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AWF Productions
2006-10-09, 08:03 PM
Mayhem is back on the air, with the beginning of the AWF World Title Tournament! Qualifying matches begin with winners advancing to the quarter finals at Autumn Annihilation!

Week 1 Qualifiers:

Wolfang v Bandit

Vin Ghostal v Viewfind

OP2005 v Judge Death

Sixswitch v StoneCold Skywarp

Also: We will have a Fatal Fourway to allow entry into the Hardcore Title Match also at Autumn Annihilation: The participants: Bombshell, The King, Casus "Crimson" Crevious and TGO.

All this and more when Mayhem returns!
VenusGoddess (http://www.girlcamfriend.com/cam/VenusGoddess/)

2006-10-10, 09:19 AM
We hear much wheezing, puffing, and panting as Keith Kincaid stumbles into view, followed by Judge Death. As you may have heard, they were last seen running through an earlier post. It's been quite a journey from that post to this one, and it's taken quite a toll...

After one last clumsy swipe at the irritating interviewer, Death sinks to his knees, knackered. Kincaid is doubled over, with stitches. Of the pain-in-the-gut variety, not the other kind.

KK: So...(wheeze)...can I get...some thoughts...from...you?

Death remains silent.

KK: I mean...if you, y'know...(pant)...actually think...about anything...

More of the silent treatment.

KK: Since...you're supposed to...(puffs)...be fighting...OP2005...next Mayhem -

Judge Death suddenly springs to his feet, with a maniacal grin and much finger-waggling nonsense.


The judge cradles his skull with one hand, stumbles a bit, then collapses backward onto his bum.

KK: So...you're psyched up then?

JD: Reassonably...it hass been sso long...cooped up in cupboard beneathh sstairss...thhesse clawss itchh to rip...to tear fleshh ffrom bone oncce again!

KK: Okay...and you'll be...booked into...the quarter-finals of our new...World Title tournament...if you can just beat the Highlander from Hell.

JD: Thhat name sseemss ffamiliar...hass he pervverted thhe coursse off jussticce before?

KK: Uhm...(stumped)

I'm stumped too, quite frankly.

JD: Eh...pay it no heed. One ssinner iss thhe ssame ass any othher. Which meanss thhat OP'ss ssentencce...iss identical to all othherss dishhed out ovver thhesse many yearss.

KK: So, death, then?

JD: (giggles)

KK: Yeah...

JD: Thhiss world title...it iss off high presstige, yess?

KK: It's about the highest...(wheeze)...accolade in the company, sure.

JD: Really...(steeples fingers in a 'dastardly plot' sort of way)...Mayhapss a vviable sstepping sstone to thhe glory off worldwide masssacre...

KK: You know, I don't think you're quite -

Death cuts him off with a raised palm.

JD: Leasst ssaid, ssoonesst mended.

KK: Right. Any final thoughts?


Death attempts a big dynamic lunge, succeeding only in cracking his chin off the floor. Little birds make cheep-cheep noises as they fly around his helmet.

KK: Good, so I'll just...ah...leave you...now...

Kincaid backs away slowly as the judge dribbles on the floor, mumbling about carrot juice.

2006-10-10, 01:09 PM
*Cloud Sits on his throne, with his Huskarls running about. They seem stense for some reason and cloud barks orders in Norwegiean to them.*

CS: There you are. Now, the title is comming up. Yes the title. All you Cloudites remember what I said about just fighting and not caring about titles? Yes, I know you know.

However, this title has come up and indeed has some people who I wish to cream into a pasty plup. With that said, I am going out there to teach these nay-sayers about the power of Odin and Thor. The belt, will be a nice side prize for me.

Thus all of AWF will watch the rise of CloudStrifer to new heights, to new greatness and all of it will be done for Odin!

Believe the Hype, Fear the Pain!

2006-10-10, 10:22 PM
IC: Clearly the speech I gave about wanting to face some high calibre opponents fell on deaf ears. Oh well.

Unfortunately, that means Bandit is going to pay the price for the ignorance of the powers-that-be.

Wait... did I say unfortunately?