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2006-05-21, 06:04 AM
Following the death of the Imperial Magistrate, several Quintesson factions have their eyes set on filling the power vacuum at the top of their race's food chain. These include the Science Directorate, the Judiciary, and General Ghryik's powerful military junta.

In Iacon, Judge Deliberata, fresh off a highly-sucessful (if also highly expensive) mission to retrieve the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber, tries to rally his caste to overthrow Ghyrik's martial law. Quintesson troops in the city are at liberty, with little to know rebel activity in the area.

In Polyhex, Ghyrik has assigned Supreme Baliff Legatus to assume control of the city. Legatus and his army of Dark Guardian Elites have obliterated the city's rulers and instituted a crackdown in retaliation for the Imperial Magistrate's death. Meanwhile, in the subcity, the resistance regroups and repairs after their recent trails.

In Kalis, a small rebel group plots to destroy the local garrison...while at the same time, secretly planning to obliterate one of their own.

At Vector Sigma, Ginrai's group recovers from their brutal battle with the Combiner Elimination Squad, while preparing to attempt to revive their own Guardian unit.

2006-05-21, 09:42 AM
Polyhex, abandoned recording studio of Titanium sounds.

Squawktalk had followed the directions given to him and was hard at work.

"just need to change the format, clean up the video, polish the soundtrack , rerecord it and before you know it we have the finished product oh yes ready to roll."

2006-05-21, 10:31 AM
Kalis, Rebel HQ

Gunrunner stepped carefully towards Cobalt, and offered him the bomb.

2006-05-22, 02:17 AM
Vector Sigma.

Blackstar landed and looked over to Jinrai.

"So whats the plan now?" He asked.



Roadblock looked at Bombburst.

"Well there are several old Decepticon radio outposts all over this city. Of course the issue is finding on that works and getting there without the Quints bugging us. But those could broadcast to the whole planet of we got to one." He explained. Not really a huge fan of planning but hey sooner he could stomp Quints the better.

2006-05-22, 03:45 AM
Kalis: garrison center

Lockdown was sitting at his desk sorting through papers when one of the guards walked to the door.

He looked up expectantly and immediately frowned.
"More trouble Bailer?"

The guard nodded. "She's going to fry our auditory circuits. She won't stop the intonation vibrations."

If Lockdown had been able to roll his optics, he likely would have. Instead, he just shook his head. "Likely has malfunctioning volume controls from the loud machinery the mining constructs use. Try to ignore it. Another two cycles is all before the Alligatorcons come around to collect rebels and the energon deposits for the masters."

"But sir..."

"You're dismissed."

The unhappy guard knew better than to argue. The line was drawn and that was the end of discussion on the matter.

As he left though, Lockdown couldn't help but chuckle in amusement. Captives would try almost anything, but rarely had one tried humming its way out.

I wonder if the judges will find amusement in this one? Lockdown thought to himself as he checked the energon deposit records.

The thought was quickly put aside however, when he saw the large amount in storage. He let out a low whistle.

Wow. With that much, the masters could retire our whole garrison and we'd all have enough to exist on for centuries.
The old guard glanced around for a moment, wistfully wondering when the Quintessons might find his work worthy of allowing him to retire without repercussions.

2006-05-22, 05:48 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt took the bomb from Gunrunner with a nod of thanks, and inspected it for a few moments. After doing so, he nodded again.

"It's not much of a bomb," he lied smoothly. "The thing is so old that the internal charges probably won't go off. Still..." he looked up at Black Battle Convoy, "if you could drop this in their ammo dump, we could try to set it off when we launch the attack. If it still works, we'd seriously reduce the enemy's advantage in terms of firepower."

He didn't mention that the resulting explosion would gut the entire garrison complex and most likely kill the defector as well, of course.

Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded to Roadblock.

"There is a way. That we could be sure. The enemy won't find us."

The Pretender smiled coldly. "A distraction. Or several of them. Would keep the enemy distracted. While we took over. One of these radio outposts."

Activating his comlink, he replied to Squawktalk. "Good. Let me know. When you are done."

Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik sat behind his desk, looking out at the massive communications system that 43-E had spent the last half-hour rigging. Newly-installed monitors stretched along the wall at the other end of the room showed a dozen of the general's top officers, including Supreme Bailiff Legatus.

"Thank you all for coming," the general practically growed. "I know you all have work to get back to, so I'll make this brief. Our intelligence sources inside the Judiciary have interecepted a communique sent out to all their top officials. It seems someone has called an emergency meeting of their executive."

Ghyrik's optics narrowed. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you what this means."

"They're holding a vote," Legatus' said from his screen. Visable behind the ancient Gatekeeper was the throne of Polyhex, telling Ghyrik that his associate had been successful in deposing the city's former leaders. "They mean to elect a new Imperial Magistrate and push us from power."

"Exactly," Ghyrik said. "We cannot let that happen, obviously."

"What do you need from us?" One of the other officers (a rare Inquisitor in the military ranks) asked.

"I have a list of the magistrates who recieved the writ," the general said. "I'm transmitting it to all of you right now. It's cross-referenced by location. Many of these judges are in your juresdictions. Interdict as many of them as you can. If they can't achieve a quorum, they won't be able to hold a vote."

"And if we can't stop enough of them?" Legatus asked.

"Leave that to me," Ghyrik said darkly.

2006-05-22, 06:17 AM
Polyhex, abandoned recording studio of Titanium sounds.

Squawktalk sang too himself as he worked happily away

"excellent its finished , its gonna be a masterpiece."

He opened a com link to Bomburst

"the propaganda is ready to roll, everything is up and running a hundred percent, spliced edited and in the can oh yes . Some of my best work if i say so myself ."

Subcity Polyhex

Beastbox glared at the Autobot cassette combiners sullenly.

He commented loudly to Needlenose

"got to keep an eye on the Autobots , never know what they're planning."

2006-05-22, 06:50 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Using a small welding tool that he had taken from a medkit in the medical facility Bomb-Burst had pointed out to him, Needlenose carefully worked to seal one particularly large gash on his right leg.

"Eh, they ain't the dudes I'm worried about," he told Beastbox. "I mean, the 'Bots are 'sposeda be above stuff like that, right?"

The Targetmaster shrugged. "'Course, it might be easier if we just shot 'em to make sure, but I got a feelin' one of the boss mechs would eat us if we did."

Bomb-Burst replied to Squawktalk.

"Excellent. Roadblock and I. Are deciding how to proceed. With spreading the propaganda. Would you care. To join us?"

2006-05-22, 07:23 PM
Haras and Eiramnna strolled through the main hall of the palace, looking for work. Eiramnna made sure to play his wounds up as much as he could, to show he would take hits and survive. Haras glared at all the competition with moderate success. After a few circuits, they sat at the end of the hall and waited for business to come thier way. Eiramnna logged on to a nearby computer port ad made their presence to their superiors so that missions and de briefs could come through to them there.

2006-05-22, 07:42 PM

Squawktalk replied to Bomburst

"i'm on my way, toute suite, sehr schnell. I'll be there ASAP , my ETA is almost immediately."

Aero Blade
2006-05-24, 03:32 PM
Breaker seemed to monitor the group for awhile, watching their various activities around the city, but then eventually began to head off on his own.

His pace was his usual speed, and it seemed as though he had a specific destination in mind, which turned out to be what appeared to be a small abandoned medical facility. Breaker proceeded inside without hesitation, dissapearing into the dimmly lit doorframe.

2006-05-26, 03:34 AM
Resistance HQ, Kalis:

BBC: -takes the bomb, narrowing his optics- "Excellent." -subspaces the bomb- "Then let us start this mission." -walks over to trailer, transforms, linking with it, shifts into gear- "Roll out!" -drives away-

Kick Off: -sighs- "Just for that, he deserves to get blown up....."

2006-05-26, 04:14 AM
Normally the hyperactivity of Squaktalk would have made Roadblock want to bash the Con senseless. But for some reason his zeal for this mission was refreshing.

"I figure we have a small window while the Quints pick up their own from our little party earlier. But I am not sure of how many or if they will have recieved a ton of extra troops as well." He said. "So we should probably get a move on if we wish to complete this task."

2006-05-26, 05:35 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded to Roadblock.

"Agreed. We leave. As soon as possible."

The Pretender raised his voice and addressed the rest of the escapee group. "We are going. To engage the enemy. Which of you. Will come with us?"

Resistance HQ, Kalis

Cobalt glanced sidelong at Kick-Off. "And so he shall."

The dark blue Autobot pushed himself up to a standing position, then paced towards the other side of the room.

"Now, though...we've got to figure out how to take advantage of all this."

2006-05-26, 06:32 AM
Polyhex , Sub Level

Squawktalk landed and hopped from foot to foot

"Ready when you are Chief, Toujours pret, ready, willing and able , a 110 % on the ball ."

2006-05-26, 10:16 PM
Kalis, Rebel HQ

" Well, we must follow him " said Gunrunner, " or he could suspect something if we don't follow the plan he knows... "

2006-05-28, 11:21 PM

Roadblock nodded and entered his humaniod shell and his humanoid shell boarded his tank.

"We will wait to see who else wishes to join us." He said after Bomb-Burst addressed the group.

2006-05-30, 09:15 AM
Eiramnna had finished shmoozing conacts ad Haras ad finished posting on the Quintesson Intranet: They were now well publicised to the public at large.
"Yes I know you're bored Haras" Eiramnna muttered.
"Why don't you go for a ride and get insome trouble," he sugested whilst closing his eyes ad pinching the bridge of his nose, "I'll wait for something here."
Haras took his leave in an almight Humph, making his way to the Motorpool to retrieve his cycle...

2006-05-30, 08:44 PM
Heading away from Kallis Rebel HQ:

BBC: -to himself- "I do not trust them. As this was only an alliance of convience, it would make sense, especially as they outnumber me. Perhaps they shall inform the Quint guards at the depot that I have betrayed them. That would be the logical course of action, then detonate the bomb I carry when I am escorted inside the base, under guard. In any event, I must be wary." -studying internal maps of the surrounding area, pulls into a shattered warehouse, the roof long ago blown to flinders, walls practically collapsing- "This should provide an adequate fire support location for my trailer." -activates it's battlestation mode, pulling away as the trailer folds open, control tower and main gun rising into the sky as the annihilation disc launcher and missile battery deploy from the sides, checks his remote links, and drives away towards the Quint garrison-

Rebel HQ, Kalis:

Kick Off: "We'd better get rolling, then." -transforms to vehicle mode, starts engine, and, with much, much, MUCH grinding, managed to get into gear- "C'mon, guys. Let's go kill some Quints." -pulls out, almost stalls, starts lurching forward in short spurts, grinds some more gears, then burns rubber, roaring away-

2006-05-30, 09:14 PM
Kalis, Rebel HQ

Gunrunner entered his shell.
" Ok, let's go! " the pretender said, following Kick-Off.

Aero Blade
2006-05-31, 01:59 AM
"I suppose we'll be led around by him again?" Bombshock inquired as he approached Bomb-Burst and Roadblock. "That is, if he hasn't already left us. He shouldn't be left unwatched."

He glanced towards the building where Breaker had dissapeared into, and he had yet to come out. "I doubt he's going to part with his precious subterranian knowledge. He'll leave us to rust, or hunt us down himself once he's grown bored of us. I've seen it happen far too many times before, and the history archives for countless millenia show the exact same pattern. He's not going to his ways just because we want him to play guide for us on our raids.."

2006-05-31, 05:45 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

"I'm in," Needlenose said. "Anything beats rustin' away here. This place is so outta style. No nightlife at all..."

Bomb-Burst spared a mildly baleful glare for the Targetmaster, but softened it with a nod. "Good."

Turning to Bombshock, he said, "He seems to be gone. I can lead us. To the surface. I may lack Breaker's knowledge. But I am a predator. And a true predator. Never forgets a trail he has walked."

The Pretender made sure to leave out the part about how they would face certain death if happenstance forced them from the paths that Breaker had already lead him down. Some things were best kept to yourself, after all.

The predator's optics narrowed. "You believe he will betray us. You quote history. I know none of his history. But I know his kind. I am his kind. You are right. He will betray us. But not while his prefered prey. Walks the streets above us. Until the Quintessons are gone. He has use for us. And us for him."

Rebel HQ, Kalis

Cobalt nodded mutely, then transformed to vehicle mode and followed Kick-Off and Gunrunner to the door.

2006-05-31, 06:16 AM
Near Vector Sigma

Derby groaned and tried to sit up


Somewhere under the surface

Detritus finished his repairs. He strode down the corridor heading for base.

2006-06-01, 07:15 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

While Bomb-Burst was speaking to Bombshock, he serruptitiously withdrew his shell from subspace in a nearby, heavily-shadowed area. The shell quietly moved towards Beastbox and hissed towards the cassette.

"Breaker is nearby. Find him. See if he wants. To accompany the raiding party." Almost as an afterthought, the shell added, "Please," in a tone that made it sound like a death knell.

2006-06-01, 12:43 PM
Sub City Polyhex

Beastbox nodded

"what if he doesn't want to come shall i you know persuade him."

2006-06-02, 06:46 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst's shell shook its head gravely to Beastbox.

"No. We should avoid combatting him. Until we know his weaknesses. If you interrogate him. He might take exception to it. And kill you. If he can."

2006-06-02, 09:37 AM
In the ruined streets of the Grease mining district of Polyhex, a steel coloured Volkswagen makes it way through debris and detritus in a laborious fashion. Inside, on it's dashboard, a dark brown mettalic beetle, sits.
The beetle, Chop Shop, speaks.
"Can't you go any faster?"
The Volkswagen gives no reply, merely making a sharp turn around a corner.
The beetle continues. "You're not going any faster because you don't know where you're going do you?"
"Kalis." Mutters the Volkswagen, Tap-out in his alt form. "We're going to Kalis."
"Yes I remember. Because once you heard there was an autobot base there."
"It could still be there." snapped Tap-out. He added bitterly, "Why aren't you flying?"
"Saving fuel: It's rare these days, not that you would know..."
A Pause.
Tap-out ocked as he asked the insecticon tersely: "That better not be a prisoner dig."
"Oh shut up."
"Decepticon freak."
"Autobot loser."

And so their arguement continued. They had been arguing for a long while, ever since Chop-shop had freed Tap-out. They had fought, argued, and had now got to the point where they realised they were the only two they knew with a vested interest. The fire had gone out of the fight, but nothing had replaced it. So they carried on driving, hoping to find some one.

2006-06-03, 09:23 AM
Eiramnna continued making contacts and trying to rum up a mission for him and his brother: he even got to the point of desperation and posted the mission logs for his jaunt in the underlevels with Deliberatas onto his Intranet log on: he did the barest of prunings to the log to enure it's validity wasn't in question, whilst leaving out some of the... less necessary parts.

In the Motor pool, Haras found his Storm bike and rolled out onto the city streets: He'd have to sho his brother how you really find work in the Quintesson army.

2006-06-03, 08:12 PM
Southern Polyhex

Detritus lifted the mechole cover and scrambled out he was a sorry sight , due to scavenging parts for the necessary repairs he looked more land rover than jeep. His left rear wing was a sandy pink colour and his right front wing was a dark green.

2006-06-06, 07:21 PM
Tap-Outs Headlights cut across Detritus coming through the Man hole cover: he immediatly braked and cut the lights. Despite their rivalry, Tap-out and Chop shop moved fluidly, transforming and moving to the relative dark of nearby debris.
Tap-out looked earnestly at his criminal-partner-in-crime, and motioned his head to the figure. Chop-shop, against all his ethics, handed Tap-out his cannon and transformed to his miniature beetle again and flew out to investigate...

2006-06-06, 07:31 PM
Southern Polyhex

"I was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off."

Detritus muttered as he straightened himself.

2006-06-07, 07:21 PM
Chopshop flew along in his scaled-beetle form in the shadows, drawing closer to Detritus. The junkions form intrigued him, as did his lack of badges or sigils. With Tap-out covering him in the distance, he transformed to his full sized robot mode, and landed heavily about hundredd metres from detritus, still submerged partially in shadow. he tried to portray himself as open as possible to gain the strangers trust.
"Bah weep... ah never mind. Hi."

2006-06-07, 07:36 PM
Southern Polyhex

"'ello 'ello I was just pissing by when i spotted a mech larking in the shidows. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to...zzzz... boldly go where no mech has gone before....zzz greetings.

Detritus lifts hand to face and pushes some kind of sun glasses onto his forehead

" It is I , Flotsam."

2006-06-08, 06:37 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst glared at Bombshock.

"Are you coming. Or not?"

Not far away, Bomb-Burst's shell glared at Beastbox.

"Are you going. Or not?"


Warcry watched Eiramnna's labours silently for a while, amused by how desperately the low-rung Quintesson scrabbed for any minor scrap of work.

How is it, he wondered, that members of such a glorious race could be so lowly?

However, the turncoat Transformer was intrigued...especially after downloading and viewing the log of the stormtrooper and his brother's last mission.

Yes...these ones will do nicely.

Stepping out of the shadows, he nodded to Eiramnna.

"You are seeking employment," he said matter-of-factly.

Judiciary, Iacon

"Where is everyone?" Deliberata asked for what seemed like the fiftieth time. Looking around the Judiciary's Grand Convocation Hall, he saw that less than half of a quorum had answered the summons.

"For the last time," Advisata told him, "I don't know. Now would you just--"

The First Clerk broke off suddenly, staring mutely at a news bulliten that had just appeared on his screen.

"What?" Deliberata demanded. "What's so--"

Catching sight of the bulliten, he likewise was struck dumb. After staring for a few moments, though, his shock was washed away by hot, red fury.

"That motherless..." The magistrate couldn't even finish the curse.

"Ghyrik, you'll pay for this. You'll pay dearly..."

Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik looked over the reports on his monitor, telling him that his top officers had managed to interdict and arrest the vast majority of the senior judges that Deliberata had summoned in a pale attempt to rouse them against military rule.

He contemplated having the prisoners put to death as an example, but quickly thought better of it. The execution of so many high-ranking judges, no matter what the pretext, could trigger the very same class struggle that he was trying to crush.

Besides, he thought, I can afford to be generous with my enemies now. After all...I've won.

The general smiled to himself. It wasn't a pleasant smile.

2006-06-08, 06:43 AM
Beastbox ambled off into the Shadows

"Don't worry chief i'll sort him out yes."

Aero Blade
2006-06-08, 06:09 PM
Bombshock gave a bit of a shrug to Bomb-burst, as though it didn't concern him much either way.

"It's not as if I have anything better to do, so long as you keep that renagade under close watch. Sooner or later, it will happen..."

Having said his piece, Bombshock turned and went off to gather the rest of his troop for their upcoming mission.

2006-06-09, 01:52 AM
Quint Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -rolls to a stop in front of the main doors, transforms to robot mode- "I am Black Battle Convoy! I am here to inspect the base!"

In position near Quint Garrison, Kalis:

Kick Off: -rumbles to a halt, engine knocking badly, transforms- "We'd better recruit a medic soon.... I think I broke something." -checking ammo levels for his Magnum Force cannons, nods- "Now all we have to do is wait for the fireworks to start."

2006-06-09, 06:21 AM
Living Quarters Near Vector Sigma

Derby struggles upright and swings his legs down off the recharge bed .

Struggles a couple of steps across the room. Theres a crunch and he starts limping.

"it seems that although i'm fully prepared the parts are not as robust as my former infrastructure."

Double nodded slowly

Cross looked across

"yesss we will need to seek out better replacements then. organise a misssssion"

He opened a com to the Micromaster patrol.

"Derby's fixed but sssssssssome of hisss partsss aren't up to ssssscratch we need to go looking for sssssssssuplies."

2006-06-09, 06:39 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst watched Bombshock's departure closely.

That one. Is just as dangerous. As the one he suspects. His convictions. Will lead to. The very confrontation he fears.

Near Quint Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt transformed and dropped into position, a few hundred metres away from Kick-Off. The covert ops officer checked his chronometer, then carefully dropped to a crouch and retreated to the shadows.

2006-06-09, 11:18 AM
Chopshop stared at Flotsam (Detritus) with an open mouth:
"Ah... Hi. I'm Chop Shop"
He spoke slowly as if addressing one who is suffering from a mental handicap and unsure of their dangerousness.
"Do You.. ah..."
Chop shop resisted adding do you know where you are?
"Where you from? Where you going?"

From the distant cover, Tap-out watched the interchange and shared his partners uncertanty. What the hell was this guy?

2006-06-09, 11:38 AM
Eiramnna looked up at Warcry and tried to reply in just as matter of factly tone, trying not to think of money.
"Yes, me and my brother. What have you in mind?"

2006-06-09, 01:22 PM
Southern Polyhex

Detritus replied

"The headlines at 10 One survivor left after savage Quintesson attack on Party of Junkion trade reps Bong Lone survivor flees into the sewer Bong Survivor attacked by party of mutants Bong Severely damaged Bong Took long time to recover and repair Bong Stumbled out of underground Bong encountered Insecticon Bong more after a story about fluffy the turbofoxes journey through the Sonic canyon's back home.

2006-06-10, 09:25 AM
Chop Shop looked aghast at Detritus:
"Rrright... Guess you're in the same boat as us then. Tap-Out! you can come out, this guy aint a threat."
Tap-out stepped out slowly, Keeping his borrowed gun trained on the Junkion. As he got to Chop-shops side, he looked at him with urgency:
"How are you sure this guys alone?"
Chop shop shrugged his impressive shoulders and pointed at Detritus.
"I've known him five minutes and he annoys me: no way he's part of a team."
Tap-out nodded in agreement, but kept his gun trained on the newcomer.
"Where you headed, friend?"

2006-06-10, 09:47 AM
Southern Polyhex

"Stay tuned for tonight's movie , a touching story of a lone Junkion's reunification with a Resistance cell and they're subsequent overthrow of the Evil Quintesson Empire."

Detritus looked from one of the mechs to the other.


Beastbox ambled over to where he could see Breaker

"Chief wants you for this mission."

2006-06-11, 04:52 AM

Warcry took a moment to gauge Einamnna's eagerness and attitude before he answered.

"General Ghyrik is recruiting troops for a...special operation," he said. "Escort duty, with a high probability of combat. It requires a measure of discretion. Payment will be double that of your last operation with Judge Deliberata. Is that to your liking?"

2006-06-11, 02:10 PM
Near Quint's garrison, Kalis

Gunrunner stopped in a roof-less storage building, near Cobalt's and Kick-Off's positions. He left the cockpit and installed his las-rifle into his shell's gunport. He removed the turret/winged backpack and attached it on his back, ready to transform into his jet mode. For it's part, Gunrunner's shell was ready to act as a mobile ground assault vehicle, while the pretender was ready to act as aerial support.

Aero Blade
2006-06-11, 09:46 PM
Breaker was watching the door of the building when Beastbox entered, consequetly giving the impression that he'd already known the small transformer was coming. He was sitting at the back of the main room for that floor, which seemed like a general medical facility, nearby to some older styled CR chambers. He wasn't using them, though, but instead had a power supply plugged directly into himself. Whether he wasn't compatable with the machines, or simply didn't trust them, was anyone's guess.

"You can tell your 'chief' that I will be a long in a few minutes," Breaker said casually. "Or if it is dire, he can come here."

2006-06-11, 10:05 PM
Sub City Polyhex

"right , will go and tell him"

Beastbox turns and heads for the door

He yells out

" he's coming chief."

2006-06-12, 09:17 AM
Eiramnna stood to attention and saluted Warcry:
"Sir, it's not just to my liking, it suits my needs perfectly. Let me contact my brother and we'll be on our way."
Eiramnna then wrote a Text message to his mute brother. It was short and sweet.
"New Job. Double last pay. Get here now."


Haras had been cycling around the external perimeter to the Medical wing when he recieved the message. He'd been casing the joint, looking for oppurtunities to make some money back off the barbers, but decided to keep that off his reply: you never knew who may be listening in the quintesson army.
"Coming. Details?"

2006-06-12, 07:14 PM
Tap-out furrowed his brow. Chop shop shook his head.
The bodyguard turned to the thief and said in a pained voice:
"you're right, he has to be on his own." he turned to the Junkion and asked
"What Cell? There's a resistance? I hope you don't mean us, we've been trying to find some friendly faces for a while."
He looked at detritus, unsure as to whether his face qualified.

2006-06-12, 10:58 PM
Southern Polyhex

"I will say this only once , News flash Quintesson forces were raided by at least two cells , memebers were identified as both Decepticon and Autobot, prisoners were freed."

Detritus held out a hand

"I say, D'Artganan, we also protect each other. One for all and one for all."

2006-06-13, 06:09 AM

Warcry nodded to Eiramnna. "You do that. When he gets here, I'll take you to meet the general."

Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst glowered at the oncoming Beastbox.

"Do not. Under any circumstances. Call me 'chief'."

How did I become the one. These people look up to?

2006-06-13, 06:16 AM
Sub City Polyhex.

Beastbox nodded

"Sure thing ch..um Boss."

2006-06-13, 07:13 PM
Haras had pulled into the car park alongside his brothers bike and made his way at a fast pace towards the hall, Eiramnna and the Money.

2006-06-14, 09:16 AM
Despite their tiredness, both Chopshop and Tap-out broke out into massive cheshire grins. They punched their fists into the air, and even bumped chests in elation.
Tap-out grabbed Chop shops shoulders: "I told you we weren't alone!"
Turning to Detritus, he was practically bouncing with excitment:
"Lead the way, you oddball" Tap-out then transformed, and honked his horn: "Chop shop, get in!"
Chop shop transformed to miniature beetle form, still elated, but had noticed Tap-out hadn't given him his gun back..

2006-06-14, 12:02 PM
Southern Polyhex

Detritus smiled

"Oddball , oddball like that handle....zzz... Crazy! I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose! You're on! "

Detritus transformed to his battered , jeep/landrover mode.

"Lets go get that gold, liberate it form the Werhmacht."

2006-06-15, 07:25 PM
Haras arrived at the hall flustered: he composed himself quickly, and marched in to the room straight to Warcry and his brother. He snapped to attention and saluted.
Eiramnna Beamed.
"We are ready sir: shall we follow your lead?"

God Jinrai
2006-06-15, 09:22 PM
As the Vector Sigma commander rolled across the landscape, he began to wonder....

"Am I ever going to find that damnable rust bucket? For that matter, will I have to go through those Dark Guardians again to bring him to justice?"

As he roared through the ruined crystal city, he mused to himself again...

" I wonder... Dare I hope to take the seat of my homeworld alone? The imperial magistrate is dead.. and the quintessons lie in disarray... I wield the powers that I for so long went without. Perhaps this day... is a good day to fight... or die trying."

As ginrai passed through the cityscape, he could sense a faing presence... stopping, he reverted to robot mode, looking around... he then realized just what it was... he was half a block away from the site where primus and unicron were forever sealed away. He could feel light and dark clashing in eternal conflict... faint though it was... and his resolve steeled.

Opening his comm, he broadcast on a triple-encrypted autobot frequency:

"All units: This is Ginrai, commander of the Vector Sigma cell of the resistance. Any units available to confer, report to Crystal City... I'll be waiting in the temple of primus. We have matters of importance to discuss."

Ginrai cut his comm, but wasn't expecting a response... over his comm, or from any of the other cells... at this point, he felt.. he was on his own.

2006-06-16, 01:03 AM

Roadblock looked over at Bomb-Burst.

"So is everyone ready to make some must see TV?" He asked.


Vector Sigma

Blackstar flew over head looking for targets or just flying for the sake of flying.

Aero Blade
2006-06-16, 01:28 AM
"Is that what this next mission is about? And here I thought it'd be something important, since you went to the bother of sending a lacky instead of yourself..."

Breaker had appeared, as typical, almost seemingly out of no-where due to his stealth. He seemed to be humored for the moment, thought wether that was good or not was probaby debatable. His amusement seemed to be directed towards Bombshock's crew, who was one again stand-offish, but currently in hearing range.

Breaker presently turned his full attention back to Bomb-Burst and Roadblock, no-longer giving them any consideration. "Did you have any place in particular in mind, or just whatever is suitable?"

2006-06-16, 03:07 AM
Roadblock nodded.

"We had several Decepticon com-arrays that should still be online. Problem is if the Quints are gaurding them or not." He answered.

2006-06-16, 05:58 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded to Roadblock. "That is indeed. The problem we face."

Turning to Breaker, he added, "If you know of any such place. Which could be accessed. With minimal enemy interference. That would be optimal. We trust your judgement. In this matter."

The last few words were delivered alongside a pointed glare tossed in Bombshock's direction.

Outside Quint Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt frowned as Ginrai's transmission came from his comlink speaker (albeit in heavily-garbled form). Keying in Kick-Off and Gunrunner's frequencies, he send a short message to his fellow Autobots.

"You guys hear that?"


Warcry pointedly ignored Haras' salute.

"Follow me," he told the two stormtroopers, his voice low. Without waiting for acknowledgement, the turncoat Decepticon spun on his heel and strode through a military checkpoint unimpeded, and led the duo towards a lift tube.

Aero Blade
2006-06-17, 01:48 AM
Breaker nodded to Roadblockand Bomb-burst. "Fair enough, I may know of some places that will do that the Quints have little interest in. Bare in mind, though, once you've started transmitting, they'll likely try to track down the source of it in a hurry..."

Presently, Breaker lookd around at the rest of the group, as though counting their numbers again. "Are they all coming again this time? This is becoming quite a crowd..."

2006-06-17, 07:42 AM
Subcity Polyhex

Squawktalk hopped from foot to foot

"for remote transmission , rig it I can. No problem we can be well away before the Quints even twig, oh yes. All the contingencies can be taken care of. Just say the word and i'm ready for action, ready and roaring to go. I did have one thought Bomb burst Sir . How do you feel about subliminals, not very difficult I could splice something into it no problem on the data track, very effective although i think they banned them before the war, advertisers were abusing them. Maybe something like a Sharkticon with a crown on his head standing over the body of a dead Quinteson, i have some stock footage I could edit enhance, manipulate into something suitable no problem just give me the green light."

2006-06-17, 01:31 PM
Tap-out trundled along behind Detritus: Chop shop piped up from the dash board. The momentary joy of hearing about other survivors and a resistance had passed from his tone.
"Do you trust that bucket of Bolts?"
Tap-out, well he didn't frown, but would've had he been in robot mode.
"As much as anyone around here. Till we meet some one else we haven't got much to pick and choose from."
He waited for a few seconds, feeling slightly bad about what he was going to say, mostly because distrust wasn't in the autobot way as well as siding with a decepticon, but it was the only stratagem that made sense to him.
"If he starts looking suspiscious, we'll have to ditch him. I don't want to start a fight just because we don't trust some one, especially when we're this low on supplys andin enemy territory, but we don't have to work with him."
Chop shop buzzed in agreement.
"We need a long term strategy."

2006-06-17, 02:54 PM
Southern Polyhex

Detritus screeched to a halt

"So they tell me. Everybody round here is very friendly. Look, baby, We're kinda hung up. We need sixty feet of bridge.

In front of them the Skyway was splintered , crumbled and battered, inches from them loomed a gaping hole.

Near Vector Sigma

Derby lowered himself slowly down onto the medibed.

"Looks like the new parts are a little weak."

Double nodded

"We'll just need to get some more."

Cross interjected.

"Itsss what we do bestt"

Double agreed

"Supply procurement"

Cross grinned showing his teeth

"Thievery and looting"

Double glanced across at the micromasters

"fancy going on a little shopping trip."

Cross:" relieve the Quints of a few iterms cloggin there inventory."

Subcity Plolyhex

Tunnel Rat sidled into the shadows sensors at maximum gain taking in everything.

2006-06-17, 09:24 PM
Outside Quint Garrison, Kalis

Gunrunner replied to Cobalt.

" Yeah, I heard it " he said through his commlink. " It could be wise if one of us meet with them. We could gain back up or somekind of help; afterall there're only three Autobots and one shell to defend Kalis."

The pretended rested silent a pair of nanoseconds.

" But after our business here are finished " he continued. " This raid against the Kalis' Quints is too important, and it's also a good chance to terminate Prime's evil twin. "

2006-06-18, 05:30 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded gravely to Squawktalk.

"If you can do it. Before we get there. Then do it."

Turning to Breaker he replied, "Some of them. More troops means more distractions. To keep the Quintessons. From reaching our broadcast in time."

Outside Quint Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt frowned. Gunrunner was right, of course; someone would have to check out the transmission later. But there was a fairly good chance that the message was no more than the bait in a Quintesson trap, and he couldn't take the chance of one of his friends being taken in by it.

Friends? Where did that come from?

"I'll go," he said quickly. "Assuming I survive this little excapade, anyway."

2006-06-18, 07:50 AM
Sub City Polyhex ]

"Can do it no problem , consider it done ,will get to work straight away , pas de probleme, keine problem . "

Squawktalk flapped his wings excitedly.

2006-06-19, 07:13 PM
The Storm trooper pair followed Warcry dillegently.
Eiramnna took a second to give Haras a cuff round the back of the head, making a mocking Salute as he did so.

2006-06-19, 07:25 PM
Tap-out pulled to halt alongside Detritus.
"You really know you're way around here, don't you?"
Chop shop exited Tap-out and transformed. He aprached the edge and whistled a low tune.
"That is a big drop, alright." He stood up and looked from the edge, to the far edge, to Tap-out, to Detritus, and all over again.
"In my larger beetle form I could fly you guys across, one at a time."
He looked back to the drop.
"I'd be knackered though. This had better be the best way forward, Detritus. We can't afford to wast time and fuel."
Chop shop was fighting his instinsts to leave these chumps behind, and Tap-out could see it. Tap-out wasn't sure if chop shop was staying for the security of the group, or because he still had his gun, or because he was coming around to ther idea of working together.
Chop shop wasn't sure either.

2006-06-19, 10:23 PM
Polyhex , Skyway

"I'm a warrior not a civil engineer or a geographer dammit Jim. zzzzzz retuning ...zzzz on the Flotsam channel all the news thats fit to print. Lets do it chaps , its the only way forward, the only way to get back to our forces. After this war is over I'm going to settle down with my girl and buy a pub in the country..zzz is it a bird is it a plane no its super Insecticon carrying innocents to safety."

Detritus transformed back to robot mode

"come fly with me ....zzzz up above the streets and houses rainbows flying high...zzzz... high flying adored , lets hear it for the rainbow tour its been an incredible success. Chocks away Chop Shop old bean...zzz... Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast.."

Aero Blade
2006-06-20, 01:41 AM
"Fine," Breaker answered, though the tone was hard to read for the meaning behind it, if there was any to be drawn from it to begin with.

Now that everything seemed in order, Breaker turned away from the group, seeming to be choosing ou a path, and then started in that direction.

"We can't take the way we originally went in, the area has likely already collapsed, and if not, we still don't want to take a route that we may have been followed on," Breaker said. "For those that aren't coming, then they'd best stay here. They stood better chances of mercy from the Quints than they would of finding their way back to the surface from here unaided..."

2006-06-20, 04:07 AM
Subcity, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded gravely to Breaker.

"They already know. How dangerous the tunnels are. If they wander off and die. It will be their own fault."

Turning to Squawktalk, he said, "Then do it."

Then, speaking to the group in general, he announced, "Anyone accompanying us. Follow Breaker carefully."

Needlenose took one last look around the ancient city, then moved to join the group, still not quite sure why he was risking his neck this way.

Imperial Palace, Iacon

Warcry stepped into the turbolift and keyed it for a nonstop trip to General Ghyrik's office, then waited for Haras and Eiramnna to join him.

2006-06-20, 07:29 PM
Chop shop stared, once more, in disbelief at Detritus.
"I truly hope it's your voice box that's damaged and not your brain junk heep."
Chop shop then transformed into Beetle form, this time staying at full size, and hovered at the edge of the ruined Bridge.
"Get on then."

Tap-out had transformed and was keeping quiet, keeping his eye on the road behind them, procured photon cannon at the ready.

2006-06-20, 07:35 PM
Polyhex , Skyway

Detritus climbed aboard Chop Shop

"tonight on the big Brother house Chop Shop has accepted the challenge , if he fails , some of the other contestants may be evicted permamently. Have to be careful Chop Shop It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess. One of those Circle of Life kind of things. This is the way things are supposed to work: The sun grows the food, the ants pick the food, the grasshoppers eat the food..."

2006-06-20, 07:50 PM
Haras and Eiramnna entered the Turbo lift, and took a respectful stance behind Warcry, as the turbo lift made it's way...

2006-06-20, 09:45 PM

" Ok, you'll meet with Ginrai...but be carefull ", replied Gunrunner at Cobalt. " Well, when that Black Prime will start his attack? " asked the pretender. " I'm begining to feel like we're going into a trap... " he muttered.

Aero Blade
2006-06-22, 03:56 PM
(ooc: last call if you're coming)

Once again it was back into the tunnel system for what was probably a long, winding journey back to the surface to throw off any would-be pursuers that might be trying to track them. This elaborate trail, though, once again relegated Breaker to being silent and giving little to none recognition that the group was following behind him for the moment, though it could be most assured that he was keeping a very close eye on them...

Breaker's pace seemed a bit faster this time, probably due to there being less members in the group for him to potentially loose. This caused Bombshock to scowl a bit, though, as that meant it was a bit harder to keep up with Breaker.

"Think he even remembers we're back here?" He asked towards anyone who was listening.

2006-06-22, 07:26 PM
Chop shop rose slowly to the air with Detritus on his back, and groggily flew to the other side. As they floated along, He became extremely nervous.
If some one where to shoot at me now, I'm defenceless. Whats worse, if I drop this pile of bolts, I'm expected to try and Catch him! Maybe the Quints are hiring...
But that thought was scared away by two ideas: joining the Quintessons would be difficult, and would almost certainly involve betraying these two. He wasn't sure why that was a bad thing, but something was telling him it was.
The second thought was that these five faced freaks had taken his home. He was a kleptomaniac and not too smart, but he had a shred of pride beneath his shell. Somewhere.
He touched down on the other side.

2006-06-22, 07:54 PM

Kick Off: -over commlink- "Either that, or they know he's defected and are planning a warm welcome...."

2006-06-22, 09:25 PM

" Either way, is bad for us... " Gunrunner replied at Kick-Off. " Cobalt " he asked, " How far it is Crystal City? "

2006-06-22, 09:37 PM
Skyway , Polyhex

"....and send it soaring up to the highest height..."

Detritus hummed.

2006-06-23, 05:35 AM
Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst followed Breaker silently, easily keeping up with the pace set by the other renegade.

Needlenose, on the other hand, huffed and puffed along behind them.

"Doubt it, man," he said to Bombshock.

Imperial Palace, Iacon

The turbolift opened, and Warcry led the two stormtroopers into General Ghyrik's private briefing room. He gestured towards the long table, along which several dozen Gatekeepers, Allicons and Sharkticon unit commanders were seated. A wall monitor showed the faces of several Dark Guardian commanders, who were too big to attend the meeting in person.

Only a few of the hundreds of chairs remained unoccupied.

"Be seated," the Pretender told Eiramnna and Haras. "The general will be here momentarily.

For his part, Warcry stood in the corner with his arms crossed and scowled at the assembled soldiers. His scowl deepened, however, when he caught sight of OCL doing the exact same thing on the other side of the room.


"A couple hundred klicks," Cobalt said in an offhand manner. "Why? What are you planning?"

2006-06-23, 06:40 AM
Tunnels , Polyhex

Squawktalk ran the images through his internal systems adding subliminal cuts.

"gonna be good , gonna cause a revolution , a tweak here and a tweak there."

2006-06-23, 06:09 PM
Tunnels, Polyhex

Roadblock rode along behind the group weapons systems scanning the walls of the tunnels. It would have made more sense for him to be in front but Breaker knew the tunnels better.

He rolled along in his humanoid shell in his tank ready to cover his comrades if he needed too.

2006-06-23, 07:55 PM
Tunnel Rat followed the others keeping to the shadows.

2006-06-23, 11:11 PM
Kalis, waiting for BBC special delivery...

Gunrunner grinned at Cobalt's perspicacity.

" Well my friend, I don't like the idea of you going to Crystal City alone but I understand Kalis can't be defended only by one of us " said the pretender. " But I believe I could send my shell with you."

Gunrunner paused while ordering his thoughts.

" Look, if we win here the Quint's prescence on Kalis will be minimal, at least for a while. This could bring me enough time to go to one of the remaining Kalis transmitting stations and use one of the boosters there to improve my link between my pretender shell and myself. If my shell escorts you to Crystal City you'll be a little safer, and Kick-Off and myself will know exactly your progression and staus at all time. For my experience I think a pretender shell link is far more secure than a normal comm transmisison, even encrypted, and if you ran into a Quint's trap we'll know it inmediatly and I could fly to your position. Two kliks is not far. "

2006-06-24, 05:38 AM
Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst glared at Squawktalk, whispering, "Quiet. We do not know. How far sound carries. In these tunnels."


Cobalt nodded; the idea of having backup that he didn't have to worry about getting killed appealed to him. After all, it was a lot easier to fix a Pretender shell than its owner.

"A good plan," he told Gunrunner. "If we win, we'll have to try it." He glanced with annoyance at the base. "Assuming our scowling dupe ever gets inside, of course."

2006-06-24, 12:07 PM
Haras settled into a chair, and looked at his brother with a sense of discomfort. Eiramnna didn't need sign language to get what was bothering his brother. The pair of them had always operated just under radar, keeping themselves payed and available for the less... legitmate or savoury gigs.

something this high profile might put paid to that very fast.

Aero Blade
2006-06-25, 02:40 AM
"Quite well actually, or at least for me..." Breaker responded back towards Bomb-burst and Squawktalk. "There's not any distracting background noises like there is from all of the activities on the surface, any sounds made carry much further. It's usually my first clue to tracking down prey...."

Breaker let his speaking trail off for a moment, then rather abruptly started up again to pierce the silence. "And keep an eye on the little one..."

It was a bit of a cryptic statement, but seemed to be directed more towards Tunnelrat than it was Squawktalk. Whatever Breaker's reasoning behind the statement, he didn't meantion it, having returned to his silent mode.

2006-06-25, 06:47 AM
Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst nodded gravely, pleased to hear that someone shared his suspicions about Tunnel Rat.

"But of course," he replied, deadpan.

Imperial Palace, Iacon

General Ghyrik entered the room and strode confidently to the head of the table.

"You're all here. Good."

The Executioner tapped a console with one of his gun-tipped arms, and a large hologram sprung up out of the table. A layered map of Cybertron, it reached many levels down into the underlevels.

"We have put up with this Transformer resistance for too long," the general said. "The time has come for us to wipe them out once and for all."

The map zoomed in, focussing on a location near the bottom of the mapped underlevels.

"You will carry out the first in a series of operations meant to expunge the rebel scum. This is your target."

The map faded out, and was replaced with a large image of a computer chamber with a glowing golden sphere hanging in the middle of it.

"Vector Sigma."

2006-06-26, 07:29 PM
Chop shop settled Flotsam on the other side of the bridge. Not even transforming, he said very slowly and deliberately
"Stay... Here... OK?"
Before turning around and making his way back to the otherside. He landed in front of Tap-out, wheezing.
"Hop on then." he said tiredly, and grunted theatrically as the ex-bodyguard as he got on to his back plates.
The pair landed on the side next to Flotsam, and chop shop transformed to robot mode. he swayed a bit, before resting his hand on the autobots shoulder.
"Low on energy guys. If a firefight comes about, you'll have to count me out while I re route some internal systems."
Tap -out looked at the Decepticon in a confused manner. Their dynamic was so fluid, he had no idea why Chop shop did anythin anymore.

2006-06-26, 10:18 PM

Detritus pointed to an abandoned bar to one side of the Skyway just next to a deserted service area.

"Zzz. entering voice over mode... the bedraggled party alone in the wild spotted a possile source of energy, moving cautiously they approached it with care , who knew what dangers lurked for them on the plains of Africa."

2006-06-27, 07:21 PM
Eiramnna and Haras sat in rapt attention: they had only heard the scantest of rumours relating to Vector Sigma, and often regarded it as a myth. To see an Executioner discussing it in all seriousnes, and plan an attack, was a little off setting.
Eiramnna almost raised his hand to ask after Vector Sigma, and what it's strategic importance was... But felt different of it. There was no way his questions would be answered, and he concentrated on the map in front of him.
More tunnel work. at least the Bikes will be safe.

Aero Blade
2006-06-27, 10:34 PM
It had been awhile, but eventually it finally seemed like they were approaching the surface again, as the corridors grew steadily less silent. The normal sounds of basic machines opperating and the buzz of power being routed through their relays to the various destinations were becoming more constant, and as a result Breaker was slowing down more so that he could better study his surroundings as they moved. There was a much higher chance of them running into the enemy now...

"Keep alert," He said to the group in general.

2006-06-28, 07:01 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik continued.

"As you may be aware, we have been searching for the precise location of Vector Sigma for some time. Many of us have dismissed it's existance as no more than Transformer superstition, myself included. However, we have come to discover that it actually exists. A...defector taken in by a unit operating out of Tyrest has given us the approximate location of the planetary supercomputer."

Tapping a button on his lectern, the general switched the holoimage yet again. This time, an image of God Ginrai appeared over the table.

"More importantly, he has confirmed that a cell of the resistance has taken up residence there. Our objective is to drive it to the surface, where we can trace its' movements and discover what other cells it has contact with. The cell is led by the Transformer you see before you. Outward appearences to the contrairy, it is not Optimus Prime, but rather a mechanism named God Ginrai. We had thought he had perished in a battle with our pawn Thunderwing, but it seems that was not the case. A detailed dossier is being sent to your datapads as we speak."

Several officers started to leaf through the document, but Ghyrik didn't slow down.

"Your unit assignments are likewise being sent to you. Read them over, then report to your team leaders for more direct orders. Keep in mind, our objective is neither to capture the Vector Sigma computer nor to kill the Transformers. They must survive for our plans to work."

Haras and Eiramnna would find that they had been assigned to the special operations division under Warcry.

Tunnels, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst merely nodded gravely at Breaker's instruction; he was always alert.

Needlenose seemed to grow even more nervous than he had been before.

2006-06-28, 09:19 AM
As the other officers read through their dossiers, Eiramnna took to analysing his whilst Haras looked over at the product Warcry: hearing he was in charge of the operation, he didn't feel so stupid saluting him earlier.
Eiramnna read through the document: He had met and seen God Ginrai in battle with BBC a while back, though he hadn't known his name then: he was a frightening product to behold, and read the details on his possible weaknesses very eagerly. The best scenario involved taking one of his comrades as prisoner. God J valued his fellow products existence too highly it seemed, although there was a foot note concerning deaperate times and measures.
"whatever the case," he muttered "if we pull this off we're no longer low profile."
He looked up at haras, still staring at warcry.
"If we don't, then we'll likely be dead by the end of it."

2006-06-28, 09:37 AM
Tap-out sighed.
"C'mon then, Flotsam, give us a hand with this guy."
As they made their way to the abandoned bar with the fatigued thief, the bodyguard pondered.
Never knew he was so low on fuel...

2006-06-28, 08:57 PM

"If Carlsberg ran bars they'd be nothing like this.

Detritus reached down and bent to helpt the exhausted insecticon.

"I sure could use an Ice cold in ALex."

(ooc psst DBF it's Flotsam )

2006-06-29, 05:16 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik tapped another button, and the image of God Ginrai was replaced by a force-distribution map. One set of dots was blinking red.

"As you can see, most of our forces will be deployed in a wide net formation. The Dark Guardian units will be tasked with rampaging on the surface above the most likely escape routes from the Vector Sigma chamber. Again, your duty is not to destroy the rebels, merely to convince them that we are trying to do so."

Another set of dots started to blink. "Legions of Allicons and Sharkticons will pour into the upper levels of the underworld, securing it from the abominable technoorganics that prowl the depths.

"The primary assault will be left to the special operations unit. A team of top operatives will be accompanied by units of Gatekeepers and Overcharges. You will travel deep into the heart of the planet, engage the enemy in their base, and drive them upwards. Contact with technoorganics enroute is likely, and as such we have brought in as many troops with tunnel experience as possible for the job."

The hologram faded and the room lights came back up to full intensity. Ghyrik cleared his vocorder.

"Any questions?"

2006-06-30, 06:12 AM
Kalis: Garrison

Lockdown looked up from his work as a signal went off indicating the presence of multiple individuals outside.

"Looks like the pickup guards are here early," he said aloud to himself as he headed towards the cell area.

"All guards, prepare your stations for prisoner exchange."


In the front of the garrison, a young transformer guard of average size looked out as the guard opposite him readied her weaponry.
"Whewee! Wait'll you see this one Skewer... they're getting uglier all the time. That one could turn crude into sludge if'n he looked any more sour."

"Looks ain't everything Snip. All set now, open the doors. They'll be comin' through any minute. Must be in a real hurry- they weren't s'pposed to be here for a few more breems."

The young guard slid the energy field lever down to the off position and began opening the deadbolts.
"Righto. They're unlocked."

Groaning slightly while exerting all the effort he could muster, he pushed the very heavy, solid steel, left door open.

2006-06-30, 06:45 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -places one hand on the door, and without much effort, shoves it open the rest of the way- "I am Black Battle Convoy. I have fought rebels in the area, and my ammunition stores are depleted. Direct me to your armory so I can reload."

2006-06-30, 11:22 AM
Knowing that he'd recieve no direct answer for his real question, Eiramnna raised his hand and asked around it.
"Lord Ghyrik: I presume we need the supercomputer intact after this operation. Is a plain assault advisory when we could take advantage of Ginrais... Compassion," the word was spat out," and do a snatch and grab on the weaker members of the cell? whilst Gatekeepers and Overcharges perform the main assault, we can kidnap a product and draw Ginrai out of the cells base?"
Eiramnna felt all the eyes fall on him unkindly.
Really should have suggested this in a back room and let ghyrik take the credit. Damn.
"I'm just thinking the chances of an all out fire fight being succesful in driving Ginrai out of the area has a minimal chance of success: He's an immensely powerful product, and would no doubt sacrifice or vector sigma before letting it fll to us."
Haras tried to move his chair away from his brothers, but it let out to loud a screech for subtlety.

2006-06-30, 11:32 AM
Tap-out kicked the doors down whilst trying to keep a good grip on the comatose Insecticon. He led his partner and the junkion nut case in to the snug and placed Chop shop onto the nearest sofa. (Mecha sofa? Cyber sofa? forget it...)
He rose wearily, and looked to the bar itself.
"lets see if this place has anything then."

Aero Blade
2006-07-01, 04:03 AM
It was still a while yet, but when they finally did hit what could be considered surface level, the results were very obvious from watching their 'guide'. For the moment, all forms of verbal communication from Breaker ceased, and he returned to his typical high-strung alert mode, focusing on detecting any threats or prey in the area.

The area they'd come out in seemed to be an abandoned warehouse of sorts, but the stored equipment told them what they needed to know - discarded or unneeded communications hardware. What was left now would be to find a proper transmitter station.

Bombshock and the rest of his trooms had also gone into their own alert modes, keeping an eye out for any patrols that might pop up. It may not have been an area of high interest or worth to the Quintessons, but they still might be keeping an eye on it...

2006-07-01, 04:55 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik's face darkened at Eiramnna's query.

"You presume incorrectly. True, the supercomputer is one of the few devices capable of granting sentience to our constructs. However, it is far too unpredictable for us to use safely." He shrugged. "At any rate, my researchers tell me that it computer is extremely difficult to damage, let alone destroy."

The general's glare seemed to soften somewhat.

"As for your other suggestion...if it is workable, then it will be up to your mission leader to impliment it in the field. Our...source didn't reveal any information on the layout of the enemy camp, so we don't have enough intelligence to plan an abduction right now. But if the opportunity arrises, it would certainly make your assignment easier. Your idea is a good one.

"And as far as Ginrai is concerned...we have an immensely powerful construct of our own assigned to the assault, lest we forget."

The general gestured towards Warcry, his pet fanatical Pretender swordsmaster.

Communications District, Polyhex

As they rose up to street level, Bomb-Burst started to gravitate towards the deepest available shadows. Needlenose lost sight of him quickly, which only unnerved the Targetmaster more.

"How long 'til we get there?" he whispered to no one in particular.

2006-07-01, 07:40 AM
Kalis: Garrison
Skewer swung her photon laser around and pointed it at BBC's head. "I think not. Show some identification."

The younger guard, Snip, backed away nervously and reached around behind him to hit an alarm.

2006-07-01, 08:50 AM

Detritus headed towards the bar

"Make mine a Saspirilla Pardner."

2006-07-01, 12:59 PM
Roadblock listened to Bomb-Burst.

"Not sure but I am itching for a scrap. Thats after we complete our mission of course." He said knowing that this transmission was important to increasing their chances of winning back Cybertron.

2006-07-02, 02:50 PM
Haras looked at Warcry, remembering the last time they teamed up with a monumentally powerful product in an operation. Had he have been able to... well, he'd still be too worried too, but he might have whispered to Eiramnna something about Black Battle Convoys psychotic behaviour and how Warcry may not be that different...
He didn't know it, but Eiramnna was thinking the exact same thing, and was looking at warcry in the exact same way.

2006-07-02, 03:11 PM
It was becoming a frequent thing; so frequent that whenever Flotsam opened his mouth, Tap-out was left staring at him in mute incomprehension.
"Get your own drink," he uttered as he went behind the bar. He found a bottle of Energon Distillation, 50% proof.
"Actually, you can have some of this if there's anything left. IT's probably the best thing, unless there are some bar snacks in the back. Thats a hint, by the way." he finished with a smile.
He went back to the Snug and to Chop shop, layed out on the sofa. He knelt by his side, and offered the bottle to the thiefs lips.
"Come on man, stop playing around."

2006-07-02, 03:50 PM
The Bar

Detritus rummaged about in the back of the bar and found some bar snacks and a bottle of 10 year old 75 % distillation, and another of mysterious blue liquid in a metal container.

Detritus sung to himself

"Well hand me down that can o' beans, Hand me down that can o' beans, Hand me down that can o' beans,I'm throwing it away."

He stumbled on a protruding ring bolt attached to a cellar door.

"looks like we might have struck gold."

2006-07-03, 07:08 PM
Chop shop let some of the drink dribble down his throat, then made a rather fast grab for the bottle, and began glugging it down without shame.
Tap-out had stepped back in mock shock.
"Well, guess you're ok then?" he turned to Flotsam and stood.
"What you found then, nutcase?"

2006-07-03, 07:15 PM
That's right autofool , dismiss me as a non threat a babbling Junkion , you rtime will come.

Detritus grinned

"I zink zere's zomething down in the cellar Zur." He drawled in a mock West COuntry accent."

Aero Blade
2006-07-04, 01:39 AM
It took several minutes of some kind of investigation by Breaker before he finally seemed to decide things were safe enough to leave the area nearby to the tunnel system. Contented there were no enemies in the present area, the reclusive con made a gesture with his riffle in a direction, then started that way.

Bombshock was still uneased with Breaker's presence, and now being in more enemy territory didn't improve the situation that Breaker was holding his riffle ready, ready to shoot down one of them, he was sure...

Dropshot and Growl were a bit more level headed at the moment it seemed, keeping their own weapons ready and looking around for any signs of danger.

2006-07-04, 05:03 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Ghyrik swept the crowd with his optics one more time, then nodded.

"Very well, then. Report to your unit commanders as soon as you can. The operation is go in one hour."

Communications District, Polyhex

Needlenose swung his head around wildly, keeping an eye out for anything and everything that could possibly be a threat. He held his Targetmaster guns tightly, and had to fight from jumping at every sound.

Of Bomb-Burst, nothing could be seen but the occasional fleeting glimpse.

2006-07-04, 07:31 PM
Haras and Eiramnna stood up with the rest of the room and made their way to the group assigned to Warcry.

Haras was still mostly thinking about raiding the Hospital for supplies to sell on the Blackmarket.

Eiramnna was mostly thinking about whether he and his brother were gonna get out of this one alive.

2006-07-04, 09:06 PM
Communications District , Polyhex #

Squawktalk flapped excitedly along with the others

"gonna show them the meaning of agit prop oh yes , up the revolution vive the resistance , carpe diem,."

He muttered quietly.


Tunnel Rat waited for the right time , he was gooing to avenge his fellows the neutrals who had been collateral damage in this war of theirs.

2006-07-05, 04:50 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -optics narrow- "Identification? A mere grunt like you wants to see the identification of the commander of the Anti-Galvatron Strike Team?" -holds left forearm up, his ID showing on the forearm guard- "There may be hope for you. As for that snivelling piece of slag heading towards the alarm button, tell him that if I actually was here to cause problems, I would have cut him down first. Now, where's your armory?"

2006-07-05, 05:03 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Warcry inclined his head as Eiramnna[/n] and [b]Haras approached.

"You seem to have a gift for thinking on your feet," he told the non-mute member of the duo. "You two will be responsable for identifying potential kidnap victims when we arrive at Vector Sigma."

Communications District, Polyhex

Needlenose glared at Squawktalk.

"Keep it down, would ya? You're gonna bring the Quint fuzz down on us!"

2006-07-05, 05:05 AM
Skewer checked the symbol visually by paint-molecule-structure with a visual scan and frowned. She had actually been hoping to an extent for some action, and there was a note of disappointment in her voice as she addressed the other guard.
"It's authentic."

Snip stopped before hitting the alarm. It hadn't been his fellow guard's words that stopped the timid watcher, but rather the imposing voice and latent potential threat from BBC. He turned and backed against the wall, fidgeting for his weapon.

Meanwhile, Skewer motioned down a hall.
"To the end, take a right, down the stairs. Show your emblem to the scanner there, door'll slide right open for you. Log the supplies out on your way back through."

2006-07-05, 07:18 PM
Haras merely nodded his head at the comment in a friendly fashion: Eiramnna nodded too, adding
"We do our best, sir. We have extensive information on God Jinrai in these files, but little on the rest of the cell: is there available data?"

2006-07-05, 07:30 PM
Tap-out strolled up beside Flotsam and looked at the cellar door ring over his shoulder.
"You need a hand with that?" Are you able to answer just yes or no? he added in his head.

Chop shop had come around, his systems given more of a trickle charge than anything by the liqor. Sadly, the additional elements in the concoction were having an effect as well...
"An Autobot, A Deshepticon, anna Junkionon walk into a Bar." He began.

2006-07-05, 07:40 PM
Detritus knelt and strained at the hatch.

"no, no,no ,no ,no,no,no..yes."

2006-07-06, 06:45 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Warcry shook his head. "Little more than a list, I'm afraid," he told Eiramnna. "Our...source wasn't able to tell us much, and none of the cell members have been reported doing anything of note."

His optics narrowed, the thought of these Transformers lashing out at their creators and rightful masters filling him with rage.

"What we have should be in the database," he added when the momentary fury had passed.

2006-07-07, 05:46 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -nods brusquely, slams the heavy gate shut(again, with little apparent effort), makes his way to the armory, shows his ID at the door scanner, walks in after the door opens, pulling the nova bomb out and puting it on a shelf as he pulled down bundles of micromissiles and subspaced them, leaving the bomb hidden in among the ammo, walks out of the armory, closing the door-

Under cover, within strike range of the Kalis Garrison:

Kick Off: -bringing his Magnum Force cannons online, activates commlink- "Cobalt, Gunrunner! The bomb's in place!"

2006-07-07, 11:46 AM
Tap-out sighed sadly, and knelt down to the hatch, got a grip on the handle. He heaved and in short time (and with Flotsams help, the cellar door was opened.
"After you." He motioned to the door.

Chop shop stood groggily.
"Whilsht the Autobot bandaged a puppys broken leg and the Junkionion collected rubbish like a, like a, collected rubbish, ther Deshepticon shot- no wait, he shtole- oh dear"
Chopshop staggerd and fell in crumpled heap, not two inches from his sofa.
"have you heard it before?"

2006-07-07, 12:16 PM
The Bar

Detritus moved towards the hatch and flicked on his headlights to illuminate the stairs.

"zzz initiating ad lib mode.. what do you thinks down there?"

Aero Blade
2006-07-07, 08:34 PM
Bombshock and his group was unnerved the entire time they were making their way through the city, but eventually they reached the destination without incident. Yet...

The building Breaker had chosen out was not the biggest or most powerful of the communication buildings, but it was the best located, due to the other tall buildings in the area. Whenever the Quintessons enevitably picked up on the transmittion, they would be forced to send in their troops isntead of launching a long-range attack, as the other buildings would work to shield the communication building.

"Let us be quick," Breaker said, begining to head into the entrance of the building. "This is only a weakly reinforced possition at best..."

2006-07-07, 09:44 PM
Outside Quint garrison, Kalis

Gunrunner picked up from subspace a remote control.

" I found this device in the armoury. Is the bomb remote " he explained at Cobalt and Kick-Off. " It's the time, be ready. "

He pushed the activation button.

"For Moonracer and Windbreaker", he thought.

2006-07-08, 05:31 AM

Cobalt watched as Gunrunner pressed the detonator button. The covert ops specialist allowed himself a small, cold smile, then drew his energo-cutlass from subspace and held it loosely in his hand.

"Once that place goes up, kill everything that doesn't have an Autobrand."

Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst appeared, seemingly out of the ether, beside Breaker.

"Indeed. So we must-"

He fell silent, and moments later it was clear why. In the distance, the sound of heavy footfalls could be heard.

"Dark Guardian. One mile away at best. We must investigate. Two of you follow me. Quietly."

With that, the predatory Decepticon dropped away from the group, creeping slowly towards the massive enemy's position.

2006-07-08, 06:27 AM
Kalis: Garrison
Skewer narrowed her optics as Black Battle Convoy passed back through the gate and left. She remained standing at attention, but followed his movements with her optics.

Snip began pulling the heavy doors shut. As soon as the doors were shut, he shook his head and laughed with nervous relief.
"Boy that one was a real piece of work. Wouldn't want to meet a cyberform like that in a bad mood on the dark side of the cycle."

"Pfft." Skewer wasn't impressed by BBC's looks. The femme didn't want to be stuck in the garrison manning a door, but she wouldn't admit it. It was his weaponry that she had noted as he went past.
"Ugly doesn't count for much, buuuut..... he did have some fair offensive power."

Snip laughed quietly as he resumed his post. "Those looks could offend anyone."

Skewer had broken a rare smile when she saw a flash from the hall, but had no time to react as a tremendous explosive blast ripped throughout the whole garrison's first and second levels, sending debris and bodies flying in all directions.

2006-07-08, 02:19 PM
Roadblock looked at the group his Humaniod shell jumped out of the tank holding his plasma cannons.

"I will hold up here, I am pretty sure my tank and I can offer some resistance for anything that comes to us." He said that and he know his engines were not exactly the quietest way to get around.

Aero Blade
2006-07-08, 09:46 PM
"I'll go," Bombshock said almost immediately, not needing to state his reason. He wanted space from Breaker, and this was an apportunity for such. He looked over at his two teammates, Growl and Dropshot. "You two stay here to keep an eye on things..."

Having passed out the orders to his small section of the group, Bombshock quickly followed after Bomb-Burst, preparing himself for a possible attack from the dark guardian.

2006-07-09, 03:36 AM
Exterior, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -hears the explosion, turns as the shockwave tears through the garrison, gets an impression of movement, the heavy gate doors slamming into him, crushing him to the ground beneath their weight, leaving only his left hand visible-

Distance away, Kalis:

Kick Off: -chuckling, raises the combat goggles- "He got out before the bomb went off..... looks like we got him anyway." -transforms to vehicle mode, headlights coming on, engine roaring, slams into gear, Magnum Force cannons appearing on his rear fender hardpoints as he roars forward, tires squealing, cannons blasting away, hits the gate doors, uses the ramp now formed by them being on top of Black Battle Convoy, jumps, transforming in mid-air, backpack jets flaring to life as he soars into the garrison, Magnum Force cannons still blasting away at anything moving, activating commlink- "Cobalt! Gunrunner! Get in here!"

2006-07-09, 05:43 AM
Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt didn't say anything to Kick-Off. He did, however, charge towards the base with sword in hand, slicing Sharkticons and other such Quintesson minions into scrap metal.

Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst snuck through the shadows towards the Dark Guardian, calling his shell out of subspace and having it close around him as he did so. Using the shell's claws, he dug into the wall of a building, climbed upwards and approached the giant enemy from above.

2006-07-10, 07:13 PM
Eiramnna felt relieved that Warcry didn't share the insanity of BBConvoy.
"I'll take a look in the database, see what I can find. Haras will stay with yourself, and I'm sure he'll be glad to be of assistance."
Haras nodded grimly, knowing full well Eiramnna couldn't think what to do with him.

2006-07-10, 08:02 PM
Tap-out looked at Flotsam with an oh so tired expression.
"Bottles? Maybe some Tins? Barrels? Best get down there and find out eh?" He tapped the Junkion on the shoulder pointedly.

Chopshop snored, loudly in the corner. His systems were rebooting and energised, but he had to work the alcohol(ic equivalent, whatever it is) out of his system. Oil leeked out of his mouth, and started to glue his face to the floor.

2006-07-10, 09:39 PM
The Bar

"i've seen that film we split up and it picks us off one by one, you look like you can look after yourself why don't you come with me.

Detritus gingerly descended the staircase

2006-07-11, 05:05 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

As Eiramnna departed, Warcry shifted his focus over to Haras.

"You're the mute, right?"

2006-07-11, 07:18 PM
Tap-ouy was getting agitated.
"I'm coming with you, you bucket of bolts, but you're leading the way. You're the one with lights!"
With that, Tap-out jabbed one of Flotsams lights with his finger, to make his point.

2006-07-11, 07:31 PM
The Bar

"Yeah look where your poking that thing, i'm going in."

He disappeared further down the stairs.

2006-07-11, 07:34 PM
Haras looked at Warcry with a blank expression: he hoped the silence would answer for him, but just in case he made the sign for

Eiramnna meanwhile had accessed a nearby terminal and was down loading the meager files available for God Jinrais Cell.

2006-07-12, 05:47 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

Warcry seemed to think about that for a second, then nodded.

"If we pull this mission off, I'll see to it that you're repaired properly," he told Haras. "Well, assuming you don't die a horrible death, anyway."

Aero Blade
2006-07-12, 11:45 PM
While Bombshock and Bomb-Burst headed out to cconfront the Dark Guardian, Breaker eventually came back out of the building to give the rest of the group what could possibly considered a mildy irritated expression.

"I suppose you're intending to send out your little propoganda film from this floor? If you have that kind of ability, then I should wonder why I had to drag you out this far to begin with, and chance attracting the Quints, which already seems to be occuring..."

2006-07-13, 05:23 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst clung onto the side of the building, looking down at the looming Dark Guardian. He didn't like what he saw.

Rigging his comlink to send a short burst transmission to Bombshock, he compiled a text comminique.

It is heading. Too close to our comrades. We will have. To stop it from reaching them. Ideas?

2006-07-13, 07:15 PM
Haras shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Warcry: he appreciated the offer, but had come to terms with his mute status a while a go. Eiramnna joined, them, looking agitated.
"You were right, there was very little on file for God Jinrais Cell. We'll have to play this by ear."

2006-07-14, 05:56 AM
Imperial Palace, Iacon

"So we will," Warcry told Eiramnna.

Glancing around the room, he turned to take in all of his troops.

"And with that, I'm afraid we must go. Follow me."

Turning on his heel, the ex-Decepticon walked confidently out of the briefing room.

2006-07-15, 04:22 AM
Roadblock waited activating his radar he saw the Dark Guardian that was in the area.

"Bomb-Burst, need a hand?" He asked realising he was not going to destroy the Gaurdian on his own but he was certainly going to have fun.

2006-07-15, 04:54 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

"Yes," Bomb-Burst replied to Roadblock simply.

He knew he didn't have to say anything more. After all, his fellow Pretender knew better than him how to engage this sort of enemy.

If nothing else. There are three of him. Greater numbers will increase our odds.

2006-07-15, 12:33 PM
Tap-out followed Flotsam into the basement, whilst Chop shop contnued to rest on the Bar floor...

2006-07-15, 03:03 PM
The Bar

Detritus reached the bottom of the stairs and scanned the cellar gun ready .

2006-07-15, 07:55 PM
Roadblock rolled carefully knowing he didn't want to alert the Guardian of his presence quite yet.

"Bomb Burst, if your men can get a strike to draw his attention I am going to try to knock the guardian down with my battering ram and cutters I figure on the ground we have a far better chance to destroy the Guardian without taking heavy damage ourselves." He said radioing the Pretender.

Aero Blade
2006-07-16, 12:50 AM
The only thing I could suggest is distracting the guardian by presenting ourselves as an alternate target... Bombshock replied to Bomb-Burst using a similar com signal.

If the rest of his team had been there, Bombshock could've had them run one of their group manuvers, but since it was just him this required some more thinking. He didn't know the strengths and abilities of his new associates yet, though the impending fight with the guardian would allow him that chance to learn.

2006-07-17, 06:13 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

As good a plan. As any I have. Do it. Bomb-Burst sent to Bombshock.

To Roadblock, he transmitted a single word: Go.

Dropping off the wall, the Pretender subspaced his shell and transformed to hoverjet mode. His wingtip lasers spat deadly scarlet energy down at the titanic Quint soldier as he strafed it.

Watchtower frowned; the small Transformer firing down at him was little more than an irritant, but he could hardly let it get away with such behaviour. He fired several plasma blasts from his arm cannon into the air, trying to swat Bomb-Burst from the sky.

2006-07-17, 07:10 PM

(OOC Optimusskids, your PM box is full: whats down here?)

2006-07-17, 07:20 PM
Haras and Eiramnna followed Warcry out of the room with the same confidence. This was their best start to a mission yet: well informed and a part of the planning. Eiramnna was practically shining with pride.

2006-07-17, 09:08 PM
The Bar (ooc: not sure maybe a door to the underground or maybe we could get a mod to involve Macaddam, emptied it a bit.)

2006-07-18, 12:07 AM
Overhead, its engines muffled, a twin engined fighter circled the disctrict its radar and sensers picking up any and as much data as possible...

Aero Blade
2006-07-18, 02:25 AM
Since Bomb-Burst had taken to the air, Bombshock opted for a ground attack to try to disbalance the Dark Guardian by having to deal with attackers from two different angles. He'd have to be careful, not having as much room to manuver as Bomb-Burst had, but having no other plan of action they just had to get things started. When the moment was right, Bombshock came out into view, openning fire on the Dark Guardian.

2006-07-18, 06:10 AM
(OOC: DBF, opskids, drop me a PM if you guys wanna run with the Macaddam thing...I've been looking for an excuse to use him.:) )

Communications District, Polyhex

Watchtower glowered down at Bombshock, who was blasting at the Dark Guardian's lower legs. The assaults were only marginally more harmful than Bomb-Burst's ineffectual laser fire, but it annoyed the massive soldier to be ambushed like this. He fired his plasma cannon down at the Decepticon tank.

Imperial Palace, Iacon

Warcry led his detatchment through the palace's maze-like chambers for several minutes, eventually coming to a stop in a large, open-air courtyard. Taking a moment to find his bearings, he headed towards the large transport parked on one side of the open area.

"Board," he told the troops (including Haras and Eiramnna). "There is a weapons cache in the aft. Take what you need."

2006-07-18, 10:44 AM
Snapdragon swooped down, engines roaring on full throttle, guns blazing, in support of his decepticon tank friend

2006-07-18, 02:47 PM
Roadblock saw his comrade being their strike on the Dark Gaurdian and roared forwarded his humanoid shell ran in the oppisite direction opening fire with the two Plasma cannons as Roadblock brought his battering ram online and hoped by going full speed into the Dark Gaurdian he could knock the giant down.

"Here goes nothing!" He said charging.

2006-07-18, 05:35 PM
Snapdragon lined himself up for a straffing run....diving high out of the sun, guns blazing

2006-07-18, 07:11 PM
Haras and Eiramnna boarded the transport eagerly: they had decided to take their bikes with them(, and rather rudely had put them on the Transport between posts).
Haras made his way to the Weapons Cache with a smile, as he found a large selection of suitable Short range and close combat weapons, including a selection of Energy Bola's.
Eiramnna shook his head as he strapped himself in.
"You already have your chainsword and your explosives Haras: take the Bola's and nothing else."
Haras shot his brother a dirty look, and when his attention was diverted, continued looking at the selection in awe.

Aero Blade
2006-07-19, 04:23 AM
As the Dark Guardian started to retaliate against Bombshock, he was quick to get out of the way of the blasts, returning fire when he got the chance against the massive opponent.

Spotting a glimpse of Roadblock starting a manuver of his own, Bombshock began to manuver himself to try to keep the guardian's attention away from him so that he could work unobstructed.

2006-07-20, 07:09 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Watchtower took a step back as Roadblock rammed full on into his lower leg, but otherwise wasn't bothered by the Decepticon's attack. He aimed a kick at the Pretender, trying to knock him away.

"Directive: surrender or die!"

The various other Decepticons' attacks had little effect on the Dark Guardian, and he continued to fire plasma blasts at any Transformer that showed itself.

Bomb-Burst looped around to strafe the massive enemy again, but had to break off when a bolt of plasma sliced across his path.

This is useless, he sent in a text message to the other Decepticons engaging the Guardian. We must try. Some other tactic. Or he will kill us.

Dancing behind one of the heavily-damaged buildings that littered this area of the city, the Pretender prepared for another run.

Imperial Palace, Iacon

The remainder of the team entered the transport, and it lifted off. Warcry stood behind the pilots as they guided the craft northwards, towards the tunnels that would lead to Vector Sigma.

2006-07-20, 09:53 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Beastbox swung from lamp fitting to lamp fitting and from street furniture to street furniture with a wild yell he flew through the air aiming to drop on Watchtower's back.

2006-07-20, 12:19 PM
Roadblock bounced down the street well his tank anyway luckly not too worse for the wear but his tanks armour was dinged and dented.

"Oh your so going to pay for that." He growled as he quickly rolled around a building as his Humanoid shell fired plasma blasts and followed behind him.

Roadblock got onto his text system. Suggest strike on one joint on gaurdian. Neck or leg? He wrote.

Aero Blade
2006-07-20, 03:40 PM
I'd suggest face... Bombshock signaled to the others engaging the guardian while keeping up his own attack pattern just to keep their adversary occupied while they planned. Without his visuals, it'll be that much harder for him to track us...

2006-07-21, 04:31 AM
Roadblock nodded.

He texted back. Point then we can attack his body.

2006-07-22, 05:07 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst didn't bother to reply to his teammates. He did, however, soar out from behind a ruined, half-collapsed building and fire a series of laser blasts into the Dark Guardian's face.

Watchtower scowled as Beastbox landed on his back. Using the tactile sensors on his back to guide his aim, he fired a fussilade from the laser cannon mounted on the back of his head, trying to knock the attacker away.

Meanwhile, he scowled as Bomb-Burst's shots burnt into his facial armour. However, none of the blasts damaged him more than superficially.

Bombshock and Roadblock's attacks continued to dent and ding the Dark Guardian Elite's armour, but little else.

The Bar

The main doors swung open, and a nondescript mechaniod in a hooded cloak walked in. Taking one look at Chop Shop lying on the floor, he drew an arcane-looking device out of the folds of his cloak and aimed it at the Insecticon.

"What the hell are you doing in my bar?"

2006-07-22, 05:46 AM
Roadblock saw Bomb-Bursts attack and fired a rust bomb at the Guardians facemask.

2006-07-22, 05:56 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

Kick Off: -lands on a parapet, still sweeping the yard- "No resistance? We can't have killed 'em all....."


BBC: -groans, growls, stands, flinging the doors away with ease, sending them crashing through the garrison outer walls and skidding into the courtyard, starts stalking ards the hole where they used to be-

2006-07-22, 08:01 AM
Eiramnna stared sullenly at the Datapad in front of him as the vehicle Juddered along the highways, trying to piece the tidbits of information together into some kind of workable plan: It wasn't proving easy. The capabilitys of the cell were pretty much unknown.
He looked at Haras, who was testing the weight of his new weapon.
"Looks like we'd better just snatch the smallest looking one: we have no intel on powers, but we should be able to subjugate them between us. heck, if we need to, we can kill a little 'un and drag the corpse... unless they're jinrai junior or something stupid."
Haras nodded grimly. The images of Jinrai and BBConvy fighting in the sky were still burned in his memory.

2006-07-22, 08:15 AM
Chop shop managed to foll over on to his back so he could look up at the new mech: his vision was clearing as the intoxicants left his system, but he was till sluggish and stiff. Opting to appear as non threatening as possible, he lay perfectly still as he replied
"Lying on the floor, drunk out of my cranium?"

In the cellar Tap-out heard the new droid enter and stopped still: he got Flotsams attention and put his finger to his mouth to ask him to shush, and Listen.

Aero Blade
2006-07-22, 06:31 PM
With their new battle strategy being inacted, Bombshock openned fire at the guardian's face, aiming predominantly at his optics.

2006-07-23, 06:21 AM
Kalis: Garrison

Lockdown was thrown backward down the stairs, landing on his rear in front of the cell block area - which was now filled with dust and debris. He got up slowly with a stunned expression. As much as he was used to defiant prisoners - and dangerous ones, he had never been in an explosion before.

But Torque had.

She folded her arms and smirked in a taunting fashion from behind the hazy bars.
"Can't even hold your own when the roof caves in, can you? Looks like payday came and went, and you're nothing but an old piece of junk that's going to the scrapyard with all the rest of us."

Lockdown rubbed his head with a grimace as he looked back up the stairwell.
"What the blazes happened?"

Torque flipped a hand. "Who knows? Maybe your masters got tired of you. Maybe someone had a stabilizer to pick with you, or maybe you forgot to..."

The irritated femme trailed off and tilted her head to one side, studying something.

Lockdown frowned as he looked at the debris blocking the entry to the main floor. "Give it up. I know you can't hear a dang thing under 185 resonants."

Torque snarled. "You don't know all you think you know- the walls are vibrating. Now get your sorry excuse for a tailpipe in here or you'll be crushed when that all comes down. Someone's walkin' up there, and it ain't light on its feet."

The old security master hesitated for a moment, then pulled his weapon and aimed it at the femme. "Maybe so, but I don't need to be watching my back and the front too from that vantage. I am sorry, but your time is up."

"You think you're smart enough to outwit the thing up there, than go ahead. It's already gotten into your garrison and bombed it. You think you can take it on by yourself, be my guest." Torque was just beginning to deliberately turn her back when a rumble, clatter, crash and a clang sounded from the collapsing debris. The clang, she realized, was that of the cell door opening and Lockdown entering to avoid being buried.

Torque nodded and motioned to the now-open area above. "Now hand me a gun. We're about to have a violent visitor."

2006-07-24, 02:18 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -stalking through the yard with a heavy tread, energo-sword drawn and ignited, ruby light from the blade casting a hellish glow over his upper body-

Kick Off: -detecting movement, spins, laser designators on his Magnum Force cannons sweeping onto BBC's advancing figure, optics widening in surprise- "C-Convoy?"

BBC: -optics narrowing, still stalking towards the main building- "Go ahead. Make my day."

Kick Off: -sorely tempted, then staggers as missiles from BBC's platform slam into the base of the wall he's perched on, topples off the parapet as a stream of annihilation discs sweep through the spot he was standing on and cut the comm array in half, the big dish toppling slowly to the ground behind the transmitter as the transmitter explodes, crashes to the ground, looks up at BBC stalks past-

BBC: -stops, looks down at Kick Off- "Fool." -stalks past towards the main building-

2006-07-24, 05:50 AM
The Bar

The cloaked and hooded mech seemed to consider that for a moment, then sighed. He holstered his weapon, then threw his hood back to reveal his face. Like the rest of the mech, it was nondescript...save for the ridiculous handlebar moustache that he sported for no reason at all.

"I'm Maccadam," he introduced himself wearily. Taking a pair of chairs off of the small table they were stacked on, he sat on one of them. "If you can move, then get off my floor, take a seat and tell me how you got here. I haven't had anyone but Quintessons and Quintesson stooges in here for weeks."

Garrison, Kalis

In the process of gutting an Allicon, Cobalt half-frowned as he saw Black Battle Convoy show up on the scene.

What does it take to kill that thing?

Without turning, he called out, "You alright, Kick-Off?"

Out of the corner of one optic, he could see Gunrunner and his shell blasting the hell out of a squad of Sharkticons.

2006-07-24, 07:25 PM
Chop shop blinked several times: the fact that Maccadam had not shot him yet was a wealth of encouragement.
"I'm Chop Shop, and" stumbles as he trys to get to one knee
"I'm a Decepticon." Rises again, this time with more success, but stumbles as he reaches the chair.
"If there are still such things."
He slumped into the chair, then doubled over and rested his head in his hands.
"My Head... I'm sorry I drunk your booze, but the place looked deserted. I needed the energon content fast, I was nearly a goner."
Chop shop was careful not to mention his friends yet as he wasn't sure how the ground lay.
Good primus I called them FRIENDS...

2006-07-24, 09:02 PM
The Bar, the Cellar

Detritus kept very still and very quiet

2006-07-25, 03:05 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

Kick Off: -gets to his feet as more missiles from BBC's trailer slam into the upper walls, sending fragments of Gatorcons and Sharkticons raining down- "I'm okay." -starts moving towards Cobalt, blasting Gatorcons as he goes-

BBC: -brings his energo-sword up, slashes through the doors(and the two Sharkticons who had been trying to brace them from the inside), kicks the doors open, panels on his shoulders opening, missiles swarming out and screaming into the room, explosions destroying anything inside-

2006-07-25, 05:52 AM
The Bar

Maccadam shrugged. "Don't worry about it," he said. "It's not like I would have turned a profit anyway."

Pulling a bottle and a glass from subspace, he poured a shot and set it down by Chop Shop. "Drink this...a bit of a home remedy, you could say. It'll make you feel better."

Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt leapt over a fallen Sharkticon, kicking an Allicon in the chest and slicing another Sharkticon in half as he did so.

"Good," he said. "A pity our dark friend is, though. We'll have to do something about it."

Troop Transport, Entroute

The transport started to move on a downward angle, indicating that it had entered one of the few underground tunnels on the planet large and straight enough for vehicle travel.

The Gatekeepers and Overcharges sat in their chairs, facing forward, blank expressions on each of their faces.

2006-07-25, 07:34 AM
Communications district , Polyhex

Beastbox struck attempting to bite at the Guardian he scrambled as a laser burst seared through his left leg , falling he clung desperately on to a protubance on the Guardian's back.

2006-07-25, 07:11 PM
Haras looked out one of the few view ports available.
Underground, again. since we took most of the surface, our role as storm troopers has been made moot.
He turned to his brother and signed his his thoughts.
Eiramnna nodded in tired agreement.
"If we apply for some tunnel fighter courses, we could sell the bikes and make up some money: hell, yours is barely used we could send that back..."
Eiramnna stopped as he saw Haras shake his head.
"Yeah, you're right: there may be need for storm troopers yet."
He looked over the blank Overchargers and Gatekeepers.
"With these mindless drones, we'll always be in need anyway!" he said with a rigor mortis grin.

2006-07-25, 07:31 PM
Chop shop took the home remedy from Macadam, not in any position to show suspicion or act on it: he drank the liquid slowly at firt, then more greedily...

In the Basement, Tap-out was trying to communicate silently with Flotsam:
"He seems on the level: you think we should come up yet, or listen a little longer?"

2006-07-26, 06:16 AM
Detritus nodded

He said in a low voice

"up , up and away."

2006-07-26, 09:57 PM
Communications District, Polyhex

Watchtower growled as Beastbox's fangs pierced his back, then fired several more plasma blasts downwards as Bombshock and Roadblock's shots hit his faceplate. The didn't pierce it, but the transparent visor started to crack.

Bomb-Burst strafed the Guardian from behind, drawing fire from the laser cannon that had been targetting Beastbox.

Troop Transport, Underground

The large vehicle came to a stop, and Warcry's voice crackled over the intercom.

"All troops, disemabark. Form ranks outside the transport and await orders."

The group of Gatekeepers and Overcharges rose as one and marched towards the ramp.

The Bar

Maccadam watched warily as Chop Shop downed the shot of specially-treated energon. When he finished, the elderly barkeep nodded in satisfaction.

"There you go...that should help a bit with the innebriation."

2006-07-27, 03:45 AM
Roadblock quickly brought the plow on his tank up to absorb some of the plasma blasts while rolling backwards. The blast left his plow pockmarked and smoking.

"Keep focusing on his face!" He yelled as his humaniod shell rolled and fired his two plasma cannons as the large Quint monstrusity.

2006-07-28, 04:12 AM
Garrison, Kalis:

Kick Off: -shrugs- "I dunno. If he was able to survive this, we might not have anything like the firepower needed to take him out. And for now, he's on our side. Might as well use him while we've got him."

Aero Blade
2006-07-29, 12:41 AM

Bombshock had to stop firing for a moment to avoid the blasts from the Guardian, not quite being able to avoid one, the explosion from the blast catching him and tossing him a short distance. He was quick to get ack on his feet, though, less the guardain focused in on him in a moment of dissorientation. Once he was in proper order again, he started firing at the guardian's face again.


"What's taking so long?" Dropshot said aloud towards Squawktalk, waiting for the smaller decepticon to finally get around to sending out their transmittion. "I thought you knew what you were doing. Being a cassette, the transmittions thing ought to be easy for you."

Growl meanwhile was keeping close to the windows, monitoring the battle in the distance. "They're not getting any closer, but they're not leaving either," he observed, monitoring the explosions from the exchange of fire. "I'd worry if things start calming down, though..."

"Let's just hurry things up," Dropshot repeated, speaking aloud to everyone. "I doubt we want to keep 'Mr. Stealth' waiting too long above ground, less we make him fidgetty..." He took a moment to look around, but to no avail, as Breaker had dissapeared into the shadows someplace where it'd be impossible to see him. Was he even present anymore? Not as if they'd know until he appeared again...

2006-07-29, 06:51 AM

Squawktalk glared over at the ex-micromaster

"you see how you do operating Quintesson equipment with just beak and claws , someone forgot to give me opposable thumbs when they designed me .Typical forget all about the little guy just cos you got upgraded."

He nodded towards a wire trailing from a jack in his torso

"if one of you would like to insert the other end of this into the seventh yellow socket and push the orange button over on that console."

He nodded again

"then Squawktalk tv will be on the air broadcasting loud and clear to all Quintesson's , full of some nice subliminals of revolting Sharkticons at al and i don't mean standing round looking ugly type of revolting. Also Quintessons committing suicide, squabbling betraying each other etc. It should cause paranoia , depression and maybe even a revolt of the Sharkticons and other Quint minions ."

2006-07-29, 02:38 PM
Chopshop was startled by what happened next:
Tap-out poked his head up from the cellar and waved what appeared to be the rankest white flag he could find (it was in fact the cleanest).
"Hellooo" the autobot called out. "There are two more of us here: we are armed, but reeeeaaaly don't want any trouble."
Tap-out came up slowly from the hatch, rag in one hand, the other held up empty for all to see.
"Ah, thanks for not, well, getting angry." he said when he stood in front of Maccadam. He extended his empty hand for a handshake.
"I'm Tap-out, and the guy behind me is Flotsam." he said uneasily.

2006-07-29, 02:59 PM
Haras and Eiramnna geared up and followed their unit of OC's and GK's into the dark: they were only just out of an underground mission, and were still wary of deep shadow and unexplainable noises (as few of those as their could be at such a massive disembark."
Haras kept his Bolas at the ready, wanting to try some of them out before they got to the Rebellions base.

Aero Blade
2006-08-02, 10:04 PM
"Whatever speeds things up," Dropshot answered to Squawktalk, plugging in the cassette's cords to te chosen computer.

2006-08-02, 10:48 PM
Communications district

Squawktalk started broadcasting his masterpiece

The Bar

Detritus looked up as a tri dee screen by the bar flickered into sudden life.

2006-08-05, 04:34 AM
The Bar

Maccadam glanced suspiciously over at Detritus and Tap-Out.

"Pleased to meet you," the bartender said, although his flat tone didn't indicate any particular emotion at all. Instead of shaking the minibot's hand, he handed him a nearly-empty bottle of energo-liquor and moved towards his bar.

"Not to be a rude host," he said, "but I'd really rather not have my establishment shut down by the Quints. And since you lot are obviously rebels, it wouldn't do for them to find you here. So..."

The elderly mech moved behind the bar and started polishing a glass, half-watching the unexpected tri-D broadcast.

"What can I do for you?"

Communications District, Polyhex

Watchtower froze in place, ignoring the attacks of the group of Decepticons harrying him even as they started to burn through his transparent visor plate.

His communications systems had received the transmission from the nearby substation, and he was not pleased.

"Your diversion: ineffectual," he told the Decepticons. "Your allies: soon to die."

The massive Dark Guardian Elite construct transformed, reconfiguring some of his parts into a rocket mode patterned on the Autobot guardian Omega Supreme while the rest of him disappeared into subspace.

Flying towards the communications station, Watchtower peppered the ground with plasma bolts, trying to collapse the building and cut off the broadcast.

Castle Darkmount, Polyhex

Legatus watched Squawktalk's broadcast, scowling mercilessly. He waved his Inquisitor minion over.

"Gather a hundred slaves and have them executed in the main square," he said calmly. "Make it known that the next time rebels disrupt our communications, the death toll will be increased ten-fold."

The Inquisitor seemed to turn pale, but he bobbed forward in his best impression of a nod. "Y-yes, sir."

Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt shrugged.

"Who's to say he's on our side, Kick-Off?"

The Autobot paused, taking a moment to effortlessly gut a squad of Sharkticons.

"You know, what with that whole attempted-murder thing..."


Warcry gave a signal to OCL and the other squad leaders, and the procession started to move into the underlevels. For his part, the Pretender moved towards the front of the column with a pair of Gatekeepers, gesturing for Haras and Eiramnna to join him.

2006-08-05, 04:23 PM
Communications District, Polyhex

Beastbox hung on for dear life as he still clung on to Watchtowers back trying to keep a grip as the guardian transformed.

2006-08-05, 04:49 PM
Garrison, Kalis:

Kick Off: "We could claim a faulty timer. It was an old Nova Bomb, after all, and in a resistance like ours, munitions aren't always properly maintained." -Magnum Force cannons roaring, blowing guards, Sharkticons and Gatorcons apart- "It's a lame excuse, but it's better than saying 'Please don't kill us because we tried to kill you'."


BBC: -advancing down the stairs to the cells, chasing the remaining few Sharkticon guards in the building and blowing them apart in front of the cell that Lockdown and Torque are hiding in, striding forward, kicking Sharkticon corpses out of the way, stopping in front of the cell, red optics blazing, voice harsh and unrelenting- "I take it that you two command this garrison?"

2006-08-06, 10:04 AM
Kalis, Quint garrison

Gunrunner, in his supersonic jet-mode, sent a barrage of energy- plasma missiles and 8mm electro-static shots and wiped out a group of Sharkticons trying to regroup.

" So, BBC is still on his feet " he radioed to Cobalt and Kick-Off. " Well, do you reckon we could still try to cheat him and use the clone in the resistance profit? " the pretender added with poor conviction.

Near, Gunrunner's shell rolling at high velocity provided with support fire the Autobots freedom fighters.

2006-08-06, 12:16 PM
Roadblock watched the Gaurdian start to attack in his robot mode then yelled.

"Fire at his engines!" He said as his humanoid form opened fire with the new plasma cannons.

2006-08-07, 05:31 AM
Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt frowned.

"I wouldn't even try to explain, Kick-Off. He doesn't exactly seem the forgiving type, so excuses aren't going to do much good."

He gave Gunrunner a weak smile. "All we can do is hope that he still hates the Quintessons more than he hates us."

Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst ignored Roadblock's call to attack for the moment. Instead, he carefully drew close to Watchtower, moving as near as he dared to where Beastbox hung...hopefully, close enough for the smaller Decepticon to jump.

"If I were you. I would get off of there. Soon."

For his part, the Dark Guardian didn't even bother to acknowledge Roadblock's attacks, so intent was he on shelling the transmitter. From his vantage point, Bomb-Burst couldn't see if the plasma blasts were having any effect on the much-larger foe.

If we have any luck. It will at least damage. The Guardian's steering mechanisms.

2006-08-07, 06:31 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Beastbox leaped for safety .

Communications District, Polyhex interior

Squawktalk pressed a control putting the broadcast on a loop

"let's vamoosh , scram, skidaddle , head for the hills, move those feet, run like hell."

Aero Blade
2006-08-07, 01:46 PM

Bombshock watched as the Dark Guardian headed away, then looked back towards Roadblock and Bomb-burst. "Well then, now what? We're not yet having any sucess, and that thing's headed back towards the rest of our team."


"About time, let's move!" Growl said as Squawktalk finally noted that the transmittion had been set up, readily heading towards the exit.

Dropshot paused a moment to look around for Breaker, but the stealth Con was still no-where to be seen, and they didn't have the time to hunt for him.

"Probably wiser than us and already got out of the building," he muttered to himself, also making for a hasty retreat.

2006-08-07, 07:11 PM
Tap-out sheathed his procured weapon in his subspace pocket.
"If you want us out of here, then thats ok, we'll get out as soon as we can. But i gotta ask, do you know where we should go? We're rebels without a connection, and we'd like to find some other transformers before the Quints Do catch us."

Chop shop felt himself become more lucid, and stood wearily. he was watching the broadcast intently...

2006-08-07, 07:53 PM
Haras and Eiramnna moved it doubletime till they were flanking Warcry, Haras on his left and Eiramnna on his right. The pair were happy at the idea of fightinf and earning money, but still looked uneasy at the idea of going back underground.

2006-08-08, 06:43 AM
Kalis: Garrison

Torque folded her arms. "If I did, it sure wouldn't look like it does now."

Lockdown pulled his weaponry and aimed it at BBC. "I do. You have a beninnir of a breem to explain what you're doing before I decide to call the jury out."

2006-08-08, 06:52 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Bomb-Burst shook slightly as Beastbox landed on him, then swooped down towards the ground.

"I would suggest," he told Bombshock. "That we run. Our comrades will do the same."


Needlenose listened to the plasma blasts hitting the ground nearby, and only by sheer force of will could he make himself move, he was so terrified.

"Y-yeah," he told Squawktalk. "Running sounds like a smashing idea..."

That said, he ran as fast as he could for the exit.

The Bar

Maccadam frowned.

"Well, let's just say I know some people who know some people," the bartender said obliquely, as he dug around in one of the junk drawers behind the bar. After a few minutes, he dug out a datacard and tossed it towards Tap-Out.

"You'll need to get to Kalis," he said. "That card has a list of comm frequencies and code-phrases that should let you contact the local resistance there. If anyone asks where you got that info, tell them it fell from the sky."

God Jinrai
2006-08-08, 01:27 PM
Temple of Primus; Crystal City

Ginrai had sat in silent meditation for nearly five days... no one had come. As his mind continued to focus on events long passed, a faint voice spoke out to him...

"Godmaster... you who wield the might of the god of light... and do not even know it.... awaken. Your very power...nay, your entire purpose is threatened at this very moment. Return to vector sigma as fast as you are able... The guardian must be made operational immedieately, and you must prepare for battle... without you, your troops ..nay, your friends, will be decimated. A dark warrior approaches, intent on fufilling his masters' desires... it MUST NOT BE!"

In his mind, Ginrai saw a massive flash of light... and a sillouette of a dark figure...

"go.... lest my wishes and hopes are in vain...."

Awakening from his meditation, ginrai quickly rose from his sitting position.... he started into a run for the entrance, but stopped, turning to look back at the altar of the temple.

Above it, a glyph glowed a piercing bright blue....

"By the matrix.... It can't be!"

Ginrai spun, shifting into his vehicle mode, roaring out of the temple proper...

"Primus!" he uttered to himself.

As the godmaster tore across crystal city's battered landscape, he could only think of two things: Stopping whatever force was intent on destroying vector sigma.... and saving his friends.

as he came up on one of the secret descent shafts, he slid to a stop, transforming into his robot mode.... the doors sealed behind him, and the lift abruptly lurched downward...

"Ginrai to squad... get to vector sigma's main chamber, and wait for me... and while you're at it... somebody get that transformation cog installed into that omega sentinel... I think we're going to have company"`

2006-08-08, 07:02 PM
Tap-out caught the Datacard clumsily, over excitment making him over eager.
"Thank Primus, a break!"
Chop shop had fully regained his lucidity, and as such was horrified by what he heard next. Tap-out looked to the bar around Maccadam and said cautiously
"I think we owe you for the stuff we've taken; is there anything you need?"
Blasted Autobot thought the thief with some venom. Always have to settle debts don't they? We could have just walked out...

2006-08-08, 07:09 PM
."The Bar

Detritus leant at the bar

"everything must go crazy crazy prices only 10% down

2006-08-08, 10:10 PM
Kalis, Garrison

Gunrunner overflew the scorched remains of a Sharkticon squad.

" Yeah... maybe we could just stop the slaughter of Sharkticons, you know, to left some of them still functional for when BBC came out from that building... " said Gunrunner following Cobalt's joke.

Near, Gunrunner shell dodged some aimless shots from a pair of fleeing Sharkticons.

2006-08-09, 06:46 AM
The Bar

"Pay me back by not getting caught," Maccadam told Tap-Out, not unkindly. "Trust me...I've got more stuff than I'll ever be able to sell, even if I live another million vorns."

2006-08-09, 03:17 PM
Cells, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -optics narrowing, targeting systems for his missile launchers pinging as they lock-on to Lockdown, telemetry data indicating that the bars are still active- "Gaining my freedom from those who would destroy me." -optic twitches oddly- "Surrender.... or face the consequences."


Kick Off: -shrugs- "I'm betting he hates the Quints more than us right now. All we did was try to blow him up."

2006-08-09, 03:50 PM
Blackstar was soaring through the dark Cybertronian skies when he heard Ginrai's message.

"You got it reporting back to base." He said as his Targetmaster partner Shatterstar sat above his cockpit scanning for any targets.

"No airborne bogies on scope." Shatterstar said as the Decepticon starfighter headed back to Vector Sigma.

2006-08-09, 07:27 PM
Chop-shop didn't waste any time. he clapped his hands on to Tap outs and Flotsams shoulders, and spoke rapidly;
"You heard the man, he doesn't want to be paid! lets get out of ere and to the rebellion, come on, what do you say?"
Tap out looked at the thief with mild disgust. Chop-shop matched his gaze with one of implorance. Tap out relented.
"Guess we'll make our way then. If we're ever in a position to help..." he began to say to Maccadam.

2006-08-10, 05:30 AM
The Bar

"Of course," Maccadam told Tap-Out. "We will meet again, I'm sure. And if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood in more...stable times, feel free to stop in for a drink."

With that, the elderly bartender started to tidy up the energo-liquor bottles stacked behind the bar.

Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt shrugged.

"There's that," he agreed with Gunrunner. "Or we could just leave, let him kill the rest of the garrison, and find somewhere to hide."

2006-08-10, 06:02 AM
"we'll meet again don't know where don't know when but i know we'll meet again some sunny day."

Detritus slipped a credit chip from subspace and slipped it under a napkin as he headed towards the door.

2006-08-10, 07:50 PM
Tap-out shrugged and followed Flotsam, waving good bye and staring at the datapad he had been given.
Chop shop walked very tensely, looking earnestly back at Maccadam; the thief hadn't grasped the idea of comraderie and common goals as well as he'd thought, because the bar tender not demanding money for his wares was really bugging him.

The pair arrived outside with flotsam. Tap-out offered the pad to the Junkion, asking
"Whats the best route to here, do you reckon?"
whislt pointing at the nearest Cell location.

(OOC which is also in Polyhex? or Kalis, I forget where... :))

2006-08-10, 09:48 PM
Garrison, Kalis

" I agree with you, Cobalt. But if we hide we seal our base's fate: BBC will destroy it for sure " said Gunrunner.

Meanwhile, Gunrunner's shell skidded near Kick-Off, covering the Autobot new green body with a bit of dust.

2006-08-10, 11:09 PM
Kalis: Garrison
Lockdown snarled at BBC and yelled towards the opening. "Skewer, Snip! Backup, now!"

"Don't get it, do you? They ain't coming or they would've been down already." Torque sniped as she pushed past the old guard.

"This one at least knows where he's goin'!" She looked at BBC.
"You want a surrender, you got one."

"No!" Lockdown hissed menacingly under his breath. "I will never surrender to a malfunctioning construct! I will do my given duty!"
He aimed his rifle at BBC and began firing.

Down the hall in the rest of the holding cells, the dust and debris had finally settled. All was quiet for several moments and then heavy metal sheeting and pilons began to move.
A grunt of extreme force echoed in the blocked room as the dark Autobot pushed a broken wall off of himself and stood up.
"Clampdown, Triton- you two okay?" Deepcover called quietly to his fellow Autobots.

Unable to make it to the evacuation pods during the Cybertronian takeover, they had met up in a resistance group and fought alongside each other. They had been defeated and were being held in separate cells in the garrison to await deportation, trial and execution.

"Can't move." Clampdown called back in a pained voice. "I'm pinned by the energon bars."
He attempted a strained laugh. "Lucky again- they're still functional."

2006-08-11, 12:04 AM
Cells, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -not even flinching as the energy bars absorb Lockdown's shots- "If that is the best you can do, you are not worth the ammo expendature." -looks at Torque- "Kill him."

2006-08-11, 12:31 AM
Torque folded her arms.

"Now wait just a minute there. I ain't dealing with no coward. Never have, never will."

From the corner of her vision, she saw Lockdown swing his gun around toward her. Promptly, she sidestepped, grabbed the barrel and jammed it straight backwards into the shocked guard's face.

Instantly, it caused a reset of Lockdown's systems. He dropped to the ground, looking as if he was shut down permanently.

She frowned, grabbed the rifle and turned back toward the bars and BBC.
"Now you're gonna have some proving to do, junior."

2006-08-11, 01:56 AM
Cells, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -turns, starts moving down the line of cells- "I have nothing to prove to you. I am my own mechanism now."

2006-08-11, 02:03 AM
Kalis: Garrison
Torque folded her arms, smirked and leaned against the cell wall.

"You are still Quintesson property, buster. And once they find out it was you who did this to the rest of their merchandise, they ain't gonna rest until your tailpipe is decorating that Imperial Magistrate's royal wand. Your rear end ain't gonna know what heat is until they bring the guardian down on you and drop you in the smelter. You're as much your own mechanism as dust is titanium steel, so you'd best be learning how to take backup when it's available."

2006-08-11, 02:16 AM
Cells, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: "I have backup. They tried to kill me. Were I in their position, I would have done the same thing." -stops, looks back at Torque- "You don't even realize who I am, do you."

2006-08-11, 02:45 AM
Kalis: Garrison
"Pffft. Some backup. That doesn't help when your backup is only waiting to shoot you in the back. As for recognizing you- sure I do. I recognize that you are a walking dead construct. Your pals tried to kill you and now you've wrecked a Quintesson trade center and terminated Quintesson servants - or rather, property. Listen here- and you listen good. In a few minutes, there's going to be one very angry guardian coming down on this place, and you and your back-stabbing pals are going to get either charred or eaten, or both. You can either let me out and let me show you a place to hide with provisions so we can shoot Quintessons, or you can stand here shooting nothing but the breeze.
Your choice."

2006-08-11, 03:04 AM
Cells, Garrison, Kalis:

BBC: -turns to face Torque, optic twitches again- "You are a loudmouthed, prattling fool. I should end your existence now." -opens the cell door- "Take the others to your bolt hole. I will destroy the guardian."

2006-08-11, 04:47 AM
Kalis: Garrison
Torque laughed once in amusement.
"Bah. Think twice, then if you need, head out of town on bearing 5.6. Two and a half miles from here, you'll find the mine shafts. Use the vents to get in. We kept emergency supplies down there in case of collapses - plenty of blasting supplies."
The stocky little mining femmebot moved over and hoisted Lockdown over her shoulders.
"Now, I'll take this one as a bit of security. We can always use something that might be valuable, even if it's just for --- raw materials."


A unit of sharkticons and alligatorcons moved along in formation toward the location of the garrison to collect the prisoners. Seeing smoke rising from the very distant place, the lead alligatorcon triggered an alert button.

2006-08-11, 06:15 AM
Inside soon to be outside Polyhex Communications district

Squawktalk flapped through the air overtaking Needlenose

"exit stage left , children and cassettes first, m'aidez, hilf . au secours."

2006-08-11, 03:06 PM
Triton stood, his green armour dented and busted in a dozen places. His left leg was particularly banged up, a stanchion having nicked it in the blast.
He sneered when he heard Deepcovers call. He wanted out of this place more than anything; neverless, when he heard Clampdowns reply, he wearily came to his aid.
"Clampdown!" he cried as he exited the remains of his cell.
"Clampdown! Sound off man, where are you?"

2006-08-11, 03:36 PM
Kalis: Garrison: Cells
"In a pile of rubble, trouble, and still behind bars... or rather- underneath them." Clampdown answered Triton weakly. The Autobot's cell had been directly behind the wall adjacent to the ammunition room where the explosion occurred. Due to the strange roll of the explosion and the weaker parts of the garrison structure, the blast had gone upwards first, causing the ceiling and cell walls to collapse and trapping the Autobot in the building shards. Left without any support, the energon bars had fallen backward, still functioning on the separate power supply given to each cell, and now lay snapping and crackling against Clampdown's left shoulder, millimeters from the side of his head.

Deepcover pushed back some of the debris that was blocking the way and spotted a crushed guard underneath. Grimly, he stopped to check for a weapon and came up with a taser unit and a small pistol.
Sorry pal. We'll need these.

2006-08-11, 04:26 PM
Triton came to Clampdowns cell, and staggered in, careful as he ascended over small piles of rubble to disturb them as least he could.
"For Primus sake, what kind of state are you in?" he muttered quietly as he knealt behind Clampdowns head.
"If I lift these Bars, can you shuffle out? I won't be able to hold them up long, I aint tip top myself..." he said this with a weak grin. His strong desire to save his own metal skin was quite strong, but Clampdown had been good to him during their internship in the prison. It was only fair to try... if not too hard, to get him out.

2006-08-11, 04:44 PM
Clampdown felt the shift of debris as Triton approached, but also felt a wave of relief.
"Maybe. The bars are draining my energy faster than the crowd at Nee-ons can drain their pints."

"Triton- wait- we can overload it."
Deepcover squeezed around the debris and headed over carefully.
"One per cell. Standard size transformers. Touching two of us at once, it'll be a fractured current and weaker. We can pull him if we have to."

2006-08-12, 05:47 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

"Shut up, you," Needlenose hissed to Squawktalk as he hit the door and transformed to jet mode. "I get enough of that frenchie nonsense on Earth, I don't need to hear it from you!"

The Targetmaster strafed the underside of Watchtower once, then commed the rest of his fellow Decepticons.

"Uh, guys...what do we do? We can't 'zactly head home with this mook following us. Bomb-Burst? Roadblock? Creepy guy I don't know? Any ideas?"

Garrison, Kalis

Cobalt shrugged. "We could always set the base to self-destruct, Gunrunner. The core bomb we've rigged there is a lot bigger than the one that we used last time..."

2006-08-12, 07:54 AM
Communications District Polyhex

Squawktalk frowned

"zut alors, "

He flapped after the jet

"whatever lets just amscray ."


near Vector Sigma

Doublecross pushed the fragile Derby on a trolley as they set out to look for parts. The cell had built up a fair selection and there first stop was there.

2006-08-12, 11:43 PM
Roadblock had one idea.

"Perphaps if we all open fire on the large building over there when the shuttle tries another strafing run we can bring the building down on top of it." He said.

God Jinrai
2006-08-13, 07:19 PM
Ginrai strode into the central chamber, confirming vector sigma's status...

"Nothing yet... good."

he quickly darted from the ccentral chamber, heading for the large storage chamber where the omega sentinel was being kept...

"Good... still here..."

Leaning down, he took ahold of the massive transformation cog, stalking over to the behemoth. Opening the Sentinel's torso panel, he locked the cog in place, slamming the panel closed....

"Now... one thing left to do..."

His hands began to glow with primordial energy, and moments later, he had amassed enough to fully bring the omega sentinel's systems online.

"Rise, Sentinel... "

His hands slammed down onto the transformer's torso, and the accumulated energies surged from his hands into the circuitry of the sentinel... but would it be enough?

2006-08-13, 08:40 PM
near Vector Sigma

hearing a noise coming from the central chamber Doublecross wheeled Derby in to investigate.

2006-08-14, 05:28 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

"Sounds like a plan to me," Needlenose said.

Bomb-Burst dropped to ground level, allowing Beastbox an opportunity to get off of him. "I agree. It could work. If we don't crush ourselves as well."

Overhead, Watchtower looped around and came about for another pass.

Approaching Vector Sigma

Warcry held up a hand, and the column of Gatekeepers and Overcharges came to a halt.

"We're near," he said. "Stealth formation, everyone. Stormtroopers, be on the lookout for sentries that we can grab. Any last-minute questions?"

2006-08-14, 06:36 AM
Vector Sigma

"hi Ginrai i see you finally fitted the cog we got for you hows it coming along is he up and running.


Communications District , Polyhex

Beastbox slid to the ground and glared up at Watchtower.

2006-08-14, 12:39 PM
Roadblock looked as Watchtower came around again.

"Quickly everyone back." He said as his tank rolled down the street with his Humaniod shell walking beside it.

He quickly brought his cannons up and aimed at a building a few hundred meters away.

"On my word........ fire!" He yelled as he lauched several rust bombs at the building and his humanoid shell fired his two plasma cannons at the building Roadblock hoped their combined firepower would be enough to bring the building down.

2006-08-14, 07:19 PM
Triton nearly leaped back at Deepcovers suggestion. Before he could voice dissent, he readied himself and came back to nearling by Clampdowns head.
"As long as you're absoloutly sure that we won't get fried too. Lets do this."
He touched the bar...

Outside the Bar
Chop shop took the map from Tap-out and Flotsam.
"We go here." hw said, pointing at the nearest point.

2006-08-14, 07:54 PM
"None sir." Eiramnna answered Warcry with a wolf grin on his face. Haras held his Bolas at the ready. They followed the Pretender with as much stealth as they could muster, and their eyes were alert for potential prisoners.

2006-08-14, 08:01 PM
Kalis: Garrison

Deepcover grabbed hold as Triton did, and heaved. The bars stung and crackled against the Cybertronian skin, while thin bolts of blue and gold electricity flickered across the hands. The flashes weakened and faded away as they pushed the bars up.

Released from the energy drain, Clampdown began to kick against the debris, sliding out to lay flat on his back -exhausted.
"Owe ya one Triton, owe you 'nother one Clampdown."

Deepcover ignored the garbling, looking at Triton with a grim expression. "We can't stay here. There's movement nearby. We get out of here- and we can head straight to Crystal City- we can get repairs and new weapons there. Take this-" and he offered the pistol.


Down the collapsed cell block, Torque was steadily heading for the stairway that she remembered being forced to go down. Shifting the weight of the security chief, the stocky femmebot started the climb up, making as little noise as possible.

Those backstabbing freinds of big black's ought to be around here somewheres. If only I can make it to the entrance, got a shot at getting out in one piece. Can use this one as a shield if needs be.

"Trouble at Kalis? Has to be renegades." Spitz said quietly to himself as he received the reporting message from the alligatorcons.

Looking around once at the remains of the energon bar, he transformed into jet mode and headed for the neighboring city.

2006-08-15, 04:52 AM
Communications District, Polyhex

Needlenose fired a pair of proton missiles into the base of the building. Bomb-Burst, for his part, raked the middle floors with laser fire.

Approaching Vector Sigma

"Good," Warcry nodded in approval. "Be on your guard, all of you. If the enemy sight us before we can kidnap one of them, we'll be in for a fight."

The squad leader drew his sword in silence, then started to move towards the enemy fortification.

Aero Blade
2006-08-16, 02:02 AM
Bombshock, Growl, and Dropshot all openned fire at the base of the building, hoping to knock out the support structure to help bring it down on the Dark Guardian.

2006-08-16, 02:24 AM
Slowly the ancient Cybertronian sentinel began to respond to Ginrai's power feed. It's optics glowing with a strange gold-green hue as it began to stand.
The voice rumbled above the creaking of the old metal plate armour.
"Sentinel... model 1795... Flareup... online."

"Awaiting orders."