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2006-05-21, 06:11 AM

Summoned by a distress signal, a group of Autobots travelled to Kyle, SD to rescue a refugee from Cybertron and recover data tracks and the pod which the transformer arrived in. Little did they know that it was a Decepticon trap, and the trap was subsequently sprung.

Antarctica: Metrotitan
The Wreckers seek to damage and perhaps destroy the Decepticon citybot.

Camshaft and a team of Autobots have gone to Canada to try and determine the extent of Breastforce's activity and to try to make ammends with the Prime Minister.

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2006-05-21, 06:24 AM
(ooc andin the rockies, Cosmos and Repugnus are mucking around...)

Kyle, field
Guzzle was being hoisted by his turret by the fircon, Cindersaur: where he to transform, he'd be in a worse position: he tried a rather poor escape by revving his treads into reverse, knowing full well that if he escaped he'd hit Sledge who was still behind him.

Sizzle continued to follow Crosscut and Wreckgar as they organised stuff... Sizzle was starting to realise how select and rare jobs for interceptors were in the Autobot army.

2006-05-21, 09:29 AM
Kyle S.D

Sledge had leapt out of the way as the gout of flame surged his way his left arm was singed. He grabbed grit and started hauling him away while Guzzle was distracted.


Wingspan rallied his troops as he anxiously eyed Devcons and Stonecrusher's battle glad that the micromaster had saved him from capture but ready to intervene if necessary.

"Decepticons d-d-d-d-d-d-destroy that pod don't let them take it intact."

He yelled loudly.

"S-someone grab t-that m-mech that c-came w-with the p-pod if w-we can't have the pod w-we'll take him, b-be careful looks like he booby trapped his s-s-ship , could be full of suprises."


Stonecruncher went to grapple with Devcon

"no one picks on X or any of his buddies."


Scoop scanned the engine room looking for trouble .

Overdrive finished planting the last explosive.

"All done this side , finished yet Sandstorm?"

2006-05-21, 03:39 PM
OOC: Can't move Devcon until Wingspan responds or notices his last action....


"Yeah" Sandstorm called, finishing up with planting explosives on his end and moving to rejoin with a smirk as he added, "Let's blow this join, and I mean literally"

2006-05-21, 04:35 PM

Groundshaker buzzed around the area, taking potshots wherever he could, but it was quickly getting out of control.

He noticed Guzzle in trouble, and directed a blast at Sledge in order to catch him off guard.

2006-05-21, 05:57 PM
kyle, South Dekota

Cindersaur managed to hold on to Guzzle as the autobot reversed, the Firecons feet draging through the earth, after heaing Wingspan's orders he looked over his shoulder at the burning wreck that was the pod.

Ur, destroy the pod, check, grab Ragnarok, doing.

Cindersaur withdrew his flametrower rifle fron subspace and jammed into Guzzle's cannon.

"Ha, shoot me now Autobot."

The firecon then ran off toward Ragnarok.

2006-05-21, 10:52 PM
He heard Bumblebee banging on the escape door.
Trailbreaker groaned quietly as he stretched for the banging on the hatch.
Must've... swung shut again. They've gotta listen.

The defensive strategist knew that in seconds the heat would ignite the explosive remainder of the fuel. Even with mostly drained tanks, the blast would flatten the cornstalks for miles. Anything caught in the surge would be thrown to the ground, impaled by flying debris or worse.

Trailbreaker radioed desperately. "No- Get away! The oxygen will cause it to explode again!"

But from Bumblebee's pulling, the hatch gave way under his fingers, letting out a new flood of smoke briefly. Instantly, the smoke flooded back in along with clean air- and Trailbreaker pulled himself forward to try to shield the Pretender from the imminent blast.

2006-05-22, 02:48 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -wincing as the bolts burn into his left arm pauldron and bracer armor, not moving to the right but charging forward, spraying armor piercing explosive bullets, ion bolts and exploding shrapnel at Krunix- "I'm Roadbuster. And they tried sending me to the Pit once. The Pit didn't want me. Afraid I'll take over."

2006-05-22, 06:10 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix likewise charged forward, neither trying to dodge Roadbuster's weaponsfire, nor showing any reaction to it aside from small flakes of armour being chipped off of his shoulders and chest.

"Then we'll try the Inferno. Or any other imaginary pit of the damned that you might prefer. I'm not picky at all."

Once he had closed range with the Autobot, he swung his right arm around, trying to smash the butt of his appropriated Metrodrone rifle into his mouthy opponant's jaw.

2006-05-22, 06:10 AM
Kyle S.D

Sledge staggered as his rescue attempt was interupted by a blast of fire which scorched and cratered his armour.


Overdrive nodded

He opened a com link to Jazz

"we're ready to blow our end over."

2006-05-22, 03:50 PM
"What are you doing?! Get your hands off of. . . *Ragnorok catches on* NO! You'll never take me alive!, This Quintesson info will not be yours!"

*Ragnorok fires blanks at Cindersaur.*

2006-05-22, 07:18 PM
Guzzle fell to the ground and screeched backwards uncontrollably. He pulled around and braked, finding himself facing a battered Sledge: he transforme and pulled Cindersaurs flametrower rifle out of his turret and grinned.
"Nice!" he said as he aimed...

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-22, 08:45 PM

Brawn had little trouble getting out of the way of Metrodash's shot. Had the Decepticon negated his surprise attack by announcing it. Brawn scrambled back up and slowly moved towards the Decepticon. That was close Brawn thought as he pulled a small object off his belt.

"Who has who, Decepti-crumb!?" Brawn yelled as he lobbed a fragmentation grenade behind whatever debris the Decepticon was hiding behind.

2006-05-22, 10:18 PM
Quebec City

Crosscut sttoped in a parking area.

" I'm waiting for a reply on a small detail Sizzle " explained the ambassador using an encrypted frequency.

" How are you going Wreck-Gar? " asked Crosscut.

Near Camshaft was waiting and monitoring the converstaion, starting to fall into a bad mood.

2006-05-23, 01:45 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -blocks the swing with his left forearm- "If you live long enough to get to the level you can kill me, I'll be surprised." -fires linear blaster cannon at Krunix's abdomen, shrapnel cannon snapping down and firing a shotgun blast of exploding shrapnel point blank at Krunix's face-

Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Nebulon: -rounds one of the gunracks, sees Metrodash in the distance scrabbling forward, stops dead as a fragmentation grenade klunks to the floor between the Targetmaster weapon and the target- "BLEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!" -runs for it-

Metrodash scrambled around the corner, shrapnel peppering his legs, the concussion sending him flying, somehow managing to hold onto the bazooka as he tumbles to a stop at the base of a wall.

Nebulon: -blown forward, sent flying, skids to a stop at Stepper's feet, bleeps weakly-

Stepper: -looks down at the battered droid, drops to one knee- "You okay?"

Nebulon: -sits up, shaking head, bleeps affirmative, gets dizzily to feet, staggers slightly, jumps, clambering up onto Steper's shoulder, activates magnetic plates on his feet, affixing himself to the hardpoint mount on Stepper's back just behind his right shoulder-

Aero Blade
2006-05-23, 03:09 AM
It was several minutes before Aero Blade finally heaved a sigh, stepping back and putting his tools away as he looked towards Getaway.

"I've done all I'm able to," he said, looking very exhausted. It seemed more like mental stress than it did physical strain, though.

2006-05-23, 04:56 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

If Krunix even realized that he'd just been shot in the face and gut, the Decepticon security officer didn't show it. Whether he actually didn't feel any pain as the shrapnel cut a thousand tiny scratches into his head, or whether (as many of his comrades theorized) he simply didn't have enough of a personality to know how to react to it, the Decepticon didn't miss a beat.

"Then I strongly suggest you start feeling surprised," he told the Autobot. "While you still have time to feel anything at all."

With the arm that held the Metrodrone rifle, Krunix jabbed his elbow at Roadbuster's face. One he judged that his strike had his foe's full attention, he took aim with his left arm, pointed it at the Autobot's ankle, and fired a concussion blast at the joint. He followed that up by kneeing at the Autobot's midsection (or rather, where it had been moments ago), in the hopes that at least one of his previous strikes would have hit home and startled the enemy into a moment of deadly inaction.

Corridors, Metrotitan

"Alright then," Whirl said. "I'll do the honours. Stand back, Hardhead."

Taking aim with his photon rifle, the Wrecker started cutting a triangular piece of floor away.

AES, Metrotitan

Getaway looked down at Aero Blade, and spared a smile for the technician.

"You did well," he said. "It looks like we can slide in the new laser core without any trouble at all, now."

In actual fact, Getaway had no idea what it looked like; Transformer internal structures weren't something he was very familiar with. But he said it anyway, in an attempt to abate some of his obviously-stressed teammate's strain.

Pulling the core out of subspace, he held it gingerly in one hand. "Do you want to do the honours, or should I?"

2006-05-23, 06:39 AM
Kyle,, South Dakota

Excavator watched helpless as Sledge burned to death wreathed in flames.

He shook himself snapping back to reality and away from the horrible image his imagination had produced.

He aimed his rifle at Guzzle and fired .

"Duck Sledge Duck."


Sledge activated his flight boosters and shot into the air avoiding the full force of Guzzle's shot. His right foot was severely charred however.

2006-05-23, 03:53 PM
Guzzle took the blast from Excavator in the chest, and fel clumsily to the ground. He cursed himself, knowing that hehad gotten over eager and shouldn't have let himself get surprised like that!
Guzzle tried to transform, but his Cog functions were overheated from the constant shifting he had gone through: he fired a wide spray of flame at Excavators vague postion whilst he staggered up.

2006-05-24, 05:28 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -leans back, the elbow missing his face, grunting as the blast his his ankle armor, Krunix's knee glancing off his abdomen- "Hnn." -brings inear blaster cannon up, fires it at Krunix's face-

2006-05-24, 05:56 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix pushed off of Roadbuster's torso, spinning out of the Autobot's line of fire. He felt several blasts singe his cheek, irritating the wounds caused by the shrapnel blast.

"What? All out of snappy comebacks?"

Using the momentum of his spin to his advantage, he dropped low, then attempted to sweep his opponent's legs out from under him with a knee-level arcing kick.

2006-05-24, 08:47 AM
Kyle, South Dekota

Cindersaur cleared his throat and put on his best acting voice.

"HA HA, you have no choice renegade."

The Firecon grabed Ragnorok and flung him over his shoulder and started for Wingspan.

2006-05-24, 12:33 PM
----------Kyle,South Dakota----------
"Why don't You cons just quit!It just a POD!An empty shiny POD!"
Warpath moving toward the pod while firing at Cindersaur.Suddenly Sledge previous shot started effect him.Feeling pain when try to move so he stop moving."*sigh*...A punishment for making a bad pun"

2006-05-24, 03:03 PM
*Wrek-Gar sighed as he answered Crosscut*


~*~Kyle: Cornfield~*~

*Ragnarok bounced a bit on Cindersaur's shoulder*
"Gah. Watch the injury would ya. *yelling* I'll tell you nothing!"

Aero Blade
2006-05-24, 03:09 PM
Aero Blade nodded to Getaway as he spoke, as to confirm what he was saying. When meantion of changing the laser core came up, though, Aero seemed to become a bit distant. Partly, it was that doing such would make Aero feel like he'd completely crossed the line into something he'd rather not do, but mostly it was because he'd just been hit by another dizzy spell.

Aero backed up into the nearest wall and leaned on it to give himself a bit of stability, managing to simply look exhausted and uneased. "It would probably be better if you did it, until I've had a moment to recover.."

2006-05-25, 02:27 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -leaps straight up- "Why bother? I figured most of them were going over your head." -feet hit the decking with a heavy clunk, opens fire at Krunix with linear blaster cannon, rapid fire assualt rifle, and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Krunix-


Hardhead: -watching Whirl cut into the deck- "I hope this works...."

Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -scowling at the smoking crater where the frag grenade went off-

Metrodash reloaded the bazooka, and dragged himself into a sitting position.

2006-05-25, 06:38 AM
Metrotitan engine bay

Overdrive tried again

"Roadbuster , Jazz , Getaway are you recieving me . We are ready to blow our objective and will do so on the count of 10,9 , 8...."

2006-05-25, 06:46 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Seeing Roadbuster jump, Krunix pulled his leg back towards his body and threw himself forward. His hands hit the decking a short distance away, to the left of and slightly behind the Autobot. The change of position proved to be useful, as a rain of fire started to blast into the ground he had occupied only moments ago.

"I understand more than you ever will," he said coldly to the Wrecker. "For one thing, I understand how to fight at close range."

As the rest of the Decepticon joined his hands at his new location, he rolled forwards, coming to a standing position half a body-length away from his foe. Hoping to catch the Autobot off-guard, he mule-kicked at the small of Roadbuster's back.

"You, however, obviously do not."

Corridors, Metrotitan

Whirl finished cutting out the section of decking, and slammed one of his skids down on it. The triangular sheet of metal clattered down to the floor of the next deck.

"Looks like it just did."

Without bothering to look down first, the blue Wrecker dove skis-first into the hole.

AES, Metrotitan

Getaway took note of how Aero Blade retreated to the wall like it was his only friend in the world.

When we get back, he told himself, that boy's seeing a medic. Something's not right with him.

"Sure thing," was all the Powermaster said aloud, though. Dropping to his knees beside Metroshot, he carefully set about sliding the laser core into place (relying on instructions from Rev to avoid damaging anything important along the way).

Over the comlink, he replied to Overdrive. "I read you." Stopping his work, he looked over his shoulder at Aero and Jazz. Brace yourselves, you two. This might shake a little."

2006-05-25, 12:45 PM
Kyle, South Dekota

One of Warpath's shots caught Cindersaur in the back, although it hurt like slag he gritted his teeth, grumbled and continued on his way towards Wingspan.

Once the Firecon reached the Clone he dumped Ragnorok on to the ground in front of him with a thud not caring about his injuries despite his complaining.

Cindersaur looked at Wingspan "Can we go home now".

Aero Blade
2006-05-25, 06:28 PM
Aero Blade nodded to Getaway, keeping against the wall but being sure to situate himself better for whatever was about to happen. He was greatful for the slight reprieve, as it'd give him a chance to get over his dizzy spell.

While they were there, Aero absently look around for a moment. It'd been awhile since he'd seen Stratus, but he knew the minicon was likely hanging around somewhere nearby, just out of sight of his partner. He always did this when he was waiting for someone to take Aero to a medic, so he could keep himself out of the matter. Aero sighed, shaking his head to himself a bit. He knew Stratus would pop up the moment he needed him, but he really wished he'd quit dissapearing on him.

2006-05-25, 06:47 PM
Metrotitan engine bay #

Overdrive turned to Scoop and Sandstorm

"think we best make tracks and detonate these remotely."

He ran towards the door. Still counting


Kyle South Dakota

Excavator winced as the flame singed his paint work


Sledge most of his paintwork burnt off and his armour pocked and cratered staggered over towards Wingspan Grit in his arms


Wingspan decided that nothing further could be achieved by there continuing prescence

"D-decepticons we have the r-r-r-r-efugee , retreat."

2006-05-25, 07:11 PM
Guzzle finished getting up: he was clutching his side where Excavators shot had found it's mark: oil pumped out of cracked armour in pulses, turning his white paintwork black. He kept his Gun focused on Excavators postition, but paused to call out:
"Everyone, they're retreating with... that guy! Get 'em!!"

Sizzle radioed Wreckgar.
"I sympathise Bud, I really do."
And he continued to follow...

2006-05-25, 10:30 PM
Quebec City

" Well friends, patience is the most important weapon in the politician's arsenal " said Crosscut, feeling Sizzle and Wreck-Gar mood. " We must wait. "

" Besides we're on a diplomatic mission " thought Crosscut, "not in a full scale offensive."

2006-05-25, 10:32 PM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -stumbles forward, pivoting on one foot- "You're really not impressing me yet. If you're the best this sorry tub has to offer, we'll be doing you 'Cons a favor by eradicating all the worthless 'Cons on this heap and reducing it to radioactive slag." -rapid fire assualt rifle, linear blaster cannon, and shrapnel cannon spitting death at Krunix-

2006-05-26, 12:14 AM

Groundshaker, who had been following the others in silence, chose that moment to speak.

"Wait for what?"

2006-05-26, 05:50 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix came back down on both feet a fraction of a second before Roadbuster opened fire, and triggered his transformation sequence. The Autobot's onslaught raked across his formost sections as he transformed, then cut through the air above him. However, due to the rapid movements involved in the transformation, the end result was a lot superficial damage to a lot of his body, rather than critical damage to one part of it.

"Maybe. But you and your men will die right along with us."

Even before his support struts hit the ground, the muzzle of the Decepticon's cannon erupted, sending a deadly burst of charged particles towards the Autobot's center of mass.

2006-05-26, 09:04 AM
Kyle, South Dekota

"Oh, give it a rest armour-brain"

Cindersaur said after hearing Guzzle's call to the other Autobots.

"And give me back my gun too"

The firecon charged at the Sparklabot with intention of getting his rifle and Excavator back.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-26, 07:17 PM

Brawn was unaware of both the Nebulon and Stepper's displeasure with the grenade as he could see niether. Instead he was slowly moving in the same direction Metrodash moved in.

2006-05-26, 10:15 PM
Kyle South Dakota

The Micromasters and Wingspan took to the sky battered and scorched.

2006-05-27, 01:52 AM
Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Metrodash knew that his odds of getting out of this in one piece were dwindling rapidly. His odds of getting out of this alive were even less. However, if he could stop these two, they could at least download his personality out of Metrotitan's central computer and into a new body. Which, he mused to himself, was a pity. He rather liked this body...... There was one sure way out of this. He had an idea, but he wanted to clear it with whoever would have to clean up the mess afterward. Activating his internal commlink, he managed to keep his voice steady. "Metrobomb, this is Metrodash. There's a couple of Autobots down here...... and I can't take them out. Requesting permission to blow up the armory."

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -dives through the hole after Whirl-

Roadbuster: "Aw, nuts...." -dives to his left, the blast slamming into the ammo storage pod on the left side of his backpack, blowing it apart, the ammo cooking off, the explosion knocking him through the air, crashing into a pile of broken Metrodrones, assualt rifle skittering across the decking in the opposite direction, electrical flashes crackling from the shattered pod, the massive Autobot twitching as his systems seem to twitch from electrical overload-

2006-05-27, 06:12 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix shifted back to robot mode as his blast hit Roadbuster, walking towards the fallen Autobot warily. Although the enemy seemed to be unconscious, he had his concussion rifle aimed squarely at his centre of mass anyway.

"Get up," he barked to the Wrecker. "I'm not done killing you yet."

2006-05-27, 02:14 PM
Kyle, South Dakota, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...
Guzzle quickly subspaced Cindersaurs Flamethrower:
"Losers weepers" He cried as Held his ground ready for cindersaurs charge, all the more aware that he bitten off way more than he could chew with Excavator still focused on him as well.
(OOC when did Cindersaur put Ragnorok down?)

Brave Maximus
2006-05-27, 08:39 PM
Bumblebee was a little shocked to see Trailbreaker come almost flying out of the pod at him. Adding his own Shell-enhanced strength to the mix, he pulled the huge Autobot warrior out of the shuttle and they both tumbled to the ground.

"What's can we do to stop it Breaker?" The Pretender asked, starting to stand up, getting ready to head back to the shuttle.

2006-05-27, 10:26 PM
(OOC Cindersaur put Ragnorok down in my previous post though Rollerdash has't replied yet.)

Kyle, South Dekota


Cindersaur abruptly stoped his charge at the sight of the other Decepticons retreating, he then turned back to Guzzle.

"This isn't over buddy, Next time we meet i'm getting my gun back!."

The Firecon then ran off, grabed Ragnorok again and took off after the other Decepticons.

2006-05-27, 10:37 PM
Kyle South Dakota (it ain't got what we got no Siree)

Wingspan looked back

"That's right bring the prisoner , he should be able to tell about the current situation on Cybertron."

2006-05-28, 12:33 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -left hand on a dead Metrodrone, groaning- "Urrrrr..........." -swings Metrodrone at Krunix's concussion blaster, attempting to knock it aside, then rolling to his feet- "I'm just getting warmed up."

Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb scowled. Metrotank was offline, Krunix was locked in mortal combat with one of the intruders, and now Metrodash wanted to blow the armory up. Angrily slapping the intercom button, he yelled, "Blow up the armory? Are you INSANE?!?!?!?" Then he heard the weary, pained sigh on the other end of the signal.

"Metrobomb, This body's dead anyway. I've got no chance of taking them both out. This is the only hope I have of getting them both."

Metrobomb's optics darkened, internal shutters closing in sadness. "But... you can't! Don't leave me alone with Krunix! He's got all the personality of a dead fish!"

"I'm a drone, remember? My mind's in the city's databanks. Just download me into a new body."

Metrobomb's optics brightened. "All right. Just let me get things locked down up here."

Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Metrodash: -hearing Brawn's approaching footsteps- "Sorry, Metrobomb, don't have enough time for that!" -swings hyper-bazooka around, aiming at the explosive cache on the other side of the room- "This is gonna hurt....." -pulls trigger-

(OOC: Run for your lives, all you in ammo storage)

2006-05-28, 02:15 AM
*Ragnorok was near over the eadge from the pain of being tossed around.*

"GAH! I can still walk you know, *optics turn yellow for a moment then back again* Just get my leg fixed!"

2006-05-28, 05:12 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix didn't have time to react to the Metrodrone carcass swinging towards him when he felt an explosion rattle the city several decks down. The decking pitched steeply under his feet, throwing the large Decepticon backwards into yet another pile of Metrodrone parts. A discocerting creak filled the atrium for several seconds, as the strain of the explosion was absorbed by the room's damaged structural supports.

Pushing himself out of the heap of debris, he activated his comlink and shouted, "What the hell is going on, Metrobomb?"

As he was shouting at the city-commanding dwarf, he grabbed a Metrodrone torso from the pile and tossed it at Roadbuster.

(OOC: When's Overdrive gonna set off his charges?)

2006-05-28, 09:02 AM
Metrotitan engine Bay


Overdrive jabbed the control and threw himself flat

Scoop had transformed and was facing back down the corridor his scoop facing the blast zone.

2006-05-28, 01:35 PM
South Dekota Airspace

Cindersaur looked over his shoulder at Ragnorok.

"Ah quit your whining i'm no medic and it would be easier to wait till we get back to base for repairs."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-28, 04:34 PM

Brawn only had a split second to react. Apparently the intelligent drone had the same idea as him, only the drone's plan was a slight bit more suicidal as he was pinned in a corner.

Brawn turned and transformed driving as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

"I'm not a fan of running, Stepper, but we gotta go!"

2006-05-28, 04:52 PM
Kyle, South Dakota

Calmly turning to face Stonecruncher, Devcon swung his gun around and fired a full-power blast at the Decepticon.

* * * * * *


Transforming to dune-buggy mode, Sandstorm sped out of the engine room and down the corridor, out of blast range.

2006-05-28, 04:57 PM

The explosion rocked the corridor the blast throwing Scoop up against a bulkhead , his scoop saving him and Overdrivefrom serious damage

Overdrive stood up

"everyone ok ?"


Stonecrusher sailed through the air his paint scorched a crater in his chest as the explosion blew him backwards.

2006-05-29, 01:17 AM
Trailbreaker groaned as he hit the ground- then grabbed at Bumblebee to yank the Pretender back down. The black Autobot's exterior was charrred, but he knew a much greater blast was coming. The flamed flickered in the opening of the shuttle bay for a moment, and he threw up the last of a force field just as the entirety of the pod's shell blew outward in a massive eruption, sending a powerful shockwave racing across the field and a black, rolling smoke and fireball skyward.

2006-05-29, 01:40 AM
Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -transforms, tires squealing, Nebulon bouncing around inside his passenger compartment as he roars out of the ammo storage room-


Stepper: -picked up and tossed like a leaf in a hurricane, slamming into the opposite corridor wall, leaving the impression of his right side in the corridor wall, crashing to the decking, smouldering-

Exterior, Metrotitan:

Omega Supreme: -scorched and pitted from hits and near misses, still dodging the incoming fire, stops as two massive explosions, almost in unison, rock the citycon-

Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb: -hanging onto the control console as the ammo bay explosion shockwaves rumble through the base's structure, activates commlink- "If it worked, Metrodash just killed a couple of Auto-" -base rocks again, lights flicker and go out, emergency lighting comes up- "What the...." -looking at the diagnostic/damage control display- "Slag! Krunix! They just blew engineering!"

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -smoke rising from the destroyed ammo pod behind his left shoulder, stays on his feet as the deck shifts beneath him, chuckling as he pulls his grenade launcher as the torso flies at him, aims and fires, the grenade blowing the Metrodrone torso apart- "Looks like the rest of your guys are having problems." -aiming as the deck shifts again, shrapnel cannon, grenade launcher and linear blaster cannon blasting into the ceiling over Krunix as Roadbuster staggers-

Somewhere Underground:

Siren: -idling- "Does anybody have any idea where we are?"

Quig: "Underground."

Siren: -growls-

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "I'm honestly not sure. But I have been noticing water pooling in a few spots."

Quig: "Can you run your transector by remote control? Maybe get it to hover over our position and read the sensors."

Brainstorm: -opens panel on his forearm- "I can try." -punches a few buttons-

Empty field slightly south of Toronto:

The ground rumbled slightly, then heaved, torn asunder by metalic blue hands. Like a giant, blue headless zombie, Brainstorm's transector climbed out of the hole, transformed to fighter mode, and soared into the sky-


Secretary and Prime Minister: -watching replay footage of Brainstrom's transector on a newsbreak on the limo's TV-

Secretary: -dials Crosscut's commlink- "The Prime Minister has a sudden opening in his schedule. Would you be able to meet with him now?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-05-29, 04:20 AM
Ammo Storage

Brawn was a lot more fortunate than Stepper His mass allowed him to actually go through the wall which made things a slight bit easier on the frame, no sudden stop or crushing impact.

He still struggled to transform back to robot mode trying figure out if he was still functioning. Atleast it wouldn't be some lucky shot to the shoulder he thought to himself.

2006-05-29, 05:10 AM
Smoke-filled, debris strewn hallway, near open air area that used to be the Ammo Storage:

Nebulon: -dazed, crawls out from beneath the driver's side of Stepper's dashboard, beeps a question-

Stepper: ..............

Nebulon: -beeps again-

Stepper: ...............

Nebulan: -starts beeping frantically, beating fists against Stepper's dash-

Stepper: ...........vrzk...... Ow. OW! Stop that!"

2006-05-29, 07:26 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan

Krunix was about to snap off a venomous retort to Metrobomb when the decking rocked for the second time in as many minutes. The structural supports creaked again, and bits of debris began to rain down from above. When Roadbuster's weaponsfire tore into the cieling, the large Decepticon bit back an ancient Cybertronian curse.

Chunks of debris started to rain down on both combatants, as ceiling tiles, ductwork, electrical wiring and structural supports fell from the sky. One of the latter slammed directly into Krunix's shoulder, pinning him as a deep pile of debris built up above him.

Metrobomb's panicked exclamation was answered only by dead air.

AES, Metrotitan

Getaway, having braced himself for the explosion, was undamaged when the city stopped shaking. As he set to work calmly trying to insert Metroshot's new laser core, he spared a glance back at Jazz and Aero Blade.

"You two alright?"

2006-05-29, 10:43 PM

" Yes, of course " replied Crosscut to the PM Secretary. " Where can we meet? "

Crosscut sent an encrypted transmission to Sizzle, Wreck-Gar and Camshaft.

" Guys, we'll meet today! " he said happy.


Near, Camshaft had been monitoring all the frequencies he could, and specially the local radio bulletin.

" I know Crosscut, but you must know something else " the Omnibot replyed, using his encrypted personal comm gear.

2006-05-30, 02:32 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -stumbles backwards as debris rains down, watching with a grim look of satisfaction as Krunix is buried in rubble- "Hmh." -holsters grenade launcher, walks over, picks up assualt rifle, scowls at the damaged reciever on it, subspaces it, pulling his laser rifle, looks down the hall, activates commlink- "Whirl! Hardhead! Status report!"

2006-05-30, 09:31 AM
(ooc: guessing Excavator's with the rest of the fleeing cowards...):)

Guzzle watched appaled as his enemys escaped whilst his systems finished the quick fixes: He turned to the Pod and saw Daniel and Trailbreaker sprawled in front of the Pod: he made his way there to help as fast as he could, whilst shouting out to the rest of the squad:
"Someone help... That guy they nabbed!"
As he stumbled to the ground he resisted the urge to shout out some one help me...

Sizzle nearly exploded with joy at the idea of a meeting with the official... After all this driving, doing nothing, maybe something could go wrong at the meeting and he could do something.

Cosmos felt changed after his interchange with Repugnus: he felt shaken, different, like a girl after a prom date.
As he flew, approaching the clouds, he noticed a strange configuration in the mountains below. he descended again to investigate.
(Whatever happened between Cosmos and Repugnus? He he he)

Aero Blade
2006-05-31, 02:08 AM
The shockwaves from the explosion had managed to knock Aero Blade over, but after a moment he sat up and shook his head slightly to get himself back together, and otherwise didn't seem to have suffered any injuries.

"I'm fine," Aero replied to Getaway, starting to get back on his feet after a moment.

2006-05-31, 06:23 AM
Airspace Kyle , South Dakota

"W-we must r-rescue S-s-stonecrusher, one last effort, t-t-take them by suprise and w-we can do it.

The battered force turned and Wingspan followed by the Micromasters swept down all guns blazing at the Autobots intent on rescuing there comrade.

2006-05-31, 07:19 AM
Underlevel, Metrotitan

Whirl's skids slammed down to the floor with an uncomfortable clunk.

The Wrecker glanced around the room that he found himself in, confused. There were odd devices on the ceiling, the walls looked strangely false, and the floor...

The floor was a giant heating grille.

"Oh, great." Activating his comlink, he told Roadbuster, "Status bad, boss mech. Like the supergeniuses we are, me'n Hardhead just jumped ourselves into a giant incinerator."

The grille underneath his skis started to feel warm.

"And someone just turned it on. Perfect."

AES, Metrotitan

Getaway looked at Aero Blade skeptically for a few seconds before getting up and returning to his work.

"Good to hear," he told his fellow Autobot.

The tough Powermaster frowned at the new laser core, then set to work trying to slide it into place properly.

2006-05-31, 02:32 PM

"I'm good" Sandstorm replied, spinning around to head back over to the others, chuckling as he added "Let's do that again, eh?"

2006-06-01, 02:53 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: "Can't take you guys anywhere......" -sighs, into commlink- "Whirl, I can see the hole you cut from here. Just fly back up and out."

Underlevel, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -clunking down next to Whirl, looking around- "What are you worried about? It's not like we're trapped." -shoulder cannon roars, flinging H.E.A.A. (high explosive anti-armor)rounds at the far wall, bringing shatterblasters up, adding their fire into the fusilade at the wall-

Smoke-Filled Corridor:

Stepper: -groans, diagnostic display on his dash lighting up-

Nebulon: -starts tapping keys-

Stepper: "Well, at least I landed upright."

Nebulon: -whistles and beeps-

Stepper: "I know my autorepair system is offline. Can you get it back online?"

Nebulon: -bleeps, squeals-

Stepper: "I'm stuck in this mode until you do get it fixed!"

2006-06-01, 06:00 AM
Underlevel, Metrotitan

Whirl caught sight of Hardhead opening fire, and shouted at the Headmaster.

"Hold fire you i..."

The blue Autobot ducked as his comrade's projectiles deflected off of the wall forcefields and started bouncing around the room.

"...diot!" he finished.

Replying to Roadbuster, he said, "The ceiling is forcefielded too, I'm sure. And I don't feel like getting smacked down into the floor anymore, thanks anyway." Bitterness was noticable in his tone, underneath the joviality. "We're not 'zactly in trouble, but it'll be a while getting outta here. We'll meet you at the exfil point, boss. Bring me home a piece of the city commander, will ya?"

2006-06-01, 06:30 AM
Metrotitan Corridor

"lets go find the others and see if they need our he....."

Overdrive swung his weapon round and aimed and fired at Sandstorm.

The Metrodrone that had been sneaking up on the autobot fell to the ground off line , the large cannon it had been holding clanging onto the deck plates beside him.

"Looks like the explosion atracted the locals."

2006-06-01, 11:08 PM
AES Metrotitan

Seaspray rushed to facility, geared for battle after hearing the explosion. The Autobot rolled to the left, halted and pointed his lasers at his fellow Auotbots Aeroblade and Getaway Though he was happy to see his allies albeit a tad embarrassed, he could not help but feel a little disappointment, having readied himself for battle. The seafaring Autobot lowered his weapons and stood up.

“Eh…ahoy there…”

2006-06-02, 02:15 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -chuckes- "How about I thread his bearings on a cord. You can wear it like a necklace." -optic band narrows- "And I better see you two at the extraction point. Don't make me come back for you." -turns, resumes making his way towards the bridge-

Underlevels, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -after the shatterblaster shots have finished expending themselves- "Any ideas?"

Smoke-filled, debris strewn corridor:

Nebulon: -crawls out of Stepper's passenger compartment, pops his hood, starts poking and prodding-

Stepper: "There. A little more..... Yes!" -hood slams down(barely missing removing Nebulon's hands), transforms to robot mode- "Much be-" -scowls as something in his chest fizzles and pops, smoke and sparks blowing out of a panel in his abdomen- "So much for my transform circuits....." -drops to one knee-

Nebulon: -jumps, lands on his shoulder, transforming into Blaze Cannon mode and locking into his shoulder mount-

Stepper: -still kneeling, bends down a little more, looking through the Brawn-shaped hole in the wall- "You okay in there?"


Prime Minister: -takes phone from secretary- "How long will it take you to get here, Crosscut?"

Brave Maximus
2006-06-02, 04:44 AM
Bumblebee wished the Ringing would stop in both his audio receptors and ears. Seems there was a downside to being a pretender.....

It took him more than a few moments to realize what the heck was going on. When the smell of spent explosives hit his nose though, it all snapped back into place:

"Autobots - Status report! Who's still online!!!" He shouted into his comm.

When he tried to stand up though - he found he was covered by Trailbreaker. With a thought, he shifted size to normal human and crawled out from under his arm.

The Pretender Autobot walked up to Trailbreaker's face:

"Breaker? You still online?!?"

(OOC: Appologies, I missed Scouts earlier post)

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-02, 06:32 AM
Brawn slowly moved towards the hole and nodded.

"Yeah, but I don't see this section of the city staying up much longer. Especially since an explosive charge I set when we first came in is about to go off." Brawn rolled through the hole and looked up at Stepper

"I think it's time to meet up with the others and make for Omega Supreme. I don't see you fighting any more battles today."

2006-06-02, 07:03 AM
Underlevels, Metrotitan

Whirl looked around the room, then shrugged. "I could try to cut our way out through the floor, but things didn't go too well last time I did that."

The Wrecker shuffled his feet uncomfortably, his skids absorbing a lot of heat from the floor grille. "Well, we know the heating grille ain't protected by a forcefield, anyway. Ten to one says your shatterblasters would make short work of it."

AES, Metrotitan

Getaway snapped his shotgun up, but refrained from gunning down Seaspray when he recognised the seafaring Autobot.

"Ahoy yourself," he said in a friendly manner. "Didn't expect to see any other Autobots around these parts..."

The replacement laser core gave out a satisfying click as it slid into place.

"That's that, Aero Blade." He turned to look at the other Autobot. "You ready? Things could get messy if we didn't get the connections right."

Aero Blade
2006-06-02, 01:03 PM
"Ready as I'll ever be," Aero Blade replied to Getaway. He sounded as though he was begining to settle down a bit finally, but his attention was now drawn to the unfamiliar Seaspray. For the moment he didn't say anything to him, just seemed to be mutely studying the new arrival.

2006-06-02, 01:34 PM
AES, Metrotitan

Seaspray looked at the bemused Aeroblade

"I guess that crusty old Seadog Roadbuster didn't tell his crew that I'd be boarding this "party". He gave the all clear to Countdown for me to join the action down here. When I heard the explosion I thought Id be facing some colossal waves but by the looks of this techno babble the only thing I'll be facing down here is some mildly loud WAVs", chuckled the ever positive Autobot.

Seaspray paused for a moment, realising that he was perhaps appearing foolish, which reminded him of his previous misadventures.

"I don't we have time for me to explain how I ended up in Antarctica but rest assured anything that the "imaginative" Astra says isn't true. Why that mischievous maiden will probably say that I have been frozen in a iceberg or something...I mean imagine that"

Realising he was letting his mouth run away with itself again, the seafaring Autobot adjusted his posture and switched to a more assertive demeanour

"So what’s the situation down here?"

2006-06-02, 05:59 PM

" Oh, monsieur Prime Minister, nice to meet you " replyed Crosscut.

At the same time Camshaft send an encrypted message to Crosscut.

" Err... I'm actually in your country, to be specific... in Quebec city. My apologizes for not using the usual diplomatic channels, but there are important mutual matters to discuss and we couldn't endanger the mission: the decepticons are always hearing. "

" A headless Brainstorm? " thought the ambassador.

" I can join you right now if you wish " said Crosscut.

2006-06-03, 07:05 AM
AES, Metrotitan

"Nothing as exciting as being frozen in an iceberg," Getaway told Seaspray in a light tone. "The whole city seems to be blowing up around us, but other than that everything's quiet. And if we did everything right..."

The Powermaster reached into Metroshot's chest and twisted a pair of wires together, "...we just got ourselves a new spy."

The Decepticon drone didn't respond for a few seconds, then his optics started to flash. The flashing quickly became asynchronous, which worried the Powermaster.

"Virus detected," a flat, mechanical voice said from within the drone's chest. As it spoke, Metroshot's seperated limbs clattered across the floor as if drawn by a magnetic pull, and re-connected to his shoulders and hips. "Initiating countermeasures."

"Get to cover!" Getaway told everyone, as he ducked into a doorframe and pumped the handle of his shotgun. "I don't think the transplant is taking. But hold fire until I say otherwise!"

2006-06-03, 09:18 AM
Cosmos conitnued his descent and to the strange mountains below. He transformed as he landed, activating all scopes and vision settings as he did so.
In front of him was, what you could be forgiven for thinking, was a partially filled in cave opening. From what little he knew however, the cave reminded him of the arks entrance into Mnt St Hilary. It looked like something had crashed here a long time ago.
Cosmms clambered up the rocks partially blocking the entrance and made his way inside. The darkness made no difference to his sight, but it did make him uncomfortable: he thought briefly about caling this in to HQ and getting a proper tem to excavate the sight. however, a desperate need to do something himself took over, and he resolved that if he did get stuck in the cave... well, he just would make sure he didn't get stuck.
He'd make sure.

2006-06-03, 06:54 PM
Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb, working furiously at the engineering substation, managed to bring the backup energizers online, then looked over at the security monitors, showing the twisted wreckage in the atrium, and the retreating for of Roadbuster just vanishing from cameraview. "Krunix, you slagging idiot......" Turning to another panel, he started punching in commands.

Underlevels, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -shrugs, fires both shatterblasters into the heating array that he's standing on-

Aero Blade
2006-06-04, 02:55 AM
Aero Blade had been completely absorbed in 'monitoring' Seaspray, and consequently didn't seem aware of matters until Getaway bolted off. Once Aero realized the bot he'd been working on was moving, he too also made for cover, ducking behind a large piece of equipment for the moment.

"What's going on?" He called to the others.

2006-06-04, 04:02 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway kept his optics on Metroshot as he answered Aero Blade.

"I'm not the tech," he said with a shrug. "But off the top of my head, I'd say we messed up somehow."

As he said that, Metroshot started to convulse, and his vocorder emitted an atonal, high-pitched clicking.

Underlevels, Metrotitan

Whirl nodded in satisfaction as Hardhead's shot tore apart the heating grille beneath his feet.

"Perfect," he said "Now...you don't happen to have IR scanners in your transector, do you? If we can find where the grille is hottest, you should be able to cut it off from the power grid with one shot. And then we'll have some time to think."

2006-06-04, 08:02 AM
Metrotitan Corridors

Scoop trundled along the corridor in vehicle mode.

"Lets wreck and rule lads."

He targeted wall panels and consoles as they rumbled past blowing them away with his twin targetmasters

Overdrive transformed also . He hovered in air car mode just below the ceiling.

"We still got some explosive left , any suggestions Sandstorm?"

2006-06-04, 08:17 AM
AES, Metrotitan
Seaspray a tad confused to what was going on stood there, frozen, clanking his lasers against his torso. It would seem that the days events had taken its toll on Seaspray far more than he comprehended.

“Hey I was right about the WAVs wasn’t I…still…” said the weary Seaspary, trying desperately to sound upbeat. He looked around. After staring at Getaway it would seem that his name alone and what it entails jogged the sailor’s basic instincts, bringing him out of his trance like state.

“Ahem, I don’t know much about this stuff but but judging from that sound alone I think it best we abandon ship!” shouted Seaspray as the Minibot ran cover in his patented awkward fashion.

Seaspray ducked behind the same piece of equipment as Aeroblade, crashing into the technician.

Aero Blade
2006-06-04, 10:08 PM
Aero Blade wasn't too pleased about being run into by the smaller but older bot, but he didn't seem seem to react too much to Seaspray, his mind more focused on quickly recalling all of the work he'd done not too long ago.

He'd been nervous with the work, but he was sure he hadn't messed up any connections, having ben very slow (for him) and careful with his work. "It has to be the lasercore that's causing him to act up," Aero called to Getaway.

2006-06-05, 03:17 AM
Trailbreaker's mouth line formed a hint of a smile, but the rest of him lay still, the mechanical liquids slowly oozing - having already mostly leaked out from his body.

Power... 9.7% and falling.

His optics began to darken, but he responded to Daniel over his radio.

"I am-- but even if Doc spends the time fixin' me again, Red'll kill me for... falling for such an obvious trick. *pause* Sorry pal. I really... blew it this time... literally. *long pause* Take the data tracks back. They're... in my cabin."

2006-06-05, 06:37 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway nodded as Aero Blade spoke, but didn't take his optics off of Metroshot.

"We knew it was risky when it was suggested," he said with a bit of sadness in his voice. "It was always going to be a gamble, even if we had Ratchet along to pop the new core in."

With a glance at Seaspray, he added, "Don't worry, little guy. If he starts doing anything dangerous, I'll kill him."

Moments later, the drone fell silent and clattered down to the deck. There he lay, the only visable sign of life the now-steady glow of his optics.

2006-06-05, 09:25 AM
Guzzle Transformed painfully and made his way as fast he could to the pod.

Rockies, Mountain cave

Cosmos continued his sojourn into the mountain: most of the rock around him looked stable to his untrained eye, so he was less worried then he had been on entering. Up ahead, he could see something metal. he approached with caution, and wasn't completely surprised to find it was a shuttle. He was a little more surprised to find it an old autobot shuttle, about 2'000 years old.
He searched the exterior for an entrance, but the heat of breaking atmosphere and the damage from the crash meant their was no easy way in. Giddywith excitment, Cosmos was torn between calling this in to the Autobases and going inside.
What if it's nothing? he thought, depression taking control again. I should get in there, make sure I don't waste everyones time again.
Cosmos began firing his wrist lasers at the rear entry door: he hoped controlled bursts would open it with little problems.

Canada, Quebec
Sizzle continued to follow the diplomatic mission, day dreams of high speed chases and epic battles filling his head.

2006-06-06, 02:55 PM

"Blow stuff up" Sandstorm replied with a mental grin, just looking for stuff to blow up "I got no suggestions, what do you think we should do with the left-over explosives"

* * * * * *

Kyle, South Dakota

Ignoring Stonecrusher, Devcon moved forward to Bumblebee and Trailbreaker, looking down at the black Autobot "I'm online, with minor injuries. Need any help getting the big guy back to base"

2006-06-06, 04:41 PM
Metrotitan , Corridors

Overdrive's optics flashed

"Targets of opportunities , lets join the others and blow up anything that looks worth it on the way."

Kyle South Dakota

The Micromasters swooped down and rescued their comrade before rejoining the retreat.

2006-06-06, 07:27 PM
Cosmos had finally battered his way into the shuttle with his lasers: the door fell back into the dark with a clang. Cosmos stepped in and looked around: it appeared the shuttle was a short distance vessel kitbashed to meet new requirements. The rear actually contained the bridge, whilst the prow was pure armour, with engines either side. Cosmos was in the bridge section. A few taps at a console showed this shuttle had no power at all, and cosmos resolved to search it the old fasioned way. He entered the hallways and made his way deeper into the vessel.

Aero Blade
2006-06-07, 01:27 AM
It looked like things were possibly begining to calm down, but Aero Blade didn't yet leave his hiding place, keeping a sharp eye out to see if anything else occured.

2006-06-07, 06:11 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway kept a sharp optic on Metroshot, his shotgun at the ready.

For his part, the drone let out a low moan. His left hand balled into a fist a few times, then reached up to rub his forehead.

"Uhhh...dammit, Wreckers...you messed something up..."

The Powermaster raised an optic ridge at that.

"You don't say?"

"Oh, can the slag," the drone leaned up and snapped with wearied anger. Then, as if the action had sapped his last reserves of energy, he slumped back to the floor. "I know...I know exactly what you were doing. You messed up...something."

"How?" the veteran warrior demanded.

"You put me in here, but you didn't take him out!" Metroshot (or was it Scamper...or both?) would have been screaming if his voice could rise above a whisper in his current state.

Getaway wasn't quite sure what to say to that. He looked to Aero Blade, then Seaspray, a confused expression on his face.

2006-06-07, 10:07 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Seaspray would normally break the tension with a joke but this situation was far from normal. He just stared back at Getaway with a somewhat horrified expression.

Seaspray stepped slightly away from Aeroblade and hand gestured Getaway, signalling the Powermaster to come and join him.

"Ahem" muttered Seaspray, in an attempt to convey his message

2006-06-07, 01:00 PM
"Err... Online." Warpath replied Bumblebee and waking painfully to the pod.

2006-06-07, 07:31 PM
Guzzle finally arrived at the pod with the rest. he reported to Bumblebee, despite his discomfort at the shel:
"How's everyone doing?" he asked, still in tank form: the transformation had hurt tremendously, and he didn't want to have to go through it un neccesarily.

Aero Blade
2006-06-08, 02:29 AM
"You mean the other personality, don't you?"

Aero wasn't sure why, but he was coming out from behind the equipment he'd been ducked behind, no-longer seeming to be fearful of heir previous enemy, Seaspray and Getaway seemingly forgotten as he approached the drone.

"That's it, isn't it?"

2006-06-08, 05:36 AM
AES, Metrotitan

With one last regretful look at the drone, Getaway abandoned his cover and moved towards Seaspray.

"You have a thought?"

As he waited for an answer, the Powermaster's optics were everywhere, scanning for oncoming threats and watching Metroshot for any sign of hostile activity.

For his part, Metroshot's attention was focussed on Aero Blade. Finally managing to lever himself into a sitting position, he nodded.

"Personality, memories, hopes, dreams...everything! If we hadn't been...based on the same basic coding, I'd prob'ly be...stuck in the nuthouse drooling oil for the rest of my life."

The blue, black and white Decepticon drone's optic band darkened.

"Oh yeah, you guys really did a bang-up job, alright!"

Aero Blade
2006-06-08, 06:15 PM
Aero Blade looked personally hurt at Metroshot's words. It was difficult to tell why, but probably due to his involvement with the reworking of the drone's systems.

"Would you have wanted them removed?" Aero asked after a moment, his own expression not having changed much.

2006-06-08, 06:37 PM
AES Metrotitan

Seaspray gave a hardened look at Getaway
"I was never much of a techy myself. But if you guys don' t have an answer and he's got the mind of both a n Autobot and a Decepticon in that heap then I do..."

Seaspray looked at the Aeroblade letting out a small sigh
"Careful there lad, he's not all there, if you catch my drift"
The Minibot then turned back to Getaway, lowering the volume of his voice to a whisper almost akin to the fallen Metroshot

"Listen I don't want the lad to hear this but you've got to ask yourself, would you want to live a life like that. I don't even consider that a life. If you guys can't fix him then we're going to have to make some hard decisions...permanent decisions"

The apprehensive sailor monitored Metroshot.

"I think it best we wait for the mission to end and see what we can do back at base...I also think the lad is getting too close for his comfort and my own...If that...thing starts acting up, I'm not going to hesitate" said the minibot as he armed his lasers.

“Be it Metroshot, Scamper or both, I think we should try to temporarily deactivate the poor soul, till we can get him safely back to base”

2006-06-08, 08:22 PM
Outside remains of Ammo Storage, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -creaks to his feet, sparks still sputtering from his lower torso- "I'm fine. Let's hook up with another group. Do more damage that way." -pulls plasma pulse blasters, turns, starts running, call back over his shoulder to Brawn- "How long 'til that bomb you set goes off?"

Trap Deck, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -scanning the walls thoughtfully- "Nothing yet...."

Approaching Bridge Level, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon roaring again, hitting another Metrodrone center mass with a cluster of exploding bomblets, the Metrodrone staggering, looking down in shocked confusion at it's torso(looking like somebody just unloaded a shotgun shell's worth of buckshot into it), gurgling as it drops to the decking, gurgling turning into it's last squeak as the Wrecker leader's foot crushes it's head-

Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb stared in shock at the screen. Admittedly, being a micromaster meant that just about everybody he'd ever met, worked with, been chased by, or been ordered around by was by definition bigger than he was, but the Autobot that was approaching the bridge level was big. It was also battered and dinged, and he knew the pod behind it's left shoulder was gone, but this..... this level of.... of brutality...... "If only he was under my command. I could take over the Decepticons......" Then he took a step back as the Autobot looked up at one of the hallway cameras, the emerald green optic band blazing with enough fury to almost wash out the rest of the picture.

Roadbuster: -over the speaker panel- "I'm coming for you, Decepticon. And your death..... well, I know I'm going to enjoy sending footage of your tortured screams to that wimp, Gigatron." -raises linear blaster cannon, pulls trigger-

Metrobomb winced as the screen flared and went blank, then went back to typing frantically at the panel he'd been working at. "Hate to do this, Metrodash, but I need a brain in this thing......"


Optics flickered to life in a darkened bay, glowing bright red as they blinked a couple of times. Metrodash groaned. "Wow.... that wasn't any fun...." His body felt heavy. But, since he'd blown his last one up, he figured this was just a side effect. He lurched to his feet, vertigo causing him to sway..... "Dizzy.... why's the deck so... far..... What the...."

Metrobomb's voice crackled to life over the intercom. "Sorry, Metrodash, but Krunix is probably dead, I'm kind of detecting Metroshot, and the Metrodrones aren't slowing this one Autobot down any. I had to put you in.... it."

Metrodash's optics widened. "But this thing's experimental!"

Metrobomb sounded sympathetic. "It also needs a brain."

Metrodash's optics narrowed angrily. "If I survive this, Metrobomb, I'm gonna kill you."

"If we survive this, you're more than welcome to."

2006-06-09, 04:44 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway glanced once more at Metroshot before answering Seaspray.

"Not an option," he said just as quietly. "He's tied into Metrotitan's citybanks, just like Sixgun is tied to Metroplex. Even assuming he managed not to die outright after we dragged him half way around the world, he'd never be anything more than a vegatible."

The Powermaster shook his head.

"No. If we're going to do something, we're going to have to do it here and now." His optics darkened. "I'm the one who dragged you guys into this...it's my responsability."

The escape artist's grip tightened around the handle of his shotgun. He pumped the handle once and strode purposefully towards Metroshot.

Metroshot glowered at Aero Blade.

"I..." He seemed to be at a momentary loss for words. "No...and yes!"

The drone clambered to his feet and stared directly into the Autobot's optics.

"How would you feel if someone did something like this to your head without permission? You wouldn't like it very much, would you?"

Underlevel, Metrotitan

"Some speed would be appreciated," Whirl shouted at Hardhead, as the floor started to get downright uncomfortable.

You idiot, he scolded himself, why are you standing in the first place? You turn into a blazin' helicopter!

Transforming, the blue Wrecker hovered in the air about two feet above the heat grille.

Aero Blade
2006-06-09, 04:58 AM
Aero Blade didn't once break optics with Metroshot, nor did his expression change. His voice tone was low, so that no-one else would hear, but the words would be very clear to Metroshot.

"Be glad that it is only your mind, not your body and spark as well. You may have mixed memories, but consider them a gift. Mine were completely taken from me. I have no idea who I once was, or who I might have become. Take joy in the fact that you can still see your way, and are not blind like I..."

2006-06-09, 06:16 AM
Metrotitan Corridors

Scoop blasted a security door into oblivion as they proceeded along the corridor.

Overdrive opened a com "Jazz, Getaway, Roadbuster mission accomplished moving to join up with another group what are your locations ."

Overdrive transmitted his own position over the air.

2006-06-09, 09:32 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Seaspary let out a desperate sigh

"Like I said Getaway, I'm not a tech and like I said if you guys can't fix him, then some hard decisions need to be made..."

Seaspray looked at Aeroblade and Metroshot. The Minibot felt quite uncomfortable, staring at the two engaged in almost casual conversation.

2006-06-09, 11:44 AM
Cosmos had found his way into the cramped "quarters" section of the ship. He felt like crying.
On three seperate Bunks lay the cold empty bodies of three autobots. They were clearly offline, permanantly. He clicked on radio, wanting to call in the sad news, when he noticed three small CR Chambers, each at the foot of a bunk.
He stepped into the dank dark room, and fumbled at the middle chamber.
Online? Something this small must be a Micromaster...
Cosmos started the opening sequnces for all three chambers, stepped back to the door to flick on the lights and waited for the occupants to come out...

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-09, 04:20 PM
Brawn shrugged to Stepper

"Two earth-minutes, maybe?" He grinned. "I just know we're climbing up, not down when we leave." He then stopped as they reached a fork in the hall and looked down each.

"Where do we go?"

Brave Maximus
2006-06-10, 02:15 AM
Bumblebee watched as the fluid leaked out of Trailbreaker and grimmaced behind his helmets faceplace. He extended a cable from his armour and connected it to the other Autobot's systems.

He turned to Warpath and Guzzle:

"Breaker's not doing to good - I can stablize him, but we need to get him medical attention as fast as possible."

The human-sized Pretender pulled out his tool kit and started trying to stablize the big, black, Autobot:

"Breaker - I need you to power-down any non-essential systems. The more you do - the harder you're going to make it on me to keep you going. I've been out of this for a long time - so I'm a little rusty...."

While he started repairs, he turned back to the other two:

"From how I ran into you, I guess you don't have a transport shuttle?"

2006-06-10, 06:48 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Metroshot glowered even more furiously at Aero Blade.

"Oh, yeah. I'm just rollin' in the luck over here, aren't I?"

The drone shook his head in disgust.

Getaway replied to Overdrive over the comm. "I'm in auxiliary energon storage with Aero Blade, Jazz, Seaspray...and Metroshot," he said. "We've secured the area...but we could use an extra brain or two right about now, if you've got nowhere else to be."

The Powermaster came to a stop just behind Aero and whispered to the other Autobot. "Do you think he's...salvagable?"

2006-06-10, 07:44 AM
South Dekota airspace

Cindersaur halted midair and waited for Wingspan and the Constructors to catch up before addressing the Clone.

"Uh, did we win here?" looking at the damage they had all taken "Or did we mess up?".

2006-06-10, 09:16 AM
Guzzle nodded sadly at Daniels question:
"Yes, I'm afraid we came here as you saw us. When Devcon gets back he may be able to fly Breaker to base, but I'll call it in just incase."
Guzzle sat down heavily, winced as he landed with an audible crunch.
"Wouldn't be bad to get some of us there too: I got tagged by the Excavator creep."
He opened his Wrist radio and called in to Metroplex
"Hey, Everyone: Mission at Kyle has kind of gone south, I need Medical Pick up here for Trailbreaker and ensite treatment forsome others: any one available?"

2006-06-10, 09:18 AM
Metrotitan Corridor

Overdrive acknowledged the com

"Gotcha Getaway we'll head on over , lend our central processors and if that doesn't work i'm sure Sandstorm can come up with a brute force solution involving the application of High Explosive.

He turned

"isn't that right Sandy? The bigger the bang the better."

He looked from Scoop to Sandstorm

"right we're gonna rejoin our troops up in the AES"


South Dakota , Air Space

Wingspan looked across at Cindersaur.

"W-w-we did g-good , the plan had several objectives and achieving any would have m-made the m-mission a s-sucess.

We lured s-some Autobots a-away from t-their base meaning they had less t-t-troops to d-defend it.

We w-will have them w-worrying t-that w-we've got info on Cybertron that they dont have , p-plus they're g-going to w-waste r-resources on s-scouring that p-pod for clues, and i-f they e-ever decrypt those d-datapads then it gonna be b-b-b-big b-b-bang time, plus the Constructors made the explosive look like n-normal , if p-paranoid security precautions, so even after a few explosins t-theyre g-going to k-keep trying until they f-find N-needlenoses S-s-smeg.

As a b-bonus w-we i-injured s-several of t-them ."

2006-06-10, 09:35 AM
The CR Chambers finished opening, and the Motorvators stepped out. Lightspeed rubbed his optics, yawning, whilst Flame turned to the bunks. Gripper stepped up to Cosmos and asked in voice like broken glass
"Could you turn on the lights Big fella?"
befor cosmos could reply, he turned to his comrades.
Lightspeed stretched out his arms: "I'm bushed: could do with another few minutes boss."
Gripper sighed. "Get to the Command room and tell me how long with been here. Flame, how are the rest of us?"
Flame turned from the body behind his bunk.
"Just checking now sir: I'm ok, so I'll guess you and Lightspeeds are too."

2006-06-10, 03:38 PM
Corridor junction, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -looking around, picks a random direction away from where they had been- "That way." -starts running down the corridor, activates commlink- "Roadbuster? This is Stepper. Need backup?"

Corridor two levels below bridge level, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -ducks back as fire from a crew served blaster cannon streaks down the corridor towards him- "Sure. Come on up and join the fun."


Prime Minister: "There is a parking lot up ahead, Crosscut. We can meet there."

2006-06-10, 04:26 PM
*Arcee's voice came over Guzzle's communicator.*
*Gun fireing in the background*

"No can do Guzle, The Autobot cities are under attack, We aren't sure if..."

*large explosion knocks out the transmission*

Aero Blade
2006-06-10, 09:28 PM
Aero Blade's previously saddden mood was begining to dissapear and be replaced by irritation as he contined to interact with Metroshot.

"You may not believe it right now, but you are, though I'm not going to argue with you on it. If you're any more like me, then I know you're not gonna change your mind, even in the pressence of overwelming proof otherwise, so I won't waste my time, especially if you're going to be aggressive..."

As Getaway approached, Aero awarded him with an agrivated expression at his choice of words, nor did he bother to be descrete with his own tone, letting it be at a normal volume level.

"Save 'salvagable' for inatimate objects. If you want to know if he can be reprogramed again, I'm not doing it anymore," He said firmly. "If you want to know if he'll be able to work with us, you'll have to ask him that..."

2006-06-10, 10:35 PM
Message for Guzzle

" Here Magnus. Glad to hear you soldier, but medical transport and assistance may take a bit long. We've been under a massive decepticon attack and as soon as possible we'll send you help. It's Trailbreaker critical? "



" I'm on my way, Prime Minister. Ill be there in a few minutes. "

Crosscut revved his engine and rolled towards the park lot. Like Sizzle, he was starting to feel anxiety for finally go into action - well, his kind of action -.

" We' re moving boys ", he told Sizzle and Wreck-Gar. " The meeting will start in that park lot. "

" And we'll see if the new data Camshaft had sent to me will be useful in the meeting. A headless Brainstorm, what a view! " he thought.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-11, 03:59 AM
Daniel cut into the comm:

"He's really is. He's been cleaved almost in half, I've stablized his energy systems..... barely. Reality is, he needs a medic and fast. Not to mention at least 3 other 'Bots here are wounded from moderiatly to severly and there's no way they can make it back to Autobase on their own power. We need help, and we need it now!"

He looked up from his repair work to shoot an appologetic look to Guzzle for interupting - though how well it worked though his helmet was subject......

2006-06-11, 06:46 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Metroshot scowled at Aero Blade's comment, and seriously contemplated beating the hell out of the Autobot. The sight of the shotgun-toting Getaway, however, convinced him to restrain himself.

Getaway, for his part, was equally irritated with Aero, although he knew this was neither the time nor the place to reprimand the junior Autobot for his attitude.

"If I thought he could give me an answer, I wouldn't have asked you," he told Aero, before turning away from the other and taking a few more steps towards Metroshot.

"I don't care who you used to be, or what you were supposed to be," he told the prickly drone plainly. "I don't care what grevences you have, and I don't care which faction you want to side with. Frankly, I don't think you even know any of that yet. I only care about one thing. Right here, right now...are you going to attack my fellow Autobots?"

A frigid silence hung over the assembled group as Metroshot pondered his reply.

2006-06-11, 07:40 AM
Metrotitan , Corridors

Overdrive lead hs group towards the AES, reaching the right section of corridor he called out.

"Getaway we're coming in don't shoot."

2006-06-11, 01:41 PM
Metrotitan Corridors

Trailing after Scoop and Overdrive as they made their way though the corridors of the Decepticon base, Sandstorm stopped a few feet behind the other Autobots, hoping that they'd be let in.

2006-06-11, 01:59 PM
Message for Guzzle/Daniel

" Actually, we've pretty low resources here but I'll send you help asap, I assure you. Ultra Magnus out. "



Crosscut arrived at the park lot first, and parked near the entry.

Aero Blade
2006-06-11, 09:35 PM
"Then why bother asking me either?" Aero said once Getaway was done. "I didnt put in the thing that caused this, though I'm regretting having made it possible for you to do it..."

At that point Aero turned to face away from all of them. His own agression seemed to be calming down to mute irritation, but generally his body language seemed to read like someone who'd had a nerve struck, and would still have it agitated for awhile.

"I should've checked things further instead of just listening to orders..."

2006-06-11, 10:21 PM
South Dekota airspace

"Well i guess it was worth it then" Cindersaur looks westward "Home then for repairs and energon, awayyyy!"

The Firecon flies off for the base.

2006-06-12, 07:26 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway didn't even bother to dignify Aero Blade's outburst with a response, figuring it would only encourage more such behaviour.

Obviously he doesn't have the stomach for this kind of work, the Powermaster thought darkly.

"I hear you," he called to Overdrive.

Metroshot, for his part, still wasn't sure how to answer the Autobot's question. His first inclination was to answer 'no', but a big part of him was practically shouting at him to slay the intruders where they stood. The internal conflict was enough to provoke a major headache, and the drone leaned against the wall before sliding down into a sitting position.

2006-06-12, 09:06 AM
Guzzle looked sadly at Daniel and Warpath:
"Looks like we're here for a while."
He then looked down to his chest wound.
"Good to see the highly effective autobots don't make horrible foul ups eh?"

Rockies, Autobot shuttle
Cosmos flicked the switch as he was requested, and looked in puzzlement at the little robots as they went about there business. One of them had passed him to get to the Bridge.
He addressed the leader, the one who asked him to flip on the lights.
"Who are you people?"
Cosmos then started to wonder at Flames choice of words over the bodys: we're ok?

Sizzle dutifully followed Crosscut into the Lot.

2006-06-12, 09:59 AM
AES Metrotitan

Seaspray casually strolled over to Aeroblade. He stood beside the technician, with his arms crossed, staring at Metrotitan.

"Listen “child” this is a pretty sticky situation, the last thing we need is a fight" whispered Seaspray to Aeroblade.

Seaspray squinted a little at Getaway and lowered the volume oif his whisper yet again

"You need to show respect, continue this way and you two will be on the floor, seeing who can dent who's armour the most and no matter how much I’d love to see that believe me no matter how much you damage his ego, it won't compare to the damage he’ll do to you", said the Minibot, in an attempt to scaremonger Aero.

“We’re all friends here and right now a friend needs your help"

Aero Blade
2006-06-12, 12:44 PM
"I don't care," Aero Blade said simply as Seaspray tried to seemingly intemidate him about Getaway. "He could rip me into a million pieces and I still would not care; because of my own ignorance I was worked into doing something that up until now I thought I'd never wish upon anyone. I betrayed him and myself with no resistance..."

Aero Blade closed his optics for a moment, as though gathering his thoughts. "But I do care about him... It's part my fault that he's like this now. I'm obligated to do something.."

For the moment at least, Aero seemed to manage to simply discard his emotions and keeping an normal expression, walking back over towards Metroshot, though seeming to be ignoring Getaway for the moment. He stopped a short distance away, giving time and room for the drone to protest if he chose to.

"It's all your decision..."

2006-06-12, 07:09 PM
Gripper looked up at Cosmos and grinned.
"We're the motorvators: we came here to find the autobots fallen in the ark and return them to Cybertron: from the looks of you, I'd guess we're a little late. I'm Gripper, Lightspeed just passed you to go to the Bridge, and Flames the guy checking us on the slabs."
As Gripper finished, Flame turned to the pair by the door.
"We're all ok boss: I'm gonna get in me and take over from Lightspeed."
With that, Flame pressed some buttons at the foot of his bunk, which resulted in the chest of the body opening. He clambered up the bunk and into the bodys chest, the plate closing on him as he settled in. The body stood, and in a deeper voice, Flame now in his exo suit, asked Cosmos:
"Whats your name?"

2006-06-12, 11:00 PM
AES Metrotitan

Overdrive and Scoop trailed into the room.

"What's the situation?" asked Overdrive

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-12, 11:40 PM

Brawn just took off after Stepper, trying to catch up with out much success.

2006-06-13, 01:45 AM

Prime Minister's limo: -pulls into the parking lot-

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -stops his jog, looking down into the hole cut into the decking- "Anybody down there?"

2006-06-13, 06:39 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Metroshot seemed to ignore Getaway for the moment, addressing Aero Blade instead.

"Yeah, some choice. Get shot by you guys now, or get shot by Krunix later. You'll forgive me if I'm not all that eager to jump at either option."

Getaway stared at the drone for a moment more before striding off to Overdrive. "That is the situation. We followed through on Sixgun's suggestion to put a copy of him into Metroshot. But what we got was a mix of both of them, not sure who he is."

The Powermaster sighed, fatigue and resignation showing in his features.

"So the question is, what do we do with our buddy here?"

Underlevel, Metrotitan

Whirl called back up to Stepper.

"Me and Hardhead. But don't mind us," he said. "We're just getting cooked alive in an inescapable deathtrap, is all. We'll have it sorted in no time."

2006-06-13, 06:49 AM
AES , Metrotitan

Overdrive pondered.

"if his personality isn't resolved , the only option is to take him with us , see if the docs can sort it out , we can't leave him theres a chance his old personality will gain the upper hand giving him all kinds of intelligence, and we can't execute one of our own."

2006-06-13, 07:17 PM
Cosmos stared at Flame now in his Exo-suit. He was a little... shocked. Flame had been a little over 7 feet tall before, now he dwarfed the green minibot. The face on the suit was identical to Flames.
"Um, I'm Cosmos. And ah, a few things have changed since you came to Earth."
He paused, weighing the options of telling them exactly what, going against it.
"You should get your stuff together and follow me, we have a base not far from here."

2006-06-14, 05:39 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway shook his head.

Am I the only one who knows how a citybot's drones work?

"We can't take him back," he told Overdrive. "His neural nets are dependant on Metrotitan. He'd be comatose by the time we got fifty miles from here, and dead by the time we got to Autobase."

The Powermaster sighed.

"We're going to have to figure this one out in the field, I'm afraid."

2006-06-14, 06:26 AM
AES Metrotitan

"I thought we could perhaps switch him off then get the docs modify him to work on Metroplex's net but if that won't work what are our options?"

2006-06-14, 09:11 AM
Gripper had entered his exo suit whilst Cosmos had been chatting to Flame. Now standing shoulder to shoulder with his comrade, he nodded in agreement.
"Sounds good Cosmos. We don't have much kit anyway, you may have noticed this things more of a Skiff than a boat: two engines tied to two rooms." He went to a wall and radioed Lightspeed.
"Whats the Situ Lightspeed?"

In the room laughably called a bridge, Lightspeed was kneeling in front of the Subspace Safe.
"Alls as good as it should. The safe's undammaged, all the stuff inside should be fine. The first aid kits still here too."
The safe clicked open as Lightspeed finished speaking.
"Sweet. Boss, you should come up here and load up, I'm coming back to the Bunk-room to get bck into me."

2006-06-14, 10:32 PM
Kyle, Scamper transmission

" Kyle Group , here Metroplex Command: we're sending help. Hold your position, we're on our way "


Quebec, parking lot

"Wreck-Gar please, get outside me. I'm gonna to transform ", said Crosscut opening his rear door. Waiting several minutes to allow the junkion to roll out from himself, he transformed into robot mode and walked carfeully towards the Prime Minister's limo.

" Crosscut, is this wise? I'm reading you'd transformed into robot mode ", warned Camshaft to Crosscut using his encrypted code.

" I know we're taking risks old friend, but probably the decepticons will learn from this meeting sooner than we expect, so it's better to act without fear and with trust ", replied the Ambassador, arriving at the PM limo's side.

" Prime Minister ", he said bowing at the car, " I'm ambassador Crosscut from the Autobots. Nice to meet you, monsieur. "

Camshaft wasn't sure about Crosscut's point of view, and started to scann the area again, looking for hostile readings. He also engaged his comm gear.

" Sizzle, don't transform yet. I need you in reserve and watching for any kind of trouble. If we're walking inside a trap, you're our edge. Do you copy? transmitted Camshaft to the sparkabot.

2006-06-14, 10:37 PM
Over the ocean

Wingspan lead his forces back towards the Nemesis

(ooc switching thread to Nemesis.)

2006-06-15, 05:15 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway sighed again, then answered Overdrive in a low whisper.

"We've basically got two choices...no, three," he corrected himself. "We can leave him be and hope things turn out for the best. We can kill him in cold blood. Or we can scour the city for a portable stasis pod that we can use to freeze him for the trip to Autobase, and hope the docs can do something for him. Which, in all likelyhood, would end up killing him anyway. Not much of a choice, is it?"

2006-06-15, 06:32 AM
AES Metrotitan

Overdrive nodded

"Shame we can't just take Metrotitan with us , hmm maybe we could take some of him with us, we could raid his shuttle bay. We're short of shuttles , we could take some with us, one might have stasis pod capacity. If we had the time we could load it with goodies from the Con stores. May as well make the most of our time here."

2006-06-15, 04:26 PM
*Wrek-Gar rolled out of Crosscut and transformed.*

"Woo infanate cosmic powers, iddy bitty liveing space."

2006-06-15, 07:22 PM
Sizzle rolled into the car lot, and parked a few spaces away from the group. He was at a poor angle, his Flame thrower pointed away from Crosscut's group. He would also need to transform to access his machine gun, which worried him.
Covert wasn't in his job description, and he was starting to get worried.

Guzzle acknowledged the communication from Metroplex but sent no reply.

Cosmos brightened up: The Motorvators were starting to worry him, and was glad they wanted to get on.
"I'll get outside and call you guys in: Make sure they know you're friendly, maybe even get a transport. We're in a mountain range, so going by land will take time!"
With that he urgently made his way to the exit of the ship.

2006-06-16, 05:27 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway pondered that for a moment, then nodded.

"I like it, Overdrive. If nothing else, it'll give the 'Cons something else to worry about."

The Powermaster turned to look at Metroshot. "Assuming you're willing to come with us, I mean."

The drone scowled. "Ah, hell, why not? I stay here, I'm just gonna get shot, anyway."

"OK, then." Getaway turned back to Overdrive. "You're the strategist...what's our plan of attack?"

2006-06-16, 06:42 AM
AES Metrotitan

"I suggest we have our friend pull up the security schematic of the shuttle bay see whos lurking round there. Then we roll out Scoop in the lead, his shovel's best equiped to combat unexpected attacks. If needs be we send out Sandstorm for additional recee and have you cover our rear "

2006-06-16, 01:57 PM
AES Metrotitan

The slightly dazed Seaspary quickly turned to face Overdrive

"Ol' Seaspray's got yer backs if the tides get too rough!"

2006-06-17, 12:11 AM
Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -starts blasting the heating elements in the floor-

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -looks over at Brawn- "Got any rope?"

Parking Lot, Quebec:

Prime Minister: -steps out of his car, looking up at Crosscut- "And it is nice to meet you. What would you like to discuss?"

Somewhere underground:

Brainstorm: -optics unfocused, trying to fly his transector by remote control and figure out the sensor readings- "Uh...... I think we're under water."

Quig: "What?!?"

Brainstorm: "My transector's hovering overhead, about two miles off Canada's western coast."

Siren: "And if my compass is working right.... I think we're heading south."

Quig: "Due south?"

Siren: "No. Southwestish."

Bridge, Trypticon, Cuba:

Jalgar: -looking at news footage- "Uh, Captain.... I think we got a problem."

Leozak: -working on the internals of one of the bridge stations, closes the inspection hatch- "What is....." -staring at the frozen image of Brainstorm's transector climbing out of the Ontario countryside- "Just another sign that this plan has almost run it's course."

2006-06-17, 05:43 AM
AES, Metrotitan

"Sounds like a plan," Getaway agreed with Overdrive. Turning back to Metroshot, he asked, "Could you--"

"Already have," the drone said sharply, gesturing pointedly to a nearby computer terminal. "Short version is, there's a half-dozen Metrodrones wandering around there."

Getaway peered at the schematic for a minute, picking out potential entrances and escape routes, then nodded.

"We can do this," he told Overdrive.

Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan

Whirl watched as Hardhead started to blast away at the floor grille.

"Well, so much for subtlety..."

Atrium, Metrotitan

(OOC: Babysitting for SA while he's on a...uh...enforced vacation from the board...)

Brawn looked back at Stepper like the bigger Autobot was crazy. "Who brings a rope to a gunfight?"

2006-06-17, 07:32 AM
AES Metrotitan

"You can watch our back too Seaspray , what about the other teams we need to sort out a rendezvous with them and co-ordintate the exfiltration." Overdrive turned to Sandstorm

"We'll need your help with any locks we encounter, just wear them away. Everyone else watch our flanks , primus knows whats lurking down some of these side corridors."

2006-06-17, 01:34 PM
Gripper nodded in agreement.
"You do that Cosmos: We'll get the rest of our stuff.
Gripper and Flame made their way to the Bridge, nodded in positive nature as they passed Lightspeed going to get is body.

Aero Blade
2006-06-18, 01:12 AM
Aero Blade was listening as things were discussed, but since he wasn't meantioned by anyone, he didn't contribute to it. It suited him just fine, as he remained quiet for the time being, muttling his own thoughts. He'd rather just get the mission over and done with so they could solve this mess...

2006-06-18, 02:12 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -shrugs- "Never hurts to ask." -looks back down the hole- "You guys going to be able to get out on your own?"

Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -destroying more and more of the grille, constantly being showered with fragments of metal- "I don't do subtle."

Nearing bridge, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing- "I've got better thing to be doing than waiting for those two to catch up." -pulls grenade launcher, connects an optical feed cable to the launcher, then runs it to a port in the back of his head, sticks barrel around corner, watching the bolts from the crew served cannons at the end of the hallway zinging down the corridor at him, starts pulling the trigger, flinging grenades down the corridor, pulling the gun back as the grenades start to explode, watching idly as a drone's arm comes flying out of the mouth of the corridor-

Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb: -wincing as he feels the vibrations in the deck as the grenades go off- "'Dash, you've got to go now!"


Metrodash: -takes an unsteady step forward, connection cables disconnecting, stops before he gets to the door- "I'm more than willing to go out, but this body's too big to fit through the bloody door!"

Metrobomb: -over commlink- So, open it! You've got all those guns, maybe you can startle the Autobot."


Roadbuster: -striding forward, blasting the head off of a crawling Metrodrone, passing a set of double doors- "There." -picked up and thrown by the explosion of the double doors, slammed into the opposite corridor wall, one of the doors crashing into him, sliding to the floor, looking up as a massive drone stalks out of the room towards him-

2006-06-18, 06:35 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Getaway looked over all the Autobots (and the one undecided) in the group.

"We ready to go?"

Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan

Whirl watched Hardhead blast away for a few seconds before he answered Stepper.

"Yeah, we're good. You guys should go give Roadbuster a hand...something tells me he's going to have bigger problems than we've got."

2006-06-18, 07:55 AM
AES Metrotitan

Scoop transformed and trundled towards the door.

"Ready and raring to go here."

Overdrive checked his weapons

"lets get this show on the road."

Approaching Kyle South Dakota

April O'Neill drover a yellow Camararo down the road.

She recalled a telephone conversation

your our robot expert April , theres some kind of story breaking out in the Dakotas plus your already in the neighbourhood.

She slowed to negotiate a junction.

The cheapskates hadn't even sent her a crew , it was just her a notebook and a tripod plus this rent a wreck was all she had been able to get hold of

She turned down a farmtrack

something with GPS would have been nice , instead of having to ask for directions at gas stations.

The Camaro bumped along the rough track .

Always with the robots Hollywood, San Franscisco there was no escape, at least it beat covering Wild Bill Hickock days over in Deadwood.

Aero Blade
2006-06-18, 10:42 AM
"Ready," Aero Blade answered to Getaway, though his answer was a bit muted due to his current mood still.

2006-06-18, 10:53 AM
AES Metrotitan

"Ahoy!" shouted the somewhat overenthusiastic Minibot, "I mean ready...ready to set sail that is !"

2006-06-18, 11:16 PM
Quebec, parking lot

" First of all, thank you for receiving me. I understand my fellows Autobots and myself are in Quebec without your permission ", said Crosscut at the Prime Minister, sending a micronod towards Wreck-Gar. " But I hope you understand it was the only way."

Crosscut's optics smiled with kindness ( afterall, he hadn't a mouth or lips, only a faceplate).

" I'm here to improve the relations between the Autobots and your country " continued the Ambassador. " After the last incident with the Destrons here, we realised that we - and when I say we I mean the Autobots and Quebec- need to be friends, If you allow me this coloquial expresion. This is the objective of my travel. "

2006-06-19, 05:00 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Metroshot shrugged. "Yeah, what the hell. I'm ready."

Getaway heard the chorus of "ready"s, then turned to Overdrive. "That's that, then. And I'm ready, too, whenever you give the word."

2006-06-19, 06:31 AM
AES Metrotitan

"ok then lets rock and roll out."

Overdrive headed for the door

Brave Maximus
2006-06-19, 02:03 PM
Bumblebee stood up from Trailbreaker:

"I've got you stablized, but you need to conserve as much power as you can. I've given you a small ammount of energon from my own reserves. I just need to eat some food with the shell - but my weapon systems are completely off line. Lets hope that shuttle shows up soon."

Something in his helmet beeped and some statistics popped up on his internal HUD. Removing the face plate from the helmet, Daniel turned to the other Autobots around him:

"Tracks hasn't gone yellow has he?"

Mount St. Hillary

A brief flash and it was all over. Four figures stood at a familiar opening in the mountain. A voice from within addressed them:

"Scanning in progress..........
Subject recognized...........
Sentinel Standing Down."

There was a brief glow of green around the entrance, allowing the four figures to enter the Ark.....

2006-06-19, 06:44 PM
South Kyle Dakota

April stood on the breaks as the recent battleground hove into view, fires still crackled fittfully and several of the robots were still present. Rolling to a stop on the edge of a field.

Twisting in her seet she hooked the video cmera from the back seat.

deep breath April , these seem to be the good giant robots , and this time you seem to have arrived after the commotion not slap bang in the middle of it.

April slipped off her seatbelt and opened the door

Getting out of the Camararo she hoisted the camera on one shoulder grabbed the bag with the spare batteries and walked towards the Autobots.

"April O'Neill Channel 17 , who's in charge here?"

2006-06-19, 07:10 PM
Guzzle sighed heavily. He had only finished shrugging his shoulders at Daniels question about tracks, when the human reporter had stepped up. He answered he question by pointing at Daniel and muttering "Him, while we wait. What do you want?" His tone was heavy, as if it was an effort to make these most rudiment of replys.

Quebec, car lot
Sizzle watched the interchange between the diplomats with worry: he'd no idea when the deal would go bad till it was obvious, and he was the solo back up.
Also, he looked at Wreck-gar with worry. He'd been amusing on the trip, but now sizzle truly worried over his effectiveness as a diplomat.

Cosmos watched the Motorvators go about their business, and silently made his way to the exit: his communicator was having issues getting through the rock of the cavern, so he decided to get outside before he called the guests in.

2006-06-20, 04:01 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

-rumbling overhead-

Stepper: -looking up- "Y'know, Whirl, you may be ri-"

-floor above pile of rubble(the one Krunix is in) gives out-

Roadbuster: -falling backwards, linear blaster cannon, laser rifle and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon blasting away at something above, crashes hard onto the pile of rubble-

Stepper: -pulls plasma pulse blasters- "Roadbuster! What's-"

Roadbuster: -lurching to feet, slinging laser rifle, pulls grenade launcher- "GET TO COVER!!!!" -opens fire, flinging high explosives, ion bolts, and exploding bomblets upwards-

Metrodash: -in Heavy Combat Drone body, drops down through the hole, explosions and ion bolts digging small pits in his armor, crashes down onto the pile next to Roadbuster- "Time for some payback, ya stinkin' Autobots!" -backhands the smaller Roadbuster, knocking the Wrecker leader through the air, smashing him into a bulkhead-

Roadbuster: -bounces off the bulkhead, crashes to the deck-

Stepper: "Feh." -opens fire, plasma pulse cannons slamming round after round into the combat drone's torso-

Metrodash: "Ouch." -steps off the pile, striding forward, returns fire, missile launchers, autocannons, and heavy particle cannon flinging death at Stepper- "I remember you! Now I'm gonna DIS-member you! And your little green friend!"

Stepper: -diving back around the corridor corner, grunting as autocannon shells slam into his lower right leg and foot, chuckling- "They say to know me is to love me....."

2006-06-20, 04:28 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Metroshot slowly moved after Overdrive.

Getaway, for his part, stayed where he was. While waiting for the rest of the group to get moving, he was keeping watch on all the potential entries and exits to the room.

Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan

Whirl heard the sounds of combat coming from above.

"Ah, hell. They're having a war up there, and couldn't even be bothered to send us an invite. Some friends we've got..."

2006-06-20, 12:15 PM

"Gotcha" Sandstorm called in a late response to Overdrive with a nod before transforming to robot mode, then pulling out his gun and moving to follow the other Wreckers.

* * * * * *


"What do you mean when I get back" Devcon said drily as he glanced at Guzzle from where he stood only a foot away from the other Autobots, seemingly ignored as he folded his arms across his chest in an annoyed fashion "I'm already here"

Aero Blade
2006-06-20, 06:10 PM
Aero Blade just followed the rest of the group as they began to leave, still in the same silent mood as he'd been in before. It was hard to tell if he'd ever come out of it on his own or not.

2006-06-20, 07:37 PM
Lightspeed had arrived back the Bunk room and was entering his old self. In the Bridge, Gripper conferred with Flame as they gathered there gear from the sub space safe.
"The green dudes a little off aint he?"
Flame nodded, sadly.
"Yes, somethings bothering him. I can only hope that it's personal and not indicative of the situation here: although the fact that I wish that makes me sad."

2006-06-20, 07:47 PM
Guzzle looked up at Devcon:
"You must have been somewhere else if you're only replying to me now, bountyhunter." He daid sulkily, twirling his finger in a circle next to his head to indicat craziness.

Rockies, Entrance to cavern
Cosmos had picked his way through the rubble and opened his communication array. He took a deep breath (merely to reassure himself, as being a robot, breathing wasn't strictly necessary) and sent a message to Metroplex.
"Cosmos here: I have found three Autobot revivals in the Rockies: they crashed here about a thousand years ago, but seem in good shape. Do we have transport available for them, as none have flight forms."

2006-06-21, 02:27 AM
*Wrek-Gar smiles and gets on one knee and speaks in a cheap French accent.*

"Mesure, I must apologize for the intrude onto your fine land, but urgent mattures' call for business. We are but in your best interests, sir Prime minister."

(ooc: Wrek-Gar sense line of the year ;)

2006-06-21, 11:47 AM
AES, Metrotitan

Seaspray noticed that Getaway appeared to be somewhat on edge.

“You alright there matey?” said the Minibot in an attempt to calm Getaway down and also to lighten the mood.

2006-06-22, 07:32 AM
AES, Metrotitan

"Perfectly alright," Getaway told Seaspray. "Why do you ask?"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-22, 07:55 AM
Brawn got to cover quickly and looked across at Stepper

"Think my bomb'll distract him any?"

2006-06-22, 02:37 PM
Metrotitan, AES

Seaspray was unsure whether Getaway was sincere or not however he chose to think the former, giving the professional and reliable Powermaster the benefit of the doubt.

"You looked a little on edge there, I dunno… I thought the lad might have rattled your cage a little"

2006-06-22, 07:29 PM
Lightspeed had entered his old body and joined his Team mates in the "Bridge".
Gripper looked his partners up and down.
"We ready people? Then roll out."
The three of them made their way out of the shuttle, following the green minibots trail slowly: the tunnel was dark, and they were reduced to feeling thair way along the wall, moving slowly towards the small outcrop of light ahead.

2006-06-22, 08:37 PM
Metrotitan Corridor

Scoop rumbled down the corridor , shovel positioned to deflect any incoming fire.

2006-06-22, 08:45 PM
Cuba, Trypticon Bridge:

Leozak, Hellbat, and Gaihawk: -clustered around a sub monitor, watching-

Leozak: "Jalgar, where are they, exactly?"

Jalgar: -at another console, punching buttons- "If the nozzle plating fell off of the Decepticon base, it'd land on them."

Gaihawk: "Then this means...."

Hellbat: -sighs- "It means we don't have to be sneaky anymore."

Leozak: -activates commlink- "Drillhorn, we have a go."

Near the bottom of the Earth's crust:

Drillhorn: -drill tank mode, rolling past the explosive setups and checking the stability of the tunnels again, activates commlink- "Lovely. Everything's set. Just don't expect a sudden geyser. I'm moving a lot more magma than I usually do with this trick. And I'm getting out of here before all this goes up. Have Killbison move that energon we pulled out of the storage bay down to the shore. If the cavern we're parked on top of sudenly fills, I'd rather not find out how thick the armor is when it goes up." -starts the long trek back to the surface-

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Stepper: -looks at the ruined corner he ducked behind, looks over at Brawn- "Couldn't hurt. I'll cover you." -gets to his feet, keeping his weight off of his right leg, energon and lubricant running down the torn armor, the smell of burned myomer bundles and tire heavy in the air-

Metrodash: -missile batteries roar again, missiles streaking down the corridor, slamming into the wall and floor near Stepper and Brawn, autocannons and particle projection cannons blowing bigger chunks out of the corner, one punching through the wall, exiting between Stepper's head and the Blaze Cannon mounted on his shoulder-

Nebulon: -squeals-

Roadbuster: -lurches to his feet, opens fire at Metrodash's back-

Metrodash: -stumbles forward slightly, starts to turn towards Roadbuster-

Stepper: -dives out of cover, coming up on his right knee- "BRAWN, GO!!!" -opens fire, plamsa pulse cannons and Blaze Cannon opening fire, the plasma bolts scoring armor, the Inferno shells detonating against Metrodash's skin, covering part of him in a flaming thermite goo-

2006-06-23, 06:09 AM
Systems... Stabilized. Emergency Internal Repair System... commencing.

Too low on power and fluids to operate at any communicable level, Trailbreaker's only signs of responsiveness were a slight brightening of the lights under the optical lenses as his systems began to stabilize and make repairs.

2006-06-23, 06:24 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Getaway moved forward at the rear of the group, still warily watching everything around him.

"Oh, that's nothing," he told Seaspray with a slight smile. "I've found that it's a good idea to know what's going on around me at all times. After all, you never know when you'll need to make a lightning escape."

His smile grew broader.

"How'd you think I came by the name 'Getaway'?"

2006-06-23, 09:03 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Despite the fact that Getaway’s joke was only a little pun, Seaspray roared with laughter, almost losing his balance in the process, which was still slightly off having been frozen in the iceberg for so long.

The seafaring Autobot thoroughly welcomed Getaway's light-hearted demeanour largely because the poor Minibot had been away from his Autobot comrades for so long.

"Yeah I suppose when you botch that many missions the name is bound to stick" chuckled the peppy sailor.

2006-06-23, 10:12 PM
Enroute to Kyle

Dogfight and his passenger Fixit were flying as fast as the triggerbot could towards Kyle.

" Hey guys " radioed Dogfight using the Kyle Group frequency, " we're on the air. Estimated time of arrival...err... 20 earthen minutes ( ooc: or one rpg day... )."

2006-06-24, 05:19 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Getaway cracked the knuckles of his right hand against his shin, then gave Seaspray a stern look.

"That one's gonna cost you when we get back to base..."

He held the look for another second, then barked out a laugh.

"Seriously, though. Don't sell escape skills short. They're some of the most useful talents you could pick up. Especially if you're interested in joining a commando group like the Wreckers."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-24, 07:45 AM
Brawn didn't wait and launched out from behind the corner. He made sure this second bomb had a shorter charge. He dove between the legs of the large metrodrone and rolled standing up. He moved to slap the bomb on the center of the metrodrone's back, hopefully out of range of it's hand.

2006-06-24, 08:39 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Metrodash: -staggered by the heat, almost tripping over Brawn at he turns, targeting Stepper- "DIE!!!" -arm mounted particle projection cannons roar, slamming into Stepper's plasma pulse blasters, detonating them, blowing his hands and lower arms apart as Metrodash's autocannons roar, rounds from the autocannon slamming into the Targetmaster's torso and abdomen, tearing chunks of his armor off, lubricants and hydraulic fluids spraying as the blasts knock him backwards, sending him crashing into the wall-

Roadbuster: "STEPPER!"

Stepper: -sags to the floor, legs splayed out in front of him, torso already covered in dark fluids as they pool around him, head lolling, Blaze Cannon trying to override his targeting control.... and failing, following his gaze towards the deck- "Uhhhhrrrrr.........."

Metrodash: -ignoring the overheat and system malfunction warnings, targeting Stepper with his LRM batteries, looks down at Brawn- "After I'm done with your friend, pipsqueak, you're next." -triggers LRM batteries, finally noticing the damage to one of the launchers in the form of a couple of holes as both launchers simultaneously detonate, one from damage, the other from overheating, sensors reading critical damage as he staggers away, aiming at Brawn- "You little sonofa-" -he felt the bomb on his back go off, felt it rip through already damaged armor, wrecking delicate internal systems, shattering his laser core, optics fading and going dark as he collapsed onto the pile of debris burying Krunix-

Roadbuster: -already moving, dropping to one knee next to the shattered Stepper, looking over at Brawn- "Get him back to Countdown's base. They've got medical equipment there."

Stepper: -coming around slightly- "I...... 'm f.....n......e......." -optics flickering behind visor as he lapses into an unstable stasis lock-

2006-06-24, 11:06 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Seaspray reverted back to his professional, militaristic side.

"I'll keep that in mind" said the Minibot to Getaway while giving the Powermaster a serious, affirming nod.

Brave Maximus
2006-06-25, 04:57 PM
Daniel spotted the flicker in Trailbreaker's optics:

Thank Prim...... I'm glad that he's ok. Now if only the shuttle would show up so the wounded can be properly cared for...

He looked up at April and recognized her from the TV. He subtly set up a small jamming field by hitting a few buttons on the arm unit of his armour. It would disrupt most human communications within a 40 foot radius and mess with most recording devices..... he hoped. It had been a while since he'd done this sort of thing.

He shot a rueful glance at Guzzle and then stepped forward to meet April:

"My name is Daniel and I'm the liason for the Autobots here. What can I do for you Miss O'Neil?"

2006-06-25, 07:31 PM

April did a double take

"didn't i meet you in San Francisco."

2006-06-25, 09:44 PM

Dogfight arrived at Kyle and started to fly in circles over the town, looking for his comrades.

" Hey Fixit, they're down there! " said the triggerbot.

Dogfight landed with care, near Guzzle and the others. He opened his cockpit, waiting for Fixit to leave.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-26, 12:19 AM
Whatever the hell is left of Metro-titan

Brawn's victory was short lived. He took time to grab the remains of the large metrodrone and dragged it along behind him.

He grabbed the large drone and flipped it over one shoulder, wobbeling a bit as he got used to the large size. He then knelt down next to Stepper

"Told ya we shoulda headed back." He frowned as he set his trophy down. "Someone wanna grab this thing for me, I want a trophy," he directed it mainly to Roadbuster as he scooped up Stepper and slowly moved to the hole where his original bomb had detonated.

2006-06-26, 06:31 AM
Metrotitan, Corridors

Scoop rumbled up to an intersection

He sent a burst of fire from his two targetmasters down each cross corridor to ensure that nothing was lurking down them.

2006-06-26, 06:04 PM
Metrotitan, Corridors:

Metrodrones collapse, felled by Scoop's fire.

Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -looking at the destryoed drone- "I'll grab it on my way back." -turns, climbs on top of the rubble pile, jumps up, grabs the edge of the hole, pulls himself back up to where he had been, starts striding towards the brigde doors, mowing down anything in his path-

Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb muttered under his breath as he looked at the power displays, and started diverting power away from all non-essential systems, bringing the guns in the corridor outside the bridge online, as well as the bridge defenses, but all his movements had an air of hopelessnes about them. "No matter what I try.... we're doomed."

Metrotitan's voice rumbled from a wall speaker. "Given the fact that you're an aspect of me, shouldn't that be no matter what I try?"

Metrobomb looked up at the speaker, a combination of shock and outrage on his face. "You're quibbling over semantics?!?!?!?"

Metrotitan's replay was resigned, yet pragmatic. "Since your situational analysis is accurate, what else is there to do?"

Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: -stops firing, looking around- "I think the forcefield is down. The fragments aren't bouncing off of it anymore."

Brave Maximus
2006-06-26, 06:57 PM
Taking off his helmet, the blonde headed human looked at April:

"Quite possible, as that's where I live most of the time."

The roar of Dogfight's engines drowned them out for a moment.

"Now, forgive me for being short, but - What can I do for you? We've got some seriously injured 'Bots over here and time is not on our side."

2006-06-26, 07:15 PM
Guzzle waved at Dogfight and Fixit as they landed, still slumped on the ground. He pointed at Trailbreaker and shouted half heartedly over Dobfights engines
"You should see to this guy first!"

2006-06-26, 07:45 PM
The Motorvators came to the opening to the cavern. The hole had been fine for Cosmos to get through, but it left the Motorvators full sized forms stuck.
Flame looked at the rest, and knew what they were thinking. Road Caeser could shift this rubble, but Gripper would want the go from him: he had helped design their gestalt form, and would know what conditions he could perform under.
"We may bump our heads as we rise, but we should be fine if we remember to crouch or get on one knee REALLY quickly."
Gripper nodded happily.
"Motorvators, COMBINE!"
The three Autobots fell into each other and formed the mightier (OOC But, here lets really stress it, much smaller than most others) Gestalt Form, Road Caeser. The minibehemoth fell to one knee and grinned as he began shifting the rocks out of the way.

2006-06-27, 04:18 AM
Approaching Guantanamo Bay
"Impeccable." Hound grinned as he set up a hologram over Sky Lynx to mimic a UPS delivery plane.

The autobot scout wasn't just stoking Sky Lynx's ego either. For the layers of clouds and the whitecaps on the ocean rolling past outside the windows were as fascinating to Hound as being on the ground and seeing them close-up.

He leaned forward slightly to watch as the U.S. controlled-territory came into view, the terrain etching itself vividly in his mind.

2006-06-27, 07:57 AM
Inescapable Deathtrap, Metrotitan

Whirl tipped from side to side, the best impression he could make of a shrug while in the air.

"Why didn't you say so?"

Spinning 90 degrees left, he fired a barrage of incendiary shells at the wall. The bulkhead crumbled, exposing a maintenance tunnel. Whirl flew over, then dropped inside.

"Let's blow this joint!"

Corridor, Metrotitan

Getaway followed Scoop's lead, watching the group's back.

Metroshot followed a bit closer, his face still covered by a confused expression.

2006-06-27, 07:16 PM
Cosmos leaped away from the entrance as Road Caeser made short work of the blockage: the minibot was spattered and rained on by a storm of stones and rocks.
"Hey, Calm Down!!"

2006-06-27, 07:31 PM
Road Caeser stumbled out of the caverns cleared opening, an embarresed look on his face.
"Sorry... Cosmos." He muttered, although his mutter was louder than mosts. Road Caeser stood to his full hieght and looked into the sky, a smile on his face.
"Good... to be back." He said, with a smug grin on his face.

2006-06-27, 07:37 PM
Kyle , South Dakota

"just here to investigate the story, and thanks for the rescue in San Fran. I'm guessing by the unorthodox method of arrival of your medic that your short of transport.

April glanced around at the injured

"otherwise you'd be whisking them back home pdq, hmmmm."

April looked pensive

"i passed a haulage yard out by the interstate on the way to Kyle."

Aero Blade
2006-06-27, 10:36 PM
As the group moved to their next destination, Aero Blade seemed to drift back towards Metroshot's placement.

"How're you doing?" Aero asked after a moment.

2006-06-29, 03:52 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Metroshot didn't so much as look at Aero Blade when he answered; the messed-up Transformer was too busy trying to use Metrotitan's drone interface to confuse any nearby Metrodrones that Scoop hadn't managed to gun down.

"I'm helping my sworn enemies steal a shuttle, and I might drop dead at any moment when I leave with you," he said. "How d'you think I'm doing?"

2006-06-29, 06:40 AM
Corridor , Metrotitan

Scoop lowered his Blade and pushed aside a barricade of furniture and supply crates that had been dragged across the corridor. He shot a Metrodrone that had been crouching behind it.

Overdrive was in flight mode hovering near the ceiling.

His front mounted gun chattered and another drone was put out of comission.

2006-06-29, 07:32 AM

Fixit: -jumps from Dogfight's cockpit, looking around- "Wow. Where to start......"

Guantanamo Naval Base Airstrip, Cuba:

Sky Lynx: -lands, opens hatch- "We're here."


Prime Minister: "But, Monsieur Crosscut, sneaking into my country is not the act of one who wants to be friendly."

2006-06-29, 11:12 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan.

A piece of shrapnel hit Seaspray in the face.

"Overdrive, this is not what I meant by wanting a piece of the action!”

2006-06-29, 06:02 PM

"Thanks Sky Lynx."
Hound transformed responsively to jeep mode and put up holograms of humans walking around inside Sky Lynx and of Spike in the driver's seat as a couple of airport employees wheeled unloading ramps over.

One employee grinned and called up with a thick accent, "Only one vehicle? You guys be takin' too many breaks!"
The second employee stared at the old Willys. "Why don't they send newer cars?"

Hound chuckled as he drove past. "Last delivery- it's going to a collection."
Data collection, that is.

As he reached the bottom of the ramp, he heard the employees talking about how collectors will keep anything.
Maybe I am a bit outdated. Hmmm. Eh- mind on the task at hand. Port 4... cargo deck.

Driving down the transit lines drawn on the airfield grounds, Hound quickly reached the ships. He slowed and stopped for a moment as he spotted a garbage scow, seemingly in the docking spot where he was supposed to be heading.

Prowl wouldn't.

It puzzled Hound briefly, until he realized the ship had begun pulling away. Sky Lynx had made better time than expected, and the cargo hauler was just about to pull in, laden with older cars and a sparse couple of newer ones. In the mix happened to be an older CJ and a restored Willys- done up in a cadet blue rather than green.

Looks like I'll fit right in down here after all.

2006-06-29, 09:53 PM
Quebec, parking lot

" Totally agree, monsieur " conceded Crosscut at the Prime Minister's reproach, " but if we decided to use an unusual aproach to you it's only because we didn't want to take any risk of Decepticon intrusion on this peacefull diplomatic mission. Is for that reaseon I apologize to you and your people again. "

Crosscut graciously dropped to one knee to let the Prime Minister eyes to take a better ( and nearest) look on his semi-hidden face and optics.

" And we don't have any intention of cause any kind of damage to Quebec or you, of course. You have my word. "


Roads, somewhere in the U.S

Override was having a good time driving through some human road, but he began to be worry himself.

" What if a confused human car bumps into me? I just had my steel skin polished again "

With a sigh he lowered his speed and openned a channel for Cosmos.

" Hey Cosmos, I'm going to meet you and your new friends " said Override. " I'll be your personal look out and I'll find a path for your recruits. "

Aero Blade
2006-06-30, 12:48 AM
"Offhand, I'd say you're doing better than me," Aero said in an edged tone, but it was low enough that only Metroshot would hear. "I'll spare you the arguement only because you're occupied right now..."

After that, Aero went quiet for awhile, keeping himself in check. He was trying to help, but Metroshot didn't seem to want to give any chance for that.Maybe later on he'd settle down a bit.

2006-06-30, 05:12 AM
Bridge, Metrotitan:

Metrobomb kept one optic on the monitors, and the other on the corridor defense weapons, watching as the weapons function indicator lights blink out one by one.......... "We're doomed."

Metrotitan's voice echoed again over the speakers. "You keep saying that. If it is our fate to die, then so be it. I knew it was going to happen when the armory and engineering went. Face death with dignity."

Metrobomb opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the bridge doors being blown open, narrowly missing being decapitated by a flying door section, staring in shock at the battered, scored, and soot-covered Autobot standing in the doorway.

Roadbuster: -gouges burned in his torso and arms by lasers, dents in his bracers, shoulder pauldrons, torso and legs, covered lightly with soot, stalks onto the bridge, fixing Metrobomb with an emerald glare- "Last one, huh."

Metrobomb simply nodded, then leaped for a button on the console.

Roadbuster: -fires linear blaster cannon, blowing Metrobomb's left arm off at the elbow, knocking the micromaster in another direction-

Metrobomb slammed into the base of the main console, looking in dazed shock at the stump of his ruined arm. Then he looked dazedly up at Roadbuster, or, more importantly, the weapon barrels pointing at him. Pulling a small pistol out of subspace, he said, "I am a Decepticon. I shall die-"

Roadbuster: -growls- "Like the piece of filth that you are." -fires again, destroying Metrobomb's arm at the right elbow-

Metrobomb howled, his right arm disintegrating from the blast, looks up at the Autobot's face(or lack thereof). "You.... you're an Autobot.... grant me mercy....."

Roadbuster: -snorts- "I'm not that kind of Autobot." -jams barrel of linear blaster cannon against Metrobomb's neck and upper torso, pulls trigger, the blast obliterating the micromaster's laser core and most of the upper torso, his head rocketing up, bouncing off the ceiling, and landing in the bottom of Roadbuster's blown out ammo pod- "That trick never gets old."

Metrotitan sighed. "You are a savage."

Roadbuster: -flipping switches on consoles, destroying the comm console, priming the base's scuttling charges- "I am what I was built to be." -pulls out a data padd, activates commlink- "Wreckers, this is Roadbuster. Scuttling charges are set. You have five minutes to clear out of this city before it explodes." -deactivates commlink- "Good bye, Metrotitan. And this isn't your fault. Blame those who stole Metroplex's body and put you in it." -runs off the bridge-

2006-06-30, 05:58 AM
Corridor, Metrotitan

Metroshot simply grunted and picked up his pace a bit, leaving Aero Blade a few paces behind. He knew the Autobot was trying to help, but the idea of accepting help from an Autobot was anathema to half of him.

Getaway watched the exchange silently from the corner of one optic.

Maintenance Hatch, Metrotitan

Whirl half-walked, half-crawled through the tight tunnel, moving away from the deathtrap.

"You back there, Hardhead?"

2006-06-30, 06:51 AM
Corridors Metrotitan

Scoop crashed through the doors into the Shuttlebay

Overdrive spoke to his troops

"ok which of you can pilot a shuttle, we want to get as many of these ships back with us as we can , Getaway see if your partner can program any shuttles we havent got pilots for to rendexvous somewhere in the States, they'll also act as decoys."

He opened a com link

" Roadbuster you may be suicidal but some of us need more than 5 minutes to get clear don't suppose you can give us some extra time."

2006-06-30, 11:13 AM
Cosmos replied to Override:
"Oh: ok, was hoping for transport, but I guess we have to make do though eh?"
Cosmos turned to the Gestalted Motorvators behind him.
"He may be a while: kind of likes his paint job, and going up mountain trails might make him slow down to keep the paint on!"
Cosmos turned away, wondering if he should bother sticcking around or just leave co ordinates with the scout for the new arrivals.

2006-07-01, 04:24 AM
Shuttlebay, Metrotitan

Muffled words came out of Getaway's chest. The Powermaster translated for Overdrive. "Rev says we can run the shuttles by remote from whichever ships we take."

The warrior caught sight of a Metrodrone creeping up on them from behind. Turning smoothly, he shot the mechanism in the face.

Without missing a beat, he added, "We should grab the biggest one first...it's more likely to have a stasis pod onboard."

2006-07-01, 06:49 AM
Atrium, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -dropping down through the hole in the ceiling, landing heavily on the pile of debris that Krunix is buried in, over commlink- "Minimum saftey window, Scoop. Gives us enough time to get clear, but doesn't give them enough time to disable the auto-destruct sequence." -switches frequencies as he grabs Brawn's 'trophy' and slings it over his shoulder- "Brawn! Status report! You and Stepper to Countdown's platform yet?" -jogging down the corridor-

Service tunnel, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: "I'm right here, Whirl. Think we should just blow a hole in the hull and jump out?"

2006-07-01, 09:03 AM

"Overdrive transformed scanning the shuttlebay

"ok we'll start with that one."

He pointed to a shuttle with the name
Wraith painted on the side.

Overdrive replied to Roadbuster's com

"ok we'll do our best to get out on time , I'm suprised you've left anyone alive for at to be a problem . We're taking there shuttles so don't shoot us when we get outside."

He turned to the troops

Pilots go to the biggest shuttles, once they're done pick any you like the rest we'll do by remote."

he waved his hand in the direction of the second largest batch of shuttlesGhoul, Banshee & Spectre

"Scoop look at the auto cargo handling system it will be the same as back home we don't have time for much but a little bit on every shuttle at full speed will be better than nothing."

Scoop moved over to a computer terminal and started inputting commands the cargo handling gear whirred to life.

"Metroshot can you download any diaries , commanders logs or files , stored in the cites memory banks."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-07-01, 10:56 PM
Brawn shook his head, even though the Wrecker leader couldn't hear him. "Not there quite yet, cleared Metro-titan though so we won't be there when that turn-coat goes up." He re-adjusted Stepper in his arms and started moving quicker towards Countdown

2006-07-02, 05:44 AM
Aboard ferry transport:Guantanamo
Hound drove up and aboard the ferry, parking near the front and by a railing. It was a short matter of time before the transport began heading down the coastline of the islands. It wasn't long before the ferry reached the main port in Matanzas, but he had thouroughly enjoyed the scenic trip.

After disembarking, Hound drove slowly through the small towns and out towards the heavier tropic jungle growth of the less-populated areas where he would begin his scans.


Trailbreaker was becoming dimly aware that other transformers had arrived, but without the necessary amounts of fluids to continue cooling processes and proper functioning of his repair systems, his engine was starting to overheat. Very slowly, he forced his right arm to move across his side, and with a flick of his fingers, he released the data disks to protect them from the heat that was building up inside his cabin.

2006-07-02, 05:47 AM
Maintenance Hatch, Metrotitan

"We could do that, yeah," Whirl conceded to Hardhead. "It'd be a lot easier to just use the door a few feet up ahead, though..."

The tall Wrecker kicked the hatch open with one of his skids, then jumped out of the city, transforming into helicopter mode as he did so. Spinning in the air, he offered one of his skis to the Headmaster.

"Grab hold. It's a long way down for poor, flight-challenged mechs like you."

Shuttlebay, Metrotitan

Getaway jogged up to the nearest large shuttle (the Ghoul) and smoothly slipped inside, quietly sweeping the small ship for enemies. Once he satisfied himself that it was clear, the Powermaster started to rev up the shuttle's engines.

Metroshot scowled. "No. I've been having problems with my system interlink. Probably because of that Autobot you people put inside my head."

He frowned, heading for the Wraith.

"If we had time I could try to access it from a shuttle terminal using my command codes, but I'd like to get into a stasis pod before this place blows up and takes me with it."

2006-07-02, 07:38 AM
Metrotitan , Shuttlebay

Scoop haing left the supply transfer on automatic, took the remote control pad and jogged over to the Banshee , targetmasters in each hand he scanned the area, He clambered aboard the cargo shuttle and after a quick sweep started running through the take off procedures.


Overdrive followed the drone over to the Wraith

"lets get you settled in then , and out of here. "

He keyed the door pad and a ramp whirred out of the ships side.

striding up the ramp he turned and surveyed the shuttle bay

He opened a com link

"all aboard everyone we need a pilot for the Spectre, how about it Sandstorm show everyone else how an expert does it, anyone else with piloting skills grab one of the smaller shuttles "

he gestured round the cavernous bay , there were several shuttles docked there with names such as Spook, Phantom and Shade amongst others

"any non pilots double up with the pilots we're gonna need somebody to run weapons and coms etc, we're gonna try and piggyback some of the empty shuttles so mechs liase with Rev on how we can do that."

2006-07-02, 12:42 PM

Devcon snorted, then pointedly turned his back on Guzzle, ignoring the other Autobot as he watched the others silently.

* * * * * *

Metrotitan, Shuttlebay

"Count me in" Sandstorm replied, then transformed into dune buggy mode and sped into the Spectre, transforming back to robot mode and taking the pilot's seat.

2006-07-02, 02:47 PM
Metrotitan, Shuttlebay

Seaspray ran after Sandstorm

"You heard the 'Bot, you need someone to man the weapons..and the er... coms, how about Sandy, wanna give this crusty old sailor something to do?" chuckled the Minibot as he proceeded to enter the Spectre.

2006-07-02, 03:06 PM
Road Caeser broke apart into his component parts; Lightspeed immediatly began polishing debris off his finish muttering something about only being awake for five minutes, whilst flame took in the view which only the Rockies could offer.
Gripper strolled up to the green minibot Cosmos and rested his hand on hisd shoulder in an over familiar fashion.
"Hows that transport coming on?" he asked: the meging and the action had leant his voice a gruff football coach air.

Aero Blade
2006-07-03, 02:07 AM
As their transportoation was being decided upon, Aero Blade took a moment to evaluate the two shuttles and the rest of the group. Deciding it would probably be best for the both of them if he kept some distance from Metroshot for awhile, he followed Getaway into the Goul and began to find someplace for him to get situated.

2006-07-03, 05:38 AM
Shuttlebay, Metrotitan

Metroshot stalked into the rear portion of the shuttle and headed towards the emergency stasis pod that was wired into the ship's systems.

Ah, what the hell... He sighed, then tossed a datacard back at Overdrive.

"Command codes," he said. "In case you have some spare time on your way out."

Getaway half-turned and nodded to Aero Blade.

"Good to have you aboard," he said.

Strange beeps and clicks emerged from his chest compartment as Rev interfaced with the shuttle's comm systems and started to set up a slave circuit to the smaller vessels.

2006-07-03, 06:23 AM
Service Corridor, Metrotitan:

Hardhead: "I don't need a lift. This transector was built on Master Star." -jumps out of hatch, boot jets kicking in, hovers next to Whirl- "C'mon, lets get out of here before we catch a wall section." -flys towards Countdown's base's location-

Shuttlebay, Metrotitan:

Roadbuster: -strides in, boards the Ghoul, tosses the dead heavy drone into a corner of the shuttle- "Clock's running, Wreckers. Let's go."

Somewhere under the Pacific:

Siren: "My magnetic anomaly detector's going crazy."

Quig and Brainstorm: -sitting inside Siren's vehicle mode body, look at each other-

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "Here goes nothing." -concentrates-


The blue, high-tech fighter jet looped up into the air and dove down towards the ocean's surface, knifing through the calm surface of the water.

2006-07-03, 06:31 AM
Shuttlebay , Metrotitan

Overdrive punched in a code opening the hangar doors.

He then slid the datacard into the console and tapped in some instructions attempting to download any files he could..

He opened a com link

"Scoop cut the cargo drones, lets get out of here "

Scoop pressed a command and the cargo handling system ground to a halt.

He opened another com channel

"ok Getaway time to live up to you name and lead us out of here."

2006-07-03, 07:21 PM
Cosmos gave a little shudder as Gripper rested his hand on his shoulder: he wasn't comfortable with this level of familiarity at all.
"They'll be here in a minute or five," he said, stepping away quickly, "well, the scout will be here to lead you back. I'll stay here and vouch for you and him, then I'm gonna get back to sppace and do what I'm supposed to be doing."

2006-07-03, 09:17 PM

Override arrived at the Rockies' foothill and transformed into robot mode. Grimacing he looked upwards and around. Then the triggerbot raised his comlink.

" So Cosmos, were're you exactly? " said Override. " This place is bigger than the Polihex' Crystal Spyres!"

2006-07-04, 05:53 AM
Outside Metrotitan

Whirl hovered in place for a moment, then flew off grumbling about new-fangled -Master style Transformers.

Shuttlebay, Metrotitan

Getaway chuckled.

"One cowardly escape coming up," he told Overdrive.

Looking over his shoulder, he nodded to Roadbuster.

"Strap in, chief. I can't promise this'll be an easy ride if the 'Cons decide to take a shot at us."

With that, he jammed the shuttle's throttle forward, and the Ghoul blazed forward, riding a tail of fire out into the Antarctic hinterland.

The unpiloted shuttles rose and followed at a more sedate pace, their controls slave-rigged to the Ghoul.

Aero Blade
2006-07-04, 06:22 AM
Aero Blade had been strapped into his chosen seat and ready for takeoff, but he'd not quite been expecting a volitile takeoff like that. When the shuttle blasted forward, Aero's head snapped back, luckily smacking into the headrest that was for such purposes.

It did little to improve his already existing condition, however, as he put his hands to the back of his head, which was suffering from having triggered yet another dizzzy spell along with some intense nausea. To any outside observer, though, it just looked like he was seething over a headache caused by the unexpected impact.

2006-07-04, 06:37 AM
Shuttlebay , Metrotitan

Scoop glanced around at his 2 targetmasters , Tracer and holepunch who were precautiously perched at the coms and weapons stations.

"lets get out of here."

He pushed the throttles wide open and the Banshee shrieked out of the shuttlebay and into the Antartic steppes.


Overdrive settled himself into Wraith's command chair

interesting mix of information how much will be useful and how much will be Starscreams diary i can't tell.

He looked up from the screen he'd been studying .

He reached up to the flight controls, igniting the engines the ship shot forward following the others outside into the icy wastes.

2006-07-04, 07:26 PM
Cosmos looked about the mountains in a slighlty Embarresed fashion.
"Excuse me." he said in a quiet tone to the Motorvator leader, as he transformed and soared into the sky: when he was as high as the highest peak, He radioed Override
"Can you see me? We're around about here!"

2006-07-04, 09:16 PM

" Eh... " muttered Override. " Ah!" he suddenly exclamed, " I see you Cosmos!"

Override waved smiling at the minibot. Then he started to scann and analyze the surrounding topography, looking for a viable path for the descent of Cosmos' new recruits.

2006-07-05, 05:14 AM

Metroshot set the timer on the shuttle's stasis pod, then climbed inside. Ten seconds later, the timer ran down and the pod activated.


Getaway glanced over his shoulder at Aero Blade.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Aero Blade
2006-07-05, 05:33 AM
"I'm fine," Aero Blade answered to Getaway after a moment, still tending to his head. His tone had sounded a bit garbled at first, but Aero didn't notice due to his own dissorientation, and it quickly cleared up as the dissorientation slowly began to wane off. "Mind giving some warning next time?"

2006-07-05, 07:26 PM
"Well alright, good thinking little buddy!" Hollered Gripper as Cosmos soared into the air.

2006-07-06, 06:17 AM
(OOC: To get things going, it's assumed that if you're a Wrecker and not already out of Metrotitan, you're either with Brawn and Stepper on the way to Countdown's base or with the rest of the Wreckers aboard the shuttles. Player's choice.)


Roadbuster: -remains standing, grabbing an overhead strut to keep him stabilized during the launch, looking at the chronometer in his HUD- "The real ride's about to start, Getaway. Hang on, everybody! 3......2.......1......"


Omega Supreme had stopped firing after the cities guns had stopped firing at him. His sensors detected the shuttles leaving the city at high speed, and he could make out the rapidly approaching figures of Whirl and Hardhead. As he opened his mouth to speak, he felt more than heard the first explosion. for a moment, Metrotitan was a shilouette........ then it was a flare of light and shrapnel as the city exploded, the shockwave slamming into and staggering Omega Supreme as the heat washed across the ice plain.

Hardhead: -starts to look back, his cry of surprise cut off by the sound of the explosion, his controlled flight turned into an uncontrolled straight shot, slamming into Omega Supreme's torso, falls the long way to the ground- "Owwwwwwwww....."


Fixit: -starts working on Trailbreaker-

2006-07-06, 06:18 AM

Hound parked himself in the wild foliage and began scanning. Topography levelled to a thermal scan and he paused as he read heat signatures radiating from the island.

The scout paused in confusion, then restarted his thermal scan. Hearing noises, he adjusted his mirrors and noticed several flocks of birds flying out towards the ocean. Puzzled again, he transformed to robot mode to gain height and moved through the bushes to a different spot.

From his higher vantage he began a third scan and frowned as temperature readings showed themselves to be increasing beyond dangerous levels. He looked around, and saw the beachline empty with white foam decorating the slowly-rolling waves, but his olfactory sensors picked up what he instantly recognized as a sulphuric smell. A closer look revealed that the foam was actually dead fish and the plants were withering and dying.

As the results of his observations and scans came back, Hound instantly knew that the island's volcanic activity must be responsible.
Sweet Primus...

The scout's duty was clear. He was frustrated, but didn't hesitate. His recon mission was scrapped instantly to save the humans.

"Optimus, Prowl, Magnus, Ironhide; Hound reporting; come in!"

2006-07-06, 06:45 AM
Under the Engines of the Nemesis:

Brainstorm's transector: -skimming in at an angle, hugging the ocean's floor, stops above a section of the seabed, under the dead engines, transforms to robot mode, kneels-

Siren: -transformation to robot mode bringing him up out of the ground-

Brainstorm: -leaps from Siren's hand, transforms to head mode, locks onto his transector- "Well, if we needed proof, here it is."

Bridge, Trypticon, Cuba:

Leozak: -flips a couple of switches and hits a button as he activates his commlink- "Skyquake! Take your Predator Squadron and go outside! Start attacking the humans!"

Carbombiyian Oil Fields:

The rig manager stood as he felt a faint rumble, then heard what sounded for all the world like millions of children hitting the bottoms of soda cups at once, a overwhelmingly loud sucking sound, then he looked at the oil field status board.... and his jaw dropped. All the beds were draining with frightening rapidity. In fact, as he realized what was going on, the fields hit dry, and as one, all the oil wells siezed. "This can't possibly be good......"

Bridge, Trypticon, Cuba:

Gaihawk: -watching one of the displays- "Captain! Carbombiya's been drained of all of it's oil! Storage tanks near the Decepticon base read full and holding!"

Leozak: -chuckles- "Gaihawk, prepare to raise ship. Killbison, bring all weapons online, start charging main gun."

Gaihawk: -slides into the helmsman's seat, starts entering commands-

Trypticon: "All systems at full power. Maybe we can finally start blasting Autobots."

Leozak: "Soon. Very, very soon."

Jalgar: -lounging at the comm station, sits up- "Captain! I'm reading a transmission on an Autobot frequency. Transmitting from..... not too far from here."

Leozak: -nods- "Tap into it."

Jalgar: -turns a few knobs, taps a couple of keys- "Go ahead."

Leozak: -over commlink to Hound- "Attention, Autobot. The island of Cuba is about to suffer an.... unnatural catastrophe. You can either try to stop us, or save the humans. Leozak out."

2006-07-06, 06:49 AM

Overdrive fought with the controls trying to keep the ship level

"hope you strapped yourself in tight."



Holepunch gripped hard onto the console

Tracer looked at the viewscreen "looks like the Cons lost a city."

2006-07-06, 06:58 AM

Getaway shrugged. "Sorry 'bout that," he told Aero.

Should probably take the kid in for a checkup after this is done, though. He hasn't been exactly top-shape all mission...

The small ship was rocked repeatedly by the explosions, but Getaway kept a firm hand on the control stick as debris from Metrotitan slammed into them. Behind the Ghoul several of the slave-rigged shuttles exploded, their hulls not tough enough to endure the heat and impacts.

A particularly large piece of debris hit them just aft of the main viewport, slamming the ship downwards. There was an unnerving rip sound from the belly of the shuttle as they hit the frozen ground, bounced, then hit again.

"Hold on, folks..."

There was a faint retching sound from inside Getaway's chest compartment, but he chose to ignore it for the moment.

Pulling up on the control stick, he managed to get the Ghoul to rise shakily. A few seconds later, they cleared the last of the fire and debris.

"That was fun," he sighed. "Now if one of you guy could find me a Shop-Vac..."


Whirl was flipped end-over-end by the shockwaves, but just continued flying in that manner until he arrived at Countdown's platform. Transforming to robot mode, he rolled neatly inside the shuttle and found a seat.

Aero Blade
2006-07-06, 07:11 AM
Well, at least he'd had some warning this time... Once the ship had finally been brought back into order again, and Aero still found the cabin to be spinning, he leaned back in his seat and gave a digusted groan. First the cramped evac shuttle with all of the medics prowling around, then the Neo's shuttle crash incident, and now this...

"Why do I keep getting back onboard shuttles?" He muttered aloud to himself.

2006-07-06, 07:17 AM

Roadbuster: -having stayed upright through the whole thing(although he had grabbed a seatback with his other hand, and had to hold on hard enough to leave impressions of his fingers)- "I think you're the only one in here with biological components. And I know I don't have a shop vac. Status of the shuttle?"

2006-07-06, 10:56 AM
Lower Deck, Trypticon, Cuba:

Talon: I ain't takin' no orders from those dimwits

Stalker: You’re one to talk

Skyquake: ...Quiet...Dimwits or otherwise…I choose to think the former…you still take orders from me...we...will do as the...com…as… the "commander says"...

Talon: Y…yes sir


The Predators transformed into their respective alt modes. The two airborne Predators flew out of Trypticon at a tremendous speed. Stalker matched their speed as he thundered towards the human settlement.

Cuba, Approaching Human Settlement

Skyquake: Talon, you have my permission...to be...your usual self...Stalker...to tap into the frequency of the human screams...and then activate your amplifiers...at full volume...so everyone can hear this wonderful…wonderful… sound...

Stalker: Yes Sir!

2006-07-06, 07:04 PM

Overdrive checked the scanner

this was going to be close very close

He pushed the throttles through the gate and pulled the joystick back gaining altitude away from the exploding debris .

Puzzled by a control on the panel in front of him

he tapped a query into the console, someone seemed to have rigged a short range teleport in the shuttle ,

no time to be messing about with new untried tech.

He scanned the weapons panel

now there was something he understood

Overdrive tapped in a command to the autoguns to pick off any debris that came too close for comfort.


Scoop gripped the joystick intently

Tracer was at the weapons console.

"yeehaw another one bites the dust."

Holepunch shook his head

"this isn't a computer game if one of those hits us we can't restart from the begining of the level."

Scoop interjected

"as long as he keeps blasting them i dont mind how much noise he makes."

2006-07-06, 07:08 PM
Hound clentched his teeth as he listened to Leozak, still fully aware that he had an open line to the Autobot base - if they picked up the signal.

His scanners continued to radiate information on the increasing danger, but the scout's other senses alerted him to the more looming and immediate threat before his scanners did.

The noise of the distant thrust of the Decepticon jets was unmistakeable, but they weren't heading for him- the course of the distant vapor trails was set toward the human cities.
"No... No!" Realizing instantly what the cryptic message included, he transformed back to his jeep mode and began speeding down toward the settlements.

2006-07-06, 09:10 PM
City, Cuba

Skyquake transformed and starred coldly at the horrified humans.

"Stalker amplify this...I want this...to be heard", said Skyquake in his cold, whispery voice.

Stalker adjusted his amplifiers to Skyquake's voice. His amplifier blasted Skyquake's speech at full volume, causing the ground to shake.

"Hmmm...Humans of Cuba...the Autobots have interfered...so now...we...must act...you must face you're own mortality...I will see to that...unfair I know...why should a being of my grandeur waste my...miserable time...on the likes of you...you are nothing to me...nothing...this is barely constitutes as …the beginning of… what’s to come…a new era…is on the horizon…where the sun never sets…blocked out by the darkness…blocked out by…the blanket of evil the likes of you humans strive…to create…but are too weak to achieve…or admit you even tried create it in the first place…".

Skyquake raised his rocket launcher

"...The sky itself will quake…hmm…you are nothing to me and so I will not waste any more of my words on your redundant ears…neither good nor evil…you are nothing…this is nothing… Talon, Stalker... transform...time to rid ourselves of this menial task...hmmm..."

Talon, midair, transformed and raised his own rocket launcher. Stalker transformed into to his massive robot mode, casting his grim shadow over the streets, covering the last ounce of hope.

"This does not please me...this does not sadden me...no those are not the traits of a being...of...100%...evil...but it’s doing its best to annoy me"

"Sir...permission to crush the fleshlings" shouted the overenthusiastic Talon

"You are a walking cliché...a symbol of what the Deceptcion army has become...perhaps what its always been…you do not understand nor will you ever...indulge yourself...blow things up...get your jollies...have your pathetic fun...fun is not a trait of a true… e...erg...hmmm…my words are wasted on the likes of you...crush the fleshlings as you so "aptly" put”

OOC:Such a drama queen

2006-07-07, 06:33 AM

"We're on our way Hound. Use extreme caution, we'll be there as soon as possible."

Thinking quickly, Hound saw the three Decepticons gathering and preparing.
The really long speech gave him time to close the gap, and he transformed, bringing his missile launcher up to his shoulder and holding his rifle in his right hand. He broke over the Decepticon radio frequency in the local zone.

He stood sideways to the trio, roughly 500 feet away, aiming his weaponry at the city. Hound growled a deepened, fierce sounding command into the radio. His former reprogramming still haunted him, and he knew the effects of it had corrupted his energy signature enough that it might allow him to pass a very temporary distraction.

"Fellow Decepticons, hold your fire! By the direction of Soundwave and our mighty Lord Gigatron, I have been programmed and sent to strike the first blows for the glory of the Decepticon empire while the Earthlings' cameras bear witness, thereby reducing the Autobot reputation to dust in the eyes of the rest of this planet's flesh creatures."

2006-07-07, 10:56 AM
OOC: Sorry about the absence, been kinda busy with life and stuff, will try to post more, promise. Going to work right now though

Seaspray ran after Sandstorm

"You heard the 'Bot, you need someone to man the weapons..and the er... coms, how about Sandy, wanna give this crusty old sailor something to do?" chuckled the Minibot as he proceeded to enter the Spectre.

"Sure, that would help" Sandstorm nodded back at the minibot with a smile as he ran pre-flight checks to make this Decepticon vessel was in working order "Check how the others are doing in their shuttles first, ok"

2006-07-07, 12:15 PM
Override followed the directions given by Cosmos. Well, followed: there was a lot of interpretation as to what the best route was, and when the scout arrived at the destination, things were a little heated.
Cosmos landed in a huff. "You could have been here hours ago if you'd just-" he was interrupted by Override.
"Are you a scout? Or even a ground vehicle? I can't fly dimwit. I need to the "The Long Way Round!" "
Cosmos turned away: already his good deed was turning into a pain.
"Look, you're here now. Take these three back asap, from waht I here we need soldiers. Tell Hq I'm taking to the Atmosphere, see if there's anything worth looking at."
With that, the Green Minibot transformed back into his UFO mode and took off into the distance.

Dogfight watched as Fxit worked on the wounded. Instinctively, he went to the nearest flyer for an update.
"Hey, Devcon, what happened? Thought this was a pick up mission? How many were there?"

2006-07-07, 04:59 PM

Seaspray poked his head outside the left hatch.

“Woah! Sandy they’ve already begun their voyages matey” said the seafaring Minibot as he slid back into his seat,

“Eh and by that I mean they’re already leaving cap'n, so how about we begin our own voyage and set sail!”

2006-07-07, 05:48 PM

"Turned into an ambush" Devcon replied neutrally, his stance calm as he glanced at Dogfight "And I didn't count them, too busy fighting them off to do that"

* * * * * *


"So are we" Sandstorm called back as the shuttle lifted off "Just checking this bucket of bolts wasn't booby-trapped or needed an access code to fly. Now sit down and strap yourself, 'spray, coz here we go"