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2002-03-05, 12:21 AM
Here it is Earthling warriors...a nice clean new thread for you guys to play with!

2002-03-05, 12:49 AM
"I...am Zorba," the imposing Decepticon says. "Destroyer of worlds, Autobots, and any who oppose the Decepticons."

He knows he must choose his words wisely for the time being; he and Lastrites must stay true to their mission, and the only way to do that is by leaving certain names out of this.

Zorba walks to Ramjet and snarls; "A seeker? A seeker leads? Disgusting, again. You follow the most pathetic of the seekers, is it a wonder Decepticons do not rule this planet? What are you doing in power here?"

He folds his arms and awaits Ramjet's reply...This oughta be good...he thinks.

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 12:51 AM
Dirge and Thrust glower at Zorba.

"Why you-" Thrust snarls.

"Tread softly, 'destroyer'. I know not your model or intentions. But do not insult us," Dirge replies quietly.

2002-03-05, 02:48 AM
Bombshell/Ramjet shoved Zorba out of his path.

"I may be a seeker, but I've done more for us in these past few stellar sycles than Galvatron did in his entire reign!"

He turned to Dirge and Thrust.

"Looks like this thing here ain't gonna follow us. You know what to do."
Snake produced a tape recorder from the pocket of his jacket and pressed the "play" button

"Snake, this is........Don't know if you......ear me......ou do, get hel.......aaped by EDC officer............anada..

"This was the last transmission I got from Destro", Snake said silently. "I surmise he's somewhere in Canada, but the exact location is not known."

Quick Switch
2002-03-05, 03:17 AM
Dirge and Thrust withdrew their missle launchers from subspace, and angled them at Zorba.

"Look, pal," Thrust shook his head. "It's our way or the highway."

"This is your last chance. Don't make us get physical in front of the fembot here, eh? Not that I care, of course, but she might be squemish. Now, where do your loyalties lie?" Dirge gestured with his launcher.


Fakkadi rose, and walked over to where Snake stood, and listened raptly to the recording.

"I agree...Canada seems an acute possibility. I shall contact Ramjet immediately."

2002-03-06, 03:38 AM
ooc--You guys didn't give me a chance to respond here...you have basically erased Zorba from this thread; I have no idea what to do on account of this. When I read the initial reply, I had something ready, then next thing I know you're gone, on a shuttle and now somewhere else entirely.

You gotta give your other players a chance to stay on pace, I cannot stress that enough as a general RPG guideline.

I will be talking to Galvy, and when we have figured out how I can continue to participate in this thread, I will erase this post and replace it with IC stuff.


2002-03-06, 04:26 AM
*Dirge and Thrust withdrew their missle launchers from subspace, and angled them at Zorba.

"Look, pal," Thrust shook his head. "It's our way or the highway."

"This is your last chance. Don't make us get physical in front of the fembot here, eh? Not that I care, of course, but she might be squemish. Now, where do your loyalties lie?" Dirge gestured with his launcher.*

Zorba scoffs. "Allow me to demonstrate my power." With that, he whips out the Autobot Destroyer, sets it on level 2, and points it at one of the insecticon bodies. He fires, and blows its head clean off. It rolls in front of him, and he picks it up, then tosses it back to Lastrites. "That's a level two shot on a corpse," he hisses. "Would you like to see level four on a living being?" He points it at Dirge, then Thrust, then Ramjet. "You wanna trifle with me, I'll destroy you all, make no mistake. And do not come to me about loyalties. I am certain given the opportunity Galvatron would come down here and lambaste you all for your actions. But that is not relevant. Was my demonstration enough, or would you like to see just how powerful, and how evil, I truly am?"

His eyes light up a blood red color, and he glares at each one for several seconds, still randomly pointing his gun at them. One wrong word, and he would kill them.

2002-03-06, 05:16 AM
Lastrites stares at the head of the insecticon for moment.

It was Kickback.

She then looked up at Zorba with a look of anger and closes in on Zorba an unleashes a massive verbal barrage.

"If your done with your showing of male synthetic testosterone, I need to say a few things."

"For starters, do you know how long it took me to reprogram him? Oh mighty decepticon warrior, you show such bravery by attacking a insecticon that was no threat to you in any way, shape or form and was useful to our plans."

Those overlistening are not sure whether she refers to Zorba or the seekers.

"The next time you decide to come in here with your narrow minded, guns a blazing stupidity, could you at least show a modicum of common sense."

"Or is that too much to ask?"

Lastrites finishes her rant by staring right into the eyes. It seems all the more impressive due to the height difference between the huge Zorba and the comparatively small Fem-bot.

After a moment, Lastrites breaks her eye contact and continues.

"It is in all of our best interests to conquer this miserable mudball and exploit its resources, so if everybody is done trying to demonstrate who is the alpha male, I've got some work to do."

She heads back to the muttering something about "Y-circuits and intellectual capacity", picks up her tools and begins to put back on Kickback's head onto his body.

Judging the damage, she realizes that this could take a while.

Quick Switch
2002-03-06, 06:00 AM
(OOC continued: Per Redstreak/G91's wishes, I'm going back to Zorba's first conversation. I'm assuming the conversations with Snake and Fakkadi alone still stand, as they do not involve the Seekers, and will not need to be ignored. Of course, I guess that nullifies the transport of the Insecticons, and anything involving the Seeker ship and Astrotrain.)

Thrust collapses into a chair, shaking his head, and turns away from Zorba and instead watches Lastrites begin her work on Kickback. Dirge seats himself also. Dirge replies:

"OK. Now, my concerns: 1. I've never seen you before. 2. I've never seen your model before. 3. You haven't said who you serve."

He shrugs.

"But all that's unimportant, because I'm certainly not risking getting my head blown off by that weapon of yours asking them again. Answer them if you want, or don't. I do not care at this point- in that your demonstration was effective. And if you do work for Galvatron, well, I guess everybody in this room's going to be dead, sooner or later. So be it. Talk to Ramjet. He's our leader."

The blue Seeker stares back impassive.

2002-03-06, 11:37 AM
(OOC: So I'm going to repost it later, once we arrive at the appropriate spot which is just after Astrotrain says he's leaving Metrotitan.)

2002-03-06, 02:57 PM
(OOC: I erased most of the original messages. Quick Switch, do the same to avoid confusion. Sorry to Galvy, Red, and Lastrites. RP on! :D )

"Listen to me Zorba, we don't plan to follow this human's wishes forever. We'll turn against him at the right time. Your help could be greatly appreciated.

2002-03-07, 03:09 AM
Zorba leans against a wall. This Lastrites is the razor's edge...something very attractive about her fieryness.

"It is a clean break," he tells her. "The Destroyer, set on that level, is a precision instrument. You should get that head back on in a few minutes." He then turns to the seekers, opting to answer Thrust first.

"My model is not of concern. I was not created on Cybertron. Perhaps sometime soon I will show you where I was created. I have planned to return there anyway. As per the other question, I serve only one being. And he is not on this planet, so he is not of concern to you at this time."

"What are the human's wishes?" He asks Ramjet. "Have you truly exerted your bargaining power, or have you failed so many times he finds you to be a joke? His perception of you will determine his level of cooperation. Your plans, not his, must take center stage. And while we're at it, what are your plans, exactly? I know only what I have overheard, and that has not been much."

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 03:15 AM
Thrust thought about telling Zorba that it was Dirge who actually adressed the questions to him, but simply shrugged and said,


Dirge looked at his comrade and exchanged glances.

2002-03-07, 02:58 PM
"Well, we're helping this human named Abdul Fakkadi in protecting his country", Bombshell/Ramjet said. "We've had problems with these guys ever since theh beginning", he continued, gesturing his hand towards the Insecticons.
Snake came up to Fakkadi.

"Aren't you going to send that message?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 04:10 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"Ah yes..." walking to a mobile comm unit, the dictator sent out a short message.

"Ramjet, it is I, Abdul Fakkadi. Report to my palace at once..."

2002-03-07, 10:33 PM
Ramjet recieved Abdul Fakkadi's message.

"We'll be right there", he said, then turned to Zorba.

"So, are you willing to cooperate with us?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 10:57 PM
Fakkadi nodded and closed the transmission.

"Well, my friend, should we wait for our allies in the balastrade?"

The dicatator and terrorist moved outside, in the cool of the Arabian night.

"You know...if this plan goes into effect...old enemies might reappear to combat us. You know of whom I speak. Have you thought of this?"

2002-03-07, 11:03 PM
Snake paused for a few seconds, very much aware of who Fakkadi was referring to.

"Yes, they might try to stop us again", he said. "But even if they do, we have a trump card."

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 11:05 PM
The dictator nodded.

"Of course...that should be reassuring."

Fakkadi took out a familiar red pendant: a cobra's death's head, and showed it to Snake.

"It will be time once again for friends or foes to identify themselves. And I am ready to do so."

Fakkadi pinned the COBRA badge on one side of his dress uniform, above rows of medals.

"You did of course, say many years ago that I am an honarary member."

2002-03-07, 11:12 PM
Snake smiled, although Fakkadi couldn't see it, as his face was hidden.

"Yes, you gave us your territory to do so as we sought fit during that attack on the oil refineries in Egypt."

He looked at the badge.

"I'm quite surprised you kept that around all this time."
Bombshell/Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"Watch him", he sai, pointing at Zorba. "If he moves, shoot him."

He left the hangar and headed for Fakkadi's palace.

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 11:20 PM
Dirge and Thrust look back as Ramjet leaves.

"Uh, course, we're not hopping to start anything." Thrust muttered.

Dirge clasped his hands, and turned to watch Lastrites continue her work.


Fakkadi furrowed his brow.

"Ah yes...Prince Hassan's oil refineries. The Autobots had dealings with him. What an idealistic fool...believing in democracy and some such nonsense. I believe your henchman Firefly...removed him when he became to vocal of your policies in the Middle East?"

He shrugged.

"Of course...when you disappeared all those years after the attack on the Broadcast Energy Transmitter...I wondered if you had died. But- here you are. So everything has worked out."

2002-03-07, 11:24 PM
"He was my choice to go into the world to raise a mighty army and to destroy the so-called human civilization which had driven us into exile."

"You were my hope...Cobra Commander...and you failed me! Miserably!"

"I was betrayed! My troops lacked courage! It was not my fault!"

"You failed!"

"NO! Your precious creation, Serpentor defiled your dreams of conquest! Destroy him, I say!"

(OOC: Watch this clip (http://movies.tfarchive2.net/movies/Bones/The_Story_Of_Cobra.mpg), but be prepared to wait a while, especially if you use a 56k)

Snake didn't like hearing about that incident. Golobulus had used those spores on him as a test. If it hadn't been for the powers of the Dragonfire, he'd still be that way.

Snake stared at Fakkadi.

"Yes. Firefly dealt with him. As for my disapperance..." he trailed off.

Quick Switch
2002-03-07, 11:32 PM
Fakkadi nodded, aware that he might have reached a sensitive subject.

"Of course. That is your business alone."

2002-03-08, 02:42 AM
Snake nodded. "Thank you."
Bombshell/Ramjet approached the building to see Fakkadi and another human standing there.

"Yes, Fakkadi?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 02:47 AM
Fakkad turned to Ramjet.

He indicated Snake.

"This, Ramjet, is Snake: the former COBRA Commander. And soon to be returned to power."

He crossed his arms.

"This is your mission: some EDC personnel have captured many of the former COBRA liuetenants are being held in Canada. We need them rescued, and brought here. You are just the Decepticons for the job."

2002-03-08, 03:04 AM
"Hmmm", Ramjet thought. "Very well, we'll do it, but we need a favour. Theres is a Cybertronian in our hangar called Zorba. He refuses to join us. We need him...taken care of."

(OOC: Quick Switch, like how I edited my post above?)

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:09 AM
(OOC: Yep.)

Fakkadi exchanged glances with Snake.

"Well...our capabilities alone are limited...especially if this robot is deemed beyond your own capabilities."

2002-03-08, 03:21 AM
"Then we may have a problem", Ramjet said. "We may convince this robot to join us, but he may be...uncooperative."

"Let me talk to him", Snake said. "Take me to him."

Snake and Ramjet walked back to the hangar.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:28 AM
The General in Chief and Vizier appeared on the balastrade.

Fakkadi turned.

The General and Vizier gasped when they sighted the COBRA insignia.

"It exists?" The General choked out.

"I thought it was destroyed!" The Vizier trembled.

"No, gentlemen. Cobra Commander has returned, as I'm sure you're aware. He and I will rule the world. You too will gain power beyond your imaginations."

The General and Vizier exchanged glances, and looked at the retreating Ramjet and Snake proceeding to the hangar.

2002-03-08, 03:30 AM
OOC Hope nobody minds but I have to say it COBRA! COBRA!!!!!!!

2002-03-08, 03:31 AM
Ramjet and Snake returned to the hangar, seeing Dirge and Thrust still guarding Zorba, and Lastrites still working over the Insecticons.

"Well, I'm glad you two didn't burn the place down", Ramjet said.

He then addressed Zorba.

"Zorba", he said. "I'd like you to meet a new friend of mine."

"His name...is COBRA Commander!"

Snake approached the massive robot.

"It's a pleasure to meet you", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:35 AM
Dirge nodded at Snake.

"How's it going, Commander? Steal any synthoids lately?"

Thrust came over too.

"Hey, good to see a fellow terrorist."

2002-03-08, 03:36 AM
Snake looked at Thrust.

"Yes", he said. "We terrorists tend to flock together."

He then turned attention back to Zorba.

"As I said, a pleasure to meet you."

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 03:39 AM
Dirge and Thrust sat back in their chairs, awaiting the discussion between Zorba, Snake and Ramjet.

2002-03-08, 04:04 AM
ooc--I'd like a chance to make replies before decisions are made on my character, if you two don't mind horribly. You guys force the double-post.

*Bombshell/Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"Watch him", he sai, pointing at Zorba. "If he moves, shoot him."

He left the hangar and headed for Fakkadi's palace.*

"Pfft." Zorba says. "You know not with whom you deal." He chooses not to go after Ramjet at this point, and goes over to Lastrites, conferring with her quietly.

2002-03-08, 04:13 AM
"As I said, a pleasure to meet you."

Zorba turns his attention from Lastrites to see this Cobra Commander person standing before him. He could squish him like a bug if he so desired, but he didn't feel like it this time. Instead he merely nods at Snake, then runs up to Ramjet/Bombshell and clasps him by the neck. "You would be wise to drop the assumption that you are in charge of me in any way. I could have killed both of your lackeys while you were away to prove my point, and never blinked about it. I could crush you now and it wouldn't bother me. My power is something you cannot begin to understand..."
Bombshell can feel the energy coursing through Zorba's hand as he holds onto his throat. The powerful Decepticon, who stands taller than any other bot in the room, then releases the bug/jet and tosses him to the floor. Leaning in on him again, he whispers: "A few words of advice...DON'T piss me off..."

He then returns to Thrust and Dirge. "Don't get any funny ideas. I have proven my point...if I wanted to kill him, he'd already be dead." Zorba then sits down. "Start talking, boys. What's the deal."

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 04:49 AM
Dirge looked blankly at Zorba.

"Your point is noted. There is no need to overstate the issue."

Thrust also looked on.

"Yep. Why do you think we haven't bothered you after you blew off Kickback's head?"

However, both jets got up and walked to the back of the room, and leaned up against a wall.

"I'm glad I'm not negotiating," Thrust wiped his brow.

"Yes. Zorba is powerful- I have not seen a temperment like his since Galvatron's..." Dirge replied quietly.

2002-03-08, 05:07 AM
OOC- There any autobots in this thread?

Flec - (What? It wastes less space than a new post.) Nope, they all left Earth with the Wreckers a while back. Unfortunately, most of the Earth-bound Decepticons aren't posting either...

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2002-03-08, 07:40 AM
(Doesn't seem to be much going on at the Metrotitan end of things - but here goes anyhow, a bit of a downtime post inside the city - Astro, or Soundwave, feel free to find my guys something to do, but I've got an idea for what they'll be doing when Astrotrain leaves the city, if he is going to, that is)

Scourge stepped into the brain chamber of Metrotitan, and found Scrapper working there on the repairs.
He cast the Constructicon a cold glance as he moved around the chamber, checking the work, and inspecting how it was proceeding. Things were actually going fairly well, the chamber had been almost totally reconstructed, and only the main housing had yet to be done.
"Scrapper, when will the work be completed?"


Spinister leapt aside, dodging a strafing run from Needlenose in jet fighter mode. Rolling to his feet, he also took to the sky, transforming into helicopter mode, and returning fire on the speeding jet with his own weapons, which Needlenose avoided.

The jet speeded towards the helicopter once more, firing his forward lasers, but this time, Spinister dropped to the ground, transforming in midair, Singe transforming at the same time into his gun, which landed in his hand. Firing as he dropped, Spinister raked the front of Needlenose's form, and grinned as his weapon beeped once.

Needlenose and Sunbeam landed and transformed, approaching Spinister.
"Better that time, but you're still too impetuous."
"But man, impetu.. whatever is what I do best, I'm a jet. No one can survive my attack runs!" Needlenose protested.
"I did."
"Yeah, but..."
"We'll do it again."

The two had been practicing their combat technique almost constantly since completing their raid missions. They were concerned at how the mysterious Autobot had taken them both out, without too much trouble, and were determined to rectify this. Unfortunately for Needlenose however, this meant he had to put some hard graft into it.

With a sigh, the Targetmaster transformed into jet mode, and flew into the air once more.

2002-03-08, 03:02 PM
(OOC: OK, I see that this is getting quite out of hand. Redstreak, Quick Switch, send me PM's saying what times you would be availabe for RPG'ing, and I'll do the same. We gotta get some coordination going here.)

Bombshell/Ramjet looked at Zorba, then turned to Thrust.

"We've got a mission", he said. "Fakkadi wants us to go help some of Snake's old pals, but we can't go anywhere until we deal with gearhead over there."

Snake looked at Zorba, barley containing his anger.

"trust me...friend", he said. "We're all in the same boat here. We could make this useful for both of us."

Quick Switch
2002-03-08, 05:04 PM
Thrust nodded.

"OK. The mission sounds good. Right Dirge?"

Dirge assented.

"Yes. The mission is a worthwhile one. Helping this organization will only cement our hold on Earth. And spreading fear and terror are nice bonuses."

2002-03-09, 06:26 AM
"trust me...friend", he said. "We're all in the same boat here. We could make this useful for both of us."

"Oh, do elaborate." Zorba says sarcastically. His skepticism about how a simple human can make any exertion of effort worth his while was clear.

2002-03-09, 08:05 PM
Snake looked up at the huge Decepticon.

"I need your help", he said. "Your talents could be most...useful to me."

2002-03-09, 10:31 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Snake looked up at the huge Decepticon.

"I need your help", he said. "Your talents could be most...useful to me."

Lastrites takes a moment from her work

"Then give us a few more details, dear."

"Unless you don't think we're good enough to know your plan of world conquest."

Lastrites then finishes her last few touches on kickback's head and seems to continuing to do touchups on all of the insecticons.

2002-03-11, 03:01 AM
"a few of my comrades have been captured up in Canada", Snake said to all of them. "I need your help to rescue them."

2002-03-11, 04:32 AM
"so I assume you've sent spies up there and know roughly where they located, within this...Canada."

'as well as protective capabilities and blueprints of the jail where their located."

Lastrites seems to be mocking snake somewhat as she pumps him for information.

"Now does anybody know where an uplink is located."

2002-03-11, 04:56 AM
"And we should help you rescue your pathetic comrades why?" Zorba says, twirling his gun. "So far I fail to see what is in it for us."

2002-03-11, 02:57 PM
"You know...that's a very good point," Lastrites says with a twisted glee.

"As cute as you are snake" Lastrites says as she pats Snakes head a couple of time <pat, pat>, " I really don't see how you can help us conquer this mudball."

2002-03-11, 03:01 PM
Snake looked at Zorba with annoyance.

"Whatever you want", he said. "You want it, you got it."

2002-03-11, 03:19 PM
"Now that's nice, but are you sure you can...afford it. I have rather expensive...tastes.

Quick Switch
2002-03-11, 06:28 PM
"Tastes aren't really the issue," Dirge interjected.

"Yeah. The Commander here's one of the most wealthiest humans on this planet. Monetary concerns are the least of our worries," Thrust nodded.

2002-03-11, 10:39 PM
"Oh really. Well then that's handy."

"So could you give us the rundown of where they are now."

"As well as any information that you may find pertinant."

2002-03-12, 03:23 AM
Snake looked at Lastrites.

"We'll have plently of time for that later", he said. "Right now, we've got to move."

Bombshell/Ramjet nodded. "Right. Dirge, Thrust, Lastrites, get the Insecticons onboard the Bane. Fakkadi, you and Snake go with them.

He looked at Zorba.

"Are you coming or not?", he asked.

2002-03-12, 05:18 AM
"Just hold the phone." Zorba says, standing up. "Two things. One, I only seek energon, which no human is capable of providing. Two, who exactly is going to lead this little excursion to 'Canada'?"

2002-03-12, 05:59 AM
"I do believe Zorba's being obstinate, either that....or CHICKEN," she says with a smile, expecting his riled response with amusement.

"As for energon, I do believe if we harness this planet properly, you'll have more energon then you'll know what to do with."

"As well as other...resources."

She then turns and touches a button on her staff.

"Insecticon's, waky, waky."

The Insecticons slowly begin to wake up from their modifications.

2002-03-12, 02:45 PM
Shrapnel held his head in his hands, wondering what had just happened. The last thing he remembered was...

He couldn't remember the last thing he did.

But he did know that he had an unwavering devotion to Ramjet and the human Abdul Fakkadi, and was not about to disappoint him.

He got up off the table and saluted Ramjet.

"Very well", Ramjet said. "Come. Before we go, I'm going to give Bombshell back his body."

He took Bombshell towards the Bane, bu turned around.

"Oh, and Zorba, he said. "I'll be the leader.

Quick Switch
2002-03-12, 06:06 PM
Dirge and Thrust hustled the Insecticons on the Bane, and where met on the tarmac by Abdul Fakkadi.

Snake walked up to his friend, and the two boarded without preamble.

"Settle down, nice like," Thrust nudged the Insecticons into the rear hold.

Dirge sat a few feet away from Ramjet's command chair.

"Let's get the show on the road, as the humans say," he said, as Thrust sat next to him, and the two began powering up the ship.

2002-03-12, 10:03 PM
Soundwave sat silently behind his desk. His eyes glared menacingly at the screen before him - relaying to him the events transpiring presently in Carbombya, thanks to the bugs Gigatron had ordered Astrotrain to plant during his first visit. Soundwave watched, and listened, and did not like what he learned. The fingers of one hand rapped on his desk in quick, annoyed succession.

"I'll be the leader."

Soundwave growled lowly. Those words did not sit well with him. He recalled Ramjet's insolence over the last few months, feared that soon that ambition may turn to greed. It was no surprise; Soundwave had seen more than once that, as soon as peace would come to the fingertips of the Decepticon Empire, those dying for power would emerge.

"Spinister," Soundwave commanded through his desk communicator. "Bring Needlenose and yourself to my office, please."

2002-03-12, 10:36 PM
Scourge glanced up as the two other Targetmasters were summoned and frowned, but said nothing. Meanwhile, Spinister was on his way to the door. Needlenose put his feet down from the table he was resting them on, and followed.

Once they were outside, Needlenose cackled with glee.
"Did you see the look on his face when we got called and not him? Haha! That's priceless man, priceless."
"Yes, well do you wonder why we get summoned and not Scourge?"
"Erm, because Soundwave doesn't like him?"
"It's probably that this job is too unimportant to bother him with."
"Nah, I prefer my theory."
"Yes, well you would."
"Aww come on, you're no fun Spinny."
"The Decepticon cause isn't best served by 'fun'. And don't ever call me that again."
"Sure, fine, whatever."

The two approached the door to Soundwave's office, and glanced at each other for a moment, before entering.
"You wanted to see us, Soundwave?" Spinister asked.

Quick Switch
2002-03-12, 11:43 PM
Astrotrain was sifting through more reports...as usual.

Soundwave had long before departed for his office, across the hall from Astrotrain's own.

He heard the clanking of metallic feet down the way...must be those Soundwave had summoned.

Time for an update.

The Triple Changer pressed his intercom, which patched him through to Scrapper's workstation.

"Scrapper, an update please."

Scrapper turned, and faced the vidcom station. Astrotrain's expectant visage peered back.

"Still working on things here, Astrotrain. Hook estimates repairs are at fifty percent...give or take a few cycles."

Astrotrain nodded.

"Good. Keep up a tight schedule."

Scrapper scratched his chin.

"One thing of import: the core and Energon Conversion Chambers are functional now."

Astrotrain nodded again.

"Excellent. Keep me informed." He terminated the feed.

The Triple Changer leaned back.

"So far, so good," he muttered.

2002-03-13, 02:58 AM
Snake followed the others and boarded the ship.

2002-03-13, 03:57 AM
Zorba first rolls his eyes at Lastrites. Her attempt to get a reaction out of him a failure. Then...

"Oh, and Zorba, he(Ramjet) said. "I'll be the leader.

Zorba laughed. "Me, follow you? Please. Ramjet, your reputation does you justice, which for you is unfortunate. Dirge would be a better leader than you. You want success on this little excursion of yours?" He gets in Ramjet's face and hisses; "Then I am the leader who is required for this mission." He pushes Ramjet down and boards the ship. "Rest assured," he calls back, "even if you do not see fit to place the mantle where it rightfully belongs, do not expect to control me. My example will be set. And by the time we return, you will BEG to follow me!"

2002-03-13, 03:58 AM
Lastrites simply laughs at Zorba's response.

"You show more self control than I thought...good."

Lastrites then turns her head as if she saw something and then smiles.

The game is afoot.

2002-03-13, 03:59 AM
Soundwave, flaunting his authority over the pair of Targetmasters, leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers before him. He took his time eyeing up his men before beginning, as though he were waiting for the most succinct of words to come to him (not he to them... he was too important) before he would dare speak a word. Finally, after a few sighs and changes of position, he pointed over his desk with one upturned palm.

"Please, have a seat."

There were no chairs.

"Erm... Yes, well. I have a job for the two of you. I, er, couldn't help overhearing your conversation in the hall. I've not asked Scourge along because he's a bit... oh, how shall we say, flamboyant, for this operation. Your mission is one of reconnaissance. I've discovered a band of rogue Decepticons in the country of Carbombya. They've amassed an admirable force lately, and I fear they may have aspirations beyond their own capacities."

Soundwave paused, giving fresh words time to filter in.

"They've taken a flight to Canada now, to retrieve a colleague of one of their human allies. Abdul Fakkadi - leader of Carbombya, and an ally to our Decepticons - has gone with them. I'd ask you to simply destroy the shuttle, but Fakkadi is important to us, as our sole supplier of super energon. I merely wish for you two to keep your eyes on the group, Ramjet especially. If you feel that they may be conspiring against Commander Astrotrain, I want to know at once. Now, you shall go."

2002-03-13, 04:03 AM
Originally posted by Lastrites
As Lastrites enters the ship, she looks back at Zorba.

"You are coming aren't you?"

"I could really use your...company."

OOC--If you reread the post, you'll find I had him board the ship. I was gonna have him sit by Lastrites just to confirm it; looks like I needed to. Ah well. Assume, then, that he did that.

2002-03-13, 04:05 AM
Originally posted by Redstreak

OOC--If you reread the post, you'll find I had him board the ship. I was gonna have him sit by Lastrites just to confirm it; looks like I needed to. Ah well. Assume, then, that he did that.

OOC- I realized that the moment I posted my thread, so its been changed.

2002-03-13, 04:25 AM
Lastrites simply laughs at Zorba's response.
"You show more self control than I thought...good."

"You mean restraint, don't you?" Zorba says with a smirk. "These fools are so hardheaded, it's amazing that the humans aren't leading them by now. There must be other Decepticons on this planet somewhere...Metrotitan, most likely." He drifts into thought as he sits, there, watching the others mill about.

2002-03-13, 05:14 AM
Lastrite just realized that subtlety is not one of Zorba's strong points and picks her next few words carefully.

"If there are Decepticons on this mud hole, I have this feeling that we will be running into them sooner than you think," Lastrites said in a glibbed voice.

Quick Switch
2002-03-13, 06:14 AM
Dirge and Thrust heard the conversation of Zorba and Lastrites verbatim.

"Um...Dirge, they know we can here them, right?" Thrust scratched his head, priming the engines.

"Yeah, Thrust. But in case you haven't noticed, Zorba dosen't care much for our opinions, since he's theatened to kill us all once before. And you thought that fembot liked you. Heh, look at Lastrites. She's all cuddly and some such with Zorba. I knew it." The blue Seeker turned his head, and took in the sight of the two unknown models conversing.

Thrust, too, angled his head to make out the converasation.

Dirge turned back to Thrust, and said quietly:

"Look, Thrust. We're warriors. Fighting's what we do. You think you could just settle down with her? Call the war off?"

Thrust said nothing.

"I thought so. She's more of a sadist than any of us. She'd beat the wingnuts off even Soundwave in that compartment.
Now, we've got a mission to do. And if things don't work out...we'll see where the road takes us." Dirge grasped his friend by his shoulders.

Thrust rose from his chair, and strode to the back of the hold.

"I'm gonna go check on the Insecticons," he said softly. The red Seeker entered the hold, and sat down on a bench, looking at the detained Decepticons.

2002-03-13, 10:18 AM
Spinister listened intently, then nodded his ascent - not that he had a lot of choice.
"As you command, Soundwave. We shall be on our way."

The two turned as one, and walked out of the door, heading back to the office that they shared with Scourge.
"We've got a new assignment boss," Needlenose spoke as they walked in.
Spinister glared at Needlenose, before turning to Scourge and telling him briefly of the rogue Decepticons.
"Hmmm, a possible conspiracy you say? Yes, it does seem distinctly possible. We'll need to discover the location of this shuttle."

The Hunter tapped a button on the computer console in front of him, linking up to Metrotitan's main sensor net.
"I'm extrapolating their possible route now."
"Eh?" asked Needlenose.
"He's finding out how they're going to be travelling," Spinister told the Targetmaster jet.
"Quite," replied Scourge, "There."

A red line flashed across a globe of the Earth on screen.

"That's the quickest route from Carbombya to Canada. I'm detecting the shuttle. It's just lifted off from Carbombya. You will need to disguise your spark signature if you're to tail them effectively.

Scourge reached into his desk, and pulled out two small chips, which each of them took, and slid into access ports on their arms.

"I will stay here, and keep an eye on Astrotrain. Go now, do not fail."

"Hey, Sunbeam, Singe, c'mon," Needlenose called to the two partners as they headed through the door.

The access ramp on Metrotitan slammed down, and the two Targetmasters transformed. Their partners climbed aboard, then they took to the air.
"Next stop, wherever that shuttle may be by now," Sunbeam called from inside Needlenose.
"I've got it on my long ranged sensors. Time till intercept at maximum velocity, 30 minutes. We'll have to avoid getting too close though, to avoid detection. Of course, they wont be able to detect me on their sensor screens anyhow."
"Then let's go," Needlenose smiled, and the two Decepticons streaked away from their base, toward the Decepticon shuttlecraft.

"Just remember Needlenose, this is a surveillance mission only."

2002-03-13, 02:47 PM
Bombshell/Ramjet had taken the skeletal body that he once had, and now contained the mind of Bombshell, whose form he had aquired. It was a powerful body, but now was the time to return to his old body.

He had gone into one of the cargo areas, and connected his transfer cable to a body hidden under a sheet. He then connected a transfer cable from the skeletal body to Bombshell's body, and flipped a switch.

After a few minutes, the sheet was tossed away, and Ramjet stood up...in his original body.

Returning to the bridge, he saw Lastrites and Zorba arguing with each other, along with Dirge manning the controls.
Shrapnel looked at Thrust.

"We stand ready to serve you, master, master", he said.

He and the other Insecticons saluted the red seeker.

Quick Switch
2002-03-13, 05:09 PM
Dirge looked up as Ramjet came on the bridge.

"Everything's a OK, 'Jet," he nodded.

"Did Snake tell you what we're goin' up against when we get to Canada?"


Thrust smiled as Shrapnel spoke.

Now, that cheered me up.

"Why, thank you, Shrapnel. The time may come soon enough."

2002-03-13, 11:48 PM
"We're getting close to the shuttle," Needlenose reported.
"OK, fall back to an inconspicuous distance. I'm going into stealth mode, maintain radio silence," Spinister ordered.

While technically they were near enough the same rank, Needlenose would always listen to his fellow on a mission. Much as he would never admit it, Spinister knew what he was talking about.

"Gotcha," Needlenose replied, switching his transmitter off.
"Hey big guy," Sunbeam muttered.
"Are you nervous?"
"You mean because of the mission?"
"A little. But we'll be OK."
"There're more of them than us."
"There's no point to them hurting us man, we're Decepticons too."


"Singe, activate my passive scanners. I'm going to see if I can detect who's onboard that shuttle."
"At once."

The atmosphere inside Spinister was much different to that inside Needlenose. Where the jet was laid back, Spinister was always alert. Where Needlenose was hasty and rash, the helicopter was reserved and cautious. Where Sunbeam was nervous, Singe was not. Spinister had drilled a sense of cool professionalism into his partner, and so far, it had paid off.

"There, I'm detecting Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust, Dreadwing and several more unidentifiable signatures. Store the sensor logs, I'll transmit them back to Soundwave when we get a chance."
"Done Spinister."
"Good, now we keep following."


"What are we meant to do on this mission anyhow?"
"Spy man, Soundwave wants to know what these guys are up to."
"Why send us? Why not send Scourge?"
"Scourge would stand out. His ship mode is hardly inconspicuous."
"Right. Where are we going?"
"Canada, they've arranged to break some of the man called Cobra's allies out of a prison there."
"That's a good thing, right?"
"Mebbe. Depends what they plan on doing afterwards."
"And that's what we got to find out?"
"OK, lets hope this goes OK."

The two craft, one in stealth mode, the other not, continued tailing the shuttle.

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 12:04 AM
Dirge was monitoring the Nav station when a sensor alert roused him from his work.

No Autobot shuttle'd have sensors...we've got the good stuff.

Dirge keyed up the ping on the radar. Turning (standing now), he called out to Ramjet.

" 'Jet, UIV behind us. What do you want to do about it?"

2002-03-14, 02:24 AM
Ramjet rubbed his chin, wondering what they should do.

"Go take Darkwing and Dreadwind and deal with it", he said. "I'll keep going. Once you've gealt with it, rendevous with us."

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 03:26 AM
Dirge nodded.

"Right. Will do."

Striding out of the cockpit, the blue Seeker nodded for Darkwing and Dreadwind to follow him to the aft hatch.

Transforming to jet modes, the three plances rocketed away from the shuttle, flying in formation.

Dirge broadcasted over his regular comm channel.

"Unidentified flying object, identify yourself!" (OOC: The Targetmasters)

"Don't fire until fired upon," Dirge radioded secretly to the two jets flying beside him.

2002-03-14, 03:28 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind followed Dirge out of the ship, and saw the ship.

"Hey, doesn't taht look like...", Dreadwind began.

"Keep quiet!", Darkwing said.

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 03:32 AM
Dirge, still moving forward, heard the smattering of conversation.

"What? Out with it, both of you!"


Thrust, meanwhile, came back from the cargo hold, his stint with the Insecticons having cheered him up.

As he moved forward past Zorba and Lastrites, he looked around for Dirge and the other two jets.

"Hey, where'd Dirge, Darkwing and Dreadwind head off to?"

2002-03-14, 05:36 AM
"We will see, I'm sure," Zorba says to Lastrites. "So now, you rebuilt the Insecticons for them, am I getting this right? Why bother...they've only ever been nuisances."

Seeing Thrust walk by a few moments later, he says; "Hey yo. How long's this little joyride supposed to be, anyway?"

2002-03-14, 06:32 AM
Originally posted by Redstreak
"We will see, I'm sure," Zorba says to Lastrites. "So now, you rebuilt the Insecticons for them, am I getting this right? Why bother...they've only ever been nuisances."

Lets just say I'm a firm believer in...recycling, " Lastrites replied in her usual glib response.

Dirge, still moving forward, heard the smattering of conversation.

"What? Out with it, both of you!"

"Now whatever do you mean?" Lastrites said in a merely semi-mocking tone.

Thrust, meanwhile, came back from the cargo hold, his stint with the Insecticons having cheered him up.

As he moved forward past Zorba and Lastrites, he looked around for Dirge and the other two jets.

"Hey, where'd Dirge, Darkwing and Dreadwind head off to?"

"I overheard something about being behind us and they went to check it out."

Seeing Thrust walk by a few moments later, he says; "Hey yo. How long's this little joyride supposed to be, anyway?"

"That reminds me, we've have got to do something about those radio signals I suppose."

Lastrites walked over to the ship's computer and began to type like mad. After a few seconds, she turns to the others

"What does everybody want to appear as?"

2002-03-14, 08:27 AM
Needlenose knew that to speak would be to jeapordise the mission, so rather than say a word, he said course towards Canada, and opened his afterburners out wide, hopefully distancing himself from the Decepticons.

Spinister observed all of this, and frowned.
"Not good, we've lost Needlenose," Singe commented.
"He did the right thing, no use risking the mission. We'll meet up with him once the shuttle reaches its destination. Meanwhile, I'm dropping back some more and switching to long ranged sensors.

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 02:48 PM
Dirge grumbled.

"Damn. They've slipped off of radar. No sense in exposing ourselves further. Let's head back to the ship."


Thrust looked down at Zorba.

"To be honest, I dunno," he replied. "Hopefully it won't be much longer. If you want precise info, go ahead and ask Ramjet."

He watched as Lastrites moved up towards the ship's computer.

The red Seeker walked up behind her and peered over her shoulder.

"What are you working on? You've found a way to disguise the ship?"

2002-03-14, 02:56 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind accompanied Dirge back to the ship.
Snake turned to Fakkadi as the Decepticons argued amongst themselves.

"These Decepticons do nothing but argue amongst themselves", he said. "Do you think we can succeed?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 03:01 PM
Fakkadi scratched his goatee, and turned to Snake nodding in assent.

"We have no real alternative," he shook his head.

"But...it will be good seeing our old friends again..."


Dirge flew back inside, transforming to robot mode.

"Well, that was a waste of time. They fell back from radar," he huffed as he slumped into his chair.

2002-03-14, 09:39 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch

The red Seeker walked up behind her and peered over her shoulder.

"What are you working on? You've found a way to disguise the ship?" [/B]

"Not exactly. I've detected a few radio signals eminating from the ship, and I fully intend to modify the information that they are receiving."

"Snake, Fakkadi what does your typical plane commonly carry in this mudhole. "

"Also, I believe that we have been detected and they know full well that there are decepticons onboard."

"However, I think I can tweak which decepticons they detected."

Lastrites pulls up a database listing a series of decepticons BIOS that scrolls extremely quickly accross the screen.

"hmmm, that will do nicely, and him, and him and him, and...yes, I think she will be perfect abet a little too similar."

She carefully presses enter and begins to sit down, leans back and puts her feet up on the desk with her usual smug look on her face.

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 11:05 PM
Fakkadi looked up as Lastrites addressed him. He thought.

"Well, planes can carry anything on Earth. Generally speaking, the term 'cargo' will do nicely. Probably machinist parts, since there's a good deal of metal on board."

Thrust digested what Lastrites had said.

"Huh...so, they'll not be able to pinpoint us after ya mess around with the signals they do get," he replied quietly.

Still not fully understanding (he was just a warrior after all) Thrust sat himself next to Lastrites and turned to Dirge.

"So, find anybody?"

Dirge rubbed his head.

"No. A stupid waste of time. Darkwing and Dreadwind wouldn't have told me anyway if there was a Transformer out there. Whoever they are, their smart. They kept out of definite radar range, and I couldn't even see who they were anyway."

2002-03-14, 11:53 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch
Fakkadi looked up as Lastrites addressed him. He thought.

"Well, planes can carry anything on Earth. Generally speaking, the term 'cargo' will do nicely. Probably machinist parts, since there's a good deal of metal on board."

"Excellent. That will do nicely."

Thrust digesting what Lastrites had said.

"Huh...so, they'll not be able to pinpoint us after ya mess around with the signals they do get," he replied quietly.

"Kinda. Its hard to explain. I guess the best way to describe it is that we are creating a radio illusion."

Still not fully understanding (he was just a warrior after all) Thrust sat himself next to Lastrites and turned to Dirge.

"So, find anybody?"

Dirge rubbed his head.

"No. A stupid waste of time. Darkwing and Dreadwind wouldn't have told me anyway if there was a Transformer out there. Whoever they are, their smart. They kept out of definite radar range, and I couldn't even see who they were anyway."

"Oh they were definately decepticons, their radio signals definately had the right signature."

Quick Switch
2002-03-14, 11:58 PM
Dirge steepled his hands in thought.

"Well, I'll take note of that. If their intentions are hostile, we'll know soon enough."

2002-03-15, 12:38 AM
Ramjet moved his hands over the control panel, activating the defensive screens.

"We'll be there tomorrow", he said. "For now, I'd suggest that we all get some rest."

2002-03-15, 12:47 AM
(OOC: Point 1. They were outfitted with chips that masked their Decepticon signatures, point 2, how did you detect radio transmissions when they were under radio silence, and point 3, you would only have detected Needlenose - Spinister is cloaked.)


Needlenoses followed the coordinates given to him by Soundwave to the prison camp, and, once he was certain that he was clear of the shuttle, set Autopilot and relaxed. Meanwhile, Spinister was tailing the shuttle from a fair distance back, just keeping it within the limits of his optics. He hoped this would stop him from being detected by anyone looking out of a viewport or something such.

2002-03-15, 01:06 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
[B](OOC: Point 1. They were outfitted with chips that masked their Decepticon signatures, point 2, how did you detect radio transmissions when they were under radio silence, and point 3, you would only have detected Needlenose - Spinister is cloaked.)
O.O.C. I wasn't refering to your radio signals. Rather I was refering to the bugs that were put onboard our ship.

If it affects your sensors well...c'est la vie <g>.

Quick Switch
2002-03-15, 01:29 AM
"Fair enough," Dirge nodded, and settled back in his chair.

Thrust shrugged. "Sure." And did the same.

2002-03-15, 02:09 AM
"Now if you boyz aren't requiring my services, I have a few more things to attend to."

Lastrites went to the back of the shuttle where the insecticons were being stored.

They immediately got to their feet and snapped to attention.

"Bombshell, Shrapnel, I have a special order for you two."

"I want you to transform and scuttle onto the left and right sides...and wait for an opportunity on our dog's tail, then take advantage of it using your...natural talents."

"The rest of you, keep quiet, I need to meditate."

Lastrites then settles in a mudra-like position sitting cross legged and holding the bottom of her staff slightly in front of her legs.

"The first steps have been taken my lord," she said softly, as if talking to somebody who isn't there.

2002-03-15, 03:55 AM
(OOC: Um... There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The transmitters Soundwave used to detect the Decepticons' conversation are in Carbombya, not on the Bane of Existence. I know it wasn't succinctly stated, but... well, whatever.)

2002-03-15, 04:37 AM
"We'll be there tomorrow", he said. "For now, I'd suggest that we all get some rest."

Zorba says nothing, but also opts to stay awake. He has a full storehouse of energon, for one, and abilities that none of them were yet aware of, so he feels he needs the rest the least of anyone.

2002-03-15, 05:03 AM
Originally posted by Reflector
(OOC: Um... There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The transmitters Soundwave used to detect the Decepticons' conversation are in Carbombya, not on the Bane of Existence. I know it wasn't succinctly stated, but... well, whatever.)

OOC Sorry my bad

since your our moderator, I'll let you decide what happens next.

However some options to salvage this thread is as follows.

Whether she brought one of the bugs along to modulate its frequency, to create the cloaking device (you did say she might be able to hear them and she has the intelligence and forsight to think ahead for such a situation by bringing one ahead).

or Since it was Dirge who discovered they were being scanned, would it be possible for Lastrites to capitalize by putting up a good old fashion radar jammer field.

Just PM me to assist in writing up this story line to avoid such problems in the future.

That goes for any of you in the future.

If nothing else, this arguing is bringing up my post count :D

2002-03-15, 02:58 PM
"Yes, master, amster", Shrapnel said.

The two bugs then transformed and headed to the opposite sides of the ship.
Ramjet turned to Dirge, who was sitting in one of the ship's chairs.

"Things may become....heated in the next few days. Sure you're up to it?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-15, 08:12 PM
Dirge nodded at Ramjet.

"Damn right I am. I'm ready to crack some skulls."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-15, 10:04 PM
To all shuttle crew, we approach earth, prepare yourselves for combat, we strike as soon as we enter orbit.

Jhiaxus guided the shuttle into Earth's atmosphere light as a feather in a brisk wind, the cloud cleared into Earth's bright sunny climate, the Axalon's engines roared breaking the calm.
The shuttle tore through the quiet summer day like a hot knife through butter, destroying the fabric of the day and due to cause the fabric of the earth the same disturbance.

"Sixshot, Adeara, Squawkbox, Cryhavoc, Optitron, we approach Earth, namely Metrotitan, to retrieve our cargo...."

Jhiaxus paused as he felt a power surge through him...


Metrotitan loomed into the viewscreen infront of him.

"Today we attack, tomorrow, we conquer."

2002-03-15, 10:46 PM
Scourge paced the room thoughtfully. He was concerned. He knew of the presence of the three seekers, Dreadwing and the Insecticons on Earth. That was not an inconsiderable little strike force. Of course, breaching Metrotitan's defences in a frontal assault was unthinkable, but it was still worrying to think of such a large group of rebels.

The door chime beeped.
"Not now." he shouted.

The door swung open, and a Metrodrone entered. The drones weren't programmed for discretion, and simply went about their duties as determined by their Alpha drone - the only ones with semi-sentient minds, and ultimately even those were controlled by Metrotitan's subconcious. That was one of the reasons that it was imperative to get the mind operating as soon as possible - without it, the defence drones were nothing but cannon-fodder, and the worker drones operated at no more than half maximum capacity.

"Lieutenant Scourge," the drone spoke monotonously - they were programmed to name people with their titles as well as name, "repairs are proceeding ahead of..."

"I said not now!" Scourge roared, backhanding the bot viciously, sending it crashing into a wall, where it started billowing smoke.
The Metrodrone exploded.

"Get that mess out of here," he told Fracas, who promptly contacted the Alpha drone for the sector, who despatched another drone to clean up.
"And check the repair reports too, I'd like to know just how far ahead of schedule we are."
"Sure thing," Fracas replied, scurrying over to the computer.

"ALERT, ALERT, Shuttlecraft on long ranged sensors."
"Damn them," Scourge growled, thinking immediately that Dirge's group had altered course and came here. However, on checking the records, he saw that this wasn't the case.

"What? That was the shuttle that the Autobots fled aboard - what are they doing back here?" he asked himself.

"Fracas come, we leave for the command centre."

He walked to the door, talking into his communicator as he went.

"Soundwave, Astrotrain, we seem to have trouble, probably of the Autobot variety.

Quick Switch
2002-03-16, 01:23 AM
Astrotrain slammed a fist onto his loudspeaker.

"Damn! Scourge, Soundwave report to the Command Center! Reflector, activate Metrotitan's defense systems at once! Constructicons, break off from repair work and report to the Command Center!"

In moments, he was met by the Costructions.

Scrapper spoke first:

"What is it, Astrotrain?"

The Triple Changer shook his head, looking on a table-flatscreen showng the arriving shuttle. Scrapper looked down also.

"Scourge reports a shuttle arrives. Devestator may be required."

Bonecrusher slammed his fists together.

"The Constructicons are always prepared!"

Astrotrain looked up at Boncecrusher, than down at the vidscreen and shuttle.

"Good...we shall see shortly."

2002-03-16, 01:34 AM
"Already on my way there," Scourge snapped, perhaps more harshly than he should have.

The Hunter and his Targetmaster partner entered the command room and immediately went to the nearest console, and tapped up some scans.

"Hmm, Typical Autobot design, but I'm detecting an increased energy emission from the ship, possible upgrades to the engines."

Meanwhile, Fracas had hopped up onto another console.

"Right. They couldn't have picked a better time to hit us either. Our external defences are at less than 25% of full power. They are slightly less than useless. We'll have to rely on internal defences and Metrodrones."

"That's not much comfort. Without the brain unit functioning, the Alphas are useless, and the rest of the drones are pathetic automatons. Unless of course, we controlled them remotely from here."

"Why not contact the Constructicons and see if we can bring the brain unit online?"

Scourge acted as if he hadn't heard his partner.
"Scrapper, we'll need to bring the brain and central personality core online to even stand a chance against these Autobots. I hope you can give me good news."

Quick Switch
2002-03-16, 01:49 AM
Scrapper scratched his chin.

Astrotrain pointed.

"Don't think about it, go!"

The Construticons fled into the core.


Arriving a few cycles later, Scrapper and Hook began working on activating Metrotitan's brain.

"No pressure, eh Scrapper?" Hook remarked airily, delicately attaching some cables.

"Of couse not- unless you screw up," the Construticon leader replied, tightening some bolts with a wrench.

Mixmaster worked feverishly to restore the central personaity chip.

"We don't have much time, time, time!" he remarked, hands flying.

Long Haul and Bonecrusher activated squadrons of Metrodrones, and briefed them on internal defense procedures.

"Anyone not in in your memory banks..." Long Haul began,

"Should be terminated immediately!" Bonecruher roared.

The Metrodrones fanned out inside Metrotitan.

2002-03-16, 02:28 AM
The shuttle approached the continent of Canada, and Ramjet moved his fingers across the control panels.

"Bringing the ship in", he said to Snake. "We'll be there in seven cycles".

"Good", Snake said. "I can't wat. When we get them back on our side, the entire world will be ours!"

(OOC: Feel free to jump in anytime now, Flec.)

2002-03-16, 02:46 AM
(Is Astrotrain in the command centre?)

Needlenose was crouched at the summit of a hilltop several miles away from the prison compound, a pair of vision enhancers placed to his eyes. Sunbeam was lounging next to him, idly polishing his sidearm.

"Man, this is boring," the Nebulan said.
"True, but we've gotta do it. We don't want these rebels undermining our cause."
"Right. You're right of course, but still..."
"Hush, I can see the shuttle."
"Where is it?"
"Quite a way away yet, but I'm transforming now, you best climb inside. Not sure how soon we'll have to shoot off."

Needlenose folded down into jet mode, and Sunbeam dropped into the cockpit which closed after him.

"Now we wait for Spinister."


Spinister meanwhile had tailed the shuttle into Canada, and had decided to drop back and begin scanning for Needlenose. Of course, the chips given to them by Scourge would stop him detecting the Decepticon spark inside of the other, but he had taken the precaution of ensuring that their scanning frequencies were tuned to be the same, to enable them to detect each other. Indeed, he detected Needlenose several miles from the prison camp, and diverted course to join him.


"OK, here's the plan," Spinister spoke, "You Singe, and Sunbeam will travel to the prison camp, and disguise yourself under heavy robes as humans. Once there, you will observe the rebels, and plant these surveillance bugs somewhere on their persons. Hopefully in all the commotion, you wont be noticed."

"And if we are?"
"Get out of there, and meet Needlenose and I back here. Got it?"
"Yup, loud and clear," Sunbeam spoke for the two, "Lets go Singe."

The two Targetmasters took off and headed for the prison camp.


Once they landed, they quickly shunted their exosuits into subspace, and donned the heavy robes they had been equipped with, before crouching down behind a rockpile at the gates to the prison, and awaiting the arrival of the rebel Decepticons.

2002-03-16, 03:03 AM
The shuttle landed near the complex that the transmission was sent. Strangley enough, the place appeared to be deserted. Perhaps the EDC had given up? No way to tell, but no reason not to be cautious.

"Dirge", eh said to his seeker companion. "Go get the Insecticons, and come with me."

"What about me?", Snake said, rather annoyed. "They're my comrades we're trying to rescue."

"It's too dangerous", Ramjet responded. "We don't know what's going on. For all we know, tehy're hiding out here already."

Ramjet walked to the hatch.
A figure looked out the window of the complex, seeing two robed figures. It also saw a ship land in the far distance.

"EDC Leader to EDC leader Falcon", the figure said. "You read me?"

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2002-03-16, 04:09 AM
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Quick Switch
2002-03-16, 04:15 AM
Dirge nodded, and moved to the back. He opened the Insecticon cage.

"All right, lets go," he muttered. The Insecticons followed Dirge as Ramjet walked to the hatch.

"Let's do this," Dirge replied.

2002-03-16, 05:26 AM
Lastrites slowly rose from her meditative position replacing her look of traditional meditation with her traditional smirk.

"What nobody was going to invite me. I'm hurt."

She rose to her feet and carefully walked into the cockpit.

"Zorba, Thrust, your not going to miss this?"

2002-03-16, 04:18 PM
Scourge turned around to face Astrotrain.
"We'll have to wait for them to get inside. There's no way we can repel them from outside. I'll alert all Decepticons inside Metrotitan, although currently there aren't that many of us here.
"Scourge to all Decepticon warriors, prepare to repel an assault."

Meanwhile, I'll be ready to defend the command centre if they get this far. Fracas, transform."

The small robot transformed into gun mode, and landed in Scourge's hand, who hefted the weapon easily.

"If they get this far, they wont get farther," he affirmed.


Sunbeam quietly loaded his pistol with the surveillance bug - Singe had reconfigured them so they could be fired from a sidearm.
"Once we bug these Decepticons, lets get out of here."
"I couldn't agree more."

Sunbeam crouched down, and waited for a Decepticon to come into view.

Quick Switch
2002-03-16, 04:19 PM
Thrust scratched his chin.

"Someone's got to watch the ship, and keep the humans safe- they are both very important to us," the Seeker answered.

"But if Ramjet orders me to go, I'll go."


Astrotrain nodded.

"Very good, Scourge."

However, the Triple Changer withdrew his ionic rifle and deflecto-shield, and put them on the table.

"Just in case."

2002-03-16, 06:22 PM
Soundwave wandered nonchalantly into the command center. His eyes slothed about the room, most significantly catching Astrotrain and Scourge holding conversation. After a brief stretch, he sauntered over to his pair of associates, shooting each a groggy nod.

"My, aren't we edgy... I've already deployed my cassettes to the corners of the city. They're prepared to fight back the invaders whenever you give the order, Commander Astrotrain. Also, I caught Reflector scuttling about the halls on my way here. They're working on activating the defenses, though they report malfunctions practically across the board."

2002-03-16, 06:54 PM
Scourge turned to Soundwave and frowned.
"I've lived this long from being edgy," he said as he pressed a button on the console.
"Constructicons, do you have the brain unit up yet? We'll need to activate the Alpha drones in case the Autobots do make an attack here."

Turning back to Soundwave, he continued.
"The Autobots have no way of knowing the extent of our damage, and there's no way that they'd risk bringing that shuttle here unless they didn't have something up their sleeves."


Meanwhile in Canada.


Needlenose frowned in consternation.
"Will our guys be alright? There are a lot of Decepticons aboard that shuttle if your scans are accurate."
"They're accurate. Besides, Singe and Sunbeam will be fine. If they're spotted, they can simply say that us two were assigned on a recon patrol up here, then we can go and collect them. No problems."
"I just hope you're right. I'd hate to fail this mission."
"We wont."

2002-03-16, 07:47 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch
[B]Thrust scratched his chin.

"Someone's got to watch the ship, and keep the humans safe- they are both very important to us," the Seeker answered.

"But if Ramjet orders me to go, I'll go."


"I've already got Bombshell and Shrapnel watching our ship and the 'cargo'".

"It could be...fun."

O.O.C. and this folks is what is called peer pressure.

2002-03-16, 08:15 PM
Cryhavoc had dragged himself out of the medbay to the command deck of Axalon in order to find Jhiaxus. The massive warrior moved much slower than usual and his outer armor was in a condition that clearly show that he could not join the attack without repairs.

"Lord Jhiaxus... I fear my condition prevents me from joining your operation to retrieve Bludgeon from Metrotitan. Still I could serve as a dropship or operate Axalon as my damages do not prevent me from transforming or piloting this ship."

"I would hate to just stand idle when I should be fighting." He added with somewhat frustrated tone.

2002-03-17, 02:57 AM
Ramjet walked back to the cargo area, saw Dirge and the Insecticons.

"All right", he said. "First, Dirge, take teh bugs and scout teh south end. I'll take Darkwing and Dreadwind and scout out the north. I'll have Thrust do scans of the area to try to detect anyting we might not see...or anything that might try to get the drop on us. Now let's go".

He headed off towards the hatch.

2002-03-17, 05:18 AM
Soundwave folded his hands behind his back, thoughtfully examining the mental shuttle. His chin floated up a bit; his eyes passed over Scourge's head as he spoke.

"Perhaps... But keep in mind the value the Autobots place on this world. They're paranoid - 'no doubt the Decepticons are committing holocaust upon holocaust on the humans.' It may very well be some foolish hero's suicide mission. Whatever the case, we've little choice now but to prepare and wait."


Canada Prison Complex...

"EDC Leader to EDC leader Falcon, you read me?"

A tall man behind unfolded his arms. His hair shone a medium brown, and though a bit unruly, not entirely ungroomed. Mild facial hair speckled his youthful face; he hadn't shaven in a few days. His physique proved short of a World's Strongest contestant, but he obviously maintained a rigorous exercise regiment (and certainly did not seem the type on whose bad side you'd like to be).

"Check behind you," the man responded, stepping forward. "And please, don't give me that 'Leader Falcon' stuff. We're all friends here, Fairborne. You can call me Witwicky. Now, whaddaya need?"

2002-03-17, 04:59 PM
The two Nebulans stayed in their position by the gate, and the rockpile. They knew the Decepticons would have to come this way - or at least some of them would. Sunbeam had already decided that he would tag one of the Seekers, and leave the Insecticons alone if at all possible. Since he knew that the Seekers were in charge, he assumed that bugging them would yield more useful information.

2002-03-17, 06:49 PM
Marissa turned around to see the man she was talking to behind her.

"Yikes", she said. "Don't scare me like that, Witwicky".

She pointed out the window.

"Well, it appears our bait to capture Snake went off pretty good. So good, he had to get help from the Decepti-creeps. Go signal the attack squadron. We're going to need some backup."
Ramjet and the Insecticons left the ship and headed off towards the complex, Dirge following behind them.

"Ramjet to Thrust andDarkwing", he said. "Anything in your area?"

"Nothin' boss", Thrust said.

"Not here either", Darkwing said. "It's quiet. A little...too quiet, if ya ask me."

"Good job", Ramjet said. "Meet me at the enterance."

He turned to Dirge.

"I think something's up here", he said. "This is a prision complex. We should have been cornered teh second we landed. But it's dead quiet."

2002-03-17, 06:56 PM
Sunbeam elbowed Singe in the ribs.
"Hey look, they're coming. Two Seekers and the Insects."
"OK, get ready with that gun. Tag them as quick as you can, then we'll get the hell out of here when it's safe."

Sunbeam took aim, and fired twice, tagging both Ramjet and Dirge with tiny transmitters and cameras.

"Good work," Singe hissed.
"Now get down, and stay down. We'll have to summon our exo-suits before we can fly out of here."


On the distant hilltop, Spinister's radio recieving equipment suddenly crackled into life.
"Ramjet to Thrust andDarkwing", he said. "Anything in your area?"
"They did it!" Needlenose whooped.
"That they did. Now lets hope they have the sense to get back here as soon as they can."
"Yeah, finally something is going right."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-17, 08:59 PM
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"I would hate to just stand idle when I should be fighting."

Jhiaxus sighed, but was not down-heartened.

"Cryhavoc, you are indeed one of the strongest to have served the cause..."

Sixshot muttered something under his breath, Jhiaxus shot him a glance and continued.

"...but today, for now, is not your time to battle, when we strike Metrotitan, you SHALL take control of the Axalon and provide cover fire, we will find the alloy that you need for repair and return, we need your size for the assault to be a success and our cargo to be acquired..."

Jhiaxus again addressed the shuttle.

"Metrotitan approaches, prepare for battle..."

2002-03-17, 11:29 PM
Hearing Jhiaxus mention Metrotitan, Adeara kinda froze. "Lovely. Bloody lovely." Adeara played with a tiny flame she called up. "Will I be allowed free run?"

2002-03-17, 11:59 PM
Zorba walks out of the ship. He observes that no one has really paid attention to him, and smirks...this was going to be a good chance for him to wander off and see what turns up. So he does, and begins to look around. He has to stop a couple of times...he feels like there are other Decepticons in the area, but where is uncertain...
On a coded frequency, he sends a message to Lastrites that he will not be joining the party. He inisists she feign ignorance, however. "If they ask, you know nothing. I will be back for you once I have found other Decepticons....loyal Decepticons."

With that, he starts along a path parallel to theirs and scans for other Decpticons. Not long after the party drifts out of sight, he picks up two signals. Quietly, he approaches them.

2002-03-18, 12:21 AM
"Wait," Spinister cautioned his partner, "I'm detecting one of the Decepticons approaching."
"Which one?"
"One of the ones we don't know."
He took a chance and switched to long range radio.
"Sunbeam, Singe, get back here now!"


The two Nebulans picked up the transmission, and ducked further behind the rock pile. Summoning their exo-suits from subspace, they swiftly donned them, then took to the air, flying as fast as they could back to the rendezvous point.

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 02:38 PM
Metrotitan, Command Room:

Astrotrain nodded as Soundwave appeared and gave his report.

"Excellent. That may come soon...of course, with your telepathic bond with your 'children' will allow you to make more of a judgement call as to their attack plans and safety. I trust your judgement."

The Decepticon Commander crossed his arms and listened to Soundwave and Scourge's conversation, tightlipped.


Metrotitan, Core:

A message boomed over the loudspeaker, in Scourge's unmistakable rasp:

"Constructicons, do you have the brain unit up yet? We'll need to activate the Alpha drones in case the Autobots do make an attack here."

Scrapper dashed over to the comm unit as Mixmaster shrieked with pain as a steam vent suddenly exploded at his work station.

"Ow it burns, burns, burns!" the chemist howled.

"Shut up Mixmaster," Long Haul yelped over the din. He and Bonecrusher had joined Hook, Scrapper and Mixmaster in fixing the Brain and Personality Center.

Scrapper turned, and saw Hook (delicately as always) finish the last programming sequence, then gave a thumbs up.

"Scourge, Scrapper. Metrotitan's Brain is operational!" The Construticon Leader turned and Mixmaster gave a shaky thumbs up, laughing nervously. Bonecrusher and Long Haul collapsed into chairs as the Personality Chip began to function.

"And Metrotitan's Personality Core is online. He is ready to receive orders. The Alpha Drones should be arriving in your sector soon. Scrapper out."

The Construticons gave each other high fives, and collapsed into work-chairs.


Somewhere in Canada, EDC Arctic Base:

Dirge transformed to jet mode, and began to sweep South with the Insecticons. He didn't see anything.

Thrust followed Ramjet North, and the sector too was quiet.

As the groups met up...

Dirge crossed his arms.

"Yeah, 'Jet. I'm worried. I say we go in, and get this over with. The pathetic EDC's in charge of this base. What can they possibly do with us? But the longer we sit here doing nothing, the more likely we are a target. I say go in."

2002-03-18, 07:21 PM
"I agree", Ramjet said, heading towards the door.
"They're heading in", Marissa said. "Witwicky, you got the defenses ready?"

2002-03-18, 08:14 PM
Lastrites was annoyed.

She had been left behind at the ship.

First Zorba, then Thrust had abandoned her to go on some mission without taking her along.

"Well if that's the way they want it" she thought bitterly to herself "Well then I guess I am going to have to make them SUFFER!!!"

But first she needed information

Still in the ship, she plugged herself in and began to pull down information about this mudhole.

While typing away, she pauses for a moment and looks both at Snake and the General.

"So tell me about this mud...earth."

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 08:36 PM
Thrust was worried.

"I don't like it- I've got to back to the ship," he whispered at Dirge.

Dirge noddd.

"Go. Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind and I can handle them. Plus, we've got the Insecticons. If anything happens to the humans- we'll have no way of getting fuel."

Thrust transformed, and flew back to the ship.

Dirge, with the Insecticons, followed Ramjet towards the EDC Base.


Thrust transformed to robot mode, and walked into the ship.

He walked up to Lastrites, who seemed to be just beginning an conversation.

"Um, sorry I'm late," Thrust muttered. "I just got worried. If the EDC attacks- Snake and Fakkadi could be killed. Even though the drones are here- if you're disabled...well, it was just to dangerous."

2002-03-18, 08:45 PM
Snake looked at Lastrites.

"Well, this planet has lots of resources", he said. "And has lots of territory to plunder and explore."
Ramjet entered the complex, and began walking caustiously around, the Insecticons, Darkwing and Dreadwind following close behind.

"Hello?!", he shouted. "Anyone here?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 08:51 PM
Fakkadi looked on, settled in a Nebulan-sized chair as Snake conversed from his Nebulan seating arrangements with the charming fembot.

"My friend is right, madam," the dictator stroked his goatee.

"That is, until the wretched Earth Defense Command stopped those like Snake and myself from taking what is there to be taken by the strong as opposed to being protected by the weak."


EDC Base:

Dirge had his scannes on high alert as the Insecticons trooped stolidly behind him.

"Ramjet," he hissed. "Why don't you just go ahead and strike up a band! You don't intentionally let the humans know we're here!" he growled, exasperated.

So far, no security devices had been found- not even cameras. But it was early.

2002-03-18, 09:08 PM
Cryhavoc nodded to Jhiaxus. "I shall do whatever I can to help your mission from here." The massive Decepticon spoke and turned, heading towards Axalon's control system to get himself acquinted with them.

The doors to the command bridge opened and another massive, mostly black figure, only slightly smaller than Cryhavoc, stepped in and lifted his right claw for greeting.

"Cryhavoc might not be able to fight this time. But Scorponok surely will join you in this mission Jhiaxus." He spoke and flashed self-satisfied smile.

2002-03-18, 09:15 PM

Thrust transformed to robot mode, and walked into the ship.

He walked up to Lastrites, who seemed to be just beginning an conversation.

"Um, sorry I'm late," Thrust muttered. "I just got worried. If the EDC attacks- Snake and Fakkadi could be killed. Even though the drones are here- if you're disabled...well, it was just to dangerous."


Lastrites cracks a smile, "You are forgiven...for now."

Snake looked at Lastrites.

"Well, this planet has lots of resources", he said. "And has lots of territory to plunder and explore."

"My friend is right, madam," the dictator stroked his goatee.

"That is, until the wretched Earth Defense Command stopped those like Snake and myself from taking what is there to be taken by the strong as opposed to being protected by the weak."

"So I've noticed, " Lastrites calmly says as she reviews the information extremely quickly,

"Large Sources of Iron, Coal, Nickel, Cadium, Potash and even uranium in this Canada. As well as huge deposits of oil in the western provinces."

"Plus massive farmland for producing methenol plant forms"

"I am most pleased for our choice of...territory ."

"Tell me more about the Earth Defense Command. Key players and weapons that they have capable of producing?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 09:22 PM
Thrust returned a smile to Lastrites, then crossed his arms and sat next to he, across from the humans.

Fakkadi snorted.

"The EDC is beneath my contempt," he replied. "Their commander is a man by the name of Dashiel 'Flint' Faireborn, rank designate: General."

The dictator's mouth twisted into a snarl.

"And he has a daughter...Marissa...ah yes. Such a meddlesome wench. She is a Captain. Her father's little girl..."

Thrust nodded.

"Yeah, that last name rings a bell. She's one tough human. Lastrites, the EDC has numerous space-flight craft at their disposal as well as battery armed mobile stations that patrol the galaxy. Their defense capabilities are at present, unknown."

The Seeker shrugged.

"But their only human," he replied. He flashed Fakkadi a 'sorry, present company excepted' sort of half-smile.

The dictator nodded in understanding.

2002-03-18, 09:27 PM
Ramjet looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

Which was, he surmised, very strange, to say the least.

Several criminal elements were being held here, but it looked like the place was abandoned.

What could be going wrong?
Snake looked at Thrust.

"Don't underestimate the humans", he said. "Sometimes they can be very...resourceful."

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 09:36 PM
Dirge shifted from one foot to the next.

"Ramjet, are we going to search this place or what?" he whispered.


Thrust shrugged.

"Don't get me wrong- I got respect for some of 'em- that crippled guy in the wheelchair, and that damn Witwicky family."

2002-03-18, 09:40 PM
Ramjet knocked Dirge in the head.

"What do you think we've been doing?", he silently whispered. "It's not like we can just waltz in here and try to find out what's up here. We need to proceed cautiously."
Snake listened to Thrust.

"Yes, the Witwicky's", he said. "They've always been a problem for you, haven't they?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-18, 09:49 PM
Dirge rubbed his head.

"Geez, sorry, don't blow a gasket." He continued to look around.


Thrust grimaced.

"Yeah. It's not like I hate humans in general. They're just....like cattle, ya know? Easily controlled. But that family...juts gets under my paint trim. Spike's been messing up our plans for damn near two decades now, and his son's worse! That's one bloodline I'd like to see wiped out."

2002-03-18, 09:52 PM
"You may have your chance", Snake said. "I've heard reports that one of them has been sighted in this area."

2002-03-18, 10:09 PM
"Then I suppose its a safe assumption that we are going to run into them sooner or later."

"That should be...intriguing."

The computer screen then switch to a human anatomy book.

"Very intriguing indeed. Its surprising how...fragile you humans are."

"Tell me about the people we are rescuing?"

"Are they resourceful?"

2002-03-19, 04:21 AM
Originally posted by Lastrites

You mean Zorba, yes?


Zorba nears the signals. "Who's there?" he says, speculating. "Lord Galvatron?"

It would seem odd for the boss to show up and hide himself in such away, but Zorba considered anything to be possible...

2002-03-19, 04:59 AM
Jhiaxus smirked at his Decepticons.

Jhiaxus: "You all have free run...OPtitron will be in control. Destroy everyone...Autobot, Decepticon, or Human until we find the one we seek!"

Optitron: "And who exactly is that anyways..."

Jhiaxus: "Why...none other than Bludgeon..."

2002-03-19, 09:36 PM
Ramjet turend a corner in the complex, not sure of what he was expecting to find. this whole place creeped him out.

The Insecticons, along with Darkwing, Dreadwind and Dirge, followed behind.
Snake looked at Lastrites.

"Yes", he said. "Most useful indeed."

2002-03-19, 09:45 PM
Adeara gave a wicked laugh. "So kill anyone, save Bludgeon?" Now her curiosity got the better of her. "May I ask, my Lord, what do you need Bludgeon for?" She then winced inwardly. That curiosity had nearly killed her when she was still a normal Ta'Kaalen. But while she wasn't a normal Ta'Kaalen, it could still get her killed.

2002-03-19, 10:38 PM
Spinister and Needlenose rose from their crouched position, realising it would be slightly pointless to keep hiding, and leapt down in front of Zorba.

Meanwhile, Singe and Sunbeam dropped from the air, transforming into gun modes, and landing in their partners' hands.

The two Targetmasters held their weapons losely, in a stance that was not overly hostile, but would enable them to act at a moment's notice.

"Not quite," Spinister replied.
"However, we are on a mission for the current Earth commander of the Decepticons, Astrotrain, who reports to the current leader of the Decepticons. However, we believed Galvatron was dead."

"Yeah, and who might you be, anyway?" Needlenose asked.


"They're powering weapons," one of the other Decepticons in the control room replied.
"Then we can assume that they're hostile."

Scourge turned to face roughly the centre of the room.
"Metrotitan, get the Alpha drones online. Brief them fully as to the current mission objectives, and ensure that our defence drones are being deployed throughout your interior."
"I hear and obey."

Scourge then walked over to Astrotrain.
"Any further orders Commander?"

2002-03-20, 01:51 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Ramjet turend a corner in the complex, not sure of what he was expecting to find. this whole place creeped him out.

The Insecticons, along with Darkwing, Dreadwind and Dirge, followed behind.
Snake looked at Lastrites.

"Yes", he said. "Most useful indeed."


Lastrites continues pulling up information with one screen while typing code into another.

"You'd think they would have better security on a decepticon ship. Still, these multiple firewalls with cycling ports crossed with an AI fireport should keep our electronic systems more secure."

"As for defenses, other then a few turrets, there really isn't many weapons."

"Time to modify the sensor dish, and I have the perfect example of which I want to inflict."

Lastrites, pushes a button on her staff and pops out the
cerebro shell.

"The perfect example indeed."

2002-03-20, 02:18 AM
"Are the guns ready?" Daniel commanded.

"Sir!" the technician seated before him replied.

Daniel nodded to himself. He turned his head to a man wearing a headset in an adjacent chair, scratching his stubble. Mmm, he needed a shave.

"And the troops?"

The officer mumbled something into his headset, while punching buttons on the console next to him. "Ready, sir."

Daniel nodded again, more slowly this time.

"Witwicky, you got the defenses ready?"

Daniel's eyes wandered to the radio on the table behind. A red light flashed on its top. He unfolded his arms long enough to hoist it to his face, depress the circuit button, and issue a response.

"Ready to move at your order, Commander Fairborne."



Rumble was an idol. Fixed, unmoving, perpetually vigilant. The wind blew over him fruitlessly; he felt as little as he moved. His rifle crossed his chest silently, supported by both stolid hands. His eyes were motionless, perfectly set in a position to see all before him.

Set to see it.

Thoughtlessly, Rumble reanimated. His joints rustily displaced his limbs, and his weapons system charged. One foot stepped back to support the impending reaction force, while the other turned to balance his body. The newly idle right hand detached his free weapon from his back, holding it vertically while the opposite fired off two rounds toward the incoming ship.


Soundwave observed the goings-on of the Command Center quietly. A slew of unknown Decepticons scuttled about him. Soundwave found curious that, despite his conspicuous size and location, he remained unnoticed. Nonetheless, he --

"Soundwave, they're here!"

Nonetheless, he lost his concentration. His eyes looked over the yet nerved Scourge and Astrotrain, neglecting for a moment that they had not heard his telepathy.

"Where, Rumble?"

Following a quick pause...

"Gate Four Mark Phi. They haven't opened fire yet, but they're headin' straight for us! What do I do?"

Having caught his associates' attention by his previous outburst, Soundwave caught many stupored eyes staring at him. As he made eye contact with each, they awkwardly returned to their business, as Soundwave did to his.

"Spare them no malice, Rumble."

Rumble responded with an implied sense of giddiness, and signed off.

2002-03-20, 02:41 AM
"Good", Marissa said. "They're coming up on the first group. Activate them...now!"
"Did I say how completly boring this is?", Dreadwind said.

"Quit complaining", Ramjet said. "We'll just check out this last room, and then we'll go."

Ramjet opened the door...

2002-03-20, 03:04 AM
Jhiaxus was almost startled by the question of his intentions as he tunred to Adeara.

Jhiaxus: "Why my dear...he possesses a certain quality which we need...your people believe in fate, do you not? Well fate forcasted a very special role for the one called Bludgeon in the coming months...and if my own brother will deny the seat of power that is rightfully his, I will have to look to other members of my kin..."

Quick Switch
2002-03-20, 03:25 AM
Dirge followed behind Ramjet's group silently.

"The sooner this is over, the better."


Thrust pondered Lastrites' staff, with the now popped-out cerebro shell.

"What do you plan to do with that thing?"



Astrotrain turne to Scourge.

"Excellent. I have no further orders for you Scourge except these: do not allow Metrotitan to be captured by whomever is attacking us. The tactical and strategic loss to the Empire would be staggering. And that I will not allow. If the situation calls for, you may join the fray. Until then..." the Commander turned to Soundwave-

"...we await further developments." He peered down at the vidtable.

2002-03-20, 04:15 AM
Galvatron appeared on the view screen before Soundwave and his Decepticons.

Galvatron: "My Decepticons...I, Galvatron...the one TRUE ruler of the mighty Decepticon race, have recently been given insight into a great threat that approaches. This threat, greater than any other, has been bore down upon us by our own bretheran...by Decepticons! The one known to us as Jhiaxus has conconcted a fiendish plot and cuppled with that buffoon Optitron, he has coerced Sixshot, Adeara, and Scorponok over to his side...it should also come as little surprise that the traitor Starscream also sides with them."

Galvatron paused then took a few steps towards his warriors: "I want you all to know...how very proud i am to be your leader. We decepticons are a mighty race...born to conquer...to rule...to dominate! Yet, there is a darkness on the horizon...one which I am uncertain as to whether or not we can sustand alone. In addition to the enemy we know we face, I have reason to believe that Jhiaxus serves mine and his very own creator...the maker of the Decepticons...the father of our destiny, the Liege Maximo...worse yet, I fear they may have found a way to revive Unicron...and even control him."

A muttering went over the crowd and shock filled the room.

Galvatron: "What I now ask will not be easy, but it is time for every Decepticon to band together...but we cannot do this alone. The time may come to extend a hand to our long lost brothers...our wayward member of our family tree. Here is what I now ask of you...Onslaught and Deszaras, lead the bulk of the forces here to Earth to join with Soundwave. I shall take Gigatron, Skywarp, and Hatemonger to Cybertron...to meet with the Autobots..."

Galvatron stopped for a moment again: "I know what you are thinking, that I have once again gone truely mad. The time has come where you will have to trust me...I know I haven't earned it based upon my past, but know this...Galvatron is not what he once was...what I lacked in the past has been developed and no longer will blind rage dictate our direction! Glory will be ours...our enemies will be vanquished...and the Decepticons shall claim their rightful place...as the dominant force in the universe! And now my warriors...go...go to stake our claim for the future!"

2002-03-20, 04:30 AM

Thrust pondered Lastrites' staff, with the now popped-out cerebro shell.

"What do you plan to do with that thing?"


"Why give us a weapon to defend ourselves."

"Now grab those tools and start working on the deflector dish.

"We have to prepare against our enemies."

2002-03-20, 04:43 AM
Tooned into one of many frequencies. Galvatron's words hit Lastrites like a tone of bricks.

"IT CAN'T BE!!!"

"How could anyone control a GOD!!!"

"Jhiaxus MUST BE STOPPED, immediately!!!"

"Thrust, Snake, Fakkadi, we have to put our plans of world domination on the backburner until we can deal with this new threat."

She is practically in hysterics.

2002-03-20, 12:25 PM
Scourge looked up at the screen.
"L... Lord Galvatron, we feared you were dead," but in his heart, he knew that was not strictly true. He knew Galvatron wasn't dead... somehow. They were created from the same stock, after all. The stock of the one they must now fight against to stop.

"So..." Scourge turned to Astrotrain, "This changes things quite a lot. I suggest we give new orders to the Metrodrones, and with your permission, I'll contact my warriors in Canada."

2002-03-20, 06:41 PM
Adeara blinked once. So Bludgeon was needed for some quality, and because he is one of Jhiaxus' kin. Made sense to her. "Very well, my Lord. I'll do as you ask, and stop only when I've killed all who oppose you who stand in my path, or I find Bludgeon." The shapeshifter performed a graceful bow, then began readying herself for combat.....

2002-03-20, 06:43 PM
"Fire!" Daniel ordered.

The officer before him (watching the Decepticons enter the room on ultra-violet sensors) scrambled to lower the swarm of chain guns hidden in the walls and ceiling of the Decepticons' latest locale.



Soundwave examined the transmission delicately. Decepticon frequency, high priority, proper security codeces, absolutely authentic. All signs pointed to yes; Soundwave released a small internal sigh.

"Indeed, Scourge... Galvatron sends warriors to assist us. With their arrival, things will undeniably change for our benefit. Perhaps this battle will be less hassling than I'd suspected. And I'm sure Galvatron will want to see that your men serve us loyally..."



Squawkbox stumbled off his feet by the turbulence, bumping rougly into Cryhavoc. He hurriedly pushed himself away from the gargantuan warrior, and ran back to his leader.

"Jhiaxus! We're under attack!"

2002-03-20, 06:54 PM
Scourge nodded, and turned to a console, reaching down with one hand, and pressed a few buttons.
"Spinister, Needlenose, come in. Please respond."
"Needlenose here boss, what's up? We have a situation here."
"As do we. Return to Metrotitan at once. Your assistance is needed here, to repel an attack by a group of rebel Decepticons."
"Not much time to waste now. Suffice is to say that Galvatron is alive, and these rebels... Don't like that. I'll explain fully once you return here."
"Gotcha, Needlenose out."

Spinister stepped back alongside his partner, and away from his silent confrontation with Zorba.
"You heard him. Our Commander is alive and well. We're needed to carry out his will, and if you see him as your Lord also, you will allow us to leave."

Without another word, the two transformed, and took off, heading for Metrotitan.

"Spinister to Scourge, we should arrive in twenty minutes."
"Very well Spinister, we shall be expecting you."

Scourge turned to the others in the room.
"My men are on their way here, to help out with the defence of Metrotitan."

2002-03-20, 07:33 PM
Ramjet opened the door...and was greeted by a hail of gun fire.

"I think we've been set up, boss", Dreadwind said.

"You think?!", Ramjet said. "We've got to get back to the ship."

They raced back to the ship, the hail of gunfire following them all the while.
Snake saw the group returning to the ship, being followed by soldiers firing at them.

"I do think that would be for the best, Lastrites", he said.

Thrust sat down at the controls and began to warm up the ships engines.

2002-03-20, 08:58 PM
Lastrites immediately sits at the gunner control panel.

"Weapons are powering up. Aiming turrets to provide cover fire."

She immediately hands both Fakkaddi and Snake each of what looks like a game boy.

"These are synked to the laser turrets. Just in case the AI kicks out, you know what to do."

She immediately moves to the logistics position.

"Sensors indicates human troops as well as decepticons."

"Take to the air Thrust. When their within range, I'll open the drop doors. "

While Lastrites is barking out orders. One nagging thought is at the back of her head.

Is this Zorba's doing?

2002-03-20, 09:21 PM
The Decepticons raced to the Bane, as Thrust brought the ship into the air and headed towards their position.

Quick Switch
2002-03-20, 09:37 PM

Astrotrain watched the display impassively.

"What do you expect? If it hadn't been for me, Galvatron would have been dead at the hands of some fresh off the press Autobot, without me risking my trim to save him. So it's no surprise that he lives now. Very well- now I know who to answer to. And I'll do so gladly."

He turned to Scourge.

"Carry on."

The Commander turned to Soundwave.

"No, this battle won't be a hassle at all. When an if Galvatron arrives, I want him to see I run a tight organization for him...after we deal with that fanatic Jhiaxus."


Somewhere in Canada:

Dirge transformed to jet mode and entered the Bane.

"Screw that," he muttered, watching Thrust hurridely keep the ship steady.

Thrust turned.

"Galvatron lives."

Dirge shrugged.

" 'Kay. So what?"

Thrust shook his head, hitting consoles as he talked.

"He's making a big push. Evidently the Liege Maximo's got plans- and we don't fit into them."

Dirge sat.

"All right. We haven't got much choice. We have to make an impression that we didn't do anything wrong..."

Fakkadi sat, impassively, and turned to Snake.

"Wonderful. Another civil war."

2002-03-20, 09:41 PM
Ramjet, Darkwing, Dreadwind and The Insecticons entered the ship.

"What's this I hear about Galvatron being alive?", Ramjet asked in surprise.

Snake turned to Fakkadi.

"Yes", he said silently.

Quick Switch
2002-03-20, 09:49 PM
Dirge shook his head.

"Galvatron's alive, OK? Geez. Apparently, something called the Liege Maximo- creator of our race according to Galvatron- has begun a genocidal campaign against all Transformers."

Thrust shrugged.

"Yeah. Well, I'm getting out of here."

Thrust punched in a series of coordinates, and the shuttle flew away from the Base.

2002-03-20, 09:55 PM
Marissa Fairborne looked out the window as the ship took off and headed away from the base.

"Good job, Danny", she said. "Pack it in."
Ramjet looked in astonishment at Dirge.

"Oh, Pit slag!", he said. "Now what are we gonna do?"

Quick Switch
2002-03-20, 09:58 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"Fakkadi, who's in command of the Cons Earthside?"

Fakkadi shrugged.

"Astrotrain, of course. I thought you knew."

Dirge turned to Ramjet.

"We head to Metrotitan right now, and join up. Astrotrain's a good Con, 'Jet. He'll listen. He and I saved Gavaltron from some scum mint Autobot (OOC: anybody remember Whitespeed?)...cause if we don't do it, we'll be called renegades and hunted down. Shock, they might think we're working for the Liege ourselves!"

Thrust nodded.

"Yeah. We gotta go see him Ramjet."

2002-03-20, 10:04 PM
"I guess you're right", Ramjet said. "I don't think that we really got any other choice. Thrust, set a course."

Thrust moved his hands over the controls, and the ship took oof in the direction of Metrotitain.

2002-03-20, 10:05 PM
"Dammit, they have to attack Metrotitan now, of all times." Scourge thought.

"Very well Astrotrain. Most of our external weapons are offline, as I said, and most of the Decepticons who'd normally be stationed here are out on various missions on this miserable speck of a planet. We'll have to put our trust in the Metrodrones until the reinforcements from Cybertron arrive."

His console beeped, and he pressed a few buttons.

"Word from Spinister and Needlenose. They're on their way. Wait, there's more. It appears that the rennegade shuttle is taking off. Course as yet unknown. I have a part audio log from the surveillance.

"We head to Metrotitan right now, and join up. Astrotrain's a good Con, 'Jet. He'll listen..."

The rest of the transmission swiftly degenerated into a series of whirs and crackles.

"Must be the recievers on our end playing up - but we can expect more reinforcements from Canada too."

Quick Switch
2002-03-20, 10:10 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"All right. It's better than I expected."

He listened as Scourge played back the audio on the shuttle.

"That's Dirge, Scourge. There's no audio feedback trouble." he laughed. "Him, a renegade? I don't believe it. He and I go way back..."

He watched the shuttle's progress on the vid.

"Well, the shuttle's on its way. Grant them clearance, Scourge. But I want you to watch them, if what you say is true about this Renegade nonsense. Any other Decepticons get off that shuttle Besides Seekers, and you let me know immediately."

2002-03-20, 10:32 PM
The shuttle closed in on Metrotitain.

"This is Ramjet, leader of the Decepticon...The Decepticon Special Forces to Metrotitain. Request landing clearance."

2002-03-20, 10:45 PM
"Special Forces?" Scourge laughed, then flicked on a monitor to show the interior of the shuttle, from the Point of View of Ramjet's leg (where Sunbeam tagged him with the bug).

He then pressed the communications button.

"Metrotitan to the Special Forces," he replied, with just a tiny hint of sarcasm, "You're cleared to land on Landing Pad 4."

"Errr, Boss..."
"Yes Fracas?"
"Spinister and Needlenose are back."
"Have them report here right away."
"Righteo boss."

2002-03-20, 10:49 PM
Ramjet landed the shuttle, then turned to Dirge and Thrust.

"We'll go out", he said. "I want to leave Darkwing and Dreadwind here because I don't want them knowing about the Transmetal technology. I want to leave the Insecticons here because I don't want them to know they're on our side. And I really don't want them to know about the humans."

Ramjet turned and exited the ship. The last time he was at Metrotitain, he had convinced Dirge to help them against the Insecticons. So much had happened during that time.

He stepped onto Metrotitain's surface and waited.

2002-03-20, 10:49 PM
"Make it so," Lastrites says, smile returning, but still agitated.

"Perhaps we can turn this to our advantage."

"The way I see it, Galvatron is going to need all the warriors he can get in surviving this"

"And if Jhiaxus has declared war on his own species, I think it is most definately better to pick the other side."

"I need to do some statistics, see if we can determine where Jhiaxus is most likely to strike next and prepare key defenses."

2002-03-20, 10:58 PM
Darkwing gave a datapad to Lastrites.

"This is all the computer's have on Jihaxus", he said. "Better start reviewing."

2002-03-20, 10:59 PM
Scourge turned as Needlenose and Spinister entered the chamber, and stood to attention in front of him.

"You did a good job on that mission, congratulations."
"Gee, thanks Boss," Needlenose said enthusiastically.
"Don't let it go to your head, now, get on guard by the door, and be ready for trouble."

The two turned on their heels, catching their weapons as Singe and Sunbeam transformed, and took up a position by the door.

"Metrotitan Command to Ramjet. Please bring all crew of your craft, and report to the Command Centre. Security Drones will accompany you. Astrotrain would like a word.

2002-03-20, 11:05 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge and Thrust.

"We'd better get going", he said.

2002-03-20, 11:05 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell
Darkwing gave a datapad to Lastrites.

"This is all the computer's have on Jihaxus", he said. "Better start reviewing."

Lastrites picks up the datapad and begins to look at the information, as she casually tags along with the seekers.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-03-20, 11:06 PM
Sixshot fell out of his command post as the Axalon joulted heavily to one side.

"Jhiaxus! We're under attack!"

"No kidding...." Sixshot picked himself up "....Jhiaxus, our cover is broken, though in this crude vessel I'd imagine they think us Autobots..."

Sixshot pulled out his two hypersonic concussion blasters and played with them skillfully.

"...and I think that's what they call.....an advantage..."

2002-03-20, 11:17 PM
Scourge's fingers flew skillfully over the console as he turned his attention back to the Autobot ship.

"Alpha Drones, all sectors. Stand by to repel intruders. Operation Search and Destroy."

He quickly flicked to another channel.

"Constructicons, keep us afloat, I want all the drones to know exactly what they're doing at all times."

He turned to Needlenose and Spinister.
"We wait here, to greet our guests. Then we go and fight, not before."

Finally, he walked up to Astrotrain, and stood slightly behind, and to the left.
"Suggest we allow the Autobots to come to us. Within Metrotitan, we have the advantage. Outside, without the exterior defences operational, we have none."

2002-03-21, 12:25 AM
Soundwave crossed his arms impatiently, taking in the conversation between Astrotrain and Ramjet. Each word annoyed him just a touch more than the last; abruptly, he burst out.

"Commander Astrotrain, I hope you don't intend to let these rogues go unpunished. I realize that you feel Dirge a... friend, for lack of a more succinct word. But he and his cohorts went against us. They betrayed your authority and ignored the true Decepticon hierarchy. Lord Galvatron would call that treason, don't you think?"

Soundwave grinned invisibly.

Quick Switch
2002-03-21, 12:49 AM
Astrotrain thought.

"Scourge, I agree. Envelopment tactics tend to work well..when executed properly. Do what you must."

He turned to Soundwave.

"Yes...that may be. But I am unaware of any plot. At any rate, Ramjet will have ample time to explain himself. If his answers are unsatisfactory, you may deal with him. But I believe Dirge and..."he looked over at a vidcom- "Thrust were pawns. You know their personalities."


Metrotitan's Core:

Scrapper heard Scourge's announcement, and replied on intercom.

"Yeah, I hear you Scourge. Hook, set the Drones security paramaters, pronto!"

Hook snorted, then flicked the necessary consoles.

"Done, fearless leader," he laughed.

Mixmaster turned.

"Scourge, all the Drones are ready, ready, ready!"


Dirge and Thrust exited the ship, and stood waiting. When one of the Metrodrones beckoned, the Seekers followed.

Stopping at the entanceway, Dirge and Thrust looked in the command center.

Astrotrain. Scourge. Soundwave.

Astrotrain pointed at the Seekers.

"Soundwave, question them."

2002-03-21, 03:46 AM
To be continued in "Reunions" Earth thread.