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2006-05-14, 06:39 AM
It begins with an experiment.

A entire world, reshaped into a gigantic laboratory. We seed it with Energon and cover with monitoring devices. The experiment goes well.

But something goes wrong. The laboratory is corrupted, its sterile perfection tarnished by a group of small, ignorant creatures who breach the seal and infest it. We tolerate their interference, but tolerance only goes so far. They cross a line, and we have no choice but to end the experiment. They resist, and through the surprising valiance of one of their number, they defeat our failsafes. Their corruption spreads, destroying the original experiments even as it changes their very structure to include some of our own energies.

We are intrigued.

There is great debate among the brethren about how to proceed. Some wish to expunge the irritants from our laboratory and start afresh. Others wish to observe, to see how these tiny beings react as they begin to unravel our mysteries. Yet others wish to guide them, steer them in a direction that will be useful to us, to our goals. The latter ideal wins out.

The corruptors become the experiment.

We wish to know more about them. We capture two of them for examination, and are surprised. We know these creatures! We have met their kind before, somewhen. The creatures don't know us, however; they are strictly three-dimensional beings, unable to travel along higher-dimensional vectors the way our kind can.

Another arrival. This one seeks to disrupt the experiment, to capture one of the subjects and return it to its primitive culture for judgement. This cannot be allowed; we prepare to act, but it is unnecessary. The new arrival is suborned by his very prey, turned to the cause by a message from a past that hasn't happened yet.

But the plan revealed by the prey is disruptive, the barely-foiled endgame one that will disrupt time and space in ways unforeseen by its simple mind. Although stopped, the prey continues to act. He steals one of our devices and uses it to mutate his brethren further, merging them yet deeper with our energies. This cannot be countenanced.

Action must be taken.

We cannot agree. Some wish to eliminate the experiment altogether. Others argue that it must go on, with only the rogue element excised. There is no consensus. The fate of the experiment hinges on a single voice. In other temporal lines, the voice speaks in favour of elimination. However, in this line, it sides with the experiment.

The experiment will go on.

An avatar is be required, one who can silence the renegade forever. Irony speaks, now. We recover the life force of the agent sent to retrieve the rogue and massage it, healing it and strengthening it with our energies. We teach it, imparting wisdom, showing it the ruination that will follow if the rogue is allowed to succeed. The agent understands. He agrees to stand with us, to see past the loyalties of a past that will never come to pass if the meddler is allowed victory.

Others are required. Unborn creatures are scattered across the surface of the laboratory, awaiting birth. We retrieve them. However, they are not compatible. Their personalities are preordained by their creators. This will create imbalance, ending the experiment prematurely. This cannot be allowed.

We take knowledge from our agent's mind, and use it to re-create some of the creatures. They are in balance. Equal parts of what they so blindly call 'good' and 'evil'. However, another balance must be maintained. To balance our agent, we require another, one who can do what will be required of a 'good' leader. We search the timescape, find a suitable candidate. However, we cannot take him; his role in history is too great. We examine him and release him. We replicate him, imposing his mind and traits on one of the unborn.

We are ready.

We require a nursery, a location for the unborn to incubate and be born. We fashion it. An island, floating in mid-air, out of the reach of the creatures. Or so we thought.

OOC translation: all of the non-show characters you guys have claimed are sitting in protoforms on a floating island (similar to the one we saw in the first season of the 'toon), waiting to be woken up by the show characters [if you guys can find it and get on it quick enough] or by the Vok [if you can't]. Have fun!

If you've really got your heart set on a different intro for one of your non-show guys...ask nicely, and we'll see what we can do. :)

2006-05-14, 06:40 AM
Forest, near Mount St. Hillary

As he watched the light of the nearly-full moon cut through the clouds and illuminate the boreal forest he was walking in, Silverbolt could feel a strange urge to break out in howls. The part of him that was a wolf was amused by the idea, but he knew he'd never hear the end of it if his comrades caught him in the act. Still, the idea of a Maximal warrior baying at the moon like a common animal was enough to prompt a slight smile from the knightly warrior (although his canine beast mode head made the expression appear more than a little predatory).

Taking a few careful steps deeper into the wilderness, the Fuzor took a sniff of the humid air. The scent of pine was think in the air around him, and he couldn't deny the appeal it held for him. He knew that more than a few of his comrades missed the Axalon and the jungle-like foliage that surrounded it, but the evergreen forest that surrounded the Ark had a certain intangible feel to it that appealed to the base instincts of the Maximal's beast mode. Moving through it at night, with little or no light to guide him, made it all the more facinating. He was forced to rely on his hearing and sense of smell to guide him, and he found that these late-night walks were slowly improving his skills as a tracker.

The only thing that would make them better, he thought to himself, would be if my beloved saw fit to join me.

Silverbolt knew that his fellow Maximals thought he was insane for having such affection for a Predacon, even one who had proven to be somewhat cooperative over the last few months. The tracker even occasionally thought that Black Arachnia that way as well, but his innate sense of chivalry wouldn't let him dwell on such thoughts for very long. He knew there was good in her, even if the femme herself tried to deny it most of the time.

The Fuzor shook his head, breaking his train of thought. This sort of brooding, he knew, would only disrupt his training. He may have had a duty to try and lead Black Arachnia towards the side of good, but he had other duties as well...the foremost being the duty to keep Megatron and his craven gang of Predacon thugs from disrupting the timeline or destroying the innocent life of this planet.

With one last, deep breath, the tracker sprung off into the forest, following the scent of what appeared to be a native rodent of some sort.

2006-05-14, 07:01 AM


"That's better," Rhinox muttered as the console sparked back to life. Once again, he was upgrading the defensive perimeter around the Ark, and the Axalon's systems were once again having problems integrating with those of the four million old ship.

He lugged a power cable as thick as one of his legs across the floor, and hefted it into place with a grunt. The audible click of the locking mechanism engaging brought a smile to his face.

"We're ready to roll," he said to no one in particular, before tapping a meticulous set of commands in to the console.

"Warning, Power Surge imme..."

Rhinox killed the power to the console.

"Slag. It's going to be one of those days."

2006-05-14, 07:11 AM
"Snctccchtttt....prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............. Snctccccchttttt......prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........."
It was late, and Cheetor was sound asleep in what remained of his quarters - half a wall, a door and the rocky side of a mountain for the remainder of the walls. The salvaged bridge and a few adjacent walls were all that remained of the Maximal ship, and it had been salvaged to be near to the Ark. The volcanic warmth surrounding the remains was welcomed by the feline maximal, who lay on a flat rock sprawled out on his back, with paws splayed in every direction. His mouth had dropped open and some half-snores / half-purrs rumbled softly in the air, but the sleep wasn't entirely peaceful. A tiny buzzing insect droned around one ear, causing a sleepy paw to intermittently flash upwards to swish it away.

2006-05-14, 10:50 AM
" Protoform X. "

Depth Charge sighed.

" Rampage ", he corrected himself.

The bitter Maximal was in his Manta Ray form, prowling in the depths of the lake where the Axalon's rests were lying. His shark drone was a few meters in front of him, his sensors at full range. The transmetal was, as always, searching for his nemesis, but now something had changed. He still believed destroying Rampage was his first priority in his live, and his hate for Proto...Rampage was as burning as ever. But something changed, something was diferent.

" No, it's a promise; an agreement. "

The Maximal changed his course moving naturally his majestic wings as he slowly swam towards the lake surface. A few days ago he had agreed with Optimus stop acting as an independent agent and get more involved with his fellow Maximals, but Depth Charge was uneasy. He still had the feel, the urge, the need of search for Rampage and kill him.
But he was a Maximal, a loyal one. And now he had a new loyalty; not only with his death friends on Omicron but with the Axalon crew stranded on Earth.

" I'll help them, but in my way " he concluded.

Depth Charge transformed into robot mode, picked his shark drone and swan towards the lake's border. Once there he looked around a last time for if Rampage was there, and then transformed into his Aerial Cruiser mode and flew at high velocity towards the Ark.

2006-05-14, 12:45 PM
Megatron stood alone in the main control room of the predacon base. He stood stock still in the dark his frame illuminated by the screens on in fron of him. Only his eyes moved, flickering from one set of readouts to another, from close circuit telivision from within and without his base. None was as it should be.
He turned and advanced to his command chair: for as long as they had been here, for all the power at the disposal of his troops, the Maximals remained. Through luck, chance, guile, and only to himself would he ever admit this last, better tactics, the Maximal presence on the planet remained, stronger than ever, as strong as his predacons had ever been.
He sat down with a sigh. If he was brutally honest with himself, it had always been this way. He clicked a button on his armrest and sent out a short range broadcast:
"All predacons, report your present activities: If you aren't doing anything, then report here with a suitable excuse."
Megatron looked up to the upmost screen: it had been cycling through the current operational maximals, but he paused it: A visage of Optimus Primal filled the screen, full of heroism and nobility.
"Oh, how I'll enjoy crushing that smile Optimus: One day soon, you'll beg me to end your suffering."

God Jinrai
2006-05-14, 05:10 PM
Maximal Base located just inside Mt.Saint Hillary

" Blast it all to the inferno..." Primal growled to himself.

The maximal leader had spent so little time in his new body that the massive form seemed to be causing more trouble for him than good.
Looking over to the massive form of the Ark, Primal sighed.

Primal glanced over at Rhinox for a moment, before the power surge took effect. As he brought a hand up to shield his face from a stream of sparks, the wing mounded near his shoulder swung out, smashing into a nearby pile of components from the axalon... nothing valuable, just the seats and non-essential consoles from the ship, but it served to set Primal off enough to start away from the area.

"You don't know the half of it, Rhinox." Primal muttered silently.

As he left the central area of the base, Primal looked out sadly across the lava at the massive form of the Ark

"I have to wonder how you ever managed, my ancestor. Nearly ten times our present size... consuming energy at once unprecedented rates... by most living beings' scale, large enough to stand shoulder to tip with a great deal of their buildings. "

Primal looked down at his giant mechanical hands, a sadness in his eyes.

"For all the power, speed and strength this new body gives me... its drawbacks are too great for the time being..."

Slowly turning, Optimus Primal started toward the main entry-way of the volcano base. As he passed by the consoles, he inadvertntly shifted into his ground-pounding cruiser mode, rolling up toward the doors.

"Then again... I understand the satisfaction you had, Optimus Prime... that line you spoke time after time when the time for battle came... what was it again?"

The doors swung open, and Primal's engines roared.

"Ah... that's it. Roll Out!"

Wheels spun, and the boosters on his rear came to life, launching him out of the base, and sending him flying up over the landscape, until he came down, wheels spinning on the dirt beneath him.

"I need some time out of here... time to think... and get better attuned to this body"

2006-05-14, 06:27 PM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge, Night Watch:

Rattrap yawned, managing to remember not to lean back in his chair, and put his elbows on the console before him, half a fuelpump beat away from burying his face in his hands. “Night watch again. Geeze, dere’s time I gotta wonder if da Boss Monkey’s losin’ it…… I been doin’ dis fa a whole week now, an dere ain’t nothin’ happenin’.” He gave a weary sigh. "No two ways about it, we gotta get more recruits. I c'n t'ink of a lot betta t'ings I c'n do at night...." Shrugging, he did the only thing he could think of to keep awake.

Typing a few commands into the console, he called up the computer’s main directory, some small and not yet cynical part of him marveling at the speed that Teletran 1 had imparted to the Axalon’s remaining computer systems. “Let’s see….. Cyber-Vegas Grand Tour Poker? Nah. I still owe dis slaggin’ computer twenny grand…….” A slight scowl creased his face. “Inferno? Who da slag…. Oh. I bet Cheetor put dis one on here. Neva did figure dat game out….. Who’d want to play a Golden Age’a Cybertron RPG, anyway? Neva did figure out teenagers....” He continued scrolling through the entries. “Tomb Raider? Nah. Stubbs da Zombie? Metal Fatigue? What da slag would I want to play Metal Fatigue for? I already got dat…..” Casting the occasional glance up at the secutiry monitor(Cheetor’s “evolution” still painfully fresh in his memory), he almost missed it.

Not that he had missed it before. He just hadn’t been able to bring himself to look at it.

A simple sub-directory, with a one word title. Dinobot

Not for the first time, he wondered what it was. It was too big to be Primal’s way too wordy reports on Dinobot. Heck, it was the only file that hadn’t been corrupted when Rampage broke the ship.

Which, in itself, was very strange. With a sigh, Rattrap opened the directory and started skimming the contents.

Then he stopped. Scrolling back up to the top, he started checking them again, optics widening in shock, a huge grin breaking out on his face. “Dat slaggin’ saurian…. I bet he planned dis!” Moving to another station, he called up a visual image of the Dinobot currently serving Megatron, started doing a breakdown of physical composition, systems information, any othere tests he could think of based on the unfortunately scant information the Maximals had collected on the next generation of Transmetals.

Topside, Predacon Base:

Dinobot sniffed the night air, his beast mode olfactory sensors picking out all kinds of interesting information. As Megatron's command came over his commlink, he stopped sniffing, turned, and headed back inside, the slasher claw on each foot tak-taking against the deck plating with each step. "I am coming, Megatron....."

2006-05-15, 12:02 AM
Inferno ran off to find Megatron.

"I do nothing my Queen I await to serve the colony!" The antbot cheered running hoping for something to do in order to make his colony proud.



Waspinator was buzzing about outside attacking random animals as he heard Megatron's message.

"Aww Waspinator is clearing out animals from away from baseeeeee." He said turning back to the base.

"Waspinator returning to base." He said as he travelled back to the ship to see what Megatron wanted.

2006-05-15, 07:53 AM
Forest, near Mount St. Hillary

Silverbolt's ears pricked up as the sound of a roaring engine roused his hunter's instincts. The tracker listened quietly for a moment, not breathing, his beast mode's simulated heartbeat slowing to almost nothing as he tried to match the sound to any of the Transformers he had met since awakening on this untamed world. It was difficult; the source was at least a mile away. But after a moment's thought, he had it.

Primal. Our leader is more than a bit agitated, if his engine noise is any token. The noble warrior briefly considered tracking the massive Maximal chieftain down and trying to make him feel better, but quickly decided against the idea. Were I in such ill sorts, I would only find solace on my own. If he wanted companionship, he wouldn't be leaving the base.

The tracker knew perfectly well that there was one other way he could make himself feel better, but he deftly deflected his train of thought before he managed to start dwelling on her again.

Falling into a crouch, the grey Maximal pushed out with his legs at the same time as he pumped his wings, throwing himself up into the air with the grace of an eagle and the savage purpose of a wolf.

The Island

Lush, green plant life rolled off in every direction, trees, grass and shrubs extending as far as the optic sensor could see. It was, he supposed, typical of most tropical islands on this planet. What wasn't typical, though, were the large obelisks that could be seen protruding from the foliage every mile or so...or the Transformer protoforms scattered through the underbrush. No, on closer inspection this island was anything but typical.

Of course, the fact that it was hovering several hundred feet above the water was a dead giveaway, too.

Ravage took another look at the odd construct that the aliens had placed him in charge of, and couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't a pleasant laugh, but the laugh of someone who had seen too much, and was coming to grasp the futile, ridiculous nature of the universe. Someone who had seen too many horrors over the vorns, some committed by himself and his allies, others commited by others against him.

Above all else, it was the laugh of someone who had cheated death, but at such a terrible price that many other beings would have instead chosen to throw themselves into the sweet embrace of the Pit.

A part of him, the part that had been touched by the aliens, knew exactly why they had chosen to create this odd deathtrap to store the protoforms in. But knowing and understanding were far apart...and agreeing was farther still.

Half of the protoforms on this island, he knew, contained Predacons. His brethren. But the other half contained Maximals, his sworn (if currently somewhat friendly) enemies.

That didn't sit well with him, but the covert intelligence officer knew that he had to humour the aliens for now. They had opened his mind to the full scope of ruin that Megatron would create if the renegade managed to bring his plans to fruition, and Ravage felt more than a little shame that he had been drawn into the madman's scheme. A part of him suspected that the aliens may have lied to him, fabricating all manner of dire consequences to get him to do their dirty work...but he simply couldn't take that chance.

None of this showed on the spy's face, though. His feline visage remained inscrutable, a habit long since ingrained, and one that he still stuck to despite the fact that there was no one within several hundred miles to see him.

That would change quickly, he knew. The Island's course was taking it towards shore, near to the area where the Maximals and Predacons were dug in. Within a short time they would detect it, and the next phase of the aliens' plans would begin.

Ravage made a low, contemplative noise, considering ways in which he might turn those plans to his advantage. With narry a sound, the Predacon converted to his beast mode and slinked off into the undergrowth, his newly-upgraded body disappearing into the shadows.

2006-05-15, 07:22 PM
Fractyl banked slowly as he surveyed the landscape: all previous data he had assimilated had to be revised after the recent... changes. Graphy wouldn't admit it, but the fresh discoveries and sweet joy of enetering data made him far more excited than he should be. As his surveys came to their end, he recived Megatrons communication.
"Coming at once, yessss, my master." he muttered with frustration. time away from his job meant difficulties for himself.

(OOC Yep: I am that thick. Graphy, fractyl... Genuinely forgot the guys name. Apologies for any incovenience, and cheers to Warcry: this would've got even more confusing than Fizzle and Sizzles colours! :) )

2006-05-16, 05:39 AM
The Island

The protoform's status display showed that the unborn Transformer within it was ready to emerge. The faction indicator on the side of the display showed a green Maximal sigil.

Ravage sighed with disgust.

The aliens may want balance, he thought, but their experiments mean nothing to me. Once Megatron is disposed of, the more Predacons I can bring back to Cybertron, the better.

A thought struck the spy then. The aliens may only have reformatted half of the protoforms into Predacons, but they weren't the only ones capable of such a transformation. At least one of the Predacons on this planet could do it as well, provided the Predacons could capture the Maximal protoforms.

But I'll need to keep the Maximals away from the island for that to happen. Some of them, anyway. A distraction is in order. A cruel smile took root on the spy's catlike face. And I know just the thing.

Ravage tapped a brief command into the pod's status display, activating the pod's transponder. Then, with a grunt, he pushed the pod over the edge of the island and watched as it hit the water and began to sink to the ocean floor.

An active protoform transponder only a few miles offshore would certainly attract a Maximal response, he knew. Only one of their warriors was capable of diving deep enough to retrieve the pod, and having Depth Charge out of the coming battle over the Island would suit him just fine.

(OOC: Rollerdash and BlueSkids, that's your cue. :))

2006-05-16, 02:37 PM
*The pods scanning device opens*

"Scanning for suitable life forms . . . . ..”

*Shark swims by. Pod also scans Rampage*

"New element detected, suitable life form found, beginning reformation...Reformation complete. Predicon life form Cybershark is now functional"

~Inside the pod~

"What the... YO!!! Where am I? HELP!"

(Ooc: I'm assuming I can do that. I scanned Rampage for 1. He’s a Tm2 isn't he? And 2. Cybershark is a Predicon that works with the Maximals. The pod door can't open due to the water pressure, enjoy ^^.)

2006-05-16, 09:26 PM
Near Maximal base

Depth Charge was flying arriving at the Ark, lost in his thoughts when he detected a strange reading.

"A protoform transponder?"

The Maximal warrior turned back, increasing his speed. With reluctance, he opened a Maximal comm channel and sent a transmission to the Maximal Base.

" Here Depth Charge, new protoform detected out at sea, I'm going to retrieve it. Depth Charge out. "

Despite his agreement with Optimal Optimus Primal, Depth Charge was still uneasy; he was a loner and engaging himself into a lonely rescue sea mission was far better than chit-chating with his fellow Maximals inside a volcano, surrounded by theirs ancestors.

Aero Blade
2006-05-16, 10:19 PM
"Well now, if this isn't interesting..."

Black Arachnia had been climbing her way along a cliff-face, leisurly on her way to go spy on the Maximals. She had nothing better to do, really - last time she'd checked out the Predacon base, Megatron was in one of his moods, and she had no interest in presenting herself as a possible target for his anger, so she was staying scarce and away. Having heard the sounds of something approaching, she had ducked into a niche in the cliff wall large enough for her to hide comfortably and see what was approaching.

Presently, the form of the Maximal leader, Optimus Primal, in his behemoth metallic form passed into her field of vision. He was a bit far from the base, wasn't he. What ever for...

Black Arachnia considered things for a moment as Primal continued his travels, then once he passed by, she skittered out of her hiding spot to follow him while making sure to keep out of sight for the moment.

God Jinrai
2006-05-17, 01:25 AM
as Primal rolled through the rocky terrain, something inside him seemed to settle discomfort into his system. His cannons swerved to life, pivoting to his rear, and firing a shot at the cliff face, as primal himself shifted into his beast mode.

"Alright... Come on out. Show yourself!"

the blue and orange ape's fists were tightly clenched, his face shaped into a snarl.

2006-05-17, 02:58 AM
"Snctccchtttt....prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............. *CRASH*......Snnnirrrowwrkkkkk!"

Cheetor's optics snapped open and he sleepily rolled to his feet. His ears perked forward, listening, but all he heard was Rhinox grumbling.

He stretched forward, elongating his feline form and spreading his claws, yawned widely and then padded through the door-less entry to the bridge. He stopped a few paces inside the door and looked around. Sensing the irritation from Rhinox and seeing Rattrap intently focused on a computer monitor, he decided to lighten the mood and he plastered a cheesy grin on his face, trotting the rest of the way into the room.

"Hey! Can't a cat get any sleep around here? You'll have the neighbors complaining."

2006-05-17, 03:58 AM
Bridge, Axalon:

Rattrap: -waving absently at Cheetor- "Ahh, da neighbors ain't gonna wake up fa thousands'a years yet." -trying to figure out how to have a saved set of datatracks override somebody's shell programming- "Hmmm.....mm?" -looks up, sees the long range sensor display warning light going off, spins chair around, moves over to the holodisplay table, starts entering in commands- "Guys, we got somthin' out at da edge'a da sensa grid. It's flyin', and I ain't readin' Pred energy signatures." -activates commlink- "Yo, Boss Monkey!! Boid Dog!! Fish-face!! We got somthin' out over da ocean headed towards shore. One'a you flyin' types wanna go give it a look-see?"

"Throne Room", Pred Base:

Dinobot: -robot mode, riding a hover platform, stops it before Megatron- "What is your command, Megatron?"

2006-05-17, 04:10 AM
Cheetor made a *pffft* noise at Rattrap. "What am I? Catatonic?"

Cheetor took a good look at the grid and then prepared to launch himself skyward. Suddenly though, he changed his mind and sat down.

"Any chance it's a predacon trick?"

2006-05-17, 04:26 AM
Forest, near Mount St. Hillary

Silverbolt felt the air rush by under his wings, and flapped them once to increase his altitude. The tracker was about to take a practice dive down at an unsuspecting rodent (which, of course, he would have carefully avoided harming) when Rattrap's comm call came through.

"I can investigate," he told the Transmetalized spy. "Do we have any idea what it might be?"

The Fuzor arced back towards the shoreline, his graceful aerial movements belying the fact that his beast mode was as much ground-based as airborne.

Aero Blade
2006-05-17, 05:15 PM
The shot came only a few feet from her, and for the moment that there was some flying debris, Black Arachnia scuttled into hiding again. Luckily for her, Primal seemed to have been in mid-transofrmation and still wasn't aware of her exact possiton yet. As he called out, Black Arachnia stayed absolutely quiet, not about to reveal herself to a possible enemy.

2006-05-17, 06:28 PM
"They won't be the only ones," Rhinox retorted to Cheetor's entrance.

"Ah, that's better," he mumbled after a moment's fiddling. He then tapped a readout triumphantly.

"Power levels to the weapons increased by 10%. That will help next time the Preds come knocking."

He hopped down from his terminal, and ambled over to where Rattrap was working.

"A pod? But our sensors didn't detect any upper atmospheric disturbances. This is very strange."

He flipped a switch.

"Depth Charge, be careful. There's something strange about that pod."

He begin pressing buttons on the console.

"Because it landed in water, it's going to be very hard to get a fix on where it came from, but I have to try."

2006-05-17, 07:20 PM
Megatron looked at Dinobot with undisguised disdain.
"While we are waiting for the others, Perhaps you can tell me what you were doing with your precious time?"
Megatron tapped his fingers on his Throne rhythmically: He didn't really care what Dinobot had been doing, and was saving any dramatic shows of Ire to who ever turned up last to this meeting. Still, he wanted the warrior to know he wasn't anywhere near his good books, and held his stare at him with unforgiving eyes.

2006-05-17, 08:18 PM
Over the Sea

" I'll be careful Rhinox ", replyed Depth Charge in a cold tone of voice. " I'll find that pod. " And with that he switched off his comm-link, he transformed into Manta Ray mode submerging into the sea.

2006-05-17, 11:40 PM
"Throne Room", Predacon Base:

Dinobot: -quirks his one eyebrow in curiousity- "I have been.... awaiting your orders, Megatron."

Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -scowling as he taps keys on the holodisplay's console- "C'mon..... c'mon..... Man. Ya'd t'ink da Ark's sensors'd be easier ta read den dis." -moves back over to the bridge console he was working at, minimizes the Dinobot windows, brings up the sensor controls, starts trying to bring up the resolution- "I'm seein' da pod, but dere's definately somethin' bigger out dere. It's over da water. An' I'm bettin' it ain't a storm front.....""

God Jinrai
2006-05-18, 01:56 AM
Primal's optics scanned the cliff face, but to no avail. It was at that point he decided on his course of action.

"Fine. if you don't feel like showing yourself..."

Primal leapt skyward, and shifted forms again... now to his aerial configuration: a hypersonic jet-craft.

hovering in mid air, he let his forward sensor array do its work... and found an alcove that would be perfect for anyone wanting to hide...

" Last chance. you can come out... our I can just blast you out..."

The twin cannons mounted on the vehicle's back began to hum to life, collecting energy in preparation for firing

It was about this time that primal heard rattrap's comment about an object floating in the sky.

"Rattrap, get me those coordinates. Once I'm through with this little pest that seems to be following me... I'll head topside. get in touch with silverbolt as well."

2006-05-18, 02:37 AM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -scowling at the display as he tries to get Autobot sensors to talk to Maximal systems and give a clearer answer- "'Bolt's already on his way, Big Guy. An' I hate ta say it, but if it's floatin', I got a sinkin' feelin' what we're prob'ly lookin' at." -checking grid coordinates- "If ya wanna go back 'Bolt up, gimme da location'a ya shadow. I got a hyperactive fuzzball what's lookin' fa somethin' ta do.... Da object's movin' t'rough secta WiiGii, coordinates thoity-fire by twenny seven."

2006-05-18, 06:15 AM
Above the Ocean

Silverbolt flapped his wings furiously, propelling himself towards the unknown contact as fast as he could travel. After ten minutes or so of travel, he could see a cloud-swathed object moving rapidly though the sky towards the shoreline.

As he drew closer, the tracker could begin to make out features through the mists. He could see a few tall obelisks and several large, rock-like protrusions. As he got even closer, he could make out several small, green objects.

Trees, he realized. And those 'protrusions' are mountains.

"Primus protect us," he whispered as he looped around, away from the flying object. When he was far enough away that he didn't have to worry about being overheard, he activated his comm system.

"Rattrap, the object is like nothing I've ever seen before. It seems to be some sort of flying island, as ridiculous as that sounds. I'm sending you the last few minutes of data in my optical buffer so you'll know what to look for." Silverbolt paused for a minute. "I'm going to go back and take a closer look, but I don't think it's friendly."

The tracker steeled himself; the sight of an unnatural flying island had disturbed him more than he would care to let on. But he knew his duty, and he wasn't going to let fear get in the way of what he had to do.

2006-05-18, 07:01 AM
Cheetor cocked his head and rose back to his feet, shooting a glance between Rhinox and Rattrap.
"Flying island? Again? I'm going to have a look."

Cool, calm and peaceful. Silvery fur rippled as gentle breezes blew through it, ruffling it. Relaxed, the figure padded at an easy pace over rocks and through dense foliage, from one hidden, silvery capsule to another.

Watching. Monitoring.

The experimental factors remained sleeping and therefore the experiment was safe and undisturbed. Rising up on his hind legs, the tiger put his paws against a tree and sniffed the air.

No signs of intruders, only the sounds of night animals carrying on about their business.

He padded to a pond and looked down into the water. A pod lay beneath the shallow water, also at rest. He lapped up a drink and then disappeared back into the foliage, leaving only a few tracks in the mud and the slightest rustle of leaves behind him.

2006-05-18, 05:25 PM
"We're getting your information, Silverbolt," Rhinox nodded as Silverbolt's feed flashed up on the monitors.

"We've seen something like this before, but I'm not reading a strong energon signature like we did the last ti..."

He paused, mid-sentence.

"Wait. This could be where the stasis pod fell from. In which case, there may be more of them on that island."

He turned to Cheetor.

"Go. But find Optimus, and stay close to him. I don't think it's safe out there."

Aero Blade
2006-05-18, 09:18 PM
"Oh fine, spoil a girl's fun why don't you..."

Black Arachnia slipped out of her hiding spot, not in the mood to get shot at right now. Besides, more interesting matters had presented themselves, judging from Primal's stream of speech over his com.

"You're certainly in a foul mood today. Reminds me of Megatron when he's having one of his tantrums," Black Arachnia said in a conversational tone. "Why don't you tell me about just what it is that has you all riled up into such a tizzy? Maybe I can give you some advice..."

2006-05-18, 10:01 PM
Below the ocean

A transmetal Manta Ray was diving across the dark blue ocean's water. His wings movements were majestic, like an eagle on the sky. With each movement the Manta Ray propulsed himself several meters, more and more deeper, heading fastly towards an undetermined place.

Depth Charge was looking for the pod, but the signal from the trasponder wasn't clear enough and the Maximal didn't know the exact location of the protoform, so he decided to detach his shark-drone to extend his range.

The small companion -diving naturally- advanced Depth Charge fastly and arrived at the sea bed. Using his eye-flashlights the small drone began to explore the unknow depths, looking for the pod, and the protoform inside of it.

God Jinrai
2006-05-19, 01:42 AM
Primal let out a laugh.. something he'd not done in quite awhile.

"Let's be honest, Black Arachnia. You hold no alliegance to predacon... nor maximal. You're the LAST person I'd be seeking advice from."

over his internal comm, he radioed silverbolt.

"Silverbolt, home in on my signal... your.. girlfriend is out here. I'd rather not take off for that object alone.... and we need to ensure that Black Arachnia does NOT follow... nor gain access to it."

2006-05-19, 02:20 AM
Cheetor flicked his ears back in mild disapproval as he prepared for flight mode.

"Just let the Preds try anything. I'll give back double what they dish."

But the young maximal knew better than to question Rhinox's advice, and he gave a sheepish grin afterwards.
"But then again, having Big Bot around - we could serve them up a full course."

He jumped skyward and rocketed out towards the distant coordinates.

2006-05-19, 03:28 AM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -watches Cheetor fly away, shakes head wearily- "Ya know, Rhinox, I'm gettin' more'n more soitain dat all da spots he lost went right inta his brain......." -goes back to fighting with the sensors-

2006-05-19, 04:20 AM
Above the Ocean

Silverbolt felt a wave of frustration come over him at Primal's instruction; the thought of turning back when he was already in sight of the island struck him as cowardly for some reason he couldn't quite quantify. But upon hearing that his beloved was involved, the Fuzor reluctantly swooped around and headed back towards the shore.

I'd better go talk to her, he decided. Can't leave her on her own with an angry Primal...something unfortunate might happen. Not sure to whom, but it's not something I want on my head either way.

"Roger that, Optimus. I'm on my way."

2006-05-19, 04:40 PM
~*~ Inside the pod~*~

*Cybershark tried ramming the top of the pod with his head in attempt to open the pod door. But instead he knocked the pod off balance and fell to a lower ledge*

"Ah great, stuck in beast mode, under who knows how much water, and stuck in a tin can! It just can't get any worse."

*Part of the pod collapses on itself on Cybershark's tail fin.*

"DOH! I spoke too soon!"

2006-05-19, 10:24 PM
Below the Ocean

Depth Charge's shark-drone detected a small disturbance in the sea bed, and quickly dived towards the location of the disturbance.

Aero Blade
2006-05-19, 11:00 PM
"Well then, if you don't want to hear what I have to say or share with me what's going on, then I'll just be on my way," Black Arachnia said, somehow managing a somewhat charming yet disinterested and mildly insulted tone all at once.

"If you don't want to chat, then I have no reason to be around, and I have no intention of being spark-sat by your overly-noble flying puppydog."

Brave Maximus
2006-05-20, 04:52 AM
Floating in white, Moon knew he was in trouble. All he had done was what he had thought was right (well, a few things he had done just for the fun of it, but there's nothing wrong with that...... is there?). But apparently there were those who had plans for the Chaos and they were rather upset with him.

Ripped from where he was in a blinding flash - Moon knew where he was going wouldn't be pleasent. But his eyes glowed and things blinked again.

When he opened his optics again, Moon was in Rabbit mode and upside down. This certainly wasn't what the little Maximal had envisioned his punishment as. He was lying on something hard, but something that had give to it as well. It was something more than metal, a form of.... trans-metal material......

His fur slid on the material and his head bumped into a parallel piece of metal. It was then he realized that he was in someone's lap and he was looking up into a purple face that didn't seem very happy....

"Oh slag......" seemed to fit the situation the best.

(EDIT OCC: I guess I didn't make it clear. Moon just appeared in the Predicon base, seemingly out of thin air and is now sitting on Megatron's lap. Sorry about that.)

2006-05-20, 06:09 AM

Silverbolt swooped down towards Primal and Black Arachnia, talons pointed backwards in a non-threatening manner. Catching the tail-end of the femme's statements, he transformed and dropped to the ground beside her.

"I'm not sure we're giving you a choice, dearest," he told her sadly. "Not even I believe you're not going to follow us if we leave you here on your own."

It hurt the tracker to have to say that, but he knew from hard experience that she was more than capable of such a betrayal.

2006-05-20, 06:55 AM
"Great novas..." Cheetor mumbled to himself as he saw a looming object far off in the distance. His curiousity began to rage, but the directives were clear.

The transmetal cheetah sighed as he turned downwards and headed for Primal's position.

2006-05-20, 09:52 AM
Rhinox sighed.
"You're right, Rattrap. Cheetor has gotten more impulsive lately. Remember what he was like when this all started? I just hope he hasn't forgotten what happened when he didn't listen to our advice before."

He nodded at the monitor.

"I've done some scans of that object as best I can. I'm reading high concentrations of energon, but it seems to be contained in the terrain. It's safe for us all to go there now, but if someone were to damage the terrain and expose the energon... It could get messy."

2006-05-21, 11:40 AM
Megatron looked at the Time readout postioned in the centre of the screens.
"I'm in a particularly foul mood Dinobot: if the rest of the... " Megatron was momentarily stumoed for words and had to finish lamely on "...troops, don't arrive soon, I will start taking my ire out on you. Or promote you to Infernos position of Subcommander and give you the task of hunting the rest of these dolts down."
Megatrons mood, not very high to start with, was not dropping to new lows...

And continued to drop: A rabbit had just landed in his lap.
A Transmetal Rabbit no less he though as he grabbed the offending creature by the ears and raised it to his glaring face:
"How can we be of service to you?" Megatron asked between gritted teeth as he increased the pressure to Moons ears...

Graphy, meanwhile, had landed on the roof of the base and entered through a regularly used service hatch.

2006-05-22, 01:53 AM
Inferno and Waspinator arrived at the Predacon base at about the same time.

"Ohh Antbot going to suck up to Megatron again hmmm?" Waspinator buzzed walking to the throne room Inferno nearby.

"Bah the I shall do whatever is required for the colony and the Queen!" Inferno cheered entering the throne room.

The two Predacons stood and looked up to Megatron.

2006-05-22, 02:22 AM
Throne Room, Predacon Base:

Dinobot: -cocks eyebrow, looking at the two new arrivals- "It would appear that your........ troops have arrived." -scowls, laser optic firing up and hitting Moon with a targeting beam, blades twitching in anticipation- "Just in time for lunch......."

Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: "Great. Da last time anyt'ing like dis showed up, we all nearly got killed." -looks over at Rhinox- "Don't suppose we could fire up da Ark's guns when it comes inta range, huh?"

2006-05-22, 07:11 PM
Megatron looked down at the assembled troops...

(ooc: giving everyone time to adjust their posts: Moon landed in Megatrons lap a while back, didn't notice...)

2006-05-22, 10:09 PM
Below the ocean

Depth Charge shark-drone finally found the dented stasis pod. The transmetal transformed into robot mode and opened the pod door, a sudden flush of bubbles blinded him momentarilly.

" Huh... are you ok? " he asked.

2006-05-23, 01:24 AM
*Cybershark Swims at top speed out of the pod and makes circles abouve Depth Charge.*

"YeaHay! Cybershark! Maximise! Hey thanks bud I owe yo.....Depth Charge? Is that you?"

Brave Maximus
2006-05-23, 06:15 AM
Moon felt the targeting beam singe his fur as it locked in on him. knowing what that ment, he pushed his hands up, flipping himself on his feet and began to scamper up the Transmetal chest and over the scowling face as he sought cover!

2006-05-23, 03:48 PM
Megtron watched the transmetal rabbit attempt to scamper across his chest then brought him back to his lap by his ears.
"I would advise you to stay still little one: if you break free then this meeting will be postponed whilst I let my frustrated warriors aleviate their woes... by hunting you down."
At that moment Fractyl arived, and sidled up to Waspinator: "whos thaaaat?" he asked.

2006-05-23, 09:05 PM
Below the Ocean

Depth Charge looked at CyberShark, astonished.

" CyberShark? " he simply replied, " Are you alive? "

2006-05-23, 09:34 PM
*Cybershark couldn't believe what he saw*

"Yea I think so anyway. You're susposto be dead! How'd you get off Omnicron?"

*Looks down and sees his left arm is now a high calaber torpedo launcher*

"WOW! Check me out! that stinken Predicon dosen't stand a chance!"

*looks back up at Depth Charge*

"But realy dude, how'd you survive? I thought everyone was killed."

2006-05-23, 09:44 PM
Below the ocean

" I... I thought you was dead too. "

Depth Charge was a little confused.

" I survive and I'll tell you my friend " a little smile appeared in his ' lips ', " but not here. You must come with me, there're a lot of things you must know first. "

And transforming into Manta Ray mode, Depth Charge swam towards the shore.

" Follow me, Cybershark! "

2006-05-24, 03:16 AM
Cheetor closed in on Primal's position and landed smoothly, trotting over towards the growing group.

He slowed as he spotted Black Arachnia, but it didn't deter him from deciding to interrupt after a brief pause.

"So ah... when do we get to check out Utopia, Big Bot?"

Even though Cheetor's words were still somewhat impulsive, his patience was tempered, and he stood calmly waiting for orders.

2006-05-24, 04:38 AM
Waspinator looked at Fractal.

"Waspinator now sure. Looks annoying though!" He said wondering if Megatron would let the group of Predacons slag the bunny.

2006-05-24, 03:07 PM
*Cybershark Transformed and folowded Depth Charge*

"So uuuh, where we goin?"

2006-05-24, 03:34 PM
"We can certainly fire them up," Rhinox smiled, eager to test his most recent handiwork.

"I don't know if the thing will come into range though, and if I'm right, and that protoform did fall from the island, I'm not willing to risk killing any more protoforms that may be up there."

He studied the readouts on the monitors.

"Optimus, what are you doing? We can't risk the Predacons getting to the island before us."

God Jinrai
2006-05-24, 09:05 PM
Primal opened his comm, and replied.

"We're going to check it out momentarily."

Primal shot a glare at black arachnia, which softened slightly.

"Cheetor... prep for departure. Silverbolt, whenever you're finished, follow us up."

Primal looked skyward, spying the growing dot that was the island.

"This just doesn't seem right. The last time we had to go up to some floating island... "

primal cut himself off, shifting into his flight mode, igniting his jets.

"Prime Jets! Maximum Burn!"

The aerial form of Optimal Optimus roared skyward, heading for the island

2006-05-24, 10:43 PM
Below the Ocean

" We're going to a Maximal base, Cybershark " explained Depth Charge. " We're at war with a dangerous Predacon group and... Protoform X is on this planet. "

Depth Charge paused.

" There is more, but it's better you see it with your own optics. "

2006-05-24, 10:54 PM
*Cybershark made several circles in the water behind Depth Charge*

"X is here! Just great...Oh hey do you know if a Predicon named Trantulas is here? There’s a handsome bounty on his head back at Cybertron."

2006-05-24, 11:11 PM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -shrugs- "Full'a protoforms is one t'ing. Full'a alien gizmos tryin' ta kill us' somethin' else all tagetha......" -scowls, debating with himself- "Ehhh.... Rhinox..... I got a hypothetical question for ya. Say ya wanted ta overwrite a shell program wit somethin'. Think it'd change da poisonality'a whoeva it happened to?" -holds hands up- "Say we wanted ta reprogram Quickstrike wit a copy'a Waspinator's poisonality. T'ink it'd take?"

2006-05-24, 11:30 PM
"Ready." Cheetor replied quickly as he launched himself up and into flight mode. Flanking Optimus, the island loomed darkly in the clouds before them.

He remembered the previous island's traps all too well, but tried to put a positive thought out as they approached. "Bet there're more protoform buddies up there."

2006-05-24, 11:32 PM
Arriving at the shore

" Depth Charge, Maximize! ", and the transmetal turned into his robot mode.

" Tarantulas? " repeated Depth Charge, " Yes. He's one of the Predacons... a treacherous arachnid. "

Depth Charge, with his feets on the sea bed, walked towards the shore.

2006-05-25, 12:21 AM
"Cybershark Maximise!"

*Walks up to Depth Charge puts an arm on his shoulder*

"Yea,lil bugger has 5 million energon his head, dead or alive, hey, why don't you come with me when this is over? We could hang X's body in my ship back home. We could live the good life again, back before the accident....

2006-05-25, 04:38 AM

Silverbolt couldn't quite clamp down on an atavistic growl that rose from the back of his throat.

And they say I can't keep my mouth shut around her...

Turning to Black Arachnia, he frowned.

"This is...awkward." The Fuzor sighed. "You know I can't let you leave."

Aero Blade
2006-05-25, 06:36 PM
If her beastmode would have allowed it, Black Arachnia would've smiled at the tidbits of information she was being given, but since such was not, she simply seemed to remain in th e same mood as she was before. Once Primal and Cheetor had left, she turned her full attention back to Silverbolt.

"Oh really now," Black Arachnia started, begining to slowly creep towards the fuzor. "You could call it curiosity, but just how do you intend to keep me here?" She said in a sly tone. "Physical restraint or shooting me comes to mind, but I really can't see such a chilvarous Maximal like you dropping to such cowardly lows just to keep little old me here..."

God Jinrai
2006-05-25, 08:54 PM
As primal climbed skyward, he muttered to himself

"Just a little closer... and...."

His rear cams held a perfect view of what was going on below... and black arachnia was right where he wanted her.


from beneath the arachnid, a sphere of energon errupted, attempting to engulf her... similar in nature to the cell bars in both the axalon and darkseid ships, this sphere was designed for containment, not damaging the target's systems.

" With any luck.. that'll hold her."

Primal grinned slightly to himself... in his land cruiser mode, he'd expected to be followed... and so he'd planted three of the small energon containment spheres in his path... without silverbolt, things likely wouldn't have worked... and even now, there was no guarantee... but if it worked, Black Arachnia would be out of their hair... at least for the moment.

"Rhinox... Confirm these readings I'm getting... numerous protoform stasis pods... and one REALLY huge power source"

Primal brought his weapons online, simply as a precaution... he wasn't going to go blind into this one... not after the last floating island incident.

2006-05-25, 10:49 PM

" Back before the accident... " repeated Depth Charge.

" No, I'm sorry Cybershark " said bitterly Depth Charge. " I was the security director on Omicron, it was my duty. X is my business. "

The Maximal frowned, and walked towards the nearby trees.

" Can you fly? The base it's a little far away from here. "

2006-05-26, 03:21 AM
*Cybershark wanted to say something to Depth Charge but he couldn't find the words.*

"Can I fly? Can I fly! HA! OF course I can... well accualy I'm not too sure. here goes nothing."

*Cybershark Transforms into shark mode, but his fins turn to off road wheels and his tail fin to a booster*\

"Meh Close enouph, lets rock!"

2006-05-26, 05:06 AM

Silverbolt's heightened senses had alerted him to the energy net long before Primal had set it off, and although he was saddened by the need to restrain Black Arachnia, he was glad to see that his leader was trying to snare her without violence.

"I didn't even need to touch you, dearest," he told the femme sadly. "Don't try to escape...there are enough of them scattered around here that one or the other of them will catch you eventually, if you evade this one."

The lie came easier than he would have wanted, but he didn't want to see her get injured fighting against the Maximal leader's trap.

He bowed his head slightly; her remark about cowardice had hit home. "I'm truly sorry for the subterfuge."

2006-05-26, 10:48 AM
"Well," Rhinox began in answer to Rattrap's question. If you had a copy of the shell program, it should be possible in theory. But it's never been tried before, and..."

He paused, mid sentence.

"This is about Dinobot, isn't it? Trying something with the new version of Dinobot would be just too dangerous. You've seen him. You know what he is now..."

He was cut off by Primal's incoming communication.

"Optimus, I can confirm your power emissions readout from here, but the emissions from whatever that thing is are blocking out all lesser signatures. I can't get any readings on any protoforms on that thing from here. If there's any way I can assist you, let me know."

Aero Blade
2006-05-26, 04:33 PM
The errupting earth gave her a split second warning to dodge the trap, but only just barely, and a couple of her legs showed minor energy scourching as a sign of how close she'd been to the trap.

Black Arachnia hissed dangerously, taking a moment to inspect her injuries before looking back at Silverbolt. "If you've ever been trying to get on my good side, darling, then you've just just gone from my annoyance list straight to BATTLE TARGET!!"

Blach Arachnia bared her fangs and made a mock lunge at Silverbolt, reared up agressively as though to attack. She didn't move far from her spot, though, expecting other traps in the area, but she suspected the gesture alone would be enough to startle the fuzor and get her point across.

2006-05-26, 09:36 PM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: "What makes ya t'ink....." -sighs- "Yeah, alright. It is about Choppaface." -moves over to the console, maximizes the Dinobot window- "Looks like da Scowlin' Saurian took some steps in da event'a his 'untimely demise'. So.... we use dis shell program ta break Megs' walkin' freak show. We get Dinobot back and take one'a Megajerk's troops away from him." -looks over at Rhinox- "Whaddaya t'ink, Rhinox?"

2006-05-26, 10:25 PM

" Well then... I'll fly at low altitude so you can follow me without problems, ok? " said Depth Charge to Cybershark.

" Depth Charge, Maximize! " said turning into his air cruiser mode.

The transmetal accelerated and flew towards the volcano.

" So... had you said you have a ship? " asked Depth Charge.

2006-05-26, 11:28 PM
*Cybershark let loose his engines and went after Depth Charge.*

"Yea, Crashed it tho when i went into the pod, Have no idea where it is, or what condition it's in tho. So if you guys are looken for a way off, I can't help ya."

2006-05-27, 03:59 AM
"Looks like the last island- only a lot more green stuff down there." Cheetor scanned the shapes and form of the island as they flew near. His sharp optics caught sight of a glimmer of silver through the brush- out of place for jungle flora. "Optimus! Over there! I - I think I see one!

2006-05-27, 05:01 AM

Silverbolt took an involuntary step back as Black Arachnia reared up at him.

"You fiend!" The fuzor raised his arms to protect himself from the attack...before realizing that the femme had no real intent to attack him.

"Don't do that!" he told her with equal notes of irritation and trepidation in his voice. "You're going to get yourself hurt."

Silverbolt looked to the sky, where Primal and Cheetor had flown off.

"I'm afraid I have to take my leave of you, now. Don't try to leave this grove. You'll only end up getting caught in another net, and I may be too busy to rescue you for a good while."

Silverbolt didn't really expect the femme to stay where she was, but he figured that she would spend enough time trying to avoid nonexistant traps that she wouldn't be able to interfere with his teammates...and truthfully, he didn't think he would be able to stop her by force if she tried to leave, so it was best he made himself scarce.

With a flap of his powerful wings, the tracker lifted his body into the air. Transforming to beast mode, he hovered for a moment before turning and slowly flying off.

"Until we meet again," he said by way of parting.

Aero Blade
2006-05-27, 05:09 AM
"You really are a fool," Black Arachnia began to answer as Silverbolt began to take to the air, not once attempting to hide the irritation in her voice. "Do you really think for a moment, that even if I wanted to follow you, that I would even be capable of it? What am I going to do, spontaniously turn transmetal and sprout wings or jets?"

Black Arachnia's tone was on the edge of fury, and she didn't once leave her agressive posturing. "Go on back to your teammates, and join the rest of those idiots. You're deserving of them, and nothing less..."

Brave Maximus
2006-05-27, 05:26 AM
With his ears held, Moon had but one thing to do:

He pulled down his right eyelid with his paw (it almost looked like the center digit) and stuck his tounge out. He contracted his ears a little and kicked his feet (which almost looked like flapping them) and slide out from the metal grasp of Megatron. The little yellow rabbit laughed a second and took off, heading for the control pannels of the base.

2006-05-27, 02:08 PM
Megatron, applaled that something could escape his grip so easily, lost his temper just a smidge.
"Predacons! Kill that Rabbit! First to bring me it's pelt remains free from my wrath!"
The fact that a half decent plan was going unsaid was really starting to wear him down.

Fractyl attempted to pounce on to the control Board bound bunny.
"You're mine, Oh Yes!"

2006-05-27, 02:13 PM
Predacon Base:

Dinobot: -firing blasts from his optic cannon, tracking Moon-

Brave Maximus
2006-05-27, 08:34 PM
Though the Pred's couldn't see it, Moon's eyes were glowing. He zigged to the left, to avoid Fractyl's dive, then continued to Zag and Zig, just barely dodging Dinobot's energy blasts. He skidded behind the control pannel (where his eyes stopped glowing).

He looked out one side and spotted a ventalation duct (very similar to the one both Cheetor and Rattrap used.....) and gave an evil, almost cartoonish laugh.

2006-05-28, 02:32 AM
Inferno hearing Megatrons rage quickly transformed into his fire ant form and chased after the Rabbit.

"Bah! The Queen has commanded us!" He screamed trying to chase the Rabbit into the ventilation system.

Waspinator watched and tried not to laugh.

"Antbot sucking up again." He said quietly.

2006-05-28, 07:21 PM
Schemes within schemes. Tarantulas had cme a long way since the predacons had landed on this accursed planet. His loyalties lay with no-one but himself. Loyalty was a dangerous and risky business, Predacons were not to be trusted - none of them. Megatron was equally dangerous. It amused him to see Inferno meekly chasing the Rabbit, Moon, at the whim of his master.

Tarantuals would have the last laugh.

2006-05-28, 09:15 PM
Aproaching Volcano Maximal Base

" If Cybershark has a ship, it will be a must have for all factions " thought Depth Charge.

" That's ok, Cybershark " said the Maximal. " We'll talk with the Maximal commander about all of this. Look, we're arriving. "

God Jinrai
2006-05-29, 01:19 AM
Primal's sensors went wild with confirmation...

"I cna confirm that, Cheetor... let's have a closer look."

Primal banked hard, descending quickly into the jungle-scape, and shifting into his transmetal 2 gorilla mode.

"Use caution, Cheetor... remember the LAST time we were on something like... "

Primal didn't get the chance to finish. as his right foot set down on the ground, it crumbled beneath him, leaving a gaping hole...

"Slag it!" he muttered. "Got to time this right...

His arms were out, and holding him in place, but his boosters were offline in gorilla mode... and for all his strength, he'd end up crushing more ground if he tried to pull himself up.

"Optimus.. Maximize!"

Primal released the edges, beginning to drop... then...

"Prime Jets! On!"

the twin boosters in his feet ignited, and Primal rose from the gaping hole, slowly, hovering over it, and off to one side...

"That... was a little too close" he muttered

2006-05-29, 07:12 AM

Silverbolt looped around and called back down to Black Arachnia.

"If that is how it is to be, then so be it. I know my duty, and I am honour-bound to carry it out."

With a powerful thrust from his wings, the fuzor was out of sight.

The Island

The perimeter has been breached, Ravage intuited from the odd sensory feed being driven into his brain by the ruthless modifications the Vok had carried out on him. It is beginning.

All around the island, the guardian obelisks started to humm to life, their systems set to scan for and destroy anyone who posed a threat to the precious cargo of protoforms. The obelisk nearest to Primal shot out an optical scanning beam towards the massive Transmetal, trying to determine the threat level posed by the Maximal.

2006-05-29, 09:57 AM
The Island had come to Taratulas' attention. What he required was a minion - someone to fetch and carry...without question. Someone who would obey and not question. Scorponok and Inferno where loyal in this fashion to Megatron.

Finishing his work at the control console, he uploaded the floating island co-ordinates into his memory, transformed into his transmetal form and raced from the liar...

2006-05-29, 10:41 AM
"Hrm," Rhinox muttered.
"I've lost contact with Primal and with Cheetor."

He turned to Rattrap.

"They're on their own up there. We must warn Silverbolt about this."

He tapped a button on his console, opening communications.

"Silverbolt, this is Rhinox. Once you get to the island, you'll be on your own. Communication systems are non functional at this range, with all the energon interference."

2006-05-29, 03:48 PM
Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -shrugs- "Guess da only way we'll find out is ta actually try it, huh." -walks over and pats Rhinox on the shoulder- "T'anks fa ya help, big guy." -moves back to his console, starts tapping controls, checking his on-hand ordinance supply- "Hope I got enough bombs...."

Predacon Base:

Dinobot: -using his hover-platform, following along beneath the ducting, optic cannon firing a continuous beam of energy, cutting in a straight line through the bottom of the duct-

Brave Maximus
2006-05-29, 07:00 PM
Moon ran at top speed down the duct work, barely staying one step ahead of the energy coming from Dinobot. He rammed his head into the grating at the other end; While he was successful in dislodging it - there was a moment while his eyes were spinning that he worried a few chips in his cerebral processor were also dislodged.

The energy blasts brought him back though and he looked through the opening to a chain hanging down. With a leap of faith, he grabbed it, finding himself overtop of a cell.

"Right, because that's what every base needs: A few cages hanging over a lake of lava. Where have I landed and how to I get out of here?!?"

(OOC: There's a little too much passive moving going on. My last post had Moon hiding behind a console and spotting the Air Duct. My next post had him running through it.....)

God Jinrai
2006-05-29, 07:35 PM
"Great, here we go again!"

Primal growled, drawing his particle rifle from its subspace pocket. Diving right, he let loose a beam on the obelisk, set to blow out the scanning and weapons controls.

"Cheetor, Get low, and FAST. They know we're here. If those things get a lock on us, we may as well be nothing but burnt out toaster ovens!"

2006-05-30, 09:11 AM
"Can't we even catch a rodent? We're a highly trained army..."
Megatron muttered to himself as he worked he consoles surronding his throne.
"Fractyl, Waspinator: the little Bunny babbit is going to get outside. Why don't you two fly up and try and spot him when he does."
He then opened a comm link to the pursuers:
"Inferno, Tarantalus: Keep the chase up, but make sure you don't catch him" he added to himself at least when you don't we can say it was deliberate. "I'm shutting down ducts and bulheads here, trying to herd him to at least one area of escape." Here he opened a private link to Dinobot.
"Dinobot: Get to the armoury and find that rifle we used to take over Primal way back when. get it quick, then follow fractyl and waspinators directions."
He returned to furiously tapping away at the keyboard.

2006-05-30, 12:59 PM
Waspinator clanked his head in salute and ran outside waiting to see Moon.


Inferno continued to chase after moon.

"Yes my Queen!" He said keeping after the rabbit.

Aero Blade
2006-05-31, 01:50 AM
Once the Maximals were gone, Black Arachnia calmed some, but she was still quite furious. What a waste of her time! Being held up for something she wasn't even going to do. Fools.

After all, she hadn't intended to follow. No, the information she was given was all she wanted, and now she knew with absolute asurance what she wanted to do (that little hassle had helped her make up her mind). But first, she needed to leave.

Black Arachnia was quite sure there were no more traps in the area she'd already set one off, but just for the sake of being thorough and to vent some fustration, she tossed and kicked some of the debris stirred up from the previous trap to test and see if anymore were set off. Once she was satisfied that there were no more barricades to her travel, as well as relieved a bit of stress, she started off on her way.

2006-05-31, 05:06 AM
In Flight

Silverbolt frowned as Rhinox's transmission came over the airwaves badly garbled.

"I understand," he told the powerful Maximal. "Mark my location, please. Comms interference extends at least this far out."

The tracker continued to approach the Island, which had already cleared the tallest peaks of the Cascades and was now moving towards the inland forests.

The Island

The targeted obelisk's itensive scanning array was damaged by Primal's attack, but it hardly needed intensive scanners to tell that the Maximal leader was hostile. It fired a barrage of energy into the ground near to where it had last seen the large Transformer, then uploaded its data to the other obelisks.

2006-05-31, 09:42 AM
Fractyl followed Waspinator outside:
"Catch the Babbit, yessss!"


Megatton commed Fractyl:
"You are catching nothing you glorified chemist! Keep watch and report back, do nothing else."

2006-05-31, 11:29 PM
Mount Sant Hilary

Depth Charge landend infront the cave's entrance and transformed into robot mode. He stepped towards the Maximal base.

" Come on, Cybershark, it's inside " said the manta ray maximal indicating the entry.

" Rhinox " he said using his comm gear, " here Depth Charge. I have brought the protoform with me. "

2006-06-01, 01:29 AM
*Cybershark gave a little wave*

"How ya'll doin?"

2006-06-01, 07:20 PM
Tarantulas heard Megatron's order and ignored it. Getting to that island was too important. He pushed his transmetal bike mode to even greater speeds across the empty plains through which he rode...

2006-06-02, 12:29 AM
"Okay Big Bot!" Cheetor called back to Optimus as the strange humming sounds of tracers vobrated through the air around him.

He dove straight down for the cover of the trees and dense undergrowth as a blast surged above, sending charred and flaming leaves and branches down after him.

The transmetal cheetah looked up, jaw agape at the now-open canopy above. "That's one way to let the light shine in." He muttered as he began looking around. It only took a moment before he saw the sleek form of a pod- mostly covered by leaves a few hundred feet in front of him.

Cheetor had learned from the first encounter with a floating island that many traps lay in wait, so he tempered the impulse to rush right over, and instead, looked around.


They've come. The guardian thought silently. He did not see the intruders, but he felt the island reacting to their presence. He hopped down from a rocky outcropping that protected a pod's precious cargo and trotted soundlessly towards the intrusion.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-02, 04:32 AM
Moon scrambled up the chain and looked down. Things were looking grim for the little rabbit:

"Anyone know a way outta here? Or, better yet, the mean metal guys could just let me out......"

2006-06-02, 09:14 AM
"And where are you going...?" Megatron thought to himself as he watch Tarantalus dissapear off the radar.
"Waspinator: leave the monitoring of the Babbit to Fractyl: you follow Tarantalus and tell me where he's going..."

2006-06-02, 10:33 PM
Armory, Pred Base:

Dinobot: -picks up a weapon, sighs as his claws slice it to pieces, adding to the growing pile of diced guns on the floor at his feet-

Mount St. Hillary, Axalon Bridge:

Rattrap: -revealed by the slowly opening doors, waves at Depth Charge- "Hey, Cholly Tuna. Who's ya friend?"

2006-06-03, 03:18 AM
Waspinator agreed.

"Yes Megatron, Waspinator follow Spider-Bot!" He hummed and droned after Tarantalus.

God Jinrai
2006-06-03, 03:32 PM
"Too late t' get out of the way!" Primal muttered to himself, bringing his arms up in front of him... thinking it might be over before it began..

the beam deflected off at an angle, leaving a scorch mark on his right forearm's armor paneling. quickly he dove left to get under some cover.

"Cheetor... I've got an idea... but it'll mean we're wide open to getting hit by those energy beams... if we can get in close to that one... maybe... we can temporarily disable that defensive grid. I know megatron's comming... but we can't exactly get anywhere with these pods if laserfire is raining down on us. What do you say?"

2006-06-04, 02:29 PM
Maximal Base

" Mmrph ", replyed Depth Charge at Rattrap.

" He's an old friend of mine " the transmetal told, pointing at Cybershark. " He's name is Cybershark, he was an Omicron base crewer, like me. Where's Primal? I want to meet him. "

2006-06-04, 03:45 PM
*Cybershark laughed and put a hand on Depth Charges shoulder.*

"Ha, Cholly Tuna."

2006-06-04, 04:24 PM
Mount St. Hillary:

Rattrap: -looking up at Depth Charge and Cybershark- "Looks like dat statis pod ya pulled Jaws here out of-" -points at Cybershark- "-fell off'a floatin' island. Last time one'a dese t'ings showed up, da Preds tried ta take control'a it. Da Boss Monkey took Spots an' da Boid-Dog ta check it out. Might be more pods on it." -checks his gun one more time- "Now, if youse two will excuse me, I'm gonna go decoy da Preds, 'cause if da islands defenses are anyt'ing like dey was last time, da last t'ing dey'll need is Megatron an' his dippy pals showin' up. I need you two ta stay here an' back Rhinox up, in case da Preds get any funny ideas. Broadie mode!" -transforms to rat dragster mode, flame spouting from his exhaust as his engine roars- "Maximum Rubba burn!" -rear tires spinning, kicking up a cloud of dust, dirt, and small rocks, takes off, zooming into the distance-

2006-06-05, 07:03 AM
The Island

Silverbolt cut through the air above the surface of the island, carefully staying above the threatening-looking towers that broke up the landscape. The Fuzor looked around for his Maximal comrades, but couldn't catch sight of them.

I guess that means its' exploration time, he thought to himself.

2006-06-06, 04:32 AM
Wreckage, Ravage's ship:

Rattrap: -skids to a halt, transforms back to robot mode, gives a low whistle- "Geez..... I do a good job, don't I." -chuckling, makes his way into the wrecked ship, rooting through the debris,scowling- "Looks like somebody's been t'rough here b'fore. Slaggin' scavengas....."

2006-06-06, 05:11 PM
Maximal base

Depth Charge sighed, warching Rattrap departure.

" Ok then " he said looking back at Cybershark, " come on inside, we'll meet with Rhinox.

And the transmetal stepped inside the Maximal base.

2006-06-06, 05:43 PM
"I'm on it Optimus!" Cheetor replied enthusuastically. The plan made perfect sense to him. If the lasers were meant to protect the pods, than they likely would stop firing on the Maximals if they got closer to one.

His tail swished hard in anticipation, and the shiny maximal bolted forward. A hum broke the air and he darted and jumped as a laser burst hit just behind him. He jumped over a log as the beam caused it to explode under his feet - sending Cheetor rolling in a ball to land upside-down against the pod. He covered his face with one paw as the red beam approached - but just as it reached a 15 meter perimeter, it faded and disappeared. The angry hum in the air also vanished from the area.

Cheetor peeked out from under the paw and gave a weak grin to the Maximal leader.

"I... meant to do that."

2006-06-06, 08:34 PM
Rhinox turned from his console as Depth Charge and Cybershark entered. He nodded a greeting at Depth Charge, and then looked closely at the newcomer.

"I am Rhinox," he stated. "Welcome to the Ark. As you can guess, there's not much time for niceties."

He turned back to Depth Charge.

"The stasis pod you found fell from some sort of floating island brimming with energon. Optimus, Cheetor and Silverbolt are already there. They could use your help."

God Jinrai
2006-06-06, 09:24 PM
"See what you can do about getting that pod up and online... I'm sure the protoform inside will be more than eager to get out and about again"

To himself, primal sighed.

"We may just have the edge we need to end this war... if we don't get killed first."

Primal slowly started through the heavy underbrush, beginning to sweep the area for additional pods... or for that matter... trouble aside from the obelisks

2006-06-07, 06:23 AM
The Island

Hidden in the shadows, his Vok-enhanced stealth powers rendering him almost totally invisible, Ravage watched as Primal and Cheetor began to investigate the pods.

These ones are right on time, he thought. But the Predacons are nowhere to be seen. This is...disturbing, to say the least. Hopefully Megatron's tardiness is the result of ineptitude, not because he's busy with yet another plan to destroy the timeline.

The undead Predacon made no attempt to announce himself to the Maximals. After all, his job was to see that the protoforms were awakened; they were just following the path that the Vok had planned for them.

But if the Predacons don't arrive soon, I shall have to give them a prod.

Silverbolt had started flying around the island in a spiral pattern, counting the protoforms as he looked for his fellow Maximals.

Six. Seven. Eight...no, nine. There's two in that grove.

2006-06-07, 07:11 PM
Megatron sighed heavily. Now was the time for decisive action.
"Dinobot, Rampage, Inferno, : meet me outside. We're following Tarantallus and Waspinator. The traitorous one is abound to be going to the island, and we're not losing this advantage to him or the Maximals!
Fractyl: have fun, and chase down the babbit? I'm sure you'll do an... adequate job."
With that Megtron Terrorised and flew out to the front of the base.

(OOC sorry everyone, but if you aren't all ready soon, megs will get to the island solo if necessary: way too much waiting going on.)

Aero Blade
2006-06-08, 02:18 AM
It was just about as Megatron was coming out of the base that Black Arachnia had arrived on the scene. She coud detect Megatron's current mood, and from the looks of it, it was the usual run of mild insanity that usually occured at the base. It was also the reason she usually stayed away so much...

"Oh, I so hope this isn't a bad time, but then when isn't it..." She said in an amused tone, still in her beastmode for the moment. She was also being sure to keep her distance for now, to get a better chance to judge his mood before getting in range of any weapons.

2006-06-08, 02:53 AM
Inferno transformed into his robot mode as his jet engine on his thorax kicked in and he flew to Megatron's location.

"Yes my queen! I am ready to serve the colony!" Inferno droned in his usual ant-like demenor.


Waspinator got onto his com-link to Megatron.

"Spider-bot seems to have vanished...." He buzzed, "Should Waspinator keep looking for Spider-bot or should Waspinator go to a new location?" He asked.

Master Mud
2006-06-08, 03:34 AM
Quickstrike scuttled along hurriedly, his eight legs clacking loudly against the ground, coming up on the Predacon base to report to his leader.
As he approached the base, he saw that Megatron was positioning himself outside of the base, and quickly hurried to his location.

"Quickstrike! TERRORIZE!" He shouted as he transformed into his robot mode.
"Well howwwwDY, boss! What's goin' on? Are we gonna get ta slag some maxxies? Are we gonna!?" he asked excitedly, snapping his eight-pronged claw as he spoke.

2006-06-08, 10:05 PM
Maximal Base

" A floating island? "Depth Charge repeated Rhinox's words. " Well, if his stasis pod fell from there " said the Maximal pointig at Cybershark, " probably the predacons will go to investigate too."

He looked back at his old friend.

" It will be an excellent chance to confront X again ", he said.

After a few nanosecons lost on his own thoughts of revenge, Depth Charge turned back at Rhinox.

" But the rodent asked us to stay here and back you up...It will be enough if only Cybershark stays here? "

2006-06-09, 01:21 AM
Wreckage, Ravage's Ship:

Rattrap: -tossing bits and pieces of wreckage over his shoulder- "I'm beginnin' ta t'ink maybe I did too good a job.... Dis is where dat slaggin' Con was keepin' Megajoik.... gotta be one left....." -digs down to a panel, pulls it open, pulls out a set of energon binders- "WOOHOO!!! Lady luck smiles on da Rat again!" -sighs- "Now all I gotta do is keep da new Choppaface from killin' me fa long enough ta toin him inta da old Choppaface....." -starts making his way out of the wrecked ship-

Predacon Base:

Dinobot: -comes walking out, stops next to Quickstrike- "We are mobilizing to see what the Maximals are up to."

Master Mud
2006-06-09, 01:56 AM
Predacon Base:

"Ah, well shucks, thar ain't no fun'n just spyin' on those varmints!" He said dissappointedly as he kicked the ground, clearly a little frustrated.

"Well ya'll just wait, tha minute one'a them maxxies tries ta make a move on us, I'll slag'm faster'n you can say scrapmetal!" His cobra arm swinging up with his rekindled excitement once again.

2006-06-09, 11:35 AM
Megatron looked at his assembled crack troops, ignoring Black arachnia for the moment.
"The Maximals are bound to be up to something with the island, and we can't give them any more chaces then they have got.
Inferno, Quickstrike: Go to the humans valley, and kidnap as many as you can carry: Take them to the nearest Cliff face, yeess... then send a communication to the Axalon. We'll be counting on you to keep them busy, so hide the humans and keep them talking.
And Inferno, we've discussed this: "the queen" is out. "The Royalty" if you have to address me like a disfuntional gender confused ant-bot, but address me as the queen again, and I'll take your cog, understand? Goood.
Waspinator: Keep trying to track Tarantalus. If you can't find him in half a cycle, get to the island and find the maximals. Stealth is the watch word here, yeess, keep out of sight.
Black Arachnia: You're coming with me and Dinobot. You have a better idea of what that devious arachnid is going to do than any of us. Step out of line though, and dinobot here gets to take out his... Deliscious sadistic tendencies on your thorax. Got it?
Fractyl: you stay here and make sure the babbit has got out of the base: catch him if you havethe chance. If you don't, Try and be useful: maybe explain where you've been the last couple of seasons, Yeess?
Now, after that exceedingly long speech... PREDACONS: TERRORISE!"
Megatron then took to the air in Dino Mode and flew into the distance...

Aero Blade
2006-06-09, 05:24 PM
"Oh, now why would I ever do a thing like that?" Black Arachnia asked sweetly, then her voice returned to its normal tones. "Trust me, those Maximals made the mistake of irritating me not too long ago. I want them in my gunsights just as much as you do."

Once Megatron had begun to take off, Black Arachnia turned her attentions to Dinobot. "Well then, shall we get going?" She asked, starting off on her own way as well.

2006-06-09, 08:54 PM
Predacon Base, Exterior:

Dinobot: -narrows his optic, trying to reconcile the fact that not too long ago he'd been stalking the she-spider and was now expected to work with her, transforms to dino mode and starts running after Megatron-

Open ground:

Rattrap: -broadie mode, flame spewing from his exhaust, driving as fast as he can towards the Predacon base- "I hope dis woiks......" -optics narrow as he sees the purple/blue jet contrails from Megatron's twin turbofans in the far distance- "Oh, no. Don't tell me he's mobilizin' da troops." -sighs- "Just makes my day....."

2006-06-10, 01:43 AM
Inferno looked at Quickstrike,

"Lets go! For the royalty!" He yelled getting ready to activate his jet engines as soon as Quickstrike was ready.


Waspinator nodded.

"Yes Megatron, Waspinator find spiderbot or find Maximals!" He said hovering carefully out of sight.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-10, 02:21 AM
Moon waited a few more minutes and then heaved a sigh of relief - they'd forgotten him, or at least figured that he wasn't a threat. Considering he didn't know where he was, he really wasn't much of one anyway.

He climbed up the chain that held the cage above the lava and found an access hatch. Scrambling through it, Moon found himself on top of the Predicon ship, staring out at the blasted waste land. For a moment, as he looked in the general direction of the Ark, his eyes glowed and his rabbit mode smiled wickedly:

"Primal....." He said to himself, "now this should be interesting........"

He hopped down and started the long walk to the Maximal base. He got a flash again, just before the auto-guns came online and started to fire. He zigged and zagged, just barely ahead to the fire - running at full speed:

"Now really! This is too much!!!!"

2006-06-10, 09:02 AM
Fractyl had been circling the base when he noticed the commotion caused by the auto guns. deciding to leave his back story for a little while longer, he swooped around and dived toward the disturbance, zero-ing in on Moon

Brave Maximus
2006-06-10, 09:09 AM
Moon ducked in behind a pile of rocks. He had managed to make it out of the Auto-gun area and wanted to catch his breath..... so to speak. He looked up for a moment, trying to get his bearings - and spotted Fractyl. His ears drooped and he sighed once again:

"And just what can I do for you?"

Master Mud
2006-06-10, 11:22 PM
Jumps on Inferno's back.

"Yeee-HAW! Let's get ready to slag us sum monkeys!" he shouted to Inferno

2006-06-11, 12:00 AM
Tarantulas, still in is transmetal motorbike disguise roared across the wide open plains, hardly caring to glance around and view the scenry which was passing him by. He needed to get to that island, to the unclaimed protoforms which lay there.

He knew that Megatron would soon be tracking him, he surged forward with increased speed...

2006-06-11, 03:39 AM
Inferno would have smiled if he could have.

"Yes! They will burn!" He said as the took off towards the human area.


Waspinator hovered carefully seeing Tarantulas rolling along the ground.

"Oh Waspinator find Spiderbot. Megatron is going to rip Spiderbot new waste disposal unit." He said to himself carefully following the spider.

Master Mud
2006-06-11, 03:54 AM
Quickstrike pumped his snake arm high with excitement as they flew threw the air.

"That's the spirit, par'ner! How many 'you reckon' we'll be able to make off with? An' whaddya suppose we'll do with them maxxies when they arrive?" He asked, a twisted hopefulness in his voice.

2006-06-12, 02:08 AM
On the way to the island:

Dinobot: -loping along, claws digging into the ground, head starts snapping around as he hears a roaring- "What-"

Rattrap: "YEEEAAAHHHHH-HHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!" -comes roaring up off a small rise, transforms in mid-air, lands on Dinobot's back, gun in hand-

Dinobot: -roars, trying to reach back with his dino-mode hands, head snapping around-

Rattrap: -fires his blaster, bolts scoring and digging into Dinobot's head-

Dinobot: -peels off in a random direction, trying to shake the rat from his back-

2006-06-12, 05:48 AM
Tarantulas's rear sensors picked the bug up long before he had a visual.


Surely there at the bidding of his master, Waspinator was a hopeless loyal drone with delusions of grandeur - a waste of space.

Tarantulas opened a rear port set into his body and shot off several missles in the general direction of the bug. If nothing else it would give Waspinator something to think about.

2006-06-12, 06:12 AM
The Island

Silverbolt fired up his comlink, hoping to be able to contact Primal or Cheetor now that he was relatively nearby. He needn't have bothered, though; as soon as he opened a channel, he got an earful of static.

Someone really doesn't want us to call home. he thought. But we're going to need the comms back sooner than later. I'll have to destroy whatever device is causing the jamming.

Silverbolt's lips pulled back, revealing his vicious canine teeth. This would be a difficult hunt, but hunts were his specialty.

2006-06-12, 09:24 AM
Megatron heard the disturbance behind him, but turned too late to see the fracas between Rattrap and Dinobot as they dissapered into the distance.
"Dinobot! Report! Blast, this mission is getting more doomed by the minute. Black arachnia: have you any insight as to where that insidious arachnid would have gone first?"

Back at the base
Fractyl answered the fast moving Rabbit in his head:
What do I want? To get back to lab and do my job, thats all!
He Transformed to robot mode and took to floating as he fired pot shots off at the fleeing maximal...
Maybe I'll just let you go... My work still has importance, we're not all transmetal...

Aero Blade
2006-06-12, 12:27 PM
"No idea, nor would I want to know," Black Arachnia answered Megatron in reference to Tarantuals. "I try to keep my distance from that psycho lately..."

She'd also watched the occurance between Dinobot and Rattrap, but as Dinobot had not asked for any form of assistance, she failed to give any.

"Should I go after them, or let him handle his own vermin problem?"

God Jinrai
2006-06-12, 09:35 PM
silently, the oversized maximal leader weaved through the trees and under-brush of the miniature jungle... it was doing him good to be using his beast mode as such... a trial by fire was, really, more effective than simply training.

as he weaved through the underbrush, bobing and weaving, he came upon yet another stasis pod. Slowly he approached it, glancing around to ensure that none of the obelisks were visibly targeting him...

"Hm. all readouts are optimal... no signs of any damage... but there's nothing up here to scan... literally."

Primal went silent as he began to contemplate how to enable the protoform to find a suitable alt mode, and at the same time, not give himself away. he couldn't just hoist the pod and take off... Or could he?

2006-06-13, 01:02 AM
Away from the Predacons:

Rattrap: -legs locked around Dinobot's neck- "Look, Choppaface, dis ain't my idea of a fun time, either!" -pops his forearm panels open, pulls out a couple of sticky bombs, primes them, sticks them to Dinobot's back-

Dinobot: -still in beast mode, roaring- "I will dismember you, VERMIN!!!!!!" -twists one of his stubby arms back, photon cannons blasting away-

Rattrap: "YIIII!!!" -tries to twist out of the way, blasts slamming into his left shoulder guard, cracking the optic lens and scortching the side of the snout- "Yer makin' me mad, ya freakin' fossil!!!!!" -slapping more sticky bombs in place on Dinobot's back, off balance-

Dinobot: -seeing Rattrap's left foot and shin flail up- "I'm about to make you LUNCH!" -clamps onto Rattrap's lower leg, transmetal teeth digging into Rattrap's lower leg-

Rattrap: "AARRGGHH!!!!"

Dinobot: -snaps his head around, flinging Rattrap off his back-

Rattrap: "Wa-AAAHHHH!!!" -slams to the ground, tumbling to a halt, face down, blaster pistol still clenched in his hand-

Dinobot: -transforms to robot mode, tail lashing, optic cannon sending a targeting beam onto the top of Rattrap's head- "DIE!!!"

Rattrap: -looks up, smirking- "Not taday, Dinobrain!" -holds up detonator, thumbs button-

Dinobot: "Wha-" KABOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -staggers forward as all of the explosives Rattrap stuck to his back go off, shattering his right shoulder guard, the left one blown into the air, arcing back in the direction they'd come, collapses onto his face, optics flickering and going out, his back a shattered, mangled mess of wires and skin-

Rattrap: -holsters his blaster pistol, tries to stand- "Gnn... Well, I'm still alive. Heh, heh. Da plan's woikin' so far......" -looks over at Dinobot, wincing at the damage, then optics widening as he sees the damaged mass twitch slightly- "Slag. I don't got much time....." -transforms to broadie mode, left optic flickering, tail whipping out, wrapping around Dinobot's ankle securely- "An' I bet da slaggin' saurian ain't even gonna thank me fa doin' dis." -burns rubber, dragging the unconscious Transmetal 2 monster behind him, shifting into high gear, going as fast as he can-

2006-06-13, 05:10 AM
Inferno laughed.

"As many Earth drones as we can find!" He answered. "I am sure the other colony will not be pleased." He laughed.


Waspinator grunted as he suddenly noticed missiles fired at him. One struck him in the wing as he suddenly rocketed towards the ground.

"Waspinator hate life." He grunted smashing into the ground as he transformed back into his robot mode and got onto his com-link to Megatron.

"I think spiderbot knows I am here." he groaned.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-13, 09:55 AM
Moon looked up a Fractyl, not really knowing what he was thinking, but knowing that he really wasn't trying to hit him. Ducking behind a rock, the yellow Maximal shouted to his harraser:

"Look, I don't know what's going on. I've been here for like 10 minutes and it hasn't been a fun time, let me tell you. So, lets make a deal. You've made a vallient attempt to capture me. If you just turn around for a second, both of us can stop wasting our time here and get back to.... well, what ever there is to do around here. Sound like a plan?"

Floating Island Mark II

"Maximal connection confirmed. Protoform systems at 100%"

The stasis pod that Primal had been accessing hummed to life as the Maximal commander checked over it's systems. The familiar humm came from within it as the protoform surged around it's spark. This was a large form, it would be almost as tall as Depth Charge when active.

The Scanner system lifted up into the sky and warm yellow\orange beams searched out sutible DNA to pattern it's inhabitants Alt mode after. Within a fraction of a second, the first beam hit one of the obsilisks. A few moments later all the beams targeted the alien device scanning it multipul times.

"Multipul suitible DNA sources found. Preferred choice selected."

The probe retracted and the pod began to glow. When the light subsided, a giant, four legged animal stood next to it.

"Well, I never thought I'd see this Alt mode again...." The Giraffe said.

2006-06-13, 07:11 PM
Megatron groaned. The explosions behinf him made his head wince.
"Yeeees Black Arachnia, go back and support Dinobot. I've put too much time in to him to lose him now."
As he continued flying, he recieved Waspinators transmission.
"Oh, why, why do I keep sending him on these jobs?"
He opened a communication to Tarantalus
"Tarantalus, you must face reality. You'll never get enough protoforms to fight me, you know that. If you join me, I can promise you power beyond your wildest dreams. Trust me, Yeeeeees?"
He continued to speed to the island...


Fractyl sighed.
"Ok, Babbit: I'm looking away now..."
Fractyl continued to hover in the air and kept his gun focused on Moons position. Dedicated to his work he may be, but a traitor he was not.

God Jinrai
2006-06-13, 08:45 PM
Primal stepped back as the scanners activated, and his eyebrows raised somewhat as the occupant rose from the pod.

:Who...are you? You seem familiar and yet..."

Primal's mind went into over-drive trying to cycle through the files on the maximals he'd encountered over the years...

Aero Blade
2006-06-13, 09:03 PM
As Megatron gave out his orders, Black Arachnia's attention seemed to be elsewhere, as she was looking skyward as what looked like something falling towards her. When she reached out to grab it so it wouldn't hit her, she was able to get a good look at it. It distinctly resembled Dinobot's shoulder guard...

"I think you already have lost him..." She commented idly, looking at the leftover piece of armor, then tossed it over her shoulder. "Still want me to check it out?"

Brave Maximus
2006-06-13, 11:18 PM
Moon snuck his head around the rock, just a little. His ears were held back, just in case. He spotted Fractyl not moving and sighed - looks like it was going to be another fun moment in his life. As he stepped back around, his foot went into a pile of mud. He raised his head to the sky and offered his arms up in prayer:

"You're getting a good laugh out of this, aren't you?"

Then, it hit him. Moon reached down and grabbed a handful of mud. Using his wonderful rabbit legs, he lept strait up above the rock:

"Here's mud in your eye!" he called, then lobbed the mud at the face of Fractyl.

Floating Island Mark II

"Longrack - MAXIMIZE!" The giraffe transformed into a tall, lanky cybertronian warrior.

"I'm the executive officer of the Axalon, soldier. I went into stasis after we launched from cybertron and the ship was stable and in capable hands. It seems I was wrong. Now, give me a situation report Maximal - starting with where we are and what the location of Optimus Primal is."

2006-06-14, 03:32 AM
Heading towards the Maximal base:

Rattrap: -still towing Dinobot, left optic flickering, trying to urge every erg of power that he can out of his engine- "C'mon....."

Dinobot: -being bumped and bounced along, feeling parts of his torso armor being scraped off, optic flickering weakly, internal computers informing him of catastrophic damage and imminent loss of spark as his Rampage spark fragment knits mangled circuitry and skin back together, watching detatchedly as his right shoulder guard grows back out of the jagged teeth of it's remnant, feeling the itch as his left shoulder guard regrows out of his own skin, hissing- "Ver......min......."

Rattrap: -ears twitch, looks back, seeing Dinobot's damage regenerating faster than he's though possible- "Slag!" -red-lining his engine, picking up speed-

2006-06-14, 09:23 AM
Megatron transformed to Robt mode and landed heavily in front of Black Arachnia.
"I had such high hopes for this army once..." he said to the sky before turning to the arachnid.
"Yeeesss, follow Dinobot: we needed his muscle in case we ran into Maximals. And I don't like the idea of several months work getting snatched from me."
He turned to the island, in sight now:
"If you find a maximal with dinobot, put your energy into terminating them, yesss?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I will endeavour to find Tarantauls. Inferno and Quickstrikes distractions should take care of the maximals."
With that, he Transformed back to transmetal T-rex and took off toward the island, and tarantalus.


Predacon base
Fractyl took Moons wad of mud right in the audio receptors: he fired blindly and wildly as he wobbled in the air, desperately rubbing it off with his free hand.
Oh, perfect... all this and no back story...

2006-06-14, 06:14 PM
Tarantulas was nearing the island now - his scanners showed it to be about 2 clicks away - it should soon be appearing on the horizon ahead.

Megatron's message came through over his comlink. He ignored it. Megatron played his own games, it wouldn't be in Tarantlas's interest to be in Megatron's servitude.

God Jinrai
2006-06-14, 08:55 PM
Primal snorted at the comments by the axalon's cocky XO.

"Now I remember why I try to not remember you, Longrack."

"Optimus... MAXIMIXE!"

Primal's beast mode twisted, and the blue, orange and silver maximal leader now towered over the ship's XO.

" I think I can manage bringing you up to speed, Longrack.. but refer to me in that tone ever again, and I may have to go ahead with that restructuring of the command ladder."

Primal let out a slight chuckle, then continued

"You've been stuck in that pod for well over two earthen years. I'm half surprised we managed to come across you, or ANY of these pods, for that matter. We've been in constant conflict with Megatron over the last two years... and we've made a rather disturbing discovery as well."

Primal folded his arms in front of him, deciding at that point to let the XO save some degree of face

2006-06-14, 09:13 PM
Axalon Base

" Anyway, I'm going to the island and help the others ", said finally Depth Charge to Rhinox and Cybershark.

Before leaving, he look at his old friend Cybershark.

" Buddy, you'll stay here with Rhinox, and you must protect the remains of the Axalon and... the Ark. Understood? Good luck, old friend.

With that he made his way outside the base, stepping acroos the cave. Once on the outside, he transformed into his aerial cruiser mode and flew towards the hovering Island.

2006-06-14, 11:53 PM
Drawing closer to the Maximal Base.....

Rattrap: -broadie mode, gritting his teeth in determination, sending his engine farther past the red line, flame and black smoke pouring out of his exhausts, going faster-

Dinobot: -optic brightening further, being bounced along the ground violently, feeling chunks being torn off of the front of his exostructure, snarling, stabs his claws into the ground-

Rattrap: -starting to slow, rear tires kicking up more dust, dirt, and grit- STOP FIGHTIN' ME, CHOPPAFACE!!! DIS IS FA YA OWN GOOD!!!!!"

Dinobot: -growling- "As is THIS!" -photon cannons in his trapped foot open fire-

Rattrap: "YEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!" -photon blasts slamming into his rear end and lower back, one blast shearing off one of his exhausts, warning indicators flickering to life in his HUD, engine roaring louder now, black smoke streaming from a dozen small holes- "Dis ain't goin' ta plan......."

2006-06-15, 04:38 PM
*Cybershark shouted over the Com-link to Depth Charge.*

"Hey! Be careful, If you die I'm gonna find your spark and kill ya!"

*Turns around and looks at Rhinox.*

"Soo, now what?"

2006-06-15, 07:11 PM
Megatron, his engines at full burn, was approaching two clicks distance from the island as well. His massive Transmetal T rex teeth were bared in determination.
If Tarantalus does not wish to be a part of this plan so be it. I have Black Arachnia and her lust for power. All will come to my fruition soon.

Oh Yesssssss.

2006-06-16, 01:00 AM
Waspinator shook his head and started for the sky again.

"Must find Spiderbot and give him taste of own medicine!" He buzzed looking for the Predacon.

Aero Blade
2006-06-16, 01:05 AM
She had her orders, but if one were to watch, she really didn't seem too interested in carrying them out, her only motivation being that she enjoyed keeping her head attatched to her shoulders, which Megatron was sure to bite off if she acted up so soon. No, she needed to get on his good side and build up a bit of respect, then she could start agitating him again like normal. It was all in the timing.

This being as it was, she wasn't going full speed to wear herself out to catch up to Rattrap and Dinobot. After all, the rodent was dragging a predacon nearly twice his own size, and significantly heavier, so unless he'd been working out, she predicted the effect would be something like a small boat with a giant anchor. She'd catch up, sooner or later...

2006-06-17, 09:55 PM
Near Maximal Base

Depth Charge was flying at good speed towards the Island when he detected a photon burst on the landscape below him.

He glided down and discovered Rattrap half towering, half fighting Dinobot.

" Hey! ", he shouted flying above the two transformers. " You predacon, freeze! " said the manta ray Maximal with a voice full of menace. He also pivoted his shark-drone mounted gun to aim at Dinobot's body.

2006-06-18, 01:43 AM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: -yelling up at Depth Charge- "Faget da doin' da Boss Monkey t'ing, just shoot him!!!!"

Dinobot: -twisting, kicking free of Rattrap's entangling tail, springing to his feet, roaring-

Rattrap: -anchor suddenly gone, rockets forward, crashing into a rock wall-

Dinobot: -still battered, rips, gouges and chunks in his torso armor rapidly healing, snarling, optic cannon firing at Depth Charge-

Aero Blade
2006-06-18, 02:38 AM
It was at about this time that Black Arachnia appeared on the scene, observing the new amount of activity as she sized up her potential targets.

She could easily go after the downed Rattrap, but in the end she decided to instead start shooting at Depth Charge, since he was the one that presented the immediate threat. She took a moment to transform, then began taking shots at the aquatic Maximal.

2006-06-18, 06:45 AM
The Island

Silverbolt flew in one last loop around the flying landmass, then cut sharply to the left.

That's it right there. I hope.

The tracker had made several arcs around the island, listening to the static on his comlink to figure out where the jamming signal was centred. Now that he'd narrowed it down somewhat, the Fuzor was left with the problem of trying to do something about it.

I'm not Rhinox, so hotwiring it is out of the question. That leaves smashing it. He sighed. Not the most elegant solution, but I suppose even the greatest warriors have to resort to brute force every once in a while.

Diving almost straight down, Silverbolt ducked behind a rocky outcropping, barely evading the obelisk-launched energy beams that had lanced out at him. Transforming to robot mode, the tracker sniffed the air.

Best to avoid those blasts, he thought. Now, I don't see any technology anywhere, aside from those rather...hostile towers. So either our jammer is in one of them, or it's underground.

The Fuzor snuck a peek out at the obelisk that had attacked him...then ducked back as another energy blast almost took his head off.

I think I'll look around for caves first.

2006-06-18, 06:36 PM
Near maximal Base

Depth Charge made a hard left turn, dodging barely Dinobot's las blast. The aquatic Maximal transformed into robot mode and landed heavily - shark-drone gun in one hand, energo sword-tail in the other- and aimed at the predacon clone.

But an unexpected serie of shots - from Black Arachnia, of course - hit his back, causing him to fall.

Luckily for Depth Charge, most of the shots impacted on his armoured wings, defelcting them. But some shots made their way through the armour scorching and damaging the Maximal's steel skin.

" Nhhh... who? " said painfully Depth Charge, glancing back at Black Arachnia's position. He rolled on the ground, and rising quickly on his feet he sent a volley of grenades from his chest-launcher towards the fembot, while firing his shark-drone gun at Dinobot.

2006-06-19, 03:33 AM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: -propped up on his nose, back against the rock wall, wheels spinning wobbily- "Oh, good. I wuz hopin' dis wall'd stop me........." -transforms to robot mode, down on his left knee, left ankle still damaged, pulls his hubcap shield and his blaster pistol- "I knew we couldn't trust ya, Spida Lady. Knock out Dinobot, Fish-boy, I got da sneaky ball'o legs!" -aiming at Blackarachnia, opens fire-

Dinobot: -ducks forward under the shots, comes up in dino mode, charging towards Depth Charge, both "hand" mounted photon cannons blasting at the larger Transmetal-

Brave Maximus
2006-06-19, 01:59 PM
Longrack snapped to attention and saluted Optimus Primal:

"My appologies sir, but you look nothing like I last saw you - the mistaken identity could have happened to anyone."

He stroked his chin with his clawed hand:

"What a strange measurement of time - does that mean we are actually on Earth? Contact with them has been.... limited in recent years. As for the stasis pods, my scanners indicate that there are quite a few in the immediate area, all gathered well under 1 kilometer around us. But strangely, there seems to be a lack of viable lifeforms to scan...."

The XO turned to the stasis pod and began to access it's systems, but shot a comment over his shoulder:

"Should a restructuring be needed, I could always find birth on the Gung-ho."

Predicon Base

With Fractyl distracted by the mud, Moon took the opportunity to make haste his retreat to the Maximal Base.

God Jinrai
2006-06-19, 08:51 PM
"It's all fine, Longrack... and yes.. things... HAVE changed. and to answer your question... yes. we ARE in fact on earth. Part of the reason I have this form is due to... ah, nevermind. you say the pods are all within a 1 kilometer radius eh... "

Primal opened his comm, but got nothing but static.

"We still must be getting jammed by whatever it is that's putting out that distortion field. Cheetor should be around here somewhere... I suggest we get back to him, and then prepare to locate the remaining pods before megatron gets a chance to sink his talons into them."

Optimus shifted into his ground-pounding transport mode, revving his engine.

"Do try and keep up, Longrack."

Primal's front wheel spun, his rear wheels following suit, and he peeled out, rushing down the path he'd beaten out with his ape feet as had first come to the pod

Aero Blade
2006-06-20, 01:49 AM
Black Arachnia was expecting and ready to avoid a direct attack from Depth Charge's grenade assault, but the explosions still knocked her off her fet for a moment and stopped her own firing. Rattrap was kind enough to announce his own attack plans, though, so that gave her warning enough to recover and get out of the line of fire.

"Your mouth is your own worst enemy, ratty," Black Arachnia returned before openning fire herself, leaving Dinobot to focus on his own chosen target.

2006-06-20, 03:30 AM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: "Oh, no...." -dives behind a boulder, pieces of rock raining down on him from Blackarachnia's return fire, yelling back- "Hey! I just slammed head foist inta a cliff. What's yer excuse?" -pulls a bomb out of one of his forearm comaprtments, primes it, and tosses it over the boulder at Blackarachnia-

2006-06-20, 10:02 PM
Near Maximal Base

Depth Charge jumped sideways covering himself with his armoured wings, trying to dodge or deflect Dinobot's attack. The maneuver wasn't successful though; one of the blasts impacted on him, teraing off most of the armour plates on his right shoulder.

From his new position - this time fully focused on Dinobot - the aquatic Maximal raised his shark-drone gun and fired at the incoming predacon, while sending a pair of grenades towards him.

2006-06-21, 02:15 AM
*Cybershark antsy, let intuition get the best of him.*

"Slag it, sorry Rhinox gotta roll."

*Cybershark transforms into ATV mode and revs off to find Depth Charge.*

2006-06-21, 11:49 PM
Human Valley

Inferno flew along with Quickstrike and saw the human beings milling about.

"Useless apes! You will burn!" He screamed as he got ready to attack.


Floating Island

Waspinator flew around the island and saw several stasis pods around.

"Hmm should Waspinator try to touch a pod to get soilders for Megatron?" He asked himself.

Master Mud
2006-06-22, 05:42 AM
Human Valley

Quickstrike got off Inferno, letting out a rough grunt as he landed.
"That's right!!!" He shouted, snapping his cobra arm.
"Now let's round us up some apes par'ner!" He finished, motioning to Inferno

2006-06-22, 06:09 AM
Near Maximal Base:

Dinobot: -staggers, snarling, as the blasts and explosions from the grenades go off, ripping chunks out of his skin, returns fire with his photon cannons, advancing steadily-

Aero Blade
2006-06-22, 03:27 PM
"You want an excuse why I'm so torqued off, then go chat with your CO, if I let you live," Black Arachnia threatened towrds Rattrap.

The tossing of the bomb forced Black Arachnia to break off her own weapons' fire as to avoid it, but she took the opportunity to get some shelter behind a boulder of her own before she began openning fire again.

2006-06-22, 07:09 PM
Megatron slowed down and banked around the edge of the island. He sent a communication:
"Waspinator: report your position. I'll be joining you shortly."

The Comm buzzed loudlly with interferance.
.Oh, perfect. This day couldn't get better. Hopefully the maximals are already dealing with this interferance... doing my work for me, yeesssss

Back at the Pred base
Fractyl finally cleared the mud off his visual receptors in time to see Moon dissapear in to the wild beyond. He transformed back to Pteradactyl mode and made his way back:
time to get to work he thought happily

2006-06-22, 09:37 PM
Near Maximal base

This time Depth Charge engaged his forcefield, deflecting Dinobot's photon bursts. Althought the field protected the Maximal pefectly, something unlucky happened: Dinobot's last attack overloaded the forcefield.

" Lucky me..." Depth Charge sighed.

Raising his energo-sword in a clear hand-to-hand combat challenge, the aquatic Maximal charged towards the cloned predacon.

2006-06-22, 11:59 PM
"Yea haw!"

*Cybershark transformed and lunged at Dinobot still flying from the turbo in his Atv mode.*

2006-06-23, 03:58 AM
Human Valley

"Capture?" Inferno said. "I thought we burned for the colony!" he yelled running down the side of the hill scaring several pre-humans along the way.


Floating Island

"Oh Waspinator give Megatron position." He said beaming his location to his leader.

"Waspinator guard pods!" he said hiding behind a boulder his rifle ready.

Master Mud
2006-06-23, 04:32 AM
Human Valley

Quickstrike quickly followed Inferno down the side of the hill, firing blindly into the sky and also the scenery.
"YeeeeHAW! This'll be FUN!" He laughed as he, too scared pre-humans along the way.

2006-06-23, 06:58 AM
Cheetor had bounced on, pawed, clawed, pushed, jumped, and rammed into the large stasis pod in attempts to get it to activate. Finally exhausted, he transformed to robot mode and sat down on the cover of the pod, panting hard, and flopped backward. It jostled underneath him, rocking back and forth, and suddenly the activation lights lit up and the cover started shifting.

"Oh yeah!" Cheetor grinned broadly as he slid off and turned around to peek through the opening crack.

"Huh? Whoa........ What? ......Who is that?"

He stared with an open mouth at the strange beastly-looking Maximal within. It was large, and had some impressive-looking horns.

2006-06-23, 07:13 AM
The Island

(OOC: Rav, verytired...the entire Island and everything within a half-mile or so is blanketed in comm interference, remember? Your guys shouldn't be able to send transmissions to eachother. :))

Silverbolt crept through the tight tunnel in beast mode, his wings tucked in close to his body. The small passageway was the only cave entrance he had found near the epicentre of the comm blocking, and his hunter's instincts told him that it was the opening he was looking for.

After a few minutes of near-crawling, the tunnel started to open up a bit. Silverbolt let out a small sigh and allowed his wings to stretch out a little.

This had better be worth it, he thought. My fellow Maximals might be in dire danger above without my help.

Even as he thought this, the ground dropped out from beneath the Fuzor. He fell for several metres before he even remembered that he had wings, and by the time he started to try and use them, he had already landed heavily on the ground.

Shifting to robot mode, the aching Maximal looked around the cavern he had fallen into.

"By the Matrix..."

2006-06-23, 02:45 PM
Optics came online and scanned the surrounding area, noting the strangness of the surroundings, but paying it no mind for the present. The strange feral looking creature nearby caught his attention more quickly, and he immediately went on the defensive.

"The name is Ramulus. And who...or what the slag are you?"

2006-06-23, 08:08 PM
"Slag," Rhinox growled as Cybershark went speeding off. "Me and him are going to have a few words later."

The console in front of him gave a series of angry beeps, and his head snapped back towards it.

"Rattrap" he called over the comm channels. "Get back to the Ark. I'll bring the autoguns online to protect you."

He began tapping controls, bringing his new weapons systems online, one by one.

"Autoguns online," he barked.
"Defense grid activated," the computer's voice replied smoothly.

"Now, Optimus... Where are you?" he desperately began scanning the floating island, but gave up in disgust. The sensors were useless. Instead, he turned his attentions back to Rattrap's group.

2006-06-24, 12:14 PM
(OOC post edited. I'm finding pods, damn it...)

Megtron soared into the island, his Keen eyes scanning the area all around, when the familiar glint of a stassis pod caught his eye. He dived, and landed heavily beneath the forest canopy, his eagerness disregarding basic safety.
And who are you? he wondered as he stood in reverence of the pod.

a moments pause.
Is it too much to ask for brains and loyalty in this one?

2006-06-24, 01:07 PM
OOC- I'll just RP it here.

Waspinator waited awhile but heard nothing.

"Ohh Megatron can't hear Waspinator." He said looking at the pod in front of him.

"Oh well Waspy find, Waspy keep and give to Megatron! Megatron will reward Waspinator!" He buzzed happily dreaming of moving up the Predacon ranks. He walked over and hit a few buttons on the pod as it started to come to life.

2006-06-24, 06:04 PM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: -keeping his head down as Blackarachnia's return fire pounds into the boulder he's hiding behind, seeing Depth Charge and Cybershark engaging Dinobot- "Just knock 'im out! Dat's da whole point'a all'a dis!"

Dinobot: -transforming to robot mode, ready to engage the charging Depth Charge when Cybershark slams into him, slashing angrily at the Maximal, roaring-

Brave Maximus
2006-06-25, 05:06 PM
Longrack shook his head as Primal rumbled off.

He's changed..........
If this really is Earth, then things are certianly more complicated and we need to be gentle about this. Ah ha!

Longrack had accessed the data banks of his stasis pod. It showed why he was able to find an acceptable DNA pattern dispite the lack of animal life in the vecinity. It seems the Obsolisks contained strands of animal DNA. If that was the case, all the Maximals of the crew of the Axalon could be revived!

Transforming into Beast Mode, Longrack raced after Primal, aiming for one of the nearest Stasis Pods.

2006-06-25, 10:52 PM
Near Maximal base

" Cybershark, hold him! " growled Depth Charge, trying to knock down Dinobot with a powerful uppercut aimed at the predacon's head.

( OCC: Brave, if Longrack's nearest pod could be Wolfang's one... ;) )

2006-06-26, 06:09 AM
Underground, The Island

Silverbolt took a few careful steps forward, still a bit surprised by what he'd found. The cave he'd fallen into was packed floor-to-ceiling with control panels and monitors. The devices were biotechnology of some sort, labelled in a language that seemed both foriegn and familiar at the same time.

Where's the ill-scented rodent when you need him?

The Fuzor took a few minutes to walk a circle around the room, taking in the bioterminals one at a time. There was one that looked like a security control station, complete with monitors showing exterior views of the island (including several Predacons, which caused the Maximal to quicken his pace). Another appeared to be a monitoring station of some sort, showing what appeared to be biorhythm scans.

However, he found nothing that shouted 'communications array' at him. Several of the control panels looked like they might be what he was looking for, but none seemed to be a better guess than the others.

Onto Plan B, Silverbolt thought, sighing. Drawing one of his blades, the Fuzor walked up to the nearest suspect bioterminal and stabbed it. Fluids leaked out of it, and the island shook mightily for a moment...but the comm jamming stayed firmly in place.

Lets hope I don't take out the engines, he thought sourly, before going back to his distasteful work.

2006-06-26, 02:09 PM
The Stasis Pod that Megatron discovered began to shake vigorously. Then suddenly and somewhat eeriely the pod stopped shaking. For a short albeit unnerving moment it neither made a sound nor did it move…


Sky Shadow's saw-edged pincer smashed through the frail pod. The brilliantly coloured Fuzor pushed aside the remaining pieces of the hatch and gracefully flew into the sky, twirling and spinning, back flipping and diving, showcasing some incredibly skilful aerial stunts.

Sky Shadow flew over to Megartron. The Predacon hovered slightly above Megatron. All but his wings remained still. Skyshadow bowed as an actor would after the performance of a lifetime. The Pretentious Predacon sliced the air, swiftly moving his saw-edged pincer across his chest.

“Brains and loyalty rarely dine together however if the food is good enough you’ll find that both are willing to eat at the same table and furthermore feast on the morsels.
Still you can only display so much of the former while exemplifying the latter. In its most blunt and ironically unintelligent form, intelligence can be defined as the mental capacity to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas and language, and learn. That strange trait known as loyalty that many find oh so difficult to grasp can be described as faithfulness or devotion to a person or cause. Luckily I think we may share the same cause, heh, heh heh…”

Skyshadow began to slide his iguana hand across his pincer

“However moving back to the former, intelligence or "Brains" as you so aptly and might I add wonderfully put, can also be described as "Goal-directed adaptive behaviour”
Just the very nature of what I am displays how “adaptive” I can be. And as I appear to be standing in the presence of greatness I would assume that I will most certainly need to display my “adaptive” tendencies… So in answer to your question, my name is Sky Shadow!”

Skyshadow stared at Megatron and grinned.

“For I cast a shadow on the sky itself blocking out the sun, blocking out the new dawn, blocking out the hope, something I’m a brilliantly, terrifyingly designed and might I add awe-inspiring creature such as yourself can appreciate".

2006-06-26, 04:10 PM
*Cybershark attempted to pin Dinobot with his hook-arm*

"Come on lizard breath, I've fought tougher foes then you. Oh hey Depth Charge, hows ya doin?"

(ooc: was meant as a sarcastic thing, You know)

Aero Blade
2006-06-26, 04:57 PM
Since Rattrap didn't seem to interested in trying to exchange fire, Black Arachnia just kept it up from her own cover spot, seeking to just keep the opposing Maximal pinned for the moment. If things didn't change, though, she'd have to go over there and see just what he was up to...

2006-06-26, 05:52 PM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: -activates commlink- "No can do, Rhinox. My leg's damaged an' Choppaface Mark Two scragged my engines." -scowls as rocks fragments shower down over him- "An' I got da sneaky ball'o legs tryin' ta perforate my transmetal pelt!" -lifts gun up over cover, starts spraying blaster fire wildly in her direction, lowers gun-

Dinobot: -stunned by Depth Charge's blow, is easily pinned by Cybershark-

Rattrap: -pulls out the energon binders, tosses them to Depth Charge- "Put dese on him AN' GET US DA SLAG OUTTA HERE!!!!"

Brave Maximus
2006-06-26, 07:00 PM
Longrack galloped behind the Transmetal Maximal leader, until he spotted a stasis pod on the ground, just off to the side. He raised his voicorder to maximum:

"Optimus! There's a pod over here...."

Shouting his transformation code, Longrack changed and walked up to the pod, attempting to access it's systems.

"Hummmmm can't tell if it's Maximal or Predicon........." He muttered under his breath.

2006-06-26, 07:12 PM
"Hello Skyshadow: you're just the type of predacon I've been looking for, yeeesss."
Megatron grinned for show: Sky shadows speech had nearly driven him to tears, as he wondered if the fuxor would be able to shoot anyone before they shot him whilst he finished pontificating.
"But we haven't time to catch up with each other: there are more of our comrades on this island in the same state you were, and the island is blanketed with some communication black out. "
Megtron transformed to his Transmetal T-Rex form.
"Follow me: we must find our brethren as fast as we can."
With that Megtron took off and thought about the new addition to his ranks.

2006-06-26, 08:00 PM
Sky Shadow nodded to Megatron

"Well said but may I add... "Sky Shadow Terrorise!""

Sky Shadow instinctively transformed to his fuzor mode and proceeded to follow Megatron's lead.

God Jinrai
2006-06-26, 09:35 PM
Primal shifted into his beast mode, on the fly, grasping at one of the large trees as he flew through the air, swinging around, and comming to rest about fifty yards from the pod.

"I see it, Longrack... Let's get to it."

Primal cautiously started in closer toward the pod, hoping for the best... that the obelisks wouldn't open fire... nor that the pod would be a predacon

2006-06-27, 02:05 AM
Waspinator walked and saw a small group of 3 pods besides the one he turned on earlier.

"Ohh!" Waspinator went kid in a candy shop and activiated the three pods.

"Now for Megatron to find Waspinator." He said to himself.


"Quickstrike, gather the apes for our queen!" Inferno yelled to the smaller Predacon while lighting some of their huts on fire.

Master Mud
2006-06-27, 02:15 AM
Human Valley

Quickstrike eagerly began attempting to pluck the protohumans as they ran about, clawing for as many as he could.

"Now ah don' see why we can't just slag these little monkehs." he said to himself, as he kept grabbing.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-27, 02:46 PM
Moon, now more than a little tired from the past few hours events, arrived at the Maximal fortifcations around the Ark. Walking up to the main doubledoors, he rapped on it with his furry paw:

"Ummmm, hello? Anyone home?"

Floating Island, Mark II

Longrack continued to access the pods sub-systems, trying to determine the alligence of the pods occupent.

As Primal swung around in beast mode, Longrack only spotted him out of the corner of his optics, and instantly went into battle mode - the instincts honed by Big Convoy still didn't recognize the vastly changed Axalon Captain. As his battle claws swung down, they hit the pods pannel activating it.....

"Ummmm, looks like we're going to find out one way or another, really soon!"

Longrack said as he jumped back, activating his missile launchers.

2006-06-27, 04:44 PM
Island: jungle

Silvery fur rippled as the watcher's head snapped around. Something was wrong. A violent shake ran through the island and confirmed the danger. Pupils dialated and constricted as long teeth were revealed with a meancing snarl, and the creature hurdled toward the carefully hidden entries of the island's control room.

Near a pod
Cheetor grinned, trying to recover.
"I'm Cheetor, a Maximal. It's great to see you Ramulus- Optimus is out looking for the others. Our ship crashed here a while ago- well, not actually here, but near here... and we've been looking for the rest of the crew ever since.

2006-06-27, 05:00 PM
Near Maximal base

Depth Charge used the binders bringed by Rattrap and inmobilized Dinobot.

" Ok, finished. Let's go to base! " said Depth Charge, holding down the cloned Predacon.


Floating Island, stasis pod near Longrack

Wolfang swicthed on his optics, looking around.

" Eh... where am I? " mumbled while sitting up and scracthing his brow. Then he discovered Longrack near the pod.

His optics flashed with alarm.

" Who are you? " he asked, searching for a gun.

2006-06-27, 07:13 PM
Megatron dropped back and matched speeds with Skyshadow, and bellowed over his engines roar.
"We may have to split up: the island is no doubt crawling with maximals, and we need to ensure all the predacon pods are in our grasp, Yeeeesss. I've arranged for a diversion, so keep a low profile. I'm heading East, you take west: meet here in 2 cycles time, Yeesssss."
Megtron then made his way after Sky shadows reply.

(OOC hope that diversion kicks in soon lads...)

2006-06-27, 07:40 PM
Sky Shadow gave Megatron another affirming nod

"Till we meet again and may your journey be a safe one"

With that Sky Shadow took off in the opposite direction.

2006-06-27, 08:26 PM
Near Maximal Base:

Dinobot: -completely immobilized, except for his head, weapons systems offline, snarling at Depth Charge and Cybershark, all bundled up and ready for transport-

Rattrap: -pops up from behind the rock as much as he can on one foot, holding his hubcap shield, aiming at Blackarachnia's rock and whatever he can see of her- "Alright, Spida Lady. We're takin' Choppaface here back ta our base. I don't know what Scrape Ape did ta get'cha webbin' all knotted up, but it ain't none'a my business. You wanna get all cosy wit' Barney da Slaggin' Nutcase again, dat's yer own business. So why don'cha go back ta yer little Pred pals an' leave us outta dis." -not taking his optics off of Blackarachnia or her rock, calls over at Depth Charge and Cybershark, wearily- "If one'a you two could come get me, we can go back ta base. I got a box'a Cheez-Its wit' my name on it........"

Aero Blade
2006-06-27, 10:20 PM
As Rattrap finally came out from behind his rock, Black Arachnia only paused long enough to hear him out, then openned fire again at full force.

"Well then, if they're taking him, I guess I'll be taking you," She replied quaintly, not even bothering to dignify the megatron remarks.

2006-06-28, 02:42 AM
Ramulus took a good long look at the creature in front of him. It certainly sounded a lot like Cheetor, but...it sure as slag didn't look like him.

"Glad you found me," he grunted, getting to his feet. "I feel like I haven't twitched a circuit in a vorn." Shaking his head, he looked around.

"Place looks rather quaint." Turning to Cheetor, he asked, "So what now? We try to find others or meet up with Primal?"

2006-06-28, 03:34 AM
Cheetor chuckled.
"You haven't."
Then he got a more serious tone as he reminded himself of the danger and glanced around nervously.
"It's been a while since the Preds shot up the Axalon and everyone got scattered. We've been looking for the crew ever since, but the Predacons have been corrupting some of the pod sparks. It's been all we can do to reach the pods first and revive the others before the preds get to them... but this place is an island. It's a floating island- and there's a lot to explain. In brief, it was built by some alien technology- and we're actually above the planet where we crashed."

He looked back at Ramulus and pinned his ears back instinctively, tail swishing in anticipation of trouble. "This place is dangerous. There are lazers and pit falls everywhere. Let's call Optimus and see what he wants us to do."

Without waiting for an answer, Cheetor clicked his communicator.
"Optimus, Ramulus is active and functional. Should we continue the search for others or should we wait here?"

Master Mud
2006-06-28, 03:39 AM
Human Valley

Quickstrike, after finally gathering as many pre-humans as he could hold, he staggered awkwardly towards Inferno, nearly dropping the resisting pre-humans, but managing to hold on.

"Now whadda we do with' em?" he asked, still trying to hold on to his bundle.

2006-06-28, 07:52 AM
Control Room, The Island

Silverbolt drove his blade down into another console, and all of a sudden the static on his comlink faded out.

That did it, he thought with satisfaction.

"Optimus, Cheetor, do you read me? I think I've disabled the comm jamming. I've found a control room of some sort, complete with what appears to be a master console monitoring quite a few stasis pods."

The Fuzor moved closer to the bioterminal with the life-function data streaming across it.

"Or so it appears to me, anyway," he said. "I could be mistaken."

2006-06-28, 03:30 PM
Ramulus had seen some pretty slagged up stuff in his life, but nothing matched the story that Cheetor had told him. Alien floating islands? Falling comrades? It was all too confusing.

Still, thinking things out wasn't his particular strong suit, and he knew that there was danger about, and that he needed to be alert.

He moved over beside Cheetor and awaited Optimus' response.

2006-06-28, 07:12 PM
Near Maximal Base

" Cybershark, take care of Rattrap and take him to the base! " snapped Depth Charge grabbing Dinobot with one hand while sending a volley of shrapnel grenades and laser fire towards BlackArachnia's position.

2006-06-28, 07:48 PM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: "WAK!" -ducks back down as Blackarachnia's return fire slams into the rock(and the space his head had just been occupying). holsters his blaster, pulls out his last two bombs, primes them, and tosses them over the rock towards Blackarachnia's boulder-

2006-06-28, 08:12 PM
"Autoguns shutting down."

The blast doors to the Ark opened, just enough to allow Moon entry.

Rhinox stood, just inside the doorway, one chaingun held loosely at his side.

"Hello. I'm Rhinox. Who are you?"

2006-06-28, 08:22 PM
*Cybershark walked up to Rattrap.*

"Can you stand? If so get on."

*Cybershark transforms into AtV mode.*

God Jinrai
2006-06-28, 09:21 PM
Primal was about to address the being to Longrack's one side, but the comm whirred to life.

"Primal here... I copy that, Silverbolt. See if you can find a way to pinpoint the other pods."

Primal shifted to his second channel, radioing cheetor

"Cheetor, As you can tell... Silverbolt seems to have succeeded. Meet me at the following coordinates... Well consolidate our forces, and then move out and try to find the rest of those pods... "

2006-06-28, 10:40 PM
Floating Island

Wolfang found his new tail-gun and shield and his intention was to aim at the strangers when he overheard Primal's transmission.

" Primal? Are you Optimus Primal, commander of the Axalon ship? " asked puzzled Maximal, his optics flashing with surprise. " I'm Wolfang! "

Wolfang jumped from the pod and landed smoothly between Primal and Longrack.

" And you said 'Cheetor'? That hothead is here too?"

2006-06-29, 03:05 AM
"Read you Optimus - you too Wolfang. Great work on the controls! Hope we're as lucky with the rest of our buds. We'll be there ASAP, Big Bot."

Cheetor looked at Ramulus and swished his tail slowly from side to side as he thought about the .
"Those coordinates are a few miles from here out that way- beyond the rocks. Think your beast form can handle some rock climbing?"

Silent pads on massive paws trotted smoothly and steadily into the depths of the cavern. The sharp sulpher smell of frayed and burning wires was unmistakeable to the guardian. It was one thing for the intruders to be reviving the experimental capsules, but it was quite another to be endangering the welfare of the entire experiment.

The intruder in the control room must be dealt with. Swiftly and with finality.

Large ears swiveled toward the sound of movement just ahead and around an outcropping, and the powerful creature's body moved into a stalking position, claws extended and teeth bared. The shoulder muscles rippled the silvery skin as the guardian carefully gauged the distance.

2006-06-29, 05:40 AM
Control Room, The Island

"I'll try, Optimus," Silverbolt told his leader. "I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at, though."

The Fuzor punched buttons on the bioterminal seemingly at random, but nothing he did elicited a result. His optics settled on the large lever that occupied one side of the control surface.

Here goes nothing...

Taking hold of the lever, Silverbolt pulled it into a down position. Almost immediately, lights began to blink on beside the various biometric displays.

"Something's happening, Primal." The tracker shook his head. "I'm not sure what, th..."

Silverbolt broke off as his olfactory sensors detected a strangely familiar scent. He looked around, trying unsucessfully to find the source.

Impossible! He's dead...isn't he?

Out loud, he whispered, "Tigatron...?"

(OOC: ...aaaaand the stasis pods may now open at will!)

2006-06-29, 06:21 AM
Control Cavern
Rounded ears flashed up at the recognized sound of his own name, and the unexpected address caused Tigatron to rumble a very low growl- all the forewarning that was given before the ears flattened backwards. He sprang out from the crevace like lightning, rebounding off of a rounded stalagmite and lunging powerfully at Silverbolt, claws and fangs spread wide.

2006-06-29, 06:49 AM
Control Room, The Island

Silverbolt felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up only milliseconds before he saw Tigatron bounding towards him. It was skant warning, but in a predator like the Fuzor was, it was all the warning that was needed.

Using his powerful wings for thrust, the Fuzor leapt into the air, trying to arc above the lunging tiger. He was sucessful, for the most part; Tigatron's shoulders slammed into his knees, but the tracker's momentum carried him over the seemingly-crazed fellow Maximal.

Spiralling into the floor, Silverbolt rolled forward involuntarily for a moment before pushing off with his legs. In mid-jump he converted to beast mode and flew towards the cavern's ceiling.

"What is the meaning of this assault?"

2006-06-29, 07:04 AM
Control Room, The Island

Tigatron snarled menacingly in frustration as his quarry (somewhat messily) evaded the strike that was meant to be a fatality.

He spun and transformed to robot mode, levelling his quasar cannon upwards at the flying creature.

"The same could be said for your actions, intruder, but there's little point. My duty is to protect this place, not to ask questions. Prepare to be exterminated."

2006-06-29, 03:20 PM
*the pod opened, and something resembling a giant Mosquito crawled out.*

"Who....hu? Maxzzzzimalzzz! Transsqueto! Terrorizzzzze!"

*Transsqueto transformed and flew up, unknowing who the Maximals were, he fired several energy-draining shots at them and flew off*

2006-06-29, 03:38 PM
At Cheetor's question, Ramulus' face broke out into a grin, and he transformed into his beast mode. An impressive sight under ordinary circumstances, the fact that it was Transmetalized only served to highlight the power contained within.

"Are you kiddin, Junior? I bet I can make it to where we need to go before you can get halfway there."

And with that, he was off in a run, leaping over the rocks.

2006-06-29, 05:36 PM
Cheetor was quite impressed, and he grinned as he bounded easily up the first few rocks behind Ramulus. It only took him a couple jumps more to realize that his cat form, even with its great balance, was no match for a mountain goat on a fairly steep incline.

Not about to give up on the challenge, he called a command to his circuitry.
"Cheetor, flight mode."

Moments later, he ignited his boosters and jetted toward his old crewmate, who had already put a fair distance between them. He was so preoccupied with the friendly challenge and with the roar of the newly-ignited engines in his ears, he didn't hear the noises coming over his radio from Silverbolt's side.

2006-06-29, 06:53 PM
Tarantulas had reached the floating island. It hovered in mid air, out of reach...to most.

Tarantulas had climbed up a small rise, bringing him slightly closer to the island. He transformed into his robot form and stood for a moment. Waspinator had given him no more bother since their little encounter earlier on. He couldn't trust Megatron.

He reached back to where his weapon was stored, pulled it out and fired it at the floating island, the main projectile having a slim, spider like thread of energon attached. Far up, it attached itself to the floating island and Tarantulas gave the line a couple of test tugs. It was holding fast.

He transformed into his beast mode once again and mounted the energon line. He quickly began to climb...

Aero Blade
2006-06-30, 12:36 AM
Black Arachnia had been expecting some kind of retaliation from Rattrap, so when the bombs came she was more than ready to avoid them. The following explosion was more than enough to destroy her boulder, though, forcing her to stop her attack in order to duck the resulting debris.

Now that she was without cover, though, she seemed to have decided to just go all out with things, openning fire relentlessly at Rattrap's hiding spot while she began to slowly move in on his possition.

2006-06-30, 01:45 AM
Near Maximal Base:

Rattrap: "Depth Charge!!! Take Dinobutt an' get him outta here!" -looks over at Cybershark- "I can balance on one foot, Jaws. Dat'll hafta be good enough!" -fires a few more blasts at Blackarachnia, pops up, balancing oddly on one foot- "S'long, Spida Lady! Ain't like it's been fun'r nuttin'!" -leaps, landing on Cybershark's ATV mode, hanging on for dear life with one hand as he keeps firing at Blackarachnia with the other-

2006-06-30, 01:58 AM
"Hang on you loud mouthed rodent!"

*Cybershark raved off in the dirrection he came, hopeing Depth Charge wouldn't try anythinbg heroric."

God Jinrai
2006-06-30, 02:43 AM
"That's correct..." Primal went silent absorbing the maximal's words, then grinned slightly. "Well... another familiar face at least... and yes... that... "hot-head" as you refer to him is indeed around. But we need to get moving... we need to rendevous with cheetor and Rammuls... then we head out to find silverbolt. And with any luck, pick up any maximals that may have woken up while we're on our way... "

Primal went silent, seemingly concentrating on something... then...

"Scratch that. I'm heading out alone, Longrack, Wolfang, head for the rendevous point. From there, head for the coordinates silverbolt transmitted."

Primal, crouched then leapt skyward, shifting into his jet mode.

"Silverbolt, just hold on... I'm on my way... and if that truly is Tigatron... we need to get him set straight on a few things"

Primal rocketed across the skies, then dove hard, shifting into his land-cruiser mode as he tore through the tunnels to the command center.

"Primus, don't let me be too late.... for both their sakes."

2006-06-30, 06:55 AM
Control Room, The Island

The cat doesn't know who I am...

Silverbolt didn't respond to Primal, not wanting to alert the derranged Tigatron that help was on the way if he hadn't figured it out already.

"I'm afraid I have no plans to be exterminated any time soon," Silverbolt said. Pushing off from the corner of the ceiling, he dove away from the corrupted Maximal's line of fire. "And I'd rather not have to exterminate you, so kindly lower the weapon."

Hurry up, Optimus...I don't know how long I can keep this up before I'll have to use lethal force.

2006-06-30, 11:09 AM
Megatron continued his flight across the island in his improving mood. He was keeping alert, but was unsuccesful in finding any more pods for the moment.

(OOC: any new awakeners want to spot the flying t-rex, be my guest)

2006-06-30, 03:13 PM
Traveling up the hill, Ramulus grew concerned about the roar of rocket engines behind him. Pausing to turn around, he was surprised to find Cheetor rushing up at him.

"What the slag...?"

2006-06-30, 10:07 PM
Near Maximal Base

" Blast, BlackArachnia simply ignored my last attack " thought Depth Charge.

With a sigh he transformed into aerial cruiser mode, but one of his arms remainded mistransformed. He grabbed Dinobot with his free hand and started to hover towards the Ark, while he continued to fire at BlackArachnia with his belly-mounted shark-drone.


Floating Island

Wolfang nodded at Primal's orders, but his optics flashed with a curious light caused by Optimus ' distance '.

As Primal took off, he turned to look at Longrack.

" So where's the rendezvous point? " he asked.

God Jinrai
2006-07-01, 02:02 AM
Primal hit his lights, and roared down the corriidor, comming rushing into the chamber, sliding across the dirt, kicking up a cloud of dust as he did so.

"Optimus! MAXIMIZE!"

The cruiser mode shifted to the titanic form of Optimal Optimus Primal... now standing between tigatron and silverbolt.

"Put the gun DOWN, Tigatron... Revived by the vok or not.. you are NOT one of them. You are a Maximal! And I don't want to have to hurt one of my own... but if I must..."

Primal brought his torso cannons online, the red dot materializing on tigatron's chest.

" Don't make me do this, Tigatron. Please."

Primal's green optics pleaded silently to the revived maximal... but would they or even optimus' words make a difference?

Aero Blade
2006-07-01, 03:53 AM
((OOC: Actually, missed seeing that attack somehow. Sorry Blueskids ^^; ))

Black Arachnia kept firing at Rattrap as long as she could, but between Depthcharge's cover fire and Cybershark making off with her would-be quarry, she decided it was probably time to cut her losses. It wasn't as if she had to make up an excuse, she'd been outnumbered.

Taking the next chance she got, Black Arachnia transformed back into her spidermode and took off, skittering off quickly, though getting scrapped by a few of Depthcharge's shots in the process.

2006-07-01, 06:32 AM
Tigatron was taken off-guard by the surprising appearance of yet another intruder, but he did not lower his weapon. He growled a low and threatening growl before responding.
"I have my duty, and I will obey! You are intruding, you have caused extreme damage and will leave now or I will terminate both of you."

Nearing rendevous point
Cheetor laughed to Ramulus as he spotted the surprised expression. "Come on Ramulus! Who's fastest now?"

He flew in a small circle. "Not far- I think I can see the others coming."

God Jinrai
2006-07-01, 01:13 PM
"not... without... you."

Primal was deliberate in his speech.

"Either the vok have corrupted your spark... or you're truly nothing but an animated husk. all of those stasis pods are active now... and there truly will be nothing left TO protect. and tell me, tigatron.. what is more important... guarding empty stasis pods... or ensuring our ancestors remain asleep in the Ark? Ensuring that the Predacons are never allowed to rewrite history, and wipe us all out of existance?"

2006-07-01, 03:50 PM
*Transqueto caught sight of Megatron, not knowing he was the Predicon leader, treated him as a normal soldier*

"Hey, You, where'zz the command of our forcezzz here? And where the slag are we any way?"

2006-07-01, 07:23 PM
Air Hammer stepped out of the Stasis Pod, spreading his Fuzor mode’s wings. He starred at his reflection in a puddle of water and was greeted by the bizarre image of his Fuzor alt mode; the horrifying amalgamation of a hammerhead shark and a hawk

Air Hammer was not the type of Maximal to make a fuss or show any signs of astonishment (Nor any emotion for that matter) and naturally appeared to be unmoved by his horrific new form. The Fuzor flew into the sky at a mind-bogglingly fast speed. He soured through the air not quite knowing where he was going, using his remarkable scanning and observation techniques to scope out the area. He noticed Ramulus and Cheetor seemingly engaged in their own private race however he was unable to slow down and as a result flew passed his Maximal comrades, brushing against the latter’s thrusters.

2006-07-01, 10:54 PM
Ramulus bounded up the hill and landed beside Cheetor, grunting as he did so.

"You young ones," he grumbled. "Never showing respect for your elders. Why, I have it in mind to..."

Further conversation was rendered moot as Air Hammer glided by.

"What the..."

2006-07-02, 03:11 AM
Hanging on for dear life:

Rattrap: -holsters blaster, grabs onto Cybershark's other handlebar with his now free hand- "I am hangin' on! Just pick up da pace!"

Dinobot: -dangling from Depth Charge's grasp, still snarling and growling-

2006-07-02, 04:22 AM
Near Rendevous: Island
Cheetor was grinning broadly at Ramulus when Airhammer unexpectedly grazed his thrusters.

"What in the...?"
Cheetor spun in a circle failing to locate whatever brushed him, but a glance at his right thruster made him crinkle his nose. The skin on Airhammer was fortunately of the smooth, leathery type, but it left a particular fishy-smelling slime coat track on the thruster. He looked down indignantly at Ramulus for an explaination.
"I got slimed! What was that?"


"Foolish Maximal." Tigatron snarled at Optimus. "The pods containing your destructive kind are of no concern to me. They are only a small part of my duties while they remain here. It may be better if our kind had not existed at all. All that is brought by Maximals and Predacons alike is death and destruction. This place protected your species, your kind, and you repay it by trying to destroy the stabilizers, temperature, and other control systems that protect the delicate balance here. You understand nothing except force, and force is what you will receive if you do not leave immediately."

God Jinrai
2006-07-02, 04:43 AM
" And what are the Vok if nothing but force incarnate? If something takes place that they feel is not to their liking, they wipe out whatever it is that they deem "inadequate" or "contrary to the desired effect of their grand experiment" and think nothing of it. You would DARE to accuse a being greater than the vok.. Primus himself, of being in error for creating us? You would DARE to presume, based on altercations that the Vok made on you, that We, maximals, predacons, autobots and decepticons, all are a waste of life? For it we are truly a waste, Tigatron, then so too are the vok... for what, if nothing more than their own personal gratification, purpose do the vok have in this vaunted "grand experiment?" The Vok are not Primus, they are not Unicron, they are not GODS! I would have sooner lost you to the void, Tigatron... with the hope that your spark would be at peace within the allspark, than to have to face this abomination that now stands before me. "

Primal shut down his torso weapons.

"Silverbolt, radio cheetor... we're leaving this rock."

2006-07-02, 05:53 AM
Control Room, The Island

Silverbolt watched from his perch in the upper reaches of the room as Tigatron and Primal had their exchange.

Instead of listening to Optimus, he looked straight at the mind-controlled Maximal.

There has to be some way to reach him, he thought, not willing to give up on a former comrade as easily as his leader seemed to be.

"You're honour-bound to serve your new masters. I understand that. But if Megatron is allowed to destroy the timeline, none of this," he gestured around him, "will ever have happened. Your service would have been for naught. Your masters' will would have been thwarted. How will that serve their interests?"

2006-07-02, 06:28 AM
Tigatron frowned as he considered all that had been said.
No life is a waste, but these creatures only mean to destroy the lives of others. Perhaps the Vok may do the same from their vantage, but if then that is what their desire is, what is my function to be? If our species had not existed, would not others have been better off?

His thought was interrupted by the sharp smell of smoke and sizzling and crackling wires.

He lowered his weapon, also lowering his voice. The angry edge of his tones left as he returned his weapon to its storage position and turned to the damaged controls.
"Whatever the motives at hand may be, I must repair this damage immediately. No destruction of any innocent life is acceptable."

2006-07-02, 11:07 AM
Tarantulas was nearing the top. The journey from the cliff to the island was further that it had appeared to be. He had come some way...

2006-07-02, 12:19 PM
Human Valley

Inferno looked over to Quickstrike.

"Round up a group of humans for our Queen. I will make sure the enemy colony knows what we are doing." Inferno said turning on his com-link.

"Maximals! We have decided to strike at annoyances that assist you and make them our enemies as well! Come and save them!" Inferno said oddly not using many ant references for once.



Waspinator flew to Megatron.

"No idea where Spiderbot is." He said shrugging.

2006-07-02, 02:15 PM
Air Hammer, grasping how to slow down his newly reformatted Fuzor mode, glided towards the Cheetor and Ramlus. The apprehensive Maximal kept his distance, watching the two Transformers like a hawk but refraining from engaging them. He studied the two Transmetals, without making a sound nor displaying any emotion.

"I don't like the fact that I'm techno-organic and they're most certainly not; I’ll let them make the first move and see what happens from there”

2006-07-02, 02:39 PM
Megtron payed waspinator little attention: the fact that he had lost Tarantalus was of little shock, and he was too tired to admonish the bog right now. He pulled down and landed near Transquito, adopting his "friendly" face and demeanour.
"My dear fellow, I am in command of the forces around here. I am most grieviated that you have woken alone, but you are among friends now. What is your name?"
He looks ok in a fight, hopefully he'll back that up with brains as well, Yeeeeessss.