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2006-05-21, 06:09 AM
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2006-08-16, 06:26 AM

Chainclaw growled softly , he slipped out of his shell and moved to a rack of instruments .

He ran a scanner over Afterburner.

"now before i start you haven't been diagnosed with anything contagious right? " glances over at Ratchet

"he did say infected."

The shell crouched at Afterburners feet watching everything.

2006-08-16, 07:27 AM
Fort Max: Halls
Blitzwing made his way slowly down the complex set of corridors until he finally spotted a fairly empty storage room. Determining he needed time to repair and recharge- and repair his pride factor as well, he gave up on the hunt for the exit.

Alone in the room, he transformed a bit stiffly to jet mode and stayed stationary, letting his internal repair systems continue the work the medics and cr chamber had begun.



"Going good Sludge," Spike said to the big dinobot as he worked his way down to the ravine bottom carefully.

Sludge nodded in response, but he was thinking about the strange metal rocks the others were after. "What they digging Spike?"

"Don't know. Looked pretty important though."


Fortress Maximus: Airfield

Mirage walked up to Countdown's shuttle as it settled and the doors opened. He stood just at the bottom of the ramp, waiting to see if anything was wrong or if the circling had been for some other reason.

2006-08-16, 11:22 AM
All the Technobots were down on their biobeds, but their behaviour was different entirely.

Lightspeed was laying down calmly, awaiting someone to check his condition and pondering about the situation. He had a feeling that there's an easy solution to all this mystery, but still the answer eluded him.

Strafe was talking with Ratchet.
"It happened first long before but then I wasn't sure what it was; you see, Scattershot's beeing a bit berserk all the time, but when he did it to that Decepticon - I don't really remember who it was, it was a big battle after all - and than kicking him in the face like that and speaking in tongues - no, I don't mean tongues, just he spoke as if he'd been somebody else, you see?.."
He hadn't realised how strange and incomprehensible his excited babbling was.

Nosecone was talking too - just grumbling to himself, as usual, about over-protective medics who can't fix one's problems and because of it all the good 'bots must lay here and wait for something bad to happen... In other words, Nosecone was beeing himself - not a bit changed, grumbly and pessimistic.

Scattershot was sinking deeper and deeper into his memories (which weren't his own, but he hadn't known that for now), as the restraining forcefield blocked his movements.

And Afterburner had found a great pleasure in mocking Chainclaw:
"No, you can be sure I'm not contagious", - he said, then added, as if in deep thought, - "But they say Scattershot went berserk and we could get the same ailment 'cause we were combined... Hey, I've got an idea, kid - had you heard of a Hate Plague?"

2006-08-16, 11:59 AM
Med bay

Chainclaw looked across at Afterburner looking very serious

"Yes I have heard of the Hate Plague , did you know theres several mutant strains now plagus guiltus or guilt plague , plagus inaniatus or insanity plague which some say was what Galvatron had plagus invincilabus maxumus hot rodimus which makes you think that you are invincible and immune to harm and do lots of stupid things ."

2006-08-16, 01:02 PM
"Well, for once I don't feel like being invincible", - Afterburner answered to Chainclaw, showing him a molten stump of his right hand. "And considering stupid things... believe me, kid, you gotta do a pair of them when you see a Decepticon right inside our base and then they tell you he's our friend.

For me, no Decepticon could ever be my friend. I've heard of several defectors and nothing good went out of it - for us or for them, either way.

Anyway, you shouldn't fear that you catch the plague from me. Do I look infected, insane or guilty? I believe not", - and Afterburner settled back, waiting for the Pretender to start working on his arms.

They'll hear I speak reasonably, so they'll understand it was only a temporary stress. With luck, I'll get out from this easily and will continue with my plans...

No! Must not think about my plans!!!

Brave Maximus
2006-08-16, 02:02 PM
The Autobot Shuttle 'Flying Dutchman' touched down in one of Fortress' landing bays. Daniel was one of the first ones off the gang-plank, but as soon as he hit the metal floors, a flood of feelings rushed into him - most of them not good.

Looking around the shuttle bay, he spotted Cog and shouted:

"Cog, we've got wounded, can we borrow you and some city drones?"

(OOC: Not sure if I can use Cog or not, so I thought I'd wait)

Lord Zarak
2006-08-16, 03:09 PM
Broadside jumped at the chance.

"Excellent. Could do with the workout to be honest." Turning to face Skyhammer he asked the Pretender "What are you gonna do? You could use a runout too yourself."

"I think I'll help with the wounded. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end is there?"

"Ok then. Where is it that Blitzwing went to then? If no-one knows, I'm sure I might be able to follow the trail of broken bits" Broadside smiled at Ratchet after that remark.

2006-08-16, 07:25 PM
Guzzle stretched and followed Daniel off the shuttle, pocketing his flamethrower as he did so.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-16, 08:02 PM

Windcharger sat up quickly and rubbed his head. He had moved down the ravine a bit to quickly for his own good.

"I swear that rock was stable," he groaned as he got to his feet and looked around, spotting the incoming Sludge in the distance.

"Hope they're not looking for me."

2006-08-16, 08:03 PM
Flame stepped in cautiously and aproached Ratchet;
"Excuse me; I can see you're busy, so would you like us to come back later? We were told to come down here for an MOT, but we don't want to get in the way..."
Gripper watched his Science officer ingratiate himself; flame always found himself attracted to the academia, but always came back for the rough and tumble.
Lightspeed (Motorvtor) looked at Scattershot and his forcefield bonds.
"Whats up with him?" he asked no one in particular.

2006-08-16, 09:35 PM
Fortress Maximus: Airfield

"No time for formalities, Mirage. Stepper's badly damage; it's nothing permanent, far from it, but Astra doesn't have the necessary equipment to fix him. I have to deliver these data discs to security. Think you could handle this little situation for me?"

2006-08-16, 09:45 PM
Chainclaw looked the Technobot over

"hmmm .... maybe a little guilty its difficult to tell, very cunning things these plagues can't be too careful. Decepticons can't trust them would probably infect you as soon as look at you , maybe I should hose you down they could have infected you with something, micro- scraplets , i heard about them invisible to the naked optic , supposed to be something new."

Runs a scanner up and down Afterburner

"where does it hurt can you flex your joints?"

2006-08-16, 09:48 PM

At Landfill and Swoop's side, Skids discovered Windcharger unusual aproach and waved at him.

" Windcharger, we're here! " said Skids.


The Flying Dutchman

Dogfight followed Guzzle out of the shuttle and gasped looking at the empty space where Metroplex was when the triggerbot flew to Kyle, sometime ago.


Fort Max, ShuttleBay

( occ: ok Warcry :) )

Silverbolt nodded to Overdrive.

" I'll go inside to disconnect the drone's statsis pod from the shuttles systems " the Aerialbot leader said, stteping towards the shuttle's entry hatch. As he entered the ship, he looked back to his team.

" When I return we'll merge again into Superion. He'll carry the pod and his patient to the medbay easily " ordered Silverbolt.

Near, the rest of the Aerialbots nodded and readied themselves. Slingshot agreed too: afterall, saving a life was an important job, even if this life was a decepticon renegade drone.

2006-08-17, 01:03 AM
"Are you blind or what?" - Afterburner answered angrily to Chainclaw. "Left arm's busted, shoulder actuator I believe; and right is burned to a crisp by that fool Strafe!"

Meanwhile, Lightspeed on the other biobed believed he had found a solution; now he was intended to discuss his idea with somebody who'd knew better:
"Ratchet", - he called, - "could you come over here? I think I've got an idea how to get us all out of this... Could I check it with you?"

2006-08-17, 02:37 AM
Fortress Maximus: Airfield

"Of course." Mirage replied quietly to Countdown as he headed up the ramp.

Once inside he gave a general 'hello' greeting to Brawn, Whirl and Astra as he located and headed over to where they had Stepper.

They've been busy.


"Hey Sludge- look! Windcharger's here." Spike motioned as he saw the minibot seemingly rock-surfing.

The dinobot nodded as he dragged the cargo skiff with Spike on it over towards the others. "Good. We get done soon then."

Brave Maximus
2006-08-17, 03:45 AM
Daniel stood off to the side as a group of Drones began to move Trailbreaker (VERY GENTLY) out of the shuttle.

"It seems medbay is pretty packed, but I'm sure there's CR chambers for everyone who's damaged. That's where I'm headed anyway....."

He followed the drones down the hallway into Medbay and spotted Ratchet:

"Breaker's pretty bad up, I'm going to set him up in a Chamber, if that's ok with you."

2006-08-17, 05:39 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet watched the brain scanners' results for a moment as they probed the Technobots' minds, nodding absently as Strafe spoke and filtering out the important parts of the speech subconsciously.

This has been going on for a while, then, he noted. Wonderful...that'll make the chances of it infecting the other Technobots all the higher.

"He just left," he told Broadside with a cockeyed grin. "So the parts trail shouldn't be that long. Not sure where he's gone off to, though."

Ratchet then turned to greet the Motorvators. "Too much to mention," he said to answer Lightspeed. "We'll get to you as soon as we can, but I can't say when that'll be. Stick around, though...the way things are going, we might need the muscle."

Looking down at the newly-arrived Daniel, he nodded. "Do that," he said. Shaking his head in disgust, the medic seemed to be talking to himself as much as to the human. "Never thought I'd be glad to have these new-fangled CR chambers around...don't know what I'd do without them now. Especially since half of my staff picked now to go off on a jaunt. Can't even find mechs who know how to use a med-scanner or laser scalpel these days..."

Still muttering to himself, he moved a few steps towards the other Lightspeed. "What's your idea?" he asked the Technobot.

Countdown's Shuttle

Whirl waved to Mirage, but didn't say anything to the spy. He seemed a bit intent on Stepper's condition, and he didn't want to distract him.

Brave Maximus
2006-08-17, 05:54 AM
Daniel directed the drones to place Trailbreaker into the CR Chamber and close the hatch.

"Stick around, I think we're going to need the help." He said to the city drones.

He walked over to a side area and activated a human-sized hover platform, one that would allow him to get up to head level with the other Autobots around him. The first thing he did was activate the CR Chamber, setting the repairs to work on his fallen friend. It was a bit awkward to push the buttons with both hands, but didn't go to badly.

Next, he floated over beside Ratchet:

"Doc, I can do basic repair, triage and even work a few scanners - just let me know where to start."

2006-08-17, 11:26 AM
Fortress Maximus: Airfield

After waving goodbye to Mirage, Countdown made his way towards the security office.

2006-08-17, 11:43 AM
Flamberge > Fortress Maximus

After a few more moments, Bluestreak got up, then slipped out off the ship and snuck through the corridors to his personal quarters, hoping that no-one saw him.

* * * * * *


Landing the ship outside Fort Max, Sandstorm undid his straps and got out of the pilot's seat, then moved to open the main hatch, spotting the approaching sabre-toothed pretender, then glanced at the minibot "Looks like we got company"

* * * * * *

Countdown's Shuttle/Base

Astra looked up from the repair job and nodded at the spy as he entered the shuttle, glancing at Mirage and Whirl, making a request "I need replacement limbs, but I can't leave him in case his condition destabilises. Can one of you go and get some new arms for him"

* * * * * *

Medbay, Fort Max

Having finished jotting down notes, Wheeljack glanced around, deciding to start the job without Lightspeed, then the engineer began going through the ward's storage cupboards for parts to refit Jetwave, seeing what was available on-hand and what he would need to get elsewhere.

2006-08-17, 12:26 PM
Tecnobot Lightspeed had finally got Ratchet's attention and started to explain his idea:

"It could sound to you like a bad one, Ratchet - but in fact it isn't. You see, we've got research and diagnostic equipment far superior to your own, and we've got it right here!"

He waited for the medic to show a sign of understanding, but got none.

"I'm talking about Computron!!! Sure, you're afraid that he could be affected by whatever ails us; but, believe me, the combined mind is much stronger than the individual components! There were nothing wrong noted when Computron acted together - whether in the past or the last time!!!

If you allow us to combine and describe the problem to Computron correctly and completely, I'm sure he'll be able to find the cause and the answer! He always does, after all!

What do you say?"

2006-08-17, 07:46 PM
(OC how big is this room, we got about ten or fifteen 'formers wandering about?)

Flame nodded and stepped back to Gripper.
"The Doctor is too busy for the MOT colleagues, but requests we stay in case things get tense. I'm not a medic, but I can tell soemthings wrong with the five Autobots strapped down."
Gripper nodded. He then noticed the youngster of the group getting interested in the biggest of the captive patients.
"Lightspeed, get away from him. You don't know where he's been. Gear up and get ready, the Doc wants us as security."

(OOC and now we can get the lightspeed show on the road... :))

2006-08-17, 08:29 PM

Roadbuster: -strides up onto the shore, water cascading off of him, walks over to Aero Blade- "You okay?"

Cargo Bay, Flamberge:

Tracks: -finishes his ordering, looks up as he hits the send key on the datapadd as a loud gonging sound echos through the bay- "What the-"

-gonging echoes again-

Tracks: -walks over to the cargo bay doors, opens them-

Grimlock: -glowering up at him- "'Bout time. Me come to make pick up."

Tracks: "Pick up?"

Grimlock: -points at Wing Saber- "Him."

Tracks: -puzzled- "By yourself?"

Grimlock: -picks up two null-grav pods- "We carry him with these."

Tracks: "We?"

Grimlock: -sighs- "Me think you been hit in head too many times."

Aero Blade
2006-08-17, 10:54 PM

Aero Blade didn't answer Roadbuster when he first spoke, just giving one more cough as the last bit of water was cleared out of his systems. Having had time to recover for a bit, he still wasn't able to get up due to his disorientating condition, but he did have a mildy annoyed expression on.

"This is the second time I've been treated like baggage....the next time you're planning something like that, please tell me first...I want a chance to retaliate...."

Cargobay, Flamberge, Fort Max hangar

Wing Saber for the time being continued to lay there as he was, even with Grimlock and Tracks having their discussion. Either he was simply ignoring them or lost in thought, but it'd be impossible to tell as he currently was.

2006-08-18, 02:16 AM
Countdown's Shuttle
"On my way." Mirage replied quickly to Astra.
The spy wasted no time, transforming in mid-jog and rumbling down the ramp in vehicle form to hit top speed at the bottom.
He headed straight for medbay.


Spike's communicator beeped a short burst of two beeps- signalling him that he needed to be alone to hear the message.
He hopped down from the skiff and worked his way into the bushes to listen.

"Here Prowl."

The amount of crackling on the other end was incredible, but he tried his hardest to listen.

ooc: Content posted in 'other' thread.


Fort Max: Storage room
Blitzwing stayed in his jet form the darkened room, listening to the buzzing of the lights as his repair systems worked.

ooc: Medbay adjusts by reason of moving walls to accomodate the spacial requirements of patient influx when needed. ;)

Eh- it's one of the largest rooms. Figure a dozen beds, 6-8 CR chambers and a couple small side room additions. We do sort of adjust it as needed (like the way Astrotrain expands and shrinks in the toon.) :D

2006-08-18, 06:48 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet's frown eased slightly as Daniel spoke. "Excellent," he said. "In that case, you can help them," he pointed to the Motorvators. "They just need a regular checkup so that we know if they're fit for duty."

Turning back to the Technobot Lightspeed, he frowned. "It's not a bad idea, but we can't do it here. We'd need restraints in case Computron is affected, and there's only one place in the city that can generate forcefields that strong."

Turning to Snarl, he barked, "The holodeck is just down the hall. Take Lightspeed there. Set it up to generate forcefields strong enough to restrain a gestalt, and call me when you're ready."

The Dinobot scowled. "Yeah, sure. Right away, Doc." Turning away, he grumbled, "Now I'm an engineer?"

Turning back to Lightspeed, Ratchet deactivated the biobed's scanners. "Once you've got everything set up, I'll bring the rest of your team down...and a bit of security," he said with a glance towards the Motorvators.

He smiled. "Your brain scans check out, by the way. Whatever Scattershot has, you're not infected."

2006-08-18, 09:14 AM
"Thanks, Ratchet - I needed to know that", - Lightspeed said, rising from his biobed. "I'm not entirely sure but I'd say that Nosecone must be unaffected as well. He acts as always - which means he grumbles about everything, but that's normal for him. Check him first, and if he's stable, I'd like you to send him to me first."

Turning to Snarl, he answered his question:
"No, you'r not an engineer - you're a security personnel guarding me, and that's OK as long as you don't start bashing other bots' optics instead of restraining them. I'll set the field and the frequency myself, all you have to do is check it.
Now let's go to the holodeck!.." - he finished and led the way.

Brave Maximus
2006-08-18, 04:13 PM
Daniel piloted the hover platform to one of the side rooms. He switched on some of the scanning equipment and had two of the City Drones acting as his hands for the heavy stuff. He then hit the comm button:

"Would the Motovators please come to Exam room A and enter one at a time for their fitness scanns."

(OOC: Scout gave me the idea. Seemed like a good way to clear out a little confusion out of the main medbay)

2006-08-18, 05:02 PM
Fort Max Shuttlebay

Silverbolt looked inside the shuttle and found Metrotritan's former drone, storaged inside a stasis pod for his survival. He disconnected the pod and engaged his comm gear.

" Overdrive, I'd disconnected the pod. Open the hangar hatch, please. We don't have time to waste. "


Fort Max Exterior

Dogfight stepped inside Fort Max, and headed towards the Medbay. His last recharge was when he recovered from his wound from Tokyo, and since then he had battled a decepticon massive attack and a desperate flight to Kyle.

" I need energon, and weapons " he thought.


Fort Max Medbay

Override still felt responsible about the Motorvators, and waited with them the results of their various medical examination.

2006-08-18, 06:53 PM
Gripper and Flame followed Daniel to the exam room ajoining the Medbay: Lightspeed was left standing confused after hearing Ratchet telling Snarl to guard Lightspeed.

"Come on Lightspeed, we haven't got all day." Called Gripper.

"But he told that big dude to guard me, why do I need guarding?" Lightspeed simpered as he followed...

2006-08-19, 05:46 AM
Finished with his communication call with Prowl, Spike headed back to the others. He hopped up on the back of the skiff.

Sludge had left the skiff and moved up to Windcharger. A deep growly voice came out of the brachiosaur.
"Windcharger, you okay after fall?"


Meanwhile above, Swoop hovered with the basket of tools, letting the other Autobots take what was needed.

2006-08-19, 05:57 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet nodded. "He's next on my list," he told Lightspeed.

Walking towards Nosecone, he saw that the ornery Technobot's scans were done as well. After studying them for a minute, he flipped off the security field around the bed.

"You're good to go," he said. "Lightspeed wanted you to help him out in the holodeck."

The medic looked over at Override momentarily, but since the Triggerbot didn't seem to be in the process of dying, he didn't say anything to him. Instead, he moved on to Strafe's biobed and watched as the unstable Autobot's brain scans ran.

Snarl followed behind Lightspeed, grumbling all sorts of nasty things about Technobots in general and the data processor in particular under his breath.

2006-08-19, 09:46 AM
Fort Max Shuttlebay

Overdrive punched a control.

"One exit coming up"


Fort Max, Med Bay

Chainclaw finished running the scanner over Afterburner and moved in with the tools.

"shouldn't take long but you need to watch out for the infections , their what really carries you off post operation infection, infected oil, blocked hydraulic line.."

The Pretender droned on lugubriously.

His shell crouched eyes bright claws skittering on the deckplates as he drummed his claws against the metal.

2006-08-19, 09:49 AM

"Oh rust this is gonna hurt my feelings", - Nosecone grumbled following Lightspeed and Snarl. "They issue a Dino to watch over us! Well they could've sent a drone ant at least he'd have more brains! That's insulting! And they're going to guard Computron, the smartest gestalt in history! Pathetic!"

"No, Nosecone - it's we who's gonna guard ourselves", - Lightspeed replied. "We've got to prove that we could be trusted."

"Oh, after that fool Afterburner's escapade that wouldn't be an easy task!"

"I'm concerned more about Scattershot. Afterburner was always a reckless hothead; Scatter's, on the other hand, now is turning into someting strange and dangerous. We must find out and stop it", - Lightspeed turned to the console and punched in a command line. "Adjust the frequency so the field won't be penetrated by energy outbreaks or physical objects."

"Sure, whatever", - Nosecone turned to the other console and started to work with it too, leaving Snarl to watch in wonder.

* * *

Strafe spoke rapidly when Ratchet aproached him.
"I'm not malfunctioning, Doc! I saw it all long ago - it all began when we've got to this planet and when Scattershot was participating in the first our battle he had started to act strangely; but believe me, it has nothing to do with my condition, I'm stable and secure; it's what I had to do now troubles me, but I'll be able to stand it, sure thing!.."

Afterburner didn' listened to Chainclaw's dronin monotone - instead he cocentrated on being calm and peaceful, as Pretender's instruments had penetrated the outer shell of his molten hand and started to remove the irrepairably soiled panels.

Scattershot, bound inside the restraining field, had no outlet for his anger, and now, exhausted, he returned to his old self.
"Hey, let me out of here - I'm not damaged, I need no repairs!" - he said in a perfectly reasonable tone.

2006-08-19, 09:53 AM
Guzzle stopped in the hangar bay, and inspected his own wound. It had been a lucky shot to a chink in his armour, and his internal systems were severed with almost surgical precision inside.
He turned to Dogfight;
"You're one of the few not injured, what are you going to do?"

2006-08-19, 03:08 PM
Fort Max Shuttlebay

Dogfight looked to Guzzle.

" After the decepticon last attack on the citybots and the flight at high velocity to Kuyle, I need a recharge. After that, I'm gonna go to the armoury and pick up some new ammo. "

The triggerbot send a glance towards Guzzle's small wound.

" We could go to the Medbay together... " proposed Dogfight, unsure about his friend's real status.



" Thanks " Skids said, picking up a mining-tool from Swoop's basket and stteping towards the metal outcrop.

" It's nice to see you boys " smiled Skids to Windcharger, Spike and Sludge. " With your help we'll finish this soon. Come on Landfill, mining it's a fascinating activity. It is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually (but not always) from an ore body, vein, or (coal) seam. Materials recovered by mining include bauxite, coal, diamonds, iron, precious metals, lead, limestone, nickel, phosphate, rock salt, tin, uranium, and molybdenum. Any material that cannot be grown from agricultural processes must be mined. Mining in a wider sense can also include extraction of petroleum, natural gas, and even water. Also... " recited Skids from his vast data banks and starting to dig.


Fort Max Shuttlebay

" Roger, Overdrive " said Silverbolt, stepping out of the shuttle. The hangar hatch was big enough for Superion's arms, so the Aerialbot commander ordered his team to combine.

Once merged, Superion picked up the stasis pod and looked to Overdrive.

" ER... SUPERION HAS THE POD. SUPERION DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE POD " asked the gestalt combiner to Overdrive.

Brave Maximus
2006-08-19, 04:19 PM
Daniel watched as the unfamiliar Autobots filed in. He started up the scanning equipment:

"Alright, who's first?" He asked the Motorvators.

2006-08-19, 11:30 PM
(ooc is waiting for Spike to slide down Sludge and yell yabba dabba doo.)


" I wouldn't go that far good buddy, but a jobs a job, lets get cracking . Lets ge tthe pedal to the metal."

Fort Max, Shuttlebay

Overdrive looked up at the Gestalt

" I need you to take the pod to medbay as quick as possible."

2006-08-20, 05:55 AM
Shuttlebay, Fort Max:

Tracks: -hanging on to the null grav handle, straining to keep Wing Saber from sliding down the ramp- "H-h-heavy......"

Grimlock: -at foot of ramp, holding other handle, not straining in the slightest- "Maybe time to ask Wheeljack......" -realizes what might happen if Wheeljack tries to invent something that would cancel inertia, shakes head- "Never mind."

Grimlock and Tracks: -with some struggling(mostly on Tracks' part), manage to load Wing Saber onto a cart-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -sits up- "Much better."

Minerva: -still looking at the readout- "Nnn."

Nightbeat: "What?"

Minerva: "His brainwaves are a jumble. I'm surprised he's functional in that state."


Roadbuster: -picks Aero Blade up, slings him over his shoulder, starts toward the base-

2006-08-20, 06:26 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl glared at Nosecone. "Quiet, you. I can just kill you and make up a reason later, you know."

Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet frowned down at Strafe's medical readouts. His voice was appologetic.

"You're right about one thing...you're not infected. You're not out of the woods yet, though...you've got a good excuse, but you still shot a fellow Autobot. I'm afraid I've got no choice but to relieve you of duty until security clears you. It's just a formality, but it has to be done. I'm sorry."

The medic sighed.

"For now, stay here. I might need your help getting your leader moving when we take him to the medbay."

Turning to Scattershot, he shook his head. "You're a danger to yourself and to everyone around you until we can find out what's gone wrong in your brain module. Just sit tight...Lightspeed and Nosecone are working on it right now."


Getaway walks up beside Roadbuster and shot a concerned glance at Aero Blade.

"By the looks of it, he'll need to be carted all the way to Medbay..."

2006-08-20, 07:41 AM
Fort Max: Medbay
Mirage reached the somewhat-organized chaos known as medbay and transformed, looking around.

He slipped around the sides of the room until he neared Ratchet.
"Ratchet, Stepper's hurt and Astra's requested replacement arms."

Swoop listened intently to Skids' lecture of the mining, then pecked once at the shiny metal rock, sending a shower of it raining down on Sludge. The big brachiosaur looked up, suddenly getting an idea. The tip of his very long tail swung gracefully toward the rock, seemingly testing the hit range.

Swoop flapped in the air between Landfill and Skids.
"Sludge hit rock? We get done sooner?"
He asked loudly enough for Sludge to pick it up easily. The pteranadon had figured out that if the rock crumbled easily, than the autobots on the rock would not be safe if they were there when Sludge hit the wall.

Spike was pondering on Prowl's conversation as he saw the metal debris fall. He watched the shower of flakes rain down, then got an idea. He jogged towards the minibot.
"Windcharger - that stuff's metal, right? Can you gather it with your magnetic ability?"

2006-08-20, 10:51 AM
Fort Max Shuttlebay

" UNDERSTOOD " replied Superion to Overdrive, picking up the stasis pod and striding towards the medbay.



Skids continued with his lecture about mining.

"... our current objective is to mine molybdenite. Once it gets refined, it turns into Molybdenum- a super hard and valuable metal, perfect to upgrade our citybot's hulls or the manufacture of spare parts for our troops".

" Landfill, Swoop; Molybdenum is a transition metal. The pure metal is silvery white in color, fairly soft - as you can see- and has one of the highest melting points of all pure elements. In small quantities, molybdenum is effective at hardening steel. Hence our interest in that metal. Also, it has a tendency to flake apart during machining.
Over 2/3 of all molybdenum is used in alloys. Molybdenum use soared during World War I, when demand for tungsten (Wolfram) made tungsten scarce and high-strength steels were at a premium. Molybdenum is used to this day in high-strength alloys and in high-temperature steels. Special molybdenum-containing alloys, such as the Hastelloys, are notably heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Molybdenum is used in oil pipelines, aircraft and ... "

Skids talked jovially, while digging the rock with a particulary heavy but handy pile driver.

" Oh " he said suddenly, turning to Spike. " Spike! After refining, the dust could do damage to humans if it's inhaled, so better stay out when we start the refine process, ok?"

2006-08-20, 02:27 PM
"Same goes to you, Dino-buddy", - Nosecone replied to Snarl, not stopping his work on the console. "Or I can sic my After-berserker on you... It would be fast but funny, whoever wins I'd like it..."

"Here. All done", - Lightspeed interrupted him, taking a step back from the console. He turned to Nosecone:
"And what about your part?"

"All been done a while ago", - the drill-wielder answered, - "I wondered what took you so long".

"I had to re-check the frequencies, that's all. Now", - Lightspeed turned to Snarl, - "you can re-check everything for yourself then signal Ratchet that the preparations are finished".

Aero Blade
2006-08-20, 02:54 PM
Aero Blade made an irritated noise as Roadbuster picked him up and once again seemed to be treating him like a sack, but otherwise didn't make too much protest. His head was clearing, but he still wasn't sure about testing his feet yet until he was sure that he'd recovered as much as he could.

Or at least that was what he had been thinking until Getaway rejoined them... The moment the dreaded 'm' word was meantioned, Aero Blade turned from dead wet sack to alive and unwilling prisoner, ready to pull himself free of Roadbuster's grip, even if it meant getting dumped on the ground again.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-21, 04:33 AM
Windcharger nodded to Spike "Probably, hold on." He put his hands up and put out magnetic waves, pushing all of the debris towards eachother and slowing their descent. "Yep, I can."

2006-08-21, 04:55 AM

"That sounds like it'll be a big help. Will do Skids- thanks for the warning!"
Seeing the metal shards gathered up in a neat ball, Spike grinned at Windcharger. "Great!" He turned and pointed the dinobot to a large rock showing the same minerals as the rest. Okay Sludge- that bit- over there. Give it a swing. Windcharger can..."

Spike stopped in mid-sentence as the dinobot turned and swung his tail at the small rocky area jutting up from the ravine floor. Instantly, the human ran for cover behind Windcharger as the rock exploded into bits of rubble.

2006-08-21, 05:32 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet gave Mirage an incredulous look. "'Requested replacement arms', did she? What, does she think I have a storage bin out back with 'Misc. Stepper Limbs' stencilled on it?"

The medic grumbled to himself as he punched a series of commands into his datapad. "I've programmed the fabricators to put together a set of arms to match his specs, but it'll take a while. If Stepper's critical, tell her she should bring him into Medbay for observation."

Holodeck, Fort Max

"You try to kill me, I'll break your arms off and hit you with them," Snarl told Nosecone with a serious expression on his face. Inside, though, he was smiling; threatening the Technobot was the only fun he'd had in days.

With a shrug, and without bothering to check his charges' work (he was a Dinobot, after all...) he commed Ratchet. "They say they're done, Doc."

"Good," was the reply. "We'll be down there as soon as I can get away."

2006-08-21, 06:00 AM
Medbay, Fort Max
Mirage tilted his head back with a frown. "I'm not a courier-bot Ratchet." It was a mild complaint, but he meant it. Even so, Mirage skulked towards the wall and made a somewhat over-dramatized display of picking up his radio. His voice was consistently smooth however, keeping the over-wave perception that he wasn't bothered.
"Astra Ratchet didn't have available parts, but is having some custom made. I will return with them once they have been completed, but if Stepper's condition changes in the meantime, he should be brought in to medbay."

2006-08-21, 12:51 PM
----------Fort Max Medbay----------
Warpath walked in and took a seat in the medbay suffering a minor leg injury. "Mirage do you know who in charge here? Breaker found this at the ambush site." He asked Mirage while showing him the disk that Trailbreaker dropped.

2006-08-21, 03:15 PM
Countdown's Shuttle/Base

"Understood, and thanks" the reply came over Mirage's comm-radio a moment later "And you can tell I can handle any changes in his condition, I'm not a novice. Astra out" then the comm-link was switched off.

2006-08-21, 06:54 PM

Seaspray gave Sandstorm an affirming nod.

"Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen! Savvy, ye scallywag?", the Minibot announced, "And...er...weigh anchor...means..... let's go..."

2006-08-21, 07:17 PM
The three Motorvators suddenly looked sheepish.
Gripper walked over to the small fleshling (Daniel).
"Hi there. Ah, I guess you have some expertise with Transformers if you're here, but we should tell you something before we start."
Gripper got on one knee and bowed slightly, so both his hands were planted on the floor. A compartment in his cheat opened, not unlike the petals of a flower, and presented his true self; a six foot tall mechanoid, who's face mirrored and who's body emulated that of the larger body.
Gripper stepped out of Gripper, and stood rather nervously, now below Daniel and his hover platform.
"The body I stepped out of is me: the original me, before necessity deemed I take this smaller form. My Original body still works like a regular Transformers, so you can still examine it."
Flame looked to Lightspeed briefly before turning to Daniel as well.
"We're all like this; Me, Gripper and Lightspeed here."
He waited for the questions, whilst Gripper stood, nearly shaking with nerves.

2006-08-21, 07:46 PM
Guzzle looked at his wound and grimaced.
"I'll be ok. You get to where you need to be."
With that, the sullen warrior walked off, failing to acknowledge his rudeness to Dogfight.

2006-08-22, 02:02 AM

Roadbuster: -tightens his grip on Aero Blade's arm- "You look like somebody stuffed a frag grenade in your torso." -lifts him off the ground- "Just let 'em take a look at you." -starts towards Fort Max-

Medbay, Fort Max:

-doors open-

Grimlock: -pulling hovercart with Wing Saber on it, and Tracks on the other end- "Me beginning to feel like tow truck."

Slag: -leaning against a wall, sarcastically- "At least you've found a hobby."

Grimlock: -narrows optic band- "Shut up, Slag." -looks over at Minerva- "Got a security room open?"

Minerva: -shrugs- "Not sure." -looks over at Ratchet- "Do we have any secure iso wards open?"

Tracks: -smiling- "At last, an Autobot CR chamber." -starts towards an open CR chamber-

2006-08-22, 03:57 AM
Fort Max: Medbay
If a cloud could have formed above Mirage's head to indicate his brewing temper, it would have encompassed the room and the lightning would have taken his revenge.
Packing, loading, running errands, lowly, menial....


The spy folded his arms and closed his optics in frustration.
Mustn't stoop to the lower class indicators. But I've had enough. Once Stepper has been seen to, I will not take any more orders.

Mirage waited with a steely and cold expression for the parts.

2006-08-22, 05:48 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet shot a cockeyed glance at Minerva. "If we had any secure wards, I wouldn't be working on a dangerously unstable Technobot in the middle of medbay," he pointed out. The doctor glanced at Wing Saber, then shrugged. "Besides...I doubt our security would be enough to keep him in check if he decided to walk out."

The medic frowned, then nodded to himself. "Waaait a minute..."

After unlocking a secure cabinet and rifling through several drawers, he pulled out three small discs and a remote. Putting them down on a nearby table, he shrugged.

"Almost forgot about these," he said. "Put one of the discs on the back of the patient's neck. If he acts up, you can use the remote to deactivate his motor-function circuits. Be careful what buttons you push, though. These things were confiscated from a Decepticon prisoner vorns ago, and they weren't built for medical purposes. Some of their functions are a lot nastier."

Glancing at Grimlock, he added, "And no, you can't keep them."

2006-08-22, 03:06 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Wheeljack wandered out of where Jetwave was being kept, then looked around, inquiring like he had just won the proverbial lottery "Where's Lightspeed? Got something that I'd like him to look at"

* * * * * *

Bluestreak's Quarters

Entering his room, Bluestreak locked the door after him before moving to climb onto his recharge bed.

Not falling into a recharge, he stuck his hands behind his head like he had watched the humans did and just stared at the ceiling, not moving.

* * * * * *


"Umm, sure" Sandstorm nodded, giving the minibot a "what the slag are you talkin' about" look, then left the ship, nodding at Catilla before transforming to his dune buggy mode and leaving the hanger bay with a roar of his engine, heading to check out on the other Wreckers.

2006-08-22, 04:50 PM
ooc: Communication sent by Prowl from Bikini Atoll- all Autobot receive this.


Fort Max: Airfield
"and - touchdown!" Skyfire was pleased to be back and the enthusiasm was evident. But he also knew there was an immediate need to get to business, so he didn't waste time opening the bay doors for Crosshairs.

2006-08-22, 08:51 PM

"What? I can't believe it!" - Lightspeed exclaimed, receiving the message from Prowl.

"Ah, don't if you can't", - Nosecone grumbled. "It couldn't be more than temporary anyway - the Decepticons will cheat us again sometime soon, you hear my words. They're not to be trusted, but to be destroyed - that's what we were told on Aqua, that's what it is here."

"I just hope you're wrong", - Lightspeed commented. "Where's Ratchet with the others? We've got to finish it as soon as we can, considering the news!"


"Back... To Cybertron?.." - Strafe couldn't believe his sensors. "Had you got the message too, guys?" - he asked the Autobots around, not speaking to anyone in particular.

"Yes!!! We shall come back victorious and re-claim our planet! It is our destiny", - Scattershot's voice changed again... slightly.

Only Afterburner skulked down in the biobed, engrossed in deep thoughts, waiting as his hands were repaired by Chainclaw.
This is imperative - but I know it's wrong. The Decepticons are our primary enemies, their destruction precedes any other actions! Even if we were to destroy Cybertron to rid from them once and for all, the price wouldn't have been too high!
But he tried not to betray his thoughts on the outside.

2006-08-22, 09:27 PM
Fort Max MedBay

With heavy footsteps, Superion made his way inside the medbay, carrying the stasis pod from Metrotritan.



Fort Max

Dogfight sighed at Guzzle's reaction and started to walk towards the medbay.



After receiving Prowl's message, Skids turned to Landfill.

" Buddy please, transform into your dump truck mode; we better hurry to load the extracted metal into your cargo-bay. "

Skids turned to Windcharger and Sludge.

" Boys, can you help me loading the metal bits into Landfill's cargo- bay? " he asked.

(occ: Landfill's cargo-bay = the big dump to carry things his truck mode has in the back ;) )

2006-08-22, 09:38 PM

"Pfft… landlubbers", muttered Seaspray. The Minibot was just about to chase after Sandstorm, but after hearing Prowl's message, the Autobot paused to consider the situation.

"I best find me some quarters! I probably wouldn't have been welcome in the Wrecker's little boy's club, anyway"

2006-08-22, 10:04 PM

Landfill grinned.

" Great minds think alike good buddy that sjust what i had planned."

Landfill transformed to dump truck mode and dropped his tailgate.

Brave Maximus
2006-08-23, 12:19 AM
Daniel watched as the smaller robot got out of the bigger frame.

"Hummm, certianly would be easier in some ways. It has to save on sub-space strain, that's for sure....."

He began to start the scans on Gripper's body.

"Everything seems to check out here, you're fit for duty."

He moved over to Flame next, with the City-drones moving the equipment,

"You're clear too. And judging from the message, we're going to need all the able bodied bots we can get."

Lastly, it was Lightspeeds turn:

"You're checking out too. Be thankful you're not the Technobot though - The Dinobots aren't exactly gentle....

"I wonder how we're going handle both of you with the same name. Lightspeed mark II?"

Aero Blade
2006-08-23, 02:07 AM

Aero Blade struggled with Roadbuster, but having been picked up off the ground and robbed of any leverage he could get, he didn't stand a chance against the bot nearly twice as strong as he was.

Eventually, Aero exhausted and ceased struggling for the moment, but he was not at all happy with the situation. He turned his attention towards Getaway, shooting a dangerous look at the one who'd made the initial suggestion.

"There's nothing wrong with me! I'll be fine after I've had some rest to let my head clear."

Fort Max, Medbay

Wing Saber had been silent the entire time that Grimlock and Tracks had been hauling him around, just staring up at the cieling with a grim expression, not having once made any moves, not even able to as he had told Tracks long ago. Even then his questions went unanswered, and his words seemed to have no meaning to his captors, so he had chosen not to waste them and simply be as he was. But finally, at the medbay, with Ratchet's suggestions, the fuse that had been smoldering since he had awoken had finally run out.

"Why waste your time and equipment? Why bother bringing me all this distance? Execute me and be done with it!!" Wing Saber snapped. "I have been robbed of my mobility, my dignity, my duties, my right that my voice be answered..! And that other is already set on having me fitted for a crime I would never commit willing under any circumstances!" Wing Saber spat, refering to Hot Rod, now absent from the group.

"Whatever group you are - some exiled rabble pretending to be Autobots I should assume - if you have any scrap of deciency remotely like that of their standards, you will execute me before he has chance to subjigate me further with mock trial for false charges and has me inevitably killed anyways! Save me what little dignity I have left and execute me now that he might be deprived of whatever pleasure he will draw from it!!!"

2006-08-23, 05:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet nodded to Superion, then pointed to an empty corner with an available power socket.

"Set him down there, please."

To Wheeljack, he said, "He's gone down to the holodeck to set something up for me."

Ignoring Scattershot's ravings (he'd certainly heard enough of it, by this point), he moved beside Strafe's bed. "I got it too. Don't worry...when Optimus Prime gets back, he'll let us know what's going on."

He'd damned well better, the doctor thought privately. Homeworld or no homeworld, I don't like leaving the humans to fend for themselves.

Finally, he turned to Wing Saber. "Look, I have no idea who you are or what you're talking about. Don't really care, either. I've got a sickbay full of battle casualities, an officer who seems to be infected by a mind-altering virus, and a Decepticon refugee who may well die as soon as I open his stasis pod to try and save him. The last thing I need is more trouble."

His expression turned a bit more sympathetic. "By the look of things, the security staff thinks you're dangerous...although it seems like you're a danger to yourself more than anyone else right about now. You want to commit suicide, that's your call. But you're not going to get anyone to do it for you, and it's certainly not going to happen in my sickbay."

Crossing his arms, he finished with his rant. "Now, you've got two choices. You can keep yelling stuff that makes no sense, and my staff will sedate you. Or you can tell me what's going on, and I'll decide on my own if you need to be restrained."


Getaway was unphased by Aero Blade's glare; he'd faced far worse, after all.

"You can't even stand up," he said calmly. "You're going to medbay. If we let you die from your wounds, there'll be forms to fill out."

Lord Zarak
2006-08-23, 09:10 AM
Broadside went to find Blitzwing, and Skyhammer remained in the Medbay to give Ratchet a hand.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-23, 09:27 AM
Windcharger slowly moved the metal shards overhead and dropped them down into Landfill's back.

"Well it's not as fun as what I could be doing, but it's better than nothing." He waited for the dinobot to creat the next load.

2006-08-23, 11:11 AM

"I can't stand it anymore! I'm going to the med bay and bringing Ratchet and other Technobots here, and I'm doing it now!" - Lightspeed said and headed for the door.

"And what would our friend Dino do about that?" - Nosecone enquired sarcastically, looking at Snarl.

* * *


Meanwhile, in the med bay Afterburner's hands were fixed already.

2006-08-23, 01:07 PM
Lightspeed gawked at the humans suggestion.
“Lightspeed mark 2! No way man, I’m the Original, I’m the fastest, and I’m Lightspeed! Whoever this jerk is with my name, he can step off! Call himself Mach 3 or something.”
Flame stepped back from the youths rage. Gripper looked up from his smaller vantage point on the ground.
“Look here Punk,” he shouted up, his booming voice now dimmed significantly “You can talk to this other guy and settle your beef with him when the times right. We’ve woken in a strange time, and we can’t be having anything like this now!”
Lightspeed turned away slightly, and pouted.

Aero Blade
2006-08-23, 01:30 PM
"Suicide is the farthest thing from my mind, but I neither wish to live an existance as a framed prisoner. I assume my ultimate fate execution as that is the only option I have been presented," Wing Saber answered to Ratchet, his tone firm, but greatly calmed, his initial outburst having given him the opportunity to vent quite a bit of the fustration that had built up.

"I was sent to Nebulos by the Autobot Council to aid the citizens and to search for any clues to the dissapearance of Prime's ship. The next thing I know, I am waking up a captive, and I can only assume that I have been tortured or interfeared with due to my present state..."

Wing Saber's voice had dropped down several tones by now, his voice weary and pitious as he grew exhausted again. "If I were capable of any form of movement or resistance, I'd have never allowed myself to be brought this far. I'd have returned to the council, then come back with others to properly investigate things. But even then, I would have given more value to my captors' words then they gave mine..."

Wing Saber tried to look fully at Ratchet at this point, but the best he could manage was to slightly move his head. There was something vaugely familiar about him, but he wasn't able to place it, scarecely able to even see him, and he was unable to recall what and why. Wing Saber settled back down again, staring at the cieling again in an almost depressed state.

"I have been completely robbed of my trust. Until some of it has been returned to me, I am afraid I have none to give..."

2006-08-23, 08:37 PM
Walking towards Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "Actually, there wouldn't be any forms to fill out. We're a spec ops team, remember? Technically we don't exist, therefore we have no forms to fill out." -shrugs- "On the down side, we don't get paid, either......."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -doing his best to look offended- "What Me want with 'Con torture devices?" -shrugs- "Besides, that thing old. Not efficient."

Nightbeat: -sitting on his medtable- "There's a level on which that him knowing that worries me....."

Tracks: -stops, turns towards Ratchet- "Despite the fact that he tried to bring a temple down on top of me and marred the perfection of my auto mode..... I have to agree with him. He probably doesn't remember anything. His cortical relays are a mess, if I read that diagnostic unit right, and there's some kind of energy residue in his systems. Either that or I got the new high score in a Decepticon handheld video game." -tosses the scanner to Ratchet, continues on to the CR chamber- "Hopefully I'll be ready by the time my delivery gets here."

2006-08-23, 09:20 PM
Walking towards Fort Max

Scoop joined the others as he walked over from where his shuttle was parked.

"we'd still have to hide the body somewhere and Hoist is bound to notice something suspicious about all the shipments of "spare parts" that keep turning up without any paperwork eventually."

Scoops optics glittered with amusement


Chainclaw put down the sonic screwdriver

"all done now , should be as good as new, well now i mention it the standard of Quality control on some of those production lines was abysmal."

2006-08-23, 10:26 PM
Fort Max, Med Bay

Superion dropped carefully the decepticon drone stasis pod in the corner pointed by Ratchet.

" SUPERION DONE " he announced, waiting for further instructions.

Dogfgiht walked inside the med bay and stepped towards an unnocupied CR chamber.

" Whoa... maybe the deceps attacked Autobase again while I was gone ", he thought watching the conmotion and the loads of injured Autobots surrounding him.



" We're a good team, aren't we buddy? smiled Skids to Landfill.

Skids loaded a particulary heavy rock with encrusted metal bits into the targetmaster's dump.

" T-thanks Windcharger " said Skids, turning his head to face the minibot with effort, " your electromagnetic hability is awesome! We're doing a good job, and a fast one! When Sludge load that big rock - Skids pointed to his left-, we'll finish the extraction and we could return to Fort Max. "

2006-08-24, 07:10 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Out of the corner of his optic, Ratchet noticed that the repairs on Afterburner had been finished. Sighing, he started to move away from Wing Saber.

He looked over the scanner that Tracks had provided, then dropped it in a nearby trash bin. "Low-quality Decepticon junk..." he muttered.

"Minerva," he addressed his fellow medic, "re-do the scans on his cortical relays with some medical equipment that wasn't first used during the First Great War, please. Nightbeat, talk to him. You're the detective. If you say we can trust him, then we can trust him. I'll be back when the Technobots have done their thing."

Tapping a button on his control pad, he released the restraint fields over Scattershot and Afterburner's bunks. "You two, up! We're going to the holodeck. Strafe, help them up."

As he headed for the door, he stopped by the stasis pod that Superion had brought in. Plugging the pod into a wall outlet, he looked up at the gestalt. "Good job. I think you can disconnect now, before you start hitting your head on light fixtures."

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl didn't move to block Lightspeed and Nosecone's escape. He did, however, crack his knuckles in anticipation.

"You walk out that door, I'll just have to break your legs and drag you back in," he warned them in an annoyed tone. "The doc said stay here, so we stay here."

Can't believe I'm doing Ratchet's dirty work...

Walking towards Fort Max

Getaway gave Roadbuster a half-smile. "Well, I suppose we could rob banks in our spare time..."

He was careful not to mention all the hidden accounts and assets he had stashed away from his days in the field. Probably best he doesn't know about that just yet, he decided.

2006-08-24, 09:38 AM
Fort Max Medbay
Guzzle walked in alongside Dogfight, and seeing the main Sawbones was busy, walked to the corner of the room, and slumped into it. He was holding his chest wound now, but hadn¡¦t said anything.

(OOC just realised, main Sawbones might not cut it, I mean Ratchet. :) )

2006-08-24, 01:09 PM

As Snarl made his threat, Lightspeed stopped and looked at him questionably.

"But don't you see - I'm not trying to escape, I only want it to be done as soon as possible!.."

"It's useless, 'Speed", - Nosecone commented, relaxing as he saw Lightspeed decided against trying to escape. If he'd try it, Nosecone would've been trying to slow the Dino to give his fellow time to transform and roar off... But, undoubtedly, it would bring them both back into CR chambers very soon. So, he was glad no such thing happened.

Instead, he took his communicator out.
"I'll try to reach Strafe and learn what they're up to".


Afterburner stood up from the biobed reluctantly, then flexed his hands.

"They're as good as new! Thanks, Chainclaw! We've got to meet sometime soon and I'll show you what I can do to Decepticon with those hands!.."

"Quiet, you fool! Hadn't you heard we're at the truce with Decepticons for now? One must listen and obey the orders of his superiors!" - and Scattershot turned from Afterburner to Rachet.
"And about you - you'll answer to me why you've been holding me in that biobed when I was needed elsewhere!.. And the explanations rather be good, or else!.."

Strafe, meanwhile, had his communicator out and was talking into it busily.
"Hey, guys", - he told aloud, - "we're expected in the holodeck for a pair of breems already!.."

"We mustn't let them wait!!!" - Scattershot replied. "Technobots! Transform and roll out!" - he commanded in the familiar voice and set an example, transforming into a jet and roaring through the medbay doors over Ratchet's head, barely missing Superion. Afterburner and Strafe followed without transforming...

2006-08-24, 04:48 PM
Sludge nodded to Skids, moving his long neck over and around the others, It was a small matter for him to pick up the giant metal and rock boulder, but he stopped short of putting it down.
A low growl eminated from the dinobot and Swoop glided overhead, responding to the noise with a squawk as he landed on a rock jutting out from the wall. He had seen the reason for the reluctance. Sludge set the boulder back down on the ground. "This one too heavy for Landfill."

"This break to be right size, Sludge. This rock okay." Swoop flapped once and glided away from it.

With a forceful shift, Sludge rose up on his hind legs, and struck down hard at the boulder with his forefoot, dislodging it. It broke loose and tumbled down to the ground, where he loaded it onto Landfill moments later.

Fort Max: Storage Room
Still in jet mode in the secluded room, Blitzwing continued to allow his internal repair systems to work.

2006-08-24, 05:12 PM
Security Bay

Countdown entered the room, and approached the console. The Micromaster inserted the data disks into the security computer.

"Well, that's that".

Aero Blade
2006-08-24, 11:00 PM
Aero Blade for awhile jsut hung there limply in Roadbuster's grip, looking bored and annoyed as he listened to him and Getaway banter for awhile. He knew it wasn't going to be any good to argue the point that he just needed time to rest before he was fine and able to perform properly again. It wasn't as if their erradic take-offs and landings hadn't done anything to agitate things...

Finally rested up enough from his earlier struggles, this time Aero focused on just squirming, trying to slip out of Roadbuster's grip.

Brave Maximus
2006-08-25, 03:40 AM
Daniel just shook his head at Lighspeed and smiled:

"Just something you'll have to work out with him I guess. Well, unless he pisses off Grimlock, then you won't have to worry about it."

Moving the platform to the centre of the room:

"You guys are cleared for active duty. Anything else I can do for you?"

2006-08-25, 05:13 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

"Son of a-" Ratchet ducked to avoid the roaring Scattershot, then sighed.

Heading for the door, he saw Guzzle sitting wounded in the corner.

"Chainclaw, help Guzzle out as best you can. If his injuries are too severe, stabilize him and wait for Minerva or me to do the fixing."

Without waiting for an answer, he charged off after Scattershot and the other Technobots.

Holodeck, Fort Max

Snarl didn't say anything, and his face was impassive. On the inside, though, he felt a small spark of guilt at making the Technobots' lives more difficult. He was a Dinobot, though, so it wasn't too hard to crush that spark. After all, he'd had plenty of experience...

2006-08-25, 07:23 AM
Fort Max: Security
Security register viral check- clean.
The computer that Countdown had inserted the disks into filtered through the information and gave a smattering of general maps of Iacon.

Reliability- 74.1%
Validity - 94.24%
Storage Room
"So much for quiet." Blitzwing grumbled to himself as he listened to a great deal of approaching commotion. First a jet roared past, and then two other Autobots, and shortly after, he heard running footsteps and saw Ratchet.
I didn't think Autobots ran from their medics like we avoid the constructicons.

2006-08-25, 09:18 AM
Gripper re-entered his old body, felt the neural hook ups link his mind, and he felt whole once more.
He shook his head to Daniels query. “I think we are all fine now; we just need to get back into the thick of it.”
He strolled over to Lightspeed, and rather harshly, clipped him around the side of the head.
“You can settle all this in your own time punk; it’s a small universe, the idea that some one has the same name as you shouldn’t be beyond even your limited capacitors…”
As Gripper continued to berate the young charge of the team, Flame approached Daniel.
“I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind? Are you a native to this planet? How did you come by such good knowledge of Transformer physiology?”

2006-08-25, 11:31 AM
The doors slid open, and Scattershot roared in, transformed and landed on his feet.

"What's the hurry?" - he enquired, eyeing the two Technobots and angry-looking Snarl. "Another incident?"

"Not quite yet", - Nosecone grumbled to himself, but Scattershot caught the message.

"And what exactly do you mean by that???" - he turned around and stared into Nosecone's optics.

Afterburner and Strafe came through the doors and stood there, waiting - Strafe for Ratchet and Afterburner for the conflict to unfold.

2006-08-26, 06:52 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Ratchet ran in on the heels of the Technobots, crossed his arms, and propped himself up against the wall. Picking up on the tension in the room, he shot a silent glare at Snarl.

You just had to make things worse, didn't you?

"Let's get on with this," he said. "Scattershot, we need your team to combine. Would you care to do the honours?"

Airfield, Fort Max

Crosshairs jumped out of Skyfire and started to walk towards the city proper.

"First thing's first," he said. "One of us has to head to the bridge and report what we've found. The other should comm Steelhaven and let them know we're still alive."

2006-08-26, 11:42 AM
At first, Scattershot hadn't responded to Ratchet's invitation. He stood there and peered intently into Nosecone's optics, while the drill-wielder stared back at him with mixed expression of boredom, stubbornness and dismay.

I can do it! Technobots, merge!.. - Afterburner almost shouted... then thought better of it. His intentions to lead the team were exposed now, and the others didn't approved on them. It wasn't wise to persist in it now, it could only bring failure. I must wait now and get ready for the next time... whenever it comes - he told himself.

"Come on, Scattershot!" - Lightspeed nudged. It was his idea after all, and he was eager to see if it works out.

Finally, Scattershot turned from Nosecone, casting him a heavy glance that meant it's not over yet!, walked to the centre of the room and commanded:

"Technobots, merge! Form..."

The five shapes leapt into the air, changing, twisting, combining into...

"COMPUTRON", - he finished, standing before Ratchet and Snarl. The restraining fields, triggered active by the combination - as it was planned - were engulfing the gestalt fully, preventing from move or any other action.


2006-08-27, 05:31 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

"Scan your components' datatracks," Ratchet informed Computron. He felt a small flush of nervousness as he said it. "They should tell you all you need to know."

If this doesn't work...

"In short, Afterburner and Scattershot are acting irratically. Scattershot's brain scans are wildly different from the ones in his medical file. We were hoping you could explain what's happening."

2006-08-27, 05:51 AM

"I'll notify Steelhaven." Skyfire replied quietly from his jet form.

Without moving, he radioed.
"Steelhaven, this is Skyfire at Autobose- come in."

Fort Max: Medbay
Mirage continued waiting for the arms to repair Stepper. The spy's patience was growing thin, and he began to watch the doorway, pondering whether to stay or go.

2006-08-27, 06:02 AM

Landfill's body sagged as his suspension took the strain

"ok then dinobuddies lets rock and roll out , tell me where to go Skids good buddy, while i get this load on the road."


Chainclaw opened Guzzle's medical file

"Rusty Diodes how much energon do you consume per mile."

Chainclaw's shell licked Guzzle's arm

"stop that you don't know where he's been you could catch us some horrible disease."

2006-08-27, 06:02 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -starts scanning Wing Saber-

Nightbeat: -walks over to Wing Saber- "So, where did they find you, exactly?"

2006-08-27, 09:46 AM
Fort Max, Med Bay

Dogfight entered a CR Chamber to recharge. Override spotted him and, leaving the Motorvators, he stteped towards his friend.

Near, Superion made his way out of the Med Bay, striding to Fort Max Halls.



Skids transformed into van mode and, following a semi-hided path, he lead Landfill back to Fort Max.

" We'll unload this cargo in Fort Max's manufacturing facilities, on deck 3, " he informed. " I guess the drones will be able to refine the mineral but the mission was only the metal mining. "

Skids paused.

" Swoop, Sludge, Windcharger; you better come back with us" he said. " Remember, Fort Max will take off soon... "


En route

Camshaft was leading the Autobot squad. Following him where Crosscut, and Sizzle and Wreck-Gar.

" We're aproaching Autobase " informed the Omnicon, " but I don't detect any trace of Metroplex."

Crosscut frowned - well, he was in his van mode, but he frowned anyway-.

2006-08-27, 10:49 AM
Guzzle nearly batted Chainclaws shell away from him.
"Yuck! What the spires are you doing?"
He looked at Chainclaw, indignantly.
"I don't connsume anymore than I need, thank you! It's the bullet wound to the chest you might want to look at!"

En route
Sizzle laughed nervously.
"Well, there's a big hole where he used to be; that count as a trace?"

2006-08-27, 12:20 PM

Computron's eyes dimmed, then started to blink rapidly.






The gestalt's eyes returned to their previous glow - he was expecting a command from outside, evidently...

2006-08-27, 02:51 PM
OOC: Was busy preparing for my cousin's wedding

Bluestreak's Quarters

Bluestreak glanced at his comm-link as he heard the announcement from Prowl, but he didn't move from his recharge table, deep in thought. Maybe he should stay behind, he couldn't be trusted in battle.

* * * * * *

Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Finally" Catilla muttered on hearing Prowl's message, then the sabre-toothed cat looked Seaspray up and down, not recognising the minibot, but spotted an Autobot symbol on him and added in a friendly rumble "Welcome back"

* * * * * *

Countdown's Shuttle/Base

Hearing the general transmission, Astra picked up the pace ever she was using to repair Stepper so slightly and hoping that the new limbs arrived soon. She guessed that the Wreckers would want all their members back and in action for the retaking of Cybertron.

* * * * * *

Medbay, Fort Max

"Gotcha" Wheeljack nodded, taking a couple of steps towards the med-bay entrance and exit, then his head shot up as he receieved Prowl's transmission and he spun around, disappearing back into Ward 12 to prepare and secure Jetwave for the evacution. That was the first priority, Lightspeed could wait for now.

* * * * * *

Fort Max

Entering the corridors of the base whose hangar bay he had landed in, Sandstorm paused on hearing Prowl's announcement with a disappointed sigh, trust him to spoila mech's fun, still at least he'd be able to thrash some Quints or some of their minions instead and shuddered at the level of impending danger.

Then the triplechanger headed straight for the main entrance and noticed the other Wreckers heading towards the base, where he transformed back to robot mode and leant against the entrance, waiting for the others to arrive.

Aero Blade
2006-08-27, 04:26 PM
Wing Saber sighed as Nightbeat approached and began speaking to him. It seemed like already he'd said his story so many times... he just hoped this time someone actually listened to what he said.

"I don't know where they found me. One moment I am entering a Nebulan temple to investigate odd activities, and then suddenly I am waking up with them standing over me in some kind of ship. I don't even remember going offline..."

As Wing Saber and Nightbeat talked, the scanning computer immediately began turning up damage information for Minerva. The greatest amount of it was concentrated around Wing Saber's power relays, and there was traces of some kind of alien energy left over. There wasn't enough to properly analyze it, but what little was left indicated that it was incompatable with transformers systems, and that earlier there had been a lot of it...

The damage in Wing Saber's systems told the rest of the story. He must have been offline when the energy was put into his systems, as very little of it was in his major systems, and they had not suffered too much damage. However, the energy had been given time to sit in his power relays for a long while, eating away at them until they were the state they were now, riddled with holes and breaks like swiss cheese.

While it didn't seep very far, when his systems were finally brought back online and energy flow started, the alien energy flooded out of his relays, wrecking the nearby circutry. This damage, though, had likely saved him, as with so much energy going where it wasn't meant to, very little of it reached his major components like it should have, keeping them from suffering extensive damage.

This also, however, kept his main processing functions from coming online. When he activated, he'd have been running on impulses and instincts, not conciously aware of anything he was doing. Without a functioning database, the incident would also have not been recorded into his memory.

In the end, it was the external damages that had saved him, giving a place for the incompatable energy to leak out before it could completely migrate into the rest of his systems and destroy everything. Now, however, with his low power levels, the damaged relays weren't able to properly distribute the energy to his systems. There wasn't enough of it to do much damage to him, but since he was not recieving enough power to where it needed to go, it had left Wing Saber in his current crippled state.

2006-08-27, 06:20 PM
First Aid received Prowl's message as he picked up his tools.
The junctions I can do, but the adaptation- solidifying matter? I don't know how. I know who does though!
After keying a text call note to Spike, the medic forwarded Prowl's message to Wheeljack, and added on a note.
"Wheeljack, need your help with this. It's beyond my medical knowledge, so I'll send Spike to you. And if you know how, I'll need schematics for future repairs."

Medbay, Fort Max

Wheeljack paused and sent a reply message to First Aid, before clearing a transformer-sized table to work on and getting the necessary tools, then moved to a console to iron out the process in theory. This was an old friend, he wanted the operation to be done without a single little hitch.

2006-08-27, 06:52 PM
Swoop glided in lazy circles overhead. The pteranadon was eyeing the amounts of metal that the group had collected. Combined with the normal steel that was used in the foundry, he knew it'd make a lot of useful alloy.

After loading the smaller fragment, Sludge reached down and picked up the larger boulder in his mouth. Spike quickly climbed up on the dinobot's lowered neck, and slid down to the base as Sludge raised his head.

As Sludge began walking back toward the trail leading back up to base, Spike got the text message from First Aid.
Wheeljack. So this is happening again. Hmm.

2006-08-28, 01:41 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -gives a low whistle- "This isn't very good at all......"

Nightbeat: "Hmmmmm....."

Grimlock: -overcome with boredom- "Me head back to bridge. See to lifting off." -walks out of medbay-

Minerva: -looks over at Nightbeat- "What do you think?"

Nightbeat: -walks over to a storage bin, pulls it open, starts rummaging through it- "Easy way to see if he's telling the truth."

Minerva: "He probably is. Whatever is in his systems has seriously compromised them."

Nightbeat: -still rummaging- "But, little sister, what we need is..... proof!" -hauls out a science scanner-

Minerva: "Proof? He's going to pass out soon."

Nightbeat: "Can you repair him?" -walks back over to Wing Saber, starts scanning him on narrow beam-

Minerva: "Repair him, yes. But I'd like to know whether or not he's going to try to rip my medbay apart first."

Nightbeat: -looking at the data on the scanner- "Can you hook him up to a low power feed? Keep him conscious, maybe make him more coherent?"

Minerva: "I should be able to. Why?"

Nightbeat: "He's got fungus growing on him."

Minerva: -puzzled look- "Fungus?"

Nightbeat: "Some form of lichen, I'd guess. Native to Nebulos' biosphere. Scanner tentatively dates it at roughly 4 million years old."

Minerva: -setting up the low power feed- "Ah." -finishes- "There."

Fixit: -walks into medbay, stops, staring t a blue set of lower legs with silver feet, looks up- "What're you doing here, Mirage?"

2006-08-28, 02:41 AM
Fort Max: Medbay
Mirage closed his optics for a moment, then reopened them calling up the last bits of patience he had. He looked down and his expression softened- but he didn't smile.

"Hello Fixit.
Stepper's been injured. Astra sent me for replacement arms for him. Ratchet said they had to be produced, but then he left."

2006-08-28, 05:00 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Ratchet frowned; what Computron had said didn't surprise him, but he didn't like hearing it one bit.

"Computron, can you do a risk analysis on the three options? What are the likelyhood of them causing further mental damage to Scattershot?"

Main Entry, Fort Max

Crosshairs roared up the citybot's main ramp, heading for the bridge.

2006-08-28, 09:40 AM
Computron took some time thinking Ratchet's questions over, but finally replied:









2006-08-28, 10:59 AM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Seaspray was slightly startled by Catilla's voice, having been immersed in his own thoughts.

"Ahoy! I've never been greeted by a "sea lion" before", chuckled the jolly sailor.

(OOC: I know he's not a lion...best pun I could come up with)

2006-08-28, 04:08 PM
Fort Max , Medbay

Chainclaw sighed

"standard camoflage protocols to blend in with the locals though he does get carried away sometimes. Sit !!!. "

Chainclaw scanned the area

"looks like the bullet took out some processsing power and some secondary power runs. Hold still."

2006-08-28, 05:03 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"So you're calling me an noisy, water-going and legless mammal that stinks of fish" Catilla replied with a dry chuckle, sounding slightly amused by the minibot's new nickname for him "What's your name anyway?"

2006-08-28, 05:47 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"The name's Seaspray. I'm a noisy, water-going Autobot that stinks of fish. But I had two nice, shiny legs the last time I checked. So tell me Sea Lion, what do you make of that announcement? Sounds like serious stuff", said the Minibot.

2006-08-28, 07:02 PM
Whilst Flame talked to Daniel, Gripper continued berating Lightspeed.
"You hear that announcement? We don't have time for your young foolishness! We've come to in a time when all able Autobots can make a difference, and you're worried about a NAME!"
Lightspeed turned quickly, and left the Exam room in a Huff.
"Lets see how you'd like it if you met another Gripper!" he shouted as he entered the Medbay again, and saw Chainclaw examining Guzzle.

2006-08-28, 08:39 PM
Transmision for Skyfire- from the Steelhaven

" Skyfire... are really you? Are you ok? We thought you and... uh, are Crosshairs ok? "

2006-08-28, 09:16 PM
Guzzle sighed, and steeled himself for Chainclaws further examination, when Lightspeed entered.
“Do you mind? Some of us aren’t wasting time, we’re actually injured.”
Guzzle turned back to Chainclaw.
“Anything else wrong, or can you fix me?”

2006-08-28, 09:57 PM
Fort Max ,Medbay

Chainclaws shell glared at the interuption

Chainclaw looked at Guzzle

"just need to plug in a few parts and spray over some synthi-skin and you should be good to go."

Brave Maximus
2006-08-28, 10:40 PM
Daniel sighed a little. He managed to dodge that question by remaining silent. But he wouldn't be able to do it for long. In a very short time, he was going to have to show his true form....

In the mean time though:

"Anyone else in Medbay, who needs medical attention and isn't being currently looked after, please come to the examination room" His voice boomed across the speaker from his hover platform.

2006-08-29, 12:58 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Fixit: -chuckling- "It'd be quicker if we got a spare set of Jazz's arms and repainted them. The quick tempered guy wouldn't appreciate it, though. He doesn't quickdraw so much from practice as from specalized servos in his elbows, wrists, and hands." -sighs- "On the up side, they won't take long to put together. Give me a lift to the storeroom?"

Bridge, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -strides onto the bridge, sits in command chair- "Prisoner transported. Where you find him, Hot Rod?"

Aero Blade
2006-08-29, 01:29 AM
It took several moments for the energy feed to start having any visible effects, but when it did finally start getting through the mangled energy relays to power up his systems, Wing Saber gave a groan and winced slightly. He still wasn't capable of any movement, but with the increased energy flow, his electronic nerve network was coming back online, and registering pain as the rest of the energy leaked out into the wrong areas.

Wing Saber did his best to block out the pain he was feeling, looking over towards Nightbeat and Minerva, his voice sounding a bit more improved, but not by much. "What is wrong with me..?"

2006-08-29, 03:44 AM
Medbay, Fort Max
"Jazz's arms?" Mirage thought for a moment and then nodded as he recalled the reflex action Jazz possessed. It didn't seem to be an exact match for Stepper, but it was close from what he recalled. He reached down, allowing Fixit to climb onto his hands and then began walking to the storeroom.

Entering, the light in the room automatically went on, and Mirage looked at the stacks of containers full of parts. The bewildered spy stared at the foreboding shelving brimming with boxes.
"Someone's been stocking up. Fixit, is there something I don't know about yet?"

Sludge, Swoop and Spike continued to head back to base.
"We're okay!" Skyfire replied to Steelhaven's crew. We got separated and communications were blocked, so we returned to Autobase. Do you need assistance?"

2006-08-29, 07:08 PM
Guzzle grinned at the idea of a quick fix.
"Good; the sooner I'm back on the battlefield the better. Now we're finally taking Cybertron back, maybe we can get in to a battle worth fighting, instead of wandering into ambushes."
He winced as Chainclaw applied his skill and tools to his wound.

2006-08-29, 07:27 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

"of course theres always the chance of secondary infection , and rust , but apart from that it shouldn't be too difficult ."

2006-08-29, 07:53 PM
Flame took Daniels evasion well; he knew nothing of the species, and didn't want to push anything. He instead turned to his commander Gripper.
"Sir, you shouldn't be so hard on the boy. He's just disprientated like all of us. Had we chased that technobot faster, you could be in trouble yourself now couldn't you?"
Gripper merely grinned at the idea, and shrugged his shoulders.
"You're right Flame. Come on, lets get after him."

Outside, Lightspeed was still staring at Guzzle and Chainclaw.
"Ewww. Does it still hurt?"

2006-08-29, 09:32 PM
Message for Skyfire

" It's just wonderfull, Skyfire. We thought you and Crosshairs were dead! Ha, we were too concerned with you two that... Uh, no,no; we don't need assistance. We are heading towards the moon to rendezvous with the rest of the Autobot army, so we'll meet soon friend! Backstreet out. "


Fort Max MedBay

The CR chamber opened and Dogfight exited totally recharged and repaired. He saw Override, and smiled at his buddy.

" Look who's here! Override, good buddy... you looks bad ", he joked.

" Are you serious? Slag, I know it! It's this ugly scratch... " said Override, taking Dogfight's pun seriously and pointing to his arm.

Dogfight laughed and stteped towards Guzzle.

" How are you doing pal, still in a grumpy mood? " asked the flyer triggerbot jovially to the wounded Sparkabot. " Do you want to join me in a little trip to the armoury? Once you've been repaired, of course. Big guns and great loads of fresh ammo are always a good remedy against post-battle boredom. "


Ravine to Fort Max

Skids was leading the way towards Fort Max.

" Landfill, my friend; how are you going? " he asked.


Fort Max, outside

Camshaft and Crosscut rolled towards Fort Max.

" Sizzle, once we arrive at Fort Max Crosscut and I will go to report to er... the acting-commander " explained Camshaft. " Your prescence will not be necessary, so you can go to the recreation rooms or wherever you desire. But for the looks of things it seems Fort Max is going to depart, so stay inside the Citybot, ok? "

Crosscut rolled at Sizzle's side.

" Thanks for your support in the mission " he said.

2006-08-29, 11:28 PM
Medbay Storage, Fort Max:

Fixit: -checking the Jazz arms- "It's close enough for now. He'll probably have to go into a CR chamber anyway, we can make the adjustments and replacements then." -sighing- "Not to mention repainting........"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: "At a guess, you go knocked out and infused with some kind of additive that corroded your systems. Probably whoever did it was expecting you to be found long before you were. What were you doing on Nebulos, anyway?"

Aero Blade
2006-08-30, 01:44 AM
Wing Saber closed his optics as Nightbeat spoke, as though trying to remember any kind of incident, but he was unsucessful in his attempt. When the question was asked, he openned his optics again to turn his attention to him.

"I was sent to Nebulos originally by the concil to investigate and assist the locals with some kind of odd gang activity, but for the most part I, as well as several others that had been sent out, was to look for clues to the fate of the Ark after it went missing three vorns after launch. The last we knew, it was being pursued by a Decepticon warship..."

2006-08-30, 05:51 AM
Medbay Storage, Fort Max:
Mirage tilted his head sideways as he watched the small medic inspect the arms.

Once it seemed to be okay, he lifted them and frowned.
"Fixit, as long as Stepper gets repaired, that's what's most important."
The spy offered a hand up to give Fixit a lift back to medbay, then lowered his voice to a barely audible level.
"But Ratchet and Astra had better figure out whatever hierarchy positioning issues are between them before there's a major medical crisis."

2006-08-30, 06:01 AM
Leaving the Ravine

Landfill ground up the slope his cargo clinking in his cargo bay

"i'm doing A-ok Skids good buddy."

2006-08-30, 06:48 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

This isn't what I was trained for, Ratchet thought wearily. I'm a doctor, not a statistician!

The doctor sighed. "None of those options are what I'd call appealing," he said, as much to himself as to Computron. "From a medical standpoint, it would be useful to have the problem memory tracks stored in a datavault...but it's not my call. In a situation like this, it's up to the patient to decide on a course of treatment." He shrugged. "Choose whichever course of action your logic tracks dictate is best."

Command Deck, Fort Max

"Nebulos," Hot Rod told Grimlock. "He was hidden in some hokey old temple that the Nebulans wanted us to look at. Tried to kill us real good, too." The cavalier shrugged. "He says he doesn't remember doing any of it, but I dunno...none of it makes sense to me. Least of all why half the crew up and vanished while we were there."

As he finished, Crosshairs walked up to the two of them and, without preamble, said, "We've got trouble, guys. Of the 'blowing up moons for the hell of it' kind."

2006-08-30, 11:03 AM
"OPINION NOTED" - the booming voice of Computron replied to Ratchet.


The gestalt's eyes started to blink again... then resumed their glow.




Computron took time to analyze the unexpected problem. After all, he hadn't performed components' scan in a while, or he'd detected it earlier. The directives which all Autobots on Aqua were taught by Nemesis Prime - rutlessness, efficiency, destruction of Decepticons as highest priority - were quite a lot different from the traditional Autobot ideals imprinted into Technobots at the time of their construction. This difference hadn't affected the Autobots' logic at first, but rather eroded it slowly and with catastrophic results, at least in Afterburner's case.

Computron had to decide what could be done about this, and this time he wasn't going to take any advice.





With his final words, Computron had transmitted the control sequence which was accepted by holofield-controlling consoles, and the fields which enveloped him dissipated into nothingness. But, before Ratchet or Snarl could react to this action, the gestalt had splitted and five separate Technobots landed on the holodeck floor.

For a while nobody spoke, as Technobots were still a little bit shocked from reprograming. They were feeling and analysing the changes, and contemplating their previous actions from the changed point of view. Finally, Scattershot had asked a question which all Technobots believed to be the only one that could be asked:
"Errr... What was that?"

2006-08-30, 07:01 PM
Guzzle almost took a swing at Lightspeed, opting instead to mutter about how young punks should be kept out of his way. he cocked his head to Dogfights suggestion, eyes arced in curiosity.
"Weapons tesing eh? It's not the worst idea I've heard. Once I get the acc clear from Chainclaw here, I can test this flamethrower I stole from Cindersaur."

Approaching Fort max, heck, lets say at the main entrance...
Sizzle chuckled in a good natured way.
"My assistance? Crosscut, I acquitted myself most admirably in the fields of standing still and almost shutting down from Boredom. Believe me, no ones looking forward to this fight with the Quints more than me!"

2006-08-30, 10:17 PM
Fort Max Medbay

" I'll wait you Guzzle " replied Dogfgiht. " I want to see your little souvenir in action " the triggerbot added while pointing at the flamethrower.

Nearby, Override was pulishing his forearm, trying to repair his finish.


Fort Max Halls

Superion walked outside Fort Max, heading towards the airfield. He ignored Crosscut, Camshaft, Sizzle and Wreck-Gar.


Skids watched as Superion left Fort Max. His group were almost there.

" We're arriving Landfill. When we arrive, head towards a processor plant. The drones there will help you into the metal download and storage. I'll head to the bridge to report to Prowl, understood pal? "

2006-08-31, 05:19 AM
Fort Max: Exterior
Sludge continued to trail behind the rest of the group as they approached base, while Swoop glided above.

Remembering Skids' warning, and knowing that he had to go to see Wheeljack, Spike slid down from Sludge's neck at an opportune moment and started heading for the engineering lab.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-08-31, 05:43 AM
Windcharger just followed the others out of the trecherous ravine, and he was quite happy to be gone.


Brawn was quite eagre to get back to Cybertron and finally get that planet back, but first he had a 'trophy' to claim. He quickly made his way towards the launch pad where Omega Supreme was located.

2006-08-31, 06:12 AM
Fort Max , Entrance Ramp

"gotcha Skids good Bu......."

Landfill slithered across the ramp and stopped with one front wheel overhanging the edge.

"Slag it , tyres gone , looks like a puncture."

2006-08-31, 07:50 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Ratchet wasn't quite sure what to say; reprogramming an Autobot to such an extent was a serious proposition, and one that would never sit well with him.

Computron is the Technobots, though. They made this decision themselves, even if it's one I don't like.

Beside him, Snarl was startled by the gestalt's sudden disconnection. Drawing his sword, he took a step forward before Ratchet blocked his path.

"You were suffering from a serious memory-data problem," he told the Technobot leader. "Computron seems to have fixed it, though."

2006-08-31, 10:21 AM
"Leave it alone, you big dino!" - Scattershot warned Snarl, then turned back to Ratchet.

"What do you mean - memory data problems? I don't remember anything in particular... Oh... This is the problem, isn't it?"

"Believe me, you don't want to remember what happened to you, Scattershot", - Strafe answered. "It's been really unpleasant..."
and I remember it all too well - he thought, but didn't added aloud.

"Oh damn me to Smelting Pit - what have I done?!!" - Afterburner exlaimed suddenly, taking a step back.

"Easy, easy, pal. It's over now, whatever it was... I suppose", - Noseone grumbled in his usual fashion, but his touch when he restrained Afterburner was almost gentle.

"You don't understand! I... I'm sorry, but I really believed it to be the only way...", - Afterburner still raved.

Meanwhile, Lightspeed stepped forward, coming closer to the medic.

"I believe you'd like to have a look at the motivational data", - he said to Ratchet. "They explain a lot... And now I believe they've been wrong, though when we were taught this on Aqua they seemed reasonable enough.
By the way, there is one more autobot who had the same motivational reprogramming - it's Jetwave..."

He stopped in mid-sentence.

"Oh, Jetwave! I've promised to Wheeljack to help rebuild him! He must've been angry at me for leaving so suddenly!.."

2006-08-31, 10:42 AM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"I know, it's serious stuff, Seaspray" Catilla replied, then grinned almost ferally at the thought at the forthcoming battle, adding "About time something was done about the situation back home. Looking forward to introducing a Quint or two to my claws"

2006-08-31, 08:42 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Seaspray was unaware of the severity of the situation, having been out of commission for such a long time. Regardless, he did not want to appear ignorant nor did he want Catilla to hear about his embarrassing escapades.

"Then the scurvy landlubbers shall be in Davy's grip", chuckled the Minibot.

2006-09-01, 03:28 AM
Medbay Storage, Fort max:

Fixit: -shaking his head ruefully as he jumps into Mirage's hand- "I hear you there. Don't they know that I'M the one in charge?" -chuckles- "Not that any of us have an ego problem or anything....."

Main Entry, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -walks in, noting the damage- "Mayhems." -heading towards medbay, Aero still firmly in hand-

2006-09-01, 05:22 AM
Medbay Storage, Fort max:
The bit of humour broke the tension and Mirage couldn't help laughing softly as he lifted Fixit up.
Mirage carried Fixit back to medbay, and moved to let the medic get down on the main medical computer station.
"Thanks Fixit. I'll take these to Astra now."
Fort Max
Sludge stopped when Landfill did.
Good thing me Sludge no have soft tires.
He waited patiently behind the other Autobots.

Swoop had lost interest in the group and had circled around to follow Spike.

The pteranadon's curiosity grew as he watched the human head into the engineering room, and he landed a short distance away to transform and follow.

2006-09-01, 05:55 AM
Holodeck, Fort Max

Ratchet scowled at Snarl. "You're dismissed," he told the Dinobot.

"Whatever you say, doc," Snarl told him, before turning on his heel and barging through the holodeck doors.

I really wish he'd wait until the door was open for once...

Turning back to the Technobots, he looked at Lightspeed. "Head back to the medbay," he said. "You can download the motivational data to my terminal, and help out Wheeljack. The rest of you..." He looked at the rest of the Technobots as a group. "You'll have to report to Ironhide when he gets back. I'll file a report and make sure he knows that it's my medical opinion that you weren't responsable for the damage that happened. Between that and the security reports, I'm sure he'll clear you for active duty."

2006-09-01, 12:40 PM
"Certainly", - Scattershot answered to Ratchet. "I'd like to know, though, when does Ironhide is expected to return and from where..."

"That's not the main question! Ask him if we have a truce with Decepticons now!" - Afterburner exclaimed suddenly.

"Truce? What truce?"

"Yea, heard it too. You gotta have the data yourself, the transmission was signed by Prowl", - Nosecone intervened.

"Yes... I seem to recall it... Here it is", - Scattershot scanned his memory, then tried to understand the meaning of the message. "But it's great! We're going back to reclaim our home planet!"

"In alliance with Decepticons, and that is not good news..." - Afterburner insisted.

"But believe me, would Jetwave be glad when he hears of it!
Listen, guys: now we've got ourselves some recreation time, so let's use it! You can rest for a while, and when Ironhide will summon me I'll call you over! Now..."

"Wait a bit, please!" - now it was Lightspeed who interrupted Scattershot. "We've still got one more job to do. I've promised to help Wheeljack to help with the redesign of Jetwave..."

"Why would he need to be redesigned?"

"Not redesign but, rather, reformat, I'd better say. He's been wrecked completely, he's in stasis lock now, and that'd be a lot of work for Wheeljack to recreate him..."

"So what?"

"So I thought could we merge as Computron and create the redesign blueprints for what's left of Jetwave..."

"But sure!!! If the head medic agrees, we'll accompany you to the med bay and meet Wheeljack there! Right, guys?"

The other Technobots had agreed, each in his own fashion - "Affirmative" from Strafe, "Whatever" from Nosecone and sullen, silent nod from Afterburner.

So, it was the whole group of Technobots who followed Ratchet to the medbay, rather then Lightspeed alone.

Aero Blade
2006-09-02, 12:04 AM
Aero was still throwing a fit as Roadbuster and Getaway escorted him into the base. Even though it was only Roadbuster holding him over his shoulder, he knew he might get problems from Getaway if he actually managed to get loose. However, he couldn't do much about that until he actually did get free.

Having been saving up his energy for awhile now, aside from trying unsuccessfuly to squirm loose, he decided a different tactic was in order. Building up his energy for one good blow and twisting around to the right angle, Aero swung his elbow into the back of Roadbuster's head at the same time he slammed his knee into the larger bot's face.

2006-09-02, 03:07 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -having grown used to Aero's wiggling, caught by surprise as the elbow and knee slam into his head, optic band cracking into a spiderweb patter, stumbles, losing his grip on Aero Blade- "Wha...."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Fixit: -jumps from Mirage's hands- "Get Stepper in here as fast as you can. We're going to need everybody operational to retake Cybertron."

Command Deck, Fort Max:

Grimlock and Fortress: -look at each other-

Grimlock: -hits comm button- "Me read you, Crosshairs. What happen?"

Fortress: -hits other comm button- "All systems are go, Prowl. Once we get our stragglers aboard, we can launch."

Aero Blade
2006-09-02, 03:28 AM
As worthless as his struggles had been earlier, Aero Blade hadn't really been expecting his manuver to actually work. When dropped, Aero was suprized and stunned for a moment as he took a tumble to the floor. Once he had recovered, or as best as he could of in his still disoriented condition, he scrambled to his feet and tried to bolt.

2006-09-02, 04:34 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:
Mirage nodded. He didn't like fact that once again he was being ordered- but the prevailing thought of returning home burned in his mind. He turned and sprinted out of medbay, transforming in mid-run, stowing the arm parts in his cabin.

Storage Room, Fort Max:
Time passed in welcome silence before several sets of footfalls drew closer. Still in jet mode, Blitzwing watched the parade of Autobots troupe back toward medbay.

Nnnn. No wonder Megatron wanted us to capture him. That medic took down a rebellious combiner team. He might be more of a threat than the security in this place.

Shuttle, Weehawken
"Excellent Fortress. Continue the gathering. Three human trucks are arriving with ordered supplies. See to the assistance of two drones so that they are able to load quickly and disperse."

Prowl cross-checked Fortress' status report with the list of unaccounted-for autobots, then turned his head slightly to look at Optimus while still catching data peripherally.
"We're nearing accountability Sir. There are still a handful of Autobots in the field.
Cosmos and Sky Lynx are still in Cuba and en route to return.
Two shuttles remain to be loaded to Max with their occupants.
The minibot team with Siren, Brainstorm and Sideswipe are showing they are returning along with Sunstreaker.
The delivery shipment of supplies I sent for is en route and should be arriving in 4 minutes. Preparations have been made to ensure communications here with the Earthen humans in a situation of betrayal of the treaty. Communicators are ready and waiting for delivery as soon as we disembark.
ETA to completion and arrival of all field individuals on Earth- 1 hour 22 minutes. All others can meet us directly on the moon."

2006-09-02, 05:30 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Getaway had kept a careful (if indirect) watch on Aero Blade as Roadbuster lugged the tech to medbay. Still, when he saw the tech smash his team leader in the head and try to make a break for it, he was more than a little surprised.

Didn't think the little guy had it in him...

Thinking fast, he threw himself at Aero's midsection like a linebacker tackling a slippery running back.

"Oh no you don't!"

Ratchet walked with the Technobots back to medbay.

"I've got no clue where Ironhide went," he told Scattershot, a half-smile on his face. "I've got enough to worry about patching the wounded back together, without trying to keep tabs on the officers."

As he walked back into the medical ward, he shrugged. "Just make sure Computron keeps his head down, OK? I don't need him knocking out light fixtures with his antennas..."

Dropping to one knee, the medic started to go over the stasis pod that Overdrive had brought from Metrotitan.

What have we here?

Command Deck, Fort Max

Hot Rod chuckled. "Uh, Grim...no need to use the comm. He's right here."

Crosshairs just continued on as if he hadn't noticed the gaffe. "The Decepticons built another Warworld and blew up one of Mars' moons just to see if they could."

Aero Blade
2006-09-02, 05:44 AM
Aero Blade had barely gotten a few steps away from Roadbuster before he found himself collapsing to the ground again, locked in Getaway's grip. Having taken another good jarring, Aero layed stunned for a moment before he finally was able to put up a resistance again. Most of his energy used up against Roadbuster, though, it made his struggles with Getaway feble at best, the tech pinned by the larger bot's weight ontop of him.

2006-09-02, 09:26 PM
"Sure thing, Ratchet... and thanks from all of us", - Scattershot replied. "Guys, let's go and help Jetwave - but let's do it carefully!"

"Errr... there seems to be a problem..." - Lightspeed mumbled.

"What is it?"

"Nothing... except Wheeljack is gone!"

"Oh, then find him, for Primus' sake! Do I have to do everything myself?"

"But I was going to have a work with the motivational data for Ratchet... And then I have to gather the information for Computron to make the redesign plans on..."

"In other words, you'd be busy."


"It's nothing. Strafe, Afterburner - do you fancy to find that engineer? We need him, and we need him here fast."

"Yes, captain!" - Strafe answered immediately and went for the wall console.

Afterburner was slower to react... Or to believe.

"Do you really want me to do it?"

"Oh, stop being silly! Of course I do!"

"Thanks... Really!" - and with these words Afterburner transformed nimbly into his bike mode and roared out of medbay. A nanobreem later a message came from him:

"50 energon chips I'd find him first!"

"I'd bet on it..." - Strafe answered, working with the console furiously.

"Hey, Scatter-buddy... Do you really had to sent that raving hothead alone?" - Nosecone answered, watching Afterburner leave the medbay.

"Yes, Nosecone. I absolutely had to. Trust me." - Scattershot answered surely.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lightspeed had approached Ratchet again.

"Excuse me, I see that you've been busy, but... About that motivational data - should I download them now into your terminal or should I keep them?"

2006-09-03, 11:49 AM
Guzzle looked down at Chainclaws work;
"Cheers doc, are you done yet? I gotta date with a flamethrower."

Fortmax entrance. Sizzle transformed and waved in a flase cheery manner at Camshaft, Crosscut and Wreck-gar.
"Cheers fella's; Canada was a blast!"

2006-09-03, 02:04 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

"Too right" Catilla replied with a nod as a savage look crossed his face, unaware that he was filling Seaspray in on the situation somewhat "Those tentacled freaks can't get away with stealing Cybertron from us and live"

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay

"Gone, what do you mean I'm gone?" Wheeljack replied with a wry chuckle as he turned around from the med-table that he had set up for the operation on Spike and waved at the Technobots "I'm right here, only I'm waiting for Spike to arrive. In the meantime, I got some blueprints and specs for Jetwave's reconstruction that I'd like Lightspeed to look at"

2006-09-03, 03:16 PM
Nw he was done with Guzzle, Lightspeed stared at Lightspeed. The Copycat, glory seeker. He didn't look so tough, he sure didn't look as fast as him.
Flame and Gripper walked up behind him, noticed his attention. Gripper tapped him on the shoulder;
"Lightspeed, Kid, he looks busy; settle your gripe when nothing more impotants happening, ok?"

2006-09-03, 03:56 PM
Fort Max: Med Bay
Spike went to the doorway and it slid open easily for him. The Autobots had long ago adjusted the scanners to pick up even the smallest life forms - serving the dual purpose of ease of entry and an alert to any intruders. He looked around at the large work area that was still full of Autobots and headed toward Wheeljack with a smile.
"Hey Wheeljack! I was told to pop over. Are you really busy right now?"

2006-09-03, 05:56 PM
Hangar Bay, Fort Max

Seaspray crossed his arms while staring at Catilla's claws "Well, I certainly wouldn’t like to be tentacled freak right now!" chuckled the Minibot.

2006-09-03, 06:44 PM
Fort Max, entrance ramp

" Oh no... " said Skids, transforming into robot mode. He stepped towards Landfill.

" Don't move buddy, or you may fall... ".

Skids tried to push Landfill into the ramp again, but the targetmaster was too heavy.

" Sludge, can you help me with Landfill? " asked Skids looking back to the dinobot.


Fort Max Medbay

" Yeah, and I want to see this firecon flammer in action ", said Dogfight, looking first at Chainclaw, then at Guzzle.

2006-09-03, 07:06 PM
Fort Max, entrance ramp
Sludge set the large boulder he was carrying down to one side within Fort Max's entry so it wouldn't block the rampway. He swung his head around to get a better look at the size and balance of the burdened Autobot.
Smells bad.
Even thinking the comment to himself, Sludge transformed without hesitation and lifted both Landfill and the load up.

"We go to refinery, empty, then change tire."


In a CR chamber, Trailbreaker was dimly becoming aware of the repairs going on within his midsection.

2006-09-03, 07:12 PM
-OOC: being excited, Lightspeed had missed Wheeljack :) and every other Technobot had believed him!!! :)

"Wheeljack? But Lightspeed told me..." - Scattershot hadn't finished. "What's the meaning of this all, Lightspeed?"

"Err... I'm sorry, commander..." - Lightspeed answered, looking sorry indeed. "I've looked into the chamber where Jetwave was and, as nobody was there, assumed Wheeljack had left..."

"Oh, great. And that's my intelligence and information processing Autobot! Shame on you, Lightspeed!.. And sorry to you, Wheeljack."

Then Techobot leader turned his attention to the human who entered the room.

"Hello Spike! You want a piece of our chief engineer too? I'm afraid we were here for him first..."

"Let Wheeljack decide it himself!" - Nosecone grubled.

"True", - Scatershot agreed, then used his communicator to call Afterburner back, telling him the bet was off.

Strafe had abandoned the console and approached his commander too, looking shameful - after all, his keen sniper's eye would find Wheeljack easily... if only he tried to look for him here. But his keen eye had allowed him to see something else: there was another Autobot who looked at Lightspeed strangely and flinched every time when Lightspeed's name was spoken.

"Excuse me - do you have some problem?" - the Technobot sniper addressed the unfamiliar 'bot (who was Motorvator Lightspeed, of course...).

2006-09-03, 07:17 PM

With his refueling complete, Skyfire transformed to robot mode and began staggering off toward the hangar bay, a minor smile lingering on his face after hearing how excited Backstreet was that he and Crosshairs had survived.


Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

As Countdown had planned, the platform had moved slowly enough into the hangar bay to not disturb Stepper's fragile condition, but quickly enough that it was just finishing transformation and strutting when the Micromaster would return. Countdown rolled up the base's ramp and transformed to robot mode. Jazz greeted him with a casual wave.

"How is he?" Countdown asked Astra softly.

2006-09-03, 07:40 PM
Fort Max , Entrance Ramp.

Landfill dangled unceremoniously.

"um sure thing good buddy, sounds like a plan."

Fort Max , Med Bay

Chainclaw slapped an access plat eback into position.

"that should do it , watch out for diseases, and be careful with your flame thrower, i don't want to see you back in here anytime soon although you'll probably catch something nasty in no time."

2006-09-03, 08:40 PM
Fort Max: Medbay
Spike put up a hand with an easy smile. "Hey Scattershot!"
He nodded, seeing the group around.
"Don't worry 'bout it- that's why I was asking. If there's too much to be done at the moment, I can wait on the sidelines until there's time."


Countdown's Base
Mirage slowed to a stop and transformed, grabbing the arm parts in the process. He walked up the entry without making much noise and headed over towards the others.


Fort Max , Entrance Ramp
Noting Landfill's acceptance of being picked up, Sludge headed toward the refinery area. It wasn't too far within Max's structure, for ease of delivery, so it wasn't more than a couple of turns in the hall before they arrived.

Sludge wasn't familiar with the room and the equipment, so he took a moment to look around before setting Landfill down on an elevated ramp above a dumping bin.

2006-09-04, 02:42 AM
Countdown's base:

Nebulon: -looks up from his watching of City Hunteras Mirage walks in, the look on his face hopeful-

Shuttle Weehawken:

Prime: "Excellent. Hopefully, they will never need to use these devices. We have interfered with the development of this species for far too long. I can only hope that there will be no long term effects."

Ironhide: -nodding- "Awlrahght, that'll do it. Next step, we go outsahde an' get a quick scrubbin'." -opens the shuttle hatch, steps outside, scrubbers engulfing his body for about 30 seconds then retracting, steps off the pad- "Next!"

Prime: -steps onto the pad, scrubbers engulfing him for 30 seconds, then stepping off, letting Ironhide scan him-

Ironhide: -finishes scanning Prime after he scans himself- "We're clear." -looks back into the shuttle- "Next!"

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: "They're on their way, Prowl...." -trails off as one drone hovers up with a crate labeled 'Attn: Tracks'- "Looks like some parts have arrived for Tracks. Take them down to the repair bay."

Grimlock: -scowls- "Have treaty now. Not have to worry about it. Yet."

2006-09-04, 05:43 AM
Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet smiled to Lightspeed. "I'll need the data on file to study later," he said. "But if you'd like to keep a copy of it for your own reference, feel free. I don't see how it could do any harm."

Corridors, Fort Max

Getaway was a bit surprised he'd been able to stop the fleeing tech so easily, but it only made him more sure that he needed to get him to medbay. The Powermaster got back to his feet, all the while keeping a tight grip on Aero Blade.

"You need to see a medic, no two ways about it. You're banged up bad, and you're hurting yourself even more by trying to run off. And now you've hurt the boss, too. And that's not OK. Understand?"

Not being as strong as Roadbuster, Getaway tried to half-carry, half-drag the injured Autobot down the hall.

Shuttle Weehawken

Smokescreen stepped outside into the path of the rad scrubbers.

"Fire it up," he said gamely.

Bridge, Fort Max

Crosshairs crossed his arms.

"Yeah, I picked up on that," he told Grimlock. "But the sooner we start worrying about it, the more ready we'll be when they turn the damned thing on us."

Aero Blade
2006-09-04, 05:57 AM
Aero Blade struggled with Getaway as he had Roadbuster, but becoming exhausted as he was he wasn't able to put up enough resistance to get free of him. Being close enough to touch the floor with his feet now, though, Aero did his best to balk and slow down or othewise hamper Getaway's movements.

2006-09-04, 08:39 AM
Shuttle Weehawken:
Prowl watched the others step into the spray as he finished up with Fortress. He turned away to shut down the consoles, hiding a frown that he knew was creeping up. He was irritated with himself as much as concerned with the Autobot situation. The strategist didn't like to let emotions show - they interfered with work and could be seen as a weakness more often than a strength. He did his job mostly by logic and sound reasoning, but he also knew the importance of emotions in some decisions. He just wasn't very good at dealing with them.

Prime's right in theory... but this may be one of those times where theory isn't enough. We need every Autobot's cooperation. Will they understand the need to leave this planet?If the faction splits again, we're lost. Ironhide was right too. It's only a matter of time before they betray us- and the humans. I can't allow that to happen again- not in the measure that occurred the last time. There mustn't be another failure in that range. Need more preparations to attend to the damage when it occurs.

Countdown's base:
"Here are the parts for Stepper." Mirage said softly as he offered them towards Astra. His voice had a cold edge to it.
"The medics within Maximus request that if Stepper is stable, he be brought inside so you can work on him there. The faction has already begun to depart Earth.

2006-09-04, 06:12 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Jazz waved to Mirage with a pleasant smile to his old buddy, but the somber situation kept him quiet.

"He's right," Countdown agreed quietly while looking over Stepper. "It may be better for him to have the stability of a proper medbay during flight. With the doctor's permission, I can detach a skiff to escort him inside."

Countdown looked up to Astra awaiting her prognosis.

2006-09-04, 06:24 PM
"Thanks, Ratchet - here's your copy of the data, and I keep mine in case something happens", - Lightspeed finished downloading the information to Ratchet's terminal, then joined the group.

"Sorry it took longer than I expected... and sorry I've missed you, Wheeljack."

"Oh boy - did you missed him so much?" - Nosecone asked, in an attempt of crude humor.

"It's all right now, I believe", - Scattershot took the lead of conversation. "In a nanobreem Afterburner will be here - ah, here he is already! - so we can merge and evaluate Jetwave's condition and your plans, Wheeljack. Any objections?"

"No, Scattershot - but it would be better if we merge to Computron there, where it's less crowded", - Lightspeed intervened, pointing in the direction of the stasis bay where Jetwave's body was kept.

"Too true. Come on, guys, let's go! Lead the way, Wheeljack - it's your domain, after all!"

2006-09-04, 07:09 PM
Guzzle grinned at Chainclaw.
"Don't you worry buddy, I'll be Real careful."
With that, he pulled the Flamethrower out of subspace, and motioned to the door with it.
"Come on Dogfight, lets see what this made of!"

2006-09-04, 07:31 PM
Before Gripper could stop him, Lightspeed (Motorvator) replied to Strafe.
"Yeah, I have a problem. Your buddy over there's using my name. I'm Lightspeed; he's just some pen pusher by the looks of him."
Flame covered his face in shame, and Gripper let out a low whistle. The team commander took the scientist to one side.
"We should just let this play out; if the idiot wants to start a fight over a name, see how far he gets."
"A superlative idea, commender." Flame nodded.

2006-09-04, 08:38 PM
At first, Strafe was unable to understand Motorvator's words.

What does he mean he's Lightspeed? Lightspeed is over here...

Then he realised that there came a very unfortunate situation indeed, when two different Autobots bore the same name.

"Trust me, that 'bot is Lightspeed all right", - he said, trying to turn it all into a pun. "I've been knowing him in a while, and all that time he was himself..."

unlike somebody else - he thought, but hadn't added aloud - the pun would be lost to Motorvator who hadn't knew what happened to Terchnobots recently. "Listen - it's been a tough time now for us, we're really busy right now, why don't you have a go at it some other time..."

Unfortunately, it was when Afterburner had paid attention to the conversation.

"Step aside, Strafe - I'll cover it!" - he said, approaching Motorvator Lightspeed and casting a downward negligent glance on him.

"Listen to me, buddy - this is my team and my teammates! We've been through tough times together, and if somebody picks on one of us, he picks on us all! I don't give a speck of rust what your name is..."

"Stop it, all of you!" - Scattershot intervened angrily. "We've got a job, and it is to help Jetwave - not to fret between ourselves!Soon we're to leave this planet for Cybertron, and if at times like that you", - his finger pointed in Motorvator Lightspeed's chest - "can only think of name to be called... Then I recommend you to grow up!"

Now almost entire group of Technobots was gathered around Motorvator Lightspeed, save the Technobot with the same name. He stood beside Wheeljack, feeling very uncomfortable and wishing this all never happened...

2006-09-04, 09:40 PM
Medbay, Fort Max
Oh boy, this is getting edgy. Spike thought to himself as he started to back up - away from the verbally fighting group of Autobots.
I'd better just hang back- don't want to get stepped...


Giant hands surrounded the human and he suddenly felt himself lifted off the ground. Swoop had followed him and had seen that the other Autobots were not paying much attention to the human. The gentle dinobot had quickly decided to intervene, scooping Spike up and letting the human crawl up on his shoulder.

"Swoop! Boy do you have great timing."

"Spike, why you come in here?" He looked around at the technobots and motorvators. "They fighting like dinobots fight Decepticons. You get hurt."

"Well, it wasn't like this when I came in. I need to stay though. Wheeljack needs to rewire some of my circuitry implants"

Swoop frowned at the group. "Okay. But me stay here with you."

Spike nodded with a relieved smile. "Sounds good to me pal."


Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base
Mirage looked back and forth across the group. He caught Jazz's wave and for a brief instant, his optics brightened and a thin smile began forming. The pleasure of seeing his old friend didn't last long. It flashed about as quickly as a light bulb popping - as frustration and irritation returned to the forefront of his thoughts.

He looked back to Astra, waiting patiently for the pieces to be taken.

2006-09-04, 11:16 PM
Fort Max, refinery area

" Sludge, you can drop now - carefully, please -, Skids to Landfill on the ground " said Skids to the Dinobot. " Thanks for your help, dinobuddy! "

Heading for the bridge, Skids stopped in the refinery area door.

" Landfill, start to unload your metal cargo while I go to inform Prowl, ok? "


Fort Max Medbay

Dogfight followed Guzzle to the Medbay exit and the armoury.

Override was roaming the Med bay, waiting for the Motorvators.

2006-09-05, 01:57 AM
En Route to Autobase in a Decepticon Shuttle:

Brainstorm: -looks back into the passenger compartment at Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Pipes, Glyph, and Powerglide- "Comfy back there, guys?"

Shuttle Bay, Fort Max:

Sky Lynx: -battered, weary, and slightly heat warped and soot covered, settles unsteadily on the shuttle deck-

Decon Area, Fort Max Shuttle Bay:

-scrubbers flash out, completely covering Smokescreen as they whirr to live, and one exceedingly strong brushing(and the removal of 3 coats of paint) later.....-

Ironhide: -checking giger counter- "Yer clear, Smokescreen."

Prime: "There must be some way we can ensure the Decepticons never return here. Any ideas Prowl?"

Bridge, Fort Max:

Grimlock: "That part simple. Blow it up after Cybertron retaken."

Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -shaking head, stands- "Wasn't expecting that....." -starts towards Aero and Getaway-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva: -watching the unfolding potential chaos- "I don't like the looks of this...." -waves Fixit over- "Can you keep an optic on my patient here?"

Fixit: -checking over the damage to Wing Saber- "I suppose. Wow. What happened to him?"

Minerva: "Sabotage. I think." -moves over to the Motorvators and Technobots- "I don't care what the problem is, if you guys are going to do more than whisper loudly, I want you all out of my medbay! NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

Fixit: -trying to get a sample of the green goo-

Nightbeat: "Was there any member of the Ark's crew who would know you? If there are, you search may well be at an end......."

2006-09-05, 02:48 AM
Decon Area, Fort Max Shuttle Bay:
The shuttle lights and consoles went dark, with the exception of a small green indicator that showed backup power was still running to the engines to keep the shuttle ready.

Prowl turned, immediately masking his thoughts with an empty expression. He stared for a moment at Smokescreen's paint job and let a very slight frown slip.
Every patch, weld and seam repair is gonna show after this.
Prowl lingered to allow Smokescreen to move away.

"There are some options available to us Prime."
And you're not going to like any of them.
He paused, caught between telling his leader what he likely wanted to hear and what the reality of the situation was.

"Our best option is to keep the Decepticons busy on Cybertron. Once they're done with the Quintessons we take the fight to them directly - before they have the time to break the treaty.
It's certain they will return here afterwards to regain energy expended during the battle.

Alternately, we can permanently station one or two Autobots here on Earth to monitor the situation. Until the Quintessons are removed, I believe the separate communicators will alert us to any developing situations- unlike last time. The Decepticons will be focused on the Quintessons until that threat is removed. The Decepticons will continue trying to come back to Earth until there is nothing left of value for them here."

A longer pause occured and Prowl's facial features tightened.
I - can't. I don't think I can - not again. But I have to- I agreed in the oath. It's my duty to let him know, and carry it out if that's what's demanded.
For the first time in the entirety of his history of service, Prowl couldn't bring himself to look at his leader. Haunting memories flooded back unbidden, and the best he could do was distance himself from them by looking directly past the gentle-natured leader in a stiffened reporting fashion.
"In final stage academy training, the last effort and the hardest duty requirement for us to perform --- was a complete and total denial of resources. The destruction --- of anything useful to the enemy. With Warworld, the ability --- to destroy.. the Earth..."

He stopped in mid sentence and dropped his chin on a diagonal as he looked away.

"....is available to us."

2006-09-05, 07:26 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Getaway continued to make progress down the hall despite Aero Blade's squirming. Eventually, he managed to drag him to the medbay doors.

"Get in there!" he said, continuing to drag the other Autobot forward.

Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet briefly looked at the data that Lightspeed had given him, then turned back to the Decepticon stasis pod.

"Thanks," he said. "I'll look at it in a few minutes."

He registered the scuffle between the Motorvators and Technobots, but couldn't be bothered to break it up. Minerva seemed to have things well in hand, and someone had to work on this patient...Overdrive had gone to the trouble of bringing him in, after all.

If it comes to blows, I'll ship the lot of 'em off to Grimlock for punishment...

Shuttlebay, Fort Max

Smokescreen looked at his scratched paint job with a crooked smile.

Note to self: remember to send Tracks or Sunstreaker down here next time they act up...

His mirth faded quickly as Prowl spoke up, though.

Something tells me Prime won't be receptive to any of those options, the diversionary tactician thought. And Prowl doesn't like them either. I've never seen him emote like that before. It would actually be healthy...if it wasn't happening because the stress of his duties managed to crack his self-imposed stoic facade.

Smokescreen could think of a dozen things that he could say to his fellow strategist...but he didn't say any of them.

Neither the time nor the place, he thought. But I've got to corner him for an ad hoc councelling session, sooner than later.

Bridge, Fort Max

Crosshairs opened his mouth to fire a retort back at Grimlock, but the look on Hot Rod's face convinced him not to. Instead, he just shrugged. "You're the boss," he told the Dinobot.

2006-09-05, 09:31 AM
"Thanks, Ratchet... Minerva, you calm down, I'll settle it", - Lightspeed sighed deeply and stepped forward.

"Excuse me, guys - but let's go, really! When it's over I personally promise you, Lightspeed", - he addressed the Motorvator by his name, in an attempt to calm him down, - "that we'll meet again and discuss it or find a way to reach some sort of agreement. But now it is not the time nor the place, sorry. Come on, guys", - and he ushered the other Technobots towards the stasis bay, following Wheeljack.

Scattershot and the others followed, Afterburner still casting side glances at the edgy Motorvator.

If MY name was at stake I'd shown him... He'd be called Rustbucket since that day and forever, as he'd become the one... - he grumbled inwardly. Pity that Lightspeed's just too soft and dreamy for that sort of things!..

2006-09-05, 11:42 AM
Fort Max Refinery

Landfill slowly tipped his cargo bed into a loading hopper.

"10-4 good buddy I'lll get right on to it. Thanks Sludge mate, don't know what wqe'd have done with out you."

Aero Blade
2006-09-05, 02:37 PM
The whole time Aero Blade was putting up his resistance, a change seemed to be occuring with him, spurred on by the realization that something had just happened that he could never recall ever having happened before now. He had managed to get Roadbuster, a bot much bigger than him and nearly twice his own strength, to release him; if not for Getaway, he'd have gotten away... He'd retaliated against a stronger bot and won...

This new information fueling his processor, as they got closer to the medbay, Aero stopped struggling so much, saving up his energy again. When they reached the doorframe, Aero put up his feet and braced against it, preventing either of them from going inside.

"Don't count on it..." Aero Bladed snarled back at Getaway in a defiant tone, waiting for a good moment, then pushing quick and hard off the door frame, attempting to send both him and his captor tumbling.

Medbay, Fort Max

When Nightbeat asked his question, Wing Saber seemed already waiting with an answer. There was only one person that would convince Wing Saber without any chance of trickery...

"Optimus Prime."

2006-09-05, 05:05 PM
Fort Max Medbay

"Calm down" Wheeljack muttered, handing the datapads containing the plans for Jetwave over to Lightspeed "I'll let you go over those to see what you think while I sort out Spike's request as it won't take as long"

Looking around for Spike, he spotted him on Swoop's shoulder and headed over to the pair, adding in a cheerful tone as he looked at the human, offering Spike a hand to climb into "Ready to begin?"

* * * * *

Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

"He's doing ok" Astra replied, looking up at Countdown with a sober nod, then she noticed Mirage had entered and quickly rose to take the needed parts from him "Thanks for these, and as for the patient, I'll like to attach the new limbs before moving him anywhere, just to be on the safe side"

That said, she moved to get to work on attaching the new arms before getting to work on welding them firmly into place so she could reattach wiring from them to the main body.

2006-09-05, 05:38 PM
"Oh, but it's great, Wheeljack - thank you! Guys, you should have a look at this!" - Lightspeed exclaimed excitedly. "He would be totally renovated! See - more room in the hull, no more crowding inside! And the weapons section will be upgraded too!.."

"Easy, easy, buddy - it's not we who should look at these plans, it's Computron", - Scattershot commented. "Technobots, get over here and merge! Form..."

A familiar pattern of changes and transformations occured, and the gestalt appeared.

"Computron." - he finished quietly, not wishing to upset the other Autobots. He took two large steps which brought him closer to the stasis pod where Jetwave's body was suspended, looked the body over, then concentrated his attention on the datapad.

"Datum: Jetwave needs complete redesign. Plans for reformat... incomplete. Updating the nesessary data..."

The datapads glowed softly, as the new data were written to them with incredible speed.

"Energy processing... check.
Triple changer transformation cone... check.
Memory core... check.
Personality circuits... check.
Reflexive systems... check.
Miomer-enhanced actuators... check.
Sensor equipment... check.
Communication systems... check.
Optimised weaponry systems... updated... check.
Close combat weapons... check.
Reinforced armour platings... check.

Conclusion: redesign plans are complete."

The gestalt was about to lay the datapad down and disengage, but suddenly, a strange thing occured: a soft, almost imperceptible glow radiated from Jetwave's remains, and Computron's eyes glowed too with the reflected light. Then it vanished as quickly as it appeared, but the datapad had glowed instead for a nanobreem, and two more lines appeared on it:

Colour scheme redesign... check.
Identity reassigned... check.

2006-09-05, 05:48 PM
Fort Max Corridors

Crosscut and Camshaft stepped inside a turbolift.

" Who is in charge here? " asked Crosscut, tapping the bridge deck button.

" Grimlock, I think " replied Camsfaht. " Will you report to him? "

" It was a mission from Ultra Magnus, but if Grimlock is the current Autobase leader, I must report to him. "

" I hope he knows Quebec is a human country and not Quintessa's smallest moon... ", muttered the Omnibot.

With a swift movement, the turbolift doors opened.


Fort Max, bridge

Skids, unsure about Prowl's whereabouts, walked inside the bridge. He nodded towards Grimlock and Crosshairs, but he stopped infront of Fortress.

" Excuse me, do you know where Prowl is? " said Skids, seating in the comm station.

2006-09-05, 06:23 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Countdown nodded to Astra and sent a mental command for one of his skiffs to proceed to the bottom of the base ramp for when Astra needed it.

Jazz shimmied along the wall in the tight space to come up alongside Mirage and thumbed over his shoulder toward the hatch leading out into Maximus' hangar bay.

"Hey buddy," he murmured mutedly with a characteristic grin. "Wanna go for a walk?"

2006-09-05, 07:07 PM
Guzzle passed Dogfight the weapon he had procured from Cindersaur;
"What do you reckon? Pretty sweet huh?"

2006-09-05, 07:12 PM
Lightspeed (Motorvator) had taken the Technobots admonishment in silence, looking to His teammates for assistance only to be met with Gripper shaking his head with a grin and Flame looking around, pretending nothing was happening.
When the Technobots had left to form Computron, he turned to the other Motorvators and said in avoice that didn't sound as brave as he thought
"Huh, they're not so tough."
Gripper sighed.
"They look like they could take you right now kid." He added matter of factly.

2006-09-05, 09:25 PM
Fort Max, corridors

Dogfight looked at the flammer in his hands with an approving look on his optics. When the examination was finished, he returned the flamethrower to Guzzle.

" Yeah, sure; it's a pretty nice war trophy. I like to use my blowtorch blasters as flammers, too. "

The triggerbot smiled. " And talking about flamethrowers, I wonder if I'll find some incendiary missiles in the armoury; that would be a perfect complement. "

2006-09-05, 10:21 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base
The spy watched Jazz's movement along the tight space with a bit of wonder. Mirage was capable of moving well with near-silence in confined areas under pressure- but the special ops autobot's movement was so... smooth. For the bit of the aristocratic element he had within him, Mirage couldn't help but straighten and flash an impressed smile as he would have done at a fellow sporting match after a good show.

"Sure Jazz." Mirage replied simply as he moved to follow his old friend. He had been anticipating a complaint from Astra, and was very relieved to be escaping the situation.
Fort Max Medbay

"Ready if you are Wheeljack." Spike replied brightly as he hopped onto the offered hand. "Sure didn't take you long to get this together." Spike ran a hand over his hair with a grin.
Just hope it's gonna work.

With Wheeljack having taken Spike, Swoop turned his attention away from protecting, to watching the unfolding drama over Jetwave.


Sludge smiled, but he wasn't much of a talker. Instead, he mumbled,"I go get rock now," as he turned towards the exit.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-06, 12:18 AM
Decepticon Shuttle

Sunstreaker had assumed the pilots role immediately after boarding the shuttle, Sideswipe being the last one on hadn't quite made it to the cock-pit yet.

Sunstreaker adjusted dials on the computer and groaned. "It would have been safer to just hop on Sideswipe's back and fly." He tried to adjust the pitch that kept falling off. He seriously doubted this shuttle could have made it out of Earth's orbit, let alone Cybertron. The bots in the back could more than likely feel the ship wobbeling as it tried to keep airborne.


Sideswipe turned to Pipes.

"Did the clone get on board?"

2006-09-06, 03:59 AM
Decon Area, Fort Max Shuttle Bay:

Ironhide: -jaw drops-

Prime: -optics widen-

Ironhide: "Som'body hit you in th' head, Prowl? Or is it th' radiation? Ain't no way-"

Prime: -holds up hand- "In the coldly logical sense, destroying Earth could be seen as the best course of action." -drops hand-

Ironhide: "What?!?!?"

Prime: "As I said, in the coldly logical sense." -narrows optics- "It is also a course of action that will NEVER be ordered. WE brought this war to this planet. Forcing them to make the ultimate sacrifice because of our inability to stop the Decepticons, is something that we can never allow." -turns, starts to walk away- "The problem is not denying them raw materials, Prowl, but in denying them their new toy. Prowl, compile a list. I want to know who we've got on hand that would be best for destroying or crippling the Warworld. Send it to me on the bridge." -walks out of the shuttle bay-

2006-09-06, 05:56 AM
Decon Area, Fort Max Shuttle Bay

"Yes Optimus."

He waited until Prime had left the room, then Prowl's blue optics closed and he shook his head slightly- the relief visible in both his face and his voice.
"I had to tell him the options Ironhide. The Decepticons won't give up on Earth- unless they find something more significant." He paused and frowned before adding a much quieter, "That doesn't mean that I agree with those options." He paused again, then abruptly, his head snapped up and he looked first to the security officer, then to the diversionary tactician, then back to Ironhide with a fixed and very deliberate expression. The emotions had been buried again and his attitude had done a 180 back to business. "There is a way to take out the War World to prevent the danger to this planet and there will be an opportunity for a concerted effort when the Decepticons won't be expecting it."

But it's going to have to happen before the airspace battle is completely over, and it won't stop the Decepticons from returning here - eventually.

Prowl closed his optics again and stepped into the scrubbers. The strategist's mind was whirring faster than the decon unit around him. He was remotely accessing any further info that had come into Fort Max and solidifying it into a plan.

It's a sphere. Strong form, but it can't contain friction and is still constructed of reinforced Earthen steel. Internal and external defenses.

Internal. Mirage and Blaster. Mirage takes Blaster in in tapedeck form. Blaster uses his disrupter right in the core control. Minimum 20.01 minutes to restabilize controls from his effects. Maximum 26.36.

Triangulate a blast to cause a fission reaction of explosion, maximizing the damage within and destabilizing the exterior walls. Decompression factor unreliable and incalcuable. That requires 3 teams and planted explosives. Given the Decepticon reaction times from the last encounters we've had, we won't have much time to detonate. That requires laying explosives and blowing exterior holes for direct escape.

Siren, Quickmix and Ironhide are all capable of penetrating the thickest steel walls quickly. Their chemicals can both provide an escape route and a way to implant the explosives required.

We can't detonate while we're right there. We'll need distractions on the exterior to cover an escape. The Arrialbots- get Fireflight to judge on that, and Dogfight - they can handle cannon that come online near the escape points and with their manueverability, they can give ready cover fire to the retrieval team. Cosmos, Skyfire and Sky Lynx can do team retrieval and distant fire support.

We need to extract Mirage and Blaster before the explosion occurs. Brawn, Fastlane and Sideswipe can break walls with better ease if they are combined with the chemicals. Not reliable - 45.221%. Chemicals may damage them and Sideswipe or Fastlane may be needed on Cybertron. Fastlane's ability is no contact required.

Therefore, compatibility 96.3278%.
Team 1.
Siren. Brawn.

Team 2.
Quickmix. Fastlane.

Team 3.
Ironhide. Sideswipe.

Now detonation. It must be distant. The fuel lines required to support this creation will carry the explosion in fractions of seconds and the shockwave impact will be extreme. Lay the explosives, the retrival support comes in and the detonations occur. Incindiary missiles will be most effective once the explosives are laid. Whirl, Hardhead and myself- through the entry from onboard the retrieval team members. Speed of departure will be an issue. Sky Lynx will need to carry Trailbreaker too. He will likely take the brunt of the blast. That leaves Ironhide, Hardhead and Sideswipe as the best available to hold against a shockforce impact. Last out means the best chance for Blaster and Mirage - so if we station that team on the lee of the Warworld and to the right of the propulsion vent where the cannon cannot be used effectively due to heat vapor - that will be most effective and advantageous for us.

Therefore, compatibility 83.5236%.
Team 1.
Siren. Brawn. Cosmos. Whirl.

Team 2.
Quickmix. Fastlane. Skyfire. Prowl.

Team 3.
Ironhide. Sideswipe. Sky Lynx. Hardhead, Trailbreaker.

Either Jazz or Smokescreen can keep the Decepticon command busy while we are together on the Moon, pending which is to be sent down. That will allow time for Mirage to infiltrate and imbed himself and Blaster to await the execution of the mission timing. This must be carried out no sooner than the elimination of 82% of the Quintesson fleet and no later than 87.9%, or we will have too many Quintessons or returning Decepticon forces to deal with.

2006-09-06, 10:34 AM
Finally, Computron had placed the datapads on the console and disengaged, separating back to five Technobots. Lightspeed, as the most suited with information processing, took the datapads and started to read through them.

"Incredible!.. Just marvelous! Look, there's blueprints for each separate part based on Wheeljack's redesign plans!.."

"What new parts? Where would we get them now, as we're about to leave soon?" - Nosecone grumbled. "There's no way we'd be able to rebuild him before we head to Cybertron. As they say, not today".

"No, Nosecone - you are wrong", - Scattershot disagreed, and his words were spoken with such a finite certainity that nobody protested anymore. "We'll rebuild him because we must. To deny him the chance to participate in the liberation of our world would be..."

would be a blasphemy - he intended to say, but hadn't finished.

Instead, he turned to the group and started to give orders.
"Nosecone, Afterburner - you go to the storage compartment and get the materials required. Is there a list?"

"Yes, here", - Lightspeed handed a datapad to Nosecone.

"Bring the materials to Engineering section.

Me and Strafe will go to the Engineering now and begin to reprogram the production cycle according to plans. Give me the blueprints, Lightspeed.

And you - you stay here with Wheeljack and, when he finishes his work, will bring Jetwave's pod to the Engineering. Is that clear?"

Various exclamations of affirmation sounded from Technobots.

"Very well, then. Technobots, roll for it!"

And the group left, leaving only Lightspeed with the single datapad in his hand wait for Wheeljack.

The Technobot cast a wary glance toward the group of Motorvators, then happened to notice Swoop's interest.

It's better to be busy talking with Dinobot then to have an argument about a name with that hothead Motorvator - he decided.

"Hello there, Swoop!.. You see, we're going to rebuild Jetwave..." - he started to explain.

2006-09-06, 05:45 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

"Well, there's that done" Astra said, finally checking her work, this was not the sort of job that could be rushed after all, not without causing future damage to the patient, something a professional medic would not have done "Ready to get him moved"

2006-09-06, 07:26 PM
Guzzle chuckled warmly at Dogfights comments.
"Yeah, they'd fit together well."
The pair arrived at the doors to the Armoury.
"Cybertron... It's been too long, hasn't it? I've spent some of my worst times there, hell, we shared a prison there: but it's still home isn't it?"

2006-09-06, 07:46 PM
Seeing the Technobots leave Lightspeed behind, Lightspeed made his move.
Or tried to; he found Grippers hand on his shoulder, stopping him from going forward. Flame walked leisurely in front of the impetous youth.
"You will stay here; you're getting very angry, and shouldn't say something you'll regret. I will talk to him."
Flame left the youngest of the Motorvators in the leaders not so tender graces, and came to the Technobot Lightspeeds side. He looked over his shoulder and gave a low whistle.
"Those are some fantastic engines on those designs; did your gestalt form design them just now? Oh I'm sorry, let me introduce my self: I'm Flame, the Motorvators troubleshooter. I understand you're Lightspeed...?"

2006-09-06, 08:31 PM
"What?.." - Lightspeed asked, startled, then looked around as if searching for help. Seeing that nobody really cared, he sighed and answered Flame:

"Yes, I am, and glad to meet you... About those designs - no, they belong to Wheeljack, we've just updated and detalised them... Those are the replacement parts for Jetwave... he's here" - and the Technobot pointed at the stasis pod.

"You see, he's been damaged severely, almost disintegrated, by Predaking's fire, and now lies in stasis lock... As we're about to head back for Cybertron, Scattershot told us it's imperative that Jetwave is to be brought back online. See, he wanted it so much, told me countless times that those five-faced freaks have no right to exist and must be wiped off the face of the universe..." - Lightspeed was glad to find some other matter to talk about. Anything but the name grudge that existed between him and the young Motorvator.

2006-09-06, 09:38 PM
Flame nodded as Lightspeed spoke, and took a look into Jetwaves Stasis pod.
"Not a lucky fellow by the look of him."
He turned back to the Dataprocessor; "I've had some experience with interstellar engines, and the ones there seem top notch; Jetwaves gonna be a lucky Autobot when he's brought back online. Might I have a closer look at the Designs?"

At the back of the Medbay, Gripper was now standing in front of the younger Lightspeed, who was pleading his case, and anxiously trying to get past his commander.
"But it's my name! It's me, it's who I am, what I do! Why can't you see that?"
"I can see that kid. What you gotta see is... well, if you keep dancing around like that, I'm gonna shoot you in the foot. That good enough for you?"

2006-09-06, 10:49 PM
Fort Max, Armoury

Dogfight stopped in front of the armoury doors, a sad expression flashed in his usually belligerent optics.

" Yeah, you're right pal. It's our home, depsite the fact that four millions of years of civil war had scorched his surface. And now the Quintessons are ruling Cybertron... "

Dogfight was going to punch the wall with his fist in frustration but a sudden memorie crossed his mind.

" He, that prison! " he looked again at the flammer smiling. " That prison was ruled by firecons... each time I look at your trophy the more I like it! "

Dogfight laughed, entering the armoury.

" Cybertron, we're coming at last! "

2006-09-07, 04:09 AM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Countdown nodded to Astra and summoned the skiff to ascend the ramp and stop at Stepper's side.

Just as the vehicle passed, Jazz stepped outside, stepping down the boarding ramp with casual ease. He knew instantly that he wouldn't need to use subtle methods to get Mirage to open up - the spy was trained to observe such maneuvers, and he tended to be the suspicious sort anyway. Besides, they were friends. It was easy to be direct.

"So whassup, man? Somethin' eatin' you? You seem a little blue - an' I ain't just talkin' your slick paintjob, neither."

2006-09-07, 05:05 AM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Mirage put his hands on his hips and then motioned at the base walls with a bewildered expression.

"This place is like a chaffing factory." He looked up and around the hanger bay. "I don't understand it Jazz."

He paused and fixed on the special ops agent.
"It's not that I'm unhappy that we're going home! But they say one thing and do another. Are we stopping the Decepticons, or only partnering with them until someone on one side or another decides they're bored of peace? It doesn't end in this place!

And now- now there's growing amounts of disputes in all the fields of practice - even as high as the medical staff. When I agreed to help, I didn't know that most of the help Prime needed would be loading and unloading docking bays or running messages for other Autobots."
*His voice softened.*
"But then - maybe I'm out of line again. What is it that we're doing? I don't understand... perhaps Prime should've left me on Cybertron."

TFArchive RPG Team
2006-09-07, 05:18 AM
OOC: IMPORTANT RPG NOTICE- All players must read!


2006-09-07, 06:30 AM
Outside Fort Max

Scoop now that all the shuttles had landed safetly decided to move Banshee into the safety of the Hangar bay , he turned back to the shuttle and hurrying up ther ramp slid behind the controls.


Fort Max Medbay

Overdrive looked around

"do you think the Done's gonna make it Doc."


Fort Max Bridge

Quickmix greeted the new arrival

"greetings old thing , your looking for Prowl what. I think he was on the shuttle that went to Bikini Atol . You could try somewhere near the shuttle bay."

2006-09-07, 07:18 AM
Shuttlebay, Fort Max

Smokescreen watched Prowl in silence, but his own processors were whirring.

Even if we did blow up Earth, it wouldn't hamper the Decepticons for long. Gigatron would only find a new world to plunder, and there's every possibility that he'd choose one we didn't know about. As grizzly as it is...in the long term, I'd rather contain the enemy on Earth than let them loose on another world.

He didn't give voice to any of that, though. The last thing his fellow Autobots needed was that rosy picture in their minds.

Corridors, Fort Max

Getaway was knocked back a few steps by Aero Blade's maneuver, dropping the smaller Autobot in the process. He didn't take that very well.

"You know what? I've had just about enough of this. You and I both know you're in bad shape. I don't know what this attitude of yours is about, but I'm trying to get you to Ratchet so he can fix you!"

The Powermaster stepped to one side.

"You want to run away? Go. I won't stop you. You and I both know that you won't make it very far in your condition. You'll collapse, you'll fall into stasis lock, and a city drone will drag you in here anyway. The only difference is, by then it might be too late for the docs to fix you."

Medbay, Fort Max

Ratchet nodded to Overdrive.

"I think so," he said. "Physically, anyway. I should be able to modify him to work with one of our cities easily enough. But psychologically...I just don't know."

2006-09-07, 09:20 AM
Lightspeed (Technobot) eased a bit seeing that Flame doesn't intend to bring up the matter of name grudge, at least not yet.

"Sure thing! Here, let me show you..." - he attached the wire from the datapad to the console and transmitted the blueprints to the big screen.

"Jetwave's original engines were a replica of Starfire's. Bad replica, by the way. Powerful, but way too small for him. These new engines, being larger, are almost twice as powerful, and his overall size would be increased, giving him more internal space. He'd be the size of Sky Lynx now..."

Lightspeed explained that smoothly, but his mind was focused on one single thought:

When will Wheeljack return?

2006-09-07, 10:19 AM
Outside Fort Max

Scoop studied the control panel. He flicked a switch to remotely control the other shuttles that were still outside .

Ignigting the hover jets he slowly moved upwards.

Behind him cloud sof steam began to rise above the lake as he inadvertently triggered the thrusters of the damaged shuttle on the lake bottom.

Aero Blade
2006-09-07, 12:29 PM
The manuver had worked it seemed - Aero had gotten Getaway to release him as he'd made Roadbuster done - but despite having been sucessful, Aero didnt feel as though he'd been, simply laying there on the floor as Getaway snapped at him.

Didn't he understand? How many times this had played out in the past, being carted off to the medbay by bots so much more poweful than him so that he could be fixed up by the uncaring facility medics, only that back then Aero was already in too bad a condition to put up any kind of resistance, mangled by the same bots that were brining him in, and that he'd be in a similar condition by them soon again... Didn't he know?

No, he didn't know, and nor would he ever, if Aero could help it. He didn't want anyone to know his piteous past, for it would lead to the questions of his origins. Smokescreen and Optimus knew, but they were already sworn to keep their peace. That left Aero alone in this situation, to work out the memories of his past traumas himself...

Aero just laid there as he was, waiting until it seemed like Getaway had finished, then he began to move, slowly and carefully. All of the struggling and being dropped was interfearing with his stability again, as the disorientation was coming over him again, but he did not intend to move far. Aero merely turned himself onto his side, then seemed to settle down as comfortably as he could make himself on the floor, as though to stay there for awhile...

2006-09-07, 01:51 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Astra slid her hands under his arms, dragging Stepper forward, she grunted as she lifted his upper body onto the skiff first, then moved to lift his legs up next before backing off and transforming to her vehicle mode "Move him out"

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay

"Glad you approve" Wheeljack replied, nodding at Lightspeed, then carried Spike over to the med-table that he had got ready before-hand "I prepared the equipment the minute I got the message concerning the changes to your 'master armour"

Gently placing Spike on the table, he turned to pick up a tool or two "Lie down and I'll start tinkering"

2006-09-07, 05:12 PM
Fort Max Medbay

"Okay Wheeljack."
Spike took off his shirt, exposing the armour controls and eased himself down onto his back.

He waited in silence for a minute, listening to the tools clink around.
"Wheeljack, do you think the Decepticons will really cooperate this time?"

2006-09-07, 07:03 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Countdown nodded, and the skiff with Stepper floated down the boarding ramp and slowly across the hangar bay floor. Countdown mentally programmed it to follow Astra to her destination until Stepper was unloaded and to subsequently return to base.


Hangar Bay

Jazz listened to Mirage's worries sincerely as they walked along. He'd always known Mirage to be the thoughtful sort; the spy had a reputation as one who cared mostly for himself, but Jazz knew he had the welfare of the Autobots as a whole at his core. When Mirage was finished, Jazz smiled and threw an arm around his shoulders.

"Heck naw - we needja, buddy! Anyway, things're always like this when there's a ceasefire. I dunno what the long-term plan is, but right now, we need 'em as much as they need us. An' we're gonna get Cybertron back."

Jazz paused for a moment to look at Mirage and let that sink in. He said it with absolute, unfettered confidence, and he suspected it may have been an insecurity over the feasibility of winning Cybertron that was fueling Mirage's concerns.

"You just gotta loosen up a little, bro," he added while they passed through the doors into the corridors beyond. "Lemme getcha a drink, huh?"

2006-09-07, 09:32 PM
Fort Max Bridge

" Thanks Quickmix ", replied Skids.

" So he is in Fort Max again... good thing then " thought Skids. Focusing on the comm station, he tapped Prowl's private frequency.

" Prowl, here Skids. The Molybdemium is mined and currently being unloaded by Landfill in Fort Max' refinery bay. Do you have new orders for me? " asked Skids.


Fort Max, Outside

The Aerialbots, still combined in Superion, finished their training exercises.

2006-09-07, 10:00 PM
Fort Max Bridge

Quickmix replied

"your welcome old Chap."


Landfill finished unloading and drove gingerly off the unloading ramp.

Outside Fort Max

Scoop nudged the shuttle to line up with the shuttle bay. SO intent was he that he did not make the connection between the second shuttle he was controlling and the one that had crashed in the lake.

Porpoising out of the water it skimmed along shuddering and lurching , alternatly sinking and struggling for freedom.

2006-09-07, 11:02 PM
Hangar Bay
We're gonna get Cybertron back.

For just the briefest of moments, Mirage recalled the hate plague that had been the cause of some of the evacuation; however it was impossible to pass over the confidence that Jazz exuded. Mirage knew from long experience that he was rarely wrong, and he took some security in the positive attitude.

He flashed a smile and clasped Jazz's shoulder in a short move.
"A drink sounds real good Jazz. I'd like to hear how your mission went." He paused and got a bit of a sly smirk. "Better send a few cases down to medbay too. The tension and words down there are sharper than their tools right now."

Fort Max entry
Sludge made his way back to the entrance and hoisted up the boulder he had left behind, then began heading back to the refinery.
Decon Area, Fort Max Shuttle Bay
Prowl stepped out of the scrubbers and stopped to answer his radio.
"Good work Skids. In security locker 65B, you'll find the husk of a Quintesson. Key code 4TR67v to open it. I'd like you to find a composite that uses that metal material which is most effective in piercing Quintesson plating - regardless of range. If it means ion reversal to split metal electrons, that's fine- we'll put a casing on to protect the weaponry. Once we have the composite calculations, send it to Max's refinery computers and ask Fortress to cast up fresh ammo for some of the crew that'll be going to ground. I'm on my way to the briefing room if you need any additional information."


Fort Max: Medbay
Swoop listened to the conversation between Lightspeed (technobot) and Flame. There wasn't much the dinobot could say at the time Lightspeed had been explaining the plans to him, but once Swoop figured out the changes, the friendly dinobot leaned over Lightspeed's shoulder and gently tapped the plans.

"Good plan, but make Jetwave to be sitting petro-duck. Size too big. Bigger size, bigger target. Not matter how fast flyer is. Gun shoot faster. Must be fast flyer, but more important is avoid hits. Swoop not think Jetwave last long."

Trailbreaker continued to have his damage repaired within the CR chamber. It registered his consciousness and turned on the chamber radio to a very soft level.

2006-09-08, 10:14 AM
Fort Max Medbay:

Lightspeed turned to Swoop, glad to have an audience of both Dinobot and Motorvator.

"Well, Jetwave won't be petro-duck at all - Sky Lynx isn't and he's no larger!
And by the way, I'd say there are other suggestions beyond maneuvrability. Bigger size means more transportation room... And, trust me, Jetwave needs it - it was cramped inside pretty much when he was carrying just five of us. Now he'll be more useful as transport than he was, that's for sure."

Fort Max Storage Area:
"All right - the list is over!" - Afterburner exclaimed, loading the last crate onto Nosecone's platform.

"Ohh, am I glad to hear that!" - Nosecone grumbled in return, his outline almost hidden under a stash of crates, boxes, sheets of metal, coils of wires and bunts of myomers. The load was not only bulky, but also heavy - but, being the strongest (or, at least, sturdiest) of all Technobots, Nosecone was proud of it and hadn't complained.
"Move on" - he said instead and rolled slowly forward on his treads.

Fort Max Engineering:
Strafe pushed "Enter" and stepped back from the console.
"Ready when you are, Scattershot..."

"Well, let's check it, then", - Scattershot said, his program entered a while ago. He tapped "Execute", and the number of mechanical appliances started whirring around them, conveyor belts moved... only for a nanobreem, then red lights blazed and alarms blared.

"Oh no, not another error!" - Scattershot bashed his hand on the panel angrily... then looked closer to the console readout, a large grin spreading on his face.

"What is it?" - Strafe said, worried.

"It's no error - it's a warning we have no materials! You see, Strafe? We did it! Now just wait for others to bring materials... and, of course, for Jetwave himself."

"So, what do we need Wheeljack for at all? We can do it ourselves!"

"You don't understand, Strafe. We can program the drones and devices, we can manufacture the parts nesessary - but he's the one who can bring it all together. Neither you nor me won't be able to assemble even a triple-changer Transformer Cog..."

"Triple-changer Cog? What is it?"

"Here, look", - Scattershot pointed at the screen where the image sphere-shaped object was rotating slowly. "Jetwave's own was broken, apparently this cog is the copy of Blitzwing's or Broadside's."

"Or some other triple-changer's?.."

"Could be... There's no markings on it."

There's no markings on it - the words echoed inside Scattershot's brain. Why then do we have the markings on us, the markings which make us to hate and destroy one another?
Perhaps, when Cybertron would be liberated, it will all change... But somehow, I doubt it.

2006-09-08, 07:57 PM
Rec Area

"Aw, ol' Ratchet's jus' got a lot on his mind," Jazz offered. "But he's a partier at heart. The three of us'll haveta throw a wild shindig after we get the Quints outta Iacon!"

It was only a short walk from the hangar bay to the quiet recreation chamber, and Jazz immediately led himself and Mirage toward the bar. He knew Mirage would prefer a classier establishment, but those were difficult to come by off Cybertron. Jazz leaned casually over the bar and ordered two octane spanners.

"Shaken, not stirred," he ribbed the bardroid in his Connery impression before turning to Mirage with a grin. "Ain't that how you take yours?"

2006-09-09, 03:36 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -moves to stand over Aero Blade- "I don't know why you're afraid of medbay, and at the moment, I don't much care. You could see our medic, but she's busy putting Stepper back together. So you've got a choice. Either you get up and walk into that medbay on your own, or I'm going to drag you in there by the feet."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Prime: -walks in, checking on the wounded-

Nightbeat: -looks over at Wing Saber- "It's your lucky day, bubba." -waves Prime over-

Prime: -walks over, looking at Wing Saber- "Who's this?"

Nightbeat: "They found him on Nebulos. Attacked Hot Rod's group and the Decepticons. Says he'll only talk to Optimus Prime."

Prime: "Do I know you?"

Following the skiff, Fort Max:

Nebulon: -running as fast as he can after the skiff-

Decon Area, Hanger Bay, Fort Max:

Ironhide: "Ah know, Prowl. Ah think we all know that'd be th' easiest thing ta do. Save us a lotta trouble that way. Knowin' that don't make hearin' it any easier."

2006-09-09, 04:24 AM
Rec Area

"That will be well worth celebrating." Mirage agreed amiably.

He nodded politely to the drink order and eased into a relaxed smile.
"Providing all goes well Jazz, perhaps we can make a trip out to Towerline Resort and Nightclub for a few rounds of shot and a show or two. Best foundation club, draft-side on Cybertron."

He paused, really looking at his old friend. "But now, tell me what you've been doing with the Wreckers- you haven't been around much for months, and you seem to be very pleased about something."


Decon Area, Hanger Bay, Fort Max:
"Yeah. I know Ironhide." Prowl answered in a softened voice and nodded respectfully to the older warrior. Ironhide was as solid a friend and fellow autobot as he was a warrior, and the strategist trusted the security advisor's thoughts and feelings more than he trusted his own at times. His voice changed to a stronger and firmer tone and his optics narrowed.
"We can't prevent the Decepticons from returning, but by Primus I'm going to see to it that if they do, they come without that Doomsday machine."

Without waiting, Prowl headed off at a brisk jog. Time was ticking, and there was precious little of it before the Autobots would have to leave for the Moon.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-09, 06:13 AM
Fortress Maximus

Sunstreaker groaned as the Autobot cities appeared on the scanners. He leaned back into the cockpit chair and groaned even harder when he first saw them with his own optics. His lapse in paying attention to the ship caused it to lurch forward and almost start a nose dive. He quickly regained the controls and quickly leveled out. He reached forward and activated the out of date communication panel.

"Fortress Maximus, this is Sunstreaker onboard the Decepticon shuttle Fallingapartrustbucket requesting permission to land before we crash and I need to get another new body."

2006-09-09, 02:50 PM
-OOC: Posting for DBF's Motorvators too, as he asked me


Flame smiled as Lightspeed defended the designs for Jetwave against Swoop's critic, but when the Technobot had finished his heated speech, he intervened:

"In fact, there's one more thing that I'd like to talk to you about..."

Lightspeed, being so elated just a nanobreem ago, became sullen suddenly.

"Let me guess - it's about your friend and our names..."

"Of course. See, Lightspeed's so tense, he sees this as an insult to his pride..."

"I know that, Flame - or do you think I don't?" - Lightspeed turned to Motorvators, flame in his optics. "But I can't just say - sure, you can have it - and walk away as if nothing happened! I've heard his talk about how he suits to his name and I don't... But believe me - it's not my fault! I've always wished to fly through the stars, as fast as light itself, and I've been promised a reformat... after the war is over, after there's no need in our Computron gestalt. Until then, I must remain who I am and what I am."

"Interesting - but how does this consider your name? I believe it applies to your form only." - Flame replied, startled a bit by Technobot's emotions but intent to remain calm and friendly. "You see, I don't ask you to give over your name - I ask you to give my friend a fair chance. A chance that decide who's more worthy of that name among the two of you. That's all!"

"And what chance could it be?" - Lightspeed asked bitterly, and the question seemeed to hang in the air...

* * *

Meanwhile, two Motorvators - Lightspeed and Gripper - were observing all this talk from a distance.

"What're they talking about so long?" - Lightspeed asked, impatient.

"You, of course! Do you imagine Flame'd be wasting his time on idle chat or small talks? Keep quiet, and trust him - he'll make this Technobot to think about you... If not give you his name..."

"But it's my name, can't you see?"

"Trust me, my hothead friend - that Technobot can say it too. He certainly can..." - Gripper answered, thoughtful.

* * *

Fort Max Engineering:

Afterburner and Nosecone had arrived, the former following the latter and gathering the crates, sheets of metal and other stuff which kept falling from the platform. Nosecone was overloaded with it, but hadn't protested.

"Good work, guys! Let's unload this stuff and start making the parts, so when Wheeljack arrives all he'd have to do is to assemble them!" - Scattershot commanded, being the first to start unloadind. Strafe and Afterburner joined him, moving the sheets of metal and opening the crates until Nosecone apeared from under them and was able to transform back.

"Ohh... My servos! My treads!"

"Was it a bit too much for you?" - Afterburner asked jokingly.

"Mind your own business! It'd wreck your frame if I load all this weight on you, punk", - Nosecone grumbled back in his usual manner.

Afterburner met it with laughter, then Scattershot and Strafe joined, then, at last, Nosecone had cracked too.

Aero Blade
2006-09-09, 04:58 PM
"Do it and you'll get an audioreceptor to match that visor."

The voice had come from above, and soon enough Roadbuster would find Stratus standing ontop of the Wrecker's head, looking down on him as though to scold both him and Getaway. It seemed the minicon had decided he'd had his fill of lurking just out of range of being seen....

"Aren't you already content with having made him relapse like this? It's not as if he just heard a word of what you said! You already robbed him of any choice in this matter, and killed his resistance. At least give him his dignity and put him on his feet. Maybe it'll snap him back in to concious thought again..."

Medbay, Fort Max

Wing Saber was not pleased, not at all, with whoever Nightbeat was now talking with, both of them still out of his range of vision. Says he'll only talk to?! He'd been talking to everyone, and no-one was listening to him!! If not for his parallysis, and now the pain in all parts of his body, he'd have been sorely tempted to throttle whoever the smaller bot was.

"For all that I have been speaking, with the utmost of pacience for these beings, this last insult, and all others before it, leave me at the edge of a breaking point I do not want to cross..." Wing Saber spoke with a calm, metered tone, obviously restraining himself from a violent verbal outburst. "I asked for no-one in exclusivity to speak to. This one asked if there was anyone from the crew of the Ark that I might recognize, and I named Optimus Prime.

"As many insults have been dealt to me, the basic respect that should have been given even to a prisoner, I have recieved none. My plights have never once been investigated, and I have been acused of a crime I would never commit, without a single ounce of PROOF of this supposed incident ever having been presented. As little worth my words have been, as many times my trust has been violated and ignored, now that I have asked for Optimus Prime, I cannot believe that you are he..."

Wing Saber paused in speaking to calm himself again. His tone had become livid, and he was still striving to keep himself in check, despite everything that had been done to him.

"Even if you were to appear as he, I would not know, as I have never seen Optimus Prime. I asked for him because he is the only one that I can truely be identified without any chance of deception... If you are he - if you are truely Optimus Prime - then you will know of the one thing that I must see to know that your words are trusted. When you produce that which I am asking for, without coaxing, error, or hesitation, then I will know without a doubt that you are him who I seek."

2006-09-09, 06:09 PM
Rec Area

The bardroid delivered the drinks in short order, and Jazz slid Mirage's to him before sitting at the bar and indulging. After a long sip, he turned to Mirage and chuckled.

"Pleased - heh, you could call it that. The Wreckers took care'a ol' Metrotitan but good! My part a' the job, once Getaway an' Aero Blade had Metroshot pinned down, was sabotagin' Metrodrone squads before they could get mobile. Saw a lotta good explosions, buddy - but the best one was on the way out. I never get tired a' seein' a 'Con logo go pop."

Jazz paused for a moment, his opticband floating away at the thought of the sacrifices that had been made to achieve that goal. Jazz remembered, in actuality, focusing his attention on Stepper when Metrotitan blew. He knew he'd been lucky to get out unscratched (he'd had some close calls). It was too late by the time he realized Mirage could detect his change in mood, so he decided to deflect it.

"They're good guys," he added more seriously, pretending his distracted silence had been nostalgic. "Rough around the edges, but they get things done. Not quite my type, though - I was there ta watch 'em, keep 'em in line. I think they're in shape good enough they don't need me no more. Might return to reg'lar duty from here on."

Jazz turned to Mirage again, and his smile slowly returned. He liked the idea of working alongside old friends like Mirage again. Most Autobots would never dream of leaving the legendary Wreckers, but Jazz knew where his loyalties lay. He raised his canister and toasted it toward Mirage.

"Hey, cheers man."

2006-09-10, 12:27 AM
Fort Max Bridge

" Understood Prowl ", replied Skids.


Fort Max Armoury

" Yeah... silly firecons! " chuckled Guzzle.

Dogfight smiled and headed towards the storaged missile.

Guzzle stepped towards the practice bay, anxious to play with his new flamethrower.


Fort Max Bridge

Camshaft and Crosscut entered the bridge and walked towards Grimlock.

" Sir " said Crosscut politely, " we have returned from our mission in Quebec. Do you need our report now? "

2006-09-10, 03:44 AM
Rec Area

Mirage sat in stunned silence as the idea sunk in.

It took only a moment to understand the pivots in emotion, and he didn't comment. Instead, with a somber smile he raised his canister to the reflection of Jazz's visor.

"To friends- old and new, and to returns and new beginings. Cheers Jazz."

It would be good to have his old friend back to be working alongside. It was not the cause he cared for as much as some of the individuals that were involved in it and the end effect it would have on the homeworld.

He took a polite drink and smiled, flowing with the conversation. "It'll be good to see you more if they aren't in need of your guidance. Formidable times are ahead when we go up against the Quintessons. It's good to know that they'll be a cohesive unit."


Fort Max: Halls
Prowl continued moving toward the security briefing room while remotely downloading all available data on every active Decepticon known to the Autobots.


Fort Max: Medbay
Swoop wasn't going to argue. The quiet dinobot only looked towards a monitor showing an image of Sky Lynx in damaged condition within one of Max's bays.
He folded his arms.
Sitting petro-duck.

2006-09-10, 04:53 AM
Corridor, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "The humans have a saying, Stratus. Your mouth's writing checks that your body can't cash." -crouches next to Aero, grabs his shoulder- "You conscious?"

Medbay, Fort Max:

Tracks: -steps out of the CR chamber-

Prime: "I may look different, Wing Saber, but rest assured that I am Optimus Prime."

Fixit: -finishes what he was doing- "Somebody messed with him but good, too. The only reason he's still functional is because whatever they put in him ate through him in a few places, and largely leaked out. Looks like it knocked his metaprocessors off line for a while, too. Whatever he was doing, he didn't know he was doing it."

Nightbeat: "And, there's the lichen."

Prime: "Lichen?"

Nightbeat: "The temple wasn't airtight. And, given Nebulos' tropical nature, the climate lets fungus grow. He's been down there over 4 million years."

Tracks: "Given the amount of dust, that much was obvious. But as I said, I believe him."

Minerva: -comes over- "And his neural relays were a mess."

Nightbeat: -looks over at Tracks- "Have you dumped your battleROM into the city's computer yet?"

Tracks: "No. Why?"

Prime: -crosses arms- "I believe him."

Nightbeat: "The evidence does weigh in favor of his being a patsy for this, but...... what if there's something we missed?"

Minerva: -scanning Wing Saber- "His mind is clearer than it was. I don't think there's any hidden reprogramming."

Prime: -nods- "Minerva, hook Tracks up to one of the monitors and show us his battleROM footage." -uncrosses his arms- "If there's only one way to prove to you who I am, then so be it." -panels in chest swing open, revealing the Matrix-

Minerva: -connecting a cable from the section between Tracks' overhead laser cannon to one of the medbay monitors-

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -over commlink- "Reading you, Sunstreaker. You are cleared to land."

Grimlock: -nods at Camshaft and Crosscut- "Me take preliminary report."

2006-09-10, 06:25 AM
Corridors, Fort Max

Getaway watched silently as the unfamiliar minicon confronted Roadbuster, a mixure of annoyance and amusement on his face. The Powermaster continued to lean against the wall, passive-looking.

I've never seen even half as much trouble trying to get someone to medbay before...

Half-turning to look at Stratus, he said, "Can it. Your buddy's injured. He looks catatonic, and you're talking like this is a recurring thing." He crossed his arms. "You should be helping him to sickbay, not yelling at us."

2006-09-10, 10:22 AM
Fort Max Bridge

Skids left the bridge comm station and stteped out, heading for the citybot's security wing.

" A Quintesson husk? How interesting " thought Skids. While he was walking he accesed his bast memory banks, searching for any usefull data about compsites an ion reversal procedures.

Back on the bridge, Camshaft walked one step forward and looked at Grimlock's optic.

" Sir, we achieved our goals. The Quebec government, despite our last intrusion desires to improve their relation with us. We even offered the possibility for a full official meeting between Ultra Magnus and Quebec Prime Minister. We're waiting for their final reply. "

Aero Blade
2006-09-10, 03:26 PM
"Who says it isn't?" Stratus asked pointedly to Getaway with out a single hint of humor or joking, but neither was there too much concern over the matter either. "He also has a recurring problem of guys bigger than him being far too brutal in taking him to the medbay, which is what I'm here to help with."

Done with Getaway, for the moment, Stratus turned his attention to Roadbuster, who having begun to move towards Aero, forced Stratus to have to move a bit to keep his own balance. He already knew from experience that bots were less likely to retaliate if he was on their head (less they injure themselves in the process) so that was where he intended to stay for awhile.

"Whatever you're talking about, I didn't say I was gonna pulverize you, all I need to do is scream and both you and your buddy are gonna be in a world of hurt. Several deaf decepticons could speak quite fondly of me. Hound too, he was in the area once..."

As Roadbuster made contact, Aero Blade didn't immediately respond, but after a moment he did seem to jump slightly when he realize someone was leaning over him. Aero gave a bit of a sigh, then got up and leaned against the wall instead, not wanting anyone to be staring down on him.

Medbay, Fort Max

As Optimus showed the large bot the matrix, for the first time since he had been brought online, Wing Saber finally appeared to relax, giving way to simply exhaustion and confusion, but also relief. There was someone he could trust without a doubt, and they were looking into matters, reguardless of whether he in turn believe him or not, but Wing Saber was glad for that as well.

As the information was being passed around, Wing Saber began to take on a bit of an ill appearance as he sorted thorugh it himself. He remember nothing of the incident, nor could he understand why anyone would go to such effort to set him up for something, but on the grounds that they were investigating, it was very possible that it could have happened in that manner, and that made Wing Saber ashamed to consider it. To have been tricked and fooled into such a think would have been horrible, but to him, to have been manipulated into doing something without even his knowledge of it, that was far worse a situation...

2006-09-10, 03:43 PM
Hangar Bay: Countdown's Base

Moving around the skiff until she was in front of it, Astra revved her engine and floored it, heading outside and glancing back to make sure it, and the patient, were right behind her.

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay

Pausing in his task for a second, Wheeljack looked down at Spike, replying "I hope so, they have a homeworld to win back too" then he gave a weary sigh, shaking his head and got back to work adding quietly "But we should be wary, they're still Decepticons"

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-10, 05:11 PM
Sunstreaker slowly guided the ship down into the open shuttle bay as the engines finally gave out on their own power.

2006-09-10, 07:17 PM
Rec Area

Jazz took a long sip alongside Mirage, then set the canister on the bar with a shrug.

"I might need ta do another mission er two with 'em, dependin' on the situation, y'know? Ain't that it matters much - we're all gonna have loads a' Quints ta take apart no matter who's next to us, right?"

Jazz smiled, his visor glinting in a mock wink.

"So what's the rest a' the ol' gang been up to? I haven't seen 'em in ages."

2006-09-10, 08:41 PM
Fort Max, Security wing

Skids made his way inside a security room and stopped infront of security locker 65B.

" The code is 4TR67v " he thought while tapping the buttons. The locker opened, and Skids looked inside. He suffered a little shudder, but his scientist curiosity prevaled. He grabbed a nearby repulsor-trolley and manned it to the locker door. Then, he deployed the locker's stretcher ( like in a human morgue, he thought ) and a packed Quintesson husk appeared, lying on the shelf.

The husk was little more than a third of an outer Quintesson shell, which only one face on it and a couple tentacles dragging from it. He picked up the husk and put it on the repulsor-trolley. Locking again the locker, Skids moved the trolley with the Quintesson husk out of the security room, and stepped towards the nearest lab.

2006-09-10, 08:42 PM
Mirage took another drink and set the canister down. He ran down the list of primarily older crew members forJazz and gave a nutshell version of his knowledge of what each had been doing. He knew if anything piqued Jazz's interest beyond the welfare of the crew, he'd ask for further details.

"Bluestreak and Tracks have come back from their mission to Nebulos. They brought back a fairly sizeable transformer- damaged, and it's in medbay. From what I overheard, it sounded like it attacked the group in some way - but they must not have been damaged because they weren't down there, yet they show as being available on base.

Ratchet, well, he might need a break - judging from the company he's keeping. Medbay was packed a bit ago, complete with at least one dinobot, the Motorvators, the Technobots and several occupied CR chambers. Last I saw of him, Blitzwing had walked out on him and he was chasing down Technobots.

Dirge is still with us too. He's been quiet. Got attacked in the hall recently by one of the Technobots and didn't react. Come to think of it, that might be part of the reason they're in medbay now.

Wheeljack is working down in medbay at the moment. I think he's trying to help Doc fill in some of the work. When I left, he was surrounded by Motorvators, Swoop and Spike. Guess Spike's back to stay with us for a while. Daniel is studying at the University and Carly is both an ambassador for a corporation and head of some mechanical company that she can't leave for now, so Spike's here on his own. Sparkplug's good, but he's getting up in age as humans do, he stays home a lot.

Blaster is at Metroplex, still doing communications, as far as I know. Hound recently got sent to Cuba, but the 'Cons somehow made the volcanic stuff under the island active and it was covered. Metroplex, Magnus, Red Alert, Defensor, Inferno, Cosmos- they all got sent out to help evacuate the human population. We'll probably not see them again until we get to the Moon.

Trailbreaker led a group with Guzzle and that bounty hunter - Devcon - to answer a distress signal. Turned out to be a trap. Most of that group was able to make it back without too much damage, but he's in CR now. Amazingly, they ran into Bumblebee, and he's come back to base now!

Crosshairs, Hoist and Skyfire went with some others to go after the old Steelhaven. Scuttlebutt is they were successful- it's up and running. Ought to be a good asset.

Skids, Windcharger- they were out in the ravine much earlier. Think I saw Sludge following them. They found some sort of special mineral to make steel harder and were excavating it.

Prowl's been fairly quiet- and fairly lax lately. But, there's a real tension atmosphere up on that level. Something's going on in security, but I haven't figured out what yet. Even Prime's been quiet. Haven't seen much of him around either. I know they went with Ironhide and Smokescreen to meet Gigatron and his cronies, and from that meeting must have come this truce. But seems there's much more at stake than the truce and Cybertron. Smokescreen's also been making rounds again. It seems they're looking for something, but I can't put a finger on it.

Grimlock and the other dinobots have been around and about too. They seem to just be keeping a watch on everything.

As for the rest, Sideswipe, Powerglide, Pipes and another were sent out after some report filed in about Sunstreaker being alive and in Decepticon custody. *He shook his head slowly* That's a bad business."

Security Briefing Room
Prowl keyed in the entry code for the briefing room and as he walked in, the lights brightened. He went to a holographic map table and activated two screens, then began adjusting the image to coincide with reports of the War World and studying it from every angle. In front of him and behind the hologram, a wall-mounted screen flashed decepticon data - known skills and abilities on each of the Decepticons on file.

2006-09-10, 10:06 PM
Approaching Fort Max Shuttle Bay

Holepunch stared at the screen

"um Scoop you know the shuttles we're towing ."

Scoop glanced over at his targetmaster

"what of them?"

Holepunch replied

"there 2 of them."

Scoop looked perplexed

"so what."

Holepunch explained

"we bailed out in 4 shuttles, Overdrive landed in the Shuttlebay, We landed on the airstrip, and Sandstorm landed just after us.
The forthe shuttle went into the lake. Sooo we should only be towing one shuttle."

Scoop manipulated a control

"Slag its locked me out something must have overloaded, can't control it its heading straight for the side of the Max."

Tracer looked up

"it's still on the flight pattern we programmed , going into the shuttle bay, speeds fairly low, just looks like we've lost braking.

Scoop frantically fingered controls

"Slag, slag , slag"

2006-09-11, 03:39 AM
Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -under breath- "Not all of us have ears......" -looks at Aero Blade as he straightens- "Two things. One, get your little friend off of my head. Two, get into medbay. They might be egomanical at times, but they're all there to help. Look at it this way. None of them are claiming to be Primus."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Prime: -closes chest as he looks over at Minerva and Tracks- "Ready?"

Minerva: -adjusting monitor so Wing Saber can see it as well as everybody else- "Ready."

Tracks: -sighs- "I know this is going to give me a headache..... Start at time index 8Y65HGRF36 and go from there."

Minerva: -nods, taps a few controls-

-images run, from Tracks' POV of the entire escapade, from Tracks' entry at in the temple to Wing Saber being knocked out by the Decepticon ship, in glorious technicolor and crystal clear surround sound-

Tracks: "And that's that."

Minerva: -looking a little dizzy- "Did you have to do that around that tree branch?"

Tracks: "It was either that or crash."

Nightbeat: -gives Tracks two thumbs up- "Looked great."

Prime: "I hate to bring the conversation back on topic.... but why? Why would somebody go through all of this?"

Nightbeat: "That's the problem, isn't it. They weren't expecting him to walk out under his own power, and if anybody'd found him shortly after it had happened, I'd hate to think what the consequences would have been. And with the destruction of the temple, it's likely we'll never know."

Prime: -nods- "Then we'll figure out the whys and wherefores later. Wing Saber, as soon as you're repaired, meet me on the bridge. I'll bring you up to speed on the current situation then." -turns, walks out of medbay-

Minerva and Fixit: -start working on repairing the worst of Wing Saber's damage-

Bridge, Fort Max:

Grimlock: "Meeting have to wait. Leaving for Cybertron shortly."

Fortress: -scowling- "Why are they bringing more shuttles back.... and what are they- SLAG!"

Grimlock: -not missing a beat- "Him not here."

Fortress: -hitting buttons on his console, catching the runaway shuttle with tractor beams, activates commlink(to Scoop's shuttle)- "We just rebuilt the shuttlebay. Is there a reason we're trying to destroy it again?"

2006-09-11, 06:29 AM
Approaching Fort Max

Scoop replied sheepishly

"as we managed to steal all these shuttles I thought i'd load them aboard, umm Con technology got the better of me though. Sorry Fortress "

Scoop lined up his own shuttle and glided into to a 3 point landing

Aero Blade
2006-09-11, 04:48 PM
Corridors, Fort Ma

"Then you hear pretty well for someone without any ears," Stratus answered back. "And who's gonna make me?"

Even though the minicon made a challange tone in his voice, he was actually read to jet off in a split second if Roadbuster did decide to retaliate, and Stratus half hoped he would; he wanted to see if he could make this transformer hit himself. Mostly, though, the minicon was presenting himself as a target for some of their irratation, trying to draw some of it away from Aero; his partner didn't need all of that kind of attention...

Aero Blade sighed again as he listened to Roadbuster, followed up by another of Stratus's taunts. Normally he'd have tried to break up the situation, but he just didn't feel up for doing anything. Roadbuster made it sound easy, just walk into the medbay - it would be easy for someone who didn't nearly freeze up at the thought of the place, or was it that Aero was leaning against the way for his own comfort, his balancing mechanisms still not agreeing with him.

Aero pushed the medbay out of his mind for the moment, just deciding on trying to take a few careful steps. He didn't topple over or stumble as he'd been expecting himself to do, but he did stumble uncertainly with is steps, then stopped after a couple before he might actually take a tumble. His optics still didn't agree with his body over whether the room was moving or not, but at least it wasn't as bad as before...

Medbay, Fort Max

Wing Saber had been silent the entire time the movie played, and when it was finished, he closed his optics, becoming unresponsive for the moment. He registered Prime's orders, but he didn't respond, nor did he react to anything the medics were doing, he merely wanted time to think.

There wasn't a single memory of it anywhere in his databanks, and the whole thing could have easily been doctored to go along with everything else he'd been told, but he knew it wasn't so. While his optics were closed, he ran a systems check, even though it caused him a bit of pain with the damages he'd taken, but he had to know.

Wing Saber's anti-matter missles were dangeorus, and he didn't much enjoy using them unless he had to, which having used up all 6 of them in the movie made him a bit ill at the lack of discression. Because of it, though, his systems were made to record when they were launched off and keep track of the info, and that was what he wanted to see. As much as he had wished otherwise, the times between all of their launchines lined up with the images, down to the microsecond; not removed from his body, but actually fired... it all really did happen...

2006-09-12, 02:17 PM
Fort Max: Security: Briefing Room
Having completely engrossed himself in formulating and weighing attack possibilites for the War World against those which would be needed on Cybertron's surface, Prowl solidified his conclusions.

It's going to have to be a cut and run job. Break in, set the explosives at the same time Mirage and Blaster are exiting, and fire as the escape occurs... and we're going to have to do it after we open a way down to the planet surface. The rest of the vessels will have to already be on their way down or we'll get caught in between. They're going to have to be led to believe that once the landing proceedures begin, they cannot turn back- but then Gigatron will know we've broken the truce. That puts our ground troops at risk.

That is an unacceptable probability which would be partially negated if our units were already arriving at surface level and dispersing.

Whichever Autobots get sent there may not get out in time to escape the explosion. I have to ask this of them. There is no other way. Once Cybertron is retaken, Gigatron will most certainly turn on us.

Perhaps the best route is the most direct. Quickmix to create the exit hole from aboard the means of departure. Mirage to sneak Blaster in while we have our conference. A new explosive formula from the scientists- if they can come up with a formula powerful enough. Mirage and Blaster lay the explosive on their way out, myself, Hardhead or Whirl to achieve detonation; Cosmos or Skyfire to outrun the blast and debris from the explosion. A spray-on coating can be made from the Molybdenum to add to that protection. Working from that perspective- lessens the likelihood of immediate retaliation, but still lingers as imminent.

Prowl worked out the details and timing on these options and several others, then called Prime.

"Optimus, Prowl here. I have answers for us."

2006-09-12, 02:18 PM

Gripper and Lightspeed (Motorvators) were fascinated by the glow of the Matrix which was seen for a nano-breem when Optimus revealed it to Wing Saber.

"Ohh... this is a marvelous sight indeed..." - young Motorvator spoke quietly and reverently.

"Behold the legend", - Gripper answered, trying to sound mature and reasonable, though inside he was engrossed too with the beauty.

* * *

In the other corner of the Medbay, Lightspeed (Technobot) and Flame had paused their conversation to get a look at the Matrix too, but Flame came to his sences more quickly. Catching the conversation where he had left it, he continued:

"You ask what chance you can give to young Lightspeed? I'll tell you - a competition! Your fighting provess against his - what do you say?"

"I say never!!!" - Lightspeed's answer was fast and brute, totally unlike his usual speach. Seeing as Flame recoiled from it, Technobot started to explain in more normal voice:
"Theró was... an accident a little while ago, when two my comrades had attacked other 'Bots. So, I have no wish to enter a fight, even a mock one, with one who on my side, understand?"

Flame didn't understand; in fact, he wondered how could Technobots be free and not under an investigation if what Technobot said was true... but he had other matters to discuss right now.

"OK, no fight. A race, than - you're both racecars! You must be proud of your speed! Whoever's faster wins - what do you say?"

That's better - no fighting... - Lightspeed thought. Still, I don't like it... but I don't believe I have a choice in that matter.

"I'ìó told you already that I don't like my altform too much", - he answered. "But, if you think it would be better - I'll agree to..."

"Oh, great! So, can I tell it to my friend?" - Flame intervened.

"I said I'll agree to consider it! When we'll be over with Jetwave, when Ironhide shall clear us all to active duty, then I'll tell my commander about this race! And only then..."

"Then - won't you back from it?" - Flame asked, a bit teasingly.

"I shall not! Then, I promise you, we shall race and the winner will get the name!"

Here. Now you've done it - the inner voice told Lightspeed.

As if you had a choice? It'd be better this way - another voice answered.

Flame, meanwhile, thanked Lightspeed and headed to his fellow Motorvators, to bring them the good news...

* * *

"As everything is in order, I believe I'd visit Fortress and ask him about our clearance to active duty", - Scattershot said. He was bored to rust looking as the new parts for Jetwave were being manufactured, but had to find a plausible cause to leave.

"Afterburner, I am leaving you in charge. Look at the work, and if Lightspeed arrives with Wheeljack before I return, contact me at once!"

"Roger that, Scatter'!" - Afterburner acknowledged, then turned back to the machine that was bending the metal plates which will became the armor for Jetwave's new form. Other Technobots were busy too, each one over his machine or device.

"See you guys in a breem", - Scattershot said, walking out. In the corridor he transformed into a jet and speeded toward the command deck...

2006-09-12, 05:59 PM
Rec Area

Jazz nodded along with Mirage's tales of their old friends, taking occasional sips from his canister while he listened. At least they were all still alive - that was something they were good enough at.

"Gotta have us a reunion once we get back ta Iacon. Man, I ain't seen Bumblebee in ages..."

Jazz took another sip, finishing off his drink. He was a smidge woozy, but he'd done enough shmoozing over bars that he could handle his energon pretty well. He spun to the bardroid and pointed at it, then stopped and turned his head to Mirage.

"You good fer another?"

2006-09-13, 05:14 AM
Outside Medbay, Fort Max:

Prime: -reading Tracks' report on a datapadd, turns, starts towards turbolifts-

Ironhide: -catches up to him- "Figured you'd be up on th' bridge by now."

Prime: "I stopped by medbay, to check on the wounded."

Ironhide: -cocks eyebrow- "How they doin'?"

Prime: "They've got an Autobot that was brought back from Nebulos. Apparently he was sent out looking for us."

Ironhide: "Us?"

Prime: "When they lost contact with the Ark, they sent out searchers. This one, Wing Saber, wound up on Nebulos, investigating some kind of activity about a cult that worshipped machines. The last thing he remembers is walking into a temple, then waking up as Hot Rod and the others were tractoring him into a shuttle."

Ironhide: -gives a low whistle as they reach the turbolifts- "Ya mean he's been stuck there since-"

Prime: -nods- "Shortly after the Ark crashed on Earth. Nightbeat checked it."

-turbolift doors hiss open, Prime and Ironhide step inside-

Ironhide: "How?"

Prime: -chuckles- "He carbon dated the fungus that had grown on him."

Ironhide: "Fungus?"

Prime: -nods- "Nebulos has a tropical climate-" -stops as commlink chimes- "Acknowledged, Prowl. I'll come to you. Prime out." -deactivates commlink, looks over at Ironhide- "Get to the bridge, help Grimlock and Fortress get the ship underway." -hits lift control button, steps out as lift doors open, heads for the security briefing room-

Ironhide: -tabs control again, heads for the bridge-

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -activating systemwide commlink- "All Autobots not aboard the Maximus must board now. We are leaving in 10 minutes." -deactivates commlink-

Grimlock: -looking at the systems status displays- "Everything look good." -looks over at Fortress- "Why you like it here so much, anyway?"

Fortress: "It's usually quiet. And this is my body, after all."

Grimlock: -cocks eyebrow(as best he can, anyway)- "Me starting to feel like germ....."

Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "Me, I can hear fine." -hooks thumb at shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon- "The gremlin in my shoulder cannon, on the other hand.... No ears at all."

Targeting/Fire Control Sub-Computer, Roadbuster's Shrapnel cannon:

Dinobot: -snorts- "I am NOT a gremlin....."

2006-09-13, 06:24 AM
Medbay. Fort Max

Overdrive looked over at Tracks

"long time no see Slow Poke, you look as if you've been in the wars a bit?"


Fort Max , Shuttle Bay

Scoop strolled down the boarding ramp as soon as the second shuttle had landed safetly.

Fort Max , Refinery

Landfill trundled carefully down the ramp and out into the corridor.

2006-09-13, 07:40 AM
Rec Area
"Iacon... yeah....."
Mirage let a faint smile and the words drift away as he set down the canister. While he hadn't had a great deal to drink while he was talking, the spy was a social drinker and his circuits were buzzing at a pleasant and manageable level.
"Another? Oh no thanks Jazz. I'm done in."

Significantly more relaxed and at ease, he shot Jazz a grin as he stood up.
"When we get to Iacon and get the place cleaned up, you oughtta take Blaster- route some music into the main assembly hall and send Bumblebee to recon some surplus supplies for a group celebration."


Fort Max: Security: Briefing Room
Prowl got Optimus' acknowledgement and closed the radio connection to await his arrival. As he waited, he pulled up detailed maps of Cybertron, the known vectors and the Autobot roster, and then began planning for ground units.

ooc: Warcry's giving Smokescreen back.
Decon Area, Hanger Bay, Fort Max
Smokescreen had watched Ironhide leave after Prowl. He looked around at the now-quiet Hanger Bay, going back over the events of the day in his memory before heading towards the elevator.

They're going to be busy preparing, so checking in with either of them will have to wait. Better see how favorable the others are to all of these new events.

2006-09-13, 12:12 PM
Near the bridge:

On the command deck, Scattershot transformed back from his jet mode into robot - it wasn't proper to fly here, after all, and besides, he wouldn't be able to fly inside the turbolift anyway.

He pressed a button, then waited for the tubolift doors to open... then stepped back, startled.

"Ohh... Ironhide - have you been waiting for me here?" - was all that Scattershot could manage, seeing who was inside the lift. Then he remembered this wasn't proper way to speak to commanding officer, and tried to correct himself:
"Commander Scattershot of Technobots reporting for duty, sir!"

* * *

The pile of finished Jetwave's parts grew larger steadily, while the number of raw materials dwindled. The three Technobots - Afterburner, Strafe and Nosecone - were busy controlling the machines' work and re-checking it.

Strafe, with his keen sniper's optics, was assigned to check the smallest details, and now he was busy attempting to put together the parts of transformation cone.

"Leave that alone! Wheeljack will assemble that!" - Afterburner pulled him up sharp.

"But I was only trying..."

"If you bend or break something, Jetwave will suffer from it! Do you want it to happen?"

"Sure I don't!"

"Then leave those details alone, for Primus' sake!"

Hmm - it seems that ole Scatter' was right after all - Nosecone thought, looking at the pair and hiding a smirk. Afterburner surely had changed for good... Let's see how long he can keep that change.

* * *


Lightspeed (technobot) stood alone, waiting for Wheeljack to finish. He had heard the announcement and was worrying over it. Unfortunately, he had no way to speed up Jetwave's reformat.

In the other corner, Flame was explaining to other Motorvators his agreement with Lightspeed:

"And you will race against each other then, and the winner shall gain the name".

"Good! Great! Super! When do we race?" - Lightspeed was virtually overjoyed.

"Not now yet, I'm afraid."

"But why? Can't he see..."

"He's busy right now; besides, the whole Technobots team is - as he said - on probation. So, until their business is over, there will be no race."

"And when that'll happen?" - Lightspeed asked, clearly disappointed.

"Sooner than you think, hothead. Calm down - why don't we get some energon in the rec room before blast off?"

"A brilliant idea!" - Gripper confirmed, and the Motorvators trio left the Medbay.

Aero Blade
2006-09-13, 05:03 PM
Stratus only spared a slightly glance over Roadbuster's head towards the indicated weapon, to run a few quick calculations on possible angles and such, but all the meanwhile he made sure to keep at least a small portion of the larger bot's head between himself and the weapon before he started up again.

"You'd shoot a hole in your own head just to get at me? Not that it wouldn't match nicely with the gap that seems to already be in your intellegence processor..."

Yeah, he was pushing his luck, and having a ball at it, too. Just so long as the big guy wasn't venting his anger at his partner...

Aero Blade meanwhile was still standing nearby, trying his best to keep straight, though to someone watching he might appear as though he was a bit woozy. Given that neither Roadbuster or Getaway seemed to be paying too much attention to him anymore, Aero normally would have probably taken the opportunity to try to slip off, but he just didn't feel like it anymore, not with his dissorientation, the prevoius threats, and the small but of pummeling he had recieved. He just waited there paciently, trying not to make himself look any worse than he already did.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-09-14, 01:21 AM
Fortress Maximus Shuttle Bay

The shuttle's engines gave out with a kick, rocking the entire shuttle on it's struts and causing one to give way, making it land heavily and break off one of the back burners. Sunstreaker smashed a fist down onto the main console, breaking through it. He shook his head "Glad that's over," he spoke with an annoyed tone as he left the cock-pit with the entire thing sparking from the stress of actually moving.

He had half-expected Red Alert to already be on board the flying scrapheap getting ready to 'terminate' him. The fact they had been down for a few minutes already and no welcoming committee had come to greet him and take him to his new quarters in the brig. He moved out into the back end where the others were. And passed through them. He took notice to the fact that Sideswipe had already disembarked down the ramp that only half-extended. Sunstreaker followed him out.

"Gone off to pou..OMPHH" Sunstreaker toppled off the ramp, landing on his side from the un-expected blow to the back of his head. Sideswipe threw the metal bar he had broke off the ship to the ground and jumped off the top of the ship landing over top of Sunstreaker.

"I'm gonna tear you to slag." He angerily shouted at Sunstreaker as he grabbed one of the horns getting ready to use it as leverage. Sunstreaker recovered quickly and grabbed one of Sideswipe's legs and quickly overpowered him, toppeling him to the ground. Sideswipe was caught off-guard by this and fell on his back hard. Sunstreaker quickly kicked himself up to his feet and hopped away from Sideswipe.

"Just try it. I dare you." Sunstreaker said arrogantly, waiting for Sideswipe to get up.

2006-09-14, 04:46 AM
Shuttlebay, Fort Max:

Brainstorm and Siren: -make their way to the exit, see the fight start-

Brainstorm: -sighs- "For the love of....."

Siren: -shakes head- "Their brothers, as best as the term fits. Let them work it out on their own. C'mon, let's go get checked over and debriefed." -jumps down, walks out of the shuttlebay-

Brainstorm: "But...." -shrugs, jumps down, follows Siren-

Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -brings one hand up, swatting at Stratus, looks over at Aero Blade- "Need a hand?"

2006-09-14, 05:10 PM
OOC: Went and checked, most of my Autobots are already inside the Maximus. Attending to the last two now


Glancing back to make sure the skiff followed her, Astra moved to head towards Fort Max at top speed. Looks like she'd be using that base's med-bay.

* * * * *

Corridors, Fort Max

Having returned from Kyle, Devcon had decided to occupy himself by hanging around a random corridor and silently observing anyone who passed and noting their faces for checking the personnal records later.

2006-09-14, 10:26 PM
Fort Max Outside

The Aerialbots finished their training as Superion.

" Well team, time to go inside. We're going to retake Cybertron " said Silverbolt.

" Great... " muttered Slingshot.

The five flyers moved inside the citybot.


Fort Max Armory

Dogfight found a new clip for his machine gun. Guzzle, for his part, was taking fun with the firecon flammethrower in a nearby practice bay.


Fort Max Corridors

With their preliminary report concluded, Crosscut and Camshaft stepped towards their respective chambers to reload.


Fort Max, Lab 101

Skids made his way inside the lab carrying the Quintesson husk with him. After locking the lab's door, he put the remains on a metalic bed and picked up a metalic implement.

" Well, time for science. This differs a little from my beloved anthropology but it's kind of exciting, too " said happily to himself touching the husk with his implement.

2006-09-14, 10:41 PM
Fort Max , Med bay

Overdrive looked over at Tracks

"stunned into silence in the presence of someone with clearly superior ability . I get that a lot."

Aero Blade
2006-09-14, 10:50 PM
Corridor, Fort Max

Stratus had been waiting for it to happen, and with his welcome 'officially' worn out from the swat, Stratus zipped off before the hand could make contact with him. The minicon still stayed in the nearby area, though, keeping an eye on things.

As Roadbuster spoke to Aero Blade, the tech gave another slight sigh, wishing he could just completely escape from the situation and never be seen again. However, that was not the case, and Aero wasn't in any condition to put up another fight with Roadbuster. Resided to his fate for the moment, Aero made a slight guesture that could be interpretted as a 'yes', albeit seemingly unwillingly.

Medbay, Fort Max

Wing Saber continued to lay as he was, letting the medics do their work while he just replayed all the details in his processor of the recient incident, just trying to decipher things.

2006-09-14, 11:17 PM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Tracks: -gleaming and in mint condition from just having stepped out of the CR chamber, cocks eyebrow- "Don't mistake awe for disgusted facination with the uncouth ramblings of an ineffectual egotist." -stands- "It's attitudes like yours that make me wonder about where we're all headed sometimes." -heads out of medbay-

Minerva and Fixit: -still working on Wing Saber-

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- "Chromedome, meet me in the security office. I need to check a few things."

Chromedome: -over commlink- "I'll meet you there, Captain."

Nightbeat: -deactivates commlink, waves at Minerva- "See you later, sis." -walks out of medbay-


Nebulon: -running after the skiff, staying as close as he can-

Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:

Prime: -walks in- "What have you got, Prowl?"

Turbolift, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -beginning to think he needs to get his message service straightened out, nods- "Awlrahght, Scattershot, gimme a status report. How're you an' your team doin'?"

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -checking his sensors- "Looks like the stragglers are boarding now. Anybody still outside can get to the moon under their own power."

Grimlock: -nods, sits in command chair- "Give them order to launch." -picks up datapadd- "Me think we should orbit once, have sensors going at full, make sure 'Cons not leave anybody behind."

Fortress: -nodding- "Makes sense.... but it's not the best way to start out a truce."

Grimlock: -shakes head- "All this, just temporary. Best not fool ourselves over that."

Corridors, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: "C'mon." -pulls Aero Blade away from the wall, holding him upright so the both of them can walk into medbay- "Remember, they're Cybertronians, just like us. They might play more turbo-golf than we do, but they're metal and myomer, just like everybody else." -chuckles- "Never did figure that game out....."

Aero Blade
2006-09-14, 11:49 PM
Aero Blade just issued another sigh as Roadbuster brought him along, not able to keep up at first and stumbling slightly, but he quickly compensated. Stratus meanwhile just lazily flew overhead, keeping an eye on things.

2006-09-15, 01:30 AM
Rec Area

Jazz turned and laughed heartily at Mirage's idea.

"It's a date, buddy," he sniggered, throwing his arms up on the bar behind him comfortably. "Jus' don't tell Prime about it. It'll be our little surprise!"

Jazz paused to listen to Fortress' announcement over the room's PA, and his mood dropped a little. It seemed a bit surreal that they were finally leaving - and this time, as he understood it, there was no intention of coming back. Jazz turned his head to a nearby monitor playing Sin City and commanded it to switch to the main tower camera. The view was a broad panorama of the surrounding mountain landscape, the sun just beginning to set over the crisp fall foliage.

"Sure am gonna miss the place," Jazz mused softly, mostly to himself while staring at the nearly static image, save the motion of the leaves and the lights of the city. But he caught himself, remembering his company, and turned again to Mirage. "Gonna be nice ta get home too though, eh?"

2006-09-15, 03:45 AM
Security Briefing Room, Fort Max:
"To take out this weapon, there are two prominently viable options Optimus, but both rely on exact timing and a lot of skill. I can give the best chances possible for penetration, but the retrieval of the individuals involved is dramatically reduced if any interferance occurs."
Prowl motioned the leader over to the holographic images and maps he had brought up.

Lists of individuals were now neatly arranged in groups on the table along with holograms respective of each Autobot's individual form.

He began showing the detailed design to Prime.

As he finished he added with a solemn expression, "I'll see to giving them the cleanest recovery time possible in either case; but you understand the risks to them and the dangers here to everything else that exists if it's not dealt with at this juncture."


Rec Area

"It will be, yeah." Mirage replied with a smile. He understood Jazz's fondness for the organic world to an extent. He too had grown somewhat attached to the human friends they had made, but Mirage was very ready to return. Picking up on Jazz's feelings, he glanced at the monitors with a bit of admiration.

"You won't be alone in missing this place Jazz. There are a lot of Autobots who've made this place to be like a home away from home. Throughout our service, it's been "new places, new faces", but there was always home to go back to. We've learned a lot- we're not leaving it all behind, and we're the better for knowing about all of this."

He paused momentarily and grinned.
"How big has your music and video collection gotten to be?"

2006-09-15, 06:11 AM
Fort Max Corridor

"Tracks seemed to have lost his sense of humour, i always used to tease him about being better than one another."

Overdrive turned and left Medbay.

2006-09-15, 02:18 PM
Turbolift to command deck:

Scattershot responded to Ironhide, describing the situation to him:
"Sir, there was an accident about 50 breems ago with two members of my team. First, Afterburner went highwire and attacked Dirge; then, he shot Nightbeat who came to intervene. No more harm was done only because Strafe shot off Afterburner's hands. I was unable to stop them - I was under Ratchet's examination because of memory banks functional disorder.

As a result of this, Grimlock had deemed all Technobots unfit to duty and sent us to medbay. Ratchet had identified the disorder in our systems, but he wasn't able to repair it alone; he had to use our Gestalt merge and told Computron what to do.

The post-repair scans show that everything is in order now, so, we could be brought back to active duty, sir!"

Making a pause for Ironhide to grasp the meaning, he added:
"While I'm reporting this to you, my guys are busy reformatting Jetwave's damage. If Wheeljack will be available, then the reformat will be over soon and my team would be free."

* * *


Finishing the work of manufacturing replacement parts for Jetwave, the trio of Technobots waited impatiently for Wheeljack and Lightspeed to bring Jetwave to them.

* * *


Having nothing to do, Lightspeed (technobot) just stood in the corner waiting for Wheeljack to finish his operation and get free.

* * *


The Motorvators trio had entered the recreation area, spotting Jazz and Mirage there. Not wanting to spoil their conversation, Motorvators got themselves a tumbler of energon each and sat at the far table.

"So, what can you say about that race again?" - Lightspeed was still pestering Flame.

"I tell you - he said that he agrees, but cannot make it right now."

"It figures... We're going to fight for Cybertron soon - and all you think about is that blasted race!" - Gripper snarled.

"Don't you see!.. It's not about race, it's about my name!"

"Even that can wait unil Cybertron will be retaken. Perhaps one of you will die in that war... or both - then who'll be thinking of such stupid matters as name grudge?"

"I shall!" - and Lightspeed, angry that his comrades fail to understand him, finished his energon in one big gulp and got himself another tumbler.

2006-09-15, 06:23 PM
Rec Area

Jazz shot the Motorvators a friendly wave as they sat before turning to Mirage with a grin. He never could turn down a conversation about pop culture. With a magician's charm, he raised one index finger in the air, a panel on his forearm popped open, and he plucked out a tiny rectangular device with a circular control pad and a wee display screen.

"It'd take me months to listen ta everything I got on here. These new iPod Femptos are schnazzy, man! She hooks straight into my stereo when I'm cruisin'. Everything digital goes on here - the new Mizaru album is sick, bro, lemme tell ya."

Jazz returned the device to its compartment with similar grace.

"But for the classics - Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Hendrix, The Beatles, BB King - ya gotta go vinyl."

Jazz glanced around and leaned in toward Mirage, lowering his voice.

"Don't tell Prime, but that stack'a 'human historical records' in storage? Yeah, they're records awright - 45s!"

Jazz burst out laughing and gave Mirage a friendly nudge in the shoulder.

"Oh! I got Harry Potter 17 on the Pod too. Maybe Perceptor can help us project it on the inner wall a' Iacon - we can have a drive-in movie!"

2006-09-15, 07:36 PM
The Motorvators returned Jazz's greetings, but Lightspeed came further. He took his energon tumbler and went to the bar stand.

"Greetings, how'ya doin'? Excuse me - what kind of device you had there? Is it a weapon, or what?"

He realized that Mirage and Jazz don't know him, and he tried to correct that:

"Oh sorry, forgot to introduce meself... I'm Lightspeed, I mean the real Lightspeed - not that rusty Technobot who goes by the name! I tell you - the name's mine, and he stole it!"

At the far table, Gripper and Flame exchanged vorried looks.

2006-09-17, 04:46 PM
Outside > Fort Max Corridors

Arriving at the base, Astra backed up to enter, then drove inside and paused a couple of feet from the main entrance, transforming to robot mode as she did so, then turned to make sure the skiff followed her into the base.

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay

Stepping back, Wheeljack nodded and lowered his tools, calling down to the human "Well, you're all done, Spike, but I'll like to have a field test first, better safe than sorry as I learnt from your race"