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Karl Baller
2006-10-09, 09:46 PM
OOC:Here is a quick post. Hopefully, this is the right area to post at. If I posted the wrong way or in the wrong area (like if i'm suppose to post in the "AWF Mayhem" thread, please pm me and will del and re-post this there. Thanks.


*Many of the fans are still hyped up from the actions that took place at AWF Re-genisis. The camera-man sweeps the area, showing people still standing out of their seats thanks to the mega-event, and alot of other fans just sitting in their seats holding their signs. Yes indeed, the AWF is back and in full effect. As many of the fans converse, a blackout occurs. Some people cheer believing something spectacular is about to happen, while other's get just a bit terrified and wonder what exactly is going on. Just then, fire pyro's blaze up from both sides of the rampway.*

*The fans begin to boo as a red spot light hits the top of the ramp-way and a familiar, hated face steps into the middle of it. Thats right, Casus "Crimson" Crevious has made his entrance. He is wearing a long black robe with his signature hood covering his head and his steel scythe in his left hand. Casus slowly walks down the rampway while enduring the usual jeers and boo's from the AWF crowd. As soon as he gets to the ring, the 6'10, 298 pounder walks up the ring steps and climbs over the top rope.*

*Crevious heads to the middle of the ring (yes the red spotlight is still over his body) and raises his free right hand. In amazement, the lights quickly cut back on and the red spotlight dissapears. The "Crimson" one then uses his right hand to remove his hood, a strange evil smirk is his facial expression right now...but why? I guess we are about to find out, CCC summons an AWF intern to bring him a microphone. Finally, when one is handed to him, he speaks on it.*

*Just as he is about to speak, a "Casus Sucks" chant breaks out from the front row of the crowd. About 30 seconds later, that whole section has adopted the phrase and then...the entire arena! It seems as though everyone hates this man, but it only draws a bigger smirk across that mug of his. He waits a about 20 seconds, and finally speaks.*


*The once talkative AWF fans shut their mouths just as fast as the chant started up. CCC speaks once again.*

CCC: "Now, before I was rudely interrupted, I have a wonderful announcement to make. It seems as though I will be facing 3 pathetic excuses for fighters at the next show. Ironically, this show is dubbed AWF 'Mayhem', the same word I will be showcasing when I step into battle. As I stated the last time...I have corrected the flaws in my style, and I am eager to spill the blood of these 3 poor 'wrestlers' in combat. Now all of you keep your lips sealed and pay your last respects to these three as I call out their names. For this is the last time you will see TGO, The King, and Bombshell in an AWF arena."

*CCC laughs maniacally as the AWF fans express themselves with boo's and "You suck" chants. CCC just ignores them, but let them continue to speak as he clears his throat. Finally, the microphone comes back to Casus "Crimson" Crevious's lips and he speaks yet again.*

CCC: "First and foremost, TGO. You are indeed 'The Greatest Oddball (yeah that was cheap and corny...)' to ever lace on a pair of wrestling boots. Just the thought of you 'ATTEMPTING' to walk in the same ring as I sickens me. I destroyed you in X-WCW before, and I will do the same thing again only this time here in the AWF. TGO, will falter...Now onto King"

CCC: "Now...who in the hell is 'The King'? You are king of nothing while I am around. If you are...then prepare to be overthrown by the future King of wrestling. As soon as i'm finished with you, you'll simply be known as 'The jester'. Be prepared King, CCC will walk away with the crown after AWF Mayhem. Now for one more."

*The crowd continue to boo as they know they he is going to adress "The Mad Bomber" Bombshell. It suprises CCC, he did not notice that the fans hate Bombshell with a passion...just like they do CCC. Casus looks towards the rampway and smirks as he slowly puts the microphone to his lips. He then speaks.*

CCC: "The Mad Bomber huh? Bombshell, your nothing more then a damned fire-cracker dud. Your prime is over, you have no chance of defeating a legendary wrestler such as Casus 'Crimson' Crevious! Just because you are a former AWF World Champion doesn't mean a damned thing. I care not about your credidentials, the past will not save your future! At Mayhem, I will drop a 'REAL' bombshell on you, so do yourself a favor, hop back onto your little tricycle, and ride your feminine ass back down to Canada."

CCC: "I only asked for one, but I have recieved two more as a bonus. At AWF Mayhem, you poor insignifigant bastards will witness 3 casualties being made...curtosy of the 'Crimson One'. I started off on the wrong foot, but this time I will not fail! At AWF Mayhem, sacrifices...will...be...made!!"

*The fans don't take kindly to this and boo the hell out of CCC. He stands in the middle of the ring and turns towards the ramp-way to see if any of his 3 opponents are stupid enough to come down to the ring. Casus has made a statement, and he looks ready as ever to show the world who the greatest warrior of all is. TGO, King, and even Bombshell better watch out, sacrifices will be made at AWF Mayhem, and CCC intends to be the one making them.*