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AWF Productions
2006-06-27, 02:04 PM
*A black screen flares to life in a burning inferno. The AWF symbol rises through the flame, burning to red hot. In the flame are flashes of past events - major turning points in the AWF:*

Archivemania, the single most pivotal event in the AWF. For years it has seen the birth of heros and the fall of Legends. But now, the Heroes have failed and the Legends are gone. The AWF has crumbled into stagnation.

But now, the fires of re-creation have been lit and the gods are awakening again........

*The first soft, haunting cords of ?One? by Metallica filter through the flames and through the flames, an arena starts to come into view, one that lives in infamy in the hallows of wrestling history......*

Friday, June 30th, 2006 - live from the Forum in Montreal, Quebec Canada: RE-GENESIS Happens!

*As the voice of the AWF continues, flashes of titles and AWF superstars flash across the screen*

Former AWF tag-team champions, Serial Slackaz, have a chance at regaining their former glory as they take on Vin Ghostal and Xille!

The supernatural Brave Maximus will unleash his vengeance on the Human Bulldozer Tempest!

Y3B challenges Black Zarak for ownership of the Inter-Continental Title!

Every Superstar in the AWF will be given the chance for a shot at the AWF Championship when they are pitted against each other in a 20 man ?Money in the Bank? Rumble!

The same night, two titans collide for that very same title:

The Toughest SOB in the Archive, Stone Cold Skywarp takes on the Human Submission Machine, Amarant Odinson for the AWF Championship.

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AWF Productions
2006-06-27, 02:17 PM
20 Man "Money In the Bank" Rumble:

The rules are simple, two men start (those who draw numbers 1 and 2), and every 180 seconds later, another Superstar will enter. The only way a superstar can be eliminated is to be sent over the top rope and have both feet touch the ground. There are no DQ's, no pins and no submissions.

The winner recives a contract that allows him to challenge for the AWF Championship at any time they wish, PROVIDING that the title is not already in competition at that event.

The entrants:

#1 Sixswitch
#2 Christopher Black
#3 Judge Death
#4 OP2005
#5 Wolfang
#6 Bombshell
#7 CCC
#8 Aurous
#9 Scarecrow
#10 Mantaur
#11 P?
#12 The Lock
#13 Cloudstrifer
#14 Wild One
#15 Baxter
#16 TC
#17 Ravage
#18 The King
#19 Aunty Slag
#20 Jetfire
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Lord Zarak
2006-06-27, 02:21 PM
Black Zarak, a little worse for wear, watches the screen as the promo plays out. Again, he is seen holding a pint of Extra Cold Guinness. He begins talking to himself.

"So I gotta face Blaster again?! I can't seem to lose the fool. Still, now is the time to beat his sorry arse into the dark ages. I'll be the next Inter-Continental Champ.

And then we can drink to our liver's content!"

He turns round as he finishes his words, only to find the pub empty.

"Balls. Forgot to open up again. Ah well, more profits for me then!"

Zarak goes behind the bar and pours himself another pint.

2006-06-27, 05:02 PM
OOC: Let me just say I'm now really excited for this show. Making it an Archivemania was a stroke of genius. But - just to clarify - before D-Ex and I get to making asses of ourselves - is that match for the Tag Team titles or not?

2006-06-27, 05:46 PM
20 men in the ring. One winner. The Double S is ready for this one. I don't give a damn where I enter. Number 1, number 20, it's all the same to me. But luckily for the Double S, Christopher Bearback is in the match too; that fool's been rubbing a lot of people up the wrong way the last few months, and no more so than the Welsh Wonder, the Double S, the most exciting Superstar in the AWF today...

That's me, for those who haven't been paying attention. So Back, and everyone else in the Rumble...

Are YOU ready?
I don't think so.

2006-06-27, 07:53 PM
So this is how it goes, eh. The Bomber and 19 other guys in the ring together. I take a look at that list, and you know what I see?

Losers. Has beens. Wannabes. Not a single one of them capable of lasting ten seconds with the Bomber. And King, don't think I've forgotten how much you've screwed me over before. I see your ass in that ring, yours is the first I toss over that rope.

As for the rest of ya...bring it on.

2006-06-27, 11:11 PM
OOC: That's supposed to read "Every other superstar (meaning those without matches already on the card) is in the Money in the Bank match" right? 'Cause I would hope that I'm a superstar, and my name (and many others) is most definitely not on that list.


The X turns off the television.

X: Why?

He stands up and throws the remote across the room.

X: WHY? Why have I been kept out of the big dance again? I've got a bull**** match with the Slackers? They couldn't force the NWA to fight, or Blood and Thunder to reform... hell, Judge Death and Baxter, even! Ravage and TC! The King and the Lock!

But no!

No, they needed a ratings boost. Lord knows SCSW doesn't draw anymore. So they do something that they know will explode: they put Ghostal and Xille on a team again. It hasn't worked in the past, and it won't work now. But they want to see the drama. They want people to cheer the violence.

This isn't going to stop me. This is a setback. The X isn't afraid of a 3-on-1 match. It just speeds up the process of teaching people not to deny.

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-06-28, 12:32 PM
IC as CB: Mr. Back is standing in a ring in a darken arena and he
looks into the camera with the most intense look he's every had one his face.

"I said I would be at Archivemania V if I had a match, and since I'm in one so I'll be there.
But now I have to be honest here: I HATE being in battle royals!
I have done my best in my career to avoid being in them but
since, this time there's a title shot that would mean I could choose the time and place to finally fulfill my destiny and become the AWF Champion!

Now the only problem is the other 19 men also want this shot, but there is one amongst the other 19 that would have the same problem of outlasting the others and that is Sixwitch.

Now, it's no secret that Sixswitch that I've never really liked you but I do respect you and that is the honest to God truth and
I'll swear to that on a stack of bibles and on my mother's grave that.
Now here's a deal for you: I know that you want this title shot as much as I do but the odds are stacked against us, because we have to start this damn thing, so how about we team up and eliminate the other 18 as fast as they come in?
Now after we throw out the last one it'll be down to us, the only two real warriors in the AWF and may the best man win."

2006-07-01, 08:44 AM
*Cloud in his AWF room now, which is being sprused up as we see. Men are fixing things as women are cooking and cleaning.*

Cloud: That roof beam looks like it will need fixing. No matter. I will have a new one carved to glorify myself with. What oh, its you. So what do we have new? A Pompus general manager and this creation of his. How Patheic.

How Patheic indeed. The GM can ban, suspend and do whatever, but if he ever comes near the Norse Thunder, the Chosen one, The Man who will withstand Ranganrok, then he will be the one to pay.

But since I will have to play this little match before something substantial comes up, I rather play this. After all winning this might losen up my musles and give me pratice.

So bring it on, GM, Bring it on, Because

I am the Norse Wonder and Thunder and you better believe the Hype!

2006-07-01, 12:57 PM
Well well well, BDR doesn't get to beat up just one or two losers in one evening. But 20, it's Christmas for me and D-Day for everyone else!