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2006-09-18, 12:49 AM
Rec Area

Mirage looked at the chip with a puzzled expression for a moment and the grinned as Jazz launched into an explanation, but when the topics of the movies and hidden cargo came up, he burst out with hearty laughter. In his travels around the citybot, the spy had seen more of Earth culture hidden and stashed than he would've ever told anyone. He shot Jazz a million-dollar grin.

"Should've known you wouldn't be going back home without souveiniers! You and a lot of others." Mirage got a softer smile to take note of Jazz's fondness to the Earth.
As nice as it'll be to get home, I guess this planet wasn't too bad. Movies sound pretty good. The humans sure have some good actors."

He was about to add more about learning from them, but he stopped to give pleasantries to the Motorvators, nodding politely to their entrance.

He answered to the introduction, "Hello Lightspeed," then listened to the rant.

Fort Max Medbay
Spike looked around at the changes with an impressed look.
"Hey thanks! Feels different Wheeljack, but it's comfortable- looks good too. I think that trying it out would be a good idea, but I'm not sure where Hound is at the moment. I heard something about Cuba. We'll try it as soon as we can."

2006-09-18, 05:47 AM
Tracks' Quarters, Fort Max:

Tracks: -walks in, smiling as he sees all the delivered crates, starts checking the packing slips against the contents of the boxes- "Body panels, doors, glass, suspension and engine parts.... it's all here. Now, if I need parts, I can replicate them using these as the base, possibly toughen them up a little as well. Modern technology is a wonderful thing......"

Outside/Fort Max Corridors:

Nebulon: -makes a final, desperate leap, manages to grab onto the back of the skiff, pulls himself up, looking at Stepper, whistling in relief-

Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:

Prime: -looking at the details of both plans, optics revealing nothing of the inner struggle he goes through every time a decision like this comes along, nods- "The second plan, Prowl. The ones there are low profile enough that we can slip them aboard without too much trouble."


Ironhide: -nods- "Awlrahght, Scattershot, get back ta yer team. We're gonna need Jetwave back onlahne soon's we c'n get him."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -guiding the damaged Aero Blade through the doorway- "Hey, Ratchet, got somebody who needs to see you."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -closing the external hatches(after Astra boards with the skiff)bringing the anti-grav engines from standby to full power, activates commlink- "Omega Supreme, Countdown, this is Fortress. We are lifting off. Meet us in orbit. Out."

Grimlock: -checking controls and readings- "Look good so far."

Fortress: -setting the course in- "One pass around the Earth, sensors at full."

Grimlock: "Part of me hope they try to pull fast one."

Fortress: -nods- "You and me both."


Omega Supreme retracted his tank, track, and launched, rising into the air on a pillar of fire, angling straight up towards the edge of the atmosphere as the Maximus headed East, slowly gaining altitude as it went.

2006-09-18, 06:16 AM
ooc: NPCing Ratchet
Ratchet nodded to Overdrive as he left medbay, but then heard his name called.
"Be right with you."
He turned to see who it was and saw Roadbuster coming in with Aero Blade.


Security Briefing Room

"Yes Sir. We'll send them while we're in discussions on the Moon." Prowl replied to Optimus. "Now for ground troops, we'll have a much wider opening to get them in once the first team hits the ground. We get them through here and here, *pointing respectively* when the shields are dropped for the first entry. As WW attacks and widens the breach, we have the undercover group attack and then our fastest carriers can work to extract them while the rest of the units are entering. With a bit of slick coating to repel scanning equipment, they likely won't even notice the small team is there and picking up the infiltrators."

Once he was finished outlining the rest of the strategy, he looked to Optimus again.

Aero Blade
2006-09-18, 06:25 AM
Aero Blade didn't give the Wrecker any trouble leading him in, seemingly exhausted from the previous events, but a moment later and another change occured. Roadbuster would be able to feel Aero change from from being pretty much a limp rag to absolutely rigged from the moment he spotted Ratchet. He made no movements after that, simply standing stock still, optics seemingly glued on the medic.

2006-09-18, 11:43 AM

"Thanks, Ironhide!" - Scattershot replied, glad that Ironhide hadn't enquired further into the incident. "We won't fail!"

Stepping out of the turbolift, he activated the comm link.

"Afterburner, had Lightspeed arrived with Jetwave?"

"Not yet."

"I'm going to medbay to hurry him up. Ironhide says that we would require functional Jetwave as soon as we can."

"Roger that, captain."

Putting back the comm link, Scattershot transformed into his jet mode and sped to med bay...

Entering the med bay, he spotted Lightspeed standing aside and came to him.

"Had Wheeljack finished his work?"

"What?.." - Lightspeed asked absentmindedly, as if engrossed in some thought. - "Oh, yes. I was about to come and ask him about Jetwave".

"I'll do it myself", - and Scattershot pushed through the croud of Autobots, coming closer to Spike and Wheeljack.

"Congratulations with the operation, both of you! Now I need to borrow you, Wheeljack, for a while - we've finished manufacturing the replacement parts for Jetwave, according to blueprints, and now it is time for you to assemble them and make the reformat..."

2006-09-18, 08:18 PM
Sizzle wondered in, and went to the Bar to order some energon. he watched the interchange between Lightspeed, Jazz and Mirage in uncharicteristic silence.

2006-09-18, 08:44 PM
(OOC: Countdown's base and shuttle are in Max's hangar bay... We'll move these guys over to the moon once we get there, da?)

Rec Area

Jazz shuddered a bit when the city lifted off, but it was designed cleverly enough to minimize turbulence for the passengers. He turned to answer Mirage, but stopped himself at Lightspeed's arrival. He smiled along and held up his hands defensively at the mention of the Technobot.

"Hey man, it's cool. We're all friends here, right? Th'other Lightspeed's a good dude. I'm Jazz, bro. This cowboy's Mirage."

Jazz nodded Sizzle toward an empty seat with a grin.

"Hey, good ta see ya mac. Have a seat, get comfy."

2006-09-18, 10:40 PM
Fort Max Armoury

Dogfight was satisfied. He had found a pair of clips for his machine gun, a new load of mini missiles for his shoulder- mounted launcher, four new missiles and his recent stay on a CR chamber had repaired his pair of fusion blowtorch blasters.

Grinning, he aproached the door of the Practice bay and looked inside.

" Hey Guzzle, how are you doing? "


Fort Max, Lab 101

Skids was too busy with the Quintesson husk he didn't notice the citybot's takeoff. He already had finished the analysis of the Quintesson husk metal composition and started an intensive study of it's characteristics.

2006-09-19, 06:05 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet looked Aero Blade up and down once with an assessing expression and then frowned at Roadbuster.

He didn't say anything directly, but the doc was quite certain that Aero's external damage hadn't come from a battlefield.

He grumbled to himself as he glanced around for an empty table. "More work."

He sighed and spoke up so the two could hear him.
"Right. Aero Blade, up on the table. Roadbuster, go - take a break. This place is busier than Iacon hub at rushhour."

Aero Blade
2006-09-19, 02:06 PM
Aero Blade for the moment remained stock still, enough to make any observer wonder if he'd even heard Ratchet speak up. Though his outside appearance made it seem he'd frozen up, inside Aero's processor was going full tilt.

He knew exactly what he was looking at, it was unmistakable - the expressions, the voice tones, the movements and stances - this wasn't just any old medic, it was the senior doctor, and more often than not, the worst of the lot...

No, Aero wasn't about to respond, not to this guy. He just stayed as he was, his processor ablaze trying to figure out how to get him out of this situation, praying Ratchet didn't decide to approach him.

2006-09-19, 04:14 PM
Bluestreak's Quarters

Bluestreak sighed and barely moved as he felt the city lift off. Guess they were going somewhere, for all the good he'd do.

* * * * *

Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Whoa" Catilla replied, staggering a bit as the base took off, then he looked up at Seaspray with a smirk, adding "Looks like we're off then"

* * * * *

Corridors, Fort Max

Having followed Roadbuster to the med-bay, Sandstorm leant against the wall outside, it'd be best not to grace Ratchet with his presence, considering how many times the medic had to patch him up.

* * * * *

Rec Area, Fort Max

Having finished with what he was doing in the corridors, Devcon strode into the room and got a drink, then took a seat in a corner, silently watching the others, his attention on Jazz and Mirage in particular.

* * * * *

Medbay, Fort Max

Entering the room, Astra looked around at the activity, then moved to look for an empty C.R Chamber to put Stepper in, the skiff following her.

"You're welcome" Wheeljack nodded at Spike, then turned his attention to Scattershot as the Technobot came over, nodding again and remembering the other patient that he had to repair, his tone sober as he replied Yes, yes. Of course, lead the way"

2006-09-19, 10:46 PM
Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:

Prime: -nods- "Get things set up, Prowl. the odds are good the Decepticons will be making their own plans of sabotage even as we speak."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -walks onto the bridge, still slightly bemused by his encounter with Scattershot- "How're we doin'?"

Grimlock: -sitting in command chair- "Ship launched. Systems go."

Hot Rod: -sitting at the sensor station, looks over at Crosshairs, chuckles- "Ten word vocabulary. In place."

Grimlock: -growls-

Fortress: -standing at the main control console- "If the side commentary is over with......" -sighs- "All systems are green, Ironhide. We're giving the Earth one final pass with sensors on full, to make sure the Decepticons are complying."

Ironhide: "Where's our power reserves at?"

Fortress: "Thanks to the generator Metalhawk provided, we've got enough for the battle. Still making me a little uneasy, though. Simulation's all well and good, but it hasn't been tested in battle yet."

Ironhide: "Have a lil' faith, Fortress. Things're gonna work out fahne, an' we're gonna take our planet back."

Grimlock: "Faith good. Superior firepower better."

2006-09-19, 11:01 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"I don't want to get all sea- rious, but there’s something I have to get off my chest…y’know… before we…err… brave the storm. Y’see…I…no…When this is all over, and I mean "over", I want to live on Earth. Not Permanently of coarse - you have no idea how much I’ve missed you all. Seeing old friends and making new ones fills my “heart” with joy - but there’s another part of me that…that… calls out to the sea…I want to become one with the ocean. I love…I love its waves. I love how wonderfully blue it is. I love the hearth-breaking breeze, which I cannot touch or feel. Most of all… I love the feeling. It's...it's…it's freedom. Tell me Sea Lion, when was the last time you genuinely felt free? I know I can't remember", said Seaspray. The Minibot stared at the ground - the humour was gone, the jokes buried by reality, and the idea of a "jolly good battle" no longer made sense.

"Anyway, I don't know what's going to happen, I may not even have a part to play… I’ve certainly seen better days. Hmmmmm…I probably sound like the crusty old sailor that I am, but I felt someone should know. I just want every single Autobot to feel the way I feel when I dance with the sea. I want...I…I just want us all to be free...for once" said a melancholic Seaspray, too embarrassed to even look at Catilla.

2006-09-19, 11:13 PM
Fort Max , Bridge

Quickmix leaned against a console

"being a mech of science I have to agree with the Dinobot , i'll back superior technology over blind faith any day of course old boy if that fails then a big serving of good ole fashioned low cunning comes in handy."

Rec Area

Scoop wandered into the bar enroute from the shuttlebay

"Now then Holepunch that was a close shave."

Living Quarters

Overdrive stood in the corridor and pondered his next move.


Landfill whistled to himself as he trundled slowly along the corridor heading for medbay.

2006-09-20, 04:26 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -nudges Aero Blade towards the medtable- "I'd better not leave just yet, Doc. I'd have had an easier time prying Tracks away from a mirror than I had getting this guy down here."

Minerva and Fixit: -still working on Wing Saber-

Nebulon: -looking around, perched on the back of Stepper's skiff-

2006-09-20, 08:09 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:
Ratchet swept up a toolkit and turned with a puzzled expression.

"A hard time? Let's have a look there then. Are your movement and motion controllers malfunctioning Aero Blade?" Ratchet asked with a calm expression as he began heading towards Roadbuster and the seemingly-stricken Aero Blade.


Smokescreen wandered up toward the bridge, stopping now and again to check various incoming messages from the human radio and television. Even though they were leaving Earth, he still enjoyed listening to the things going on.


Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:
"Right away Optimus."

Prowl turned to a keyboard and began programming sequences. He sent a summoning signal to Mirage and a secured verbal to Blaster and Skyfire.
Blaster, Skyfire - Volunteer status requested for highly intensive and extremely dangerous mission.Details to follow. Request also the cooperation of all Autobot cassettes.


Rec Area
Mirage gave the new arrivals a pleasant smile and then looked to his radio as it beeped a quick alet. He shot Jazz an apologetic look as he got up.
"Duty calls. Again."

Brave Maximus
2006-09-20, 08:26 AM
Having finished up in the little room as best he could, Daniel stepped out of the room and looked around med-bay. It still seemed to be in massive chaos, so he took it upon himself to help Ratchet out:

"Any Autobots who need minor medical attention, please step into my office."

2006-09-20, 01:11 PM
"Thanks, buddy", - Scattershot replied, as he, Wheeljack and Lightspeed walked to the Stasis Pod 12 where Jetwave's body was.

"I've told you already that we've got all the parts nesessary in the Enginee... Oh, damn. And Jetwave's here. Do you wish him to be brought into Enineering or the parts to be delivered here? We could do it either way... But for transporting Jetwave we'd have to merge into Computron, though."

Aero Blade
2006-09-20, 01:53 PM
Uh oh, the tools.....

Aero Blade hadn't responded much to Roadbuster's nudge, aside from being pushed slightly but not enough to move him, but when Ratchet started towards him, Aero responded immediately, backing away. This, of course, caused him to back into Roadbuster, upon which he made a startled jump away, turning sharply to see what he'd connected with. A split moment later and his attention was back on Ratchet again, realizing he'd just moved himself closer to the medic.

Seemingly hemmed in, Aero was begining to show signs of panic, as well as adopting a defensive and somewhat agressive stance. He started to creep away to the side, trying to move into a possition where he could more easily keep an eye on the both of them, but to find some way of escape...

2006-09-20, 08:52 PM
Guzzle looked at Dogfight with a blackened face and ecstatic eyes.
"How am I doing? This gun ROCKS!!"
He indicated the torched targets in front of him.

Fort Max Rec Area

Sizzle took the indicated seat next to Jazz, and drank his Energon. He asked the assembled 'bots "Whats the problem guys?" quite amiably, indicating Lightspeed.

2006-09-20, 09:59 PM
Fort Max Armoury, practice area

" So it seems pal... " smiled Dogfight. " Er... can I try? " the triggerbot asked to Guzzle, pointing to the flammer in the sparkabot's hands.


Recreation area

The Aerialbots entered the rec area and moved themselves to a table. Silverbolt nodded to the Auotbots in the room - Jazz, Mirage, Sizzle among others- and followed his team.

2006-09-21, 12:33 AM
Rec Area

Jazz nodded to Mirage as he left with his usual grin.

"Hakuna matata, buddy. Gimme a holler next time ya got a free minute. If not - heh - see ya at Iacon!"

Jazz took a moment to note that his trendsetting habit had followed him again; the recently-empty chamber was becoming rather full. Personally, Jazz liked it that way. He waved to Silverbolt in response to the nod, then shook his head at Sizzle.

"Ain't no problem," he answered, grinning to Lightspeed. "Jus' chattin'. Ain't that right, big guy?"



Skyfire had only just settled in and got a chance to start browsing through the journals logged since he'd last been in the lab when he received Prowl's call. It was only because he was so close to indulging himself in his most enjoyed work that he sighed, but he was quick to answer.

"Roger, Prowl. Skyfire here and willing. Awaiting further instruction."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-21, 06:07 AM
"Blaster here, you better believe me and my cassette cohorts are down for what ever you need doin' to remove the squid in our crib" The communications officer replied to Prowl from the now sheilded crow's nest.


Fort Max Shuttle bay.

Sunstreaker stumbled backwards and Sideswipe kept coming forward, swinging at his mold brother's head. Sunstreaker ducked the next swing, dropping foward and wrapping his arm around Sideswipe's and jerking him backwards hard landing the red Autobot on his back.

Sideswipe was cringed as he felt the servo's in his arm pop from the hard jerking motion. Sunstreaker had never managed that type of damage from a tug before. New body upgrades. Sideswipe's thoughts were broken up by a knee landing on his face dazing him even further.

Suntreaker got back to standing and hauled Sideswipe to his feet. Sideswipe struggled to keep his equilibrium, his left arm hanging a little bit lower from the shoulder joint, sparks flying from the socket. Sunstreaker didn't relent landing a heavy punch to the stomach of Sideswipe, causing him to hunch over, Sunstreaker then lept up giving a knee to the face of his mechternal sibling, knocking him hard to his back, oil and fluid draining from his arm and face.

"You done? Or do I have to dissect you sum'more?" Sunstreaker asked, leaning over Sideswipe.

"hzzztI'm not thr-zzt-ough with yo-o-o-ou," the vocordor suttered with the damage it had just received from the knee to the face.

2006-09-21, 03:03 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Yeah, I kinda know the feeling, I feel that way spending time just relaxing in the woods by myself" Catilla replied gruffly "I guess you'll have to ask one of the command staff how to help in the forthcoming battle, I'm hoping to serve as one of the recon units"

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay

Wheeljack fell silent, thinking carefully about what to move carefully, looking down at the stasis pod containing Jetwave, then replied "Could you move the parts in here? It's better in case something goes wrong, we'll have a medic or two on hand"

2006-09-21, 05:03 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Well, I'm sure you'll give 'em hell, Sea Lion. Anyone need a good sea captain?" chuckled Seapray, trying to lighten the mood.

2006-09-21, 05:23 PM
"Sure thing, Wheeljack - they'll be here in a nanobreem!" - Scattershot replied, then turned to unusually quiet Lightspeed:

"You go to the Engineering, help our guys to bring the new parts here. Move it!"

Lightspeed complied, still not saying a word. Scattershot followed him with a troubled gaze, then activated his comm link and contacted Afterburner.

"Guys, we be assembling Jetwave here. Bring the parts to Stasis Bay 12; I've sent Lightspeed to help with the transportation."

"Roger. Afterburner out" - sounded from the comm link.

Turning around, Scattershot stared once again in wonder and horror at Jetwave's remains under the pod's fiberglass surface.

"What do you say, Wheeljack - is it safe to take him out of the pod? Or you'll operate him inside? I'm curious, I've never seen a reformat before..."

2006-09-21, 07:54 PM
Lightspeed glared around at the room, particularly at Jazz. No one was taking him seriously! This was his name he was talking about!
"It'll all be settled soon: me and the faker are gonna race for it, soon as his team finish what ever they're doing. I say race: it's already won if I'm taking part!"

Gripper looked over at the junior member of the team, and groaned.
"Little punk," he said to Flame,"Why's he always stirring up trouble?"
"Should we go and support the scout, sir? And by support, I mean get him to calm down."
Gripper considered his troubleshooters advice.
"Maybe; we'll see if the others start giving him a hard time."

2006-09-21, 09:28 PM
Fort Max , Medbay

Landfill limped into medbay

"need some one to look at me flat good buddies."

Rec Area

Scoop leaned on the bar and looked at the Bar-droid.

"I'll have a Hex Nut straight and me mates here will have um a pint of Genius.

Holepunch interjected

"it's Guiness."

Scoop nodded

"um ok so thats one Hex Nut straight a pint of Guiness and a White Russian for Tracer, umm I'm not sure he's gonna know that one Tracer slagged if I do."

Tracer looked at the bar

"he should have the ingredients it s just the recipe he'll need maybe Jazz can help us out?"

2006-09-22, 03:39 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Nebulon: -perched on the back of Stepper's skiff, sees an open CR chamber, jumps down and runs over to it, starts whistling and squealing at Astra and pointing at the open chamber-


Roadbuster: "Aw, slag....."

Slag: -leaning against a pillar, watching the goings-on in medbay, bored- "What?"

Roadbuster: -looks over- "Whatever happens, don't interfere." -looks over at Ratchet- "I'm beginning to think there's more to his problem than just a fear of medbay."

Main Engineering, Fort Max:

Brainstorm: -walks in, starts checking the readings, working to keep the powerplant stable-

Fortress: -over commlink- "How goes it?"

Brainstorm: "Pretty well. I'm more concerned with what I had to rig to get the powerplant to work with our systems."

Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:

Prime: "Excellent, Prowl. I'll meet you on the bridge." -walks out of the briefing room, heading for the bridge-

Brave Maximus
2006-09-22, 04:31 AM
Daniel spotted Landfill and shouted:

"Over here! Come into this room!"

With that, he started walking towards the hover platform again.

2006-09-22, 12:03 PM
Fort Max , Medbay
Ratchet stopped in his tracks.

"Afraid of medbay?"
He looked at Roadbuster with a puzzled expression then frowned. Sighing audibly, Ratchet motioned to the door as he turned to it.

"All right, let's do this outside in the hall. Can you walk Aero Blade?"

Having his changes completed, Spike hopped back up on a hand that Swoop offered.

"Spike look different.
Not headmaster anymore?"

"Ah, I don't know Swoop. For right now, Fortress doesn't need me as much as I'm needed for an accessory piece to Hound's hologun."

The dinobot studied the human and shook his head.
"Spike is not an accessory. You friend."

"Haha! I hope so Swoop. I feel the same way about you guys."

The dinobot started heading out of medbay while still talking. "You not mind leaving Earth Spike?"

"Eh, I'd rather not Swoop. After the last time the Autobots left, a lot of really bad things happened. But we gotta get Cybertron back so you guys have a home to go back to."

Fort Max: Halls
Mirage walked out of the rec room and picked up his pace to a jog, heading for the security briefing room.

Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:
Prowl nodded to Optimus.
"I'll be there shortly Sir."

It took him an extra few seconds to figure out what squid Blaster was referring to. Then Prowl tested the encryption tags, and once satisfied, he replied to Blaster and Skyfire.

"Blaster, when we reach the Moon, remain in the Crow's Nest. You will be assisting in taking out something far more destructive and dangerous than Quintessons, should you and your team accept. The Decepticons have created a smaller tool that functions similarly to Unicron. It is called a War World. It is the intention of command to utilize an opening, in which to sneak an infiltration unit within. The unit must pentrate to the control core of the war world, nullify its internal defenses and set explosives. Then they must withdraw within a very small time window. It is my expectation that Mirage will be able to carry yourself and the cassettes aboard. Your jamming techniques would serve to kill the defenses while he sets the explosives. The cassettes will provide an extra measure of guard. As you withdraw, Skyfire, if you accept, you will be lingering behind the other forces going for ground assault. With your speed, you're the one most capable of retrieving the penetration unit and distancing the team from the explosion that will occur afterward.
There will be no other opportunity that we can foresee to destroy this mechanization, and it will be needed to open the defenses of Cybertron. Therefore, our timing must be exact. It is extremely dangerous. The detonation and escape time window is very limited. The chance of running into a Decepticon guard could swing that balance against escape, and the creation must be destroyed. Additionally, the size and velocity of the explosion when it does result gives way to a lot of destruction power from the debris. These are factors which may result in termination of the individuals involved. If you do not wish to take part, it is understandable and will not be held against you. The ground forces will also need as many individuals as possible, and air support is invaluable."

Aero Blade
2006-09-22, 01:44 PM
Ratchet wouldn't recieve a response from Aero, he was too busy keeping a fearful watch on where the medic was, and slowly inching away hopefully to escape...

So far, no-one had tried to stop him yet, and though Aero found it a tad strange, it was an apportunity he was taking none the less. He just had to get himself to a good enough possition before he'd be able to bolt...

2006-09-22, 08:53 PM
Sizzle grinned wolfishly at Lightspeeds comments.
"Race huh? This just between you two Lightspeeders, or can anyone join in?"

Fort max practice area
Guzzle smiled and passed Dogfight the lethal weapon, practically hoping from one foot to the other with glee.
"Go on, try it!"

2006-09-22, 09:13 PM
Lightspeed answered Sizzle very curtly.
"As long as you don't mind losing, then yeah, you can join!"

Gripper stood up fast enough to jostle the drinks on the corner table he and Flame were sharing, and stomped over to his scout.
"Excuse me," he started whilst tapping Lighspeed on the shoulder, "but could you play nice with at least some people? We're new here, and if you get in a fight, you're on your own!"

2006-09-22, 10:31 PM
Fort max , Med Bay

Landfill raised a hand in Daniel's direction

"coming right up good buddy ."

He limped into the office

2006-09-22, 10:34 PM
Fort Max, Practice area

Dogfight smiled excitedly and grabbed the flamethrower. He grinned at Guzzle like a human child with a new toy and headed towards the line of fire.

In front of him, a pair of scorched decepti-dummies where standing. Despite all the damage inflicted by Guzzle's last try, the decepti-dummies faces were still clearly recognizables.

" Ha. Wildrider and Dragstrip. Nice touch. "

Chuckling, he aimed the flammer and pressed the trigger. A yellow-orange tongue of fire engulfed the practice dummies, melting them and causing a thick cloud of black smoke.

" Hahahaha!!! " laughed Dogfight frantic, passing the flammer again to Guzzle. " Incredible! What do you think we could scorch now? " asked the triggerbot eagerly.

2006-09-23, 08:48 AM
Fort max , Med Bay
Ratchet stopped halfway to the door and looked back at Roadbuster and Aero Blade. He was aware of nervous patients, but those that had volunteered for the Autobot special detail had been carefully screened and selected to be cooperative and accept standard upkeep. The unexpected and reluctant behavior frustrated him.

With one hand curled in a backwards fist on his waist, he pushed open the door.

"Well, either come or not. I have other patients that need to be attended to."

Finally repaired, Trailbreaker regained consciousness again in the CR chamber. The big black autobot frowned slightly as he recalled what had happened, and then folded his arms.

I ought to just stay in here. Causes a lot less work for everybody and a lot less damage for them too.

2006-09-23, 06:16 PM

Skyfire paused a long time before answering. The thought was daunting - he had had a hard enough time adapting to the life of a warrior, but an infiltrator? His big awkward self? There were so many ways it could go wrong, and he dreaded the thought of the impending failure being all his fault. Nevertheless, he was never one to turn down a mission; the thought of failure was much less daunting than that of disappointing a senior officer.

"Count me in, Prowl. We'll take that thing down."


Rec Area

Jazz grinned at Gripper and made a note to have a chat with this one (he liked helping newcomers get oriented) before turning to Tracer at hearing his name.

"White Russian, eh? Good call. That's one a' my favorite Earthen drinks."

Jazz leaned in at the bardroid and instructed it slowly on how to mix the drink.

"Shot a' vodka, shot a' Kahlua, dash a' milk on top. Ah - make it soy. Reg'lar gonna be spoiled by now."

The bardroid buzzed a moment and began assembling the cocktail in an Autobot-sized tumbler, but it stopped in a recursive loop trying to discern how to dash milk. Jazz waved a hand at the droid disapprovingly.

"Nah nah nah. Gimme those and a Micromaster shooter."

The droid did as told, and with the expertise of a seasoned bartender, Jazz had the drink mixed in a flash. He slid the canister down to Tracer and returned the bottles to the bardroid.

"Hope ya like. It's been a while since I played barmaid."

2006-09-23, 11:37 PM
Fort Max, Crosscut quarters

Crosscut finished his fuel recharge and, slowly, stepped towards his room viewpoint. Watching the clouds and the aproaching stars, Crosscut's mind expanded and started to meditate about possibilites.

" Truce ", he thought. " A truce between the Decepticons and ourselves. Temporary, of course, but a truce anyway. "

Truce, the diplomat's dream. With a sigh, Crosscut waved at Clench - his bike drone stationed in a room's corner- and stepped off the room. He walked the corridor towards the bridge, with hope to find a commander. Growing impatient, he raised his comlink.

" Prowl, here Crosscut. As the Autobot oficial Ambassador, if I can help in any way in the truce affair, count on me. I'm going to the bridge for if I am needed. "


Fort Max, Rec Area

The Aerialbots where seated in a separate table, but the global good mood filling the room cheered up the flyers to interactuate with his fellow Autobots comrades.

Fireflight, fascinated by Lightspeed's possible race, aproached the Motorvator's table. The Aerialbot leader followed Fireflight, but aproached to Jazz instead of Lightspeed.

" Good to see you online, Jazz. Any trouble with your last mission? " Silverbolt asked politely when Jazz finished his coktail.

For his part, Skydive stayed on his chair reading a book about human WWII plane schematics.

" Hawker Hurricane... cool! " was thinking the strategist.

Air Raid, after getting tired of listening Slingosht's boasts, left his chair and headed towards the rec area exit with a pensive look on his optics.

" Dirge, do you copy? " asked Air Raid through his commlink.

And finally, poor Slingshot, hated by all of his comrades, remained in the table trying to torturate an absent Skydive.

2006-09-24, 06:10 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -takes Aero Blade by the arm, starts leading him towards Ratchet- "C'mon, you need to get checked out. He's not going to hurt you."

Rec Room, Fort Max:

Siren and Hosehead: -walk in, talking-

Hosehead: "I just can't believe it. They were willing to just hand Sunstreaker over."

Siren: "And his rescue team went nuts!" -sits at the bar- "Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are down in the hangar bay now, beating the slag outta each other. "Just can't figure 'em out......"

2006-09-24, 05:23 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

The door to the CR Chamber buzzed and slid open, steam pouring from the entrance. Punch's optics blink as he comes back online , he stumbles from the chamber and walks through the medbay and out in to the halls. He walks bewildered through the innards of Fortress Maximus, Autobots he had never seen before walking part him. He made up his mind, the first 'Bot he found that he recognised he would approach, alot had changed, he felt.

Rec Room, Fort Max

He entered the Rec Room, there he saw half a dozen 'Bots he recognised and thought 'Time for some answers'

"Music Pause, Autobot Approval Punch designation 3321"

With that the music playing in the main room paused, he knew only a small number of those present would care the music had stopped, but most would notice it.

A number of those present turned and looked.

"I feel like I've been out so long my servos are rusting, the identity of half of my fellow Autobots are a mystery to me, I have never encountered them, and I am adament I saw a Decepticon, what... Is going on here?"

(ooc - this is a general call out for anyone present in the rec room to give my character a hand in getting in to the game, edited this when Aero Blade informed me my original post conflicted with that of other peoples)

Aero Blade
2006-09-24, 08:19 PM
((OOC: Counterpunch, Ratchet isn't sorting through equipment, he's about to exit the medbay with a couple of other bots, which is already causing an incident))

Medbay, Fort Max

Aero Blade was focused mostly on Ratchet's movements, so he had little spared towards Roadbuster's activities, and was consequently siezed before he could do anything to prevent it.

"No! Let go!" Aero protested. He planted his feet on the ground, which just skidded uselessly against the force of the larger bot, but it did create quite a bit of noise as he did his best to anchor himself. The closer he got to Ratchet, though, the more frightened he became.

Dirge's Quarters, Fort Max

The seeker had just been content for now to mill about his room, finding ways to pass time while pondering when it would be safe for him to go out again. He didn't want another run-in with the crazed technobot, but since the city bot had taken off, he knew it wouldn't be forever before there was another battle, and he needed to get prepared...

Dirge had been lying on his back on the rest platform in is quarters, staring up at the ceiling when the transmittion came through. He sat up, turning on his com to reply to Air Raid. "Dirge here, I copy."

2006-09-25, 12:15 PM
The doors to med bay opened, and a group of heavy-loaded Technobots entered. Afterburner and Strafe, in robot form, their hands full of small parts and details, led the advance; Lightspeed and Nosecone were beside them in vehicle forms, carrying the larger and heavier parts. Those were the details for the reformat of Jetwave, of course, which were brought here from Engineering section.

"Ah, here we are with the parts, Wheeljack", - Scattershot commented to Autobot chief engineer.

Afterburner was making his way to the Stasis Bay where Wheeljack and Scattershot waited, other Technobots on the follow. Unfortunately, he stepped too close to struggling Aero Blade on his way. Frightened Autobot's hand pushed him rather hard, and several items of Technobot's cargo fell to the floor.

Afterburner exploded... literally.

"Look what you've done, you rustbucket fool! Can't you see where you're..."

"Enough, Afterburner!" - Scattershot snapped.

"But captain, look..."

"That's not the time nor the matter! Here, let me gather these", - Scattershot approached and scooped up the fallen items. "Wheeljack is waiting for us, and Jetwave's reformat awaits; we must hurry."

Afterburner followed, but his facial expression was far from friendly.

"I'll get you later, you restless punk", - he whispered to Aero Blade, passing by.

Brave Maximus
2006-09-26, 12:15 AM
Daniel activated the scanning equipment, first running a full body scan, and a second intensive scan on the wounded leg of Landfill. At the same time, the four City Drones began getting materials ready.

"Well, we can start by you telling me what happened....?" Daniel said with a comforting smile.

2006-09-26, 07:28 AM
Fort Max Medbay side office

Landfill nodded

"well shucks it weren't nothing special good buddy , there i was hauling some minerals back when i got a blow out on the in ramp, scraped me underside lost a tyre."

2006-09-26, 12:25 PM
Guzzle smiled, and keyed in some buttons back at the control panel for the target range. 6 dummies slowly raised from the ground, that of the Decepticon Sparklers and the Decepticon Triggercons: Cindersaur, Crankcase, Flamefeather, Ruckus, Sparkstalker, and Windsweeper.
"I like the Irony." He said to Dogfight, trying to come across as intelligent but really still practically vibrating with the pleasure of his new weapon.
"Go on, scorch 'em!"

Fort Max Rec Area
Sizzle smiled wryly at Lightspeeds comments.
"I'll take that challenge bub; What do get if i win though? I'm happy with my name."

2006-09-26, 01:34 PM
Rec Area

Tracer caught the cannister as it slid down the bar

He sipped it

"good stuff Jazz thanks."

2006-09-26, 07:53 PM
Rec Area

Jazz' visor glinted in a wink at Tracer before he turned to Silverbolt with an enthusiastic grin.

"'Ey, there he is! Good ta see ya, buddy! Man, the last mission was awesome. You shoulda seen Metrotitan kaboom! Too bad I didn't get it on tape..."

Jazz trailed off when he noticed someone had abruptly cut off Seal's Kiss from a Rose, and he turned to see Punch standing not far from the bar. He knew he'd need to handle this before one of the more rowdy locals did - Punch was one of Jazz' men, and he had a tendency to be... unstable.

"Woah man, slow down. Whatchou talkin' 'bout? Ain't no Decepticons here."

2006-09-26, 08:30 PM
Rec Area

Punch looked at Jazz, one of the most earthen loving and trustworthy Autobots around, he knew if anyone could help him it would be this one. One of Jazz' own mottos was 'Live by the 'Bot, Die by the 'Bot'

Punch walked up to Jazz, perching himself again.

"Jazz, It is good to see you old friend, I was in that CR Chamber for what seemed like eons. My memory circuits are fried to the point where I have no recollection of how I got there. Everything just seems different at the moment, a change in atmosphere, not as much urgency or intensity to people. Have we won the war?"

2006-09-26, 10:02 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -still guiding the struggling Aero Blade towards Ratchet, growls in a low voice at the passing Afterburner- "Mess with him, twip, you mess with Me."

Rec Room, Fort Max:

Siren: -looks over at Punch, tone sour with bitterness- "No. I've got a feeling that this war'll never end."

Hosehead: -orders another drink- "Siren, don't be like that. What are the odds that you'll wind up on a mission with a bunch of combat happy minibots again?"

Siren: "With our luck? Pretty high."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Prime: -strides onto bridge- "Status report."

Fortress: "Currently at 32,000 feet and climbing, all systems operational. Brainstorm's mother-henning the reactor, and we've currently got 125% of our mains energy capability."

Hot Rod: -monitoring the sensors- "Nothing so far. Looks like the 'Cons are sticking to their end of the deal."

Grimlock: -sitting in command chair, fingers steepled as he looks out the main viewport- "Still not trust them."

Ironhide: -leaning against the sensor station, watching Hot Rod work the controls- "Ah got a feelin' we can, fer this at least."

Hot Rod: -keeping an eye on the displays- "Are you insane? We can't trust them any farther than Bumblebee could place kick Iacon."

Prime: "He's got a point, Hot Rod. The Decepticons want to retake Cybertron as much as we do, and for that, it will take the full strength of both groups. Gigatron won't leave anybody behind."

Ironhide: "An' if we're wrong?"

Prime: -shrugs philosophically- "We burn that bridge when we come to it." -looks over at Quickmix- "Quickmix, take over on sensors. If the Decepticons are hiding something, you might be able to spot it before the rest of us."

Hot Rod: -stands- "Then where do you want me?"

Fortress: "Helm. You're a pretty good pilot."

Hot Rod: -moves over to the helm station-

2006-09-26, 10:11 PM
Rec Area, Fort Max

Devcon nodded to himself as Mirage left, then the bounty hunter slowly sipped his drink, observing everyone who came in and went out carefully, memorising their faces.

* * * * *

Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Let's go and find out" Catilla grinned before getting up and slowly padding out of the hangar bay to allow Seaspray to catch up to him "See if we can find one of the commandering officers"

* * * * *

Medbay, Fort Max

"Thanks" Astra nodded at Nebulon, then moving to drape one of Stepper's arms around her shoulders, then she wrapped an arm around his waist before helping him off the skiff and into the C.R chamber, arranging him comfortably and closing the door on him.

"Best to start doing things inside the pod" Wheeljack nodded soberly, falling silently into thought for a few moments before a crash caught his attention and he turned to see Afterburner drop some of the parts, then winced, calling out "Be careful with those"

Brave Maximus
2006-09-26, 11:06 PM
Daniel listened to Landfill and hummed over the scans.

"Nothing looks too badly damaged. There's a micro-nic of one of your neuro-linkages to the leg - but most of it is just superficial."

With a few entered commands, the City Drones began to repair Landfill.

One of them moved in close, his finger opening up into a series of smaller hands that began connecting the Neuro-circutry. The other two began to assemble and shape the repair pieces of Armour as well as tires and the like.

"If you notice any pain or discomfort while we're doing this - please let me know. It might not be a grevious injury, but it can certianly hurt....."

2006-09-26, 11:26 PM
Rec Room

Punch looked at Siren as he hails for the bar droid

Punch - Count yourself lucky Siren, I have been active for only hours and already the calmness is.... discomforting, this is not my way, I am not used to 'kicking back and shooting the breeze' as so many of our fellow Autobots would say.

Punch gets up and looks around

Punch - But now my friends, I need to file a report alerting Prime to my return to active duty. I'll return shortly

Punch Turns to leave the Rec room as the bardroid arrives too late, and walks through the halls, finding a communal quarters that was empty. He entered the room and closed the door.

Punch - Computer initiate report transferrence to Prime, Optimus. Subject - Reactivation. Codename - Punch. Body - This is Punch alerting you to my completion of extensive repairs and subsequent reactivation, and return to active duty. Computer END, TRANSFER

He exits the room, slowly walking back towards the Rec Room, wondering how long he had been out. He entered the Rec Room again and walked towards an empty part of the bar, away from Jazz, Siren and Hosehead he once again calls for the bardroid, which arrives there quickly.

Punch - Bartender, get me an Electro-Magnetic Screwdriver

Bartender - But Sir, that drink is contraband, It would be wrong for me to serve you that drink.

Punch - Do I care if it is contraband? If there is any backlash to me requesting one I shall take full blame, you need not worry.

Bartender - If I must....

The bartender begins to scuttle off to make the drink

Punch - Oh and get me a glass of Energon, dont cut back on the static.

The bartender returned with the two drinks, Punch disposed of the EMS quickly, grabbing the glass of energon he walked back towards Jazz Siren and Hosehead as they continued sipping their drinks.

"Jazz, If I remember correctly, you only relax this much after one thing, a mission, I assume all went according to plan?

2006-09-26, 11:36 PM
Practice Bay, Fort Max armoury

Dogfight nodded with glee and aimed Guzzle's flammethrower to Ruckus' dummie.

" This is for Cheyne! " said Dogfight, remembering Ruckus attack when the triggebot was under control by an energy vampire, years ago in a remote planet called Cheyne. The decepticon dummie slowly melted under the flammer firepower. The other two triggercons quckly followed Ruckus' dummie destiny.

With his lust for fire partially calmed down, Dogfight returned the flammer to his friend.

" Your turn pal; the firecons are all yours! "


Rec Area, outside

Air Raid smiled when Dirge's replied his transmission.

" Hey buddy! How are you? " said cheerfully Air Raid through his commlink. " I don't see you from your first stay on Metroplex med bay. Do you remember? Slingshot was pretty rude with you... I apologize for his behaviour, sometimes he's like a braggart. Well no, correction; he's always a braggart! "

Air Raid laughed. " I was calling you because there are some 'bots taking fun here, in the recreation area. If you want, you can come here and help me with some energon-drinks. What do you say? "


" Metrotitan destroyed? " asked Silverbolt incredously to Jazz after Punch's departure. " You did it! "

The Aerialbot leader put his right hand on Jazz's shoulder, smiling. " Great job! " added Silverbolt.

Turning his head to look at Punch when the spy aproached them again, Silverbolt smiled to the anxious Autobot.

" We're now under a truce to retake Cybertron, Punch " he informed.

2006-09-26, 11:46 PM
Rec Room

Punch looks at Silverbolt shocked and taken aback.

Punch - A truce? Is Prime insane? This does not sit comfortably with me at all, a truce may seem like the best option at this time, but believe me, as someone who has spent stellar cycles upon stellar cycles monitoring and working with these fiends, this will not end well.

2006-09-27, 07:04 PM
Lightspeed guffawed at Sizzles assertion.
"We can discuss your prize if you win slow coach, which I'm sure we won't need to as I'll be the-"
Lightspeed was cut short by his commander Gripper cuffing him over the back of the head.
"I've told for the last time: play nice."

2006-09-27, 09:26 PM
"Sure, Wheeljack - as you say. You're the authority here, after all, not we", - and Scattershot led his team toward the Stasis Pod in which Jetwave was. Together the Technobots deposited their cargo around the pod, trying to do it carefully, so the parts won't be damaged. Unloaded, Nosecone and Lightspeed transformed back into robot mode and joined the team.

"Ready when you are, Wheeljack. If you need a hand..."

"If you need a really strong hand - ask for it", - Nosecone interrupted, proud of his strength.

"I'd say if we'd need true strength here, Computron would be required, not you alone, Nose-buddy", - Strafe chuckled.

2006-09-28, 04:39 AM
CR Chamber, Medbay, Fort Max:

Stepper: -groans, optics flickering behind his visor, face twitching as his memory replays the last moments before his going offline- the autocannon shells slamming into his chest, blowing chunks of his armor apart and mangling his internal systems... the particle cannon blasts detonating his plasma pulse blasters, blowing them apart and destroying his arms in the process..... wondering what kind of shape his partner and his cooling system is in as he wakes, realizing that not only is he in a CR chamber, but repairs are proceeding apace- "Quiet in here....." -realizing also that he's immobilized, noticing that his arms are being repainting to match what they should look like while the finishing touches are added to the overhauling of the servos and myomer bundles that allow him to draw as fast as he does, smiles- "Good as new soon...."

2006-09-29, 02:08 AM
ooc: apologies for delay. My mom had an unexpected medical problem that crunched me. Her surgery went well this morning, so all's good now. Ready to roll.

Fort Max: Briefing room
"I knew we could count on you Skyfire. Your dedication is truly appreciated." Prowl replied with a trace of a smile. The strategist was relieved. The scientist's speed would increase the liklihood of a successful retreat by a significant amount.

"Crosscut, your skills will be invaluable. I would like you to accompany the officers to the meeting of the factions on the moon. We will be arriving shortly."

Closing the monitors aside from the holographoc one of the Warworld, Prowl made his final adjustments to the plans as Mirage walked in. The strategist looked up and motioned the spy to take a seat as he began to explain.

"Now Aero Blade... Ratchet began as he took an Autobot-pen-size instrument from his tools. The doctor was starting to frown, uncertain of why the Autobot was behaving in such an unpredictable fashion. "If you can't calm yourself down, I'm going to need to allow your systems to catch up on their own with a return electro-signal so you can manage yourself.

The tool was meant to only deliver a small reset charge to the systems, on a much milder scale than a stunner.

Inside the CR chamber, Trailbreaker was continuing to rest when the cr chamber signalled he had recovered. Without hesitation, the lid popped. Trailbreaker frowned as he stepped out and turned to look at it.

"Fine. I got the hint."

Storage Room
Blitzwing was quite comfortable as he sat within the confines of the sparsely-stocked store room. His energy had peaked and his repairs were nearly complete at 96%. The triple changer could feel the thrust of the citybot as it left the Earth's gravity behind.

This ought to be entertaining.

Aero Blade
2006-09-29, 02:54 AM
Medbay, Fort max

Aero was busy with his resistance with Roadbuster, but that wained off a bit as he became aware of Ratchet having produced some kind of tool. Aero Blade didn't recognize the instrument, which only served to make him even more frightened of the possibilites of what it might do...

Dirge's Quarters, Fort Max

Dirge was a bit suprized at the offer to join some fun. He was a tad uneasy about having another run-in with Slingshot, but at least he'd be in good company wih Air Raid. However, it also served as a reminder that he still had some things to do, and he wasn't going to get it done if he stayed around in his quarters for the entire time.

"I'd really like to Air Raid, but I have a few things I need to finish up first. Maybe once I've gotten that done I can join you," Dirge replied over the com.

2006-09-29, 07:55 PM
Rec Area

Jazz received Silverbolt's hand with a grin which he summarily turned on Punch to lighten his mood.

"Hey man, don't talk like that. Ain't nobody happy 'bout workin' with the Decepticreeps, but they're the only shot we got at retakin' Cybertron."

2006-09-29, 08:27 PM
Guzzle took the flamer from Dogfight greedily, and triggered it almost before it had left the triggerbots hands.
The dummys of the firecons ignited in quick succesion, and as Guzzle kept the blaze going, they soon fell apart into small pieces.

As the last of the smoke cleared, he advanced to the puddle that had been Cindersaur and begasn a little victory dance:

Fort Max Rec Area
Sizzle watched the Motorvators dispute with a grin.

2006-09-29, 08:33 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Lead on, Sea Lion, lead on", chuckled the Minibot as he followed the Pretender

[OOC: Apologies for the relatively late reply (:]

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-29, 11:30 PM
Blaster grinned. He wasn't sure what he enjoyed the thought of more. Taking Cybertron back or stopping the Decepticons.

"Prowl, I'm all over this. Just point me in the right direction"

2006-09-30, 02:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Nebulon: -hits pause on the miniplayer he's holding, looks up, watching Roadbuster's struggle with the obviously reluctant Aero Blade, activating the feed so Stepper can see what he's seeing-


Stepper: -still within the CR chamber, feeling his mangled armor being replaced, his damaged leg, foot and knee finishing their repairs, and his hands and arms finally coming up to his speed(and wondering exactly what he's going to do with a grapnel and line), blinks as part of his HUD starts feeding him a Nebulon's-optic view of the whole thing- "Hnh. You could have just gotten me a movie......."


Roadbuster: -keeping a firm grip on Aero Blade- "Calm down, kid. The doc's not gonna hurt you."

2006-09-30, 10:53 AM
Medbay: Fort Max
Ratchet reached out and took a gentle hold on Aero Blade's arm.

"I'm not here to hurt you. This won't hurt, but it will hlp you calm down!"

With a swift and well-practiced precision move, Ratchet brought the small electro-pulse-reverser down over a receptor bank in Aero Blade's left arm.


Briefing Room
Prowl watched Mirage intently as the spy looked over the expectations. Finally, the assent was given with a simple "okay".


Turning to his communicator, Prowl replied to Blaster.
"Acknowledged Blaster. When we reach the moon, meet Mirage in the Metroplex rec room. From there, you will be travelling undercover."



Spike and Swoop stopped at a viewing port to look out as the blackness of space became visable.

Sludge rounded a corner and silently joined the pair.

2006-09-30, 11:04 AM
Rec Area

Punch looks to Jazz considering what he said, pondering intently

"I suppose you're right, I trust your, and more importantly our leaders judgement.... It's the Decepticons I don't trust. It felt dirty being in with them, their filth seeping in to every circuit, but it was my duty, and being here... Not having it feels, well, strange."

2006-09-30, 11:45 PM
Fort Max, recreation area

Air Raid sighed, a little dissapointed by Dirge's answer.

" Well, don't worry pal. Do the things you must do, I'll wait you here, ok? See you soon Dirge, Air Raid over " said the Aerialbot, his light-hearted natural mood quckly recovered.


Silverbolt took a chair and seated himself near Jazz and Punch.

" You're right Punch ", said the Aerialbot leader. " We must be very wise, but I think it's clear enough this truce is only temporary. The decepticons will turn against us as soon as we recover Cybertron. "

Silverbolt paused, taking a drink. He liked Punch because he, as Silverbolt, had some ghosts hidding on his mind.

" But I'm sure our leaders are thinking about this eventuality. We'll ready " smiled Silverbolt, offering the drink to Punch.


Fort Max, Corridors

" Understood Prowl " said Crosscut, stepping inside the bridge.


Fort Max armoury, practice bay

Dogfight looked to the firecon-dummies smoking remains and nodded in aproval to Guzzle's good work.

" Arrr " exclamed Dogfight. " I need to crush something! My fuel is boiling right now... "

The triggerbot turned to the sparkabot, showing him a little data disk.

" Guzzle, are you ready for a level-four battle simulation in the holodeck? I advise you, it's not for the weaks! " he joked.

2006-10-01, 06:56 PM
OOC: Will post for my other characters next time

Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Catilla glanced back at Seaspray with a dry chuckle, then padded out into the corridors, slowly making his way down them and hoping that he could track down Prowl for the Minibot.

* * * * *

Fort Max medbay, Stasis Bay 12

Chuckling at the banter between the Technobots, Wheeljack pretended to roll his 'sleeves' up like he had seen humans do and commented, sounding almost happy at the prospect of building something again "Shall we began?"

Aero Blade
2006-10-02, 12:44 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet's manuver was right on the mark, but it would still however have little effect on the situation. The moment Aero Blade's systems registered an increase in foreign electric energy, his surge protections systems kicked in to protect him from what was possibly power surge from a repair job gone wrong. Aero was still jolted enough to feel the initial surge, but the effects were reduced almost none at all.

However, what it did do was startle the already frieghtened tech even further. He yanked his arm out of Ratchet's light grip, causing him to also shove Roadbuster who was still on his other side. With all that was going on, and the tech paniced to his limit, within a split second of the shove Aero clicked his visor over his optics and released a smokescreen, the concoction of chemicals and substances that it contained able to cause a disruptive, painful sensation to the optics when it came in contact.

Once the smokescreen was released, Aero immediately yanked away from Roadbuster lanced out an elbow strike at Ratchet almost reflexively against the medic trying to do anything to subdue Aero, then bolted away from both of them before the smokescreen cleared.

Dirge's Quarters, Fort Max

Dirge couldn't help but smile a bit at as he considered Air Raid's proposal. He certainly hoped he got a chance to take him up on the offer. "I'll try to see you soon. Dirge Out."

Once the com call was over, Dirge stretch a bit, getting up and heading for the door. He might as well head for the medbay and get it overwith, and hope the crazed Technobot was already fixed up and cleared out.

2006-10-02, 07:04 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet threw his hands up over his optics with a pained expression as the cloud spread. The split second reaction was followed by a hit across the side of the head, knocking him sideways into a medtable. Unable to see properly, he yelled a pained,

"Max, air confinement!"

as he grasped toward the standard emergency wash equipment.


Swoop, Sludge and Spike watched from a viewing port as the giant citybot settled down gently toward the surface of the moon.

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2006-10-02, 08:06 PM
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2006-10-03, 05:08 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Fortress: "Clearing Earth's atmosphere......"

Hot Rod: "Course laid in, next stop, the Moon."

Prime: "What's our ETA?"

Hot Rod: -checking speed- "Five minutes, give or take. Sublight engines at full, and the Bergenholms are green."

Grimlock: -still sitting in command chair- "Good."

Prime: "Fortress, contact Ultra Magnus. I want a status report on Metroplex and his ETA at the Moon."

Fortress: -nods- "Aye, sir." -activates commlink- Ultra magnus, this is Fortress. What is your status and ETA to the Moon?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -wincing, vision going blurry as he feels Aero Blade yank free of his grip- "BLAST!" -staggering through the cloud- "Aero! Get back here!"