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2006-10-21, 08:33 PM
Issue one's due on October 25th, apparently.

Preview pages here: http://tfarchive.com/comics/idw/previews.php?dgallery=browse&page=1986movie

2006-10-25, 08:38 PM

2006-10-27, 03:49 PM
I can't disagree with the comment about the letterer - there definitely are a few goofs- but i have to say this is an excellent adaptation. The art work is inspired and the dialogue stays very true to that of the movie. A few *tiny* ommissions in the dialogue are sorely missed (i.e. "Such heroic nonsense"). All in all, this is something for every fans collection.

2006-10-27, 03:50 PM
It's not one for my collection to be blunt.

inflatable dalek
2006-10-27, 03:52 PM
Originally posted by artemisrex
I A few *tiny* ommissions in the dialogue are sorely missed (i.e. "Such heroic nonsense").

Good grief. I had noticed in the preview that there seemed to be a real effort to change each line at least slightly (Bob trying to earn his fee?) but I'd have thought all the "No...Not the mind probe!!!" style join in at home stuff would have been left intact.

StoneCold Skywarp
2006-10-28, 10:29 AM
rubicon - now known with the guy who's sig is WAY over guidelines.

I'm in agreeance (is that a proper word?) with Spengs and Brend, the art's superb, but the glaring errors with the lettering and speech-bubbles are too much.

I picked it up on a whim, but won't go beyond issue 1.

inflatable dalek
2006-10-29, 06:43 PM
Well, I've read this now, tis a lot naff. Even Don's art isn't at it's best (look at Bombshell's comedy oversized antena thing).

My favorite misplaced speechbubble was the was that had Hot Rod proclaming Prime's wounds fatal.

And I adored how "Perceptor in his observation post"= "Perceptor siting about on the floor in microscope mode".

The loss of the "I'll crush you with my bare hands" line seems odd as it's recurance latter on helps emphasise Megs and Galvy are indeed the same person.

I'll knock a quick review out for it latter on...

2006-11-01, 03:59 AM
Curiosity got the better of me... I've just gone and "found" this.

Not sure what people are complaining about, really, other than elementary mistakes should be spotted pre-press. Didn't detract whilst reading -- it's a different experience page-by-page than looking at panels that've been cropped out to illustrate the balloon tail mix-ups. Which I didn't actually notice first time through... very weird feeling, but seeing the text provides the voice (surprisingly, coming to bits that are different from the script that are different the voice adapts for it -- Bob's got a good ear, or maybe I'm in a minority for reading comics with film and TV character doing the narration in my head, or both... it certainly helps if the dialogue feels in-character, and this generally does. Megs is a bit more family-friendly with the "heh heh" and the deaths don't seem as final, somehow. But I can hear music whilst reading. It's a touch disconcerting. Yes, pun intended.)

(Aside: Don, in the panel where Magnus tells them to transform Autobot City, why does Arcee have buttock cleavage in one panel? She loses it by the last one. Continuing the tradition of art insertions such as Sludge's eyes popping out of his head? Very impressed with the number of key framings you've adapted directly from the video reel, BTW.)

On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be any extra scenes or other newness here, just a few dialogue tweaks for clarification and space. Been and bought a copy from OneShallStand (fair's fair, after all -- and for some reason Steve's selling them slightly cheaper on eBay (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320043648504) than on the main site) but I think I'll stick with that, my favourite twenty minutes or so of the movie.

If all you've seen about this online is complaints about what got left out or layout errors, it's definitely worth a look first-hand. Unfortunately seeing the complaints is going to be the extent to which a lot of people investigate. The only line I'd really liked to have seen included extra to those that were is Megatron's "heroic nonsense" one.

Ah well. Having bought the thing, I'll feel less guilty about photoshopping "Youhre naht steahlin' mah pawhn..." over Ironhide's last stand.

inflatable dalek
2006-11-01, 03:44 PM
Originally posted by Denyer

and the deaths don't seem as final, somehow.

Yes, I noticed that Brawn in particular gets of lightly with a small ickle shoulder wound rather than the big gasping hole through his back.

Of course, the fact the first panel we see Ratchet (and possibly Brawn) is where they die doesn't help. Instead of OMG!! Ratchet's dead!" I wound up going "Where'd he come from?". As with the Transformation of Autobot City a familiarity with the source material seems to be assumed- Whilst that's more than likely it does stop the comic working to its best.

I agree with that being the best bit of the Movie as well. In fact, if I'd been Bob I'd have ended the issue with the start of the Optimus/Megatron fight to give it all a bit more space to breath. There's enough stuff that can be shaven from the Junkion/Quintesson bits if space was a premiuim...

Cunning Ravage
2006-11-04, 08:54 PM
I had hoped that BB would have taken the opportunity to have Prime die from more then a hole in his side oh well. (Or at least show Perceptor delivering the death blow, seriously he's the Autobots' Tarantulas.:D) Oh! I know he could of had Prime and Megatron realize they both want what's left of Autobot city so they decide to do their battle in a video game and the loser dies in real life!:D

Lambda prime
2006-11-09, 03:57 PM
None of it makes sense now that I think about it
How exactly did the Decepticons creep up onto the shuttle without detection?
Why wasn't the shuttle being tracked?
Where there any more Autobots aboard?
I take it Prowl was commander of the voyage, Ironhide security chief and Brawn some added muscle but why Ratchet?

All that aside Don has done a god job working with what he had to.

inflatable dalek
2006-11-10, 10:20 AM
Originally posted by Lambda prime

How exactly did the Decepticons creep up onto the shuttle without detection?

There was at some dialouge in the script that got cut explaining that one at least... Asteroids had buggered the radar or somesuch.

2006-11-10, 10:26 AM
Originally posted by Lambda prime
How exactly did the Decepticons creep up onto the shuttle without detection? Soundwave?

inflatable dalek
2006-11-10, 10:47 AM
Originally posted by Denyer

Though really, if the astro radar was being jammed they should have noticed that as well "Hey Prowl, where have all the planets gone?".

Then again, they hardly needed super space detection gear when they had advanced scout Brawn on board...

2006-11-10, 11:58 AM
I'd assume Soundwave has the capacity to send fake signals as well as block.

2006-11-10, 12:20 PM
Surely those are problems with the original movie? Criticising the adaptation for retaining the same sense of senselessness is a little... well, senseless, to be fair...

I mean if they inserted actual plot coherence then people would doubtless be complaining that it's different.

2006-11-10, 10:01 PM
Man, was that disappointing. Here's the biggest complaints I have in addition to "speech bubbles assigned to the wrong characters":

1) Story - Bob didn't even TRY to do anything remotely new. No new scenes (such as the ones from the original storyboard), and there were some really unnecessary things such as the "MY FOOT!" scene that could have very well been left out.

2) Dialogue - 95% was a direct cut-and-paste job from the movie itself, the rest was Bob's same old over-exposition style ("Kranix, here are the chemicals you requested." - "Thank you, Arblus."), particularly annoying in the captions.

3) Look of the characters and general art style - Don aims for a more "cartoony" style, which goes horribly wrong. Guido already proved that he can do this better.

4) Storytelling - Don apparently aimed to show every single scene from a radically different perspective/angle than the movie itself did. This results in scenes where we would see characters from BEHIND in key scenes, or another character in the foreground covering most of the scene's central character's body, with the panel borders cutting off half the action in the weirdest places.

Speaking of, the battle of Autobot City rather seems like a choreographed dance than a giant battle. Add to that the overly rushed pacing and the weird perspectives that often wouldn't even SHOW what's supposed to be going on in those scenes, and you'll get a story you probably wouldn't even understand if you hadn't already seen the movie itself before.

2006-11-10, 10:12 PM
Originally posted by Nevermore
Story - Bob didn't even TRY to do anything remotely new. No new scenes (such as the ones from the original storyboard), and there were some really unnecessary things such as the "MY FOOT!" scene that could have very well been left out.

Look, Bob's only been writing comics for about 30 years, he's got to feel his way in very carefully. And he's got that horrible neck injury. You know, the one that's come from those patronising head-pats IDW have been giving him.

Considering fans are finally giving Bob the credit he's deserved, for the character profiles if not for his original run, the way IDW have treated him to date is little short of insulting. I look forward to IDW offering Joss Whedon the chance to write captions for the Angel Colouring Book...

2006-11-10, 10:33 PM
He did pick the movie anniversary thing from the options that were talked about internally -- can't remember what the other things that were on the table at the time were, or whether he went into more detail. Was in one of the interviews from the last few months.

I like the exposition in small doses, personally. It's classic Marvel, which after reading around comics blogs I'm starting to gain some grudging appreciation for.

2006-11-10, 10:39 PM
I just think they could have given him more scope when they're commissioning a hack like Chuck Dixon to to The Cyberadventures of Mark Twain, is all.

Classic Marvel's fun once you realise it isn't ever going to be especially good.

inflatable dalek
2006-11-11, 03:07 PM
I think the thing with Bob's return is that- mucvh like Janet Fielding's recent turn in a Doctor Who audio- he only did it so people would stop asking. He probably picked the Movie option simply because it required the least work...

Cunning Ravage
2006-11-11, 06:26 PM
Originally posted by Denyer
I like the exposition in small doses, personally. It's classic Marvel, which after reading around comics blogs I'm starting to gain some grudging appreciation for.

Your a better man then me, I can only stand it when the art is being done by Kirby or Ditko...

inflatable dalek
2006-11-24, 03:28 PM
Issue 2 is out now!


Have only flicked through it, but it seems Bombshell becomes Cyclonus, Thundercracker becomes Scourge and Kickback and Shrapnel become Sweeps. Whilst Skywarp gets to be Armada.

With that mystery solved we can now all sleep at night.

2006-11-24, 03:47 PM
That's disheartening. I'd have thought that "and his armada" would be one of the lines screaming out for some editorialising...

inflatable dalek
2006-11-27, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by Brendocon
That's disheartening. I'd have thought that "and his armada" would be one of the lines screaming out for some editorialising...

And they had to cut out the "Would anyone else care to fill his shoes?" line as well. :(

And "The new bit!!!??111!!!" consists of one page of Hot Rod falling out the shuttle. HARDCORE.

2006-11-28, 07:31 PM
Here’s my review of the Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #2.

While the picture on the cover of this comic looks great, the raised and glossified letters are of the last issue are unfortunately gone. It’s a shame ‘cause it was a lovely touch. The paper of the whole comic also feels of a lower quality than the last comic, which is another shame, with it feeling less glossy and rougher than the last issue. I hope this isn’t a permanent change with the comic, as the recent price increase felt justified in concert with an increase in quality, but if IDW revert to the previous paper quality and the price stays the same then TF fans will start to feel cheated.

As for the actual comic, well the story feels a little better than the last issue with Bob’s little additions feeling a bit more charming, and a little less unnecessary. Some of the additional narration text actually adds something to the story and changes the perspective of the reader, something I didn’t feel it did in the previous issue. I also enjoyed the “RAARRR!” of unicron at one point and it made me laugh. However, once again some of the best lines of this section of the movie are missing and the scene where Megs meets Unicron feels very short. “You’re bargaining posture is highly dubious” and “ I belong to nobody!” are both absent as is “This is bad comedy” when Galvatron is referring to Starscream’s coronation. There aren’t any whole scenes added to this comic, a few little lines here and there, but nothing major once again leaving you with a feeling that things should’ve been added to justify the purchase to the hardcore TF fans.

The quality control of this issue seems better than the last. However, I did spot one mistake, I think. There’s an asterix with explanation at the bottom of page 4 that doesn’t seem to refer to an asterix anywhere in the page. Thankfully there don’t seem to be any misplaced speech bubbles with this issue and nothing else seems out of place.

As for the art, well its as polished as the last issue, but for some reason seems to be lacking something. Don’s TFs are as beautiful as ever, especially the conversion of Megs to Galvatron on the cover and Ultra Magnus looks stunning throughout, but some intangible quality seems missing. It’s nothing I can identify but I look forward to seeing Don’s next original works.

So overall this issue is a step up from the last, and covers a large chunk of the movie hopefully leaving some space in the next two issues for some extras and a decent amount of space given over to the remaining material. Here’s hoping!

2006-11-28, 09:26 PM
I know I've posted these in the wrong order and this review is really late but here’s my review of theTransformers Animated Movie Adaptation #1.

The first thing that strikes about this comic is the beautiful cover. The letters on the cover are all glossy and gorgeous and the picture is pretty nice too. Also the paper the cover is printed on is also very nice, as is the quality of the paper used in the whole comic.

So when you can tear you’re eyes away from the cover and actually open the comic what do you find inside? Well a beautifully drawn comic that sadly seems lacking in story and extras. Sure it adapts the movie quiet nicely, and Bob’s handling of the comic seems ok but it fails to deliver something that all the long time TF fans wanted and that was extras: extra scenes, extras lines, extra something. Unfortunately there’s nothing really to justify the purchase of these comics to the long time TF fan who probably owns several copies of the movie already (I do!). The inclusion of the missing Dinobot for a couple of panels doesn’t satisfy our urge for the other things we were promised like cameos of the TFs not seen in the film, explanations for the events that lead up to the movie from the end of season 2 and actual deaths for other characters whose bodies are seen but not explained. These were the things we wanted from this series and unfortunately IDW have failed to deliver these.

As for the input of Bob? Well there are his characteristic narration boxes but unfortunately they don’t add much to the story. Then there are the asterix’s leading to an explanation that most of the time doesn’t need explaining. Overall there’s very little actually added to a story that we already know extremely well. Also there are a ton of mistakes; speech boxes pointing to the wrong person, a panel showing Ironhide talking to Moonbase 2 when it should be Jazz, the insecticons addressing themselves, the list goes on. Presumably these will all be fixed for the TPB, but there’s not really any incentive for most to buy the TPB. These mistakes, and there are a lot of them, are really inexcusable. As for memorable lines there’s only one line from the film that is noticeably missing and that’s “heroic nonsense”. Thankfully most are present.

The art on the whole is very nice, and its great seeing the classic bots as drawn by Don. The comic is also bright and shiny and the colours are very nicely done. All in all the presentation is very nice.

I really hope that IDW are able to pull in some new fans on a nostalgia kick with this line of comics and up the numbers over the next few months before the new movie’s prequel. Sadly for the long time fan this comic offers little incentive to purchase.

2006-12-01, 05:51 PM
Am now in possession of issue 2. Looks very pretty, but it is Don, after all and not to be sniffed at. Not sure about the pacing, though, as it seems rushed, particularly the way in which we get to the 'behold, Galavtron' bit without much preamble.

And there I thought that Thundercracker became Scourge and Skywarp, Cyclonus. Think I need to take another tinsy-winsy look at the original from real close to the screen...

inflatable dalek
2006-12-02, 03:26 PM
As they're both bathed in purple light in the film anyway there's no real way of telling. Not to mention some people love questioning which ones Scourge and which ones are the Sweeps anyway...

2006-12-02, 04:36 PM
Am I the only one who think the thing sounds improved by dropping all the tired "classic" lines that you can read in 95% of people's signatures?

"Excuse me, I bought this length of old rope the other day. However, it would appear it's a slightly different piece of old rope than the one I've got at home in three other versions."

inflatable dalek
2006-12-02, 04:40 PM
I wouldn't mind them droping the "Classic" lines if they replaced them with something better. But "I am now called Galvatron!" is hardly worth Bob's fee is it?

2006-12-02, 04:55 PM
The project's not worth Bob's anything.

inflatable dalek
2006-12-02, 04:59 PM
Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The project's not worth Bob's anything.

I hope it's at least costing him some sleep at night. I stilll won't be convinced it's "retro" untill Bob writes something that can show he does more than 80's Marvel style.

2006-12-02, 05:03 PM
The only line really worth keeping is Slag's "excuse me".

And I'd forgive the omission of that if it were replaced with the banana dacquiri exchange from Part II of the Godfather.

inflatable dalek
2006-12-02, 05:07 PM
Originally posted by Brendocon
The only line really worth keeping is Slag's "excuse me".

It'd be hard to stretch it out to four issues if it was the only line they kept.

The Coronation scene is actually my favourite bit of the film. For some reason it can do black comedy better than drama or plot.

The reworking of the shuttle stuff is brilliant though being basically:

Grimlock: Tell us a story!
KuP: OK...
Hot Rod: NO!
Kup: You're right, we seem to be under attack by Decepticons we haven't noticed till they're on top of us even though we're not siting with our backs to the windw telling stories/fighting training droids but are instead looking straight at them!.

2006-12-03, 09:00 PM
But Kup solves their dilemma by 'reversing polarities' and leaving a non sequitur for all those peeps - and there may be a few - who don't know what's been missed out.

2007-01-16, 12:56 AM

#2 seems to have sold alright... then again, perhaps the orders went in before people picked up #1 and saw errors / what they saw as key omissions.

untill Bob writes something that can show he does more than 80's Marvel styleWill see if I can find any non-TF work of his...

2007-02-01, 08:46 PM
I picked up the Animated Movie Adaptation #4 today so here's my review.

The first thing you notice when you open the cover of this issue is that IDW have changed the layout of this comic. The inside cover page now displays the cover checklist and the first page has the story synopsis. This feels a strange move considering most comics have an impressive picture on the first page to attract anyone who happens to open the cover for a look. I’m not sure whether I like it or not as it takes some getting used to. I think I need to see a few more issues, providing IDW keep this format, to get used to it and see what I think, but I’m not sure that I’ll be convinced.

As for the issue, well I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It feels a bit more involved than the last issue, which to be fair covered a dull bit of the movie, and moves along nicely. As we all know the story I won’t mention it except to say that there’s more added here than at any previous stage. It’s not anything huge, just a line here and a line there but they add to the charm and there are even some shots that answer some long standing questions such as does xxx die in the movie. There’s even a bot in it (at least I think it’s him) that is seen in one episode and never again so it’s great that Don thought to include this character. Over all this issue is better than any of the previous and if the whole series had been like this it may have been better received.

This comic includes more of the trademark “Budianskyisms” and even a moment of hilarity when he refers to us as “loyal readers”. Hah! Some of the added dialogue is fine, some is daft. When the Decepticons attack Unicron, Galvatron refers to them as “blundering fools” and says “at least it gives me time to” change into his cannon mode and attack the absolutely enormous TF and not even dent him. Double hah and pointless too! The end feel from this whole series is a bit bleah! Budianksky’s done an ok job, but the whole thing does seem a bit limp.

As usual Don’s artwork is glorious, and the shot of Unicron in robot mode is nothing short of breathtaking. Having said that I’m also glad that this series is over and that the next thing we see from him will be the Movie Prequel, something fresh and interesting for him to get to grips with. I also can’t wait for the upcoming sequel to the Beast Wars miniseries, something I adored, but that’ll be a while in coming thanks to the movie prequel.

On a final note most readers of these comics have felt cheated by the lack of any actual additions to these comics, something promised by IDW in their solicitations. If the TPB does turn out to have a lot more added scenes then everyone who bought the comics will feel even more cheated. Some (myself included) will buy the TPB to finally see these additions, but I doubt we’ll understand the reasoning behind the lack of these sequences in the comics. They were a major pulling point for most TF fans to justify spending money on a movie that most already own several copies of. All in all this series has felt like an empty (but beautifully drawn) waste of time. Sorry IDW but you’ve dropped the ball on this one.

2007-02-17, 08:24 PM
well that whole thing was a waste of my time and perfectly good paper...

if anything it just reminds me of how bad the movie was

2007-02-17, 09:14 PM
Finally went to pick up my comics order and have read the final installment. Some nice page layouts, crisp colouring etc but a bit like eating candyfloss, and any newbies who haven't seen the original movie in one of its incarnations might be a tad confused.

Ah, at least no one danced...

another tf fan
2007-03-04, 05:50 AM
Got all of them... my review is:

Great Art.

...that is all...