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2002-03-05, 12:18 AM
The Axalon lifted into the sky and began to break away from Cybertron. It grew more distant in the sky, leaving Hatemonger's forces to face Pointblank and Jinrai's troops.


The Axalon:

Jhiaxus: "Ah...you have all done well! Now once we arrive on Earth and collect the one we need, we shall be ready to continue on with the plan...and very soon no force in the Universe will stand in the Decepticons way..."

2002-03-05, 12:53 AM
Adeara sighed, relaxing against a wall in the ship. She was tired. Sleep her body demanded, but she knew Jhiaxus would need her soon. So she spoke up. "My lord, will you need me for a time? I need to sleep, or I'll be of no use to you." She felt worse than she had the day she Wove her first storm. Adeara hoped that she coud get some sleep on the flight to Earth.

2002-03-05, 12:56 AM
"The Axalon has been hijacked and Springer is down," Redstreak tells Roadbuster over the comlink. "And it appears the Axalon has left a few stragglers." He sees Hatemonger's forces clearly for the first time, and advances upon them.
Red Wing sees the Axalon break free from Cybertronian gravity and fly into the distance. "Damn," he says. "Torque, break off pursuit, it's gone."
Torque comes to a stop and returns to robot mode, Red Wing landing beside him. "What now? I didn't even get to fire a single shot!"
"I have no idea. Maybe we should see what's going on in Iacon a little more," Red Wing says and heads for what passes for the building, Torque close behind.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 12:58 AM
Bruticus looked up amongst his battle with the Autobots when he saw a ship lift up, and out of the atmosphere.

"Hatemunger! What is happening? Why ship leave!" the combiner bellowed.

2002-03-05, 01:02 AM
OOC- Seems the Brawn fight will be saved for another time

Jazz shakily stood up and Blaster nodded to him "NOW SUNSTREAKER WHILE HE'S DASED" Blaster yelled as Jazz opened fire at the combiners Face. Blaster transformed into tapedeck mode and the soundwavesbegan to emit at bruticus again trying to pull him into seperate combaticons.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 01:11 AM
Bruticus' head rocked backward as Jazz's shots rained on his face; the combiner grasped his face with his hands in pain.

Then the soundwaves began to rip through him....

"Bruticus...gave you chance...to live," he groaned.

And then the Super Warrior split apart.

With a resounding thud, the Combaticons fell a few hundred feet away from the clustered Autobots.

Staggering, Onslaught rallied his troops.

"Combaticons, transform and destroy!" he commanded.

Brawl shifted to his tank mode, and fired a turrent straight at Blaster.

"Come on, funnybot! Time to die!"

Swindle shifted to jeep mode, and stayed behind Onslaught, who had transformed to missle trailer mode, and bolted forward toward Jazz, wheels screeching with force as he neared the cool Autobot.

Vortex transformed and, rotors, whirring, he took to the skies with a cackle.

"Yeeahaw! Let's get this shebang goin'!" and with that the helicopter fired blasts of his glue gun at FastForward.

Blast Off said nothing but transformed to shuttle mode...and ascended into Cybertron's stratosphere...and deployed his x-ray laser. Silently, the space shuttle lined up a shot at the unsupsecting Sunstreaker...

2002-03-05, 01:27 AM
Sunstreaker was caught and knocked to the ground with a thus smoke pouring from his chest not very much but he was damaged and not going to be much of a help for the rest of the battle.

Blaster Transformed and dove out of the way of brawls blast landing on one knee beside fastforward who was beginning to come to. Blasters hand went to his shoulder and his chest opened.
"Eject Rewind SteelJaw RamHorn time for battle" Blaster yelled as four cassettes hopped out of his chest weapons ready. Ramhorn and SteelJaw both turned to the transformed brawl firing missles at him. Eject and Rewind both opened fire at onslaught's wheels trying to cause him to spin out before he nailed Jazz, who would have toi move either way because of swindle.

Fastforward got to his feet side stepping Vortex glueguin shots. the pile drivers transforming back to arms as he pulled his lasrer rifle out and also fired at onslaught's wheels.

Jazz dove out of the way of the oncoming onslaught as the cassette-bots opened fire on him. He hit the ground and rolled hopping to his feet looking up at Vortex and smirked.
"Time to go decepti-fishin" he chuckled at raised his arm which transformed into its grapple mode and he fired it at Vortex Tail in an attempt to hold him still while he got blasted out of the sky.

2002-03-05, 01:39 AM
(OOc - whoever controls the Axalon, you have a Dropship chasing you for the past two pages of Aftermath. :P)

Sky Garry struggled to keep up to the Axalon as best as he could. He was much faster than this usually, but his weakened boty slowed him down as he tries to chase the ship, Laser-cannons firing at its back end.

Shotbomber just stood, watching the dots dissapear into the night "He left me..." h e says, stunned at the fact that Sky Garry dumped him planetside and went off on his own.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 02:02 AM
High in space, Blast Off chuckled to himself.

"Victory," he laughed, as he viewed the crippled Sunstreaker miles below.


Brawl absorbed the tapes attacks, though in certain areas his armor was beginning to smoke.

"Huh! That's nothin', small frys!" he bellowed. Taking aim, the tank fired blasts from his twin sonic cannon, and the shots screamed toward the tapes.

Onslaught was forced to zig-zag, of course noting the tapes tactic as soon as the first shots impacted off the steel road inches away from his wheels.

"Simpeltons," he muttered. Increasing speed, the Combaticon leader transformed to robot mode, vaulting into the air, retrieving his sonic stun gun from sbuspace. Taking aim, Onslaught ruthlessly began firing at the small tapes.

Swindle transformed to robot mode and, as quietly as he could, retrieved his gyro gun from subspace. Holding it in both hands, the jeep took aim at Blaster's chest. If it hit, the cassette guardian's balance center would become unstable.

"Hey Blaster! Do you feel 'centered' now?" Swindle laughed as the charge left his gun.

Above the fray, Vortex continued to circle the combatants, whooping with excitement.

Suddenly, a 'clang' made him put his sensors on high alert.

A grappling hook!

Jazz's hook barely missed the helicopter.

Angling his body just so, Vortex brought his rotors to bear on Jazz, and began to generate his trademark windtunnels. As the gale increased, his maniacal laughter keened over the battlefield.

2002-03-05, 02:18 AM
Hatemunger saw the Axalon leave.

"NO!!!!" He growled and fired a few more futile blasts at the leaving ship.

He got on his com-link and tried to get ahold of Galvatron.
"Lord Galvatron, Jhiaxus and Optitron have escaped and are heading to Earth! What are your orders? I am in need of repairs but whatever I will fight on for our cause." the Decepticon general growled."

Dominator stopped firing at the ship and was more worried about the current threat.

"Hatemunger. we have an entire city of Autobots to deal with now." The massive combination of the Aerialcons and Crashticons growled.

"I know that." Hatemunger hovered in the air.

"Hmm" he then had an idea.

Dominator come with me to the surface.

Darklark flipped backwards from Brawn's blow.
"You are going to need to do better than that." He growled and let loose a barrage at the Autobot.

Stealth saw Blaster and cloaked.
"I may not be able to hit the broad side of a barn, but you can't hit what you can't see." He laughed and ran drawing his energy daggers.

2002-03-05, 04:36 AM
Roadbuster and Hardhead: -skid to a halt near Redstreak-

Roadbuster: -transforms, pulls laser rfle and linear blaster-

Hardhead: -checks power levels, damage monitors, and charges all weapons- "Not enough power to transform and fight." -targets Hatemunger- "Let's get these guys."

Roadbuster: -runs over to Springer, looking at damage- "Hardhead? What's the name of that medic back there?"

Hardhead: "Minerva."

Roadbuster: "Get her up here, now. Springer's hurt bad."

Hardhead: -activates commlink- "Minerva, we got an injury up here. It's pretty bad."

Minerva and Brainstorm: -finish putting Chromedome back together(leg's reconnected, some interals repaired, but that's about it)-

Minerva: -activates commlink- "I'll be right there." -to Chromedome- "How do you feel?"

Chromedome: "Like Scorponok sat on me."

Minerva: -transforms- "Can you transform?

Chromedome: -transforms, painfully- "Yes."

Mierva: "Good. We have a new patient." -opens passenr door after he buckles herself it the driver's seat, Brainstorm jumps in the passenger seat- "Hey, Shotbomber! Need a lift?"
-somewhere underground-

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -sitting at the bottom of the hole that Digger dug-

2002-03-05, 04:44 AM
Sunstreaker watched Stealth transform and immdeatly tried to warn Blaster and the others about the stealthed menace.
His Radio was down meaning he did this the hard way. First revenge.
"I'll teach you for messing up my paint finish" he whispers aiming his laser rifle at Blast-Off firing up to the craft before getting to his hands and knees and crawling.

RamHorn and SteelJaw charged brawl Ramhorn getting nailed back by Brawl's shot but Steel jaw kept going getting under his barrel and lungi at him teeth and jaws open as he trys to bite down on Brawls armour.

The three cassettes dived aside of Onslaught's blast eject leg getting hit causing him to tumble but he landed on his stock and the casettes continued to fir are the Combaticon Leader.

Blaster was hit by swindels gyro gun as he fell to his butt grinning and raising his Electro-Scrambler Gun and setting it for scramble and Firing at Swindle
"Hey swindle you feel functional" the electro scra,bler gun is out to scramble his circiuts and knock him offline.

Jazz smiled divoing out of the way of the wind tunnels now staring at the bottem of Voertex raising his Laser rifle and firing at the bottem of the helicopter "Laugh all you want decepti-creep you just ate laser"

Brawn laughed at Darklark's salvo of weapons as they hit his tough hide casuing him stop and step back but that was it, also putting dents and scorch marks. "Now prepare for the food of the day at decep-creep returaunt, The Nickle Knuckle Plated Sandwich"
and With that Brawn lunges at the decepticon in an attempt to tackle him.

2002-03-05, 05:01 AM
Stealth treaded behind Blaster then drove one of his energy daggers into the Autobots leg and said rather simply.

"I could kill you, but you have a spunk I have not seen since I was an Autobot." He drew back the blades. "Maybe next time." He transformed into car mode and drove to see Hatemunger.

Darklark, was getting annoyed with Brawn. Most fortresses could not handle his firepower but yet this Autobot was. He checked his power levels.

"Great that would explain why. I am low on power." He sighed as the Autobot speared him to the ground (OOC GORE GORE!!! :) ), he transformed into car mode and hauled off with Brawn on his roof before taking a hard corner and senting the tough Autobot onto the ground.

"Slag it." He got onto his Com-link to Hatemunger.

"We have a problem, this battle has gone on too long, I am low on power." Darklark told his commander.

Hatemunger called back to Darklark.
"Get near here, I have a ploy. Dominator is the only one amoung us right now with any amount of power, I need to talk to Onslaught as well." then Hatemunger called the Combaticon leader.

"Onslaught the tables have turned, there are far to many Autobots here, but I have one ace up my fusion cannon. Get your Combaticons to the coordinates I have sent you, Darklark and Steatlh should be here soon." Hatemunger looked at Dominator.

"Well my friend you ready?" He asked the massive warrior.

"You know it." Dominator replied rearming his weapons.

OOC Jinrai, Galvy Check your pm's :)

2002-03-05, 06:39 AM
"Hey, Shotbomber! Need a lift?"

The microbot just stands there, blinking a few more times "He... Left me behind..." he repeats again, still trying to understand that idea.

Then Minerva's message comes though and he snaps out of it, turing angry "No! I have to stay here and wait for Garry. " but he then pauses... what could he do here? The mech was torn, it was obvious on his faceplate, in decision "I... I don't know... what should I do?" he asks, suddenly helpless without his big buddy. He couldn't beleive how alone he felt.

(OOC - anything returning fire on Garry?)

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 06:45 AM
Brawl grunted as one of Blaster's cassettes began trying to bite down on his turrents.

"Getoffame," he spat out, swinging the turrent so the tape went flying.

Swindle, meanwhile, was planked by Blaster's shot in the legs, knocking out his ability to walk.

"I wasn't supposed to even be here today!" he wailed.

Vortex was impacted by Jazz's blast, and began to wobble.

"Pshaw, ya didn't hit my rotors. 'Course, what's there to expect from an Autobot?"

In any case, Vortex picked up speed, and flew away from Jazz.

Onslaught stepped back from combat and received Hatemunger's transmission.

"Understood. Combaticons, fall back! Until next time, Autobots! Blast Off-"

"Already on my way, Commander," the stolid space shuttle replied. Skimming down just above the skyline of Iacon, Blast Off opened one of his aft doors.

Vortex flew up next to Blast Off and transformed to robot mode and flew inside, moving to the back to make room. Brawl transformed to robot mode, and scooped up Swindle.

"Come on, Swindle," Brawl grouched.

"Gee...thanks. Coulda done that sooner, ya know," Swindle replied acidly. The two Combaticons disapeared inside Blast Off after they flew into his hatch.

Onslaught, finally, left the field, and simply flew into the space shuttle hold.

Blast Off shut his aft door, and activated his engines. Roaring, he gained altitutde once again, and left Iacon airspace.

Seating themselves, the Combaticons took stock. It was only a quirk that Bruticus had been overwhelemed. Onslaught would make certain that would not happen again. As was Swindle's (temporary) parylysis of the legs.

Onslaught sat himself in the command chair.

"Blast Off, take us to Hatemunger's pre-destined coordinates."

"Yes sir."

Blast Off faded from view, and yet another sign that the Battle for Iacon was fading.

2002-03-05, 07:16 AM
SteelJaw went flying from the tanks from the swivil landing on t legs growling as he retreats as Ramhorn slowly gets to his feet.

Blaster smirkied at Swindle "Well now you're.. OW HEY MAN Watch it" Blaster cried out looking back at stealth "Get back here decepti-creep, You wanna peice of me don't hit n' run" BLaster fired the electro waves at the car atempting to disable it vehicle mode leaving it stuck.

Jazz laughed at Vortex "Maybe my aim isn't that hot but it sure hit you" he said as he watched the Helicopter retreat.

Sunstreaker got to his feet finally the smoke still pouring from a hole in his Chest as Jazz made his way over to sunstreaker catching him as he falls. "Yo Man your gonna pay Ratchet a visit when we get back" Jazz said

Brawn grinned as DarkLark transformed and drove off.
"Where we goin decepti-creep" he asks slamming his fist down onto the windsheild as the 'con takes a corner. Brawn Falls off because of this but his quickly reachesout and grabs the back of it crunching down on the metal of the back."Not gettin' rid me that easily" Brawn yelled.

2002-03-05, 07:40 AM
Sixswitch groaned and struggled to his feet, smoke billowing from his back.
"Feel like I've been stampeded by a herd of raving mad elefantbots (OK, so I forgot how to spell elefant, sue me)" he groaned.

He took one look at the now extremely small pinprick of light that was the Axalon, and begun the trek back towards Iacon.


Omega Supreme lay motionless on the ground amongst the remains of a crushed building. His optics were dark, and steam hissed out of his systems. Fortunately, he was alive, but in shutdown mode, allowing his systems to rest and recover slowly. Maybe once this battle has been resolved, he will be able to get medical attention and recover.


Sixswitch arrived on the outskirts of the city, and bagan limping towards the main repair bay, walking down an abandoned street, hoping not to encounter any Decepticons.

2002-03-05, 07:26 PM
Megatron turned to look at NightBeat.

"You may be better at working with this kind of technology. Order one of your men to find Galvatron on sensors. These should be better for you. But NightBeat, i want you to show me a list of suitable Autobots who you think would follow my quest."

Megatron walked slowly. His face never turning. His eyes glooming. His face turning.

He then was caught in a vision.

Himself, kneeling to Galvatron. Watching... waiting to be destroyed, then it happened, Autobots coming in from all exits as he fired missiles on his last breath. The Autobots controlling the Decepticons.

Megatron could not allow that to happen. Although the Decepticons were slipping, they were still his "flesh and blood". But yet. if they had to be punished for a war, if Megatron had to die to end a war, he would.

Megatron staggered to a seat.

"When you locate Galvatron or any of the high ranking Decepticons, plot a course to them. Maximum propulsion. Contact GroundShaker, and DiaClone, Autobots i have seen from this time. GroundShaker can merge with this transformer. But Diaclone, iss not the same kind of transformer. He can transform, into Transformers!!!"

"One last request, if the Autobots could recreate the body of the old Megatron for me, with the original Megatron transformation process, could they remove this shell and use at as a whole shield, and refit me, with the original Megatron body."

Megatron pressed a button and a datalink was transmitted to GroundDigger.

"The information and scans is here. You may use metal from the mine below us to construct a prototype, then we shall make the real body."

Megatron felt like saying Decepticons Forever, but his plan was just beginning. Soon it would be reevealed. Soon, the entire galaxy would know the name.... MEGATRON!!!!

2002-03-05, 08:55 PM
"Not again," Remedy sighed as he heard the casualty list. Once again Omega Supreme was out of action, and he was only repaired hours ago. This was not the medic's day. He pressed a button on his intercom.
"Axle, send some drones out to retrieve Omega Supreme from the battlefield if it is safe to do so, then handle the rest of the casualties here."
"Yes sir," replied Axle from the other end of the line, and signed off.


Sixswitch limped through the gates of Iacon, and walked up to the nearest bot he could find.
"Where's the Medical facility?" he asked.
"Take the elevator," the bot replied, before shuffling on.
"Friendly guy," Sixswitch commented before walking on.


"Can you transform back to aircraft mode for me?" the medic asked.
"I can try," replied the sixchanger, before transforming painfully and slowly to the fighter craft configuration.
"Good," replied the medic, "Now I can get to work."

He picked up a tool from his worktable and began to look over the damaged sixchanger.

2002-03-06, 03:26 AM
Dominator saw Brawn clinging to Darklark.

"No I believe you are getting off him at easy." the massive robot growled and fired some missles knocking the bot off Darklark.

Hatemunger looked at Onslaught.

"Onslaught get ready to retreat, we are all getting out of here, but Dominator is going to buy us the time we need." Hatemunger looked up to Dominator.

"Are you ready!?" He asked the gaint combo-gestalt.

"Yes all weapon systems are online."

"Excellent fire!" Hatemunger helled and started to run.
"Let's go Decepticons this is our cue to get out of here.

With that Dominator fired everything he had all over Iacon, not nessacarly trying to hit any particular Autobot but to cuase chaos and havoc, building went up in flames some Autobots that were in the streets were taken out the attack did what it need to after Dominator finished firing everything he had the Crashticons and Aerialcons disengage.

"Everybody out of the pool!" Screap heap yelled running out of Iacon, the Combaticons following behind him wiht Darklark and Stealth on the Sides and Hatemunger behind all of them Skystalker landed in front of all the Decepticons and got out of Iacon the Aerialcons flying in formation around the starship.

"I hope that bought Galvatron the time he needed." Hatemunger said as Scrapheap told Skystalker to go back to his hideout.

"Go back to my lab there we can rest and repair." Scrapheap said as skystalker left over the horizon.

On Skystalker, Darklark yelled at Skyblade.
"Did you need to hit me with the missles as well!?" Darklark sounded noticably peeved.

"Well I could have let Brawn continue to turn you into a convertable." Skyblade laughed.

"True." Darklark sat back down.

2002-03-06, 03:31 AM
"I'm afraid Springer isn't the only one injured," Redstreak says to Roadbuster. "Prowl is in real bad shape too. I think we'll need more medics than we have..." he looks to Ratchet. "You busy?" He asks.


Outside, Red Wing and Torque are nearly mowed down by the retreating Combaticons. "Shizzit," Red Wing says. "Where are they going in such a hurry?"
"Wanna find out?" Torque says anxiously.
"Actually, yes. But you're too slow to keep up." Red Wing looks at Iacon and goes inside to see the carnage. "Ye gads...anyone need some help?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-06, 03:36 AM
Blast Off, with his comrades inside of him, cruised alongside Hatemunger and his troops.

He silently followed back to Scrapheap's lab.

2002-03-06, 03:40 AM
OOC- Ravage, Okay you didn't respond to Blaster firing at stealth and don't you think missles would affect Darklark to?

2002-03-06, 03:56 AM
OOC He's cloaked, and Blaster is not like my battle with Jetfire where Jetfire had mulitple vision types, sides I wanted/had/needed/etc to retreat, nothing too mean ment, sides I can address the missles in scrapheaps lab :)

2002-03-06, 04:03 AM
OOC- Blaster turned and fired and the way uyou made it sound is he just turned and ran in the opposite direction of Blaster meaning the electro waves would have hit him

Rewind pulled the dagger ouit of Blasters leg as the the robot stood. "Thanks rewind that was too kind" Blaster retorted opening his chest.

"Glad to be of service Blaster" rewind replied hopping up and transforming into casette mode sliding into Blasters chest, the rest of the cassettes following suit.

Brawn sat up and stared at darklark driving off as smoke escaped from his shoulder "Damn lost him" Brawn mutters.

2002-03-06, 04:41 AM
OOC Ahh I thought it a beam attack :) Oh well next time :)

2002-03-06, 05:30 AM
Galvatron, deeply engaged in the battle received the broken transmission from Hatemonger.

Galvatron: "WHAT?!? Those miserable...very well! Protect you men...see to it that you get out alive...we shall deal with this later...if Iacon can't be taken now, tomorrow is another day!"
Jhiaxus nodded at Adeara: You have done well...take the rest you need.

Jhiaxus then looked at the rear sensors.

Jhiaxus: "Company...easily out manuevered if I were to engage the full power of the Axalon...but perhaps I should toy with them a bit."

Jhiaxus increased the speed of the massvie ship partly, daring the Autobots to follow him...
Pointblank watched as the Decepticons were starting to reel backwards and saw so many of his friends damaged.

Pointblank: "Fight them back Autobots, hold the lines, but do NOT pursue...we have suffered enough today..."

*This part of the post takes place as Galvatron entered the shuttle*


Galvatron sat and pondered the words Prime has said. Could he be lying? No...Prime didn't lie...he was far too noble. There was only one who could answer the question in his head.

Galvatron: "Gigatron to my quarters...NOW!"

2002-03-06, 02:57 PM
"That's one fixed," the medic muttered as he slammed Sixswitch's left engine hatch down, "now for the other one, what hit you anyway?" he asked the Sixchanger.
"Oh, just a full arsenal of weapons from an attack shuttle," Sixswitch replied sardonically.

The medic got back to work.


"Believe it or not, the damage isn't as severe as it looks," Remedy was telling his assistants.
"Basically, it's a matter of replacing his chest carapace, and one or two systems beneath. His internal armour was remarkably successful in protecting his more critical systems, and his spark casing."

The medical orderly's looked up in awe at the tough Guardian.
"Wow," one muttered.
"Right, can I leave you two to begin replacing his systems? I've got other patients to attend to," The chief medic said.
"Sure, no problem."

And with that, Remedy walked out of the room.

(OOC: Remember, Remedy's an NPC, feel free to use him if you like)

2002-03-06, 03:32 PM
Mercury grinned as he put down his welding torch, and closed a hatch on Quick Switch's chestplate.
"There, good as new," he grinned.

At that moment, Vanguard recieved a message from the med-bay, and quietly left the room.

"Hey big guy, are you OK?" he asked Sun Runner, who had just got up off the bed.
"Feeling fine boss. Sorry I couldn't stay in the fight."
"It wasn't your fault, and besides, everyone pulled through."
"Yeah, but what if they didn't? What if one of you had gotten hurt, or worse by Predaking?"
Vanguard held up a hand.
"That's not the point. You aren't invincible Sun Runner, nor are you the guardian of the team."
"Yes, I know, but..."
"But nothing, you're OK, we're OK and that's what counts. Now lets get back to the drop bay, the others will be happy to see you back on your feet."

The tworobots left the room, and headed back down the corridor.

Quick Switch
2002-03-06, 03:35 PM
Quick Switch smiled, and examined the wielding job.

"Thank you kindly," he replied. Stepping away from the operating area, the Hexa Changer sat himself in a "lobby" chair within the medbay, and waited for further instructions.

2002-03-06, 03:59 PM
(OOC - finally someone notices the dropship!)

Sky Garry continued tailing the ship, his cannons firing off blast after blast (OOC - is it doing any damage?) as the dropship struggled valiantly to keep up with the Axalon. His radio crackles "Garry! come back! You need me with you."

Though it broke his fuel pump the mighty warrior ship replied sadly "I can't let you get hurt Shotbomber. I promised Hi-Q that I'd keep you safe no matter what. I'm sorry."

Then he switches radio bands, calling a head to the Axalon "Unidentified ship. The Cybertrons of this world wish you to cease your escape and surrendur immediately. I suggest you do so before I am forced to engage your vessel... something wich I don't really want to do." always giving them a chance as he pauses in his firings.

God Jinrai
2002-03-06, 04:51 PM
"Skygarry! Break pursuit and return to base! Iacon is nearly in ruins, and we need all the help we can get back here! That's a direct order, and you KNOW what happens when you defy a direct order."

Jinrai shouted through his comm...

Turning toward the retreating cons, he shook his head in disghust... Iacon had been severely damaged by the onslaught unleashed by dominator... repairs needed to be made... and quickly. Once the cons resupplied and got repaired... more than likely, they'd strike again...

2002-03-06, 05:56 PM
(this is my first attempt at something like this)

One of the medical orderly's gasped when Bandit entered the medical facility.

"you've got a 10 foot hole in your chest and still function!? I dont believe it! Let's get you repaired before you go offline!" the orderly said.

"I got hit by a part of that barrage, don't worry i dont go offline easily" Bandit replied.

2002-03-06, 06:19 PM
Sky Garry, almost gratefully, peels off from persuit and pretty much lets gravity bring him back down. The huge, battered ship appears in the sky again, engines whining loudly with the strain. Just before touchdown, sparks fly as the ship extends and reconfigues...

With a loud, massive whirring sound the panels flipped and shifted, the msall wings unfolding inot huge arms as Sky Garry's battered robotic form stood uncertainly and shakily there, before dropping gently to his knees, sky blue optics dimming before he forces himself up, turning towards Jinrai "As you command, Jinrai." he states, voice weak, but steady.

God Jinrai
2002-03-06, 09:18 PM
gazing upward at the behemoth, Jinrai sighed internally...

"the poor guy has barely been able to recoup, much less fully repair... he needs time in the med bay... and then downtime to rest..." he muttered

"Shotbomer! I want you and sky garry to report to iacon's hangar number 4... a repair crew that was used for the repairs on grand maximus is still there, and is prepping for your arrival... they'll fix up skygarry to his optimum capacities. then I want the BOTH of you to take some down time. you both need. rest. Understood?"

2002-03-06, 09:41 PM
Adeara sighed. "Thank you, my lord..." With that, Adeara shifted to her normal form, curled up in a corner, away from high-traffic areas, and slept. (Note-If you need Adeara, PM me, or email me. If not, she'll sleep for about 45 minutes, roughly the space of two more of Jhiaxus' posts.)

2002-03-06, 11:21 PM
Siren and Hosehead: -scanning for Galvatron-

Nightbeat: "A list of all the Autobots that might be willing to help you...... Hmmmm......"

Minerva: -skids to a halt next to Roadbuster, lets Brainstorm out, transforms, sees Prowl- "Brainstorm, check out Springer's condition. I'm going to check Prowl."

Roadbuster: -looks at Redstreak- "Who did this?"

2002-03-06, 11:29 PM
Shotomber came running - his little tank mode was too slow - as fast as he could the moment he saw Garry's familiar frame lowering to the ground. He arrived in time to hear Jinrai's speech, and turned his red optics to view Garry's reaction

Frowning, the large mech nodded in agreement, although it was obvious he'd rather be out here, helping others "Yes commander. BOTH of us." he looks to Shotbomber, who simply salutes Jinrai "Consider it done!"

The microbot then turns, transforming to head back to Iacon under his own power. Sky Garry frowned, obviously saddened by this, but doesn't say anything as he stumbles towards the IAcon hangars, not feeling up to flying right now.

2002-03-06, 11:35 PM
Gigatron, overseeing the return of the Decepticon shuttle to Cybertron, heard the words. It was something new. Galvatron had never sounded quite so malicious toward his trusted general. That infamous rage, finally reaching Gigatron. How lucky. Perhaps he'd done something he shouldn't have; he could only guess (quite accurately) what. It was something old. Gigatron recalled his days with the Destron army, serving one leader and another, each providing a small boost in his ranking. They were all the same - hungry for power, short-sighted, and greatly suffering from egotism. They'd fancied Gigatron, as so many other officers before him, their lacky; merely a boy to be told what he could do for them. Perhaps "told" isn't exactly an apt word...

"You wish to see me, Galvatron?" Gigatron asked, already in his leader's home away from home.

2002-03-06, 11:47 PM
Omega Supreme's eyes flicked open.
"Omega Supreme alive," he rumbled. "And of Cryhavoc?"
"The Decepticons tractored him into their shuttle, but he looked pretty dead to me." replied the medic.
"Then... I failed."
"No, no you didn't. Iacon is standing, we all held out."
"I can't move."
"Right, your motor circuits aren't back online yet."
"I don't know. It may take a while, the backlash from your cannon hit you pretty hard."
"As I can imagine."
"Exactly, you should rest now. There's no point you staying awake."
"Omega Supreme will comply."

The Guardian robot's eyes closed once more.


"There, good as new." the Autobot seeing to quick switch slammed home his last engine hatch, which promptly fell off its hinges.
"Er... Almost."
"Great, first I get shot up by some triggerhappy Decepticon, then I get busted open by my own doctor."
"Perhaps you'd rather I left it off?"
"OK, OK, just fix it will ya?"

A few minutes later, the hatch slammed shut for a second time, and stayed on.

"Good," Sixswitch spoke up. "Now, let's see."
He transformed, then flexed his limbs.
"Not bad, not bad at all Doctor."
"Not bad? Hmph..."
"Hold that thought," Sixswitch smirked, and left the room, eager to get his new orders.


"Hey! 'Runner's back!" Mercury whooped as Sun Runner entered the bay.
"Excellent!" shouted Thorr, "aint no primative gestalt gonna keep one of us down!"
"It's good to have you back with us," Apollo smiled.
"It's good to be back." Sun Runner stated simply.
"How're you feeling?"
"Just fine, the Doctors did a good job."
"Excellent," Thorr replied, then turned to Vanguard, "What do we do now boss?"
"We wait for Prime's new orders.

2002-03-07, 12:06 AM
(OOC - introing a new char!)

Not far from Iacon, a small dot of light descents from the sky. With a bright flash of light and a curl of smoke, it slams into the ground... then the boom is heard... definitely something hit there hard, making a deep, smoky crater that sent its smoke boiling into the sky. Hmmm...

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 02:10 AM
The Combaticons entered Scrapheap's lab as soon as Blast Off landed.

Rage was flowing thicker than oil.

"Primusslagit!" Brawl roared, hitting a wall with one of his fists.

"You said it," Vortex muttered.

"Hey, at least we're alive," Swindle piped up, gingerly walking (Blaster's numb ray had only recently worn off).

"That is not good enough," Onslaught intoned, walking over to where Hatemunger stood. "We should have been victorious...yet were defeated by no less than Blaster. We should be ashamed at our incompetence...all of us," the Combaticon leader indicated every Con in the shop.

"Perhaps we need a new strategy," Blast Off huffed. "The Predacons have abandoned us...from what I picked up on the chatterwaves, so has Jhiaxus. Galvatron isn't too pleased...and Iacon is still in Autobot Control. I assume we will be left to our own devices, since we were left for dead...twice."

2002-03-07, 03:23 AM
Pointblank watched as the Decepticons were starting to reel backwards and saw so many of his friends damaged.

Pointblank: "Fight them back Autobots, hold the lines, but do NOT pursue...we have suffered enough today..."

Redstreak sees Torque and Red Wing as they enter, and waves them in to help out. Noticing Pointblank's command of the situation, he walks over to him. "We need you, boss. The number of casualties is too much to bear, and Springer and Prowl are among them. What are your orders?"

2002-03-07, 03:34 AM
Galvatron had his back turned to Gigatron as he entered.

Galvatron: "Yes...I needed to see you my friend. There are very few in my lifetime whom I have trusted...my position has allowed me very few opportunites to grow close to my troops. Once, in days long ago I rivaled Jhiaxus for a position with the Liege Maximo. Then, my vision grew bolder and i sought to strike out to control Cybertron on my own...to take the Decepticons to the stars of conquest...on my own."

Galvatron turned to face his friend. "Recently, Optimus Prime informed me that a great threat approaches, a threat you may be responsible for. I know that there were once ties between yourself and Jhiaxus....now I must know...what role you played in this...and what role you will play in the future...whether you will stand by my side or with our would be destroyers..."

Pointblank grew more grim as he looked at Springer and Prowl, both wounded seriously.

Pointblank: "Red Wing, Redstreak, Torque help me get Prowl and Springer into the med bay...we don't have much time!"

2002-03-07, 04:04 AM
Torque picks up Springer by himself, and Redstreak picks up Prowl. Red Wing stays in front of them, clearing debris and whatnot away so his friends can get through.

"Do you think they have a chance?" He asks Pointblank.

2002-03-07, 05:20 AM
Hatemunger looked at Onsluaght while Scrapheap was fixing his armour and damage caused from the battle.

"We could be are worse off Onslaught." Hatemunger answered. "The Autobots seem to be growing in numbers almost daily, while the Decepticons seem to be splintering into smaller and smaller factions everytime." He looked at the rest of the con's in the room.

"Also remember, Galvatron told us to dirstract the Autobots while he was in space, we did a very good job of that, not too mention damaged a good number of their troops as well as caused a massive amount of damage to Iacon itself. We maybe battle scarred but we all came back online. So yes we had to retreat, but the mission was still a success as a whole."

He too a sip of some energon. "I just wish I knew what hole in the inferno the Autobots seem to be crawling from." He watched as Scrapheap was fixing his shoulder.

He placed his other hand on the Combaticon leader's shoulder "So do not become discouraged, you fought hard as we all did. Just as always Jhiaxus had another motive to attack Iacon. Soon we will at least have Galvatron the rest of the Cybertron based Decepticons that have not sided with Jhiaxus and Optitron with us."

He then got onto his com-link and tried to talk to Galvatron.
"As a whole the operation was what you wanted, you had a distraction while you were in space. My report to you is this Omega Supreme is damaged, one Autobot Sixchanger damaged, a few of the Autobot Headmasters were wounded, as well as a few other Autobots. Iacon itself took heavy damage as well, and countless other Autobots may have been harmed." He paused for a moment.

"But here is something odd, there are two Decepticons fighting with the Autobots. Traitors both should be obliterated, they supplied the Autobots with Decepticon weapons and technology."
he took another sip of his energon brew.

"All of the Decepticons here are online, I took heavy damage in the battle but I will be ok, the Combaticons fought well and Dominator proved his worth. But now we await your return, here are the coordinates to Scrapheap's lab here you and your company can rest, recharge and be repaired and we can plot the next plan of action with the Gestalt leaders, Gigatron, and yourself excellency. But I am going back to tending to matters here Hatemunger out."

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 06:24 AM
Onslaught accepted Hatemunger's consoling hand, then watched as he made the report to Galvatron.

"Indeed. Thank your for praising us in the report to Galvatron...it was not necessary."

He turned, and looked out a tinted window.

"Yes, Hatemunger. I myself have pondered such a question. The network of apparent new Autobot warriors is baffling. A key tactical superiority, which no Decepticon overlord has been able to match."

The Combaticon leader turned his head, and looked at the Decepticon faction leader.

"I assume, then, that Optitron has apparently been relegated to the Predacons responsibility? I would hate to have our time wasted by searching for this apparent nonexistent warrior and his alleged 'renegades.' And you're prepared to hand your command over to Galvatron?"

2002-03-07, 01:34 PM
Remedy didn't believe the orderly when he was told that a Transformer with most of his chest missing was still functioning.

"Are you serious?" he said when he followed the orderly.

"I couldn't believe it myself when i saw it but it's true" the orderly replied.

"Then we need to hurry before he goes offline. Where is he?" Remedy answered.

"In here" the orderly said while pointing to the room where Bandit was waiting.

"Howdy doc" Bandit said as Remedy entered.

"aparantly the orderly wasn't kidding" Remedy thought as he saw the hole in Bandit's chest. "Quite some damage there, lets get you fixed before you go offline" he said to Bandit.

"The hole is quite big, but you don't have to worry about me going offline, doc" Bandit replied.

"What do you mean?" Remedy asked as he examined the hole.

"You'll see" a female voice said.

"Who said that?" Remedy asked puzzled.

The next moment Bandit's weapon transformed into a human.

"I did, the name's Rally" she said.

"Well, Rally, Your friend is in pretty bad shape, it's amazing he's survived such a wound" Remedy stated.

"I've survived worse" Bandit replied.

"Worse? Anything worse then that would kill a normal Transformer." Remedy said.

"I aint like most Transformers" Bandit said as he lifted his head from his torso. It transformed into a human. "And now you see why. The name's Bean Bandit." Bean said.

"A Headmaster AND a Targetmaster for the same bot, that's a first" Remedy remarked.

"Here are the design plans for our body. We'll leave you alone so you can get some work done." Rally said while handing a datachip to Remedy. "Cya later doc." Bean said as he and Rally left the room. Remedy called an orderly to fix the body and resumed his rounds.

2002-03-07, 05:05 PM
Megatron opened the docking port firstly. Then he pressed the button for GroundShaker to come first. Then another to get DiaClone.

He wondered who would help him.

TimeSplitter had docked with GroundDigger. Megatron boarded the ship then sat in the chair with Counter-Punch at his side.

"Is the Operation commencing....."

Megatron stood up and pressed a button on his chair opened.

There was a bright light, and inside was Megatron's original body. Only an image. But part of it was real. The Chest and legs. Megatron needed the arms, and the head, but he could just use this one...... But then he couldn't....

"Operation Rebirth will commence shortly...... Soon, a new era will be born. Peace between us."

Megatron walked back into GroundDigger.

"NightBeat, i need some answers on Galvatron.NOW!!!! If not you will be .... terminated... wait...."

Megatron staggered a bit.

"Lost memory file. Just do it as fast as you can please. Galvatron is a key. Like a tool in a master plan.

Megatron touched a piece of metal looking at his reflection in it. Then he saw his old self, and the Decepticons behind him. StarScream... the one who opposed him the most... He was a character who Megatron wanted destroyed. But he somehow proved useful.

"The Decepticons.... They were an army... They were my army...."

Megatron sat down.... Remembering many battles.... Remembering battles... They were honourable fights...

His eyes glowed red.

"GroundDigger.... clamp yourself on to TimeSplitter....."

Megatron turned.

"We won't hide any more!!!"

Megatron walked into TimeSplitter.

"Autobots.... Lets show the Decepticons what we're made of..... "

TimeSplitter fired a missile and the rock crumbled. TimeSplitter came firing out with the Autobot on his back.

Megatron opened the hatch. He climbed up to the roof.
Megatron fired his cannon. The purple blast.........


2002-03-07, 06:32 PM
Jazz dragged the now barley functioning Sunstreaker back into Iacon.

"There a docter in the House?" Jazz said looking over his shoulder

Blaster limped in a hole on the back of his leg "Man we may be playing Docter Jazz, I don't see ratchet or firstaid anywhere"

Jazz nodded resting Sunstreaker down his system in shut down mode recharging. "Help me get 'im to the med bay they should be able to help there"

Blaster nodded walking over to the legs of sunstreaker lifting them as Jazz lifted him by the shoulders and they approached the Med-Bay.

A few miles away Brawn was speeding for the Entrance of Iacon as a battle raged around him.

2002-03-08, 12:16 AM
Gigatron sighed. Partially relieved, partially in preparation of a speech. His hands met behind his back; he stood continuously tall.

"In essence, you demand to know some things about me. Only too happy to oblige..."

Gigatron turned his back.

"Jhiaxus is my creator. I believe you knew that already. Of course, my being a Tron unit required some help from the Liege Maximo... In any case. Jhiaxus built me, long ago, to be his lieutenant. I played that role sufficiently enough. However, Jhiaxus wanted something else of me - a friend. I was never very apt in that position, but Jhiaxus could not see it. He thought of me as a brother for his entire life. In fact, I would wager that his sentiments do not digress even today, while I serve his rival's cause. Call me ungrateful if you will, but I never really felt the same for Jhiaxus. He was a bit... stupid, for all I cared. Not to say that he was not a mighty warrior, but his power was always wasted on the wrong cause."

The set staged, Gigatron paused.

"This all leads up to where I stand. As I expected, my entry into 2015 - which sparked several other timejumpers - created a rift in space. But the foolish Jhiaxus saw it not as destruction; rather as opportunity. He planned to ride the rift into the past, and change things for himself and his own in the future. He contacted me on Earth, asking that I join him. I indeed did travel to Cybertron, but instead threw myself into the rift, hoping to right things. It failed; I suppose the fact that I did not sacrifice my conciousness negated the effort. Regardless, I asked some Decepticons - I don't recall whom - to send my personality crystal to Jhiaxus, having reason to believe that he was in possession of my dormant body. He did, and he revived me, but not before entering the rift with his warriors. We reached ancient Cybertron with Jhiaxus' mission. He left Cryhavoc - you should know him, large muscleheaded scorpion fellow - to keep the gate of the rift open and ready for our return. I was trapped. I had no choice but to do what Jhiaxus demanded: delivering certain plans to the Liege Maximo, before we could return to the present. As soon as we did, I came to locate you. That is my involvement in Jhiaxus' plan."

Gigatron again turned, this time to face Galvatron, and raised a fist before him.

"For that I am regretful, but we have not perished yet! Jhiaxus and his followers can still be defeated... I will destroy him myself. I have nothing but words that can prove to you my intentions, but I belive that if ever there was a Decepticon you could trust on faith..."

Gigatron tapped the new Decepticon symbol gracing his chest.

"...it is I."

2002-03-08, 01:28 AM
(OOC - waht's the situation outside of Iacon? Still fighting? After the battle? Cleanup Crews?)

2002-03-08, 02:16 AM
Hatemunger looked at Onslaught.

"Optitron exists and is very real. I have a feeling something bad is up with Optitron but I am not certain." he got up his body repaired as Scrapheap set down one of the combaticons and started to do small repairs and upkeep on him.

"For now we wait for Galvatron. We can rest and think for now."

Skyblade walked over to Onslaught.
"Good job out there, I see you guys still have not lost your touch on the battle field, loved how Blast Off sniped Sunstreaker." Skyblade commented.
Darklark was upset.
"Next time the Autobot dies." was all he commented as memories of his Autobot past played with his mind.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 02:28 AM
Onslaught nodded.

"As you say. It is the best policy, for now."

Brawl mumbled as he and Vortex sat with some of the Cratshticons and Arielcons.

"Too much thinkin's bad for ya," he commented to the clustered group of combiners. "Sometimes ya just gotta act."

Vortex crossed his arms.

"Yeah. Jazz. He got lucky..."

Blast Off ambled over to Skyblade.

"You liked that little manuever, eh? Yes...I enjoyed executing it myself...showed that self-absorbed Autobot a thing or too." he chuckled.

Onslaught looked up at his friend.

"Thank you. We need a morale boost."

Swindle pulled up a chair and sat with Darklark.

"Who're you talking about?" he said, cracking open an Energon canister.

2002-03-08, 03:03 AM
Darklark looked at Swindle.

"Brawn needs to be wiped out!" he growled. "Remember when I was an Autobot, all that little guy did was talk about how tough he was. Next time I will make sure he does not function."

Fearmaker smiled.
"Yeah Blast Off that was a sweet move! Maybe next time you can hit that over grown radio Blaster."

Hit was getting along with Brawl quite well.
"Next time we gotta just shoot all those slagging Autobots until there is nothing left but Swiss-Autobot!" He laughed.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:06 AM
Swindle nodded at Darklark, swigging his drink.

"Yep...I here ya. Nothing's worse than a Minibot on an ego trip."

Blast Off chuckled.

"Agreed. If the opportunity presents itself..."

Brawl clapped Hit on the shoulder.

"See here, Cons? This is a robot who has the right idea! Besides me, anyway."

2002-03-08, 03:13 AM
"Yeah we can shoot things up, you and me Brawl, we can blast bots til they go offline!" Hit was kinda going into a Cornholio state :)

Run was worried as always. "Sure we can go out and you will all backstab me I am sure."

Scrapheap laughed at Run. "Thats it Run we are all out to get you." He chucked shaking his head.
Darklark was growing more ready to go slag Autobots.
"All the Autobots are on an ego-trip." He growled. "They left me to die and the Decepticons took me in." (at least thats what Hatemunger's programming tells him anyway.).

Stealth overheard the conversation and came over.
"Hmm well since I've been around awhile I know how you feel, but the Decepticons helped me out way back before all the wars really went into high gear, Autobots are cowards, no point blowing a gasket over them." He said snacking on an energon bar.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:17 AM
Brawl laughed.

"I haven't had this much fun since I punched out Dead End on Chaar..."

Swindle nodded, setting down his drink.

"Yeah. War does that to people. Me? Heck, I'd rather go into business like the Quintessons. Being arms traders is where its at."

2002-03-08, 03:21 AM
Stealth laughed when Swindle said that.
"I am with you, but I perfer to steal things myself, sides the fact that I can turn in a nice profit." He smiled. "Hmm I'll steal the weapons you sell them :)" he laughed.

Hit laughed out when Brawl mentioned beating a Stunticon.
"The stucticons are nothing more than rip off's of us! We should dismatle them fools and show them who the real kings of the road are!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:32 AM
Swindle laughed too.

"I like your style. Cut out the middle man."

Brawl cracked his knuckled.

"Well, Motormaster might contest that."

Vortex slapped his knees.

"Yeah, but he's just a big blowhard. He's got trailer envy, ya know. Just can't handle being Optimus Prime's whipping boy.."

2002-03-08, 03:34 AM
Sonicforce laughed.
"Optimus Prime, I hear Motormaster can't stand up to Pipes."

Stealth laughed.
"Exaclty means more cash for me and any partner I may have."

2002-03-08, 03:37 AM
Nightbeat: -thinking- 'This isn't good. He's starting to unravel. And if he loses it completely, we're all in trouble.' -starts working on sensors again- "Siren, Hosehead, give me a hand over here. If we can get through this sensor block......"

Siren: -hooks thumb over shoulder- "Megatron'll get off our backs?"

Nightbeat: "Subtle as ever, Siren."

Hosehead: -starts working on sensors- "We're gonna get throuh this, right, boss?"

Nightbeat: "Don't worry. I've got a plan."

Siren: -starts working on sensors- "A new plan?"

Nightbeat: "Old, plan, actually. Play it by ear."

Hosehead: -sighs- "We're dead........."

Chromedome: -transforms to robot mode painfully- "Any sign of the captain?"

Hardhead: -still in vehicle mode- "Not since the explosion."

Minerva: "He's all right."

Chromedome: "I hope so. If Megatron-"

Roadbuster: "MEGATRON! He went off with Megatron?!?!?!?"

Hardhead: "I think he's hoping that Megatron will cause all kinds of disruption in the Decpeticon ranks." -sighs- "And Chromedome and I are supposed to help cause the disruption."

Chromedome: "Break their command structure, and hope they'll collapse into infighting with different Decpeticons following different leaders......."

Roadbuster: ".... Leavng us with a disorganized enemy to fight. Confuse, annoy, and destroy." -chuckles- "I like the way he thinks."

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:38 AM
Vortex and Brawl roared with laughter.

"That is a good one!" Brawl cried, holding on to Vortex to keep from falling.

"Oh boy, we gotta tell Drag Strip and Wildrider that!" Vortex shook with mirth.

Swindle nodded.

"Well...after this crazy war's over...you know where to find me."

2002-03-08, 04:25 AM
Hatemunger actually smiled for once and looked at Onslaught.

"It's good to see everyone is getting alone." Hatemunger sat down with an energon brew. "We fight better knowing we are protecting friends." He smiled and called for a cheers of sorts with the other Decepticons.

"To the end of this slaggin war and glory of the Decepticons!" He yelled raising his brew.

2002-03-08, 04:48 AM
Sky Garry finally stumbled into the hangar, settling with a releived sigh to the floor as the work crew instructs him to Transform. He nods, gathering his engery as slowly the giant folds back into a battered dropship, powering down to save energy whilst he's repaired.

Shotbomber, meanwhile, roams the remains of Iacon alone, learning the base he'd never even seen back home, a slight frown on his faceplate.


OOC - I'll take it there's still fighting going on?

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 04:54 AM
Onslaught smiled beneath his faceplate.


He led the Combaticons in the war chant.

"For the glory of the Deceptions!"

2002-03-08, 05:03 AM
"Do you think they have a chance?"

Pointblank: "I do Red Wing...never give up hope, Prowl and Springer have both fought back death before...we just need to get them to the med bay...asap!"
Galvatron looked at Gigatron. For some strange reason, he sensed a bond with his top general...on which he didn't grasp just yet.

Galvatron: "Very well...I understand the difficulty of your position. I trust you and your judgement, and if there was another way or had you known what was about to happen I trust you would have found that solution. I owe you much..."

Galvatron approached Gigatron and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Galvatron: "You are right my friend...we are not beaten yet. While the defection of Sixshot, Adeara, and Scorponok do not sit well with me we still hold control over most of the Earth...that shall be our staging point. We shall fight them off, we will crush Jhiaxus, Optitron, and any other fool that stands by the Liege...no matter the cost, the Decepticons will rise to the glory they deserve!"

Galvatron extended his hand to Gigatron.

Galvatron: "Together then my friend?"

2002-03-08, 07:36 AM
OOC: I believe the fighting outside Iacon has stopped - or should have, since all Cons have retreated.)

Sixswitch made his way out of the med-halls of Iacon, and gasped as he saw the devastation caused. Immediately he started his own mini cleanup operation, and hunt for survivors as he moved from one ruined building to the next, throwing aside rubble as he hunted for any surviving bots, directing any he found to med-bay.


Omega Supreme slept a dreamless sleep, oblivious to the world around him. Oblivious to the medical orderly's scuttling around and over him as they hurried to repair his damaged systems.

In another room, a new armoured carapace was being created, lighter than the original, yet just as tough. In yet another room, his plasma cannon was being rebuilt, and restored to it's formed look.

Through all this, Omega slept.


(OOC: Has Grand Max arrived back on Cybertron yet? I'll assume not for now)

Vanguard looked out of the windows set into the walls of the drop bay, deep in thought. Sometimes, he regretted the burden of command, and begun to doubt himself. Now was one of those times. He felt that the Cosmobots should have done more against Predaking - should not have been defeated, or ran away. He couldn't help but feel that he had failed the main battle force. The truth was, the Cosmobots weren't warriors, they were explorers and scientists. Oh, they could hold up in a fight, but they didn't like - no, they hated fighting. That was the sad thing. Despite hating it with all their proverbial hearts, he knew that every member of the team would leap into battle without hesitation on behalf of the Autobot cause.

He cast a glance around the chamber. Was that the case for everyone here? Did all the Autobots dislike violence as much as himself? Somehow he found it hard to believe. One thing was certain - there would be a lot more fighting before the war was over.

2002-03-08, 02:43 PM
(don't know if Shotbomber is in robot or vehicle mode, so please pardon my mistake if present)

Bean & Rally turned a corner and were nearly crushed by Shotbomber.

"Hey! Watch where your walking!" Bean shouted as they jumped out of the way.
"You nearly crushed us!" Rally added.

2002-03-08, 06:29 PM
"You are weak. Without me, you do not have power."

Megatron was sitting in GroundDigger, with the Autobots when he heard the voice from inside his head.

He saw an image of the original Megatron. It was shouting and running towards him.

"No you are a fool" Megatron shouted. All the Autobots could hear him.

"Fool. You call me a fool. I was the one which gave you life."

"No you weren't. Only i can give myself life and power."

Megatron now appeared toe to toe with the other Megatron.

The fight was going on. A battle raging. Megatron was knocking things down all over the transformers. Weapons, componets, computers were all getting tossed around. But to Megatron,

Megatron was only fighting his former self.

Then his blaster locked on to Counter-Punch.

"Megatron!" The small agent said.

Megatron fired, but Counter-Punch rolled out of the way.

"No. Why must you torture me."

Megatron fell to his knees. Then the image vanished.......

2002-03-08, 07:20 PM
OOC - I'll take that as a Yes, there is no more fighting outside of Iacon, since nobody answered my question.


The smoking crater near Iacon sat there - what did you expect? But from inside, there's a scraping sound as something begins to try and climb out... scrape clunk scrape sliiiiiide. Making little progress, but it was getting there.

The piles upon piles of smoke rose into the heavens, visible for miles around.

2002-03-08, 08:48 PM
"A good kill got away from us again..." Headstrong muttered angrily as he spoke with his fellow Predacons about the fight against Proximus.

"Hah! Atleast we show them a lesson! No one messes with the Predacons!" Tantrum began boasting and smashed his fist against the table before him, spilling Headstrong's energon drink to the floor.

"Hey watch it Tantrum! That was my booze idiot!" Headstrong growled and got up.

"Feh! If you wanna fight I will give you a fight!" Tantrum roared, got up and ripped the table off its attachments and swinged it at Headstrong. Soon the two Predacons were swinging their fists at each other, their fight approaching dangerously towards the corner where Razorclaw was sharpening his sword.

Suddenly the two stopped. Razorclaw's eeriely glowing sword was placed between the two combanants. "Stop." The Predacon commander hissed, pulling his sword away. "Now."

Tantrum pulled back put Headstrong wasn't ready to give it up yet and jumped towards Tantrum. Instead crashing into his brother he felt a swift kick from Razorclaw connecting against his abdomen. The Predacon rhino fell to the floor of the shuttle, holding his hands against his abdomen.

Razorclaw positioned his foot against Headstrong's head. "Understood Headstrong? No fighting here."

"Allright! Just let me go boss!" Headstrong growled as Razorclaw pushed his head against the floor with his foot.

"Better that you stand behind your words..." Razorclaw snarled and assumed his earlier position back in the corner.

2002-03-08, 10:03 PM
Originally posted by Ravage_mk2
(don't know if Shotbomber is in robot or vehicle mode, so please pardon my mistake if present)

Bean & Rally turned a corner and were nearly crushed by Shotbomber.

"Hey! Watch where your walking!" Bean shouted as they jumped out of the way.
"You nearly crushed us!" Rally added.

(OOC - he's in botmode, but he's a micromaster, so maybe 8 or so feet tall. REally small :>)

Shotbomber jerked his head up, startled as he leapt back as well. "Oh... sorry." he says with a reassuring smile "I'm usually more attentive. Who're you guys? I'm called Shotbomber."

2002-03-09, 12:51 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -hugging floor as Megatron fights his mental battle-

Siren: -hissing quietly- "Nightbeat!"

Nightbeat: -quietly- "I know."

Minerva: "So where is he?"

Chromedome: "I get the feeling we'll have to think like him to find him."

Brainstorm: "I'm not sure any of us think like he does."

Hardhead: "Sitting around talking about looking for them isn't going to find them any quicker."

Minerva: "But out of all of us, only me and.... uh.... -looks at Roadbuster- "What's your name again?"

Roadbuster: "Roadbuster."

Minerva: "Roadbuster. Hi. I'm Minerva." -waves- "Only Roadbuster and I are in fully operational shape. Brainstorm needs to rebuild his body, Hardhead's got a ruptured fuel cell and who knows what else, and Chromedome's held together with duct tape."

Chromedome: "You're going to go after him, aren't you."

Minerva: "Of course I am."

Chromedome: "Then so am I. I can still transform, and I'm not leaking fuel." -looks at Hardhead- "Hardhead, take Brainstorm back to Icon and both of you get repaired." -looks at Roadbuster- "You with us?"

Roadbuster: "Yes." -transforms- "Let's go find this guy."

2002-03-09, 10:40 AM
"The name's Bean, Bean Bandit. And this is Rally Vincent." Bean replied. "Your the smallest bot we've seen here, are you a headmaster?" Rally asked.

2002-03-09, 06:40 PM
Shotbomter shook his head "Nah. I'm a Micromaster. " he explains "We get partnered up with bigger bots to help them out when they need small hands and stuff."

He rubs at a small wound on his arm idly "Nice ta meetcha. You any sort of master?"

2002-03-09, 07:14 PM
Sixswitch glanced up at the repair team as they worked to repair the building that he had just cleared of survivors. All this damage, all the destruction - and in a place so familiar too. As he wandered around Iacon, he noticed that the designs and architectures were very similar to his own home planet, in his own universe. Suddenly, a burst of curiosity overtook him, and he had to see more. Transforming to scout car mode, he accelerated along one of Iacon's wide highways, and started to explore the city.


"Lower, lower, OK stop," Remedy was overseeing the refitting of Omega's carapace. The construction of the new frame was completed, and now it had to be fitted to the main body. The cannon was lying on the floor of the chamber, also waiting to be fitted.
"Geez, this guy's taken so much... and still functions, no wonder he's a Guardian," Remedy spoke his thoughts aloud.

2002-03-09, 07:35 PM
Jazz backed into the Medbay slowly looking at all the damaged bots sighing.

"Man what ever did this they did a good number on our forces" Jazz muttered.

Blaster gave a nod in repliance to Jazz.
"Man they musta creamed us" Blaster replied.

Jazz shrugged lifting his damaged friendup onto a table Blaster lifting his legs.

"He needs help fast" Jazz muttered

Brawn approached Iacon almost there now he thought.

2002-03-09, 07:44 PM
**** a few miles outside of Iacon****

There's a scraping sound in the crater, like something trying to climb up the steeep wall. There's coughign and cursing as well as whoever it is gropes around the smokey hole blindly.

Finally, a silver hand reaches up and grabs the edge of the crater, then another one... as a robot tries to pull himself out.

2002-03-09, 10:00 PM
"As a matter of fact we are, Shotbomber. I'm a Targetmaster and Bean's a Headmaster, though we are not bonded to a Transformer like the others." Rally explained. "We're sorta bonded to each other" Bean added.

2002-03-09, 11:35 PM
Shotbomber ahs and nods. "That's an interesting combintation..." he glances around "So uh... where in this place does one go to get fuel and such?"

2002-03-10, 12:14 AM
"NightBeat....... Take me to....... Galvatron must be....... Prime...... The ...Cybertron....Cybertronians....Death"

Megatron stood up.

"This should pass.... Soon.... Take us to Galvatron NightBeat..."

2002-03-10, 04:01 AM
Grinning, Gigatron grasped Galvatron's gauntlet and gave it a good grip.


Galvatron returned the smile, elated that his one friend would stand with him. Intuition informed him that something was on the horizon, and he would need everyone he could trust... But there would be time for that later. Galvatron disengaged the unspoken oath of loyalty, separated the doors to his quarters, and wandered into the cabin of the shuttle. Gigatron, in tow, shot a menacing look toward the Predacons, then at the image of Cybertron on the main monitor. The arms of both Decepticons crossed their chests.

"It seems we've nearly arrived. Skywarp, take us down on Iacon. I'd like to see how Hatemunger manages his duties while we are not around to babysit him."

2002-03-10, 09:37 AM
"It was the best way for us to continue our profession here after leaving Earth. As for where the fuel is, I don't know where to get some, haven't been in this place that often" Bean replied. "We're exploring this place a bit while the medics patch up our car. We could ask one of them where to get some fuel" Rally said.

2002-03-10, 05:08 PM
Nightbeat: -working on sensors- "Could I make a suggestion? Contact Galvatron, or Hatemunger, or whoever you have contact with and challenge Galvatron to a duel. Winner take all."

Hardhead and Brainstorm: -headed back to Iacon-

Minerva, Chromedome, and Roadbuster: -headed back to the battlesite-

2002-03-10, 05:32 PM
Torque and Redstreak plopped the bodies of Springer and Prowl on tables in the med bay.

"We are in big trouble," Redstreak says.
"No question," Red Wing replies. "What bugs me is that all this was done by an attack squad that isn't even half the Decepticon army. It was so few of them, and look what they've done to us."
"I get my hands on these guys they're slag," Torque hisses. "I'll show them pain they never knew existed."

2002-03-10, 05:39 PM
Remedy entered the med bay, and looked at Torque and Redstreak, then at the bodies on the table.
"Oh my..." he gasped, and moved to the table hurriedly, picking up some tools and medical instruments on the way.

"This looks bad, what happened to them?" he asked the two Autobots.

(OOC: Can you write bios for your characters Redstreak, and put them in the 'Sign Up' forum?)

2002-03-10, 07:13 PM
Shotbombr paused, the nods and smiles "Great. Shall we then?" he says, taking a guess at which way the medical bay was. "So how long HAVE you guys been around here?"

2002-03-10, 07:59 PM
"Lead the way" Bean said as they followed Shotbomber

"How long we've been in this place? About 20 minutes now. We arrived shortly after that barrage destroyed our home near Iacon. If you mean on planet, we arrived shortly after the Con's took over Chicago" Rally said.
"They made it nearly impossible for us to do our job and make a profit. So we decided to move, heard rumors about a convoy going to a place where the Con's weren't in control yet. We joined it and ended up on Cybertron" Bean explained.
"We were quite surprised when we saw Cybertron. We never really considered the possibility there were other planets, let alone a metalic one. After getting to know part of the planet, we started doing our old job again. After a few jobs for both sides, for the most part transporting stuff, we became the Head & Targetmaster you see before you. The Autobots rebuilt Bean's car to be his robot body, and the Decepticons made me a Targetmaster. " Rally continued.

Quick Switch
2002-03-10, 08:21 PM
Onslaught turned back to Hatemunger as the troops stopped the cheer.

"It appears Galvatron does not place high priority on your summons," he remarked.

"Must we continue to wait for more orders? I grow weary of this lack of communication. The Combaticons require order, purpose, and instruction. If we are to be led..." Onslaught broke off, and glanced at the vid screen "...we must know how to follow."

2002-03-10, 09:29 PM
"Such a senseless waste of life," Mercury commented as they neared Cybertron.
"Isn't it?" Sun Runner commented, "what was the point? There was nothing to be gained from destroying that star."
"Not nessesarily," Apollo spoke up, "The energy release would have been enormous."
"True, but there was nothing in the system that could have possibly collected it," Thorr muttered.
"Good point," replied Apollo, "say, speaking of energy release, what happened to the time rift we detected? That was the reason we returned to Cybertron in the first place."
"Good point, that'll be another thing we'll have to ask Prime when we see him next."


Sixswitch roared up to the gates of the command centre, and transformed back into robot mode. The tour of the city had been fruitful, and intriguing. He was gaining more and more insight into this universe, which so closely mirrored his own.

Walking through the gates, he strode along a corridor, hoping to find the commander of Iacon, who at the moment, he believe was God Jinrai. He would need to speak to him about staying here permanently, and joining the Autobot cause.

2002-03-10, 11:48 PM
Shotbomber hehs "Interesting past... I was just created on planet Micron and went to Planet V for training, and me and Sky Garry were assigned to the same team to work together. Nothing really important." he shrugs "Cybertron... where I come from... is destroyed. We live on Planet V now." He thinks "I'm guessing your Autobots are like Cybertrons... and the Decepticons are Destrons?"

**** Outrider Iacon****

A figure stands on the edge of the crater, burned and battered but alife. He stares at the ruined city, then acks! slipping back down into the crater.

2002-03-11, 01:57 AM
Hatemunger looked at Onslaught and nodded.

"Yes, Galvatron seems to be busy with something." then he thought about Onslaught's other remark.

"Loyal to the end." He smiled. "I would love to lead the Decepticons, but it is not my place to yet. I do not want to create another slagging fraction of Decepticons, like Optitron and I fear Jhiaxus do." he looked back at the other Decepticons and then back to Onslaught.

"But if I have too and you all agree then maybe something will need to be done." He got back on his com-link giving Galvatron another communitcation.

"Galvatron we await your orders or arrival please respond."

2002-03-11, 02:28 AM
Galvatron, too busy talking to Gigatron to have heard the initial transmission, was surprised to hear...

"Hatemunger! What does... We're entering Cybertron's orbit now. Send your coordinates, and we will meet you there."

Gigatron, out of the microphone's reception range, humphed.

"Still alive. How unexpected."

2002-03-11, 03:08 AM
Hatemunger recieved Gigatron message and stood up.

"These are our coordinates. We are currently at Scrapheap's lab, recharging and repairing ourselves from the battle at Iacon. We await your arrival." He sat back down.

God Jinrai
2002-03-11, 03:22 AM
silently he walked through the halls of iacon... the battle had wearied him, but Jinrai had to remain focused and awake... despite his human body's limitations, in his merged state, he was able to endure without sleep for days at a time... however, it caused him some loss of comfort when he would disengage from the transector... As he approached the living quarters, he spyed the new sixchanger who seemed to be hunting for someone...

"Sixswitch! You look like you're hunting for someone! Perhaps I could give you some advice where to find them." he spoke as he approached the new arrival.

*back on grand maximus*

Prime stood at the viewscreen as Vigilance headed into the star... then glancing at the dent he'd made in the wall panel... and suddenly felt as if he were about to become unconscious... stumbling somewhat, he caught himself, his right hand on the headrest of Grand's pilot chair..

*in the drop bay*

Starsaber and victory leo contemplated their encounter with dezaras and Leokaiser.

"That... that BASTARD! " shouted victory leo... "He acts as if he's the blasted chaosbringer again! When I get my fangs into him, I'll..."

"You'll nothing, Victory Leo. Dezaras is mine to deal with. Leokaiser is yours to deal with as you choose... but Dezaras is mine... but know this. It may not be the fangs of your lion mode that sink into his metal shell... but he will bleed... none the less. we vowed to make him pay... and pay he shall. WITH HIS PATHETIC LIFE!"

starsaber was on the verge of losing his sanity... comming face to face with dezaras again... and despite dealing out some significant damage, he still felt that he'd failed... for him, the only thing that mattered now... was the death of his enemy... if it meant his life... and victory leo's if his friend was merged with him... so be it. dezaras had to be slain

2002-03-11, 03:36 AM
Grand (in robot mode, so as to stand at even height with the other Autobot on the bridge) stared at the screen silently. Sacrificial heroism was nothing new to an old and experienced warrior like himself, but it got to him every time. The cause wasn't important, nor the reward it granted - all that mattered was that four Autobots had just served their thirst for peace in the universe by satisfying their consciences. Emotion overwhelmed him; his eyes turned away, and caught his newly found leader's tumble.

"Prime!" Grand worried, helping the monolithic Autobot to his locked and fully upright position. "Are you all right?"

God Jinrai
2002-03-11, 03:42 AM
Prime slowly rose with grand's assistance...

" Thanks, grand. But I'm afraid I'm...not alright. we need to return to cyberton... and fast. It's past time that I informed EVERYONE... of what I fear is to come."

2002-03-11, 03:56 AM
Brainstorm: -riding on Hardhead's transector's glacis plate- "Think they'll find the captain?"

Hardhead: -in cockpit, swiching his attention between the road before him and the damage and power indicators, all of which are indicating that things are really bad- "Of course they will. Thigs tend to go boom when he's around. All they have to do is look for the destruction."

Brainstorm: "That's Chromedome."

Hardhead: "Good point."

Brainstorm: "Hey, Hardhead. Look over there." -points-

Hardhead: "Huh?" -looks up, then looks to where Brainstorm is pointing- "It's just a crater from the battle."

Brainstorm: "Can't be. It's too far away and the angle is all wrong."

Hardhead: "Want to check it out?"

Brainstorm: "Doesn't look like anyone else is. It could be a threat."

Hardhead: -changes course towards the crater- "Better hope it's pretty harmless. My transector's running low on power and on ammo."

Brainstorm: "At least your transector's still operational."

Minerva, Chromedome, and Roadbuster: -roll to a stop near where Jinrai's battle station had been-

Minerva and Roadbuster: -transform-

Chromedome: -transforms slowly, painfully-

Minerva: "I knew I should have sent you back with Brainstrom and Hardhead."

Chromedome: "Would've.... come anyway." -limps over to hole- "This is new......."

Minerva: -walks over, looks down ito hole- "Is this from the explosion?"

Chromedome: "No. The edge has been cut, and it's too smooth for a blast crater."

Roadbuster: -standing off to one side, activates commlink- "Redstreak, who attacked Springer?"

2002-03-11, 04:56 AM
The smoke in the crater is starting to fade away, although the ground was still hot. At the base, in the middle of the gcrater, is a transformer-sized craft, hissing and spitting steam and smoke. The door is open and inside there's an echoing sound.

2002-03-11, 09:35 AM
"Well, actually Commander," Sixswitch looked up at Jinrai's form, "I was looking for you. You, see, I want to join the Autobots of this universe in their struggle. I've decided not to go back to my own. So I wanted to talk to you, to find out how I can make my place here permanent."

He glanced at the commander, waiting for an answer.


"Try it once more."
The medic pressed a button on his console, and the hum of energy could be heard as the massive claw sparked into life, crackling and hissing with power.
"Excellent, it works perfectly. I hope Omega Supreme will be happy with his new battle claw."
"He should be, we've done good work here."
"True, I guess it's now time to get it fitted."

In another room, the final repairs to the plasma cannon were being carried out. Or rather, the newly constructed plasma cannon was being wired in to Omega's neural net. The old one was almost completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, in the main chamber, another medic was working at an access panel on Omega Supreme's side, wiring in the replacement systems that had to be grafted after his battle with Cryhavoc.

"How is the work coming?" Remedy stood to one side, talking to another medic.
"It's coming well, all the new systems have been built, and it's just a matter of integrating them with his body, then bringing him online."
"You'll keep me informed?"
"Of course."

2002-03-11, 01:25 PM
"Never encountered any Cybertrons or Destrons here, though a few Japanese humans who were on our convoy did call the Autobots Cybertrons" Bean replied.

"Every Transformer we've sofar met calls this planet Cybertron, though there have been a few rumors that there was a time rift or dimensional opening recently" Rally said.

"Time rifts, dimensional openings. You sound just like our old physics professor. He was always talking about that stuff" Bean said.

"Maybe you should have paid more attention to it intead of sleeping through it!" Rally said.

Bean didn't like where this was going. Hoping to avoid a fight with Rally, Bean quickly changed the subject.

"Hey this is the section where my body should be" Bean said as he looked down the corridor.

"Bean! Get back here!" Rally shouted as Bean bolted down the corridor.

"Found it!"came Bean's reply from the other end of the corridor.

"We might as well follow him" Rally said as she made her way to where Bean was.

When Rally reached the room, she saw that Bean had merged with the body and was checking the repairs. In the darkness of the room only Bean's powerclaws were visible. Which was quite a creepy sight.

"All systems are functional, claw power 100%. Those medics did a good job" Bean remarked.

2002-03-11, 02:23 PM
"It hasn't come for that yet. I am not in a fit state to either."

Megatron's eyes gleamed....

"Although... Galvatron is not the fight i seek."

Megatron turned to face NightBeat.

"Autobot Disease"

Megatron's cannon targetted NightBeat......

2002-03-11, 03:09 PM
Hardhead: -stops transector at edge of crater- "Temperature readings are off the scale."

Brainstorm: -looking down into crater- "Hey, there's a ship down there. Looks pretty intact, too." -yells into crater- "HELLO!!!! DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE?"

Minerva: -looking into hole- "He's got to be down there."

Chromedome: "We'll have to go look. Coming, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: -walks over, looks down into hole- "I'm ready. But I'm going alone. You're injured and she's a medic."

Minerva: "What's wrong with being a medic?"

Roadbuster: "You get totalled, and who fixes you? I'll call you two when it's clear." -pulls guns- "WRECK 'N RULE!!!!!" -jumps into hole-

Minerva and Chromedome: -watch Roadbuster drop into the dark depths of the hole-

Minerva: "So we wait, what, about 30 seconds?"

Chromedome: "Wait if you want, I'm going in now." -jumps into hole-

Minerva: "Why wait?" -jumps into hole-

Nightbeat: -watching Hosehead and Siren move into position out of the corners of his optics- " 'Autobot Disease'? Is this how somebody who wants peace acts? Or did you just decide to take your little band of merry men here and declare war on both factions?"

2002-03-11, 03:18 PM
"PEACE!! Megatron would never have peace with Autobot scum. I am the one with the army. My appearence has changed. I thought i was silver. I am SILVER."

Megatron raised the cannon and fired.


2002-03-11, 03:50 PM
Nightbeat: -ducks, the blast passing over him and destroying the sensor station, the shockwave from the blast knocking him forward, sliding to a halt almost at Megatron's feet- "You want a war, Bucket-head? Then you'll get a war! -rolls backwards- "FIRE!!!!!!"

Siren and Hosehead: -in flanking positions, open fire on Megatron-

Nightbeat: -rolls into kneeling position, pulls gun, starts firing at Megatron-

Roadbuster: -lands in a crouch, straightens-

Chromedome: "HOO-YAH!!!!!" -lands in a crouch on Roadbuster's shoulders, manages to keep balance on bad knee-

Roadbuster: "Do you know anything about a silent insertion?"

Chromedome: "Yes. But the shape we're in, if we can scare them off, so much the better."

Minerva: "GERONIMO!!!!!!!" -lands on Chromedome's shoulders in a crouch, straightens-

Chromedome: -right knee buckles, collapses, falls off of Roadbuster's shoulders, taking Minerva with him-

Minerva: "WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Chromedome: -hits ground-

Minerva: -lands on top of him-

Roadbuster: -shakes head-

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-11, 10:16 PM
(OOC - I'll be controlling Jhiaxus for the week, ooi who's controlling Optitron? If any of the chars mentioned on the shuttle are wrong, let me know.)

Jhiaxus piloted towards it's destination, and his victory.

This shuttle's design is peculiar, not technology known to me, or my kind, the format of it's origin is....alien, but the craft is definitely Cybertron....

"Optitron check the system diagnostics, I want to know more of this shuttle and it's capabilities, I've a feeling it's possible of much more. Squawkbox check on Cryhavoc, he needs immediate repair, preferably before we reach our destination"

2002-03-12, 12:14 AM
Blaster looked over at Torque and Red as rewind tried to repair the wound in the back of his leg.

"Hey man it's the Bluestreak look alike, Whats shaken other then the battle outside of Iacon.... or is it over?" Blaster asked Redstreak.

Jazz looked up fromn the Damaged body of Sunstreaker to Redstreak and torque.

"Whoa man so three is another b... er no man this ones Gotta be Named Redstreak" Jazz said to Blaster.

"Blaster will you hold still this is hard enough without you moving" rewind chimed in

Blaster looked back "Oh sorry little dude"
Brawn approached the gate of Iacon transforming

2002-03-12, 12:44 AM
There's a pause from the ship below, then the banging begins again... sounds like someone's upset in there. Sparks fly from the engine's backside and more smoke billows out...

2002-03-12, 02:24 AM
Brainstorm: -hearing the banging noises from the shuttle- "Uh.... Hello?"

Hardhead: -starts shunting power to weapons and drive systems- "Not good, not good..... Brainstorm, get back here. I don't think whatever is down there is friendly......."

Minerva: -helps Chromedome to feet- "You okay?"

Chromedome: -chuckles- "Isn't that my line?" -standng, putting most of his weight onto his left foot-

Minerva: "Can you walk? "

Chromedome: "Not sure. My right leg feels weird. Can't feel anything below my knee."

Minerva: "I knew you should have stayed behind."

Roadbuster: -starts down tunnel- "Get him patched up. If I need backup, I'll call."

2002-03-12, 03:18 AM
Or at least not very happy. The banging finally stops and there's a shuffle, but its hard to see anything through the smoke as feet crunch in the hot gravel at the base of the crater, a scraping sound heard as something tries to clamber up the side of the crater again... there's a glimpse of green armor before it slides back down into the smoke again, ending with a THUD.

2002-03-12, 03:54 AM
Galvatron did not bother to respond to Hatemunger; rather, he simply closed the channel and pondered. Apparently Iacon still existed... pity.

"New course, Skywarp. Hatemunger's gone into hiding in a laboratory. Belongs to one of his men, I believe... The coordinates are on this disk."

Galvatron handed an encoded chip to his pilot.

"Take us there."


Grand placed a hand on Prime's shoulder. The hidden face was both stolid and emotional, worried. Grand smiled desperately, but he knew his intentions would not help cheer up Optimus any. His robotic eyes turned back to the viewscreen, and an image of Cybertron.

"We're nearly there. Your message will soon reach the whole of Cybertron. But what, Prime, is so important that all must know?"


Squawkbox, still under Squawktalk's control (for Beastbox would rather be humiliated than forced to interact at the moment), cordially saluted Jhiaxus in his most ridiculously accentuated fashion.

"Yes sir, right away sir! Comin' right up, gangway, get 'em while they're hot!"

As the rage in Jhiaxus' face began to emerge, Squawkbox shot off toward the back of the shuttle, and Cryhavoc's hold... er, chambers. Sliding casually into the room, Squawkbox hunched over and examined Cryhavoc through an invisible magnifying glass.

"Well, what seems to be the problem here? Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. Okay, you just tell me what's wrong and doc'll see what he can't do about it. Now," Squawkbox added, swiftly kicking Cryhavoc in the side, "does this hurt?"

2002-03-12, 05:25 AM
"Hey man it's the Bluestreak look alike, Whats shaken other then the battle outside of Iacon.... or is it over?" Blaster asked Redstreak.

"It's over, best I can tell." Redstreak says. "But Springer and Prowl are hurt bad. Who's in charge right now, anyway? I don't see anyone around here; Springer's unconscious and maybe dead, and Pointblank doesn't seem to have turned up."

Torque looks at Jazz, then at Red Wing. "We have to do something; we aren't equipped to be doing this, we're warriors. We need to be seeking retribution, not keeping our tails between our legs."

2002-03-12, 01:22 PM
Vanguard entered the command chamber of Grand Maximus, and walked quietly over to Prime and Grand.
"Grand, Optimus," he greeted them, then stopped as he looked Optimus up and down, "I'm sorry sir, I just can't get used to your new form yet," he smiled appologetically.

"I mean, it seemed to happen just... out of no where, as you exited the ship. We, the Cosmobots I mean, we have a theory about that, if you'd care to hear it sometime."

He shifted a bit uncomfortably.

"Well, anyway sir, since we got back from the far reaches of space, there have been many... unusual things going on. This business with the plasma energy chamber, the Chaoticons attacking that sun, and Galvatron's re-emergence to name but three. If you'll pardon me for asking; What in Primus's name is going on?

God Jinrai
2002-03-12, 01:53 PM
Prime turned to vanguard as he entered the room, but remained silent until he'd finished what he had to say.

"Indeed, vanguard? I'd be QUITE interested to hear this theory. as for what's been transpiring... take no offense, but I'm only going to disclose that once we arrive back on cybertron. It's something EVERYONE needs to hear. all at once, not by anyone else's mouth. "

2002-03-12, 02:48 PM
"Well, we are scientists Optimus, not mystics. Obviously the actual change, and the reason for it runs much deeper than mere science, and it would be foolish for us to speculate on it. However, such a change would require massive amounts of energy, and when the Chaoticons fired that device into the star, the energy released increased exponentially."

He paused for a moment.

"We think that the energy given out by the star at that point would have been more than sufficient to effect the change. The mystifying thing is that I've no idea what other energy source in the Galaxy would be sufficient to do this. So, the question that's on my mind is this,"

He paused again, looking for the best way to put it.

"Did Primus, or Vector Sigma, or both actually arrange for this battle, and this destruction to happen? Think about it, if the only energy source strong enough to affect the change is an exploding star, and the change was to happen now... It seems more than coincidence to me Optimus."

He paced the room, allowing it to sink in.

"As for the announcement, I understand, and we eagerly await to hear it."

2002-03-12, 03:27 PM
Megatron stood triumphatly. The blasts reflected off of him. They were as if they never existed.

Megatron rammed himself into the Autobots, but a piece of machinery knocked him into the controls. Changing all of the systems. But the good thing was, it was now scanning correctly for Galvatron.

Megatron heard the mention of Galvatron then suddenly shot out.

"Who is Galvatron Autobot."

Then Megatron's face changed.


2002-03-12, 08:12 PM
For Squawtalk's surprise Cryhavoc moved. He didn't register any pain... like Squawtalk could even harm him... What his sensors registered however was a possible threat.

The massive Decepticon swinged his other claw towards Squawtalk, grabbing the cassetticon to his deadly grip. Cryhavoc's optics flashed on and the giant rose to sitting position.

"Oh... it just you..." He muttered annoyedly and threw Squawtalk away.

Cryhavoc began to scan his structure. All severe damages had been repaired by his internal repair systems but his armament looked far from battle ready... as did his weaponry... and the large missing part of his chest plate didn't really make him feel very proud.

"Get me some durabelliym and someone who can fix my weapon systems!" He snarled at Squawtalk, glancing at his right arm that was missing its twin sonic cannons.

2002-03-12, 10:09 PM
Nightbeat: "Set for stun."

Siren: "But-"

Nightbeat "DO IT! His armor's too dense to blast through! Hopefully his neural systems aren't as well armored!"

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -set guns to stun-

Nightbeat: -aiming at Megatron- "You shouldn't have attacked us."

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -aim at Megatron, open fire-

2002-03-12, 10:35 PM
"Perhaps," Grand agreed. It had been quite some time since he'd been able to flex his intellectual muscle with another being on his level; he was itchy. He supported his head, by the closed mouth, on a bent index finger, and that arm's elbow by his opposite palm. His thoughts silently gathered and formed into a counter-argument, but the now gigantic image of Cybertron plastered on the viewscreen reminded him of duty, priority number one. The battleship came down to the planet gently, transforming to city mode just as it set next to the Autobots' capital.

"Iacon, gentlemen," Grand reported.


Squawkbox, having been swatted away by Cryhavoc, landed sitting in the corner of the room. His hands massaged the delicate head above his shoulders gently.

Let that happen one more time, Beastbox thought. I dare you.

Squawkbox scrambled to his feet and pleaded with the mighty injured Decepticon.

"Whaddaya want from me? This's a starship, not a hospital! Look here, pal, yer gonna haaaaave to wait. Nothin' I can do about it, no medics onboard - toot toot - the Axalon. We got Sixshot and Adarea and Optitron and the boss and li'l old me... So unless you know how to do it yourself, tough stinking luck!"

2002-03-12, 11:10 PM
"We have to do something; we aren't equipped to be doing this, we're warriors. We need to be seeking retribution, not keeping our tails between our legs."

Blaster looked up as torqe as he spoke to Jazz and nodded.

"Yeah we need some back man we lost my old home to the decepti-creeps on earth and if we don't fight back we're gonna lose Iacon" Blaster replied to torqe

Jazz also nodded in agreement "Yeah guys but we don't have the man power right now, I mean we could launch an attack but we'd enter the world of broken parts like Sunstreaker Prowl and Springer"

Rewind put a peice of metal over blasters wound and pulled away "That should hold tille you find a real medic like Ratchet or First Aid" He said.

2002-03-12, 11:10 PM
Cryhavoc glanced at Squawkbox angrily his bloodred opticband glowing.

"Perhaps I will then you as spare parts..." He muttered and stood up, taking support from the nearby wall.

The massive Decepticon pointed his another claw towards the the cassetticon combiner.

"Is there any materials I can use or do I have to break down some of this ships not needed parts to repair my armor?"

Cryhavoc hissed annoyedly and snapped his claw shut in front of Squawkbox's face.

"Do you... happen to know... what happened to Omega Supreme, birdthing?" He added after staying silent for sometime.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-12, 11:37 PM
Jhiaxus slammed the control panel, managing to open a comm to Squawkbox his mood was wavering on destructive anger, and moreso, frustration.

"Squawkbox, report Cryhavoc's condition. To all crew members, ready yourselves for combat, we approach earth, and whilst not at optimum speed, we strike hard and fast, retireve what we need, and maybe cause some mayhem whilst we're there, for good measure."


Skywarp took the disk, being demoted to the shuttle's pilot was a feat below the seeker's capabilities, but he served his leader well.

"Yes my lord"

Quick Switch
2002-03-12, 11:47 PM
Quick Switch rose from his chair as Grand Maximus landed. The Hexa Changer rose and looked out a window.

"Home sweet home..." and that's when he saw the war zone that was the entranceway.

"Damn. Must've been a real fracas out here..." and I'm not talkin' about no Headmaster, neither.

2002-03-13, 12:09 AM
"Hey Vanguard, you going to come down here? We just got back to Cybertron," Thorr's voice came over the comm.
Vanguard looked from Prime to Grand, and around the spacious command room.
"No, you come up here. Optimus Prime will be making an announcement soon, and I've a feeling it's important."
"You've told him our theory?" Apollo broke in. Apart from Vanguard, he was the most scientifically minded of the Cosmobots.
"I have."
"Good, I'm almost certain it's correct."
"As am I. I'll expect you up here soon."
"We're on our way."

Vanguard looked around, and out of the forward viewer as Iacon came into view.
"Oh Primus," he spoke quietly, looking at the destruction around the city.


"We are ready."
"Good, begin connecting the power flow cables."
"Yes sir."

Remedy walked slowly around Omega's prone form before rejoining the cluster of medics to one side.

"You've done a good job here. Well done."
"Thank you."
"You're ready?"
"We are, all cables are in place."
"OK, activate him."

The medic threw a switch, causing the glowing energon to flow into Omega Supreme, and sparks to flash around his closed optics. His arm flexed once, then again, and he sat up slowly.

"Omega Supreme is fully operational."
"Not fully Omega," Remedy looked up at the giant robot, "It will take a while for your neural systems to interface fully with your upgraded hardware. You'll have to stay here for a while."
"I will comply."
"Good man yourself," Remedy turned to the medic, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've other patients to attend to."

Turning swiftly, he left the room.


Sixswitch stood in the control room of Iacon as the sensors confirmed Grand's approach while he waited for Jinrai to answer.

2002-03-13, 01:04 AM
Sky Garry remains silent as he's repaired slowly by the medics, his systems needing a little more focus than usual. HE sighs, depressedly, and Lockpick slips into the room to help out a bit.

"Hey big guy... feeling okay?" the femme asks him softly.

He chuckles and replies tiredly "Very tired, very sore. But my duty is done, and thus I am satisfied."

God Jinrai
2002-03-13, 01:04 AM
"Well, Sixswitch, I've a feeling that won't be a problem. We'll get you set up with quarters as soon as..."

It was then that he heard the confirmation of Grand maximus' return.

"...Prime gets back. Like I said, it shouldn't be much of a problem."

Back aboard the battlefortress, Prime headed to the boarding ramp.. he exited the ship shakily, but still stably. Starsaber and Victory leo followed, making sure Prime would be alright. Reaching a com panel, he opened a channel on the broadband autobot frequency. All autobots on cybertron would be able to recieve this transmission. That much was for certrain.

"All autobots. report to Iacon hangar bay number 4. ALL AUTOBOTS, report immedieately to hangar bay 4. I'm calling an emergency conference. Prime headed down the hallway into hangar four, starsaber and victory leo close behind. Entering the hangar, he glanced around. "Good. More than enough room for even gestalt sized robots to fit... even with the majority of our normal sized brethern. It's time for all of them to be made aware of the threat that's on the horizon."

Prime approached a platform lift, and stepped aboard. the lift came to life, and rose up to a higher platform. stepping from the lift, he moved to the center of the larger repair platform...and waited.

2002-03-13, 01:10 AM
Lockpick glances up at the announcement, then at Garry in concern as the huge mech tries to sit up slowly, grimacing the entire time.

He had most of his armor replaced, but his insides still had to recover. "Come on... the Commander calls." he grits his teeth, limping two steps then slumps again, panting "Slag... this IS Hangar 4... Oh... commanders..." he states, startled as Optimus and the others walk in, optics widening further at the sight of STar Sabre in awe and recognition... oO(Weirder and weirder)

He pulls himself upright and limps to one side of the hangar to make room for the others.

2002-03-13, 01:19 AM
In the crater there's more cursing and such as someone tries a third time to climb up, the side just slightly too steep. This time though, the two Autobots on the edge get a good look at the robot before them... a little taller than normal, but well built... a color scheme of bands of sky magenta and rich green with silver hands and faceplate, with a helm with a green dragon wrapped around it. There's a shoulder-strap holding a firearm to his back, and after blinking smoke out of his blue optics, he peers at the two Autobots in astonishment.

then his footing breaks off and he gacks, grabbing randomly to avoid another tumble.

2002-03-13, 01:25 AM
Vanguard had led the Cosmobots down the ramp of Grand Maximus following after Prime and Victrory Leo and Star Sabre.
"What are they? Bodyguards?" he had thought to himself.

"Hey Vanguard, any idea what Prime's announcement is going to be about?" Mercury asked their leader.
"None, save that it'll explain a lot of our questions regarding the goings on lately."
"About the Plasma Energy Chamber and all?"
"Yeah, that stuff."
"Good," Thorr spoke up, "I hate not knowing stuff."
"Me too," Mercury grinned at the defence expert.
"Ah, we're here, hangar bay 4," Apollo noted as they fell back so they could see the platform that Prime had ascended to.


Omega Supreme heard the announcement from the chamber within Iacon.
"Omega should be there."
"You heard what Remedy said," the supervising medic spoke.
"Remedy's desicion inconsequent, Prime said ALL Autobots."
"I function." Omega said, transforming into rocket mode.
"Yes, but your systems aren't fully ready yet."
"Open the doors."

The medic wasn't about to argue with the huge Guardian, and the doors above slid open. Engines firing, Omega Supreme took off, jetting through the roof and towards hangar bay 4.

Transforming back into robot mode, the giant robot strode into the bay, standing to one side against the wall, his huge head tilted up to the speaking platform.
"Omega is here, Optimus," he rumbled.


Sixswitch smiled at Jinrai's words.
"Excellent, just what I wanted to hear. Thank you."

At that moment, Prime's announcement came over the radio, and he looked at Jinrai.
"Shall we?" he asked, transforming into tank mode, and gunning his engine.

2002-03-13, 01:34 AM
Sky Garry hardly notices as others enter, leaning against the wall, arms folded as he tries to keep from slumping over onto the floor.

Quick Switch
2002-03-13, 02:12 AM
Quick Switch heard the announcement, and reported to the appropriate hangar bay.

Striding in, he stood silently, hands crossed.

God Jinrai
2002-03-13, 02:18 AM
Jinrai reverted to rig mode, just after sixswitch had transformed... he arrived in the hangar not long after. Catching sight of skygarry, he approached the massive transformer.

"Hey, skygarry. take a seat. I get the feeling you're not exactly fully repaired yet... you could have just sent shotbomber and watched the meeting on the vidcom system that runs through iacon. At any rate... anything I could do to at least make you more comfortable while you're here, big fella?"

2002-03-13, 02:25 AM
Sky Garry straightened carefully, almost to attention as Jinrai approached. Reasonably, he states "Orders are Orders. I shouldn't be an exception because of my wounds." he does, though, takes a seat and glances around, where WAS Shotbomber...

"I've only a few questions, like how you happen to be alive again, and how Cybertron is once more existant, but they can wait for later, commander." he finally states in an easy tone. THe chair creaked under his massive weight.

(OOc - Sky Garry is two words, no hypen... Sky Garry.)

OOC - I just relaized that Optimus called the meeting in Hangar 4... which was the hangar Garry reported to for repairs. I've edited my previous posts accordingly.

2002-03-13, 03:43 AM
Grand watched the Autobots file slowly from the city's confines. He decided to follow suit and headed for the elevator, but nervousness slowed him down. He was not accustomed to being without Maximus. Nonetheless, he was momentarily standing at the top of the city's main entrance ramp, surveying the Cybertronic skyline. It was beautiful - Grand never could overcome the feeling of nostalgia that would catch him when he observed his home sky. Particularly amplifying was the fact that, in his world, he did not even know the option to return to the land of his creation...

Grand stretched. Despite his earlier worries, he found it felt surprisingly good to be outside the city for a change. A thought later, and the GDD (Grand Defense Drone) rolled up next to him. Grand smiled; he knew better, but the drones always seemed more than servants, more sentient than mechanical. He reached down to give the treaded red vehicle a pat, before hopping on and surfing away.


Grand rolled into Hangar 4 shortly enough. (The drones certainly are useful for speedier transportation to a warrior with a cranial alternate mode...) He rolled to a stop, stepped off his vehicle, and scooped it up under one arm. His eyes moved faster than his legs, and Grand discovered that he was on a collision course with an old friend. Grand was hesitant to present himself to his accompanied associate.

"Jinrai," he finally noted. "You and I need to talk, when this is done."

God Jinrai
2002-03-13, 03:52 AM
Jinrai turned as grand arrived..

"As you like, grand. But just so I'm prepared... what exactly is it you want to discuss?"

2002-03-13, 04:03 AM
Sky Garry watches, nodding to Grand as Jinrai's attention is taken from the wounded giant, who sits back to rest a little bit before the meeting.

2002-03-13, 02:33 PM
In another part of Iacon Bean, Rally and Shotbomber heard Prime's announcement.

"I don't know who that fella is, but if there's a problem lets see what we can do. Might be worth something" Bean said to Rally.

"Are you sure you want to get back into trouble so soon?" Rally asked.

"I ain't got anything better to do" Bean said while turning his body into its car mode and landing in the driver's seat.

"I guess your right" Rally said as she entered the car.

"Shotbomber, you coming buddy?" Bean asked.

2002-03-13, 03:03 PM
Megatron looks at the Autobots.

"Why are you betraying...."

The blast hits Megatron, and Megatron stmbles.


Megatron falls to the ground. He feels nothing. Just pain........

2002-03-13, 06:51 PM
What was going on? The question loomed over Razorclaw like a dark cloud that prevented him to plan anything for the future. They had only few moments ago attacked the Autobots and driven them out from an unknown solarsystem... atleast unknown to Razorclaw.

But what for? What Galvatron was planning? Where they were going now and what about the Decepticons on Earth and Cybertron? And what about... Jhiaxus?

Razorclaw got up and headed towards the area where Galvatron was located. Quietly he walked into the room/command briege/wharever and moved to stand respectfully out of Galvatron's way.

"Lord Galvatron, may I inquire you to reveal what is our destination and purpose here?" He asked after he had been standing silently in the room for several minutes.

2002-03-13, 10:39 PM

Grand shot a quick glance at Sky Garry (he was regretful for the interruption), before looking back to the Godmaster and responding.

"Let's put it this way," Grand began. "I think I have need of one of your special abilities."



Squawkbox suddenly straightened up, signalling internal goings-on.

Thank you, Beastbox thought. I believe I'm quite ready to return to the fold.

Squawkbox relaxed again, now one complete being. He slowly looked down at his wrist and the flashing light within; he slowly pressed it, and slowly spoke.

"Cryhavoc is still in need of repair. He is operational and online, but his weaponry system is out of commission. He also needs durabyllium alloy to repair damage to his hull; I've had to inform him that we have none. Your orders?"


Decepticon shuttle...

Galvatron glared at Razorclaw. Despite the repair of his damaged metaprocessor, he still could not stand insubordination - and in Galvatron's mind, asking a question was as inexcusable as making a demand.

"Purpose?!" he shouted. "Why, the same it always is! In order to reclaim Cybertron, I have no choice but to cement my grasp over the Decepticon Empire! The traitors must die, and all available soldiers..."

Galvatron pointed toward a wall of the shuttle, and the blocked view of Gunrunner without.

"...including our beloved Chaoticons, must be returned to my service. This, loyal Razorclaw, is how we shall redeem ourselves as masters of all!"

Realizing that he was screaming, Galvatron cleared his throat and began (more calmly) again.

"As for the location of our destination... Well, see for yourself."

The shuttle slowly set down at Scrapheap's lab; the access ramp dropped to the Cybertronic ground below, and Galvatron stepped to the bottom. Gigatron followed, sizing up the building as he passed from the ship's bowels.

"If I may," Gigatron commented. "What a dump."

Quick Switch
2002-03-13, 10:55 PM
Blast Off was the first to hear the shuttle arrive.

"Galvatron arrives," he whispered.

Onslaught rose.

"All right. Combaticons, form ranks!"

The combiner team walked outside, and stood shoulder to shoulder, Onslaught in front.

He stepped forward a pace and saluted.

"Lord Galvatron! Onslaught and the Combaticons reporting, sir!"

2002-03-13, 11:48 PM
Adeara heard the word, 'combat', she bolted awake. "Combat? When, where, and who?" Jumping to her feet, she stretched, then shifted to her Decepticon form. "When do we arrive at Earth?"

2002-03-14, 01:38 AM
Nightbeat: "Betraying you? You just tried to kill us! What am I supposed to do, say 'Almost got us, better luck next time'?"

Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead: -fire another volley of stun blasts at Megatron-

Nightbeat: "Nnn.... It's almost like he's at war with himself...." -shakes head- "Siren, get the readings from the comm station and the location and sensor settings from the sensor station. Hosehead, keep an eye on him." -points at Megatron- "If he moves, stun him." -activates commlink- "Chromedome, respond."

Chromedome: -propped up against wall, with Minerva working on his right leg, activates commlink- "I'm here, captain."

Nightbeat: "Good. Megatron lost it. Tried to take us out. I think we've got him subdued."

Chromedome: "So much for the plan."

Nightbeat: "On the up side, we do have a prisoner, some of the Decepticon comm frequencies, and a possible location of the Decepticon base."

Chromedome: "Not a total loss, then." -sighs- "We got a comm transmission from Optimus Prime. He wants all Autobots assembled in Iacon bay 4."

Nightbeat: "We'll need to transport Megatron. You up for it?"

Minerva: -breaks into transmission- "He's operational, but I don't think he'll be capable of fighting anybody stronger than Rumble or Frenzy untill I get him completely repaired."

Nightbeat: "I thought you were going to make sure she stayed behind."

Chromedome: "I was going to do that after I brought peace to the universe, remember?"

Nightbeat: "Good point."

Chromedome: "Roadbuster's coming your way to back you up if you need it."

Nightbeat: "Good. We should be able to get Megatron back to Iacon, then."

Brainstorm: "Hardhead! Grab my feet!" -tips forward to grab mystey robots hands as it falls-

Hardhead: -pops canopy, jumps out, runs up to glacis plate, hooks the fingers of on hand into the gap between the armor plates, grabs Brainstorm's right ankle with the other hand- "Got ya!"

2002-03-14, 01:45 AM
Shotbomber blinked..oO(That's Garry's hangar) then nods "I'm coming." he says, transforming into his micro-tank mode to plod along behind the car. "Let's go!"

2002-03-14, 01:52 AM
The silver hand grasps Brainstorms' hand, the robot swinging to slam into the crater's side facefirst, stunning him. Despite his size, he was startingly light and reaches to pull himself out, soot coating his armor as he coughs, feet scrambling.

He drops to his knees, panting as he releases the master's hand, wiping some soot off his back and face before looking up, warily at the pair with sapphire optics, but only slight nervousness.

2002-03-14, 02:38 AM
Hardhead: -finishes hauling them both up, goes back to transector cockpit, climbs in, shuts down weapons system, rediverts power to autorepair system- "Settle in, guys. We're heading back to base." -closes canopy, starts towards Iacon-

Brainstorm: -looks at new robot- "Hi. I'm Brainstrom. He's Hardhead. We're Autobots. Who are you?"

Minerva: -leans back, sighs- "There. Now don't strain it. The entire knee servo assembly needs to be replaced. It would probably be simpler to replace your whole leg at this point."

2002-03-14, 04:08 AM
Hatemunger walked out with the Crashticons and Aerialcons along side him. Stealth and Darklark followed behind them and Skystalker jumped out of his starship and ran towards them.

Scrapheap over heard Gigatron's remark.

"Dump? Yes it is, I've repaired more damaged con's than you'll ever know and due to your stupid little remark, I will remember the next time your damaged to make sure you leave with a few little enhancments in your personallity chip!" the Crashticon leader growed his men standing behind him.

Hatemunger grabbed Scrapheap.
"Stand down, the beast bot is arrragent as always. I see slashing your wing on Charr didn't knock too much sense into you." He growled and saluted Gavatron.

"Hatemunger and company reporting sir! Crashticons, Aerialcons, Skystalker, Darklark and Stealth all online."

2002-03-14, 04:45 AM
Jazz also nodded in agreement "Yeah guys but we don't have the man power right now, I mean we could launch an attack but we'd enter the world of broken parts like Sunstreaker Prowl and Springer"

Torque folds his arms in defiance. "Attack, nothing. Let's just grab a couple of bombs and..."
Redstreak puts his hand up. "This is precisely why you aren't in a command position, Torque. Now then, the Combaticons are still on this planet, but have retreated. We need to put one of them out of commission before we can take the rest out otherwise we deal with Bruticus. I will go and find them, see what they are up to. My powers should be sufficient enough to prevent me from prying eyes." With that, he transforms and drives out of Iacon, following the Combaticon trail as soon as he picks it up.

Red Wing simply stands there in disbelief. "I am so totally lost...who's in charge here, anyway?" He asks Blaster.

2002-03-14, 06:27 AM
(OOC - How big is Hardhead? The new guy is about 15 or so feet tall. I'm not familiar with the *master altmodes.)

The purple and green mech just STARES at the autobots, not moving for a long moment, appearing stunned. THen he lifts his hands, showing they were empty - although small yellow talons graced his elbows and knees - in a symbol of peace. Then he states something... "Choke! Koh'meht Taikoon." his youngish voice stated... gibberish to most.

2002-03-14, 09:23 AM
(OOC: Redstreak, Prime has summoned every Autobot to Hangar 4 for an announcement)

2002-03-14, 01:43 PM
"Shotbomber, you happen to know the route to Hangar 4?" Bean asked as he pulled alongside Shotbomber.

2002-03-14, 03:49 PM
In reply, Shotbomber started down the hallway the way he had come from. "Yeah, more or less." he explains as they roll along at tank-speed.oO(Maybe it was easier to walk after all) "What do you think the meeting will be about?"

2002-03-14, 05:00 PM
"Don't know, but it sounds urgent" Bean said as he started after Shotbomber.

"It must be important, or they wouldn't have ordered EVERY Autobot on the planet to report in" Rally stated.

"EVERY Autobot on the planet in 1 place, that's gonna be a diverse bunch, wish i'd brought a camera" Bean said with a small grin.

2002-03-14, 05:50 PM
(OOC- In robot mode, complete with transector, he stands about 35 feet tall. The "Headmaster" component is roughly 6 feet tall in it's own robot mode. The tank itself, in vehicle mode, is a little higher, roof wise, than a car.)

Brainstorm: -gets a blank look on his face- "Uh......"

Hardhead: "Don't look at me. My universal translator's off line."

Chromedome: -manages to stand, keeping weight off of his right leg- "Think Roadbuster's found the captain yet?"

Minerva: "I hope so. Prime's message sounded urgent."

Roadbuster: -stalking through tunnel, weapons drawn-

2002-03-14, 08:09 PM
Razorclaw wasn't surprised of Galvatron's angry answer, in fact he had been awaiting something like that from the leader of the Decepticons. But Razorclaw was satisfied with the answer as his real purpose had been testing Galvatron... there was a major improvement in the Decepticon he had sweared loyalty to... Old Galvatron would have smacked him off the shuttle for that question, now Razorclaw had only needed to stand and listen Galvatron to scream at him. Yes... it was an improvement.

Razorclaw led his Predacon team out of the shuttle calmly after Galvatron and Gigatron had moved out. The Combaticons were there as well as Hatemunger and his group of warriors... all good fighters but nowhere enough to conquer Cybertron back. Well, they had time and Razorclaw was patient.

As he walked after Galvatron, Razorclaw continued to observe the Decepticons around them and let his gaze fall upon Onslaught for a moment. He wanted to speak with someone... his own warriors weren't very bright company and he would not get any answers from them... as for other combiner team commanders... Hun-Grrr, Snaptrap and Motormaster were a mere brutes... and the newer teams... Razorclaw didn't know them well enough to form an opinion... but Onslaught... perhaps the Combaticon commander could help Razorclaw to form a picture of the current state of the Decepticons...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-14, 10:08 PM
(OOC - Time to get a shuttle on methinks, all people concerned please post in earth thread)


"Cryhavoc is still in need of repair. He is operational and online, but his weaponry system is out of commission. He also needs durabyllium alloy to repair damage to his hull; I've had to inform him that we have none. Your orders?"

Jhiaxus scowled, one of his strongest warriors unable to battle, and earth approaching swiftly, he needed his warriors all available, the assault was approaching, the battle, and at the same time, the beginning, the return....

Jhiaxus scanned the shuttle for any traces of the alloy needed for Cryhavoc's repairs...

*no matches found*.....Damnit....

"Cryhavoc, your repairs shall have to wait until we strike our target and pick up our cargo, then you can join our fun"

Jhiaxus punched the control panel again, managing to open a comm channel.

To all shuttle crew, we approach earth, prepare yourselves for combat, we strike as soon as we enter orbit.

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 11:07 PM
Onslaught caught Razorclaw's gaze, and nodded slightly.

Something's on his mind. It's easy to tell. After all, he is a Predacon after all. In any case, I'll speak with him after Galvatron's done with whatever speech he's got planned...

2002-03-15, 02:24 AM
The robot looked expectantly at B and H, then goes slower... he taps his chest. "Taikoon." then he makes a waving motion "Choke." then he repeats it and then points at BS, waiting hopefully.

God Jinrai
2002-03-15, 03:56 AM
Deszaras clenched his fist tightly... "Blast it! That fool Hatemunger... to believe we followed him blindly this entire time! And for what? THIS!"

Deszaras was visibly frustrated.

Leozack approached his commander, and slently spoke.

"My lord. may I then suggest we depart from this scrap heap of a laboratory and find alternate means of repairs, supplies, as well as allies?"

"Indeed, Leozak. Jargua! Hellbat! Drillhorn! Gaihawk! Killbison! we depart immedieately!"

Deszaras started out to the central command area, but spotted a face that seemed greatly familiar...

"Wait. That one... the one with the purple crystal. I sense a strange power emmenating from him. as if I know him somehow. Leozak. Take the troops to the entryway to the lab. I shall meet you there when my business is finished."

Deszaras approached the black, silver and purple destron...

"I feel as if I know you. Yet I do not recall ever encountering you before. Who are you?"

2002-03-15, 04:18 AM
Galvatron sneered at Hatemunger, batting down the hand pressed to that forehead. His optics narrowed; he struggled to maintain composure, snarling his disapproval through clenched robotic teeth.

"Hear this, Hatemunger: if you respect Galvatron, you will respect Gigatron as well. He has done far more for the Decepticon cause in six months than you have in your entire miserable existence! I think, Hatemunger, it's time you learned your place in our hierarchy is below a God's rank."

Gigatron smiled with false modesty, lowering his head and waving a dismissing hand at his leader.

"Please, Galvatron. You needn't defend me to these cretins. Despite what they may think of my accomplishments, I'm sure we'll get along just fine... won't we, boys?"

As though he felt Hatemunger's response below his attention, Gigatron allowed his eyes to float away and over the natives' shoulders, and into the face of a challenger. His smug grin momentarily melted into a contemptuous frown, then uplifted again after the question raised.

"Certainly you wouldn't know me, but you feel my kinship. I am every Decepticon... But I know you. Deszaras was the name, wasn't it? Yes, I know you - merely as a statistic. I must be one of the few who did know your name. It was simply a matter of knowledge; I vowed to know all of the Decepticons' history, no matter how insignificant the tyrant. Now, what is it you seek of Gigatron?"

God Jinrai
2002-03-15, 04:24 AM
Deszaras' anger suddenly boiled over...

"An insignificant warlord, eh? And I suppose you would have succeeded where I failed? I suppose YOU would have been able to deal with Starsaber, Victory Leo and those accursed brainmasters... the sickening gestalt, Landcross, and all the rest of them? BAH! How close have you ever been to destroying them all? To wiping out the entire planet? I would wager that your answer would be a NEVER! "

Drawing his crescent blade from its sheath hidden in subspace, he broughtit to bear, and assumed a battle pose...

"Let us see just who is and is not significant, Gigatron... that is, if you dare accept the challenge of a true warrior!"

Quick Switch
2002-03-15, 04:31 AM
Onslaught slowly brought his hand down from his salute.

Wonderful. Galvatron ignores the Combaticons again. Nothing has changed.

Onslaught could feel the burning optics of his troops on him- feeling disapointed, and maybe a little hurt. They had fought two battles in Iacon, doing great sums of damage...and no recognition? At all.

Of course, Onslaught said nothing. Instead, he watched Gigatron interact with Hatemunger.

How is Gigatron alive? I thought he perished saving the Universe!

But Onslaught said nothing, but watched the interplay between the strange models.

2002-03-15, 04:40 AM
Torque and Red Wing move to Hangar 4, as ordered by Prime. Red Wing tries to call Redstreak back to that location, but only gets interference.
"Prime..." Torque says, awestruck at the chance to see his leader at last. "He'll get us in the right direction."
"Easy, killer. Don't jump to conclusions." Red Wing replies and waits.

2002-03-15, 04:49 AM
Hatemunger had quite enough.

"Galvatron, you trust a warrior who served a traitor." Hatemunger growled the Crashticons and Aerialcons stood ready, Darklark drew his guns just in case as did Stealth.

"You have warriors here who have served your every will, the Combaticons have suffered and for what! You to return with some ungrateful robots from the future in case the two powered up fools forgot if my men had not found them they would be nothing." Hatemunger had finally had enough, the Decepticons fought and fought and for what? Something happened to Galvatron Hatemunger didnt know what but something was not right.

"You have a small army of soilders who have followed your orders to a T. The Combaticons, Aerialcons, Crashticons, STealth, Darklark, Skystalker and myself have all fought bravely for you and I ask you agian for what?" Hatemunger turned his back towards Galvatron and looked at the group of Decepticons that had ammassed in particular the Combaticons.

"So Galvatron, I ask you why, I was willing to serve you until even you decided to dishonor me. What will you do stab me in the back as you did your own loyal followers when they first found your slagged circuit body on Charr. Frankly I think you are unfit to lead you continous fits and rages only reinforce that fact." He then yelled rather loudly "By the inferno you can't even keep your own slagging forces from breaking off into small armies and you wonder why you cannot even begin to start to defeat the Autobots!" Hatemunger then asked the crowd of Decepticons one question.

'Who else here has the courage to say Galvatron is unfit as leader? He ignores his greatest troops and continues some wanton search for power, not realising every man is valuable. This is why I am tried of fighting this war foolish leaders, Megatron was the last great Decepticon leader this recent batch of fools only proves it." He still stood with his back turned.

"So Galvatron go ahead, shoot me in the back if you wish. I am willing to bet even if my men and myself don't surive a battle with you and your followers I am willing to bet even you are not willing to risk the possible damage to yourself or your men."

2002-03-15, 04:53 AM
Brainstorm: -catches on, points at self- "Brainstorm." -points at Hardhead- "Hardhead."

Hardhead: "Huh?"

Brainstorm: "I just told him or names."

Hardhead: "Ah. Think he understood?"

Brainstorm: "Hope so."

2002-03-15, 05:08 AM
Taikoon smiles then as he stands carefully, brushing soot from his frame as he points at each "Hard... Head... " then he pauses, a frown coming over his face "Frain...stornnn..." he slurrs, shaking his head "Vrain-Storn?" he tries again as he walks alongside Hardhead, going with them."

2002-03-15, 06:16 AM
Blaster looks to redwing as the announcment is sounded

"The Bot who made that announcement is my friend" Blaster replied Ejecting Rewind and Eject "you Two do your best to get Sunstreaker Springer and Prowl running again" they nodded going to work.

Blaster and Jazz followed Redwing, torqe and Redstreak to Hanger 4 Brawn meeting them there.

2002-03-15, 03:48 PM
"Shotbomber, when we met you said you were teamed up with someone, could you introduce him to us when we reach the hangar?" Rally asked.

2002-03-15, 04:30 PM
Shotbomber replied "Sure! Sky Garry's a great guy! Don't be intimidated by his size though... He's always careful of us little people." he chuckles, brightening up a bit. "I coudln't have asked for a better or more caring partner."

2002-03-15, 05:03 PM
Sixswitch rolled into the hangar bay, and came to a stop before transforming into robot mode. Glancing around, he saw many unfamiliar faces, and a few familiar ones. He walked up to Quick Switch, one of the few he recognised.

"Hi," he said.

Then, realising that it was a bit lame sounding, continued.

"Any idea what's going on here? And what happened out in space when you went with Optimus Prime? And where is he anyhow?"

2002-03-15, 06:06 PM
"Whatever his size, it won't be big enough to intimidate me" Bean says.

"Bean's usually the intimidating one. He can face up to guys taller then himself and not even blink. And he's quite big by human standards" Rally added.

2002-03-15, 06:16 PM
Shotbomber led the way into the Hangar, making his way around the others towards Garry's form "Heh. Well, I won't worry then..." he chuckled as he drove towards the looming, still form of Garry, who was still battered around a bit.

Transforming, he waves "Hey Garry! I'd like you to meet Bean and Rally." he says, the huge giant turning to peer down at the three human-sized robots with a tired but friendly smile.

"A pleaseure and honor to meet you, Bean and Rally." His kind voice stated.

2002-03-15, 07:39 PM
Originally posted by Lockpick
"A pleaseure and honor to meet you, Bean and Rally." His kind voice stated.

"L-L-Like wise, Sky Garry was it?" Bean said with a surprised voice. "He's HUGE Rally, Rally? " he said to Rally.

Rally didn't reply to Bean as she looked across the hangar, her face quite pale.

"Rally, what's wrong?" Bean asked.

"He's not the ONLY HUGE thing in here... And he's not the biggest either..." Rally said as she pointed towards the wall opposite their own, and to Omega Supreme.

"HOLY SH... And I thought Garry here was BIG!" Bean remarked. "I'd better transform so you dont get squashed, this place is getting crowded" Bean said while transforming and merging with his car. With an "Upsydaisy" he lifted Rally up.

Rally settled herself on Bean's shoulder and took of her helmet. "Phew, it was getting quite stuffy under there" she said as she ran her hand through her hair.

"Shall i give you a lift, Shotbomber?" Bean asked the minibot.

2002-03-15, 07:51 PM
"Hey Mercury, who're all these people?" Thorr had sidled up to his leader, and was whispering quite quietly.
"I don't all of them," he replied.

The Cosmobots had left Cybertron several million years ago, so many of the current faces were unknown to them.

"Well," Apollo joined in, "That big guy over there," he motioned to Sky Garry, "is the bot we helped Grand rescue from that crater. That bot next to him, yeah, the one who just transformed. I don't know who he is, but the small guy at his feet is Shotbomber, Sky Garry's partner."

"And the guy with Quick Switch?"
"Beats me, he must be comparitively new. The huge bot standing against the wall is Omega Supreme, Guardian of Crystal City. Well, before its destruction at the hands of the Constructicons anyhow."

He spun around to face the entrance.

"Torque and Redwing. I've never met them, but I had a glance through the archives before the mission we just set out on. As for the rest, I don't know."

"Certainly there's a lot of new faces around here," Mercury said.
"It's been four million years," grinned Sun Runner.
"I'm getting a little impatient, just waiting around here," Thorr said aloud what everyone else in the team was thinking, and they all nodded, then almost as one, turned to look up at the platform.


Omega Supreme didn't have to look up. He just looked. Optimus Prime was standing roughly level with his huge head. He caught a glimpse of Bean and Rally opposite as they looked at him, then transformed into full size mode. He almost smiled at this, but not quite. He wasn't up to smiling after his battle with Cryhavoc. He had been fully repaired - even upgraded, but the emotional scars were still there. Although he had fought off the giant, the sight of the ruined city brought back unwelcome memories of his home, Crystal City, and his failure there.

No matter how hard he tried, and no matter his deeds since that time, that failure would always live on in his memory. Of that he had no doubt.

2002-03-15, 08:10 PM
The Aerialcons and Crashticons were shocked at what Hatemunger did.

"Wow, I have never seen Hatemunger stand up to Decepticon leadership like that." Skyblade said quietly while standing ready in case there was any action.

Scrapheap laughed. "Can you blame him we bust our crankcases and for what? This war has gone on for too long, the Decepticons could have won eons ago but our leaderships stupity has continued to slow our victory down. We have better warriors more weapons but as Hatemunger said the fact that we keep slintering does not help us any."

Skyblade replied back.
"So what do we do if something goes down here?" he asked the Crashticon leader.

"I don't know about you but I'll back him up as will Karrnage. Sides nobody but nobody gets away with calling my lab a dump." Scrapheap smiled.

Hit agreed. "Yeah tin plated coward and those breast guys are not much better."

Skyblade nodded.
"The only general I have served with is Hatemunger it would be a dishonor to betray him like that." he got onto a private frequency and talked to the rest of the Aerialcons, Stealth and Darklark and Skystalker.

"Will you help me if something goes down here." Skyblade asked them.

The Aerialcons replied with a resounding yes.
"Slag yeah who else have we served with all these ages?" Firebomb asked.

Stealth chimed in.
"You know I will always help the boss." He smiled hands on pistols.

Darklark didn't care as long as he got to destory.
"My guns are fully charged this time. Give me a target and I will wipe it out."

Skystalker was a bit more cautious.
"If something happens here I will get my ship ready for you all to jump ship. If this nut is our leader I'd rather go rogue."

"Ok it's settled we will help the boss now to rally some more support." Skyblade then talked to Onslaught.

"Look I know this is a bad time to ask this but will you and your men help us if Galvatron and co do something foolish here? I realise they have the two breast force guys, the Predacons, that Six changer beast guy, Choasticons and Skywarp. But this is nuts, so far everything Hatemunger has said is correct. We keep getting blown off on some rag tag mission while these guys do nothing. But it's your call Onslaught I will respect whatever you decide to do, but my men are going to help our general as are the Crashticons, Stealth and Darklark. Skystalker will be ready to get us out of here if need be." Skyblade stopped talking and looked at the still Hatemunger as he stood with his back turned to Galvatron.

Hatemunger then said one last thing to Galvatron.
"Also all mighty leader, how can you tolerate the defection of more of your own soilders? You are already low on men and Primus knows what Jhiaxus and Optitron are doing. if you attack me and I leave my men will surely follow. You do the math againist a full army of Autobots who will survive you or the Autobots?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-15, 08:21 PM
Quick Switch turned, and saw another new arrival, Sixswitch. He'd had a few dealings with him. Good Bot.

"Well," he said, scratching his head, "nothing to important. And anyhow, Prime's called a meeting. I guess it's an overall strategy session- from what I picked up on the chatterwaves, Iacon's been hit pretty hard. And..." he stopped and thought, "I believe that's Prime over there." The Hexa Changer pointed at his leader, who looked similar and yet...different now. But there was no mistaking the calm charisma that exuded from the large Autobot.


Onslaught turned away from Galvatron, and clasped Skyblade on the shoulder, and whispered intensly.

"Old friend, I appreciate your integrity- but now is not the time for this! You may not be familiar with this concept, but: to defy Galvatron means death!"

Turning fontwards again, Onslaught stood silently waiting for Galvatron and Gigatron, et. al. to respond...

2002-03-15, 08:22 PM
Shotbomber transforms to robot mode and runs towards Garry, who immediately drops a hand to the floor and hefts him up, till the Micron is seated on the tall bots' shoulder, legs crossed as he smiles reassuring back down to the others. "Thanks, but I have one of the best vantage points here. " he chuckles.

Sky Garry smiled at the other two again "You have no need to be nervous of me. I might be big, but I'm always watching my feet." he chuckles easily. "I'm glad that you and Shotbomber enjoy each other's presence. Its good to have friends your own size."

2002-03-15, 08:31 PM
Skyblade talked to Onslaught quietly.
"Well if to defy him is to die, but to surrender my loyality is to work for him. I will talk death. Sides if something is not done to stop Galvatron from constantly slaughtering his own. What will happen to all of us in time. Be it at his own hands or on the battlefield."

2002-03-16, 12:45 AM
Brainstorm: -still riding on Hardhead's glacis plate- "I have o idea what to ask next."

Hardhead: -pulling into Iacon Bay 4- "Would he understand if you did?"

Brainstorm: "Good point..... Wow..." -looking at gathered crowd-

Hardhead: -stops, pops cockpit canopy- "Looks like they called everybody."

Brainstorm: "Your commlink working?"

Hardhead: -flicks a couple of switches on control panel- "Diagnostics says so, and I'm picking up a carrier signal."

Brainstorm: "Better tell the guys to get it in gear."

Hardhead: "Right." -activates commlink-

Chromedome: -commink chimes, activates commlink- "Chromedome here."

Hardhead: "Better step it up, guys. Meeting's about to start."

Chromedome: "We're all set to go. Just wating for Nightbeat and the others to get back with our surprise."

Hardhead: "Surprise? What is it?"

Chromedome: "That would be telling. We'll be there as soon as we can. Chromdome out." -deactivates commlink-

2002-03-16, 01:03 AM
The Strange transformer Taikoon strode into the room, stopping as he saw the crowd gathered there. during the entire trip he hadn't transformed. He looked around, a slightly (But only slightly) impressed look on his faceplate as the blue optics flick back and forth. He wore no insignia, and his body was too rounded to be any vehicle, if he did transform.

He stuck close to BS and H though, as he was familiar with them. He points to a few other transformers, asking questions in his strange language. Then he points to HD's autobrand, tilting his head curiously.

2002-03-16, 01:21 AM
Hardhead: -points at Autobrand- "Autobot." -opens arms to encompass all the gathered Autobots in the room- "Autobots."

Brainstorm: -jumps off of Hardhead's glacis plate, sees Sky Garry, waves- "Sky Garry!" -motions him to come over-

Minerva: "What do you think?"

Chromedome: "It's gonna take us a while to climb out."

Minerva: "That's just because of your leg."

Chromedome: "This is true. -activates commlink- "Roadbuster, come in."

Roadbuster: -over commlink- "Yes?"

Chromedome: "Minerva and I are going to climb out now. We can help pull you guys up when you get back here."

Roadbuster: "Good. Roadbuster out." -deactivates commlink-

Minerva: "Now that is an Autobot of few words."

Chromedome: "Probably depends on the situaton." -starts to climb- "Coming?"

Minerva: "Yeah." -sighs- "Hope this is easier than free climbing El Cap...." -starts to climb-

2002-03-16, 01:36 AM
Galvatron smirked at Hatemonger's little outburst, then looked at Gigatron, who stood in a bit of shock at what he had heard. In the past, Galvatron would have simply transformed into his cannon mode and Hatemonger would have been little more than vapor, but the matrix had changed him...

Instead he burst into laughter...

Galvatron: "Please...you feel ignored? You feel slighted? You seek to try to power play me? Bwa-hahahahahahahahahaha! Correct me if I am mistaken, but did not each of you also serve that buffon Jhiaxus while I was away? And now you attempt to inform me of the merits you bring to the table?!? Since the time of your creation your vanity has always caused you problems Hatemonger! You lack the strategy and cunning of Onslaught and yet you still rose through the ranks because your are a fine warrior. But must I remind you...you are a general...and I am a god...I rule...you follow. You wish to walk away, be my guest. I'm sure the Combaticons would not mind moving up in the ranks in your stead."

Galvatron then walked to the Combaticons: "I have always valued the Combaticons as one of my elite fighting units, which is why I often expected more out of them then the others. As for your troops Hatemonger, they have always served with honor and distinction and make no mistake, I would not look kindly upon their defection."

Galvatron then turned and walked back towards Gigatron: "I already know what Jhiaxus is planning, it means nothing short than death and destruction for us all...unless we consolidate all our forces, that includes these here, your troops, and those still on Earth. No troop is more or less valuable, but you of all people must understand there is something to be said about Hierarchy, Gigatron is not a soldier, he's a leader, he answers only to me. You will respect him the way you would expect your troops to respect you...now I am tired of the bickering and as of now it stops...so stay or go, the choice is yours Hatemonger...as for the others (looks at Hatemonger's troops and the Combaticons) I would like each of you to stay...to help us fight the one war we cannot afford to lose...the war for our very survival."

Galvatron crossed his arms and waited for the response.

Pointblank entered the med bay where Ratchet was working on Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Springer. He could see the medic was beyond the point of exhaustion.

Pointblank: "Red Wing, I have an idea of how we can get these guys up and running, but I am going to need some help...has anyone seen Lockpick?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-16, 01:40 AM
Onslaught turned. Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle and Vortex all nodded after Galvtron spoke.

He faced the Decepticon Leader.

"Lord Galvatron, I, Onslaught, Leader of the Combaticons pledge my troops to your service, in part from your gracious notice of my troops usefulness to the Empire...and to save our race from Jhiaxus' nefarious schemes."

Onslaught saluted, followed by his troops.

"What is your command, Galvatron?"

2002-03-16, 01:48 AM
Taikoon nods, looking around again. "Auto...bots..." he manages this time. Then he taps his own chestplate "Draco... Bot..."

Sky Garry glances up as his name is called, lifting a hand towards the headmaster before carefully standing and shuffling his way over. Taikoon's optics widen at the sight of the huge mech... he takes a few steps back, warily.

2002-03-16, 02:24 AM
Brainstorm: -points at Sky Garry- "Sky Garry." -looks up at Sky Garry- "Any idea what the big meeting's about?"

Hardhead: -climbs out of cockpit with a tool kit, crawls under transector, starts trying to patch the ruptured fuel cell- "Hey, Sky Garry, is there any energon around here?"

Minerva: -reaches top of hole, pulls herself out- "Need a hand?"

Chromedome: -about halfway up, climbing slowly- "No. Harder than I thought it would be, though."

Minerva: -chuckles- "Become one with the wall."

Chromedome: -groans- "What kind of advice is that?"

Minerva: -shrugs- "Saw it in a movie once."

2002-03-16, 02:51 AM
Sky Garry smiled reassuringly at the strange mech before shaking his head to brainstorm "No I'm afriad not... on both accounts." he
says sadly. "I wish I could help you."

Taikoon crouches, peering under the transector where HH was, asking a question.

2002-03-16, 04:16 AM
Hardhead: -pulls armor plate covering the fuel cell off, looks at smal, jagged hole in armor plate and large tear in fuel cell- "Well, that answers that question. Transforming must be what did this." -starts trying to patch fuel cell, notices Taikoon watching, points at fuel cell- "Broken." -picks up wrench, points to himself, then to the fuel cell- "I try to fix."

2002-03-16, 04:19 AM
OOC Woo hoo G91's back!

Hatemunger nodded.

"Agreed, though I feel Gigatron's arragance serves no purpose. But I do not agree with that fool Jhiaxus, so you have my word by my spark." He turned and saluted then stepped back down to his men.

2002-03-16, 06:04 AM
Taikoon pokes his finger into the dripping fuel, bringing it to his nose before sniffing it, then licking it ponderously. He thinks a moment, then says "Anihwihtoh." and points at the fuel, then taps his stomach "Taikoonmee Sehd... anihwihtoh."

2002-03-16, 09:40 AM
"Hey, where are those 2 going?" Rally asked as she saw Sky Garry and Shotbomber moving towards some new arrivals.

"Don't know, but lets go see" Bean said as he started after Sky Garry.

Coming up next to Sky Garry, they noticed that Brainstorm was roughly their size.

"It's good to see more guys around here our size" Bean said as he set Rally down near Hardhead's transector.

"My name is Rally and this is Bean" Rally said to Brainstorm

"You wouldn't happen to be Headmasters by any chance?" Bean asked.

2002-03-16, 06:02 PM
Megatron suddenly sits up. His eyes gleaming red. The blast knocked him out for a while.

"Where am I!"

Megatron tried to get his bearings. He activated his comlink.

"NightBeat. Where am i. What have you done to me!"

2002-03-16, 06:03 PM
Gigatron (now flatly ignoring Hatemunger) turned again to Deszaras. The challenge thrown at him, Gigatron smiled wickedly, his eyes lighting up. Behind his wings, the two blades deteached and returned to the front, each hiding one warrior hand.

"If humiliation be your forte, then..."

Gigatron swung one sword at Deszaras' legs.

2002-03-16, 07:57 PM
Divebomb stared at Hatemunger, he was surprised by the general's outburst at Galvatron of all possible beings... the mech got guts, thus deserving Divebomb's respect... but nothing more.
If Hatemunger had turned his back to Decepticons... Divebomb would have gladly put end to Hatemunger's misery. He had sweared loyalty to Galvatron and to him... it meant eliminating all who opposed Galvatron's rule.

Loyalty, trust, kinship and fear of Razorclaw and Galvatron kept the savage Predacons on line and even though Divebomb did not always find other Predacons' company delightful he knew who he could trust... his brothers had saved his hide more than once... he would not let down them, nor he would let down Galvatron... and he knew that his brothers thought the same way, he saw it from their optics... no words were needed to assure that.

It didn't take long for Divebomb ans his brothers to find something else to think as Gigatron answered to Deszaras' challenge. Divebomb's groundbased brothers were already cheering for Gigatron, waving their swords before them and shouting insults to the unknown warrior that had challenged Gigatron. This time Divebomb was happy to join them.

2002-03-16, 11:42 PM
Hatemunger smile watching Deathzuarus and Gigatron go after each other.

"Hmm maybe if we are lucky they will both put themselves offline."

2002-03-17, 04:04 AM
Taikoon drops his optics to peer at Rally and Bean, obviously puzzled again as he wipes the fuel from his finger, asking another question as he points to the humans.

Garry though, returns wearily to his seat, feeling a bit lightheaded.

God Jinrai
2002-03-17, 04:49 AM
Leozak and his crew could hear the noise from out front. "Come on! it sounds like Lord Deszaras is mixing it up with that black destron we'd seen before. Let us be sure none interfere!"

The six breastforce warrirors came charging back into the room, Calling forth their breast units in weapon mode.

"SILENCE!No one interferes, no one ELSE gets HURT! ARE WE CLEAR?"
Leozak shouted.

Jargua's optics burned yellow, itching for a reason to open fire on those before him. Hellbat on the other hand was contemplating emmitting his mind control waves in an attempt to at least turn the predacons against one another. Gaihawk made sure that wouldn't come to pass by constantly keeping an eye on Hellbat. Killbison and Drillhorn merely stood silent, weapons at the ready were they needed.

"My dear Gigatron... don't insult me!" Deszaras proclaimed, forward flipping over the blade that was directed at his legs, bringing his crescent blade to bear on gigatron, and with his free hand, palmed the destron's shoulder guard, using it to balance as he rotated in midair, handspringing off the shoulder, landing behind gigatron. Upon landing, he brought his blade in a tight arc set to cleave gigatron's wings

2002-03-17, 05:05 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, and Roadbuster: -walking down tunnel towards hole, Roadbuster looking somewhat disgusted at not being able to dismantle any Decepticons-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "You attacked us. At a guess, whatever part of yourself that you're repressing to be able to work with us is trying to break through. Either that or it's your past self. The only way to keep all of us safe is to keep you locked up. You're in your own brig. Locks have been disconnected from the main circuit, too." -chuckles- "Now we've all been called to go to a meeting with Optimus Prme in Iacon. Don't throw any wild parties while we're gone. Be a good little Decepticon and we'll bring you a treat." -deactivates commlink-

Siren: "Should you taunt him like that? That is Megatron, you know."

Hosehead: "The boss knows what he's doing."

Nightbeat: "Actually, I just felt like taunting him."

Roadbuster: "My first assessment was right. You are insane."

Nightbeat: "You make that sound like it's a bad thing."

Chromedome: -drags himself over the edge of the hole, rolls over onto his back-

Minerva: -leans over him- "You should've stayed up here in the first place."

Chromedome: "Nah. Can you move? You're blocking my starlight."

Minerva: -grabs one of Chromedome's arms, starts dragging him twards Iacon- "No time to work on a tan. Prime called us for a meeting, remember?"

Chromedome: -pulls his arm free,stands- "I know." -limps past Minerva- "We can't keep everybody waiting."

Minerva: "True." -follows Chromedome-

Brainstorm: -looking at Bean and Rally- "Yes, we're both Headmaster. My name is Branstorm." -looks over, sees Hardhead's feet sticking out fro beneath the tranector- "And the feet belong to Hardhead."

Hardhead: -gives up trying to pronounce what Taikoon just said, wipes some residue on his finger, holds it up- "Energon. You eat energon?" -mimics eating-

2002-03-17, 05:34 AM

Gigatron's shout, though seemingly of pain, was actually one excited. His face glowed to find that his opponent was that which he had not expected: clever. As the last of the sound left Gigatron's vocalizer, his mouth shut itself into a smile fit for a challenge.

"Well done, Deszaras!" he responded, back still turned. "But you've only served to obliterate my inhibitions!"

Still without looking, Gigatron Spanish-kicked toward his rival gladiator, the eyes in his "feet" as guidance. As the assault neared Deszaras, Gigatron clamped the jaws at the armed arm, and simultaneously brought the opposite sword over his head and down on the enemy.

2002-03-17, 05:35 AM
Taikoon points to the cube "En-john?" he repeats, then replies "Eat... en-john." Then shrugs, as though unsure of what he was saying. He pulls up a lid on a chest comparment, pulling out a few golf-ball sized blue orbs that glittered. "Sehd... Anihwihtoh... en-john."

2002-03-17, 06:14 AM
Minerva: -walks into bay, sees Brainstorm and Hardhead, walk over- "We're back."

Brainstorm: "You found the captain?"

Minerva: "He'll be here soon."

Chromdome: -limps in, sees Brainstorm and Hardhead, limps over-

Hardhead: -puts patch on fuel cell, seals it in place- "That should hold." -crawls back out, stands up- "I hope."

2002-03-17, 08:13 AM
Taikoon looks up, standing abruptly as another wounded bot comes in. He frowns, looking concerned and offers to help support Chromedome, talking away in a slightly scolding voice in his language.

God Jinrai
2002-03-17, 05:18 PM
Prime raised his head, gazing out across those assembled in the hangar. most all of those onplanet were here. Save the dinobots, and perhaps a few others likely still in the repair bays.

activating his vmu (voice magnification unit), Prime began.

"My autobot brothers. I've called you all here today to bring to light a great threat that was once hidden to us. It greatly also involves my metamorphosis. During the decepticon raid on cybertron, the renegade decepticon known as Jhiaxus managed to get his hands on the key to the plasma energy chamber. by activating the chamber, he was able to manipulate the time/space rift that was the cause for some of our ...new arrivals, most notably Sixswitch, Grand Maximus, Jinrai, Starsaber and Victory Leo. Jhiaxus attempted to return to cybertron's golden age in an attempt to destroy Orion Pax... my former self... before Megatron could... and in such, the aerial bots would never be able to get him to alpha trion... and I would never come to exist. He was thwarted. BUT... there was much more than met the eye. his cohorts... Gigatron, sixshot, and scorpinok, disappeared into iacon. I had no idea where to, but I do now. Once believed to be dead, the greatest threat to life everywhere is responsible for the oncomming disaster..."

Prime paused to gather his strength... but suddenly the rear hangar doors burst open...

God Jinrai
2002-03-17, 05:28 PM
the dragon foot caught deathsarus off guard... clamping onto his arm, he could see the blade sailing down from above set to cleave him in two... it was then that he did the unexpected. transforming into dragon mode, his arm swung wide as his body reconfigured itself. Gigatron was sent sprawling, but the blade met something of its mark. the dragon mode leaked energon slightly, and a gash was visible just between the head and right shoulder.

"Impressive, gigatron. but not good enough!"

the dragon spewed fire in the destron's direction, but suddenly stopped. reverting to robot mode again, deszaras drew his antimatter disruptor rifle, and brought it to bear on gigatron's form.

"Would you prefer to drown your pride and live, or die with it intact?"

2002-03-17, 07:30 PM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
Once believed to be dead, the greatest threat to life everywhere is responsible for the oncomming disaster...

Prime's final words left Bean & Rally with a feeling of dread, and a few questions.

They didn't get a chance to ask them, since at that moment the doors burst open, and they turned to see what was happening.

"What's going on?" Bean asked.
"I don't know, but i'm transforming, just in case" Rally said as she transformed and landed in Bean's hand.

2002-03-17, 08:11 PM
Taikoon listened politely, although its obvious he didn't have aclue what Optimus was saying... but the tones said it all. As the doors burst open, he whirls, dropping Chromedome as he pulls back into a combat crouch, blue optics narrowed as he prepares to meet whoever was in there, the talons on his elbos and knees glowing slightly.

2002-03-17, 08:41 PM
Hatemunger smiled watching the battle at least the battle was intersting.

"Breastforce how foolish are you?" he asked the six gestalt members. "If anyone wanted to interfer I am sure you would not stop them."

Scrapheap had to be a good host with the battle going on outside.
He walked into his lab and came out a few moments later with a cart full of buckets and small energon cubes he walked by the Combaticons and Predacons then Aerialcons and Crashticons, Stealth and Darklark, Skystalker and then Hatemunger handing out the buckets.
"Energon popcorn get your energon popcorn!" Scrapheap laughed handing out the energon snack.

Stealth looked at Swindle and nodded, and started a small betting pool with Crashticons and Aerialcons.

2002-03-17, 08:51 PM
Sixswitch whirled around as Prime was cut off, and the hangar doors slid open. He had listened intently to what Prime had said, but the references to 'our greatest threat' were lost on him. However, he surmised that it must have been something huge. And it obviously transcended realities if it was responsible for his own arrival.

Bringing his concentration back to reality, he turned fully around to watch the door.


"We were right," Mercury muttered.
"Something big IS going on."
"Agreed," Vanguard whispered back, "I just wonder what it is."
"Something big, and very dangerous no doubt," Sun Runner said.

The doors swung open and Prime stopped talking.

"What the?" Thorr spun around, drawing his cannon from subspace.
Vanguard was about to rebuke his friend for overzealousy, but he saw other Autobots doing the same all around him. However, he just motioned towards the door as he turned to face it.


Omega Supreme's huge head swivelled towards the door as it opened, and the laser cannon mounted there flipped over, ready for use.

"Omega Supreme is ready for action," he spoke, loud enough to turn some heads near to him.

(OOC: Man, too many bots under my control in one place... Hope I get to move some of them soon)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-17, 09:03 PM
Prime paused to gather his strength... but suddenly the rear hangar doors burst open...


Grimlock stormed through the doors of the hanger obviously irritated at being summoned in such a manner.

"Why don't you tell them? Why don't you tell Autobots that he is coming, the grand plan of Jhiaxus."

By this point Grimlock and his Dinobots had cut a path through the gathered Autobots and Grimlock was standing toe-to-toe with the great Autobot leader.

"Why don't you just tell Autobots of the big picture instead of hiding it with fancy words and blanketed mis-truths, not like the great Optimus Prime got anything to hide, or do you..."

Grimlock had snapped, in a blind rage he slammed away the plinth that Prime stood behind, as it shattered amongst the assembled Autobots...

"maybe perhaps you don't want Autobots to know Jhiaxus' scheme, to deliver plans to him, give him the chance to come back, to make a path for the Liege Maximo..."

2002-03-17, 09:13 PM
Slag, Snarl and Sludge watched as Grimlock had gotten into the face of Optimus Prime. They knew that this was coming. Grimlock didn't really care for Optimus at all. They remembered the time, shortly after he became leader, when the three of them, along with Swoop were the only ones that were fully behind him, while everyone else was whining about Optimus and such.

Snarl and Slag looked at Optimus.

"Optimus Prime doesn't care about us", Sludge said to the massed Transformer assembly. "He's going to send us all on a death march as Jihaxus and his cronies come at us with everyting they've got. "

2002-03-17, 10:33 PM
Taikoon stared at the Dinobots, lowering his arms and his guard immediately, looking from Prime, to Grimlock, to the other dinobots with another confused look on his faceplate, then back to Brainstorm and company as though for an explanation of all this.

2002-03-18, 12:06 AM
"Optimus Prime doesn't care about us", Sludge said to the massed Transformer assembly. "He's going to send us all on a death march as Jihaxus and his cronies come at us with everyting they've got. "

Red Wing looks at the Dinobots in disbelief. "Just a damn minute," he says and flies out of the crowd and over to this bizarre confrontation, shoving Grimlock back. "You boys better back off one another...this is not the time for this crap." Torque walks up closer himself, as a little backup should the Dinobots get hostile, which he figures is likely since it appears Red Wing is defending Prime. That theory is shot as soon as Red Wing speaks next:

"Answer the question, Optimus." Red Wing says, turning to the leader of the Autobots.

Torque's eyes bulge and he nearly gasps. What was Red Wing doing up there?

2002-03-18, 12:18 AM
Thorr could take no more of this nonsense. He was all too happy to blast Decepticons into oblivion, but Autobots DID NOT fight among themselves. He flew up to the platform, reluctantly followed by the rest of the Cosmobots.

"Wait just one astrosecond," he growled in a low, threatening voice to the Dinobots and the two Autobots who'd just showed up on the platform

"We're Autobots, and we do not fight among ourselves," he rounded on Red Wing, "Who in the name of Primus do you think you are? Questioning our leader like this. You show up here thinking you're all that, when our leader has been out defending us..." he turned to the Dinobots, "ALL of us from the Decepticons."

He put his cannon away, in a symbolic gesture that he hoped would convey to the others.
"Now. Before Optimus Prime was so rudely interrupted, I think he was about to tell us something..." he finished.

2002-03-18, 12:31 AM
Red Wing glares at Thorr. "You seem to forget something, friend. As a society of living beings it is our right, no, our responsibility to question our leaders when we see fit. Blind allegiance will only lead to destruction. Prime's answer does not have to make everyone happy, nor does he even have to answer it now. But the question is justified. Prime is our leader in peace and in war, and any problems must be alleviated in time of war. Remember, we have to follow him into battle. Any doubts must be erased, at all costs before the battle ever starts."

Torque bumps up next to Thorr. "Don't mind me," he says, keeping his eyes on Thorr.

2002-03-18, 12:45 AM
Vanguard stepped forward now. Thorr had taken the initiative, and taken it well, but the next stage needed a cool head.

"Your points are well made Red Wing. But there is a time and a place for everything. And now is not the time, nor the place. We must all be united, as both Autobots, and as comrades. We must put our faith in our leader to do what's right, and what is best. We must trust that in the fires of battle, that he will be there, fighting alongside us, and be willing to die alongside us, as he has proven that he is. I do not believe that Optimus Prime would keep anything from us that might make us lose that trust should it be discovered."

He paused, looking around at the small cluster of Autobots.

"Please, all of you," he looked at Red Wing, then up into the faceplate of Grimlock.
"This is no time for petty attempts to grab power for yourself. This army should have no time for such things - for that is what we are, an army."

He took a risk then, and stepped right up to Grimlock.
"You may think you're bigger, and stronger than everyone else here. You may even be right, but that isn't all that's important here. Are you wise enough to lead us? Would you wait, and listen to what other Autobots had to say before leaping forwards into battle? Would you be willing to pull out of that battle because to carry on would mean that the weaker Autobots would die? And more importantly, would you fight on until the last drop of energon had spilled from your body, not because of your love of fighting, but because of your feelings for your comrades in arms, and your trust and belief in the cause you're fighting for?"

He looked up into the impassive face of the huge Dinobot, and awaited a response.

2002-03-18, 01:44 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, and Roadbuster: -walk into bay, go over to Brainstorm and the others-

Nightbeat: "We miss anything?"

Minerva: "Optimus started to make his speech, then the Dinobots came in and said that ptimus doesn't care about us, that he's goingt send uson a death march to fight something called the Leige Maximo."

Siren: "Fun stuff."

Chromedome: "This could be bad."

Minerva "No kidding. I have to put you, Brainstorm, and Hardhead back together before you can think about going on a nature hike, let alone a death march."

Hosehead: "Maybe if we went out and came back in again, the news might be better."

Nightbeat: "Not with our luck."

Brainstorm: "How do we know they're right?"

Roadbuster: "It's not a death march. It's target practice."

Hardhead: "Calm down, Roadbuster. We don't know that they're right."

Roadbuster: "A bot can hope."

Brainstorm: -looks at Taikoon and shrugs- "Bad things could be in the air."

2002-03-18, 02:00 AM
Gigatron stared calmly at the sky. The stars could be so quiet... He knew Deszaras would wait until Gigatron had given his answer to act again (or a little while, at least). His eyes caught the enemy sneering at him from over his head; Gigatron was not unnerved. Slowly - so as not to make his opponent suspect a refreshed assault - Gigatron's arms came up behind him, and his head fell on two tentacled pillows.

"Well, I'm not quite sure what to do. Perhaps I should --"

Hoping to have slowed down Deszaras' reactions, Gigatron abruptly transformed to car mode and barreled through the legs near him.



Grand stood next to Jinrai, his arms folded over his chest. The powerful chill of Prime's speech had been quickly brushed aside by the Dinobots' unexpected appearance. The worry of tomorrow's catastrophe means nothing next to the threat of today's infight.


StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-18, 02:04 AM
"You may think you're bigger, and stronger than everyone else here. You may even be right, but that isn't all that's important here. Are you wise enough to lead us? Would you wait, and listen to what other Autobots had to say before leaping forwards into battle? Would you be willing to pull out of that battle because to carry on would mean that the weaker Autobots would die? And more importantly, would you fight on until the last drop of energon had spilled from your body, not because of your love of fighting, but because of your feelings for your comrades in arms, and your trust and belief in the cause you're fighting for?"

Grimlock's eyes glowed bright blue as the young up-start dared question his motives, the dinobot commander then pushed Vanguard away.
Grimlock groaned slightly, the youthful exsuberenence of those around him began to show, then he began the lesson...

"Maximo's resources, motives, and origins are a mystery. It is only known that he lives in a location known as the Hub, and that he is ruthless. During the initial stages of the Autobot guerilla attacks, he was said to have found the Autobot warriors a curiosity. The Liege Maximo sent Jhiaxus to destroy Autobot and Decepticon alike, show's no mercy to either side...."

Grimlock paused, glaring over the room, all stunned, silent, looking at him....

"Prime tell you now, he no longer hide the truth"

2002-03-18, 02:55 AM
Originally posted by Skywarp

"Prime tell you now, he no longer hide the truth"

"Yeah", Slag said, turning and looking at Prime. "That is, if you got something to hide..."

2002-03-18, 03:15 AM
Red Wing shot Thorr and Vanguard terse looks, then folded his arms and waited for Prime. "The only way this mess ends is if you talk, Optimus. Declaring silence will only drag it out."

2002-03-18, 03:16 AM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -helping Hardhead finish patching the damaged fuel cell-

Minerva: "You did this pretty well, Hardhead. Maybe you should learn how to be a medic."

Hardhead: -listening to what Grimlock was saying- "We might need more medics before this is through."

Roadbuster: -pushes his way through the crowd to Grimlock-

Nightbeat: "This is starting to look worse and worse."

Siren: "Well, at last there's nowhere to go but up, right?"

Nightbeat: "Not really. They've been excavating. Thngs can keep on getting worse for quite a while."

Siren: -sighs-

Roadbuster: -optic band gleaming brightly- "No mercy? No problem. We just rip 'em apart. They want no mercy? I say we give them no mercy!"

God Jinrai
2002-03-18, 05:52 AM
"Grimlock, you're more a fool than even jhiaxus was when he sought to start this entire mess! If I cared nothing for any of you, I would have left you all in the dark, and simply let this catastrophe come crashing down on us! I suggest you back down grimlock. The Liege himself is a problem. but not nearly as big as the weapon now in his posession...."

Prime was silent... and the room quieted...


"I only recently figured out...with the additional wisdom imbedded in the matrix...from autobot leaders past... that it was the plans for the chaosbringer himself that gigatron had taken to maximo. When the Orderforce distress call came in, I departed immedieately in hopes of at least regaining another gestalt warrior for the road ahead. instead... he may be dead now... trying to save a star from going nova. As I was about to enter combat, my...metamorphosis occured. You see... unlike jhiaxus and his crew who likely were transported somewhere to the surface of cybertron... I awoke in the chamber of vector sigma. I'd felt strange even then... but the change only took place upon my entry into battle. and I know EXACTLY WHY it took place. But that can wait. I'll let you all gather your thoughts on this present matter before trying to explain just how we're going to STOP the chaosbringer... and the liege maximo... once and for all!"

2002-03-18, 06:56 AM

That term seemed to hit the alien robot with all its understanding. The dinobots were forgotten, and the green scaled mech turns to stare up at Prime, hands closed tightly, a look of shock, disbeleif, and anger on his steel faceplate.

"Uni... Cron..."

Those yellow talons started to glow feircely, this time joined by the small claws on the dragon over his helmet.

"Langadar Tengooik Unicron."

He was suddenly all business and steps forwards, announcing something loudly in his native tongue. The words were slurred and seemed to have no stop or start... but the meaning was clear. Taikoon would help against the chaos bringer.

2002-03-18, 02:16 PM
Bean, who knows nothing about Cybertronian history, wanted some answers. He turned to Hardhead & Brainstorm

"WHO or WHAT are this Liege Maximo and Unicron that everyone is talking about? Being from Earth we know nothing about them, whatever they are" he asked as he let go of Rally.

"It sounded like they mean trouble and judging by the way everyone seems shocked by their names, BIG trouble" Rally said as she transformed and landed on the ground.

2002-03-18, 02:37 PM
Nightbeat: "Unicron?"

Siren: -faints-

Hosehead: -jaw drops-

Minerva: -drops Hardhead's transector-

Chromedome: "You mean the big head that was in orbit?"

Hardhead: "It's only a head. What's it going to do, talk at us?"

Brainstorm: "Guys, there used to be a body with that head."

Chromedome: "Ah."

Roadbuster: "Unicron....." -thinks for a second- "We destroyed him once, we'll do it again. And this Leige Maximo as well."

Hardhead: -looks over at Bean and Rally- "Unicron attacked Cybertron at some point and nearly destroyed it. As for the Leige Maximo, I've not a clue."

Nightbeat: "Not good. Double plus not good......"

2002-03-18, 02:41 PM
After his little unintelligible speech, Taikoon kneels, scooping up the dropped jaw and hands it back to its owner with a chiding reminder not to drop it again.

((OOC - sorry! I just can never resist doing that! :D))

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 02:44 PM
Quick Switch was thunderstruck.

Unicron, returning?

"Great Maximus," he muttered. He said nothing, but let the others catch their thoughts.


The Battle:

Swindle chuckled, and took bets.

"This is a great show," he laughed.

2002-03-18, 03:32 PM
Hosehead: -takes jaw from Taikoon, thanks him-

Minerva: -looks over at Siren- "Great. Lucky for you I like my job."

Siren: -making unintelligible vocal noises-

2002-03-18, 04:07 PM
"Shall i help you get that guy on his feet?" Bean asked Minerva as he retracted his battleclaws and headed her way.

"So, this Unicron attacked Cybertron? Was he the commander of an army or... something else...?" Rally asked the others. A shiver went down Rally's spine as she contemplated what Unicron must have been otherwise...
"If he attacked Cybertron, but didn't lead an army, that means he must have attacked it himself. Which means..." -shudder-

God Jinrai
2002-03-18, 05:15 PM
Prime stood silent..."In case any of you haven't noticed... the head of unicron is no longer in cybertronian orbit. history changed following the events that occured in the golden age. Maximo, now posessing the knowledge of the chaosbringer that he did, was the reason for its disappearance. Many of you are likely pondering how this could happen from underneath our noses. It was gone before many of us realized it. Following the time rift's sealing, reality was altered. As it stands now.. the head has been gone for several gigacycles. or several earth years. I know not how, but something tells me this to be the case. Maximo MUST be reconstructing unicron SOMEWHERE... we have to find him. before he can get it finished. But the matrix won't be enough to stop the chaosbringer this time... "

prime went silent, and began to recall what many now refered to as legend... but a time during which he'd lived through. It was many terracycles ago... soon after the cybertronain wars began. The minicons were discovered quite by accident... they were the ones who kept cybertron running during the endless battle... but eventually were forced to choose sides... either by choice, or by force. He'd remembered the enormous space fortress megatron had created... and how the two of them came to a treaty agreement... that the minicons never be called into combat again. and as such, they were all exiled into deep space... never found. but the time was at hand... they HAD to be found. life as they knew it depended upon it

God Jinrai
2002-03-18, 05:28 PM
Deszaras was knocked off his feet, sent flailing. his wing cutters gave him no cushion this time, as they would not be able to slow his fall at all... flat on his face, his optics burned red. springing back to his feet, he pivoted in midair to face Gigatron...

"I thought I sensed something strange from you... sixchanger. You may have the advantage of multiple forms... but NEVER sell short a destron who's allies are in the least likely places!"

Deszaras charged, closed fist drawn back... it would serve as a distraction. once close enough, he would trigger his breast unit transformations, and the battle would now be turned to three on one.

2002-03-18, 05:44 PM
Minerva: ".... he's the size of a planet and eats oher planets, yes." -chuckles- "Makes you wish you'd gone to cosmotology school, doesn't it." -sighs- "I know I do some days."

Siren: -transforms, head(Quig) disconnecting and transforming-

Quig: -curls up into a ball, muttering- "Not again..... not again......

Minerva: -disconnects from her transector, transforms as transector transforms to vehicle mode, goes over to Quig- 'C'mon, Quig. It's okay."

Quig: -shaking-

Hosehead: "This isn't good. I nearly died last time."

Nightbeat: "We ALL nearly died last time."

Hosehead: "True. Very true."

Nightbeat: "All right. We gotta regroup a little here. Act instead of react. Hosehead, get a list of spare parts Minerva needs to put Chromedome and Hardhead back together. Take Brainstorm back to the repair bay with you so he can get his transector rebuilt. An idea how long you'll need, Brainstorm?"

Brainstorm: "I'm not sure. I think the transector's torso is stil intact. If it is, it'll just a matter of replacing the arms and legs, and any systems that burned out. Hard part is going to be getting to the torso. The nose and wings fused to the body."

Nightbeat: "Do what you can." -looks at Hosehead- "Bring back some energon, and see if you can scrounge up any food. I'm getting sick of these nutrient ration packs." -transforms, head(Muzzle) disconnecting frm body and transforming-

Muzzle: -goes over to Minerva and Quig- "And if you find any good scotch, bring it back with you. I think Quig needs a drink."

Hosehead: -transforms, head(Lug) disconnecting and transforming-

Lug: -grabs datapdd out of Hosehead's cockpit- "Alright, Minerva, what do you need?"

Hardhead: "Can you bring back some ammo as well?"

Lug: "I've only got so much room to work with, guys."

2002-03-18, 07:00 PM
"Then allow me to give you some extra room, buddy" Bean said as he disconnected from his transector, which transformed into his red sports car, and lands in the drivers seat. "There was some food and a bottle of scotch in my home. Though with the barrage, i'm not sure it's still standing. By the way, my name is Bean, and that's Rally, we're from Earth" he said to the other headmasters.

Rally seemed in shock.

"A P-P-PLANET" she stammered then faints.

"RALLY!" Bean jumped out of his car and quickly ran to Rally.

"She's had nightmares about being crushed like an ant ever since a Decepticon nearly stepped on her. When she first got here she fainted every time a transformer got close. She's gotten used to normal sized transformers, the larger ones she tends to avoid. The fact that a planetsized being may exist was too much for her to handle" Bean explained as he carried her to his car.

"You guys know any human sized medical facilities nearby?" he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 08:43 PM
Quick Switch looked down at yet more newcomers (OOC: Rally and Bean, et. al.)

"Unicron is a planet that devours everything in its path. Unicron was destroyed once, and will be able to be destroyed again, if Primus wills it."

He shrugged.

"As to human facilities, I confess I do not know. Consult with the Cosmobots or other Autobot medics. They will assist you in every way possible."

2002-03-18, 08:51 PM
Minerva: -goes over to her transector, opens driver's door, flps front seat back down, pulls out a medical kit, thermal blakets, heart and EEG monitors- "I can put her in the back or treat her out here." -smiles, pulls off her helmet, letting her blonde hair cascade down her back- "I'm Minerva." -points at Muzzle- "That's my brother, Muzzle. We're both from Earth. Quig and Lug are from Nebulos."

Hardhead: "I'm Hardhead. That's Brainstorm and Chromedome. We're from Master Star. Cybertron originally."

Roadbuster: -comes stalking back, stops at the sight of Muzzle, Minerva, Quig, and Lug, optic band widens slightly, then shrugs, starts brooding on upcoming events-

Muzzle: "And tall,somewhat dark and brooding there is Roadbuster. We're not entirely sure what he is."

Roadbuster: -growls- "I'm a Wrecker, human. I demolish Decepticons."

2002-03-18, 08:53 PM
"Let's put Rally in the back, thanks for the help" Bean said as he carried Rally over to Minerva's transector and placed her inside before turning to Minerva.

"Minerva was it? Im happy to see other humans here, was beginning to think me and Rally were the only ones" he said.

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 08:55 PM
Quick Switch thought.

"Well, to be honest, I'm not sure where they are. But check the nearest medical bay. If the Cosmobots aren't here, stick around a bit- they might yet report for the rest of the briefing. When they show up, introduce yourselves and they'll direct you to what you need."

He smiled.

"By the way, the name's Quick Switch," the Hexa Changer nodded.

2002-03-18, 09:02 PM
(OOC: We're currently having an arguement with Grimlock and Prime)

Vanguard gaped. He and the Cosmobots had not been on Cybertron at the time of the last attack by Unicron, but Apollo had read about it when he was uploading data about their explorations in space. Not only that, but the Cosmobots had picked up a few mentions of Unicron throughout their time away from Cybertron. They knew exactly what the consequences of his arrival could mean. As for the Liege Maximo, they had no clue.

"Prime, Grimlock... Who is this Liege Maximo? Is he a Transformer? If so, Autobot, or Decepticon - what benifit would he possibly gain from bringing Unicron back to attack Cybertron?"

2002-03-18, 09:09 PM
Minerva: -hooks Rally up to the monitoring equipment built into the back of the car, covers her with a thermal blanket- "So how did you two become Head and Targetmasters?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-18, 09:12 PM
Grimlock muttered something under his breath about repeating himself then started...

"Maximo's resources, motives, and origins are a mystery. It is only known that he lives in a location known as the Hub, and that he is ruthless. During the initial stages of the Autobot guerilla attacks, he was said to have found the Autobot warriors a curiosity. The Liege Maximo sent Jhiaxus to destroy Autobot and Decepticon alike, show's no mercy to either side....Me think he sending Unicron to finish off what Jhiaxus started, and what better way to do it than the return of Chaos Bringer..."

Grimlock turned to Prime.

"We beat Unicron before, what to stop us doing it again..."

2002-03-18, 09:23 PM
Slag, Snarl, and Sluge looked at Prime.

"Yeah, Prime", Snarl said. "We've done it before. So what's to stop us from doing it again?"

"Maybe it's because he's too afraid to sacrifice his fellow soldiers", Sludge said.

"Or maybe he's out to seek personal glory by taking him out by himself", Slag interjected.

2002-03-18, 09:28 PM
Jazz shook his head "Man Unicron? That guy almost made me part of his Cybertron buffet"

Blaster nodded "I was on earth when that happend the Decepticons in a third wave retreated because of this guy attackin'" Blaster replied.(read my fanfic to find out what he means :p)

Brawn shrugged since he was not alive at the time "As Grimlock said we've beath 'im once so lets do it again"

God Jinrai
2002-03-19, 02:51 AM
..."You five are impossible! You simply don't get it! THE MATRIX IS USELESS AGAINST HIM NOW! THE FIREPOWER OF EVERY TRANSFORMER ONPLANET AND OFF WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO STOP UNICRON UNDER MAXIMO'S CONTROL! IMAGINE IT! Idividual transformers perforing the internal tasks that unicron needed to perform himself.. at a pace far greater... individually targetable weaponry... this is not the chaosbringer of old I speak of! Damn you, Grimlock! You and your dinobots accuse me of being the fool, take a long look at yourself! When you decided to use the nucleon long ago and cost yourself, all your dinobots, and many of us our greatest asset! So help me, if it means I have to put out every one of you here and now so that I can explain just what the slag is required to stop maximo and unicron, then I WILL NOT HESITATE TO DO SO!"

Starsaber and victory leo at that point became unsettled.

"The cosmobots and redwing aren't going to stop optimus from dealing with those dinobots if grimlock doesn't shut up." Saber muttered.

"Then perhaps WE should shut them up before prime is forced to?"growled victory saber

"No... but... come on." starsaber spoke.

The two went airborne, and landed on the platform where prime and the dinobots stood...

"Grimlock. I suggest you and your dinobots stand down now before we are forced to do what I've dreaded doing. I took an oath never to harm a fellow cybertron warrior. but so help me, if it means finidng out how to stop the dark god, so be it!"

Starsaber drew his blade, victory leo's battle claws snapped up from his forearms...

2002-03-19, 03:33 AM
Muzzle: -opens Siren's driver's door, reclines seat, puts Quig in, grabs a thermal blanket from Minerva's pile, covers Quig- "C'mon, bubba, calm down. Keep this up and they'll ship you back to that library you were in on Nebulos."

Siren: -voice coming from dashboard speaker- "I'll buy him the ticket."

Muzzle: "I doubt it."

Siren: "Wanna bet?"

Muzzle: "You need him as much as he needs you."

Siren: "Like fun I do."

Muzzle: "He's calmed you down, hasn't he? Made you a better fighter."

Siren: "And the first mention of Unicron returning, what happens? He folds like a paper bag."

Muzzle: "Can you bl-"

Quig: -shudering, gasping- "Not.... U-u-Unicron.... Klo..... Aftermath...."

Siren: "Well, we're all right now, aren't we?"

Quig: "We died..... Sliced up by Bludgeon...... The only reason we'e still alive is because of the Last Autobot. I don't want to die again!"

Siren: "You think I do, Bookworm? You think i enjoyed dying? I don't want to do it again, either!"

Quig: "You've hit it on the head, Loudmouth. I'm a bookworm. A librarian. I don't fight. I read. I organize. That's all I am."

Siren: "Then why did you volunteer for the Headmaster process? Dewey decimal system to dull for you?"

Quig: "I didn't want to see Nebulos destroyed."

Siren: "Imagine what Unicron will do to it."

Quig: "I know. But I'm more afraid of dying......."

Muzzle: "We all are, Quig." -glances at Roadbuster- "With the possible exception of him." -smiles- "If the same situation crops up again, we won't go. We'll commandeer a shuttle and go to Nebulos, or Earth... wherever you want to go. We just won't go to Klo."

Minerva: -hands datapadd to Lug with parts list on it, walks over to Muzzle, Quig, and Siren- "How's he doing?"

Muzzle: "I think he'll be okay. Bad flashback."

Minerva: "Heavy, dude."

Muzzle: "Not that kind of a flashback-"

Quig: -tiredly- " 'If you have taken he green acid you have just been poisoned.' "

Muzzle: "But you never know."

Lug: -climbs into Hosehead's cab- "C'mon Brainstorm. Faster we get going, faster you can start rebuilding your body."

Brainstorm: -jumps into Hosehead's cab- "Then let's go!"

Lug: -drives away-

2002-03-19, 04:31 AM
"By the power of Primus himself..." Red Wing mumbles. Prime was right...the head of Unicron was no longer in its orbit. But how, how did Maximo reassemble him? What did this mean?

Prime: "But the matrix won't be enough to stop the chaosbringer this time... "

"Which is why I've come back." Redstreak stands at the doorway, a solemn look on his face. "My training, the powers given to me, it's all for this." He flies up to Prime and kneels before him. Standing, he addresses his leader: "When I was chosen to bear the powers I have, you allowed me to leave for training. Then I didn't understand why I couldn't do both. I resented you a long time while I toiled with this strength; you let them take me away, and I hated you for that more than anything. But as I grew I learned the purpose. And today...today my resentment is no longer. I am your humble servant, Optimus Prime. Together we, and all Autobots, shall defeat Unicron."

2002-03-19, 06:50 AM
*OOC - eek. Not sure what to do... uhm... uhm...*

Shotbomber and Sky Garry exchange glances. They had never met Unicron in their universe. tHey never even HEARD of him. So they listen, quietly and sober, ready to volunteer immediately.

Taikoon watches those fighting ont he stage, folding his arms as he stands a moment. Then he tries to make his way forwards towards the stage, weaving agiley between the Autobots.

2002-03-19, 08:14 AM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva:"So how did you two become Head and Targetmasters?"

"The full story would be a LONG one, and this is not the time to tell it. So here's the short version. We had a "business" on Earth, we lived in Chicago, running jobs for who ever paid us. I was called the "Roadbuster" then. When the Con's took over our home of Chicago, our job became impossible to do. Then we heard about a convoy leaving for a place not ruled by the Con's. We joined it and arrived on Cybertron. We continued our old job, working for both Autobots and Decepticons. After 1 too many close calls we decided we had to become slightly more then human, but we didn't want to bond to any transformers. So we convinced the Autobots to turn me into a Headmaster and my car into my transector. You may have noticed that Rally and me dont bear the Autobot symbol, we didn't want to choose sides at that time. Rally didn't become a Targetmaster untill we returned from a failed job for the Decepticons, all the Con's that were with us got slagged. We managed to convince them that it was our lack of firepower that was the cause and not a trap. A problem remedied by changing Rally into my Targetmaster. All in all our moving to Cybertron was for the best, i do miss Percy though" Bean explained to Minerva.

"And what's your story?" Bean asked.

2002-03-19, 05:42 PM
Snarl, Sludge and Slag drew their swords and glared at Prime, Star Saber and Victory Leo.

"Come on, Prime", Slag said. "You've always hated us! So just come out and do what you've always wanted to do."

"Scrap us!"

2002-03-19, 08:40 PM
Minerva: "It's all his fault." -points at Muzzle-

Muzzle: "What?"

Minerva: -chuckles- "This is an alternate timeline for us. But here's basically what happened. Muzzle and I are siblings. And we're orphans, so we've stuck together practically our whole lives. While I was at university, laughing boy over there, who's a full fledged P.I., tells me that some alien planet called Nebulos is doing some kind of exchange program and he's been picked to go there. While he's there, two things happen: He gets framed for something that they almost ship him home for, and the Autobots show up, as well as the Decepticons. The Autobot leader, Fortress, manages to forge some kind of a pact with the Nebulans, and Brainstorm, the guy who just left with Lug, came up with the theory that an enhanced mental system with a human mind might be a way to surprise them. Three Autobots volunteer: Nightbeat, Siren, and Hosehead. And my brother volunteers as well to be one of the human 'test subjects'. Out of the three, Muzzle and Nightbeat seem to think the most alike. The fact that Nightbeat's a P.I. as well probably helps."

Muzzle: "I tell her it'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about...... then Grimlock the Master Strategist-"

Nightbeat: "HA!"

Muzzle: "You got that right, bubba. Grimlock leads us into what turned out to be the last battle of the Great War, on the planet Klo. The only reason any of us are here today is because Prime came in and saved our butts. Him and the Last Autobot. Soon as Minerva heard about what happened, she calls around, somehow contacts Perceptor and Wheeljack, and threatens all kind of havoc and chaos if they don't find some way to get her to be able to keep an eye on me. The end result is that transector." -points at Minerva's transector- "She's got enough medical gear in there to fix just about anything."

Minerva: "Lucky for you I got that medical and engineering degree."

Muzzle: "What about all those MacGuyver reruns?"

Minerva: "Well, that does help....."

God Jinrai
2002-03-19, 09:17 PM
Prime's optics burned red now...

"How... DARE you have the gall to accuse me of seeking to see you to your deaths! HOW DARE YOU THINK OF ME AS THE EXECUTIONER OF THE AUTOBOTS! HOW DARE..." Prime suddenly felt something inside of him snap... a chill shot up his neural net... and he nearly collapsed.. but recovered...

"damn you, slag. Damn you and every one of the dinobots... for daring to think I would sooner see oyu all dead... I...may not agree with grimlock's methods... but that...is no excuse for me to scrap any of you. You..are my bretheren just as every other autobot present is... whether you... or I like it.. or not."