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2006-09-07, 06:13 PM
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2006-09-07, 10:07 PM
Metroplex Bridge

" Understood Red " replied Magnus to Red Alert, " but we need a quickly retrieval. The truce forbids any Autobot - and 'con - to stay on Earth, and Metroplex will lift off now. Ah, one more thing: tell the Protectobots to recover Cosmos too. He is still near Cuba. Magnus out. "

The citybot's main thrusters engaged, and Metroplex started his journey towards the meeting point on The Moon.

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2006-09-08, 09:59 AM
As Metroplex rose, a group of Autobots was left standing there... with Kickback amongst them. The Insecticon looked around, spotted the Protectobots who must be accompanying him on his mission, and decided to ask them.

"Excuse me" - he addressed the biggest of them - "but if we are about to travel together, what our transport will be?"

2006-09-09, 05:33 AM
Medbay. Metroplex

Status: Online
Functionality: 65.7%

These words flashed into Fastlane's optics. A brush of static interference ran along his visor as his sight returned. He was on a bio-bed. This was good. He ran a systems check that showed a time log when damage was repaired. Apparently, the arm he thought was missing before had been replaced and his memory banks registered it as being obliterated earlier. The Autobot clone was impressed at First Aid's skills. He knew that he was in no condition to move, but was glad just to be online.

"First Aid," he said normally, "Thank you so very much."

2006-09-09, 06:16 AM
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~prior to First Aid leaving~

"There we go. Now your systems are catching up." First Aid spoke gently to the impulsive Fastlane.

The medic didn't need to reprimand, he was certain Fastlane had filed away the consequences.

"You're welcome my friend. Now just take it easy, rest and let your repair systems complete the connections with the new repairs. If you need anything, Hound can get it while the minibots are finishing up on Rosdos."


~Forward to scene with Kickback~
Hot Spot had just finished telling Blades over his internal radio that he wasn't allowed to squish the insecticon when Kickback arrived.

He anssered directly.
"Defensor will be the transport for all of us. Ready team- combine!"

In a matter of moments the Protectobots had formed the gestalt and gently scooped up Kickback. With a leap, they were airborne and heading away from Metroplex.

"What are the directions, Decepticon?"

2006-09-09, 02:00 PM
Off Balearic coast, heading WSW:

Kickback wasn't accustomed to being grabbed by gestalts; in fact, this was his first such experience... and he wasn't particularily glad to have it. But, nevertheless, he had no choice - so he tried to sound as calm as possible and answered to Defensor:

"Errr... We start from here, then head to Peru, course 240, I believe... I'll give you corrections when we reach the coast of South American Continent..."

I've never travelled this way before - he thought to himself - and I do wonder how he intends to transport the three of us back...

Wait a minute - Red Alert said that all Transformers are to leave Earth! So, we won't be transported _back_ - rather to their rendeuz-vois point... or to main Autobot base... wherever it is...

Well, this must be thought over, and I have some time for it...

* * *
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Off the coast of molten Cuba:

Cosmos was still busy tugging his improvised barge with energon containers. He expected some backup - after all, he asked Ultra Magnus for it a while ago... But even if he wasn't about to receive it, he was intent to deliver his cargo.

Better bring it to some coast and call a shuttle from Fort Max, if they could spare one. Too bad I can't fit both containers inside my subspace! Well - I couldn't fit even one of them, if it matters...


A particularily high wave made the barge shudder, and for a nanobreem Cosmos thought the wire is going to split. He descended almost to the wavecrests, letting the wire slack a bit, then resumed his progress to the coast carefully...

To the coast of South America, as it happened.

2006-09-10, 04:46 AM
Main Entry, Metroplex

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Red Alert had dropped a few paces back from the group as they brought Kickback to the hangar, so that he could listen to Magnus' comm without being overheard. As the citybot lifted off, he (along with Hubcap and Artfire) had a spectactuar view of the takeoff, standing on the city's main ramp.

"I'll have our communications officer pass that last order along," he told the city commander, shouting so he could be heard over the gale-force winds that whipped around the flying city. "Also, Kickback mentioned that there was another potential energon stash on Cuba. I'm sending you the coordinates he gave me, if you'd like to investigate."

As Red was talking, Hubcap opened a channel to Defensor. "Hey, big guy! Magnus wants you to swing past Cuba and find Cosmos while you're out. Can you do that?"

2006-09-10, 04:59 AM
In flight to Cuba
"Coordinates... accepted." Defensor replied to Kickback before becoming silent.

For a while, the giant gestalt was being controlled primarily by Streetwise's thoughts. The interceptor was busy alerting the team to the possibility of trouble with handling Bombshell, when rather suddenly Hubcap's transmission came through. Defensor as a whole took over again.

"We will assist Cosmos on our way to the destination."

Defensor switched radio frequencies.
"Cosmos, what are your location coordinates?"

2006-09-10, 09:41 AM

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Ultra Magnus, from his command chair, focused on Metroplex main screens reading all the availible data. With the Protectobots sent to retrieve Cosmos and the remainig Insecticons, the citybot flying over Europe and the last battle repairs almost finished, the city commander felt finally relaxed.

" Sir ", said Scamper. " I'd finished the diagnostic of Metroplex's main CPU. "

Magnus looked at the drone and nodded. " Send it to my terminal, and send a copy for Red Alert too. "

Scamper nodded and sent a copy of the report to Magnus' station and Red Alert's office.


Fort Max Corridors

Six Gun looked at Joyride. If the drone had had lips, he surely would have smiled.

" We're flying again Joyride! We're going to return home at last! "

2006-09-10, 03:50 PM
*Arcee stood behind Ultra Magnus.*

"How much longer to the rendezvous point?"

2006-09-10, 07:14 PM
Over Caribbean:

Cosmos had acknowledged Defensor's signal:

"My coordinates? 19 degrees North Latitude, 77.2 West Longitude by local standards. Approaching some island. I believe it is Jamaica."

Thinking over the situation, he added:

"Contact me when you'll reach Caribbean. I'll activate a direction beacon for you."

Then Cosmos shut down the comm link and concentrated back on bringing the barge on course. He swore silently over a thousand times already that he had foung these Primus-forsaken energon containers - but, if he did, he simply had to deliver them.

Approaching the coast, he started to evaluate the beachline to find the spot where he could ground his improvised barge...

* * *

Over Atlantic:

Kickback registered the change of course almost momentarily - after all, he wasn't too busy riding in Defensor's hand.

"Excuse me, but why are we seem to be changing course?" - he asked, trying to be as polite as he could be. After all, the Autobot gestalt could crush him easily in his massive fist, and then report back to Red Alert that it was an accidental damage... This kind of outcome was unacceptable to the clever Insecticon.

2006-09-10, 11:04 PM
Metroplex Bridge

Ultra Magnus turned back and looked at Arcee.

" We'll arrive in an hour or so, human time " he replied to her, " but we'll stay in Earth until the Protectobots had finished their mission and returned here with Cosmos and the Insecticons. "

2006-09-12, 09:27 PM
"Already over the Carribean Cosmos. We'll be to your location shortly." Defensor replied before looking at Kickback.

"We are picking up a fellow Autobot's cargo that he cannot hold. Once we have completed the pickup, we will return to our previous course."

2006-09-13, 01:03 AM
Metroplex, Corridors

"Sounds great," Joyride said to Six Gun, " I can't wait to return"

Home huh? But what about the humans and possible Decepticons still based here?, he thought as he walked into the medbay.

Status: Online
Functionality: 75%

Fastlane's systems continued to repair itself.

2006-09-13, 11:47 AM
"Great", - Cosmos replied to Defensor a bit sarcastically. He was jealous a bit of gestalt's speed; besides, he knew that Defensor could carry both containers easily.

Then why it's me who had to go over the sea with this pit-slaggin' barge?

He grounded the barge finally on a sand beach, then transformed and landed beside it, activating the beacon. Soon, the large form of Protectobots' gestalt appeared on the horison.

* * *

Kickback was still riding in Defensor's hand, engrossed in thoughts.
A fellow Autobot's cargo? What kind of cargo? We seem to be close to Cuba - could it be... No, no, that's impossible!.. Or is it?

His thoughts were interrupted as a coastline came into view. There he spotted a greenish Autobot - called Cosmos, he believed - and beside him, some kind of floating craft with a very familiar cargo in it!

"These containers belong to me!" - he cried aloud, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't in a position to make demands.

"Like Smelting Pit they do", - Cosmos answered, hearing the remark. "I've found them, and they belong to Autobots."

"Does the Decepticon insignia on the side means anything to you?" - Kickback couldn't hold himself.

"Yea - it means I can take them as spoils of war. Now, bug off!" - and Cosmos addressed the gestalt instead:

"Hey Defensor - could you lend me a hand with these containers? They seem to be full of first-grade energon!"

2006-09-13, 04:04 PM
Metroplex, Medbay
Hound went over to Fastlane and sat down on a nearby table.

"How're you feeling?"

"We will carry them." Defensor replied firmly as he landed and set Kickback down on the barge. "Most likely this is stolen energon, and we will let the leaders decide what to do with them back at base.

Cosmos, you may accompany us to look for the remaining Insecticons or you may return to Metroplex."

Defensor reached down and hauled up the entire barge.
"Let us continue to Cuba."

2006-09-13, 04:39 PM
"They are stolen, and here's the thief!" - Kickback jumped up and down on the barge deck, furious.

"Bugger off!.." - Cosmos was clearly having fun. "Oh, what a pity that I forgot my Insecticide spray..."

"Have it your way, then", - Kickback calmed down suddenly (deciding that he'll persuade the Bots responsive for that energon later). "But I say we don't have to go to Cuba - we must travel South, to Peru, where my teammates are."

"Here I agree, Defensor", - Cosmos added suddenly - there's nothing to be gained on Cuba, lava's all over the island. A desolate place, like Mercury."

He thought about the invitation for a while.

"If you think I'll be useful to you in recovering the Insecticons, I'll go. Else I'd better leave to Moon as soon as possible... It'd be better to get there among the first".

It wasn't the exact truth; in fact, Cosmos had an idea to visit the Arc and tell goodbye to Earth... but that was a personal matter for him, and he didn't wanted to tell it to anybody.

Leave to Moon!!! - Kickback got the word that slipped from Cosmos's mouth instantly.
So, they aren't leaving the Earth for good - they just move to the Moon... And Decepticons are too, obviously... Combined with the truce I've heard of, this could mean only one thing:
The combined force of Autobots and Decepticons is to retake Cybertron!
And THAT fact must be evaluated from all possible angles... in the aspects of what can be gained from it to us, Insecticons???

"Have you got enough fuel for all the trip, Autobot - not only to the Moon but further, to Cybertron? Perhaps you've loaded yourself with stolen energon?" - the clever Insecticon jibed at Cosmos, intent to learn if his assumptions were correct.

"I don't need to steal - I take what I need at Fortress Maximus or at Metroplex! Unlike you stealing Cons, we do not steal!" - the Autobot replied angrily, not taking the ruse.

2006-09-16, 05:38 AM
Medbay, Metroplex

Fastlane grinned at Hound.

"Well let's put it this way," he said, "As my brother Cloudraker used to say, 'Thank the Matrix I wasn't built with pain receptors."

Just then Joyride entered the room and was relieved to see that Fastlane was not offline. Joyride decided to keep things upbeat as to not make his friend's recovery any more miserable than it looked.

"Hey Doc," Joyride said to First Aid, "I got you another one to fix up. Look's like Six Gun has seen some better days."

2006-09-16, 10:54 PM
Metroplex, Med Bay

Six Gun, suddenly disturbed, stepped backwards.

" I'm fine " he told Joyride and Hound, stepping to the door.

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2006-09-18, 05:40 AM
Medbay, Metroplex
Hound laughed. "Lucky you! That can be a real advantage. Some of us could do with a few less." He grinned for a moment and then remembered his energon canister. The scout chided Fastlane gently - big energon explosions do hurt- it's good to avoid them- means less work for the medics. And besides, now we're going to be working with Decepticons. We'll all need to be in top condition."
En Route to Peru

Defensor had adjusted his course while Cosmos and Kickback were arguing. He remained quiet, ignoring the dispute and deliberately not answering Kickback. It wasn't long before Peru came into view.

"Where are they located?"

2006-09-18, 10:14 AM
"You have brought me almost to exact location", - Kickback answered to Defensor, looking down from barge the gestalt had been carrying. "See the hole in the ground? That is an excavation site, and there they are, hidden from outside world.

I'll go first and tell them of the truce so they won't attack you."

With these words Insecticon sprung nimbly down from the barge, transforming as he went. Floating down the chute, he spotted two immobile bodies of his teammates beside the collapsed entrance to what was once a Decepticon spaceship. Evidently, rust and decay had destroyed it completely.

I'm tempted to simply leave them here and be forever free from their bickerings and foolishness. But then - whom I'd command? Clones make unsatisfying minions...

Landing on the floor, he transformed and extracted his remains of energon from subspace. They amounted to less than quarter of a cube... But it had to suffice to bring his teammates back online.

He divided the energon in two exact halves and gently fed it into the mouths of Bombshell and Shrapnel. The effect was instantaneous - two Insecticons, revitalized, sprung to their feet.

"Energon-energon! Did you brought-brought it to us-us?" - Shrapnel screached, falling back to his usual speach pattern.

I've almost forgot this... And now I'm not sure whether it is better or worse than his previous screeching... - Kickback thought.

"No, I didn't", - he answered. - "The Autobots did... And we're be working for them now... for a while, at least", - he added with a smirk.

"He-he... Good. Autobots make perfect play-puppets", - Bombshell suggested, his cerebro-shell muzzle twitching already.

"No! No puppets, no clones until I say so! I am in command, and if I say so the Autobots will destroy yoć all! So, you obey me -understood?" - Kickback shouted, worried that his "comrades" could compromise the entire idea of truce. "Gigatron now allied with the Autobots, so we'd have nobody to flee to! And we're leaving Earth!"

"Why in Pit's name?" - Bombshell asked. - "There's so much to be gained here..."

"And much more to be gained on Cybertron. We could make an army of insect drones on all metal and energy there!"

"And Quints-quints would slay-slay us. No good-good", - Shrapnel interrupted.

"Let Autobots and Decepticons together take care of that. We shall wait and join whoever wins, as we always do", - and, listening to no more arguments, Kickback ushered his teammates up the chute.

After a while, they emerged before the bulk of Defensor.

"Here. I've brought them to you, as I've promised, and they won't attack. Now you should bring us all to whoever commands you, so we could accept our reward", - and Kickback hopped back on the barge, followed by Bombshell and Shrapnel.

2006-09-18, 07:22 PM
Cosmos had followed Defensor and Kickback to Peru, and landed as the Insecticons emerged from their hole. He chuckled at Kickbacks comment.
"Payment? You're lucky you're not in the Brig, truce or not!" He guffawed.

2006-09-18, 09:31 PM
"You are wrong here", - Kickback replied to Cosmos self-confidently.

"It was proved that I had no hostile intentions against Autobot cause; now I perform a favor to them and expect to receive a payment which is due. This is the base of civilised relationship; you, on the other hand, are acting now against the direct commands of your superiors and probably could compromise the entire idea of truce. I am sure that your leader would not be pleased to know of this...", - and he took a step back nevertheless, ready to hide behind Bombshell or Shrapnel if enraged Autobot decides to attack.

Meanwhile, Bombshell was evaluating the possibilities which arose before him.

Could the gestalt be manipulated as one creature, I wonder? I've never tried my cerebro-control on such targets... Ohh, so tempting... what a pity I haven't enough energon to hold the cerebro-shell control for more then half a breem...

Shrapnel, near him, was entranced. His acute sensors had sensed the fluids of raw energon, emanating from two containers which were the barge's cargo. If he could, he would drool right now over them... Of course, it never crossed his mind to speak aloud of his find, so Bombshell was the only one oblivious of standing near the virtual treasure trove.

Brave Maximus
2006-09-20, 07:37 AM
Skyfall Omega had long since left Medbay and wandered up to the landing pad on the Starboard side of Metroplex. As the massive City-bot flew across the sky, the big Autobot leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of the wind rushing past him. For a moment, he forgot everything and was a young Micromaster flying the skies above the Ark with no worries on his mind.


Starlight, Ark and Nemesis continued their work on Rosdos' Neuro micro-circutry.

2006-09-20, 08:05 AM

"I will return you to where you will get what you deserve." Defensor replied coldly to the Insecticons as he prepared to take off. "Cosmos, we are returning now to Metroplex. Join us. We must return immediately."

2006-09-20, 12:27 PM
Onboard the barge, which rested in Defensor's hands, a conflict between Insecticons brewed.

"Get what you deserve-deserve?" - Shrapnel asked Kickback. "I don't like-like how it sounds-sounds... I could use come energon right now-now..."

"What have you put us into again, you self-proclamed genius?" - Bombshell supported Shrapnels accusation, but when he had heard about energon, his mind circuits switched to that thoughts immediately.

"Energon? Where?"

"Right here-here, you dummy! In the box-box!"

"No! Don't touch the containers! We'll get them later!!!" - Kickback insisted, but nobody listened to him.

"Kickback can have-have energon later. Shrapnel want it now-now!"

"Wait! Don't you realise that Defensor will dismember you in a nanobreem?"

"Kickback said we're allies now-now. Kickback see that big Autobot wont harm-harm us", - and Shrapnel moved to the crate, intent to get to its contents. Bombshell, being more cautious, stayed aside and waited, wanting to see what will happen.

2006-09-20, 07:42 PM
Cosmos, briefly silenced by his rage at Kickbacks comments, was ecstatic at the turmoil which now embroiled the trio.
"Looks like you have issues with the truce yourself." he said, flying casually...

2006-09-21, 09:37 PM
Metroplex Bridge

Ultra Magnus was growing impatient by the waiting. He engaged one of his captain chair monitors and checked, for the tenth time, the status of Metroplex's main systems and the locations of his troops.

" Well, Arcee is in the bridge, like Scamper. Slammer is now in the shuttlebays and Six Gun is still in the Med Bay. "

Then Magnus looked at his crono.

" Umph. " He rised from the captain chair and stepped to the comm station. He manned the controls and contacted with Defensor.

" Defensor, here Magnus. What's your status? " he asked.

2006-09-22, 11:41 AM
En Route to Metroplex

"Mission successful Ultra Magnus." Defensor replied as the comm link buzzed.

"We are returning now with the energon, Cosmos and Insecticons. They demand- a reward for their assistance."

For the moment, the gestalt was intent on continuing to fly back toward the citybot, even though individually the members were sending various complaints to Hot Spot about having to put up with the Insecticons.

2006-09-22, 01:11 PM
"Stop it! Don't touch the containers, or we all get it!" - Kickback screamed and leapt at Shrapnel's back. Shrapnel, caught unprepared, fell to the barge's deck... Soon two Insecticons were rolling and struggling, one intent to get to the precious energon, the other - to stop him no mater the cost, to show he is in control of his team...

Bombshell, meanwhile, was talking with Cosmos, who was flying beside Defensor.

"It's not issues with the truce - it's issues with Shrapnel", - Bombshell said disgustedly. "He's so single-minded that it could seem sometime that he has no mind at all. But - aren't some of the Autobots the same? Dinobots, for instance?"

2006-09-22, 08:00 PM
Cosmos blanched at Bombshells comment. But at the mention of the Dinobots, he paused. the insecticon had a point, and the dinobots weren't alone in that respect.
Eager to end the silence though, Cosmos replied with a question of his own.
"How long do you think this fight will last against the Quintessons?"

2006-09-22, 09:43 PM
Metroplex, Bridge

" Good work, soldier. Magnus out " replied Ultra Magnus to Defensor.

Leaving the comm station an heading back towards the captain chair, Magnus engaged his personal comm-link for a more ' private ' conversation.

" Red Alert, here Magnus. Defensor will return soon with Cosmos and the Insecticons. I know because the truce we can't just jail them in a brig cell, but I hope you'll find a way - under the current circumstances, of course- to keep an optic on them to prevent, huh, setbacks. "

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2006-09-23, 07:37 AM
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"You can be assured of that Commander." Red Alert replied to Ultra Magnus with a tint of wariness in his voice.

"The truce is for peace only, not an open guest invitation. They can make themselves comfortable in one of our empty shuttle bays where we can make certain they uphold their part of the truce.

En Route to Metroplex. (Next post- arrival.)

Defensor looked down at the arguing trio and the massive containers that were the object of the arguement. Hot Spot had had enough. If someone could have heard the various messages going to him and the upcoming reponse, Blades would've been yelling an ecstatic "WOOT!" while the others breathed sighs of relief.

"Touch the energon, and this truce is over before it begins. We will leave you on Earth while everyone else departs. It will be long enough to get to the moon, where we will declare the Decepticons have betrayed their word, and you bugs will have to answer to Gigatron afterwards. He will squash you like the insects you are.

Or - you will wait until we return to Metroplex and then your existance needs will be met."

2006-09-23, 01:06 PM
"Squash-squash Shrapnel? It's no good-good!" - and the less intelligent Inscecticon ceased his struggles to get to much-wanted containers.

Kickback let out a sigh of relief.

"I am fully aware of this, Defensor. You can rest assured that I'll do anything that is in my powers not to compromise the understanding our factions had reached."

I'm gonna receive so much benefits from such a truce that you wouldn't believe... If that damn fool Shrapnel won't ruin it all with his idiocy, that is, - he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Bombshell was still engaged in small talk with Cosmos:

"Quintessons? I don't know, never seen one of those. I've heard they are weaklings, but they've got a numerous army of... Sharcti-clones or I don't remember how are they called...

Oh - is it true that each Quintesson have a group mind? It's very interesting, I've never had any experience with group minds before... They can be interesting to control, don't you agree?" - he asked slyly, knowing that the remark about mind control would enrage the Autobot, but the truce will stop him from physical responce.

It's so funny to provoke them with innocent remarks when they can't hurt you back... Better than with my cerebro-shells!

2006-09-23, 10:12 PM
Metroplex, Bridge

" Good idea Red ", replied Ultra Magnus to Red Alert. " I'll send Six Gun with you. He can stay in the shuttlebay doors as a guard, or inside watching the Insecticons. Slammer, on the other hand, is already there; the shuttlebays are usually his guard duty. Magnus over. "


Metroplex, Med Bay

Six Gun received a message from Magnus an moved towards the shuttlebays to assist Red Alert. The drone nodded to Fastlane as he exited the Med Bay.

2006-09-25, 05:21 PM
----------Metroplex Medbay---------
"Thank First Aid."Rosdos thank you the medic and walked out from the medbay.

----------Metroplex Manufacturies----------
Rosdos repairing prototype drones that have been damage from previous battle.

2006-09-26, 11:19 AM
Cosmos, as expected, was appaled by the insecticons comments. All he could muster as a reply was;
"Whatever you think would work best against them, decepticon."
He said no more, angry that Bombshell had baited him so well, and that he couldn't think of anything to say.

2006-09-26, 01:27 PM
Returning to Metroplex

Defensor saw the giant citybot's form and began his approach.

Controlling a Quintesson may not be an entirely bad idea. Streetwise's thoughts chimed through as they listened to the banter.

Yes it is. First Aid responded quickly. Tangles the mind sensors and can cause permanent damage, even termination if it gets into the wrong area.
[i]The Quintessons are our enemies. We need to take it to them. Blades answered back. Nah- just drive them off of the planet. I think it can be done. Groove answered.

We'll do what needs to be done when asked of us. Hot Spot's thoughts echoed in the gestalt's mind, settling the matter as they landed on the upper deck.

Red Alert walked out to meet them. Looking up at the Insecticons with a none-too-welcoming expression, he motioned them to the empty bay.
"Right this way."

Internally, he sent a message back to Metroplex and Ultra Magnus.
"Defensor, Cosmos, and the Insecticons have returned. We can depart now for the moon."

2006-09-26, 07:22 PM
"See you later, cosmo-bot!" - Bombshell waved good-bye (quite ironically) to Cosmos as the trio of Insecticons was led by Red Alert.

Meanwhile, Kickback addressed Red Alert:

"I do beg pardon, but aren't you forgetting something? It was stated as a part of agreement that on bringing my teammates here we'd receive a reward, if they're willing to cooperate. As you can see, there is no hostile actions taken from our side; I expect you to honour your part of the agreement. And, before you'd think of declining, I want to remind that it could be profitable to both sides if we could cooperate.

Considering the objective which, as I believe, now lies before us, I'd say we could be crucial in whatever plans you - or your command - could have. I'd wish to speak about it with you and with whoever is in charge here as soon as possible... provided we receive the reward, of course."

Hearing about the reward, Shrapnel intervened too.

"Shrapnel would like-like a reward! Shrapnel wants energon now-now!.."

2006-09-26, 10:59 PM
Metroplex Command

" At last " thought Ultra Magnus when he received Red Alert's message. He seated himself on the bridge's Captain Chair, and readied himself to bring Metroplex to the Moon.

" Scamper, power the main thrusters and set a course for the Moon. "

" Aye, sir " replied the drone, manning the helm station.

" Arcee, as soon as we exit Earth's atmpsphere, contact with the Steelhaven. I want to know the situation of the ship and Fizzle's team. "


Metroplex, shuttle bay

A still scorched Six-Gun met Red Alert and the Insecticons in the empty shuttlebay.

" Greetins director " said Six Gun. " A squad of drones is on their way here to support me in my ... er ... maintenance duty of this bay " informed the drone, clearly nodding towards the Insecticons with a suspicious look on his optics.



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2006-09-27, 09:58 PM
Cosmos waved sadly back as Bombshell left. He stayed in his Spaceship form, and began circling Metroplex, deciding to follow the citybot into space independantly.

2006-09-29, 01:29 AM
Empty Shuttle Bay
Red Alert scowled at the suggestion of the reward. His optics flashed. "You continuing to be allowed to function and your rescue ought to be reward enough."

He stared from one to the other for a moment and then relented slightly.

"But your reward will be an ample supply of daily rations. More depands on what service you can provide. Be quick to say."

2006-09-30, 06:07 PM
Kickback's eyes flashed as Red Alert said his first words.

"This is not accepta..." - he didn't finished, as Red Alert continued and told him about daily rations. He calmed a bit, knowing he'd won a minor battle - at least his team-mates won't be troubling him pleading they're hungry. But it wasn't enough.

"I do believe we are having a misunderstanding here. I've performed a service for your side - I've informed you of the whereabouts of my teammates, and helped to extract them with the least difficulties. As we do not consider ourself part of Gigatron's force anymore...."

"We don't-don't?" - Shrapnel asked quietly from Bombshell, puzzled.

"Shut up and listen! Kickback is getting you the energon you wanted!"

"That's good-good..."

"... so, we aren't bound by the regulation agreement to leave Earth. Doing so is a gesture of goodwill from our side, and such gestures should receive adequate rewards, if you wish them to be benefitial to your cause."

Kickback stepped closer to Red Alert and lowered his voice, so his team members or Six-Gun, who was standing aside, would hear his next words.

"I repeat, I can give you a very useful information... and more. I've figured already that your next objective could be only Cybertron. And there, against the abundance of Sharcticons, you will be outnumbered... without the swarm of insect-clones on your side, that is!..
Or... how you'd like to have a high-ranked Quintesson executive working in your favor behind enemy lines, executing your orders? My good friend Bombshell can arrange that, you know...
I can persuade my teammates to work for you. But to do so, I must be motivated enough. Are those two boxes of energon you've brought aboard too big a reward for all these services? I say not.
Do we have a deal?"

2006-09-30, 10:12 PM
Metroplex, empty shuttlebay

Six Gun looked suspiciously at the Insecticons, especially Kickback.

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Brave Maximus
2006-10-01, 02:45 AM
As the City-bot headed into space, Skyfall Omega, from his perch on the landing pad, lept off seperating. The Omega transformed into shuttle mode - while Skyfall transformed into robot mode and entered the shuttle. The Micro Master made his way onto the bridge and satdown at the command chair.

After punching in a series of commands, he estabilshed a secure and untraceable link (using codes he gained from his last cosmic jaunt) to another computer:

"Sentinel, establish lock-down prodcedures. No one to enter the base who does not posess Neo-Command level clearence."

"Confirmed" was the response.

Once that was done - the Omega Shuttle followed Metroplex - keeping a distance though. Skyfall was leery of Decepticons as of late....

2006-10-01, 08:04 PM
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Metroplex, Medbay

Fastlane removed himself from the biobed. He was fully recovered now and felt ready to take on whatever challenge that would come his way. He threw a few punches at the air. Surviving an energon explosion and living to tell the tale is quite a miracle. He saw Joyride leaning in the corner.

"Hey Joyride!" called Fastlane. "I'm back!"

Joyride went over to Fastlane and shook his friend's hand.

"Glad to see you back on the ranks Fastlane. I was worried sick that you'd be offline. Without you on the field who'd watch my back when I get into Decepticreep trouble?"

The two friends laughed together knowing that they were glad that they could still fight as a team once again.

2006-10-03, 10:41 PM
Metroplex, Command Bridge

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" I copy you, Fortress " replied Ultra Magnus from his command chair. " Metroplex is actually 99,8 % totally reparied from our last action in Cuba, the refugees are safe now on the Balearic Islands, the primary systems - included offensive and defensive systems- are running satisfactory and we have five decepticons as our special 'guests'. Our ETA to the rendezvous point is about 30 earthen minutes, Magnus over. "