View Full Version : Figueroa/Budiansky project to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con + Movie Panel

2006-06-19, 04:07 PM
Chris Ryall publisher and editor-in-chief of IDW Publishing has posted this at the IDW Messageboard (http://forums.idwpublishing.com)

Plans'll be announced soon, but we'll be doing a separate TF panel, in addition to the IDW one, and announcing the Bob Bud/Don Fig book and some other thangs...

2006-06-19, 04:10 PM
Suh-weet. :up:

2006-06-20, 01:40 AM
Edit: Well I certainly didn't just double post I merely posted two messages to eh... concur with Denyer's "Suh-weet" comment...yeah that's it. :glance:

2006-06-20, 01:43 AM
A little more info reported at www.Seibertron.com

More and more information about this years San Diego Comic-Con is coming out. According to Hadlen Weltall of TFans.com G4 has announced that there will be an exclusive panel for the upcoming Transformers movie. Here is what Hadlen Weltall reported:

"According to G4 Television. This year's [San Diego] Comic-Con will have an exclusive panel dedicated to Transformers the Live Action Movie. They are announcing it for their July 21st Live coverage from the Event