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2006-04-02, 04:51 AM
I've decided that the Other thread will probably get packed quickly with all the explorative stuff we have coming up...

While Skyfire has delivered a crew of Autobots to recover the old Autobot cruiser Steelhaven from its parking in lunar orbit, Astrotrain prepares to disembark with a team of his own to deliver the reactor stolen from Area 51 to a secret location...

2006-04-02, 06:15 AM

"Sure thing, Skyfire," Crosshairs said with feigned self-assurance. The Targetmaster pushed gently off a nearby wall, directing himself towards the docking bay's closed doors. He bounced off, but grabbed hold of the doorframe before he could fly off in the other direction.

Once he was stabilized, he popped open a panel on the side of the door and worked the manual release. After pumping it several times, the bay doors slid open just far enough for the Autobot to pass through. After a moment's thought, he pumped the release a couple more times (it wouldn't do for the much-larger Skyfire to be stuck in the bay, after all).

"Our first stop is going to be the bridge," he said. "Once we get there, I can punch in the ship's activation codes and bring the old girl out of storage mode." He shrugged, an odd gesture in a zero-G environment. "After all this time, though, we'll be lucky if a third of the systems start up without being repaired."

He cast his glance upwards, at the unlit illumination bars that were mounted on the ceiling.

"Hopefully the lights will be on that list..."

2006-04-02, 08:04 PM

Skyfire glanced over his shoulder, still a bit nervous that the Decepticons may be lurking nearby. But he reminded himself that his sensors had detected no such threats, and his thrusters pushed him slowly toward the docking bay's internal doors.

2006-04-03, 02:11 AM

Outback followed close behind Crosshairs, with a beacon in hand. He was glad to be finally out of the shuttle. "Can't see a blasted thing in here. Wait a sec.." Outback turned on his off-road lights, flooding the passageway with light.

"Subtle as always," Bumper remarked.

Huffer walked behind them, examining some of the circuitry in the walls. "Hmmm." was all he managed to say.

2006-04-03, 07:12 PM
Backstreet and Fizzle started to follow the rest of the team: Fizzle had his pistols out and Backstreets rifle was in his hand. They floated after Skyfire , bringing up the rear of the team.

2006-04-04, 04:12 AM

Crosshairs couldn't help smiling as Outback's lights illuminated the corridor.

"Good thinking," he said, although he knew that the lights weren't exactly stealthy; if the Decepticons knew enough to be here, they were already in deep trouble.

The Targetmaster 'swam' his way through the zero-G spaceship hallway until he came upon a small access door.

"Emergency access ladderwell," he explained. It should take us right there."

After a few seconds of work, he had the hatch open. Ducking his head inside, he made sure it was clear before entering the tight passage entirely.

"OK," he said. "Time for a bit of a leap of faith..."

Not really amused by his own attempt at humour, the weapons officer simply pushed off of the doorframe, propelling himself straight upwards like a rocket.

I hope I don't bash my head too badly when I get to the end of the shaft... he thought belatedly.

2006-04-04, 07:41 AM
"It's just like a standard rifle but fire faster it would keep Cons busy...for a while."Hoist answered Backstreet.
Hoist floating in the ship found a control panel on the wall he carefully opened rusty panel and turned on the light button
only a few light are on and then he finding the way to engine room.

2006-04-04, 05:36 PM

Outback pushed off, following Crosshairs, although his equilibrium wasn't nearly as precise. He tumbled around for several seconds, his headlights flashing all around, until he figured out how to control his gyrations. "Heh, this is sort of fun."

Bumper and Huffer crawled through the hatch and launched themselves in similar fashion, although more sedately.

2006-04-04, 07:13 PM
Backstreet looked back at the Turrets and shuddered: "I hope they keep them back long enough: Backstreet was torn between his allocated job on the bridge, and his actual occupation of look out: was there anything he should, or could have done to help Hoists Security?
Fizzle floated along in a silent panic: the Zero-G and the vastness of the ship coupled with the unfamiliar terrain of space were wearing on him, as he desperately developed stratagem and plans for defence, counter attack, rescue and retreat...

2006-04-05, 04:11 AM

Crosshairs looked up above him ('above' being totally relative in a null-grav environment, of course), and saw that the top of the shaft was approaching. Reaching out with his free hand, he snagged hold of a rung of the ladder. His momentum kept him going, though, and broke his grip on the ladder. Seconds later, his head hit the top of the shaft with a resounding crack...which was pretty damned impressive, given that the atmosphere in the ship was almost nonexistant.

Despite the ringing in his audio sensors and general disorientation caused by the impact, the Targetmaster had the sense to push himself to one side of the shaft so that his comrades wouldn't all slam into his feet as they arrived.

2006-04-07, 12:07 AM

Outback managed to get his gyrations under control just as Crosshairs got out of the way. He hit the wall on his side, letting out a quiet "oof."

Huffer and Bumper pulled themselves along the ladder rungs and waited for Crosshairs to proceed.

2006-04-07, 04:16 AM

Crosshairs pushed himself across the small passageway, deftly avoiding Outback and grabbing hold of the bridge doorframe. Popping open the access panel, he worked the manual release in the same way he had done with the landing bay door. After about a minute, the door had slid aside far enough for the Autobots to proceed.

Floating off into the bridge, the Targetmaster quickly headed towards the one panel that was still drawing power: the main command console where he would have to enter the reactivation codes.

2006-04-07, 10:12 PM

Skyfire had hung back to give the others room to maneuver into the narrow passageway. And it certainly was narrow for him - as he floated in, his wingtips scraped against the walls, and his face was only inches away from the ladder. But his thrusters kept him methodically moving up the shaft until he nearly ran into the Minibots ahead...

2006-04-10, 07:02 PM
The Minibots Fizzle and Backstreet were buffeted by Skyfire into following the rest of the autobots on to the Bridge.

2006-04-11, 04:17 AM

Crosshairs grabbed a hold of the command console as he arced past it, pulling himself into something vaguely resembling a standing position. He tapped a sequence of numbers into the panel's only active keypad, then pressed ENTER.

A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. Then, slowly, the interior lights started to blink on. Several of the bulbs remained dark, but enough of them fired up that the Autobots could see clearly around the bridge.

Moments later, about half of the bridge displays lit up. Several of them flickered and died, and those that were lit showed nothing but startup displays.

"Looks like we've got our work cut out for us," he said to no one in particular.

"Huffer," he called out. "We're gonna need to get the main generators fired up. I don't know how long the backup batteries can keep everything running."

2006-04-11, 07:07 PM
Fizzle floated over to a console, and tried to load a main screen: the console flickered pathetically and kept returning to its main log on screen of the autobot logo...
Backstreet attempted the same with little success: the defence screen came up heavily corrupted, with half the outward cameras shutdown or inoperable.
"I'm gonna try loading from a different desk, but I think if the decepticons attack we should be elsewhere" he said with a pained expression as he floated to another terminal...

2006-04-12, 09:00 PM

Huffer nodded to Crosshairs in agreement. "I'll get right on it." Already having the ship's schematics in his memory cores, he confidently headed back down the shaft they had just come through.

Bumper, meanwhile, had floated his way to one of the glowing computer terminals. "Hmm...quite a bit of this is fried. We'll probably have to do some programming as well as some rerouting of hardwired circuits. He started digging through the programming code via the terminal, accessing various root menus.

Outback floated near the ceiling, holding on to a ladder rung with one hand, not sure what he should be doing.

2006-04-12, 09:34 PM
( Thanks Verytired! :) )

Steelhaven, command bridge

Backstreet cleared the best he could the few images from the outward cameras, trying to cover as much view as possible. He pushed some buttons and was able to re-align one sensor dish on the starboard hull, wich started to send data from only 90º wide and 50,000 km range from this ship's section.

" At least we have eyes on the outside. Well, perhaps half-eye... "

Then the triggerbot propulsed himself towards the nearest unnocupied desk, and when he arrived ( a little less dizzy; he was starting to feel comfortable with the zero-G ) tried to load again the ship's defence screen, with poor success. In fact, with null success at all.

" This one is gone... "

2006-04-12, 10:31 PM
Steelhaven: Bridge

Skyfire floated cautiously into the bridge behind the others. He was significantly relieved that at least some systems were still operational, but it was clear there was still much work to do. He floated up behind Backstreet and spied the images he'd been able to find.

"Can you get a visual of the external damages? I think we will need to make a run for materials. Bumper, I would appreciate if you could begin compiling your observations to develop a comprehensive report of material quantities we will require."

2006-04-13, 03:59 AM
Hoist came in the one room that full of various engine and generator then he came upon a big round-shape machine."Err..I think I found the gravity controller.Is there any holes on the ship?"He sends his messages to others.

2006-04-13, 05:03 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs floated towards Backstreet, a frown on his face.

"Is the problem with the control circuitry?" he asked the Triggerbot. "Or is there something wrong further down the line?"

The Targetmaster repressed a shudder at the thought of having to go outside and check out the weapons and shield arrays one by one.

2006-04-13, 06:01 PM
Steelhaven, command bridge

Backstreet frowned.

" Mmm... from here ", he replyed to Jetfire pointing at the images from the outward cameras flickering on the first monitor " the external damages are minimum, maybe some scratchs or dents caused by microasteroids, but nothing serious. But these images doesn't cover all the ship's exterior hulk... "

Backstreet engaged his com-link, replying at Hoist.

" You can try with the artificial gravity, Hoist. I think there aren't holes on the ship's hull. "

The triggerbot turned, looking at Crosshairs.

" And for this monitor, I'm not sure if it is a wire porblem or exterior problem. In that one " he said, pointing again at the only working tactical monitor, " I receive signal of a lot of tactical systems, like sensors arrays, shields projectors, weapons batteries... but I can't control these systems. It looks to me this part of the program is corrupted, but I can't fix it by myself. Anyway, it means that it is a problem we can try to fix from the inside ", he added with relief.

2006-04-13, 07:32 PM
Fizzle piped up with his findings.
"Crosshairs, we got some good news here. The bulk heads are fully operable, and interior defences are looking around about 80% reliant. Problem is the databanks can't retrieve all the routine explanations for the commands, so I don't know what half of them are..."
Fizzle then came across the self destruct organiser: it was still keyed to Fort Max's comms and registrttion, so there was no chance of the ship getting blown up in error.
"Better and Better..." he muttered.

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2006-04-14, 04:24 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs couldn't quite restrain a sigh of relief as Backstreet explained that the problem was indoors.

"Good, good," he said. Striding over to the one working tactical monitor that the Triggerbot had indicated, he frowned.

"Looks like you're right," the Targetmaster confirmed with a nod. "We'll have to flush the system and reload everything from the backups in engineering."

He flicked his glance at Fizzle. "The same thing should fix the problems that you're having, too. Hopefully."

2006-04-14, 09:25 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Bumper looked up briefly upon hearing Skyfire's request, then bent his head and focused on his console. It was hard to even find out what they were lacking with the state the systems were in.


Engine Room, Steelhaven

Huffer had to manually drag the sliding door open, as the servos in the wall had died out with the generators. With a slight grunt from the minibot and a shrieking whine from metal dragging over metal, he wrenched the door open.

Peering inside the dark room, he brought a small light beacon from subspace to illuminate his workspace. Huge portions of the ship engines lined the room on either side, as well as the relatively smaller generators for the various ships needs.

He set his beacon down in the middle of the room and studied one of the generators. Recognizing the configuration, he began the bootup sequence, crossing his fingers that all the circuit breakers were still in working order.

2006-04-14, 05:49 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet jumped, flying towards the working console. He stopped at Crosshairs's side.

" Let me see... " he said while checking again the on-line tactical systems display, " first of all, the few sensor we've alive shows all clear at the moment - at least from the zone covered - and I receive signal of at least one sensor dish from aft, forward and port's hull. When we fix the program, I'll be able to read from these dishes. Also, I would dare to say that I can activate the ship's shield projectors from here, once we had restored the ship's main power. "

Backstreet continued in his checking.

" The 70 % of the outside weapon arrays are functional, but I can't manage the weapons from here. Crosshairs, can we control the weapons from another terminal, like a secondary battle bridge or something like that? " the triggerbot asked.

2006-04-15, 12:36 AM
Steelhaven: Bridge

Seeing that things were going well and the others were gathering information about how things were working on the bridge, Skyfire floated back to the access hatch to explore the rest of the ship and find out what sort of materials would be needed...

2006-04-15, 05:11 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs nodded through Backstreet's information, and suddenly got the feeling that they might have bitten off more than they could chew.

Getting this old bucket up to full capacity again is going to take a lot of time. But at least we've got some functional systems right now. Enough that we've got somewhere to start from.

Considering the Triggerbot's question, he thought to himself for a moment.

"We could check out the battle bridge," he said, "but those control circuits might be burnt out, too. We'd have better luck in the armory. The weapons are hardwired into the control circuits there, so if we can't access them there we won't be able to do it anywhere."

2006-04-15, 11:01 AM
----------Steelhaven's Engine Room----------
Hoist opened the inside of gravity controller."Erk...Look like the back of Maccadam's bar."Then he started repair the machine and thrown out some not useful broken part.

2006-04-17, 03:09 PM
Fizzle turned up to Crosshairs converstaion with Backstreet. He added "Re-routing the defences and weapons to the battle bridge should be easier than doing it to here, the lines are more secure normally. The battle bridge would only cover exterior defences though: interior would be firmly locked down here I'd imagine."
Fizzle continued to fiddle with the interior specs: corrode gas dispensors seemed popular, as did riot foam and flash bang functions in the walls and light fittings. No lasers, concussion blasters or offensive weaponry of any kind he could find.
He hoped that as the ship was brought back online, they would show themselves, as those defences shown wouldn't be of much help against boarders.

2006-04-17, 08:25 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

" Who are we going to send to the armoury? " asked Backstreet at Crosshairs.

Then the triggerbot oppened a channel for Huffer.

"Huffer, any good news about the ship's generators?" he asked, eager to activate the shields.

2006-04-18, 04:19 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs allowed a small smile to pass across his face, but only for a second.

Finally, a problem that I know how to deal with.

"I'll send Pinpointer to check out the armory," he told Backstreet. "It was our office for the better part of a year, after all, so he'll know his way around. Fizzle, if there's nothing else you can do up here, could you head down to the battle bridge and see if the systems there fared any better?"

The Targetmaster turned to look at the Nebulan floating in the air not too far from him.

"Maintain radio contact with Backstreet at all times," he said. "Both of you."

Turning to the Triggerbot, he said, "Coordinate their efforts from up here, please. We don't need them accidentally undoing eachother's work."

Pinpointer just nodded, the humanoid's expression as serious as ever.

"I'll get going."

Moving over to the rear access shaft, the Nebulan started the long climb down towards the armory. He didn't allow himself to float like they had on the way here; with Hoist working on restoring gravity, he didn't want to get himself splattered on the bottom of the shaft.

2006-04-18, 07:07 PM
Fizzle gave a quick salute and fiished his work on the interior defences: the Control Program was up and Running on the console, and all systems as ready as he'd hoped. He kicked off to the exit of the Bridge, and started his way to the battlebridge.
He shoute from down the hall:
"Make sure they don't turn the Gravity on without telling me eh?"

2006-04-19, 04:55 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"No promises," Crosshairs called over his shoulder to the departing Fizzle.

Moving away from the command station, the Targetmaster surveyed the mostly-offline control panels that lined the room. As his gaze passed the vacant communications station, he frowned. The monitor was lit up, but nothing but a single command prompt filled the screen rather than the standard control functions.

The lights are on, but nobody's home...

Kneeling beside the console, he popped an access panel off and was immediately hit by the smell of burnt circuitry.

No mystery what happened here, he thought. The network interface card blew out and took a lot of the bus cabling with it, but it doesn't look like any of the other equipment was damaged. Should be salvagable, if I can find the parts I need in one of the other offline terminals.

Moving over to the nearest inactive console (a mission operations station, as luck would have it), he opened it up and started look around for salvagable parts.

2006-04-19, 11:59 PM
Steelhaven, Engine Room

Huffer heard over his comm from Backstreet. The autostart mechanism had burned out on the main generators, and Huffer was having to crank one manually. Half of a casing for one of the generators lay on the floor, the guts of the thing exposed for the engineer to have access to.

"What?" he responded to Backstreet distractedly. "Oh, wait just a moment."

With a few more cranks the generator started up. Using the power from that generator Huffer restarted the other generators in the room until he was surrounded by the humming sound of machinery.

Power systems across the ship began to come back online.

"There. Hows that? They're running now."

They were running, all right, but not exactly smoothly. Huffer heard at least one generator making loud clanking sounds as if something was out of alignment. Removing the casing of each generator, he began to fine tune them back into shape.


Steelhaven, Bridge

Bumper finished his analysis and transmitted a list of the ores and minerals and the amounts of each that would be required. He also appended a list of backup ores that could be used if the primary ones could not be found in suitable amounts. "Skyfire...I'm transmitting my list to you. Let me know that you received it okay."

2006-04-20, 07:04 PM
Fizzle bumped along the corridors of the Steelhaven, not getting used to the Zero G at all. As he found a Ladder that lead to the Battle Bridge level, he noticed something.
One of the paels of the Corridor had come completely loose, and bare circuitry was exposed: Fizzle drifted over, and took a look at the rapidly warming cables. They were badly exposed, and some looked, for want of a better word, gnawed. he felt a wire with his bare fingers, pondering...
"Crosshairs " He spoke urgently into his comms. "Is there anything else that could be here apart from us?"
Fizzle saw something else glinting behind the wires and reached in...

2006-04-20, 09:48 PM
Steelhaven Bridge

" Good job! ", replied Backstreet to Huffer.

The triggerbot quickly tipped some buttons on his console.

Shield status:...... online.

" Yeah! " he cried. " Crosshairs, I've restored the shields! "

Backstreet started a diagnostic of the shields projectors and their efficiency.

" Mmm... the shield projectors are generally working, barely working to be more exact. In a few minutes I'll have the data regarding which projectors are on-line and wich not, and their power rating" Backstreet said. " I hope " he added.

2006-04-21, 10:48 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

Outback was still hanging in zero g from a rung near the ceiling, talking aimlessly to anyone who wanted to listen. "Ever seen a zombie movie? This place sort of reminds me of a zombie movie. Only the ship is the zombie."

Just then the gravity flickered on for a brief second, sending him crashing to the floor, just in time for it to switch off again, sending him bouncing off the floor and careening off in a random direction.

2006-04-22, 07:01 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs, still half-burried inside the nonfunctional mission ops console, shook his head at Fizzle's query (although, naturally, no one would be able to see it).

"I don't think so," he told the Sparkler. "It's possible the ship picked up some vermin while she was abandoned, though."

After extracting another non-damaged componant from the terminal, he told Backstreet, "Good work. Even minimal shields are better than no shields at all."

Armoury, Steelhaven

Pinpointer managed to make his way to the armoury without being killed by random firings of the ship's gravity plating, something the dour Nebulan considered a stroke of luck.

After taking a few seconds to refamiliarize himself with the room's layout, he headed towards the armoury's weapons control terminal.

Earth Orbit

Astrotrain rocketed out of the Earth's atmosphere, heading on a course that lead to a seemingly-random spot in the solar system's asteroid belt.

"I'm going full-speed," he told his passengers, "but it'll still be a bit of a trip. You can unstrap now. I don't expect any turbulance until we arrive at the objective."

2006-04-23, 09:21 AM
Steelhaven bridge

Backstreet finished his shield's diagnostic.

" Well " said the triggerbot while reading his console's screen, " it seems we've a little mess out there. Most of the shield projectors are online and functional, but some with high power fluctuations. And - bad luck perhaps - we've only one projector working in the aft arc. Only at 10 %.

Backstreet trembled for a moment.

" Hem... on the other hand, the forward arc is at 60% efficiency, the port arc at 50% and the starboard only at 37%, power fluctuations apart. "

Backstreet looked at Crosshairs.

" We can't replace the damaged projectors from the inside, and we need new projectors, of course. And if anything shots us from behind, we're probably slaged ", Backstreet explained.

" But I've good news " the triggerbot smiled; " I can compensate power fluctuations from this console and re-align the working projectors to ' swich arcs ' and protect our weakests arcs. "

2006-04-23, 12:24 PM
Steelhaven corridors
Fizzle tutted at what he had found: it was vermin, some form of rat beetle: sadly, whatever it was had decided gnawing on electrical cable was smart idea, and suffered the burnt consequences.
"Copy that Crosshairs, we have some vermin on board. I only have a dead one here, don't know if these things can survive in non atmospheres. Continuing to the Battlebridge."
Fuzzle pocketed the vermin corpse into subspace for later, and pushed up the ladder hole with better grace than usual: he was getting a bit better at navigating the Zero g halls...
He pulled to a stop three levels up. Down the hall was the entrance to the bridge.

Inside Astrotrain
Slicer unbuckeled and stood up, stretching himself till aching servos started working again without the whining noises.
"Turbulence in space?" he muttered out load, as confused as beserkers get.

2006-04-23, 08:28 PM
Steelhaven: Corridors

Skyfire continued to float down the halls, happy to simply examine everything he saw and take notes.

"Copy that, Bumper," he commed back. "I have the list. I am returning to the hangar bay to travel to the asteroid belt for material requisition. Your help would be appreciated unless you are otherwise busied."

Skyfire CC'ed the message to the rest of the work crew. He didn't like the idea of taking just himself and a Minibot on a fairly dangerous expedition such as this.

2006-04-24, 05:31 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs pulled his head out of the console, grabbed his armload of salvaged parts, and headed back towards the comm station.

"Do it," he told Backstreet with a little bit of hesitation. "We can get the damaged projectors replaced when we fly this wreck back to Earth, but for now we'll need the protection."

As he settled down beside the comm station and started ripping out the ruined componants, he replied to Fizzle with a sigh.

"I suppose we'll have to get us some exterminators," he said wryly. Flipping a glance over at Outback, he asked, "I don't suppose you feel like wandering around shooting space rats, do you?"

He doubted the Minibot would be enthused by that idea, but there wasn't much else for the gunner to do unless the Decepticons put in an obligitary appearance and started blowing stuff up.

Deep space, between Earth and Mars orbits

Astrotrain rocked very gently from one side to the other, the closest the transport could come to shrugging in his current mode.

"You'd be surprised," he said dryly to Slicer's confusion. "Fly into an ion storm and the ride can get pretty rough."

He doubted he needed to add that enemy weaponsfire would make things just as rough, if one ran into that.

2006-04-24, 05:40 AM
Steelhaven: Bridge

Bumper commed to Skyfire, "Um...sure thing. Not much more I can do here until everything is back online."

"Hey!" Outback interjected. "I'll come with. His internal gravity works. This zero G stuff isn't for me."

The two minibots headed down the corridor heading for the hangar.

2006-04-24, 07:03 PM
Fizzle stood in awe: the bridge was lit by emrgency lighting, a green fade over all surfaces. It had been designed for about ten Autobots to use, but the space would've been better suited to Five. Every availabel space was crammed with monitors, consoles, projectors, switches, and flashy things. It was everything a battle bridge should look like, round with 6 chairs spread around the edge, and a Large central chair in the middle (the remaining two of the spec supposed to stay on their feet in the crises).
Fizzle let the moment was over him, then got to work. He got into the main chair and opened an internal communication to Backstreet.
"Hey there: you've been checking the external defences, what weaponry should I check out first, to compliment what we have already?"

Inside Astrotrain
Slicer Gulped. He was liking this mission less and less.

2006-04-24, 08:46 PM
*Gnaw looked up at the nervous Slicer trying to take his mind off of things*

"Space is susposto be a empty vaccume, how can there be turbulance?"

2006-04-24, 09:50 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet was realigning the shield projectors when an internal message from Fizzle arrived.

" Hey Fizzle " he replied cheerfully. " A weapons report? Let's me see... " -some tipping of buttons sounded- " well, from here I receive signal of all of the ship's arcs. Clear your audio receptors pal... "

The triggerbot started reciting the status of the weapons he was reading on the console screen.

"Forward weapons: turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2 -online-, turbo-laser battery # 3 - not responding-; tractor beam # 1 # 2 -online-, Power torpedo tube # 2 - online-, Power torpedo tube # 1 - not responding-, tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - not responding-"

Port weapons: turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2 -online-, tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - not responding-;

Starboard weapons: turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2 -online-, tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - online -;

Aft weapons: tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - online-;"

Backstreet cleared his voice.

" See if you can restore the controls on the online weapons. The not responding ones... better don't count with it! Good luck friend!"

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2006-04-25, 02:07 AM
----------Steelhaven's Engine Room----------
Hoist crawled out from the gravity controller carefully not to mess up with the thing he already done. Then he turned on the gravity.
He suddenly fell down to the ground."Sorry you folks can't floating anymore."He comlink others.

2006-04-25, 07:03 PM
Fizzle sank into the Control chair uncomfortable.
"Ouch! Some warning..." he muttered. He brought up the details for the Turbo Laser Batteries that were working: each of the weapons had test programmes, but they seemed to start then get stuck at loading screens. He began rebooting the system, fearing a cold start was he issue, and started warming the cpu with some standard test run programmes before returning to the test programmes.
Fizzle griped and muttered to himself as he worked: he would need as much luck as he could get. He had a better than basic knowledge of computers, but these were very unfamiliar systems.

2006-04-25, 09:13 PM
Steelhaven: Hangar Bay

Skyfire had just floated through the open door (but how he'd made it back through the maze of corridors he was unsure) when the gravity came on, and he suddenly found himself dancing about on the floor by his sputtering confused microthrusters. But he shut them down in a moment, taking a moment to regain his land legs before striding toward the hangar door and transforming.

2006-04-26, 06:01 AM
Steelhaven: Hangar Bay

Bumper and Outback managed to make it to the hangar, despite the uncertain gravity fluctuating on and off. They found Skyfire waiting for them, and boarded quickly. Outback patted the side of Skyfire affectionately. "Ah, another shuttle. Joy."

2006-04-26, 06:50 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs felt gravity return underneath him, but since he was half-inside the communicatons station he thankfully didn't have very far to fall to get to the deck.

"Good work, Hoist," he said over his comlink.

Armoury, Steelhaven

Pinpointer fell eight feet to the ground when gravity came back on, landing in a heap and letting out a tired groan.

I'm getting too old for this...

Climbing up a chair to get to the armoury's computer terminal, the Nebulan started punching keys. Navigating the semi-familiar interface, he tried to bring up a status report on the ship's internal weaponry.

Passing Mars

Astrotrain chuckled slightly, a sound that echoed in his cabin in a slightly ominous manner.

"Relax," he told Slicer. "We're almost to our target. Once we're close to the construction site, all we'll have to worry about are asteroid strikes."

The Triplechanger knew it was bad form to play on an underling's fears like that, but truth be told he tended to get bored on these long deep-space flights.

2006-04-26, 07:08 PM
Fizzle stared at the console screen, willing success: after whay seemes an eternity, he git it: full diagnostic and schematic out lays of the Turbo lasers. The Two working forward Batteries were on the edge of ruin, but the the port, starboard and rear batteries all showed on the better side of fifty percent workability. The ones off line and the forwards were suffering from fractured prisms and Radiation dampener degredation: the latter meaning firing the cannons could (and would in the case of the offline ones) cause a backblast of energy and a rather impressive explosion.
Further screens showed the Tractor beams were working, but low on energy for the gravometric turbines that powered them. All the missile ports showed no problems, but the computer seemed to be getting tense over the idea of firing them before the Missiles recieved a full evaluation.
No time for any evaluation really he thought.
He opened up a communication to Crosshairs:
"Sir, I'm sending a reprot on the weapons to the main bridge: it's not brilliant, but we'd be in with a chance if we got in a fire fight."
As he sent the data, he added to himself
"Not the best chance, but hey, a chance."
He sat back in the chair and started exploring the rest of the connections from the officers control.

Inside Astrotrain
"Ah, asteroids. Good. Nothing to worry about then."
Slice stared into the middle distance ahead of him, unable to comprehend what was ahed of him.

2006-04-28, 09:48 PM
Steelhaven: Hangar Bay

Skyfire wasn't really sure how to react to Outback's sentiment - he wasn't very good with subtle forms of humor - and simply opted to charge his engines and blast easily out into space, setting course for the asteroid belt.

2006-04-29, 05:45 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Plugging the last of the salvaged parts into the console, Crosshairs was pleased to hear it come to life with a soft thrummm.

"I'm looking at it now, Fizzle," he said as he strolled over to the command station. After a moment, he added, "It looks better than what I expected. See what you can do from there to smooth things over."

Tapping the comm panel, he opened an intercom link to the armoury.

"Pinpointer, how's it going down there?"

"Some good, some bad," the Nebulan said. "I've got about half of the security cameras running again. You should be able to pull up the feeds from the security or tactical consoles on the bridge. The internal defences are toast, though. I can power up the weapons themselves, but the IFF circuits are fried; I almost got gunned down by the turrets in here when I turned them on."

"Wonderful," Crosshairs said dryly. "No chance of sorting that out, I take it?"

"Not unless you've got an experienced computer programmer on-hand to re-write the control programs," was the reply.

"Then lets just hope we don't have any intruders," Crosshairs said darkly.

Asteroid Belt

As Astrotrain flew into the outer shell of the belt, he reduced his speed to something a little less suicidal. Dodging one particularly big rock, he fired blasts from his particle beams at the smaller ones that got in his path. An outside observer would think that the shuttle was on the verge of disaster, but he was skilled enough to pull off the dangerous maneuvers with little trouble.

In the distance, a dark spheroid object could just barely be picked out from the background of stars, rock and deep space.

2006-04-29, 03:48 PM
Slicer was now a bundle of nerves as he heard the commander fire off so many blasts and take so many turns.

2006-04-30, 10:22 AM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet finished re-aligning the shields, and checked the sensors' console.

2006-05-02, 09:23 PM
Nearing Mars

Skyfire cruised along methodically. For someone so accustomed to space travel, it was hardly a moment's jaunt from the moon to the asteroid belt, but Skyfire recognized some of his passengers may not feel so comfortable with the trip.

"Did you bring mining and spacewalking equipment?" the PA crackled.

2006-05-03, 05:41 AM
Asteroid Belt

As he got closer to the large construction site, Astrotrain had fewer and fewer rocks to dodge. Eventually, he could simply fly straight and flat towards the large spheroid. He continued his approach for what seemed like forever, and their destination grew larger and larger, until it was the only thing that could be seen from the shuttle's viewports.

As they drew ever closer, features could begin to be seen on the surface: docking bays, weapons towers, shield generators...and engines. The engines were indeed a sight to behold. Each one of the drive cones was large enough to swallow Trypticon hole...and there were a half-dozen cones visable from the viewports.

Astrotrain steered towards the nearest docking bay, approaching the facility in silence.

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs turned to regard Backstreet.

"How is the work on the shields coming?" he asked.

2006-05-03, 07:09 PM
Slicer whistled as he saw the spheroid through the view ports. It was very impressive, beyond his feeble imagination. He latched on the one idea he had.
"Astrotrain, are the weapons working on that thing?"

2006-05-03, 08:59 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet turned to Crosshairs.

" The shields are fine " he said, " at least as fine as I can re-align them. The strongest arcs are the forward, starboard and port ( they're at 50% each now ) but you know, if we're shot in the aft arc, we're slagged. "

Backstreet shrugged.

" Now I was checking again the sensors; they're clear by now, but if we could repair some sensor dishes we could increase their range and cover more distance. "

The triggerbot paused.

" That's mean an outside repair work. "

2006-05-04, 03:59 AM
Inside Skyfire

"Mining equipment?" Outback scratched his head. "Errr..."

"Yes, I brought some." Bumper interjected, hefting a medium size cargo box he had filled with supplies and brought along.


Steelhaven, Generator Room

Huffer finished working the kinks out of the generators and headed for the bridge to check in with the bots there.

2006-05-04, 06:53 AM
Asteroid Belt

Astrotrain answered Slicer with an amused note in his voice.

"Enough of them are," he said. "They won't be able to use the biggest cannons until they hook up the power supply we're delivering, but the anti-fighter weapons should be up and running."

The commander steered himself into the vast hangar bay, then lined up towards the deck and transformed to train mode. With the slightest of bumps, his wheels hit the ground and he steered towards a cluster of figures grouped on one side of the bay. Most of them were obviously drones, but one of them was a smallish Decepticon with a blue paint job highlighted by yellows and greys.

The transport came to a stop and lowered his ramp.

"If you'd be kind enough to get out of me," he told his three passengers, "we can get on with our business."

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs shuddered slightly at the mention of 'outside work'.

"Do we have the parts on-hand to make repairs?" he asked Backstreet. "If not, we'll have to wait until we get the ship back to Earth and let the engineers work on the sensor dishes there."

The Targetmaster was half-hoping that they wouldn't have the supplies; the idea of sending someone outside to crawl around on the hull wasn't a pleasant one to him.

2006-05-04, 06:40 PM
Hanger Bay

Submarauder exited Astrotrain and walked into the large chamber quietly amazed at the work accomplished here.

2006-05-04, 07:16 PM
Slicer followed Submarauder, and always being one for originality, whistled again at the surrondings.

Steelhaven, Battlebridge

Fizzle continued working on the connections. Success and faliure were in equal measure.

"Workable weapons:
turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2, chances of blast back, 37%
tractor beam # 1 # 2, Turbines with 2Tons2hours powerlevels.
Power torpedo tube # 1 # 2 - online-,
tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - not responding-"

Port weapons:
turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2, chances of blast back 15%, tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - not responding-;

Starboard weapons:
turbo-laser heavy batteries # 1 # 2 chances of blast back 19%,
tactical AA missile launcher # 1, 30 guided missiles available.

Aft weapons: tactical AA missile launcher # 1 - 12 guided missiles available."

The Torpedo Tubes weren't stressing about the state of the Torpedos anymore, so they could fire them, but success would be... dicey. Forward and Port Missile Launchers were unresponsive, but could feasibly be worked manually.

Fizzle sat back in the seat and sighed. If they were attacked by an unknown force, they'd better be facing it: even then, the lasers would probably blow up.

"Crosshairs, how are the engines on this bucket?" He began toying with the dead Ratbeetle he had found earlier. "Outrunning enemies would be some sweet idea."
A thought struck him.
"Backstreet, have you found anything concerning shuttles on this Heap? I'd love to know there's a back door if Skyfire gets... if Skyfire can't fly us out."

2006-05-04, 08:57 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet's optics flashed with joy.

" The shuttles! " he yelled. " Oh ", he added searching for Fizzle's frequency. " Yeah Fizzle, the shuttles. I forgot them. "

The triggerbot tipped some buttons.

" Crosshairs, I've found some data regarding the Steelhaven spare parts storage, and if the info is correct - and if I interpret it correctly - we have enough parts to repair only one sensor dish. Maybe it's not worthing... "

Backstreet tipped more buttons.

" On the other hand, I'm not able to found uncorrupted data about the number and status of the shuttles. Fizzle says it would be wise to check them for if we need another... escape plan. "

The triggerbot checked again his data.

" I see three hangar bay ", he said watching the screen. " One is where we disembark, and no shuttles where there. The other two are in port and satrboard hulls. Huffer is near to the starboard one... " Backstreet turned to Crosshairs. " Maybe he can take a look of this hangar bay " he suggested.

2006-05-05, 05:31 AM
----------Steelhaven ,Engine Room----------
Hoist crawled into the ship's engine taking any broken part out of the engine a few minutes later he looked at the amount of the broken parts."I wondered how could she fly without these thing"
Then he open his comlink."Backstreet you got any spare parts left? The engine look terrible."

2006-05-05, 05:59 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"This old bucket was built for durability, not speed," Crosshairs told Fizzle. "She can outrun enemies over the long haul, but in a sprit, we'd be hard-pressed." He shrugged. "It's a non-issue right now, anyway...I haven't checked in with Huffer for a while yet, but I don't think we'll be going anywhere until he's done a bit more work on the engines."

Turning to Backstreet he shrugged. "I don't think you'll find a volunteer who'll be willing to go out there if all we can do is fix a single dish," he said.

As the Triggerbot mentioned the shuttles, he turned away for a moment.

Why is it that everyone is so sure this mission is going to end badly?

Forcing the thought away, he looked over his shoulder to Backstreet.

"You can ask him if you'd like," he said. "But if he's in the middle of something, checking the shuttles will have to wait."

2006-05-05, 11:31 AM
*Gnaw crawled out of Astrotrain*

"Uuuurg I don't feel so good."

2006-05-05, 08:37 PM
Asteroid Belt

Skyfire was a bit unnerved by Outback's response, but there would be little sense going back now. After all, they were already there. Skyfire's retro-thrusters slowed him to a gentle cruise while he slid among the volley of asteroids. Some came close, but he was skilled enough to dodge them easily. Finally, he spotted a large rock and maneuvered toward it.

"Brace for landing," his PA announced.

But little bracing was needed, as the ship quickly and gently set down on a clear area among the asteroid's jagged peaks. After depressurizing, Skyfire opened his rear hatch to allow the Minibots to disembark.

2006-05-06, 06:59 AM
Hangar Bay, Asteroid Belt Construction Project

(OOC: We're talkin' Generation 2 Afterburner here. The blue Decepticon jet guy, not the Technobot. :))

Afterburner looked up from the datapads he was studying as one of his drones pointed out the craft arriving in the bay. It wasn't unexpected, of course; Astrotrain had been sighted on approach several minutes ago. No ship could get this close to his construction site without authorization, and if it had, the landing bay would be swarming with security drones to intercept the intruder. That obviously wouldn't be necessary this time around, though.

As the familiar shape of Astrotrain settled down on a landing pad, the technicians master strode over to meet his superior. His T-shaped optic sensor array darkened slightly as he focussed on the unfamiliar Decepticons disembarking from the officer...most especially as he caught sight of Gnaw.

That one must have an interesting story, he thought idly.

The blue and grey engineer stopped precisely beside Astrotrain's hatch and saluted formally, his team of drone assistants following suit with a bit less flair. They held the salute until Astrotrain transformed to robot mode and returned it.

With that formality out of the way, Afterburner offered his superior officer his hand. "It is a pleasure to see you, sir," he said genuinely; the deep-space transport was one of the few Decepticon leaders level-headed enough to merit his respect.

"Thank you," Astrotrain said as they shook hands. "I'm impressed by all the work you've done...from the outside, the vessel looks complete."

"It almost is," Afterburner said. "Primary construction is 95% finished as of 0600 hours today," he said. "All that remains is to activate the main power systems, but that will be a long task in and of itself. We'll have to rigourously test each system as we tie it into the new reactor, or we'll risk blowing this glorious lady apart before she even sees battle."

"You have time," Astrotrain promised. "The Quintessons have been quiet lately, and the Autobots will be kept well in hand...or so I was assured, anyway."

"Good," Afterburner said firmly. "Engines will be our top priority, but until we can move her, the ship will be vulnerable to Autobot attacks."

He turned his attention from the commander to the three Decepticons that had accompanied him. The engineer swept his gaze across Gnaw, Slicer and Submarauder.

"Ah! Where are my manners? I don't believe I've met any of you before. I am Afterburner, Decepticon Technicians Master and chief engineer of this little project. You three have been given a great honour...you are among the first to stand on the deck of the ship that will liberate our homeworld and remake the galaxy in the image of the Decepticons!"

The latter-generation Decepticon was incapable of smiling, but his optic array was glowing brightly, displaying the intensity of his emotion.

"Gentlemechs, welcome to the Warworld!"

2006-05-06, 10:06 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Huffer arrived on the bridge, wiping his hands of some oil. "Well, the generators are up and running smoothly. Ship's power should be fairly stable barring localized breakdowns in circuitry. What should our next priority be? I should probably get to work on the engines..." Huffer trailed off, thinking about the minute details of everything left to be done.



Bumper and Outback exited Skyfire, wearing the thrust packs and mining gear Bumper had brought.

Outback lighted his mining torch and let it flare up briefly. "Where do we start?" he asked Skyfire.

2006-05-06, 01:26 PM
Hangerbay, Warworld

Submarauder glanced around the interior of the bay "Very impressive, i didn't relise the Decepticons still had this sort of resources, very impressive indeed."

2006-05-07, 02:24 AM
*Gnaw was starting to regain composer*

"Thats all fine and good with me, but what of my Brotheren! I have no desire to become the last of my kind."

2006-05-07, 05:37 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs turned to Huffer as the engineer arrived on the scene.

"Ah! Perfect timing." The Targetmaster nodded slightly. "By all means, get to work on the engines. Before you do that, though, Backstreet wanted you to run a quick check on the shuttles, just in case we have to make a quick getaway."

Hangar Bay, Warworld

Afterburner glared at Gnaw, but wasn't able to reply before Astrotrain cut him off.

"Your brethren are our enemies," the mission commander told the renegade Sharkticon. "You know that. If they can't be turned to our side, they will have to be exterminated."

With a quick glance to Submarauder, he merely said, "This project has been a long time in the making," he admitted, "and it hasn't been easy. The drones were built during the campaign in San Francisco, and the required energy for the project was garnered from an ongoing...special project that you'll probably hear about soon enough. I'll admit that I doubted the wisdom of this..."

He expansively gestured around the grand hangar bay.

"...but I think I can safely say that it has turned out very well indeed."

2006-05-07, 12:55 PM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Backstreet downloaded the hangar bay locations in a small datapad. It will be useful as a map, for him of for anyone. He also sent the spare parts storage list to a console located in the engine room.

" Hoist, I've sent you the spare parts list. It's not much, but it's all we have here. Good luck! " he said via-comm.

Then he turned to Crosshairs.

" I'm finish here with the shields and sensors. Both are on-line and in autorun " he informed.

" The system is corrupted and we don't know in which hangar the shuttles are. " the triggerbot explained to Huffer. " But if the engines are the priority I can check the nearest Hangar, Crosshairs. "

2006-05-08, 07:14 PM
Slicer looked around in what his feeble mind could aproximate to awe. feeling the need to contribute, He asked Afterburner the same question he had asked his commander.
"What kind of Guns do you got?"
The war world was everyhting a massiveassault specialist could dream of: it was tant amount to perfect.

2006-05-08, 08:36 PM

Skyfire transformed to his robot mode, floating away from the asteroid slightly before his microthrusters could bring him back to the surface. He kneeled as firmly as he could with the minimal gravity, and looked over the rock surface while his hand ran along it.

"I am not much of a metallurgist," he told Outback, "but this seems to be a weak area. Drilling here will probably lead most easily to a cross-section of the geological strata."

Skyfire glanced to Bumper in case the statistician had any input.

2006-05-09, 05:41 AM

Afterburner sized up Slicer momentarily before answering the other Decepticon's query.

"This vessel is equipped with too many weapons to list. I shall endeavour to give you the highlights, though. To combat starfighter and shuttle-sized foes, she has been armed with countless small laser cannons and flak launchers. To fend off capital warships, we have installed several hundred particle beams, plasma cannons, ion cannons and concussion missile launchers."

The engineer's optic array glowed a bit brighter, his voice brimming with obvious pride.

"I'm sure you noticed the four large towers on the bow of the ship during your approach. Each one of those contains a pulse cannon nearly as large as Trypticon. The power required to fire them for any length of time would be, frankly speaking, quite prohibitive, even for a vessel of this calibre. But if we used them at full capacity, we could obliterate an entire city with each blast. Or so the theory goes, anyway...I doubt we'll be using them in battle any time soon, unless Gigatron wishes us to liquidate the Autobots and their fleshling allies from orbit before we deal with the Quintesson scum."

Shrugging slightly, the technicians master added, "Of course, these weapons aren't all functional yet. We will have to bring the main engines online before we can even consider field-testing the larger ones." With a glance to Astrotrain, he asked, "Shall we proceed to the engine room, then?"

The commander nodded, and Afterburner lead the group towards a nearby turbolift car.

Bridge, Steelhaven

"It's Huffer's call," Crosshairs politely told Backstreet. "He knows better than me whether his work is urgent or not."

As he spoke, the Targetmaster called up a systems status report on the command console. He was simultaniously gratified and depressed by what he saw. Ship's systems were running at 42% efficiency overall...a definate improvement from when they arrived, but still far from battle-ready.

2006-05-09, 01:57 PM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"Well," Huffer mused. "I'd imagine having a ship that can move is more important that having a shuttle that can move. If Backstreet can check the shuttles I really think the ships engines are the most important right now."



Bumper shrugged his shoulders. "Don't look at me, mining isn't exactly my forte."

Outback's opinion was simple enough. "Well we'll never know until we start diggin." He gingerly walked over to the area Skyfire had indicated and began cutting through the rock.

2006-05-09, 05:44 PM

Submarauder followed Afterburner and Astrotrain to the Turbolift.

2006-05-09, 07:07 PM
Slicer followed the rest.

2006-05-09, 07:59 PM
*Gnaw skuttered after Slicer*

"So what do you make of this?"

2006-05-09, 10:12 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

Backstreet smiled at Huffer, then he turned to Crosshairs.

" Yeah Crosshairs, I can check the nearest hangar, even the farthest one ", he said excited showing his datapad with the ship's deck map. " The shield and sensor systems are on-line, and if we get into trouble I'll come back as fast as an hyperactive throttlebot."

2006-05-10, 05:17 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs nodded to Backstreet.

"Go, but be quick. There's still work to be done up here."

His focus slid over to Huffer.

"Any estimates on how long it will take to have the engines fully repaired?"


Afterburner entered the lift car (which was practially the size of a small office) and waited for the rest of the unit to enter as well. Once they had, he keyed in the sequence that would take them to the engineering complex. The car started to descend into the lower levels of the ship, deck markers flashing past every half-second as they dropped several miles straight down into the Warworld's core.

As they dropped, Astrotrain and Afterburner had a hushed discussion in one corner of the vast lift.

2006-05-10, 01:14 PM
*Gnaw's eyes suddendly went blank*

"Thats it! I've got it, Astrotrain, when is the next trip to the Nemisis?"

2006-05-10, 07:13 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

Backstreet left the tactical station and hurried towards the bridge exit.

" Sure Crosshairs. I'll be there in a nanosecond! " yelled the triggerbot leaving the bridge.

2006-05-10, 07:17 PM
Slicer was still considering his reply to Gnaws question when the sharkticon appeared to start having a panic attack.
"Relax," he cautioned Gnaw, "It's just like the nemisis, only instead of submerged in the relaxing inviting comfortable ocean it's surronded by cold, empty unforgiving gulfs of space..." Slicer trailed off as he tried to rally his point.
"Focus on how you can be useful." he finished rather lamely.

Steelhaven, Battlebridge

Fizzle had finished his diagnostic checks, and the offensive systems were about as good as he could get them from here. He settled back in the chair and started running dummy defence programes to check the ships reaction times. It was apointless exercise, as nearly always the ship found a way to mess up that the programe couldn't think of, but he needed a distraction.

2006-05-11, 06:31 AM

The sound of the turbolift car's swift movement through the ship's inner passages nearly drowned out Gnaw's query, but Astrotrain managed a reply.

"The next trip is whenever I decide to return," he said.

2006-05-11, 01:02 PM
----------Steelhave ,Engine Room----------
"Thank Backstreet."Hoist replied and looked at the list
checking what he need.

Large Core


2 Resistors


3 Large Capasistors


and 2 rolls of wire

Hoist send the list of what he need to Backstreet.

2006-05-11, 06:56 PM

Skyfire stood up and stepped back to give Outback room to work. He glanced up to the stars now and again, both longingly and nervously.

2006-05-11, 09:07 PM
*Gnaw moved closer to Astrotrain*

"Astrotrain, I need to talk to you about an idea I've just come up with."

2006-05-11, 10:15 PM
Steelhaven, corridors

" I read you, Hoist " replied Backstreet. " But I can't send you the spare parts, I'm going to check the hangar bay... - the triggerbot consulted his datapad map -... the hangar Epsilon, and the cargo bay it's not in my way. "

Backstreet turned a specially dark corridor.

" So Hoist " he continued, ignoring the dark darkness, " I think you'll have to go and pick the parts by yourself. I'm a little too busy, pal. Sorry! "

2006-05-12, 06:01 AM

Astrotrain looked down at Gnaw with what was, at best, mild curiousity. He found it hard to believe that a Sharkticon could produce a useful idea, but the turbolift ride would last a while longer, so there was no harm in listening.

"Do tell," he said to the Sharkticon.

2006-05-12, 11:39 AM
*Gnaw's eyes glistened for a second*

"Well, The Autobot's compassion for the humans is their ultimate downfall. I proposed we take a force, and surround one of the world leader's dwellings, the white house, the royal family’s palace and so forth. If the Autobots get too close, or fire upon us, we simply step on them! Prime will comply, he never has let this war suffer the little humans."

2006-05-13, 05:40 AM

"It's been done," Astrotrain told Gnaw. "When we get back to the Nemesis, you should ask the Insecticons about the time they ate the White House. Needless to say, it wasn't the tactical master stroke you were hoping for. The Autobots did nothing and the humans ran away."

Assuming someone bothers to sweep the Insecticons up and bring them back from the desert, The Triplechanger added mentally.

(OOC: That actually happened, believe it or not...you'd have to go back through about four years worth of posts to find it, though. :))

2006-05-16, 04:47 PM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Huffer shrugged at Crosshairs. "I have no idea until I look." He walked out, heading for the engine rooms.



Bumper and Outback drilled the asteroid, depositing the ore they found in a container.

2006-05-16, 05:28 PM
Originally posted by Warcry
(OOC: That actually happened, believe it or not...you'd have to go back through about four years worth of posts to find it, though. :))

(ooc: Go figure after spending an hour and a half working it out."

*Gnaw looked back down*

"I see. Well I'll soon think of something."

2006-05-16, 10:00 PM
Steelhaven, corridors

Backstreet arrived at the nearest Hangar bay. He looked inside, but the huge room was dark, so the nervous triggetbot subspaced a small flashlight and began to explore the hangar.

Soon he discovered a tall and bulky object in the middle of the room, and passing the flashlight beam over it he discovered an Autobot shuttle.

He knocked the cold and hard surface, looking around.

" And where's the door? ", he thought.

2006-05-17, 05:23 AM

Astrotrain considered saying something to the dejected Sharkticon, but the sound of the lift doors opening convinced him not to.

Afterburner stepped out of the car first and said, "Follow me, if you please. The engineering compound is right this way."

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs watched Huffer depart, then set to work trying to repair several of the less-damaged bridge consoles.

2006-05-17, 07:23 PM
Slicer came out of his reverie and followed the rest. He felt a little sorry for the sharkticon, but was put off from saying anything as he didn't feel that sorry, and was distracted by the lighting in the hallway...

2006-05-17, 09:47 PM
Steelhaven, Hangar Bay beta


The sound of the shuttle's hatch opening rumbled through the desert bay.

Backstreet shrugged, nervous for the sudden and unexpected noise. He bring his rifle from subspace and entered the shuttle, carefully stepping towards the bridge, moving his flashligt side to side.

He found the bridge without any setback and, sitting in the main console, he engaged the screen.

A green light iluminated the shuttle bridge.

" At least this scrap works " he thought , initiating a general systems diagnostic.

2006-05-18, 04:56 AM
Engineering Complex, Warworld

Afterburner led the small group of Decepticons through a vast maze of technical stations, each one occupied by one or more tech drones. As they walked, they passed the doors to several fusion reactor cores. Each one of the generators produced enough energy to power an entire human city, and the Warworld had a dozen of them.

And those were just the battlestation's backup power generators.

After they had passed the last of the smaller reactors, the technicians master led them through a massive set of automatic doors. He stopped shortly beyond them, allowing the small group time to take in the ship's primary reactor. The reactor assembly was nearly the size of Trypticon, and was surrounded by various cooling, containment and radiation-neutralizing systems that seemed to stretch on forever until they disappeared into the ceiling nearly a mile above. The reactor was dark, though, it's indicator lights all showing zero activity. Not far from the doorway, an easily-visable niche indicated where the salvaged equipment from the Area 51 raid would fit into the equation.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Afterburner looked over his shoulder. "You are standing in the very heart of the Warworld...and with the device you brought us, my minions will bring it to life!"

2006-05-18, 04:24 PM
Engineering Steelhaven

Huffer walked into the complex where the engines were housed, and looked around. Of course he knew what it was going to look like from the schematics he had uploaded. He walked over to a circuit panel and threw the switch to activate the lights in the area. They sputtered fitfully for several seconds, and then the entire room was bathed in light.

"Well." Huffer said, "at least the lights work." He of course completely forgot to send Crosshairs any sort of timetable for repair as he got lost in the details of rooting around in the engine panels.

2006-05-18, 07:23 PM
Slicer tried to keep his face inexpressive as he watched Afterburner talk about the Warworld the way and good, mad professor would about their weapon of mass destruction. Thinking of how all those other stereotyoes fared and what happened to those that were too close, he decided to stay as close as he could to Astrotrain until he knew where the sguttle bays were.

2006-05-21, 05:24 AM
Engineering Complex, Warworld

Afterburner waited a few moments to see if the other Decepticons would erupt in praise of his brilliant construct, but seeing that they weren't likely to do so, sidled up to Astrotrain.

"So...where is it?"

"Right here," the commander said, producing the reactor component from subspace. "Are you sure you know what to do with it?"

"Of course," Afterburner said dismissively. "I have degrees in fifty-seven different types of engineering, lest we forget."

Taking the part from the triplechanger, he handed it to a tech drone, which carried it towards the core. Once there, it was joined but a troop of its fellows, who set to work on the installation process.

2006-05-21, 06:35 AM
OOC: Skyfire-sitting

"Excellent." Skyfire murmurred pleasantly to Outback and Bumper.

"I think my friends, this is a good sign. Soon the Steelhaven will be airworthy enough to return to Earth's orbit to await our bretheren.

2006-05-22, 07:25 PM
Slicer watched the compnent drift off through Tech drones and what not.
Trying to break his own silence he asked Afterburner:
"Was that important then?"

2006-05-22, 10:28 PM
Steelhaven, Hangar bay beta

Backstreet smirked as he checked the shuttle systems diagnostics.

" Well, finally a little bit of luck " thought the triggerbot.

He engaged his comm gear.

" Crosshairs, I'd already found and check the first shuttle. It's not ok, but if we need to abandon the Steelhaven we can use it. It has enough juice to return to earth, but no more. Ah, and the shields and weapons are missing. Maybe the former crew retireved it for repairs... I don't know. I can check the other one, but I'll spend more time. Backstreet out. "

2006-05-23, 05:16 AM
Engineering Complex, Warworld

Afterburner looked at Slicer ascance. Although it was impossible to tell precisely what he was feeling due to his inexpressive T-shaped optic array, Astrotrain got the distinct impression his engineer thought the question was in the same category as 'is space cold?'.

After seemingly deciding that he didn't have time to berate the warrior like he would have hoped to, the technicians master nodded gravely.

"It is of the utmost importance," he said before turning his attention back to the drones who were installing the equipment.

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs pulled his head out of the console he was rebuilding just long enough to tab his comlink. "That's good news, Backstreet. Hopefully the thing has good landing thrusters, too. If we need to evacuate and end up crashing our shuttle into the lake, Red Alert will probably shoot us."

The weapons officer chuckled.

"Let me know when you find out what the status of the other one is, please."

2006-05-23, 10:18 PM
Steelhaven, hangar bay beta

" Roger, Crosshairs " replied Backstreet.

The triggerbot switched off the bridge console, abandoned the shuttle and closed again the entrance hatch.

Backstreet walked towards the hangar exit, while engaging again his comm gear.

" Fizzle, good news. One of the shuttles is ok, well, without weapons and shields, but still capable of taking us out of here " he explained to his friend, leaving behind him the hangar bay.

The triggerbot stepped towards the Hangar bay gamma, crossing dark corridors and turning obscure corners.

2006-05-24, 12:44 PM
----------Steelhaven ,Corridors-----------
"Roger Backstreet."Hoist replied and then he finding the room that keep the spare parts with the flashlight on his wrist.

2006-05-24, 07:21 PM
Fizzle replied toBackstreets communication:
"That's good to hear."
He then got back to what he was doing before: testing, re testing and checking the systems over and over. He had gotten himself so concerned about the possibilty of an attack on the Steelhaven, the databanks on the bridge were now close to overloading with plans, schematics, strategem and whatever else he felt necessary.
He was getting a little... focused.

2006-05-25, 12:35 AM
OOC to Scout: Skyfire and the 2 minibots are actually out in the asteroid belt mining for raw supplies. They're nowhere near the Steelhaven. :)


Bumper continued to methodically and eficiently mine the asteroid. Outback, who had a very short attention span, had started to let his mind wander. Attacking a particular vein, he got a bit overenthusiastic. The asteroid replied with a loud "CRACK!" as it split apart.

"Woah!" Outback exclaimed. "Hang on....hahaha."


Steelhaven Engineering

Huffer pulled his head out of the engines long enough to send a comm to Crosshairs. "The engines aren't that bad...they're just is serious need of a tune up. In an emergency I could get us moving right now, but they'd probably burn out shortly. Give me some time and I'll get them back into shape....."

2006-05-25, 06:59 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"Do what you can," Crosshairs told Huffer, his own head stuck inside a control console, "but don't forget, our main concern is getting her safely to Earth without suffering any system meltdowns. Once the ship is in good enough shape to travel safely, we can park her in orbit and bring up a team of drones to finish the repairs."

The Targetmaster checked his chronometer, not sure how much time had elapsed since their arrival.

"You've got a lot of time to work still, though. Unless we see signs of a Decepticon attack, that is."

2006-05-29, 01:56 AM

Skyfire adjusted his grip and looked to Outback. After a moment, he chuckled and transformed.

"Need a lift, anyone?"

2006-05-30, 09:20 AM
Slicer was happy he had gotten on Afterburners nerves. He turned to Gnaw and Submarauder and shrigged his shoulders theatrically before turning to his commander.
"Astrotrain, boss, This is all..."
Struggles to find a word for painful period of time...
"Impressive, but did you need the three of us to help you deliver the Whoosiwhatsit?"

2006-05-30, 03:57 PM
*Gnaw did what he could to stop from lauphing*

"Playing on the nervs of commanders is always amusing isn't it Slicer, I knew a Quintesson that hated the Sharkticon's imputence and the fact that 9 times out of 10 I out smarted him, good ol' days I tell ya what."

2006-05-31, 06:08 AM

Astrotrain glanced over his shoulder at Slicer, an irritated look on his face.

"Not at all," he said. "Gigatron, however, insisted on a guard team accompanying me. Are you challenging our leader's wisdom?"

The tone of the triplechanger's voice was surprising. Whereas a few months ago the question might have been pitched to come off as an indictment of Slicer's words, now they were flat and disinterested, as if the commander didn't care overmuch one way or the other whether Gigatron was respected by the troops.

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs pushed himself out from under the console, a satisfied smile on his face. Where only a few hours ago he would have been surrounded by a mostly-broken array of consoles and monitors, the Targetmaster now found himself amidst a functional (if a little bit kitbashed) command center. All of the primary consoles were fully functional, and most of the secondary stations were, if nothing else, at least responsive.

2006-05-31, 09:37 AM
Slicer was deaf to Astrotrains tone, merely hearing the words and felt the standard reaction to the idea of Gigatron not being happy with him.
"Well. Ah, you know..." looking around a bit anxious, trying to find a good distraction, finding none, "It's not like he's here or nothing." he finished rather lamely.

Slicer then whispered to Gnaw: "I think this may be the one time out of ten: think I'd better ah... shut up?"

2006-06-01, 05:42 AM

"Indeed," Astrotrain intoned vaguely to Slicer, now deliberately trying to vex and confuse the assault warrior. "Unless, of course, the entire ship is wired for sound, that is."

2006-06-01, 12:07 PM
Slicer broke out into a coldsweat: that is, parts of his hydrulic system began running at a faster rate with little heat, causing just the tensiest bit of leakage through his exposed facial metal. He looked at a Smoke detector suspiciously, unsure of whether to take Astrotrain seriously.

2006-06-01, 09:04 PM
Steelhaven, corridors

Backstreet arrived at hangar bay gamma, and stepping inside he aproached the shuttle.

2006-06-03, 09:11 AM
Fizzle sat back in the officers chair of the small, dark bridge. He looked at the screens and reams of printout, adnd concurred with himself and his imaginary friend that the ship was as well prepared to defend itself from boarders and attackers as it possibly could.
It's not enough. Not nearly enough.
He looked at one particular printout with worry, then threw it to the floor with disdain.
It'll never be enough!
He hastily got on to the radio and called Backstreet:
"Backstreet? the shuttles you've found, are they all spaceworthy? remember to check the wiring, those rat-beetles could've got in: and-"
Before he could stop himself, Fizzle went through his whole analistic check list before waiting for a reply from his friend.

2006-06-03, 08:06 PM

Bumper and Outback boarded Skyfire with the collected minerals and ores they had harvested. Bumper patted the interior wall. "Good to go."


Steelhaven, Bridge

Huffer walked onto the bridge, mostly covered in grease and grime, partly talking to Crosshairs but mostly to himself. "Well the engines are up and running. Quite a bit of it was corroded and a lot of the wiring and plugs were burnt out. But it works...for now. I'd like to reinforce the casings and manufacture some updated wiring and other details once we get some raw supplies to work from. It'll move, just don't ask too much of it just yet."

2006-06-04, 04:23 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs nodded to Huffer a slight smile on his face.

"Good work," he said. "You finished twice as quickly as I'd hoped. Skyfire and his team should be back any minute now with those materials."

The Targetmaster took a moment to look over the engineer before continuing. "While you're waiting you should get some Energon...you look like you've been through a six-vorn war right now."

The weapons officer chuckled, remembering that his own frame was covered in minor burn marks and streaked with soot from repairing all the bridge consoles. "And I should probably take my own advice, too..."


Astrotrain managed to restrain a laugh at Slicer's reaction, but had to turn his head so the soldier wouldn't see the smile creeping across his face. The Triplechanger disguised the reaction by making it look as if he was turning to watch Afterburner's techs as they installed the final reactor components.

2006-06-04, 01:54 PM
Steelhaven, hangar bay gamma

Backstreet was inmobile, watching the shuttle's main engine hanging a few meters above the shuttle.

" Oh, no damned maintenance... "

Then his personal comm gear started to beep.

" Huh? Ah, Fizzle! Er... well, the first shuttle I checked is space capable, I think, but only inter-system travel 'cause the warp drive was off-line. And the second one... well, it has the main engine removed for a maintenance that never received. Why are you asking... "

Fizzle suddenly switched off his comm-link.

" Oh... " said Backstreet.

"Sparkabots!" he thought.

2006-06-06, 05:53 PM
"All right. Prepare for departure." Skyfire chuckled amiably as he ignited his engines in a light burst for easy movement and turned on a light gravity field within his cabin.

He headed back for the Steelhaven, but as they approached, his visual readings did not match up with his coordinates.

Something's not right. There are no stars - where there should be - the andromeda galaxy. Wait- no- there's something in front of it, but no light. Hmmm.

"Outback, Bumper, do you see the dark space off to the left?"

2006-06-06, 06:17 PM
Aboard Skyfire

Bumper jumped into the comm seat and pulled down a telescopic perascope, scanning wildly until he saw the area Skyfire had pointed out. "I see it... I mean I... I see, I don't see anything." He pulled his eyes from the perascope and rubbed his forehead. "This can't be good."


Steelhaven, Bridge

Huffer wiped some oil from his hands. "Eh? Finished? Oh no. You wanted the ship capable of movement, and that's all it has- a capability. It will limp, and halfway trot, but nothing more. There's still quite a bit to do."

2006-06-07, 06:44 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs shrugged, a slight rueful smile on his face.

"Trust me...this is better than most of the team expected. Backstreet is still running around checking out the shuttles in case we manage to let the ship blow up around us."

Striding over to the main command console, the Targetmaster checked the main status readouts.

"I'm seeing an average of 54% functionality across the board, which is 54% higher than when we got here. We've got a lot to do...but we've done a good job so far."


Afterburner strode up to Astrotrain and the rest of the group of Decepticons.

"We're done installing," he told them. "Come with me. They're going to power up the reactor and test-fire the main engines. If we head down to one of the midlevel aft observation bays, we'll get a very good show."

The engineer seemed to be arrogant of his accomplishments and as excited as a schoolboy at the same time.

Astrotrain shrugged, then gestured to his troops.

"Lets go," he said with a voice that suggested his was humouring the engineer.

2006-06-07, 09:09 AM
Still looking for hidden cameras and listening devices, Slicer followed Astrotrain.

2006-06-07, 01:05 PM
----------Steelhaven Engine Room----------
Hoist walked into th engineroom with a several engine parts.
He crawled into the engine connecting the part to the main circuit.

2006-06-07, 05:42 PM
*Gnaw lauphed, sounding somewhat between chocking and growling*

"You superstisious twit, you do know Astrotrain was jokeing right?"

2006-06-07, 07:29 PM
Fizzle opened ip a comm link to Crosshairs:
"How's things going up there? Any decepticons on the horizon?"
Fizzle immediatly scrunched his face in admonishment for asking: he would have been told had their been, he was the first line of defence! he absentmindedly played with the ratbeetle corpse he had pulled from sub space as he waited for an answer.

Slicer looked at Gnaw in surprise:
"You can't take anything too seriously in this army. That Afterburner looks an odd one, might be an informer."

2006-06-08, 04:51 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs moved a few paces to his left and fired up one of the recently-repaired sensor stations.

"All clear," he told Fizzle. "No Decepticons -- or anything else -- within sensor range." With a mental shrug, he added, "How are things going down there?"


Afterburning led the group of Decepticons towards a seemingly endless sliding piece of floor that looked suspiciously like a giant conveyor belt.

"The slidewalk will take us where we need to go," he told them, as he stepped onto the odd conveyor. Astrotrain looked at it suspiciously, then shook his head ruefully and stepped on himself.

Why did we give him permission to add his 'improvements' to the design?

2006-06-09, 11:40 AM
Fizzle Lied to Crosshairs over the comms:
"Tight as a Drum down here boss, nothing to worry about."

2006-06-10, 07:32 AM

Submarauder stood on the sidewalk as it carried the group to there destination, he had been remaining silent for most of the time here prefering just to observe but now choose to speak.

"Afterburner, is this craft stelth shielded or is there a chance the Autobots could detect it was it's fully powered."

2006-06-10, 09:37 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

Huffer shrugged noncomittally at the roundabout compliment Crosshairs had paid him. There wasn't much for him to do on the bridge. He decided he needed to step back and look at the wider picture to see what needed done next. "I'm...going to go for a little walk to look around. I'll be back." With that cryptic statement he walked out of the bridge.

2006-06-11, 05:45 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs watched as Huffer departed, then replied to Fizzle.

"Good to hear. Let me know if you run into any problems."


Afterburner glanced back at Submarauder. Although his T-shaped optic sensor couldn't betray much emotion, but it looked like he was flabbergasted by the other Decepticon's question.

"Of course the craft is stealth-shielded," he said. "She is plated with EM-absorbing armour to minimize her sensor profile. However, the power output of the primary reactor is equivilent to that of a G-type star, and no amount of shielding is going to hide that."

He shrugged.

"Not that it matters overmuch. The ship is large enough to have her own gravitational pull, so even if we were fully cloaked we'd still be detectable."

2006-06-11, 01:04 PM
Steelhaven, corridors

Backstreet left the Hangar Bay and made his way towards the bridge. Before he could arrive, he engaged his comm gear.

" Crosshairs, I'm returning to the bridge. I've checked the last Hangar bay and there's ther last shuttle, but it has the main engine removed -for maintenance, I guess-. Under current circunstances, I think it's only uselfulness to us will be to provide spare parts for the another one. If we've the time and resources, of course. "

2006-06-11, 10:12 PM

"Well, i'm sure we all have confidance in the ship's defences then" Submarauder looked around the Warworld before turning back to Afterburner "It would be a tragady if it was lost before it could even get too Cybertron".

2006-06-13, 05:30 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"I read you," Crosshairs told Backstreet. "One shuttle should be enough if we need to evacuate the team. If we need to, we could manually push the disabled one out the door to use as a decoy."

The thought of a situation so desperate that he would actually have to resort to something like that sent a shudder through the Targetmaster. He quickly steered his thoughts in a different direction.

"Good work," he added.


Astrotrain was irritated by what Submarauder had to say, but he held his tongue.

Have we fallen so far that disaster has become routine? That the troops expect it at every turn, no matter how masterful our position is?

For his part, Afterburner scoffed.

"If the entire Autobot army unloaded their entire arsenal into the ship, they wouldn't kill it. All our vital systems are at least half a mile from the outer hull. If they're going to blow us up, they'll have to get inside." His optic array narrowed. "And that's not going to happen."

2006-06-13, 01:40 PM

"I'm sure your right" Submaauder continued to Afterburner "I do not want it to seem as if i'm questioning the integrity of the your workmanship, i just find it preferibly to be overly-pessimistic than overly-optimistic".

2006-06-15, 04:21 AM

Afterburner thought about that for a moment, then nodded. "You are correct, of course," he told Submarauder. "Hence why I spent so much time correcting flaws and omissions in the initial designs."

The smallish Decepticon stepped off the slidewalk and strode through a nearby set of doors into a grand observation hall. Astrotrain followed, and noted that this massive room hadn't been on the original specs. He could see why it was added, though; Three of the walls and almost all of the ceiling were made from transparisteel, providing the small group of Decepticons a panoramic view of the asteroid belt that surrounded the Warworld.

"So why are we here?" he asked the engineer.

"In a minute or so you'll find out," was Afterburner's only answer.

God Jinrai
2006-06-15, 09:13 PM

It had been months since Starscream had set down on the miserable rock known as Titan. Astrotrain's feint as the "sky god" really was a pitiful masquerade compared to what he'd been doing for the last 8 months. Granted, things were tremendously boring... but his new body's armaments had been so finely tuned in that time-span, that he was able to channel the energy from titan's power-crystals into his weapons systems... his blades were sharper than any energon-weapon... and his cannons packed nearly the same punch as the late Megatron's fusion cannon.

"Ah... so much power... and so little to do with it." the former air commander mused. He was quite surprised that no one had bothered to investigate titan again.. despite AstroTrain's last visit, and contrary to popular belief... all of the crystals had NOT been mined from the miserable rock... in fact, the very CORE of the moon was evne now slowly being chipped away at... alowing for it to re-grow as fast as it was mined. Granted... it would be easier to just mine the place dry... but that would exhaust the moon's resources entirely... and no crystals would ever grow again.

"The fools really think that War World will function as well as it could without a truly magnificent power source, eh... Well then. Perhaps I should take a little jaunt off to my former body then...and see just how well they've done in rebuilding the place."

As starscream rose from his throne, one of the natives came rushing to him.

"Great master of the skies! Please help us! One of the mine shafts has collapsed, and our workers will die from the radiation if they cannot emerge soon!"

Starscream was silent for a moment... then,

" where is the cave-in located."

"About twenty miles below the surface.... "

"They'll have to fend for themselves then... I certainly cannot crawl down through that cave, much less blow the cave-in out... "

The native boy weeped at the words he heard, and slowly turned away, half-cursing Starscream, but realizing there would not be much that could be done to begin with.

"Hold on. Isn't there a secondary shaft that nearly meets that one about five hundred yards from there?"

The boy nodded, wiping the tears away.

" Order all of the others to cease with their mining, and assemble there... Take ten of the power-crystals and insert them into the energy cells that power the diggers... one in each. have thm alternate digging to keep them from being exposed to excess radiation. the crystals should give the diggers the boost they need to work at a higher llevel of performance... but it won't last long. now hurry."

As the boy ran off to gather the miners and their machines, Starscream mused to himself again...

" For the short time I have been here.. I seem to have developed some sort of regard for life... aside from my own. Surely it may be the death of me in the end... but perhaps it is better to die on one's own terms... with no regrets... than to die wishing and wanting."

Stalking over to the cache of power-crystals that had been mined, he shunted a vessel from sub-space, and loaded about 3/4 of the crystals into it, then closed and shunted it back into sub-space. He then proceeded to open an access port to his energy reserves, and painfully loaded the remaining crystals into his system. With a painful scream, the energy coursed through him, threatening to overload and fry his systems.. until he brought his field-dampeners online. Half-hunched over, screamer rose, his face a twisted grin, bordering on insanity. It would shift to his neutral visage as he would shift into his pyramid seeker mode... and rocketed off from titan, heading for the edge of the belt of asteroids located between mars and jupiter...

edit: I'd figured the oort cloud would be a better staging area... ah well

2006-06-15, 09:29 PM

Backstreet entered the bridge, nodding at Crosshairs as he seated in the tactical station.

" Whoa, this place is really looking like a spaceship bridge! You've been busy here! " said the triggerbot, while starting to monitor the sensor screens.

2006-06-16, 06:09 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs smiled a little bit at the complement.

"Thanks," he told Backstreet. "You did good work checking out the shuttles. I hope you don't mind if I keep hoping we don't need to use them, though."

(OOC@Jinrai: The Warworld's in the Mars-Jupiter asteroid belt, actually, not the Oort cloud. :) )

2006-06-17, 09:34 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

Backstreet grinned.

" No matter Crosshairs, I don't want to need to use the shuttle too " smiled the triggerbot, " but it's good to know we have another escape way in addition to Skyfire."

2006-06-18, 04:08 AM
---------Steelhaven Engine Room----------
Hoist slowly crawled out from the engine and opened his comlink.
"Crosshair the engine look badly. Good news is she can fly but really slow and I'm not sure that she can make it to earth. And what the ship status now?"

2006-06-18, 05:49 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

"Acknowledged," Crosshairs told Hoist, slightly confused; the engineer's report conflicted with what he had heard only a few minutes ago.

"I suggest you coordinate with Huffer," the Targetmaster said. "Make sure you and he are on the same page."

Turning to Backstreet, he nodded. "It is," he told the Triggerbot. "It's kinda unnerving, though, the way everyone is starting to expect disasters."

2006-06-18, 11:20 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

" You know " replied Backstreet at Crosshairs, " we're inside a nearly-mothballed spaceship, trying to fix it well enough to fly towards Earth. Meanwhile the decepticons are striking us everywhere - Tokyo, Perú...-, I guess it's normal we're a little paranoid or afraid around here. I am. "

Backstreet shut his mouth, afraid of having said more than he should.

" I mean we're in a dangerous mission " added nervous the triggerbot, " but we volunteered. "

2006-06-19, 04:26 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs was about to rebuke Backstreet...but then he heard the note of fear in the Triggerbot's voice.

"We are volunteers," he said gently. "But that doesn't mean you don't get to be afraid. You can't let the fear get to you, though. Everyone on the crew has been in worse situations than this, and we've all pulled through just fine."

The Targetmaster smiled a bit. "One day, I'll have to tell you how Pinpointer and I managed to slip through Quintesson lines so we could get to Iacon in time for the evacuation." He shrugged. "But my point is, we've all survived. And we're going to survive this, too. I promise."

2006-06-19, 10:27 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

" Yeah, I'll be glad to hear a good story Crosshairs", replied Backstreet, now more quiet and focused. He was gladly surprised that the targetmaster treated him with so much tact and empathy. He always figured Crosshairs as a humorless no-nonsense-all-business-meticulous 'bot, but he was pleased to discover how wrong he was. Afterall, the triggerbot was used to judge people wrong and to jump to the wrong conclusions too, but this time he feel happy to be wrong.

" Well, then I'll tell you the story when I met Fizzle and Sizzle in a decepticon jail " the triggerbot explained. " We also fought against the old Scorponock, and you know something? We won! " Backstreet exclamed with joy.

With an unusual determination, the nervous triggerbot looked at Crosshairs' optics.

" You're right " he conceded with a smile, " we won this day and we'll make it today. "

2006-06-20, 07:42 PM
Fizzle was listening intently at Crosshairs and Backstreets conversation:
Oh, we're so hopeful aren't we? Leaving it to people, dedicated people like me, to pick up the slack!
I can't focus on that now though: we must be ready, ready for the attack...

2006-06-21, 05:25 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs nodded firmly, then turned back to his work.

"That's what I like to hear," he told Backstreet, his voice a little happier.

Aft Observation Deck 24-E, Warworld

Afterburner held up his hand and made a hushing noise.

"Here it goes," he said.

Astrotrain frowned for a second, unsure of what the technician was on about. But his confusion was gone in an instant when steams of blue fire erupted from four clusters of massive cones arrayed around the aft of the ship.

Those must be the main engines, he realized. And we do have quite a view from here, don't we?

Although the engines' backwash filled most of the observation room's massive viewports, the Triplechanger could see past them, to the telltale asteroids that were moving out of view.

Of course, the asteroids themselves weren't actually moving. The Warworld itself was slowly inching forward, spurred on by the force of its' massive engines.

For the first time in its young life, the new Warworld was moving under its own power.

2006-06-22, 02:33 AM
*Gnaw reliseing now where they were going to almost blew a gasket (ooc: I wonder do Sharkticons have gaskets?......what is a gasket any hoo:glance: )*

"Warworld? Warworld! What in the name of the five faces are we going there for, you told me this was a simple transport mission!"

2006-06-22, 07:13 PM
Slicer looked in despair at Gnaw, and held back the urge to cuff him around an ear. He muttered loudly:
"We aren't going there... We're on Warworld. And what do you mean by that Five faces remark: you're a Decepticon now, act like it."

God Jinrai
2006-06-22, 09:15 PM
a small shining object comes into view from any external viewport on warworld directed toward the far side of jupiter. It would seem to be a high-speed transport of some sort...

But they eye can mislead a being time and again.

Starscream streaked across the space-scape, opening a hailing frequency

" Current inhabitants of the Decepticon battle-station known at one time as Warworld... open airlock 13, and prepare for a visitor. "

The voice was unmistakeable...

Starscream... had returned.

2006-06-22, 09:57 PM
(ooc: Sorry, got confused, I thought we were on just some random asteroid, and since the engines were running they we were heading to Warworld.)

*Gnaw Snarled at Slicer.*

"For your information I am a Sharkticon far before a Deciptcon, The only reason I'm helping you is to get rid of the Quintessicons and find a planet that Me and my fellow Sharkticons can live, away from everything else."

2006-06-23, 05:21 AM

Astrotrain scowled, but whether it was due to Gnaw's decidedly disloyal attitude or Starscream's grating voice was unclear.

Afterburner turned to him. "Hold on a minute. I'll have my drone gunners shoot him down."

Astrotrain pondered that for a second, then shook his head. "No, let him land. He could be useful."

Afterburner was aghast. "But sir...his record of treachery is unmatched! He'll kill us all!"

Astrotrain sighed. "I always hear that, but it never happens. If he makes a move, feel free to kill him. Until then..." the Triplechanger shrugged. "There's always the chance that he simply wants to see our homeworld freed. We'll need every warrior we can get to drive off the Quintessons. I'm not about to kill one out of hand...especially one as powerful as Starscream. For now, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt."

"Then what-"

"Open airlock thirteen," Astrotrain ordered. "We'll meet him there. You three," he gestured towards Slicer, Gnaw and Submarauder, "come along. Be on your guard, but don't make an aggressive move unless he does it first. And you..." Astrotrain pointed at Gnaw. "Keep your mouth shut. I'm willing to tolerate your prattle, but Starscream won't."

Without another word, the Triplechanging commander stormed out of the observation room and headed for a turbolift shaft.

Afterburner stood there, shocked, for several seconds before he could bring himself to follow.

2006-06-23, 11:49 AM

Submarauder followed Astrotrain into the turbolift

God Jinrai
2006-06-23, 09:09 PM
as starscream approached, the airlock began to open.

"Good. It would seem that there is at least one decepticon on board with half a neural interface intact"

As the airlock sealed behind him, Starscream shifted into his robot mode, running a quick diagnostic.

"Good... the dampeners are working perfectly. better to be sure just in case one of the welcoming party decides to try and slag me based on my prior record...."

Screamer looked down at the ends of the winglets that were mounted on his shoulders. It had been quite awhile indeed since he'd made use of the new vortex weapons he had managed to create... and he was indeed curious about how the crystals might further enhance their already deadly edges.

The inner airlock cycled and pressurized the room, and slowly opened.

2006-06-24, 05:10 AM

The turbolift ride was a short one, Airlock Thirteen not being very far away from the observation deck. Astrotrain strode up with Afterburner in tow just as the airlock began cycling.

Once it had opened, he stepped forward, meaning to greet the seeker with some variation of what are you doing here? He never got it out, though; as soon as he caught sight of Starscream's retro-Cybertronian appearance, he let out a little chuckle. He hadn't been on Earth during Starscream's reformatting and subsequent banishment, and no one had bothered to tell him anything other than the bare details.

"Just like the good ol' days, eh Screamer?" He shook his head, trying not to grin nostaligically. Despite Starscream's...checkered history, he found he was actually happy to see him.

It's so rare to see anyone from the old gang these days, he thought, I'll take what I can get.

"You're looking well," he said in a more welcoming tone than his underlings would have expected. "What brings you out here?"

2006-06-24, 12:04 PM
Slicer stood impassively behind Astrotrain staring innocuosly at Starscream.
Doesn't look so tough.

God Jinrai
2006-06-24, 03:45 PM
Starscream's face twisted into half a grin.

"I should have know YOU of all people would be here overseeing this, Astrotrain. When I caught wind of warworld's reconstruction, I felt...obliged to pay a visit... and see just how well this replica was comming along."

Screamer went silent for a moment then...

" But in all seriousness... I am QUITE well, Astrotrain... especially since I came across a little loose end you may have wanted to see tied up."

From his subspace containment field, he produced a single, large energy crystal.

"Look familiar? It should. It's a titaneese energy crystal. The very core of that moon is nothing but this stuff. and I'VE now the means and understanding to outfit myself with a nigh unlimited supply of these crystals."

Starscream glanced past astrotrain for a moment, noting Slicer's stare.

" Perhaps your...lieutenant there would care to serve as the example, astrotrain? Surely, you all wonder why I'm in this form... I'll be more than happy to show you."

Starscream's face went from that half-grin to a deadly serious, icy visage

2006-06-25, 01:13 AM
Exterior, Steelhaven

Huffer emerged from the airlock with a set of magnetic connections hooked to his feet. He walked out onto the hull and found a suitable handhold, then brought a length of cybertronian rope from subspace. He attached it to the handhold and disengaged his magnetic boots, then jumped off into space, clutching the other end of the rope.

Once he was several hundred yards out he arrested his momentum and hung there, looking at the Steelhaven with the blueprints overlaid digitally in his vision, thinking of what else needed to be done.

2006-06-25, 06:03 AM

Astrotrain shook his head, not amused by the other Decepticon's antics. "No, don't bother on my account," he told Starscream.

Taking a look at the energy crystal in the seeker's hand, he shrugged. "We have a whole Trypticon full of those back on Earth, you do realize..."

Of course, Gigatron won't let us use them, but you don't need to know that.

The corner of the Triplechanger's mouth curled up slightly. "We also have several failsafes in place to destroy the moon instantly if the fancy strikes. Didn't the leftover aborigines tell you?"

Taking a step forward, he crossed his arms.

"I can only assume you have some sort of an offer to make. I know you, and I know you wouldn't have come all the way out here on a lark. On a normal day there'd be nothing I'd rather do than spar with you, Starscream. But we're a bit busy around here, so I'd appreciate it if you'd get down to business."

God Jinrai
2006-06-25, 08:17 PM
"Oh, they mentioned the failsafes, alright. I'm hardly a fool, Astrotrain. And neither are they. Surely the thought hasn't crossed your mind that perhaps... your "lowly servants" might have grown tired of living on borrowed time? They ARE far more intelligent than you give them credit for."

from one of his on-body storage compartments, he produced several of the on-site detonators that would have started the moon-wide chain reaction.

"As for business... I have no business here. Whether you would believe it or not... I simply wished to examine my...former body. But as it seems you have no time... I'll see myself out."

Starscream turned, walking back into the airlock.

"Perhaps another time, Astrotrain. Perhaps if I see Galvatron on cybertron, I'll inform him of warworld's reconstruction... I'm sure he'll be interested in how such a project was taking place even while he was still in command, without his knowing. Surely it couldn't have been built in a single year, what with most of our resources devoted to earth."

The inner door began to close, and Starscream though to himself...

"Perhaps my place truly is not here... nor on earth."

2006-06-26, 05:16 AM

As the airlock door started to slide closed, Astrotrain shrugged.

"You're free to head for Cybertron any time you want," he said. "I was just assuming that you didn't want to die."

He turned and started to walk away, as if he wasn't particularly concerned with Starscream's fate one way or the other. However, the fact that he hadn't just had the seeker shot on sight to curry favour with Gigatron would imply differently.

At least he didn't realize that we evacuated virtually all of the loyal natives years ago. For once, our intelligence service got one right...

The loss of the Titan failsafes didn't phase the Triplechanger much. With the Warworld active, they didn't need core bombs to destroy the moon anymore.

2006-06-26, 07:19 PM
Slicer continued to stare at Starscream. He had once relied on a crutch like the crystals, and had payed the price. Even his low mind could see the flaw in becoming proud, and possibly dependant on a power source such as this.
He followed Astrotrain, giving Starscream a passing, threatening wink.

2006-06-28, 06:42 AM
Approaching Steelhaven
"Now there's a sight to behold." Skyfire drawled pleasantly over his cabin speakers as he approached and began docking procedures.

He clicked onto the Steelhaven communication lines and called out, "Hello there friends- how're things going out here?"

2006-06-28, 07:36 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs frowned when he heard Skyfire's voice crackling from the comm station's speakers. Looking up from his work at the command console, he turned to address Backstreet.

"Answer him, would you?" he said before turning back to his station.

2006-06-28, 06:48 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

Backstreet nodded at Crosshairs. He keyed for Skyfire's frequency and answered the scientist's call.

" Things are going well enough, fellows " said the triggerbot. " Glad to hear you, Steelhaven out. "

Backstreet turned to Crosshairs, intrigued by the targetmaster's gesture.

" Anythin' wrong? " asked politely.

God Jinrai
2006-06-28, 09:14 PM
from the corner of his optic, starscream caught slicer's mocking wink.

A snort later, starscream was spun around, the air-lock again flung open... vortex cannon armed, and about to fire.

"Astrotrain..I suggest you duck."

Three prongs thrust outward from the barrel of the cannon, and an instant later, a lance of crystal-enhanced plasma roared forth to melt Slicer into molten slag.

"Even fools know better than to mock one with power when he still stands in the same building as you, Slicer"

2006-06-29, 02:00 AM
*Gnaw growled as he watched Starscream approach*

"And its a bad idea to attack my friends while in pounceing distance from my teeth!!"

*Gnaw ran, and lunged at Starscream's cannon, hopeing to take a bite out of the larger Deciptcon.*

(occ: I assume he's larger ne hoo.)

2006-06-29, 04:14 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs continued to work for a moment before he realized that Backstreet had addressed him.

"Huh?" The Targetmaster seemed confused. "Oh, nothing. I'm just trying to wade through some of the ship's program code, to track down some of the bugs we'd run into earlier. But I forgot that Chromedome wrote most of it. You'd need a translation program to understand any of his code."

He sighed.

"Should have dragged him out the door with us, I suppose."


Astrotrain watched with only mild surprise as Starscream opened fire on Slicer. Deftly stepping aside from the conflict area, he watched with bemusement as Gnaw launched himself at the seeker commander.

For someone who doesn't put the Decepticons first, he's quick to jump into combat for one of his fellows...

Afterburner raised his radar cannon and stepped forward, but Astrotrain dropped a hand on his shoulder to restrain him.

"No," he said. "Let them get it out of their systems. We won't step in unless they start blowing holes in the ship."

"Nnnn." Afterburner was obviously unhappy, but stayed put.

2006-06-29, 08:28 AM

Submarauder jumped back away from Slicer and Gnaw, he withdraws his sheild from subsapce holds it front of him and takes a defensive position not being quite as will to throw himself into a suicidel fight as his comrades.

2006-06-29, 07:38 PM
Slicer had seen Starscream preapring his move, but was stunned at the speed with which it was executed: his duck resulted in only his shoulder being blasted badly and him being spun to the floor.
As Gnaw and Submarader took their actions, Slicer got to one knee and popped his laser cannons from his wrists.
"Gnaw, give me a line of fire on the freak!"

God Jinrai
2006-06-30, 02:51 AM
Starscream smirked slightly.


The twin vortex cannons snapped back, replaced now by long blades, seemingly composed of a crystaline substance.

Lashing out, he slashed a horizontal arc at gnaw.

"Stay out of this, Sharkticon... it's not your concern. Calling those two your friends is like calling the quintessons your mothers and fathers."

Swiftly surging forward, he brought his left arm and blade down in a diagonal slash at Slicer...

"Well.. seems you're about to become as your name implies, "friend"."

2006-06-30, 03:14 AM
*Gnaw, being in mid air and unable to dodge Starcream's blade, did the one thing all Sharkticons do when something comes near them, bite.*

*He bit down on the blade, but the force of it cut the interior of his mouth, makeing it impossibible to Transform or lock his jaw.*

"You know nothing about the Sharkticon's history! And I'm not calling them my friends, its just a pitty to see such a good warrior killed by a traitor!"

2006-06-30, 11:25 AM
Slicers attempts at ducking back had minimal succes again, and a large scar was left across his chest. Instinctivley he retracted his guns and produced his own, formidable blades. Leaping forward for to grappleStarscream , he shouted to Gnaw
"Bite down and take his arm off!!"

2006-06-30, 04:45 PM
*Gnaw did as he was told, and bit down as hard on Starscream's arm as his injured Jaws would let him*

"You're lucky I'm not the average Sharkticon, I know when I'm hurt, you'd be in peaces other wise!"

God Jinrai
2006-06-30, 09:30 PM

Starscream simply drew his opposing arm back, and brought the tip of the blade down right between gnaw's eyes... stopping just an inch before his cranium

" If you truly think him a friend... stand down. Even with him clamped down, I can still pierce his cranium and completely lobotomize what brain circuitry he may have."

Instinctively, his torso weaponry came online, whirring up, directed at slicer, but not yet firing.

"Make your choice."

2006-07-01, 03:57 PM
*Gnaw growled, then howled at Starscream, releaceing his grip, and landing much harder then he thought*

"Hurmph, Slicer, give it up, we have better things to worry about....hrrrr *Mumbles to himself* Just wait till I get my brothern set straight.."

2006-07-02, 02:46 PM
Slicer stopped short when Starscream had drawn his blade to gnaws head, and had drawn his own blades back in when Gnaw had given up.
"Fine," he said whilst pointing at the newly returned traitor "But I don't think this is the kind of thing we want from a new arrival. Unprovoked assault? Real trustworthy!"

God Jinrai
2006-07-03, 03:04 AM
"Feh. Unprovoked indeed. I would be far more careful in making any subtle gestures from now on, slicer... it could be the death of you."

Starscream again turned, heading for the airlock.

"Good luck with that dimwit, Astrotrain. at least Gnaw there seems to have some degree of sense to him."

2006-07-03, 05:10 AM

Astrotrain watched as Starscream prepared again to depart. Arms crossed, he said nothing to the seeker.

2006-07-03, 07:19 PM
Not having the strongest survival streak, Slicer merely muttered "Good riddance." as the seeker departed.

God Jinrai
2006-07-03, 11:07 PM
Starscream let out a snort.. and a swarm of micromissiles roared from his front torso.... swinging around , roaring for slicer.

" Truly you must be a fool, slicer."

Starscream at that point allowed the doorway to seal behind him.

"Simpleton fool"

2006-07-05, 07:14 PM
Slicer took a few seconds to register what was going on, before transforming and reversing as fast as he could away from the oncoming missiles.

God Jinrai
2006-07-05, 09:40 PM
Over his comm, starscream spoke directly to Astrotrain

"I suggest you find a new crew for this place... Gnaw may have his uses, but your lieutenant there seems to have a deathwish. Perhaps we will meet again... if either of us live that long."

the outer airlock opened, and in his cybertronian alt-form, starscream tore off into the blackness of space

2006-07-06, 05:20 AM
ooc:Moving on
Skyfire waited until the others aboard him had transferred themselves and the cargo onto Steelhaven, and then he transformed and boarded.
Still in a very pleasant mood, he smiled and looked around. "What still needs to be done?"

2006-07-06, 06:36 AM

Astrotrain watched as Starscream departed, then shook his head.

Now that everyone's gotten that out of their systems...

The triplechanger fired his ion rifle at the missiles bearing down on Slicer, then stalked off towards the turbolift.

"Head to medbay if you're wounded," he told his troops. "The rest of you...with me. We've arrived at our destination."

Out of the nearby windows a small red disc could be seen. It grew rapidly larger, until it could clearly be identified as Mars.

Entering the lift, he programmed it to take them to the bridge.

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs glanced over at a nearby security monitor and saw Skyfire arrive, only milliseconds before the scientist's comm call crackled out from the comm speaker.

"Head up here, if you'd like," he said. "I could use your help decyphering some of Chromedome's system code for this beast. Other than that, bot much. Once Pipes has had a chance to get what he needs from the resources you've brought back, we should be able to take this scow to Earth and bring up a drone crew to do the rest."

The Targetmaster cleared his throat; he wasn't used to talking as much as he had on this mission.

Memo to self, he thought half-seriously, never suggest an idea again. You'll just end up having to give orders...

2006-07-06, 06:46 AM
"Of course." Skyfire replied amiably.
"I'm on my way Crosshairs."

The large scientist made his way to the bridge, directing his thoughts back towards computer code, but the large dark area he had spotted with the missing stars continued to interrupt his thoughts.

When he reached the bridge, he glanced at the starscanner console and at the others working. "Crosshairs, there's something that I feel needs attention first."

2006-07-06, 07:03 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs didn't look up from his work, but his voice was friendly enough. "Sure thing, Skyfire. What's the problem? Something you ran into on your trip?"

The clacking of keystrokes echoed loudly through the mostly-silent bridge.

2006-07-06, 07:16 AM
Steelhaven: Bridge

Skyfire walked over, then stood near to Crosshairs watching him work, but trying to explain what he had seen.

"Yes. It was a whole galaxy and three constellations that were missing. The others aboard also saw- or rather didn't see it. I'm quite certain it wasn't a technical malfunction, and I don't know of any phenomenon in that sector to account for the strange occurance."

2006-07-06, 07:56 PM
Slicer trnasformed back to his warrior mode and picked himself up: with his blasted shoulder and gaping chest wound, there was no way he could pass himself up as "OK". He slumped to the neighbouring lift and selected the medbay destination. As the doors shut, he gave a passing comment to Gnaw
"Don't have any fun without me."
then he was gone.

2006-07-06, 10:55 PM
Steelhaven bridge

Backstreet overheard Crosshairs and Skyfire's conversation.

"Uh-oh " he thought, " here we go again...".

Trying to hide his nerves, he keyed for another sensor scan (in fact too short to detect anything from, for example, Mars).

2006-07-07, 04:51 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

That got Crosshairs' attention.

"Obviously something artificial, then," he told Skyfire. "But I don't think the Quintessons have any ships that large at their disposal. We would have seen them at Cybertron if they did."


The turbolift deposited Astrotrain and Afterburner on the bridge. The Triplechanger took the captain's chair, and the smaller Decepticon stood at the engineering console. Drones fluttered around the room, monitoring the other stations.

"How long until we're ready for the weapons test?" Astrotrain asked.

After doing a quick calculation, the Technicians Master replied, "Five minutes."

2006-07-07, 05:31 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Skyfire nodded slowly at Crosshairs.
"Possibly, but my scanners could not detect anything. Perhaps the Steelhaven may have more success?"

2006-07-07, 12:20 PM
Fizzle had continued his surveilance of comms, and was alarmed into breaking radio silence at Backstreets and Crosshairs discussion.
"Whole constellations missing? Nothing on the sensors? I'm arming the Guns!"

2006-07-07, 09:18 PM
Steelhaven Bridge

Backstreet made a negative nod with his head at Skyfire's suggestion.

" Sorry, but the Steelhaven sensor array isn't totally repaired. I can't read anything farther than Earth. "

Then Fizzle's transmission echoed the bridge.

Backstreet frowned, looking at Crosshairs. Then he keyed the response button on his console comm system.

" Fizzle, when I make a sensor scann, do you read the results in the battle bridge? I'm not sure, but I believe the connection between the Main bridge sensor station and the battle bridge is severed. We'll need it operative if we need to engage with anything hostile. "

" And this ' anything ' is big enough to hide some constellations..." the triggerbot thought with a shudder.

2006-07-08, 04:49 AM
Apparently the damage was worse than she assumed, for as the Tyrant returned to normal space, the CR chamber opened and StarBlade stepped out, completely repaired. Her internal clock informed her of how long she had been in the chamber, and she frowned some. Way too long... guess the damage was worse than I thought. Oh well. Best head to the bridge.

The femme assassin did a quick diagnostic to make sure all was well, then headed for the bridge.

2006-07-08, 05:04 AM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs only watched silently as Backstreet, Skyfire and Fizzle smoothly passed information back and forth. He was a little envious, truth be told; the whole concept of massive starships and disappearing star groups was quite a bit beyond his training as an armoury officer. He wasn't all that sure how to show leadership when he didn't really know what was going on.

But someone's got to do it, he thought. And everyone else here is going to be just as lost by one aspect of the situation or another.

"OK, guys," he said as he rose from the captain's chair. "This is something that needs to be looked into." He sighed. "But not by the Steelhaven. She's in no shape for a battle right now, so we'll have to rely on our wits."

Turning to Backstreet, he asked, "That shuttle you said was working...what condition were the comm system and sensors in?"

There was a look in the Targetmaster's optics that said don't worry, I have a plan.

Bridge, Warworld

Alarms started to hoot from the security console. Afterburner roughly pushed aside the drone that manned that post.

"We've got a warship emerging from hyperspace," he reported. "Looks like a class-Y Decepticon cruiser. Location...equidistant between Earth and Mars. Entry vector suggests it's point of origin was somewhere within the Nebulan system."

Astrotrain stroked his chin, frowning. "Hail them." Over top of Afterburner's objection, he said, "Secrecy is no longer our primary concern. We've left the asteroid belt, and Starscream found us there anyway. Hail them."

Bridge, Tyrant

Astrotrain's heavily-flanged voice emerged from the ship's comm speakers.

"Unidenitified vessel, this is Astrotrain, Chief Administrator and Aerospace Commander of the Decepticon Empire. Identify yourself and state your intentions."

2006-07-08, 07:05 AM
Bridge , Tyrant

Weirdwolf leaned over the coms panel and activated it with his voice.

"Weirdwolf this is reporting from in mission Nebulos to , intentions are destroy to Autobots whereever them find I over.

2006-07-08, 10:18 AM

Submarauder stood quitely at the back of the bridge observing the goings on.

2006-07-08, 05:45 PM
Steelhaven, docking bay

Jumper and Outback finished unloading the rest of the materials from their mining opperation just as Huffer pulled himself back inside. "Oh, what is this?" he asked.

Jumper reeled off a list of the supplies and their amounts while Outback reported that, "Skyfire took us on a trip and we banged on some rocks."

Huffer smiled and began to organise the materials he would need onto a cart.

2006-07-09, 04:40 AM
Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -optics widening slightly at the sight of the Warworld- "Looks like they've been busy while we were on Nebulos."

2006-07-09, 05:27 AM
Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain mulled over Weirdwolf's reply, idly wondering where Spinister had gotten to.

Not important, he decided as Hatemonger's communique crackled from the comm speakers.

"Please alter your course," he told the Headmaster, "and rendezvous with the Warworld in Martian orbit. Gigatron has ordered us to ready the battlestation for active duty, and your ship could prove helpful. I'll inform Command that you've returned."

Switching channels, he replied to Hatemonger, "Acknowledged. Let Lord Gigatron know that the Nebulos team has returned, and I'm rerouting them here to help with security. We've had some uninvited company. Starscream, to be precise."

2006-07-09, 10:14 AM
Bridge , Tyrant

Weirdwolf operated a control contacting Spinster

"contact with other Cons established has been , constructed giant planetoid space craft have they our absence in yes Spinster. Astrotrain in command to be seems, instructed have we been to rendezvous with planetoid in orbit Mars with yes."

2006-07-09, 12:37 PM
Fizzle blushed.
"Ah, yeah, the connection, severed, yeah..."
Fizzle rubbed the back of his head as he wondered how to put the next bit.
"I've, ah... I've been listening to the comms... but I'm still arming the weapons."
Fizzle turned off the comms for the first time in a while... and began the warm up cycles for the Laser cannon and Torpedo launchers. The missile batteries had been ready for a while already...

Aero Blade
2006-07-09, 01:11 PM
As the door was openned and Spinister beconed them in, Tracer nodded to Quake, then motioned Nautilus with a wave of his gun. He still did not trust this new 'arrival', and he was not about to show him any pleasantries, not after the suspicious activities earlier.

Tracer would be the first to speak once they were all inside, and he made sure to clearly note the suspicious edge to his tone. "Here is the fellow we picked up in the corridors. He claims to be a Decepticion, and he behaves fine enough when there's a group of people around to watch him, but when there's less than that around he has a distinct dicipline and authority problem. It took quite a bit of convencing before he started to fall back in line again..."

2006-07-09, 08:51 PM
StarBlade continued heading for the bridge, unaware of the recent events.

(I need to learn to read posts better.... )

2006-07-10, 05:12 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

Had he been alone, away from intruding comlinks and underlings, Spinister would have let out a whoop of joy at Wierdwolf's declaration. But he wasn't, so he remained as perfectly inscrutable as ever.

Finally, someone is doing something.

"By all means, do as he asks. And convey my compliments to the commander on a job well done. Spinister out."

Turning to Tracer, he absorbed what his lieutenant had to say.

"Interesting," he said neutrally. "You," he gestured to Nautilus, "have a seat. Tracer, Quake, that will be all."

He knew it was risky for a commander to be alone in a room with a stowaway, but the Targetmaster knew that the easiest way to get the measure of a mech was a one-on-one discussion. And besides...the Tyrant's previous commander had magno-clamped a fusion pistol on the underside of the desk, probably for this exact situation.

2006-07-10, 06:19 AM
Bridge, Tyrant

Weirdwolf manipulted a control panel and reopened the com link.

"We proceed to rendezvous, Captain Spinster compliments asked to pass me on a job done well yes over."

Aero Blade
2006-07-10, 01:18 PM
Tracer nodded to Spinister as he recieved his new order, then cast Nautilus one more glance before he started to head towards the door.

"I'll be right outside..." Tracer said as he left, the notice having been for Spinister if he should need him, but the tone he said it in suggested it was a warning for Nautilus if he decided to act up again.

2006-07-10, 07:48 PM
Nautilus sat back in the chair, and gave off an air of being more at ease.
"I'm so glad to reacieve such a glittering review from my new best friend."
He leaned forward a bit, looked Spinister in the eye.
"My name, as you know, is Nautilus. If you check the Tyrants log, then you'll see I was the Sentry left behind for the tyrants protection. I entered a CR Chamber with a motion sensor attachment to ensure I woke when the Tyrnat was boarded. Something must have gone wrong, because I only awoke just now."
Nautilus paused, allowing this to sink in, before continuing.
"My service record should be online as well. I have been an active member of the Decepticon army for 10 Vorns, service beginning immediatly after being brought online."
Nautilus decided to leave defending himself from Tracers accusations till they were brought up. From what he could tell, they wouldn't be hard to allay.

2006-07-11, 04:54 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

Spinister held up his hand, palm out, to silence Nautilus.

"I know exactly who you are," he told the other. "It was a simple matter to compare your sensor profile to the ship's crew roster, and the data we have on you was very educational. All of it."

The Targetmaster didn't seem to have any interest in clarifying that comment, instead moving on to other matters.

"Tracer has his faults, but he's a good officer. He's served the Decepticons well in recent conflicts. You, on the other hand, have been missing in action for nearly fourteen years. His suspicions are understandable."

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain nodded in satisfaction as Weirdwolf replied.

"I'll see you momentarily, then. Warworld out."

Bridge, Steelhaven

(OOC: Babysitting Backstreet for Blueskids.)

Backstreet thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. "Depends what you've got in mind, really," he told Crosshairs. "They'll work, but they weren't in very good shape."

Crosshairs frowned. "That'll have to do, I suppose." Turning to Skyfire, he asked, "You up for another trip out there?"

2006-07-11, 07:15 PM
Nautilus splayed his hands out and smiled.
"I have no issue with Tracer's behaviour: paranoids can't help the way they act after all. And I'm glad you find my record of interest."
Nautilus sat back and looked at Spinister with a serious expression.
"As you say, I've been out of the loop for 14 years: is it possible I could get a debriefing?"

Nautilus wasn't worried about his record. 9 of the 10 vorns service had been actual, and he had recieved minor notes in past conflicts of a good nature. If Spinister was trying to psych him out, he had the wrong Transformer.

2006-07-11, 07:31 PM
Fizzle held off from arming the weaponry as he waited for more orders from Crosshairs.

Slicer had arrived at the Med Bay of the battle station and sighed. Drones floated to him, patient and empty, and escorted him to the Op Table. He lay down with a grunt, and let forth a few more as the uncaring tools and impliments of the Drones did their work, and healed the scars of the fight with Starscream.
Fight, he thought sorrowfully, More like a massive beatdown. With or Without Nucleon, that guy would have left me in the same state.
As this massive thought settled in his meager brain, the drones continued the work...

2006-07-12, 03:11 AM
Deathsaurus awoke much quicker this time. "Weirdwolf, what are we doing currently?, and can I help?

2006-07-12, 03:33 AM
Skyfire nodded and smiled.
"I'm ready anytime. Let's go."

2006-07-12, 05:06 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

Spinister wasn't impressed by Nautilus; badmouthing one superior officer in front of another wasn't something the Targetmaster approved of. His face remained as unemotional as if it had been cast from bronze, though.

"As it happens," he said, "you're not the only temporally-displaced Transformer we have onboard. Once we arrive at our destination, you and Deathsaurus can both consult historical records for a full rundown of events. For the time being, suffice it to say that we've been run out of Cybertron by the Quintessons. When this crew left Earth things looked grim, but it seems things have improved somewhat while we were gone."

The commander made a dismissive gesture with his left hand. "For the moment, consider yourself at liberty to roam the public sections of the ship. Stay away from the restricted areas, though, or one of my men is liable to shoot you. Once we reach the Warworld, Commander Astrotrain can find a suitable posting for you. On your way out, please ask Tracer to step in."

Bridge, Steelhaven

Crosshairs smiled tightly. Pressing a few buttons on his control panel, he made sure Fizzle was recieving the conversation via intercom.

"Alright, then," he told Skyfire. "Here's what I'm thinking. You fly back out towards where you saw that anomaly, and I go with you. We bring the shuttle with us, with me running it by remote from inside your passenger cabin. Once we find that...thing, we send the shuttle in to scan it. As soon as the 'Cons blast the thing, we turn around and head for Earth at full burn with whatever info we can get."

Clearing his throat, he added, "Fizzle, you'll be in command once we're out. I want you to take the Steelhaven to Earth as soon as Huffer says it's safe to do. Don't worry about us...whatever happens, we're on our own. Don't risk the ship."

2006-07-13, 07:12 PM
"Understood." Fizzle replied grimly. Now peoples lives depended on him. He had to issue orders, not just advise.

He began, very gently, and without outward appearence, to panic.

2006-07-13, 07:16 PM
Bridge , Tyrant

"approaching are we rendezvous with Decepticon planetoid War World class, you could help go Nebulan with supplies inventory."

Weirdwolf turned to Thundercracker.

"Scan you will database for any technolgy improvements in for this ship compared to sandard Decepticon technology there may be variations which of are we unaware yes."

2006-07-15, 12:49 PM
Nautilus stood: Spinisters attitude was good, loyal and suspiscious at the same time. It showed the Decepticon Hierarchy had not changed all that much in his absence.
"Thank you commander." He said curtly as he left the room. He passed Tracer with a cheery wave, and set off down the halls to the Public Areas of the ship.
The news of another Displaced transformer intrigued him. Once they were off the ship he would have to have a chat with Deathsauras, and see what was what.
All in all, things were as they should be for Nautilus, and as he wanted them too. He permitted himself a little grin once he was sure he was out of surveliance.

2006-07-15, 11:25 PM
StarBlade stepped onto the bridge of the Tyrant, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. She was just following part of her programming-know the layout of whatever ship she was on, and identify any and all escape routes in case of emergency or other reasons.

A quick look around, and the assassin nodded once to herself before speaking. "Have I missed anything important?"

Aero Blade
2006-07-16, 12:56 AM
Tracer didn't even acknowledge Nautilus as he passed, as though he he didn't even exist. After he was out of sight, even though he'd failed to meantion anything, Tracer proceeded inside the ready room to see how things had gone.

"What is your evaluation of him, sir?" Tracer asked to Spinister in a respectful manor.

2006-07-16, 01:30 AM
Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -looks blankly at Weirdwolf for a moment- "Huh? Oh." -starts scanning the Warworld-

2006-07-16, 05:44 AM
Steelhaven, Engine Room

Huffer worked on reinforcing the engine room with the new ores and minerals, while Outback lounged against a wall. "So.....what do you want me to do?"

Huffer actually noticed his comment, because it was one of those rare ones that threatened to interrupt his work permanently if not dealth with. "Nothing. Don't touch a thing, I'm almost done here."


Steelhaven, Bridge

Bumper walked onto the bridge. "Well, we're back." He sat down at a nav station. "Anything need doing?"

2006-07-17, 06:02 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

Spinister frowned for a moment before answering Tracer. It seemed as if the Targetmaster was mulling over something.

"I don't trust him," he said at last. He turned his desk monitor around, allowing Tracer to see Nautilus' personnel file.

"In ten vorns of service, not one major citation for cowardice, incompentence or treachery. He would seem the exemplary soldier. And yet, his rank and security clearance are not what I would expect. Adding in his behaviour towards you..."

The commander shrugged. "He's obviously up to something. Did you pick up any clues in your time with him?"

2006-07-17, 07:32 PM
Fizzle opened up a communication to the Bridge, taking his responsbility a little early.
"Bumper: Backstreets on the sensor array, and we have Huffer in the engines. Would you be able to come here and assist me in preparing this ship for a bad outcome? I need all the hands I can get if we get into a fight."

Aero Blade
2006-07-18, 03:02 AM
As Spinister made his suspicions known, Tracer nodded in agreement. "Yes, if it's even possible to describe it when I was first meeting him, he seemed a bit too eager to make it known he was an upstanding, loyal ally to our forces, very insistant on showing me his service history and loyal intentions to decepticon kind. Guess you could almost relate it to dealing with one of those annoying Autobots who are always trying to be chummy with the rest of their pals on the same faction..."

Tracer paused a moment to cock his head to the side as he considered the incident from not too long ago, as well as go over some of his memories. "The last time I encountered anyone behaving like that, they were getting ready for some traitorous activity, trying to keep a low profile after having conducted some, or were sizing someone up to help them with some. Whatever's going on, I say he's up to something. He's trying too hard to be accepted back into the ranks..."

2006-07-18, 06:35 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

Spinister nodded to Tracer.

"Your experience mirrors mine, then." He frowned. "The question is, what is he up to? Some forms of scheming could be acceptable or even useful to us...but we have to know what he's doing before we can turn it to our benefit."

2006-07-18, 07:31 PM
Nautilus continued to walk the isolated hallways of the Tyrant. He had dropped the brief smile and was moving in a brisk, slightly tense fashion. He had returned to his CR chamber in the not hidden room near the engines.
He gave the room a brief look over, more out of habit than anything: he knew there was nothing there to detect him.
He opened a small compartment in the wall, made to look like the rest of the room: there were several more of these hidden about the ship, but it was this one that would generate the first suspicions.
He pulled out three small bags, each easily fitting into his palm: he passed those into his sub space folder eagerly. The last object in the compartment he took out very gently, reverently. It was a tiny, opaque metal tube with wires coming out of either end. He dropped to one knee, and opened the panels of armour covering his forehead...
Insurance, he thought.

Aero Blade
2006-07-19, 04:25 AM
"Hard to say," Tracer replied to Spinister. "All that I can suggest is that everyone know that he is to be monitored at all times for suspicious activity, and that we insure that he not know that he's being monitored by his comrads. If he plans to inlist any help from someone, he must not know he's being watched by his potential assistant..."

2006-07-19, 05:27 AM
Tyrant, Bridge

"Well, the old crew of the Tyrant seems to have left behind a security guard and that our next orders are to rendezvous with Astrotrain's team on WarWorld. Other then that, nothing much" Carnivac said to StarBlade.

2006-07-19, 06:35 AM

Seeing as there direct return to earth did not seem imminent Monzo slipped away heading for hydroponics via the cargo bay.

2006-07-19, 07:29 PM
Nautilus worked fast and with an expert hand: he was inserting the tube into his cranium. It appeared to require a lot of delicate threading and the removing and re inserting of several other parts. Finally, the deed was done. He reattached the panel onto his forhead and he stood: were he human, he would have been too well trained to break a sweat. However, he was exhibiting a slight tremor as he gently slid the panel back onto the wall covering the empty hideaway.
He turned, and took a few seconds to calm himself.
They'll find it.
He went to the door, turned around and gave the wall a stare.
They'll find it. If they don't search here thoroughly, they're not worth their stature.
He made his way back into the halls, and headed toward the ships prow.
Two more pit stops, then phase three of this god-awful plan.

2006-07-20, 12:58 AM
StarBlade turned to Carnivac as he answered her inquiry.

"How interesting... Thank you, Carnivac."

2006-07-20, 06:19 AM
Ready Room, Tyrant

"We are thinking the same thought," Spinister told Tracer. "See to it."

The Targetmaster paused momentarily, then nodded to himself. "Oh, and make sure StarBlade is prepared to liquidate him should the need arise. I would hate to do away with an effective soldier, but I would hate even more for a traitor to escape because we didn't take adequate precautions."

Aero Blade
2006-07-20, 03:42 PM
"I'll see to it immediately, sir," Tracer responded to Spinister. Armed with a new task, he left the ready room and then headed towards the bridge. It'd be much easier to inform the large gathering there and then track down any other individuals later that needed to still be informed.

2006-07-20, 07:31 PM
Slicer watched in a sullen silence as the last drone finished the work on his body work. He stood, stiff and still battered mentally: the work was of an average standard, and any medic could have done a better job, but he was functional.

He slumped to the turbo lift entrance and made his way to the Bridge.

2006-07-21, 10:22 AM
On second thought Weirdwolf, I think I'll take leave to go scan myself for anything unusual. It's not essential that I help with the inventory is it?

2006-07-22, 04:49 AM
" Your welcome" Carnivac said to StarBlade, not letting his surprise show. It had been a while since anyone had thanked him for anything.

2006-07-22, 08:18 AM
Nautilus had stopped.
He was in the hallways a few (TF) feet away from the main hallway leading to the bridge. he looked around and listened as hard as he could. Once he was satisfied, he dropped to one knee and began unscrewing the nails on a vent by hand.
Once the grate was clear, he began reaching in and scrabbling around.
Come on Phase three...

Aero Blade
2006-07-22, 06:45 PM
"Just what do you think you're up to?"

Tracer stomped down the hallway towards the crouching Nautilus, letting the metal floor clang menacingly with each step. It seemed ironic to him, running into the one they were already suspicious of on his way to the bridge to inform the rest of the crew to be suspicious of him. It seemed Nautilus was saving them all some time and effort by choosing just the wrong spot to be caught in... Tracer already had his weapon drawn, but held it at his side, currently pointed at the floor isntead of Nautilus, but that could be corrected quite quickly...

"Doing a little maitenance are we? On an area that requires no maitenance..."

2006-07-22, 06:47 PM
Skyfire nodded to Crosshairs, and moved to the space release hatch where he transformed and waited for his fellow Autobot to board.

2006-07-24, 04:23 AM
Airlock, Steelhaven

Crosshairs climbed aboard Skyfire and entered the small shuttle's comm frequency into one of the scientist's internal control panels.

"All set," he said. "Lets get this show on the road."

Bridge, Tyrant

Spinister strode out of the ready room and cast an evaluative gaze around the room.

"What's our ETA at the Warworld?" he asked Thundercracker.

2006-07-24, 04:37 AM
Aboard Skyfire
"Buckle up." Skyfire said cheerily over his speakers. The scientist loved space flight- there was no air resistance so he could burn his thrusters at full power and get top speed.

In no time, they were speeding on a direct course toward the dark area. Skyfire adjusted his boosters so that he began to travel towards the spot sideways, in order to give Crosshairs a better view.