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2006-05-17, 09:18 AM
Cartoons: I found the BW2/Neo icons quite useful for context when reading through DrSpengler's Beast Wars 2 and Beast Wars Neo series profiles, so they're also linked in to those pages now...
Heh. Good idea. Helps even a BW nut like myself.

Of course, not all treated this announcement with unreserved joy. Several older fans have formed Crusty Old ATT-Ers For Beast Wars, a movement intended to bring about a BW Transformers movie. An unnamed spokesman for the faction last night claimed that "Beast Wars was a masterpiece because Bob and Larry used to put in references to us. This Trukk Not Munky movie will be a sham, because it will show that lots of people really like Transformers, which will take us far from being an exclusive little clique."