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Cyberstrike nTo
2006-05-25, 04:10 PM
OOC: The following is a fictional magazine article detailing the fictional rivalry between the AWF and Christopher Back and the
X-WCW and it's also to help explain the storyline (and build some hype) for the upcoming Collision Course II show. I hope you enjoy it!

IC: There are a lot of fans that are wondering what suddenly caused X-WCW CEO Christopher Back to issue the challenge
for 5 top AWF superstars in a War Games match right now?

With the AWF is in a steady decline and there hasn't been any new editions of Mayhem and Warzone (both shows are in re-runs on the TFA network) and no new pay-per-views in over a year.

Is it because that Back smells an easy kill, another competitor to bury right next to ACW and UCW? Is that he's just wanting to cash in on a dying fed or is it something that no one has ever thought of: is Christopher Back wanting to save the AWF by giving it a shot in the arm?

But still why would Back even bother?

For intense and purposes he's already won the war.

To understand the reasons for Christopher Back's motives, you have to understand him, AWF and the X-WCW.

To say that Christopher Back's relationship with the AWF is a love-hate relationship is a gross understatement. Both sides have used and abused each other over the years to get talent, prestige, and even money out of each other.

Shortly after he signed with the AWF Back, who was then wrestling as Cyberstrike, made his AWF debut against TC in a match where he had help to pull an upset win Back was furious at the interference and as a punishment he was forced to tag with D-Extreme but the two men became fast friends and eventually had a short 3 day reign as AWF Tag Champs, they lost the belts 3 days later to Summers and O'Con in a disappointing match.

When Back asked for less overbooking, and small raise he was suspended for 8 weeks for "attitude" problems.
It was during this time that he was offered a deal at WARWF to help launch it, but when WARWF folded and Back found that the AWF staff was not to pleased with him and suspended him for 4 more weeks and he was forced to be on sidelines which made him bitter and resentful.
It was during this suspension that his late mother's investments paid off and made him a billionaire almost overnight he bought the WARWF and renamed it the X-WCW and asked some of the AWF mid-carders to join and they did.

When Back finally returned to the AWF he was reduced to jobbing for new comers and was bounced from feud-to-feud with no real reason.
Finally when AWF founder Vaccaro offered him a chance to be in an inter-promotional X-WCW World title match for Archivemania 2
he jumped at the chance because at that time the X-WCW's first network the WaR Channel was having some serious financial problems and there a serious possibility that it would go off the air. So Back used the AM2 match as free publicity to secure a deal with the Mechaex Network for new home of the X-WCW TV shows.

Now while Back had agreed to a one-shot deal for use of the
X-WCW World title belt, but when a creative shakeup decided to use the X-WCW World title belt at the next AWF ppv, Fallout, both Back and D-Extreme hit the roof, after the Fallout match Back made his complaints public he was suspended again!

After his third suspension Back returned to the AWF to fill out his contract but when his friend Deathscream was fired over a disagreement with Erik Summers they both had enough and quit
in protest.

Back took his anger out on a replica of the AWF Tag Team title belt which he destroyed with a sledgehammer and created the short-lived X-WCW International Tag Team titles in the resulting aftermath.

It seemed that the AWF had enough of Christopher Back,
yet when another creative shakeup offered him a deal to good to pass up and to everyone surprise he accepted it.
But when his ideas were ignored and he was basically told to shut up, Back felt betrayed and held down when Back asked to be let out of his contract and the AWF management said no, AWF CEO Brendan Reilly was hellbent he was going to break Back's spirit once and for all, but that changed when Back unleashed an all-new weapon: an all-new and dedicated writing staff for the
X-WCW that shattered AWF's ratings and buy rates. Back also offered new and better deals for any AWF superstars who wanted to jump ship, the he launched a full scale war of words accusing the AWF of everything under the sun.

When financial problems began to plague the AWF Back did some-
thing that no expected he loaned the AWF half a billion dollars to
help keep it from going off the air.
Although Back still kept trashing the AWF every chance he got.
After a year and half the war of words seemed to be all but over
when a new war began.

A new shadow war was being raged at X-WCW house shows when AWF Owner Brendan Reily leading a strike force of AWF superstars launched a surprise attack on the X-WCW and that led to the shocking revelation that Brendan Reily bought half of the X-WCW with the half a billion dollars that Back had loaned him!

Although Back as refused to publicly acknowledge that Reily is his new business partner, so when X-WCW CEO Christopher Back made his challenge to the AWF for five of it's of top superstars to get Reily out of his company. So Christopher Back challeged the AWF to the War Games Match.

The challenge was soon accepted by AWF Champion Viewfind, Ravage, Zarak, Amarant Odinson and Auros.

Not the five that many of the AWF fans thought would accpet the
challenge and some AWF fans have expressed downright disappointment with not seeing AWF icons like:
Erik Summers, Sean O'Con, Stone Cold Skywarp, and TC taking on Team X-WCW. All of whom said no comment as to their reasons why they accept the challenge.

While some of the AWF loyalists insist on keeping out of the
X-WCW, the simple truth is that this match was unavoidable.
And the implications are clear: that at Collision Course II, the both the AWF and X-WCW will face it's greatest challenge to date
each other and 2 new feds, XWA, and 2NLW.

Now the only real question is who will survive?