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Karl Baller
2006-05-28, 03:43 PM
*As the AWF fans await for something to happen, "I'ma Hustla" by Cassidy hits the speakers. The fans immediatly remember this theme music and start to boo loudly as Karl Baller makes his way to the arena. KB comes out of the curtains with a long white T-shirt, baggy dark blue south polo jeans, fresh all white addida's, an all white 76er's fitted hat, and his half of the X-WCW Ultimate Tag-Team titles across his shoulder. "Da Kid" strolls down the ramp grimacing at the fans, handing out middle fingers, and even rips one of the AWF posters up. He continues to walk down the ramp until he gets infront of the AWF ring, he climbs into the ring and pulls out an "X-WCW" microphone to speak. His music dies down, and the fans stop booing so he can finally speak.*

*Before he says a word tough, he begins to show off the "X-WCW" microphone infront of everyone*

KB: "Sorry, I would never touch any of your merchandise and ish, especially speak on an AWF microphone. Basically all of da AWF superstars got halitosis and dey spit on da microphones, I ain't trying to smell dat stuff each time I talk. Anyway, I just came out here to tell team AWF something right now, I am officially apart of team X-WCW. I mean you all ain't have a chance to win at first, but now i'm here so you definatly ain't winning Collision Course II."

KB: "Really, look who is representing team AWF...just a bunch of gimmick stealing, Brooklyn Brawler skilled losers! Amarant Odison is da 'WORST' technical wrestler of all time and he stole Chris Benoit's gimmick, I already beat your a** before 'AMARANT' and I will be proud to do it again and knock dat last rotten tooth dangling from your gum diseased mouth. Ravage....seriously, WHAT DA F*** IS A RAVAGE? I have never heard da word Ravage in my life...and Zarak...sorry dog, your name just like dis federation is just plain corny. I bet you two been wrestling for years now and nobody still have ever heard of you."

*The fans boo the hell out of KB, he is seriously taking shots at these guys.*

KB: "Auros, dog dis ain't Final Fantasy. Just cause you took da N out and added an S doesn't mean your original. You and dat Cloud Strifer wannabe need to chill out and get some actual girlfriends, my fault though, you two are certified virgins. Look, da science fair is prolly across da street, go ahead and enjoy. Finally, your AWF champion...Viewfind?"

*They chant "View-Find" over and over, he smirks sadistically and speaks again.*

KB: "Dis fake a** John Cena with da rainbow colored suit? You all keep chanting his name over and over like he da sh**. Ay homie, why don't you take a 'view' and 'find' your 'OWN' gimmick, wack a** poser. Dude sound like Barney ghost write his rymes anyway. Point blank, da AWF is 'A Weak Federation', I mean 2NLW and XWA actually have a chance to win this, you all just don't have a chance to walk in the ring. You all ain't doing sh** fa real, we got dis one on lock. At Collision Course II, its all over for da AWF. Maybe after you lose, you can close down and save everyone else from watching da worst wrestling of all time. I'm outta dis b****, after sitting here and waiting for a show for Twenty zillion years, dis place just starts to suck. Just know dat at CC2, da AWF will learn da truth and nothing less...AIN'T NOOBODY SEEING DA X...W...C...W!!!"

*KB smirks as "I'ma Hustla" by Cassidy hits the speakers. He gets out of the ring and leaves the arena, giving the crowd the middle finger as he continues to walk up the ramp. When he gets to the top of the ramp, he turns and spits into the crowd, then dissapears behind the curtains.*

Amarant Odinson
2006-05-29, 12:13 AM
The lights go out in the arena as smoke starts to fill the entrance way. On the Titantron, we see a black and orange 13 logo flash in in time with the steady beat of a heart monitor. The beeping continues for a few more seconds before a long beep is heard as the screen flatlines. Pryo starts to go off and his music starts to play as the crowd sees coming from the smoke, a man. A man with his classic black towel over his head. As he moves forth from the smoke, the crowd starts to chant his name. AMARANT, AMARANT, AMARANT He sees the coward, Karl Baller standing before him, rips the microphone from his hands and throws it to the ground, much to the delight of the AWF faithful. Amarant then pulls out an AWF microphone.

Hey Mushmounth, next time you try to a bash the AWF, try using english, ok?

The crowd starts laughing at the comment before The Rabid Wolverine conitnues on

Now you say that we're supposed to scared because you're on Team X-WCW. Let me tell you something, boy. I'm not afraid of you, X-WCW, 2NLW, XWA or any other pissant that thinks he can come in here and run his mouth. I don't care if I'm the only memeber of the AWF that actually shows up to your little PPV, because neither you nor the rest of your damn team couldn't beat me on their best day.

You said yourself, Baller. "Ain't Nobody Seeing X-WCW". That's because nobody cares about some backwater fed, that has less talent in thier entire roster than I do in in my damn pinky toe. I've made bigger men than you tap out before and come at Collision Course II, with this whole damn company on my back, I'll show you and the rest of those "enterainers" in the X-WCW, that I am the Best Damn Technical Wrestler in the history of this business.

The AWF may be dead, but I sure as hell, am not. So you shine your little belt. You and your boys get ready. 2NLW and XWA, you too better bring the best you have to offer, because at Collision Course II. I will show the world once again, the one sure thing that exist in this business. The one true consant that will never change, the only gad damn thing that fans have come to expect time and time again. And that is that no one....AND I MEAN NO ONE.... WILL EVER... IN THIER WILDEST DREAMS....

He points the mic to the fans who all start chanting in unison.


2006-05-29, 12:29 AM
I am sorry what just happened here. I mean I know Amarant just put this jobber in his place. But what did the Jobber say?

Amarant Odinson
2006-05-29, 12:51 AM

2006-05-29, 04:31 AM
OOC: Ah... a lot?

IC: Oh, it is time again, my friends.

We cut to the back, where we see a locker room door that reads "Serial Slackaz," but it has fallen off its hinge. The camera moves past it and we find Ignavus and D-Extreme in the locker room.

This is no ordinary locker room however. There are cobwebs everywhere. Dust covers everything else. Trash and empty cans of beer and coke are scattered along the floor, and there's a pizza box in the corner that's growing something unnatural.

D-Extreme is passed out on the floor face down, and Ignavus is sprawled on a near by bench, his face out of view. Igz snores, and then D-Ex snores, and then Igz snores, and then D-Ex snores. Back and forth, back and forth, in some kind of beautiful melody.

The TV in the corner, an old one with rabbit ears, is flickering with static until it comes alive with Baller's entrance.

The Slackaz do not react.

Baller starts to speak, and Ignavus scratches himself.

He continues to talk, and D-Ex belches.

He finishes his talk and the Slackaz do not react.

Amarant's entrance hits on the television, and Ignavus mutters something along the lines of "no, JD, I don't want to wear the bunny coat!"

Amarant starts to respond, and D-Ex farts.

He continues to speak, and Igz reaches into his pants to adjust himself.

The slackaz do not respond still.

Someone in the hallway outside says something about free pizza.

The slackaz react.

Igz: Duuuuuuuuuude.

Igz sits up. He has a giant Rip Van Winkel white beard.

D-Ex rolls over and sits up. He too has a beard.

D-Ex: Duuuuuuuuude.
Igz: How long have we been asleep?
D-Ex: >belch< Dunno. When was the last show?
Igz: Ah... like a year ago.
D-Ex: That long.
Igz: Snap.
D-Ex: Nighty night.

D-Ex drops back and is snoring again.

Igz: Are you snoring while you're awa... >snore<
D-Ex: You just did i>snore<t too!
Igz: I know how we>snore<ird is this, bro?
D-Ex: I blame the aspes>snore<tus in the walls. Damn Reilly and his being a che>snore<ap bas>snore<tard.

Igz grabs an opened can of coke. It has a thick film of dust on top of it. He drinks it anyway.

Igz: Flat.

D-Ex finds a can of Miller Lite and chugs it down.

D-Ex: Warm.
Igz: Let's go find new ones.
D-Ex: Yeah.
Igz: You first.
D-Ex: You first.

They do rock paper scissors, and they both get paper. Again, and rock. Again, and paper again. Again, and rock again. Again, and paper again.

They both stroke their ridiculous beards again. They go again, and both get rock again.

They both stroke their ridiculous beards again. They go again, and both get paper again.

Igz: We are evenly matched.
D-Ex: I've got an idea!

We cut to the outside of the hall, and we see three interns dragging a blue tarp out of the slackaz' locker room. A second later, we see Igz and D-Ex riding in the tarp.

Igz: To the arena!
D-Ex: There's bound to be vendors there!

The slackaz, without even realizing it, are on their way to the brewing conflict in the ring! Suspense!

OOC: To be continued by my bro, D-Ex.

2006-05-29, 07:29 AM
Soon enough, we go back to ringside where Amarant and Karl Baller, who mysteriously is back in the ring after leaving, are STILL there. All of a sudden, the Serial Slackaz come rolling down the ramp with the tarp. Once the tarp stops, or well..crashes to the ring apron, both D-Ex and Ignavus are sprawled outside the ring and slowly get to their feet. D-Ex hauls up Ignavus and asks him if he's ok before D-Ex turns around and looks at the ring. He is surprised at the sight of people ACTUALLY inside the ring before he steps forward.

sound: "THUD!"

D-Ex falls flat on his face as he accidentally trips on his own beard. Ignavus tries to help D-Ex, but he suffers the same fate. Both men struggle to pull themselves off their feet, but they finally manage to get up on a vertical base...until they fall off again thanks to their beards. After a few seconds, the same three interns who helped them out earlier, storm down the ramp and haul up the serial slackaz. While the two are down, one of the intern with shaver in hand, takes off both beards and roll the two men into the ring.

After a minute, D-Ex and Ignavus FINALLY get up and look at Amarant and Karl Baller. D-Ex approaches Amarant before he grabs the mic and looks around. He looks back at Amarant before he speaks.

D-Ex: "Ssssaaayyy.......you know where we can find the consession stand here?"

Ignavus pokes D-Ex from behind and he points at the direction from a vendor in the front row. D-Ex smiles before he and Ignavus stand near the ropes and recieve their respective cans of miller lite and coke. After gulping down, they slowly awaken to their senses and recall what they just saw on TV.

D-Ex: "Hey Igz! Guess the AWF is alive after all huh?"
Igz: ".........:glance: .........really? gee D, I didnt notice that."

The fans laugh a bit before D-Ex and Ignavus touch their chin area. They realize that their beards just got shaved off by the interns.

D-Ex: "And our beards are missin now.."
Igz: "...uh..huh?"
D-Ex: "So guess the AWF aint dead after all huh Igz?"
Igz: ".....didnt you just say that earlier?"
D-Ex: "I did huh?"
Igz: "Yes?"
D-Ex: "And?"
Igz: "Well"
D-Ex: "So?"
Igz: "WHO?"
D-Ex: "HOW?!"
Igz: "WAIT!"
D-Ex: "WHAT?!"
Igz: ".......lets stop before we do a lousy rendition of JFA and JHA here. It aint 2003 ya know."
D-Ex: "Got a point there."

The two slowly tilt their heads and look at Amarant and Baller.

D-Ex: "So you guys are here to give these people something to see after so many long months of hybernation here. I'm happy for you Amarant and for you too Karl. But as I recall in a dream, I told you it wasnt cool to kick a dead dog Karl. It aint COOL for someone as 'gangsta' as you to kick a dead dog. You may not know if its dead or not. And Amarant here, might have just proven it to ya. Now I know your not our enemy Baller, but this aint the X-WCW anymore. Right now, me and Igz are the tag team champs...you...are just another face for the crowd here for this place. Didnt have to come out here and get these people rilled up. Karl, you didnt have to come out here and diss the team AWF guys. If you are a student of the game, Baller, you would know that Amarant is the best technical wrestler alive!"

the fans cheer.

D-Ex: "And he jobbed to a guy who was cursed as a mid-carder in the X-WCW....."

the fans boo while Igz slaps D-Ex over the head.

Igz: "The hell was that about?"
D-Ex: "Uh..didnt Rage make Amarant his bitch last year in YOUR fed?"
Igz: "I know..but dont break kayfabe here! Who knows when Clay might kick you in the nads again."

D-Ex looks around before responding.

D-ex: "For your information..he aint here..and so are my nads!"

D-Ex nods while he reaches for his nether regions to feel something.

D-Ex: "Then again, maybe they are."

Ignavus shakes his head before grabbing the mic and begins his own speech.

OOC: ok Igz, your turn again...I am out of beard jokes :( .........i wish mullet man was here(iamarealamerican)

Karl Baller
2006-05-29, 12:06 PM
OOC: I kinda left the arena but I can edit that for ya...

*KB comes back to the ring as soon as Amarant comes in. He smirks after Odison finishes talking and slaps the AWF microphone out of Amarants hand and spits on it. He then picks up the X-WCW microphone and puts it back to his lips.*

KB: "Mushmouth though Amarant? Wow, dis is coming from someone who has 'NO TEETH' what so ever in his mouth! Dats what happens when you sign an AWF contract, you can barely get enough money to get a good dental plan. Who fixes your teeth, dead/blind Ray Charles with Stevie Wonder as his partner!? "

*Even the AWF fans bring out a large 'OOOOOOOOO', at the shot towards Amarant's dental plan. KB, who smirks, speaks yet again. He turns to D-Extreme and speaks.*

KB: "And as for you, I heard you say he is da greatest submissionist of all time right? Well why is it dat R.E. Rage, who doesn't even use submissions like dat i'd like to add, made his punk ass tap out and squeal infront of all his family in Canada? He didn't even get screwed...he just tapped out. Ya know what, lets watch 'Da Greatest Technical Wrestler' of all time work his magic."

*The cheap video-tron cuts on to Allhallowmas, a nNLW PPV that occured 10/31/05, the IN title match between R.E. Rage (c) and Amarant Odison.

Rage flips Amarant over and locks in a second Dragon Sleeper.

K: No!
B: Yes!

Rage torques the move, and the “Ricky SUCKS” chant catches on in the whole arena, but to no avail – a few moments later, Amaranat taps out.

The video replays Amarant Odison tapping out over and over, and even does a slow retake before it shuts off. KB speaks again.*

KB: "Can you believe it, dis guy actually thinks he is 'DA GREATEST TECHNICAL WRESTLER OF ALL TIME'!! Sorry to *mocks Amarant and tries to sound retarted* 'Prove you wrong' *stops mocking him* but apparently you have been wrong since you started wrestling. Hell, you have never been right, and to think dat dis was a superstar of da 'unsuperior' 2NLW you all claim it is?"

KB: "Like I said before, ain't nobody seeing da X-WCW cause its way above your level and wayyy to good for your fans. I mean, deeze stupid ass fans actually sat here for 8 months and haven't even witnessed a house show yet. The AWF is dead, and at Collision Course II, I am going to piss on its wooden grave stone. So enjoy your times coming out here to dis dirty a** ring, enjoy watching re-runs and thinking da AWF is better then the X-WCW. I'll most definatly show you da truth and nothing less, and Amarant, *he gets into his face* "I will 'Prove...you...wrong'."

*He stays face to face with the false "greatest technical wrestler" of all time and awaits a response.*

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-05-29, 02:11 PM
IC as CB: "Immortal" by Adema hits and Back appears on the Archivetron.

CB: "I have to admit Reily never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that you would have the balls to take my loan and use it to buy to half of my company instead of saving yours! But in a way I'm not surprised when you consider that over half you're roster always works in the X-WCW and everyday more wrestlers are flocking to the X-WCW. But unlike you and that fool Vaccaro I'm
not going to sit by and let you ruin my company so at the world's most famous bingo hall I'm going to introduce you to a whole new definition of Xtreme and take back what is mine, the
And Team AWF after Collision Course II, the AWF will be destroyed and none of the king's horses and none of the king's men will be able to put it back together again!

Amarant Odinson
2006-05-29, 03:36 PM
Amarant calmly walks over to D-Ex and hold out hand. D-Ex hands him the mic and Amarant nods a polite thank you before heading back over to Karl Baller.

You bring up one lost that I've had like it's supposed to mean something? We've all won and lost our share of battles in that ring. Hell, D-Ex and I had some of the best matches the world has ever known inside that squared circle.

But what you don't understand is that none of that matters. None of those wins or loses, titles, crowns or any other thing makes a damn difference to me. Because at Collision Course II, I'm going down to that ring, on my own of need be and I'll put on a wrestling clinic the likes of which have never been seen before. I'm going to that ring and showing the world why I am PEREFCTION compared to the likes of X-WCW, 2NLW or XWA. I'm coming to your house and the question isn't about who can Prove Me Wrong. It's if any of you "superstars" have the balls to take on a wrestler like me. At Collision Course II, the task before you isn't winning the match. It's for you and the rest of the X-WCW to....

Amarant pauses as he hears the crowd, chanting his name again. AMARANT, AMARANT, AMARANT


He then turns to the Archivetron.

Back, I'll see you and the rest of your "superstars" at Collision Course II. The AWF may be dead, but you'll found out, that I'm not.

And with that said, Amarant walks off behind the curtain with the fans still chanting his name.

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-06-07, 01:09 AM
IC: "You're right about one thing Amarant: the only thing at the AWF will be after Collision Course 2 is a memory. It had a good run and I will miss the AWF... NOT!!
I've proved that in the end and without a shadow of doubt that I'm the better booker, promoter, and businessman.
Reilly and the AWF board of directors didn't think so and look at where the once mighty AWF is now it's not as Baller said and weak federation it's a DEAD FEDERATION and I'm the guy that is going to piss in the AWF's casket!!

Now Amarant you think that you're best wrestler in the world? You see that is where you're wrong at: I'm the best wrestler in the world. I can do it all from mat wrestling, high-flying, to hardcore and I can do it all better than you and after Collison Course 2 I'll be more than happy to PROVE YOU WRONG!"