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2006-09-07, 11:20 PM
For the characters arriving on the moon - post arrivals and interactions here until we change over for Retake threads. :)

2006-09-12, 06:59 AM
Shuttlebay, Steelhaven

Pinpointer would have shrugged, if he wasn't wedged half-way inside an engine cowling.

"Not looking good," he told Fizzle. "When Backstreet told us this thing was wrecked, he wasn't kidding. Unless you've got a full drone crew to work on repairs, it's not going to be any good as anything other than an unpowered lifepod."

Bridge, Warworld

Astrotrain frowned as he saw another large silouette appear on the ship's sensors, but he quickly loosened up as the object's shape grew more distinct.

The admiral smiled.

"Clear Scorponok for landing," he told the nearest drone. "And have one of your units convey my greetings."

The drone nodded curtly and moved off.

2006-09-12, 06:05 PM
Warworld: Medbay

There had been time to spare, and as per his design specifications, the expansive medbay had been constructed with a well-provided officers' section closed off from the remainder of the repair bay. Gigatron had retired there, knowing he would not be needed for some time. The downtime would do him good... The warm, dim chamber was quiet, its only occupant the Decepticon leader chest-deep in his energon pool. He puffed slowly and thoughtfully on an energon vaporator, allowing the liquid around him to seep into his circuits in due time.

2006-09-12, 08:56 PM
Steelhaven Battlebridge

" Umph... er thanks Pinpointer ", replied Fizzle. " Wonderfull, just wondefull! With the Warworld aproaching and without a shuttle in this big pile of junk! " thought Fizzle, hammering a nearby monitor.

" Backstreet " said the Sparkabot, opening a comm-link, " where's now the Warworld? "


Steelhaven Bridge

Backstreet sighed and left his Moon contemplations, stepping to the tactical station.

" Roger, Fizzle " he said, while looking at his sensor monitor. " The Warworld is aproaching fast, and for the look of things it seems an enemy citybot has docked inside ".


Steelhaven Battlebridge

" Uh-oh " said Fizzle, looking again at the battlebridge weapons control.

2006-09-12, 10:41 PM
Tyrant , newly created Hydroponics bay

Monzo had finished scouring the stores of the Tyrant for the parts that he needed, he just needed to plant the seed stock and wait for it to grow.

2006-09-13, 05:23 AM

Nightracer quietly sat in her seat, listening to the conversations going on around her.

Breakdown almost let out a sigh of relief.While he didn't want to get his hope up. So far, no one was looking at him and the Firestorm was moving. It also helped that the seat next to him was still empty .
Outside Cell# 101

" Glad I could help" Carnivac said to StarBlade. Then, Carnivac turned back to Gnaw and asked " Was there some reason you came down here or were you just lurking?"

As the pretender waited for an answer, he couldn't help but wonder if it was wise to let the sharkticon run around lose on WarWorld.

2006-09-13, 06:30 AM
Bridge , Tyrant

Weirdwolf looked round the room

"us let battle some simulations run. Ready you are Thundercracker?"


Pounce eyed the micromasters as he sharpened the blade on his bayonet on a whet stone, looking at them suggestively/


Wingspan tapped away on his data pad

"i think the idea has merit just need to talk to a scientific type."

2006-09-13, 12:49 PM
The Annilator and the Firestorm both screamed across space as they were nearing their intended targets.

Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Warworld Control this is Hatemonger I am bringing in two shuttles requesting landing bay access and codes, ETA about 15 Earth minutes." The General said waiting for a reply.

Lord Zarak
2006-09-13, 01:52 PM
Skystalker replied to Gigatron succintly

"Whatever it takes to liberate Cybertron. I assume all plans will be made available to those that need to know, when the time is right?"

He watched as his leader immersed himself, and patiently awaited his own turn.

2006-09-14, 11:43 PM
Shuttle Firestorm:

Bludgeon: -monitoring the controls, running diagnostics on the rigged cloaking device, scowl deepening slightly- "We will have to be quick about our work. The device will not conceal the shuttle for very long."

Stranglehold: "Why?"

Fangry: -pokes Stranglehold in the side- "Think about it, moron. This thing's at least twice the size of the Blade. Higher power output, too. The strain'll burn 'em out."

Bridge, Warworld:

Hellbat: -optics widen slightly at Astrotrain's pronouncement, then starts chuckling- "This.... this is too much...."

Gaihawk: -stunned-

Leozak: -clearly unhappy with his new 'recruit', but having a healthy respect for the logic behind it- "I'm sure he will make a...... valuable..... addition to our group." -activates commlink, taking obvious petty delight in his next sentence- "Deathsanrus, this is your commander speaking. Report to me at once!"

Bridge, Trypticon:

Trypticon: -sounding bored- "The gel is ready, Drillhorn. The crystals are generating power now." -sounding impressed despite whatever he might feel about this odd plan- "Main gun capcitor fully charged."

Drillhorn: -nodding- "Of course."

Jalgar: "Uh, oh. I think I can see his ego inflating....."

Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -shrugs- "Ready as I can be." -not adding the obvious 'under the circumstances'-

2006-09-15, 12:28 AM
Deathsaurus sighed, "I'm right behind you, Leozak."
"Sir." he added relunctantly after a moment.
I'm not going to like reporting to one of my former bodyguards.

2006-09-15, 01:36 AM
Warworld: Medbay

Gigatron emerged from his bath finally once his systems were properly charged, allowing the liquid to drip from his form while the pool drained and slowly refilled a fresh batch. Gigatron climbed out promptly and nodded down at Skystalker as he passed.

"Astrotrain will be your commander for this mission. He will inform you of your assignments when he deigns to brief you. Report to him after your maintenance is seen to."

Gigatron stepped past with no notion of finality. He had plenty to do. As he stepped through the enormous medbay doors into the corridors beyond, he stopped at a computer terminal to look up a particular Decepticon's frequency. Having found it, he raised his wrist-shield to his face and activated the communicator in it.

"Afterburner, this is Gigatron. I demand your presence post-haste. Meet me at the engine room in a breem."

2006-09-15, 06:09 AM
Bridge , Tyrant

Weirdwolf tapped in some commands into the computer.

The lights dimmed as the simulation started.

a computerised voice started

We are under attack from 3 Quint ships from astern and an unknown contact has just appeared off the port bow.

2006-09-15, 11:39 AM
*Gnaw looked at Starblade*

"Just waiting for the attack on the Quints, hopefully we leave soon."

2006-09-16, 12:13 AM
StarBlade smirked some at Gnaw's answer.

"I think we all are waiting for that moment. Let's hope it's soon."

2006-09-17, 03:44 AM
Hatemonger watched as the Warworld neared.

"Hmm, someone must be asleep at the com." He grumbled tapping his hand on the chair he was sitting in as the hailed Warworld again.

"This is General Hatemonger bringing the Decepticon legions to Warworld. What docking bay should we use?" He asked his voice a bit sterner than it was the first time.

2006-09-17, 06:18 AM
Outside Cell#101

Still listening, Carnivac descided not to make a comment about his thoughts on the up coming war. War could be a good thing, a fun thing, or a bad thing.

Aero Blade
2006-09-17, 10:17 PM
Tracer continued to stand around the bridge, just watching the information on the various screens and stations, waiting either for someone to give him orders or for some kind of incident to present itself that he could busy himself with. He never really did enjoy these long 'rest' periods, but at least it made the battles more memorable when they did occur...

2006-09-18, 05:02 AM
Bridge, Warworld:

Leozak: -turns to face Deathsanrus- "So good to see you again."

2006-09-18, 07:29 PM
Fizzle groaned.
"Of course. Citybots. This gets better and better."
And even if we win this war, the decepticons will still have the warworld back... who's to say they'll let us on Cybertron at all? Whats to stop them using that thing against us?!

Warworld, Hangar
Slicer stepped back, and surveyed his work.
The Tyrant looked amazing. The colours were vibrant, the Orage background contrasting the Black and yellow speed lines, and the Wolf decals practically breathed. He still wanted to find the 5 mile spoiler for the rear, and felt he should put some oak panelling in the main cock pit... but for the most, he was satisfied.
He saw the Firestorm and the Annihlator land, and actually felt something strange... He'd thought Fresh canvass as they landed.
"Weirdwolf, how'd you like your ship now?"

2006-09-18, 10:31 PM
Tyrant , Bridge

Weirdwolf peered at a monitor

"is it acceptable , maybe some oil fangs from dripping for wolfs but think i intimidating very it will be."

2006-09-21, 12:29 AM
Warworld: Bridge

Having been distracted by the exchange between Deathsaurus and Leozak, Spinister hadn't noticed the continual beeping of the transmission beacon. But finally it grabbed his attention, and he reached in to answer it in the absence of anyone else volunteering.

"Hatemonger, this is Warworld Control. Copy. Board at docks 151 and 152."

Having satisfactorily finished his tour with Afterburner, Gigatron returned to the bridge and assumed the command chair Astrotrain had vacated. He had no orders to give yet, but he was busy assimilating his surroundings and the readings.

2006-09-21, 01:15 AM
Hatemonger nodded as Spinster sent him landing coordinates and began to guide the shuttle to dock 151 as he quickly beamed the data to Bludgeon to dock the Firestorm at dock 152.

He watched as the massive base closed in opening it's doors the Annilator travelled down a long cooridor setting in a landing bay.

"Welcome to Warworld." Hatemonger said to the Decepticons on board as the shuttles bay doors opened and the legion of drones that were in the Nemesis exited and were already starting to download data to figure out their tasks at the new Decepticon and for now Autobot base.

Hatemonger stood up and waited for everyone else to leave scanning a skimatic of the base he found a suitable office to set himself in for the time being and waited for everyone to leave before he would make his exit.


"Sweet!" Rampage jumped out of his seat and took off nearly stepping on a few drones in the process.

"Guess he's glad to be here." Headstrong shrugged looking over to Divebomb and Tantrum as Razorclaw sandered behind the group.

"Who can blame him soon we will be slagging Quints." Tantrum smiled as the Predacons exited the shuttle and looked around the massive bay their first look at the inside of Warworld.


Cryotek stood up stretched and looked for a suitable science lab on the Warworld to set up shop himself. He smiled evilly as he saw the lab he wanted and began a beeline for it.

2006-09-21, 03:53 AM
On the Firestorm

Nightracer waited for the shuttle she was on to land. While a part of her found the thought of being at WarWorld exciting, Nightracer was also annoyed. She was more then certain that a part of that annoyence was from Sunstreaker managing to escape. Nightracer hoped that exterminating Cybertron's infestation would help her work out her leftover frustrations. At least until this latest truce with the Autobots was over and she was free to put a bullet into Sunstreaker's lasercore.

" For the last time, Dead End. We ain't gonna die" Wildrider said " We'll probably be back on Earth having a demolition derby before ya know it."

" Surviving wars are not something one can be certain about" Dead End said " Death on the other hand, is."

" Do you two have to have this conbersatishion...confersattion...talk every time we go into battle" Breakdown said.

" The word is conversation" Dead End said calmly.

" And the answer is slaggin' yes" Wildrider said, slightly raising his voice at the last word.

2006-09-21, 06:36 PM

The Constructors waited patiently for the landing procedures to finish as well. Excavator and Stonecruncher stared out the windows they were seated at, the former admiring the majestic stars, the latter bedazzled by how slaggin' big this thing was. It looked smaller in pictures...


Warworld: Dock 151

With the flight finished, Reflector dutifully unstrapped their seat maglocks, stood, and joined the column of Decepticons bustling off the shuttle. Once inside the great dock, they followed the stream of others to the large elevator that would take them into the battlestation proper.


Warworld: Bridge

Spinister watched the docking report come in. He didn't much care for these sorts of tasks, but it would be irresponsible not to follow through.

"The Annihilator has landed at dock 151, sir," he reported to Gigatron with his usual grim flatness. "Drones have visual confirmation; Decepticons are disembarking and disseminating into the Warworld. Firestorm is still en route to dock 152. Scorponok has also successfully landed at dock 308 and is conducting maintenance."

Gigatron nodded solemnly. All were accounted for... except Metrotitan. Damn the Autobots.

If not for that foul incident, Gigatron pondered, perhaps we could manage this endeavour ourselves. No matter.

"Very good," Gigatron answered. "Tracer, do you read any sign of the Autobot transports? I grow impatient."

2006-09-21, 06:49 PM
Nautilus laid his head back, and sighed dramatically.
"Guys and girl, unless one of you has to stay as a Guard, then I suggest you make tracks back to the main assembly areas. I wouldn't wan't you to be late for the party, even if I have to miss it."
Nautilus waited for any reaction.

Warworld hanger: leaving the Firestorm
Roughstuff and Flattop joined the procession off the ship; flattop was looking particularly tense, wondering how his transport had fared on the journey.

2006-09-21, 07:16 PM
Fizzles patience slowly faded.
"Backstreet, I don't suppose we have an ETA on the rest of the Autobots? I know about the Truce, but the planet sized engine of death being stocked with multiple Citbots and shuttles full of troops is giving me cause for concern."
The fact that these feelings contradicted his earlier statements was lost on Fizzle. the remains of the Rat beetle fell to the ground without grace.

2006-09-21, 09:09 PM
Steelhaven bridge

" Uh? An ETA? " replied Backstreet to Fizzle. " Well, Prowl said in his last transmision that the rendezvous time would be 1:30 earth hours, more or less. I guess they are suffering some delays with the citybots take-offs. Anyway, our sensors are still in pretty bad shape, so I can't read any aproaching friendly signature yet. "

2006-09-22, 01:44 AM
Deathsaurus walked over to Spinister and bowed,
"Well, it's been great serving under you, Spinister, but now I've been assigned a place in the army. See you around, friend." he said, holding his hand out for the targetmaster to shake.

(ooc) Aww, Deathy's such a softie, unless he's in a fight.

2006-09-22, 02:06 AM
Shuttle Firestorm, Warworld Dock 152:

Bludgeon: -finishes locking down the shuttle controls, scowling as he checks the cloaking controls- "Stranglehold, see that the rest of the Mayhems are properly berthed, then have them return to training. I will join you shortly." -stands, exits the Firestorm's hatch, heads for the turbolifts-

Stranglehold: -activates commlink- "All Mayhems, get your gear squared away in your quarters, then get down to the training areas and train. Stranglehold out."

Fangry: "That's one thing I've never been able to figure out. Why not give the order himself?"

Stranglehold: -looks over at Fangry- "It's the way he is."

Bridge, Warworld:

Leozak: -turns as Gigatron enters the bridge- "Greetings, Gigatron. It has been a long time."

Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -thinking to himself- "Great. A combat sim. Well, his circuits might be scrambled, but Wierdwolf's fuel pump's in the right place." -simulates raising shields, kicking the fore and aft attitude thrusters to full, flipping the ship as he fires a full salvo of torpedoes at the unknown contact, firing the rest of the ship's weaponry at the Quints-

2006-09-22, 02:47 AM
Hatemonger was walking to his new officespace. He opened the double doors and peered in. The space had a great view of outer space from the window as he sat down at his chair on his desk and brought up a holo-vid of some of the footage from Cybertron.

"Lord Gigatron, as I am sure you realise the Decepticon shuttles have arrived. I am also beaming to you data from the Cybertron recorder to examine yourself. I know Shockwave and Cryotek were attempting to decide a suitable strategy for the plan of attack on Cybertron." He explained.

"I have found a suitable office space for myself to plan and and examine data. If you need me just call." He said looking over data trying to get numbers on Quint troop numbers and technology.

Aero Blade
2006-09-22, 12:48 PM
Tracer hadn't been anywhere near a scanning consol, but the moment Gigatron spoke up, Tracer got to work immediately.

"None immediately detectable in the area," Tracer reported after a quick short-range scan, starting to set up a long-range scan as he spoke.

2006-09-22, 05:29 PM
Warworld: Bridge

Gigatron frowned at Tracer's assessment. Dawdling imbeciles. He wondered if they were worth the wait...

"If they do not appear on a long-range sweep, find some way to hail them. I tire of their insolence."

It was then that Hatemonger's transmission came in, lightening the commander's mood some.

"Acknowledged, Hatemonger. Scan the data for pertinent information and assemble an executive report. We will have a command strategy meeting in the war room once we have reached hyperspeed."

Gigatron spun his elevated command chair at the sound of a familiar voice, and he found himself looking down on Leozak. His optics narrowed slightly. He still didn't trust this one much, but his performance coupled with the fact he'd bothered to return with Trypticon put that aside for now.

"Indeed. Tell me, how is my city?"

At the front consoles, Spinister finished following through with his sweep before acknowledging Deathsaurus.

"Firestorm has landed successfully at dock 152, sir. Drones have visual confirmation of Decepticons disembarking."

With that finality settled, Spinister turned from his station and stared at Deathsaurus neutrally. His optics were locked on the other's, and he seemd to harbor no remorse in not shaking the other-dimensional's hand.

"We are warriors," he answered coldly. "For us, nothing is permanent. We will meet again on the front lines."

From Spinister's shoulder, Hairsplitter gave his master a peculiar look. One who knew Spinister could tell that was a surprisingly emotional speech in spite of its aesthetic blankness.

Lord Zarak
2006-09-22, 05:34 PM
Skystalker, once the replenishment bath had refilled, entered the bath. He allowed himself to relax in the bath, and actually felt himself being cleansed of radiation.


Hangar Bay

Shockwave disembarked the shuttle from the Nemesis and walked straight to the bridge. On his way there, he sent a communication to Astrotrain.

"Astrotrain, this is Shockwave. I am on my way to the bridge. I have just disembarked from one of the shuttles from the Nemesis. Can you inform Gigatron that I am on my way?"

2006-09-22, 07:25 PM
Sunstorm walked down the ramp, turning to Pounce,
"Ah, the Warworld," he said raising his arms up towards the roof, "Is there anything greater than a planet, built purely for the purpose of eliminating our adversaries?"

2006-09-22, 08:10 PM
Roughstuff called to Flattop, who was now fretting at the back of the ship looking for the Transports.
"Would you relax, they'll be fine!"
Flattop turned sheepishly and caught up with his partner.
"We spent so long on them," he said by way of explanation, "I just don't want them damaged."

2006-09-22, 09:33 PM

Pounce thought

"the smell of your enemies fear just before you snuff their spark."

2006-09-23, 03:50 AM
Bridge, Warworld:

Leozak: -weighing all possible factors in a picosecond, taking into account the fact that Breastforce is largely on it's own, numbers-wise, decides to be more diplomatic in his reply than his initial thought was- "Trypticon is fully operational, Gigatron. All we need is a target."

Bludgeon: -steps off the turbolift, makes his way to the base of the raised throne, bows-

2006-09-23, 04:47 AM

Since none of the Stunticons were Mayhems, they ignored the order when they left the Firestorm. Outside the shuttle, they found themselves looking around.
After stepping off of the Firestorm, Nightracer didn't take the time to sight see. She walked quickly to a computer and downloaded a map of WarWorld. Nightracer also looked up where her 'new' room was. When she was done, Nightracer logged off the computer and left the hanger.

2006-09-23, 05:25 PM
Warworld: Dock 152

The Constructor Squad disembarked from the Firestorm promptly and made their way to the turbolifts, each marveling in his own way at the majesty of the flying fortress. Hammer, for his part, stalled near the rear of the shuttle and nodded to Roughstuff.

"Hey, Micro. Sorry about before - didn't want to slow up the guzzlers, you know? So what sort of business are we talking about?"


(OOC: Just for this post...)

Warworld: Corridors

Astrotrain responded to Shockwave's message promptly and distantly. He'd never really gotten on with Shockwave well in a personal sense, though he respected his sense of professionalism.

"I'll pass along the message," he echoed.


Warworld: Bridge

Gigatron was pleased to hear it.

"You shall have it soon," he told Leozak. "For now, see that Trypticon is in perfect condition for our arrival on Cybertron, and await my summon for a command strategy session."

Gigatron nodded down at Bludgeon with the Pretender's arrival.

"You will be there as well. Your unit will be invaluable in defeating the Quintessons."

2006-09-25, 05:12 PM
----------Steelhaven Bridge----------
Hoist took a seat in the deck after a long time of work. Then he looked at the others in the bridge."Anyword from Cons yet? They're surronding us for a while and I'am getting really nervous here."He asked with his leg shaking nervously.

Lord Zarak
2006-09-26, 09:51 AM
"Recieved" replied Shockwave. As he turned a corner, he saw a sight to behold. Leaning against a wall, nonchalantly, was Cyclonus.

"Greetings, Shockwave. I trust your flight was...pleasant for you"

"The flight was adequate. As you nkow doubt need not reminding, I find nothing pleasing. Now, what are you doing here? This is the way to the bridge. According to the latest duty roster, you are...nothing but a common soldier."

"Ah, but when one traverses space, one is always needed to lend a hand to those less fortunate than ones' self. Take yourself for instance. Unlike myself, you cannot travel vast interstellar distances. I'm sure you catch my drift"

"I may be emotionless Cyclonus, but I am not an idiot. But if you think you are getting on the bridge with me, you are mistaken. Now, you have delayed me enough."

"I dont think that I have. Seeing as our glorious leader is returned to us, I must make myself...available. The only place I can do that, is on the bridge of this might vessel. Now, please. After you."

"I think not. After you, Cyclonus."

Cyclonus smiled, and walked ahead of Shockwave.

2006-09-26, 11:34 AM
Over on the farside, Slicer continued to look at the newly docked shuttles with his freshly acquired artists eye.
"Weirdwolf," he asked over the commlink, "you think I should put my hand to the Firestorm and the Annihilator as well?"
Slicer wasn't expecting a yes, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Steelhaven, Battlebridge
Fizzle replied to Hoist over the still open comm link.
"You're not the only one; but, we are low on choices. This bucket of bolts can't outrun them and it can't out gun anything, so we may as well try not to worry about it."
Fizzle was trying to sound confident, but with the Ratbeetle dismembered by his nervousness, he was now working on the remaining upholstery of the command chair.

2006-09-26, 12:27 PM
Tyrant , Bridge

Weirdwolf replied to Slicer

"permission not do i have for that however Tyrant auxilaries has. If enter Tyrant's shuttle bays do you them can paint also yes ."

He turned to Thundercracker

"simulation shows you just destryed Decepticon shuttle craft have. however Quint ships have eliminated also . You must now rescue survivors from shuttle while avoiding a Omega Class Quintesson Dreadnaught."

2006-09-26, 07:42 PM
WarWorld- Corridors

After taking enough time to get a map from a computer, the Stunticons left the hanger. While the Stunticons walked down the hallways, they continued to look around WarWorld.

" Ya think there's any truth to the rumors of Starscream possesin' this place" Wildrider asked Deadend.

" You know as well as I do" Deadend said with out looking over at Wildrider " That even of the rumors were true, nothing last forever."

" E-e-expecaully for S-s-starscream" Breakdown said as he nervously looked around him. The paranoid Stunticon had heard the same rumors and couldn't help but wonder if WarWorld had sensors, cameras or some other way to monitor the hallways.

2006-09-26, 08:49 PM
Warworld: Dock 151

Sixshot undid his safety straps, then got out of his seat, leaving the shuttle and headed out into the corridors, wondering if this place had a bar, he always found himself wanting a drink after a shuttle flight.

redman prime
2006-09-27, 04:27 AM
Snapdragon heard all the disturbances in the shuttle bays, and decided he'd stood guard long enough in the bowels of the ship that he could venture a shielded hello to some fellow 'cons.

and eye up a potential autobot victim, just in case things didn't work out with this 'truce'....

so with Krunk attached as the head of his reptile form, Snapdragon advanced forward towards the shuttlebays as fast as he could waddle, grease stains trailing along behind

2006-09-27, 07:06 PM
Roughstuff smiled at the chance of business again. he took Hammer by the shoulder, and lead him to a quiet corner.
"The kind of business where you get what you want, and so do I, and nobody else needing to be any the wiser. Obviously, at the moment, supply is a little hard to come by; the security on this thing must be quite good. But you tell me what you need, and I'll tell you when I can get it."

2006-09-27, 07:14 PM
Soundwave carefully made his way down the departure ramp of the Firestorm.

He initiated a scan of the surrounding area. The air was alive with the hum of machinery, conversations and other noises set at curious frequencies. Soundwave's audio receptors collected audial information at a minute level and stored it for future review...

Soundwave ejected Lazerbeak from his chest unit.

"Lazerbeak. Locate a suitable room which shall serve as my base of operations on this planet."

The metal condor zoomed above the crowd and disappeared from view.

2006-09-27, 08:45 PM
Sustorm looked down at Flattop,
"He's always like that, isn't he?" he said, nodding towards Roughstuff.


Deathsaurus nodded at Spinister,
"See you on the battlefield," he said before walking back over to Leozak.

2006-09-27, 10:04 PM
Slicer took a few moments to decipher Weirdolfs comments.
"OK boss: do you want complimentary colour schemes, or something individual?" he asked as he boarded the Tyrant.

2006-09-27, 10:06 PM

After acting like tourists, the Stunticons ended up in the bar. They didn't feel like going to their rooms and the Mayhems were in the training room. While the Stunticons could have went to the armory, the bar was at the moment empty.

Wildrider had taken over as bartender and after serving the other Stunticon's drinks, was playing 'chemist'. Deadend was making sure Wildrider didn't mix the more dangerous liquids and energon together.

Breakdown sat at a table in a shaded corner, drinking his plain energon and reading from a data pad.

Motormaster was cleaning his gun. His energon was dark purple in color and probably had a bit of gas in it.

Having been dared to drink what ever Wildrider came up with, Dragstrip sat at the bar.

Opening the door, Nightracer entered her room and looked around.

redman prime
2006-09-28, 05:12 AM
Snapdragon ambled ahead, unaware and/or uncaring of the trail of grease pooling behind his tail everytime he stopped to sniff the stale warworld air.

at least the fresh air of the newly arriving decepticons could open his olfactory sensors a bit.

there was always the promise of autobots suffering "accidents" if they were to wander a little too far......

Snapdragon licked his lips and pondered the future, constantly scooting his substantial bulk forward through the massive death-bringer

2006-09-28, 05:00 PM
*the Constrictcons stood outside the Tryant*

Hook: Do you think this'll get through the defences?

Scrapper: it had better.


*Ragnorok steped out of the shadows and approached Soundwave.*

"Soundwave, long time eh?"

2006-09-29, 07:15 PM
Warworld: Corridors

Stonecruncher, Sledge, and Excavator ambled along the way to try to locate the mess hall they hoped someone had bothered to include in the fortress plans. The former two were engaged in raucous conversation, trading ill-spirited jokes and stories of conquest or especially mean pranks; Excavator was trailing quietly, shrugging off Stonecruncher's attempts to get him into the discussion. Rounding a corner, they found themselves walking toward Snapdragon, and Stonecruncher shot the Headmaster a nod.

"Howya doin', mech?"


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer listened to Roughstuff with a grin behind his faceplate. As much as he tended to follow the rules and try to fit into normal Decepticon society, he was a Micromaster, and there was a certain bond they all shared. He knew he'd be in trouble if anyone found out about the transactions he was engaging in, but he trusted Roughstuff in a cousinly way. With a glance around the emptying hangar, Hammer pulled a datacube from his bed.

"These are some blueprints I've been working on." Hammer activated the datacube, bringing up a hologram of three transport trucks that separated and transformed into mobile artillery stations for each member of his crew. "Command won't sanction me to build them, but I don't care. We're combat engineers. We gotta be able to work on the battlefield, and I need these to keep my Micros safe."

Hammer tapped a button on the datacube. It ejected a circuitcard, which Hammer handed over to Roughstuff while pocketing the cube.

"Bill of materials. It's nothing too extravagant. So what's your price?"

2006-09-29, 07:33 PM
Warworld Dock 152

Wingspan bustled down the ramp his anti grav pallets in tow.

"hmmm let me see i need some engineering staff and some parts , you see i have a plan , i need some assistance,, i have an idea nay a vision of a weapon a veritable technical wonder that will revolutionise the fight for Cybertron. Now where did i put that Data scroll the one by Piston , yes thats what i need , now now where did i leave it ."

redman prime
2006-09-30, 04:28 AM
Snapdragon looked down at the small yellow and orange members of the constructor squad, with Excavator trailing behind.

He stood for a moment, towering over them, before replying.

"alright, considering. I heard all the ruckus and wanted to make myself available, ya know? In case they are gonna need flankers, cause I don't think you guys are gonna be much good out in space, are ya?
sorry, my manners ain't what it used to be. Where you headin?"

2006-09-30, 02:23 PM
Soundwave was surprised by Ragnorok's sudden appearance here...he has not seen this Decpeticon for some time!

"Ragnorok. I would not have anticipated your presence here. Much has changed since last we have met. Where have you been?"


Lazerbeak had located a room suitable for their purpose. It was several levels above the spaceport in which they had landed, however it was ideally placed. He transmitted a message back to the master...

2006-09-30, 02:47 PM
*Ragnorok looked over Soundwave *

"Yes that it has, I've been on earth mostly, heh, truth be told, I'm surprised that either of us are still functioning, not for lack of them trying that is tho."

2006-10-01, 01:05 AM
Soundwave allowed himself a wry smile. Ragnarok was an old sparing partner and one of a very small group of Decepticons that Soundwave entrusted with both his confidence and his security.

"I have been inactive in an offline state for a long-time..." He paused, releasing that Ragnarok would not even bat an eyelid if he knew of Soundwave's failed scheme to take control. "...difficulties with figures of central command..." he would leave it at that.

"These problems with the Quintessons are troublesome, would you not say...?"

In the course of this conversation, Soundwave was also receiving a transmission of confirmation from Lazerbeak.

2006-10-01, 05:36 PM
Warworld Bar

Striding into the room, Sixshot glanced around the room, taking in each of the Stunticons, then he shrugged and moved to make his own drink, not trusting the ones that Wildrider was making.

2006-10-02, 07:57 AM
Wildrider turned his attention from his 'experiments' to Sixshot and noticed the sixchanger was making his own drink. Wildrider waved at the energon (and chemicals) he hadn't put in the questionable drinks before him. They were located on the side of the bar Sixshot wasn't on. As he did the wave, Wildrider asked " Do ya have every thing ya need over there?"

Deadend knew that Sixshot was standing right next to him, but he descided to keep watch on Wildrider's 'experiments'. He was sure that no Transformer would survive drinking some of them.

Breakdown looked up from his datapad; but seeing that Sixshot wasn't staring at him, returned to his reading.

Motormaster didn't look up from where he was cleaning his weapons and Dragstrip was sizing Sixshot up.

Aero Blade
2006-10-02, 01:11 PM
Tracer continued to work with the scanning equipment, compiling the information from the longrange scans in search of Autobot vessles in the area.

2006-10-02, 07:12 PM
Roughstuff looked over the order, and made some calculating expressions.
"You're a first time customer Hammer, so I wantto start off our business well, do you the standard first time discount. Like I said though, we're on the warworld: securitys high, and my contacts don't like deathstars much.
We're talking at least 20'000 shanix worth of goods here, situation as it is. If you're good for it, I'll make the orders and get this under way. If you try to stiff me, we don't do business again, not for snax or energon chips."
Rough stuff held the chip in his palm subtlely, but so Hammer could take it back if he wanted to.
"Are we in business?"

Across the Hangar...

Flattop looked up at Sunstorm and shrugged his shoulders.
"Yes, he is. Still, at least it keeps him busy. You wanna hit the bar?"

Brave Maximus
2006-10-02, 09:49 PM
The Trans-warp drive spat them out a little too close to Titan for anyone's comfort. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue, but two of the five secondary thrusters were destroyed, as well as over half of the manuvering thrusters, so it became a massive feat to safely move the massive vessal out of the way of Saturn's largest moon.

Once that was over, they set a clear course for the third planet's only natural sattlite: Luna.

2006-10-02, 11:57 PM
Sunstorm looked down at Flattop and nodded,
"Yes, I could use a good strong drink."


Deathsaurus was quite tired of standing around and doing nothing.

"Leozak, sir, if you don't need me, I'm going to go elsewhere in the station.

2006-10-03, 10:59 PM
(ooc- So I assume Fort Max peeps from the breakout thread carry on in here)

Fort Max Rec Room

Punch takes the offer of a drink from Silverbolt. He sits there, sipping the drink, thinking about what had been said. Cybertron had been invaded, the Autobots and Decepticoncs cast out, forced to make a truce in the vain hope of recovering their home world. Prime was insane to enter in to a truce, he truly believed that... But he also believed his leader had thought of eery eventuality.

He looks to Jazz and Silverbolt "So where are we going now? Are we on indefinite leave or do we have orders?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-10-03, 11:44 PM
Corridors beyond the mess hall

Snaptrap & Overbite were lucky, at least they would be if they believed in such trivial notions. They were the only two of the six Seacons to make it off Cybertron before the Quintessons took over. They'd spent their time in Earth's oceans repairing themselves & being solely responsible for several un-explained holiday photographs appearing in American newspapers.

"I hope Gigatron knows what he's doing," began Overbite.

"I just want to know when we get back to Cybertron & start tearing apart those insipid Quintessons," Snaptrap replied.

"Not nearly soon enough for my tastes" and the sooner to get away from you. Overbite had spent too long for his own liking with Snaptrap- notorious for having low tolerance levels, even of his own squad.

They continued down the hallway until Snaptrap & Overbite both barrelled through the doors and into the mess hall. They were caught up in conversation on the best way to strip an Autobot's carcass and leave the least scrap- just to annoy Swindle -when Overbite caught sight of Dragstrip.

"I don't recommend it pal, Sixshot's got a meaner temper than our leader," he hissed as he walked past.

"Though he's still not mech enough to prove it" SnapTrap added as he walked into Dragstrip with his shoulder.

2006-10-04, 01:54 AM
Sunstorm arrived in the bar with Flattop, almost running into Deathsaurus as he did. Oh, look, another one.
"So, Flattop, what kind of drink do you like?"

Deathsaurus stepped through the doors into the bar, narrowly avoided a collision with Sunstorm as he did so.
"Hey! Watch where you're going! Sunstorm? Is that you?

"Yes, I am Sunstorm. But you'll have to tell me which Deathsaurus you are for me to decide if I know you."

"I'm the one that you helped battle against Star Sabre."

"Deathsaurus! Friend, so good to see you again! How did you get here?"

2006-10-04, 02:05 AM
The Predacons wandered into the mess area of Warworld and found seating. Razorclaw transformed into lion mode and clawed his way up a wall finding a seat in one of the rafters avoid.

"OK that was odd." Headstrong grunted of his leader's places of relaxation.

"Never know he could be getting ready to pounce on you." Divebomb snipped.

"No, no he wouldn't do that... I hope." Headstrong said as Tantrum and Rampage brought over energon drinks for the group.


Cryotek was running different ideas through his head about the Autobot's assistance in ridding the Quint invasion. Wondering how useful the Autobots would be in a combat situation.


Quake found a target practice area and quickly set to seeing how many targets he could annilate in a short period of time.

Brave Maximus
2006-10-04, 02:09 AM
"We're coming up on the Asteroid Belt, think you can handle it?" the lone Transformer in the cockpit asked

"Main cannon is still operational, though at a reduced level, it should still handle any rocks that get in the way." The ship itself said.

2006-10-04, 04:20 AM
WarWorld- Bar

After hearing Overbite's warning, Dragstrip looked over at the Seacon with the transformer version of a raised eyebrow. The look soon narrowed and focused on the Seacon who just ran into Dragstrip's shoulder.

" Watch where your going" Dragstrip said to Snaptrap.

Motormaster finished cleaning his gun and put it back into subspace. The Stunticon leader watched the scene in front of him as he took a sip of his drink.

Not getting an answer out of Sixshot, Wildrider put some of his drink creations in front of Dragstrip. Then Wildrider looked at the two Seacons and asked " Ya want somethin' from the bar?"

" Giving warnings tend to be a waste of time when it comes Dragstrip" said Deadend to the two Seacons.

Lord Zarak
2006-10-04, 12:14 PM
Cyclonus entered the Bridge first, closely followed by Shockwave, who made his way directly to Gigatron. Cyclonus, sensing the opportunity, fell in step behind Shockwave.

"Greetings, Gigatron. I trust all goes well in the preparations?"

Knowing when to keep quiet, Cyclones kept his mouth shut.

2006-10-04, 02:32 PM
Inside Fort Max - Stasis Bay 12, near Medbay:

Technobots were busy helping Wheeljack, who was now inside the stasis pod completely and from time to time shoved a hand out to grasp a detail or some tool. The insides of the stasis pod containing Jetwave's body were dimmed, and the Technobots, though curious, couldn't get a peak of what was emerging from under Wheeljack's capable hands.

Though being busy, Technobots overheared the commotion in the ajacent Med Bay nevertheless. Shouts, noises of metal hitting metal and hissing of some gas being released from its confinement took their attention.

"I'll look and see!" - and, before Scattershot could react, Afterburner was through the doors to medbay. The Technobots commander could only order to Nosecone:

"Follow him... and restrain if needed."

"You bet on it", - the drill-wielder grumbled, and followed Afterburner into medbay.

Inside, they were astounded to see the cloud of dense smoke obscuring more than half of the room.

"What happened? Is that some kind of Smokescreen's sick joke?" - Afterburner asked, irritated.

"Don't think so", - Nosecone grumbled, moving carefully trough the smoke cloud to its center, hands outstretched. "Perhaps he's not the only one that likes sick jokes..."

"What do you mean by that?" - Afterburner enquired, offended by what he saw as an attack in his address. "I... oops!" Taking a step after Nosecone into the cloud, Afterburner connected with someone and grabbed him - more instinctively, than consciously. "I've got somebody!" - the Technobot exclaimed.

* * *

Inside Metroplex - Empty Shuttle bay:

-OOC: first action inside Metroplex moves to Moon Tread!

Appaled by Red Alert's lack of reaction, Kickback decided he'd got too far and tried to sweeten the deal:

"All right, I understand the price was a bit too big just for the three of us. Let's say we receive first box of energon as a pre-payment and the second one right after we help your cause in the battle for Cybertron. What about it?"

This probably means we'll never get the second box - but half of the profit is better than nothing, I'd say - he reflected.

Meanwhile, Bombshell and Shrapnel were exchanging worried glances with Six Gun.

"This Autobot looks-looks at me. He's not-not friendly!" - Shrapnel voiced the obvious. "Shrapnel's hungry-hungry, want energon now-now! Where is energon boxes-boxes?"

"You better wait for them... Or I'll make you do that, implanting a control chip in your processor once again!" - Bombshell treatened. "Be quiet, and you'll get what you want." He sounded doubtful, though.

"Shrapnel is quiet-quiet, but where is what I want-want?" - the stupid Insecticon persisted...

Brave Maximus
2006-10-04, 06:48 PM
The Omega Shuttle followed Metroplex up, and it was only a few moments before it's sensors locked onto the massive battleship in orbit near Luna. If Skyfall had human skin, it would be crawlling with goosebumps....

I don't like the looks of this. If this thing survives, they're going to turn it on the Autobots as soon as they can....

With that warm thought in his head, Skyfall looked for a landing bay.

Nearing Mars

"Finally! I'm getting Autobot signatures!"

Nothing came from the ship

"Bloody he...." The small figure sighed and then began tracing the Autobot signatures, hopeing to get ahold of one of the two cities..

"Looks like they're congrigating near the moon... Well, that's a stroke of luck at least"

He activated the comm system, hopeing it was still working:

"Metroplex Command, Fortress Maximus Command, this is Speeder. I've got a bit of a..... situation going on here....."

2006-10-04, 06:59 PM
Fort Max Bridge, Science station,

Quickmix looked up from his scanner

"i'm picking up an unidentified blip in close proximity to Mars."

Aero Blade
2006-10-04, 11:39 PM
Aero Blade knew the smokescreen he'd release would last only a few precious seconds, it not being meant for anything more than quick escape, so he did not linger long on the hallways before he sought some kind of cover away from the main corridor. He wasn't sure where he had ducked into with his disorientation, but after nearly stumbling over what seemed to be a crate of sorts, he was able to guess he'd found a storage area of some kind. He could only hope they didn't come looking into this area, or thought that he had gone much further away from the medbay than he had.

Aero moved towards the back of the storage area, using the piles of boxes for stability as he moved, eventually heading to an area he was pretty sure wasn't in view of the door. He gave a sigh, leaning his back against something stable and letting himself slide down into a sitting possition on the floor, trying to catch his breath and calm down.

He didn't feel so good. Not from physical exhaustion, or the disorientation, but from his processor finally catching up with him about what happened. He'd actually lashed out at a medic... It was partly the medics fault for having scared him into doing that, but the unfamiliar medic couldn't have known about how Aero's systems were set up - he was probably trying to sedate him like all the others did, knocking Aero out before he got the chance to do anything - unfortunately, the medic had made a bad choice of method and put them both in a situation they'd rather have not been in...

Aero gave another sigh, closing his optics for a moment. Someone was going to find him eventually, and that medic would likely want to know why Aero had retaliated, and that would likely mean sharing some information he didn't want to, that which he'd only shared with a rare few. More over than that, he really didn't know what was going to happen, and that frightened him even more than the medic...

2006-10-05, 10:49 AM
The smoke in the medbay was starting to dissipate...

"Don't fight - just hold him down", - Nosecone suggested to Afterburner. - "I'm coming to you."

"No need - it's Roadbuster", - Afterburner said, letting the 'bot go. "What's happened? Was it Smokescreen?"

* * *

Meanwhile, in the stasis bay 12 the three remaining Technobots were exchanging worried glances. For a while, Wheeljack - who was still inside stasis pod, busy repairing Jetwave - hadn't gave out any signs of his presence.

"Hey, Wheeljack! Is everything all right?"

No answer.

"Had you die in there?" - Strafe tried to joke, but got a reproachful glance from Lightspeed.

"Don't mess with him, guys. He'll say when it be ready. Don't you know it's rude to speak when somebody's busy with delicate work?"

"Well, if you say so..." - Scattershot wasn't convinced, but decided to take a step back from the pod.

2006-10-05, 11:36 AM
Sizzle looked at the long range scanners available on his bridge and noted the approach of Autobot city bots.
Finally some support: of course, against the war world, we'd still be best off just not being here...
Sizzle continued to worry at the last of the upholstery on the chair as he plotted escape courses, defence tactics and battle plans should the decepticons truce be nothing but lies. All his proccesors could conclude was that being here was a bad idea in the event of betrayal.

Fort Max Armoury, Practice area:
Guzzle nearly leaped for joy at Dogfights suggestion.
"Heck yeah I'm up for that! I'll just refuel this thing: it makes for a great weapon, but it's sucking up flamer fuel like it's going out of fasholn. Damn deceps can't make a weapon with longevity, but they can do great explosions!"

Fort Max rec Area
Sizzle leaned back and enjoyed his beverage.
"Hey Jazz: if this race the loud mouth is talking about ever happens," he said indicating Lighspeed, "You want in?"

Tyrant Shuttle Bay, in the Warworld hangar bay...
Slicer was starting work on the first of the complimentary shuttles in the Tyrant: he had opted for complimentary themed colour schemes: with the 70's colours on the exterior, he decided to do an electric disco them on the first shuttle, and on the second an Emo style paint job with full moon and storms to compliment the wolf.
I hope everyone appreciates this hard work.

Alongside Metroplex...
Cosmos was flying alongside the massive citybot in his spaceship form, on the opposit side from Skyfalls Omega Shuttle; he too had noticed the Warworld, and was fighting his natural urges to turn around and get away from the hundred foot high Decepticon Symbol on the front of the battle station.

2006-10-05, 11:48 AM
Flattop looked over the meager selection.
"Who ever designed this place really scrimped on the good stuff eh? Guess we're lucky to have a bar at all though."
He then registered the interaction between Deathsauras and Sunstorm.
"There's more than one of you? Whats that about?, Sunstorm, I'll have a 40 weight oil straight up, cheers."
Flattop hoped the self styled demigod would be getting them in, as Roughstuff was holding all his money.

Warworld, Cell #101
Nautilus was still lying on his cot, and had begun whistling the Decepticon version of Always look on the brightside of life.

Fortmax rec area
Gripper had clamped his hand over his young scouts mouth as soon as Sizzle had started talking.
"You're not helping, you little creep."
Flame had also come to the bar, wanting to add the strength of numbers to any debate, and also hoping to take lightspeed to the corner booth.
"Come on Lightspeed: it's obvious he's baiting you, don't lower your self to his level."

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-10-05, 06:42 PM
"I want one good reason not to rip his head from his torso" Snaptrap bellowed as he walked past the bar.

Overbite stopped to briefly look at the assembled Stunticons before noting that Wildrider said something to him.

"Warning? Dragstrip should think himself lucky 'The Butcher' didn't extinguish his spark on peace." Overbite walked to the table that Snaptrap placed himself at.

"C'mon boss, we're only two, they're six..."

Snaptrap cut him off mid-sentence, "I like those odds..."

2006-10-05, 09:53 PM
Fort Max - Stasis Bay 12, Medbay

"I got the inner framework done, if you're that impatient to have a look" Wheeljack's cheerful-sounding voice called out of the stasis bay after a few moments' pause.

* * * * *

Warworld Bar

Ignoring Wildrider while focusing on getting the measurements right, Sixshot nodded as he took a small sip, tasting it with a pleased nod, then took the brew that he had made and moved to take a seat.

On observing the forthcoming confrontion, the ninja seemed to smirk in amusement, if they wanted to tear each other to scrap, let them. He was content to watch and save his energy for fighting the Quintessons.

2006-10-05, 10:50 PM
Metroplex bridge

After reproting to Fortress, Metroplex's picked up Speeder's distrees signal. Ultra Magnus quiclky replied it.

"I'm Ultra Magnus, Metroplex city commander. Hold on soldier, we're coming. Magnus over. "

The city commander tapped some buttons an switched the frequency of his comm station for Cosmos and Skyfall Omega frequencies.

" Cosmos, Skyfall; we're receiving an Autobot distress signal near Mars. It seems some of our comrades are int rouble, can you check it? "


Metroplex, empty shuttle bay

Six Gun continued watching suspiciously and silently the Insecticons.


Fort Max, Armoury

Dogfight waited while Guzzle was going to reload his flammethrower.

2006-10-06, 03:50 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -optic band narrowing- "It's Aero. This problem with medbay is worse than I thought."

Stepper: -slowly revealed as the CR chamber he's in hisses open, steps out-

Nebulon: -whistles a cheer, jumps, scrambles up on to the mount point for his Blaze Cannon mode, elbows resting on Stepper's shoulder-

Stepper: -flexing his hands- "I hate getting used to new hands....."

Roadbuster: -flips a panel on his left arm bracer open, pushes a button, does the same to his right arm bracer, the twisted, torn, blackened shell of his left side backpack ammo storage bin(with Metrobomb's head still rattling around inside) falls to the floor with a heavy klunk, reaches back, pulls the shrapnel cannon and all related ammo storage off of the right side of his backpack, leans it against a wall, pulls the head out of the ruined storage bin and subspaces it, picks it up, tosses it to Stepper- "Get me a new one of these from the armory, then see if you can find Aero if nobody's found him yet. I'm gonna log some CR time." -sets into the chamber, closed off from the outside world as it hisses shut-

Stepper: -looks at the mangled bin in his hands- "I'll be back." -turns, heads out of medbay-

Bridge, Fort Max:

Hot Rod: -scowling- "Those two. Great."

Ironhide: "This have somethin' ta do with you guys comin' home in that stolen 'Con ship?"

Hot Rod: -tersely- "Yes."

Fortress: "I see it, Quickmix." -activates commlink- "Message recieved, Speeder."

2006-10-06, 03:52 AM

Since the Seacons hadn't answered Wildrider's question, he went and got Flattop's drink. The insane Stunticon then handed it over to Flattop and turned to look over at the Seacons. If there was going to be a fight, it would be fun to watch or join in.

Deadend wondered why the Seacons thought that the other Stunticons gave a slag about what happened to Dragstrip or what their leader's reputation was.

Breakdown hadn't turned his attention from his book. Fighting for the amusement of other beings wasn't his thing.

Dragstrip gave Snaptrap a look that said the Seacon could try to carry out his threat, then smirked when Overbite mistaken them for the Constructicons ( their the gestalt with six members, the Stunticons have five).

" And here I could have swore some one mentioned that our leader had a terrible temper" Dragstrip said to no one in particular " it's really sad when people seem to forget part of their own advice."

Feeling mostly amuse by that event, Motormaster put his drink down. Then brought his sword out of subspace and started to clean it. If the other gestalt wanted a fight with the Stunticons, they would have to do better then to threaten Dragstrip.

2006-10-06, 06:43 AM
Fort Max Bridge

Quickmix nodded

"acknowledged what, i'll just go back to scanning there jolly old Warworld now."

2006-10-06, 10:29 AM
"Aero? Who's Aero?" - Afterburner said, puzzled.

"The 'bot who knocked some stuff from your hands, you dumb", - Nosecone answered.

"Oh! That Aero! Well, I can teach him a lesson or two about how to treat fellow Autobots... and how to keep our air clean, too! Wait, Stepper - can I go with you and teach that punk some manners?"

"You're not going anywhere", - Nosecone interrupted.


"At least, you're not going anywhere alone. Don't you remember the incident with Dirge? Believe me, others will remember it too..."

"But what can be done about that? And anyway, what does it matter now?"

"It does matter. I'd ask Ratchet if he needs help securing the patient... and somehow I feel he got some enforcer 'bots more suited for that mission. Like, say, Dinos."

"Oh, Dinos..." - Afterburner mused, remembering how they were guarded by Snarl. Anyway, he decided to ask Ratchet - perhaps the medic would like him to act as enforcer for a while...

"Hey, Ratchet - are you OK? Do you need help getting that buster back here, or what?"

Meanwhile, in the Stasis Bay 12, the three remaining Technobots were taking turns looking inside the pod.

"Whoa! Great job, Wheeljack!" - Scattershot commented, taking a step back and letting Strafe get a peek. Jetwave's body, once a twisted heap of metal, was now stripped of its damaged parts and encased in a mesh of durasteel framework.

"Am I seeing things or did he got bigger?" - Strafe asked, puzzled.

"Of course he did! I told you - his size will increase, giving him more internal room! And the launchers shall be remodelled, to act as mortars too, since he's lost his primary guns... Hadn't you seen the blueprints?" - Lightspeed asked angrily.

"Not all of us are such suited with console as you are" - Strafe answered, offended. "Better take the broken parts out, make more room for Wheeljack", - and he took a mangled piece of armor and passed it to Scattershot. They formed a line which transferred the broken parts from inside the pod to the corner of the room.

2006-10-06, 11:10 AM
Flattop accepted his drink from Wildrider graciously, and gave hime a nudge to ask him
"Whats up with the Seacons? They always want to start fights when they're out numbered or what?"

2006-10-06, 11:20 AM
Cosmos responded to Ultra Magnuses communication:
"Gladly sir: anything to get away from the yellow death star in front of us."

Cosmos dipped and banked around Metroplex till he was alongside Skyfall Omega's shuttle. He radioed him with
"Come on, lets get out of here."

Fort Max Armoury, Practice Area
Guzzle hefted the Flamer with a strain and a grin.
"Excellent," he grinned at Dogfight: "you set up the holodeck, and we'll knock 'em down."

Warworld, High security Cells...
The room was dark, and sparse. The only decoration was the occasional flicker of the light in the ceiling, and the low light given off by the energon bars.
The figure was sat on the floor by the cot. His arms rested on his knees, and his head was lowered.
It was only recently a sense of time had returned to him; he had spent so long forced into a cell in his own subconscious by the psychic intruders, he had lost a sense of nearly everything. Now, he was back; he was in control, his pride and need for vengence and power a force to be reckoned with.
Hah. Even I cannot fool myself with thoughts such as these. He stood, and raised a clenched fist to his chest.
Once, maybe, i was someone to respect; no, some one to FEAR. Now, I rot in this cell, waiting for judgement.
His hand fell to his side, limp and lifeless.
This must change; it has to, I AM meant for greater things than to dwell in a fetid corner, waiting for my lessers and extradimensional warlords to decide my fate. I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE. NO ONE ELSE.
Thunderwing raised his head, his expression of despair replaced with desperate rage.
Once I get out of here, it'll all be as it should be. And any who stand in my way...

Brave Maximus
2006-10-06, 07:10 PM
"Roger that Magnus."

Skyfall opened a priavte comm line:

"Starlight, you and the boys better come out with me on this one."

The Omega Shuttle's engine's roared to full power and the shuttle turned to an intercept course for the object.

"Cosmos, keep your sensors peeled, we don't know what we're getting into."

Metroplex - Medbay

The three Minicons had been sitting around after Rosdos was repaired. Ark and Nemesis were keeping themselves ammused with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

At Skyfall's comm, the all got up and headed for the nearest Air-lock. Within moments they were racing through the night, catching up with Skyfall and Cosmos.

Approaching the Moon

"They don't sound to pleased, Dai."


"We might have to tell them what happened......" Speeder mused to himself. He cut the main engines and let the unconcious shuttle drift closer to the Autobot cities...

2006-10-06, 07:17 PM
Fort Max - Stasis Bay 12, Medbay

"Thanks, and thanks for cleaning the place up" Wheeljack called over, pausing in his work to nod at the Technobots and got back to work, humming happily to himself as he started to work on Jetwave's new internals, then he nodded at the gestalt team "Think he'd like some new guns too?"

2006-10-06, 08:07 PM
Deathsaurus almost hugged Sunstorm, "How have you been?"

"I've been good."

"That's good. Now let me get you and your friend a drink, Sunstorm.", Deathsaurus said, turning to Wildrider, "I'll have charmagnum, and Sunstorm?"

"I'll have a shot, straight energon."

Sunstorm turned to Flattop, "A few years ago, I ended up in Deathsaurus' dimension, and helped him in a war with Star Sabre. Somehow, they got me back here, and I ended up on the Nemesis shortly before I crashed and we met."

2006-10-07, 02:12 AM
" Ain't got a clue what their malfunction is" Wildrider said to Flattop with almost a shrug. Wildrider didn't remember a past fight with the Seacons. He wasn't even quite sure when the last time both gestalt teams had been in the same bar together.

When Wildrider heard Deathsaurus' orders, he stopped his seacon line of thought and went to get the drinks. A while later, the Stunticon handed Deathsaurus the charmagnum and Sunstorm his shot of straight energon.

2006-10-07, 05:00 AM
Maximus : Moon

"Be cautious." Ratchet grumbled to the others as he washed his optics. "And he's not coming back in here. I'm not putting the medbay in danger with him again. Find out how he'd like the repairs to be done, by who, and where. If I go to him, he'll panic - again."

A dull, barely-noticeable tremor ran through the floor signalling the landing of the citybot on the moon.

Max: Storage room
Blitzwing had been sitting in jet mode while his repair systems continued to work. Inside the storage room had been quiet, until the strange behavior of the Technobots caused a disturbance. Then it had been remotely quiet for a while until a terrorized autobot ran in and propped himself up against the triple-changer's cargo door.

Blitzwing found the arrival somewhat amusing. He could tell the autobot had come from medbay's direction, so he took a bit of liberty at the medic's expense.

"Way the bots around here act, the medical staff must be worse than the Constructicons."

Aero Blade
2006-10-08, 12:03 AM
Aero Blade had been quietly trying to get a hold of himself and calm down when the unexpected and unfamiliar voice came out of no-where, startling the tech and causing him to jump. Consequently, with his disorientation and the area that he was in, Aero wound up taking a tumble into some crates where he layed for a moment, almost exasperated before he finally began to get up again and look around. He didn't immediately see anyone in the storage area, but if they were hiding he'd have not been able to easily find them. Nervoulsy he looked around to area, seemingly not able to recognize Blitzwing's unmoving form as the source of the voice.

2006-10-08, 04:34 AM
Armoury, Fort Max:

Stepper: -moves over to one locker, opens it, smiling- "I'm glad they got the rest of our stuff out of the Ark." -pulls out a box-

Nebulon: -whistling in agreement-

Stepper: -sets the box down, opens it, starts pulling out parts, quickly assembles two plasma pulse blasters, checks the targeting systems, making sure the grips feel comfortable, holsters them, picks up some spare ammo clips, does a couple of practice draws, nods, picks up the spare ammo hopper for Roadbuster, strides out of the armoury-

Bridge, Fort Max:

Hot Rod: -shutting down the nav system, locking down the engines- "We've landed."

Prime: -nods- "Excellent. Ironhide, with me." -activates commlink- "Prowl, meet me at the airlock. Fortress, contact Metroplex and have Ultra Magnus meet us outside. We've got a summit meeting to attend." -strides off the bridge-

Ironhide: "Guess it's too late't point out how much Ah hate meet'ns....." -follows Prime out-

Fortress: -activates commlink- "Ultra magnus, this is Fortress. Please meet Optimus Prime outsid eof our main airlock."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-08, 05:24 AM
Blaster made his way to the Metroplex rec-room, not waiting for the City to land. He was anxious and excited to get his mission planning started with Mirage.

2006-10-08, 09:08 AM
Hearing that Ratchet wants the patient to be examined and worked with (rather than brought to the justice harshly), Afterburner quickly decided he didn't wanted the job.

"Let Stepper take care of it" - he told Ratchet, going back to the Stasis Bay 12. "I'm not sure if I'd be gentle with that Aero - after what he'd done".

Nosecone followed, wordlessly thanking Primus that he hadn't to restrict the hothead teammate from doing something he'd regret later... or, rather, they all would regret later.

* * *

At Stasis Bay 12, the Technobots were watching Wheeljack's progress.

"No new guns, please", - Lightspeed answered. "I'm not sure how he'll react when he gets to know I've reformatted his launchers to be universal - I mean, to act as mortars too. He told us once that he has no need for energy weapons... Let him be content with what he'd got."

"I'd say he needs a pair of rapid-fire lasers", - Strafe intervened.

"What for? So he'd waste ammunition as recklessly as you do?"

2006-10-08, 11:19 AM
Fort Max, leaving Armoury

Dogfight made his way out of the armoury.

" Very well then, " he told Guzzle. " Come on, there is a holodeck in the same deck. "

The triggerbot smiled with anticipation as he arrived at the holodeck door. He tapped his code for the ' special ' training program and, while its started charging, he looked back at Guzzle.

" You will enjoy this so much... just a clue: gestalts! "


Fort Max Corridors

Override left the MedBay, and now was walking along the deserted corridors, pulished, bored and wondering where his friends were.


Fort Max Bridge

Crosscut entered the bridge meeting Optimus Prime in the bridge's door.

" Oh, greetings sir. I'm reporting here under Prowl's knowledge. If my diplomatic skills are needed, I'm at your disposal " said the official Autobot Diplomat.


Metroplex Command bridge

Ultra Magnus smiled, thanks to Cosmos and Skyfall Omega quickly response to the distress call.

" Good luck soldiers, and bring them home " said Ultra Magnus to Cosmos and Skyfall. Then he replied to Fortress' call.

" I'm on my way ", he said to Fort Max. Turning on his Captain's Chair, he looked at Scamper.

" Prepare a landing bay and a squad of drones to assist Speeder and his crew. Also contact with First Aid and tell him we're going to have visitors and probably injured. I'm going to Fort Max. Prepare the docking procedures. "

" Aye sir ", said Scamper as Magnus left the bridge. " First Aid, here Scamper. Got ready your sickbay, there's a chance we're going to receive some woundeds " said the drone via comm-link.

2006-10-08, 01:30 PM
Lazerbeak zoomed his way back to Soundwave. Securing the room would be no problem. It was theirs.
Ragnorok had been chatting with Soundwave and the distraction proved worthwhile. Perhaps Ragnarok could serve as a useful ally in the coming times ahead. Soundwave's standing was not good currently, so any and all assistance would be welcome.

"Ragnarok" Soundwave spoke. "What part in the this war with the Quintessons are you playing?"

Soundwave would determine what angle Ragnarok was playing from and wherehe was being drafted to.

2006-10-08, 05:29 PM
Fort Max: Rec Area

Jazz smiled widely at Sizzle's invitation.

"You got it. If I win, y'all gotta chip in 'n' buy me a copy a' London Calling on eBay. Lost mine last time Metroplex got blown up, an' ain't no way shipping all the way ta Cybertron gonna be cheap!"


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer appreciated Roughstuff's business-like attitude. He could certainly relate. With a nod, he reached into his bed, withdrew a tube containing five thousand shanix, and stuffed it into Roughstuff's hand.

"We're in business," he answered mutedly. "The rest on delivery, of course. Call me when the goods are in."


Warworld: Bridge

Gigatron scowled from his station as Tracer's scan apparently came up null. He drummed his clawed fingers on the armrest impatiently.

"Tracer, hail Fortress Maximus. Inform him that I grow weary of Prime's dawdling."

2006-10-08, 06:38 PM
Deathsaurus took the glass from Wildrider and sat down in a quiet corner of the bar.

Sunstorm downed his shot, and turned to the former Destron.
"How did you get here?"

"I haven't got a clue really, I didn't even remember who I was when I first got here. I ended up on Nebulos, and helped with the recovery of the Tyrant. I started having convulsions when I first arrived, though they're becoming increasingly rare, the last time I had one was a minor one on the way here, I barely even had to fight it.

2006-10-08, 07:33 PM
Warworld Dock 152

Wingspan turned to Hammer

"I need you to look at some specs and tell me how feasible this idea i've got would be."

Warworld Training Salle

Pounce examined a range of bladed weapons in a rack by one wall.

Tyrant Bridge

Weirdwolf paced soflty

"goes it how Thundercracker?"

Fort Max , Bridge

Quickmix scanned the consoles intently.

Fort Max Medbay Office

Landfill looked at Bumblebee

"looks like you fixed me up pretty good, good buddy"

Fort Max , Rec room

Tracer looked up

"why don't you race Scoop"

Scoop looked across

"my racing days are long behind me soldier."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-09, 05:25 AM
Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had continued their fight during lift-off and all the way through too Fortress Maximus landing with much the same out come. Sideswipe would struggle up, devise a new plan and then be completely over-whelmed by Sunstreaker's new body.

The shuttle bay as in ruins. Dents, scorch marks, parts and spare parts. Sideswipe lay slumped against a wall Sunstreaker had just introduced him too and tried to get up, one arm looking like it was ready to fall off. "Th-th-th-this izzzn't over." He got out from the damanged vocalizer. Sideswipe moved from the wall and collasped forward. His energy spent. Sunstreaker merely knelt down, scooping Sideswipe up, tossing him over his shoulder and carried his mold brother out of the, now falling apart, shuttle bay.

2006-10-09, 11:04 AM
Flattop smiled disconcetedly. It seemed Sunstorms delusions weren't the only thing he would have to get used to here: Deathsaurus was almost beyond his limited comprehension.
He continued to sip his 40weight, and decided to enter the conversation on what he hoped would be a good note.
"How was the war going when you left, Deathsaurus?"

2006-10-09, 11:24 AM
Cosmos replied to Skyfall:
"Roger that: I'll take the lead, I have the better long range scanners."
With that, the green autobot slipped ahead of the Omega shuttle and put all his detections devices to alert.
Doesn't matter what's out there, anythings better than the Warworld.

Fortmax, approaching the holodeck:
Guzzle was still high on adrenaline, and would have replied to any of Dogfights comments with the same word.
"Sweeeeeeeeet: lets blow stuff up!"

Fortmax, Rec area
Sizzle grinned at Jazz agreeing to join the race, then baulked at his idea of a prize.
"Whatever, ah, flicks your switch i guess."
He then turned to Scoop:
"You were a racer? Come on, dust off the old skills bud, it'll be fun!"
Sizzle's sincerity was false: he was hoping Scoop would join the race as he felt he would be an easy one to beat.

2006-10-09, 12:24 PM
Fort Max , Rec area

Scoop turned to Sizzle

"undercover journalist , worked for a while in a street racing gang, not raced in this body but i picked up a few tricks. Its a no holds barred style if you know what i mean. Also covered some of the turbo racing circuits and demolition derbies , been round the track more than my fair share. You sure you want to race with me might get your fancy paintwork scratched."

2006-10-09, 01:21 PM
*Ragnorok, recalled what Gigatron told him on his first day.*

"Ground forces mostly, I was placed under Bludgion's command for a while, heh, you know my past Soundwave. I just.."

*Ragnorok saw Gnaw crawling out of a corner heading for the ships, naturaly, Ragnorok did not know of the Sharkticon's defalting.*

"Soundwave, look out!"

*Ragnorok fired on Gnaw.*

"What the! Why you."

*Gnaw pounced and took Ragnorok off guard, as the Sharkticon stood over him, he stated, prooving a Smart Sharkticon is a dangerous thing indeed.*

"I'm on your side you trigger happy dolt!"

2006-10-09, 07:37 PM
Deathsaurus turned to Flattop,
"When I arrived, I left the Destron empire the largest in had been in nine million years. The Cybertrons were reduced to nothing more than a few splinter groups, the largest headed by Star Sabre, and who was it? Ah, Vector Prime!, that was it, that's how I ended up here. Buzzsaw and myself were sent to different dimensions in a battle with him.

Sunstorm nodded, "I've heard stranger." he said, walking back up to the bar, "Wildrider, another shot please."

(ooc- Buzzsaw is the same as my Beast Wars rpg char.)

2006-10-10, 01:35 AM
Upon hearing Sunstorm's new drink order, Wildrider turned his attention from Dragstrip drinking the expirements.Trusting Deadend to tell him if anything interesting happened to Dragstrip, Wildrider went to get the drink. It didn't take long for Wildrider picked up another shot of straight energon and then hand it to Sunstorm.

" Anything else?" Wildrider asked the seeker.

2006-10-10, 02:00 AM
Medbay, Fort Max:

Stepper: -walks into medbay, sets the ammo bin down next to Roadbuster's shrapnel cannon- "Won't need your help to find Aero, Afterburner. He's a Wrecker. We take care of our own."

Nebulon: -bleeps and whistles, nudges Stepper in the side of the head-

Stepper: "Not that the offer isn't appreciated."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Prime: -nods- "Yes, Crosscut, it will be good to have you along. We're meeting Prowl at the main airlock."

Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -shrugs- "It's going, Wierdwolf. Kind of quiet, though."

Bridge, Trypticon:

Jalgar: -idly flipping through databanks, stops, jaw dropping- "This could explain a lot...." -looks over at Drillhorn- "Did you see any sign of anybody wearing insect-like armor?"

Drillhorn: "No.... Should I have? What about you, Trypticon?"

Trypticon: -voice rumbling from bridge speakers- "No. Should I have been looking for one?"

Jalgar: -starts chuckling- "Well, in either the greatest stroke of irony since we came here, or just a terrible coincidence.... the humans have heard of Destron before."

Killbison: "What? How?"

Jalgar: "Well, in Japan at least. Destron was the name of the leader of the bad guys in a show called Kamen Rider V3."

Drillhorn: -sighs- "Are you that bored?"

Jalgar: "Well... yes. It's the waiting for battle that gets me."

Brave Maximus
2006-10-10, 07:25 AM
Speeder spotted a flash of light, and four other's just behind it. He hit the few remaining buttons that worked aboard Dai Atlas:

"Hello out there. I hope you're the Autobot rescue team, or I've got some rocks coming at me. To be honnest, as of late - neither would come as a surprise..."

He hit another series of switches, designed to activate Dai Atlas' external flood lights - usually used for exploration or when in base mode. One light, horribly off aim, popped on, the rest just sparked in the aether.

Fortress Maximus - Just off of medbay

Daniel smiled at Landfill:

"Take it easy and if you feel any twinges, it'll be best to log a few hours in a CR chamber."

2006-10-10, 08:39 AM
Bridge Tyrant

"will we weapons best get can we need yes. Thundercracker find engineer an , best the available. Need them we do ttweak weapons ships yes. Also upgrade to old this ship is developmments may have been."

2006-10-10, 09:15 AM
Flattop grinned increulously at Deathsaurus: where as this wasn't an uncommon occurence, he had never met an extradimensional, and a lot of rumours abounded about them: he didn't want to risk his circuits by enraging the excommander, but couldn't think of a safe topic to talk about with the uber-powerful delusional seeker either.
"Sorry to be rude, I just want to check on my brother."
He took out his samsung and called Roughstuff; the phone rang...

Fort Max Rec area
Flame watched as Sizzle's attention was distracted by the other would be participants. He interjected briefly:
"Whom ever wishes to join this derby, I will be setting up the course in one of the holo suites here: and once Lightspeed (T) is finished with his work, we will try and fit the race prior to the assault on our home world."
With that, Flame left the room.

In the corner booth, Lightspeed watched the troubleshooter leave. He went to say something, but was caught around the head by Grippers palm.
"What did we agree?" the commander said sternly. "No talkee till you play nicely. Now shattup and drink your juice."

2006-10-10, 09:29 AM
Cosmos gave a low whistle as the floodlights sparked and flickered on along Dais battered and burned exterior.
"You've seen better days I'll bet!" he replied to Steppers communication. "Yeah, we're the, ah, volunteers: how many of you are there on board?"
Cosmos continued to scan Dai's body with his full spectrum fields, to see what extent the damage was.

Fort Max Rec Area
Sizzle watched Flame leave, then turned back to Scoop:
"I think me and my paintwork will be just fine after the Race bud; you in then?"

Warworld Hangar Bay
Slicer stepped off the Tyrant, dried paint all over his body and a an exhausted, happy expression on his face. The shuttles were done, and they were gorgeous.
Slicer had never thought of much else besides the destruction of his enemies, or wondering when he would next be destroying his enemies. Now, his eyes had been opened up to a whole new world; that of Pimping Rides.
He made his way out of the hangar, dragging the sprayer with him, and thought about posting an advert on the Decepticon Intranet for his services.

2006-10-10, 06:34 PM
Warworld: Corridors

Sledge's optics narrowed at Snapdragon's comment, but Stonecruncher reminded him of his manners with an elbow in the side.

"Headin' down the bar," Stonecruncher answered. "Get some down time in before we hit the slag. You wanna come with?"


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer spun at the sounding of his voice, instinctively hiding the datacube behind his back and trying to obscure Roughstuff's hand, but he calmed quickly at realizing who had addressed him.

"Primus, you scared me, Wingspan."

Hammer turned and nodded to Roughstuff assuringly - Wingspan had been a trustworthy friend to the Constructors - before turning again to the clone's inquiry.

"So what do you need me to look at?"

2006-10-10, 07:50 PM
Warworld Dock 152

Wingspan looked at Hammer

"S-s-so S-s-sorry Hammer. -Well H-hammer I've been doing s-some research into t-the historical archives and I-i h-have discovered some p-papers that seem to indicate a p-p-possibility of developing a device alowing our t-troops to control deactivated mechanoids. A t-t-talent that will prove useful on C-cybertron. Although i am n-not sure if w-we have enough information and fear that w-we may only be able to equip p-pretenders with such device g-given it's nature."

2006-10-10, 09:22 PM
Fort Max, Bridge

Crosscut nodded at Prime's reply, starting to follow his leader.


Fort Max, Holodeck 12

" Well, that's it " said Dogfight when he finished loading his ' special' training program in the holodeck. " Get ready Guzzle... "

And with that Dogfight entered inside the room. The holodeck showed a pretty real Earth big city, with tall skyscrappers and streets jammed with traffic. The bottom of a particular wide and long street showed some hustle, as if some cars were aproaching at full speed clashing and taking away the stopped cars.

A big, black and grey truck was messing through the traffic jamm, shortly followed by three nice-looking cars and even a yellow six-wheleed racing car. They all wore decepticon badges on their alt modes.

" Ah, there they are. Computer, set the program dificulty in Dogfight alpha-one " the triggerbot ordered as he turned back to look at Guzzle. " Ready my friend? "


Fort Max, locked lab

Skids, after a considerable amount of time working in the weapons upgrade, leaned on his chair.

" Well, finished at last." He raised his forearfm and activated his comlink.

" Prowl, here Skids. I've finished Hound's weapon upgrade. Are you still in Security Wing?"


Fort Max, rec area

Silverbot reminded silently seated at Jazz's side, observing happily his fellows chat.


Fort Max, near the armoury and the holodeck

Override glanced Guzzle walking towards the holodeck and Dogfight entering inside. He started to run towards them, waving his hand.

2006-10-10, 10:33 PM
Fort Max Rec Area

Scoop turned to Sizzle

"ok soldier count me in ."

redman prime
2006-10-11, 04:39 AM
Snapdragon eyed the small Cons up, then decided that he hadn't really had anything to wet his whistle in a while, and leaking fluids do need to be replaced...

"Sure fellas, but mind how much you take, need y'all to be useful in the slaggin of those quints, right?"

2006-10-11, 02:35 PM
Scattershot turned, seeing Nosecone and Aftrburner returning.

"So, what was that commotion about?"

"Oh, it's Wreckers' proplem. Leave it to 'em", - Nosecone grumbled.

"That fool Aero had exploded a smoke bomè inside the med bay! Now Ratchet is afraid to let him into the med bay again - not a small matter, I'd say!.."

"Calm down, Afterburner. Anything else?"

"Well, I've volunteered to participate in the hunt, but..."

"What hunt?"

"They're about to search for that punk, he's escaped, you know... But what Nose-fellow here said is true, they say it's their own Wreckers' business and we're not wanted in it."

"Reasonable enough, I'd say", - Scattershot relaxed, understanding that Afterburner won't be taking part in any hunt for fellow Autobots... At least, for now.

"What're you arguing about?" - he turned to Strafe and Lightspeed.

"He doesn't!"

"Oh yes he does! And you're just jealous of me!"

"What??? I'm no warrior, why should I be jealous of somebody's ability to waste ammunition a ton per a breem?"

"ENOUGH!!!" - Scattershot's order was loud enough to startle Wheeljack who was working inside the pod - but for now, the Technobots' commander wasn't thinking about that. "Stop bickering, you two! If Jetwave needs some more weaponry - hardly any, in my opinion - he'd ask for that himself later, Strafe! And you, Lightspeed - you had forgotten completely about his swords! He'd lost 'em too, and now they must be replaced... And, I'm afraid, the replacement isn't in the blueprints.

Am I right, Wheeljack?" - he asked the engineer, whose head had emerged from the opening in the pod to see what the hustle ans bustle was about.

2006-10-11, 04:19 PM
OOC: Can I have a little help please? I'm experiencing writer's block for my other Autobot characters

Fort Max Medbay, Stasis Bay 12

"We may be reformatting his launchers, but it's best to have a back-up weapon" Wheeljack replied, waving a laser-welder around like he was conducting an orchestra "But I'm not the best mech to ask about that. We'll need input from a more experienced individual if one of you doesn't mind hunting down Bluestreak"

2006-10-11, 05:38 PM
"Hunt?" - Afterburner moved forward instantly.

"Not you, 'Burner. Hey, 'Speed - you're the information specialist, so earn your pay, will you?" - Scattershot joked, trying to compensate his dismay. Lately, Afterburner had been a bit over-eager and Lightspeed too gloomy... Things needed to be changed.

"As you say... By the way, Wheeljack - where could I find Bluestreak?" - Lightspeed asked rather blankly.

redman prime
2006-10-12, 04:15 AM
Finished with his latest discourse with the Mini-bot Constructor crew, Snapdragon waddled off towards the closest drinking establishment, the very one occupied by the Stunticons and the Seacons, among others.

2006-10-12, 11:17 AM
Roughstuff nodded as Hammer indicated he could trust the cloneWingspan. Before he could enter into chat with the pair of them though, his Nokia vibrated in his pocket. he pulled it out and saw it was his brother. Tsking loudly, he hung up the phone.
"Nothing important guys. Do carry on."

Warworld, Bar
Flattop looked in shock as the phone hung up. He looked up at Deathsaurus and Sunstorm and said in a rather lame tone of voice, "He must be busy. Ah well..."

Fort Max, Corridors
Flame continued to the Holosuite.

2006-10-12, 11:26 AM
Guzzle had not noticed Override as he was entering the holodeck: he was too impressed with the scenarios detail and the enemies in front of him.
Guzzle grinned maniacally.
"I was born ready Dogfight: lets get it on!"
With that, he transformed to Tank mode... and froze.
Humans... Dogfights simulated humans as well. Damn! I can't use my cannon.
"Dogfight, see if you can draw the Decepticons fire while I get close."

Fort max, Bar
Sizzle grinned at Scoops agreement.
"Sweet: how many racers does that make then punk?" He called over to the two still seated Motorvators.

Warworld, hallways
Slicer continued to make his way to the ba: he had just stowed the paint-sprayed back in storage, and was daydreaming over the prospect of using his new found talents again...

Aero Blade
2006-10-12, 11:35 AM
"Acknowledged," Tracer replied to Gigatron, starting to get to work on his newest task while still keeping an eye on the long-range sensor sweep. By the time Tracer had pulled up a list of Autobot frequencies, the scanner finally started responding.

"Sir, it looks as though there's some possible Autobot activity in the vicinity of the moon," Tracer reported while continuing his work.

2006-10-12, 06:23 PM
Warworld: Bar

Stonecruncher, Sledge, and Excavator passed through the doors into the mess hall not far behind Snapdragon. Excavator attempted to sneak off to a lone table in the corner, but Stonecruncher caught him with an arm around his shoulders and drug him toward Flattop's seat at the bar.

"Howdy, cap'n," Stonecruncher grunted while taking a seat down from his fellow Micromaster. "How's the ship treatin' ya?"

"Three premiums," Sledge ordered the bartender, sitting next to Stonecruncher.


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer's interest was thoroughly raised by Wingspan's revelation, and it was evident on his usually hard-to-read face. Perfecting such a technology would earn him terrific notoriety in the technical circles, and if he could combine it with the machine that had revived Octane, he may be personally responsible for implementing the invulnerability of Decepticon warriors! This opportunity was too much to pass up.

"Can you show me these papers?" Hammer asked the Clone with restrained giddiness.


Warworld: Bridge

Gigatron tapped his armrest one last time.

"About time," Gigatron answered Tracer. "Track their movements, and prepare for boarding procedures should they approach the Warworld."

At that, the Decepticon leader spun his chair and looked down on the newcomers.

"If not for the Autobots' dawdling," Gigatron answered Shockwave. "But no matter. You are required to begin tactical analysis of Autobot and Decepticon combined offensive abilities and to synthesize battle plans for the invasion. Consult Hatemonger to learn the Cybertron probe's information of Quintesson defensive capacities. I will expect a finished draft plan by the time the Autobot officers arrive to talk strategy. I want this to be a briefing on our terms, not a discussion."

Gigatron glanced over Shockwave's shoulder at Cyclonus. "Ah, the warrior has returned. Tell me Cyclonus, are you ready to battle the Quintessons?"

It was a vague enough question to see where Cyclonus' loyalties and priorities lay. This one had many times been one of Gigatron's most vocal dissenters, and though he could be invaluable, it would require a test first.

2006-10-12, 07:04 PM
Metroplex, Bridge

( ooc: I hope we are not inside Warworld yet... )

Scamper moved to the helm station and opened a channel for Fort Max.

" Fortress, I'm going to set a course along Fort Max so I can extend our docking tube. Once attached, Commander Magnus will be able to go aboard Max for the meeting on your main airlock. Scamper out. "


Metroplex, docking tube hatch

Ultra Magnus was stopped infront the docking tune hatch, waiting for the moment to open the door and walking inside.


Metroplex, space

The citybot reached his comrade Fortress Maximus, equaling subluminic speed. The two space vessels were flying now in a parallel course and Metroplex began to extend his retractable docking tube.


Fort Max, holodeck

" Sure thing, pal! " said Dogfight. Leaping tot he air and transforming into jet mode, he passed above Guzzle with his thrusters roaring and leaving a trail of flames behind the triggerbot. He overflew the decepticons at top speed, and turning back, he headed towards the five of them.

Override, following the Sparkabot, entered the holo-deck.

" Ah no... the Dogfight alpha-one training program... " he muttered looking the city streets around him.


Steelhaven, bridge

" Fizzle, I read Metroplex and Fort Max signatures. They're aproaching fast to the Warlword " informed Backstreet, looking at his monitors with growing apprehension. The moment to go inside the Warworkld was aproaching fastly.

2006-10-12, 09:27 PM
Warworld Dock 152

Wingspan extended a data pad

"I f-f-found post battle analysis of the F-flame incident, a-apparentl s-some of our f-forces s-scavenged enough data to h-help d-develop the pretender p-p-process. P-p-part of the data w-was e-encrypted but r-recent advances in code breaking technology by Ssparkstalker befor his umm.. you k-know m-means we are able t-to read much of w-what was previously h-hidden."

2006-10-13, 03:28 AM

Since Sunstorm didn't answer his question, Wildrider took that to mean 'no' and went to collect the new drink order.

It wasn't long before Wildrider set down three premiums in front of Stonecrusher, Sledge, and Excavator.
Fort Max- Holodeck

The holo- simulation Stunticons gave no indecation on whether or not they had noticed the Autobots in the holo-deck.

redman prime
2006-10-13, 04:00 AM
Snapdragon had managed to get inside the tavern without drawing much attention, so he saddled up to an empty seat near the end of the bar and threw an order at Wildrider.
"Hey buddy, how 'bout a double shot of energon with a tall glass of 40 weight. Something to get the fluids circulating, ya know?"

Having ordered, Snapdragon peered about the room and saw quite a few Cons, most of which he respected...
still no Autobots to eye up, much to his displeasure.

Brave Maximus
2006-10-13, 08:22 AM
The Omega shuttle and the Minicons drifted up beside Dai Atlas, the shuttle activating it's external flood-lights.

On the main bridge, Skyfall stood up in his chair. He'd grown quite a bit, spent centuries with the greatest Autobot warriors and their decendants. He'd fought hordes of Decepticons and the minions of Unicron. But, in that instant, he was just a youngling, seeing his hero for the first time. His optics were wide open and the awe was blatant on his face. That is, until he got a good look at his hero.

The damage to the Powered Master was extensive. At a quick glance, it seemed as if there was no undamaged part of his hull. The main troop compartment was open to space and he was scorched from one end to the other.

"Starlight, you and the boys begin emmidate repair work. Make Spark-support functions the top priority. I want him to be stable enough to tow back to Metroplex."

"It's just me in here, Cosmos....." Speeder replied. He was more than a bit relieved to see three small Transformers head towards Dai.

2006-10-13, 11:17 AM
Flattop grinned back at Stonecruncher: it was not only good to see someone his own height, but also had a greater grip on reality than his current drinking partners.
"I've been better, I've been worse. You know if Hammer and Roughstuff are gonna get here anytime soon?"

2006-10-13, 11:42 AM
Fizzle was slumped over in his chair, temporarily off line when backstreets communication came through. Fizzle shot up rather shakily to his feet, pieces of upholstery falling to the ground from his lap.
"I'm Up! I'm awake, coiled spring always ready..."
He looked at the controls with bleary eyes.
"Primus, I'm tired. Backstreet," he said, flipping on the rply switch of the radio, "Could you call either of the citybots and ask them what the hold up is? The sooner we get on the yellow deathstar to get this ship repaired the better, but we can't board till we have more of an autobot presence after all..."
Fizzle was exhausted from his panicking, and settled back down into his seat shakily. He was eager to relieve command to someone and get back to being an advisor.

Guzzle drove forward slowly, incrediblt wary of the traffic around him.
How do I clear the area safely? he wondered: he was trying not to panic, as this was just a simulation; however, Guzzle had depended on his teammates for battle strategy in the past, and he wasn't sure if Dogfight could divide his attention whislt distracting the Stunticons...
Guzzle raised his cannon and fired a shell into the air; it was a timed explosive that ignited at the height of its arc, away from anything to do any damage. he transformed quickly and bellowed at the top of his audio speakers

Cosmos finished his scan of Dai:
"You're not looking good soldier" he muttered to himself, as he broadcasted his findings to the Skyfall Omega shuttle. He opened communications again:
"Speeder, looks like the shuttle crew are gonna take care of your partner: do you want to disembark and come with me to Fort max? I think Ultra Magnus might appreciate a report as soon as possible."

Warworld, Bar
Slicer entered the Bar, and sat next to the newly arrived Snapdragon, and ordered a drink from the overworked Wildrider:
"Plain energon please?" he said, surprisingly politley.

Lord Zarak
2006-10-13, 01:20 PM
"Of course" replied Shockwave. He walked away to a strategy room just off the bridge.

Cyclonus looked up to Gigatron. Calmly and steadyily he replied

"Of course, Gigatron. The more Quintesson's I kill, the quicker Cybertron will be ours. It is a testing time for all of us, and if we can...bury our own misgivings for the greaster good of the Decepticon Empire, then we should have no trouble in removing the vile scum from our planet."


Strategy Room

Shockwave entered the room, and quickly began making preparations. He turned on computers and the display systems, amplification systems, and dimmed the lighting. Once the room was ready, he sent a call to two particular Decepticons: Cryotek, and Hatemonger

"This is Shockwave; meet me in the Strategy Room which has direct access to the bridge. Bring all information relevant to the Quintessons and their defences. I have been tasked with proucing a battle plan for the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons, which is to be ready before the Autobots set foot on this Warworld. All other tasks you may be on are countermanded by this. Shockwave out."

2006-10-13, 03:46 PM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"I am on my way now." He said to Shockwave as a disk popped out of his desk containing the information from the probe.

He stood up and took his leave to the strategy room.


Cryotek didn't say much of anything as he got up and transformed into his dragon mode and streaked too the strategy room.


The Predacons continued their ramblings in the mess hall.

"Come on, we all know Predaking is the mightiest gestalt period, forget our comrades or the Autobots we are the best their is." Tantrum roared just a bit happy off too much energon.

"Oh we know that but we don't need to continue to accounce that to all of Warworld!" Divebomb yelled back as the well four of the Predacons made a scene. Razorclaw stretched lazely up in the ceiling watching the happening below with a scene of amusment.

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-13, 03:50 PM
Metroplex Rec Area

Blaster walked into the room and looked around very carefully. He didn't know if he was going to meet Mirage here or have to wait for him.

"Yo, Mirage? You there, man?" He asked, not sure if he'd get a response from the concealable Autobot.

2006-10-13, 09:10 PM
Steelhaven, Bridge

" Understood, Fizzle " replied Backstreet. Turning his head to the con station, he glanced at the monitors and realized that he would have better chances of a clear transmission with the nearest citybot. The triggerbot tapped the conn station's buttons an opened a channel for Fort Max's bridge.

" Fort Max? Fortess? Here Backstreet from the Steelhaven Recovery Team. Er... we're actually stationed on Moon's orbit, waiting for further instructions " he said.


Fort Max holo-deck

The holo-humans, trully frightened by Guzzle's sudden apparition, shot and amplified cries, started to flee and run scattering in all the possible directions.

Meanwhile, on the air, Dogfight maneuvered between the high skyscrappers and laughed at the apparently inattentive Holo-Stunticons. He loaded his weapons, unconcerned about the holo-humans safety.

Override, staring at the ongoing battle from the holo-deck entrance, made his decision and started to run towards Guzzle.

" Hello there pal! " he yelled. " I'm gonna help you with the civilians! " he said to the Sparkabot, while trying to lead the humans out of the combat area.

" OVER HERE! ", was saying Override to the humans, while pointing to the clear streets from where the humans could retreat.

2006-10-14, 02:36 AM

After giving Snapdragon his drink, Wildrider went and got Slicer's plain energon.

" Here ya go" Wildrider said as he handed Slicer the drink he ordered.
Fort Max- Holodeck

As the Autobots moved to clear the holo-humens from the area, the 'fake' Stunticons sprung into action. Motormaster was the first to transform and take his atom smasher cannon out of subspace. The Stunticon leader fired it at Guzzle.

Dragstrip moved after the humans, not careing whether he ran them over or not.

Wildrider, Breakdown, and Deadend moved deeper into the city. When they got in deep enough , they transformed and brought their guns out of subspace.

Both Deadend and Wildrider fired their guns at Dogfight, while Breakdown focused his gunfire on Override.

2006-10-14, 03:09 AM
Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -over commlink- "I read you, Scamper." -hits a couple of switches- "Main airlock ready for cross-docking."

Heading for the Main Airlock:

Prime: -looks over at Crosscut- "Largely, this truce is going to be one of convienence. Neither we nor the Decepticons can retake Cybertron on our own."

Ironhide: "Odds're good th' 'Cons're gonna do whut they can ta make us take th' worst of it, an' then try ta take us awl out."

Prime: "Crosscut, I'm going to need your help in making sure our forces don't wind up on the firing line alone. What I'm hoping for is an even mixing of our forces. Maybe we can make the Decepticons see that the time for this useless war has come to an end, by having their forces work hand in hand with ours."

Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -steps out of the CR chamber, picks up the new ammo hopper, locks it into place on his backpack, returns the shrapnel cannon and it's ammo hopper to it's position on his backpack-

Stepper: -about to exit medbay, turns- "That was fast."

Roadbuster: -chuckles- "I didn't go toe to toe with a heavy combat drone."

Stepper: "Yes you did."

Roadbuster: "Fine. I didn't stand there and let it shoot me a lot. Better?"

Stepper: -shrugs-

Roadbuster: "Sandstorm's outside. We split up and start searching. Come on." -walks out of medbay, Stepper following, sees Sandstorm- "We'll start out in a grid pattern from medbay. Sandstorm, take the left branch rooms and corridors. Stepper, take the right. I'll go up the middle."

redman prime
2006-10-14, 05:56 AM
Snapdragon took his freshly delivered cocktails and looked at his nearest neighbor, the recently arrived Slicer , and offered a toast.

"Cheers, to glory and the return of Cybertron to the hands of the great race of the Decepticons!"

2006-10-14, 02:39 PM
Guzzle managed to mutter "Slag!" as he attempted to dodge the Atpm Smasher blast: He was succesful, but the balst impacted on a nearby building. The concussion wave knocked him over unexpectedly, and Guzzle found all his attention spent on not landing on holo-humans.
"Primus damn it Dogfight this simulation sucks!"
From his prone position, Guzzle brought his flamer to bear and returned fire at owd of false-people at Motormaster over the crowd of false humans.

Warworld, Bar
Slicer clinked his drink against Snapdragons and added "And death to our enemies, the Quintessons!"
Before he negotiated his drink past his face plate, Slicer took a second to look at Snapdragon and asked
"You turn into a jet, yes?"

2006-10-14, 10:29 PM
Metroplex, Space

Metroplex retractable docking tube docked with Fortess Maximus Main Airlock. In the voidness of cold space, no noise was made.

But inside the citybot, Ultra Magnus heard the docking noises echoing in the deck. Glancing at the hatch panel, he cheked the pressure readings - all lights green-, and opened the tube hatch. Bending, he stepped inside the tube and made his way as quickly he could towards Fort Max.

" I don't like this corridor; too narrow for a 'bot like me ", Ultra magnus thought.


Fort Max, Holodeck

Dogfight dived, dodging holo-Dead End's fire but taking a glancing hit on his right wing from holo-Wildrider attack.

" Ha! Is that what you Stunticons call 'combined attack'? "

The flying triggerbot fired a pair of missiles towards the two Stunticons. " Guzzle, I told you! This is not for weaksparked 'bots! " he told the Sparkabot. " But it's funny, isn't it? "

Near, Override watched Breakdown aproaching, and triggering his guns, he readied himself to return fire. But the Stunticon was faster and fired first, and the triggerbot was hit on his left shoulder.

" Blast you! I pulished my steel skin just before entering the deck! " yelled Override, transforming into attack bike mode and rolling towards Breakdown, firing his weapons.

" Wait a sec, dumbot; this is a simulation, your scratch is not real! " he said to himself.


Fort Max, heading for the Main Airlock

" Understood sir ", replied Crosscut at Prime's request. " I believe a mixture between Autobot and Decepticon units in the Cybertron retake will be as effective as protective. The precedents, like the underbase incident, are a good point for this interaction, but it will be hard to convince Gigatron and his officers about that, not to mention a great number of our own troops. "

The Ambassador optics narrowed.

" If all the diplomacy it's not enough to convince them, we could try to persuade the decepticons. Denying our participation in the most dangerous war theaters if they don't acceded into mixing their units with ours, could be a good starting point to achieve our goals. "

2006-10-14, 11:32 PM
Hatemonger arrived at the conferance room and watched as Cryotek soared in and transformed.

They both entered and saw Shockwave and walked to the front of the room and sat down.

"Here is the footage and data summaries we have gained from the probe so far." Hatemonger said holding the disk out to Shockwave.

2006-10-15, 03:41 AM
Fort Max-Holodeck

Guzzle's shot hit Motormaster on the shoulder, leaving it blacked and cracked. The Stunticon leader fired at Guzzle again.

Wildrider and Deadend shot Dogfight's missiles, leaving them blow up before they hit. Yet it was the shrapnel caused by the explosion that caused little cuts to appear on the parts of the Stunticons that were close to it. They shot at Dogfight again.

Getting hit by Override's shots left Breakdown's armour blackened and cracked in places. Breakdown fired at Override, but mostly stood his ground.

Dragstrip changed dirrections and tried to ram into Override.

2006-10-15, 08:21 AM
Metroplex, Hall

Fastlane wandered the halls of the Citybot, reflecting on his reckless stunt awhile back. He felt stupid about it, but he decided what was past is past. Joyride watched the stars fly by in a window.

Joyride sighed and said, "You know what Fastlane?"

"What?" Fastlane responded.

"I find it strange being here in space. I feel like I don't belong here. It's well..alien. No trees, no sky, no birds, No Earth."

"Well don't worry old friend," Faslane said, "Soon enough we'll get used to it. I'm not used to space travel either."

Joyride left the window, and leaned on the wall. "What do you think is gonna happen to those POWs?" he asked.

"Bah, I say let the others deal with them. We did our job and it's finished."

Joyride nodded. Fastlane had a good point. It amazed the Autobot as to how much Fastlane had matured since the incident. Though, despite this, Joyride didn't think this maturity would last too long as soon as they got into battle.

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-10-15, 03:10 PM
SnapTrap snarled to himself upon hearing the oafish Tantrum's wild claims.

"If the others hadn't been so fool-hardy we wouldn't have to sculk around this ship"

SnapTrap & Overbite were sat close, talking about possible places their comrades could be, little knowing their fate, realising even less that they were alive on Cybertron's surface.

"Tantrum doesn't know what he's talking about!" Overbite said enthusiastically, knowing full well that all his commanding officer needed was the slightest excuse to fight & cheer himself up.

redman prime
2006-10-15, 05:40 PM
Snapdragon slugged his double shot, wiped his maw, and looked right back at Slicer.

"I do. What's it to ya?"

He let out a small burp, then tried to flag down Wildrider, who was bustling away.

2006-10-15, 07:10 PM
Corridors, Fort Max

Sandstorm looked up as his commandering officer and Stepper emerged from the med-bay and nodded before pushing himself away from the wall and heading down the the corridors on the left, wondering what he was looking for but deciding not to seem stupid by asking.

* * * * *

Fort Max Medbay - Stasis Bay 12

"I haven't seen him for ages, you may wanna try his quarters though, them or the shooting range" Wheeljack replied, turning to Jetwave's new body with a handful of internal parts before placing them carefully on a nearby table and picking one out and moving to fix it into the correct place.

* * * * *

Metroplex Rec Area

Devcon had remained silent for a while, finding himself not in the mood to knock down his half-finished drink anymore, looking up at as Blaster entered, then he shrugged and went back to swilling his drink around its container. Primus, he was bored, guess he had spent too long travelling around the universe hunting down Decepticons.

2006-10-16, 12:24 AM

Noticing Snapdragon trying to get his attention, Wildrider asked " Ya want another double shot with 40 weight or would ya like something else this time?"

2006-10-16, 02:19 AM
Sunstorm turned to Wildrider,
"Huh, sorry, I got distracted." he said as he downed his shot, "I'll have another. Wait, just shove all of them you can on a tray, and I'll take them back to my table."

Deathsaurus turned to The Micromasters,
"Hello. Friends of Flattop's I presume?"

(ooc- By the way, DBF, Deathy has a perfect grip on reality, he isn't a delusional maniac like Sunstorm)

redman prime
2006-10-16, 06:31 AM
Noticing how hard Wildrider was working and the fact that he hadn't really given his 40-weight the attention it deserved, he thought about what he wanted for a nano-second.

"well, no, not really, i just need another double shot of energon and my mate Slicer here could use another Energon. Thanks, mate..."

Snapdragon turned back to Slicer , "now, you wanted to know if I was capable of turning into a jet, right?"

2006-10-16, 11:20 AM
Slicer smiled and nodded at Snapdragon;
"Yes, I was just wondering... are you happy with your colour scheme at the moment?"

Fortmax Holodeck:
As the Flamer blast struck Holo-Motormaster, Guzzle transformed and took aim with his Cannon; before he could fire though, the Atom Smasher blast impacted on his armour, and sent him back a few feet: Guzzle was quite worried by how well the weapon had dealt with his armour as he returned fire with his Turret Cannon.
"Dogfight, there's weaksparked and theres borderlined decepticon," the sparklerbot muttered.

Steelhaven, Battlebridge;
Fizzle strummed his fingers on the now shredded arm of his chair, and thought of something to do: his Strategy CPU was now full of possible maneuvers for most eventualities, and he daren't revise them again.
he broadcast the following message to the ship, hoping for any response.
"This is Fizzle on the Battle bridge: could all the crew please report their current statuses and locations asap?"

Warworld, High security level prison
Thunderwing continued to pace the cell, getting more and more frustrated with each passing Tick-Tock of his internal Chronometer. His weapons and his pretender shell were locked away from him, and the bond around his mid riff prevented transformation. He was stuck here till someone came for him.
Once people trembled at my name, now I am something to be locked away and forgotten. The indignation, the ignomy! If I am not freed soon...
The thought trailed off impotently in his mind, and he tried to distract himself.

2006-10-16, 11:40 AM
(OOC no worries tahakanuva: Flattops an idiot at heart, and can't help lumping everything he can't understand into the same boxes!)

Flattop grinned back up at Deathsaurus:
"You know Micromasters, we're all friends or friends of... Oh, ah do you have Micro's in your Universe?"
Flattop, now at ease with Sunstorms insanity, was having to deal with the concept of an Extradimensional: it was taxing his limited ability to think about things other than explosions and fighting to the very limit.

Fortmax Holodeck, exteior
Flame found his way to the Holodeck finally, and seeing the in use sign, used the external computer to start researching possible race tracks.
As he looked into them though, he found curiosity getting the better of him: he flipped open the viewer and took in the scene inside the 'deck:
Guzzle taking hits from Motormaster, and replying in kind:
Wildrider and Deadend shooting at a strafing Dogfight:
Breakdown shooting at Override whilst Dragstrip charged him:

Flame took a moment to note who was real and who wasn't, and speed dialed Gripper on his Nokia.
"Gripper, it seems some of our fellows are having a rough and tumble in the holodeck with a gestalt team; the inivitation light is on, so would you and Lightspeed like to come here and join them?"

Fort Max Rec area
Gripper replied curtly:
"We'll be right there Flame: you finish whatever you were doing and join us, ok? we could all do with a work out."
He stood up, and his action was mirrored by Lightspeed (M).
"Lets Roll!" he said, and the pair left the rec room eagerly.

2006-10-16, 12:15 PM
Deathsaurus nodded at Flattop,
"Yes, we do have Micromasters in my universe, though, mine didn't stick in packs as ones here seem inclined to do."

(ooc- Probably should have used a smaller screen name. Mine seems to be difficult to spell, ;) )

2006-10-16, 04:56 PM
"Right, Wheeljack. I'll have a look for him."

"Wait!" - Scattershot intervened. "Strafe, you go to the shooting range and see if Bluestreak is there; Lightspeed, you go and look for him in his quarters. Saves time that way.

And we stay here in case some help is needed. Right, guys?"

"Am on my way", - Lightspeed answered more enthusiastically and exited the bay, transforming as he went.

"I'm on my way too!" - and Strafe, already in jet mode, flew after him.

"Why'd you did that for, cap'n? Sending Strafe to the shooting range... Could be dang'rous, you know", - Nosecone grumbled.

"Worry not! It's better to shake some rust off'em - let 'em get a scare seeing our hailfire warrior in the range, I say!" - Afterburner disagreed.

"Exactly what I had in mind", - and a mischievous smile crossed Technobot commander's face.

2006-10-16, 09:33 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

" Fizzle, as you know I'm in the bridge ", replied Backstreet while counting the stars on the main viewscreen.


Fort Max, Holodeck

Dogfight didn't heard Guzzle's last comments; he was too busy evading Wildrider and Deadend shots. Althought the triggerbot was able to evade all of the Stunticons shots this time - excpet one; a Wildrider's lucky shot disabled Dogfight's right fusion blaster-, he needed all of his energy and resources to simply make the evasive maneuvers. He couldn't fire back at the pair of Stunticons this time.

On the streets, Override dodged Breakdown's incoming shots too, but he wasn't aware of Dragstrip's charge. The yellow Stunticon collided with Override and the triggerbot - with one of his sides dented and broked -, painfully slided away from the impact.

" You again! " said Override while skidding away from Dragstrip. He fired his guns at the Stunticon, but he was still stunned from the crash and his accuracy wasn't precisely accurate.


Fort Max, Camshaft quarters

After recharging, Camshaft exited his quarters and stepped towards the main turbolift. He passed near the holodeck and heard battle noises. He aproached to investigate and saw Flame.

" Hello ", he said nodding to the Motorvator. " What's going on? "

2006-10-16, 10:06 PM
Fort Max Corridors

Overdrive looked up in suprise at a familar voice

"Camshaft is that you ?"

Fort Max Holodeck

a holographic wolf shimmered into existence.

redman prime
2006-10-16, 11:55 PM
Snapdragon couldn't help but be caught off guard at Slicer's query. He glanced down at the familiar off white and purple of his armor and couldn't resist the idea of change.

"Well..." he took a pull form his 40 weight, "I guess I could be open to something a little.... different. What were you thinking?"

2006-10-17, 12:41 AM
Fort Max: Rec Area

Jazz sipped on his drink and turned to Silverbolt with a smile and a nod.

"So what's new with you, man? How're the kids treatin' ya?"

Being aware of Silverbolt's phobia, Jazz made sure not to make any allusions to flight.


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer took the datapad from Wingspan and hurried to flip through file after file of reports. His opticband was wide with delerium in perusing the material.

"Wild," he whispered. "I dunno. It just might be doable. I've gotta really soak this up. Do you mind if I hang onto this to do some research?"


Warworld: Bar

The three Constructors each took a long swig of their drinks almost in unison and without hesitation. They all had their own reasons to be antsy about unwinding.

"Yeah, us Micros stick together," Stonecruncher answered Deathsaurus. "Name's Stonecruncher, construction worker. Good ta meetcha."

Sledge, down the bar, had a much less pleasant reaction. He raised his optics at hearing Deathsaurus' last remark and slammed his half-empty canister on the bar.

"Whaddaya mean by that - 'stick in packs'? You think we can't handle ourselves? Don't talk like you know us, slagger."

Excavator reached over to restrain Sledge, but the latter brushed him off and glared at the Destron.


Warworld: Bridge

Gigatron nodded considerately to Cyclonus' answer. It could be feigned, but it was satisfactory.

"Excellent, Cyclonus. For your enthusiasm, you shall lead our aerospace forces into combat with the Quintessons. I trust you won't fail me."

At the front of the bridge, Spinister turned and looked back at overhearing. He'd hoped to lead the charge himself, though he supposed someone would need to stay with the Warworld. In any case, a helicopter probably wouldn't be much use in space...

2006-10-17, 12:59 AM
Deathsaurus took a sip of his drink,
"Good to meet you as well, Stonecruncher." he then turned to Sledge, "I know perfectly well that you're capable of handling yourselves. Please, refrain from the coarse language."

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-17, 02:35 AM
Fort Max, Crossblades room

Dust covers everything except for a trial of footprints. They lead to the regeneration chamber, another pair going to the energon refuling cabinet. they both originated from a huddled mass in the far corner of the room. It is Crossblades's inner robot. Next to him is his Shell covered in dust. his guns in disarray.

"I didn't do anything." He whispers. "Should have but didn't." He buries his face in his hands. "They were all right..."

2006-10-17, 05:19 AM

Wildrider got Snapdragon's order and put it on the bar before starting on Sunstorm's order. It took a few moments for Wildrider to complete it.
Fort Max- Holodeck

Guzzle's turret canon left a hole in Motormaster's armour. The 'fake' Stunticon leader narrowed his eyes, then moved closer to the Autobot tank. Motormaster put his gun back into subspace as he went and pulled out his sword. As he tried to stab through Guzzle's armor, Motormaster did his best to stay out of the tank's canons line of fire.

" Ya say that like it's a bad thing" Holo-Motormaster said to Guzzle.

Wildrider and Deadend continued to fire their guns at Dogfight.

Breakdown fired his gun at Override.

While some of Override's shots easily missed their target, others hit the yellow Stunticon and left cracks were the shot hit. Dragstrip mostly ignored his wounds and tried to ram Override again.

Brave Maximus
2006-10-17, 06:51 AM
"You can dock on the port side Cosmos..." Speeder said across the Comm. "I'm sure Prime'll want an update, but I'll leave that to the big guy. I'm not even sure where I'd begin...."

The Micromaster Sniper moved to the port side airlock, grabbing his rifle and ammo on the way out.

At the same time, the three minicons sent a signal to Skyfall, saying that Dai Atlas was in no danger of dying on the trip back to Earth.

Two magnetic Grapplers shot out from behind the Omega and latched on to the massive Powered Master.

"I'll follow you in Cosmos" Skyfall hailed from the command center. He could see the Minicons beginning their repairs of the Cybertronian Leader.

Fort Max

Having finished everything he needed to do in Medbay, Daniel walked out and started heading down the not-to-familiar halls of the City bot.

2006-10-17, 09:14 AM
ooc: Apologies- lost two tries at posting and am trying again- have been caught with Master's degree research homework

Prowl finished and headed toward the Airlock. He heard the vocoders as he approached and stepped up the pace. He walked in swiftly, but smoothly, without creating a disturbance.

"I'm here Optimus."


Mirage heard Blaster's voice and headed towards it. "Here Blaster. Ready to do this?" The spy smiled, but he was feeling rather unenthusiastic about the whole mission.


Storage Room
"Clumsy too." Blitzwing laughed somewhat harshly at the scared Autobot, more from habit than from intent.

The triple-changer's voice lowered into a serious tone.
"Relax kid. That old doctor here and his staff are far from what oughtta be worrying you right now. They patch up, not take apart. You get scared of them, noone's gonna be able to help you with repairs."

2006-10-17, 07:10 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck

Again, Dogfight used his superior maneuverability to evade the convined fire from Deadend and Wildrider, but this time the two Stunticons were well prepared and coordinated. Despite his efforts, Dogfight was hit several times by the decepticons, damaging his navigational system in the process.

" With this system destroyed, I can't fly! " thought Dogfight, now flying clumsy above the Stunticons.

Without hesitation Dogfgiht transformed into robot mode, landing between Deadend and Wildrider. Enaging his remaining fusion blowtorch blaster, he made a sharp waist turn trying to engulf the two Stunticons in a deadly flare of fire.

Some streets away, Override was able to dodge Dagstrip new charge, but the triggerbot received a hit from Breakdown's attack. Curiously, some of the Stunticon's shots missed Dragstrip for inches.
Ignoring the pain from his wounded side, Override tried a trick: he started moving around Dragstrip, trying to bring him in Breakdown's line of fire.

" Maybe I can trick Breakdown into firing at Dragstrip by accident! " thought Override.

2006-10-17, 07:24 PM
Fort Max Corridor

"Camshaft I thought you were dead , it's soo good to see you."

Overdrive's optics flashed yellow in happiness.

2006-10-17, 09:53 PM
Fort Max, corridors

Camshaft, who was waiting for Flame's reply, unnoticed Overdrive talking to him.

" Huh? " he said turning to the voice the second time the Omnibot leader talked to him. For a moment, Camshaft stayed totally freezed, optics wide opened in trully surprise.

" Overdrive! " he announced finally. " Overdrive! "

The Omnibot spy chuckled, and without hesitation and forgetting Overdrive's higher rank, he embrazed him. It was a real weird reaction from an Omnibot like Camshaft, but after the last missions an incidents - an after a tremendous amount of time alone -, for Camshaft was the natural reaction.

" I'm alive sir " he said finally, more serious this time. " Any news about Downshift's... whereabouts? "

2006-10-17, 10:09 PM
Fort Max, Bluestreak's quarters:

It wasn't hard for Lightspeed to locate Bluestreak's personal quarters - after all, being an information expert, he had all the plans of fort Max in his memory. What he lacked, though, was being personally acquainted with Bluestreak - so, not knowing what to expect, he took cautious approach.

Coming closer to the door, he activated the information console on the door-post:

"Excuse me, Bluestreak, are you there? I am Lightspeed, Wheeljack sent me - he needs your advice. We all do."

Standing before the door, he expected an answer.

Fort Max, Holodeck:

As the one and only shooting range in Fortress Maximus was in the holodeck, Strafe headed there. As the big double doors opened on him, he was surprised to see a scene of carnage - two Autobots fighting valiantly against a score of Decepticons, whom he identified as Stunticons. A nanobreem later Strafe was ready to hail fire on the enemies... But - a wondrous thing - he held his attack, realizing that all Stunticons were just computer-generated images and posed no real treat. Instead of attacking, he crossed the deck to the command chair, sat in it and activated the transmitter:

"AUTOBOTS, IS BLUESTREAK HERE?" - big red letters appeared in the sky above Dogfight and Override.

Metroplex, Empty Shuttle Bay/Makesift prison for Insecticons:

-OOC:Sorry for the delay, but it was only yesterday that I decided to take playing Red Alert

Kickback was exhausted. One after another he offered Red Alert deal after deal, each one sweeter than the other - and still the impassive Autobot Security Chief stood silent and watchful. Some time passed in that manner, then some more, and even more... Finally, Insecticon could do nothing but cry:

"I beg you - answer, what is it that you want?"

"That's better" - came cold, calm and utterly calculated answer. "I was expecting you to give up, nothing more. Now you shall receive the treatment which is due for you... But never - I said never!!! - try to out-smart me again!"

"That's the way you treat those who you have a treaty with?" - Kickback cried.

"Oh, but we do not have a treaty between you, as independent Insecticon faction, and Autobots... or Decepticons, for that matter", - Red Alert answered, taking a small object out of the panel which popped open on his hand. "Here, on this tape, I have a complete statement where you've said you deny Gigatron's rule and want to be independent or even willing to defect to Autobot side, if you receive an adequate payment... Do you imagine what the Decepticon leader will do to you if presented with such evidence?.."

The question hung in the air ominously.

"I believe you do. Good. Now you shall be fed so you could continue your miserable existence", - Red Alert finished, sending a signal through his intercomm to some service droids.

"And thank you, Six Gun, for your help. Keep watching these pests a while longer, will you?"

Then he stepped back to the wall and called Ultra Magnus:

"Commander, this is Red Alert reporting. The interrogation was a smashing success - the Insecticons are ready and willing to co-operate, provided a minimal payment."

On a coded wave he added, though:

"But I still warn against trusting them. If they could be used in some way to provide the distruction for the enemy, that would be the best possible use for them".

"Red Alert out."

At the same time, the doors to shuttle bay lid open and a transport droid rolled in, three small energon portions (each no bigger than 1/10 of a cube) on his platform.

"Here's your payment", - Red Alert told Insecticons and turned in disgust seeing as the trio greedily rushed for the treat.

"It's mine-mine!", "Don't push!" and "Get off me" filled the bay...

Aero Blade
2006-10-18, 12:58 AM
Aero Blade still wasn't sure where Blitzwing was in the room, given his own disorientation, but in the least the unfamiliar bot seemed to be reasonably friendly, if not slightly concerned in a disinterested manner. The smaller tech just sighed for a moment though listening to him, situating himself agains the nearby crates, hugging his legs to his chest and resting his chin on his arms, mostly to give him a sense of stability more than comfort. He wasn't sure he deserved comfort right now...

"I know, I know, I've been telling myself that for vorns," Aero answered. "I know most medics just want to be helpful, and if one of my friends were hurt the first thing I'd do is rush them to the best medic I've heard of, but when it's me who's injured - if I so much as think about the medbay or its workers - my memories of the detention center medics come back and I can't see past anything else..."

Aero sighed again. "I guess I really don't have anything else. Most medics don't want to deal with it and just sedate me; good or bad or otherwise, I don't have memories of any other medics to call on..."

2006-10-18, 02:46 AM
Fort Max- Holodeck

Dogfight's blaster fire caught Deadend and Wildrider's shoulders (and at least one of both their arms) as they dogded it as best they could. Where the shots hit became blacked and cracked. The two Stunticons shot at Dogfight.

Breakdown continued to fire at Override, as Dragstrip transformed and took his gun out of subspace. Breakdown's fire did manage to hit Dragstrip a few times.

" Watch were your shooting, glitch" Dragstrip said as he shot his gun at Override " or do you want me to stare at you."

" Go j-j-jump in a smelter, t-t-trinket" Breakdown said.

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-18, 04:11 AM
Fort Max, Crossblades room

slowly Crossblades rose and looked at his shell. He walked over to it and prushed some of the dust from its right shoulder.

"gotta be something I can do." He mumbled. "Have to make it up."

He reached with his left hand, his gaze never leaving his shell, and plucked one of his machine guns. It had been lying on a nearby. Its ammo scattered around it, it's ammo feed slot clogged with dust. Crossblades began to clean it and sort its ammo. He stoped and looked down at what he was doing. Closing his optics he flung the gun to the floor.

"don't deserve..."

Looking back up at his shell. He stepped towards and slipped inside.

"Been awhile, feels stiff" he thought, and started unarmed for the door.

2006-10-18, 05:29 AM
Main Airlock, Fort Max:

Prime: "Excellent, Prowl."

Ironhide: -looking out of a port, checking the sensors- "Prahme, Ah ain't seein' no sahgn'a th' Cons out there."

2006-10-18, 08:11 AM

"Best to contact Gigatron promptly then." Prowl added. "The more time we wait, the more likely it is that they will be planning beyond just attacking the Quintessons."


Storage room
"You're hopeless, Autobot." Blitzwing growled at Aero Blade.

"You haven't been around a good repair technician and given them a chance in order to know what they do. You're a danger to anyone who works with you. Delete those old files manually from your memory and move on. Otherwise you'll put everyone around you in danger. A valueable member must be in top condition or they weaken the entire structure of their unit and they become disposable at best."

Having reached his recovery status, the triple changer began running through his own diagnostics, system by system. Lights began glowing internally and externally as he checked flight gear and landing, weaponry and life systems.

Aero Blade
2006-10-18, 01:05 PM
"You think I haven't tried?!" Aero Blade questioned sharply back at Blitzwing, his voice rising to an aggresive tone in response to to the other's. "There's millions of things I'd love to just simply drop, prayed to Primus I'd loose! But my processor just doesn't work that way, not anymore..."

Aero had to force himself to calm down a bit at that point, less he started speaking on something he didn't want to with an unfamiliar bot. He'd already figured out this was one of the defectors, only those that were originally Decepticons kept calling unknown bots by their faction due to old habbits usually. Maybe that's why Aero had calmed down so quick despite Blitzwing being completely foreign to him...

Once the thought had a chance to circulate and process, Aero wasn't so sure he liked it, thinking that way of himself. He seemed to hunker down a little further in his spot, brooding for a little while.

2006-10-18, 08:36 PM
Fort Max Corridors

Overdrive embraced his comrade

"it's good to see you after all this time, getting the old crew back together."

He paused suddenly serious

"Downshift's still.....missing."

2006-10-18, 08:46 PM
Metroplex, Shuttlebay - Insecticon's home -

" Of course, sir " replied Six Gun at Red Alert's command.

The heavy- armed drone watched as the Insecticon's eated the energon.


Metroplex-Fort Max, docking tube

" Understood Red " said Ultra Magnus at his security director report. " I leave this matter in your hands. Take all the necessary measures. "

Magnus switched off his comlink when he arrived at the main hatch. He opened it and, with some effort, he moved his huge body through the narrow exit. Now, standing in Fort Max he looked around.

He was infront of Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Crosscut.

" Greetings Optimus " smiled Magnus, nodding to the others.


Fort Max holodeck

Override smiled.

" Yeah! The trick worked! " he thought, engaging his rear-mounted rocket pack. The sudden extra-speed helped him to dodge Dragstrip's and Breakdown's attack, but a lost shot hit him in the back. Rolling at top speed and afraid of losing control because of the hit, he transformed into robot mode and leaped to a street corner.

Override used the building as cover from Breakdown and trained his guns to Dragstrip.

" Now is my time, loser! " he yelled firing his weapons and wondering if the holo-Dragstrip would be affected by his pull.

Some streets away, Dogfight anticipated Deadend and Wildrider reactions and engaged his foot thrusters, leaping backwards and landing behind a human truck, covering behind. But the Stunticon's shots were at point blank range, and even Dogfight's superb agility wasn't enough to save him from the attacks. Several shots impacted on him, piercing and tearing off his wings and damaging some of his inner systems.

With his optics flashing in pain, he leaned out and fired his three shoulder mounter missiles, aiming at the two Stunticons.

Because of the battle, Strafe's message was unnoticed by the triggebrots. Maybe the technobot could enter the holodeck and ask the triggebrots...

2006-10-18, 08:57 PM
Soundwave was quite relishing his conversation with Ragnorok, dipite the little upsets with the Sharkticons.

"Ragnorok" He continued. "It would probably be safer to take our conversation in my new quarters."

He motioned to Lazerbeak for direction for one hand.

"We should go there immediately!"

2006-10-18, 09:04 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck exterior

Camshaft lost his look in the ground. Grim thoughts regarding Downshift destiny formed in his mind.

" Well, I'm sure we'll see him sooner or later " he said finally, glancing at Overdrive. " By the way, I was going to enter the holodeck. It seems there is some fun inside. Do you want to join me? It's been a while from our last battle together! " said Camshaft.

2006-10-18, 10:35 PM
Metroplex, Corridors

Joyride turned to Fastlane after the Citybot had landed. "We're hee-ere," he said. "Let's go find some of the others.

Fastlane nodded, "Good plan,"
Fort Max, Unknown Chamber

The hiss of gas escaping from the tube echoed off the walls. The pod door slid open. The light blue optics of an Autobot lit up for the first time. This new Autobot's color scheme was a pure white with red streaks running long his arms and down to his calves.

Autobot ID: Patch
Function: Medic/Warrior
Status: 100%

The Transformer stepped out of the pod. At long last he was finally complete. He left the room and began to explore his new surroundings within Fort Max.

2006-10-19, 02:18 AM
Fort Max- Holodeck

Dragstrip dogded Override's fire. " The only loser here is you" Dragstrip said as he fired his gravity gun at Override.

Wildrider shot at the missiles as Deadend continued to shoot at Dogfight. With each missile Wildrider shot, it spread the area with metal shrapnel that flew into buildings and even hit the Stunticons, causing cuts.

2006-10-19, 03:20 AM
Main Airlock, Fort Max:

Prime: "I'm glad you're here, Magnus. It's time we find out why the Decepticons aren't." -looks over at Prowl- "Thank you, Prowl." -activates commlink- "Fortress, patch me into the comm system."

Fortress: -over commlink- "You're patched in, Optimus."

Prime: -over commlink- "Optimus Prime to Gigatron. I am at the agreed upon meeting place. Where are you?"

Bridge, Fort Max:

Grimlock: -scowling out the main viewport, noting the position of the Warworld- "Not like this."

Hot Rod: "What?"

Grimlock: "It obvious Decepticons up to something. Maybe...."

Hot Rod: "It all comes down to trust, Grimlock."

Grimlock: "That the problem. Neither side trust other. Not sure if that can be ignored long enough to fight Quints off."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-19, 03:49 AM
Blaster turned towards Mirage's voice and grinned, reaching out to slap Mirage on the back.

"Man, I was built ready for this one. All we gotta do is wait for the right moment and get in there and just blow that planet wannabe up!"


Sunstreaker walked into the Fort Max med bay and then tossed Sideswipe down on one of the tables.

"Who here is going to fix him?" He asked allowed, not really directing it at any medic, he'd settle for the first one there.

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-19, 04:23 AM
Fort Max, Corridors

Crossblades wondered the halls aimlessly, hands folded behind his back.

"Have to find something. I am dependable." His voice wavered at the last part. "The big bots must be having problems with something!" His voice regained a sense of confidence. "If I can find them, just a quick listen in, find a thing they need fixing and fix it and they need never know!"

With renewed vigor Crossblades picked up his pace down the hall "I am useful. A small part of his mind replied to the thought "No, your not."

2006-10-19, 08:03 AM
Fort Max Holodeck exterior

Overdrive nodded

"lets go show them how it should be done."

2006-10-19, 09:22 AM
Cosmos pulled closer to Dai Atlas: "Stepper, if you want to come aboard, you can do so: It may be a little cramped..."

Fort Max Holo Deck
Guzzle attempted to evade Motormasters sword strike, but his lack of maneuvarability in Tank form was his down fall: the sword penetrated his left track guard, and came close to breaking the track!
Guzzle found himself at a disadvantage, and began to accelerate towards Motormaster, hoping that at such close quarters tje stunticon would be forced to break off his attack and give Guzzle some breathing room.

Fort Max Rec Area
Sizzle continued to drink his energon, now contemplating the race ahead...

Steelhaven Battlebridge
Fizzle waited patiently for any other crew members to report in...

Warworld, Bar
Slicer finished his drink and took a longer look at Snapdragon:
"I have some ideas yeah. When we've finished here, I can take you to the hangar and give you a new look."
Slicer was trying to make it sound like he was doing the Horrormaster a favour, when really he was eager to continue using his new found talent. He looked over to the scene with Deathsaurus and the Micromasters, and asked Snapdragon "You think somethings gonna happen here?"

2006-10-19, 09:43 AM
Warworld Bar
Flattop looked from Deathsaurus to the Constructor team as they talked. He wasn't so dense so as not to see a fight brewing. It had been so long since he had one, he felt he might help this one along...
"Come on Deathy," he said to the extradimensional "you aren't hurt by a bit of bad language are you?"

Fort Max, Holodeck exterior
Flame turned to Camshaft, an apologetic look on his face.
"I am sorry, i was making sure my comrades weren't getting lost on their way here."
As the troubleshooter said this, Gripper and Lightspeed (M) arrived, perhaps a little conveniently quickly, but what can you do?
"Hey There! You guys coming in too?" Gripper bellowed at Camshaft and Overdrive.
All three Motorvators brought their swords and arm mounted guns out of subspace. Even Flame looked eager to join the fray.

2006-10-19, 11:45 AM
Fort Max, outside Bluestreak's quarters:

"Bluestreak, are you there?" - Lightspeed repeated, still to no avail.

Either he isn't, or he don't want to come out - the Technobot decided. But I bet I can learn his whereabouts whether he likes it or not....

Switching the console to other frequency, he addressed Fort Max himself:

"Fortress Maximus, this is Lightspeed. Confirmation of whereabouts of Autobot Bluestreak is required. Security clearance code BBAA2015."

The code wan't amongst high priority ones, but Lightspeed could hope that Bluestreak's security clearance level wasn't higher than his own, so his request should be granted.

He waited for the answer patiently - either from quarters' inhabitant or from Fort Max himself.

* * *

Metroplex, empty shuttle bay/makeshift prison for Insecticons:

Red Alert got Ultra Magnus's responce... and pondered what to do next.

Had the situation beed normal, he'd sent the Insecticons into jail (relieving them from their weapons first) and let them rust here for all eternity... But now, unfortunately, he had to decide on some other course of actions, and do it quickly. Metroplex had already landed on the Moon, and time was short before the combined assault on Cybertron will begin.

And still he had no idea what to do.

Sending the Insecticons to Gigatron would be pointless. One couldn't expect that the punishment the Decepticon leader would wrought on them would be severe enough to destroy the pests... So, it was wrong to offer more forces to the enemy. Yes, the Decepticons were still enemies - it was just a question of when they'll disrupt the truce, Red Alert had no doubt on that.

Trusting Insecticons as allies? Red Alert would rather execute the trio himself than trusted them to fight along with other Autobots. After all, only few 'bots could be trusted anyway... and none of them were trusted enough to keep an optical sensor on treacherous Insecticons while fighting.

Keep Insecticons as his own private force? Red Alert pondered the idea for a while, than dismissed it. It would require an extensive processing circuits surgery on Kickback and Bombshell before they could be used as pawns, without their own schemes and plans. Shrapnel was (or seemed to be... he could be pretending, after all) dumb enough, but still completely unreliable.

So, what to do? In which way those unreliable and temporary allies can be used in the way they would provide useful to Autobot cause, and preferably be destroyed while doing so? After all, he wasn't a strategist or something to devise a plan...


A strategist!!!

That IS a perfect idea!!!

Red Alert activated his comm link once again, switching on coded frequency instantly so no-one around could hear him:

"Prowl, this is Red Alert. I need your help... Or, perhaps, I can help you. It depends from the point of view.

I've got three Insecticons here. They claim to be deserters from Gigatron's forces. More like spies, seems to me. Still, they crave to be given some mission and have a reward from us. I've got the energon to offer as a reward. What I lack is mission. Dangerous enough, deadly even better.

Remember, they cannot be trusted to fight against Decepticons - but perhaps they can provide a distraction against Quintesson forces? This is for you to decide. If... or when you'll have such a mission for them, inform me. They'll be brought to you immediately. Red Alert out."

He turned to his prisonners, who were finishing devouring the last remnants of their energon rations, and said with a broadest smile he could manadge:

"It seem you'll have a chance to earn your reward in full measure, after all..."

2006-10-19, 06:14 PM
Warworld: Bar

Sledge chugged the rest of his drink, slammed the canister on the bar, and leaned in toward Deathsaurus. Flattop's words had encouraged him - Micros stood up for each other, after all.

"Yeah, you gonna tell me how to talk, frag-bait? Gimme a second and you'll be talkin' straight binary!"

Excavator slid down a seat from Sledge and sipped his drink. In the midst of the exchange, Stonecruncher ribbed Sledge while nursing his fuel.

"Easy, Tiny. This guy's bigger 'n you."

Sledge glared at Stonecruncher, insulted his brother would sell him out like that. "Bigger?! You think I can't take 'im?"

Stonecruncher sat back and sipped his premium through the receptor under his faceplate. "Jus' lookin' out fer Knockout. He don't wanna see ya in the infirmary..."


Warworld: Bridge

Spinister turned once more a moment later after verifying the signal. He had his own thoughts on it, but he knew well enough to keep to himself.

"We have a priority message from the Autobots, sir. Patching it through to your station."

Gigatron listened well to the communique twice, allowing his frustration to simmer before responding.

"This is Gigatron, Prime. I am also at the meeting place, but you may note my vessel is incapable of landing. Moreover, the meeting place is moot. Every moment we dawdle, the Quintessons further ready their defenses for our coming. They are as prepared as we are, but what they have that we lack is a strong line of communication among their ranks. If we are to survive and succeed in the upcoming conflict, it is imperative we even the playing field with the strength of trust."

The last word stuck iin his throat and left a bad taste in his mouth as he left. Still, as much as it would hurt, he could see that he - being in possession of the greatest trump card - would need to be first in offering the trust he did truly believe would be needed to win the coming war.

"The Warworld exists to destroy our mutual enemies, Prime. I will have two hangars awaiting you. Dock your cities here to conserve fuel over the journey, and I will meet you at the hangar to discuss our next move while we travel. Time is of the greatest importance, but concert is its equal. Gigatron out."

The Decepticon leader tapped his armrest to close the channel before turning to Spinister.

"Prepare the necessary accomodations. Be sure the inner hangar airlocks are sealed - I don't want Autobots wandering my fortress. Once the Autobots are aboard, set course for Cybertron. Tracer, assemble a sentry unit to monitor the corridors surrounding the hangars."

Spinister nodded and tapped the buttons needed to open two adjacent gargantuan hangar doors and to train the nearby exterior defenses to keep out unwelcome guests.

2006-10-19, 06:26 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

Patch stepped into the Medbay to have a look around. Seems like a good place to be, the new Autobot thought. He saw the transformer known as Sunstreaker place a wounded Autobot named Sideswipe onto the table and call for some help.

"Greetings," Patch said, "I am Patch, a medic. I hear you need some assistance." He glanced at Sideswipe and know that he needed to set to work. Patch raised his right hand and out of his wrist came a welding tool. With his other hand he grabbed another tool and set to work on Sideswipe.

"Don't worry Sunstreaker, I'll patch him right up," He said acknowledging his pun.

2006-10-19, 09:28 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck

Camshaft nodded to Overdrive and Gripper, and entered the holodeck. As the Omnibot entered the deck, he saw Strafe manning a console.

" Hey techno, do you want to join? " asked jovialy Camshaft, stepping inside the holo-city. Without waiting a reply from Strafe, he used his internal sensors to detect the transformer signatures in the surroundings.

" Overdive, I detect 6 simulations; one uncloncusive - could be a headmaster?- and 5 of the Stunticons: two of them fighting each triggerbot and the gestalt leader dealing with Guzzle. Apparently, all of our comrades are in disadvantage and with heavy damage. Any instructions, commander? " asked Camshaft, glad to be with his true comander.

Near, Dogfight quickly covered behind the truck as Deadend returned fire. The shots missed Dogfight, but destroyed his improvised cover. The truck explosion caused by the Stunticons shots damaged his wing-less back. Ignoring the damage-alert messages shining in his internal cpu, Dogfight leaped behind another stationed human vehicle - this time a police car-. The new cover was totally small, but it was the best he could find.

Leaning again, he fired his gatling machine gun towards Deadend.


" Oh damn it, I forgot about that gun! " moaned Override when Dragstrip's powerfull gun fired at him. Luckily, the triggerbot was quick enough to hide behind the building corner when the shots exploded across the wall.

" Haha! Who's the loser now, you ... " but Override's mock was severed by a resounding rumbling: Dragstrip shots missed the triggerbot, but destroyed a lot of the building floors. The structure collapsed amidst a cloud of smoke, and walls, debris and rocks fell upon him.


Fort Max, rec-area

Siverbolt smiled at Jazz.

" They are doing well. Skydive is learning fastly; he's now my second in command, but it's not official yet. Air Raid is begining a friendship with Dirge and well, Slingshot is a pain... " said the Aerialbot leader, raising his drink. " And you, my friend? " asked politely Silverbolt.

redman prime
2006-10-19, 11:06 PM
Snapdragon took another gulp of his 40-weight and peered past Slicer towards Deathsaurus and the Excavators.
"well, maybe if they get a little more energon in them, we could get something to watch. This waiting is driving me nuts."

He sloshed his drink around his glass, alternately thinking of what his paint job would look like and if they would get a show.

2006-10-20, 02:58 AM
Fort Max-Holodeck

Motormaster stood his ground and yanked his sword out, then used it to stab at Guzzle.

" You" Dragstrip said as he fired at Override.

Dogfights shots hit Deadend on the torso, leaving cracks and one or two holes in the armour. Done with the missiles, Wildrider shot at Dogfight.

OOC: Just pointing out ( in cause the other players didn't know, had forgotten, or some thing else) that since more Autobots have entered the Holodeck, other Decepticon characters ( as holo-simulations) can join in now.

2006-10-20, 03:01 AM
Prowl folded his arms as he thought over possibilites. The strategist wasn't pleased with Gigatron's request. It jeapordized the entire faction.

Analyzing alternatives, he came to the conclusion in fractions of a second, that there were none.

But this can be modified.

On a secure channel, he spoke to the others.
"We will have to cooperate, however I recommend that the hangar doors be left open- there will be no need to close them and it will provide a quick exit if necessary. Optimus, I-unit will also be able to make use of that when the time comes."

Prowl switched channels and listened to Red Alert.
Gun fodder. He kept the thought to himself, and composed a more usual reply.

"Absolutely not. The defectors wound up injured or dismembered when exposed to the Decepticon troops last time and we will be working in teams with them. If they wish to remain with us, they will continue to stay in the vacated bay until planet surface arrival. No rewards. No Autobot requests rewards, and neither will they."

Mirage smiled weakly at Blaster. "It's not the going in that's the difficult part. But we will take it out. I'm ready too."
He paused a moment and then added, "You know how to jam the detection systems?"

Storage Room
Blitzwing grumbled at the cowering Autobot.
He transformed into his robot mode and glared at the figure with a smirk.
"You're in a room, looking at far more danger and pain production than a medic would or could ever put you through."
"Get your parts in order or make the choice and just stay in here. I'm a warrior. I'm going to fight."

And he began heading for the door.

2006-10-20, 03:38 AM
Fort Max, Airlock:

Prime: -looking weary- "Unfortunately, Prowl, trust has to work both ways. If need be, we can blast our way out."

Ironhide: "Trust also don't mean we walk in actin' lahke we're beggin' ta get smashed."

Prime: "Perhaps. But if we're ever to have peace, we have to start somewhere." -activates commlink- "Fortress, contact Metroplex. Both cities are to head for the open docking hatches on the Warworld. Our planning summit will be happening en route."

Bridge, Fort Max:

Fortress: -jaw drops, looks over at Grimlock-

Grimlock: -shakes head wearily-

Fortress: -into commlink- "Aye, sir. Setting course in now." -deactivates commlink- "I don't believe it."

Grimlock: -muttering something about being soft in head seeming to be a part of any Optimus Prime he's ever encountered- "Me do. Hate to say it, but Me do."

Hot Rod: "Am I the only one who's thinking this might be a trap?" -brings engines up to power from standby, starts to lift the ship-

Fortress: -activates commlink- "Metroplex, this is Fortress. Set course for the open hatch in the Warworld. We've been invited aboard."

Hot Rod: "ETA, two minutes."

Aero Blade
2006-10-20, 03:58 AM
Storage Room, Fort Max

Aero Blade listened to Blitzwing go on about being a warrior, barely giving much reaction to it as he spoke. "I never claimed to be one. I'd be happy to live my life forever without fighting, but no-matter what I will never get that chance. I've learned by now it's just not meant to be for my kind..."

Our kind... Aero thought silently. Most normal decepticons enjoyed fighting, and were built for it, but even he himself, a complete contradiction to the stereotype, couldn't avoid it; he always somehow got caught up in it. And even if he wasn't fighting physically, he was still trying to fight against something in some manner...

Meanwhile in the hallway, someone else was approaching the storage room, curiosly attracted by the noise of familiar voices. He didn't place them immediately, but as he approached the door, he saw someone else he did recognize and was supprized to have encountered.

"Blitzwing?" Dirge asked aloud with confusion at the tripple changer's presence.

Medbay, Fort Max

It had been some time since the incident, but Stratus had still hung around, knowing Aero would need some space. For now he simply stayed in the medbay, keeping an eye on his target of choice - Ratchet.

Yes, that was the one for his partner, the head medic. He had to face a stern, hard nosed head doc with a background like this to help start getting over his fear, and most importantly the best effect would be for him to be in the medbay.

There in lay the problem. Old hard-nose had the authority, as well as already having stated, that Aero was not to be brought back in, and that would ruin everything. He was going to have to see if he couldn't work this guy over. He'd agitated enough Autobots and Decepticons in his active time to know what kind of buttons to push. It was time to see what this guy's buttons did...

Situated from his vantage point ontop of one of the medbay's cabnets, Stratus watched the medic go about his activities, keeping a sharp eye on him, all the meanwhile investigating the supplies that shared the space with him, finding a box with some metal patching plates in it that would do perfectly; loosly piled in the box, and not delicate, and they could be bent back easily if something did happen.

Having chosen his box, Stratus turned his attention back to watching Ratchet as he did his work. When the moment was just right, when the medic was crossing underneith him, Status quickly shoved the box over the edge of the cabnet so that it would crash to the ground just after the medic had passed.

Bridge, Warworld

"Understood," Tracer replied to Gigatron, finishing up with the computer as he was given his new orders. He moved over to a different area of the bridge, skimming through a computer for a quick glance at some personell files to see who would be good for this duty before he went off recruiting.

((ooc: Anyone who wants to volunteer their chars, drop me a line ;) ))

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-20, 04:21 AM
Fort Max, Corridors

"Come out wherever you are..." Crossblades said in a hushed voice. "You would think that finding Prime wouldn't be that hard, seeing how he's larger than your averge former..." Up ahead Crossblades saw an open door. "Hmmm, might as well check it out." Activating his shell's cloak he entered.

"Darn, just the med bay." The cloaked mech thought. "Well might as well stick around a bit, might find out something."

2006-10-20, 11:23 AM
As the motorvators entered, they took in the scene of carnage and listened to Camshafts assessment.
Lightspeed grinned wofishly and hollered "I'll give ya instructions!!"
He then transformed and charged down the mostly empty highway at Guzzle and Motormaster, whooping and a hollerin.
Gripper sighed, knowing what tactic his scout had adopted. "Flame, with me: lets give the idiot covering fire!"
With that, the remaining Motorvators transformed and sped after Lightspeed in flanking positions, firing at any and all targets to ensure Lightspeed got to where he wanted...

Elsewhere in the virtual city...
The Computer simulated the form of Nautilus. The Purple and Yellow decepticon hefted his Ion rifle and gave supporting fire for Dragstirp against Override.

Warworld Bar
Flattop leaned over to Sledge, and wanting to bait him further, whispered so Deathsaurus wouldn't hear.
"Yeah, you tell him man; these extradimensionals think they can come here, drink our booze and talk down to us?"

2006-10-20, 11:41 AM
Guzzle finished his charge and clippedMotormaster as he went past, just as the stunticons sword collided with his rear, and cracked his armour plating.
Damn it, that swords good!

2006-10-20, 05:28 PM
Fort Max holodeck:

Strafe was disappointed by lack of reaction the Autobots participating in mock battle had shown. Worse, he saw a new group of Autobots who rushed onto the stage (inviting him on their way), and the holodeck computers responded in kind, creating a number of holographic apparitions to fight them. Now it was impossible to see from here, was Bluestreak amongst the warriors or not.

Only one chance to find out... well, I'll take this chance!

And, transforming into jet mode once again, he rushed to the stage of simulated battle, ready to find his objective... And blast some targets on the way!

* * *

The arrival of new Autobots was checked by holodeck program and responce measures were initiated.

Clone simulation programming... Initiated. Number of clones... 100 each type. Toughness of clones... 10 per cent.

Clouds above, which were only recently painted with letters asking about Bluestreak, had turned menacingly dark. They consisted of hordes of small winged purple-metal creatures, which were floating down to the streets.

"Insecticons attack!!!" - the three commanders, unrecognisable amongst the wave of clones, ordered.

Strafe started to pour laser fire on descending wave of bugs... Unfortunately, he hadn't maneuvered fast enough to avoid collision, and fell down, swarmed all over with Bombshell's twin likenesses.

Before the group of Motorvators three insect creatures had landed - Kickback's, Bombshell's and Shrapnel's clones. The fire from Flame and Gripper devastated the group, destroying them in nanobreem; but new clones descended, some falling under the wheels of advancing Motorvators, some landing behind and screaching after their prey in useless rage, some jumping on top of Autobots. Two Shrapnel-clones assaulted Gripper, biting into his armor; three more Kickbacks landed on top of Flame. Only Lightspeed - the spearhead of the assault - remained clear, all bugs attacking him either trod on or thrown aside.

* * *

Metroplex, empty shuttle bay/Insecticon makeshift prison:

Prowl's answer had disappointed Red Alert greatly. Security Director had hoped that a way to get rid of the troublesome Insecticons would be offered to him quickly; instead, they were ordered to be his responsibility "until the landing". So, he had to devise something to busy those pests with.

"Give up your weapons!" - he ordered.

"What-what? Why should we give-give you our weapons?" - Shrapnel, who had finished his portion of energon, asked.

"Yea, why should we?" - Bombshell supported him.

"They would be inspected, reloaded and returned to you before you will undertake your mission. You shall be placed in secure CR chambers where you shall recover. Any damage that you have shall be repaired."

"Is this the way to treat..." - Kickback started once again.

"No, this is merely the condition under which you will recieve your own weapon, which was confiscated from you, back. Plain and simple."

Red Alert was sure that Insecticons were not to be trusted. But putting them into CR chambers along with confiscating their weapons would render them mostly harmless for a while, giving him time to invent some new ideas... as well as check those Autobots who participated in capturing and bringing those Insecticons here. With mind control abilities which one of the bugs possessed, one had to be careful to the utmost.

Kickback, meanwhile, had engaged in fierce argument with his teammates.

"You must trust me! Hadn't I provided you with energon as promised?"

"Not trust-trust Kickback!"

"And there were much less energon than you promised, too."

"Listen to me! Would this Autobot ask us to give up our weapons if it was his intention to destroy us? Would he feed us? No, this is only a precaution measure, nothing more. Shrapnel, if you won't agree, you wouldn't get no more energon - is this plain enough for you?"

"You want your weapon back so you try to make us surrender ours. This is some kind of perverse logic, Kickback. Did someone hit you on your head too hard?"

"Stop insulting me, Bombshell! If not for my actions, you both would rust for eternity in that hole on Earth! I saved you, I've brought you energon and I delivered more of it! You must obey my commands, or else those Autobots will destroy you and I wouldn't raise a finger to stop them!"

"Perhaps it's you who shall be destroyed by Autobots..." - Bombshell answered menacingly. "After all, my cerebro-shells make me more valuable ally than you..."

"No-no!!! Shrapnel's electrical interference is more-more powerful!!!" - and Shrapnel, intent to prove it, activated the discharge circuits around his antennae...

"Stop it!!! I command - STOP!!!" - Red Alert screamed, but Insecticons payed no attention to him. Enraged, he turned to Six Gun:

"Ready your weapons! Aim at Insecticons! At my command..."

Lord Zarak
2006-10-20, 07:56 PM
Shockwave took the disc that was offered to him, and placed it into the computer.

Information flashed up, and he began to analyse the data.

A pattern soon began to appear, and a solution to the problem became apparant to Shockwave.

He turned to face his two fellow officers.

" Hatemonger, Cryotek. As you can see, the Quintessons do expect a large-scale attack from the combined forces of ourselves and the Autobots. However, what they have not factored into their equations, is the fact that we, and not the Autobots are leading the attack.

"Without taking into account that we would take the initiative, the Quintessons have made a vital mistake. They have placed their forces accross Cybertron, in the misplaced and incorrect knowledge that the Autobots would, if not exercise, then at least momentarily consider, mercy. For once, the Autobot's failings may actually be the one thing that helps our cause.

"As such, their forces are not as strong as we would expect; they have kept numbers in reserve, as opposed to having a full contingent of numbers. I suggest the following:

1) The Autobots fight those Quintesson forces already deployed. They will keep themselves busy that way.

2) We attack the reserve troops. Not only will they be unprepared four our assault, we can clearly see that the reserves are placed near to centres of command. By attacking them swiftly and efficiently, we can regain control of Cybertron whilst the Autobots are still engaging the already deployed forces.

3) We do not, until near the end of the battle, join forces with our entrenched allies. No doubt they have their own orders and plans, and to impose upon them would jeopordise all we are working for.

"Do you have any questions, or ideas that may further help this plan?" he asked of Hatemonger and Cryotek

2006-10-20, 08:27 PM
Warworld: Bridge

"The Autobots are on approach vector, Commander," Spinister reported in his usual dark monotone. "Hangars are prepared as you ordered."

Gigatron nodded and pushed himself from his chair.

"Good. I go to meet our guests. You are in charge until my return. You have my orders."

Gigatron transformed to racer mode and sped out of the bridge, activating his comm as he went.

"Shockwave, this is Gigatron. Finish your planning promptly and meet me at these coordinates. It is time to speak with the Autobots."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-20, 08:49 PM
Metroplex Rec Bay

"That's nothin'. They won't know what's happening until we're long gone." Blaster grinned at Mirage. He knew Mirage wasn't to eagre to do this and he could understand why. "Don't worry about a thing except gettin' me in there!"

2006-10-20, 09:02 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck

Override, buired under the collapsed building, tried to incorporate. Despite the huge amount of debris covering him, he still heard the battle sounds.

" Well, at least I'm safe from the decepticon's guns... " thought Override.

Obviouslly, Dragstrip and Nautilus shots weren't able to find them, but the destruction bringed by the decepticons attack on the debris pile caused another collapse, burying Override under even more rocks.

" Arrgh! " yelled the triggerbot when a metal bar pierced through his shoulder.

Near, and unaware about his friend whereabouts, Dogfight tried again to cover behind the car when Wildrider fired, but this time he was too slow - Dogfight's wounds were slowing him-.
The Stunticon's shots hit Dogfgiht in the hip and in the left leg, causing the triggerbot to roll in the air.

Dogfight hit the ground behind the still-undamaged police car, and started to safe as energy as he could from his secondary systems. Rising on his feet - and overloading his self-repair system in the process - he fired another burst of bullets to Wildrider.


" Overdive! " said Camshaft pointig at the Stunticons attacking Dogfight. " I'm going to help him! "

The Omnibot started towards the damaged triggerbot while engaging all of his electronical warfare systems, trying to confuse or discourage the Insecticon Clones buzzing around him. He armed his weapons and fired two missiles towards Deadend and Wildrider, while adding shots from his rust rifle to his firepower.

( ooc: Infecticon, perhaps time for Menasor? ;) )


Metroplex, Insecticon lair

Six Gun quickly raised his arm guns and trained towards the Insecticons.

" You don't have to ask, sir " said Six Gun specially aiming at KIckback.


Fort Max, Airlock

Ultra Magnus stepped to Optimus Prime side, and stopping he looked towards Crosscut.

" So, Quebec mission was succesfull? " asked the city commander.

" Yes Magnus " replied the ambassador with a smile hiding behind his faceplate. " Quebec authorities acknowledged a further meeting with you, but the retake of our home has delayed the meeting. "

" I understand; good job my friend. "


Metroplex bridge

" Understood Fortress " replied Scamper after a nanosecond-silence. The drone sighed, and leaving the comm he ocuppied the nearby helm station. He manned the controls and Metroplex retracted the docking tube, heading towards the Warworld.

" Fortress, ETA 2 minutes too. The Warworld hatch is wide enough for the both citybots. "

2006-10-20, 10:19 PM
Warworld Bar

Sixshot finished another drink or two and glanced around the room, then he turned to leave, striding across the room and not caring if anyone got in the way, it was getting too crowded in here for his liking.

* * * * *

OOC: Sorry, Elcor

Fort Max, Bluestreak's quarters

There was a moment's pause after Lightspeed announced himself, then the sound of someone moving across the room could be heard.

A second later, the door opened to reveal the room's occupant as Bluestreak studied his feet, not meeting the other Autobot's optics as he mumbled "Sorry, I must have fallen in recharge, I didn't hear you at first"

2006-10-20, 10:44 PM
Fort Max Holodeck:

Emerging from the pile of rubble, Strafe manadged to shake two clones from himself; the third one he simply ripped apart. Kicking the pile to make way for himself, he saw a hand suddenly. Somebody was there, under all the debris. But who could it be - a friend or foe?

Strafe pondered what to do... then took his heat-rifle (out of subspace) in his right hand and pulled with the left, truing to get Override (though still not knowing who he is) from under the debris.

Meanwhile, Camshaft's electronical warfare systems seemed to have inverse effect on some part of clones - Shrapnel's. Attracted rather then repelled, they swarmed towards Camshaft. His two missiles exploded in clones' midst, one taking down four clones and the other pulverising two, his rust rifle had grounded three more enemies, but still a dozen fell on him...

* * *

Metroplex, Insecticon makeshift prison:

"No, don't shoot, please! We all surrender!" - Kickback cried, turning to Six Gun and Red Alert.

"No we don't-don't!!!" - Shrapnel insisted stubbornly.

"Oh yes we do", - Bombshell, never slow to access the situation, augmented his words with a strong blow on Shrapnel's head. Then he threw his cerebroshell gun toward Autobots. "I'm ready to disarm, though I can't remove my head mortar."

"This will do", - Red Alert answered coldly. "Now you, Shrapnel."

"All right-right, have it!!!" - and Insecticon dropped his grenade launcher to the floor.

"Excellent. Six Gun, gather the weapons and follow me. We'll take these... guests to the med bay where they can have proper treatment."

Unwiling to cooperate, unable to protest, Insecticons were led toward medbay...

* * *

Fort Max, Bluestreak's quarters:

"-OOC: It's alright, really :)

"Doesn't matter", - Lightspeed answered lightly to Bluestreak. "Glad to find you. You see, I'm here to ask for a favor. The matter is about Jetwave, our friend..."

...he started to explain the situation in lengthy monologue...

"... and, you see, we had a disagreement about Jetwave's weapons. Wheeljack is a perfect engineer, granted, but he decided that you would be better weapon expert - ain't it so? Would you like to help us?"

2006-10-21, 05:06 AM
Fort Max-Holodeck

Almost getting ran into by a tank did not make Motormaster a happy Decepticon. In fact, it gave him quite a few dents in his chest armour. That didn't stop Motormaster from trying to use his sword to cut Guzzle's cannon barrel off.

Dogfight's barrage of bullets hit Wildrider, making the damaged to the insane Stunticon's chest armour worse. Wildrider laughed and returned Dogfight's fire.

Having seen Camshaft on his radar, Deadend turned around in time to shot the missile heading for Wildrider down, but was hit by the one aimed for him. The explosion took out most of his arm, plus blackening and cracking Deadend's side armour. Deadend shot his gun at Camshaft as he moved towards cover.

2006-10-21, 09:11 AM
The force from Motormasters sword came down with great force on Guzzles cannon barrel: the barrel dented and buckled, but most of the force, rather than breaking it, caused Guzzle to tip forward dramatically.
"Ah nuts."
Guzzle tried to use the momentum and transformed, but landed in a heap a little way from the stunticon leader: he only had time to bring out his flamethrower, but not aim or use it...

2006-10-21, 09:24 AM
Lightspeed (M), oil pumping fast after his narrow escape from the Insecticon attack, closed the gap between himself and Motormaster: he transformed into robot mode, and using the speed he had gathered from his charge, leaped up at the Stunticon leader, whipping his sword back, ready to strike -

Behind him, Flame tried to keep a cool head as the Kickback clones landed: he kept his speed, but turned sharply to the right and then again to the left, sending himself into a desperate spin to try and throw his attackers off.

Gripper meanwhile, suffering more damage than his troubleshooter partner, put the brakes on sharply and transformed -

A short distance away...

Nautilus advanced towards the rubble that had buried Override, and began firing on Strafe, whilst attempting to use some buildings as cover.

Brave Maximus
2006-10-21, 09:52 AM
Speeder extended the docking tube to Cosmos and walked over, and climbed into the Minibot-Saucer:

"Better than sitting around in Dai, doing absolutly nothing...."

After adjusting and getting comfortable (all the while taking great care of his rifle and ammo), Speeder closed the hatch withing Cosmos. The Docking tube from Dai Atlas had retreated and everything was set.

"So...." Speeder asked, trying to break-up the silence, "Is there anything going on at the moment, so I don't put my foot in my mouth when we arrive?"

With the minicons starting the emergency repairs and Speeder safely on Cosmos, the Omega Shuttle's thrusters roared to life (as much as they could roar in a vaccuum anyway....) and the two displaced Zoners began their trip back to Metroplex.

Fort Max - Rec Area

Daniel rounded the corner, and entered the rec-area, not really sure why. Other than tending to patients, he hadn't had much interaction since his return. While he was still VERY uncomfortable being back with the Autobots, he was an incredibly sociable person and he needed to be around others.

He walked in an looked around the room and up at the Autobots gathered.

2006-10-21, 12:51 PM
As Gripper transformed, one Shrapnel clone fell under his feet and got stomped, while the other manadged to evade being crushed and jumped to the air, obviously more intent to get some other prey. His comrades took to the air too, as if directed by single urge (indeed, they were coming towards Camshaft, whose electronic countermeasures attracted them rather then repelled). For a while, Gripper was free of pests.

Flame's maneuver, meanwhile, was unsuccessful - while dislodging two Kickbacks, he ran into a close group of five more. The last clone, seeing that the impact is imminent, jumped to the air from Motorvator's roof, his hind legs slamming the hood with strength enough to tear through four-inch armor.

Six more clones landed behind Lightspeed, cutting the Motorvator from his comrades. They were twin copies of Bombshell, and their snouts-mortars spewed fragmentation shells at Lightspeed's teammates.

Strafe, too, had his fair share of troubles. Between looking to the air (awaiting a new wave of bugs) and tugging at Override's hand, he hadn't noticed Nautilus firing at him. Being stung in his shoulder and in his back with stun charges, he suddenly felt himself unable to move. He felt on his face heavily, collapsing over the Autobot he attempted to help.

2006-10-21, 04:09 PM
----------Steelhaven ,Bridge----------
"I'm over here."Hoist reported to Fizzle. Then he continued
looking at the Warworld's bridge and wondering what Decepticons are doing in there.

---------Metroplex ,Manufacturies----------
Rosdos stared at guardian drones and just realize that he have to call Fizzle ,so he open his comlink not sure that Fizzle could receive his message. "Fizzle drones are finished. Are you able check them?"

----------Fort Max ,Rec Area----------
Warpath headed toward Silverbolt's table and showing a Cybertronian chess board. "Anyone?" He asked while took off his mouthplate and started drinking his energon.

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-21, 06:42 PM
Fort Max, Medbay

"Nothing!" Crossblades thought. "You would think think!..." "Opps!" the cloaked mech throw his hand on his mouth. "Said that out loud!" Slowly he made his way back to the door. "Time to vamoose!"

2006-10-21, 10:58 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck

Camshaft optics narrowed as a dozen Shrapnel's clones headed towards him.

" Slaggit! " he yelled. The Omnibot subspaced a pair of new missiles and continued to broadcast the electronic warfare. Stepping backwards, he fired his missiles towards the insecticon swarm, trying to destroy as many as he could. Also, he fired his rust rifle to the clones.

Then Camshaft was hit by Deadend's shot. The blast scorched his right shoulder armour, leaving a pair of ugly melted holes on it, but the Omnibot continued his way.

Near, Dogfight was hit this time in the waist. He was able to shot a last burst of bullets to Wildrider before collapsing and falling to the ground, just behind the car.

Buried below the ruined building and under the fallen Strafe, Override was damaged but still on-line. Barely aware of his surrounding, the only thing the triggerbot could do was move his free hand and clapping Strafe's arm.

" My friend, wake up! " he insitsed.

2006-10-21, 11:41 PM
Fort Max Holo deck

Weirdwolf leapt from the top of a building claws outstretched aiming to claw Gripper jaws open ready to bite the Autobot/

Overdrive dropped to the ground and aiming fired at Deadend giving Camshaft covering fire

Warworld Docking bay

Wingspan looked down at the Micromaster

"s-s-so w-what d-do you t-think any use."

2006-10-22, 01:47 AM
Bridge, Fort Max:

Hot Rod: "Approaching bay doors..... Better take over, Fortress. I'll never hear the end of it if I scrape against anything."

Fortress: -transforming to head mode, locking onto his dais- "Taking control....." -smoothly pilots the massive ship into the bay, landing it gently- "We're here."

Grimlock: "Huzzah. We in belly of beast. Not even have to floss....."

Main Airlock/hatch, Fort Max:

Ironhide: -watching the indicators and hs own sensors- "We're down."

Prime: "Good. Now, we can take back our home." -hits the hatch open button-

Security Office, Fort Max:

Nightbeat: -staring at the monitors- "We're aboard the Warworld..... I don't believe it...."

Chromedome: -stunned-

Medbay, Fort Max:

Minerva and Fixit: -still working on Wing Saber-

Minerva: "Almost done. Lucky for you Ironhide got overhauled recently."

Fixit: "Lucky for Ironhide I was able to get that turbocharger in him. I wonder how he's handling it....."

Corridors near Medbay, Fort Max:

Roadbuster: -opens yet another door, lights coming on as his emerald gaze sweeps the storage room, closes door, activates commlink- "Stepper, Sandstorm, any sign of Aero Blade yet?"

Stepper: -over commlink- "Not yet."

Bridge, Tyrant:

Thundercracker: -running through more diagnostics and simulations-

2006-10-22, 03:14 AM
Fort Max- Holodeck

Only to have his sword miss since Motormaster moved after Guzzle. Coming out of hiding, Breakdown fired his gun at Lightspeed.

Deadend was hit a few times by Overdrive before he managed to make it behind a building. Even with his new injuries, Deadend continued to shot at Camshaft.

Dogfight's bullets caught Wildrider in the chest, making the existing holes bigger and causing damaged circuits. The Stunticon was also leaking energon and other fluids. Seeing his opponent go down; Wildrider started to move carefully towards the car, then around it.

2006-10-22, 02:02 PM
Inside the fallen builing, Strafe felt Override tugging on his hand. It meant his sensors were coming online; alas, his actuators weren't as yet...

"S-shot... P-paralyse..." - he manadged to croak.

Camshaft's missiles, impacted in the midst of Shrapnel's clones, pulverised three of them and scattered twice as much. One more clone fell to shots from rust rifle, one more was hit by accidental shot from Deadend. Only the last one manadged to get close to Camshaft and tried to sting him with electric charge.

Meanwhile, mortar shells fired by Bombshell's clones exploded around Flame and Gripper. Unfortunately, some fragments were near enough to get Weirdwolf.

2006-10-22, 05:23 PM
Fort Max Holodeck

Camshaft continued to move backwards taking Deadend's remaining shots on his chest, suffering minor damage. The Omnibot was confident on his super-hard body armor, but he tried to move out of Deadend's range anyway. But right now, the Omnibot had more inmediate problems.

" Yeek! " he said as the last Shrapnel clone charged towards him. The electric sting hit on the Omnibot's arm, paralysing his gun hand. With his other remaining hand, he throwed a blow to the clone head. Also, Camshaft tried to interpose the Insecticon clone between Deadend's position and himself.

Dogfight, watching from ground level Wildrider's aproach, a desperate idea formed in his head. When the Stunticon started to move around the car Dogfight was using as a hiding-place, he leaned his hands on the vehicle back and pushed it forward with all of his strengh towards Wildrider. Then he transformed into his wing-less jet mode and with his landing gear used as wheels, he engaged his afterburners and moved away from the ongoing police car. As he engaged his engines, he left a trail of fire from his remaining blowtorch blaster to the ploice car. In a second, a police car in flames was moving towards Wildrider.

" Probably the stunticon will evade the car-bomb, but the car is going to explode very soon. The blast and the cloud of black smoke will hide my retreat! " thought Dogfight, rolling fastly like a human hot rod, moving away from the police car.

Override, worried about Strafe's reply, tried to form a plan. He had his shoulder badly damaged by the ruins, but he still had some juice in his afterburner. And with Strafe's last efforts to liberate him, Override was sure he could start a dangerous manouver. Narrowing his optics and convincing himself again that the damage suffered was only simulated, he engaged his rear afterburner.

The sudden acceleration breaked his jail of debris, and Override jumped through the rocks, landing clumsy behind the ruins, just at the technobot's side. The only thing the triggerbot was able to do was to grab Strafe and dragging him out of the fire line.

" How are you pal? " asked Override.

2006-10-23, 01:37 AM
Having been watching for some thing like that to happen, Wildrider managed to dogde the car and shot his gun at Dogfight before it blow up. The explosion debree ramed into wildrider's back and managed to knocked him down, even as it covered the area in smoke.

Deadend kept firing at Camshaft, meaning to get in as many shots as he could before the Autobot was out of range.

Dragstrip fired his gravity gun at Override and Strafe.

2006-10-24, 12:15 AM
Fort Max, Medbay

Patch continued to work away on the wounded Transformer.

Almost Finished, he thought.

redman prime
2006-10-24, 03:42 AM
Snapdragon slugged the rest of his drink, then surprisingly gently, placed the glass on the bar and threw enough dinero on the bar to cover the drinks of himself and that of Slicer, the one who had offered to paint him up pretty, instead of this dull off-white and drab purple.

He contemplated for a moment, then decided that he really didn't care about his armor, Autobots were starting to land, and he needed to be closer to both them and the action, after all, Quints were lining up to get in his sights......

And the best way to do that was to get a pretty new paint job...

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-24, 04:09 AM
Fort Max, Corridors

crouching Crossblades , still cloaked walked through the halls, searching. "Come on were are they!" he thought bitterly. "I need to make it all up, need to." He shook his head. "At this point I'd seattle for finding something to help any bot..." As the bot moved something in a nearby door caught his attention, he moved in to listen. "Hmmm, can't remember which room this is..."

2006-10-24, 09:23 AM
Guzzle, moving at what felt like a painfully slow pace due to the injuries, brought his flamer to bear upon Motormaster and balsted a bout of flame at the stunticon leader.

Steelhaven, Battle Bridge
Fizzle ticked off all the autobots who had reported in... Which didn't take long.
He then replied to the communication from Rosdos:
"I'll come over and have a look once we've docked on the warworld Rosdos: you've completed them well ahead of schedule, even without taking into consideration the recent craziness. Well done friend: soon we'll have some thing that can do soemthing other than beat on decepticons!"
Fizzle opened a line to Backstreet:
"Rosdos has completed the Guardians we drew plans for back on metroplex: once we're all boarded, do you want to go there and give them the once over with me?"

Fort max, rec Area
Sizzle sighed as he finished his drink. He looked around for someone else to bait, satisfied with his work on Scoop: but there was no one else he could see. He did notice Daniel enter though, and was intrigued by the human being on board.

Cosmos grunted as Speeder got himself comfortable: he didn't take passengers often, and it left him feeling a little creeped out whenever he did.
"Well, I suppose there are a few things you should know... a short summary is, we have entered into another truce with the Decepticons in an attempt to regain Cybertron from the occupying Quintesson forces. Oh, and it seems while we weren't looking, the Decepticons rebuilt the Warworld. So, when we dock, try not to panic at the moon sized bright yellow deathstar with the decepticon decals: I have that covered."
Cosmos ignited his jets, and broadcast his flight path to the Skyfall omega shuttle and the City-bots.
"Apart from that, we have the usual motley crew of old timers and revivals. Anything you want elaborated?"

Warworld, Bar
Slicer grinned at the prospect of getting work again so soon.
"Before we pimp you up Snapdragon, do you want to see if these Micro's are gonna put there fists where there mouths are?"

Warworld, High security cell
Thunderwing stared at the energon bars of his cell. Were he at full power, if his shell were available to him or if he had his weapons, then he would break out of this pit in a nano second.
But he was stuck. Him, one of the best, the Rightful leader of this army of thugs and Ingrates! Trapped, like a common criminal!
When he was free, things would be different, oh yes...

2006-10-24, 09:50 AM
Lightspeed (M) almost lost his footing and stumbled as he landed, his sword strike missing Motormaster rather badly. This worked to his favour however, as he was no longer in Guzzles field of fire for his flame thrower.

Flame had been sent flying by the Kickback Clones kick after his unsuccesful maneauver (sp?), and was sent landing on to his car roof: he transformed in time to see the oncoming Mortar shells from the Bombshell clones, and had little choice but to duck and cover...!

Gripper, left in a better position by the Shrapnel clones retreat, saw the oncoming shells and defused the situation with some well placed blasts from his wrist cannon:
Gripper took what stock he could of the situation, and called it as best he could.
"All Autotbots, converge on the wounded and Rally: repeat, all autobots, converge on Strafe and Override Now!"
With that he began to fall back...

Nautilus (holo clone) had screamed with sadistic delight at his succesful shot on Strafe.
"Auto-filth, I am coming for you!" he shrieked.

Warworld, Prison cell#101
The real Nautilus continued to try and keep himself amused in his cell, running what little checks he could on his body, and reviewing the reports he had stored on his internal CPU.

Warworld, hangar
Roughstuff waited patiently for Hammer and Wingspan to finish their business, so as he could ensure hammer was happy with the proposed deal.

Warworld, Bar
Flattop had heard Slicers comment from across the bar.
"Oh so it's gang up on the Micro's night is it?" he cried, jumping from his stool and breaking his glass on the bar to make a rudimentary weapon.
"You reckon you're so tough? come on!"

Warworld, librarium
In the datahalls of the warworld, where the Decepticons had stored what they had felt would be of use for upcoming battles and their enemies, the Autobots and the Quintessons, a small bat creature was swooping between the file walls, a record grapsed in his claws. His name was Skar, and he was returning to his master.
His Master was sitting at a deck, reviewing more and more data on a terminal. he was a huge cynertronic bird of prey, and answered to the name of Karrion.
Skar flew past and over thee desk, dropping the record lightly by Karrion, and perching above him, upside down.
"What are we looking at Boss?" Skar asked carefully.
"We," began karrion, almost spitting the word, as if to say There is no we, Skar, there is me, and there is you "are making sure we can earn our keep. The political situation changes constantly: enemies are friends because of greater enemies. What we know now may not be enough. We must always look to better our knowledge, and ourselves."

2006-10-24, 12:58 PM
Bridge, Fort Max

"Me and my little buddy are reportin' for Quint aft-kickin' duty" Catilla piped up as he padded into the room and sat down to await a reply, glancing over his shoulder to see if Seaspray was still following him.

* * * * *

Fort Max, Bluestreak's quarters

"Alright" Bluestreak nodded when Lightspeed had finished explaining the situation, then he stepped out of his quarters, adding quietly "Lead the way, I'll need to see the blueprints to get an idea of what to suggest as a back-up weapon"

* * * * *

Corridors, Fort Max

Sandstorm glanced down at his comm-radio and shook his head with a slight smirk. So they were looking for Aero Blade, the mech had probably got spooked of the medics again, then he replied to Roadbuster's question over his comm-link "No sign of him here either chief"

2006-10-24, 04:45 PM
Fort Max, Holodeck

" Ouch! ", exclamed Dogfight as Wildrider's shots teared off his tailfin.

Turning a corner, Dogfight transformed into robot mode and moved inside a human park.

" My internal self-repair systems need time to fix some of my serious damage...Here perhaps I can find this time " he thought.



The citybot enetered the decepticon Warworld just behind Fort Max.

" To all Autobots stationed in Metroplex, we've docked with the Warworld " reported Scamper using the citybot's public adress system.

2006-10-24, 06:21 PM
Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer scanned the swamps of information hidden in the datapad, trying his best to overcome his curiosity to suck up every bit in favor of getting a general sense of the project as a whole. It was astounding.

"It just might be doable," he told Wingspan. "It sounds crazy, but... I dunno. I'll have to go over it with Knockout. You mind if I hang onto this?"


Fort Max: Rec Area

Jazz sipped his drink with a grin to Silverbolt.

"Ah, things been good. Had a fun li'l sojourn with the Wreckers. I tell ya man, those guys sure know how ta party!"

Jazz paused to take another drink and sighed. This was the life. Too bad it would be so short.

"But I think I'm gonna return ta reg'lar duty. Them guys 're fun, but I gotta be with the GIs, ya know?"


Warworld: Bridge

Spinister's focus was fully locked on the incoming Autobot vessels until their landing was complete. He knew it would be total folly for them to attempt an attack on the Warworld, but he trusted them nary as far as he could throw the whole lot. With the procedure finished, the Targetmaster commed his leader.

"Lord Gigatron, the Autobot cities are docked. Preparing to go to hyperspeed."

It was only a few flicks of the controls that caused the gargantuan hangar door to close behind the Autobot cities. After the few minutes the mechanisms took to maneuver the shield had passed, Spinister punched in a series of commands to bring on the hyperspeed engines. The enormous battlestation's thrusters shut down dead for an instant, and after the dead silence in the depths of space, Earth's makeshift second moon disappeared from sight, rocketing through space at multiples of the speed of light to find its target: Cybertron.


Warworld: City Hangar

There was nary a bump in Gigatron's drive as the space fortress took off through the cosmos. The technology was well-advanced, but it would still be some hours until the Warworld came into Cybertron's orbit. It was for the best, as Gigatron knew he needed to finish planning before they arrived. Once inside the massive hangar and near the foot of Fortress Maximus' main hatch, Gigatron transformed to robot mode and stood with his hands on his hips, waiting for Prime to present himself.

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-24, 08:53 PM
Fort Max, Corridors

Crossblades placed his head against the door and strained hear what was going on inside. "Can't risk opening and drawing attention to myself" The invisible mechinod frowned. "Well, just have to see if I can hear what's in there then. Computer, turn right audio sensor to full and also divert all excess power to it."

"complying" His computer reported silently. His clock droped.

"Yikes!" Crossblades looked around frantically looked around the corridor, praying to Primus that no one saw him. "Computer! re-activate the clock! NOW!!" With that Crossblades begin to fad out of sight again...

2006-10-24, 09:21 PM
Steelhaven, bridge

" I'll glad to see our project finished, Fizzle " replied back Backstreet, smiling. " But I'm not sure if their original program of preservation of the human lives will be useful on Cybertron, though".

The triggerbot spark suddenly brighted with foolish optimism.

" Ey Fizzle, once we retake Cybertron perhaps we'll stay there permanently, and the Guardians could be usefull for the reconstruction! What do you think? " he exclamed.

2006-10-24, 10:22 PM
Warworld Dock 152

Wingspan nodded eagerly

"s-s-sure Hammer I've got s-s-spares. I just s-stumbled over it an the recesses of the archive. M-maybe I c-c-could come with you , I might be of s-some l-little help. If y-you n-need further r-research."

Fort Max Holodeck

Weirdwolf staggered as the shrapnel flayed his armoured hide.
He continued his leap towards Gripper claws extended

Overdrive targetted the clones with his Twin Electron Cannon while his chest guns fired at the Stunticons , his Neutron Blaster firing at Dead End

Warworld Librarium

Pounce leaving his fellow mayhems to their training snook into the Librarium.

"Hey Karrion if you ever get tire of your little pet i'll take him off your hands, could always use a light snack."

Sociopathic Autobot
2006-10-24, 10:33 PM
Fort Max Med Bay
Sunstreaker looked down at Patch and sneered.

"Just fix him." Sunstreaker said with an annoyed tone. "I will need your assistance again when you're done fixing him up, so be quick."


Metroplex Medbay

Blaster moved from Mirage and went to an energon storage unit and filled up a cube. "You want any, buddy?"

2006-10-25, 03:43 AM
Fort Max- Holodeck

Guzzle's shot hit Motormaster straight on and started to melt his torso armour (and damaged the circuits under it). The Stunticon leader looked at his sword, before putting it in subspace and taking out his gun. Motormaster fired at Guzzle, the ducked behind a building to wait for his armour to cool.

Overdrive's shot hit Deadend, causing the Stunticon to take his attention off of Camshaft and destroying some circuits when the shot hit an armour part that had a hole in it. Deadend shot his gun at Overdrive.

Dogfight's trick with the car explosive managed to work as Wildrider couldn't find him when the smoke cleared. Almost shrugging, Wildrider looked around at the other fights going on.

Nightracer left her room, made sure it was locked and then started walking down the hallway.

Brave Maximus
2006-10-25, 04:34 AM
Speeder sat in silent contemplation for a while, as the large, golden War World grew in his view. Things were certianly a lot different than when he left. While he knew a truce was certianly on the table to retake Cybertron - he didn't think it would happen that fast.

"I have a ton of questions actually...." Speeder mused to himself, "But they're probably best left to myself. At least until I see the situation with my own optics."

Skyfall vectored the shuttle to the docking port of War World where Metroplex was docked and opened his comm:

"Metroplex Command, This is Skyfall approaching. We're going to need medical staff at the landing bay. Dai Atlas is stable but still in very bad shape."

Fort Max - Rec Area

Daniel watched as Jazz got up as he entered. He smiled and nodded to his friend as he headed towards the bar, hopeing for some food....

redman prime
2006-10-25, 04:57 AM
Snapdragon was contemplating Slicer's idea when another thought occured to him.

If we stay for a bit, i'm gonna need another drink...

He raised his hand and tried to flag down Wildrider "Hey buddy, i'll take two more over here."

With that he looked at Slicer and said, "well, i guess there's no fun in trying to get away from the only spot in this place that's having any."

2006-10-25, 09:27 AM
Gripper had only finished his hopeful broadcast when Weirdwolf slammed into him, and his claws took great gouts out of his chest armour.
"Slag It To Hell!" he cried, and he tried to bring his guns to bear on the headmaster -

Flame had been buffeted by the bombshell clones mortar attack, but damage had been minimal; he looked to his commander, nowimpaled by Weirdwolf, and carfully took aim, firing a low charge shot across his back -

Lightspeed gathered his senses, and transformed, charging after Motormaster gleefully -

The Holo-Nautilus ran at full speed to Override and Strafes position behind the ruined building, wanting to see his enemies faces.

Warworld, librarium
Karrion looked over to Pounce and sneered.
"Skar serves his purpose. I wonder if the same could be said for you?"
Skar fluttered down from his perch and flew to another a little further away, a grin on his face.

2006-10-25, 09:50 AM
Slicer looked down at Flattop: tired of fights where he had the chips kicked out of him, he felt pretty confident taking this guy on. he popped his blades from his arms:
"Kid, you don't know what you started."
With that, he levelled a kick at the micromaster.

Fortmac, Holodeck
Motormasters blast had come through the flames of the thrower and caught Guzzle square in the shoulder, and sent the minsparkler spinning back and over. He landed in a heap. He groggily wondered, What in the name of the matrix was Dogfight thinking?

2006-10-25, 02:12 PM
Fort Max holodeck:

Rescued by Override, Strafe slowly got his actuators online. Unfortunately, this process was interrupted twice; first - when Dragstrip's gravity gun was fired at their position, and second - when he'd heard Nautilus's gleeful shriek.

"I... I'm all right, leave me here, I'll hold them..." - he voiced to Override... and fumbled with his heat-ray rifle, dropping it with still-numb hands. "Damn those paralysing shots!!!"

Meanwhile, "clone war" continued on the holodeck. About a third of the clones were exterminated, but the remains were aggressive as ever.

Shrapnel's clones converged at Camshaft's position, but now they attempted a new tactics. Instead of attacking in close formation, twoscore of clones surrounded the Autobot, circling him in a ring of sparks. Unfortunately (for them - and for other Decepticons) it meant they were blocking other Decepticons' line of fire, or getting into them.

Bombshell's clones resumed their bombardment, some of them aiming at Gripper, some at Flame. Kickback's clones, having been wounded by "friendly" fire from Bombshell's likens, retreated and regrouped, leaving their intended target - Flame - alone. Instead they landed amongst Bombshell's clones, as if to strengthen the line. Now the Motormasters' team was effectively cut in two - Gripper and Flame on one side of line of clones, Lightspeed on the other. And a single Bombshell, somehow different from others, was now intently tracking Lightspeed's movements with its muzzle...

* * *

Fort Max corridors:

"Oh, I've a datapad for you right here", - and Lightspeed handed Bluestreak a datapad with Jetwave's blueprints. "I always carry a spare copy - after all, I'm an information expert in my team...

You see, Jetwave is equipped exclusively with non-energy weapons. I've never asked him about it, but it seems there's some motives to this decision. He's got guided missiles, mortars that can fire 18-inch explosive or armor-piercing shells, and torpedoes for underwater use. It was more or less all his armament in his previous mode - why it still seems to me that we've missed something?"

* * *

Metroplex medbay:

After confiscating Insecticons' weapons Red Alert, helped by Six Gun, had escorted them to the medbay. Arriving there, they've heard Scamper's announcement over intercomm:

"... we've docked with the Warworld".

"Warworld? What is it?" - Kickback grew interested.

"None of your concern, Insecticon. Get to your stasis... I mean, CR chamber, now!" - Red Alert ordered harshly.

"I don't-don't like it..." - Shrapnel whined for the umpteenth time.

"So do I... But we must do what we're said", - Kickback answered, perhaps for the first time allowing himself a thought that all this endevour with Autobots had been a mistake from the very beginning. But now he was powerless to stop it, and forced to obey...

for now.

2006-10-25, 08:55 PM
Metroplex, Bridge

Scamper deactivated Metroplex' main engines, while doubling the number of drones in all the possible entrances to his citybot.

When Scamper was doing this, he received Skyfall's call.

" Roger, Skyfall. " Touching his communicator badge, he opened a channel for the medbay.

" First Aid, Skyfall and Cosmos are bringing some woundeds here, be ready! "


Fort Max Holodek

" But if you can barely hold your weapon! " said Override to Strafe. " I stay here! "

And with that said, Override bringed his two armor piercing guns and fired towards Dragstrip and Nautilus.

Camshaft, surrounded by Shrapnel clones, was starting to suffer an electric overload.

" Whoaaa! I must act quick! " said Camshaft, transforming into car mode. With his insulator rubber tyre on the ground, the Omnibot was able to relieve some of the overload, but not all.

He engaged his car mode and slammed onwards, directly through the Shrapnel clones.

Hide in a nearby park, Dogfight inner repair system started to repair his worst injuries.

" Ha, this is as funny as I remember... surely Guzzle is enjoying it as much as I do! "

2006-10-25, 09:51 PM
Fort Max Holodeck

Overdrive staggered back as the burst of air hit him , he had been in the process of aiming at the Shrapnel clones at the tiem and his gunburst walked up through there swarm before chewing off some brickwork on a building, bisecting a window box and disecting a sattelite dish.

Warworld Librarium

Pounce glared at Karrion

"i'm a Mayhem now thank you very much and i've been hand to hand with dinobots twice now and survived. Plus i'm a very good infilitrator, very hard to spot most mechs wouldn't know i'm there unless i wanted them to."

Fort Max Bar

Tracer swiveled round on his bar school glass in hand

"heh look its another organic."

He waved his glass at Daniel slopping some of the drink over his hand.

2006-10-26, 01:05 AM
OOC- Sorry about missing your post Zarak. Yes I think I am blind.

Hatemonger and Cryotek looked up at Shockwave as he concluded his speech.

"I concur." Hatemonger said nodding his head. "By seperating our forces and striking where they are weakest and moving in and by not directly assisting our forces it will help create panic among the Quints when a suddenly far superior force begins to wipe them out." He said looking at several maps and graphs.

"It seems the Quints have some new tech since we last fought them." Hatemonger said eyeing footage of a group attacking lower level gestalts on Cybertron. "However with the upgrades to Predaking and the superior Decepticon and Autobot combiner groups I think the Quints are in for a most unpleasant surprise." He said looking at Cryotek.

"Yes, also I feel we do need to involve the Autobots in the planning stages of the battle to retake our land. However, as Shockwave said this must remain a mostly Decepticon strategy. As our thought processes are far more militarstic than the bots could dream of being. That being said we should draw up plans using both the Autobot and Decepticon warriors to create the greatest shock and destruction of the Quints as we can." Cryotek said waiting for a reply from Shockwave.


"So I wonder what Quint taste like." Rampage said smiling.

"If you want to taste Quint you have some issues." Divebomb said polishing one of his rifles.

"I would think they taste like vermin much like the small creatures on Earth." Razorclaw replied from his perch in the ceiling.

"Bah, slag their taste just let me stomp them into the abyss." Tantrum snarled.

"Or run them through their sparkless hides." Headstrong grunted.

"Or we could just shoot them!" a voice shouted entering the mess hall as Quake had enough shooting targets and really needed a real target he could blow up. Tiptop and Heater followed near him.

"Bah where is the fun in that?" Rampage said looking at the Targetmaster.

"Hmm, it is rather funny seeing any creatures eyes look wildly before they dim when you place a round right into their CPU core." Divebomb smiled coyly.

"Yeah, but it's not as much fun as feeling the energon and oil pouring on your body as your rip them apart." Tantrum said starting to agree to a point with his hyperactive Predacon brother.

"Oh if your close enough to them you still get plenty of that!" Quake said grabbing a seat and sucking on some energon.

"How about we just agree that tearing Quints to bits will be fun." Razorclaw growled from above.

"Sure why not." Quake said tossing down an energon brew.

"I guess so." Rampage said as the other Predacons kicked a droid to gather more drinks for the group. "Get one for the Targetmaster too." Tantrum grunted booting the droid again as it buzzed and rolled off and the group laughed outloud.

2006-10-26, 01:33 AM
WarWorld- Bar

Wildrider put the drinks Snapdragon had ordered on the table in front of him.
Fort Max-Holodeck

Since he was being ignored by the Autobot he was shotting at, Breakdown kept on firing his concussion cannon at Lightspeed.

Dragstrip was hit in the shoulder by Override's armour piercing bullet. The Stunticon ignored that one of his shoulders started giving warning signals and the fact that the area that wasn't feeling pain was numb. He kept on firing at Override. There was no way Dragstrip was going to...lose...to an Autobot.

2006-10-26, 02:24 AM
Foot of Boarding Ramp, Fort Max:

Prime and Ironhide: -descend the ramp-

Prime: "Let's start planning, Gigatron."

Cunning Ravage
2006-10-26, 03:20 AM
Fort Max, Corridors

"Warworld!" Crossblades's eyes narrowed. "Things must be speeding up. But got to foces." Every sensor receiving center in his brain switched to processing incomeing data from his right audio sensor.

"Plan...? Slag! Can bearly make this out! Whoever is in there must have moved even further away from the door..."

redman prime
2006-10-26, 03:29 AM
Slicer's kick at Flattop caught Snapdragon by surprise, he had thought that they had been whispering rather quietly, and the fact that he had drinks in front of him now...

decisions. get made a different shade or beat up some midgets?

Snapdragon slammed the fresh drink and stood up behind Slicer, not volunteering, per se, but having a mind to watch a cons back...

Midgets, not quints or bots, but close enough

2006-10-26, 05:31 AM
Fort Max, Medbay

Patch straightened himself out and put the tools away, restoring his right hand. He looked at Sunstreaker and smiled again. "All done,"

His patient was fully repaired in a matter of minutes. Patch stepped away from his workstation and asked, "What is it you want me to do Sunstreaker?"

2006-10-26, 06:17 PM
Fort Max: Rec Area

Jazz' usual grin opened into a full-blown smile at the sight of his long-displaced human friend.

"Danno!" he exclaimed. "Good ta see ya, man! Where ya been? Lemme getcha drink, eh?"


Warworld: Dock 152

Hammer nodded to Wingspan with an ecstacy born of his imaginings of what he could make of this. He gave the Clone a friendly and appreciative slap on the back as he started walking.

"Always good to have you along, pal." Hammer stopped for a moment to turn back to Roughstuff. "So we're all set then? Like I said, I'll get you the rest on delivery."


Warworld: Bar

Sledge's slurred attention turned as quickly as it could from the perceived potential threat of Deathsaurus to the actual threat of Slicer. The fury built in an instant, and Sledge hurled his canister at the former Action Master's forehead before lunging at his midsection. It didn't matter whether he'd actually hurt Flattop, that he was bigger, or that he had backup - it was the principle!

Stonecruncher simply sat back and watched, chugging on his drink.


Warworld: City Hangar

"Indeed," Gigatron answered Prime flatly, restraining the instinct to tear out the Autobot's optics. "Shockwave and Hatemonger are meeting at present to finalize preliminary battle strategies. If you'd accompany me to my war room, I can familiarize you with our brainstorming so far."

Gigatron stepped aside and extended a welcoming hand toward the lone turbolift at the end of the city-sized hangar. He was satisfied with his efficacy in putting the ball squarely in Prime's court - if he acceded, it would be a great step toward trust for all parties; if he denied, a bipartisan battle plan would be difficult to reckon. It was one of those many subtle moments of truth political gambling tends to generate.

2006-10-26, 09:28 PM
Fort Max holodeck:

"Thanks, pal", - Strafe replied to Override. "I'll... I'll..."

Wordless (forgetting completely this was only a simulated battle), he attemped to crawl to the edge and tried to get his weapon. Fortunately, the effects of paralitic shells were almost over now, and he manadged to bring his heat-ray rifle and aim it - if not precisely at Nautilus then in his general direction.

"Now you'll pay for your treachery, Decepti-scum!!!" - he cried, and blasted aquatic Decepticon with hail of heat rays. "Dive if you can!!!"

On the other side of the simulated battle, Shrapnel's clones had a tough time. First, Camshaft had manadged to get out of their ring (squashing three into mecha-pulp on his way). Second, Overdrive's burst teared through the ranks, slaying six more in rapid succesion. And last, when the remaining clones were about to start the pursuit, heavy stones and chunks of cement from the destroyed building crushed on them from above.
Then two pieces of satellit dish, falling on top, had finished the picture.

A lone figure of Shrapnel emerged from a cloud of dust on wobbling legs. Suddenly it transformed into robot mode - the last of the clones was a simulation of Shrapnel himself.

"Now you-you shall pay-pay for thisssss, Autobot", - he hissed, and blue sparks flew from his antennae.

Around Overdrive a part of the street was engulfed with electric fire - lamposts blew out spewing electricity, underground cables shorted out, adding their power to the electrical malstroem. The window of nearby store shattered and chunks of glass flew out as all the TV sets exploded inside.

"I shall-shall FRY you, SKREEEEEEEEE!!!" - mad Insecticon screached as electricity he controlled was unleashed at his enemy.

* * *

Fort Max medbay, Stasis Bay 12:

The trio of Technobots - Scattershot, Afterburner and Nosecone - were helping Wheeljack with re-assembling Jetwave into his new form, while waiting for Bluestreak.

The work was going slowly, but surely. Jetwave's internal frame was now bulging here and there with miomer muscles, drives and actuators, mechanisms and wires. It was only a short time before sensor and comm systems would be installed, the outer layers of the armour placed, and then...

A miracle of Reformat would be over.

* * *

Metroplex medbay:

The Insecticons were about to enter their (secured) CR chambers when a signal came from the bridge:

First Aid, Skyfall and Cosmos are bringing some woundeds here, be ready!

"Oh... in case of this", - Kickback said smartly, - "we'd rather be stationed somewhere else, not to interfere with treating your wounded... By the way, how were they wounded - was the truce breached or what?"

"It is of no concern to you, Insecticon!" - Red Alert answered angrily. "Get in or swear by Primus I'll put you in stasis bay instead!"

"Well are we pushy today... coming, coming already", - and Kickback was the last of Insecticons to take his CR chamber. Lids hissed, closing down and locking on them, then Red Alert went to a wall console:

"Red Alert to Metroplex. Entering directive.

CR Chambers MB-12, MB-13 and MB-14 must be blocked and locked. Opening allowed by authorised personnel only, specific Red Alert, Ultra Magnus or under direct command by Optimus Prime.

Directive is to be executed now. Red Alert out."

Free at last, the Security Chief went on his duties. He had to check if communicating with Insecticons had any effects on the Autobots inwolved... But first things first, and now he had to inspect (and, possibly, question) the new arrivals.

Red Alert headed for airlocks.

Aero Blade
2006-10-26, 11:03 PM
Medbay, Fort Max

Wing Saber continued to lay as he was while the medics worked on him. He wasn't quite sure what they were talking about, but the name they'd meantioned sounded familiar. After a moment of thought he was able to recall it from the original crew listing for the Ark, whick piqued his curiosity a bit.

"This Ironhide you meantion, why is good?" Wing Saber asked to Minerva, unsure of how this had anything to do with him, having never met the Autobot.

Bridge, Warworld

Having finished looking through the personell files for adequate recruits, Tracer quickly checked on the condition of the Autobot ships' docking, seeing that he'd best get on the move in the event the Autobots decided they'd try to have a look around...

Tracer started immediately to the airlocks that needed to be monitored, openning up his com along the way. "Snapdragon, Karrion, report to the docking bay airlocks for an assignment."