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AWF Productions
2006-06-13, 12:03 PM
*A black screen gives way to a simple ring. The kind found in any number of small venues across the country. The heavy cords of ?One? by Metallica strain in the arena and through the television

A few steel folding chairs circle the ring. Scattered around them are pop cans, chip bags and the other garbage that is left behind after an event.

As the camera moves in a little, blood can be seen in the ring and a voice comes in*

In the beginning, there was an idea. It was simple and pure. A contest of strength, skill, determination, heart and soul. Soon, the idea attracted others, like minded and the competition expanded. They began to meet regularly, to test themselves again and again; to see not only who was the best, but to see what they were made of. The heart and soul of these warriors attracted followers and fans - ones who stood behind their heros, ones who would cheer their victories and mourn their losses. The idea became an institution.

*The AWF symbol in crimson and black flashes across the screen*

Warriors gathered from across the globe to challenge for the honour and the glory to wear the symbol around their waists. The symbol of the idea, forged in gold and mounted on leather and paid for with blood, tears, heart, soul and pride. Seeing the idea made flesh, the others would smile and redouble their efforts to make it theirs: to carve their own legend.

*The championship belts superimpose themselves across the screen finishing with the AWF Championship. After a moment, it begins to burn*

But the institution has become stagnate. The idea has been pushed aside for more carnal pleasures and forgotten. Time to start over......

On Friday June 30th, 2006 we will light the fires from the beginning. We will set ablaze the institution, set a fire so big the Gods will remember the Idea and take up it?s call.

*From the flames, the Archivemania symbol forms*

Nevada Marijuana Dispensary (http://nevada.dispensaries.org/)

2006-06-13, 03:07 PM
The Darkened Room

OP2005 sits laughing maniacally as he once did so many times.

"We're baaaaaack!"

OOC: Good to see this back.

Lord Zarak
2006-06-13, 03:45 PM
The place is deserted, with only a few lights on, including that of the coolers behind the bars of the establishment. The figure sat in front of a table full of empty bottles and glasses is looking at a television suspended upon a wall.

In one hand he holds of pint of Guinness Extra Cold. In his other hand, he has a lit Cuban cigar, almost going out. Smoke fills the air, and adds to the somber atmosphere.

Suddenly, and advert appears on the television. The light emitted from TV plays in the smoke, showing the intricate layers of old and new smoke as the advert plays out.

Once it finishes, the figure re-lights his cigar and more smoke is introduced to the room. He downs his pint and moves behind the bar. He hunches a little, as if he's looking for something.

He straigtens and moves the item under the light of one of the coolers. Once he is satisfied, he moves away, and in the direction of a telephone. He picks it up, and waits for the other end to pick up.

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-06-14, 12:25 AM
IC: "I'll believe it when I see it."

2006-06-14, 12:58 AM
*Cloud back in Norway, is looking bored. His halls are fileld with grim warriors who instead of looking happy are now filled with a sense of dread and look genuinely worried.*

*Cloud Looks at the gold goblet in his hand and looks up at the men. He stands and throws the cup to the door. Men duck as the goblet flies through the air*

CS: This! This is what we are reduced to. Where is the blood, the screams of the enimes women and thier lamentations? What nonsense is this!

*A boy enters the room and bows, all eyes are on him as he looks like a paige*

Boy: Lord, a message...

CS: A Message? Come here now!

*The boy runs to Cloud who snatches the paper away from him. He reads it and looks happy. He turns to his wife who is similing.*

CS: We march to War!

* Shout emits from all who are seated there and the halls are shaking with the sound*

2006-06-14, 03:29 AM
Wait, what. AWF back.

Hmm maybe I can beat on more people, maybe not. Either way sign me up.

2006-06-14, 03:48 AM
*We go backstage and see D-Extreme sleeping on his couch. He wakes up thanks to a phone ringing and he picks it up.

D-Ex: "Wh...huh?...Igz, where the HELL are ya? I still have no damn beer here..yet I already fallen asleep! WHAT? Dancing lessons with senoir lightbulb?! Who the hell is THAT? Oh whats that? AWF comin back? Nice man, I finally get to do something with my strap if you know what I mean."

The camera zooms out as we see the AWF tag team title of D-Extrme sitting on the other couch. One thing noticable with the belt is, it looks as if it has been polished just hours ago and even has a bowtie on top of it. D-Ex smiles and looks at the belt. He waves at it like its alive and talks back to igz.

D-Ex: "And if you know what I mean..it wont be like YOUR belt...ugh..."

D-Ex looks at the carpet where Igz respective title belt lays as if it was already been there for months on end. A dog enters the room and tries to piss on the belt, but D-Ex kicks it right on the tail. The dog scrams out of the room before D-Ex talks again.

D-Ex: "Yeah..the bitch tried to do it again...so GET BACk here already and clean your damn belt. ME? I'm too sober to help you now!!!"

D-Ex hangs up and sleeps yet again.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-06-14, 10:49 PM
It'd be a dream come true if it all goes through.

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-06-15, 12:25 AM
On Friday June 30th, 2006 we will light the fires from the beginning. We will set ablaze the institution, set a fire so big the Gods will remember the Idea and take up itís call.

IC or OOC: Hell I'm not sure myself anymore.

Are these promos for real or they just another pipe dream?
Because June 30th, 2006 is about 15 days away.
The AWF staff now has 15 days to put together a Wrestlemaina-style event with the extremely high-quality of writing that past Archivemanias have had.

I just hope that whoever is running the AWF this week knows what they're doing, because it's do or die time now.

If AWF Productions that can s/he can pull it off, then my hats off to them, however in my honest to God opinion, the deadline is very unrealistic.

2006-06-15, 03:03 AM
The months haven't been kind to the bohemoth.

Without a steady caferteria, the gargantuan one has been reduced to searching for scraps.

He is a shell of what he once was.

Gone is much of the girth.

Gone is the clean shaven look.

The Kimono is torn and 2 sizes too large.

The lack of food has forced him to concetrate less on poetry and more on fighting to stay alive.

Where once he was a dominatingly huge cholestorol laden mammoth.

He is just now a slightly overweight, ad for a sandwich chain with a ravenous appetite for the cheers he once heard.

Baxter is no longer the massive one.

2006-06-15, 03:22 AM
The return of the AWF, the return of Archivemania, and most importantly...the return of Mr. Pay-Per View....TC

2006-06-15, 04:55 PM
*We see Viewfind getting out of his 2006 H3 with a army of fine ladys at his side*

Viewfind: "You see the spinners son, they never STOP SPININNG!!!"

*Just then Viewfind gets a Text on his cell phone that Reads*
"AWF is back"

Viewfind: "Oh word?"

2006-06-15, 09:47 PM
OOC: D-Ex thought of the concept, not me.

IC: We see Igz shuffling out of "senorlightbulb's dance studio" in a Judge Death t-shirt and pajama pants. He scratches, well, he scratches his crotch before his phone rings and he digs it out.

"Yo, X... AWF comin back? I mean, yeah... I've been cashing the checks and stuff, but I kind of figured that was all the work I'd have to do for them anymore. They want me to wrestle... FOR ARCHIVEMANIA.. in two weeks? Holy crap! I've got to get in shape!"

Igz hangs up, yawns, stretches, and says to himself.

"There, all set. I should call D-Ex."

He dials.

"Yo, man, Xille just called me as I was leavin senorligtbulb's dance studio... yeah, I know, dancing? Ridiculous, hunh? But girls freakin love it, yo! But listen... AWF is comin back!"

He pauses and listens.

"Dude, I told you not to let strays into the place! And I haven't even seen that belt for like... six months. Didn't you pawn yours for beer money or something? Dude! I'm on my way back, we gotta get ready."

Igz drops his stuff and seems to forget he has a car in the parking lot and tries to hail a cab.

That's when the buffallo runs in to him.

OOC: To be continued!

2006-06-16, 09:50 AM
OOC: I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A BUFFALO~! Who the hell do you think I am? TATANKA :(.......bah! Xille..you continue this...:mad: ;)

2006-06-16, 06:34 PM

Karl Baller
2006-06-17, 08:41 PM
*CCC sits inside of a dark room, his eyes closed like he is meditating. Just then, his eyes just dart open!*

CCC: "Finally, it is time! Death shall be poured upon all....hmmmmhmmmhaaahaaahaaaaaah!"

*The maniacal laugh comes out of CCC's mouth as he readys himself for battle.*

2006-06-18, 03:50 PM
Part 2!

Ignavus finds himself being carried away by a raging buffalo, while men from the circus chase after him, shouting things like "you're stealing our buffalo," or "that buffalo ran away from our circus!"

Igz scratches his head, "I wonder where this buffalo came from?" He's pretty dense, apparently.

The buffalo charges, goring and spearing people as it goes, until it runs right through the glass window of a health food store.

A few minutes later, Ignavus wanders out, eating a buffalo burger.

"Wow, this does taste like beef! And it's half the calories!"

He coughs and pulls some buffalo fur out of his mouth, then shrugs and sees a bus.

"Right, time to get to the AWF!"

Igz climbs onto the bus...

...only to find Judge Death driving the bus!

OOC: To be continued again!

Random Sweep
2006-06-19, 02:43 AM

Scarecrow looks up from his Bizzare lashings monthly mgazine as a camera man approached.

" Archivemainia? what the....? "

* Scarecrow listens to a comment offscreen that cannot quite be heard on the audia

" What do you mean it is my contract that I have to be there?!!"

* Scarecrow pulls a copy of his contract out of his gear bag and quickly looks at it

" Fine I'll be there but that huge lardass Baxter better leave some food in the catering room "

Amarant Odinson
2006-06-19, 06:01 PM
The familiar beeping of a heart monitor is heard on the television and with each sound a black and white image is shown. Each image is of a man, a man doing what he does best. WRESLTING Each picture shown is of a man with passion and intensity, wrestling in all sorts of venues in Japan, Mexico, USA, Europe and his home country of Canada.

Some pictures show the man delivering various suplexes, others show him twisting his opponents bodies and limbs in all sorts of submission holds and others still show the man in flight coming down on another victim. At the final beep, one image is shown, the image is of two men, one is tapping out, the other is the one applying his trademark hold, the House of Pain. The one tapping out doesn't matter, but the one applying the hold is the one the fans want to see. With his infamous toothless grin, the fans all recognize the man that many consider to be the Best Damn Technical Wrestler next to his mentor, Chris Benoit. As his music starts the man's voice can be heard.

I have applied my craft many times all over the world. Fans know that when I am in that ring, I am Perfection. I have won and lost my share of battles in that ring. I have had victory in defeat and defeat in victory. I have shown the world on many occasions that no one can PROVE ME WRONG. But that was just the beginning.

On Friday June 30, at ReGenesis, the AWF will be reborn. On June 30, I will return to the AWF and continue to do what I do best and that making anyone that's in my way TAP OUT!! I am Amarant Odinson. I am a wrestler and on June 30 at ReGenesis, I will come home.

Words fade onto the screen as the music continues to play. June 30, 2006,
The Rabid Wolverine returns.

Beat Him If You Can
Survive If He Lets You

2006-06-21, 10:13 PM
* A black screen is slowly lit by a red circle at the centre. The circle is around two-thirds the size of the screen. A wolf's head is silhouetted in the midst of this, and the words RED MOON RISING fade into view at the bottom of the screen as a wolf howl tears through the air. *

2006-06-23, 02:49 AM
The X hangs up the phone and sighs.

X: I really hope that was a good idea.

The X drops the phone and leans back in his chair.

X: The AWF... who would've thought?

The camera pans around to show a desk full of knick-knacks, photos, and papers... "Xille!" is written on the top of one of them. His cover of the AWF magazine is framed off to the right. There's a prototype of an Xille action figure sitting on top of his DVD, "Year One - You Can't Deny". One photo is of Xille standing with D-neXt, looking far too much like a fanboy. In another he's relaxing with the Serial Slackaz. Still another shows him with his Hardcore title, looking very nervous. He's standing with Vin Ghostal in the last one, both of them smiling as they hold their tag titles up. The camera pans back to Xille, who's holding his face with his right hand. He sighs again.

X: I've lost my family before, and it was just as unceremonious. I worked so hard, got so far... I was on my way to the top, to rub shoulders with... well, be around, at least... the giants. It was all stripped away. The glory I could have had. The fun I could have had. The family I could have had. Time and time again I've been given the promise: "We're back! Here's the AWF!" ...And for what? More heartbreak. More time in other feds, with strangers, with people I don't care about. And for what?

The X stands up and flips over the desk, scattering the memories everywhere.

X: They want the AWF back? Fine. They can try to revive it, but everyone knows that the damage has been done. The AWF will never be what it was. The giants have been erased. The battlefield is level. There is no ladder to climb, no respect to be earned. There is only redemption. These people were family, but time has again made them strangers. I will take back the life that they stole from me, the life that should have been mine. They burned the AWF - my home - to the ground. Now they're gone, and the X will take his rightful place where the giants once stood. And no one is going to stop me. I will remind them all why... they can't deny...

The X stands up and pulls a t-shirt from the mess at his feet. He puts it on and looks down, scanning the front. Though the shirt clearly used to be white, time has taken its toll. The message is still clear, however, as it merely reads: "The Power of X". Xille tilts his head back up.

X: Game on.

2006-06-25, 06:26 PM
Should be interesting.

2006-06-25, 09:21 PM
The Double S has been waiting for this. While it's been hard having to sit at home doing nothing but training, clubbing and meeting new and exciting people, it will be great to be back, doing what I love doing.

So, let me lay out my agenda...

Nothing's changed. The Welsh Wonder is still going to be thrilling his fans week in, week out. The Double S is still going to be the most entertaining superstar in wrestling today, and the Double S is still going to be taking names, and kicking ass.

However, I do have one regret. O'Tool and The Game are no longer in the AWF. There's some unfinished business there, which I'd very much like to finish. But hey, life goes on.

So, to whomever the new GM chooses to face me at Archivemania, I have one message to give out.

You are NOT ready for the Double S!

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-06-25, 09:52 PM
The camera opens and we see Mr. Back working out in his lush mansion when he is landed a envelope landed beautiful maid.
He stops his work out and examines the envelope.
Mr. Back quickly sees the AWF Productions logo in the corner and he carefully opens it and out slides a DVD. He quickly puts the disc in his DVD player and turns on his 72 inch HDTV and watches the press conference. Then he speaks.

CB: "I think this new guy doesn't know a few things like the fact
that after Collision Course II the AWF will be a full time dead fed. up and he'll need to learn that I do things my way!
Honestly if Reilly thinks that can hire some lameass two-bit
Jim Cornette wannabe and then he thinks he can threaten me with a lousy $50,000 fine to appear at a show where I may not even have a match and with no official card.
OK Mr. Ashoka if you want me for your AWF: One Night Stand special here are my terms:
I'll appear if and only IF I have a match otherwise I'm not going to waste my valuable time with the so-called "new" AWF."

2006-06-27, 05:36 PM
OOC: Finish this up sooner than I planned since this thread is over.

Part 3!


Igz looks up in surprise at Judge Death.

JD: Greetingsss Ignoramusss.

He raises an eyebrow.

Igz: S'up? Why are you working as a bus driver?

JD: I am not. I have incapacccitated the real driver, although none of thessse foolsss have noticcced.

Igz: Ah... why?

JD: To cleanssse them.

We zoom out and notice that JD has driven off the road. Also, a man soars through the air in the background and crashes into the forest. Don't know why.

Igz: Oh, I see.... so you won't be going to Archivemania any time soon, then?

JD: I am afraid not, ssslacker. If you choosssse to live, you sssshould probably essscape thisss deattth trap now.

Igz nods.

I: Right.

He jumps out the bus door at the last moment as JD drives the bus over the cliff, carrying all the passengers to their doom. He, however, dives out of the side, crashes into the ocean, and starts to breast stroke into the sunset.

Igz looks over the cliff, and shakes his head in disregard.

I: Crazzzzy zzzombie. Bah! Now I'm doing it!

That's when Igz looks over his shoulder...

...and a giant bear on its hind feet is coming for him!

Part 4!

Igz blinks, and the bear comes out of the shadows - revealing itself to be none other than D-Ex, covered in garbage, straw, and dirt. He moans.

Igz: What's up, D-Ex?

He moans again.

Igz reaches up and pull the empty beer bottle out of D-Ex's mouth.

D-Ex: Thankss Man!

Igz: What're you doing out here?

D-Ex: Looking for you!

Igz: Really?

D-Ex: Yeah! When you didn't show up on time, I went lookin, but then there was a beer cart and...

Igz: There's no such thing as a beer cart.

D-Ex: Fine, there was a half empty beer left on the sidewalk...

Igz: Pleasent.

D-Ex: And then once I had one I needed another one, and well, 20 beers later I was a little goofy and I volunteered to be a human cannon ball for this circus that was wandering by.

Igz: Nice!

D-Ex: Yeah, man, it was awesome. And then when I woke up I was here and you were there!

Igz: Convenient!

D-Ex: I know!

Igz: So how do we get back to the apartment? I need to get my title ready!

D-Ex: Bad news, man, that new guy whatshisface stripped us of our titles. We ain't the champs anymore.

Igz: Dude, really?

Igz looks sad and laughs, then they high five.

D-Ex and Igz: Yeah for bein the only undefeated tag champs EVER!

They giggle.

Igz: So how do we get out of here?
D-Ex: Don't ask me.

That's when a giant earthquake happens and the Earth opens up underneath the slackers, sending them tumbling into a deep dark abyss.

Part 5!

The slackers wake up surrounded by a bunch of asian men.

Asian Man 1: >Chinese<
Asian Man 2: >Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >Chinese<
Asian Man 3: >Chinese<

Igz: Ah... howdy?

D-Ex: What happened?

Igz: I think we just fell through the Earth, man!

D-Ex blinks.

D-Ex: Wait, really?

Asian Man 1: >Chinese<

Igz: I wish I could speak Chinese.

D-Ex: >Chinese<
Asian Man 3: >Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >Chinese<

Igz: Dude! You can speak Chinese? You never told me that!

D-Ex: I can't.

D-Ex: >jibber jabber<
Asian Man 2: >insulted Chinese<
Asian Man 1: >angry Chinese<

Igz: I think you made them angry.
D-Ex: Run away!

The Slackaz start to run through the street, and the Asian Men chase after them. Soon more and more start to join in on the mob, I don't know why - maybe for fun? If I saw a mob chasing some dudes I'd probably join in, too.

Igz: D-Ex... >huff, huff< Can't... go... on... too... lazy!
D-Ex: Can't... either... too... drunk...

They collapse in a pile, ready for a beating.

The mob surrounds them.

They all hold out pieces of paper and pens.

Igz: They want signatures!

D-Ex: Wait, man, I remember now, the AWF sends its shows to China!

Part 6!

We see the Serial Slackaz in ridiculously guady and expensive clothes. D-Ex is in a giant orange jump suit with pink Chinese writing on it and a picture of a huge chicken. He also has a giant rainbow afro wig on. Igz is in an Elvis suit with blue and pink glitter, and has on sunglasses at least 3 times too big for his face. They're riding in a giant limo, and have girls in bikinis fanning their faces. The bottom of the limo is filled up with empty beer cans and coke cans.

Igz: Dude, charging them one dollar a piece for the signatures was genius!
D-Ex: Dude, I don't think they're dollars here.
Igz: What are they?
D-Ex: Um... Chinese Dollars?
Igz: Works for me!
D-Ex: We're rich in Chinese Dollars!
Igz: Yay!
D-Ex: We never have to work again!

They get out of the limo, smiling. Two helper-monkeys come out of a secret door and start to carry them through the street.

Igz: Now THIS is living in style. No more "walking" like the "common class" for the Slackaz!

D-Ex waves at his helper monkey, who pops open a can of beer and pours it down his throat for him.

D-Ex: And no more "moving" or "doing stuff." I love you mojo!

D-Ex hugs the monkey.

That is until Xille kicks them both in the face.

Part 7! (Last part, I swear)

The Slackaz wake up on a plane.

Igz: Wha... wha.. happened?

D-Ex: I want my mommy!

Xille comes into the back.

X: Awake yet, you bums?

Igz rubs his eyes.

I: Whaaaaaaaaat? How long have we been out for?

X: Like... five days.

D-Ex: How hard did you hit us!

X: I didn't. You tripped on my feet, you tools.

I: Oh, stupid helper monkeys.

X: What?

I: Nothing. So how come we were out for so long?

X: ....because you're lazy?

D-Ex: Oh, right. Where are we going?

X: I was out here finishing up my tour with Zero One when I saw you guys. Apparently you were racking up quite a debt, so I'm taking you back to AWF with me before the Chinese crime lords decided to turn you into man slaves or something.

I: No more living in the life of luxury?

X: No.

D: No more helper monkeys?

X: No.

I: Can I at least have a coke?

X: There's soda in the back.

I: But it's soooooo far away.

X: Bite me.

Xille wanders back up towards the front of the private plane.

I: So I guess the Slackaz are back in buisness, hunh, D-Ex?

D-Ex: I guess. Let's just hope that the Chinese Mafia never comes looking for us!

I: >shudder< If they do, let's blame Xille!

D-Ex: Agreed.