off again in a panic.

"You'd better do something quick, Ginrai!" he called as he caught sight of Doublecross going down while trying to track his giant demon. "We're gettin' clobbered here!"

2006-02-10, 03:17 AM
CES Facility:

Mercykiller: -loping after Derby, firing again and again at the fleeing Autobot-

2006-02-10, 05:44 AM
Blackstar twisted again, luckly his speed allowed him to avoid the massive Quintessan's firepower. He transformed into his robot mode and landed behind a large wall and got onto his com-link.

"Could someone tell me what the slag those things are made out of!? I've taken out starships by using less firepower than what I just dropped onto that guy!"

2006-02-10, 06:26 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik looked up from the stack of reports he was wading through to reply to OCL's comm.

"Acknowledged," he said. "Refuel quickly; I'll have more work for you soon."

So the vermin have fled the city, he mused. The Imperial Magistrate will be pleased, when he returns.

Streets, Iacon

Deliberata's transport stopped a few feet away from a large set of double doors recessed into a city street. Seemingly not phased by the odd sight, the judge and his bodyguards (flanked on all sides by disposable Sharkticon goons, of course) streamed out of the vehicle.

"From here, we head underground."

With a tap of a button on a remote control, the doors began to slide apart.


As he drew within sight of the enemy lab, Cobalt eased off on his throttle.

"You two should stay here," he told Gunrunner and Kick-Off. "I can head in by myself and do a bit of recon. Scope out the security, and the like."

Even as he said it, the covert ops officer realized how unlikely it was that his teammates would agree to his request.

2006-02-10, 09:04 PM
Eiramnna and Haras took positions in the fore front of the force, sword and pistols at the ready. Their bikes were parked next to te transport, all security measures on.

2006-02-10, 09:16 PM
Doublecross his back torn open flaps his wings regaining control , his wings still miraculously functional

Doublecross looks up seeing the incoming shot he breathes fire on it from both his heads. The shot explodes mid air spraying him with shrapnel.

He retaliates with a volley from his rust ray rifle at Centopath before flapping away as fast as he can manage in his damaged state.

2006-02-10, 11:31 PM

Gunrunner, in his shell's cockpit, looked at Cobalt.

" Well ", the pretender started to talk, " you surely can recon the Quint's lab with high chances of success of evading detection... but my shell's reduces my energon signature. I can recon the lab too, maybe for the other side. What do you think Kick-Off?"

God Jinrai
2006-02-11, 05:53 PM
The semi began to burn red, and the cannons whirred to life.. the two dual barrel cannons opened up on Cenotaph, while the two mounted atop the trailer separated... as did ginrai. Godbomber separated, transforming, and in robot mode, rushed for Mercykiller, launching the warhead on his rocket launcher.. bringing his personal weapon from subspace- what appeared to be an assault rifle of some sort, and continued to lay down fire on mercykiller.

Ginrai remained silent as his trailer began to reconfigure into his super-mode body... but he rushed black convoy all the same, his own body glowing red. Lashing out with a fist of flame, he set himself to the task of taking black convoy out of the fight as quickly as possible

2006-02-12, 04:24 AM
Iacon: Outskirts

"Quickly," OCL buzzed in reply to Ghyrik's order. "Yes, General."

With the squad's approach on the city nearly complete, OCL descended and transformed to his tank mode to join the others on the Iacon Skyway in creeping through the city gates and toward the motorpool.


CES Research Facility

Derby's focus was primarily on his rear sensors and the giant that consumed their view. He swerved back and forth to avoid the destructive blasts as he buzzed around the roads beyond the facility, only glancing ahead occasionally to watch for turns. But his routine quickly failed him, and he returned to his rear scanners to find a shot lancing straight for him. He tried to swerve, but Mercykiller's blast impacted just next to him, blowing out his right rear tire and sending the pickup rolling through the air and over the edge of the roadway. Derby's side crushed into the wall of the main building, and he bounced off to land precariously on his roof, dazed with tires spinning.

God Jinrai
2006-02-12, 05:10 AM
as ginrai closed for his strike at black convoy, his optics caught out of the corner of his eyes, derby's situation.

"You're as good as dead now anyway... I gave my soldiers my word... now I plan to keep it." he spoke icily to black convoy... kicking back from his forward charge, shifting into his vehicle mode...


The drone warrior caught ginrai's jist, breaking his attack, and rushing for the now formed body of super ginrai.

Ginrai leapt skyward, interfacing with the trailer, the shoulder cannons attaching... and quickly detaching.. as godbomber split apart to form his armor.

" No one... not you... not any of your dark guardian companions.. not black convoy.. is taking any of my companions lives this day... "

Ginrai lurched forward on streams of flame, his twin cannons spewing deadly energy... and the godmaster steeled himself for the comming onslaught. but it wouldn't matter. they would get what they came for... and they would all live to see their guardian rise to defend them.

2006-02-12, 09:59 AM
Double: "time for a tactical retreat."

Cross: "we're running away."

Double: "it a strategic withdrawal."

Cross:"we're running like retro - rabbits."

Double:" well technically we're flying ."

Cross:"sssssssame difference."

Double:"well I thought it might be a good idea considering one of those nightmares ripped us to shreds."

Cross."well I ssssuppossse sssso ...."

Double : "anyway the big guns are duking it out now we'd just be caught in the crossfire."

Cross glances over his shoulder.

Cross: "definitely a good time to retreat."

Double " hey look down there."

Cross "it's our day glo trailbreakeresque friend."


Cross:"Thats what I just sssssssssaid."

Double:"not really you were waxing lyrical again.."

Cross:"do you want to argue or go help ssssave our friendsss aft."

Double:" lets do it ."

Doublecross flapped down .

Double:" Derby can you hear me?"

Cross:"coursssse he can hear you he's upsssside down not deaf."

Double:"he could be unconcious..."

Cross:"well don't just stand there."

Double :"you cant just move unconcious mechs you might do more damage you just have to make sure they're ok till the medic gets here."

Cross:"He isssss our medic."

Double:"ahh goood point."

Cross:" so we better save if we want all our damage fixed."

Double:"well i wasss thinking more along lines that he is a friend and comrade. "

Cross:"Whatever what shall we do next..."

Double:"it depends if he's unconscious."

Cross:" Derby can you hear mee, shall we put you back on your wheelssssss?"

2006-02-12, 09:22 PM
CES Research Facility

Derby groaned, finally letting go of the accelerator. A crunch followed as he switched to first gear before transforming to robot mode. He pushed himself to roll from his face to a sitting position against the wall.

"Oorgh, I'm fine," he muttered. "Got my tire. Can't drive..." As he rubbed his head, his face dropped into depressed self-loathing. "Oh, no, no! I lost the signal!"

Derby tried for a moment to search again for the frequency, but he knew it was too late. If they'd be calling for reinforcements, they could have already done so. In any case, his mission was interrupted by his own terror at the sight of the encroaching Mercykiller, and he scrambled up the wall to his feet with a shaky hand reaching for his pistol.

"Get out of here!" he shouted at his rescuers. "Get the cog! He'll kill us all if you let him!"

Derby's frustration with the situation and his respect for his comrades' vigilance accumulated in his balled fist, and his other hand raised to fire his pistol repeatedly at Mercykiller while he dashed sideways for the cover of a charge-wall.

2006-02-13, 01:58 AM
Blackstar looked at his power readouts on Shatterstar and smiled.

"Good I didn't think I used all my ammo taking out their defense weapons." He said quietly to his targetmaster partner.

"Yes, but we really need to find a way to cause these Quints problems or assist on the rally to get the cog."

"Someone not out to smash us, whats the plan since the 5 big and uglies are really making this a bit more difficult than it should be." He said into his com-link to his allies.

2006-02-13, 05:30 AM
CES Facility:

Deathbringer: -having watched the events unfold(and not seeing a target worthy of his skills), seeing Ginrai approach, chuckles, voice a dry hiss- "Better than nothing...." -steps forward, staggering slightly as the blasts intended for BBC slam home against his armor-

BBC: -optics narrowed- "For a time, Ginrai..... I would have concidered helping you. I really would have. But after coming here and killing what was to be their "command" unit..... well, Maelstrom would have killed him at the first opportunity, I'm sure.... I had to ask, why? I'm going to destroy the cog either way. There will be no grand victory for you, you Prime wanna-be."

Deathbringer: -scowling- "Inssstead, fool..... all you gain is DEATH!!!!!!"

BBC: -chuckles- "I love it when a plan comes together....."

Deathbringer: -cannons(mounted where his Guardian "wings" would be) drop down, locked onto the center of the Godmaster's mass- "Try the firesss of Hell." -cannons roar, twin Hellbores sending streams of destructive energy(damage rating 500 megatons/sec) at Ginrai-

Maelstrom: -still pouring fire at Blackstar- "You do understand what we were built for, right?"

Mercykiller: -rips up a section of wall, flings it at the rocket Godbomber fired, dodging the shot in the smoke and flame of the subsequent explosion, still following Derby, shrugging off his small arms fire like it was a slight sprinkle on a summer day- "Look, my inconsequential friend, you're dead either way. Why not just surrender yourself to it?" -keeps firing megaparticle cannon at Derby, ready to kick the wall down-


Kick Off: -looks over at Gunrunner- "Sounds like a plan."

2006-02-13, 07:30 AM
Doublecross fired his Rust ray rifle at Mercy Killer's left foot.

Double : "He's big"

Cross :"Well they ssssay bigger they are harder they fall."

Double : " need a distraction."

Doublecross swung his weapon up and fired at the ceiling , the supporting beams for the roof crumbled and rusted away instantly.

Cross:"time we went underground Derby."

Double:" back to the tunnels, cant fit down there."

He tugged at Derby's arm smd pointed to an acess way.

God Jinrai
2006-02-13, 10:13 PM
"Been there... Done that... and still here. " as the beams closed, ginrai fell into a tight spiral to his right, loosing one of his hand held cannons on Deathbringer's weaponry.

"And the last I checked... I was my own bot... YOU, on the other hand..."

to himself, ginrai spoke a silent prayer.. his body enveloped in masterforce energy, he began his attack... one hundred yards... sixty... forty... twenty.... five....

Mercykiller was right in his path... but if all went to plan... he wouldn't be... for long.

2006-02-13, 10:35 PM
CES Facility:

Mercykiller: -leaps, Doublecross' rust beam narrowly missing his foot, lands, sees Ginrai glowing, chuckles- "Look, little guy, an angel is coming to save you..... or to help you into the afterlife."

Deathbringer: -spins, tracking and leading Ginrai- "Jussst die already."

Mercykiller: -ducks as

Deathbringer: -fires at Ginrai's estimated impact point, hopefully past his point of no return, Hellbores roaring a sweet song of thermonuclear destruction-

God Jinrai
2006-02-14, 12:33 AM
"this is going to sting..." Ginrai winced, his optics narrowing as he blew through the hellbores' stream of destructive energy... he came to a stop in mid air, seemingly beyond repair... circuits visible and fried... armor scorched and melted... and slowly he turned his head to Deathbringer.

" Is that the best you've got?"

and in that moment, the most bizzare thing occured. the wounds began to sea themselves... the circuits that were fried... again functioning, reshaping themselves as if they were brand new. the godbomber command armor began to glow softly, and revert to its original shape. The mangled head of the godmaster was the first thing to complete its regeneration... and ginrai's optics narrowed.

"You threaten my friends... you try to kill me... I think I'm obliged to return the favor now."

The twin cannons he carried began to hum as masterforce energy began to restore their functionality, and energy began to build within them.

Bringing both of his cannons down, he focused heaven energy through the twin cannons... his leg cannons also whirred to life...

"Here's to you, Mercykiller... for what you tried to do to a close friend of mine."

Twin lances of pure light errupted from the cannons, followed closely by the rocket from the godbomber rocket launcher... the leg cannons did not as much as the main blast would, but they would soften the dark guardian's armor.

2006-02-14, 02:22 AM
Iacon: Motorpool

OCL paced slowly before the line of tanks being efficiently refueled and tuned up in synchronization. It was pleasing when things went efficiently, even small ones. He himself had been redone first, of course; when the process came nearly to its conclusion, OCL stopped in his tracks and clicked on his commlink.

"Refueling complete, General Ghyrik," he shouted over the noise of the motorpool. "Your orders?"


CES Research Facility

Derby continued to duck and weave between Mercykiller's blasts as effectively as he could, knowing that even a glancing hit would at best vaporize a limb or three, but it preoccupied him so that he could hardly get a return shot in. He recognized that it mattered little, and in the heat of the exchange as he ran along the back of the charge-wall, he realized...

This isn't working!

A moment of daring took him a bit carelessly away from his cover, and a megaparticle blast obliterated the ground just next to him, sending him somersaulting to land on his side. Thankfully, Doublecross' rust blast caused the creaking overhang to descend quickly, its edge clanging against the top of the wall and giving them a moment's reprieve from the onslaught. Doublecross' hand on his arm helped him scramble to his feet and run toward the tunnel hatch.

"Seems we do our best work there, huh?"

Derby raised his free arm and fired a series of shots into the bothole cover, loosening its clamps sufficiently that one good stomp from the small Autobot collapsed it and brought him down into the quiet underground.

"Well, I guess it's up to us to find the cog while the fighters hold them off. Like my old buddy Bumblebee used to say, the least likely can be the most dangerous. So you're a supply guy - what's the plan?"

2006-02-14, 05:48 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik chuckled as OCL reported in; the triple-changing unit was so much more efficient than the rest of the rabble under the general's command.

"Lieutenant, your next assignment is a delicate one. Judge Deliberata has gone off on an ill-advised crusade, and because I told him he shouldn't go, he decided not to ask me for troops. He's headed down into the depths of the planet, and his paltry guard unit will be destroyed by the techno-organics before they reach the third underlevel. I want you to take a squad of your best men and follow the Judge's team. Protect him as best you can, but do it from a distance if possible. He would be offended if he knew I send backup."

The general tapped a command into his datapad.

"I'm sending you the Judge's route information now, as well as scout reports on the area he's heading into. If you feel you need extra troops, I will make them available to you."

Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata's entourage moved into the dark tunnels that honeycombed Cybertron's interior. At a signal from the Judge, two teams of Sharkticons ignited the torches they carried and moved to the front of the procession.

"Be careful," Deliberata said officiously. "There could be techno-organics or rebels anywhere."


Cobalt revved his engine, but waited for Kick-Off's response before doing anything the group might regret.

Once the Actionmaster had spoken, he made a disappointed noise.

"Very well. Be careful, Gunrunner. And you," he spun himself around so his front end was facing Kick-Off, "be ready to come in and back us up."

2006-02-14, 07:33 AM
Double: "we sneak nearer to cog using tunnels ."

Cross:"pop out and ssssteal the cog."

Double:"set fire to the facility to cover our retreat."

Cross: "we run like petro rabbits. Cons all burn to death."

Double : "quints you mean ."

Cross:"ohh yeesss old habitsss."

2006-02-14, 08:15 PM
Eiramnna and Haras maintained their positions in the entourage: Haras had his Chainsword out and ready, whilst Eiramnna was too busy evaluating their position in the convoy: they were just behind the first group of Sharkticons, and had stocked up enough on grenades so as to decimate any product willing to get stuck in melee:
what worried him though was the deceptively narrow nature of the tunnel, and the deep shadows in the holse and half tunnels that lead from it: good guerrila action for the enem,y and their forces could be decimated, leaving him and his brother no doubt dying getting the jusge to the transport.
Eiramnna began weighing his responsiblities.

2006-02-14, 09:01 PM
CES Facility:

Deathbringer and Mercykiller: -watch Ginrai regenerate with morbid facination-

Deathbringer: -chuckles- "Finally, a target worthy of all this effort. Unlike those combiner teams."

Mercykiller: "That one that got away was something of a challenge."

Deathbringer: -snorts- "They still ran." -brings matter eliminator cannon arm up- "This one just keeps coming back for more." -fires both Hellbores and the matter eliminator cannon at Ginra'si incoming salvo-

Mercykiller: -winces as Ginrai's leg cannon salvos slam into his armor, rolls away, comes up in a kneeling position, firing his megaparticle cannon at Ginrai-

Black Battle Convoy: -off to the side, sees Derby and Doublecross slip into the tunnel- "Either that big buffoon is smarter than I gave him credit for, or his troops have initiative." -thinks- "No. He is not that subtle." -heads back inside the facility- "I cannot keep my 'guests' waiting....."


Kick Off: -checking the readouts on his bike again- "Of course I'm ready."

2006-02-14, 09:48 PM
Iacon: Motorpool

"Follow," OCL repeated with his raised voice into his comm. "Yes, General."

After signing off, OCL looked over the lines of tanks objectively, and an empty smirk consumed his face. He'd been ordered to take a squad of his best men, but all his men were the best. To keep with his planned obsolescence subroutine, OCL selected the eleven who constituted the highest percentage of older parts, then transformed and led the crew toward the huge door that would take them out to the base proper.


CES Facility Underground

Derby nodded to Doublecross, heaving and still in combat mode from his life-threatening workout above.

"It's a good plan," he commented while reloading his pistol, keeping his voice just loud enough to be heard over the howling echoes of explosions outside the tunnel. "And with all the big guns busy outside, it'll be a snap. All right, let's move."

Derby activated the foglights on his shoulders to illuminate their way, glancing each way before taking a few careful steps in the direction of the facility's center. He kept to the side of the tunnel, hoping Doublecross would take the lead on this one...

God Jinrai
2006-02-14, 10:27 PM
ginrai ignited his boosters, rocketing up vertically, pulling into a loop.

"You guys just don't get it... I meant what I said. None of my crew... not even me... is dying today."

Ginrai's body once more was consumed in flame... and in a corkscrew spiral, he rushed Deathbringer.

"You're going DOWN!"

2006-02-14, 10:45 PM
Double and Cross exchanged glances

Double : " I think best if we go this way ."

points away from centre.

Cross :" if ssssomething ssssseems thisssss eassssssy then it probably is very difficult.

Double :" tunnels might be too obvious. We're going to take Swindle's Run a little trade secret among professional supply procurers."

Cross:" everyone knows Bots don't fly so we're going to come over the roof."

Double:" every bad tri vid production has heroes sneaking through sewers or ventilation system.

Cross :"now if you were an intelligent 'Con you'd probably guess we went underground, and they could have an intelligence officer analysing a vid feed assss we sssspeak sssooo...

Double :"thats where the Squeaker comes in our own little retro rat.

Cross: "Sssssssqueaker go bang again yeesss."

Double:" our little Friend will go along the tunnel here and when it comes adjacent to the liquid oxygen storage tank ...."


Double : "indeed kaboom we on the other hand are going up 3 sub levels and over there roof."

Cross:" when you are in the uhum sssssssssupply procurement bussinesssssss, you learn to be cunning."

2006-02-14, 11:58 PM

Gunrunner nodded to Cobalt.

" Don't worry, I'm not going to take any unnecessary risk ", the pretender said calmly.

He deactivated his energy based weapons, making his energon signature even more difficult to track, and engaged his vehicular shell. He rolled towards the lab perimeter, using the few and scattered ruins as cover.

2006-02-15, 06:24 AM

Cobalt watched Gunrunner depart with a note of unease, then transformed to robot mode. The covert ops specialist fired a gloom missile along his own approach vector. The missile detonated, blinding any sensors along that path with what appeared to be a cloud of natural (albeit overly thick) fog.

Transforming back to vehicle mode, he accelerated wildly towards the enemy facility, hoping to close the gap before the gloom cover dissipated.

Underlevels, Iacon

Delibarata's many faces each glared malevolently out at the shadows that surrounded his troopers. The Judge was no fool, and he fully expected to fall under attack by techno-organics several times along the journey.

As it happened, he didn't have to wait long for his prediction to be made true. A small (relatively speaking; it was about the size of a Sharkticon) catlike monstrocity launched itself out of the shadows almost immediately, tearing into the Quintesson lines.

In mid-flight, it lashed out with a deformed, clawed hand, decapitating a Sharkticon that was too foolish to clear out of the way. It landed in the middle of the group, then launched itself towards Haras.

2006-02-15, 08:10 PM
Haras raised his chainsword in a parry, but was forced on to his back because of the momentum. his brother Eiramnna began firing across the beasts back with his heat pistols, his main purpose to drive the beast ofhis brother.

2006-02-17, 04:58 AM
CES Facility, Interior:

BBC: -walks into the room that the cog storage vault is in, checks the room, making sure that all of the shielding is in place, that the only way for anybody to get to the cog involves going by him, leans against vault door, energo sword ready, laser rifle hanging from his hip- "Come on. I do not have all day......"

CES Facility, Exterior:

Deathbringer: "The lightshow is interesting." -leaps away, maintaining fire at Ginrai-

Mercykiller: -still firing at Ginrai-

God Jinrai
2006-02-18, 12:39 AM

Ginrai veered right slightly, and punched his boosters... dead ahead was the main entrance to the complex. 10000 yards and closing...

and all ginrai had to do was stay alive long enough to reach it.

2006-02-18, 05:08 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

The techno-organic squalked as Eiramnna's shots burned across it's back. It leapt off of Haras. Tiny droplets of acidic fluid fell from a small cut that the Quint trooper's chainsword had made in the creature's flesh.

With another lunge, it gutted a nearby Sharkticon. Before the disposable soldier's body hit the ground, the monstrocity had launched itself at Eiramnna.

2006-02-18, 06:21 PM
CES Facility: Tunnels

Derby turned to Doublecross, only flashing his headlights in the Monsterbot's face for a moment before averting them while he listened to the plan. It worked for him.

"All right," he agreed hurriedly. "But I can't fly. You'll have to lead the way. Get that Squeaker thing going and let's move."


Iacon: Underlevels

As the crew of tanks came into the first stratum of tunnels beneath the city-state, OCL stopped and transformed to robot mode, and the rest quickly followed suit. They weren't programmed for sophisticated subtlety, but OCL knew his engine would be hear for some distance. After quickly referring to the coordinates again, OCL marched off for the access to sub-level 2, his squad in tow.

2006-02-18, 06:25 PM
The retro rat scampered away into the tunnels and disappeared from sight.

Double:"follow me"

The monsterbot strode off towards a ladder leading upwards and startesd to climb.

2006-02-19, 01:18 AM
CES Facility, Exterior:

Mercykiller and Deathbringer: -keep firing at Ginrai, attempting to cut him off-

CES Facility, Interior:

BBC: -scowling at the comm panel on his arm- "Is it ready?"

Scientist: -over commlink, voice raised over screams in the background- "It is, uh... sir.... but......"

BBC: "But what?"

Scientist: "I don't think it likes the modifications-" -sounds of a massive barrage of weaponry going off, transmission goes dead-

BBC: -deactivates commlink- "On the contrary, I believe it likes them very much." -looks up at one of the sub monitors- "I had hoped to save this for Galvatron, but he does not glow......."

2006-02-19, 08:34 PM
CES Research Facility: Tunnels

Derby nodded, watching the retrorat scamper off before climbing up the ladder behind Doublecross.

2006-02-19, 08:39 PM
Doublecross came to a halt

Double: "here we are."

Cross:"jussst down thiss short corridor.

Double "Then just a uhum short hop."

Cross: "yess to the next building."

Double:"not scared of heights are you?"

2006-02-20, 03:19 PM
Blackstar watched Ginrai tear towards the entry way.

"Well flying in a building is not the best idea but." He transformed back into figther mode and tore behind the powermaster opening cover fire.

"This looks like the best course of action!" He yelled opening fire with Shatterstar and his other weapon systems.

God Jinrai
2006-02-20, 11:58 PM
with a few minor course corrections.. swaying and rolling, Ginrai managed to avoid the bursts comming from behind.. and it was then that he was upon the complex... and as the doors sealed before him, his flaming form burned through as if the doors were nothing.

"Now... if I can just pinpoint that blasted cog..." Ginrai muttered, noticing black and shatter star pursuing him.

2006-02-21, 12:32 AM
Eiramnna fell like his brother, shouting
"Damn this things fa-" as he fell: the technorganic had evaded most of his balsts and was now pinning his shoulders.

Haras had only just staggered up, the acid blood eating through his armour rather well: he saw his brither in trouble, and with a strangled roar, brought his buzzing chainsword on to the beasts shoulders.

2006-02-21, 01:51 AM
CES Facility, Interior, Cog Vault Exterior:

BBC: -looking at a monitor on the wall- "First, to make sure nobody else comes in." -hits switch-

CES Facility, Ginrai's Chamber:

-forcefield dome activates immediately after Ginrai enters, encompassing the whole, vast room-

BBC: -over speakers- "You know, I was actually expecting Galvatron. But you will do nicely. Do not bother to try to blast your way out."

-twin panels in floor slowly open-

BBC: "The fools in charge sent this over to be the actual test opponent for the Command Guardian, but I have a better use for him..... I think it is a him....."

-sounds of strained hydraulics lifting something heavy start, as well as other nightmarish noises, a half eaten Quint scientist, quite dead, comes flying out of the hole, lands at Ginrai's feet-

BBC: "You may take heart that it is young. However, it has also been heavily modified."

Techno-organic: -rises into position, panel locking into position, cannons charged, radiating power and hatred, roars-

BBC: -chuckling- "To quote that old human card game, 'Tsuburu, eat that man'."

Techno-organic: -charges, anti-matter cannons blazing at Ginrai-

God Jinrai
2006-02-21, 10:27 PM
"Smart... REAL smart." ginrai groaned.

with a quick thought, ginrai separated from the godbomber armor, dropping to the floor, and out of the way of the anti-matter burst.

" Well now... if you're going to insist on being difficult..."

Ginrai lifted his two cannons, and began to focus masterforce energy into them.

Godbomber had know what was to be done... and laid down heavy cover fire... between the rocket warhead, and the bursts of heavy fire from his rifle, the techno-organic would be in for some significant degree of pain

2006-02-22, 03:40 AM
Iacon: Underlevels

OCL stopped abruptly at the sounds of shouts, roars, and melee weapons some way down the corridor. He listened for a moment before sheathing his heat rifle and turning to the line of double-file identical robots behind him.

"You four: circle around. You seven: with me. Stealth combat; remain unseen; remove kills from view."

The soldiers did not so much as nod before the four assigned snuck off through the adjacent corridors to form a perimeter around the fight ahead, while OCL led his crew toward a hatch that would lead down to the next level.


CES Research Facility

Derby came to the top of the ladder and stopped next to Doublecross while eyeing the destination.

"Used to be," he mused while subspacing his pistol and transforming to his battered truck mode. "Then I met those guys outside. This'll be no leakage."

Derby revved his engine and screeched off down the corridor, his flattened tire sparking as he struggled to maintain speed and control while he raced down the corridor.

2006-02-22, 05:50 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

The small, felinoid techno-organic's skin wasn't broken by the chainsword this time, but the pain of the attack caused the creature to leap away from Haras (and, in turn, get off of Eiramnna). The creature landed in the shadows, and for a moment it seemed to have left.

Then one of the Sharkticons got dragged in after it, a trail of oil and internal fluids snaking along the ground behind it.

2006-02-22, 07:28 AM
Doublecross watched Derby racing off

Double:"do you want to tell him we were going to try and carry him across in our claws."

Cross:"he sssseems to be having more fun this way ,"

Double "I sssssuuppose ssoo."

Cross:" Always with the negative waves Double, always with the negative waves."

Double :"ok but still best follow him to pick up the pieces."

2006-02-22, 08:05 PM
Haras wiped his arm across his forehead, and helped his brother up: his earlier attempts at chasing down an Autobot had left him in trouble: he wasn't one to make the same mistake twice, usually. Eiramnna grunted as he was heaved up, and inspected the claw wounds where the technorganic had pinned him: nothing too deep.
"The beast may come back: and it may attract others. My lord, suggest we tighten up the convoy a bit, and increase the pace?"

2006-02-24, 01:45 AM
Iacon: Underlevels

OC-041 held position long and quietly at the corridor intersection. He knew it was one of these, but which? The echoes made it hard to tell which way the ruckus came from. His head panned back and forth slowly while he deliberated, until in the shadows down the hall to his left he spotted something moving! He ducked back behind the wall and thought, if you'd call it that. He couldn't ask for reinforcements - they were spread too thin, and two of them in one spot would break the perimeter. He'd have to deal with the thing himself.

Decided, OC-041 spun around the corner and took light but long steps toward the technorganic. It was closer than his first guess had told him, and he quickly found himself taking a heaving swing of his sword through the darkness at what he hoped would be some vital part of the creature.


CES Research Facility

Doublecross' explanation was drowned out to Derby's audials by the echo of his wailing engine in the tight metal corridor. Besides, he was too busy concentrating on his steering. His terror was buried too deep to even be a disturbance: his entire focus was on keeping straight and gaining speed until the tunnel seemed to be pulled out from under him.

Just as he hit the low railing that served as his ramp, he lost traction on his flat tire and spun into the jump with minimal speed lost. He shouted in confusion as his bed ducked under, and for a moment that seemed forever, he stared through his windshield into the stars with total oblivion to the battle surrounding him. But the scene rotated quickly to the metallic horizon and some CE's visible beyond the complex. Gravity had taken over, and his nose swung down to show Derby the immense drop to the ground below just before his chassis smacked against the lip of the roof he was shooting for, raising his view as he flattened out to show him the distant corridor he'd just launched from.

He was too disoriented to understand the ecstacy of having survived he'd feel in a moment. He had also not thought to let go of the throttle since he'd hit the air, and the instant his back tires rocked back and struck the metal, they shrieked just enough to send Derby slowly toppling over the ledge.


The panic of the motion could only lead to a hasty transformation, and it was luck that his hands emerged from behind his doors just in time for the right one to clutch the edge of the building while his flailing legs slipped off. His body tumbled down, wrenching his shoulder through an unpleasant twist before slamming his face and torso into the top of the wall.


Derby intuitively threw his other hand up to grab the lip of the roof; he knew his savior arm wouldn't have the strength to pull him up. Unfortunately, neither did the other, and so he swung precariously, a bright orange blip hanging for his life.

"Aah," he shouted over his shoulder to Doublecross. "Little help?"

2006-02-24, 06:11 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata's tenticles flailed in indecision for a moment before he tipped forward (the closest he could come to a nod).

"Your point is well-made. Take a squad of Sharkticons with you, and your brother," he told Eiramnna. "You're on point. Stay within ten metres of the main group at all times."

The face that was currently pointed towards his Gatekeeper bodyguards took up the speech. "You two, take a squad each and cover the rear, to either side of the main formation. The rest of the Sharkticons, along with myself, will stay together in the middle."

G47-D and G31-R both saluted their liege, then moved off with their allotted troops.

2006-02-24, 07:33 AM
Doublecross watched Derby take off from the roof

Cross:"better than the Tri-Dee yesss"

Double:" Looks like he's made it just."

Cross:"he need's to kill the power right about now."

Double:"slag he's going over."

Doublecross flapped his wings strongly and launched himself into the air.

Cross:"what did i sssay too much power."

Double:"shall we leave the post battle analysis to later."

Cross:"ok, ok we're almost in position."

Doublecross swooped down rear claws extended

Double:"we're going to pull you up , but it might hurt a little if we have to dig our claws in."

Cross:"of courssse falling 3 storeys to your death might ssssting a little too."

Double:"and you accuse me of negative vibesss."

Doublecross got a tight grip on Derby and flapped.


A small deadly shape scampered through the tunnels intent on only one thing.

2006-02-24, 08:58 PM
Eiramnna eagerly took command.
"Haras! Help me herd these things! We're on point. Keep it simple: Tight, fast and quiet!"
The two storm troopers took the sharkticons that had been with them at the attack: they knew what to expect from them in the event of another attack, which weas for the best.
Haras lead, whilst Eiramnna kept the things inline from the back.

2006-02-25, 02:38 AM
CES Research Facility: Roofs

Derby wasn't about to say no to the help, so he just gritted his teeth and took it as Doublecross sank his talons into the medic's already hurt shoulder. As soon as they were clear of the roof, Derby waved up for his savior to drop him onto the roof, where he landed on his knees. Heavily respirating, he rose to his feet and drew his pistol in his good hand, which immediately went to clutch his shoulder.

"Primus, last time I do that... All right buddy, where to from here?"

2006-02-25, 05:40 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

The sound of the various groups of Sharkticons shuffling position effectively covered the sound of OC-041's approach. The techno-organic didn't sense the mech's presence until it's blade was within a foot of the monstrocity's hide. The creature couldn't dodge the attack in such a short period of time, but it managed to move around enough that the blade only glanced off it's shoulder. The impact of the attack sent it falling to the ground, acid blood spraying from the wound towards the attacker's face.

Deliberata watched the stormtrooper twins carried out his orders.

Effective troops, if a bit unimaginative, he decided haughtily as his own unit of Sharkticon guards reformed around him.

The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Imperial Magistrate's entourage had toured the grand corridors of Darkmount, inspecting the city's operations and (if the Magistrate's current selection of face was any indication) floating away very impressed with what they saw.

The group now emerged into the area that held the infamous Smelting Pools. The collection of courtiers, hangers-on, bodyguards and soldiers spread out around the massive area, taking the sight in with varying degrees of approval and awe.

2006-02-25, 09:20 AM
CES Research Faculty :Rooofs

Cross:"ssssseee the ventilation tower over there, the one with the ssssstreak of russst sssshaped like a ssssspanner.

Cross points

Cross:" the target should be jusst below there, we blow open a hole in the roof and go straight down grab the cog and we're away."

Double :"our ssuprise package ssshould be in place soon, Kaboom , big tank full of highly flammable gasss goes up and that ssshould give us a distraction we need.

Cross: "We have a little while befor Sssssqueaker is in possistion."

Double : "it will give usss a little time to rest and plan our escape after we have the cog and maybe fit in ssome light maintenance."


CES Research Facility : underground

The small shape came to a T junction , he paused and sniffed the air looking right and left he turned left and scurried on his deadly mission.

Aero Blade
2006-02-25, 06:16 PM
In the rafters of the smelting facility, hidden among the twisting, mazelike network of pipes, Breaker waited patiently as the Imperial Magistrate finally made his appearance. Finally, it was almost time, but he still had to wait, for when the moment was right and he could cause the most confusion to keep their attention on him instead of where he others would be working in the prison area.

Waiting would be no problem for him, he could stay there for as long as he wanted. As long as he had survived, he had learned very early on how to be very patient, and with all of the stealth and disguising equipment that the Quintessons themselves had made him with, he knew they would not be able to detect him until he made his move. He had been built a predator, and he knew how to wait, plan, and calculate how to execute his moves to his best advantage. And when he did finally make that move...for all that he had to endure in the past...he intended to make it lethal...

2006-02-26, 03:15 AM
CES Facility, Testing Chamber:

Techno-Organic: -roaring, meets Godbomber and Ginrai's incoming fire with blasts from his anti-matter cannons, pouring on the firepower-

CES Facility, Cog Vault exterior:

BBC: -watching on a monitor- "That should keep him occupied for a while......." -checks chronometer- "I'm going to mangle them for making me wait......"

2006-02-26, 04:02 AM
Blackstar quickly rolled to the side to avoid being slagged by the techno-organic.

"What the slag is that!?" He asked firing at the beast.

God Jinrai
2006-02-26, 07:57 PM
Godbomber flanked up and to the left.. Ginrai dove forward and to the right... comming up from a shoulder roll.. and rushed forward

mentally, he sent a signal to godbomber to initiate the merger again... and with a leap, the two merged.. and from above, he opened up on the techno-organic with his masterforce strike

"No more."

2006-02-26, 08:04 PM
Techno-Organic: -wreathed in a corona effect as the "Masterforce strike" hits, staggers-

BBC: -over wall speakers- "Didn't I mention? I was prepared for Galvatron, not a couple of mere underlings."

Techno-ogranic: -roars again, weapons charged with absorbed Masterforce power as well as anti matter, returns fire, blazing away at Blackstar and Ginrai-

2006-02-26, 08:48 PM
Iacon: Underlevels

As an Overcharge, OC-041 had braced himself and prepared for evasive, defensive, and counter-offensive maneuvers to the beast's retaliation. However, he was unexpectant of the threat posed by the acid blood, and a forceful deluge burned his face profusely. He stifled the seering pain to maintain the quiet he'd been ordered to keep, his mouth instead wrapping into a twisted snarl while the metal on his face corroded away. The grisly Overcharge kept his focus on the mission at hand, and his one still good optic led him to lunge at the technorganic with his sword aimed to impale the creature's neck.


On the level below, the hunting party fared better in their pursuit of a hideous bipedal technorganic. After a scuffle leading to the killing blow, OCL ordered two of his troops to drag the beast out of sight, unaware of the thin trail of blood it left behind...


CES Research Facility: Roofs

In spite of the resounding laser fire and explosions surrounding the facility, Derby was thoroughly relieved at Doublecross' timeframe, and he collapsed on his aft to rest.

"You sure know a lot about this place. Been here before?" he huffed. "So what's the quickest way out once we're in?"

The moment was a great help for Derby to recover his bearings. Still seated, he set his pistol on the rooftop and withdrew his laser scalpel, eyeing his mangled shoulder while the diagnostics ran before turning again to Doublecross.

"You need any work done? Hypotronic oath - gotta work on you first. I think. I never did go to school for this."

2006-02-26, 09:53 PM
Doublecross glanced in opposite directions

Cross: "mechs in the supply business tend to get around."

Double:"we used to have to scavenge whatever we could when we were fighting the Cons and nothing much has changed since the Quint's came."

Cross:" we collect geographical information when we can."

Double:"We um inherited Beachcomber's files and lots of data when we overan that old Con security HQ."

Cross:"lazy Quintsss tend to adapt rather than build own."

Double:"Sharkticons make terrible Construction workersss."

Cross:We took a little damage on our back.."

Double:"think theres a shard blocking our transformation circuitry.."

Doublecross tried to transform and failed

Cross:"definitely something wrong..."

2006-02-27, 10:46 PM
CES Research Facility: Roofs

Derby hobbled to his feet and proceeded slowly around to find the trouble spot on Doublecross' back.

"Oh, I see the problem. It looks like it's just a jam. I can take care of that in a jiffy."

The window panel in Derby's right leg opened, and out slid a modified gun holster containing his toolbox. He pulled it out, allowing the holster to return to position, and he withdrew his cyber-calipers to pluck out the obstruction.

"Thanks for the save back there, by the way. I owe you one. Slag, I owe you a million."

Derby's tone was muted so as to keep the patient from laughing while the metal tab was slid out from its unwelcome home. Derby tossed it aside and pulled out his soldering laser, which he guided by the light of his headlamps into the wound to reconnect the circuit breaks.

"That oughta do it. Try it out, see how it feels."

2006-02-27, 10:58 PM
Doublecross transformed

"MmAany TtHhAaNnKkSS."

two voices hissed as one

The left hand spoke

"although we prefer our other form "

followed by the right

"much easier when not sharing one head."

The middle head spoke again

"PpLlUuSs JjAaWwSs DdOoNn'Tt MmAaKkEe GgOoOoDd HhAaNnDds."

Doublecross transformed back

Double: "an excellent job thank you ."

Cross:"don't worry itsss nice to be part of a team again."

Double:"anything we can do for you?"

Cross:"or can you hold your own ssscalpel."

2006-02-28, 01:40 AM
CES Facility, Exterior:

Maelstrom: -looks at the reamining rebels outside- "My, my. Your hyperthyroidic friend seems to have departed....."

Cenotaph: "Is that a word?"

Maelstorm: -shrugs- "Does it matter? Looks like Galvatron and his soon to be dead lackeys have been abandoned." -brings arm cannon up, fires at Swindle- "Orders are still the same. Kill them all."

Cenotaph: -fires at Vortex-

Pyre: -sends streamers of thermonuclear flame at Pointblank-

Terminus: -still slashing away at Onslaught-

Mercykiller: -targeting Brawl and Blast Off, blazes away at them with his egaparticle cannon-

Deathbringer: -cuts loose at Galvatron with the full force of his Hellbores and plasma cannons-

CES Facility, Interior:

BBC: -over speakers for Ginrai to hear- "So good of you to come in like this. It will allow the CES to cut your friends to pieces............"

2006-02-28, 05:46 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

The feline techno-organic dodged, then let out a fuel-curdelling shriek as OC-041's blade severed the equivilent of the creature's jugular vein. Acid blood gouted out in all directions, but the monstrocity could do little but sink to the floor and wait for death.

2006-02-28, 08:12 PM
Eiramnna kept his pistols out at the ready. The sharkticons were maintaining a good pace, and he and his brother were keeping them in line with minimal fuss.
Eiramnna was unhappy: the first oppurtunity to impress his lordship had passed unfullfilled, and now he and his brother were surely judged to be lower than they truly were. Eiramnna knew he would have to keep his brother in check: if he was thinking the same thing, he could lose control in an urge to regain standing in the Judges eyes.

2006-03-01, 05:59 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

Judge Deliberata canted his body to one side when he heard the scream emitting from the shadows, but didn't slow down to think what had caused it.

"Trooper," he called up to Eiramnna, "You should see a stairwell up ahead soon. We'll be going down it."

The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Imperial Magistrate floated backwards slightly, then settled down on the specially-crafted judicial throne that had been placed there for him. He watched impassively as the High Inquisitor and Grand Executioner shuffled to their respective positions, followed by other members of the royal court.

Once everyone was in place, the Magistrate's voice boomed out.

"Bring out the first prisoner!"

Cells, Polyhex

Needlenose didn't want to die.

That wasn't a particularly surprising feeling, in and of itself. After all, no rational being ever truly wants to see it's own life come to an end. But few beings ever saw death coming from as far off as Needlenose and his fellow POWs had. For months now, the Quint guards had taunted them, telling them how they would be killed for the amusement of the Imperial Magistrate.

And now the Imperial Magistrate was here. The guards had already started leading some of his fellow prisoners up towards the smelting pools, executing on site any who dared to resist.

Needlenose didn't want to die...but he couldn't think of a single thing that he could do to prevent it.

God Jinrai
2006-03-01, 06:53 PM
closing his distance with the techno organic, ginrai spiraled and juked avoiding the oncomming firepower.

"You may have prepared for galvatron.. but this little piece of scrap has NOTHING on ME."

His body encased in flame, the godmaster surged forward, drawing back his right fist.

" You see... I can dish it out just as good up close and personal... as your dark guardians can.. and then some!"

His right fist swung forward, encased in flame, the blow to land just above where its nose would have been

2006-03-01, 09:09 PM
CES Research Facility

Derby grinned at Doublecross for the generosity.

"Well, I am a lefty, but I think I can manage myself."

Derby filed his soldering laser away in favor of a laser scalpel, and he began cutting away at the seams in his armor so as to get a better view of the damage.

"So once we're in there, how do you propose we get ourselves out? Those huge creeps will be waiting for us."

As his front side panel clattered to the rooftop, Derby grimaced at the sight of the bent metal, misaligned cogs, and leaking cables. But his pain receptors were off, so he set to work with his scalpel to cut away the rent nonessentials.


Iacon: Underlevels

OC-041 hid his horror that the technorganic had been so inconsiderate as to disobey the Lieutenant's orders! In a silent panic, he clubbed the creature on the head with the hilt of his sword, grabbed its hindlimbs with both arms, and dragged it slowly into the corridor to find a place to hide it away.

2006-03-01, 11:01 PM
Double:Well if you've got a suitable tool we drill a hole in the roof"

Cross:" as long as the materials not too thick."

Double :"Then we drop a mini camera down there and assess the situation."

Cross:"hopefully they don't spot it and are waiting for us."

Double: We position you facing towards the biggest concentration of Con's"

Cross:"Quintssss even."

Double:We blow Squeaker and explosion should distract and maybe injure the Cons and take out the power relay for this sector ."

Cross: "We hope and itssss Quintssss"

Double: old habitsss, then we blow a hole in the roof you turn on your lights to dazzle any Conss um Quints looking our way I drop a flash bang grenade in the hole. I grab your winch cable jump in the hole spool down, zap any protective case with the rust ray rifle. Grab the cog, you reel me up , i hop in your loadbed , you aim for side of building , rev up to full speed and then we fly you out of here.

Cross: "alternatively ssssssome defensssssssive mechanisssm on a back up generator cuttsss uss to shredss and you flee the way we came."

Double:optimist isssn't he."

2006-03-02, 08:12 PM
Calling it a stairwell as optimistic, thought Haras: he looked down at the large open hole where the "Stairs" started: each step seemed randomly harvested or scavenged, and not effectively put together. Just his approach had caused the contraption to creak rather unnevingly. The stairwell spiralled down into the dark, and light effectively stopped after the first mile.
Haras picked up a pebble, and dropped it down the hole. He heard it ping, ting and ricochet for 20 seconds before it stopped. On closer inspection, he noticed on set of steps a few meters down were constructed out of technorganic remains. The lion like face contorted in its death spasm looked up at him blankly.
Haras turned and gave some quick hand signals to his Brother.
Not sure
Taking Lead.

Eiramnna signalled affirmative back to the larger storm trooper, and got the rear line to halt.

2006-03-03, 02:25 AM
*I'm going to just have to roll with this and hope it makes sense.*

Galvatron looked about, Jhiaxus was pushing back hard and it looked as though Pointblank was in a secure position, but there were a couple of his force that were unaccounted for.

Galvatron: This better be worth it...

Jhiaxus: I think we need more firepower...

Galvatron: Agreed...Combaticons, merge to form Bruticus!

The Combaticons responded in kind, forming the monster known as Bruticus. Meanwhile Highbrow rallied from his previous unknown position, delivering a bit of assistance to Pointblank.

Galvatron: Now, no more stalling...counteroffensive measures, flanking positions!

In an instant, the renegade force moved unexpectedly to flank their attackers, with Bruticus providing a massive amound of firepower on the center.

Galvatron: Ginrai had best be finding success...

2006-03-03, 04:34 AM
CES Research Facility: Roofs

Derby nodded along while listening to Doublecross' plan, his optics locked on his work on his arm. He winced now and again when he'd severe a fluid line or tingle a receptor he'd forgotten to turn off. SStill, by the time the Monsterbot was done with the debriefing, Derby was at work resetting his armor panel with his laser welder.

"Ooch!" he muttered in flexing his jury-rigged shoulder. "I hope that'll hold... Yeah, I've got all the tools we'll need for that. So let's go!"

Derby quickly filed away his tools in their box, hoisted it, and jogged off for the ventilation tower. He glanced around to make sure the Guardians were still distracted before climbing the short ladder to the top. Kneeling to keep from being the sore-thumb orange beacon he was, Derby promptly removed a laser drill from his toolbox and bored a hole in the fine mesh metal grating. The droning of the ventilation mechanisms kept him from being concerned with the drill's minimal buzz.

With a satisfactory hole cut, Derby returned the drill to his toolbox and carefully pulled out an internal medical camera, a tiny whirring antigrav orb that seemed like the slightest pressure would crush it. Derby released it in the air over the hole, then turned to the lid of his toolbox to guide it down. As the scope disappeared into the shaft, Derby turned to the monitor mounted next to the controls on the toolbox lid and watched the infrared images of the ventilation shaft's inside...

Brave Maximus
2006-03-03, 06:55 AM
From the left side of the smelting pools, a heavy blast door slide open. Eons of corrosion made it scream and squeal as it moved along it's tracks. A noise that seemed to fit the scene disturbingly well. Two Alligatorcons emmerged, their Halberds held in a formal manor as they marched out. It was obvious to any eye that they didn't consider anything a threat, especially the prisioner that they escorted out (neither did the two that followed behind the prisoner).

Not that they had any reason to be, the prisoner was not exactly awe-inspiring. Were they to be standing side-by-side, this Transformer would barely be a head taller than Bumblebee. His colours were miss-matched pale blue and purplely-pink. All of his weapon systems had been deactivated by the shackles. Yet dispite everything - he had an air of deffiance and confidence. It was as if the Alligatorcons were an honour guard for him and not his jailors.

Decibel took his place on the plank overhanging the pit. If his optics had of been weapon systems, the Imperial Magistrate would have been dead a thousand times over by now.

2006-03-03, 02:57 PM
CES Facility, Exterior:

Maelstrom: 'Oh, look. They're forming Bruticus. Deathbringer, show that archaic pile of scrap what true firepower is."

Deathbringer: -locks onto Bruticus' center of mass, opens fore with both Hellbores(500 megatons/second damage from each cannon), targeting the combiner's legs with his plasma cannons, firing-

Maelstrom: "Foolish, foolish Galvatron. We killed your pet monster once before. Now we can kill you as well."

Terminus: -slashing at Bruticus' side with his energo-scythes-

Pyre: -advancing on Pointblank's position, spewing thermonuclear fire at the targetmaster-

Mercykiller: -aims megaparticle cannon at Jhiaxus, opens fire-

Maelstrom and Cenotaph: -start slowly advancing on Galvatron, blazing away at the Decepticon leader with their arm cannons-

CES Facility, Interior:

Techno-Organic: -lurches backwards, hissing and spitting, cannon arm still tracking Blackstar, firing anti-matter blasts at the flying Decepticon, roars, slashes at Ginrai-

Cog Vault:

BBC: -opens vault, pulls cog out, subspaces it, closes vault, checks mission chrono again- "Pathetic. Those two should have been here by now..... What kind of commandos are those two Autobots, anyway?"

Brave Maximus
2006-03-03, 09:29 PM
The sound of battle was inescapeable. The noise and light and destruction were a beacon for miles. For most of the current inhabitants of Cybertron, it was a warning flare - but for one, it was hope. Hope for closure.

18 heavy wheels thundered across the Cybertronian landscape at 200 mile per hour. Twin missile launchers dropped in a pair of H.E.AT. (High Explosive Anti-Tank) Missiles, targeting the apparent leader of the Quintesson forces attacking Bruticus (Maelstrom). It felt wrong to help a Decepticon, but squashing that emotion was pure hatred for the Quintessons.

Once he was close enough, Thunderclash fired the missiles at his target, instantly a new pair loaded up - ready for the next volley.

2006-03-03, 09:47 PM
(ooc at a guess Sgt Bilko and Radar from MASH)

"what can you see Derby" asked Double anxiously


Beneath the facility Squeaker reached his final destination.
He stopped next to the Storage tank underneath the Cog vault and some of the rest of the facility. Extending his claws he crawled up its side until he was in optimum position.

God Jinrai
2006-03-03, 10:38 PM
Ginrai held his ground, and focused...

"Let's see how HOT you can handle things, freak."

The flame aura around him abruptly shifted hues... from the orange and red hues to a bluish white one... the flames even more focused, and about a thousand times hotter.

Ginrai lashed his hands out, taking a grip on the techno's limb, and began to squeeze... leg cannons came online, and let loose on the beast's eyes

2006-03-03, 10:52 PM
Squawktalk waited for his next order

"so what's the plan again , I mean what is my role should I wait here or maybe e could distract the guards or something, make a bit of noise take a few random shots that kind of thing, what do you think, i know its not the best plan in the world but i think we can pull it off , oh yes definitely a possibility."

2006-03-04, 01:44 AM
Galvatron could be heard chuckling...

Galvatron: You think I wouldn't prepare for that? Fools!

Bruticus took to the air with previously unseen speed, the outside help aiding him in his liftoff, his parts actually switching, pushing Blast Off to the feet region, providing a rapid boost. As he turned, what was once Onslaught's cannon began to return fire on his attackers.

Jhiaxus meanwhile was not impressed in the least.

Jhiaxus: You have no idea who you are dealing with whelp...

Taking aim, Jhiaxus counters Mercykiller's volley with a particle accelerator blast.

Jhiaxus: Perhaps...we need to have a bit more fun!

Taking to the air, Jhiaxus looked to engage his opponent, hand to hand.

Pointblank and Highbrow meanwhile sat, trenched in. Pyre's attack was starting to deplete their cover, but Pointblank as always remained cool as he began to fasten on a scope onto his rifle.

Highbrow: What are you doing?

Pointblank: I need a distraction...

Highbrow: Hell...why do I think that's where I come in?

Pointblank merely smiled as he rolled to a new position. Highbrow meanwhile took to the air, drawing heavy fire from Pyre.

Pointblank: One...good...shot...

Locked and loaded, Pointblank opened fire.

Galvatron was not amused either...he had nearly had enough of stalling. He longed for combat...and Maelstrom and Cenotaph were the closest in range. From his cannon mode, he quickly launched a volley at Cenotaph, then absorbed some heavy punishment as he sprung back to robot mode, and charged at Maelstrom, much to his surprise.

2006-03-04, 03:13 AM
CES Facility, Exterior:

Mercykiller: -slashes at Jhiaxus with his claws, whipping his megaparticle cannon around and firing on Highbrow-

Pyre: -chuckling, rivulets of fire dribbling from his mouth, advancing into Pointblank's fire, firing back at the Targetmaster-

Cenotaph: -staggers, looks at the smouldering patch on his chest- "I see why Black Convoy wanted us here. I felt that...."

Maelstrom: -looking down at Galvatron as he charges- "PerhaUUHHNN!!" -lurches as Thunderclash's missiles slam into his back- "More of them. Lovely. Cenotaph, kill the one that just shot me." -starts running towards Galvatron- "Time to see how flat I can stomp that runt...." -fires plasma cannon at Galvatron as he charges-

Deathbringer: -dodging to the side- "Upgraded, huh. Good. Maybe this time you'll be a challenge......" -boosters on back and feet roaring, lifts into the air, Hellbores and plasma cannons blazing away at Bruticus-

Terminus: -unable to fly, pivots, charges towards Jhiaxus-

Cenotaph: -looking at Thunderclash in the distance- "What is it with these people and semi rigs. They'd do better with tanks." -starts to run towards Thunderclash, speeding up as the turbo systems built into his legs kick in, cracking the sound barrier as he goes-

Brave Maximus
2006-03-04, 04:54 AM
(OOC: This is going to hurt!)

"Who said I'm not a tank - reject!"

Thunderclash turned his tires slightly and aimed himself at Cenotaph. He dropped into his highest gear, his turbomaster engine roaring to full life, energon exaust flaring from his stacks. His ramming prow was aimed right at Cenotaph's shins and he was still accellorating.

Inside though, he was still calculating. His launchers had his last HEAT missiles. He fired them off. They exploded just infront of the CES member, the shockwave aimed at messing with the members speed, while far enough ahead to not slow the speeding semi.

2006-03-04, 05:31 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The crowd of gathered Quintessons let out a roar as the prisoner was escourted onto the execution platform. The raucous cries came mostly from the lowbrow workers that clustered around the edges of the proceedings. The higher-caste Quintessons closer to the front remained quiet, but even they had an air of anticipation about them. Prisoners were executed every day on Cybertron, but it was rare for such a specticle to be made of it. The method of execution, too, was increasing the bloodlust of a crowd that already had a significant grudge against Transformers.

The High Inquisitor floated forward slightly, his tenticles writhing at his sides as he turned to face Decibel.

"Before the Imperial Magistrate delivers his verdict, would you like to beg for your life? It sometimes helps, but not often."

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst glanced down at Squawktalk.

"Distracting the enemy," he said. "That. Is as good an idea as any."

After a moment, though, the Pretender thought of something else.

"Also. If you can. Record the battle. We can use the footage later. As propaganda."

He shifted his gaze to Roadblock. "Unless you need him elsewhere. Of course."

Underlevels, Iacon

Judge Deliberata slowed to a halt along with the rest of his procession. The Magistrate's current dominant face bent into a frown.

"What seems to be the problem?" he demanded loudly and tactlessly.

Aero Blade
2006-03-04, 06:05 AM
As their first prisoner was escorted in and put into place in preparation for the execution, Breaker was readying himself as well. He took his time to ready and raise his riffle, carefully callibrating his aim as he focused in on a spot between the eyes on the current forward face of the Imperial Magistrate, then simply waited, the rest of his sensors tuned into everything else that was occuring. It would not be long now...

Brave Maximus
2006-03-04, 07:17 AM
"You must be kidding me." Decibel said with a laugh

"Let me out of these restraints and I'll solve all of your ugly problems." He said, with a noticable growl to the Inquisitor.

"When I get free, I will personally take great pleasure in ripping out your tenticles and shoving them up your......."

One of the Alligatorcon guards smacked Decibel behind the head before he could finish his sentence. Decibel's optics flared as he waited for the Quintesson pronouncement.

2006-03-04, 09:39 AM
Tunnel Polyhex

Squawktalk hopped from foot to foot.

"yes that I can do me and ole Beastie are good at the ole distraction give them a light and sound show they'll never forget yes , something that will blow there diodes, yes it will. The propaganda film is as good as in the can just up my street . I was runner up you know before the war at the Cybertronian Academy Film and Tri -Dee Awards, The C.A.F.T.A's in best factual documentary. You may have seen my work it was , a sort of day in the life of an Empty story , pump warming stuff it was, his whole story compressed into 1 cycle , decline from honest citizen to homeless scavenger. I've still got the footage somewhere if you'd like to see it , no problem . "

Beastbox muttered something and shook his head.

"Beastbox wants prisoners, say we can take prisoners and then Beastbox will interrogate them good yes, make them sing like robo -canary, ahh yes there screams as they beg to tell me what me want to know will be like music to my Audios yes."

2006-03-04, 11:50 PM

" Slag! ", muttered Gunrunner when he detected a pair of Sharkticons aproaching him.

Gunrunner stopped behind some old ruins. He scanned the surrounding area, but the results weren't satisfactory.

" Cobalt, I've detected a Sharkticon patrol heading directly to my position ", he informed using an ultra-security and encrypted low radio frequency. " I think I can move to another cover, but without a distraction I'm not gonna make it."

2006-03-05, 02:53 AM
Roadblock was running checks making sure his weapons were fully armed and ready to go.

"I agree Bomb-Burst that would be the best use for Beastbox and Squaktalk. As soon as Breaker attacks we rescue are comrades." He said as his humaniod shell began readies his plasma cannons.


Blackstar avoided being hit by the techno organic and the other targets firing at him on the other hand he didn't miss the large number of boxes and cargo in front of him.

He transformed and lay on the ground. Shatterstar beside him.

"Good landing." He said as Blackstar stood up and took cover with Shatterstar transforming back into gun mode.

"Hey any landing you can walk away from is a good one." Blackstar said checking for damage, some dings and dents in his armour but nothing major other than the dent to his pride how could have slammed into a group of boxes? He though to himself.

He did realise now he was quite a bit out of the Techno-organic's reach, sure he could shoot at him but striking him would be far more difficult. After checking himself for damage and seeing must of it was superfical he grabbed Shatterstar and opened fire at the Techno-Organic's face.

2006-03-05, 04:15 AM
CES Research Facility: Roofs

Derby glanced over his shoulder at Doublecross, then nodded toward the monitor on the inside of his toolbox lid.

"Take a look..."

The monitor continued panning down, its rate slowing as it neared the bottom of the ventilation shaft. It stopped, and the camera rotated downward to show the grate where the camera was stuck. Derby fiddled with the controls to get a better view; the camera rotated until one wall below the grate was visible, with the unguarded blast-shielded door of the cog vault partially in view. The angle did not betray the black Autobot-shaped head waiting not far away...

"That must be where they're keeping it," Derby concluded.

He watched the monitor for a few moments more, playing with the view until he decided that there wasn't anything more to see. Derby closed the toolbox, stood, stowed it in his leg, and transformed to truck mode. He dropped his winch hook to the ground while he backed up toward the roof's edge to give Doublecross room to plant the bomb.

"Ready to go for a ride, mate?"

2006-03-05, 06:36 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The High Inquisitor glared down at Decibel from his prosecutor's podium.

"Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!"

Two large Gatekeeper bailiffs stepped forward as he spoke, brandishing stun prods threateningly. They stopped at the base of the plank and glared at the prisoner.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded to Roadblock, then allowed his shell to split open. After his inner robot stepped out, the vampiric covering sealed back up again. Now standing beside his shell, the predator replied to Beastbox (in a far more normal-sounding voice than what the shell produced).

"No promises. If any enemies survive. You can do whatever you want with them."


Cobalt frowned as he heard Gunrunner's comm transmission. He kept his own voice low, so that the Quintesson workers standing on the other side of the pile of crates he was hiding behind wouldn't hear him.

I'm too far away to help him right now. Anything I do as a distraction will only reveal us to the enemy...but if he takes them down, the same thing will happen.

"I can't get close to you, Gunrunner, but I'll try and make a distraction. If you can't get to new cover, you'll have to kill the Sharkticons."

Flipping his comm to another channel, he said, "Kick-Off, light it up! We're about to have a fight on our hands!"

The covert ops specialist quietly drew and ignited his energo-cutlass, all the while hoping that what he was about to do wouldn't doom his comrades to death. His misgivings didn't show in his actions, though. Without even hesitating, he stepped out from behind the pile of crates and decaptitated the two nearest workers.

Understandably, all the other nearby Quints screamed and ran off.

Here we go...

2006-03-05, 07:45 AM

Kick Off: -scowls-, punches up targeting solution on the holodisplay over his Turbo-Cycle's handlebars- "Here we go...." -missiles screaming away from the cycle's sidecar, warheads popping open over the facility, filling the air with bomblets, whistling as they started exploding around the facility's roof, three more missiles from the sidecar slamming high against the facility's wall- "Very nice.... I'm glad I stole you."

Turbo-Cycle: -engine coughs, dies-

Kick Off: -muttering- "Slaggit....."

Brave Maximus
2006-03-05, 09:43 AM
"I have nothing but contempt for this 'court'...." Decibel spat at the Inquisitor.

"Now, do what it is that you are going to do, and spare me this mockery."

The tiny Autobot had the audacity to turn his back on the Quintessons.

2006-03-05, 10:27 AM
(ooc puts on mission impossible theme tune.)

Cross: "wisssh me luck here goes

Doublecross extracted some explosives from subspace and spread them over the roof . Seeing he had some left over he placed it away from there entry position as a distraction.

Double looked up at Derby

"never know when your going to need an extra exit."

He produced a detonation unit and prepared it

Cross grinned showing his teeth

"one Squeaker"

He turned a lever on the detonator to the far left


Underneath the CES faculty the retrorats eyes flashed green twice then was no more taking the chemicla storage tank and hopefully the local power distribution grid wth it.


A loud explosion echoed through the faculty

Doublecross moved the lever to the central position

Cross:" two distraction gets them looking the way we want . "

He extracted two grenades from sub space one flash bang and one white phosphoous guaranteed to turn anything it touched into a burning torch.

The roof he'd mined disappeared in a flurry of metal the shaped charge sending shrapnel tearing through the room below.

Doublecross removed the pins and threw the grenades into the resulting hole.

Cross:"three entrance stage left while they're still blinded hopefully."

Doublecross moved the lever to the far right

the roof in front of them vanished again sending its deadly cargo of metal shrapnel down into the room below.

Doublecross dropped 2 more grenades down the second hole the same combination as before, then dropped a fragmentation grernade down each hole. lobbing one through the first hole and dropping the second one through the hole at his feet .

He attached the winch cable to himself

Double looked over at Derby

"get ready to winch us out of ther if anything goes wrong

He stepped up to the hole, clearly seeing the cog vault revealed by the monitor earlier he sprayed it with a burst from his rust ray rifle. Then he stepped forward and jumped

2006-03-05, 07:29 PM
CES Interior, Cog Vault anteroom:

BBC: -standing in the doorway to the room, facing Doublecross' back- "Not bad. You get an A for effort. This might have worked better if you'd been a little quicker." -fires laser rifle at the rope above Doublecross, trying to sever it-

2006-03-05, 07:44 PM
Doublecross swings round on the cable and fires a burst of his rust ray rifle at BBC and lobs a phosphorous grenade at him.

Doublecross flapped his wings just as the protesting cable gave way

Double opened a com channel to Derby.

"Ditch the winch idea theres an evil prime wannabe waiting down here for me, see if you can get a shot at him through one of the holes. see if you can get hold of any of the others Squeakers explosion might have given them a break and thery can come up behind him."

Doublecross landed behind the cover of the rust pitted cog vaut.

Cross:"ok Con you were lucky but you should have just shot me in the back , I've got wings you sssssee."

2006-03-05, 11:01 PM

The two Sharkticons aproaching Gunrunner's position stopped inmediatly when Kick- Off and Cobalt attacked. They turned left and ran towards the inmobile Kick- Off while raising his guns and aiming at the Autobot.

" Now it's time to action "

Gunrunner left his pretender shell and transformed into jet mode flying straight forward to the pair of Sharkticons. He destroyed them with a pair of shots of his backpack electro-static cannons. Meanwhile his shell ran towards the facility, firing to the nearby Quint's workers with Gunrunner's mounted rifle.

" Kick-off ", said Gunrunner via comlink, " need help? "

2006-03-06, 04:34 AM
CES Research Facility

Derby lurched backward when the cable snapped, and he immediately transformed to robot mode and rushed over to the smoking edge of the impromptu hole. He thought to turn on his foglights to see if Doublecross was okay, but his commando training came back to him, and he knew that surprise was the only way he'd best this guy. Besting someone! This wasn't part of the plan! Nevertheless, Derby stifled his nervousness behind a veil of heroism, and one hand pulled his pistol while the other grabbed the frayed end of his cable. He ran to the roof's edge and quickly tied the cable to a metal loop, then dashed back to the hole where he hesitated and stared down into the unknown.

No Primus to help you this time, kid. So help yourself!

Derby dove into the hole recklessly, his cable snapping out to set him swinging from his waist just below the hole in the cog vault chamber's ceiling. Dizzily, he took aim at BBC as skillfully as he could and fired haphazardly while the cable swung him about with little control.

2006-03-06, 04:51 AM

Kick Off: -thwacks the Turbo Cycle's engine housing, smiles as the engine roars to life- "I'm good. Let's go!" -drops cycle into gear, roars foward, guns blazing and missiles streaking away, raining destruction on the Sharkticons-

CES Facility, cog vault exterior:

BBC: -slaps the grenade back at Doublecross with the flat of his energo-sword, shakes head wearily- "I have missile launchers." -panels on shoulders pop open, micromissiles roaring at the Monsterbot

2006-03-06, 05:18 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Gatekeepers started forward, intent on punishing the insolent Decibel most horribly for his insult. They were stopped, however, by a gesture from one of the Imperial Magistrate's tenticles.

"Continue with the proceedings," the overlord demanded.

As if on cue, the High Inquisitor turned to him.

"Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?"

The five-faced judge nodded gravely. "I have."

The Inquisitor's tenticles quivered slightly. "Guilty or innocent?"

The magistrate's faces swivelled, bringing his Death visage to the forefront.


The crowd roared.

"Feed him to th-" The High Inquisitor broke off, and directed a shrug back towards the throne. "My appoligies. Drop him into the lava!"

With a feral grin on his face, the Grand Executioner pulled the lever that activated the plank, and the thin piece of metal fell away from under the Autobot prisoner's feet.

The crowd fell silent, as if everyone were drawing a breath in anticipation of the horrible, fiery death that was sure to come.

Cells, Polyhex

Needlenose's cell door creaked open, and a pair of Allicons strode in. Behind them he saw an imposing Gatekeeper, and another pair of Allicons.

"Get up," the Gatekeeper (G-93M, according to the information painted on it's chestplate) ordered. "You're next."

Needlenose stood, the thought of attacking and destroying the guards rising to his mind...but only for a moment. One look at the Gatekeeper and the massive energy rifle he was brandishing silenced that thought. The Targetmaster meekly allowed himself to be taken to his death, disgusted with his own cowardice.


Cobalt watched as his two teammates engaged the Quintesson guards.

Time for a little infiltration, methinks...

Sidling up to the lab's main entry, the Autobot special ops trooper coldly slit the throat of the Gatekeeper that stood guard over the door.

Whatever they have in here, he thought as the creature's vital fluids hemorrhaged out of it's ruined neck, it must be important. They don't spend these guys lightly.

After the Autobot spent a few seconds fiddling with the entry's security wiring, the door cooperatively retracted into the ceiling. Cobalt quickly ducked inside.

A wayward Quintesson scientist caught sight of him and headed towards what the spy took to be an alarm panel. However, a snap-kick from Cobalt quickly put an end to that thought...as well as any others that the enemy was going to have for the forseeable future.

2006-03-06, 07:39 AM
Doublecross engulfed the incoming missiles in a cloud of fire as both heads breathed flame and fire. He aimed at BBC's sword with the Rust Ray Rifle and fired a burst.

Double spoke

"so I see did your puppet masters build them into you, include them in their new toy , their plaything, isn't it ironic how fervently you protect that which will make your replacement possible."

Cross chuckled.

"if we ssssurvive this I'll probably get a good deal on your parts in a few monthssss time , ussss Autobotsss could alwaysssss ussssse sssssemi-rig partsss , although they might not be worth much more than scccrappp, teethmarksss tend to make them a tough fit."

Brave Maximus
2006-03-06, 11:04 AM
Decibel dropped towards the lava. Within moments of the plank dropping, his bonds dissappeared. He reached out with hand and used his flying ability just a little. He flew to the side of the pit (the same side as the plank) and caught a small ledge that circled the smelting pools.

Had he been a taller 'Bot, his feet would be dangling into the lava. He pulled himself up and pressed up against the wall. The heat ripples, and smoke obscured him - but it was almost unbearable. Decibel would need to escape here very soon.

CES Facility - exterior

Thunderclash continued to roar towards Cenotaph - not being able to see through the explosion his missiles created, he didn't know what was going to happen next.

Aero Blade
2006-03-06, 03:55 PM
After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, for all the time he spent lurking in tunnels and passages benieth the surface of Cybertron, biding his time, the moment had finally come. With the metalic sound of the plank being removed and the crowd going silent, everyone's focus on the empending fate of the small bot, with his riffle aimed dead center of what was now the Magistrate's death head eyes, Breaker openned fire.

2006-03-06, 05:52 PM
Entrance to tunnel adjacent to Smelting pits

Squawktalk hopped from foot to foot.

"check battery power, check light levels, check camera, ok I'm ready , raring to go, anxious to do battle, champing at the bit , waiting for the off, ready to go over the top."

2006-03-06, 08:14 PM
Eiramnna turned to his liege and called back with as much respect as possible.
"Haras is testing the stairs my lord: Sending sharkticon units down them to see if they hold."

Haras watched as the sharkticons stumbled own the stairs. 2 had fallen off to their doom, but the stairs themselves were holding.
Haras tried not to think about the Judges weight, or the weight of his bodyguards. Or of his and his brothers.
The last two sharkticons made their way into the dark, primitive spoylights activating and descending into the pit as they went...

2006-03-07, 05:18 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Imperial Magistrate roared with rage as he caught sight of Decibel's attempt at survival. Gesticulating wildly, he commanded, "Execute hh-hh-kkk..."

The instruction died with a spray of the Quintesson's unknowable vital fluids, as his Death face was shattered by a laser blast. As the creature tipped forward off of his throne, the rest of the court dropped to the ground...with the exception of the Grand Executioner, who was shouting commands to the small army of Gatekeepers and Allicons who milled about the courtyard.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst shell's impressive ears tilted backwards. After listening for a moment, it sniffed at the air.

"Death," it said. "Battle. Fear." A feral grin spilt the shell's face.

"Breaker is making his move," the Pretender's inner robot clarified. "Any moment now. We'll have to make our move."

Underlevels, Iacon

Judge Deliberata hovered behind the point team, an impatient look on his faces.

2006-03-07, 05:47 AM
Kalis R&D Facility, Lab Beta-5:

The scientist checked his readings again, then looked out of the window at the silver tanker trailer that dominated the main floor of the lab. Clicking his tounge in a slightly disaproving manner as the building shuddered around him, he hovered back to his own experiment. "All this for a weapons test......" he sighed, knowing that his appreciation for the culture that had so infected all of the rebelling worker units would go unheeded by his fellows. The reaction to the cost of building that hunk of scrap out on the floor had been proof enough of that. Of course, it hasn't been his idea to hook it into that framework, either. It was supposed to be with the Prime clone. He looked at the shimmering, vaguely humanoid form in the chamber, punched in the specs for the alt mode, and the hyper velocity cannons. Soon enough, it would be ready, awaiting only a spark.....

The scientist turned as a creaking noise resounded through the main floor, watching as one of the roof support struts crashed to the floor..... wondering how well the defenders were faring out there.......

CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -dodging again, micromissiles firing again, streaking towards Doublecross, then altering course at the last second, slamming into cameras, monitoring equipment, consoles, and the like- "While you and your insipid friends were trying to work up the courage to come here, I killed my so-called replacement." -sighs- "And stop swinging like a baboon in a tree." -fires at the line connecting Derby to the roof winch- "I take if you two are after the cog?"

CES Facility, Interior:

Techno-Organic: -roars, struggles, firing anti-matter into Ginrai's abdomen-

2006-03-07, 07:02 AM
Doublecross took note of where the missiles had detonated and the words of BBC.

"yessss we're after the Cog..." hissed Cross

Double looked thoughtful

"They'll wipe your personality and start from scratch for killing your replacement unless...."

Doublecross targeted a surveillance camera in the corner of the room and fired with his rust-ray rifle.

"So what exactly is you game...."

Aero Blade
2006-03-07, 04:11 PM
His shot having been dead on (or so he pleasantly hoped, less he'd have to repeat this same exercise at a later date...) Breaker came out of his hiding spot, now standing on a pipe instead of behind one, though he knew it would likely still be a short while before anyone realized where he was, but at this time secrecy was no longer needed, he'd gotten his target. Now it was time for some simple fun...

The next choice was blatently obvious, since the Grand Executioner had been kind enough to make himself a very loud and obvious target out of a group of quints who would rather try a feeble protective possition. Breaker needed little more than a moment to sight him, then fire of his shot. The next natural choice was High Inquisitor, since all of the high council had been kind enough to gather in one spot for him, despite Breaker having been on a quint killing spree just within a few weeks ago, but then they might not have thought much of Breaker targetting the lower class. If that were the case, they certainly wouldn't take his activities so lightly, not after this...

From that point on, Breaker didn't invest too much time in getting a very accurate sight before firing, simply shooting at any Quintessons in the area in general decending order of importance.

2006-03-07, 08:08 PM
Haras watched the last sharkticon take the stairs. as none of the ones that had touched the ground had been attacked, he decided it would be safe to follow. The technorganics attack had shaken him. He waved to his brother in affirmative, and followed the drones.
Eiramnna Turned again to his Judge Commander.
"All seems well: I will follow my brother down once the rest of the sharkticons are ahead of me."

2006-03-07, 08:40 PM
Derby's optics widened as his tether was cut, and he plunged to the floor with a clang.

"Nah, traveling salesman," he began to answer BBC's query. "Don't suppose we could interest you in a new toupe..."

His defensive humor trailed off as well as his pistol's aim when he noted BBC's peculiar behavior. Derby pushed himself to his feet and leaned in toward Doublecross, his optics locked on BBC.

"I don't trust him," he muttered. "Maybe he's trying to trick us."

2006-03-07, 09:44 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: "You're both here for the transformation cog from my late.... replacement. This is where your choice comes in." -hears the chime as his shoulder launchers lock onto Doublecross and Derby- "I don't mind letting you have the cog..... but one of you must die. Because the cog isn't in the vault. I have it." -standing in the shadowed doorwaym red optics blazing in the darkness- "So? Which of you will it be?"

2006-03-07, 10:23 PM
Doublecross crouched behind his cover and concealed from BBC started cutting through the floor with his rust ray rifle.

"so you will give us the cog in return for one of our lives, for Primus ' sake apart for trying to lure us into some kind of moral dilema and making us squirm , you could probably kill us both and keep the cog whats the point , what do you hope to gain."

Doublecross finished his preparation work and pointed the rifle discreetly back in BBC's direction.

Brave Maximus
2006-03-08, 03:18 AM
Once the chaos started, Decibels course of action became clear. He activated his fight function and lept off the side of the smelting pool and up over the side. Spotting one of the Alligatorcon guards that had brought him in, he latched on to it's back, firing his laser blasters before monkey flipping the bewildered construct into the pool.

He crouched low, looking for another target.

2006-03-08, 04:59 AM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -shrugs- "Simple. You get what you want, I don't get destroyed by my 'masters'. A small price to pay, surely."

CES Facility, exterior:

Cenotaph: -leaps, flipping over the explosions, hits the ground running, charging towards Thunderclash-

2006-03-08, 05:11 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Grand Executioner's throat was torn out by Breaker's shot, and the Quintesson was dead before he hit the ground. The High Inquisitor was another matter; he had seen the sniper emerge from his cover, and had just enough time to hover half a metre away from his podium before the renegade construct's shot blew apart his lower body. What was left of the Quint hit the ground with a terrifying scream.

The assorted Sharkticons and Allicons that filled the room milled about aimlessly, not quite sure who to attack. Several of them, confused, even turned on nearby Quintessons.

The Gatekeepers were quicker on the uptake, though, as befitted creatures of their breeding. A large group of them raised their bowmaces to fire at Breaker, hoping to knock the terrorist off his perch into the pools below. However, two of them (G-45R and G-31T, to be precise), headed towards Decibel. While G-45R stopped some distance away and opened fire, G-31T closed in on the prisoner and tried to beat him over the head with his polearm-like weapon.

From the direction of the cells, swarms of guards started to stream into the execution theatre.

Cells, Polyhex

Needlenose looked around in shock as Quint guards streamed around him to either side. The Targetmaster quickly found himself guarded by only the three soldiers who had retrieved him from his cell.

Ah, hell...what does it matter if I die down here or up there?

The Targetmaster stopped in his tracks, swinging his energo-bonded hands backwards. He managed to hit one of the Allicons, and the creature was knocked onto it's back.

Of course, that action brought about quick retaliation from the Gatekeeper, but Needlenose was ready. As the enemy swung his bowmace around, Needlenose let himself fall backwards.

If I've timed this right...

The Gatekeeper's bowmace neatly smashed the energy bonds that held Needlenose's arms in place. The Targetmaster quickly used his newfound freedom to grab the head of the bowmace with one hand. The other, he formed into a fist and slammed into the second Allicon's face. The creature joined it's partner on the floor, and Needlenose returned his full attention to G-93M.

"So, you think it's cool to beat on tied up prisoners, do ya? Lets see how you like rumbling with a free one!"

Underlevels, Iacon

Judge Deliberata nodded to Eiramnna.

"See that they move quickly, then. The longer we wait, the more abominations of the depths we will attract."

Aero Blade
2006-03-08, 05:27 AM
Breaker continued shooting at targets until a resistance was organized, and even then he seemed unphased, if not amused. Gatekeepers. Cute...

Breaker fired off one more shot in the High Inquisitor's direction, then jumped back into the sheltering obscurity of the pipelines. He knew well enough he was already virtually invisible except for visual sensors, and all he need do was break their line of vision to be as good as gone. He didn't leave yet, though, but moved to a different spot and began firing again to cause more confusion and to stir up the gatekeepers further.

2006-03-08, 07:26 AM
"stopping us will only hasten your own demise, once resistance is wiped out here what use will your masters have for you, they prefer there help on the big and dumb side. So it will be deactivation for you."

Doublecross glanced over to see what position Derby was in.

Brave Maximus
2006-03-08, 06:03 PM
Decibel smiled behind his faceplate. He was looking forward to a fight like this. So much time spent fighting cannon fodder in the wastelands, only to get caught while he was refueling - and now these two Gatekeepers were going to provide his first real sport of the war.

He dodged to the right of G-45R's laser blast, firing off two of his own. They weren't ment to do much damage, just distract the Gatekeeper. The dodge brought him right under the swing of G-31T's swing. He lept up into a cressent moon kick (Guile from SFII), igniting the Energon blade on his foot* as he did. It would either work nicely or get him seriously injured - Decibel hoped his luck was with him.

CES Facility

Thunderclash transformed his cab section, but allowed the trailor to stay as is. The nose of it dove into the dirt, spraying up a cloud everywhere. Thunderclash dug his hand into the dirt and used the friction to slow himself down and spin around to face (through the dirt) Cenotaph - he fired a few shots in the direction where the CES member was last seen.

2006-03-08, 08:11 PM
Haras arrived at the bottom of the stairwell: the lights cast by the sharkticons cut into the murk, and the ground felt wet beneath his feet.
Eiramnna entered the stairwell, and a resounding creak filled his ears and echoed doen. The stairwell felt too loose to support him let alone anyone after, so he quickly signaled to Judge Deleberata to follow, and hastily made his way down into the dark.

2006-03-08, 09:56 PM
Iacon: Underlevels

OC-020 turned and buzzed quietly at the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs at the end of the corridor he'd been scouting. The Judge was coming! He tiptoed back down the corridor, away from Haras and the Sharkticons, to regroup and report to his lieutenant.


CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechember

Derby's fuel pump sank at BBC's challenge. It was depressing enough that they clearly couldn't fight the cog out of the big bruiser, but the fact that BBC was clever enough to realize that fact as well just made the moment more desperate. Derby weighed the situation frantically for a moment before realizing Doublecross' delaying ploy, and he nodded at BBC suspiciously while making sure to keep his optics away from whatever Doublecross was trying to set up.

"We don't even know you have the cog anyway," he decided boldly. "Let us see it, then we'll talk."

While he waited for the answer, Derby wired out a message on his most secure frequency to inform Ginrai that they'd located the objective.

2006-03-08, 10:32 PM
Kalis, R&D Facility

Gunrunner made a sharp turn and accelerated turning his nosecone towards a group of aproaching Sharkticons. He fired his twin cannons and one of his energy-plasma missiles, destroying three of the grunts.
The survivors turned his weapons to Gunrunner, who was moving away from the Sharks.
Suddenly Gunrunner's shell appeared firing his mounted rifle, destroying one Sharkticon and running over the las ones.

"Kick-Off" radioed Gunrunner, " are we going to enter inside the facility and help Cobalt, or we distract the Quints here?"

God Jinrai
2006-03-08, 10:37 PM
Ginrai's optics narrowed as he recieved Derby's communique.

"Just wonderful." he muttered

separating from his trailer and godbomber, he leapt skywardopening up on the techno's optics, raining fire down on its face... both from his rifle... and flame he'd manifested through the heaven energy he'd been gathering for his next strike

Godbomber dove into a roll, and fired his rocket at the techno's arm joint.. the point where the cannon attached to the arm. Take out its most manuverable weapon, and it would be at least slightly less dangerous

2006-03-09, 04:55 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The High Inquisitor's scream died in a gargle as Breaker's second shot tore through the back of his head. Several Gatekeepers were hit by the sniper's fire, but their thick armour kept them from being seriously wounded by the shots.

G-31T took a step backwards as Decibel kicked at him. Had the cassetticon combiner only been using his foot in the attack, it would have arced right past him. The energon blade, however, managed to cut a deep score in the Gatekeeper's chest armour. With a roar of fury, the creature swung it's bowmace in a horizontal path that would, hopefully, end at the enemy's midsection.

G-45R was hit by both of the Autobot's laser blasts, but naturally the Gatekeeper was far too stoic to show any pain that the hits may have caused. However, the second Gatekeeper did hold off from engaging, preferring to let his partner destroy the Autobot solo.

Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata started to hover down the stairway, his force cone keeping him aloft. He moved across it with far more grace than his troops had, and arrived at the landing unmolested. With a gesture of a tendril, he instructed his Gatekeepers to follow him.


Cobalt quietly drew up around a corner, and saw a pair of Allicons standing guard over a lab door. Supervising them was a single, hulking Gatekeeper.

Deal with the weaklings first; the Gatekeeper won't bother to call for backup if he sees me, but they will.

Taking his energo-cutlass in hand, he stepped fully out from the corridor and tossed it down the hall. The blade flew through the air and decapitiated both Allicons as smoothly as if it was still in the Autobot's hands.

The gatekeeper looked at his fallen underlings, then to Cobalt, then to the sword that was now protruding from the wall nearby. With a huffing sound, it hefted it's bowmace and charged the Autobot.

Brave Maximus
2006-03-09, 06:23 AM
The blade dissappeared the second after it struck as Decibel continued through his flip. As he straitened himself out to land on his feet, the bowmace came flying at his mid-section. With no way to escape, he did the only thing possible - he split in 2!

Graphy dove down, skimming the ground, igniting her wingblades - aiming a strike at the gatekeeper's ankles.

Noise actually managed to land on the mace's end (not of his own choice) and dug his claws in to keep his balance. Bewildered for a second, he lashed out instinctively with his flame throwers.

(OOC: I screwed up my last post Warcry. Don't know what happened tbh. Anyway, I was thinking Decibel's leg blades to look more like this (http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/seed-destiny/lineart/zgmf-x19a-mr-q15a.jpg) - and that the strike was aimed at the bow mace. But, as I never wrote any of that [but intended to, as I put the astrix in and everything - no idea what happened.......] - it all works out - thanks for covering my mistake.)

2006-03-09, 07:11 AM
Squawktalk and Beastbox slipped from their position of concealment as they left the tunnels

They assesed the situation and moving stealthily away from their entrance so as not to betray the others position. Once in position they attacked.

Squawktalk set his sonic boomers to disperse over a
wide area and flew low over the Quint minions hoping to deafen them .

Beastbox aimed his compressed air cannons at some of the guards who were near the edge of the smelting pool and fired hoping to knock them into it.

2006-03-09, 10:35 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -pulls cog out of subspace- "See? I've got it right here, just waiting to be put into a Guardian of some kind." -resubspaces cog- "Now, do you want the cog? And if so, which of you is to die?"

CES Facility, Exterior:

Cenotaph: -dust funnelling behind him as he charges, barely reacts to the blasts slamming into his torso, swinging a massive kick at Thunderclash-

Kalis, Research Facility Exterior:

Kick Off: -launching another spread of missiles at a charging squad of Sharkticons- "Better get inside. We can use the fact that they won't want to blast their own equipment. So get in there! I'll cover you!"

2006-03-09, 11:06 PM
Double commed Derby on a discrete scrambled channel.

"Derby its a long shot but the Quints have probably built some kind of safety device into there recent constructions, after we rebelled they're bound to have put in some kind of device to stop it happening again, and I 'm guessing it would be triggered by radio waves for ease of use. He probably doesn't even know he's got it if it exists. Is there any way you could find the correct frequency, I know it might not pay off but our options are not looking good. If we run out of time i'm going to blow the door controls hopefully sealing us off from him then i'm going to go through the floor , i've weakened a section."

Cross looked across at BBC

"sssssssssoo you want ussssss to sssssssssssssssselect one of usssssss to ssssacrificccce themsssselves in return for the cog. Ssssso what's to make ussss trusssssst you to uphold your end of the bargain. You could kill ussss both without lossssssing the cog ssssssurely. Sssay one of ussss sssssstepssss up and lettts ourssssseelvessss be sssacrificed whatssss to sssssstop you picking off the sssssurvivor."

2006-03-09, 11:15 PM
Kalis, R&D Facility, exterior

" Roger, Kick-Off ", said Gunrunner.

The Pretender shell accelerated towards the facility north wall, while opening the vehicle cockpit. Gunrunner flew over his shell, evading from some Sharkticons fire, and transformed into robot mode, landing inside. His cannons and missiles re-atached on the shell's gun ports.

He engaged his thermal generators, lowered the open cockpit and accelerated a little more towards the wall. When the vehicle- shell hit the wall, the thermal generators "burned" through the facility solid rock.

Once inside, Gunrunner opened the cockpit, grabbed his rifle and jumped outside the shell.

2006-03-09, 11:17 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: "Simple, my sibiliant friend. Because it wouldn't make any sense. Why would I go through all the trouble of making sure that the unit it was designed for was destroyed if I didn't want it used against my 'masters'. I want them to suffer. However, getting killed as a result is not in my plans."

2006-03-09, 11:40 PM
Cross shook his head

"ssso your going to tell them that a ssssssuply mech and a coms technician forced you to hand over the cog and you killed one of ussss in the sssstruggle to get away. If they have a file on either of usss , they're bound to be sssuspicious, it would be unlikely we could take you down let alone get you to hand over the cog. Anyway you won't be sssafe they need you but only physical you , they could just wipe your perssssssonality and sssstart with a clean sssslate every time."

2006-03-09, 11:49 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -sighs- "I have tried to be generous. I offered to let you choose." -steps forward, filling the doorway- "You have used up the last of my generosity with your attempts to buy time. They have no way to check up on me. I destroyed all of the monitoring devices in this room. I shall decide for you." -aims double barrelled rifle at Derby, fires a full powered blast at him-

2006-03-09, 11:52 PM
Doublecross fired once at the door controls and then fired a burst at the roof supports above BBC's head hoping to bring a section of the roof crashing down.

Cross desperately filled the air in front of Derby with a blast of flame desperately hoping that it would disrupt the laser fire somehow and weaken the blow.

Double in the mean time let out a jet of fire towards BBC before dropping back into the cover of the cog vault.

2006-03-10, 03:45 AM
CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechamber

Derby kept to himself during the exchange, promptly taking up Doublecross' suggestion and focusing all his concentration on the frantic struggle to pick up some signal. He had just caught something peculiar, an ultra high-frequency low-power signal, when the blast from BBC's rifle cut through the air. Derby was entirely disoriented, completely unaware the shot had even been fired until well after his body had rocketed back against the wall, the power of the shot exploding a wide hole in his upper torso and the force of the collision tearing his dangling left arm from his body. Still in shock from the sudden attack, Derby collapsed to the floor silently, stunned, dazed, and in so much pain that a thousand horrid screams collided against each other and bottlenecked ineffectually in his throat. His chest smoked and his wound leaked while his body quivered reflexively.

2006-03-10, 05:01 AM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -leaps into the room, dodging the falling debris, stands, wreathed in fire, looking coldly at Doublecross- "Do not take it out on me if you cannot make your own decisions." -pulls cog out of subspace, aims at Derby again- "Here is your cog. I hope you enjoy it." -tosses cog at Doublecross as he fires at Derby again-

2006-03-10, 05:38 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

G-31T was caught off-guard by Decibel's move. That wasn't a surprise, really...after all, what reasonable being expects his foe to subdivide into two in the middle of a fight?

The Gatekeeper could do little but kick inneffectually as Graphy's blades cut at his ankle armour. He needn't do much more, though, because the joints were armoured with the best alloy that could be crafted by Quintesson science. He was fully confident that the plating would hold up long enough for him to deal with the irritant's other half.

He was a bit more put out when Noise grabbed onto his weapon and started shooting flames into his face, however. The creature's head was even more heavily armoured than it's ankles, naturally...but that didn't mean it liked having it's face burned off. If nothing else, it wasn't good for his optics...a fact that was proven when one of them shattered with the heat.

With a roar of disgust, the Gatekeeper simply took the most direct course towards eliminating it's enemy...namely, it hurled it's bowmace (hopefully with the Autobot still attached) down into the smelting pool.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst scowled as he watched Squawktalk and Beastbox go after the Quintessons.

"I believe," he told Roadblock. "That they have cost us. Our element of surprise. Shall we go now. Or wait for Breaker's signal?"

Research Facility, Kalis

Cobalt met the Gatekeeper's charge head-on, drawing a pair of throwing knives from subspace as he neared it. He dodged the enemy's first nine attacks, managing to get in the occasional slash at the large mech's joints as he did so. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to do anything aside from pissing off the Gatekeeper even more.

The tenth blow, a viscious cross-check, sent the Autobot flying hard into a wall.

This guy's good, he thought to himself in a daze. We should hire him.

2006-03-10, 07:28 AM
(ooc sorry about jumping the gun with the cassettes.i forgot about the explosions.)

Doublecross subspaced the cog both heads swiveled and targeted BBC shooting out twin tongues of flame.

He turned his rust ray rifle towards Derby and cut a wide circle in the floor hoping to drop him down to the safety of the next level

it was a crude solution but his options were running out fast.

He armed a magnetic phosphourous grenade

hopefully if he batted this one away with his sword it would stick

he lobbed it at BBC both heads snarling teeth bared.

Not waiting to see if his plan to save Derby had worked he positioned himself between Derby's position and BBC.

Cross hissed.

"the next shotss going to have to come through me and if I die the cog issss lossst in sssssubsssspace forever."

2006-03-10, 02:44 PM
Roadblock scowled.

"We wait a few more moments. Let those two realise the error of their actions, hopefully breaker will detonate the explosives. If not we fight." He growled knowing after this battle he was going to tear the two cassettes new waste units.

2006-03-10, 09:06 PM
In the darkness, the stormtrooper brothers followed a front line of Sharkticons, their headlights cutting poorly into the murk: further rows of sharkticons followed.

2006-03-10, 09:23 PM
CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechamber

Derby had shakily pushed himself to his knees before the second blast from BBC's rifle impacted his right side, blowing a wide hole in his torso and bouncing him against the floor like a skipping stone on a pond. He landed near the edge of Doublecross' rusted circle, the force of his landing causing the rust to scream and crack, but the corrosion hadn't been enough to penetrate the reinforced plating the facility used to prevent drilling intruders. Derby laid on his back helplessly, unable to stand, his wounds leaking and his remaining hand shakily reaching into his cab to manually work the controls on his frayed radio.

"GoooOH PRIMUS!" Derby moaned, his own fluids leaking into his throat. "G-get outh with the chlogh!"

With an adequate low-security frequency found (his semi-fried scanner was unable to pick up a better match), Derby forced a pained smirk while he manually sent out the message. For a moment, the thought that he wouldn't live to see Earth again was overshadowed by the knowledge that he had got the cog. He imagined their Guardian obliterating New Hive City...

"GiSHHKai, w-we khhave it. BSHHHHKinning exfhil p-proFSHHHKres."

2006-03-10, 10:33 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

Before leaving the room, Gunrunner mounted the plasma missiles on his shoulders, grabbed strongly the rifle and exited the room. He leaved the shell behind, guarding his back.

He advanced swiftly for the facility corridors, when the unmistakable sounds of a battle reached his audio receptors. He runned towards the sounds direction and when he turned a corner he watched a unequal duel: Cobalt fighting a Gatekeeper.

The pretender arrived just in the moment the hulk launched Cobalt towards a wall, and without hesitation Gunrunner fired a salvo of shots, trying to hit the Gatekeeper's head.

" If that beast has any weak spot, I hope the head will be one of it! "

2006-03-10, 11:58 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault antechamber:

BBC: -optics narrow, swinging his rifle around and blasting the airborne grenade- "You have the cog. Leave." -shoulder launchers fires, sending micromissiles arcing around Doublecross, streaking towards Derby-

Aero Blade
2006-03-11, 04:08 AM
Breaker shot at the Gatekeepers for a few moments longer, stealing shots at the quintessons when he was clear to do so, but presently the majority of them had escaped to the safety of nearby hiding spot or retreated, leaving Breaker with few choices of decient targets.

Enough of this, time to blow this joint.. Breaker thought with a slight hint of humor. Staying only for the moment longer that he needed to activate the detonator, once the explosions began to rock the area, including the main smelting pot the Quintessons had been using. With smoke and steam rising from the molten metal spilling out of the ruptured tank and several pipes, Breaker once again melted into obscurity, this time not reappearing to the Gatekeepers.

Elsewhere, in the far corner of the brig, a computer consol would explode, ripped appart from the other side frm the force of a bomb previously dropped down a power relay, throwing debris in all directions.

2006-03-11, 10:02 AM

Detritus screeched to a halt at a bend in the tunnel

"Ship ahoy, this news just in 2 Decepticons spotted."


Smelting pool

Beastbox continued firing his compressed air canons at the Sharkticons as he knukled over towards them.

Squawktalk dove in towards the other 2 cassetes sonic boomers aimed at the Gatekeeper.

"As you can see our raid has so far been sucessful and despite Quintessons efforts our spirits are unbowed , witness the gallant efforts of the 2 Autobots here who escaped from the jaws of death, while such figting spirit is still present soundtrack edit replace present with prevalent then the Quintessons have no hope of total domination until Transformer hood is wiped from the face of the galaxy whatever the cost may be, we shall fight in the tunnels, we shall fight in the cities , we shall fight in the skies and in the streets, we shall fight on this planet and wherever they should seek us out; we shall never surrender. We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. The Quintessons have the Turbo fox by the tail but the Turbofox is growing hungry. We will face them to the bitter end till they are wiped from the face of the galaxy, one ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never! Take these words to heart fellow mechs and remember to always fight the good fight edit, move to data storage name soundtrack1

2006-03-12, 05:23 AM
The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

Chunks of magma shot skyward as the pools were rocked by the explosions. Most of those landed back where they came from, but a few dropped into the crowd of Quintesson onlookers who filled the stadium.

The Sharkticons, confused by the unplanned turn of events, didn't even notice Beastbox's compressed air attacks...even as they managed to knock several of their number into the superheated pools of magma.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst didn't need his shell's enhanced hearing to tell him that Breaker had set off his charges.

"It is time."

Without waiting for permission from Roadblock (because, after all, the predator wasn't used to waiting for orders from anyone), the Decepticon and his shell dove out of the tunnel. He landed in a sparsely-populated brig corridor, with what few guards there were staring at a computer terminal that had just detonated into the face of one of their colleagues.

With a bloodthirsty hiss, his shell dove at the unaware guards. Bomb-Burst himself, meanwhile, headed deeper into the cell complex.

Research Facility, Kalis

If the Gatekeeper was at all put out by Gunrunner's attempts to shoot him in the head, he didn't show it. In fact, several of the shots had found their mark, but they seemed to do nothing but increase the warrior's rage. The bulky guard turned away from the dazed Cobalt, raising the cudgeled end of it's bowmace.

The massive Gatekeeper closed the gap between himself and Gunrunner with a few short steps, then swung his weapon at the Autobot's midsection.

Cobalt, for his part, took advantage of the momentary reprieve by trying to get back on his feet. He wasn't having too much success, though.

2006-03-12, 06:02 PM
CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechamber

Derby was helpless to keep the barrage of minimissiles from homing in on him, and they impacted effectively, scoring holes and scorches on his face, legs, and torso. One burst against the open wound in his abdomen, and Derby fell unconscious from the pain.

2006-03-12, 11:13 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

Gunrunner engaged his jet-mode afterburners in a desperate move to try to avoid the Gatekeeper's mighty blow. With an agile leap, he jumped over the brute, landing behind.

He moved away from the Gatekeeper ( as much as he could in such a few time ) and fired another volley of shots.

Meanwhile, Gunrunner's shell turned the corner and appeared infront of the Gatekeeper. The shell fired at the brute with his twin cannons while engaging his front-thermal armor plating, accelerating to charge him.

2006-03-13, 04:01 AM
CES Facility, Interior:

Techno-Organic: -screams as it's arm gets ripped off, slashing again at Ginrai-

2006-03-13, 04:32 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

The Gatekeeper swiped ineffectually at Gunrunner as the Autobot vaulted him, then roared in frustration as the Autobot's shots left a series of small, smoking holes in his back.

He didn't have any time to exact revenge on the Pretender, though. Even as he was turning to attack, the Autobot's shell opened fire. With a furious expression on his face, the guard met the shell's charge and tried to knock it out of the way with a sweep of it's bowmace.

2006-03-13, 09:27 PM
Derby aimed a volley of his rust ray rifle in BBC's face and flying over to Derby made as if to pick him up and fly him to safety.

2006-03-14, 03:15 PM
Roadblock was not too upset with Bombburst's lashing out besides he would do the same thing.

His humaniod shell jumped down firing Plasma blasts into a small group of unlucky sharkticons and gaurds turning most of them into slag before they had a chance to luck up. Another group of guards ran around his humanoid shell as Roadblock revved his engine and landed on top of the guards crushing them he gunned his engine and the blades on his wheels ripped up the unlucky survivors.

With that the he and his humanoid shell started for the prisons.


Blackstar continued fire support on the Techno-Organic after seeing Ginrai was causing the beast much pain.

2006-03-14, 08:05 PM
Haras was not happy.
The Journeywas taking too long. He wasn't the most patient of Quintessons at most times, but he had been swayed by his brothers arguements of money, and acclaim. Now, all he could see was he dark, the poor light beams of the Sharkticons doing little. All he could hear was the crunch of foot steps as the drones and his brother made slow progress.
He looked behind his shoulder, and could make out the entarouge of the Judge following them dimly. With each metre into the dark, they seemed to be getting further away from the chances of returning.
Haras was a born shock trooper. The fury of battle, blades on metal, explosions and fast thinking, conflict and chaos. All these were his natural home. Stalking through the underlevels like a guerilla was as alien as it could get for him, and if he was honest, he was getting more than a little scared.

2006-03-15, 04:52 AM
Outside Research Facility, Kalis

A large door on the side of the building rolled open, revealing what appeared to be some sort of storage room. A group of Allicons could be seen inside, pushing a large, tarp-covered object towards the doorway.

Prisons, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst's shell crouched atop a pile of crushed, mangled, twisted and otherwise-ruined Sharkticons. The monsterous construct was busy gorging itself on the fuel that was seeping from the bodies of it's defeated enemies.

Further into the prison complex, Bomb-Burst himself found the corridor blocked by a small cluster of Allicons. The creatures were looking in the other direction, and the sounds of battle could be heard beyond them. So engrossed were they in what they were watching that they didn't seem to hear the Decepticon's approach.

They've found themselves. Some sort of show. A pity. That I have to break it up.

Raising his arms, the Pretender opened fire on his enemies' exposed backs.

Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata felt Haras' gaze on him for a moment, but didn't deign to take offense at the soldier's scrutiny.

"There should be a lift tube up up ahead," he told the surrounding troops. "It will take us down to the lower levels."

As he spoke, the Quintesson could have sworn he heard the sound of claws clicking against the ground. However, he just shook his head (an odd maneuver, when one is nothing but head) and continued on.

2006-03-15, 05:08 AM
*Baseball has started so I have a lot of late nights...if you need to get my characters moved, go ahead and auto them.*

Galvatron was growing tired of acting as the diversion more or less. His troops started to form up into their tight formation, with the combaticons breaking back into individual parts to provide more firepower. Their re-furbished weaponry allowed the group to fire more rounds per second, with more power and velocity than anything the decepticons had developed previously.

Galvatron: Enough of this...scramble positions!

The group then drew back, attempting to lure their attackers in...

2006-03-15, 08:17 PM
Eiramnna gritted his teeth.
Further and further down. How much lower must we go?
Eiramnna was not a beserker like his brother: He enjoyed the position of shocktrooper only because it got him attention, good money and the first chance at spoils. He was a more calculating Quint than Haras, and was trying to distance himself from the journey by constantly re-evaluating the situation. But Eiramnna was far from strategist.
The Turbolift loomed into view. It was set into a wall, it and the surronding area covered in markings, Graffiti and droppings.
popular place he thought.
"Haras, have the sharkticons take position around but close: I'll take two and go down first, once our Liege arrives."

2006-03-16, 07:38 PM
Kalis, Research Facility

Gunrunner's shell clashed with the Gatekeeper, and his frontal thermal plating ( normally used to cross through solid rock walls ) made terrible damage.

At least these were the intentions of Gunrunner. Watching his vehicle charge from behind the Gatekeeper, the Pretender wasn't very sure about the results of his plans, but when he saw the hulk's blow hitting the vehicle and knocking it over, he decided to subspace his shell.

He reached Cobalt and help him to raise from the ground.

" Take cover! ", said Gunrunner while he armed one energy-plasma missile and firing it at the Gatekeeper.

2006-03-17, 01:33 AM
Kalis Research Facility:

Kick Off: -brings his Turbo Cycle roaring into the fray, rockets screaming from the sidecar launcher at the Gatekeeper that Gunrunner's shell was attacking-

CES Facility, Exterior:

Maelstrom: -scowls- "They're retreating."

Deathbringer: -returning fire- "Pursue?"

BBC: -over scrambled comm- "Their agents have the cog. Don't pursue. Everything is going according to plan."

Maelstrom: "Don't pursue." -feels the ground shudder slightly as an explosion underground rocks the facility- "You know, we really did a lot better when we were on our own....."

Mercykiller: "Yeah."

CES Facility, Interior:

BBC: -ducks, hearing the blast slam into the barricade behind him- "For the love of PRIMUS, get out of here, you slagging moron! You've got the cog!"

God Jinrai
2006-03-18, 01:03 AM
the claw came rushing down at ginrai's head. it never would land. with a swift side-step, he dodged the strike, and locked optics with the beast.

"Now... you're just going to have to die. I pity you... allt he abuse you've endured... the experiments that were performed to fit you with all that weaponry... primus, your very comming into being had to be a trial of pain. Allow me to give you your rest. "

The rocket launcher fired, stunning the beast.. smashing into its forehead, but only for a moment. it was enough.

Ginrai summoned up masterforce energy, engulfing himself in flame, and surged upward at an angle... disintegrating the beast as me moved.

Regrettably, he would find there was precious little else he could do... as he raced toward the doors... the force-shield that was errected earlier made its presence known... bouncing him away like an earthen super-ball against a hard wall.

2006-03-18, 02:18 AM
CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechamber

Derby was helpless to move as Doublecross' claws clamped onto his haggard frame, hoisting him limply from the pool of fluids forming around him. To the casual optic, it was impossible to tell whether he was alive.

2006-03-18, 06:42 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

Cobalt stood unsteadily as Gunrunner helped him to his feet. The Autobot managed to stagger around a corner, only moments before his teammate's plasma missile slammed into the Gatekeeper.

The Quintesson guard staggered, then was knocked to the ground entirely by Kick-Off's shots. He recovered quickly, though, firing energy blasts at the Actionmaster. Meanwhile, he silently sent out a comm message to the Allicons who were powering up the field artillery, letting them know that the enemy was inside the base.

Weapons Hangar, Research Facility, Kalis

The Allicons left several of their heavy guns pointed at the field outside the base, but quickly set about turning the smaller ones around and moving them inside the base.

Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata floated up behind Eiramnna.

"Is something the matter with the lift?" he asked imperiously.

Behind him, his twin Gatekeeper bodyguards and their escourts stalked up. Both of the bodyguards started to salute...then stopped and spun as a horrid scream emerged from the darkness behind them. They raised their bowmaces and let loose a stream of energy fire at the techno-organic that was emerging from the shadows...a massive creature that seemed to be nothing more than a giant, fanged mouth with large tenticles attached to it.

2006-03-18, 07:20 AM
Doublecross flapped his wings hard and flew up towards the hole carrying Derby with him.

He sent two jets of flame at BBC to keep him distracted and also sent a burst of his rust ray rifle into the ceiling above the Quint agent, severing the supports of an air conditioning unit.

Brave Maximus
2006-03-19, 03:15 AM
Noise was surprised by the Gatekeepers move and kept his feet dug in out of instinct - he continued to fire until the Quintesson was out of sight. At the same time, Graphy broke off her attack and swooped around, trying to get to Noise.

CES Facility

Thunderclash dropped to his back in an attempt to avoid the kick. And he did, for the most part. It connected with his hand - the same one holding the rifle. The hand shattered, sending the rifle flying. Thunderclash winced in pain. He spun is feet, attempting to kick Cenotaph as he got back up to his feet (in a breakdancer style move).

2006-03-19, 08:59 AM
Polyhex Smelting Pools

Beastbox lumbered towards the Quintessons compressed air cannon firing ,and hopefully knocking the Quints into the Smelting pool.

Squawktalk flapped over towards Graphy.

"anything I can do? you know just give me the word and I can no problem , I can do it do whatever you want , just let me know and I am at your service , ready wiling and able."

2006-03-19, 11:21 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

Gunrunner left his cover and fired a blast of laser shots at the Gatekeeper's back.

" Are you ok? ", asked to Cobalt.

2006-03-19, 05:12 PM
Haras snapped: the long tense journey in the dark had takn all of his patience long since. He selected two frag grenades from his pack and threw them in quick succession at the oncoming Technorganic, barely waiting for the explosions before flicking his chainsword into life.
Eiramnna was stuck in the turbo lift, and had to barge his way through the confused Sharkticons in his way before he couls even get a glimpse of the thing. Unlike the last attack on a "Judge" Eiramnna had no intention of staying with the commander this time: the bodyguards were designed for that and Haras was worrying him...

Brave Maximus
2006-03-19, 06:56 PM
Graphy tucked her wings in tight to her body, diving down into the smelting pool - she caught one end of the bow-mace that still held Noise (gripping tightly). While she slowed the decent - it was heavy and she was having a hard time of it.

"You can give me a hand lifting his heavy rear plating out of the fire!" She shouted to Squawktalk.

2006-03-20, 06:00 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

Cobalt swayed a bit as he stood, and the world seemed to blurr in front of him.

"No," he told Gunrunner. "But he's going to be even less OK when I'm done with him."

Transforming to car mode, the Autobot charged straight at the Gatekeeper. The creature, which had been staggered by Gunrunner's shots, wasn't able to dodge fast enough, and Cobalt slammed into his right knee. The Gatekeeper swiped at the Autobot with it's bowmace as it dropped to one knee. It's face was frozen in an expression of pain.

The swipe hit Cobalt in the passenger-side door, and the Autobot car rolled over onto his roof before skidding to a stop against a nearby bulkhead.

"Bugger," he muttered to himself.

The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Gatekeeper frowned as Graphy tried to save Noise, but there was little he could do to stop her, since he'd tossed his weapon away.

Cells, Polyhex

Needlenose spat out a mouthful of oil as the Gatekeeper rained another series of blows on him.

OK, so this wasn't exactly the best idea I've ever had...

He heard a series of blasts in the distance, but didn't think anything of it...until the ring of Allicons that kept him penned in started to fall to the ground with smoking holes in their backs, anyway. The Gatekeeper stopped pummelling him long enough to cast a glance over his shoulder.

Might just get out of this yet...

Without waiting to see what his tormentor had seen, the Targetmaster rushed forward and crashed into him. His head slammed directly into the monstrocity's guts, and the enemy went down.

Before he could press the attack, though, he heard a crisp laser blast fired. The Decepticon expected to feel the shot burning between his shoulder blades...but he was surprised to see that it had drilled precisely into his foe's forehead instead.

Casting a glance up at his benefactor, Needlenose couldn't help but smile behind his faceplate.

"Howdy, Bomb-Burst. What took ya so long?"

The Pretender didn't bother responding directly. "Find the keys," he ordered instead.

Needlenose just shrugged and did as he was told.

Underlevels, Iacon

As the two shock troopers stormed forward, one of the Gatekeepers grabbed Deliberata and dragged him into the lift car. The other creature continued to fire energy blasts into the techno-organic's hide to little effect.

Haras' frag grenades opened a countless number of small wounds on the monster, but that only seemed to enrage the creature moreso. Its tentacles lashed out, crushing a half-dozen Sharkticons in under a second and dragging the robotic corpses into its massive mouth.

2006-03-20, 09:09 AM
Squawktalk grasped Noise in his claws and flapped upwards.

"its gonna be ok , yup , cavalry's here to save the day , yes , gonna have you out of there in a jiffy, dont you fret, any second now, if you could just say a few words for the camera that would be good too. Here we have one of our brave Autobot comrades with whom we have united to overthrow the evil Quintessons.

2006-03-20, 08:12 PM
Eiramnna gave Haras covering fire as his brother charged the huge Technorganic: It seemed Haras hadn't noticed the sharkticons demise, or didn't care.
Haras had slowed his charge, and was slowly making his way forward whilst parrying the creatures many tentacles, sidestepping dodging and jumping as needed. His plan was to get as close to its maw as he could, throw in a grenade belt and scarper.
Eiramnna, able to second guess his brother from birth, advanced a good few feet behind: He cried out
"My Liege, a few sharkticons please!?" as he watched the remainder of the ones under his charge join the advance... and saw they were too few.

2006-03-20, 11:02 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

" Blast! " said Gunrunner watching Cobalt receiving the Gatekeeper's swipe and rolling away.

He acted quickly by making appear his battered shell out of the subspace between Cobalt and the Gatekeeper. At his mental command, the shell and himself opened fire at the same time towards the brute.

2006-03-21, 05:43 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

Deliberata waved a group of Sharkticons forward with one tendril, and they joined Eiramnna's charge.

The techno-organic, finally deigning to notice Haras, took the time to toss a Sharkticon corpse at the soldier before returning to gorging itself on the remaining bodies. It ignored the multiple burns and cuts that were being inflicted on it, either too tough to feel any pain or simply too dumb to notice.

Research Facility, Kalis

The Gatekeeper was knocked flat by the attack from Gunrunner's shell. He tried to push himself back to a sitting position, but couldn't quite manage it. Instead, he settled for firing his bowmace at the Pretender from a low crouch.

At the same time, the screech of metal on metal could be heard as the Allicons moved their massive proton cannon artillery piece down the hall towards the battle.

2006-03-21, 08:28 PM
Haras took a strong stance, and swung his Chainsword from overhead to ground, cleaving the flying corpse in two and the pieces flying past him. A momentary gasp of strain, a second lost, and Haras found tendrils ensnaring both his feet, and he was pulled off balance.
Eiramnna bellowed a rageful roar, and charged, thermo-blasts ranging all around his fallen brother, aiming to free him and continue the fight.

2006-03-21, 10:05 PM
CES Facility, Cog Vault Antechamber:

BBC: -optics narrow slightly in pain as the flame washes over him, slicing the air conditioning unit in half with his energo sword as it falls- "Enough of this." -tones chime from the missile targeting systems, micromissiles roaring from the launchers on his shoulders, arcing around and blasting into the collapsed doorway- "You have what you came for. And I....." -snaps rifle up one last time, firing a full powered blast at the dangling Derby- "... have what I want." -strides out of the doorway-

CES Facility, Exterior:

Cenotaph: -whips around, swinging his massive Guardian-sized leg to block Thunderclash's leg kick-

Research Facility, Kalis:

Kick Off: -standing in the bike's 'stirrups', fires another salvo from the sidecar launchers at the Gatekeeper, adding in fire from his Sonic Blaster and the Heat Beam cannon on his backpack- "They're moving up reinforcements! We've got to keep the Gatekeeper between us and them! If nothing else, he can absorb their weapons fire!"

Brave Maximus
2006-03-21, 11:28 PM
With Squawkbox's help, Graphy was able to pull Noise out of the fire - litterally. The T-rex lept off of the bow mace, letting it clatter to the floor - then looked down and smiled. Noise and graphy lept together and formed Decibel:

"Thanks for the help." He called to the green Decepticon Bird who helped him. "Now it's time for a little payback!"

He grabbed the bow mace by the end and hefted it up. The weapon was obsurdly large for the Cassette Combiner - but he had the strength the swing it around. He lunged forward and swung it hard, aiming for G-31T's Knee joint (ala Galaxy Convoy with Megalo Convoy's weapon).

CES Facility - Exterior

Thunderclash's leg connected with Cenotaph's - and it hurt. It didn't do as much damage as the hand though, and the Autobot warrior swung his other leg around, attempting to get behind the CES member's leg with it - essentially trapping the leg between his two.

2006-03-22, 02:37 AM
CES Facility: Cog Vault Antechamber

Derby, still immobile except for oscillating in Doublecross' grip, could do nothing to avoid BBC's laser blast. It tore through his right hip, connecting with the hole in his abdomen and snapping his right leg off to go spinning to the ground. The unfused cables hanging from the new wound spilled a continuous flow of fluid onto the floor and the orange leg, shattered, charred, and mangled.

2006-03-22, 05:38 AM
Underlevels, Iacon

The techno-organic began to retreat back into the darkness, it's monsterous tenticles snaking back away from Haras as his brother pressed the attack. The creature didn't move like a wounded beast, though; either the creature's hunger had been sated, or it was planning to find less-formidable prey elsewhere.

"Might I suggest," Judge Deliberata shouted, "that you enter the lift before it changes its mind?"

The Smelting Pools, Iacon

G31-T saw the attack coming, and tried to jump over the swipe. For a moment, he thought he had suceeded...until he felt his ankle give way under the force of the blow.

The Gatekeeper landed awkwardly. Unable to put any pressure on the wounded leg, he fell to one knee and tried to lash out at Decibel with an off-balance punch.

2006-03-22, 07:39 AM
Squawktalk flapped after his new comrades.

"Revenge, Vengeance , redress, retribution, , retaliation, reprisals lets kick Quint Aft.

Squawktalk harried the quint with his claws beak snapping.


Doublecross sent 2 final jets of fire at BBC's retreating form before disappearing through the hole in the roof wher he laid Derby down.

Cross went to cauterise the leg wound with a burst of flame hooping to stop the fluid loss.

Cross looked serious

"Derby can you here me?"

Double put out a coms call on the Autobot frequency.

"This is Doublecross , mission accomplished , but Derby got hit bad I'm gonna need some kind of medevac is anyone available for transportation."

2006-03-22, 02:36 PM
Roadblock was having too much fun slagging Quint gaurds to remember he needed to goto the cell blocks and find the prisoners.

"Bomb-Burst, Squaktalk and Beastbox, did you rescue the prisoners yet? I can keep the guards busy for you for now." He said holding back a bloodlust held laugh.

2006-03-22, 06:56 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

This time Gunrunner wasn't able to dodge the Gatekeeper's attack, and the bowmace hit him in the midsection. Luckily, the brute wasn't in avery good firing position and the blow wasn't lethal. Even so, it was powerful enough to throw the pretender to the ground.

Gunrunner forced himslef to raise again and move, following Kick-Off's instructions.

2006-03-22, 08:11 PM
Haras was helped up by Eiramnna, who was hard pressed to keep his beserker brothers rage in check. As he ushered Haras back to the lift, Eiramnna himself felt on the verge of tears of rage himself: the mission was turning to death and excrement, with the wildlife around being a lot stronger than he had thought and he and his brother wholly unsuited to the mission.
Eiramnna would have to press the point to his brother that this mission was now a non profit quick-as-possible status from here on in.

2006-03-22, 09:44 PM
CES Facility: Roofs

Derby laid motionless and limp on the spot where Doublecross had set his body. His mouth was wide and his optics dark holes in his scarred and charred face. His leg socket was mostly sealed by Doublecross' flames, but drips of fluid continued to sputter from his shoulder and many chest wounds.

2006-03-22, 10:02 PM
Doublecross noticed something lieing in the mangled wreckage of Derby's leg. He swooped down and rescued the leg or what was left of it but the real prize was the Toolkit it had once contained.

Doublecross flapped quickly back to the roof and opened it up.

Cross looked concerned.

"Derby can you here me , i 'm gonna try and patch you ssssome can you hear me , if you can after the basicsss your gonna need to tell uss what to do."

Doublecross pulled out a vial of energon and poured it into Derby's mouth.

He then took the soldering laser and did his best to patch the leaks .

Double looked at Derby

"we're gonna run a drip from our arm into yours to tranfuse some fluid into you. once we've done that , our basic 1st Aid runs out anything else we sssssshould do?"

2006-03-23, 05:29 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

The Gatekeeper was indeed between Kick-Off, Gunrunner and the large piece of Quintesson artillery. It made no difference to the Allicon gun crews, though; they had their orders, and they opened fire on the Autobots. Within seconds, the guard had been torn to ribbons by proton blasts.

The stream of energy fire tracked towards Kick-Off, blasting holes in the bulkheads as it did so.

Cells, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst looked down at Needlenose, who was busy trying to hotwire the Gatekeeper's electronic key.

"Within minutes. We will have the cells open."

He glared at the recently-liberated Targetmaster.

"Do not. Make a liar. Out of me."

Underlevels, Iacon

As soon as Haras and Eiramnna had entered the lift, Deliberata's bodyguards forced the doors shut. The car began to decend quickly towards their destination.

Maybe that fool Ghyrik was right about this little soiree, after all...

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-03-23, 02:16 PM
Death's Head sat in the Quintesson Reception office staring blankly at the form ahead of him. He'd been handed it after being essentially frog-marched there.

Better not to cause a fuss, they pay well, eh? He'd thought to himself, but now his rage had began to boil.

Maths had never been Death's Head's strongest subject. He'd excelled in wanton destruction and general dis-memberment and it was these subjects his mind had began to focus on now.

Reading through the Quintesson manual for tax and duty was like reading a novel, Death's Head felt he'd been there an eternity already and now it was time for his first kill.

He stood tall, banging his head off the low ceiling light. The room was a dull grey as befitting any tax office, the light swung around casting Death's Head's shadow around the room. He walked to the window where he had received his forms and slid them underneath the partition.

The mech on the other side barely had time to recognise what the burning smell was before Death's Head crashed through the plexi-glass, grabbed the poor mech and smashed his cranial unit through the display panel infront of him.

"Tax costs me money, yes? I won't be paying." Death's Head drew out the robot's worn head.

"okay..." came the shaky reply.


Death's Head left the room as maintainence droids came to figure out what needed cleaned up and headed to the Quintesson High-Command building.

2006-03-23, 10:42 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

Gunrunner entered with a leap into a nearby room. He was safe for the new Quintesson heavy artillery, but he wasn't sure if it would be a wise idea subspace again his shell. From his position the pretender wasn't able to look at Cobalt, and maybe his fellow Autobot still need the cover offered by his shell.

" Cobalt, do you copy? " asked Gunrunner via com-link. " What's your stautus? "

While he was waiting for a reply, he ordered his shell to turn his dual cannons at the Allicon gun crews, and started to send a storm of discharges towards the newcomers.

2006-03-24, 12:33 AM
CES Facility, Exterior:

Cenotaph: -looking down at Thunderclash- "Oh, dear. I'm trapped." -brings his cannon arm around, fires at Thunderclash-

Research Facility, Kalis:

Kick Off: -triggers a salvo of missiles at the Allicons, gunning the cycle's engine twisting the handlebars to dodge the incoming fire, and looking down as the engine cuts out- "Well, sl-" -incoming salvos slam into the cycle's sidecar, warheads detonating, sending Kick Off's battered, broken body flying through the air, slamming into a wall and sliding to the ground, one of the cycle's flaming tires bouncing off the wall less than an inch from his head- "Gnn....nnnnn......."

2006-03-24, 06:11 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

The Allicon gunners, not nearly as tough as their Gatekeeper buddy had been, were cut down by Gunrunner's shell's weaponsfire. The proton cannon fell silent, its barrel depressing towards the floor.

"I'm alive," Cobalt assured the Pretender. The covert ops specialist had managed to transform (an unpleasant process, given his body damage) and was in the process of rising unsteadily to his feet. As he did so, he felt a massive headache flare up right behind his optics. "But I'm not happy."

The Autobot retrieved his energo-cutlass from the wall, then made his way carefully towards the fallen Kick-Off. Dropping to one knee beside the mangled warrior, he stared at his comrade ineffectually for a moment before asking, "You still alive?"

2006-03-24, 03:48 PM
Research Facility, Kalis:

Kick Off: -"Hlkkk...." -spits a mixed gob of energon and lubricant out of his mouth- "Nnnot... dead yet..... can't... feel legs...." -head lolls, sees the shattered stumps ending just below his hips where his legs used to be, vital fluids streaming from the destroyed limbs and his shattered torso, quietly- "Oh....." -diagnostics computer flickers to life in a squeal of static, chuckles at the wavering display projected into his visor- "Can't... go into survival mode, either....." -looks up into Cobalt's optics- "Te....ll me the truth...." -wheezes- "Is the.... bike okay?"


With a muted hiss, the door to lab Beta-5 hissed open, and the scientist peered out, the confident look on his face vanishing as he saw the twisted remains of his guards and Gunrunner, Cobalt, and Kick Off nearby. He saw the broken form of the Action Master, and got an idea. "I can save your friend, if you'd like."

2006-03-24, 09:37 PM
Research Facility, Kalis

Gunrunner ordered his shell to guard the corridors and joined Cobalt. He looked at Kick-Off, and hordes of old memories of dead companions invaded his mind.

" Kick Off... " was the only thing the Pretender was able to say.

Suddenly the scientist appeared and made his proposal.

" What are you talking about? " Gunrunner said coldly, pointing with his rifle at the scientist body.

2006-03-24, 09:39 PM
CES Research Facility: Roofs

Derby remained motionless in spite of Doublecross' assistance and coaxing. His mouth remained wide, the energon poured in slowly leaking down into his punctured throat, while his dark optics stared blankly into the smokey sky.

2006-03-25, 01:09 AM
Roadblock finished off a group of guards then rolled to find Bomb-Burst and assist him with helping the captives to escape.

2006-03-25, 06:21 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

Cobalt took one look at the mangled wreckage of the turbo-cycle, then looked down at Kick-off. "Of course not," he said. "But the piece of junk is never OK."

As the Quintesson scientist's voice registered, the Autobot leaped to his feet, energo-cutlass in hand. The quick movement caused his vision to blurr and his brought on a dizzy spell, but an outside observer would have to look very carefully to see he was in any distress at all.

"Oh, really?"

He looked at the scientist more closely as his vision cleared, and strongly considered cutting the enemy down where he stood no matter the consequences to his Actionmaster teammate.


Cells, Polyhex

Needlenose looked up from the electronic keypad, then shrugged.

"I've got it. I think."

Bomb-Burst scowled. "You think."

"Only one way to find out..." With that, the Targetmaster rubbed two wires together. A large metal grate immediately fell down in front of the cell block's main door.

"Bloody..." The aerial warrior tapped one of the wires against an exposed piece of circuitboard. "There we go."

The cell block door re-opened, and the individual cell doors followed suit moments later.

"Now...lets see what sorta dudes we've managed to pull outta the fire, eh?"

2006-03-25, 07:48 AM
Doublecross wrapped a dressing round Derby's throat.

"Come on Derby slag it , you can't do this to me come on."

Doublecross shot a cooling tower on the roof top and dragged the mains cable out of the wreckage . He severed the cable with his weapon and took one strand in each hand. He brought the wire down on Derby's chest.

"Clear, come on , you can do it , i'm gonna keep you alive even if i need to drag you over to SSStraxussssss' old quarterssss and put your head in a bubbble myssssself ."

Cross meanwhile was still trying to raise his comrades on a discrete channel.

"Any Autobots we need urgent medical assssisssstance."

2006-03-25, 02:30 PM
Research Facility, Kalis:

The scientist paused, looking at the two hostile Autobots, chosing his next words carefully. "I am working on a prototype, and I require a spark. As I have no wish to die this day, certainly without seeing my next creation fulfilled, I could take your friend's spark and memory components and place them in the prototype. He would gain a new body. All I ask in exchange is that you let me live."

Kick Off: -passes out-

2006-03-25, 05:33 PM
CES Facility: Roofs

Derby's body pulsed under the electric shock, and his optics finally lit up profusely. One seemed to glow a little too brightly, and a close listener would hear a fizzling behind it due to the severe shorts the impromptu shocks had incurred. Derby coughed reflexively, spewing fluid and energon from his mouth. His body continued to shake after the cables had been removed - the pain was enormous. Through it, he managed to raise a weak and shaking index finger to point to the sky. He knew that this was no place for Doublecross to be learning field surgery, and moreover he wished desperately his comrade would escape while he could.

(OOC: Where's the rest of our team? Jinrai? Rav? G?)


Polyhex: Cells

It was hardly an instant after the cell doors had opened that Drench and Volt stumbled forth from their prison. Volt held his fists up defensively while his optics darted about.

"Decepticons?" Drench noted at sighting Bomb-Burst and Needlenose. "You freed us?"

"Slag them!" Volt humphed, turning toward his saviors as well. "C'mon Drench, we'll get outta here ourselves."

Volt began to rush off, but Drench grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Don't be ridiculous. There must be Quints all over this place." Drench listened to the sounds of chaos outside while making his way toward the Decepticons. "Do you have a plan?"

"Wha'd they do with our weapons?" Volt interrupted, still looking about nervously. "I gotta get my sword back from those five-faced creeps!"

2006-03-25, 06:14 PM
The stormtrooper Brothers looked around at the other occupants of the Lift, both suddenly exhausted.

2006-03-25, 06:56 PM
CES Facility, main power room:

BBC: -walks in, checking the readouts- "The shield is still up. Everything according to plan....." -starts flipping sqitches, activates commlink- "Doublecross, I would advise that you get yourself and what remains of your friend out of here. Now." -switches frequencies- "Maelstrom, fall back away from the facility and await the signal." -deactivates commlink-

2006-03-25, 08:49 PM

Blackstar continued to fire at the Techno-Organic when he saw one of his shots miss and hit a force-field behind the beast.

"Jinrai! What the heck is with that force-field? Can you knock it down as we can assist our allies?" He asked firing a barrage of laser fire at the beast and the shield.

OOC- Blackstar and Jinners are stuck in the mime-box with the Techno-Organic.

2006-03-25, 11:13 PM
Cross snorted

"arrogant isn't he , we will have to arrange ssssome ssssuitable revenge on him at ssssssome point, yesssss."

Doubles eyes flared red

" yess we musst but first let uss depart ass he suggested."

Doublecross carefullywent to pick up Derby and awkwardly flapped his wings in preparation for flight.

Crosss smiled evily

"he dessstroyed all the recording devicess in there, and he's jusst warned uss to leave. I have an idea."

Doublecross opened an unencrypted com channel to BBC

"Thanksssss for the warning Convoy we couldn't have done it without you , you sssstage managed it perfectly the Quintssss won't sssssuspect a thing."

God Jinrai
2006-03-26, 03:10 AM
Ginrai was silent, starting at the remains of the techno-organic... then turning his head to blackstar, optics a blood red.

"Not... for long."

Ginrai reached over to the anti-matter cannon that the Techno-Organic had had mounted in place of an arm... and hoisted it up and onto his left shoulder... massively over-sized as it was, he began to reset his systems to temporarily integrate the cannon into his own.

"Get out of the way, Blackstar... I'm going to blow this barrier away.. even if it kills me."

The anti-matter cannon began to hum to life... gathering the masterforce energies ginrai was feeding into it, and turning it from raw matter to anti matter to fuel its destructive blast

2006-03-26, 04:58 AM
Blackstar fell back behind a large number of crates.

"Well this should be amusing." Shatterstar said to his robotic partner.

"Oh yeah." Blackstar agreed.

2006-03-26, 06:57 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

"Do it," Cobalt told the scientist. "But if you betray us...you'll die wishing I had just cut you down quickly right now."

Cells, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst me the two arriving Decepticons with a dissecting glance. As he did so, his shell loped up, split, and sealed around him. Fuel and oil were still dripping from it's fangs.

"The plan." He addressed Drench, obviously the more sensible of the duo, "is simple. We gather our comrades. We arm ourselves. And we leave. Our ally on the surface. Has managed to put the enemy into great confusion."

Needlenose stood, frowning. "Speaking of weapons...I'd like to find my Targetmasters, if they haven't bit the dust."

The Depths

The turbolift came to a stop, and the two Gatekeepers lead the way out into the unlit corridor that the car opened out onto.

Deliberata saw the look of fatigue in his two stormtroopers' faces, but couldn't care less about the underlings' feelings.

"We move on," he told Haras and Eiramnna imperiously. "Our goal is near."

2006-03-26, 10:56 AM
Security Sub HQ Brig area

Detritus looked at the monitor

"everything must go at crazy , crazy prices , For you the war is over."

Tunnel Rat sighed.

"just push the button why don't you and seal off the brig area. Then we can go down there and rip them limb from limb."

Detritus pushed the button.

Sirens started to wail and blast doors started to move.

2006-03-26, 06:21 PM
Kalis, Research Facility

Gunrunner aproached Cobalt.

" I want to help Kick-Off too, but can we trust a Quintesson? " asked the pretender with a whisper.

2006-03-26, 06:40 PM
CES Facility: Roofs

Derby was naturally helpless but to hang limp in Doublecross' talons, and his weakness caused him to fall again unconscious. His blasted radio went on the fritz in dealing with his mental state, and it was likely that Doublecross' message was somewhat garbled through the interference.


Polyhex: Cells

(OOC: Drench (http://tfu.info/1993/Autobot/Drench/drench.htm) and Volt (http://tfu.info/1994/Autobot/Volt/volt.htm) are 'Bots, by the way. :) )

Drench nodded to Bomb-Burst firmly, glancing around at the menagerie of freed prisoners gathering about them from their cells.

"Right," Drench agreed, thinking over his experience with prisons as a defense specialist. "If they haven't incinerated our guns, they're probably keeping them nearby. There's likely a security station at the edge of the prison block."

Volt's head spun up at the sounding of the sirens, and his opticband widened in horror at what he saw closer to the end of the corridor. Volt spun, cupping his hands around his mouth to shout over the confused mumbling of the amassed prisoners.

"DRENCH! The blast door's closing! We gotta move - now!"

Volt transformed to his hot rod mode and rocketed off through the narrowing doorway. Drench wasted only enough time in hurrying after to help as many of the weakened escapees along as he could. He wouldn't leave them, but he feared he'd get trapped himself. His optics danced between his wingspan pushing the prisoners and his closing window of freedom...

2006-03-26, 07:29 PM
Securty Sub HQ Brig Area

"and now for the weather, we forecast large squalls of angry prisoners."

Tunnel Rat tapped the monitor

"they're coming this way we need a plan, they're gonna want there weapons and slag back."

Tunnel Rat looked desperately around the room

"i might have the beginning of a plan ."

He retrieved his shell from Subspace and commanded it to strip then he slid inside it and reduced it to human size. He picked up a discarded suit of powermaster armour from a pile of various such items in one corner and started adjusting it.

"This is slaggin' leftfield but it might work , now Detritus lock me up in the holding cell in the corner then shoot me just enough to knock me out.

Detritus shook his head

"this is more crazy than Titanic 2 but you know what they say life is like a box of choclates , you never know what to expect."

Detritus locked Tunnel Rat up and then shot him Tunnel Rat crumpled in a heap in the corner.

Detritus then pried open a floor plate and crouching behind the security desk waited for the escapees to arrive.


Doublecross grasped Derby tight and flapped away from the building.

Brave Maximus
2006-03-27, 01:02 AM
Decibel managed to get his hand up and block the shot. While it was weak and off balanced - it was enough to push Decibel back a few feet. The Cassette combiner did manage to keep a hold of the bow mace - and once he had gathered his bearings again - he hefted the weapon up into a rather wierd looking ready stance. Instead of lunging in, he unleashed blasts from his flame blasters and lasers, waiting for an opening.....

CES Facility - Exterior

Thunderclash had to admit, he didn't see that one coming. He tried to move out of the way - but it caught him square in the right shoulder (the one with the broken hand) and removed it from his body. He howled in pain and twisted his leg in reaction - either to break Cenotaphs own or to bring him to the ground.

2006-03-27, 05:35 AM
Research Facility, Kalis

"No," Cobalt told Gunrunner softly. "We can't. But if we don't let him do this, Kick-off will die. All we can do is let him work, and hope to figure out how he's going to betray us."

Cells, Polyhex

(OOC: Bah! Foiled by obscure G2 character names!)

Bomb-Burst was about to reply to Drench's logic when he heard the sirens. As the blast door started to close, the Pretender dropped down to his haunches and fired a stream of corrosive slime at the doorframe. The metal archway immediately started to warp, and sparks flew as the door started to grind against it. it's rate of decent slowed dramatically, but didn't stop entirely.

"Much better." The Pretender bodily dragged Needlenose to his feet and pushed him towards the doorway, taking care not to let his acidic sweat settle on his comrade's body. "Go with Volt. Find the weapons. Then call us."

The predator immediately started loping towards the door himself, but took the time to sniff the air as he did so. After a few seconds of that, he called out to Drench. "Can you fight? We have foes. Nearby."

The Smelting Pools, Polyhex

The Gatekeeper could feel his armour starting to give as Decibel set to work melting him. The creature quickly calculated it's chances of survival at less than 30%. , That, in turn, activated a flag in the unit's programming that turned off its' self-preservation subroutines.

With a feral roar, the Gatekeeper lunged at Decibel, using it's one good leg to throw itself at the Autobot in a tackle meant to carry both of them into the smelting pool.

Aero Blade
2006-03-27, 05:39 AM
Among those that had gladly evacuated their cells, there were three cons that immediately group together, and though they seemed appear that they were a set group, something seemed missing, like there was an absent component, and for anyone who knew this group as the Millitary Patrol, they would know it was because a member was missing.

As activity began to be stirred up by the closing blast door, Dropshot shook his head sadly at the antics Drench and Volt. "Just like dumb Autobots to go rushing off. Serve 'em right if they get crushed, it'll at least keep them out of our way."

"Yeah, why bother running around when you can just bash a new openning?" Growl inquired to anyone who might be listening. "Maybe we should save us some trouble and go ahead and blast the bots once we get out weapons back?"

"Mute it you two," Bombshock said crossly, causing the other two warriors to grow silent. Their bantering done, he turned his attention towards Bomb-burst, who seemed to be taking the lead of the rescue attempt here for the moment. "You meantioned another ally. Might I inqure to whom that might be?"