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2006-10-02, 08:41 PM
*Editor's note: I took over this last minute...I'm posting what was available. If you had a promised match that isn't here, please accept my apologies. I will be working to get things straightened out and get shows out. Please PM with suggestions, requests or if you want to write and WILL ACTUALLY TURN THINGS IN.*

On January 14 1953. The first televised wrestling event in Canada took place here. One year later, here....in this ring. Killer Kowalski severed the ear of Yukon Eric.

It was here... that the first WWF Intercontinental Champion got his start. That was man was the legendary Pat Patterson. Many famous men followed in his footsteps. Men like Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon and his brother Paul "The Butcher". Men like The Rougeau family, Dino Bravo, Ron Garvin and Rick Martel.

But it wasn't just the wrestlers themselves that made this place what it is. It was the matches that took place....here in the Montreal Forum. It was the city and you fans that made wrestling what it is here... in the Forum. It was in this building back in 1972 that the great Don Leo Jonathan took on a very young Andre The Giant. It was in Montreal that the infamous Survivor Series screwjob took place. It was here that fans around the world started calling every two count with TWOOOOOOO!.

And so tonight, the AWF continues that hallowed tradition by presenting you with AWF: Archivemania: ReGenesis.

Joey: TONIGHT! The AWF returns to you?and we?ve brought all the stops! The JFA and JHA will be here?Flec is here?

Flec: I can name TWO people who WON?T BE HERE!

Joey: That is true?two AWF main stays?two icons, will certainly not be here?those being?

AWF Corporate Suit: Excuse me Mr. Styles?

Joey: Yes?

ACS: We?d like to point out that it would be best if you refrained from mentioning the nearly mentioned suspended wrestlers?

Joey: Are you kidding?

ACS: We at the AWF Corporate Offices do not have a sense of humor that we are aware of?please refrain or you will be fined?repeated offenses will result in your dismissal from the company?have a nice day.

Joey: This is a joke right?

Flec: I don?t think so!

Camera cuts to outside of the Arena just as Viewfinds custom green and black 2007 H3 pulls up

JFA: "Viewfind is here!"
JHA: Fo' shizzle, mah nizzle, what's up with you, dawg!"
JFA: "Huh?"
JHA: "No beef, man, no beef!"

Keith Kincaid is shown running up Viewfind car

KK: "I'm outside the arena and i'm going to try to get a word with Viewfind about the now vacated AWF title."

Keith Kincaid then tap's on the window.

Just then the door swings open and Viewfind steps out

VF: "Yo man, you just touch my ride"
KK: "Viewfind i'd like to have a few words with you about the AWF title"
VF: " Whoa whoa, before we get to the AWF title let me spit some truth.
They say tonight is the rebirth of the AWF, well i'm here to abort the AWF and expose it for the racist federation it really is."
KK: "But... but Viewfind"
VF: "Don't try and stand up for you're white slave masters Keith, ever since day one the odds have been stacked. Just like when i was the most dominating Hardcore champion the wrestling world has ever seen they sent me into the steel cage vs 5 other men.
All because i'm not some little monkey on a leash like The Game, or Y3B.
You see this dog is off his chain and i'm ready to bite.

Viewfind then takes a step back and looks over at his hummer

VF: "You did touch my car fool and put a smudge on the window!"

Just then Viewfind grabs Keith Kincaid by the back of his shirt and throws him into the side of the hummer leaving a massive dent in the side

JFA: "OH MY GOD! i think Viewfind just killed Keith.
JHA: ""Yo kid, you best be watchin' ya step!"


The AWF would like to take a moment to thank the fans who have made all this possible?for the patience you have shown during our recent buy out and situation, for standing by us during the tough times we promise that we will deliver high quality AWF Programming once again!

The AWF will be seeking to change its programming to accommodate a more profitable schedule. The AWF will show PPV?s every 2 months?and will produce a new segment of Mayhem every two weeks. This will be done in order to maximize our resources.

If you feel you can contribute to the AWF in some way?don?t hesitate to contact us. We have big plans for the future?and your input and assistance are vital for completing our comeback?once again?THANK YOU!


The Cameraman continues to follow Viewfind backstage as he looks for Mikal Ashoka.

VF: "If you want to find the biggest piece of **** around i guess you gotta look in the dirtiest toilet.

Just as Viewfind is about to enter the Men's bath room he hears a discussion about tonight's card.

VF: Stand back boi im about to pull a Suge Knight up in here!

Viewfind then kicks the door open only to find some AWF Ref's and a new face in the crowd.

VF: awww DAMN! i ain't looking for some white boi's in pinstripes.
Y'all remind me of when i did 10 years in big hizhouse.
Now what one of ya'll going tell me where Ashoka be at?

The Ref's all look around till one speaks up.

Ref: "Uhhhh i have"
VF: "Oh have you now?
Well who might you be white boi?
Ref: " I'm Steve Hayden the newest ref, i came here with Mr. Ashoka from Stampede Wrestling.

Viewfind then looks at the camera with a big smile.

VF: Say Steve you think you can deliver "Mr. Ashoka" a message for me?

Viewfind then grabs the Ref and throws him down to the ground then steps on his right hand.

VF: "Here is the message steve"

Viewfind then lefts his leg up and stomps down on the Ref's right hand.

JFA: "OH MY GOD....... i think Viewfind just broke his hand."
JHA: We ain't, go-in nowhere, we ain't, goin nowhere We can't be stopped now, cause it's Bad Boy for life!
JFA:"Viewfind and turned into a maniac, this is a side of him we never seen before.

The Human Bulldozer: Tempest vs The Phenom: Brave Maximus

Styles: Well folks, here's a match we thought we'd never see.
Flec: What are you on Styles? We figured both guys in the match were dead.
Styles: How could you say that?
Flec: Well, one guy is technicaly "undead" while I'm pretty sure the other is brain dead.
Styles: That may be so, but none the less these two behemoths of the squared circle are going to settle things once and for all.

Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
They can be ****ing with other niggas ****, but they cant be ****ing with mine pistol grip pump on my lap at all times
pump on my lap at all times
pump on my lap at all times
They can be ****ing with other niggas ****, but they cant be ****ing with mine

Tempest makes his way to the ring as the fans boos the self proclaimed Human Bulldozer. He steps into the ring and mouths off to the fans as he waits for his opponent to appear.

The darkened arena gives way to a silent, eerie calm?just before the lights come up to reveal Brave Max climbing the apron

Styles: And listen to the crowd as they welcome back Brave Maximus.

Flec: Listen to them indeed, these peons wouldn't know real talent if walked up and slapped them all in the face. I mean, they're cheering a man that no one has seen in almost 18 months. Besides, as you can see Tempest doesn't care, he's going right after him anyway.

Tempest doesn't even wait for Brave Max to fully enter the ring before kicking him in the head. He stomps on him a few more times before bouncing off the ropes and giving The Phenom a huge splash.

Flec: Tempest with the splash and now the quick cover.



Styles: And noooo, Brave Max with the kick out. Tempest will have to do a little more work to take this man down. We've seen in the past that Brave Max can take a lot of punishment.

Flec: True, but Tempest can dish it out as much as Max can take it.

Tempest picks up Brave Maximus by the hair and nails him with a knife edge chop, backing him into the corner. He goes for another one but it's reversed. Brave Max now attacks with a serious of body shots which leave Tempest stunned. Brave Max steps back for a moment to size him up before picking the big man up and dropping his head onto the turnbuckle.

Styles: Brave Max with that Snake Eyes, now gaining the upper hand.

Flec: It's still early, Styles. No matter what these ham 'n' eggers try to do, they can't wish a victory and it just magically happens. These boys need to earn it and Brave Max hasn' done that yet.

As Tempest stumbles back from the turnbuckle, he turns around only to be met by a stiff punch coming from Brave Max. He then garbs and wrenchs Tempest's right arm and points to the turnbuckle, much to the delight of the crowd. They all starts chanting "OLD SCHOOL....OLD SCHOOL

Flec: What the hell does he think he's doing now?
Styles: We've seen him do the move before and he's up the post now and...OH MY GOD!!!! He just jumped out to the outside of the ring, nearly ripping Tempest's arm right out of his socket in the process.

With Tempest writhing in pain, Brave Max slides back in and applies a triangle choke to the Aussie.

Styles: Brave Max has him now.
Flec: Don't be so sure, Joey. Look, my boy knows what he's doing He's too close to the ropes

And true enough, Tempest wraps one of his legs around the bottom rope and ref makes Brave Maximus break the hold. He does so, but immediately goes back on the attack. Brave Max drags Tempest to his feet, grabs by the throat but the Aussie breaks free and counters with a chokeslam.

Flec: See Styles, I told you. Tempest has this thing all under control. He's going to finsih it right here and now.

Styles: You may be right, Flec. The Human bulldozer is making his way to the top rope right now. I think he's going to try and finish this off with a Shooting Star Press. But what's this?

As Tempest turns to make the leap, a he sees Brave Max standing right in front of him. the Phenom grabs Tempest by the throat and delivers a chokeslam of his own from the top of the turnbuckle. He then signals the crowd for his finishing move.

Flec: Aww crap. anything, but this. C'mon Tempest, fight it .

Styles: there's not much he can do know. Brave Maximus has him right where he wants him. This is it fans, for the first time in 18 months we're going to see the Rest In Peace.

Brave Max picks Tempest up delivers 3 backbreakers in a row before following it up with a side slam. He goes for the cover...



Before the ref can count to 3 Brave pulls Tempest up and sets him for something else.

Styles: What the hell is this? He had him beat but now he just
wants to punish him even further.

Flec: now that's more like it. C'mon Brave Max finish him off.

Styles: Weren' t you just cheering for Tempest a minute ago?

Flec: Yeah, but I knew this was going to happen. You know me Joey, I always go with a winner.

Brave Max sets Tempest's head between his legs and points to the crowd. They're all on their feet.

Styles: This is it, the crowd wants and.... HE'S UP and....FINAL DARKNESS. THE CROWD IS ELECTRIC THE REF MAKES THE COUNT.





Styles: Quite the return for the big man wouldn't you say Flec?

Flec: Like or not, Brave Max is back, baby. I can't wait to see this guy put more people in the hospital. This is sweet.

AWF Tag Championship: Vin Ghostal & Xille v Serial Slackaz

Joey: Interesting match up here?

Flec: I?d say so?don?t Ghostal and Xille hate each other?

Joey: I think its called association by necessity.

Flec: I think its called asking for a brawl?

The Saga Continues comes across the PA system?

Flec: Have I ever mentioned how over-rated I find this guy?

Joey: Once or twice?but never on air?

Flec: On-air? CRAP!

Sixy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the AWF Tag Team Championship. Making his way out first and hailing from Camden, New Jersey?here is V3, VIN GHOSTAL!

Joey: Mixed reaction from the crowd for one of the more schizophrenic superstars of the AwF?

Flec: I really like this guy?

Joey: Too late?

Kennedy takes over?

Sixy: And his tag team partner?hailing from Lancaster, Ohio?The X, XILLE!

Joey: Much larger ovation now for X?and Ghostal doesn?t seem overly thrilled about that!

Comfort Eagle begins to play now?

Sixy: And their opponents?Ignavus and D-Extreme?the Serial Slackaz!

Flec: Great?the drunk and the moron?wonderful!

Joey: The Slackaz looking surprisingly focused here tonight?making their way out to the ring. Not what we have come to expect, AT ALL?sliding into the ring?and INSTANTLY a double running drop kick to Vin Ghostal! Ghostal topples to the outside! Xille ducking under an attempted punch, X countering with a spinning heel kick, sending Igz outside, ducking under a big boot attempt by D-Ex and landing a low blow, between the legs?I don?t believe we?ve ever seen that from X before?

Flec: First time in his life he has ever been even remotely close to resembling interesting!

Ghostal on the outside, takes advantage of the referee?s distraction to worn X, by planting Igz back down with a chair shot to the face, before making his way back up to the apron.

Joey: How did the referee not hear that?

Flec: AWF ref?s are like those three monkeys?see no evil, etc.

Joey: X being very aggressive here, flying clothesline sending the big man down and following it up with a standing senton, quickly up, grabbing the leg and driving the knee down into the mat!

X tags in Ghostal, who looks a little surprised by his partner?s aggressiveness.

Joey: V3 in now, looks over at Igz, struggling to get back up on the apron, dashes over and delivers a back elbow that sends Igz back down hard to the floor, turns and lands a haymaker right to the temple of D-Ex. V3 now, looking to end this early, calling for The Cutting Edge, block, spinning around V?s back?D-Ex with a desperation bulldog! X in illegally though drop kicking D-Ex in the back of the knees. Igz now back on the apron?having had enough of this, running across the ring and a suicide spear sends both him and X to the outside!

Flec: My boy Vinnie G?

Joey: Just stop?

Flec: Like he heard me?

Joey: Anyway, Igz and X on the outside, X slowly making his way back up, meanwhile in the ring, V3 is up, referee checking on those outside the ring, Ghostal with a kick square to the downstairs area?D-Ex buckles down?Ghostal setting up the Cutting Edge again?

Flec: Check out the kid!

Joey: Xille on the outside, taking up a chair and he embeds it into Igz, skull! What?WHAT? Now sliding into the ring, D-Ex shoving off V3?s attempt at the Cutting Edge for a second time, BUT HE?S NOT GOING TO SHRUG THIS OFF!

X plants the chair right into the face of D-Ex, causing an immediate disqualification.

Joey: What is happening here? Has he gone mad? V3 just lost the tag titles?AND HE?S SMILING ABOUT IT! X now setting the chair across the face of D-Ex?heading to the top ropes! LOBOTOMY! Lobotomy delivered down across the chair. Ghostal being the opportunist slides outside and delivers the Cutting Edge to the already downed Igz?what has happened here? What has come over Xille?

Flec: Tired of being a cutesy pretty boy?

Sixy: The winners of the match as a result of a disqualification?and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Serial Slackaz!

Flec: Not looking much like champs at the moment?do they?
Joey: AWF security on the way out now to break this up?Ghostal looking on fondly, as if he had been waiting for this moment. The Slackaz regain the titles, Xille has gone mad, and I think this feud is just getting started!

Las Vegas

Erik Summers stumbles out of a casino. He has 5:00 shadow and looks as though he has been awake for days. A few seconds later, Sean O?Con joins him.

Summers: What day is it?

O?Con: Friday?

Summers: I thought it was Friday when we got here?

O?Con: Was it?

Summers: Weren?t we going to do something?sometime?

O?Con: Our former employer is having some sort of show?we were going to crash.

Summers: Wait?former?aren?t they still paying us?

O?Con: Technically?they are paying us to stay away?I think.

Summers: Ah?so what happens if we were to say?show up for work?

O?Con: Jail?showers with dudes?no booze?

Summers: Really? They?d send us to jail?

O?Con: I think that is what Captain No-Neck proclaimed.

Summers: Suddenly?I have a bad idea!

O?Con: Why does that not surprise me?

Summers: I?m thinking it is time for us to have some fun.

O?Con: That comes after breakfast, right?

Summers: Of course?

O?Con: Bloody hell?let?s go, you?re buying right?

Summers: Breakfast? Sure?

O?Con: Actually, I meant the tickets?and I hope you have bail money, bloody wanker of a dealer?

Summers: Told you not to go all in with pocket deuces?

AWF Intercontinental Championship: Y3B Blaster Vs. Black Zarak

RA: ?Ladies and gentlemen? the following contest is scheduled for one fall? and it is for the AWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!?

The crowd cheers as the lights fade and the Y3B countdown begins. As the clock hits zero, ?Personal Jesus? by Marilyn Manson kicks in and the Ayatollah himself- Y3B- appears on the stage in a shower of silver pyrotechnics. The crowd is lapping it up- signs sporting Maple leaves, Y3B and various praises to the Sultan of Swish can be seen throughout the audience. Blaster smirks as he makes his way to the ring.

RA: ?Introducing first? from Vancouver, British Columbia? the Avatar of Awesomeness? Y3B? BLASTER!?

Y3B pauses on the ring apron. Looking as if he is about to swing one leg through the ropes and get into the ring, he feints and instead faces out from one side of the ring to look around all the ?Blastermaniacs? throughout the arena. He still receives a thunderous ovation as he finally gets into the ring. The ovation quickly dulls, however, as ?Bite The Hand That Feeds? by Nine Inch Nails disrupts the proceedings.

RA: ?And his opponent? from Failsworth, Manchester, England? BLACK ZARAK!?

The booing comes thick and fast toward Black Zarak as he struts toward the squared circle. A chant of ?Wolfang? starts to break out somewhere in the crowd, much to the chagrin of the Failsworth native. He makes a couple of lewd gestures towards the general area of the chanting before striding up the ring steps.

JS: ?Well? I think it?s pretty evident who the fans are rooting for??
RK: ?You ain?t kidding??

The bell rings and the two competitors square up.

JS: ?You?re awfully quiet tonight, Randal??
RK: ?I don?t have anything to say yet??
JS: ?It?s never shut you up before now??

The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Zarak gains the advantage and pushes Blaster to a corner before starting to pepper him with some pugilist techniques. The referee calls for a break and, to the amazement of the crowd, Zarak steps back without slipping in an extra hit. He holds his hands up and looks around- right before he boots Blaster in the face.

RK: ?Ow??
JS: ?What a cheap move? that was completely uncalled for??

Noah Ordak admonishes Zarak for the move as Blaster checks his forehead and gathers his bearings.

JS: ?Zarak seems to have an early advantage here??
RK: ?But, as you?ve often said, anything can happen in the AWF??

As Zarak moves back to press his advantage, Blaster quickly spins his opponent into the corner and starts blasting away with knife-edge chops to the chest. After a rapid succession of seven hard chops, Blaster Irish whips Zarak across the ring and follows in close behind to hit a clothesline on the Failsworth native. Zarak stumbles out of the corner in a dazed state. Seeing his opportunity, Blaster takes a run toward the ropes behind Zarak and makes an attempt at his trademark running bulldog. Zarak has the move well scouted and dives to the canvas as Blaster leaves the mat. Blaster lands with a thud and Zarak immediately starts pummelling him with some vicious punches to the head.

JS: ?Zarak had that running bulldog well scouted, King??
RK: ?Well, Zarak knows that when he gets hit with that running bulldog it gives Y3B the opening he needs for the Soundsault. If that happens, Y3B could be taking that belt home? and that?s not what Zarak wants.?

Meanwhile in the ring, Zarak pulls Blaster up to his feet just to scoop him up and throw him down with a body slam. A standing elbow drop follows to leave Blaster reeling slightly as Zarak pulls him up again. The Mancunian mercenary holds Y3B up as if for a fall-away slam and proceeds to deliver a backbreaker on the Ayatollah. He keeps hold and pulls Blaster back up for another backbreaker. On the third attempt, however, Blaster manages to spin through and into a modified crucifix pin for a two count.

JS: ?Y3B nearly walked away with the belt there??
RK: ?You aren?t kidding? that was close??

Both men are quickly back up and start exchanging right hands. Blaster loses the advantage he had from the surprise second wind and falls victim to a shortarm clothesline from Zarak. The crowd are not pleased with the way this match is going and aren?t afraid to show it.

JS: ?Zarak seems to have dominated this match so far??
RK: ?Zarak has the advantage in height, weight and strength. Blaster is faster? but that counts for nothing if he?s lying on the canvas??

Zarak stomps on Blaster a couple of times before once again dragging the Canadian to his feet. Zarak picks up Y3B as if for another scoop slam but a small shift in his position reveals that he has something else in mind? and he drives Y3B into the canvas with a Tombstone piledriver!

JS: ?Oh hell? that?s gonna leave a mark??
RK: ?Ooh? nasty??

Zarak rests his knees on Blaster?s shoulders and pushes down on the Ayatollah?s thighs with open palms. He sneers at the crowd as the referee starts the three count. With the referee?s hand less than two inches from registering the three, Blaster manages to push out of the cover. The crowd are ecstatic. Zarak is far from that state.

JS: ?Maybe Blaster should?ve just stayed down then??
RK: ?I?m inclined to agree with you? God help us all??

Zarak snarls his disapproval at the referee. As he continues to get in the face of Noah Ordak, Blaster is gathering his breath ready to try and win back the advantage. As Zarak pulls the Millennium magnate to his feet, Blaster quickly throws off Zarak?s hands and gets in a few more stinging knife-edge chops to the mandatory ?woo? noises from the crowd. He quickly whips Zarak to the turnbuckles. The force causes Zarak to rebound and Blaster hits the Failsworth native with a back body drop to a rousing cheer. As Zarak starts to rouse, Y3B takes a run at the ropes and meets him with a dropkick in the face as Zarak sits up.

JS: ?Blaster making up some ground now??
RK: ?I will repeat what I said earlier: anything can happen in the AWF. Zarak only needs one big move and this can be over.?
JS: ?After that Tombstone piledriver earlier, I wouldn?t be so sure of it??

Blaster quickly gets back to his feet and stomps on Zarak a couple of times before pulling the Mancunian mercenary into a front facelock. He snaps off two suplexes in quick succession and- lifting Zarak for a third- instead drapes his opponent over the top rope. The crowd cheers again at the display from the two athletes.

JS: ?There are some things you can rely on??
RK: ?Yeah? like you with those little blue pills??

Blaster takes a run towards the turnbuckles. He jumps to the middle pad and launches off with a dropkick? only for Zarak to dive out of range at the last moment. Y3B?s feet catch the top rope, and he lands awkwardly on his left shoulder as Zarak gets to his knees and clears his head outside the ring.

JS: ?That doesn?t bode well for the Ayatollah??
RK: ?That? was? brilliant. BRILLIANT! Did you see how well Zarak had that scouted??

Zarak pulls himself back into the ring as Blaster manages to get upright. There is a look of grim determination on the face of the British Columbian as he tries to conceal his pain from the approaching assailant. The fa?ade is to no avail: Zarak already has the body part scouted. Blaster lashes out with another knife-edge chop, only for Zarak to stand and sneer at the effort. Zarak thrusts his hand around the neck of Y3B- draping Blaster?s good right arm quickly over his own- and delivers a thunderous chokeslam to the former AWF Champion. The impact is all on the head and shoulder of the Ayatollah.

JS: ?He isn?t going to attempt a pin? what is he doing??
RK: ?I don?t actually think we want to know? unfortunately, we?re gonna have to watch??

Zarak pulls Blaster to a doubled-up position and slams him into the mat with a diving powerbomb- again putting all the impact on the shoulders of the courageous Canadian. Zarak gets to his feet and smirks at the crowd as he strolls around the prone form of Y3B. He rolls Blaster onto his front and proceeds to stomp on the left shoulder of Y3B. He then pulls Blaster up and Irish whips him into the nearest turnbuckles using the injured arm as a pivot. Blaster strikes the pads with force and crumbles to the mat.

JS: ?Things are not looking good for Y3B here??
RK: ?I know this is just my advice, but I think Blaster should give up. He can get any belt he wants another time? but is Zarak has his way, Blaster might have that arm in a cast before tonight?s through??

Zarak is close to laughing as he goes to collect Blaster from the mat again. He pulls Blaster upright, Irish whips him- again using the bad left arm as the pivot- to the ropes and waits for the return. He swings at Blaster with a clothesline, but Y3B ducks and counters with a flying forearm on the second rebound. The impact takes it out of the Canadian crusader a little, but Blaster seems to be recovering well: as evidenced by the flip to his feet. He winces a little and pulls back his left shoulder before giving a shout of ?Come on!? to the crowd.

JS: ?Blaster might just pull this one out yet??

Blaster takes a step back as Zarak starts getting to his feet. Y3B charges the Failsworth behemoth, and rolls him up with a schoolboy cradle. As the referee starts counting, Blaster rolls through the move and starts to apply the Touch of Faith? only to be kicked off by Black Zarak. Blaster ends up flipped through the ropes and clutching his shoulder outside the ring.

JS: ?And the fans really aren?t liking this??
RK: ?Rule number one: you don?t always get your way, folks??

Zarak pulls himself up and waits for Blaster to move. As the former AWF Champion starts to stand, Zarak makes a run at him and knocks down his opponent with a baseball slide: this time driving the left shoulder into the guard barricade. Blaster snarls again as he connects with the arena mats, and Zarak tops to exchange some banter with the fans. (This involves a certain amount of crude hand gestures).

JS: ?And Zarak continues to dominate this match??
RK: ?Speaking of dominating??

Zarak has pulled Blaster up and is about to smash the Canadian with the Blackout- his own version of the Dominator- when Blaster manages to slip out over Zarak?s shoulders. As he lands, Blaster lunges into the back of Zarak and nails a low blow with his bad arm.

JS: ?That would be a textbook definition of a desperation manoeuvre??
RK: ?Only if you knew how to spell it??

With both men now down on the outside, the referee starts his ten-count. At five, both men start to stir. By seven, Blaster has managed to roll back into the ring, and at eight, Zarak is standing over the Ayatollah and ready to finish him. He makes the cutthroat sign and follows it with a point at the mat: a precursor to the Fatal Sting.

JS: ?Right now? this might just win Zarak the match and the Intercontinental Championship??
RK: ?As long as this ends, I don?t actually care??

Blaster gets doubled-up again and Zarak lifts him for the big drop. As Blaster reaches the peak of his momentum, he quickly shifts his weight backwards and takes over the Failsworth native with a modified Hurricanranna? only to have Zarak escape after a two-count. Zarak is quickly back up following this and drops Blaster with a very fast back suplex. Zarak then steps through the ropes to the ring apron and stands on the middle pad with his left foot on the top rope.

Temporarily distracted by someone in the crowd, Zarak fails to notice when Blaster takes a run and arm drags him off the top rope. Blaster is still a little slower to get to his feet, and Zarak is already charging when he does. Blaster quickly dives to the canvas and rolls toward the middle of the ring: clutching his left arm as he goes. Already initiating a Stinger Splash towards the corner, Zarak gets hung up on the top pad and Blaster once again goes for a pin with a backslide- only to receive a two-count again.

JS: ?Momentum could be moving back to Y3B here??
RK: ?Why God? why??

Zarak rolls over and manages to grab Y3B in a Dragon sleeper. Blaster manages to counter with a couple of elbow shots and a swing into the ropes- all the while still wincing from the pain in his shoulder. Zarak reluctantly breaks his hold and gets back up, dragging his opponent upright with him. Grabbing Blaster in a front facelock, Zarak lifts his adversary up- only for Blaster to shift his weight round into a modified Stiff Beat for the three-count!


Zarak is gob-smacked as Y3B rolls out of the ring to collect the Intercontinental Championship. The courageous champion holds the belt up with both arms, before wincing and cradling the strap to his injured left arm. Zarak, meanwhile, is livid in the ring and storms out after the Champion as the crowd applauds Y3B?s victory and ?Personal Jesus? plays in the background.


As the ring announcer is about to finish his sentence, the camera shows Zarak dropping Blaster with the Venom Blade on the entrance ramp. He snarls at the fallen Intercontinental Champion and hoists aloft the belt for all the fans to see. He looks at the belt and spits on his fallen adversary- dropping the title on Blaster before he walks out. ?Personal Jesus? starts up again as more EMTs come to check on the new IC champion.

JS: ?Well? that was a way for this to turn out??
RK: ?Blaster doesn?t look like much of a winner right now, does he??
JS: ?Stay tuned folks? we?ve still got plenty more action to come on Re Genesis??

* The camera shows a darkened corridor somewhere in the arena. A small flicker of light plays across Wolfang?s mask as he emerges from the darkness. *

Wolfang: ?So? Mr. O?Reilly? in his infinite [censored] wisdom, has decided that nobody is a champion anymore. * He shrugs. * I can deal with that I guess? just another pretty rough hand that I?ve been dealt in this crap game.

Point is? I?ve played this game. I?m a former European, Tag Team, Television and Hardcore Champion. I can get gold. You want a show? Fine? I can do that too- but only if Mr. O?Reilly gives me an opponent worthy of my energies.

I am through screwing around with this. There is a red moon rising over the AWF. To anyone but the progeny of the Great Wolf? this is a bad omen.

I am delivering an ultimatum: if I do not receive the opposition I deserve, I will start tearing through the roster outside the ring. There will be nowhere to run. There will be no warning and there will be no defense. My wrath will rain down upon all herein like Ragnarok.

You make your decision, O?Reilly. Or have your monkey do it. Either way? you provide worthwhile opposition for me, or I shall relieve your federation of it?s roster.

I await your response. You have until the next show. If? at that point? I consider my opposition unworthy; the slaughter begins.

Say your prayers, O?Reilly? your employees may need them??

* Wolfang storms off back into the darkness. *

AWF 20-man ?Money In The Bank? Battle Royal- Winner Gets An AWF Championship shot

With the crowd still cheering from the last match, the announcer has to almost shout into the mic so he can be heard over the din:

Ring Announcer: It is now time for the Money in the Bank Rumble!

The cheering erupts across the arena - everyone is on their feet, shouting and clapping already. Around the arena, signs are held high: Ones for the Lock, King, Double S, CCC and a host of others.

Ring Announcer: Two men start in the ring, and every three minutes another superstar will make his way to the ring. This is a no-pin, no-submission, no-disqualifications match. The only way a superstar can be eliminated is to go over the top rope and have both feet touch the ground. The winner of this match will be given a shot for the AWF Championship!

Pausing for dramatic effect, the announcer looks around the arena:

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Swansea Whales? Double S? SIXSWITCH!!!!

?Like this like that? hits and a waterfall of sparks cover the entrance. Switch runs out through it and poses at the top of the ramp before taking off at a run. Instead of heading down the ramp, he hops off and runs down the left side barrier, slapping the hands of the fans as he goes. As he comes to the ring, he climbs up one of the ring posts and stands on the outside at the top rope, waving to the crowd. As the music fades out, he does a forward flip, landing near the centre of the ring, waiting for Black.

Joey: Should be a good first three minutes. Both Double S and Christopher want to win this match. Not to mention the bragging rights of being one of the first in the ring and winning everything. I just hope the medics have cleared Black to wrestle.
Flec: Don?t worry about Christopher Black - there?s nothing that street punk Viewfind could do to him that would keep him out of the World Title Hunt!

Ring Announcer: And the man who drew #2 on the card. From Indianapolis, Indiana: Christopher Black!

The pyro hits in time to ?Immortal? by Adema and the boo?s begin. Clearly not a crowd favourite in Montreal, even SS is taken back a bit by it. After a few moments, though, the crowd begins to quite down and Six looks a little confused and turns to the ring announcer. As the music continues to play, he brings the mic up again:

Ring Announcer: From Indianapolis, Indiana: Christopher Black!

Again, nothing. No wrestler, no pyro - only his entrance music continuing to play. Sixswitch begins to play this off to the crowd, who erupt in laughter.

Ring Announcer: Christopher Black?

His music abruptly cuts off and the crowd, Announcer and Double S all look a little confused. A heartbeat later, ?Party Up? by DMX hits and Viewfind bursts out of the tunnel, to the overwhelming cheers of the crowd, and bolts down the ramp. He quickly slides into the ring as the Announcer takes a dive out - knowing full well what?s coming.

Instantly, Viewfind sends off a flurry of right and left hands at the face of Sixswitch, who doesn?t seem to know what?s going on. Outside the ring, the Ref, while looking a little confused, calls for the bell to start the match and the clock timer begins.

Double S isn?t stunned for long though, as in moments, both men are in the centre of the ring, exchanging hard right fists. The Welsh wonder then manages to block one of Viewfind?s shots, quickly turning the tide in his favour. A series of hard chops pushes Viewfind back to the ropes where Six hopes to go for a quick elimination over the top rope.

Joey: Looks like Viewfinds road back to the gold may be cut short here!
Flec: Ha! That?s what you think, Switch can barely get Viewfind?s toe off the mat, let alone eliminate him.
Joey: Did you just say ?Ha!? before you started a response? You really need to lay off the Anime.....

Before Six can really get any leverage, Viewfind hits him hard in the head with a solid right hand, followed by a shove to get the other man off of him. Before he can launch any sort of good offence though, Sixswitch turns and runs to the other side of the ring, launching himself off the other ropes and into a massive flying clothesline, aimed at taking Viewfind over the top.

Flec: Way too easy. Viewfind pulls down the rope like a master!
Joey: Sixswitch goes for a big, highflying move and almost gets burned by a low bridge. It?s only by skill and good timing.....
Flec: And a lot of luck.
Joey: Yes, and luck, that SS manages to catch the rope and stay in the ring
Flec: That will teach him to try high risk moves in a match like this! Of course, if you take those moves away, he?s a bit of a bore.....
Joey: You?re just bitter that Black isn?t out here
Flec: I miss him......

Back in the ring, both men continue to grapple as the counter continues to wind down with 30 seconds until the next superstar arrives. Seeing that the time is running down, Viewfind switches his hold, wrapping his arm around SS?s neck and sending him back into snap DDT. Viewfind quickly gets to his feet as the counter slowly winds down and the crowd counts down the last few seconds. Six slowly gets to his feet as ?Out of the Silent Planet? hits the speakers and Judge Death. The three wrestlers face off in the centre of the ring, no one sure who to attack first.

JD is the first to act, going right after Viewfind, calling out the word ?Sinner? as he charges the other man. Both men lock up, with Death in the superior position, while SS goes to the nearest corner. Death gets the upper hand and flips Viewfind over in a snap suplex. As he releases Viewfind, though, Double S comes flying through the air in a sunset flip, landing hard on the other man, rolling off and holding his mid-section. Viewfind, never one to let an opportunity slip by gets to his feet and drops a massive elbow to the chest of Judge Death, followed by another. As he stands up and pulls Death to the sitting position.

Before he can do anything further, Six slaps him away and then lands a drop kick to the back of the Judge?s head. As he gets to his feet, Viewfind is right in his face, shouting at him. Switch doesn?t back down, and in a few moments, it turns into a shoving match between both men. Six goes for a hard punch, but it?s Viewfind who blocks it this time and grabs the head of the Welsh Wonder, sending him flying in a snapmare.

Before he can turn around though, he feels a pair of hands on his face and finds himself falling as Judge Death pulls him down in a neck breaker. Letting go of Viewfind, JD barely scrambles away from a grapple attempt by SS, who keeps pushing the attack. Grabbing Death?s arm and spinning it around into an arm bar. Pulling the Judge back, he steps up to the middle rope, then jumps and drops an elbow to the twisted shoulder of his opponent, sending JD to the mat as well.

Joey: The man who came in at number one is the only man on his feet at the moment!
Flec: Well, it won?t last for long. Viewfind?s just biding his time.
Joey: Judge Death seems to be doing a great job of holding him off at the moment
Flec: Bah! That skinny freak can?t do anything to homeslice! And with OP2005 on his way to the ring, The Welsh Blunder will have his hands full.
Joey: ?Blah??!? What were you doing during the time off?

?Welcome to my Nightmare? drones through the arena as OP2005 makes his way to the ring. He stands at the bottom of the ring and looks in, gauging the situation, cocking his head from one side to another in a rather sick way before climbing up the side of the ring. At the same time, Six lands a spinning roundhouse kick to the gut of Judge Death who goes flying back, right into the new monster at the side of the ring. Off balance from just climbing over the top rope, the attack sends OP2005 reeling back.

Seeing the opportunity, Viewfind bounces off the rope and lands a drop kick square in the mask of the demented monster, sending him over the rope!

Flec: Did you see that?!? 2 seconds after OP?s in the match, Viewfind kicks his freaky butt out! That?s what I?m talking about!
Joey: Well, Judge Death and Six did a good chunk of the work. Either way, OP doesn?t look too happy about it....
Flec: How can you tell if he?s happy or not under that mask?
Joey: Well, he?s stalking back to the ring, despite the Ref shouting that he?s been eliminated!
Flec: Oh! The Judge seems to be getting a little too close to the ring? OP2005 reaches in through the bottom rope and grabs his legs, pulling him out of the ring!
Joey: Does that mean he?s eliminated?
Flec: Nah, he has to go over the top. If he can get that monster off of him, he can just climb back in. Though...
Joey: This doesn?t look good...

OP2005 grabs Judge Death by the throat and lifts him into the air with both hands, choking the other man. Before the Refs can grab him though, OP turns it into a sit down power-bomb on the concrete outside the ring! Four refs grab the monster and start pulling him towards the entranceway, but the damage may have already been done. One of the other referees goes to Deaths side, checking him over.

Back in the ring, Viewfind and Six have been in a seesaw battle. Each man managing to land a few minor moves, but nothing substantial enough to turn the tide one way or another - both seeming oblivious to what is going on outside the ring. Viewfind doesn?t even look up, as he sends both of them down to the mat with a Russian leg sweep, when Wolfang bursts through the entrance to ?Touch of Evil? by Judas Priest.

Joey: Warm response there for the Merseyside Marauder?
Flec: Let?s see him put up or shut up?

Wolfang is immediately victimised by OP2005. The Merseyside Marauder refuses to take any abuse from the Highlander from Hell though, and immediately slams OP?s face into a security rail before setting about him with a flurry of martial arts moves. The sequence quickly drops OP and Wolfang slaps a couple of high-fives to fans as continues to the ring.

Flec: What the??
Joey: Wolfang was trained by Ultimo Dragon amongst others? did a couple of tours in Japan? knows how to utilise several martial arts disciplines? when he chooses to?

Wolfang enters the ring, but doesn?t attack either Viewfind or Sixswitch.

Flec: Wuss! He isn?t even going to try to do anything at them!
Joey: Did you not think for a minute that maybe Wolfang?s inaction is due to respect?

Sixswitch and Viewfind are now wedged in one corner of the ring, with Viewfind attempting lever Six out of the ring whilst SS has him locked with a modified body scissors. Wolfang continues to wait.

Flec: He?s just gonna stand there? Isn?t there some rule against that?
Joey: Not to my knowledge? the only ruling on it is that fans are allowed to insult him if he doesn?t participate, and they don?t appear to be doing that either?

The buzzer sounds again, and the Mad Bomber- Bombshell- makes his way to the ring accompanied by his trademark ?Drop The Bombshell? theme music.

Joey: Now Wolfang?s going to have to fight, whether he wants to or not?
Flec: Ah-ha! You insinuated that Wolfang doesn?t want to fight!
Joey: After what he just did to OP2005? Are you insane?

Bombshell enters the ring and he and Wolfang immediately lock up. Bombshell gets an advantage with his raw power, and manages to drive Wolfang back into the corner opposite Sixswitch and Viewfind- who are still trying to fend each other off in almost the exact same way they were when Wolfang entered. Bombshell puts a few shoulder-butts into the abdomen of the St. Helens shogun, before attempting to throttle him. Wolfang manages to strike the Mad Bomber with a boot to the gut before striking him with a whirlwind of martial arts moves to knock down the big man.

Flec: What the hell was that?
Joey: Shotokan? maybe?

As Wolfang pulls Bombshell up, the Mad Bomber shifts his weight and the two of them crash into Viewfind and Sixswitch. The sudden impact results in Sixswitch being flung over the top rope- but the Welsh Wonder manages to pull himself back to the ring apron before one of his feet touches the ground, and slides back in.

Meanwhile, Viewfind appears to be having a little talk with Bombshell. The verbalisation quickly turns into a shoving match, and the two start tearing chunks off of each other. As Sixswitch gets back to his feet, he finally notices Wolfang. He is more than slightly surprised when Wolfang just bows toward him, and the two lock up in their own private fight.

Bombshell and Viewfind are shifting positions quite rapidly as each tries to get his back off the top rope, Sixswitch and Wolfang are putting on a little cruiserweight/martial arts display and the buzzer sounds again. This time, the buzzer sounds and Casus ?Crimson? Crevious walks out to total silence.

Flec: Whose that?
Joey: The roster says? Triple C? Casus ?Crimson? Crevious? from Mount Olympus?
Flec: Just what we need? another idiot that thinks he?s a wrestling god?

CCC takes to the ring and opens up with a series of rights and lefts on Wolfang and Sixswitch. The two break off from attacking each other to start kicking, punching, elbowing, kneeing, chopping, forearming and headbutting the newcomer until he falls to the canvas.

Joey: Well? he got noticed?

As Wolfang starts to drag up CCC- with SS looking on- Viewfind sends Bombshell barrelling across the ring. He collides with ?Crimson?, and Wolfang just shrugs at Sixswitch as they survey the damage. Viewfind comes over and starts chuckling with them, until he suddenly chops Wolfang across the chest. The crowd suddenly start to liven up, as Wolfang just stares a hole through the former AWF Champion. Viewfind chops Wolfang again- to no effect. Wolfang grabs Viewfind by the throat and quickly delivers an uncharacteristic chokeslam to the Playa from Pennsylvania.

Flec: Ouch?
Joey: That?s what I was gonna say?

As Wolfang stares down at the damage he?s just done, he gets blindsided by Bombshell. The two go at it again as Sixswitch pairs off against CCC. Judge Death suddenly charges back into the ring, only to be eliminated quite rapidly by a superkick from Sixswitch which sends him soaring over the top.

Joey: Judge Death has just been definitively eliminated from this competition?
Flec: I?m not inclined to disagree? I think he might need his jaw restructuring after that superkick from Sixswitch?

As Death tries to pick himself up at ringside, the buzzer sounds again. This time, ?F**king In The Bushes? heralds the arrival of Auros. AS he sprints into the ring, he delivers a quick punch to all the competitors still in there before zeroing in on Wolfang. Bombshell takes exception to this momentarily- but then the two of them start to lever Wolfang out.

Joey: Wolfang?s not proving popular with the other wrestlers?
Flec: You sound surprised?

Viewfind suddenly joins the fray and three manage to put Wolfang over the top rope, only for him to slide back in at the adjacent side of the ring with neither foot having touched the floor. He starts levering out Bombshell and soon gets help from Viewfind and Auros. Though sometimes an advantage, Bombshell?s size works against him here- he lands on his feet at ringside and is outraged that he?s been sent packing this early. He kicks over the steel ring steps and storms backstage.

Flec: I can?t believe Bombshell went out at this stage of the game?
Joey: Rules are rules? Bombshell?s feet touched? he?s taking a shower?
Flec: Don?t say that? that gay monkey who hangs out with D-Extreme might here you?
Joey: Since when is Ignavus gay?
Flec: You mean he?s NOT?

As the two ponder Ignavus? sexuality (Lord knows why- they?re waiting for the action to really kick off), Viewfind and Auros are giving Wolfang a hard time again and Sixswitch is slowly tilting Crevious over the top rope. As he pushes CCC a little further towards being upside down, Auros notices that both superstars are vulnerable and runs over to deposit both outside. He hauls both over the top rope, but only ?Crimson? hits the matting- Sixswitch managed to move back onto the apron as he went over. Auros- confident in his elimination of both superstars- is strolling back over to where Viewfind is attempting to throw Wolfang out. Sixswitch comes running up behind him and delivers a dropkick into his spine, which sends El Chingador flying into Viewfind and Wolfang.

With the stalemate between Wolfang and Viewfind now broken, Wolfang suddenly charges at the slowly ascending Auros and knocks him over the top rope with a clothesline as the buzzer sounds again. As Auros hits the arena floor, ?Ministry? drones into the arena and Scarecrow runs down to the ring.

Joey: Quick recap now? Sixswitch and Viewfind- number 1 and 2 respectively- and Wolfang- number 5- are now being joined by Scarecrow- number 9 of 20 in this battle royal?
Flec: I don?t even have a pick to win! Whose still to come in here?
Joey: I really don?t know? we know the Lock is still in this? but we have another ten wrestlers in this? and four of those have ?mystery competitor? labels on?
Flec: As long as the Ultimate Warrior doesn?t show up, we should be fine?

Scarecrow gets tuck straight into the nearest wrestler- who just happens to be one of the two have been in there the longest. As he knocks down SS with the Sweep Chin Music, a loud round of booing ensues.

Flec: Hey, they?re not sleeping! Oh joy!

As Scarecrow starts working over the now semi-conscious Welsh Wonder, Viewfind seems to have regained the upper hand against Wolfang and is trying to throw him out whilst holding Wolfang in the position for a fireman?s carry/Death Valley Driver. Wolfang has his legs hooked around Viewfind?s arm, and is gripping the top rope with unparalleled ferocity. He quickly breaks his grip on the rope with one hand and gouges the eyes of the Philly native, before flipping backwards in a hurricanranna and stretching Viewfind?s arm with a shortarm scissors as Viewfind hits the mat.

Flec: I don?t know what the hell he thinks he?s doing?
Joey: This could be good strategy on the part of Wolfang?
Flec: Strategy? yeah? ask him to spell it for ya?
Joey: With his attacker down on the mat, Wolfang is minimising his chances of being thrown out? and he?s working that arm, which not only does that, but also makes it more difficult for Viewfind to hold on?
Flec: Son of a?
Joey: I strongly recommend you don?t finish that thought. He can hear you, you know?

Just then, the buzzer sounds and Mantaur runs down the ramp.

Flec: Who?

As Wolfang gets up from stretching Viewfind, Mantaur sizes him up from the other side of the ring. As Wolfang turns to face the enigmatic man-monster, Mantaur charges with a spear attempt: only for Wolfang to step aside and let Mantaur crash through the ropes and to the floor.

Joey: And the referee is calling that an elimination!
Flec: Um? I?m inclined to believe that might be a good thing?

As Mantaur protests his elimination on the way back to the locker room, Wolfang decides that he?s going to show the crowd how a spear should look. As Scarecrow continues to lay into Sixswitch in one corner, Wolfang stands in the corner opposite and sizes up his victim. He starts his run and, as Scarecrow turns around, Wolfang levels him with the Grey Hunter.

Joey: OUCH! Wolfang just levelled Scarecrow with the Grey Hunter- Wolfang?s own version of the Spear?
Flec: I have to admit? that looked a lot more painful than Mantaur?s spear?

Wolfang lays into Scarecrow as Sixswitch and Viewfind stumble towards each other. The two tie-up, but fall down to their knees as they start to apply pressure to one another. They break off the tie-up and start slugging each other with as much effort as they can muster. The two start to slowly rise to their feet, pummelling each other as they do so, before Viewfind rakes Sixswitch across the eyes and tries to back body drop the Welsh Wonder over the top rope. Sixswitch still has enough of his wits about him to grab the top rope and roll back under the ropes as Viewfind sinks to one knee.

Joey: Viewfind thought Sixswitch was out? he could have a surprise coming?
Flec: Oh no?

Sixswitch runs up from behind Viewfind. Ordinarily, Sixswitch might try to veer back and roll into a pinning predicament. Instead, he forces Viewfind up and onto the top rope, and tries to push him out of the ring.

Joey: We might have our next elimination here?.

Having taken down Wolfang with a devastating Sweep Chin Music, Scarecrow races over to assist Sixswitch in pushing Viewfind out. As Sixswitch tries to force Viewfind out by pushing at Viewfind?s lower half, Scarecrow tries to lean over the ropes to gouge Viewfind?s eyes and get him to loosen his grip. As the two attempt to put the Pennsylvania playa out of the running, the buzzer sounds again and P? comes down to the ring.

Joey: Is this a GPA reunion?
Flec: You never know?

As P? reaches the ring, he moves to where Sixswitch and Scarecrow are trying to hoist Viewfind out, and sends Scarecrow sailing over the top rope and to the floor with little effort before switching his attention to Sixswitch.

Joey: And Scarecrow has just been eliminated?
Flec: Great? now somebody throw out Wolfang and Sixswitch and the world will be a much happier place?.

As P? lays into Sixswitch, Viewfind takes time to catch his breath. P? drops Sixswitch with a DDT, but gets caught with a running Fame-Asser from Wolfang.

Joey: P? just got spiked with that Rocker drop from Wolfang?
Flec: Yeah? but P? is still in better shape than the other competitors?

P? is already starting to stir, whilst the other three competitors are finding it hard to gather themselves at this stage in proceedings. P? starts at Wolfang in retribution for the Rocker drop as the St. Helens samurai attempts to get to his feet. P? rakes Wolfang across the eyes and continues to pound on him as Wolfang continually tries to get upright. P? lands a double axe handle that knocks Wolfang flat to the mat as Sixswitch gets back to his feet. As P? pulls Wolfang up from the mat, Sixswitch runs into him with a bulldog. P? falls face-first to the canvas, and Wolfang is left lying in a heap with the Canadian draped across his back.

Flec: Wolfang must be loving that?
Joey: I bet he isn?t. Heck? right now I bet Wolfang doesn?t even know where he is?

The buzzer sounds yet again, and for the second time tonight there is no sign of a competitor as their entrance music sounds.

Joey: Where?s the Lock?
Flec: I don?t know?
Joey: Wait a second? we have a camera in the backstage area?

A full-scale brawl is breaking out in the backstage area. Judge Death- attempting to re-enter the Rumble- apparently slapped the Lock upside the head with a steel chair. Then everyone else within hearing distance jumped in. As the officials try to sort out the mess, CloudStrifer comes through the curtain.

Joey: Hey, wait a sec?
Flec: Ha! Lock got his spot robbed by the Norse god-wannabe?
Joey: Which just means Lock is entering at 13 instead of 12? Cloud just gave him an advantage? and you really need to lay off the Anime?

CloudStrifer strikes Viewfind with a running double axe, which sends Viewfind collapsing into a corner, before peppering Sixswitch with punches. As Cloud picks up Sixswitch in position for a possible running powerslam however, Wolfang manages to dropkick the nonsensical Norwegian in the face, sending Cloud into a back suplex-like position on P? who then deposits Cloud outside the ring.

Joey: Well? he was in longer than OP?
Flec: Hey look?

Judge Death has apparently been cleared to re-enter the fray, and takes a run at Wolfang. Wolfang counters with a release belly-to-belly suplex, which sends Death into the corner where Viewfind is kneeling with his face against the middle turnbuckle. Having seen this, Sixswitch takes flight with a running dropkick. The force causes Viewfind to fall to the mat- staring at the ceiling whilst clutching his jaw- and Death to come stumbling out clutching his ribs. Seeing an opening, Wolfang runs up and sends Death over the top rope with a clothesline that might have decapitated him.


Just then the buzzer sounds again, and this time The Lock does come through the curtains to a mixed reception.

Joey: Number 13 might be unlucky for some? I hope Lock isn?t one of those people?
Flec: I?m still rooting for Homeslice, yo?

As Lock and P? start to hoist Wolfang over the ropes- Sixswitch and Viewfind are taking a breather- Wild One can be seen being restrained at the entrance.

Joey: Wild One looks really eager to get in n proceedings
Flec: And P? and Lock are really keen on the idea of putting Wolfang out of them?

Wolfang manages to slide back in under the bottom rope- despite both P? and Lock trying to push him out with their feet whilst using the ropes for leverage- and is now being battered by Lock as P? and Viewfind go to work on Sixswitch with their combined efforts. Viewfind slams SS with the Philly Pimp Drop, and P? immediately follows up with a running knee drop to the head of the Welsh Wonder.

Joey: Bare in mind folks? Lock is the freshest man in at #13? Wolfang entered at #5? Sixswitch and Viewfind entered at #1 and #2, respectively? and P? joined the party at #11?
Flec: You?re just making excuses for when Wolfang and Sixswitch go out?

Lock flips Wolfang over the top rope. Confident that he has eliminated the Merseyside Marauder, the Lock begins taunting the crowd? before turning back round into a springboard dropkick from Wolfang that knocks him flying into P?

Joey: Oh dear? just when we thought they might be getting along?
Flec: Oh no? don?t fight each other? hit the losers! There!

The buzzer sounds again, and the Wild One comes surging toward the ring, and attempts to level P? with the ?Time To Get Wild? running clothesline. As P? ducks, Wild One hits the ropes opposite and Lock uses the Wild One?s own momentum to send him soaring over the top rope and onto the entrance ramp.

Joey: I don?t know if that just broke OP?s record ladies and gentlemen?
Flec: I?m being told that was around 6 seconds by our statistics section?
Joey: Not the proudest moment of the Wild One?s career?
Flec: Those will be few and far between, I can tell you?

As P? tears into Lock some for the small ?misunderstanding? earlier, Wolfang collects himself and moves over to where Viewfind has Sixswitch cornered. The crowd are getting really into the swing of the battle, and cheer P? on as he pummels Lock in the adjacent corner. As Viewfind backs off slightly from Sixswitch, Wolfang grabs him in a reverse headlock and drills him with the Shadowstorm.

Joey: Lights out for Homeslice?
Flec: Ow? and that right there is why I will never like Wolfang?

Wolfang hoists Viewfind up onto his shoulder in the running powerslam position and attempts to throw him out of the ring from there. Viewfind holds on to the top rope, however, and struggles against Wolfang as he attempts to throw Homeslice out of the competition. Wolfang stands with one foot on the bottom rope and one foot on the middle, holding the top rope with one hand as he shunts Viewfind with the other arm. As the two struggle against one another, the King appears and throws both competitors to the arena floor.

Joey: Hey, hold on a second? he?s not even meant to be here yet?
Flec: He can?t have eliminated Homeslice?
Joey: I don?t quite know what?s going on here, folks?

Several officials- and a few competitors- arrive to contain King, and the situation escalates when Wolfang and Viewfind temporarily put their animosity aside and start tearing into the AWF royalty.

Joey: Oh dear? some more confusion in proceedings?
Flec: It appears the paper-pushers and officiators had too much time off?

As Wolfang and Viewfind stop stomping on King, the referees ferry the Californian Colossus backstage, along with the two assailants.

Joey: What the hell is going on?
Flec: At least let Homeslice back in!

As the crowd looks on in astonishment at the departing convoy- including the three superstars- the buzzer sounds yet again. Competitor #15 appears through a shower of dry ice. It?s possibly the only shower the slightly-leaner-than-he-was Baxter has seen inside three months.

Joey: It appears that Baxter will be joining us now? and it also appears that he?s lost some weight?
Flec: Only because he got too fat for his flabby arms to reach inside the refrigerator?
Joey: Do you have anything in the way of evidence to support that statement?
Flec: The only other way he was going to lose that much wait was to have a limb severed. Case closed?

Baxter joins the fray, which at present consists of P?, The Lock and Sixswitch. Baxter pulls P? out of the fray, allowing Sixswitch to kick free of Lock?s hold and push Lock away. As it stands, all three men are now looking at the ?bigger picture? as it were. Despite Baxter having lost a few (dozen) pounds, he still outweighs each individual by a good hundred-and-fifty-plus pounds. The three other combatants decide that it might in their best interest to put the big man out and then focus on each other again.

Joey: Oh hey? looks like that got cleared up? hey, hold on?
Joey: But Wolfang should be allowed back in? what is?

Viewfind joins P?, Lock and Sixswitch in trying to put the big man out. Unfortunately, Baxter has much in common with pre-House of M Fred Dukes in as much as: you are not moving me unless I want to move. He just laughs as Sixswitch tries to move one leg, and Lock and P? attempt to move the other. Viewfind finds himself- rather distastefully- attempting to help Sixswitch with Baxter?s left leg. Baxter literally kicks the two off that leg and thumps Lock across the back to remove him. He then throws P? over the top rope, only for P? to land with one foot on the floor.

Joey: That was nearly a trip to the shower for P?
Flec: Despite the fact that Baxter could evidently use it more?
Joey: And what?s going on now?

Wolfang is attempting to re-enter the fray, but is apparently being refused admission by the officials. Wolfang appears more than slightly frustrated with their call as Baxter hoists Lock up in a gorilla press and launches him at Viewfind and Sixswitch, knocking the two down like tenpins.

Joey: Baxter showing some impressive power there? while Wolfang appears to be having some problems with the officiating? and I can understand why?
Flec: Yeah, so can I? he?s an irritating moron?

As the debate between the referees and the Merseyside Marauder looks set to escalate, TC runs between them and into the ring to a big pop. TC runs at Baxter and hits a baseball slide-dropkick to the knee of the Tennessee Titan. Baxter just looks rather annoyed with TC, and whips Mr. PPV into a corner- following him at a surprisingly spry step for such a large man. The impact is certainly felt by TC, who falls to the mat as Baxter steps away from the corner and levels P? with a standing clothesline.

Joey: It looks like everyone will have to focus their attention on getting Baxter out of the ring?
Flec: That?s the second time during the course of this? whatever you might call it? that I?ve agreed with you? I feel ill?

As Lock runs at Baxter with a shoulder block, Baxter just laughs as Lock tumbles to the mat before bringing his weight down on the Melbourne Menace with a leg drop. The Lock is nearly spitting his teeth as Baxter gets up into a double dropkick courtesy of TC and SS.

Joey: And it looks like everyone is teaming up to try and get Baxter out of there?
Flec: What do you expect? The guy weighs the better part of 500 pounds? and that?s after he lost weight. He used to make Yokozuna look like a Calvin Klein model?

Reeling from the double-team dropkick, Baxter staggers backwards slightly towards the ropes. Viewfind and P? try to knock him over the top with a double clothesline to no avail. TC and SS try with the double dropkick again to similar effect. After a slightly hasty discussion, Viewfind and P? whip TC and SS towards Baxter, so that the two high fliers can connect with a double spinning heel kick. The force is enough to throw Baxter off-balance, and all four men charge. They eliminate Baxter, but P? gets dragged out by his momentum and a huge arm.

Joey: Bad luck for P?? He?s going back to the locker room?
Flec: Yeah? but he can take a little solace in the fact that he helped eliminate Baxter?
Joey: I don?t think that?s any solace right now?

As Baxter and P? start making their way backstage, Wolfang runs past them and back into the ring- where he spears Lock and starts pounding on him as TC, Sixswitch and Viewfind try to decide who they?re hitting. The buzzer sounds again, and Ravage saunters to the squared circle.

Joey: Okay? we have one former GPA member eliminated, only for another to stroll out here.
Flec: Did you say former?
Joey: Ravage is also one half of the Mav?ricks with TC? who just happens to be in there now?

The six superstars in the ring pair off. Lock and Wolfang are trying their best to strangle each other, as Ravage slams Sixswitch to the mat and TC locks up with Viewfind.

Joey: Only three men left to enter? very impressive showings from SS, Viewfind and Wolfang?
Flec: Wolfang was eliminated!
Joey: So was your boy ?Homeslice??
Flec: ?

Ravage, as the freshest man in the ring, has more than one advantage over SS- who is acting as the Vermont native?s unwilling sparring partner. Ravage drives knees and elbows into the Welsh Wonder to keep him in the corner, before trying to push SS over the top rope by thrusting his palm up under Sixswitch?s jaw. The Welsh Wonder is just about managing to stay in by grabbing hold of Ravage?s arm.

Meanwhile, TC and Viewfind are taking it in turns to slam each others face into the turnbuckles and Lock has Wolfang up in a fireman?s carry in order to try and put him out over the top rope.

Joey: Wolfang in trouble here?
Flec: Put him out Lock! Get that cheating snake out of there!
Joey: I?d love to hear your definition of ?cheating? some time?

Wolfang wraps his legs around Lock?s arm to prevent being thrown out as well as gripping the top rope. Ravage suddenly breaks off from beating up the Welsh Wonder to help with the elimination attempt. Sixswitch just sits in the corner taking a breather and watching this fray as well as taking in Viewfind and TC?s attempts to eliminate one another.

While Ravage and Lock attempt to get Wolfang out, TC attempts to Irish whip Viewfind over the rope. As Viewfind reverses the move, Ravage is staggered by Wolfang?s left boot hitting his temple. As TC goes over the top rope, he pulls himself up to the apron- only for Ravage to trip over and knock him off the precarious perch. The crowd are not happy with this turn of events.

Joey: TC is going back to the showers? what is going on out here?

Sixswitch gets another wind and charges Ravage, only for Rav to ?low bridge? the Welsh Wonder by pulling down the top rope and pushing SS the rest of the way to the floor. As Ravage mouths off at SS, Wolfang, Viewfind and Lock suddenly see an opportunity and all pool together to try and eliminate Big Daddy Rav. As the three push into the Vermont native, the buzzer sounds again- and King makes his way to the ring.

Joey: Oh boy?
Flec: Beef is back on the menu! Wonder what?s gonna happen when Wolfang and Homeslice see that?
Joey: Give it about twenty seconds and you?ll find out?

Sure enough, when Wolfang catches a glimpse of King it doesn?t initially register. When King steps into the squared circle however, Wolfang lets go of Ravage and rushes King with a spear to a big pop. As King reels from the impact, Wolfang wastes no time in stomping on the colossal King. He hits out with feet, elbows, knees and fists before King manages to turn the tables and starts choking him. That move proves slightly less effectual once Wolfang manages to get one leg free and deliver a swift knee to the King?s crown jewels.

Flec: I?d say that was uncalled for? but I could be accused of lying?
Joey (scrunching his face into a mask of pain): Ouch?

King slackens his grip on Wolfang, then releases it altogether as he crumples to the mat nursing his injury. Wolfang takes a number of deep breathes as he lies on the mat staring at the light rigging.

Joey: Effectively, I?d say Wolfang?s out?
Flec: Ah-ha!
Joey: I meant out as in ?out cold??
Flec: Damn?

Viewfind and Lock are still attempting to eliminate Ravage, but are having little luck. Even taking turns to smack him in the stomach, the lower back and the kidneys, they can?t seem to get Ravage to relinquish his grip on the ropes. Ravage manages to elbow one of his assailants- the unfortunate Lock- in the face. Lock trips over the slowly ascending Wolfang, who just pushes the Melbourne Menace off himself and into the nearest middle turnbuckle, before he starts tearing into the King again.

Flec: You know, Wolfang is taking that whole incident earlier way too seriously?
Joey: Your argument is about to be ?The King just thought he and Homeslice needed a breather??
Flec: Scared of you? and your creepy mental powers?

As Wolfang and Lock attempt to eliminate King from the competition, the buzzer sounds again. The crowd are stunned at the sight of blue and silver sequins- set off nicely with matching boots- that emerge on the personage of Aunty Slag.

Joey: Never let it be said that this fed is predictable?
Flec: If it was, why do think they hired him? Or is it her? Androgynous freak?

Aunty immediately sets to help Viewfind eliminate Ravage. Putting his head through the middle rope, Aunty plants one on Ravage?s face- (a punch, you sick people). Taken completely unawares by the blow- and the glare from Aunty?s outfit- Ravage drops to the arena floor and looks around in shock as Aunty and Viewfind head over to assist in the elimination attempt on King.

Joey: Big Daddy Rav going for a shower sooner than he thought?
Flec: But Homeslice is still in! I?ve got a feeling he could win this, Styles!
Joey: Anybody who is in that ring right now could win this. The Lock, King, Aunty, Wolfang, Homeslice? they?re all still in this?

King goes over the top rope. One foot touches the floor, but he still manages to slide back into the ring. He is met with a barrage of stomping, elbows and forearms as he does so, but still manages to get upright, swatting away the other competitors as he does so. Lock is the first to charge back into the fray, only to be greeted by the sole of King?s left boot between his eyes. As Lock falls to the mat, Wolfang charges in with a flying cross body. The force sends both Wolfang and the King tumbling over the top rope and to the floor.

Joey: Well? two less competitors? at least Wolfang legitimately eliminated King?
Flec: And Homeslice is gonna win!
Joey: Care to make a bet on that?
Flec: I don?t gamble, Styles?
Joey: For those of you without subtitles, that was Flec saying ?Homeslice is my current favourite, but might still be eliminated??

Aunty catches Lock completely off-guard with a clothesline, knocking the Aussie to the mat. As Aunty turns, Viewfind is already on him with a double axe handle blow to the mid-section, and a follow up shot to the upper back. Aunty collapses to his knees and headbutts Homeslice in the joy department. This leads to Viewfind collapsing sideways to the mat as the buzzer sounds and the final competitor- Jetfire- makes his way to the ring.

Joey: Okay folks? one of these four is going to get a shot at the AWF Championship?
Flec: Homeslice! Homeslice! Homeslice!
Joey: Shut up with that would you?

Jetfire gets into the ring as Lock gets to his feet, and nails the Aussie with a flying head scissors that sends him over the top rope. Lock lands on the apron and rolls back in as Jetfire goes to work on Aunty Slag. An Irish whip from Jets is reversed by Aunty, and Jets avoids a clothesline on his return only to be caught with a knee lift from Viewfind which sends him to the mat. As Lock and Viewfind tie-up again, Aunty sets about Jets with a few forearm shots as he pulls the former Tag Team champ to his feet. Taking Jets to the nearest ropes, Aunty is taken completely aback when Jetfire hits a move which appears to be a hybrid of an inverted neckbreaker and a snapmare. The effect sends Aunty sailing over the ropes and onto the floor, where he hits knees-first as his face smacks the guard barrier.

Joey: We?re down to three! Aunty is out? and we are down to three competitors: Lock, Viewfind and Jetfire?
Flec: Go Homeslice!
Joey: Just once more? go on?

Jetfire moves to assist Viewfind as the Pennsylvania Playa has Lock on the ropes, pushing him backwards with one hand under Lock?s jaw and the other hooking his right leg to aid in the elimination. Jets hooks the left leg and pushes into the back of the Lock. Lock looks to be in serious pain as he resists, but a hard shot to the kidney from Jetfire gives him and Viewfind the opening they need. As Lock winces, Jetfire and Viewfind put all the effort they can muster- which isn?t a lot for the exhausted Viewfind- into one huge push, which sends Lock crashing onto the floor, shoulders-first.

Joey: And then there were two?
Flec: I?m still backing Viewfind?
Joey: Ah, you DID remember his name?

Jetfire lands a quick punch that staggers Viewfind. Backing Viewfind towards the ropes, Jetfire lets fly with a collection of rights and lefts that do send Viewfind over the top rope again, but fail to take him away from the apron. Jetfire clings to the top rope as he sinks towards the mat, trying to push Viewfind out with his educated feet. Viewfind manages to slide back in enough that being pushed out would not qualify him for elimination, and Jetfire quickly gets up to renew his assault against Homeslice.

Viewfind is dragged to his feet as Jetfire attempts to lift him for a possible powerslam- or perhaps just a lift to shoulder height to attempt elimination. Viewfind drops down behind Jetfire and quickly rushes him toward the ropes in an attempt to eliminate his final opponent and win the match. Jetfire has other plans, however, and swings himself back into the ring between the top and middle ropes to catch Viewfind square in the jaw with both feet- knocking the Philly Stallion to the mat again.

Joey: This is not looking good for Viewfind?

Jetfire lifts Viewfind up again. In his current state, Viewfind offers very little in the way of resistance. Jetfire pulls Viewfind up onto one shoulder in a spinebuster-esque position and rushes towards the ropes with him. At the last possible moment, Viewfind shifts his weight back to propel Jetfire with a flying body scissors. The momentum overcomes both of them, and they tumble over the top rope. Only Jetfire, however, is unlucky enough to hit the floor as Viewfind grabs onto the ropes.

Flec: Told you so!

As ?Party Up? by DMX floods the arena and the bell rings, Viewfind collapses back into the ring. Jetfire looks astonished at the decision, but just shakes his head and scowls as he walks back to the locker rooms.


Viewfind stirs slightly, with a trickle of blood coming from his lower lip, and kneels in the ring looking around with that ?mildly concussed? look in his eyes as the referee raises his hand.

Joey: Regardless of what anyone has said?the AWF IS BACK!

*Fades to black*

*Cameras cut back to show backstage*

JFA: Mr. Reilly is here...

JHA: What? The boss doesn't look happy AT ALL!

Mr. Reilly: (On his cell phone) This is Mr. Reilly...yeah...I don't think I can let this go...I know...trust me, I know exactly what to do.

JFA: What? What is that all about?
ZX14 VS HAYABUSA (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Which_bike_is_quicker_kawasaki_zx_-14_or_suzuki_hayabusa)

2006-10-03, 01:16 PM
*CS is in his locker room apprently not fazed by the loss.*

CS: Well at least I know I can fight. I was thinking that all I got to do was to go kick Danish ass, but I guess that softened me up a bit. Don't worry AWF, your former TV Champion will indeed become the new world champion and become supreme over all these mortals here.

*A Huskarl walks up to Cloud and whispers something in his ear. Cloud Nods.*

CS: Appearently, my Huskarl here told me, that some one claiming to be a Greek "GOD" is here. Well Greek "GOD" why don't you go pull your skirt all the way up and go back home? Your gods are patheic and Your patheic as well. Be warned, I shall have my eye on you. For I am The Norse Thunder, Chosen by the Gods and you better believe the Hype!

2006-10-03, 02:34 PM
We see a cemetery. Look, my originality glands are taking a nap today, alright? Gimme a break!

And in this cemetery lyeth a grave. Well, many graves, actually, otherwise it wouldn't be a cemetery at all. But this one's special, because the camera's focusing on it. We move in closer...closer...

Then lose the picture as the cameraman trips on a bramble thatch. Fool.

Minutes later, the image returns, and we see that the grave is marked 'Here lies Eileen Macdonald, 1973-2004; beloved wife of David, 1969-2004, mother of Craig, 1988-2004'. This means nothing to our viewers. Where once there may have been flowers, now there is naught but a few dry twigs.

The ground begins to shake violently. The cameraman tries to remain balanced, as fissures rend the ground apart and a hulk of flawless, shining steel bursts forth, knocking the headstone aside...

It's an elevator. The doors open with a cheery 'ping'.

And out steps Judge Death, flinching at the oh-so-dramatic thunder and lightning. He brushes some dirt from his shoulders and walks away nonchalantly...

OOC: That was a great beast of a show, that was. A hearty thanks to everyone who was involved.

2006-10-03, 09:17 PM
So, the Double S didn't win, but as always, the Double S made an impact. So I may not be in line for the next AWF title shot, but titles have never been the main aim of the game as far as I'm concerned. It's all about the wrestling, the style, the being the most entertaining superstar in the AWF ever.

But there's a new player in town. A new wrestler who seems to be taking it up a level in style. I'm talking about Wolfang of course. But no, I'm not going to go on a rant about how he can bring it on, or whatever. The Welsh Wonder welcomes the new challenge. The Welsh Wonder likes to see new kids on the block emulating his style. So Wolfang, your star is rising. Keep it up, and we'll see where it takes ya.

(OOC: Huzzah! I've missed this. Enjoyed it immensely guys. Congrats for an enjoyable show, and on the relaunch. Good work!)

Karl Baller
2006-10-03, 10:32 PM
*The titontron flickers on and it shows Casus "Crimson" Crevious standing in the middle of the hallway. He is in the wrestling gear he just competed in, body still sweating from the beat down he took during the rumble. An evil look is upon his face as he stares deeply into the camera. Of course he is angry, he got eliminated without barely touching anyone, but none the less he still competed. After a long stare into the camera, the heavily breathing/sweating "God Of War" begins to speak as he grimaces towards the camera.*

CCC: "I...I...I have lost. It seems that I have under-estimated the capabilities these warriors hold here in this 'AWF' since the very beggining. Although it seems all it lost...I win out in the end. Thanks to your friend 'Sixswitch', I have awoken my own skills from a deep sleep. A battle may have been lost, but that has only readied me for combat even more."

*That angry look changes to a devious smirk. It is like his entire feelings changed in a split second. The sweat glands on his bald head slowly drip down his face as he continues to stare at the camera. As soon as he licks his lips, he continues to cut the promo.*

CCC: "Alas, that loss does not matter to me, I 'WILL' get my vengance. I care not against who, but you humans will watch an example being made by MY hands very soon. As a matter of fact, it will be the next date of combat. Destrucity and agony will be held to the highest authority as soon as I step into that ring the next time. Now, I challenge 'ANY' warrior to 1 on 1 combat on the next show. Big, small, little, tall, I do not care what size. If you have the heart of a true warrior, accept my challenge and your fate! You foolish fans will watch a sacrifice...be...made!!!"

*A maniacal laugh then comes from Crimson's voice. It seems that his loss at AWF Re-genisis has only fueled his desire to compete to a higher cause. Whoever accepts this challenge...if anyone does at all...better watch out. Crimson urges another battle, and he will do anything to win.*

OOC: Great show guys, my first time actually reading a show provided by the AWF and I am very impressed.

Cyberstrike nTo
2006-10-03, 11:54 PM
The following is a presentation of the X-WCW

The X-WCW logo flashes on and then we see Mr. Back proudly wearing an X-WCW t-shirt and holding X-WCW U.S. Championship belt over his waist and the X-WCW Intercontinental
title belt over his right shoulder.

CB: "So the AWF finally showed it so-called "ReGenesis" ppv, and only about 5 months late. Wow a new record for the Idiots who run this dump.
If you dumb ass AWF fan boys think that I still care about winning the AWF Championship anymore sorry to tell you but I don't.
The AWF Championship is an absolute waste of my time and is completely beneath me to waste my time to win but as you brain dead assholes can see
I got two titles that I won and while they're not world titles they are certainly worth more than ANY AWF title and that's not bragging it's a fact!
Also me and my friends damn neared killed four so-called AWF "icons" and an one jackass at Collision Course 2 and the same night my hand picked team for the X-WCW destroyed the AWF in the Xtreme War Games Match and only now months after that I disproved the "AWF is best" myth do they finally have the balls to come out hiding and claim that again.
It's time for you sad losers to face the facts...the AWF is dead! It's kicked the bucket, and if you ain't down with that I got for you: SUCK IT!"

Mr. Back gives the AWF double finger salute and the camera fades to black and we here:

This has been a presentation of X-WCW productions.

I'll let you guys decide if in character or out of character.

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-10-04, 12:42 AM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
I'll let you guys decide if in character or out of character.


2006-10-04, 02:23 AM
An interviewer catches up with Ravage as he is walking around out back.

"Ravage a word with you?" The interviewer yells as Ravage turns and looks at the man.

"Who the hell are you? Never mind, first of all it is Big Daddy Ravage, or just BDR for short. Second next time you come up to me like that I will leave you broken on the floor here." BDR growls looking at the smaller interviewer.

"Now you’re going to shut up while I talk. Understand?" The interviewer nods sheepishly.

"TC, sorry about what happened in the ring back there. I see I knocked you off the turnbuckle on accident man. Sorry about that but the man thing is our man View won the shot for the title and we will get our shots at the Tag Belts sooner than later man. However, before I go one I need to say one thing. Cyberstrike, your a piece of trash, waste, that slime on the pizza from the GPA party that I tossed out last night." BDR growls to the camera.

"All you do is bitch about our company and how X-WCW is this great fed. Funny you run that fed isn't it? We let you have your fun in the AWF vs. X-WCW PPV etc etc blah blah blah. Nevertheless, all you do is come here and spew your crap about us every time your here. You know, someone should show you the door and I am just the man to do it. So I am not asking I am saying booking committee let me beat the piss out of this a-hole. For my own amusement and the AWF." BDR yells looking at the interviewer.

"And with that I am out." BDR drops the mic and walks on down the hall.

"Ummm, umm back to you." The interviewer says adjusting his collar.

2006-10-04, 03:42 AM
Originally posted by Cyberstrike nTo
I'll let you guys decide if in character or out of character.

Wow...what a great way to endear yourself to the new boss...what a fricking genius! I'm sure he'll have as much fun dealing with your idiot on a pole matches as I did!

2006-10-04, 10:09 PM
IC: I said when I wanted in I wanted to fight. And I wanted to fight worthy opponents; grapplers above a certain level. Considering I got stuck in mid-card hell with Back or C-Strike or whatever pathetically unintimidating name he happens to be using this hour, I would welcome your challenge Sixswitch.

And the King. I'd like a chance to rectify my attitude problem.

2006-10-05, 02:56 PM
A single candle flickers, and behind it OP2005's gruesome sight is revealed. A little more demonic than usual, it is October afterall. Cackles of the various inmates are heard, chains rattling and an eerie laugh from one of the joining cells.

OP2005: Shush! I am trying to THINK!

He stands up, revealing his chains through the red illumination of the candle. He moves his large frame to the left where he bangs on the wall.

OP2005: QUIET!

There is silence and OP moves back to his previous position. Rocking back and forth between himself and the candlelight, muttering.

OP2005: Violence. Pain. Destruction. Oooh its good to feel it all again. Ooh. The blood is sweet, sweeter than before. Too long have I waited for this sweet nectar.

He tastes a remnant of blood, it still slightly moist, on his mask, and laughs to himself when four men, dressed in white, come in with his usual dosage for night. He screams at them, ranting and raving before they eventually take him down. He shudders, before falling limp on the table as the needle is inserted, knocking over the candle onto the floor, it shines on the wall revealing in a crimson red writing the words : Thy Worst Nightmare

OOC: Great enjoyable show. Glad to see this back on. Good solid work as always.

Lord Zarak
2006-10-06, 04:14 PM
Monkey Bar

Sat in a corner, with a solitary TV on, is Black Zarak, reviewing his match.

"Lucky sod. I had you there B, I had you. Once more, luck was on your side once again."

He gets up and opens up a bottle of NBA, and chugs almost half the bottle.

"Wish Wolfy were back here. It's quiet without him round..."

ooc for the writers: Dunno who wrote it, but whoever wrote Mancunian Mercenary deserves a drink. If poss, when I'm being announce, could it be sued before my name? Ta muchly, Z

2006-10-08, 10:38 PM
Very good show guys and i'm very happy the AWF is back.
Soon as i get into the "flow" of things i'll make a IC post.

2006-10-09, 12:51 AM
OOC: Same as view, I'll try to smack talk when things in my end straighten out. But as far as I'm concerned, its GOOD to know the AWF will be back. Sure its taking the 2 a month route, but its gonna be effective for this fed IMO. The more time to write and develop the storylines and matches with that rate. Good luck in this new run for the AWF. :) Im just glad this place is back and running again.

p.s. PUSH BANDIT TO THE MOOON! ;)....ok I kid...I kid :laugh:

2006-10-09, 07:56 AM
OOC: The slackaz have their belts back, good as new! Good job, guys, hopefully this will be a rebirth for AWF. I'll post soon!

Karl Baller
2006-10-09, 12:17 PM
OOC: I actually am very eager for the next show to be posted. As I stated before, even though I got man-handled, it was much better than I anticipated. Hopefully, this is really a re-genisis for the AWF.

2006-10-09, 02:31 PM
News of Judge Death's reappearance in the AWF has spread slowly, on account of few people actually caring. Luckily, Death was counting on such a reaction, so that he could eliminate everyone and everything in the company without fuss or word leaking to the media.

Shuffling along the floor, here backstage in the Montreal Forum, is a cardboard box. A box marked 'Used Merchandise'. It's safe to assume that whoever's under there (oh, I wonder who...) wasn't being picky when they chose it.

Hearing movement, the box stops and hunkers down, looking for all the world like an everyday container of common components.

And into the shot walks - who else? - AWF interviewing man and perennial Death annoyance, Keith Kincaid. Through sheer coincidence, he trips over the box like the big oaf that he is. Poor Keith grazes his knees on the floor, curses to himself, and kicks the box.

The box makes a kind of 'Gah!' noise.

Keith looks at it suspiciously.

KK: I know that 'gah' from somewhere...

Being an intrepid journalist-type at heart, Keith scrambles back up to his feet and tiptoes closer to the box, his breathing shallow. Hesitating briefly, he reaches out with a trembling hand...and tips the box over.

And there be Death, blinking in the light momentarily, before staring up at Kincaid, who pales noticably.

KK: "You!"

JD: "You..." (unintelligible snarling)

Keith's valour deserts him and he pegs it as fast as his stubbly little legs allow him, with the judge giving chase in what could be described as a 'Turbo Mince'.

Somewhere off-camera, we hear Benny Hill music.