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2006-05-25, 01:38 PM
Also by Amenbo...



2006-05-25, 01:53 PM
Attached image...

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2006-05-25, 10:05 PM
Oh, me like, me like. Drool.

Hi, boys! The fangirl is among you!

2006-05-25, 11:18 PM
Originally posted by Clogs
Hi, boys! The fangirl is among you!

My horror knows no bounds.

2006-05-26, 06:10 PM
What, you mean you aren't used to Starscream fangrrrls yet? ;)

Back on topic: I covet that thing. In fact, I covet it to the point of hoping for Skywarp-and-Thundercracker repaints. *sighs*

Ford DeceptiFocus
2006-05-26, 07:24 PM
My biggest regret in life--not being able to turn my niece (who's now 11) into a Transformer fan. Snagged the first nephew (and have high hopes for the 2nd and 3rd nephew when they are older) but where did I go wrong with my niece?

If only they would make Masterpiece Arcee...I might have a shot still.

Lord StarScream
2006-06-01, 12:33 PM
Wow. MP Prime was amazing, after all we got Ultra magnus.

But screamer.

A litttle paint and I can have the whole team.

Change the mold a little and I can have trust, dirge, and ramjet.

Oh what a day.