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2006-02-15, 06:03 PM


Some might call SHORTROUND obsessed because of the way he follows THUNDERBLAST™ around, but most DECEPTICONS® just call him annoying. Still, he serves his purpose running supplies at speeds up to 350 mph over land and sea, and whenever the AUTOBOTS® show up he freaks out – filling the air with enough superheated plasma to allow other DECEPTICONS to escape in the confusion. He may be a nerd, but at least he’s a destructive nerd.


Among the very few places on the Jungle Planet not firmly under the control of SCOURGE® are the fetid swamps in the valleys at the foot of the Steel Shard Mountains. Here, REPUGNUS rules. His subjects rejoice in the stinking slime they call home. He protects their freedom fiercely, using his intimate knowledge of the swamps to isolate and destroy and invaders. So dedicated is he to freedom that he even exiled his own brother – UNDERMINE™, for being in league with SCOURGE.

(and just in case, we've seen Soundwave's bio (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d75/binalternator/new_toys/cybertron/voyagers/soundwave/soundwave_02.jpg) before)

2006-02-15, 09:15 PM
So, we have a Thunderblast stalking nerd, and a slimy, smelly, dino. O.k.:wtf:

Good job Hasbro.

2006-02-15, 10:37 PM
Yes I'd prefer something more origenal like "He's a young hot-head with plenty to leard. Though he may break the rules every so often his heart is in the right pl...you get the idea"

2006-02-16, 01:00 PM
Not bad. I've definetely seen worse bios in my time.

2006-02-16, 02:41 PM
I like the background. It's better then most.

2006-02-16, 10:34 PM
Shortround's name and bio made me chuckle. :)

Repugnus' bio sounds like good fanfic fodder, to me. :up: