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2006-05-21, 05:58 AM
With the majority of the Decepticon forces deployed on assignments, the Nemesis is a ghost town. Only Gigatron, Scorponok, Soundwave, Nightracer and a few others remain onboard, whilst Hatemonger and Astrotrain have led forays to advance Gigatron's master plan. Knowing that the Warworld is nearly complete, the Decepticon leadership believe that they are standing on the cusp of victory.

Aboardship, Sunstreaker has managed to sneak onboard, and is attempting to trade secrets to Gigatron in exchange for a shuttle that can take him to Cybertron. An Autobot team that includes his brother Sideswipe has been dispatched to bring the traitor in...or bring him down.

2006-05-21, 05:09 PM
The vocal pattern scan which Soundwave was running was returning anomalous results. The Autobot claimed he had turned traitor, but the inflections of pitch and tone told Soundwave otherwise - there was an underlying motive - something the traitor was carefully trying to hide...

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-22, 08:48 PM
Interrogation Room

"I have an exact lay out of the command structure. Who and what to hit to make the entire force fall apart. And no, it isn't as easy as Kill Prime. He has very little to do with the actual command during battle." Sunstreaker started with something small and that was pretty much well-known, but it atleast showed he wasn't kidding.

2006-05-23, 05:32 AM
Interrogation Room

"Indeed," Gigatron said noncomittally. The Autobot hadn't said anything he didn't already know...killing Prime had always been more of a personal battle of wills than an attempt to decapitate the Autobot command structure.

Still, a start was a start. If Sunstreaker was lying, he was at least fairly good at it.

"If Optimus isn't that deeply involved in tactical details, then who is? Who would be the prime targets for my assassins?"

2006-05-23, 04:42 PM
*Hook nudged Scrapper who was leaning agenst the wall.*

Hook: "How long do u think they will be in there?"

Scrapper: "Beats me, I dont even know what they are talking about."

Mixmaster: "Speaking of that, where is everybody?"

Bonecrusher: "You Don't think that..."

*Bonecrusher walked up to the door (I'm assuming there is a door.) And knocked on it several times.*

Bonecrusher: "Any one in there?"

Long Haul: "Get your guns ready boys! You never know."

Scavenger: "You overreactive fool, If you fire uppon Gigatron He'll have all our heads!"

Hook: "Still better to be prepared.

2006-05-24, 02:25 AM
Interrogation room

While she gave no outward sign, the words target and assassinations cought Nightracer's interest.

2006-05-24, 04:44 AM
Interrogation Room

Hearing the knocks at the door, Gigatron cast a glance over his shoulder.

"Nightracer," he said to the femme, an edge in his voice, "do see what our visitors want."

He didn't add it had better be good, for their sake, but everyone in the room surely knew it was implied.

2006-05-25, 12:41 AM
Aboard Sky Lynx

Pipes leaned over the seat in front of him, to look at the navigation panels. "So whats our status? Can I dive out and hit things yet?"

Powerglide, who would usually agree, looked at the screens. "Um....is that the Nemesis we're coming up on? I thought we were going to Russia...."

Glyph was still a fish out of water, and had no idea what any of these terms meant. "The Nemesis? That sounds bad.......is that bad?"

2006-05-25, 02:06 AM
Sky Lynx:

Sky Lynx: "Yes, we are aproaching the Decepticon undersea base. Are there any questions before we get there?"

2006-05-25, 05:45 AM
Interrogation Room

After giving Gigatron a brief nod, she slipped Sunstreaker's gun into her subspace compartment. Nightracer kept her rifle in hand ( but pointed it at the floor) and walked over to the interrogation room door. When she got to it, Nightracer carefully openned the door (while making sure she wasn't dirrectly in the path of gunfire (should any guns be shot).

" Do you have a reason for this interruption?" Nightracer calmly asked the Constructicons.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-25, 06:00 AM
Sunstreaker took note that his gun was now in sub-space and watched the door. He waited to see what the Constructicons wanted with Gigatron before he continued.

This also gave him a chance to formulate an answer. Truth be told, there were some Autobots he still wanted to keep out of harms way.

2006-05-25, 02:32 PM
Hook: "My apologies, The ship was empty when we arrived, we thought that maybe, well you know.

(ooc: Was hook Or Bonecrusher the leader of the Constructicons?)

2006-05-25, 03:04 PM
OOC: Hook is typically the head and Quick Switch played him as the lead.

Aboard Sky Lynx

"No in-flight movie Sky?" Hound chuckled in response as he continued scanning the area.
However, the smile faded as he looked up. "Screen's showing a corruption on Sunstreaker's energy sig - 40 miles southwest by 2 south- approximately 2,103 feet below the surface of the water- give or take a couple dozen.
He's down there- in some form."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-25, 09:05 PM
Originally posted by Rollerdash

(ooc: Was hook Or Bonecrusher the leader of the Constructicons?)

OOC: Scrapper was the head in every continuity I thought.

Sideswipe shook his head at Hound

"It ain't him. I guarentee it's a clone or something."

2006-05-26, 12:07 AM
Interrogation Room

Many responses to Hook's statement went through her mind, but eventually Nightracer settled on what she hoped was the politest (but also to the point). It never was a good idea to upset those who are in charge of the medbay.

"The computers have lists on who is activilly on a mission or not," Nightracer said to Hook.

2006-05-26, 03:50 AM
Sky Lynx:

Sky Lynx: "Sorry, Hound, my projector was damaged during the fighting in Tokyo."

2006-05-26, 05:18 AM
(OOC: Sociopathic Autobot is right. Scrapper is supposed Constructicon leader; he's got the highest rank out of the six. I've seen Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher and even Scavenger in charge of the team at different times, though, depending on what they were doing and who happened to be writing them. In general, Hook usually seems to be in charge when they're repairing someone, and Scrapper is usually in charge when they're fighting or building a new machine. :))

Interrogation Room

Gigatron glared over his shoulder at the interruption, but said nothing to the Constructicons or any of his other minions.

2006-05-27, 01:47 AM
Aboard Sky Lynx

"I do have a question, actually." Pipes said to Sky Lynx. "What the Primus is going on? We were told Yellowstreaker was in a remote area of Russia and that we were going to pound his face. Nobody said anything about the bleeding decepticon Headquarters."

Pipes paused a moment, something clicked mentally.

"We're going to the decepticon headquarters? That's fantastic!!!"

2006-05-29, 03:04 PM
Soundwave felt that this was his chance to talk to Gigatron.
He approached Gigatron and said:

"Gigatron. I have been conducting frequency and voice analysis on the speech pattersn from this..." he gestured towards Sunstreaker with his right arm "...Autobot. The results show that much of what he says may be untrue or contain distortions of truth."

He paused waiting for Gigatron's response.

Lord Zarak
2006-05-29, 07:15 PM
With the search complete, Shockwave began to study the information in front of him regarding Joseph Stalin.

As he did so, he began to see similarites between the two. Both of them were, so to speak, physically weak. They both depended upon others to do the dirty work, yet by some strange twist of fate, this allowed their stature to grow. By being seen as in control, but without hands on dirtyness, the image they cultivated was of style, substance, and, in the case of Stalin thugh not yet Gigatron, love for him.

"Maybe the show trials worked after all" mused Shockwave to himself.

2006-05-30, 04:16 AM
ooc: That would explain the confusion then- Quick liked Hook and given the playing circumstances and scenarios where the cons were used, that'd be why he used the char as a lead. Whichever is fine. :)
Aboard Sky Lynx
"Well, his signal's coming from down there. Of course, it might be a trick, but I think it's unlikely." Hound paused, darkly remembering his own signal corruption from overlaid programming codes.

"Lynx, there's a large underwater reef outcropping 2 miles from here, and a series of barrier sand-islands that're uninhabited, where you could land."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-30, 07:27 PM
Interrogation Room

Sunstreaker just stared at Soundwave. He said it blatantly and infront of him.

"You know, for being the 'peak' of cold-hard logic and cunning, you can't interrogate for slag." Sunstreaker snapped at the darker blue decepticon, rising from his seat.

"Your brain scans are inaccurate. Even Gigatron knows what I said is more than likely true." He was resisting the urge to dismantle Soundwave on the spot. It was bad for negotiations... and interrogations for the one being interrogated.



"It just can't be him, Hound. You can't rebuild what was left of him, especially in a new body! And who would have bothered? It doesn't make any sense."

2006-05-31, 01:50 AM
*The constructicons withdrew their weapons and continued to wait for something to do.*

Scrapper: "Ima gonna look at the computer, see who all is here."

Bonecrusher: "What ever."

*Scrapper headed down the hall to the control room activating the counsil he read off names to himself.*

Scrapper: " Shockwave,Soundwave, Nightracer, Giga...."

*He was inturupted by a beeping on the scanner relay.*

Scrapper: "Hook, Tell Gigatron I've found something."


Hook: : "Gigatron, sir, Scrapper says he's found something."

2006-05-31, 05:27 AM
Interrogation Room

Gigatron cast an enigmatic look at Soundwave. He still didn't fully trust the results of the former traitor's brain scans, a thought that he kept tucked away in the back of his mind just in case the cassette-master was actually scanning him.

"That comes as no surprise," he told Soundwave in a clinical tone, as if the two of them were alone in the room, discussing the results of an interrogation that was completed weeks ago. His voice did not betray the fact that he gave Soundwave's word only marginally more weight than that of the interrogatee.

"This Autobot...or former Autobot, I suppose," he said with a placating nod towards Sunstreaker, "may have forsaken his allegiance...but he still has friendly feelings for some of the Autobots, I'd wager."

The Decepticon commander's gaze shifted to take in the defector. "But understanding your reluctance doesn't mean I accept it. If you want one of my shuttles, you are going to put your feelings aside. I asked you a question, and despite the bevy of distractions, I expect an answer. Who-"

His questioning was interrupted the Constructicon's comm call. "One moment," he told Sunstreaker before shifting to a silent, internal comm channel (which he fully expected Soundwave would listen in on, but there were some things which simply couldn't be avoided).

"What has he found, Hook?"

2006-05-31, 03:45 PM
Hook: "An Autobot, near the reef, about 4 miles from the bace, he says he cant tell who it is, but he is betting his money on Jetfire."

2006-06-01, 02:42 AM
Sky Lynx:

Sky Lynx: "Thank you, Hound. Course plotted and laid in." -heading towards one of the sand-bar isalnds-

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-01, 02:44 AM
Nemesis Interrogation

Sunstreaker let out a frustrated sigh.

"I would LOVE to tell you something, but your help is more of a hinderence for an interrogation."

OOC: There are no autobots on the reef yet, are there?

2006-06-01, 05:30 AM
Interrogation Room

(OOC:No, there aren't any Autobots there yet...Sky Lynx is still in flight.)

Gigatron sighed. "Find Scorponok and tell him what you found," he instructed Hook. "He can deal with any intruders. Don't interrupt me again unless it's urgent."

Cutting the comlink, he turned back to Sunstreaker.

"No more delays," he told the traitorous Autobot. "Who, aside from Prime, is an important figure in Autobot decision-making?"

2006-06-01, 01:19 PM
(ooc: My misstake, I had thought he had landed. Then again I did say NEAR the reef. I'm assuming that I can see about 15 miles (not clear, but I can see the watertower about 15 miles away) I think the scanners could pick up Sky Lynx)

Hook: "Yes sir."

Scrapper: "Well lets go find him, take care of this."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-01, 04:22 PM
Originally posted by Rollerdash
(ooc: My misstake, I had thought he had landed. Then again I did say NEAR the reef. I'm assuming that I can see about 15 miles (not clear, but I can see the watertower about 15 miles away) I think the scanners could pick up Sky Lynx)

(OOC: The idea of the reef was that it was outside of Decepticon scanning distance, atleast that was my interpretation.)

Sunstreaker nodded and sat back down. He stopped and then pointed to Soundwave

"You don't need him here, and I get the feeling it doesn't matter what I say, ol' mono-tone there will say I'm lying."

He paused and then grinned. "First on your list is Prowl." He's the one that put Sunstreaker in this position in the first place, so it served him a slight bit of revenge, but he did say the name with a small amount of remorse. Truth was it was actually some what hard for Sunstreaker to do this, but if it ended the war and brought the transformers under one banner, in the end it needed to be done.

2006-06-01, 07:18 PM
Soundwave registered Gigatron's response. Naturally, Gigatron had to be seen to be asserting his authority in front of the traitor. Soundwave had performed his function here - he had provided an accurate analysis of the intruder - the probabilty of his allegience to Gigatron was registering very low on Soundwave's readings.

Soundwave was more than ready for whatever Sunstreaker felt he had up his sleeve. A command would unleash all of his cassetticons unpon the instruder. Soundwave placed his trust in logic and probabilities - if Gigatron choose to ignore these outcomes, it was through no failings of Soundwave...

2006-06-02, 06:42 AM
Interrogation Room

Gigatron ignored Sunstreaker's jab at Soundwave, neither refuting it nor supporting it. He merely motioned subtly for the communications officer to stay where he was and continue monitoring. If nothing else, Soundwave's presence seemed to annoy the traitor, and enough annoyance could conceivably make him let slip a fact he wanted to keep secret.

"Prowl, you say? Little surprise there. He has been part and parcel of Prime's inner circle since the dawn of time, give or take a few brief periods of death. Who else?"

2006-06-02, 09:53 AM
The hangar bay was dimly lit except for one corner, where two Decepticons were working on an aircraft. The air was filled with the smoke of their labours and their foul curse words of faliure.

Roughstuff stood up and wiped grease off his brow. He and his partner Flattop were Micromasters and the aircraft they were working on was about the same size as a Humans F-15 fighter jet. The space which they had cleared around it was huge though. Flattop pulled himself from underneath it and stood up, called to Roughstuff.
"Mass Shifter is installed in the Cog. Lets test it."
The pair retreated back to a safe distance. Flattop pulled out a bulky remote device and pressed the large red button.
The Aircraft transformed into an Aircraft carrier, taking th space they had cleared and more: it's control tower had dented the roof. Flattop and Roughstuff cheered for a brief second before noticing the damage and hurriedly pressing the large red button and reverting it back a more manageable form and size.
Flattop turned to Roughstuff.
"Fantastic: all we need to do is install this remote into my comm links, do the same for yours-"
here he indicated a complex and aggresive looking Trailer
"- and the Decepticon Micromaster Transports are in business!"

Roughstuff looked to his trailer. "I'm gonna be transporting nothing in that, can we change the name?"

Flattop sighed.

2006-06-06, 09:26 AM
ooc: Yes, the reef is beyond scanning range. Staff is talking over acceptable scanning ranges for the cities, but it will be beyond for this field.

Aboard Sky Lynx
Hound tilted his head sideways slightly as he thought and Sky Lynx headed for the reef. The questions were good ones, and understandable.

The scout didn't have any answers though, or at least, not ones that he'd voice to a very worried Sideswipe.
"It might not be him Sideswipe. It's only his energy signature that I'm tracking on, and it's distorted to an extent. That could be from the city fields or any number of causes. I don't know."
He shot the warrior an easy smile.
"What I do know is that if it is him, we - or rather you- have to at least try to bring him back. He's maybe not cut from the same mould as the rest of us, but he's still one of the family."

Turning his attention back to the ocean and the Nemesis and getting a darker expression, Hound conjured up a hologram of the Nemesis, detailed from image recordings that Soundwave had instilled in his memory.

"The security codes will have changed by now. But if you remain on the reef, and follow it underwater, you will likely not be detected. Underneath - is metal of some variety." The scout frowned at the loss of data and missing information in his data banks, then continued.
"I don't know what from, but it is there, and enough to disguise your readings from scanners. You will be able to follow it underwater to get near to the base's undersea location. The best thing to do after that is wait until they raise the platform for their aerial recon members and slip aboard that way. Getting out may be harder, but there are several energy intake valves on each floor- here, here and here. *pointing*
Those are large enough for you to force open and slip out from The hatches are meant for fuel storage in space- so firing weapons inside may be very dangerous. There could still be vapors or remnants of fuel in there."

2006-06-06, 06:11 PM
Aboard Sky Lynx

"Hmmm...a reef. I've been in a few situations like this." Glyph mused. He took out his twin energon hilts. Usually meant as adaptable weapons, they could also have other functions. He set them to a configuration as wide, relatively short blades, and attached them to his feet as flippers.

Pipes and Powerglide walked over to the exit hatch, ready to get going, while Glyph waddled behind them. "Yeah," Powerglide muttered, arming his machine guns and cluster bombs, "we'll bring him back all right." Sunstreaker had nearly killed him the last time they met, and he hadn't forgotten.

2006-06-06, 07:22 PM
Roughstuff and Flattop left the hangar bay together, making their way to the turbo lift: they were going to the bridge to report, and acquire their first mission.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-07, 08:03 AM
Interrogation room

"RedAlert"was the next name out of Sunstreaker's mouth. He took great pleasure in listing him. "He knows the security system better than everyone else. Killing him cripples almost any internal counter-attack they'll be able to muster." He said, glancing at Soundwave from the corner of his optic, before focusing on Gigatron again.

2006-06-07, 12:32 PM
Sandy reef:

Sky Lynx: -lands gently, main hatch hissing open- "We've landed, thanks to my superior abilities, without a hitch."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-07, 12:41 PM
After he finished looking through his research, Shockwave began writing his report. It was a task that took its time, mainly due to Shockwave's logical outlook. Once it was prepared, he opened a comm channel to Gigatron.

"Shockwave to Gigatron. I have finished the task you set for me, and am ready to report my findings at your convenience. Shockwave out."

After he finished this, he spoke to the computer:

"Computer, locate and identify Decepticon micromasters within the Nemesis. List them in alphabetical order, and alert me when finished."

2006-06-07, 07:19 PM
As the pair ascended to the Bridge, Roughstuff barraged flattop with ideas for a new team name.
"Movers and Shakers?"
"Wings and Wheels?"
"The fast and the Furious?"
The lifted pinged as they reached the Bridge.

2006-06-08, 04:28 AM
Interrogation Room

Gigatron nodded to Sunstreaker, not particularly surprised. The Autobots' paranoid security officer was well-known in Decepticons circles, after all.

"Indeed? And do I detect a note of pleasure in your voice? Has the dear security director done something to earn your ire?"

Before he could add on another haughty remark, Shockwave's communication came over the airwaves. "Ah. Excellent," he said in a tone that wouldn't divulge anything to the seemingly pliant Autobot prisoner. "Meet me in the observation room adjacent to interrogation room one and we can discuss your findings. Gigatron out."

Turning to the Autobot, he said, "I'm afraid I have to step out for a moment. Soundwave and Nightracer will keep you company until I get back."

Turning towards the communications officer, he said, "Continue the questioning."

Striding towards the large mirror that made up most of one wall of the room, he walked through the small door, entered the observation room, and watched the group through the one-way mirror.


Scorponok stood over the command console, glaring at the team of tech drones who were busily installing a larger command chair that would fit his massive frame. As he heard the turbolift doors opening, he turned his glower on the diminutive new arrivals.

"What do you want?" he demanded of Roughstuff and Flattop in his usual brusque manner.

Shockwave's Office

The ship's computer gave an affirmative beep, and a list of Micromasters blinked into existence on the cyclopian Decepticon's monitor.

(OOC: The only Micros being played right now are the Constructor Squad, Flattop and Roughstuff, I think. Although technically all of the Micros who aren't active on Cybertron could be lazing about somewhere on the ship, I suppose. ;) )

Lord Zarak
2006-06-08, 12:29 PM
"Recieved and understood. On my way now". With that he turned and left his office.


In one of the CR bays, one of the smaller chambers began flashing and beeping. Monitors adjacent to the chamber began the resuscitation programme, ensuring that the occupant would suffer no complications after being in an enforced deep sleep.

Shockwave entered the observation room and stood beside Gigatron.

"How goes the interrogation?"

2006-06-09, 06:19 AM
Observation Room

"As expected," Gigatron told Shockwave, still facing the mirror. "He tells us things that we already know, and gives up information on Autobots he doesn't like." The sixchanging leader shrugged. "We'll gain some insight into inter-Autobot dynamics from him, if nothing else."

Turning to face his most logical officer, the winged Decepticon affected an ever-so-slight frown of concentration.

"Now then...you were carrying out a task for me, as I recall. What do you have to report?"

2006-06-09, 08:36 AM
Nightracer briefly nodded to Gigatron as he stepped out of the interrogation room, then returned to watching the "prisoner".

2006-06-09, 11:14 AM
Flattop looked up at the overbearing Headmaster Chief and tilted his head to the left.
"We're looking for work: got any?"
Roughstuff took two subtle steps away from his partner: he knew Scorponoks reputation and didn't fancy chancing his life like his partner obviously did. He added to his Flattops remark:
"Excuse my partner Lord, he's merely eager."

2006-06-10, 09:32 PM
Sandy reef:

Glyph, Pipes, and Powerglide disembarked from Sky Lynx.

"Thanks for the ride, Big Bird." Pipes said as he walked out.

Glyph took his bearings from the navigation screens he had seen durnig the ride, and waded into the water. Pipes ran after him and dove in with a cannonball, making a big splash.

Powerglide stood on the edge of the shore for a moment looking around, his hands on his hips. "Who was the genius that wanted Pipes for a covert mission, and me for an underwater one, and both at the same time?" He shook his head as he walked into the water, not sure if it amused or annoyed him.

2006-06-11, 05:28 AM

Scorponok's glower intensified somewhat; he had little choice, really, after Roughstuff addressed him as 'Lord'. He suspected Gigatron had spy devices scattered all over the ship, and he didn't want the sixchanging tyrant to think he had designs on his command. Not yet, anyway.

"If there was work," the large Decepticon rumbled, "I wouldn't be here watching drones install a chair. If you're bored, you can monitor one of the bridge consoles."

Assuming you don't need booster seats, he thought after another look at the Micromasters.

2006-06-11, 08:03 AM
Nemesis Bridge

In one corner of the Bridge two feet could be seen protruding from under a console , a semi circle of parts, wiring and boards arrayed round it.

Hammer scrabbled around retrieving the board he was looking for and slotted it into place.

The doors banged open and Knock Out strode in 2 Energon beakers in one hand and a tool box in the other

"Here's the tools you asked for and i picked up a little refreshment on the way back."

Hammer slipped out from under the console on a wheeled board.

"Thanks KO just what i needed."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-11, 02:41 PM
"Simply, that you should follow the example of a former Statesman. A Soviet Russian named Iosef Stalin. Stalin translates to "man of steel", which captured his personality almost perfectly.

"Whilst physically not stong, he cultivated a personality of non-physical power. Extremely intelligent, on one hand he was a ruthless politician driven by a paranoia developed after the death of the revolutionary leader and first leader of the U.S.S.R., Vladimir Lenin. Show trials were a method used to uncover and discipline suspected dissidents to enforce his control. Secret police and a network of informants were used to spy on the citizens of the U.S.S.R. However, his paranoia was a contributing factor to his eventual decline in stature both prior to, and after his death due to ill health.

"On the other, he was seen as a paternal figure, consumed with love for his nation and his people. Cermeonies involving school children showing their love for their 'grandfather' were used by Stalin to further secure his position, and make himself approachable to his people.

"A great war leader, he used his cunning to gain an advantage in Western Europe for ideological gains. He devloped the U.S.S.R. into the second superpower of Earth during the middle and latter years of the previous century.

"I have concluded that you, as leader of the Decepticons, in light of defections and capture of valuable soldiers, need to improve your image as the undisputed leader of the Decepticon Army, and Supreme Emperor.

"Public displays of, perhaps, clemency will demonstrate to your troops that you love them. By showing mercy, you would be seen as a fair and just leader. A consequence of this would be that their trust in you would grow, as would their devotion, if not love.

"Conversely, condemning those deemed suprlus to your own requierments to death would demonstrate that you are a strong willed, determined leader who will broke no dissent or treachary. Again, the devotion of the troops, their trust in you would grow.

"I have also concluded that you must develop your own internal secret police, and with it, a network of spies. Utilising them would create a ream of private intelligence of your troops and thier own feelings that would not be accessible under nominal means. By using the intelligence effectively, you would be able to alter your own image accordingly. If they hunger for a show of discipline then you would take the action that would satisfy them- by ordering a trial of traitors for example.

"You must not underestimate the value of public image. Your troops follow you, and if you are not up to the task, they will want someone they want themselves to be. Strong, determined, disciplined, and above all, victors."

2006-06-12, 06:47 AM
Observation Room

Gigatron listened mutely to Shockwave's report, although the idea of modelling himself after a human tyrant made the sixchanger feel...dirty somehow.

After the one-eyed officer had finished his dictation, Gigatron nodded his approval.

"Your suggestions are most ingenious," he said an a tone that was, for once, free of contempt. "If we had information on the feelings of our underclass, we could defuse any potential uprisings before they happened, instead of falling back on the threat of deadly force like my predecessors did in those situations. And by improving my image in the optics of the troops, we will make a serious uprising that much more unlikely to begin with.

"But our forces on this planet are still operating on afairly small scale. I have no doubt I can get many of the troops to inform on their fellow Decepticons, but I think they would discover fairly quickly which of their comrades have become informants, and most likely kill them."

The leader frowned for a moment, then smiled slightly.

"Perhaps," he said slowly, "we could gather the intelligence without involving the troops at all. Technical and cleaning drones are everywhere on the ship, after all. Most of the troops see them as nothing more than part of the scenery; no one will stop talking because a mere drone rolled around the corner. If we could equip them to gather the information we need, we could go about improving my 'image', as you call it, without any outside help."

2006-06-12, 06:13 PM
This was Soundwave's chance.

"Sunstreaker." he said in his usual clipped voice - "Gigatron has left me in charge of gathering information. As I have already registered, you speech pattern analysis indicates elements of untruthfullness in your responses. I will test this truthfullness."

He paused for a second before continuing.

"Advise me on the location and magnitude of weapons installations surrounding and within the Autobot base..." he began

2006-06-12, 07:03 PM
The Micromasters Roughstuff and Flattop shrugged, walked past Scorponok towards the moniotr consoles.
"hardly a good use of our talent..." muttered Flattop.

Lord Zarak
2006-06-13, 07:41 PM
"Indeed" nodded Shockwave before he carried on. "All that needs to be done is to design and install a spying program to be introduced when the drones enter maintenance. Once enhanced and released, the information would begin to emerge. Once it reaches a sufficient amount, it can then be analysed and acted upon accordingly.

"As you have recently given me the Propaganda portfolio, I conclude that it would be me that would analyse the data and inform you of its content?"

Shockwave looked directly at his leader.


The CR chamber finished its resuscitation program. The occupant awoke to find himself inside a transparant chamber just emptying itself of liquid.

As it empied, the chamber opened, and the occupant stepped out. Small, orange and purple, he looked around his settings.

"Typical. Can't anyone do anything right?" he asked to himself. He looked around and saw a winking light. He moved towards it, and a voice said:

"External identification complete. Vocal identification requiered to cancel automatic warning. Enter identification after the beep"

With a sigh and a shake of the head he spoke his name: "Skystalker"

"Identification complete. Present yourself to Lord Gigatron. Current location: Observation Room 1"

Skystalker left the CR chambers behind as he walked towards the obs. room.

2006-06-14, 05:47 AM
Observation Room

Gigatron nodded slowly.

"You conclude correctly," he told his logical lieutenant. "Can I assume you are capable of coordinating the design and installation of the spy software we'll require?"

The Decepticon leader turned to look at his subordinate once more.

"After all, it would be illogical to involve more Decepticons than necessary in these preparations. A fact I'm sure you appreciate."


A growl rose from the back of Scorponok's throat as the Micromasters passed, but aside from that he paid them no mind.

If their insignificant talents are being wasted, then mine are being utterly squandered.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-14, 06:25 AM
Sunstreaker grinned. It was just Soundwave now. He could take Soundwave.

"Before I left, you mean? My information on that department isn't that much better than yours, I'm sure." He leaned back in his chair, putting his arms behind his head, starting to relax. "Besides, your ships aren't worth that kind of information."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-14, 01:55 PM
"That is a fact I do of course find logical. There is no place for 'appreciation' when concerned with logic" replied Shockwave.

"It is logical for me to proceed with the design and manufacture of the new program. However, if I was to install as well, then suspicions might be aroused if I were arbitrarily placed upon the manintenance team. As the maintenance team have no need to know the content of any modification via programming, all that would be necessary would be to present the spying program as a non-desrcipt piece of software to improve the efficiency of the drones."

Shockwave looked again at his leader and waited for Gigatron's decision.

2006-06-14, 06:19 PM
Soundwave considered. Sunstreaker was being deliberately selective with the information he handed out. It was to be expected. Soundwave regarded Sunstreaker as nothing more than an Autobot traitor and potential spy/security risk.

The traitor was clever off course, he wasn't going to betray colleagues and "friends" lightly. Soundwave must play him at his own game...

"What information will be given to us?" He requested. "If you need a ship so badly, then it must be of grave importance to have defected from your morals. We will require information of great value in order to initiate any sort of transfer..."

2006-06-15, 04:57 AM
Observation Room

Gigatron took a moment to watch Soundwave and Sunstreaker through the one-way mirror before replying.

"As always," he finally told Shockwave, "your reasoning is sound. Once the new software is complete, you can coordinate with the technical department on installation. Even if they don't know the content of the modifications, though, it would be wise to limit the number of techs who are aware of it...we wouldn't want someone to decompile the code and see what we're up to, after all. I suggest you coordinate directly with Hammer and use his team exclusively for installation when the time comes."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-16, 02:14 PM
"Of course. I shall proceed right away." He nodded and exited the room. As he did so, he nearly kicked over Skystalker.

"Hey, watch it! You not got two....Ah" he froze as he saw who it was.
"Course y'dont, do you Shockwave?" he asked, rather nervously.

"It would not be prudent to answer a rhetorical question, Skystalker. Gigatron will be...pleased to see another soldier has re-awakened. Wait here, and I will see if he will see you.

Shockwave re-entered the obs. room once more.

"Forgive the intrusion, Gigatron, but one of our micromasters has been re-awakened from the CR Chamber. Do you wish to see him now?"

2006-06-17, 05:51 AM
Observation Room

Gigatron turned back to Shockwave, frowning.

"Oh, very well. Send him in."

The sixchanger's frown deepened slightly as he remembered where he was. Whoever had awakened, it obviously wasn't someone on his list of trusted underlings, so it wouldn't be wise to allow him to watch the interrogation.

"On second thought, don't. I'll see him in my throne room."

With that, the sixchanger headed for the door.

2006-06-17, 01:25 PM
The Micromaster Transports had found the adaptors required for the chairs and began monitoriing the Screens: with little to no training in any of this work though, Roughstuff got bored and began surfing E-bay for good deals and Flattop had loaded up a version of Doom where he played Starscream vs a Martian Base full of undead autobots...

2006-06-18, 08:00 AM
Over the Nemesis

Wingspan opened a Com link

"permision to come aboard."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-18, 06:23 PM
"As you wish" replied as Gigatron walked out of the room past both Skystalker and Shockwave.

Shockwave too left the room, but in Gigatron's wake. He looked down at the micromaster and spoke:

"Gigatron will see you in his throne room. I suggest you take a moment to yourself to allow Gigatron time to prepare to see you. Will there be anything else?"

"Nah" replied Skystalker, who by now was beginning to regain his composure. "I'll just hang around here for a moment, like you said..."

Shockwave shut the observation room door.

"...Or maybe not. I'm sure I can just amble along to the throne room, keeping myself to myself." A wicked smile worked its way across his face.

"See you later Shockwave, can't keep the boss man waiting now, can we?"

He turned and left, leaving Shockwave stood by himself. However, he kept watching the micromaster, even as Skystalker looked back and waved.

As Skystalker turned a corner, Shockwave left where he was standing in the direction of his office.

2006-06-19, 04:46 AM

Gigatron had left Shockwave and Skystalker (he thought that was who he had seen, anyway) to discuss whatever they had to discuss, and had headed to his throne room to prepare for the Micromaster's visit. Upon arrival, he seated himself on his throne and schooled his features into a suitably imperious expression.

While he waited for Skystalker, he took a moment to review the Decepticon's service record. With careful precision, he noted that the Micromaster had seemingly been dead for all of his previous reign.

(OOC: I'm assuming, because Rav deaded him in the Unicron war and I can't remember him doing anything between that and getting revived just now. Lemme know if that doesn't jive with something. :))


Scorponok heard Wingspan's transmission, but didn't respond. Instead, he glared over his shoulder at Flattop and Roughstuff. In the process, he noticed that they were squandering Decepticon resources on video games and commerce, respectively. He supposed he should crush them for it, but he couldn't bring himself to do something so...Ratbatish.

Instead, he simply bellowed, "Make yourselves useful and answer that!"

2006-06-19, 07:29 PM
Flattop jumped with a start at Scorponoks order, whilst Roughstuff effortlessly flipped the comm station on line and acknowledged Wingspans communication.
"Security codes acknowledged Wingspan, Doors are opening for your arrival, welcome home."
Flattop stared up at the giant Headmaster in unbridled fear. Knowing he shouldn't, he offered the keyboard to the superior officer.

2006-06-19, 10:16 PM
Nemesis Docking Tower

Wingspan watched as it appeared from beneath the waves. Followed by the micromasters he dropped down onto the platform and headed for the airlock.

2006-06-20, 04:11 AM

Scorponok glared at Flattop for a moment more, then shook one large, decidedly video game-unfriendly claws at the Micromaster.

"Get back to work."

The massive Decepticon then turned his back on the dwarfish underling.

2006-06-20, 04:49 AM
Sunstorm didn't remember crashing, he didn't remember flying over a mountain, he didn't even remember leaving the Nemesis. All he remebered was that he was doing something that would gie him a chance to kill Dirge. He got on his Comm-link
"This is Sunstorm, could somebody on the Nemesis come pick me up? I'm too damaged to fly."

You know I might not be immortal after-all.

2006-06-20, 08:17 AM
Docking Tower

Cindersaur droped down on to the platform behind Wingspan and the Constructors before offloading Ragnorok on to the floor.

"I hope you four arn't the only medics we have" the Firecon said looking at the badly damaged Constructors "i don't want to be walking around with these holes in me forever".

Lord Zarak
2006-06-20, 12:38 PM
(ooc- didnt realise he was deaded and played before. Will play him as temp. deactivated til repaired if thats ok?)

Skystalker, still smiling, arrived at the Throne Room. He chimed the door, and waited to be admitted.


Shockwave entered his office. He sat down, and on the computer brought up the schematics of the drones. By analysing their construction, he would be able to determine the extent of modification that was possible.

(ooc- following on from Autobot Base as directed.)

Overlord looked around at the damaged 'Cons around him.

"All this damage better be worth somethin'" he growled at
Hatemonger. If I've been wastin' my time, I wont be happy.

2006-06-20, 01:59 PM
*Ragnorok got up fighting the urge to slap Cindersaur*

"Just get my leg fixed,I've been tossed around one too many times today."


Hook: The shuttle's here everyone, head to the medi-bay, looks like they are going to need some reparing.

2006-06-20, 07:25 PM
Roughstuff Replied to Sunstorm
"Whats your location Sunstorm, Requesting Pick up for you now."

Roughstuff turned to Flattop:

"You may as well earn us the name Transporters if that's what we are. Get to the Hangar bay and get a shuttle out to Sunstorm."

Flattop jumped down from the Chair and made his way to the lift with speed, still jumpy from Scorponoks threatening attitude.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-20, 07:38 PM
Reef off of the Nemesis

Sideswipe followed the mini-bots into the reef grinning.

"This mission will stop being covert in about five minutes. Let's try and do some damage while we're here for that clone


Interrogation Room

"One of those shuttles isn't worth the information that would win a war. It's probably worth information to get the upper hand, but not all out win." Sunstreaker's attitude had become blatantly more cocky since Gigatron left.

"Find me a better ship, Soundwave, and I find you better information."

2006-06-20, 10:21 PM
"I'm somewhere on top of one of the mountains, Roughstuff, there appears to be a small human town within two miles. I'll send a signal up." Sunstorm replied, sending up a large, continuous, bolt of orange energy.

2006-06-21, 05:49 AM
Throne Room

(OOC: Fine by me, Big Z :))

Gigatron pressed a recessed button on one arm of his throne, and the grand double doors of the throne room started to slowly swing inward on their automated hinges.

"Come," he told Skystalker.


"Nnnn." Scorponok wasn't amused by Sunstorm's communication. He turned to Flattop to growl an order at the Micromaster, but saw that he was already in motion.

The little ones fear me. Good.


Hun-grrr idly watched Overlord as he confronted Hatemonger.

Cutthroat sidled over to Rippersnapper, a nasty look on his face. "You were your usual useless self in the battle."

The other Terrorcon snarled at him. "Go to the Pit! My cyclone cannon forced the Aerialbots from the sky."

"Anyone can point a gun," Cutthroat said coldly. "A shiny toy doesn't cancel out your weakness. It just underlines it."

Rippersnapper converted to beast mode. "I'll give you weakness!" he bellowed, launching himself at his fellow Terrorcon. The duo plowed into the nearest row of seating, Rippersnapper savagely biting at Cutthroat's wings and torso. The shock trooper ineffectually tried to push him off with his legs, but Rippersnapper was dug in.

2006-06-21, 11:55 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Overlord I assure you that your wounds were worth the battle." Hatemonger said a slight smile on his face.

"We recused Spectro and terminated or injured at least two of our traitors. Not to mention caused some havoc to the Autobots. I would say we did rather well." He explained.

2006-06-22, 04:10 AM
Interrogation Room

At the Autobot's change of tone; Nightracer narrowed her optics, but continued to not interfer with the 'interrogation'.


The Stunticons made sure they were out of the Terrorcon's way ( at least Rippersnapper and Cutthroat's way), even as they watched the fight with interest.

2006-06-22, 07:06 AM
Sandy Reef:

Sky Lynx: "Good luck, chaps!" -closes hatch, streaks off towards Hound's drop off point-

2006-06-22, 07:21 PM
Roughstuff sent a second communication to Sunstorm:
"Your signal only narrowed down your position a little, seeker: you should fire another on Flattops request when he gets closer. Till then, stay quiet: If you get noticed it'll just be the two of you out there. Over."
Roughstuff turned back to the Auction Website he had been using: in the time taken, most of his "Watched" items had been sold off, so ge shut it down and attended to the comms full time.

En route to Hangar Bay
Flattop was in the Turbo lift back to the Hangar in the Turbo lift.
Already doing the dirty work...

2006-06-22, 08:28 PM
Wingspan left the docking bay and limped towards Med bay

the Constructors in tow.

2006-06-22, 10:41 PM
Sunstorm couldn't believe his bad luck, How did I crash? I don't even remember leaving the Nemesis! Well, at least someone's on his way to get me. He contented himself to absent-mindedly zap small woodland creatures.

2006-06-23, 06:16 AM
Aboard Sky Lynx
"They'll need it Lynx." Hound mumbled as he made his own preparations. He called up a map of Cuba and looked over his briefing data as the ocean rolled along below. It surprised the scout how quickly Sky Lynx could cover the distance- it wasn't long before they were approaching Guantanamo.

"Impressive timing as always Sky Lynx!" Hound grinned.

2006-06-23, 06:52 AM

Cutthroat tried to push Rippersnapper off of him, but in short order his fellow Terrorcon had clamped his jaws around his head. He expected to feel the other Decepticon's fangs sink into his skull, but instead he felt Rippersnapper getting hauled off of him.

"Enough!" Looking up, he saw Sinnertwin dragging Rippersnapper away by the scruff of the neck. "Save it for the Autobots," the sentry growled.

Cutthroat managed to pull himself up into a chair, and sat there with his optics fixed firmly on the deck in shame.

Lord Zarak
2006-06-23, 10:01 AM
Skystalker couldnt help but feel intimidated. There he was, a rather weak specimen of a micromaster, and the doors, which were rather big and heavy, were opening up just for him...

He tried to keep his composure as he entered and walked towards the throne.

"Greetings, my Lord" began Skystalker, "allow me to present myself to you. I am Skystalker, and I command an Inter-staellar space shuttle. I wish to pledge my allegiance to you". Skystalker bowed and waited for Gigatron's reply

2006-06-23, 11:45 AM

Cindersaur walked in the wake of Wingspan and the Constructors heading toward the medbay.

"Ha you're leg can wait" the Firecon looked back at Ragnorok "At least my injuries where inflicted fighting the Autobots and not from droping peices of bulkhead on myself".

2006-06-24, 04:27 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron watched impassively as Skystalker declared his allegiance.


He allowed the single word to hang in the air for several seconds, hoping to unnerve the prospective underling. Finally, the comparatively huge sixchanger allowed himself to smile.

He could be more useful than I first thought.

"An interstellar shuttle, you say? What is its weapons load and passenger capacity?"

2006-06-25, 01:19 AM
Reef, underwater

Glyph kicked along at the base of the reef like a human scuba diver. Powerglide followed close behind, using his jet engines on a low setting for propulsion. Pipes floundered along behind half walking half dog paddling.

2006-06-25, 08:50 PM
Black Heart:

Bludgeon: -scowling slightly, checking the controls-

Stranglehold: -checking the damaged "cybernetic" arm on his shell, wincing as he opens and closes the hand experimentally-

Fangry: -looking back at the shell-less Octopunch- "So what happened to you?"

Approaching Cuba:

Sky Lynx: "With abilities as superior as mind, can my timing be anything else?" (OOC: Off to the "OTHER" thread)

2006-06-26, 05:36 AM
Black Heart

Octopunch scowled at Fangry.

"Grimlock," was all he said.

2006-06-26, 06:33 AM

Wingspan led his motley crew into medbay

2006-06-26, 12:14 PM
Headstrong overheard Octopunch's Dinobot issues and chimed in.

"I know how you feel, except mine was Snarl." He grunted.

Lord Zarak
2006-06-26, 12:32 PM
"My shuttle is heavily armed, and armoured. It is capable of carrying a number of micromsters like myself.

"It also transforms into an attack outpost, which utilises the weaponry found in its shuttle mode. Needless to say, anyone who stands in my way when on a mission doesnt last long."

Skystalker stopped there, before he got too carried away.


In his office, Shockwave had finished looking over the schematics of the drones. Satisfied, he discarded them. He brought up on his computer screen a software design programme and began the process of designing the new spy-ware.

2006-06-26, 12:51 PM
Pounce grinned in Puma mode showing lots of teeth

"Slag here , slow but dangerous and persistent.

2006-06-26, 07:33 PM
Flattop arrived at the hanger bay, and checked the rosta for available shuttles. He found an Enterprise class shuttle that would make it to Sunstorms postition and take the booster seat he had taken from the comms room.

As he entered the shuttle, he sent a communication to his partner.
"Roughstuff, relay message to Sunstorm: send flare up in ten minutes, will be in visual range by then."


Roughstuff recieved the communication wordlessly, and sent it in its entirety on to Sunstorm. He had lost all interest in communications already, but daren't say anything after his partner had agitated Scorponok.

2006-06-27, 03:39 AM
Sunstorm received the transmission, set an internal timer, and sent a reply to Roughstuff,"Transmission received, Roughstuff, the decendent of Primus thanks you for your assistance." He then settled into electrocuting a human who had wandered too close.

2006-06-27, 08:05 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron nodded absently as Skystalker extolled the virtues of his craft.

"It soulds like a...formidible vessel," he said. "There will be a place for you in our armada when we head to Cybertron to overthrow the Quintesson usurpers."

The sixchanger glanced down at Skystalker's service record one more time. When he looked up, he was frowning slightly.

"Your record indicates you were deactivated in the last battle with Unicron," he said flatly. "How long has it been since you were reawakened?"

Lord Zarak
2006-06-27, 10:01 AM
Before he answered, Skystalker checked his internal clock

"Only a small number of minutes. Once the CR Chamber resuscitated me, I follwed the instructions it gave me, to present myself to you, my lord."

2006-06-27, 07:28 PM
Flattop had finished the countdown preparations and got the shuttle in the air, making with haste to Sunstorms position in the nearby mountains. Sunstorms comms came through on the dashboard (delivered by Roughstuff who had drifted out of the narration for the moment). At the end of it he thought he heard something like a scream. Puzzled, he flew on.

2006-06-28, 06:38 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron smiled slightly.

"I see," he said. "In that case, I suggest you head to the bridge and review the last few years' worth of historical records. Or interrogate the crew for a short version, if you'd rather. There have been some rather...unpleasant happenings while you were deactivated."

The leader inclined his head slightly. "Welcome back to the Decepticon Army, Skystalker. We will talk again later, I'm sure."

Lord Zarak
2006-06-28, 11:53 AM
"I'm sure we will too, my Lord. And when the time comes to liberate Cybertron, I can assure you I will be there, as you said I would be."

Skystalker bowed, and exited the throne room. Once outside, he headed for the bridge.

2006-06-28, 11:57 AM

Wingspan looked about

"h-h-hello we've got some wounded h-here."

2006-06-28, 11:59 PM
Sunstorm had amassed quite a lot of scorched bodies when his timer went off. "Flattop, firing signal now." he stated, firing off a large beam into sky, smirking when he hit a few birds in the process.

2006-06-29, 08:21 AM

Cindersaur lept on to one of the beds and settled down.

"Hey no worries i'm in no rush" the Firecon directed his comment at Wingspan "I'm sure the medics will be hear annnny time now".

2006-06-29, 07:22 PM
Flattop saw the flare and steered the shuttle towards Sunstorm. He pulled to a halt twenty feet above Sunstorm amidst the canopy.
"Sunstorm, I can't land on that ground, it's too unstable. I'm lowering cable, you'll have to climb up I'm afraid."

2006-06-30, 12:22 AM
Sunstorm grabbed the cable, and shimmied up it into the craft, taking the copilot's seat. "I appreciate your assistance, Flattop, Primus will repay you in kind."

2006-06-30, 11:35 AM
Flattop was a little taken back by Sunstorms Primus comment and put his concentration into flying the seeker back to the base.

2006-06-30, 01:39 PM

The large Decepticon ship was nearing the Nemesis. Hatemonger onto his com-link to the underwater mothership.

"Nemesis Bridge, this is Hatemonger requesting landing access." He said and waited for a reply.

2006-06-30, 04:56 PM
Realizing that it would be quite a long ride back, Sunstorm pulled out his copy of The Covenant of Primus. Of course "his" copy had him inserted into all of the important parts, and all of his actions and words written in red lettering.

Lord Zarak
2006-06-30, 05:48 PM
Skystalker arrived at the Bridge of the Nemesis. As he entered, the first thing he saw was the massive hulk of Scorponok

"Scorponok, where can I review the last couple of years worth of history? Gigatron said I should come up here and do so, so that when the time comes, I will be fully up to speed on events prior to my re-activation."

2006-07-01, 04:29 AM

Scorponok glared down at Skystalker with slightly less than his usual dose of contempt. After all, the Micromaster was showing vastly more initiative than most Decepticons would.

"You can use one of the unoccupied operations consoles," he said, gesturing towards them with one massive claw.

Without turning, he growled to Roughstuff at comms, "Give Hatemonger his clearance. Then alert Gigatron that he is back."

2006-07-02, 03:00 PM
Roughstuff gave Scorponok the thumbs up.
"Hatemonger, you are clear for landing in hangar one, welcome back: any medical attention or special attention needed, over." Roughstuff briefly opened a line of communication to Gigatrons office:
"Lord Gigatron, Hatemongers team are beginning docking: would you be requiring myself to relay communication?"

2006-07-02, 04:47 PM
*The constrictcons walked into the med-bay, getting ready their equipment.*

Hook: "Ok who needs what now?"

(Occ: first time ever doing anything with a medi-bay so bear with me :glance: )

2006-07-03, 03:37 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"We are landing right now." He said as he set the Annilator down carefully and set the large ship to shut down automatically as he stood up.

"Good work everyone go and get repairs and refueled. Excellent job by all." He said more than happy with how the mission went as he stepped out of the shuttle and got ready to find Gigatron.



Cryotek set the Nova down and looked over at Sixshot.

"Welcome home." He said as he shut the ship down and stepped out getting ready to run for a CR chamber.


The Predacons each stood up.

"Man we should have crushed a few Autobot gestalts." Rampage growled.

"Well as we know and learned the Autobots are weak. Everyone to the CR chambers." Razorclaw said as the five Predacons filed out of the ship.

2006-07-03, 05:01 AM

As the ship's ramp lowered, Hun-grrr gestured for his troops to depart.

"Nnnn. Get yourselves into CR chambers."

The team leader stood and led his men down the ramp. As he passed Cutthroat, he cuffed his fellow Terrorcon upside the head.

"Grrr. Behave yourself."


Scorponok ignored Roughstuff completely, as was his wont.

Throne Room

"Indeed." Gigatron responded to Roughstuff with far more politeness than his claw-handed underling. "Inform the general that I await him in the throne room."

2006-07-03, 07:12 PM
Roughstuff opened the communications to Hatemonger again.
"Hatemonger sir, Gigatron wishes your presence in his throne room with expedience."

Docking beside the others
Flattop pulled the small shuttle down alongside the already docked Annihilator;
"Ok, Sunstorm: you ok getting to med bay, or do you need assistance?"
Flattop was praying inside that the quite scary delusional maniac would say he was alright: he really didn't like his company.

2006-07-04, 12:46 AM
Hatemonger walked off to Gigatron's throne room.

He walked rather quickly wanting to explain the mission to his leader. He paused for a moment.

"Bludgeon, given your invovlement on this mission would you care to address Gigatron as well? Or shall I tell him of your victory over Squeezeplay?" He asked the pretender over his com-link.

2006-07-04, 02:15 AM
Sunstorm turned to Flattop, "I can get to the medbay myself, thank you, but after the proper repairs are made I shall stop by to thank you personally. Maybe a new weapon or something for your trouble?" he said airily as he departed.

2006-07-04, 05:09 AM
Nemesis Shuttle Bay:

Black Heart: -lands, hatch hissing open-

Bludgeon: -standing in open hatchway, fixing the rest of his team with his usual look- "If you are injured, report to the medical bay. Otherwise, report to the training area." -picks Squeezeplay's head up, slings it over his shoulder, steps out of the shuttle- "I have an audience to attend." -strides out of the shuttle bay, activating commlink to Hatemonger- "I'll join you in addressing Gigatron." -striding quickly towards the throne room-

Fangry: -yawns- "Home again, home again...... depressing, though. I wanted to grab some humans. I found a recipe for people jerky...."

Stranglehold: -sighs wearily, cuffs Fangry behind the left ear-

Fangry: -collapses like a poleaxed steer-

Stranglehold: -grabs Fangry's tail- "One more for the docbot....." -starts dragging the insensate Headmaster in the general direction of medbay, deciding to take the stairs.....-

2006-07-04, 05:48 AM
Hatemonger waited outside of Gigatron's throne room for Bludgeon to arrive.


The five Predacons found CR chambers and relaxed letting them heal their wounds.


Cyrotek rather than going to the medlab went back to his lab and sat down as a group of drones came in and did their work on him.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-04, 04:32 PM
Skystalker nodded at Scorponok's reply, and moved in the direction that his claw pointed at. He tapped into it, and began absorbing the information on the database.


Shockwave moved away from his screen. Displayed on it was the finalised product- the spy-ware which would unwittingly pry upon the movements and actions of all Decepticon warriors stationed upon the Nemesis.

It's design was simple, and therefore easily installed, but easily missed. All it did was simultaneously transmit the information from each drone on a frequency so low that only those who knew what to look for knew it was there, at the same time as each individual drone transmitted its location to the central computer of the Nemesis. The information would be stored on Shockwave's computer.

All that needed to be done now, was for it to be installed.

Shockwave opened a comm channel to Hammer, as directed by Gigatron.

"Hammer, this is Shockwave. Please meet me in Maintenance. Bring your team. That is all. Shockwave out"


Overlord went to find his CR Chamber. Once he did so, he entered, and began the healing process.

2006-07-04, 07:36 PM
Flattop paused: He wasn't sure about Sunstorm at all, but the offer sounded good.
"Whatever you have on Micromaster scale would be fine, Sunstorm." He said, a little nervously.

Roughstuff turned to Skystalker and offered his hand to shake.
"Hi: always good to meet a fellow micro."

2006-07-05, 02:12 AM
Sunstorm acknowledged the micromaster as he headed to the exit, "Yes, of course, smaller scale, I know, Flattop, I think I have a sidearm of some sort in my quarters. By the way, where will I find you anyway? Oh, and don't be nervous, I'm a benign god, most of the time."

2006-07-05, 04:04 AM
Corridor Outside of Throne Room:

Bludgeon: -strides up to Hatemonger- "Shall we?"

2006-07-05, 06:14 AM

Hun-grrr stalked past the various Decepticons in the room, found an empty CR chamber, and sealed himself inside.

The rest of the Terrorcons made their way to CR chambers within a few minutes of their leader.


Octopunch briefly considered visiting Medbay, then realized that his injured shell would heal itself more quickly than a CR chamber could. It was organic, after all.

The Mayhem left the bay and headed towards the nearest turbolift cluster.

Bugly, for his part, headed back to the cargo decks to resume his meditation.

Throne Room

Seeing Bludgeon and Hatemonger approach via his security monitors, Gigatron keyed for the throne room door to open just as they arrived.

2006-07-05, 06:31 AM

Pounce padded out of the bay and down the corridors looking for some micromasters to torment.

2006-07-05, 01:05 PM
Hatemonger nodded to the Pretender warrior.

"We shall." He said as the doors to Gigatron's throne room opened and the two Decepticons entered.

"Gigatron my lord I am reporting to you mission success." He said waiting for their commander to address him before explaining the finer details of the mission.

2006-07-05, 07:25 PM
Flattop nearly came to a dead stop, but tried to maintain his previous pace.
"I'll be on the bridge most likely with my brother."
And as many other people as I can find. You psycho...
"No rush." he finished, nervousness and fear pouring off him. He was thug for sure, but clear cut insanity in one so powerful.

2006-07-05, 07:42 PM

Pounce entered and sidled up silently behind Roughstuff

"fresh oil I seeee."

2006-07-06, 02:07 AM
The small one fears me... perfect. "I shall see you shortly then, my friend." Sunstorm told Flattop as they parted ways.

2006-07-06, 04:49 AM
CR Chamber Room-Medbay

After analyzing who amoung them were injured, the Stunticons left the shuttlebay. The injured ones (Motormaster and Breakdown) headed for the Cr chambers and entered some of them when they got to the medbay. The uninjured ones (Dragstrip, Deadend, and Wildrider) headed towards the mess hall.

2006-07-06, 06:24 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron watched Hatemonger with a menacing glare on his face for several seconds before saying anything. He didn't expect the act to scare his ground forces commander, but one needed to keep up appearences.

"Details," was all he said when he broke his silence.

2006-07-06, 06:05 PM
Soundwave wasn't impressed by Sunstreaker's cockiness. Presumably the traitorous Autobot considered him a soft touch.

Soundwave slammed both fists down on the table in front of him.

"You keep requesting that we provide you with a ship for your own use, but have offered nothing in return. What value is there in continuing this one sided negotiation?"

Soundwave paused.

"In fact, my scans are proving conclusively that this is nothing more than a ruse to stall for time or to provide a disruption to our forces. You are a dangerous element here, one which logically should be confined or destroyed..."

Soundwave reached to unholster his fusion gun...

2006-07-07, 04:26 AM
Hatemonger nodded and spoke unnerved by Gigatron's tone and presence.

"The mission was a success, we were able to recover Spectro, caused considerable turmoil and destruction to the two Autobot bases and most important we." He looked over at Bludgeon. "Terminated Squeezeplay, in which in his honor he did die like a Decepticon and I myself dealed considerable damage to Blitzwing. Overall I would say our mission was more than a sucess and should have gave Astrotrain the time he needed to complete his actions." Hatemonger explained.

He then waited for Gigatron to respond or Bludgeon to add to his explaination.


Flywheel and Ruckus both exited the Annilator and headed off for the CR chambers.

"Next time Dirge is mine!" Ruckus grunted.


Spectro looked over at Spyglass and Viewfinder.

"I do have to say the Autobots sure are stupid." Spectro said to his brothern.

"Why is that?" Spyglass asked.

"Simple, no torture no nothing, in fact they fixed me up." He laughed.

"No matter we are going to bring you to the med-bay just to make sure the Autobots didn't do anything to your systems." Viewfinder said as the trio walked to the med-bays.

2006-07-07, 05:01 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron waited for a few moments, to see if Hatemonger was going to add anything more to his exegesis. When it seemed that he wouldn't, the commander nodded. What one didn't say, he'd found, was more telling than what they did say. And in this case...

"And what of our troops? How many casualties did we sustain?"

2006-07-07, 11:51 AM
Flattop, once he was out of sight of Sunstorm, ran to the turbo lift as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Roughstuff tried to keep his cool: after all, the most threatening of soldiers could be the best clients.
"Fresh as a daisy mate. Looks like you're back from a mission, all went well?" he said over his shoulder to Pounce.

2006-07-07, 12:19 PM

"tangled with a Dinobot , seem to be making a habit of it , second one in as many missions. Won't forget me in a hurry."

Pounce brushed some mangled vegetation from his torso.

2006-07-07, 02:59 PM
Hatemonger smiled slyly knowing Gigatron was going to ask that question.

"None, usual battle bumps and bruises and some will need a little while in the med bays and the CR Chambers but no damage was sustained to our ships and all men returned in operational order. Furthermore I would like to add several Decepticons we earmarked for this mission did not show. So I am more than impressed by the preformance of all the Decepticons in this battle." He added.

2006-07-07, 04:32 PM
Throne Room, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -having walked in quietly beside Hatemonger, sets Squeezeplay's head on the floor at Gigatron's feet, moves back to stand next to Hatemonger- "Optimus Prime wishes to meet wth you. Alone." -scowl deepens minutely- "Breastforce's ruse has been discovered. The sum total of Carbombiya's crude oil supply is now in storage tanks near this base."

2006-07-07, 05:43 PM

Sixshot nodded silently at the "Welcome home" comment, his face solemn and unreadable, then he followed Cryotek out of the shuttle and idly headed for his quarters, to check on the beast, and its unwillingly assistant keeper.

2006-07-08, 04:29 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron let out a short noise of annoyance, although which of his underlings' comments brought it on was not readily apparent.

"I see."

Deigning to look down at Bludgeon, he said, "Your insights serve you well. If you-"

He was interrupted as Scorponok's voice cut over the intercom. "Metrotitan has been destroyed."

"Nnnn." Gigatron was silent for a moment, then asked, "And you know this how?"

"My city transector is parked nearby. The impressions I'm getting from my drones are fairly clear."

"I see. Tell them to salvage what they can, and to send a full report as soon as possible. Gigatron out."

"Hatemonger," he said, "go to the bridge and contact Astrotrain. Tell him that we need the Warworld to go active ahead of schedule."

Turning back to Bludgeon, he smiled frostily. "You say Prime wants a chat? Very well. This new development has moved his Autobots firmly back into the 'useful' category...for the moment, anyway."

2006-07-08, 04:45 AM
Hatemonger nodded and started for the Nemesis bridge.

2006-07-08, 05:05 AM
From high in the darkness of an empty corridor, an orange and black condor detached itself from the ceiling. Pausing briefly in mid air, Laserbeak flew off in the direction of the throne room...

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-08, 06:39 AM
Interrogation room

Sunstreaker put his hand down on the table and reached behind him putting his hand on his chair scooting it closer to himself so he could sit back down.

"Settle down, I am not going to offer something if I am not getting something as nice as my paint job in return."

Sunstreaker tightened his grip on the chair watching the gun.

"Listen, how about you wait here and I look." In one fluid motion he tugged the chair close and then whipped it up off the ground catching Nightracer across the face and dropping her to the ground.

Soundwave went to react by drawing the gun but Sunstreaker quickly shoved the table into the Decepticon communication officer and jarring the gun out of his hand. Sunstreaker gave a strong right hook to the side of his head and shoulder-barged through the door. He stopped quickly and went back, hacking into Nightracer's subspace bubble and taking his gun back and then running down the corridor, he hoped the old maps the Autobots had were accurate.

Coral Reef

Sideswipe was close to the Nemesis now and looked back to the Mini-bots.

"Hey Pipes, you guys ready?"

2006-07-08, 10:27 AM

Cindersaur had nearly dozed off before the Constructicons arrived.

"Oh me first" The Firecon directed at Hook "I took a couple of shells too the back so i got some holes that need patching up"

2006-07-08, 11:46 AM
Sixshot's Quarters

Entering his room, the sixschanger moved over to the desk, but not opening the drawer, he called "You look after the cat well, human"

As soon as he got an answer, he would rest and recharge for a bit.

2006-07-08, 02:23 PM
Hatemonger walked towards the bridge and activated a com-system.

"Nemesis command to Astrotrain, Gigatron seeks activation of Warworld ahead of schedule over." He said waiting for a response.

2006-07-08, 05:38 PM
Coral Reef

Pipes' red eyes glowed with mischevious mirth. "Lets get this party started." Powerglide and Glyph waited near him, ready to spring into action.

2006-07-08, 05:47 PM
Sixshot's quarters

there was banging on the drawer

"let me out i have rights , i'm a US citizen you can't dothis to me."

2006-07-09, 04:56 AM
Beneath the Nemesis's aft section:

Brainstorm: -watching fish swim by- "Okay..... so what do we do now?"

Siren: -shrugs- "Given the odds of any Autobots being near us to help us, I suggest we make as little noise as possible and try to get out of here."

Throne Room, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -cocks head slightly- "Gigatron, is there an Autobot in the base?"

2006-07-09, 05:07 AM
(OOC@Cons returning from the Nebulos mission: we're in the Outer Space thread.)

Astrotrain sent a return comm to Hatemonger, "Acknowledged. Let Lord Gigatron know that the Nebulos team has returned, and I'm rerouting them here to help with security. We've had some uninvited company. Starscream, to be precise."

Throne Room

Gigatron nodded. "We have Sunstreaker in the interrogation room," he told Bludgeon. "Why do you ask?"

2006-07-09, 06:38 AM
Interrogation Room

As it was Nightracer wasn't sure which surprised her more, the fact that the Autobot had hit her with a chair or the fact that the Autobot hacked into her subspace compartment (OOC: Is that even possible?).

Either way; the Autobot had did both those facts to her in front of another Decepticon, which was unexceptable. Thus the only conculsion was that Nightracer didn't stay down long.

Taking note of what Sunstreaker did to hack into her subspace compartment and doing her best to fix it, Nightracer got back to her feet. Then Nightracer took aim and fired her rifle at Sunstreaker's back.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-09, 05:08 PM
Skystalker was just about to make himself comfy at one of the terminals when Roughstuff made his introduction.

Skystalker looked at the hand, and took it - grudgingly. Seems a bit too happy to see me.

"I'm Skystalker. I'm a bit busy at the moment, so if you dont mind..."

I dont have time for this.

He gave his newest 'friend' a look that made it clear he wasnt pleased at being disturbed.

2006-07-10, 12:38 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com to Gigatron.

"It seems the Nebulos team is going to Warworld, seems as though Starscream has decided to rear his head again." The General informed his leader.

2006-07-10, 04:23 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron actually smiled a little at that.

"Ah. Excellent. In that case, Hatemonger, hail Autobase. Tell Prime that I'll speak to him, and find out the specifics...time, place, that sort of thing. Oh, and tell Skystalker to come by the throne room. I've got an assignment for him."

2006-07-10, 06:16 AM

Hammer slammed an access panel shut and slid out from under the console.

"all done, should work fine now."


Wingspan slipped into a CR chamber closely followed by Grit , Stonecruncher et al.

2006-07-10, 07:54 PM
Flattop arrived back on the bridge and made his way to his seat next to his partner, Roughstuff.
"Take my advice," he said unbidden and looking straight at his keyboard, "Have as little to do with the messianic seeker who's coming up here with a present for me. Just smile, nod, say nothing."
Rougstuff looked at his fellow with a smile. For all his bluster and love of violence, Flattophad had a problem with crazy people since he's known him.
"Flattops got a new friend, flattops got a new friend..." he sang softly.
"SHUTTUP!" Flattop cried out.

2006-07-10, 08:56 PM

Pounce gnashed his teeth

"ahh now we have entree and dessert."

2006-07-11, 02:03 AM
Throne Room, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -scowl deepening- "At least one Autobot knows he's here, Gigatron. One that feels a deep, brotherly kinship with him."

2006-07-11, 04:10 AM
Hatemonger listened to Gigatron.

"Yes sir." He said activating the com system.

"Skystalker, go see Gigatron at once." He said then switching to an Autobot frequency.

"Optimus Prime, Lord Gigatron has decided to meet with you about your offer." The General said stressing whatever Prime's motives were. "He wishes to know when you wish to meet with him where and how." He said waiting for a reply.

2006-07-11, 04:40 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron's only visable reaction to that was a slight curling of his lip.

That would be Sideswipe, I suspect....

To Bludgeon, he merely said, "Deal with it."


Scorponok's mind was half-occupied trying to sort out the reports of his secondary modules in Antarctica, but he was still paying enough attention to be annoyed at the antics going on on the bridge.

"Nnnn." The massive Decepticon swept a baleful glare across the bridge, then went back to his business.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-11, 08:23 AM
"Acknowledged" replied Skystalker to Hatemonger. "I am leaving the Bridge now." He exited the Bridge, and a short while later, arrived at the Throne Room of Gigatron.

He chimed the door, and waited to be given permission to enter.

2006-07-11, 08:53 AM

Hammer noticed a light flashing on his clipboard . He pressed a contact and retrieved a message.

Voicemail shouldnt have been on , all the coms gear needed upgrading , thats what happens when all your coms staff are out for the count or locked up for so long, maybe he should redesign the system , there were as couple of sloppy bits of engineering that could be improved.

Getting up he grabbed Knock Out's legs and slid out from under the console.

"come on we've got work to do they want us in maintenance yesturday,"

The 2 Micromasters hurried off ther Bridge.

2006-07-11, 11:43 AM
Sixshot's Quarters

"I just did, live with it, human" Sixshot retorted with an amused snort, then slipped into his falling silent as he went into a light recharge cycle.

2006-07-11, 12:36 PM
Sixshot's Quarters

the human caurled up in a sulk


Maintenance Bay

The 2 micromasters entered and looked around

Lord Zarak
2006-07-11, 03:41 PM
Shockwave arrived momentarily after the two Micromasters.

"Greetings Hammer, Knock Out. Where is the rest of your team?"

Because of his size, Shockwave looked down at the two smaller Decepticons.

2006-07-11, 07:22 PM
Roughstuff took a moment to address Pounce before returning to mock his partner.
"I don't think we'd go down well. Perhaps I can interest you in some Snax, nicely priced with a Threatening Demeanour Discount?"

2006-07-11, 07:33 PM

Pounce grinned

"never say no to free food."


Hammer looked up

"Greetings Sir , the rest of our team are in CR chambers they sustained injuries during the recent raid in America."

2006-07-12, 03:04 AM
Sunstorm finished up in the medbay and made his way to his quarters. After putting in the access code, he began searching through his storage containers Hmm, I know I put it here somewhere, no, no, that's not it he thought tossing aside assorted trinkets he had gained over his lifetime.

"Ahh, here it is." he muttered, pulling the small gun from the depths of the bin.

Now, to make my way to the bridge.

2006-07-12, 05:11 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron pressed the recessed button that opened the gradiose double doors.

"Do come in, Skystalker. I'm sorry to interrupt your studies, but I have an assignment that your special faculties should prove perfect for."

2006-07-12, 08:21 PM
Soundwave reeled from the punch. Sunstreaker had hit him a glancing blow across his cranial dome. He stumbled backwards and crashed into the interrogation room table. As he fell backwards, his chest unit sprang open and a series of cassettes jumped from where they nestle inside.

First came Ravage, followed by Overkill and finally Slugfest. All three transformed from cassette mode to their beast form. Snarling and extremely upset about the damage to their master, the three roared and then sprang from the room, ready to give chase and destroy Sunstreaker if necessary for what he had done.

Immediately, the lumbering form of Slugfest began to fall behind...

Lord Zarak
2006-07-12, 08:52 PM
"Indeed?" replied Skystalker, walking into the Throne Room once again. "Anything to serve your goals, my Lord". He stood infront of Gigatron and looked up to his leader.


"Very well" replied Shockwave. He extended his hand to Hammer. In his hand was the programme he had designed.

"You and your colleague are to re-call and install each drone presently active on-board the Nemesis. You are to install this programme, which has been designed to increase overall efficiency of the running of the Nemesis. Once your task is complete, you will make your way to the office to inform me personally that you have successfully carried out your task. Do you have any questions?"

2006-07-12, 09:12 PM
Hammer took the programme

"seems fairly straightforward Sir, update the Drones report back. Do you want us to upgrade the combat drones or is it just the tech and service types."

Lord Zarak
2006-07-12, 09:30 PM
"For the time being, it is only the technical and service drones. However, if the situation changes, it is possible I may have to revise my thinking"
replied Shockwave to Hammer.

2006-07-12, 09:46 PM

"Understood Sir, Come on Knock Out we can upgrade them as they come in for there recharge that way we'll minimise disruption to regular functions round the ship."

2006-07-13, 02:55 AM
Sunstorm arrived on the bridge and glanced around, "Ah, Flattop, there you are, here I found the gun, that should be payment enough. And as a bonus, I'll even autograph it for you." he said buring a crisp S.S. into the grip. "Here you are," he said handing the gun to the micromaster, "I'll be leaving then." he said as he turned and left.

2006-07-13, 04:57 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron nodded.

"Indeed, Skystalker," he said, smiling a little bit. This was was either up to something, or he was extremely loyal to the cause...either way, he would prove to be very useful to the Decepticons down the road.

"Optimus Prime has asked for a private meeting. I intend to give it to him, and I have an officer getting the specifics right now. I do not intend for it to be private, though."

Gigatron's optics narrowed.

"You'll follow me in your shuttle and put down just out of sight of the rendezvous. Leave your ship on standby and move closer to observe the meeting...your short stature will make it nearly impossible for the enemy to see you. At the first sign of betrayal or any other serious trouble, call in your shuttle and reduce Prime to scrap. Any questions?"

Lord Zarak
2006-07-14, 09:29 AM
"No. Your instructions are perfectly clear. Is there anything else you would ask of me?" asked the Micromaster.



"Excellent. You may proceed with your task." With that, Shockwave turned and left to his office.

A short while later, he arrived and entered his office.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-14, 06:47 PM
Sunstreaker dodged down another corridor and turned around. He aimed up and swathed out a large chunk of the ceiling, blocking the corridor he turned down. It would buy him some time as he turned and kept running.


Sideswipe pointed at the hull of the Nemesis. "Pipes, cut me a hole."

2006-07-15, 04:17 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Lord Gigatron, Prime has hailed us back he wants you to meet at the Human Island Bikini Atol within the hour. He also is claiming to know of Warworld. Shame he doesn't know just how much we have done to our planetiod." He said waiting for Gigatron to reply.


The Predacons filed out of the CR chambers.

"Ahh always love to relax." Divebomb said streching.

"All you do is relax. I'd rather destroy." Rampage said.

"I gotta agree with the kitty on this one." Tantrum added.

"Hmm." Headstrong just nodded.

"All of your relax. We wait until we are needed until then do as you wish." Razorclaw said walking off.


Cryotek arose from the table that his drones were repairing him on.

"Much better, never trust a ninja." He said quietly getting up and looking at some of the experiments he had been working on.

2006-07-15, 04:40 AM
Throne Room

Gigatron shook his head.

"No, Skystalker. That will be all. You heard the general, so you know our destination. Go ready your shuttle. We'll be departing presently."

Pressing the comm switch, he answered Hatemonger. "Excellent work," he said smugly. The idea of having to negotiate with Hatemonger only hours after the general had led a successful assault on their headquarters must have galled Prime.

The Decepticon leader stroked his chin thoughtfully. It wasn't much of a surprise that the Autobots had found out about the Warworld; too many Decepticons knew about it, and his mechs weren't very good at keeping secrets. At this point, though, there was little the Autobots could do to effect the project one way or another.

"It's a shame Prime is such a fool," he told Hatemonger. "If we had had Autobot assistance we could have finished the battlestation more quickly, but the laughable Autobot moral code wouldn't let them work on a superweapon no matter who the target was."

Rising from his throne, he started to move towards the exit.

"Alert Scorponok and have him ready his city transector for liftoff," he continued to dictate over the comm. "Likewise, tell Trypticon to prepare for departure. Ask Shockwave to start downloading and analyzing data from the probe your team planted on Cybertron as soon as his current project leaves him free time. For your part, General, start preparing the troops for departure. As soon as the Warworld makes orbit, I want every Decepticon and drone in this base to decamp and move into the battlestation. Obviously, you'll have to activate our security protocols to keep out unwelcome vistors until we can return. Once this business with Prime is done, we're going home."

(OOC: Sorry for the essay, Rav...;))

2006-07-15, 12:38 PM
Rough stuff grinned as he brought his samplr box from sub space, and opened it for Pounces benefit;
"I'm afraid, where as the Threatening Demeanour Discount does go far, the Snax are not Free: although they remain resonably priced. Can I interest you in a Bah Weep Grah Na Special, 10 shanix a packet? Or a Nini Bong delight, 15 shanix?"

Flattop sighed as his partner went to work, and continued to watch the door, nervously...

2006-07-15, 07:50 PM
OOC- No problem :)

Hatemonger nodded as he listened to the Emporer.

"Yes sir it shall be done." He said activating the com-link. He knew Scorponok and Shockwave were on the Nemesis so he radioed them first.

"Scroponok, Gigatron has requested you get your City ready for flight. We will be going to War World as soon as Gigatron is ready." He then clicked the com over to Shockwave along with Cryotek.

"Shockwave, I am sending you Cryotek so as he already knows the secrity systems for the probe on Cybertron he will help you to anylaze the data and ready a plan as soon as you have finished your current project." He said.

He then activated his com-link and radioed Trypticon knowing how to describe things to get the massive Citycon ready for battle.

"Trypticon, prepare yourself for space flight with any Decepticons you have in your area. We are going home to slaughter the Quints." He figured the idea of pure slaughter should have made the Citycon more than happy to comply.

Finally he set his com to the Decepticon frequency on the Nemesis.

"All active Decepticons and drones, ready yourselves for battle upon the return of Gigatron we go to destroy those who have invaded our planet. In other words my fellow warriors, soilders and comrades we are going home. All Decepicons meet in the main assembly hall Drones wait in the shuttle area[/b]" He said looking at the terminal in front of him he quickly ran his hands over the terminal activating all of the Nemesis's defensive systems as the weapons Octopunch and the Undersea Drones had activated whirred to lift and the jewel of the Decepticons armada readied herself for her crew to fight to save her homeland.

He set that message to play a few times over the next couple of minutes then stood up knowing he needed to ready the troops to leave. Soon he would have another crack at the Quints and he couldn't wait. He thought to himself as he exited the command area as it locked down behind him only accessable to other Decepticons due to the security activations.


"Sweet!" Rampage said hearing the announcemnet he already had his lighting rilfes out and was ready to go.

"Well I guess we are still ready for a fight." Razorclaw smiled seeing the optics of his fellow Predacons light up with the fury of battle which shown even brighter as they would reclaming their home.

"Yes sir." The other four Predacons said in a rare state of unity well at least for them in their seperate forms.

"To the assembly hall then." He said leading his men to the assembly hall.


Med Bay

"Well looks like we will be going home soon after all." Viewfinder said as the drones looked over Spectro reporting the Autobots had not planted anything on the spy.

"Well lets go." Spectro said looking at Spyglass and Viewfinder the three Decepticons went to the assembly hall to await Gigatron return and the chance to go home.


Ruckus quickly bolted from the Med Bay to the assembly hall Fly Wheels waited for the drones to finish their work before he decided to exit as well.


Cryotek nodded and stood up exiting his lab and going to find Shockwave.

2006-07-15, 08:13 PM

Pounce paced closer

"What about a sharp pointy dangerous weaponry that goes bang discount."

2006-07-16, 12:03 AM
*Ragnorok sat up at staired at the speaker in the med-bay*

"Home...... *An immage of Unicron's head flashes into his head* NO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

*Hook slaps Ragnorok over the head*

Hook: "Come on, stop listning to the voices and go, Constrictcons lets move!"

2006-07-16, 01:42 AM
Exterior, Nemesis:

Siren and Brainstorm: -having spotted Sideswipe and the others in the distance, swim up to them-

Siren: -smiling at Sideswipe- "Well, at least we aren't alone down here anymore. What's going on?"

Corridors, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -stalking quietly through the ship, ignoring Hatemonger's illogical speech- "What the fool doesn't realize is that we need the Autobots to retake Cybertron. Perhaps that is why Gigatron likes to keep him around. An intelligent second in command could pose a threat."

Outside Medbay:

Fangry: -hearing Hatemonger's speech, wincing at the volume because of his Stranglehold induced headache- "Yea, team. Rah, rah, rah. Morons."

Comm message from Cuba:

Jalgar: -over commlink- "This is the battlecrusier Trypticon responding to your hail, Nemesis. Orders recieved. We'll be there with bells on. Trypticon out."

2006-07-16, 03:08 AM
Hatemonger thought to himself as he walked to the assembly area after hearing the transmission from Jalgar.

"Excellent see you there." He said he then wondered how Gigatron was going to approach the Autobots all things considered he knew the Autobots would be most useful in retaking Cybertron. In chess you use your pawns first. Either way Cybertron would be theirs again soon. Suddenly he recieved an alert from the Nemesis radar.

Hmm. He thought to himself radioing Gigatron "It seems we have some Autobots in our water. Shame the Seacons seem to be lost in the shuttle. Maybe Octopunch could take some underwater drones and pay them a visit?" He asked.

2006-07-16, 05:51 AM
Outside the Nemesis

Pipes laughed. "Cut? I don't know how to cut."

Glyph, trying to be helpful, interjected with "I can possibly adapt...", but was cut off by Pipes punching a large hole in the side of the sunken Decepticon ship.

2006-07-16, 12:20 PM
Sixshot's Quarters

Hatemonger's comm-message snapped Sixshot out of his rest cycle and he stepped out of the recharge berth.

Pacing to and fro across the room for a bit, he thought about the sudden situation, then nodded, his mind made up.

Striding out of the room, he headed to the main assembly hall to make his presence known, then leave again.

Much as he hated leaving Marmalade behind, he was reluctant to take his new pet into a war against the Quintessons so that meant taking it back to the mainland. Maybe its keeper would look after it.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-16, 12:31 PM
The announcement was all Overlord needed to hear.

His cycle in the CR had finished, and all he needed was an assignment. He exited his chamber, and walked. The message said they all had to meet in the main assembly hall, so he made his way there.


Throne Room

Skystalker nodded, and left the Throne Room. He made his way down to a hangar bay, and began preparing his shuttle.


"Acknowledged" replied Shockwave. "You may send Cryotek now. My current project allows me the time to see him now, General" added the cyclopean Shockwave.

2006-07-16, 02:20 PM
*The Constrictions rolled into the assembly hall and Transformed and Took their seats, Ragnorok Followed behind them and leaned in a corner.*

"Cybertron....*Optics turn yellow for a second*... Lets see if mistakes are ever forgiven."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-17, 03:35 AM
Outside Nemesis

"Cut, punch, chew. Aslong as there is a hole. You guys first. I need to make the hole bigger for me." Sideswipe replied to Pipes' show of force.

He shrugged to Siren and nodded to the hole. "House warming party. Wanna come?"

2006-07-17, 04:37 AM

Gigatron smiled as he heard Hatemonger's speech echoing over the intercom.

Perfect, my servant, he thought. That kind of fanatical enthusiasm is exactly what we need to spur the troops on to victory.

Replying to the general, he said, "I'm already aware of the situation. Bludgeon should have everything well in hand. If not, I'm sure he'll call for assistance."

Turning a corner, the Decepticon leader entered the hangar bay.


Scorponok snarled wordlessly and headed for the turbolift, not bothering to acknowledge Hatemonger with a response as he headed for the shuttlebay.


Hun-grrr was just climbing out of his CR chamber as the announcement crackled over the intercom. He looked at his fellow Terrorcons' pods, but saw that they had all already left...save for Blot, who was standing in the main room looking around dumbly.

Hun-grrr headed for the door, grabbing his thick-headed underling by the shoulder and dragging him along behind.

Main Assembly Hall

The first Decepticons to arrive would find Bugly already there, sitting in the back row looking vaguely bored.

2006-07-17, 06:36 AM

Knock Out started working on the first drone.

2006-07-17, 07:08 PM
Roughstuff shrugged his small shoulders at Pounce, after hearing Hatemongers announcement.
"Looks like we can discuss prices later comrade."
He hopped off the chair and tugged at Flattop.
"Come on: if your new best friend is there, I'll protect you."
Flattop glared daggers at Roughstuff, looking as if he'd jump him as they walked to the turbo lift.

2006-07-18, 08:46 PM
The explosion rocked throughout the Nemesis ship. Ravage andOverkill both felt the blast. The vibrations threw Ravage to the hard metal floor. Overkill stood firm and held his ground. Slugfest's lumbering bulk prevented him from falling.

Ravage sprang to his feet and he and Overkill rounded the corner from where the blast had come to find the ceiling merged with the floor. Overkill roared with disapproval and anger at the mess which was blocking them from Sunstreaker.

"We must bash through!" He cried.

Slugfest, ever the slow one of the group trudged up behind them.

"Me SMASHHH!" He bawled.

Slugfest lowered his head and charged at the mass of debris. It was something akin to a tank rolling towards a brick wall...

2006-07-18, 10:10 PM

Pounce growled

"later toastercon, maybe we can discuss my give me stuff so i don't rip off your limbs payment plan."

2006-07-19, 06:01 AM
Interrogation Room

Slag, Nightracer thought as she looked at the baracade. A few moments went by as she thought out her choices, before Nightracer reluctantly reported that the Autobot escaped to those who needed to know.

How Sunstreaker escaped wasn't something Nightracer wanted to admit to anyone (and probably never would), but she couldn't remain silent when there was an enemy lose on the base either.

OOC: I wasn't quite sure who to report Sunstreaker's escape too.

2006-07-19, 12:37 PM
Hatemonger replied to Gigatron.

"Yes sir." He said. "I Shall get the assembled Decepticons and drones ready to leave for War World within the hour." He added watching as the troops filed in.


Cryotek arrived at Shockwaves office. "Permission to come in?" He asked rapping on the door.

2006-07-20, 06:30 AM

"Good," Gigatron told Hatemonger. "I'll see you there."

As he spoke, Scorponok powered through the doors behind him and stalked towards his own private shuttle.

Gigatron allowed himself a small smile at the attitude of his constantly-enraged minion.

2006-07-20, 07:04 AM
Corridors, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -stops as he sees water spraying into the corridor, activates commlink- "Do not worry, Nightracer. He will not be a problem much longer." -switches channels- "Stranglehold, Fangry, find Sunstreaker and bring him to me."

Stranglehold: -over commlink- "Damaged or undamaged?"

Bludgeon: "Preferably undamaged. We can return him to his brother, who should be coming through any minute now."

Stranglehold: "Gotcha, boss."

Bludgeon: -switching channels again- "Gigatron, in the spirit if the impending truce, I suggest we return the honorless traitor to the Autobots. And, in the spirit of this new openness, it would only be fitting if you inform Optimus Prime of how much those who serve him can be trusted."

Exterior, [i]Nemesis{/i]:

Siren and Brainstorm: -nod in agreement-

2006-07-20, 07:26 AM

"Use your best judgement," Gigatron told Bludgeon confidently. "The Autobot's fate concerns me not at all." He allowed his smile to deepen. "And I will take your suggestion under advisement. If nothing else, Prime's reaction will be amusing."

2006-07-20, 02:38 PM
Main Assembly Hall

Sixshot entered the area a few moments later, then sat down, looking somewhat distracted as his thoughts were on his pet and what to do about it and this sudden situation.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-20, 04:54 PM
"Permission granted" replied Shockwave, who pressed a button on his desk which opened the door to his office.

Shockwave arose, and waited momentarily for Cryotek to enter.


Overlord entered the Main Hall. He saw Sixshot and nodded at him. As he strode towards the back, he nearly stood on Bugly. As he looked down at the much smaller Decepticon, Overlord narrowed his eyes and growled menacingly at him.

2006-07-20, 07:09 PM
Roughstuff and Flattop entered the Turbolift and shot down to the Main Assembly Hall.

(OOC Anyone with them?)

2006-07-21, 12:53 AM
Sunstorm walked about the ship, trying to decide what he should do to comply with Hatemonger's announcement, when he spotted Flattop and his partner entering the turbolift.

"Flattop, so good to see you again." he said, entering the lift before the door closed. "You know, you ignored me in the bridge when I called your name. If I was the sensitive type I would think you don't like me." He reached into his subspace pocket and pulled out the micromaster weapon.

"Here is your reward, I even autographed the side. Not many people can say a god signed their weapon."

2006-07-21, 04:28 AM
Cryotek looked at Shockwave and brought up a holovid that began to bring up images and footage from Cybertron.

"I think our first objective is to look at this and see a general idea of enemy numbers and the like. Plus one thing I did notice is that there is a Transformer resistance I sadly cannot tell exactly who or how many of us there are fighting the good fight." He said have watched much of the footage.

2006-07-22, 04:40 AM
Main Assembly Hall

Bugly slowly looked up at Overlord, an impassive expression on his face. Despite the fact that the other Decepticon was more than three times his height, it seemed like the Pretender was looking down on him from on high.

"And you are...?" the mystic asked, despite already knowing the answer.


Gigatron transformed to jet mode and shot out of the Nemesis' launch tube, heading for his rendezvous with Prime. He fully expected Skystalker to follow him when the Micromaster was ready.

(OOC: And he's off to the 'Other' thread...)

2006-07-22, 05:06 AM
Interrogation Room

"Good to hear it" Nightracer said over her commlink to Bludgeon, satified that the "problem" would be taken care off. The Decepticon sniper resisted the erge to damage Soundwave while he was down (and out) and started to walk over to were the cassetticons were trying to get the hallway cleared.

2006-07-22, 08:11 AM
Flattop grinned in what he hoped was a reassuring way: he hadn't meant to antagonise the Psycho, but was struck dumb earlier: he'd really hoped it was a private madness, but Sunstorm appered to be worse than he'd thought!
He took the weapon, a small tic developing at his knee, due to his fear, could only mumble some thanks to the would be demi god.

He managed to stutter out
"What kind of gun is it?"

(OOC well, dumbstruck maybe: but the little guys stuck with me as a player, and I'm still a bit of a newb- don't punish him for it, please! :) )

2006-07-22, 02:48 PM
Soundwave had picked himself up of the floor from where he'd fallen. Gigatron was not going to be best pleased with this. Soundwave immediately being conjuring plans for removing blame from himself to transfer to someone else.

He strode from the room in search of his missing cassetticons.


Slugfest repeatedly crashed headlong in the collapsed roof section. He WAS making hole, but it was taking too long. At this rate it would take forever to get through.

"Slugest!" Ravage cried "Get out of it!"

He unleashed 2 rockets at the mess in attempt to blast his way through...

2006-07-22, 07:02 PM
Sunstorm nodded at his small ally, "The gun, is a flamethrower, my personal favorite type of firearm. Which is why I pried this one out of the charred hand of the last Micromaster who ticked me off. And Flattop, again, don't be scared of me, I'm friendly." he said in a reassuring tone.

2006-07-23, 04:04 PM
Main Assembly Hall

Nodding a silent greeting back at Overlord, Sixshot leant back in his seat, wondering what the battle plans against the Quintessons were, frowning as he noticed the other Decepticon's reaction to Bugly as the Pretender asked about who Overlord was, what had happened between them?

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-24, 12:37 AM
Sideswipe grinned and grabbed the outside of the hole widening it so he could fit.

"Gonna be a hell of a party!" Then he jumped through the hole into the flooding decepticon ship.

"Alright, which of you mini-bots is best fit for tracking this imposter?" He asked of Pipes and the others.

2006-07-24, 01:59 AM
Slowly Flooding Corridor, Nemesis:

Siren and Brainstorm: -crawl in through the rushing torrent of water, stand-

Bludgeon: -water up past his ankles, scowling at the Autobots from a short distance away- "Next time, come in through the underside of the ship." -looks at Sideswipe- "Your brother will arrive shortly."

Corridors, Nemesis:

Stranglehold and Fangry: -hunting Sunstreaker-

2006-07-24, 07:07 PM
Flattop took the Flamethrower from Sunstorm and tried to say something reassuring, funny and full of comraderie: he merely shook and let out a little Squeek.
Roughstuff took his arm and pushed him out of the way, whilst speaking for his brother
"He's merely stunned by your generosity, lord Sunstorm; He doesn't meet Gods every day you know."
He gave a cheery wave as he folded Flattop into a Micromaster seat on the edge of the Hall.
"Honestly brother, if you don't pull your act together... Hey, nice Gun!" he added distractedly as he sat next to the paraletic transformer.
Flattop grinned sheepishly, and managed to turn back to Sunstorm and give a thumbs up to.

2006-07-24, 07:17 PM
There was a rumbling noise that was building in intensity...Soundwave's audio receptors were detecting it quite a few seconds before it became audible enough to noticably register. The sound of water... The hull must be breached he concluded.

Soundwave knew that the cassetticons he was missing had not gone far. His walk had broken into a run as he moved down a metal corridor in search of them.


Ravage picked himself up off the floor. Slugfest lay beside him - damaged. His frustration had provided one solution and created a new problem. The bombs had cleared a hole in the block-in, but now, the rush of water that was surging down the corridor towards that hole...and them was growing noticably more visible.

"Overkill say we run!" Overkill stated bluntly. Primitives were smart enough when they needed to be.

"Slugfest need help to run!" Slugfest cried from where he'd fallen. fragments from the roof had collapsed across his legs.

Ravage turned heal and ran. He was not waiting to be drowned in the oncoming surge.

Overkill walked to Slugfest and smashed viciously at the beams which were crushing his legs. He made light work of it. Slugfest's right leg was bent into an awkward shape. Overkill bashed Slugfest with his tail.

"Get on feet!" he shouted, before turning and following Ravage's lead.

2006-07-25, 10:22 AM
Sunstorm sat down opposite the pair, and began arcing small bolts of lightning between his fingers as he alwasys did when thinking, "Hmm, Lord Sunstorm, yes. You know, Roughstuff, I quite like the sound of that. In fact, next time I have a chance, I'm going to make that my new name, yes."

Lord Zarak
2006-07-26, 01:07 PM
"Heh. I am what you want to be, you little runt." replied Overlord. "If you don't know my name, don't get in my way". As he spoke, a menacing grin spread accross his face. "And if you do know my name, dont...get in my way"

"Interesting, though not unexpected. Is there anyway we can communicate with the resistance movement? Doing that would provide us with more reliable information than holovids that are undoubtedly out-of-date when recieved" repleid Shockwave to Cryotek.

2006-07-26, 04:43 PM
Cryotek looked at Shockwave.

"Possibly the problem is that if the Quints have bugged the planet as much as I think they have we would give away our plan by trying to communicate with our comrades." He explained.

2006-07-26, 07:25 PM
Flattop was still looking at his new weapon with extreme joy. Roughstuff was gonna reply to Sunstorms abstruse comment, but had his interests piqued by the interchange between Overlord and Bugly.
"Ooh, floor show." he said, as he brought his ample case out of subspace and brought out a packet of Snax. He offered the packet to Sunstorm out of habit.

2006-07-26, 09:57 PM
Assembly Hall

Bugly crossed his arms and continued to watch Overlord like a scientist observing a particularly boring experiment.

"You," he said flatly, "are insignificant. You gain power from those flesh things in your chest. I gain power from the primal forces of the universe."

The Pretender turned away, dropped into a nearby chair, and leaned back in the seat casually.

2006-07-26, 11:35 PM
Coming up on the Cassetticons, the first thing Nightracer noticed was that they were running. It didn't take her long to figure to notice the surge of water. So Nightracer followed after the Cassetticons. She saw no need to rush. After all, the water itself couldn't hurt her, but having doors shut on you to reduce the flooding was annoying.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-27, 09:43 AM
Overlord was overcome by incredulity.

"Me? Insignificant?!" He walked behind where Bugly arrogantly sat, and gripped the top of his head, applying some pressure.

"I know I get my power from these 'flesh things', and no supernatural power would stop me from from crushing your head right now."

He chuckled to himself as he minutley applied more and more pressure to Bugly's head.


"Indeed. We must therefore assume that the Quintesson's have a vastly lasrger force that has been kept at bay by the resistance movement, which has engaged in a guerilla style war effort.

We must plan around this, as a large increase in the resistance effort may actually work against us."


Noticing that Gigatron had departed, Skystalker waited a little while longer to take off himself. He completed his pre-flight checks, and blasted-off. He hang behind Gigatron just inside the range of his ships radar.

2006-07-27, 10:51 AM
Sunstorm glanced at the packet offered to him, "No, Roughstuff, I don't think I want any." he said distractidly, obviously deep in thought.

2006-07-27, 10:52 AM

The rest of the Constructor squad returned from the CR chambers and joined there comrades.

Knockout paused

"wonder what this new programme does."

Stonecruncher pondered

"well they're ubi...ubi."

"Ubiquitous " finished Excavator for him shyly.

Knockout nodded "all over the place no one pays them any attention even less than us micros."

Sledge frowned

"lets just be careful what we say around these things from now on."

2006-07-27, 01:37 PM
Cryotek nodded as he looked at Shockwave.

"But with us arrving to help fight I think that could very well change the tide of the battle on Cybertron." He said in retort. "A massive force suddenly appearing out of nowhere could shock and wipe out the Quints."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-28, 03:14 AM
Sideswipe simply glared at Bludgeon.

"You're dumber than I remember. My 'brother' blew up in the stratosphere a long time ago. And whatever we're waiting for, I doubt you'll still be up and kicking to greet it." He leveled the flare gun and fired a bright ball of fire at the pretender.


Sunstreaker was relying on what were now, probably, ancient maps of this ship and he didn't like it. He couldn't help but feel like he may be walking right back into the hands of the Decepticons. He turned down another corridor, following the map to the shuttles.

2006-07-28, 04:04 AM
Flooding Corridor, Nemesis:

Bludgeon: -dives under the blast, back on his feet, one foot snapping up, blade deploying from heel, point of blade stopping a micrometer from Sideswipe's left optic, all in the blink of an optic shutter- "I am not here to fight you, simply to keep you from ruining the impending truce by attempting to rampage through out base. I do not believe Prime would appreciate it if you were destroyed. We shall return what claims to be Sunstreaker to you. You may then do with it as you wish. After you leave."

Siren and Brainstorm: -climb through the hole-

Brainstorm: "You know, punching it in the bottom of the ship would have made more sense. All they have to do is close this corridor off to keep the ship from flooding."

Siren: "Makes it harder to clean up, though....." -sees Bludgeon, optics widening- "N....N.....no....."

Brainstorm: "What?" -looks over, sees Bludgeon- "Oh, slag...."

Corridors, Nemesis:

Fangry: "Why do we get all the dirty jobs?"

Stranglehold: "It's this or listen to Hatemonger's speech."

Fangry and Stranglehold: -round the corner, see Sunstreaker approaching from the opposite direction-

Fangry: -scowling, mutters under breath- "I want a third option....." -raises voice- "I'm guessing you're Sunstreaker. We're here to escort you to your brother. He's come to get you."

Stranglehold: -nods-

2006-07-29, 06:54 AM
Corridors Nemesis

a cleaning drone cut too close to Pounce's path . In a swift movement he drew his bayoneted rocket launcher speared the hapless drone in the arm and threw it across the room dashing it into a wall.

"look where your going. " He growled.

Lord Zarak
2006-07-30, 11:14 AM
"We must plan carefully. Total liberation of Cybertron is our aim. We must be able to assimilate the Resistance force when we arrive; we must also work with the Autobots to achieve our aim. How do you suggest we proceed with our aim?"

2006-07-30, 01:50 PM
Ravage bounded down the corridor, determined to flee the ensuing torrent. Standard proceedure was to isolate damaged/endangered sections of the abse in the event of fires and floods.

Not far behind, Overkill was similarly spriting to escape.


Slugfeststruggled shakily to his feet. He shook his head a couple of times in an attempt to get himself going. He tried to run, the damaged leg refused to co-operate...he collapsed to the floor and howled loudly.

Realising that there was no point in trying to run, he started to crawl and drag his body down the corridor. The water surged through the hole in the fallen debris behind him and instantly picked him up of the floor and smashed his body into the wall...


Soundwave rounded a corrior to find Ravage, Overkill and Nightracer charging the other way. He opened his chest unit. Both Ravage and Overkill transformed to cassette mode and jumped into the waiting the awaiting chest unit space.

"Nightracer - we must exit this section of the base at once. The nearside bulkhead is on level 5T. Otherwise we will be trapped within. Follow me."

2006-07-31, 01:27 AM
Cryotek nodded and looked at Shockwave.

"Our aim is the easy part. To wipe out the Quints from Cybertron. Outside of that I have a feeling if we arrive on Cybertron we will not have too much trouble joining our resistance allies. The problem becomes communcating with them."

2006-07-31, 03:45 AM
" Understood" Nightracer calmly said to Soundwave. Even as she slowed down to move in the right direction and obey his orders.

2006-07-31, 06:18 AM
Soundwave nodded to Nightracer, turned heel and led the way towards a safe bulkhead.

"The water is approaching at some speed now. We must move without haste." he said

2006-08-01, 04:10 PM
Main Assembly Hall

Crossing his arms across his chest and leaning back in his seat, Sixshot watched the confrontion between Bugly and Overlord, looking amused, wondering who would win this if it turned into a fight.

2006-08-01, 10:05 PM
{ooc: whoops, sorry for not posting for a while}

Flooding Corridor, Nemesis:

Glyph brought a lifeform scanner from subspace. "I have some experience in studying various alien cultures, and tracking them is often necessary. Am I looking for a standard transf....." Glyph trailed off as Bludgeon made his presence known.

Pipes saw him too. "A decepticon! Finally!" Pipes charged at Bludgeon, blissfully unaware of concepts like danger or political negotiation.

2006-08-02, 03:48 AM
Flooding corridor:

Brainstorm: "Pipes, WAIT! " -dives to grab(and misses) the charging minibot-

Bludgeon: -blade retracting into heel, scowl deepening- "I'm glad the Autobots still strive to find peaceful solutions." -snaps raised leg around and down with lightening speed, attempting to smash Pipes across the face as left arm comes up, keeping Sideswipe covered-

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-02, 08:57 PM
Sideswipe dropped down below the extended arm of Bludgeon.

"I'll believe it when Prime tells me." He let a full blast from the flare gun go point blank at the rib area of the pretender shell. With his arm up and leg out, this was the softest spot on the metallikato master.


Flooding Corridors of the Nemesis.

"Brother? So they just didn't give up," Sunstreaker shrugged. "I'm here to get a shuttle Soundwave said I could take it. Why not just tell them to all go home."

2006-08-03, 12:12 AM
Without answering Soundwave's nod, Nightracer quickly followed after him.

2006-08-03, 03:08 AM
Corridors, Nemesis:

Fangry: -shrugs at Sunstreaker- "Might as well take them with you. I don't think any of them turn into anything big enough to transport them all." -starts heading towards the corridor section that Bludgeon and the Autobots are in- "Come on. It's on the way to the shuttle bay."

Stranglehold: --motioning for Sunstreaker to follow-

Flooding corridor:

Bludgeon: -knocked off balance by the flare exploding across his torso armor, turning his stagger into a leap, flipping through the air and landing, torso armor still covered with flaming flare gel, fists clenching(the sound of myomer bundles creaking audible over the rushing water and crackle of flame, drops into a fighting stance, right fist opening up, waving any Autobots who want to attack him on, flamelight lending a hellish cast to his skull-face-

2006-08-04, 05:23 AM
Pipes absorbed the blow with minor damage, laughed at Bludgeon's taunt and charged again.

Powerglide, more or less useless in confined quarters stuck in robot mode, tried to find a position to fire from.

Glyph moved sideways in an attempt to cut off Bludgeon's avenue of escape.

2006-08-04, 06:18 AM
Assembly Hall

Bugly barely seemed to notice the pressure Overlord was applying to his skull...probably because he was using his dark powers to telekinetically reinforce his head so the much larger Decepticon couldn't crush it like an egg. The only external sign of his exertion, though, was a slight darkening of his optics.

"If you are quite done," he said at last, "sit down and wait for the general's speech."

Small bolts of unnatural lightning started to arc between the fingers of the Pretender's left hand, growing stronger and brighter with each rebound, a silent warning of what would come if his suggestion went unheeded.

2006-08-04, 07:18 AM
Flooding Corridor:

Bludgeon: -seeming to ignore Glyph for the moment, left arm snaps up, electropulse cannon roaring as it fires at Powerglide, right leg snapping up, blade snapping out of heel as he performs a vicious crescent kick at the charging Pipes, attempting to slash the minibot's torso open-

Lord Zarak
2006-08-04, 08:58 AM
Overlord saw the lightning and laughed.

"Scared, little insect?"

He released the pressure on Bugly's head, but remained stood behind him.

2006-08-05, 04:55 AM
Assembly Hall

Bugly didn't even bother to turn around as he addressed Overlord.

"I've looked into the face of the greatest evil ever to walk on our homeworld. If I didn't quail in the face of a demigod, I certainly won't be frightened by you."

The room started to grow a bit dimmer as Bugly subtly drew power from the lighting systems, adding it to the ball of dark energy forming in his palm.

2006-08-05, 05:29 AM
Flooding Corridor:

Pipes took the crescent kick full on, the blade digging into his torso as he attempted to wrap his arms around Bludgeon.

Glyph edged around, looking for a chance to pounce.

2006-08-05, 05:53 AM
Flooding corridor:

Bludgeon: -fists crackling with electricity as Pipes struggles forward, steps forward to meet him, unleashing a devastating series of punches at the minibot's torso-

2006-08-06, 12:49 AM
Sunstorm turned towards Bugly, "Face to face with a Demi-god? but we've never met." he stated before chuckling a bit, "I'm joking of course, I'm one hundred percent deity" he said, dead serious.

"So, Flattop," he said turning to his small companion, "how do you like the gun?"

2006-08-06, 02:15 AM
After leaving the CR chambers and collecting the other three members of the team in the mess hall, the Stunticons quickly paid a visit to the armoury. They spent a few moments to collect extra amo, before heading to the assembly hall.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-06, 07:08 AM
"This time I get your head!" He lunged at the hunched over pretender, his arm transforming into a pile-driver as he attempted to flatten the head of the pretender shell, and the transformer inside it.


Sunstreaker shrugged. "I'd really prefer if I didn't have to fly back to their home. All they will do is tell me I've been a bad bot and throw me in the brig chaning nothing important. How about you give them their own ship and me mine?" He knew the answer, but Stranglehold and Fangry were being slightly too accomodating.